The Panic Culture

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Now that the Covid panic is finally winding down, it is a good time to look at how it quickly became a religion for many people. It is fair to assume that most people looked at Covid as a blend of public health and public policy. They do not know much about either topic, so they trusted what they were told. Others, however, embraced Covid and the rules around it like a new religion. The rituals and statistics quickly became the central point around which they organized their lives.

One of the first signs of this happening were the personal testimonials. By the late spring of last year, the Covidian had stories to tell. “I know of four people who have died from Covid this month” was a popular one. Despite the statistical improbability, millions were telling us about their personal war with Covid. The victims became younger as the age realty became apparent. Finally at the end, we are getting stories about the unvaccinated dying despite being healthy.

The joiner always personalizes her latest fetish. On the one hand, it lets her be the star of the story. We saw this after 9/11, where millions of people swore they knew someone in the towers. It is also a personal testimony to show how the believer has now given herself over to the faith. It is a show of piety. Of course, it also insulates the believer from having to explain herself. It is an appeal to authority in which her alleged suffering makes her the unquestionable authority.

Then there is the suffering that comes with every civic religion. Sacrifice is an important part of all religions. Membership is not supposed to be easy as the value of anything easily attained is always low. In the case of Covid, the goofy mask wearing, standing six feet apart and other nonsense was quickly and mindlessly embraced. It was a public sacrament, like taking communion. Of course, this gave the Covidian a chance to lecture the rest of us about the need to respect their piety.

The ascetic is an important part of every religion. The vegetarian makes a big show of not eating meat, because their role requires it. Similarly, the keto adherent will let you know she does not eat carbohydrates. Food-based cults are always popular with ascetics, because all of them require abstention. In the case of Covid, the constant slathering of hand sanitizer was the sign of their discipline. The Covidian never missed a chance to perform the ritual before every activity.

It is not an accident that the same people who tote grimy canvas sacks to the grocery store were the first to embrace the rituals of Covid. All civic religions in the modern age come with these piety symbols, usually with a corporate logo. Public television stations made millions giving members tote bags with the logo on them. Note that American sports teams quickly rushed out branded face masks. In a world of strangers, displaying your corporate overlord is important.

Hoffer famously pointed out that “What starts out here as a mass movement ends up as a racket, a cult, or a corporation.” He was wrong about this, in that our rackets and cults tend to come with a corporate sponsor. In our highly atomized and corporatized existence, the corporate logo provides legitimacy. The Apple logo replaced the Darwin fish, for example. The Church of Covid became a money making racket, a cult and it was sponsored by our corporate overlords.

Every religion has its apostles, and this was no different. The army of pseudo-intellectual poseurs that spring up in the media are always there to add authority to the latest narratives. All of a sudden, anyone with a connection to medicine or immunology was preaching from a digital street corner. The fact that none of them knew a thing about this disease or public policy did not matter. All that mattered is they were there telling us to repent or fear the wrath of Covid.

Probably the most obnoxious aspect of the civic religion is the martyrs. Because democracy turns deadbeats into civil servants and civil servants into priests, every politician quickly became a martyr to the cause. Every state with draconian Covid laws has a governor who publicly nailed herself to the cross. You see, they really hate passing these crazy laws, but they are suffering for all of us in this twilight struggle against the great threat to humanity known as Covid.

It is worth noting that Covid seems to have blended several strains of social pathology into a single event. We have the civic religion, but there is also the primitive fear of nature and nature’s wrath. Then there is the panic. This is what really gave the whole thing its juice. Like the satanic panics or the day care panics or the witch trials, the Covid panic caused most people to suspend their sense of disbelief. The lack of evidence became a weird proof of the danger.

Finally, what the Covid panic may indicate is that these ritualized panics will become more common and intense. If people will believe the flu is an extinction event, then they will believe just about anything. It is the old expression, people who believe in nothing will fall for anything. America and the West is now populated with gullible, deracinated primitives looking for a reason to exist. The future may be one crisis after another, each more bizarre and ridiculous than the last.

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222 thoughts on “The Panic Culture

  1. I’m late, but you forgot to link the Taki post again. You’re getting older, maybe you should have someone read over your drafts?

  2. Something that mysteriously doesn’t get a lot of press is the rise in suicide. Granted it would have been impossible to foresee that destroying the economy, especially in countries without a safety net, and ramping up constant hysteria that an invisible killer was stalking your for over a year world harm people’s mental health.

  3. An underlying issue that Z alludes to in his article by using feminine pronouns in his examples is the feminization of western culture. You commonly hear that “the future is female”, but I would argue that we are already there in the present. I find this is a tricky subject to bring up in any sort of constructive way. I think that genie is out of the bottle and won’t be going back in.
    Similar to the JQ guys, every time I investigate some area of social insanity, I inevitably discover a western white woman concocting the insanity or doing the heavy lifting to move it forward.

    • It helps to understand the strategy behind the elevation of women into traditional male roles in society, and the subsequent dysfunction that has resulted from that reality. This was accomplished by pitting strong alpha males seduced into law enforcement against the remaining alphas & betas who would otherwise correct the deviant behavior of females with a single sharp smack every once in a while. NOTE: we’re not talking abuse here, but simply a necessary reminder of who wears the pants in the family. Historically, that’s all it took to keep things in line and both sexes working together, but in separate roles. Nowadays, if you even raise your hand, its off to the pokey and that has truly fucked up most modern marriages. Frankly, it’s going to take a collapse and baseball bats to fix things now. Sad to say.

    • Good grief. Don’t you recognize sarcasm when you see it? The type of people he’s referring to uncharitably are almost all female, so the use of feminine pronouns is entirely appropriate.

      The larger is that of the ongoing cuntefaction of society. The Cuntist religion has three governing principles:

      1) The truth is whatever I believe it to be.

      2) Life must be uninterrupted bliss, and government must step in to make it so.

      3) My pwecious widdle fewwings must NEVER be hurt. This applies to Cuntist adherents only, not to anyone else–especially men.

    • The tribe was shrewd in unleashing feminism 2.0 on a high trust society before cranking up the craziness. BLM riots, antifa riots, refugees welcome, covidiots, extinction rebellion, they are all comprised mainly of white women.

      Thinking you are the other gender is also mainly a young female thing even though men who think they are women get the publicity. It is the new anorexia. Where girls once looked in a mirror and saw a fat girl, now they are fat girls seeing a boy.

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  5. Re Taki; “ Like the Soviet system after the Afghan war, the American empire is now running on fumes. The end is inevitable.”

    That end may well be the American 30 Years War. That it will be ordered never mind peaceful is not an outcome in sight.

    But neither is the end in sight.
    There is nothing to end it.
    No end is inevitable without means.
    It has been the sole achievement of the DR to make sure there were no means, none at all, peaceful or otherwise. Thats all the DR does.
    (Yes I know its an Op, I just wank here to pass the time).

    Frankly you all would be best off dying under this system of old age. You most likely will. Especially pensioners.
    Wink wink.

    (For those who get history here: wrong that the Afghan War bought down the USSR. To start Poland is not in Afghanistan, just to start. The end of the Warsaw Pact caused a withdrawal, not Afghanistan bought down the USSR. You’re confusing a trivial effect with cause- bankruptcy moral and financial).

  6. I bet we see a resurgence of this in cold and flu season. And now it’s going to be much easier, the message is going to come out “put your mask back on, start using the sanitizer” and all the True Believers and a lot of the non-believers will fall in line. Any and all deaths will be blamed on the unvaccinated . I hope I’m wrong but looking at at the all the other Anglo countries we have not seen the end of this

    • Exactly what I believe. They will say variants emerged because covid circulated in the unvaxx population; this will lead to mandatory vaxx and passports. This insanity is not winding down – it is simply the momentary lull to charge back with a vengeance.

      • I don’t think we’ll see a resurgence of any size next winter. Not in the U.S. That would be novel for a respiratory virus that has circulated through the population for two seasons. Now, that doesn’t mean that the propaganda machine won’t make every infection out to be the end times, it’s just that it’ll be difficult to drum up hysteria like we’ve had the past year. That said, if they can insist that a few dozen people strolling through the Capitol is an “insurrection”, then I assume they’ll pull out all the stops to make a few thousand seasonal deaths seem like the plague.

        • Oh yeah I didn’t mean a Resurgence in the virus I meant a Resurgence in the propaganda.
          I have no idea if this virus is dangerous or not. I know many people that have had it and they’re all fine. I also know many people that have gotten the vaccine and they are all fine too. Things are so bad at this point the only thing I can trust is what I see around me

    • Not meaning to panic anyone, but the next fall/winter season may prove to be a disaster for those who took the Covid vaccine.

      The first attempt at developing a coronavirus vaccine for SARS-1 a decade ago failed due to “antibody dependent enhancement” (ADE). The vaccine produced the desired immune response in the test animals. But when re-exposed to the wild virus later, their own immune systems overreacted, causing fatal damage to their lungs.

      Several scientists are concerned about the possibility of a similar outcome with the SARS-2 vaccine, and no mention of that risk was made in the “informed consent” forms for today’s test animals.

      • My concern also, but just the number of up-front deaths from these vaccines should have been enough to put a stop to them. VAERS has now logged over 5000 deaths since the beginning of the year. How many have to happen before a moratorium is issued?

