The Gatekeeper Is Broken

A popular concept in right wing politics is the gatekeeper or sometimes called the controlled opposition. This is the person or group that appears to be in opposition to the Left, but is an insulation layer between the Left and genuine critics. The function of the gatekeeper is to prevent people from abandoning the political morality of the Left, while at the same time making sure to lose every fight with the Left. They channel opposition into positions that can never succeed.

Ben Shapiro is the most obvious example. His primary role is to funnel all opposition into a dead end. His answer to the tech monopolies, for example, is to tell people to build their own new internet. After all, only a communist would demand the government prevent private actors from trampling your rights. Of course, he always tone policing the language of the people he claims to represent. The point is also to cleanse the language of rhetoric that could be effective against the Left.

What gets little discussion is just how this happens. There is an assumption that the people playing the role of gatekeeper know what they are doing. This is that bourgeois objectivism that is the bane of right-wing politics. It is the assumption that all political actors are motivated by self-interest. They are keenly aware of those interests and their actions reflect it. Therefore, people on the Right assume the gatekeepers are acting with purpose and are probably in league with the Left.

A good example of this is the CRT business. Parents around the country suddenly learned that the schools are teaching their kids that white people are born evil and their only way to salvation is to hate their ancestors. The gatekeepers immediately leapt into action to lecture them that saying CRT is antiwhite is wrong. Suddenly, the purpose of conservatism is to prevent anyone from noticing that the cultural revolution is explicitly and overtly antiwhite. It almost seems coordinated.

There is a familiar pattern to how the system has responded to opposition to the antiwhite pogroms launched by the party. The defunct social media platform Parler was not about creating an alternative to Twitter, so much as creating a regime-acceptable alternative to the genuinely open platform Gab. When that failed, the usual suspects were ready with another version called Retalk. Many of the people promoting this effort were anti-Trump cranks now trying to lure his audience.

An underappreciated aspect of the gatekeeper production system is just how quickly it spits out hollow clones of legitimate opposition. Once Nick Fuentes started getting national attention, the clone machine started making copies. Here is a fake America First clone produced soon after the election. Fuentes has been promoting the term “America First” for a while. He sells branded products and his supporters wave big flags at rallies with that slogan, so the system just cloned it.

The system also appears to be trying to clone Fuentes himself and his imitators among the young generation. Here is a group called American Moment, formed by four young gay men to be an acceptable version of the groypers. The system men were out flogging it as if it were coordinated. Here is National Review promoting it. Here is American Mind, promoting itself by promoting the fake groypers. As if by magic a group of nobodies was suddenly a topic of conversation.

In the effort to co-opt Fuentes and his youth movement, we see a pattern emerge in how gatekeepers are created. First, we get the fake version of the genuine alternative mentioned in conservative media. Then what quickly follows is a halfhearted negation of the fake version of the alternative. This pseudo-dialectic is supposed to draw in those unhappy with the system. They have to pick a side in this fake debate. The point is to exclude the genuine opposition from the process.

The sandwich technique is a staple of liberal democratic politics. Since few arguments in favor of the status quo can withstand scrutiny, they create a set of false choices to contain all discussion. In economics the choice is “free enterprise” versus “communism” with regards to corporate corruption of society. In other issues, like the race debate, one choice is an absurdly immoral position and defeatism. You either buckle under or you are a Nazi, and you deserve the assault from the Left.

Of course, the main project of so-called conservatives is to figure out a way to create a fake Trump in order to sideline the populist and nationalist opposition to the corporatist uniparty monopoly. Trump did not get anything done in office, but the system still fears him, because of the bad thoughts he arouses in the people. Trump running in 2024 would both reveal the ridiculousness of conservatism (again) and generate the sorts of conversations that the regime considers dangerous.

The first version of fake Trump is J.D. Vance. He is a more successful version of the character Keven Williams has played at National Review. That is, a guy from flyover country who abandoned the people and culture that produced him in order to confirm the biases of the managerial elite. He provides them with authenticity, by displaying a sympathy for and a knowledge of the Dirt People, the great dispossessed, but he confirms the Cloud People patronizing view of them.

You will notice that the system defends itself with rhetoric. Democracy is all about winning arguments, not establishing, or accepting truth. It is why democracy produces so many sophists. It is also why Twitter is so popular with regime lackeys. People with the natural instinct to defend their masters and a gift for doing so in a few sentences can become heroes on the platform. A system built on clever rhetoric and logical fallacies is naturally good at defending itself with the same tools.

This natural defense does have its limits. A decade ago, the Tea Party movement was easily coopted by corporate flunkies. This time it is struggling to do the same thing with the populism Trump rode to office and the growing dissident movement. The fake groypers, for example, cannot draw flies. Their YouTube shows should have crickets as the background noise. This is despite the hype and protection. Fuentes and his merry band draw tens of thousands to obscure platforms.

It could very well be that this natural defense mechanism only works if the system itself is viewed as fundamentally legitimate. Once people begin to think the system is rigged or inherently corrupt, the defense mechanisms not only fail, but they also become proof of the corruption. National Review outsourced their management to Bangalore recently because the site no longer has an audience. In other words, the failure of gatekeeping is a sign of systemic failure.

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207 thoughts on “The Gatekeeper Is Broken

  1. The axios article Z linked to on Lowry is the best example of the media positioning controlled opposition as edgy rebels since the NYT article on members of the Dark Web who were comprised of Peterson and a bunch of members of the tribe including Shapiro.

    “The transition comes amid a growth period for the 65-year-old magazine and now-digital media outlet.”


    I know some normie conservatives and libertarians who used to like people such as Shapiro or were very excited about Parler. They were real vote harder types. All are disillusioned after the election theft and parler being killed off. The Millennial libertarian I know took his role seriously of making sure the government never stopped the left from controlling us. He loved how Shapiro was smart and a committed conservative. He also felt we just had to build our own tech instead of complaining about Google. Welp. Shapiro condemning voters for complaining about the election fraud killed off his love of Shapiro and Parler being shoahed was a real wake up call for the idea that we can build our own. The arrest of the January 6th protesters also shocked him. He now doesn’t believe in voting at the national level and thinks that the USA is doomed.

    I suspect the events of November through January have killed off much of the ability of the gatekeepers to con the normies. Either that or they will have to get a lot slicker and come closer to walking that line between the Dark Web and real dissidents

  2. I got a email from gab today. January 6th unveiled or something like that. Nick was doing his thing. I thought to myself he’s reminding me of Alex Jones light. After reading the post regarding American first clone. Are we seeing a clone of a clone of a clone ? Ad infinitum. The guy after nick was going at it pretty good too. As soon as he started to push the survival crap,I moved on.

  3. did anybody notice the fake america first site “started with 40 employees and a budget of $ 20million” according to the linked article ? somebody had to fund this really big .
    I am not convinced yet that deSantis is anything other that pied piper to bring the trumpsters back into the GOP . otherwise they will desert and the rigged game is busted. clearly the establishment has to do this with somebody. Cruz doesn’t have a state to do anything in. no real power . so my guess is that Desantis got the job.

  4. Great post Z-Man. I think the collapse of legitimacy has to do with both cultural rot everywhere for White men, and the declining living standards which are about to drop into the bottom with massive crime unchecked and massive inflation reducing the population to nothing, perhaps even starvation. With gas unaffordable also.
    Bill Clinton, as bad as he was, understood that his legitimacy was based on average people at least not having worse lives, and this was at a time when the cultural life was not 100% anti-White. Every movie, TV show, video game, book, you name it, is anti-White. White people particularly straight White men are told they are evil, their parents and grandparents were/are evil, and that everything about their heritage and background is evil. The cultural people seem to think they can make Whites particularly White men love them. You see this with the trashing of beloved franchises like Star Wars, Raiders, and Star Trek. That alone has likely brought more to our side than anything else. Trump got kick-started by Gamergate. White dudes, this just in, don’t like being told they are evil trash. And that’s all the establishment can do now.

    • Whiskey, in your opinion, how will this affect the dating market for upcoming generations of white men? I know you say women dig black men because they’re always keeping it real, they are violent, etc.

      My thought is that the media portrayal of whites as evil could actually help white guys with the “bad boy” image. Women will always say that a mass murderer is “so evil [insert white woman tears]” but Ted Bundy never had a problem getting laid. Neither, I imagine, does Cliven Bundy or any of those Y’all Quaeda guys. The portrayal of white men as evil savages is actually what they desire, but cannot get.

      A 6″2, muscular biker with a swastika tattoo will still get girls wet, even if they won’t admit it. I personally got more attention from women as I became more racist, misogynistic, angry, and redpilled, even though women are “so outraged” if I even reveal a small bit of my power level. To be fair I was decent looking to start with.

      I’m worried that white guys themselves are the ones listening to the propaganda and being betas, or just giving up and playing video games. Two 30-something neckbeard soys at work today were excited over video games. Instantly turns her dryer than he Sahara. White guys need to live up to what they say we are. It’s what women (and even non-whites) are crying out for, deep down.

      • The modern dating scene is a disaster for 90% of men. Unless you’re a triple six Chad – Six feet tall, six figure income, six pack abs. Don’t bother you don’t exist to females. Heck I’ve had females come right out and say it to me at work.(these girls were solid 9’s with a athletic bod) who routinely hit upon by AF test pilots.,

        This is not the 1980’s when a average guy could date and have a chance at success. Traditional dating is dead and replaced by social media that has turned dating into a nightmare.

        Go check out the following sites
        Taylor the fiend

        They will give you a good overview of what has happened to dating and what social media and the courts have done to women and marriage.

        And most white women with anything on the ball will not touch a nigga. The only ones who do are white trash who have something really wrong with them mentally.

      • Dude, even Jordan Peterson noticed it. In the context of talking about how women’s pornography preferences run to pirates, surgeons, billionaires, and billionaire-pirate-surgeons, he observed that there was some sort of fitness test going on with all the women “welcoming” foreign refugees. Like he was talking straight out of old Roosh or something.

        This is one reason the propaganda is designed to evoke weakness from whites. It’s also one reason why self defense is against the law for whites. The fight we are in is primitive and tribal and is likely to be every bit as nasty as that sounds.

