The Blood Feud

A blood feud or blood rivalry is a long conflict between two closely situated groups of people, usually involving retaliatory killing. There is some event, real or imagined, then members of one group attack or kill members of the other group in retaliation for harms they suffered in that initial event. This leads to retaliation from the second group and we have a spiral of tit-for-tat. Until fairly recent in human history, the blood feud was quite common and often formalized in ritual and custom.

When people were more tribal, the blood feud worked to keep the peace. This seems counterintuitive, but the practice allowed for agreed upon compensation to the victim in the form of blood or money. The Wergild, in Germanic law, was the compensation paid by a person committing an offense to the injured party. If the victim was killed, then it was the value of his life. In other cultures, the concept of “blood money” was not uncommon, as a way to adjudicate disputes between clans.

This is something to keep in mind when looking at stories like this one. We have a 100-year-old man being charged with crimes that may or may not have happened at a place he worked over seventy years ago. He may have worked at the Sachsenhausen camp in the Second World War. According to the article, it is not all that clear what happened at that facility. His role in the running in the camp is also unclear. Yet, he is being ceremoniously charged with crimes at the age of 100.

This is not a new story. He is being charged because of the long running blood feud between Jews and Europeans over the events of the war. Jews believe they are victims that can never be compensated for the crimes against them perpetrated by the Europeans in the last century. It is not just Germans. They have claims against other European groups, even Americans, who saved them. The blood feud demands blood, even if it is the blood of an old man not long for this world.

These sort of witch hunts are uncivilized and antithetical to the traditions of the modern world, but they persist because Jews have tremendous amount of influence. Much of that influence, it is believed, rests on their victim status. That last part is mostly nonsense, but many people believe it. Anti-Semites think this is the magic key to Jewish influence, so they occupy most of their time trying to prove the Holocaust is fiction created out of whole cloth. Thus is the nature of blood feuds.

To be clear, no reasonable person can claim that Jews were not singled out by the Nazis for special treatment. The record is clear on that point. The Nazis also targeted other groups, like Gypsies and Slavs. There is no question that monstrous things happened in the war at the hands of the Germans and their allies. Much of it was the inevitable consequence of war, which is always a monstrous thing. When war is waged on the industrial scale, the results are horrific.

That should be the lesson of the two great industrial wars. The Great War was a blood feud scaled up and decorated with lofty rhetoric. At anytime, the sides could have accepted the futility of their blood feud and crafted a blood peace. Instead, they fought themselves to exhaustion. The Second World War and the horrors that flowed from it were the result of having learned nothing from the last war. Instead, the blood feud between the people of Europe continued and spread to the world.

The reason European societies evolved ways to mitigate the local blood feud or eliminate it entirely is they tended to spiral into mutual destruction. A blood peace was often stronger than one agreed upon out of convenience, for the simple reason both sides suffered real harm to achieve it. Two tribes that lost members over a feud that was eventually settled to the satisfaction of both, had a shared bond that transcended material concerns or present convenience.

Of course, individualizing crime and disputes was the way we eventually eliminated the blood feud entirely. Holding the individual accountable for his crimes and his crimes alone, regardless of the relationship between his group and that of the victim, settled the matter before it could spiral into a feud. When the Lord hangs the murderer, rather than forcing his people to pay the clan of the victim, it changes the relationship between man and tribe, as well the relationship between tribes.

In a way, the criminal code was a preemptive act. When the sovereign steps in to punish the guilty, he is short circuiting the natural tribal reaction. If the law is clear and the sovereign is even handed in his application of it, then the people not only accept his remedies but will seek his remedy before seeking their own justice. This is how the law is supposed to work in what we think of as civil society. At the heart of it is a sense of justice motivated by a desire to keep the peace.

What we see with the hunt for centenarians whose primary crime is of blood is a perversion of this principle. The reason to arrest this old man for crimes that may or may not have happened is to perpetuate a blood feud. There is no justice to be had in these cases, as the events happened so long ago. It is not as if there is a need for an example to discourage others. This is just a tribal cry for vengeance echoing through the corrupted halls of western justice.

Not to put too fine a point on it but look at the other example in the story. “A 96-year-old woman has also been accused of working as a Nazi, as a secretary to the commandant of the Stutthof concentration camp in Poland.” They are going to put on a trial a woman whose crime was having worked for the Nazis. In this case, the tribe crying out for blood is the Poles, who suffered more from the Nazis than any other group. Even so, much blood was spilled to reach a peace, the Poles should accept it.

In the end, this is the test of civilization. Civilized people understand that you must close the books on the past, in order to avoid reliving them. The present is always a story of the past, but it cannot be a nightmare from which we never awake. Disputes are settled and they become a part of the story of a people and that people’s relationship to other people, as part of the blood peace. When one or both sides cannot accept that blood peace, accept the blood of the other as a sacrifice, the result is more blood.

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211 thoughts on “The Blood Feud

  1. You folks realize this is a Jewish thing. It’s the same pathological hatred that drives their destruction of the West and Whites.

    Also they have to keep the specter of the Nazism alive and well so as to milk every bit of PR they can from it. Even if it meas jailing innocent men.

    The fact is you can’t find this sort of pathological hatred anywhere else in the civilized world except among Jews

    This is the same sort of hatred that drives the Neocons who happen to be almost all Jews. They don’t care who dies or how many countries are smashed so as long as their agenda gets fulfilled.

    • And this is why the Jew will either prevail and totally destroy us, or we will prevail and throw off his evil influence. Submit…or restrain the Jew. Choose one.

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  3. “Civilized people understand that you must close the books on the past, in order to avoid reliving them.”

    Two areas of the world where the books remain open are Ireland and the former Yugoslavia.

    Those two places have a great deal in common. There, brother fights brother and cousin cousin. The IRA in Ireland bombed Northern Ireland in order to embrace Northern Ireland in the arms of the southern republic. “We burnt the village in order to save it.”

    The Yugoslavians have two main aggressive ethnic groups: The Serbians and the Croatians. For them the past can never be dead. The Serbs are still celebrating a 1300s battle that resulted in a LOSS for them. But it doesn’t matter: they were out there fighting and that’s all that counts.

    • The Irish and the Serbs celebrate and self-define on the basis of their defeats and grievances. In 1914 the two hot spots of Europe were Ireland and the Serbian province of the Habsburg Monarchy.
      The world could come crashing down but both will still cherish their grievances.

      • But at least the Irish and the Serbs confined their murderous actions to a specific geography rather than targeting a worldwide enemy.

        • Yes, and this is the seminal point that should be communicated to all. The corruptocrats in DC are actively pushing us into national bankruptcy, economic collapse, and civil war. As such, they will keep throwing shit up against the wall as distractions in order to inhibit the sane from organizing into a real revolutionary resistance movement. We don’t need to waste time studying the problem in ever greater detail. We need to use this time to prepare for when the crazy erupts. If you’re not well prepared, you will panic when that happens. And that is how people get shot in the neck by a Jackboot.

          • It appears that TomA believes that everyone would just get along fine without the “corruptocrats in DC.” Do you believe that?

            Would lunch rooms in middle schools or prisons desegregate if we got rid of the “corruptocrats in DC?” Of course not. There is something much deeper at play.

          • [Replying to LineInTheSand…]

            But TomA’s instincts are correct.

            Again, I urge y’all to read this essay which Ang1in linked to the other day:


            I don’t know whether that essay is real, or a psy-op, but it would certainly be a psy-op which I would endorse wholeheartedly.

            The tldr is to TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS.

            And both TomA’s instincts & LineInTheSand’s instincts are telling them that powerful forces are aligning to destroy them.

            And if that’s what your instincts are telling you, then PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR INSTINCTS AND PREPARE ACCORDINGLY.

            PS: I can guaran-damn-tee you that various aspects of your mid-brain [especially your Amygdala] are wired with a genetic memory of what it feels like to be on the receiving end of a blood feud, and these instinctual tremors are surely that wiring awakening from its slumber & scrubbing off the rust & re-soldering the old connections & replacing any failed capacitors or diodes or whatever & getting the machinery of blood-feud-ry up and running again.

          • TomA:

            “The corruptocrats in DC are actively pushing us into national bankruptcy, economic collapse, and civil war.”

            It sure seems what you say is true, Tom but, the thing that puzzles me is the motive part. Cui bono? I can’t see where anyone benefits? Hate? Revenge? Insanity?

  4. I never see a white person getting a nose job to look Juice

    But see lots of Juice getting nose jobs to look like white, claims to be God’s chosen notwithstanding

    So what does that really say?

    And speaking now of blacks, I find it improbable that God would make people the color of manure if he had high hopes for them. Or that evolutionary nature would would work in such a way that the ones who come out the color of shit would reign supreme over nature’s dominion. I just can’t see it. Rather, it seems if you wanted to leave no doubt in ones mind as to who is the lower of the breeds you’d make them the color of shit. I’m not being facetious. It sounds harsh and crude, but it’s something that deserves serious contemplation.

    And so what does that really say? When blacks go around saying they’re the best, whites are inferior, while their women straighten their hair to look white, can they really believe it?

