The Myth Of Democracy

Happy Juneteenth everyone! Officially, this long tradition dating back to Monday is celebrated on Saturday, but the ruling regime has declared the preceding Friday as a day off for our hardworking civil servants. The rest of us, of course, will have to continue slaving away at the salt mines, but the people who really make this country work will get the day off to celebrate the people who built the country. Even as we toil, we should take a moment to think about both groups.

In a way, the ridiculousness of this new holiday fits perfectly with the absurdity of modern liberal democracy. The show this week is mostly about how the system is nothing like it is claimed. Instead of bringing the citizens into the decision making process, it systematically excludes the majority. This new holiday is a great example of how it works. Exactly no one wanted it. Few even heard of it. The people have many higher concerns, but they are ignored in favor of this novelty.

It is also good timing for Charles Murray’s new book. The thesis of the book is that the elites need to accept biological reality or face the wrath of the angry Saxon. This new holiday is a good example of what he means. Ruling class whites pandering to blacks creates friction between whites and blacks over trivial items. It encourages nonwhites to embrace tribal politics, which discourages whites from embracing the active indifference necessary to make a multiracial society work.

There are other things wrong with Murray’s argument. The great Roger Devlin has posted a comprehensive review on VDare. There will be other reviews from dissidents in the coming weeks. Ed Dutton may have summarized it best when he said that Murray is right, but he should have written this book in 1965 or even 1985. At this point, the die is cast and there is no escaping the thing he is warning against. The fact that Washington just created this absurd new holiday is proof of that.

Of course, the fact that both parties eagerly embraced this idiotic idea makes clear that the elites will never face reality on their own. History says they will have their awakening as the trap door swings open. The system we have today is unsustainable, for the simple reason the people at the top define themselves by their hatred of the people over whom the rule. Most of the pols who voted for this new holiday did so out of spite and the rests did so to curry favor with those spiteful mutants.

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This Week’s Show


  • 00:00: Opening
  • 02:00: The Theory Of Democracy
  • 12:00: Abortion
  • 22:00: Homosexual Marriage
  • 32:00: Immigration
  • 42:00: The Reality of Liberal Democracy
  • 57:00: Closing (Be Like Me)

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238 thoughts on “The Myth Of Democracy

  1. Murray; Taki review; “ Seeing every tribe in the country use identity politics to advance their interests could lead to whites embracing the same thing. According to Murray, that would be worse than death.”

    It would be literally death, and certainly losing power. To them its just as bad.

    Mind you Z you make the same mistake worshiping Intelligence.
    Intelligence is also the best predictor of cowardice, dishonesty, corruption, psychosis, evil. At least in the real world. Murray’s world (which is ending) is exactly that way.

      • It wasn’t as stupid as Jesus insinuating that Genesis 1:16-17 is true. Also not as stupid as repeating the dogmas of Papism or other factions of “the Way” for most of your 55 years. It’s obvious that Jesus can’t be maschiach if he wasn’t a patrlineal descendant of David in the usual biological way. Nevertheless, leaders of the “Way” have long insisted that Jesus was not conceived through human insemination (Lk. 1:34). So it’s impossible for Jesus to have been the maschiach. This problem in the cult of Jesus was pointed out, I’m sure, in ancient times by the sons of Israel, who await still their nazi hero.

        Now, you may have a degree in maths, which means you can cope with some rigor. Even if you have no such degree, however, it won’t hurt to contemplate carefully the claims that “he parted from them and was taken up to heaven” (Lk. 24:51) and “he was lifted up, and a cloud took him from their sight” (Acts 1:9). We need to know if either of those events is (i) logically possible and (ii) was experienced by Jesus of Nazareth. I say that the former is impossible, for there is no shamayim (heaven, Gen. 1:8), which is a name of the rakia (firmament, Gen. 1:6).

        If there is no shamayim, i.e. if there is no rakia, then “Luke” was incorrect and the ascension is a hoax. If the ascension is a hoax, then Trinitarianism is a hoax. If Trinitarianism is a hoax, then it’s truly stupid to claim otherwise for most of your 55 years. Unlike early doubters, however, we enjoy the advantages of precise, accurate astronomy. The modern science is really much better than anything which Aristarchus of Samos accomplished, thought his work refutes nonetheless the claim in Gen. 1:17. Also unlike the ancients, we have copious information about Apollo 8, the first manned mission of Project Apollo to the Moon. If shamayim were real, the three astronauts aboard the command module in December 1968 would have crashed into into heaven when entering lunar orbit. We know this because Genesis 1:17, which Jesus must have believed if Papism is correct, insists that the Moon (and the Sun, too) is attached to the rakia and, hence, to shamayim. Granted, I’m ruling out an ad hoc assertion such as the god putting doors in the rakia in just the right places.

        So, did the astronauts of Apollo 8 crash into shamayim? And were they lucky enough to arrive at the Moon during a lunar eclipse or a solar eclipse? This later question ought to be very exciting to any believer in the ascension, for Gen. 1:16-17 entails the conclusion that the Sun and Moon are atop one another with scant separation during an eclipse.

    • It does appear that that you’ve forgotten the first rule of statistical analysis: correlation is not causation. The only thing IQ tests really predict is how well someone will do at complicated, intellectually rigorous work. Everything else, to causing degrees, is simply correlation.

    • Much of the current anti white hysteria is just a smoke screen to provide cover for a cultural revolution culminating in the creation of a Marxist utopia. White people must be exterminated or at least marginalized because they are the largest obstacle standing in the way. Automation, robots, AI – who needs people who can think? We needs dim witted consumers who will buy our products, wait our tables, and pick up our trash. Biological devolution with silicon evolution.

    • Did I miss it or are the words “anti-White” nowhere to be found in those a little too late observations from the Orange Man? What is the point of ranting about CRT without making explicit that it is exclusively aimed at one group?

      • The point is to maintain Dissident Donny’s popularity without having to do anything substantive to earn it, or which risks offending his Zionist allies and masters. Seen from the POV of the allies and masters, the point is to divert dissidents and potential dissidents from leaders who would dare to speak the whole truth and to prescribe treatments which are aimed directly at pathogens, not at symptoms.

      • One such pathogen is called Jesse Benn and is described as “Dad, partner, engaged citizen, opinionated writer, leftist, PhD student”. The pathogen is enthusiastic about “White Wounding”, as you will see if you read “Towards a Concept of White Wounding” at HuffPo.

        Sorry, no link. The spam filter blocks it when I try to include it.

  2. One of the things I find interesting is how the ruling elite can’t even leave beloved stories alone, they have to get nerdy White dudes angry. So now its a black, woke Lord of the Rings, Star Trek has been thoroughly woke-ified and every other aspect of the stories including the original series that nerdy White fans loved trashed in the telling of the new series. The same is true for Star Wars, where the nerdy male fan base was deliberately engraged by having their heroes punked by a go-girlll power skirt and some token black dude. It happened in video games years earlier and accidentally I think powered the early Trump phenomena. Now its Marvel’s turn, to trash the remaining White male heroes and show how black and female empowerment means no place for White dudes.

    If they really wanted propaganda, they’d have White dude heroes galore finding awesomeness hanging out with various freaks and weirdos. But they can’t/won’t even do that — they fully show on screen that Woke Utopia literally has no place for White men. None at all. That empowered black women etc. can only be powerful if White men are weak villains easily defeated by wokeness and “fierceness” or something.

    Its one of the things on our side really. The vision of wokeness where everyone but big shots lives in a shipping container eating bugs and drinking recycled sewage water and watching streaming video? BlackPerMan and the Amazing Adventures of Wokeness might as well be a recruiting video for our side.

  3. Z Gab: Re Gab comment on Myanmar is new Hitler; So Danny Fenester went to Myanmar to get arrested cuz justice…

    These people are born insane and need to be committed.

    * sorry, I refuse to Gab cuz I’m tired of getting sucked in.

  4. I’m not sure if this is old hat at other forums, so sorry if it is.

    This is poor Milo (probably literally poor), celebrating his 1 year anniversary of being a nonpracticing homosexual. He seems sincere. But of course, we know that unstable attention whores can never be sincere even if they want to be. I was partly willing to go along with it when he announced his turn to anti-gay Christianity a year ago. I knew there was SOME angle to it, but it seemed harmless. But as can be seen from the video below, well, his very personal journey appears to be about…asking for money. What a clown this guy. He should have been an actor. He’s entertaining. I like how his anti-gay campaign probably angers the Left. But then, the Left aren’t paying attention to him anymore. Poor little Milo.

    • You fell for that?

      He seems to be laughing under his breath at his own b.s.

      I’ll give you a mulligan, Frip 😉

    • I first heard of Milo in 2015 when he was soliciting money for a scholarship fund for white males only. He got donations but the fund never materialized. Funny that.

  5. Fantastic show. Top tier content. Better than the “deep dives” other guys put out. Will probably listen twice!

    • Just to underscore Astral’s point, Z did a great job demonstrating the failure of our government to represent the will of the people on three significant topics: homo marriage, abortion, and immigration.

      As Z said, these are the topics that are supposed to be best handled by a representative government, but the people’s will is thwarted on these three issues.

      Conservatives like to emphasize that we are a republic not a democracy, and that a republic is preferable, but in the case of these three issues, democracy, without the interference of courts and representatives, would probably better express the people’s will.

      • The government is not failing us.

        The government is crushing us, for the common good of course .

        The good shepherd, if he’s good at business, shears and slaughters his sheep. He only guards them from wolves because only he gets to eat the sheep.

        That’s our government, and the price of being sheep.

  6. The Western democracy of today is the forerunner of Marxism which without it would not be thinkable. It provides this world plague with the culture in which its germs can spread.

    Adolf Hitler

  7. Long road trip today, so just finished the podcast. Another excellent exposition of what ails us. Allow me to summarize. Everything is royally fucked up Big-time. And so, now what? Any sane listener will come away viscerally angry or despairing. Is spreading the word really going to get to 50%+1, and does that even matter now with institutionalized vote fraud? If secession is the game, we best come to grips with a very bloody Civil War 2.0 because the parasites are not going to let the host off the leash without a fight, and they will use our own against us. We are now, at this moment, in a silent war in which one side is maliciously upping the ante until the spring snaps, and the other side is either too fat to get off the couch or praying for an election miracle while standing in line for another latte.

    Yes, I understand that Normie will not get riled until 3 weeks into the collapse, but maybe now would be a good time to start looking for a safe haven and practice your escape plan a couple of times.

    • “We best come to grips with a very bloody Civil War 2.0.” We’ve come to grips with it. You tell us about it 13 times a day. It’s clear you love the pain. Though tedious, you do deserve credit for dramatic effect. I always read your comments in the voice of a John Carpenter movie trailer. “The parasites are not going to let the host off the leash without a fight. And they will use our own against us. The Whip and the Body. In theatres this Friday.”

