The Great Mistake

Note: I was on the Restoring Order podcast last night. It was a lively conversation about events of the day. The audio on my end was not good for some reason. It was like I was making an old fashioned long distance call. Patrick has me connect with Skype, which is probably the reason for the poor sound.

The renewed interest in the origins of the Covid virus is a good reminder of several threads running through the modern political discourse. The most obvious being the reactionary nature of the establishment Left. Trump pinned the blame on China, so the establishment Left made it their mission to defend China. This fit in well with their corporate paymasters, who are happy to wash the feet of the Chinese government in exchange for access to Chinese consumers.

Of course, that leads into another subplot to the modern age. The willingness to submit everything to the marketplace, real and imagined. This is a root cause of the current crisis in America. Just because it is good for the economy in the short term to do business with China does not mean it is good to do business with China, but in the hyper-marketized world of today, no one questions it. Like everything else, right and wrong is left to the market to decide.

The hyper-market also leads to another issue. When all that matters is the highest bidder, then nothing matters. In the case of Covid, many of the people responsible are Americans, who are doing business with China in order to get around the ethics rules in the United States. You see, when morality is decided by the highest bidder, things like patriotism are just another commodity. Even Ben Shapiro’s version of patriotism is just another item to bought and sold.

The Chinese have figured out that they can buy all the technological vigor and creativeness from the West. They just invite researchers from the West to work in Chinese labs with the promise they can follow their curiosity, free of the ethical limitations placed on them in the West. Manufacturers took the same bargain, except the promise was they could pollute the environment and treat the workers like it was the 19th century. Apple led the way on this decades ago.

This was something the Soviets always tried to exploit. Their interpretation of Marxism told them that Western capitalists cared only for quick profit, so they could be easily bribed. The West would sell the Bolsheviks the rope they would use to hang the capitalists. It did not turn out that way as in the 20th century morality was still a thing that operated outside the marketplace. Even capitalists felt a loyalty to their people and their country. Most of them did, leastways.

That was then and this is now. China is like a kid in a toy shop these days, as everything in the West is for sale at discount prices. Everything must go and no offer will be refused. Need a member of Congress who sits on the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence? Short on cash? No problem! How about someone to run cover for letting a deadly virus loose on the world? You are in luck, as they are in stock and priced to sell! Everything must go!

All of this disguises a much more serious problem. Anyone familiar with Chinese business practices knows that following the rules is not their thing. You see, China has always been a culture that is organize around power. The people with power threaten severe punishment for breaking their rules. Success is usually defined by navigating around the rules, while avoiding detection by the powerful. Violating the rules is not just a necessity. It is a way of life.

This is why China is the world’s most prolific patent thief. It is why they are the world’s primary exporter of counterfeit goods, as well as narcotics. Nothing about these practices strike the Chinese as wrong. In fact, they think it immoral to respect the abstract rules and conventions that form the basis of prohibitions on making knock-off consumer goods and illicit drugs. Western ethics, as far as the Chinese see it, are just more rules to work around for fun and profit.

When the product is women’s fashion, it is tolerable. When it is the rules governing serious biological agents, then it is a different matter. Now we can add the handling of nuclear technology to the mix. The one thing we can be sure about with this story is that the Chinese are lying about it. The second thing we can be sure of is they are paying American journalists to repeat the lies. The way to bet is this nuclear “accident” is a lot worse that being reported.

A culture that prizes rule-breaking above all else is not compatible with technology that requires strict adherence to a specific set of ethics. When those ethics are rooted in a long cultural tradition, the conflict is even more acute. If you think Covid was bad, imagine a Chinese version of Chernobyl. Instead of giving the world a case of the sniffles, she starts pumping out radioactive waste. A society that is willing to pollute its own air is not going to flinch about dumping nuclear waste.

China has always been a coercive society. The central authority has total power and there is no way to challenge it. The West has always been based on persuasion, but willing to stoop to inducement. When truth telling does not persuade, then propaganda is used to persuade. When that fails, then offering rewards or punishments is what works. These two types of societies are not just alien. They are incompatible with one another at every level.

It is becoming clear that welcoming China into the global “community” was a terrible blunder by the West. Assuming the American empire figures this out, it will take a generation to reset the relationship with China. If the next lab leak lives up to the Covid hype, then generations of obsequiousness will prove to have been a great mistake of the empire. If it is something worse, then we will know that the truly great mistake happened in the fall of 1969.

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153 thoughts on “The Great Mistake

  1. They’re pushing Wuhan to make you believe there’s a “virus”. It’s all about the jewjab. There is no motherfucking virus. But there is patent 060606 jewjab to take out anyone stupid enough to sign up for their own death. So be it. Let the heads roll.

    • anything to distract us from demographics which are 100 times worse than the so called virus

  2. Cuomo lifting almost all restrictions in NY is a very good thing.

    This is because it will act as a force multiplier that limits the NYC-based, juice-owned, Karen-staffed MSM’s ability to autistically screech about mass Beer Flu deaths the way they did to ramp up the hysteria.

  3. I think the issue is that having got rid of Trump, the world has not gone back to Bush-Obama. Everyone with a brain realizes the Chinese were weaponizing bat viruses to kill most of the rest of the world. That the Chinese Dream having a vastly increased living standard will require killing most of the rest of humanity and vastly impoverishing the rest, including elites. The Davos type Great Reset was supposed to be an elite bargain between the West and China. And Xi wants it all.
    There will be all sorts of divisions and infighting in the Biden Regency. And many allied with China. But the great profits to be had there are winding down. If nothing else China is older and richer, and their pool of vast cheap labor and their rulers willingness to suffer brutal pollution is coming to an end. Xi only has prosperity and nationalism to offer. He literally has nothing else and has many angry enemies internally who were brutally suppressed or shorn of family dynastic possessions. Xi is likely the lynchpin, like Kaiser Wilhelm in 1914, of the coming storm.

    • I’ll admit I haven’t read the prolific Unz article. I’ve always believed in the lab release, but I’m skeptical of deliberate intent, especially non-Chinese spooks. The core problem is that you are embellishing the story too much; each condition added reduces the probability it happened the way claimed.

      Like any good conspiracy theory, of course, it is impossible (for me at least) to prove or disprove. But I base my above conclusions on common sense and logic. Occam’s Razor is an excellent tool. It basically suggest you choose the simplest, most likely explanation, that fits all available facts.

      For example, if a person claims to have been kidnapped by a UFO and experimented upon, lacking any other evidence, there are really only two possibilities:

      (1) He really was abducted by unknown entities as he claims or
      (2) He is as crazy as an outhouse rat and thus any statements of his should be viewed with a bit of skepticism.

      Now, in the above case, wouldn’t you agree that (2) is the more likely explanation?

      Return now to the case of the pandemic. It is easily established that there is a Wuhan Institute of Virology, that it had large collection of bat viruses, perhaps the world’s largest. It also engaged in gain of function and other researches with these viruses, in part funded from U.S. Government funds. This lab (and several others) had long history of safety flaws, including escaped viral contamination (e.g. SARS). Much of this is openly published in the academic literature. Worldwide cover-up and disaster though it may be, when you have twenty years of published academic research and other unclassified sources, from all over the world, it’s very difficult to cover it up after the fact 😀

      • Yes. Occam’s razor = Chinese sloppiness + a coverup. Just like we’re seeing with the nuclear reactor. Only 5 damaged fuel rods— nothing to see here!

      • I agree an accident was likeky. But the intent was to create a bio weapon. Otherwise why fool around with them?

