Understanding The Borg

One of the more challenging things for dissidents to grasp about politics within a liberal democracy is emergent behavior. This is behavior of a group that does not depend on properties of individuals, but on the relationships within the group. Right-wing people tend to reject this in favor of reductionism. Individuals act out of material self-interest, so the actions of a group must be out of self-interest. This means the actions of all groups can be reduced down to individual motivations.

The fact that this form of analysis has never been useful in combating radicalism and irrationalism never seems to matter. There is something about the mind of right-wing people that prevents them from questioning this analysis. Perhaps it is simply the product of the rational mind. People who seek to live orderly lives naturally assume order is the default state of mind. To accept the existence of the hive mind is to question a fundamental understanding of existence.

Regardless, emergent behavior is a real thing and accepting it is key to understanding and predicting the behavior of the forces of darkness. The best example is a flock of birds darting among trees at dusk. There is no lead bird calling out commands to the rest of the birds. Instead, every bird is both a leader and follower, responding to the actions of the birds around it. When a bird on the edge of the group moves toward a bit of food, the rest respond in a cascade of corresponding action.

Another useful way of thinking about it, at least within the context of political behaviors within left-wing systems, is the synchronization of metronomes. Everyone has probably seen the demonstration where they take a group of metronomes operating at different rates and sit them together. In short order they are swinging at the same rate. There is a bit of math to it, but the demonstration is enough to make the point. While not emergent behavior, it is a good way to visualize it.

We have a real world example of it this week at the Olympics. This was supposed to be the Olympics where the glories of black girl magic broke through the toxic masculinity of white supremacist culture. Instead, Naomi Osaka was bounced by a nobody in the tennis competition. Then, Simone Biles led her team to a stunning second place finish in the first phase of the gymnastics competition. She topped it off by quitting on her team in the finals and they lost to the Russians.

Inside the hive, this was not expected. They had prepped their stories celebrating black girl magic and side pieces on diversity being the strength of the team. The jock sniffers were in the pumpkin patch waiting for the great pumpkin to arrive only to have reality turn up instead. Faced with disconfirmation, they did not throw down the paper straws from their soy lattes and question the power of black girl magic. Instead, they frantically scanned their hive looking for support in their belief.

Eventually, one of them came up with a way to fit this unexpected turn of events into the narrative of black girl magic. You see, Biles was not a petulant loser who quit on her team at the biggest moment. No, she is a hero for selflessly omitting herself from the competition so the team could carry on without her. Within minutes every sports reporter was blinking this signal to the other members of the hive. By the end of the day, this was the official narrative being told on every sports show.

The reductionist looks at this and assumes there must have been word from central command that instructed everyone to get on board with the new story. At the hollowed out volcano where the deep state operates, they had a meeting, and this new narrative was created and quickly e-mailed to all sports ninnies. It is an exaggeration, but that is how many on the right assume the media operates. They believe it is carefully choreographed performance operating along rational lines.

Instead, what is the norm, as in the case of the Olympics story, is something similar to what Leon Festinger, Henry Riecken, and Stanley Schachter observed in their study of the Seekers, a UFO cult in the 1950’s. Faced with the undeniable disconfirmatory evidence, individuals look to the rest for support in maintaining the belief. If there is strong enough social support, they find a way to rationalize the disconfirmation within the general framework of their beliefs.

This is the natural behavior of radical groups. They have strong social relationships within the group, because it is ultimately the point of the group. The members join as a form of self-abnegation. They swap their hated sense of self with the identity of the group, which is why they are fiercely loyal to the group. It is also why they treat criticism of the group as a physical attack. From their perspective, it is an attack on their person, because their person is fully integrated into the collective.

This is why left-wing groups are immune to reality. The fact-driven right-winger can spend his life presenting his evidence and the radicals will either ignore the disconfirmation or assimilate it into the ideology, like a snake digests its meal. There is no shot caller at the top directing it. The members are not conscious of it. Those silly sports reporters covering for the Simone Biles are not even aware of what they are doing, because they have lost all self-awareness.

This is why that left-wing person in your life acts different in isolation than they do when within their hive. Their on-line behavior, for example, is aggressive in defense of the hive, while in person they are often quite meek. On-line, they have the sense of being in the collective, so they act accordingly. In person, they are the soldier isolated from his unit, thinking of nothing but getting home. It is also why the radicals are the most intensely on-line. Social media has become their virtual hive.

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240 thoughts on “Understanding The Borg

  1. Simone Biles morphed into Katie Ludecky so quickly I got whiplash. Better yet another minority has taken Simone’s place. Even better, her father is in a wheelchair. The downside? She’s a member of a successful minority. You know, the ones who stay in school, behave themselves, work hard and prosper in racist America.

  2. “Regardless, emergent behavior is a real thing and accepting it is key to understanding and predicting the behavior of the forces of darkness. The best example is a flock of birds darting among trees at dusk. There is no lead bird calling out commands to the rest of the birds. Instead, every bird is both a leader and follower, responding to the actions of the birds around it. When a bird on the edge of the group moves toward a bit of food, the rest respond in a cascade of corresponding action.”

    Oh my your also an ornithologist. I think you are the Dr. Fauci of bird behvior.

    • Long ago Donal Rumsfeld compared the press to a flock of sparrows. One lands on a wire and shortly the entire flock will be on the wire. One of the sparrows flies off, the rest soon follow. This is a known known to quote the man.

  3. How long are dissidents going to remain on the fringe of affairs for? Forever?

    There is a momentum behind dissidents, and they are sailing with the winds of history in the right direction, but they are pitifully small in numbers. The people radio host Savage calls “sheeple” are not going to be up in arms over their social world turning upside-down. Modern civil society has a tremendous elasticity and stability in which change can progress to the point of unrecognizability. The progressives are banking on change being uninterrupted within the framework of a civil society of laws and strong customs. Theoretically, it should be easy to strip a nonwhite of his citizenship, as was done to blacks during the heyday of the Confederate states, but in practicality the civil society protects them.

    It’s sad to say, but the last best hope for whites lies with a White Strongman arising up and taking complete control of the Situation. That’s why there were so many “god-emperor Trump” memes floating around the internet, in the hopes that he would be the one. When Trump turned out to be a real estate developer and reality host at heart, and not a world-changer, the fig leaf dropped and we saw politics for what it really was: a return to Republican norms and values that had gotten us in this mess to begin with.

    Politics is messily and corruptedly unpopular. We have begun railing against its injustices on the internet, but who hears our cries? We are in an echo chamber preaching to the already-converted. The choir agrees with us, but the choir is powerless, inert, and socially backwards. QUIS CUSTODIET IPSOS CUSTODES?

    At the beginning of the third millennium, with awesome technologies whirring all around us, we see a new future forming. Yet it is a future that is dragging elements of the past with it, as middle-class values continue to dominate. Society is returning to its roots. TV shows like the old Jerry Springer show celebrate the stupid and the vapid. In the battle between the middle and the lower segments of society, the thin upper slice pits both against each other and laughs.

    If a Strongman is to come on the scene, it will probably be during some semi-collapse of society, in the same way that Hitler benefited from the Great Depression of 1929 and was ensconced by ’33. If the debt pyramid we are building collapses, and we are too stupid to declare a moratorium on private and public debt, then the economy could come to a grinding halt. Millions of swarthy and slant-eyed foreigners in our lands are going to be restive. A white Strongman could take advantage of natural disturbances and riots to placate the white suburbs and take back the land from its faggotry/poz-worshipping Progressive freaks.

    So: tl;dr: Hope for a disaster. From the seeds of oblivion may arise a new and steel-colored technocratic future for whites.

    • I know for me personally, I just don’t see the point of remaining in a country where I am a minority. And I don’t see the point of ever trying to compromise democratically with asians, blacks, now Indians, etc. Never going to work. not worth my time or energy

      So what could politics of any kind hope to achieve

      Rather my focus is on whether I find a spot in this country where whites have something of a stronghold, or do I move to Europe? That’s where I’m at.

      • Correct. The middle are inherently conservative. As long as they feel they have too much to lose, there will be the slow, excruciating grinding-down.

        They’ll submit to all manners of perversion, humiliation, and dislocation as long as somewhere there’s a decent house, a good school, a good paycheck, another rung on the social ladder. Johnny can be a girl, the old neighborhood can be overrun with nuAmericans and ferals, cities can burn, the government can slap a mask on their faces and stick a needle in their arms— it’s all tolerable. Because conservative.

        That inherent conservatism is the weapon being used against all of us.

    • IMO. As society collapses the present order with try to defend its self via internal revolution. A take over by deep state agencies. Justified in the manner such things are today. Because for that and only if sufficient numbers of us are able and ready can we counter. As for who, there may be a young read already being inspired.

  4. Yet when it is about momentuous facts, say 9-11 or the war on Iraq or the killing of Libya’s president, or the “vaccines”, the media operate exactly like many on the right assume it to operate.

    And yes, status-seeking is the primary drive behind most political and “cultural” behaviour of people. Specially on the left, because the left is the winning side, and you can’t expect these people not to be on the winning side.

      • Klown world indeed

        I am a little non plussed though . The pervs already signed up for that. Some one to own them if however fancifully.

        We don’t do slavery at least not officially but Aristotle was right to note that some people are just born to be slaves.

  5. When the elites recognize that America has crumbled under the weight of woke incompetence, will someone like pelosi start blaming and pointing fingers at blacks ?

    “You g-damn dump n—gers, look what you’ve done!”

    If I had to bet, yes. The egos and temperaments involved won’t allow for anything else

    • Not a chance! They’re too wedded to the notion that “Black is good”. They’ll find some way to blame Whites for Black misconduct, as they always have. Slavery, systemic racism, White privilege, Jim Crow, redlining…. they’ll never run out of ‘reasons’ why it’s all Whitey’s fault!

      • Yeah, in today’s environment that seems plausible, but when pelosi is standing around without flowing water to bathe and wash her wigs and the freezer stopped working for her gourmet ice cream and there are a bunch of dumb coooons standing around scratching their heads, she’ll definitely lose it

      • Being a bit of a trouble maker myself, I’ve always wanted the opportunity to bring up for discussion among a group of The Woke, what form of White Supremacy it was that afflicted the Negroid races before they had any contact with other races? They’d probably concoct some asinine claim like the natives of Africa did indeed have advanced civilizations, but the non-Negroids stole all their wealth and knowledge, razed all the buildings and scattered any evidence that might once have existed, and either enslaved or reduced the citizenry to a stone-age level of subsistence. All this the clever work of the White Devils, created the basis for the myth that Blacks never accomplished anything. After all, there is historical precedent: what the Romans did to the city of Carthage.

        • There is an academic book, published by an actual PhD at I believe Cornell, that makes this exact argument. It’s called “Black Athena.” Really. It’s required reading in Wakanda, I’ve heard.

          • For that reason alone Cornell should always be a punch line associated with Andy Bernard.

    • They’re not willing to blame blacks for South Africa or Zimbabwe’s problems, why would the US be any different.

    • Blaming blacks?

      Crediting blacks, more like it. How could we get to the desired state of chaos, crime, civil unrest, bankruptcy, degeneracy and anarchy without them?

      This end state is necessary in order to rebuild, from those ashes, a new Marxist utopia where we all live in peace and harmony.

