The Journey Home

Way back in the Reagan years, the people taking over the foreign policy establishment were often accused of being Trotskyites. The reason is many of them had been Trotskyites into the 1960’s and 1970’s. They were men of the far left until they were drawn into the neoconservative movement. Most were drawn into the movement through opposition to Stalinist communism. Some broke with the Left over the state of Israel, while others were concerned over the domestic issues.

The accusation was not without roots in reality. Trotsky was the leader of the left-Bolsheviks in the 1920’s. His faction opposed Stalin and Bukharin, who led what was known at the time as the right-Bolsheviks. Of course, Stalin’s faction won the dispute, driving the Trotskyites out of the party and eventually driving an ice ax through the head of Trotsky himself. Stalin’s later suspicion of Zionism would only add to this old dispute between the founding generations of the Left.

The Left-Right dynamic within radical politics is something that gets very little attention, because it does not serve ruling class interests. In 1920’s Russia, the Left side promoted radical reorganization of society, while the Right side wanted to take a gradualist approach. Critics of the conservative movement in America have relied on this comparison to chide them over their diffidence. The paleo criticism of Buckley conservatism was that it was just the slow version of Progressivism.

What this means is that the ruling dynamic of America since the middle of the last century has been a form of party rule. The communist had informal factions within a formal party structure, while the liberal democrats prefer formal factions within an informal party structure. The Democrats are the left-liberals while the Republicans are the right-liberals. They have the same goals, but disagree on the best approach for achieving those goals. They also serve the same interests.

Looked at in this light, the alliance of former radicals with the Buckley conservatives makes much more sense. It was not simply over opposition to the Soviet Union or even communism itself. It was a lesson learned from experience. The Trotskyites were slow to realize the danger of Stalin and it cost them their lives. The neocons were not going to make the same mistake twice. In other words, the shift from the Left to the Right within the ruling party was a continuation of an old struggle.

Within this framing, the recent break between the neocons and their former allies in the decaying Buckley coalition is a journey home, of sorts. Their alliance with the right-liberals, whose appeal was always to the heritage stock of America, was always about the old struggle. The crusades against Islam in order to secure Israel’s dominant position in the region was a natural consequence of winning the Cold War. Now that those battles are done, the Trotskyites are heading home.

This political Aliyah is why someone like Jonah Goldberg are pulling out all the stops to present himself as a grotesque antiwhite fanatic. He dresses it up in anti-Trump sentiment, but his rhetoric would be at home on MSNBC. Bill Kristol, of course, sounds like a socialist history teacher in the 1960’s now. His new venture, The Bulwark is underwritten by a Persian. One suspects that they secretly call him Cyrus and they think of him as freeing them from the right-wing captivity.

The most egregious of the crew, with regards to the bomb throwing at their old friends on the Right, is David French. His physiognomy suggests there are a few surprises in his 23andme, but putting that aside, he now sounds like an adjunct professor teaching critical race theory. It is as if he has been tasked with making it clear to all that the old Trotskyites are not only breaking with the Right, but they are ready to come home and take up their position on the Left.

Now, shape shifting in politics is nothing new. Bismarck was a famous shape-shifter, who would take any side to advance his overall agenda. He wanted to secure a united German empire and would partner with anyone to do it. Churchill is another example of someone who could change form quite easily. The great political operators of history were always men who adapted to their circumstances. They were implacable and tenacious, but always able to survive to fight another day.

For this quality to become a group attribute really is impressive. It suggests there is something preternatural at work. The fact that is seems to be working is an even more amazing phenomenon. The major left-liberal media organs are now welcoming these people home and adopting their foreign policy positions. Note how the Biden administration is growing more hawkish with Iran. Instead of embracing the old Obama approach, they are sticking with the Trump approach.

One cannot help but be impressed with the resiliency of these people. None of them are terribly bright. Jonah Goldberg is just a smarmy simpleton. David French could be legally insane. Bill Kristol is as dumb as a goldfish. Taken as a whole they look like a warning about the perils of inbreeding. Despite this, they are slowly transforming themselves back into that old shape and rejoining the left-liberals. It gives a whole new meaning to the term “drug resistant virus”.

Step back from it a bit further and it brings up an interesting parallel between the Bolshevism of the East and the liberal democracy of the West. Both became single party ideologies with an internal left-right dynamic. Despite destroying the Trotskyites in the 1920’s, Stalin embraced their agenda to secure power. We see the same thing in liberal democracy where “free market capitalism” supposedly won the day, but it is now fully animated by the people it allegedly defeated.

At an even higher level, the war between liberal democracy and communism that defined the late 20th century can now be seen as a macro version of the party politics in 1920’s Russia. The “right-side” defeated the “left-side” in the Cold War, but now the winners are embracing the policies they once criticized. It all suggest the last century or so of history is a drama played out on behalf of people operating in secret. The current crisis is just the final act in that drama.

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163 thoughts on “The Journey Home

  1. Bill Kristol is as dumb as a goldfish.

    Kristol was called “Dan Quayle’s brain” when he was the VP’s chief of staff. He thought up the phrase “diversity is our strength” and fed it to his boss, who then regurgitated it in a 1992 speech about the Rodney King riots. Today that bit of anti-wisdom is the governing maxim of the ruling class.

    After the 2018 mid-terms, Kristol admitted that “today, in America, demography sure seems to be destiny.”

    A few months ago, Kristol said “it’s time for DC, Puerto Rico, [and] Cuba” to become states.

    Kristol understands and has always understood what he’s doing. When someone consistently kicks your ass over a period of decades, it isn’t helpful or smart to pretend they’re “dumb as a goldfish.” He isn’t dumb, he’s malicious. He wants to reduce the European gentile population to a minority, and he’s succeeding.

  2. little negress crapped out of team ladies gymnastics,then had the gaul to take a medal for quitting. negro pride is a wonderous thing.

    • I was a gymnast in my youth and the ridiculous slobbering over this graceless overly muscled specimen has ruined yet more more enjoyable activity. I’d easily take John Tesh’s endless yammering about the “Belarusian Swan” over the barf inducing pandering I wasted about 15 minutes listening to about these games. It’s sickening.

      • yep, gymnastics is all nigged up now (at least the ladies is). look like oompah loompahs doing calisthenics. no aesthetic standards whatsoever.

  3. Do they operate “in secret” though? They have never much cared to conceal their anti-white drive, nor the objects of their foreign policy “beliefs”, or what country and nation is the country and nation they feel as theirs.

    You used to never put them into whatever political subject you talked about. Now this has changed. There is another thing you never speak of though: it is the unexplainable (to me) slumber the Whites, starting from who should be their élite, have been submerged in for, well, the last century. They almost don’t care for their own lives, let alone their race, nation, cultural heritage… What’s wrong with these people? This utter lack of any interest, care, or drive is what creates the power vacuum for another group to sit at the driver’s seat about pretty much any issue.

  4. Z, from Gab “ The lawlessness will end one way. This woman has no authority to do this, but she thinks she is beyond reach, so she does what she pleases. This is how revolution start.”

    No, no Revolution in history that succeeded and few that started just happen. How this ends is not some Romantic nonsense about the people rising up. Not in America, France, Russia, Ireland, Iran. No.

    There has to be an group and organization the people rally round that offers a chance for the mortal risk involved. Or it would have happened last year here 🇺🇸.

    How it ends is she just got rich.
    Her next job will be far higher status and income. The pattern will be repeated, as the path to success.

  5. All this fussing about the Jews is designed to keep people stupid. American Jews are quickly disappearing into mostly white America, leaving the Goldbergs, Shapiros and the heirs of the Kristols and Podhoretzes to be the Dreyfusses of that class of American whites who don’t yet know their jig is up.

    Soon they’ll have to do what they did in Hungary twenty hears ago when, for lack of actual Jews to rattle on about, one Magyar faction started accusing the other Magyar faction of being secret Jews who turned out to be “ethnic Austrians.” Now what’s an “ethnic Austrian?”

    • No you see Jewish behavior is genetic. Kevin MacDonald told me. They have a “subversion gene” just like they have a “good at violin” and “bad at sports” gene, and the presence of these genes in Jews 100% explains why we live in the shitty world we live in and not a racist version of Star Trek. Every right-wing Jew and Christian convert Jew was adopted and surgically altered by their parents to have Jewish physical characteristics. This includes Paul Gottfried and Larry Auster, among others. Upper-class Brahmin Indian immigrants are Aryans and 100% cool though.

  6. I’d take issue that these people are “coming home.” They really have no Future, Sex Pistols or not. They are not even useful for those who matter: the hysterical women on tv (had to sit through a bunch of them in the Dr’s office this AM hyperventilating over Jan 6 and demanding all Trump voters be put on trial). Or the ethnic shot callers: AOC, Ilhan Omar, Kamala Harris. Or the Oligarchs: Gates, Buffett, Bezos, and Zuck. The oligarchs don’t need them: they have no influence or following. The ethnic rising Ascendancy hates them for their race, ethnicity, skin color, etc. The hysterical women loathe them and want either a Big Shot or some aspiring rapper they see on TV to live the Kardashian life. I suppose for them they can play the role of some random gay guy these women collect.

