Meat Man Versus Weed Man

Often, the natural confluence of events results in something so elegant or complex that people see the hand of design behind the result. Even though the odds of there being a secret conspiracy or master chess player behind the result are very low, that just seems better than the odds of chance getting the result. Most conspiracy theories rely on this sort of logic. The official explanations seem so unlikely that they must be part of some conspiracy to shield the truth from the public.

A good example of this is the last election. No sitting president has seen a double digit increase in his vote, but still lose. In fact, no one has been able to find an example like this in other elected offices. That’s how rare it is. This once in forever thing could be accepted in isolation, but it is just one of such things. There are so many unexplained anomalies that people are naturally skeptical. The invisible hand of design, even without hard proof, seems like the more likely explanation.

We may be seeing something similar happen with food. All of a sudden, we are being bombarded with agit-prop in favor of eating bugs and plant-based proteins, rather than eating beef and chicken. Beef seems to be the primary target, but that could simply be the result of the Left’s long war against cows. The Left believes cows are part of a secret conspiracy against Gaia to poison the atmosphere. The “cow fart” conspiracy is as real to them as the ongoing Russian conspiracy.

A few years ago, the fast food chain Burger King introduced something called an “impossible burger” which is made from grass clippings. The claim was that it tasted just like their regular burgers but was made from plants. Why they did this was never asked or explained. Up to that point, the number of people saying, “Man, I could really go for a burger made from grass clippings right now” was zero. In fact, the number remains stubbornly pegged at zero. No one wants this.

Now, billion dollar companies make dumb decisions. History is full of ideas cooked up in corporate offices that turn out to be laughably stupid. Maybe this grass burger idea is just another example, like new Coke. The thing is though, they did not invent the grass burger or the idea of it. There are two companies pushing this idea. Impossible Products and Beyond Meat are producing fake meat products. It was the former who approached Burger King with the plant burger idea.

Now, it is important to note here that these new fake meat products do not taste like meat as is claimed. They taste like what people who have never tasted meat think meat tastes like to humans. The fake beef has the mouth-feel of oatmeal. It is a weird sort of grainy slime when you eat it. It is not horrible and if you were starving you would probably eat it, but cannibalism would start to look appealing. Like the previous attempts to create fake meat, this new stuff is not very good.

The point is the companies pushing this do not have a better mousetrap. They are not even making that claim. In fact, they make it clear that their products are not better than what they seek to replace. In their public demonstrations they concede that it is, at best, a close facsimile. Instead, they claim their products are morally superior. You see, the burger made from grass clippings and dried leaves pleases Gaia. She will therefore reward the grass eaters and punish the meat eaters.

That is insane, but these products have the backing of the oligarchs. Both of these companies are supported financially by rich people. The troubled Bill Gates is behind the Impossible Burger scheme. He is the guy trying to blot out the sun because he thinks it is part of the cow conspiracy. Other oligarchs are rushing to get in on the fake meat racket as well. All of a sudden, the rich are sure real meat will go the way of the buggy whip and be replaced by bugs and grass clippings.

The question is, why? The fact is there is no market for fake meat. Dozens of efforts to create one, including the current fake burger idea, have flopped. The fact is the public is not going to voluntarily start eating bugs and grass clippings just because the climate loons say Gaia commands it. If the choice is between a real burger and the artificial alternative, people choose the real burger. In other words, there is no business opportunity here that the oligarchs are trying to exploit.

That is, unless the government plans to ban meat. Despite the organized media campaign by the regime to claim otherwise, the regime is plotting to ban meat. They will not do it outright, but instead regulate it out of existence. In the name of climate change, they will make the sale and production of meat products increasingly expensive. This is why the billionaires all see fake meat as an opportunity. It is also why recipe sites are now removing meat recipes from their websites.

In one respect, the highly coordinated media campaign to deny the Biden war on burgers is correct. There is no design behind this. What is driving it is the weird new religion taking hold of the American ruling elite. They really believe that Gaia is angry with us and will unleash her wrath unless we repent. Of course, they mean repent in that you will commit the act of contrition and they will get salvation. They also get to keep eating meat while you dine on spiders and dandelions.

The war on meat is not a conspiracy. It is an example of the Hoffer line about mass movements in America. They become a business, a racket, or a corporation. In this case, the Gaia worship sweeping the ruling class is becoming a business. These grass and twig burger companies are the first wave of companies hoping to capitalize on the artificially created market for fake food. They see the madness in the eyes of their peers and immediately think about how to profit from it.

Of course, all big business in America depends on government. These fake meat companies and the billionaire sponsor will lobby the state to create legislation favorable to them and harmful to their opponents. The political rackets will get a chance to skim some off this new business, as long as the play ball with fake meat. All of a sudden, real meat has to increase the bribes to counter fake meat. The war on meat is just another manifestation of the natural corruption in liberal democracy.

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305 thoughts on “Meat Man Versus Weed Man

  1. It’s not about meat vs. bugs or veggies. It’s about who gets to be as God, knowing good and evil, and having the power of life and death over other men.

    What is this “COVID-19” “virus” all about? (Even the CDC admits there’s no such real thing; they admit no one in the world has isolated such a virus, ever, and all the tests and syringe experimental therapies [“vaccines”] are based on that fact: there are only artificially developed and strung man-made bits of mRNA, spike proteins that will splice themselves into the DNA in our cells and force them to become spike protein factories, triggering our own bodies to attack us and kill us; you can still find out the truth if you diligently search for it.)

    Implementing “vaccine passports,” to control you and your whole life. It’s all about altering your genes – your DNA – permanently. It’s already affecting girls and women, and there are increasing reports of adverse effects among men to render them sterile, too.

    Altering our DNA will not only inhibit our ability to procreate, but also drop IQs precipitously. It’s not enough to have dumbed us down the last 70 years with their cultural Marxist indoctrination in our public schools. Our majority willing compliance isn’t going as swiftly and well as they desired and anticipated.

    Ever hear of The Club of Rome? Paul Erlich and his explosive best-seller, The Population Bomb? The Marxist infiltration of the poisonous and malevolent ideas of the anti-Western, anti-Christian Frankfurt School into the American public school system after WWII? This is the fruition of all their plans; it most definitely IS a monster juggernaut of social engineering conspiracy! There absolutely have been “back rooms” and openly secret meetings (Davos, Bilderberg, Council on Foreign Relations, the World Economic Forum, the International Monetary Fund, the United Nations, the W.H.O., the CDC, the Federal Reserve System, etc. Look them up if you aren’t familiar with them, and find out their histories and who are members, movers and shakers. George Soros, Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, the American Rockefellers, the British and European Rothschilds, etc. It is quite a stellar cast of characters, family dynasties working for this for almost 300+ years) between the handfuls of “elites” whose goal it absolutely is to rule the earth. They absolutely are Satanists, which includes Gaia (please don’t tell me how they’re not related at all. That “difference” is merely superficial and largely semantic at the foundations).

    The object is, absolutely, to rid the earth of the pestilent virus that is humanity. They always fund both sides of wars; they often instigate those devastating wars. They keep conflicts going to destroy people and their cultures. It absolutely is a more than one-hundred year old conspiracy to pit the races and cultures of ordinary human beings against one another, to destroy all possible powers that pose a challenge to their own.

    Mainly White Western Christian Caucasians.

    Ever hear of the Georgia Guidestones, with its statement, literally carved in stone, of “the” ideal total global population limit of 500,000,000 people?

    They can’t efficiently control any more than that. They don’t “need” us; only enough to provide them with the labor their robots won’t be able to perform. Those human beings left, then, in order for our betters to have complacent, compliant, stupid servants, must be managed like all the other domestic animals.

    This is what it’s all really all about; Klaus Schwab just told us what our fate is. When our young people are genetically rendered sub-human by the “vaccines,” after most of the elderly and middle-aged are sufficiently culled, they will have less and less trouble attaining their long-standing goals of total dominance over the earth and the few remaining sub-humans they deem necessary to their own survival. They will have achieved “The Great Reset” of humanity.

    When that temporary necessity becomes obsolete, so will what’s left of the rest of our species. (Their ultimate goal for themselves, of course, is immortality, believed to be only possible through trans-human transformation: melding their “minds” with indestructible machines, needing neither to eat, eliminate organic waste, procreate, or die. From there, of course, they believe they can even shed their metal and electric matrix and just astral project themselves forever, finally achieving “real” godhood. Should last as long as the universe does, anyway, right?)

    First, ask some basic questions:
    Who among human beings has a right to rule fellow human beings?

    Who among human beings is qualified to rule fellow human beings?

    I hope this isn’t too out of line, but not many “on our side” — or even on “their” side, really — know the truth of the underside of what our overlords are demanding of us and prepping us for.

    I think this must be one of the most horrifying Web sites I’ve ever seen — and I’ve been aware of it for about ten years, now. Very few others I know are or have been. But it’s all laid out there for anyone to see. This is what they want from all of us — this “you won’t own anything . . . and you’ll be happy” Great Reset being established by the “elites”:

    How about if all them hoity-toity “elites” who presume to have all the answers for the rest of us, such that it boils down to “save us the trouble — of conscience and physical labor — and contrive to suicide yourselves for us,” instead step up like the elite, superior human beings they want us to believe they are, so much more worthy of life and good things, and ditch all their fine lives — homes, jets, vacations, parties, food, entertainment, amusements, servants, technology, clothes, chauffeurs, collectible cars and other stuff — and set up their simple plain canvas tents right out in the open (of course on a remote island they can’t leave and no one will bring anything to them), and show us ignoramuses using up THEIR “resources,” exactly how it should be done? Teach us. Demonstrate for us — personally, themselves. (Hey, Bill Gates, George Soros and sons, and all the rest, this means YOU too!!!)

    All by themselves. They, themselves. Without servants or conveniences; without heirloom seeds, modern tools and weapons, and someone else to labor for them in the fields, without proper food and meat and water and practical clothing. Without anything but their own two hands and any tools they can make with those hands, and any animals they can catch and tame for food and to do labor for them. Let them live well without all the things WE have provided and maintained for them and that they want us to give up for them — and “for the planet.”

    Let them SHOW us, not tell us, not coerce us, not demand or command us, to do what they want us to do. Be leaders.

    You know, “Be the change they want.”

    We can all watch and learn (when we have time or deign to), as they, clueless, try to live without us and our hard-earned knowledge, production, labor, and skill.

    No one should ask – let alone demand or take! – of anyone else what he isn’t willing to reciprocate in equal value. No one has a right to ask anyone else to give up his property, skills, knowledge, labor, or life, especially without equally reciprocating.
    They want us to die for them? First, they must show us, themselves, exactly how it’s done.

    Every single one of them.

    Then the world may have peace. And we may have peace, and true Christian justice, and freedom and liberty to pursue happiness and prosperity, and repair and build again what they have destroyed. In Jesus Christ Almighty God and no one else.

    Matthew 4:1-11; Genesis 10:8-11; 11:1-9; 1 Samuel 8; Matthew 20:20-28; Micah 6:8; 7:18-19; Hosea 4:6: 6:6; Isaiah 5:20

  2. The elite religion is not pro-earth or pro animal or pro-nature. It is anti-human.

    They don’t worship Gaia. They worship Baal.

    The difference is important. It’s not a nature-worship cult that, left intact, will just happen to impoverish and kill millions of people. It’s a man-hating cult that will just happen to destroy the earth.

    It is a conspiracy. They do want you dead. The people who do these things are not primarily interested in money for money’s sake, though they will be quite happy to make a few trillion off of killing a few billion.

    Bill Gates most assuredly doesn’t care about farting cows or fake burgers. He does care deeply about the Satanic agenda of removing the people from the land. It’s not the cows he wants rid of. It’s the ranchers and farmers. Destroying the market for beef will economically destroy the entire rural economy, remaking the American interior into a delightfully un-human wilderness. The humans left alive are to be forced into any filthy megalopolis where they can secure their gruel.

    It most assuredly is a conspiracy. The cowboys are the new indians.

    And they really do want over 95% of us dead. They’ve already said so in precise terms. They weren’t joking.

  3. I think it’s also a part of a grand plan to make people everywhere physically weaker, so they would be less able to resist what governments of the world are attempting to inflict upon them.

  4. Not only is this spot on and brilliantly crafter, it is hilariously accurate…but NOT funny in a real world sense as what you point out has become the new religion. The Covid Crap is one part of the new religion doctrine.