    Purely from an objective 100 mile view point, from the eyes of a visiting ET, if he had to bet he’d say if anyone is the chosen ones here it’s THOSE guys as he points at whitey

    I think much of the anti white hatred comes from everyone pretty much knowing that whites are better, even if they don’t ever say it or are loathe to admit it, and it’s infuriating that we play these stupid games that “we are all equal”. It’s like the guy who buys a corvette and drives it 35 mph in the fast lane clogging up traffic. It just sets people off.

    • The crux of all our problems is the war against the obvious fact of white superiority. This fact infuriates the hyper-egalitarians, so they are doing everything in their considerable power to not only obscure racial reality, but to alter it. For the longest time they attempted to elevate blacks to white levels. That effort failed spectacularly. So now they’re trying another approach–lower whites to the level of blacks by imposing black “culture” upon us, and by stealing our culture and history (when not condemning it) and redistributing it to PoC.

      • The latest plan seems to be working out quite well for the hyer-egaliatian and PoC

      • Wonder if there was ever a band called The Egalitarians. How would they dress?

        Even the people who buy into it have to know it’s a loser

        But peer pressure and media brainwashing work apparently

      • This is the reason I think The Magic Negro and his boy toy always have a scowl on their face.

        Adored by Good Whites-check

        And at the end of the day, they’re just another couple of n*****s, and it galls the living shit out of them.

    • Agree to an extent. When a white person is firing on all cylinders, yes. But there are lots of white people who don’t demonstrate superiority.

      As I mentioned yesterday, there are tons of obese white people, tattooed white people, white drug addicts, and generally unkempt whites. We need better role models and education for sure.

      As God’s chosen people, we have alot of potential but also a long way to fall. I don’t really talk about “superiority” much. Like, who cares. It opens the door to many IQ arguments (we need Chinese because they have a superior IQ)…

      I just want to live in a country comprised of my people, and works towards building a future for my children.

      • That’s one way to look at it.

        Another way is that most black guys would see a fat tattooed toothless white chick as a chance to improve their lineage. Knowing that there is some good stuff in there even though the current expression of the gene code is a wreck.

        And if that fat tattooed girl has a cute nose that a juice lady would pay her a pound of gold for it

        Whites right now are not half of what they used to be, this is true, but relative to all else they are still top of the class. Doesn’t say a lot for the species, and Mother Nature wouldn’t be too happy if a Martian came down asking to see her best work and this all she had for him.

      • Every race, including whites, has its losers. That does nothing to confute the reality of white superiority. And while Ashkenazim and East Asians are a bit smarter than us on average, no race has the complete package of brains, creativity, industriousness, morality, character, athleticism and physical beauty that whites do. And it’s the entire suite, not just raw intellectual ability, that matters.

        • Yeah but my point is that’s a mouthful. Superiority also implies a moral argument.

          I don’t care. I’m not going to waste my time arguing whether or not whites are superior in inferior with an anti white bigot or alien.

          I want to live in a country for my own people, with my own people. End of discussion.

          • I want the exact same thing. But that has nothing to do with the reality of white superiority, which is driving the war against us.

        • Ostei, you hit it right on the nose. Exactly. It’s the whole package that counts, and whites have got it all. No on else on planet earth does. Everybody knows this.

          When I embraced egalitarianism for most of my adult life, I seriously underestimated the role envy, resentment, and hatred play in the human heart. I now believe these have more impact on human affairs than IQ, raw talent, and other inherited benefits do.

      • You talk alot of shit about White people. That makes you untrustworthy, you understand, yes? Lend a helping hand, put yourself in their shoes. Go to prison , motherfucker, you’ll start liking Whitey right quick.

        • I’m not talking shit at all.

          I’m just saying that my main goal is a homogenous state for my people, regardless of our positive or negative attributes, or how we compare to other races. We could be dumber than Africans and I would still want to live among my own kind.

          There are lots of white trash out there; people on the left side of the IQ curve. They’ve been sold out by the evil governments. We need to take care of them.

    • Whites are dying out despite having every possible advantage in life.

      If I was an alien observer I’d think the White race is the weakest link.

      • We have the great misfortune of living in the white nadir. Our people will rebound, alas, probably after we are gone.

    • Ha ha


      This was my equivalent of a fart in church. As grandma used to say, but it’s better out than in !

  5. I think that the Jewish blood feud on Nazis issues from their status as a “small minority.” To maintain your identity and protect yourself as a small minority you have to be ruthless in protecting other members of the tribe. A crime against one is a crime against all.

    Obviously, Jews have done a pretty good job of teaching this notion to America’s blacks.

    • Says a lot about juice that when left to their own devices they naturally ally themselves with blacks. Out of all the people to find a connection with that’s who they connect with as their soul mates.

      That’s who they ended up at the dance with.

      Yeah, that’s not a dance I’m ever going to

  6. The moderation algorithms are working over time on this one lol

    The machine is starting to smoke

    I’m batting 3 for 6 so far

  7. “Jews believe they are victims that can never be compensated for the crimes against them perpetrated by the Europeans in the last century….. Civilized people understand that you must close the books on the past, in order to avoid reliving them. The present is always a story of the past, but it cannot be a nightmare from which we never awake. Disputes are settled and they become a part of the story of a people and that people’s relationship to other people, as part of the blood peace. When one or both sides cannot accept that blood peace, accept the blood of the other as a sacrifice, the result is more blood.”

    The same is true of Blacks, of course: they refuse to accept that the “racist” past is over, and that the present is radically different.

    At first it seemed somewhat puzzling that the better conditions get for them, the angrier and more resentful and demanding they seem to become. Rationally, it hardly makes sense; surely some gratitude is in order, even if they believe there’s still more improvement to be made.

    But plug into the equation the realization that it’s NEVER going to be enough—that no matter what White folks do, and now matter how long they persist in apologizing and groveling and thinking up more ways to privilege Blacks in order to make up for the past— when you realize that Blacks are NEVER going to be satisfied— then things start to make sense.

    And the Jews having had so much practice at it, makes them the perfect mentors for perpetually-dissatisfied Blacks’ constantly pointing back to the past as the ‘reason’ for their present difficulties.

    The past will never go away; so Blacks will always have slavery as their excuse for all the bad things they do. A perpetual ‘get out of jail free’ and ‘don’t blame me’ card!

    • There’s the old expression, the recipient of charity resents the giver

      I think of that when I think of blacks, and add in the feelings of inferiority, and you get what General Milley might call “black rage”

      And no one should ever kid himself. It’s foolish to think that it doesn’t cross a black person’s mind that white people look at him and see he’s the same color as their turds. Being around whites makes them always having to be conscious of that. Just adds more fuel to the fire

    • It’s not that they refuse to accept the racist past is over. Their minds just don’t work like that. They have no concept of past or future. This has been documented in Africa.

      They are constantly being propagandized against whitey by the usual suspects. To them, Emmet Till really was killed today. They have a different concept of time and existence than Europeans.

      • Yeah they don’t have a concept of the past or future but they do feel bad joojoo in the air. I found it interesting with a black friend some years back how much the “vibe” plays into his thinking. He called it something else but can’t remember. But it’s mostly about spirits and energy.

        And they do have appreciation for a type of folklore.

        So what I gather is that bad things that happen to them are because of dark energy, and it’s been given a creation myth with whitey as the being that did something bad to cause the dark energy to escape

        What was that jack nicholson line? When asked how does his novelist character understand women so well? Something like I think like a man and then remove all reason. I’m probably missing something. But the question is, how does a black person think? Imagine your own superstitious nature turned up to 11 and remove all reason.

  8. The blood peace: American Indians, both North and South America.
    The blood feud: Africans and Muslims, continuing today.

  9. We had a couple of blood feuds in my company years back. One involved player A’s grandfather having dishonored player B’s grandmother back in the old country. The guys were evenly matched and it was one hell of a fistfight. Our owner terminated them both. One went to the EEOC and when EEOC Mookie tried to moderate the issue they told him to butt out and went at it again. Fun to watch.

  10. There are very few actual National Socialists today that aren’t weirdo spergs. That being said there are lots of intelligent and motivated whites today who WILL become actual National Socialists because jews don’t know how to shut the F up. They are shoving this anti-white, gay propoganda down our throats and real nazis are bound to show up.

  11. I’ll stake out the cringe WN position. Germany did not murder j3w$ in camps. The Germans wanted a racial divorce from the j3w$ and that is all.

    The best circumstantial evidence for this is that before the war the N@z1s helped Jews immigrate to Palestine. Further, you don’t delouse and provide healthcare for people that you intend to murder.

    I am convinced that the Germans killed lots of j3w$ in Operation Barbarossa because they didn’t have the resources to build camps and they saw the j3w$ as their implacable opponents. This is hardly unusual in the history of warfare. Something like Dresden or Hiroshima, for example.

    • They built camps to conceal the effort from the public. Going town to town and shooting each and every Jew was a spectacle, man power drain, and bothersome—even though in Russia, widely applauded. Camps allowed extermination with the benefit of economy of scale. While the populous rejected in horror, like shootings in the town square, they had little revulsion watching trains being loaded for the “deportation” of Jews to resettlement camps. Out of sight, out of mind.

      • With respect to Compsi, these are 1980s era arguments. There is *no* evidence of mass graves around the camps, beyond those who died of disease, because the camps couldn’t get their food and supplies.

        No one who is informed makes these arguments anymore. Point to the bodies. No one can.

