Words Are Keys

It is a popular joke among the worst people that the best people need to find a minority to endorse their preferences before they can express them. In this context, the “best people” are the poohbahs of Conservative Inc. No matter how obvious or justified their position, so-called conservatives need to prove they are the best people by searching high and low for a “person of color” who agrees with them. Candace Owens has gotten rich by blessing the positions of conservatives.

It is the slave mentality, of course. The master is always projecting pride and power, as those are the things he values. He is the master, the man in charge, so he places the most value on the things that are useful to him as the master. The slave, on the other hand, is obsequious and submissive. The slave tries to express his will through quiet subversion, always conscious of the master. In American politics, conservatives are the slave, always displaying their submissiveness.

You see this with the growing controversy over Critical Race Theory. Conservative Inc. was silent on the issue until a black women stood up against it at a local school board meeting in Virginia. You could hear the sighs of relief echoing around Washington as conservatives finally had their champion. This antiwhite pogrom aimed at white children was no longer antiwhite, it was racist! Ever since, the conservative panjandrums have been piling in the company Lincoln with the DR3 tags.

Even Chris Rufo, the Andy Ngo of CRT, has struggled to accept the reality of his own reporting on the issue. He has been trying hard to make this about racism, rather than the long war on white people. He has personal reasons for it, but it is clear that he really believes what they say about white people. That is, if two or more white people get together outside the presence of nonwhites, they will immediately start planning for the new camp system in the Fourth Reich.

That last bit may seem like an exaggeration, but it is the root of what drives things like Critical Race Theory. Another person desperate to tone police, while riding the wave of controversy, is Karlyn Borysenko. She was sent in by the usual suspects to tell white people that the term “antiwhite” is very bad. Here she is with Patrick Casey explaining that the term antiwhite promotes white solidarity and white positivity. In this clip, she says that this always leads to genocide.

In fairness to Rufo, he seems to have figured out that he was speaking to no one by making CRT about racism against nonwhites. The parents flipping out about this stuff are all white. The people in the crowd cheering them on are white. He seems to have settled for a middle ground of implying that it is antiwhite racism. Scott Greer seems to be happy with that phrasing as well. The Wall Street Journal is fine with this new, oblique way of framing the issue.

As was brilliantly pointed out yesterday, the R-word can only apply to whites, so this new formulation is nonsensical. When someone on the Left hears the phrase “racism against whites” she hears Charlie Brown’s teacher. Racism can mean only one thing and that is prejudice plus power. In the fantasy world of the Left, the only people with power are white people, so they are the only people who can be racist. As is always the case with the Left, compromise is suicide.

The reason for this is that the Left is a hive, dividing the world into those inside the hive walls and those outside the hive walls. This is reflected in their language. There are words and concepts that can be used as weapons against their enemies and then there is language used by the enemy, that justifies attacking them. When the say language is violence, they really mean it. It is either a justification for their use of violence against outsiders or a call to violence against outsiders.

This is why the word “antiwhite” is so powerful. The Left has no way to redefine it as a slur against their enemy. Worse yet, when they attack their enemy for using it, they confirm the definition of the word. The biggest problem for them is the word strips them of moral authority. When the Left finger-wags about something like racism, they do so as the moral authorities on the issue. Cast as antiwhite, they immediately become just another snout at the trough of the culture war.

The Left has always relied upon informational asymmetry. They operate as pure partisans, while the other side is objectivists. That is, the Left wants to win every fight and the Right wants to find the correct answer. If the Right ever embraces partisanship, then it becomes a genuine fight. Since numbers matter, keeping white people chained to simpleminded individualism has been key. The word antiwhite is a key to unlock the chains and that is terrifying to the Left.

This does not mean the war is won just because the Left is on the defensive over Critical Race Theory. As Joe Sobran pointed out a quarter century ago, “The white
man presents an image of superiority even when he isn’t conscious of it. And superiority excites envy.” It is only when white people come to terms with this reality will they abandon the slave mentality and begin to assert their power again. This minor slave revolt over CRT is merely a hint of what lies ahead.

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208 thoughts on “Words Are Keys

  1. Id rather call them “Whitephobic” or “afrophiliacs” something that implies how scared or crazy they are.

  2. The destruction of the West will not be televised.

    The destruction of the West will be perpetrated by those who believe in equalitarian principles, and whose eyes are wide open all the time.

    Speak now or forever hold your peace.

    Destruction is never pretty.

    • There was never a time in history where blacks fought a long war to free whites. In fact, no race ever did what white people did in the civil war. There were 600k to 700k whites soldiers who died in the war. There were only about 5m white men between the ages of 18 and 45 in 1860. Do the math.

      In his second inaugural address, Lincoln said most prophetically, “Fondly do we hope — fervently do we pray — that this mighty scourge of war may speedily pass away. Yet, if God wills that it continue, until all the wealth piled by the bond-man’s two hundred and fifty years of unrequited toil shall be sunk, and until every drop of blood drawn with the lash, shall be paid by another drawn with the sword, as was said f[our] three thousand years ago, so still it must be said “the judgments of the Lord, are true and righteous altogether”

      So often we learn the wrong lesson. We should have never brought blacks among us. We should not have built roads, harbors and trains for them in Africa, either. If we hadn’t brought modern life to them, there would be 70m of them today, instead of 1.5b.

      Blacks in africa never accomplished anything. They built no great cities. They devised no great political system. Their scientific contributions are nil. Their contributions to modern life are vulgar and violent.

      Is it too late to say, “Sorry. This was all a mistake. We are sending all of you back to your beloved Africa. We will even give you some spears.”

  3. Back when Obama was president (09 or so), I went to work for a company that contracted to take calls from the people who cashed in on The Lightbringer’s “shovel ready jobs”. While in training one of my fellow students advised me that I had my “swagger on”. I disagreed but then he commented on how I carried myself – i.e. head erect, shoulders back, walking confidently as I was raised to. I always understood “swagger” as it is defined in Webster’s: “to conduct oneself in an arrogant or superciliously pompous manner especially : to walk with an air of overbearing self-confidence”. I do not swagger but I was raised to walk erect, shoulders back, confidently. It is only now that I understand that by the left’s definition I WAS swaggering. By the lights of the leftist non-whites, unless I walked hunched over, in a closed, fearful posture then I truly did “swagger”. Not that I acted arrogantly or superciliously pompously but that merely by not acting like some 90 pound Caspar Milquetoast afraid of my own shadow I “swaggered”. I only now realize that MY behavior and body language was not the problem – the problem was in the warped, small-souled minds of the schlubs who envied me being born white. They had no reason to be envious of me and yet they were – AND ARE! Tough shit.

    They are welcome to hate me all they wish. Hatred is a toxic emotion as is envy. Neither harms the object in any way. Such emotions only harm the small-souled individual who harbors them. I rather like being hated and envied simply because my ancestors evolved in Europe. Absent their direct acting out of those emotions I am not harmed by them and further I get a kick out of knowing I get to live rent free in their heads. Imagine that. The descendant of dirt poor people who came over here to settle in some of the very poorest parts of Appalachia still dirt poor 200 years after arriving and yet somebody is jealous of me.

    Oh, and all the folks here who so hate boomers? I get a kick outta them, too. Hate on! Be my guest and, as an asshole I once worked for in the USAF was wont to put it, “Eat my shorts!”

    • Agree with you for the most part. Just be careful not to swagger down the wrong sidewalk.

    • Ok Boomer… you were doing –great– up until that last little disclaimer. If you can’t understand why your g-g-g-generation is so hated & despised and automatically get your hackles up defending one of the most destructive and entitled groups to ever walk the earth then you are beyond hope.

      If you cannot separate yourself as an individual that is on you, that group defensive reflex thing is SO boomer that you just confirm the stereotype one hundred percent.

      • Boomers don’t get to take anything with them, either. Relax, it all comes out in the wash and the flood is coming.

      • This boomer was born an unreconstructed, unapologetic segregationist. And he will die that way.

      • Why would anyone think that if all the babies born in the 50’s & 60’s were switched with babies born in any subsequent generation, that the results would be much different? It’s the culture, baby. The baby, the ingot. The culture, the die.

      • Hate on, AP, I truly love living in your head rent free! Your petty hatred harms me not one scintilla. But if it makes you feel better to hate me because of when I was born then you go right ahead, little man. You just go right ahead. ROFLMAO At you!!!

      • Any updates on the L’il J-jr’s with the icy blue nordic eyes?

        Inquiring minds wanna know, mu broh…

  4. David Horowitz released a book in 2016 named “Progressive Racism”.
    In 1999, he released a book named “Hating Whitey”.
    I guess that’s regression.
    You’ve got to name the victim!

    • Do you wanna have an hearty laugh in the here & now?

      “I drove 950 miles to give a commencement address. It was an elaborate hoax by a gun-control organization.”
      By John R. Lott Jr.
      June 29, 2021
      11:51 am ET

      This is why “we” always lose.

      Or at least why “they” – the professional Cuckservatives – always lose.

      The Frankfurt School has been playing The Game for at least 5000 years now; at this point, the tactics & strategeries & intuitional insights & target-spotting-man-ships are burned into their DNA.

      We’re literally sending retarded children into “battle” to “fight” [i.e. to surrender to, or to be slaughtered by] the Frankfurt School.

      It would be like Gary Coleman getting into the ring to fight Mike Tyson.

      What would Gary have done, try to bite Big Mike’s appendage?

      At this point, the Darwinian Nihilists would have to conclude that we simply don’t deserve to win.

      PS: I just j00gled, and there’s ackshually an extant picture of Tyson carrying Coleman on his shoulders [as though Coleman were his son].


      PPS: Tyson has really outstanding physiognomy for a kneegr0w – I can easily see him and Trump being pals.