      Our president is the dummy. Karl Marx is the ventriloquist.

        • David Bernea may be a dedicated follower of fashion too.

          Consider the Marxist hypothesis. Let us see if we can find any policies that conflict with it.

          The placement of a Welcome Wagon on our southern border serving those with a long tradition of totalitarian dictatorships.

          Turning away freedom seeking refugees from Cuba.

          CRT, Herbert Marcuse. A communist.

          Marxists in control of our media, academia, the Democrat party. Chinese (Marxists) control of our politicians, real estate, our manufacturing.

          The loss of basic freedoms such as freedom of speech, free association, freedom of assembly.

          How is our revolution different from the early stages of Maoism when you substitute race for class?

          The lies. The propaganda. The double standards of justice.

          The war on white people. The creative ways used to transfer their wealth to POC.

          The destruction of all symbols of whiteness, including their religion, their iconography, their history.

          Affirmative action laws that discriminate against whites.

          Radical egalitarianism replacing meritocracy.

          The omnipresent surveillance state that watches every step you take.

          Biden and his comrades are dedicated followers of fashion, and that fashion is Marxism. Oh yes they are. Oh yes they are!

          • PS

            How could i forget?

            State control of elections.

            There, who can find a single Kink in the argument. 😬

          • PS

            How could i forget?

            State control of elections.

            There, dare you to find a single Kink in the argument. 😬

    • the progs will be loading the nigs onto special trains, not to far down the road. or euthanizing them in place in the ghettoes.

  6. Having very recently (in evolutionary time) emerged from hundreds of thousands of years of living in hunter-gatherer groups made up of our extended family and their spouses— where group agreement was the norm, and ostracism from the group meant certain death— the hive mentality— discerning what others in the group think, and hastening to express your agreement— was long the human norm. Your survival literally depended on not angering the group.

    Individualism— thinking for yourself, regardless of what the group thinks— is a relatively recent phenomenon, only possible in societies where one’s survival is no longer dependent on the group.

    Leftists— like Blacks— are simply less highly evolved. Studies have repeatedly shown that women are much more concerned than men with discerning the social consensus and fitting in with the group.

    The unity of the Leftist group reaction to Biles is easily understandable, given that the Leftist Hive had long ago already gotten behind the broad notion that in any given situation, ‘Black is good, White is bad’.

    So Biles, being Black/good, and a “Black woman” to boot, could do no wrong: her actions HAD to be good; finding good in her quitting was something all Lefties instinctually knew they had to do.

    No communication was necessary as far as that went; all that was left was to come to agreement on why her quitting was “heroic”.

    Like that with any event: Lefties already know the general story line— ‘Blacks good, POCs good, gays good, trans good, immigrants good, women good, Whites bad, White males worst of all’— all that’s necessary in any particular instance is to find the right tune to fit it.

  7. I’ll give another example of emergent behavior: the lockdowns and masking requirements even for the vaccinated. All during Spring there was a huge push for the vaccines, the message and promise was that life would get back to normal for everyone as long as most got vaccinated. Commercials showing adults re-uniting with their mothers, who saw their grandkids again, were common. As were people going back to mass sporting events, etc.

    Now we have demands from “science!” and various “experts” like Fauci that well, vaccines don’t work after all, everyone has to be masked again (in the August heat) and locked down again. The Biden Regency is being pulled into a formal lockdown, likely next week. With masks for everyone.

    So now, its back to masks. Everyone who got vaccinated feels cheated. They were promised a normal life and the Regency took it away. To make pressure from “experts” stop. This on top of massive stagflation — wages are stable or falling, taxes rising, consumer costs skyrocketing, and people on the verge of some social revolt. As in Europe with mass protests, defiance, fights with cops enforcing orders.

    A regime run by a ruthless dictator immune to emergent social pressures would simply pursue the path of least risk to his rule: keep people happy, repress those managerial types flocking to lockdowns, and control consumer prices and thus his subjects standard of living. Flocks do stupid things like run into airplane jet engines. This lockdown has all the makings of a flock of geese running into jet engines at LaGuardia.

    • I know quite a few moderate leftists, all of whom were eager to get the jab in order to facilitate things getting back to normal. I don’t think they’ll protest another lockdown, but by the same token, they won’t support it either. Given that moderate leftists are more numerous than the extremists, this will pretty much sap the current administration.

    • The French have a culture of street protest to force the government to give them things – i.e. shorter work week, higher wages etc.

      In the USA, all street protest is organized by the regime, to accomplish the goals of the regime. Dissidents protesting AGAINST the regime is absolutely 100% NOT ALLOWED.

      • The US Right is obsessed with individualism or at most family and getting them to discuss a common purpose much less fight for one is damned difficult.

        Its my biggest problem with the Rebel Right and their guns. Even if they win some Dune style kanly or a war of reduction, they have no capacity to fill that vacuum

        In essence they are barbarians obsessed with individual honor and with no notions of the costs of civilization.

        They’ll ruin it as fast as joggers would and refuse to rebuild or to take righteous authority

        The Mandate of Heaven

        Be Worthy

        Take Power

        Use Power

        The Right maybe worthy but they will not take power or use it. The Left will take it and use it but are unworthy.

        Fix that and you win.

  8. An example of emergent hive behavior and randomness within it is the possibly most combined evil and stupid column I’ve ever read. Yesterday’s FT featuring Gideon Rachman, wanting Biden to keep the forever war in Afghanistan going.

    His rationale: (not kidding he really writes this) — “only” 100 soldiers a year would die, and that would allow Afghan girls to read and keep refugees out of Europe where the tidal wave would get victories for the right. That “only” 100 soldiers dying a year is completely politically acceptable.

    Its evil, and speaks evil, in that he wants mostly White young men to die so he can virtue signal. Its stupid, in that the US military is now conducting war on its own internal force structure: White men. You can’t have society focused on the evils of Whiteness and then demand White men go fight and die for ugly foreign women and girls to read. Its stupid. And evil. But being in the UK and not closely attuned to the signals he’s a bird flying randomly around. Enough see that and they might coalesce into a demand for return to Afghanistan. By significant amounts of the Elite flock.

    • The liberal faces a paradox in Afghanistan: on the one hand, he is trained to “respect” Muslim culture. On the other hand, that very same culture oppresses girls and keeps them from reaching their full potential. So far, the urge to respect the culture has won out over the urge to “go grrl power” but that may be slowly changing as the victorious left in the West looks for new battles to fight.

      The cultural landscape in the West is stuffed with Leftist victories. When the banks started celebrating gay pride day, that was the final signifier that they had a lock on it. There’s no need to get geared up when everything’s going your way. The left operates from a need to be the underdog status; that is partly why they support blacks and females so much, because they want their underdog-victory stories to come true.

      The ideal Left victory is a bloodless, easy one with just a little scrabbling at the edges. They don’t want to fight a 50-year Cold War only to end in Pyrrhic victory. They want to go home on Saturday after a week of fighting and call it a victory week.

    • Its evil, and speaks evil, in that he wants mostly White young men to die so he can virtue signal.

      He mostly wants to recreate Neo-Khazaria, which will stretch from Warsaw to Kabul, and from Volgograd through the Crimea and down through Jerusalem to Alexandria/Cairo.

      White Christian males dying in the process is simply gore pr0n for purposes of wh@cking-off-to s/p sundown on Friday evenings.

      Bonus points if he can also get gore pr0n of filthy White shiksa hoz being r@ped & bludgeoned to death by his ISIS subsidiary.

      On account of sadistic psychopaths gonna sadistically psychopath.

    • Ol right wing fascist me would answer Mr. Rachman this way. There’s a grand tradition of Americans like you going abroad to fight fascism. The Flying Tigers in China, the Lincoln Brigade in the Spanish Civil War, Eagle Squadron in the RAF. And probably many others. Hop to it. Put your skin in the game.

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  10. There is the AP Style Guide. Very quickly after any event , AP provides standard terms for the media to use.

  11. It’s high school except the nerds are popular because the jocks stopped stuffing them in lockers. The right did the same thing in the ‘00s. Herd behavior is status quo.

    With that said the left is better at it, but it makes sense because they’ve been a coalition of the weak and rejected for my entire life. Maybe it was once otherwise, maybe not, but it does seem like lefty is always a guy with an axe to grind.

    • A satanic inversion! (Is that the phrase?)

      American conservatives are the nerds, and every time they poke their heads up, they get swirlied. It has never in any of our lifetimes been otherwise.

      The “conservatives” of the ’80s and ’90s were wholly dominated by feminists (hence, e.g., their pushes for censorship of everything young men enjoyed, their doing nothing about abortion, etc.) and the “conservatives” of the ’00s were fascoid left-militarist neocons.

      Here’s a full list of all conservative victories over the last half century:

      • I’d probably call it a LARP. Zuckerberg is a surfer, Bezos is an astronaut, Biden is president, etc.

        I agree, conservatives have shamefully allowed these clowns to run the show. Never give a teenager the keys to the Corvette.

  12. Biles took a powder because she sucked. Her pole vault was a disaster. She actuallu team a favor by quitting altogether.

    She may end up being a one hit wonder who just could sustain world class level performance.

    • In a sane world, this would be the story and everyone would just move on.

      “My vault was terrible and I made a strategic decision to help the team place as highlyas possible. Of course I am very disappointed.”

      Sadly, we no longer live in a sane timeline.

      • That’s a good point. Notice how white people in media have taken it upon themselves to explain to the world what Biles was thinking. What’s in her head.

        This stuff cracks me up. But it’s also a bit sad that blacks are too stupid to see their supposed friends, white LIbs, hold them to the standard of a child without the abilities to express and fully explain herself. But it’s also informative and instructive that a more intelligent member of the species reflexively reacts to a less intelligent member as a parent reacts to a child. And in this case the child seems to desire it. If blacks didn’t mind whites treating them like toddlers, being a loud people who love complaining, we’d have heard much screeching.

        Stands to reason then that the democratic way of dealing with blacks, essentially buying them off with gibs, is the way blacks want it. But here comes a Republican who instead wants to treat them like white people and make them work for their stuff and wonders why they never get the vote.

        Interestingly too, this is how lib whites treated Obama, took it upon themselves as well to explain how he was so great and gifted, they would take what he said and reveal what it really meant, because deep down their gut sense is that he’s just a dumb black fuck.

        • In fairness to “The Emissary of Satan” as “Rev.” Manning dubbed him, genetically he is half White, roughly double that of the average Afro-American. Based on his education (per Wiki) he obtained a JD and was for a time a practicing attorney. Those are unlikely even with a IQ=100, much less 85. Allowing the near certainty of affirmative action’s role, likely he qualifies as a member of the Talented Tenth. I’m sure I loathe his politics as much as anyone here, but he’s no dummy.

          • The way whites treated him is informative as to their true opinion of him. Let’s keep in mind that he was surrounded by peers from the Ivy League throughout the msm and government, all I’m supposing very intelligent themselves, and they treated him like a child. All the bonehead mistakes he made, they covered for him. If he said something stupid, they told us he was brilliant and we had misunderstood his true intent. It was the actions of a parent covering for a child, and all though it he never complained. He was happy to have whites cover for him. And that’s because he knows, as they do, that he may smart for a black guy, but he’s not in the same league as them. If the whites around him believed it, they had a funny way of showing it. Even Biden dismissed him as really nothing more than a pretty package. And he stated off academically at Occidental College.