      • Write the screenplay and I’ll try to scrounge up some big money guys to back it. I assume you have a part in mind for yourself. I don’t think there has ever been an actor named Frip before. Fame & fortune awaits.

  8. Having seen the first Green Zone overseas I am certain they want a war here, we are now governed as the Iraqi were, I don’t blame them.

    It got difficult to blame them at the time really. Nor should any blame us.

    They will not stop until there’s an explosion. And they are really so shallow they think that they will be safe shitting where they live. Most of our rulers are autistic about reality.

      • Fantastic show. Top tier content. Better than the “deep dives” other guys put out. Will probably listen twice!

      • I know, it’s like Iraq was practice for doing the same here

        Nothing good will happen for Our People until we discard this passive/hypothetical tone of voice, and instead adopt a straightforward declaratory* tone of voice: “In hindsight, it’s abundantly clear now that Iraq was merely the Deep State’s logistical & target practice for doing the same thing here.”

        That Passive/hypothetical tone of voice is uniquely the province of Betas & Gammas – little boys who never grew up, or who tried to grow up, but whose spirits were broken so badly by the Frankfurt School that now they’re terrified of their own shadows.

        Firm, clear, straightforward, unapologetic declaratory* sentences are what we need to hear if we are to win this thing.

        *Indicative/Objective for the grammartards.

        PRO-TIP #1: To hear you speak with that bold straightforward God’s-Honest-Truth in your voice will give teh tinglezzzezzezes to all the chicks within earshot.

        PRO-TIP #2: The chicks who, in response, scream at you the loudest, are the chicks who are getting the most moist of all.

  9. There are still perhaps five million Caucasians in Africa who are lifelong residents of various onetime European colonies there. If that figure is correct, it means that Whites are about 0.5% of the total population of the continent.

    No doubt many of them still believe that somehow, some way, there must just be a good way to get along with the natives, that the promised Millennium of Universal Brotherhood of Humanity shall arrive real soon 🙂

    • Normie Whites are completely hopeless. Ben Shapiro is busy defending Juneteenth by telling his gullible audience about how the libs supposedly hate it now. Implication: “you should like it because they don’t.” THAT is why this guy is never censored. The Regime banned his critics, guys like James Allsup, from YouTube and then promoted him so that all the dissidents could be brainwashed by this gatekeeper.

      Even my boy Salty Cracker got into the game today by claiming “it [Juneteenth] is still a win for republicans because the republicans are the party that freed the slaves.” Watch the descendants of slaves vote en masse for the democrats next election cycle in appreciation. I wouldn’t be surprised if Texas went blue in 2024 from a combination of GOP disenchantment and minority racial fervor. I for one will never vote republican again. I’ve said so before, and meant it, but now the deal is sealed. I’d rather the left win, then sit back and chill as the democrats burn it all down, as they are busy doing in Portland right now.

      The GOP probably figures they will take the 2022 midterms, then use their victory to move the base back to tax cuts, ‘Merica worship, and supporting legal immigration. Too bad they’re going to get crushed in 2024 due to demographics and voter apathy. But by then they’ll have their multi million dollar sinecures lined up in Silicon Valley.

      BTW: TAC is back running propaganda articles about how we can’t break up the tech companies that banned Donald Trump, censored our people and suppressed negative coverage of Joe Biden in order to install him as president because reasons. Completely worthless.

      • The normal state of mankind is to be completely hopeless and useless except for themselves and their families.
        That alone trying to defend family is useless and probably decreases their chances no matter how many AR’s they have or what’s in their 401K will only get through to one kind of American: The Survivors of whatever our masters have in store.

        Don’t waste time on normies, just quiet men who will act.
        Or…just don’t waste time.

        You may, may be able to ‘reach’ the survivors, but only less than 5% will willingly do anything but run harder and farther instead of vote harder and shitpost harder.

        It’s Cunts all the way down. Sorry.

        • Lighten up motherfucker, we’re not hopeless or useless. we can bring the pain, just like our ancestors. Heads on sticks, better than advertising. This is what you get when you cross our gate.

        • That was my initial reaction.

          Why the sudden switch in topic from “normie whites” to “Ben Shapiro”?

      • Here are the House Republicans who voted AGAINST the pandering holiday. A new type of “wokeness”? The Republicans actually worth our support?

        Rep. Mo Brooks, R-Ala.
        Rep. Andy Biggs, R-Ariz.
        Rep. Scott DesJarlais, R-Tenn.
        Rep. Tom Tiffany, R-Wis.
        Rep. Doug LaMalfa, R-Calif.
        Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Ala.
        Rep. Ralph Norman, R-S.C.
        Rep. Chip Roy, R-Texas
        Rep. Paul Gosar, R-Ariz.
        Rep. Tom McClintock, R-Calif.
        Rep. Matt Rosendale, R-Mont.
        Rep. Ronny Jackson, R-Texas
        Rep. Thomas Massie, R-Ky.
        Rep. Andrew Clyde, R-Ga.

    • Seems the cart is before the horse. Let’s say all these States join forces and decide to patrol the border. What is it exactly that they do with IA’s when the catch them? Answer that first. Building/completing a wall is helpful only when you have the power to deport those who step onto US soil illegally. States don’t have that power and it is far from certain that Fed Courts will even allow IA’s to be detained by State police solely for being illegal.

  10. Isn’t that the day that the Rosenbergs were executed?
    The democracy Kool-Aid is no longer appealing to you, comrade?
    Have you really looked into the burn it all down plan with an open mind?

  11. While I await my comment being liberated from moderation, I will add that the social dynamic among the non-White elite can only point to levels of violence seen in a certain nation in Central Africa from April-June 1994. The non-White elites want it all. Thus they have every incentive to make any conflict as pan-national as they can, to create their own power/patronage network. Of course this will immediately be set upon by infighting but that is human nature.
    The new holiday is certain to generate next year some effort to tear down or destroy Taliban style various monuments, likely with Government support: the Washington Monument, Jefferson Memorial, and Mount Rushmore being the most likely candidates. And likely to generate some deluded CivNat boomers rushing to defend it from whatever version of the NFAC or what have you who show up with government support. Chekhov noted the gun on the table in Act 1 must go off by Act 3.

  12. Z-man, I’ve heard you make the comparison a number of times most recently on that Youtube podcast with Patrick Casey that our rulers are like the Nobility in the French Revolution and don’t understand us. And that we are a black box to them. And vice-versa.
    I would say, rather that our rulers are like the Hutus in Rwanda in 1993. They hate us, and want us dead, because we are of a different ethnicity and race. Much/most of the Corporate elite, NGO leadership, government officials, etc. with the exception of the military brass are non-White. Dr. Kill can speak about killing all White people she meets with impunity because most non Whites feel and speak that way and they are the majority of the powerful in her area. She has no fear thus speaks her mind about killing. This explains the purge of Whites from the military. Lloyd Austin is a black man. He can’t and won’t tolerate Whites in the military. The same is true for the FBI, CIA, State Dept. DOJ, Coke, Pepsi, Twitter, Faceborg, Apple, Google, Microsoft etc. If the top line manager is White, those below are non-White mostly. Jack Dorsey and Faceborg Zuck are terrified of their (non-White) employees.
    The hatred and incomprehension is natural and a fact of people like Obama, Austin, Harris, etc. cannot understand White people at any level, and have nothing but hatred for all of them — including the elites who are White that remain.

    • They may have the numbers but they won’t have the acumen to hold things together very long. There’s an old saying. It’s not very polite especially for today’s multiculti world, but there is more than a grain of truth to it:

      “Black is beautiful, and tan is grand,
      But White is the color of the big boss man.”

      The rainbow revolution may swamp Whitey but they’ll have to keep on at least a skeleton crew to keep things running, otherwise South Africa will rapidly turn into a Zimbabwe or even worse, a Central African Republc.

      • Correct—except that SA has already fallen below the critical fraction needed to maintain infrastructure. The Nation is falling into 3rd world status.

  13. “Juneteenth”!

    An annual holiday to remind Blacks of slavery!

    They’re taking the Confederate statues down, so they need something to remind Blacks of Whitey’s many transgressions. Things are better now— Blacks are privileged rather than oppressed— so the only way to keep fanning the grievance fires is to continually look backwards to the bad old days.

    Juneteenth: Black Resentment Day!

    What could go wrong with that?

    • Just another way to keep them tied to the past because the white elites know they have no future, and blacks apparently are on board with it because all they ever seem to talk about is slavery. They seem content enough to have zero dreams or thirst for something new.

      Well, I’m not like that, and I don’t want to be party to it.

      This elite white / black alliance is pretty much the only game in town, at least they want the world to believe that to be the case.

      Another reason to boycott this entire rotten immoral system or it will be the death of us. It has already killed the spirits of maybe half the white people out there.

    • The other big push, aided by an in person call from Senator Schumer to Joe Madison, “the Black Eagle”, is for the Emmitt Till (1954) Anti-Lynching Bill.

      People bein’ lynched every day in this racist-ass country, you see, per the promoters.

  14. To paraphrase a thirty year old joke.

    Lets free four more plantations and take the whole week off.

  15. Blacks are 13% of the US population today.

    Take away all other non-whites, and blacks are around 20%.

    Take away Roe v. Wade from that and blacks could be 40%, or more.

    An alternate history where the 1965 Act never happened, and a morally upright Christian majority was maintained doesn’t seem so great when we see it this way, either. Because that’s basically South Africa, and entire states would be Wakandas. Imagine the race mixing taking place in that society.

    Things could always be worse, but ultimately demographics are destiny, which is why we need our own nations. Never despair and always have hope 🙂

    • To my thinking, abortion, third world immigration, no-fault divorce, gibs, etc., are of the same spirit imposed on the country post-WWII. Hard to say what the country would look like had that demon not been unleashed, at any rate, it wouldn’t be in such bad shape.

    • In an odd way, the anti-White racists are correct in trashing the Founding Fathers generations but not for the reasons they think. The “primal sin of Whiteness” was not the 1965 Immigration act but allowing upper class Whites and Jews to trade in slaves in the first place. As you point out, it’s hard to see any scenario evolving from that society that does not lead either to a patchwork Wakanda or the equally bad mess we have today.

      Whites have been, and continue to be, their own worst enemies and if I could chose to deport a million people to Pluto it would be a million carefully chosen shitlib Whites, not blacks or hispanics. Take heart though, once any species, call it species “W” for no particular reason, dominates all of the rest of nature and all the other “nearby” species like “T” and “U” and “X” what is left to do but for it to break into factions and compete to dominate each other? Perhaps whatever race came to be the ones with our unique combination of traits was doomed to this fate and it is actually a sign of success, though it may not look like that right now.

      • The Zman: “He thinks reason can overcome emotion and belief. ”

        Pozymandias: “…what is left to do but for it to break into factions and compete to dominate each other? ”

        Thus the power of that unique Hebrew (Habiru) innovation: Monotheism.

