The Hothouse

The sales pitch for the American political system is that it is a robust debate between two distinct political parties. The Republicans and Democrats are coalitions of interests opposed to one another. The groups that make up each party are held together by a shared ideological outlook. The Republicans are the conservative party, and the Democrats are the liberal party. The political process adjudicates the disputes between the parties over public policy and the result is a compromise.

In reality, America is a one party system. It has been since Gettysburg. The differences between the two parties are miniscule. This is why public policy never changes when the party in charge changes. The mild reforms of the Reagan years were followed by a consensus that remains in place to this day. There is some tinkering around the edges to keep up appearances, but otherwise the results of each election have no impact on public policy or the priorities of government.

As for those two ideologies, they are just two faces of a single ruling class ideology that is something like a religion now. There is left-liberalism and there is right-liberalism held together by a common moral framework. Like the old Bolsheviks, the left side of the American ideology is maximalist and radical. It wants to usher in the promises of the revolution right now. The right side is more cautious, preferring an evolutionary approach to ushering in the promised utopia.

Unlike the old communists, the American ideology has always existed in a popular political system, so it is built to sell itself to the public. The main role of the right-liberals is to protect the left-liberals from themselves. They function as barrier between the tenets of the one true faith and any questioning of the faith. The left side is the heart of the beast, driving the agenda and pushing society along from one fad to the next, always chasing the avatar of egalitarian paradise.

This arrangement has worked amazingly well. Perhaps too well. It has been over a century since there has been a threat to the system. Anarchists and communists at the start of the last century started to get some traction, but they were never really a threat to the basic arrangements. Otherwise, it has been smooth sailing for the uniparty system for generations. The left-liberals are free to dream up new social innovations without being disturbed and the right stands quietly at guard.

The trouble is the party is looking like a freak show inside a hot house. For example, the Air Force now has drag shows to boost morale. To normal people, this is completely nuts (pun intended), but to the people in charge it is perfectly normal. In fact, they think it is bizarre that anyone would question it. They are not entirely wrong, as the people who arranged it will never be pressed on it. The politicians all agree that drag queens are who we are now, and the press echoes the sentiment.

Where the ruling orthodoxy finds itself is in a place where there is never a need to explain themselves and defend their positions. The right-liberals never challenge the left-liberals on orthodoxy. Both sides just put on shows where they pretend to disagree, but then kick back together after the show to laugh about it. The right-liberals have insulated themselves from defending their position. They tell themselves that they are simply too good to discuss these things with their critics.

The folks at the Daily Wire are supposed to be the smart kids of conservatism, but they spend their days making sure the hothouse is airtight. Ben Shapiro’s one venture outside the tightly controlled environment of his life ended in disaster. Ever since that public relations debacle his people have made sure that no one can utter a discouraging word in his presence. In fact, that whole scene has become a closed shop, never interacting with anyone outside their hive.

It is not just the pundits who have become hot house flowers. Look at what happens to the military leaders when they go before Congress. This guy went before Congress and told one whopper after another. To outsiders, he looks like a complete fool, but inside that room he is just par for the course. Anyone reading this could have wrecked him with a few simple questions, but no one in the room has the intelligence or the temperament to question anything.

This is the motivation behind the mass censorship and de-platforming. The people inside the political system are incapable of defending or even discussing their positions and they live in fear of having to do it. It is not so much that the critics have great arguments or have superior debating skills. That is a silly conceit. It is simply that the people outside the system, the dissidents, are comfortable defending their positions and discussing them in public. They can take a punch.

This underlying sense of weakness is probably what lies behind the persecution of the January protestors. January 6th, from the perspective of the ruling class, was an emperor has no clothes moment. The torture and torment of the protestors is as much about reassuring themselves that they are tough and in charge as it is about sending a message to the Dirt People. The ruling class revealed themselves to be cowards and now they are lashing out in a fit of petty spite.

All ruling elites have an abundance of sissies and ridiculous people. They are the entertainment and decoration for the serious men who run things. Those serious men are made serious by regular contact with reality. Remove that contact and those serious men become as silly and ridiculous as their retainers. That is where the empire finds itself now, ruled by fops and popinjays living in a hothouse. They live in fear of someone opening the door and letting in reality.

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184 thoughts on “The Hothouse

  1. Baltimore in 1959 (video). A reader on ZeroHedge shared this. I watched most of it and it’s very informative. To me, it was a real eye-opener. I’ve never lived in a large city so never saw one prior to the decay already underway by 1970s.

    It’s a good example of the heights this country once achieved and, in retrospect, what t’s lost. The first half is pretty good; the last half is more or less a plug for WJZ and I skipped it. Despite visiting Balmer many times (~1987-1999), I’d never heard of the Charles Center. After wiki-ing it, I now know that it encompasses the newer Inner Harbor, etc. So I guess I’ve visited it unawares. Sadly, the renovated areas are being “reclaimed” by the forces of chaos and decadence we understand all too well, primarily played by genetic relatives of the real world Lagos. Today, I wouldn’t go back there if you paid me. Maybe with an armed escort.

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  3. This is freaky, I just learned the words fop and popinjay yesterday when looking up the Scarlet Pimpernel.

    I wouldn’t use these words to describe our elites. They are slobs with no esthetic sensibility or standards.

  4. Everything you’ve written is more or less true. Who better than our very soon to be Hindu overclass to finally drive this rusted out clown car of a country to its final destination.

  5. Serious question, will Biden’s handlers nuke Florida and Texas for their own border enforcement as Biden declares Open Borders? Will there be an F-15 strike on Tallahasse during a legislative session? What about Austin? If the States start enforcing border laws on the books that the Feds refuse to do, will Biden use military force to keep the borders wide open?

    Because it looks like that was also on his addled mind. [He does not look well]

    • I find it best not to get wrapped up in the day to day, outrage of the minute machine.

      It’s a distraction, and it’s meant to be. Bread and circuses. Be better than that.

    • “Will there be an F-15 strike on Tallahassee during a legislative session?” Do you really think this is a possibility? Serious question. Not about the possibility, but about your brain.

      • Its possible.

        Just not enough F-15s to make survivability of the F-15 pilot’s likely, add drone operators, etc. Moreover anyone who has fired a shot of any sort in anger has been “Investigated” for this or knows several who have, in fact its very common. This Check on our prosecution of war under the threat of prosecution is a legal religious ritual (there is no other term) that carried over from the Policing of our Police.
        Ergo; no sane person would pull the trigger or drop the bomb for our rulers, even if they agreed.

        Why yes, I have! Been investimuhgated. Pure Ritual. When your Priesthood are lawyers, etc.

        You see whilst ye all worry that the MIL is woke or Tranny, the real MIL worries about being sent to jail. Generals and Admirals too, who also of course have money being dangled before them.

        As everyone knows this down to the common soldiers and airmen, not even the very rare Dem will fire except in point self defense of their own lives. JAG in DC made it crystal clear they’d jail or destroy us, and that we were NOT allowed to fire in Defense of Buildings- that building being the Capitol.

        BLUFF. They’re Troops won’t shoot, hell they’re afraid to shoot.

        This BTW was the first day of Operation Barbarossa; the attacks began at 0300, the Russian artillery did not return fire until 10 AM; when allowed.
        And they were defending Russian soil.

        This is the real military; even TSA has more freedom to act.

        So yes it’s possible they will try to use the military against Americans, its not likely that they’ll get many takers. No one likes them, but even the odd believer knows you can’t trust them.

  6. Netflix has a new movie coming out where apparently Idris Elba in the Old West kills all the White people. And this is promoted as desirable. So while the ruling elite (White edition) are buffoons and know it, they believe the black thug class as their army is unstoppable (because black) and will follow orders.

    Hilariously, Tom Hanks has been canceled because he played the lead in a lot of movies, movies with White characters played by Tom Hanks. Not making this up.

    The Netflix movie alone will create more people on our side than anything we could say or do.

    • “Hilariously, Tom Hanks has been canceled because he played the lead in a lot of movies, movies with White characters played by Tom Hanks.”

      I wonder if Hollywood now regrets making all of those AWR movies like Driving Miss Daisy, Mississippi Burning, and Roots? They thought they were signalling their virtue, but all they were really doing was emboldening racists to think they’ve been aggrieved and deserve compensation. Blacks took their reparations for not winning all the Oscars this year by turning the Academy Awards into the BET Awards. Lowest ratings ever. They’ve basically destroyed that ceremony along with the Golden Globes and Grammys. The rest of the world isn’t interested in American racial politics.

      This was the third year in a row the Academy couldn’t find a host. It’s all but over, and they brought it on themselves. Maybe the better course was to steer clear of all this racial stuff and, instead, make things that bring people together? … and maybe encourage blacks to act better.

      “Netflix has a new movie coming out where apparently Idris Elba in the Old West kills all the White people.”

      Diversity they said. Makes us stronger they said …

      I thought about making a list of all the black-washed Hollywood roles in response to your post, but when I started creating it I realized that even the condensed version would be an enormous list that would only serve to clog up the comments. That’s nuts. We aren’t talking a few roles, but dozens and dozens of White roles appropriated by blacks with not one example of the reverse — Snow White (now black), The Little Mermaid (now black), Superman (now black, to be written by a black racist) …

      Any idea of what explains this? Because these films do not make money and only serve to damage the brand.

      My guess: this is what happens in an authoritarian regime. Those on top want to stay there, so they make everything they do in service to the ruling regime and its ideology, no matter how unpopular it is among the powerless masses. It’s a means of proving their loyalty so they can maintain their positions. That’s why the Soviet Union’s propaganda was primitive and no match for the free expression of the West. Now, roles have reversed with the rest of the world gaining fast on the United States. Japanese anime* and Korean cinema / kpop bands are becoming much more popular among the American youth, for example. And Eastern Europe is making pretty good videogames, too.

