Against Nature

Note: The weekly Taki post is up. I will now be remembered as the first dissident to denounce Charles Murray. Someone has to be the first. There is also a new Sunday Thoughts podcast up behind the green door for those interested.

Liberal democracy is both an ideology and a form of government. In the former case it is generally defined as a democracy constrained by the principles of liberalism, which are individual rights, secularism, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of religion and a market-based economy. The underlying assumption of liberal democracy is that all members have a stake in society and therefore have a right and a duty to participate in the political life of the society.

As a practical matter, this means elections between multiple distinct political parties able to participate equally in elections. It means power is diffused through multiple branches of government by assigning distinct powers to each branch. Most important, it means the rule of law in everyday life. That law is bound by a set of principles, usually codified in a written constitution, that spell out the limits of government. It also defines private property, equal protection before the law and civil liberties.

This is the very general definition of western political systems. Children in the West are taught this in school. These things are repeated by politicians in various ways and echoed by the mass media. Whenever there is a need to a bad buy on the world stage, western leaders, which usually means American leaders, point at the accused, and claim he is violating the principles of liberal democracy. Putin, for example, is the arch-villain because Russia is not a liberal democracy.

Because the West assumes that liberal democracy is the best political system ever created, no one bothers to ask what sort of people is necessary for a liberal democracy to function as expected. This was the lesson of communism. It required things of people that are not present in sufficient quantities to make communism work as communist ideology promised. Even after murdering millions that did not fit in, the Soviet system never accomplished what the creators promised.

Similarly, fascism made assumptions about the population. For a fascists society to function in the long term it required a people who were homogenous. A system built on the nation must be controlled by the nation. A diverse, heterogenous population cannot make a system based on ethnic solidarity work. That is supposed to be the lesson of the last century. Fascism could not work, because such a system excludes certain people from the political process, which is always wrong.

The short life of communist and fascist systems would seem to prove that point about matching the system to the people. What about liberal democracy? The relatively short run of this ideology suggests is requires massively diverse populations. Every western democracy quickly committed itself to overwhelming its native population with people from around the world. Even societies with no experience with immigration quickly embraced open borders and multiculturalism.

The trouble here is we actually know something about the internal dynamics of highly diverse societies. Empires since the bronze age have struggled with how to organize populations of people with little in common, beyond their ruler. This is always the challenge of maintaining an empire. More recently, the United States was founded with a highly diverse population. While the majority were of English stock, the cultural diversity was pronounced, predating settlement.

There are four ways to manage a diverse society. The most common solution is the use of hard segregation. This is the preferred method of empires. The various tribes are sequestered into their areas. The ruler makes sure that the tribes respect the boundaries of one another. Even ancient cities had separate quarters for separate peoples of the empire. In America, this was the common way northern parts of the country dealt with the black-white issue.

In the South, another form of segregation was used, a soft segregation that accepted the math of the racial problem. The black population was simply too large to sequester them in their own physical space. Instead, a soft-segregation based on separate logical spaces was developed. The races had separate spaces within the public space, that reinforced that the two groups were operating in different spheres. Southern segregation was a cultural phenomenon, rather than a physical one.

Both of these approaches were deemed in violation of liberal democracy in the last century, so both have been banned. The soft segregation of the South was eliminated by force and the hard discrimination of the North, while tolerated, is condemned as an artifact of the worst of times. The most highly segregated parts of the country are in the areas most obsessed with racial equality. These are also the areas that embrace the ideals of liberal democracy with the greatest enthusiasm.

This conflict has resulted in a new way to manage diversity. There is the loud and constant repetition of the ideals of liberal democracy, coupled with equally loud demands for racial, ethnic, and sexual equality. To reconcile the conflicts, we get a growing list of exceptions to liberalism and democracy in order to rectify the fact that diverse people have diverse life outcomes. Proportionality is now the operating synthesis of egalitarianism and liberal democracy.

Equality before the law, for example, must give way to racial policies that discriminate against whites, in order to get blacks caught up in some area. Often, past violations in the pre-liberal democratic age are used as justification. South Asians in America will get special privileges, because the British were not always nice to their subjects when India was her colony. Equality before the law has given way to a honeycomb of exceptions and carveouts to achieve a desired proportionality.

What we know thus far about this approach is it creates social conflict and slowly undermines the very basics of the liberal society. Put another way, what this effort to make liberal democracy work in a diverse population tells us is you can have one or the other, but not both. A liberal democracy can work if the population is fairly uniform, with a clear majority operating in its interest. Diversity, on the other hand, seems to only work with an authoritarian government or no government.

This is another lesson of history. The Balkans could work as a highly diverse society, just as the North of America worked as a multiracial society. It required hard segregation and a very firm hand to enforce it. On the other hand, early America made a multicultural and multiracial society work by leaving the people to sort out their own local arrangements with regards to diversity. People self-segregated and evolved rules to maintain the peace, based on their local conditions.

Neither approach fits into liberalism very well. The segregation required to keep the peace in a diverse society not only violates the basic rules of liberal democracy, but it also violates the morality of the liberal democrat. In other words, the required morality within liberal democratic system prevents the system from doing what is required to maintain order in a diverse population. The ideals of the system come into conflict with the natural realty of the human condition.

If liberal democracy demands maximum diversity of the population, but you cannot have liberal democracy with a diverse population, then we are back to the same problem posed by communism and fascism. Liberal democracy, at least as currently defined, requires a population incompatible with it and a ruling elite embracing a morality that prevents them from doing the basics required of a ruling class. As with other political ideologies of the last century, this one violates nature.

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180 thoughts on “Against Nature

  1. “There is a reason the best neighborhoods have the worst high school basketball teams.”

    Great line, two great columns. I’m going to stick with the subject of Murray and then address a few small quibbles.

    Marcus Aurelius might have wanted to know what is the nature, but I want to know what is the purpose of cuckservatives such as Murray. That’s not snark, either. He knows (a) nascent White identity politics are here already and (b) his target audience simultaneously practices White identity politics at the personal level, as you point out, while denouncing them on the macro level. So why even bother?

    I’ve thought maybe Murray has wanted it both ways, to be seen as an honest race realist, particularly about IQ and crime, yet as someone trying to keep down the Big Bad White Working Class Man. That’s too generous. Murray likely is just a brilliant coward who serves no purpose other than to sell books that ultimately evade the core issue. And even that’s probably wrong.

    Quibbles. Italy and Spain were largely White but the first fascists included a disproportionately large number of Italian Jews. Franco literally used Arabs and blacks to fight and defeat the Republicans and he was highly Philo-Semitic. Not really homogenous.

    Also: “(t)his is the very general definition of western political systems. Children in the West are taught this in school.” Maybe I misread, but children for years have been taught the Western political systems are inherently evil because of the flawed premise of democracy.

    • I’ve thought maybe Murray has wanted it both ways.. That’s too generous. Murray likely is just a brilliant coward…

      Trying to guess another human being’s motivations is largely a waste of your time – you can never fully get inside another person’s head.

      Having said that, we now know with absolute certainty that the entirety of elected GOP politicians are simply actors [& the occasional actress] which were hired to play the part of “Conservatives” who ostensibly cared about CONSERVING the very existence of Heritage Americans, but who, in practice, merely step up to the podium and read the scripts which were written for them by the Frankfurt School & its Chamber of Commerce subsidiary.

      My guess is that Murray’s padawan apprenticeship with Herrnstein convinced the Frankfurt School that Murray was a devoutly shabbos goy, and that Murray could be trusted to be hired as the “safe” goysiche mouthpiece for cataloguing obvious biological truths [such as racial differentiations**], in much the same way that Jordan Peterson was the “safe” goysiche mouthpiece for babbling away to impressionable Xer & Zyk10n kids about the various forms of mental illness which those kids would be at risk of experiencing in the moderin world [ergo, like Murray, Peterson was hired to act precisely the role which he plays in the ongoing drama].

      To me, the fascinating question is whether guys like Murray and Peterson are even aware of this, or if they’re so stupid that the very possibility of it [i.e. the possibility that, like Obama, they are living lives which were artificially constructed for them to live] never even dawns on them.


      **Okay, this is pretty hilarious – I just checked the dictionary, to make absolutely certain that I wasn’t misusing the term – and here’s the very first example given: “subspecies that are differentiated by the markings on their wings”.

      • impressionable Xer

        Sorry, that should read impressionable Y-er [aka millennial].

    • Yes, yes, Jack, but i would take issue with one thing: “Murray is a brilliant coward who serves no purpose other than to sell books.”

      Books are important. Facts are important. You need facts in order to think well. Murray served them up to us. Their meaning, implications and what conclusions to draw is then up to us. It is incumbent upon us to decide what the facts mean, and choose the most appropriate policy response.

      Death threats, personal and family endangerment, social ostracism, career termination should give pause to anyone. You know that he was physically accosted, with some injuries at some college speaking engagement.

  2. The ideas don’t matter. What matters is this “synthesis”: people, organization, money and power or a path to power.

    If one were to suggest as a business “an idea”; but have no answers to the questions of organization, people, money and a path and plan to accomplish the goal then one would be laughed out the door and have no investors. Yet in politics people delude themselves that ideas matter.

    In any case people are exhausted by all the ideology and philosophy and have no interest in this nonsense anymore. Wittengenstein got there first – WW1 probably helped clarify matters – but there’s no “market” for ideas. Just power, money and force.
    This is just the normal history of man and its our turn.

    • All those SPACs (Special Purpose Acquisition Companies) would say yes idiot investors will throw money at ideas not plans. Lordstown Motors ran for years on the idea (but not plan) of electric trucks. Something so stupid only a Green Hedge Fund would invest. But there are plenty of those.

      The issue is a sheltered, cosseted elite who only know their neighbor’s BS. Gillian Tett of the FT ran a column about how Max Boot was a right-winger, she never would have met save for some TV studio where she was interviewed. Typical female humble-brag, and more telling, only someone who commutes from the Upper East Side to the Hamptons would consider Max Boot a right-winger. It used to be service in war killed off a non-trivial number of elites, and left the others with an appreciation of reality and the usefulness of lower classes in saving their own personal bacon.