        By the strangest of accidents, (some would see the Hand in this), the as-yet uncoalesced tribes stumbled across something they could not possibly understand.

        The Ark of the Covenant electrocuted some, and caused lethal brain-fry overloading the neural circuits in others. A few lineages could survive the holy epilepsy

        Those lineages.were subject, also to zealotry: to speak and see in charged emotional terms. Emotion is the oldest, deepest language of groups: communicating not neutral, dry facts, but postion; loyalty, affinity, bonding, one’s closeness to or distance from the alpha, the flagpole around which we organize ourselves in connectedness.

        The same neural circuitry of emotive language seems to be related to the holy epilepsy. A strong sub-strain was selected for: call them Abrahamics, or Judeans, or Maccabbees. Moses was such a revolutionary; our Puritans, likewise, were a strain that responded to the same way of speaking, of viewpoint, of belief and thought. Of feeling, as well as reasoning along an alpha-based framework.

        (This framework, this neural structure is natural to anyone with a father. Some, who literally ‘think’ differently, may smirk at a Sky Daddy, but theirs is merely a differing operating system, a neural framework, with different sensibilities.)

        I believe the Old Testament, with its constant exhortation to morality, was an attempt by the less zealous to rein in the excesses of their zealots, within their own ranks.

        This took place under the shadow of an overwhelmingly superior culture, the descendants of the north. The Habiru understood naught of our high science, our cosmological speculation, or our more trusting cooperation; for instance, our sky science became signs and portents, our medicine became deft poisons (such as abortifacients), our literacy became code, reverse curses, and supremacist propaganda.

        Both sides- the normie traditionalists who longed for the civilization they’d fled (the Golden Calf), and the failed revolutionaries, such as Abraham, Judah, and Moses, appealed to authority to gain the moral high ground. At first, that authority was of the king who had hired those zealots as mercenaries, or the divine Emperor or Pharoah who had lifted them high in his counsels. Eventually, the names were forgotten, and, in the style of their writing, (and as they replaced revised story fragments with Hebrew names), that authority became the highest Authority.

        This familial appeal does not suit the frontal neo-cortex style of “how does it work?”, but it does answer the deepest instinct of belonging.

        Thus their “why?” may not answer “how?” to our satisfaction, but it speaks to a much older, more powerful need: the Who, who we are.

        • I am remiss to point out the purity spirals of the zealous strain:

          Abraham, the lucifer who betrayed his Lord, and fled

          Judah, who betrayed his ancestor and brother, and fled

          Moses, who betrayed his Pharaoh, and fled

          The Judeans who betrayed the Ten and then their hosts in Babylon, to Cyrus, and fled

          The Saduccees, who betrayed the Hellenic Hebrews, and in turn sought to betray their benefactor, Rome, and fled

          There are those who comfortably live within their society, say, as storeowners, or farmers, or fishers

          The trouble are those who strive mightily to lift themselves above the fishers- this selects out into the zealot strain, a strain that exists in all races, and most markedly in theirs

          • Edit: Set-Moses, preist governor whose faction lost a factional war with Isis

            So much so that mention of the very name of Set was banned

      • The “primal sin of Whiteness” was not the 1965 Immigration act but allowing upper class Whites and Jews to trade in slaves in the first place.

        The primal sin of Whiteness was apologizing for the Salem Witch Trials.

        It’s been all downhill since then.

    • Things could always be worse, but ultimately demographics are destiny, which is why we need our own nations. Never despair and always have hope.

      Hope ain’t enough. The guys who are going to come out on top of this are the Slavs in the Balkans, the Greeks, Macedonians, Hungarians, Poles, etc. They remember their history, the invasion and subjugation by the Ottoman Turks, the Nazis, the Russians, the US, etc. They’ve been fighting to survive for so long that it’s normal life for them.

      • Hopefully, “we still here” will not just be a Black saying.

        Although, as the Zman has noted- we are Nature’s fair flowers.

        Our hair and eye color, our features, we are the most desired objects on the planet, flowers meant to be plucked. Beauty in the women, status in the men, Nature intends that which lays in us to be spread.

        Spread, whether by conquest, rape, slavery, mimicry or assimilation: we are the successful combination that Nature seeks. I weep that Creation must resort to such brute forcing, at the cost of it to us, the relentless effort to keep the thin skein of Life alive in the great Dark.

        • (Why us? We are the combination that opened the tertiary layer, the Seeding layer, the Gates of Heaven: no other conceived of such an idea because, for them, to escape the atmosphere’s Boundary is not possible.

          Their afterlife is here, trapped only here, recycling or shattering behind the Boundary, I call it the purgatorio, behind the greenhouse walls.)

    • Under the ‘Never Forget’ heading:
      The invasion of the US by third world, low IQ, violent ‘immigrants’ was (and is) spearheaded by the usual suspects (who we can thank for the 1965 act which opened the floodgates).
      Ted Kennedy was not responsible for the Immigration Act of 1965

      And this one very special chosen group has many, many organizations which believe all illegal aliens invading the US should receive amnesty (but wants no invaders in their special homeland)

      In the last 25 years, the invasion has now been foisted on every single white western country (some former Soviet satellites like Hungry and Poland are not suicidal enough to allow it… yet). And they openly brag about it:
      Barbara Lerner Spectre calls for destruction of Christian European ethnic societies

      Anyone notice a pattern?

      • Strong emphasis on “yet”.

        Poland is where the USA was in 1970. Thousands of their intelligent are living in the West, learning from Western universities. They just have to wait 20 years, when decades of low birth rates will cause an impending “demographic crisis” and suddenly the borders will open.

        Hungary is different. I believe their unique genetics as well as Orban are willing to stay closed off, forever. But Orban is one man, who won’t be around forever. As a small nation of 10 million people tanks could be rolled in any time.

        Ukraine, Moldova, Romania are so decrepit that migrants don’t even want to live there. Plus, way better gibs in Germany. These countries won’t put up much resistance once the EU starts “distributing” some diversity there. (After all the Ukrainian PM is one of the tribe).

        The only hope any white nation has to stay white, is to join back with Russia. What an ironic turn of fate. Frankly even Russia is on shaky footing once Putin goes. They have their own demographic issues, mainly low Russian birth rates, too.

        It’s most likely that Western European whites are doomed. At least Americans have guns. Some kind of Slavic nation may still exist into the future. Not to blackpill; it’s just how I see the future unfolding. The remnants of European, Christian/Western society may live on in the East, ironically. Kind of like how the remnants of the Roman Empire did.

        • To paraphrase the guy in “Looper” – “I’m from the future, learn Russian”. Russia certainly needs to have a plan for succession for Putin where a highly vetted Russian patriot is selected and the political system set up to explicitly avoid both repressive dictatorship AND falling into the liberal democracy trap. Of course, globohomo will try to push Russia off a neo-liberal cliff as soon as he’s gone. Fortunately Putin is only 68 and is known to stay in shape and watch his health. By the time he reaches Biden’s age, the West may be in chaos with the US as its flagship of the Royal Clown too busy tearing itself apart to notice anything going on 5000 miles east. It isn’t too hard to imagine a reinvigorated Russia actually making inroads into Europe, particularly in places like Sweden and France that have seen the worst effects of diversity.

          Ironically, the people in our elite who’ve seen Russians under every rock since 2016 may have been wrong at the time but will turn out to be prescient in the coming years.

      • Yet Derbyshire says that we can’t win without them.

        In his “Jew Thing” NRO article, he poignantly recalled some kindness done to him by a chosen couple. But for that one act of kindness, he might be able to see the forest for the trees.

        This whole issue is a “see the forest for the trees” issue. If you are blinded by the kindness of an outlier, you can never see the world accurately.

        Don’t get me wrong, Derb is a deity to me.

      • The “foisting” began many decades earlier. I stumbled across a pre-WWI social history of immigration to the US called “The Old World in the New” The guy was cancelled from Stanford more than a hundred years ago for opposing non-European immigration, so his takes are extremely non-PC, so it’s not for those easily offended. Sample: “. . . the endeavor of the Jews to control the immigration policy of the United States. Although theirs is but a seventh of our net immigration, they led the fight on the Immigration Commission’s bill. The power of the million Jews in the metropolis lined up the Congressional delegation from New York in solid opposition to the literacy test. The systematic campaign in newspapers and magazines to break down all arguments for restriction and to calm nativist fears is waged by and for one race. Hebrew money is behind the National Liberal Immigration League and its numerous publications.”

        • The Old World in the New is an excellent book – available on Although not all flattering, the snapshots of the various immigrant ethnicities attempted to be ‘fair and balanced.’

  16. Perhaps the best comparison between communism and liberal democracy I have read is “The Demon in Democracy” by Ryszard Legutko, a Pole who lived under both systems (recommended by our host). A good read well organized and argued.

    Democracy doesn’t come off too well. The author’s essential thesis is that the two systems are more similar than different and that they are both totalitarian, progressive and utopian. It’s a good read.

    Of course, if you subscribe to Robert Michels’ “Iron Law of Oligarchy” (as I do), you know that democracy is not a stable form of government, it is a transitional stage to some inevitable form of oligarchy. We are definitely deep into the oligarchy, and have been for a very long time (maybe since 1865 or 1789?).

    Read James Burnham’s “The Machiavellians”.

    • The democratic currents of history resemble successive waves. They break ever on the same shoal. They are ever renewed. This enduring spectacle is simultaneously encouraging and depressing. When democracies have gained a certain stage of development, they undergo a gradual transformation, adopting the aristocratic spirit, and in many cases also the aristocratic forms, against which at the outset they struggled so fiercely. Now new accusers arise to denounce the traitors; after an era of glorious combats and of inglorious power, they end by fusing with the old dominant class; whereupon once more they are in their turn attacked by fresh opponents who appeal to the name of democracy. It is probable that this cruel game will continue without end. R. Michels, 1911

  17. The issue always comes back to demographics, to racial identity. The driver of demographic change is immigration from non-European countries. Therefore, immigration is the #1 issue for me. It all comes back to immigration.

    Conservatives can shout themselves blue that Hispanics are “natural conservatives”, but there is just no evidence for that. Especially as we now have decades of voting data. Sure, an 80% Spanish Mexican farmer might be conservative. Or a Hispanic who has been living in Texas since the Spanish Empire. These are anomalies. The vast majority of those countries are populated with dull, short Indians. The fact that Latin America has any kind of civilization is due to those Euro-derived people living there. The short Indios don’t care about “freedom”, or “gun rights”, or “economic prosperity”. They are too dull to make use of “upward mobility”. Seeing whites who do just fills them up with more resentment.

