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Every once in a while, a post or series of posts comes along that captures why conservatism never amounted to much. This post in the ironically named American Conservative is a good example of the genre. The topic is how to deal with the privatization of authoritarian power, primarily in Silicon Valley. The argument put forward is that using the state to tame these rogue companies is morally wrong, so we have to find some new way to contend with these out-of-control tech firms.

The first thing you should notice is the style is exactly what we get whenever the topic of immigration in on the table. The obvious answer is dismissed. In the case of immigration, that means shutting down the border and cracking down on employers who use helot labor. The open borders crowd always says that is impossible or harmful in some way. Instead, they offer a collection of overly complex solutions that have no chance of succeeding but will keep the punditry busy.

In the case of Big Tech, we have laws on the books to put an end to this reign of terror, but enforcing those is socialism, according to the usual suspects. We cannot have that, even if it would work. Instead, let us have a twenty-year series of international commissions to study technical standards and pass a bunch of laws that no one reads, but have cool names like “Data Portability Act”. In other words, the people who cannot build a wall along the border are going to fix the internet.

Interestingly, the rodents from Conservative Inc. always use the same trick the Left is so fond of using, which is the false dichotomy. “We can shut ourselves off from the world or embrace globalism” is how they frame trade. “We can become a hermit nation or remain a nation of immigrants” is how they frame immigration. Now it is “We can choose central planning or preserve an open internet” with Big Tech. It is the same partisan game the Left plays, just tailored for a middle-class white audience.

The fact is, enforcing Section 230 of the Communication Decency Act as intended puts a halt to the most egregious violations of our rights. Twitter can choose to be a publisher or an open platform. If it is the former, they can censure their platform however they like, but they are accountable for the content. If they choose to be an open platform like Gab, then they get the protection of Section 230. There is no need to reinvent the internet to solve the biggest problem with Big Tech.

Similarly, the obvious collusion that goes on with these big firms could be crushed with the use of existing law. There are plenty of examples of the tech companies colluding with one another to ban people from their platforms. If we can give a cop 20-years on civil rights violations for shooting a fleeing suspect, we can give the harpies of Silicon Valley a few years for violating the civil rights of Alex Jones. One lawsuit is all that would be required to end that practice and restore some sanity.

Of course, the author of the AC piece is clearly trying to strike the libertarian position, which is a blend of hiding under the bed and shilling for global capital. This is what is wrong with the libertarian-conservative commentariat. They are not interested in advocating conservative interests. Instead, they are focused on making sure their corporate donors are free of government interference. If that means the rights of conservatives are trampled, well “whoopsie!”

The writer of the AC piece is someone calling himself Zach Graves. He is head of policy at the Lincoln Network. You always have to be suspicious of any group using the name Lincoln and this is no exception. As we saw with the Lincoln Project, these groups tend to attract the very worst people. In this case, this is a not-for-profit located in San Francisco, conveniently near Silicon Valley. A Loren Graves, presumably the same guy as the writer, is a paid staffer for the group.

Before signing on with the Lincoln Network, Mr. Graves was with something called R Street Institute, which is neoconservative front group. The founder of the Lincoln Network is a man calling himself Garrett Johnson. He popped out of college into a job on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, then into a position as the founder of something called SendHub and now the founder of Lincoln Network. Nothing strange about this at all. There is no reason to suspect anything hanky.

This is the problem with conservatism in a nutshell. It has always been infested with pens for hire. This bit of corporate marketing posted at American Conservative is just a paid advertisement masquerading as commentary. To their credit, the site does acknowledged that they were paid to run it by Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, which is a pro-business non-profit in Missouri. There is a good bet that they bankroll the R Street Institute to some degree, given their location.

This is the problem with subjecting everything to the marketplace. When the highest bidder gets to determine public morality, no one can ever question the morality of the highest bidder. Public opinion becomes another commodity to be traded, rather than a genuine exchange of ideas. The founder of The Lincoln Network would be happy to promote communism if that pays better than shilling for Big Tech. He is just face purchased on the market to make the brochure look good.

Similarly, the writers and “policy wonks” at these shops are just pens for hire, with a set of specialties. “Need generic libertarian babble about technology? No problem, we have Zach Graves. That is his specialty.” R Street puts him on the UPS truck and ships him off to a Silicon Valley non-profit. Like the economy as a whole, the marketplace of ideas has become a pirate’s cove. Everything is for sale and everything can be purchased, if the price is right. The consequences are for the suckers to bear.

This is what conservatism should oppose. One basic tenet of conservatism is that there is a transcendent moral truth. That means it is indifferent to the marketplace. it also means that truth itself is not up for bid. Once you concede this point, you are no longer on the Right, but just another kiosk in the bazaar if increasingly bizarre ideas. The way to end the pirate’s cove is to shut it down and hang the pirates. That’s the starting point for conservatism, if it is to be anything more than another grift.

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182 thoughts on “Big Con

  1. enforcing Section 230 of the Communication Decency Act as intended puts a halt to the most egregious violations of our rights

    This is the case with most problems – lack of enforcement of what is already on the books. But as recent experience confirmed – it’s not who votes that counts, it’s who counts the votes. Likewise, laws don’t matter, who enforces laws is what matters.

  2. I agree with a lot of what is written here, but Z has Section 230 exactly backasswards. The publisher responsible/platform not responsible was a judge-created distinction BEFORE Section 230 was written, and Section 230 was written precisely to remove from Big Tech any legal responsibility for censorship that they might have if proven to be publishers. Go, ahead, read it: 47 U.S. Code § 230 – Protection for private blocking and screening of offensive material : “No provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be held liable…” Got that? “No provider”, whether platform OR PUBLISHER is liable for any censorship of anything [whatever it thinks is] “objectionable”. There’s a “good faith” requirement, but it’s unenforceable.

  3. One basic tenet of conservatism is that there is a transcendent moral truth. That means it is indifferent to the marketplace. it also means that truth itself is not up for bid.

    That’s true but the problem is admitting the legitimacy of the transcendent. Unfortunately, a lot of “conservatism” like liberalism consists in denying the legitimacy of it.

  4. All of these 501(c)(3) orgs that hardly anyone has heard of act as a feedback mechanism to provide the 1% with both a tax shelter and a lobbying group to preserve their interests. (And of course a six-figure salary to the “thanks dads/moms” that have never done a working-class job in their lives.)

    • Don’t forget the book deal and speaking fee grifts!

      Killer Cuomo just got $5.1 million for his.

    • My bikes are not cheap and each is customized for specific riding conditions & preferences. I lock them routinely and have never had one stolen as yet (knock on wood). I also lock them where they are highly visible and I can keep an eye on them when I seated in a food place. Last, and most importantly, CC ups your situational awareness and you can often spot a potential theft casing your bike before the act.

      • I have read enough of your comments TomA to say honestly I fear you might be looking for a fight under the pretext of leaving your bike out where it would attract attention and waiting to catch a thief.