  3. “Similarly, fascism made assumptions about the population. For a fascists society to function in the long term it required a people who were homogenous. A system built on the nation must be controlled by the nation. A diverse, heterogenous population cannot make a system based on ethnic solidarity work. That is supposed to be the lesson of the last century. Fascism could not work, because such a system excludes certain people from the political process, which is always wrong….The short life of communist and fascist systems would seem to prove that point about matching the system to the people.”

    This seems very confused. The homogeneity required by fascism (assuming that to be true) may have been “wrong” in the eyes of liberal democracy, but that is hardly what ended the fascist period: it was the “liberal democracies” banding together to physically destroy it. Might, not Right. It could very well have “worked”, perhaps for a thousand years, even it required, say, the exiling or extermination of foreign elements.

    Actually, what “liberal democracy” feared was NS Germany, which even at a minimum would have dominated Europe and hence “threatened” (i.e. competed with or ignored) the UK. That’s what the war was about: saving the British Empire. No one cared about “fascism”, as such, i.e. Italy or Spain. (Well, the commies did, but not “liberal democracy”). These were poor nations and seeing them strutting around was funny, not threatening: comic opera, if you will. If Benito hadn’t joined up with Hitler, and stayed neutral like Franco, he would have survived as well.

    And that’s another thing: what “short life” of fascism? TPTB want you to think it came “to a fiery apocalyptical end” in 1945, but Franco lasted until 1975, and there was a peaceful, planned transition to a constitutional monarchy. Salazar lasted until he was assassinated by a deck chair in 1970. and the regime went on to 1974.

    As for ethnic homogeneity, even today the Spanish won’t give up Catalonia. However, all three were notably free of “anti-Semitism” (again, until Hitler forced Benito to conform); Franco saved so many Jews that he was rumored to be a converso himself (or, given his African command, a “negro”).

    Would fascism in a developed country “work”? The evidence is that TPTB won’t permit the experiment, which perhaps should give us that answer. Even today “Nazi” is the ultimate insult, not “Commie”; no one fears being smeared by the media as a “socialist.”

    • In fact, there were considerable number of US, British, and French people who hoped to use Mustache Man as a bulwark against the other Mustache Man. This is why principally there was so little action against him and his regime early: like Hindenberg and others they hoped to use him, not realizing how dangerous the man really was. And he was, very dangerous. At his core he was a committed ideologue. He could not and would not take Yes for an answer, collect his winnings, and go home. [Unlike a certain person in Russia now].
      But as Gottfried’s book “Facism: History of an Idea,” makes clear, it had few takers outside of Spain, Portugal (where it was mostly just window dressing for a military dictatorship), Austria (where it was crushed by a Mustache man), Romania, and Italy. Pretty much every other place rejected it wholesale: Britain, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, all found it weird, icky, foreign, and undesirable. The closest any other nation came to embracing it was the US from 1933 to 1945. Afterwards the exhaustion of the Depression/War led to the dismantling of the system as Americans literally would not put up with it anymore nor were the leaders willing and able to dominate in the rapidly approaching Cold War. A very modified version ran basically up to Obama’s inauguration. A military-industrial complex but outside that very light guidance.
      Indeed Nixon’s Wage/Price controls and Ford’s WIN (Whip Inflation Now) lax version of that generated so much Democratic/Left opposition that until now any suggestion that Government take a leading role in directing the economy was like endorsing Mustache Man or Pat Boone’s Heavy Metal career. [Yes, he had one.]

      • My God, how does Whiskey manage to get this JIDF horse manure poasted on every single moderated board known to mankind?

        Are websites obliged to poast Whiskey in order to avert a shoahing?

        Speaking of which, Yossi Cohen just retired the other day.

        His successor in crime is named David Barnea.

        Wikipedia doesn’t have a picture for Barnea, but you can see him here:

        That dude’s physiognomy makes Hannibal Lecter look like a saint.

        I bet Barnea subsists solely on a diet of vitamin pills & naturally-occurring human adrenochrome…

  4. The Violation of human nature can go on for a very long time, and if you have unlimited money and no opposition indefinitely. Certainly longer than we can stay alive.

    Congratulations on denouncing Murray.

    I must denounce the entwined myths of 1989, and Collapse (TM). This isn’t even a forlorn hope, its fantasy. Even the domestic opposition of the USSR had more organization and support not to mention ah , er a certain angle nose angle 👃 unlikely here.

    Not to mention the USSR had the entire West pointed at it, and was frequently rebelled against by Germany, Hungary, Poland and a host of smaller rebellions. Not to mention the world economy was controlled by us, and they needed our money .

    None of that happens here.

    Against human nature? So is Christianity, and it had a pretty good run.

    • As long as humanity recycles itself, Nature doesn’t seem to mind all that much that we think we can overcome it. I have to imagine Mother Nature giggling at us sometimes, for example here we are eradicating diseases to escape the death she had planned but then she endows us with these brains where we invent cars to do the killing of us she had meant diseases to handle. Or bombs or guns.

      So as long as we kill ourselves in sufficient numbers, keeping the species generally strong, she doesn’t seem to fit her fingers all that much. But she also wants us to reproduce and I am convinced that the reason we have so many crazy women is, once opted for abortions and once they embraced the idea of it, she said “Nope, making you insane and so undesirable that no man ever wants to impregnate you again; you’ve crossed the line. Your genes are against everything I stand for.”

    • Yeah, I’m pretty much in the fatalist boat too now. I think the USA is past the point of any possible redemption. Whites will probably start asserting their interests more with how aggressively they are attacked these days… or maybe not. They are pretty broken, especially young ones like my generation. Suicide rates for whites in the 18-24 age bracket have more than quadrupled over the last ten years. American society is rotten, and it’s youth are mentally shattered. It’s probably even worse for the ones below 18. The entire public school history and english curriculum was basically CRT before CRT was being talked about anyway. I guess CRT is “more extreme” dunno, haven’t looked. Don’t wanna know tbh. I’m sure it would make me sick to my stomach. When I was in HS ten years ago we already were learning about everything white people ever did wrong, and nothing about what anyone else did wrong. It messes with your head as a young white kid, getting that curated version of anti-white history to base your worldview off of.

      Anyway, I’m getting to the age where I want kids and such. But there is no way I’m going to have them grow up in this sick country where they are brainwashed into self hatred. So I bought a plane ticket and I’m heading to Eastern Europe next week. Saved up quite a bit of cash over the last 2 years. Hopefully I can get a residence permit and then citizenship eventually. Not sure which country I am going to end up in. Gonna wander around a bit and get to know what the people and cultures of the various countries are like first. Will probably choose the one that seems least affected by American soft power. All of Eastern Europe refused the “refugee” wave in 2015 so I have hope. America seems to be weakening pretty quickly, so with a bit of luck my grandkids will be able to live happy, well adjusted lives in peace in 2060. Good luck to the rest of you. I hope lightning strikes and you fix the USA somehow.

      • Best of luck to you, Gordon. Had to be a tough decision, cutting family ties and all. Then finding a job, a woman, learning a new language. Understand your decision perfectly. Write back to Z once in a while, let us know how you’re doing. Maybe others will join you on your lifeboat. Vaya con dios.

        • Thanks, most of my family and friends have moved already anyway. SoCal is pretty dead. Rent is like 20-30K a year here unless you slum it. A decent house will cost you a million. It’s mostly just 1%er foreigners buying now. I moved to Boise and stayed for a while a few years ago, very nice place, but in recent years the powers that be have decided that place needs to die and have been shipping thousands of Somalians and such into that small city of 200K. There’s really not going to be anywhere left to run in the USA. Certainly not by the time I have grandkids.

          Sure, will do.

          Won’t be easy, but nothing worth doing ever is right? I expect language acquisition will be the toughest part. Most places over there were never Romanized so their languages are among the harder ones to learn for native English speakers.

      • Wish you all the best, Fash, but I’m not sold on the idea of Eastern Europe being a safe haven. My ancestors all came from there back in the early Twentieth Century. Why’d they leave, you ask? My maternal grandfather hotfooted it out a few steps ahead of the Czar’s press gang and the other side just got tired of being whipsawed between Russia and Prussia/Germany. Go back a few centuries, you’ll find that Eastern Europe was continually at risk of invasion, starting with the Mohammedans, then the Mongols. When they faded from the scene, periods of intense internecine warfare ensued between various ethnic groups until the big boot of communism trod across their necks. Lots and lots of death and destruction, Holodomor and Operation Barbarossa and the Soviet counteroffensive wiped out quite a few of those of my ancestors who remained. And this is just a short and very incomplete summary. You might want to think about staying here, moving to a white enclave and doing the necessary to protect it against the incursion of the Woke. I live in such a place. Just a thought. I’m not sure there is any good solution to the problem you face. Trying to establish Paradise on Earth has always been a pretty iffy proposition.

        • Howdy neighbor, Steve in PA. East, west, north, south PA? Far far from Johannesburg on the Delaware i hope.

        • Not expecting a paradise, somewhere that’s simply mentally healthy would be enough for me. I live a pretty spartan lifestyle anyway.

          I even look like a Spartan, HooaH!

          300 was a classic. One of the few decent things to ever come out of hollywood.

      • As for us, we have adopted a strategy often used in fighting other cancers, watchful waiting. When we get too close to the flash point, we’ll bug out to our Alamo, Fort Wayne, deep in the countryside. How long we can hold out, Lord knows, at least it buys us time to consider our next step. Victor Laszlo got an exit visa.

  5. In your concluding paragraph, you question why Murray’s “Facing Reality” ever needed to be written, given that our Ruling Class is completely uninterested in reality, Chris Cuomo’s audience will point and shriek “racist” and those of us on the other side of the great divide are ready and waiting for European-Americans to defend themselves and take up a sense of racial identity.

    Murray wrote his book for the same reason that King Priam’s daughter Cassandra foretold the destruction of her father’s city, despite nobody believing her or caring about her warnings. “Sie kann nicht anders.”

