Sunset Of The Neocons

One of the more interesting developments of the last half dozen years is the collapse of the old neoconservative order. By the Bush years it was no longer possible to question the presence of these people at the heart of conservativism, but a little over a decade on and the neocons are happy to exclude themselves from the Right. More important, they seem to be unambitiously antiwhite now. That was always the subtext of paleocon criticism of them, but now they are happy to confirm it.

It is as if someone blew a whistle that only the neocons could hear, and they abandoned their former friends on the Right. Look around conservative media and it has been like a weird form of the rapture. One by one they have disappeared from Fox News, National Review, and other conservative outlets. They have quietly tapped into hidden wealth to start up new outlets like the Bulwark and the Dispatch. Others have moved onto the pages of far-left scandal sheets like the New York Times.

The thing is this departure has not just been a change of direction for them or an adaptation to new reality. These new sites are not an effort to build a better mouse trap or find new intellectual freedom. In fact, they are not trying to influence right-wing discourse at all. Instead, they are at war with their former friends, desperately trying to prevent anything like a right-wing from emerging from the tumult. They are anti-Trump, anti-populist and most important, anti-white.

Again, this was always the claim from critics. The first generation of neocons started out in life as Trotskyites and transformed into conservatives when the Left started saying nice things about their ancient enemies. There was also the Israel question. The Left was siding with nonwhites, like Palestinians, while the Buckley crowd was happy to side with the Israelis. The neocon phenomenon was a marriage of convenience for the first generation and has suddenly become inconvenient.

Neoconservatism has not collapsed, of course, as they are like a drug resistant virus or an invasive species. Short of a nuclear holocaust, there appears to be no way to eradicate them. Given the track record of the neocons, they should have gone to the trash heap of history a long time ago. They are responsible for the worst presidency in modern American history. Somehow, as if by magic, they have found new hosts and carry on as if everyone else is to blame for their failures.

What is most amazing about all of this is the mask dropping. Back in the Trump years, Jonah Goldberg amplified every left-wing criticism of Trump. He was also enthusiastic about calling Trump voters every left-wing epithet he could remember from his days working for Ben Wattenberg, the old Bolshevik TV presenter. Bill Kristol, of course, sounded like one of screeching harpies from the Daily Beast. His bizarre outbursts and predictions suggested he was having a psychotic break.

It was not just an over-reaction to Trump. The mean old orange man is gone and there is no rapprochement between the neocons and their former friends. If anything, the neocons are getting more aggressive. This post from Cathy Young is a good recent example of the neocon war on the conservatives. She manages to weave together the familiar paranoid delusions about antisemitism with left-wing conspiracy theories into an indictment of conservatives as hypocrites.

It was not so long ago that Cathy Young pitched herself as a right-libertarian, posting at Reason, National Review, the Federalist and so forth. Everything about her was a fraud, including her name, but she was able to fool Conservative Inc. The fact that she warms herself on a large rock every morning should have tipped them off, but conservatives are not known for noticing these things. Still, her shifting into an antiwhite bigot at war with conservatives is a telling transformation.

The question that naturally arises is why have they suddenly abandoned the old host, despite not having a new host? Perhaps the assumption is that after a clear separation they will be welcomed by the Left. This is something a pupa stage for them. The next stage is the imago when they will mature into left-wing warmongers. Many of them do still pose as conservatives at left-wing tabloids like the Washington Post. Jennifer Ruben and Brett Stephens are two examples.

Of course, there is the possibility that intellectual decline has hit them hard. Read the first generation neocons and there is no missing their intellect. These were smart and shrewd men with the animal cunning of revolutionaries. Their descendants, in contrast, are obnoxiously dull-witted. Bill Kristol spent his life as a freeloader, cashing in on his father’s reputation. Jonah Goldberg made armpit noises as the house jester for National Review, before declaring himself an intellectual.

This is something that cannot be dismissed. David French is the house intellectual at Goldberg’s Dispatch. Tucker Carlson nailed it when he said, “David French is a buffoon, one of the least impressive people I’ve ever met. Only in nonprofit conservatism could he have a paying job.” This is true across the neocon spectrum. Recall this is a crew that seriously considered running Evan McMullen for president. For those in need of some clown horn, here is more on that topic.

The other possibility is that neoconservatism was always a long con, but it has finally run out of road. The disastrous Bush years brought this reality to the fore and the neocons had no willingness or ability to answer for it. Eric Hoffer pointed out that mass movements in America end up as a racket, a cult, or a corporation. In the case of the neocons it is just a racket now. They are happy to run the pro-Israel racket as long as it keeps them in the lifestyle they believe they deserve.

Regardless of the the causes, the slow death of neoconservatism is a net positive for right-thinking people. The reason conservatism was a disaster is it cloaked anti-Western sentiment in liberal principle. The neocons were always the quintessential wolf in sheep’s clothing, so their departure offers clarity. That is, the people on the Right can now think in terms of their own interests, rather than the interests of esoteric principles or carefully cultivated and ennobled outsiders.

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191 thoughts on “Sunset Of The Neocons

  1. Jennifer Rubin was never accepted as a legit conservative or whatever, even back in the 00s when her screeds graced The Weakly Standard. It was common to hear allusions to her former career as a “labor lawyer” (her description) which was really handling salary contracts for movie studios, which is at least more of a respectable day’s labors than is being a D.C. pundit if nothing else.

    I used to laugh at Eric Alterman’s attempted analytical display by theorizing something he called “the punditocracy.” As if this were a sociologically complex profession and not, back in reality, just show biz, but most of the logorrheic/overeducated drones in the biz are closer to status-sniffing Sammy Glicks than to mental patients like Rubin, Max Boot, or Joy Reid. We tend to focus on the basket cases and ignore the ways their trade is very affluent and stable to people who have been initiated into that social class but aren’t exceptionally talented at valuable work.

  2. Z: “Neoconservatism has not collapsed, of course, as they are like a drug resistant virus or an invasive species. Short of a nuclear holocaust, there appears to be no way to eradicate them.” This is why, on the question of whether to have them on our side, or keep them off our side, I land on the former.

  3. Zman did you ever hear that the principle of the Neocon like Max Boot, Trump broke the sin of not being Anti-White enough for Max Boot. Trump was as pro-Israel as it gets, and yet Boot still hated Trump for not being Open borders enough, make Whites a minority. With Neocons 1 strike and your out. No compromise be more Pro Israel than Pro US, and be as Anti White as you can be. Whites are just cattle to be sent to die in dumb wars in the Middle East for people of Max Boot’s ilk.

    • “With Neocons 1 strike and your out.” There are a few neocons with a kind of integrity. Most, but not all, are of the Max Boot variety. I only make the distinction because it’s something I watch for. The neo’s who kinda had Trump’s back through thick & thin b/c Israel. And the the neo’s who gladly took what he gave them on Israel then stabbed him in face anyway.

      • “There are a few neocons with a kind of integrity.”

        You have piqued my interest. Who are they?

        If was forced to guess people on your list, I would say one might be Donald Rumsfeld. I think he was a talented individual who worked for bad ends, but his contributions to logic and epistemology are interesting.

        • Get a clue. We’re speaking strictly of Jews. Not freaking German Americans or the Becks and Newts of the Neocon world.

          I’ll come up with a few “decent” neocons later. I’m eating.

        • Rumsfeld was not a neo-bro. Even Dick Cheney was not one. During the Bush wars a lot of people who just love “National Greatness” began labeling themselves neoconservatives (a 1980s insult from the left directed at the prototypes of the future Clinton/Blair cyborg Terminator model) but it was just a fad thing to say. McCainiacs is a better name for the annoying bipartisan North-Virginia-office-park society we’re complaining about.