      In fact, his physiognomy suggests to me that Iron Mike might have been too kind & thoughtful to ever have reached his full potential as a brawler.

      • Ah, excuse me, but that’s not Gary Coleman on Tyson’s shoulders. The person on Tyson’s shoulders is Immanuel Lewis, another altitudinally challenged Black man. Gary Coleman starred on “Different Strokes”. Immanuel Lewis was the title character on “Webster” with Susan Clarke and Alex Karras. Totally different people.

        • Ah, excuse me, but that’s not Gary Coleman on Tyson’s shoulders.

          Thanks for the correction; pop culture was never my forte.

          I had j00gled [which turned up the picture] in order to make absolutely certain that a sanheder like Mel “Brooks” Kaminsky hadn’t ackshually staged a Coleman-Tyson fight back in the 1980s [with of course Howard “Cosell” Cohen as the emcee].

          I wonder if Donald & Ivana [or maybe Marla] would have shown up ringside for such a thing?

          PS: Don’t get me wrong, I dearly love Donald Trump. But he is who he is.

      • Speaking of the kneegr0wz, it looks like George Soros called up the Deep State, and ordered them to destroy the candidacy of pro-police Eric Adams:


        Overnight, something like 100,000 ballots mysteriously materialized out of thin air, and now Adams’s lead is gone, and the armadillo cleaning lady might ackshually win.

        Early indications would be that Soros simply will not allow an uppity kneegr0w to ruin the urban empire he forged via his BLM crime syndicate.

        Unless maybe Soros is angling to create a conflagration in NYC, by leveraging kneegr0w rage at the spectacle of a kneegr0w being virtually-lynched at the ballot box?

        Remember, the sanhedrin of the Frankfurt School don’t bother with simple 2D chess – that’s beneath their dignititty.

        And reclining in the lazy boy to watch a televised race war between the kneegr0wz and the armadillos [where the poor irish policemen will be tasked with trying to separate the warring parties] might be almost as much fun for the sanhedrin as sipping the adrenochrome on Friday evenings after sunset.

        PS: Pray for the safety of Our White Brothers on Staten Island – hopefully they’ll be okay, out there in the middle of the water.

        • Jesus H Christ, what an unmitigated Turd World disaster the Frankfurt School has made of JYC:


          The New York City Board of Elections on Tuesday night pulled the preliminary ranked-choice vote tally for the city’s primaries after it included tens of thousands of “dummy ballots,” sources told NY1 News, a local cable outlet.

          At around 8:45 p.m Tuesday, the board removed the vote tallies from its website and replaced them with the text “Unofficial Rank Choice Results Starting on June 30.


          The Frankfurt School is now pouring gasoline on everything in sight and lighting the match for the ensuing conflagration.


  5. There are words and concepts that can be used as weapons against their enemies and then there is language used by the enemy, that justifies attacking them

    We used to call this pigeon English

  6. Along with the concept of Anti-White, I don’t understand why our side doesn’t try to get the term “scapegoat” into circulation again. Tucker should be using it every chance he gets.

    Scapegoat / Scapegoated / Scapegoating

    When I was growing up it was an ever-present meme in our heavily Jewish school system. On the subject of why innocent groups get blamed and hated. We were told that “Scapegoating” is hateful and “otherizes” people. It can ignite wars and keeps people oppressed. You used to hear it on documentaries too.

    It was always used to explain why Germans holocausted the Jews. And why Southern whites hated and oppressed blacks after emancipation. We were told the whites blamed blacks for the South’s problems. “Blacks were the scapegoats for white frustration.”

    There’s never been a more legitimate use of the term Scapegoating, than what the world is trying to pull on Whites presently.

    Your next conversation with Normie / Lefty.

    Lefty: “I mean, look at all the white privilege and the rise of White Supremacy. Somethings gotta be done!”

    You: “I don’t know Micah. It’s all starting to sound dangerously close to scapegoating. They did it to the freed slaves. They did it to the Communists. To Chinese-Americans. Then the Jews. And we saw how THAT went didn’t we. Then Muslims after 9/11. Now it’s white people. When do we learn? Where does it end?”

    • Antiwhite people are people who are afraid they can’t measure up to the achievements and spectacular wins of whites. In their hearts, they blame themselves for failure, and turn this around and project outward as hate toward “the white” all around them. After all, this is still a white world in North America and Europe. When you read a book, a character comes to mind as being white, when he hasn’t been described at all. To be antiwhite is to be against all literature in the white world, and to be a barbarian.

      • Envy is indeed the root of anti whiteness. It has driven a lot of the genocidal narratives of history, ever since the ur-story of Cain and Able. Cain envied his brother for enjoying God’s sacrificial preference. In a perverse way, the Nazis envied the Jews and the Hutus the Tutsi. But it’s no mystery why envy is a one-way street in America. What self-respecting white is going to envy even the most “talented” black? Under that skin, they are all stupid, shiftless, no-account fools who only attract notice when they inflict themselves on us. Perhaps this impossibility of our envy means that the motivational driver for a final solution to anti whiteness is forever lacking. The depth of our contempt is so great that we have come to believe not only that they’re incapable of killing all of us but also that we ought not be bothered to kill all of them. So a messy stalemate will persist.

      • Antiwhite people are people who are afraid they can’t measure up to the achievements and spectacular wins of whites.

        It’s hard to hide behind something unless you’re smaller than it is or unless you MAKE YOURSELF SMALLER! You are the only person on the planet who can make you feel inferior. Your inferiority complex is not my problem. But there I go acting all White and “swaggering” again. As Bugs Bunny was known to put it, “Gosh! Ain’t I a stinker!” 😉

    • My first experience with a Jewish person was my 2nd grade teacher

      Mrs Greene

      She was telling the class that everyone is unique and different and I said “what about twins?”

      She went berserk

      Then one day, I think around Christmas time, she sent everyone home with a dradle and I was playing with it on the dinner table and my dad went ballistic

        • I needed a laugh

          thank you

          I fractured my ankle and laughter makes pain go away

          Pretty cool how nature works. Also when you scream the pain subsides

    • No. We do not care to justify ourselves with their victims and martyrs. This is more of the same slave morality.

  7. I watched a little bit of that karlyn borysenko discussion – geez, what a fat turd lesbo relativist. “There’s no right or wrong – just multiple viewpoints” – unless of course, it’s White people beginning to think of themselves as a group, with group interests. Because we all know where that leads: slavery, genocide, nazis, blah, blah, blah. When the time comes, helicopters are expensive, but matches and rope are very cheap…

    • When I went to that link, the top comment was “I always wondered what my big toe would look like with glasses and a smile.” Hard to top that.

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  9. Having been an art major 20 or so years ago, I was steeped in poststructuralism and critical theory, including CRT. The whole ‘white evil because white good so POWER’ thing rubbed against my civnat tendencies but won out in the end.

    Here’s the thing. Having lived with it for a while, I gave up and embraced my ‘evil’, which opened a lot of doors. The most significant (and obvious in retrospect) was the realization that good is not evil, that it is right to be excellent.

    If that sounds retarded, yes, it is. The education young people have been receiving for at least a generation is fully retarded. Does Lefty comprehend the wind she’s sowing?

    • What caused you to reject your academic programming? For me it was living in Berkeley, CA, riding the mass transit BART, and feeling guilty for observing that the only people who cut to the front of the long lines were black people. They would push to the front of the line and glower at anyone who objected.

      • Jeez. My extended family, in-laws, and just about everyone I knew as a kid moved from a borough of NYC in what was known then as “white flight”. A diaspora that saw them go north to Westchester, east to Long Island and west to New Jersey. The lessons you learned post-college were under our belts as of about 1st grade.

        My neighborhood is blighted now and has been for decades. The time I reference, the late 1960’s to early 70’s, it was safe. Italians had community gardens. Irish firemen and cops were many of my friends fathers.

        Can we lay claim to take back OUR communal lands? After all, we were there first and our parents and grandparents literally built them, the buildings and roads and all the rest.

        • This caused me to think of a way to change the conversation, perhaps 2nd order after the 1st order deprogramming on “colorblindness” to realize some anti-whiteness or biological realities.

          Growing up in the Detroit suburbs, the standard way of looking at things was how white flight was bad and left the city poor and blighted for the blacks.

          Here’s where you can change the conversation with someone willing to listen: how about, “can you believe that the blacks in Detroit were blessed with beautifully constructed homes and outstanding infrastructure and let much of it go to ruin? They didn’t have to build anything from scratch, all they had to do was inherit and maintain these beautiful Victorian homes, these roads and utility systems. We ceded all of this to them and they ruined it.”

          • Overthinking it: “White flight: the only time when ethnic cleansing is blamed on the victim”

          • That’s exactly what I think whenever I see the crafted bungalows of San Fran, the row houses of Philly, the boroughs of Brooklyn, the brick homes of Cincinnati, the 3-stories of Detroit.

            They all used to be so proud and beautiful, filled with bunting and banners.

        • It took until my late 20s because I grew up in a rural area. Had Amish neighbors, etc.

          That was a liability because it was a bubble that made me naive, but also an asset because it gave me strong senses of pride, place, and people. I think it made me resistant to the poz after a point.

          I agree, taking back the cities should be a priority. They’re still worth it.

      • Probably my upbringing more than anything. I chafed at the guilt trip and pretending to feel guilty. Because of that I thought it through critically.

        I mean, they’re telling us we’re better than everybody else (reason, math, civilization, indoor plumbing, etc.) but that’s somehow a bad thing. Why not just take what they’re giving?

      • “For me it was living in Berkeley, CA, riding the mass transit BART, and feeling guilty for observing that the only people who cut to the front of the long lines were black people.”

