The New Reactionaries

Way back in the golden times, when Barack Obama was president, it became obvious that Team Obama had no affirmative reason for his administration. Everything they did was tied to some past grievance. It was like they were working form a long list of boo-boos the Left had suffered going back to Reagan. Every initiative seemed to be linked in some way to what the Left perceived to be a failure. It was as if they had a secret list of grudges that they were determined to avenge.

For example, the Iran policy never made much sense on its own. The so-called conservatives tried to scream “communism” at it for a while, but that did not make it any more rational. Then they claimed that one of Obama’s controllers had personal ties to Iran, so she must be an anti-Semite. In reality, the Iran policy was about the old wound from the Carter years. The old lefties around Obama blamed that for Reagan winning in 1980 and sending their world into a tailspin.

The Russia policy was another example of how an ouchie from the 1980’s still haunted the minds of Team Obama. Given how the Left has made Russia the universal bogeyman it is easy to forget that Team Obama was determined to make Putin a trusted ally in 2008. They had Clinton present Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov with a red button with the English word “reset” on it. You see, they were going to do relations withy Russia as they always should have been done.

The entire first term of the Obama administration was built around settling old scores like this from the last quarter century. Even his signature issue, health care, was overwhelmed by the need to address the slight from 1993. The final bill was rooted in two objectives. Getting something passed, thus avenging the 1993 failure, and spiting the people they believed were responsible for the original failure. The final bill looked nothing like what the party promised for decades.

It has long been a left-wing slur that all opposition to them is reactionary. Their opponents are not trying to solve problems or address some truth, but instead they just want to rollback reforms and return to some imaginary past. The more cynical want to rollback reform so they can continue to exploit the masses. The Left has always used the word reactionary as a way to dismiss opponents. By dismissing the person, they felt they could dismiss their objections.

What has happened over the last several decades is that the American Left has become completely reactionary. It has no purpose for holding power other than to hold power and prevent change. You see this with Team Biden. They have party media organs run stories like this one about Russia. You see, Biden does not have to be in control of his faculties when dealing with Putin. He just hates the man and that is all that is needed when dealing with Russia.

The Left is the moral center of our democracy, so as they have grown increasingly reactionary, everything orbiting around them has followed. So-called conservatism has not had a new idea since the Contract with America. Instead, they just rhetorically oppose whatever the Left is saying at the moment. Of course, that is always limited to economics and war mongering. Conservatism stopped being a cultural force in the 1980’s, so it has nothing to say on those matters.

In fact, you can probably look at the bizarre cultural fads whipsawing American society as a reaction to the collapse of conservatism. Into the 1980’s, the Right actually opposed the Left on cultural matters. They never won, but they did fight. The conservatives quit on their stool in the 1990’s and ever since the Left has been poking them with one more bizarre fad after another. “Seymour, try poking them with the tranny stick. Maybe that will get them to fight back.”

The only thing that matters to the so-called conservatives is making sure their racket keeps them in the lifestyle they feel they deserve. That is why they never muster a discouraging word about anything. To question the status quo is risk their position, so they are intolerant of any dissent. Both the official Left and official Right are now in a defensive crouch. The razor wire fencing, which remains in place, and the soldiers guarding it, has become a symbol of our reactionary ruling class.

American liberal democracy has reached an end point. It was built around a Hegelian struggle between two sides that believed in the same promised land. One side was always straining at the leash, trying to rush forward. The other side was on the other end of the leash, being pulled forward by the enthusiasm of the other. In Buckley’s formulation, one side was the train, and the other side was standing in front of the train yelling stop, but never really meaning it.

That struggle ended at the end of the Cold War. With the end of the long twilight struggle with communism came an end to the long struggle within the dynamic of the American ruling class. Now they are literally just a collection of old men haggling over old slights. The one thing they agree upon is nothing can dare threaten their status atop the system, even the collapse of the system itself. Otherwise, they are now defined by what they oppose and what they used to oppose.

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148 thoughts on “The New Reactionaries

  1. Actually, Willie’s wife presented Lavrov with the reset button with a Russian word on it. Sergey told her ‘wrong!’

  2. Related as my post awaits moderation, inflation is coming as that 1970’s show. So too the Soviet Style crackdown. Even Ace can see controlled opposition and has called them out on it.

  3. In support of this, Ace of Spades has a post up calling Hot Air and Allahpundit basically controlled opposition and that these guys are all in for hard lefty. Its the story about how the FBI former head of Counter-Terrorism wants to arrest Trump and the GOP Congressional leaders, DeSantis, former Trump Administration officials. Wray has not disavowed this and its likely to happen.

    Particularly as another flashback is coming: hyperinflation. Zerohedge has a good article on that subject, a Deutsch Bank analyst predicts it is already happening and on the wave of far higher (for decades) energy prices due to years of divestment in oil and gas production, made worse by “ESG” stuff going on with Exxon and Shell and other majors. Oil and gas either as energy or plastics goes into food and pretty much every other consumer staple. Massive inflation allows debt-holders (governments and corporations) to inflate away their obligations and that is how the Vietnam War plus the Great Society was paid for, basically. Another re-run.

    So the Great Reset is massive, Weimar style hyperinflation, massive 1960’s crime waves, mass immigration, and a general crackdown on all White people. Yeah that’s the Bourbons. Learned nothing and forgot nothing.

    I just don’t think this will play out the way they think it should. Wray’s signalling has not gone over well. I suppose its the way to make Mitt Romney the Republican Leader by literally throwing in the Gulag everyone else. Seems like the super-genius plan the Regency has come up with. Flashback to Andropov I guess. They can make Romney the leader of the GOP. It will just be a party of one.

    Related, Lt. Colonel Andrew Rhodes (White) commander of the 1-8 Infantry Batallion at Fort Carson, told his troops that if they are White, they are the problem and that racism accusations are only 0.01% wrong. None so dangerous as those convinced of their self-righteousness.

    • My personal view is that things are going to change dramatically once the boomers start dying off and that we probably have to wait until that starts happening before we can get a better feel for where we’re heading. So much of the world today is tied up in the boomer generation, they are manning the ship and dictating the cultural attitudes, with some help from their lackey millennials, and for me it’s hard to speculate confidently until the hippy generation meets their maker. Just as a quick example; our world is going to change dramatically when Pelosi, Hillary, Warren, Bernie et al vacate the premises, along with many Wall Streeters and academics. The liberal bench is weak, and millennials are perhaps 15% as competent and as impressive as the boomers, whom they supposedly detest although that never stopped them from willingly allowing boomers to lead them around by their noses.