            They know him way better than us.

          • let me introduce you to Affirmative Action. obama was *given* a JD, he never practiced law.

    • An interesting hypothesis: she is laying up the basis for either a race hoax or a rape hoax against her coach down the road. All this mental anguish had to come from somewhere, and with the product endorsements out the window… a girl’s gotta make a buck somehow.

      You heard it from me first! Place your bets gentlemen! I am betting on a race hoax!

      If mental health were the issue she would have just done her best and let the chips fall. Unless she really sucked, she’d have been forgiven and everyone would just do the ‘better luck next time’ thing.

  13. I think the elephant in the room with regards to racially mixed sports heroes is that they are probably better at abusing drugs and getting away with it. More traditional, established races have more predictable metabolic responses to novel chemistry that didn’t exist until the 20th century. But when you have a novel population abusing novel chemistry, detecting a drug signal becomes far more difficult.

    And of course there’s the sleeping with the officials phenomenon. Racially mixed people are a novelty and that is an advantage in this field too, when the judges regularly rig the decisions based on intrigue.

    Sports are fake and fixed. People need to learn to treat sports like a watered down form of pornography, as anti-social as MMORPG addiction or Facebook. They are instinctively figuring this out even if they haven’t figured out the particulars of how the games are rigged.

    • better at abusing drugs and getting away with it

      The rumor today is that Ritalin was banned for the Tokyo Olympics, and when Simone stopped taking her Ritalin, she went nuts.

      Also, I would like to know her vaxx status; getting some sort of enlarged heart and/or coagulation/thrombolysis s/p a vaxxing, in combination with going cold turkey off Ritalin, might well have driven poor l’il aunt jemima bat-sh!t phucking insane.

      Setting aside the satanic nightmare of the vaxxing, if we could simply start a serious discussion concerning the poisoning of American children via SSRIs [Prozac/Fluoxetine] & Amphetamines [Adderall] & Methamphetamines [Ritalin/Methylphenidate], then that would do a world of good for future generations.

      It looks like the NCAA has banned Adderall & Ritalin:


      And here’s the international list:


      I can see Ritalin/Methylphenidate on the international list, but I don’t see anything which looks like Adderall [ampetamine aspartate monohydrate + amphetamine sulfate + dextroamphetamine saccharate + dextroamphetamine sulfate].

      PS: My understanding had been that the DOD had tried for years to keep Adderall/Ritalin kids out of the services [and oddly enough, the DOD also frowned on tats?], but I suppose recruitment efforts might have collapsed so dramatically that maybe they had to relax those standards.

      • The services have been hurting for qualified people for many years. Their prime market (18-26 or so) about 70% can’t even qualify to enlist: roughly 50% are too fat or other health issues, 20% too stupid even for Infantry or Marines, about 10% too criminal (felon or illegal drugs).

        Speaking as someone who has taken psych meds at a few points in my life,
        [Greek Chorus: “It shows!” 😀 ]
        thankfully for relatively minor issues, and as someone who’s served in the miitary as well as important civilian posts, I can well understand why the armed forces want to be cautious about ‘hiring” people who need to be on psych meds. When they work, the work well, but they DON’T always work well for everyone. Have you ever had a friend or loved one with severe mental issues who has gone through a seemingly endless litany of shrinks and meds? I have, and it’s not pretty. It’s probably even worse to be the patient. But let’s pretend Solider X or Airman Y is well-adjusted to her meds. Well, what happens if she goes off them, either vountarily (a common failing) or due to supply disruption because of deployment? Problems, problems.
        Yeah, ideally you don’t want any nutters running around in critical posts, but I guess today you can’t exclude them any more than you can a pregnant female on sea duty.

    • Fuck the olympics, football, basketball, baseball. Dismal boring shite. And fuck the horse they ride in on , jewtube, the destroyer of all that is good and sacred.

      • jewtube, the destroyer of all that is good and sacred

        Download & install this piece of software:


        Then you can kiss all your worries goodbye.

        [Although you will need a large hard drive, and even then, you’ll probably have to prune out the less desirable files from time to time.]

  14. Does this mean the US loss to the Russkies was not due to raycist judges?

    • this is what used to be on the radio

      Recorded: August 18, 1961
      Released: September, 1961

      Barry Soebarkah Dunham was born on August 4, 1961.

      Ghislaine Noelle Marion Maxwell was born on December 25*, 1961.

      Nothing good lasts forever; the Father of Lies is constantly sowing the seeds of our undoing.

      *What an helluva Christmas present for the world that was.

  15. This is truly groundbreaking work, Zman.

    And those wicked barbs! Do you prefer your hemlock neat or on ice?

  16. Fun morning headlines featuring Putin stating that we have nukes that can take out the deep state and the Al-Qaeda (the toilet?) releasing a video crowing about the coming Civil War microwave heat up after a long cease fire.
    The self proclaimed Wizards of Smart destined to rule over Wokekanda for 1000 glorious years really only own the NYC/Boston/DC axis and aren’t smart enough to see the external enemies licking their chops and rubbing their hands with glee.
    Even the Grand Old Politburo knew that Russia and China getting too cozy is a bad thing but not the woke Red Guard true believers.

    “While rising empires are often judicious, even rational in their application of armed force for conquest and control of overseas dominions, fading empires are inclined to ill-considered displays of power, dreaming of bold military masterstrokes that would somehow recoup lost prestige and power…”

    Alfred McCoy

    • Wokekanda!

      “Wokekanda, The Play” deserves an all-white cast, but demands an all-black one.

      The play’s refrain should be a musical like “Oklahoma”, and pronounced “Wo-ke-kanda!…”

    • Barnard: White people not only have to stop watching the sham of the Olympics, they have to stop participating. Just as in voting, participating lends implicit legitimacy to something that is perverted. The modern Olympics personify magic dirt theory, with a Nigerian dropped in Greece labeled a “Greek God” and a half Haitian proclaimed Japan’s new heroine. Most modern athlete – even White ones – are all bought and sold by corporate sponsorship. They’re not all competing for ‘love’ of their sport, and they’re certainly not what used to be considered ‘amateurs.’

    • I’d say that the seemingly organic desire of so many Americans to see “their” Olympic team get its nose bloodied is an example of emergent behavior on the right.

      • yeah, i noticed that in myself. i was thinking “i hope you lose” every time i saw an american competing in this olympics (wife is watching it, not me).

    • How long is globohomo going to keep buying inflated advertising rates for a product the public is clearly losing interest in having forced on them?

      For as long as globohomo can continue inventing infinite fiat shekels for itself at the Federal Reserve.

  17. Hmmmmmm.

    It is a viable theory Z. The leftist hivemind operates in both modes – like random flocks of bird brains on the wing, AND from grand plans hatched by super villains that hang upside down in dark, bat and spider infested caves deep within the earth. Lefty IS capable of rudimentary logic and logistics – we saw this when they left out pallets of bricks to be used by the blm simians as ammunition for their peaceful demonstrations.

    Alternatively: could this be a ‘chick-thing’? The kind where you STFU in hopes of avoiding an explosion of lunacy and hysteria by bringing up reality or logic? Consider the state of women’s sport today: the pink haired horse faced lesbian olympic soccer team – the women getting killed by trannies in the pugilistic sports… and now the black girls finking on their teams? We know that Xirl Science exists, this latest is aptly explained by Xirl Logic – if I may be allowed to plagiarize and expand upon your scholarly work.

    This one might be one for the great philosopher king – Chateau Heartiste….

    • Ah, to ask the eternal question, “Where are the Chateau Heartiste’s of yesteryear?”
      His snappy quips on Gab are but a passing echo of his former glory.

      • He is a great addition for the guys at Blab and he does a lot of great work there… but I wish he’d start up his own site again.

        Years ago he helped me set the office on fire. He had this great article entitled, The Nailin’ Railin’ where he described boon behaviour patterns and mating rituals in a predominantly black nightclub. It was truthful and lethally hilarious.

        I sent anonymous copies of that article to myself and several other key individuals in our office and damn near died suppressing the laughter as the office fatties and HR flunkies lost their mud and went on the warpath trying to find out who did it. They launched an inquisition that took weeks and had the SJWs peacocking and pointing fingers at each other. The operations manager nearly lost his job. It was one of the best office pranks I ever pulled.

  18. LMFAO.
    Too familiar.
    Canadian geese in this area used only stop for a quick rest. They found the living easy and now are just another invasive species.
    wetbacks from the avion world.

  19. Z writes, “Faced with the undeniable disconfirmatory evidence, individuals look to the rest for support in maintaining the belief.”

    This makes me think of QAnon. How much disconfirming evidence must accumulate before they stop believing that a secret cadre of “white hats” within the government is going to reinstate Trump?

    The My Pillow guy extended the date of Trump’s reinstatement till some time in August. I wonder if this next disconfirmation will be enough to change the faith of the Qtard in my family.

    QAnon believers correctly diagnose that their country has been taken from them but because they do not have the political vocabulary to understand the theft, their prescription is delusional.

    • I wonder how many really believe any of it. My observation is most see it as a fun goof, much like Obama’s birth certificate was ten years ago. The Left amplified QAnon for the same reason it promotes every race hoax.

      • The two QAnons that I know really believe it. Really. Both of them see the left as monstrously evil and understanding such evil requires an explanation of religious proportions. In their minds, the best explanation for what the left has done to our country must be that the perpetrators are pedophiles who snuff children.

        One of them is a devout Christian extremist (I mean that as a compliment) and so QAnon fits well into his faith with Trump as Christ figure.

        • I would at least tend to agree with them that certain elements of the left are indeed monstrously evil.

          • Clearly, there is some acceptance of pedophilia in the elites. Epstein, Franklin scandal and Hastert (Republicans), and Podesta, but what percentage of the elite knows or partakes?

            I don’t see pedophilia as the organizing principle of our enemies, although our enemies are vastly more accepting of pedophilia than traditional whites.

          • Ace linked to the social media account of one of Biden’s swearing-in-day gropees. She admitted that he pinched her nipple while waiting for a photo (she appeared to be 6 or 7 at the time). She then deleted that statement, and when pressed on it said she didn’t want to lose all her friends.

            That should have been the lead story in every newscast this week. The POTUS has been accused of groping a very young girl, and there’s video proof of the veracity of that claim. You can see her wince and pull away at the moment he goes for the grope.


  20. Joe Sobran was the first and most thoughtful user of “The Hive”. that I’m aware of, to describe the radical left. Any-one no of a prior practitioner?

    • I, too, recall and have recalled [ in citations around the blogosphere] Joe Sobran’s use of the Hive metaphor. As far as I’ve seen, he was the first. We stand on the shoulders of giants….

      • Rush was another who would point out half a dozen or more reporters/anchors mouthing almost exactly the same lines during their broadcasts. I think a famous one was Bush the younger and “gravitas”.

  21. This is also the reason why the left wing is unstoppable in a liberal democracy. They have to create their own unforced error to be reigned in by a backlash. It looks to me in the past couple weeks that taking the vaccine has become a sacrament. The target is moving fast by the tea leaves say that they’re going to do everything in their power to get those hicks in jacked up F350s to take the vaccine…at all costs. The red state boogey men are trying to kill them by staying unvaxxed. For realz. This as the Republican party, right on schedule, cucks on the issue.