        Don’t be that guy. A prison sentence for standing your ground as you wrestle armed with your CC with a meth addict over a bike is going to really suck. You are pretty much 100% the guy they are talking about when they talk about “Red Flag” laws.

        • Not really. I would only ever use a firearm in self-defense or hunting (excepting target practice of course). And a firearm should only be drawn if you’re serious about using it, so never wave one around as a threat either. And I agree that bike theft is no excuse to shot anyone, so we’re not so different as you think.

          As for my comment above, I was trying to make the point that you can, and should, try to protect anything of value to you by being vigilant and serious, and not so much relying solely on a mechanical device. As to the CC issue; if you’ve never carried, you likely don’t know how it effects your state of mind. And as the crazy increases in the months ahead, you would be wise to carry more often than not. LEOs will not be there when you need one, so you must rely on yourself.

        • Good thing TomA lives in the mountains in Montana or something. Less hobos and diversity to deal with out there 😉

          However if I ever hear a story about an “incident” from the Rockies I’ll be sure to check here next day.

          • Buffer zone baby! Stayin’ alive, stayin alive.

            On the flip side, those of you in the big city that somehow manage to survive the collapse & chaos will likely have run a threat gauntlet that would make SEAL trainees blush with envy. Good on ya, mate.

    • I must have missed any racial reference. The closest I saw was “metropolitan.” I admit the lock itself is black, however 😀

      Am I the only one who sees the silliness of YouTube? I have to watch a commercial before I watch a commercial!

  5. I have to wonder if a conservatism based on truth is even possible in our society

    I would think that truth is more compatible with a society based on honor, and didn’t we say that honor is the basis of an aristocracy

    We live in a big department store or mideast bazaar, and that’s the truth

    • A hundred old bromides would have to be tossed aside. People like Sean Hannity would have to be punched out in bars. It would take a lot, and you would be left with something completely different, and far superior.

    • “The North American Kosher Bodega Globalist Economic Zone” is where you currently reside, formerly the USA. (To steal a hilarious phrase from another site)

      • I love the HUSTLE and BUSTLE. Do you have BODEGAS? I can LITERALLY buy SOY AND CARBS and chips late at NIGHT. Dumb red state Hicks. I love tacos!!

        • >Read your comment
          >Search for ‘modern heretic’
          >Find modernheretic3000 blogspot

  6. One thing I’ve noticed is how easily “conservatives” are led by the nose by the simple means of invoking one of their cherished, usually leftist-derived “principles.” I guess that’s part of the “Big Con.”

    There was an article a couple days ago inspiring outrage across the conservosphere about how American university was establishing black-only dorms. Of course, the conservatives were activating their egalitarian and DR^3 triggers condemning this “racism.”

    I felt compelled to mention “Why do you care? All the other dorms will be better for having fewer blacks in them. Look to your own people.”

    Oh, yeah. Well, that. I got no pushback because it’s an iron rule, whether liberal or conservative — Whites run from black majority schools as fast as their little feet can carry them. There’s literally no reason they should be opposed to fewer blacks in the dorms where their precious kids will be living, and when forced to think about that, they *know* it’s true.

    • I remember my philosophy 101 professor, who was kind of an oddball, but he said something that always stuck with me. Basically, don’t expect professors to ever challenge the status quo because most of them come from the middle class and are not made to be iconoclasts, they are here for the steady job, despite any intellectual pretensions or conceits

      I think this carries over to most of our society. It might be a mistake to assume that the typical normie con would ever put his neck on the line for anything because he’s just not built that way. He’s built to be a yes-man and a conformist. Challenging the status quo in any way shape or form is just not in the cards.

      Like I sad long ago when I first started posting here. Maybe we are all there is and ever going to be to the dissident right. A small niche faction of men, generally,who have more guts than the average Joe and who put truth above much else even if to our personal and financial detriment. Being DR asks quite a bit of the person. And how many people like us can there ever be?

      • True, they’re pure cowards who would eat a thousand dicks for that annuity check (that will be vaporized by around 60% during the coming inflation). You would need an event that causes a large swath of them to lose everything, and even then, most of them will be cowards who follow the next con artist who gains traction. My belief is that the American, 1950’s middle class was a fleeting moment based on events of the time, and most people, even whites were always meant to be poor peasants, with blacks meant to be neolithic jungle people. Not necessarily because the system makes them poor, it does, but because they’re ignorant, dim witted and make terrible life decisions. Buying the new margarita machine over proper dental care. Etc.

        • Hmm let see, sipping margaritas on the back patio while grilling burgers and listening to the Garth Brooks box set on CD or having a root canal. Screw dental health, I say live for today!

      • Your prof was a fool or a liar. While it’s true that the professors–at least after the AWRs conquered academia–don’t want to change the university very much, it is equally true that they worked tirelessly to destroy the status quo that used to be America. Needless to say, they succeeded beyond their wildest dreams.

        • Point well taken, Ostei, but that’s also along the lines of what he meant. The “leftists” are just middle class hacks who see financial stability in creating a new status quo. If there were no such thing as tenure, and they didn’t have the protections of tenure, they wouldn’t be so bold. There is no real risk in anything they do. In fact it’s sanctioned by the government.

          The point he made was about taking risks and putting your neck on the line, challenging the orthodoxy, etc. These leftists would NEVER do that. Let’s see one of them challenge BLM or was have you.

          • That is true. The intellectual war they’ve waged on white people poses no risks to them. In fact, all of the risk resides with those rare professors who oppose that war. They lose their jobs and have their careers wrecked by doing so.

      • In defense of being afraid to be an iconoclast: even in normal times, speaking out can easily cost you your position, your career, even your social circle. Many, perhaps most, professors are NOT tenured and thus subject to dismissal for the slightest misstep. How much more so, then, those who lack any security of their position? These people have at the very least their own income to consider. Often they have families reliant upon them too. In these abnormal times, the persecution is getting worse.

        I hope we don’t end up with needing to avoid being the first to stop clapping after Comrade Stalin’s speech, but it seems we are adrift on those waters. 🙁

        • Being DR already makes you an iconoclast, if you ask me

          Yes, not good to put your neck out there, but doesn’t have to be done conspicuously. Throwing sand in the gears is good enough for now for most of us.

      • I don’t see how anyone who has ever worked in an organization can be optimistic about our side of the divide rebelling whether for Secession or general pushback until things are so bad they have no choice.

        In corporations I saw behavior that would remind me of Samuel Johnson’s statement that he was always amazed by “man’s propensity to stoop to meet the situation.”

        If there was even the slightest risk of a downside nearly everyone would be willing to toss another worker into the volcano to satisfy the corporate God. At the very least they would never come to the defense of someone being treated unfairly. A sizable minority would go out of their way to hurt a coworker if doing so provided them the slightest possible advantage.

        We are not a cohesive culture of warriors. We are a nation of sheep.

