The Real Pandemic

It is very difficult to assess what is happening in a revolutionary moment, because things seem to change so quickly. Looking back, the French Revolution is easier to understand, because we know how it ended. We can look at the events in the context of Napoleon or the Terror. The same is true of the Bolshevik Revolution, that came to a similar end. In fact, putting the two together makes it possible to understand things about both that the people at the time could never know.

This is a useful thing to keep in mind in this age, as the radicals push the revolution forward, for reasons they don’t comprehend. Legacy conservatives will keep trying to jam these events into the obsolete world view, blaming things on the lust for power or a desire to take your money. Others will blame it on nefarious actors like George Soros, because that is the easy thing to do. Blaming a a single bad actor or groups of actors makes things simple for the simple-minded.

In reality, in revolutionary times, men are like people swept up in a great flood, carried along by the forces of nature. They look for things to hang onto in order to escape being swept away, like their own ideological mindset. The revolutionaries are no different in this regard but they convince themselves they are the ones driving the river, when all they have done is unleash the floodgates. They are as much a victim of their own zealous lunacy as the people they oppose.

An example is this story about the city of Charlotte. The city is passing a nondiscrimination ordinance that will protect “gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation and natural hairstyles.” Since all of those things are meaningless word salad, they have, in effect, banned everything and nothing. The term “natural hairstyles” is a cult-Marx term for black women with afros, but otherwise the rest of it just means whatever the mentally ill can conjure next.

The people behind this stuff know that these words and therefore the law is nonsense, but they also know that is the point. They have been trained up in the latest cult-Marx dogma which says they must subvert expectations and undermine the prevailing cultural orthodoxies. They may or may now know what any of that means, but they know enough to know chaos is the order of the day. These terms are all moral signifiers, justifying an all-out assault on cultural norms.

Again, the usual suspects will try to assign specific rational explanations for why they are trying to sow chaos, but that sort of reductionism misses the point. The chaos is the point of all this, as the goal is to smash the cultural orthodoxy. Essential to Nth wave Marxism is the belief that culture is what prevents the natural rise of socialism, so if you destroy the culture, a new socialist order will arise. More important, a new socialist man will rise from the wreckage of white supremacist society.

Like original Marxism, this is nonsense. It is worse than nonsense, in that it is an esoteric religion that flatters the believer by replacing their reality with the promise of special insight. Once you come to believe that wrecking the present order will usher in the great revolution of mankind, you are now in a special club of people who have found the answer to the great question. The irrationality of it is the draw. It appeals to that natural need to believe that is a key trait of man.

What we are living through is a revolution pushed along by people who are sure they are creating conditions for the great liberation. The details of that great liberation and how it will come into existence are just assumed. This was always the appeal of the original Marxism. It provided a childish vison of a glorious future, onto which the believer could project his fantasy vision of the future. Then it supplied a story of history that claimed the glorious future was an historical inevitability.

This the core of Cultural Marxism. Because of the demographic changes in the West, it has been repackaged along racial lines. Instead of destroying bourgeoise culture they are set on destroying white culture. This has obvious appeal to people who came to the West for the free stuff but find that the cost of that free stuff is the abandonment of their old ways. For blacks, of course, it means they get to taste the vengeance that has been promised to them since the last century.

In the lab, this stuff sounds appealing, but when you go around smashing the culture, there is no guarantee what will happen next. The culture tends to restrain the worst passions of the people who produced it. Once those restraints are gone, those passions are released to mix with the passion of the zealots who did the smashing. Imagine an Antifa rally without police protection. All of a sudden, the people who defunded the police discover a truth hidden in their revolutionary furor.

This is why making sense of the revolution is only worthwhile as a way to get a glimpse of what comes next. History shows that the people driving these events are like the coronavirus of the present moment. All efforts to mitigate it result in a mutation that gets around the mitigation. All you can do is prepare for what comes after it has done its worst to the host population. Then maybe you can have a chance to rebuild with an eye on preventing any future outbreaks of this pestilence.

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262 thoughts on “The Real Pandemic

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  2. This “real pandemic” you’re referring to is ONLY a half-truth… thus significantly misleading.

    The fact that a bunch of evil people rule consecutively is only ONE part of the equation. The true but “culturally and politically forbidden” reality is more encompassing. Read “The 2 Married Pink Elephants In The Historical Room –The  Holocaustal Covid-19 Coronavirus Madness: A Sociological Perspective  & Historical Assessment Of The Covid “Phenomenon”” by Rolf Hefti at www dot  CovidTruthBeKnown  dot com

    Without a proper understanding, and full acknowledgment, of the true problem and reality, no real constructive change is possible.

  3. “Imagine an Antifa rally without police protection.”

    It’s not the police protection that prevents non-Antifa from serving up the counter-violence that Antifa deserves, it’s the fact that only the non-Antifa will be hunted down and prosecuted – police presence or not.

  4. ***Imagine an Antifa rally without police protection.***

    The problem is

    I literally can’t imagine that. Seems a phantasm.

  5. So now you’re on the Mad Max train with me? If you are then why does it matter who does or does not wear the NAZI costume anymore, other than they will be the target of the mob? It’s all going to come down because it must come down for the next cycle to begin.

    • 19 Republicans including the senate GOP leader voted for this “infra-structure” bill. Still believe voting matters?

      Hang on to your wallets. They are creating an economic crisis in order to steal your money. The greatest transfer of wealth in history?

      What happens when the debt reaches $30 trillion and interest rates climb to 5%?

  6. Whew! Am I grateful for today’s Z-post.
    Listening to MSNBC last night and today, these maddened hornets are coming for us, and coming in hard and hot, with murder in their eyes.

  7. Speaking of fake pandemics, why are the kids getting sick?

    Close contact with their ‘vaccinated’ parents. That wasn’t so last year.

    • My knowledge of Covid is perhaps a 2 on scale of 1 to 10 — I don’t claim to know much other than what I read. But I am pretty good at reading stuff and picking out a fact or factoid that resonates and sticks to me and probably has a lot of merit.

      The ADE thing seems to have a lot of merit. If true, the vaccinated are breeding grounds for the worst mutations.

      I suppose we will know soon enough what’s really going on. If the vaccinated parents are indeed the problem, oh boy. Buckle up time.

  8. Yes to all of this, but now there are two main pathways forward as we approach the fork in the road.

    One of these is the age-old mass slaughter, incarceration, detention, or exile mode of restoring order by acts of sheer destruction. The other is the rise of the antibodies and its curative bolt-from-the-blue. The latter is a highly selective purge of disease cells that attacks the crazy at its core.

    And this is where emergent behavior becomes our savior. Emergent behavior will drive the rise of the antibodies and also the exodus of the disease cells.

    Be an antibody and did not cease until the last disease cell is driven from the homeland. It can be no other way.

    • Heh. Just found this over at Kunstler’s-

      “What a missed opportunity the Obama Maskless Ball was. Over 400 sociopaths, capitalist greedheads and their tame politicians , Malignant Overlords, and degenerate Scions. gathered in one spot at the same time. Talk about a ripe target. If only Dick Cheney were still in a position to send all NORAD interceptors to Alaska for maneuvers as he did just before 911—-. Oh, right—- Cheney would been at the Ball himself as a representative of Halliburton.”
      Thors Hammer

      • Remember that the people in that giant tent declared your daughter’s 6th birthday party illegal.

  9. “It is very difficult to assess what is happening in a revolutionary moment, because things seem to change so quickly.”

    It may be frequent in the dissident right, but it’s amazing how mainstream and establishment conservatives avoid saying “revolution” to describe what is happening. Revolution is the obvious correct term, but Woke Central Command has determined (for now) that it is not permitted.

    If it’s a negative for them, it should be a positive for us. Thanks, Z-man, for your effort to inject it into the cultural bloodstream.