      Another guess: this is the last hurrah of the Boomer left. They can’t give up their egalitarian dogma, so they’ve doubled down. This is a reaffirmation of the faith to make the faithful feel better about troubling times. I’ve seen this in my own life as a liberal, wannabe nouve riche, relative continues to post endless nonsense about BLM and black politicians even though she wouldn’t be caught dead with those same people in her neighborhood or in her private life. Nothing she’s seen has shaken her faith. Before that generation passes, some of them are determined to have one last go at reliving the 60s.

      *Note: As a bit of homework, image search “Dragon Ball Z characters”, “Sailor Moon characters”, and “Shield Hero characters” and see if you can’t identify the real reason Japanese anime is becoming popular among the Western, especially American, youth these days. I’ll give you a hint. It has something to do with the subject matter I discussed. One trillion hyperinflation bucks to the first guy with the right answer.

      • I’ll add to your list of black appropriations. Achilles. That one really sent me into a rage. My Greek heritage means a lot to me. So the BBC went and made a Greek hero (call him fiction or non fiction, but more real than Superman), and made him black. Why? To defeat us. There is no other reason.

        • What comes first, race or heroism, bravery, mythology?

          Achilles was all of those things so he just had to be black.

      • Anime characters are white. Look at FullMetal Alchemist – blond hair, blue eyed(maybe gold) protagonist. Nary a black to be seen on the series.

        Same with My Hero Academia where the chief hero All Might is a big white guy with blond hair.

        The Korean anime “Noblesse” again the characters are white.

        BTW Anime IS NOT WOKE, IT IS NOT PC/MC in the least and it drives the she beasts here in the states who are the primary drivers of Wokeness insane with rage

        • We have a winner. Japanese anime and manga are popular for four main reasons: 1) politically incorrect [i.e. completely normal 30 years ago] stories 2) attractive characters 3) narrative variation 4) lots of plausibly White characters for Westerners to self-insert.

          The other side knows this, too. So, they are busy trying to influence Japanese creators to make fewer White characters via “diversity” and “inclusion.” American companies have put themselves onto the boards of many of those Japanese companies, supposedly to tell them “what Westerners want.” Of course, if they really knew, they’d be making their own popular stuff, but everything they try fails miserably. They are there to prevent the production of content the Left doesn’t want the American audience to see.

          You’ll notice in the future more POC / strong women and gay characters are included in new anime productions while the things Western audiences like are sidelined. Profit loss will be no concern because this stuff is all government-backed propaganda at this point anyway. Clearly, not selling product and losing money doesn’t phase Western companies or they would have changed course by now.

          Don’t believe me? The moment anime got popular they tried making one with Idris Elba. Ugh, anime is popular because White kids are trying to find a community where their own people are the heroes, not sidelined or mocked or race-swapped. Also, IIRC, an American company tried knocking off anime for a production called Castlevania, which is on Netflix. If my eyes weren’t deceiving me, they had a black man in the cast (on a promotional). That’s the objective. Copy the animation style, insert propaganda (non-White characters so White kids don’t get any funny ideas about having their own communities).

          American media is collapsing because POC aren’t large enough, interested enough, or wealthy enough to support them while the industry also sidelines the White demographic. Basically everything is race or genderswapped now; formerly straight characters are retconned as gay. It’s rare to have heterosexual relationships in many formerly male-oriented genres. And women are drawn to look like men (literally).

          Spot the difference:

          New She-Hulk:

          Old She-Hulk:

          There are countless other examples.

          This probably isn’t Z’s forte, but since he does culture stuff it is of note. The American animation scene and comic book industries are near collapse due to the insertion of woke identity politics (Hollywood up next). It’s so bad that kids are fleeing to overseas markets, which is an incredible change from when I was a kid. America was the center of the entertainment world. It still sorta is, but much less so and increasingly less so by the year.

        • I’m no expert, but I watched my share of anime or manga. You are right: I don’t know if it’s the entire genre, but the characters usually have exaggerated Caucasian features. This even dates back to the 1960s, if you were a “Speed Racer” fan. Certainly the market (English speaking) might be a factor, but I think the bias is wider than that.

      • dozens and dozens of White roles appropriated by blacks with not one example of the reverse

        Call me a cynic but somehow I cannot see “Little White Sambo” or “Uncle Rocco” working. Can you?

    • We don’t have a side.

      This is the Internet.
      It isn’t real.

      A side was the 1921 Tulsa Riots. This involves risk.
      So it ain’t happening.

      Mind you, Biden was just a bit candid about things, maybe too much Adderol.

      Should they attempt to use the military…DOD already showed its true colors. Truth is they don’t have a military below General. They have people getting a check. So does the Afghan army. I mean the military will not fight for them.

      That may be the collapse (TM) so many seek. The aftermath is not.

  7. Haha, the interview with Shapiro is gold! 🙂

    I never listen to him, so I just noticed that he sounds like Fran Drescher. Must be genetic.

  8. “In reality, America is a one party system. It has been since Gettysburg,”

    Respectfully request a podcast devoted to this fact and the American Civil War.

  9. What’s really operative for the uniparty? Not losing that treasured place at the trough. Second most operative? Passing it on to the family.

  10. So how do you explain Z’s endorsement of socialist Copenhagen?

    I know one salient difference between Denmark and mid 20th century Russia, but I’m curious about your reply.

  11. To revisit yesterday’s post because it was very good.

    Edited down to essentials and juicy bits:

    1. The function of the gatekeeper is to prevent people from abandoning the political morality of the Left. They channel opposition into positions that can never succeed.

    2. Ben Shapiro is the most obvious example. His primary role is to funnel all opposition into a dead-end… The point is also to cleanse the language of rhetoric that could be effective against the Left.

    3. What gets little discussion is just how this happens. There is an assumption that the people playing the role of gatekeeper know what they are doing. This is that bourgeois objectivism that is the bane of right-wing politics. It is the assumption that all political actors are motivated by self-interest. They are keenly aware of those interests and their actions reflect it. Therefore, people on the Right assume the gatekeepers are acting with purpose and are probably in league with the Left.

    (Is this “non-self-interested gatekeeper” a minor or the main point of the post? It’s a bit straw-man or needlessly binary. And isn’t really explained with clarity. Perhaps just an exaggeration to emphasize the “bourgeois objectivism” idea, which probably has its own post somewhere).

    Anyway, maybe there are 3 types of gatekeepers.

    A. Sinister: Fake Right agents for Prog ideals or global capital. Shapiro, NR, Con.Inc.

    B. Half-knowing Believers / Or Status Seekers: Believes in the underlying “who we are” Liberal moral framework. e.g. From the sophisticated Glen Becks and Jordan Petersons, to boujie local PTA gatekeepers. All pathetic and actually do know what’s up and what they’re doing.

    C. Clueless youngsters: Clones too carefree to realize how terrifying Big Prog is. New kid identity is what occupies their mind. Being a younger, more populist NR. (This may be the innocent gatekeeper segment Z had in mind. Who knows).

    Back to the good stuff.

    4. A good example of this is Critical Race Theory (CRT) in schools. The gatekeepers immediately leapt into action to lecture whites/parents that saying CRT is antiwhite is wrong. Suddenly, the purpose of conservatism is to prevent anyone from noticing that the cultural revolution is explicitly and overtly anti-white. It almost seems coordinated.

    5-6 There is a familiar pattern to how the system has responded to opposition to the antiwhite pogroms launched by the party: Create a regime-acceptable alternative to actual dissidents.

    7-8 An underappreciated aspect of the gatekeeper production system (GPS! Z rocks.) is just how quickly it spits out hollow clones of legitimate opposition. Nick Fuentes was successful. So the system just cloned him. And the system men immediately promote the clones.

    9. Then what quickly follows is a halfhearted negation of the fake version of the alternative. This pseudo-dialectic is supposed to draw in those unhappy with the system. They have to pick a side in this fake debate. The point is to exclude the genuine opposition from the process.

    10. The sandwich technique is a staple of liberal democratic politics. Since few arguments in favor of the status quo can withstand scrutiny, they create a set of false choices to contain all discussion… Such as the race debate. One choice is an absurdly immoral position and defeatism. You either buckle under or you are a Nazi, and you deserve the assault from the Left.

    11. Of course, the main project of so-called conservatives is to figure out a way to create a fake Trump in order to sideline the populist and nationalist opposition to the corporatist uniparty monopoly. (If gatekeepers are part of the “so-called conservatives”, then as you’re explaining here, they most certainly know what they’re doing. – Frip)

    12. Vance: Clone Trump will confirm the biases of the managerial elite. He provides them with authenticity, by displaying a sympathy for and a knowledge of the Dirt People, the great dispossessed, but he confirms the Cloud People patronizing view of them.

    13. You will notice that the system defends itself with rhetoric. Democracy is all about winning arguments, not establishing, or accepting truth. It is why democracy produces so many sophists…A system built on clever rhetoric and logical fallacies is naturally good at defending itself with the same tools.

    14. This natural defense, does have its limits. The fake groypers, for example, cannot draw flies. Their YouTube shows should have crickets as the background noise. This is despite the hype and protection. Fuentes and his merry band draw tens of thousands to obscure platforms.

    15. It could very well be that this natural defense [the smoke & mirror frenemy thing?] mechanism only works if the system itself is viewed as fundamentally legitimate. Once people begin to think the system is rigged or inherently corrupt, the defense mechanisms not only fail, but they also become proof of the corruption. In other words, the failure of gatekeeping is a sign of systemic failure.

    The spray flies as the speedboat glides
    And people forget
    Forget they’re hiding
    The girls smile
    And people forget
    Forget they’re hiding
    Behind an eminence front
    That big wheel spins, the hair thins
    People forget
    Forget they’re hiding
    It’s a put on

    • This all sounds like a version of hammer and anvil tactics with variations of positive and negative forces and objects. We being the objective.

