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A topic I keep returning to is how the new fads sweeping our elites are like primitive rituals rather than old time ideology. The Marxists really thought their economic policies would result in plenty. On paper at least, their plans made some sense. The new stuff is all mystery and magic. If people chant certain things at certain times or places, then something magical will happen. There is no attempt to create a logic that connects the dots or explains the logic. They just believe.

That is what lies behind the critical race theory business. Read through it and you see there is no plan of action or set of standards to be met. There is no list of things that need to be done or not done. It is a blend of graduate school jargon and feminized encounter sessions. If everyone sits in the room and hears the gibberish from the lecturer, somehow the fog of racism will lift. Or maybe it will never lift, and the struggle will continue forever. No one knows or thinks about it.

Antiracism, like Nth-wave feminism, has become primal screams, bursts of uncontrolled emotion and mysterious rituals. It is what Jacques Derrida labeled hauntology, the persistence of elements from the past, as in the manner of a ghost. In the case of antiracism, it is the ghosts of slavery, colonialism, discrimination, the mean look from the white girl in fifth grade that haunt the minds of the present. Antiracism has become a battle with the past, that by definition can never end.

It is why none of it makes sense. Antiracism is a mystery cult. The insiders have learned the language and those who refuse to learn the language are the outsiders, the bad people stuck in the white supremacist mindset. That is the appeal of antiracism for the white people joining it. It is grace on the cheap. Learn some catchphrases, attend a seminar, and show some enthusiasm. The prize is you get a black person to bless you and bestow forgiveness. It is the prefect bourgeois religion.

Hauntology is a useful term here because Derrida coined it in response to Fukuyama’s these in the End of History. The old Left could never accept that Marxism was a dead end, so they have had to conjure a way to keep the faith alive. Something similar happened with race in America at the end of the Cold War. For all practical purposes, racism ended in the 1980’s. That left the anti-racist with nowhere to go, so they conjured the spirit of racism as a specter that now haunts the present.

Sweep away the jargon, however, and you are left with oogily-boogily. We have people running around claiming that an organization is haunted by white supremacy and the cure is a ritual to purge the evil spirits of racism. We have the equivalent of a witch hunt for white supremacist. Instead of cavorting with Old Scratch, they secretly commune with the spirit of bad uncle. The only thing missing is spectra evidence, but that will no doubt be presented in the future trials of heretics.

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  • 02:00: The Haunted Past
  • 22:00: The Pale Shadow
  • 37:00: The Legacy Of Slavery
  • 47:00: Biological Denialism (Be Like Me)

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267 thoughts on “Myths & Mysteries

  1. Blacks see Indian casinos rake in $30B a year in revenue and probably say, “Why WE don’t get free casinos?”

    $30 bill annually is pretty decent reparations.

    Just for scale. Not including Indian casinos, total U.S. casino revenues: $43B.

    ~$40B: TJ Maxx. Dow Chem. United Airlines. Best Buy. Coca-Cola. Nationwide. Tyson Foods. Oracle. Nike.

  2. This requires an additional element to the Hoffer quote: every great cause begins as a movement, becomes a business, and eventually degenerates into a racket…and then becomes a religion. Put aside this was never a great cause and rackets and religions are indistinguishable at times.

  3. Last week Z said that The Art of the Deal was a book about how to cheat people. I read it 30 years ago and I didn’t remember it that way, so I re-read it this week.

    Z doesn’t strike me as naïve, so I’m guessing that he felt that way 30 years ago when he read it, when we were both young. But it brings up an important point, a piece of the puzzle as to why we lose.

    Trump’s book is about adults, playing for keeps. Children think we should “play fair” by not pressing our advantage. Adults realize that life is mostly war, and not because others are evil, but because it’s too godamned boring any other way. Right at the beginning, Trump says he doesn’t do it for the money. He does it because it makes life worth living. If you don’t want to protect your flank, he’s going to take you to the cleaners.

    This is how adults live an adult life. Or, you can cower and be a nice guy while the adults walk away with your girl. And you spit sand out of your mouth.

    Z talks about high-trust society, and it’s all true. Trump is playing by those rules, and expects his opponents to use the rules to every advantage, because a wimpy opponent is no fun to beat. And all of the examples that Z was referring to Trumps goal wasn’t to harm the opponent, it was to win the game. This is a crucial point: The game is to win, not necessarily to harm the other side. If they are assholes, well, then that is gravy if they take a punch.

    Apply this to my belief that the Democrat is the enemy. The high-trust thing doesn’t apply, because they are not human. They are evil. So, saying that the reason they want “unaccompanied minors” to be smuggled across the border is to replace their sex slaves may be unfair, because not all of them are baby rapers.

    But this is war, and they want us dead. So, casually telling a Democrat that they like immigration so they can rape the kids does to them what they have been doing to us for 70 years.

    Calling us “racist” becomes hilarious to us, when all we have to say is:
    “Oh look, a baby killer is moralizing with me!”

    and smile.

    • “Trump’s book is about adults, playing for keeps. Children think we should “play fair” by not pressing our advantage. Adults realize that life is mostly war, and not because others are evil, but because it’s too godamned boring any other way. Right at the beginning, Trump says he doesn’t do it for the money. He does it because it makes life worth living. If you don’t want to protect your flank, he’s going to take you to the cleaners.”

      You make screwing people over sound so cool!

      • Life is war. Life is competitive. Germs and parasites can steal your health, interloper steal your girl, thief your money.

        It’s not fair, it’s not cool, but nice guys finish last. The winners, politicians, fool you into thinking that they are the nice guy. “It’s for the children” or “i feel your pain”, or “black lives matter”.

        • You might not realize that you are the source of the perception that life is war. The world isn’t really like that. Obviously, war might be a part of life but life is not war. Lots and lots of plants and animals and human beings use cooperation as their strategy for survival. Or a whole host of other strategies besides conflict. You might be causing the problem for everyone else by aggressively pushing people into conflict. You can also just accept that loss and change are parts of life and not focus on the “thief”, “interloper”, “parasite” ideas so much.

          • Wow! I didn’t know i had such power! I am the source of the perception that life is war!

            Look it’s a jungle out there. Big fish eat little fish. The wolf eats the bunny. Humans kill each other. Do you own a firearm? Why?

            Peace occurs when the fighting stops, but then we rebuild our armies and fight again. Great civilizations are born, the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Americans, but they all come to pass, and life again becomes nasty, brutish, and short.

            “Humans use cooperation as a strategy for survival”? Sure. They are called allies. You form allies so you can win wars.

            Know thy enemy as we do have enemies and some want to kill us. To pretend otherwise is to put your life in peril.

      • Yup, you can’t understand because you dropped the context. Dropping context is a habit taught to us deliberately by the Marxist school system. But American conservatives teach it, too.

        It’s an easy way to make yourself right. It’s a lazy way to not have to think.

        Expecting others to take care of you, OH! That’s the MORAL thing to do! So, you think welfare is a good thing, then? Taking the fight for survival away from people, that’s helping people, alright. oh, yeah. helping.

        Even better, let’s make being helped into a right, so that you have a right to harm the people who don’t want to help you.

        Read that again, please.

        Woke, anyone?

        Playing for keeps isn’t screwing anyone. Quit being a pansy. Letting a child win occasionally isn’t a bad strategy, until they get strong enough. Playing any game competitively with friends is “screwing people over sounds so cool!”

        You are intentionally not getting the point. Dropping context. If you are not playing to win, why are you even alive?

    • Trump said, quite clearly, in the Art of the Deal, that he deliberately lies in order to get what he wants. Lying is a vice. Selfishness is a vice. Both are evil. Now, you can certainly argue that he’s a winner (though I’m willing to bet his wealth is mostly a charade), but it’s downright asinine to claim that he’s a morally upright man. Also, if Trump is so good at cheating to win, how come he was defrauded of victory in the past election?

      • “Deliberately lie” That is similar to what Z was saying. I looked for that when I re-read it. Calling it lying is silly, and typically rationalistic. He wasn’t lying, he was framing things in the best light for him. It was up to “you” to look for the flaws. You be an adult and protect your own flank.

        I’ll focus on the rationalistic point, because both the left and the American conservative right are rationalistic. The first thing to know is outside of specialized science, engineering, medical and others, rational thinking is basically useless. no, worse than that. It’s just you effing lying to yourself and everyone else.

        The official definition is “If something can be logically proven to be true, then it is true.” This is a retarded belief.

        Logic doesn’t serve a purpose in reality. (I know there is an internal contradiction, but that is the fault of the circular logic of using rational thinking in reality.) My definition of Rationalism is: Dropping context until your bullshit doesn’t stink.

        The entire argument in this thread about Art of the Deal is that Trump should help his opponents win. Gee, does that sound familiar, conservatives????

        Golly, why do we keep losing?

        Here is the alternative, one that is natural to how our brains evolved over that last X# of eons: I’m riding my mountain bike down a rocky hillside, weight on my feet, crouched low, like every other sports ready position. I’m riding a trail I couldn’t ride 3 years ago. My brain is turned on, endorphins telling me I’m in the right place. Trump is putting 14 deals together in one week in 1987. Endorphins. Hagar is swinging a battle axe in a melee. Endorphins. Victor Wooten is playing harmony, melody and bass all at once on his bass guitar. Endorphins. A man has spent almost 4 decades learning what causes endorphins in his wife’s brain, so he can spend his life causing her to feel that way. (David DeAngelo, whoever you are, thank you!)

        Life is war. Quit being a pansy. The enemy wants us dead. We can easily kill them with words, but if we keep letting them win, they will kill us with bullets. Art of the Deal was a good reminder of the mentality of fighting to win.

  4. I wrote two songs during Covid. All rather, I adapted two songs to Covid in a Weird Al Yankovic manner.

    One I imagined as a cheesy PSA based on “Shake Your Booty” by KC and the Sunshine Band:

    Safe safe safe
    Safe safe safe
    Stay safe distance, stay safe distance, listen

    You can…

    The other was based on Ozzie’s “Mr Crowley”

    But I substituted the name Mr Crowley with Doctor Fauci. That was all I had to do. Now that we are getting word on the darkness and madness of Doctor Fauci, how the lyrics perfectly fit:

    Doctor Fauci
    What went down in your head?
    Oh, Doctor Fauci
    Did you talk with the dead?
    Your lifestyle to me seems so tragic
    With the thrill of it allYou fooled all the people with magic
    Yeah, you waited on Satan’s call
    Mister charming

    Did you think you were pure?
    Mister alarming In nocturnal rapport
    Uncovering things that were sacred
    Manifest on this earth
    Oh, conceived in the eye of a secret
    Yeah, they scattered the afterbirth
    Doctor Fauci

  5. OT but I would be very intereted to hear z-mans take on the NJP and the mannerbund. At least they are stirrings of white men organizing. Anybody have any thoughts on these outfits?

    • Z only support guys who will compromise themselves into Republicanism, like Nick F and Patrick C.

      He views anything uncompromising as beneath him. But hey, I admit that he often writes insightful blog posts, so we’ll take what we can get.

      • One more short thought: Z often says that people who have not been salesmen should not give political advice.

        I’ve never been a salesman and I think his advice would be sound under normal conditions, but I suggest that white people in these times will never achieve escape velocity if they confine themselves to salesmen.

        To be clear: We will lose with Nick F and Patrick C, no question, as much respect as I have for those guys. So in the absence of other options, perhaps we must consider other options.

        • Sales can take multiple expressions. For instance the DR totally sucks at bringing in Normies and MAGA peeps. Why? Because we have no clue how recruit among them. We have no flag bearers or even pamphlets or tracts that explain our side.

          Admittedly any recruiting effort will have to be covert to a degree. Like leaving our version of Jack Chick Tracts in white areas. (BTW can anyone here draw worth good enough to illustrate such tracts?) If not we need recurit such talent.

          In a pinch we could repurpose his cartoons.

          Lets not forget about flyers and pdf’s.

          Meat space I believe is where we will have the most impact. First off when we leave flyers and pamphlets in white areas. Chances are some flaming liberal will see them and go berzerk, contact the police and local news. And before you know it, it’s getting state wide attention with newscasters hyperventilating over them. Free PR folks.