    • If they are so obvious why did you not point one out ,you should have told everyone to follow “the science “ and screamed racism then you would really have a good argument

  5. Interesting. The ranchers and farmers see their American market dry up even as demand for meat products increases in China, India and other rising nations. The export trade looks good. Will our rulers prohibit it? Wil, our new Asian overlords permit our ruling class to prohibit it? Maybe the CCCP and Gates will work out a deal: Gates continues to buy up American farmland for beef and chicken export to China in return for continued access to Chinese tech markets with his crappy software and his new Linked In toy.
    Voila, another semi-credible conspiracy theory!

    • The states of Colorado and Oregon have banned livestock production. Amish are becoming refugees in droves.

  6. “The Left believes cows are part of a secret conspiracy against Gaia to poison the atmosphere. The “cow fart” conspiracy is as real to them as the ongoing Russian conspiracy.”

    Show me a voluntary vegetarian, and I’ll show you someone who’s never experienced true hunger and privation. One of my vet relatives — from a bad, bad, bad I say! place — stayed with us for a few weeks when I was young, and he told me all about his experiences fighting in the East. He escaped captivity and spent months sneaking westward, towards his home. He was by profession a blacksmith and strong as the proverbial ox.

    He resorted to eating bark from trees to assuage his hunger. Luckily for him, he found a decent village and befriended a nice peasant lady who helped him regain his health, and he made it home.

    • “…Show me a voluntary vegetarian…”

      Uh, given it’s a luxury lifestyle, I think the impetus is upon *you* to find an involuntary one.

    • We should recycle methane (cow farts) by inserting sterilized plastic or stainless steel tubes into the anuses of the gaseous cows, after which we could use the captured fart-gas for heating, cooking, or as a motor-fuel. A bit of far-seeing out of-the-box thinking is all that’s required.

    • Hi I’m one of the few remaining who can still remember the ride in the boxcar at wars end. I was 10 years old then .10 days with 30 people on one side in the wagon and a pile of stuff on the other side. No food ,no water, no toilet .One old person died, Body had to be left behind when the train stopped . Me and mother often talked about those events ,later in life .Father never came back from the east ,Where is his grave??? We escaped and survived ,many did not, .At least we did not have to walk ,with death and ruin all the way ,we would not have made it .Now I live in Canada, will something similar catch up with me here? You know the virus,virus, virus cult., Where can one escape to from here??

  7. “There is no conspiracy, it’s just a group of powerful people who just happen to do things that only make sense if they planned it so as to increase their power in society.”

    Don’t you have a buddy in the Mossad?

    • I think the best strategy is to tiptoe around the name of this group, and call any who name this group some form of insane.

  8. The very concept of an “oligarchy” implies an ability to manage the society, at least at the macro level. Their interlocking network of banks, corporations, foundations, think tanks, universities, government agencies and various NGOs is the mechanism of control. Call it conspiracy, or just call it Corporatism.

    One of the key nodes in that network is the New York Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), founded in 1921, which helps to coordinate the “narrative” and provides a pre-screened talent pool to fill leadership posts in all of those organizations on behalf of the oligarchy.

    Half of Biden’s cabinet are CFR members. The executives of major corporations and foundations are CFR members. The talking heads in the media are CFR members. The UN itself was organized by CFR members.

    See the UN Agenda 2030 with its “Sustainable Development Goals”, which were initiated by the CFR/WEF crowd over 50 years ago and fine-tuned ever since. This is scientific herd management and “population control” labelled as “sustainable development” and marketed with nauseating drivel about “saving the planet”, etc:

    • I think the Soros funded District Attorney’s/Prosecutors are a more odious problem than the CFR on this particular topic of the Oligarchy not being able to control the masses they rule over. At least in my megacity of Diverse Rainbow Joy, they have eliminated bail, stopped pro-actively looking for criminal activity, and stopped enforcing shoplifting violations of any kind as long as the stolen property isn’t worth more than $1000. You can literally walk right into a Target store, punch an employee in the face and walk out with a 50″ tv for free and even if the police responded, you can keep the tv and you won’t be put in jail or even detained. Almost all drugs are decriminalized too.

      So, Oligarchs just basically gave up trying to control anything.

      • Oh, they haven’t given up trying to control things. No. They still want to control all the normal people. It’s just that they let the criminal diversity run free to cow us into submission. If we fight back they send the cops to arrest us, not our tormentors.

      • Note that George Soros is a former CFR director, and his son Jonathan who runs the Soros Foundation is a CFR member. They never give up, and they play both ends against the middle.

    • our future: The basic salary for a worker at the Zhengzhou facility is 2,100 yuan (US$314) per month, falling to around 1,500 yuan after tax, pensions and other mandatory deductions. The average salary for a worker in the city of Zhengzhou in 2018 was 6,929 yuan (US$1,035) per month.
      more details here.

      you left out the political arm of the whole thing , The global economic forum . in 2030 you’ll own nothing and you will be happy.
      look , They guys want a return to the feudal system where ALL the land was owned by nobles(bankers) and the landless peasants worked the land in slave like conditions to eat. they see the future as ultra dense cities with all of us in Foxcon style dormitories on the factory grounds . working 12 -14 hours a day. and vast swaths of land between the cities returned to wilderness , where they will recreate and rest .
      they have been planning this for 50 yrs at least. that is when the global economic forum was founded .

      • That’s the “World Economic Forum” (WEF), led by Klaus Schwab. WEF trustees include US billionaires Larry Fink (BlackRock), David Rubenstein (Carlyle) and Marc Benioff (Salesforce). All are CFR members. Fink and Rubenstein are CFR directors. Benioff owns Time magazine.

        • yes john, you are correct , but everyone know who that is and the bots don’t pick it up .

      • The feudal system you describe was true in Russia and the later part of Britian, only after the dissolution of the monasteries. Uncontrolled capitalism *is* what you describe as feudal.

    • I think both the environmental movement and the sexual revolution are partially attempts to legitimize the decline in living standards since the start of the neoliberal era.

      E. Michael Jones has discussed attempts by the Rockefellers to get the Catholic Church to change its position on contraception.

      A trad Catholic dad with 5 kids and a stay at home wife knows that the standard of living for the average American has collapsed since the 70s. A yuppie bachelor in a studio apartment can pretend that he is middle class and that things have improved because video games have better graphics.

      The future is going to be like post-Soviet Russia except there will be constant propaganda that lower living standards are “saving the Planet”.

  9. Products that aren’t better taste-wise, but only virtue-wise, have been around for a long time. Examples are matzoh (bread without yeast), steaks drained of “blood” and cooked to a crisp, jellied fish, and “kosher” wines. Do you notice a pattern?

    BTW, ask an observant Jew, or just a knowledgeable one, what on Earth could make a wine “kosher”. He’ll likely say he doesn’t know, but an honest answer might surprise you.

    • I am not of the tribe but I have had a lot of interaction with them and I can tell you right now that what makes something Kosher is that they have this guy who runs their local hustles who they call a “rabbi” who goes to the factory where the wine is produced and officially announces that it is in fact Kosher. Now, the reason WHY he will make that announcement is usually a sincere searching of the word of god about such topics as how the electrical system was installed by union labor following strict building codes and whether the people who own the company refrain from putting milk together with meat products in a refrigerator and suchlike and it is never ever merely the result of a kind of extortion or bribe.

  10. I think it’s a pump n dump stock thing but our overlords are evil and they do want us to eat the bugs and live in the pod so I don’t dismiss your theory either

    (as a side note, I’ve mentioned before I do taxes and things like that. A client we have who runs a couple of A&W’s sold about 200 of these burgers over the course of a year, over 3 locations. That’s literally nothing. Nobody eats these things and nobody wants them.)

  11. The same can be said for car engines. They’re now designed first to please mother earth goddess and then for function. Will any of these four cylinder turbo engines on larger vehicles make it to 80,000 miles without a $5K engine overhaul? I’m just not sold on them.

    • $5k? More like 50k. Nah, these are more disposable than a Mach 3 razor cartridge.

    • You are right on the money there. Many grown men likely do not even know their cars are powered by “interference” engines. That means if the timing belt breaks, or timing chain slips a couple of teeth, their valves and pistons will have a rather unfortunate meeting and “lock up” the engine.

      Short version: you engine becomes a boat anchor.

      Cost: Typically in the $8-$10,000 range if out of warranty.

      Your old-fashioned American V8 has a timing chain too. However, as a non interference design, if it were to snap … you’d need another $20.00 chain, and maby $1-200.00 in labor to swap it out.

      In the big picture, driving a modern car out of warranty means your engine can go at any time. No problem if you are a slave to perpetual car payments, financing, leasing, and always under warranty. But say you have that comfy 7 year loan … and your vehicle is out of warranty when the engine self destructs? Happens to thousands of Americans every month.

      And don’t get me started on that former maker of Japanese bombers, now selling cars to liberals based on “love” ….. Subaru. Their 4 cylinder engines have a nasty design flaw – head gaskets fail. The “love” company has been reported to throw in some sealant for cars near the end of their warranty period …. so the engine failure is not out of their pocket. Meet a new little lefty pal with a “lovemobile” …. ask, “have you replaced your engine yet?”

      See how many say yes. I know two already.

      • I drive an old piece of shit lol. I could afford better but it’s a bad investment, it’s easy to fix, and there’s almost no depreciation costs. The vibrant drivers have a knack of dinging you and driving off. Happens to me alot. I don’t care. I like that it’s low tech, I can fix everything, and it doesn’t have all this high tech stuff tracking you non stop.

      • in the near future we will not be allowed cars. you will live in a cubicle and rid your nordic trac of pelaton bike with hoties in exotic locations on the screen replacing actually going outside.
        if your lucky you will have a cute neighbor in the cell across from you that you can watch do the same thing.

      • I own two Subarus:
        a 2003 with 134,000 miles, and a 2018 with 21,000.
        Yes, they have interference engines, but if you do the recommended timing belt replacement (at 100k miles), the motor ain’t gonna blow up. It’s not uncommon to see these cars still going at 250k +.
        Any yes, they used to blow head gaskets. That was fixed around 2003.

    • Yeah, I can’t imagine that a 2.4 liter engine producing around 300 hp is built to last. I just put an LS3 engine in a 1985 K5 Blazer along with a rebuilt nv4500 5 speed manual transmission. Also rebuilt the suspension and the front end. I was lucky to find a K5 with a straight body and no rust for $6,000. Damn thing runs great.

      My total investment was around $20,000. It gets about 17 mpg. I love having that cast iron engine block. No it doesn’t go down the highway as smooth as a new SUV and doesn’t have all the luxury accessories. But it’s a truck and love the feel of a real truck. It also didn’t cost me $40,000 + and doesn’t have a tiny engine that will probably explode by the time it hits 100,000 miles.

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  13. “Of course, all big business in America depends on government.” – This is like a line of malware code that makes libertarianism blue screen.

    • You win the internet today. That comment was both very evocative of something we all experience and hilariously true. Seems like we are in the historical equivalent of IT asking “did you turn it off and turn it back on again?”

  14. Allow me to defend plant-based protein and eating bugs. While I don’t believe in outright banning meat, the meat industry is horrible and if you spent an hour in a sluice factory you’d be eating plant-based protein too. I understand the boomer urge to have his damn steakburger, but there is something perverse about all those fish chickens pigs and cows raised & slaughtered to feed 7 billion people at millions of restaurants. Why not just have meat available at the local grocery and at a price high enough to encourage only occasional grillling? Our ancestors did not eat chicken nuggets daily. Nor did they have meat except for festivals. And the only things they died from was pestilence and war. And if replacing thickburgers with grasshopper burgers makes a few less corpulent losers in ERs, and makes public toilets safe to use again, I’m all for it.

    • My aunt had a working farm and I have watched terrified animals who were well aware of their imminent demise go to their cruel deaths. It is truly a horrible event to witness especially with pigs because they are highly intelligent and emotional creatures. They actually care about their porcine compatriots ahead of them in the queue.

      However, none of these food animals would have existed but for us breeding them to suit our tastes and conveniences. Abandoned, most would be culled by nature or become pests we’d need to eradicate, like feral hogs.

      • “My aunt had a working farm and I have watched terrified animals who were well aware of their imminent demise go to their cruel deaths.”

        Perhaps we could meet halfway and I’ll sell you some ratburger. Rodents will climb their own dead to be next into the trap.

        Give me beef! Give me rat, squirrel or rabbit! But don’t give me plant matter and call it protein!

      • I agree, but I find it odd how many of the same people who are disgusted by the slaughterhouse industry are pro-choice and donate to Planned Parenthood.

    • If God didn’t want us to eat animals, then why did He make them out of meat?

      • I’ve dived sea caves loaded with dozens of 15 foot white tip sharks in the Galapagos and solo backpacked Alaskan bear territory. Events like these impressed upon me that I’m made of meat, too.

