The Struggle Continues

This week has been nothing but a struggle. For some reason, the PC I use to record the show reconfigured itself one night. That meant all of my audio settings were set to the default. That meant I had to spend too much time relearning how to set them back to what I prefer. I think I got them back to pretty much where they need to be, but the audio may sound a little weird in places.

It was also hard finding material that I found interesting. Maybe it is just the summer doldrums setting in early, but life seems boring of late. Part of it is the media is busy making the Vegetable-in-Chief sound like a statesman, which is far less exciting than it sounds. The novelty of having a dementia patient in the White House has worn off and we are left with the reality.

That reality is that there was never any reason for Biden to be president, other than he was the only option they had to replace Trump. Once he scrawled what he thinks is his name on the executive orders they put in front of him, there was nothing left on the agenda. The long temper tantrum no longer has a reason, so the stasis of late empire decline is back, which means nothing happens.

The only potential for something interesting to happen is if they snuff out the vegetable and install Harris. She is revealing herself to be dumber and shallower than anyone imagined. She is fumbling the softest of questions from the most obsequious of reporters. It seems impossible, but she may have less cognitive function than her boss and he is close to brain dead.

All that said, in clown world there is always another act warming up off-stage, so something will come along to provide content. Now that the Covid restrictions are lifting, all of the pent-up mayhem from our vibrant community can blossom. At some point, the media will have to take notice of that reality. Even conservatives are starting to notice that diversity may not be a strength.

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This Week’s Show


  • 00:00: Opening
  • 02:00: Uptight Whitey
  • 17:00: No Dignity (Link)
  • 32:00: Libertarian Bashing (Link)
  • 47:00: Immigration (Link)
  • 57:00: Closing (Be Like Me)

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186 thoughts on “The Struggle Continues

  1. Zman’s analysis of libertarianism is laughably incorrect. Please take the time to understand the different between libertarians and Libertarians.

  2. Re. Blacks and whites avoid race talk. On a social level it got especially awkward in ’77 when our bagel loving friends in Hollywood reminded everyone of whips and chains every night for a week, with Roots. On a personal level I avoid race talk with blacks because if they want to “keep it real” then I’m gonna have to bring up the crux of the matter: IQ and impulse control. That’s when I get head stomped. No thanks. Even in civilized company, there’s no point in talking about it if you can’t mention those two foundational points.

    B125: “Embrace the warrior spirit and let it juice you up. Thousands of years of European metal clashing runs in your body. *They didn’t do it so that your fat ass can sit on the couch watching Tyron Jenkins toss a ball around.* Harness it.”

    That was great B125.

    Zman: “What Libertarianism is–is a hiding place.” So good.

    Z: “If Lefty came out tomorrow and said Libertarianism means wearing a giant rubber phallus on your head, they’d all be wearing a giant rubber phallus on their head.” OK. There’s ridicule, and then there’s marching people down Mainstreet naked. That was the latter. And they deserve it.

    Re: Dignity. A month ago, big news story about popular metal band Megadeth firing original band member Dave Ellefson, after a leaked video of him “grooming” a 17 year old with video chats. And then, after she turned 18, him jerking off in chats with her. Ellefson is 57 and married with kids, and I believe he’s a Christian minister. The leader of Megadeth, Dave Mustaine, also a Christian, fired him. Lots of metal fans are mad at Mustaine, saying he sold out and cowered to the current political atmosphere. And pleading that Ellefson did nothing illegal, which is true. But I disagree. I think Mustaine did the right thing.

    • Mustaine is wrong in that any concession to the blue-Cheka, especially by a working-class outsider-made-good type who owes them nothing, is a gratuitous betrayal.

      Also there’s no one who can replace Ellefson. But Megadeth shouldn’t be making records anymore anyway. When was the last good one? 1990? Fire him later without telling anybody, or just silently end the band.

      Being Christian doesn’t have to mean making a show of being a repulsive pussy—yet somehow it always does.

      • @ Hemid. You have a strong opinion on the matter. I’m not a Megadeth fan. And have mixed feelings about Mustaine in general. But he is a dignified man’s man. He has said Rightist things on immigration that no other rock star would say. I lean in favor of Mustaine’s decision to fire him.

        1. It’s not like Mustaine/Megadeth are a true outsider, hardcore band. Since late 80’s they’ve signed with mega conglomerate record companies. So like every big band that’s been around 30 plus years, they’re a corporate band…a legacy band…a business. 2. It’s not like he fired a loyal friend. They’ve both sued each other in the past. 3. Besides the wrongness of being lovey-dovey with an underage girl, Ellefson was highly irresponsible and stupid. He hurt the band. Knowingly putting the band at risk. It’s one thing to have a fling with a young adult woman on the rockstar downlow. This old fool live-video chatted himself naked and jerking off in a hotel room. He thought some girl from Europe who he’d never met in person wouldn’t leak that? What a tool. At the very least if you’re Mustaine you don’t want to be seen with that dude. Much less share a stage with him. Bad look. Bad dude. Ef Eleffson.

  3. Candice Owens is a shill and supporter of our greatest enemies. She’s not a dissident, but rather your stereotypical Cuckservative. The common denominator for all Western interventionism spearheaded by the Elites, Globalists, and Zionists is support for Jewish interests (Bolshevism, Zionism, Interventionism, Secularism — especially non-Christian). This is exactly what Ms. Owens supports.

      • Wild Geese: Owens, like all blacks, both hates and envies Whites. Once she got on the Conservative, Inc. grifter train, she decided she wanted a kid with lighter skin (she herself is quite dark) and ‘good’ hair. Plus some of that English ‘class’ by osmosis. Check back in ‘x’ years and I guarandamntee you she’ll be writing about her kid’s “white privilege.” You’d think her English husband would know better; he certainly had better options.

    • Just casting about for ideas. Lots of conservatives admire Owens and Shapiro. How do we introduce the truth to these conservatives?

      My brother loves Ben Shapiro. My guess is that he judges that our country is more likely to achieve the (nominal) race blindness espoused by Shapiro and Owens rather than the future that I propose.

      My response to him against a race blind USA is to emphasize the inherent tribal nature of non-whites, but I haven’t convinced him of that either.

      • Normie-cons can handle our guys who make sense and aren’t offputtingly intellectual or ironically hyper-offensive. Z and Derbyshire are good first steps into the darkness. American Mind’s and Worthy House’s podcasts are good entrees too, especially for (for lack of a better term) New Yorker-cons—people who are old enough to remember conservatism as more intellectual and artistic than liberalism. We’re not *very* weird.

  4. You’re right Z. The Enron film was called The Smartest Guys in the Room. You ask how a man like Skilling can walk into a room and pull of a stunt like asking people to trust him in his latest venture… probably pretty easy when all the other bigwigs are just like him. To them, Skilling’s rap sheet is probably the most beautifully crafted CV they’ve ever seen. It’s a qualification.

    In a sane world this man would have been exiled or imprisoned commensurate with the destruction he caused. He’d never see the light of day.

  5. I listened for a second time to the segment on dignity. That was very, very good, Z, some of the best commentary I’ve experienced. I have one disagreement, though, as it pertains to shame. White people have been subjected to shame on the issue of race their entire lives, and it has been remarkably successful.

    “You diddle kiddies? No problem!”

    “You managed to steal a 100? Awesome!”

    “Why are you talking about race and IQ, you bigot?!”

  6. Baltimore in the news (June 12). For the SECOND time, the Johnson & Johnson vaccine plant in Baltimore has had quality control problems. With the latest batch, the government has allowed some of it to still be used, provided it carries a disclaimer indicating that the batch did not meet quality standards! Yes, apparently Federal regulations allow that, you see, it’s an “emergency” and product of unknown quality is acceptable.

    As of this morning, the news says that the EU is banning the vaccines from this plant. Gee, wonder why!

    I need not comment on the, er, “personnel issues” that likely contribute to such lapses of quality control. 🙂

    I have no intention of taking a mRNA or Covid-19 product, at least not voluntarily, even if the potion is made in Basel, Switzerland by Mountain Gnomes and Forest Nymphs. I recommend you avoid these until they have true FDA approval, even if then.