  10. To say billionaires have no input in our current state of affairs is rather silly. Look Soros who has been bankrolling DA’s and judges across the country, who then use their positions to create mayhem by letting criminals run rampant and protecting groups like BLM and Antifa These cretins have turned Los Angeles and San Fran into hell holes. Maybe that’s a joke to the thought leaders of the DR but for those of us who have to live with these lunatics it’s no picnic.
    s a

    Zuckeryberg throwing hundreds of millions into rigging elections across the country and succeeding.

    Money matters, a lot. It buys access and politicians and legislation. If money was not important broke ass groups like Vdare and AR would be influencers instead of irrelevant

    • Rwc, you are missing the forest for the trees. Soros is not sitting in his volcano lair, directing each, every, and all of our enemies. There are hundreds of Soros-es, some connected, some complete strangers to eachother. Some antifa militias have “soros money” ( some of which actually comes from a Soros front), most do not. Some congresscritters are probably involved with some Hastert-like child molestation adventures, some dont, some want to see perversion spread, some just want to burn it down, some wanna skim the hog trough. There is a huge variety amongst the diverse revolutionary horde. Ascribing command and control and cohesive organization to the enemy is not reality, and proceeding as though it were a “snake with a head” will lead us down the wrong path. Which isnt to say there are no snakes, just that the enemy is only a singular snake in the metaphorical Edonic sense.

      • (Woops. I up voted ya, Rebel, and withdraw it.
        I agree with Rwc as to targeted antibodies, I’ve been a fan of his for years. Those who identify the flaws are called diagnostians, essential to the human process of “new idea- identify flaws – productive period – wrap up curation”, which occurs in every course of group action.)

        • Let me expand on that 4 stage process.

          Beginning, ‘excitement’-
          “Let’s go to Disneyland!”
          “Let’s get married!”

          “Do we have enough gas?”
          “Can we afford kids?”

          Productive long period-
          *a weekend at Disneyland*
          *raises kids*

          “That was great, wasn’t it!” *keeps the Mickey ears*
          “Those were good years, weren’t they! *keeps photo album*,
          as new project begins… “SeaWorld!” “Grandkids!”

          I offer this as antidote to the Revolution, that somewhere the tunnel ends.

      • If a Big Tuna is held to account, it will send shock waves throughout the hive and the impact will not be trivial. There is no bigger bang for the buck.

        • If a Big Tuna is held to account

          Serious question here: When was the last time any “Big Tuna” were held to account?

          Julius & Ethel Rosenberg, in 1953?

          Only the very oldest Boomers here chez Z might have any memory of that.

          Now if you’re at all in touch with your instincts & your intuition, then your curiosity simply has to be forcing you to wonder to yourself, “Why don’t we prosecute Big Tuna anymoar?”

          And if you paid any attention whatsoever to the behavior of the Justice Department & the Deep State from 2016 onward, then the only possible conclusion you can draw is that the Justice Department & the Deep State are subsidiaries of Big Tuna.

          Arguably Big Tuna has owned everything since the Warren Commission and its coverup of Big Tuna’s assassination of JFK, in 1963/64.

          So we’re about six decades into Big Tuna’s ownership of this nation.

          • Sorry for being blunt in this response, but you are whining that no one else is solving the big bad problem of a lack of accountability. Whining accomplishes nothing. You too can become an antibody if you so choose and be more than just a spectator heckling from the sidelines.

          • My friend sold Girl Scout cookies to tony accardo back in the day. He loved her and he is one of the few major heavies who never did any time.

      • How much of Soros’ writings have you read? I am guessing zero beyond covers. The reason I say that is because the first time I read The Alchemy of Finance I knew exactly what he was explaining before I finished and why he titled the book as he did.

        Think of what Soros is doing as you would a Vanguard or Russell (Gates Foundation) index investor. Soros is pushing a macro trend and CRT, mortgage crisis, tech bubbles, crypto, peak oil, carbon credits, Ukraine, pedo, human trafficking, LGBTQ, BLM, Antifa, etc. etc. are all individual investments of his.

        It is all in that book, The Alchemy of Finance, and when you understand he came at finance from wanting to be a philosopher and to test his sociology theories, as he says in no uncertain terms, it ALL makes perfect sense.

        It is 100% conspiracy, but it is chaotic (Quantum Fund) like stock performance. The Open Society portfolio of social investments is working exactly as he envisioned.

        • If someone is about to murder you, do you really care about their morality, ethics, or motivation? Head games are a luxury of our affluent age, and if you actually found yourself face-to-face with a killer, you might discover that thoughts alone are a poor substitute for action.

    • The inside-out of this is what I tell people too though, ergo: if Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos didn’t want Seattle to be descending into a dystopian hell-hole do you think it would still be happening? Local Oligarchs in places like Portland and San Francisco are either indifferent or actually like what their cities are turning into.

      • The inside-out of this is what I tell people too though, ergo: if Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos didn’t want Seattle to be descending into a dystopian hell-hole do you think it would still be happening? Local Oligarchs in places like Portland and San Francisco are either indifferent or actually like what their cities are turning into.

        The technical definition of a psychopath is that he feels no empathy for other people [especially for other people who are somehow suffering].

        But this technical definition of a psychopath doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s evil; it simply means that he doesn’t care.

        You don’t get evil until you throw something like sadism into the mix; then you get a psychopath who takes glee [& experiences licentious/lascivious thrills] at the thought of inflicting suffering upon other human beings.

        It’s entirely possible that these psychopaths adopt a very utilitarian approach, in which they view Dystopia as being much easier to control & dominate [& destroy, if necessary] than would be a properly functioning classical Christian nation & culture & civilization.

        So leaving out any possible Sadism involved here, from a purely utilitarian point of view, can you imagine how much moar difficult their psychopathic lives would be if we Heritage Amerikkkanz were properly organized, and had some ackshual influence in affairs of state?

        Of course that’s precisely why Donald Trump had to be destroyed.

      • When I met Jeff and Mackenzie in late 2015, they said they were looking at moving to Colorado, fwiw.

        Jeff is an Aspen Institute asset, so I wasn’t surprised.

    • Ben “Tranny” Shapiro is simply trying to transition from Little Tuna to Big Tuna.

  11. do you find the key distinguishing difference between leftism then and leftism now is that it has a strange cult-like feel to it. The left of the past didn’t engage in the sort of weird doublespeak you see now.

      • Animal Farm and the coining of the term “doublespeak” comes from the lefty progressive overnight conversion from “fight the international scourage of fascism” to “fascists are our fwiends” once Molotov-Ribbentroppe was made public. This school-of-fish morality is genetically imbedded in the Yankee Puritan Roundhead. Im sure you can find members of the New Model Army who were drunks and whoremongers only weeks before their sudden conversion and enlistment.

      • still though I don’t think leftism had the sort of female component it has now back in the 40s. Most women didn’t give a f— about politics back then and the hardcore marxists were college students with a goatee who, even if wrong, were interesting to talk to. Cults, otoh, have always been mostly female.

  12. “This was always the appeal of the original Marxism. It provided a childish vison of a glorious future, onto which the believer could project his fantasy vision of the future. Then it supplied a story of history that claimed the glorious future was an historical inevitability.”

    OG Marxism was a “cunning plan” by the elite to short circuit the labor movement. Marx came from distinguished family of rabbis and had a PhD in Greek philosophy, Engels was an British factory owner. Not really working lads.

    The idea was offer a “scientific” socialism to replace what then sneered at as “utopian” socialism. Marx had discerned the “laws of history” and so could predict when and how the revolution would occur. The trick was, since it was all mapped out, you had to follow the rules (otherwise, you were a “deviationist”). Since the revolution would occur ONLY after the maximum development of capitalism, you had to leave capitalism alone. Only when unfettered capitalism had ground the workers into the ground (“immiseration of the proletariat) would they rise up.