        Glowering might not be the worst of it. There was study conducted in 2011 that found that 52% of seats in the BART were coated with fecal matter (see link). Just think, every time you take the BART you have a better then 50% chance of sitting in someone’s poop! What kind of a broken society do we live in that requires people to sit in other people’s fecal matter when they go somewhere on public transit?!

        And of course worse things than sitting in poop happen on mass transit in Maryland. I won’t insert too many links because I don’t want my comment to go into moderation, but fires, rapes and murders have occurred on the DC metro in recent years. Its terrible! And nothing can be done, because all solutions are racist.


  10. I think this is the best Nietzschean argument I’ve ever heard.

    I always hated the man for creating a philosophy that could supposedly justify anything, but when you think about it in terms of tactics, it makes sense. When you know you’re on the side of truth, justice, and beauty, you want to adopt the Master Mindset and make everyone else your bitch.

    Master and Slave Morality isn’t supposed to justify “anything and everything,” it’s simply two states of mind.

    • I’ve recently consumed a lot of Nietzsche (nearly all his writings) and as such am no doubt still high on the product. With that disclaimer, I think you (and everyone else) are being unfair to him. He no more created a philosophy than he invented atheism. What he DID do and if not the first, certainly was the best exponent, of daring to question the very foundations of what constitutes values, morality, etc. something that had not been done before. He was an iconoclast who said he did philosophy “with a hammer.”

      He also said that there are many points of view, and all of them are false. By this he meant they are all incomplete; we cannot know the true reality, the “thing in itself”. It’s beyond our reach. He was equally skeptical of Plato’s idealized Forms: the One, the Good, etc.

      He called his brand “perspectivism.” Again, not an innovation: He was a fan of Buddhism and discussed it, but did not always credit similar ideas (such as this example.)

      Like all his assertions, it must be taken with a grain of salt. I view his teachings as points of departure for pondering, certainly not as final revealed truth.

      I do agree that a moral code can be created that will justify any aims but anyone can do that — and many have, through history.

      His master vs. slave morality is similarly misunderstood. Both are valid moral systems — from the point of view of those who created each. Your ways are best, you are the good guys, it’s the other guy that is evil. This is probably true of (nearly) every morality ever concocted by Man’s mind.

  11. “This is reflected in their language. There are words and concepts that can be used as weapons against their enemies and then there is language used by the enemy, that justifies attacking them.”

    Step 1 in the ‘Culture War’…take back the language and use it against them.

    ‘Critical Race Theory’ or ‘CRT’ = ‘Critical Hate Theory’ or ‘CHT’.

    Hatred of western civilization, capitalism, Christianity, masculinity, America, the Constitution…and Whites.

    Technically falls under federal ‘Hate Crime’ legislation.

    Alinsky Rule #4: “Force your enemy to live by his own rules.”

    • Reversal seems like it should work… but it doesn’t.
      Democrats are the real racists… Never worked.
      White lives matter, All lives matter… Never worked.
      SJW, Never worked.

      Antiwhite does work.

      Reversals and the ilk are pathetic. They wasted time; giving conservaclowns a way to feel smart white doing nothing.

      Reversals strengthen the magic of the enemy’s incantation.

      • “White lives matter, All lives matter… Never worked.”

        Fully agree, instead I ask them “So tell me, what lives don’t matter?” – then watch them stumble and fall.

        • Uhhh.

          Can we start with ‘commie lives’?

          Free one-way helicopter rides worked…

          …for awhile.

      • So…’Coke’ going broke…after going ‘woke’…

        …and other corps walking back their gibberish after conservative boycotts is ineffective?

        “White lives matter, All lives matter… Never worked.”

        Of course they did. Caused mayhem when spoken. Always. Like flak…how ya know when you’re over the target.

        Rig a highway warning sign sayin’ “It’s OK to be White” during rush hour…and watch the fun.

        “Reversals and the ilk are pathetic. They wasted time; giving conservaclowns a way to feel smart white doing nothing.”

        Hmm. ‘Feeling’…and ‘smart’ (assumed intellectual superiority based on Ivy league degrees)…are typical of the Left’s unearned sanctimony. Not a part of conservative persona…ever.

        Take a gander at some of former communist David Horowitz’ work.

        His way forward: fight fire with fire.

      • “Antiwhite does work.”

        And please … let’s stop falling back on “it’s okay to be white,” which some people seem to think is a daring, off-the-map strategy. It reeks of apology. Yeah, most are racist homophobic transphobic members of yesterday’s race, but Not All Whites Are Like That.

        It’s good to be white.

      • Rhetorical zingers and what-ifs are different from a formal legal action brought in a court complaint or to an arbitration body.

        Using the process against them and making them live up to their own rules works when you do it with legal authority in a real venue – not your coffee shop, backyard philosophy club or blog.

        I know because I have done it and exploded heads. They will all eat out of your hand to avoid making news and alerting the entire population to the current power of tactical lawfare.

    • Your post makes sense but it doesn’t apply to the world in which we live because we can’t force our enemy to live by his own rules. I’m sure Alinksky knew that if he accused traditional whites of hypocrisy that he could count on the media and academia to amplify and repeat his claim. We don’t have that option.

      As much as I’m disposed to idealism about free speech I believe that for our side to win we must shut down anti-white and leftist media.

      The sad fact is that as long as most people can vote then the mass media can control most people. Ergo, we must radically limit the franchise or control the mass media. It’s odd, but I guess that the latter would be easier.

      • “Your post makes sense but it doesn’t apply to the world in which we live because we can’t force our enemy to live by his own rules.”


        But a federal judge just ruled against Pedo Jo’s ‘reparations’ for Black farmers because…White farmers.

      • Either one of these options will require a revolution…with all the frills that go along with it.

    • Yeah, I doubt Alinsky can be used against Alinsky. Their rules are simple: they hate you. Force them to live by it? They already are.

      • Yeah, I doubt Alinsky can be used against Alinsky. Their rules are simple: they hate you. Force them to live by it? They already are.

        It’s still early in the decade, but this is a Top Ten kkk0mment of the 2020s.

        You’ve wandered into Gunslingergregi territory.

  12. Whoever invented “Antiwhite” is a genius. This should be a potent word in our rhetorcial arsenal.

    The Leftists’ Word of Power for a long time, of course, has been “Racist.” Everything is racist! And this was an excellent choice. Why? Because, if you’re the target, how could you possibly ever deny being “racist?” Did you ever tell an ethnic joke? You’re a racist. Do you live in a predominantly White subdivision, send your children to a mostly Caucasian school, etc.? You’re probably an incipient KKK member. Dare you question the Woke Agenda? Then you must be planning to bring back Jim Crow, you evil White Person!

    OK, I exaggerate a bit above, but it is NO EXAGGERATION to compare the Left’s use of Racist with past similar abuses. Centuries ago, pious cultures occasionally needed a scapegoat for the latest plague, bad harvest, or just a general malaise and out-of-control “sinning.” What better culprit than a Witch? Surely they were in league with the Devil, and by various malefactions were responsible for bringing on the current troubles. Whatever the cause, it was relatively easy to locate such Witches and their enablers. They were usually tortured and killed in various unpleasant ways. Did they have any property? Good, it would pay the authorities for their trouble. Now, we haven’t descended to that barbarity yet, but notice any similarities? How could any victim deny she was a “witch?” What proof would be sufficient? Similar parallels in more recent history, perhaps the Communist witch hunts of the 1950s. Even if there were real Communists (of COURSE there were!) an even better comparison is what the real Communists, Soviet or not, did when they needed scapegoats. You were a Capitalist spy who had sabotaged the means of production. The fact you were a peon farm worker a thousand miles from the nearest border made no difference. Someone had to be found culpable for the latest failing. For the matter, even if you had been a perfect Communist, you still might be used for a sacrificial victim. Off you went to the neighborhood firing squad or a train ride to Siberia.

    Enough dismal history. Now that we have OUR Word of Power, how might we use it? Since we are prone to being direct, honest and truthful (or at least, that is our noble belief), how may we use this in discourse? What similar phrases may we use to convey our messages?

    If you have a real-world example of a successful well-adjusted Black, whether a neighbor, a co-worker, or a famous figure, throw it out in Liberals’ face. “If we’re all so racist, then please explain why X is doing so well? Doesn’t it kind of weaken the argument that this is ‘racist,’ given that we have Blacks, Mexicans, etc. included?”

    Z mas already mentioned one of the very best: in redpilling potential recruits to the DR. In any ordinary conversation, if Normie mentions something about the Left’s latest machinations, you can merely observe that you think its “antiwhite.” You are planting a red pill seed. It may or may not sprout. No matter Normie’s reaction, you have forced his reptilian brain to realize a grain of truth. It’s up to him to act upon it.

    It’s high time to use some of the Egalitarian verbal jujitsu against them. If the topic is CRT, perhaps ask Normie: “Is it really fair to indoctrinate your child with a biased view of history? Why are we using children to further partisan social issues? Is that really appropriate in public education?”

    I don’t have any other magical words to suggest right now. There are many conversational gambits one could suggest. Does the question of unequal treatment of races come up? If the topic is, for instance, the unequal outcomes of different races in education, you don’t have to be so blunt as to blurt “Blacks are just not very intelligent, how the hell can they do as well as Whites?” In most cases, it’s much more diplomatic to gently note that there are wide individual variations in outcomes. After all, women are not as strong as men and we don’t get upset about that. Let Normie connect the dots if he’s capable.

    What is more important, equality of opportunity (impartial laws) or to insure equal outcomes, which necessarily will require massive interventions, and unavoidably will require holding back the more successful and similarly, pulling forward the failing. Can government really solve all problems?