    Another funny one is when they say that Asians are “hard workers” who want “low crime” and “value education”. So they should vote Republican! Apparently that over 1.4 billion Chinese have lived peacefully under communist tyranny (from our perspective) for 7 decades now doesn’t raise any concerns. Maybe they are happy with that system and don’t mind it in the USA? The Indian bitch at Yale saying she wants to shoot white people is another example. She is just a tribal Hindu, doing what they’ve done in India for millenia. Were living in Mumbai she would be hurling insults and expletives at Muslims, low castes, and other people outside her tribe.

    I can’t be mad at an African for being dumb. Or an Indio for being lazy and dull. Or a Chinese for being a communist. Or an Indian for being spiteful and tribal. These people are just doing what they have always done. They don’t suddenly transform into freedom-loving Americans once they get there.

    American values and ideas are a British product. Other N-W Euros assimilated, having similar backgrounds and genetics. Even Italians and Poles eventually assimilated. Other foreign tribes will continue to act as they do in their home countries – voting for more tyranny, tribal conflict, welfare, and open borders. If they understood, or wanted, Western freedom and prosperity then it would have been implemented over there too.

    • B125: You’ve really said all that needs to be said. Yet others (myself included) have repeated the same thing, in various iterations, at numerous other sites at various times over the years, and it never makes a difference. Over at Derbyshire at Unz they’re bleating about that ‘brave’ Chinese lady in Virginia who spoke up against cancel culture and dumbing down the schools. Uh, sorry, she wasn’t brave – she’s safe from being canceled by virtue of being non-White. And she wasn’t speaking up for muh Western values, but for the best interests of her own children.

      Daily at Amren you’ll see comments about how most ‘normal’ Whites, even those at Amren, aren’t really evil rayicssts – they just don’t like criminal and dysfunctional behavior. Or how their special friend is indicative that IQ and cultural differences are due to merely environmental causes. The vast majority of White people just will not face and accept the truth about the different races. They won’t accept the truth about differences in intelligence amongst Whites. Sports, sure, that’s ‘inate,’ but IQ or abstract thinking ability? Nah, we’re all the same.

      I think I hate the cult of equality even more than I hate muh democracy. It’s hard to choose, though. I hate Clownworld more and more each day, although that hardly seems possible. Sexual degeneracy, sick and evil women renting their wombs for the progeny of pederasts, ignorant and savage criminals running wild in the streets, and over it all the heavy weight of state sanctions if a White says or does anything to protest. Yes, yes, I realize there’s no future in going it alone, but right now I want to build a bunker, go inside, and lock the door. For a long, long time.

      • 3g4m3, yes those few civilized non-whites captivate our people with the dream that all non-whites can be civilized.

        It’s a war in their heads between the statistical truths about non-whites and their personal feelings about their outlier friend.

        These people need to see that in almost every case their non-white outlier friend will side with his race over the values that they share. But that process takes so long!

      • It’s difficult for people to translate what they know about general categories of people to any kind of policy that would apply broadly. Many dissidents for instance will agree that women are generally not rational enough or frankly smart enough to participate in politics. Then they will talk about their wife or sister or something as a way to prove that NAWALT (not all women are like that). The implication is that women are just being educated wrong or misled by feminists or some such thing and that we can imagine a liberal democracy where they behave differently.

        What the statistics and histories from all the liberal democracies tell you though is that expecting masses of women to participate in politics *without* voting for crazy policies on things like economics, immigration, and personal freedom is like opening a valve that separates a chamber with low pressure from one with high pressure and expecting molecules to drift from the low to the high pressure region. This is actually physically possible but in practice so unlikely that we regard opening such a valve as a definitive and purposeful act like firing a gun or turning the key in a car. I’m sure our host knows this but doesn’t say it outright because even here he needs to be more tactful than I do and keep the place looking “respectable” enough to keep drawing normies over. This is understandable.

        That said, at some point, if we want to keep having civilization, someone will need to say it and make it policy. Someone will need to go first at bolting a restriction plate on the air intake of our wonderful “engine of democracy”. The good news is that even if it only impedes the airflow a little, people will soon notice that the air is less smoky and they can hear a bit better. This will be the first “reform” that actually makes things better (or even noticeably different) in decades.

        • The only quibble I have with your chamber of gas example. Yes, it’s (for all practical purposes) impossible that low pressure would enter the high pressure, any more than water will flow uphill. I’d propose a slightly changed example: both chambers have equal pressures, then the valve is opened. The two air masses will mix, but only at a very slow rate. Returning to your analogy, it is equivalent to say that men can win over women and vice versa, but these will be very much the exception and overall group differences will remain largely unchanged.

          Similar to your original example, I recall reading this in a science book once: It is statistically possible that all the air molecules in the room you’re currently in will bounce to the far side of the room, leading to your death by asphyxiation. But the odds of that happening are rather low 😀

    • Conservatives can shout themselves blue that Hispanics are “natural conservatives”

      I don’t even know what the word conservative means as used in this sentence.

      • You can have great similarity in values—in all but the one that counts—race. Accept that and the seeming paradoxical affinity for Hispanics to reject the “White people’s” party is easily understood.

      • Such sweet, deluded white bug people. I guarantee that the man is unsatisfied with their sex life.

        If I recall correctly, this woman had fakes tits installed and then uninstalled due to health problems.

        I hate them, but I love them. It’s weird. They are our confused people.

        In some sense, we’re like racially conscious blacks. Imagine being an intelligent black trying to build a movement with such poor human capital. Our human capital is poor but for different reasons.

        • It’s exactly what it’s like.

          *sigh*, Tyrone just shot Marquise after he ate the last chicken wing at the family BBQ again 🙁

          You’re right, the masses of whites and blacks are just as hopeless, but in different ways.

        • I agree that couple in the video are kind of weird but the point I was trying to make is that as screwed up the USA has been for a long time, prior to 2020, I would have never considered living anywhere else. Now the advantage of American citizenship is noticeably declining on a daily basis.

        • LineIn: “I guarantee that the man is unsatisfied with their sex life.

          @3:25 she begs to differ with you.

          Also, 7:05 to 7:25 she shows some spice. Ditches her fake dainty tone and drops it down a few pitches to a natural adult woman tone. Probably had a few drinks prior.

          I know nothing of these people. But from the titles of their videos, I agree with your bug people opinion of them. He needs to rail her with extreme prejudice so she drops the girly talk bullshit forever.

          • @3:25 she begs to differ with you.


            He needs to rail her with extreme prejudice so she drops the girly talk bullshit forever.

            However, before that he needs to get her OFF OF ALL BIRTH CONTROL WHATSOEVER [to include the rhythm method] for the remainder of her life.

            Then rail bun after bun after bun into her White oven [anytime starting about 72 hours pre-ovulation right up until ovulation itself].

    • In the last few years I’ve noticed a distinct uptick in anti-white psychosis from either immigrants who were brought here as kids or first-generation. Surely that doctor who ranted at Yale still has family connections in Pakistan, were she could go days/weeks/months without encountering her nemesis if she chose. Yet doesn’t choose.

  18. This is a great video on the implications of global capital on “democracy” , absolutely the best I’ve seen on the tie in between the two parties , and why every politician from joe biden to the regional animal control officer in the slibslab county in madagascar is saying they want to build back better.

    Our task is now is to ensure we are represented in the changes that are coming.

  19. And Afrofascism proceeds apace. Spurred on by the Pomo-Judeo-Puritans, of course.

  20. I disagree that abortion should be left up to the states. I think it should have a federal ban on it, with an exception for mothers whose lives are at risk.

    I don’t believe in having any “barbarity” in society. I don’t think executions are barbaric, even public ones. I don’t see any reason to tolerate murdering babies, especially not “recreationally”.

    • I think it should be allowed in Instances of rape as well. Forcing a woman to carry a baby that’s a byproduct of sexual assault to term would be unconscionable.

      • the baby didn’t rape anyone. beside that is a one in a million thing. and exceptions make bad law .

      • Making an exception for rape is just another way of saying any woman who wants an abortion can just cry rape.
        What happens when they want to do DNA testing on the fetus and going after the father as a rapist?
        No, there can be no exceptions except for life threatening physical risks to the mother. If you make an exception for “health” or “risks” to the mother, that is just a blanket allowance of abortion. “Health” will be mental health. With mental health, that would be a blanket exception.

        I think there should be a time limit for abortion, like the first trimester. After that, no exceptions except the high risk of death to the mother.

    • Ok, have fun when the black fertility rate balloons up to 3 children per woman, and the Hispanic rate up to 2.5. Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia would become Wakanda in 20 years.

      Using birth control is not something people with low IQ and low future time preference can understand.

      Whites already have a low abortion rate, and middle class + whites would have no problem getting one even if it were illegal.

      • Channeling the ghost of Malthus for a big black pill:

        Whatever your moral thoughts are on birth control (to include abortion), consider the following:

        Widespread, reliable birth control never existed before well into the Twentieth Century. The Pill only dates to about 1960. Ironically, it was first proposed as a way to limit the runaway breeding of poor countries. Yet it gradually gained the most popularity (per capita) in rich countries. Again, try to leave your moral positions aside for a moment: Child bearing brings (or should bring) major responsibilities especially to women; also greatly limits career and other choices. On average, women decided to have less babies. Lots less. The point is whether good or bad, birth control greatly has reduced fertility of the rich countries. All the above is of course stating the obvious. But we must consider the consequences of the above.

        Over a period of 60 years (more, considering all factors) the world as a whole has undergone profound demographic changes. Largely for the reasons I’ve given above (which is but one instance of advanced technology mostly from the West that helped all — at least short term), the net result is that the White – European and also East Asian proportion of the world population has dropped sharply. Less politely, the poorer, stupider, brown and black races have increased the fastest and have swamped the smart-rich yellow and white races. It’s no exaggeration to say that, on average, the world is getting more populous, poorer and stupider. To a large extent, these are unavoidable side effects of civilization.

        The West (rich countries) must, then, completely accept responsibility for both their declining share of population (births below replacement rate), as well as for the teeming masses of browns and blacks in the poor world. The latter is directly the result of technology advances (food, medicine, etc.) as well as other Western aid. Relaxed immigration policies are just part of this total transformation.

        Perversely, in their attempt to better the lives of the third world’s poor, as well as choices made for a better life style at home, both of these will result in decline, disorder, chaos and perhaps worse in their home nations. There probably is no way to avert a worldwide disaster. Populations, and the magical genie or cornucopia of continuing technological progress, or even extracting resources at current (never mind increasing) rates is an impossibility. At some point it will fail. Gradually and over a period of years would be best for all concerned. That, at least, would give humans the best chance of managing the downfall.

        Much of the third world (e.g. Africa) is heavily dependent upon outside aid. If this were ever to be reduced or cut off, a die-off of the majority of the population would be a near certainty.

        We now return you to your weekend grilling, beer drinking and sports watching.

    • “I don’t believe in having any “barbarity” in society.“

      So you’re for repatriating all blacks to Africa?

      Asking for a friend…

      • One lesson from the modern age is that you need barbarism at the margins at least in order to defend the non-barbaric core of society.

