The Final Chapter

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The 2020 drama The Courier is one of those films that is remarkable for what it does not do, rather than what it does do. It is a straight forward drama unburdened by Progressive politics. It sticks fairly close to the original story, without inserting magical people or performing a sex change on the principals. In fact, all but two of the characters are white males. The two females are supporting roles. In today’s climate, that is something close to a miracle.

The story itself is familiar to those who grew up in the Cold War, even if you are not familiar with this particular story. It is the story of Greville Wynne, a British salesman turned spy, who traveled in and out of the Soviet Union in the 1960’s for business, but he was also carrying top-secret information. We get the familiar cat and mouse stuff that is a staple of spy movies, along with the human drama that comes from a reluctant civilian caught up in the spy game.

It is a solidly told spy drama with competent acting and directing. What makes it remarkable is what it says about the current age. There are people alive today who recall the events portrayed in the movie. Most Americans alive today lived through some portion of the Cold War. Despite this, that era feels as familiar as the Middle Ages or Ancient Greece. The Cold War West, at least the English speaking portion, is not just a different time. It is a different world.

The weird thing about the Cold War is that as soon as it was over, there was no reminiscing about it or how it altered society. It was so quickly forgotten that young people could be forgiven for not knowing it existed. Young people in America know more about civil rights stuff and certain events in World War II than they do about what happened just a few decades ago. Even the collapse of the Soviet Union has been hurled down the memory hole.

It is an odd thing, given that the Cold War was the longest American war. It lasted roughly from March 5, 1946 to November 9, 1989. Most people date the start to the speech given by Winston Churchill at Westminster College in Fulton Missouri during a tour of the United States. This is when he uttered the famous words “Iron Curtain” which became synonymous with the Soviet Union. The end, of course, is marked as the day the Berlin Wall came down.

For close to half a century, the United States was on a war footing. Rather than demobilize after the defeat of Japan and Germany, America retooled the entire nation to fight communism in general and the Soviets in particular. For two generations it was the superstructure of society. The economy, the culture and politics operated within the struggle against Russia. It is the American empire’s Peloponnesian War, except this time the democracies beat the Spartans.

One reason why this event was so quickly forgotten is that it appears to have been a necessary restraint on the worst elements in American democracy. Like a dog that got off the leash, there has been no turning back for those elements, suddenly freed from the restraints of the Cold War. The crusades against the Muslims were an attempt to put the crazies back on the rope, but it failed. Those crazies are now threatening to take over the whole country.

Every society has a portion that is mentally unstable. They are functional and can be put to good use, but they need structure. Religion has been the primary way to keep the unstable on the straight and narrow. With the decline of Christianity, mass movements in America have been the alternative. The various social reform movements in America, dating back to the 19th century were a way to give the unstable the structure they needed and put them to good use.

Of course, without a limiting principle, mass movements quickly turn into a disaster as the fanatics never know when to quit. They always look for some next step in their quest for salvation, The obvious example is how the temperance societies turned into outright bans on alcohol. Reducing public drunkenness was a worthy goal, but banning alcohol completely was lunacy in stilts. We are seeing this happen today with crazies rampaging through the streets, howling like lunatics.

That really is what the Cold War was for America. Without it, if the Cold War had never happened, America probably would have descended into anarchy and civil war by middle of the 20th century. The threat of thermonuclear annihilation forced the responsible to keep the unstable in their cages. It also gave these unstable people options into which they could express their fanaticism. The obsession with ancient grudges, for example, could be expressed as neoconservatism.

You could write the story of America as the story of fanaticism. The first waves of fanatics landed in what is now New England to build their paradise in the wilderness of the New World. They eventually conquered the rest of the continent in the name of one cause after another. Then they conquered the rest of the world, first in the name of democracy then to free the world of competing lunacy. With no more worlds to conquer, the fanatics are destroying themselves.

If you look around at the various tribes of lunatics in the pantheon of modern leftism, the quest for structure is clear. The Antifa goofballs are motivated by alienation and atomization. They are urban consumers with no purpose other than to consume. The females howling about male privilege are unmarried and childless, thus lacking the structure in which a woman can blossom. The Left is nothing but stray dogs looking for home, longing for the leash.

This is why the so-called conservatives wanted the war against the Muslims to be the new Cold War and why they rant about Russia today. As the late John McCain used to say, they want to be part of a cause bigger than themselves. A holy cause provides a reason to instill discipline. It may be what is behind the ruling class paranoia about imaginary white supremacy. It gives them a purpose and therefore a structure to their otherwise disorganized minds.

Like the Muslim panic, these new panics – and Covid can be viewed in this light as well – will fail due to a lack of reality. The Muslims were never a serious threat to anyone but themselves and maybe their neighbors. White supremacy is a figment of the fevered imaginations of liberal women who read too many bodice rippers. Even China is looking like a poor stand-in for the Devil. These are not real threats, so they can never be the organizing issue of a new American creed.

What may be happening is the end of one plot line in the American story. The fanatics who conquered the wilderness to build an empire are in the last chapter. The rest of the country is now tasked with how to wrap up this story line. Maybe it will be a new religion for the fanatics to join. Maybe it will be a reactionary response that relies on force to subdue the fanatics. Maybe it is a Hobbesian end for a people who suddenly realize they have no reason to be in the same country.

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210 thoughts on “The Final Chapter

  1. “The Left is nothing but stray dogs looking for home, longing for the leash.”

    Great line and true.

    There is however no reason the new dysfunctional and insane USA can’t become a stable 3rd world country. I have lived in Mexico and Thailand and things are very good in those countries for the ruling and managerial classes, much better than in more developed and functional countries.

    Take thailand as an example. The top 1 percent own over 80 percent of all assets. The top point 1 over 40 percent of all assets. Sweet! The 1 percent don’t like being told how to drive so there is virtually no highway patrol. If an environmental activist is trying to cause them to lose money the solution is simply kill them with no repercussions. Want to sell to the government? Just bribe a politician. Want to form a business partnership or get rid of competitors? Bribery works there too as it does with court cases, school admissions and zoning laws.

    Much of the USA looking like a reboot of the Mad Max franchise isn’t a problem when you are living the good life in the Hamptons and other nice areas.

    • Scott is the male Laurie Penny but far less intelligent. His fans are first up against the wall. VERY first.

      • It’s like putting on a Lizard mask and sneaking into The Visitors secret councils, where they discuss their plans for the humans [we’ll all be eugenically selected or CRISPR edited to become Ashkenazim].

        These are not the comments of humans.
        Not to mention the total navel gazing while having not a shred of self awareness.

    • I don’t know if it’s a record or not, but I was banned six times by Scott in the one year in which I read his blog and offered up comments similar to my postings here (mostly societal modeling insights). Not once did he actually offer a criticism of my comments, just stated that he found them offensive. Methinks his ego rules his intellect, and he really doesn’t like competition.

  2. Prohibition, mostly a 1920’s phenomenon, happened in the same decade as the Buck v Bell abomination of a Supreme Court decision. It’s blatant looking back that banning alcohol was just meant to make Christians look bad, as the elites were overwhelmingly atheist by then and they made a lot of money doing rum running. No one intelligent seriously thought that the “theocrats” were in power, but most people aren’t intelligent and black propaganda is phenomenally powerful for a reason.

    A couple generations later, the nerds who were socially harmed by prohibition gave their approval for chemical contraception. The rest (sexual revolution, demographic collapse, population replacement, etc) is history. We live in the long shadow of Prohibition and in fact everything else Woodrow Wilson shoved down America’s throat.

    • Oh and I’ll add that the Cristero War and KKK subversion in Mexico just across the border was raging in the 20’s but even back then the cuckservatives wouldn’t intervene, but intervention to save the British Empire from Austria-Hungary somehow made perfect sense and there’s no way the Zimmerman Telegram could have been forged. Neocons…

  3. Something must provide meaning and purpose. Whoever captures the imagination of and gives purpose and spiritual fulfillment to capable socially-cooperative killers (and their women) will build something new on the ashes of merchant globohomo.

    eDems: let’s be fags! signal your virtue by bending your knee to barbarian savages!
    eGOP: let’s be fags! but with free trade!
    successor civilization: let’s not throw the fags off roof tops like the Muslims, but disempower them so they don’t sabotage civilizational stability (or breed and pass their broken genes and memes [hardware and software] onto future generations). let’s build families, communities, and OUR civilization!

    • While we are having fun, I want an omelette, the eggs and the chickens with no broken eggs.

  4. Looking back on it with 20/20 hindsight, the Depression, WWII and the Cold War bought the United States almost 70 extra years. The 1920’s look quaint and funny now, but they were a time of anarchist violence, rising crime, sexual liberation, social disruption, and drug addiction. There were Pre-Hayes Code movies made in the late 1920’s that couldn’t be shown again until the late 1960’s, and even then not on regular TV. The Depression led to a rise in Communism, but it also led to a dramatic increase in social conservatism and a fall in crime. And of course, WWII and the Cold War (especially the earlier, scarier portions) exerted a lot of social discipline over the loonier elements. It wasn’t until the late 1960’s that things started to unravel again, for reasons that are still somewhat unclear, and even then, as Z-Man noted, it wasn’t until after 1991 that things really took off. As for those of us who were in our prime during the Cold War, the extent to which it’s been forgotten is stunning, although it’s not hard to see why. The Left has no desire to dwell on what was one of their biggest defeats, while the Right has gradually realized that the collapse of the USSR was just one episode in a struggle that is by no means over. No one feels very triumphant…

    • Read Solzhenitsyn, or Dostoyevsky.

      These ideas have been floating around for a long time. The characters in late 1800s-early 1900s Russia are remarkably similar to radical leftists today. Their speech could be interchanged with any DSA meeting, or critical race theory.

      In 2021 the state appears to support the radicals though, whereas the Tsarist regime suppressed them. Bad times ahead, evil never sleeps.

      • “Read Solzhenitsyn, or Dostoyevsky”.

        Abso-damn-lutly. Dostoyevsky’s “Devils” (aka The Possessed) is a masterpiece on how the left thinks and how whenever they take charge of anything it turns into a shit show at minimum, or a bloodbath if no one stops them. Sol’s Fist Circle is another masterpiece but this time with the much more serious and deadly Stalinists already at the helm. The utter hopelessness of all the characters (on both sides of their version of TGD!) is truly heart wrenching and eye opening. I read both for the first time while on a US nuclear sub plying the waters of Peter the Great Bay during the Cold War. They seemed appropriate reads at the time…. And so do they now.