  5. Kudos Zman,

    This is a seriously good post. The co-option of the Right has been a continual problem. The question is, why has the right been so susceptible to this?

    Meditating on this question opens up a whole lot of other ones.

    It’s not the political system that is the problem, but the underlying ideas and assumptions which underpin it. The problem is ultimately a problem of values, and their relationship to reality.

    The reason why ersatz version of the real thing are readily accepted by the “right” is because there are no ideological boundaries of what it means to be “Right”.

    Seriously, a good post.

  6. Hell–I still have (and wear) the America First pin I purchased from Pat Buchanan’s campaign–the one where he scared the bejabbers out of GHWBush.

  7. Credit and kudos to Osteii for AWR, anti-white racism, his long slog is beginning to pay off.

  8. In anther case of gatekeeping, the right is cheering this recent Supreme Court decision:

    Because “muh free speech.” While giving no thought to the harm this will do to civil society. An entitled 14-year-old girl (((Brandi Levy)))* doesn’t make the varsity cheer squad and posts on social media “F–k school f–k softball f–k cheer f–k everything.”

    The cheerleading coach kicks her off the squad. The Supreme Court rules that this is a violation of her rights.

    I was unaware of the moment when being on the cheerleading squad became a fundamental human right. How can you have any civil society when kids are patted on the head for behaving this way? If it had been my daughter I would have told her, “Well, what did you expect? I would have kicked you off, too. Maybe if you apologize nicely enough, and prove you mean it, you can get back on.”

    But waging lawfare against the school because you don’t get what you want? What good lesson does that teach?

    Conservatives at Instapundit are all in for the right of foul-mouthed kids to disrespect the voluntary groups they join without consequence. I can only assume that this is because that is what they have been taught to say.

    And now there’s this:

    How dumb do you have to be to not realize that if you’re on the same side as the ACLU in the modern US, you’re on the wrong side. It’s a wholly-owned propaganda and activist group for the left.

    *Only a Jewish parent would take this all the way to the Supreme Court. This was an organized effort to undermine societal standards.

    • That’s how Jews roll and why any society would do well to keep them out of it at all costs. They are pure poison.

    • To correct myself, apparently the father of Brandi Levy says the family is not Jewish, maybe “Pennsylvania Dutch” — he says he doesn’t know. Take that for what it’s worth. The ADL and other Jewish organizations filed briefs on her behalf in the case, and at least one Rabbi penned an Op-Ed in her support.

  9. Maybe I missed something but that NR piece linked in the post doesn’t have Rufo denying that CRT is antiwhite. He explicitly says that it claims “all white people are racist” and includes calls to “abolish the white race.” That sounds antiwhite to me.

    • He was on Tucker and the talk was about “racism”. I think thats the main thrust of the argument. It just happens that this racism is antiWhite, but racims is still bad, for these people

      • I’ve been searching for succinct rejoinders to, “CRT isn’t anti-white, it’s just racist.”

        So far, my best is, “No, CRT is ant-white because only white people are attacked by CRT and non-whites do not come to the defense of the whites who are attacked, with the few exceptions like Michelle Malkin.”

        Any better ideas?

        • I can only chuckle. People are acting like CRT is something new under the sun. Fact is, AWR propaganda has suffused America’s miseducation system for decades. But only know, far too late to do any good, the so-called “right” has discovered CRT and, haltingly, AWR. With lobotomized ostriches such as these calling the shots on the “right,” is it any shock that America is stone-cold dead and that white people are under the shadow of a looming gulag?

          • Logically, if you know that AWR is accepted, even promoted, and that they are coming for you, then, you would be a fool NOT to be a ABR.

            Unless you’re a Zuck@berg, Bloomb@rg, G@oldberg, or a ****berg and you know they will come for you last.

          • Nope.

            CRT is a fresh face and it’s coming from the top. Prior to it, the hatred of whites in public schools often boiled down to some feminazi teachers or principal that had it in for white kids. Nothing really organized.

            Generally what was occurring was a perpetual dumbing down of the curriculum in order to make it easier for the Orcs to pass. Ending tracking and replacing it mainstreaming, OBE, etc.

            The teachers had to maintain discipline so they kept the blacks in line because the alternative is what you see at all black schools.

            That changed under Obama.

    • But it does not sound antiwhite to him. He says it is racist, thus reinforcing the left-wing slur against whites (racism) while denying the policy is anti-white.

  10. “Trump did not get anything done in office, but the system still fears him, because of the bad thoughts he arouses in the people.”

    As ineffective as he proved to be while in office, I will forever be grateful to Trump for opening the door to those conversations about immigration/demographics which led me and my family to this side of the great divide. Z is right, he inadvertently shattered and exposed the broken system.

    Need an anecdotal white pill today? My Buckley/Limbaugh fan boomer mom referred to Bongino as “a little too greasy” for her taste. Major strides!

  11. Very disappointed to see Joe Kent interviewing with American Moment. I get that he has to play the politics game, but really, I expected better.

  12. anti-white

    I’m shocked at how effective it is, but it really is. I’m dating an african girl (and I’m jewish, I’m right at home here lol), and her sister is one of these anti-white lunatics (you know, an ‘activist’). I told my girl “why does your sister hate white people?” and the mental gymnastics these people are forced to do…it’s incredibly effective in a way I would have not thought. These people shrug off all accusations of hypocrisy, but “you just hate white people” is one circle they can’t seem to square.

    Any convo with lefty, instead of debating any of the ‘ideas’, just go “eh, sounds like you just hate white people”. I almost always say it in a light, friendly tone, like you would when dismissing a bad idea from 6 year old or something. That’s the rhetoric to use, imo.

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  14. What also strikes me is how inimical modern democracy is to art. Right now, the usual suspects are churning out sonic brain rot on a daily basis and paying reviewers to hail the “artists” (who, for the sake of public image, are NOT the producers) as geniuses. Women soon follow, and then the men follow as well.

    Good conservative art can hardly be amplified above a hallway fart. *We* may know where to find it, but the normals? The kids?

    • One of today’s cultural ticks that really irritates me is this constant and promiscuous use of the term “artist.” It seems everybody is a bloody artist these days. Were I a genuine artist, I’d be grievously vexed. But this is what happens when all standards of accomplishment are evacuated in pursuit of fatuous egalitarian leveling.

      • It all started with ‘participation’ trophies. Then they proceeded to make believe that a ‘journalism degree’ from Columbia and the Google search engine with a functioning keyboard made someone a journalist. Artist? pfffff…why not? Get your checkbook and get an original from Hunter Biden.

  15. Speaking of throwing away Ashkenazi genetics, I’ve noticed an odd phenomenon at my hyper-pozzed job – it’s the hot Latina married to a super-obvious Jew. The place hires a lot of Latinas both for diversity points and because they actually need Spanish speakers. They also tend to follow the trend of having hyphenated names. It’s hilarious to see some J-Lo clone with a name like Escobar-Goldstein.

    Not sure what this means but this is Portland (left coast). I think the local Jews who might normally have tended to go after ordinary White goy women are put off by the fact that most of them here are incredibly disgusting. This is, after all, the land of the 300lbs pan-sexual blob with green hair and “smash the patriarchy” tattooed on the forehead. This might just reflect the fact that Hispanics are really the only non-White ethnic group present in any quantity here.

    • When I visited Portland shortly before Covid, I went to a lot of restaurants. I was depressed by all these waitresses, who otherwise were beautiful white women, all tatted up. Rings in their noses.
      And yes, there were a lot of proud fatties as well. Gross.

      Portland and Seattle remind me that white people left to their own devices do not automatically produce beautiful culture. Sad, but true. Good to know.

      • An argument can be made that the fatted and tatted harridans you describe have not been left to their own devices but have instead been unwittingly basted in a broth of cultural Marxism and anti-white indoctrination.

      • I hate tattoos, It’s the permanence of them. Like wearing a tie-dyed denim leisure suit you bought in 1976 all day every day for your entire life. Speaking of wearing the same clothes every day, TV western characters never changed shirts. Why was that? Lucas McCain and Matt Dillon for example wore the same shirt every episode. And just how many men did Lucas McCain kill anyway? Had to be hundreds.

        • Women will change their hairstyles (and colors) frequently, would never wear the same pair of shoes if they could get away with it, love changing outfits but will commit to an irrevocable tattoo that:

          Will look worse every day after applied as the ink fades and skin wrinkles, spots, and sags with age

          The oh-so-clever/cute design that seemed so perfect when 18 yrs old when they knew nothing becomes increasingly embarrassing with age as they gain experience and wisdom.

          (Tattoo’s are a blessing: Any woman all tatted up is sending a huge, blaring red signal that they have zero sense of anything beyond instant gratification. RUN!!)

      • White civilization is in very steep decline, and the increasing–and often self-inflicted–ugliness of white women is a key indicator. Civilization, however, tends to be cyclical, and although we are at a nadir probably unseen since the 10th century, civilization will rebound after we’re gone. For that rebound to occur, however, we will have to jettison postmodern lunacy and most of the non-whites–including Finkels–in our midst.

      • Essentially 100% of the women under 45 here have tats somewhere. Even otherwise respectable looking ones who aren’t dressed like hookers have them. I’m sure there must be pockets of ultra-religious people around who won’t tolerate it but I guess I haven’t found them. The local religious communities didn’t exactly do much to resist the Coof lockdowns either of course so I don’t see how they would stand up to any other aspect of the local cultural decay.

        • Pozy, it’s hard for me to put into words why I find tattoos on women so off putting. Tattoos on men are marginally more tolerable, because of the bad boy thing.

          But women with tattoos seem to be saying (to me anyway) that they hate the traditional white world and are displaying their defiance.

          Am I wrong?

          (All those beautiful white women in Portland who have disfigured themselves… Sigh. I’d like to give them all spankings!)

      • It’s only depressing if your conceptions of womanhood are wrong. It is to be expected once you start to understand them accurately.

        On of the most profound insights of the “Game” movement is that success with women is more disillusioning than failure.

      • Those are the daughters of the White CA liberals who fled the state back in the late 90’s,. Sure these were professional whites who retired from state gigs but they were white trash as their core and it is reflected in their kids. They indulged their kids and it produced freaks.