  6. Portland Oregon is the epitome of the most highly segregated areas of the country being the most obsessed with racial equality.
    If familiarity breeds contempt, then Portland’s population of 72% White and 6% Black would explain why the Whites there hate themselves so. If absence makes the heart grow fonder, that explains why Whites there have sanctified the Blacks. At one time Oregon had Black exclusion laws and apparently the citizens will never stop trying to atone for it.
    Segregation doesn’t work when it is polluted by self hating leftists.

    • And the funny thing is about Portland is most of the parents of those kids are the ones who fled California’s diversity as long ago as the 1970s to live in a whitetopia. Same can be said for Boise which is following in Portland’s footsteps.

      My wife’s family is the perfect example, and although her mom is a total lib who lives in a small white town, the rest of the clan is little more realistic even if they keep quiet about it.

      • Yep a lot of those Portland residents are from CA, I remember them fleeing CA in the late 80’s and the locals in Oregon getting pissed at them. Many of them were retired state workers with fat pensions. Real POS who wrecked CA by selling their votes to the Dems for a platinum pension.

        BTW the wave of CA’s that infested CO and ID are the same sort. Liberal white trash with fat pensions.

        It’s just too bad the locals lack the balls to make life hell on these transplants. Then again asking whites to make a stand is a waste of time.

        • Boise tried to pass a law to address the issue of immigrants from other states. The law weighted your property tax burden on the amount of time you have lived in the state. Specifically, longtime residents paid little property tax, while newcomers paid very high property tax.

          It didn’t pass.

    • It’s sad that 72% white is now considered “very white”.

      85%+ is the only acceptable number for me. That is quite rare these days.

      • And that’s why I moved my family further away from our local urban center to a 98% white community. Made my commute longer but it’s a great community to raise a family

    • At one time Oregon had Black exclusion laws and apparently the citizens will never stop trying to atone for it.

      Not quite the same place, but just above the border, in Washington State:

      A number of his works, including Blue Velvet, Twin Peaks and Lost Highway, are intentionally reminiscent of 1950s American culture despite being set in later decades of the 20th century. Lynch has said, “It was a fantastic decade in a lot of ways … there was something in the air that is not there any more at all. It was such a great feeling, and not just because I was a kid. It was a really hopeful time, and things were going up instead of going down. You got the feeling you could do anything. The future was bright. Little did we know we were laying the groundwork for a disastrous future.

      Point being that you don’t exactly see much die-versititty in David Lynch’s movies.

      Just staggeringly beautiful Heritage Amerikkkanz.

  7. “This is why Murray is the most brilliant example of the modern conservative. He fully embraces the morality of the other side, while complaining about how they are implementing their morality.”

    Your take-down of Murray is spot-on. His anxiety about the fraudulent and now dominant “American Code” renders all his data useless.

  8. The Enlightenment was against human nature and against reality. A political regime cannot be founded on freedom because the freedom of a guy is the lack of freedom of another guy. Equality is impossible a’d undesirable.

    Liberal democracy, communism anfd fascism are Enlightenment types of government so they go against reality and are doomed to fail

    • How is fascism again reality? One of the arguments for fascism is that it aligns with human nature.

      The reality of life is the struggle for survival among different racial tribes. It makes sense to explicitly found a government on this truth, no?

      • You could have said the same about communists in the Soviet Union.

        The fact that something is against reality does not mean that it cannot be successful for some time. Look young feminist women for an example

  9. This post and the comments have me thinking about bourgeois New England, the aristocratic South, the proletarian Midwest, the libertarian West. It’s why I’ve always appreciated Marx— not for his theory of communism but his critique of capitalism. He was right to think that the proles should dominate (in a perfect world) but wrong in that they lack the ambition for it.

    Farms, factories, football, baseball, grilling, roads and bridges that aren’t crumbling, 4th of July, playing for your team. A country, not an auction. Sounds good to me.

    The real hope, I think, isn’t in the proles, but in the aristocrats, who have the ambition to rule and the interest to not sell the farm, though they’d need to take care to avoid high-handedness.

    Anyway just daydreaming…

    • The Western part of the U.S was never libertarian. It was conservative until the late 90’s. What changed that was the same thing that changed America as a whole.

      Big business and globalization that began under Bush and Clinton. It was totally destructive to white working and middle-class which was devastated by it and changed the face of America. Couple that with the unrestricted immigration driven by big business under Clinton,. Bush and Obama the demographics of the country were altered for the worse. 24 years of ass r*ing.

      Blaming this on the Enlightenment is just so much bullshit. The ordinary people HAD ZERO INPUT in this. This was done by the ruling class for THEIR benefit.

      Short of armed revolution we could not stop it.

      • People ask me to describe a Californian and I always say and what gets overlooked is there is little bit of cowboy and daredevil in the people — even in the cities. A different kind of conservative compared to the midwest or south. But alas, they are a dying breed.

      • Unrestricted immigration was used to break strikes and unions back in the early days of the railroad and industrialization. Some of the coal miners were worse off than slaves. Living in a company town, paid in scrip which was only good at the company store.

      • Here in PA casinos are a recent thing, the state sells all the liquor, and prostitution is illegal, so the West looks libertarian by comparison 🙂

        Up until a couple of years ago you had to cross state lines to buy bottle rockets. You can even get medical marijuana now, so we’re catching up!

        • And I don’t blame the Enlightenment per se. It’s the bourgeois thing, with its cunning and schemes. The Enlightenment might be a symptom of that.

          At the risk of essaying, I’m a dialectical thinker but a golden mean kind of guy. To put it in the previous terms, is the synthesis of aristocrat and prole the bourgeoisie, or is it some combination of the two, i.e., some aristocratic traits, some proletarian?

          From where I sit, it’s hard to figure how the best and most honorable + the salt of the earth = materialistic, timid, and social-climbing. I suspect a bait and switch.

  10. Katie Shadle was right. We should have picked our own damn cotton. The institution of slavery is and always has been an abomination. Makes no difference who the owner and who the slave is. That said letting criminals run wild is going to have consequences very few of us can imagine.

  11. Well, as Adam Smith said, there’s a “great deal of ruin in a nation”

    A feature of decaying societies is their consumption of social capital. Bridges fall down, trash piles up, institutions fail etc. The CivNat “barrel of social capital”, as embodied by Murray and his ilk, seems bottomless so the Elites continue to plunder it. How many of us have friends for whom CivNattery is a way of life? I’ll wager it’s most of us.

    Meanwhile, the examples of the Ottomans and the Habsburgs cannot exactly provide us comfort along these lines. Guys like Murray could be writing the same logical but irrelevant tomes 100 years from now. “If only the Sultan knew how the XXs were treating the YYs!”. “If only the Archduke knew how the Magyars were abusing the Slovaks….blah blah”. And these broker empires staggered on for generations……..

    • Funny that civnattery thrives and continues to exist in The Villages, where whites live in a land of make believe founded and financed by men in little hats

      • Living in the general area (East Buttplug is about an hour’s drive away) I have visited a few times, for reasons as diverse as showing a car I was selling and more often, on an outing with friends of friends. The Villages communities are nice (and expensive), but there is a subtle aura of unreality. I can’t describe it exactly, but it feels very much like you’re visiting one of the parks of Walt Disney World or Universal, just a short drive away. At least the concessions are more reasonably priced at The Villages 🙂

  12. “Fascism could not work, because such a system excludes certain people from the political process, which is always wrong.”

    Is this what you believe, or is this just “according to liberal democracy, excluding certain people from the political process, is always wrong”? Because, frankly, no political process will work without discrimination in who should be part of the political process. In 1868, the 14th Amendment was ratified, giving blacks citizenship. Sure, it was a federal citizenship, not State citizenship which had been the rule under the Constitution. I think this is the first example in human history where an alien presence was given this right. The Romans allowed different ethnic groups to buy citizenship, but just to give it to someone not even capable of the behavior necessary to be a citizen was stupidity of the highest order. America will never recover and it all started with the War of Northern Aggression. We’ve been dead men walking now for over 160 years.

    • It is impossible for whites to achieve even a semblance of happiness as long as whites and blacks are forced to share the same spaces and government and policies toward law enforcement, etc. Which is why I don’t even bother with politics anymore because it’s a waste of time. The only thing for whites to do is to all start moving to certain parts of the country and telling blacks no and let the feds deal with it. If such a community were to become strong enough the feds would have a tough fight on their hands and at least a serious never-ending nuisance akin perhaps to the Irish and the English. Or maybe even the Quebecois and the Anglos.

      The alternative is to leave the country.

      But whites have to be convinced that it’s all worth fighting for. I know a lot of whites want to bury their heads in the sand and make it all go away. But anyone who sees the writing on the wall is already doing what is needed and re-locating away from blackness. And it’s too bad because on a personal level I get along with a number of blacks, but I realize, and I think they do too, that one on one friendships among the few do not make for a workable society for the many. Oh well, maybe we can visit each other once in a while.

      • “Oh well, maybe we can visit each other once in a while.”

        Or you could get together in the farmer’s market on the border between your two societies. They could bring the cotton they picked and you could bring the gasoline, portable generators, clean water, etc. that they would need.

      • In a kinder world, local communities would be allowed to set their own standards, laws even, and that would include who was was not allowed to live, or even visit, the town. Note that this would allow freedom of inclusion just as much as freedom of exclusion. You know, come to think of it, I believe that very long ago, this was precisely how our nation was set up. To a large degree, our nation is on its current destructive path because those in power want a “one size fits all” solution,of course, in the name of equality or whatever the slogan of the day was.

  13. you also can’t have a totalitarian form of governance with a mixed race population, if you try you end up breaking a country into pieces — de facto hard segregation. that kind of governance also cannot maintain a modern economy or military. everything that is happening now is weakening the federal government, which is a very good thing.

    • A very good thing that will br compounded by falling educational standards and key materials shortages.

      Can’t run a global techno-fascist state without those.

  14. “Liberal democracy, at least as currently defined, requires a population incompatible with it and a ruling elite embracing a morality that prevents them from doing the basics of a ruling class.”
    Then let the pograms & gulags begin! One side or the other will win – I guess we’ll find out sometime in the not too distant future.