          Irving Kristol’s son to his credit never accepted the label and preferred to call himself “Reaganite” whatever that’s supposed to mean. “Semi-employed-cons” would be another suggestion.

  4. Paul Ryan is apparently teaming up with Liz Cheney to denounce Trump, his voters, and White people in general. There seems to be money in it. Though no votes. That’s why these guys never ever go away. They are the “creatives” patronized by big money outfits. People like Jamie Dimon, in the news for protesting against Biden’s 28% Corporate Tax rate and various details therein.

    Buyers Remorse. An idiot could have seen that Trump was preferable to Biden for Dimon, but he let himself be swayed by both his visceral emotional hatred of flyover White people (common to many non Gefilte Fish people as well on the Coasts) AND his interns he was banging. Trump was hilariously pro Gefilte Fish people and of course, liked low taxes. The Biden Regency tax plans were as predictable as Elizabeth Warren’s Pow Wow Chow. But interns had to be banged, no doubt.

    I suppose Ryan and Cheney will be around, they’re pressing it as a moral issue to reject White people and Trump and his voters, all the same package. They’ll find some takers, even Egg McMuffin got a few votes (not enough to matter at all). If Ryan and Cheney did not exist, Jamie Dimon would pluck someone out of obscurity to give them the same platform. As long as the money is there the grifters will be taking corporate payoffs.

    THE existential question for ALL White people everywhere is how they survive against a hostile government run by and for non-Whites who are the majority in their nations and want one way or another to get rid of the White natives. [This is true for almost every nation save Russia and a few other Eastern European nations]. Its true for Ireland, England, France, Italy, Germany, NZ, Australia, Canada, and ourselves. That is it. That is the politics. The art, the music, the literature, all of it reflects this political question: To Be or Not To Be.

    • Dim’s daughter was riding Luol Deng’s cock at Duke and he did not object.

      Does that clarify the Dimon question to everyone here?

    • Yes. Migrate and congregate. Bands of brothers. Idaho out west, West Virginia to the east.

      • I’m not moving to freakin Idaho. If it comes down to it, let the hordes loot my home and shoot me in the head. So be it. I’m not moving to these desolate places where the only game in town is the donut shop.

        • Ah, yes. The high life in our new vibrant urban centers. Soul food, rap music, free stuff. The cops in dresses and their BLM arm bands! Yes, and the annual George Floyd parade with real fireworks!

          When the mobs come, you may wish that you had a donut shop to go to.

  5. “Warms herself on a large rock?” Maybe I’m a little slow but I’m afraid I don’t get it.

  6. Z et al; have you seen the blog The Worthy House? Definitely RW, many points of agreement with DR.

    Many wonderful books reviewed as well. This is DR going if not mainstream at least middle class.

  7. If we were to construct Afghan war memorials consisting of a statue of a veiled Afghani woman proudly holding up her driver’s license, would Max Boot understand it as parody?

  8. “They are anti-Trump, anti-populist and most important, anti-white.”

    It strikes me that at the heart of true conservatism, is realism concerning race and inherent racial differences: the understanding of how much of a part race— the fact that the founders and framers and settlers were mostly White Anglos— played in the initial greatness of America.

    The immigration issue, too, boils down to one of race: why we should prefer that America remains majority-White.

    Derb was ousted from National Review because of his comments regarding race.

    The rise of “anti-racism” and anti-Whiteness is finally serving to separate the true conservatives from the various pretenders.

  9. Does anyone else here feel deep shame they used to listen to these guys? I cannot be the only one. I am absolutely embarrassed for my younger self for having been conned for so long. This isn’t hyperbolic, its real and something that bothers me greatly.

      • Yep, been thinking such myself when listening to these guys. Not sure of cause and effect, but I have an extreme dislike for them since reading this blog.

    • Up through the 90s I used to read National Review. The Economist, the Wall Street Journal, and Playboy (for the articles) and think that I was so smart and people like George Will were on our side. I feel like an idiot now for allowing myself to be so deceived.

      • I remember reading The Economist when I was in my early 20’s. The typical shit you pick up in grad school. I already knew that their U.S. section was way off base and 90% untrue. Then I thought to myself, “if this is untrue…why should this section on Argentina’s banks be true, or any of it?” The rag always felt detached and written by London homosexuals. Of course it was and still is. I also never liked how the authors hide behind the banner of the magazine, and there’s a good reason for that.

        • I knew the Economist was lying when they said Saddam had wmd. That was when I let my subscription run oute

      • Up through the 90’s you’re talking about the pre-internet times for most Americans. You can’t blame them for not knowing what they didn’t know.

      • I ran into George Will at a Washington Nationals baseball game. Turns out … he’s an asshole in person. I just said hello: “Good afternoon Dr. Will” as I walked past him. He reacted as if I had invited him to church. He seemed genuinely offended that I had dared talk to him.

        • I’ve met plenty of celebrities/famous pols/gov apperachatics in the course of my line of work.

          Here’s what they like: Seeing your eyes widen as you notice who they are.

          Here’s what the don’t like: You saying a single g-dmnd word.

          You’re a peasant. They’re royalty. They would love it if you could remove your hat, bow, or take a knee.

          But don’t ever, EVER, think you’re equals by directly addressing them.

          (The one exception: I know men who’ve met R Branson. He’s the real deal. Bring something interesting to the table, and he will be thrilled to hang with you)

          • We should pretend we don’t recognize them and say “hey you with the face, yeah you, wipe that booger off your nose before someone important walks by.”

          • Yup.

            The idea there are no social classes in the West is one of the biggest lies going.

            I can believe the point about Branson since he did spend a couple years squatting and has built his own businesses.

            His Virgin Auto site that failed was 20 years ahead of its time. There are now multiple sites that do exactly that, one of which was just listed on the Nasdaq.

    • I’m so sorry. I used to get Goldberg’s weekly column and thought he was funny. I used to read National Review when Nordlinger wrote about music and theater. Then they kicked John Derbyshire out. I guess that was about when I discovered dissident Right blogs.

    • Yeah, I’m embarrassed by some of the things I believed. I was conned, like a lot of other folks.

      In a sane country, Kristol, French, Goldberg et al would not be listened to at all given their mistakes and disloyalty. They’d be, at a minimum, under house arrest.

      • Secretly hoped R Limbaugh would end his days, and his show, with a “Here’s what I REALLY think” program.

        Race. Democracy. The f-d up neocon agenda that’s killed millions. The grift of party “R”.

        Never happened. Pains me to say it, but he was the most successful grifter of my lifetime.

    • I used to really enjoy Goldberg’s schtick. Bought one of his books, to my eternal dismay. In my defense, he and I are roughly of an age, and though I wasn’t at all political in college or in my early working life, when I was forced to be, my schtick was a lot like his — basically, “c’mon, people, we all know that everything our professors said was just BS… and really it’s kinda funny if you think about it.”

      Ahh, the follies of youth. There is no better time in a young man’s life than the “old enough to know better, but too young to care” years. And though I regret wasting a single second of it on Goldberg et al, in the final accounting it was stuff like “getting blitzed every night” and “staying in a relationship with an obvious psycho for purely gonadal reasons” did me a lot more long-term damage. Ego te absolvo, kamerad.

      • I read Liberal Fascism. His premise is correct, but his arguments are defensive–“Please don’t hurt me for saying mean things about liberals!”–and pawky. What’s more, the book betrays Goldberg’s lack of intellectual candlepower. But it made him a multimillionaire. Go figure.