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  13. “To normal people, this is completely nuts (pun intended), but to the people in charge it is perfectly normal.”

    I think this is always where you miss it. The people in charge don’t think it is perfectly normal. They know it is not. They just wish to create fools that are so confused they can’t do anything about the fact they have lost their power, their wealth, and their country. Maybe some of the “faces” that we are told are in charge believe some of it. Especially if they are new to the clown show. But, eventually they will see it for the fraud it is. They then have a choice. Bail out (and probably be killed for knowing too much) or continue living the life of Riley. This is also why so many of the fronts the real leaders promote are alcoholics, drug addicts, perverts of one stripe or another, etc. Remember Ted Kennedy? He did as much damage as he could, but he did it on a fifth of booze to deaden the realization of what he was doing.

    • I think your point has merit, but then the LBGTQ stuff is personal and real for a lot of important people. For example, Schumer has a lesbian daughter who married another girl. In fact, homosexuality, which thrives and expands in an environment of leisure and luxury, is very real for many if not all of them, their staff being gay often, and so forth. Then there is Hollywood. Not so sure a Hollywood actor, a man who wears makeup and costumes, finds a drag show at an Air Force event as preposterous; maybe a few of them think it’s out of place, but they won’t voice it because it’s just not very important for them and not a hill they would be willing to die on.

      My take on this is that they really don’t know how stupid all of this stuff is because they have been “marinating” as they say in a life of luxury, femininity, and that type of thing for so long they have forgotten. Sure, maybe they used to know. But this a freak show by and large.

  14. 2020 is a warning to anyone with both sense and influence. The reality is that if Covid had been truly dangerous, something akin to the black death, we would be so screwed. If Covid was a test, we utterly failed. 1 criminal ODs in the presence of police and the country goes up in flames, the so-called elite powerless to stop it and cowering in front of mobs. In the same literal week, protests went from killing grandma when the lockdown protests were happening to being essential to health when it was BLM and Antifa setting the nation on fire.

    There are 10k ways the system can break. We’re on autopilot. It’s a very robust system, obviously. But sooner or later we will run smack into something that requires the attention of adults. When that happens, we will find out the true cost of living under clowns.

    • I’ve not been to New Orleans during Mardi Gras. But I was told the police dress like clowns. And, I assume, they still are armed.

  15. A beautifully written piece, Z.

    This echo chamber you describe also describes academia, and with much the same results. Beginning in the 70s, New Leftists began taking over academia in tandem with the retirement of traditional liberals and conservatives. Thing is, unlike those traditionals, the New Leftists opposed completely intellectual pluralism, reasoned debate and free speech. Rather than seek the truth–most of them denied that objective truth even exists–they sought and achieved complete hegemony over academia. The result is that now the only views the professors encounter are other modified versions of New Leftism, which of course, revolves around AWR. This is an echo chamber that amplifies its own reverberations and drowns out all dissent and intellectual/empirical contact with reality. And, at this point, professors in the social sciences and humanities live in a thought-world that is fundamentally mad.

    • Spot on post. It’s amazing how far back in time the rot goes. If you’ve done any reading about race realism, you might have heard the name Franz Boaz. His Wikipedia bio is fairly informative. He was a prototype liberal (Jew*, of course), race denier, decades ahead of his time. He was highly influential on later Anthropology. He’d feel right at home on any campus today. Indeed you could call him “Frankfurt School” but 40 years ahead of the pack. And I thought it was Gould who invented the canard “Race is a social construct.” 😀

      *Not to denigrate the great intellectual accomplishments of many. But this is an early (indeed the earliest I know of) example of ideology apparently clashing with the scientific method. In fairness, “our” side has not been without scandals (Burt).

    • Spot on post. It’s amazing how far back in time the rot goes. If you’ve done any reading about race realism, you might have seen the name Franz Boaz. His Wikipedia bio is fairly informative. He was a prototype liberal (Jew*, of course), race denier, decades ahead of his time. He was highly influential on later Anthropology. He’d feel right at home on any campus today. Indeed you could call him “Frankfurt School” but 40 years ahead of the pack. And I thought it was Gould who invented the canard “Race is a social construct.” 😀

      *Not to denigrate the great intellectual accomplishments of many. But this is an early (indeed the earliest I know of) example of ideology apparently clashing with the scientific method.

  16. I guess I know who Shapiro is because he’s talked about, but I don’t really follow him or read him etc…listening to that clip, I mean, just his voice alone, I’m a little confused how he has any following.

    I’ll talk to my rabbi about him. He’s bad for us. I don’t want gentiles associating him with us.

    Half jokes aside, Z’s line about the rulers being spiteful because they’ve been shown to be weak cowards is so bulls eye. We are ruled by effeminate clowns. It’s kinda humiliatingly.

    • Shapiro’s main fault is that he cannot be America first with his hat and the way it seems the hat influences his opinions on Israeli stuff. But he is a good entry level guy for normies. One of my normie friends is in the Shapiro stage and this is way better than being a typical NPC liberal. His tone is good for when you are in the anger phase of your redpilling.

      I would not be surprised if him and/or his pal Dave Rubin have some invisible connection to Zionism. But other than that they provide a useful service that I don’t see offered anywhere else. Fuentes is too edgy for a normie and I think don’t even Fuentes is considered kosher here at Z Nation.

      I follow all the bad thinkers now and then and I still see some value in Shapiro, Fuentes, etc. For the normie in me, Shapiro was one of the doors to the rabbit hole when YouTube algorithm decided it was my turn for radicalization back in 2015-17. I even went to Obama parties when he won both elections and now I am here, so Shapiro is not that bad.

      Obviously if you want an America for Americans policy you need to see Ben with new eyes and understand he may be paid by other factions. But I have seen one of his backstage conversations recently (the one when Walsh had to defend American interest over Israel’s) and other than that infamous conversation they landed some good points. Taste everything and keep the best as St Paul recommends.

      • Plato’s Republic and critiques of democracy brought me here, but I also was a Ben follower. I also find a lot wrong with him now. There’s no doubt he works in the interests of corporate businesses. I made a comment on one of his articles about how wrong he was on his GameStop take, and I was the most upvoted on his own site. So a lot of his own followers know he doesn’t crap rainbows. For a good example of how the right doesn’t understand why they’re losing the battle against the left, watch his debate with Cenk. Ben flattens him with facts and logic, or as our host calls it, bourgeois objectivism. Meanwhile, Cenk just shouts slogans and rhetoric and gets the crowd behind him.
        With that being said, Ben does openly call CRT anti-white, which I give him credit for, although this bigger issue seems to be that it’s rayciss and takes away agency from blacks.

      • But you don’t think Shapiro will pull the rug out from all his followers when the time calls for it? Such as the Shapiro case for _______.

        If he has the power to “make you” he has the power to break you. So I am always a little wary of sorts like him, and people are wise to keep him at an intellectual arm’s length.

    • Andrew Neil is the last of the big beasts of Fleet Street, the entire Westminster establishment live in fear of him. Poor little Shapiro didn’t stand a chance. Thanks to Zman for sharing the clip Pure comedy gold.

      • I think Li’l Benny got tripped up with the abortion question and it caused a short circuit putting him in attack mode, losing his footing. On that issue, he suffers from a cognitive dissonance afflicting many “prolife” people: Abortion is murder, the mom is an accomplice, but she shouldn’t be punished because . . . woman.

        That trips them up a lot – he needs to have the courage of his convictions. The penalties levied on the female perpetrators – the ones putting out the assassination contract on their own children – are actually quite lenient. But he accepted the questioner’s base premises (that punishing them is wrong, and that being medieval is wrong). Perhaps Li’l Benny is not as intellectually deep as he portends. Or more likely, taking such a position might hurt his pocketbook.

  17. Our leadership may be insane, but that does not make then harmless, like buffoons. They can, and will, spasm into genocide whenever they feel the need to blow off steam and keep the plebs from realizing just how corrupt & weak the Uniparty really is. The Soviet system collapsed overnight when it became apparent that they had no teeth. Ditto here in the USA when the plates stop spinning; the collapse will be sudden & unexpected. And the stage has been set for this chaos to be a fit of violence in which pleb fights pleb to the death, while the Elites hide in their protected enclaves.

    But it doesn’t have to be that way. Rather than literally burn everything down, why not use a different paradigm and turn the anger into a wave of antibodies focused exclusively on ridding the host of Master Parasites? A lot less blood gets shed in this scenario and it has the benefit of being morally correct as well. Accountability matters.

    • You bring to mind what I have long suspected

      I know that the elites do not like black people all that much. I know deep down they would rather be rid of all the chaos and destruction they cause but feel powerless to do anything substantial about it. When republicans say Dems are the real racists, clumsy and misdirected and futile as it all is, there is truth to it.

      I half suspect they want white guys to take care of the problem for them and constantly poke the bear to achieve those aims.

      • Go deeper. Lyndon Johnson and the 1960s era Dem caucus (which included many powerful Southern Dem pols) created the Great Society legislation in order to proactively destroy Black families by forcing fathers out of the home and substituting government paternalism via welfare. This created a majority of single mother households, incentivized baby mill pregnancy, and deprived children of strong father figures during formative years. This legislation was tangibly worse than Hitler’s gas chambers because gassing kills only you once, but Johnson’s vengeance is perpetual. And blacks slavishly vote Democrat. That tells you everything you need to know about IQ differences between the races. Bonus question. Is this an example of genocide or suicide?

      • I know this may be hard to believe, but the elites truly do worship the negro race in the abstract, just as they loathe the white race in the abstract. For decades they’ve been buying into the notion that everything opposed to Western civilization is good, and there is nothing more antithetical to Western civilization than primitive African savagery.