        The ADE issue is why I would wait a few years before even entertaining the idea of these latest and greatest concoctions.

        • Good point. However, it was mainly frail elders in care homes that have already died, whereas ADE would be more likely to affect younger people with stronger immune systems.

          Note that any such vaccine-related spike in deaths would likely be blamed on a scary “new variant” of the virus, followed by more vaccines, etc. Here’s a 2012 paper on the failed SARS-1 vaccine development effort:

        • VAERS has now logged over 5000 deaths since the beginning of the year. How many have to happen before a moratorium is issued?

          My guess is there IS no such number. This whole mess had nothing to do with public health so no number of deaths will suffice.

      • Yes.

        It makes perfect sense that the Israeli doctors (who have no idea what a Holocaust would look like) and lack any smart Jewish medical personnel injected 60% (and counting) of their population with this thing.

        All of Covid and the vaccine is just one giant masterstroke of Arab bio-engineering to wipe out the Jews, once and for all.

        (or, you know, it’s just a vaccine for something that maybe didn’t really need it?)

        Hate it when the right goes down their own retarded conspiracy rabbit holes because IT WAS ON THE INTERNET!!! Gasp!!

        “Don’t Panic”

        • Where’s the conspiracy theory? The long-term record of mRNA vaccines is quite poor. I’ve yet to hear what breakthrough was accomplished last year that allowed them to overcome the issues that had thus far plagued previous attempts. And while the percentage of people who’ve had a negative reaction to this gene therapy is moderate, the absolute numbers are still well out of line with any other vaccine that’s previously been administered. Between the U.S., U.K., and E.U., there’ve been in excess of 15,000 post- vaccination deaths. Call them deaths “with” the vaccine if you want, but that’s still an astounding number.

          While I don’t know anyone personally who’s had a serious reaction, I do know several people who’ve been hit hard by the vax. For example, guy at work, late 40s and in very good shape, missed three days of work after getting jabbed. I know another guy, in his 50s, who had a rough week with Covid but decided to get jabbed anyway. He couldn’t get out of bed for a day.

          I don’t recall ever hearing things like that with normal flu vaccines, and I don’t think it’s unreasonable to wonder if there won’t be long-term issues from these genetically modifying injections. It’s a fair question.

          • Gee, the ‘gubmint wanted to dun kill us all, but I read the internet and they ain’t gonna kill me now! I’m smart!

            News flash: If the federal government wants you dead, you’re dead. Up to and including by the millions.

            The vax may be stupid overmedication for a flu, but there’s no way it’s a master plan to depopulate half the planet.

            Hence, I can’t believe “our tribe” keeps going down this insane rabbit hole.

      • I’m not a virologist, as I’m sometimes reminded of my fortunately grossly wrong dire projections of the spread and virulence of the pandemic in Spring of 2020 🙂

        I’m as skeptical of the Covid vax as much as anyone, and I often post my doubts here. But I will defend the current products to some degree. Unless I’m mistaken, the ADE risk is exclusively with whole-virus products. A few of the Covid jabs are such, but most are mRNA tech. As you note, the risk of ADE and similar side effects was well-known and from what I’ve read, there’s been no occurrence of it with the Covid jabs.

        My doubts about mRNA are due to its being new technology. Not even done in the lab before 1989, very limited (and poor results) with human experimentation in the early 2000s. Suddenly renewed interest (coupled with easier technology) only in past few years, exploded with the COVID-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, no mRNA product had ever been approved for human use before December 2020, and those after only about six months of development and testing.

        Six months isn’t anywhere near long enough to discover possible severe long-term side effects.

        A year and a half into the pandemic, the establishment still can’t come clean about the virus’s true origins, even as their narrative unravels into the snarled web of obvious distortions, lies and half-truths that most of it was from the outset. And I’m going to trust them to recommend innovative vaccines? Is it overly paranoid to imagine this is a “Tuskegee Experiment” but this time with an experimental population that is a significant fraction of the world’s population?

  7. The panicked sheep are stupid and easily lead, but that is not the most disturbing thing to come out of the wuhan flu pandemic. Our government, with our tax dollars, is funding research into biological weapons in partnership with China. Our academic and corporate institutions are enthusiastically participating in this.

    One has to wonder why.

    • In olden times, when a serial killer or pedophile came into your community, you didn’t ask why, you just aimed and pulled the trigger. Ancient wisdom.

    • Reminds me of a conversation Kayce and John Dutton has regarding the Beck Brothers.

      Kayce: “ What are we going to do about the Becks?”

      John:”We’re going to kill them”.

      No debate; no alternatives explored.

      Someone wants to harm or kill you or yours?

      Do you really need to grapple with it?

      You do what needs being done.

    • Profits?
      Vaccine, drug, medical equipment sales?

      Monopolistic big companies like Amazon can dispatch with their competition.

      Control. An unarmed population can more easily be controlled when they live in fear and want their government to protect them. Take away their firearms, send in the plague, encourage escalating crime rates, preach about the dangers of global warming, white supremacy, and UFOs.

    • Remember, early on, when it was widely reported that the Chinese had developed a biological weapon that specifically targets Whites? Yeah. Never heard it refuted, but it was memoryholed real sweet. Wonder how much grift Fauci got off that?

    • Everything you say is true. To answer “why” it can be argued on the surface, “legitimate scientific interest into viruses.” The research especially the “gain of function,” was not secret. It was published academic research and yes, funded in part by the US and no doubt other governments. There were doubts voiced about its safety. In retrospect, those doubts seem to have been borne out by events these past few years.

      None of the above rules out laboratory accidents leading to the release of infections, which has happened many times before, albeit not with the disastrous effects of the (posited) accident of late 2019, nor deliberate evil secret research (e.g. for bioweapons).

  8. In Eastern Asia Covid hysteria has become an integral facet of the cultures. Few signs outside of China that it is really letting up. And it isn’t just the Asian Asians. Australia seems to be the gold standard for Covid hysteria. One case and they lockdown a province.

    I guess it is living life upside down

    • Scratch a liberal pol and you will find a tyrant. Liberals have always had a nasty tyrannical and uncaring streak about them. We can see it the way they coddle criminals and mercilessly wreck societies while at the same time put the boot to law abiding peeps.

  9. So, here in the MIC plant there are suddenly, “Celebrate Juneteenth,” posters every where, with connection for the online meeting about how important it is.

    Then, on the eve of the high holy day, there will be a black-owned food truck rodeo at lunchtime.

    I guess I should be thankful for the tipoffs when to brown bag and where not to spend money.

  10. I follow a keto diet, but I don’t obsess over it or proselytize. It’s just what works for me. If someone asks, I’m glad to tell them my experience with it, but that’s it.

    • Me too, Keto diet.

      I give one time unsolicited advice to people i care about, especially the obese, diabetics or pre-diabetics, but after that, i shut up.

  11. Notice that old religious institutions knew the power of fasting. penance, and festive rituals that directed people’s energy to useful ends without turning into madmen.

    Before the Catholic Church went soft, there were dietary measures for every time of the year. There were also festive times of the year where you were PROHIBITED from fasting. They also have confessions where priests roll their eyes as they listen to some lady go down a litany of sins, while passive aggressively ratting out other people. Fulton Sheen famously said hearing confessions of nuns was like getting stoned to death with popcorn.

    Hinduism has similar structures, as well as Islam, hence why, love them or hate these religions, they give a reliable cohesion to a society and direct energy towards useful goals.

    In a world of passing crazy fads and cult-like behavior, conflict in inevitable.

    • our school cafeteria served fish sticks on fridays, because catholics were not supposed to eat meat on fridays. circa 1960’s

    • Chet – the Catholic Church, in addition to its dietary measures, has the liturgical calendar. I recall reading, in all the English historical novels for youth I loved, about the daily prayers including “Vespers” or “Matins.” Add in the The Feast of “x” and there was a purpose or structure to almost every day. People had a sense of where they belonged in society and what their purpose was. And, just like children, having a largely ordered and predictive schedule (with an occasional festival or crisis thrown in for excitement) makes for both stability and comfort.
      While I’ve never been Catholic, I still find it fascinating.

    • Of interest viz the famous quote, which goes: “The first effect of not believing in God is to believe in anything”. It was a concept explored in many ways in the mans once-widely popular (now largely erased) writings c. 1920s

      Some backstory:

      A version that tracks closer to the Z man’s (newer, but not improved) version

      “If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything.” ~Gordon Eadie C. 1945; but possibly tweaked into reverse order from a 1926 U.S. Methodist publication.

      Interesting, the pattern from the early 1900s to day, both in content and attribution. I am sure it was all by accident.

  12. The mindset of the Covidian isn’t that much different from the mindset of a politician or defense contractor who thinks “this country needs a big war to pull us all together.” It’s all the same wartime mindset, only put to other means. My guess is that we go from the war on a micro-organism to war on another country. The place is a madhouse now, and like a bum on a California street, drugged out of his mind, yelling profanity and air punching, there’ll be another victim.