    • Re “personnel issues”. Inventory day at the factory’s warehouses was always an experience. The company made an expensive specialty product that had to be counted precisely. And by serial number and various other codes. Tedious, focus-oriented task. Crawling around pallets in the Southern heat in bad lighting. Office staff and factory workers all had to work inventory on those weekends. You’d pray you didn’t get teamed up with some LeRoys and LeRettes. Because it meant you had to work double hard by having to “audit” your own team on-the-go, because you couldn’t trust the numbers. 2/3 of them got it right and kept focus (most LeRoys who’ve maintained tough factory jobs for years are just as serious as anyone). But about 1/3 were “talkers” as I call them. (Little known fact, they love socializing more than sex or BBQ). Anyway, yeah, shootin’ the shit as they inventoried, with only a passing care for getting things right. Thoughts of Africa, Haiti, Detroit, occurr to you at such times. I couldn’t decide if they didn’t realize incorrect numbers create a giant clusterfuck later. Or if they knew and still didn’t care. I.e. “Some white guy in the office will unfuck it later).

      Plenty of Mexicans at the plant. They were the best. No nonsense, fast, accurate, good attitude. They waited for the proper time to get loose and socialize. Which they’d do every day of the week after the whistle blew, in the far corner of the parking lot, gathered around their pickup trucks drinking Dos Equis.

      Their after-work cerveza sessions were stopped by the company one day. Mex pulling out of plant. He waits for motorcycle cop to fly by on the main street. Assumes that was the only cop. Then proceeds to pull out and smashes into the trailing moto-cop and kills him.

    • On a related note, here are two recent laf-riots from Clown world – and

      Sadly, this maintains my “batting average” for predicting the course of Covidian stupidity at 1000. Maybe I should bump it down to 930 or so since I did think it would take a bit longer to hear the “blurmph” of government officials filling their diapers over this.

      How did I hone my psychic powers so well about this? Well, I’ve been around computers enough to know that the “dot-zero” (as in 3.0, 4.0) release is always a disaster and migrating anything important to it before the dot-one release is a well established form of career suicide. This whole thing is at least a dot-zero squared effect meaning that it’s a novel technology AND it was rushed out about 10 times faster than normal. In technology dot-zero squared is more like an exponential raised to an exponential power.

      Accelerationists may ultimately be vindicated though. It’s possible that this thing will be REALLY BAD, like it kills or sickens so many of the elderly people they used as guinea pigs that almost every normie knows a family member who got “Vaccine Eyeball Implosion Syndrome” or whatever it’ll be called. The effects on children could be even more unpredictable since there is the added dimension of a rapidly changing and growing body and brain. So let’s see, now we’re up to a dot-zero cubed aren’t we?

      I fully expect the media to attempt an Orange Man Bad misdirection. After all, the mystery jab effort was started under him. I actually think even normie Americans may not fall for this.

    • I do, but I, being of paranoid mind, would say the same for here or indeed any internet site. I’m not claiming that Z is an active government agent. But that’s my point — he doesn’t NEED to be.
      The government or more likely “private industry” who apparently is exempt from many of the laws that (theoretically) give people privacy, can easily collect plenty of data on us, especially given the not-unreasonable assumption that at at site such as this, people will use few, if any, techniques to shield their identity. There are ways to “go dark,” but I’ll leave those for the world of spies, hackers, NSA employees and so on.

  7. Susan Rice aka Obama and whoever still pulls his strings is in charge.
    Biden never was, Harris never will be.

    • “Susan Rice aka Obama and whoever still pulls his strings is in charge. Biden never was, Harris never will be.” Granted. But this is the way it’s been since George Washington. Which presidents actually had a strong hand in directing “their own” agenda? Only the guys with a certain IQ, gameplan, and/or strength of personality. The early guys for sure. Then Jackson. Lincoln. (Then prolly a few of the forgotten fat guys). Teddy R. Wilson. Hoover? Truman? Nixon (not that he had a vision, but we’re only talking about presidents smart and forceful enough to exert their will), Clinton.

      • No Frip. This is very different. We actually had few weak Presidents until Truman. We never had no actual President at all.

        Now since the Republic is officially dead and buried, all to the ultimate good.

        But we never had this before.

    • Obama?

      But there is no better place in the world for black people to be. Once we are all brought low, where else can they go? Nigeria? China? Russia? Haiti? Or, maybe it’s preferable that, in the name of equity, we all live in shared poverty?

  8. I totally agree with the analysis regarding Candice Owens. I have no doubt that she figured out that being one more screeching ape bitching about White privilege/people wouldn’t produce much bling or fame. However, praising White accomplishment and calling out various nigra pathologies and/or celebs would pay much better in both bling and fame. She’s inoculated from disparaging blacks (even though she doesn’t really mean it) and she gets slobbered over, feted and championed by cuckservatives who all but cream their shorts at her going toe to toe with cardi-b. Unfortunately, my wife (and a lot of other regular Whites) are fans. She’s got her grift goin down.

    • Don’t remember when, and I think it was actually at a congressional hearing, that Owens was talking about her credentials wrt to her deep understanding of race in America and that in addition to her “lived experiences” as a black woman that she had studied the topic at at Prager U.

  9. I love reading your site Z whilst standing in the BMV line in my Vibrant and Diverse city. I pretend there’s an Animal Planet narrative as I look around.

  10. This is the calm before the storm.

    The pipeline, meat plant, and Paki cell phone incidents are test runs for the cyber plandemic.

    They will drop the power grid.

    When they bring it back up, cash, bullion, and barter will be banned.

    The big banks and payment processors will say, “no jab, no account access, no transactions.”

    The sheeple will line up for the sterilization and kill jabs.

    The system for updating your status will be intentionally randomly buggy so there is always a chance you get a random scare, maybe even starve to death.

      • Nah, just out blackpilling.

        On a more positive note, I had a solid trail run today.

        I was also able to get out to the lake for dinner and a couple beers. Interesting scene because the crowd skewed to the 40-70 age range and no one had face diapers on save for a few grade school kids, which is always sad to see.

        I went to one of the local cruise strips up by the lake, but by that time the clouds had rolled in and the wind had picked up. Of course, the local municipality had that road milled down for a rough, loud ride. If I were paranoid, I’d wonder if that was done to make a free, easily accessed entertainment option less appealing.

      • No. I’m actually more optimistic. I think disaster is coming but survivable. It will be run by Dr Jill and Susan Ruce

    • Way easier said than done. The people they fear are well equipped with weapons and supplies and than would have no choice but to fight for the death.

      Also more than hall of medical personnel and growing are going “Hell No!” to the vaccine. The narrative is shifting to it being unsafe.

      This kind of thing tends to create revolutions that spread everywhere and are without any concept of pity or mercy.

      Now our leaders are mostly malignant , stupid and self absorbed but they are also fearful. People who think unarmed selfie taking trespassers are going to overthrow the government and spend months behind barbed wire are not up to that level of power play.

      Stalin was paranoid so was Hitler and Mao but they wanted change and were willing to take great personal risks. Our government wants stasis and for them to stay on top no matter what. I can’t see Paul Ryan say or Mittens or even AOC taking big risk and nor will her handlers in the Deep State who fear being exposed more than anything.

    • That’s when heads will start hitting the ground. If they want to bring it, then fuckin bring it, let’s see what happens.

      • Now I would love to see that happen, but I don’t think so. There’s nothing in their way.

  11. We’ve “destigmatized” homosexuality, we’ve “destigmatized” transgenderism, we’ve “destigmatized” being fat and so on. We are doing everything in our power to “destigmatize” the “felony box,” and “amateur porn.” Why shouldn’t we “destigmatize” financial fraud?

    Our cultural elites have spent the last 75 years working to remove cultural values and their enforcement mechanisms. Showing any kind of restraint for anything is considered old-fashioned and probably oppressing someone somewhere. We promote evil and denounce good. In a world where nothing is shameful, it’s not surprising that people have no shame.

    With everyone moving either to escape diversity or chasing jobs, a person’s reputation is no longer all that meaningful either.

    • It all strikes me like a talent contest, the goy contestants go on stage and perform their chutzpah for the (((judges))) sitting back and grading them. The winner gets a media job or political position.