    • If a drunken co-ed acquiesces to a genetic injection from a frat boy, the second party is a social pariah for the rest of his life. But if that same drunken co-ed allows experimental gene therapy to be injected into her by an agent of the state…

  7. “You always have to be suspicious of any group using the name Lincoln and this is no exception.”

    Don’t forget Lincoln Savings and Loan, which under Charles Keating was the epicenter of the savings and loan “crisis” i.e. scam. One of his hired legislators was John McCain.

    • Who threw two other Senators under the bus who weren’t even as connected for his own survival.

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  9. Clarity once again. A memetic war is raging. It’s aim is indoctrination of the masses with a covert mindset that serves the interests of Progressive Elites and the Deep State. Hired pens are mercenary warriors at the front lines; and yes, they do tangible harm by proxy. When you infect society’s brain with a an artificial meme virus, lots of extreme derivative consequences will follow.

    For example, an old man walking down the street is blindsided with a vicious punch to the head and his brain is scrambled. An old woman tending a flower bed on the street is similarly & brutally punched in the head from behind by random attacker. A retired doctor, his wife & grandchildren are shot dead in cold blood because he refused to prescribe painkillers to an addict. A four year boy is dragged from his home, stabbed to death & left on the street by drug addled burglar. There is a common denominator to these horrors, and it begins with the moneymen who finance these propaganda campaigns and care not who dies as a consequence.

    Our society has a serious disease, and it’s getting worse, not better. That must change.

    • We are not allowed to have a memory about the past crimes. Who remembers the Colton Hinant kid who got shot in the head for being white. The number of stories like that I have read over the last 20 years is huge. We are not allowed to remember or state our grievances or experiences. But black people are actively encouraged to remember and document even minor affronts.

      I do not know of even one example where a white person has flat out mercilessly killed a black child for no reason but I can give you numerous recent examples of where this has happened the other way around and yet we are supposedly the oppressors.

      It’s pure lunacy. Like Emmet Till was killed yesterday and we are all stuck staring at the body forever. History never progresses. It’s just an eternal racial grievance were we are not allowed to speak frankly about our own experiences of these people and why we think things are the way they are. A totally one sided conversation.

      • Blacks have a different mind than us. I don’t believe they have a future tense in African languages. It always just is. Basically they aren’t capable of differentiating between yesterday, today, and tommorow. To them, Emmet Till was killed today and sheeit whitey still b killing us!

        We are vastly different peoples.

        • B125: I differ in considering them to ‘have a different mind.’ I consider them (and science largely bears out my belief) a separate and distinct subspecies. They have different genetic origins (Denisovan not Neanderthal) and had different environmental influences. They are not homo sapiens sapiens, and to attribute a ‘soul’ to creatures utterly without mercy or empathy or abstract thought is a category error.

          tl;dr: They are not fully human. I fully expect the down votes and I fully stand by my opinion.

          • can you imagine the depth of these dindus when they consider the act of creation as being similar to that of a man vomiting?
            Their belief is that a god vomited the world.

            Christianity: At the beginning there was logos.
            Kuba religion: At the beginning there was a giant who was feeling sick.

            Sharing a society with such semiprimates will surely end well, especially when they’re given special status.

          • Biologically speaking I can not agree. The fact we can interbreed seems to confirm that, and there are at least a talented 10% who are capable of acting White. You don’t need to attribute a subspecies status to explain what average IQ differences can adequately cover. They are fully human, just on average, not as smart, and that translates into aggregate behavioral differences and culture.

        • Case in Point: LeBron James tweeting “They be out here hunting us everyday” after the Ahmed Arbury shooting, which was the most egregious example lately of a complete lie built on the foundation of the lie of Ahmed being merely an innocent jogger.

          Like some kind of eternal present tense. Which is why reparations are meaningless. They will only ever live in the historical pain of their ancestors anyway because they refuse to consider that today is actually not exactly the same as yesterday.

    • “…A memetic war is raging. It’s aim is indoctrination of the masses… Hired pens are mercenary warriors at the front lines…”

      We are already in the post-literary age. We don’t need yet another wordy journal that few will read.

      The leftists are winning this battle, partly because they reduce their message to simple slogans and repeat them constantly. The esoteric ramblings in “Foreign Affairs” are of no interest to the masses. Shouting “Social justice!” and “Black lives matter!” is all that’s needed.

      To win the “meme war”, we also need a simple message. We need popular, hard-to-attack slogans. We need well designed posters. We need short talking points to back them up. Then we need to promote them everywhere.

        • My current favorite is “Civilized Life Matters”.

          Drives the “BLM” people crazy, like “All Lives Matter”. Not easy to attack like “White Lives Matter”. Appeals to any group which values “civilized life”, as opposed to violence and degeneracy, etc.

          I’m sure there are talented folk who could do even better…

          • “No Lives Matter” rings true. They really don’t. Who was it that said the graveyards are full of indispensable men?

          • Tom: “Reality Matters” is a good slogan, but is more philosophical than political, and would only invite pointless debate with the “critical theory” crowd on what is “real”, etc.

            By focusing the debate on “civilized life”, we can bring up realities regarding crime rates, marriage and family, education, work ethics, etc.

          • JR: If you actually believe that “no lives matter”, why are you still breathing? Why post a comment, if none of us matter? Clever, but useless.

          • If you are going to insist on a meme war, how about “It’s OK to be Civilized”, equating civilization with being White.

      • They are not winning because of memes or catchy slogans. They are winning because if you don’t give in, they will burn your city with no repercussions to themselves or their cause. In fact, it only strengthens it.

        The same reason muslims in Europe get away with murder. Because they can.

  10. The AWRs had no qualms about coopting and hijacking capitalism for their own purposes, even though most of them professed hatred for capitalism. “Conservatives,” on the other hand, are too principled to sully their hands with state power as a means of rolling back the destruction of free speech. That, in a nutshell, is why the AWRs won, and the Right lost.

    • Ostei: As Zman has stated, Capitalism is not a religion. Anytime I see issues of the day framed in terms of capitalism/communism, I know I’m dealing with civnat fools. There’s one particular website I skim, at which I’ve found some interesting links/memes, but they are absolutely obsessed with killing ‘communists.’ Yet never a scintilla of a thought of the Jevv question or the race question, because we’re all part of the ‘human race.’ Except commies. Utterly useless drivel.

      • Our enemies aren’t communists. They do not want the proletariat to own the means of production.

        People cling to this inaccurate term because they want to fight an ideological/economic war but they are in a race war.

        Many will say that if we are not fighting communism then we are fighting socialism. However, most people have some socialist preferences. Unless you are willing to let poor children die when charities fail, for example, then you are some kind of socialist.

        • The commie thing is merely a Cold War anachronism. And old habits–and terminology–die hard.

        • Well in the “attention economy” which is Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc… yes, our overlords very much want the non-white masses to own the means of production, i.e. the culture. That’s why Joy Reid notoriously exclaimed from her MSNBC perch that “we” (meaning her friends) own the culture and Trump supporters are domestic terrorists.

