A Lazy Return

The show is back this week and fair warning, it is not a great show. Like a lot of people, I am now in summer mode. Last summer was cancelled by our rulers and their Chinese handlers, so I am looking forward to having summer this year. I am not a summer person, but I do like the slower pace. Here in Lagos, the masks are dropping and the bareface is running free again, so it is feeling very summery all of a sudden. Even the homicide rate has got back to normal. Past normal actually.

It has been interesting watching the struggle for normalcy. At the stores, about 60% of people still wears masks, depending upon where you go. The ghetto was hit and miss on the masks all along, but the beautiful people places were energetically compliant with the masking and distancing. That is where you see the strongest resistance to the dropping of the masks. I suspect the mask could become a piety symbol for these people, which would be a good result of the Covid panic.

The workplace is where things are getting weird already. I was on a call with a client the other day and they are still doing the work at home thing. The boss wants everyone back, but he has been getting a ton of resistance. The plan is everyone has until the fall to get back to the office. I know a couple of women who are quitting rather than go back to the office, as they like being home with the kids. They realized that extra stuff and having a career was not a good trade-off.

In my office building, I would say close to half the tenants will not renew. Some went out of business, but others figured out that they could save the rent and let their people work from home, so that is the plan. There is a lot of vacant office space in this part of the world, so commercial real estate is heading for a long recession. That is a cyclical business anyway, so it probably does not matter. A few years ago, we were the only tenant in our building for a few months.

It is easy to see why the Covidians are fighting the return to normalcy. There will be no way to do pull this stuff again after people drop the masks and go back to living relatively normal lives again. They can scream themselves hoarse about variants and new waves, but there is no going back to masks now. The fact that Florida exists has discredited this forever. The Covidians will have to find a new reason to justify tormenting the public so they can feel like heroes.

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136 thoughts on “A Lazy Return

  1. Libernuttian Lew is craving absolution from “Black Lives” again. So, one of his favorite twits, a Christian bigot named Charles Burris, is spreading antiwhite agitprop and self-loathing with more enthusiasm than usual:

    On Teaching The Tulsa Race Massacre

    In addition to pushing the standard oppression narrative, the former history teacher informs his readers that his copy of From Slavery To Freedom, a verbose victimology signed by Dr. Franklin, is “one of my most precious possessions”.

    The Beginning of Hell: The 1942 Lee Street Race Riot

    Here, too, the libertarian figures out a way to construe reaction to blackness as perverse. In a linked article, we find telling use of the passive voice: “violence erupted” and “as many as 15 Black soldiers [were] killed and dozens more injured outside of a movie theater in the middle of downtown”. In fact, “between 2,000 and 3,000 people, the overwhelming majority of whom were African American, had been present that night on Lee Street”, and everyone who isn’t street stupid understand what that implies.

  2. An anti-landlord leftist activist recently had this on his Twitter feed:

    “For those of us concerned with radical democracy, it is more useful to think about what would happen if two sheep and one wolf were to decide what to eat for dinner. Might makes right so organize for justice.”

    Dude has apparently never met a wolf or a sheep. Double servings of sheep for dinner.

    Also, it’s interesting to see “might makes right” adopted as a slogan of the left. I guess it fits in with “When I am weaker than you, I ask you for freedom because that is according to your principles. When I am stronger than you, I take away your freedom, because that is according to my principles.”

  3. Z Man, you got the Tulsa numbers exactly backwards. In the initial shootout, 12 whites and two blacks were killed. The total number of during the entire event is variously cited as 36 or 39, with 13 whites killed and the rest black. In other words, in the initial shootout the blacks “won,” but at a significant cost in the end.

  4. Funny that you bring up Asness. Yep, he’s a billionaire hedge fund/mutual fund guy. He’s also one of the usual suspects, though like so many of them, he watered down the gene pool by marrying a goy. He’s also a libertarian who hates Trump, as you would assume.

    However, he’s part of a recent tiff within the Never Trump camp, which is interesting. Some writer named Tim Miller at the Bulwark – yes, that joke – argues that hating Trump – like Asness does – isn’t enough. The GOP should go after Trump’s “racist” Nazi supporters and cleanse them from the party. Miller truly believe that there was a coup attempt and that Trump and his supporters are the ever-dreaded fascists.

    Miller is absolutely hilarious. Read this quote:

    “If someone were to put a gun to my head and order me to choose between turning America into Sweden or Hungary, I’d say Sweden before the gun was even out of the holster. But that’s kind of a false choice anyway, given that Biden resoundly defeated his socialist challenger just last year. As for woke-ism, while there are certainly some concerning elements to the Robin DiAngelo-fication of American life, on balance I consider the most recent racial awakening a net societal plus.”

    This guy is supposedly a Republican. Btw, Miller was Jeb Bush’s communications director. He did such a bang up job there that everybody wants him on their team. Miller tells you everything you need to know about Conservative Inc.

  5. The first conservative book I bought was in college in early 90’s.
    Charles Syke’s “The Hollow Men”, about Leftist agenda in academia. Just for reasons of nostalgia, it’s a bummer he turned out to be a typical status-seeking Never-Trumper Neocon. However it does equate with my pet belief to never trust a Conservative who looks like a Midwestern preacher.


  6. I’m not really shocked by how retarded Conservative Inc. can be, but the Go Fund Me for AOC’s Abuela has to be an 11 on the 1 to 10 retard scale. “owning her!!!” Jesus.

  7. Good points about Con, Inc., and its imminent demise. The crickets were a particularly inspired touch when you referenced the National Review.

    “What is National Review’s take?” asked no one since the carny Reagan died.

    The Republican Party, much like Con, Inc., is circling the drain and the sooner we kill off the controlled opposition the better. Actually it seems to be doing the job for us.

    • Yes, a friend with significant health problems was terribly disappointed to find out neither she nor her husband had antibodies post vaccine. Very happy and hopeful until the antibody test. I don’t consume any non-internet news myself, but the sell for that vaccine must have been phenomenal.

  8. There won’t be a return to a full normal because of the Covidian forced vaccine agenda and the segregation states and countries are setting up. This might last a century like Jim Crow if the Covidian religion proves to be persistent, or it can be used to bait and switch, like how Schwab likes you to own nothing and be happy – and the “priviledged” gets to try some of the measures first.