        • It’s telling that when the BBC made their 1960′-70’s first mega-documentary of WWII there were no death camps.
          The next edition fixed that.

  12. I look forward to Tribe members being put on trial and executed for the genocide in Palestine.

    • And I to the trials of American murderers of Vietnamese, Koreans, Iraqi’s. Panamanians, Somali’s, Nicaraguan’s , Libyans, Yemeni’s, Syrians etc etc.

      • Look forward to “the trials of American murderers of Vietnamese, Koreans, Iraqi’s. Panamanians, Somali’s, Nicaraguan’s , Libyans, Yemeni’s, Syrians etc.”?

        Sure, if we’re trying generals, political appointees, lobbyists and such. But most of the trigger-pullers were and are young White men who were trying to do the right thing (serving their country, etc.) but were misled.

        So putting our people on trial? Fuck that.

  13. The stories about the Holocaust horrors sound more like what they plan for us than what supposedly happened

    Normie con thinks that if it were him and his people living in Palestine, the Juice would be his best friends

    We are seeing juice behavior in real time. We don’t have to speculate all that hard. Look at at these crazy juice people in power and on tv etc. look how they treat people. I’m not convinced they’re above rounding up a bunch of whites and gassing them. Wouldn’t be surprised if Epstein island had torture chambers.

  14. “Civilized people understand that you must close the books on the past, in order to avoid reliving them.” – The prerequisite for this is the concept of forgiveness. Those of us who come from the Christian tradition, even if non-practicing, or even atheist, tend to overlook this glaring omission from (((their))) thought process, because our own thought process is marinated in New Testament theology. If you tore the New Testament out of the bible, and handed it back to someone, and said, here’s your theology, this person would act and behave exactly how (((they’re))) behaving. This is why God had pity on us and through his son had to fix the bad coding in the Old Testament so his software would work, the software being Civilization. Sure, civilization existed pre-Christ, with all kinds of elaborate cultures and cities, but in practice, all of these civilizations, polytheistic or not, had this coding error. In fact, there’s another religion that surrounds Israel, with this very error. This is why Israel will be destroyed not at the hands of Europeans but Arabs. Not before they hang their own leaders for collaboration with (((that tribe))). This future is practically written in the stars because both (((they))) and their neighbors, are theologically incapable of drawing that thick black line under the past and moving on. The ability to do that was a gift from Jesus Christ himself, and is present even when an atheist says “let’s bury the hatchet.” The ability of Europeans to rise from the freezing mud of their continent was wholly dependent on this concept, and why, throughout the ages, throughout works of art like “The Merchant of Venice” have been taught the dangers of (((that tribe))). At least this was taught until about 1960.

    • Beautifully said. I would argue that we had great civilizations in the Greeks and Romans. It was however, Christ’s teaching that added compassion, forgiveness and gentleness to those societies.

      The Corpus Cristi is the sum of the devout Christian faith and is the new Israel. I just wish someone would tell my Protestant brothers that they needn’t fellate the Tribe in the geographical Israel. Our ‘greatest ally’ is nothing but thorn in our side and are the damned.

      For all the faults of the Catholic Church, their pleasantries with the Tribe are pretty much lip service for non-Catholic consumption. They still remember what they are dealing with.

      • I recently visited Plymouth and saw the Pilgrim Monument. It is very interesting that under “Law” stand “Justice” and “Mercy.” What a concept.

      • “we had great civilizations in the Greeks and Romans. It was however, Christ’s teaching that added compassion, forgiveness and gentleness to those societies.”

        Excellent, just a perfect rejoinder. BTP has also pointed out the urge towards fairness, justice, and sovereignty in the white societies north of the Greco-Romans.

        Earlier iterations of that merciful spirit within, such as the Etruscans, were crushed by cruelty; that cruelty, in turn, had to be broken if we were to get anywhere.

    • Looking back it’s hard to believe I had to read Huckleberry Finn and Merchant of Venice in school. 8th and 9th grades no less. Based school board!

    • Magnificent. That’s why this atheist calls the god of Mercy ‘the Christ’. Outstanding.

      The original theme of the OT was blood feud- that the Semitic male (Adam) would dominate the Aryan female (Eve), taking back what was ‘stolen’ from him. The desert savages, awed by the high science of the megalithic invaders, sought to become them, but have only delivered a tawdry caricature of what they themselves cannot create. They can make a slave soviet, as they’re doing in the West now, but they cannot create a high civilization from nothing as only the whites can.

      The historical Jesus, son of the Roman (Aryan) male Tiberius over the Semitic female Mary Herod, was a complete reversal of their genetic Kwisatz Hadderach.
      That a god of Mercy was superior to their god of Vengeance drove them out of their minds with thoughts of revenge. This is a spiritual war as well as one of bodies, narratives, and poisons.

      Note that the Zman’s theme covers all of the hind-brained cultures. Well done, Zman, and Wirth. The whites express that spirit within them, the god of Mercy, fulfilling Creation’s design to break through the chrysalis and create the seeding layer, the Heaven.

  15. These are show-trials put on by states who would dishonorably discharge after imprisoning any soldier who refused an order in times of peace and unceremoniously shoot any soldier who refused an order in times of war. They had 2 choices. Do what they were told or be shot. EVERY SINGLE ONE of these prosecutors would have chose “do what I am told” for that is what they are doing now.

    These are malicious prosecutors who long ago turned the law into a weapon. The law is no better than big tech’s TOS, which are nothing more than a weapon to use against anyone failing to support The Narrative.

  16. This anecdote isn’t actually about blood feuds at all. What it really concerns is modern man’s obsession with record-keeping and increasing ability to keep more exhaustive records. The result is that legions of unemployable parasite attorneys receive an income for combing and analyzing the records, you might call them “doom historians”. The nature of some of the penalties for current crimes demonstrate this. The same thing occupies cops that sift through the files of unsolved cases in the search for “closure”. Punishment and retribution are paramount in neo-Puritan society.

    The centenarian gulag guard can’t be the same man today as he was in 1944, just as none of you are the same person as you were only ten years ago. But it’s important to find such people and punish them. The Germans were also obsessive about record keeping so there are plenty of files for them to examine.
    It’s in the nature of the managerial state to apply numbers to all human activity and record those numbers. The fact that they can be used for what is basically nonsense, or even evil, is immaterial.
    Denigrating tribal or “primitive” society for its methods of resolving conflicts based on oral exchanges and memory doesn’t appear commensurate with the corporate state’s much more effective ability to record issues and then respond in ways the primitives couldn’t have dreamed of.

    • In some sense, giving sentences of a thousand years seems outrageous and I am tempted to agree with you. But then I remember all these left-wing judges and parole boards and I find myself supporting thousand year sentences. That way, if the guy is ever released, we can talk about how he only served 5% of his sentence, even if it was 50 years. Or ‘life plus a day’ means life without the possibility of parole, at least in some states.

      Lest we forget, let me bring up Kevin Cooper. This man put an axe into the heads of 3 children, plus 2 adults after breaking out of prison in PA, then getting arrested and imprisoned in California and breaking out of that prison. The Mudshark-in-chief , Kim Kardashian has taken up his case in an effort to get him released along a bunch of other celebrities.

      They are trying to pin it on some random white guys despite a MOUNTAIN of physical evidence against Cooper who steadfastly says “I dindu nuffin!”.

      Prisons are not full of good men who are misunderstood or who make a mistake. They are full of psychos and we don’t put them there for any frivolous non-reason or because racism, we put them there to protect ourselves, our women and our children from them. (most of these leftist activists ignore the fact that most of the blacks in our prisons committed their crime in a black city, arrested by black cops, convicted by at least partially black juries and sentenced by black judges)
      Granted, executing people like Cooper is a far better idea than keeping him alive at enormous tax payer expense, but as long as that is more or less off the table, 1000 years or ‘life and a day’ are the next best thing.

      • Another for instance- what Mexico needs, is a death sentence. Otherwise the gangbangers have all the kids, due to women’s primal instincts, and the society ends up being run by gangbangers.

        Whites hung enough of the bad seeds that the Christ could come out, despite the continuing grip of the wicked.

  17. There’s actually a great Law & Order SUV episode this reminds me of. No, wait, I have a point here really. It has to do with NYC’s COMPSTAT meetings and they’re chasing a burglar who’s tied by DNA evidence to 3 unsolved capital-R incidents. The women can’t agree on helping the hero cops & copette because one (of the vics) is a Quaker and has reconciled with the perp. Ticking-clock courtroom scenarios and confrontations with unhelpful “public” ensue. I won’t spoil the ending but it’s a pretty great mordant/downer ironic climax of the Dick Wolf style guide.

  18. The primary blood feud in AINO is between blacks and whites. But only one side is feuding. In that scenario, there can be no blood peace, but only genocide.

    • Whites don’t see blacks as a worthy adversary, that’s always been the problem and the root of white inaction if not passivity

      What do whites get for showing the world they can beat a bunch of violent impulsive dimwits? There is absolutely zero glory in it.

      In South Africa, whites have to be outnumbered 100 to 1 to make it a challenge for them, and even there they seem sluggish and barely motivated.

      Getting whites to see blacks as a true threat is not easy, and so here we are stuck in the mud with them

      • Somebody on this board once said that criticizing negroes is tantamount to criticizing the mentally handicapped, i.e. it is poor form, and therefore you just don’t do it. I think there is some truth to that.