          You are thinking of the means of production being some kind of olden days factory. You are correct in that nobody cares about those anymore.

          • You’ve reinterpreted “communism” to mean “anti-white.” What percentage of the people who decry “communism” share your meaning?

            Isn’t is clearer to just call it “anti-white” then?

        • Line – Yes. These are people who refuse to accept we live in a demographic age. They refuse to accept the reality of race, period. The website I’m referring to is Western Rifle Shooters, of course. I know they read here, because I’ve seen links to Zman posts there. As I said, I scan their stuff, some of which is useful, but they have this enormous mental block. It is/was visible in Matt Bracken’s fiction books, readable as they are. This blind insistence that only ideology and ‘principles’ matter, not race, makes reading them and many of their links an enormous exercise in frustration. I’ll be reading some solid sentences, fully aware of the war against us the government is waging, and then where the genuine thinking dissident would put ‘blacks’ they put ‘communists.’ You just cannot reform older boomers, and I don’t know how useful all their verbal bluster and genuine military experience will be when they refuse to recognize racial reality which is at the root of everything.

  11. Notice in that article that the word “monopoly” only appears in the comments section, that the Federal Trade Commission is never mentioned, and a fleeting sentence in the conclusion explains why these companies can’t be broken up, without any supporting facts or evidence. The biggest con in libertarianism is the “natural monopoly.” While this article never brings that up, it adheres to it. If something is indeed a “natural monopoly” then it’s by nature a public good and should be either nationalized or heavily regulated from top to bottom.

    • Yeah – these guys talk like constantly rearranging our life to escape the problems of being jacked over is just one of the wonders of the free market.

      Here’s an idea: we hire some thugs to threaten our digital oppressors with prison if they don’t stop oppressing us. We can call them the FTC. Which would be more efficient? We hire a couple hundred guys and buy them guns and badges or 350 million people spend a month looking to solve their digital overlord problem?

      See? We discovered a more efficient solution! The wonders of a free market.

  12. Word association games:

    MLK Blvd is to the left what Lincoln Projects are to the right.

    (grab your wallet and get out of there!!)

  13. I read the American Conservative occasionally but find it sprinkled with not so conservative content, like it was hijacked. I read American Thinker more often but find the same there although not as bad.
    It’s hard to find consistent good middle brow content so I stick to sites like this for the good stuff.
    I also like Counter-Currents even though it’s a paywall for some content now.
    I still read or watch mainstreamers like Victor Davis Hanson and Pat Buchanan and even Bill Whittle on occasion but all the civic nationalism stuff just ain’t gonna work anymore.

    • I’ve taken to reading VDH’s historical comparisons as mordant humor these days. “When the Thracian dictator Numimicles undermined the culture and customs of the people he claimed to represent as recklessly as Nancy Pelosi does now, things ended badly.”

      [Checks Wikipedia to find it ended with 4,000 people being tortured to death and the city being burned.]

      • VDH has been a bright candle in a dark bleak dungeon these days. I like his writing. Obviously he’s totally mainstream but pretty fun to listen to anyway as he gripes about things. I hate how the people on Fox News who interview him always cut him off.

        • He’s just one more barking mad zionist neocon. “No wars except for Israel”

  14. Shut down the pirate cove and hang the pirates. That’s as obvious as anything is in the actual world. The question is, as with belling the cat, Who is going to do the shutting down and the hanging? And how are they going to do it?

    • From the shadows, only from the shadows. Nothing is more impactful than the remedy from nowhere.

      • Exactly. I find the whole “when will white people rise up?” whining very tedious. Nobody is stopping YOU from acting in your own best interest. White people do it all the time but you don’t hear about it because whites tend to be smart enough not to whip out a camera phone, record it, and upload it to Twitter for future prosecution.

        “One need not have an actual conspiracy to achieve the practical effects of a conspiracy. More regimes have been brought, piecemeal, to their knees by what was once called “Irish Democracy,” the silent, dogged resistance, withdrawal, and truculence of millions of ordinary people, than by revolutionary vanguards or rioting mobs.” – James C. Scott

        • There is this thing where stuff just stops working. I was reading the story about the French defeat in 1940. What was interesting is that the high command seemed pretty competent and the French equipment was not inferior to the Germans’. But the Republic had so hollowed out the institutions of the country that the army simply couldn’t do army stuff – they couldn’t implement a withdrawal, a redeployment, a pivot to cut off a breakout, nothing.

          High command was shocked that an army that had fought like demons at Verdun could no longer fight at all. It had been hollowed out from the inside.

          • The reason is that countless alphas died on the fields of the Somme, Passchendaele, Verdun and elsewhere. Europe is still paying the price of that mechanized slaughter machine and the demise of a generation of its most dominant & courageous males. Our DNA based legacy will rebuild this resource if we first restore the selection pressure that produced dominant males in the natural environment.

        • More irish live in North America than they do in Ireland,I’m not sure it’s a useful analogy.
          “once called “Irish Democracy,” “-by Americans one presumes. Why not African American , Native American or even Polish democracy? You Americans always have to have a pop at the English.

  15. I’d surely like to see the hangings begin posthaste. The gallows might be a little pricey due to lumber inflation, but it’ll be money well spent. I imagine rope is still pretty cheap.

  16. The whole Sec 230 business for me is a smokescreen for the Government outsourcing suppression of free speech to the Tech Oligarchs. The so-called conservative/libertarian mercenary grifters have falsely framed it as a private property, “build your own Facebook if you don’t like it” issue. See Parler to find out how this works out……..

    The First Amendment says the Government cannot suppress your speech. Private companies, naturally, can do whatever they please. So this is another example of outsourcing: the Government gets Facebook to suppress your speech. Meanwhile, it turns a blind eye to obvious Tech Oligarch collusion to screw Gab and Parler.

    I’m not sure what the solution might be, but the DR should be completely b**cotting all the major social media sites.

      • Might work if the “justice system” wasn’t also controlled by these people. Say they slander you or ban you. You pay a lawyer tens of thousands to try and clear your name. After 5 years in court, the appeals judge rules against you on a technicality, case closed.

    • Yes, Section 230 and the de-facto monopoly of Big Tech is a thorny problem. To put it into 19th century terms that might be easier to understand, even by me with an IT background: Of course the First Amendment still exists. You are free to write and publish your own flyers, newspapers or books. But the problem seems to be that no one will rent you warehouse space, sell or lease you a press, nor supply your paper and ink. Never mind the problem of distributing your periodicals: they don’t exist, and no commercial venture would stock them, under penalty of being cancelled. Viola! Dictatorship by the private sector. No government trampling of rights required.

      • “The press, with a few insignificant exceptions not worth taking into account, is entirely in our hands… No piece of information will reach society without passing through our control… These agencies will belong to us entirely and will only publish such news as we choose to allow.”