      Just my 2 cents

  4. I’m not sure why the Left ever hated Russia. After all , their ideologies are very similar. It seems counterproductive to hate the people you most emulate.

    • Mr. Trojan: The left started hating Russia when Stalin purged the j3w$.

      Welcome to the real world. The sun is kinda bright here but you’ll adjust.

    • The left started hating Russia in the 90s when they abandoned communism.

      They’re apostates now and deserve death.

  5. If this hasn’t already been commented on – this was worth the price of admission:
    “Seymour, try poking them with the tranny stick. Maybe that will get them to fight back.”

  6. I love the universal reaction and lambasting of Ben Shapiro today among so many dissidents with his shilling BlackRock comment on Twitter. It put a smile on my face. Of course the libertarian would say “build your own trillion dollar hedge fund! Build your own hard wired relationship with government!” It goes to show how hollow all of this is ringing with so many. Of course BlackRock will eventually need their 2008 style bailout and Shapiro will turn on a dime to defend that too. I hate these people so much.

  7. Always like to point out that birth defects for first cousin marriages are on par with any woman over 35 having a baby but modern western societies treat the two very differently.

    • Quibble: risk is on par with having a FIRST baby at age greater than 35. If you get a good start, you can safely deliver through around 38-39 with the same risk as a 31-32 yo mother.

  8. > a red button with the English word “reset” on it.

    If I remember correctly, the button was supposed to have the Russian word for “reset” on it but said something like “screw Russia” instead, causing much embarrassment to the Hilldebeast. It was probably the handiwork of some diversity hire over at State who used Google Translate.

    • Russian doesn’t have a clear equivalent to the English figurative “reset,” so what the button said was more like “overwhelm,” like an alarm at a dam.

      Nobody knew. Our elite, affirmative action or otherwise, are all absolute morons.

    • You remember correctly. It read “peregruzka”, supposedly meaning overload, and the witch had it printed with Latin letters, not Cyrillic. I’ll just guess that she wanted to avoid conversations about the алфавит that would have exposed her complete ignorance about the scripts and languages of the Russians, the Greeks, and the Hebrews.

    • Don’t be too hard on those of use who use google translate. I gave it the Russian word listed in the replies and got back “overload” as a translation. When I input “reset” I got сброс настроек (sbros nastroyek) as a translation. I’m not sure where Hildabeast got her translation but at least today’s version of Google Translate would yield a usable (if not a single-word) result. You would expect that there would be at least ONE proficient Russian speaker working at State. You’d expect.

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  10. “With the end of the long twilight struggle with communism came an end to the long struggle within the dynamic of the American ruling class. Now they are literally just a collection of old men haggling over old slights.” — The ZMan

  11. From the linked article:

    “We’re rewarding Putin with a summit?” asked Republican Sen. Ben Sasse of Nebraska in the hours after the gathering was first announced. Sasse said Biden should be “treating Putin like a gangster who fears his own people” instead of “legitimizing his actions with a summit.””

    What a traitor. Never trust a man named Sasse! Damned cucks.

    Other than the Jewish hatred of Russia and Russians, I cannot understand why Russia is supposed to be our enemy.

    Whatever one thinks of Putin, he’s not Yeltsin. From what I’ve read, suicide and alcoholism were rampant in Russia under Yeltsin, driven at least partially by Russia’s fall into oligarchy after the fall of the USSR. Life is improving for the average Russian since Putin came to power and he has stemmed many aspects of globohomo.
    If our leadership class hates him, how bad can he really be. Besides, ain’t my country, ain’t my problem.

    • When my conservative friends hate on Russia, I say, “I agree with most of your criticisms of Putin, but I’d still rather be ruled by Putin than our elites, including the Republicans, because Putin doesn’t hate me.”

      • Line: I’m sure Putin is ‘corrupt’ and has enriched himself via his office. And I don’t doubt he’s used various non-legal means against his political opponents. So how is this any different from any Western ‘democracy’? They all dip their snouts, they all use every trick in the book to hang onto their ‘power’ and status. The biggest difference is Putin doesn’t really seem particularly interested in what every Russian is doing and thinking all the time, and he doesn’t hate his people or their history. As far as autocracy goes, his version doesn’t seem all that bad.

      • Most cannot even tell you why or they will give you a list of illiberal things he allegedly does. These supposedly conservative people will list things like his illiberal treatment of gays (which is vastly overstated from what I know) or feminists as reasons for not liking him. Imagine if we had an anti-LGBT-propaganda law aimed at protecting children from tranny story hour! “The Conservative Case for Trannies and Feminists” will soon be “The Conservative Case for Pedophilia”

        As far as I know (which granted, isn’t that much), he enjoys pretty widespread approval of the Russian people.

        • As far as I know (which granted, isn’t that much), he enjoys pretty widespread approval of the Russian people.

          Which in the final analysis ought to be what counts. But then Trump got more votes in 20 than in 16 and somehow STILL lost so . . .

    • Hatred of Russia is a many-faceted gemstone of our elites and has something to appeal to every loathsome faction within.

      There is the fact that the firesale of Russian resources to the globalists was well under way under Yeltsin and Putin came along and said “Hmmm.. Resources here in Russia? Probably should be used to benefit Russia and its people.” With that Putin crushed globalist dreams of an Atlantic to Pacific ownership of Eurasia that would sit in their trophy case along with the former USA.

      Then of course, there’s the gay thing and the wammen thing. American and Eurotrash feminists, trannies, and gays were all set to celebrate the creation of the Trans-Eurasian Buttsekks and Boy Bothering Pass and Putin and his support base among the RoC said большое нет! to that.

      There’s still a large warmonger element to the elite too so they absolutely didn’t like that Putin was replacing all the junk Soviet equipment with shiny new killtoys like the SU-35 and now has his boys working on hypersonic missiles as well as rumors of a few doomsday weapons like a scaled up Tsar-bomba that would be set off near the American coast to erase all the coastal cities with a tsunami.