    These guys are at best a sideshow distraction. Like Argentina in WWII. What is happening is that the Elites have given up on the idea of even minor compromise and legitimacy and determined to rule by force. Two month after “vaccines mean freedom, no more masks and lockdowns” we get that coming again. Sailer is hyperventilating (somewhat understandable given his health fragility but still) but most are sick of this stuff. Even or especially in cucked Europe and Australia there are riots and in California Newsom is threatening mandatory vaccines with the health police kicking down doors and forcibly vaccinating people. Not kidding on that.

    No one trusts “science” or the authorities or Fauci or “My Butt’s been wiped” Biden. Lockdowns will be evaded and phony vaccine certificates produced like Prohibition in 1927. French may call for reparations but at most he will get a pat on the head from the hysterical women on TV and that’s it. He has all the power and influence of the Argentine Navy in 1940. The age of ideology is over. Your uniform is your skin color.

    • ” What is happening is that the Elites have given up on the idea of even minor compromise and legitimacy and determined to rule by force.”

      This. It is about to reach a head, too.

      The Neocons do have a home. It just isn’t in America or whatever this shithole is now.

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  8. Ah, the enemy is named at last.

    Then…where is our path to our journey home?


    By the way the Hofjude are Hofnarr, and they that used the fools remain those that mass replaced the Irish with sheep in the 1840s, yes still there in some form. This doesn’t mean we should ignore the Jester question (Hofnarr means Court Jester) but the underlying enemy remains.

    Now its simple enough. You can’t have global stability without global policing, but if the global police force is not compliant due to their strange ideas about Liberty and self government and leave us alone, then you don’t have global stability.

    So the base of power in America had to be conquered and has been.

    As a consolation prize – and to remove annoying people who have served their purpose from the Halls of Power- we are offered the classic scapegoat. But the scapegoat while guilty is not the problem- the problem remains Stalin, and really “Churchill” – the Puritans, hyphenated-sociopaths who are yet the power still.

    It is they who need us removed to establish the Global Empire.

    • The Zman said, “David French. His physiognomy suggests there are a few surprises in his 23andme.” Brother, I was gonna try to make a snappy joke about French’s face, but you already killed it with that one.

      I used to work at a military school that handed out awards for all sorts of things, and a teacher buddy of mine came up with one called “Outstandsmanship”.

      You, Sir, display heroic levels of Outstandsmanship. And I salute you.

      • “His physiognomy suggests there are a few surprises in his 23andme.””

        Nah, French is too stupid to be a Jew.

  9. The French article on the McLean, Va. church you linked to is instructive. He doesn’t mention: 1. McLean is the 3rd most wealthy city in the country, with $190,258 median income. 2. It’s the home of the CIA.

    If there’s any “structural” problem, it’s not racism, but the US elite taking our money to spy on and suppress us while living it up.

    • “Living it up while spying on us.” — you

      Ah, but the rich are always soft, and the soft can be counted on not to get their fingers dirty. The fact that the American establishment is run by the OPPOSITE of “lean and hungry men” is a damn good thing. If it were otherwise, we’d be in real trouble.

    • The French argument in a nutshell is that our ancestors were racist so we should build tenements in nice neighborhoods for poor blacks. But poor whites should get no help, regardless of why they are poor. What the hell difference does it make if you are poor because your great great great grandfather was a slave, or because your white mother was a meth addict?

      • This never-ending quest for “salvation” and “perfection” is getting old

        They need to give it a fugging rest

        No wonder the English threw the Puritans out. Don’t blame them one bit. Now we need to do the same and ship them off to Greenland or Israel.

      • DLS: “The French argument in a nutshell is that our ancestors were racist so we should build tenements in nice neighborhoods for poor blacks.”

        I try to come up with succinct arguments against French. Here are two attempts that accept French’s charge of racism on our ancestor’s part.

        One: Almost all people have been racist at almost all times. You’re just mad because my ancestors were more powerful and could implement the racism common to almost all peoples. Other peoples would have done the same thing to my ancestors if they were able.

        Two: Imagine that your ancestor wronged the ancestor of someone else, call this person “Trayvon.” Further imagine that Trayvon has a deep hatred of you. Are you obligated to pay your debt to Trayvon when you know he will use your debt to attack you?

        • And of course, almost everyone’s group was wronged by someone at some time in history, in many cases worse than American blacks. What would Russia have been without the Mongol invasions? How far did the Islamic conquest set back the Middle East? Do the descendants of the Goths owe reparations to the Roman’s ancestors? How about Chinese to Koreans? But, oh yeah, the Koreans invaded China once, so….And let’s not forget the Irish! And obviously, Jews owe the Amalekites big time…

          “Righting historical wrongs” is a fools game, and impossible anyway. Also, note that no one ever seems to owe reparations except white people, to non-white people (except Japan – “Honorary Aryans” I guess). That alone should make us suspicious.

    • As one who grew up in several neighborhoods in that general area, here is some trivia about McLean and to a lesser extent, its county (Fairfax) and indeed, the close-in DC suburbs. When the CIA was set up (it’s actually Langley, a stone’s throw from McLean) as well as many less well known offices, this was in the early post WW II years. Fairfax County, hell, even the closer Arlington County, was still largely undeveloped. Small farms were more the rule than the exception. This was true even in what since the 1970s would be called “close in” suburbs. Even by the early 70s, McLean/Great Falls had claim to fame as the snobbier areas on the Virginia side, the equal of Bethesda or Chevy Chase just across the Potomac (also among the wealthiest areas of the USA today). At least for Fairfax County, anything resembling a farm was largely gone by the late 1990s. I saw what was probably the last working farm gobbled up, one on the outskirts of Herndon, around 2002. The “pioneers,” those who were fortunate enough to own and live on those farms, post WW II and who held on, are the beneficiaries of some of the highest real estate appreciation around. Even some of the small fry (like my parents, some relatives and to a very small extent, me) profited too. But I don’t miss the area at all. If your idea of a half-million dollar home on a quarter acre, or a town home not much cheaper, is your idea of paradise, then have at. All the high costs and congestion of South Cali with lousy weather. An ultra-liberal population of career government servants, a substantial minority of Spanish speaking immigrants, primarily from Honduras and El Salvador, comprise the blue collar workforce.

  10. “The current crisis is just the final act in that drama.”

    Would that this were true. I’d love to see how it ends. Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure we’ve got even more insanity to go through.

    • My feeling is that it can only lead to war

      Every time a society becomes too decadent, it happens. Feeling otherwise hopeless and overwhelmed, people just want to burn down the system and start new

      And maybe we are already at war, given how the government has turned the war machine and psyops onto us

      • We are ABSOLUTELY already at war. Too bad the normies, by and large, still fail to recognize it. Most of them continue to obsess over bread and circuses. Of those who pay attention to the system itself, they tend to focus on the diversionary inanities of party politics. It just boggles the mind that so many cannot see the ruse for what it is.

  11. With regard to the Neocons, it’s also important to note the obvious regression towards the mean that is occuring in the second and third generations. Compare Norman to John Podhoretz, or Irving to Bill Kristol, or even Lucianne to Jonah Goldberg. As I believe Darren Beattie said, say what you will about the old neocons back in the 1960’s and 70’s, but they would have had Bari Weiss and Jonah Goldberg getting coffee and running copies. These are not your father’s Neocons

    • Irving Krystal once admitted that securing civil rights really should have had nothing to do with forcefully integrating blacks into white society. He wrote that it had been a bad mistake to foist integration on white Southerners in particular. You won’t hear anyone today saying anything like this.

      • The older, smarter neocons always had a strong element of de facto race realism in their politics – it was after all, the threat of black crime to the Jewish community, along with the USSR, that turned a lot of the neocons to the right. Norman Podhoretz wrote an essay about the interactions of blacks and Jews in the 1940’s that would get him cancelled in about two seconds today. Unfortunately, like their intelligence, they did not pass this along to their kids.

        • If realism were gold, beggars would ride in limos, as the poor are the most hard-headed realists around.

          It is only in the upper echelons of society, where talk gets you places rather than action, that realism is in short supply. The ruling classes don’t seem to realize the changes they are unleashing by inviting in tens of millions of nonwhites, for example. Becoming Brazil without the golden sands might not be all that the ruling classes hoped it would be.

          Every social reaction has an equal and opposite reaction. Catxman’s First Law of Society. The whites aren’t going to sit placidly for this. Ultimately, they will modify their behavior, and it is likely to be in ways that confound the ruling class. Television can only brainwash so much, you know.

          • Yes, there’s no doubt that this will blow up in their faces. It’s just a matter of time, and how much incidental damage to normal human beings it causes.

          • One hundred thousand. Nonwhite immigrants. Every month.

            Tick tock. Whitey better wake up pretty soon.