      • Yes, but it’s always been that way. At no point from the ratification of the first amendment to the present has there ever been an assumption of access to public forums or private distribution channels. Moreover, the specific phrasing of the first amendment is that “Congress shall make no law…” This isn’t de facto freedom of speech, it’s simply forbidding the federal government to play a role in regulating it. Free speech has never existed, it was simply a rhetorical trick leftists used to steal the megaphone from traditionalists.

        • Actually I think that they were speaking to the issue of the day which was potential government censoring. Media monopoly control was beyond their reality at the time. In any case as one of the founders said (to paraphrase) that the constitution was written for a moral and religious people. In the totally corrupt situation that we currently find ourselves only power, money and force matter.

        • Luckily we don’t really have to make laws anymore. The President can rule by edict with executive orders or the federal law enforcement types like the FBI can just kick you in the cajones whenever they want and make it your problem to get restitution.

    • I see Faceberg and Twitter as the digital, privatized entities wearing the skinsuit of the traditional public square, thus allowing them to erect barriers to entry and control the content therein.

      • When “private” corporations are in a thoroughly symbiotic relationship with government, the distinction between private and public is no more. This is a key component of classical fascism, of course, and it’s a major feature of replacing America with something very different and much worse.

        • ^^^This. Google and Amazon both receive massive (taxpayer-funded) government contracts. Yet when they start wielding the Ban-hammer, neither Party’s
          elected officials protest.

          • And they don’t protest because they are doing the work the government wants them to do. The big corporations and government have always been in bed, of course, but prior to the 90s, and certainly before the 60s, the relationship was based upon graft. Nowadays, although the financial corruption persists, there is also a political and cultural component. The government–including the Republicans–want the corporations to harm whitey culturally and politically. The corporations are now government’s unofficial cultural propaganda arm, and its censor.

          • Ostei-


            The US’ implementation of fascism has the corporations in control.

            The Chinese version still has the government in control.

    • Captain Willard: While I was raised on standard civic nationalism, I’ve come to agree with a certain blogger that free speech is a chimera. It is always and should always be controlled, but it all depends on who sets the standards. Any future ethnostate would be suicidal if it instituted purportedly ‘free speech.’ That is inviting spiteful mutants (and there will always be some even among Whites) to push for sexual license and rights for non-Whites.

      A return to White Western controlled-speech and behavior is long overdue. We could also do with a return of a sense of personal privacy, and of shame.

        • I was going to say that looked like they got infiltrated and converged somewhere along the way, but reading the Wiki page on the Legion (linked from the above link), it looks like the entire Catholic Church got converged and left them behind. Plus the convergence of the public school system that turned children away from traditional morality.

      • How about this standard: you get to speak if you pay taxes (that is, you pay in more than you suck out; or if retired, have paid in more than the net present value of what you’re going to take out).

        On some level, your rights should approximate your responsibilities.

        • Hmm, I dunno. There’s have been few people more destructive to this nation than a cabal of extremely well-off “fellow Americans” and billionaires like Gates, Bezos, Adelson, Koch, etc.

          I’m fine with making the vote contingent on one’s status as a tax leech (I’d also make government employees ineligible to vote, though, due to conflict of interest), but I think speech needs to be approached in a non-economic fashion. We are not economic units and we can’t reduce our entire culture down to economic measures. I don’t have the answer off the top of my head as to how, though.

    • Yes, Captain Willard, this is an observation very much to the point. The principle is outlined in this post:
      At the head of this post are these words: “What government wants to do but cannot, it can require corporations to do for it”.

      What we seem to be confronted with is not really communism, but fascism in the sense by which Mussolini understood it; i.e., the union of State and Corporations. Mussolini conceived of this union as being beneficial to Corporations, but under the condition that the State held the whip hand through its unambiguous superiority as authors of all laws and regulations, and its monopoly on coercive violence both physical and “legal”. Nowadays, with the Uniparty, the power relationship is less certain owing to the corruption of the politicians and regulatory capture; but the symbiotic relationship of State and Corporations is certainly intact, even if somewhat differently structured and maintained. If socialist organizational principles help in cementing the rule of The Elites, whether governmental or corporate, then they reach for those, but all within an authoritarian framework where coercion can be exercised through “legal” means or police violence, or through the enforcement of a status of economic pariahdom via cancellation. That’s real Fascism, and nothing less.

  17. I was a CivNat heading into college. I joined some campus conservative groups and was integrated into the party at the local/youth level. Quickly noticed that it was fully run by homosexuals. The people involved were:

    – homosexuals
    – autistic guys with no social skills but who want power
    – “policy wonks” who like to feel smart and hum and haw to show how smart and superior they are.

    None of these people actually hold any conservative values, nor do they try and fight for them. It’s just a game where they try and climb the greasy pole to get power. It was a big redpill though.

    • Oh ya, and I’ll also add that none of the have any game whatsoever, they would simp like crazy even at the ugliest conservative girl. The ratio was like 20:1 male to female.

      • The greasy pole smoking status climbers and the feminized culture they propagate works to not only gatekeep any actual normal men of conservative orientation but also to pre-empt the conservative chads from entering any kind of activism.

        The lispy bow-tie faggotry of campus conservatism is some of the best birth control on the market.

        Unfortunately that beta thirst model extends well beyond college to become conInc documentary girl fantasy finance, 2A gunslut pinup worship, and foreign bride fetishizing. All dead ends.

        Meanwhile the conInc and globoCorp joint-ventures pay “up and coming stars” like benjie to larp about the Constitution.

        And the remnants of budding shitlords end up wasting away selling bonds and Tindering urban libstuts instead of carrying the torch.

        • Great stuff, particularly here:

          “The lispy bow-tie faggotry of campus conservatism is some of the best birth control on the market.”

  18. The American Conservative is a bizarre publication. They regularly post obviously paid for garbage like the piece Zman wrote this column about. Their most popular contributor is Rod Dreher, who has a decent understanding of religious liberty but otherwise is an emotive fool who gets gaslight by the left all the time. He loves denouncing anyone who even mildly promotes a positive white identity. Their comment section is almost overrun with urban liberals, why they are reading “The American Conservative” is anyone’s guess.

    Then they will on occasion publish something very good that it is shocking could get on a publication like this. Along side this column today is one by Emma Freire. She is a writer who moved back to the United States after eight years of living in South Africa and Brazil. She gives confirmation to what many on this side have been saying for years, that our society is devolving become more like these basket case nations using blunt examples. Hopefully she can help wake up some whites.

    • Dreher is the most craven cuck imaginable. He pretends running and hiding is principled. I don’t think he is gaslighted as much as realizes accepting leftwing premises is tge path of least resistance, the sort of thing National Review does.

      • David French is worse, but Dreher is bad. Here is a good example from a few years ago. There was a fire that was determined to be arson at a Mosque in Houston, Dreher responded with this hand wringing piece about “fighting religious bigotry” and sanctimoniously sent the Mosque $50 to help them rebuild. A few days later, someone got around to reporting the truth, the fire was started by a vagrant trying to keep warm and only caused some damage to a storage building. When called out on his donation, he was defensive, calling it a gesture of goodwill. Hard to believe he thinks he could guide a movement to stand up to the forces trying to tear down Christianity.