        But we had better wake up. Blacks alone would have a difficult time besting a society of great apes, but when supported by a significant cadre of Judeo-Puritans, they are a genuine threat.

    • Ostei: “The primary blood feud in AINO is between blacks and whites.”

      No. On their own, blacks couldn’t organize a picnic, much less a civil rights campaign.

      Blacks are a club that the j3w$ beat us with. And this is the primary blood feud.

      • Agreed. Blacks in their natural state in Uganda or Congo are extremely primitive… And happy.

        They don’t really care what’s going on, they just fuck, eat, and sing/dance.

        However their simple mindedness also makes it very easy for them to be agitated against whites, by the usual suspects.

      • I do not agree. Blacks have a separate axe to grind. Granted, the Finkels have played an outsized role in inflaming and enabling black hatred of YT, but the hatred would exist and cause problems even without the presence of Finkels.

        • Agreed. Living alongside us has caused envy and fuels their real resentment.

          They can’t be bothered to care about their fellow blacks that are murdered wholesale by their own daily… do you really think they can extrapolate that to pity for long dead slave ancestors?

          The slavery/segregation scheme is simply a canard they know works on white guilt.

          They serve as the Tribe’s bludgeon, and in return the Tribe funds them, organizes them, and perpetuates thier grievance through endlessly beating the slave/segregation media porn.

          The only time the Tribe can stop baking the attention-whoring holocaust bread is when they throw a few crumbs to poor Amos.

        • AJ has recently talked about corporations stealing black identity so they can’t be criticized.

          There was also the article in Haaretz re: the renewed black-jewish alliance in the GA runoffs.

          Then I think about the civil rights movement and I wonder if there wasn’t always a blackface element to the cultural revolution.

      • Of course, the blood feud between goodwhites and badwhites must be acknowledged as well.

        My guess is that when our enemies no longer control the media and academia then this blood feud will decrease, but will not disappear.

        There is a strain of Puritan utopianism status signaling that is a real problem. However, in my estimation, it is not our biggest problem. In summary, we have more than one problem.

  19. No one’s denying the Nazis committed crimes against the Jews, Poles and Gypsies, but there were no gas chambers, and there was no “Final Solution.” The Soviets were the ones who built the “death chambers” and refused to let anyone investigate the camps for years after the fact. Every camp liberated by the Western Allies was found to be merely a work camp. The main killers were broken supply lines, overpopulation, and disease.

    I actually went to Auschwitz personally, and stories like the one you posted are the desired result of the people running this scam. It was driven home to us multiple times by our tour guide that many of the camp guards never saw justice despite their horrific acts.

      • That little guy was part of an exchange which included MacArthur’s nephew. Reading through the article I got the feeling they were just looking for warm bodies of German descent. The guy did go on to become a light colonel of the Air Force. Maybe it was some form of repayment? The US has a particular form of shittiness during war. Forced exchanges of American-German children during WW2, leaving PoWs behind for the Russians in Vietnam (the ones they didn’t want were to be exchanged by the Vietnamese gov’t afterward for war reparations and when that didn’t happen they were executed), hell, during the Cold War 2/3 the civil wars in Africa were fueled by CIA shenanigans.

    • We know Auschwitz was a horrible place. Wiltold Pilecki reported on it at the time from inside the camp. You can say the holocaust is full of myths and exaggerations without defending the actions of the Nazis.

      • All those swimming pools and orchestras in those German concentration camps were horrible.

        The only reason that the German concentration camps were worse than the ones in our country is because Germany was losing a total war.

          • Yes, Juice skulls were arranged by size and used as a xylophone to play Lord of the Valkyries

            Sarah Silverman told me

          • Look it up

            Also who would build a gas chamber with a wooden door, seems like a bad choice of material, and what kind of fool would hang the door so it opens into the room, I mean the people you intend to gas to death will all try to escape, so how do you open the door to remove the bodies

            The Germans are a practical people, they would never make such an obvious mistake


            Have a read of that, an Italian crematorium couldn’t deal with the slight rise in death due to Covid, now Italy is a modern country, in a time of peace, so they have no fuel shortage to deal with, But even still they could cope with a few extra bodies, it takes quite some time to burn just one human body, how the hell did the Nazis burn millions in the time frame we are expected to believe, while at the same time all kind of fuel was in short supply, look up pictures of the crematorium at Auschwitz, its doesn’t add up IMO

            The holocaust doesn’t stand up to any kind of scientific scrutiny, in the end the truth is always in the numbers

        • That maternity ward was the worst. 3000 babies born in Auschwitz, they must’ve all gotten little baby tatoos right away from those smiling Nazi nurses as their happy moms looked on.

          And Mengele! A wounded combat nurse who actually… took notes! In a notebook!!

      • My grandpa took pictures of Germans digging mass graves with piles of emaciated bodies in the background, so I’ll never doubt bad things happened. The official story, especially the numbers? Definitely up for debate.

        • The largest football stadiums hold around 100,000

          I’ve been in one. That’s a lot of people. When the people start filing out the lines can go for miles.

          Now I’m thinking of 6 million people or 60 filled stadiums Every Sunday the NFL there are only 16 stadiums in use

          And trying to imagine how many people it would take to bury them all and how long it would take

          Meanwhile you are at war

          Why for me the 6 mil claim doesn’t seem legitimate

        • Are you sure those weren’t pictures of german prisoners of war in our camps who werent “POWs,” and died by the hundreds of thousands whilst in the tender hands of Ike, burying their comrades killed by disease and starvation after surrender to the Allies? War is hell, before, during, and after.

          • Uh, yeah, you can be sure. They simply look different from one another. A broken, even severely emaciated soldier will still have his issued uniform, whereas a work camp Jew will look even more emaciated and wearing prison garb.

          • That’s the thing. It was in Germany so it’s possible they were German political prisoners.

            He wrote on the back that it was a liberated SS operation and the Americans were forcing the locals to dig the graves. At any rate, the people were badly starved before they died.

        • He took those pictures in Germany, not Poland. You know, where Baruch and Morganthau directed the Allied bombing of supply trains to the civilian labor / transit camps?

          All to get a picture for the cameramen. That’s the depth of depravity we’really dealing with. How white society was ever able to rise above such blood feud is a testament to what is in us, and what it takes to overcome the dark Prince of this world.

          • Yes, he did. I don’t know if it was during the war on the way to Grimma or after VE day. I’ll have to ask.

            He wasn’t press. Just a GI snapping photos to document what he saw.

          • Propaganda is hardly new, and is especially useful in wartime. A picture may be worth a thousand words. So a lying photo may be as effective as the best-written persuasive essay in the paper.

            Probably the first war to be well photographed (and propagandized) was America’s Civil War. Matthew Brady left many famous photos. Many of these were “staged,” so I’ve read. The battlefields and the bodies were real enough all right. But when your photo technology of the day is a complex, unwieldy camera, with long exposure times, and expensive in labor, time and money terms, you’ll make an extra effort to set up a memorable scene before you photograph it. He literally had to bring his processing shop on the wagon with him. Details of the chemical process, I think. More convenient plates and film were still well in the future.

    • Even if what is alleged here is true, that doesn’t relieve them of moral culpability. They were in the care, custody and control of the NS state who set up the conditions that caused the rapid spread of disease and widespread famine. Despite being unable to sufficiently run the camps to prevent these things, they did not simply let them go which they could have done at any time and eventually did do.

      Of course, no matter what happens, absolutely nothing justifies going after enlisted men after the fact who had no choice in the matter, let alone 75 years later.

      • We can’t keep infected border jumpers in such squalor. We should load them onto planes in McCallan, TX and fly them to every Hesitant Red city whenever we need an “outbreak”.

        We could offer them money and free passage in an American Havara program, like the Baddest German Racist did when he actually fulfilled Balfour’s promises. Yet nobody wanted to leave, despite their claims- then, or now.

        Perhaps the Poles didn’t want them either. I wonder if the 2.7 million Vad Yashems who went on to Russia got the Union treatment given to the Irish-that is, if they were the unarmed troops swelling the ranks of Stalin’s massing western divisions.

        • They weren’t failing to enforce the law, they were capturing and imprisoning these people. It would be like today if a prison in the US was deliberately holding people against their will (under the threat of death if they try to leave) in conditions known to cause diseases or failing to feed the prisoners. Hell, the courts in America will not even allow too many people per square foot in a prison without ordering the state to release the prisoners.

        • I think I might have misread your comment. If I did, sorry about that. The edit button disappears after a while.

          • No, no, the confusion is mine! You are too kind. The Allies, after ‘liberating’ said camps, kept the inmates locked up in quarantine for another 14 months; they were too lice and disease ridden to be released into the vulnerable nearby towns.

  20. The Poles are giving that old lady the business to virtue signal lest they become another target for reparations, Germany’s husk having been sucked dry.

    The debts have been paid. A lost generation of Germany’s best and bravest. Dresden, The rapes of ages 8-80 and other atrocities as the Communists marched west.

    The anti-semites need to change tack away from either denial or detail based debunking. The answer is ‘It happened 80 years ago on another continent. Everyone involved was dead. 6 or 20 gorillion. ​I don’t care.’

    Yes it’s a racket, with churches and monuments all over the world to keep reminding us, and holidays based on multi millenia old slights where they killed the children of their enemies.