        • Well, there’s Western Civilization and then there’s Western Civilization.

          There’s the pompadour, powdered wigs, silk stocking, epicurean, and Oscar Wilde side of WC. The androgynous, feminine, and widespread homosexuality among many an artist.

          Then there’s another side to it, the Christian, hard working, good neighbor side. The cut your own wood, build your own house, learn to master the power of water, to raise animals, and so forth.

          My guess is, having dealt with liberals for a long time, as you have too, is that they simply like the pinks and pastels of our great civilization whereas we prefer the earth and its browns and verdant greens and the blues of its rivers. They are cloud people, we are dirt people, but we all come from the same place.

          And we go through phases. Right now we are in something of a flamboyant baroque type era, at least among the elites.

          At some point, an era of a simpler things, will come about, and a lot of blood may be spilled in the process. But things will change.

          As for blacks, you say elite whites worship these people. Then why are blacks so poor, so messed up, so unable to help themselves? Why are blacks always more miserable than us, despite that seemingly the world is their oyster?

          It’s more that the blacks have been so thoroughly defeated and demoralized that cloud people have come to embrace their creation, or at least make appearances to that effect. But does anyone think Nancy Pelosi with her $12 pints of ice cream and mansions and vineyards — all of which is a testament to the greatness of our civilization — actually prefers the ghetto and would ever embrace that lifestyle? Or Hillary in her wooded mansion, or even Obama with his beach house in the Hamptons.

          No one likes them or wants to be around them. If they were gone tomorrow Pelosi would throw press conference saying how saddened she is then go home and rejoice. Any worship of them is purely aesthetic of the African mask, Gaugin variety. Superficial and fleeting. Not long ago the blond surfer dude was the American archetype. Didn’t take all that long for him to become the villain. And blacks know that at some point the white man will turn on hom. They always do.

          My opinions at least

      • Sort of, The elites do hate blacks and use them as a means to a end. But they hate lower class whites as well, Ideologically and culturally they have more in common with the elites of Europe than they do with your average upper middle class American.

        We are aliens to them, to paraphrase Tucker., When Obama spoke to the elite and mocked Whites “clinging to their Bible and guns” ., This is how they see us.

        That said, these are not same elites that ran the U.S. prior to WWII or even Post WWII. They would have not tolerated this crap.going on today. of tearing the country down. They were about building up America not using their great wealth to tear it down like those Psychopaths in Silicon Valley are trying to do.

    • “Rather than literally burn everything down, why not use a different paradigm and turn the anger into a wave of antibodies focused exclusively on ridding the host of Master Parasites?”

      How exactly do you imagine that playing out? What does victory look like in that scenario? Take me step-by-step to the endgame.

      Is voting the answer? No, it isn’t. NYC just proved that. Their mayoral primary was, essentially, a race and class headcount. The Asian got a majority of the Asian and White vote and lost; the based black man won the black and Hispanic vote and won; the PMC hipster won the hipster vote and lost because that constituency didn’t want to ally with the smart Asian who represented icky proles. That’s America in the very near future with these demographics.

      You’re not voting your way out of these demographics. Romney would have just left office this year had he run with the demographics of 1980s; it gets worse every year. Further, appeals to race and tribe often override class and common interest, so you can forget about forming a multiracial working class constituency.

      Are local communities the answer? No. They can be a start, but they cannot be the ultimate solution. Wall Street, with federal government approval, can buy up your neighborhoods and flood them with democrats to pacify the locals at the ballot box.

      Is hyperinflation and “the collapse” the answer? Probably not. The Soviet Union lasted 80 years — an entire human lifetime. That’ what you’re dooming the youth to with that policy. Even if the economy crashes, there will be no change because there is no competing power center. That’s why the Soviet Union really collapsed: it consisted of several natural nation-state blocks that served as alternate power centers, ready and willing to organize a withdrawal along those lines once conditions presented themselves.

      Guns? To do what? That’s merely a comfort, an excuse to do nothing, but those can be taken away just as easily as the Left defeated you on nearly every cultural issue.

      Redpilling? Redpill whom? The other side has a numerical advantage that grows every day. They aren’t interested in your “hatespeech.”

      Not be rude, but it has been my observation that a lot of the “do something” people don’t really know what to do or how to do it. They just know that “something” needs to be done. I’ve all but given up on thinking anything will change for the better.

      • I guess you’re new here, or a troll. Either way, go back into the archives and read my series on The Road Back. It’s highly detailed. The abridged answer to your question is 4S and focus. It’s the only way to be sure.

  18. Re: Ben Shapiro
    Is it just me or is there something significantly oxymoronic about a queer Yid being any sort of “conservative”???

    • “Conservative” has come to mean Pro Israel

      “Liberal” has come to mean Pro Palestine

      I don’t think it gets more complicated than that

      • That simplicity also jives with my self-appointed status as dissident: I am indifferent to both, as their standing is merely two sides of the same absurd coin. Sand people squabbling over sand has nothing to do with my people.

        The issue isnt jew or arab: the issue is why any of those people exercise power within the confines of my blood and soil.

        • One loud and annoying group driving around flying their foreign blue and white flags. Another group driving around flying the foreign green, red, and black. Neither group actually doing anything but causing a scene.

          Both groups too cowardly to actually go back to the conflict zone and fight for their cause.

          • Israel/Palestine is a good example of why all the contradictions within the Left don’t seem to matter. The truth is that the day will never come when some civnat conservatard on Fox News finally “owns the libs” hard enough that normie wakes up the next day and thinks “hey wait a minute, these Democrats are hypo-crats!”.

            The Left somehow finds it in its magnanimously evil heart to accommodate third-world sand-Marxists like Tlaib and AOC as well as Israel-first neocons. Vile people who should be strangling one another with each other’s entrails are instead warming each other’s crack pipes in the back room of the giant brothel on Capitol Hill with burning $100 bills they stole from all the rest of us.

  19. Anyone else find the replies on the linked Milley Twitter thread hugely disturbing?

    These people no longer live in reality.

    • Is there a way to access Twitter links without joining Twitter?
      I never seem to be able to link to these..

    • These people no longer live in reality.

      I disagree. They live in “a” reality; just not the same perceptual reality you and I do. It is said that “Perception IS reality.” Since perception is heavily colored by ideology, it follows that one’s ideology would necessarily generate one’s reality. Thus I assert that those folks live in a different “reality” than do we. I would also assert that they are not so much insane as “differently” or “otherly” sane.

    • In cursorily looking at his wiki page, it doesn’t appear he’s had any direct combat experience, thus a paper pushing, political “general” with participation tinware on his chest. A real man’s man who’s into drag queen shows – for the good of morale you know. Our entire government is populated with jack-offs.

    • Whenever see top brass like that milley guy, I think of that interview with military wife kay griggs, in which she talks for like 8 hours about how all the higher ups in the military are homosexual freemasons.

  20. This is going to sound like a pedantic quibble, but please bear with me. The Uniparty hasn’t existed “since Gettysburg;” the annus horribilis was 1883, with the passage of the Pendleton Act.

    Before then, government bureaucracies at all levels were patronage gigs. An office like Postmaster General, for example, was a real plum, and it always went to some big wheel in the local party in a swing state. And so on down the line: If you loyally stuffed envelopes and served as a precinct captain and whatnot, in twenty years the Party would reward you (or your kid) with a clerkship in the Patent Office or whatever. When the Parties flip-flopped in Washington (Congress was almost always split in the Gilded Age), all the old party’s loyalists got turfed out, to be replaced with loyalists from the new party.

    This had the extremely beneficial effect of sending bureaucrats home. Imagine how different life would be without a permanent bureaucratic class! And before y’all start in on how the Swamp gets its start in the “right” schools, think it through — it doesn’t matter how many Skull-and-Bonesmen you know; you’re still losing that gig at the Patent Office, because you voted the wrong way and money always trumps a secret handshake. The fact that repealing the Pendleton Act would devalue the Ivy League alone would make it worth doing.

    Then consider the effect in the localities. Even though it was a matter of family pride to be a partisan, there was only so partisan you could be, because although you might be appointed postal inspector now, when Grover Cleveland is in the White House, you’ll be out on your butt once William Henry Harrison takes over. If you lord it too much over everyone else, they’ll be certain to have their revenge.

    Of course I’m not saying that we ever could, let alone would, repeal the Pendleton Act; where would we find fat government sinecures for all those negroes and strong confident wymyns? But the next time we want to give republicanism a go, we really need to rethink the cost-benefit equation of “faction,” as the Founders called it. They thought it was all bad, but there are some real upsides to real party competition, and “winning elections” is just the tip of the iceberg.

    • Also note, in case the implications weren’t clear (my bad), the patronage system is aces for *keeping the government small.* You really don’t want to create a position that can go at any time to your opponents’ loyalists unless you really have to…

      • The level of idiocy of your post is obvious to anybody who knows that the wealth of the five counties surrounding DC, second only to Greenwich CT is solely a function of the Tsunami of tax dollars funding so called Non-Government Organizations or “Private” Corporations like Blackwater or Ze or Academi or whatever the fuck name they are running their tax-Suck under.
        Grow up.

    • There is no “reform” of our government possible. It has to be burned down and rebuilt from scratch on a vastly smaller scale. The post-WW2 era is probably going to burn itself out.

      • Right. Which is why I quite clearly said “it’s never happening” and “the next time we give republicanism a go.” You know, in our children’s children’s children’s day (if they’re lucky). All “dissident” writing at this point is either a postmortem, or will get you arrested.

    • The fact that the federal workforce is unionized doesn’t help either

      And now looky here, Cindy McCain gets to be an ambassador or something. Patronage indeed !