  12. The Reason blog comment section is traditionally an “enemy to the right” of Reason. A few years ago there was an almost complete exodus of interesting commenters to, and they’re mostly OK guys, but…

    Like all libertarian things, it’s dominated by a handful of specially protected philosophical purity police who are really Democratic partisans—only right/populist observations are “collectivist,” hatefacts and Jackie Mason jokes cause cult swarms, etc.—because Democrats are very serious bullies and libertarians are socially oblivious nerds. Build your own, then immediately surrender it.

    • Libertarianism is ahistorical for the US anyway.

      We’ve always been an authoritarian society in many areas, just not at the Federal level.

      If you doubt it, easy divorce, abortion, homosexuality, porn and carrying firearms concealed or sometimes open were illegal in many places during my lifetime and I’m no Methuselah.

      Weed has been illegal for more than 50 years and restricted for over 80 and its legal in many States now.

      Hell the mask mandate is basically a repeat of the 1917 Flu rules.

  13. Enjoyed today’s podcast, especially the segment on the demise of dignity. I would argue that dignity has disappeared largely because we no longer earn it through the actions of our day-to-day lives. We live in such an affluent time, devoid of real hardship or challenge, that most people have never experienced the pride of overcoming extreme difficulty or existential threat. Dignity is the quite confidence that you earn from running a gauntlet and still being alive at the end of the trial. As such, a serious economic collapse will likely produce many such gauntlets and, hopefully, a concurrent purge.

    • The ultimate display of indignity happened in response to Covid. It was known right out the gate that the virus spared the young and went after the elderly. So, what did our rulers decide? Shut up schools, make kids cower in their homes, and then demand they get an experimental gene therapy with a substantial litany of adverse side-effects. They crushed the lives of our children in order to feel just that little bit safer. An honorable society would have done everything it could to secure the future of its young, no matter the risk to the adults. This entire display has been beyond pathetic.

      • Hear hear. I’ve mentioned before that I lost friends over the Wuhan Lung AIDS. One of the ways that happened boiled down to dignity. I told this ex-buddy that thanks but no thanks, I’ll take my chances. I’m a reasonably healthy middle aged guy; if this thing gets me, then it gets me. I’ve had my time in the sun; I’m not going to live like a cockroach, and I sure as hell am not going to participate in what amounts to society-wide child abuse. That’s when I discovered that lots of Karens technically have testicles, and now I’m minus a friend (good riddance, really, because here’s someone I thought would man up and have my back in a crisis. Instead, he turned into a shrieking schoolgirl long before the chips were down).

        • Severian – Very important to know who you can truly rely on now, before it all falls apart. You don’t want to end up wasting your time on somehow who bails on you in the hard times, when needed. This applies to family as well as ‘friends.’ Christ warned of this, about dividing brother from brother, but most would rather not think about something that’s not terribly ‘nice.’

        • So true. A dear friend whom I loved and respected deeply revealed himself to be a total pussy during WuFlu. I realized he was something of a cuck and a total normie but that weakness was not previously evident. While it did not sever the relationship totally, it definitely has changed it. How can you trust a person who not only believes transparent propaganda but follows its directives? You cannot trust them, to answer myself.

          When young I always wondered how the Soviets managed to manipulate even their best and brightest. Question answered. And unlike the Russians, Americans (particularly those in the Northeast although it is everywhere) have absolutely no dignity or self-respect as Z pointed out. Maybe it has been stripped from them, but it certainly is not there for whatever reason.

          Covid has changed everything, not the least of which is how we view those around us. While much has been shocking, in the long term it will prove beneficial as the State becomes evermore dangerous and we have to know those who will remain strong and those who will buckle to tyrants.

          • When the British worked their way into Washington in 1812 Madison was of the last to flee, remarking that the population did not resemble the one that he once knew. But at least that population was composed of a sort that could relearn old lessons. People now who can relearn old lessons or who have never forgotten them will have to, in its time, establish a completely different arrangement politically and geographically or suffer more of the same.

        • Why I’m starting to equate the Covid thing with the War of the Worlds radio broadcast where seemingly normal and rational people had a massive freakout. You thought you knew these people but then the event revealed them to be bordering on lunacy and that their “normalcy” was a facade.

          Lots of crazy people hide behind masks of normalcy.

          I remember my dad’s brother building a bomb shelter in his little backyard and getting his only son my cousin all hyped up on the idea that nuclear war was imminent. My cousin jumped into all of it enthusiastically with crazed eyes, plowing the shovel into the grass, only time I’d seen perspiration from his pale round face, and he had been a good friend until then. We haven’t spoken since.

          Point being, I think these people have always been around us. And why I think themes like Invasion of the Body Snatchers, and now the zombie films and video games, have always spoken to some deep-seated sense in people that those around them were possessed by something alien and not truly human. It’s something that younger people intuitively grasp but most then themselves seem to morph into those very zombies or for the few forever remain on the outside looking in like the sad boy alone in the window of a Wyeth-esque painting.

          Lots of sad boys in this country seeing people they’d loved being taken over and possessed by the spirits of insects. Welcome to the DR !

      • Very good. A people with any residual dignity would not have been cowed into obviously useless and meaningless changes in their lives, let alone the lives of their children. Covid showed how utterly pathetic the United States has become, and why we need as much distance from it as possible. Hopefully the rest of the world has realized this, and there are signs (outside of the equally screwed UK, Canada and Australia) they do realize the United States is circling the drain..

    • It’s interesting how much things have changed in roughly a century. When the Titanic sank, the men said ” women and children first.” Now a slightly-worse-than-average virus hits and the white men panic and cry “me first!” Say what you will about vibrants, but the typical white guy could learn something about not turning into a sniveling coward at the first sign of danger from them.

  14. “It was also hard finding material that I found interesting. Maybe it is just the summer doldrums setting in early, but life seems boring of late.”

    All the media outlets are playing tabloid. Fauci said this, VP Harris did that. Whatever might be an interesting story is buried underneath the deadweight of all the media heads, Left and Right both, swapping inner-circle gossip.

    I’m having trouble finding blog material, too.

  15. White people aren’t comfortable talking about race for 2 reasons. One, they don’t have a white consciousness. They do not consider themselves inside their minds as a white person. They are not race conscious. The second reason is that their entire lives, the only white people who ever talk about race are either putting down white people on account of their race, or they are bigots.
    It is fairly common for a short-cut to defining a bad guy on TV shows or in the movies is by having the bad-guy be really mean to a woman or to say something “racist.”
    “Racists” on TV and in the movies are usually racist for no reason in particular or just to be a psycho. Even better if the target of their abuse is presented as being nice or otherwise undeserving of criticism, let alone racial criticism.

    • There is a third reason. Whites don’t like to judge someone for a quality that the person did not choose. This is our basic fairness. Generally speaking, no other race has this moral feeling.

      It’s not the ugly person’s fault he is ugly. It’s not the violent and dumb black’s fault that he is what he is.

      Nonetheless, we must judge races by their statistical qualities that they did not choose, even if it is “unfair” to some of the “good” individuals in that race. (In general, we can’t make exceptions for the “good” ones because they have ethnocentric commitments to the bad ones and their offspring are likely to revert to their racial type.)

      • It’s not a wild animal’s fault it destroys property, maims and kills innocents, or merely lurks menacingly. Think of a grizzly bear. Many humans are little different. At some point the prey have a right to defend themselves, regardless of what intentions the Predator may have had.

    • Sorry motherfucker can’t buy that defeatist shit. Most White people I know are proud of it, proud of their ancestors, the people who went through alot of shit to get them here. Find new friends, you’re wandering down the wrong road.

    • Channeling my inner Steve Sailer, why I see so much of this as just a way for Hollywood to have an easy time in delineating the good guys from the bad guys. Makes their jobs easy, they can use old scripts and plots and just change around the characters. Every generation they seem to change it around shuffle it around. You know they will be looking for new bad guys the moment they make films that are somewhat but not entirely sympathetic to the straight white American male. That’s always the next phase. Then they move to something new.

  16. “At some point, the media will have to take notice of that reality.”

    Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha……..(catch breath)ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha…..(pass out due to lack of oxygen).

    You knucklehead! Always with the jokes!

  17. Dear Z,
    I’ve just returned from a week in your backyard. (NSA surveillance vans don’t set up themselves.) Business in DuPont-ville and Lagos and then four days I drove a fun curve through rural areas to upstate NY circling down to Newark and my flight back to Chicago.