    • The answer is ‘It happened 80 years ago on another continent. Everyone involved was dead. 6 or 20 gorillion. ​I don’t care.’

      Absolutely correct.

      • Caring has nothing to do with absolute numbers. 6M or 1M. Jew or political prisoners—or even gypsies or gays. The German people were thought to be “better than that”, and so are we. Lesson to be learned is we—human beings—are not so far out of the jungle so to speak. Demonize, marginalize, destroy. Pages from an old playbook. We’d best learn, or we (Whites) will be the new Jews of the 21st century.

    • It did not involve my people in any way shape or form, so I don’t care. Whatever happened east of Berlin is not important to me.
      Of course, the USGov involvement with the “disarmed combatants” and the 1.2 million dead germans in the allies’ concentration camps 1945-54 is a problem for us.

  21. At the risk of making a generational observation, talking about this stuff with my parents often gets uncomfortable. They have the peculiar attitude of their cohort about the holocaust and civil rights.

    I point out that I grew up in a different time. I had Rodney King and Goldman Sachs, so my attitude is, of course, different.

    It seems strange to me how they fear blacks and Jews. I can grasp that the fear comes from the fact that they were essentially taught to worship them, but it’s still very foreign.

    That fear persists, and I think it’s one of the main reasons we’re still circling the drain. It’s extremely frustrating to be beyond all that and yet still affected by it.

    I think that’s why collapse is inevitable. That attitude was so ingrained in society that I don’t think it’ll pass without clearing the deck. The Great Reset won’t work how tptb planned it.

    • In my experience, normie whites hold back bad thoughts about juice out of superstition. As if they harbor I’ll feelings toward them they won’t make money. The juice are like this idol that if it feels your positive vibe and glow then good things happen to your pocketbook. Many go as far as praising it.

      Similar with blacks but the dynamic there is if they feel good things about blacks they will be safe from them

      Needless to say, primitive forces in play

      • Fox’s “Family Guy” TV series took the occasional poke at the Tribe. I doubt they’d air such an edgy show today. One hysterically funny episode was “When You Wish Upon a Weinstein.” I don’t see a full episode, but here’s a “trailer,” one of the theme songs:

  22. “Civilized people understand that you must close the books on the past, in order to avoid reliving them. Disputes are settled and they become a part of the story of a people and that people’s relationship to other people, as part of the blood peace.”

    J*uws will never stop what they’re doing so I don’t get what’s the purpose of saying all of this.

    J*daism always was an anti european death cult, the tribe won’t abandon it so the blood feud will go on till everything goes to shit.

  23. You often talk about how excruciating it is to hear people who know nothing about a subject talk about it, especially when it’s a subject you know well. Plenty of things I know nothing about (notice I rarely post a comment here when the subject is economic theory). German history is one thing I know pretty well, which is why this whole “Weimarica” meme seems purpose-built to grate my nerves. The truth is that Nazism was a system of organic German terror that arose as a reaction to the inorganic system of terror that was communism. I’m not sure if the letters of communists like Liebknecht and Luxemburg are available in English, but if you read them, what stands out is how much they hated Germany and Germans. Luxemburg’s prison letters are especially splenetic about these beer-swilling, war loving uncultured, les Bosche. Notice that those who love “the workers” always hate craftsmen and love factories, and only complain about how farmers’ current techniques are hurting Gaia. It’s because they hate the people whose lives they claim they want to improve. And I have no doubt that if the Nazis hadn’t emerged to counter communism, that the result would have been as much bloodshed and misery as Europe got anyway, maybe even worse.

    • You cannot understand Nazism if you do not understand that it was a reaction to Marxism. This is NEVER mentioned in MSM or history class. The line is “and then one day the Germans woke up and went totally crazy and bloodthirsty.” Nazism was evil but it didn’t come out of a vacuum.

      • Let’s not forget unrealistic reparations via the versi treaty. I was reading a book last weekend addressing this exact topic. It took one billion, and eventually one trillion Deutschmarks to buy one American dollar. I read that line over several times, and still can’t wrap my head around that. This sort of thing might be on the horizon for us at some point.

        • The French paid back more money in absolute terms and as a percentage of their wealth in the indemnity to Prussia after the France-Prussian war. It’s a myth that reparations broke Germany.

          The Belgians who first proposed the idea stated that they were inspired by the precedent established by the Germans in 1871.

          • I don’t know what exactly the effect of war reparations was on Germany, I do know that the treaty they signed did not accept common Reich Marks. Yearly payments were to be made in *Gold* Reich Marks. I assume those were not subject to internal inflationary pressures.

      • Good point. There was a deliberate dismantling of behavioral standards in interwar Germany by the Jewish-led marxists that led to child prostitutes on the streets of Berlin. We are in well into a similar dismantling. ex: attempted normalization of taxpayer funded tranny story hour, happening in a city near me

        stable families -> stable communities -> stable country
        That’s why marxists who want to destroy a country attack the stability of families within it first.

        There is no peaceful coexistence with these people inside the same polity. Multiculturalism has never worked anywhere, is not working, and will never work. Separate countries for separate peoples (or adequate local self-rule for similar peoples within a federation) is the only way to build a lasting peace.

  24. This incident is a morality play more than anything else. “I defeated the Not-Sees of WW2” virtue-signaling badges are getting hard to come by. Poor old man is likely facing a thousand prosecutors, each one fantasizing himself a camp liberator.

    • To be fair, this chap is most probably the poster boy for what many whites here will eventually be, if we play our hand unwisely. Grist for the show trial mill.

      I can’t blame the yids for hammering the point home again and again and again. This is what tribal loyalty looks like. But, I’d sure as hell appreciate it if when I say “I don’t give two hoots about the holocaust”, they’d say “Fair play.”. Of course, this doesn’t happen.

      Best look out for our own, and even then only the ones we trust deeply. It is immensely liberating when one says “I just don’t care.”.

      I was going to ask what happens when all the people who could have even been alive at the time the Nazis did the Bad Thing, are dead? They’ll be uncovering new Nazis to be sure.

      • Oh, they’ll still be finding Nazis a hundred years from now. Just like they’re still finding slave-owners.

        They’ll lie to themselves if that’s the price of keeping the racket going.

      • That’s really what it’s all about. Joe Biden threatening to drone Americans. The DC political prisoners. The 100 year old Nazis on trial.

        It’s about intimidating anybody who might be having the wrong ideas. Am I scared? Hell no, I’m not some atheist degenerate. We’re heading to the labour camps whether we are GoodWhites or BadWhites. Might as well fight back.

      • They’ll be uncovering new Nazis to be sure.

        Just like they’ll be uncovering new Hollycaust survivors.

        See, the trauma is inheritable, and just because you’re a third generation survivor, doesn’t mean you’re not a survivor.

      • Same thing that’s happening when all the Holocaust survivors are dead, next generation survivors, delta survivors, gamma survivors.on and on. The loan shark never wants you to fully pay him back. So their going to have to come up with a never ending supply of Leibstandarte as well. Guess who that’s going to be? Said the blue eyed American.

    • Now descendants are actually using epigenetics to label themselves as “second/third generation survivors of the Holocaust.”

      They’ll never let it go.

          • I actually had a great-great-aunt who would get us kids out of the house by saying her mother buried the silver out in the woods when Sherman (spit!) came through, and if we found it we could keep it.
            But yes, if we are playing Skins vs Shirts, then I want my piece for the attempted genocide of Reconstruction. No lol, no joke. If these are the rules, then I have Just Cause until NYC and Tel Aviv burn like Atlanta did, and then get taken over by Stacy Abrams and her crew. I won’t be Reconstructed, and I don’t care a damn.

  25. Interestingly, I was with a J girl recently (just chatting). She’s from the rich Jewish area in town. But she quickly brought up that it’s not the real rich area. The real rich area is over there, and they have to live over here because they didn’t want J’s.

    Now, whether they were ever banned from this Anglo neighborhood is questionable. So is whether or not the J neighborhood is less wealthy than the supposedly Anglo neighborhood.

    Regardless, it’s completely irrelevant, given that the neighborhood is at least 80 years old. The idea that there’s still the mean Anglos looking to exclude J’s is also a joke (most are either mixed with other ethnicities now, or lost their Anglo identity). But nonetheless these rich J’s are still victims to mean white gentiles. They are far more resentful towards whites than just about any other minority, including indians.

    They seem normal at first but at the drop of the hat their vitriol will spew forth. “Chutzpah” I guess. The normie white is more meek and isn’t expecting this display of anger, which usually leads to acquiescence. I can usually recognize them though, and if you just ignore it and continue doing/saying what you want, there’s not much they can do.

    • It is plausible there are some rich enclaves — don’t have to be white; could definitely include a subcons — who don’t want Js around owing to of their impressions of Js’ behavior. Sheldon Whitehouse (D, R.I.) membership in an old style Waspy club in Newport was funny bc you think he enjoyed it mischievously just for being such a time-warp. But most people like $$$ better than they like excluding rich non-co-ethnics. Also, women of any race or tribe love asserting their own oppressedness, in all places at all times, for the status.