          Oh if you want to create a real shit storm, leave some that material in a local high school.

    • I watched all the speeches from their last big meeting. They seem like real losers honestly. Organizing only works if you have someone like George Soros pumping millions of dollars into your organization. The political system, clearly, doesn’t care at all that we have something like 70+ million people who voted for Trump. If “America First” is not going to roll up into an example of successful organizing then a couple hundred middle aged, scruffy racists renting a room and giving speeches about Muh Whiteness isn’t going anywhere.

      It’s a good effort but we are all still shopping for solutions.

      • Clearly the Alt-R and DR are way behind. For one thing they have no idea how to sell their ideas to a wide White audience. They are basically tone deaf in this department.

        Call it customer service or sales. Our side has no clue how to do it. As far as I can tell, most consider it beneath themselves to engage in or write short tracts that can get people interested in “our thing”.

        Until this is fixed the DR is DRT.

        • Most people find racism repulsive. So, you just come across as one of the guys in the forest in the movie Deliverance. “You got a real purdy mouth.”

          I don’t know how anyone could present that in a positive way. Z Man does pretty well but even he can’t use his real name and neither can most of the rest of us. If you can’t even say your name proudly, you aren’t going to get very far.

          Passive efforts like pamplets or posters have almost no impact and most of their weird racist graffiti stuff in the news is actually done by black people or jews to try to incite a backlash against whites.

          We need some new ideas.

      • You have to work with what you have. Patrick C strikes me as a total nerd. Maybe he will mature? Personally i don’t think going so hard on the JQ and niggeronics serves the NJP. The mannerbund guys appear cagey to me. The Broderbund model worked in the past.

  6. It’s remarkable how long they stayed slaves. 250~ years. Besides the technicals (whites with guns, horses, IQ, whips, etc), one can understand how long it lasted by observing them in groups. First, they’re very social and love nothing more than the group and its exciting interactions. Feed them well. Let them drink on the weekends. Let them sing, dance, fight and f*** all they want. Let the men sleep, A LOT. Above all, keep the group together. There’s no way it lasted as long as it did without the slaves being kinda ok with the situation. I do think it was and is a moral wrong. Just trying to understand how it endured so long.

    • Slavery had been a normal institution for thousands and thousands of years prior to slavery in the US. Until right about the mid-18th century, hardly anyone thought there was anything wrong with it. So, being a slave was simply a lot in life. It was considered as normal as being a wage slave is now. Everybody, slave and free, was “kinda ok with the situation,” until a few Western Whites started having doubts.

      I’ve said many times, the only special relationship White people have with slavery is ending it.

      Results were mixed.

      • the slavery practiced in the new world was materially different than what was practiced traditionally. one thing to keep in mind is that the plantation life was much much better than life back on the veldt. in fact, nigs had a longer life expectancy than whites, in the hard south, due to the nasty climate there. up north it was the opposite, hence no northern nigs.

        • White indentured servants died like flies because they were of no inherent value to their taskmasters. Slaves cost money. Slaves in the US south had better diets and life expectancy than White immigrant laborers in the north. And, while I would not choose to be a slave or a master, I question whether there was or is something ‘morally’ wrong about slavery other than in the modern White man’s conscience. Every other society and people in history has had social ranks with slavery at the bottom.

          Even the Bible does not explicitly condemn slavery despite ample opportunity, but rather rebukes masters and slavers or subjects who do not fulfill their mutual social obligations. Of course, the entire concept of ‘social obligations’ is anathema to modern Whites, as is the reality of social class.

        • “the slavery practiced in the new world was materially different than what was practiced traditionally. ”

          People say that a lot, but I am unaware of any feature of US slavery that could not be found in other societies throughout history.

          • Slavery, for all of its “horrors,” actually brings out the goodness or the graciousness of the master. I think in all societies, slave owners felt a moral imperative and responsibility to be good to their slaves. It sounds like a contradiction, but life is complex. Maltreatment was not the norm and never has been. It’s human nature that once one’s social status is known and fixed by rule and custom, the natural kindness and goodness within 99% of people finds an outlet and an expression. Being a good slave, a dutiful and trustworthy slave, was very important to most slaves. Again, their goodness could find expression, the expectations of behavior were established and based on rules.

            My Marine friend made a similar observation. That all of the rules and protocols of the military, mastering them and becoming good at them, even if they seem dumb to us on the outside, allowed men to become “perfect” Marine. That was very important to them to seek perfection. It’s human nature I have to think. Whether being the perfect Marine, or the good slave, or the gracious slave master, you have to ways to measure that. People crave it.

          • Vizzini – The only difference I think is of note is that slavery in the US lasted longer than elsewhere. European peasants/serfs tied to the land had ended a few centuries earlier. Many of those people remained mere tenant farmers or itinerant agricultural laborers, and there wasn’t much different in their lives than if they had been slaves, but technically they were ‘free.’

            I remember reading, in Russian history class in college, how Tsar Alexander planned to gradually free the serfs over decades, going into the mid 1900s, but again, events overtook that.

            The great mass of White people lived lives of hard work and miserable penury, but they survived and endured. Slavery remained the norm in Islamic society, but the average White knew little about that and they were considered heathen historic enemies, anyhow. Slavery in Africa had, again, been the norm for centuries and continued long after Whites stopped buying them.

            The African slaves in America were guaranteed food and a roof over their heads. Of course some were mistreated; people are not inherently good, but slaves were a valuable agricultural asset in the south, particularly since no more could be imported. It was the African slaves in Brazil and the Caribbean, working on the sugar plantations, that died like flies.

            It’s truly strange how solely black slavery in the US became sacralized.

          • Slavery describes a legal status, not a relational quality, much like marriage. A person can be married, but that doesn’t tell us us if he’s happy or miserable, passionate or tepid, functional or dysfunctional. Likewise, being enslaved doesn’t tell us if one is being worked to death quickly (like Africans shipped to Haiti in the 18th century) or if one is near the top of the social hierarchy like medieval Mamluk soldiers in various caliphate armies).

    • You have to ask yourself, which is worse, or which would yo rather be in, slavery or prison

      I think the latter, and yet it is an ongoing institution that blacks don’t seem to mind as much as white people — by orders of magnitude as they say.

      So…..if prison is acceptable in today’s day and age, it may go down a century later as inhumane as slavery. But for us living today, it makes perfect sense to imprison violent and dangerous people.

      Times change. But people don’t. Therefore it has to be considered that some people are simply predisposed to things such as slavery or its modern analog, prison. In effect, they are about the same.

  7. The one liner on all this bullshit is simple.

    The standards and behaviours that make the West the most successful civilization of all time are ones in which blacks cannot compete and must therefore be abolished.

  8. Your comments on slavery are correct. A couple more thoughts on this topic.

    Roughly 400 thousand Africans were imported to the colonies that later became the U.S. and by the commencement of the War of Northern Aggression, their numbers had increased to 4 million. Not exactly genocide.

    What was genocidal was the War itself. That 4 million blacks declined to 3 million by 1870, due to the dislocations resulting from that horrific War, starvation, disease and despair.

    James Bland’s “Carry Me Back to Old Virginny” is a nostalgic recollection of a freed slave for his antebellum life on the plantation.

  9. I don’t think most white people realize what we’re really up against. While the Z-Blog is certainly helpful, I feel it’s important to seek out a few more perspectives such as the “Way Of The World” and “Vertigo Politix” videos on BitChute.

    • I don’t think consuming content online really accomplishes anything. You don’t need to scour the internet for more content that is relevant to you. It’s a business where they are all looking to differentiate their product. Also, none of the content creators own the space they are using or have invented anything useful beyond easy to produce videos and blog posts flogging the last profit margins out of the dying horse of white nationalism. A kind of nostalgia for racism. Like old pulp fiction novels you can buy for $0.25 in the book section of a salvation army store.

      I definitely consume the content of some of the people you mentioned though. Ultimately I think we are going to be like the French Canadians. Just a remnant of a former Empire that got shipwrecked and stranded on a hostile continent, withering slowly into oblivion. I take more of a “Robinson Crusoe” approach to all of it. I am not looking to join a militia to fight back and re-establish the former glory of the Imperial Houses or anything like that. I am more interested in documenting what it was like to be one of the last people like me on earth.

      500 years from now practically nobody will even care that people like us had lived here.

      Finally, the whole switcheroo that Youtube and all the other online platforms did where for like 10 years far right/alt-right people grew huge audiences that subsequently got ripped out from under them was a deliberate “land grab” strategy like how people charged into Oklahoma. The Leftists/Communists took over Youtube and gave it to Black content creators and humiliated white content creators. Intentionally. They are going to do that over and over to white people in any space that white people do not explicitly and clearly own. Because they want to dispossess you and you have no power to stop it. As a kind of retribution for the racial sins of the past.

      • A bit pessimistic aren’t we? Our ancestors faced down the Mongol hordes. Perk up. This is a good time to be alive.

  10. CRT is a shit test of sorts t to see how far the Left can demonize whites and not get blow back. Also it is for indoctrinating our young. Something the clueless DR can’t see.

    One thing our side keeps forgetting is that the Left continually ratchets up the pressure on us. Not a lot but step by step. Like doing a slow boil of a frog in a pot. This is systematic marginalization and it’s run by smart people, who are couple steps ahead of the Alt and Dissident Right who think this is all a joke.
    Look at the Feds and their recruiting videos for the Army and CIA. Yeah they are disgusting. But it’s clear White males need not apply. They want to phase us out. We see that in their DoD commissar Bishop who is a Robert Mugabe in charge of purging whiles from the military.

    Lets not forget about their Red Guard aka: Antifa and BLM, composed of white and ethnic trash who just loves to hurt whitey when they get the chance. we have woke Blacks on MSM advocating the murder of whites for no other reason than being whites.

    CRT was just the beginning.

    • Reparations. Sure, i’m in favor of reparations, but let’s do a full accounting.

      Sure, there was slavery, but blacks now have it better in America than in any other place on the planet, especially Africa.

      A full accounting would include the cost of carrying the white man’s burden, both economic and social. The social mayhem, the crime, murder, vulgar coarsening of life. The welfare costs, the looting burning and rioting.

      If a full accounting was made, whites would come out way ahead. Reparations? Sure, i could use the extra money.

    • “This is systematic marginalization and it’s run by smart people, who are couple steps ahead of the Alt and Dissident Right who think this is all a joke”
      They are not “steps ahead” of the DR. They simply have institutional power and the DR have none. The DR can’t do anything without the full force of the law, tech censorship destroying them. This isn’t about the DR “just not getting it” or not being clever enough to understand whats happening. Its understanding the circumstances, but having no power to change them.

  11. Keep in mind that racism is the middle of the spectrum between individualism/universalism and ethnocentrism. There’s a certain ambiguity in racism and anti-racism because of this. The target of anti-racism is noticeably those whose only possible identity is race because they are already ethnically mixed, basically the previous generation of liberals, and they are facing the rising black nationalist types in position to replace them.

    Attacking racism means attacking generic whites, while the elites gleefully go back to being Italian, Jewish, Russian, etc. They are breaking the center, that uncanny valley that separates ideologies based on individuals and ethnic nepotism on the other end. Trying to rally around race is like trying to rally around being average, a hopeless proposal in a democratic/oligarchic hybrid Frankenstein’s monster of an empire.

    • Excellent insight.

      The west has been moving towards universalism for a long time. The effort to ‘westernize’ other cultures was the project of empire. It has exhausted itself and created an opening for ethnocentrism. The left has seized the initiative by embracing ethnocentrism. Meanwhile the right continues to puzzle over how to get everyone to embrace ‘universalism’, instead of facing the reality that the future is small and, frankly, segregated. Many on the right are actually clinging to empire.

      Even the races will eventually fracture back into ethnicities. This doesn’t have to be a bad outcome. It isn’t necessarily the end of western civ, because culture and empire aren’t the same thing.

      The Chinese know that China will persist in spite of the ebb and flow of fortune. That’s a lesson we should learn from them.

  12. Critical Race Theory is mostly Critical Theory (Franklin School) with power and social structures replaced with all things white. Neither offers a plan or standards which is why academics love them.