  21. So we don’t honor even one Founding Father with a special day of his own but blacks get one for a plagiarizing, communist, womanizer, an entire month devoted to their increasingly fanciful history, a completely made-up Winter holiday to compete with Christmas and now another stupid sounding Federal holiday about who knows what.

    We need another meme since clown world doesn’t even begin to cover it.

    • Peabody – Hear, hear! I don’t know how to post gifs but I have one saved from Apex Predator, I believe, which shows a clownworld mushroom cloud. That’s what we’re living through. I didn’t sign up for this, damn it!

      • “I didn’t sign up for this, damn it!”

        Sure you did. It was a codicil in that Social Contract you signed in your own Neo-natal blood at birth.

  22. An anecdote to illustrate the idiocy of the masses that allow this life-long system to work. Yesterday after the news of the new holiday broke, one of my millennial co-workers came in to the production area to say “great news! Nineteenth is a holiday”. One of the other millennial them asked “what is Juneteenth?” , and the first one said “I don’t know I think it is a memorial of a kkk bombing”, and then they proceeded to debate about it for 5 minutes before looking it up on their phones, followed by “it’s good news for progress anyway”.

  23. Thanks for the link to Encounter books instead of the noxious Amazon.

    Support what you love or it goes away.

    • I never buy nanything from amazon. if I can’t get it somewhere else , I will find a way to live without it

  24. I thought the gay marriage thing was all about health insurance and getting to visit your AIDS-riddled boyfriend in the hospital.

  25. Read “the most dangerous superstition” by Larken Rose

    The source of all problems is the government

  26. Juneteenth, when we’re all reminded that the first legal slaveholder in the American Colonies was a black man, and that absent Muslim slave traders, all slaves in America would have been white indentures.

    Juneteenth, when employers are reminded which employees do no real work and they’re better off to do permanently without.

    Juneteenth, when I’m reminded to be thankful that I live far away from any concentrations of blacks.

    Now that I think about it, Juneteenth may be a useful holiday after all!

    • I said over on Unz, we should just name every holiday for blacks in one way or another. I mean they are the greatest asset this (former) country, if not the world, has ever known. Where would we be with out them? Let me count the ways…

      • I never heard of this crap till last year and Zman just clarified my question of the week. More bullshit for us White crackers to swallow. I have reached Total Negro Saturation.

        • Saturation? You’re still in the early stages. I’m to the point of abject revulsion.

          • I’m inclined to ignore the facets of this world that I find uninteresting or which confer no pleasure or benefit to me, but I agree with you that this has gone well beyond the pale. I too am at the point of revulsion with this cult of negrophilia. It’s inescapable and continually more overt and aggressive.

    • The only reason I know of the holiday is because super-cuck Glenn Reynolds is a fan of it. I haven’t been over to Instapundit in a while, and I won’t check now as I’m sure it’s all delusional praise of the holiday as this will be The Thing that finally makes blacks turn away from being super-resentful crime-jockeys.

      • I didn’t realize GR was a fan of Juneteenth. Cuck is a good description for him. Immigration is apparently a forbidden topic there also.

    • First, Blacks installed their own national hero, MLK. Which, IIR, bumped out a White President giving us (Whites) “President’s Day”. Now Blacks are given their own national birthday, “Juneteenth”. At least we were not robbed of “July 4th”—but that will come in time no doubt. I won’t even discuss Columbus Day.

      How can this not be missed by Joe Normie? We have a sovereign country being built within a sovereign country! Whites don’t need to build a separate country—we have (had) our own country—we simply need to stop it being taken away.

    • It makes people so uncomfortable when you tell them the first and last slaveholders in the (now) US were the Indians (e.g., the Ute used to raid, slaughter and enslave the Navajo.) That the French and Spanish introduced chattel slavery to the continent long before Jamestown or Roanoke. Or that in colonial times free blacks owned slaves in every colony.

    • I’ll have to differ with you on the “Muslim slave traders.” Of course the Barbary “Moors” historically preyed upon Europeans for centuries. But few, if any of those saw the New World. I do not deny that Muslims were active with the Negro slave trade. But unless my history is very faulty, it was exclusively European (Portuguese, English, Spanish etc.) ships that bought a load of Africans and imported them to the new world. To pin America’s slave history onto Muslims as as bad a cheap shot as if I were to blame the distillery for my alcoholism. 🙂

  27. Blacks are expensive, a net drain on the country, a red entry in the nation’s accounting ledger. The hordes of middlemen, bureaucrats, and grifters that exist solely to administer the never ending and ineffectual programs designed to bring blacks up to minimal modern civilizational competency are even more expensive.

    • Can you imagine a student having to give a speech on speech day and it’s a speech on race and he says what you said in your comment? Either to an all-white, or forbid, a mixed class? No, it is unimaginable. Real public discourse is unimaginable.

      • I’m in regular contact with the fellow who does the same job as me at another one of our locations, the next state over. In the past couple weeks he’s sent me several screenshots from the faceborg page of one of his coworkers, a front office employee in a factory setting. The coworker in question is black and on social media he’s posted the following:

        “What do I hate most about my job? Whiteness”
        “Back from several days off and on my first Zoom meeting. Yep, everyone’s still white.”
        “Imagine my white colleagues educating me on Juneteenth this morning! Just make sure y’all work a FULL DAY and some OT on the TEENTH, bitch.”

        We all know the answer to the “what if…?” scenario. I told my friend to tell HR that this person is creating a hostile work environment and that he doesn’t feel safe on the job. Make them play by their own rules. But we all know that instead of losing his job there would be a mild rebuke and the groid would have to pinkie swear to tone it down, and that would be the end of it from HR’s perspective, while my friend would now have to watch his back. He’s a MAGA/NRA type who just wants to retire to his cabin in the woods in a dozen years, but I’m seeing signs that this is making him more race aware. I’m doing everything I can to nudge him along that route.

    • Thompson over at Unz has a great piece on a detailed national lifetime cost of immigrants.
      The nation, alas was not the US.

      Is the US a nation?

      Not according to this definition, it’s merely a country.

      a part, or division, of the people of the earth, distinguished from the rest by common descent, language, or institutions; a race; a stock

        • Quick summation of Thompson article: “Low IQ immigrants are a net loss in a high IQ country. This also extends onto their progeny (who are low IQ themselves)”.

          The implication being that such immigration must and will drive down the standard of living for the native population until they reach an equilibrium or sorts with the lower productivity of the immigrant population.

          Not mentioned was the possibility of even a worse fate; Reaching a point where the “Smart Fraction” requirement is not met and the country collapses into a third world crap hole for lack of ability to maintain a first world technology and infrastructure.

  28. I’ve always believed the reason why politicians and their associated ilk raise such a fuss over these totally insignificant issues is because it’s all they can wrap their tiny brains around, they have no idea how to actually fix infrastructure, provide affordable healthcare, and secure our borders, so they concentrate on baseball players on steroids, or setting up a new holiday, to the exclusion of almost everything other problem. It’s “getting stuff done” for crafty but unintelligent virtue signalers.

  29. “The system we have today is unsustainable, for the simple reason the people at the top define themselves by their hatred of the people over whom the rule”

    Their open hatred for us doesn’t make the system unsustainable. It does just the opposite. It unifies our rulers and motivates them as well as unifying and motivating the managerial class. Feeling that they are combating evil is a powerful ego boost and rationale that covers over all of their idiotic and malicious behavior.

    Face it, we are a conquered nation and being a conquered people has rarely been a nice situation especially when the conquerors truly hate you.

    When I was still in Silicon Valley I attended several symposiums featuring venture capitalists from the ruling and would be ruling tribes. They openly said that they no longer needed the people in middle America (I am sure they will keep the farmers and illegal immigrant farm workers around until they turn the farms over to Wakandans). The ruling class also talks about how they want to drastically decrease the population while flooding the country with brown people. Guess, where that decrease is coming from?

    But the system will continue to be changed while sustaining itself because they are openly talking about making the masses serfs thus the great reset and its slogan of “you will own nothing and you’ll be happy.”

    Of course the ruling class will own a lot and will be pretty happy too.

  30. Charles Murray is the king of using the most thorough research, unassailable facts, and methodical reasoning to reach the wrong conclusion.

    • Absolutely. Murray is either a deceiver or a fool. He comes off as personally likeable, so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and assume that he’s the latter — a well-meaning guy who does some very good work, yet isn’t bright enough to figure out that his own research indicates the futility of the civic nationalism that he favors.

      • Or maybe Murray is smart enough to see that civic nationalism is indeed dead, but he knows he can’t say out loud what conclusions his facts really lead to. He just leaves it to us to see the real meaning in his stats and tables.

        • He thinks reason can overcome emotion and belief. He is wrong on that score. He’s also an old man who cannot accept that he and his fellow civic nationalists were wrong and result is the current crisis. His grandchildren will live as hated minorities because their grandparents were more worried about being liked than preserving their society.

          • Two of his four children are Hapa.

            I don’t think that this is the reason he wants to keep Whites from becoming racially conscious, but I don’t think that he’s unaware of what it would mean for his kids.

          • It has always been striking to me that the HBD crowd is incapable of facing up to the implications of their work. They also seem to be incapable of grasping current reality. The vison of America they have was fine in 1965 when the country was 90% white. Even in 1985 it was possible. The majority of people under the age of 21 are now nonwhite. There is no way to have the civic nationalist society they imagine when the population is majority nonwhite. The Left makes that clear every day. This is the point of their antiracism programs.

          • You would think that the guy who wrote “The Bell Curve” would understand that low IQ foreign peoples are just not able to “overcome emotion and belief”.

            As in: literally not possible. It’s hard for whites, with an average IQ of 100, to imagine what the average African with IQ at (generously) 84 is thinking. Ooga Booga, muh dick, and Gibs me dat are their 3 main thoughts.

            So no, none of the ascendant minorities will overcome their “tribal thinking”. That’s a whitey thing.

            Sad that we dismiss dumb whites, with less gifted IQ, as “white trash”, almost as if they deserve it. Whereas we pamper blacks and other people with far lower IQ as poor and oppressed, who need help.

          • It’s a common error among smart, calm, rational, fair people to project their natural temperament onto the general public. They don’t realize how rare they are.

          • Sailer and Taylor had an interesting debate about 15 years ago entitled “Survival vs Citizenism.”

            At the time, Sailer was arguing that promoting citizenism – putting the interests of American citizens ahead of foreigners – would be a more effective way to get the American people to vote to stop immigration than would White nationalism. It was a tool to keep Whites as the country’s majority.

            (I also think that Sailer finds white nationalism kind of icky, so I’m sure that there was some person preference for citizenism.)

            That’s not a crazy argument, but even at that time, it was becoming clear that colorblind civic nationalism wasn’t working to stop immigration, which meant that Whites would eventually become a minority in the United States.