        Bio weapons are insane. They can mutate. Back into the weilder

        • IMO, Chinese research establishment is still in thrall to to US research and mirrors and copies US research directions. Today, still, most top Chinese researchers have trained in western labs and have respect for western research. So when US pushed into gain of function research, China pays attention and mirrors us. In this case, all the stuff that the Wuhan lab worked on was being done by the Ralph Baric lab at UNC.

          So question then is why did we push into gain of function research? Infectious disease research was considered to be an unsexy and unprofitable arena within the larger bioscience world. If you want to know what is sexy in biosciences look at what makes money for the pharma industry: stuff that fights cancer, stuff that lowers cholesterol, stuff that gets a dick hard, etc. No one cares about malaria. So infectious disease researchers had to drum up a way to keep the funding flowing and perk up interest in their projects.

          Arguing that there was value in gain of function was how they did this. Its a way to drum up new research projects and directions for a field that is otherwise sleepy and unprofitable. Note that the incentives align to push this research direction throughout the infectious disease community as everyone (e.g., researchers at universities and government labs in China and US, guys like Fauci that administer the research and grant money) depends on the flow of research funding.

          Once we started pushing into gain of function, China mirrored the research direction and, in typical Chinese “can do” fashion, cut corners and accidentally released the virus.

          • At some point, in the the reign of Barry the Kenyan I think it was, gain of function research was banned by the Congress- There can be no pretense that it’s defensive or medicinal- it’s biological warfare research, which is globally banned.
            They took the usual approach, as with torture the pretense is that if it doesn’t happen in the US, it’s not the US doing it.
            All the GoF research is out-sourced, I think I’ve seen 6 or 7 countries mentioned. That’s why Faucci was funding Wuhan.

          • Reply to Bile Jones.

            Gain of function was banned in us in 2014. Ban expired in 2017 (see link). So, IMO, no need to out source “biological warfare research” to China. If were interested in this academic field you could have done this work in your kitchen.


            Answer to Whiskey’s original question, “But the intent was to create a bio weapon. Otherwise why fool around with them?” We and they (US and China) fooled around with it because we wanted the grant money.

    • In a World War I analogy, the United States is Germany due to its commitments to such Europeans shitholes such as Lithuania and to a lesser extent the more egregious Ukraine.

  4. The great divide in families. Here is a bit of levity, so I hope. I just got off the phone with a pair of cousins. They’re in the process of clearing out the family home of 50+ years (the family Matriarch died a year ago).

    Any way the oddity? On the phone today, they asked with concern, was I vaccinated? I said no, and no plans to. They’d love to have me visit them sometime this summer, but she was concerned that I might catch COVID and die! Now, this was novel to me. Why, I asked her, would I be at any greater risk from them, than from any random person? My question seemed to baffle her, in its implications. Is this, as I fear, just another example of the divergent thought processes that the hive mind will manifest? I love my extended family, but I must confess that living several hundred miles away from them has its advantages 😀

    • I passed a Branch Covidian walking the back roads of rural Maryland @ 5:45 this morning fully masked. For a brief second I was tempted to stop and ask if he needed help.

      • So I called my doctor’s office today to schedule a COVID antibody test – a blood draw. My wife and I had a flu-like illness in February 2020 that we both recovered from in less than a week. No other problems in the subsequent 18 months. Maybe we had COVID?

        The whole “vaccine” push smells wrong to me, so I am not inclined to submit. I figure if I have already had it, no point in taking part in the great gene therapy experiment, and since most travel restrictions I have read allow for proof of antibodies in lieu of proof of “vaccination” (something you won’t hear discussed widely), I thought I would get the antibody test, and if positive, use that as my “passport” and quick answer to peer pressure from friends and family. Fortunately, I am retired and can’t be forced to choose between a mystery drug and a job.

        So I discover this from my insurance company: COVID test (up the nose) is free – haven’t done that and don’t intend to, ever; “vaccine” of any variety is free. Antibody test? I must pay full cost up front out of pocket. Hmm. This only convinces me more to get the antibody test, because the establishment is de-incentivizing it.

        Either way, I’m not volunteering for a medical experiment, never have, never will. I’m just looking for an alternative method of getting on a plane to Spain.

  5. China has the benefit of “lessons learned” from failed 20th century dictatorships. I think chief among them is to never let your professed ideology interfere with the pragmatism necessary to gain power. They told the West everything they wanted to hear, exploited the vast cheap labor supply and in the end, put themselves in the critical path of most of the worlds supply chains. Attaining that power is one thing, holding on is another. China has never suffered an economic downturn since ~1976 and I doubt the leadership (that’s been in place for decades) could handle it without means of force.

  6. I thought everyone (outside the MSM) now understands it was most likely a deliberate release by rouge US-Israel deep state guys targeting China-Iran (that accidentally blew back to the rest of us). Yes it was indeed invented in a lab but unlikely an accidental release. Ron Unz has some good & rigorous analysis that to me seems at least 75% likely. I’m surprised Z has not kept up here….

  7. Want to start a war between the Chinese and their creditors? Whisper these two names:

    David Sasoon (Indian opium)
    Sidney Rittenberg (Mao Communism)

    • John Cena

      Let the cat out of the bag. Hollywood in total damage control. Now the world knows (((they))) have been selling us out and are in league with a foreign adversary.

      And dumbo LeBron hasn’t helped

      Fun times ahead. (((Their))) stranglehold on American culture and society not gonna last that much longer. Yeah, they’ll probably start a war over it.

  8. From Sir John Glubb, The Fate of Empires:
    “The first direction in which wealth injures the nation is a moral one. Money replaces honour and adventure as the objective of the best young men. Moreover, men do not normally seek to make money for their country or their community, but for themselves. Gradually, and almost imperceptibly, the Age of Affluence silences the voice of duty. The object of the young and the ambitious is no longer fame, honour or service, but cash.”

  9. Just hit me, but I think we are starting to see (((them))) feeling the Asian heat and they are freaking out. Some of us were talking about how suddenly (((they))) have been lashing out at the Chinese.

    Could it be that they are feeling the squeeze in university admissions, feeling themselves being pushed aside?

    Asian money starting to squeeze them out from the action?

    Lots of docs and engineers now Asian, not that they were ever much prevalent in the latter.

    Pretty soon, the only niche for (((them)) may be as ambulance chasers.

    Something is afoot no doubt. Yes, (((they))) are being squeezed. Jon Stewart hating on the Chinese is a sign of something going on in the little hat community.

    • They are being squeezed out of some financial and real estate markets. Also take note of where China’s sole overseas naval base. It complements Russia’s Syrian base. These people are done but they will try to take the world down with them.

    • Everything is slipping through their fingers. They know it, and they are panicking.

      >The American populace hates them, so they’ve established a fascist regime to repress dissent. Say the wrong thing and they’ll take away your internet and bank account.

      >Asians and Europeans aren’t much into 24/7 blackworship, so Hollywood’s cultural influence is waning fast: Japanese cartoons and videogames are eclipsing domestic “woke” products; Hollywood movies like Star Wars cratered in Asia; everything with POC or “strong women” in them crashes and burns; the only things Hollywood can make are reboots of things created by Whites because all their promoted POC talent isn’t … talented enough to make things non-POCs want to see; American awards shows are all but dead — nobody around the world cares since they went full BET. Meanwhile, Asian films have won multiple Oscars and their culture is increasingly seen among the Western youth (how many videos on YouTube are there of Europeans taking trips to Japan? Lots).

      >Asians do well scholastically, out-competing their children, so the Regime has to rig college admissions to keep them out. Biden dropped Trump’s lawsuit alleging, probably correctly, anti-Asian discrimination at Ivy League schools. The Regime also has to sabotage Asian political candidates, guys like Andrew Yang, lest they become too influential and threaten their interests.