    Some redpilling is riskier: Is someone upset that Blacks are disproportinately shot by police? You could sympathize, but note that that they commit far more crimes than other races do. Isn’t it inevitable, then, that Blacks will have correspondingly higher encounters with the legal system? If opportunity presents, you might opine that to you, it doesn’t really seem like a good idea to defund police, to stop arresting Blacks for “minor” crimes, etc. If your Normie client whines that they’re still victims of the system, you might even observe that law-abiding Blacks are the primary victims of Black criminals. You might even point out then, that by easing up on Black criminals, you are effectively saying that increasing victimization of law-abiding Blacks is OK.

    They might ask: “But isn’t it necessary that some preferential treatment be offered to make up for past discrimination?” You might hesitate with this. You could concede that various laws and court decisions say as much. But is it really fair to merely shift the group that receives unequal treatment, and sugar-coat it by claiming it’s to rectify old discriminantion? If true equality before the law was really the goal, why then are there blatantly unequal programs and preferences (e.g. school admissions, quotas and such).? This could even lead into aspects of the inherent inequality of various groups. This is thinner ice, but still opportunities to open their eyes. You might ask: Is it really the government’s job to solve everybody’s problems? Is it even possible? Isn’t providing a level playing field, uniformity of rules of law and so on, more important? Don’t you think handing out preferences and favors is a slippery slope that will lead to further divisions within society?

    The point is, you can no doubt think up simple, rational questions that will poke holes in the Leftist agenda. I invite you to think up catchphrases or memes equal or even better than “antiwhite.” We need all the tools we can get.

  13. “ This minor slave revolt over CRT is merely a hint of what lies ahead.”

    Acceptance is what lies ahead.

    School is Daycare with well known risks of physical and sexual abuse and the long accepted certainty of propaganda K-12 to PhD, and yet the parents slave away to send their daughters to the Highest Status Brothel they can afford.

    This isn’t a slave revolt, or it would look like Baltimore Riots.

    This is noise and small static temporarily buzzing the Signal, the parents will submit. Its what White Americans do…

    If ONLY they could Chimp out for even a week, a day… but NO.

    You want a slave revolt organize and lead one, or its not happening.

      • American whites haven’t chimped out in decades, so yes unless you were there for Tulsa – very strange.

        The one chimpout of my lifetime was Jan 6, and it was the MAGA minstrel show.

        Quite willing and even eager to be proven wrong.

    • Not to imply “chimping out”, but with the silence of the media, the Yellow Vests in a disciplined way came out every saturday and were brutally repressed. For a year.

      No wonder half of the French, HALF foresee a civil war. Nothing like that many even suspect it in Canada. At least the French know the full front of their many enemies.

  14. Sailer has often noted that without a word to describe an idea, it’s almost doesn’t exist. We need words and phrases to open the mind of the 10% to 30% of whites who want to be on our side, i.e. the Left isn’t our target audience.

    “Anti-white” is very good.

    Here are a few phrases that I’ve noticed gets whites to reconsider the morality/reality around them:

    “They’re not my people, so . . .”

    This gets whites to realize that there are different tribes in the world, and we’re one of them.

    “Look, don’t impose your religion on me.”

    This is very effective. It’s completely blows apart the conversation. (Granted, I’ve only used this twice, but it worked great both times.) First, the other person is confused by what was just said.

    Them: What are you talking about “religion? (Now, they’re in new territory.)
    Me: Look, you’ve joined the Church of Hate Whitey. That’s fine, though being white, it’s a bit odd. But just as I wouldn’t let a born-again Christian or super serious Muslim tell me that I’m a “sinner” because I don’t worship Allah, you don’t get to impose your religious views on me.

    This is a massive kill shot. First, most woke whites aren’t religious and tend to look down on whites who are, so calling them the equivalent of an evangelical Christian hurts. Second, it turns their view on race from some natural truth like gravity into just another set of beliefs.

    Finally, one last thing that I’ve said over the years is “I just like being around white people. Nothing against other groups, I just like my people. We’re family, so we understand each other.”

    This goes along with Race is an Extended Family idea, which is also powerful.

    Don’t apologize for being white. Don’t apologize for loving your own people. That also works. I’ve said a lot of things over the years and have put myself in a lot of hot water, but I learned early on that trying to argue or defend yourself doesn’t work. Just state what you believe clearly – without attacking other groups – and let people either accept it or not.

    • Very detailed and accurate comment. Sometimes hearing a simple truth like that almost causes normies to jump backwards. Not necessarily in a bad way, it’s like they’ve finally heard something that actually explains the world around them. Like hearing about gravity for the first time and realizing “of course! that’s why everything drops!”

      Have you ever considered starting a website / blog that has a list of all these arguments, as well as definitions of other important terms, like “smart fraction”, etc?

      I think something like that would be beneficial for normies. We can remember it all but it’s alot for a casual reader to keep track of.

      • Well, Z’s doing a pretty good job of listing these things out. I don’t think that I have enough to say to make a blog worthwhile, but who knows.

        You note something important. It’s really important to state these lines calmly as though you’re talking about the weather outside. Also, don’t get dragged into an argument. Just let the truth stand on its own.

        When I used the “don’t impose your religion” on an annoying Red Guard niece of mine, she tried to bring the plight of blacks, etc. I just said something along the lines of, “Look, again, you joined a religion. (I think in the future, I’ll say you joined the Church of Hate Whitey.) I didn’t. If you want to trash on whites with your SJW larpers, have at it, but I don’t have to listen to your sermon.”

        Actually, I probably wasn’t that eloquent (and I didn’t use the phrase SJW larpers but I will in the future), but I keep it quick and with no way for the discussion to keep going.

        • Remaining calm is a huge part of a successful game plan. It’s no different than disciplining a child. When you lash out in anger the child sees not the fault in her behavior, only the wrong in yours.

    • I beg to differ (your first paragraph.) Plato and his philosophical heirs have gotten very far with words describing things that don’t exist 😀

      Z (perhaps other commentator) has often observed that for the most part, the Left’s latest bogeyman is typically something that doesn’t really exist. Most recent examples might be all those White Supremacist Domestic Terrorists, you know, like the unarmed crowd that attempted to take over the government on Jan. 6? Or that persistent “[insert adjective] racism” that afflicts non-Whites most everywhere, even where isn’t a White person to be found who could possibly be dispensing said racial prejudice at that particular moment.

      The rest of your post: general agreement.

      • Your average Joe ain’t Plato. They need a word to describe an idea or that idea doesn’t exist or, at the very least, is hard to conceive.

        The Left will always create bogeymen. They need an enemy. We need ways to get whites to break away from the Left’s morality.

        Anti-White is very good at that. It’s gets whites off the CivNat/Racism is bad reservation and makes them understand who is being attacked.

        Called a Leftist’s beliefs a religion also seems to work. What they’re saying is no longer the “truth” but just a set of beliefs. They lose their moral authority if I’m not a part of their religion, which I’m not and neither are the other white people in the room.

    • Citizen, you are invited to my Independence Day BBQ. All the smoked ribs and scratch coconut cream pie you can eat.

      Realtalking men are like hens teeth. Even in an era of all hens, no cocks.

      IME, your phrases and tactics are spot-on, but also gain exponential traction when even one more man is present to affirm the status of white stones, if even by merely nodding and grunting.

      The liquefaction of foundational White masculinity needs to be stopped house to house, one backyard bbq at a time.

      I figure if I have to bake my own pies because the xirls are too busy doing ¡science!, I don’t have much else to lose by offending the anti-white
      sensibilities of the feminine imperative cloaked in a sundress.

      • Having even just one person backing you up after saying any of those things is huge. I mean, earth-shattering huge. Just one.

        It only happened to me once. What’s more, it was a woman neighbor. Actually, it was at neighborhood BBQ. I don’t even know how the conversation started, but I said something along the lines of “I wouldn’t live a black neighborhood. I feel comfortable around whites.”

        Now, this is in a 90%+ white area and there wasn’t a black on the street or the next couple of streets. Anyway, you’d have thought that I showed my KKK membership card. “That’s so racist” popped up a couple of times.

        Luckily, this neighbor just said “I wouldn’t either. Black neighborhoods are dangerous.”

        Boom. The racism talk stopped on a dime. A few people kind of shook their heads in agreement and the party went forward as though nothing happened. It was crazy.

        But that was a long time ago. I doubt that the situation would turn out as well now. (I live in an area where a lot of people have security clearance. They’re absolutely terrified of saying the wrong thing. They don’t even agree with the Left out of fear that they won’t agree in the right way. To say that I’m in the belly of the beast is putting it mildly.)

        Regardless, it really does take just one other person backing you up to shut down the attack.

    • This is an incredibly powerful comment. Just here to thank you for the new mental ammunition

    • “Look, don’t impose your religion on me.”

      1000% This. This is as was often said at Chateau Heartiste (PBUH) a ‘rhetorical killshot’.

      Remember, these people fancy themselves anti-religion and ‘I fucking love science!!11!” types, when you call them religious zealots if they are super far left true believers they will go apoplectic. You aren’t going to convert a fanatic so at the least you get to take the piss out of them as somewhere deep down they know the truth of it. If they are more on the fence, you can easily draw the –obvious– parallels to the Woke Religion with all other previous incarnations of fanatical superstitious mystical belief systems. It is 100% obvious to the critical observer that this has fulfilled the human need for meaning for this retarded ass generation.

      Gospel, Mantras, and Canon. Check.
      Saints & Prophets. Check.
      Heretics & Heresy. BIG Check.
      Rituals, Rites, and associated Fetish. Check.
      Unshakeable belief system that flies in the face of objective reality. Check.

      It is all there and whereas anti-white will be ignored or deflected calling them conservative puritanical religious zealots sets them VERY off balance and on edge.