    You’ve got some beautiful country along the back roads. Hot as hades though, even when pouring rain, and I was stuck on a single lane behind an Amish wagon and a bowel-evacuating horse for five long miles and one smelly chassis. (I’m one-eighth Swiss-German Mennonite.) In the small towns you can see and smell the meth, I had a tatted Millennial waiter who looked like a clinical case and was twitching visibly.

    But oh! the vibrancy in the urban territories. Our joggers are more obstinate and chippy than yours, but our joggers can actually function if they wish to. Your joggers are easily some of the dumbest bipeds I have ever encountered, and I’ve solo trekked through jungles filled with actual poo-flinging monkeys. You may want to consider the Maine coast for retirement. It’s tidey-whidey.

    • In Baltimore, the talented tenth boiled off in the 70’s and 80’s. They followed the whites to the suburbs. The next tenth boiled off in the 80’s and 90’s, leaving a population a full SD below the corresponding population in the surrounding counties. The result is large swaths of Baltimore are not quite Somalia, but close, hence the nickname, Lagos on the Chesapeake.

      • Same thing in DC, same periods. It really reflects poorly on a city when more than half of the Negroes moved to the burbs 💩

        • Ben – In the case of D.C., not really. The issue is never the real estate or tragic dirt; it’s always the racial genetics involved. The ‘talented tenth’ set up camp in PG County and turned it from White working class into a black, crime -ridden slum. The even less talented moved further out, floating along on govt. bucks for govt. make-work, and wreaked havoc elsewhere in the DC burbs (Silver Spring, Rockville, Wheaton, etc.).

          Out here in DFW, the top ‘x’ percent (most of them wealthy sportsball players or corrupt politicians) have moved out to Prosper which used to be a nice, quiet, White small town, or Southlake – a wealthy primarily White suburb. There’ve already been rapes involving football players and White girls. Ultimately, it really doesn’t matter what decile they’re part of, or even if they’re technically only half black. They cause strife and destroy things. Everywhere and always.

          • You are very wise in the ways of the History of the Capital Beltway. I’m most impressed because that is 100% on point as a long time DC native I couldn’t have said it better.

            Only one point of contention, much like South Central LA, the hispanics have basically pushed the groids out of Silver Spring, Wheaton, Rockville. They are still there but since squatemalans (or in this case Salvadorans including MS-13) outbreed nogs by a factor of 3:1 they simply can’t keep up.

            Almost all signage in those areas are in Spanish now and may or may not feature English. That is the one thing no one considers. Blacks breed at about the same rate as Whites. Hispanics breed like roaches and this country by that metric will be Mexico Norte sooner or later.

          • Wheaton, back in the day, was mostly working lass & lower level white collar families. Some of the zip codes are now 50% comprised of people who were not born in the US and, oh look! MS-13 is chopping people up and leaving the parts in Wheaton Regional Park.

            Back when I was on Facebook, I wondered aloud to one of the Wheaton groups whether these two facts were related – the ability of theatrically murderous gangs to operate freely and the fact that nobody was an American. The group was like, “FOAD loser! Observe the gleaming new condominium tower in place where that run-down Safeway used to be!”

            Wheaton, I guess, passed me by.

          • They’re poison

            No other way to put it

            Accept it or not, but that’s how God made the world, and these blacks will be the death of us if we let it continue. Not saying it all has to be intentional, it just happens, they infect us with some kind of poison that makes us want to die

            I wouldn’t be surprised if there are some actual scientific studies and so forth that show some kind of change at a deep molecular level in the brains and bodies of whites when around the vibrants

      • This is a good example from the other coast of what you wrote about Lagos’ vibrant population.

        A white blogger in San Francisco has started noticing how the school board has been waging a battle against racist school names while almost all blacks in their schools are illiterate.

        This Breitbart article is another twist on Democrats are the real racists. Yes, liberals really don’t care about educating blacks and avoid schools and neighborhoods with blacks in them, but one must never notice that these blacks probably can’t be educated. Education goes against their culture.

        The article carefully avoids (as does all mainstream media) mentioning how Asians go to these San Francisco schools yet do well on standardized tests and go on to top universities.

        • My Comment: The Asians are colonizers. Every one who goes to a “top university” is taking the place of a White student. They are highly ethnocentric and have their share of the criminal element, but since they prey on other Asians (fancy versus jungle, wealthy versus poor, etc.) Whites generally don’t notice. By all means, take note of the fact that, by and large, blacks are ineducable. But don’t follow that up with ‘muh magic Asians’ like some HBD savant or cuckservative normie proclaiming DR3. None of them are Americans and none of them belong here.

    • I can vouch for mid-coast Maine, Streets, having recently bought a retirement home here. Lots of dopey lefties, but according to Statista, Maine has the highest percentage of honkies and lowest violent crime rate and in the country. Shocking, I know.

  18. Pingback: DYSPEPSIA GENERATION » Blog Archive » The Struggle Continues

  19. The CivNats on Gab are fun to watch. By sheer coincidence I joined Gab in January along with all of the J21ers. (I was never on Twitter and joined Gab because I happened to hit Z-Man’s Gab link and thought that it might be a good idea. Nothing to do with Trump.)

    They came over from Twitter expecting to be embraced by Gab users and are stunned to get push back over their colorblind beliefs. They always just assumed that only the Dems were “racist,” that no conservative would ever notice race and ethnicity.

    When hit by race realism, the J21ers don’t know what to do. It’s pretty funny. They just point and sputter about racism and you shouldn’t see color, saying the same things that people said to them on Twitter. They have no real ability to respond. It never dawned on them that they would need to respond because they assumed no one would ever bring up these issues in calm and thoughtful way.

    Thinking about race is just wrong to these people, so their only response is “it’s wrong to bring this up.” If you mentioned that other races do see race and organize as a race, the J21ers just say that it’s wrong for anyone to do that. When you point out that colorblind civic nationalism is leading to Whites becoming a discriminated against minority, they say the same thing, “people shouldn’t discriminate against anyone.”

    The level of discomfort that these people feel is hard to describe. They viscerally hate talking about race, especially white people talking about race.

    And that’s just the more secular J21ers. Ain’t no colorblind CivNat like a Christian colorblind CivNat, which is a shame because we really need Christians on our side.

    • I’m the same and joined Gab around then too

      Mainly b/c I enjoyed reading the comments and at some point you had to join to keeping being allowed to read them

      I’d comment on Z’s threads over on Gab, but he has this thing where if your profile is not public he puts you into his mute motel.

      So before I start commenting I would like to make sure I am doing it right and my profile is public so I don’t get sent to the sad mute motel. So any pointers are welcome.

      • Yeah, I block anyone commenting from a private account. Almost always, the privates are instigators. I also block stupid people, which means my block list is bigger than most follower counts.

    • Citizen: Husband recounted a very telling anecdote last night. Back right before Covid hysteria he had to take a business trip to the East Coast and stopped in Virginia to visit old friends (most of them now retired or ‘contractors’ for various govt. agencies). He was explaining how/why we put our sons in private Christian schools, and mentioned that 70% of the public school students were Oriental or subcons. One guy’s wife (who was the daughter of a Foreign Service Officer herself and then married another, so has lived almost all her life overseas and definitely has a ‘global’ identity) responded “Is that a problem?” My husband calmly explained that it was, and why.

      Anyhow, this same couple (with whom we vacationed while we were all posted overseas in separate but nearby countries) have texted that they are now looking to move from their Virginia home. They’re looking for some sort of ‘estate’ type property in Florida or the South but find the prices a bit shocking. This woman would cut you dead socially if you were so gauche as to notice race, and will never, ever admit to herself that Virginia’s rapidly browning and yellowing demographics make her uncomfortable. They’ll discover soon enough that wherever they move, despite the cost, their beloved diversity will follow them.

      Just your quintessential upper-middle class White urban female. The type who infest your DC area neighborhood, and have now overrun Virginia, and threaten anywhere else. They’re all ‘nice’ as can be in theory, but in practice they will viciously police everyone else’s speech and thoughts. I realize I ought to be more charitable, but this entitled and willfully blind woman deserves a massive dose of diversity close up and personal. And even then she will still deny noticing anything. Just like all the civnats you notice on Gab.