    Seasons of inflation is coming, and that isn’t the worst thing. The real threat to the New Normalcy is the broader failure of supply chains (caused by FDR-tier antiproductive policies and the coming US-Chinese embargoes) Tom Luongo pointed out to be the agenda of WEF. This is the biggest reason to quit aping for a return to the old normal and embrace economic localism, at least until the dust settles.

    • Wow!

      Courageous woman.

      I forwarded that video to half a dozen folks. Thanks Nunnya.

      • Holding back her power level by focusing on anti-police rhetoric was a brilliant move. We need people like this in every single stinking school district. I freaking love how she shut down every single attempt by the pathetic worms on that board to deny her the right to speak. This is a model for how it’s done. How dare they indeed!

  9. Great show Z-Man, not lazy at all.

    I would amplify your observation that elites cycle through ala Pareto. And what we are seeing now with anti-White hatred is the replacement of the old White elites (Pelosi, Schumer, Biden) with newer, non-White elites filled with anti-White hatred: AOC, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Roxanne Gray, etc.

    This is why we are moving rapidly to a situation where Whites are going to be hunted down and killed in “safe” areas like the suburbs and eventually forced labor camps will be constructed. The old guard is terrified and just hanging on, see Schumer who is now suddenly silent on a particular nation, while AOC who scares him and is likely to replace him easily screams about it. And also emptying prisons of all non Whites. Secondly, the vast majority of non-White leaders are women: the grifter running the BLM movement (who now wants to end that particular nation), the Squad, Kamala, the women at the NYT, etc. All with no experience with violence, living cosseted, upper class lives where stuff just happens because they pout a lot; save of course Omar who has the experience of Somalia and filters everything through tribe. Roxanne Gray or Kamala Harris figure that the Purge movie will play out in real life like it does on screen.

    I don’t think genocide of Whites can be avoided with a non-White elite. That’s just baked into the cake of leadership. The elites will never tolerate White people just living their lives. It won’t be allowed and emotionally they cannot allow it. Will they be successful? I don’t know. I think most White women will along with it — they can trade up and the ugly White woman is a beauty compared to most black women. Probably most desire it. The leadership class has almost completely turned over in many places including Hollywood and corporate America. A certain people used to run Hollywood and now its another (black) that do. The same is now true of corporate America.

    BUT — this nation is rich in resources including higher IQ, more dutiful White people. Russia, China, the cartels would all like to have it. When not if the killing starts, various players there will start to act to grab a piece of the action quickly.

    And here is where I differ from you. I think the greatest danger to the Regime is the angry, disappointed White middle aged man. On Twatter some non White dude wrote that he can’t believe the number of disappointed White professional men who figure their life turned out far worse than their parents and blame it on Woke. A middle aged man with nothing left to lose is very dangerous. He has enough experience to fly under the radar, and knows how the system works. China interestingly enough has put a 30 day hold on divorces for “cooling off” — apparently 70% of the divorces were initiated by women and Xi and the other hard core leaders fear with good reason another peasant revolt like the Cultural Revolution. Xi was living in a cave for 8 years shoveling pig manure after his purge (and his father’s).

      • That’s a hell of a rebuttal to Whiskeys comment Dennis.

        In the future, if you disagree with a persons comment or point of view, you may actually want to debunk it.

        It makes the whole process more interesting.

      • I would like to 2nd the comment from the esteemed gentleman above: “Did you lick the windows on the retard bus to school, shit for brains?” Both appropriate and funny, in light of the typical half-batshit / half-decent Whiskey posts.

      • That’s a little harsh, but I did read the first three sentences and was like “Is this Whiskey? Ahh, yup, explains that.” I guess I’m somewhat enviable that a dedicated commentor has such a notable style that it can be recognized so readily. And Whiskey, no sending manifestos in anywhere buddy.

    • “Trade up.”
      Black people run Hollywood.

      Whatever helps yo sleep at night.

    • not getting laid for 20 years can make a man say crqzy things. if this nimrod believed a tenth of the nonsense he posts, he would have topped himself long ago. am always irritated when i don’t notice the name of the commenter, and realize i have been reading one of eeyore’s gloomy predictions.

      • Perhaps you missed the educated, professional Indian Dr. at Yale talking about how she wants to shoot White people in the head? And how much Yale loves Dr. Khil?
        Or every TV show, movie, commercial features nothing but black black black black? Heck even the Jewish writer/producers can’t get projects made any more and complain about it. Marvel traded out their White male heroes for a bunch of black and gay ones. And now we have various White women making Twatter videos about how much they prefer black to White men. Disney has even in their streaming stuff come around to the idea of killing White people to give their stuff to black people (metaphorically, but its remarkable). Disney itself has confirmed they will only make black black black projects, same with the other studios.
        The times, the temper, they have something called momentum. Social forces gather strength and hurdle down the abyss. Its not black pills to tell you the truth. Those who offer fairy tales do you no favors.
        There will be no revolution. There will be an enormous effort at genocide by the mostly non White educated leadership class, aided and abetted by various other hangers on as Whites are the last bit of productive wealth not looted.
        The NYT has an article about “racist birds” and how the birds and their names have to be eliminated because racism. Its now racist birds. There is no bottom to touch.
        The entire foundation of America now rests on black people not being equal but better off than Whites as holy, racial redeemers for the original sin of industrial civilization. It is the moral and cultural basis for the West. Refusal to see where that leads is just stupid.
        They hate you. They are mostly non-White. They mostly run everything. They want you dead. Its that simple.
        So be like water.
        Or go ahead, wave a MAGA flag, pretend there will be a coup, Trump gets restored, all that BS. Be a Qanon tard. See where that gets you.
        I don’t think the attempt will be successful. But it would still kill a lot of people. So move off the X. Rich and big shot people learned in the early 1980s that even the most famous and powerful could be gotten at by peons. So they quickly went mobile, moving around the world constantly. They got off the X. You can’t be killed if they can’t find you.

    • Non-White “America” would be cool with genocide but cannot pull it off, even with the pussy hat-wearing harpies at their side. This nation’s implosion is not without a certain black, no pun or low IQ reference intended, humor. The current junta hasn’t been in office a full six months and already is a joke internationally and among Heritage Americans. I’m actually feeling pretty good at the moment for our people, who like drunks had to hit rock bottom first.