  15. I don’t think I’ll ever get why Americans abandoned nation building in favor of empire so early on. Something about slavery and north/south animosity I guess. With technological advances and all the open land, the southern economy could’ve survived and freed blacks could’ve been given their own country.

    • Liberia 2.0, and on our border? Without a big, beautiful wall, what would keep them from pouring into the white side of the border to demand gibs?

          • With a nice wide minefield in front of it, and searchlights, machine gun towers every 200 yards on it, with a battery of artillery positioned every 10 miles behind it. I think Berlin had one once…

            But walls or borders, or cultures aren’t defensible without the will to hold them. We’re lacking that now, but that doesn’t mean things won’t change very rapidly.

      • I probably would’ve been a Liberia guy if I was alive then. Repatriating a people to the place they came from, though painful for them in the short term, is hardly an inhumane idea, especially given the situation freed slaves found themselves in. But it didn’t work out that way. 1865 Florida, on the other hand, much more workable.

        Obviously there was no solution that was going to make everybody happy.

    • Land that was “open” because its previous inhabitants had been devastated by immigrant disease or simply killed.

      • nailheadtom, you’re insistent on this point. I’ll grant you your premises and ask, “What do we do now?”

        Is the white American population prevented from defending itself today because of our treatment of the Indians?

        If you were born in the USA what amends would you make to the Indians?

        • Competition for land and resources is the warp and weft of history. Europeans were better at it than Amerindians. It’s profoundly silly to subject one group of people–inevitably whites–to censure on this score and to give everybody else a free pass. But that’s what AWRs do.

    • “I don’t think I’ll ever get why Americans abandoned nation building in favor of empire so early on. Something about slavery and north/south animosity I guess.”

      The simplified version is that the North industrialized while the South was agricultural. The North wanted Southern customers to buy their manufactured products. The South compared North prices to import prices as one would expect, which kept Northern profits down.

      Federal funding at the time was mostly import tariffs and luxury taxes. North decided to go import tax-crazy because the higher the import taxes, the more profitable their factories would be.

      The South decided that cooperating with the Fed was no longer in their best interest. The North refused to let their hostage-customers leave. Hot words went to hot lead.

      North won the war and presto, the banksters had turned the Federal government into their own personal attack dog. Since then, nothing has changed except who the involuntary customers are.

  16. Is it the case that liberal democratic ideology requires mass immigration, along with its handmaiden, multiculturalism, or is it the case that the insatiable desire on the part of the employer class for cheap labor that requires mass immigration?

    • They seem to feed off each other

      And we have to ask ourselves what our immigration would have looked like if the abortion rackets hadn’t imposed themselves on the culture and the politics. Whatever the case, the calculation was made long ago that a strong family unit was antithetical to the government’s aims. I liken the government to the Catholic Church, which at one point stopped caring about the parishioners thought in favor of preserving the institution itself which became the priority, hence the gay priest scandals; the calculation was made that the institution and its image and prestige was more important than the people it was supposed to represent, so they swept it all under the rug. Here we have the government itself as more important than the people it is supposed to represent, hence the dilution of family bonds and all that that entails to achieve its ends, which has become quite monstrous as people like to say, and I agree.

      I guess the question has to be is this “Is a nation of people with strong family bonds compatible with liberal democracy?”

      Apparently it’s a problem for liberal democracy. And once that calculation is made, everything from immigration, to porn, to abortion, to expensive housing, to women abandoning their roles as moms, and so forth becomes a necessity. The communists were at least honest about it. But all pretty sick from my perspective. But hey, muh democracy.

  17. All diversity is not equal. The French can get along with the Spaniards far more easily than Icelanders can with Ndebele. Pre-1965 American diversity was functional because it was almost entirely comprised of European ethnicities. Post-1965, the country is awash with bizarre peoples who have utterly nothing in common with the people who built the country, and who are united only by their hatred of those selfsame people. The country’s cuisine has improved dramatically as a result, but in every other respect the country has deteriorated cataclysmically. And kerosene is being dashed upon the conflagration in the form of ever-increasing Third World diversity. Might as well just detonate every atomic weapon in AINO simultaneously. The resultant destruction is equally certain.

    • I disagree about the alleged improvement in food and music. Every damn time I watch YT videos or turn on the radio I have to hear african jungle log banging with an occasional “Uh, Uh” thrown in for good measure. And Mexican food is disgusting.,
      But even if it were true, that’s the benefit. Now what’s the cost?
      Endless strife between these groups
      Endless crime
      Loss of our cities (Detroit and Baltimore now Lagos)
      Anti-white hatred being mainstream
      Forced anti-white discrimination
      Maintaining a huge police state
      Maintaining the prison industrial complex
      Collapsing standards in education
      Just to name a few.

      • I said nothing about music. And if you read my post as a paean to diversity…well…I don’t even want to say.

        • I didn’t say you brought up the music. I just mentioned it because it the other most common alleged benefit of diversity. I also did not say or mean to imply that you were, in fact, making a plea for diversity and tolerance and inclusion. Sorry if it came off that way. I was just pointing out how bad those arguments are.

      • I keep hearing SiriusXM going on and on about June being “Black Music Month”. Isn’t that true about the other 11 months of the year too? What’s next, “Hebrew Victim Month”?

  18. I grew up in Charles Murray’s hometown and the Z-man’s comment in the Taki post that “all men are created equal” is in the DNA of small-town midwestern whites. Charles Murray just cannot conceive of a society where whites are not on top, so of course, white identitarianism seems both unnecessary and dangerous, not something whites will have to adopt in order to survive. Sadly, I think that there will have to be a massive culling of whites in North America and western Europe to eradicate this attitude. Whites who survive two hundred years from now will have racial attitudes along the lines of the Waffen SS or the Romanian Iron Guard.

    I think, however, that F. Roger Devlin and Ryan Andrews had unfavorable reviews of Murray’s book, although Ryan admitted that he hadn’t read much of it. Steve Sailer’s review was neutral to possibly unfavorable.

    • Sailer believes the COVID virus is a huge threat. Sailer believes the vaccines work and have no dangerous side effects whatsoever. Sailer believes the 2020 election was real, no funny business at all.

      Sailer sucks and has lost all credibility.

      • He and Murray are both “natural conservatives,” as we used to say. The core of that is an attitude, typically unacknowledged—so maybe it’s a sublimated sexual perversion—that the rank order of society is correct. And all else follows? It should.

        But! They know one obvious thing that our rulers apparently don’t. The contradiction nags at them. So they repeat themselves, like a toddler whose mother isn’t listening. “Mommy mommy mommy mommy…” All they want is for the blue checks to tell them they’re right, maybe pass a note along to the Senator. “If only Harvard knew…” They show loyalty by going along with the official line, however retarded, on all but the one thing.

        Sailer used to be better, but after a couple cursory acknowledgements he became fixated on the idea of professional-class liberals being secretly influenced by him (to no effect). He does very little anymore but nurture that unrequited love.

        • Sailer and Murray remind of those kids I used to know who adopted their dad’s attitudes on things, perhaps out of some longing to be always dad’s in good graces

          Conservatism, for me, is what a son thinks his dad would like him to think and believe

    • there is not going to be mass slaughter of any group. there will be partitioning and de facto ethnic cleansing — which is already going on for nigs. that is something that not many here seem to think is significant, or that the nigs might in fact be losing an existential challenge to their community in north america.

      • whites underestimate the power of blacks to destroy them mentally and spiritually at their own peril

        Blacks haven’t survived as long as they have without Nature putting some tricks up their sleeves

        • The only destruction Hutus are capable of visiting on whites is the physical kind, and they’re doing it with a vengeance. As for the other types of destruction, we’re doing it to ourselves with a huge assist from the Finkels.

          • They also destroy us spiritually and mentally. We have gone from a culture where I remember Charles Manson being the epitome of evil for butchering, or the masterminding of it, a few white people.

            Now blacks do it every day and we live with it, never calling them evil. The churches have given them a pass too and would never say anything remotely critical of their behavior. Certainly never call it the byproduct of evil forces.

            We have given up on our own deep seated beliefs to accommodate them. From there, we have seen ourselves become morally and spiritually empty. That takes something, some kind of influence, some kind of power, and blacks are overflowing with it. Yes, some people can resist their special form of poison, but most can’t. And I’m not saying it is part of some evolutionary strategy that nature has endowed them with, but it just may be. That’s their weapon in the battle of the races. And we’re losing.

          • Having watched a black crack dealer work a white crowd, I must agree with Falcone.

            Blacks can read people like maps. Whites are stiff because they cannot.

            In the 21st century hunter-gatherer culture, social manipulation skills- such as those demonstrated by the Ndebele and Finkels- will dominate the Builder race.

    • It is our great misfortune to live in the single era in which whites adopt utterly preposterous views on race. Such a period never occurred before, and after the current catastrophes run their course, may never again.

      • Not the “single era”: the late 60’s through the 70’s unsuccessfully attempted to bring the indigenous US black population into the broader American melting pot.
        The 21st century is now dialing that up to 11: bring everyone, from everywhere on earth, free gibs, franchise, work off the books and tell their unassimlated kids “America is bad”.
        I sense the loss of California, Detroit, St. Louis and Lagos will look quaint in comparison.

        • Our current time is nothing more than a continuation of the 60s. All the terrible things happening right now can be traced directly to that dire decade.

          • There’s probably a more elegant way to say this, but let me try:
            Those of us who are boomers (let’s say, grew up in the 1950s-1960s) essentially saw America at its peak of military, economic, scientific and — maybe — social prowess. Applied to trying to bring the Negro up to White standards, finally, by 1964 we had probably done all that could realistically be done in legal terms, to allow the Black to move ahead.

            Now here’s my original (?) observation: 1964 (or choose a date) was the peak, because the equality of opportunity had been granted, but the deterioration and failure (which require years) had not yet happened.

            A good analogy would be you’ve lived all your live in an exclusively White area. Suddenly, non-Whites are allowed to buy in. This doesn’t happen immediately, but over time. Usually the area doesn’t collapse at once; it decays over a period of many years.