      • They’re a plague of locusts, or maybe cancer. Move, consume, destroy, repeat. Wonderful people. The type anybody should want for neighbors!

      • I seriously doubt I would find the woman nice at all. I live in an area that has suffered several waves of these fools; many eventually leave because of the cold shoulders. It never ceases to amaze how shocked they are to learn the locals hate their guts. Anecdotal, I know, but of late people explicitly ask them if they are fleeing black crime. Some deny, some look at the ground, all of them lie.

        These are not people to trust under any circumstance.

        • They’ll fight reality to the day that it’s on their doorstep.

          • Even then some are so cucked they will try to revert to denial. Think of that sad, pitiful mother whose child was butchered by a black savage saying “he wasn’t racist, he didn’t see color.” In Scandinavia, several social workers have been raped by Middle Easterners and have been reluctant to report the crimes because it might foment racism. We have to accept a significant portion of Whites are beyond help and focus on those who can be awakened to truth and reality.

        • These nice white women will think nothing of destroying your life, even if you are part of her social circle, for thought crimes. When I was still on Facebook I had thought criminals tell me how frustrating it was for them to not be able to be honest about their beliefs with their “friends.”

          When I would tell them that friends will allow you to share your thoughts with them and nice people don’t go on jihads against everyone who disagrees with them, they would try and assure me that their friends were very nice but just crazy politically. Nice but crazy people are the type who believe that lizards from outer space control our planet but are OK if you disagree even if they think you are being dense

          • My Comment: Very well said and an important distinction. Reminds me of those who claim Jesus was a fraud and liar when he claimed he was God’s son, but was quite honest and legitimate as a good Jewish rabbi and teacher. And they never see the contradiction there.

            Same goes for those people you talked to. They won’t recognize that these other people are not their friends until they directly stab them in the back, or in the front, and gloat about it. And then the first group will be shocked by this betrayal.

      • Aaaand when they get to Florida, we all know how they’ll be voting. VA is already reliably blue, soon FL will be too. “We can’t vote for anyone that opposes that nice drag-queen story hour, now can we honey?”

        • Wonderful, not. As I recently noted, in 2018 FL came within a fraction of a percent to vote in a gay Negro meth-head for Governor. 😠

      • They’re just reacting to incentives. They’ve had a lifetime of propaganda telling that to be moral Whites shouldn’t notice race, even though other races can.

        They also know that they’ll be socially ostracized if they do, and most women fear that more than anything. Finally, they view noticing races as low class, only something stupid rednecks do.

        The good news is that the real world is closing in on them.

      • When I mentioned to my husband that I had posted this comment and used these ‘friends’ of his as exemplars, he a) completely understood that it wasn’t motivated by personal animus, because individually these people were quite cordial to me and b) said I should have added that said female voted for Biden (her husband, to his credit, did not).

    • Ain’t no colorblind CivNat like a Christian colorblind CivNat

      So true. That attitude is so prevalent among those idolaters that it’s ridiculous not to attribute most of the disorder to the universalism of that pernicious Semitic cult.

    • Cuckservatives would rather portray themselves as chumps because they think lefty (who isn’t that bright these days) is playing 4D chess. They actually take righty’s fear of them for granted.

      This is the same old crap. Cry foul on lefty to win the next election because We’ll fix it this time, we promise! Trump’s back to own the libs and save us! Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. MAGA has been assimilated, resistance is futile, etc. Tiring.

      • The MAGA peeps are mostly in full denial that Trump betrayed them. Some do get it and are pissed.. But I think in time most MAGA peeps will come around in time and see Trump is just a self-serving clown.that he his

        • I sure hope so. Expect it, really. Can’t shake the optimism at the end of the day.

          I’ll give Trump this: he got the right to stop being polite. Served his purpose, though. Time to stop owning the libs and start, you know, WINNING.

          • It truly is amazing just how many conservatives found it fully gratifying to point out leftist hypocrisy and go no further. And really, how can you claim to “own the libs” when libs are crafting policy and getting your side fired, instead of you?

  20. I swear, I’ll convert to full Episcopalian if only the Good Lord Above would give us Madame President-for-Life Kamala Harris.

  21. Last night I happened to turn on the TV and there was a new game show called The Cube. This caught my interest because I’ve seen this show in the UK and was curious how it would play out. Mainly involves challenges requiring good coordination, agility and athleticism. The host is black and the first contending couple were also black, very athletic and did quite well – won $50k. They then showed a preview of the next episode with a white couple that looked like the graduated from awkward school with an advanced degree in clumsiness. Pathetic.
    What made me laugh was when the host asked the winning couple how the $50k will change their lives, they immediately spewed out “now we can give back to the community”. I’ve noticed this line frequently from black people when asked about their money in a public forum. What the hell does this mean? If all these folks are giving back to the community it certainly isn’t apparent when passing through those communities. The coordination of the message is quite impressive, but the outcome is not.

    • It means buy display items like cars or jewelry. This strikes white people as weird, as whites assume it means charity. For example, it is not unusual for a black preacher to have a Mercedes paid for by the congregation that is working class. Black identity is communal.

        • Oh, a personal thanks, Zman, I was raised/live near Jigtown; I could never figure out why those numerous, tiny, impoverished churches didn’t resent the living he!! out of their retired Cadillac preachers, who always build nice houses with iron fence a couple miles further out in the farmland.

          • The communal aspect is also partly, “look at how rich I must be if I can afford to support this guy’s lifestyle.”

      • I used to do computer work for a black church in North Philadelphia. This was a really poor and bad neighborhood. The pastor of the church drove a 50 thousand dollar (this was in 2000) fully loaded Escalade and lived in Cherry Hill, NJ (which is a pretty expensive suburb of Philly).

        But the funny part is I don’t think they would have followed anyone else. His big ole Cadillac was a point of pride for the congregation.
        One day I was in there doing some work and one of the church’s employees asked me if I could help her with her new computer at home. So I follow here home in her expensive car and she pulls onto this block where like a 1/3 of the houses were boarded up and there crackheads walking up and down the street. Of course, there was trash everywhere (blacks litter). I get into her house and her husband was playing with their top of the line stereo. It was surreal. Having an expensive car, stereo and expensive clothes and computer were just more important to them then where they lived. It’s not like there aren’t nice black neighborhoods in Philadelphia.

    • Blacks are the greediest, most selfish cutthroats any society ever has vomited up. When they say “give back to the community,” you can translate it to “buy some bling and shit.” The money will be gone within a week and much of their stuff repossessed in two months.

  22. Thanks to those Enron assholes, I’ve had to spend endless hours going through SOX audits.

    • Doesn’t it make you feel good though that your efforts helped keep your CEO from getting in trouble with the Feds, or even going to jail?

  23. Harris was picked for two reasons: because she isn’t White, and because she’s a she. Shame she didn’t have the integrity to admit as much.

  24. Well, It’s not African-American Lives Matter, is it; so what’s wrong with saying “black people”.

  25. Just got an email from my bank celebrating Juneteenth. How far does this pozzed nonsense go. BTW, I joined this bank years ago because I was fed up with Bank of America and this bank was a local concern. Well leviathan bought them out and it’s been nothing but people of color on their ads and website. Never even seen a black person in there.

    • BLM, homo month, Ramadan, my company has good full woke since the riots of St. Floyd.

      A white guy recently ran over some Muslims with his truck and we had so much crap about that. Can’t stand these coward white guys promoting this.

      • I don’t understand how the joggers and the poofters are expected to share honors this month. The former is generally inclined to dislike the latter and now they have share the stage in the grievance Olympics?

        Just the other day, our HR sent out an email saying, “BTW, we just figured out that Juneteenth is a holiday now, and since it falls on Saturday, you can take a paid day off 30 days before or after” It’s supposed to be a day of reflection and education on why you should hate yourself and your ancestors, although they left that part unsaid.

        • The irony is not lost on me. We were celebrating Muslims as The Most Important People during Ramadan. 2 weeks later, homosexuals are The Most Important People Ever.

          2 subversive groups being used to destroy white, Christian society.

          To me, it’s very childish. It’s like giving a little kid a special hat in class because it was his birthday. I would frankly be embarrassed if it were happening to my group. Do Muslims feel that though? Do they know that they’re just another Globohomo token of the same variety as homosexuals?