    Thus Marxists OPPOSED anything that would improve the lot of the workers: child labor laws, wage and hour laws, safety laws, above all unions (Marxists infiltrate and destroy unions, they don’t start them). These were attempts to bribe workers with money, cars, new appliances, etc. (You find this in Marcuse).

    That’s also why they expected the revolution to arise in Germany or England, rather than peasant societies like Russia or China.

    Of course, like arming the Bin Laden, it kinda blew up in their faces. 9/11 = Russian Revolution.

    Just as Christianity started as a nutty cult that taught you should abandon wife and family. sell all you have, and wait for the glorious Second Coming ANY DAY NOW, which then had to mutate into a religion that gave you something to do, what’s called “Marxism” today has mutated into a “can do” movement where people spend their time tearing down culture, history, biology, etc. which stand in the way of the Second Coming. How very American.

  13. “Once you come to believe that wrecking the present order will usher in the great revolution”

    This thinking is pretty widespread in the Dissident Right as well. The current system cracks and breaks, then (a miracle occurs) we go all Mad Max and then we get the glorious revolution.

    While those on both sides who claim to want a revolution obviously hope for different revolutions, it probably wouldn’t be what either side envisioned.

    • What else can the DR look forward to? The panopticon makes fighting the beast a fool’s errand. There will be no revolution, at least not until the cyber control grid starts buckling under the weight of all its Pajeet code and the AI overseer goes full retard. It may not be Mad Max but it seems to me we’re stuck just trying to survive and maintain some White bloodlines until the system is week enough to strike or is so week it forgets to oppose us and lets start building and then… conquering.

        • maintain some White bloodlines

          I don’t care about the spelling.

          What bothers me is defeatist verbs such as “maintain”.

          We don’t want to “maintain” our ancestors’ bloodlines.

          We want to GROW our ancestors’ bloodlines.


      • Then the drone swarms and robot warriors come online, the horror show will begin for real.

        Think about it: the elites will not even need to keep their mercenaries happy anymore.

        Mandatory vaccinations for all at the press of a button.

        I am not optimistic about the future…

    • There are few DR revolutionaries not because of the Panopticon State astralturf noted though it contributes but because up until recently things were easy and that made everyone lazy.

      Running a post revolutionary society is a lot of work you are putting in for the next generation, not your guys. Sure you may find a way to benefit from it but way too many conservatives can’t see the benefits in fighting to change things. The cost benefit analysis just isn’t there.

      This doesn’t apply so much to left wing revolutionaries (this includes the founding fathers BTW ) who are filled with zeal for ideas but it sure as hell does the DR.

      Sure we have on average more children than clown world (though I personally have zero) but we aren’t super natal people fighting for a future for our tribe or faith.

      We are in essence spoiled rotten by unimaginable material prosperity too distracted to think about what a real conservative society and too lulled into gentleness to want vengeance.

      And note if you haven’t thought stuff like My guys ought to hang a lot of political enemies, we need marriage reform, pot growers and pornographers should face bad consequences, we need trade regulation, I wounder if we should invade Canada or keep the union and the like than you have no business talking revolution.

      That is the real work, running society, you guys doing everything the state needs to do, hunting dissidents, preventing counterrevolutions teaching schools running the EPA and Border patrol. Deporting people executing a lot of people all the damned time for little pay and no glory

      Until lots of people want to do that and to work to some subset of goals any uprising would just be a very violent and stupid temper tantrum.

      It might do enough damage to the fragile system we have to wreck it but the results won’t be worth a pile of beans. Power vacuums do not create freedom, they put CIA spooks, cartel gangster and local whack jobs in charge.

  14. “Imagine an Antifa rally without police protection. All of a sudden, the people who defunded the police discover a truth hidden in their revolutionary furor.”

    Yes, the truth they’d discover to quote our good friend Enoch Powell would be “Rivers of Blood”. The funniest part about the brainlets of Antifa and BLM and any other group LARPing as revolutionaries is that they very thing they are asking to abolish is the only thing keeping them alive.

    Imagine if they got their wish and all police in their AO just *poof*, vanished. It would be carnage they simply cannot comprehend. Have you seen these mutants? They don’t exactly inspire terror they simply think they do because they have a wall of blue co-conspirators waiting to break the heads of any that dare go against them since they are actors of the State. The rich and upper middle classes kids out to play as revolutionary while the state enforcers wait in the wings to protect them from men of -true- conviction and necessary ultra-violence.

    If this scenario were to ever transpire the next morning you’d spend the day climbing over broken black clad bodies. Hamplanets, blue-haired tumblrinas, broken problem glasses scattered about, noodle-armed manlets, bruised and battered bugmen and soyboys, and every other freak & mutant one can imagine scattered about on a very one-sided battlefield. And it would be fucking -glorious- which is why it will never happen.

    The cops are there as ‘babysitters’ to protect THEM and they are just dim and stupid enough to not grasp this and ask for their dissolution anyways. The few times that someone has gotten a couple of free shots on them without their goon squad backing them, what happens? These skinny jean wearing f-ggots go running to the nearest cop they can find for protection. It would be hilarious if it wasn’t also so pathetic and predictable. To quote our Asian friend re: Africa—- “It’s All So Tiresome…”

    • Why do you think antifa doesn’t want police? This is just another post complaining about leftist hypocrisy.

      They do want police – with themselves as the cops, free to enforce anti white, communist edicts. Or with blacks and browns as the enforcers. And the end goal is obviously rounding us all up.

      What they don’t want is a police force of conservative white guys who feel a connection to their communities and try and protect it from black crime.

    • Apex – all true, and yet . . . groups among them are increasingly training with weapons and coordinating their actions with surprising sophistication. And while I don’t discount the amount of righteous White rage out there, there’s only so much retribution a group of angry oldsters can dish out. Not saying you’re doing so, but be careful not to get high on your own supply, etc.

      • There are plenty of young whites and friends of other races out there. More than enough for a hell of a fight

        No one is offering them a better way though. The young Left are utter loons and the young Right while decent isn’t thinking in terms of the work required . All talk about problems , never actual solutions and god forbid it be a tough solution requiring authority.

        Not our fault, those of us who had kids did the best they could to inculcate respect for tradition and authority but one can only do do much.

        Anything we build is for Gen Z or maybe their grandchildren.

        What I see is the old are clinging to power at all costs, extracting all the vitality from the system.

        A bit of dialog from Skyrim that reminds me of the current establishment paraphrased slightly

        One should find his death while he can still call himself a proper man. The establishment are men who carry on until they are grey and feeble and their hair falls out. To cling to something past its usefulness is unseemly, how much more so when that thing is you.

    • Patience, J, patience!!!

      Your time will come.

      But until then, we need moar brilliant nordic blue-eyed buns being deposited in fertile & pro-life & brilliant blue-eyed nordic ovens.

      Your time will come, my Brother.

  15. Black women have serious insecurities about their hair. The only people who care about black women’s hair is black women.
    That woman in the linked article is talking about how that is her natural hair, literally while the film is showing her getting weave sewn in. It’s one big mental illness.

    • This Charlotte ordinance really is an outstanding example of what the sanheder Sigmund Freud mis-labelled as “Projection”.

      It makes me wonder whether melungeon boys such as Barry Soebarkah Dunham don’t hate their White mudshark mothers for having given them diarrhea-colored skin so much as they hate their White mudshark mothers for having given them nappy hair.

      Frankly it makes me feel tremendous sorrow for the melungeon & mulatto kids.

      [Recently in shitlibistan, I’m seeing moar & moar mulatto-ism (White father, sheboon mother).]

