Corporate Rebels

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It has been observed that people who claim to be free thinkers are always people trapped in the narrowest lanes of dogma. They somehow confuse their love of conformity for rebelliousness. On the other hand, people who do question the prevailing orthodoxies tend not to think about it very much. Instead, they follow their nose on the alternative path, even if it violates a taboo. This is why genuine free thinkers tend to be victims of the revolutions they initially support.

In the current age, this contrast is especially stark. The people claiming to be the wild and crazy guys of politics are not only conventional, but they also tend to be wedded to the oldest ideas. They also enjoy full support from an increasingly authoritarian regime, while claiming to oppose authoritarianism. A good example is someone like Tim Pool, who is a perfect example of how the regime creates its own opposition. He thinks he is a rebel while broadcasting from regime platforms.

The Right is festooned with housebroken rebels. This is a legacy of Bill Buckley, who defined the opposition to the Left within the bounds of the acceptable. It was the Left, of course, that decided what was acceptable. Over the last 70 years, every great purge was led by the Buckley crowd. The Birchers, paleocons, populists, immigration patriots and so on were denounced and purged by Conservatives, after the Left decided they were no longer allowed in polite company.

In the current age, the contrast between the swelling hordes of people outside the bounds of the acceptable and the so-called conservatives is glaring. It was not always so, which would explain why so-called conservatives carried on as if they were rebels trying to topple the system. In the 1990’s, for example, Conservative Inc. could plausibly argue that the paleo remnant turning up at Ross Perot rallies or Ron Paul events were just a noisy minority, not the real alternative to the Left.

A similar dynamic seems to be at play on the Left. The internet is full of people claiming to be the real Left. They tend to rally around people like Bernie Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez as the rebels against the system. Unlike those conventional thinkers in the mainstream media, the democratic socialist are the real rebels. They are the ones challenging the established order. The fact that democratic socialism is the plaything of a billionaire currency speculator never seems to matter.

This false consciousness is understandable among the street gangs and rioters recruited to cause mayhem. Most of the people were see smashing windows and bellowing about Nazis are just day labor hired for the task. The typical “black bloc” is populated with drug addicts, homeless people, and random losers. They are organized by the children of managerial class types, building their resume. Nothing opens doors in the managerial class like a turn as a street radical.

The real puzzle comes with the branded radicals. In this case, “branded” should be read as corporate branded. The Young Turks, for example, imagine themselves to be rebels fighting corporate media and corporate politics. They take their name from the Young Turk Revolution that toppled the Ottoman Empire’s monarchy. Cenk Uygur, one of the creators, describes himself as a young insurgent. He and the others are leading a revolution from the Left against the system.

The fact that his channel is the creation of the system, operates on the platforms of the system and is funded by the people who benefit the most from the system seems to be lost on him and his audience. What makes the whole thing even more amusing is that Cenk Uygur is a middle-aged man. The only thing that would make their enterprise more ridiculous is if the “Young Turks” were a collection of octogenarians working from the human resource department of Goldman Sachs.

If you want to see just how much American politics has been corporatized and homogenized since the end of the Cold War, look at the Left. The typical left-wing person in America will defend to the death the right of Apple or Amazon to exploit their workers in order to make a profit. The far-left of American political discourse now arrives at the debate dressed like race car drivers. They are the house slaves of the American political plantation, but think they are John Brown.

One reason for the political discourse being dominated by deluded corporate flunkies is it pays extremely well. Cenk Uygur would be spending his days in traffic court if not for his willingness to play this role in corporates politics. Instead of struggling to pay the mortgage, he gets to live in a mansion. This is where Bill Buckley was a pioneer back in the before times. He made selling out into a highly lucrative career by making it look like a principled stand against his paymasters.

That explains the cynical, but what about the truly deluded? The internet is full of people volunteering to carry the torch for corporate conservatism or corporate progressivism, while thinking themselves as free thinking rebels. These people volunteer to be sheep while thinking they are wolves. The people showing up at this summer’s Trump rallies are not doing it for money. The losers calling them fascists on Twitter are convinced they are fighting the racist system.

The simple answer is that the supply of people who are not terribly bright, but sure they are on top of things is quite large. Even if 20% of the population falls into this category, the system has an army of noisy simpletons it can control. That is more than enough to drown out the real opposition. It also creates social proof. People unhappy with the system can find a corporately controlled mob to join. The fact that it is safe inside the Cenk Uygur and Tim Pool tents adds to the appeal.

There is another reason. This quote from John Derbyshire’s We Are Doomed is useful in this context. “The ordinary modes of human thinking are magical, religious, social, and personal. We want our wishes to come true; we want the universe to care about us; we want the approval of those around us; we want to get even with that s.o.b who insulted us at the last tribal council. For most people, wanting to know the cold truth about the world is way, way down the list.”

That is what these sorts of politics satisfy. The fans of Cenk Uygur or Tim Pool get to feel like they are on the winning team. They are also told that the tides of history or the immutable facts of the universe are on their side. The exaggerated size of the audience offers the social proof and the pseudo fellowship of on-line communities. Most important, they get to hate on the bad guys. That is the real draw of this sort of corporate sponsored politics. You get to safely hate your enemies.

What never intrudes is reality. When Tim Pool says “I am not afraid of being challenged or wrong” he means that in the context of corporate sponsored politics. He is perfectly willing to sit down with the folks sponsored by Amazon or Apple to talk about the latest pronouncements from Team Walmart. What will never happen is any of these people sitting down with someone who genuinely questions the premise of corporate sponsored politics or the system that makes it possible.

In a way, the corporate sponsored rebel is the commercialization of the old tactics used by state security agencies. The FBI does not have to run COINTELPRO, because YouTube and Twitter do it for them. Instead of agents from the state secretly supporting the accommodationist wing of the opposition, corporate America hires them, gives them a big platform and the freedom to operate on-line. The rest fall in line because they just assume the marketplace has spoken.

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170 thoughts on “Corporate Rebels

  1. Corporate political connivance is an opportunity not a problem. All that they have is the fruits of Treason and corruption; so all that they have is Halal- literally ‘ that which you can take.’ Booty – Loot. Great Revolutionary economics.

    Logistics problem solved.

    We owe them nothing, they owe us tens of trillions- and they owe us for their foul and short sighted betrayal.

    Really every problem is an opportunity when the enemy is the problem.

  2. You know those decals on the back of trucks that show the cartoon Calvin pissing on a Ford, or Chevy, or Ram logo? The same company makes all of those.

    Similarly, Dems and Reps are on the payroll of the same people.

  3. White pills of the day:

    White pill #1: As the Biden Regency ineptly pursues a nuclear deal revival with now new hard core Islamist President Executioner, they are sending in F-15 raids on various Iranian Revolutionary Guard Command outposts in Syria and Iraq. In retaliation for that groups earlier using drones and explosives to attack CIA and Special Operations groups forward bases. Haha weren’t we supposed to be out of those places? And one group / faction in the Regency is bombing the Iranians while another makes nice with them.

    White pill #2: The US military complex seems determined to fight a war with Russia, see the Brit destroyer provocation of passing through Crimean/Russian waters. While yes the Russian logistics, air defense, and armor are pathetic, they are operating at home, with likely heavily dug in troops who spent years preparing, and with some likely surprises in missile tech. While the Bush Military could have prevailed, I have every confidence in Woke Milley to lose spectacularly with the Fifth Transgender Division.

    • The Marine corps has been stripped of armor and most artillery assets so it’s just little more than a light infantry force in Strykers. Basically worthless in a 1st world fight.

      Secondly the Army is in a bad way, a lot of their gear still needs to be fixed from the Iraq adventure and they are relying more and more Spec Ops to do stuff that at one time was done by conventional infantry or paratroops.

      Secondly the Army has so few active duty 11B’s that we have to rely on the AR and ANR to bolster their numbers. Think of it as a unofficial draft. It’s that bad.

      As it is the Army is set up to do colonial style punishment expeditions not fight a major power. The Army that could do that was dismembered by Clinton.

      • Correct.

        Yes, the ARNG and AR (Army National Guard, {States} Army Reserve {Federal}) are now and have been a draft pool for active. A lot of that is by design from the Reagan years- the government wants broad support for any wars so the hometown and neighborhood boys go too. Not activating the Reserves was identified as a major LBJ mistake of Vietnam war.

        However this is all passe. The Oath passed with the Constitution. There is yet no replacement and certainly Biden or Milley aren’t inspiring personal leadership.
        I mean exactly when they try to use their toy soldiers set …it won’t show. We all saw DC.
        We have had a generation of faithless leadership and we know that our Generals are corrupt money grubbing sellout cowards. Without the Constitution- the only glue ever and all that remained (it’s gone) there’s just a show of force. DC was show of force you know, we had only 15-30 bullets.

        That’s not the Army now, its the American National Army. You know- ANA. 😉

        They wanted the Green Zone, they wanted Iraq?

        Well they get the same troops. Watch and see. Its already “de-establishing itself “ to quote Rumsfeld.