          Who knows. I don’t talk to any non white except strictly for work purposes.

        • I don’t even know wtf Juneteenth means so, please, I beg the commenters to leave me in my blissful ignorance of, what is no doubt, a fresh outrage against my people. I’ve had more than enough of the stupid.

          • A black guy told me that it’s day from Texas where the slaves didn’t know the Yankees had won and that they were no longer slaves and free to go. So Juneteenth is that day they were ifnormed of the fact and all started jumping up and down and twerking over their newfound freedom.

          • Funny thing is, I actually went to a Juneteenth celebration before it was cool. I have friends in Texas, and visit them frequently. Now admittedly visiting Texas in June is stupid, but this was going on thirty years ago, so I have the excuse of youth… and since America was marginally closer to sane back then, the black folks used to have a do, and they’d invite the White people, because it was all just an excuse to grill out and drink beer and eat crawfish and fried chicken and watermelon with some friends.

            Funny how, despite all the racial healing of the Obama administration, it was possible to have black buddies back then. Not super close bosom chums or anything, but, you know, some guys you hang out with from time to time, because you’re all about the same age and work in the same job and so, you know, why not pound a few brews and watch the game together?

            Describing it now, it sounds like life on Mars.

    • David. You can say that again. Taking out a few dollars from the ugly teller at my bank, I was presented the usual dump of “commercials” on the screen. One after the other displaying smiling Blacks and Hispanics utilizing all of the bank’s “services”. Notably absent was even one ad displaying a White person.

    • David Wright: I rarely see a White person in any of the local banks. The pictures are all numinous non-Whites as are the cashiers and the loan officers. Just more jobs White people won’t do. I just love having Jacinder or Tayquan ask about my private finances. We haven’t bothered to change banks because, at least here, they’re all equally bad. Perhaps once we’ve moved . . .

  26. Jared Taylor demonstrates the limitations of optics. Taylor always speaks respectfully and carries himself with dignity. He comes off as a good-natured gentleman. Doesn’t matter. He has the wrong opinions and that means that he must be deemed a White supremacist and be relegated to the margins.

    Optics are important in terms of trying to convert normies to our side of the great divide. We need to present a friendly and welcoming face to those normies. Nevertheless, optics make no difference in the media coverage that one receives (or doesn’t receive). Does Antifa represent good optics? Of course not. They exhibit the worst optics imaginable. That is wholly irrelevant because Antifa enjoys the full support of the establishment. Whether one is in or out of favor is of greater consequence than optics.

    • Optics is another way of saying “standards.” This is what many miss. Maintaining standards requires a positive identity. It is not about “owning the libs” or anything like that. It is about repelling weirdos and losers who always bring down a movement.

      • Hmmm thinking out loud but there was one very powerful movement which recruited exclusively from the ranks of weirdos and losers.

        And when the Pharisees saw this, they said to his disciples,   “Why does your teacher eat with  tax collectors and sinners?” But when he heard it, he said, “Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick. Go and learn  what this means:  ‘I desire mercy, and not sacrifice.’ For  I came not to call the righteous, but sinners” Matt 9:11-13

        Of course there were standards for The Way. The Apostle Paul set the framework for believers and if you believed something contrary, out you went. So weirdos are useful but only if they toe the line.

        Even if you aren’t a Christian, studying early Christianity might be very useful learning tactics against the Leviathan.

        Christianity created a tiny high-trust society inside a large low-trust society. Many people moved to Rome to earn a living. Subsequently they were lonely and vulnerable. Christians could eat dinner in a communal dining room. They would take care of you if you were sick. They would bury you when you died.

        • Yes, that was the Christian’s strength in those days and times. Ironically, in these days and times, it is their weakness.

        • True enough, but he always called them to repent (“go and sin no more”). He certainly didn’t make his “movement” about sacralizing human depravity and uncouthness. St James taught that leaders are to be held to higher behavioural standards than everyone else (3:1). And Jesus himself was perfect, and perfectly willing to ostracize people, like the Pharisees, from his kingdom for not conducting themselves a certain way. Our blog host’s point is simply that undignified freaks hardly make for compelling leaders, and is not exactly refuted by your rather hamfisted comparison the Christianity.

        • Nietzsche would give a very different account. You’re right about recruiting the downtrodden.

    • Someone needs to do that, to be the respectable, “thought wheelhouse” of the cause. We also have to face the fact that it’s hardly Mr. Taylor’s fault that “better dead than offend” whites haven’t taken up his message.

    • It’s important to note, though, that antifa has no general support among the people at large and that, importantly, institutional support of antifa has made the institutions less trustworthy and respectable in the eyes of the people. Respect is a precondition of support and loyalty, and the ruling class, by shielding antifa, has sown the seeds of their own destruction. Just because it isn’t happening fast enough your liking doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.

    • My sense of things lately is that Jared is starting to embrace and have fun with the “dark side” thing. I guess he figures if they are going to equate me with the devil, have some fun with it.

      You see it in his video podcasts where the entire screen is pitch black exdcept for his face glowing, bringing to mind the chiascaro of a religious painting

      It’s quite effective and does give the podcast a tension that is both playful and deathly serious at the same time

    • Fuck friendly and welcoming, you need a mean motherfucker with a gift for gab, someone to unleash the latent anxiety, depression and sense of loss. A phoenix, for people who know, instinctually, they’ve been betrayed.

  27. Hbd at work?

    An 80 year old dementia patient is still better at following his scripts than a 50 year old negress.

    Ol’ joe is still putting on the fake charm. Kamala never had any charm other than her p*ssy to start with and is just a nasty, miserable, wretched, aging whore.

    • Harris is one of the few Democrats the leftists I know dislike and find repellent. She’s a ticking time bomb and the Dissident Right, even if just among friends and family, can exploit her meltdowns as proof of the failure of diversity.

    • My local pharmacy had one of the morning “news” shows as I was waiting. They had a clip from the YUK’s Boris about the upcoming Biden visitation,
      He described Biden , apparently without satirical intent as “a breath of fresh air”.

      The end, surely, is nigh,

      • In addition to more plausible definitions:
        “visitation: an affliction or punishment, as from God.”

        Biden is no god, so maybe this one too:
        “the appearance or coming of a supernatural influence or spirit.”

  28. Lack of dignity is the rule of the day. The vile Jeffrey Toobin has reemerged in possibly the most shameless interview of CNN history.

    • Jews & negros are the last creatures to worry about dignity or shame as long as there’s $$$ to be had.

  29. “The only potential for something interesting to happen is if they snuff out the vegetable and install Harris. She is revealing herself to be dumber and shallower than anyone imagined. She is fumbling the softest of questions from the most obsequious of reporters. It seems impossible, but she may have less cognitive function than her boss and he is close to brain dead.”

    Gee, hire to meet a quota and see what happens.

  30. Yeah, I have to say, I’ve got nothin’. The summer sure is boring! But I’m sure some Vibrant will get himself shot by a cop here sometime soon… or if he doesn’t, well, there are always false flags to fly. These people are drama addicts, so there will be some drama, even if it kills them (“it’s me nature,” said the scorpion to the frog). But before that happens, yeah, there’s Kamala, the walking, talking proof that no matter how cynical you think you are about the Coalition of the Fringes, it’s always so much worse. The comedy potential of that hosebag having the nuclear football is off the charts. So laugh, comrades! Be happy! That’s the second-best revenge you can take on the sour scolds who are trying to ruin us.

    • If it’s any reassurance, the President can’t just push the button because he/she/xe is having a bad day. You need more than one person’s approval.

      Of course, if you want to nurse your nightmare, here’s an angle: the same demographics and policies that select our Presidents also select the administrators, the other Cabinet officers, military, etc.

      Yeah, we’re screwed. 🙁

      • I think a coup is more likely than Harris taking office. If the election audits show Trump the winner—and I think they will—it’s possible the White House could lose control of the military.