        I would bet that those kids all have college degrees as well One thing we know is that college is horribly damaging to young people. That only fools send their sons and daughters to what amounts to Marxist-PoMo brainwashing camps.

    • WRT Hispanic-White mixtures, hyphenated names allow the user immediate minority recognition. Lots of Hispanics can easily pass for White and would be overlooked as such. The hyphenated name gives immediate recognition as being “down with the cause”.

      • Even when they’re wholly Hispanic, they’ve adopted the hyphenated last name. Looking at a roster of students at my daughter’s school, and nearly all the Hispanics used a hyphenated last name. A decade ago, you didn’t see that. As an invading force, they’ve become emboldened.

        My daughter’s moving to a parochial school in the fall, gloriously white.

        • I believe that hyphenation might be a carry over or adaption from traditional Spanish naming process. Not an expert here, so someone else correct me, but you can understand the family history through marriage if one looks at traditional naming process from South American. It gets long and lengthy. Here we just shorten it to the two immediate parents/spouses.

          • Your belief is correct. The Spanish (Spain, first) naming system is to place the patronymic surname first, then the matronymic. This custom isn’t followed in Argentina as a rule: just the patronymic. Other SA countries still use the Spanish form: Colombia, Chile, Perú for sure, pretty sure Ecuador does not (at least among my friends there).

          • Here’s a little factoid for you that you might find interesting

            In Italy the first son gets the grandfather’s first name, not the father’s

          • Know a guy whose father (Castilian, he insists) married a Kentucky redneck. Named the boy Juan Hector Montoya Robbins.

          • Long ago in the academy,(when you could actually bust people’s balls), an instructor asked a female with a hyphenated name on her gym gear why she did it.
            He said,”what, you can’t make up your mind?”

            Good times

      • DIno – Don’t play semantic games. Spanish people from Europe as as White as other southern Europeans. The term ‘hispanic’ in America generally refers to an Indio-European mix, and usually very heavy on the Indio.

        As for South America, it again depends entirely on heritage. Argentina had tons of Spanish and Italian immigrants in the 19th century. Now, it gets Indios and is far less White. Almost all of Guatemala or Honduras is heavily Indio. Cuba – the older, Whiter generations are dying out. Those immigrants since 2000, and all those left in Cuba now, are heavily mixed race.

  16. This whole dynamic is a business school marketing case study. It’s just a “shelf-space” brand-proliferation strategy targeted at diluting the brand influence of the DR. All these proliferating “conservative voices” just create confusion for normies while decreasing the reach and increasing the cost of doing business for authentic DR brands.

    Most available media shelf space has been occupied (from Candace Owens to Heather MacDonald and from JD Vance to Marco Rubio), but we can always cram in more. But the basic message is always the same: Vote Harder and Take Back the System!

    The brilliant, misguided and insane Black Nationalist proto-rapper Gil Scott-Heron famously sang that “The Revolution will not be televised”. I’m thinking that any meaningful action from the DR will not be televised or media-guided. These media clowns mostly dissipate energy that would create meaningful change.

  17. The Left is conducting itself in the mode of Total War and using everything tactic available to thwart & defeat its enemies; hence the subterfuge described in this post is just one of many such techniques. And it is helpful to have this form of covert attack revealed, as forewarned is forearmed. But you don’t prevail against a Total War opponent by just avoiding the landmines. You have to find and then implement solutions that work. Our side lacks the current motivation and resources to compete against the Borg on their terms & terrain, so playing their game back at them is self-defeating. A new paradigm is needed. What the Borg fears most is the unforeseen bolt from the blue, especially when it hits high.

  18. Increasingly I think the Bourgeois Thing is a true third way, not dialectical but self-contradicting and doomed to fail. To be bourgeois is to be a self-loathing squish, only willing to cling to your stuff because it isn’t you or your people. So your stuff becomes your identity (there’s that contradiction). Lefty is a squish too, but at least he hates himself enough to jump into the abyss.

    Apologies for incoherence. Sort of a new direction, needs some thought.

    • Selfish people who care only about their money and themselves aren’t useful for anything.

      As if the money isn’t all gone.

      Someone talks about money and business has a price tag on their head. Even normies are attractive by comparison, Hell even Leftists.

  19. Mark Krikorian is another case I don’t really understand. Why does he continue contributing to National Review? It can’t make up a significant portion of his income and given their dwindling audience, it isn’t bringing a new audience to CIS. Even uber-hawk Victor Davis Hanson got fed up with National Review and quit contributing to them and they were paying him $100k. If Krikorian really wants to have success restricting immigration, continuing to be associated with National Review is going to be counterproductive. It appears he is playing the Shapiro role to funnel immigration restriction into a dead end.

  20. JD Vance has a foreign non-white wife and foreign non-white children. We can safely assume that he is not advocating in the best interests of whites. What does he care if whites become a hated minority? He’s already rich, and his kids are not white anyways. They will be taking the place of a white flyover kid at college some day (or already have, don’t know their ages).

    Same with McConnel. Same with David French. Etc. Even John Derbyshire. These guys advocating for color-blind civic nationalism always seem to have motivations other than what’s in the best interests of the white majority. Because “their” Chinese woman is a “good one”, all the Chinese people must be freedom loving, burger grilling, NFL fans deep down. Of course their mutt kids will certainly be grillers too, maybe even fabled POC Republicans.

    They made poor evolutionary decisions, threw away thousands of years of European (or Ashkenazi) genetics, and are now coping by telling everyone else that we need to be race-blind so their own kids can succeed. White guys with foreign non-white kids are actually some of the saddest people I’ve met, their kids look nothing like them, act nothing like them, and are soulless mutts. No, I don’t take race-mixers seriously.

    • Ah, for a simpler time…Nietzsche and no doubt many others in the 19th century wrung their hands about race mixing in Europe. But they had in mind Russians, Poles, Germans, English, French, Italians with (God Forbid!) perhaps the occasional secular Jew in the mix. 😀

  21. It seems that the object of your article on two gatekeeping figures on the “right” -Shapiro and Fuentes – is not to put these figures in a sort of speech-jail (as FB does to its subscribers) but to make light bulbs go off in the minds of dissident right thinking people (like your readership). Shapiro, all 120 lbs of solid Hebraic muscle, is still correct on many issues. I wouldn’t totally shun him. Who is he gatekeeping for? Zionism? the establishment GOP? the Jewish agenda in general? All of the above? Is he doing this 24/7 or sometimes yes and sometimes no? Now Fuentes – there’s a character. I don’t know if he’s a fan of the ole “rooster” or not, but he does seem like a goyisher version of Shapiro in some ways. Instead of the typical Ashkenazic neuroticism, it seems that the main object of his erotic fantasies is the espresso machine. Too totally hepped up. I only catch Fuentes here and there. I don’t go out of my way to listen to him. He had a debate with some GOP establishment person on Infowars I believe ( a few weeks ago) and he was sounding like he had been reading some serious Kevin MacDonald and like minded writers. I could be wrong but a guy like Fuentes would be better off staying away from any group that could be co-opted by cuckservatives. Nick – be your own man, be a rooster fan, stay away from the espresso machine, and do what you can w/o any groups.

    • There is absolutely NOTHING good about Ben Shapiro. If you listen to him, you may get confused on the issues he is the worst on. This is a guy who writes articles about how he doesn’t care about the “browning of America” while writing articles about physical removal and ethnic cleansing of Arabs from Israel. This is a guy whose instincts always lead him to oppose us. Remember his tweets (I realize some intern is likely making his tweets, but it’s HIS name and the buck stops with him) throwing the Covington kids under the bus? That is his instinct.

      He needs to move to Israel and become an Israeli Nationalist. He doesn’t belong here. Your reading or listening to him just gives him legitimacy. There is not one thing you will hear Shapiro say that’s good that Z-Man and a bunch of others doesn’t already say better.

      • Shapiro does alright until you listen to him. He had me fooled for awhile too. In my defence I am a Yesterday Man and sometimes struggle to keep up with the Dissidents.

        I actually finally got round to Fuentes and for a man his age, he is fairly well spoken. He’s not on par with our esteemed blog host, but he’s still young. As a speaker he is quite a few steps up from Shapiro. If he doesn’t devolve into a clownish performance artist like Cerno, Milo or Vox Day – he could be a powerful influence on the younger crowd. And maybe some of us older farts too.

        • I don’t know if he has outgrown his attentionwhoring or not. But, I also don’t like the fact that he’s not white and trying to be in a leadership position. I have the same problem with VD and I am glad he mostly stays out of this stuff and just runs his UATV and Castalia and comic book stuff.
          Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a purist or frankly, much of a racist. But it is just clownish to have mixed breed non-whites thought leading a dissident right race conscious “movement.” They need to be cheering from the sidelines, not jumping in front of the crowd.
          OTOH, I see no reason to go around bad mouthing them for no reason, so I keep mostly quiet. It’s not like there are really high quality white men jumping to fill their shoes either.

      • Shapiro’s best days were his early days when he spoke to student forums at the poz’d universities. Often, he had to sue in court to do this. In those days, he was a voice in the wilderness. Having seen his talks, I was impressed. Not so much that he spoke fluent DR—he denounced it—but that he brooked no BS from the budding student radicals that thought they’d knock him out with their Lefty Prof’s unchallenged talking points and slogans. He was a bull in the china shop, and was for the first time for many in the audience a voice of opposition/challenge to the prevailing orthodoxy on campus.

        That’s when Shapiro began to go on to bigger and more lucrative undertakings in the Conservative movement. And that’s where we parted company. I perceived he’s chasing more after fame and fortune rather than truth and victory. That makes him a grifter.

        But there was once potential when he was a student at UCLA. He move’d on and so did I—but thankfully in a different direction.

    • “I wouldn’t totally shun him”

      You wouldn’t totally shun somebody who hates you, hates the existence of your people and has no problem with lying to you? Because you occasionally agree with him?

      Even the devil quotes Scripture when it suits his purposes.

    • That debate was fun to watch. Nick held his own without yielding (unlike the first time I saw AJ interview him re: holocaust) and Barnes leaned on the lawyer’s rhetoric, which, for me anyhow, fell flat. More substance, please.