    • The best part is when you pin them down using one of their saints’ own words, they will pull the “literalism” card and explain that we cannot accept one’s words at face value.

      Calling them morons is being too polite.

      Things to bring back: Stoners who throw rocks and Salem witch trials.

  13. Speaking of “myths” and fallacious dogma:

    “In a White House press briefing on Thursday, press secretary Jen Psaki said it is responsible for colleges to teach the idea that racism is embedded in the American system, dismissing criticism that such teaching aims at ‘indoctrinating’ American youth…”

    Note that Jen Psaki, like most of the “Biden team”, is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).

  14. I love the line about “she probably never had employment dealings with bomb disposal units.”

  15. In the early 1970s, Lewontin taught one quarter of a biology sequence I took in college so I was exposed to his wacky race theory. He made the argument Zman described in the podcast. My BS detector was pinned all the way on the right back then but now we know from DNA sequencing that Lewontin is full of it. Not that any of this matters since it’s a religion.

    • I love these first hand accounts. Was Lewontin compelling? Charismatic? Inspiring? Was a he a campus celebrity or unnoticed? Did anyone challenge him?

      • He was a decent lecturer but I wouldn’t say charismatic or inspiring.

        He was known around campus mostly for giving every student an A in his classes. He taught the last quarter of a three-quarter sequence of introductory biology. The first two quarters were taught by a serious professor who didn’t give away grades. I learned a lot there. I stopped going to Lewontin’s lectures early on because he was just pushing ideology and got an A anyhow.

        I don’t recall anyone challenging Lewontin but, as I mentioned, I stopped going. Also keep in mind that this was 50 years ago and my memory of events that old is not so crisp.

        • He was the namesake for the greatest fallacy in HBD: Lewontin’s Fallacy.

          For those who don’t know he said that the differences within individual races is greater than the difference between the differences between individual races, therefore races don’t exist.

          His fallacy is based on choosing a characteristic within a race that varies and comparing to a characteristic between races that doesn’t vary. For example, Terriers may be different colors but all dogs have tail, therefore there are no dog species.

          Was he lying or mistaken and driven by ideology? Hint: he is of the chosen and so probably consciously lying.

  16. The sailing ship as instrument of European White supremacy to transport slaves is an interesting concept. Mmmm….who else developed large ocean-going sailing vessels? Asians.
    And who are the favored objects of Righteous Black Rage?
    Interesting 😉

  17. Whatever may be true about slavery and its impact on America, the reality is that the black accounting of it is entirely fake and unreasonable. After all, we always hear about the costs blacks endured. But that is where discussion of slavery begins and ends. It’s one sided accounting where all of the costs are highlighted and none of the benefits are even acknowledged, let alone taken into account.
    Every single black person in the US who can trace their history to a slave has benefited enormously from US slavery. For one, they exist and they would not exist if not for slavery. But even if we grant that they would exist if the past were entirely different, they derived enormous benefits from being born in modern America while we have endured an enormous cost of having them here like never-ending racial strife.
    From what I have been able to find, black slaves lived way better than most Eastern Europeans at the time and infinitely better than their brethren back in Africa. This is not to discount the indignity and loss of personal autonomy of slavery, but when we, today, in modern America, are asked to account for slavery, it needs to be realistic and involve all of the benefits both historically to the individual slaves and to African-Americans today as well as the costs.

    • We forget that Greeks culturally colonized Eurasia- by being slaves, not by owning them. Greek slave tutors taught all of the Western world, to our great benefit.

      So, Africans, your colonies have been oppressed from 400,000 to 40 million. What did you give us in return for all the New World territory and learning we’ve given you?

      No. The Africans can never repay us for all we have given them, and for all they have cost us, or for all the lives they took.

    • Left unsaid, for obvious reasons, but slavery in the south became a dead end with the invention of the cotton gin. We could work it up in Excel, but it’s one of those things that self-affirming: if slavery was such an economic boon, then why did the South lose the war?

      • slavery never made sense economically, after the industrial revolution (i.e. the steam engine). i think it was de Tocqueville who commented on how undeveloped the southern side of the Mississippi river was, compared to the northern side [in terms of political ‘sides’]. But then again, communism/socialism doesn’t make economic sense either…

    • After 9/11 awakened me from my non-political slumber, I remember reading about David Horowitz’s ads in college newspapers, “Ten Reasons Why Reparations for Blacks is a Bad Idea for Blacks—and Racist Too.” It really inspired me then (2001).

      Today, I wouldn’t trust Horowitz to tell me the weather outside, however he did have some interesting points. The one that stuck with me most was:


      Since the passage of the Civil Rights Acts and the advent of the Great Society in 1965, trillions of dollars in transfer payments have been made to African-Americans in the form of welfare
      benefits and racial preferences…”

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  19. Right wing hauntology:

    Hauntology is another example of how the “Left” and “Right” are the same. (Nothing more elitist and conservative than the Germanic Kultur that produced the Frankfurt School). Haven’t we gone through decades of “paleoconservatives” lauding “the traditions of the South,” the presence of the past, the ghosts of rebel forefathers, etc.? Usually accompanied by a quote from Faulkner: “The past is never dead. It’s not even past.” So, when White conservatives do it, it’s “tradition” but when black bodies or White liberals do it, it’s a cargo cult?

  20. The last thing these people want is written rules, unless, of course, the rules are as vague as possible. It is really instructive to read the written codes of conduct in online spaces and of the HR dept. They are written in such a way that they are a weapon and not actual rules which can be followed in order to remain safe. Clear written rules would also stop the anti-whites/SJWs in their tracks.

    • let me introduce you to the concept of “selective enforcement”. all modern tyrannies have a constitution and guaranteed rights; and that plus $5 will get you a cup of coffee.

  21. Steve Sailer is exploring the very real caste system that is now in place. And came into being from the 1990s into what we know today by 2014.

    Blacks are the Kangs. They really are, above the law, they are the law, and White men are at the bottom. What is interesting is that White women, if they are weird enough (lesbian, tranny, etc.) and hate White men enough, can be the middle tier. Not the top, that’s clear, but near it. Various other non Whites have seized on White hatred and White men at the bottom with gusto: Asians, Indians, Muslims, etc.

    The dog not barking much is Hispanics. Not out of any love for Whites but the desire not to bow down to blacks and to chill and grill. And not eat cockroach burgers and grass clippings but real beef and pork and chicken.

    Interestingly Jewish Hollywood has given up its position to blacks without a fight. Actors, writers, directors, producers all replaced in just a few years by blacks. Probably even some of the bigger White stars are going to have to go the Mel Gibson route — direct to video financed by Russian Oligarch money in exploitation b movies.

    But here is the thing. The desire of Kangz for further humiliation of White men is as limitless as their desire for bling and keeping it real. Meanwhile the ability of Kangz to keep the country running is already failed. Gas lines are ok in flyover states, not the Imperial Capitol. There seems already buyers remorse in the military and I expect that to spread.

    One thing for sure, CRT means pretty much White identity in opposition to black Kangz. The color blind civ nattery stuff is never coming back.

    • White unity—under whatever pressure it takes—is fine by me. If we unite as a negative identity, then so be it. Win first, get our “virtues” sorted out later.

    • The constant aggressive drumbeat of “anti-racism” is resurrecting a real racism that was so deep in hibernation as to make it virtually indistinguishable from death.

      Might as well die for a sheep as for a lamb, or something like that.

    • An interesting sentiment among urban blacks is that Michael Jordan is the whitest black guy who is also held out by corporate media as the apex of black accomplishment. I can agree with all of those characterizations.

      23 and Oprah are the closest identities to deities in the urban black community. 0 is recognized as a mulatto and effeminate by urban blacks, but many road with him for the anticipated gibs. With confidence I can say that many urban blacks were disappointed in 0 before his second term concluded and his attention to the needs of all things queer, as opposed to blacks, was noticed by the urban blacks.

      Until GF, a massive schism was opening up between black men and black women that was going to destroy the DNC plantation. Black women are low status in the eyes of black men and this is a vulnerability in the matrix much like Haitians are low status to Dominicans.

      It is important to note that BLM is a Jim Messina production and that he and his father, Michael, have extensive first-hand experience working in Africa. They are both avid hunters with a taxidermy collection that rivals any Cabela’s.

      Messina is the figure between the technocracy and BLM/Antifa.

      Netflix and Amazon are killing Hollywood and if things continue on their current trajectory, the self/oligarch-financed films will have no meaningful distribution pipelines. If Amazon doesn’t buy a movie theater chain this year it’s because the technocracy wants no movie theaters at all.

      The Jewish elites have given up nothing in Hollywood, but Colonel Weinstein has been put to pasture. There is a difference between Weinstein and the Milchans of commercial culture.

      Hispanics and their cult of the virgin of Guadalupe is a Spanish Catholic derivative. The Alhambra Decree was issued in 1492. Whether it is Haitian vodou or a tribal West African remnant, Black religion is mystical and compatible with the technocracy because their religion has no power. It’s power is limited to negation and that is what their ((handlers)) want to appropriate from their slaves today.

      The technocracy is collapsing because it requires exponential growth. They’ve run the numbers and know the score and it’s reasonable to believe they are proponents and stewards of the Georgia Guidestones commandments.

      The Great Reset is a power narrative to get short-term voluntary cooperation from normies to install the hardware and software for a controlled demolition of the human population. Building huge wind farms on the ocean far away from land where they could be damaged by virtuous monkeywrenchers makes a lot of sense through this prism.

  22. This was a good show all around. There are tons of topics from it that merit discussion for sure.

    I particularly liked the fact that the Z Man went into the literature about what White Supremacy is according to the Wokelings. I have read a lot of that stuff too lately.

    One thing I want to point out is that a lot of the bizarreness about how the anti-racists define and talk about White Supremacy arises from the contortions they have go through to very plainly avoid talking about the heart of the matter when it comes to so-called “White Supremacy”, viz. Black people are on average just about mentally retarded compared to everyone else on earth. But because the truth of that core fact is so shocking, and especially demoralizing for black people to learn once they learn it, the anti-racists have to go way out of their way and walk around in circles and create epicycles to make it seem like “being on time to a meeting” is something that only racists would insist on because of their White Supremacist assumptions about how people should behave at work. Fact is, yes… black people find it difficult to live by standards that have been imposed on them in Western Civilization. In the same way that someone with special needs finds it difficult to figure out how to ride a bus to work. It’s not that they can’t do it at all ever under any circumstances though. You just have to be very patient and carefully explain everything and make it super easy for them to overcome obstacles that might arise.

    Now, because they can’t just come out and say directly that black people are basically special needs mentally disabled people in our civilization, they have to invent these ludicrous stories about trauma and history that allow them to skirt the topic entirely. Black people are stone age morons who were, tragically, transported 20000 years forward in time and now they are just not able to keep up without massive amounts of support. That’s how the anti-racist literature and the concept of White Supremacy in that literature would be explained if they were just being straightforward and transparent with their ideas. But obviously nobody can come out and say that directly.

    “Sublimation” is the term that applies here. The anti-racist literature is a reflection of the creative productivity of sublimation. There is some fact so painful to acknowledge that you have to bury it under layers of convoluted storytelling and strained logic. But then the convoluted storytelling and strained logic ends up being it’s own artform. Kind of like how Victorian Novels were not supposed to be explicitly sexual in nature because of social mores but then the idea of sex and the consequences of sex feature prominently in their novels all over the place if you read between the lines.

    Ultimately the anti-racists are trying to come up with a nice way of saying black people are special needs people and they need and deserve our help. The criminality, the poverty, the lack of intellectual achievement etc… all of it comes down to the fact that these mentally retarded people are forced to try to fend for themselves by the millions in a world that they do not and cannot really understand. And that causes massive amounts of problems for everyone.

    • One thing that a lot IQ-tards seem unable to grasp is that intellegence, as currently measured, is much more an indication of speed, not capacity. As such, saying someone is low IQ doesn’t necessarily mean they can’t learn, say, how to be a physical therapist, as much is it means or will take them a longer than normal time to learn it.