          • Nope. I am an ordinary guy who has done extraordinary things. Seven continents, fifty states and more than a hundred countries. I’ve solo motorcycled across Africa starting off in Madagascar and I’ve skydived across Russia on an former Soviet aircraft they’d let me board and parachuted off the Swiss Alps. We weren’t able to have kids and we opted to do what we wanted. I have zero need to bullsh_t because I got the vids.

          • Streets n San, do you want a medal or a chest on which to pin it?

            I remember reading a.piece about two species of hominids who apparently lived at approximately the same time. From looking at their teeth, campsites and artifacts anthropologists were able to determine that one species subsisted solely upon plant material while the other sometimes ate meat. One species went extinct while the other evolved. I’ll let you guess which species was possibly in our lineage. Hint: humans are omnivores.

    • And you would have died in the wild. Another midwit who “out’smarts'” his own biology and pushes aside his instinctual desire to eat meat. A bear doesn’t have the same foibles about killing and would bite your head off while you’re debating the morality of eating meat.

    • Yeah, it’s not the meat at fast food joints making the poor fat.

      It’s the fries and the bread. Carbs and insulin spikes out the ying-yang.

      But potatoes and wheat (and sugar) are “plant based”, ergo must be healthy.

      Mega-agriculture is trying to replace the wrong foods.

      • Friendly reminder that Beer is also completely vegetarian. So it must be good for you too.

    • Please allow me to make an alternative “rational” argument in the spirit of your comment. I believe that the demise of natural fitness selection has caused an alarming increase in DNA pollution, a pathology which seriously threatens the long term survival prospects of our species. One potential way to address this existential crisis is to conduct artificial culling of dysfunctional specimens so that their polluted DNA cannot continue to do damage to our collective genome via reproduction. I recognize that the selection criteria for artificial culling will likely be controversial, but perhaps we can agree that the megalomania gene is a good place to start. Just sayin’.

    • Grill up some turdburgers for your fag friends, then go get your vax, do us all a favor.

        • Next up on Twitter, faggot fake fights over the question, “Can turd burgers be considered shit sandwiches?”

    • I’m still having a hard time giving a shit. Humane treatment on the way to slaughter and a humane slaughtering process are important, but anything beyond that is just emotional candy for people who do all they can to insulate themselves from the world.

      • Agreed, reluctance to kill your dinner evaporates pretty quickly when you’re starving. Try it and see.

  15. I spent the last few days at UNC Chapel Hill. I went to a Jimmy Johns for a meat sandwich. I was the only patron. The Indian curry restaurant next door was packed with young White females. I noticed the “Science Is Real” signs everywhere along with the BLM signs.

    We are doomed.

    • It’s also the females who, if they didn’t initiate it in the first place, are fully on board with the anti-meat stuff. With their different biology, they don’t crave it as much as us men do, so they are, once again narcissistically trying to impose their own preferences, in this case with regard to food, on everybody else. One more element in the ongoing feminization of society, as is the “moralism” itself with which all these changes are being pushed.

      Note that this can easily interlock with the oligarch business interest model of explanation. The two are not mutually exclusive.

    • I once worked with an Indian (subcontinent type) who was happy to eat meat. When he went home he did the whole vegan thing but when he was here he loved meat. Had a special fondness for fried chicken and rare steak. He said he never got the whole vegan schtick but was respectful of his family’s beliefs – which he did not share at all. As soon as he arrived in the U.S. he tried different meats and pretty much loved all. Good man, good programmer and a damned good friend!

      • If you’ve never tried Indian food, do yourself a favor and give it a whirl. It’s not all vegetarian, either. Lots of dishes–especially those from northern India–feature chicken, lamb, seafood and cheese (paneer).

    • It’s a good thing to teach our sons. If the girl won’t order meat on one of the first dates, they should just move on.

  16. The rich also have been investing in another weed — marijuana. Your future is sitting in a corner, stoned, munching on an Impossible Burger, binge watching “Them.”

    • Yeah the MJ industry’s rapid rise…not unlike the rapid rise in same-sex marriages being mainstreamed…is a bit suspicious. I wouldn’t doubt that our ruling class is trying to prime a certain segment of our populace to be stoned, watching their stories, eating bug protein bars, and on some kind of UBI. Though at this point, I don’t care if there’s a stoned and unemployed underclass. Ultimately it will remove the chaff and the industrious folk will inherit the future.

      • Doesn’t work that way. Bigger picture is that the ruling class is pulling up the ladder of upward mobility for the lower classes by:
        1) Gutting the education system and replacing it with indoctrination.
        2) Keeping the lower classes sedated with plentiful supply of drugs from Fentanyl to Pot. There is a reason why the Feds never cracked down on the Chinese for pumping our country full of synthetic opioids that are killing some 70,000 whites a year.
        3) Importing foreign workers to take what well paying tech jobs that left in the U.S.

        Your industrious whites will be sitting on their asses getting stoned because there is nothing left for them.

        • Every year it gets harder and harder for an average white guy to hired at a Globocorp… Or just regular corp. There’s more and more foreigners competing and their diversity (equity) initiatives are also ramping up.

          I keep telling white guys in their 20s that they need to have their things in order. You can’t bum around your 20s anymore like Boomers did and have a job waiting. Even that isn’t good enough.

          They’re destroying STEM just like they destroyed the WWC/manufacturing. It’s happening much faster than the White Working Class destruction.

          • I guess that was for wealthy boomers. I have worked every year since I was 15 years old. I am now 60 and will continue to work at least another 5 years. I worked my way through college and law school. “Bumming around” was not an option for me or most of my boomer friends.

            The myths that youngsters have about how easy boomers had it are laughable.

      • My term for the coming collapse (Atlas will not get to shrug. He’ll collapse; drained by the death of a thousand cuts.) is “the Great Culling. The stoned, veggie munching underclass will join the Muzzies and a large percentage of joggers in the dustbin of history. Yeah, a lot of Caucasians and Asians will die but, especially us Caucs, we survived at least a couple of ice ages causing severe die-backs. We’ll come.through it okay. Too bad the Gaians won’t live to see the planet’s “renewal” after the major die-off. Leftism isn’t a survival positive behavior trait.

  17. If Climate Change is real, we are well and truly screwed. All of these things they want to do to “fight” climate change are 1/2 measures at best. If the central claim that releasing CO2 into the atmosphere will cause catastrophic warming is correct, nothing short of a total ban on all fossil fuels can address it.

    Even if it is true, the discussion around it is hysterical and highly political. Leftists use climate change as an excuse to do the things they already wanted to do. The anti-meat people were anti-meat before climate change was well known by the general public. They hate “factory farming” and very loudly proclaim their “love” of animals (like how they allegedly love “humanity”). It’s not about the farts, it’s about the eating. The anti-“big-oil” people were anti-big-oil before climate change was well known among them.

    Globohomo cannot run on solar panels and windmills. They want to cause us pain for no good reason.

  18. Remember what happened to incandescent lightbulbs? That was a dress rehearsal for getting rid of the internal combustion engine. And meat will get the same treatment.

    • What is illustrative about the lighting thing is how, despite a very fast changeover to lights which are way more efficient, we use more electricity today than we did when the transition began. We are running around closing nuclear plants on top of that.

    • The vast majority of people can do without incandescent bulbs and even the internal combustion engine. Meat is another story. If the Archons really prosecute a War on Meat, they may well find themselves on meat-hooks, which is where they belong, of course.

      • I can’t and my neighbors can’t. It’s called the city. No assigned or even defined parking, all of which is curbside. There’s nowhere to charge.
        The cost differential is far too large.
        There are some applications where incandescent is still the best choice. Lights in an enclosure should be incandescent unless it is designed from the ground up to be an LED light.

        • Electric scooters are in your future then. They have a removable battery (very light /s) so that when you park you just pull the battery and take it to where you’re going and plug it in.

          • God I hope not. The LAST thing I want in my house is a large cheaply made electric scooter (I am assuming by scooter you mean moped) battery. They aren’t that light either.
            Google says Lithium batteries have an energy density between 100 and 250wh/kg Since these are cheap, it would probably be on the lower side, say 150wh per kg. To have a 3kwh battery is 25kilograms. That’s over 50 pounds. Add the physical components of the battery and it’s maybe 60 pounds. That’s a lot of weight to lug in and out of your house and to carry up the front steps.

      • If we don’t mind being a nation of people roughly the size of Central Americans, i.e. like 4’7″, surrounded by 7 foot tall Africans, then depriving us of protein is a great way to solve all kinds of problems both social and technological. A nation of hundreds of millions of tiny half-wits scraping together enough money from gig work to buy a small carton of soymilk and pay for a netflix subscription with occasional injections of emergency stimulus cash is a great way to cow a populace into submission. But I can absolutely guarantee you that those 7 foot tall Africans, obsessed as they are with being seen as the Master Race, are still going to be eating half pound cheeseburgers, driving Hummers, and living in 10000 sq ft houses while the rest of us watch how interesting their lives are on tv a la Keeping up with the Kardashians. No aspect of social responsibility or stewardship ever applies to our African brethren because of course they are all victims of oppression who need to feel the joy of excess consumption to the detriment of everyone else for once. I mean seriously that’s why they got rid of laws against shoplifiting lately. Black people need to enjoy the opportunity to take things from other people mercilessly the same way white people did when they stole North America from the noble Natives who hitherto lived in almost Edenic harmony with the nature spirits and Gaia Mother.

        It’s pretty obvious what our fate will be in the new Reset World. To a certain extent, we are the only people who ever would sacrifice ourselves to “Diversity” in this way because of our inherent altruism and general level of social concern that came from living in a freezing cold environment for eons and barely scraping together enough calories to wield stone tools after chasing animals around for days in the snow and mountains trying to eat one because oranges and bananas don’t grow in dim cold daylight of the place where we evolved. Yes we are omnivores but for the most part we evolved, i.e. white people evolved, being able to go months eating nothing but animal protein and bark and suchlike. If anything we should ban grain production and just eat wild animals.

        • Not happening. Once our ruling class cripples our white population the Chinese will simply walk right in and take everything. and then exterminate the ruling class and their precious nogs along with everyone else.

          You have to remember it is whites who maintain everything in our society. Get rid of them and we go to 3rd world status with a non-existent military. That makes us a big fat target for invasion.

        • Very true. What did vietnamese look like physically in the viet war? What do their american raised grandkids who have been raised on high protein diets look like ?

  19. These fake meat companies are the trannies of the food world. Maybe the first were artificial sweeteners. Tranny foods may have a slight resemblance to the real thing but are at best a poor substitute and at worst unhealthy and disgusting.

    But since everything seems fake these days they seem to fit right in. Fake news. Fake elections. Fake justice. Fake videos and sound clips. Fake friends. Fake opposition. Fake president.

    At the risk of seeming like I am worshiping Gaia, I feel like going out and hugging a tree. At least they are real.

    • Fake sugar even. Cane sugar is dirt cheap yet they try to feed us high fructose corn syrup which tastes like crap. Sugar doesn’t cost them appreciably more, so why do they substitute with contrived corn syrup? Because it’s bad for our health.

      • Corn syrup replaced cane sugar because cane is grown in the Carribean (Cuba, notably) whereas corn is grown in the Midwest (Archer-Daniels-Midland , Cargill)

        • They’ve offshored everything else, why not sweetner? And shouldn’t midwest corn be converted into ethanol?

          I’ll continue buying the infrequent sweetened beverages that I consume in the Mexican neighborhoods here.

        • You’re correct about the sources of the sweeteners, but completely ignore the reason corporations switched. Corn based sweeteners are cheaper than pure sugar due to the latter having tariffs or subsidies. Pure economics. Cheaper wins.

      • Living alongside a major rail route I pay attention to passing railcars when building or maintaining my fences. Occasional trains of mostly “tanker cars” clearly marked for gasoline, diesel, crude oil, and also High Fructose Syrup!
        (are syrup tankers delivered to beverage factory then connected with a hose?)

    • Fake meat has been around for decades – think Morningstar farms. Having been a vegan I can tell you the fake meat tastes like crap. You have to douse it in steak sauce or BBQ sauce to make it palatable.

      But that’s not the worst of it, the downside of being a vegan. You lose muscle mass, testosterone and get physically weaker. The only way to maintain muscle mass and protein intake is to use protein supplements and BCAA’s. Every vegan I know does this.

      Soy based foods? Stay the fuck away from them unless you want to kill your testosterone levels. Which BTW are already very low n Western males compared to what they were 40 years ago. The same with sperm counts that are going through the floor.