      A guy I’m friends with who’s wife has his balls under the sink in a jar just started in with this horseshit and I lit him up telling him he reminds me of a fanatical pentecostal (people they despise), I pointed out the parallels and he decided it was time to move on to a different topic. Mission Accomplished. Don’t give a fucking inch to these lunatics just as you would not if any other Theocracy decided to crush dissent and become the defacto form of government. (See Islamic Republic of Iran for what a good idea it is to let the fanatics take power)

      • Yeah, I got the idea from way back in the day when I would debate/argue with people about genetic racial differences. (There really was a time when you could do that.)

        I noticed that when I said that they’re belief that despite tens of thousands of years of various groups living in very different environments, the only differences between blacks and whites (or Asians for that matter) were skin color sounded a lot like Christians who believed the earth was created 10,000 years ago. Basically, they were rejecting the Theory of Evolution.

        Basically, I say something along the lines of “You have Darwin fish on your car, but you’re denying evolution.”

        They would go nuts. The greatest insult to them was to be compared – correctly – to rural Christian Whites. They hated it. I mean, really hated it. It stunned me how mad they would get, which, of course, made me push them even more.

        Calling Goodwhites religious zealots is, absolutely, a rhetorical killshot. It fucks with them in a bunch of different ways.

        • Actually, let me be clear about something. These asshole Whites were insulted to be compared to rural Christian Whites.

          In my mind, rural Christian Whites should be the ones insulted. If we have any hope, it will come from rural Christian Whites.

        • Actually, the Earth is precisely 6,024 years old. In 17th century, Bishop of Ussher fixed the date at October 23, 4004 BC to be precise. Just google “Bishop of Ussher” and you’ll find many links. Come on Christians, people are not going to take you seriously with silly claims like the Earth is 10,000 years old 😀

    • “Just state what you believe clearly – without attacking other groups – and let people either accept it or not.”

      I wish people like Jared Taylor would learn this lesson. Do not make negative (or any) comments on other groups. If they ask you “so do you hate black people?” or “why do you hate black people?” the only real answer is “why do you want to change the subject? We’re talking about anti-white hatred and bigotry.”

      Talking about blacks or other minorities is a diversion. Instead of forcing THEM to explain THEIR hate of white people, you are forced to try and explain why this or that group is inferior or equal or not equal in some way. They have been propagandized every single day of their life since childhood that we are all equal and that racism is the ultimate evil and that only white people are even capable of this ultimate evil.

      • See, here’s the thing. Some of us do believe that blacks are inferior. And that’s OK. Being called a racist has no sting for me. I own it.
        If you think that leads down the path to losing your job or your social standing or something else you value, then you haven’t fully grasped what anti white really means yet. You could adopt black children and donate to feed starving Ethiopians, and you’ll still be accused of white privilege or white supremacy. Heads, they win; tails, you lose. Don’t play their stupid word games. Just love what you love and hate what you hate. Give nothing good to what you hate in thought, word or deed; otherwise, you’re nothing but a traitor to yourself.
        As an aside, and to play the devil’s advocate, one problem I have with the whole “anti white is the killer app” approach is that some whites are just as worthy of contempt as blacks. There are some whites I’d hate to have as neighbors or coworkers, and I have no desire to save or protect them from anti white animus. I don’t know what’s going to happen in the future; but from where I sit, Gov. Wallace and the Jim Crow South had it right. Since I’m a realist, I can’t expect those days to return in my lifetime; but I refuse to be grateful when I’m handed half a loaf and told it’s a gourmet meal.

        • Very well stated. In so many words, if they call you a racist, tell them to kiss your pallid pimpled ass. 😀

          You are spot on to note that not all Whites get a free pass. Due to Nature’s vagaries, on the averarge a White has a much better chance of approaching whatever your definition of a useful, civilized human being is, compared to a Black. Despite that, alas, there are inevitably some factory rejects.

          With the above in mind, I observe there are some good Blacks, and some bad Whites.

          Many don’t know “White Trash” was originally a derisive term by Slaves for the dregs of the White society that engulfed them. The phrase still has currency.

  15. The answer is simple. Ban the word antiwhite. We cannot be allowed to keep effective rhetoric.
    I’ve been surprised we’ve been allowed to keep SJW.

  16. Does anybody else feel like that “Critical Race Theory” is a made-up debate / culture war thing to keep conservatives busy from focusing on other issues, ie. open borders and the communist takeover of the West?

    I’m strongly against CRT as you all know, but let’s be honest, this kind of thing has been taught for a long time in schools. Maybe it has a formal name now. In primary and high school in the 00s and early 10s we were also taught that white man bad, native americans good, read 10 million books about slavery, etc. We watched Obama’s inauguration on TV! But why is it suddenly an issue?

    There just seems to be something off about this debate, something inorganic. People with false, inorganic sounding names like “Rufo” and “Borysenko”. By all means, keep fighting this. It’s a great redpilling opportunity to push more normies over to our side, especially with the reframing as “anti-white” (which can be carried through to many issues). It’s further discrediting the Conservative Inc. idiots who are on a bad losing streak.

    But watch out. Don’t let your eyes off of other stuff… Just a gut feeling…

    • Yes. Much in Clownworls is unraveling and so the breech in whiteys mind must be stuffed with ballast.

      Watch as the “takedown” of CRT will be like the big drug bust in the hooker motel on the front page while the chinese tanker full of fentanyl is unloaded by Teamsters under billets of legit import product GDP up 20%!

      The six week cycle should be long enough for CRT to be mentally coul-d-sacked from decades of cultmarx anti-white, anti-Christian, anti-heritage West into a “racist” curriculum that divides us* based on skin color so we all meed to come together and fight this “hate” diversity is our greatest strength here we go again.

      *the “us” being paramount. The “us” must never become White no matter how many regenerative tentacles of the leftist death cult must be cut off to keep the hydra swimming left.

    • The Left was always a proponent of getting them young. And this is what CRT is about. It’s not about convincing stupid, docile, older whites but the younger ones in order to nip any future resistance in the bud.

      Sure bits and pieces were in the public school going back to my time in the early 70’s. But not like anything they have now which is a full blown in your face brainwashing system.

      They are also using it to purge the military of conservative whites in the enlisted and junior officer ranks in order to have a fully compliant military.

      The reason parents are fighting back because the Left is openly attacking even the ‘good whites’ and their children and that makes it personal, Not to mention it’s infecting the elite schools where the parents are paying close to six figures a year. That pisses them off.

      As for the rest, it is quite clear the Davos crowd was waiting for Trump to be removed so they could implement what you see before you.

    • I suspect it’s become an issue now because CRT is the left overstepping to the point that the mask is slipping. Previous leftist subversion was always based on demonizing the badwhites while leaving an opening for the listener to make themselves a goodwhite by caring about the rain forest or starving african children. Since CRT casts whites as biologically and irredeemably evil, there’s no more trap for the normie to convince himself that he’s “one of the good ones”.

      If you compare this to the Christianity from which leftism evolved, Liberalism was like Catholicism where saying “I’m sowwy” to the priest lets you into heaven even if you play with yourself in the shower. Wokeism, on the other hand, is the Calvinist mentality of “you go to hell no matter what you do”. Note that the latter is much better at collecting fanatics compared to the former, but invariably destroys itself as fanaticism isn’t sustainable in the long term.

    • Yeah, I kind of catch of whiff of that too, but what’s the angle? Proves all racism is bad? It just seems like tricking white people into defending themselves is not a very obvious strategy.

    • Re: “Conservative Inc” – I am coming around to the idea of them as the Main Enemy.

      Read “National” Review, the “American” Thinker, or the “American” Spectator, and keep track over a week of how much content they publish about small countries far away inhabited by alien races.

      Talk about missing the point…

  17. Thanks, Z. I get it now. I’m a little slow, so I used to think DR3 was a good way to go Alinsky on the Left. Even Tucker still makes this play. But all Lefty hears when we call him racist is that racism can only be against blacks, it is always bad, and we are racist white supremacists for pointing out his racism against whites.

    • why would i call somebody a “racist” like it’s a bad thing, when I am racist myself?

      there’s nothing wrong with racism per say, it’s just in-group preference which is natural and healthy. the main problem is that my group is being told it’s wrong while other groups are being encouraged to practice it.

      • You’re using logic and reason.

        Those concepts are not used by the left.

        Hence, while we get it on this board, Lefty has his eyes glaze over if you attempt to use said techniques.

    • Rhetorical kill shots don’t work if the target would never believe that they’re racist. Only Badwhites can be racist in their minds. The word just bounces off of them.

      That’s why they hate being called a Social Justice Warrior. It makes fun of them in a way that they worry about. They’re silly busybodies, and they know it.

      They’re also anti-white, and they know it.

      It’s why I’ve begun to tell any white Lib that they can’t impose their religious views on me. It exposes their beliefs for what they are, a cult. I’ve only done it twice, but both times, it messed them up.

        • Yeah, they hated that because deep down, they know they’re just regurgitating lines.

          But at the end of the day, our audience is fence-sitting Whites, not Leftists. It’s fun to mess with them, but they’re not the target.

          We need to open the minds of 10% to 30% of Whites.

          • Our side has no clue how to do PR or recruit period. We can’t even be bothered to put together simple pamphlets, booklets like the Birchers and Holy Joes do and hand out(leave) in places frequented by whites.

            We don’t even have a web site for newbies..

            This is why the DR is a joke.

    • Conservatives are often confused when they are ridiculed for using DR3 arguments. They ask, “Isn’t DR3 an accurate criticism?” Yes it is, if you define racism as making decisions based on race by any person of any race.