      Dishonorable mentions here have to go to militant secularists out to avenge modern Russia’s abandonment of official atheism. Then there are the various blackity-black militants unhappy with a large successful White country that wasn’t interested in being swamped with rainbow-hued immigrants. Tying all this together is the fact that Jews participate heavily in all these factions and also have a longstanding anti-Russia beef for tribal reasons.

  12. The Obama presidency was always about the grift. He went from near poverty case to becoming a billionaire in about a decade by first scamming voters and then selling political favors to corporations and foreign governments. China, Russia, Ukraine, and Iran were all cases where he sold out the US for a “fee”, and we’re still reaping the bounty of that treason today. What’s happened in not about craven political revenge, but rather old-fashioned greed. And the beat goes on with Biden Administration. And this disease will continue to fester as long as we print more money and maintain an illusion of prosperity. As long as Normie can get his latte on the way to “work” everyday, all is well with the world and nothing will change.

    But me thinks that the wailing & knashing of teeth will arise and I will likely witness the healing collapse in my lifetime.

    • Obama’s initial destiny was to have been a television newsreader at a mid-market city like Memphis or Tucson. For two reasons he instead became the president of the US. First of all, there’s no doubt his mother was a CIA agent. Most foreign countries simply accept the fact that anthropology grads deal in espionage. CIA connections are very important. Second, one-time Chicago Tribune political scribe David Axelrod had his finger on the pulse of Illinois politics but realized he was too repulsive to be elected to public office himself so he directed the campaigns that moved BHO up the political ladder.

      • Obama’s political career was sponsored by the billionaire Pritzker family of Chicago. Penny Pritzker was his main fundraiser and later secretary of Commerce. She is a CFR member and former director, now chairman of the Carnegie Endowment. Her cousin, Thomas Pritzker is a CFR member and chairman of the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS). Her brother J.B. Pritzker is the Governor of Illinois.

    • His “wife” is sporting a dick in her dress. If that ain’t Fuck You Whitey , what is? Dude was a creep. Biden’s a super crypto creep. They love to stick it in your face and rub it in. Fuck em, their time is coming, dead men walking.

  13. I sometimes run the historical counter-factual, “What if Al “Internet Inventor” Gore had won in 2000..? We prob wouldn’t have gotten Bush Baby at any point and prob not the extravagant war waging from the NeoCons after 9/11, tho I’m sure a few would have snuck in. Obama most likely wouldn’t have had the Big Speech at DNC that launched him up.

    Halcyon days in the early 2000’s…

    • I’ll hazard some guesses about what happened your alternate history:

      – open borders
      – slowly increasing anti-white legislation like affirmative action
      – forever wars in the Middle East, ramping up domestic police state
      – support of Israel
      – slow but sure destruction of the American nation and the historic American people

      If it sounds familiar, that’s because they all play for the same team.

      • Plus extremely onerous environmental legislation that would have crippled certain sectors of the economy while making billionaires out of the well connected. It isn’t a lock that we would have had some foreign wars. We almost certainly wouldn’t have invaded Iraq, but the rest of it, who knows. Obama did plenty and he was arguably to Gore’s left on this issue when he first ran.

        • I agree with your “onerous environmental legislation” observation.

          Members of my family are committed to the Gore vision, which seems to be that traditional white people must live in tents so the rest of the world may rise. This seems to be their primal animating principle.

          Of course, they also seem to believe that they will receive an indulgence from Al Gore to keep their electric SUVs, heating, and AC, due to their dedication to the cost. Seriously, “environmental justice” to some in family means that I live in the stone age while nothing changes in their lives.

    • Bush was horrible. Him and all his neocon buddies should have been rounded up, tried for waging a war of aggression and sent to the gallows if convicted. Same thing with Clinton.
      Bubblenomics got started under Clinton, but Bush continued it. All the globohomo stuff would probably have been faster if Gore had won in 2000. Trannies would be a conservative value and conservative, inc would be pretending to fight pedo-normalization. Jazz Jennings would be George Jennings, a lovable “virtuous pedophile” struggling heroically with his pedo-sexuality.

        • Well, yes, I agree on that point. But it really ramped up under Clinton. I would also say that Reagan is the most overrated president in my lifetime which goes back to Nixon and that he first appointed the worst fed chairmen in the fed’s history.

          I would also say the first bubble in the new bubble economy was the tech bubble of the 90s and very early 2000s.

          Either way, there is no getting around how awful dubya was. At least his father was able to reign the neocons (he himself appointed) in with the first Iraq war not turning into a total quagmire.

        • Price bubbles are simply a factor in having prices and a medium of exchange. They have been happening since Glub convinced Urg to pay 5 sheep for the field next to the new ziggurat that he paid 3 sheep for.

    • I often think that if Gore had been “allowed” to win, there would be a whole lotta difference on the political scene. Al was an old time Southern Democrat so the party would have been strengthened in that region, with blacks remaining in the minority and still having to go to the back of the bus.. Not sure Gore would have allowed Barack to elbow his way to the front of the line.

      The Republicans are the bosses here in the South now, but whites are a declining demographic. With Gore, the Clintons would be done and back in Arkansas; second, not sure if Tipper would still be the Missus, but their children were ambitious and a little more likable than Chelsea. Also, the Bush tribe would have been eliminated. But Trump took care of that crowd vis a vis Republican base. Now the Obamas and Bushes are besties and the Clintons get to stick their noses into the party, occasionally, too. Face it, people who graduated from college in the 1960s are not really wanted in the halls of power any more no matter what their politics.

      BTW, does anyone know why Al and Tipper split?

    • Whenever you think something like this, harken back to George Wallace’s most famous quote about Dems and Reps and you’ll snap out of it.

  14. “Now they are literally just a collection of old men haggling over old sleights. The one thing they agree upon is nothing can dare threaten their status atop the system, even the collapse of the system itself.”

    Brilliant insight!

  15. One more thing about these venal old men and women in power. They never put any thought or energy into successorship. The youthful left in Congress (the AOCs) are as woefully unprepared for the challenges that confront us as the youthful right (like Crossfit whore Marjorie Taylor Greene). The men are just as catty as the women. So when it comes time for them to shoulder our challenges they’ll just be pouring gas on the fire and screaming at each other.

    • “I learned it by watching you!”

      True. As often said of the generation that shall go unnamed, succession is something the bootstrapping youngins will have to pry from their cold dead hands.