      I suspect our current low T levels found among Western males is one reason why they remain so passive while being dominated by a tiny minority of freaks and thug cops. Compared to the men who fought the NG and Pinkerton men during the early years of the 20th century we’re castrati.

  20. I recently listened to a Sam Harris podcast interview on this subject, with two people who are pushing the fake meat idea. Their thing was sustainability: what the world would look like if everyone on the planet ate as much meat as we Americans do.

    They were ‘measuring’ various meats on the ‘calories in vs. calories out’ scale: how many calories of feed does it take to produce one calorie of chicken, compared to how many calories of feed it takes to produce one calorie of beef, etc. They said that chicken was the most efficient, with (IIRC) a 46-to-1 ratio of calories in to calories out.

    It’s the latest expression of the argument put forth in that unforgettable ‘60s best seller, ‘Diet For A Small Planet’, which argued that the planet couldn’t sustain itself if everyone ate as much meat as we Americans do: because there’s not enough cultivatable land to produce the amount of feed calories needed to produce the amount of meat that would be needed if everyone in the world ate as much meat as we do. She (the author was a woman) argued that plant-based proteins were the only sustainable answer. I have no idea whether her stats were/are correct.

    The fake meat folks who Harris was interviewing admitted that the current iterations of fake meat were nothing like real meat. They said that the cutting-edge future (no pun intended) of fake meat is meat grown from real meat cells: real meat, but grown in a factory-lab instead of on an animal. They claimed it wouldn’t be different in any way from natural animal-derived meat, except for the way it was produced.

    They also talked about the terrible conditions in which current factory-farmed meat animals are raised; which is indeed nasty. If you’ve ever driven by a stockyard, you’ll know what I mean: you can barely stand to breathe the stench from half a mile away. Likewise with chickens raised in cages they can’t turn around in: a shitty deal for the chicken.

    So it does seem that there are good rational arguments to be made for ‘real’ fake meat: not ‘meat’ made from soy or grass clippings, but meat produced from real meat cells.

    But of course, for the Gaia worshippers it is indeed a moral issue, with plenty of ‘Save the Planet’ virtue signaling going on.

    • Harris is either a liar, a moron or a little of both. He is also a pompous ass. He actually makes the argument that we need cops to be more like MMA fighters. Maybe he and Yang can get together and teach them karate? He makes the argument that we only live in a rich country by luck of birth and that Syrians or Africans only live in a poor country by luck of birth. He allows his interviewees to lie completely unchallenged.

      Then he has whoppers like this, absolutely no good can ever come of having public discussions around race and that the only people who want to do this want another 6 million or a return to Jim Crow or something.

      He tries to play this game where he says something he knows his fellows will find outrageous and then spend hours and hours saying how misunderstood he is.

      I have nothing but contempt for him.

      • I have to disagree with you about Sam Harris.

        There’s a lot that he says— and refuses to say— that I don’t agree with. He shies away from race-realism regarding inherent racial differences. He takes Covid seriously. He doesn’t see any good in Trump.

        But I don’t automatically discount someone just because he’s wrong about some stuff.

        I don’t make him to be a pompous asshole. I find him eminently reasonable about most questions. And he has some VERY interesting guests.

        I’m not sure what you’re referring to when you say he thinks all cops should be MMA fighters. I’ve listened to all his podcasts for the past couple years, and never heard that.

        If you’re talking about his recent interview of ju-jitsu master Rener Gracie: what they said was that if cops could fight— specifically, if they were skilled in ju-jitsu type takedowns— they wouldn’t have to resort to tasers, batons, and guns. That made a hell of a lot of sense to me.

        • I think it was right around the Floyd death and about blacks getting killed, at least the last time I heard him talk about it, I think. He keeps saying cops can’t fight well enough blah blah blah. Plus the typical ‘cops need more training’ BS. Cops are never going to be Brazilian ju-jitsu masters. It’s retarded. Either way this issue can never be addressed until the police stop hiring quota hires, and he supports quota hires.

          He is completely unreasonable about most subjects. He pretends him sitting around smoking pot with Joe Rogan and Elon Musk makes him an expert in energy and AI. Worse, he thinks he’s solving the world’s problems with his gay podcast (having conversations about conversations).

          I used to like the guy. I get his appeal. But he literally says things like “it’s OK when we talk about race and IQ, it’s just not OK when YOU talk about it because we are pure of heart and you’re just a white supremacist” I have heard him say this in at least 3 separate venues. This can only be explained by dishonesty.
          He also adds that us talking about it cannot possibly serve society in any way. This is absurd. We live in a world where everything is measured by race and where black failure is ALWAYS because of white racism and never because of their own shortcomings. In that world, putting the high incarceration rate of African Americans and their lower income into categories that cannot be talked about except where it is entirely blamed on white racism is a world where these problems can NEVER go away. He said this when our cities were literally on fire because of it.

        • Sam Harris is a Jew. His mother was one of the golden girls. He spent his 20s doing drugs and learning about Buddhism.

          I am not saying you shouldn’t consider what he says but you should also keep in mind that he is speaking from a place that is ultimately abysmal for you. He is a wealthy Jew pursuing intellectual hobbies while doing the Shape Shifter “maybe I am just a normal curious white guy” schtick.

          I make it a rule to first look at who an author or podcaster is, i.e. look them up and read about them to know where they come from. I have been doing this extremely rigorously for the last year now because of how crazy all of the lies in the media have become. If someone is a Jew, I will not read or listen to anything they say. That includes people like Chris Wallace and Levin on Fox News.

          We are long past the innocent era where you can just flip through content and enjoy a bit of it and move on to the next bit of content that interests you. Everything in the media space is part of the psychological warfare that is being waged to destroy america. You have to cut off all the news and information sources that are designed to demoralize you. And that starts with never ever listening to, reading, or considering anything any Jew says ever anywhere. They are not helping you and they are not your friends.

          • I agree with your skepticism of all media. But you paint Jewry with a very wide brush. That is doubt taken too far, into cynicism. It may be true that Gentiles should distrust Jews, but it’s rather a stretch to claim that all Jews lie all the time. Categorical statements should be especially scrutinized. Extraordinary statements demand extraordinary proof. Your claim about Jewish veracity is both of those.

            Why not instead evaluate a person’s statement on its merits alone? Generally that’s something you should do with ANY narrative you encounter, at least those that purport to be nonfiction.

            Sometimes having a biography of the author or speaker is helpful, but I seriously doubt one’s surname ending in -stein or -berg disqualifies one from speaking truth, at least on occasion.

      • I certainly feel lucky to have been born in the US rather than Africa, or Afghanistan, or Syria, or any number of places.

        That’s how I understand Harris’s remarks about luck: simply that some people are born into more fortunate circumstances than others; which is pretty hard to argue with, IMO. And he admits that he himself has had a lucky life; which again is hard to deny.

        He’s NOT saying that the differences between the US and Africa are due to the fact that we’re just luckier. He’s implying that Africa is a fucked-up place, and that it’s bad luck to be born there.

        But I definitely agree with you about his dodging the race issue. I expect he knows the truth, but also knows that saying it would get him crucified. He’s being a coward.

        I also agree with you that he sometimes goes easy on guests he should have challenged: his interview of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey comes to mind.

        But despite his failings, I find his podcasts to be very interesting and informative. Occasionally I’ll stop listening, but most I find well worth listening to.

        Of course, YMMV

        • But it’s not luck. The reason you were born into a wealthy society and they were not is because your closest relatives made our society while their closest relatives made their society. They are poor because their ancestors and relatives built a poor society and we are rich because our ancestors and closest relatives built the society we inherited.

          It literally could not have happened any other way. You could not have been born somewhere else or you wouldn’t be you. You would have different genes and different life experiences. People like to lift themselves out of their circumstances and place themselves elsewhere in their minds, but that literally could not happen. If you were born rich, you wouldn’t be you. If you were born in some other period, you wouldn’t be you.

          “That’s how I understand Harris’s remarks about luck: simply that some people are born into more fortunate circumstances than others; which is pretty hard to argue with, IMO. ”

          It’s pretty hard to argue with it because it is based on a false premise. Ironically enough, his premise is based on you existing before you were born and there was a lottery in “pre-life heaven” and you won and they lost.

          It is NOT bad luck to be born there. It is incredibly fortunate if you even want to put in those terms. It’s far better to be a alive and poor than to never had existed at all.

          There is a type of amnesia Z has talked about where you read a newspaper and see an article that falls within your area of expertise. You notice they are wrong on every single point they bring up. It is obvious propaganda mixed in with misunderstandings. Then you turn the page and read about a subject you know very little about, if anything, about and you forget that they knew absolutely nothing about your area of expertise. Always assume they know the same amount about other areas of expertise as they do with subjects you know well.
          Sam Harris would have you thrown in a concentration camp. He would do so with a smug smile.

    • That argument only makes sense to city dwellers. Here in the west, there are are millions of acres of land that will never grow beans or grain cross much less vegetables. But you can run sheep and cows on that same ground and they will convert unusable high desert scrub to millions of pounds of beef and lamb.

      I’m not sure there is enough great farm land left to feed 7 billion people on kale and cucumbers. In the US, we built subdivisions over all the best fertile delta land generations ago. Take away petroleum based fertilizers and the fossil fuels to transport them and we would witness a famine like the world has never seen.

    • As a chld/teen I made some recipes from “Diet for a Small Planet”. And mine was a conservative household. Go figure. Some of the dishes were quite good.

      It’s probably true when a Leftist/Dreamer argues “If we all did this, there would be enough for everyone.” The Paul Harvey factor, the rest of the story, you never hear is the simple postscript: “Yes, and in a generation there will be more everyone.”

    • Cornish X chickens are common “meat chickens” that even the homestead keeper has to raise caged. They also grow so fast and get so big their legs give out in even the most anthropomorphic conditions. Who enjoys tough chicken meat?

      Some people are genetically doomed and so are most livestock breeds.

  21. It’s worth noting that Regulatory Arbitrage, as a business model, isn’t a new thing. From the early efforts of MCI and Sprint (long distance versus ATT monopoly) to the first major post-Industrial effort – Amazon (sales tax arbitrage) – these models have yielded great profits and attracted many imitators. But they weren’t overtly political and cultural until now.

    They are everywhere: Robinhood (SEC arbitrage), wind and solar power companies (subsidy/tax credit grifts), Tesla and other EVs (subsidy/tax credit grifts), Uber/Lyft (taxi regs/labor laws/wage law arbitrage) and now Fake Meat (create a product, then lobby for legislation favoring your product).

    It’s a perfect Insider’s game. The political capital to launch a business like this is more important than the financial capital. A bunch of DR guys could never do something like this! Success depends upon Inside political information and the power to capture regulators. We will see much more of this before we die, because the Oligarchs get to profit and punish simultaneously.

  22. I concur that it’s most likley the super-rich people invested in these dubious industries, and using their influence with government to get what is effectively free advertising, promotion and even coercion to use their product. In other words, exactly how one would expect a budding corporate fascist state (did we ever decide upon the proper term?) to behave. This is precisely how “green” (renewable) energy and a dozen other policy changes that the Left have been pushing for years should be viewed: skeptically. Just as with renewable energy, I suspect if you take an honest look at the cost of the inputs, processing, etc. the fake meats cost as much or more than the real thing. Of course, a kilo of beans will win the impact/economical debate.

    I agree that fake meat still hasn’t quite arrived as a product. As an inveterate burger eater, I’ve tried Impossible and similar a few times. It’s not bad, but no carnivore would mistake it for the real thing. That said, what the government allows to be called “meat” is, at times, appalling. I gave up eating McDonald’s “beef” long ago. Between the two, I’d take the fake meat, in fact. At restaurant prices, you don’t get “real” burgers until probably north of $10 each.

    Artificially grown meats are an interesting future product, but I fail to see why they would have any nutritional difference than the current farmed product. Of course, in a free market, they’d be cheaper than the old style. Of course, in our present clown world, who in the administration owns shares of the company rates a more important factor than what those silly consumers (dirt people) want. So a steak grown by Pfizer or Moderna is not out of the question.

    In defense of vegetarian or vegan: while I’ve never tried the lifestyle, on many occasions I’ve had excellent dishes of same, usually from a restaurant that specializes in those. But there’s just something about the flesh of dead animals roasted over hot coals that a vegetable can’t quite match 😀

    • Reminds me of the minor dust-up a few years ago where a social media blitz accused Taco Bell of not having any beef in their “hamburger”. To combat the assertion Taco Bell (or whatever homoglomo conglomerate owns them) said that their hamburger was indeed mostly beef and released the ingredient list. As I recall, “mostly” was some number of cow subcomponents totaling more than 50% to flavor the remaining textured soy protein. It reminded me of a local meat concern that sold really cheap boxes of “hamburgers” made of just soy and beef fat (good luck keeping your eyebrows while grilling them).