        • If push came to shove, Dreher would gleefully assist the totalitarianis in destroying the last vestiges of Christianity and then offer up his wife and daughters to celebrate the victory. French, who is mentally ill, would just watch.

        • David French poses as a conservative evangelical (his twitter picture used to be a portrait of John Calvin) yet he would regularly gush about “Game of Thrones” when it was on air. That was about 5 years ago. Now the norm for TV is that any program not explicitly aimed at young children will have soft-core pornographic content/nudity. Super-Calvinist David French is entirely silent about this sort of thing.

          • David French is also a 50-something year old World of Warcraft addict.

            The guy is a completely manufactured talent-less paid shill.

            I’m actually surprised that whomever is bankrolling his lifestyle couldn’t find someone of higher caliber.

          • French is one of the worst of that crowd. He is a dunce, as well as a self-righteous degenerate.

          • This article is so funny:


            So how did you get started playing WoW?

            I am an old-time Warcrafter, spending hour after frustrating, mediocre hour on during the old “Reign of Chaos” and “Frozen Throne” RTS days. When WoW came out, I was appalled that Blizzard would ruin the franchise with something like an MMO (I barely knew what that was). I tried it about a month after release, and the first night I couldn’t figure out how to change the camera angle, so I ran around the Night Elf starter zone yelling at the screen because I just had a top-down view. I was such a noob that it took me to level 40 to realize that I could get rid of the starter gear, and I wondered why everyone LOLed at my toon. Heck, I didn’t even know about talent points until level 30.

      • He called himself a crunchy con post 9/11. Whatever that meant.

        I stopped reading his stuff after he became obsessed with taking and posting pictures of his food.

        • I’d found his “crunchy con” twist appealing at first: a conservative who thinks that the country shouldn’t be paved over. However, it turned out that it didn’t work as a stand alone tenet and his writing on the subject was extremely dry and evasive since, for example, conserving the countryside would seem to also imply conserving the people that are living there too, and we can’t have that now can we.

    • It is a strange site. I know one person involved is pretty much a paleo. Then there are others who strike me as commissars. Then you have goofballs like Dreher. People forget that he has hopped from one cut to the next. He was once something called a crunchy-con, for example. At one time they had Ron Unz running the place.

      We really need a decent middlebrow publication that advocates our interests.

      • Dreher also periodically changes his religion along with his Conservatism-of-the-week. My favorite Dreher moment was when he referenced human biodiversity and commented he gad not read the science about IQ and race and did not intend to do so. Along with bliss, ignorance is the path of least resistance in that area.

        Both Dreher and French are mentally ill, full stop.

        If you ever decide to publish a midbrow DR magazine I’m fully onboard.

        • As an aside because I find it hilarious, no matter how nutty Dreher got, he always was welcome at National Review. Then he turned against the Neocons (again, it had become fashionable at that point to go after the rat bastards) and suddenly National Review sent him into exile. Too many NR donors are invested in MIC and AIPAC, to the extent tge two are distinguishable

          • NR founder William F. Buckley Jr. was also a member of the globalist Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) for 30 years.

      • Paul Gottfried is running Chronicles now. There’s also E. Michael Jones’ Culture Wars, but that’s only 3-5 articles a month. Unz Review is now mostly insane WigNat fedposting.

        • Tucker Carlson is a good proof of concept, in that there is an audience for this content. I have not looked at the numbers since last year, but this site was getting over 300K unique visitors a month. Counter-Currents gets 500k. Conservative Inc. has a million ways to sell a donor, while we have none. A professional journal of opinion on a show string that gets a lot of traffic could be a starting place. Another proof of concept.

      • But then what purpose do publications like that serve in the power structure? The Federalist is another one that seems to be financed by some rich people to sort of astroturf talking points for the globalists. The Left has publications like that too, e.g. Vox and Mother Jones.

        So here’s how I see those publications functioning in our political system:

        1. Dumbed down versions of papers that lobbyists and Think Tanks write in order to make it seem like there is momentum behind an idea.
        2. Places for rich people’s kids to work where they are shielded from having to look for a real job but still add some value to the family business.
        3. A place to meet young women who are ideologically correct for rich “conservative” guys.
        4. A pipeline to journalists who need easy access to “Sources”.
        5. Draft versions of segments that later get edited and re-written for Fox News.

        The last thing they are doing, in my opinion, is inviting a dialogue or encouraging real people to share an opinion.

        For me, a Dissident publication with a middle brow audience would end up being Taki Mag, which we already have. But unlike how the leftists build organizations to amass paid followers who run the organization, there isn’t any kind of paying job I could get promoting Dissident ideas. The fact that an activist Billionaire can set up an organization (not for profit) and then hire hundreds of fanatical left-wing women, gays, black people, and Jews to work there is extremely influential. We don’t have anything like that in the Dissident right. The reason we don’t is that it used to be the case that all the white guys had all the good paying jobs so these kinds of organizations were a kind of alternative career for the marginalized. But now all the white guys are truck drivers and suchlike so the fact that there are no alternative careers for us just leaves us powerless and unrepresented. Which is of course the goal.

      • What are your thoughts on Roger Kimball, who us the editor of The New Criterion. He seems a mix of old-school intellectual/academic — a haunt of the NYC-NorthEastern intellectual crowd. I enjoyed his earlier commentary, as he at least seemed to have a clear grasp of history and human folly. But I was surprised at the positions he began to set out early in the Trump (campaign) period. He seemed to be advocating things more palatable to dissidents than to the NYC cocktail circuit crowd.

        • Kimball is one of the very best and brightest. In my opinion, he may be the best public intellectual on the Right.

      • Pretty sure Dreher discovered he had black ancestry several years ago – he was blubbering about it.

    • Barnard: Dreher is a useless cuck who continually apologizes for Whites’ existence. I went and read Freire’s article and some of the comments – what drivel. All she notices upon returning to the US after 10 years abroad is mail and customer service? Not one word about immigration or race. She correctly notes how blase` Americans are about their children, shutting them away with minimum wage non-White ‘daycare’ and in public schools to be taught to be ashamed of their people and history.

      The comments are about what one would expect from Conservative Inc. Public life in America – from concerts to libraries to malls – is to be avoided by decent White people. Build your own private world, because Clownworld wants your children. Deny it its prey.

      • Too right. I had a read of that lady’s article, and then read the comments. One gentleman considered the job of a bossy person instructing people to pull their masks up around their noses was not a useless/make job.

      • She is commenting about the differences she has noticed coming back to the United States after 8 years living elsewhere. Immigration was already a disaster when she left.
        She wrote a pretty based column for Chronicles in 2018 about living in South Africa and praising the white South Africans fighting to preserve their way of life there. If someone like this isn’t good enough, who is going to pass your purity test?