    • I think we will go from war against a virus to war against the weather. Both serve mother Gaia. We will then settle into a system of switching between the three evils: viruses, the weather and racism

  13. My suspicion is that it’s all projection and we’re watching dinosaurs fret over their impending extinction. Which is fine by me. I hope they keep embracing otherness, keep segregating themselves out. Maybe the merger with tech is a real thing— that would be cool. I keep thinking of that Superman movie where the villains are put in cube or whatever and shot into space where they wail and argue with each other for eternity. Imagine if the villains did it to themselves.

  14. “Of course, this gave the Covidian a chance to lecture the rest of us about the need to respect their piety.”

    One of my favorite memes describing the Covid phenomenon shows a masked 400-lb. woman sitting on a Wal-Mart scooter with the caption, “How dare you threaten my health by not wearing a mask!” Hey, porky, that ship left a long time before Covid. Cut back on the Twinkies and HoHo’s if you’re really concerned about your health.

    • See that a lot, tubby women, and sadly, men, too, on the Walmart scooters, loading up on processed food. Lots of crap bottled soft drinks. Healthier to just drink beer.
      I am very upset, though, by recent weirdness re: sporting events, specifically the KY Derby winner and this weekend’s drop-out of Memorial golf tournament 6-stroke leader b/c he tested + for COVID. One would think he had gotten the vaccine well in advance of the PGA tour this season. Am no special fan of Bob Baffert, the horse trainer, who had the winner of the Derby, which then was disqualified for showing steroids in system from an ointment. This is all so disruptive to our innocent enjoyment of traditional sporting events, that I am very suspicious that it is being done on purpose, to keep us off balance and depressed.

      • The forever-lockdown here in Canada has really kicked the obesity crisis up a notch. Gyms have been closed in Toronto for basically a full 14 months now, with brief interludes when they were deemed safe and not spreading COVID.

        Outside of small yuppie areas, there are hordes of chubby or fat people. In black areas, everybody is obese. It’s looking no different than Indiana or Michigan (no offense but Americans are FAT), with masses of tubby people with that rolling fat walking around.

        Dunno what the solution is, really. Unless one makes an explicit effort to stay in shape these days they get fat.

      • The jabs don’t prevent transmission or infection.

        The entire PCR scheme seems as though it was purposefully designed to generate the arbitrary results desired at any given time.

        • PCR is a fantastic technique. Kerry Mullis won a Nobel Prize for its development. However, diagnosis of a viral disease is not a good application of the technique.

          • To be more specific, the Drosten diagnostic criteria designed around the PCR output are the real problem.

            They recommend a cycle count of 40 to 45 if I remember correctly. That guarantees an extremely high false positive rate.

            In addition, they’re not looking for genetic sequences specific to Cv19.

            They look for fragments that are in Cv19, as well as many other viruses.

            Again, this strategy seems designed to produce a high rate of false positives

          • Kerry said that himself. He also said Fauci was full of shit, next thing you know, he’s dead.

      • ” One would think he had gotten the vaccine well in advance of the PGA tour this season.”

        The “vaccine” does not prevent infection. It claims to ameliorate the more severe symptoms.

        • They tested him before each and every round- all negative, until the sixth test. He got a pos, and they booted him.

    • Makes sense when you consider that covid is about health like abortion is about reproduction.

      The other day a fat clerk at home depot asked me what I ate to stay so fit and muscly, while licking her fat lips and undoubtedly picturing me bathed in zesty BBQ sauce.

      She tells me that back in Wakanda her fave foods are mac n cheese and lasagna.

      I shrug and tell her I eat a lot of steak and broccoli. She cackles, “but noodles are my favorite!”

      You see she asks because she is about to get the gastric lap band surgery and is already dreading the dietary restrictions. “Its bad enough they are making me quit smoking!”.

      I have a brain condition that could end me at any time. Also at a probability that is some multiple of the covid reaper threat.

      Few years back when I finally got it diagnosed after six months and three different specialty rotations, the best neurologist that my copay could borrow for 15 minutes said it was “concerning but nothing to worry about”, per the risk matrix of my particular variables. Phew!

      The tyranny of “my body/health is your burden” aspect was just one more humiliation ritual of team fake and gay.

      The subrogation of personal responsibility in “healthcare” is a cancer. Wuhan was like tranny story time where all the fatties and boomers and their snowflake shut-ins got their 15 minutes to lecture us about health and epidemiology while we had to do out pushups in the backyard and buy our broccoli donned in class V hazmat.

      • My boss knew someone who had the gastric bypass and she would go down to McDonalds and stock up on BigMacs and put them through the blender so that she could eat them

    • I had a similar go-to response whenever someone told me I should wear a mask “to protect others’ health.” Well, ok, Karen, if that’s the standard you want to use, I’m going to slap that half-caff, triple-whipped, caramel-drizzled soy latte frappucino right out of your fake-tanned hand. No sacrifice on my part is too great to protect your health, you understand.

    • In my penultimate year in the USA, I had an encounter with such a woman in a supermarket. She was blocking the aisle with her fatty-cart and I silently signalled her to move over a bit. “You shove over! Can’t you see I’m handicapped!” I lost it. “You know what? I’m gonna cow-tip you and get some charcoal lighter and set you on fire and watch the grease puddle spread.” She began whooping and screaming “OH! OH! OH!” Twenty four years later, I can see the scene in my memory as if it were yesterday. It always makes me smile.

  15. The fixation on drawing a direct line from an event to yourself is a topic that should be explored further. As you said, 9/11 was a big opportunity for garnering vicariously-sourced sympathy, and then we coipled it to Cindy “Absolute Moral Authority” Sheehan.

  16. “ The future may be one crisis after another, each more bizarre and ridiculous than the last.”

    Which makes me happier than ever that Mom and Dad went out dancing and fooled around sometime in 1938. Most of the folks I grew up with, worked for or befriended have some common sense.

    • This puts me in mind of Congress passing a law to prevent Trump from drawing down Troops in Afghanistan below 6K. Now that the new Admin is doing it, it’s no problem. Could the “elected leaders” in this country be more transparently craven? (FWIW the Troops will probably be replaced with “private contractors” so nothing will change.)

  17. I’ve been very disappointed in my fellow whites during the COVID pandemic, especially now related to vaccines. I’m quite open and honest about the fact that I haven’t taken the vaccine (if somebody asks, I tell them the truth). Every single person who has given an annoying, negative or snarky reaction to this has been white.

    Blacks don’t care, at all. They have more important things to worry about, like where the white women at, and who’s bringing the chicken wings to the family BBQ (in other words, same as always). They do not appear to understand that a “pandemic” is going on, as it is having no visible impact on their immediate lives. There are no bodies in the streets so it might as well not exist to them.

    East Asians are the most likely to take the vaccine, if you trust the polling. But they generally don’t really care what you do, as long as it’s not directly affecting or bothering them. They’re also used to wearing masks. The few who are anti-vax are very resolutely so. South Asians are also understanding towards people who don’t take a vaccine and are not practicing social distancing. They might resent whitey but it’s not due to anybody’s vaccine stance or lack of masking.

    I think Asians’ sympathy towards vax and lockdown skepticism is partly due to the influence of non-Western traditional medicine and spiritual practices. Mostly older people believe in them today, but most still have a parent, or grandparent, or uncle, who believe that shark fin is for good health. There’s also the different approach to life and death altogether in some cultures with re-birth.

    Alot of whites (particularly Anglo-Saxons) just have a puritanical streak. And it can be destructive. My guess is that looking back, the woke, and Covidian times will be seen the way we see the Victorian era today. Silly that the official, state approved culture was so prudish towards sex and beauty, right? Wait till you hear about the face diapers of 2021. Today the official culture says be a degenerate, abort your babies, mate with refugees, wear the mask, and reject Christ. And whites who don’t follow this are evil and must be shunned.

    • COVID Hysteria has exposed some flaws in YT that are being used to destroy us.

      • As somebody else once posited on here, it looks increasingly like an evolutionary bottleneck. You could argue the Black Death was a similar event, and that turned out well for Europe. Who knows how it ends, but there’s at least as much reason for optimism as despair.

    • My guess is that looking back, the woke, and Covidian times will be seen the way we see the Victorian era today.

      I disagree. Sadly, I suspect that face diapers and social.distancing are the new normal. It has been over 2 months since my governor (Greg Abbott) liberated Texas and still most people wear masks and stand apart. Worse yet, I still see people seemingly squinting at me over their masks. I.suspect they disapprove of my being bare faced but do not have sufficient courage of their convictions to confront me outright. My wife went to get a haircut yesterday and, despite being fully vaccinated (and advising the hair cutter of that fact) was required to mask up. I strongly suspect that there will be maskers around long after I have moved down the way from my folks at Ft Sam Houston National Cemetery.

      • I’d make her wear a mask after taking the not-vaccine experimental gene therapy too. The “vaxed” shed spike proteins, and the more courses of experimental gene manipulations and the more recent, the worse you shed those toxic spike proteins that make everyone else sick.
        Where i am, we’re at maybe 25% masking (0% at church) – mostly the elderly and boomers.

    • I find it interesting that while there were quite a few of us in my rural area that didn’t fall for the mask hysteria, now that the jab is available I estimate 80% of the anti-maskers are getting the shot.

      • This doesn’t entirely surprise me.

        The messaging from on-high has been quite wishy-washy and gone back and forth quite a bit.

        So, they’ve kind of shot themselves in the foot if their grand plan was to jab everyone on Earth.