      Your point also gets to Z noting that Burger King said that the fake patty tastes like their “real” patty, which is hardly a great benchmark since a lot of things can taste like “burned cardboard”.

      (Full disclosure: I can and will eat a box of 10 Taco Bell tacos without even blinking an eye, so don’t think me some food snob).

      • Most fast food burgers today are nearly inedible. It wasn’t always like this. 20-30 years ago the big chains burgers were pretty damn good. Not anymore. You have to go with a small local chain to get decent offerings like In&Out.

        The only way I can eat a big chain burger is by saying no to the mayo and putting pepper sauce on the damn thing to give it some flavor. Otherwise it is like chewing on cardboard. Utterly tasteless. And this goes across the board from Wendys to McD’s.

        Even worse they are served cold in many cases. God almighty might as well just eat a cold cut sandwich.

        And don’t get me started on Subway.

  23. In Texas, eating beef is very close to being a state religion. In that respect, Texas is the anti-India. Should the War on Meat come to fruition, it just might precipitate secession. Texans can put up with the War on Whitey, the sanctification of anti-white terrorist organization BLM, the Kovid Kaptivity and a stolen presidential election, but I don’t think they will stomach the outlawry of barbecued brisket. Strange as it may seem, this could be the tripwire.

    • Ban beef? Them’s fightin’ words!

      “Come and Take It” flags will replace the canon with a T-Bone.

  24. You are perfectly welcome to not want to eat “plant-based” meats. De gustibus non disputandum est. But making false, sarcastic comments about such products is not a good look for you. Impossible products are, of course, not made from “grass clippings”. It’s my understanding that they are made from soy protein. One of Impossible’s principal competitors, Beyond Meat, is made from pea protein. Of course, if these companies had managed to process grass clippings into something edible, that would have been a good thing. But they are not grass clippings and you know that they are not grass clippings. Calling them grass clippings was simply a juvenile attempt at humor. As far as demand goes, there has long been a small, but significant and constant, demand for vegetarian products. Vendors have been meeting that demand for decades. Burger King has had a vegetarian sandwich on its menu for about fifteen years. When a better product came along, they began serving it. You’re entitled to your prejudices, but kindly don’t assert them as universal truths.

    • It’s made from pea protein isolate, mixed in with a bunch of seed oils and other crap. Basically all the most unhealthy things you could eat.

      My grandparents lived into their 90s and older ancestors to their 60s and 70s with no medical care, eating meat every day. I’m sticking to meat and potatoes.

    • The sarcasm is being used to drive home a more important & fundamental point, which is far bigger than the fake meat issue. That point being that we now live in an insane political environment in which a mega corporation selling alien-shit-on-a-shingle can bribe politicians to enact laws & regulations that will coerce into existence a contrived market even if it is against common sense & the will of the people. IOW, tyranny by proxy. And that should be something that unites us all (meat-eaters & vegans alike) against the Arch Pathogens.

      • Is the hot take that Prince William or, ahem, Prince Bastard not deceive his subjects into eating seitan and soy products if only we restore a proper monarchy?

        Explain the jump to the other train tracks and how it is factually different from the swampocracy. The mega corporations are downstream of the governing class. The corporations are just administrative entities and a piece of the overall HR architecture.

        PSA – Zuckerberg slaughters his own meat.

    • Grass clippings would be better than soy proteins, especially for males. It is really an assaults on testosterone. Same with cholesterol which is needed for testosterone production. Turning all males into soyboys is the goal.

      • If it’s not the primary goal, it’s certainly a major side dividend. Eliminate so-called “toxic masculinity” by poisoning us with toxic food.

      • Yep and the number of soyboys is growing as the testosterone levels in the West are dropping like a rock along with sperm counts.

        I suspect the push for eating fake meat is partly driven by the war against males(white males in particular) so as to turn our progeny into soyboys or eunuchs.

        I wonder if it’s tied in with all the soy additives found in processed foods and various seasonings packets. It’s really hard to not find soy listed as a ingredient now days.

        The thing is about this addictive, is that it’s not needed. Like WTF is it doing in Hamburger Helper of all things. I can whip up better seasonings on my own home brew HH and not need soy. This bugs me. and makes me wonder if there is some sort of conspiracy behind this.

      • Some of us are allergic to soy; a little bit I can make off with, but a strady exposure gives me migraine headaches, particularly in conjunction with too much fermented dairy like yogurt. This I learned from an allergist I consulted some years back about that issue. I changed my dietary habits, and presto, no more life-wrecking headaches.

        I lived successfully, but laboriously trying to get the proper nutrients, for a few years as a vegetarian, but no more, thank you very much.

    • Soy is the leading cause of pedantic faggotry, among other more serious afflictions.

      The moral apex of meat is non-meat. Funny how this inversion seems to be mapped across so much of our decaying culture. I remember the quaint times when the best man in the room was a woman. You go girl!

      How often now out progress is measured in the ways in which technological solutions appealing to a fringe minority enthralled by anti-humanism become solutions to the peaky problem of humanity being human.

      We have evolved beyond meat just as we have evolved beyond race, sex, marriage, God, and Truth itself. The ¡Science! Is settled!

      What is actually “impossible” is to break the hypnosis of the “muh free markets” mind meld with amygdala-swelling media targeting mentally unstable women and weak men prone to emoting themselves “beyond” the badfeels of reality.

      Impossible meat is technology. The same people who drive teslas because oil is evil and torture their children to feel safe from the flu; only eat “organic” before getting their wuhan “vaccine”; and strive to “reduce” themselves and the legacy of their biology to a globohomo equation of “carbon” footprints are excited to eat leghemoglobin (SLH), derived from genetically engineered yeast. Which is the tech that provides the taste of blood in said “meat”.

      Its impossible to satisfy the bloodlust for ones self-destruction with fake blood, which is why Progress rewards its cultist proles with earthy status and the fleeting feels of superior personal evolution.

      The bugs will have the last laugh, however, when Progress puts the true believers in the ground instead of heaven. Gaia approves.

    • Isn’t it interesting that even the most hardcore vegetarians still crave meat? Look, for instance, at all of the vegetarian sausages and burgers available on the market, which are designed to mimic meat as closely as possible. Vegetarians are making themselves miserable by denying their innate human desire to eat meat. If vegetarianism doesn’t spring from neurosis, it most assuredly generates it.

      • My wife has been a vegetarian for nearly forty years. She was raised in a poor home until she went off to college at age fifteen. All her family ate at each meal was hamburger. Today my wife finds meat in any form, real or fake, to be utterly disgusting. She definitely does not crave the stuff, thanks to her hamburger days.

        • There are exceptions. The vegetarians I’ve known are either falling off of the wagon or trying desperately not to. They are innately compelled to eat meat and turn themselves into borderline basket cases resisting the urge. Your wife is fortunate to be happy in her vegetarianism.

    • I feel bad for the Brand Manager at Impossible Foods who is forced to scour the internet for negative comments about their products and write sensible responses.

      Thanks for playing. We are dissidents on this website. We don’t care if your burgers aren’t really grass clippings. We care about meat that we can cook and eat and also saving Western Civilization. In that order. Sorry.

    • MBlanc46, shill for the vegans much? I cannot imagine anykne who reads the Zman actually thinking he was talking about food actually made from grass clippings. If they COULD make a meat substitute out of grass clippings at a reasonable cost then the guys who mow lawn would either be paying the property owners to cut the grass or at least doing it for free and selling the clippings to the folks who turned grass clippings into food for people.

      If you’re gonna shill, at least be a little less blatant about it!

  25. I went on a date just as the Beyond Meat craze started and the girl ordered a Grass Burger. A red flag in hindsight. I tried it and it tasted like shit, absolutely nothing like meat.

  26. Luckily the whole farm-to-market fad is going to make banning meat harder. We have several farms and butcher shops nearby now that sell locally raised meat products. I probably buy more meat from those places than I do the grocery store.

  27. There’s lots of cholesterol in the brain. I’ll take a delmonico, rare, thanks.

    • There’s another one. The basic building materials of the body are natural fats (say, butter), cholesterol, and (meat) proteins. All the inverted food pyramid is designed to leave us sick and weak.

  28. Allll Aboooaaard the Snowpiercer Express. Would you like some soy milk with that cicada burger sir?

    F**K Gaia and the whorse she’s riding in with.

  29. The question is, why? The fact is there is no market for fake meat.

    That’s just not true.

    Vegetarianism and Veganism has been growing by leaps and bounds, especially among the young dumb and educated. Corps saw this as a large and growing underserved market segment. Big money jumped in because the fake meat is a manufactured product meaning that it has high gross profit margins and those margins will increase with increased production.

    IMO They’re wrong about the size and growth of the market. But wrong in a “new coke” kinda a way. Not in a lizard man conspiracy kind of way.

    • But are vegans purchasing “impossible burgers” and “fake meat” products? I don’t think so.

        • Even so, true vegetarians- as in raised vegan- tell me they still need to take amino acid supplements.

        • Is there a single example of a vegan who isn’t sick-looking? Veganism is based on the assumption that we know all there is to know about human nutritional needs. That’s a hell of an assumption.

      • Maybe maybe not.

        The point is that the geniuses running these companies think they will. There’s plenty of examples of executives blowing up big businesses with bad gambles. This is most likely just another example of such.

  30. Probably in the minority here but if I had to give up meat or dairy, I’d give up meat. It would be a hard choice, but I love milk, cheese, ice cream, etc. too much.
    Of all the meats, beef would be the hardest to give up. Easy to give up chicken. Giving up pork I’d mostly miss sausage and bacon but I could see making these out of beef.

    • They want you to give up cheese too. Only white people can digest lactose it’s white supremacy. They’re coming for your cheese too

      • Wisconsin is next door. I’ll never run out of cheese or German beer. I can live on that.

        • So do I (NW Side); we may live in a Midwest dystopia, but WI makes survivalism not just possible, but comfortable.

        • As much as I love WS (never lived there, but have (or had) relatives in state, I fear that over time, the European (“Midwestern Nice”) is going to work to their detriment: Old Milwaukee (and perhaps snobbier craft brews) , Cheddar, Swiss and other heritage foods will give way to Malt Liquor and Government Cheese* 🙂

          *I’m not sure this exists any more; they used to sell the same thing the poor got here (?) at commissaries in Germany. It was incredibly cheap, like $0.50/LB. I called it “barracks rat cheese.”

      • They want Whites to give up meat and dairy because it made us more physically fit and tall. They want to
        continually diminish White men’s testosterone levels and stunt their stature. All the talk about animal welfare and gaia worship, while it has an element of truth, is merely a smokescreen the vegans and animal rightist use to hide, even to themselves, their anti-White, anti-male agenda.

        Follow the money is not really the rule to follow anymore – it’s follow the racial angle. Always ask: Is it good for White people? In this case, obviously not. Stock your freezers.

        • And don’t forget all of the lactose-intolerant “immigrants” Our Elites see fit to grace us with. Changing the counrry’s average genetic makeup with attention to detail, and wrecking the livelihoods of white farmers, too. Mammoth Agricorp doesn’t care; fake and ghey is just as good – maybe better – for their bottom line, which is all that they care about.

    • One of the weird ironies of the animal rights hatred of beef is that cows have the most normal life any of our food animals.

      • And from the moment they are born, cows are always fully dressed in quality leather.
        They’re classy right until they end up next to my baked potato.
        Thank you, America’s Beef Producers!

  31. If the vegetarian and vegan diets are so inherently fulfilling why do they spend so much time and effort trying to create meat simulacra?

    • I’ve directly asked vegans that question.

      The response is that they’re vegetarians because they care about animal welfare.

      • Still doesn’t add up to me.

        I mean, if they really care that much about animals why even simulate meat consumption?

        I know, it’s not really meant to make sense to the non-believers.

        • They are protein. And they add variety to the menu. Why is that so hard to understand?

          • To be fair, my belief that veganism is to make us weak founders on one shoal: the Sikh. A tenet of their highest-level baptism, the final one where they earn the warrior’s turban, is complete vegetarianism. And yet, those are big boys.

          • Fine. If some companies want to produce fake “meat” to cater to some niche dingbat group, go ahead. But don’t force it, by hook or crook on those who have no interest.

        • The metaphor that’s always brought up is if they’d think that much better of a cannibal that only ate lab grown “long pork”.