        I feel sorry for the poor bastards who muster.
        The Vets and Salts are already saying flat NO since January, and nothing happened to them. Proceedings would have someone on record asking by what authority do you order? The Constitution was our Oath – its gone.

        • Short version; no Constitution, no military.

          They want Iraq?
          DC Green Zone proves yes.

          So they get Iraqi army – we just stand there, collect a paycheck, or don’t show.

          Let them fight.

  4. I think it was Jim Goad who said if a fart had a face, it would be Cenk Uigur.

    • And I was the first to give him his all time great 21st century superhero name, Chink Wigger.

      Goad and I were both cool thirty years ago. Being funny is worthless now. Has been for a long time.

  5. As I sit in moderation hell, I would like to expand on the idea of moralism. I think the moral framework while powerful really only hits Upper Class White women. Who by dint of being female and upper class punch above their demographic weight but lack critical mass. Rather it is the power of a Managerial Class often inter-married and allied with wealthy upper class foreigners (see Stanley Ann Dunham) that has led to victory for the left.

    But their moralism leaves many cold. What does the Upper Class White moralism have to offer working class Latinos? Whose moral concerns are more personal. Or those of the struggling working and middle class who are White? Its one thing to go to Sedona as in the mid 1990s for the Harmonic Convergence when your wealth and power allows you to believe in nutty things. For working people nuttiness is a one-way ticket to homelessness at Venice Beach. Moreover moralism is a luxury good — and inflation and hard times are sure to reduce demand for it. Go Vegan and denounce your White family — what does that gain a White man in particular with no wide and powerful social network to replace family? Kin and clan are all most working people have — and the machinations of the powerful don’t mean much particularly as it has become very fake and gay.

  6. Great Article Zman on Taki’s, however I would take issue with a few points.

    1. Alinksy was certainly wrong regarding Afghanistan, Iraq, Vietnam, and many other defeats of the West where propaganda and moralizing did nothing compared to tribal and national networks.
    2. The very cruddiness of corporate moralistic propaganda means its message is viewed lower than a used car salesman’s assurances. Conchita Wurst and Simone Biles prancing around do not make a winning message for normie.
    3. The victory after victory of the Left and defeat after defeat of the Right is more about the ascendancy of the Managerial class and their ability to grift off one idiot scheme after another than pure morality. And their grift has diminishing returns as their grift hits too many of the Upper Class. Let me expand on this:

    A. CRT in schools has wealthy liberal White women up in arms being told that THEY (Goodwhites all) are genetically evil and must be “dealt with” as well as their kids, their message to the future. They don’t like it and are rebelling.
    B. Venice and other should-be wealthy areas with some wealthy people who live there getting fed up with the avalanche of homeless and crime. Creating a large class of wealthy, permanent loss bearing people is not smart.

    The smart grifter knows when to cut his con and move onto the next mark. The Managerial class being “stuck” can only push things far beyond the margins to the point where social revolt is inevitable. Via deplatforming, denial of banking services, home rental, and more the Managerial Class can enforce compliance when watched — and guarantee all sorts of evasions, work-arounds, etc. as they lose legitimacy. Gen Milley can cite “White Rage” all he wants, he can’t get buy in from his White enlisted and NCO core, all he can get is order following when watched. With spiraling crime, inflation sure to cause real hunger among working people, another lockdown looming, and corporations proudly saying they are Chinese companies for Chinese people (Nike) the Managerial Class is already illegitimate.

  7. Comparing Pool to Tucker (insider trades of information with members of the MSM, so he’s embedded in ‘the system’) or Shapiro (now THIS guy is ‘controlled’ opposition and often does the lefts work for them) is offensive, and with The Young Turks, even more so. What those three have in common that Pool doesn’t is ACTUAL INSTITUTIONAL SUPPORT and funding, even though the two conservatives get a fraction of Institutional Support that TYT get, at least they get some. I get the idea this post was trying to say the “rebels” on the left and the on the “right” are all alike and all ‘controlled’ opposition, all taking tons of money and getting support of the Cathedral, but while there is some truth to that, it’s nowhere near true that the ‘right’ is as guilty as the left in this regard. Most ‘rightwingers’ that actually get Institutional support, are the NEOCONS and the decepticon rinos in DC proper. The Mitt Romneys of the world. The ones who hate the populists and Tea Partiers and actively worked against Trump. Every other Republican, including Shapiro and esp Tucker are often lumped in with Nazis and the “Insurrectionists” of Jan 6th. This is because the MSM and most other institutions of the “Cathedral” don’t have to play nice with ANY Republican anymore, at least anyone that isn’t busy actively sucking their ..well, you know. Tucker gets Fox money and has a Fox spot. He even has some advertisers. Tucker is protected in part by his popularity. Shapiro gets Daily Wire money and Speakers Fees from when he lectures at College Campuses. He is associated with at least one foundation I know of: The Young American Foundation. Both Shapiro (even though I do think he is faux opposition, Tucker I’m less sure of) do have SOME presence on social media though they’ve also had their bans and limitations. My points? Two. A) Left-wingers rarely suffer any social media problems at all. The Young Turks have shit tons of advertisers, are carried on multiple cable channels, have their OWN social media/news platform, never get canceled speaking engagements or any of that. B) Tim Pool relies on donations for pretty much everything he does. He’s been shadowbanned on Youtube before, as well as having videos banned and even more (possibly all by now)videos demonetized. Like Styx , he doesn’t even put most of his own content on Youtube anymore, and Youtube was his only Big Video Platform the past few years. He does have his blue checkmark on Twitter, but they’ve been known to flag his tweets more than twice. While Pool was able to acquire quite a bit of capital from Youtube for a few years (largely financed his moves) most of that has now dried up and only his Patreon supporters really keep him afloat, his revenue from other video platforms like Bitchute not really making much difference. In short, Pool is financed like a real populist (not saying he is one, just saying he’s not financed like a mole would be) and really is alot more ‘self made’ than pretty much any Conservative Commenter, aside from the late Rush Limbaugh. Of course Pool is a rather mushy centrist (though increasingly siding with the right) and not a Conservative per-se. Pool has actually veered more into a pessimistic outlook the past few years (and big on Gun Rights too) rather than some ridiculously optimistic “right side of history” BS you want to assign to him. Most of his videos don’t make me or other members of the audience feel awesome, but yes, the one guy in the comments above put it best: Pool “makes us feel we are not alone”, not crazy, and that alone is worth alot these days. I live in Baltimore city. Do you think I even once wore my MAGA hat outside of my house? And now that Trump is out and Biden is in (probable usurper, I don’t trust the election) the ability to be an out and Trump supporter is even less.

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  9. Oops- by ‘piracy’, I mean ‘hostile takeover’.
    Now, who would organize a political, moral campaign to take over the centers of power in a country?

    Who would think sideways like that, as a woman does, with an always-hidden agenda, even from themselves?

      • Someone kindly inform the newly installed Oberkommando der Wehrmacht, David Barnea, that all muh M0ssad assassines are required to have D-Cups or larger.

        If he even thinks about sending some teeny-tiny scrawny little C-cupped assassine around here, I’ma kick his hebe posterior.

  10. The terms “kept men”, “sell outs” and “controlled opposition” come to mind with Z’s post.

    When you look at political opposition it is mostly a collection of Kept Men who are working for some sugar daddy. These are not independent operators who self fund like the old radicals used to do. Heck most of them were and are dirt poor.

    Anything that comes out of these puppets mouth is sanitized feel good pablum aimed at keeping their target audience on the reservation.

    The ones who veer like Lou Dobbs get taken off the air or punished like Pirro and Carlson when they get to unannounced “vacations”. This is why certain topics never get discussed. How many for instance bring up Soro’s control of the Left in this country and his owning of DA ‘s in every major city or how many Republicans are owned by BigTech. Tucker can bring them up to a limited extent but only by virtue of being Fox’s cash cow.

    • Didn’t you have some old bloke who mentioned Soros, and then was promptly cut off? Gingrich? Can’t quite recall who or on what show – but he did a naughty alright.

      • Yes, it was Gingrich on a Fox business program hosted by Melissa Francis. She stopped him cold when he mentioned Soros. However, Fox soon dropped her not long afterward. She has been unpersoned.

  11. I think you can sum up this entire train of thought with one word, #resistance. Lefties who spent their entire day and night watching CNN and MSNBC and supporting CIA spooks like John Brennan spent years larping as underground rebels. Even as literally nothing in their lives or the lives of anyone they knew changed, they imagined they were beset on all sides by a Mustache Man 2.0 blitzkrieg that can only be fought by talking about filibusters, judicial confirmation votes, and first term congresswomen. When the new occupant of the White House moved in, a senile old fool who has been part of the establishment for decades, and wrote bills of the sort that #resistance were actively fighting, they claimed a victory like it was Athens overthrowing the Thirty Tyrants.

    At the same time, the right had no response to this #resistance larping. As usual, the only thing the right could do is point and laugh while they got steamrolled. Tim Pool did it for years. They couldn’t go on the offensive because the left defined the offensive as the sole domain of Mustache Man 2.0 and well you don’ want to be part of THAT now do you?