    • your knowledge of victorian times is 180 degrees out of phase. have you ever read even one book?

      • I always ponder if the people that are outrageous d-bags on the internet are also anti-social retards IRL. I sort of suspect not because you are safe behind the screen. If you let your ‘true self’ shine in live interactions you’d be punched in the face way to often I’m guessing. Anonymity is fun!

    • Good points. Now we here are probably a self-selected group that is more distrusting that the general population. I suspect I’m ever more paranoid. Relevant to the jabs, just wikipedia “RNA vaccine.” While it’s not an “authority,” I trust it for information of this type. Especially sinister is the “self-amplifying RNA,” although apparently not in use yet.
      Given the events of the past year and a half, I am amazed at the widespread acceptance of the COVID-19 jabs. It’s no exaggeration that a large fraction of the world’s population has willingly (?) subjected itself to being guinea pigs in the biggest Phase III (?) Phase IV clinical trials in world history. For their sake, I hope the long-term side effects prove relatively minor.

      While I’ve always been a COVID vaccine skeptic, I’ve recently upped the ante: The government, medical, etc. complex can’t even come clean about the origin of COVID-19. I have lost most of what little trust I had in them. It’s very likely that I will never, NEVER, voluntarily take another vaccine, of any type (perhaps no injections at all), if I can avoid it.

      • Ben, it’s another use of language to obfuscate.

        “The vaccine transfects molecules of synthetic RNA into immunity cells. Once inside the immune cells, the vaccine’s RNA functions as mRNA, causing the cells to build the foreign protein that would normally be produced by a pathogen (such as a virus) or by a cancer cell.”

        Sounds kinda like a virus, doesn’t it? A wonder shot!

    • Some of the most hilarious masks I’ve seen are those which read “Don’t Tread on Me”.
      I have rarely worn a mask throughout this madness with surprisingly little opposition. The other day as I signed in to our local municipal building to visit the tax office, the security guard and I spoke about how nice it is to finally see faces again. He then asked if I’d been vaccinated. Now the guidelines are masks only for the unvaccinated. When I admitted that I’ve not been vaccinated, he said “but you have been through school and have been vaccinated against polio, measles, mumps, etc., right? You can come on through and don’t need a mask. You are vaccinated.”

    • Most whites are sheep or passive followers. IOW they do as they are told. Partly it’s from 12 years of being indoctrinated in public schooling where you are trained to obey authority, sit quietly and do you are told. You see the outliers get drugged up and punished so you obey.

      I see that at play with white Christians on GAB where Christianity has been reduced to uttering a few words and declaring yourself SAVED BY JESUS!!!. Most there are praying that Jesus will come down and fix everything for them. Just another comfy couch religion that asks nothing and gives nothing,

      Another aspect is abject conformity to the consumer culture. Many whites don’t have that fighty “I don’t give a f**k” mentality like they used to have. Instead they act like those from the movie “They Live” .

      • “Another aspect is abject conformity to the consumer culture. Many whites don’t have that fighty “I don’t give a f**k” mentality like they used to have. Instead they act like those from the movie “They Live” .”

        This. I am depressed by the facts that

        1. CNN is more real to the average American than real life.

        2. People see no problem with a total and indefinite cessation of all human social contact.

        3. If so ordered by the government, my neighbors will shun me as a leper. Exactly as a leper. Even if they were my friend yesterday. Because I appear perfectly healthy.

    • B125: I’ve read that Asians (presumably east Asians, i.e. Orientals) have the highest rate of vaccination in the U.S. Given their propensity for conformity I’m not in the least surprised. I just recently started back at my old gym, which for now has made the mask ‘optional.’ Still see about 30% of the people masked, about evenly split between black and White. One big change (and a big plus for me) is that there are hardly any subcons working out anymore. They appear to be the most fearful of the dread ‘virus’ and now stay home (I guess it’s a little too difficult to get sufficient cow manure to protect themselves in North America). A tiny handful of Orientals, but mostly boys – all the Oriental women who used to pretend to exercise (taking mincing steps on the elliptical while texting nonstop) are also gone for now. One less irritant for me.

  18. IMO the COVID hysteria was driven by a couple of divergent factors, long term trends.

    First, the infantilization of society. Our aggregated average maturity level has been receding for decades, maybe longer. COVID hysteria is the level of development of children fearing the boogie man or equivalent imaginary terrors. With the bonus that our leaders are infantilized too, so instead of countering the irrational fear as a good parent would, they amplified them.

    Secondly, people’s perception of reality is warped by mass media. Movies and tv shows become integrated into their internal model of the world. As the volume of such programming was consumed it exerted ever greater influence. Then in the last couple of decades we got to the point where a majority of people’s reality was experience via media. People came to see their lives in terms of such programs, with themselves as the star. Politicians especially act as if they are the hero’s of some disaster movie. It’s crazy, but a particular kind of crazy.

    People did quickly adopt the religious elements of confession, ritual and blind deference to authority. Which says something about a deep need for such in this atheistic age.

    • When I was 16 and wrote an essay for my Politics GCSE it was arguing that a society that does not allow people to make mistakes, or constantly runs cover for those that do, ends up with a parent-toddler relationship between the government and the governed. I’m extremely proud I’d figured that out at that age.

      The Adam Curtis video ‘Hypernormalisation’ covers a similar thing. He argued that life got too complicated, so politicians invented heuristics for the masses. The problem was that the next generation of politicians believed the heuristics were true and based policy on that understanding of the world.

      There is a guy I went to school with called Anil Seth who has done a very good 20 min Ted (yes I know) talk on the mind and how we observe reality. It really is the case that most people can’t tell where there ‘reality’ ends and the manufactured one begins. Also see Brainwashing by Kathleen Taylor. She actually explains in scientific terms why the middling-IQs tend to be easy to manipulate whilst the higher-IQs (with flexible brains – i.e. an inquisitive mind) and the low IQs don’t fall for it. Something we have observed a lot over at our thing.

      • middling-IQs = midwits

        Described by Vox Day as “individuals of above average intelligence, yet not too far from average”.

        Generally found in the 105-120 IQ range. These are the people who are considered “gifted” in primary school and perhaps “honors” in high school. In the same vein, they either think of themselves as “smart but lazy” or perform well in school yet do poorly/mediocre on standardized testing. May attend a low-tier university or none at all. Almost always very online, with strong opinions that lack nuance.

        Midwits are truly cursed to be neither blissfully dumb nor reap the benefit of being of superior intelligence or a genius. They can grasp general concepts, but are less capable of digging deeper, understanding nuance, or adapting quickly to complex problems, leading to an entire middle class of perpetually unhappy, often vaguely angry people.

        • “They can grasp general concepts, but are less capable of digging deeper, understanding nuance, or adapting quickly to complex problems…”

          They? Do you exclude yourself?

        • Yeah, unfortunately when I heard that lecture, I despaired. I’m pretty close to the definition myself. Took the wind out of my sails. Been trying to forget it since then. 🙁

        • Stan: That’s why so many of them become doctors or lawyers (even midwits are bright enough not to become teachers).

          • I’ve been somewhat suspicious of him for years, but watching my GP turn into a Covidian has been astonishingly revealing. Despite getting through medical school, he’s really not that bright at all, nor is he intellectually curious. He’s little more than a messenger for big pharma, state-sponsored “science!”, or whoever else can get ahold of his strings.

          • Maybe someone here can correct me, but I’d seen a comment years ago that said that getting to be a doc just requires discipline plus “brute force memorization” (and, a lot of money). IQ can help with all that, but isn’t required.

        • Using that rather elaborate definition, I and indeed, a large fraction of the White population, let’s say 45%, is a “midwit.” I definitely hit the “lazy” button. Unlike the definition I did better on standardized tests than I performed in school because — well, “Lazy” !

          To me, “midwit” would be a fairer term for those of average intelligence (+/- a small deviation) — which is by far, the majority of the population.

    • Exactly right.

      I would also add that alot of people (whites particularly) are lacking meaning to their lives (in large part due to atheism & materialism). The COVID pandemic gives them a great opportunity to join a cause. Karen *finally* has meaning and gets the opportunity to be part of something bigger. “We’re all in this together” hits that deep desire to be part of a community.

      Alot of whites are mentally ill and taking meds (white women are the most mentally ill demographic) and frankly don’t enjoy their lives. Having a lockdown is also a good excuse for them to not feel too bad for having a shit life. If they aren’t having fun then why should anybody else? How come he’s playing sports and eating steak and having sex and going on vacation and going to Church but they don’t get to have fun?

      Case in point: currently on a zoom call with my work team and everybody is talking about their dogs non stop. They can talk for hours about their dogs and cats. (The dog craze is starting to affect all races not just whites).

      • My main problem with the dog craze is that everyone wants to own one, yet no one seems to want to invest the time and effort to train and teach them good manners.

        • Perfect analogy for the liberal infatuation with the POC and the “homeless” as well. Just let them crap on the sidewalk and steal whatever they want. Then blame somebody else for the problem.

        • I have a “dog” story. Actually, a finding based on experience with two large hunting dogs and my neighbors. I am of the opinion that you need do only two things to become a “dog whisperer” to your neighbors. Train your dogs to come back (break off) and sit/stay on command.