      • Jonah Goldberg is not without talent, though his talents would have been better served being a low-watt Dave Barry. When reality came crashing down on his snark he was revealed to be the empty vessel he always was.

        The other “bigs” of the crew (Jpod, Kristol, etc) I never got into and they were bad enough that I wondered how anyone else could like them either.

    • That was exactly what I was thinking as I finished this post – how embarrassing I bought into their BS for so long.

    • Kudos to you for admitting it. I am very ashamed still, compounded by the con job Trump pulled on me. From November 16 to end 18, even some of 19, I believed we were winning bigly.

  10. Brutal honesty.

    A neocon is someone who wants you to die for his cause because he sure-as-shit is not going to pick up a rifle. And there is no greater cowardice than a loudmouthed warmonger roaring for others to charge into the cauldron while safely ensconced at the rear of the rear. But the blame for this is two-fold. Yes, the paper tiger is a waste of DNA and in a natural evolutionary process would quickly be excreted from any healthy society. But far worse are the legions of morons that slavishly genuflect before these poseurs and then march in lock-step off the cliff. They too are a scourge on society. Don’t be a moron.

  11. As truly detestable as all neo-cons are, I’m beginning to find a few of the remaining overzealous Trump supporters in my life slightly annoying. Some are even saying “Trump- Candace Owens 2024!”
    I want to mention that I’m still waiting for Trump to pronounce: “Ashli Babbitt could have been my daughter” or “Cannon Hinnant and Cash Gernon could have been my grandsons.”

    • First we were asked to accept men in dresses running our government. Then is was castrated men competing in women’s sports. Then it was forced mutilation of children for the sport of gender reassignment. Then is was outright murder rampages unleashed upon innocent children just because.

      The spring is winding tighter, and the sane in this country have been biting their tongue, turning the other cheek, and sucking it up for a couple of decades now. When the rubberband snaps, it could well become the French Revolution redux.

      • “First we were asked to accept men in dresses running our government…..“

        Yep, these are the cultural issues I and several others were addressing yesterday that a few of you (especially one) took offense to. It may seem mundane and even quaint, but being able to sit down and watch an old movie comfortably with your kids is very important. I know there are those of you that say I should be teaching them to shoot, fish, make fire – essentially how to stay alive when the lights go out for good. I do that, too. But those of you here on TSOTGD who eschew culture do so at our own peril. Without our culture we may as well all cut off our balls, put on a tight dress and start twerking. If the younger generation doesn’t have at least a default positive view of how Western Man built this world, then they will more easily succumb to the woke default position. We can’t allow that to happen. Culture matters.

    • Melissa: If you are the same Melissa who I used to see at Amren when I trolled there, then welcome. Your increasingly insightful comments are an excellent contribution to the conversation.

    • Trump was an essential step down the road to illuminating for normies the advanced state of Jefferson’s “sappers and miners” on the Republic. Now he represents a serious roadblock going forward. He wants to be of the ruling class far more than he wishes to end them.

    • Trump should never be forgiven for letting coof and St Floyd happen. In a word, inept.

    • Club Q-tard is its own level of horror. At least the left tells me to my face that they want me dead, but the MAGA crew voices the same platitudes while thinking it will lead to a different result. They’re not even smart enough to be traitors.

      • Qtards are far fewer than the media might claim. And MAGA will eventually grow to mean something far greater than Trump. What people will remember in coming generations is that he defeated the neocon republican candidates, defeated Hillary, exposed the media bias, and most importantly revealed how positive we all responded to his wildest claims like ‘ban all muslims,’ ‘build the wall,’ and ‘they’re not sending their best.’ He sold us a shoe too big for even himself but someone or something will have to climb into it eventually.

  12. I doubt they’re going anywhere any time soon.

    Essentially, neocons are one of the competing voices of the Jews in America. From what I understand, they started turning against the Soviet Union first following the failure of Stalin to get the Jewish doctor’s plot off ground. After 1991, they turned towards Israel as their lodestar and Israel has deep support from a majority of American Jews, to put it mildly.

    Point being, the neocons are well-funded, well-organized and well-directed. They don’t care in the slightest about party loyalty since their backers own both parties. The best we can hope for is that the Jews funding them begin to realize that the left-wing causes they’re currently funding is to be Very Bad For The Jews in the long run and turn the ship around. A death of Stalin moment….

  13. While i despise Neocons and most secular Jevvs, it is impossible for me to join with mental midgets Susan Sarandon, Roger Waters, AOC, Ilhan Omar, et al(not to mention some of the posters here)in bashing Israel and kissing raghead ass. Sorry, no sale.

    • They are useful. What have the ragheads ever done to you. What have the Jews done to you? Consider.

    • Nothing wrong with neutrality. Israel vs. Palestine really doesn’t concern us.

      • Wkathman: Precisely. After 5 years of patient but consistent education and pressure, I finally moved my friend from Scofield-level Judeo-Christianity to saying “It’s not our fight.”

        • Just getting the Scofield brainwashing out and the Christian Zionist brain and moved from a Middle East war zealot for Israel and over too more of a it’s not our fight neutral mentality is an accomplishment.
          If we could do this for millions more Christian Zionists it would be a real accomplishment.
          I would love to see Christian goobers like Mike Pence and Tom Cotton saying it’s not our fight!

          • How about we recolonize all of the middle east and north africa for Europe? This was all roman at one point.

    • Carl B. – Some of us despise both sides, because neither side is White or even pro-White, yet both sides manipulate White people and want their support, their money, and their countries. Despising neocons doesn’t have to mean welcoming Mussulmen into one’s country. A plague on both their houses.

      • I’m going to have to respectfully disagree with the majority on here. Many of the DR seems to have amnesia about the millennium long war we’ve been in with Muslims. By “we,” I mean white people. Currently, in 2021, Muslims rape white women and groom white children across our ancestral homelands by the thousands because their cult tells them it’s ok to do to infidels. Everywhere across the globe they cause mayhem with the prevailing religions. If you want to go back in time, they brutally enslaved whites up until the 1800s, which even caused Jefferson to start the Barbary wars. They regularly went on slave raids to Southern European coastal towns. Male slaves of Muslims were then castrated, while females became sex slaves that were repeatedly raped, and the offspring of these rapes were regularly murdered. And the blacks complain about our treatment of them! I could go on and on, but I’ll keep it relatively short. They would happily enslave us again because their child molester prophet gives it
        the big OK. I don’t support Israel, I support any country fighting this lunatic cult.

    • History lesson.

      Millions of Jews were exterminated by the Nazis and so Great Britain allowed the survivors to invade and conquer Palestine thereby establishing a safe haven at the expense of the displaced Palestinians. The descendant Palestinians are still pissed about it, but the Jews aren’t leaving and will likely be in eternal struggle with their neighbors as a result. It is the height of insanity for the USA to continue to participate in this feud. And in case you haven’t noticed, most American Jews don’t give a shit about Israel anymore. It’s mostly virtue signaling white Christians that continue to fall for the neocon con.

      • Stop slandering your own people with the blood libel, please. You dishonor your ancestors.

        Still, people are providing ideas…

        “A plague on both their houses.”

        “Short of a nuclear holocaust, …”

        • Many apologies- I meant “the absurdly ridiculous Hollywood supervillian movie blood libel”

          New York radio right now: (((host and callers))) complaining about CRT, not knowing that one of their own created and sold the CRT training course to the US govt for $5M and runs the program.
          So. Unaware.

      • We should withdraw all our alliances, every last one. Let China have the oil, they are the only great power that needs it including Europe.