            And since non-Whites have never – never – shown an interest in colorblind civic nationalism, citizenism was not only doomed to fail but would lead to Whites becoming a despised and discriminated against minority.

            But Sailer never adjusted his views. He continues to defend an ideology that has proved to be an abject failure. And now that failure is complete. We can’t turn back the clock.

            I honestly don’t understand Sailer. (Murray, I get.)

          • St. Charles:

            It’s interesting because in “The Bell Curve”, Murray brings this up.

            He says that the reader probably has a university education, and the reader’s 10 closest friends likely also have a university education. The odds of this happening are something like 1/1,000 (don’t remember that exact numbers). But it’s rare.

            For the average reader, it just seems common and normal, and, well, average. With age, he probably gets weakened by intense societal pressure as well as natural aging.

          • At the risk of exposing myself as both a Pollyanna AND a Boomer Fool…could it be that Murray actually does understand the implications of what he’s written? And that the book is an “acceptable introduction” for CivNats and other normie whites to dip their toes into race realism? A first step that may lead them to eventually cross the great divide? (Whether intended by Murray or not, the took can be seen in that light, no?)

        • In that case, Murray would be a bit of a deceiver, wouldn’t he? He would still be pitching civic nationalism despite knowing that it’s dead. Maybe it would be better for him to simply present his data and leave it entirely to his readers to reach their own conclusions about where that data should lead them. I’m not sure one way or the other on Murray. As I said, he seems like a decent chap and I prefer not to think too ill of him.

          • You can’t publish a book (successfully) simply compiling a bunch of facts—besides those facts are known from a variety of sources. No one, except a few nerds reads the “Statistical Abstract of the United States”, albeit in another life I used to peruse such.

            Murray states in his opening chapter that his book is *not* meant for “far Left or far Right”, but rather is meant for the “right of center”. Those folk (I believe Murray believes) can have their minds changed with acceptance of the facts wrt minority differences in IQ and behavior. This is his intention, but as expected this audience is beyond that point so his book is deemed a failure and for some reason Murray is blamed for not being the “Superman” we all wait for.

    • When the bell curve came out I think Murray was shocked at the blow back. The cowardly conservatives failed to run with it but at least it was out there.

      • Shapiro is a sharp (((grifter))). Murray has always published without concern with future personal animosity. In interviews he discusses the price he’s paid for this. What shows through is that he does not change the data to fit popular, woke, culture. Albeit, he has changed approaches in presentation in attempts to persuade audiences of his cultural conclusions, read “Coming Apart”.

        Murray’s works comprise more than just race differences, indeed the bulk of his work only tangentially touches on race. But Murray is a Sociologist, and how can one write anything in that field without touching upon race?

        • BS memorized 200 Reagan-ish talking points and recites them ad nauseum. I’ve never seen him say anything original or particularly interesting. But then, I heard it all 35 years ago.

          At least C Murray does his own research, and still presents his findings to criticism from all sides. Wish he was bolder, but it wouldn’t do any good now anyway.

          • ProZ, I think it was said above or below, “…it’s too late anyway.” That being said, Murray’s books/writings show a steady progression from center left to center right and beyond in thought.

            In that movement, I see hope. As I’ve said in this forum several times before, there is a noticeable change in discussion on race issues at the local level where it is still allowed. Stations in my berg (minority controlled, blue city/county) are no longer discussing race in veiled euphemistic terminology. Talk shows are railing on about “Whites” and “White” discrimination, and in general “clownworld”.

            It may be too little, too late—but it’s real and it’s a notable change over the timeframe I’m familiar with.

  31. The courts HAVE to be involved in the abortion issue.

    What happens, for example, when a woman wants to abort the baby and her man doesn’t? What claim on the man does the woman have if it’s the other way around?

    • Yes, the courts, the more local the better, must be involved in disputes about whatever laws have been established by the state or local legislative bodies. But a federal court should not be establishing laws from on high and prohibiting local communities from making their own rules based on their values and context.

      One state may have a law that requires both biological parents to sign off on an abortion; another may give the “mother” full decision, or could ban abortion altogether. That is how it should work in a rebublican confederation of states, not nine unaccountable gods in robes making laws for everyone.

        • Higher courts were basically to adjudicate disputes between States, then interpret the Constitution where disputed—neither of which could be done at any particular State’s level. Federal laws were few and far between before the Civil War. Now the Fed’s basically are a “Dual Sovereign” and is busy administering laws concerning personal behavior unimaginable in our Founder’s time.

          • “Then why have the higher courts?”

            “Higher courts were basically to adjudicate disputes between States”

            Nicely done, lads. You guys must be white. (Can’t upvote Compsci’s reply, so kudos.)

      • Some (OK, a lot of) commentary on the audio program:

        Z, I’ll have to disagree — in part — with your comments that the populace is frozen out of much decision making. Now, I DO agree up to a point. The USA, at inception, was unique (and remains, or nearly so) in world history in its attempt at checks and balances. This included Federalism, which I understand as strictly delineating where Federal and State powers lay. Since the Un-Civil War, unquestionably the trend has been towards a centralized Federal government. Of necessity, this implies the quashing of individual State’s rights. The gradual erosion of the original government form has parallels in other aspects. For example, originally money was gold or silver coin. This was chiseled away and its last (pretend) vestige has been absent since 1971. Federal taxes originally were strictly apportioned by a State’s population. This too vanished with Income Tax. Many more examples may be found.

        There are tantalizing counter-trends to that central control. None of these will please the conservative, but I cite them because they were instances of individual States setting their own agenda. The most obvious one I know of is State level legalization of marijuana. It’s a de-facto middle finger from (Liberal) states to the Feds. I conjecture that legal pot being a Leftist cause is the reason why it’s remained largely unchallenged to date by Washington. Abortion remains a hot issue. Pre Roe v. Wade, it was not a Federal oversight. A few States had legal abortion. Most didn’t. Again: State rights. Gay marriage was legalized in a few states before the Supremes forced it upon all. Pessimistically, these examples of “State’s Rights” all lean hard left. But we can still view them a challenges to rule from the Imperial City.

        The part I disagree about? Your claims that court decisions or, in the same way, executive or legislative decisions override the voice of the people. There are a couple flaws in that claim. First, in the best of times, “the people” is far from unanimous in its desires. That is why democracy exists: it is rule by the majority, even if sometimes that means that despised 50% + 1. My second objection is the implicit belief that the public is COMPETENT to decide many issues. Even in a democratic system, certain rights should be inalienable. A mob should not be allowed to confiscate my property or lynch me, simply because 51% of the local population objects to me in some way. I’d prefer not having my home confiscated and my execution, but I’ll object a lot less if it’s done according to rule of law, rather than a howling mob. Despite all the glaring shortcomings, probably any large governmental system will require specialization for many functions and those will unavoidably be several degrees removed from the average citizen’s wishes, if he could even be realistically surveyed for his opinion or desire on various issues.

        Now certainly there are many flaws to our system. For example, a jury is supposed to be of one’s “peers.” But in practice, what results is a group of citizens chosen precisely for unfamiliarity of legal process; indeed, they should be as ignorant as possible of the facts of the case they are expected to judge! This fault is yet another argument for having a democracy (and thus, pool of jurors) that are at least educated males.

        In brief, then, my contention is simply that for many, perhaps most issues, the populace is utterly unfit to judge. In part, that was the impetus for a representative government of any type: since it would be impossible for every citizen to vote on every issue, a delegate, a mayor, a representative, a Senator, etc. was chosen who represents every X thousand voters in a higher voting body.

        A perennial problem with any government is the problem of corruption and self-interest. I’ve just finished Plato’s “Republic.” It’s an ancient issue. Plato is perhaps the world’s most influential philosopher, but it’s clear that many of his ideas are unrealistic. The State will have a well trained, disinterested group of “Guardians” who will be free of graft and cupidity and rule justly. Really? Human nature much?

        Democracy: We like democracy but, as is often lamented in this forum, it eventually deteriorates into a worse form of government, some form of authoritarianism. We are already in a de facto oligarchy. The future likely holds a tyranny, after that, who knows?

    • According to principles of liberalism, the role of the court is to enforce basic rights, rights enumerated in the law and adjudicate disputes between parties. I’m struggling to see how abortion fits in here, unless access to abortion is enshrined in the law or deemed a basic right. I suspect most people would be fine with a narrow window for a women to seek an abortion at her discretion. The only role for the court is if there is a violation of this rule, like a pirate abortion mill.

      When the courts make law, you no longer have any sort of democracy. Even in an oligarchical republic with a limited franchise, the courts cannot make the law. It contradicts the principle of the system, namely that the people with a stake in society set policy.

      • First – yes, you are right, courts have no business making law.

        The point I am trying to make is that your ‘gray zone’ on the abortion issue, or the middle of the curve, as you put it – is (rightfully) antithetical to American law. A law system cannot work on the premise of ‘a happy middle ground’. Every aspect of the issue must be nailed down, graved in stone and available for everyone to see so that they know the rules and the consequences of their actions going in.

        Abortion is just a can full of worms. A whole bunch of them are reproductive rights. Who has the final say on the decision to abort? The man or the woman? Suppose the woman wants to keep the baby: is the man on the hook financially for that? Suppose the baby questions it’s gender, who has the say on sex change surgery? The father or the mother? The court can’t work with “it depends. What does the majority say?” That is what is happening now; the cans of worms are opening other cans of worms, and our courts get washed away in asinine issues like gender reassignment cases for children.

        This is America’s problem: who’s in charge? The courts? The politicians? The FBI and the DOJ seem to be running at the boss’s chair now too. The oligarchs?

        At some point we the people are going to have to impose our will on they the powers that be, because a courts can’t run a country.

        • This is why the issue has no business in the courts. The law is a blunt instrument, best used for broad generalities. Tradition, custom and culture are best for the complicated issue with no right answer. Abortion should be a local issue that is mostly a private issue. If left alone, every state and locality would evolve rules that work for them.

          • By what criteria to we base that on?

            Another can of worms? Does the fetus have rights? If so, more cans of worms, and rights ARE what the courts are supposed to address.

            You’re not wrong, but getting the courts out of law making is not as easy as just kicking the courts out. Another can of worms: in our state we rule that abortion is illegal, marriage is between a man and a woman, and that shit rolls down hill and you can’t push up on a rope: what happens when a person can just go next door where the opposite is true, and how will that impact the decisions we make for ourselves and the enforcement of them?

            I would argue that the law is not a blunt instrument, in fact it is surgically precise. The problem comes when you need a blunt instrument, and instead of turning the issue over to leaders and elders, it gets turned over to pencil headed lawyers, jews, cat ladies and other marginals that have no business in any decision making process.

          • Indeed, and if the issue of abortion is toss’d back to the State’s—even in the worse case—“abortion on demand” will only be a bus ticket away. That’s (was) the beauty of our original federated system.