      • If you are good at sarcasm, have you ever lectured them for being heartless plant killers? “Don’t you know that plants are living things too?” If you can do it with a straight face it’s priceless 😀

        • Hitler was a vegetarian. Why do you want to be like Hitler? (I’m kidding, but I’m not joking. Report them to the ADL and the SPLC, just for the lulz).

        • In point of fact, more animals are killed in the planting, growing and harvesting of vegetables than are slaughtered for meat. Those vegetable farms are filled with all manner of small and burrowing animals. Might as well just accept that we’re at the top of the food chain, and that, for us to live, other creatures must die. That may be unpleasant, but it is an unalterable facet of our reality.

          • having actually plowed a field, you are correct. birds, mice rabbits,voles,woodchucks ,snakes , frogs turtles ,chipmunks, gophers, are all killed in large numbers just plowing the ground to get it ready to plant.

    • >choose to not eat meat
      >create a Frankenstein meat substitute that tastes nothing like meat but they can still feel like they’re eating meat

      I think eating meat fills a primal desire. Man needs religion, which modern leftists fill with George Floyd worship. He needs sex which porn and VR and sex dolls fill in for many men these days. He probably needs meat too and they’re creating a bastard substitute for the midwits who got too smart for their own spirits.

    • Someone sent me this meme the other day,”Dear Vegans: I killed this cow because it was eating your food. You’re welcome.” Pretty well sums it up.

  32. It’s like they hate tradition, or are addicted to novelty. A 350 year old British foundry of brass bellmakers? Closed. A 950 year old Japanese company? Closed. Generations, centuries of specialized knowledge lost.

    As knowledge is lost- such as the ability to invent and build a nuclear power plant from scratch- the novelty seekers aren’t coming up with any new ideas. Worse, boring old traditions, like trains, electric grids and bridges, are ignored as not exciting enough.

    Real complexity and all its feeder subspecialties bore the idiots. T’aint ‘sexy’. These peoples’ values are all messed up.

    Our influencer class reminds me of the little known Paul Newman science fiction movie, “Quartet”. Humanity is dying in an Ice Age- and the movers and shakers have lost all interest in the forgotten high technologies. Instead, their energies are vested in a bizarre murder game.
    (Highly recommended.)

    • “Paul Newman movie Quartet”…. never even heard of it and consider myself a dystopian/a sc-fi buff. Will definitely check it out. Speaking of dystopian flicks, one my favs is Soylent Green. This article reminds me of the poignant dinner scene between Edward G Robinson ( his last flick) and Charlton Heston. Heston is having his first meal ever with beef and fresh fruit & vegs. Of course the meal is topped off by a glass of bourbon. Probably one of the best ( and saddest) dinner scenes in movie history. Sad because in the not too distant future there will be that guy who tastes beef for the first time and he will wonder of us, “They actually banned this? What the hell were they thinking?”

    • Your points reinforce my pessimist belief that once our current civilization crashes, it’ll be the start of another Dark Age. People underestimate how much old, and not so old, knowledge, wisdom and experience gets lost because it’s “obsolete.” Even if it’s written down somewhere, it’ll be at best in a few arcane, scattered books. If and when a big crash comes, even if those texts survive, to regain that knowledge presupposes a group of people meeting at least minimums of competence, literacy and numeracy. This latter requirement is already in rapidly vanishing supply, even in “normal” times. They’d become even rarer post-debacle. That’s yet another reason to be extremely pessimistic.

      Here’s a quick thought experiment: Imagine that there was a protracted failure of the power grid and the fossil fuel supply. Just imagine what impacts that’d have on us. It’s not like we could quickly revert to 19th or 18th century technology. Even the Mennonites and Quakers would be ill prepared. And they’d likely be killed off pretty early in the aftermath.

      Even absent horrid environmental damage (e.g. nuclear war), seems to me a multi-thousand year dark age is not out of the question. 🙁

      • Your comment reminds me of what I used to say to people who asked why I had so many technical/text books on my shelves: ‘Get it while you can, especially if it is practical.’

      • To be honest, I think at least two or three, or more, multi-millenial dark ages have already happened to the proto-White race. Repeated periods of asteroid strikes or caldera eruptions did the work of nuclear bombs. Hostile populations put their two cents in, as well.

        The rest never even came close to what we, and we alone, achieved. Creation, aka Nature, works on timescales we can barely grasp.

        Simplifying a cosmic-scale ecology into a child’s familial framework may not be entirely accurate, but it sure is handy.

        Nonetheless, only we are the Elves- even the Pretenders cannot be us, try as they may.

  33. “they mean repent in that you will commit the act of contrition and they will get salvation.”

    Another great one-liner. Pretty much sums up elite-Leftist religion.

  34. “They really believe that Gaia is angry with us and will unleash her wrath unless we repent.”

    Dear Gaia,

    I know that I have not really prayed to the Earth Gods whenever the heck Earth Day is, so you may not listen; but anyway… Please, please, please, if you do just one thing, make sure that multiple avalanches occur at Davos at a certain time in the coming year.

    • I get what you are saying about conspiracy, but that conjures up the image of a bunch of folks sitting around plotting this out in detail. It seems more a “coordination” of like minded folks and their hangers on. Kind of like in the old Miracle on 34th Street (the one with the most beautiful redhead of all time: Maureen O’Hara) where the Santa Claus character gets various people to “do the right thing” but each through their own selfish motivations.

      There may be a few “Santa Claus” type characters sort of setting the tone to get things rolling, but the rest take their own course.

      • familiarize yourself with the global economic forum. they sit around in Davos and plan everything out. the org is 50 years old, and is an umbrella group for governments, corporations , central banks, and foundations .

      • I get what you are saying about conspiracy, but that conjures up the image of a bunch of folks sitting around plotting this out in detail.

        Mullins’ Law #2:
        Never attribute to conspiracy what may adequately be explained by flocking behavior.

  35. I hope I die before they take away the red meat. Then, again, I guess there is hunting…this is all so terribly depressing and I still have a few years of craving a good steak in me…alas.

    • Stock up on jerky, canned stews and the like. That will buy you a couple of years.

    • How are you going to hunt without ammunition, or the “privilege” when the state decides that licenses are now $500? Or deploys more game wardens to harass rural whites since enforcing laws on Africans is now bad?

      • Simple.Do what the ex-Nazis did after WWII, turn the police and wardens into sausage. Which BTW really happened during the years after WWII.

        The point is if things get this bad, just go hunting for two legged game because life won’t be worth living. It will be better to die on ones feet than to live like a groveling slave.

        • Better to die in your sleep but if the choice is between starvation, being worked to.death in a “re-education camp” or a fusillade of rifle fire, I choose rifle fire. It’d definitely be quicker – and likely less painful!

    • Z-Man is the Chief Pharmacologist at the great Black Pill Emporium. And I’ve noticed him conferring with John Derbyshire about prescriptions on more than a few occasions.

  36. Some of it is Gaia, as Z notes, but a good part of it, as Z also notes, is the elite wanting to be, well, elite.

    I honestly believe that our elite have been feeling a bit of envy for the elite of the past or even the elite of other, poorer countries. Back in feudal days, the ruling class really stuck out. No other class was even close to the nobility. When nobility rode through the village, you knew it. The same is true of the elite in South American countries today.

    The elite just don’t stick out like that in middle-class, white countries. Sure, they have their country clubs and nice cars, but the middle-class can go golfing at the muni course and drive a very reliable, fairly nice Toyota. The two classes don’t lead completely separate lives.

    Now, forcing the people to eat bugs and plants while the elite dine on steak is definitely a way to elevate themselves in a very noticeable way.

    A lot of what’s been happening over the past 50 years is a destruction of the middle and working class. The elite want the people to know their place.

    • Part of the kink certainly is making meat consumption an indicator of high status. Hence, Gates says only non-Westerners should eat meat, which makes no sense from a eugenics/human worth standpoint. It does make sense if you are a geeky loser despite your billions and have sunk a hunk of it in meat-substitutes.

      • You’ve identified yet another whopper by the elite.

        Strictly by biology (Evolution) man should eat meats, fish, fruits, vegetables and damned little else. Agriculture began essentially with growing edible grasses (cereals), wheat, corn, and so on. This “required” civilization. This is all at most ten thousand years ago. That is barely a blip in terms of evolution. Even “modern” (prehistoric) man goes back easily ten or twenty times that long. A hundred times if you count our earliest human-like ancestors.

        Now, it’s true that man is partially evolved to eat a plant-rich diet (and similarly, that’s why a large fraction of humans are lactose intolerant — drinking cow’s milk is fairly recent too.) But at heart we are still hunter-gatherers, who need more meat than grain.

        • A big cheeseburger with lettuce and tomato strikes just the right balance with all the food groups.

    • The Inner Circle being composed of the elite with special knowledge and privileges has been true of every Gnostic heresy. this one is no different

    • Add race/religion to class and you have your answer. The ‘elite’ not only want to stand out, they want the dirt people to know they are dirt – to acknowledge it and to literally be forced to grovel. The rent-collectors and tavern keepers in Europe despised the farming peasants and considered them animals.

      The type of agriculture each race traditionally practiced influenced the growth of different societies and the physical characteristics of different people. Asians generally cultivate rice and have eaten any sort of protein (bugs, lizard, frogs, etc.) they could catch in order to survive. Millions of them still do. Rare animals are sacrilized not for their protein, but for obscure things like bile or horns as sexual aids. Africans are more traditional hunters/herders and any actual crop growing or harvesting is considered ‘women’s work.’ White Europeans are the only males who practiced varied agriculture of grains, vegetables, and meat animals.

      Those meat animals are forbidden by various religions. The Hindus venerate cows, so beef is out. And the Jevvs ‘meat’ must be bloodless (i.e. dry and tasteless). Pork is verboten to both Jevvs and Muslims. Young lambs are too cute for most women to consider eating, and goats are not traditional western fare. There’s a reason the traditional meat they will ban last is poultry.

      You are meant to know your place, and look it too. Lack of protein and healthy fats will make you short, soft, and pallid. While the media daily vilify White men, the cloud people are working hard to ensure White man become soft, weak, and unable to reproduce due to insufficient testosterone. The public campaign encouraging White women to miscegenate isn’t working fast enough for their ends.

      These are only the ‘soft’ means of persuasion. Add in the riots, the hunting out of White men with a scintilla of self respect among the armed forces or police or even forestry service. Speech control is old hat; thought control is well underway. All those who still think they can go along to get along will go quietly along to their ultimate elimination. That’s the end game, no matter who demurs.

      So don’t worry about a campaign against meat; it’s just the left’s latest fad. Besides, we live in a democracy and have a constitution and freedumbs. Grill and chill with your Han/Hindu neighbors, and shout out to your special black friends. You have the best of all possible worlds.

      • White women generally only miscegenate because there are a lack of marriage material white men. I know so many white guys who are full of soy, betas, living in their parents basement gaming and smoking pot. White women would rather have a family with a POC than a white loser.

        • I’ve played the Division games online which for some reason attract a large dindu demographic , white guys aren’t the only ones who fit that description.

      • +42

        Yes there is a war on against white males. We see this in the constant dropping of testosterone and sperm levels in men. Thanks to food additives. Then there is the push to encourage us to stuff our faces with fast food and processed food loaded with carbs and soy that weakens us even more..

        Look at the media. There are no longer any strong white male action figures out there. None in the movies or on TV. Most white males are either portrayed as basket cases, rapists or some sort of criminal.

        Or how public schools have phased out PE in favor of tech classes, etc. Which in turn causes boys to get antsy so the schools drugs them up with adderall and god knows what else. The boys then lose a interest in learning and intellectually and emotionally drop out. Which in turn benefits the ruling class.

        And as you state there is no go along to getting along. All that groveling any white man will do will just mean they die as a slave who has been stripped of everything rather than a freeman who dies on his a warrior.

      • Humiliation is the name of the game. With humiliation comes shame, with shame comes depression, with depression comes surrender, with surrender comes death. Obviously I think electoral politics are merely control mechanisms, but the election of Trump gave hope, however false, to tens of millions of people who were scheduled for slaughter. Animals with any fight in them are dangerous.

        There is no common ground here. It’s either us or them. To avoid mass casualties we need to find a way to make the lives of the ruling class miserable. If last summer’s riots can extend into secluded upper class places such as Martha’s Vineyard, I will become all for them, for example, although that will hit mostly the handmaidens. What appears to have gotten through to the overclass was the Gamestop deal. Does anyone else recall the FBI (not the SEC) ever investigating profit-taking out of the market? We need thousands of little Gamestops if that is even possible, or something along those lines. As Z points out from time to time, the “It’s OK To Be White” campaign revealed the absurdity and viciousness of the State. That helps further discredit it.