  10. In the 1960s, blacks did not have anywhere near the strong “Black” identity they have today. They were greatly embarrassed by figures like Malcolm-X and the Nation of Islam. Blacks greatly wanted to be “Americans” first and black secondarily if at all. There are many clips of blacks on the street being interviewed in the 60s saying they are Americans and not “Black Americans” Even the term African American had a lot of push-back. I can remember as a young person using the term around black people out of respect and having them tell me “I’m BLACK. I ain’t African” and things like that.

    That has entirely reversed. Virtually all blacks are Black first (and last and only). They are only American next to Asians or something. I think most white people would be greatly surprised at just how race conscious blacks are. Having spent my life around blacks, if there is one thing I know about blacks, it’s that being black is really important to black people, even black children. Black race consciousness is everywhere in black life. Encouraging hatred against white people (or against black people) is evil.

    • The whole blackness movement began in the late 60s. There were Black Power and Afrocentrism, and things have gotten exponentially worse since then. Interestingly enough, black culture has deteriorated dramatically as blacks have reverted to their innate Africanness, and dispensed with all white standards of merit and achievement. Prior to the late 60s, America was held together only under the pressure of white civilization. As that civilization was undermined, every sort of latent fissiparous and savage force was unleased. The results were terminal.

      • Word of the day = “fissiparous”
        “fis•sip•a•rous fĭ-sĭp′ər-əs►
        adj. Reproducing by biological fission.
        adj. Tending to break up into parts or break away from a main body; factious.
        Reproducing or multiplying by fission or spontaneous self-division, a mode of asexual generation by division into two or more parts, each of which, when completely separated, becomes a new individual: it is a usual process among the protozoans, protophytes, and other low organisms. See fission, 2.”

    • Not just blacks either. Talk to any POC who has been living in North America for a while and you realize that they are obsessed, even consumed, with race.

      Whites are constantly plotting against them. Racism is everywhere. Are they FOB or whitewashed? Old brown people are ignorant, old white people are racist. That group is too white. This group doesn’t have enough whites, too many FOBs here. This whitey is a racist; this one is an insincere ally and is also racist. How come I didn’t get invited to golf? They spend their whole time making racist jokes on the course!

      Whites, particularly older ones are totally oblivious to this constant internal dialogue. “Hey, Jim, sportsball team X is playing this weekend! Great weather to grill! Ha ha, see you on Monday!” is basically a normie white’s thoughts at work.

      I think the simplest answer is that they just don’t belong here, or anywhere near us. Indians and Asians are the worst. Hispanics kind of do (not really, but more than Hindus) and therefore don’t have the same level of insecurity. Fresh off the boat ones generally keep their old identity and are also less insecure. Most POC eventually develop this super thin skin, anti-white negative identity though. Never trust them.

      • Encouraging hatred of white people through oppression narratives is extremely dangerous. They are very race-conscious and now they see us as the oppressor. Killing your oppressor is not bad. “Is it even violence if it is in self-defense?” The whole purpose of an oppression narrative is to justify violence against the people being labeled as oppressors. It is that much worse when the people are so race conscious. “These people are oppressing and killing my people!”

        That is why I said encouraging these people to hate us is evil. We are already beginning to see the fruits of this programming. This time it was a white child removed from its bed to be taken outside and slaughtered. Can you imagine the reaction if some psycho white 19yo took a sleeping black baby out of its crib and took it outside and slaughtered it like a damned pig? This is at least the 3rd attack on small defenseless white children in last couple of years.

        • Yup they hate white children like nothing else; that’s why I’m working to have as many as possible.

          It is very clear to me that they plan to at least severely marginalize us, and likely eventually genocide us. Just open your eyes.

        • Tribal warfare always focuses on the kids, who get exterminated because they are the future of the enemy tribe and they are defenseless. The Haitian genociders used an impaled white child as their standard – and there is a reason for that.

          I tell the story of a couple weeks ago, being stopped at a red light and having a black roll up in the lane next to mine and tell my wife and I that we were “complete shit.” I suspect the triggering factor was the child in the back seat of the car. He saw a White family and was triggered to a murderous hatred, except, having insufficient practice runs at this sort of murder, satisfied himself with expressing hatred to strangers, instead.

    • Encouraging hatred against white people (or against black people) is evil.

      Well, I, too, have lived near “Black Lives”, almost entirely in the Midwest. In fact, when I was very young, I had several who were friends, and sometimes we’d hang out at one of their homes to watch TV or play horse in the backyard. That was before any of us got to high school. Now, when I encounter subsaharans in the USA, they usually remind me that…

      (1) virtually all of them have brown skin, not black skin like a gorilla;
      (2) black is not a color but the absence of color;
      (3) in English, black is a synonym for evil; and
      (4) John Derbyshire pulled punches in his essay “The Talk: Nonblack Version”.

      So, when a sub tells you that he or she is “Black”, accept that as a confession.

      It’s by the way that there’s an irony lurking in the contemporary humanist obsession with “Black Lives”, “BIPOC”, etc. White light is a combination of all colors, but the skin of holy Unwhites comes in tints and shades of brown.

  11. “Black Wall Street” is one of the biggest single lies about African American history. “Black Wall Street” was literally a fairly functional black neighborhood, enabled almost entirely by those evil white-supremacist laws they hate so much. There was no investment banking, no involvement with the stock market, no high finance or elite banking or even educational institutions. Literally, a functional middle-class black neighborhood. Losing it was no doubt bad for the people who lived there. There is no denying that. But everything about it is a lie.
    I have met a number of black people who thought and insisted to me that “Black Wall Street” was a black carbon-copy of the Wall St of NYC. Whitey was so threatened by all this “black excellence” that he bombed “Black Wall Street” into the stone age in his evil propensity to keep the black man down.

    The next time someone tells you about Emit Till or the Freedom Riders or Black Wall Street, just re-read some articles about Charlottesville. And remember, that when they can maintain a total lie on a very recent event where all of the participants took live video, just imagine what kind of bullshit is in these stories.

  12. There are two take-aways from the recent world ending pandemic that I find interesting. One, too many people realize they don’t have to go in to work. I always wanted to work from home, it’s just I’m retired now so that’s all I CAN do. Secondly, and more frightening, there’s the belief that too many people don’t have to work and someone else will pick up the tab. Why put up with annoying humans when you can sit around the house in your birthday suit and still survive?