      The unserious nature of the entire charade, except for the dismantling of our civilization happening behind the curtain of political theater, is what the next gens have learned all too well.

      Fairies and whores and twiterati wounded warriors draped in old stripes all know exactly what is valued inside the politik.

      The challenge isn’t that they are unprepared, but that they are actually quite prepared to keep the great pretending of our democracy alive in the media where it resides alongside the rest of the shared delusions.

      Crossfit instawhores, brown female invaders, feminized patriot grifters, and goodwhite cucks. Is there anyone more qualified to administer a marketplace of paperwork americans through the great leap forward?

  16. Z: “Into the 1980’s, the Right actually opposed the Left on cultural matters. They never won, but they did fight.”

    They never won because Right principles can’t win in a time of plenty and no-fault stupidity. To be on the Right meant being a fuddy-duddy at best, and mean and intolerant at worst. That was the view starting in the early ’20s with Babbitt. Hit its stride in the ’60s. And is even stronger today. The Left offers juicy self-celebration and beatific kindness.

    • Remember the “Mean People Suck” bumper stickers? Those were aimed squarely at the type of people that might comment on a blog such as this.

      • Judge Smails: Come the revolution, my first target will be the “Hate Has No Home Here” sign the next block over. Yup, I’m mean. No, I’m not sorry.

    • True, but in hindsight they did a poor (i.e. nonexistent) job of justifying their concern. In another age, the truths would have been true on their face, but even in the 80s everything was couched as “can you believe how bad this is for blacks!?” (i.e. DR3). It didn’t help that a lot of those people were (shock) grifters looking to cash in on the concerns of the then moral majority.

  17. The Obamacare thing was darkly amusing. The corporate welfare/debt slave act that came out of Congress was pretty much the polar opposite of what was initially pitched, but Big O would sign something, anything. Back in the day (this was back when open-ended comment sections on news sites were still around) I would point to lefties that this wasn’t even close to what they supposedly want but all I got was “lol, 4D chess dude!”

    • I had read at the time, part of their goal in settling for this was that they thought the health insurance industry would eventually collapse leading to a defacto single payer system as a result. I assume that is what your 4D chess lefties were thinking. Our not so brilliant elite thought people would flock into the exchange and buy their own health insurance. It didn’t seem to occur to them that most people have trouble picking out their own funds for their retirement plans, let alone determine their own health insurance needs. Also, the subsidies the government was offering were less than the percentage of the cost most employers were paying.

    • That was just another wealth transfer. How many states spent millions on websites/databases that never went live? With no accountability or recompense?

  18. Z-man’s explanation of why the “reset” with Russia failed is the best I’ve heard. The Obama Administration just wanted to flip the bird at Reagan, but never really intended to change anything. Vladimir Putin stopped the looting of Russia by oligarchs and that is something Imperial Washington cannot stand, whoever happens to have the title of president at any given time..

  19. It’s amusing watching old guys like ex-Rep. Mickey Edwards run around insisting conservatives return to the issues of Reagan 1980.

    • Mickey Edwards (member of the tribe, which most don’t know) got out-Reaganed in his own district by Ernest Istook and never got over it. If he’d won that primary race in 1992, two more years, he would’ve gone up against Gingrich in the race for Speaker. He was *that* close to the Ring.

      Then he went off to Harvard’s JFK School, married a younger woman, started reading poetry and being showed with accolades as the in-house “reasonable Republican,” and has had a very successful second act in life. He’s written thousands of columns since 1992 and nearly all of them are, at heart, about his anger over Istook costing him the speakership.

  20. Yes, it’s all Reactionary now, but there is a method to it. Critical Race Theory has been conveniently brought forth to explain the utter institutional failure of 60 years of welfare and affirmative action. The White-bashing is a convenient feature too. The Putin stuff is absurd, but the Cold War at least had a Manichean logic to it so it makes sense for these fools to try to resurrect it as an “organizing principle” for the complete chaos and failure of US foreign policy.

    We’re in the “dog ate my homework/little brother set the house on fire” stage of collapse here, wherein policy is about blame-shifting, moral preening and misdirection. But the good news to all this bad news it that they’re out of ideas. Anything new would just bring about a novel, possibly bigger, disaster.

    • CRT is just a voodoo way of explaining biological differences amongst human populations. Every people have their own myths about why things are the way they are. As Z has said, this is no different; it’s a myth of a Godless people with primitive beliefs.

      It’s easy to get around CRT though. It’s already telling the truth, but with a weird spin on it. Just state it back to a brainwashed person from the correct perspective: “Yes, blacks perform worse than whites, however it is due to their lower IQ and violent temperaments. Humans are not the same individually, nor are they the same across groups”.

      Or, “Yes, Asians will always feel victimized in the USA. They are not a people rooted in European Christian principles, so they will never feel as if they belong here.”

      • Good points. So could I ask you to speculate what novel theory will be offered in 30 years’ time for the failure of CRT to make things “better” for Blacks? Might it involve UFOs?

      • Wokeness translates directly into racist libertarianism.

        “Logic, law, enumerated rights, math, high art, philosophy, free speech, not stealing, and not shitting on the sidewalk are whiteness.”


        In that ellipses, the “alt right” was born.

        (If anyone makes this a meme, the “Yes” head should have a dent in it like Jim Goad’s.)

      • Maybe to you,.

        CRT stateside is mostly aimed at white kids to brainwash them into hating themselves and to encourage ethnics to view Whites as sub-humans.

        See this is where the Left is three steps above the wits of the DR(who can’t even organize a birthday party). They are looking decades down the line. They are mindf**king whites into self-loathing subservient peons who will rat out their parents.

        And this is the optimistic view. The black pill view is that they are setting whites up to be exterminated.

        • When you challenge them like that, they don’t have an answer though. That’s my point. CRT is putting the truth in their head but from the wrong perspective.

          No disagreement that it’s very evil and very serious. Genocide is likely coming up.

  21. It’s all grievance politics. Nerdy J*ws were ignored by girls who went for the most muscular WASPs in high school. They were banned from golf courses. The poor are resentful of the rich (I’m sick of the anti white rich now too, though).

    Every non white of every shade has a story of a time that they were victimized by a white racist – real or imagined. A whitey looked at them funny at the store, a whitey touched her hair, doesn’t matter what. Too many whiteys are sleeping with Asian women. Whitey invaded your country 200 years ago. They know they were wronged by whitey and need your money (and your erasure) to make them feel better.