  12. The Criminals In Action came up with conspiracy theory in the late 1960’s and we are way beyond that milestone in the Long March to burn down Western Civ.
    Those theories are spoiler alerts now and welcome all who have exited from the globalist control Matrix of hivemind agitprop of let the teevee and mommygov think for you.
    The Big Steal is the bridge too far but the mandatory experimental vax will bring the shot heard round the world part two.
    BTW-Comrade Trotsky came up with the term racism for his lord Satan because communism is really just a Satanic death cult out to Jonestown the entire world.

  13. This increasingly strident calls for a mandatory vax could be the final act. I guess we all figured it’d be coming one way or another, but the speed and out loud demand for such is getting disconcerting. It’s getting easier to envision gulags and cattle cars for the unclean “conspiracy theorists” who just don’t care about their neighbors, friends, family or the rest of humanity.

    • I know that you’re right. Apparently, the only domino that must fall is official FDA approval of the not-vaxx. Once this happens I guess the commander in chief (lol) can issue an executive order and make us get poisoned.

    • usNthem: After the first go-round worked so well, why shouldn’t they utilize it again? Panicked sheep are desperate for control and order, provided by someone in ‘authority.’ Most Asians and many blacks never took their masks off, and the whites (deliberate lower case here) have started to put theirs on again. I fully expect the stores to start requiring them again soon, particularly now that DC has said those fully vaxxed ought to wear them. But this time it must and will go further – so yes, I expect to have to wear some identifying mark, or be forced to order food for delivery rather than risk the sainted vaxxed bodies.

      Have I mentioned lately that I hate most people and want them dead?

      • What?!

        WHAT ?!

        Women are independent and you better not tell them how to live their lives, or how to be a woman, because you know it’s their body THEIR choice. They are not some plaything for men. They are not slaves to men.

        MAN IN AUTHORITY: Put on a mask
        WOMEN: Yessir !!!

        Ha ha. This whole Covid thing is exposing the total b.s. that surrounds the feminist movement

        So is the tranny thing which effectively states that being a woman is no more than wearing a dress or having cleavage, and yet not a peep from the wammins

        So glad to have you here, 3g4me. You are a good and honest and forthright lady who sees through the nonsense.

        • So glad to have you here, 3g4me. You are a good and honest and forthright lady who sees through the nonsense.

          How many White bunz has she pushed out of her White oven?

    • They do put the “total” in “totalitarianism,” don’t they? This has nothing to do with disease mitigation at this point and everything to do with wiping out any act of dissent.

      Here’s the upside: quite a few states are going to come to blows with the feds over this. The ensuing anarchy will be our friend. And I’ve gone from skeptical to bullish on the odds of the dissolution of the United States in the next ten years.

      • Yes, there is a Reconstruction vibe to all of this coming form the northeast and imposed on the south

        No wonder they made a huge spectacle over destroying confederate monuments. It was part of their opening series of chess moves.

        • The analogy to Reconstruction is very good, but there is one glaring difference, obviously. Neither side has prevailed. This has the potential, at least, to cause states to split off but will the Judeo-Puritans fire a shot? Dunno. All it seemingly would take is the mere threat of a bioweapon and loss of cell service for an hour or two.

          • They think and act like they have prevailed. But, yes, there is feeling of discomfort in their seeming victory

            Deep down the likes of a Bill Clinton and others with a slight grasp of regular people have to be asking themselves “Is it really going to be this easy?”

            People like him know it won’t be, but he won’t ever say so publicly. Privately, my bet is there are many who are a bit trepidatious (Idiocracy reference for good measure).

      • I was thinking it would happen but further on down the line. Like I doubt there’ll be a tricentennial.

  14. A casual perusal of the president’s cabinet gives a clear picture of the over-representation and influence of the aliens. It’s a pattern repeated in the other branches of the federal government to which so much power has accrued. To notice their privilege is a thought crime, to not pretend to notice your own is also a thought crime. Both are punishable without trial by denial of travel rights, denial of employment, denial of banking services etc. with more to come I’m sure. In other countries they have the wrong-thinker imprisoned.
    We have been at war for my entire adult life , there must a great population of experienced soldiers and intelligence men who also can see what we see and recognize it as a threat to the futures of their own families as well as a great crime against humanity in general. What is the limit these aliens and their traitorous allies will observe? What is the limit we should observe in our own defense? I don’t know how to solve the organizational problem but assume there are ways. I envision a significant proportion of these men getting themselves installed in various positions of authority by traditional flag waving self promotion and duplicitous false fealty to the globo-homo agenda. When there is enough to openly and successfully defy the uniparty it would trigger the collapse of republican party at least.

    • Yup another redpill. We’re basically living in the final stage of the J-control plan. Anybody who says it’s a conspiracy just needs to look at Biden’s cabinet, as you say.

      To round it out, there’s the Brahmin Indians, vehemently anti white & great kiss-ups (when did they even get here?) and then the usual black, Hispanic, and feather indians for diversity.

      The cabinet looks nothing like America and they couldn’t even be bothered to put a WASP or Italian or Polish figurehead in some positions. They really hate us that much, and want us dead. The USA been conquered.

      • “when did they even get here?” The Immigration act of 1990. It not only doubled legal immigration but also created the H-1B visa. In theory the H-1B is not an immigrant visa, so if they decide to apply for citizenship they should have to apply from their home countries. This rarely happens. Once citizenship is granted chain-migration takes over.

    • “What is the limit we should observe in our own defense?”

      Well, ask yourself what you’d die for. It’s bloody terrifying, but you’ll get your answer. Then you’ve got to see it through, if push comes to shove…

      What will you die for? Your right to shout ‘wogwogwog’ down a crowded street? Your right to not pay any tax as you think it just funds your enemies? Your family? Your right to educate your children as you see fit? Your right to be a responsible, resilient white man (possibly the most resented creature on Earth)? Your right not to have your kids jabbed with some dodgy vaccine? Your right to run a petrol car and not pay through the nose for electric? Your right to breed more strong willed white kids?

      I use the word ‘right’, which is probably the wrong word, but couldn’t think of anything better.

      I think about this stuff a lot. It never gets easier, and I see no reason why it should. I keep wondering if I’ll stack up to the men of past generations when (or if) I have to. Who knows? Probably not, but still. It is fuel to plan. A motivation, if you will.

      Now, must breed more white kids…

      • One thought process I keep circling around to is that we are the last generation to experience a formative degree of the freedom described and intended by the founders. That freedom is no longer possible with the size and diversity of the population, globally, nationally, locally. That it is not possible to maintain a republic of that form for more than N generations. This seems to be true for a lot of reasons but a sufficient single reason is a diverse population of 300+ million in an area the size of the US. Perhaps we are yesterdays men, unable to acclimate to the age of authoritarianism necessitated by demographics & resource contention. Who gets to be the authority becomes the only important contest. Stalin got to be that authority in the Soviet Union’s case by unmatched ruthless will-to-power. His purges recognized the aliens’ divided loyalty, their primary commitment to their tribe rather than to the revolution, and changed their level of influence significantly. I wonder if that history will repeat itself as we continue to evolve into authoritarianism.

        • His purges recognized the aliens’ divided loyalty, their primary commitment to their tribe rather than to the revolution, and changed their level of influence significantly. I wonder if that history will repeat itself as we continue to evolve into authoritarianism.

          Saint Joseph Djugashvili, the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil; May God rebuke him, we humbly pray; And do thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host, by the power of God, thrust into hell Satan and all evil spirits who wander through the world for the ruin of souls.


    • “I don’t know how to solve the organizational problem but assume there are ways.”

      There is every chance the foreigners will solve our organization troubles for us, if (when) vaxx apartheid does go institutional. One cannot push all the dissidents into the street then prevent them from meeting each other.

      “What is the limit we should observe in our own defense?”

      You can’t con a con man. The Left has had incredible success with infiltration and betrayal but for that exact reason, are also beyond paranoid of the same tactics being used against them. It’s not that we shouldn’t, it’s that they play their game much better than we ever could. We’ve even seen them self-destruct from overusing loyalty/purity tests.

      Our strength is the truth; we know what’s going on, unlike Biden. For example, we know from Cyber Polygon that there’s going to be some massive Internet outages in the near future. Having a store of cash won’t help in the long run but in the short run when your account access is down, it’ll be good to have. If you have any programs at work that need Internet subscription access to function, maybe invent a workaround?

      The fools lining up for jabs will be shocked when it happens… unable to see past their next meal ticket.

      • Tashtego asks where are these men inside the machine who know the truth. Their wives are enjoying cloud status. Once you are invited to a fox hunt in Virginia your flyover rural roots are the wrong kind; dirty, backward, stuck in the past. Ever see a baby taste ice cream for the first time? That’s the soft trappings of a culture that has hitched status as defined by the same people who want them dead.

        Long before the purity tests and long march up to the base of Vaxx Hill, there was a turning away.