      >Black / everyone else gaps haven’t closed and now obviously never will. So, it’s increasingly hard to buy off that demographic so they won’t just steal all their rivals’ stuff like the people of Zimbabwe did in regards to White farmlands.

      >China, despite the wishful thinking about Asians not being creative, is starting to be able to out-compete Silicon Valley. So, the Regime has responded by trying to ban Chinese apps like TikTok and sabotaging Chinese tech firms like Huawei. Apparently, Western liberals can’t do basic math. Even if the Chinese were only half as creative as Western Europeans, which I disagree with, they have such an enormous population that they can easily make up for it on volume.

      >Europe no longer fears Russia, so there is increasingly little reason to justify NATO’s continued existence. So, the regime whips up anti-Russian hysteria to keep their vassals in line. But that won’t last. Europeans will eventually choose their Russian comrades over the cultural aliens running the United States, a people who neither look nor act like Europeans and even hate them and, potentially, might even work against their interests one day — promoting CRT in Europe, encouraging mass immigration into the continent, statue destruction, etc.

      >Europe is slipping away. They aren’t going to want to play submissive partner to a country that is increasingly alien to them. The bonds of familiarity are breaking down. The French president has described the ruling ideology of the democrat PMC elite as a danger to France. Europeans no longer look to the US as a place where they can come and make their fortunes because Europeans are racially discriminated against. Lots of Hollywood’s best creators, for instance, were Europeans — even in recent history. But not so much anymore as Europeans have been kicked out in favor of American POC demographics. In the future, there will much less European attachment to the United States because it will no longer be familiar to them.

      Etc etc etc.

      I expect things to get much worse in the future as this empire is forced to reap what it sowed. I can’t say I have much sympathy.

    • Since my comment was flagged as spam I’ll post w/o the links: Israel (against US wishes) has given over the running of its largest port (Haifa) to the CCP.
      Isreal is the second largest arms dealer to China, after Russia.
      Israel has repeatedly passed sensitive US tech to China. In 2013 the defense minister resigned because of it.
      In ’17 CCP investment in Israel was $16 Billion USD
      Israel and China are friends with benefits.

  10. Our rulers know the price of everything and the value of nothing. That is the problem in a nutshell.

  11. I’m agnostic, as always, on China. I don’t know enough about their motives (or ours) to form a concrete opinion yet.

    Are they looking to expand as a regional power in Asia, create a multipolar world, attract talent from the West and other places, help develop the third world through BRI, etc? Those are probably all good things. It’s really none of my business who’s fighting whom in East Asia. The Chinese in Taiwan and HK can fight against the Chinese in China, not my problem.

    But, are they looking to colonize the West? Implement a social credit score here? Are they looking to exact revenge and exterminate all whiteys because we colonized them at one point? Are they influencing the crazy coming out of US media, institutions, and politicians? If that’s the case then I’m certainly not “down” with those plans.

    The West, especially the USA, is evil, bloated, feminized, and geriatric. In many cases no longer demographically Western. Anti white. A little competition is probably good.

    I’m personally not sold on the supposed Chinese genius, they’ve done a good job copying and stealing Western tech, that’s about it. They are also facing severe demographic problems due to low birth rates for decades. But again, we’ll see. So far they are not Globohomo and do not hate or replace their own people, which is nice to see compared to the West.

    • That’s the thing tho, they are NOT real competition.

      It’s like I have always noticed, there is no fun or sense of accomplishment if a white person bests a black person in something. It’s like why do we even have to compete? Why do we have to get in the mud and in the mix with them?

      But then besting another white guy? Oh hell yeah, that’s fun and gets the blood pumping. Yeah yeah let’s go at it bro. I guess it’s a form sibling rivalry writ large.

    • Many hugely valuable Western assets were simply sold or handed over to China by a certain group, which is even worse.

      This is the same group that convinced us we could be prosperous as a purely, “knowledge based economy,” going forward.

      • Since Plan A, World Soviet fell-
        Plan B, World Kapital, was lifted.

        Heh. Chatting with Falcone yesterday, I realize I’ve gone full Marxist: “Workers, seize the means of production!”

        Water, power, comms. I got offtracked mentioning transport, that’s always been a rainbow, but modern WPC is ours, and still almost exclusively YT.

        “Seize the television station!”
        How much power do the shrieking bozos really have, compared to an /ourguy/ security guard with keys to the optical fiber trunk box, and a crafty /worker/ with a set of the right T-wrenches?

        Oracle, get stuffed- WE ran those data cables.

    • I work with ambitious successful chinese for hours a day, they are incredibly materialistic and obsessed with status. And they feel inferior to Whites.

      I’ have not been impressed with them at all

      • I joke that the biggest industry in Toronto is minorities (well, majorities actually) buying Bee Em Double Us and Mer Say Dees.

        It’s not just Chinese who are status obsessed. They can’t seem to understand how not to be losers. In the West, a loser with a BMW is just a loser with a BMW. They cannot seem to “self actualize” – get hobbies, have a personality, be unique in any way.

        It’s another problem of slamming foreign peoples together into one and expecting them to have the same results. I’m sure they would be much happier in China, where maybe owning a BMW would get you laid. Not my people, not my problem.

  12. I am not even remotely a subject expert on this matter, but it looks like that reactor design uses some unique material setup for it’s fuel rods which may have led to voids in the rods and a buildup of gasses therein. The whole thing reminds me of Boeing’s clever 737 redesign that worked fine so long as the people using it were highly skilled, but then sold it to a bunch of unskilled people.

    • Not really, the MAX was a result trying to make a new plane on the cheap without re-engineering the 737 airframe and bypass all the expensive FAA certifications to put a new jet in the air. And it bit them in the ass.

      Another problem is that today’s Boeing is far different than the company that produced the original 737 and 747, Now it’s full of pajeets and AA hires in management along bean counters who think they are qualified to approve aircraft designs and mods.

      And the CEO has promised to make 20% of the workforce black by the late 2020’s.

      The Chinese are thieving bastards but at least they are not suicidal like our high IQ WASPs and Ivy Leaguers.

      • The Boeing design/software could be improved, what can’t—but the fact remains there are documented instances of American pilots recovering from the same problem that crashed the two jets from turd-world crap holes. Basically, Boeing developed an airplane that was push bottom and convince a lot of countries they could play with the “big-boys” if they bought this plane.
        Look for such instances of hubris to happen with more frequency in the US as our AA graduates rise to their level of incompetence.

  13. I may have said this before, but suppose it’s worth repeating

    I was in Chinatown in San Francisco and there was a big barrel by the counter inside a store. The thing was full to the top with little toys and Knick knacks. To me it was just stupid junk. Think not even hot wheels cars but matchbox lower rate cheap stuff, and rubbery plastic dinosaurs and that sort of thing. I’m sure half the stuff had pieces missing scattered throughout the barrel. But the thing is, there were Chinese tourists all gathered around it fingering through it literally going ooh and aah and all so proud of their peoples’ creations. They were scooping it up and buying it.

    When I got back to north beach and saw those Italian tri colors around the lampposts it was like I had entered back into a different world, All the glass wares and little boxes of candies and so on were made with such care and pride and artistry.

    On one hand, the Chinese seem to have zero conceptual reference for quality and craftsmanship and don’t seem to even care. I guess those ideas are foreign to them.

    But yet they all want their kids to learn Bach and Beethoven.

    How can the mind of a person be satisfied with making junk but then be determined to master classical music? It doesn’t make sense to me. But maybe to them Bach is junk and they only learn it for ulterior motives?