        • Man is bound to obey secular princes in so far as this is required by order of justice. Wherefore if the prince’s authority is not just but usurped, or if he commands what is unjust, his subjects are not bound to obey him. – St. Thomas Aquinas, Summa theologiae

          • I’ll see your Aquinas, and raise you Marsilius of Padua: “Marsilius agrees with Aristotle that the purpose of government is the rational fulfillment of humans’ natural desire for a “sufficient life.” However, he goes beyond Aristotle in embracing a form of republicanism that views the people as the only legitimate source of political authority. Sovereignty lies with the people, and the people should elect, correct, and, if necessary, depose its political leaders.”

            That’s wikipedia, but it’s close enough. If we’re ever going to get over the Enlightenment –as we must– we’re going to have to give those old medieval dudes a second look. (Added bonus: Since this is recondite stuff that the #woke have never heard of — you know, since the only books they’ve read are Harry Potter and Fifty Shades of Gray — it won’t show up on auto-searches for badthink).

        • I’d bet there are at least a few officers, probably disgruntled colonels, that have had that conversation about the unthinkable in a quiet park far away from DC.

          • I’m not military, but I just can’t fathom remaining enlisted and submissive if I found out the presidential election was a sham. Really, what’s the point of serving if the certain powers are able to completely override the people? And how can you possibly justify fighting to bring democracy to other countries if your country is a cheat?

          • President Obama lost control of the military once. Remember during the Syrian bombing campaign when the US military was assisting the Jihadist rebels with air support? A US pilot said “I didn’t sign up to join the Al-Qaeda Air Force.”

            Then someone provided the Syrian military with the coordinates to rebel positions and the Syrians blew the hell out of them. Those coordinates could have come only from the US military. The story was published for about three days then disappeared.

            It was clear treason and whomever did it had balls of steel. I’ll bet the top brass remembers and they’re getting a sinking feeling in their stomachs about now.

        • Probably not, but there is distinct buyers remorse among the top brass.

          Stories are leaking out to the Conservative Media and Tom Cotton regarding the Lloyd Austin purge of Whites in the military. This is likely coming direct from senior officers in the Pentagon who are White and not happy about being replaced right now by some black dude. Nor would they like an all black military and lack of ability (and thus promotion through the dead and wounded) that produces. By definition senior officers are filled with ambition.

          The Navy and Army both have serious cutbacks, which means reductions in the officer ranks and the end for many senior officers of their retirement plan: defense industry lobbyist.

          The China lab virus publication and defector is purely a DIA run operation — it has not escaped the notice of the Pentagon that China Joe plans to eliminate their iron rice bowl and that China is fooling around with bat viruses to basically kill off the rest of the world. [That’s the only real reason to make them more virulent than they already are.]

          I would not say coup. But having removed Trump the same tools can be used against the Regency. Throughout history the military has always been a serious player, somehow now they are not because reasons?

          • The brass would have to let certain governments, primarily China and Russia, know ahead of time they were about to sack the D.C. junta. They also would have to feel there was sufficient public sentiment to act. It is not out of the question that when the economy crashes in the near future, the military will seize power.

            You will know it has gotten real when communications go out, FBI and NSA headquarters are rubble, and mass arrests of federal agents and officers begin; I imagine the kill list already has been compiled. It is a day to dread, really, but it very well may come and sooner than we expect. I don’t buy the DIA story at all, to be honest, but it is an allegory of sorts that illustrates how much the military distrusts and hates D.C.

        • Oh I saw a thing in the news that AG Garland announced that the audits would be monitored to safeguard election laws. I’m sure they’ll find a way to scotch the audits.

      • Our senior officer corps is now filled with the woke. And the ones coming out of the academies are just as bad.

        Of course it’s always been bad. You had to be a politician and say all the right things to make full colonel. Same with getting promoted to general. This is how we got clowns like Paterus, McCrystal, Abazaid, etc.

        The scary thing with these men is that they will not hesitate to turn the military loose on us. And a good portion of the troops will obey.if they feed them the right sort of lies.

        Even worse a woke military means a crippled military. Which only encourages bad guys.

        • True. The military is sharply divided. If there is a coup, the sane element will act first to eliminate the Woke among its ranks. What Austin is doing illustrates how scared the vibrant elements are this will happen. And it very well may happen. The reason to be optimistic, although it will be catastrophic, is the Woke portion is incompetent as all hell. China and Russia know they can wait out the United States unless the psychopaths launch a nuke or start a conflict over gays or some such insanity.

        • It’s like the century leading up to the 4th crusade, in the Byzantine empire. The pure was strong and it’s enemies were weak, so the only threat to the political leaders was a military coup. To prevent this, they weakened the military. Next thing you know, their enemies have gotten strong, and now the empire is weak, so what do you do? Call the Pope and see if he can send some French Catholics for help. One thing leads to another, and next thing you know the empire is dead. The mistake, of course, was hamstringing your source of security, instead of being a better leader. This sounds suspiciously familiar…

  31. Life in the 21st century: “…boredom punctuated by moments of extreme terror.”

    Fear not Zman, there are plenty of things in the near horizon that will solve your ennui. Biowar, hyperinflation, massive civil unrest once it becomes clear the scale of fraud in the last election, the coming climate change totalitarian regimes, dogs sleeping with cats, take you pick.

      • Interesting—not—that the verbal excuse is that these unvaccinated people are *endangering* the life of the *vaccinated* people! That’s Punjab scientific reasoning (logic?) for you.

    • Judging by the headlines coming out of the Western part of the country, you can add drought to that list.

      Seriously, guys – stock up on water purification tabs and emergency food while you still can.

      • Or, if possible, find a job in a part of the country that gets good consistent rainfall and move there.

        • I saw on Vdare that 90 percent black Jackson, Mississippi, has been without municipal water for about six months now. Find a WHITE area with consistent rainfall. Domestic Africans are every bit as incompetent and low IQ as their brothers and sisters on the dysfunctional continent.

      • Gee, who would have ever thought that damming up entire rivers and diverting the water would ever lead to problems? At the outset (1930s or so) it was a great engineering achievement. Lots of well-connected got rich buying up former desert scrub land now watered by a magic river provided at taxpayer’s expense. Now entire regions, even States, in the Southwest are entirely dependent upon these engineered water sources. Never mind the probability that as a nation we are now too stupid (perhaps soon: too broke) to rebuild, perhaps even maintain said infrastructure. What happens if the climate changes just enough that there is less snowpack in those mountains? There are other minor problems too: mineral deposition eventually rendering cropland barren, etc. You borrow from the future long enough, eventually the bill comes due 🙁

        • Alternatively, you could, I don’t know, build MORE damns and reservoirs?

          The Californian’s of the 1950’s were gods. They built dams, reservoirs, and canals that stretched hundreds of miles. They turned a desert into an oasis and an incredible breadbasket.

          The Californian’s of today want to blow up the dams they have. They’re insane.

      • Yes the drought is very real here in CA and very bad. It is made worse because we have 10-15 million illegals living in the state and the Democrats are shifting water from the farms to the cities in order to stay in power. Also the dumb f**ks are still trying to keep the snail darter alive and they are doing that by releasing the water melting from the Sierra snow caps out into the ocean.

        NV, AZ and NM are in dire straights as well.

        Prepping is the order of the day. Have at least 2 weeks of water, a portable power source, keep a full tank of gas and have paper maps of your region and nearby states. Learn the back roads while you are at it. Know alternative egress routes.

  32. The reason white people get nervous talking about race is that if you pull that thread and unravel it… you see all kinds of other threads unravelling too. Like the Joos, the queers and perverts, the wahmen, That in turn will affect the way you look at your family, at politics, at sportzball, at religion… and that is scary stuff. The fear for them is that after all that, they will look in the mirror and see the guy that spits on his hands, hoists the black flag and starts slitting throats. It’s scary stuff. In my family, they broke up rather than confront the truths.

    The problem with red pills is that you can take them like a man, or you can take them as involuntary suppositories. It’s a good thing though. My elderly mother was the shittiest of the shitlibs and two years ago she called me a nazi and never wanted to see me again. She actually started talking to me again early last month. The old bitch is still pozzed as hell, but she minds her mouth now because even she can see that the dissidents are right about a lot of things.

    The dissidents have to be patient; these things are going to take time.

    • Yes, it’s all very interconnected. Truly accepting the red pill basically means that you accept everything you did in your life was wrong; inverted.