        Deprivation of meat will make that grillin’ and chillin’ tougher, though, although that will just cause those folks to vote harder. We have to depend on those with the skillsets and creativity to inflict misery and bring the pain. Anyone who finds a way to prevail it a bloodless Us vs. Them war will be a revered hero instantly.

        • Bingo. These are weak and corrupt children whose only power comes from the failure of the adults to coalesce and smack them down.

    • Your first paragraph rings very true. Could it be because that in our modern times, perhaps at most the past two or even one century, has been the only time in Civilization’s history where what had previously been outrageous luxuries became available to nearly everyone, at least in the “developed” countries? All this was, of course, made possible by material progress, technology and industry. Of course the entire world has never had a sufficiency of everything, even now. It’s only been for a few generations that we’ve enjoyed the sheer democratization of old time “luxuries” (and in that number, you’d have to include even having enough to eat, clothing to wear, formal education, reliable employment, a place to live, never mind medical care, entertainment, transit, and many more…)

      When even the homeless bum on the street (usually) has enough to eat, a mobile phone, basic health care, and all the recreational drugs he wants, it makes it much harder for the high-and-mighty to feel truly superior to the rabble.

  37. You spend a few paras describing a conspiracy of government intent and billionaires which will harm large parts of the population by removing animal protein from diets against their wishes.
    “a secret plan made by two or more people to do something bad, illegal, or against someone’s wishes: ” and then say its not a conspiracy.

    I am genuinely curious as to what would meet the threshold for conspiracy ?

    • A lot of the material isn’t even secret.

      The Rockefeller Lockstep pandemic document is on the public Internet.

      The WEF has loads of videos and op-eds across social media.

      Those are just two examples.

      • There is no requirement that a conspiracy be secret. It just makes it work a little easier that way. The only differences between a conspiracy and a partnership are the legality of the object and the sharing of profits/losses.

    • Two or more people discussing, for planning purposes, committing illegal acts.
      Conspiracy is the most common Federal criminal charge.

  38. You quickly find out how much these green leftists really care about the planet when you bring up mass immigration and the effect of bringing third world peasants into the West where they leave a much bigger carbon footprint by adopting a Western lifestyle, along with urban sprawl, loss of wildlife habitat, etc.

    • It’ll be interesting to watch POCs respond to the elites’ attempt to foist soy burgers on them. Ain’t gonna happen.

        • They want us weak. Blonds and redheads eating superior proteins of milk and beef kicked the weaker, disease-ridden grain eater drudges’ tail.

      • I’ve seen how dindus react when you give them free food (assuming it’s something they don’t want to eat) at a VOLUNTEER food pantry:

        “I ain’t funna eat dat shit!!”

        • Murders have been committed at black family reunions over the last piece of fried chicken or the last rib on the platter. And I’m quite serious about that. One can only imagine the carnage when they bite into tofu yardbird.

    • The Sierra Club took millions from a Tribe donor and dropped its sensible position on population stabilization. Alleged environmentalism along with environmental degredation via mass migration serve t g e same purpose: to destroy Whites. Outside of Japan m, wbich is horrible outside its homeland, environmental protection is a White thing.

      • Japan plays a good game, better than most*, but if some minor flood control could be had by paving over Mount Fuji a Yakuza-connected concrete crew would be out there the next day getting ready to go.

        *(I had an acquaintance relate to me that when the Ghibli move Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind came out in Japan that the schools dragged all the students in to watch, so critical they felt it’s message to be. If you ever watch it, which I don’t recommend, it’s about as hamfisted an environmental flick ever made, about as subtle as a ball bat across the knees).

        • Miyazaki is a genius, but he has a definite weakness for environmentalism and (unlike almost every other anime director ever) feminism. Princess Mononoke was a lot more balanced- the film acknowledges that the residents of the iron town at war with nature have a higher standard of living due to industrialization.

      • Ah, but their intentions were good! 😀 Seriously, we sometimes mention this, but worth repeating, perhaps for the benefit of brand new readers, the core failing of the Leftist (and, probably other ill-considered idealistic movements):

        1. Come up with a noble, Utopian, highly desirable goal.
        2. Attempt to impose it upon the real world.
        3. Ignore limitations that the real world imposes on your dreams. Discount any wisdom or lessons that history or science might provide. Pay not heed to those who criticize or otherwise point out flaws in your scheme. If necessary, increase funding, hire more workers, marginalize, imprison or execute naysayers.
        4. When scheme ultimately fails, disavow any culpability for failure or collateral damage. Ideally, blame failures upon opponents, real or imaginary. Quietly abandon old scheme.
        5. Go to Step 1.

  39. The primal brain of humans knows meat consumption is associated with strength and masculinity. No man goes out grilling a vegan burger.

    Liberal democracy, a rule by a egalitarian tribal consensus mechanism with no explicit hierarchy, is inherently a feminine hivemind.

    It’s not going to end with banning meat. They’ll come after free-weight gym equipment and grunting next, for safety reasons. Think an employee of Planet Fitness stepping on your face, forever.

    • Oh the fitness industry is next. All you physical trainers out there prepare yourselves!

      “Sir why do you want to put people through so much pain!? Are you some kind of sadist, sir!? Like, do you ENJOY torturing people?”

      “Why can’t you just be happy with the way people are? What is this need to mold everybody into your cis-European-male view of strength? It is HIGHLY oppressive and bigoted!!!”

      “You creep, stop “stretching” out your “clients”/victims. That is creepy, and I feel violated just witnessing it. You are harassing them, and violating their body!”

      • It’s already that way but for a different reason. After a month of focusing on proper form, getting an algorithm for gradual progression, getting the routine set, and diet (low carb, high protein), there’s no reason for a personal trainer outside of someone with elite status.

        For 20% of the people who actually want to get fit, fitness trainers make you do all sorts of useless nonsense to make them look like gurus and convince you that their services are needed.

        The other 80% really don’t care but want to tell their friends they have a trainer to prove they’re trying, but really aren’t.

        It’s mostly a racket, and I talked to a couple who essentially admitted as such.

        • I know some physical trainers. Yeah its a racket, mostly a sign of status as you said. There are alot of upper-middle class house wifes who are bored and have money to throw around. Their mediocre children also need to feel like they can get an edge in baseball and football. So there is alot of money to be made there too.

          But anybody serious about getting in shape will get in shape. Its not that hard. A gym membership to the Y is more than enough.

          “make you do all sorts of useless nonsense to make them look like gurus and convince you that their services are needed”

          Guru indeed. There is also a trend to add in “life-coaching” with the training. So guys who spend all day shouting at others to lift objects and put objects down, also have the authority of telling you how to properly live your life… All of their advice can be condensed to “Just go out there and DO IT!” and they really do think its that easy. Life’s troubles and ambitions is JUST like lifting a weight and putting it back down.

        • I pay my trainer to do the workout for me. If he slacks off, there is no tip. Osmosis is the new intenive workout.

          • 😂
            *sips from milk-shake* “Come on man, I have a date this weekend, put some back into it!”

        • Yes and no. Some people need another person to provide motivation and discipline. And it is not accidental that the more popular trainers are attractive. Seemed to be a requirement at one of the small gyms I used to frequent.

          • Yup.

            The ex-wife of one of my coworkers had an affair with her fitness instructor, then had a divorce to marry him.

          • Wives having affairs with trainers is common. The trainer is able to physically touch the client at times, breaking down a barrier, and can lead to further intimacy….A man who allows another man that amount of time together with “hands-on” activity is an idiot.

        • completely false. I have had a trainer for a long time because he keeps me from injuries , overwork and poor techniques. if you can afford one they are worth the money.

      • No doubt. Gyms have been closed on and off for over a year in Canada. And there are ALOT of fat people ambling around. It’s starting to look like the Midwest here.

        I bought a weight set so I’m still pumping iron at home but it’s not as good. Better than nothing but still way too skinny.

    • It might as well end with banning meat because, for many people, life would not be worth living if they had to do without it.

    • Add to your list that they will ban the private ownership of cars. Rush’s “Red Barchetta” comes to mind.

      • That’s an excellent song, one of Rush’s best I’d say.. A few times I’ve wondered how Uncle managed to source petrol and parts for his illegal muscle car in a world where those things no longer existed?

        Of course the most unbelievable part is that Uncle would let whipper-snapper nephew drive a priceless treasure!

  40. Z man, now do Electric Cars.

    This is punishment and putting your ass in its place, peasant! Sumptuary laws writ large. After all, if everybody can have an automobile, a house with air conditioning, heat, televisions and computers, a fridge stocked with burgers and steaks, and a smart phone, then your beliefs are the only thing that separates and elevates you from the rabble.

    But merely believing isn’t fun. Punishing the sinners is. And forcing them to convert is even better.

    • Electric cars need electricity, which is either going to be produced by nuclear, hydropower, or coal (other options are memes). Coal is the easiest option. Coal-to-liquids have existed since the 30s (the Germans used it in WWII), but it is more expensive than oil so it never caught on. It makes more sense just to keep using oil until “peak oil” finally hits (if it ever does), and then switch the coal-to-liquids, and work on improving the technology increase efficiency and reduce the price.

  41. “The natural corruption in liberal democracy.” Nice turn of phrase. Ominous along with accurate.

    • You guys are inadvertently making a case to convert to Judaism 😀 But in a pinch, even they could be forced to eat locusts (grasshoppers).

  42. Just like the EV racket, the solar racket, the wind racket, the covid racket, the racism racket, these f**** just don’t know when to quit. The “agenda” keeps getting pushed, the j-media amplifies it endlessly and the leeches attach themselves to suck opportunity and dollars out of the system. Of course we’re told the only moral thing to do is get on board or else.
    The equating of intelligence and moral superiority with wealth and influence needs to end. And those forcing the agendas on us aren’t ultimately going like the consequences.

  43. I’ve been saying since at least the start of Kung Flu hysteria that the goal seems to be a Soviet economy — the official one, where the State can claim the numbers are whatever they want them to be, and the unofficial one, where everyone gets everything on the black market. I even used the “weed man” analogy, though not the way Z does. I mean like the other weed man — imagine stage-whispering “I’ve got a guy,” but for things like haircuts and hamburgers. So long as the parasites can keep those share prices high — and why not, since the numbers are all fake? — the ruling class could care less. Anyone want a ribeye? I’ve got a guy…

    • Cattle rustling might make a big comeback!

      But you can’t be any geek off the street. Gotta be handy with the steel, if you know what I mean…

      • Where have you gone, Nate Dogg and Warren G, our nation turns its lonely eyes to you… woo woo woo. We need your wisdom now more than ever.

        • “Just hit the east side of the LBC, on a mission trynna find some grade A prime for me”

      • A local homesteader was telling us how she has traded for this, that, or the other thing in exchange for the vegetables she grows. I thought about it for a spell but I couldn’t think of anything that I own that I would trade for a vegetable.

        • Oh, just give our totally legitimate, not at all fraudulent president another year or two. Veggies, bullets, antibiotics, and booze will be the coin of the realm. It’ll be Beyond Thunderdome, but at least there will be no mean tweets.

    • In Covington’s WN novels, the rebels got access to the DC elites by infiltrating black market meat delivery. Meat, and private transportation, was banned but the elites got their meat via a black market. It didn’t end well for them.

  44. My sister recently said to me that she was sorry that I saw my country is so corrupt that I couldn’t trust the elections. I just laughed and said yeah I do think think. They conversation went on for a few more sentences until she literally had a complete meltdown and ran screaming from the room and slammed the door behind her. I promised to change the subject and she came out again. I do not believe what is happening are just coincidences and happenstances. I do think there is a greater intelligence at work here that goes back generations and generations. There are many pawns and fools in the game but the teleology is real but can’t be seen from the materialist perspective.

    • We might have to resign ourselves to the fact that modernity has created mind viruses your average white has no natural immunity to, and a multi-generational genetic culling is going to be necessary.

      • I feel I do have some kind of genetic immunity to Globohomo. I don’t see any other way of explaining it. Everybody else around me falls hook line and sinker for the anti white, self destructive insanity and I just stand there like “huh?”

        • Unfortunately, the immunity seems to be mighty rare. The herd/slave mentality runs roughshod over all.

      • Mind virus is the term that Europeans gave to socialism during world war 1. they said once a man had it there was no reasoning with him

    • Don’t ever give up on your sister/ family (it sounds like you are trying your best).
      Blood is blood. Your family is real. Unless you happen to live near my leafy suburban paradise, if things go south, I’m just some anonymous guy on the internet.
      Your sister can at least make you a sandwich.