      It’s a good format. I hope Infowars keeps it up.

    • Of course Shapiro is right on some issues. A Gatekeeper has to be right on some popular issues to be an effective gatekeeper. Their role is to convince people it is to be wrong about the important issues such as immigration, the anti white jihad and noticing who really runs the country and why we fight all these insane wars

  22. Regarding Gatekeepers:

    Vance has an Asian wife.
    Rufo has an Asian wife
    Ahmari has an Asian wife.
    Murray has an Asian wife.

        • Asians are thin and tend to stay thin.

          The idea they are more feminine I find to be nonsense. They are just as much ballbusters to weak males, though maybe more subtle.

          • Indian and Chinese women are nuts. “Tiger mom” is real, they get those beta white guys very tightly under their control.

            Being a white guy in Toronto or any “diverse” city is like having a cheat code to getting average Asian / Indian women into bed, on demand. It’s also degenerate and gets boring and even disgusting after a short while.

            The guys like McConnel are the betas they settle down with after running through the whole college football team. The mutt kids then hate the beta white father.

            I agree that fat shaming needs to make a comeback though. I hate how fat most white women are these days. It is disgusting.

          • With perhaps few exceptions*, most of the Asian females I’ve ever seen are very slim. Perhaps some men like that, but I prefer a plumper figure. If your idea of romance is a high-IQ bamboo pole, that’s your business.

            Bedding the typical Asian women is akin to hopping in the sack with a 14-year-old boy, except he has a vagina. Actually come to think of it, that’s probably an increasing risk in today’s dating world 🙂

            *Please keep the morbidly obese Pacific Islanders to yourself. They are but one of many peoples ruined by Western goods, in this case, junk foods.

          • Why you no wan’ make Bang Bang with Fang Fang? Ten dorrar for you, sir. Ten dorrar!

        • A lot of white guys thin white women are fucking nuts. Which is more or less true depending on where you live. If it’s a deep blue state good luck finding a white woman above a 4 that isn’t crazy or a gold digging whore. So they go for Asian women.

        • Smart White women have been woke for decades. They are for the most part intolerable.

    • Charles Murray’s second wife is white. His first wife was Asian and he has two kids with her. His second wife is a Quaker, which probably has more to do with why he keeps trying to curry favor from lefties than any other factor.

      • People don’t know, the Quakers taught the Left.

        Not our friends.

        There’s also something wrong there, under the surface of PA something is very rotten. The 28th Division (Army) has a Red Keystone Patch.
        Also consistently off the scale higher casualties over a century, including Iraq. The Germans called that Patch and that Division “The 🩸 Bloody Bucket” for a reason.

        There’s something rotten there…

    • Chet: Thank you for noticing before I got to the comments. I feel compelled to add that Derbyshire also has an Asian wife. Yes, I know some here like to talk about how wonderful he is, just as some here worship Jared Taylor. I can respect certain aspects of each’s life and career, but I refuse to be willfully blind to their human failings – because they are human and have them, just as we all do. Derbyshire likes to claim it’s like having a bit of salt in the soup. I prefer the synonym utilizing poisoned M&Ms, or a certain something in ice cream.

      • Say what you will, Derbyshire doesn’t have any illusions about Chinese people, or the nature of the Chinese regime – he just has yellow fever. I wouldn’t really classify him as a “Civic Nationalist” like Vance or Murray, he is just hot for Asian chicks. We all have our weaknesses.

        • Drilling oil isn’t like smoking pot or some other minor personal flaw we should overlook. We’re not the cuckservatives. How in god’s name can the dissident right, a race conscious movement, support oil drillers in leadership/though leadership positions?

          “Be like us! Be proud of being White! Reproduce with Asians!!!”

          • Naturally, I would prefer Derb and kindred spirits stick with white women. But, if they must stray from the fold, Fang Fang and Priya are one helluva lot better than a Water Buffalo or a Sand Hutessa.

          • Let’s cut these guys some slack. I’m most familiar with Derbyshire. Allow me to defend the man. In the first place, he’s from the UK originally. In the second, he lived in China many years where (I assume) he met his future wife. I’m speculating here, but in his youth he likely did not have conscious plans to be a white nationalist writer in his old age. Marrying a local is an occupational hazard when a young man lives in an alien culture for a long time. He was an extra in a Bruce Lee movie, for crying out loud 😀

    • (I too am shocked that a guy named “Ahmari” has an Asian wife.)

      Whife women aren’t particularly interested in white guys or in marriage – so, men had to look elsewhere.

    • Maybe they just like being married to smart women who haven’t accepted the brainwashing of the Academy?

      White women, especially smart white women, are practically targeted for indoctrination from their first day in kindergarten. Asian women, not so much.

      The Asian “tiger mom” is a real thing, not an invention of the Western world. Having smart moms who both push their kids while voraciously guarding their interests and future prospects is not a bad thing.

      • Yeah, One of the biological weaknesses of white people is that white women are especially prone to peer pressure influence and outgroup preference.

  23. > That is, a guy from flyover country who abandoned the people and culture that produced him in order to confirm the biases of the managerial elite. He provides them with authenticity, by displaying a sympathy for and a knowledge of the Dirt People, the great dispossessed, but he confirms the Cloud People patronizing view of them.

    For some elites and elite wanna-bes such as Vance and Dreher, rural people are ignorant but wholesome hicks whose primitive ways we can learn a lot from, sort of like spending your time with an African tribe.

    For others, they’re just ignorant backwards racists.

    Honestly, the Vances of the world are probably more insulting. Instead of just saying they didn’t fit in with rural life, a perfectly understandable thing to admit, they create a patronizing superiority complex around their decisions while pretending to be their advocate.

    Trump understands rural people better than Vance, and he’s a lifelong city man.

    • Yeah it’s patronizing as hell.

      The way the libs treat the Amish / Mennonites reminds me of how they treat Muslims. Amish are “ignorant but wholesome hicks whose primitive ways we can learn a lot from”, exactly as you say, who bake nice pies and make nice furniture. Muslims are misunderstood peace lovers who cook spicy food. In reality, neither the Amish nor Muslim beliefs are anywhere near what ShitLibs believe or understand.

      The media rats treat Christians this way too. They come around and say “oh, they’re not *bad* people, they’re just a little different and backwards”, then slander us in the actual article. Luckily people are wising up and just refusing to talk to them.

      I always liked farmers because they cut through the bullshit. I suppose it’s easy to be honest about life when your day involves making animals f*ck, and then killing them for food. Mankind is not too much different except for having a bigger brain.

      • For those who matriculate from dirt to cloud the civnat position becomes as absurd as the saying, “the only thing worse than living in the most racist nation on earth is not being allowed to immigrate to the most racist nation on earth”.

        The only thing worse than not being allowed to be a dirt person (‘bless his heart’) is actually being a dirt person. The value of the dirt life is only insofar as it provides a wholesome and romantic narrative of one’s journey to the cloud. Dirt world to them exists as a contrast, a simplistic illustration of what exists when not blessed by Progress.

        I have a client who is a MIT trained robotics and EE engineer. He also happens to be a farmer. He grew up in a small town and wanted that life for his kids so quit the hedge fund he was working for and moved back.

        He rejected much of the cloud value system. Yet when probed of his life in dirt and cloud, his greatest fear – and so his motivation in both his robotics businesses and moving his kids to the country, is that his kids won’t get accepted into MIT. All he is doing is to best assure his kids maintain the trajectory to cloud.

        There is a strange stickiness to the power of the social hierarchy ordained by globohomo. Even as the world burns down around the lies of leftism propagated by those very institutions, many *smart* men still can’t fathom a life that does not conform to the values of the cloud.

        In this regard how they position (or produce) their children reveals a lot about both the unconscious gravity as well as the biases of the managerial elite that seems impervious to the various insults of reality – even those who otherwise embrace natures cruel arbiters.

        • For all of our bitching about the broken system, it largely still mostly works well. The mail is delivered, mostly on time. The credit cards still work. There aren’t car bombs going off in the cities. Walmart is full of shiny new stuff. For the cloud people, life is good. Things have never been better for them. Even all the crime in the city is largely confined to the ghetto. More than rural or suburban to be sure, but generally not that much of a factor in day to day life once you learn the rules. You don’t have to work hard and you have everything you need. If you work for the main system, you get 46 days off a year.

          Can you really blame someone who wants their kids to live the cloud life?

          Besides that, they have utterly decimated the rural regions.

          • Not at all. I should have never left the cloud myself.

            With no past no people and no land, in a market of rent-seek or pay rent, desiring the cloud trajectory is understandable.

            But as you point out a system that does not create value but instead harvests from the dirt trading salt for seed corn is one that will come to an end.

            The follies of aspiring to the cloud, however, are manifold. Two come to mind immediately.

            First is failing to see that the true costs of the cloud is infinite debt drawn against liquidating collateral .

            The second is the assumption sometimes called normalcy bias that presumes the distance between dirt and cloud is some constant; that such a trajectory relying upon both market continuity and timing will continue.

            Even though we have a generation or two already falling from the beanstalk with nothing but a handful of beans.

            Turns out all the magic went to the kneegrows.

        • I think there’s something to be said for the prodigal son or the man taking an odyssey and returning to better his people. If reaching MIT is your idea of being able to perform at the highest level, let that be your modern vision quest that takes your sons into manhood.

      • Trying to be conciliatory..what comes out ; “Not their fault their Mothers were gap toothed meth-heads..”

        What? What’d I say?

  24. I’m trying to think of a situation in which I’d trust ANY of the major institutions again. The hypotheticals I keep returning to all involve Truth and Reconciliation Commissions, with mortal verdicts being carried out in public sqaures.

    I don’t think I’m the Lone Ranger on this. It’s NOT going to end well. If the Left realizes this before it hits critical mass in the streets, it’s hello Cambodia. If not…

    • This is where I am now. I’ll never bother voting again. I consume mass media solely for content creation. I just assume it is all a lie. Ben Shapiro could read me my social security number and I’d assume it is a lie.