    • “When I consider the extream Corruption prevalent among all Orders of Men in this old rotten State…I cannot but apprehend more Mischief than Benefit from a closer Union. I fear They will drag us after them in all the plundering Wars their desperate Circumstances, Injustice and Rapacity, may prompt them to undertake; and their wide-wasting Prodigality and Profusion a Gulph that will swallow up every Aid we may distress ourselves to afford them. Here Numberless and needless Places, enormous Salaries, Pensions, Perquisites, Bribes, groundless Quarrels, foolish Expeditions, false Accounts or no Accounts, Contracts and Jobbs devour all Revenue, and produce continual Necessity in the Midst of natural Plenty. I apprehend therefore that To unite us intimately, will only be to corrupt and poison us also…”

      Some White Guy, 1775.

    • The Pendleton Act worked well when the civil service employed ordinary Americans, and I quip that this originally “elevated state” (opposite of the modern deep state) was “more representative than the representatives themselves”.

      This lasted until the 1960’s because of suburban sprawl. Americans traded their representative civil service for McMansions with big lawns and strip malls. Government workers now are the strange creatures who still live in cities, like sexual perverts and cult members and fringe racial groups. They stay in cities because no one wants to be the only weirdo in a small subdivision. Now they’re running the place.

      The key thing here is not to make the mistake of throwing away the civil service democracy ideal and going back to oligarchy. America’s oligarchy failed to abolish slavery for centuries no matter how offensive it was to the Christian majority from a moral perspective, or to anyone who worked for an honest wage just from a strictly materialistic perspective. The original civil service reforms that replaced dysfunctional political absolutism established a golden age in America, the nation in its prime from 1880’s to 1960’s or so.

      This is why we want flying cars so bad…

  21. It may be fear that keeps them from debating but more likely it is practical thinking. They know that their Narratives are a house of cards so why have a debate? The alternative is not debate it is crushing any dissent. A new talking point is free speech has consequences. The bolzhevics proved that the tribe is willing to implement those consequences good and hard. They are starting to implement them again but haven’t gotten the oppression into high gear yet. Maybe they feel It is too early so better go softer and merely censor and harass.

    • “Maybe they feel it is too early so better go softer and merely censor and harass.”

      Also is the fact that we are well armed, which is why they want to take away our g@ns. Most murderers use pistols and shoot each other in the cities, but they want to take away AR 15’s from white people in the suburbs. That should tell you something. Sky rocketing g@n violence serves a useful purpose: we need more g@n control!

      • Yeah as much as I’m scared by the Bolshevik future of the US, realistically they can’t do anything until whites are disarmed, or totally destroyed through other means like drug addictions, obesity, and (((media programming))).

        Even if they shut down all gun manufacturers today, and banned all guns, nobody is going to turn them in. The guns are already in circulation. Porous borders mean that you c could get foreign guns and bullets whenever you want, if you know the right people.

        I know this sounds like the Boomer “from my cold dead body” posturing, but we aren’t illiterate, unarmed, impoverished Russian peasants. More and more people are waking up – don’t know if it will be enough, but the “Bolsheviks” are worried.

        The smartest thing would have been to just keep the border open, promote race mixing, and push opioids on whites. Like they already did, but this course would have taken decades longer before whites were neutered, and some were starting to notice anyways. They can’t help themselves and will go too far, prompting a backlash.

        • They don’t need that any more. They don’t need black voters, Hispanic voters, or any other “type” of voter. They proved that last Nov. when they cheated and stole an election thereby overthrowing the government of the United States. They then solidified it by denying it happened (even in the light of videos showing it happening) then rewrote history by denying even an investigation. Then it was wrapped up with a neat little Bolshevik bow by labeling the people who wanted justice as “insurrectionists”.

          They are at the point where only those who count the votes are actually voting. The rest of us are American trash in need of being “taken out”.

        • In many ways, we are in a holding pattern until the old timer politicians start dropping like birds off a telephone wire

          They are perhaps the ones showing restraint. No doubt the younger ones want to get the shooting party started

          To a large extent, we have to sit back and wait and in the meantime prepare, which many of are in fact doing. True, it’s not easy to keep one’s focus when they throw so much misdirection and noise at us via the internet and media. But it’s not impossible to turn all that stuff off. Better than that, as you have said before, to detach emotionally from the system. That has to be killing them. I expect Biden’s vaguely veiled threat is mainly a way to get attention because they know half the people have tuned it all out. That has to be worrying them. Whatever we are doing, it’s working.

          America is a corporation selling a product. Like any other. Boycott it. Ignore it. Live your life like it doesn’t even exist.

          • Exactly. Very well put. We are tuning out and focusing on the important things. I get the sense that we are freaking them out too, and them ramping up the woke to 11 is the only response they have. Stay the course.

            In a way Pelosi, Biden, Schumer, etc. are similar to Tsarist Russia. There was an old, stupid, lazy, and excessive ruling class that was unable to react effectively to the threats from the Bolsehviks and other revolutionaries.

          • I agree, nothing kills these people more than utter indifference. They thrive on loser conservatives pointing out their myriad hypocrisies while they got from triumph to triumph.

        • Great point, B. Why push so hard and fast now. The small hats and their leftist friends play the long game. But they’ve grown impatient.
          Of the many errors they are making, their internal push toward acceleration is my favorite.
          Hope springs eternal.

          Come on boys, push harder. You won’t like it when the bear wakes up.

          • My guess is because there are people like Hillary who truly believe they were destined to see their America Utopia in their own lifetimes.

            The urgency also brings to mind they have this notion the world is going to explode so they are all clamoring to rise up in the political system so they can be assured that they and theirs get a coveted seat on Jeff Bezos’ escape pod. That movie maybe 15 years go about a modern day Noah’s Ark to escape the flood must have struck a chord with them.

          • @Falcone I agree. Loyal globohomo sycophants like General Milley are going to discover that the promised guest bedroom at Jeff Bezos’ New Zealand bolthole was a lie. He will be stuck here with the rest of us. Too bad, so sad.

        • They face the same problem every long term project has: the people doing the work want to get the benefits themselves, not see their successors 30 years from now get the benefits. All the boomer cloud people know what an actuarial table is, and realize they need to immanetize the heck out of their eschaton if they are to get even a glimpse of the Promised Land.

      • Excuse me, JohnWayne, but why the euphemism “g@ns” in place of the perfectly acceptable and useful word “guns”? Not faulting you; merely curious.

        • Big Bro is watching. Call me paranoid but i think that they have algorithms to search for key words. G@ns, J@ws, Tr@mp.

          • JW—OK, big brother is watching, or more likely big tech. Do you think with computing power and AI that g@ns and J@ws is not immediately understood as flagged?

          • Compsci

            How much my little precaution helps? I don’t know, a extra little head ache for the programers to work out i suppose. Isn’t it part of the reason we have developed our own little mini acronym filled language here? A neophyte to this place, a AWR or a normie, could quickly become confused. At least they will have to work a little harder in deciding which re-education center to send me to.

      • Amazing to me that people on our side still think that guns are the magical answer after the Covidcalypse. How much did guns help people in keeping their businesses, keeping their jobs, operating restaurants, or going to parks?

        An armed nation of sheep is still a nation of sheep. There is no way that the Founding Fathers would have accepted from the Brits what Americans did during the height of the Covid hoax. But the FF understood that guns weren’t magical. They are simply a tool.

        • “Knock knock”.

          “Who’s there”?

          “Couple guys, we just want your stuff, whitty. By the way, which room is your daughter’s?

          Be good time to have a “tool” around, no?

  22. The system may be on the verge of psychological collapse, but we’re nowhere near kinetic or thermodynamic collapse.

    With a male labor force participation rate of only 67%, everybody is well-fed and has enough electricity and weed to get through a typical day. When you consider the distractions of modern HR departments, diversity and inclusion etc., it could be argued that today’s American White man is the most productive human in history. He carries on his back roughly 20% of the population that cannot perform any useful work, 33% (of working age) outside the labor force, the remaining moms and of course all the children and retirees.

    One can only dream of the Paradise we’d have here if HR departments shut down and the 20% were repatriated. The circus that is modern politics is a distraction from this essential truth and exists to distract White Men from recognizing it.

    • People will stop being distracted, and notice really hard, when a sharp crack hits the foundation and the house shakes. It’s hard to see this economy and fiscal system as anything but a house of cards, and a financial crisis that doesn’t get solved so easily will be dividing line between now and the next thing. What will the next thing be? Nobody knows nothing, but some serious “group antagonisms” means the civnat democratic republic nonsense goes by the boards.

      • Food. Control is all about calories…that will be the crack in the foundation that cannot be unnoticed.

  23. OT: The mayor of Surfside on the condo building collapse there this morning.

    “This doesn’t happen in first world countries, buildings just don’t fall down like this,” he says. “This is inexplicable. We just don’t have any answers right now, but we will get them.”

    No word on if this has caused him to consider the possibility he no longer lives in a first world country. I am very curious to see what they come up with for a cause on this one.

    • That building was built in 81. Things really started going south in the 80s. At least in residential neighborhoods. Houses built in the 60s and 70s are still solid in the ones in the 80s are cracking. You can just stand on the front porch and look at where they’re falling apart.

      • That building was probably a Columbian cocaine money laundering job slapped up in a couple months.

        Nice work if you can get it.

      • So true

        I won’t buy a house built from1980 forward

        For purely aesthetic reasons, I won’t buy one built after 1950

    • The USA *is* a third world country. Among under 19’s (the future) it is less white than Brazil. Among the working age population it’s basically Brazil.

      It just so happens that Anglo-Saxons and Anglo-assimilated European groups are remarkably productive and are masking up the problems. Even 7% white South Africa is still the wealthiest nation in the Sub-Sahara.

      But, is South Africa or Brazil a leader in anything? Are the particularly pleasant? Are they a threat to China? Smart fraction Anglos can only cover it up for so long.