  16. Z is spot-on regarding the revolutionary effort to subvert white culture–civilization, actually–and replace it with one that is fundamentally non-white. However, rather than cultural Marxism as the driving force behind this madness, the true source is post-structuralism, or, in more common parlance, postmodernism.

    Many, perhaps even most postmodernists would doubtless call themselves socialists, but socialism is far down their list of priorities. Indeed, given how easily the Left has hijacked capitalism and used it to advance its agenda, these people are not particularly motived to crush capitalism. The postmodernists may be demented, but they are not stupid, and they well understand how much capitalism has done for their cause.

    No, the primary objective is simply to upend every norm of the world created by whites and to replace it with its opposite. Such a world will be one dominated by the Other–by non-whites (chiefly blacks), non-Christians (atheists and Moslems in the van), criminals, the clinically insane, the ugly, and sexual deviants of every stripe. To normal people, this sounds very much like Hell. But then again, when white normalcy is the thing to be destroyed, banishing normal whites to Hell is all part of the plan.

    • Did the Left hijack capitalism — or did the capitalists hijack and co-opt the Left? At this point, I prefer the term CORPORATISM. We are increasingly ruled by Corporate Maoism. The Corporate Maoists fund rioting, in part, to reduce competition from small businesses.

      Your comment is otherwise spot-on.

      • Corporatism, Post Modernism, Marxism – does it really matter much what we call it?

        We are losing our freedoms, our savings, our culture, our religion. We are being censored, villianized and ostracized. Our constitution is ignored, our iconography destroyed. We are fleeing our cities with fear, socialism is spreading, a
        crimes go unpunished except for white ppl), taxes go up, the power and size of government go up.

        Marxism comes in many different flavors. Ours is a singular blend let us call American Marxism. Substitute skin color with class and Maoian Marxism becomes American Marxism.

        • I agree with you that the specific label that we attach to this sadistic madness likely doesn’t matter much. Nevertheless, we need to recognize that this “revolution” is heavily corporate-sponsored. The state has farmed out a significant portion of its tyranny to the corporate sector. This ain’t your granddaddy’s Marxism!

        • Naming a thing is the key to understanding it. Now, naming and understanding the maniacs in charge will not ameliorate the present, let along bring back America; that ship has already capsized. But in understanding what has happened and who is responsible for the atrocities, future generations may be better prepared to recognize the malefactors when they appear, and how best to annihilate them.

          • Lead projectiles, unless things get really Medieval and then it’s clubs, sharp steel, etc.

        • It does matter what we call them and we ought to call them moral degenerates. They are people devoid of virtue, and they destroy things because they hate being reminded of their moral impotence. They embrace sexual deviancy because they don’t have the inner fortitude to practice chastity. They broadcast less because they don’t have the fortitude to be honest. They destroy small businesses because they lack self discipline. Anytime they see someone living a life of happy virtue, they become angry in their soul because they know they don’t have the self-mastery to be good. They are truly degenerates.

          • we ought to call them moral degenerates

            Technically speaking, they’re amoral.

            But because they’re Insula-dominant, they’ve fallen for the New Religion of warmed-over satanism which the Frankfurt School invented for them to practice, so from their point of view, they’re highly “moral” creatures.

            This is Derrida & Deconstructionism in a nutshell: Good is now Evil, Evil is now Good, and the poor stupid Insula-dominant shabbos goyim have no earthly idea that the world has been turned upside down on them.

            Meanwhile, Derrida’s Tribe laughs all the way to the bank.

      • I do not believe Americas corporations are run by basically normal white guys who are simply deploying Leftist tropes to move product. On the contrary, I believe these corporations have been taken over by true believing Leftists, and since every corporation is anti-white, none of them suffer fiscally for pushing anti-whiteness. They have their cake and eat it, too.

        • I think you are correct to a degree. Many of the regular worker bees of these companies are either young people who have marinated in Cultural Marxism their whole lives or middle-aged cat ladies, two groups that skew heavily left. I was talking about the top dogs (Bezos, Zuckerberg, Dorsey, etc.) operating these rackets. Those fellows are probably leftists personally, yet it’s impossible to discount how much their alignment with Wokeness serves their own financial interests. It’s not simply that those guys are trying to “move product”; they’re also buying off a lot of leftists through propaganda, leftists who might otherwise oppose those guys. Remember when leftists used to rail endlessly against the evils of the “one percent”? Only the marginalized leftists still obsess over that today. The leftists favored and amplified by the establishment have no beef with the one percent. See how that helps the people at the top of these corporations?

          • Yes. Good point. Some of the anti-whiteness corporate disseminates is proactive defense against Leftist critics and shakedown artists.

          • My take is that it’s simply, “Zuck and Dorsey, you better play ball or you get taken down”

            Plus, I remain convinced that FB and Twitter are de facto government entities and perhaps always have been, or at least when the full extent of their power became obvious to the ruling elite. So the agreement is, we let you get obscenely rich and in return you do our dirty work. One look at Zuck and it’s obvious he’d sell out anyone for a dollar. And throw billions at him and he’d agree to destroy the solar system.

          • Falcone: My take is that it’s simply, “Zuck and Dorsey, you better play ball or you get taken down”

            Then the big question becomes: WHO issued that ultimatum to them?

            Before he died, Rush Limbaugh was being very honest with his audience that it was clear that SOMEONE was running this country, but that he didn’t know who that SOMEONE was.

            Sadly, Rush died before he had a chance to make his own personal trip to the banks of the Rubicon.

            But I’d like to give Rush the benefit of the doubt, and assume that Rush ackshually wanted to get to the bottom of the matter, although, for a Civnat Boomer like Rush, getting to the bottom of the matter would have required a massive expenditure of psychological reserves his part, to the point that it might have broken him [without discovering the answer in the process].

            I wonder if even B!tch McConnell knows who’s really in charge?

            Surely Chuck E Cheese Schumer must know who it is.

    • I think they simply want whatever it is they cannot have. They love the chaos. They love breaking stuff. It’s like when Antifa shows up somewhere and starts smashing windows, smashing people or starting fires. They aren’t really trying to make some political statement. They just like smashing windows or ganging up on people or starting fires.
      if a corporation just abandoned their property to a group of antifa, say, a factory, it would be smashed and destroyed within a week. They are just agents of destruction. Just malcontents trying to re-frame their chaos as a political statement or opposing racism or whatever “virtuous” activity it can be re-framed as being rather than just the forces of chaos unleashed.

      • I’ve come to a point where purely secualr explanations of what is happening all over the West aren’t sufficient and satisfactory any longer. For me, Bruce Charlton over at charltonteaching.blogspot has helped a lot to make more sense of it all.

        Note of caution: There is no short-term actionable advice to be found there, only — as I see it — improved understanding. Which is a good thing in its own right though.

          • Do I smell an element of defensive and denigrating sneer in your remarks? If I’m mistaken, apologies.

            In any case your reading abilities are highly developed. To boot, I’m not your amanuensis, and you’re not entitled to an executive summary from me. So, go and give Charlton’s meditations a try yourself. Or don’t.

      • An examination of the areas that BLM vandalized shows considerable organization and coordination. Catherine Austin-Fitts at Solari shows that someone, somewhere down the line is going to own some very desirable properties.

    • “white normalcy”

      What exactly is “white normalcy”? Is it beige wall-to-wall carpeting? Is it 3/4 of an acre of some genetically modified semi-grass that no one walks upon except the Latino that mows it? Is it the daily quest to park the Prius as close as possible to the front door of the supermarket or health club? Maybe it’s streaming violence porn of an evening from Netflix. It could be running red lights because your time is more important than anyone else’s time even though spending a minute and a half waiting for the light to change will have zero effect on anything in your life. White normalcy seems to be the idea that once the white normal is acknowledged as an adult any further learning is unnecessary and any accumulation of knowledge is actually an annoyance in both acquisition and use. An adult white normal knows all he needs to know.