  26. “This is not a new story. He is being charged because of the long running blood feud between Jews and Europeans over the events of the war. Jews believe they are victims that can never be compensated for the crimes against them perpetrated by the Europeans in the last century… These sort of witch hunts are uncivilized and antithetical to the traditions of the modern world, but they persist because Jews have tremendous amount of influence”

    I’m curious – how do you feel about Roman Polanski, Zman? Would you classify an extradition attempt by the USA as a “witch hunt’? Do you think that he should escape punishment for his horrible crime simply because he’s an old man? Would a guy like Soros get a free pass from you simply because he’s elderly? Crimes like rape, treason, or murder don’t simply disappear when the perpetrators reach retirement age.

    • Roman Polanski wasn’t drafted by the state to rape a child.

      Comparing a person barely out of their teens who joins their nation’s military to a man who intentionally drugged, raped and sodomised a 13 year old girl is truly Sophist rhetoric.

      I guess with you in charge, I should look forward to being dragged in front of a future council to be judged for my participation in Operation Enduring Freedom. Didn’t really have a choice at 19 or 20 but hey, at least prison will be a guaranteed retirement plan when I’m 80 or so.

      Seriously, the comparison is not valid or logical. Searching through history, a similar action such as the Nuremberg trials cannot be found. It was merely who the winners decided to make examples of. War is hell. Welcome to the party.

      • We are not talking about a simple soldier who fought against other soldiers but somebody who killed large number of civilians.

        • Do you suspect 100 year-old Heinz’s situation to be different to that of Polanski?

          Could it be that the agency of both involved was totally different? Could it be that 100 year-old Matthias was either scared/forced/coerced to do these things? Do we even know that 100 year-old Friedrich did indeed do anything, save being ’employed’ by the government? How could 100 year-old Dieter have wriggled out of his responsibility? My goodness! The weight of such a decision! What goes through a man’s mind?

          Now look at Polanski. Was he under anywhere the same pressure? Probably not. Like most in his game he was likely a perverted deviant, and acted with intention. Could the same be said for 100 year-old Wilhelm? It is possible that he did, I suppose. But who knows? The further down the chain, the hazier the details; and before you know it: BANG! 2021 Hate Crime charge.

          One would have thought they would have stopped with Adolf ‘Train Timetable’ Eichmann; but how foolish one would have been! Guilty or not, I know a show trial and accusation when I see one. And this is most certainly it.

    • Inapposite.

      Polanski had already pleaded guilty.

      Polanski was 44 when he fled.

      The subject centenarian has not been convicted. Plus, there is no evidence that he is a (((creep))).

  27. Zman, you’ve suddenly become a rationalist after making the case, in so many previous posts, that we are irrational creatures often consumed with trivial matters and even going to war over them — unless the slaughter of millions is a trivial matter. So yes, if I murder your wife and rape your daughter and the statute of limitations has run, let bygones be bygones, shall we?

    A just Lord and a reasonable populace is a lovely dream. Let’s tell it to the identitiarians who lust for revenge for past injustices, real or imagined, and hear no more about fantasies of anti-white “pogroms.”

    • Cities burned last summer because whiteness, but forget about all of that. Let’s wait until whites are lined up to get upset.

      ‘Social Justice’ is revenge. It’s nothing new. The flight from the cities and now the burbs, the open border, the corruption of entertainment and education— hell, even biracial babies— have been the ‘just’, ‘reasonable’, peacemaking responses to it.

      Revenge is the wrong (and self-defeating) way to look at it. Self defense, self preservation, etc., is more like it.

    • “So yes, if I murder your wife and rape your daughter and the statute of limitations has run, let bygones be bygones, shall we?”

      This example is of one person directly harming another person. The connection is obvious and is entirely different from the example of the essay. In that example, nothing has been clearly established.

      I believe that is called a “red herring”.

    • I don’t know of a single white identitarian who “lusts for revenge”. We simply want to enjoy the fruits of the civilization our ancestors created, live peacefully amongst our own kind, not be looted for the temporary benefit of hostile tribes, and, yes, cease the ongoing anti-white pogrom. I’m actually taken aback that an enemy shill would come here and deny the latter.

    • Why don’t they start by proving that this man PERSONALLY killed or tortured someone. Not that someone in another barracks or room or whatever from where he was working, did.

      The irony is that the old Western Allied leaders like Churchill, Patton and such, would be disgusted by this. They thought they fought the war for INDIVIDUAL responsibility. Fools them. But to modern SJWs, to them collective justice makes perfect sense. I have a sad premonition that this sensibility about individual justice is something we won’t be able to afford to fret about in the future. Sometimes to defeat the enemy, you have to become him. Hopefully only temporarily.

  28. Connecting dots.

    We have been highly affluent for a very long time now and, as such, have grown critically weaker (both mentally & physically) as a result of the easy life. This has led to serious DNA pollution & concomitant societal dysfunction which is now manifesting as extreme anxiety. People just know innately that things are getting very bad, very quickly and everything our government is doing makes it worse. As in a tit-for-tat blood feud, the anxiety is in knowing that retaliation is coming; but who, what, where, when, & how are unknowns. And it’s hard to live a normal life under those circumstances. The Karen phenomenon is a symptom of this rising anxiety, as is this post’s example of a vengeful geriatric prosecution.

    The solution to this problem is to bring back natural fitness selection and begin culling once again. It’s a bit like weeding a garden. You don’t take a flamethrower to the whole crop. You focus on each weed one by one. And if you’re not part of the solution; then by default, you’re part of the problem.

  29. They can’t close the books on the blood feud BC the past gives them ammo for ever-ongoing agitation. Perpetual children, they continue their ongoing temper tantrums about “fairness”, “equity”, or “racism”.

  30. > The Wergild, in Germanic law, was the compensation paid by a person committing an offense to the injured party. If the victim was killed, then it was the value of his life. In other cultures, the concept of “blood money” was not uncommon, as a way to adjudicate disputes between clans.

    Even in the Celtic tribes, arguably the most barbaric of Europe, they had Brehen law that allowed compensation between families to remedy someone for killing a clan member that often did not involve death, as long as one’s relatives didn’t think you were such a jerk that they didn’t care if you died.

    Savages from brutal environments thousands of years ago would take some animals, property, and labor and consider it restitution for their brother being murdered, but Jews hunt to get revenge on a harmless old man who may have harmed his grandfather.

    The problem with basing your identity on victimhood is that acceptable restitution is never possible, as you will lose who you are in the process. Tragically, because the Holocaust is the new Jewish religion, vengeance is now the only means for them to think themselves holy.

    • I saw a speech on TV many years ago by one Elliot Abrams, who was, back in the 80s I think, the neocon’s neocon. His speech wasn’t really about Neo-connery, But it was rather about the future of Judaism. One of his major points was that since modern Jews were mostly non-religious, something had to fill that void, he suggested, and I forget what exact term he used, that ‘Holocaust devotion ’ served for many, many Jews. He did not view this as a positive, I guess much in the same way our host points out that American blacks define themselves entirely in relation to whites. A negative identity.

      • Paul Gottfried has made similar arguments. Norman Podhoretz covered similar turf in his book, Why Are Jews Liberals? The phenomena is not all that different from what happened with WASP elites. They embraced Progressivism as their religion.

      • That’s an interesting contention that would seem to be supported by the numerous Holocaust museums throughout the Western world that serve as temples for this, ‘faith.’

        • I’ve always thought that was an interesting phenomenon. How many 9/11 memorials are there in Europe? Why do we need so many memorials to a European event in the US? It wasn’t our fault.

      • When the name Elliot Abrams pops up, I recall that Woodstock scene.
        “Elliot from Harvard, the hitchhikers you picked up need the pills they left in your car.”
        Then I wonder if they had roofies in the 1960s.

  31. The persistence and prominence of the blood feud, often under other guises and names, in modern civilization reminds me of the insightful comments in Tainter’s, Collapse of Complex Societies. Reversion to simpler systems of societal recompense is one of the signs of collapse. We are well down that road.

  32. These cases are disgusting, no question. I have a comment on who is doing the persecution of a centenarian: I don’t think it is ‘Jews’ in the direct sense here although some fellow commentators are going to be thinking ‘ahh he’s always soft on ze Joos’. The thing is, Germany does not exist anymore. Since the war, it has been probably the leading anti-national state in Europe. This has gone completely off the rails since the end of the Cold War. This anti-national poison is incredibly destructive and few things are more infuriating than when Germans try to use their history against others. Examples are Germans warning Danes that they must not close their borders ‘because as Germans we really know where that leads’, telling Indians that their government is ‘like something that happened in our country’ for not submitting to Islamic terrorism or helpfully informing Americans that a certain real estate mogul is ‘just like you-know-who.’

    I like German culture, heck I’m of partial German heritage. But like their close kin the Swedes, Germans find it very difficult to do something in moderation. If we are going to be nationalists, hell, break out the tanks, let’s go to Moscow. If we’re going to be anti-nationalists, let’s just turn Europe into a giant cesspool. This case reminds me of that. Germany is über-woke über alles. We can always discuss if Jews or Frankfurters or postmodernists or someone else, seeded the rot. But the suicidal rot is WITHIN white people now, however it got there. We have to confront that.

    • Moran – I too am of German heritage & have always felt the allies went too far post-1945 crushing the Prussian spirit out of the German character. Somehow the Prussian tradition became tainted with Hitler when in fact the Prussians – the Junker class- was against him from the start & tried to kill him (von Stauffenberg).