      But the point is that DR3 arguments, even if internally self-consistent, are entirely ineffectual because most non-whites and woke whites define racism as a condition that can only apply to whites.

      Conservative DR3 arguments reveal that conservatives long ago lost the war for the meaning of “racism” and this lost war is emblematic of the fact that conservatives almost always lose, and they can’t face the significance of these losses.

  18. “The Left has always relied upon informational asymmetry.”

    The Right: “Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me!”

    The Left: “Ok, we will now start breaking your bones.”

    • The Left has few, if any, real tough guys with which to break any bones. They rely on using government authority and power to recruit and order others to do their dirty work. And typically, most of those hired to do the dirty work are standard run-of-the-mill white guys wearing a uniform. The problem we face is not as simple as it would seem.

      For example, Dan Bongino will come to your house and beat you if you don’t agree with him that nonviolence is mandatory.

      • “..has few, if any, real tough guys..”
        Agreed but the effect is the same. Team White is trapped in the Opportunity Cost decision cycle while the Left just advances.

        The calculus is when our legitimately tough guys decide to play the game that’s best for them (and us all).

        • Opportunity Cost Decision Cycle (OCDC). Superb description of Team White – and reason for so much inertia. (I’ll remember that)

    • Yep. The aversion toward conflict, especially when identity or self-interest is at odds with sacred shades or little hats, is profound.

      If only whites would simply “rise above” the pigpen. But thats not enough. The problem is words do hurt. So much so that to avoid “racism” they will actually take physical beatings, rationalize why their own children deserve to be beat down, raped or murdered by pocs. Of course for most the unprincipled exceptions apply. Its YOUR kids that should be sacrificed. Which is why the war on whites will go on until the war within whites is settled – or at least moved from twitter to the physical realm where delineation is a two-way toll bridge.

      • Thinking of the watershed, when we go on offense, reading your comment made me realize I’m assuming (yes, I know) the Tribes of Many Colors will eat the Good Whites first. Then our side will just mop up…perhaps I’m fooling myself.

        • Its a worthwhile daydream. If only to drive home that most of our people are already gone. Twelve monkeys travel back in time you are already dead kinda thing.

          Speaking of monkeys. The goodwhites take pride in their delusions of authentic proximity to the feral borders of humanity.

          But they also lack the humility to know that pride has is no bargain when those feral animals don’t share their delusions. Bad combo.

          Picture the colorblind pitbull bitch and the goodwhite millennial being towed around the farmers market.

          The goodwhite and the pitbull are both colorblind. For one of them this will likely be a fatal defect.

          The goodwhite thinks pitbulls are misunderstood. The pitbull thinks she smells like bacon when she sweats.

  19. The problem with a term like “critical Race theory” is that it’s amorphous, so when left wing school boards feel the heat they’ll just say “oh, we’re not doing that program” when they are doing it under another name. The left is great at lying and will lie a thousand times a day to further their causes. Instead of using the term CRT, the right should be saying, we’re trying to get anti-white bigotry out of our schools.

    • Richard Hanania has said that the final solution to this might be republican states threatening to defund (to borrow a phrase from the left) school districts that are into CRT

    • True. We don”t do Critical Race Theory, we do “social-emotional learning”! Its from Harvard!

      There is always another end-run in the works to lead the whites back into submission for the greater good.


      Sounds good right? Who would stand against that?


      • I keep seeing that word equity a lot lately. Sorry YT, those decades of sacrifice and delayed gratification, living below your means to save for your old age and pay for a house in a nice neighborhood is likely to have been all for naught. Resident Biden is going to ensure that you don’t get use your White privilege to profit at the expense of POC.

    • They’ll just rename the curriculum to “Multi-Ethnic Historical Impact Study” or some such gibberish.

      • Right. Which is the point of cutting through their labels with our own. The habit of accepting their terms and then making the “fight” about the nomenclature and not the premise, the intent, needs to be broken. Its a learned behavior and so it needs to be unlearned. That process is “the fight”.

  20. The last paragraph puts the truth to CRT. As usually happens, Lefty has a powerful insight and leaps into fantasy. Why? Because he can’t handle the truth, because he’s the slave, because he doesn’t think he can do anything about it. So he relies on cunning and underhandedness, and Righty is too willing to go along with the lie. There’s the slave revolt.

    To tie together some threads, it’s very feminine, very bourgeois, of Lefty. Very stupid and cucked of Righty. The Fall of Man all over again.

    We have nothing to lose but our (psychic) chains! 🙂

  21. There is something to be learned from Karlyn Borysenko. The clip Z linked to is of her insisting that, while she recognizes no moral distinctions, she simply prefers not to live in a society where white identity has any purchase. The framing lesson being that it is useful to reject moral claims of right and wrong and simply to assert the power of one’s preference over the ordering of society.

    Put differently: “Because we live here,” is justification enough.

    • Unfortunately, blacks, latinos, chinese, hmong, indians, eskimos, jews, arabs, armenians, persians, turks, japanese, mongols, etc etc etc also “live here.”

      And at the slightest excuse they will go off with their “I was born here too, I’m just as American as you are!” Plus they don’t believe you have any right to these lands in the first place since it was all “stolen from the cherokee” anyway.

      There really is no solution except

      • Sorry, the end of that post was supposed to say “There really is no solution except (Fedpost redacted).”

        • That’s a nice thought, but realistically, if you don’t have the numbers to vote your way out of a situation, you probably don’t have the numbers to shoot your way out of it, either.

          Looking at the available options, the most practical one is either installing or flipping current elites to our side. Trump may have indeed been weak sauce, but he was something, which is at least proof of concept. That’s why the Enlightened™ were so furious with him, someone of their own class dared to oppose them.

          I understand that isn’t what most people on our side want to hear, but what other way forward is there? It’s too late to vote ourselves out of this, probably too late to shoot our way out of it as well, and those who actually wield power are part of an elite where we have no representation. Short of being able to win over some of that elite to our side (as I pointed out, Trump at least proves it’s possible), I’m not sure what other action we have at our disposal.

          • Your points are all good but don’t discount that the disintegration of the multi-ethnic USA may provide us with opportune opportunities that don’t involve voting.

          • The races and ethnicities are far from equally distributed across the land area of North America. It certainly is too late (and delusional to think) we are going to retain the whole area. However, it is extremely plausible that we can carve out a new federation (Second American Republic) from the corpse of the Globalist American Empire, avoiding the cheap labor diversity mistakes of our forefathers.

            Having neighboring state enemies will do much to help keep our descendants based. It took the Spaniards 700 years to get their land back. This war is just getting started, now that the side that has been getting raped for 50 years is starting to wake up.

      • In my experience very few immigrants have any affinity for founding principles. And they hate/envy heritage Americans. They’re basically colonists who wish to live as (fill-in-the-blank) but do it here in the US.

        • Have you ever met a non-white who seemed to really love the Founders or desired limited government?

          I’m not saying it’s impossible, but I think loving the Founders is literally outside of the capacity of most non-whites, due to tribalism.

    • We should set up a GoFundMe to pay her airfare to Johannesburg 😀

      Actually, that’s always been an impractical dream of mine: that we could send such idealists to experience, for a month or a year, whatever real-world hellhole best exemplified the consequences of their belief system. Sort of like an involuntary Peace Corps or compulsory military service some nations have.

      I imagine most returnees would be disabused of various delusions. The biggest difficulty would, of course be insuring their health and safety.

      • Agreed, but why now would there be any concern for ‘insuring their health and safety’?

  22. “This is why the word “antiwhite” is so powerful….”

    Is it, though, Z?

    Not trying to be a dink – but one of the truisms you point out so well, is that we will never own Leftie. Paraphrasing your own words, “They’re nuts when they wake up in the morning, they’re crazy at lunch time, and they are insane when they go to bed at night…”. I used to think they could be reasoned with too, but have long since given up. I am happy now to slowly pour the black powder into the chambers of my Colt Dragoon, seat the round lead balls and cap the cones as I wait for the inevitable…

    • It’s not about changing Lefties. That will never happen. It’s about getting conservatives and moderates to stop surrendering the field to 30% of the population.

      • I don’t even bother with lefties. I just state my position and move on. No debate in bad faith with them.

        However normies are frightened and confused by the world. Explaining some of this stuff is like a revelation to them. “I’m such a good, non-racist white person! Why do non whites still glare at me??”

      • Take some time to gently and calmly, but firmly explain your ideas and what’ going on to normies. You’d be surprised at the reception you get.

        If you are a “respectable” guy even better.

    • Well, the fight is not with the soul of Leftie. The fight is with our own people and our own mental approach. For middle-ground whites, “racism” is bad, but the word only applies to whites. They understand this on a visceral level. Yet the word remains a crutch and, worse, a crutch made of concepts from Leftie.

  23. When I worked in the government schools of suburban Atlanta in the early 2000s, they were filled with Latinos and blacks. I was called racist by my middle school students EVERY DAY. (they even called me pork chop, which is one I could never wrap my head around)

    These people have been bred on that word, the R-word. And they KNOW it slays us.

    That word is simply a slur agains Whites. Its antiwhite. It has no neutral meaning like other words, like community or behavior. Remember, a bunch of guys write the dictionaries. Not gods, men. Do you think the men who wrote the dictionary cared that it was antiWhite? Or could have known it was antiwhite?

    After the ashes are blown away on this ugly culture, we shall have to do some research on the origins of that word because it was cooked up in the 20th cent.

    If it was a real word, a word that meant hatred of different races or the persecution of those different races base SOLEY on race, then it would be in greek and latin and IT AINT. There is no Greek word for the R word. There is no Latin word for the R word. Thats the give away.