        As far as Israelis – they are essentially healthy, the Diaspora are very sick gynarchic stunted males. Feminism which has warped generations now is all them, the GWOT is a trifle in comparison.

        Hell, it’s warping the Israelis. Van Crevald writes of this, its why we in the West are now losing wars to tribesmen.

        I actually suspect if the Shetl-Staffel were deported the Israelis would be most reluctant to take them.

        Not our problem.
        We only deserve all this for being weak and stupid, this is our sun.

        • No, Israel has more than 10 years by far.

          Which isn’t at all our problem or our business.

    • Rule of thumb for those who don’t know squat about the conflict. Leave it to the logic of opposites. Whatever David Frum is for, we should be against. For he is the most cunning and slitheriest of the class reptilia. He is for Israel. He is against Palestine. Proceed from there. As passionately or dispassionately as you please. At the very least, whatever makes a Neocon sad, should make you happy. Be happy.

  14. This is also tangential but not totally unrelated and with apologies to McCarthy. The true coin of the human realm is coercion, physical and mental. These are the Doubloons and ‘Pieces of Eight’ throughout the history of human commerce, be it personal, local, national, international. Persuasion by lesser means such as appeals to reason are rightly recognized as poor substitutes, almost worthless counterfeits. The truly prosperous are rich in the capacity to coerce others whether it be through physical force or emotional / mental manipulation. At some point the leaders of a successful movement will have to embrace this metaphysical truth.

  15. The demise of the neo-conservatives has been a joy to behold. Inveterate war mongers, they took positive delight in the destruction of human lives, including the death or dismemberment of their fellow citizens that sent to places of no real importance. Their future place in the Seventh Circle of Hell as suppositories in Satan’s anus is well deserved.

    • And for Trump to bring on John Bolton, after all the above, was an incredible betrayal of his 2016 rhetoric. And that’s all it really was. Rhetoric. I’ll never forget the day Bolton, the vindictive intellectual midget, walked into the White House. This was about the same time Trump was betraying on his immigration policies. But that particular day was when he lost my support for good. Not that I was surprised he would eventually be a failed President.

      • That was likely a favor to “R” mega-donor Sheldon Adelson whom he spoke with on a weekly basis.

  16. poor ace, he and his bunker mates are shrieking like sodomized baboons, about israel israel, israel! why any non hebe would comment or participate there is a wonder to me. just because it is so boringly monomaniacal.

    • I have never been a commenter there, but I do check in each day to see what news stories he’s uncovered. In some ways, like Tucker, he’s moved close to the DR position on many subjects, but you’re right, the Israel/Jevv focus is over the top. In some ways it reminds me of the way Charles Johnson went all in on European “fascists” just before going totally off the rails.

  17. The last line disturbed me. “The neocons were always the quintessential wolf in sheep’s clothing, so their departure offers clarity. That is, the people on the Right can now think in terms of their own interests, rather than the interests of esoteric principles or carefully cultivated and ennobled outsiders.” – Basically, because these people are gone, your average right winger is now free to think. But, lacking critical thinking skills, they only know what they’re told. So the next iteration will likely be more wolves, like the people behind Tim Scott.

    • Breaking right wing suport for the Foreverwars, belief that “our boys” are fighting for truth, justice, and the amurrican way, and the resulting hero-worship of the uniform of zog is a necessary precondition to a successful dissident movement. Our side has problems if those supporting us still see the Imperial Troops as worthy, noble heros. The neocons’ new position of “I hate whitey and want you crackers to die for Israel” is a huge opening to advance that front in the culture war.
      I’ve also noticed that, in addition to 1984 and Brave New World, our enemies seem to be using the turner diaries as a how-to guide… It’s like Pearce is confabulating with Soros on how the left should act, these days.

  18. “The fact that she warms herself on a large rock every morning should have tipped them off, but conservatives are not known for noticing these things.”

    I really should know by now to not drink coffee while reading the day’s posting. Laughing out loud can be dangerous to my computer.

    • Outdoorspro – Yes, that brilliant line had me sputtering, too. Such images are worth multiples of my monthly donation.

    • Yeah that was funny. I just pictured a woman’s head on a serpent’s body flickering it’s forked tongue

  19. An interesting article and your timing Z is – as usual – amazingly uncanny. I forwarded and article on the current wave of the redrawing of state lines to a cousin of mine whom I would place in the above-mentioned category. Since he is firmly in the camp of the people that you mention here, his response to the article I sent him was interesting, as he sounded like the usual suspects in that he carried on about how this is “dangerous” and how the authors line of thinking, really wasn’t thinking at all. He then attempted to impress me with quotes from various “true” historians (He graduated from William & Mary and as such likes to trot all of this out.) and kept using phrases like, “No reputable historian”, as well as, “No serious author would ever.” that type of thing.
    I parried with “Then how would you explain all of these groups, as well as millions of disaffected Americans wanting breathing room from their Blue State oppressors if the people whose columns you read every week were correct beyond a shadow of a doubt?” He pivoted to something else and chalked up these disaffected Americans as being too stupid to move on into the 21st century, or something to that effect, just like that pathetic cuck French. His mind is simply not able to process the fact that the Buckleyites were wrong and that something new is beginning to take shape behind the scenes.

    • “He pivoted to something else and chalked up these disaffected Americans as being too stupid to move on into the 21st century, or something to that effect, just like that pathetic cuck French.”

      I see this quite a lot as well. Yes, we should just glide effortlessly into the 21st with all it’s wondrous advances. No thought to tradition. Many people I speak to think that progress of this rapidity is inevitable, it isn’t. It just requires a will of the millions of disaffected to partake even less than they already have. Not that I can say we can reverse ‘progress’, but tradition should always – in my opinion – be the anchor around progresses neck, keeping her in check.

      At the moment I am reading the book Deep Thinking by Garry Kasparov (I have to classify him as a Cloud Person), which is meant to be a defence of AI – not that we really seem to have anything that can approach the way a human thinks. His tone seems to be much the same: it is happening, so you can either go with the flow, or get what’s coming to you. He seems happy with the speed of progress. Problem is, in our atomized society, few whites have the village level network bonds to survive this progressive onslaught. Community can help put a break on progress, especially if it is as self-sufficient as possible.

      I may note that I am not against the adoption on new techniques, but I would very much like consideration in their adoption. Perhaps time to adjust, particularly for the Old Guard – but that does not fit in with our ‘everything now’ world. The Insta-Clown-World.

      • Orange Frog: Giving thought to tradition or custom, and the centuries of history and number of human lives that created such, always brings to mind Chesterton and his writing on unintended consequences: Do not remove a fence until you know why it was put up in the first place.

        When I was young and liberal and stupid, I often supported the wanton destruction of fences. Now that I am older and hopefully a bit wiser, I often think about buggy-whip makers. I happen to love the internal combustion engine and driving at speed, or safely ensconced from a downpour within my evil polluting personal vehicle, but . . . those people had lives and livelihoods and traditions. Not all progress is bad and not all traditions are good, but it behooves us to consider the reasons and history and experience behind things before we decide to upend the old ways. And always, always first consider the human cost. The White individual and community cost versus benefit analysis should always be the White man’s guide.

      • Progress occurs in two related areas: science and technology. And that progress, incidentally, comes with powerful boomerang effects that arguably negate all advances. In all other fields of human endeavor, we’re flailing about fecklessly, producing regression at least as frequently as progress. In point of fact, the progress canard is just another Leftist debater’s trick designed to convince us that they’re “on the right side of history.” It’s an empty rhetorical ploy, and nothing more.