        • My best analogy for this is:
          The GOP/Conservatives are the pawl on the ratchet of the Left’s come-along. Their function is to prevent any slippage while the Left prepares for another lurch forward.
          What the rest of “The right wing” is is up for grabs.

          • Great analogy. The problem for them is the pawl is worn out from too much use, and may fail.

          • Bilejones: Had to look up “pawl,” but added to my husband’s explaining a ‘come along’ to me about a month ago, this makes perfect sense. I really do learn something new here every day!

      • Expand your thought process: this may not be a political thing, but a biological one. Women fall for this lunacy in droves and they seem to be at the forefront driving it. When it comes to the chinkypox – the issue is literally infested with methodology typically seen in Xirl Science. The actors such as the dancing fattie nurses in the ER are mostly women.

        Women’s sport is now an exercise in lunacy – so much so that they are wondering why their female fighters are getting killed by trannies.

        Another reason the left wing is unstoppable is because their women will explode in hysteria if you challenge them with logic, truth or reality. Everyone keeps silent rather than fight with the lunatics.

        ‘Female hysteria’ used to be a medically recognized condition before it was disposed of as politically incorrect and obsolete.

        • Many women really do need an open handed backhand, like a tennis stroke, across the face. It’s a genetic need. But your life would be ruined if you did that, so they run wild. All you can say is “take that attitude to Riyadh and see where it gets you.”

          “The actors such as the dancing fattie nurses in the ER are mostly women.” – The cat/child ratio of these women is off the charts. And it’s likely that a cat amoeba went to their brains from cleaning the litter box. That’s the real COVID. Cats belong in barns and alleys. They steal your breath by the way. My grandma told me that years ago.

        • The first vibrator is credited to physician George Taylor in 1869. The vibrator’s original purpose was to relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety in women, known as hysteria.

          You know what is missing from their lives.

    • The main reason the left is unstoppable and we’re not is we guard nothing. The universities, for example. When they were controlled by people other than leftist radicals, nobody was willing to guard against the leftist radical. But then once the leftist radicals got in charge, they viciously rooted out all dissent. You even see this in alleged right wing social media like Gab. Torba brags about how everyone is welcome.
      Normal people will not issue ultimatums to corporations who use their size to crush dissent. Imagine if every normal person who has an account with Citibank said “restore the people you deplaformed or else we will close our accounts”

      • Tars: Just like a fasces, a hive is stronger because it’s unified. The right (of any stripe) is too diverse and individualistic. Too many petty divisions and not enough eyes on the prize of White identity, independence, and posterity.

    • Remember the Bush years when anyone who wasn’t for war was helping terrorists kill Americans?

      Same old shit, down to the opposition party cucking.

      Big difference is the warmongers are looking inward this time.

    • And depending how far and hard they try to push it, Sundance over at Conservative Treehouse is saying this may be the proverbial hill upon which to wage the final battle…

      • usNthem: Sundance will not ever countenance addressing the issues of race or the Juice. He disappeared the few comments I made back in 2016; haven’t wasted time on him since and don’t plan to start again now.

        • The mantra on treehouse is “walk towards the fire”.. no not that fire…. .and no not that fire either..

    • They may be very stoppable. They’ve told people for months: get the vaccine, take the mask off, life goes back to normal.

      Now, they are admitting the vaccine does not work, masks always on, a lockdown that never ends. That’s going to create a revolt. A massive one. People can put up with almost anything, for a short time, as long elites follow along and suffer along with them (think of the King and Queen in London during the Blitz). When elites carve out exceptions, and the quality of life goes down markedly from prior upward trends that is when revolts and revolutions happen. Its easy to keep the peace in a society that has only known grinding degradation for generations: North Korea, Mao’s China. Xi knows he’s riding a different tiger and he must keep the mandate of heaven. Human behavior being what it is, the same is true for the Regency.

      The smart move for them would to be push the vaccine, fire Fauci, promise and deliver no more lockdowns and freedom for the vaccinated. But because they are driven by flock/herd instinct they literally are unable to act in their own best interest. You don’t see China locked down do you?

      Mask mandates are now instituted by the CDC today. Lockdowns ordered nationally no later than midweek next week. EVEN for the vaccinated. No one likes being cheated. Reneging on a promise is worse than not making it in the first place.

      Biden’s message to the vaccinated: lockdowns for you, suckers.

  22. Can confirm about the media part. I worked in TV news for quite some time during the late-90s (on the technical side). What I can tell you for a fact is that the on-air types, and all of their support staff, are simply not that bright. In high school, they were the “popular” kids. They crave the attention and validation that comes from being on air, being noticed. It is their only concern.

    In college, they major in easy fields like “communications” and “journalism”. Take a glance at any of their desks and the reading material you see is People and US magazines. The only thing they truly know anything about is pop-culture. The idea of studying and learning about any other topic they report on is laughable at best.

    I always found conservatives to be quite funny when they insist that the bias is coordinated from “on high”. There is absolutely no need for it! The way modern news-people simply are in mind and spirit makes them very efficient members of the hive. They follow and react to the rest of the hive, just as Mr. Z has described. It is an impressive thing to witness up close.

    • Can confirm. Coordination is not needed when behavior is innate. I had a semi-literate moron once demand not a word of his script be altered. I ran it past my boss, who agreed with me that it would be a hilarious inside joke. It was, but the dude’s hair was perfect and a network picked him up.

      An additional detail: no cliché, however banal, will not be used by the entire collective once heard. My boss and I also manufactured a few nonsensical buzzwords that were eagerly adopted. He also does something different for a living now.

    • The script they read , on air, with the happy mongoloid face, comes from on high. They all say the same shit, fresh from Langley.

  23. I first noticed the extent of the hive minds when I was on Facebook. Within a day a required slogan would appear and everyone on the left would spout it as timeless wisdom. ISIS is not Islamic. Trump is Putin’s puppet. Hands up, don’t shoot. Culture of rape. One second it isn’t there and the next they are all saying it.

    However to really understand this you have to factor in social media and the news media. The alert for new things to think was far less efficient before social media. Now not only do you know immediately what to think on any issue, you get immediate social acceptance or rejection.

    The media through news feeds plays a key role in this process. Especially, post Trump taking that escalator ride, the left and most centrists turn to places like the NYT to find what they need to think. There can only be one truth and you better think it is you want to be a good, smart person. The media does the same.

    Speaking of David French, the role he is auditioning for plays an important role in this hive process. There are a lot of white managerial class men who like to see themselves as centrists but to have status and a job they have to believe all the insane leftist narratives. AOC doesn’t work to give them the feeling that they are being smart, level-headed intellectuals when they need to believe the newest dumb thing.

    The tribe is offering French and Goldberg to fill the role of the crash and burned Lincoln Project (or George Will for earlier generations) . These managerial white men can feel that an issue isn’t left or right. Smart, sensible people on both sides of the aisle believe it. The fact that French was with the National Review (a very establishment publication that hated Trump) makes him a good fit for that role in the minds of the tribe for outlets read by good whites such as the NYT and the Atlantic. It really doesn’t matter that French is an idiot and Hypocrite.

    • I started seeing it with my aunt who worked corporate. She along with every other woman her age would wake at 6 am and get ready and drink coffee while those morning shows played in the background. I lived with her for a while and couldn’t stand it. That stupid babbling from Katie couric or whoever it was. That fake happiness. Imagery of suns rising. Everyone laughing.

      Those morning shows may have been the precursor to social media and served much the same role in terms of programming the corporate hive mind. And they remind me a lot of Barney, soothing baby talk but for adults.

      Moral of the story: the way into the hive mind is through infantilization

      • Sounds like the childless female managers at any office. They laugh too loud. They talk at you like children. They’re super duper strong and independent. They’re really happy and they love their life!

        But they’re a little too happy. Inside their eyes is an empty void of crippling depression. I’m assuming most are on SSRIs.

        In a way I do feel bad for them, because they’re just doing what society told them to do. They might not even know they’re miserable. Don’t know too much about them because I avoid that kind of person like the plague. (FWIW, it seems like less empathetic Women of Colour are actually better career women than white women. White women are too nurturing and belong in the kitchen with a baby inside her).

        Giving women the right to vote was a huge mistake.

        • What I’m loving is that all these women, supposedly so strong and fiercely independent, masters of their own lives and destinies, not ever going to be told how to live and what to do by a man

          Then here along comes a man in authority and commands they put on a mask.

          And what do they do? They put on that mask faster than a snap of the fingers

        • Well, maybe. I recall one investment book author (probably Bonner/Wiggins) said, of the USA granting women the vote, something like: Wyoming was the first State to give women the vote (1869) and pointed out that women there had guns and knew how to use them 🙂

        • No question about it, muck raking females culminating in suffrage catalyzed the collapse we are living through. Majority of women are super-progressive (supported whole heartedly by their cucked husbands). DemonRats are the female party. Case closed.

  24. Kind of like if you observe a flock of geese. One starts honking and it sets off a chain reaction where the rest join in, for reason or no reason.

  25. What about those super cut videos of dozens of local news anchors reading the same lines? I don’t think 100 monkeys can explain it and it’s not like News 6 Kansas is watching Action 12 Jacksonville for cues and then copying down the story word for word. Last year there was that particularly egregious native ad for Amazon that was delivered verbatim all over the country but these cases aren’t always obviously paid for ads.

    And then there’s the talking points. You’ll see every talking head on the same day start saying the exact same sequence of short words. “Pandemic of the unvaccinated,” for example. Some of this can be emergent but it’s easier for me to believe there’s coordination. At least in some cases there are memos going out to a few key influencers and maybe from there the emergent behavior kicks in.

    • I want to “reclaim my time” so saith every democratic legislator on that committee

    • They actually do watch each other. Way more than most people would imagine. It’s a pop-culture mindset.

      More importantly though, they are re-writing off the same news feeds. Where do you think they get all that info from? AP, CNN, Reuters, etc. all have affiliate stations across the globe. Go to your local station’s website and you should be able to find out which news feeds they are affiliated with. THAT is where they get their information.

      Most of the time, they simply take that feed article and do some basic re-writes before releasing it. It’s not like they are on the phone with any of the players. The most they will do is contact someone nearby to get the “local angle”.

      • There’s a scroll unrolling just under the camera lens. They are literally reading their lines out loud.

        It takes practice to do it smoothly; watch closely for the tiny jump of the eyes as they read and recite at the same time.

        “Research” is time spent in Makeup with the cosmetician.

      • If I were still active in the university, I might delve into a research project along those lines. For all I know, it’s been done already. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle: there isn’t really some Evil Brain in his island volcano secret hideaway, who faxes out the slogans for next week, to major media heads the globe round. Nor is it likely that a random phrase is generated and catches on. Yet, I’d lean to the latter option. This is just another form of the popular meme concept, an idea that spreads from one to another, often taking on a life of its own.

        It’d be fascinating to track, using existing databases, the life cycle of popular slogans. They are born (somewhere!), they live, and (usually) die out or just fade away. For example, relevant to climate hysteria, decades ago the trendy term was “global cooling” (Were you around in the 1970s? The USA had a couple colder-than-usual winters, and the popular media was full of worries of a new ice age), later “global warming” became a hot topic, as it were 🙂 then
        more recently “climate change” (presumably the warming wasn’t showing up as promised) and most recently “climate emergency,” this last one hasn’t seemed to gain traction, however.