    • I’m glad you said this because I was just about to post almost the exact same thing.

      I remember being flat out banned from this site long ago for some very milquetoast type comments regarding the schism between ‘Trump supporters’ and ‘conservatives’. That should tell you everything you need to know about the place right there. I’m not even talking about 3rd rail topics like racial IQ differences, the JQ, etc. Just simply that maybe these –millions– of Trump people are not all toothless hillbillies and see something that should be considered thoughtfully vs. shouted down. Boom— insta-ban for life. LOL! Never went back since as it was clear they were a true Mitt Romney level bastion of hypocrisy.

      Also re: the comments section, that is the other big tell. It is like reading ‘The Hill’ or the NYT comments section and most of the ‘conservatives’ will either agree with the urban shitlibs or give that sort of ‘gentle resistance’ that allows them to be steamrolled. The entire site oozes with the essence of Cuckservative in the most raw distilled essence of the world.

      • It is vexing to be censored or banned. I’ve experienced the same. For what little good it’ll do, I refuse to participate in such sites and make my refusal known when appopriate, such as when my neighborhood association suggested that I enroll in Nextdoor.

        • If a site does not allow fairly free speech where people can actually say what they think in response to the articles and other commenters, I do not read it. And I am perfectly fine with accepting at least the same kind of restrictions of speech you would experience at a dinner party with strangers, where you aren’t just going to intentionally be offensive and weird. I am fine with some moderation in online speech but of course if you give an inch they will take a mile.

        • Since I appear to have been redpilled for well over a decade, I’ve been banned from a LOT of websites. In many ways it highlights my growth from newly conservative patriot to racial realist without a country: Gateway Pundit, Breitbart, Conservative Treehouse, and a bunch of others are off limits. My comments at Amren are regularly censored or removed. Sailer is hit or miss; depends on my mood (and how caustic my comment is) and his. I’ve had a few comments removed from Counter Currents. Many other sites on this side of the divide I used to patronize are no longer extant.

          I don’t generally protest any of the bans; the websites are not mine and I have no innate ‘rights’ as a voluntary commenter. But it does cause me to consider such a site’s content as less than fully trustworthy.

          • I’m a frequent poster at ZeroHedge, which claims to have moderation but I’ve rarely noticed any censorship. Of course, many of the comments are very left-field, so perhaps more lucid commentary passes unnoticed. I guess the Feds are amassing quite a file on me. Good for them! 🙂

    • Thanks for the link. I thought this was an important point :

      “This willful ignorance about public schools is an example of the “anarcho-tyranny” of mainstream American parenting. I observe parents micromanaging their children’s behaviour during the relatively short periods of time they spend with them. They relentlessly remind their kids to say “please” and keep yelling “be careful!” or “slow down!” At the same time, these parents show an almost shocking level of disinterest in the most important influences in their children’s lives. If a public school has a good rating, then it must be fine. After all, the parents went to public school themselves and they turned out okay. If a day-care center is affordable and keeps your kid from running under a car, then that’s good enough.”

    • “Their comment section is almost overrun with urban liberals, why they are reading “The American Conservative” is anyone’s guess.”

      It’s their job.

      • Fox New’s Comment section has that problem big time. You’ll read some story that isn’t really about anything and then half the comments will be like “This started with Trumps lies!” or “That was before Trump killed more people than in every war combined with his covid response” and it’s like Don Lemon from CNN is getting paid by Mitt Romney to post snarky anti-Trump comments in as a side-hustle. But yeah, as the other two replies note: the comment sections of every website are either monitored or contributed to by the ADL, the military, the FBI, etc. It’s not just regular guys sharing their ideas online anymore like it used to be in the 1990s. It’s a battlefield. The information space.

    • Rod Dreher, hours after the Covington kid was accused of harassing the Indian, had to pipe up and publicly say “Gee this looks terrible.” Couldn’t have waiting until all the facts were in. Never had any respect for him after that. Rod Dreher is what National Public Radio thinks a Christian looks like.

  19. Do you ever get those “chain emails” that go into some sort of rant that incorporates all the current outrage events that get conservatives on their hind legs? They start listing all these things, then end with some quotes from a civil rights icon or Lincoln his own self. Then the challenge: “How many will have the courage to pass this on?” I’m always surprised at the people I know who fall for this shit.

    • Epaminondas: Never get chain mails, but any reference to Lincoln really is the kiss of death. Just finished the third book of William Forstchen’s TEOTWAKI series “One Second After” ( I read the first two years ago, didn’t realize there was a third). Spoiler warning: It ends with what’s supposed to be a tug-on-the-heartstrings scene at the Gettysburg cemetery, where the hitherto ‘rebel’ independent Whites discover the bureaucrats, politicians, and businessmen who saved themselves at the country’s expense when the EMP attack occurred, and continue to oppress those trying to rekindle a modern and independent life. Really turned my stomach and ruined my remembrance of the prior two volumes. No, I’m not going to forgive and hug those who’ve done this to us, and no, we are not ‘fellow countrymen.’

  20. “Ma’am, we have already determined what you are, now we are just haggling over the price.”

      • Yay white slave traders who sold hordes of white people to Muslims.

        I do not get the love affair people like you have with the Vikings.

  21. Yeah I can’t see it being anything more than a grift unless of course Hispanics and Black people end up getting super conservative and not wanting their kids to be raised on tranny globalism. I find it hard to believe that so many people are streaming across the now open border hoping to pay 70% income taxes and eat vegan and have their kids switch genders.

    The best way, it seems to me, to get the left to go for the opposite of an idea is for the right to first articulate some value that they can then utterly desecrate. So, we should out Thunk them by promoting gay mercenaries instead of traditional militaries, free abortion for all with licensing required to have a baby at all, and making same-race marriage totally illegal. You have to marry a non-white person, preferably a transsexual non-white person. It’s the law because we are White Supremacists who love non-white trannies. It’s just who we are. All sports must be mixed gender and be statistically representative of society as a whole in every position. Schools must not ever evaluate children’s abilities but rather encourage them to grow emotionally and nothing else. Shoplifting is liberating property from the evil corporate overlords who stole it.

    And on and on. I think we can really win this one guys. Let’s get creative. Ultimately our swarthy brethren want to enjoy material culture as first-world consumers. Well, we need to do everything we can to help them get there and then giggle as the rug is pulled out from underneath them exactly as it was for us.

    We have to stop trying to make sense. They use our efforts to explain ourselves against us.

    • If the right was serious, the only minority outreach would be blasting hispanic communities with pictures of hispanic tranny kids, black communities with pictures of black kids being sodomized by a gay white dude, and asian communities with academic apartheid propaganda to hit home with admissions discrimination.

      They’re going to be either indifferent or hostile to white people, so let’s make them hate the white liberal.

      • This would truly be a next level, 4-D chess plan to implement. Israel does that to Palestine. They will take over a tv station and broadcast porn, which is of course designed to humiliate and demoralize the Palestinians.