            That’s what happened to our entire culture.

      • It’s because most whites, like everyone else, are followers, and there has been no leader to tell them how to properly conceive of and think about race. Trump gave us a glimpse of what was possible. People are sitting there waiting to be led. They want to be, but as of now there is no one to lead them. And I’m not talking about pundits and theorists whom regular people naturally regard as a person not meant to follow. They need a real leader. Trump was an ersatz messiah as it turned out, but he still put on a good show and captivated a lot of people.

        I know I know, people will say you can’t wait for your Messiah, you have to be your own best example and leader, but that doesn’t change the fact that a messiah is a requirement for the masses. Yes, we have it figured out, but we are small potatoes in the scheme of things.

        • “…waiting to be led.”

          Nature at work: the one leading the herd is also the first to get eaten by the waiting cheetah.

          • Hence, the importance of lieutenants. Even the best leader needs his back up

            For every true leader there are going to be 100 guys willing to die for him and protect him. And of course those special few who want to kill him up close and personal.

            Shakespeare made a living dealing with this particular form of human drama.

        • ANTIFA and BLM can openly advertise, meet, plan, and execute riots that cause billions of dollars in property damage, cause many injuries, and even deaths. If Heritage America even tries to organize a local turkey shoot it is guarenteed that one out of every two people there will be undercover LEO’s and the leaders of the event will have their reputations trashed in the press and likely will be harassed by being charged with some bogus “crime”.

          • When they have marginalized and ostracized a sufficiently large fraction of such people, at some point they will decide they have nothing to lose. Then, look out.

        • Check out the mannerbund. Whites have begun to organize, if nacently. I’ve talked with them and they don’t like jews or fags.

    • I dare say that I think a lot of these old conservative white guys have a guilty conscience and which is why they can’t bear to state the truth

      They know deep down they did nothing and themselves bought into the lie.

      Which brings me back to my old philosophy 101 professor who said as long as the middle class was in charge, in this case of academia, they would never take risks or rock the boat. And Murray is the face of the middle class; he rocked the boat once, got spanked, and is now the good boy Yes Ma’am Yes Sir. I know a lot of people in here are big proponents of the middle class, or the bourgeoisie, and I respect that on a personal level of being able to live well, but at the same time some criticisms are valid and warranted, and putting middle class people in charge of things has been a disaster. The entire model has proven a failure, the model of casting a wide net across the country and finding future leaders based on SAT scores and GPAs. It worked when the system was already in place and maintenance of it was all that was required, but we always needed real leaders and you don’t find them among a people striving to climb social ladders. Hillary Clinton is the face of this model, along with Kamala and all the rest. Look at these cretins. Man oh man alive. That said, the rich people are no better today.

      Bottom line the only way this country would have continued to work is if the people with a vested interest in it and deep ties to its founding, namely the WASPs, had found it within themselves to maintain their grip. But they didn’t. And here we are.

      • It’s pretty monstrous to ponder what has happened to Western nations in the past 60 years. And people of a certain age were around for the whole thing.

        By the time I was born, the “diversity” cancer was already spreading – but only in certain pockets and cities, and people could hide, as my parents did. I never even considered that whites might not be a total majority growing up. By the time I was 20 I stepped into a world that was already infested. Now at 26 they’re everywhere – every town, city, university, job. We’ve totally lost our country.

        But it’s not really my *fault*. I was just born into this clown world.

        • It’s strange for all of us. I had never really thought about it at any depth growing up, but I just had this inkling that when I grew up I wouldn’t have to live around blacks. Like they’d disappear or I would simply move past them somehow some way. And I think this goes for a lot of white people. Especially liberals, and why I can sometimes relate to them, but for them it’s not the escape from blacks but the escape from “Jethro” their archetypal redneck villain in their psychodrama. They’d thought by going to school and through their education that they would find a magic carpet ride to a land of people only like themselves. But for them it was actually more planned out. For me, it was just some silly idea in the back of my head.

          Whatever the case, as the days tick by and the mileage on my tires increases, in fits and starts, I get more and more intolerant of diversity. Now I hate diversity three times for every time I am able to tolerate it. It used to be two to one, was probably at one point maybe 1.5 to one. Or I just wasn’t as cognizant of it because there were still a lot of white peoples out here. When it gets to 5 to 1, which is probably approaching at some rate of speed, I am gone.

    • Diversity, as we’ve discussed, I grew up not so far from Newton in an area that was likely identical. You are, of course, correct.

      Midwest “nice” is a very real thing and Murray has it in spades. Z is a Southern guy. I don’t know if he can fully understand how big a deal being nice and fair are to Midwesterners. It’s literally what defines them. It’s who they are, and they’d rather die than give it up.

      And die they will, or at least, their way of life.

      What Murray and other Midwesterners forget is that those nice Midwestern towns were made possible but people who did very unnice things. Once you forget that and are no longer willing to do unnice things to maintain your nice town, you will lose your nice town, which is exactly what we’re witnessing.

      • Good way of putting it.

        We are the exact same in Canada. Whites keep priding themselves on how “nice”, “polite”, and “tolerant” they are. To a nonwhite this is saying “Take from me. Take my stuff. Conquer me.” And take they do.

        If their overly nice demeanor puts me off, imagine how it seems to a tribal non white, from say, India, which has been a brutal evolutionary environment for the past thousand+ years. You stealing a handful of rice could mean survival; stealing some bags of rice could mean your tribes’. And they are good at it.

        Its inevitable that these nice people will be replaced. In fact they have to be, because that’s just how mankind is. The strong tribe will win, not the nice one. The problem is of course that they’re also destroying things for the rest of us who aren’t so nice. We need to dig in. We already know what needs to be done in terms of community building etc.

      • Thanks Citizen, I always appreciate your comments. I’m putting “Nice midwest towns were made possible by people who did unnice things,” in my rhetorical repertoire next to “Midwest nice is a hothouse flower.” And I’ll remember to credit you!

      • It’s often been noted here. It’s not just Midwesterners. Whites, as a race, generally played by certain standards, which included fairness and justice. Other groups which had more cunning natures and different standards took advantage of us and our institutions. Whether by deliberate intent or innate cunning is debatable. I suspect a mix of both, since humans are somewhere between angel and beast.

        Whites’ innate sense of fairness is, in such ways, perhaps our greatest weakness and is exploited by our enemies.

  19. Allow me to offer a broader, more realistic and (as I usually do) very pessimistic view. Consider the argument that civilization itself is against Nature. Now don’t get me wrong; I love many of the good things that civilization has wrought, at least on the positive side of the ledger, largely which I’ve enjoyed much of my life. But I’m under no illusions that all this comes at zero cost. Nor do I live in a fantasy land were all this is what we all deserve, that it is God’s will, in any case, that it’s guaranteed to continue world without end.

    Man has existed in more or less his present (physical) form for anywhere from 200,000 to 1,000,000 years, depending upon which authority you choose to cite. We have had civilization for, again being generous with that term, for perhaps 10,000 years at most. During that time, we’ve had all manner of political systems, upheavals, wars, deaths, etc. Much of which Zman has cited. But left unasked was a very important question:

    What type of government or social structure has existed during the vast majority of the time span of Man’s existence? The easy answer is small bands of hunter-gatherers, living a stone age existence, with tools little more advanced than spears, flint knives, spears and perhaps fire. Indeed, these primitives were little more advanced than the way the great ape tribes live (if they haven’t been hunted to extinction by ravenous Africans for “bush meat”). Man’s bigger brain has given him an advantage over other species. A large one yes, but perhaps temporary.

    Regardless of what you think the best political system is, my point is that any type is simply “against Nature.” We bicker over the details of the present, but I think most of us know, at the back of our minds, that it is the law of the jungle that always lurks in the background. We’ve been trying to repeal the jungle laws for ten millennia, without success.

    “What is a man, deep down inside, but a raging beast, with nothing to hide?”
    — Grateful Dead, “Passenger”

    • Perhaps, but by your own telling, is not a small community — “small bands of hunter-gatherers” — natural? And does that not suggest that political groupings are natural? If we are searching for proof of the foundation of political life in nature, we can do no better than to see among the earliest humans a natural drive toward groups comprised of households (of a sort) for defense, hunting food, etc.

      Both the jungle *and* the political grouping are natural. If you question the equivalence of nature in the wild, physical sense with man’s observable behavior, I can only respond in advance that man himself is part of the physical world. As such, his behaviors are every bit as natural as kudzu.

      I see no evidence after 2400 years that Aristotle’s observation (man is the political/social animal) has ever been proven incorrect.

      • What’s most natural is a family, and if you are successful at protecting your family then it grows. When it becomes too big and has to live among other big families, you start looking for ways to co-exist. Or kill each other. Perhaps that attempt to co-exist, i.e. the foundation of a civilization, is what flies in the face of mother nature. Yet killing each other may be what nature actually prefers. So we are always at war with nature and have been since our existence Sometimes we win a skirmish, sometimes she wins the war. Such is life. I don’t think we can ever change it. The human condition is that very never ending battle, a desire for compromise and coordination among people. Where does that desire come from? Some say God. Which is why we in fact needed something like Christianity to confirm for man that he was right and better the the animals, we needed the confirmation that the animals were meant to be ruled by us and were lower forms, but I doubt the animals were on board. Except maybe for dogs and dolphins, but even they rebel and revolt.

        Whatever the case, it makes life interesting.

    • Not sure I follow Ben. “Civilization” as we know it is an extension of the group banding we animals had when we left the trees. Such a cooperative nature would not have evolved had it not been beneficial. That civilization as such in the last 10k years or so grew into city and nation states was also beneficial as we increased in numbers. This is in spite of the increased violence and conflict such produced.

      I’d say we might have a problem with technology increasing faster than our ability to adapt to such in the last 200 years or so. That would be tangential to “civilization” as I see it, but it is an existential problem to be sure.

      In any event, what we are in today is a race. A race between our civilization collapsing or retreating if you prefer, and our technological ability to find a way to escape the consequences of our brief respite from Malthusian law and evolutionary “pruning”.