      More to your point, blacks aren’t generally retarded. At most they’re noticeably slower. I would guess that the reason they lay behind whites and Asians had more to do with a lack of discipline than a ln innate lack of intelligence

      • Agree. I was saying it in the context of the sublimation point, i.e. reading between the lines of the anti-racist literature.

        Someone with cognitive delays can learn and “mentally retarded” people can learn. But you would have to have a lot of patience to teach them and you have to make it easy for them to avoid getting bogged down in an obstacle they don’t know how to overcome. When it comes to black people, our civilization has not made it easy for them overcome obstacles that they routinely get bogged down in like drug addictions or failing to save money to pay their rent. The mere fact that they seem to universally hit these cultural brick walls without knowing how to overcome their situation is sort of the whole meaning of the “equity” push. The disparities in outcomes are evidence of systemic racism, which is really just a way of saying that they cannot function in the environment we have created.

      • There isn’t enough time left in the Universe to teach the “average” IQ Black how to be a brain surgeon.

        There are limits as to what a low IQ individual can learn, regardless of time needed to reach proficiency. Add to that certain behavioral proclivities—aggressiveness, low time delay for gratification, laziness, etc—and you have an impossible task to train up the general Black population to the level of the general White population.

        The only reason the standard of living for Blacks in his county is so high is the lowering of standards to meet AA requirements and the farcical employment of much of the Black population in government jobs.

      • No. It really is capacity to learn. We know this because IQ correlates to long-term work success; people with IQs below 85 or so simply cannot do work in our economy, largely because they cannot learn how to organize their lives such that they can get to work. It makes even the lowest levels of work simply impossible for them.

        Around half of blacks fall in this category

    • i read somewhere that nigs aren’t so much retarded as they are dim witted. that there is a difference between a retard white and a midget intellect nig. would appreciate it if someone here knows what this difference is, and can expound on it. some countries in africa have a measured average iq of 65!? and those indians down in SoAm look like they would have a hard time with math, too :). was watching a walk-around video shot in colombia, and the people on the street struck me as only partially human.

      • I too have wished for more clarification about that topic. I have always understood it to mean that the 70 IQ African successfully exists in a niche in terms of their surrounding environment. If you take them out of that niche, they do not change their behavior to adapt to the new situation successfully. But they are evolved to succeed in that niche and they do perfectly fine wandering around poking things with a stick and eating and having babies and suchlike if you leave them where they are and leave them alone.

        But it has never made sense to me how someone who is “mentally retarded” in the white people sense could be basically just the same intellectually a black person. Like for example you see mentally retarded adults bagging groceries at the store and then you also see black guys working there too. I will grant you that the black guy might not be having any thoughts more complicated than the white retarded guy is having but at the same time… the black guy moves through space better and handles simple tasks in a way that doesn’t speak to their being any kind of disability. So, why is the lack of intellectual ability a disability for one of the people but then obviously not a disability for the other person.

        I don’t know. But I do know that for example I am not all that great at solving complicated math problems and I personally don’t experience that inability as a disability even though some genuis math professor might think I am complete idiot and wonder how I even dress myself or get food for myself.

        I wish HBD made more sense and was talked about in a friendlier way for everyone so that people could understand it in a positive way.

        • I’ve thought about this too but recall that a lot of White “retards” have things like an extra chromosome or suffered chemical poisoning in the womb. Blacks with the same IQ though are usually genetically “normal” meaning they have the right number of chromosomes and were not subjected to much in the way of early brain damage or chemical influences.

          Genetic influences are complicated. Having an extra chromosome basically means you get an extra “dose” of a whole long list of genes. Their presence means they are transcribed a lot more than they should be so their protein products are overabundant. This amounts to a kind of systemic effect that can impair everything from intellect to physical coordination. With Africans, Black Americans, and other famously low IQ groups the problem just seems to be that the pool of alleles in their population groups for a great many traits just doesn’t often produce a good mind. At the same time a typical combination of them produces a type who deals with complex problems a lot like a White with trisomy 13, fetal alcohol syndrome, or something similar.

          • i don’t think may people have an extra chromosome (other than jamie lee curtis), but a lot of males have a damaged chromosome. and many of these males drift into crime as they are not really fit for normal society. still, the phenomena of dim witted nigs might just be down to not measuring intelligence accurately. there might be a big gap (that isn’t accurately detected) between a white tard and a black dummy.

        • Being far below average in one attribute usually means that you have other problems, too.

          This is why you can’t compare outliers from one population with average individuals from another.

  23. 19:45 I couldn’t help myself, I googled the racist history of sailboats. They did not disappoint. Some choice headlines

    Sailing and Racism >> Scuttlebutt Sailing News
    Sailing past shoals of bias Boaters: A group formed by blacks …
    Racial segregation remains afloat – Baltimore Sun
    The Racism of Sailing
    There are pages of this crap. Racism is like an oil spill, it just seeps it’s way into everything. There is nothing safe from this stuff. EVERYTHING is racist.

    • I don’t know what the Africans expect. It’s not like they’re good swimmers.

    • I did the same thing! I learned that sailing is as racist as saying black people can’t swim. Obviously.

      But really what’s happening with the creeping spill of anti-racism into every nook and cranny of life is that kids in college have to write term papers. They have to find a topic that seems clever where they show that they understand the concepts taught in class. Every paper has to show original work. So they are incentivized to look for a racist angle in everything. Once those kids get out of college and go to work in media or at a corporation, they keep playing the same game of trying to demonstrate their cleverness by finding the racist angle in things. They were taught to do this. Being able to do this is how they show that they are smart, engaged, go-getters! For example…

      Let’s be honest. Pop-tarts are racist. The fact that we have pop-tarts in the break room at work is really emotionally traumatizing for me and every person of color. Everyone knows that pop tarts were used as lures in policing to attract starving runaway slaves to jails. I cannot continue to work under these racist conditions and will not return to the office until all pop tarts have been removed from the building!

      If your boss is woke, they would find that kind of observation about pop tarts to be awesome. That kind of observation would put you on the express elevator to the top. The sentence “Everyone knows that pop tarts were used as lures in policing to attract starving runaway slaves to jails” would be explained as “true” by referencing some article in a college newspaper based on “historical research”. That would be an A+ paper in Philosophy 101 too.

      All sex is rape. Meat is murder. Marriage is sex slavery.

      Very clever.

      • This is something I struggle understanding. Even if we say that this atmosphere is artificial and imposed, how did the first people get empowered to do this?
        When you read their writings, you very much realize that we empowered the worst people in society in the beginning. Imagine being the first person to write this crap.
        The only things that makes any sense is that we empowered people who hate us and wanted to attack the legitimacy of our rule in our own lands. It certainly doesn’t escape me that so many of the early people had parenthesis around their names. But it is certainly not just them. When we allowed the very worst women in society into colleges, this had to become inevitable, at least the method. Like if it wasn’t anti-racism it would be something else. Of course, all of this was part of patriarchy. I am beginning to think feminism is the root cause of all of these social problems. “Race is a social construct,” I think, could only have arisen in an atmosphere where “gender is a social construct.” None of this stuff could have survived if it were men saying it. They would have been laughed out of the room.

        This puts us in the awkward position where we look around and say “why is everyone else insane?” This is never a good question to be asking, because the answer usually is, “because you are the insane one” We live in a world where it is controversial to say “men and women are not the same” or “our young women should not be police” or “women should not be on the front lines of war.” If you are anybody and you say these things in public, you will face shunning, an almost outlaw status where you can’t be employed. You will get this fake “misogynist” label. I don’t think I have ever met a “misogynist” in my life. It’s just a way of shutting people up if they criticize feminism. Perhaps a 1 in a million crazy person who is otherwise entirely outside of society. It also hasn’t escaped me that if “misogynist” means anything at all, it is feminists who most fit it. It is they who equate having a child with being a cow or a slave. They have somehow equated raising children with slavery and a cubicle as “freedom.” They have turned the state into their husbands.

        • They are not insane per se. How did it get started? Well… there are anarchists and bolsheviks in New York city in like 1910. There are feminist militants in the 60s. There are Jews. There are Black Panthers. There is the Chinese Government and the old Soviet Government. Etc. Lots of people want to see White Male Christianity destroyed in America.

          So, if you are a nymphomaniac who hates your father and you go to graduate school for a PhD in Women’s Studies you might write your thesis on how the patriarchy fears black dildos and ways that fear was manifested in Soviet Cinema.

          These ideas are coming out of highly developed academic programs that were basically created by the CIA and KGB as cultural weapons. But I would also like to point out that the Soviets thought Americans were complete lunatics because we are religious fanatics who think everyone should adopt our political system and we have nuclear weapons and all of it is just propping up capitalist exploitation of the masses to our own detriment.

          It goes both ways.

        • Another great point.
          “College” wasn’t a place to learn things, it was a breeding ground for women who hated being women.

          And, women , by their nature, are particularly vulnerable to an echo chamber.

        • The only things that makes any sense is that we empowered people who hate us and wanted to attack the legitimacy of our rule in our own lands.

          I don’t agree. I do not believe that the problem is so much that we “empowered” people who hate us etc. as the fact that nobody smacked them down when they started publishing such codswallop. There is much to be said for the behaviorally beneficial effects of a 2 x 4 applied smartly upside a miscreant’s head! By failing to smack down the purveyors of the nonsense and thus allowing the anti-White poison to be spread abroad, we, through our own inaction, brought about our own doom. As the saying ought to go, “For evil to flourish good men need only to fail to shoot the one committing it.” I believe that a 2 x 4 upside the noggin can be almost as effective as a bullet if applied in a timely manner.

    • I grew up when “sailing / nautical references in the English portion of the SAT/ACT was racist” (it may have also caused cancer).
      Frankly, from my landlocked, leafy suburban paradise, I still am not a 100% clear on all of the intricacies of cleats, mizenmasts and a forecastle. I was also unable to take Muffie to the cotillion at daddy’s yacht club. Yet, somehow, I managed to score a dictionary, a library that had copies of “Captains Corageous” and “Robinson Crusoe” and a pretty good score on my SAT and ACT.

      • The old “oarsman:regatta” chestnut.

        Runner is to Marathon as:

        a) brotha is to grind
        b) ho is to track
        c) oarsman is to regatta
        d) wig is to weave

        The correct diversity answer is option “a”: Brothas workin they grind out here up these mean streets is like a runner being in a marathon. The White Supremacist answer is of course option “c”.

        This is why we can’t have nice things.

    • Oh come on, you never heard that old joke-

      What are the three shortest books in the world?

      1. Italian war heroes
      2. Jewish business ethics
      3. Negroes I’ve met while yachting

    • And if it doesn’t stop soon, EVERYONE will become racist too; I have with respect to blacks.

      As an aside, I’m an older guy (74), so that may be a factor, but in all my years of sailing, I don’t recall ever seeing a black at the tiller, although I’m sure there are some these days.

  24. An alternative explanation to Zman’s excellent theory about the “mystery cult” is that CRT is really just a convenient instrument of Oligarchy power. It may not be about a “battle with the past” so much as a weapon of the present and future.

    The Oligarchy has gravitated to this weapon because it works – it’s an expedient that has become a cult. CRT has proved very effective at isolating the Oligarchy’s enemies. After isolating and freezing their enemies (Alinsky style), the Oligarchs quickly developed a complex, oogily-boogily “moral” framework to justify their very immoral public policies.

    The moral framework is crucial because, in the name of anti-racism, they can justify denying everyone their Constitutional and property “natural” rights. You could never do this using mere Marxist dialectics and win over the majority of the white cat ladies – Marxism is too materialistic. There has to be some moral eschatology, not some BS worker’s paradise that never arrives.

    Single, childless white cat ladies think they are going to create Heaven on earth. In reality, they’re going to recreate Mogadishu and they’re going to end up eating their cats.

    • “…and they’re going to end up eating their cats.”

      Those spiteful mutant ladies have almost no survival skills, so I think the more likely, and happier, outcome is that their cats end up eating them.

    • If it were only the cat ladies, we wouldn’t have a problem. We’re talking about massive swathes of the population who have succumbed to the anti-white hex.

      • There has been steady progress on this agenda for a very long time, sponsored by the “Western” oligarchs.