      • White normalcy is monogamous heterosexual Christians raising children in a nurturing environment, with political policies that enable this (like decency laws, lowish taxes, etc ). Or at least was from, say, the medieval age to 1950. Does that answer your question?

      • No it’s about working hard and trying to do the right thing. Respecting your heritage and living up to the standards they set for you. Pride. Tradition. Honor. Never back down and fight till death. That’s what it’s about, shithead/

        • Since I was part of this labeling discussion, I’ll weigh in and echo that “Bioleninism” is a hell of a term. A fellow who goes by the handle Spandrell is thought to have originated the term.

      • Goodie.

        So now it’s settled. Bioleninism it is. Socrates would be happy. We have defined our terms.

        Now, tell the fiddle player to stop playing. America is burning. Reach for the gasoline can and wait for a Pericles, Alexander the Great, or a Napoleon?

    • Islam 2.0, in other words. Yes, Mohammed was an illiterate Jewish-Arab, his first wife was a follower in the cult that sought revenge against Arab Christians for 70 A.D.

      Their golem turned on them as Ishmael’s sons got ambitious; the later Mecca suras (verses) is where the “behind every tree” stuff is found. History sure does rhyme.

        • That’s the “people of the Book” outreach, abrogated (superceded) by the later inventions.

          The Medina means ‘old city’ (the Jewish quarter) where Mo prayed towards Jerusalem and tried to get the elders to recognize him as a Jewish prophet.

          His family had guarded the Meccan marketplace for a century, along with the merchant’s totems, their advertising. As a young man, he tried to violently replace his uncle as patriarch, and had to flee to the medina.

          His family, though illiterate, remembered the names from the old stories. He made up numerous fabulous tales about Cain and Abel, Adam, and Noah, to entertain customers at his wife’s booth at the Ramadan fair, at the merchant’s crossroads by the old Roman copper mines (Mecca).

          These wild tales were quite popular and were collected, Brothers Grimm style, 100 and 200 years later; they became the Koran.

          Learning the caravan trade from his much older wife, he resorted to raiding, then gangbanging, and then ambushed 3 cousins on the trail. Eventually he took over Mecca as a ganglord, and provided a base and an R&R camp (“Heaven”) for the mercenaries of the 4 Arab generals who overthrew Persian Cloestes and renamed the Jewish funded Persian Conquest as ‘the Arab Conquest’. Mo was minor, unknown during the first 160 years of Islam. ‘The mohammed’ is originally a title meaning ‘the Christian prophet’ (Nestorian, not Trinitarian), in use from the fall of Rome 5th century.

  17. Good to know. I’m guessing that tying bleached blond hair that was farmed in Chinese prison camps to a head in North Carolina would fall into the category of natural hair styles ? Said the bald lady in Mongolia as she finishes her last bite of rat/rice porridge.

    • Panzernutter: Fwiw I don’t believe they use East Asian hair (from what I’ve read it’s too coarse and doesn’t take color well). “Weaves” (God I hate black words) are made almost exclusively from subcon hair – many times the women ‘donate’ it to a local temple which sells it all at a huge profit.

      • Said the bald lady in the menstruating shack from Calcutta as she finishes the last bite of her rat tandoori. I stand corrected.

  18. “Blaming a a single bad actor or groups of actors makes things simple for the simple-minded.”

    I’m sure you’ve all noticed the narrative in the US that its usually a “lone nut gunman” that assassinates leaders or kills mass victims indiscriminately? “Nothin’ to see here! No conspiracy involving high ranking individuals. Just some disgruntled, psycho loser White guy hating on someone.” Kabuki theatre for the simple-minded.

  19. out here in socal, i perceive a reduction in the blatant ant-white propaganda. why they are dialing it back i can’t say for sure. new approach seems to be showing white women and children, but no men at all. so no white men, and no race mixed husbands, etc.

    given how the current system keeps individual whites from forming up into bigger operational units, the collapse of same system will release whites to organize — for white peoples’ benefit. the upcoming revolution has all kinds of built in spin, that revolution in a homogenous population lacks.

    • Interesting, I’ve noticed this sometimes too.
      Or they simply show no people at all, and focus on the food.

      They’re clearly not allowed to show any white men whatsoever though (except in rare cases when he’s a loser/beta).

      Ironically a chad white guy would sell the most product, to minorities and white women alike. But as we all know they’re clearly not motivated by profit.

    • “out here in socal, i perceive a reduction in the blatant ant-white propaganda. why they are dialing it back i can’t say for sure.”

      I suspect it’s a result of Asians running their own “anti-Asian” propaganda. The narrative was escaping the globalists’ control so they shut it down locally and now are looking for a replacement.

  20. This reminds me of the famous Benjamin Franklin quote “Our new Constitution is now established, and has an appearance that promises permanency; but in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” Most people nod their heads and chuckle at that statement, but it’s a profound truth. A truth that life, in the end, favors the prepared. All of these cops that are protecting the far left just by doing their jobs (and not doing their jobs depending on the county) have pensions. What if those pensions just disappear one year? Not that they would disappear, but that they would be just enough to buy a bag of potatoes or something. If you think this country is tearing itself apart based on pipe-dreams, racial or otherwise, just wait until you see how it tears itself apart out of broken promises, from WIC payments to FHA subsidies, to even Medicare and Medicaid. A lot of these cops and other government types, who sucked the devil’s c *ck for years on end will deserve it. At the same time a lot of hard working honest people (mostly white) will have their futures vaporized too. I strongly believe that this country is only a few short years away from one of the greatest mass murder events in history. One that will close the books on the arguments of the nature of man (he is fallen).

    • What you say is terrifying . . . yet, I suspect that you are right. With each passing week or even day, we seem to be closer to an all-out bloodbath. Add in the maniacal COVID panic and that disastrous fate appears even more unavoidable. Fallen indeed.

      • Wkathman: With each passing week or even day, we seem to be closer to an all-out bloodbath.

        Q: If you really believe what you just wrote, then what should be your current course of action?


        A: Prep, Prep, Prep and PREP SUM MOAR!!!!!

        PS – It also wouldn’t hurt to convert [to your point of view] as many folks as possible in your immediate circle of kin & acquaintances. Granted, many of them can’t [and won’t] be saved, but even if you save only one or two of them from the “all-out bloodbath”, then it’s better than nothing.

  21. Weimar comparisons are overdone in Our Thing – god knows I’ve made my share – but a simple image search on “Weimar culture” looks shockingly Current Year. Degeneracy everywhere, seemingly just for degeneracy’s sake. Under those conditions, equally evil but opposite lunacy starts to look like sanity. The Mustache Guy’s buddies in the brown lederhosen were every bit as revolutionary as those they opposed – they said so themselves, all the time — but in the context of the times it looked like revolutionary *normalcy.*

    Tl;dr – in pushing this stuff, the freaks might well bring into being the currently-imaginary thing they’re raging against.

    • I think if that doesn’t happen it’ll be because, more than in any other case I know, “reactionary” emotion and psychology is already absorbed in the present “revolution.”

      An important motivator for the entry of extreme politics into real life is the opportunity for small-time villains to do some big villainy. Even their fans understand (deep down) that Hitler & Co., or Fidel & Che, or any other defense-turned-offense, weren’t good dudes doing good deeds. Extreme acts, however necessary, don’t attract but *come from* a type. Bad guys.

      If today we make a list of real villainies, crimes that greatly exceed what normal life allows—destroying history, sexually abusing children or killing the elderly en masse, combining great institutional powers against single helpless individuals, etc.—globohomo lets people join and do all of them, already in progress. And people do, in unprecedented numbers.

      Are there any bad guys left? I doubt it.