        I like your notion that in our expulsion we will finally meet in the streets. Perhaps the final act is the bridge too far for the overlords. But then the solutions to the problems of our people tend to be the same either way.

          • Only a satanist would feed ice cream to a baby.

            I can’t imagine any woke White DR Christian parents allowing such a gl0b0h0m0 gmo’ed/progesterone-ized/estrogen-ized/antibiotic’ed/empty-carbohydrate’ed concoction to be introduced into the mouths of their babes.

            Might as well inoculate your children with human fetal tissue vaccines, thereby ensuring their damnation.

  15. The final act— does it end in victory or defeat for them?

    I look around and can’t see how they possibly pull out a victory, but then I remember how I’m always underestimating the weakness of the public.

    We are indeed watching a movie. Just turn the damned thing off and live your own life! The chains aren’t real. Antifa, ferals, nerds, harpies. That’s who we’re bowing to. Drives me nuts.

    • Um, the chains are real. If you work for a corporation and tell them what you believe, you’re fired and blackballed for life.

      That said, we can do a lot to live free. What’s more, their power will fade. They don’t own the future. Now, whether we can own our future is another question.

      • A job? Don’t be bought cheaply. Parasites can’t live on carrion— that’s the leverage we all have.

        And I’m not fedposting (unless bedrock American values are prohibited now)! The guy who’s known to be willing to risk all for life and liberty gets respect.

        I offered to quit instead of wearing a mask at work. It wasn’t fun, and I didn’t know how I was going to pay the bills in a lockdown, but it worked out. That’s a nobody doing a small thing, but out of a couple hundred employees only me and one other guy did it— and for a while we were the only two not wearing the diaper.

        Too few are willing to take small risks like that, so the stakes will be much higher when the issue finally gets forced. As I like to say, the beatings will continue until morale improves.

        And again look at the sad lot we’re allowing to do this to us, when a little courage could’ve nipped it in the bud a long time ago. That’s the issue I see.

        • The guy who’s known to be willing to risk all for life and liberty gets respect.

          He gets dead, and dead doesn’t win wars. Your first obligation is to your family and if that means flying false flag a work, well, that’s part and parcel of being a dissident.

          Play smart. Don’t march out there with colors flying but stay in cover or their artillery will get you.

          • Yeah he might, or he might not. It’s a risk not a certainty. We’re not there yet, and in any case every man is the judge of his situation.

            That’s my point, though. It’s so much easier to risk career or reputation. Those hardships can be endured and overcome. Why wait until it’s life or death? Have we really become that weak?

          • And I sort of agree about not flying the flag. Put it this way: if you go around wearing a tricorne with a rifle on your shoulder, or throwing Roman salutes, you should be aware that it’s provocative and expect a harsh response. If, on the other hand, you go about your business and present reasonably, it puts the burden on them as the aggressor, so to speak.

            Be ‘reasonable’ until your dignity is offended. It works, I’ve found.

          • Why wait until it’s life or death?

            Sacrificing your career to make a point is unnecessary and you don’t have to wait at all.

            The fight is here, on the internet. This is where we are winning, this is where we should concentrate our efforts.

            MSM is hemorrhaging, Hollywood is burning, people hate journalists and despise politicians, Normies are being redpilled by the millions.

            The swamp creatures lash out because they are afraid, and the more they lash out, the more random Normies will get reality checked.

            Have faith. The internet has changed the rules: twenty years ago, Jared Taylor had a few thousand subscribers to his stenciled newsletter, and he was pretty much the only white nationalist who was not a cuckoo or a fed. 2021, he most likely gets more exposure in a day than he did in a year back then.

          • Fortune favors the bold. I have faith, but time is growing short. We need some testicular fortitude here soon.

    • It’s all fake, at least much of it

      For example, I live in supposedly the most liberal place in the country and I do not know a SINGLE liberal fanatic like you see on the internet or TV, and I am not a homebody at all.

      But I will say this. “Talking” to lots of white people on the internet, it definitely seems to me that you get a lot more of this political stuff in white areas. White people in white suburbia and even in “red” areas seem to have regular dust ups with psycho liberal women and men. So maybe the fact is that liberal politics simply does not thrive in a multi-cultural environment and needs white people to feed it.

      • That’s an interesting point. It does seem to be a white thing. Thank the Greeks, maybe.

      • Falcone says, “I live in supposedly the most liberal place in the country and I do not know a SINGLE liberal fanatic like you see on the internet or TV…”

        Falcone, I lived in the Bay Area so I think I can match your credentials.

        Sure, a lot of the normal people don’t present like the worst progressives but the crucial fact is that these normal, liberal people vote like the worst progressives.

        In the Bay Area, the normal people were programmed to vote for whichever liberal candidate appeared most compassionate and thus they voted just like the worst progressives.

        This same pattern manifests in my liberal friends and family in Portland, OR. Although they are not in antifa they vote like antifa.

        • No one in our camp presents like we do on-line. I include myself in this. The internet is a different zone of conduct with different rules, in the same way you would use different language around the guys than around your daughters.

          • As I am wont to do, I always point out that while on a normal day we have some privacy here, that is largely illusory. Absent someone taking measures to cloak themselves, we are easily traceable and leave plenty of electronic breadcrumbs. It doesn’t require a high level of paranoia to suspect we are being monitored, but to what depth of detail, there’s no way of knowing. Freedom of speech and meeting electronically, yes, for now, but those can vanish at the whim of even the extra-legal deplatforming by the corporate state. Privacy? You gotta be kidding!

            Here’s a recent scare piece from Zero Hedge:


        • Yeah, valid points, but there are still the crazies we see all the time online and in the MSM, which is just theater, role playing, larping, but nonetheless it does make people think that CA is full of raging crazies like you see on the screen.

          And I admit, one of my concerns about moving to a white area is that my sense of things — I’ve been removed for so long — is that there are Karens for miles. It’s perhaps just the same theater but coming from a different angle.

      • I run into these folks all the time. They can express their opinions without any worry about repercussions while their opponents cannot. The “tell” is when you visit a website that allows open comments on some articles, moderated comments on others, and no comments on some. They inadvertently give the game away that they are not as numerous, or their opponents as negligible as they want you to believe.

        • Perhaps, but I am pretty vocal about my beliefs when around others, if the opportunity arises for me to be honest, and it happens often enough. At least among non-business associates.

          Around people who pay me, yes, I tend to keep my mouth shut, as they do too. But even there I am noticing people coming out of their shells and being a little more forthright.

          The time for keeping mum is coming to a close.

      • When you live where the future has already happened and brown females are officially in charge there isn’t much of a point to smear liberalism in your neighbors face. He is already defeated and likely apathetic to the final quarter in the long game of erasing his people and his culture and more concerned with the great income offered by globocorp in bugtown. Plus, all that spicy food!

        • My take is that white race realist types, for lack of a better term, are more respected than the white libs. I think it’s their world that is really going to come crashing down on them because Mexicans, Asians, blacks, the former Soviet bloc people, English, South Africans, Aussies, etc that make up this motley society I live in, people who came or come out here to enjoy or at least experience the diversity of opinions and cultures, are losing patience for their narrow-minded, sanctimonious and hypocritical b.s.

          Yes, someone like Hillary can get away with hypocrisy and sanctimony. She’s earned it, for better or worse, but that does not mean some Joe Antifa nobody can play the same game IRL without getting himself called out if not beaten to a pulp.

          Pendulum is going to swing the other way, probably already has started. Speaking, of course, from the future 😉

  16. And many conservative voices made their money calling for a massive reduction in taxes, for regular people. Low taxes is the stake in the heart of the system.

    For some time the republicans went along with it, perhaps feeling they could confuse the issue by conflating lower taxes for people as best achieved by lowering taxes for corporations. I suppose they also figured they could dupe someone like Limbaugh, while Hannity went along with it because he was always more cynical and would abandon the idea and get down from his soapbox when asked of him, and now he has. No one talks about low taxes for “we the people” anymore.

    As the Church Lady would say, “How Convenient”

    • “Low taxes is the stake in the heart of the system.”

      A serious question, Falcone: Do you still think this true after the shamdemic? Don’t know too much about the US, but here in the UK the loss of revenue through the enforced closures must have been massive. Also, the system is so large and complicated, that they must have a billion and one ways of keeping it going should tax intake suddenly slump. How is all this ‘money’ generated?

      Just another chance for another grift. That said, my grasp of monetary policy is shaky, but I know when I’m being shafted with a splintery broom handle.

      • Yes, I think it is always going to be true

        Low taxes kills the beast

        Only reason Covid didn’t blow up the system is because of the free money. But that is a ticking time bomb.

      • Control of the currency through central banks, soon to get much, much worse through central bank digital currencies. The surveillance possibilities are frightening, and the granular control over your access to your own “money” even more so.

        Follow the link to learn more nightmarish possibilities. They’re figuring that they can bring you to heel, me buckoo. And planning for this in the UK is pretty advanced, with the US not far behind. They can generate access to, or deny access to, a digitized currency. Guess where you sit on the totem pole.