      • One of the central theses of “Civilized to Death” is that agriculture fundamentally changed the way humans organize and relate to one another. Roughly egalitarian immediate gratification hunter gatherer groups of 100-120 souls vanish once agriculture starts to produce surpluses. Once you have surpluses, they have to be guarded and distributed, for which you need a hierarchy with strong rulers and a soldier caste. Strong rulers occupy those positions because they enjoy power and will do anything to get it. The result is that the same sociopaths and psychopaths whom the hunter gatherers would have left stranded on the savanna to die are now in charge and run things no matter the particulars of a given political system. So civilization is not an extension of but rather a fundamental altering of human relationships, with apologies to the author for mangling the argument.

        • Excellent, thank you.

          “The result is that the same sociopaths and psychopaths whom the hunter gatherers would have left stranded on the savanna to die are now in charge”

  20. Once again, this post is about as clear & concise an exposition of the failings of liberal democracy as is humanly possible. A tour de force of clarity and simplicity that everyone can understand. But what good is a fulsome understanding of the problem if you don’t know what to do about it. It’s like being given a cancer diagnosis and then sent on you way out of the hospital. At some point, you have to transition into solution mode . . . what do we do now that the essential problem is clearly identified?

    In an affluent society, the first knee-jerk response is whine & wait, because Comfort First Imperative. Then, it’s vote harder & pray for a messiah to save us. If you’re too fat to get up off the couch, you can always mail in your ballot (yeah, that’s the ticket, it worked really well in 2020). How about we form a club, group, gang, or militia, and then hide out in “our” herd? We now know that the Stasi engineered the Jan. 6th debacle, so maybe not such a perfect solution.

    My answer . . . 4S and focus. It’s the only way to sure.

    • You raise some important points TomA. I hereby nominate you for our resident suspected Fed, or at least agent-provocateur. Take it as an insult if you wish, but truth be told, you’re helping in providing a diversity of viewpoints, that is one of the values of this forum.

      Allow me to offer the (in part) defeatist view.

      Your cancer example carries the unvoiced and very misguided faith that medicine can solve all problems. Alas it can’t. Sometimes, too often in fact, the best it can do is tell a patient “You’re going to die, get your affairs in order.” The ability to identify a problem, even if with complete accuracy, does not guarantee that it can be solved. But knowledge at least offers the ability to respond in the best manner, constrained by the circumstances. The guy with a terminal disease isn’t going to live another twenty years, but he can set up his will and testament. He can do the important things he’d deferred until “later.” Because he’s suddenly learnt that “later” no longer is an option. Knowing your time grows short is a hell of a black pill, but it can help one prioritize.

      …Including perhaps some of the more drastic options.

      • Crises are cathartic and crystallizing. Even loony wannabe lefty Lenny Bernstein knew that. His quip, “To achieve great things, two things are needed; a plan, and not quite enough time,” speaks to that. Obviously, the Left has had plenty of time….but their plan, well, not so good.

        Revolution, while quickly clearing the decks in pursuit of a great thing, suffers from the fact that the plan is necessarily ad hoc.

        At this point, I’m willing to take my chances on the latter.

      • No insult taken; and no, I’m not a Fed. Yes, we’re all going to die someday; be it accident, illness, genocide, or natural causes to name a few. The point of my comment is that endless analysis and brilliant exposition of the problem is, for too many, an easy excuse to yak rather than act. It’s watching a football game on TV and shouting at the screen rather getting the fat ass off the couch and joining a pickup game down at the park. Further, there is a viable solution to what ails us, but it’s not yakking, voting, or hiding within a chosen herd. It’s get fit, survive, and fight back on your terms & timing in a way that maximizes the chances of success. The folks involved in the Jan 6th protest desperately wanted to vent their anger at an overtly stolen election and instead got duped, railroaded, and one got murdered for her trouble. Ditto the Charlottesville Disaster. Lazy or stupid is not the road to success. Ancient wisdom.

    • I bet we start seeing whites concentrating into all white or nearly all white areas.

      People will say No way it will happen, but anyone who lives on the west coast knows that’s precisely what has been going on for decades and places like oregon and Boise and Utah and Arizona are getting huge with whites fleeing muh diversity.

      And it’s strange because whites used to be pretty open and vocal about, especially Californians. So the spirit is there, I suppose the pain has to get a little more extreme. And yes, California largely being a land of transplants and passers through made yanking up the sticks a little easier than someone in the Midwest whose family has lived there for generations. So maybe we need to turn the diversity pain up to 11 to get those solid midwesterners thinking racially.

      • I live in such a community, albeit a rural small town in the midst of working ranches & farms. If things go to shit, we can feed ourselves if necessary and you would be hard pressed to find a family that isn’t armed and capable of defending themselves.

        These communities still exist in large numbers across the Midwest and Rocky Mountain West. Where things get dicey is in the large urban metropolitan areas. A lot of Normies believe that their suburb is a safe haven and the police will protect them when the collapse occurs. Not so. PDs will be overwhelmed in days, if not hours, and the National Guard will likely only give cover until the mass exodus begins. Many will die on the road out of town or starve within weeks. Sorry for the Black Pill.

        • Agreed on pill color! I would add that, in a TSHTF crisis, that in such a rural enclave, you will not exactly be welcomed with open arms even if you are the same color as the locals, and even though you own a weekend house by the lake. Nor would you receive fair treatment, nor should anyone rationally expect it, even if you’d managed to reside in your country estate before things fell apart. When your credit card is no longer accepted at the local grocery, or there’s no gas at the station, things will deteriorate very quickly indeed. 🙁

  21. I’ve contended long ago that every position that the left (liberal) had was in stark opposition of other positions. How they keep their narrative going is either astounding manipulation of media and voters -or- just a sign of how ignorant and radical our nation has become.
    Of course what Z-man points out is their opposition has a knack for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.
    Unfortunately they have dumbed up mankind so much that if a person like William Wallace would appear today he would be successfully banned by “fact checkers” dumping him into the the garbage heap of conspiracy theory.
    Our only possible salvation is that the liberals have embraced the experimental vaccine more than the dissenters by far. This next fall may start evening our numbers… We will find out soon.

    • In general my investment results suck. With that disclaimer, I observe that long-term put options on Moderna, Pifizer and perhaps other mRNA makers are not unreasonably priced. 😀

    • I’ve contended long ago that every position that the left (liberal) had was in stark opposition of other positions. How they keep their narrative going is either astounding manipulation of media and voters -or- just a sign of how ignorant and radical our nation has become.

      All of the great religions have many internal inconsistencies and are ultimately irrational.

      It’s probably the case that those qualities are features not bugs that help bring people into their fold.

  22. True, but this piece is written based on the assumption that our current liberal democracy is intended to function for its white majority with maximum prosperity and efficiency.

    Diversity doesn’t work, but that’s the whole point. The ruling class doesn’t *want* things to work out for evil and racist whites. They want the white middle class destroyed; they want its remainder living in the pod and eating bugs. How to achieve this? Import millions of low trust aliens to lower wages and increase housing costs, discriminate against whites in hiring, make it impossible to have families, increase crime and drug dealing, etc. etc. etc. By the end you will be thankful for your safe pod and cricket powder.

    It’s really the same thing as legalizing crime in California, or legalizing hard drugs in Portland, BLM riots, etc. Conservatives are always trying to figure out *why*? Why, this doesn’t make sense! It’s hurting small business and making life worse for people!

    The ruling class is evil and wants to make your life miserable. The best example was Gavin Newsome having his luxury dinner after banning all dining and forcing people to wear masks. They hate you and are laughing at you.

    • “The best example was Gavin Newsome having his luxury dinner after banning all dining and forcing people to wear masks. They hate you and are laughing at you.”

      I always thought this to be one of the best things about the Covid shenanigans. The countless cases of our ‘leaders’ banging on about the severity of it all, only to be photographed at some fancy do. Didn’t make any difference to the mindset of the people that I told; they liked their Covid story year thank you very much.

      • I am convinced that COVID was the chick flick version of the great liberal morality play. And they ate it up en masse. The drama queens played the roles of noble heroes and dramatic victims and they’re still at it. Many have dragged their idiot husbands with them.

        This incident alone proves the need for a cull. There are too many of us, there are too many that won’t or can’t work, and they are going to bring the roof down on us.

        • I’m convinced that the CoVid hysteria happened because “the movies” are more real to people than reality is. And CoVid was disaster movie LARP.

          • Good point. Years ago, like when I was in school, zombie movies hit big, but were basically a low budget farce. We’d get drunk together and laugh at them in the theater. But this type of movie genre didn’t die out and it began to improve and evolve.

            We started getting big budget movie variants like “Andromeda Strain”, and lately TV series like the “Walking Dead”. Couple this with an increasingly stupid population—well, what could go wrong? 😉

        • As I’ve said several times, I’m not going to miss the vaxholes when they’re gone.

        • Frame any issue as being about “health” or “protecting X,” and 90 plus per cent of the wimmins will enthusiastically swallow it up and become relentless enforcers.

    • Import millions of low trust aliens to lower wages

      We hear words to that effect all the time, as well as that these aliens are significantly less intelligent than the average American consumer.

      What does that mean? Are these imported, untrustworthy morons actually capable of performing value-added work? Is it worth it to a business to have a work force of idiots, even at less pay? If this is indeed true, why haven’t foreign doctors and attorneys driven down the rewards for those parasites? How many Anglo-Saxon Americans actually want to stock shelves at Walmart or drive nails through shingles or, more important, how many Anglo-Saxon parents want their offspring to be employed in those kinds of tasks?

      • Why haven’t foreigners replaced our doctors and lawyers: when the rubber meets the road everyone wants a smart white one on their side. Also barriers to entry. When the avg iq is in the 120’s and the job is based on g-loaded work, you can’t bring in a 100 iq ringer and expect anything but to get shellacked, where losses mean dead bodies and millions in lost money. Oh, they try; but the incentives are wrong. Most cannot even get in, and natural attrition takes care of the large majority that can make the start. The “navy recruits to SEALs” pipeline has less attrition than diversity with an undergrad degree to actually practicing medicine or law. Add in the fact that a Talented Tenth-er can make 2-3x more at globocorp than doing law or medicine, and work 1/2 as long and 1/10th as hard.