    If it was a real word , a word that described a real phenomenon, an evil phenomenon, then it would be in catechisms of the Catholic CHurch. I’ve read 5 catechisms and never does that word appear (except the JPII one that doesn’t count)

    Are we to believe that Mediterranean cultures didn’t bump up into eachother? and its only in the 19th and 20th cent. that a situation of racial proximity brought on a NEW SIN? Please.

    The R word was invented to demean, shame, and genocide us. NEVER allow it to dominate a discussion. That word is our N-word. Get red-faced in its presence, and shame whoever is using the R-word as what they are:


    • I read somewhere that Leon Trotsky/Lev Davidovich Bronstein coined the term “racisim” to use against white Americans and against American capitalism to disrupt our society for communism. I don’t know when exactly, but “””someone””” influential from somewhere dusted off the Trotskyite word and used it as a weapon against whites in the current era. If that word is used against me, I don’t even flinch anymore. It is meaningless, because everything white is racist.

      • I like the term anti-White. I shall use it whenever or wherever I get the chance.

  24. If I have to choose between being on the giving or receiving end of genocide, it’s an easy choice.

    If I have to choose between living under an authoritarian state that imposes the beliefs of my people versus living under an authoritarian state that imposes alien views on me, it’s an easy choice.

    Once you realize that egalitarianism and liberal democracy have failed, many of the choices are easy.

    • True. Everything in life, up to and including slavery – is ultimately a choice.

      I intend to make that MY choice, and that of any leftie/vibrant moron that tries to impose theirs on me.

    • Vizzini,

      Its only an easy choice if there is a choice. There isn’t.

      The entire Right Unites to make sure that never happens.

      How many damned the 1/6 crowd? And yet they made them RUN. They were trembling for weeks.

      Yet who does not mock them from the Right? Or call them Feds? Which of course is now Revolvers , Tucker’s and Takis, others game. See if anyone who even wants to get mildly rowdy never mind decisive is a FED…then…. Nothing happens.

      Just how they like it.

      At this moment you’re reading this someone is already typing FED. Sure, I’m from the Department of the Obvious.
      DO- as in DO NOTHING.

      When you have the Right and yes DR we’ve got, who needs Feds? My God the NKVD would let this be.
      Harmless heat sink.

      So its an easy choice if its a choice, for the Left has all the real choices because Whites are cowards.

      • There is at least one thing your never-ending stream of doom, gloom and derision for the right fails to take into account.

        “Events, dear boy, events.” Harold Macmillan

  25. A multicultural family is much more wholesome and you are all bigots.


    Errrrrr… warning… some of that is tough to take and will break your heart. The question is… how do you get info like this out there, to the people that need it? Most of these women are low value white trash… but hell’s bells, some are kids that don’t know any better and grew up with the pozz. They need to see this stuff.

        • Apologies. It was about the toll for burning coal. A video collage of chimp-outs, beat downs, and assaults on white women.

          It was extremely nasty stuff, and far more likely to incite caution, IMO. But the narrative must be imposed, even on supposedly free speech platforms. If we concede to the left that even truth can be a hate crime… then we have lost the culture wars already, and it will be time to bring out the heavy metal and artillery.

          • I’ve seen similar videos, and perhaps now am inured to the extent I (regretfully) feel very little empathy for women who are almost certainly aware of the risks, but still willing to gamble with their lives. It is woeful for the children pulled into the abyss.

  26. Yes, we few, we happy few, we band of brothers can sally forth with an “anti-white” meme and dare to turn back the tide of Progressive rot. But if that doesn’t work, best to have a backup plan. When words alone have failed to win the day, the wise will regroup and awaken to the reality of our desperate dilemma. For the parasites are no trivia adversary and the cure may not be so civil as one would wish. But take heart, for the lazy & stupid will die first, as nature intends. And when the time comes to take the field; “from the shadows, only from the shadows” shall victory arise.

    • There is no reasoning with them. Its pure war, of words and knives. The Left knew this with the R=word. As Z says, they are partisan pure and simple.

      Don’t mistake the use of antiwhite as a way to reason or have discussions with the Left.

      its meant to demean them, and, as Alinski says, make them live up to their own morality.
      I think the knives should come out but , something is slowing that down.

      • Good point. There is a value in learning to hate the enemy – it’s why every general would harangue his troops before battle. It’s also just how humans work: they need something like the language of hatred if they are going to do angry things.

        Which is why some of the comments here are really missing the mark. *Of course* we aren’t trying to reason with Leftie, any more than Caesar was trying to reason with his enemies in the pre-battle speeches to his own men. What we are trying to do is create the mental framework for fighting (non-violently, natch), and attaching the term “racism,” is simply going to fail at that task.

      • Although the chances may be infrequent, short of outright warfare, perhaps the sweetest form of non-violent revenge is to impose their own doctrines upon them. 😀

        I haven’t read Alinsky, but indeed, make them live by their own morality. A highly respected ancient Jewish philosopher said “As you judge others, you will be judged yourself.”

        I suspect the quickest way to get rid of the old double standard problem is to impose a single standard, but allow that single standard to be modified as necessary.

    • The lazy, the stupid AND the idealists die first. Our biggest concern coming up will be if the first round do it’s job, and do I need to waste another round to finish the work.

  27. CRT = White people never do anything right and non-White people never do anything wrong.

    It’s good to see parents speaking out against it, but the virus has spread too far, I’m afraid.

  28. Besides CRT, our side is getting a very big assist from the rise of BLM, the Summer of George, the ubiquitousness of race-mixing and “white guy as the dumbass” in commercials, the White Privilege campaign, and the overall promotion of diversity everywhere at the expense of Whites. They’re going all out, everyone sees it and feels it, and where a term like antiwhite, or the attack on Whites, might have been met with yawns not long ago, it now hits home both with our side and our enemies.

    • The question is will all this noticing lead to a reckoning in which the average white man becomes immune to being branded a racist racist, or will his desire to return to “normal” win out, i.e. back when the war on whites was a more palatable pogrom that he could insulate from economically and the death of flyover brothers and their communities was just the price of progress.

      I covid is any indication – or the “election” of 2020, the desire to return to the matrix is profound.

      The antidote to the neurotoxin of “racism” coursing through the veins of whites starts with words like “anti-white” as catalysts, but will require IRL confrontations to render 50 years of poison inert.

      This conflict should be focused squarely on traitorous whites. The fixation on the poc hordes and the feeding frenzy on the carcass of white civilization is second order to forcing the triage of white from anti-white among our own. The fact that this cuts though friends and families is by design. But it must be done if we are to avoid popping that blue pill and going back in. The juicy steak does not exist.

      • Normie White Guy: “I know this steak doesn’t exist…”. Bring on the synapse manipulation! I love steak.

      • Well said. The problem is the economic disparity will alway be there because the achievement gap is biological. So YT is strongly pulled to help the “downtrodden.” The fact that the “downtrodden” have cell phones, large screen TVs, nice cars, air-conditioning, and all the food they can eat, doesn’t register in a relative world. It’s easy to blow off the racist insult until you can no longer buffer yourself in the suburbs.

        • True. Its also revealing as to the who whom of yoking the goodwill of whites.

          20 years ago: Poor whites are lazy and deserve what they get. Shoulda went to college and got a “tech” job in the city.

          Now: poor Whites trapped in dwindling corporate cube farms and city life are stupid and should have moved to the country and learned a trade already.

          Meanwhile pox, otoh…are real Americans, the future, our greatest strength…

          The downtrodden worthy of our efforts always seems to be distant and darker. While our own are held to a standard of “shoulda been born sooner…bought that land/business/stonk last year”

          The problems of disparity are not just limited to economic buffering, but that the buffering includes investment in social status and “markets” that are drains on our people.

          But its okay as long as money is made and you rant about taxes and potholes and even the blacks burning the cities.

          Disconnecting from these feeders is just as hard as a white man saying its okay to be white and then ignoring his wife’s facebook going apoplectic over his racisms.

          Its hyper individualism for us, everyone for themselves bootstraps zero-sum etc, but collectivist identity-driven bennies for everyone else.

          I suppose, the necessity of proximate and explicitly white goodwill will bear out once the already diminishing returns of the system meets the New American suburbs in the making.

          But as for economic and social status solutions to globohomo gravity I have heard very little from our side other than embrace poverty now so when the war comes you will be used to it.

          • Damn Screw, good stuff….
            When the Left runs out of ammo in their Weaponized Goodwill of White People gun, it’s boxcars for us all. Unless we, collectively, decided to stop talking, thereby denying the Left the qualification of their game, insight into whether the manipulation is working, and instilling fear for what comes next from us.

        • I sometimes have shared Nietzsche quote : “The weak and the botched shall perish: first principle of our charity. And one should help them to it.”

          We are completely at liberty to choose who the “botched” might be. I believe your post offers some promising leads 😀

  29. A nit:

    “Candace Owens has gotten rich by blessing the positions of conservatives.”

    Pretty sure she always thought what she says and it has nothing to do with her race other than to say “Hey, quit being the class victim, your skin color does not have to determine your future of being slave to the Democrats.”

    She clearly has a brain, and uses it.

    • She started out in life doxing white college boys on twitter for their racism. She is clearly a grifter relying on the need of white conservative to have a black champion.

      • I cannot stand listening to her. Always change the channel or fast forward when she comes on. An obvious grifter.

      • Sure…wasn’t “defending her per se. What she says and does is what I look at to determine whether someone is genuine. Her statements make sense (is all).

        Every media personality is at some level a grifter, always marketing themselves to stay relevant to fill their bank accounts. But doesn’t make them an enemy or to be summarily dismissed…people can and do change their viewpoints on things, at least the honest ones.

        BTW, the down voters of my original comment shows they have missed the point of the comment…and I did say it was “a nit”. The remainder of your commentary – as always – is spot on.