    • “He pivoted to something else and chalked up these disaffected Americans as being too stupid to move on into the 21st century”

      I person wanting his own homeland and doing business with his own people, in a place populated and run by his own people, is outdated according to him.

      Ask him, then what’s worth living for in the 21st century?

      • Well he lives not far from a rather crime-prone area and when I bring it up I am treated to such insightful gems as, “Well, you must understand that these people (joggers) have a history of blah blah blah with the authorities and that makes them fearful of being stopped by the police and that’s why they get violent very quickly.”
        I simply said that it was obvious that he hasn’t been in “that part” of town when the sun goes down and hasn’t had to deal with this element very often, otherwise he’d have a much different take on their species. That last line got his hackles up, especially after I suggested that he speak to our cousin Rick, who is a retired Newark NJ detective. Again, he deflected, stating that Rick could not be objective about this subject, to which I replied that as a member of academia, he could not be objective either as there is a BIG difference between the classroom and real life. He suggested we talk about something else after that. Checkmate.

    • Nothing bothers me more than people saying “times change” “join the 21st century” or “the future will be different” as evidence for their argument. This is a fantasy, it’s not an argument. Times don’t change much, and the future will not be that different from the past in regards to human behavior. History has all the evidence we need to know how this will play out. We had a nice window of safe, predictable life from 1945-1965 and that should be the benchmark. It seems conservatives rely on history for their beliefs and liberals have this fantasy future for theirs. Neocons are just liberals who like money and guns.

    • “Oh, no, William & Mary won’t do, and I’m never going back to my old school…”

  20. The neocons put such a bad taste in my mouth that my young dumber self actually scribbled a circle for John Kerry of all people.

    I was ignorant back then, but I could literally see satan himself when that clown Bush would bloviate on about massacring brown people for my freedom, hating on French Fries, creating a worthless bureaucratic groping agency, and my favorite of all, subtly warning me “if your not with us, you’re with the terrists'”

    My first time getting off my ass and actually voting, they had me that pissed, up until then I could have given a rats ass less about political theatre. Yes, I could see that the shrub and his mechanical hearted puppeteer were pure evil, yet I thought the preppy riverboat rambo would be a better choice.

    Only thing I can give those parasitic bastards credit for is moving me over to the good side of the amerikan divide. Although lately, I’d really rather not care, than be aware, but that ship has sailed.

  21. The Neocon “brand” was originally all about putting fancy intellectual packaging around Goldwater conservatism and Cold War policy. After finishing the Soviets, these guys were “brand managers” without a product. The GWOT was developed to keep all these knuckleheads employed.

    After the GWOT disaster, they faced an existential crisis. They could own the disaster, but they were never going to accept the blame. So they pivoted to fill the only available shelf space : anti-Trump Globalism with a “conservative” flavor.

    Unfortunately for the Neocons, this is a very narrow niche product. The White world has moved on to other existential domestic problems and the Left has plenty of “Globalism” products already on the shelf. So I don’t see much of a future for the Neocons and the DR has much bigger fish to fry.

    • Maybe it’s because it’s late, or perhaps my evening martini is getting the better of me, but what exactly is GWOT?

      • Global War On Terrorism. They even made a medal for it they handed out to everyone…Looking back, I ought to chuck it and the other medals I got fighting the neocon’s war into the river.

  22. Everything I need to know to understand the neocons is explained in Culture of Critique. Tangential to the topic but I really have no where else to take these thoughts. I grew up with Star Trek ideals and visions of the future but over time became disillusioned or perhaps disabused by maturity, some degree of historical literacy, and direct experience and observation of human nature. I still think about where the trajectory of human existence might be going but it is depressing to contemplate unless you enjoy envisioning various permutations of The Apocalypse. Predicting where we are going is one thing but it is less difficult to say where we aren’t going and you can safely exclude anything like the ideals envisioned in the mid 20th century. A timeline of history envisioned as waves on a scale of societal achievement. The technical achievement waves have a monotonically increasing baseline but human nature is unchanging and the valleys of social organizational achievement descend into troughs that have brought us our most horrible periods of mass murder and inhuman cruelty. The depths of those troughs increased each time by the amplifying factor of the technical advancements.

    • The seventies crushed whatever idealism I had left. All I have ever been able to do is warn people (they hate me for that), and get as much as I can out of life before the doors slam shut (and they hate me for that, too). Living well is the best revenge on lefty.

      • Same here Epi. While not knowing it back in my salad days, I was always a dissident. Your last sentence is spot-on, for we all know that Mencken’s adage about the Progitans is equally true: they worry so about someone out here having fun.

        • No one is allowed to have fun – a reminder of how the uber left have evolved into the puritans of the modern day.

      • Yes, I’ve adopted that “living well…” philosophy too. On the other hand the older I get the more I agree with the observation that an essential component of fulfillment is some measure of meaning, being needed, being useful to others and there can be conflict. As an aside, the topic reminds me of Victor Frankl who wrote “Man’s Search for Meaning” before the Holocaust racket was spun up and is illuminating for its documentation by omission, and that by an eye-witness with every reason to embellish were he so inclined.

  23. Die neocon scum!
    (updating: ‘die yuppie scum’ meme of days of yore)

  24. Jennifer Rubin is a glorified mommy blogger, and former Hollywood entertainment attorney, who was placed at Commentary, IIRC, to give her enough experience to justify putting her at The Washington Post. They wanted her there for her ideology, not for her experience on topics totally outside of her purview. Rubin has no business offering her opinions on anything as they are not informed by experience, education, or track record.

    During her first six months at the WaPo, she wrote endlessly about Israel and Syria, trying to bait republican congressmen into demanding an attack on the country; some republican congressmen privately labeled her a member of Likud in response. She wrote practically nothing about the interests of actual republican voters. Essentially, her commentary seemed to be mostly about supporting Israel and attacking that country’s perceived critics, when she wasn’t busy mocking Sarah Palin as a rube or supporting immigration and low taxes for corporations.

    Here’s a brief accounting I once did of her first six months at the WaPo (her blog, Right Turn):

    45 posts on Israel, 21 posts on Iran (hostile), 13 on American Jews, 18 on taxes, 91 on Foreign Policy (overwhelmingly hostile to Syria), 3 praising democrat Joe Lieberman, 22/19 Obama / Obama White House (disproportionately accusing him of being weak for not attacking Syria, Iran), 47 on the federal budget, 77 on the 2012 campaign … and a plethora of other categories at a much lower level — Virginia politics, Senate GOP, Sarah Palin (mocking), immigration (supportive), etc.

    Notice what concerns Rubin and what does not. Also, ask yourself if any of that stuff is a top priority with republican voters. It’s almost like Rubin is a plant purposely inserted to control the narrative for the Right. It’s not like she has any particular experience with any of this stuff considering her background. It’s not like she represents any large demographic the way someone like Rod Dreher at TAC does. So, was the WaPo trying to offer commentary from a large segment of the public or were they trying to control the narrative through promoting an approved gatekeeper?

    How many real experts could the WaPo have gone with, instead?

  25. “Regardless of the the causes, the slow death of neoconservatism is a net positive for right-thinking people.”

    Maybe I’ve just been burned too often when I thought smart people had put an end to something and they really hadn’t, but I don’t think neoconservatism is dying. Many thought communism was a goner when the Berlin Wall came down and Boris Yeltsin started having his vodka delivered to Leonid Brezhnev’s old office. But as long as there is human nature, there will be envy and there will be communists and parasitic neoconservatives, who as you will recall sprang from an infestation of Trotskyites, as Buckley and Reagan congratulated each other on making allies out of a bunch of liberals, who tasted the power Reagan and the Bushes gave them and it became their life force. As long as you have Republican presidents appointing them to positions in the White House (Trump and Bolton come to mind), they ain’t going anywhere.