      • Who gives a ruddy shit about the economic argument? Culture is what matters, and we want a culturally white country. Obviously that is ever so slightly at odds with the mass importation of Third World wogs, regardless of whether or not they contribute economically.

      • Whites do all the work in central Florida. I was pleasantly surprised to find that out

        I think a big reason for it is those people have lived there for generations and always have a family member or close family friends to fall back on or a place to live that Aunt Mable paid off in 1950. Incidentally it is very similar in Italy, where for better or for worse once you own a home it becomes next impossible to ever lose it to the bank or whatever. So families always have something to fall back on. We have family houses there in our family for over 200 years. Think about that. They’re still standing and not very nice but it’s something, and my distant cousin lives in one, some other relatives in the other, and I wouldn’t say any of them inherited my grandfather’s smarts but they are kind and help where they can.

        Having a place to always fall back on hasn’t translated into lots of babies in either place, for reasons never very clear but most likely a byproduct of media brainwashing.

      • Law, medicine, and education are cartels in this country. They’re pretty good at protecting their own. They’ll open their cartels up enough to give them “woke” cover, but never enough to depress salaries.

        • Based on the above cited criteria, that these highly skilled fields require high intelligence and extensive (and expensive) education, the realities of the IQ bell curve guarantee that there will never be more than a bare chemical trace of blacks or browns. This holds true despite the most intense minority recruitment efforts. Hence the current push, mostly in academia, to toss out all qualifications. But at some point even the woke elite will have to draw a line, because even the most Progressive billionaire wants to have a doctor who is not a quack or a voodoo priest, an accountant who knows arithmetic, or an attorney who actually knows the practice of law. And those professions are likely to remain overwhelmingly White and (much to the dismay of many here), more than a sprinkling of Jewish 😀

      • Oh boy. One of those “they do jobs that Americans wont do” posts. Americans wont do the jobs because supply has driven wages to peanuts.

        The illegal alien issue is analogous to the slavery issue. It’s not too soon to ask “why couldn’t we just roof our own houses?”

  23. For the ruling class, the cloud people, diversity is a simple cover for the ancient Roman practice of divis et impera, divide and rule

    • The problem with that is that if you do it for too long, people become too divided to rule. The tactic worked well back when our geriatric fossilized leaders were young, but now the tactic is like pouring gas on a fire.

      • I see many similarities between the Emperial Overlords, and, say, Nero abducting, castrating, and raping his new “man-wife.”
        Paging Dennis Hastert…. Your rentboy is in the coat room… Paging Dennis Hastert…please pick up the pink and rainbows courtesy phone…

  24. Re: Your Taki column today: Charles Murray can spend years carefully collecting scientific data on race and intelligence, present it so that its sheer overwhelming correctness should be obvious to any thinking person, and the left will dismiss it as “debunked” because a 25-year-old black female with a Master’s degree in social work got a paper published which says that her “lived experience” contradicts all of Murray’s data.

    He might as well never have bothered.

    • It’s only fitting, as those are the sorts of people that Murray craves respect from.

      I remember when he said on Twitter he “sighed, then pulled the lever for Biden”.

      Let’s be real, a 78 year old civnat is not going to admit that he was wrong for 50+ years. He’s only fit to cast aside in preference for fresher blood.

      • If a Enoch Powell, a George Wallace, a Lester Maddox were alive today, we’d have to admit “they were right.” But what are the chances they would be given a forum in the mass media? Zero. Even to get a book published would be arduous. The point is simply that as with individuals, groups and nations are going to believe what they want to believe, the facts be damned.

      • Yep. Murray is a stark example of Max Planck’s quote about science progressing one funeral at a time.

    • Murray has one overriding fault, which shapes his perception and therefore tactics. He, as so many of his generation and training, believes that the opposition may be convinced of the error of their position with facts and logic—in spite that the opposition has settled upon their position through ignorance, emotion, and irrationality.

      It’s no more complex than that. Murray starts with this false premise and as such, his audience will only be comprised of like minded individuals. In short, he is preaching to the choir.

      I wish him luck with his proposed “new” audience, the “center right”, but left of center is where the battle must be fought.

      • In part this can be explained by the fact that it’s the choir that is the target market for your book. 🙂

        • No doubt about that Ben. But I won’t put Murray in the “grifter” class for that. I believe him to be sincere in his position and thought—albeit wrong in tactics.

          Shapiro for example has shown his position to “grow” as the political winds shift, i.e., the mark of a grifter. He is not to be trusted. And as I’ve said before, Murray has many published works that have little or nothing directly to do with race. In these he takes the same approach wrt his understand/perception of the intended audience.

      • it’s even simpler than that; Murray and his ilk are all giant pussies. totally against direct action to solve a problem.

        • Bullseye. Boil it all down and cowardice is our major problem, and courage the only solution. Until this polarity is reversed, we’ll continue digging the grave of our civilization.

      • All very true Compsxi, but then it begs the question. Why should anyone listen to a smart person so stupid? Murray’s own actions betray the findings of his so called scholarship. He drew up a blueprint for what ails us but then never acted on it.

        And actions always speak louder than words. Like with these global warming scientists, were the world truly ending they would not either be jetting around to academic conferences to tell each other how smart they are, or buying houses on the beach in the case of obama, but out in the streets, stopping traffic, screaming that the world was going to end. That’s what a true believe would do.

        So one has to wonder iff Murray even believes half of what he says or he just likes being the slightly naughty boy in school.

    • When Murray was attempting to speak on college campuses after his last book one of the charges student groups made against him, in addition to being a racist was that he was anti-gay. He had endorsed gay marriage a few years earlier. A few old liberals still talk to him, so he has convinced himself the left has some better nature to appeal to against all other evidence. Never mind the fact that they tried to beat him when he spoke at Middlebury. That he thinks they will be persuaded by his data while showing them unending deference to their power, is unbelievable.

      • Agreed, but as an old Boomer, I state for the record that one’s upbringing and training are difficult to overcome. I for one will still open doors for women. Respond politely with titles such as Sir and Mame. And so forth—irregardless of *race*. It is automatic.

        Now if you “show me your ass”, I’ll jump on you as fast as anyone in this discussion group, but until then I navigate through life pretty much as I was taught by parents and reinforced in my youth.

        • Compsci: While I agree that upbringing and training are extremely difficult to change, it can be done. It takes a lot of will, and a lot of patience, and a lot of practice, and a lot of repeated failure. But first one must recognize that in whatever area, one’s upbringing and training (environmental influences) were/are WRONG. There are also plenty of genetically inherited behavioral characteristics that are extremely difficult to change, but that doesn’t mean one can’t be aware of them or even make the effort. Murray fails on all counts.

          Despite Murray’s earliest work and then groundbreaking conclusions, he has since walked back almost every single thing his data showed. He has groveled before blacks. He has endorsed sexual degeneracy. He has married an Asian and produced hapa children. He has verbally denigrated White people and White society. Yet everything he is and has and has achieved is due to White people. As Zman has said, he has bought into the blood libel against Whites and then has the gall to act as though he’s above all the sturm und drang of political/social discussion.

          I don’t agree Murray deserves some sort of ‘pass’ simply because he’s old. I’m old, damn it, and I’m finding areas where my thinking was wrong all the time. And others where my behavior was deficient. And even a few where I look back and think I did the right thing. Age is no excuse here – to the contrary, Murray’s age and experience and intellectual knowledge really leaves him no room to hide.

        • Same here. Even blacks are taken a bit aback when I refer to them as sir or ma’am. I can’t help it, but I’m not a boomer but Gen X.

  25. The central con of Liberal democracy is that it is democracy – rule of the people – modified or constrained within a “liberal” framework, as detailed by Z – inclusivity, rule of law, respect for rights etc.

    The reality is an inversion of that premise. It is rule of liberal ideology with a veneer of democracy to give it some added legitimacy. You can clearly see this reality when the will of the people comes into conflict with the latest twist of the liberal ideology. In those instances the will of the people is ignored and subverted by any means necessary.

    We’ve just lived through to huge examples of this in the COVID lockdowns, which were never subjected to democratic approval, let alone bubbling up from “the people’s representatives”. And the “fortification” of the selection of Biden in 2020. In both the will of the people had to be subverted to preserve their democracy.

    Same pattern with the recent afrophilia, war on policing, and embrace of trannies.

      • I’m saying that democracy might work if it were separated from liberal ideology.

        It’s hard to say because the two have been intertwined from the 18th century. And we are already following the trajectory from democracy to autocracy – but we have trouble recognizing that fact because it is all happening withing a liberal ideological frame.

        The liberalism is the root problem here.

        • I am not sure… Liberalism may make democracy worse, but even without it, it can’t work for long, because most people are either too stupid or too uninformed. At least, there is certainly a population limit beyond which democracy won’t work and that limit is quite low.

          That being said, once you add diversity, it just can not work at all, because allegiance to your tribe trumps allegiance to democratic ideals (unless you’re goodwhite)

          • In short, democracy does not scale up. Once you get above 5k souls or so, factions start and you only win by pandering to the lowest common denominator.

  26. “Diversity, on the other hand, seems to only work with an authoritarian government or no government.”

    It simply cannot be true that diversity is a strength. Well, diversity as the elites mean it which is “more blacks and browns”, at least. Diversity in this respect is awful. On my walk to work I usually encounter seas of browns – not great for me as I feel like a foreigner. Again on my walk I may encounter large flags being hung in front of windows (this morning, a Jamaican number took mine eye) – this says to me “Yeah, I’m in your country. I take money from it. But this is where my loyalties lie”. I would simply never dream of flying the flag of St George from anywhere if I happened to live, say, in Norway. Or Gabon. And this is really because of the following:

    As an immigrant you must reason that whilst you may have been needed, you almost certainly weren’t wanted. So don’t be a problem.