          Yep, just that easy. Can’t tell you the number of comments I got from everyone who witnessed this while holding on to their animal pulling at the leash—which I almost never used. Even had the Sheriff once back off when he saw this (we have leash laws here).

          • We had a specific room in our house that the dogs would have to go into when they came back in from their walk” and I recall my brother looking on in amazement as the dogs dutifully went in there when we said “room”. Fair warning though, unlike humans (ahem) capabilities between dog breeds is highly variable.

        • All the empty nesters in my neighborhood decided to buy dogs during the coof. I guess they got lonely when their kids couldn’t visit them.

          One dog starts barking, pretty soon every miserable mutt down the street picks up the tune.

          One of these dogs is one of those large ugly things with curly coarse grey hair. The damn thing barks 2 feet from the next door neighbor who is gardening. Almost a whole year on, the wretched animal cannot tell neighbors from threats.

      • Your post brings to my mind the famous Mencken quote (more or less): “A Puritan is someone horrified by the thought that somewhere, someone is happy.” 😀

      • “Alot of whites are mentally ill and taking meds (white women are the most mentally ill demographic)”
        I’d like to point out that “taking meds” and being mentally ill are not the same thing. For-profit pharmaceutical companies need to sell pills. However, before you sell pills, you need to sell the need for pills and thus what you are ACTUALLY selling is sickness. Do we really think that 50% + of white women actually NEED pills? That is ludicrous.

        Yes “white women” are consuming the most pills. But that’s because they are generally more gullible, and spend the most disposable income on themselves. Nearly every young Xer woman is on birth control, adderall or rittalin and probably xanax. Nearly every Millennial and Zoomer of a certain socioeconomic demographic is on an anti-anxiety pill in addition to every one mentioned above. We have a duty to protect our women from this vulture-marketing destroying our women.

        I’m not usually a rude or overly confrontational guy, but some tough love is really needed. No toots, you don’t have “anxiety” issues like every one of your cohorts. Its called stress, and everyone experiences it. Now stop wasting hundreds a month and destroying your hormone levels in the process.

        • Can confirm. Last time I was at university, some enormous amount of college girls were on SSRIs, Ambien, klonopin, you name it. I’m skeptical of the SSRIs — last I saw they were all but ineffective vs. placebo — but the latter two are serious shit; nonetheless Student Health hands them out like condoms.

          (In case you’re wondering how I know, there are lots of ways, but a major one is **they told me.** As in, “here’s this disability form saying I can pop a pill in class” or an email “sorry I overslept, I took an Ambien and missed the test.”

  19. Vegetarianism is a cult. Keto is a step in the right direction but is sabotaged by lack of understanding of plant toxins. Carnivore is where it’s at. Eat meat, drink water. Oddly enough raising livestock on pasture just happens to be a really efficient way of becoming self-sufficient. If your ancestors hail from lands with short growing seasons you’re more likely than average to not deal with plant toxins well. One might think that this push for soy über alles is intended to hobble the WASPs who used to run America.

    • Right on-my ancestors survived 8 months out of the year on reindeer meat, reindeer cheese, dried smoked fish, berries and potatoes. To this day I don’t eat green vegetables as they give me gas and indigestion, but I can down a steak and a slice of cheese with no issues whatsoever, and that includes no high blood pressure. I also have deep veins.

      • Don’t forget cabbage. My Russian-born mother (pre-Revolution upper class family) used lots of smoked/pickled fish and beets, too. Daily dose of fish oil in the winter. Great pumpernickel and rye breads, roast chicken, pork chops, hamburger, calves liver, potatoes, rice pilaf, V-8 juice, all things that I ate as a very food-fussy kid. Got into salads later. No Cola drinks permitted in the house when I was growing up, small amounts of ice-cream as a treat, also delightful French and Scandinavian pastries from bakery with tea in the afternoon — not dessert after a heavy dinner.

      • Your ancestors sound suspiciously like people who were self sufficient.
        In my opinion, that is the fear of the powers that be. If they don’t have anyone to control or who is dependent on them, they lack meaning and a reason to be.
        That’s why Whitey is so hated.
        For the most part, left to their own devices, The Great White Honkey would survive quite well if government were to disappear overnight.

        The commenters on this blog talk much about what to do going forward. Find an area that wouldn’t notice the government absence and you’ll be in a good place.

      • Populations that evolved in radically different environments for millennia exhibit different traits, even down to the digestion of food (milk and gluten particularly) and the ability to synthesize vitamin D via sun exposure.

    • I just eat a balanced diet. I’m not sold on the all meat diet, but vegetarianism is also horrible. I eat lots of meat, fish, milk potatoes, root vegetables, and a fruit and veggie every day.

      • Since we’re apparently doing the female thing today in the Z commentariat: I just eat a bit less in winter. Come March or so I start eating all I can, just so my pants still fit in summer when the summer chores (fencing, firewood, ditching, car upkeep, etc) come around and I can’t keep weight on. Dug out a 30# oak stump yesterday for the pear orchard. Doesn’t matter too much what the food is, within reason and moderation. I do avoid meat fat, or meat that is too greasy, definitely the Jack Spratt sort. Scottish stock.

  20. Ach, that Revelationist thinking! A crueler trick was never played. It leaves us cheering every genocide, every crime against us as on more step towards the false promise of a final reward.

    When the vaccine-borne Great Pandemic begins in earnest, the vindication will make our civilization more religious, zealous, and frenzied than it has ever been.

    Even so, like the prophecies of ‘financial collapse’, I expect we’ll adjust, and go on, and soon enough tell ourselves it had to happen. It was the Will, the Plan- and indeed, it was. We’ll even say we deserved it, deserved all that is to come.

  21. there are a lot of people who are mentally ill, in any human society, but i suspect the modern world has a much higher percent of the afflicted – and their level of mental illness is more acute. unfortunately, modern comms technology has allowed the crazies to link up and take over every lever of power in the country. once the system burns down the crazies will die off for awhile. personally, when i see a homeless person my immediate reaction is they should be euthanized. same with ghetto nigs. same with 65 IQ squatamalans. there is no place for these people in the modern world, and therefore either thery will perish or they will destroy the system (and then they will perish). without white ag technology, the actual carrying capacity of the Earth is well under 1 billion people.

    • It’s been a few weeks since we heard from Herr Fritz. Ah, here’s an apropos quotation:

      “The weak and the botched shall perish: first principle of our charity. And one should help them to it. What is more harmful than any vice? — Practical sympathy for the botched and the weak…”
      Nietzsche, “The Antichrist” 3.

      Although I first learned it elsewhere, he also repeatedly makes the case that one of civilization’s faults is that it protects the weak, those who would have been killed off by natural selection in the wild. His critique is often directed against religion, but the problem is broader than that, affecting indeed, any type of mercy, pity or favoring of the unfit. Paradoxically, the good intention (to help the worst-off) actually reduces the fitness of the overall population.

      Hate him or his type if you must, but when he makes statements like this, he’s merely pointing out what Nature has done since the beginning of time. Alas, when Man’s civilization loses its grip, Nature must step in to make up for lost time. 🙁

      • There is often a fine line between “Christian charity” and being a “co-enabler”. We, as a society, lost sight of that line sometime after WWII. I can understand Ben and Karl more and more these days.

        • While that’s so, I can’t see making any progress bringing people to our side with “let’s just kill all the human ballast!” types tagging along.

        • In America most people are 30 days away from becoming homeless. There is no social safety net for whites and these guys want to exterminate them. They are just as bad the Cloud People if not worse.

          Nor do they care that they average person is one accident or health crisis away from being “weak” and “:useless” and even losing their home,

          This applies doubly for Whites who do not get the same access to government hand outs as the blacks or Mexxers.

      • Well, Mr. Believer, what would you propose to do, if you are the captain of the lifeboat that has a dozen empty seats, and there are a hundred people floating about in the icy water hoping to be rescued?

        The real world sometimes presents us with similarly thorny problems. Sometimes you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t, but the best outcome is to choose the slightly less damning option. We are just men, it’s true, but at times, we have no choice but to “play God.”

        Finally, don’t shoot the messenger just because he brings bad news. Please don’t equate the reporter or author who describes a gruesome event with those who perpetrated said event.

  22. Just for fun, a theory that has nothing to do with politics. The original Salem panic represented the passing of the old guard, the replacement of Puritan with Yankee. Since we live at Ludicrous Speed, our panics mirror the life cycle of the Baby Boom. Consider horror films. “Rosemary’s Baby” (1968) and “The Exorcist” (1973) were the Boomers realizing they had no idea how to be parents. “The Amityville Horror” was the perils of labor mobility (maybe moving every two years climbing that greasy corporate pole isn’t so good?). Ditto the preschool satanic panic etc. And now we’ve got COVID, which is the “80 is the new 40” crowd finally, desperately tying to come to grips with their own mortality…. and failing miserably.

    • Further proof*: A very popular show among young people, one that I note is somehow *still* going, is called “The Walking Dead.” Indeed, the whole zombie thing from a decade ago. That’s Xers and early Millennials finding themselves comprehensively blocked by these fossils that are somehow *still* around – instead of retiring gracefully, they’ll have to be carried out on a gurney.