      • What about local elections? I can see not voting at the national level, but county and district attorneys wield enormous power in prosecution decisions and county board of supervisors and city councils can make your life tolerable or the seventh circle of hell. Voting might still matter there.

        If enough people don’t vote, that does send a message to the system. The non-participation rate in the French elections last Sunday was very high (66-68%) and it was interpreted as a defeat for all of the parties.

        • As the guy who occasionally blogs under the name of “AntiDem” puts it, “In the next few years, who your county sheriff and county prosecutor are is going to be a lot more important than who the president is”. I personally would keep voting up through governor, especially if any Soros money is involved.

        • Voting doesn’t matter, except when it does. I (and probably others) have previously cited this example. In Florida in 2018, they came within a fraction of a percent, of electing as Governor a gay, Black, methamphethamine addict. Even worse, he was a Democrat! 😀

          • National elections will soon no longer matter due to demographics. In fact, they won’t matter in many states either. Imagine Stacy Abrams in charge of your state. That’s the fate of every Southern state due to immigration. At that point, you’re only legitimizing the system by participating in it. Mass boycotts may not change election results, but if you’re going to lose anyway, they might delegitimize the system in the minds of enough people. That’s the first step towards a new path.

          • “They lie about the counts, why won’t they lie about the participation rate?”

            You can’t lie forever. Well, you can. But there comes day when no one believes the lies. Organized national boycotts can obviously work because huge groups of people will know other people who also boycott. If they lie about the participation rate, then lots of people won’t believe them and, even better, they’ll come to believe everything they are told is a lie.

        • The same voting corruption process(es) that brought down Trump are the ones used throughout the land (with variations as per individual States). Why would one assume, voting is corruptible only for Fed candidates and not local?

          • “ You can’t lie forever. Well, you can. But there comes day when no one believes the lies. ”

            This is why the USSR collapsed.

          • If I could wish the USA’s future Caucasian-free political structure a going-away present, I’d make it a real economic collapse: a 1930s style deflation or a Weimar hyperinflation. Some such is probably inevitable at some point. Our world economic system is pretty long in the tooth, there is much rot that needs to be cleared, etc. I can’t think of a nicer way for a majority-Woke, utterly incompetent government to pull its own plug and dizzily spiral in the vortex down the drain into the septic tank of history where it will so richly belong. It won’t be a pleasant time to live through, and many indeed would not live through it. I’m not sure what system(s) will replace it post-collapse, but the options there don’t seem very promising either. 🙁

      • Funny, just as I was reading this thread, I got one of those scammer robo-calls. Oh no, I’m being indicted on a Federal warrant for fraudulent activity under my ID number! Press one and wait for the next available agent…

        In a sane world, there’d be a huge task force dedicated to tracking these kinds of scammers down, and executing them for lese-majeste. “Impersonating a police officer” has always been a serious crime, for good reason. But now I’m sure any attempt to deal with robocall scammers would result in a hundred National Review articles about “muh private corporationz.” Turtles all the way down.

        • It has been noted before, that wrt to robo spam the Fed’s are not serious and indeed corrupt. The phone companies put these mechanisms into play. And make big money off of such. Don’t tell me they don’t know who is making a million calls per hour and can’t put a stop to it—try not paying their service bill on time and see what happens.

          A simple way to solve most all such fraud is for the Fed’s to be made aware of the connections by the phone company, allow the Fed’s to listen in on the phone “pitch”, then immediately shut the service off based on a Fed injunction/warrant. But of course, this would cut revenue from the (big) telecommunication corporations.

    • It’s really a pretty bum deal. I was explaining to my wife last night how difficult it is not just now, but will be going forward, to have zero trust in the institutions. It will put you at odds with most of the populace when you tell them you don’t want your vaccine for ‘Covid: The Manchurian Variant’. It will put you at odds with them still when you don’t toe the line of the MSM. Having said that, when it comes to entities like WEF, WHO, NATO, UN &c, did anyone really trust them or care? Not saying they’re not evil, mind.

      Still. It was always going to end. Perhaps the blip that was the ascendant West will never be repeated. Certainly, from this Englishman’s perspective, we’ll never be a country that can be easily united again; this, most probably, as a result of swamping our lands with duskies.

      But what of the positives? Well, the most obvious is that when the trust has gone, so has the loyalty. When the loyalty goes you no longer feel angered by certain things. This will make it easier to concentrate on what is in fact important for both your immediate survival as well long term prosperity (if possible). For me, this would be the design of a suitable homeschooling procedure for my lads, thinking of fun projects for them, and preparing to enter an “antiwhite” world in the best manner they can. Once again, even though there is a huge amount of peril ahead, now is also the time to attempt to enjoy life. Get outside, naturally.

      A second benefit in a country whose decline is caused mainly by an evil elite and a swamping of duskies will naturally become low trust. Providing you have conditioned yourself to behaving in a decent, white fashion only to your own, this opens the door to get a whole host of goodies via bribes and favours. Carny world, I would imagine, is going to be one in which money still talks.

      Of course, the negatives are huge. And the immense and now pretty overt antiwhite propaganda is a worry – but that could yet backfire. There are just so many options, even though we can at least all agree that we are in a general decline.

      • Exactly. I still act very white to my own. Just helped out a white friend land a job interview. If they aren’t white… they’re dead to me. “Hi”, “Bye”, “ok” is my main vocabulary for aliens. Whites’ problem is that they still act nice and white around everybody, even when it’s not reciprocated.

        There are immense opportunities for gain in the new corrupt shit hole West. It’s legal to steal in California. It’s easy to miss items at the self scan, particularly at a Globohomo-supporting big box chain. You can buy anything or anyone for the right price. Just use your gains to further your people.

        Once you stop caring about the national elections (It’s Clown A vs. (((Clown B)))), or anything like that it’s quite freeing. Because worrying about that never changes or improves it. Focus on what you can control, at the local and community level.

  25. The sudden rise of CRT from the racist far right wing extremist corners to the mainstream media is some kind of mass distraction along the same lines as the “divide and conquer” tag that seems to be incredibly durable as a gatekeeping tagline appealing to civnat ‘decency’.

    Every time obvious anti-white policy, poc on white violence, and actual systemic institutional anti-white racism leaks into the media there are patriots like Bongino reminding us to not succumb to this age old trap of TPTB.

    This reframe is dangerous because it is true. The presumption that divide and conquer is somehow mutually exclusive of actual anti-white direct action is of course false, but it is effective crimestop for white men of the right who are not prepared to break their deracinated conditioning.

    They will then go to great lengths to show their solidarity, (we all bleed red, we are all Americans, etc) while missing the point that somehow whites and white men in particular are the only identity actively abdicating their interests and rights in order to uphold this magical group of “Americans”. IOW, why is cooperation against TPTB, the “elites”, the “globalists”, predicated upon the complete absence of white identity? So yeah until “its okay to be white” is not some bloody mary three times in the mirror that conjures up ghosts of racisms past I will see “divide and conquer” as nothing but an exit ramp from our right to exist as a people.

    Back to CRT. All these concerned parents, who have apparently not read anything their kids have read in school, or consumed any media over the past 10 years in particular, is of grave concern. But the tell is this: are these people saying “we need to burn the ivy league to the ground” or are they saying “my daughter is applying to Penn and Yale in the fall”.

    • Screwtape: Excellent comment and important points. A dear friend, who always prefaces her remarks by acknowledging there already is tension and natural antipathy amongst the races (because I’m constantly reminding her of it) still insists all of globohomo’s efforts are towards divide and conquer. You can read the same daily at Sailer, or Breitbart, or any other normie cuckservative site.

      Human divisions exist and arise organically. Certainly, a government can exacerbate such for its own purposes, but claiming there’s a ‘we’ anywhere in a multiracial, multi-ethnic Western country involves consciously denying those natural biological divisions and choosing some lesser form of unity.

      And all these now loud and concerned White parents – as you well note, where the hell were they the past dozen years or so? The first thing I did before choosing to enroll my oldest in private school was go to the public school and ask to look at the first grade textbooks – specifically reading, social studies, and math. The teachers were rather mystified but in no way opposed. I did the same thing with each Christian school my children attended. Before we pulled our younger son out of one such school, my husband and I sat down with the headmaster and went through all the new books the new teachers had chosen to use, demonstrating how anti-White and anti-male they were. He hemmed and hawed and sorta acknowledged we had a point, but refused to make any changes.

      And, to concur with your conclusion, these White parents are not protesting anti-White teaching so much as they are appealing for a return to color-blind civnattery, because they are comfortable with the existing order and want their children on track to excel within it.

      I long ago washed my hands of pretending to be nice or caring about normie pretences. Unless and until someone acknowledges it’s not merely okay to be White, but that one ought to be proud of being White, I won’t waste my time with them. Time is too short to prevaricate any longer.

      • You hint at a feature of Woke activism that PERHAPS can sometimes be used as a lever against them. Or at the very least, in a conversation one can force a Woke advocate to admit, or more likely, become aware, that his propaganda is not only logically incoherent, but possibly illegal. Allow me to explain.

        What’s wrong with being “color-blind”? Now don’t get me wrong; I would love to return to a time when freedom of association was legal. But that’s not going to happen. What our (USA) laws have been, though, at is equal treatment under the laws. Of course there are exceptions (quotas, Griggs, etc.) But overall, it’s illegal to show any preference based on race and several other factors. Very well, what can we do with this? Simple. We can demand that these laws be enforced, in other words, that discrimination against race is totally unacceptable. Even if the hated White race.

        We are not going to get freedom of association anytime soon. But we can approach it by, ironically, claiming to be race blind. Any factor that selects for competence or merit is going to skew in favor of not-black and not-brown. Our opponents must know that. My point is that by demanding the law be followed, the Woke will be unavoidably be caught out in the lies that are the foundation of all their policies.

        • Ben, You mean well here, but trying to ‘win’ by making the left live up to its supposed principles is a loser’s game. Read Alinsky.

          • Yes and no. I think Ben is hinting at lawfare. You won’t change their minds and you must (as you didi) get your son out, but you can pull the roof down as you go. Make their position expensive, make them pay.

        • Ben asks, ‘What’s wrong with being “color-blind”?’