    Not sure what to make of them, but I’m not sold on them and think they’ll be just another non white people who bring us down by their proximity and vastly different standards.

    • That’s not been my experience, though it wouldn’t surprise me if a streak of nationalism may have overtaken them: buying their own people’s junk instead of someone else’s.

      • Do we make any junk?

        People may mock me for this, but I am a huge fan of LEGO and have a ton of it, lots of it never opened waiting for my eventual grandkids to enjoy. But LEGO is a quintessential white man’s toy.

        No one can say that LEGO is not top notch quality. Those pieces have been around for over 50 years and still intact. And you should see the Asian ripoffs of it, what a total joke.

        I am also big into watches and have a nice collection of Swiss and German and Italian. Beautiful timeless creations. Asian watches are junk.

        I could go on and on. Sure, lots of American stuff is getting junky, but chalk that up to “Made in America” meaning made by our lovely diversity of people.

        • Mrs. Poz makes an effort to buy American stuff as much as possible and actually spends quite a bit of time online looking for these things. Some are hard to find because the owners are also the factory floor workers, the accountants, and the marketing dept. Guess which one gets neglected. On the whole the stuff we’ve bought is better than Chinese shit but that’s a low bar. It doesn’t stack up to German quality levels though.

          This is what happens when you send all your big factories to the third world. Old geezers working out of garages with hand tools have to rebuild the industrial based from scratch one tiny company and product at a time. Is this possible? I’m skeptical. One of things that genuinely saddened me about Trump getting overthrown was that his plan to re-industrialize went with him and in fact the push to send everything to China and other Asian shitholes accelerated. Even if Trump wasn’t sincere, his promises made further de-industrialization difficult since it could not proceed with official approval as it can now.

          • Pozymandias: Modern stuff labeled ‘made in America’ was most probably made here of foreign components, and almost guaranteed the factory workers were illegal Mestizos or Africans.

            Older made in America things (tools, furniture, etc.) are worth looking for and buying. Nothing new, though. It’s all cheap, poorly made junk. Of course, I remember when the cheap plastic toys which Falcone is referring to all bore a sticker which said “Made in Japan.” How things have changed.

        • Falcone: Re watches, I don’t care for Rolex; never have since I first saw one on a college classmate (too high a profile on the wrist and too bulky looking). My husband got me a barely-used Bertolucci – Italian designed Swiss. I love it.

          • Yes, aesthetically Rolex is clunky for my tastes too, but they have some streamlined models, but most important to me is they are made like tanks. There’s a neat little German brand, Nomos, which makes very utilitarian type watches but with enough flair to be aesthetically pleasing. I have a couple of them. But don’t get me started on watches, I will never shut up.

        • Everyone likes LEGO (until you tread on one barefoot) but I was shocked when some of those kits skyrocketed in price. Jeepers, it’s a toy. But who knows?

          • RoBG: I traded away bins and bins of LEGO years ago. My older son started with it age 3; by age 4 he was building the 500 piece sets just by looking at the pictures when I was still trying to figure out the instructions. We’d be debating which version of a set to buy and my father-in-law would just buy all of them for him.

            Younger son just wasn’t that interested in them, so they gathered dust. And the company has gone massively woke. Whatever, all those bins are someone else’s problem now.

          • Legos are what White men play with while the Chinese and (((others))) drink their milkshakes.

        • ZeroHedge has an article and a linked YouTube video about the curious cross between third world shithole and pleasant beach town that Venice, CA has become:

          The video’s narrator even mentions that he thinks foreigners will come in and buy up the closed up properties. Perhaps, but maybe not.

          Relevant to Falcone: Yes, America once did make good, high-quality stuff. Including beach side towns and standards of living. Perhaps they still exist, in certain areas, certain products. But they’re vanishing. How to retrieve that once it’s lost is an open question.

          Falcone, just a minor quibble. Lego hails from Denmark. 🙂

          • I know they are from Denmark !!

            My mom still has a handwritten letter I wrote to them in like 1975 requesting a few spare parts and a special gear (universal gear) and my first experience converting $ to krone. (They sent the letter back with the parts; such nice people!!!) Great learning experience.

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  15. OT: Fascinating piece in the latest edition of Hillsdale College’s “Imprimis”. I have no idea in what regard the denizens of the Zman’s blog hold either Hillsdale or “Imprimis” but I have been reading it since {horrors!} Michael Medved turned me on to it a good 20 years back. This issue’s author is Mark Steyn (again someone whom I have no idea of how well they might be regarded) and is.titled “Our Increasingly Unrecognizable Civilization”.
    You can read it here:

    Let the vituperation begin!

    • Mark turns a good phrase, but the article is pretty much what everyone here understands already. My hope is that he reaches some “normies”—Hillsdale neocon, civnats.

      BTW: I was there several years ago. I loved the place, but they are a bastion of an idealized past, which really never was and will never will be.

      • Compsci: Well said. My husband used to get Imprimis and used to donate to Hillsdale regularly; he now realizes just how much they’ve cucked to civnattery. He knows I know better, and he, too, now knows better.

        I may have even convinced him to stop donating to Judicial Watch. Progress!

        • Steyn is a keeper, and I doff my hat to all those unthanked, unknown, dedicated people who keep up the legal fight, the political fight, the investigative fight, the charity- we need everybody we can get, from any direction.

          Tain’t none of ’em doing this because they hate their people- well, grifters be damned, they are a cost.

          • When lasat I looked, Steyn is a rabid Zionist who thinks there’s no war America shouldn’t fight for the shit-hole.

    • Steyn has a few normie-con mind blocks, but he remembers where we’ve been and he despises every member of the present political order, from Xi to the local dog catcher. Those are the two necessary virtues of our time, so rare among conservatives that he might be the only example.

    • I thought it was very good. I wouldn’t have seen it if you had not posted the link, so thanks.

  16. I don’t think it’s been necessarily wrong to reach out to the chinks as they’re now the big dog in that region. But it needed to be done with eyes wide open – they’re disingenuous at best and outright liars at worst. Knowing this, you slap them up side the head when they uppity/unruly. Kind of like the way we used to deal with joggers. But as we’ve gone soft on them to our detriment, so have we with the chinamen. Trump tried to change the tenor, but it’s probably too late anyway – too many politicians and corporate execs on the payroll one way or another. And there’s really nothing we can do regarding their influence and ambitions in the region. Biden and his dementia is the perfect avatar for our (former) country’s current status – not exactly a toothless tiger, but lots of teeth missing.

    • As if we need more proof the entire chattering class are worthless and should be launched into the sun.

      Why? What has the sun ever done to us?

    • As predictable as sunrise, alas. Since I’m pretty sure Trump or someone close to him reads this site — I mean, I’m just gonna go ahead and assume — Don, baby, can you do us all a favor and declare that veganism is the one true faith and that everyone should swear off meat forever? It’s summer, see, and I’m looking forward to doing my best Joe Normie impersonation and grilling the bejayzus out of some t-bones, but Leftie is making that difficult. So be a lamb, would you, and endorse plant-based meat substitutes? Within a week the Media will be howling that the government should force us all to go hardcore keto, because Science. Thanks in advance.

      • I know this is just good humor & sarcasm, but it actually might work. The entire national media is a knee-jerk reflex and they really enjoy being used as a partisan ally of the Left.

      • Plan ahead for shortages and massive price increases – buy some steaks to put aside for the future besides those which ought to already fill your freezer. These don’t take up the same space and will last far longer:

  17. “This is why China is the world’s most prolific patent thief. It is why they are the world’s primary exporter of counterfeit goods, as well as narcotics. Nothing about these practices strike the Chinese as wrong.”