        • I read both for the first time while on a US nuclear sub plying the waters of … during the Cold War.

          SERIOUS [NOT FACETIOUS] QUESTION: Wouldn’t this still be highly classified information?

          Or are you (((Jonathan Pollard))), safely back home now in (((The Promised Land)))?

          • I can neither confirm or deny any such allegations. But highly suggest reading “Blind Man’s Bluff” if you’re really interested in Cold War undersea shenanigans.

    • “.As for those of us who were in our prime during the Cold War, the extent to which it’s been forgotten is stunning, although it’s not hard to see why. The Left has no desire to dwell on what was one of their biggest defeats, while the Right has gradually realized that the collapse of the USSR was just one episode in a struggle that is by no means over. No one feels very triumphan”

      All true and great comment. We have to bear in mind there have been almost two generations come of age since that now-foreign land and time disappeared. Also, all claims we “won” the Cold War are false. The official loss is almost inevitable now. The Buckleyites pre-emptively surrendered right along with the rest of Con, Inc., twenty years ago. To quote 3g4me a few weeks back, “stranger things have happened” so we cannot say it is a definitive loss even now, but I wouldn’t bet that way.

  5. So what you’re saying, Zman, is that the ruling classes were able to maintain stability as long as they could throw their trash into someone else’s yard.

    The King Otha strategy. Send ambitious young men to Wales, or Scottish kings sending their bastards to Ulster.

    Caliphs sending their jihadis West; Cartel sending their lieutenants North. Admiral Morrison sending his son to Laurel Canyon, to conquer the cultural space at home, while uppity helots went to Vietnam.

    Keeping the Brooklyn Red Diapers busy competing for the upper hand with their former Pale relatives in the Soviet colonies such as Vietnam, Angola, Cuba.

    A modern version presents itself to us.
    I was told of a job opportunity making $100k per year working for a company that does the commercial and governmental water infrastructure. They’re opening up a new operation in Jackson, MS, home to a water crisis.

    Fellas, I’m a 62 y.o. bozo with no education and just a CDL license. To the critical infrastructure we must go!

    1. It’s secure and well paid without college debt. They have their own schools, if necessary- linemen, rail, airlines, heavy haul, oil field setup. There are hundreds, nay, thousands of operations, screaming for bodies. The bureaucrat womyn can’t do this.

    2. The life of essential adventure is unnoticed. C’mon, lads, we white men have been doing this for 20,000 years.

    2a. Where better, then, to hunker down- for when the Day to strike comes, who shall be better placed?

    • I forgot to mention the name of critical water infrastructure- (redacted) Septic Company.

      How appropriate that the Revolution should come from such humble origins. The hidden treasure we find in a trash midden. And quite appropriate, no?

      • I’m pretty good at plumbing

        I’d consider it

        But then I would not want to live in Mississippi because you know they will be hiring lots of blacks and trannies and on down the linen to meet their quotas (government contracts mandate it).

        • Since it’s Falcone- you can even find Africans and trannys in Italy. We won’t get away, anywhere.

          Yet, this opportunity- to seize control of the things OUR PEOPLE built- is it not worth contention, conquistadore?

          Columbus was your family. This hidden opportunity is open to us in all the world- from HVAC in Cambodia to insulating chicken sheds in Columbia, to mines in Kosovo and gas fields in Norway,

          To factories in Milan, or to water, cell towers, and power- here in America. All need freshwater, power, blackwater.

          Also- these companies travel. The white men telling me of this- good family men, their kids were with them- don’t put up with the stupid, or live there.

          People forget how close things are in the Mid-South or East, a day away.
          Why have one home? At that pay, why not have two? Or all you need do is find a white suburb; even Methville will do. Or Milan. Or Mykonos!

          • PS- none were plumbers, either. It’s more about testing, field lines, trenching, heavy equipment and more, from what I gather.

            The wrench guys are only a part- the variety and depth of hidden infrastructure under the streets, buildings, and outlands is astounding. They’ll be happy to show you!

          • You make a good sale, my friend 😉

            But I would rather live in a former plantation in Mississippi than somewhere in Milan, which I think is a dirty shithole, even though my favorite cousins live in its west suburbs and I have been there a lot.

            Hey, if they need my help and brainpower and discipline, I’d consider doing the work. Sounds like your mind is made up?

        • On the positive side of the ledger, unless I forget my statistics, Mississippi is the Blackest state. As such, Whites who are native to there have the maximum possible real-world experience with subspecies Erectus, instead of the make-believe from the media.

      • PSS- Urban Afrimerica, the cities of the former United States, are receiving billions of dollars to deal with our aging infrastructure- so we really should dip our fingers, no, wade ride into that veritable flood of money coming.

        Jackson, this year, is getting $132 M. Why are we leaving this money on the table for others to grab?

        Think, men, think ye upon the Day

    • Never underestimate accumulation of skill. Was sitting in the vehicle standby line for a ferry with one of my sons on Sunday. Watched one of those “common” truck drivers hauling a heavy load of slate execute a perfect 180 in a cramped parking lot. Then back straight up the ferry ramp with 12 inches of clearance straight into the slot between passenger vehicles in one non stop motion. Then watched the Wall Street chads zig zag, start stop, start stop their little Audis and BMW with three deck crew trying to keep them from hitting the ramp and other vehicles.

      • Man, I want to to be a sandhog, digging in the NYC tunnels. Those high steel crane blokes scare the pee-waddlin’ outta me. My boy did that, carrying buckets of bolts- he said with the welders screaming at you, you get to where you run across the plank, 30 stories up, buckets in both hands, without thinking about it.

  6. I don’t think AI: is after us, it is clearly organized international action. the Antifa in my nice suburban neighborhood is a fireman. It is cleat that they have government sanction for what they do, the leaders are well trained and they manage their “mob” for maximum effect. I am sur the leadership is public sector union. the thugs and fat chicks are easily led and work for free. don’t mistake them for the leadership.

  7. I think it is worth noting in regards to the fall of communism and the Berlin Wall that a collapsing wall works both ways. Communism had been “contained” and quarantined (at least partially) from western culture until the fall. The same is true of the Eastern Bloc, they were able to prevent the stench of greedy corporate capitalism and globohomo from destroying their cultures. When the wall fell, the worst of each was released into the other, and the best of each was suppressed and pathologized.

    It isn’t as if communism just disappeared one day. It isn’t as if it wasn’t already seeded in the west, waiting for someone to fertilize it. Likewise, it isn’t as if the citizens of East Germany and the USSR didn’t have all the human faults, hedonism, and desires that have always animated part of the west. They were just waiting for an opportunity to be liberated and unleashed by a more permissive and free western influence.

    • Well stated. As Nietzsche’s press agent around here 😀 I am still heavily influenced by recent readings of his works. I’m not sure Communism was a “thing” he mentions, but yes to socialism and very definitely, democracy. He was no fan of liberal democracy. While Soviet communism, at least at one point, had hopes of creating the “new Soviet man” (which might echo Nietzsche’s superman) the reality was much like with democracy to the West: it was just another flavor of “slave morality” or better perhaps, the rule by the herd (the common man). Of course there are counter-arguments (to some degree, the best or most competent are the ones that HAVE to run a nation, however dysfunctional) but they are by no means the noble, the independent creative men that he dreamt of. Of all your comments, I’m sure he’d most strongly agree “the best of each [society] was suppressed and pathologized.” That’s exactly what he said The Herd did to the Heroes.

  8. A good review from what seems a strategic remove from the day-to-day insanity. Re: the women refusing to blossom; this deserves a deeper look that, perhaps, you can give us. I know this will trigger some – but step back and look at the issue objectively.

    It is difficult (impossible?) to find a pathology loose in the West that is not the result of women’s political power and weak or undisciplined men. (Shocker for conservatives: Eve was the bad guy…) Women vote empathy; government isn’t about empathy – and today’s pathologies are what happens when government comes to be about empathy.

    As others have noted, Ann Coulter among them, without the women’s vote, today’s Dem/Prog party could not exist – and would not be destroying Western Civilization. They wouldn’t even be destroying women’s sports with trans insanity without the women’s vote… Once women voted for safe streets, good schools and prosperity for good jobs for their husbands and kids. Now they vote the opposite.

    Women withheld sex to get 18A passed – which gave us organized crime. They did so again to get 19A passed which, as far as can be seen has resulted in the Welfare State, latchkey kids and increased truancy and adolescent crimes – coupled with no-fault divorce, the lack of fatherhood and the inner city turmoil, below-replacement fertility, hugely-inflated home prices based on 2-income families, crap schools, unionized government workers, much of the $28T in debt and all of the $250T in unfunded future Social Security and Medicare liabilities, the decline of churches as its easier to get a check from the government than to sign up for the personal responsibility of Christianity.

    And for Boris to say we need to build back better AND more feminine… well, that’s a real issue. And problem. Ask Kipling.

    • Obviously there are many talented and bright females. However, as you mentioned, it’s becoming more and obvious that they should not have their hands (and emotions) anywhere near the levers of power in the corporate, academic, government or military worlds. This is not to say there aren’t too numerous to count male f-ups – see all the wars from the last century for example. However, culturally and societally, we are collectively going down the crapper, in large part due to their influence in positions of power where they have little business being.

    • To “build Back” you first have to demolish whatever it is you are going to “build back” in this case its everything.

    • On the first Feminian sandstones, we were promised the fuller life,
      Which started by loving our neighbor, and ended by loving his wife.
      Till our women had no more children, and the men lost reason and faith,
      And the Gods of the copybook headings said ‘the wages of sin is death’.

      It was all worth it for the owners of capital who essentially doubled their labor pool.

    • When it comes down to it though the men of society only have themselves to blame. The great majority of women do not have the capacity for rational detached decision making that is a prerequisite for any form of representative government having a chance of long term success. My pet theory is that very incapacity is actually adaptive for the human race in general because pregnancy and child-birthing was so dangerous throughout our evolution. Anyhow, it’s not like the ancients didn’t warn us. I actually think women resent the responsibility on some deep level.

      • The great majority of women do not have the capacity for rational detached decision making that is a prerequisite for any form of representative government having a chance of long term success.

        I’m not sure your average pure blood descendant of sub-saharan Africans has any greater capacity either. Asians are fine. Blacks.with a good admixture of Caucasian are okay. But the capacity for rational, detached decision making is not a trait that conferred a survival advantage in the part of Africa where the ancestors of most American Blacks came from. Not their fault, mind you, simply a fact of evolution. Expecting the average Black to make calm, rational, fact-based decisions in kind of like trying to teach a pig to sing opera. You know how well that is likely to turn out.