      There’s alot of Boomer guys out there who did all the “right things” in marriage. Nice guy, good job, beta – still gets divorce raped. There’s alot of Gen X and Millenial guys who said all the right things racially and still can’t advance in their corporate career. Virtue signalling on LinkedIn about Ramadan or BLM doesn’t help you. Funny to see Gen Z in Canada complaining about housing prices, and then yell about how white supremacy is evil and mass immigration is good.

      Being bluepilled will not help you advance in any way. It makes you a loser. And losers lose at life. It’s hard to accept though, especially since you can’t really fault somebody for just going along with what they’ve been taught from a young age.

      As far as the fear of looking in the mirror and seeing a warrior goes… well, it’s only scary from a blue pill perspective. Most of your ancestors were probably in some kind of military. Embrace the warrior spirit and let it juice you up. Thousands of years of European metal clashing runs in your body. They didn’t do it so that your fat ass can sit on the couch watching Tyrone Jenkins toss a ball around. Harness it.

      • Xer here.

        I’ve tuned out the corporate racial stuff as much as possible.

        I consider myself to have a job rather than a career and do the minimum to keep the checks coming.

        Sad part is, that’s still more productive output than most of the United Colors of Bennetton and the alphabet soup people.

        • 100 thumbs up, you guys.

          I made the boomer demographic by a couple of months. Practically in the real world – I was given the same shake down Gen X got.

          When I discovered this blog and all the horrible dissidents and deplorables I almost wept with relief. I thought I was going nuts because I was one of those guys that did everything right, played by the rules, and got shafted. I started stealing the material from our blog host and his evil cohorts and the cucks and libs in my family were just shocked as hell when they were confronted with it. They were astounded when I didn’t back down and recant either. My mental health literally improved over night.

          There is another message to take from our dissident blog host – temperance and restraint. If you are confronted with a boomer or Yesterday Man be patient. Rather than unloading on them – ask them the tough questions as Z does. Help them work through to the answers. Breaking conditioning is a process and it takes time.

          • That’s exactly the approach to take. Our allies will be among these people. Many will cease to be cucks over the next few years. Groom them now. It is why “optics” matters. The Unabomber look doesn’t change hearts and minds.

    • Red pilling is binary: you either are red-pilled or you aren’t. Further red-pilling leads to black-pilling or despair.

    • Are you really sure that you can trust your mother? Recall that she’s devoted much of her life to kneecapping you and others of her own kind while posing as morally righteous. Moreover, you can’t correct an old, white, conniving, backstabbing witch through appeasement and indulgence.

      So tell her that you’re through with her witchcraft until she demonstrates significant growth and contrition. No matter what she wants from you (maybe just info to pass along to the coven), it will amount to negative punishment when reckoned in terms of operant conditioning. From the point of view of arrows and the olive branch (like on the USA’s great seal), it’s analogous to withdrawing the olive branch. Don’t let her back into your life again until her doing so entails a significant risk on her part. Then, maybe, you will have a reason to trust her.

    • Perhaps I am like others in that I came to the red pill initially though the single life and dating world. Being a rational guy, I started doing research to find out how I could be more successful in this area. If I’m not mistaken, the red pill idea borrowed from the Matrix may have even started getting used commonly in the manosphere days…
      Through trying to better understand and succeed in male-female relationship dynamics, you come to realize that in truth everything you were taught by parents, society, and women regarding this subject was entirely false.
      From there you start asking yourself what else you were lied to about. From there you realize that it’s lies all the way down. This was initially shocking, but as you said, better to take it like a man.

      • High school red pilled me over 40 years ago

        In high school I experience multiple race riots where the blacks went apeshit on us whites. I learned real fast what blacks are really like. Utter savages. I also saw how the teachers aided and abetted bullies on campus. You either learned to stand up to them or become a punching bag.,

        I saw how the cheerleaders where nothing but sluts for the lettermen to bang. Again the school played favorites they kept on brainless jocks because they could perform on the field.

        When I worked for the DoD I saw every form of fraud, waste and abuse imaginable. I also leaned how easy and cheap it is to bribe a sitting U.S. Senator and get contracts.

        And oh my father was a soldier-lab rat. The military detonated atomic bombs and made soldiers like my dad march into the fallout to see what would happen.(Operation Upshot Knothole 1953) it almost killed him. 30 years later the military said he only got the equivalent of a chest x-ray.

        Most Americans have no idea how rotten and evil our government is

    • I’d say one reason whites are wary to bring up is that unless they know who they are talking to they know it will bite them on the ass. if it’s the wrong person. Face it saying the wrong stuff around a wokester can get you doxxed and you might lose your job.

      What Whites need is a quick woke test when among other whites. Be seen carrying a copy of Peterson’s book – which will trigger any wokesters who see it.

  33. “There is nothing wrong with saying jew”
    I’m not sure about that. I heard that Hitler once said jew

    • I once tried to read “Mein Kampf”. I couldn’t keep focused. I’m sure it had more important points, but the phrase I recall the most is “Admission one mark. No Jews or Communists.” 😀

      • I’m a couple hundred pages into a thousand page Hitler biography, published in 1975, bough it for a quarter at a second hand store. This gets discussed from time to time, but the approach authors could take to certain subjects was certainly different before the cultural Marxists gained complete control of public discourse.

        I’m into Hitler’s imprisonment after the Beer Hall Putsch and so far the author’s provided little more than factual accounts. If anything he’s pointing out issues in which Hitler hurt his own cause. For example, his extreme focus on (((race))) made the National Socialists into a party of negative identity. Coupled to that, the author expressed dismay that even in the early 20’s Hitler already had his eyes on the Soviet breadbasket, a tactical error that would cost him dearly in the end.

        Overall, it’s almost eerie to read a book in which the author doesn’t feel compelled to remind us every few pages that this Adolf guy is, like, literally Hitler.

  34. The Jared Taylor vs Donald Trump points are a lot like the dialectic vs rhetoric points Vox Day makes in one of his anti-SJW books.

    Fire has to be fought with fire.

    VD’s other issues aside, those books make good points about dealing with that crowd.

    • Vox Day’s analysis of Dialect vs. Rhetoric is significant. They are two different languages. Many, probably most leftists don’t speak dialectic, and don’t understand it, so only rhetoric works for them and it’s the only way to make them shriek and sputter.

      • Did anyone ever explain dialectic to him? There used to be a long running thread on Reddit mocking him for it.

        • What is wrong with vox’s take on dialectic?

          I no longer can read his blog given the constant reminders of his brilliance and his very feminine emotional tirades about boomers.

          My parents were turned off by anyone who constantly bragged. Add in feminine sociopathic traits from someone who constantly tells you that he is an alpha and he went to my mute motel

          • Years ago when he started with the dialectic versus rhetoric stuff, there was a long running thread on Reddit making sport of his many errors. I heard about it from the TRS guys who picked up on it and had some fun with it.

          • VoxDay has always been unintentionally funny.

            From his pickup blog days where he came up with 27 types of masculinity:

            his tempest-in-a-teapot shreeking about some other fat (but successful) sci-fi author:

            to the wholehearted embrace of the 14th dimensional chess exhibited by the “God King” who would “Cross the Rubicon” any day now….

            blocking anyone in his comment section who isn’t sufficiently groveling to the topic of the day…

            He’s a laugh riot.

  35. It doesn’t matter if Madame Harris is dumber than a salamander. She’s a multiple minority figurehead who will never make a decision more meaningful than her choice of morning coffee. Career nomenclatura are in place to determine policy, engineer tactics and response, Elections are a theatrical performance designed to provide free content for the media and serious income to the election industry. In the 2016 fiasco each vote tabulated in the national joke cost a little over $13 dollars in increasingly depreciated US funds.

    • Election Industry. I like this term. The glorious future of “American Industry” in general is the production, sale, and marketing of various forms of highly addictive but often necessary copium.

      Designer facemasks, vaccination police state hardware and software (and ways to hack and cheat it), home delivery of all the stuff it’s too dangerous to get yourself anymore (not talking about Coof but mounting *real* threats like crime and infrastructure decay), guns and ammo, prepper gear, quasi-legal or outright illegal stuff like gasoline powered kit cars or tow-behind generators for when they outlaw non-electrics,… We’re going to become a nation with a contracting economy overall but islands of growth in these businesses that specialize in thwarting or blunting the initiatives of the ruling class.

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