    Aside from the fact that this is an obvious result of forced diversity, it’s also a result of “blank slate theory”. We are brainwashed very hard to believe that we are all equal. When in fact the opposite is true. As a person with an IQ of 125+, the simple fact is that I will be a successful person no matter what the system is. A person with an IQ of 80 will be poor no matter what. An ugly person will have a hard time attracting women. And these variations exist on average among various human groups, too. It’s just the way God made us.

    Instead we’re taught that we’re all equal, so if somebody (or a group) is failing it must mean that something is holding them back. It makes them resentful too. The ruling class has decided that it’s “whiteness” that is holding back Africans, for instance. Some groups have higher IQ than whites on average.

    The true solution is that we need separate countries. Africans are just fine living among other Africans; when they live alongside whites, the problems and resentment begins.

    • This is why the left fights so hard against equal opportunity. They know it will create unequal results. So they create the superstition of CRT to hide the truth.

      • I noticed that I don’t hear so much about equality anymore. I am hearing the word equity more often meaning they want to take wealth from White people that was “stolen from POC”.

        • Equality today completely subsumes the implicit definition, “equity of result”. We no longer question whether we are discussing equality of “opportunity” or of result. That was handled a couple of generations ago, and indeed was perverted with AA and other quota efforts. As you point out, the term “equity” is a more appropriate term than “equality”. Problem is it’s just a fancy term for “redistribution”, which is a term of art for “theft”.

          • DLS, Judge and CompSci, I could not agree more. The Left, at least the more intelligent, knows that racial and other group differences exist and are insuperable. As this travesty slowly comes to its inevitable train wreck conclusion, there will at least be some amusing theatrics. Consider the many enshrined “equal protection of the laws” or other statute law that prohibits (in theory, at least) discrimination by race (etc.) As the gibs industry expands, it’ll be interesting to hear their pretzel logic, their efforts to wrest “equity” (equality of outcome) from a reality that is anything but equal.

            “Men are not equal. Neither shall they become so.” — Nietzsche

  22. Grammar police checking in. Zman probably meant “slight” where he had “sleight” today. Blame it on the spell checker. In my sixty years, about the only use of “sleight” I’ve ever read is a magician’s “sleight of hand.” I mean no slight against our intrepid Zman. 🙂

    slight (in this context): “a pointed and contemptuous discourtesy; affront”

    sleight: “skill; dexterity; an artifice; stratagem; cunning; craft.”

    Definitions from

    • Weird, but I was sure I corrected that. I only had one cup of coffee this morning, so I must have missed it. Then again, maybe grammar check changed it back. That happens sometimes if you are not paying attention.

      • Didn’t look right to me either, so I looked it up. Somewhat obscure, but made sense in context. I enjoy archaic language. Anyway, it is gone now from the original document..
        OED online (subscription): Sleight
        6. a. A cunning trick; an artful device or design; a piece of subtle dealing or policy, intended to deceive or mislead; an artifice, ruse, stratagem, or wile. Now rare.
        Common in the 16th and 17th cent.

          • Wait. If you stop using disuetude then diseutude happens…

            Wait…I don’t see what you did there…which means 😱😱

            des•ue•tude dĕs′wĭ-too͞d″, -tyoo͞d″►
            n. A state of disuse or inactivity.
            n. Discontinuance of use, practice, custom, or fashion; disuse: as, many words in every language have fallen into desuetude.
            n. The cessation of use; disuse; discontinuance of practice, custom, or fashion.

  23. We are dead in the water until we agree on morals and ethics, and restore our families. Without them or any values, everything is on the table, and ‘smash-and-grab’ is the order of the day.

    We point fingers at our leaders, but that finger inevitably points back at us. We elect those psychos and morons, we sit idly by whiles they cheat, and as long as there’s food on the table and something good on TV – it’s all good.

    We can either restore our values and morals, or someone will rise and force theirs upon us. A country can’t run like this.

    • Upvote for Mr. Filthie, however, going forward, we can no longer be blamed for VOTING for these people. After 2020, all future “elections” will have mandatory scare quotes.
      Comply with “the law” to the extent you care to or to the extent you are forced to: no more, no less.

      • Good point. One of the values we need to agree on and adopt is the idea of free and honest elections… and severe punishment those that would undermine them.

        The idea of treason would have to be restored too. Along with a competent judiciary to enforce it. Along with an honest and competent law enforcement agency to enact the ruling of the judiciary.

        I am beginning to think that maybe only real change can be brought about by a soviet style purge of the managerial class…

    • No, we are not dead in the water, as there are some who have decided to fight and win. Morals and ethics are systems put into place in an existing power structure to maintain that power. We have no power, so we do not need to agree on ethics and morals. We just need to agree to win; handwriting about what we might do after we win is just intellectual onanism. You are right in your horror, in that we must use all available tools and methods to win, irrespective of ethics or morals, as a necessary condition to our people’s survival.
      Also, “we elect the leaders?” That’s just delusional. We haven’t had clean elections in this country since the 1800’s, and our votes haven’t counted at any point in the last century.

      • Nonsense.

        Laws are a reflection of morals, ethics and values. If we can’t agree on morals and ethics, we won’t be able to agree on laws, or on what we are willing to do to win, or what we’ll do after.

        Lefty is in that boat right now; he seeks power at any cost, will lie, steal, cheat and kill to win…and now he is in charge of a country that’s falling apart. He has to park tanks around and put up razor wire to keep the people away. He’s laid waste to all the checks and balances that were actually put in place for his own protection. Gab is full of J21ers and boomers that think all our troubles are over as long as the cucks kick out the Donks in the next election. Then they’ll be shocked as more foreign weirdos settle in their towns, more jobs go offshore, and their kids come under ever more pressure from pedos, perverts, and lunatics that now run the institutions.

        Patriotic resolve at some point has to be based on common ethics, values and goals. Until they agree on these things, the dissidents won’t be going anywhere.

        • Your cart is so far ahead of the horse you’re not even on the same road anymore.
          “Laws are a reflection of morals, ethics, and values?” One, that’s just who/whom. Second, as a lawyer, that statement is unadultered unicorn farts and leprechaun burps. That’s plan-truster, 12d-underwater-chess tier. Laws are a defensive ring in the ruling group’s protection racket. The king’s law protects the king, and if it does something for anyone else, it’s a happy but unintended coincidence. Our laws will protect our people, because our people will be the rulers.