      • [Disclaimer: my “knowledge” of psychology is basically just one college class plus miscellaneous readings.]

        Men by nature are competitive. In savage times, it was the men who did the hunting, the warring, and defended the tribe against foes, human or beast. Resource disputes were settled by actual force or the projection of it. This did not of course prevent alliances and tools of civilization; the point is that force was (still is!) always in the background. Indeed, you can think of civilization being where force is a last, rather than first, resort to problem solving.

        Women are not natural leaders. In prehistoric times, they tended the fire, collected local foods and tended the small children. They by nature are cooperative and try to reach consensus and compromise. To some extent, that is how a democracy ideally would work, so perhaps that’s why they gravitated into those positions?

    • Have to quibble with Eve being the bad guy. Eve was a test for Adam, who chose Eve over God. Had Adam kept Eve in line and slapped that apple 🍎 out of her hands, we’d all be living the good life naked in paradise with sixpack abs.

      Moral of the story is that men need to control their women

      • And yet, the second Adam chose his bride over his father’s paradise, to our eternal benefit.

    • Female voters, even “conservative” ones, are generally going to vote for politicians and programs that claim to help someone or something, and females seem congenitally unable to understand the concept that none of these programs are free, and almost none of them (one example is Head Start) actually accomplish anything positive….
      So giving females the vote always results in socialism, and not even a good variety of socialism…

      • I hear this all the time. Yet when you look at actual data you find that since 1920 women voted conservative for fifty or so years. Then it went back-and-forth until the poem-on-the-statue folks took control with Hart-Cellar.

    • Aristophanes’ “Assemblywomen got it right 2300 years ago
      John Knox’s “Monstrous Regiment of Women” c 1550 also.

    • I only object to the “crap schools” claim. Schools are judged based on their math and reading scores, which are heavily influenced by genetics. After controlling for race, math and reading scores havent dropped in 55 years. There are just more minorities bringing down the average.

  9. I say that politics (and government) must have an enemy: Commies, Muslims, white supremacists, who cares?

    Religion must have a Satan.

    Otherwise there wouldn’t be anything for government to do. Or moralists.

    • Paleo libertarians think all a goverment should do is run a sewer system, not our lives.

      • Given the character of those seeking office, they should feel right at home mucking about the sewers.

  10. A minor point in your post, but Prohibition did not ban alcohol per se. It sought to stop its commercial production and distribution. I looked into this in 2010 and my researches indicated…

    “As a result, cirrhosis death rates for men dropped by two-thirds. Admissions to state mental hospitals for alcoholic psychosis halved. The homicide rate, which had soared between 1900 and 1910, did not increase significantly during Prohibition.

    Prohibition was ended in order to raise taxes for the Federal Government. It was supported by labor unions and wealthy industrialists.

    The 21st Amendment, which repealed the 18th Amendment, made unregulated imports of alcohol illegal.

    During Prohibition, national alcohol consumption decreased by an estimated 30 – 50%. After repeal, it increased. In 1989, alcohol was implicated in over 50% of homicides (and drugs in 10 – 20% of them). Alcohol was then also believed to be the cause of over 23,000 motor vehicle deaths – more than twice the number of drink-related homicides.”

    Still, liberty…

    • I love statistics—I make them up all the time. How do we know alcohol consumption decreased 30-50%? How is this metric measured? Production was made illegal, sale and on-site consumption went underground. What we do know is that illegal alcohol “imports” and organized crime rose dramatically in this period due to a new source of money. Not much different from illicit drug use rising in the 60’s and 70’s and continuing through today.

      • Worst of all, it was made illegal so a criminal element could buy off the political class; they then went on to the defunct weapons companies, and then to financializatiion to gain control of the assets, the means of production, and the media command structure.

        Alcohol shifted to common drugs, and they’ve got the world, now- the govs, the corps, the money, the ownership.

        The Prince of Darkness made this His kingdom.
        Cartel World.

      • Wish I’d kept the links – I wrote that over 10 years ago; today I’d have included them. And yes, they’re open to dispute, fair point.

        Others commenting here mention the boost to certain types of crime, and long-term effects of such; also fair points!

    • Prohibition came about as a (probably) misguided reponse to a crisis: the “intemperance of the bread-winner” among the immigrant populations’ applications for charity and “relief” in the northeast cities where they congregated.

  11. Does anyone remember that phrase the pundits were throwing around when the Iron Curtain fell?
    “Peace dividend”? Whatever happened to that?
    We were told governments would now be free to spend unlimited resources on improving our countries. Somehow it didn’t happen. Well, I think we all know how.

    • Yeah I remember that, and even as a teen at the time I remember thinking “how can someone who is broke have extra money to spend by not being “as broke?”. Then of course Gulf War I came around and that was the end of that.

    • As for the “dividend”: who? whom?

      There are reparations due, just not to Africans.

    • Yes, even at the time, it got some yuks from conservatives. We had the book (?) “The End of History.” I think it was Time magazine named the Intel 80386 processor “Man of the Year” (1989?). The 90s were fun, though!

      I’m apparently not as smart as my ego would have me believe: I knew who Microsoft was even in the 1970s (as a teen I read computer magazines). I knew who Apple was (but couldn’t con my dad into buying me one.) I even worked in the industry (IT). None of this stopped me from the chance to invest in those stocks once they became available. 🙁

    • Damn! Never heard of the group but that song could’ve been written this week!

  12. “. Religion has been the primary way to keep the unstable on the straight and narrow. With the decline of Christianity, mass movements in America have been the alternative.”

    I wonder if this is what happened to the Jews? Jews started losing Judaism before Christians started losing their Christianity. Perhaps this is why Jews were the vanguard of the progressive movement.

    • I remember asking my (((friends))) growing up if they could summarize for me what their religion is all about, as I was earnestly curious and wanting to learn, yet NO ONE could. Even today, you ask them. There is really no there there. It’s just a community trying to survive and in this case do what it takes even if means hurting other societies. They just don’t care, it’s all about their survival. So I guess the crux of their belief is simply survival, and for that they require a mythology, and it’s simply “Us vs Them” as their guiding creed.

      The other day an article caught my eye, the (((author))) saying that their religion was about “collective salvation.” I was hopeful to at least, finally, have an idea what their religion is all about. But I sense that that really isn’t what their religion is about, just some words that sound religiously important.

      I was also interested as a young man that they had no concept of the afterlife. That existence was all about the here and now.

      • “I was also interested as a young man that they had no concept of the afterlife. That existence was all about the here and now.”

        This is a –critical– piece many don’t understand about the Juice. Imagine a religion where there is no concept of heaven, hell, or afterlife. Of COURSE you are going to be an amoral d-bag because there is no long lasting recourse for your actions in the here & now. Their religion hews very close to Atheism and it reflects in everything they do. It is also why they like to make fun of the goyim with their ridiculous ‘good deeds and morality’. Hollywood has been taking the piss out of us for decades and it gets more obvious every decade.

        • Whew! Thanks, gentlemen, I’m about to choke on my own tongue trying not to say something ‘antisemitic’ because our host hates that- it distracts from where he’s trying to go.

          Yet it relates, our host’s distinction between the Moral and the Correct, the arc of history and the pervasive influence- it all is a response to an origin, something thousands of years ago.

          Forgive me, I have too much to say on this, so much I’m blowing off work.

          Only a note to thank you gents, it’s a blessed relief to see others thinking upon it.

        • Yes, but it was not always thus–until the 19th century, the worlds of the Kabbalah were spiritually important to many Jews, and promised retribution in future lives…

        • The concept is confused and not agreed upon by major sects of Judaism:

          The presentations/discussions I’ve hear from Rabbi’s discusses such sometimes in relationship to judgement by God (Hashem) upon death. I’ve never pursued much past that, except to perceive the teaching was based less in the good of an “afterlife”, but rather reward in this Iife, e.g. do good deeds and God will grant you prosperity.

  13. I have thought basically everything you have written here, Z, so obviously completely agreed. I do suspect the Zionist/Puritans crusade against Whites is something of an answer as to what to do when there is no external enemy (or at least one that wouldn’t either win a war outright or force the Zionist/Puritans to have actual skin in the game via a vaporization of the East Coast).

    The anti-White Crusade will…fail. Russia is humiliating “Biden” on the world stage over its anti-White genocidal policies. GoodWhite communists are just as inept at running things as their dusky pets; already, the United States government basically is a Third World bunch of trash with high tech and pricy stuff. This cancer will spread until the nation explodes or, more likely, atomizes and Balkanizes.

    If the Zionist/Puritans cannot massacre Whites, they will become quite depressed. We should take advantage of this and encourage them to commit suicide en masse. Most won’t but a sufficient number will.

    • Zerohedge had an article yesterday i believe on how people were quitting their jobs in droves

      It’s ZH, so expect at least some over the top melodrama, but if it’s true, and going by the age cohorts doing most of the quitting, one can surmise it’s talented and experienced white people saying to hell with it. Even Tucker the other day when talking about us losing our rights, asked “what’s the point” of America if we aren’t allowed to be free and speak our minds without fear of penalty and punishment?

      I live in So Cal so it’s very hard for me to get a feel for what’s going on in White America, but even here I am seeing a surprising number of native Californians and transplants saying they want to move to Florida because at least it’s free. Or something to that effect.

      Maybe a lot of white people will simply Say No to the government and what’s going on in DC and in the institutions.

      • We just had an experienced YT engineer chuck his badge at HR this morning.

        Going Galt looks better by the minute.

        • Ive more or less done the same, mentally. I show up, do my 1 or 2 hours of work per day, and collect my paycheque. They know I’m not the guy to call when the vibrant idiots are having a fight again or screwing something up. Some YTs never learn and keep stressing / exerting themselves to fix others mistakes.

          Of course even at 0% effort I’m still more productive than vibrants, who are totally incompetent and get into pointless beefs all the time.

          My “career” trajectory seems to be at the same pace as the whites who break their back trying to fix the vibrants problems non stop, too.

          • Here, one of the Puerto Ricans that has been groomed to ascend an engineering discipline can’t write a single correct English sentence.

            The online Juneteenth shaming lecture was today. The black-owned food truck rodeo will be here Thursday.

            The internal site is now promoting pronouns in email signatures.

            Yeah, we’re totally on track to develop the next generation of military gear.