          On a personal level, I am color blind until the other person doesn’t reciprocate. I’m afraid even this is too generous in the grand scheme of things.

          On a societal level, being color-blind is considered racist by our enemies. And even if this wasn’t the case, whites are encouraged to treat everyone equally while non-whites and traitor whites hate traditional whites.

          Color-blindness is a lie that our enemies tell us to conceal their continued attack. Our people must know that being color-blind is not going to save them from what’s coming. Rather, it will encourage it.

          • It’s one of those luxuries of healthy society. Like smoking cigarettes in high school.

          • “On a personal level, I am color blind until the other person doesn’t reciprocate. I’m afraid even this is too generous in the grand scheme of things.“

            I was the same until recently – I gave as I got. Now, after the past year, the negro fatigue has fully set in for me. No more negro entertainments for me – music, sports, movie/tv – and if Yelp or Google helpfully identify a business as “black-owned”, I’m boycotting it. I recently moved to a rural small town that’s well over 95% White and it’s very rare for me to spot a negro out here. I can’t see that the absence of negroes in my life has any costs, and I could name a dozen benefits.

        • Unfortunately the woke don’t care about being caught in lies. They probably wouldn’t even recognize a lie if it bit them in the leg. As you point out lies are the very basis of their policies.

        • “ What’s wrong with being “color-blind”?”

          Being “colorblind” is to pretend that there is *no* difference among the races. HBD sciences indicates otherwise. To be colorblind is to be woefully ignorant and to willingly partake in a lie. To partake in this lie is to play along with much of the delusion that permeates today’s society and to contribute to the “patient’s” ailment.

          • Of course there are racial differences. I didn’t have lawfare specifically in mind. What I did envision: If you are in an arena where at least in theory anti-discrimination laws still apply, then insist the laws be followed to the letter. For example, perhaps getting CRT tossed out of public schools or work indoctrination. Of COURSE I don’t expect any of us to be race-neutral in our private lives. Hell, it’s not even illegal (“yet”?) to have some freedoms of association (in your own home, and …?)

      • If only there were more of you 3g.

        A pernicious line of code in all the anti-white programming is that incepted desire to return to line 10 -“equality” and “color-blind” blank slatism, whenever the dissonance bell rings.

        Even though by every definition of “progress” there is no going back and even though every measure levied against the original sin of whiteness, the sins, like every human desire, are infinite while the resources, whites and what we have built, are quite finite, is all readily observable.

        Alas these convos around the absurd juxtapositions and humiliating lies suffered upon us too often results in “goto line 10” in these types.

        There is no such thing as “white” anyhow, or some variant. Then straight on to line 20 “white bad”.

        For all the smarts I lack and these STEM and wealthy biz types seem to parlay into much comforts, even my knuckles, callused from dragging, can punch through the facade of this game that obviously hates me and wants me enslaved in its sadistic paradoxes. Or dead.

      • 3g4me, thanks for your comment. I suppose it’s good that some white parents are starting to react against anti-white racism taught in government-corrupted schools. But how many of them do so out of principle or support for their race? It’s more like, “Hey, cut it out, let’s go back to 1985 and get high on nondiscrimination.”

        I am so tired of cucks whose “solutions” avoid the big picture. When urban crime and mayhem come up for discussion, they tell us the answer is hiring more cops. They pride themselves on refusing to see any racial implications in shooting and riots — it’s just hot weather and lax policing. We really have to do something about global warming.

    • “But the tell is this: are these people saying ‘we need to burn the ivy league to the ground’ or are they saying ‘my daughter is applying to Penn and Yale in the fall’.”

      SHREWD observation.

    • Some study years ago noted that everyone thought public schools were terrible, but NOT THEIR kid’s public schools or teachers.

      Public schools do a great job marketing their product.

      Also: if parents had to accept just how awful their local public schools were, they’d be on the hook to raise, babysit, and educate them. Mom would have to stay married, and stay home.

      Not going to happen. Dirty little secret is that public schools are mostly daycare for the children of working parents.

  26. As the antiwhite agenda accelerates, the gatekeepers’ margin shrinks. The effort to diffuse the term “antiwhite” is a futile one. It’s here, it’s obvious, and the term isn’t going away. It’s only going to become increasingly ubiquitous.

  27. If Parler was supposed to be the gatekeeper platform, how come it was 8chan’d after January 6th?

    Did the lefties not realize it was controlled op, or something?

    • The original incarnation of Parler was much closer in intent to Gab.

      However, Parler made the amateur night mistake of siting their service on an enemy hardware platform, in this case Amazon Web Services and the Apple & Android app stores.

      At some point, Parler cut a deal to take the ticket and was allowed to reconstitute itself, likely because TPTB realized its long-term value as a honey pot.

  28. JD Vance, you nailed his act perfectly.
    Book & movie deal, thirty pieces of silver.
    He gets invites to all the best parties.

  29. The strangest thing of all is that I’m not seeing my normie con friends stick solely to their tired arguments, or come entirely over to our side of the divide. They make both arguments within the same rant, as if they had listened to Hannity for an hour and then read Jared Taylor for an hour. “We should be judging people by the content of their character and not the color of their skin, and if they don’t want to do that, maybe we should just secede and start our own country.” It reminds me a bit of when I gave up smoking. I didn’t just stop smoking. I cut it down to a few cigarettes a day, then maybe one or two supplemented with some Nicorette, and then finally I didn’t even need the gum.

    • The phrase “antiwhite” is the first rhetorical tool these people have been given that actually works. I think it is sending many of them into a tailspin. They are so conditioned to losing with leftist language they are gobsmacked by the experience.

      • When I’ve trotted out “antiwhite” to normie conservative friends, you can tell they’ve never heard it before. It’s a little bit jarring to them. They either give me a look like an inquisitive dog, tilting their head to the side a bit, or are visibly squeamish about it. Either way, it plants the seed and changes the game by making our enemies the villains.

      • I hear “antiwhite” all the time now, even when Normies I know are using AW products. As in, “what are you drinking?” as I head to the cooler at the deli.

        “Grab me one of those antiwhite sodas, in the can not the bottle.” Coca-Cola

        “I am getting one of those Spicy BMTs at that antiwhite Subway®”, do you want me to grab you something?”

        Same with references now to MLB as “BLM”, when deriding that “no touch league”.

        I have some idea that derision gets under the skin of our betters, even more than stating truths.

      • I wonder if that is why Karlyn Boryshenko is doing like 3 streams day on her channel warning never call CRT Anti White, because it will create the 3rd Reich or a KKK mass power movement. She never says how the curriculum is anti other races but just never use the term Anti White she screeds. I think she is with Prager U. Even on Wikipedia the criticism of Critical Race Theory goes as follows. “Daniel A. Farber and Suzanna Sherry argue that critical race theory lacks supporting evidence, relies on an implausible belief that reality is socially constructed, rejects evidence in favor of storytelling, rejects truth and merit as expressions of political dominance, and rejects the rule of law. Additionally, they posit that the anti-meritocratic tenets in critical race theory, critical feminism, and critical legal studies may unintentionally lead to antisemitic and anti-Asian implications.” Even here the main problem is it will lead to Anti Semitic an Anti Asian implications. Are we like that villain in Harry Potter, where you dare not say our name? They never make a critique it could lead to Anti White implications? We always need a proxy. Ramz tweeted the critics of CRT like Chris Rufo always frame it as “The gatekeepers of “conservatism” demand that White people can NEVER defend their own people. Instead, we must be clever and claim that a policy that is directed against Whites is ACTUALLY anti-Asian, hurts blacks, is Marxist, etc.”

        • Thanks for the very clear Wiki quote. The quote ends with “may unintentionally lead…”; I fail to see how this ends up antisemitic or anti-Asian. Allow me to universalize the law of unintended consequences.

          It’s an almost inevitable flaw of such Leftist egalitarian programs. Their very action, if they are able to “solve” one of their problems, usually displays in sharp relief the very problems they were claiming to solve. Many examples could be found. Integrating our schools provides a black and white example, so to speak. 🙂 Take a once-functioning all-White school and require Blacks be enrolled. Once their share increases above some small percentage, White flight ensues. What’s left? A majority Black student body with the usual litany of failures, but hey, they have great sports teams!

          We often lament the Liberal stock in trade of having proposed or imposed one Utopian scheme which fails, they promptly move on to the next Unfairness or Inequality that must be addressed. They do leave a trail of wreckage and victims in their stead, visible to anyone who dares to look.

      • Love the term “antiwhite”.

        If told “I’m not antiwhite!”, ask them to say 3 things they like about white people.

        They’ll choke on their own tongues before they do it.

        There’s really no ethnic group on the planet I can’t rattle off a few “pros” for without much effort. Racist for noticing, to be sure. Nobody’s perfect.

    • Don’t look now, but even the comments on civnat sites like Breitbart are reaching jalapeño levels of spice with the occasional habanero tossed in the mix.

    • Is it possible that some normie cons are just incorporating what they see as a newly realized truth into their weltunshauung? I.e., “people ought to be judged by the content of their character not the color of their skin” and “CRT is anti-white” are both true statements which are not mutually exclusive? And that future addendums might be selected depending on their apparent veracity and logical consistency?

  30. The big difference between J.D. Vance and Kevin Williamson is that Vance is smart enough not to openly hate the people in flyover country. Another is that he genuinely grew up in Appalachia and understands what the place is like. Williamson grew up in Lubbock, which isn’t some dysfunctional place with generational problems, he just had a bad upbringing there. He spent three days in Kentucky to write a story slamming the people there for National Review. In his mind, this makes him an expert on all of flyover country, from the Florida panhandle to northern Idaho and everyplace in between. Both are phonies, but Vance has the act down much better.

    • I thought Vance grew up outside of Cincinnati? Point taken though. Williamson was always faking it, while Vance seems to be more genuine. I recall when Williamson did his piece on Appalachia. My hunch was he just spent the weekend binge watching the TV series Justified. It was that superficial.

      • Just looked it up and you are right, Middleton, Ohio is north of Cincinnati. From the way he talked, I thought Vance was from a smaller town down by the Ohio-Kentucky border.