          Laws are pretty simple in a white western Christian society. There’s about 9 of them, go watch some Charlton Heston if you’ve forgotten them. The rest is simply implementing those core principles.
          Politics are downstream of culture, which is itself downstream of genetics. Worrying about laws resulting from the politics resulting from culture resulting from genetics is so far removed that, well, my initial criticism of the futility of such thoughts stands.

          • He doesn’t have a cart, or a horse, but until we agree on what the dimensions and specs for the cart are we can’t possibly go get horses….-and only after we breed a new species of horse…which will be Unicorns 🦄 and …

            Now the effects over time can reasonably be discerned as the actual object- which is to keep us squabbling amongst ourselves, and so passive and inert.

            To respond to his points; all laws were drawn from the Constitution; which is not only DEAD but BURIED by that creepy State Funeral of Inauguration. The field of flags?

            The symbolism was rubbing it in.

            We have no laws, because we have no Constitution.


            So let the victors write the new laws. As they always we’re going to.

            And the new order is of the Sword- for they were “sworn in” surrounded by Soldiers.

            The Sword, not the pen, not the ballot.

            The Sword rules.

      • “We just need to agree to win;”

        While I appreciate your spirit, what do you propose is to be won after your fight? Your moniker implies Southern. If that is your tribe, you’ve already agreed to a set of morals and values IMO.

        See Junger’s Forest Rebels.

        • The right to debate and come up with meaningful answers to these questions is what we hope to win.

          Trying to decide these issues now, when we have no idea what the future where we might or will be successful will look like, is like daydreaming about what I’ll do with all that money when I find BD Cooper’s stash. Who knows if we’ll even use paper US Dollars when that happens, so why spin your wheels working yourself up over dreams and wishes? Alisa Rosenbaum’s favorite biblical passage is relevant here: have the grace to accept what you cannot change, and the determination to change that which you might affect.

          • Rebel is right.

            Win, then the victors decide. As if anything else is possible, as if the very Founders weren’t fighting for a year before the Declaration, as if the Constitution wasn’t written years later.

            As if we were not ruled now by the Sword- Biden sworn in to 25,000 soldiers- not citizens.

            The Sword alone is survival now, never mind the Victors decide the “values”.

      • If what you mean by ethics and morals is some sort of rules of engagement or set of “muh principles” that we stick to so we can be beautiful losers and make a nice speech on the gallows then yes, we don’t need that. However, I’d say that we need to agree on a sort of broad sketch of morals and ethics otherwise how do we know why we hate the current system or even that we want something different?

        The problems we have ultimately trace to the odious ideology of “equity” (the 21st century’s latest euphemism for Communism) but also to the fact that so much of the ruling elite itself is human garbage and so much of what’s wrong with the current regime is that much of it exists simply to cater to the vices of these particular people. This makes our tyranny both ideological and personal. Ideology is like software. Personal qualities are more like hardware. You can run Linux on the same PC that runs Windows but never on a TRS-80.

    • Nah, we’re just dead.

      Until we agree on DUDE LOL

      We’ll agree when someone forces us to.

  24. So Obama-spite’s why they’re working hard on bringing back Carter’s double-digit inflation_? Reagan crushed it and that slight must be avenged_? Makes as much sense as any other explanation on offer.

    And here I thought this move was all about crushing YT’s 401k, making debt serfs of us all. There’s no chance that any conceivable, even Weimar level, inflation could get rid of the national debt. So that can’t be the purpose, can it_?

    Alternative hypothesis: This is how Biden’s handlers are planning to keep his promise to cancel student loans. I must say that Jimmy Carter did me a solid in that regard back in the 1970’s. When I graduated college in the late 1960’s, I owed half a starter house. When ole’ Jimmy was done with the dollar and it came time for me to start paying following my service and grad school deferments, I owed 5 or 6 mortgage payments, tops.

    • An unsettling observation is what came right on the heels of the Weimar republic.

      Of course many details are different. But makes me wonder.

      • That really doesn’t unsettle me.

        That would give me hope.

        Shit I’d follow Mao or Stalin now.

        Or Erik Prince. As long as he doesn’t change his name to Erica.

    • It’s the end of all that technocratic Jetsons crap from the middle decades of the 20th century. Which is the latest iteration of Plato and his philosopher kings, and who knows who else before him.

      God/Satan, Adam/Eve, faith/enlightenment, jocks/nerds, idealism/materialism, nature/nurture, etc. Eternal dialectic, pendulum swinging imo.

  25. You nailed it. Everything now is reactionary. As the system continues to collapse, the reaction will ratchet up. A rather anodyne report this week was that the FBI had asked a newspaper for a list of people who had clicked an on-line link to a story about the insurrection a/k/a as an old folks’ rally marred by a state-sanctioned murder of a young White woman. The Left really needed a right-wing bogeyman to keep the target off its back. That’s gone now as people see conservatism as the grift it always was, and now look at the Left as a ludicrous failure. The Ruling Class is looting at an accelerating rate and the Dirt People are sneering and laughing at them. No, it will not end well.

    As an aside, a point about Obama’s Iran deal that always gets overlooked is how much money was on the pallets and how Black Ops were used to avoid any financial disclosure about how the funds were obtained and…how much. The odds are nil to zero Obama and his team didn’t scrape a substantial sum from what was finally delivered. Johnny Kerry hardest helped.

    • Not a big secret. During Iraq/Afghanistan (hard to keep track!), I recall a news item sayng at least $8 billion U.S. cash was shipped to the mideast, as part of the war materiel, apparently wasn’t even secret. Of couse, far more skullduggery goes on behind the scenes. But it’s apalling just what makes it into the daily press 🙂

      • Ben, the problem is that the MSM was in the bag for Dem’s and Obama in that era as well—we just didn’t know it as we do now. I hesitate to comment on anything read during that time. That’s the trust issue we all face now.

  26. “Ol’ Charlie stole the handle, and the train it won’t stop runnin’ no way to slow down!”

    Some flautist once sang that lyric, and it damn well applies to most anything about these hell-bent-for-disaster days. In a way, it’s a good thing. The sooner the train derails, the better.