        • The key to *good* grifting is not to be obvious in the grift, or the victim will catch wise. Your “defense” of Owens was clear in your posting. It is a fair expression of your feelings in the matter.

          I don’t post down for fair expression, but is was a defense of Owens—your disclaimer not to the contrary. Z-man took the time and effort to post some history and defend his impression.

          • Fair enough. Mine was purely a defense in what she speaks of now, nothing more. I don’t know the woman therefore can’t defend “her”, just what she says. If it’s an act, so be it, doesn’t automatically negate the thinking. Guess I’m in the hot seat this morning.

      • Hmmmmpfffff.

        Does it matter, at this point? I am not about to put a dime into that dancing monkey’s tin cup… but if she can pause or stop the left and their cucks even for a second or two, perhaps she is a tool we can use?

        People that pause and actually listen to her are at the foot of the mountains that form the great political divide. For you dissidents – everything has to be considered a weapon that can be used by us or by them.

        Considering other black muppets (like Diamond And Silk)… Candace does pretty well…

        • My point, obviously said more clearly.

          And No, it doesn’t matter. Only thing that matters is what we do individually.

      • I am somewhat ambivalent about her. I get all the negative comments, and I am sure she is grifting to a large degree given her past. OTOH, she was 18 when she played the race card. She is in the talented 10th and could find more fame and support being an AOC type. My biggest problem is Tucker feels the need to talk through her for cover. But overall, she is probably a small net benefit.

    • There always seemed to be something “off” about her act. When someone (I think on Gab) related the story of her trying (and I think succeeding) to get free rent by accusing a former landlord of being racist it clicked for me that she doesn’t even have the intellectual gravitas of Charlie Kirk, and yet somehow keeps getting propped up.

  30. i kind of wonder if there is an urban/suburban vs rural divide here. I feel that if you look at the textbooks of a cash strapped district in rural america – you won’t find as much of the CRT. Loudoun County, otoh, is one of the wealthiest counties in the country.

  31. Borysenko says that the term antiwhite promotes white solidarity and white positivity and will lead to genocide. Not having white solidarity and white positivity will lead to genocide—-for whites! It’s time to tribe up.

    • Who thought that sending out this incredibly obnoxious blob monster Borysenko is a good idea?

      • I believe it was Prager U who trotted Borysenko out to try to corral “antiwhite,” before it spread into Normieland. An abysmal failure, as she recently announced she’s going into the woods to take time off, smoke some weed or whatever.

    • If the situation continues to deteriorate, various factions mayl have such Crimethink thoughts and add to them: Genocide is not such a bad thing, depending upon whether you are on the giving or the taking end of it. 😡

  32. The Left is going to win the CRT battle, just like every other one, because they control the institutions that create teachers and academic materials. I’ve even seen some of my normally conservative colleagues in education get sucked into the hive of talking about White Privilege and other nonsense.

    The crushing of the tone policing of Con Inc. is the real victory of the dissident right. It wasn’t jolly twitter racists that curbstomped them this time, but actual normal parents who understood Con Inc. was setting them up for failure. As Z said, once we get rid of the faux objectivist circle-jerking of the establishment right and fight for our interests simply because they are our interests, it gives us a fighting chance.

    We’re going to lose a lot more in the short term, but our rhetorical firearms are fast evolving from bayonets and rifles to something more in line with the 21st century that will make future victory possible.

    • I’m guessing the outrage is maybe a straw on the camel though. CRT is basically just a repackaging and formal label to what was already being taught in schools. It’s not as if any white kids going through school in the last several decades were taught to be proud of the achievements of their people.

      • When you can put a label on something, you can oppose it. The miasma of antiwhite hostility that is everywhere suddenly has a name, Critical Race Theory, and it is antiwhite. All of a sudden, the terms are clear for people.

        • Yes, truly said…but, having been involved in the system, I find that time and again, when the heat of adverse publicity is turned on, the hated behavior simply morphs.

          That is to say, the same thinking/indoctrination/behavior changes name, form, implementation, etc. and continues after the fuss dies down. Normie goes back to sleep, but the people in charge continue to spread the poison.

        • You can see this in the lefty response: CRT is a white conspiracy theory! They are trying to neutralize the backlash with semantics, which is why “anti-white” is the hill to die on.

        • Antiwhite will be forgotten in a year. We’ll be talking about something else.

          And they want us to talk about it, they want us to talk about anything. They want to keep us talking, what doesn’t matter.

          We could have FOX open with the Horst Wessel song, Tucker reading Mein Kamf wearing a Totenkopf, as long as we keep talking.

          Antiwhite! A MAGIC WORD!
          Now we can talk our way out of this!! Look!
          MAMA BEARS!!
          Whee! 💩
          Except I’ve heard that before…

          Talk is what they want us to do, they have power, as long as we’re talking they’re safe.

          Talking is safe, for them safer.
          For us LARPING that we live not by lies.

          We live until they decide we don’t. They know we’re harmless as long as we’re talking.

          • Actually, they do care what we talk about. A lot.

            Anything that sounds like White folks having a sense of identity, that scares them. Whites folks working together, that’s an apocalyptic.

            We winners ignore your stock-standard black-pill concern-trolling.

          • Disruptor, who are these white folks working together?

            I would love to see that. The last white folks working together were on 1/6. That was Trumps last Drama.

            For which the Official Right instantly denounced, now moves to brand as feds, and which the Dissident Right (all 25 of them) mocked for not going far enough?

            This from people who did nothing.

            You mean the same 20 guys fapping folks on Twitter, GAB?

            It could be 20 million, if its all talk… its just talk.

            I guess concern troll is the new FedPoast eh?

            As for Blackpills- these are facts.

            And here’s another- all the words and arguments herein came up before in the 70s, the 90s when Clinton (!) denounced Sista Soujah, etc etc.

            They came up in 2012, 2014, all of it…

            As for the word Antiwhite saving us – everyone already knew this, they’ve known it all their lives.
            The Left trumpets it and has since the 60s.

            The actual big chance for a soft landing was Trump, but he needed and wouldn’t ask for street soldiers- directly anyway.

            He certainly hinted at it repeatedly.

            That’s a big missed cue folks, and missing the cue wasn’t on Trump, or the MAGAtards as its so fashionable here to call them.

            No the missed cue and call not answered was by the “hard right” and the Dissident right, who absolutely don’t believe in democracy, elections, or any of it.

            Yet they did nothing.

            White Folks don’t work together, nor do I see any work – I see flight.

            I see cowardice. Thats the blackpill.

            The truth won’t set you free, nor keep you alive.

            But it is fair warning.

            Tyranny is already theirs, Genocide their intentionand moving within their grasp.

            The term antiwhite has no more power than the term Antisemitism did in the 1930s, or that the term Christian charity had on the USSR.

            By all means cast the magic word Harry, but it has no effect.

    • I would like to see preferences for legacies ended at the leading universities.

      This will give upper class, establishment white democrats a taste of what they have shoving on non establishment whites.

      • At the rate things are going, perhaps just end the leading universities would be easier? 🤡

        I mean, they already are proposing to allow, or actually do, admissions with no academic standards whatsoever? Next step will be granting degrees with little proof they’ve learned anything of value. Oh wait, they’ve already been doing that for years…

  33. “This minor slave revolt over CRT is merely a hint of what lies ahead.” What DOES lie ahead?

      • I believe it when I see it.

        Past performance says more flight, more submission.

        Surrender isn’t war.
        Hell we surrendered last year.

  34. It’s interesting to observe the good whites in a cosmopolitan city with a large black population and outer white suburbs.
    The good whites living in the city accept all the language of the left, so the old hippies relive their youth at the cafe’s and restaurants. Of course their kids are grown. The young people moving into the nice city neighborhoods are childless or gay.
    The city schools are poison because of uncontrollable misbehaving blacks.
    Meanwhile in the white suburbs CRT is the new game in the schools.
    The word “ racism” has little effect in the suburban battleground, “ anti white” does.
    We do indeed need to use the language that is effective in this cultural war.

  35. It’s amazing what simple words can do sometimes. When people asked me why I quit teaching, one of my stock answers was “I was tired of being the first person, in their entire lives, to tell drinking age kids ‘no.'” What I didn’t say, though, and probably should have, is that the power of a simple NO is amazing if the kid is still reachable (many aren’t). No. Because I said so. You don’t get an exception, because you’re not special. All your tuition money bought you was a guaranteed seat in the classroom. I don’t work for you, you work for me.

    Something so simple could turn their heads entirely around. At least half the time, probably a lot more, the Left wins through simple inertia. Just say no!

    • When I did a lot of contract work, my best answer was “Of course, we can never agree to that.” Most of the time, the other side accepted it and we moved on. I’ve always suspect that people like to hear no for an answer. It settles things for them.

      • That’s assuming one is allowed to say, “no”. There was awhile back, and perhaps still is, policy in some companies when reaching their customer support, that the support person was not allowed to say “no”, but only to bump the request up to a superior. 😉

        Sounded really hip and customer oriented, but how it worked in practice I was always suspicious of. As to contract work, my last University had a simple answer—out of 10k employees, there were exactly three who could sign a binding contract for the University: President, Contracting Officer (Head), and a third I forget.

      • “No” tells them where the boundaries are. It’s actually a relief for them to know when to stop pushing.

      • In some ways people are perpetually 2 year olds. They want clear and consistent boundaries even while they rebel against them. Workers usually have more respect for a bully boss who has clear and consistent boundaries than a nice boss they can walk over. Same with dating. Women don’t want the nice guy they claim to want

    • Unfortunately the right’s response to the left is never No. It is always an attempt at a debate or buying guns. CRT is a great example. If patents simply said no to CRT then recalled the school board a big part of the problem would be solved

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