    • I gave Mein Kampf a try a few years back. I didn’t especially like it, but one phrase I recall (which I believe was true) was Adolf referring to his Black Shirts (correct term) — the street enforcers, whose task it was to confront and beat up the Communists? Socialists? “The only remedy for terror is terror.” In American English, we would probably say “Fight violence with violence.” 🙁

  22. Lots of truth here, but the central government will continue but will occupy less and less space. D.C. from time to time will launch assaults on the hinterlands, but increasingly that will be a negative proposition for it. What cannot be absorbed or conquered will be pacified. I would go so far as to predict that even today, and maybe especially today, a national referendum for dissolution would pass overwhelmingly. This accounts for much of the hysteria in the power centers.

    • Jack: You paint an appealing picture, but not one I can believe in. Assaults into the hinterlands will occur, but I don’t see any mass pushback. As far as a referendum for dissolution, there’s no way it would pass – far too many ‘patriotic conservatives’ would get all choked up about ‘their’ murrica. Even merely 25 years ago, it might have been possible, but everywhere has been so immivaded and homogenized that too many have no other sense of identity or rootedness other than murrican patriotism. My husband and I were watching an old video about various regional accents and so many of those differences have just vanished (same in England). Globalism in all its forms has been working its tentacles into every corner of life for a lot longer than most of us have been aware.

      • I think this is one of those cases where the thick of the moment obscures reality. While what you write about globalism is true, there are the beginnings of dissolution even now. I would go as far to say that 25 tears ago the referendum to dissolve would have been far less likely to pass. Ask yourself honestly: if 9/11 happened today, 20 years later, would Heritage Americans have an even remotely similar emotional response?

        It will be sloppy and unfortunately violent in places but the nation is and will fracture

  23. Also, a funny note about Marx. Iirc, he believed the proletariat were too busy surviving to revolt. He also mentioned a middle class but thought them irrelevant. So it was down to the bourgeoisie to make it happen.

    Bourgeoisie, the new money, against itself. Revolution as a LARP, essentially. Here in America the middle pretends to be new money. Lifestyle tourists, but really uprooted and on the run. Sending the kids out to fight the glorious revolution at college or in the streets, protected by cops.

    LARPs within LARPs. As everybody is saying, it’s all so tiresome.

  24. Hey it’s Thermidor. The season of reaction?

    Agreed, what will be, will be, and it likely won’t be pretty. Trying to stop it is now futile, so girding the loins and planning for the aftermath is the wise move.

  25. I’m not sold on the whole “collapse”, or “revolution” narrative.

    We always think something catastrophic is going to trigger a civil war. But it never does. People in France are now being asked to show their vaccine papers by African vaccine police at cafés. A scene from every superhero cartoon/movie as a kid that only happened in the “bad guy countries”. And still, nothing happens. The revolution already occured, COVID tyranny is the new normal, there’s no going back.

    It seems to me like things will just get shittier and shittier. Never ending third world alien migration. Increasing crime. Decreasing standard of living. I live in Toronto which is in an advanced state of Globohomo. No, whites either just move away (further and further out), or find creative solutions to keep their kids in “better schools”, while staying liberal. Eventually whites will have to build their houses like they do in Brazil and South Africa, with giant walls. The 7% white minority in South Africa persists, with lower quality of life and higher risk of being murdered.

    Did Brazil ever collapse? Not really. I think it’s more likely that one day you just wake up and you’re living in Brazil Norte, or India West. In fact this is RIGHT NOW, most don’t know. We are demographically third world, with alot of debt and some remaining white Anglo Boomer competence left. This presents opportunities for our side as an increase in chaos and dysfunction means it’s increasingly easier to flout the vibrant rules and laws.

    • “Did Brazil ever collapse?”

      Did Brazil even have that far to fall into it’s current state? And how many people in Brazil really cared?

      I don”t know. But the US situation could play out differently. After all, it was, at some point, the greatest nation to have ever existed, in my humble opinion.

      • There is definitely the possibility that after all is said and done, that America goes down in history not as a Rome or even a British Empire but more of a minor power player for its time and place. Something more like a Portugal.

        How many chapters will we get in the high school history books? Or maybe just a bold heading and a short paragraph or two?

        Assuming, of course, that history textbooks are similar to the ones we are familiar with.

        But our history is still being written. The coming years will determine the trajectory and whether we remain a major player this century to rival Rome and Britannia with a good 100 years at least under our belt or whether we become that Portugal.

        • I could see us as a more intense, but shorter lived Greece, with practically the entire known world emulating various aspects of our culture for a while ( for better or worse)

        • Tiny Portugal, the first world empire with the largest landmass- Brazil, Rangoon (Indochina), Southern Africa, 100 years before anyone else. Lamentably unremembered now.

          • I was literally a student of Spain, so can speak a bit more in detail of its history. But yes, Portugal, France, (once-)Great Britain, and Spain, and even lesser claimants (Netherlands) all had brief periods of dominance or at least competing, in ruling the world. My history says that England and Spain were the two top competitors. England “won,” and, if you count her daughter countries, we ruled the world for perhaps three centuries. Spain hasn’t had troops stationed around the globe for quite some time; I’m pretty sure the UK doesn’t do so lately. But America? We still have the world garrisoned. How much longer, though? Everything has its lifespan, and that includes empires.

            Finally, a bit of optimism: the nations that once were world powers, usually remained fairly liveable even long after their empire’s sun had set. This doesn’t mean they didn’t have awful wars (Spain). Or make stupid immigration decisions (all.) Maybe whatever comes after USA won’t be so bad either.

      • I guess I’m kind of agnostic on the collapse vs. slow decline scenario. These would be arguments for the slow decline. Nobody knows the future.

        The USA was God’s nation, comprised of Anglo, German, Dutch, Scottish, and French stock, with some Scots-Irish mixed in for clannishness and meanness (that most whites lack). Still the world’s largest White population to this day.
        God’s nation atop God’s civilisation (the West).

        And yet, even God’s nation is failing. Whites are declining morally and disregarding God. There are many reasons for this fall from grace.

        My point is, though, that people are adaptive. In 2 generations nobody will even know America went to the moon. There will be an urban legend that the Blacks working hard to reach the moon were lynched by white racists. In the day to day life, people survive.

        I don’t get sentimental over the past. We live in the present, heading towards the future. The old West is dead, and we need to retake the future. In a third world shit hole, anything goes as long as the right palms are greased, or the police are afraid of you. This presents enormous opportunity for community building and other activities, in due time.

        • I think too much is made of the collapse vs. slow decline question. We talk of Rome as a collapse but in reality, it hit its peak in terms of power and territory around 100AD with Emperor Trajan, yet the end is normally said to be the abdication of Romulus Augustulus to Odoacer in 476AD. That is over 300 years of “collapse.” Of course, a lot of crazy stuff happened over that time, but big picture it was decay and rot nibbling around the edges for generations until the center could no longer hold – and it’s not like people didn’t try to fix it or implement good policy. They just weren’t able for more than a short time.

          That said, to the average peasant living in Spain or Gaul or Dalmatia in 200AD or 300AD, they probably did not know or care about the goings-on at Rome or what territory was lost or gained, but over the course of their life they would have surely witnessed a gradual decay in living standards and available goods as Pax Romana loosened its grip. I would argue that the USA is not in danger of collapse, but is collapsing now, in the similar way to Rome. As you note, the events are already in motion and there’s way of knowing how it will play out, except there’s about a 100% probability of it getting worse rather than better.

          • Just to note, technology has sped all of this up. If “something” happens it could happen even faster than it did to the Soviets and that was fast. The big blocking mechanism right now is a huge cohort of whites who want desperately to believe that the party will continue as it is (all the while the inner party does it’s best to disabuse them of the notion).