    • It’s interesting that in this case, the game of phone tag actually results in no variation on the message.

      • KGB: Good point. Are kids even allowed to play that anymore? Even my younger son chides me when I’m so gauche as to say “telephone” instead of “phone” or “cellphone.”

    • The explanation for the local news anchors all reading the same lines is that there are only 5 or 6 companies that own all the local network affiliates in the United States. The one I saw included stations owned by Sinclair. The parent company sends out the copy and they read it on air.

    • Sometimes these are obviously top down in areas that are not news scripts for anchors to read.

      Its the same way the media distributes its talking points to its subsidiary news org. Indeed the parallel is obvious as to the actors reading the lines, its just not obvious who the writers are. The acceptance that this is so coordinated and so widespread is tricky for some:


  26. …”a petulant loser who quit on her team at the biggest moment”…

    Zs turning of a phrase is breathtaking.

    Everything fit into one, tight package.

    She sounds like a disciple of The KANG, Lebrun James.

    They should sponsor a line of crying towels.

  27. Thanks for the link to the metronome paper. A good example of the complex physics of a relatively simple system, that can be easily appreciated, and also reproduced. That’s a good bit of solid, practical, easily testable science, right there.

    Save me the ‘Quadruple Manifold M x N String Theory for Quantum-Gravito-Magneto Fields’ stuff/

  28. Haven’t followed the Olympics in decades, but when I heard about these 2 pulling out for non injuries, I could only assume the corporate media would in unison be lauding them as heroines for emphasizing their mental weakness. Any and all questioning of their heroism would only give them bonus points, vaulting them into the coveted status of victimhood. “Not just quitters but victims!” Plus they win the extra prize of being non-white, so they’ll get the credit of being oppressed by racism for the trifecta!

  29. The hivemind is like an aggregation of ego. As the ego exists as both the individual identity and some ethereal projection of how the group in question perceives that image. As such, the intragroup relations are a scum egos within the status hierarchy.

    It is interesting to plumb the biology behind the order vs disorder and other attributes like conscientiousness that might prime one toward natural conservative or lefty, but technology seems to have greatly indulged the lefty mind by moving so much of our daily interactions into the ether. Social media is entirely the purview of ego-investment. We have crossed some Rubicon in which physical reality is subordinate to the virtual social lives for a great many people.

    While the normie mind is not immune to ego-investment it does seem more prone to break into shame than into pride when truth etches away at their self-image. The hiveminded lefty, OTOH, is so ego-invested in the group model that to call any aspect into question is world-shattering. Which of course is really a personal attack on who they are. This individual-group model is a kind of dissonance in of itself. So dissonance is a central feature. And thus denial.

    Take covid. “I am a good person, on the right side of history” and “the totalitarian left is abusing and killing children” cannot possibly co-exist. One “realty” must be denied. Well we know which one.

    The left attracts those whose self-image is already so fragile with doubt that they seek status within the group to insulate from the constant insults of reality calling them to the mat. e.g. the spiteful mutants. In a way they have already destroyed themselves as individuals by submitting to the group so the group is all that is left of themselves and the world.

    It may be reductive or trite to call leftism a “mental disorder” but for my own shorthand when confronting these bugs in the wild I find it to be the best frame of mind. Anyone with more “traditional” mental illness or addiction in their family recognizes many analogues. In a nutsack, they are dangerous people.

    • Why all of the push for green energy from the left makes me laugh.

      their entire virtual existence depends on cheap and widely available energy to power all of those devices and broadband. Yet they keep pushing for expensive and limited green energy, oblivious to the fact that it means the end to their virtual existence.

      • Perhaps you forgot about their secret ingredient that will make it all come to pass: Magical Thinking.

        • When I am tinkering with a project that requires attention I still like to have a background podcast or Youtube video on to pass time. Random weird stuff is best.

          I came across something called Warhammer 40K channel. A sci-fi universe apparently popular mostly in the UK. They have created a very intricate universe that is perfect for half-paying attention to while you are running a bandsaw.

          Anyway, in this future there are near mindless killing creatures based on Tolkein Orcs (I think they are called Orks). The thing that made me stop and laugh was that in this techno-future the Orks utilize and create massive technological monstrosities, and make them work, by simply believing that they should work.

          If they want a spaceship to go faster they paint it red because red just looks like it can go faster. Weapons are deadlier if they mount skulls and jagged teeth on them, because why wouldn’t a scarier looking weapon actually be more deadly.

          The more Orks that believe that their actions are improving an object then the more likely it is to actually go faster or be deadlier etc. Their group think actually translates into reality despite science or technology dictating it to be impossible.

          It reminded me of the Left and their projects. The more people that believe the “Hands up don’t shoot” the more it becomes accepted truth. The more extreme the purist idea, the more it becomes an obvious reality to them despite all evidence indicating the obvious.

          Unlike the Orks, the Leftist doesn’t actually make the spaceship go faster or increase the capability of a weapon. The Progs haven’t bettered the human condition, found reliable green energy, or improved the behavior of their feral pet POCs… but dammit, if they can just get enough people thinking the right way they will!

          The irony of the similarity of these Leftists with their pet assault Orcs (Antifa, BLM) and these space Orks is also pretty savory.

      • Ummm.

        Wakanda? They have vibranium.

        If racist white hicks would just turn in their pickup trucks and appreciate other cultures maybe we’d actually make progress towards 0 emission energy source like Wakanda has.

        And also need to appreciate superior, vibrant and diverse cultures like India, to learn how to make a sewage system

    • I remember reading a piece about captured Imperial Japanese soldiers in WWII. a relatively rare occurrence usually involving the soldier being captured in an unconscious state of mind due to extreme wounding, fatigue or starvation.

      The default for most was mass suicide (i.e. “Bonzai” charges) or feigning death in order to make a final suicidal attack on approaching enemy soldiers. In response, American troops often avoided the threat by simply not taking prisoners and exacerbated the killed vs. captured ratios frequently seen in Pacific Theater.

      What was interesting about the piece was the accounts of how the majority of that small percentage of Japanese soldiers behaved once captured. They became docile, cooperative, and obedient to their U.S. captors.

      Japanese societal and military cultural indoctrination had ingrained in them a sense of individual subjugation to the whole and to authority. Being denied access to their group identity and its hierarchy they simply replaced that dedication to their “new master” and some Americans dealing with the prisoners were shocked at how cooperative and compliant their prisoners were. Freely surrendering critical information to their captors.

      Zman’s observation about the fiery online/docile in person leftists reminded me ot the Japanese prisoners. I’ve noted it myself. Denied the group identity and marching orders through mass media and the online social networks… i wonder just how long these people would maintain their belief system and their leftist identity.

      There’s the rub though. We aren’t going to detach left-leaning people from social media and online social platforms. The left owns them and is eponymous. If anything, it is Trad people that are being isolated and denied interaction through big tech and gov banning and deplatforming.

      How many of you often feel isolated? How often have you been at a gathering and realized nobody in the room seems to think anything other than the approved think?

      Like many of you I’ve examined the issues, applied observations and statistics to ferret out what is reality and truth vs. feels and lies. I don’t need to have verification from the group to discern what is moral, logical, and truthful. It is however, a lonely path and I have only the greatest sympathy for Cassandra.

      I don’t have an answer for the digital onslaught reinforcing the Leftist indoctrination other than person to person outreach and the solitary persuit of gathering with the like-minded.

      There are many of us not across the river yet and I wonder just how many of those still on the journey will simply succumb to their apparent capture and find it easier to simply mouth the woke platitudes and fall in line to their new masters.

      • It’s why the levers controlling the flow of information have to be seized. No, I don’t know exactly how that’s to be done — it’s going to messy and probably violent — but if there’s one thing we need to hammer out in very specific terms, it’s how we’re going to accomplish putting a kink in the firehose. Work on those plans needs to commence post haste.

      • Penitent Man: I was just opining to my husband that, in many ways, this hive mind emergent thinking reminded me of the most evilist man ever’s characterization of debating with the Juice. Not merely the illogic and irrationality and emotional arguing, but the sense that their very identity is at stake, not merely their opinion. And then even when a few might finally admit to being wrong, upon the next meeting they denied such admission ever happened.

        I think that most people (and I don’t characterize Z’s commentariat as most people) take succor from friends and associates reinforcing their opinion and, by said opinion, membership in the group of the accepted. This is definitely more noticeable and prevalent when dealing with a distinct and identifiable ethnic group or, today, the woke. Whether it’s hairstyle or color, piercings, clothing, or mere stance, they can recognize and signal to one another and reinforce each other. Too many of us on the other side have to hide our beliefs (most of you better than I).

        I definitely don’t go around with a smiley face. Yesterday at the grocery store I said not a word, but genuinely burst out laughing at a lady (white adjacent, perhaps, minimum age 45-55) with insanely high platform shoes, bleached blonde hair, with her saggy, wrinkled chest prominently on display . . . wearing a mask.

        • 3g4me,
          Perhaps this stasis of absurd behavior and thinking can only exist in a pampered, laurel-resting, indulgent time. Reality eventually asserts itself and the brutish-nasty-short paradigm that has made up the bulk of our species time on earth ever begs to reassert itself. This dalliance with insanity is only hastening its return. It sucks, but I think that the soft-fall-hard-success memes is how this plays out.

          And good on you for laughing. I’ve found myself more and more amused lately and laughing harder at things that once annoyed me. Genuine schadenfreud mirth is my default third happiest state now (after seeing my kids grow or beimg in nature).

          Watching the things I once loved and believed in become perverse mockeries… then fallimg flat on their degenerate faces fills me with laughter.

          Even personal setbacks and challenges are sources for amusement. I crashed a motorcycle the other day and after I picked my sore ass and back up from the ground, I found the whole thing funny and started laughing uncontrollably.Imagine thinking your 50 year old body still had it’s 20 year old reflexes. Damn fool, LOL. I imagine my kilt and never-wore-horns-on-their-helmets ancestors are cracking up above me.

          Laugh dear lady… and carry on. You are doing it right.

          • Take care of yourself, Penitent Man. I’m afraid I never did get the hang of being a motorcycle passenger, let alone rider – but yes, age most definitely gets us all. Trying very hard to get back into shape after over a year sitting on my backside, and it’s a lot harder now than it was even a few years ago.

          • I was roller blading down a residential street in the late 90s when some little punk whipped a small rock at me after I’d passed him. He actually managed to dink me in the back of the head. It didn’t hurt but I wanted to double back and give him a rollicking. Unfortunately, for a split second my brain reverted to ice skating mode and I tried to stop on a dime, which caused me to tumble head over tea kettle in the road. I wasn’t physically damaged at all and I as I sat up I couldn’t help but laugh quite hard. I thought to myself, “if I’d just witnessed that scene from a front porch, I’d have thought it supremely funny. So what’s the difference that it happened to me?” At that age, my late 20s, I didn’t always have the grace of mind to step back like that, but that evening, as I thought about it again and realized I was completely bereft of embarrassment and anger, a lightbulb went on.