    Also note that the #resistance larping came with a whole boatload of stuff. It wasn’t just about Mustache Man 2.0. You also had to be fully on board with BLM, with trans, with drag queen story hour, with full deplatforming of anyone not on #resistance, with full election shenanigans. So in essence the left became more deeply tied to this system as they enforced control.

    • The Left operates on the basis of squishy-feely emotions. Logic is not a paramount consideration, nor is reason. If it were, these trillions of dollars in new programs Biden is proposing would give pause to their generators, because of the staggering additions this means for the overall debt which has to be paid off. The future, as it is with children, is hazy and unreal to the members of the Left. Their myopic vision of abstractions turns more on feelz than it ever did on thinking.

      • Logic is not a paramount consideration, nor is reason.

        The people at the top of the Leftist pyramid know precisely what they’re doing, and even if you’re utterly blind to the horrifying reality of their physiognomy, the very fact that they are doing what they are doing is all you need to know in order to come to the inescapable conclusion that they are sadistically psychopathic reptiles in human skinsuits.

        The Left operates on the basis of squishy-feely emotions.

        The big question – should we, by some miracle of Divine Intervention, ackshually win this thing – the big question is what the heck are we gonna do with all these poor stupid utterly psychologically helpless Insula-dominant/Amygdala-submissive lunatics which can’t for the lives of themselves distinguish between reality and fantasy?

        Maybe the vaccine really will k!11 all of them, but, if so, a population collapse of that magnitude will be the greatest threat to the survival of our species since the catastrophic Ice Age [Toba supervolcano explosion?] of circa 70,000 BC.

        You could even make the argument that absent a properly functioning Amygdala, these folks aren’t fully capable of having what classically would have been called Freedom of the Will, ergo, to a certain extent, you can’t even think of aspects of their behavior as involving immorality [per se].

        And you could even go so far as to accuse us Amygdala-dominant of having failed to sufficiently protect the Insula-dominant when we [or at least our ancestors] allowed the usurpers to seize control of The Signal.

        But then you’ve gotta keep reminding yourself that you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t force it to drink…

  12. What makes the whole [“Young Turks”] thing even more amusing is that Cenk Uygur is a middle-aged man.

    Sorry, Zman, but Cenk Uygur is NOT “middle aged”. How many do you know of who lived to be a hundred?

  13. Biggest problem with Tim Pool for me is that he is behind in events and publishes too long—which I assume is to generate/optimize money earned. I’m led to believe Pool is a top money earner on YouTube.

    On one of his channels his discussion group is young and pretty naive so I assume he is earring towards the 20-30 Yao’s. Pool has a poor habit of reading published “news” articles and commenting upon such as the grist of his program. I’ve also noticed Pool has moved from center Left to at least center Right in his analysis and stated concerns. This struck me as following the money, rather than a genuine change in convictions. He is gearing toward the out of power, disgruntled. I’ve become wary of this process.

    That being said, Tim is in the end, entertainment—not movement leadership. I truly can’t remember listening to him and determining a course of action or behavior or a new take on things. I can see where he just keeps viewers comfortable in the thought they are “not alone”.

    Not sure I’ve put this into the best wording, but I think we all get it in this group. However, I can’t compare Pool to Shapiro. Shapiro is truly vile. I could sit down and have a beer with Pool and enjoy the evening. Shapiro, not so much. 😉

    • There is an entire social media ecosystem of wags that do little more than comment on published news articles from their particular viewpoint.

      Some of them appear to be making pretty decent money.

    • “Lol” said Tim Pool, “lmao”.

      His inability to articulate anything other than that when we are getting trounced really irritates me. Other than that I find his show to be fine for entertainment.

  14. “The simple answer is that the supply of people who are not terribly bright, but sure they are on top of things is quite large.”

    There was a time, I’ve heard , that universal literacy was though of as problem. People wouldn’t REALLY be more independent, and discerning or informed, but were actually more easily manipulated not only by spoken “slogans” (as Clive Staple Lewis puts it in Screwtape) but now the even more memorable written slogan.

    Informed electorate indeed!

    • Remember. The reason it is so devilishly difficult to make something foolproof is that the universe is infinitely creative when it comes to producing fools. Also remember; sense, like courtesy and decency, is one of the least “common” qualities in the universe.

  15. All of this is interwoven with entertainment. Rage For the Machine is a good example. The edgy, anti-establishment bands and entertainers created by the establishment have been cliche’ since the 1980’s. Nowhere is the life of an American untouched by this for any length of time. Half of the commercials on what’s left of the quickly dying right wing talk radio programs are from “The Ad-Counsel” which is basically a non-profit that’s directly funded by various agencies to parrot agency propaganda. Everyone wins. Ad agencies get money, the doctrines are promoted, the right wing entertainer gets his check in the mail.

    • The edgy, anti-establishment bands and entertainers created by the establishment have been cliche’ since the 1980’s.

      What?! You mean The Monkees WEREN’T the only made up band ever? I believe you owe Milli Vanilli a HUGE apology, don’t you? 😉

    • What’s telling is that someone like Rush made all of these millions, basically being a whore. I say that with some regret, because I used to like him and listen to him, especially when I had a few hours in the car alone. His voice was a good companion.

      But he was paid to be a company man and to condition his listeners on what and how to think about things political and cultural.

      But what’s telling to me, is that if I had made all those millions I would have retired and franchised out the microphone to a younger whore. But none of these guys do. So I am left to conclude that all of that money isn’t really all that great, or rather that life doesn’t really have all that much to offer them despite being rich. That says a lot about them, their lack of a love of life and lack of desire to see the world and explore it, no sense of adventure, that they find enough contentment in taking the weekend off with a few viagra to roll in the sack with an impoverished and undoubtedly smelly little girl. What kind of guy is satisfied with such a shallow existence? Who are these people?

      The older I get the more I can just scratch my head and wonder what is going on here

      • Good point regarding Rush. By accounts as well as just listening to him during his hey dey, he seemed most satisfied behind the mic. However, I have yet to meet personally or know of someone that has been married 3 plus times (I think Rush was on his 4th?) who is genuinely a content and happy person. Throw in his addiction issues (not to mention how he constantly praised Buckley as his mentor figure, something that I used to just take for granted but now has much more significance to me given how I now view the great purges) and its not the portrait of a contented soul.

        • Not a contented soul at all

          Always had an air of sadness about him, not evident when talking on radio but when you see him in pictures.

          But these are the ones selected to engage in what, I am not beginning to understand, has been a war to get rid of lots of people, to distract them as abortions piled up, boys turned to low-T mush, girls into sluts all incapable or reproduction. So if you do in fact make a baby, you’re advised to kill it, but better to cut that off at the pass and simply discourage people from having babies in the first place, be it through a media onslaught or chemically by low-grade poisons in the food. It’s been a war with a type of eugenics at its root. I guess the decision was made that actual wars had proven too bloody, although effective, but they’d be a harder and harder sell in a so-called democracy, so they went to Plan B. And they get whores like Rush to sell the program, and maybe he had caught onto to it but maybe not. Not really my problem at this point.

          Starting to make a lot more sense. We have been at war for a long long time.

          • 1940.
            1940 was the year the Atlantic fleet went on a war footing and per their Commaning Admiral was already at war in the Atlantic.

            1940 was the year British Intelligence setup in Rockefeller Center, NYC then helped create American Intelligence under Bill Donavanand the American listening stations and decoders began to share Intel on U-Boats and Germany with England , 1940 was the year the National Guard was mobilized for a year (5 actually), 1940 is when conscription began- and continued until 1973.

            The all volunteer army was specifically created so that wars of Empire could be politically palatable, not just for temporary politics (that movement in the military began after Korea- see “This Kind Of War”)

          • At the extremes of the various personality spectrums, and all other things being equal, a Psychopath will always win, and a Nice Guy will always finish last.

            I’m not saying that Limbaugh was necessarily evil in any sort of classical understanding of the term, but the Mr Nice Guy radio hosts, who lacked Limbaugh’s all-consuming drive to pwn the airwaves, would have long since dropped by the wayside.

            There’s a meta darwinian selection process for achieving success in these kinds of careers, and it’s a selection process which Normies can’t hope to survive.

            Regarding the professional comics these days, I haven’t heard a professional joke in literally decades which even so much as made me crack a smile.

            Whereas I know naturally funny people, IRL, who wouldn’t dream of going through the torture necessary to become a professional comic.

            Only very aberrant personalities will survive that selection process.

            BTW, if you click through some old Mike Douglas or Johnny Carson videos at j00t00b, you’ll be shocked at the IQ level of the content – easily 30 or 40 IQ points higher than anything the Frankfurt School is allowing to be aired these days.

            Finally, getting back to Limbaugh, my gut instinct is that he wasn’t one of Vox Day’s “Ticket Takers”, but clearly he was one of Vox Day’s Boomers, and certainly one of Z’s CivNats.

            I got the feeling that towards the end, when Limbaugh would speak of the existence of the people who are really in charge – and people whose identities Limbaugh would explicitly state WE DO NOT KNOW [we only know that necessarily they must exist] – that Limbaugh was coming around to the idea of a Deep State [if not an outright acceptance of the existence of the Frankfurt School, which he wouldn’t have been allowed to do anyway, since all of his advertisers were Tiny Hats].