        Back in 1925, Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi predicted the “Eurasian-Negroid man of the future” in a borderless Europe with a small clique of “chosen people” ruling over them. See his book “Practical Idealism” (in German).

        He was the founder of the Pan-Europa movement, and was financed by the Warburgs. In 1950 he was the first winner of the EU Charlemagne Prize for his work.

    • 18-22: partying and sleeping around
      23-26: travelling, sleeping around, and finding myself
      27-34: strong woman working on my career
      35-38: oh shit I’m still single and my eggs are running out
      39-60: period of obvious depression. Usually has cats and drinks alot of wine. Copes and tells everyone how great her life is, but smile is empty and eyes are soulless. Shrill and shrieking. Desperate for something to cling onto.

      The lifecycle of a modern Western female. This is one of lucky ones who didn’t get knocked up by Tyrone.

    • they’re going to end up eating their cats.

      That or the cats will wind up eating them. In my experience cats can go feral with extreme ease and rapidity. My guess is the old bat would run out of cat food well before she ran out of her own food. At that point the cats would eliminate the middle man!

  25. Z is absolutely right about the oogily-boogily behind so-called “anti-racism,” and perhaps even more so than the realizes. When he cites Derrida, he’s getting very warm, indeed.

    When we observe the cabalistic incantations and the scapulamancy of the “anti-racists,” what we are seeing is a recrudescence of ancient demons and fiends that were, to a large degree, banished to the irrationalist netherworld by the instrumental reason of the Enlightenment. Alas, beginning with Nietzsche and reaching full flower with the poststructuralists of today’s New Left, reason itself has been expelled, and those old demons and fiends conjured again. We now live in a world hallmarked by bizarre transgression of established customs, norms, and worldviews, and behavior that simply makes no sense.

    This is not accidental. Poststructuralist intellectuals have been cultivating a cult of irrationality since ca. 1966, and the idiotic masses on the Left, who couldn’t pronounce Irigaray, let alone understand a single sentence she wrote, have nevertheless ingested the spirit of the evil spirits created by the New Left intellectuals. If you want to understand why we are living in the proverbial Insane Cloud World, this is the best explanation you will find.

    • Excellent observation, but I’d suggest that the whole point of Deconstructionists/Derrida was that you cannot separate “reason” from the power structure giving rise to reason. As I point out in my post, this whole CRT thing is about Power. The mysticism is just “packaging” for the cat-lady rubes.

      • That is correct. Poststructuralism, and particularly its Foucaldian strain, argues that “discourses of knowledge” generate power for those who create the discourses. However, given that Enlightenment reason is the discourse of the white world, and that whites are the cancer of the human race (Susan Sontag), reason as a discursive form must be subverted. And what better way to do this than to promulgate pre-Enlightenment irrationality, and to write and speak in a manner that makes a mockery of logical communication? The “mysticism,” therefore, is not merely pro forma; it is essential to the poststructuralist project of destroying white civilization and allowing Other knowledges to take its place.

        • Brilliant stuff. I realize now that you just didn’t want to write such a long original post.

          • Thanks, CW. This is a subject that has interested me a great deal since I encountered it firsthand in grad school, 1996-00.

        • Very true. What really freaks people out is when the power structure that enforces meaning stops even trying to make sense and just asserts its authority to set the boundaries. Like for example how the MSM just ignored the Hunter Biden laptop story so flagrantly. But then in a world where everyone starts using their power to do that, meaning and power are the same thing and ultimately the norms end up being whoever has the big stick has the podium. If someone says something that offends you, you just punch them square in the mouth. Only certain types of people rise to the top in that system. Like in a prison.

          The reason the Wokelings feel like they are doing the lords work in being the people with the big stick now is that they think white power was developed and enforced the same way with colonialism and racism and that the Enlightenment is really just a story white people tell after the fact to justify their position. Whoever ends up being the People with The Big Stick will tell the story of why they deserve to be in terms of their virtues, merits, and good qualities.

      • Also, of “Nietzsche’s French legacy” (as it used to be called), really only Cixous, who hasn’t been a rote citation in almost thirty years, had woke politics.

        Derrida was a managerial-class shitlib (academic Donahue, basically), Foucault was a weird libertarian who’d be /ourguy/ if he’d lived ten years longer, Deleuze was a Marxist so heretical he invented right-accelerationism, etc.

        Today’s Americanized—not Frenchified—left wields fragments of pomo rhetoric like an escaped gorilla swinging an axe down main street. They don’t know what it is, they don’t need it to kill you, and it’s not really the problem.

        • Well, as long as you exclude this little thing called anti-white racism, yes, the poststructuralists were anti-“woke.”

    • One could argue that Nietzsche did not preach nihilism, but forsaw and lamented its rise.

      In one of his aphorisms from the late 19th century, he predicted the creation of secular religions after the “death of god”, to which millions upon millions of human sacrifices would be offered. Talking like a real psychohistorian here…

      He also predicted the reign of nihilism to last two centuries. By that estimation we are half through by now. Seems about right…

  26. “[T]he struggle will continue forever”. There is more than a whiff of permanent revolution about anti-racism. No concrete socioeconomic condition will ever satisfy them. It’s Millennarian, and, as Christians have discovered, the Millennium never comes, I doubt that anti-racists want the Millennium to come, as anti-racism is their raisin d’etre.

    • Anti-racism is intellectual terrorism. And just as Islamic terrorist organizations don’t truly want the Islamic world to be free of its casus belli (the existence of Israel, and Western interference) because that outcome would put the terrorists out of business, so the anti-racists don’t want racism to disappear. In fact, I almost suspect some of the brighter anti-racist string-pullers are actually attempting to generate real racism by their incessant attacks on whites. If so, they may get more than they bargained for.

    • Instead of permanent revolution, I see it all as more like Kierkegaard’s Concept of Anxiety. The point of Christianity in that context is that you should feel anxiety about sin because sin separates you from god. Everyone should be taught to feel/experience that anxiety as part of their journey to redemption.

      Basically the Wokelings are trying to replace sin with race but otherwise copy the formula… you should and everyone should feel anxiety about race. Experiencing that anxiety puts you on the path to redemption.

      They just haven’t quite figured out what the redemption part is yet because they are making this up as they go along.

  27. The whole racism industry- & that’s what it is – is just a vehicle for certain people @ the top to make money, & it was always thus. “The Reverend” Jesse Jackson – remember him? – he started his “PUSH” coalition as a vehicle to shake down corporations for $$. He’s ridden that burro into millionaire status. Same with “The Reverend” Al Charlatan, he picked up where Da Rev Jackson left off & not only made himself a millionaire fighting for “civil rights” he even buggered MSLSD to give him his own show on the network. He’s a shakedown artist.

    It’s all about making $$$. It’s a made up job that rewards them well. If people of that ilk couldn’t scream “RAYCISS!” every 5 minutes they’d have to earn an honest living & obviously that’s some they can’t do.

    • A good point to make to Civ Nat types is that Jackson and Sharpton were both part of Operation Breadbasket and trained by Martin Luther King. Josh Hawley was still citing the insane King’s colorblind society argument this week. It is amazing we still have work to do in smashing the King cult among normies given how much information about who King really was has come out in the last few years. Boomercons are the worst and they lived through it. Walter Cronkite told them King was one of the good guys though and he never lied to them, so it has to be true.

      • I’ve said before that the best thing that ever happened to King was getting assassinated. If he’d lived out a normal lifespan, everyone could see him for just another grubby race huckster like Jackson and Rev’m Al.

        It’s the difference between James Dean being forever young, edgy and cool and Brando getting old, fat, weird and ridiculous.

    • The anti-white “racism” agenda is NOT just about making money and never was. Sure, there are plenty of hustlers like Jackson and Sharpton, but they are just colorful pawns in a larger game controlled by the oligarchs. See my comment on Coudenhove-Kalergi above.

      • Forgot to mention that Jesse Jackson Sr. has been a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) since 1990.

      • You’ve got that right. Rare is the soc sci/humanities prof who has made a packet.

    • With respect, if you think the anti-white activism is all about money then you are missing the greatest threat.

      They literally hate us and it’s not just about money. Overlook and ignore that at your peril.

      I’m so tired of conservatives reducing everything to economics. These people are tribal and have commitments far deeper than money. They will happily live in a land that is far less prosperous if their people can dominate.

      • No African ever stepped in and said “hey, y”know our GDP per capita is actually way higher with that Ian Smith guy running Rhodesia”. The blacks kicked out the whites and then starved to death. But it’s their country now. Good lesson for people trying to find an economic angle.

  28. Lewontin’s Fallacy is one of those things that sounds intelligent, and I’ve heard some “intellectuals” trot it out in an attempt to downplay race differences. Jordan Peterson tweeted it out a few years ago, right after he became well-known, when his book was published. Whether he truly believes it or was told to counter-signal the race realists, I’m not sure. I suspect the latter.

    Bill Nye the Science Guy did a short video explaining that race is only about skin pigmentation, showing a global map where UV light is strongest closer to the equator. He enthusiastically declared “that’s it, that’s the only difference!” The “I Love Science” crowd eats this crap up.

    The Science Guy only talks about skin color but leaves out other differences like hair, shape of nose and lips, shape of eyelids, body hair, etc. And there’s no way he’s touching differences in resistance and susceptibility to certain diseases, rate of physical maturation, reproduction, body build, athletic performance, lactose intolerance, body odor, brain size, blood types, etc…..

    • The thing is that you know when moderately intelligent White people push that crap, they *have* to know they’re lying. Which should make you hate them even more. When some dim black affirmative action beneficiary promotes that idiocy, it is not as offensive, because they’re not smart enough to know better.

      As I explained to my daughter, “When a dog licks its balls in public, we accept it, because we don’t expect any better of them. When a human licks his balls in public we lock him up.”*

      *To which I am apparently going to have to add a sad addendum, “Except on the West Coast.”

    • I doubt as well, JP’s nativity wrt race differences. Watch his lectures on IQ differences and their cause and effect, then look at the students whom he lectures to in the class. You’d have to believe he’s blind as well as naive. He’s too smart for that. Rather I believe he is telling what has been called a “noble lie”.

      There are many who know better, but survival instinct tells them “…race is not the hill to die on…”. I can accept that. As long as these folk for the most part “punch” in the right direction, they are useful to the cause.

      • “…race is not the hill to die on….”

        These people have never seen a hill they’d die on.

      • If you’re not willing to die on Race Hill, then you’re not willing to die for the cause on any hill. Race is not merely an issue, it is THE issue.

        • Not really.

          In the case of JP, you need to watch his lectures, understand his students. I’ve been in that environment.

          You say race is *the* issue—as in it stands by itself or is intuitively obvious? Really? Race simply stands by itself? No other reason? Well, few people think like that. If that’s your “hill”. You’ll die in good company perhaps, but there will be few with you.

          JP addresses a classroom full of naive, egalitarianists. They mostly all are at that age. Rush calls them “minds full of mush”. When he (JP) dismisses his class, he has illustrated/explained—at least to some—that we are not all equal and some of us will *never* be equal. From that shift, his students may begin to perceive their interactions with others in a new light.

          Yes, some will double down and chalk up some negative interactions with other races to past discrimination and other poppy cock. But others will sense a pattern that once seen can not be unseen. Those folk are the future.

    • Right?

      These same will then turn around and argue that tigers with barely different stripe patterns are totally different and unique subspecies.

      • I once listened to a “liberal” lecturing on the superiority of “socialism”, while also bragging about dodging his taxes. When I pointed out the hypocrisy, he said: “We don’t have to be consistent”. That about says it all.

    • The people that acknowledge physical racial differences but ignore internal differences are as much of a problem as those that ignore both. Intelligence, creativity, temperament, self-control, emotional instability, etc. And this doesn’t even touch on spiritual differences. No, we’re all the same on the inside. Don’t question that or you’re an unredeemable racist. There is only one race….the Human Race. Except when they need racial differences to demonize Whitey.

  29. Small but positive news. Out of nowhere, my Boomercon Civnat dad agreed that there are “probably” differences among racial groups in terms of intellect (in this case whites and blacks). Of course then threw in that Asians are probably smarter than whites, to a prove that he’s not a racist.