    The Chi-coms figured out that a tiny group of elites can’t level people financially and remain in power, so they let statist capitalism rip. The commies in the West finally caught on and, given their need to subjugate whites, ingeniously are now using race more than economics as their trowel. Communists have shown they can adapt and survive in perpetuity. Their spawn, the neoconservatives, could prove just as hardy.

    • As Zman pointed out that Eric Hoffer pointed out – mass movements in America end up as a racket, a cult, or a corporation. Neoconism is certainly a racket – with perhaps an admixture of cult and corp.
      My other comment posted a few minutes after yours sums up my sentiments. Unfortunately, neocon spawn will likely prove to be more hardy than cockroaches, or the crabgrass in my backyard.

    • The high-profile neocons during the Bush/Cheney era were members of the “Project for the New American Century” (PNAC). After PNAC was dissolved in 2006, it was replaced by the neocon “Center for a New American Security” (CNAS) with a similar agenda. Both organizations are/were CFR affilates, dominated by CFR members, including Cheney, Bolton, Wolfowitz, Flournoy, Campbell, etc.

      Some have compared this network to the mythical Hydra. The tentacles of the monster come and go, but the controlling center persists.

      • Does the CFR hide under your bed at night? Did the CFR beat you up in elementary school and take your lunch money? Jesus, you’re a one trick pony. By the way, I’m a CFR member…

      • I’ll join Pickle Rick. You need to realize that yes, ruling class people do ruling class things. They join cfr, go to davos, went to harvard/yale/princeton, they did a stint in banking or white shoe law for 1-3 years, or media (or someone in their family did). They know politicians and billionaires, and rub “elbows” with that sort. They vacation at Aspen, or marthas vineyard, or napa. They drive brand new luxury cars that are always less than 3 years old, own at least $1m of property, etc etc.
        It’s like pointing out most right wingers have nra memberships, and claiming the nra is the nexus of a vrwc. No, it is a symptom of a belief, not the cause of the belief. The cfr is just the rotary club for Cloud People, not the genesis of cloud people.

        • Well then, what is the genesis? Do you have any convenient lists of names, rankings, or an org chart?

          • That’s like saying name everyone in the CCCP who caused the gulags. I cannot do better than our esteemed host: it is a school of fish. There are hundreds of thousands of them, from the oval office, to noncom “diversity” commisars at DOD, to boutique investment banks and hedge funds you and I have never heard of. Stop thinking this is a few old men smoking cigars and furiously rubbing their hands in some back room. That’s a bugaboo, a red herring oogy-boogie man. The Enemy is cultural, engrained behavior derived amd established at a genetic level, absorbed from birth through death by the Cloud People via their institutions. You may as well ask me for the names of the conspirators who led white people to put the grocery carts back in the return stall when no one watches. The only answer is God and the biology He created.

          • The CFR roster is a perfectly acceptable starting point. You can change and define culture by starting somewhere and making it happen.

            When it comes to redefining what is high status it starts someplace like the CFR, if not the CFR roster. The organ adopts a new tune based on who is pressing keys. Building a new organ is not the way.

    • The new-cons are war mongers and Israel firsters.

      Their turn to anti-communism happened when the Slavs took control of the Soviet Union and the American left become doves.

      IOW they’re not inherently hostile to communism – as long as their tribe is running the show.

      • I’ll say they aren’t hostile to communism. Have you ever seen articles in Commentary devoted to the Bill of Rights or the plague that is anarcho-tyranny, the commies’ current cudgel they are wielding here in America? Naively, I subscribed to that rag beck in the naughts for a year. It was quite the education.

    • That was supposed to be a reply to McHungus about Z typing unambitiously when he most likely meant unambiguously.

    • Jared Taylor’s one blind spot is with them

      But otherwise I think Jared is great

          • Of course.

            The tribal half of my family hates (other) white people so insanely, they’d be out suicide-bombing North Dakota nurseries right now—if they could get there without driving, and if the kind of people who know how to make bombs weren’t untouchable-caste losers. So they do what they can, e.g., ban Taylor’s books from Amazon.

            They’re also psychotically anti-Israel, because Israel is the Jewish equivalent of the American South. Every non-orthodox Jew I know is a FREE PALESTINE wokeist, and they’re not virtue signaling. They really want those icky redneck/merchant/Trump-loving Jews dead, and they viscerally enjoy using “brown bodies” to do it.

            Neocons are a minuscule ruling-class phenomenon. But they are ruling, so /ourguys/ tend to think they’re representative. Not at all. You could name every one of them.

          • But for him to recognize, or heaven forbid, respond to their hatred, is anti-semitism.

            funny dat.

          • An entire race hates Jared, good to know. Anyway, he is not required to hate back. Consummate gentleman

        • I remember him being asked the question abut ((())) and he said, almost gleefully, that “They look white to me”

          That’s probably all I ever heard say on the topic. And to me that was something of a, if not a blindspot, then at least a decision not to wade in those waters. I don’t blame him tbh. Limbaugh did the same.

          • I have always liked Jared Taylor a great amount; and have never really seen him openly talk about this issue. But it never really caused me great concern. His main thrusts covered all bases: whites need to toughen up and take our identity and wear it with pride; and blacks, en-masse, are really a barrier to civilization wherever you find them.

            Once you’ve managed to get whites to think about their identity, and adopt a healthy dose of race realism, they’ll be more than prepared to meet other ethnic threats (jew, black, or whatever you fancy) on their own terms. If jews must be in our society, then one must be wise to their ways and their in-group loyalties. You counter that with loyalties of your own.

            Of course, I don’t presume to speak for Mr Taylor, but this is how I always saw it. I would imagine a man like that is very well aware of the role jews play in society.

          • Jared is a clever man, I suspect he thinks the tribe could come around to our way of thinking in the end. TBF some Jews already have, there is a video on YouTube of Kevin MacDonald talking to an Israeli Jew who read CofC and he agrees with Kmac, but he doesn’t know how to get politically active Jews to stop attacking and undermining white people

            In the end if Jews want any kind of decent future they will have to stop, I think normal Jews understand that to a certain degree

        • You can do better Zman, those “europeans” masquerading as the chosen are the biggest “anti-semites” of them all. The only ones on earth still given a pass and fully funded for participating in modern colonialism.

        • Sorry, that doesn’t explain his total avoidance. It may be smart and prudent but it doesn’t have anything to do with “anti”

        • Jared Taylor may hew to a reasonable position like that of Andy Nowicki, i.e. he isn’t “hostile to Jews qua Jews,” but does recognize “the reality of Jewish power and the baleful influence of many contemporary Jewish-led movements.”

        • Jared has a cause in his heart. He will write and say what he understands may advance his cause, won’t write or say what would only harm it.

          When I see how many of his supporters’ comments displaying a deep inability to understand such a simple and clear thing…

  26. From Cathy Young, “To many, this is evidence that critics of Israel are specifically singled out for “cancellation.”

    I can’t imagine why anyone would think that when Israel is the only nation on the planet for which US state and federal laws exist that prohibit government contractors from boycotting them.

    It also probably has nothing to do with the fact that I can pretty much get away with anti-Black or anti-Arab/Muslim posts all day long at Instapundit but if I say anything that can be construed as even mildly critical of Israel or Jews there’s a hundred normiecons waiting to drop on my head like a ton of angry, ineffectual bricks.