          • If you read his book, his white trash ancestors migrated from Appalachia into the Cincinnati area.

          • For those that don’t know, Cincinnati is where the Old South meets the Rhine. It’s a pretty accurate assessment, coming from a native.

          • My friend from West Virginia spent half of her childhood in Ohio. I hadn’t really given it much thought before, but apparently there is a great deal of migration from Appalachia to Ohio. I would have attributed that to the smarter or more ambitious fraction moving to find better economic and social opportunity, but I don’t have sufficient sample size to make even an uneducated guess.

          • The term “Hoosier” was an epithet for Appalachia people. So yeah, there was an outflow. The book American Nations has some great maps for this. Texas is a great example.

          • Southern Ohio is very hilly and much closer to being like Kentucky and WV. You get about 30 miles south of Columbus, and the hills start. I grew up on the fringe and people in northern Ohio thought I was from the South due to my accent.

            I do not care for people like Vance who profit by talking about how bad their family life was. There are problems there. You don’t need to treat your family poorly.

        • I will say this, I did work for a client with operations in Middletown, OH back in 2019. While not Appalachia, that place is close to the end of the world. Run down old industrial town with meth and opioids everywhere. Really sad.

          If nothing else, Vance and his family are from a place that has been ravaged by globohomo. So he does have some authenticity.

          • Lucius – From what I’ve read, Vance has the background authenticity. The problem is he’s literally turned his back on his own people and aired his personal version of dirty laundry for the entertainment of the elite. And then he betrayed centuries of ancestors by marrying an Asian. And he still larps as a country-boy made good.

          • I just read a blurb of his book and it says he also spent a couple of years growing up with family in Jackson, Kentucky, which is legit Appalachia. I’m sure you are right about Middleton, Ohio, but it is probably good compared to Jackson.

          • It’s sister city down the road, Hamilton, is occasionally referred to “Hamiltucky”. Demographics have hit Middletown too, but even as of a few years ago it was one of the few places where you could read some debaucherous crime story and not be able to make automatic assumptions about the races involved.

      • When I read about JD Vance, I read his book before making any judgments about him. In very little time I decided he was a fraud. I’ve lived in Appalachia all of my life, and when I read that Vance was from Middletown, Ohio, and took note of his very Midland America English Dialect, I knew he was what we call a “Buckeye”.
        His demeanor towards “his people” is especially galling. The big city beautiful people seemed to accept him as one of his own, as everything he said justified and validated their bigotry and attitudes towards “the white trash down there.” Many people where I live believe that there is a special place in hell for people such as he. Perhaps there’s some fuel in the form of coke made from low volatile A type metallurgical coal that will make his future domicile there especially toasty warm and properly hellish.
        On a side note, we have a humorous but vulgar saying about the folks from Hamilton County, Ohio. ” A Buckeye is like the ones that grow on trees- they’re a nut that’s kinda okay on one side and the other side is all fucked-up.”

  31. Does a guy like Tucker know his role in the gate keeping business? If he does know his role, can he be useful in briefly opening the gate at times? In looking back, I’m not sure gate keepers got me here, a friend and my own research did.

    • Yes and yes. Tucker does crack the door open at times. Recently he’s using the term “antiwhite” in describing critical race theory. Several weeks ago he talked about the replacement of White voters, although of course he added that “it’s not about race.” Here and there Tucker moves the ball in our direction.

      • I think Tucker is too intelligent not to get most of it.

        However, he’s not ready to give up those fat paychecks yet, so dark pink pills are the most we’ll get from him.

        • Demographics are destiny… and that’s why we need more FREEDOM LOVING Hong Konger’s to come buy up properties! MAGA!

    • Tucker and Laura Ingraham aren’t just tiptoeing up to the line, they’re throwing bodies off the cliff.

      While they haven’t shaved their heads yet to show off their swastika tattoos, kudos to them. They single-handedly knocked the Fauci off his lofty perch.

      • I am so rude. I forgot to mention that Hannity is the slimiest, preachiest, most grating mouthpiece out there- not yet, but nearing, that obnoxious toad, O’Reilly.

        Makes me want to rethink my whole view of Lord Cromwell the Protector and his position on the Irish.

  32. This is yet another reason that the Left is getting more and more hysterical – it would be going too far to say that the old tricks aren’t working, but they are not working nearly as well as they used to, and the trend is obvious. In addition to this, the science concerning HBD is becoming undeniable, at least not without throwing Darwin, and a whole lot of other things that Leftists used to love, overboard, and as we discussed yesterday, key parts of the Left mythos, such as the Good War and Civil Rights, are coming under attack, not only by fringe figures like Victor Suvarov and Ron Unz, but by respected centerist historians.

    In many ways, the American Left reminds me of the USSR in the 1970’s. Superficially it is stronger than ever, and getting stronger. But its foundations are being undermined, and the whole structure is far weaker than anyone thinks. It isn’t JUST delusional thinking when frantic Leftists post on twitter that the Right is winning…

    • “at least not without throwing Darwin, and a whole lot of other things that Leftists used to love, overboard,”

      Heh. That has never stopped them before, and it shan’t now. When ol’ Charles is no longer useful perhaps he’ll be Watson-style un-personed.

      “In addition to this, the science concerning HBD is becoming undeniable”

      Yes. Yes. Yes. In my family circles, even previously devout do-gooders no longer shoot their mouths off about ‘racism’ when I mention these truths. To be honest, they might have made it slightly more watertight by not swamping major western cities with dirt/sand/mud/clay/tree/river/swamp peoples – but they had to do it.

      Whether you’re a Devonian scaffolder who, whilst on a job in London got jacked by a black gang – clothes pinched too; whether you’re an 18 year me and my mates being accosted by Bangladeshis with cricket bats; whether you’re a hip, young, female yoga instructor having a young jogger on a bike ride past you and swipe your phone; whether you’re a business owner in an increasingly black or asian area; Whether you have experienced the awkwardness of multi-racial friendship groups… you can’t help but see it. We’re different. They’re different.

      • “To be honest, they might have made it slightly more watertight by not swamping major western cities with dirt/sand/mud/clay/tree/river/swamp peoples – but they had to do it”

        Yres, the Left hates whites so much, they sometimes shoot themselves in the foot. A good example is the wokification of sports. I mean, channelling the energise of young white men into team spectator sports was one of the great triumphs of the liberal managerial state in the late 20th Century. It channelled their natural patriotism into a harmless and meaningless area, it divided them and pitted them against each other (“Eagles suck!”) and it caused them to pay attention to one of the few areas where racial integration sort of, kinda, worked. All the while distracting them from the decline of their country, while becoming less and less physically fit! Genius, sheer genius, as Wile E. Coyote would say. But damn it all, those flyover rednecks were actually enjoying themselves, and that was just too much. So sports had to be ruined with politics, and gays, and trannies, just to show ’em. Which of course caused more red-pilling than BLM and CRT put together.

        At its highest levels, the regime out would-be overlords have cobbled together is built on falsified history, but at its lower levels, its built on sportsball, opioids and pron – and sportsball is possibly the most important.

        • [Attempt to continue the dry humor of recent posts.]

          We’re too hard on Liberals and their policies here. For example, seventy or more years ago, Civil Rights and equal treatment for the Negro was all the rage. Decades of laws and court decisions have succeeded more than even the most optimistic Leftist could ever have dreamed. Just consider:

          Not only were Negroes now admitted to apartment blocks and neighborhoods where once they were excluded, they often became the only residents of these desirable homes!

          Whites selfishly keeping quality education to themselves were gradually required to admit Black students to formerly exclusive schools. Before you knew it, most, sometimes all, of the crackers were gone. And best of all, the sports teams were now unequaled.

          I’m sure many more examples can be found, once the White stranglehold on property and rights is broken.

      • Many years ago, my grandparents lived in units in an area populated mostly by middle eastern predominantly Lebanese people. Even at a young age I could tell these people were vastly different and never felt at ease when there. It was literally foreign to me.

    • Start showing people the Oakland EMT/ambulance video from the Juneteenth shooting.

      Irrefutable proof of HBD in 1 hi-def minute.

      • Yeah, wow. The first word that came to mind was “baboons”, but then I felt that unfair to baboons.

  33. “Of course, he always tone policing the language of the people he claims to represent. ”

    Forgive me, but what ‘tone policing’? Is this where A lectures B because B used politically incorrect words? Or is it actually related to the concept of tone; in this case A chastises B because xzhir’s tone seems to be edging toward suggesting something A does not like, regardless of the words used?

    • The first one. Shapiro will lecture people about using the word “antiwhite” to describe anti-white policies. Instead, he will demand they use the word “racist” as that supports left-liberal morality on race.

      • Drop the word “antiwhite”, eh? No thanks Benny, it’s a great tool. That said, I passed through the ‘Halls of Shapiro’ on my way here, and at one point thought the world could be made better by ‘Shapiro totally OWNS transgender activist’ YouTube videos. A lot of people I know seem to be in the phase of moving past Shapiro, but still can’t quite wean themselves of him and his 6’2″ Aryan frame.

        • Heh. Reminds me of the joke they used to tell about Mustache Guy and his crew. To be a true Aryan, you must be tall, like Goebbels; athletic, like Himmler; lean, like Goering; and blonde, like Hitler.

          Who says Germans have no sense of humor?

      • CRT is obviously and specifically anti-White Caucasian as its adherents single out that demographic for abuse. This is bad for the Regime because it builds solidarity among Whites who rightly feel under siege. So, they try to defuse it by making a general criticism that just so happens to bring the opposition back to being subservient to them via their demographic pets:

        “CRT is racist”. Implication: it’s racist against everyone, so don’t mention any one group in particular — such as Whites / and it’s racist against minorities, so DR3 and we must expose the Left’s hypocrisy by being good to blacks (another rhetorical trick they use, recently promoted by Ben Shapiro’s outfit when they donated money to AOC’s abuela to expose her hypocrisy).

        If something or someone is “anti-something”, then one must ask who it is that’s being anti and why. That’s what they don’t want Whites to notice. If something is anti-White, then who is being anti-White? That would be the Left and their demographic pets. And we can’t notice that, can we?