  13. Many young white people are actually self hating. Z is right, old white people can filter out the anti white hatred as lunacy but young people can’t; it’s all they’ve known. Laugh at the “crazy millenial soy boys” at your own risk, because they might just believe it.

    It’s important to have a chat with your kids or nephews or grandkids or whoever. Don’t come off as the crazy racist, but state truths calmly, yet with rock solid firmness. Remember that CRT is basically race realism – but spun with the wrong angle. Blacks *are* disadvantaged in white society – but not due to “systemic racism”, simply due to their biological traits. Shown by the living conditions in Africa, Haiti, Brazil, Europe, even prior to colonization.

    • A lot of White kids do believe the propaganda, but Z is also right that a good chunk – especially boys – don’t. And of the two groups, the latter is by far the most angry.

      The White kids who believe the propaganda aren’t generally self-hating. They might think others Whites are bad, but they’re good. They just assume that there’s this happy multi-racial paradise just down the road, but they’re not motivated to do much themselves beside recite the party lines.

      But White kids who don’t buy into the propaganda are motivated because the anti-White propaganda is in their face every single day. It’s at school. It’s on TV. It’s on TikTok. They can’t escape it, and they hate it.

      I’d suspect about 10% to 20% of White kids are pretty pissed. They have no idea what to do about all of this, but they’re not going to just take it for the next 50 years.

      Should be fun to watch these kids as they get older. They hate the system. They have no future in the system. They might just drop out, which would be a shame. But if some other option becomes available, they’ll jump at it. Anything is better than being spit on for the rest of their lives.

      • I hope you’re right. I see alot of young white guys adopt a quiet, depressed, resigned attitude and seem to hope that if they’re quiet and good they will be spared. Perhaps a sense of shame for being a white male, too.

        Or they simply stop going out and do the video games, porn, and weed thing. Once an area drops below 50% white, the street level looks 0% white as we just stop leaving the house (well, except for me).

        But, an idle, unhappy group of men is still ripe for the picking. As leaders in the movement (both “leader” and “movement” very loosely defined, lol) we must carry our cross daily no matter what.

        • All the based zoomers I see are internet anons who might be 45. Among the actual young men I know well enough to understand, most from anachronistically “trad” religious and academic families, at least 90% are sullenly insane and hopeless—because their mothers have despised them since birth and can’t hide it.

          Women do whatever the strongest present culture tells them to do. It’s said “Kill your sons” for fifty years.

        • There is no shame in being White, it’s a badge of honor. We’re in a war. Pounding motherfuckers into submission is what you do in a war. You, your family and heritage depends on it.

      • I see this as well. These will be the foot soldiers in what is coming. I agree with Z regarding the green shoots. Just like the dangers, it is foolish to ignore them, too.

  14. WTF is an “expert in Democracy,” let alone “our democracy?” How do you get into this club?

    The reason they always trot out “experts” to spread a faslse narrative and to justify doing what they already wanted to do is because “expert” doesn’t mean anything. What made the psychiatrists vulnerable to the Goldwater Rule is that there is a body that grants to you the legal authority to call yourself a psychiatrist. There is no body to bestow expertise onto the expert who can then waive around the credential, but can also be smacked down by the granting body.

    • Working as an ‘Expert Witness’ I have been informed many times that ‘Expert’ means that you know more than the average Joe.
      Heh. Just imagine all the things that you are an expert in.

    • I haven’t looked at this particular “open letter,” but I’ve seen lots of that type of thing. I used to recognize a lot of the names of the signatories; knew a few personally (In a former life I was a History professor). It wouldn’t surprise me if Sean Wilentz was a signatory on this one. They trot him out every time they need an “expert” to argue against the Electoral College, or to rank the most recent Republican president just behind Grant in the “worst presidents in history” list, or… well, you get the idea. He’s definitely the kind of guy who would call himself a “Scholar of Democracy.”

      The fun thing is, the more you know about academia, the more ludicrous all of this becomes. Yeah, your PhD says “History” on it, but what you’re really expert in — as in, you literally wrote the book on it (your dissertation) — is so micro-specialized as to be all but meaningless. In Wilentz’s case, it’s “labor history in NYC in the Early Republic.” The title of his first book says it all: “Chants democratic : New York City and the rise of the American working class, 1788–1850.”

      See what I mean? Everyone who isn’t from New York knows that New York isn’t representative of ALL of America. Hell, I’d argue that New York, being almost from the get-go a major international cities, isn’t really “American” at all. And certainly knowing about the politics of proto-unions on the Manhattan docks has little or nothing to do with how good or bad someone like GW Bush was at presidentin.’ And yet, he’s always rolled out to give us his “expert” view on these things.

      [side note, because we all could use some more humor in our life: Wilentz is far from the worst when it comes to giving grandiose titles to itty bitt micro studies. One I remember well from grad school was called “The Civil War as a Crisis in Gender.” Sounds like a fascinating thesis, no? I mean, the entire Civil War, from the Nevada badlands to the Massachusetts home front? The Confederates they were trying to parole to go put down Indian uprisings in the Dakotas? The brown water navy guys on gunboats in the Potomac? The Army of Northern Virginia? The machinations of Lincoln’s cabinet? ALL of that, a crisis in gender?….
      The subtitle: Augusta, Georgia, 1860-1890.]

      • I’d go out on a limb to say that that title might make sense for a future historian if we get a 21st century Civil War.

      • “They trot him out every time they need an “expert” to argue against the Electoral College, or to rank the most recent Republican president just behind Grant in the “worst presidents in history” list, or”

        Of course, none of them will put FDR or Lincoln, the two objectively worst presidents anywhere near a worst president list.

        These two clowns together got over a million Americans killed. Lincoln oversaw the death of the republic and FDR oversaw the massive growth of the empire. The Republican fetish for Lincoln is really sickening. I would love nothing more than to see every single statue of him razed to the ground.

        • No, definitely not. The worst president of all time, according to all the “experts,” was Grant. Not James Buchanan, because, you know… Democrat. The whole thing is just stupid — trying to compare Martin van Buren to Dwight Eisenhower is like trying to argue that Old Hoss Radbourn was a better pitcher than Max Scherzer; the eras are so different, the position has evolved so much, that it’s a category error.