            Clown world!

        • I’m going culturally Galt- I’ll find opportunity where I find it, even though I’m keeping the old house in Southern California.

          I refuse to run. Those are my humble roots, but they’re MINE.

          Note to Falcone: what I was talking about works in So Cal, too, my gods water infrastructure is a bloody gold mine in aging, crowded, drought-stricken SoCal. Thanks, I want Newsome to make me rich.

          • If the infrastructure thing gets going in CA, yes, I may jump on board. And in fact I bet half the guys I know who left for Boise or Texas or wherever would come right back — at least long enough to finish the job. I know they all miss the place, even considering how bad it’s gotten. This place gets in your blood and very hard to leave. I have had a number of opportunities but at the end of the day I will miss the smell of the desert flowers in the air and all the rest of it.

      • Here’s a perhaps telling anecdote for you. I grew up and live in what is considered a very conservative city in West Texas. And I spend almost all of my time in well-to-do white neighborhoods in that city. During Memorial Day weekend I looked around these neighborhoods and noticed that the Stars and Stripes was conspicuous by its absence. Now on every other Memorial Day weekend in this city, white nabes were a riot of red, white and blue. But no more. It seems that an awful lot of formerly patriotic whites in my city have given up on “America.” And if you’ve caused these people to quit on “America,” you’ve done something very extraordinary. Alas, this is terrible news for the AWRs. They’ve done everything in their power to crush white identity, but in doing so, they are driving us out and together. When you no longer have a country, all you’ve got is one another. The AWRs may have conjured the very thing they fear and loathe.

        • I stopped flying the flag a few years ago. It was a recognition that this country is no longer one that I could celebrate membership in. To paraphrase an old quip, “I didn’t leave my country, my country left me.”

          A similar phenomenon has occurred with civic “duties” such as voting. The great “scamdemic” has caused other readjustments as well, but that’s another topic for another day.

          • Absolutely, Compsci. I note when traffic lights are out, or someone is driving erratically, and I tell my son I used to do my civic duty and call and report such. No more. I don’t give a damn about Numerica’s collective population and I don’t trust any of the civil authorities, and the last thing I want to do is court their attention for any reason. Let all the non-Whites who have relied on Whitey to ensure everything works learn that Whitey has gone on break . . . long term.

          • Same here. The only US flag I fly is US flag stamps, which I paste on envelopes upside down. Why run up a banner for a nation that no longer exists?

          • I stopped flying the flag when I had to secure the little pole from which I flew it on the pillar of my front porch to keep it from winding up on the roof or in the neighbor’s front yard.

        • Count me among the former patriots. I have adopted the attitude of our new illegal “citizens”. This is just a place to live, extract resources, and shop. If Iran nuked NYC tomorrow I honestly wouldn’t care. That is quite a change in attitude for me compared to my reaction to 9/11. This country is in uncharted territory with millions of its formerly strongest supporters now content to stand back and watch the whole place burn to the ground.

      • I live in an area where SoCal refugees have decided to flee. It is hard not to feel sympathy for them, and I do believe people are voting with their feet. I don’t know whether this landing place is typical, either. Past waves of internal exiles have proved to be utterly disgusting people who are shocked to learn the locals hate them; many eventually left and either went back or elsewhere. It will be interesting to see how this group plays out because it is enormous in scale and scope.

      • I’ve seen signs here in So Cal that would scare the political class if they ever left the big city.

        Its not the harmless Trump stuff, that mainstream its WRSA memes and White Solidarity stuff displayed openly.

        I think I saw a couple of subtle NSDAP and Folkish Pagan type things as well.

        Really Y/T’s biggest issue is learning to organize. Even without glowie interference we are atomized and individualistic and all around just bad at it.

        Bad at leading, bad at goal setting (caveat the anti abortion people) bad at using power.

        These things can be can be learned but its a long haul.

  14. Anyone else get the feeling that what’s happening around us is largely a product of Artificial Intelligence or some algorithm?

    I mean, if anyone has ever played computer chess when it first came out, you could just feel that the moves being made were not from a human. Hard to explain, but you could sense you were playing a computer program. You could almost taste the circuitboard in your mouth.

    I am getting a similar sense about things now. Just seems that much of the things being thrown at us are from our leaders listening to a computer program on what to do and what steps to take. All of this BLM crap, antifa, the internet being used to demoralize us at every turn (it was, we should never forget a creation if the military), and so on and so forth, I can almost taste the circuitboard again.

    • Yes. I thought maybe there was constant polling, but your explanation of algorithms makes more sense. Human systems really are hard to keep manipulated and controlled, though.

      • Yes, there is something unnatural about all of it.

        I would guess they are putting the polling data into computers and those computers are crouching out methods and tactics.

        Of course it will fail, but I admit it was a sad day for me when Kasparov finally got beat soundly by Big Blue. Even the great Norweigain chess master today recognizes that he cannot beat a massive computer but then says chess is for people and he enjoys playing against people, that we don’t compete against cheetahs in foot races so why compete against computers in chess?

        • Falcone, I have just finished it, and it was a decent read for the chess insight as well as how machines play chess: Deep Thinking by Garry Kasparov. He mentions a number of times what you say in one of your comments above, that you could still tell you were playing a machine. Apparently, the computers were rubbish a long term strategy but considerably better in closed tactical positions, where their massive compute power could run through many possibilities quickly (at Deep Blue’s time about 5 million positions per second).

          The parts of the book on AI are very light, and really, that is refreshing. I was glad that Kasparov himself realized and mentioned heavily that this was not really a victory for AI, or even ML (Machine Learning), but simply for processing speeds – which just kept getting faster rather quickly.

          It’s a shame old Bobby Fischer is no longer about, I’d imagined he’d have had some brilliant rants about the current situation. The Norwegian (I assume Carlsen) echoes my sentiments: I have never enjoyed playing chess against a computer. It’s much better with a human.

          • Orange,

            Your middle paragraph really nails the, “progress,” that’s been made in AI over the past few decades.

            Most of it simply derives from sheer brute force as hardware has grown exponentially faster and sensors are orders of magnitude more precise.

            Skynet is not just around the corner.

          • The irony being that more processor power actually becomes a negative at a certain point. Once you reach a certain degree of precision, you lose tolerance. Robust systems are ones that don’t need lots of processing because attrition is built into function. Good enough is often more functional than the best.

    • I’ve been feeling the same way. It’s some kind of weird and creepy clown world.

      It’s obviously being directed by some kind of foreign tribe, because almost everything coming out of the ruling class, big business, media, sports, is striking a discordant tone with me. It’s unpleasant but also makes me not care, I’ve been cooking so many new recipes for myself lately as the constant woke advertising from every restaurant chain just made me say “meh”.

      They’re either doing this on purpose, trying to make white men go insane. Or, it really is some outsourced computer program telling them what to do. Or, there has been a coup by the CCP or (((others))) behind the scenes and it just hasn’t been made public – hence the alien feeling I get from everything.

      • I have had the same feeling.

        I have described it as, “the world is decoupling from reality,” or, “we live in a post-reality world now.”

        Remember, inconsistency is a well-known psychological abuse technique used to break down the victim’s mind.

        The sad part is, I’m not sure if the controllers are intelligent enough to consciously apply this technique. What they’re doing may be purely derived from their id.

        • It also might work quite well on average whites, and we happen to be immune to it for some reason.

          So many have been browbeaten into saying “well, that’s just the way things are” and “well, I’m sure everything is going to work out”. Basically they’ve given up.

          It’s totally possible that we actually have insane, stupid, and feminine elites too. Look at the leaders at the G7. Breaking COVID rules. Acting like children. Are they purposely trying to flex on us? Are they just infantile idiots? Z would probably say the latter is more accurate.

        • “What they’re doing may be purely derived from their id.”

          Yes, yes, that’s just it, the re-wiring of the neural structure! You people are a blessing and a joy.

      • Reading this while watching Rick Beato address auto-tuning. He makes the same point, that to humans it sounds inherently discordant.

        We’re in the midst of our ruling class trying to overproduce and auto-tune our world.

  15. I have to say that today’s post has a very satisfying metanarrative. It coheres with my lived experience. I particularly recall the rapid transition from anticommunism in the agitprop directed to the recently collapsed USSR to the ramped up anti-apartheid protests against South Africa, no doubt fueled by residual fanatic guilt over America’s legacy of Jim Crow segregation, understood properly as freedom of association by the voices of restraint who strove to keep the unstable elements chained up.

  16. Mr Z,

    Not that I’ll sway you, but no the history of America is not the history of Fanaticism. America was colonized and settled , there are fanatics then and now in America. America’s history reads like many other peoples.
    We’re all prone to anachronistic views, some more than others. Yes at this point the fanatics are out front- they make good frontmen for the crooks really calling the shots. DC is like Beirut now with the thieves in charge, the loons now out front more than Lebanon (the Lebanese have had their fill of fanatics).

    The wars you mentioned weren’t fanatic employment or some public health 4D chess, you simply have never lived in an America with a mental health system that keeps crazy people off the street. It actually existed until the 1980s, so once upon a time they didn’t have nuts on free rein. It is true that we have religion and politics in our history, now religion as politics- which is dysfunctional. But I can barely think of a nation that did not. The only exception that springs to mind is Austria and the Hapsburgs; who were surrounded by real enemies on all sides and were very practical people with real problems to solve, and yet these same hard nosed nobles had to face a 30 years war, with the worst elements coming from – Germany, Sweden, the Czechs!! Who would think that of the Czechs or Swedes today! And yet…

    Then again who would know that the Mennonites are the spawn of the Al Qaeda of their day the Anabaptists?
    That the Irish would become the police, firefighters and most unbelievable of all good fathers and family men? The last unthinkable until probably the early 20th century.

    Mr. Z you are anachronistic Sir.
    You are a man of your time and place extending and misplacing it elsewhere and out of time.

    Still with good insights.
    Thank you,

    • Yes, but he’s right that no one talks about the Cold War. It was a big deal when I was a kid

      • Z is right no one talks about the Cold War. But why should they? I grew up in it and it was nerve wracking. No one liked to think about it. We were building nukes by the thousands,we had lunatics in Congress jonesing for a fight with the Soviets.

        The MSM ran lots of stories about how the Soviets were 10ft tall ogres. The military helped out because it meant even larger budgets.

        Our military was sweating like pigs about the Warsaw pact tank armies rolling through the Fulda Gap and that we would have to resort to nukes to stop them.