        Crime hasn’t worked. IQ hasn’t worked. Race Realism hasn’t worked. Nothing wakes up the mass of white people to what is happening. But putting the consequences of being absorbed into the globalist ideology front and center for Black and Brown people by literally showing them constantly being humiliated sexually and socially as they will be might wake THEM up and then the backlash against white people might ultimately wake white people up.

        I highly doubt LeBron James is expecting that in the future wheelchair bound black kids are going to be inclusively playing basketball with 6 foot tall transsexual female/males but that’s probably what the NBA will be 20 years from now. Every pro sport is basically just going to be a version of the special olympics.

      • Modern Immigrants (Real Americans) are true globalists. “Conservativism” to pocs and invaders is just one more obscure white problem.

        Sovereign borders are just economic zones. In fact, they are racist. And racist is a human rights violation. The blue helmets and NGO girls said so.

        Lines on maps are just economic barriers to gibs. Free movement to optimize personal economics is a human right.

        The chubby white girls with dreadlocks and welcome refugees open legs at the train station is a microcosm of how they see the land of the free.

        They have no need or desire to interfere with a people in the fast lane to suicide.

        Cultures who let their daughters backpack into beheadistan or sell their preteen sex on instagram, turn their sons into girls or pouty basement gamers, are just giant marks for the true “bootstrappers” of the world to con.

        “Politics” in Clown Country is 100% gibs.

        Billions get wired back “home”. They come and go, dropping babies on the right side of the passport lotto being paramount.

        White man laws and rules are for whites to debate while the pocs spawn upstream.

        They build their own communities and tap into the infrastructure where and when it suits them to protect and then assert their unique interests.

        I think its white projection to assume they think of us at all beyond what resources they can extract from us before the train reaches the half-built bridge and the reversion to the global mean brings many squeals from the uptown lofts.

        • Bang on comment. “We” sure got taken for a loop.

          They at least pretended to want to start a better life here in the past. Now they openly hate us and are slowly reverting our countries back to the shit hole mean.

          Alot of loot left to steal though. I have that thought often at work, this is a low brain power parasite that I’m having to speak slowly and simplify things for. We shouldn’t be living together.

    • They keep streaming into Canada. You think they actually want to work? Most of the world is a shit hole. They’ll take tranny story hour any day of the week as long as they get welfare and a “decent” apartment. The mindset partly explains why most of the world is a shit hole.

      Plus they’re forming enclaves more and more. Wokeness doesn’t necessarily penetrate as far into the hood. They are also fine with abortion. Chinese / Indians abort like crazy.

      • White no-go zones need to start becoming a thing. It doesn’t even have to be violent or an overt challenge to the current power structure, but just a matter of making enforcement so onerous and painful they just start looking the other way.

      • Exactly. Here the Blacks simultaneously hate homosexuals and line up dutifully to vote for Big Gay’s biggest supporters because of the gibs.

    • ” I find it hard to believe that so many people are streaming across the now open border hoping to pay 70% income taxes and eat vegan and have their kids switch genders.”

      Look at the countries they come from. They don’t care and aren’t capable of caring. The entire history of their countries is elites raping the country and throwing scraps to the peasants, with better scraps going to the peasants that are on the good side of the current rulers. That’s how they think government works. They’re just hoping for better scraps here.

    • AC2, your speculations about the political evolution of non-whites interest me because they put my theories about ethnocentrism to the test.

      I came to my beliefs fighting for immigration restriction in California. I used to wonder why non-whites were so supportive of massive immigration and the Democratic Party. My conclusion was that the non-whites feel a deep ethnocentrism that overrides other economic and social issues, like the ones you mentioned.

      My belief is that most of the non-whites will instinctively back the legislation and party that they believe will allow their group to dominate the others, even if that domination results in less prosperity.

      If non-whites go Republican because of economic concerns or disgust with sexual deviants then I will have to abandon my theory. But I don’t think that I will have to. We’ll see.

  22. Libertarian Position
    \lib·​er·​tar·​i·​an pə-ˈzi-shən\
    definition of libertarian position,
    1) a blend of hiding under the bed and shilling for global capital.

    You should do more of these Z man these are fun

  23. Conservatism not only is a grift, it’s a failed ideology.

    Next up: conservatism has never worked because it has never been done properly.

    Sound familiar?

    • Heh. I just wrote below that ‘being conservative is quite hard… it requires tough people to implement’ (that was the basic gist). On reading your comment, my statement does indeed appear to be a form of “It just wasn’t done properly”!

      Perhaps this highlights the importance of focusing on concrete goals as opposed to deciding what sort of conservative we are?

      • It would be interesting to pinpoint when the arguments migrated from concrete proposals to abstract generalities. So we could do it right and all. Snark aside, probably the early Eighties, and even then the rhetoric from Reagan and Thatcher was loaded with abstractions.

        • The, “Government is the problem…” portion of his inaugural speech is a perfect example of this.

          • It’s been going on a lot longer than Reagan and Thatcher. “Content of their character” ring a bell? Roosevelt’s “Four Freedoms”? “Dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal”? On and on into the mists of history.

  24. “the author of the AC piece is clearly trying to strike the libertarian position, which is a blend of hiding under the bed and shilling for global capital.”

    That’s it. Unfortunately, unlike being a liberal in today’s world – or progressive, or a libertarian; being conservative is actually rather hard. The truly conservative type solutions to things also make the most sense; but they require toughness to deploy. Immigration is the classic case: too many iffy foreigners with dubious loyalties? Stop the flow. Deport the troublesome ones as an example. Conduct a few false flags if need be.

    Way back when I would interface with NPCs about this, they’d ask ‘But where will the money come from?’… Bwhahahaha, no zealot cares about that! Take care of business first and then settle the check later. Perhaps now these same NPCs will continually ask the same question, even as it seems that where the bucks come from no longer matters, we just chalk up a bit more debt for the future or it magically appears. Magic! That’s the answer!

    • Austrian economics are quoted about as much as the Bible to allegedly refute non-Progressive positions here. I imagine in the UK Austrian economics have moved into first place.

      • Who knows what the talking heads here waffle on about, Mr Dobson. When I last went to The Guardian the general theme used to counter non-progressive positions was: ‘This will dis-proportionally affect vulnerable persons’ – which means wogs, ‘stanis, fatties, trannies &c.

        I do know that the price of my standard loaf has stayed at a steady £1.80 for four years now, however. Helpful, as it’ll soon be one of the only things I can buy!

        • Sounds familiar. Here the Wog-Friendly programs are presented as either Biblical mandates or too costly to end for some ridiculous reason. Sometimes it is both.

    • Money is a state of mind when you live under the Rainbow. All you need to do is learn to wear lip gloss and pick a good song to dance to.

      They have shown us over the last few years that whatever people used to think money was, it’s something else entirely now.

    • The hermit nation is awful. Take the Amish for example. When given the choice to stay secluded or to join our wonderful and diverse utopia, A whopping 5% choose to join our society.


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