          • Cities were always known as cesspool of crime, corruption, trash, and danger. “Hell’s Kitchen”. Men were armed, with knife, cudgel, or shelaily. We knew the Boomer interregnum, but the new normal is the old normal.

            The good news is, the browns are terrified of the woods; to us, the forest is our cathedral.

        • B125 – I agree with you re:
          “And yet, even God’s nation is failing. Whites are declining morally and disregarding God. There are many reasons for this fall from grace.”

          What do you say are a few of the primary reasons?

          • “What do you say are a few of the primary reasons?”

            Well one would obviously be the concept of “God’s nation.”.

      • “But the US situation could play out differently. After all, it was, at some point, the greatest nation to have ever existed, in my humble opinion.”

        Maybe in the sense that it used to be more pragmatic than the european nations, which allowed it to become a hub of sorts for technological innovation, many european theories could be put into practice on american soil. We all know the story of Tesla running to america to test his ideas, it ended up becoming a stereotype, many european nerds have dreamt of moving to USA to work for NASA.

    • ” The revolution already occured, COVID tyranny is the new normal, there’s no going back.”

      Spot on, 100 percent. Here in the States, the cucked GOP has realized it is only permitted a small degree of latitude to act as “opposition,” because its principals are fully aware the United States is post-revolutionary, to give one example. The media decided not to pretend to be anything other than propaganda organs, to give another.

      I do think there will be massive tensions between the states and localities and the central government, and ultimately D.C. will come up short and have to make some arrangements it doesn’t want to do. But other than that, agreed. I don’t know if the same applies to the provinces of Canada and assume not based on what you have written.

      • We don’t even have the fake opposition. The Conservative leader dressed up in heels to promote trannies, supports endless lockdowns, and wants more open borders.

        Our mask mandate never lifted and lockdowns only ended in July 2021.

        Every province is getting filled with non whites at light speed, so honestly I don’t think anything is going to happen except a quick decline into a shit hole country.

    • My dad and I just this morning were having this same conversation or along the same lines

      I was saying CA was always the front lines. I have lived here long enough to say it’s “we” have been dealing with this for decades. Now the thing has hit the east coast and mid west, and I don’t think the whites there fully grasp the fact that it’s no longer their country, they’re a minority. Some heavy denial going on, as was said some years ago, or as they say today, “coping,” or as they have said for hundreds of years, “their heads are in the sand”

      Yes, the revolution already has occurred. We are past the introductory skirmishes and now in the solidification of power phase of it. Perhaps some infighting occurs in the coming years that opens the thing to a chance to divide and conquer them for a change

        • It was immediate

          People were pissed off at the start because the contrast was so glaring. CA was beautiful and clean, then overnight it was Tijuana. It started out with a good workable system, and why it didn’t continue with it has always bothered me, but started off as the Mexicans being merely seasonal hires who came during crop season then went home. In 1980s it really started falling apart, and that’s when Californians started fighting back — through the system with voting and propositions. The court’s nullification of Prop 187 in mid 90s was the final dagger in the heart. But the exodus of whites accelerated in late 1970s and through the 1980s and how states like Oregon boomed.

          • The California refugees I encounter are more unhappy than bitter, but few of them have neon hair and “Co-Exist” bumper stickers. Then again I am not in Colorado. And, yes, they warned everyone else in the United States decades ago.

          • California began to die when every mal-adjusted freak the world over came to San Francisco “with a flower in their hair.” That was 1966-1969.

            I’m a native, saw the handwriting on the wall in the ’80’s, and left the insane asylum for good in ’90.

          • Desegregation- federally mandated school bussing- is what cracked them gates wide open. I remember the riots as black kids tore our little farm town of well-behaved Portuguese, Armenians, Lutherans, Japanese, Mexicans,and Sikh right the f**k down. Six miles of separation between us and Jigtown- they were happy there- was all it took.

      • What everyone described as a “coup” after Trump was elected happened long, long ago. The skin suit is just too frayed to try to hide it now.

        Some white pills. The Soviets, for example, allowed the hinterlands a degree of autonomy simply because it was hard to impose their will at that distance. Power voids can and should be exploited. State and local leaders dedicated to independence should be supported and promoted.

        And, yes, California was (and still is to some degree) the front line. I see the potential for chaos there to offer some small openings in the intrastate flyover country and even in completely occupied cities such as the one you call home. The best option remains flight, but staying there and throwing sand into the gears has merit. It is, or at least was, lotus land.

        • The idea keeps hitting me that America may end up like Italy as semi-autonomous regions under a federal umbrella. But that’s even now gone by the wayside with the EU, but for a while it made a lot of sense and was a recognition of the regional divides between the people. But our divides are much sharper and deeper, so maybe a type of Yugoslavia is more to be expected for the formerly red white and blue.

          • Balkanization is underway, without doubt. The desperate attempts to throw open the borders and ship newcomers to opposition territories probably will not work unless the feds start to require their foot soldiers to stay put. Most will end up in Blue cities, sometimes in the states were they are dumped, sometimes not. Italy, from what I know, did not have a hostile central government trying to flood the autonomous zones with outsiders unless the EU’s open borders commissars represent the central government.

            I’m not prone to make sweeping predictions, but the local/federal tension really is just getting started.

      • We get a different perspective living on the “front lines”. To whites in other places, diversity means a small 20% non-white population, while retaining a comfortable white majority. Everybody is smiling and happy, and there’s spicy food! And wise old men with beards are happy to share their wisdom on life.

        The way it really ends up, though, is a neighborhood entirely filled with foreigners. In fact, you are the foreigner as a European. As in, the mall is 100% indians, and so is your kids’ school. Never been to LA, but I’m sure it’s the same story, but with Mexicans. Whites congregate is slowly but surely shrinking white neighborhoods. In urban areas, White ethnic neighborhoods turn first, while outside, Anglo exurbs get swallowed up by non-white subdivisions.

        No, most people have no idea what’s coming. And by the time they do, it’s far too late. I already see it creeping in at other cities, just 10 years ago the mall and streets were 100% white, now there’s aliens everywhere. And the cattle whites do not seem capable of understanding what’s going on. I guess at one time California and Toronto were also 95% white.

        • No doubt that is the endgame. By “front lines” I mean where the action started and took/takes place. What is astonishing to me about California is Whites have retained and become even entrenched in a few pockets against all odds. Boers, sort of. Many fled, perhaps most, but those pockets are shocking.

        • L.A. is probably a little different than Toronto and Canada in general in that we have a sizable number of Armenians and peoples from the for former Soviet States. Also lots of Persians, many of whom are (((Persian))). These are still tight knit communities and a bulwark to Mexican encroachment. But even so, Mexicans don’t want to live around whites or these other people, and they only crowd your neighborhood if they have to.

          But saying that, it’s really no more about Mexicans. They are sort of going bye bye, either moving out into the red states or into the deep suburbs. It’s actually hard to find an authentic Mexican restaurant. Many of them have been sold to Guatemalans, Ecuadorians, Honduran, Nicaraguans. I remember what authentic Mexican food tasted like, and what you get today is little like it. Cilantro was a defining feature, and now it’s not, among other cooking techniques and seasoning. And you are seeing frictions now between the more established younger Mexicans and the new arrivals from Central and South America.

          It’s just a hot mess

          I have to really work my charms and persuasion to get my wife on board with getting a little getaway in Appalachia. But try I must.

          • No doubt England and Canada are worse off. I’d even take a Squatemalan over an Indian or Pakistani in a heartbeat.

            Those people cause an involuntary disgust reflex in me. Ignorant central Americans need to go back to central America, but being around indians feel like being around a cockroach.

            But yeah, diversity doesn’t work.

          • “But even so, Mexicans don’t want to live around whites or these other people, and they only crowd your neighborhood if they have to.”

            Something tells me whites living in Mexico have it way better than whites in America.