        At the same time corporate America and Wall Street saw what a great public distraction the Cold War was and then proceeded to ass r*pe middle-America via LBO’s and mergers that started the hollowing out of American industry and the end of the single income household. for lower class Americans.

        You to tune this stuff out to a large degree if you wanted to have anything resembling a sane life.

      • This is true, it was indeed erased from history.
        Zoomers and Millennials hear about it from TV.

  17. Somewhere in the folders I brought home upon retirement, I have a “Cold War Appreciation Certificate.” Everybody who was in DoD at the time the Berlin Wall fell received one.

    There’s been talk of a new “cold war” with China. It will never happen. We are not on the same footing as in 1946. It would simply be a war of attrition as China sucks us dry faster than they could otherwise. We could start one with Russia, but there’s no point to it.

    • doesn’t bode well for us then

      their idle hands will find work in making us into their evil to eradicate, already happening

      egad !!!

    • In a hypothetical conflict it’s a contest between supply chain disruption and collapse.

      Does the West need plastic crap more or less than China needs food and oil?

      • The US fairly soon won’t have food to export.

        The entire West including California is in a mega drought. Its so bad Lake Mead, granted not a food production area but still essential is at its lowest level in history.

        There are decades left before this ends maybe longer.

        Right now we are importing food from China and everywhere else as it happens and that can’t go on.

        What’ll happen here is unknown but basically the entire world order is destabilizing and we don’t have any means to bring back the faux stability of the Cold War .

        Right now for the US its a three way toss up between Civil War, Extended Clown World and Collapse with other runners up just starting to appear.

    • There’s no ideological component from China to contain, at least not a competing one. Whereas the Soviets would rather have a communist country that disliked them than a “capitalist” one that liked them, China couldn’t give a toss about what government we have, just so long as they’re still open to global graft.

    • It’ll never happen because the folks that destroyed American communities via offshoring manufacturing to China wish it to continue.

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  19. When Z refers to “Muslim panics“ and says that they were never a threat to anybody but themselves, that might be true, but it can ONLY be true if you refuse to properly describe 9/11 as a failure of immigration policy.

    • In the short term Muslims are not a threat, but once their numbers get large enough in a country like France, Sweden or Germany they do become a threat to the rest of society.

    • Or are sane enough not to believe 9/11 had anything to do with Muslims.

      The Official Version of 9/11 goes something like this…
      (All this reported by “respectable” mainstream media or reported in the 9/11 commission report )

      Directed by a beardy-guy from a cave in Afghanistan, nineteen hard-drinking, coke-snorting, devout Muslims enjoy lap dances before their mission to meet Allah…

      Using nothing more than craft knifes, they overpower cabin crew, passengers and pilots on four planes…

      And hangover or not, they manage to give the world’s most sophisticated air defense system the slip…

      Unphased by leaving their “How to Fly a Passenger Jet” guide in the car at the airport, they master the controls in no-time and score direct hits on two towers, causing THREE to collapse completely…

      Our masterminds even manage to overpower the odd law of physics or two… and the world watches in awe as steel-framed buildings fall symmetrically – through their own mass – at free-fall speed, for the first time in history.

      Despite all their dastardly cunning, they stupidly give their identity away by using explosion-proof passports, which survive the fireball undamaged and fall to the ground… only to be discovered by the incredible crime-fighting sleuths at the FBI…

      …Meanwhile down in Washington…

      Hani Hanjour, having previously flunked 2-man Cessna flying school, gets carried away with all the success of the day and suddenly finds incredible abilities behind the controls of a Boeing…
      Instead of flying straight down into the large roof area of the Pentagon, he decides to show off a little…
      Executing an incredible 270 degree downward spiral, he levels off to hit the low facade of the world’s most heavily defended building…
      …all without a single shot being fired…. or ruining the nicely mowed lawn… and all at a speed just too fast to capture on video…

      …Later, in the skies above Pennsylvania…

      So desperate to talk to loved ones before their death, some passengers use sheer willpower to connect mobile calls that otherwise would not be possible until several years later…

      And following a heroic attempt by some to retake control of Flight 93, it crashes into a Shankesville field leaving no trace of engines, fuselage or occupants… except for the standard issue Muslim terrorists bandana…

      …Further south in Florida…

      President Bush, our brave Commander-in-Chief continues to read “My Pet Goat” to a class full of primary school children… shrugging off the obvious possibility that his life could be in imminent danger…

      …In New York…

      World Trade Center leaseholder Larry Silverstein blesses his own foresight in insuring the buildings against terrorist attack only six weeks previously…

      While back in Washington, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and Paul Wolfowitz shake their heads in disbelief at their own luck in getting the ‘New Pearl Harbor’ catalyzing event they so desired to pursue their agenda of world domination…

      And finally, not to be disturbed too much by reports of their own deaths, at least seven of our nineteen suicide hijackers turn up alive and kicking in mainstream media reports…

      And if you don’t believe that, you’re a “conspiracy theorist”

    • Yeah, he’s off the rails with his dismissal of the Islamic threat.

      It has been the existential threat to western civilization for fourteen hundred years. Communism was a flash in the pan in comparison.

  20. The crusades against the Muslims were an attempt to put the crazies back on the rope, but it failed. Those crazies are now threatening to take over the whole country.

    “Threatening to take over”? “Threatening”??? Sorry, Zman, but from where I sit the crazies well and truly HAVE taken over and all the panics you mention are evidence of just how complete that takeover truly is. I am old enough to remember nuclear war drills – like fire drills and, in West Texas, tornado drills – in elementary school. I also remember watching both the building of the Berlin Wall and its destruction. In the case of the latter I did so with tears streaming down my cheeks as I realized we had taken a giant step back from the precipice on which I had lived my entire life.

    Sorry, Zman but I am convinced that the inmates are firmly in control of the assylum – sane people need not apply. You have called it “clown world” and rightly so. It could also be called bizarro world. They shut down the planet for.something less dangerous than seasonal flu for goodness sake! How could that happen if the crazies were not solidly in control?

    • I agree with you but only to the extent that during the times of those nuke drills we were, or at least presumed we were part of the country and the country was us.

      At some point those bonds were broken, and now the “country” (meaning the government and institutions) is not ours but occupied by what is largely a hostile and often foreign elite.

      So they have taken over the “country”, yes it’s true, but that means they have taken over the institutions. But those institutions are not us. They haven’t taken over us yet. Of course they are trying.

    • The crazies have just enough dependable people to keep the system afloat. What happens when the dependable people get sufficiently fed up to risk societal meltdown? For a while, people flee to the next stable town or state. What happens when there is nowhere to flee to?

      • A cornered rat will fight with vicious intensity when there is no other choice. Humans are no different.

      • Apologies. I accidentally gave you a down vote and I cannot retract it.

        As far as keeping the system going, not for much longer. They can keep the political apparatchik going but technical and even skilled and semi skilled trades are going away.

        I know a major company here in So Cal name redacted that has lost 90% of its employees and cannot recruit any competent people period . Some of this pay, they underpay for this part of the country but the rest is a simple lack of people.

        A lot of jobs go unfilled as there is no one to do them . Worse the Youngest Boomers and Oldest Gen X are starting to leave the work force being near 60

        They aren’t replaced by millennials either. They lack the skills., weren’t trained and the oldest of them is now hitting 40. If they weren’t in the trades they never will be.

        Simply its crumbling bit by bit. The thing is this makes the system a threat. The Elite will do anything no matter how moral just to stay in power one more day.

        As for running, people already are, California lost population as did NYC. If you try and trap them. assuming they are part of the community you’ll meet resistance.

        We already see that with large numbers of States refusing vaccine passports , imposing gun sanctuaries and such like.

        Power will flow downhill and smaller more stable polities will spring up. If we collapse before or after CW 2 , we’ll just end up a bunch of Republics like the USSR did

  21. For at least 200,000 years, we evolved in an environment of natural hardship and daily existential threat. This fitness gauntlet assured that those best adapted to local conditions would pass on their genes and the maladapted died young. And we got stronger & smarter with each passing generation.

    Not anymore! Affluence killed natural fitness selection and replaced it with artificial trait enhancement. Nature produced the wolf as the epitome of dog line. Man-made selection is giving us the 6″ tall hairless chihuahua with an insane bark and spastic shivering as its defense mechanism. Do you really want to standby and become a gay tranny chihuahua?

    • Someone on here once wrote, “If you can’t find food, you have one problem, if you can find food you have a thousand problems.”

    • Man made selection also gave us the Iberian Shepherd, Great Dane and German Shepherd. I’d prefer to be one of those than a wild dog.

      • Why? Dingos and Jackals are tough and successful. I don’t know anything about Iberian Shepherds, but Great Dane’s and German Shepherds are both overbred breeds with numerous genetic health issues. I’ve worked with animals all my life and I’ve seen too many German Shepherds crippled with hip dysplasia and Great Danes are notorious for their sadly short lifespans. Neither are suited to a life without being cared-for by humans.

        Are you really saying you’d rather be a pampered-overbred pet than a feisty, smart, tough-as-nails pack hunter?

        It’s interesting to note that if you indiscriminately mix modern dog breeds, in only a handful of generations they always revert back to what’s known as the “Pariah Dog” conformation, which is basically “Dingo.”

        • Well, I watched my neighbors Iberian Shepherds tear into a wild fox yesterday morning before I left for work. The shepherds were big, strong and well-fed. The fix was emaciated and dirty, and likely had it’s lifespan shortened even though it escaped. When people say it’s better be like wild dog than a domesticated one, it makes me suspect they don’t really have any knowledge of what the existence of the former is like.

          • First, you can’t generalize from a specific anecdote about two large, well-fed dogs against an outnumbered much smaller fox as to the overall fitness of species in general.

            Second, I was talking about genetics, not lifestyle, as that is what the post was about. If you raise a dingo, fox, coyote or jackal in a domestic setting it will benefit from all the same nutrition and healthcare that a domestic dog gets. Dingos raised in captivity have much longer lifespans than dingos in the wild. That’s environment, not selection.

            So what you are really saying is you like living with all the convenience,medical and technological advancements of modern society. I agree.

          • Yep I see a lot of coyotes where I live and they pretty much all look mangy, half starved and scared as hell.

        • In the documentary “Empire of Dust” that was recommended here last week, towards the end, the Chinese remarks of the Congolese, that evolution naturally selected them to live in that environment, to act the way they did. And it’s no doubt true. But it didn’t make CREC-7 (the Chinese construction company) job any easier. If the film is to be believed, the indigenous population is so discombobulated, the natives trash equipment, steal when they can, and can’t even successfully obtain rocks or gravel to make cement.