    Well, aside from believing in the divinity of man, why would China care about the effects of narcotics on other countries? They experienced the West importing opium into their country for which the West felt no remorse. Makes you wonder how much of Chinese machinations are due to the revenge motive.

    • Lots. The Chinese have the longest memory of all the races; they are STILL butthurt over the Treaty of Nanjing, and… well, I honestly can’t blame them for that, Jardine Matheson was the Halliburton of their day, but still — time to let it go, boys.

      • I was thinking of that, and although I may not agree with their perpetual axe grinding at least the stuff China is sore about actually happened…

        • “at least the stuff China is sore about actually happened”

          Woah sh*t
          WHOA sh*t
          He shoots he f**king SCORES

          “Yes! Ze foot long spikes, zey drive zem straight down, right tru our heads! Und ve survived!”

    • Sort of. They have no qualms poisoning their own people or working them to death, giving them defective medications and just turning their own country into one giant toxic waste dump.

      Imagine having to bribe a doctor to get a loved one decent care. That is a common practice in China. And you better hope to god that it’s a real doctor and not some fake who bought his MD from Beijing U. and can’t even read a blood panel or x-ray.

      These are the sort of people you build a wall around.

      • Absolutely. For reasons, they must be contained. Sadly, near the whole world must be, for those same reasons.

        What they do to animals?
        Infected. Rife, reeling, loaded with the Infection- until Nature comes along with bubonic plague to wipe their Petri dish, yet again.

    • There was plenty of opium supplied to the Chinese by their own government.
      The Indian opium,surprise, was better quality.
      Nothing foreigners have done to the Chinese compares to what they have done and are doing to each other. It’s almost as if the opium argument is a flimsy excuse to justify bad behavior.

      Why does this stupid revenge argument only apply when attacking the West? The Crusades were a fair response to the invasion of Europe by Muslims and the frequent slave raids? Imagine the English justifying selling Swedish civilians as slaves because of the Vikings. It’s a pathetic argument and you should feel embarrassed about trying to use it.

      • Good point- what the Sasoons/Crown offered were untaxed profits for the Han tongs to overthrow their hated Mongol overlords in the secret 300 year-old civil war between the que’d and non que’d, in return for access to ports, tea, silk, and all that luscious Mexican silver.

        Still, we’re going for the emotional appeal here. I want to divide our enemies and set them against each other.

    • “Makes you wonder how much of Chinese machinations are due to the revenge motive.”

      I would guess none. Enough history has passed between then and now, that the only reason to hold that grudge is because one is looking to justify a preexisting hatred.

    • Afghanistan is the worlds largest exporter of narcotics. The Taliban had wiped out the poppy fields but they were re-instituted after the US attack. Another gift brought to you by Bush the lesser.

      Hillsdale btw thinks the US has to stay in Afghanistan. How very conservative of them, gotta keep that heroin flowing, How else will the CIA fund its crimes?

  18. Been saying this all along. Our government, with our tax dollars, is funding research into biological weapons in partnership with China. Our academic and corporate institutions are enthusiastically participating in this.

    This is war crimes stuff for all involved. Trying to figure out why is the stuff of nightmares.

    • How surprising is this?

      At the end of WW2 the US government grabbed a bunch of war criminals from the Japanese biological warfare outfit Unit 731 and granted them amnesty in exchange for insight into their research that included live vivisection of Western POWs.

    • Your analysis is correct, but you fail to mention the most important insight. There is no mechanism for correcting this treason. The US government is infested with corrupt sleepers that are actively destroying the country from the control room. They own the Judicial system and federal police. And they own the press too, so information-based persuasion is non-existent. This is no cavalry coming over the hill to save us. And if you think voting harder will save the day, see Election 2020 for the seminal Blackpill.

      It’s not enough to just explicate the problem endlessly. At some point, you actually act in self-defense or die.

      • The key element, why the Left keeps winning, is the set-up.

        They get their people quietly in place FIRST. Only then can can encourage others to get into trouble, doing things that they themselves will not- so they can maintain the pose of the moral high ground.

        • Alzaebo, I know you mean well, but you’re way off the mark. First, as I have commented previously, the time is not now. Collapse leads to chaos & crazy, which creates the necessary fog & distraction in which remedy may commence. Second, education has a two-fold benefit in the present. Obviously, there are smart ways to train & prepare during the interregnum. But many will wait until the 3:00 am knock on the door before they wake up, and then it’s likely too late. So impressing others with the seriousness of current events may rescue a few more, and that often takes a 2×4 upside the head.

          • Agree with the fog, as long as you’re not recommending some crazy Persian chick in the Youtube lobby.

    • Well, our corporate billionaire class is quite open about wanting to achieve immortality.

      They’re not going to let little things like morality or ethics stand in the way of genetic engineering, cloning, or even just garden variety organ harvesting if they can get around the law by sending $$$ and brains to China.

  19. This problem is mostly domestic and internal. MFN never should have been granted China in the first place, as you pointed out, and our manufacturing based should not have been offshored and outsourced. There is a domestic ethnic group who profited wildly from doing it, but for the most part Heritage Americans have suffered horribly. That group is Heritage America’s biggest problem.


    It looks like that domestic Tribe has learned it cannot financialize China’s economy and never will have sway with the PRC. Therefore, after covering up for the Wuhan leak, this same group and its paid whores in the political and corporate class are gearing up for war/cold war. This is just as insane as giving away the farm to China.

    The Chinese goal was to keep the American political class bribed, to keep expanding American markets, and to wait out the pending implosion of the United States. It is still their plan (Russia is just waiting us out). But the Dying Empire has new plans because its internal pimps are butt hurt.

    We need to disengage from China to the fullest extent possible, but war should not even be on the table. It would be like punching your brother-in-law because he drove the car after an unsuccessful bank robbery. Further, that Tribe’s ongoing forever war with Russia because a great-grandmother got ravished by Cossacks has put the United States into an even weaker position than it would have been. American policy for fifty years was to keep Russia and China at odds, and this Tribe’s mental instability and greed have driven the nations close together. Read a transcript of Putin’s interview with NBC, which is an intelligence community propaganda organ. The most interesting part is where the interviewer wants to drive a wedge between China and Russia. Putin has a hard time containing his laughter and mockery. His urge to tell the USG “you really screwed the pooch” must have been ovewhelming.

    But/for the nuclear damage we all would suffer, a United States humiliation at the hands of either nation actually might be good for us because it would present a grand opportunity to separate. But the Empire would turn internally and at least try to conduct a war it could win, which would be our extermination. Watching the recent moves of the Tribe’s main executioner Merrick Garland, genocide certainly is on their depraved and wicked minds.

    This is one area Trump had exactly right: peace with Russia, a firm but even hand with China. Of course, since those who financialize everything could not get a cut, that had to be scuttled and Trump destroyed.

    • Excellent take.

      I would only add that every move made by the sheepskin shoe’d Deep State during the past five years could not have been more precisely designed to push Russia and China together’ almost as if that had been their goal all along.

      • They’re not that smart or effective. They bully well but that’s about it.

        The Tribe and their USA puppet thought China triumphalism would neuter Russia. They are that crazy and thick. Instead of the Changsteins running the PRC, Chinese may be snapping up Tel Aviv real estate and peddling it to Syrians.

    • Agreed, Jack.

      I happen to know alot of tribe members and the switch flipped on China in the past year. Suddenly the all hate China, China is the #1 enemy, they’re almost doing another holocaust, etc. etc. etc.