            If Limbaugh hadn’t died of cancer, then it would have been fascinating to see whether he would have been able to dip his toe in the water of the Psychological Rubicon, and summon the courage to walk across to the other side.

            I guess he died just in time to avoid having made the coward’s decision, which would have been to turn and run away from the Rubicon and back into the welcoming arms of his Tiny Hat advertisers.

            But the Boomer Donald Trump made exactly that decision himself, so there’s ample empirical now evidence that any victory we achieve will not be lead by CivNat Boomers.

            And it certainly didn’t help Boomer Donald Trump that Boomer Mike Pence was there to play the role of Brutus.

        • “However, I have yet to meet personally or know of someone that has been married 3 plus times (I think Rush was on his 4th?) who is genuinely a content and happy person.”

          Rush was an entertainer. This job probably warped his life in many respects. Had to keep an eye on his ratings constantly. Stress pushed him to do his best work but maybe also put him in a place where he needed drugs/alcohol to deal with things. Entertainers that can hang tough under constant high stress conditions are atypical, and likely have sociopathic personality components. And these personality traits are often shared with successful politicians. IMO, part of the thing that made Bill C a success can be attributed to him being a sociopath (craving of attention and love of crowds, lack of truthfulness etc). Anyway, back to Rush. He may have just been a normal guy with a very stressful job who paid a high price for his work in his personal life.

          Had friend who managed entertainment venue and interacted with many artists (comedians, musicians etc) for work. Alot of the comedians get drunk at their shows to help handle performance stress. Part of friends job was helping artists avoid trouble night before show (no arrests etc) and get them what they needed to get through set. Alot of what they required to do a set was contractually negotiated and could range from the a bunch of TVs in the green room to watch football or certain foods and top shelf liquor. If performer had to do back to back comedy sets, the second show often times would be super rough as the artist would often be drunk enough that they would have hard time getting through the performance. My friend said that some comedians were nice people, but none of them were normal.

          • Look, Rush’s audience was not the far Right. His audience was disgruntled middle American conservatives. He was closer to the political middle and therefore still touted lots of Civnat philosophy. That’s where we lament that the majority of Whites currently are!

            Seems we keep on attributing all sorts duplicitous/devious behavior to anyone not right of Z-man. Rush told it as he saw it. And in his later years shifted further to the Right than many in the so called “Conservative” movement. In the end he often talked specifically of race and of *Whites* getting the short end of the stick.

            This is not trivial. I never heard anything Rush said that could be construed as a change in belief premised upon audience rating. He achieve his ratings by being a person who spoke to the widest conservative audience that existed at the time (and still does)–and also by being the first in the media to do so.

            It does not automatically follow that successful conservative personalities are in some way corrupted by way of their success. We might do better here as a group to consider this before ostracizing helpful entities.

          • acetone, I wrote a reply to you, which is now poasted up above here, but for the life of me, I can’t seem to master this software.

            Sorry about that.

            The tl;dr was that Rush was definitely a Boomer & a CivNat, but maybe not a Ticket-Taker, and that he died just a little too soon to make his own personal trip to the Rubicon.

            PS: Is not Vox Day’s “Ticket Taker” terminology a nod & a tip of the hat to an old Eddie Murphy joke, from circa 1982?


          • To Compsci: Yeah, I agree with everything you say.

            I was commenting that his job was primarily that of an entertainer. Not an attack on Rush. These jobs are hard and full of stress. Might account for some of Rush’s struggles in his personal life. Also, looking at people that are working in an entertainment type profession (on TV, radio), we probably should be realistic about what to expect from them in terms of political analysis. Can’t expect perfection, IMO. Really, we are very lucky to have a guy like Tucker that mostly aligns with messages that we support.

          • Compsci: “It does not automatically follow that successful conservative personalities are in some way corrupted by way of their success.”


            This is the wrong essay’s comment section to be trying to sell that old stale bread.

            Successful conservative personalities are successful precisely because they were screened with the utmost care by the Frankfurt School to be dutifully shabbos goyim who would never rock the boat much more than just very gently, i.e. largely imperceptibly vis-a-vis the larger waves in the harbor gently nudging up against the hull.

            “The Rush Limbaugh Show” was 110% financed by Tiny Hat advertisers.

            Now I don’t mean to sound like I’m hating on Rush, but all them fiat shekels were dumped into his bank account precisely because the behavioral psychologists of the Frankfurt School were convinced that it was a safe investment.

            Again, personally I don’t hate on Rush like many do – I think he was simply out of his league* psychologically & intellectually – and my guess is that the cancer took him before he had a chance to make his own personal journey to the banks of the Rubicon.

            *From one perspective, you could site this as an example of the Peter Principle, although, in fairness, if Rush had been competent at psychology & geopolitical [which is to say racia1] strategery, then he would have been sh0ah’ed almost immediately, and none of us would ever have heard of him.

          • Queuing of moderated comments is making it difficult to have a real time discussion.

            To Not My Usual Pen Name: I liked Mitch Hedberg back in the day. He’s been gone nearly 20 years now. You can see the nerves in him when he performed. Also, an untimely death due to substance abuse.


            Also, my earlier comment was not necessarily a dig against sociopaths. Being less empathetic and anxious is an advantage in many respects. I personally would not like to surrounded by sociopaths but an “our guy” type sociopath wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing.

            Last thought on Rush. Things are moving so fast these days that ideologies that were formed in person’s youth reach their expiration rate before death. My dad passed several years ago. How he thought about people and politics (high trust, belief in technocrats) would be challenged by today’s environment.

        • Cluster B

          Academic psychology & psychiatry are remarkably honest about these phenomena.

          The academicians just keep it all in-house, because their careers would be sh0ah’ed if they spoke openly to the general public about these matters.

          Speaking of “Corporate Rebels” in the psychology/psychiatry bidness, that’s precisely why the Normie cuckservative has only ever heard of Charles Murray & Jordan Peterson – because the Frankfurt School screened them very carefully to make absolutely certain that they were dutiful shabbos goyim who would never venture off the reservation and into the wider world of Truth Speak, and once the Frankfurt School was convinced of their trustworthiness & reliability, the Frankfurt School created artificial careers for the two of them to “live”.

          My guess is the two of them are so stupid that it never even dawned on them that they were merely goysiche actors hired to play rolls in the Great Psychological Theatrical Drama which is the destruction of Western Civilization.

  16. The Young Turks . . . take their name from the Young Turk Revolution that toppled the Ottoman Empire’s monarchy.

    And were responsible for the Armenian Genocide.

    • I’m very talkative today but so what

      Again another Los Angeles story.

      I was with a friend who had an office on Wilshire, just off Highland, edge of Koreatown. When I drove up to the building I saw a temporary chain link fence on the setback grass and sidewalk, and didn’t think much of it and pulled into the parking garage. So he had a cute secretary and she smoked, so we went up to the fourth floor roof deck and chatted, and there was a crowd of maybe 20 or 30 now gathered outside the face hollering out some statements. Turns out, this is where the office to the Turkish consulate was or something of that nature, and the guys on the ground were Armenians protesting and demanding justice.

      I will never forget. This Turk was standing there looking over the railing, smoking, and with total disgust and dismissiveness flicks the cigarette onto the ground at the crowd and walks away rolling his eyes.

      What a circus I tell you

      • Heh. At least the Turk sided with his own – regardless. If that where whitey, they’d be down there kissing hairy feet and hairy ass until the cows came home. Then, when informed that it wasn’t them that were responsible for doing in the Armenians, they’d still grovel – they simply must have done something wrong. Please sir! Is there nothing for which we can grovel, they’d cry.

        I have had similar thoughts when walking past certain embassies in London – loads of people protesting some such, none of them English, and none of them back in their sand country where they belong.

        Yes indeed. A lot of aggro in the sand regions of the world – best to let them alone.

        • Then, when informed that it wasn’t them that were responsible for doing in the Armenians

          For those who don’t know, he’s talking about the crypto-Tiny-Hats which ran the Ottoman Empire & organized & oversaw the Armenian holocaust [just like they would holodomor the Ukrainians a few decades later].

          It’s all part & parcel of the ultimate goal, which is to make Neo-Khazaria goyim-free for the Khazarian Tiny Hats.

          [My guess is that the Mizrahim might be invited to join the club, since Persia will be part of Neo-Khazaria, but I doubt there will be any room at the inn for the Sephardim, and certainly not for the Ethiopians].

  17. A former CEO told me how corporate boards of directors work. He said they are hired from outside the company, as “oversight”, an innovation of the Gilded Age progressives to counter the ‘trusts’, kapitalist monopolies.

    He had quit his career in frustration, because every director thought he should be the CEO, and most of them were getting their orders from somewhere else.

    Inviting outside managers seems like the perfect vehicle for subversion and piracy.