      • Just going to piggy-back on this comment to point out that there’ are entire continents where “hard times” did not make a better people.

        • “Better” is a subjective judgement. But evolution always results in either successful adaptation of the species to the local environment or extinction of the maladapted outliers.

          • Selection events simply allow those adapted to pass the event to survive. WW1 allowed the cowardly and effiminate to survive while the brave and masculine died. The soviet conquest of berlin allowed the propagation of rapey alcoholic weasels. Selective advantages in the short term have no logical causational connection to “goodness,” and frequently have perverse outcomes.

      • Anatomically modern humans may be as old as 300K actually, maybe more.

        200K however is a widely accepted time frame.

  22. More than longing for the leash, they seem to be longing for the grave these days. Maybe the wonder shot will be an awful salvation. The Revenge of the Nerds continues apace.

    I always come back to Goethe’s Mephistopheles: “Part of the power that would always wish evil, and always works the good.”

  23. I’m looking forward to hearing you livestream again but can’t you get on a more interesting show? No offense to him but Patrick Casey has one of the dullest and “can miss” shows out there. Ramzpaul is also a terrible live broadcaster but his shows are at least amusing and I’m sure he’d have you because he often recommends you.

    Also try Blonde in the Belly of the Beast.

    I would list more but I suppose you don’t go around inviting yourself so I will try to get others to invite you! It’s always fun to hear you in the wild and there are plenty of people out there who don’t know about you that would want to.

    • Blonde in the Belly of the Beast is an excellent suggestion! While I know who Patrick Casey is, I’ve never watched his program. I wouldn’t call Ramzpaul “a terrible live broadcaster,” though there are certainly better ones out there. Ramzpaul’s strong suit is videos of around ten minutes wherein he skewers various aspects of our self-destructive culture. I’ve always really like the guy, whatever his shortcomings.

  24. Airbnb bust out time: Those fun loving Khazars at it again. Notice the names here, and they’ll all be involved in the lawsuits that are clearly pending against Airbnb. Former head of Airbnb crisis management [aka pay off rape/murder victims] Shapiro – damn Anglos ! – who used to work for the CIA will, will be appearing in the class action lawsuits certainly coming against Airbnb. Rape, murder, dismembered corpses…Airbnb has it all.

    Somehow the bust out never gets old; create a problem, loot the chumps, turn around and sue into oblivion everyone involved except your own, etc etc. I’m firmly convinced that the Famous Triangle Shirt Fire was arson and arson+murder for the insurance money, for example.

    • Holy crap! Fantastic article.

      I’ve long suspected AirBnB/VRBO has been hiding some real problems; turning 20 million closets all over the world into unregulated hotels just might, I dunno, cause some issues?

      At the very least, I’d expect a huge portion of these places have video feeds in them; not a few left behind by pervy previous “guests”.

      “Trust and Safety Team” = How much do we have to pay out to make you shut up?

      • It is a great article. Perhaps my favourite part was the shooting in 1.2 million dollar house in California. My first thought was ‘joggers’ and then lo! Even a picture too and a link a news article with names like Ramon and Tiyon. This is grist for the propaganda mill to be sure.

    • Apparently, “Airbnb’s business model rests on the idea that strangers can trust one another.” What could go wrong? As for me, I have never quite understood the types that wish to rent their proper homes out to strangers. I did try it once, but the guests arrived and were put off by the flag of St George with a Patriotic Alternative crest in it’s center. Oh well…

      • I always assumed that the rented house was basically purchased to be a rented (short-term) house, not someone’s primary residence let out for an odd weekend or so. Personally, if I rented my house, it would be with the thought of never going back there again. My home is personal and the thought of strangers occupying it is abhorrent.

      • Given the large role of corporations in the development of a low trust society, the irony is off the charts.

  25. Freedom is just the space between the walls. Those walls are crumbling. Long story short, too much freedom is a dangerous thing.

  26. You could write the story of America as the story of fanaticism. The first waves of fanatics landed in what is now New England to build their paradise in the wilderness of the New World.
    Carl Bridenbaugh’s great book Vexed and Troubled Englishmen, 1590–1642: The Beginnings of the American People (1968) explains how the English Puritans, disgusted with the fact that London was the world capital of prostitution and alcoholism and the ever-present threat of being subdued by Catholics, moved their joyless operation to a place that was a “wilderness” only in the sense that it hadn’t been fenced into parcels and wasn’t overrun by domestic livestock. Their fanaticism went on display with the hanging of witches and the murder of native Americans bold enough to reject the Puritan theology, just as they did with the Catholic Irish.
    Many of the Puritan ideas survive to this day in one form or another and their legacy will probably endure for centuries more with the continued existence of their flagship, Harvard University, the epicenter of evil in the western hemisphere and a place that should be bulldozed into the Charles River.

    • “London was the world capital of prostitution and alcoholism and the ever-present threat of being subdued by Catholics”.

      If I wanted an 85 IQ account of English/American history I’d peruse the genius opining of Voxday.

      The Clap is a phrase relating to Les Clapiers in Paris which was world famous for prostitution and spreading the Clap. You are dreaming if you think London had anything on Paris or Peking!

      Alcoholism-compared to Moscow or Budapest or Berlin or Paris!

      I’ll take the Puritans’ behavior in North America over those pious Catholics to the south. Puritans were subdued in their treatment of the Irish compared to Spanish treatment of Americans or the French treament of the Huguenots. You might try reading about the 30 years war and then think again about applying anachronistic standards of behavior on historical events.

      • The Catholic friars were famous for interceding with the Spanish viceroys on behalf of the indigenous. On the other hand, the Puritans made it their primary business to attempt the extermination of the Irish and the native Americans. Read Bridenbough’s books rather than making stuff up.

        • The Catholic friars were famous for interceding with the Spanish viceroys on behalf of the indigenous.

          Oh, yeah! Like when they had the front half of the men of the Acoma Pueblo cut off so they couldn’t skedaddle instead of being slave labor to build their damned church! The wonderful benevolent friars who had absolutely no more compunctions about converting the “heathen savages” to their flavor of Christianity at the point of a sword than the fiercest 7th century Muslim!

      • Isn’t interesting that the majority of the population of Mexico is made up of creoles while that there is are none in what’s now the northeastern US. In fact, the only creole population north of the former Spanish colonies in the American southwest is the Metis in the French-speaking area of Manitoba. It was beneath the English to mate with brown people, better to kill them.

        • nailheadtom: You veer from some astute comments on American history to seething hatred of White rayciss. Many of us have more than a binary view of history and can recognize the shadings of gray in all peoples’ history, not merely our own. But you then condemn White people for not merely conquering and killing others, which all tribes have done throughout history, but for not miscegenating enough?

          I’m well aware of the Spanish Catholic priests who argued ardently for the innate ‘humanity’ of the natives in South America. I happen not to agree with you that earlier versions of SJWs were beatific GoodWhites and those who preferred their own people and society were innately evil.

          If you so hate your own English people and country, I wonder – Why are you here? And are you even White?

          • I like reading Tom’s comments but he sometimes veers into the “whites are uniquely evil” narrative.

            I don’t even feel like arguing with him. Rather, if we’re so irredeemably evil, then let’s just separate, okay?

            Tom can have a great life in Wakanda.

          • “Whites”, as a class, ethnic group, race, whatever, takes in a lot of different people and cultures. While the Serbs and Irish are both considered “whites” they are very much different in many ways. The comments were made in regard to the Puritans, who would be considered as white by many. But they were in no way comparable to the Irish, Serbs, Sicilians, Greeks, and a host of other groups that get lumped into the white category. No Irishman would ever admit to being of the same makeup as a Puritan. It’s really amazing that after centuries of pathological behavior the descendants of Europeans are able to consider their enemies as kinfolk. Well, in Europe, that’s not the case. Only in the US, where the socialist educational system attempts, fairly successfully, to erase the cultural backgrounds of its students and mold them into “Americans”, regardless of their history, are all whites dumped into one ethnic hopper.

          • How does pointing out the hypocrisy of the leading thinkers of the Enlightenment indicate hatred? Even today, it’s an inheritable sin to be a descendant of a nation that legalized slavery but having ancestors that killed the native Americans and confiscated their land is hardly worthy of consideration. Americans talked the humanist talk but walked the Mongol walk. Why should it be indicative of hatred to point that out?

          • Good discussion here. With my background in Spanish Lit, I have a passing familiarity with the history of the Conquistadores. Yes, there were some clerics, like de las Casas, that were able to lobby for indigenous rights, rail against some of the abuses of the colonials. But these were very much the exception. Sadly, what Bill Mullins described above was much closer to the norm. There were relatively few Negroes in Spanish New World: they were valuable property and as such were treated better than the disposable “Indios” could be. For all the abuses the other Europeans heaped upon “their” Indians, they cannot hold a candle to the utter barbarity of the Spanish.

  27. Great points. The need to be pushing forward toward some great – and moral – goal was part of America from the founding. Americans never seemed content to just be.

    As you mention, the closing of western frontier was the point where America could have said “enough,” but it wasn’t enough. As soon as the frontier closed, we started poking around both externally and internally, looking for a moral cause to chase.

    That’s the thing about Progressives: They can never quit. They are defined by being morally in front of the rabble. If the majority of people accept a Progressive’s stance – either because they change their minds or are forced to do so – the Progressive is no long in front of the crowd and thus no longer more moral. And for these folks, that’s the entire point of their life. After all, they are Progressive.

    They then start looking for a new cause or to push a current movement farther so as to move away from the crowd. Once Whites accepted that they shouldn’t judge a person on their race, the Progressive moved to judging White on their race and history, something White chaff at, which makes the Progressive happy. If White accept (or say that they accept) that they have White privilege, the Progressives will push for more. They have to.

    Progressives are like the Terminator. They will never quit. Ever. Like a shark has to swim to breath, Progressive must always push for more than the crowd accepts or the Progressive will lose their oxygen.

  28. Anyone else like me old enough to remember school drills where you had to practive getting under your desk to avoid the a-bombs the Russians might drop? Kruschev pounding a shoe on the podium at the UN? Basement fallout shelters?
    Good times – or at least less insane times than now.