      • The concept of a smart fraction is that population percentage necessary to keep the shitshow running. When the buildings begin to collapse, the theory would hold that the needed numbers *have dropped below* the critical/smart fraction. No one exactly knows what those numbers are, but one might judge how close we are to the limit by rise of these events.

        Since SA was used a an example of a small percentage of Whites keeping the shitshow running over there, I would note that they might have reached that limit already. Their national power company has only 60% functional equipment (90% online was the norm before end of Apartheid) and rolling brownouts. Cape Town is now a shithole of diversity with no water. And so on.

        What confounds the smart fraction theory as applied to SA is that the current government restricts employment of Whites in many areas, so the resulting effect of increased general population stupidity is artificially accelerated as so many Whites are prevented from shoring up the country’s infrastructure.

      • According to news reports, the roof was being “redone.” We don’t know exactly what they mean by that, and no one was working on it when the collapse happened at 1:30 AM. The video from a neighboring property shows the middle section coming down first and then the remaining outer section collapsing afterwards. I don’t know what specific construction mistake on a roof replacement could cause that, but incompetent construction work seems like the most likely cause.

        • Haha. Must have been quite the mistake.

          A mistake on the rooftop construction work causing a building to implode sounds alot like Georgia poll workers going home because they are tired and need to sleep.

          Media will report on this as fact and not ask any questions.

          • Roofing materials can be heavy—too heavy to pile up in one spot on the roof. As we saw with the collapse of the World Trade Towers, one floor can let go and destabilize the next and so forth.

            Imagine a shit pile of roofing material crashing through several floors and causing the floors around the “hole” to fall inward. But I have no information on this.

            I have however, seen dozens of video’s illustrating this phenomena. Last one I saw was a ship filling with some type of ore. For some reason, the dock workers were intent on filling the center compartment full—leaving the fore and aft compartments empty or partially empty.

            Well, what do you think happened? The damn freighter/barge broke in half right at the dock and sank. 😉

      • Yep, a double whammy! We are, through genetic decline, getting stupider and on top of it, bringing in a dummer population to more quickly dilute what remains of the smart fraction.

    • Barnard: I, too, am intensely curious. Who designed it? Who built it? Who last inspected it, and when? And, from a glimpse at the story on the Daily Mail, it appears most of the residents were resident aliens, primarily from South America. Who gave them visas? Who owns the building?

  24. The Grand Old Politburo (Chamber of Commerce) are the jobbers.
    They aren’t in it to win anything but are happy with the pay and benefits.
    The neo-Bolsheviks are the true believers free of religion lock, except for the state, and they are on a Blues Brothers mission to build the utopia for comrade Karl.
    Fundamental Transformations, burning it all down, purges, reigns of terror, are all on the menu. Sadly, utopia is not available.
    Chairs, bats, chains, kitchen sinks, knives, edu, indoctrination, media brain erasing, everything will be used in battle while the COC (GOP) prattles on about muh free markets and teh democracy like good little please clap now seals.

  25. Z, sir you are correct about who and what rules us.

    You may be incorrect that they fear to debate outsiders, they may see no need. The smash of Jan 6 protesters is simply showing who is Boss, not who they fear. They have no reason to fear and no need of debate.

    For the most part we can say as we like, they do as they like. << It is bizarre to think otherwise, there’s no evidence of any other conclusion.

  26. This week became a total crapfest
    Thank gosh that’s over with
    So I tune in to the Zman


    • I haven’t watched /listened to Shapiro in maybe five years

      My lasting impression of him was, despite his faults, he was at least a bright guy

      Now that I watch that interview clip of him again on the BBC, he comes off as a fast talking dumbass

      So I’m left to conclude that five years ago it was the rapid response machine gun style, the whiny voice — his schtick — distracted one from his mediocrity

      Saw the same with Milo the other day where he was talking about his religious conversion. I remember him at least being vaguely interesting and controversial. Both he and Shapiro rode to fame via the college talking circuits. Listening to them now, after they have been sitting in the shelf for a few years, you see they aren’t able to elevate their game above giving it the good ole college try. Neither are pro team material. They’re just not that good.

      • I did a full one hour show on him last year. I read his books, listened to his shows and read a bunch of his columns. My impression is that he is the product of the exam system. He has memorized an amazing array of facts, but his ability to apply them to anything or derive new insights from them is negligible. If he was taught something wrong, he remembers it that way.

        • I know this is a minority view on here, but I confess to having a warm spot for Shapiro due to his effective abortion debates. As seen in the BBC interview, he does not accept a leftist framing of the terms of debate, and is relentless in defending human life. I will grant that everything else about him is bad, from gatekeeping to his views on Israel and race realism. But as a pro-lifer, I appreciate that one thing.

          • No doubt Shapiro looked awful in the interview. You never lose your temper and walk out. It makes you look like an angry coward. Airtime is precious, and the interview will end soon enough. Just keep cool and repeat your points. The BBC guy did this in spades, and Shapiro took the bait.

            But if you look under that veneer, you can see the interviewer was playing a variation of the old Jon Steward schtick (“I am a serious social commenter, but if you challenge me, I’m just a comedian and you’re angry”). Here the schtick was, “I’m inserting very aggressive opinions in my questions, but if you challenge them, I’m just a neutral journalist and you’re angry and won’t answer.”

          • The BBC fellow was a tactical master, advancing his pawns and frustrating Shapiro, who soon found himself in check, soon to be checkmate, yet before it could happen tossed the table over and retreated home to his collection of sequined beanies

          • If you want to see the single best ever in the history of time “interview” thrashing of opponents, in terms of breadth of knowledge and mastery of language watch George Galloway’s appearance in the US senate from 2005.
            An astonishing performance from the nasty little socialist shit.


  27. Scrolling through the YouTube comments in the video of Andrew Neill (now of GB News, apparently) interviewing the broad-shouldered, hulking Shapiro; this:

    “The american right includes the democratic party. And the american left doesn’t exist”

    I have experienced this attitude from leftists before, when I had occasion some years back – whilst working at Borders – to be surrounded by them. Many simply didn’t even believe the BBC was left wing. CNN, they said, was right wing. As was NBC. I cannot think of lefter leaning institutions than all the ones I have just named, but matey boy in the comments and many I’ve known would disagree also. Could it be that there are hoards of hard-line leftists who actually mirror our own feelings of decline and distrust in the institutions of the West?

    Interestingly, I suppose his statement does back your one up, Z, in that he too believes in a UniParty… just a right wing one. My goodness it’s all so confusing.

    • I noticed that comment as well, and it’s a sentiment I’ve seen plenty of times in places like r*ddit. My take is different than yours; I think such people are simply extremists. They are extremely removed from reality.

      A good test would be to see what they think about the Coof. If they accept it then you know they’re not really suspicious of corporate power and today’s version of fascism but they’re in fact just really far out partisans.

      I believe the “there’s no left wing” canard is just another linguistic trick to frame debate and control minds with language trickery. So typical leftist wickedness.

    • When leftists say CNN is “right wing” what they used to mean was that it was corporate. Anything corporate could never be a challenge to the system, which is what the left was all about.

      We’ve come far from that old idea

      • That’s it exactly. They were assigned “Manufacturing Consent” back in college, in which Chomsky argues — and I am100% serious — that since Media conglomerates are businesses and businesses are by definition right wing, therefore the Media are right wing.

        Yes, they really think this. College averages $20k a year now, by the way. Worth every penny.

        • $20K a year? Why, it sounds like that school is just another “business”, hence college is right wing, too. I look forward to the shuttering of these schools when the renminbi drops for our budding Maoists.

          • Yep. Although somehow, someway, the entities that cut Lefties’ paychecks aren’t evil right wing corporations, because reasons. And yeah, given that pretty much every college in “America” now relies on Chinese kids paying full freight, a sustained drop in the yuan means game over.

            [I have long suspected, btw, this is the real reason eggheads hate sportsball. It’s not any of that happy crappy about “detracting from the fundamental purpose of a university.” Nor is it even all the toxic masculinity. It’s that football is clearly a business — a big, BIG business — but it gets to exploit the same “nonprofit” status the rest of the college does… which puts the lie to their whole thing, in the starkest possible terms].

      • Wait till they get a job working for Globocorp. and get a face full of right wing, corporate anti-white diversity training. They won’t know whether to shit or go blind.

        • As our esteemed host often puts it (more or less): In the 1960s, the hippies and other radicals chanted “down with the establishment” or “stick it to the man!” Now, two generations later, those former radicals are at retirement age and their children are working in government and corporations. They now are “the man.” They now are the “Establishment.”
          And the real puzzler? A lot of them still want to radicalize the system. How?

    • It’s two phenomena, sort of.

      There is a minuscule, serious, everything-is-class/property or everything-is-Empire, typically Marxist but sometimes anarcho-[buzzword], left. It’s maybe a thousand people, none of whom any normal person has ever heard of, with a few thousand fan/followers (total). To them, the racism and sex fetishes that dominate American politics aren’t leftism. They’re distractions from the economy, which no matter who’s nominally in charge or whose “rights” are on the table or who’s the great enemy this election cycle, remains liberal/capitalist/quasi-fascist/neo-feudalist, i.e., rightist (definitionally)—and/or, no matter which party’s in charge, the US remains “imperialist.” It’s not untrue, exactly.

      But practically speaking, there is no left, only Democrats. So that tiny real left is only a rhetorical shield (“Actual socialists say we’re capitalists; MAGATS OWN’D”) and sheepdog for the ruling party, rounding up all the would-be left-dissident strays who still kinda think TV is real. “Both parties are right-wing, sure, but this one doesn’t want to kill the gay babies. I VOTED”

  28. There is something about cooking your own meals that keeps a person sane.

    All these pols have personal chefs or chefs that serve them in groups or eat out all the time

    Probably the only time they are exposed directly to the dirt people is if they fly commercial, but that is increasingly uncommon

    Gavin newsome walked through Oakland the other day and a homeless man threw a water bottle at him, and the homeless guy was tackled immediately. Black guy too. We don’t have protection like that insulating us from anyone, and if we tackled a black guy we’d be in jail.