        Recall that Lord Rothschild had revealing things to say about control of a nation’s currency. Mel Gibson is trying to make a movie about The Plan as envisioned by the Rothschilds, and imagine my surprise at the unified front to unperson him.

        • Western leaders for the last 500 years: “Dang it, those wily jews and their clever financing schemes got me again!!” Now note that this is not to forgive anything, or take issue with your comment because I do not, only to point out that a couple centuries from now that Japanese historians will look back on our age and wonder “for f’s sake, how many more times were they going to let these lizard people kick them in groin??”

          At least one more time apparently.

        • How will the authorities control the barter goods, preferably small items of high value, that I and every other user of the controlled currency will purchase? Not as convenient as swiping the credit card or paying cash, but alternative currencies are as old as are tyrannies.

  17. Anti white hatred coming at full blast from ugly J’s makes it easy for normal white people to notice. Critical Race Theory makes it pretty much impossible for whites to not see each other as a group, and even affects liberals. Lockdowns and the declining interest in sportsball has slowly but surely caused white guys to look around at the real world.

    I don’t really know why they are doing this. Maybe they can’t help themselves. Maybe they feel that they’ve won and all Western countries will be brown slave camps bowing down to the Chosen for all of eternity.

    They might also be scared, and this is an attempt to bring us back into line. White consciousness is rising, starting with Trump. Women always double down on failing strategies (and the Globohomo left is the societal woman). The American constitution also makes it harder for them to legislate total tyranny. Yes, it is just a piece of paper but compare the gun and speech laws to the UK, Canada, AUS and you’ll see that the USA is far better off.

    Regardless, millions of whites worldwide are more conscious of the J tribe than they were 5 years ago. When you see them as a separate non-white tribe with separate anti white interests, the world starts to make alot more sense.

    • CRT is forcing us to huddle up and think collectively

      But, what does anyone really expect. The progs today are just not as bright, and now that blacks are in charge of the movement we can expect lots of mishaps and comical failure.

      Whoever thought Affirmative Action would become our friend

      • I notice in the J areas that most of them are old… And the old ones look really J, while the young ones look kind of mixed. Decades of low fertility and race mixing has hit them hard, outside the orthodox.

        Anyways, say what you will about them but they are high IQ and wily. Their replacements like AOC and Ilhan Omar have the brain capacity of a Puerto Rican and a Somalian. All they can think of is their burning anti white rage and how they need whitey’s nice stuff, now. AKA South Africa.

        As Citizen says below Js aren’t wired to live among Asians or Somalians. It’s a Pyrrhic victory for them at best, though I guess they can enjoy seeing white gentile societies go down in flames.

        • Yeah, 99% of what they do is purely out of spite

          But they always “over play their hand”

          It’s a shame too because we are decent people, and they could have a good life among us, but they just have these notions that we are inferior and they must rule over us. I guess that’s the bitchy matriarchal system in play, always gotta be the bitchiest queen imaginable

    • Even granting the [Ashkenazi] Jews the highest average IQ of any race, one has to wonder if they’ve really thought through all the ramifications of this Critical Race Theory and related garbage. Has it not occurred to them that, once the golem has been released to do mayhem upon the White, that it is a golem that no longer will recognize their control, and that they look just as white as the Goyim? 🙂

  18. “The current crisis is just the final act in that drama.”

    It does have that feel. The West, i.e. NW Europeans and their civilization, is fading as a dominant force. We have no pride; indeed, a huge portion of whites revel in denigrating our past. We are being overrun by foreigners. It’s as though we’ve lost the will to live as a people and civilization.

    But as we go so go the Jews. The big ideological battles of the past hundred years were primarily a Jewish thing, but those battles were played out by gentile whites. We were the paint and canvas for the Jewish artists, much to our pain.

    However, Jews will not be able to simply jump ship to Asia to start anew. Jews were bred to live off of and manipulate Europeans, not Asians. Jews might be able to spin their web in the Middle East, but Middle Easterners are such idiots there’s not much to control.

    A heavily Muslim and African Europe will not be receptive to Jews or Jewish control. A United States that resembles Brazil will be much less powerful tool to wield.

    Those big ideological battles mattered because they were fought by an incredibly capable people at the height of their civilization, creating epic conflicts. The Europe and United States of the future will care little for ideology. The fights will be tribal, petty and small.

    The Jewish century is closing. What they accomplished is amazing, but Jews aren’t designed to rule. Being natural grifters, they never thought about how to sustain the world that ruled but just how to suck it dry as fast as possible.

    • Why detaching ourselves from the “system” is vital

      It’s a Juice system now, and unless we want to go down with it we are wise to get as far away from it as possible

      Beware the exploding bagel

    • > What they accomplished is amazing, but Jews aren’t designed to rule. Being natural grifters, they never thought about how to sustain the world that ruled but just how to suck it dry as fast as possible.

      Well said! I’m often impressed by the fact that Jews could live very well as an elite class. Whites love being middle class and don’t care if they’re not on top, in fact it might even suit us if we didn’t have the option of contending for top status. It would be a utopian where whites live functional, moral lives with plenty of modest prosperity while a Jewish elite lives in palaces enjoying untold privilege. They could even get away with a lot of degeneracy if they didn’t abscond with too many of our sons and daughters.

      But alas, they can’t rule and they can’t even delegate managers. (How about hiring a a managerial class of conservative white males rather than feminists, gays, and foreigners?) Their nature compels them to destroy utterly.

      Then again perhaps they do have capacity to rule, or at least conduct parasitism sustainably. They’ve been the money power behind great European nations, including ours. Why not keep this arrangement? Perhaps there wasn’t enough wealth and privilege to distribute to the lot of them and too many Jews were left poor and stationless. These were the ones who went on to become radicals and foment revolution. Jewish atheism probably has a lot to do with it too. A ruler must at least pretend to be religious and abide by moral standards so they can uphold a moral society.

      • Jews have a natural propensity to overreach. It’s what allows to be so successful, but it also often causes their downfall.

        But I do believe that something fundamental changed when Jews adopted the holocaust story as part of history/religion. Stories of pogroms (real or heavily embellished) are one thing, genocide is another.

        Once Jews accepted the holocaust story as gospel, what went from an antagonistic relationship turned into a fight to the death. In the minds of Jews, gentile whites were always just one economic downturn away from firing up the ovens so they needed to be destroyed or it was curtains for the choosen people.

        The fact that the holocaust story (at least as told) doesn’t stand up to five minutes of scrutiny doesn’t matter to them. It’s part of who they are now. They won’t quit. They can’t quit.

        • And another facet of the total lack of self reflection that they suffer from. I’d seen it said that every jew’s first question is “is this good for the jews?”, but it’s not, or at least it’s not any more, now it’s “is this bad for who we see as the enemy of the jews?”

        • Your “overreach” is their shoulda read the “fine print”.

          Like the chinks they enjoy the moral trapdoor of their lack of goodwill being our problem to solve.

          When it comes to the six million dollar question, like so much in media/PR/propaganda, what starts as a bit of creative license overreach becomes beyond reproach rather quickly because it just works too well.

          To allow an inch of retreat exposes the whole proposition. No, we aren’t gonna amend that contract. Some of my fave NPR newspeak uses “re-adjudicate” often. As in, we dont need to.

          The china virus is playing much the same. Even the opposition feels compelled to qualify to the PR department by saying “600,000 americans have died…but…”. Yeah good luck with that line of thinking. Also, gives me the heebies.

      • (How about hiring a a managerial class of conservative white males rather than feminists, gays, and foreigners?)

        Because conservative white males are their most dangerous enemy. They’re afraid we’ll do what they did, conquer the system from within.

        Degenerates are much easier to control.

    • I do not think history shows that “A heavily Muslim and African Europe will not be receptive to Jews ”

      A safe haven fleeing from europe:

      “From early in the 16th century, the Jewish community in the Ottoman Empire became the largest in the world”

      “With the victory of Tariq ibn Ziyad in 711, the lives of the Sephardim changed dramatically. For the most part, the invasion of the Moors was welcomed by the Jews of Iberia.

      Both Muslim and Catholic sources tell us that Jews provided valuable aid to the invaders.”

      “Records from the Baghdad Chamber of Commerce show that 10 out of its 19 members in 1947 were Jews and the first musical band formed for Baghdad’s nascent radio in the 1930s consisted mainly of Jews. Jews were represented in the Iraqi parliament, and many Jews held significant positions in the bureaucracy.”

      There are lots of other examples. The Jewish/Muslim thing has all the hall marks of a made up persecution story. Where the reality is very different. The modern thing is more Israel and expansionism than any religious fake conflict which never really existed.

      • True, though that relationship has soured recently. But my comment about the United States looking like Brazil applies to Europe as well.

        The big ideological battles that we saw over the past 100 years simply can’t happen in 2nd world shitholes that are just trying to keep the lights on.

        • True enough. Any ‘wars’ in such a land will necessarily end up like the comical Angolan Civil War – three belligerents not one of which who seemed to know where the other was.