    “Trusts”, monopolist corporations, used to do one thing, and do it well, the value of ‘scale’. A ship with one captain steered a certain course. A bronze bell caster in Britain could stay in business for 350 years as a bronze bell caster, passing on treasured specialized knowledge from generation to generation, as fathers raised their sons and daughters in the tradition.

    Once unleashed from the limited charters written at the state level, modern corporations, run by agenda-driven self-servers, began setting the tone.

    Instead of accomplishing the mission of, say, bronze bells, these amorphous, immortal bureaucracies- the Agency writ large- have us all dancing to their changing tune, hoping and praying our 401k payout remains intact if we can only keep up with learning the new steps.

    • My dad was a CEO of a REIT (President really, but same thing)

      He educated me when very young how it all works and the CEO is just a hired gun. The Board is the real boss. I had the impression that he had had more power than he did, but all his power was confined to the office and operations. You make a mistake, and boom, sayonara. But as long as you are making the company money, you are their golden boy. This was before the current arrangements when the CEO was guaranteed stocks, etc. But he did get a lot of land out of the deal, and was handed an 8-story condo tower on the Gulf of Mexico to finish to completion after the deal had stalled, and which he did and a unit became our beach home for some time until, many years later, it was knocked down by Hurricane Ivan. Damn Russians !

  18. The psyop hiding in plain sight.

    Normie is demoralized and pouting, but more significantly, he’s not donating to the Repubs and that has them worried as shit. What to do? Rush is dead and buried, so the usual means of public venting is kaput. We need a new carrot to dangle in front of the sheeple and keep them focused on an imaginary resurrection that is going to happen any moment now; just like Q Anon, only real this time. In steps Dan Bongino as the new mouthpiece of conservative rage. Dan will hurl endless insults at the Libs and that will teach them a lesson they won’t soon forget. Buckle up compadres, Dan is now on the job and taking them to the woodshed. Victory is almost here. Really. Take it to the bank. Don’t doubt me. Why would I lie? If you don’t believe it, that just means you’re a cynical bastard. It’s all your fault. That is all.

  19. Glad to see Mr. Zman make the case for the anti-white word. That’s *our* word.

    • It is an excellent tool. It can be used, at least in my experience, in almost any company. It cannot be accused of being an ‘-ist’, or being nasty; it simply makes whites think for a minute that they may be victims after all.

      The term racist has of course been useless for a long time. There is a reason a white man cannot be racist, and that is because it means ‘whitey done bad to blacky’ or, more generally, ‘whitey done bad to non-whitey’. But ‘anti-white’ – you’re bang on, mate – that’s our word.

  20. “The only thing that would make their enterprise more ridiculous is if the “Young Turks” were a collection of octogenarians working from the human resource department of Goldman Sachs”

    Old gag

    Remember that internet add from a few years ago depicting those young Asian girls along with the line. “These young entrepreneurs are disprupting the auto insurance industry”.

    It turns out that those young Asian girls were the office staff, and the entrepreneurs were two middle aged Jewish men.

    • I can see that

      Like “Inc.” or “Entrepreneur” magazines used to find some rather nondescript shiny young person and say “Meet the Face of the New ____” (fill in the blank) and invariably it was some dork or some girl with a shit eating grin holding a widget in their hands like it was their child. And you know they were never the brains behind any of it and half of it was purely a cover page advertisement.

      • There are certain business keywords and buzzwords that cause my brain to instantly switch to a test pattern nowadays. Some of them: disruptor (and related like disruptive technology, etc…), paradigm, young entrepreneur (“of color” for extra bedazzlement), creative destruction. Basically anything you might imagine someone with a goatee telling you on a Ted talk that leaves you thinking “damn, I’m glad I didn’t pay the $10,000 admission fee for that horseshit”.

        In other sad news: I was driving home thing morning and heard a commercial announcing that Instagram will now allow you to UPLOAD IMAGES FROM YOUR DESKTOP!!! Wow, you mean I can now do something on Instagram that I could do 30 years ago on many other websites whose owners had mastered the deep magick of the file upload tag? Fuck me, here’s all my money Mr. Gram and my Bitcoin too. I need to be part of this new paradigm now!

        • Funny you mention ‘disruptor’, as it featured heavily in my bosses’ management meeting. Fortunately, being a lowly grunt, I am not invited – but my manager, who is a decent chap and a good engineer thrust into the role by happenstance, cannot stand it. “What are we disrupting?” he asks… crickets. Nobody knows, but buzzwords in technology just give the higher ups the good feelz.

          Some more:

          Solution: A computer program that could give you what you want, but gives you a shed load more you don’t.

          Blockchain: A concept that nobody who uses it in a marketing setting understands – but it sounds amazing! We’re on the blockchain! Have you blockchained? Just blockchain already!

          The Cloud: Possibly the buzzword mega-bingo-mega-prize. Immediately solves all problems, including the one of scalability. Even if your application is not tailored for such deployment, The Cloud will make it better.

          RESTful: Are you RESTful? It sounds fun, so let’s say it. Are your interfaces RESTful? They’d better be.

          Security: Often sold as a ‘Solution’ (see 1.), but in fact is a mindset that involves all the people who work for you as well as the technology you use. Often confused with encryption, SSL, TLS, certificate and other lesser buzzwords.

  21. The scam was understood even in the 70’s: Tom Wolfe (his books Radical Chic, etc.), Gil Scott-Heron (songs like “The Revolution will not be Televised), Paddy Chayefsky (the movie “Network”) mocked their fellow Leftists about it. Certainly today’s dissident leftists (Matt Taibbi, Glenn Greenwald, Noam Chomsky), as opposed to the corporate Left, understand the phenomenon.

    In the old, old days, social proof was earned on the streets. Like it or not, the old Right and Left battled it out openly very often. TPTB understood the need to blow off some social steam, at least until the Nazis actually succeeded. From then on, crushing open dissent brutally (Northern Ireland, Paris Massacre, Kent State, Chicago 1968 etc) was official Western policy.

    The Internet changed this dynamic. We now replay these old, physical dramas with digital avatars. Nobody gets his actual skull cracked. Internet tough guys rule the streets of Twitter. Mother Jones is now some fact-checking harridan on Facebook. Social proof now exists only in the media.

    The DR, if it is to succeed, must change this dynamic somehow and bring dissent back to the physical sphere through legitimate protest, boycotts etc. The corporate left controls the virtual sphere.

    • Absolutely agree with this. Fighting them on their turf is a losing proposition from the gitgo because they fully control the communication channels & indoctrination messaging. A different paradigm is needed. Better is tangible corrosion from the shadows. Sand in the gears. Sugar in the gas tank. A flaming bag of shit on their doorstep. Think outside the box and use what you know best.

      • The memesters on the chans seemed to know this intuitively and came the closest any has to leaving a flaming bag of digital shit on a lot of pious doorsteps.Clever pranks and hoaxes, especially if they rope in media tools and fools, aren’t just for autistic incels anymore. They are weapons in whatever generational warfare we’re up to now (5th, 6th?)

    • I came to them very late (this decade!) but I say Gil-Scott Heron and related groups, like Last Poets, were great 60s/70s urban funk, a much stronger claim to music before the drum machine and rap music sent Afro-American musical creativity into the gutter in the 80s. Remember, no matter how much a mint-julep sipping White Supremacist you may be, you must concede “those people” unusual talent in athletics and certain music 🙂

      • Negroes, the stupidest, most violent and dysfunctional people on the planet, are treated like gods. I don’t much feel like giving them credit for a dam’ thing.

        • Ben bin Ben: Last Poets, were great 60s/70s urban funk



          Without. A. Doubt.

    • Actually, the Left controls everything. But that doesn’t mean we can’t inflict terrible harm on it. And inflict terrible harm, we must.

  22. For me the vast majority of these online “personalities” are as bland and useless as their mainstream counterparts. I disliked Tim Pool the first time I heard him. Never bothered with the young Turks either. I listened to Scott Adams for awhile, but after awhile he is just another talking head from the chattering class.

    Maybe it’s just me… but I see an offering of a 2 hour podcast from a guy that bores me to tears in 15 minutes… and I just check out.

    • They all suck

      It all brings to mind fast food or eating out in Los Angeles. No matter where you go all the food is brought in by the same supplier and comes from the same warehouse

      But this place puts the Tim Pool spice on its meat. This one gets that Shapiro spice on its chicken.

      Even the spices come from the same company and are probably commingled in the vats because even they start to taste the same, where the cumin tastes hardly different from the thyme.

      The menus, chairs, lighting, all come from the same corporate supplier. It’s comical when you start noticing these things.

      • It’s a good analogy. The wife and I were never big ‘going out’ to restaurant types before The China Virus, perhaps it actually may have got better now – if they still keep epic gaps between the tables.

        But being crammed in, having sub-par food you can just cook at home – for a fraction of the price – I see no need. Plus, in our neck of the woods, you’ll come out onto the high street in the evening and be accosted by some skank/drunk/addict for sure as you pass the station. Then there’s the Covid garbage, the absurd rules, the ‘tracker app’ (don’t know if you boys have this in the US), the masks, the even funnier face shield (what does this do? What can it do?) – all a reminded of our ‘new normal’.