    I’m shocked, though. He would never have said something like that even 6 months ago. CRT seems to be doing wonders in promoting group identity among our people lol.

    • Thank god for the Asians—the group that aids the skittish normies in overcoming their fear of race realism!

      • Well at least its not the Ashkenazi joos. Thats often the go-to in the IQ fetish corners of the bio realists. Convenient that the highest IQ explains the disproportionate stations of power they occupy in our own xulture and governance. Tiger moms may be annoying but they don’t want us dead, yet.

        • You actually get this hilarious gear-grinding cognitive dissonance pretty frequently on normiecon sites like Instacuck.

          “There are no racial differences in IQ. Blacks are just as smart as Whites. The problem is cultural.”

          “Jews are disproportionately represented in positions of power because they’re so smart!”

          My opinion is that there is more to civilizational success than just IQ. For a long time, Whites occupied a Goldilocks zone: smart enough to maintain a civilization, individualistic enough to buck social conformity in order to innovate, vicious enough and outward-looking to defeat their enemies and spread their culture. What’s finally taking us down is our Achilles Heel — pathological altruism.

    • Baby steps. Look at the Canada that he grew up in. For all the nonsense about Canada being uber-polite, it was certainly a more civil society in his time, by orders of magnitude. The few blacks he encountered in his day to day life were probably decent enough.

      • For a long time they were the top 1% of blacks from the Caribbean. Then the Somalians came in the 90s but they were a small group, so their crime was ignored. Now blacks seem to be spawning everywhere and the result is the same; slums, crime, and poverty.

      • They were halfway decent when white norms of behavior prevailed. Once multiculti put paid to that, the Hutus reverted to their naturally savage selves. And that has expressed itself culturally (rap, for instance), and in behavior (riots, looting and assaults).

    • Asians—East Asians—having a higher IQ is fine. I can accept such for European Jews as well—if the conversation ends at that point, and a “conversion/breakthrough” has been made. However, if the conversation starts at that point, then the next step must be taken. That is to explain that IQ is not the be all and end all of the race differences. Certain behavior proclivities follow the races. Those behavioral proclivities make race mixing toxic—even with trade and other activities—not just living side by side.

  30. “That is the appeal of antiracism for the white people joining it. It is grace on the cheap.”

    This! The white BLM gatherings throughout the country last year made this point crystal clear. Same with diversity training seminars. This religion is perfect for suburban Whites, especially women. It asks nothing of you other than to get together and chant a few lines. Then, you walk away feeling every so morally superior.

    It’s the laziest damn religion the world has ever seen. No Sunday mass. No demand that YOU live a better life by, you know, doing things. No demand that YOU give up something that you care about.

    • Low investment and high emotional reward is the equation that underpins so much of modernity. The hypnosis of social media and insta slittery “dating” apps leverage this to the nth.

      The suburban white women and feral urban bugwomen share in this communion of of id even though what they strive for personally are mostly divergent. This gives their lust for magic feels legitimacy as a “movement”.

      In reality of course creating and building requires a great deal of inputs and the result is often only a labor of love where the work itself provides meaning and grace.

      The technocratic totalitarianism the rules the paddock is perfectly suited to manage the infrastructure of low investment and emotional seesaw that turns people to sheeple and love into self lust. It is really remarkable how quickly the modern world has been brought to heel.

    • Excellent point. It is a religion and it is incredibly lazy.
      The new Covidians are another prime example.
      The moment the mask is displayed publicly, the sacred virtue shines brightly for all the world to see.

      • Covidians sacrifice plenty!

        They sit home watching the stimmy checks roll in so they can get fat on Ben and Jerry’s delivered by Instacart while binge watching filth on Netflix.

        When they get bored with that they can spend the rest of their stimmy buying made in China rubber dogshit from Amazon with free Prime 2-day delivery.

        C’mon man!

    • “This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, disobedient, unthankful, unholy, without natural affection, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures…

      From such turn away. For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts, ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.”

    • “No demand that YOU give up something that you care about.”
      And that is where I ask them to LEAD BY EXAMPLE.

      Boss at work complaining about lack of diversity in the workplace? “Great, boss, I’ll be sad to see you go, but who is your replacement going to be? I hope a Kamala Look-alike!”.

      Co-worker complaining about inequity in schools? “Oh, so proud of you that you are taking your kids out of that private school and enrolling them into an inner-city multicultural school!”

      Open borders enthusiast complaining about kids in cages? “You have a lovely four bedroom house, I have a friend at border control, how many migrants would you like to house? I bet you could easily fit a family of six!”

      It doesn’t have to be snarky, in fact, it should be done with Poe’s Law-esque sincerity.

  31. Wild. I learned all I need to know about the the spirit of bad uncle from a movie too.

  32. That’s racist.
    Wakanda is real but whitey crackas have hid all of the records.

    • The gift of low iq is that while the nogs are perpetually taken by black magic and white devils, they stop short of intellectualizing and rationalizing away their right to exist as a people – and legitimizing the motives of their enemies.

      We be kangs and sheeit is retarded but its a delusion of self-affirmation.

      “Race is a social construct” and “systemic racism” is also retarded but in that smart (((white))) way that seduces the white iq into a spiral of self-criticism that only produces more ritual delegitimization as high IQ solutions.

      When the world is run by the power of fantasy, the affirming delusion aint so bad. Look at self-esteem, suicides, and even trite indices of self-rated attractiveness and nogs reign over whites.

      I have met blacks who think some form of the wakanda mythology exists. I have yet to meet whites outside of my badthinking dissident crew who are comfortable plainly stating that Whites have a right to exist or that heritage Whiten Christian America ever existed.

      Obviously we need to tend to reality but we could take a page from the nogs on rendering the complex world into simple beliefs about certain groups that want us dead and taking action and the rigid belief that our kids have a right to the legacy of their people.

      • I trust you’ll take no offense when I note that saying “I’ve met a Black who believes in Wakanda” means nothing more than “I’ve met a Black.”

        Like all my academic colleagues back in the days, I was commanded to hie myself hence to “Black Twitter,” which is really a real thing that exists, to better educate my honky ass. Unlike those colleagues, I actually did it. “Ooga-booga” is a polite way of saying it, that dramatically understates the case. It’s so hard to pick a favorite, but I think the best one I saw was the assertion — by some nice church lady type who was honestly trying to uplift her race — that the reason ghetto bangers wear their pants around their ankles is “the legacy of slavery.” See, back in the days, White slaveowners would have their way with their male Black field hands, the better to “break” them. Said field hand was then required to wear his pants like that, to show he’d been had.

        I am not in any way making a word of that up. That’s what we’re dealing with, and what any realistic social policy must acknowledge.

        • The one thing I’ve notice since I was young (pre civil rights) was that the “Negros” in those days dressed and acted “White”, which really means “normal”. Sure, there were low life’s—as with Whites—but the Negros I grew up with took no second seat to any White wrt manner and dress as befit their means.

          What the hell happened? They achieved their “rights” and immediately developed an alternative culture and society—and a poor one to boot.

          • There was so much optimism even into the 70s and 80s that blacks would take advantage of overt racism falling away and make it big. Even Richard Prior would take about it with real hope and optimism. Reality and race-hucksters had different plans.

        • You are correct on all counts. It was overly white of me to n=1 my anecdote.

          The absurd and idiotic is indeed part and parcel of nog. Even talented tenths once peeled will go blackity black to the core.

          Rare is the nog delusion that indicts their existence in White world as the burden it is in reality.

          But equally rare is the White man who takes up a delusion that aggrandizes his people even when merit is proximate.

          Yes only one needs the other but separation in any form will require White men to take up a bit of delusion with the truth.

          I dont twitt but thru links I have peered into the blaq twitter and so should every White man when he drifts from the reality that the nog may be delusional in their grand mythological contortions but is far from delusional in how those are to manifest against us.

          Gibs is quaint. It will continue to africanize toward more costly physical tolls.

        • Prisons don’t allow the convicts to wear belts or shoelaces. This was turned into a fashion statement by the group which commits the most violent crime, and where prison is like a second home.

      • Being a resident of a Dusky Vibrant Megacity and surrounded by black culture on all sides, I can tell you Wakanda is very much real. Black neighborhoods look like bombed out hell holes from the street. But in reality they have tons of (cash) money and the insides of their houses are nice by their standards. They also have huge basement speakeasies that are like epic club rave parties from the 90s and these parties rage on unpoliced for weeks. They have open street level drug sales and prostitution. Etc etc.

        What they did in Black Panther was basically told an inside joke for/to the Black audience with the whole “Wakanda” idea. Black people are playing a game that the majority white population is not aware of. They are pretty much all “in on it” which is why they punish other black people for not conforming to their culture and “acting white”.

        • I hate that my tax money goes to these p*rasites. If they had their own slum corner and minded their own business I don’t care what they do. Unfortunately they get billions to turn around and rape, murder, and be general nuisances to me and my people.

          One funny thing is that they know you know. They know I know. I have a great relationship with blacks at work because I don’t expect them to be white. They are *ok* (and happier) at doing repetitive menial tasks that frees up the doers to do things. I’m quite rarely bothered by a black; if you look like you will fight back, or even that you *know* , I find they leave you alone.

          • I too work with a lot of Wakandans and in general they are mainly just super happy if in a certain sense you treat them like they are really important. Like ultra-hyper-status driven. But with the odd twist that what they are doing is usually nearly meaningless in reality. They never put those two things together. They will do any task that is presented to them as being highly important. And especially enthusiastically if they get to feel like they are somehow bossing around a white person. But they will never ever criticize another black persons work if there are white people involved.

          • The problem with Wakandans is that they are now being promoted to positions of importance where they will invariably fail. System-wide, Zimbabwe tier failure is coming soon.

    • It is sad that they have so little to cling to that they consider a minor 70s comic book series created by a couple of Jewish guys, with a 99% White male readership at the time to be historical fact.

  33. one thing blocking public acceptance of biological reality, is that society (and the world) will have †o acknowledge that negroes are a sub-species and are neither competitive nor competent in modern society. they became this way 10’s of thousands of years ago. so what does society do with these retards? with nine plus billion people alive right now, there is a strong argument for the mass sterilization of nigs (if not outright euthanasia). and everyone including the talented tenth knows this calculation is inevitable.

    • Even if you could remove all blacks from Western society, the Whites who love them would still remain. And these Whites are our greatest threat.

      • Carl’s right. Nobody, and I mean nobody, will ever hate White people more than a White Liberal will.

        • I’ve always thought that these are white women who are strong minded and need an alpha white guy to put her in her place. And they also need to grow up with an alpha father.

          Too many white girls grow up with dads idolizing Negro-Ball, fat lazy sacks of shit whose wives don’t respect them.

          The left wing males are generally spiteful mutants and would most likely have died in childhood prior to modern medicine.

          • You’ve got the psychology spot on. Girls with daddy issues, brainwashed by feminism. To them, PoC are exotic pets or a way to elicit attention.

      • My hope is that the act of expelling non-whites will reveal the whites who can’t be reformed.

        “And these Whites are our greatest threat.” I agree that we have multiple enemies. My hope is that many of the whites who are our devoted enemies will change once we expel our (((fellow whites))) who control the media that program these whites.

        But certainly, there is a significant percentage of whites with whom we cannot live. Probably mostly of Puritan stock, like Jared Taylor. Jared may be an outlier amongst his people.

        • Might want to have a look at Sweden ,especially their feminists.
          Scandies maybe the most aggressively anti-white people I’ve ever encountered.

  34. Haven’t listened to this yet, but just want to say that Zman saves some of his most incisive prose for the texts that accompany his podcasts. Today’s was is superb.

    • Agree. So much so that I am often compelled to comment before I have taken in the power hour.

      In my defense I comment over coffee while I roll Zman under the weight of heavy iron at the gym.

      I get a strange satisfaction from the combo of power lifting and Zmans smooth power hour narration.

      In a retail stripmall gym full of nogs and tatted up instawhore mudsharks I enjoy the swolle of dissident badthoughts flowing through my veins as I unapologetically “take up space” with my whiteness and spread the subcomms of power in a language they understand. All frosted with a few lol to myself. Thanks for the company mr Z.