    • “she literally had a complete meltdown and ran screaming from the room and slammed the door behind her. I promised to change the subject and she came out again.”

      This is probably how most first world countries will run themselves in the coming years. Hoards of hysterical men and women throwing hissy fits until the ‘bad guy’ agrees to just stop saying ‘bad things’. Actually, it’s already that way.

      I believe you’re absolutely correct about a greater, perhaps distributed intelligence that is behind these things. And a moments thought suggests why wouldn’t it be any other way? Suppose you have immense wealth and a globalist bent, you could be a politician, industrial titan, well known academic… whatever you fancy. Naturally, you’ll want to hob-nob with others like you, and when you do it’s only good manners to talk about your goals and dreams: A cashless society! A world free of prejudice! No meat, eva! One world government!

      These things are all driven by distributed actors with roughly the same goals, who have serious political and financial clout. But because it is distributed, and because it is not obvious it is hard to explain. And because it is hard to explain it cannot be told to the fools who may be made to see. It’s a great grift. But there is absolutely nothing abnormal about powerful players trying to shape the world in which they live – it’s just that their world ‘Utopia’ is a crock of shit to us.

      But there are other things in the mix. It is interesting enough when the motives are just financial and aimed at social betterment; but when there is an anti-white animus running through the sorts of people up on high to boot, things will get awry. The Jews, who throughout all my research consistently appear in very high places out of all proportion to their numbers, harbour a very well known grudge against the gentile white. So there’s that. But all other white actors seem to be in on it too, because they have no ethnic solidarity. They couldn’t give two hoots.

      For us there is faith, community and far, far less material wealth than we are currently accustomed to. Even today, I was speaking to a lady all keen about the vaccine. She said that if I had it, they’d let me go on holiday. I pointed out to her that pretty soon holidays may well be a thing of the past – well, until ‘events have played out’.

      • When I graduated high school back in the day, I considered Evergreen. I talked to some of its students.

        One guy told me that all he had to do to pass his classes, remember there are no grades at Evergreen, was keep a dream journal.

        That was all I needed to hear. I wanted college to challenge me. I wanted it to hurt. I wasn’t going to go to a college where you could pass keeping a dream journal.

  45. This is an evergreen topic. You could say all the same sort of stuff about recycling. Aluminum is the most abundant metal on earth so far as I have ever heard, so there really is no reason to recycle aluminum cans.

    Another thing I would like to add by way of observation is that in my experience of interacting with actual people, women are the main drivers of the Vegan thing. It’s basically a socially acceptable form of anorexia where a girl can eat an extremely restricted diet because she is terrified of being fat. Same with women jogging. Almost no normal women do either of those things, i.e. Jog or eat Vegan, because they don’t have an eating disorder and they aren’t all that fat anyway. Rich families can’t encourage their girls to starve themselves anymore but they definitely can encourage their girls to eat nothing but tofu and Jog 100 miles a week. You are going to lose weight doing that for sure.

    But in the end, I think we have to keep in mind that literally everything you hear about reduce, reuse, recycle — including the banning of meat — is just another tactic in the leftist/progressive/woke attack on us. They want to make us weaker, poorer, less independent. They want to destroy the well-being of white people in every way they can. Nobody is telling those migrants streaming across the border that they aren’t going to be able to eat meat in the near future. Or drive a gasoline powered car. It’s all designed to lower the standard of living of the white majority population. Once we are destitute and desperate and the minority here, I have no doubt that our Dusky overlords will be consuming 150% more than any middle class white person ever did and they won’t care at all about topics like cow farts warming the globe. It’s all designed, like birth control and pretty much everything else, to weaken and destroy us. Just us. Everyone else gets “equity”, which means they get abundance while we get nothing.

    • “women are the main drivers of the Vegan thing…because she is terrified of being fat”
      That’s an interesting observation. I’ve also witnessed this with drugs and “medications.” I’ve known several women who have developed horrible prescription drug habits, all because they fear gaining weight. It ends up trapping them in a vicious cycle of weight fluctuation– they cut the drugs when they become too damaging, blimp up, and then get back on the drugs to cut the weight again. I know several younger Millennial and Zoomer women who are obsessed with “healthcare issues/policy” for just this reason.

      As for the eating grass-clippings thing, I always saw it as a way to save money on product and real estate. They can just stack us on top of eachother like this is Brazil, and feed us all cheap cattle-feed.

      • When you see all the fatties out there, I don’t think the vegan fad has caught on. Although I guess one could argue that stuffing ones face with french fries is “vegan”.

        • Honestly I think a decent portion of the weight issues can be attributed to pharmaceutical pills. They take these pills without realizing their full effects. I think its throwing their hormones out of whack, and many of these things can cause long term damage to the digestive system. Well over 50% of women are on pharmaceutical pills in this country.

          • Ah, Chris Farely and David Spade in drag…Remember when guys dressed up like girls on TV and it was funny? That was awesome…

    • There is a good case for aluminum recycling–given the energy requirements to crack the aluminum atoms from from matrix in bauxite powder. Re-melt is cheap. But like all these things it metastases into “everything”. The nuts in my town have been pushing “food scrap” recycling with a mandatory $30 a month pick up fee. While back made the mistake of pointing out on FB, that a $60 dual compartment tumbler has worked fine for me for years (wife is a hardcore gardener and will use every lb I can produce). and was attacked. Because this is a religion wrapped in scientism, not a rational assessment of input/output cost benefit.

      • In my city they just change the recycling from every week to every other week and didn’t change the price. Amazing. I never say this to anyone in the flesh but I don’t recycle anything and I feel morally good about it.

        • I don’t mind the recycling so much in our neck of the woods because it allows me to utilize two containers rather than one for trash.

          • Same. We call the recycling can the overflow can. Especially after learning most recycling went to Chinese landfills for decades.

      • In my town, they finally admitted a year or so ago, that to “recycle” costs a few $M every year due to sorting, tossing stuff not worth recycling into the landfill, and/or paying “recyclers” $ to “take” stuff. In short, it’s a dead loss in which every resident is charged a monthly “recycle” fee by the trash company for the service. It got so bad, they put a moratorium on glass products toss’s into the recycle bin.

        The result of the uproar when folk found out was a vote by the city to continue “recycling”—least residents “get out of the habit”.

    • The one vegan I know is way overweight but ticks all the boxes that you’d imagine.

      I’ve had people make a persuasive case that aluminum is the one thing we should recycle since, like all metals higher up on the periodic table, whatever we have in the earth’s crust is all we have; and while recycled aluminum can easily (“easily”) be turned into cans, only the good stuff right out of the mine can be turned into airplanes and such.

    • I just finished reading a book called The Carnivore Code which makes a good case that “snout to tail” eating of animals exclusively, especially the much maligned bovine, is the way to have a long life and excellent health. The attack on meat accelerates the path to Morlocktown and Eloiville. It’s obvious based on US obesity rates (and observation) excess consumption of carbs has already done 3/4 of the job. This is the coup de grace. They are coming in for the kill.

    • “Almost no normal women do either of those things, i.e. Jog or eat Vegan, because they don’t have an eating disorder and they aren’t all that fat anyway.”

      My observation of the average woman today is, yes, she is all that fat and needs to put down the bag of chips.

      • Exactly… I believe the average weight of women in the US is like 160 lb now… I may be off on the number but it wouldn’t surprise me based on what I see in upstate New York… I’ve known many vegans / vegetarians who were fat as f***… If someone else said french fries and rolls and cake and candy and all that b******* are vegan/vegetarian…

      • Once, I brought up the subject of my wife gaining weight to my therapist. I told him it was making me lose sexual interest in her (I also explained this to her, and she eventually straightened out when I said I was leaving, but that’s beside the point.)

        His response? Erectile dysfunction is increasingly common in younger men. Wtf. Dude, I don’t have erectile dysfunction: I just don’t want to boink an oinker. Does that make me defective? To a gloho like him, apparently, it does. It was the last time I ever went to a therapist.

        • Guys are getting pretty fat as well, but as I was just thinking while attending a birthday, pool party last weekend (mostly younger couples). The women sure lose it faster than their male counterparts. I attended several of their weddings. Night and day so to speak.

          No way any of these women would ever have had a date—much less a marriage proposal—looking as they do now. All of these women were mid-thirties or younger.

          Who’d have thunk a wedding band is the most fattening thing a woman can receive? Yeah, I’m no great catch myself, but luckily I’m just ugly, not fat.

          • I am 6’4 and thin. My problem is the opposite: I just can’t seem to put on the weight I want. Does anyone have advice on how to increase my appetite?

    • “Another thing I would like to add by way of observation is that in my experience of interacting with actual people, women are the main drivers of the Vegan thing. It’s basically a socially acceptable form of anorexia where a girl can eat an extremely restricted diet because she is terrified of being fat.”

      I happen to know a large number (perhaps larger than average) sample set of female vegans, through no fault of my own. I have no doubt that this statement is true of every single one of them. When asked (don’t even need to press, as they wear it as a badge of honour) each will admit to an eating disorder whilst a teen. Sad. But true.

      Don’t know about the blokes, though. For sure, a certain number do it to get laid.

    • I met at least on vegetarian (not vegan) female who was quite attractive and herself suspicious of vegans, especially male ones. Commented that any man who won’t eat meat is not attractive. I immediately traded my vegetable side dishes for her steak.

      • Ha. When a grad student at a barbecue, I struck up a conversation with a fellow, female grad student in the dept. Until I saw her attempting to cook a faux hamburger on the grill (it finally dissolved and fell into the coals), I did not know she was vegan. Anyway, I asked if she’d like to go over to where the action was and have a drink (open bar).

        She declined by stating that all the student’s and faculty were “meat eaters” and smelled of rotting meat, and by not so subtle inference, *death*. She then caught herself and said I was unusual in that I did not smell “that bad” (thank god for breath mints, I guess). Anyway, we talked until she finished her salad—no dressing, just lettuce and tomatoes—then I left to take my place among the rest of the “undead” at the party. 😉

    • I’ll have disagree with you about aluminum. Now don’t get me wrong; I am far from being an eco-freak. Unless times have changed, of common household trash, aluminum is one of the very few categories — perhaps the only one — that’s profitable, that actually makes sense, economically, to recycle. That’s why church youth groups, local vagrants and other charities collect soda and beer cans. If your local group does it, you might notice that they are NOT collecting glass bottles, plastics, etc.

      I wish it were otherwise: as with the tree-huggers, I’d prefer if we could vastly reduce the amount of trash that goes into the landfill. But cold, hard economics dictate that for most items, it’s cheaper to toss out the old and make the new from scratch. If this were not true, then the refuse would be recycled more.

      Therefore, unless new information emerges, Aluminum is the only thing I put out for the recycle pickup. By not putting glass or plastics into the recycle bin, I’m actually saving them a step at the county dump.

      • How can you tell what’s worth recycling? People will pay you for it.

        I can take scrap iron and copper to a local scrapyard and get paid for it by the pound. Last time I did it prices were way down, but it’s still better than putting the stuff in the bin for free or even actually paying for it (through local tax levies to support the local recycling program).

    • Just think if our side could harness all that chick conformist energy (because it’s probably innate to them and not going away). Moustache man did that. It requires control of the media.

    • Not sure how trustworthy ZH is for factual news, but the article leads off by noting Gates, “had major issues with infidelity even after marrying Melinda…”

      Anyone who’s seen a picture of her would have to say that’s the understatement of the year.

      • I always assume that most of these oligarch marriages, like those of royalty in the olden times are mostly transactional.

    • There’s no such thing as a male sex addict, or depending on your point of view, “only such things as”.

  46. PS. Start researching “long pork” recipes. If leftists want to put their money where someones else’s mouth is, I’m sure they be happy to volunteer and take one for the Green Team.

    • A WWl adventurer in Java observed a bit of local wisdom, on how to tell the difference between pork and long pork:

      When stuck with a fork, long pork… jiggles.

  47. Funny thing you *never* see in the cow fart articles is that methane photo degrades in the upper atmosphere–believe the life span is 12 years max. Otherwise the 50mm bison would have turned the earth into a furnace centuries ago. Figured one of the objectives of the Interior Dept. seeking to put 30% of Federal land on permanent restriction is to abrogate all grazing rights on that property and restrict movement between privately held properties bisected by Federal land. Along with mineral and energy production permits. I’m long COW ETF shares.

    • Buffalo grazing is essential to a healthy grassland, some ranchers are using cows to simulate Buffalo to improve their pasture grass.

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