        That said, a nice country pub is something we’ll make an exception for.

        • I think the “explosion” of restaurants during the millennial years meant that, life being what it is, there can only be so many decent cooks and chefs in any one town and any one time. And the funny thing was, at least in Los Angeles, all they would do is go to Italy, figure out what was going on there, then rush back to L.A. and rush the new food concept to market and act like they had invented the wheel. My good friend, one of the smartest guys I know but not very travelled, but very wealthy and had hit every fancy restaurant in L.A. for a few years, well we went to Italy one time and the moment he realized how L.A. was just a cheap ripoff of Italian style cooking, from the street pizzeria to the fancier Trattoria — or if you really want to be fancy, the “Osteria” — and were doing absolutely nothing original. I had to just sit there smirking and nodding my head. Oh, and you know you were cultured in L.A. if they pronounced the word Tratorria or Osteria correctly in the Italian style, which told the L.A. people they were really worldly. It was all pretty humorous. Even though Los Angeles is supposedly a “world city” it’s got a very provincial aspect to it. Anyway, I’m rambling

        • We don’t have country pubs here in Murrica. The closest thing might be a biker bar but if it’s for real, you should probably be a patched-in member unless you want an ass-kicking.

          Anyway, I fucking hate eating out with all the Coof nonsense. Oregon is basically holding onto its lockdown status like a Portland junkie clutching his last clean needle so it’s especially obnoxious here.

          The ritual here the last time I went, which was months ago – (see above), is to sit on the bench in the front of the restaurant with your Karen cloth on and wait to be seated. Rules as to whether you can take the Rag of Holiness off as you walk to the table or must wait until your ass is on the plastic vary and are randomly changing on an hourly basis. It’s essentially all the fun of a prison cafeteria but without worrying that the guy behind you is going to bash your head in with a lunch tray. Not sure if that’s a plus or a minus at this point.

          Since this Oregon, the check will include a tithe to the skank/drunk/addict maintenance fund unless you opt out. Opting out is of course forbidden. The restrooms may or may not be open due to a junkie having bled out on the toilet. On the bright side, if you took the Max (our local light rail and pride of every P-town commie) the whole train is a designated latrine.

          • The custom of tipping needs a good review in this country. From 10% to 15% to 18-20% in just about one generation. Has service improved, doubled in quality? Not a chance. And this has been compounded by every last cashier putting out a begging bowl, even when they’re not providing any service in the traditional sense. Why on earth should I pay someone extra for ringing up my order and (possibly) making change for me? It’s even more obnoxious when state laws dictate that table servers be paid less than minimum wage. In a word, they’re demanding that the customer, not the owner, pay the employees.

            I remember having a dustup many years ago with my girlfriend. After getting off her shift as a waitress, she stopped by the family hardware store where I was working. In the course of a conversation about tipping, I brought up that she carried a tray to a table while I walked customers over to the item they needed and provided advice on how to use it properly. She got generous tips, I got bupkes. She seemed stunned that I dared argue against the idea that wait staff actually earned the generous tips they receive.

            The rattling of the tin cup at every food truck or coffee shop is emblematic of a culture of entitlement. The message is that completion of the most rudimentary task, and the display of basic civility and service, requires a cookie and a pat on the head.

          • Last week I went out to dinner at a restaurant on the Oregon coast in a sneeze and you miss town. I reserved a table on the patio. I could literally reach out and touch the table they were putting us at from the hostess station but the dingbat manning it insisted I don the diaper for the 3 step trek. I did not. I’m sick of this stupid senseless shit and refuse to play along.

          • From 10% to 15% to 18-20% in just about one generation. Has service improved, doubled in quality? Not a chance.

            Have the prospects for single White mothers, with White children, improved since Alpha Chad knocked her up and then cut & ran on his family obligations?

            I can’t think of a single way to better spend your money than to hand it DIRECTLY [no middle men involved] to White women raising White children.

          • The scenario you posit is likely very rare, with a good chunk of the single mothers being coal burners. And why should I feel obliged to raise another man’s child?

          • The scenario you posit is likely very rare, with a good chunk of the single mothers being coal burners. And why should I feel obliged to raise another man’s child?

            I tried to make it very clear that I was explicitly talking about WHITE children of single WHITE mothers. Not melungeon children of mudsharks.

            Now having said that, you would help the poor WHITE children because they are your little brothers and your little sisters, and they are the single most precious creatures in all of your Creator’s creation.

            And if you were a real man, then you’d grab your Louisville Slugger [wrapped in barbed wire], hunt down Alpha Chad, beat him to within an inch of his life, and drag him black & blue & bloody all the way home to RAISE HIS OWN D@MNED CHILDREN.

            So that his WHITE wife could be a stay-at-home Mom, and not have be to working the late night shift at the 24×7 Waffle House just to try to make ends meet.

    • Watch The Young Turks on Election night 2016. I think there’s a half hour compilation. It is fantastic watching them go from euphoria to the depths of the despair.

      • My favorite part was Anna completely fabricating a story about being in line to vote that morning and overhearing two Trump voters “badmouthing” Latinos, Muslims, and blacks…until she bravely turned around and told them to shut up. They can’t stop lying.

        • TYT is such a cringe-fest I don’t even hate-watch them.
          I do know Anna tried to Me-Too The Tongue (Jimmy Dore) last week though.

        • To distract from how vile Cenk is, they hired Anna, who is actually seemingly even more vile.

    • Anyone who is any good gets kicked off long before they can build a decent sized audience.

      • I think you’re right, TT. About the only podcast I watch is from our esteemed blog host. He does an actual presentation/production. He spells out what he’s going to talk about, he makes an intelligent argument in 10 or 15 minutes, the explosion goes off, and then he’s off on another carefully thought out lecture. I can’t stand it when the hosts start to banter, or devolve into bad standup comedy.

        I’m almost tempted to listen to Bill Mitchell on Blab for the yuks. Watching him try to handle the dissident hecklers is comedy gold. But even that gets old… he’s one of the few guys I actually had to mute…😂

  23. Reading this article, it makes me envision the conservatives as the muscle for the left, the bouncers at the door to the mansion frisking everyone for weapons or contraband

    And I can just see, Shapiro sitting there in the cloak room watching the security monitors and in charge of giving the final say if someone with no weapons or contraband but just something off about him can be allowed in.

      • Shapiro would also be rifling through the coat pockets for loose change.

        LOL’ed [literally].

        Thread winner.

        Next essay.

    • Never gets old:

      American conservatism is merely the shadow that follows Radicalism as it moves forward towards perdition. It remains behind it, but never retards it, and always advances near its leader. . . . Its impotency is not hard, indeed, to explain. It is worthless because it is the conservatism of expediency only, and not of sturdy principle. It intends to risk nothing serious for the sake of the truth, and has no idea of being guilty of the folly of martyrdom. It always when about to enter a protest very blandly informs the wild beast whose path it essays to stop, that its “bark is worse than its bite,” and that it only means to save its manners by enacting its decent role of resistance:

      The only practical purpose which it now serves in American politics is to give enough exercise to Radicalism to keep it “in wind,” and to prevent its becoming pursy and lazy, from having nothing to whip

  24. I’m praying that the Taki article penetrates the thick skulls of conservatives. I don’t think they’ve ever been introduced to the concepts in that article, If they sit there, ruminate, digest, it could really start to change their ways of thinking — all to our collective benefit.

    I’m a believer in the power of prayer, so let’s see how this goes.

    Nice work, Z Man.

    • The Taki piece was one of the finest that I’ve ever read.

      As I noted on Gab, we can’t win if we accept the other side’s morality. Using their language forces us to fight on their turf, to debate according to their morality. We have to come up with our own language to create our own morality.

      “Anti-White” instead of “racist” is the perfect example of this.

  25. “The ordinary modes of human thinking are magical, religious, social, and personal. We want our wishes to come true; we want the universe to care about us; we want the approval of those around us; we want to get even with that s.o.b who insulted us at the last tribal council. For most people, wanting to know the cold truth about the world is way, way down the list.”

    This is undeniably true.

    So why then do opponents of the cathedral continue banging their heads against this wall with attacks based on logic and reason? The reality is that the truth won’t set you free and “reality” rarely wins out over fantasy.

    • I think it’s fair to say that “logic” and “reason” are their modes of magical thinking. We always find that their reasoning or logic is hardly that at all and always more like a nerf sword they bring to the costume party

      • True. The paleo-politik crossfit culture of consrvativism lends to its own kind of magic mirror flexing that always seems to keep even the most fledgling actions from the daylight of reality and instead morally bound to the basement.

        You see those aren’t foam swords, they are selfie sticks.

        The moral self-licensing pumped out by those basement philosophers is incredibly strong.

        I know men on our side of things that are still failing to matriculate beyond the non-aggression lib-trolling twitteratti brain-trust even after repeatedly experiencing the emptiness that rushes in after forwarding all those meme tweet takedowns by conInc POCs.

        • It’s crazy

          Like when there used to be this collegiality between the Rs and Ds, such as my “friend on the other side of the aisle.”