      Unfortunately for them, that ship sailed long ago. First of all, the West demographically cannot compete with China anymore. Is Brazil a threat to China? Is South Africa? Is Zimbabwe? The under 20 group in the USA is quite similar to Brazil, racially. Second of all, everything we made has been outsourced to … China … Thirdly, the white population has been demoralized and the non-white population has been trained to hate both whites and the USA.

      As I’ve said before the J’s fate is intertwined with the gentiles. As we sink so do they. China has to do nothing but wait.

      • Hmmm. Interesting. Wonder if that’s why Jon Stewart came out bashing the Chinese? And the other day one of us mentioned a Chinese newscast where the pill faced chinaman commentator, with a British accent btw, went along asking “rhetorically” of course if there might be a connection between America’s support for Israel and the powerful ((())) lin this country. I believe he singled out zuckerberg among a few others. It actually had me laughing a little.

        • I first noticed when a J told me he felt “disgusted” at the number of Chinese faces at the supermarket.

          I was quite surprised because I’d never heard of any Jewish – Chinese hostility before then. Since then it’s really increased, in the media too as you say.

          Ultimately it doesn’t matter, the gentile is the host for the Ashkenazi. A J will never be anything more than a suspicious, white, foreigner to Asians.

          • I know in Los Angeles, the ((())) are pretty big and entrenched in commercial real estate.

            My sense of things is that they liked initially having all these Asians over here because they felt deep down they would be no match for them, so just another tribe for them to step on and prove their superiority. Another notch it the belt. Anyone else want to try and come take us on? Anyone? They act like Mike Tyson standing over an opponent they’d knocked to the mat.

            …but, it’s not quite working out as planned. The Chinese and Koreans are starting to buy everything up, keep it in their tribe, closing out the ((())). They have started a number of banks in Los Angeles. Slowly, methodically they are building real power in both banking and commercial property. I laugh because it used to be all white frat boy types and ((())) as the major brokers in town. Not anymore. And Armenians are making deep inroads too.

            Perhaps the ((())) are feeling themselves being cut out of the system and they are responding with an increasing vitriol.

          • Interesting, here in East Buttplug, FL, today went to an Asian market and it was mostly Anglos shopping there. That’s not suprising, since Whites are the main demographic here.

            I was searching for (and found) Red Bean Buns and the Red Bean Paste from which it’s made. This is a tasty dessert item. This particular product’s only downside is that in the process of digesting it, one will produce a reasonable facsimile of Independence Day sound effects 😀

      • This is going to make things real awkward for all the juice guys that have wifed up Chinese gals in the past few years.

    • The China rise has long been anticipated and worked for by our Dear Leaders.The inestimable James Corbett has looked at this several times over the past decade. I think he starts in about 1919 when Mao was appointed Yale’s man in China.
      By no coincidence whatsoever he looked at the China story just a couple of days ago.

      It’s an interview that touches on a whole bunch of topics worth a look at.

  20. Z’s comments about Chinese values reminds me of when I worked in China, Chinese told me that they would never pay for online content, such as movies, because doing so would bring shame to their family. They said if relatives found out they were paying to download music or a movie and not saving the money towards buying real estate, the relatives would feel that the parents had failed to bring up their kids properly.

    • I suspect this whole “cheating is better than playing by the rules” attitude is part and parcel of the Asian mentality. The Japanese are certainly no different than the Han. In Japan it is actually considered better to cheat a gaijin (foreigner/non-Japanese) than it is to treat him honorably – so long as you do not get caught. There are similar traits in Western history. Craftiness was a virtue in classic Greek culture. Heck! The patriarch, Jacob, rooked his brother, Esau, out of his (Esau’s) birthright for a bowl of beans and was a father of the Jews! As a Christian I never quite understood that incident.

      • Its not meant to be taken literally. Its an allegory. It really means don’t give up on God and eternal salvation for worldly goods, its like trading your birthright for a bowl of porridge. No doubt it referred to some famous (at the time) story that held emotional resonance for the original tellers.

      • A less famous Old Testament trickster is Laban, Jacob’s uncle, who probably taught Jacob all he knew. Jacob wants to marry his daughter Rachel in exchange for 7 years labor. Laban tricks Jacob and he gets Leah instead. Jacob finally gets the wench but in exchange for additional 7 years

        I’m not Jewish but one college course qualifies me to offer an opinion. 😀 The story perhaps is not meant to be a history, but perhaps just a tale teaching a moral lesson. In this one’s case, perhaps simply on how to be shrewd, or for that matter, that by persistence you’ll get what you are promised/wanted.

        If this is what they’ll do to their own family, just imagine how they must view the Goyim! You have been warned 🙂

      • If you’re dealing with Japanese who “cheat” you you’ve really wandered into places where the round eye has no business being.

    • Their parents were absolutely right.

      Looking back at what I spent my money on, I may have not been raised properly.

    • Only morons pay for downloading music. Legally, they are paying for a “digital copy” of the music. Retarded.

      OTOH, saving for and investing in real assets is smart. I really don’t see how the relatives could be considered wrong here.

      • Actually, they are paying for the right to listen to that song in a digital format, which is even dumber

    • “Behind every great fortune is a great crime”.

      Zuckerberg and Facebook.

      Bezos and Amazon (a decade of zero sales taxes due to savvy lobbying)

      Sanjay and Google.

      Garrett Camp and Uber.

      Brian Chesky (and friends) – Airbnb

      The Asians aren’t that unique when it comes to stealing everything that isn’t nailed down.

      Unlike the US variant, at least they don’t expect to be hailed as heroes for their exploits. They take the money and run.

  21. There will be no reset with China unless it becomes a threat to Israel, something that China is too shrewd to do because they know that the tribe runs the US.

    The real upcoming battle involving the US and China will be between the tribe, the Chinese and the Indians. The Chinese and the Indians may not be satisfied to remain forever subservient to the tribe in control of the US. The Indians are culturally better prepared to replace the Jews but India is a mess and the Chinese have China to help them take control of the country from the tribe.

    Will the tribe allow this or will they and the remainder of white America face off against the Asian interlopers? Most whites will never go against the tribe because of the nonsense about Judeo Christian values.

    • I think the Tribe has decided to go full bore against the PRC precisely because it cannot financialize and control its economy. This is what is motivating the sabre rattling over the Wuhan leak all of a sudden. If this is played right, the Tribe will start to feel the heat within the United States.

      • When our military gets embarrassed in a proxy battle with China, or China cripples our internal infrastructure (not a hard thing to do), we’ll really see the wheels come off.

        Half-convinced most of the world knows we’re a paper tiger, but don’t want to be the first person to put the theory to the test.

        • It goes nuclear when their hypersonics put a Nimitz carrier or two down, all hands lost.

          Imagine the launch scene from, “The Dead Zone,” with Kamala’s endless cackling.

    • American war planners have long dreamed of making India “America’s Aircraft carrier” against a rising China, but that pipe dream has already set sail on them.

      The democrat party stabilizes its voting coalition by whipping up hatred of any White group seen as being ethnonationalist — pitting their POC against Whites fighting for their collective interests. This has, perhaps inadvertently, rubbed off into general hatred by the PMC Left for the current nationalist government of India: Jonathon Oliver ran a segment a few weeks ago attacking the Indian PM, crowds of Leftist antifa destroyed multiple statues of Gandhi during the 2020 BLM Riots, and the American media has repeatedly attacked the Indian government over their handling of Covid-19 (even supporting mass protests against Modi’s rule).

      India has responded by trying to ban American social media through legislation and targeted police raids of their local HQs. Just as Europe is slipping through the Empire’s fingers, India is as well. They correctly perceive American racial divisiveness as a threat to Indian stability. If that ideology were imported to India and adopted by the elite, it would be a disaster.