    Could go on and on.

    But at end of the day, I expect all of these people to go insane at some point because their lives are based on unreality

    • While their lives are based on unreality, they are also insulated from the consequences of such existence. Much like the Truman Show, with simply no desire to ever leave the set.

    • Civilization is a bubble, an artificial reality, an idea. They’ve lost touch with reality.

      I’d bet those people alternately think good thoughts while taking a dump or have some weird scat fetish.

      Something about the body, its needs and functions, aging, dying. Probably hence the dream of merging with tech and living forever, etc.

      • I used to work in a skyscraper, and that alone was unsettling. So I can’t imagine living in one. Never on the ground, has to have some effect on ones thinking and perceptions after a while. And when I lived in a hotel for a while, perhaps a 3-star hotel, with a doorman and the guy at the desk handing me my mail, just something about it that felt inorganic, fake.

        But such is the lifestyle for so many of our elites. Add in the luxury, being pampered, never having to even iron a shirt, and they lose touch.

        But more important is that they prefer that lifestyle, seek it out, crave it, whereas I doubt many of us would. I know I wouldn’t. I’d go crazy after a few weeks of it. So here we have a people who, even before the riches set in, are different than us.

        They prefer being taken care of. Even the men, Stokes me as feminine.

        It’s funny, though, to see the common people when they get a whiff of the lifestyle at the pedicure. Or in vegas.

        • I. Asimov wrote a book called “The Naked Sun” about a murder on a planet where people were incredibly wealthy, lived on huge estates, were attended to by robots, and NEVER came into physical contact with another human being.

          The mere thought of actually being in the physical presence of another human made them both nauseous and terrified.

          Between the Covid lockdowns, zoom calls, instant deliver to the doorstep of everything, and social media, I’m beginning to wonder if “the Mule” wasn’t the only thing Asimov got right.

          • I made this point in here a month or so ago. The “Spacers” in Asimov’s “Robot series” that you speak of who were the descendants of the first humans to populate other planets are eerily similar to the elites of today. Robots took care of their every need just like delivery drivers and concierges do for the elites. And like the elites during covid, whenever they came anywhere near a filthy Earth-person, Asimov’s Spacers made sure they were wearing a mask, gloves, and noseplugs.

        • Living in a condo tower is hell if you are in the wrong building. New “Luxury Condos” are just third world slums with aluminum appliances. On the 23rd floor of a “Premium Luxury Condo” I lived with drug dealers, brothels, extended families living in 2 bedroom units, and the constant smell of rotting curry. Chinese and Indian people would bicker all the time in the elevators. Muslims were always looking angry. The gay black concierge looked more likely to facilitate a crime than to prevent it.

          There was one “just be nice to everybody” boomer and everybody ignored her.

          Actual well-off people living in high rise condo units are rare. There are some buildings like that, usually their second homes. But mostly they live in single family mansions with a fence and a large property. “Condo Living” is just another psy-op they sold to the middle class strivers. And now, I guess selling to third worlders.

          • Literally sounds like hell

            One thing I always liked about Los Angeles, as far as living in a major “world” city, when you own a piece of it it usually means a house with a yard. Obviously the houses range in size, mine is a mere 1,500 SF but with the lawn and gardens around it and the small pool and birds chirping and bumble bees and the jasmine flowering now and it is an oasis. And so quiet on my street with houses like mine and every neighbor white. But there is a place called the No Ho Arts district just a few minutes away, anchored by a subway station, so if you want diversity, mainly of the angry, strutting Section 8 negro kind, you have it overflowing. Incidentally, if you want to build a new luxury apartment you have to set aside 10% or so for low-income, and if you want to increase the density and pack in as many units as possible on a postage stamp lot, you add in more low-income set aside units. Needless to say, literally 1,000s of new apartment units have been built in No Ho in the past 5-10 years — and counting. And a music / arts school took up a few floors of a mini skyscraper, and it’s all aspiring rappers and “artists” — not kidding. Reading reviews of various apartments, there are a few that serve as de facto student housing / dormitories and have become trashed and reek of pot 24/7. The subway brings in many joggers as well for a day of mischief.

            The Mexican gangs at least used to keep the blacks out, but they busted them up like 10-15 years ago. I guess to bring in more blacks was among the reasons.

            Well, at least Beverly Hills and other rich communities on the West Side will be getting their very own subway in the coming years. Help to spread out the joggers

          • Too bad, looks like a nice area.

            California is just another lost white civilization. It makes me wonder if Atlantis was actually a real place.

            California is the few remaining ties and rails of a train track, now overgrown and forgotten in the Congo jungle.

          • Most condos are really just apartment complexes except the units are individually owned by absentee landlords, rather than a single investor for the building. I’ve lived in such a place (owner) and mine wasn’t quite as bad…

            Nonetheless, seventy years of eroded property rights and freedom of association has made living in any multi-family structure a crapshoot, unless the rents or costs are really high …

        • Feminine. You put your finger on it. The garden wasn’t good enough for Eve— she wanted to be like God.

          (And Adam went along with it to keep her happy.)

          • I like Nietzsche’s take, in one of his more flippant moments: Adam was lonely. So God made him some animals (God’s first mistake). But Adam was still dissatisfied. So God made him a woman (His second mistake.) You must admit, Herr Frtiz does have a point… 🙂

    • I expect all of these people to go insane at some point because their lives are based on unreality.

      GO” insane?? Excuse me???

    • I’m sure they’re all aware of the earful Romney got when he last flew commercial. He won’t let that happen again, nor will his compatriots.

  29. According to a recent poll (saw this on conservative treehouse) 55% of Americans support the election audits, and thus most likely feel the election results were suspicious ( no s*** Sherlock). If that’s the case, then they’d also have to feel the current government is suspicious. Couple that with idiot clowns like “general” Mark Milley, gibberin Joe, camel toe harris etc., this freak show has some serious problems. This would appear to be good news, but the question becomes, what are the 55% potentially going to do about it if/when mr. reality finally decides to show up?

  30. In Biden’s speech yesterday regarding his new plans for gun control, he stated (paraphrased) “if you want to go after the U.S. government, you better have some F-15s and nukes”. Of course, for normal people this sounds insane, as it’s a direct threat to the American people and these weapons are ineffective in a guerrilla civil war.

    This is not the rhetoric of a confident system. I’m sure the young speechwriter who has never been in a fight thought it sounded tough and cool though.

    • One of the Democrats in Congress had made a similar statement last year. Something to the effect of, “if you think you need assault weapons to protect you from the government, we will nuke you.” The stupidity is really strong in the ruling class and they think they are the smartest people to ever live. Few of them would hesitate to give the order to mow down legitimate peaceful protesters.

      • The opportunity to shoot down some racist white people would be a signing bonus for many blacks and Asians. Hispanics would do it too, just following orders. Luckily, as they get more blackety black, they get more and more incompetent.

        • I suspect that if things arrive at the point where a large group of Whites is attacked and killed, especially with government troops or connivance, if a large fraction of the public believes they acted harshly, it might finally be the spark that lights a fuse. That is the kind of thing that starts real insurrections. The names Lexington and Concord come to mind.

      • Fang Fang Swallowswell (DCCP-CA) was the guy who wanted to nuke Nebraska.

        • That carbuncle on the ass of California is an unholy combination of arrogance, corruption, and stupidity. His district is a good representation of Star Wars Cantina AINO so his presence makes sense on that level. And he is what every member of congress will be like in 20 years.

    • Empty threats from an empty man.

      Nuking your own cornfields to own the uncompliant rubes. It is totally meaningless. But again, it betrays their true hatred for the White American Gentile (and really, Whites in every country). They’d love to nuke us all, if it wouldn’t hurt them.

      People are just saying “no” to whatever idiocy is coming from the supposed leaders. Whether it is masks, trannies, or gun control. They sure lifted the “mask mandates” and “lockdowns” in a hurry when enough people ignored it.

      They can screw up your world, but they can’t screw up your mind. That’s what’s most powerful. Secede mentally and focus on what’s important.

      • “ They can screw up your world, but they can’t screw up your mind.”

        This is an important point! These people have studied the mind and human behavior for more than a century and they really are quite good at it, however their techniques have some pretty stark limitations. To get at me they’d probably have to do some fairly heavy MkUltra stuff (plz no) and even then I believe my religious faith would protect me because I can always compare whatever ideas are in my head to the external morality I cling to.

        These people are evil and their claims are always wrong and they love ugliness so all one has to do is stay committed to the good and the true and the beautiful to remain free of their brainwash.

        • A good point. I think a simple way to determine whether someone had been brainwashed by the covid hysteria would be to ask them whether they wore a surgical mask in their dreams over the past year. Even though I lived in a state with a mask mandate and wore one every day for over a year, I never once wore one in my dreams.

          I would bet the ones still walking outside or driving alone with two masks on will dream about wearing them the rest of their lives, even if they decide to take them off in real life at some point.

    • On the one hand, the regime does indeed appear to be populated entirely with “fops and popinjays” . On the other radical leftist movements have a consistent history of mass murder. I can picture Maddis or Clark carrying out mass murder orders.

    • I have ZERO problem believing a DoD lead by General Milley would – happily – order attack aircraft and even nuclear weapons be deployed against armed insurrectionists. Nor do I have any problem believing that the officer and NCO corps would obey such orders. Pre-O’Bozo I might have questioned whether such orders would in fact be obeyed. Today? No question in my mind!