    • Agree on all your points. We all love to poke fun at the Left’s latest gaffe. But what I’m hearing now, and in many posts, sounds like an unwritten belief that everything about the Left is daft and to be dismissed out of hand (They have no rational beliefs at all? Really?) and its corollary, that the [Dissident] Right is immune from irrationality and can do no wrong. I wish it were so, but we too are human, and subject to the same weaknesses as our enemies.

  30. I get the point, that it is the bourgeois objectivism being criticized here as insufficient to an understanding, but there are still rationalizations here to explain the irrational.

    Metronomes fall into synchronization because nature seeks order and the path of least resistance, so it is expected that metronomes will all line up because it makes the movement of each the easier. Their path of least resistance. So here we are using an example of natural order to explain the irrational hive mind. How is that different than bourgeois objectivism? Rather than using one reason to explain them, say the pursuit of money, we use another, because that’s how nature works. As birds are, so are LIbs; again, a rationalization of what is supposedly irrational.

    So in the end, there IS in fact a rational explanation for their behavior. But it’s just not about money. It’s about how nature works.

    Ergo, they are not irrational at all.

    Again, I get the point that one form of objective thinking has been missing the point all along, that there was always a method to their madness but the key to understanding it required we think outside the box.

    This is important because now we predict that the borg will follow rules and laws found widely within nature. They WILL follow the path of least resistance. They WILL behave as a flock of birds.

    How do we exploit that is the real question

      • 12-Gauge BBB shot?

        It worked on the Passenger Pigeon:

        Passenger pigeons were shot with such ease that many did not consider them to be a game bird, as an amateur hunter could easily bring down six with one shotgun blast; a particularly good shot with both barrels of a shotgun at a roost could kill 61 birds.



        I guess the big question for us would be: lead shot or steel shot?

        All the sh!tlib John Kerry waterfowl types [with their $40,000 sterling silver heavily engraved english/italian shotguns] would turn up their noses at Dirt People lead shot.

  31. This is another Pulitzer worthy post that you will not find anywhere else on the internet or otherwise. Sometimes hard-truth is a freight train moving at maximum speed. Deny it at your own risk.

    Now let’s talk about how to make actionable use of this knowledge. Herd animals also possess a form of emergent behavior; they often form into packs and move in unison. And many a herd can be spooked into a stampede rather easily, and a stampede can be directed (engineered) to go in a specific direction. And there are many options when it comes to direction; as in, get off my lawn, or outta my country, or perhaps, off that cliff over there.

    Think outside the box.

    • We can lead them into a dead end

      That should be our strategy. Put up a resistance here, open a door there, have the borg like a big blob seek its path of least resistance as we lead it into a dead end. Then we burn it

    • The herd hasn’t anything to panic over yet, though they have pre-panicked in fear of panicking. Examples include Trump, and 1/6, but also in the higher reaches, the inflation crisis which may finally make the can too heavy to kick. Your analogy carried even further shows the inflexibility of the system since they will always break “one way” (Gabbers were writing sarcastic headlines for the Olympic failures before the official narrative was settled, and heck that’s almost the entire shtick of the Babylon Bee) and thus can easily talk themselves in to going over a cliff (witness the news that a prominent member of the Capital Hill pohlice can’t even speak English, what kind of loon thinks that it’s a good idea to not be able to communicate with your personal security detail?).

    • Turn their own weapon against them. They’re already doing it by themselves, but we can nudge them along.

      If, say, university tenures were distributed according to the overall size of your ethnic group, you’d have to fire six million Jews. You could bribe POC allies with the Mickey Mouse-chairs, and win back the chairs that matter.

  32. American conservatives by definition have an affinity for the ideal of ‘rugged individualism’. A big part of what we were trying to conserve was the freedom to be self sufficient and have agency over our lives. That suggests that many American conservatives have a much weaker inclination towards effective group action founded in emergent behavior responses as outlined in today’s essay. There are neurophysiological studies that identify structural differences in the brain that correlate to some significant degree with political orientation. I don’t know if they have tried to correlate those differences with people who exhibit emergent behaviors to a greater or lesser degree. In Europe conservatism means something different than here, perhaps not as orthogonal to herd behavior. American religious conservatives are probably more inclined toward emergent behaviors as well. This dissident movement we are participating in is also not conservative, though many of us older dissidents are coming from that political camp, we just see that there isn’t anything left to conserve. There is a tension in fact between the individualist inclination and a generalized white solidarity. This is going to cure itself I bet as this political process advances. I think I perceive that many of the younger dissidents are favorably inclined to religious observance, this will be a strength if not coopted somehow by the enemies. My informal research into whites’ behavior in prison systems where they are are not supermajorities vs ones where they are seems to support this prediction. Prison is an extreme environment yes but the rulers are turning the whole country into a prison.

    • Word for the day: “orthogonal”.

      While the Internet in general has made me dumber, sites like this have certainly broadened my vocabulary and provided plenty of recommendations for outside book reading.

  33. Within minutes every sports reporter was blinking this signal to the other members of the hive. By the end of the day, this was the official narrative being told on every sports show.

    Can confirm this extends to Denmark, where the interest in gymnastics is zero and in American gymnastics, zero-point-zero. The media is struggling valiantly to make us care even about our own Olympic teams.

    Yet we get these non-sequitur articles about how brave and stunning this random foreign nobody is for quitting her team.

    • The only time backing out is noble is when someone else can take your place who will perform better.

  34. Stating the obvious, but awareness of emergent behavior on this side of the divide is also important.

    Examples off the top of my head from my friends, family and self: 4D chess, God-emperor, plan trusters, kraken, ammo / gun hoarding, home schooling, trad Catholic, preppers, voting harder…

    Some of these behaviors are beneficial, others are less so.

      • Self-awareness and course-correction if needed.

        Was there anything positive about plan-trusting / Q-following?

      • As you mentioned in your “Five Rings” recording, knowing both your own skills and that of competing organizations allows you to exploit the strengths and weaknesses of each.

        I hope…

        But black pill for the day, my attempts at reading classical philosophy & history or organizing in real life will not stop Globohomo from firing me in September for not getting the jab.

        I am forced to react to the lefts emergent behavior. Knowing my own prejudices and reactions to stress is equally as important as knowing what the Borg will do.

        Please keep writing such great editorials and thank you: faxed or emergent, your site gives me plenty to think about.

        • If you do get fired for refusing the jab, why not consider shopping for an attorney that would take your case? You might have one. Become a Jehovah’s Witness for a while, perhaps, if necessary. Attorneys are always on the lookout for a class-action suit. I’ve had first hand experience so shopping, even if I only came out mostly even in the deal (about $5,000). I didn’t have to pay mine a dime, and neither would you.

          We were just speaking about how to use their weapons against them, weren’t we? 🙂

    • “4D chess, God-emperor, plan trusters, kraken”


      “ammo / gun hoarding”

      Can’t be the worst thing… but will the owner use it when faced down by armor clad goons?

      “trad Catholic”

      God is great.

      “home schooling”

      No silver bullet. But absolutely a great idea for many. If they cannot, at least don’t have people who hate you teach your kids.


      Can’t see the harm. The very people who mocked my tin storage were the same clamoring outside the supermarket for said items. Wear that mask, or no entry, bigot!

      “voting harder”

      Well, we know what that’ll do.

      • I think Moe’s point was more that these are examples of emergent or herd-directed behaviors (all panics are emergent behavior). Our side or those adjacent also exhibit these behaviors. Why, when, and how to trigger or direct these behaviors are important questions to answer if we are to ever have a leadership.

  35. Hadn’t been following the Olympics. Was faithful watcher up through era of Bruce Jenner’s decathlon win. The Carter boycott pretty much left me time to realize I had better ways to spend my time (forever abandoned NFL then, too. Went into the service and began the process of growing up and facing reality. Alas, that’s no longer and option now, either.

    It does look like the hive’s maniac obsession with Ms. Biles and their anointing her as a new vehicle to carry forth their narrative, a la George Floyd, was simply too much for her to bear. Looks to me like all that furious and frantic expectation poured into one person simply burned her out. She had to succeed, or the entire system of the left would crash down on her, or it would have find some explanation to justify their expectation and its failure. Looks like they chose the latter, for now ….

    Also, I note how the team picture so matches their demand that everything “look like America” ….

    • She was feted as the very embodiment of the New Model American. The entire establishment slobbered over her for years. If she couldn’t handle that…

    • > It does look like the hive’s maniac obsession with Ms. Biles and their anointing her as a new vehicle to carry forth their narrative, a la George Floyd, was simply too much for her to bear

      Learned yesterday Biles’ brother was charged with murdering three people. Truly the magic never ceases.

        • “the thin layer of White people that work to continually keep Cleveland from falling completely into the Baltimore-Detroit abyss.”

          So you agree then with the name change to “Cleveland Guardians”? Excuse me, but your racism’s showing. You sicken me.

          Good day to you, sir. /s

        • Back thirty-some years ago I was working on a Beltway Bandit (government contract) job, one of the temps was a pleasant-to-behold former Redskins cheerleader Alas, during her tenure there, her brother’s name appeared in the Post, another murder victim in that violent city.

      • Chet: I left a comment at Sailer (doubtful to be approved) castigating him for his pity party post for Biles. She was taken in and supported by a White family so she could continue training when she was young. Would you ever read that now? Has she ever publicly thanked them? Not that I’ve seen – it’s all BLM and GOAT. If she had any character and was genuinely feeling unwell, she ought not to have accepted a place om the team. This is all fear of losing, just like the mulatto Osaka. Perfect exemplar of Numerica and its future.

        • Sailer is a total failure.
          As CC/Greg Johnson.

          I would even include in this list Derbyshire (and every nationalist writer which had fall into coronhysteric)
          (except Curtis Yarvin, which write really interesting papers)

          • PS : I wrote “nationalist” because “conservative”, in itself is a word for “guarantee to lose every time”. What in hell should we “conserve” in this clown world.

            Plus, “conservatism” is a full-defensive strategy, and every sport coach know it ALWAYS go to defeat.

  36. There are definitely people in charge, standing behind a lot of what is wrong these days. But they are not micromanaging. A little nudge here and there, with the help of institutions they finance, is all they need.

  37. I remember being on a thread countering the arguments of leftists where everyone was ganging up on me, the moderators were fine with that, they were all having that collective mindset.
    Once I turned it around and became convincing in my arguments, the moderators kicked me out for hate speech.

    If we were to extrapolate that to the real world then I’d say we’ll find a symbiosis between the common leftists & the arbiters of the society.
    Day to day leftists repeat the globalist talking points & try to enforce them, if they fail or start to lose faith in their own bullshit then a “neutral” judge intervenes & begins reprimanding the instigator or some unfortunate person who got caught up in it by mistake.

    It’s like stockholm syndrome, people fear punishment so they empathize with their tyrants as a way of coping with reality & somewhat function in it.
    Also, becoming a dissident(in any time or age) is never good for business, man is a pleasure seeking creature so it can & will rationalize everything just to feel better about himself & gain certain advantages.

    • Good point re: coping and pleasure.

      Not to make this about the fairer sex but seems to me that in a culture that has adopted the feminine social-sexual order as its primary model for social engagement, irrational and disassociative behaviors would be promoted as “normal”.