    • Like Z-man says, so much of the Cold War seems completely foreign and ancient in today’s world. The Reagan era was filled with movies that depicted a struggle between the U.S. and U.S.S.R. In some cases, War Games or The Day After, the message was not to “play”, but more often than not, e.g. Red Dawn, Rocky IV, even a comedy like Spies Like Us, white Americans fought and came out on top. That concept would be totally foreign to an entire generation of today’s Americans.

      • What really touched the ’80s off as a larger than life US period was the US men’s hockey team win over the Soviets at the Winter Olympics in Lake Placid.

    • I well remember those nuclear war drills. Growing up in Texas and thus usually near an Air Force Base I also remember the air raid sirens being tested. On a visit one time to an armed forces recruiting station I remember seeing a poster on the wall giving the warning signs for nuclear attack for various amounts of warning time – 30 mites,15 minutes etc. I well recall the “warning” signs of a sneak attack – something I found out when I worked on Titan II comm systems the Soviets were never capable of doing – as officially being “bright flash, loud noise”. When I asked the recruiter of the poster was real he pointed to the official DoD document number in the bottom left corner. Yup! The official U.S. government ” warni g sign” of a sneak nuclear attack was “bright flash, loud noise”. And yet those were the sane times.

    • I’m increasingly of the view that the cold war never existed and was some kind of psyop.

      • For the younger folk who did not grow up in it like I and few others here did it was a reality.

        It was a different time. A lot better than what we have now. But then again up until the 80’s we locked up the lunatics and crazy women. Did you know back in the 50’s through the 70’s wealthier husbands could institutionalize their wives when they went batshit crazy?

        In fact the lunacy we see today hasn’t been around for very long. Maybe 25 or so years. My guess is that is started after the Soviet Union went tits up and we started off-shoring millions of jobs to Mexico and Asia. That wrecked entire communities overnight, shattered families and destroyed futures.

        Lunacy accelerated even more after the creation of cell phones followed by social media. Younger people have no clue what it was like growing up in a society where there were no cell phones, no social media of any kind except those strange little newspapers you could find at newstands.

        It was quite nice. People actually kept things private and actually talked to one another face to face and had to act somewhat civilized.

        This kept marginal people stable,as they were not fed a torrent of insanity via social media 7×24 like they are today which has drove many over the edge.

        Take away social media and tablets and a lot of problems will go away quite fast.

        • Yeah, technology seems to outpace human evolution (adaptation) by several orders of magnitude.

        • Don’t forget Wal-Mart’s role in destroying small towns across America in the 80s and 90s.

        • Interesting viewpoint, seems largely true. But even earlier; did removing fathers from the home to an office in the post WW2 era presage the fall into craziness? It is a lot easier for a wife (or daughter) to go off the rails if the head of the family is only around for a few hours a day. Returning menfolk to the home for the working day may be a Godsend of the covidanity.

    • Stranger: I remember learning and singing all the armed forces anthems in public school first grade. I remember an all White neighborhood and almost all-White public spaces. I remember being part of a group of pre-teen boys and girls wandering around and playing in the woods near the reservoir for hours in the summer. I remember being part an inebriated group of other young Americans who left the Marine Bar upon closure at 2 AM and walked down the middle of the road in Moscow singing God Bless America . .. unironically. Those were the days.

  29. My impression has been that the exaggerated threat of the Russians expressed by the regime is driven primarily by the exaggerated influence of the Khazars within it. I suppose human nature being what it is there had to be some boogey man at all times but China seems like the obvious candidate since it poses the more realistic challenge.

    • Yes, so much of this is the manifestation of lunacy and paranoia inherent within the khazars. They are remaking the country in their own paranoid schizoid image. I guess now we know kinda what it’s like to live in the mind of a (((lunatic, serial killer, cross dresser, etc. ))))

      And we are all finding out we don’t like it one bit

      I wonder how long before there is a real backlash against them

      • Khazars? Hmm. I was thinking of calling them White Supremacists, T- Tribal Division.

        But Khazars works. Only they and those in the know will understand the term, as it should be.

      • Falcone: Z is always talking about the importance of having a positive identity. Well, here’s a prime example of a negative one – from a comment at Counter Currents – re Donald Moss, the NY psychoanalyst of recent ‘fame’ who has termed Whiteness an incurable illness.

        «My grandmother reminded me of my obligations as a Jew. She said I was twice indebted: to her for the blood she had once given me and to Abraham for everything else. She said these debts must be honored. Until they are honored, she said, dying was not within my rights. She said: “You are our only revenge. You are our Hitler. Promises have been made. The dead are watching and must not be disappointed.”

        She said the machine will work forever. In America, every part can be replaced. Every vital fluid can be found, everything kept clean. What has been done once can be done again. What has been achieved can be repeated.

        She said: “You will die only by an act of will. As long as you are alive, Hitler has lost.” All of these things were encouraging.»
        —Dr. Donald Moss, “Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Man: Psychoanalysis and masculinity” (Chap. 4, page 46)

        • Sociopaths, when all is said and done. They should have been expelled the moment they arrived, yet were allowed to linger long enough to give Stalin the bomb and open the immigration floodgates. This is the biggest unpaid bill in human history and let’s hope the collection efforts are successful. Look at the face of Merrick Garland and tell me that is not a manifestation of Satan on Earth (and I’m agnostic). Peter Brimelow once wrote he wanted to see the people who destroyed Britain killed with fire. Who can disagree?

      • Of all the peoples who ‘must go back’ the Khazars are at the top of the list by far. They are hominid distillation of dyscivilizationality. The good ones can go to Israel. The bad ones can go to Israel, too. They are their own people’s responsibility to deal with, not ours.

        Even 10 years, before I started connecting the dots, I would never imaged thinking and saying such a thing. Reality exists independently of either our desire or our ignorance.

    • > but China seems like the obvious candidate since it poses the more realistic challenge.

      China knows they can just buy off the Americans and rule us financially. The only threat American can inflict on China is cultural poison, which it seems the Chinese are more genetically resistant to, at least for now.

      Becoming more convinced the left hates Russia because Russians know the exact rhetoric that hurts the ruling class. Putin just asked about the cop who killed Ashlii, and some prominent Russians are explicitly calling out the anti-whiteness of Washington D.C. You can’t help but see in social media how even mild dissidents are saying that Putin cares more about Heritage Americans than our own government,

      That Putin is doing this cynically is immaterial, the point is that Putin is saying things that resonate more with your average Joe more than our political leaders. As Darren Beattie says, “They will welcome us as liberators”

      • One thing I noticed, before Hollywood imploded, is that films heavily influenced by Chinese money were far less pozzed than similar Hollywood productions.

        Take, “The Meg,” for example. The film clearly shows a woman being bailed out by a masculine male after getting into trouble. The sole vibrant is limited to the role of a comedic minstrel. The value of family is repeatedly mentioned.

        • Midway was financed by the Chinese and is like something from another age (although the price of the production was to shove a Chinese version of muh 6 gorrillian into it).

      • In the meme fronts the putin/alpha or Trump/allpha v. Biden/gamma, dominance/submission polarity is just low hanging fruit at this point. Its the Obama great apology tour on soyroids.

        Same goes for the anti-white meter. They have out-kicked their coverage in so many positions now that their only play is to double-down even harder. This is making for a lot of itchy fritos in average joes pleather lounger.

        But the only way we can run it back thru their over-pursuit is by heeding some hard lessons from our addiction to China dope.

        We need a savage immune system against prog pozz “culture” creep and an economic “value system” that is not some intellectual jerkoff between dead Austrians and san jose cloud computing creampuffs.

        • Biden is a gamma? I would not have put him so far forward. Epsilon or Zeta would be more my estimation if not flat out Omega!

    • The central driver in the mass insanity we now experience is Social Media which oddly enough is mostly the creation of you know who. Couple it with tablets so every marginal person today can have a torrent of bullshit and agit prop fed to them on a 7×24 basis. So Jane the neighborhood cat lady goes from nice to crazed Karen. And Johnny the bored teenager gets radicalized and joins Antifa or black block.

      Psychologists studying Social Media will flat out tell you that it’s seriously toxic and f**ks up mental and social development of younger people and twists the perceptions of others.

      Our nervous systems/minds were not meant to handle what is being thrown at us by BigTech,

  30. When I’m breathing my last I think my only real regret will be in not knowing how the plot line develops. I was born in 1957, and my lifespan has probably seen one of the most peaceful periods of human history, especially if you go by body count compared to population. Why this is I have no idea. I do feel certain it’s not due to the stellar capabilities of the world’s political leadership.

    As is typical for a grumpy old guy, I look around and can’t see how any of this can last. We are at the precipice and the slightest ill wind can push us off. But I say typical because I know the grim reaper is wandering around in the woods on my farm. Haven’t seen him yet, but knowing he’s out there is a helluva bias for interpreting current events.

    I’ve been saying since the big steal that if by this time next year things are still basically the same, and I’m still free and wealthy enough to be able to complain about it all, then I have to seriously consider that my world view if somehow wrong. At that point I think I’ll shut up and just watch, because I’ll have nothing meaningful to add to the conversation.

  31. Maybe their big cause will be to rein in black violence ?

    Or the sudden rush of desire to preserve western civilization from the mestizos?

    Or to clean up the streets and the homeless and graffiti?

    Crazier things have happened. Unlikely however.

    • What ARE you toking? I would expect to see a pure blood descendant of sub-saharan Africans receiving a Nobel Prize for one of the hard sciences before I would expect to see any of those things come to pass. From where I sit the Grand Muftis.of both Mecca AND Medina are more likely to come out of the closet as evangelical, born-again Christians than any of the things you listed.

      • Bill, yes, I am being a little facetious, but in a world where nothing is expected, such as the current tranny fetish, can we honestly say that crazy things like liberal whites suddenly becoming Western Civ preservationists WILL NOT happen?

        I know I know, it’s crazy to think about. But, I think you and I are of similar age or close enough to remember that being a liberal meant leaving America and what they found to be its crudity and lack of sophistication to study art in France and sip coffee among the ghosts of America’s famous expats at Les Deux Magots. And we all know that styles repeat. Young people today were not long ago into 1950s fashion and buying up old things at vintage stores. Young people at this very moment have a love affair with 1980s music.

        I would not put it past the liberals to find “Jesus” again in the form of a rekindled love of all things European and Western. But, yes, that still does not mean the vibrants will follow.

    • Not happening. Our masters hate us and want us dead and our culture eradicated.

      They created these crises and then pour gasoline on them so as to make our lives hell.

  32. I have heard that with hives of bees that if you kill the queen, one of the lower order caste drones will metabolically and endomorphically change into a queen and replace her.