      • I think talk of nukes is just hyperbole but internment camps and deployment of army for internal ‘security’ operations is easy to imagine. The language of de-humanization is well along and the first baby steps exploring the application of physical force have already been made.

        • Yup.

          Just look at the photos of Chipman and his boys broing out among the ashes and casualties of Waco.

          That was almost 30 years ago.

    • A more coherent reply would be to note that effective organization at any meaningful level is impossible due to a massive surveillance state that would make the Stasi green with envy.

    • Ahem…Waco.

      The FBI-ATF op was named Operation Showtime. They blasted music from loudspeakers to frustrate the besieged Davidians, and one of the songs was These Boots are Made for Walking. Classy.

      Gore Vidal’s Vanity Fair column on the whole Tim McVeigh business is a fine read.

  31. Popinjays.

    I ask you, where the hell else will one see such verbal acuity on the Web.

    Anytime you make someone look up a word, you’re doing good work Z.

    • Heh. I was going to pass the same comment on the use of ‘fops’ and ‘popinjays’. It really is great reading.

    • Bartleby: I have to do my share of looking up words, but today was not one of those days. I actually already knew popinjay! Based on the recommendation of a wonderful old professor who taught my Chaucer course in college, many years ago I read a brilliant series of books by Dorothy Dunnett, beginning with “The Game of Kings.” I HIGHLY recommend reading these – for both men and women. Series sometimes sold with bodice-ripper covers, but it’s nothing of the sort. Brilliant fiction featuring a Scottish nobleman beginning with the death of England’s Henry VIII and ending with Queen Elizabeth’s ascension to the throne. Series moves throughout Western Europe, into Turkey and Russia, and back. Features lots of Latin and French quotations of the 16th century and earlier. Brilliant intermix of culture and politics of the era.

      Anyhow, first book prominently features a Scottish military gathering (the Stirling Wapenshaw) where people attempt to shoot a parrot tied high to a pole. A popinjay. And, based on those later known as dandys, a man with a gaudy sense of fashion . .. and of self.

      • Popinjay or popingo involves shooting bird shaped targets atop a 30ft mast with blunt arrows. It’s still practiced occasionally. It supposedly originated back when men had to do two things on a Sunday, go to church and practice archery. Some smart arse managed to combine the two by shooting at the weather cock on the church tower. That’s the story, no idea if it’s true but it sounds good.

  32. Was it Garet Garett who described our country’s hidden political revolution as “revolution within the form”? Seeing these belly crawling slugs in uniform with all those meaningless medals on their breast makes me sick. Yes, same uniform of a Chester Nimitz or George Patton but a whole different type of being. I can’t even refer to them as men.

  33. “We have a very strong debate that goes on inside the … halls of conservative intelligentsia”

    When Ben Shapiro said this on his interview it was quite revealing. That’s how the establishment right see themselves. They desperately want to be highly respected thought leaders wearing thick glasses and spending all day in their library collection, pretending to be smart.

    As far as defending whites, Christianity, the West, or Americans? Not a chance.

    • Shapiro’s entire schtick is overwhelming the other person with rapid fire rhetoric that doesn’t allow him to gain intellectual footing.

      O’Neill kept his cool and cut through it with surgical precision.

      • O’Neill has started some new conservative media something or other which is fantastic because it’s bringing that video back up again. I enjoy the thought of Shapiro’s squirming in embarrassment and shame. Well probably not the shame. I doubt he has shame

      • That’s why I don’t listen to Shapiro for more than a few seconds. He sounds like a chipmunk on angeldust.

    • The authoritarian roots of “Intelligentsia” should not be ignored. Yet another convergence between the fake opposition and ‘lively debate’ among the ruling class.

      Everything comes down to reinforcing their self-constructed status hierarchy by elevating it beyond the threat of reality.

      Whats hilarious is these fast-talking, fork-tongued hucksters can’t help but to drop slivers of truth. Its why their intellect must always rush out at 1.5x speed or as vegan word salads – and never involve “yes” or “no”. Their principles only exist as rationalizations against actions.

      Slippery little fellas like Shapiro are the guys who got super into student council as a way to avoid the reality that they were neither sporty or musical or handy with carburetors or prone to pinching a cig during study hall. They are hanging out at in the parking lot of gas-n-sip on a Friday night “by choice” while the girls are otherwise occupied by knuckle draggers or hawt guys.

      The two sides of the ruling coin share a deep contempt
      and fear of the proles. Most of what they do can be traced back to their fear of slipping back into the general population where they will be shanked by the truth inside a week.

      • Actually, you’re right. If one were to ask the right questions to Shapiro, he could easily give ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers if he had his ‘truth’ yarmulke on:

        Interviewer:Are blacks capable of maintaining white civilization?

        Interviewer:Can you understand why gentile whites are so dubious of Jews and the West’s link to Israel?

        Interviewer:Are you aware of how intensely anti-white all MSM organisations are?

        Interviewer:You’re really just a big, old gatekeeper are you not?

        Interviewer:Your people, first and foremost are Jews, are they not?

        Now, just need to find that magic yarmulke…

        • Frog, my conservative brother called me yesterday evening, all hopped up after listening to Shapiro, to challenge me with Ben’s latest talking points. Ben was touting research that says that black children with a father do better than white children without a father, and therefore, culture is more important than race.

          I told him that I doubted the research and would need to see it but that crime statistics show that rich blacks commit more crime than poor whites, so poverty is not an excuse for black crime. He was crestfallen.

          I can’t overemphasize how attractive Ben’s viewpoint is to conservatives.

          • Yes, I suppose it is an attractive viewpoint, as it does help people avoid the old ‘blacks just are not that bright’ issue.

            To be fair, my response to Shapiro’s waffle would have “Well that’s nice, but blacks aren’t my people, so…”. It just seems so overwhelmingly obvious that these folk cannot, in large numbers, maintain or create anything.

            That said, in my olden days, when I used to care about ‘debate’ (what is that?), I may have asked why such an unfair comparison? What about comparing black to white as evenly as possible? Well, we know why that won’t happen. Whenever I think of great scientists and inventors and such, and I read about them or their works, I always think ‘I have never seen a black one.’

            My neighbour was telling me about his racial awakening the other day. In 80s London, and travelling on a bus, he watched as a group of blacks seated at the back suddenly moved toward the windows… getting more agitated. The target of their ire was a bunch of Jews assembling outside a synagogue: “We’re gonna come down there an fuck you, boy!” was the cry. And they ran downstairs to continue their verbal assault – although did not disembark the bus.

            Of course, in 80s England I suspect one could have seen the same behaviour from a group of skinheads… but the effect on the white mind may not be the same!

          • > Ben was touting research that says that black children with a father do better than white children without a father,

            All five of them?

          • You mean the top 15% of Africans in america are comparable to the bottom 35% of Europeans in America? Gee, are the bottom 1/2 of blacks comparable to any white group?

          • That should be easily verifiable. Let’s follow that black kid who has a father through his schooling and career.

  34. Always brings to mind what the old Los Angeles radio personality used to say, George Putnam

    Democrats want socialism yesterday, republicans want it in two weeks

    • Socialism is what the US is all about. Numero uno is the public education system, can’t get anymore socialist than that failing monstrosity.

      One of the biggest criticisms of socialism is central planning, socialist planners can’t possibly have enough information to set prices or determine future demands. It turns out that central planning is one of the most prevalent features of US government. Policies are projected years into the unforseeable future to address problems that may not even continue to exist, if they ever did. But solving these problems, not now but in the future, is the lifeblood of the parasitic drones that occupy elective office and the nomenclatura. When these programs fail, as they usually do, they’re not abandoned but simply given bigger budgets.

      Neither of the so-called opposing parties is willing to abandon the charade because there are too many vested interests dependent upon it. Next on the list will be federal financing of political campaigns. Each vote cast in the Clinton/Trump death struggle cost $13.

      • nailheadtom: Excellent observation. Central planning is definitely part of the fedgovs’ modus operandi. And mustn’t forget those ‘vested interests.’ Perfectly personified by the stout old boomers of Tea Party infamy, with a sign in one hand declaring “Hands off MY Social Security” and in the other, one deploring welfare to black baby mammas. Cognitive dissonance? What’s that? We’re patriots, damn it!

      • Commenters agree that socialism is bad yet Z just posted on Gab his approval of Copenhagen as the city in the world with the best quality of life.

        It’s not the economics, it’s race that primarily determines outcomes. White people can do socialism just fine. I’m not advocating for socialism, I’m saying you are wrong to make socialism your fundamental foe.

        • So the writings of Solzhenytzen can be completely disregarded. Also Arthur Koestler, Lezik Kolakowski and Jean-Francois Revel.

          • So how do you explain Z’s endorsement of socialist Copenhagen?

            I see a few salient differences between socialist Denmark and mid 20th century communist Russia, but I’m curious to hear your reply.

        • Denmark has a strong welfare state but it’s not socialist. The government doesn’t own Maersk for example. But is a good place for the reason you stated.

          • Scandinavian countries are described as “socialist” by the ingoratti in the US who think they’re some kind of workers paradise.

            They do have strong welfare states, but so does the USA. Theirs are much more efficient than ours though, where millions of middle men take a piece of the action.

            They, like the USA, are very solidly capitalist.

  35. I was going to post this yesterday since Z mentioned the American Mind – but i forgot to. I’ll post it now:

    I’m of the view that if the “neo-traditional” life that the author mentions starts becoming unattainable – that’s when a real crisis will occur.

    • I was feeling my oats on Sunday and opined that the U.S. slide into the crapper began when women were granted the vote. Predictably, I drew raspberries from both my wife and (grown) daughter. Please note: I arrived at that opinion long before I discovered the Zman.

      • To every woman I speak with on the subject, I make clear that I would give up my vote for 19A to be repealed.

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