      • next time you are in the gym, go over to where people bench press, and say real loud “can someone spot me, i am going to do some calculus!”.

  35. Talked with one of my buddies and he told me how he watched a movie that explained how current black family dysfunction was caused by families being separated during slavery and resonating through the generations.

    In my less red-pilled days I might have fallen for that line too. Had no idea how to counter it without going full biological realism, which he is absolutely not ready for.

    • you might mention to him the black family survived slavery in better shape than it is now. it was welfare and ending segregation that created the conditions that led to the black family cratering.

    • I get that same reasoning from my leftist family.

      I then told them to read a book called “Africa: a Biography of the Continent” by John Reader which is by no means a dissident book, but may give Lefty an uncomfortable reason for black dysfunction.

        • Agree. I usually just say “wow that’s really interesting how can I learn more about that” or “Yeah the British Empire was worse than the Nazis” because I live in a vibrant locale. The kids want affirmation. It’s easy enough. Sometimes I do even learn something interesting, although filtered through Wokeism. I don’t have to die on every hill every day.

      • Heh. That’s the interesting thing about books written about Africa – they may as well have subtitles like ‘Land of Shit’, ‘Portrait of Dysfunction’ or ‘Chronicle of Catastrophe’… nobody can really read these and not think about the innate difference between us and them.

        I suspect that many don’t read them because they are not interested, but many also know what they’ll find. There simply has been very little positive that has came out of Africa. Even studying the history of South Africa, one finds an interesting transition that occurred around 1994, and for some reason, that nobody knows, things just got worse. It is easy enough to put the dots together, but in this day and age most ears are in no way ready to realize it.

        • there’s a documentary on youtube, about a chinese company in africa trying to get the nigs to do some work. no go joe. the looks on the chins faces as they accept the true limitations of the locals is priceless…

      • Telling someone to read a book is pointless. They will just google “what’s wrong with this book” first.

        Personally, if you have balls to do it, I would take said family of Africa loving leftists out for a nice dinner at about 9 pm to a popeye’s on the South Side of Chicago and dine in. After everyone who survives has finished eating, casually ask if they would enjoy walking to a nearby bar for a couple of drinks.

        Their body language, the tone of their voice, the sheer panic they exhibit will end the conversation about race forever. This is in fact the sort of experience that cured me of any of my naive Rainbow Coalition attitudes about black people. And moreover I don’t think most white people, immersed as they are in Oprah blackness, understand the depth of the pure hatred that black people feel towards white people. Hence the value of the dine-in experience at the Popeye’s. Give it a try.

        • This is an excellent strategy. NOTHING redpills like real life.

          I constantly encourage my diversity-loving liberal elite friends to enroll their children in multicultural inner-city schools, for their own children’s enlightenment and edification. Most of them recoil with horror, which just indicates to me that they don’t actually ‘believe’ their religion, they are simply doing it for show.

        • care to bet hard money if they change their thinking by even one electron? people here just don’t seem to get that adult humans do not change their behavior for anything, even lung cancer (if you know what i am alluding to). the white progs have to be killed — every generation — if you want to keep their badness in check. once an in utero test is available, we can just flush the prog feti early on.

          • Very true. It makes me wonder whether logic and reasonable argumentation make any difference about anything. People seem to have their core beliefs set in childhood experiences and then everything after that is a kind of destiny playing out.

    • There’s a school of “thought” that argues that this trauma is generation — as in, it is actually passed on, genetically, from freedmen to their Current Year descendants. Which someone who took high school biology sometime before about 1990 would no doubt recognize as straight-up Lamarckism… which, we were all taught, was the worst form of pseudoscience, and rayciss to boot. I could swear someone once said something about “second time as farce”… Jay-Z, probably.

      • Lamarckism implies life is meaningful and powerful, and we can’t have that. People might get uppity.

    • Tell your friend that was 150 years ago. If they can’t get their shit together, especially with the mountains of help we have and still are giving them, after all this time then obviously that wasn’t the cause. Talk about Germany and Japan’s recovery after being flattened back to the Stone Age then let him come up with an alternative explanation. Although there’s something wrong in the head with people who believe this ridiculous tale of woe so good luck with that.

      • I am sure many have seen the internet meme floating around that has pictures of modern day Hiroshima and modern day Detroit and asks “Which side won the war?”.

        • i demand a movie about all the negress physicists that did all the heavy lifting on the Manhattan Project!! [Misser Oppa-heimer, misser oppa-heimer, wait, da maths on da board iz allz wrong, we needs to be using plutonium, not platinum!!”]

      • Don’t expect anybody to get their shit together if you give them mountains of help. Case in point are millennials.
        That said the African is a another whole level worse. We treat them like retarded twelve year olds , ignore their basic evolutionary biology background and still expect them to someday be like us. Look at the richest of them, ingrates to the last.

    • Might ask him why Africans who were never slaves are poor and have the same family structure of American blacks. If he says colonialism, ask him why other colonialized people – Chinese, Irish, Hong Kong, etc. – are so wealthy.

      Why is there no country in the world where blacks do well? Name one black-run country that’s not a disaster.

      Of course, you can avoid accepting his morality and just say, “Look, I wish blacks well, but I just prefer to live around my own people. Not because I think that were “superior” but because I simply feel more comfortable with people like me.”

      • As you imply, there’s no point trying to reason with them. Just get to the last part, and even there I’d edit out the bit about not being superior. No need to throw a sop to their misguided beliefs.

        • Correct. The best reply is simple, “Not my people. Not my problem. I don’t care.”

    • Maybe you can briefly mention that the Russians freed their slaves about the same time, and yet…

      Really, for any excuse made for blacks there’s a cohort of data from the same set that suggests that there is something else going on. Even the CivNat excuse that LBJ destroyed the black family: fine, why didn’t it destroy all the families of other racial groups at the same clip? When asked it’s like they never even bothered to entertain the thought (probably because they didn’t).

    • It’s ridiculous to blame current black family dysfunction on families being separated during slavery. It’s plainly obvious that blacks in America have had several generations to reconstitute their families.

      If a person of normal intelligence believes the “families separated by slavery” excuse, it’s only because he wants it to be true.

    • Both Charles Murray and Thomas Sowell have repeatedly pointed out that the Black family had as large or larger percentage of marriage and in marriage births—prior to the Civil Rights era—than even Whites.

      • This is simply unbelievable. If it’s true, then I must reevaluate my world view. Which I’ve done before.

        I have much respect for Murray and Sowell but I find their statements simply unbelievable. It’s like saying that 200 years ago, there were more black scholars than white scholars.

        I’m willing to be wrong on this point, but I doubt that I am.

        • Something that came out from the black woman who had that weaponized cervical cancer (too lazy to look it up) that marriage in the black community often meant “married” since they had to at least pretend in order to score the better jobs.

          • the woman you are so dismissive of is actually the most interesting person who ever lived, and if you define “alive” loosely enough, then she is still alive.


            absolutely fascinating. her cells produced all kinds of chimeras, and other weird as fuck stuff. her cells are still being used in labs world wide, and it is a real bitch to keep them from infecting every drop of blood anywhere near them.

          • Your aside and Sturmbanheffenmeister McHungus’s comment reply ended up costing me several hours learning about immortal cell lines. I had not heard of those before. What a truly amazing scientific achievement. And the story of the family learning about it after the fact was also unbelievably interesting. I still don’t understand whether all the HeLa cells are cancerous and if so how they could be representative of human cells.

        • Line – Sowell has a tendency to cherry pick certain data to buttress previously-reached conclusions. There are numerous posts at the website which will provide you with all the numbers and charts and statistics you might desire, which prove very clearly that the myth of the stable black family prior to Great Society Legislation is just that – a myth that conservatards like to tell themselves. The articles tend to be long, and the ones I am thinking of are at least 3 years old if not more, so be prepared to spend some time there.

      • Both footnote their books. The stat is from US Census data. I don’t know of any alternate data source that would refute the claim, though.

        • Thanks for the reply RoBG,

          Yeah, for me to dispute this would require the depth of research required to dispute climate records from that time, for example.

          But on a gut level, do you believe that more blacks were having children within marriage than whites at any time in our nation’s history?

          • Regardless of your belief, or disbelief—true or not. the essential point is that Blacks—as well as Whites—have done quite poorly in today’s post civil rights society. Whether one race was doing a bit better or less better than another is really beside the point and a distraction.

            In the case of Black society, they’ve declined precipitously in those virtues that we understand—when practiced—produce a good, wholesome, and prosperous life. Whites have followed just a generation or so behind but have not reached nearly the depths of the Blacks.

            Blacks, free to do as they would wish post-civil rights era, have fumbled the ball badly. They started more or less at a parity with Whites in these virtues—but even if somewhat behind Whites, they’ve gone straight to the bottom in all measures of such decline. Their situation today has nothing to do with past slavery.

          • keep in mind that there was no welfare back then. and troublesome nigs were sent to mr colt for politeness lessons.

      • That is not exactly what they noted. They noted that in 1960, the illegitimacy rate was about 34% for blacks, and about 4% of Whites of all classes. In 2010, the illegitimacy rate for blacks nationwide was 75% and for the Ghetto it was something like 95%. For Working Class Whites it was 40%, middle class Whites about 20%, and for Upper Class Whites about 4%.
        Which seems reasonable to what we know … blacks went 100% on the illegitimacy, baby mama train. Working class Whites boarded it plenty, and even some middle class Whites. Upper Class Whites, no way!

        • I stand correct, Whiskey. I will accept your figures.

          Point I poorly made is that, things were better for Blacks—overall—prior to the Civil Rights era in those aspects of life that I hold important. To claim, ex post facto, that current Black societal decline was the result 300+ years of slavery and White oppression is nonsensical and belies all evidence and reason.

          There are any number of explanations from sociologists such as Charles Murray, who echos you wrt “baby mamas” married to Federal welfare, rather than fathers of their children.

          My thinking is that the Civil Rights era opened the door for the “talented tenth”, to escape the “pathological ninetieth” and created a structural vacuum within the Black community. The talented tenth, went into the White society and—to this day—provide deceptive illusions of the true nature of the overwhelming majority of Blacks. An illusion we fight to this day.

    • My suspicion is that there is no black “nuclear family” as we understand it. In general, black women are impregnated by multiple black men, who rarely stay around. The women raise the children and support the men who are currently fVcking them.

      As far as I can tell from looking at Africa, this is their normal state.

      The idea of a black man and woman sharing a long term monogamous commitment is rare and when it does occur it is likely the result of a white culture imposing its values on the blacks?

      Comments? Too harsh or pessimistic?

      When conservatives say that the Democrats sabotaged the black nuclear family, I just laugh. There is no such thing.

      • “There is no such thing.”
        You are correct. Look at the majority of sub-saharan African cultures. They are matrilineal.

  36. Ostensibly, anti-racism is directed at systemic racism, racism that’s embedded in the law and legal structure. That’s what critical race theory is all about. Racism as defined by many is different, in that it’s based on personal and collective attitudes that are outside the area of law.
    There’s been no shortage of legislative efforts to address institutional racism but those efforts don’t necessarily change inter-racial attitudes. It’s impossible to make an individual “like” another individual by government mandate. Probably the majority of white Americans are repelled and disgusted by rap music, pants waistbands hanging below the buttocks and so on. No government action or wokeness is likely to change that. At the same time, that’s what an element of the black population wants. They have no desire to be darker white people, they want to be blacks, with everything that seemingly entails. The racism to which they’re opposed is present in themselves.

    • “systemic/institutional racism, racism that’s *embedded* in the law and legal structure.”

      The “systemic racism” claim is absurd on its face. It is plain wrong.
      The true intention of this term is the destruction of our system and its eventual replacement with a new equitable “utopia.” If a structure is corrupted, you either need to excise the corruption, or remove the structure entirely. Currently, there is nothing to excise. Yet they will be forever claiming corruption. And the only solution will be to replace the entire thing.