        See how cleverly gatekeepers like Shapiro (and that former PragerU lady) bring the conversation back to reinforcing the Left’s power?

        Civ Nats like Tucker Carlson & Faux News do the same. Black dysfunctionality is destroying our cities. Solution: lionize this based black guy who’s running for mayor. Implication: cities are bad because we have the wrong mayors, the wrong party in charge, and not the wrong demographics living there.

        Here’s an example the corporate Right used all the time:

        Conservative normie: “Prices on X product are through the roof. This is the result of corporate monopolies. Maybe we should enforce the law and break them up?”

        Gatekeeper: “No no no. Prices are high because the government is being mean to corporations.” Implication: stop being mean to corporations, maybe by deregulating them even more.

        IMHO, the gatekeepers started losing control back in 2012, after Romney lost the presidential election to a racialized opposition candidate. Mittens checked all the right boxes, said all the right civ nat things, sucked up to all the right demographics who never vote republican, attacked his own base, talked only about approved topics, implied he’d let the Left win on a bunch of things like immigration, and gave all the deference in the world to a media that brutally mocked him and his family — just like conservatives have done for generations. But unlike Ronald Reagan (or even George W. Bush), he lost.

        Conservative normie: But how?!!!! I remember the shock on conservative faces the next day. Others were sullen, quiet the whole day when they had been cheerful the day before. Faux News had convinced them that Ronald Reagan had returned to defeat those mean ol socialists and save ‘Murica.

        But the age of demography had arrived and there was no covering it up. Romney should have won in a landslide, and he would have if we still had the demographics of 1980. You can’t ignore reality anymore. GOP leaders mislead their voters about demographic replacement and the 2012 election showed the whole world what it had done. Can’t hide that.

        Since it’s privately believed the GOP can’t win anymore, there is no reason for republican Whites to moderate their views. They might as well be honest with themselves because they are going to lose anyway. In the past, they moderated their opinions because they were being magnanimous in victory. That’s how the gatekeepers maintained control — exploiting conservative civ nat impulses and general good will in victory (the Tea Party was crushed in the run up to an election the Right thought they were going to win). But that’s out the window now that the Right can no longer win presidential elections.

        That’s how we got Donald Trump in 2016. He was the guy who said what was really on everyone’s mind. Why not be honest with yourself when you’re going to lose anyway?

    • It’s about the words themselves, not the literal tone or intonation. An example is Ben Shapiro warning us about “whataboutism” and thus encouraging us not to point out hypocrisy when we see it.

      • Thanks for the answer. It’s good to know, as I thought there was a new world of communications policing afoot. But it’s the same old tricks. Yes, I’d seen the example of “whataboutism” some years ago, when many articles appeared telling me it was very bad.

      • An important difference there.

        Our guys often warn that pointing out hypocrisy doesn’t work, that our enemies aren’t rational, that real villains know that hypocrisy is a privilege of power and they enjoy when you “catch” them flaunting it, etc.

        Their guys deride same with a childish neologism, a “thought-terminating cliché” popularized among not-us by an establishment-left blogger (somebody at Crooked Timber; I can’t tell them apart) and never used by anyone not wholly beholden to TPTB. Even real commies mock it.

        Our guy hopes you’ll learn a lesson. Their guy, swatting you with a rolled up Guardian, wants you to learn your place.

  34. “This time it is struggling to do the same thing with the populism Trump rode to office and the growing dissident movement.”

    “It could very well be that this natural defense mechanism only works if the system itself is viewed as fundamentally legitimate. Once people begin to think the system is rigged or inherently corrupt, the defense mechanisms not only fail, but they also become proof of the corruption.”

    We are moving from Preference falsification to Preference cascade.

    “n short, average people behave the way they think they ought to, even
    though that behavior might not reflect their own personal feelings.
    Given a sufficient “A-HA!” moment when they discover that their personal
    feelings are shared by a large portion of the population their behavior
    may change dramatically.”

    Trump and “The Covid Panic” exposed the rottenness at the heart of the system. Now, what is to be done?

    • For a long time I have said the revolution begins on the day a Republican stands in front of a crowd and rants about racism. One person laughs and jeers and then all of a sudden the room erupts in laughter as everyone realizes that no one else cares bout this either.

      • I thought as a close proxy to that, when normal conversation, and I see this now normal conversation starts using terms like Anti White, and Diversity is code for Anti White. Normal people say its time to start going more our own way and not support the system. Anti White breaking through as a term in the America lexicon and repeated by more and more people and agreed with seems best. CRT is an Anti White policy simple as that.

      • Mighty White Soap company and Havamal Soap Works selling a lot more too Zman. I just love businesses like that getting our money rather than some Anti White corporate conglomerate.

    • Best thing to do is prepare for a broken state and wait for it to break. The general historical record has been that regime destruction happens when foreign actors or foreign problems cause an unadressable but unavoidable problem the regime can’t solve (like, for example, the Continental wheat famine at the end of Louis XVI’s reign). Toppling a regime from within is like cracking a pillar from underneath: it’s technically possible but very unlikely. It usually takes anterior forces to destroy it.

      • WEF cyber plandemic exercise kicks off July 9th.

        Given their track record they’ll go live around 9/11.

        The controllers just love anniversaries.

        • Wild Geese – You must read the same sites my friend does. She’s convinced ‘they’ are going to crash the grid around September. I fully expect outages here and there throughout the summer, but am not yet ready to put a specific time or date on when any particular crisis is ordained from the cloud people. Still, I work to prepare for whatever may come.

      • Regime toppling; It never happened without armies or organizations , foreign or domestic.

        Including Romania and the rest of 1989.

        They stay there until an organized group pushes them out, if Revolution only after years or decades of preparation.

        1989 , 1789, for that matter 1776 did not just happen. Romantic nonsense to believe in spontaneous Revolution. Its chief attraction is running little or no risk until “the inevitable” which it never is, never will be.
        Truth is few have the courage to risk life, injury, jail or even financial setback or legal fees for any cause. So they wait for others to risk and act.

        The Leftist government of America is not tottering or on the verge of collapse but has won , crushed and cowed the opposition and is now consolidating its power.

        That’s the actual situation.

      • Interesting side note: the shock wave of the collapse in European wheat prices, which caused a crisis in the Pound Sterling in January 1929, led to the collapse of credit pricing in the US and the 1929 September Crash.

        A playbook, perhaps?

  35. If they are a politician at all and especially already in office , I don’t trust them.
    Of course no political action will save us anyways. Look at Gov. DeSantis. Seems like one of ours with many of the right actions and beliefs. Priming himself for the future he has scheduled a visit to Israel presumably for a blessing from the Sanhedrin.

    • The pilgrimage to Mecca Israel thing is a good example of unconscious behavior. Baked into the Republican orthodoxy is the belief that they have to be super-duper pro-Israel. They don’t think about it. It is just assumed that this gets them Jewish money and Evangelical support. At the fringes this is true, but in the main no one cares about this.

      • Maybe that’s true of simpletons like MTG but I think DeSantis and even Trump are more cynical and understand Jewish Power perfectly well. Trump dealt with powerful Jews his entire career and intentionally married his daughter into a major Jewish crime family. DeSantis seems to actually keep his obeisance on the relative down low while Abbott, another moron, poses in front of an Israeli flag while he promotes censorship against anti semitism.

        • This is that bourgeois objectivism I mentioned. People often act unconsciously. More often, in fact. I doubt Trump or DeSantis thinks much about this at all. They just do it because that’s what you do. Everyone believes you have to be super pro-Israel. They don’t think about it.

          • Every normie conservative I know reflexively thinks “Israel good, Muslims bad.” It’s part of their conditioning.

          • Today’s article confused me. You called out this “bourgeois objectivism” but then the article went on to validate the claims made from that perspective. Are we meant to think these people are acting intentionally or no?

          • No, quite the opposite. I made the point that the system naturally, not deterministically, creates gatekeepers.

          • Trump seems utterly obsessed with Jews. He can’t stop talking about them and he also talks about the distinctions between religious and secular Jews. There is plenty of evidence that the Kushner marriage was a cynical move to bolster the Trump dynasty. I don’t see how you can claim Trump has done all this without being aware of it.

          • Say what you will of Israelis, they fought for and got their very own ethnostate and fight to keep it.

          • “ No, quite the opposite. I made the point that the system naturally, not deterministically, creates gatekeepers.”

            I must be experiencing Dunning-Kruger. I reread the post and my takeaway is the system clones dissident personalities and ideas and these weaker versions are set into the dialectic to be destroyed by current year orthodoxy. How do the gatekeepers emerge if not for the purpose of gatekeeping? For money? Attention? Is it a hobby?

            It’s not clear at all to me how this happens “naturally”. It seems natural that the system would gatekeep but how is it not deterministic? You seem to be saying no one has set out to create gatekeepers but it’s happening so there is agency somewhere.

            I feel you are setting up a false alternative. If the system is not determined to gatekeep and it happens somehow naturally, maybe you should describe what these natural forces are?

            This is a subject I should know about, just look at my username.

      • You bring up a great point about unconscious behavior. Unconscious behavior is natures way of conserving resources for the mind and body. It’s natural in everyone. That is why it is so hard to get people to see the truth, it takes energy., even in our so-called elites. Nature will always prevail in the end.

        • Excellent, Free Will.

          “Israel is an example for every people.”

          See how automatically that precept rolls out?
          Deftly done, Zman.

    • Closer readings of the vaxport ban Bill he signed seem to reveal language indicating the bill actually *enables* the state of FL to detain and forcibly vax people deemed a, “health threat.”

      • Not familiar with the latest law, but based on earlier articles, there is legal precedent allowing States (and no doubt the Feds too) to impose vaccinations, up to and including U.S. Supreme Court decisions. 🙁 Now, what’s on paper and what they could get away with trying to implement are two very different matters. You’d be dismayed at how much of what we consider our rights can vanish under so-called “emergencies.”

    • David – I found a fund-raising appeal from DeSantis yesterday among the normal pile of conservatard appeals. I shredded it with the rest of them. Whatever he may have done, DeSantis is still a politician and he’s not my hero or my savior, and no one involved in politics is getting a penny of my money.


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