      So those arbiters and guardrails are constantly providing buffers for the sheeple to avoid the ego threats of truth and reason and corral them back into the comforts of self-delusion.

      In the old PUA days the “rationalization hamster” was a way to teach men how to understand the myriad of incongruence between womens words and actions – and actions with predictably terrible outcomes that would not only fail to be corrective for her but would regularly be ex post packaged as “good”.

      It was also a reminder that you could be “right” or you could get laid.

      Female nature and psychopathic moral reasoning are closely related. i.e. female self-delusion is how women get things done without being actual psychopaths. When this process is challenged they go “histrionic”, which is the outward manifestation of dissonance. Karen anyone?

      Stockholm is an interesting notion because it is that same irrational dissasociation borne from the powerlessness and shame of such that causes their identity to split off into their captors. In this case, their leftist ideological group.

      The group identity acts very much the same way I think, as they will hand over those parts of themselves that reality has rendered too weak or defective as a means to both cope with reality and disassociate from it. Which allows their ego to survive.

      Like PUA, engaging in a feminized alt-reality world one does not make many sales by introducing actual reality. Perhaps historians can weigh in on the relationship of leftism and feminine social orders but I’d reckon restoring masculinity and the evil patriarchy would go a long way.

      • But I don’t want to convert to Islam, which apparently is the only masculine, patriarchal system not corrupted by Globohomo.

        • In the fight between global POZ and regional Islam I’m not sure I’d take the bet on Islam. Religion is a reflection the people, so sure the Taliban and inbred middle-eastern tribes can pull it off, they’d act that way anyway, but anyone else would be doomed to repeat the same mistakes they’re making now.

        • Islam has not been corruptes by globohomo because it is globohomo corruption. Imagine, if you would, Jeffrey Epstein walking along a street in rural bonkadonkastan and coming upon a group of muhammadins “breaking in” a “dancing boy,” whereupon they lock eyes, recognizing their shared fundamental nature; “oi vey, we share so much, you know?!” They are all kiddy diddlers seeking extravagant wealth and power and the death of Christendom.

      • Your comments seem to have much in common with Nietzsche’s concept of what he terms master vs. slave morality. (I’ll admit I probably claim a relation, because I read his catalogue these past several months.) Much of his criticism, of course is of Judaism and later Christianity. But it could be extended beyond those. Weakness, dependency, working in a group, or the group united against a real or perceived strong man or outside threat. That sounds a lot like female psychology or traditional roles. And those are precisely what Nietzsche’s “slaves” or the weak of a culture, felt, and sought protection in their religion, morality, etc. Perhaps I read too much into it; that is a common failing, at least so say his [academic] critics.

        But he idealized the culture of the hero, aristocracy over democracy for sure. And you can’t get much more feminine than liberal democracy.

  38. Many iconic moments in sports have come with athletes competing at less than 100% physically and still performing well enough to win. Off the top of my head I can think of examples of Pete Sampras, Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods all pushing through injury or illness (in Jordan’s case it was a massive hangover, but still) to great results. In gymnastics, the example is Kerri Strug, a little known performer in 1996, performing a vault well enough to win the team gold on a badly sprained ankle. My wife was showing me some examples of hive mind regarding this off of social media yesterday. One parent claimed he had shown his daughters the Strug vault and told them the coach should have pulled her out of the competition because the gold medal wasn’t worth the risk. These people are not capable of even mediocrity, let alone greatness.

    • I recall Karl Heinz Ruminegge coming off the bench for Germany 🇩🇪 (had pulled a hamstring in prior match) in the 1982 WC semifinal against France to help them win it. One of the best WC games of all time imho.

      • There are so many other examples, nearly every year after the Super Bowl it comes out that a key player on one of the teams was playing through a significant injury. One year Kevin McHale played the final two rounds of the NBA playoffs with a fractured bone in his foot. Detroit Pistons goon Bill Laimbeer was knew about the injury and would step on his foot on purpose. The story didn’t come until after he retired. Sports used to be a celebration of greatness, this should further the demise of public interest in it.

  39. Is it possible that Biles and other black athletes are throwing the games on purpose out of spite for the US? Is Nike paying her to throw it (with money from the CCP)? Is Biles expected to burn the flag on the podium and wanted to avoid that so she quit? Was she doping and about to get tested?

    It’s a horrible look for blacks on the global stage and the media narrative is making it even worse. I don’t think most black people would support her attitude either.

    Something doesn’t add up here. Same with Osaka. Maybe I’m too conspiratorial but it just smells wrong.

    • with money from the CCP

      Funny. Do people really believe that America is at the mercy of either the CCP or the Russians?

    • That was actually the first thing that came to my mind. Did she throw it out of spite for the U.S.? The trauma of being so great an athlete yet having to represent such a corrupt, racist country!
      Perhaps dropping out on account of mental anguish (having to represent such a corrupt, racist country!) would be (to her mind) more impactful than facing away from the American flag when accepting her medal. Competitive optics.

      Or maybe she is a prima donna. Or a coward. Maybe she isn’t as good as the other athletes after all and quit before she was humiliated by the Russians. Fragile ego there.

      I wonder what her team mates are thinking, behind the scenes and away from the press.

    • Could be but my guess is simply that their little brains can’t handle the pressure of all the world’s eyes on them

      They cracked

      Black people pushing for greater and greater black representation in everything are really setting their brothers and sister up for a massive fall. Because they won’t be able to handle it, and when it’s apparent to everyone then the jig is up

      What then? At least for us, we should also be pushing for blacks to be over represented in everything. It ensures a faster and perhaps harder fall. We should also start promoting the claim that the Juice really are God’s chosen, make them try to live up to that standard then have the world see this juxtaposed to the likes of Epstein and Weinstein, exposing the ridiculousness of the claim.

      Social media is perfect for all of this

      • It seems more likely that in a world where winners are shunned and the more you are a victim (especially self imposed) the more attention one gets that she simply is reacting to the fact that she would get more attention for chocking and whining about some slight issue than actually winning a medal.

      • Cute pun in there 🙂 Unintentional perhaps? In any event, I think you unfairly tar the image of Afro-Americans. They know, or at least many of us do, that athletics is supposed to be their strongest point. It’s certainly a black mark for anyone to fail, but even in their darkest hour, we must be niggardly with our praise if they’ve not earned it.

  40. Super-conspiracy and exclusively ant-like behavior are both overly simplified explanations. Emphasizing the emergent aspects of situations is a useful corrective, but it also has its own shortcomings. Sometimes it’s not very useful. For example, internet censorship is an extremely important and salient phenomenon, but it is not emergent. It comes from very well-defined institutions, and its enforcers has a clear and conscious agenda.

    • But those “very well defined institutions” are acting in reaction to real and perceived actions of one another. It is why we keep seeing these cascading events where one guy is isolated and then all of the other institutions ban the guy one after another. What often happens, is the first entity creates a positional good out of banning some heretic. The rest rush to acquire this positional good.

      Further, the decision to censure by an entity like Facebook is a collective decision that results from a dynamic within the organization. The decision itself is not made by one person, but by a self-organizing rationale within the group.

      • The decision happens partly because of the group’s internal dynamic. There is also pressure applied by outside forces, and this pressure itself is not a spontaneously emerged social force. In this case, in my opinion, the ADL is one of the ultimate movers. It consciously works according to plans, and very heavily influences the social media giants. Of course, their plans are sensitive to real and perceived circumstances, I’m not implying superhuman power and foresight.

      • I admit I’m not carefully reading the news lately but I believe it’s been revealed that part of the censuring process often involves taking orders from the administration, even before they were installed as the official administration. It’s a blurring of emergent compliance and directed agency.

  41. Sane people with a ounce of self-awareness would find something to distract from an obvious embarrassment. Note the sports announcers are not deviating from Black Girl Magic to focus on actual American victories, like swimming, to distract from failed magic. The sole reason is because they are white males who are supposed to be relegated to the past. In post-national American sports, the only true Americans are blacks and lesbians.

    Notice too the Covid emergent behavior, where the CDC says Vaccinated should wear masks again because they are spreading COVID as much as the non-vaccinated, while saying at the same time saying that the unvaccinated are solely to blame for the spread of Covid. Add this to the efficacy of the Vaccines being at about 6 months, and any 100 IQ person who has not ben touched by the social hysteria would come to the correct conclusion. No facts or statistics are going to change their minds, as there is no endgame anymore that lets the powers that be keep face from crushing embarrassment.

    Our rulers have backed themselves into a wall of their own making, and when they lash out, it’s not going to be pretty. Scary stuff.

    • It is scary. On the plus side, when visiting the local mega supermarket here today, for the first time in a year, a huge number of people were unmasked. I had not thought this would happen.

      Naturally, the unmasked fell into a certain sort of category. And the masked were mainly women and duskies from lands yet yonder.

    • Didn’t the American and Australian favorites in the 400m freestyle get rekt by a lightly-regarded 18 year-old Tunisian?

  42. Zman, you have said the opposite with regards to the articles about the fire extinguisher during the “insurrection” as well as the rapid switch to all black / mixed race commercials after the death of St. Floyd. You said that people sat around a table and thought up a lie, and had pre made commercials ready to go. Can you elaborate on this discrepancy in articles?

    I personally think that there is some kind of outside faction, or war going on that we don’t know about. CIA, China, Israel, who knows what’s really happening. None of this woke craziness is normal and I think it’s being pushed from outside, or above. purposely, to destroy the USA. But the naive liberal pawns do operate in the hive mind.

    • Yes, but I find a lot of conservatives don’t like getting into serious talk about half visible subjects that are magnets for kooks (freemasonry, the occult, intelligence/military) which is understandable. But man it’s still there, that all seeing eye is still staring at you in a sense. Is it meaningless or not?

    • I see no reason why both systems cannot be employed simultaneously. Albeit, perhaps for some events gathering round a table and planning is far more effective than relying on the emergent; and vice versa.

    • The fact that there may be exceptions to general rules is not a new discovery. Sure, there are people who make up false stories like the fire extinguisher nonsense. Someone thought up the “Biles is a hero for quitting” rationale. The reason these spread like wildfire is not because “some kind of outside faction” is spreading the tale. It is because of the relationships within the media hive. The accepted truth is the emergent property.

      • We can point to many examples of conscious coordination/conspiracy, directives being issued and obeyed, etc. And cataloging all that is worthwhile, just so we don’t forget.

        But the fact of conspiracy doesn’t explain the *content* of conspiracy, how it’s decided that today everyone switches to “climate justice” or “insurrection” or that Alex Jones is as of Wednesday officially moved from “beloved conspiracy buffoon” to “enemy of the state.” Conservatives point to academic and NGO publications, and to pundits—because they’re accessible to conservatives, and because intellectual provenance is interesting to nerds. But check the sales/views on all that crap. Almost nobody consumes it.

        People socialize. Some do little else.

      • Agreed 100%. “The Megaphone” determines what “the accepted truth” is. Blacks are victims, Biden won the election, the Epiphany protest was a violent coup, Rittenhouse is a crazed gun nut.

        I don’t call the shots (nor would you want me to), but if only Mr. Z-Man’s writing could be amplified and seen by the semi literate masses. If only…

        Until then, I’ll enjoy the virtual Samizdat.