      • The basic claim of the “systemic racism” analysis is that, in America (and, more generally, Western societies) the values, morals, ethics and preferences of white people drive the organizing principles and legal structures at the expense of minorities. Now, it is certainly true that the laws and legal structure that currently exists in America was built and maintained by white people expressing white values. It’s debatable whether the person of minorities was the motivation. I’d argue that its patently obvious that whites were motivated by enlightened self interest, and weren’t overly concerned with the effects on minorities one way or another.

        • “at the expense of minorities.”
          This is the critical point. Yes, it was made by and for us. But it largely uses abstract and therefore universal laws and values. Our system, its laws, values, procedures, was not designed and does not currently operate at their expense. It is not “inherently” unfair to them.

          Ask them to point to a single law, any legislation which is unjust, prejudiced explicitly. They can point to nothing.
          They can only continue to bring the argument further outward, to the peripheral of the system, talking about how the “effects” or the outcomes are unfair or unjust.
          And they are correct. The system itself is not unjust. Reality is unfair. Our system is not.

          • Is the system “at the expense of” or “inherently unjust towards” retarded people? Clearly it is not. You can point to nothing in the system which explicitly condemns or impedes mentally challenged folk. And yet obviously we cannot expect the same results from this demographic can we? If we were to try to change the entire system, to make it “more inclusive” for the mentally disabled, how could we do this in a fair way which does not therefore destroy the system itself?

            In the same way, our system is not inherently or explicitly unfair towards minorities. If the results are unequal, it is not due to any prejudicial or corrupt law.

        • The very obvious explanations of black failure and dysfunction are too terrible to contemplate. So, we are left with primitive supernatural explanations. That’s systemic racism.

          Systemic racism is white people magic. It’s an invisible mysterious force that causes misfortune. It’s no different than explaining a volcanic eruption by saying that the lava god was angry.

          • And what do you do to propitiate Angry Lava God? Toss a few whiteys–like Derek Chauvin–into the crater.

        • East and South Asians don’t seem to have much trouble conforming to so-called “white” notions of law and morality. The problem is not with white power structures. The problem is the innate stupidity and dysfunctionality of blacks.

      • To be fair, whenever some chump waffles on about systemic/systematic/hydraulic/pneumatic or quantum racism, I either bugger off, or say ‘It sounds anti-white’. No need to argue – combat their zeal with some of your own.

      • The solution to so-called “systemic racism” is to simply make blacks above the law, and that is precisely what’s happening. The cure, therefore, is infinitely worse than what passes for the disease.

      • From the antiracists literature I would say:

        Systemic Racism = the difference in outcomes between black people and white people where the difference is always that black people are doing worse in every category that is measured.

        White Supremacy = the norms that underpin the disparities between white people and black people reflect white people’s interests and abilities, which are mostly now implicitly derived from white people’s attempts to be seen as not black. Black people could set the norms for everyone else instead and then black people would be seen to be “better” and white people would be seen to be “worse”.

        Because race is a political category, Blackness is a political category. They want to treat you like a “negro” in the new political system they are creating, which means they want to make everything the exact opposite of how you think it should be. That’s what they think white people did to black people: just maliciously defined everything to be the exact opposite of what would be good for black people in order to divest black people from having power.

  37. For the progressive, hauntology is their only conception of the past, and like a ghost or a ghoul, it can only be seen as abnormal, dangerous and above all, unwelcome. Tradition and custom to them are merely prejudicial archaisms that need to be done away with after some candlelit ritual. Then it will be blown out like dissipating candle-smoke, easily swept aside. They don’t understand the majestic reality of tradition as a fount of eternal life.

    Indeed most of today’s youth themselves have no connection to the real world. They probably feel like mere ghosts themselves suspended in the ever-present now to which they will never truly belong. They have no connection to their past, but are barred from it– it is passe, unfashionable, and above all immoral. There is nothing to be learnt form history but horror. And yet the future to them means nothing, because they have no potential. The future brings no hope but only a subtle sense of doom. And they have no part in it.

    Our youth need to feel like a part of a story with a beginning a middle and an end. And they need to feel a part of a heroic myth. A ghost and a ghoul has no story. They are not a protagonist or even much of a villain. They are a mere hiccup, a minor plot point. They only half-exist, out of time, and must be banished to nothingness.

  38. As a historian, I’ve been trying to find ways to do my future colleagues a solid, to explain these extraordinary times to them. If you want to explain the Salem Witch Trials, for instance, you have to go deep into Puritan culture and folkways. But since we Postmodern people believe in nothing, the explanation is as simple as it is horrifying: These people are just bored. They’re pointless, vapid people who have no reason to exist, and they know it — they don’t have families, their friends are all interchangeable bugmen, their “jobs” involve staring at Zoom meetings. If they all disappeared tomorrow, it would take the world weeks to notice. Burning the world down is their way of proving to themselves that they even exist.

      • I started comparing the Great Kung Flu Freakout to the Salem Witch Trials almost from the beginning. It’s a wild discharge of a whole bunch of pent-up nervous energy. Finally, we’ve found what’s wrong with our lives!! As you say — finally, meaning!!! It took the colonial governor’s wife being accused of witchcraft for the original to end…

      • “The Marxists really thought their economic policies would result in plenty. On paper at least, their plans made some sense. The new stuff is all mystery and magic. If people chant certain things at certain times or places, then something magical will happen. There is no attempt to create a logic that connects the dots or explains the logic. They just believe.”

        The Marxist’s beliefs were never intended to explain, create, predict or direct anything. Their purpose was always to justify what the Marxist already wants to do.

        Critical race theory makes perfect sense as a fabricated excuse to hurt ‘privileged’ White people and steal our stuff. It’s not a random belief, it’s a useful belief, and utility is the heart of atheist theology.

        • “The Marxist’s beliefs were never intended to explain, create, predict or direct anything. Their purpose was always to justify what the Marxist already wants to do.”

          Those two things are not mutually exclusive.

        • “Critical race theory makes perfect sense as a fabricated excuse to hurt ‘privileged’ White people and steal our stuff. It’s not a random belief, it’s a useful belief, and utility is the heart of atheist theology.

          Correct. The Hottentot-mulatresses shrieking about privilege are nothing but the shock-troops of the bolshevik bankers pulling the strings. They want us gone and they want our stuff. Like our ‘Greatest Friend and Ally’ in the middle east, we should strike preemptively. Expel all the parasites, expel all those who cannot live up to/by White Gentile standards. For their own good, obviously. Complete separation would end the privilege they suffer under.

      • I saw an article about people reluctant to give up wearing masks. You are right, it gives them meaning, they don’t want to go back to their old lives. For some, Covid wasn’t that big of a change for them, they were already eating take out and staring at screens most of the day anyway. This had the added bonus of making them believe they were part of something greater and giving them the ability to shame those who questioned their new faith.

        • Bernard/Severian—I can accept your hypothesis, but simply am at a loss as to how folks can feel fulfilled wearing a mask. It’s like trying to get me to understand the workings of a mentally ill mind. I have never been there. I think I understand grief, jealousy, greed and the like, but this? Hell, I might even *wear* a mask if the data supported such, but to wear one simply to be a part of a greater cause. Are our lives that weak and meaningless? Mine never has been.

          • substitute “hair shirt” for “mask” and it all fits. hard core christians are all into flagellation, so they can “know” what their hero went through, on his way to the exit.

    • According to John Glibb 55 years ago, the final stage of an empire is the Age of Decadence. He points out how it seems to happen at the end of all empires. At that stage an external factor comes along and pushes the whole mess over.
      “(e) Decadence is marked by: Defensiveness, Pessimism, Materialism, Frivolity, An influx of foreigners, The Welfare State, A weakening of religion. (f) Decadence is due to: Too long a period of wealth and power, Selfishness, Love of money, The loss of a sense of duty. (g) The life histories of great states are amazingly similar, and are due to internal factors.”

      • I believe that one of the last stages of the Roman Empire was the confusion of genders.

        I bought some emergency food yesterday.

        • well they were all cornholers back then, and well before their society crumbled.

      • I remember reading Glubb a few decades ago and thinking, well, we’re screwed.

    • Yes indeed. They are bored. And they are all around. And almost every single person I see now seems to have this torpor: they do nothing, care for nothing… and most probably work in an office in either the private sector or the state.

      • In a way, though, that’s GOOD. There’s so much potential energy out there, just waiting to be actualized…. a cultural movement based explicitly around rejecting bugman culture would take off like crazy. Start simple: A “put down the phone for a day” campaign or something.

        • Today, the local radio station has called for “send your student to school *maskless*” Friday. Must be working. Parents are calling in one by one to report the school’s reaction.

          • Great idea.

            There’s no mask law, only illegal mandates.

            The credible data available shows kids are at no risk from WuFlu.

            Cops have better things to do than arrest kids, and they know the optics on that are completely terrible.

    • Great explanation, and I agree with your idea of trying to help future Chinese and East European historians understand our decline. To be honest, I’m living through it, and I can’t believe that it’s happening for the reasons that causing our demise.

      I keep thinking of those future historians say, “There has to be some other explanation that what we keep finding in the documents and other artifacts. Nobody is this stupid and insane, especially a people and society that achieved so much.”

      • That’s why I keep saying that, though the closest political analogue to the current mess is the 1850s (if we’re lucky; the Crisis of the Third Century if not), it sure feels like July 1914. I mean, they can’t have been that stupid… can they? They just can’t. Something else must’ve happened…

        • Yes, it does a certain 1914 feel. The most advanced, civilized (a level of civilization we still don’t match) that the world had ever seen.

          They had some inkling that a war would be a very nasty affair, though no one could have imagined how bad. And, yet, it happened.

          Societies, especially very successful societies, seem to “need” problems. They so often go out of their way to create problems, either through needless wars or internal campaigns to some dubious cause. Must just be a part of who we are, especially Whites.

        • The Crisis of the Third Century was a fascinating time, though it must have seemed like Hell to those living in it.

          Thankfully, the emperor Aurelian appeared and spent his brief reign earning the title, “Restorer of the World,” via his epic adventures that put Humpty Dumpty together again.

          Weimerica would be blessed to have such a leader.

      • Where are the designers of the pyramids in Giza or the aqueducts of the Roman Empire?
        Think the final scene from “Planet of the Apes”, an astronaut/ modern Prometheus, wearing rags, on his knees, screaming at the sky.

      • Jared Taylor has always said that one of the things motivating him to do what he does is he wants to leave a record for those in the future to understand that not everyone was crazy in our era.

        • Yes, I remember reading that and thinking about how correct he was.

      • Rome declined over centuries. Acknowledging other previous issues in our history, starting in 1965, our accelerated decline took less than 60 years (things were probably still salvageable and could have possibly been turned around up until the early 1990’s with concerted effort).

        • The speed of self-induced suicide is interesting. We’re doing in decades what usually took centuries.

          • It’s remarkable to hear about how rough and harsh north american whites were even just 60-70 years ago. Kids beat the shit out of each other at school for being weak or different, men beat each other at pubs, teachers strapped the kids, parents beat their kids. We got extremely soft and weak during these past few decades.

            The (((friends))) and a 15% fringe of self hating whites are driving the bus, and lazy and passive whites are going over the cliff with them.

            It’ll be interesting to see how non whites fare. As Z says they’ve basically been reduced to begging us to acknowledge their “culture”, even a rude word from a white to a POC triggers rage and feelings of victimhood. They seem to be mutating into something worse under the affluence too.

          • “It’s remarkable to hear about how rough and harsh north american whites were even just 60-70 years ago.”

            You know, I moved around a lot growing up — was in seven different schools in four states by seventh grade — so I sometimes had a hard time socially. Boys are always “testing” the new boy in school. So I had to endure some fights and bullying. Some of it deserved as the stresses of being repeatedly suddenly carted across the country at my parents’ whim, away from whatever friends and social acceptance I’d managed to carve out for myself, caused me to be a real asshole, sometimes.

            But! Big but. I would not trade the fights or the struggles for acceptance for anything. It taught me a lot. I tried to give my own kids a much more stable, consistent life. They don’t universally appreciate it — what kid is universally appreciative? — and it came with its own special set of challenges for them, but we’re made by our struggles far more than by the things that are easy in our lives.


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