      It’s almost like the Allies were embarrassed by how good the Germans were as a warrior caste. Renowned Military Historian & Author Max Hastings even opined on it in the pre-Bezos WP:

      • Was always repulsed by how Spielberg portrayed Nazi soldiers in Saving Private Ryan. My grandfather went to his grave espousing what excellent soldiers the Germans were.

        The sad truth is Americans have always been very effective propagandists, as they have had to convince several competing tribes on a shared vision throughout its history, but their record as soldiers has been mixed at best. The only good soldiers seem to come from the South, and their effectiveness seems to dramatically decrease as they get diluted into the general military pool.

        • I have never seen a WW2 movie where the Germans do not make idiotic mistakes standing in the open in front of an Allied machine gun. Inadvertently this kind of cheapens what the Allied armies had to overcome. If you fought a lion, you wouldn’t appreciate if someone later claimed it was actually old, raggedy and toothless. You’d want them to know you fought a F-ing lion!

          • Moran –

            Check out Sam Peckinpah’s incomparable “Cross of Iron” (1977). It’s adapted from the Willi Heinrich novel “The Willing Flesh” about his experiences fighting on the Eastern Front. For a movie it gets things pretty spot on – few minor things – but the battle scenes are terrific & – IMHO – the best use of tanks on film ever! Real Russian T-34/85’s.

            It’s on Amazon Prime. Met two of the cast: James Coburn (“Sgt Steiner”) & David Warner (“Capt Kiesel”). Wonderful down-to-earth guys. No airs.

            Spent an evening with Coburn drinking Bourbon & rating the chicks as they came thru the door @ L’Ermitage BH rooftop bar. One. Kool. Kat.

            Check it out. Orson Wells thought it the greatest war film of all time.

          • Andrei Martyanov has a book called Losing Military Supremacy and in it he argues that US forces were the least competent of the Allied powers, and most of the reason for the victories was because they got to take on worn-out axis powers with a bunch fresh well-trained troops. I don’t know how to evaluate this claim, but it does seem plausible, which means that the portrayal of under-trained German troops may not be entirely made up.

          • Boarwild, will definitely do that. Thanks for the ref and story about Coburn. Sounds like a really good time with him!

        • Chet –

          Yes but remember Spielberg is a Jew so you already know how any German soldier is going to be portrayed: always a Nazi skinhead even though – to be historically accurate- German soldiers did not wear their hair that way.

          • Moran – it was a blast! We were there the whole night. All of us pretty thoroughly boiled. He would just sit there, sipping Bourbon wearing that shit-eating grin of his, smoking a cigar held in a rheumatoid arthritis-wracked hand, acting like he had not a care in the world!

            His Manager – guy named Hilly Elkins – managed Coburn & Steve McQueen their entire careers. Elkins was a hell of a nice guy too. Old school ;<)

        • I remember the story how the Americans were going to blow up the Ponte Vecchio in florence and the nazis somehow intervened and had to stop them

          The point was always that the American soldiers were just a bunch of hayseed dumbasses with no culture and the Nazis the more refined

          It’s embarrassing but there is an old nazi training camp in the beachside area of Pisa. It’s called Pisa Marina. Anyway the camp was taken over by America and to this day remains an American camp. It’s full of American jogger soldiers. Totally embarrassing. When I’m there I feel like a total pos for having to explain how these are “my fellow Americans “

          Nazis had way more class compared to this shit that America allows into its ranks

          • Hmm, funny quote, that. America did not integrate its armed forces until after WW II, in 1948. Whatever flaws we had before that date, was not due to mixed Negroes and Whites (they were “Negroes” way back then.) Even in an “integrated” military, specialties requiring more smarts of course had proportionally fewer joggers and, in my experience, even though most were competent, a few bricks got through somehow.

      • I knew a German girl one time who told me she thought it was Germany’s responsibility to take in the various Arab refugees from the Middle East because of Germany’s guilt as a warmongering nation.

        What made sense to me is that the Germans have somehow managed to weaponize that same martial spirit and turned it back upon themselves.

        Hitler’s revenge….

        • The saddest part of this testimony is that this girl will most probably still feel exactly the same way, when Ramjeet, Ahmed, Maqbul and Tariq are copping a feel of her outside Cologne train station.

      • The irony is that Prussian culture was in many ways the opposite of the origins of Nazism, within a German cultural context. Almost all the leading Nazis were either from Bavaria or Austria or they were Catholics. Prussian culture was Protestant and a lot closer related to English culture, but without the humor and sarcasm.

        And yes they were extremely good warriors. My theory on why is very different from Max Hastings’ and others’ take that they were just more disciplined. An American infantry squad in WW2 had a machine gun but it was intended to be in support of the rifle-men, i.e. subservient to them. In a German infantry squad, the rifle-men were ammo carriers, guards and otherwise in support of the MG. And we know that crew-served weapons kill more effectively in war, for psychological reasons. I think that is why the Wehrmacht had favorable casualty exchange rates against all the Allies, although especially w the Russians.

        • Prussian culture was Protestant and a lot closer related to English culture, but without the humor and sarcasm.

          Also, Prussian culture was stringently class based and very snobbish, while Nazism was egalitarian and meritocratic – within the Volk, of course.

          • A little aristocracy never hurt anyone mein Freund. 🙂 Mob rule by hysterical retards is getting so very boring. Just substituting one mob for another seems less than optimal.

          • I am all for monarchy, but nobles are cancer.

            The only thing they’re good for is inhabiting historical manor houses so they are kept safe from tourists.

        • Between Moran, Boar wild, and Junior, this is getting damned interesting. Let’stand hear more about the Germans for once!

          • Good lord- sorry, new tablet don’t know how to spell, it keeps tacking on crap. How do I turn this autocorrect demon off?!

      • Uh, it’s crystal clear that the Allies went wat too far with the punitive Treaty of Versailles after World War ONE.

        Hitler gleefully accepted the French WW2 surrender in a specific railcar in Paris for reasons.

  33. The blood feud and the price to be paid……it’s the gift that keeps on giving. Just last eve, saw yet another commercial from an Hebrew/Christian org. using pictures of elderly women purported to be starving, to beg Christians for money. The hook tag line from the head honcho Yael Eckstein [as if it needs to be stated] is, “….many of these elderly are victims of the Holocaust.” Without malice or rancor, sane people need to ask themselves, just how many victims of the Holocaust can possibly remain? Watching this clip, it would appear their number is legion. Paraphrasing another Hebrew, Let it go people, let it go.

    • Last month the NY Post ran an article about a holocaust survivor who had been the victim of some crime. It gave her age as 75. . .VE day was more than 76 years ago.

    • I have to say, it’s the weirdest feud I’ve ever been in. I’ve never enemies shoot each other over things I haven’t done to them.

  34. I thought the opening passage of this post was going to relate directly to the “feud” between the cloud people and dirt people.

    I’m surprised that no one in the families of the elderly that were killed by Cuomo,(and make no mistake, they were killed), have tried to take matters, in terms of retribution, into their own hands.

    The courts will certainly provide no relief.

    Things that make you go hhmmm.

    • “I’m surprised that no one in the families of the elderly that were killed by Cuomo,(and make no mistake, they were killed), have tried to take matters, in terms of retribution, into their own hands.”

      It is this right here, and so many more examples just like it (and worse), that keep me black-pilled about our future.

    • I think the example of Governor Whitmer and her scissor sisters Benson and Nessel in Michigan is even sadder.

      I’d argue that, over the last 18 months, the Mitten has proven itself to be the most cucked state in the Union by a country mile.

      Wait…make that several country miles.

  35. The blood feud is as old as mankind. Older, perhaps. Living non-human primates (e.g. the chimps) routinely attack and kill members of other “tribes.” They don’t need a reason; it’s part of their nature. So it is, I suspect, a part of man’s. Civilization and all its benefits, to include custom, laws and morality, are at best a thin veneer over the beast underneath.

    We live in a late stage government, perhaps in a slow-motion (for now) state of collapse. The old rules are gradually being dismantled, stripped away, or simply being ignored. To take one frequent topic here: from a certain point of view, “institutional racism” does in fact exist. This country was founded and adapted to White European standards. The Negro and perhaps other races were never expected to abide by those standards. Given the many revelations of anthropology, psychology and other research of the past century (much of it now banned, or at least forbidden, at least if an academic wants to keep his job) many of these differences are deeply ingrained, cultural and perhaps genetic. There is no realistic way that the Black, on average, can live by White standards. It’s just impossible. The solution of the Left, for over a century, has been to water down the standards, to excuse bad behavior, essentially to dissolve the old laws. Far from “helping” the downtrodden, they will have the ultimate effect of making things worse for everyone. Let Blacks live by Black standards, in their own homelands or nations. Let everyone else do the same in theirs. Mixing these will produce nothing but grief for all concerned.

    • To reinforce your thoughts, just look at Chicago for an example of blacks utterly failing at “civilization”.
      Black mayor
      Black ASA
      Black police Chief
      Black County President
      The only honkey in Cook county government is a black wannabe, Sheriff Dart.

      They have run the city into the ground.

      The gold coast is boarded up.

      Hi end retailers; bye bye

      Why does anyone think they can successfully build or run things?