          How can they be friends if one side is trying to tear the country apart and are calling your constituents terrorists? Would a true representative stand for that? Of course not, ergo they are not a true representative.

          Not one of the Rs has come out and said something as banal and milquetoast as “Hey come on guys, don’t you think calling these people terrorists is a little too much?” I would think Hawley or maybe Cruz with his big mouth would have piped up. But strangely, it’s all silence.

          Even Trump hasn’t said anything

          What’s going on?

    • While I agree that some people are more willing to look at objective reality than others, I still think Hume was right when he said, “Reason is the slave of the passions.”

      Even smart people have outcomes that dictated by their emotions and then they deploy their reason to justify what they want.

      Reason does not imply morality, unless you supplement your reason with assumptions about the outcomes you desire.

      So, let’s just say what we want and put reason to work in supporting that. We want an approximate ethnostate, not because reason demands it, but because we want it.

      • Hume got it right while Li’l Ben Shapiro has it exactly backwards. Feelings don’t care about your facts. Aside from the few (possibly autistic) individuals, facts and reason are of little importance for people. Another quote from Derb’s site:
        The faintest of all human passions is the love of truth.
        – A. E. Housman

  26. My brain forgot Cenk & Tim Pool existed, I assumed social media corporations would have pulled from their basements some fresh faces to replace the old guard by now. I guess Bernie, due to his tribal heritage is permitted to keep his small platform, there was also some benjamin working there, descended from communists, so i kinda get why they’re still going, same applies to the other youtube benjie, the midget one. Did the turks at least hire a fresh twat to repeat the same “free thinking & neutral” bullet points, cause kasparian definitely wasn’t one.

  27. …”Most important, they get to hate on the bad guys. That is the real draw of this sort of corporate sponsored politics. You get to safely hate your enemies”.

    It’s fun to hate the bad guys in safety & comfort – and be admired for it is a bonus.

    • That is all so true, like when you see the Antifa vs Proud Boy brawls, all taking place in what amounts to a warehouse where people sign in, suit up, and play paintball wars with referees making sure they don’t get out of line, get hurt, do something stupid, cheat, and so forth. It’s a closed environment with the cops serving as the referees.

  28. Social Proof is the regime’s primary way of making people fall in line. If you can control this signal, it’s amazing how fast people’s views evolve.

    Full acceptance of homosexuality was done in a decade due to the internet and corporate monoliths being able to ruthlessly push every bit of propaganda relentlessly for a month. What became a fringe issue is now the core moral virtue of the Regime.

    People fell in line with the Coronoavirus scare even faster, due to the existential threat and the original institutional trust in the CDC and WHO.

    It took over a decade for full acceptance of integration a couple of generations ago, and only succeeded due to the national guard willing to put bayonets on the back of American Teenagers. Social technology now allows such revolutions to happen within a few years.

    More and more convinced that the reason the failure in Afghanistan was so profound is because it’s not possible to propagandize people at such a massive scale when most people don’t even have the electricity to access the internet, and liberal domocracies no longer have the moral confidence to force their views at gunpoint.

    • I think you and Zman hit the nail on the head with these two quotes. These are the main human motivations driving mass culture today:

      “Social Proof is the regime’s primary way of making people fall in line. If you can control this signal, it’s amazing how fast people’s views evolve.”
      Social signalling today is easier and more pervasive then ever. There are just too many ways to go about doing it.

      ”Most important, they get to hate on the bad guys. That is the real draw of this sort of corporate sponsored politics. You get to safely hate your enemies.”
      There is something very cathartic about this. Some of it may be social signalling, but I think mainly it is driven by deep seated self-esteem and ego-massage.

      Without changing the social signal, and giving the masses a new enemy to berate from their chaise lounge, I don’t see how the culture will shift anytime soon, unfortunately…

      • The wuhan time out quickly sorted people and sheeple in stark contrast.

        But living in that social deprivation chamber of “all in this together” as the social media virus leaked approved feelz into reality, like morons howling from the safety of their porches, has attuned my senses of not just the high percentage of NPCs, but also what passes for essential among normie life.

        As sheeples emerge to “enjoy the summer” I am starting to wonder if I am the one clinging to some alternative dimension as it relates to my sense of some shared “Culture”.

        Sure there are community festivals and busy shops but once you get past the jab-happy and the pent-up consumerism there is an emptiness to it all.

        Like we are all “staying together until the kids get through high school” but even the kids aren’t buying the charade.

        You can’t really fake it. Its just theft from down the line.

        Seems to me a lot of that status posturing is really slouching toward Cloud approval because most of the actual culture was already traded for fake plastic trees. Or maybe its just a case of the mondays lol.

        • Excellent description of sentiments I have felt about the, “return to normal.”

          I too have a strong sense that most are simply just going through the motions at this point.

          • It has been several years coming but I have reached the acceptance (the 5th) stage on the 5 stages of grief. The country of my birth is gone. As I have said before, I have adopted the attitude of the border jumpers. This is just a place to live, extract resources, and shop. Local activism in your community is about the only place where meaningful changes maybe possible but that is iffy too because the reach of globohomo is long, even into deep red areas.

          • TheFinn over at Gab had another good quip today; when someone mentioned about how good life was in some small American town back in the day he pointed out that it existed in America, no tbecause of America, that the same people in the same town elsewhere would have functioned much the same.

      • There’s a lady on my street that has the full package of progressive signals.

        The Pride Flag
        The ‘We Believe’ progressive creed
        The “I Dissent” Ginsburg icon (This one is the most hilarious)
        The “I stand with PP” bumper sticker.

        Rest assured, if Hitler rose from the dead and ascended to supreme dictator with the full media apparatus at his disposal, they would all morph overnight to Swastikas, and she would just stand confused if you brought up she was a radical progressive last week.

      • Does anyone else find that young people used to be more rebellious in the true sense of the word? I remember guys would play the devils advocate or the contrarian just for the sport of it. Just to cause trouble. Today, they all fall in line so readily and smoothly like they are all greased up and being pushed through a tube

        • Testosterone has plummeted due to a mix of obesity, medications, environmental toxins, and a stifling social environment.

          No testosterone, no rebellion.

          • I have never really stopped to this about the testosterone angle, but I think you are on to something. And we have to accept that it was all intentionally done to them. Of course it was.

            This country, or the government and society, really is something else. The extent they go to to assure there is no threat to them. Turning our boys into eunuchs. Our girls into whores. And the shittiest part of it is just so they can be driven around in a limo in DC and NYC and pal around with a guy like Epstein and bang a few skinny teenager chicks. The “reward” is so cheap and pathetic that it says everything about them that things so lowly and rather mundane and rather easily had with a tiny bit of effort would be enough motivation to spur them on to commit atrocities, to destroy the country’s youth, and for the cheapest of thrills. As Z likes to say, they are quite monstrous. But it’s far worse than that.

        • I think most of the kids see themselves as rebels. Its all inverted; conformity is rebellion.

          When the badwhites want to boil the earth in flaming petrol and stuff Trump autographed bibles in young women’s instagram coin slots in place of empowerment, its easy for them to feel like David to the Goliath of Badwhite.

          Factor in that they live inside the rainbow and are looking out.

          Globohomo has literally raised most of them from birth. The white devil haunts them. Tilting at badwhite is a defining aspect of their culture.

        • This is undoubtedly true and is evident with the COVID panic face diapers. College kids wear them religiously and appear to have no interest in anything other the blind adherence to being made to wear them. My 21- year old step-daughter hangs out with her BF while they wear masks. And the drop in testosterone levels in obvious in this age group. Most of the guys appear frail and slightly effeminate. It’s all quite depressing.

        • I talk about this often with friends… The conformity among young men is truly astonishing to me… They are supreme rule followers… They don’t swear, many are vegetarian or vegan and they are as inoffensive as they are physically weak. Millennials are pathetic.

          • Losing the culture war has subjected these boys to immeasurable damage.

            Deracinating and emasculating them into compliant drones.

            Go sit thru a HS or college history course. Or english lit. Or even “science”. Most of us would be shocked and disgusted. The PC rituals I had back in the ‘80’s and 90’s are quaint. Its been turned up to 11 and the boys will do anything (or not do anything) for just five minutes of being left alone or maybe just maybe get the approval of some xirl.

            Its why we need to be absolutely unapologetically shitlord around the youngins. Most ate too far gone but many are just starved for a model and a community. They are ready to be cleaved off but it wont be from Prager U “happy wife happy life” plantation husbandry.

    • The gay acceptance/marriage whatever agenda was an interesting thing precisely because… it affected hardly anyone. The people who stood to gain were (and are) in a tiny minority. However, nowadays, you simply must have an opinion – and a positive one – on the gays. Through simple propaganda, an actual issue affecting a minority has morphed into an issue ‘affecting’ a large portion of society. Every time I hear one of the ‘affected’ lamenting the treatment of Homer Seckshalls, I find myself asking ‘Yes, but what is it to you?’.

      As you mention (and so too Reynard below) it is social proof. That’s what it is to them.