          Of course, that was probably another Capitalist/Communist proxy war, but still.

      • That tallies with what I know of Jewish – Arabic history, which I confess is rather light. Jews and Christians were “people of the book” said the Koran (I think). In Ottoman and other kingdoms, the non Muslims were typically tolerated. Sometimes they were taxed higher. But rarely (?) massacred. In many ways, the Jews received the worse treatment in Christendom. And the problem didn’t stop there. Remember the Crusades? Yes, the Moors attacked Europe. But “we” did plenty of damage too. In many parts of the non-Christian world, to be called “Crusader” is an insult, second only to “Mongol,” by ancient cultures with long, very long, historical memories. Could it be that it’s not only modern Jewry who are telling tilted tales of what really happened in history?

    • I think the bottom line is both the J’s and joggers gotta go, one way or another – removed from all positions of power and influence. Separation of some sort would be best, but I doubt it’ll be that simple or casualty free.

      • In my experience, if you directly confront a Juice and intelligently call them out on their b.s. they back off if not become somewhat docile as they try to figure out a verbal escape

        Like when you grab a cat by the scruff, it just assumes the natural position and hangs there but instead with a dumb look on its face

  19. Reminds me of: “I am a fiscally conservative but socially liberal”. As a genxer this was a common position of the up-and-coming. Which is to say no position. It was a kind of Nice Guy no mans land, a libertarian DMZ, in response to “winning” the cold war while losing the culture war.

    It was both a reaction to the fleeting status of “capitalism” in its heroic flex over commies and a preemptive retreat from any social conflict as the long march gutted our institutions and the rainbow tyranny took the reigns.

    Of course now we can see the remnants of this as progressive status seeking defines both left and right – and the “fiscal conservativism” peeled down to “I want low taxes” while the uniparty apparatus bickers over which pork barrel gets stuffed in the next round of printing and gibs. And “who we are” is a matter of paperwork.

    Whats left of these conflict avoidant men talk “conservative” as if they just saw the Hunt for Red October while their sons are adopting a similar mating strategy to the cuttlefish. The culture war having made masculinity illegal we now have generations of boys acting as girls to try to get a slice while the girls go full poly and the whole notion of victorious capitalism is boring.

    I really don’t know a whole lot about all these faggots in media, but the two party charade seems to work given the 2022 primaries and Trump rallies rage on while the kids are most certainly not okay.

    • That means “yeah, I vaguely identify as some type of conservative, but one of the cool ones. I still like to get down and party, and be a degenerate. Things get pretty rowdy in the TPUSA after parties, ha ha”.

      One of my redpill experiences was being involve in campus politics with these people. They are totally unwilling to fight any controversial battle. They see themselves as respected intellectuals with a big bookshelf. They’re also limp wristed f*ggots and misfits, and geeks. Many are actually gay. Nobody is less attractive to women than mainstream normie conservative types.

      • “Nobody is less attractive to women than mainstream normie conservative types.”

        Haha. That’s quite the truism you’ve got there.

      • I think I’ve got some years on you B. One of the defining characteristics of the genx experience was that everything wasn’t quite political just yet; the zeitgeist was decidedly social leftism but a kind of big tent prog-lite as compared to the straight up degeneracy freak show that dominates the campus culture today.

        The vast majority of men and women back then spoke of progress but still embraced a lot of traditional values and roles when it came to their personal choices.

        I wasn’t ever a “campus repub/conservative” nor were most guys like me. We were, however, quite blue pilled in that 90’s kind of way (think “Friends” aka “Cringe”) in which men still had to acquire status, money, ‘trajectory’ but also tightrope the deference to feminism and signal egalitarian hard. It was no country/campus for white men in its infancy, but we still ran the show.

        There was plenty to cringe about, but politics was well downstream because formal politic was all rather nerdy or strictly identity-driven, i.e. MECHA, black student union, hilel, that kind of early axe grinding of what would become the spiteful mutants that would one day occupy the deans office.

        So that kind of financial/fiscal posturing wasn’t an unattractive quality, per se, as long as you slouched toward gay mecca. The Mrs degree was still a thing and women weren’t nearly as arrogant and hostile as they are now, so while they talked up bra burning and law school they knew the best bet was a man with a future. The roads were diverging and becoming longer, but that goal remained to be “success”.

        Indeed any “activist” white man was birth control unless he was an early adopter of sneaky bastard game or pony tail (man buns hadn’t been invented) sensitive new age guy working the Dave Matthews and Phish circuit, likely with a cottage business of pharma.

        Honestly, I don’t know which is worse though. Having the culture war succumb on your watch or having to roam the sexual dystopia afterwards.

    • “The culture war having made masculinity illegal”

      This is something so prevalent now, but it goes largely unnoticed. Most likely because a sissy attitude is the norm now. Yesterday, I was reading William Fairbairn’s book All In Fighting which details the use of the Fairbairn-Sykes fighting knife; including handy pictures labelling key blood channels and their depth below skin surface.

      Looking for more information, I found a series of short videos that were produced (I think) by the National War Museum or some such, where a British WWII veteran describe the use of such a knife. He describes how he used it in great detail. It was very interesting. What was more interesting were that none-too-few of the comments used words like ‘psychopath’ to describe this man. Never mind it was war. Never it was real, happened and may happen again.

      Mind you, these are the sorts of people who think that fighting back is always wrong. Just let that home invader ravish your wife and daughters, whilst you and your sons watch on. After watching this video, I started to realise how many people just adopt passivity and weakness is almost every aspect of their lives.

      Such people apologize all the time, or, if they don’t, apologize for making a remark that is entirely normal but they’ve been conditioned to believe is politically incorrect. They also have a touching faith in the police. It is very bizarre to me, to say the least. They also seem to lack anger, or if they have it, direct it at something that is not the problem (direction toward the real problem may get them called ‘racist’ or ‘stoopid’).

      Anyway, as if to understand how baffled and angry I was, YouTube came to the rescue and suggested a more modern video from the same museum… it was about LGBT+ experiences in the army. Looks like I may need Fairbairn’s book sooner rather than later…

      • Yeah OF, the inversion. Young women are afraid of giving birth and are celebrated for physicality and violence while young men are afraid of a fistfight and celebrated for their submission to wokevag.

        How we got here is the only version of “divide and conquer” that gets my attention anymore. Except its invert, multiply then divide. In that same vein there is only one identity that is not allowed to make a fist in anger.

        A time will come when it will be required. The great question of necessity will bear out. Soon it seems.

      • I met Rex Applegate, Fairbaine’s partner once. He was like 85 and scary as a man can get.

        As far as fighting, in that system the testicle twist was considered a plum move, pun quite intended.

        This tell you something about how those men thought.

    • “fiscally conservative, socially liberal” was what a Ken doll would say if he could talk inside his box in the toy aisle

      • They have the same anatomy as Ken as well. My experience is that they are all in on the socially liberal, but wouldn’t lift a finger on the fiscally conservative part.

      • Back when I was a youth who would be prone to such an argument (and indeed it was parroted by several friends) it never made sense since no political structure in the country was selling such a vision. Even for all the POZ of today’s GOP they don’t sell such a vision.

    • I think all Conservative youngsters go through the phase. I certainly did.

      I take quite a bit of reconditioning the old brain pan to admit “I am an an Authoritarian Conservative.”

      Getting to accept that you’ll not only be regulating business but personal behavior as well and anything that seriously impairs the ability for healthy stable families to form whether its economic or social must go.

      The Conservatives essentially have no one willing to even consider what is needed, hell they can’t discuss it its a self inflicted thought crime no law required.

      Truth is the only reason they aren’t burning in camps right now is less guns but the clownish ineptitude and cowardice of the Left.

  20. Any historical experts here? I left high school social studies in the rearview 30 years ago, and I need to ask some of the Wrong Questions that only Bad People ask.

    Was Bolshevism primarily a Jewish thing? Were Stalin’s purges about getting rid of his rivals, or getting rid of Jews?

    Perhaps most perplexing of all: it is common knowledge that the socialists killed more Jews in the WW2 era than the fascists did. Why are jews focusing their ire on the German nazis rather than the Russian socialists?

    • Jews played a big role in Bolshevism. No, Lenin was not Jewish. That’s just a retarded thing anti-Semites like saying. Many of the old Bolsheviks were Jewish. Half of the central committee after Lenin’s death were Jewish. Calling Bolshevism a Jewish thing misses the mark. It more of an outsider thing. Russians were very under represented in the movement. Stalin, of course, was Georgian.

      As far as Stalin, he was paranoid about Zionism, but not because he was an anti-Semite. He was always worried about anything that could organize opposition. Eventually, Jews in the Soviet Union became associated with opposition to the regime, but the regime was never anti-Semitic in the way in which normal people would define it.

      • Not so sure calling it an “outsider” thing provides adequate context, insofar as “outsider” in the current meaning of the term carries with it a sense of potential for friendliness and compromise: “Jim came from another high school, he’s an outsider, but maybe he’s okay if we give him a chance.”