    • “..Driving that train, high on cocaine
      Trouble ahead, trouble behind..”
      it’s not just thieves stealing the brake handles, it’s also too many of our “elites” succumbing to whatever addictions they have, whether chemical or behavioural addictions.

      “…When logic and proportion have fallen sloppy dead,
      Feed your head, Feed your head…”

      • I revere the songs you quoted, Tull more than Jefferson, but I suspect that early Metallica may be more to the point:

        We all shall die!

  27. Back in the Clinton years, I used to joke that we could solve most of America’s problems by repealing the “titles of nobility” clause in the Constitution. Imagine what grief we’d have been saved, had we merely created Bill and Hill Lord and Lady Cornpone, Duc et Duchesse de L’Arkansas! Bill could have his prima nocte rights with the local squires’ daughters, Hill could have the peons doffing their hats to her in the streets, and they both would’ve died in happy obscurity.

    That’s a lesson our great-great-great grandchildren, should they want to give “civilization” another shot, must grasp. Nobles have a sense of themselves as nobility; that’s what keeps them from blowing the whole system up. “Meritocracy” always ends with a class of people, like our current overlords, who are totally dependent on The System, yet somehow someway are suicidally invested in the idea of themselves as perpetual outsiders, fighting The Man. (That they themselves have been “The Man” since about 1982 is a mere fact; facts are irrelevant in the face of identities).

    • Yeah, I think that’s a new point to me. People at the top of the “meritocracy” got there by fighting against all odds, man! Could it be their own self-image is stuck at being an outsider, even if not really true?

      A noble, on the other hand, got there because some ancestor did something spectacular. Maybe he could also do something spectacular, but if not, he is still born to that role. He doesn’t need to imagine himself as fighting the system, if anything, he is looking for ways to fight for it.

      Again, the wisdom of the old ways comes out: it really is in the interest of society to reduce the leveling effects of everyone wanting the same thing.

    • A hereditary ruling caste sounds great until:
      1. You observe the British royal family.
      2. You read about wars of succession.

      • There’s no need for the ruling class to be strictly heredity. But note what “meritocracy” gets you – a ruling class that is basically heredity anyway (which Bush will be the GOP nominee in 2024, Jeb again? Or are we on to the great grandkids now?). What is needed is a sense of noblesse oblige. The British ruling class did pretty well with this for a long time. Send talented butcher’s boys like Wolsey to Oxford, let him learn how our sort do things… That used to work in America, too – academics were the least important part of the Ivies.

        • Fair enough. What’s the selection mechanism for the ruling caste if it isn’t merit (voting) or hereditary?

          • Hereditary is a good starting point: culture is downstream of genetics. A second factor is needed, true enough. National service, a confirmation vote of peers, a confirmation examination by a priest, a general, and a judge… Various options exist.

        • I saw an ad where I could buy a square foot of land in Scotland and receive the title of Lord (Laird). Does Lord Judge Smails sound too pretentious?

        • Somehow we didn’t have these problems until the ah wave of immigrants from the Pale, and the lunacy of women’s liberation.

          I don’t mean the Dublin Pale either, although God knows we were a handful.

      • That’s a fascinating aspect of reading Nietzsche. He was very polemic about many topics of course. But he was consistently a critic of liberal democracy, “the herd,” and since ancient times, the power of the “weak” to reign in the “noble” or the super-man. It’s probably not unfair to say that he would have been most in favor of an older, pre-democratic nobility and monarchy. He himself is supposed to have been a scion of old Polish nobility, although he never had a title himsef.

        Already mentioned above: one defect of hereditary title is that the genes for greatness don’t necessarily transmit. Yes, the money, the property and the education on offer are more likely for the elite, but the rich and the powerful could no more escape “reversion to the mean” for IQ and other attributes than the commoner.

        Of course there are many flaws in his critiques. Yet, perhaps, his greatest asset was his psychological insights into why such structures develolped (or failed) across history.

        While Herr Fritz never covered it so far as I have seen, history tends to swing from one extreme to another. In his time, liberal democracy was very much ascendant in Europe, as it is (in a more viruent form) today, and in USA too. From his “slave religion” point of view, it can be persuasively argued that current governments are trying to enforce equality beyond all previous such attempts. Of course, an unavoidable consequence (but still, partially the intent of egalitarians) is to hobble the creative, the powerful, to stifle those who have superior abilities and if left unfettered would be more successful than the average cow.

        Perhaps the future will bring a return of a meritocracy, even if not the landed gentry and nobility of centuries past. That sounds like an attractive future. I fear that getting there will not be without a lot of unpleasantness.

        Yours truly,
        Lord Ben Lazybottom
        Earl of Idleness

        • A “meritocracy” works fine, provided that those who start climbing the greasy pole have the words “I deserve this” tattooed in mirror writing on their foreheads. Because they do — **both ways.** The Duke of Earl lets you run the Duchy because you do it better than His Lordship could – you earned it. But when you screw up, or get too big for your breeches, His Lordship has you executed for praemunire, and you earned THAT. Noblesse oblige restores accountability to the system.

          • The idea that we need a system change to a personnel problem is very persistent.

            No, we need to deal with these people.

            As if they’d be safe with ANYTHING or in ANY SYSTEM.


            There was nothing wrong with our system, its these people.

        • That and the only way they could keep all their power and property within their family was, well, “keeping it in the family”, to the point that portions of late monarchical was ruled by inbred fools.

          • Not in England. The Normans believed in primogeniture. Also to keep your position you just marry coeval people-not so much keep it in the family but more keep it in the class.

        • Ben says: “one defect of hereditary title is that the genes for greatness don’t necessarily transmit.”
          No, by definition they transmit, the question is do they express. The genetic/hbd case for aristocracy is that the smart fraction with the genes necessary for leadership, keeping things working, and hopefully improving should be sought out, concentrated, and interbred. That way we have a small, curated talent pool for our nation to find and put the next group of leaders to use (as opposed to the equalitarians, who want to scour ever corner of the earth for the new dali lama every 20 years). This also solves the topheavy barnacling of boomers in muh meritocracy: you don’t need to stay at the helm till you drop dead if your son and grandson will take over from you and keep your family and its interests strong and going.