          But you still see it all the time. Hell, every four years we get Very Serious Analysts telling us all about the Great Magic Party Switch of 1964, when all the racists who weren’t Democrats in 1963 suddenly all joined the Republican Party. Because the Democrats simply can’t have been racists, you see, because they’re Democrats, not Republicans, and only Republicans can be racists.

          I’d say “I know actual professional historians who specialize in the history of the Civil Rights Era who believe this,” but what’s the point? You already know it.

      • I know the author of “The Civil War as a Crisis in Gender.” Surprise, surprise–she’s a lesbo pomo and a Chosenite, as well.

        • I didn’t know she was one of the Chosen — isn’t her last name White or Whitney or something? Probably her “married” name.

          As I recall, the book actually wasn’t half bad… for what it was, which was a look at mobilization and demobilization in a midsize Southern town. I’m sure the publisher had a lot of say in the title, but holy guacamole.

          • Whites is her last name, and I’m sure her ancestral name was Weiss or Witz.

            So, the dissertation was a micro-study, huh? Those can be interesting, and if linked with other micro-studies on a similar topic, quite significant.

            The only thing I ever read from Whites was a paper she wrote. As I recall, it was well written, and when a grad student complimented her on her prose, she looked rather disgruntled. Complimenting a pomo’s writing is a grave insult.

  15. General comment on the pandemic and mRNA. I just read this fluff piece:


    It’s about the promise of mRNA technology. Now, to the article’s credit, I do not dispute its present and future potential of mRNA. I welcome medical advances. But, unless I missed it, there was no, absolutely no, mention of any potential downsides. Yes folks, apparently this new mRNA technology is an outright miracle, no downsides whatsoever, all clear sailing ahead! In fact, why not get your jab right away? It’s available everywhere, and free or even win prizes in some places! 😀

    In related personal experience, yesterday makes twice that one of my MDs has inquired had I got the jab, yet diplomatically neither recommending for or against it (and, I suspect, deftly avoiding the professional or legal peril of taking a position, one way or the other.). I’m curious if others’ experience has been similar?

    Finally, it’s worth critiquing the CNN article. The standard claim, that the “pandemic that killed millions in just a year” appears yet again. This does seem to be the party line, but a quick debunk (or at least, skepticism) is in order. Are the official COVID stats to be believed? I am dubious. The tests themselves have a high error rate. The deaths “from COVID” are inflated for revenue enhancement (more government money for the profession), for lurid headlines to draw eyeballs. Skeptics like me argue that the vast majority of these might be better called “deaths with Covid.” I’ve seen no evidence to discount this latter assertion. From the beginning, the vast majority of victims, mortality or serious morbidity, were those with severe and often multiple preexisting conditions (the usual litany: very old, diabetic, heart disease, lug disease, immune failure, etc.) Probably the rarest comment I see on this topic is the observation that the vast majority of “Covid victims” were not long for this world anyway. Absent the novel coronavirus, virtually of these would have died from influenza viruses, pneumonia germs, and similar boring, well-known, everyday causes. In other words, the overall deaths would have been largely the same (check those excess death rates over the past year or two), mostly afflicting the old and the weak, and the infectious organisms were ordinary viruses and bacteria.

    The moral of today’s editorial: the mainstream media is not your friend. Half-truths and lies. Damned little else!

    • “Absent the novel coronavirus, virtually of these would have died from influenza viruses, pneumonia germs, and similar boring, well-known, everyday causes. ”

      It’s a good point. They would’ve. But Covid is a brand baby! Merchandise too: screens, masks, road works, vaccines, pop-up cycle lanes, regular freedom purges and sanctimonious lectures. It’s like a market of it’s own.

      • We have evidence of this already. The US “all causes” death rate is declining as was predicted. Covid culled the weak and infirmed who in any event would have died shortly.

        • Sorry Compsci,

          The “all causes” death rate has gone down because of masks, standing six feet apart, obsessively wiping denatured alcohol on your hands, “voting” out Bad Orange Man and listening to Neil Diamond records. SCIENCE!

          Literacy? Citizenship? Convicted felon?
          Bah: a basic course in logic should be a prerequisite to obtaining the franchise.

          • Yeah Moe, my bad. But if others here have a bad sarcasm detector, I forgot one important point. It’s the all causes *minus* COVID. That points to elimination of the very sick and impaired who had very little time left in the best of circumstances.

        • This is what I’ve been looking at all along and was looking for the “dip” in total deaths since this happens after every flu outbreak or really any other type of epidemic.

          Even looking at the total deaths might not tell the whole story since at this point the extreme reaction to Covid itself has killed people through neglect of chronic and serious conditions like heart disease and cancer as well as higher suicide rates and stupid shit like people dying because they were working out while wearing a mask.

          Teasing out how many deaths were “time shifted”, how many were caused by “Societal Covid Syndrome” aka Karen-19, how many due to postponed medical care, etc… will require someone with medical knowledge, expertise in statistics, and extreme intellectual probity. Fortunately for the Covidians if any such people still exist they will either sense the futility of making the effort and not bother or just be shouted down as enemies of The Science[tm].

    • mRNA technology is extremely dangerous and not well understood at all. in lab experiments with mice, they all died when re-infected by the test disease. the mRNA treatment made the second infection much more vicious in the reaction it elicited. the death toll from all these little mengeles is going to be enormous over the coming years. and the truly funny part is that 81% of westerners already have natural cross-immunization protection against covid!

      • Perhaps even worse. At least one virologist argues that the mRNA weakens the “innate” immune system by creating an immediate storm of antibodies that attempt to overwhelm the virus. The innate immune system is the first on the scene for any foreign substance found in the body in normal day to day life. It is thought that this is why up to 50% of the population is naturally “immune” to the COVID virus, displaying little to no physical symptoms when they contract it.

        I suspect that’s the category I fell into when I contracted COVID a few months ago. Basically, the symptom was a mild two day cold—the kind where a year prior, I’d have been inclined to shrug it off and go about my daily routine without a second thought.

  16. The best thing of the past 15 months has been mothers staying home with their kids. If we could get 80% of them to do that, the rest of our problems would solve themselves.

    • Its also been a litmus test of sorts. Some acquaintances were not that bothered by the wuhan response, except for the fact they had to actually endure parenting all day. This tyranny must end!

      Whereas others were deeply bothered by the wuhan response, but actually enjoyed reconnecting to a more favorable pace and priorities of life.