      *”Proof” in the same sense Jon Stewart does “news” – if you agree with me, then I’m serious; if not, then it’s a joke.

    • The problem with COVID being a boomers confront their own mortality morality play is that older people expressed less fear of it and younger people more. It was college kids and recent grads that grabbed ahold of the hysteria and won’t let go. Today, it’s almost exclusively younger people that still ostentatiously mask up.

      I like the idea that these periodic panics reflect some anxiety about social change. But what does it say when kids are the ones masking now?

      • What does it say? That young people today are even more gullible, cowardly, prone to virtue signaling, beholden to authority figures and credulous than their parents? If true, much of the blame for making them this way falls on those who parented with benign daycare driven neglect or helicopter learned helplessness. I know a few that got it just right, but I think the speed and enormity of societal change left large numbers of parents (from Boomer to Millennial) tragically confused and misguided.

        My geriatric mom thought this whole thing was BS from the start and complained constantly about the mask. It really messed with her weekly bingo confabs.

      • Dino, I’d have to second your observation. When we go out, it’s the younger crowd—especially the young teens and preteens all busy masking up. Lots of older folk too, but these youngsters should be the ones ignoring such silliness, but they are not. Seems they’re busy being good little compliant citizens. Perhaps those kids are like schools of fish, blindly following each other with no thought of being the first to go their own way.

        The other scenario I witness is the older couple where the wife wears the mask and the husband walks along maskless. At least that’s not my wife and I, but it is telling.

      • This. My boomer parents avoided the vax, but their grandkids are all about getting shot up with mystery juice.

      • I saw plenty of older people freak out. Although I must admit, the Plandemic is less “Boomer Remover” and more “female drama outlet”.

    • Why is it then that at the baseball game I attended and the auto race I watched on TV over the weekend, the overwhelming number of mask wearers were Millennials and Gen Z?

      • For the same reason all of us in college in the early 90s dressed like hippies and listened to Floyd and loved “Forrest Gump.” It was all just Boomer self congratulation, but that was the culture on offer. The same guys who were telling us, in 1990, to not trust The Man and be authentic above all things were, themselves, driving their Volvos down to the law firm.

        • Kids today are way less mature than your generation was at the same age, which was less than mine, which was less than the early boomers.

          When you were in college was something like Tiggley puff or bubble rooms even conceivable? They would have been a joke. When I was that age those things wouldn’t have been funny because they were so bizarre.

          And yet it was all real things a decade ago.

  23. The essential lesson to be gleaned from the Covid episode of insanity is that the crazy will only get worse until a real backlash and purge occurs. IOW, we are not going to heal until the disease is treated like a disease. We will not be able to laugh our way to a cure, or talk our way there, or vote harder and bring on the Messiah. History teaches that a collapse is both inevitable and a necessary precursor to the release of antibodies and the elimination of the disease cells. The future is not a funny joke that we can distract ourselves with while praying for a miracle. It’s going to be a hot summer. Get fit & get ready now. Your life may depend upon it.

    • Agree about getting fit, don’t quite agree about summer.

      Operating under the assumption last year’s antics were a sanctioned, organized, and financed op for an election year, I think the controllers will permit a fairly normal summer.

      Then, in fall, probably around 9/11, they will drop the grid and/or stage a massive false flag to try and justify launching a major war.

      • Visit any major metropolitan area (read big city) and you will be shocked by the number of people living a bum’s life in tent camps along rivers, urban interstate highway corridors, railroad yards, public parks, everywhere. We’re talking tens of thousands of druggies, vagrants, malcontents, predators, nut cases, and all manner of social misfits. When the temps get into the 90s and they get banned from the public library a/c, all it will take is a spark to start a riot. Cities will burn this summer. Take it to the bank.

  24. You touched on something really interesting in this piece, the connection between us all being strangers and the wearing of masks. Liberals, progressives, whatever the hell you want to call them, will never admit to their anxiety increasing the more people who don’t look like them they see on the streets, even though it’s been corroborated by everyone from Emil Durkheim to Robert Putnam. But if America was still 80% white, and this bad flu strain was sweeping through, I don’t think people would be reacting this way. Even people who scold Trump for his xenophobia have a working hindbrain and their fear of disease (along with everything else) has probably increased since America has become more diverse.

    Someone in England even pointed out that obesity in the UK increased practically in synch with Muslim immigration: The native lasses see all the women clad in head-to-toe black and start armoring their bodies, hiding in layers of fat. I’ve heard the same thing about girls who were sexually abused and either gain weight (to hide their bodies) or starve themselves (to annihilate or dissolve their bodies).

    That’s the main takeaway. That all of this insanity is a reaction to being abused by our sadistic rulers. America had old biddies and busybodies and clucking hens when it was a functioning country, but it didn’t have things like Karens or out-and-out open whores.

    • An excellent observation. It fits nicely with “foodie” culture, which is exclusively a Left thing. They live like the Klan, but they obsess over exotic “fusion” food, to prove to themselves they’re all multicultural to themselves. (I guess it’s not exclusively Left. There was that weird “crunchy con” thing near the turn of the century, but I always assumed that was a grift).

      • If I remember the “crunchy con” thing correctly, it was Rod Dreher’s assertion that conservatives or traditionalists who have to live around liberals eventually pick up some of their basic cosmetic habits, and he was questioning how much of their political habits they picked up as a result. All of them, it turns out, assuming you even viewed someone like Andrew Sullivan as a conservative, even a house/token conservative at a liberal publication.

        I used to defend Dreher, but it’s obvious in a world where “Silence is Violence” is the mantra, walling yourself off in an intentional community is not a way to escape the madness. Orthodox Jews in NYC are an intentional community and they still get their hats taken and KO’d while walking on the streets. Eventually you got to counter their ratcheting with your own. Hopefully Jared Taylor’s right and the normie push to ban CRT shows that even mostly deracinated honkies have figured out there’s no way out but through. No more running, no more suburbs.

        • Can confirm. I know a guy from grad school who was, like me, a secret shitlord. The difference is, he stayed in, got tenure, married into the guild, etc. He’s now as goofy an SJW as all the rest of them.

          David Stove said that there are some ideas, like Hegel’s philosophy, that are like malaria — even if you fight it off and seem to be perfectly fine afterwards, mere exposure to it has compromised your system. You’ll never be 100% right again. PoMo is like that — heck, college in general is like that.

        • “Hopefully Jared Taylor’s right and the normie push to ban CRT shows that even mostly deracinated honkies have figured out there’s no way out but through. No more running, no more suburbs.”

          Alas. Notice they’re banning CRT but not the people pushing it. No careers are being destroyed, nobody’s going to prison for hate crimes against white men… Republicucks are STILL playing loyal opposition.

      • Unlike the Japanese, these people are either ignorant of, or refuse to acknowledge the existence of these amazing things called, “recipes.”

        • I make great curry and Mexican food.

          I actually make it myself though and don’t get it delivered by a coloured UberEats slave (oops I mean delivery person). Guess that makes me racist.

          Oh yeah and I also don’t have some illegal with questionable hygiene cooking my meal.

          • Yes, I have enjoyed cooking for myself and my husband in the past year, spending a small fortune on food. No interest in going “out” to eat for a lot of reasons. Our new thing is having our main meal before 4 PM. Nothing after that until breakfast the next day. Pounds are coming off slowly but surely.

      • Severian: And ‘foodies’ have their very own patron saint of Anthony Bourdain. My husband and I used to watch his first show sometimes, and enjoy bits and pieces based on our own years living abroad, but we also had him pegged as rather strange and dysfunctional. Now I read of people just ‘gutted’ that he killed himself. The guy was a half Jevvish former drug addict leftist chef who partnered with some rather strange women. Why would his death shock anyone, or deeply affect anyone who was normal?

        • “Mentally ill super-narcissist chef kills himself” was hardly the super shocking headline of that day.

  25. You don’t believe the narrative that covid religion was created to promote the covid sacrament, namely spike protein injections, which coincidently turn out to be toxic for many people.

  26. All the way back to my childhood I remember hearing about the panic that ensued when Orson Welles read a story on the radio about Martians invading the earth and the immediate, unquestioned panic that followed.

    Apparently, nobody thought to look outside and notice whether or not their city hall was still standing.

    Years later as an adult I read Albert Nock, who was alive during that time, who noted the childlike credulity of the masses that choose to call themselves modern humans. Put another way, they could be robbed by parcel post.

  27. But you have to give them credit for cooking up whole pseudo-religions in just a couple of months. And to be able to do that with a lot of things, not just the rona.

    It’s not exactly an own to point out “their thing is like a religion.” Remember, religions attract fanatics. Fanatics often *win*.

    Instead, we should think about how to religionize *our* thing. Our thing is based on reality, but most people don’t love reality so much. We’ll have to package our thing into a narrative that meets the checklist of psychological needs that the Zman lists in the article.

    • This only works if you believe that we can still talk our way back to sanity. I would argue that the appeal of this approach is that it appears to be an easy way out for those who will not roll up their sleeves and do the actual hard & dirty work necessary to cure what ails us. It’s the easy-man’s alternative to a bloody fist fight. It’s hiding within the herd and mooing rather than sharpening a stick into a spear. Go pick up a stick.