    My old landlord hand some lovely first hand experience of the strength of diversity, numerous African tenants who treated the place far worse than anything I’d ever heard of. Boy, do those Somalis like baking on a fire, on the ground, inside their houses. Don’t like clearing it up either. Even basic concepts many Europeans are familiar with like looking after something: hoovering the floor, re-sealing gaps in surfaces, painting; these people just aren’t interested in. Mind you, they are mud peoples, so why would they be?

    Meanwhile in the workplace Paki contractors require, I have estimated, about double the time to explain something. Language barriers, pronunciation issues and the like. I’d also say these same people require about 1.5 times as much time to understand something. And when they do, you can bet your bottom rupee that the job they’ll do will suck. Let us not forget also that documentation provided by them may not be, ahem, quite up to scratch. What’s worse? No documentation or Indian documentation proof-read by a Chinese?

    In almost every facet of life, diversity appears to make my life worse. And who can forget Affirmative Action/Diversity hiring quotas? If we ever hired the best man for the job, we sure don’t now. And this is proceeding apace in the largest companies: Royal Dutch Shell, BP, Amazon, Microsoft, HSBC… Every one of them has a ‘mission’. This ‘mission’ is an amalgam of climate/covid/diversity hysteria. Make the mistake of going to such websites and viewing them altogether it is as if one giant demonic entity, proficient in JavaScript/PHP, has been contracted to rebrand all these sites.

    We know all this, of course. But the scale of it. The scale! Perhaps that’s been the ‘good’ thing about the last couple of years, there can now be no doubt how hated our kind is. No doubt at all. Good article Z Man, I particularly enjoyed this one.

    • Early in my working career, a guy (white, obviously) somewhat more cynical than I, and of course much more experienced, recounted a tale of working in Pakistan. The tale that stuck with me the most was this: one day the lights in the particular building, room, whatever, went out. White guy watches in a WTF way as every Paki around him drops to their knees and starts praying to Allah to help them. He walks over to the circuit breaker panel and resets the tripped breaker before any of them have even finished praying. I don’t recall now if he actually said, “Buncha dumbasses,” or if I’ve mentally appended that to the story in my head.

      • I believe Allah did indeed pass his City & Guilds Level 3 Apprenticeship in Electrical Installation – so it was a logical move by those ‘stanis.

        In all seriousness, this is exactly the sort of thing that I mean. And it can only be experienced if you’ve lived, mingled with such people – or actually done some reading. I have lost count of the times I have been reading about some sand/mud/river/tree peoples and their exploits in The Civilised World – doing something dumb – and each time thinking that this little piece of cultural confusion adds up with all the others. And what do you get? Not Wakanda and not England either.

    • The power of an Immigrants to live in your place is stronger than the power, which is generally passive or defensive, of not wanting them there.

      Seems all immigrants turn their desire to make it in their new place up a notch. Them vs the world, I get it from the perspective of human nature.

      One thing has always surprised me. Growing in the south I remember how the whites made life miserable for the Yankees. Most of it was some form of shunning, or mockery, but in school there were actually fights. Then I moved to California in 1990 or so and saw the Mexicans invasion firsthand, and there was a similar resistance on the part of whites. The ones who didn’t fight moved to oregon or Idaho or Colorado. Then the fighters picked up and left too. Now it’s just people like me who are part natives and part visitors. But the larger point is that I would sometimes tell myself, wait til the Mexicans try to invade the south, they think the whites here put up a fight, wait til they have to deal with the good old boys.

      But never happened. And they are invading the south just as easily. Probably actually easier because the Californians made lots of noises about it and passed laws or tried to. Not seeing anything like that in the New South.

      • If there were 7 billion Yankees trying to move to Dixie their efforts would have proved unsuccessful too.

        Ultimately unless you take “extreme” action (if you catch my drift), as long as there are open borders the aliens will eventually take over.

        At this point its just location, with certain areas being either too remote, or too expensive, that keeps them white

      • You have it about right, particularly as to the South still despising Northerners up until fairly recently (some areas still do but the pockets grow smaller). Hispanics are getting almost no pushback. As it is, I’m in the process of packing to move. Many of the items subject to “keep, or give to Goodwill” are mostly glassware at least 150 or more years old. They have no value other than they have been in the family. When one of those older items lands in “Goodwill,” it is with a great deal of certitude a Mexican or Central American will own it soon enough. It makes my blood run cold.

        When I moved to this area of the South blacks were paving my driveway and received serious taunts and threats from passing motorists. This was in the early Nineties. You still will not see interracial couples, and blacks who move or have moved here receive icy cold shoulders. How much longer will that hold? Hopefully long enough. I doubt it.

        As to your point about Hispanics, what little legislation that has been passed requires citizenship to obtain driver’s licenses and so forth. No restrictions are put on public education and receipt of most public services. Californians indeed did put up much more of a fight.

        I detect a lot of unspoken and concealed fury.

        It is the one thing that makes me a little optimistic.

  27. Going back to your reference to the Immigration Act of 1924 on Friday. Revisionism has now deemed the Act a spasm of xenophobia. From the benefit of reading most of the Congressional debates in the CR as part of my thesis research decades ago, it was not. Rather a clear eyed view of what was happening in Europe at the time and the correct desire to avoid importing Europe’s very real problem to the US. Doubt that self-sorting within the Continental US can happen fast enough to head of the inevitable—nor can economic interdependencies be neartly severed and re-arranged. Already appears that Juneteenth will quickly become “Riotteenth”. I am not optimistic.

    • Already appears that Juneteenth will quickly become “Riotteenth”. I am not optimistic.

      Seems like a great outcome to me. Every black “holiday” should be celebrated by feral blacks rioting.

      • We might be mixing cause and effect a bit. Seems whenever Blacks have an excuse to congregate in large numbers, say for this latest faux holiday, riots/crime break out.

        You get the same problem at beach resorts and shopping malls. As I instructed oldest daughter before going off to University. Leave any event, gathering, party— *immediately* —whenever Blacks become noticeable. Do not linger, do not talk to them, and never, ever be alone with them.

        • Compsci: You’re a good father. I hope your daughter recognizes the wisdom of your advice and has listened to it.

      • Pretty much every holiday of *any* kind in post-America is going to be a mini-purge event. I can’t wait for the July 4th riots this year. After that we’ve got the Halloween Bloodbath, Thankskilling, Red Christmas… I’m probably forgetting a few.

          • Sometimes, if they don’t have the whole automobile, they place a tire around someone’s neck 🙁

    • > Going back to your reference to the Immigration Act of 1924 on Friday. Revisionism has now deemed the Act a spasm of xenophobia.

      Notice all of history now has to have a moral framing. If you look at Children’s history books it’s a clear black and white picture with no messy details to get in the way. Now modern history for adults is expected to follow the same infantile formula, only with bigger words and a few more details.

      That might be giving too much credit to modern books, as Children’s history books from the early 1900’s are actually far more nuanced.

      • Check out “This Land of Ours” by Henrietta Marshall. Written in the late 19th century, it is a children’s history of the colonization of the New World and of the US. It has more detail and nuance than anything I studied in high school or college.
        Added bonus, it has shorter chapters for those whose attention spans have been liquified by the Interwebz.

  28. Nice Huysmans reference. Another one of those “important but unreadable” artists they churned out around the turn of the 20th century.

    As to the post’s topic… one reason the Founders seem so odd to us today is that their culture maintained a very hard distinction between public and private. That silly old movie “Gladiator” had a great throwaway line that expressed it: some senator is ragging some other senator about being “a man of the people.” The reply: “No, I’m not a man of the people, but I try to be a man FOR the people.”

    Washington et al would agree. But I doubt even they would have the testicular fortitude to stick to their guns in the Social Media World. What is SJW, other than the insistence that one’s most private problems be made public and celebrated?

    Come the Revolution, first thing we do is ban the smartphone, and limit internet access to an hour a day, at closely monitored public terminals.

    • There has been a fundamental shift in defining leaders (or anyone else for that matter) from what they do to who they are. Bonus points for loudly proclaiming mental illness and mystery meat genetics. Come from plenty of what would be deemed “white trash”—but even though poor, you didn’t steal shit from other people, treat your neighbors badly, knock up random women or sit on your ass all day doing nothing. Now those seem to be celebrated “virtues”

      • Yes. It is just an inversion of everything that’s normal. I was trying to explain to my father the leftist/wokeist mindset, and could only come up with “Well, think about you and your thoughts and the stuff you do and value. Yes, they hate all that and you too”.

        That said, on leaders, do we even have the challenges anymore, open to anyone, such that a person could prove themselves a worthy leader? A man to be respected? The only thing I can think of is a distinguished military career but I am sure there are other examples. I don’t expect everyone to be like Gordon of Khartoum (who in an upcoming movie will be played by Queen Latifah), but it does appear that most ‘leaders’ of today are really only experienced in chairing meetings and waving a pointer at a PowerPoint presentation.

        Perhaps leadership ability is inversely proportional to the square of comfort.

        • It doesn’t have to be conventionally heroic. Just being the stoic silent type would be enough. Do your job, call a spade a spade… Hell, people think I’m a real weirdo for not having a social media account. The look on their face when I say “I see no reason to participate in a narcissistic snake pit full of people who get off on being unpleasant” is priceless.

          • Excellent riposte. Do I have permission to use it? My past rebuttals are more along the lines of “How tolerant are they of free speech, intellectual inquiry and diversity of opinion?” I’m still awaiting for a reply 😀

        • “I don’t expect everyone to be like Gordon of Khartoum (who in an upcoming movie will be played by Queen Latifah)”

          Thanks for giving me the heads up. What are the odds Queen Latifah even knew Khartoum was a city let alone who Gordon was? I would take 20 to 1 and wager quite a bit of cash she thought Sudan was a rapper until the script was explained slowly to her.

      • What has been said here before…”If you are without food, you have one problem. If you have food, you have many problems.” Seems as a corollary of sorts, we have much the above “virtues” because the natives have a government provided food source and therefore time on their hands in excess of survival requirements.

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