      The sudden proximity to the indoctrination curriculum of the schools was equally as enlightening.

      I haven’t figured out if any of this will move the trenches along the great divide but it has revealed things about people close to me in that pressure reveals character sorta way that has been valuable.

      One of the interesting twists of the whole psy-op is how it has pierced much of the lefts own stock of Gaia leaf eaters.

      I know several who didn’t give their kids the vax packs recommended by docs and “required” by schools and have fed their kids only non gmo organic for years, but now can’t wait to stab their children with experiment.

      • I’ve noticed this too. A local health food store I know had posted signs with some bullshit about how masks have eradicated the flu with the strong hint that we should just 4everM@sk now even when the Coof is gone. The irony is that the store’s customer base has a lot of granola crunching dirty hippies. These are the same type of people who were strongly anti-vax and pro-microbe 5 years ago. It’s stuff like this that makes me think that virtually every leftish business or organization must now have a “political commissar” who is in touch with and controlled by people much better organized and funded than the typical fuzzy headed Lefties of just a few years back.

      • “GMO foods? Hell no, that stuff will kill you!”

        “GMO injection in my body? Fantastic! Sign me up!”

  17. I don’t have any faith that sanity will begin to reign because Florida exists. There was so little pushback to the last year plus of Covid craziness, I can’t help but think the fun is just getting started. Remember climate change? If mother Gaia is not appeased because St. Greta does not give her a good report on our compliance how will we survive? Lockdowns are a great way to offer sacrifice to Gaia.

    • I’ve been a Floridiot for about 18 years now. While our State has much that is good, and I like our current governor, we are far from perfect. As noted in these very pages, in 2018 we came within a gnat’s eyelash of electing a gay Negro meth-head Democrat, with additional “qualifications” of a checkered past.

      • Was the voting legitimate and honest? Or did the dead voters realize they hated their descendants and vote accordingly?

    • A reminder, because it is hilarious: when St. Greta realized her act was being supplanted by Covidianism, she announced that she had symptoms and was afraid she would die. St. Greta IS the contemporary Left.

  18. The comments on that closing Twitter thread are so unrelentingly ignorant that it makes me kind of sad.

  19. Went out to dinner at a suburban Portland restaurant the other day and while I was grudgingly fumbling with the face diaper (I wait till the very last second to put it halfway on for the 5 second trudge to the freshly chemically enhanced table) I noticed the hostess was mask free. As was the bartender and all the serving staff (except for one very young, very skinny busboy who was obviously torturing himself by choice). It was a Start of Summer Miracle!

    I remarked on it to the waiter who commented that ‘we realized we’re the only ones in here wearing them and it made no sense since we’ve all been vaccinated.’ If that’s the kind of rationalization most people need to once again be able to be around fellow humans without fear so be it I guess. At least when I occasionally go out to eat, at least at this place, I will no longer fell I’m at a sanitarium preparing to gum my 3:00 applesauce and saltines.

    First I was appalled at how easily people swallowed the plague storyline and now I’m astounded that I haven’t met anyone who hasn’t partaken of the mystery arm juice. But then I am still in Oregon so I really, really hope that changes when I leave for colder and (I hope) more rational parts at the end of summer.

      • That’s why I was so surprised to see it. And things have been so weird for so long at first it didn’t even register! It was such an encouraging sign. Even in a not too distant outpost of the Branch Covidian headquarters people are willing to say ‘this doesn’t make sense’ and do what’s right for themselves and their employees. I hope it catches on.

      • Yes, the state of Oregon, aka Governor “l’état, c’est moi” Kate Brown has mandated that businesses require proof of vaccination now. By the way, this is the model for all the new tyranny you’ll be seeing. Why have government goons enforce the latest ruling class insanity when you can just threaten businesses that won’t police their employees and customers? Doing so allows you to keep up the facade of “low taxes” too. It is probably now driving a lot of the inflation though, as you end up paying for that useless fat girl who checks mask compliance whether the store pays her or you pay the IRS to pay her.

        One good omen is that the businesses I frequent seem to be winking at this and just leave you alone if you don’t have a mask. Of course, I live in the suburbs rather than Port-a-Potty itself and I make a point to frequent places that were never really on board with all this stuff to begin with.

    • Any plans to get out of Rip City, Peabody? I worry about you a bit being there should things take a turn for the worse.

      • I left the metro area a couple months ago but have to go back once a month for various things. In September husband and I will be moving to Northern Idaho so it’s all good. The new neighbors were, understandably, concerned when they heard a couple from Portland bought the property. I assured them that I’m probably way more conservative than they are so not to worry. I may actually be able to have non-superficial conversations in meat space! I cannot wait.

          • Thank you 3g4me. I have very high hopes based on the people I’ve met so far. As an added bonus, it’s one of the truly beautiful places in the country not overrun with shitlibs. And I believe the locals will do everything in their power to keep it that way.

    • I’m pretty sure that a lot more people are saying they’ve had the shot that actually have. I do think that even here in the heart of darkness a lot of people decided to use the latest CDC “guidance” as an excuse to just ignore Brown’s kooky and complicated “county risk level” nonsense and try to reclaim some autonomy.

      Another encouraging thing is that while the counties around Portland and Salem are at about 65-70% with at least one dose of mystery sauce, the rural counties in the eastern part of the state all hover between 30-40% and haven’t budged much in weeks. The government is pretending that even those counties will eventually all get juiced up to 65% but it’s more likely that the minority of the vaccinated in those places is mostly old people (fear driven) and the little islands of bugmen who need to show that they’re better than the hicks around them.

      So if it makes you feel better I and Mrs. Poz are two people here who will never have the mystery sauce. Of course, we’re also bugging out of the state in early fall too (TN). In the long run, maybe this is a good thing. Brown and the other lunatics who run this state and the other two West coast states are helping to (mostly) peacefully partition the country thus making a hot civil war slightly less likely.

      • Yes, the ongoing mostly peaceful partition is one of the biggest of the green shoots. The White Left almost is as dismal as running governments as Blacks (D.C. is run by both, which accounts for much of its shittyness). Z inspired me to look at NR, which I seldom do any longer, and there was some rant against counties breaking off from states. The subtext, of course, is what this portends for the dying Empire’s husk.