      • Everyone tiptoes around the issue that in order to solve the problem, first you have to identify the problem, no one wants to get their hands dirty solving the problem, it’s the old “everybody somebody nobody anybody” game. Everybody thought somebody should do something about it, but nobody did anything because it wasn’t anybody’s job. And so it goes..

        • I think most of us know what the problem is, and what steps would be required to improve matters. The main dissuading factor is the high probability that if one take those measures, he will end up dead or life without parole. 🙁

          Perhaps all is not lost. As the situation deteriorates, the risk of reprisals might well diminish, at which point one may wish to take whatever remedial measures seem appropriate. 🙂

      • I must agree with Georges.
        Those stick sharpeners need a narrative to guide, encourage, and coalesce them before and after the necessary. Brilliant observation by G.

    • you have to give them credit for cooking up whole pseudo-religions in just a couple of months

      I’m not so sure they did cook up the whole thing “in just a couple of months”. The speed in which everything happened seems more than a bit suspect to me. Trump’s people tried to brief congressional leadership (okay, what passes for leadership among congresscritters) back in December of 19 and virtually nobody showed up. Yet the CDC issued its revised guidelines for reporting covid-related deaths the week following Trump’s March 11 speech. There is NO WAY those bureaucrats produced that (technically unlawful) guideline change in a week! Nope. I am convinced (have been from the beginning) that the progs knew about Wu flu before Christmas ’19 and were waiting to pounce. The timing is simply too convenient.

      • Bill;
        You may not know how right you are. Everybody here should familiarize themselves with the evolving Fauci email scandal/reveal.

        Tl;Dr: Fauci’s institute (among others) was using a cut-out NGO to partially fund the Wuhan Lab where the Covid-19 virus almost certainly originated. When the significant possibility of lab-origination was pointed out on 1 Feb 20 via email by one of his US-based grantees, Fauci convened a yet secret confab to put together a CYA narrative. The cover-up talking points went out *the next day* (Sunday) that only right wing conspiracy theory nuts could believe that it didn’t come from eating bat soup in the Wuhan wet market. The US grantee reversed course immediately and was subsequently rewarded with substantial NIH grants (key to academic promotion and tenure).

        This is the *least* damaging reconstruction of the events revealed in these emails. Others go down the road of, “Exactly why was the US Govt. (including DoD) funding highly dangerous ‘gain-of-function’ research in a known CCP bioweapons facility over the course of several years_?”.

        • I’m a bit jaded here wrt the Fauci email scandal. I seem the remember such an email scandal early on during the climate change hoax. You know, the one where Mann and co-conspirators spoke openly about hiding/changing data records to emphasize recent warming as “unprecedented”. Everyone spoke of this as the bombshell turning point in the controversy. But nothing happened. Nothing.

          • Comp;
            Depends on what you mean by ‘nothing happening’. There were at least two good results of the exposure of the climate fraud emails, namely to convince climate skeptics that they were not crazy to see through the combined elite & media gaslighting and to provide them with direct evidence of fraud and not just hypocrisy by climate advocates if/when challenged.

            If you mean, ‘no slackening of the elite gaslighting or the fraud on the taxpayers’, then, point taken. But, there has been a marked decline among the general pop. to take the continual emergency hype seriously for any number of reasons, maybe even this one.

            Regards any lasting effects of the revelation of Fauci’s emails, it’s too soon to tell. But there is the big difference in that the harms of his fraud are far more personal and direct to normie whereas the harms of the climate grifters can seem more diffuse and indirect: Just yet another waste of taxpayer dollars, yawn.

        • Thank you for that link. I read the piece along with the embedded links. One link I found most fascinating was to a 2002 paper presented to the Air War College by a Colonel regarding threats from potential future bioweapons. From our perspective here in 2021 it was damned near prescient. I have maintained since May of last year that this was not natural and that the lockdown had damned near nothing to do with public health and safety and pretty everything to do with getting rid of the Evil Orange Man.

    • We. must weaponize the term “racism”. Like the N word.

      If people thought the r-word was unacceptable in public, like blacks were able to get away with with the n-word, we would be on our way.

      We have to start picking up clubs and stop being reasonable. THe Left is not reasonable, they use hatred. We should too!

  28. “people who believe in nothing will fall for anything”

    I’ve been referencing this a lot lately in regard to our society. I personally am not a zealous “Jesus-freak” or whatever condescending label leftists like to use, but I do believe that the disappearance of religion from our society has a direct correlation to the cultural rot we are currently experiencing. No religion leads to no morals which leads to the breakdown of society.

    • the quality of the people determine the quality of the religion practiced. nothing is going to change the mindless herb grazers of the modern world, into good citizens. there are no masses of right thinking men just waiting for a leader. am i supposed to make common cause with white meth heads? or people so weak they take fenatyl to cope?

      here is something to think about: Christianity is in direct conflict with god’a actual plan. How so? Christianity makes a fetish of being weak, of being a victim. It advocates wasting resources on the unworthy, to the neglect of the worthy – and therefore society at large. When a tree branch becomes damaged, the tree will stop sending nutrients to it. If a society elevates weakness as something admirable, that society will become weak and wither.

      so for all the people advocating christianity as some kind of magic solution, i would kindly point out christianity didn’t stop this current situation from occurring so how the fukk will it help correct things now?! It won’t. it’s just another way of getting other people to do what you won’t do for yourself.

      • Unless its true. A religion is either true or false. If its true, it doesn’t matter what it teachers. Truth cannot be stopped

    • I beg to disagree. Rather, the substitution of a foreign source code other than our own. It’s like an Apple I-phone trying to read Android software- glitching for one, unintelligible gibberish to the other.

      • Let me illustrate: without those precious four slim pamphlets, testimonials (“testaments”), your Book would have a very different meaning and intent.

    • Even the evil Nietzsche would agree with you! His thesis was that first a society (e.g. 19th century Europe) would abandon Christianity, but keep its Christian morality, which eventually too would be jettisoned and be replaced by nihilism, the abandonment of all standards. He was also very skeptical of democracy, liberalization and where it would eventually lead. Quite prescient for a man wracked by terminal syphilis, who wrote nothing after about 1889.

  29. One thing I’ve noticed in my part of Texas is that it’s the younger people and the sort of aged boomer who wears birkenstocks that still wear the mask. Outside of the metropolitan areas, though, no one and I mean no one wears masks. People wearing them get funny “another goddam Yankee” sort of looks.

  30. The last paragraph is exactly what I’ve been thinking. This could go on forever, some people love it so much. We now need to plan our lives around the madness of everyone else. It’s kind of like a zombie apocalypse but the stumbling hordes are karens and bureaucrats who won’t leave us alone.

    • they will leave you alone once they have broken the system to the point they starve off.

    • Yeah, the zombies running the government was a plot twist no on saw coming.

      • The literal zombies, Dianne Fienstein, Joe Biden, Chuck Grassley, etal., don’t really run anything, especially the government. That’s run by careerist advisors and section heads that eventually move into private business positions or academics. Democrat flower child Jennifer Granholm, for instance, upon being ousted as governor of Michigan, became a faculty member at Cal Berkley. Academia is a storage area that assures food, clothing and shelter for hopefully temporarily unemployed elected officials. So she was easily available to lead President Dementia’s energy department. Of course, she couldn’t tell you the substances and chemical processes involved in the once common kitchen match or how a cracking tower produces both gasoline and bituminous.

  31. Looks like the long knives are coming out for the Good Doctor. Gosh, too bad about that. How long before Fauci becomes “Trump appointee Fauci”?


    • All part of the controllers’ attempt to kick off the March to war with China.

      • These idjits might think they can blackmail China, instead, per the setup- US military men attending the Beijing Olympics in August with a little gift from Ft. Detrick, MD, our primary bioweapon lab right near John Hopkins, where the corporate ‘tesearch’ is conveniently carried out.

        Also possible that China has been attacking us for a very long time, all the way back to the Hong Kong flu- ever since they became Communist, that is.

        • Woops, I forgot, JHK followed up on one of his audience’s comment:

          “There is considerable unease among the sentient hoi polloi about the WEF exercise going forward this summer called the Cyber Polygon simulation. The idea is to game-out a cyber-attack aimed at bringing down the global financial system. The reason folks are nervous is because the WEF held a somewhat similar simulation in October 2019 for a hypothetical pandemic disease outbreak”
          (From “Reset Yourself”, today)

      • There will be no war.
        Its a pretend cold war just like the one with the USSR. All the funding to get them up to snuff has been done (just like before), Its a nice forever enemy on both sides, external to detract from the ones internally, lots of opportunity for multi-billion dollar spends, huge budgets for numerous agencies, and this time its going to be centered on super invisible virus/germ weapons that they wont even have to go the trouble of making in order to get the fed money.
        Win win all around.

    • What are you talking about? They are spinning the emails into proof of Fauci’s heroism. Examples from CNBC:

      The release of thousands of Dr. Anthony Fauci’s emails showed patience, diplomacy and diligence in his often late-night replies to high-level U.S. officials, famous performers and everyday people.

      The emails also show the tremendous physical and sometimes emotional toll the pandemic was taking on the 80-year-old head of the NIAID.

      Financial Times says:

      The emails show someone who is always assessing the data as they evolve. But people are selectively pulling emails out to distort what the reality is.