    So it goes with demons. Race reality will dictate that it won’t be Whitey. My money is on Jews. They have experience and they’re predisposed to it.

    • B- for effort but imprecision. No, drones are male, and cannot become queens. They eat, mate, and die. An undifferentiated larvae (often several at once, who then Thunderdome it) is fed special amounts of phermomone laced royal jelly to develop her ovaries into a fully fertile female and her morphology into a queen (different wings, abdomen, fat body, and stinger from female workers). They grow in supercedure or swarm cells, which look like dirt dobber nests on the frames.

  33. The threats you mention have actually grown even more ridiculous and fanciful as time goes on. Even the muslim threat way back in the mid 90s and early 2000s (seemed to be all the rage then) was wildly played up. Of course, muslim terror rode on the back of the 9/11 branding, which, whatever the causes, was the singular most spectacular event (in a bad way) of the last what? 20-30 years? Sure, here in London I think we had some ‘poor man’s’ 9/11 on the Underground (can’t even recall the dates), but really, the majority of the schemes were ham-fisted and the panic overblown.

    That said, the mainland Europeans have had some pretty nasty affairs with the Musslemen: Bataclan, Hebdo &c, but still, the threat was pretty overblown. I remember speaking with somebody about this… they were most concerned with ragheads blowing stuff up and were happy to give our creepy government more and more power. But these were the sort of people who’d walk down a busy London street, earphones in, looking at their phone only to have it stolen by a lad on a bike. Talk about wrong priorities in the ‘risk assessment’ department.

    Now we’ve got the Covid, Anti-Whiteness and all sorts. The Covid threat, as in actual threat of death to the extent freedoms must be crushed, is trivial. Yet here we are. It’s just another in the long line of Mencken’s hobgoblins.

      • Heh. Thank you Mr. Dobson. 9/11, 7/7, 7/11 they all roll into one as a new fad or brand comes out. I ought to remember the year more clearly, as I actually worked for The Underground when it happened… as a result most train and bus services were suspended and I had to traverse most of North London by foot (pleasant in parts) with some colleagues, one of whom was the most tedious and vulgar Homer Seckshall I have ever encountered.

      • All I remember is that the most prominent bomber had the same name, differently transliterated, as the present London mayor—rather like when the US elected the President & VP whose campaign signs looked like they said OSAMA BIN LADEN on them.

        There won’t be any historians after we’re gone, but if there were, they’d consider that telling.

  34. Maybe Frederick Jackson Turner was right all along. Viewed in the light of this historiography, this Martian mania makes a bit more sense.
    Without challenges, Man is a lazy animal. Laziness being a Deadly Sin, we see the results.

    • You are a few weeks early. This is “pride” month. Our host already set aside July for “sloth”.

      • Saw two chubby, gray-haired White guys riding bicycles early the other morning as I drove my son to work. They wore their rainbow socks. No, I didn’t swerve to hit them . . . but I did think about it.

  35. I wonder if American politics isn’t following the same trajectory as the mainstream media…fewer and fewer are paying attention, so the hysteria and hyperbole is ramped up to grab attention. But there still are a great many people who’ve been conditioned to consume “current events” and are susceptible to the hysteria (i.e. boomers) and that are too young to have memory and perspective (i.e. left-leaning twentysomethings) and these are the core demographics of “current events”. I see the madness of the political class as a kind of white pill: they are losing influence, and need ridiculous causes to attract the midwits. At some point, politics is bound to get boring again, like how all those Latin Americans shrug their shoulders at the fantastic corruption and shameless peacocking of their ruling class.

    • I’ve thought for a long time that the increasing volume and irrationality is a quest for attention. That is the coin of every democratic realm. In ancient Greece, the sophists were known for their attention getting antics. The growing pointlessness of the state means the pols have to make a greater racket to get noticed.

      • Why a boycott of them is required

        We need to watch their heads explode. Their knowing that no one cares what they do will drive them over the edge. And from there their illegitimacy will be obvious to the world.

        I just hope all of us here remain disciplined and do not get sucked back into politics.

    • That was my exact reaction to this column Steve Sailer posted about Lin-Manuel Miranda having to apologize for not having enough afro-latinos in his new movie. Does anyone from the Caribbean living in the U.S. care about this stuff? Twitter makes the problem much, much worse as it gives an audience to people who would otherwise be dismissed as cranks by those they interact with in real life. So much of online news coverage now is a “reporter” simply posting a series of tweets and writing a few comments on them.

    • The MSM is basically dead in the U.S. it’s viewership is the domain of the retirees. Social Media is what is powering the mass insanity among the younger generation. Couple it with tablets and you can be bombarded by agit-prop 7×24. That will drive the marginally stable over the edge real fast and does,

      And it’s addictive as hell.

      it’s really something that our side perpetually discounts the profound negative effects that particular technology. Hooking our children to tablets and social media has on them. By the time they are in their twenties they are seriously messed up. The damage done to their cognitive and social skills is pretty well documented.

      • Like I like to remind myself, the internet was the creation of the military and I’m sure with involvement from the likes of the CIA.

        The power of it to get into a person’s head and manipulate him was probably the reason it was created in the first place, and it’s working great in that regard.

        However there is a growing trend among young and youngish people to “get back to nature”. You see it especially on Gab with all the people doing their little farms and so forth. But then it’s Gab, so even if they are getting back to nature they still run back to the internet to tell everyone about it. But there is at least a ray of light.

  36. This is where the Greens always make me laugh – you people can only exist, literally, because of the internal combustion engine. Historically, the biggest check on fanaticism was the organic community. Every group larger than a baseball team will have its fanatic; they are a universal human type. In times of great stress the fanatic might get a few temporary converts (e.g. a witchcraft panic), but mostly he’s kept in check by the community – having known him all our lives, we know better than to let Steve run anything.

    Then the Great Mobilization happened. Now fanatics from far and wide could communicate with each other, at the same time organic communities were collapsing. By the time his “neighbors” (defined only by geographic proximity) figure out Steve is a loon, it’s far too late… and, having grown up in the Great Mobilization, don’t know how to read people anyway.

    If the Greens get their way, we’ll all be tied to the manor again like serfs… and then our Greens will be locked in with us. Witchcraft panics work both ways, ya dig? That’s so ironic, I bet Alanis is wondering if someone dropped Viagra in her venti soy chai latte.

    • There are simply no more (or at least enough) sober minded people in positions of power to put any curbs on all this lunacy. Communities at large will take no action either. The one sided propaganda spewed by the media at all levels as well as the linking of the fanatics via social media seems almost too much to overcome -no matter how obviously insane the rhetoric and ideas. Something will give sooner or later, but as I’ve mentioned before, reality is taking its sweet time showing up.

    • Eat your greens suddenly takes on a whole new meaning.

      I was just reading about our latest initiative in the county to shut down the coal plants and go “green” by 2030. The pressers on such progress are straight out of the Orwell print shop.

      Self congratulatory statements by the council members about how proud of themselves they are, interrupted by “facts” [edit: lies] that justify ejecting what has worked for decades and replacing with [TBD] “green”.

      The latter being the key. There is nothing about how destroying a system that works will work be replaced. Just green. Carbon dioxide footprints. And other disembodied taglines. A ship of fools.

      When the Surgeon General says on national media that never been tried before experimental not-vaccine provides more robust immunity than natural exposure and local councils are suiciding cheap reliable infrastructure for feelz, it is long past time for the societal immune system to kick in and remove the mind virus from all stations of power and influence.

      The late hour of this task and the potato in chief turning into vodka in real time has me coming back to an event(s) of serious discomfort and distraction before the leaves turn.

      • Humans exhale a little over 2 lbs. of carbon dioxide every day. About 20% of the human body is carbon. When the overlords talk about “reducing the carbon footprint” they mean us. The anthropomorphic element of that term is no accident. How our overlords must delight in the wholesale idiocy of worshiping one’s own demise.

        • So true

          When they say “cows” need to be reduced in number, you know what they really mean

          • The Pink Floyd album “Animals” gives a pretty good synopsis of the current state of cultural affairs – dogs, pigs and sheep.

        • I like to go around loudly proclaiming the wonderful carbon capture abilities of wood furniture. I’m amazed no one else seems to realize or talk about it given the existential threat of climate change looming over us.

      • Cleveland Clinic has released/published a study that is perhaps definitive on innate vs mRNA immunity. Basically, those who recovered from Covid-19 infection were no more likely to contract COVID a second time than those with inoculation *or* those who had COVID *and* then also took the mRNA cocktail.

        As has been said by any number of virologists (suppressed of course), your innate system is the best defense you have—don’t fuck with it (as in taking the mRNA cocktail).

        Now if you are so co-morbid as to be on death’s doorstep in the best of times, go for it. But otherwise live your life normally.

      • Got an email today from our energy provider. ERCOT (which absolved itself of any responsibility for the Texas grid almost failing in February and, at the same time, warned the next time of ‘high demand’ (=more outages) would be this summer) has informed us it’s damned hot out and everyone is using their AC.

        I turn up the thermostat when it’s endlessly sunny and over 95 outside anyhow, but I’ll consciously reduce my overall energy usage for the good of the ‘community’ when I actually have a community – of genuine White people who give a damn about the common good.

        Meanwhile, we’re reconsidering that extremely expensive whole-house generator (and, more importantly, traveling in a few weeks to look at property in another state including one place that already has a whole-house propane generator hooked up). Being without heat in February with temps in the teens wasn’t fun, but we have a fireplace and lots of blankets and cook with gas. Being without AC in Texas in summer in a modern house with lousy insulation and too many windows is hell on earth. I’d far rather be cold . . . and out of faux-conservative Texas too.

        • My friend in Washington state just got a whole house generator. It was like $20,000 from A to Z. The generator itself is only about $4k to $5k.

          If you have the money, sounds like a good investment.

          I may get one. My house in CA is not that big (1,500 SF + my separate office of 150 SF), so maybe I can get it all done for like $15,000. I have a portable one that powers the necessities, but would be nice to have the whole thing.

          Let us know how it goes.

        • Just installed a propane-fueled full-house generator. and it was worth every dime. A tip: buy and bury your own propane tank if that is allowed where you live. It (a) gives you negotiation leverage with various distributors, and (b) you are not as dependent on circumstances particularly if you fill it during low-use periods and make an effort to keep it topped off.

          It is something everyone should consider, along with tanks to hold substantial quantities of water. Wells are awesome but too many are dependent on an electrical source.

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