  20. Not too sure about your faith in young people. Normally you are right that they are a bit of a rebellious lot but even that has always been channeled into hippies, grungers and poseurs. I see a lot of zoomers and relatives with much interaction with them and I’ll tell you I don’t see much hope.

    • GH is waging a neurological and physiological war against the body chemistry of the young. How are the youth going to organize if their median attention span is 13 seconds, their testosterone is half of their parents, and nearly a plurality have some kind of chemical dependency?

      • Add the psychological and spiritual war against their minds as well. Reality has been replaced by fantasy, on nearly every subject from climate to race to gender to ethics, etc. Where are the “adults” standing up against any of this?

        • I guess when people are forced to “grow up” that you’ll start seeing the doers and forthright, the “adults”, actually appearing. That won’t happen until supply chain start breaking down and food becomes scarce. People hate being hungry, especially Americans.

      • This! “ADHD” so Ritalin or other speed. Then anti-psychotics to treat the results of amphetamine psychosis in a developing brain. Then a lifetime of SSRIs for “anxiety” and “depression” to treat the results of suppressing proper development of mood stabilization and socialization.

        Kids grow up in environments of extreme flight or fight; chaotic and neurotic with obvious incongruence between various facades and “rules” and observable reality.

        This expresses as bad “behavior” that must be treated by pharma. 97% of teachers, counselors, doctors, and parents agree. The science is settled.

        But it is really millions of canaries starving for fresh air in the pit of our cultural collapse. The covid jab is nothing for many of these kids after 18+ years of lines and pills.

        I have deep empathy for these kids. But I also know that abused animals are dangerous.

        • And then there are the “disability” accommodations that inevitably accompany the drugs. Let me kick it Rutger Hauer style: I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. At the start of every semester, a flood of kids comes up after class, waving these Student Disability Services accommodation forms at you. These range from reasonable (closed captioning for deaf kids) to skull-fornicatingly bizarre. I had one kid who was allowed to roam up and down the aisles of the auditorium throwing a stress ball to herself. One kid needed “exam prep help,” which meant exactly what it sounded like — I was supposed to give this kid a cheat sheet for my own exam. One kid had what SDS called “impaired executive function,” which is Disability Racketese for “ain’t too bright” (shockingly, this kid was NOT the starting running back).

          In every one of these cases, a responsible adult… well, I don’t know what a responsible adult would’ve done, because in any world that isn’t Clown World, these kids (and/or their parents) would understand that they have zero business being in college in the first place. In Clown World, though… yeah, ok, sure. Here’s the test. Here are the answers to the test. And here’s my best Ralph Wiggum impersonation: “You’re learning!

      • Yeah most people in their mid 20s today, like myself, seem to be perpetual children or teenagers.

        Basically none of them seem to plan on having kids, they have childish hobbies, etc. Many don’t work and just live off their Boomer parent’s money. Everyone is taking meds for something.

        I was the same way (no meds though) until I entered into a spiritual crisis, which culminated in alot of nasty stuff, notably depression. I beat it off without meds or therapy and realized that once on the other end of this, I had matured to true adulthood. Once you reach the lowest hell in your mind, smaller challenges don’t seem so big.

        Basically you need to overcome challenges and face hardship to mature, which most people don’t.

        You can either
        -a) beat/battle your demons and come out victorious
        -b) submit to them, drop out of society and wallow in self pity (leading to drug overdoses or death) or
        -c) take a med cocktail that blunts your emotions and you keep trundling through life, miserable but functioning. Eat the bugs. No maturing in this state either.

        Most choose c) with a healthy chunk choosing b). I believe this doesn’t apply to non-whites who basically coast through life on c) no matter what.

        • The younger generations have been overly mothered or taught no life skills. Can’t blame them for that neither the crap world they are inheriting and can see.

          As far as adult teenagers lots of millennials and Gen X are like that. Nothing new.

    • Brainwashed to hate themselves, pumped full of meds and SSRIs. No connection to the divine.

      The only kids who are kind of normal these days are the ones who grew up with super granola hippy parents, or very Christian conservative parents.

      I don’t see much hope from Gen Z, there are a few based ones but The vast majority are really trying to gain acceptance from their black peers to seem “cool”.

  21. Short seller, Jim Chanos have said that his biggest short position is in commercial real estate. Due to low interest rates and lost of QE it have been almost impossible to make short position in any stocks. Jim Chanos have also said that this these FED manipulated markets will likely cover up a lot of financial fraud.

    • Don’t look now but the entire Nasdaq is idiot ripping in unison because that dumb #$%@ Cathie bought some stawks at 12:46 AM.

      Clown world.

      *honk honk*

    • …no offense, but who cares…? No, really, this is pure cloud people shit.

  22. Re: the ruling class and their paranoia about us, it reminds me of an observation a prison psychologist once made. He noticed that even the most sociopathic bully would usually start a fight by saying something like “Why’d you take my chair?” rather than just saying, “Get out of that chair.” People need to feel that they’re avenging a slight rather than starting a fight. You saw this with that latest video of a black dude hauling off and KO’ing a little Asian woman: “Why you hit me first?” He needed that theater for himself. This phenomenon is even observable at the highest level of the food chain: “The ____ cries out in agony as he strikes you.”

    Pelosi may be a rich Washington swamp creature, but she’s basically operating with the mentality of the cellblock bully trying to hoard the most Top Ramen and canned Vienna sausages in his cell. “Burn some cities, kill some cops, but touch my podium and you’re getting a shank in the kidney.” If she keeps it up, she’s going to beat Hillary for this year’s Griselda Blanco Award.

  23. It is not paranoid fear driving the ruling class, Z. That cunned stunt – Nancy Pelosi – is not imagining things. She is right, and you are wrong. Consider:

    On Jan. 6, Normie put the potato chips back in the cupboard, cleaned up the beer bottles, and turned off the noggerball game. Then he got off his couch, went down to the capitol buildings – and told Nancy and her cloud people that they are being watched now, very very carefully – and the stinking masses of commoners are not liking what they are seeing.

    Nancy knows that it is even easier for Normie to haul out a gun and start shooting phonies, finks and grifters than it is for him to get up off the couch. They all know it. This is why they are frantically still pushing the Covid nonsense, and flailing around for distractions – any distractions right on up to UFOs.
    The smartest thing the Donks could do right now is end the Covid nonsense, end noggerball and restore old world sport… and try and get Whitey and Normie back on the couch with their potato chips and beer.