        For one, they were not merely outsiders. Outsiders can mean any number of things. There are “outsiders” who come from a different civilization and encroach on your land, such as the early Huns or any other tribal conflagrations. There are outsiders within one’s own society, “sociopaths” as they call them today or plain old criminals and deviants as they used to call them.

        No, this was rather a long-simmering blood feud between peoples with a history. The way the Juice killed the Tsar’s family, the brutality in how it was performed, speaks to an animal vengeance.

        We see it even today in how the Juice want to destroy Russia utterly. Is it still merely on “outsider” thing? No, and anyone would be remiss to posit that. Just as it misses the mark to say the dirt people are attacked by the clouds for being merely outsiders. No, there is a long-simmering feud going on here, as we all are wont to point out and rightfully so.

        • So were the pogroms a Soviet or Czarist issue Falcone?

          And as per Z above: is not anti-Zionism much the same as anti-semitism? Not trying to be a dink with anyone, just trying to get the dissident context and define terms…

          • I think anti-Zionism is often a cat’s paw for anti-Semitism, but it is entirely possible for an anti-Semite to be pro-Israel. Many of the former alt-right would argue that Jews should return to Israel, for example. On the other hand, the TRS crew hates Jews and wants to destroy Israel, which comes with an oblivious implication.

            Not that it matters, I think all people should have their own lands. All people, regardless of their reasons, who oppose that are the same to me.

          • Now you are getting into details I do not know. I know the general thrust of the whole thing, the beginning, the passions, mainly because I know family who were actually around or had elders who were there at the time and had a direct understanding of larger European issues, plus my love of pre-Soviet Russian literature, and I can put two and two together and see how the Juice treat Russia today is fairly strong evidence that this was never just a casual misunderstanding between strangers bumping into each other as they strolled toward the Palace.

            As for the pogroms, maybe Severian can answer that.

      • Zman, inasmuch as your recent posts have been dealing with the Russian Revolution, I would recommend Mike Duncan’s Revolutions podcast to you. The Russian Revolution podcast is approximately fifty episodes in length and does an excellent job of covering Russian history.

        And Vladimir Lenin’s maternal grandfather was a Jew named Moshko Blank. This information was suppressed until the collapse of the Soviet Union.

        • Magic Jew Theory is not real. Lenin had no knowledge of his great grandfather. There is no evidence his parents knew of him. He never considered himself a Jew and was mildly hostile to Jews at various points. He was not controlled by the Jewish Corpuscle passed down from an unknown ancestor.

      • According to journalists who covered the Revolution the Bolsheviks were overwhelming Jewish. A few wrote that they were surprised that every bolzhevic they spoke with was Jewish. I have read but can’t verify that 75 percent of the original Central Committee and 90 percent of the gulag commandant were members of the tribe. The founder of the secret police and the men who carried out the famines for Lenin and Stalin were all Jewish. The bankers who funded the Revolution were also all of the tribe.

        Solzhenitsyn wrote about this in 200 years together and not surprisingly it is the only one of his books not translated into English

    • I will leave at this

      My grandfather who was born and raised in Italy til he was in his 20s always told me Communism was the Juice and Fascism was the Catholics

      At that time this was all well understood. It was like saying water is wet.

      It was an ethno-religous grudge match, but obviously these details have been painted over with the thickest of paints

      • But Hitler was not particularly religious and he was the number one fascist. He did admire the Catholic Church’s organizations and rituals, and sought to incorporate such stylings into his own (Nazi) party through the Twenties and Thirties. When he attacked the Jews, he used “scientific” terminology, describing them as bacteria or toxins that had to be destroyed to cleanse the Aryan race. His whole hierarchy of the races, with Aryans on top and other European ethnic groups clustered in tiers below, smacks of pseudo-scientism. He was very much a man of his times.

        • I am speaking more about Mussolini, but Hitler may have not been religious — perhaps even hostile to the thing — but his core followers were what we might today call yesterday men hoping to save Catholicism from both Communism and modernity itself. I suppose it is not much different than how people saw Trump as a vehicle and a means to preserve Christian White America even though Trump appears agnostic or perhaps even indifferent to religion and to overtly or even nuanced racial concerns.

    • Fair warning: Opinions are my own. I might be wrong! Despite uncertainty, here are some answers to your questions:

      “Was Bolshevism primarily a Jewish thing?”

      Yes. IMO, best way to view Bolshevism is as a moral vehicle for overthrow of existing order in the Jewish homeland (pre-1918 Russian Empire).

      “Were Stalin’s purges about getting rid of his rivals, or getting rid of Jews?”

      Yes to getting rid of rivals, no to specifically targeting Jews. Alot of high level folk in Communist Party were Jews, so when he purged party they were targeted in proportion to their party representation. After founding of Israel and the end of WWII (and observation that there were alot of Jews in USA — and he was in cold war with USA) Stalin became more uncomfortable with dual loyalty qualities of his Jewish citizens. I see this as race realism but not necessarily anti-semitism. Had Stalin lived longer, perhaps there would have been a larger series of purges targeting Jewish Soviets. But this is conjecture. Stalin’s move against the Jews in the “Doctor’s Conspiracy” had basically no casualties compared to his purges in 1930s.

      In 1930s focus was (1) targeting groups that had questionable loyalties to Soviet Union and (2) people disloyal to Stalin. 99.99% of casualties fell on group 1 above. So who were these protected and targeted groups in Soviet Union? Cities and urban areas (Moscow, St. Petersburg) were mostly protected, ethnic Russians mostly protected, all Russian pro-royalists targeted including military officers as a class, possible disloyal ethnicities in key strategic locations were targeted (Ukrainians, Kazaks in Crimea, muslims in north Caucus).

      “Why are jews focusing their ire on the German nazis rather than the Russian socialists?”

      Jews do focus ire on Russians. But in USA Jews focus on Nazis because we fought them in WWII and had familiar and simple understanding of this conflict that was easy to propagate in media. Russian relationship with Jewry is more complex and less understood in USA. Despite poor US understanding of this relationship, Jews were able to use threat of persecution to leverage refugee visas to USA throughout the cold war period for example (see link below).

  21. My only question is, when do they start giving each other the Full Trotsky? Because that would almost make all of this worth it. If it helps, boys, I’ve heard from totally reliable but anonymous sources (hey, it works for the Carlos Slim and Jeff Bezos Blogs) that French, Kristol, and Goldberg all have evidence that will result in the arrest and prosecution of Hillary Clinton…

    • The thing to watch is what happens between the Shapiro/Prager gang and the Goldberg/Kristol gang. Both sides are fanatically pro-Israel, but the easties prefer to couch it in patriotism, while the westies prefer the Judeo-Christian approach. If the easties become aligned with the party’s left, it will make life hard for the westies. Their act cannot travel left and survive.

      • Shapiro gives an interview to Bobby Burack from Outkick. I have never thought he was quite this stupid, but Shapiro gives the impression he really thought the left would stop deplatforming people before they got to him. He thought they were going to let him be the controlled opposition forever. When Goldberg, Kristol and their crowd start going after him, he is going to get blindsided. Burack is a tool and doesn’t ask any of the obvious questions of why Shapiro supported deplatforming people to his right if he has a problem with it now.

          • He has not been deplatformed, but it worried about happening to him. He sees what is happening to people no further right than he is and now understands they will take shots at him. They knocked Parlor offline, there is no reason to think they won’t go after him.

      • Either way, the Judeo-Christian approach will evaporate as whites become less Christian. Bible thumping Evangelicals ready to go to war for Israel to fulfill ancient prophecies will be seen as cultist weirdos like the ones who dance around Stonehenge dressed like druids now to not even nominal Christians in 10 years.

        Couching it in patriotism works if the Easties succeed in redefining patriotism to their liking, a far more likely scenario. They’re quite good at that. After all, the New Soviet Holiday of celebrating Summer Kwanzaa (Juneteenth) is now patriotism, as our ruling class has officially declared it to be so.

  22. These people are exactly why their is no voting our way out of any of the large number of problems heading our way. They’re also why reading and discussing mainstream news articles with Norm Normison is futile. But, oddly, although they number few, I have had a few people speak openly to me in the last year about the immense MSM bias – and when they detail it, they’re incredulous as to why they never spotted it before.

    The immigration issue is a classic case. Proposed solutions presented by the MSM are often so pathetic, or so complicated, one finds oneself simply thinking: “Build a wall, put men with guns there, shoot at the feet of potential border jumpers and shoot at the torso of those who are trying to get in proper.” I reason that this would be extremely effective, yet has no real application in our very emotional world.

    The sanest option of course is to remove oneself from the firehose. Followed by, if you can, building a family and attempting to deflect what intense hatred will be sent your way by The State. If it’s still competent by then…

  23. Sometimes I suspect if Mr. ZBlog Man isn’t running cover for the Chosen, such as the podcast a few weeks ago where he examined the demographics of our overlords and didn’t once say the J-word or even indicate them. But then he drops something like this that could be published on national-justice. So I have to wonder if I’m not one of those spergs on the far right that he often pokes fun at.