  36. Dear Z, as a Jew, I do not understand what white nationalists gain by denying the holocaust

    As for actual Nazis, they ought to be celebrating it

    What I can understand though, is that you are sick and tired of of Jews stuffing the holocaust story down your throats

    It’s interesting to note, it’s mostly the liberal unaffiliated Jews who are obsessed with the holocaust

    Ultra Orthodox Jews hardly talk about it nearly as much

    • Not being a white nationalist, I cannot speak for their view on the holocaust. My read is that many like to joke about holocaust denial, as a form of double irony, but otherwise I don’t know enough to have an opinion.

      As for Nazis, they no longer exist, so who cares?

      Otherwise, the holocaust has become a racket, for sure. But, it is a dangerous racket, so it cannot be ignored. The books need to be closed and this nonsense has to end.

      • Even if the holocaust is forgotten, there’s still the little matter of WASPs not letting jews into their ritzy golf clubs in the 1950s. So our entire civilization still has to die.

        • 2500 years later, they still lust revenge on Iran. Purim is a yearly full moon ritual dedicated to killing Iranians. Based on the fairy tale of Esther, they gather in covens, dress up in costumes and act out mock hangings.

    • I certainly don’t deny the holocaust but this story is not about denying it. In dragging a 100 yr old man, or 95 yr old woman, who flew a typewriter during the war, into court for having worked at a camp, with no evidence that they bashed in heads with a schovel or tortured anyone with a whip, there is exactly the same kind of pitiless ideological fanaticism that fueled the holocaust in the first place. There comes a point where we must put the old ghosts to rest and the slavery debate in the US, where there are EXACTLY ZERO people who ever were or owned slaves, proves that this is not about ‘justice’, it’s a racket.

    • There are two strains to the holocaust denial argument.

      One is “The Nazis didn’t kill anybody and if they did then you Jews deserved it.”

      The other is “A lot of people died but let’s look into the mechanics of what happened and see what results.”

      The first is denial but the second is standard historical revisionism. Laws being put in place across the West to punish any and all historical inquiry is wrong and lends further credence to the first argument above. I’m not sufficient a historian to opine on David Irving but I don’t agree with him being thrown in jail for what he writes or speaks.

      Either way, as Zman says, this war is eighty years in our past and the relevance of National Socialism to our daily existence is nil. Jewish interests would be better served by starting the walk back but I wouldn’t bet that’s what happens.

      • That’s the thing. As long as they can wring some juice out of it, they will keep squeezing the holocaust lemon.

      • Yes, well said. I’ve been trying to make a related comment but can’t word it very well. The Jews with their Holocaust, or the Afro-Americans with their legacy of slavery, are both examples of peoples alive today seeking to, as it were, cash in the chips for real or perceived injustices in the past, sometimes the very distant past. At least you can still, barely, find some who may actually have been in a camp, but even a baby born in Dachau on V-E day will be dead in another few decades. The argument for Slavery is even weaker.

        In a “real” blood feud, it’s an ongoing low-intensity war. There will be real casualties in living memory, even if the original start of the feud is already hazy or even forgotten.

        But with these money-makers, Holocaust or Slavery, that’s not the case. As time goes by, there is no one alive that could possibly have been a living aggressor or victim. It’s a tall order to make a rational argument to “compensate” people for wrongs they never suffered, nor to “punish” people alive today for the sins of their long-dead ancestors. These arguments have already been discussed elsewhere in today’s thread.

        Ah! Now I recall what I wanted to add, that I think hasn’t been mentioned. That is simply that at some point, the professional “victims” will wear out their welcome, piss off their hosts, find they’ve used up whatever goodwill their erstwhile “oppressors” may have had. At some point, the old shtick no longer works. The goyim no longer fall for it.

        After that, what happens? The best solution would indeed be let bygones be bygones, maybe not forget the past, but try to stop its ghost to fund a present lifestyle at someone else’s expense. Realistically this might only peaceful separation into separate countries.

        But a less pleasant outcome is possible too. That portion of the population that hitherto had been the provider of the compensation may finally decide they’ve had enough. They might indeed turn vicious. To paraphrase Nietzsche, take care that in fighting others, you don’t force them to turn into the very monsters you claimed them to be.

      • You forgot the third.

        There is no evidence and never has been to refute the Red Cross’s initial assessment of 2-300,000 dead in the labor camps. Primarily of starvation in the last few months of the war.

    • It’s been brought up before, and I know Z and others think that this is a fight worth forgetting, but it’s hard to take even an informal political alliance with Jews seriously when they compare everything that happens to a blood libel against whites.

      Even if Jews went the way of Ron Unz saying something along the lines of “yeah the official story line has some issues, but we should all be able to agree that WW2 was an event full of barbarous acts, blah blah” it’d be enough to get a lot of people (Jews and not) to push it out into the past. But it’s always there, in our face, the tea-bagging victory lap of humiliation that will not end.

    • It’s simple really Jews hate Europeans and want us all dead. Jews perpetuate the holahoax at every opportunity to blood libel whites and we are sick of it. I deny the holahoax not because I actually believe It didn’t happen but because it bothers jews so much. I will always promote that which hurts or bothers my sworn enemies.

      • I always have said wrt the holo whatever it is

        I have met lots of Germans

        I have met lots of juice

        I never met a German who seemed like the type of person who would do such horrible things, but i have met countless juice who would exaggerate and lie and use over the top rhetoric and hyperbole to guilt or shame others to get their way and make a buck

        So, really, who do we want to believe? If we had to rely on someone’s account of what happened, which side is more trustworthy?

      • The card shark knows misdirection to be an important part of a winning game. Normie, overwhelmed with Holycause shame, or guilt, or empathy, or annoyance, is suitably occupied while his group is being displaced or replaced. It is understood that Jews are and have been victims for at least 2,000 years and we know that victims cannot be vicimizers.

    • I think that you answered your question with your third paragraph. Whites bring up the holocaust narrative because it’s shoved down our throats from birth – along with slavery – as a moral justification for anti-white policies and to break us down mentally.

      (There’s also the fact that the narrative – as told – has more holes in it than a block of Swiss cheese. The reality was quite nasty but lacks making Germans and, by extension, all whites uniquely evil.)

      If Jews didn’t bring it up, we wouldn’t either. But they won’t because it’s a remarkably effective cudgel to pull out whenever needed.

      But they would be wise to remember that people don’t like to be tricked and manipulated. It tends to get them a tad angry.

      As to “actual Nazis,” well, if you think that they still exist or have existed beyond a few fruitcakes since 1945, you probably need some medication.

    • They just don’t believe it happened as per the official narrative, I suspect that they might be right, the whole thing looks like war time propaganda to me, the same people who wanted to cut the German population by half after the war invented the holocaust

      • Wartime propaganda might be excusable during a war. But that particular war ended over 75 years ago. When three generations later, we are still being fed wartime propaganda, something is very broken that needs to be fixed.

    • Give us a good reason to believe your version of events

      Being serious

      Do you think that white people, generally speaking, have a high degree of trust in what your folk tell them? I am talking your typical average everyday white person.

      We can all believe what we want to believe, but the experience whites have with your folk tells them, yeah, they’re probably making a lot of it up or exaggerating the hell out of it. They don’t want to say it out loud but they think it.

      I think why this is is just because of the over the top rhetoric people hear all the time, We don’t have to go back in time. We can see it today. Like something trivial can happen, a boy steps on an ant, but an (((attorney))) will come out saying how it was a grotesquerie and unconscionable and an act of terror blah blah blah. The hyperbole and the over the top rhetoric are things we see everyday.

      Yeah, not the,kind of people one can count on for a sober, objective analysis and account of past events.

      Just the way it is and something your people will always have to live with

    • If you listen to the TRS guys, the reason they harp on the holocaust, is they see it as the founding myth of White guilt and Jewish victimhood. No holocaust, the premises of both views are proven false. Refuting basic premises is is the strongest refutation possible, so they seek it out, even if it’s unnecessary. They also have these arguments like “the holocaust is socially cosntructed”, essentially that Nazi war crimes against Jews weren’t separated out from the general crimes against Poles etc., Nuremberg excepted, until the 60s, and they use this as a roundabout way to show that the apparent lack of interest proves there were no gas chambers, Jews were just another foreign group that suffered like everyone else in the East.

      Someone else here also pointed to the view that all gas chambers were only in Soviet conquered territories, placing doubt on their veracity, I haven’t really looked into that but haven’t seen it refuted either. There used to be this great blog that argued for the existence of the holocaust, and went through a whole bunch of arguments and invited revisionists to comment, but like so many things it’s impossible to find on the modern web. It may still be up, but it’s equally possible it got taken down.

      • You might be thinking about the “Holocaust Controversies” blog, it’s still up and running.

        I think the problem with the TRS-strategy (which is the same as the strategy of the best holocaust deniers) is that it implicitly accepts the moral premise: if the holocaust was perpetrated, then White guilt is justified. This is the fundamental problem with this debate. The prosperity and mental health of White Americans and White people all around the world should not be the function of empirical history.

    • as a Jew

      Nobody cares

      I do not understand what white nationalists gain by denying the holocaust

      The truth?

      • And the secondary gain is the removal of the so carefully cultivated “special victim status” that Jews have so often used as a weapon against White People, their interests and their institutions.

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