    • The fact that N Fwenties can have a semi-mainstream “debate” on the topic is quite a breakthrough

      (I have to misspell his name, because every time I spell it correctly my post goes into moderation purgatory. Very interesting, but topic for another day)

    • The hive mind lacks self-awareness. It is a weird form of self-absorption. While obsessing over their narrow interests, they fail to see their own failings. It is self-worship.

    • Actress Gina Carano was fired by Disney and blacklisted for merely mentioning the word “Jew” in a Tweet. Actor Pablo Hidalgo, who worked on the same set as Carano, posted stuff linking Trump voters to concentration camps and Nazis, and he’s still employed. There are countless other examples I could give. Remember that reporter at the Guardian who was fired for making a joke about the West’s support of Israel? … of course, that ethnic lobby will cancel you should you cross them. The evidence is overwhelming.

  27. If I were a smarter man, I’d write something about the inevitable result of closed feedback systems (maybe “OODA loops,” if I was feeling like Keyboard Commando). Conquest’s Law says that any organization not explicitly, constitutionally right wing eventually becomes left wing, but I think there’s a corollary that explains at least as much as the original law: The primary concern of any organization that doesn’t have to sell its output on the open market inevitably devolves into: keeping the organization’s members from realizing how ridiculous they are.

    I saw it every day back in academia. And I mean saw it, literally — as in, one look at these people, and you know they have absolutely nothing to teach you. I wouldn’t let any Econ prof I’ve ever known run so much as a lemonade stand. I wouldn’t let a Literature professor write a press release. I wouldn’t believe a History professor if he predicted six o’clock at five thirty, etc., and the reason for that is, they’re all obvious buffoons. The way they talk, the way they dress, the way they act, they’re just ludicrous. Once you realize that the entire ivory tower system is designed to make obviously dysfunctional people think they’re normal, everything about it makes sense.

    Same thing with the neoklowns. Just look at ’em. Seriously, image search “Max Boot.” The very sight of that guy makes me want to yell “Neeerrrrrdssss!!!” and go give the chess club a swirly.

    • Boot still doesn’t hold a candle to Ilya Somin in the contest for “most hateable face.”

      • I’d never heard of this man, so googled him. You’re correct. I could devise a million and one ways of my sledgehammer making contact with his mug, each more pleasurable than the last.

        • Boot was a big deal back in the Bush years. Neocons hung on his every word, even though he had no accomplishments and had never even been a reporter. He seemed to go straight from grad school to opinion/editing at the Wall Street Journal. Even for a neocon he is extremely aggressive, Boot would probably consider calling his philosophy “invade the world/invite the world” a complement. National Review Online was full of fawning praise for him from about 2002-2006. In the last couple of years they had a falling out with him, when he called them racist and reacted like typical conservative Inc., members to that term. It was humorous.

        • The fact that he’s a reliably wrong radical libertarian lawyer should just add zest to that, then.

      • The Germans have a word for such a face: Backpfeifengesicht.

        A face badly in need of a fist.

        I believe Mitch McConnell is the possessor of the worlds leading example.

    • It’s funny how so many shibboleths like “you can’t judge a book by its cover” are actually the opposite of the general experienced truth. It would be interesting to make a “Book of Lies” to capture them for instruction. A sort of companion volume to the sources for Derb’s grade school copy book headings.

      • Heartiste (PBUH) used to do entire series on how physiognomy is real. Everyone with any experience of the world knows “gay face” is absolutely real, as is — see above — “shitlib face.” As far as I’m concerned, Franz Joseph Gall deserves a retroactive Nobel prize.

        • I remember that too. I consider Heartiste to be another member of that pantheon of modern anthropologists bringing truth to the light or at least back into the light. On the other hand many of those truths are so unpleasant I struggle to internalize them completely.

        • The fate of Gall (phrenology) and William Sheldon (body typology) is enough to make you wonder if there isn’t something to pretty much everything derided as “pseudoscience.” Just at first blush, phrenology seems… pretty damn reasonable, actually. I’m sure it was Confucius or someone like that who said “By age 40, you have the face you deserve.” He’s obviously right – is it so unreasonable to assume that the causal arrow runs the other way, too?

          Sheldon got an even worse deal, IIRC. I don’t know for sure (I think Derb wrote on this way back in the days), but I think Sheldon got “debunked” more for being a weird dude than for his theory being “wrong.” Again, you see a fat guy — and I’m speaking as a fat guy here — and you kinda just naturally assume he has the “endomorph” personality. What’s wrong with that?

          Now, you’re not going to see me taking up ayurveda and horoscopes and whatnot just yet, but damn… those guys, at least (Gall and Sheldon) sure seemed like they were onto something.

      • That book of lies is probably just a copy of a middle school Health textbook. “Self-esteem is most important.” “there’s no such thing as a stupid question.” “Eat lots of carbs.” etc. etc.

    • Severian, any thoughts on why Conquest’s Law is accurate?

      Does it reveal something about human nature, or white nature, or the effects of affluence, or just that leftists like long meetings?

      When I tried to do local politics I found the City Council meetings in the evenings to be interminable and unbearable. After working all day I had to drive further to attend a mind numbing meeting. Some people love meetings and that gives them great stamina.

      I think P. J. O’Rourke said that the left wins because they stay to the end of the meetings, which I rarely could accomplish.

      • I think that’s basically it. Leftists are “process” people. They don’t care if following procedure actually accomplishes anything; they just want a procedure followed. If following procedure actually solved a problem, they’d freak out – they wouldn’t know what to do, until given a new procedure to follow.

        • They can’t compete on the field, so they become agents, referees and talking heads to sell access and advertising and speculate on the outcome of the game.

          I explained this to some of Drew Rosenhaus’ clients and all I got was a call for another round of patron.


  28. Back in the Bush years, Jonah Goldberg amplified every left-wing criticism of Trump.

    This needs clarification, did Goldberg work for the Bush’s between 2015-2020?

    Trump wasn’t a dragon on anyone’s political radar when Bushy boy was in office.

    Just a thought. ✌

      • Goldberg started life working for Ben Wattenberg, a far left PBS presenter. Then he did a turn at AEI and then he landed at NRO.

      • Yes mom and baby boy made all the chat show rounds together, especially Larry King. Little did I know at the time a major con was coming.

  29. You’ll also notice none of these jokers will have a Firing-Line type debate with any sort of dissenters regarding foreign policy. Their ideological bubbles are shrinking rapidly, along with their influence.

    One can see why. Robert Barnes, while not full neo-con, had an hysterical temper tantrum after a debate with Fuentes regarding Israel. When your talking points are so weak that a 22-year old can easily hold his own, your movement is dead.

    • What Fuent was saying the other day, although common to us, is not common to normies out there

      If normie starts hearing legit criticisms of Israel and ((()))) the damn could break and fast


      And I was not a big fan of nick, but he is growing on me. Kudos to him

    • I saw a clip of Barnes saying something along the lines that Israel is not an expansive state. There are only two ways you can say that. One is you are missing a chromosome and the other is you are a sociopath.

      • There’s a third possibility: a video of you doing something with someone that even in this libertine age would get you cancelled.

      • That is roughly accurate. Israel gave up the Sinai in exchange for a cold peace with Egypt. And gave up the Sinai in exchange for nothing. Hamas can and will and has rocketed them from Gaza at will. Israel has withdrawn from the buffer zone in Lebanon it had in the 1980s.