    • “Gun people” are pathologically law abiding. They will not fight where it matters. They did not fight for their sheriff in Snohomish. It is a Live Action Role Playing hobby.

      • Is it even A LARP?

        Looks more like a bunch of keyboard warriors from over here.

        • Nah, it’s a real mindset, and at least up until recently, mostly a boomer thing. “They can see what’ll happens if they go after my guns!” and similar were common refrains. Usually these people were conservative. As the caustic assaults against American liberties continued unabated, they made 2A their fortress while neglecting all the other liberties traditionally taken for granted. The boomers are starting to croak, so that fortress will crumble with them.

    • Still think much of paranoia arises from projecting their own intentions to the rest of us. But you are spot on. 1/6 scared the living bejesus out of them. The rabble was never supposed to walk over the Capitol and with minimal effort start roaming the halls. And were more embarrassed by all the pictures of swamp creatures hiding under tables and running in panic wearing smoke hoods (despite complete absence of smoke) I’d guess the hidden 14k hours of video contains even more embarrassments. These were, in Gunny Hartman’s words little more than “unorganized, grabasstic pieces of amphibian shit”. If a bunch of people with skills and motivation would have created a far different outcome. Hence trespassers being held incommunicado in solitary in a fetid old DC jail indefinitely. A lesson must be taught to the rabble. History suggests the outcome may not be what they expect.

      • “The rabble was never supposed to walk over the Capitol and with minimal effort start roaming the halls.”

        Which raises the question, whose idea was it to order the guards to open the gates and let the rabble in? We still haven’t been told. It doesn’t square that Congress’ usual suspects would give that order and then be so convincingly triggered by it.

        There’s a puppetmaster who hasn’t shown his face yet.

    • The elite freakout over Jan 6 is because it was an insult to ruling class dignity, along with a realization that their regime is rapidly losing legitimacy. Half the country isn’t buying the plot/story anymore, at some level. Where this all ends up I have no idea; I have a sense of an impending storm of some kind, what form it takes??

      It’s like being ruled by Tsar Nicky’s crazy wife Alexandra. Welcome to 1916 Imperial Russia.

  24. The latest Covid fantasy is that the preventive measures used to stop the spread of the Wuhan epidemic (masks, social distancing, surface disinfection) have virtually eliminated seasonal flu, measles, almost all communicable diseases. So that will be the next pitch, wear your mask to keep from spreading all diseases. the hopelessly naive will be happy to comply.

    • New lockdowns reported in China.

      New fake drop dead videos soon.

      Then, new shilling of fake videos by serpentza and laowhy86 on YouTube, “Guys, look what China is trying to hide, this is really bad!”

      Bonus shilling from these guys on the China Unscripted/Uncensored YouTube channel.

      Then Western leaders will fall all over themselves to emulate the China model again.

      It’s all so tiresome.

      • The “China model” includes integration of a vaccine passport into their social credit / cashless payment system. Similar schemes long planned by the “western leaders” are ready for rollout, and all the tech is in place. Get ready.

        • Oh, I have no doubt the schemes are in place on paper.

          For a variety of reasons, the actual rollout is far from a done deal and is likely to be an enormous clown show.

          • I’m sure the leadership in DC, St. Louis, Detroit, Chicago and Lagos will be able to put something together, with the high standards & results we all expect from one party rule.

          • Moe-


            The global materials and coder shortage isn’t going to help them either.

            They might pull it off at infrequent, highly-controlled events like the Super Bowl.

            They can have it.

            I’ll be at the beach and the park.

            If they manage to extend the control that far, well, I’d rather check out of this timeline.

  25. I am quietly yet firmly refraining from participating in the mass experiments collectively and erroneously known as “vaccines”. Most of my relatives and acquaintances have submitted and when queried, which is not often, I calmly state that I haven’t gotten any shots but I don’t engage in argument. I think the whole urgency of getting injected with a mystery soup of chemicals will pass, and someday not too far off, many people will be more embarrassed than proud of eagerly lining up for the shots. I only hope for their sakes that embarrassment is the worst they will suffer.

    • I get the impression that my brother and his wife are reluctant to have me in their home until my two young nieces are “vaccinated.” Heaven help them. At this point, all we can do is hope that the worst side effect will be more people “shooting blanks.”

    • “many people will be more embarrassed than proud of eagerly lining up for the shots.”

      I’ll be happy if they simply don’t make a religion out of the shots just to prove the world wrong.

      SJWs always double down so once they risk their health on getting jabbed, especially if it becomes an obviously bad idea, then their egos will be functionally imprisoned in proving that the jab is the Savior of Humanity. The alternative, admitting that !Science!-denying hicks were right after all, will require too much humility.

      Like the Flat Earth people but with more rashes and less conscience.

  26. There will be no way to do pull this stuff again after people drop the masks and go back to living relatively normal lives again

    It’s like a bad party guest who was able to squirm their way inside once, but is now afraid to leave since they know they will not be allowed back in.

  27. True Covidiots will not be swayed by Florida’s existence. They will simply say that Florida is lying and has always lied about their Covid numbers, Florida doesn’t care about people only big business, Florida is run by that nasty governor who sounds like Trump, blah blah blah.

    • Yep. The “I got the vax but still wear a mask because I don’t want people to think I am Republican/conservative” is a real thing. It is also from the same cakeholes who just got done saying “its not about politics!” when lecturing about why we ALL need the stab. The ego investment and their self-appointed moral high ground turns all reason into a funhouse of mirrors.

  28. Cosplayers are anyone that dresses up as a fictional character or celebrity
    Furries are anyone who dress up like humanoid animals (which can overlap with cosplay) and are often attracted to them sexually
    Otacon is a fan convention that usually sees a lot of both

    Just throwing this out there for the Boomers and Gen Xers who are confused by the QAnon section

    • Thanks sonny! Seriously though, they used to run the Otakon thing in Lagos. They moved to to DC as the locals lost their fear of them.

      • Blundered into one of those conventions by accident in Boston when staying the weekend in the Marriott that connected to the old (smaller) convention center, while doing college visits. Most bizarre two days. Ever. These people stay in these costumes 24/7. Finally my son leaned over the balcony in the lobby one evening and in best Shrek voice yelled, “all you fairy tale creatures, get outta ma swamp”.


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