      It looks as though everything is unraveling for the Empire. Their friends are finding new friends, the populace hates them, and an economic crisis could be coming up in the next few years as the US dollar loses purchasing power while the Chinese currency appreciates in value, allowing Chinese consumers to out-compete Americans in the marketplace for their own agricultural products, which will dramatically hurt the poor.*

      Note: this is one of the reasons for the current Leftist PMC craze about eating insects to save the earth. In the future, the American dollar will buy less and the Chinese currency, once the government there allows it to increase in value, will buy more. American PMCs are going to get rich selling the Chinese your meat products while middle class Americans are going to have to get used to products that cost 2 – 3x what they do now, either that or learn to eat delicious bugs and vegetable paste with Turkey flavoring for Thanksgiving. The PMC Left is trying to get everyone used to that future because the US dollar won’t be the global reserve currency 20 years from now, so it will buy less and foreigners will be able to buy more of the things you want, driving up the price to unaffordability.

      In fact, this has been happening for years. I’ve seen countless news stories starting maybe a decade ago attributing Chinese demand for agricultural products as the reason why your Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners are more expensive than they used to be.

      Dark times ahead.

      • The West is no longer seen as the leader of the world. There are many positive traits in Hindu culture, Chinese culture, even Islamic culture that the West can learn from. Absent Christ, and adherence to His statutes and judgements, we are just another bumbling, mediocre civilization.

        India will be entering a demographic crisis in the coming decades, too. Muslims are growing as a % of the population every year. Slowly, for now. Punjabis are causing problems back in India and are a general nuisance as always, same as in the West. Smart fraction Hindus are going to the West, intermarrying with whites, and dropping to very low fertility rates. The more developed South India already has fertility rates at or below the level of the USA. Hindus are more or less the white people of India. The hour is our 1980, for them. (PS just because I call them the white people of India DOES NOT mean I want them coming to the West).

        Xi and co. must be pissing themselves with laughter as they successfully psy-op the whiteys into eating bugs and living in shipping containers. AND doing it voluntarily!

        • I’d say Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates are laughing right along with them.

  22. Now is a good time to distinguish Anglo-Saxon whites from other European whites. Z’s essay today may invite people to say that white people are more honest and fair-dealing than Chinese, but the truth is that Anglo-Saxon whites operate on the the better principles outlined in the essay, while the French, for example, at least traditionally, do not. Nor do the Poles. Or Italians. They may not be as strictly coercive as the Chinese, but they are more similar to the Chinese than Anglo-Saxons are.

    In the same vein, the Chinese have always been an Asian superpower hemmed in by uncivilized brutes on three sides. Countries that develop in this environment tend to be paranoid, rule-braking, and their leaders tyrannical. (Russia has much the same flavor.) There is no time to be patient and rational. Weakness gets you invaded and your brother put on spikes.

    • They haven’t always been a superpower and they’ve always had the example of the civilized (domestically) and honor-based Japanese to their immediate east.

      • Historically the Chinese have been the civilizational examples to the other east and southeast Asian civilizations, not the other way around. And the Japs, like the Brits, have had an island all to themselves, so they had the luxury of being stodgy and honor-based. No Hun, Turkic, or Mongol hordes to fight off.

      • I don’t think you will find that the Chinese believe in how civilized and honor based the Japanese are.

        • To a man the Koreans and Chinese think the current “face” of Japan is just an act (to which the only thing I can think of is “I wish”).

          • Ironically, the public “face” in Korea and China was to openly disparage the Japanese when convenient. How much of that is an act is anyone’s guess. The greatest hatred comes from those who suffered, or allegedly so, at the hands of Japanese imperial occupation. They also share a common trait with peoples from Western countries who participated in the Pacific war in that regard. As they die off you see the subsequent generations profess a hatred for the Japanese, but they often have little to no connection to past atrocities other than being related to those who did. Think of the boomer who had an uncle who was a POW in the Pacific. No rational reason for said hatred, but the boomer will often more strongly express his disdain than the relative who experienced the actual horrors. Same thing.

            Could be talking out my ass, but internet Orientalists always seem like their understanding of Asian face culture stopped at Karate Kid, and the ’80s, and went no further.

    • Anglo-Saxon Whites are also the most pozzed and most eager to spread the poz on all other Whites. Perhaps a little rule-breaking and thinking out of the box would do them good.

      • Traits that work well in some environments / time periods are a weakness in others.

        I’ve watched countless rule following Anglo Saxons destroy their physical and mental health during the COVID “pandemic”. Indians on the other hand ignore every rule and pretty much live on as normal.

        Also, when Anglo Saxons follow the rules of the Bible, it’s ok. In the secular world today following the rules of society is a path straight to destruction and hell.

    • This is a meta-comment worthy of further exposition. Yes, civilizations are subject to evolutionary forces in a way similar to longer-term species development. IOW, the Chinese cultural proclivity for law-breaking is a result of the selection forces that evolved in their locale. It’s a feature, not a bug. Without it, they likely would have gone extinct long ago. But it only “works” in their neighborhood. When it gets exported to other “environments”, it goes into conflict with the traits that are dominant in the new location. This conflict is just fitness selection writ large. One trait will win out and the other will lose eventually.

    • Ehh, not sure I buy that at all

      In my experience, brits are some of the slimiest business people out there. They seem to get their jollies by conning you with beautifully spun words. They’re kind of lowlifes by and large. At least the ones trying to make a buck, not so much the regular people.

      That said, Americans of British and Anglo Saxon extraction are some of the most upright and decent people on the planet.

      And I know Italians get a bad rap, but in my experience they are honest and forthright and proud. But again that’s the regular people. But take an Italian trying to make a buck and you get your typical greaseball conniving pos.

      Perhaps it’s making money that brings the worst out of all of us. I know it’s necessary, but that doesn’t change the fact

      • “In my experience, brits are some of the slimiest business people out there.”

        Where, oh where, is the poster Orangefrog when such calumnies are written about his native land?

        All joking aside, the Limeys I work with in the banking business are rock solid and incredibly trustworthy.

        • The upper class Brits, for sure, are elegant and solid.

          But unfortunately I get to deal with the lower classes who have a pretty big community out here in Los Angeles.

          • I worked abroad and worked with a very polished Indian guy who sounded like a a product of Eaton and Cambridge and whose father had worked for the British Imperial government. I offered a similar suggestion about Brits who had emigrated to the States and other places, and he offered keen insight. The United Kingdom is (was, really, this was the Eighties) a wonderful country and natives who moved at that time had a solid reason to do so. It made sense.

            Obviously all of our wonderful countries are things of the past now.

  23. A culture that prizes rule-breaking above all else is not compatible with technology that requires strict adherence to a specific set of ethics.

    Finally the subject of American behavior behind the wheel of an automobile comes up.

    • The Question Amerikans are too afraid to answer:

      “Why can’t Joggers, Asians, and Jevvs drive?”

    • nailheadtom, I’m trying to understand your position on Americans. Is this accurate?

      Settler Americans were evil in their treatment of the Indians and so their descendants have no moral defense against their current demographic dispossession now. Is that it?

    • I’ve brought this up before but there’s a, perhaps apocryphal, story regarding the future dictator of South Korea, Chun Doo-hwan, attending military training in the United States. It’s said that he was out late one night and driving back to his home when he got to a red light in a podunk four-corners town. Even though there were no other cars on the road, the car in front of him sat at the red light until it turned green. He was struck by this and motivated to move Koreans toward a similar innate respect for the law.