        This is not due to being moral supermen but the limited resources Israel has at its disposal. It has a population of about 6 million, of whom about 2.5 million are Ultra Orthodox and thus dead weight in terms of military service or civilian production. It does indeed have ambitions in the West Bank, which is understandable given the geography. It is also sure to hang on to the Golan Heights. But it has neither the manpower nor industrial resources to expand further unlike say Turkey which has both and actively and publicly seeks to restore the Ottoman Empire. Israel for example does not have troops in Libya like the Turks siding with one awful faction over the other awful faction. Or ambitions in the Balkans, Greece, Iraq, etc.
        Support or opposition to Israel plays out on the global stage as a proxy contest between Whites and non-Whites. Non Whites oppose Israel — its full of White people. Just look at them. Bad Whites mostly like and support Israel — Team White is beating Brown people. It really is that simple.
        Israel of course is doomed. Their greatest strategic mistake was to fail to preserve their logistical supply in the US which was dependent on a White majority. A nation filled with Ilhan Omars and Rashida Tlaibs will act like it. At some point Iran and/or Turkey will engage in protracted industrial warfare which their much larger population and resource base can support, exhaust Israel’s munitions and fuel, with a US boycott at least, and finish them off. This is why Hamas keeps fighting. Biden was forced to side with Hamas now. The next conflict he’ll embargo Israel as his domestic politics will demand Team Brown eradicate Team White there. How this will play out with Bad Whites I don’t know.

    • I don’t know what the lad Fuentes said, but in any conversation regarding Israel’s Neighbourhood Watch Programs, I get the feeling that many I know I are screaming to say that they don’t care… but they’ve not got the confidence to do so yet. In any case, this is one subject that I am happy to open my bigoted mouth over. I don’t give two hoots. Genocide? Not my people. Oppression? Not my people. Potential world war flashpoint? Not with my people.

      Most recently, I have taken to asking ‘What these events mean for whites?’ which often meets with confusion. Still valid though, any beef we stir up with Israel will affect the people I care about – albeit in some indirect way (i.e. incessant propaganda on the TV that they have not had the will to switch off). Not our beef.

      • My biggest concern is that this Palestinian alliance with the left is part of a broader media and university campaign to “convert” enough dumb Americans to the Palestinian side. Then we know what follows: waves of Palestinian refugees seeking their freedoms from Israeli oppression

        So for me, I would want Israel to eliminate them altogether. But of course Israel would never do that because they love being cruel bastards but they can never finish the job. Plus it looks like Russia has put a little bit of fear into them and to place nice.

        Wonderful. Just frigging wonderful. Get ready for Little Palestines in every major metro

        But I hope I’m wrong

        • I don’t wish to be blunt, Falcone; but if it is not Palestinians, it’ll be Somalis, Eritreans, Albanians &c. Your point is, I think, likely to be correct. But at this stage on the journey of the US and UK, somewhat moot.

          Gotta get your sand-niggers from somewhere.

          • Of course that is concerning, but life would be worse if there were million newly arrived refugees from Palestine

            The ((()))) situation will take care of itself. It always does. People are wising up them, and critical mass is approaching. So while a concern, it’s not keeping me awake at night, they have all that data anyway. I’ve been on a list for probably ten years now. And ever since I donated to Ron Paul I have been on a list and was audited two years straight for my misbehavior. All of us are.

  30. There is a lot of evidence for the intellectual decline argument. I remember when Cathy Young decided to attack Steve Sailer for something and thought he was the owner of VDare. The reason they keep staggering along is that they have always had a ready supply of suckers to keep them flush with cash. Goldberg, Steve Hayes and French got $6,000,000 in startup funding for The Dispatch. When Kristol was pitching David French he should run for President, he told French he had donors ready to provide $25 million in funding for overturning ballot access laws. McMullin’s campaign had way more cash than it had any right to see. Eventually they will run out of true believers, but I thought that day would have come already. I don’t see any reason why globohomo would pay good money to keep these people around.

    • They’ll probably stay forever. To a lot of these billionaires, funding people like French and Young is financially equivalent to a normal guy subscribing 5 dollars a month to the Patreon of a Youtuber he only watches a couple of times a year.

  31. i will say this, the hebes in the US are in for a rough ride. they have exactly 0 support here now, after all their shennanigans, and are actively being hunted in the streets. i personally don’t waste much energy on the JQ, but younger people bear them an intense animus. once again they have fouled the nest and will be forced to find a new place to fuck up. good work boys.

    • They ALWAYS wear out their welcome

      They are just obnoxious repugnant people, and that’s their good qualities

      • Color me shocked – another Jew taking a non-jewish name to hide their jewishness – and then bashing legacy White Americans.
        Is it truly anti-semetic to point out or recognize jewish influence everywhere, not only in our (former) country, but the west in general? Is it deniable that they have outsized power in all of the “power” centers – politics, media, academia, corporations etc., with which to push their agenda?
        Perhaps, the self purging of the neoclowns from the true conservative right is the beginning of the end for all of that (((influence))).

    • They still have the Mike Huckabeey and other members of the sect pushing the “Christians and Jews” bullshit. Steyn is the secular equivalent.

      • “Judeo-Christian” is one of their most prolific and successful branding elements of the chosen PR dept.

        I first saw it in 1990 in my HS physics class. The teacher had written on the chalkboard “this class operates on judeo-Christian principles” or some such. I didn’t know what it meant even as a young Christian man myself, but it struck me as odd and disquieting.

        The fact that the teacher turned out to be a communist and psychopath was completely unrelated I am sure.

        Now every time I hear it it is a cue to disregard what comes next as subversive and/or intellectually dishonest.

        • I have noticed a few people I follow changing their use of that term in the last year or so. Some conservatives simply used it in an unthinking way, not thinking about how deep the historical antipathy has run between those two groups and how justified that antipathy is.

        • It evaporates when people take a second to realize how unrequited the sentiment is. Guys like Shapiro are happy to use the term when they mean something like: the Jewish heresy that is Christianity.

    • No, they still have a ton of institutional support. We’re way out on the fringes, here.

      • not any longer. a tipping point has been reached — and crossed. they are being pushed off college campuses, and out of political support positions, out of screen writing jobs, etc etc. they are done here. like i said, no one is on their side here. plus they are in the way of the chinks and hindus.

        • I’d like to think you are right, but I don’t think so. It would be kind of fun to see how the White self-hatred holds up without Jewish-generated media propaganda to reinforce it. The blacks and Asians just aren’t subtle enough to continue to pull it off and the Hispanics don’t give a shit.

        • Karl – I think you and Vizzini are both right. It varies tremendously by generation. Those 40 and older underwent intense and focused ‘education’ to love Jevvs, hate H1tler, worship Ann Frank, etc. Anyone younger had that propaganda focus switched to POX, and they’re increasingly realizing who first organized and weaponized those POX. It’s axiomatic that older ‘murricans automatically “side with our greatest ally” in response to Antifa’s championing of the other side. And that championing is just as unthinking as the ‘judeochristian’ support is. It’s a Pavlovian circle jerk.

    • Well, if things really go south they can always head to Israel, a country for which they shill and have divided loyalties. Another chance, if you like.

      For me, a native Englishman, I have only one home. As for you, Mr American (I assume). As I told a South African some months back: at least you had an out.

  32. Very deft that you can name a certain tribe without explicitly doing so.
    What happens when a parasite or virus can’t attach to a host? There’s only so much grift in a nation I hope.

    Anywho, balkanized America continues at a slow and steady pace.

  33. “they seem to be unambitiously antiwhite”. think you meant “unambiguously”

    • It doesn’t matter what he meant. (Maybe ‘ambitiously antiwhite’?) The ridiculous flub renders the essay unworthy of calling attention to it. thezman strikes thezman again with his own obstinate aversion to proofreading.

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