    • I don’t think anyone is confused about the race of most of these people.

      “Shape Shifter” and “drug resistant virus” seems to speak the truth, loud and clear.

    • I think Z is just trying to maintain a healthy objective outlook on all things Juice so we do not fall into the trap of a negative identity and become like blacks who blame all of their problems on whitey

      It’s a balancing act, no doubt. Yes, the Juice are a problem for us, but we all know that but we should however treat it cleanly as merely a competitor and a rival and not get too emotional about it. Right now they got Tom Brady and we have to figure out a defense that works and find our own offensive talent. Juice get very emotional about it, for sure, but that’s why we will win. As we always do. Once we wake up. As we always do.

    • Z claims that many mainstream professional conservatives tell him privately that they read his site. Let’s take him at his word as he seems like an honest guy.

      If Z was TRS or even AmRen then these conservatives would not read him.

      Z likely is an effective Pied Piper to normie conservatives and part of his effectiveness is avoiding overly explicit naming of one of our most significant enemies.

      There are some other sites that are as explicit as you would like.

      • True, there are plenty of anti Juice blogs out there, while Z is creating his own, more sober-minded cool-as-a-cucumber brand. And his will win out in the end, mainly because it appeals to a wider spectrum of the dissident minded.

  24. I don’t understand this blog’s endless fascination with useful idiots like Goldberg, French, & Kristol. Why keep rehashing their smarmy antics and reinforcing what we already know; that they are media whores who earn a living selling themselves to the highest bidder? It wouldn’t surprise me if they sell out both orifices, such is the nature of political prostitution. But back to my original point. What is to be gained by repeatedly belaboring the shortcomings of this vermin? How does that knowledge help you to live a better life or make an improved contribution to society? Why wash yourself in feces everyday?

    • Are the sermons at church for the Sunday school teacher? No.

      Not everyone that reads Zman has a post graduate level of poli-sci knowledge behind them. These posts on the charlatans on the Right in Con Inc are for the unwashed masses that continue to discover the blog.

      It is still good to identify and call out the ones who cloak themselves in false conservatism.

    • Because they’re a window into the minds of our rulers. They exist because TPTB allow them to exist. They are unimportant, but they are the ones chosen to be the rulers’ messengers, which is important.

      • This. In a better world Bill Kristol would be relegated to working an intersection trying to squeegee people’s windshields for a fiver, but someone keeps throwing money at him to make sure that his idiocy still attains prominence.

        Except for maybe Goldberg, there’s a decent chance that even people who keep track of politics haven’t heard of these leftists, and yet they punch way above their weight since those in power are paid to listen to them.

    • Those guys are the face of what’s wrong with modern conservatism today. Our esteemed blog host contrasted his position against theirs and paid his professional respects. Those men wouldn’t hesitate to do the same.

      Your post underlines one of my pet peeves about modern conventional conservatism: Conservatives fight fair and always lose like gentlemen. It’s more important to them to lose gracefully than to win by any means necessary – as our opponents do daily.

      I would have been happier if he’d given those cretins a wedgie while he was dressing them down. I learned the hard way that those guys are not ladies and gentlemen, and that if you treat them that way, they will walk all over you. It’s high time someone stood up and called them on their bullchit and told them what they can do with it.

      • Heh. I must ask, did you read the 7th and 8th paragraphs? They seem to me to make clear the dislike the author has of these cretins, which is fine. Although, I found the analysis of the situation interesting also.

        I am pretty sure that even in the last couple of weeks, Mr Z Man has not gone easy on French and Goldberg. French has come in for a bashing considerably and rightly so.

        Anyway, they’re all anti-white and they’re all of no use to any of us. And you’re right absolutely when you say:

        “Conservatives fight fair and always lose like gentlemen. It’s more important to them to lose gracefully than to win by any means necessary – as our opponents do daily.”

        It’s why we must all uncover our inner partisan and work toward our common goal… whatever that is? A world safe and appreciative for and of whites? No joggers? No SJWs?

    • I see the defenders of the faith, this blog edition are crapping on you already. I get your point – I don’t need to sniff the back end of each and every skunk to know what they smell like. I see the stripe, and know it’s a skunk.

      As for edu-muh-cating the masses of rightist unwashed that might wander here, say as in a weekly rendition of those bad Pharisees and their ostentatious prayer scrolls, almsgiving on Romanbook, and all that … understood but with a caveat. Repeating simple messages assumes this audience is as shallow as that ‘marketers’ and ‘politicians’ aim their messages at. What was that at last check, 3rd grade reading level?

      Sure, rounding up a gaggle of your own ‘voters’ to form a movement might seem the play. That assumes you want McNamara’s Morons in the trenches with you.

      Yesterday I posted one tiny piece of solutions-based thinking, about how colleges, in my personal experience, rip off kids and families of athletes.

      I like the commercial, where during the bank robbery the ‘security guard’, being implored to ‘do something’, says, ‘sorry, I am only a security monitor…’ Reminds me, too, of how the ‘awareness’ grift has replaced the ‘cure’ grift in ‘medicine’.

      My approach is about the cure. What’s the use of more ‘awareness’….?

      • Regarding ‘solutions-based thinking’, what is your opinion of the following:

        BadWhites forming their own communities, and playing dirty to keep them that way?

        BadWhites having at least two children, if possible?

        BadWhites preventing their children from being educated by those who hate them and their values?

        BadWhites attempting to convert fence-sitters onto this side?

        BadWhites finding God?

        In my mind, the first would be a great thing… but it’ll be by far the hardest. The following three seem entirely actionable by a fair few men already – and ought to be done. The final one (for me, perhaps the most important) is probably, quite frankly, going to scare away many.

        • Alright, I’ll bite. Not using certain terms online is a start.

          Regarding ‘solutions-based thinking’, what is your opinion of the following:

          THEM forming their own communities, and playing dirty to keep them that way?

          Ans: They already do on the left, as I am sure you know. During the runup to the election, ahem, I saw the most Biden/Harris lawn signs in the most racially singular, liberal, affluent communities. They already ‘play dirty’ using economic warfare to keep, ahem, less affluent people out. I suggest avoiding densely populated areas, but have no desire to live in a whites only liberal enclave as they are the problem.

          THEM having at least two children, if possible?

          Ans: Two is a small family, really. Family formation, monogamy, a no brainer. No think tank needed. What’s the alternative? Play video games with your single buddies when you are 64?

          THEM preventing their children from being educated by those who hate them and their values?

          Ans: Either home school or private/Catholic/Christian where even if they are drifting left/run by women, you can have more input, control, and access than the public schools.

          THEM attempting to convert fence-sitters onto this side?

          Ans: A fool’s errand. Raise your children right. Keep your own counsel. Avoid traps like 1/6, shamans, white knights. Build a garden.

          THEM finding God?

          Ans: Let God find them. You raise your kids in faith from the ground up, a gift that has connected people across the generations. You practice your faith by living it. Without a giant cross on your necklace, being the salt of the earth, even if salty, will attract non believers in ways that are not evident to proselytizers.

      • security guards-there’s a whale of a difference between “armed response” and “armed intervention”.

    • Excellent point, Tom. I can’t understand right-side media that spends most of their time telling me what the other side says.

    • Not easy coming up with entirely new material every day

      Why the comments sections in and of themselves are an addenda and epilogue to every blog post and give it a unique flavor

      We are all in this together

    • With apologies to Colonel Jessep, Z ripped the eyes out of their heads and your complaining he is pissing in their dead skulls?

  25. Even within the J-right I feel there was always a sort of division between the old guard (Kristol, Weekly Standard, Goldberg etc) and the West Coast Straussian set (Breitbart, Shapiro, Levin). The Trump era sort of accelerated the gulf between them. The former are the people who were never Trump and remained as such while the latter were anti-Trumpers that at some point did a 180.

    • Congratulations on limited use of parentheses considering the names thusly enclosed.

  26. The two party dynamic seen today in US politics can present a quandary if one follows mainstream media.

    For example, the New York Times continues to push the 1/6 event as if it is some watered down version of 9/11, with Republicans standing in as the harbingers of doom for the country.

    Yet the very next article will discuss what the R party needs to do to reform itself and be an effective opposition side.

    It’s like watching a football game and hearing one coach at halftime tell the other team what strategy and game plays they need to run.

    Once this is noticed, it truly shows the facade of having two distinct political factions in the country.

      • Thanks for the link to the article Chet. Second to last paragraph is extremely based:

        “But understand this: they hate you and want you cancelled and ostracized, or at least utterly subservient and obedient. You owe them no consideration. Their every argument, every sentence, every word are proffered in bad faith. As Mary McCarthy said of Lilian Hellman, “Every word she writes is a lie—including ‘and’ and ‘the.’” ”

        Feels like Anton is channeling Sam Hyde.


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