          Everyone who gets squirmy on the word “interbreeding” needs to get on a hobby farm and do some husbandry. Race arises from inbreeding, as do all other favorable genetic characteristics such as productiveness, beauty, and intelligence. Certain groups who themselves are famously inbred so as to have distinctibe schnoozes are just pulling a Braer Rabbit on us there.

        • If I recall correctly, English titles of nobility were not necessarily initially granted as “hereditary”. There had to be several generations (three I believe) of the family to be of outstanding service to the crown before such became hereditary. Again, an interesting implicit understanding of “regression to the mean” in biology.

          • It’s still that way. Some titles are only heritable by the eldest son or nearest male heir if the property is entailed. Some are not heritable at all, e.g., those awarded via the Queen’s Birthday/New Year “Honours Lists.”

  28. Seems that it is more than old men arguing over slights. Since the oligarchs took over the left, it is marching to the dual tunes of the Great reset and traditional concerns of the tribe over destroying white societies and culture. Each step of the way brings them closer to those twin paradises on earth: Covid, demonizing the weather, demonizing whites, flooding white societies with people who hate them or at least view their relationship with whites as a zero sum game, getting women to hate men, low birthrates, dramatically increasing mental illness, silencing all opponents, perpetual wars for Israel. In some ways there isn’t much new (many of these were done during Weimar and the Bolsheviks) but the cumulative impact is taking us to the brave new world

  29. > The conservatives quit on their stool in the 1990’s and ever since the Left has been poking them with one more bizarre fad after another. “Seymour, try poking them with the tranny stick. Maybe that will get them to fight back.”

    The majority of Republicans now support Gay Marriage. The majority of Republicans will support trannies in ten years time. The next batttle, the pedos, will determine whether there will even be such thing as a family unit anymore or whether the conquest is complete and children will just be economic units raised by the State.

    • I am reminded of: Jesus entered the temple courts and drove out all who were buying and selling there. He overturned the tables of the money changers and the benches of those selling doves.

      Something similar should happen in all government legislative bodies starting at the top. Something more harsh than merely overturning tables though. Hell, the so called insurrectionists did no more than that and look what it got them. Might as well go all in.

      • > Might as well go all in.

        There was a guy in Texas who was forced to pay for his son’s transition, instigated by his insane ex-wife. What they are doing to this boy is something legitimately worse than flat-out murdering him.

        • We have learned to believe the society will manage these sorts of thing. It turns out that we need to go back to a time when families managed things themselves: from personal threats to our safety to insane and murderous women, these things cannot be left to society to manage.

          This new system is, not incidentally, tagged as criminal. We need to come to grips with that. Like the meme says: I’m not telling you to think like a criminal, I’m telling you that if you want to win, you are going to have to think like a criminal.

        • If that ever happened to me, well, I won’t put in writing what might be the end result.

          Maybe I have more of the MAOA batshit “warrior gene” that Africans have than an average YT.

          Whites are way too law abiding, I’m sure this guy complained a bit but then eventually paid up and moved onto the next grilling and sports event.

        • I just finished reading a work of dissident fiction set in the near future. One of the minor characters is a man who is 5′ 3” and strange looking.

          It turns out that the reason he is so small and weird is because his liberal parents raised him as a tranny and pumped him full of chemicals to make him a girl. Sick.

          (Spencer Quinn’s “Charity’s Blade.” Excellent.)

      • Whites still have too much to lose. The tribe is working to get whites to the point that they have nothing to lose by overturning the tables. things should be interesting then.

    • Homosexuality will die out within two decades when antibiotics become ineffective. It will make AIDS look like a summer cold.

      • It’s disgusting how they’ve developed PreP and other drugs that allow homos to keep living vile and dangerous lifestyles.

        They are not like us. They want your kids, too.

      • Homosexuality as an accepted lifestyle and “normal” perhaps. But homosexuals have been with us since recorded history. Some defect produces them from “normal” human “stock”. I vote for hormonal imbalance in vitro. But what do I know.

      • HIV is a virus, so antibiotic resistance is probably a larger concern when it comes to resistant strains of bacterial STDs such as syphilis, gonorrhea, etc.

  30. Thank gosh somebody finally explained Iran.

    Everything about this article makes perfect sense. The muscle memory of institutions is fogeys trying for a do-over or to keep in clover before the clock runs out, we forget how old the advisors are. It’s all they know how to do and they’re too old to retrain. Glory days.

    • So true. Kissinger was still impacting policy into his 90s. What did he succeed in when he was actually in power to merit such influence?

  31. The collapse, though undoubtedly painful, can’t come soon enough. The absurdity that envelops us top to bottom and side to side is suffocating.

      • It’s funny how a random Chinese businessman in Africa became the spirit animal of American Dissident Whites.

        • I spent over four years working in Africa.

          I know exactly how the dude feels.

          • It’s a meme from a clip from the documentary, “Empire of Dust,” (2011):


            IIRC, the fellow is a project manager trying build a road.

            The similar, “When China Met Africa,” is also pretty good.

        • Read an article this morning which broke down the Chinese efforts to shame the rest of the world for not being as selfless with vaccine as the CCP. Apart from the chutzpah of first creating this disease and then piously demanding gratitude for passing out a poisonous “cure”, the other thing that jumped out were reports from Chinese state media about all the doses they’d given to Africa. Looks like the Chinese ruling class is as prone to baizuo as the rest of the globalists.

          • It is not obvious, nor even apparent that the CCP was behind this thing. That the only elite to suffer severe and oddly focused levels of death from this disease was that of Iran right at the start.
            That might be cause for considering other origins.

    • I’ve got Inevitability Fatigue. It’s looking more like the long, long downhill skate ramp. But we aren’t picking up speed to fling us off the board.

    • Wild Geese Howard: thank you for the tip for “Empire of Dust.” I found not only the clip, but the whole (or mostly so*) film there. It’s a bit dry, but if you have an hour and a quarter idle, it’s worth a viewing. If this documentary is at all representative of what the Chinese face in building their “Belt and Road” projects on the Dark Continent, I wish them luck!

      Humor: The closest thing to a white man who appears is a (I’m guessing) Belgian/Congo mulatto who’s obviously a local leader addressing a rally.

      *IMDB indicates the run time is 1:17:00. The “mirror” version is longer. Curiously, the video runs about 1:17, no clear ending nor credits, and just restarts the video. But there’s enough to enjoy the video.

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