      • I hadn’t realized the Olympics were even happening until something came up on the stuff YT pushes about Simon (misspelling intentional) “bravely” walking off the team. I watched a video of the screw ups that lead up to this inexplicable action. First, she flew clear off the mat during her floor exercise routine. That is a major deduction – as bad as falling. Second, she boffed a vault and took a huge step out of the landing. Both were instances of lack of control. Elite level gymnastics is entirely about control, both physical and mental. After the second poor showing she calmly walked up to her teammates and told them she ‘just couldn’t do it anymore’. I haven’t heard she’s pulling out of the individual competition however.

        In any case, I was gobsmacked reading the comments on this video. She didn’t fly off the mat because she was out of control but because she’s too “powerful” and “strong”. Same with the vault. She just has too much energy you see. I remember when Svetlana Khorkina almost landed on her head twice while vaulting in the (I think) 2004 Olympics which kept her from winning the overall individual gold medal. It was later found that the height of the apparatus had been tampered with. She didn’t get a do-over and that information can’t even be easily found in her bios. Up until the GOAT (how I despise that term) Biles Khorkina was considered the most accomplished female gymnast even overcoming the physical disadvantage of having very long legs. We won’t see the likes of this type of graceful, controlled female athlete again.

        I don’t know if the comment after comment praising what Biles did can be attributed to “emergent behavior”, spin, or shills, but one thing for sure is it was one more sign of a very sick society.

        • Sick society is right. When I was growing up, “hero’s” were those who stood up when faced with adversity—whether they overcame or not. Now quitters are celebrated and their acts of cowardice—or at least psychological confusion—are called heroism. How Orwellian.

      • I don’t know Biles from Adam, but I found her relentless marketing tiresome. If she is a SJW petulant child like Osaka or Lebron, she can go jump in a lake. But it sounds like she may have developed the gymnast version of the yips. If that is true, she should just say so, and I would have some sympathy. I had the yips in golf, and I would jerk the putter right at contact. Steve Sax used to throw the ball into the stands when making short throws from second base. Rick Ankiel gave up pitching because he kept throwing the ball to the backstop. It’s a real thing. In almost any other sport, you battle through, and the worst risk is embarrassing yourself. But when you are flying through the air upside down 10-15 feet off the ground, and don’t feel in control of your body, I can see a pretty big injury risk. With the soft padding in some of the exercises, she probably should have tried anyway, and she is no hero for quitting. But it might be more complicated than it seems. Ah, who the f**ck cares.

    • There are both pre organized and “naturally” spontaneous responses, B125. Commercials have to be planned because they need to be produced but what Zman is referring to is the unplanned automatic response so frequently demonstrated by leftists. Like the birds or a school of fish they know automatically which way to go, what to say and who to praise or to blame.

      Haven’t you noticed the “spontaneity” at how they all use the same words to describe the same thing. I watch CNN from 6-7AM daily just to get the leftist talking points for the day.

    • I don’t think they are completely mutually exclusive. If someone knows how the hive works they can use it to advance their purposes

    • The woke craziness is perfectly normal if it’s understood there are lots of broken people in this world. It’s come to light now but was always hiding in plain sight. All the drugs, the prescriptions, the barrage of media messages, the demonization of greatness (whites) in schools, the ever changing rules of the game. It’s open to discussion whether all of this has been intentional, but either way the end result is we have lots of people who for all intents and purposes have been exposed to the techniques of mental and psychological torture. It started in the labs and in academic settings many years ago and has been brought out into the society. Which is why so much of it looks and feels like we are living in the mind of a hippy on an acid trip.

      And why I say, when the boomers finally die off, the world will become a vastly different place. I think we are seeing some signs of it now among the young and the trend toward anger. But hard to say where all of this is heading until those social engineers from the days of NASA and moon landings and the rise of electronics and advent of the circuit board and all the rest that has the distinct odor and plastic taste of a certain era finally meet their maker. Things will open up in ways we can’t quite be sure of. I hope i have enough wits about me when it happens to fully appreciate it.

  43. It’s been said before that emergent behavior can explain how many poll workers, election officials, attorneys general and governors ensured “fixes” to the November election, with or without central coordination.

    • When the goal is well defined by the Queen then it is not necessary to elaborate on the details of every mission. The hive knows and can improvise.

  44. I won’t watch the Olympic Games unless I can get a foreign feed, as I refuse to listen to the Globohomo broadcast.
    The last time I actually did watch I found myself supporting the White athletes from countries less infected with Poz over the paper Americans of color. I especially enjoyed watching the Russian hockey team a few years ago, banned from competing as Russians, win the gold and then sing the Russian anthem themselves in defiance of Globohomo.

    There’s been only one successful rightist movement that mimicked the emergent behavior of the left’s hive mind- Mustache Guy’s, but that does have weaknesses as well as strengths, as the delusions of the strength of will overcoming firepower and sound strategies became evident in 1943.

  45. Of course the emergent behavior of termites, say, builds termite middens. Our enemies work together to break stuff. Yes, they think they’re going to build back better, but South Africa as the ultimate test case suggests they can’t. Still, they can ignore their failures when they’re too abject for them to pretend they’re successes, for the reasons you point out here.

    That said, there are dominant “birds” influencing where the rest migrate. When Russiagate collapsed, they literally had a meeting and said “We need to shift the focus to white supremacy.” It was done consciously, though the heroin addicts chucking trash cans through shop windows are so easily influenced they probably thought the idea started with them rather than Soros or the Times.

  46. Side note: what could be more perfectly American than a 100% Media creation (seriously, who cares about gymnastics?) being set up for glory, then quitting in a huff and still getting lauded to the skies? Ladies and gentlemen, the Evil Empire! I’m truly coming to believe we owe Osama an apology.

    • “I’m truly coming to believe we owe Osama an apology.”

      Was that the tennis player?

    • All the instant hand wringing about SB was nauseating.

      Freud was right: Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

      SB is a quitter. There’s no shame in losing if you give it your all. There is no glory in quitting.

      Keri Strug won a gold vaulting with a broken ankle. SB quit because she had the “sads”.

      Now there are dozens of articles telling us that’s an “unfair comparison”. Emergent behavior, indeed.

      • Actually I think she quit to stick a knife in NBC. One of the fat ugly guys who make the deals and count the money put the make on her and p***ed her off. “C’mon cutie, you’re 24, you know how this game is played. Honk my horn and that Amazon commercial is yours”

    • Indeed. It is why one doesn’t really need any hard evidence, like paper trails, when trying to convince someone that, say, an election was rigged. One simply looks at the parties involved, and the sorts of peoples involved and their politics; and deduces the necessary conclusions.

      Considering Resident Biden, I looked not once into the ‘evidence’ or the magic computer program that supposedly counts the votes. Who knows? Who cares? It was clear to me that in the US, as in the UK, government functionaries were strongly, even aggressively anti-Trump. Thus, when faced with any action the functionary asks “Is this screwing Trump?”; if “Yes” then proceed with said action.

      Naturally, when explaining this to someone, I was told it’s not evidence. I told them that the premises were true, and that I suspected the conclusions were too. Had I been more of a zealot, I would have doubled down more aggressively. Let’s get a hive mind that is pro-white, pro-resilience &c.

    • Hanlon’s Razor (the harsher version): “Never ascribe to malice what can be adequately explained by stupidity.” Or, for the current discussion, substitute “emergent behavior” for “stupidity.”

  47. So my Pete And Repeat explanation doesn’t hold I guess. My other one is the daily fax sent to all hive members on what to believe today. Oh well.

    Your concluding paragraph has good analogies. Some of what you describe here is right out of Hoffer’s True Believer. A must read for all of us. I’m going to keep my copy handy on the coffee table from now on.

  48. Another big reason normal people can’t grok emergent Leftist behavior, I think, is because even though Lefties are often witnessed talking great joy in destroying anything normal people enjoy, neither your pain, nor destruction for its own sake, are the point. You, and civilization, are at best collateral damage.

    Being normal, we don’t see the many intramural Leftist slap fights that take place in the academy, in the comments at sites like Daily Kos, and so on. They’re even worse somehow to each other than they are to us, since that’s the straight signal.

    It’s nearly impossible to grasp that you’re just a bit player — at best — in someone else’s drama. Most times, they’re Al Pacino and you’re the scenery. Your life is falling around your ears, it’s the most important thing in the world to you… but they barely notice, if indeed they notice at all.

    • The image I like to use is of people peeping over the walls to the world outside the walls. To the people inside, it is just darkness with eye blinking back at them. We are an undifferentiated other. It’s why they can call Ben Shapiro a Nazi. His beanie means nothing. All that matters is he is outside the walls.

    • That intramural fighting is a feature, not a bug, of leftist strength. In Stalin’s Party, it was literally murderous, but in the less bloody competition within PoMo Globohomo, it serves the same Darwinian purpose – only the most committed, ruthless, radical, and ideological will rise to power within the birds of a feather lunatics. They then influence rather than command the flock from Dr. Evil’s volcano.

      • To a point. That’s the problem with Social Darwinism, though — comes a time that returns on investment go negative. “Ruthlessness” isn’t a trait that can exist in isolation. There’s an associated skill, and so pretty soon the only thing Leftists are really good at is winning intramural slap fights with other Leftists.

        One Eichmann can do enormous damage. A whole department of Eichmanns, though they can do spectacular damage at first, eventually turns into… well, a department full of Eichmanns. It can only continue to exist in perfect homeostasis, and that’s the one thing it’s genetically (as it were) incapable of doing. Stress the system even a little bit, and it collapses, because anyone who attempts to deal with the stress will be chopped down — the attempts to deal with the stress being, in themselves, perfect opportunities for more ruthless bureaucratic infighting.

    • Indeed. Perhaps it is time to repurpose The Sage’s quote:

      “Misogynist: A man who hates women as much as women hate one another”


      “Leftist: A man who hates tradition as much as leftists hate one another.”

      Of course, I use the term ‘man’, but this could be easily replaced by any of the N genders now in fashion.

      • Al Bundy:

        “I don’t want to understand women. Women understand women, and they all hate each other.”

        • That was a great sitcom. The show had two outstanding features, and Christina Applegate had both of them 😀

  49. “There is no shot caller at the top directing it.” His name is satan and he is most definitely there.

    • Exactly. All the fancy analysis (I enjoy it, no doubt) is just musings to what we all know, and should realize. The world is chaotic, and there is one author of confusion and chaos.

      • The Left always has the same agenda: swapping lies for truth, consuming without producing, devotion to cultish figureheads and a self-destructive desire to force everybody else to participate.

    • In the Book of Job, “god” and “satan” are bros hanging out with the other bros in the deity clubhouse. Of course, there is no one actually named “god” in the bible, that is a European word. Ha satan, the adversary, is a semitc job title.

      • Sort of a drive by shrek, I don’t even know where to begin with you. Best be movin on, maybe reddits more your speed.

        • You could begin by telling me there is power in the Name, that’s why we are instructed in their name, that we may be provisioned and equipped to correctly invoke their power.

          Shriek, kinda a shemitic shibboleth like Shimon, a tip of the Shapiro chapeau.

          Have a good day, we are on the same team.

        • Disruptor’s right, so cool it yourself, hot rod.

          You (Gnome) are also; you and he are both right, though Bluegrass said it better. I won’t waste your time trying to explain, thanks.

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