          • I remember my college roommate (we were in the Class of 1967) writing me in Massachusetts that New York had just legalized abortion. This was in 1972 (not sure) but BEFORE Roe v. Wade. We had witnessed in the mid-60s a number of our classmates who had abortions. One almost died in her dorm room. Not saying this was admirable, and The Pill was available as you could get it to “regulate” your period (not for birth control), but there were a number of near-catastrophes with the illegal “mills” that people would find out about. Funny thing I’ve noticed since that time is that those women who had abortions (that I know about) back then, and who married “the guy” involved, did NOT remain married, even though they eventually had kids and a regular upper middle-class life for a number of years. Wish we could conduct a survey and ask some real probing questions about the whole issue. Maybe Planned Parenthood could conduct one.

      • It’s telling that the “rights” used to justify abortion on Roe ie privacy and body autonomy have been ignored in every subsequent case.

        • Yep, that “right” was described (by SCOTUS, IIRC) as a right to “privacy” between a woman and her physician. Tell that to anyone suffering from chronic pain who can no longer find a physician to prescribe opioids.

          A while back, I had a cancer diagnosis. The best hospital in the area made me read and sign a “pain medication” form. Basically, this form outlined their new policy (I assume to avoid Fed penalties) wrt pain medication. As I remember, it stated that no pain medication would be given/prescribed for more than 10 days, *and* none could be taken *outside* of the hospital facilities—yep, when released you had to come back to receive your “fix”.

          Thankfully, nothing came of this diagnosis and potential treatment. But as I age, I dread such an outcome more and more, although I have been told that these “rules” no longer apply when officially admitted to Hospice Care facilities. “Solent Green”, here we come.

    • Forget it.

      Women want to have the option of abortion; at best, they’ll agree that “evil male doctor” go to jail, but the “my body, my choice” has won over all levels of US society.

      More interested in the coming polygamy/polyamory decisions:

      When 3 men marry 7 women, and the 3rd wife wants a divorce, what are the custody battles, visitation rights, alimony payments, who gets the house, social security survivorship, etc. going to look like?

      • “When 3 men marry 7 women, and the 3rd wife wants a divorce, what are the custody battles, visitation rights, alimony payments, who gets the house, social security survivorship, etc. going to look like?”

        Ha. In Clown World/Carny World, that’ll be the warm-up act for the warm-up act.

  32. On immigration and democracy there are other ways manipulation have been used. Here is Denmark we got a new alien act in 1983 that in reality opened the country to the whole world. A majority was against the law, many politicians who voted for the law claimed they in reality was against it but they could do nothing due to “international” obligations and it would be a reality anyway. The law had been in a hearing by a commission and the head of it was a former Judge of the Supreme Court. He stated that the law was a total brake with the state of rule of law. Normally you have to be a subject of the state power to have rights. But, the law in reality broke with that accounting to him. Now, the state had to give rights to non-subjects from states due to processes there the state had no power over.He wrote that it would bring the state into a totally new territory. It is in the human rights thinking that is a break away from the state with rule of law. The state jurisdiction in reality becomes global. A that time there way a huge lobby work done by humanitarian NGOs and the UN system to make this new law. We also see that they use conventions to get around the will of the people. A commonly used term to stop a debate is that it is against “international conventions”. But, if one looks into this convention system then almost all conventions are non-binding. So, all most all states sign them -so they can be called “international”. But, in reality it is only the western countries who ratify these conventions and make them national law. So, in reality “international conventions” are western unilateral. They use the term “international” to give them authority. So, the human rights, conventions system is also a way to get around democracy and in reality the state with rule of law.

      • from the legal dictionary;
        “SUBJECT, persons, government. An individual member of a nation, who is subject to the laws; this term is used in contradistinction to citizen, which is applied to the same individual when considering his political rights. … In monarchical governments, by subject is meant one who owes permanent allegiance to the monarch.”
        I could have use citizen. But, rights in constitutions goes back to the 12.century with monarchy. So, it is why I used subjects.

    • No different in the USA. In the Constitution, International Treaties take precedent over all law.

      • They only have as much force of law as our elites allow, which is “a lot”. That seems to be part of the three-card Monty that they play though, “Oh I tried to keep Somalis out, but, ‘International Law’*. You understand, maybe next time!”

        *(One of the only amusing things left from the W admin was Bush incredulously responding to a reporter asking about international law saying sarcastically “InTeRnAtiOnAl LaW?”. It was good to see a U.S. president care more about what the U.S. wanted to do above what some foreigners wanted, but unfortunately what the U.S. wanted to do was invade Iraq and that was pretty much the end of that).

        • Evil, your points are well made. It exceeds my poor writing ability to qualify/describe the Constitution as it now exists/interpreted as from the original written version of 200 years ago. Let’s just say, the Constitution means/allows whatever TPTB want it to mean at that time. There is a clause in the original that can be used to basically overrule common sense and the will of the people should they decide so and work the grift. The clause is the bastard son of the “Commerce Clause” in that regard.

          • Yes that. I recall from what author I cannot recall, a discussion of the expanded Federal regulatory powers during FDR’s reign. The argument before the court was whether the Feds had the right to regulate a market, I think it was, milk, even though the commerce did not cross State lines. The court ruled for the Government, essentially saying that because the product (milk) COULD cross a State line, the Feds had the power to regulate.

            Ladies and Gentlemen, that was our court ninety years ago! I can assure you that logic and sensibility have not improved in the near-century since then. 🙁

  33. “It encourages nonwhites to embrace tribal politics, which discourages whites from embracing the active indifference necessary to make a multiracial society work.”

    These SOB’s are doing everything they can think of to start a race war. Why? Because they know that they hold all the cards and that they will win, as they did in 1865? Churchillian, The Gathering Storm. Be smart. Be prepared. We can turn the tables on what happened in that court house in Appomattox.

    • The problem is if whites fight back they won’t line up like Johnny Reb did. Because today whites are the people the keep the lights, water and food supplied to these elites. We keep the roads and towns safe so the ruling class and their political lackies don’t need to hire bodyguards.

      What happens when that vanishes. Their political and money power goes poof over night. What happens when the fed cops have to pay a $100 for a loaf of bread if they can even find it in a store? I remember when all the food vanished during the lock down panic. It was scary.

      Sure the elites can import it for themselves. But there is a limit to that. They will have to share it with the airport people and guards. So less to go around. And once others hear of this, watch out.

      This is what will happen in a civil war. I don’t think those clowns even have a clue of what they intend to unleash.

      • American Civil War 1.0. Two white factions fighting over what to do about blacks. Plenty of food and water for both sides.

        American Civil War 2.0. Two white factions fighting over what to do about blacks. Plenty of food and water for the Confederates while the the Unionists were feeling hungry and thirsty. Cities die.

        Appomattox 1.0. Unionists win.

        Appomattox 2.0. Confederates win. Secession.

  34. “Ed Dutton may have summarized it best when he said that Murray is right, but he should have written this book in 1965 or even 1985.”

    That’s exactly what I said in a comment at Sailer’s site. Sailer was asking whether Murray’s book would be ignored or denounced. I said that it would be ignored but not for the reasons that iSteve readers thought.

    It wouldn’t be ignored because TPTB were trying to stop people from hearing Murray’s arguments. It would be ignored because they no longer matter. The book was written for an age that has passed.

    Maybe in the 1980s or even 1990s, we could have worked out a grand bargain between the elite and Whites but that time has passed. The entire ruling system is built on hating Whites. It underpins everything they do and legitimizes them. It’s literally who they are. They have nothing without their beliefs of White racism. They have no other ideas or plans. It’s all about “equity” and retribution.

    To go back to a colorblind world (which never existed in the first place) where everyone is treated as an individual would mean them giving up power and their sense of moral superiority. That. Will. Not. Happen.

    For all of his brains, Murray has a child’s view of the world.

    • Similarly, if Donald Trump had gotten himself elected president in 1992 or 1996 – maybe even as late as 2000 – his MAGA revolution might have worked. By 2016, it was doomed to be too little, too late. The system chewed him up and spit him out, and that was that.

      • “The system we have today is unsustainable, for the simple reason the people at the top define themselves by their hatred of the people over whom the rule”

        Their open hatred for us doesn’t make the system unsustainable. It does just the opposite. It unifies our rulers and motivates them as well as unifying and motivating the managerial class. Feeling that they are combating evil is a powerful ego boost and rationale that covers over all of their idiotic and malicious behavior.

        Face it, we are a conquered nation and being a conquered people has rarely been a nice situation especially when the conquerors truly hate you.

        When I was still in Silicon Valley I attended several symposiums featuring venture capitalists from the ruling and would be ruling tribes. They openly said that they no longer needed the people in middle America (I am sure they will keep the farmers and illegal immigrant farm workers around until they turn the farms over to Wakandans). The ruling class also talks about how they want to drastically decrease the population while flooding the country with brown people. Guess, where that decrease is coming from?

        But the system will continue to be changed while sustaining itself because they are openly talking about making the masses serfs thus the great reset and its slogan of “you will own nothing and you’ll be happy.”

        Of course the ruling class will own a lot and will be pretty happy too.

        • Yeah, I mentioned to my father the other day that we’re a conquered people. He didn’t understand. I said that we’re openly discriminated against, mocked in the media, people can attack us without us being able to fight back or the govt helping us, we’re put into jail if we speak out against the system, etc.

          Whites in the West are a conquered people – for now.

          • Just like the American Indians, White people continue to retreat further back into the “wilderness” (suburbs/exurbs) from their advancing adversaries, hoping to find a place to live in peace. This was ultimately an unsuccessful strategy for the Indians and it is a failed strategy for White people as well. Unfortunately, White people will not be offered a reservation to live on.

          • Judge Smails – you’re correct. Graciously giving them reservations and places to live is a whitey thing. Today we know that whites are evil, we don’t actually exist, have no culture, and no country. We will eventually be exterminated by non-whites, just like in Rhodesia.

            However the “retreat” also seems to be partly driven by temperamental preferences and naturally occurring demographic shifts over time. There is a strong connection between rural living, religiosity, marriage rate, and fertility. Over time whites are just breeding themselves out of cities. In the Canada census you can see a random chunk of 20,000 rural white people has the same number of under 19s as a chunk of 100,000 yuppie urban whites.

            It’s funny to see people bragging about their white flight though. As if the minorities they left behind are sad to see them go. As if Joe Biden won’t build a Section 8 complex in the most remote community.