      In a way, I am surprised that I was actually surprised at the Covid capitulation – the writing was on the wall a long, long time ago. We often say that as a people we don’t conserve anything, but the average humans need to belong and consequently be duped seems to be a rock solid tradition.

    • “Full acceptance of homosexuality.” It’s astonishing to think Obama, circa 2008, actually opposed gay “marriage.”

      • “Full acceptance of homosexuality.” It’s astonishing to think Obama, circa 2008, actually opposed gay “marriage.”

        The Frankfurt School had to defend his cover story [married man with children].

        It wasn’t until the Reggie Love Train bodyman stories started popping up everywhere that Normie Cons began to realize the guy was exceptionally light in the loafers.

        Plus the pictures of the bulge in Michael Obama’s leotards didn’t help matters.

    • I maybe drifting a bit off topic, as I’m prone to. I just finished Nicholas Wade’s “A Troublesome Inheritance.” I’ll spare a complete review of the book; you can seek it online if you please. Overall, I’d say the book explored the race realism issue pretty well (it pissed off the usual suspects, which is a good sign!).

      Even so, he throws a few bones to the Left. For example, those awful Eugenicists of the early 20th century, led to the strong restrictions on immigration. You see, America is to blame for not accepting a flood of Jewish and other immigrants in the 1930s, and as such, perhaps we are as complicit as the Nazis were in the extermination of the unfit. Left unmentioned is the issue of just how all these refugees will integrate into their new country. In fairness, the issue of negative eugenics is germane to such a book. The USA and Europe did sterilize more than just a few “unfit.”

      What I found interesting was a few things Wade does NOT say. For example, Wade discussed Fukuyama’s and other authors’ ideas how culture and (heaven forbid, perhaps even genes) shapes institutions and economies. He cited the success of Chinese or Japanese immigrants to new lands, far exceeding the natives (including here!). And (your comment made me think of this diatribe…) he specificially mentions the failure of America’s goal to impose Western-style democracy in Afghanistan or Iraq. Democracy, capitalism and such simply don’t adapt well to a low-trust, tribal society.

      So what is NOT mentioned? Well, apparently the mass immigration of the Third World into First-World countries. You’d think that would be an important issue. Wade also leaves unsaid, but I guess it’s a Good Thing that the West has learnt its lesson from the horrors of the Nazi era, and thus we are to open our borders to all comers. 🙁

      “Immigrants and faggots/They make no sense to me
      They come to our country/And think they’ll do as they please
      Maybe start some mini-Iran/Or spread some f**king disease
      They talk so many goddamned ways/It’s all Greek to me.”
      — Guns & Roses, “One in a Million” (1988)

      • “Imagine having to take the [Number] 7 train to the ballpark … next to some kid with purple hair, next to some queer with AIDS, right next to some dude who just got out of jail for the fourth time right next to some 20-year-old mom with four kids. It’s depressing.”


        “The biggest thing I don’t like about New York are the foreigners. You can walk an entire block in Times Square and not hear anybody speaking English. Asians and Koreans and Vietnamese and Indians and Russians and Spanish people and everything up there. How the hell did they get in this country?”

        John Rocker

        • I recall Colin Quinn on SNL saying ‘you can John Rocker a racist and a bigot, but he’s definitely been on the #7 train’.

    • Hmmm. I am afraid I do not see that way, at least not anymore. Your point has merit for large corporations perhaps, as well as many individuals. But so many people are, quite frankly, soulless and spiteful. And a will to bring misery to any normal person seems to be more important to them than profit of the monetary variety.

      • I think the “soullessness” is part of the corporatization of the human animal in the past 10-20 years

        They’ve all been acquired by mega corps and polished and repackaged

        • So I guess now we know the answer to the age old question, “what does it profit a man if he gain the whole world and lose his soul?”

      • If you have any familiarity with the mercantile and colonization policies of, say, the 17th and 18th centuries, it might help to understand that appealing to niche market segments is akin to capturing the last few small islands in the Pacific. All the big territories (market segments) are essentially owned, so all that’s left are the small ones, and mostly for prestige rather than profit.

        • I appreciate the historical perspective, but do you believe that our enemy’s motivation is money (“business plan”) or ideology?

          I’m not saying that profit doesn’t matter, although they often leave money on the table, but money seems subordinate to ideological domination.

          • I don’t think there’s any arguing that point. They do it because their god tells them to.

  29. I have to admit it is breathtaking how easy it was to subvert the progressive movement in a decade or so. Just recently I’ve noticed how the former “buy-local” crowd now mock “conservative conspiracy theorists” for drinking raw milk. The same people who peddled “alternative medicine” 15 years ago, are now demeaning anyone who questions St. Fauci and the vaccine. There is no negotiation or dialogue with people like that.

    • If you ever want to fly again you have to get one of these pseudo vaccines. They’re not that many people who can and will say, today, fine I will never fly again. Flying becomes the signal that you accept the system.

      • It funny you mention this now, Whitney, as this has been a serious topic of conversation between my wife and I. No way I want that stuff in me; you take it and then you’re right – you accept the system. So what? No flying… so be it.

        I had been of the mindset that maybe in a couple of years I’d do it, you know, when Science! tells me it’s safe – but I think it would be a crushing defeat for me really. I simply don’t trust these people, and I have read enough and seen enough to know exactly the sorts of people who helped create this vaccine. The sorts of people who pushed for it. The sorts of people who promised it – at a good cost, mind. The sorts of people who don’t care.

        • I have no idea how dangerous this virus is. I know a lot of people that have had that they’re all fine. I know a lot of people have been vaccinated they’re all fine also. What seems clear though the people relentlessly pushing it are on the side of evil. They are evil. Don’t do what evil tells you to do. That’s what I’m going with

      • Wait, what? Brilliant insight- that’s how they’ll embed and enforce it, how they’ll make it a norm without an official ‘law’.

        If so, then that means the natives of Hawaii are going to get wiped by another weird white disease again.

        Everybody there gets to and from the mainland for work with a cheap flight on Sundays and Fridays. This time the measles will be artificial.

      • If you ever want to fly again you have to get one of these pseudo vaccines.

        Fortunately I decided never to fly again right after the TSA came into being. If I cannot drive someplace I. DON’T. GO!!! It’s just that simple.

        • That’s how I feel about. The security theater is demeaning and demoralizing, and adds so much time to the trip that it makes faraway destinations less appealing. Factor in the relative lack of direct flights, at least where I live, and travel has become a real chore, and an expensive one at that.

          • Yes, it sucks goat testes to be sure. No doubt about that. I cannot be sure, but I think it was thanks to the Musselmen that the security went overboard. So you have that. Now with the Covid theater (whose rules, it seems, change daily) it is unbearable. Good point about lack of direct flights too.

            Also, coming back to your country and being asked for your passport, looked at and spoken too in a hostile manner, and perhaps questioned by… a bloody foreigner. Here in the UK, the border force at London Gatwick seems to attract many, many sand peoples. I even have to please the invaders lest they bar my way back into Anglo-land.

          • I can’t tell you how that makes my blood boil, OF. When I return from the Far East I generally have to pass customs and immigration in Chicago and the passport area, with the exception of the agents behind the glass, is almost completely staffed by foreigners. Loud, bossy foreigners who hate their job and hate you.

    • My colleagues are increasingly becoming ‘crunchy’ local first people who find local farmers and go to Farm Markets while progressives who can afford more and more just seem to just shop at Whole Foods. Still largely a progressive subculture, but it’s quickly changing, and some of the old guard are defending their turf.

      Progressive culture is based primarily on social signaling rather deep belief, so they are much more fluid when it comes to the ideological shifts of the ruling class.

      • “But then, without warning, Country Mill was asked to leave the market…The reason? They communicated their religious viewpoint on marriage…”
        That’s incredible. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised but hopefully they don’t find themselves tangled up in any more sudden “red-tape” or anything.
        I’m currently buying from local farms in my neck of the woods. There is solid opportunity for community building in this area.

      • “Progressive culture is based primarily on social signaling rather deep belief, so they are much more fluid when it comes to the ideological shifts of the ruling class.”

        Yes, wow, yes!
        Why trust deep belief if everything you’re told is constantly a lie?

        The ability to fleetly chase the fad will be what gets handsomely rewarded.

        Shallow, selfish skimmers win!

    • Kind of brings to mind something that has been percolating in my head for some time

      Hard to explain precisely, but here goes. Like the whole farmers market thing. In Italy, for example, there is no social mission needed to get people to prefer and demand fresh foods and straight from the farm. No matter a person’s background, they all get that this is how food is supposed to be.

      But here, they needed a mission, almost a religious cause to bring about the same thing. And it became a way of life for the young and educated, a signifier of social status. Which is what makes it silly and superficial, although I commend them for their efforts because I hold the same views just never needed anyone to explain to me why. So I will take what I can get. But even when I was young, the poorest people to the richest people all had the same expectation that food was to be sourced in the same way, but I guess the younger kids all brought up on corporate foods did what they did perhaps out of some sense of nostalgia. In the same way they started buying vintage clothes. It became a fad. Make sense?

      But I guess the fad died down and then we had the virus which begat a new fad.

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