      Vox just calls the whole thing a conspiracy theory.

      Etc. etc.

    • I guess they’d have to overlook the fact that he’s worked very nearly his entire life in public administrator, dating back to Nixon days IIRC.

  32. Covidianism indeed was a religion, manipulated to empower the Ruling Class and empowering to those with otherwise hollow, meaningless lives. It was the perfect storm. But here come the Jim and Tammy Faye Bakers, starting with Dr. Anthony Fauci and soon migrating to the other high priests.

    The same had been attempted with Climate Change (and still does to some degree), with the incredibly wealthy poised to exploit the masses’ need for salvation. It even had animals in the manger in the form of polar bears drowning before they reached the ice floe, prophets such as St. Greta of Thunberg, talismans such as the cloth grocery bags you mentioned. Unfortunately for those who banked on it, it was transparently phony and a bit too hypothetical.

    Waiting in the wings, although they have been there for some time, are Transgenderism and Anti-Racism, perhaps the two most lunatic and laughingly false faiths introduced in recent years. They should do well for a few months.

    I agree the bizarre sacraments and beliefs will accelerate the more the wheels come off Western society. It is interesting to note it is primarily the majority White populations, particularly the females, you find writhing in orgasmic delight, undulating, in worship. Blacks, being inherently criminal, lurk in the background to pilfer, plunder and rape, although a surprising number of them also drank deeply of the Covid-Ade. Hispanics tend to be amused and quiet, Asians assaulted by the aforementioned blacks or trying to turn a buck off the racket.

    The non-Western world, primarily China and Russia, watch with a mixture of shock, hope, and fear. They can wait this out, but only if the lunatics running the Western asylums can stop nukes from being launched at the apostates. That’s the question that looms.

    • of course the nut jobs are going to launch nukes, and we won’t have to wait very long either. it’s the ultimate fem freak out…

      • Rep. Eric Swalwell who had a sexual relationship with a known Chinese spy and sits on the House Intelligence Committee ( these people have absolutely no shame) has already threatened to use nuclear weapons on Americans (gun owners in particular).

    • Global warming climate change crisis is the religious foundation from which these dangerous variants like covid spawn.

      Once the malthusian self-loathing went full weather channel the rest was relatively easy. 97% of scientists agree with me. And Saint Obama said science is settled.

      People are the problem to be solved. More Technology is the only way.

      But not just any tech. Only the tech that reduces the human experience to measurable, trackable, and controllable activities within the confines of the taxable plantation of global commerce, as approved by experts.

      They often let slip that the “vaccine” is not a medicine, but actually a technology. This is an important distinction beyond mere semantics.

      TPTB tell us the problem is too many eaters. We brought this on ourselves. Now take your vax stab and dont get all “conspiracy theory” by drawing straight lines.

      While these “Experts” tell us how bad we are, other experts tell us what we must submit to in order to save whats left of mother earth. This is how progress works now.

      Covid, like racisms, is evolving. Once invisible it becomes a “systemic”. Which means your kids need to be punished.

      The mask went on easy but the real problems is our continued existence.

      • “Global warming climate change crisis is the religious foundation from which these dangerous variants like covid spawn.”

        Actually, it all began with the Molina/Rowland computer model that indicated the destruction of the ozone layer by inert refrigerants in 1973 at Cal-Irvine. That led to the Montreal Protocol in 1987, fully ratified internationally in 2009. When psuedo-environmentalists and elements of the business community discovered how to accomplish their agenda it became easy to move on to AGW and now the Chinese flu.

        • I once dated a computer model but she went to chico state not UCI. Said she “worked from home”. Never take a computer model on face value.

          • ding ding ! chicken dinner ! what a cohencidence eh ? the wuflu hoax fleeces the sheep for yet another round of shekels.

    • Saw a map of Europe that showed acceptable of Homosexuality in the 18-34 cohort. In Spain 87 percent thought Gay Marriage should be legal, and it decreased as you went East until you had Russia with something like 20%.

      It was like a data point on a cancer progressing. It will be interesting to see if East Europe can hold on until The Camp of the Saints collapses Europe.

  33. Every week brings a new retcon or narrative.
    Now it’s the Tulsa riots of a hundred years ago.
    Ever hear of it and if you did what do you remember the history told back when.
    As many are now correctly using the term, blood libel on whites, this is one more.
    Tom Hanks fulfilled his duty being one of the high priests of Covid enforcement early on now he is instructing us on Tulsa. IT NEVER ENDS.

    Right now I am in the Great Purge of 2021. Personally getting rid of NPCs, scolds, dimwits and hysterics in my life.

    As for my personal experience with the Covid death count, I and all around me know three. That’s a big sample when you consider all the people in our life and how many they know. Oh, and they screwed that pro golfer who was leading by six strokes after three rounds because he tested positive.
    Seeing his reaction to his removal angered me to another level I didn’t know I had.

    • Anybody know where they came up with that “three hundred POCs brutally murdered by whypipo” non factoid? I thought it was 26 blacks, ten whites.

        • Sailer’s law of mass shootings.
          If there are more dead than wounded, the shooter is White.
          If there are more wounded than dead, he was black.

          • An unfortunate exception to Sailor’s Law was April 7 in Roch Hill, SC, when former NFL star Phillip Adams murdered his doctor and five others in their home, shortly before taking his own life.:(

            But the point is well made: “Somebody dissed me an’ I’ma bust a cap in his ass.” explains the likely thought process just before many of these mass shootings.

      • This kind of thing fascinates me. They just make this stuff up, despite the facts being readily available. I guess it’s my day for horror stories, so: I love those “ghost hunter” shows that used to be popular on basic cable. No better illustration of gullibility. “A horrible murder happened here in 1905!” Ummm, no. There’s this thing called “a newspaper.” The local historical society has them in huge binders. See for yourself.

        “OK, but someone died in this house!” Yeah, so? Pretty much every house built before probably 1960 had someone die in it. People died at home well within living memory. An afternoon in the records room of the local courthouse will tell you everything you’d ever want to know… or you can trust some frat bro listening to tape hiss, it’s all good.

        • People died at home well within living memory.

          Well damn! Guess my inlaws’ house could one day be haunted since both of them passed away in their own bed. Ooh! Does that mean MY house is going to be haunted, too? We have that same bed in our front bedroom. Hell! I plan to die in my own bed, also. Does that mean my house might someday be haunted by THREE ghosts? (4 if my wife follows suit) I built this house to leave on a gurney wearing a toe tag.

          In Jr High I lived in a house supposedly built on an Indian burial ground. Never saw anything that could have been caused by something paranormal. Believe me. Being 11 – 13 years old I was more.than.willing to believe in ghosts at that time. Closest I ever came to seeing a ghost was waking up in the night and seeing some indistinct glowing blob moving around in the dark. Then I found out the previous tenants had installed glow-in-the-dark wall plates over all the light switches. 😉

          • I know, right? It’s just silly. And yet, there were dozens of those shows.

            (I think my favorite was Ghost Hunters International. This was the one where they toured haunted locations in Europe. Picture this: These young doofuses, carrying a tape recorder through a Romanian castle supposedly haunted by a 15th century nobleman that wasn’t Dracula, no sir! They keep asking the spirits if they want to communicate. They ask the spirits this in English. How classic is that?)

        • “or you can trust some frat bro listening to tape hiss, it’s all good.”
          LOL, my wife used to watch that program, thank god we dropped cable TV. She also liked that Sasquatch show, one of the hunters actually looked like a sasquatch, and was almost as smart.
          Vampires, zombies, witches, yetis, megashark!, bigfoot, the Jersey Devil (WTF?)
          Some people are gullible, and hollywood pumps out the crap to keep them busy. America’s culture needs a real good cleansing.

        • What really struck me as particularly distasteful was the “ghost tour” industry that took root on the Gettysburg battlefield. I’m sure they wouldn’t do that at, say, Dachau or Treblinka…

    • That particular golfer probably wasn’t scripted to win that event, or he was blowing out the lines in Vegas, maybe both. A phone call was made to get that guy out of there.

      • Between that and the horse race, it does make one wonder. Seems the fix is in on just about anything in public now.

      • Well, there was an area in Tulsa about 100 years ago that had a whorehouse, BBQ joint, watermelon stand, domino parlor, wig shop. barbershop, pawnshop (although it was owned and run by a jew), a yard where a variety of stolen goods could be purchased, and a cock fighting ring with a fried chicken shack next door. It was a negro Wall Street.
        For no reason whatsoever a bunch of crackers burned it down. Crackers just be evil mofo’s.

        • The Crackers (not sure that’s an accurate observation, though, but they were Democrats for sure) were jealous that oil had been discovered in both the Blacks and Indians land grants nearby. Don’t forget that Phillips 66 is based in Tulsa. Found this out looking on the local Tulsa historical society website. They hadn’t had a chance to “fix” it before the President’s visit, I guess.

          • Nice call! “Fossil fuels are evil, unless we get our share of the futures contract.”

    • David: I don’t like golf or pay any attention to those who play it or win tournaments, but that poor man’s reaction really moved me. His winning moment, the pinnacle of achievement, suddenly snatched away on a pretext.

  34. Its become a religion because women have too much power and influence, and because the true religion has been put on an equal plane as false religions


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