          • county-owned properties:

            go down to rural county courthouses and ask to see the county-owned properties
            armed with a plat map (available online), drive around n chat up

            visit their city halls (if any), where you can talk with city employees and check bulletin boards

            Check any listings

            Water can be a 2500 gallon tank $800 and $170 outside pressure pump

            Septic can be a hole lined with cedar board fencing

            Generator with a bank of batteries and solar RV strips for slow recharge

            Or “windmill” blades on eave to car alternator

            A/C: small hobby pump to drip pads on pvc frame with a fan on top pointed down and thru pads

          • Am setting up several of these plots in Missouri and Texas for young white couples to have kids or for older whites to have a roof

            Will be experimenting with truck farming on these 2-3 acre parcels, paid cash

            Methville always nearby: use drones (they can see at night) and dogs

        • Yes and no. They think they don’t need us, but their entire worldview is based on the last 25 years of low inflation, stable commodity prices, no world hunger, and the great Cheap Chinese Manufactury. All of which are coming to a close. When factory farms can’t operate because their is insufficient fuel, and plastics, and Green Virtue Signaling has real costs, and they have third world power levels (on sometimes, off mostly) things get dicey quickly.

          Rome could not sustain its empire without lots and lots of Roman soldiers. Foreigners were tried and turned into conquerors. Without both Whites as tip of the spear fighters and support people and defense contractors and sustaining a highly skilled labor dependent system America cannot sustain itself.

        • Sorry sorry
          The younguns usually already have kids

          Headcount up to 16, I think
          I think there’s a few babies I’m missing too

        • These elite grew up in a America built by middle-class whites. One that made the streets safe and them able to walk about without a squad of bodyguards. The same whites provide their shops with reliable electricity and natural gas. White inspectors make sure their food isn’t contaminated. Whites provide the soldiers and sailors that protect this country from predators that would kill them and their breed and take their shit.

          The pajeets and Chens can’t provide this.

          Take away serious whites running this system and you have San Francisco, DC, Chicago and Portland

          When enough whites leave the military those elites will find their money worthless and no place on Earth to run to protect them.

          BTW they are well aware of the fact that in a SHTF scenario there is nothing stopping their security force from killing them and taking over and it scares them.

      • This was my precise feeling about Trump’s Patriotic Education initiative.

        Spot on, badly needed idea, but far, far too little and too late in the game.

        I agree that a younger, more energetic Trump probably would have done very well in a less partisan US political environment, though it is open to question how he would have fared against the CIA-preferred Slick Willie in those ’90s elections.

    • Murray pathetically made a comment on Twitter saying he was glad Devlin didn’t like the book. Who does Murray think is still interested in this “American creed” country he claims to be promoting? He continues to spit in the face of the only people who are still interested in what he has to say. He risks nothing by writing this now, but also gains nothing because of the approach he takes. I’m sure he has enough saved to live comfortably the rest of his life, the left already considers him an unperson. Why bother?

    • The obvious reason “colorblind” never was acceptable is because, functionally, it would be the equivalent of meritocracy. Alas, Nature “unfairly” parceled out various traits, both desirable and undesirable such that those various good or bad qualities crop up unequally in various races. The inescapable consequence of that, of course is that any “colorblind” selection criterion, be it IQ, impulse control or athletic ability, will produce “unacceptable” sorting by race or factor (e.g. age, sex.)

      A truly “colorblind” society that still valued competence would still be one dominated by Whites (uncomfortably, we must allow that Chinese, Japanese and maybe selected other ethnics would crowd in on us, especially in certain specializations.) The Egalitarians know this (at least those who haven’t lost all tether to Reality) and of course, it is completely unacceptable.

      One of the biggest challenges for the Leftists is how to continue promoting racial and other preferences and how to wiggle out of the many legal prohibitions on doing that (the 14th Amendment is ~ 160 years ago). Witness the recent court decision that, amazingly, found giving preference to Black farmers was a no-no.

      • One of your best insights, Ben.

        Not sure what the Leftists are thinking. If they want to be one of the elites and enjoy the benefit of a 1st world, technological society, they seem to be going about it ass-backwards with the destruction of the white population (which is keeping this clown world, shit show running).

        My suspicion is they are *not* thinking this through. One day at a time sort of thing. First get rid of the pesky Whites, then figure out how to replace their functionality.

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  36. “Most of the pols who voted for this new holiday did so out of spite and the rests did so to curry favor with those spiteful mutants.”

    Yes. I believe that’s pretty accurate. I waste no time in telling people who’ll listen just how much they resent us, or, at best, just don’t care (why would they?). The question I like to put to people is to imagine meeting these people in real life – would they agree on anything? Unlikely, unless most public officials have a massively different set of private opinions, which they could, but my guess is in any discussion they are always on the look out to virtue signal harder – which means kiss goodbye to any discussion of racial differences, for example.

    The reminders that men like me, and men like most who comment here, are not wanted and do not feature in the future are everywhere. If you are unfortunate enough to catch a glimpse of TV or cinema, or make the mistake of reading a book by a woke author, in fact, just walking through a bookshop is painful – the most politically correct hogwash faced out and highly visible.

    In any case, I trust the joggers will be celebrating ‘Juneteenth’ with a carjacking or 50.

    • “The reminders that men like me, and men like most who comment here, are not wanted and do not feature in the future are everywhere. If you are unfortunate enough to catch a glimpse of TV or cinema, or make the mistake of reading a book by a woke author, in fact, just walking through a bookshop is painful – the most politically correct hogwash faced out and highly visible.”

      I’ve been watching a lot of the US Open coverage on Golf Channel/NBC. My God, every USGA commercial features blacks and other mystery meat showing how they are making the game more inclusive and “growing the game”. I guess that means I have to look forward to my golf club being overrun with a bunch of monkeys flinging poo around the place.

      Honest question – what are private golf clubs like these days in South Africa?

      • Interesting. I would have thought that the world’s whitest black man, Tiger Woods, would have had the greatest chance of bringing joggers over, if they could put down their Nikes and pistols for a second. But then again, this isn’t about encouraging more wogs into the game; it is shameless virtue signalling by cretinous, grovelling whites.

        ” I guess that means I have to look forward to my golf club being overrun with a bunch of monkeys flinging poo around the place.”

        Depends how much influence you’ve got and how dirty you and other concerned members play: there are always ways to keep the undesirables out. However, there is always the (likely) chance that your club is chock full of Good Whites.

        • The funny thing in the US is that in the Woods and post-Woods era, there are fewer blacks on the PGA tour than there were in the 1970s.


          The top black tour players back then came from the caddy ranks and honed their games working at Country Clubs. The decline in caddy programs and the general desire to not work has dried up that source of talent.

        • Tiger Woods is the ultimate one-off, civnat, perfect imaginary vibrant golf buddy brought to life.

          We will never see his like again.

          • Eldrick is also the exception that proves the rule.

            While his dad was mostly black (with some caucasian), he was obviously talented tenth.
            I don’t think they “affirmative actioned” people into Lieutenant Colonel ranks back then. And his mother was of course Oriental, bringing all that biology with her.

            Of course, Eldrick does reflect his biology in negative ways too. Attempting to bang any mudshark that crosses his path came from his father’s genes (who apparently did the same), as does his willingness to pick up a check. His driving abilities come from his mother’s side.

      • Small whitepill-

        Nearly the entire US Open field and gallery are people that look like us.

        • More small whitepills:

          A Boer is leading the tournament as of now

          Cameron Champ is tied for 111th after the first round. If not familiar, this is another mulatto who acts like Kaepernick or that mulatto NASCAR driver with the fake noose who they are trying their hardest to promote even though it has only 2 career wins in silly-season fall tournaments and has 1 career top 10 in majors.

          • The current group of top South African golfers seem like mostly solid guys. Oosthuizen still owns a small farm near Mossel Bay next to his brother’s farm. I doubt he would ever cross his sponsors and speak out about the risks the family must be taking though.

    • Juneteenth becoming a crime holiday would be such a propaganda win for our side I don’t want to get my hopes up.

  37. That’s where all historical analogies break down – the hatred. Other elites have hated certain segments, but none has carried on like an army of occupation, systematically despising everyone and everything in the conquered territory. Certainly no group has ever voted for its own occupation (and we DID vote for this. Totally Legit Joe got millions of totally legit votes to go along with the “enhanced” ones. We still send our kids to college, watch the tube, etc.). Even the commies at one point thought they were “helping”… and at their worst, they were indifferent to most of the population. These people HATE us, the very idea of us. It’s unprecedented.

      • That is another idea which would have been great around 1965. Does anybody remember how the “Militia movement” rolled over and crawled to Clinton after the Oklahoma City Bombing?

        The only hope I see is system failure.

        • They didn’t crawl. What happened was that most of the militia movements had been infiltrated by the FBI and SPLC long before OKC.

          And when OKC happened the Feds were rounding up militia types by the bus load and effectively killed the movement. The people who ran the groups took in anyone and that was their downfall.

          Failure wont help whitey unless he has the balls and is organized to take advantage of it. Which I don’;t see happening. Most whites will just run and hide if things go side ways.

          I see the Muzzies and the Cartel being one of the few groups who can really exploit a collapse.

          • If you are a group of one, you will have no fears of being infiltrated.

            Yes, there is power in numbers, but there is also great risk of compromise.

    • People that espouse Heritage American beliefs are up against every government in the Western World including their own, every major corporation in the Western World, every institution in the Western World and at least 50% of the World’s population of White people. The World’s POC are standing back and salivating, waiting to rush in and claim the lands of the West after the White race commits suicide.

      I guess we are going to find out if there is any truth to the saying “it is always darkest before the dawn.”

      On that pleasant note, have a happy Juneteenth everyone.

    • What also might be unprecedented is the ambivalence among the hated. Whenever someone brings up a white hating organization I tactfully bring up the fact up, saying something like “I’m surprised their anti-white hatred hasn’t hurt them” and the person with whom I am speaking will nod in agreement and say “yeah”. Not, roll their eyes to tell me I’m a little off my rocker, or act surprised because they didn’t know; no, they know, and even feel a little shamed, and yet they persist.

      The latest big example for me was someone posting a video from a crowded MLB baseball game in Texas to gloat about there being no WuFlu rules. How many of the mostly white people in that stadium know about how much MLB hates them? I’d bet better than half, but it’s probably closer to 100%. A stadium full of people driving down and paying an outrageous sum in parking, tickets, food, etc. in Crimetown to watch an event that’s only barely a sport, put on by people that they know hate them.

      • “A stadium full of people driving down and paying an outrageous sum in parking, tickets, food, etc. in Crimetown to watch an event that’s only barely a sport, put on by people that they know hate them.”

        That’s the problem. People will make even the smallest sacrifice to defend their interests.

        • *People will NOT make even the smallest sacrifice to defend their interests. ( I really miss the editing function that was in the old comment section)

        • But Shawntavius De’Quarius of the Camden Thugz is playing Rodrigo Jose Rodrigues of the San Antonio Cholos!

          It’s The Most Important Baseball Game Ever!

          Throw some burgers on the grill and let’s watch those twerking 13 year olds on the jumbotron and mixed race marriage commercials!

          • Japanese baseball is available online. No rap blasting in the stadium, no reminders about Summer Kwanzaa from cuck announcers, no commercials featuring mudsharks, mulattoes or homos.

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