      • For me it’s just easier to obey the traffic laws/rules than not. Yeah, in that scenario there was little practical reason not to go on the red but if you make a habit of doing so you are pretty much assured of either not seeing the cop down the street or not seeing the asshole doing 90 down the cross street and getting T-boned. Do I occasionally catch a “pinkey”? Sure. But I do not make a habit of it nor do I make a habit of failing to stop at stop signs. The few seconds I might save are not – TO ME – worth the potential hassle.

    • Chinese-Canadian comedian:

      “Of corse you stop at red light!
      You can see light with you big gwailo round-eye!”

  24. And yet the root of this problem is that the people of this country continue to enable rule by the insane & the corrupt. We have been sold out by our “leaders” for decades now in exchange for the fast-track to great wealth. For example, Clinton was a dirt poor, white trash hick until he cashed in during the 80s & 90s; first in Arkansas selling out to the cartels, and then later to the Chinese. Ditto Obama on yet a greater scale (Russia, China, Iran, & Ukraine). Both are now billionaires, but neither could run a donut shop successfully.

    And none of this will change until after a collapse and the bottom of the pyramid has no choice but to fight back in existential survival mode. Sooner is least painful & far less destructive. The longer it takes, the lower the bottom and more blood in the streets.

    • That Clinton sold out to the cartels may explain why Latinos have taken over the businesses of so many small towns in Arkansas.

      • The first mass immigrant workers’ waiver was granted to Tyson Foods chicken plants in Springdale, AR.

        500,000 illegal immigrants were allowed under the new ruling.

    • Now Hunter Biden is selling “art” for half-a-million a pop. (save 10% for the “Big Guy”)

      Tip O’Neil was never this brazen in his influence peddling.

    • Spot on. The sooner the better. I think it will be forced on us. We can see the ruling class getting ready to go to war on Whitey. They aren’t purging the military just to make it PC. They are going to turn it into a killing machine aimed at Whites. Hence their recruiting videos where there are no white men.

  25. “Western ethics, as far as the Chinese see it, are just more rules to work around for fun and profit.”

    Sounds like another group I know. And that’s the problem, a small group acting in their own interests feeding off a host is manageable (maybe), but a billion of them. No, that doesn’t work.

    As always, the solution is ethno-nationalism. Deciding whom to work with and under what rules should be based on first and foremost on whether it’s good for your people as a whole. Once that’s determined, let individual actors compete.

    • There’s nothing inherently wrong with Chinese having their own rules and ethics. Personally I don’t really care how they operate in China. They’ve been around for a long time; if their values didn’t have some use they wouldn’t still be around. One nice thing about Chinese culture is the duty to your elders.

      There are basically 4 problems:

      1. The importation of these foreign people, by elites, disproportionately (but not always) by a certain tribe.
      2. The increasing influence exerted by these foreign peoples over us, as their numbers continue to grow (strongly connected to 1).
      3. The fact that most whites believe that all peoples are interchangeable and are capable of being like them; they are arrogant enough to believe that all peoples *want* to be like them. That we forget where wealth comes from, and the whole world can be as wealthy as the West; altruism. Assimilation!!
      4. Whites ourselves are declining spiritually, morally, and financially. Whites generally prefer to take drugs and party, and be sexually liberal, instead of going to church and having families. The whites of 2021 certainly don’t match up with the whites of 1961, or 1861, or 1761.

      • That’s because for the last 40 years Wall Street and Hollywood have waged war on Whites. Wall Street starting in the 80’s began gutting businesses with LBO’s and destroying hundreds of thousands of jobs, stealing peoples pensions, etc. In the 90’s NAFTA sent millions of jobs to Mexico and created the rust belt devastating families, communities and futures.of the young.
        When Wall street got China MFN and entry into the WTO it was the final hammer blow to white blue collars and middle-class.

        Wal-Mart the cluster bomb of capitalism helped kill off mom and pop businesses. Amazon is just finishing the job.

        At the same time Clinton opened up the immigration floodgates and H-1B via programs.

        Then came the Oxycontn epidemic created by Perdue and crooked doctors across the U.S. all the while the DEA did nothing. Later the cartels the came in with Fentanyl which they essentialyl purchased in bulk from China in the form of precursors. Again we did nothing as China was poisoning our people. BTW did you Amazon, Wal-mart and Ebay help launder drug money back to China? Ever wonder about those books that cost $500 on ebay of Amazon. That’s how it’s done.

        Social Media socially and emotionally stunted our youth making them a trainwreck. And what it did to women is even worse. It’s almost destroyed man-woman relationships.

        Feminism destroyed marriage among other things.

        Hollywood pumped a steady stream of crap for the last 30 years that is hardly healthy compared to the fare from them earlier times.

  26. China is doing some good things for the world and even culture.
    Like the Renaissance Medicis who funded many great artists, Da Vinci, Raphael, Michaelangelo we now hear the great visionary artist Hunter Biden is commanding six figures for his artwork. And I’ll bet you thought he was only a con artist. Some may call them art patrons others money launderers but what’s the dif?

    Right under our effing noses no less. The perfect union, a nation of dishonorable, amoral cheats and the other… well I repeat myself.

    • “China is doing some good things for the world and even culture.”

      Looks like they know what to do with Muslims.

      • Looks like they know what to do with Muslims.

        Pay the man!

  27. > The people with power threaten severe punishment for breaking their rules. Success is usually defined by navigating around the rules, while avoiding detection by the powerful. Violating the rules is not just a necessity. It is a way of life.

    Sounds like American dissidents need to learn to be spiritually Chinese.

    • How members of a society ate influenced operates on a hierarchy. At the top is the least coercive and most honest. This is rational persuasion, where truthful explanations are offered to explain to members why they should do something or not do something. This cannot exist beyond the Dunbar number, so the best we can hope for is manipulation. The use of propaganda, clever arguments and social proof to influence behavior. Inducement is where America has generally been, with some rational persuasion and manipulation thrown in for decoration and entertainment. We are now falling into the raw use of power, but it is limited power.

      China has never risen above coercion. This is one of he lowest forms of social influence.

      • I have head it said that “the rules are for those with no judgment”.

        “Everyone must come to a COMPLETE stop at a stop sign” because (unsaid) highschoolers/ Johnqarious will blow through at 40 mph in front of a school.

      • What they did not have, is the pervasive influence of the Gutenberg Bible. The primer of literacy, morality, and history in the Westphalian West.

        The entire book is a persuasive argument.

        It was once held for exclusive use by the ruling classes- thus oratorical sermons on a dedicated basis, similar to how Quran is sung, not read, to the illiterate Arabs. This training converged with European warrior’s honor systems into the knightly class, warrior-monks on a different axis than Muslim jihadis or Bhuddist Shaolin.

        Those knights still read the heros of Greece, as well, thus reinforcing honor-bound training for the military as the beginning career rung on the ladder for the ruling class.

        Huh. I’d meant to speak to something else- the unimaginable origins of the Old Testament, and why its moral foundation is based on monotheism as an evolutionary response to something unfathomed so far.

        Monotheism is the ethical basis of the Enlightenment; monotheism, as an operant system, also rewires European neural pathways.

        My poor head remains stuck in the distant past, not conducive to this blog’s thrust. Thank you, and the commenters, I learn something helpful every day in trying to define the ineffable.

      • How can the US survive as a nation with part of it under Divine Right of Kangz and the other under fairly brutal repression?

        I don’t know myself.

        • Uh, it won’t “survive”. History has shown, over and over and over and over and over and over and over again, that empires reach peaks, they get comfortable, they get lazy, they get soft, then they get stupid, then they eventually fall.

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