          • Falcone – Is she traditionally a ‘low-lander’ or a ‘highlander’? Take her for a fall vacation in the mountains (Ozarks, Appalachians). Pick out a few highly rated lodges and restaurants, perhaps time your visit to coincide with a famous craft or other local festival. Show her the ‘touristy’ side while pushing the virtues of building her a dream house with views for miles.

            She’ll come to appreciate the relative remoteness and safety and Whiteness soon enough. And you can always promise her a trip back to her favorite shop or hairdresser every 6 weeks or so in the beginning, and the differences will appear starker and less appealing each visit. And if you buy enough land to build homes to have your children and grandchildren nearby, she won’t want to leave for anything else.

          • Mexicans as border crossers is—and has been—in decline for quite awhile. The majority of IA’s are now coming from central and South America. There is even a term for them—OTM’s (other than Mexicans). Also, there are even increasing numbers of Black Africans as well crossing the border. Our Southern border is completely out of control.

            My take on this phenomenon is that MX got rid of its undesirables a couple of decades ago and they have since become citizens, who now can pull relatives over legally through family “reunification” law. This law is said to quadruple the numbers of “immigrants” reported, perhaps even more.

    • Yeah. The inevitable collapse is, unfortunately, not so inevitable. Maybe things just stay dystopian for centuries, limping along in some awful way without ending in a leftist purity spiral total collapse. This was the Orwellian idea, right? Is there anything to suggest that white men never getting a promotion, forever is *not* the new equilibrium? The Ottomans had a run of a couple hundred years where they stole Christian children and turned them in to the sexual playthings of their elite. That system never collapsed on its own.

      What if that’s our fate?

      • “Maybe things just stay dystopian for centuries, limping along in some awful way without ending in a leftist purity spiral total collapse. ”

        there is one difference, ottomans usually striked shitty weak countries who fought among themselves, easy targets, usa wants a pissing match with russia.

        Dollar goes to shit if/when us army embarrasses itself.

      • White men not getting a promotion, seems unlikely in future. Even today, there is a shortage of them—despite AA. Was talking with son about this just the other day. Simply put, his company hires such (AA) for basically, “show”, but for production they need competent White workers, not AA show employees—and there are a shortage of such who wish to work for prevailing wages. These folk are of course high level technical types.

        I read of similar situations in South Africa, where law prohibits White employment—both in number and managerial positions. Black managers/executives are continuously applying for exemptions to the law so they can keep their White numbers up in order to operate their businesses.

        • I can’t think of much worse than smart Whites being the workhorses for dumb Blacks kept as show horses for a Jewish and Asian elite. No thanks.

    • There will never be a civil war until whites stand up to the enforcers of the status quo – the police. Covid lockdowns and antifa riot showed us that the police are more than happy to crack white skulls for getting uppity and asserting their rights including those of self-defense.

      I remember the BLM riot in Long Beach, some white store owners stood outside their storefronts, armed to protect them all the while the police allowed mass looting. Guess what? When the police saw that they roll up and watched those store owners – basically they were waiting for them to harm just one BLM punk and they would come in hot.

      Time after time the police have been there to protect the scum and put the boot to white tax payers.when we resist the scum.

    • Im inclined to agree that there won’t be (much of) a hot revolution. That said, I do think the federal government will simply cease to exist in the near future (within a decade or sooner). Rural people will probably maintain or improve their standard of living, particularly if they live in coal country or build onsite electricity generators, while urban standards of living will decline (less food, more violence, less access to health care, more disease, general increase in infrastructural decrepitude). Whether this is a “collapse” or “revolution” I can’t say, but my general observation is that it’s best to bet on the federal government and the future workforce being way less productive and competent. Technology can compensate for incompetence, but only if it has electricity, and there will be fewer electricians in the future.

      • Lots of truth here, but the central government will continue but will occupy less and less space. D.C. from time to time will launch assaults on the hinterlands, but increasingly that will be a negative proposition for it. What cannot be absorbed or conquered will be pacified. I would go so far as to predict that even today, and maybe especially today, a national referendum for dissolution would pass overwhelmingly. This accounts for much of the hysteria in the power centers.

        • I’m not saying there could not possibly be any entity called the federal government in existence ten years from now. I’m simply saying there won’t be an entity that exercises practical legal and regulatory control over the entire land mass currently configured as the US, while taxing its population at it’s current levels and issuing a currency that is used as the world’s reserve currency. In other words, the federal government might nominally exist, as you say, but its practical existence will pretty much be nil.

          • That sounds a bit like the United States continuing to exist as a sort of latter-day Holy Roman Empire.

      • Yeah something like a decline into a patchwork of states.

        I don’t think whites will be the first to secede. One day a Mexican area in the Southwest will simply decide they don’t care for the Gringo government anymore. What will the weak and incompetent government do about it? There’s already no go Muslim zones in Paris and London. A Sikh zone in Brampton Ontario.

        On the white side, rural and Christian whites seem to be increasingly separate from the system and also have their own things going on.

        These groups will just continue to ignore the federal law and become more self governing each year. Things might develop from there.

        • Both “Czar” and “Kaiser” mean “Ceasar” in Russian/ German. Their kings considered themselves the rightful heir to the (eastern/ western) Roman Empire.

        • There are no no-go zones in London.
          Britain is not France which has to employ 30% of its military to patrol the streets.

      • The overlooked thing, which may be the only “thing”, is that there’s not a lot of gas left in the currency gas tank. I don’t discount the idea that it may even be what’s driving the cultural marxism as maybe they’re hoping to blame the great global fiat blow-up on generalized social disorder.

        Denninger is the only guy whose math I’ve looked over and he’s both an “optimist” in thinking that Federal healthcare spending by itself will change anything by 2024-25*, and a “pessimist” in thinking that it will even take that long for Congress to blow the currency with their ridiculous spending. Either way, I don’t see how they’re able to milk this cow for even another ten years. *(Despite mountains of evidence to the contrary, normie that he is, he still believes in a responsible deflationary currency correction to bring debt in line with income, not a money printing bonanza).

    • That’s a really good question, where are we going, the apocalypse or the eternal starless night? If the descent happens slowly enough the ‘rupture’ may never happen, it may be Brazil Norte instead. Ppl acclimatize, even to a garden being turned into a sewer. Maybe that’s what the ‘elite’ is going for, the ‘gradual descent.’ But then why all the rush w immigration and such? They fear they are in a race with ‘awakening heritage awareness and resistance’. My worst fear is that there is no race, that we’re all just sheep getting used to the abattoir.

  26. Nietzsche strove greatly against wishful thinking. His target was often religion, but his critique has far broader application. If you wish, you may substitute “political radical” for “theologian” or “priest”, for example, and many of his insights will shed light upon, for instance, 21st century Progressive/Woke.

    “I find the arrogant habit of the theologian among all who regard themselves as ‘idealists’ — among all who, by virtue of a higher point of departure, claim a right to rise above reality, and to look upon it with suspicion…”

    Where the influence of “idealists” and their traveling companions “…is felt there is a transvaluation of values, and the concepts of ‘true’ and ‘false’ are forced to change places: whatever is most damaging to life is there called ‘true,’ and whatever exalts it, intensifies it, approve it, justifies it, and makes it triumphant is there called ‘false’…”

  27. The people in charge do not understand what is happening and are no doubt rationalizing why they are ‘on the right side of history’ and all that. There are so many theories about the origins of revolutions and three I find particularly persuasive are cycles of civilization (Glubb’s Fate of Empires is a GREAT intro to that if you, like me, do not have the patience to read Spengler), the youth bulge theory that a surplus of young men means trouble of some kind. And that fear of famine is what finally sets ppl in motion b/c, until you fear going hungry it will almost always be more dangerous to go up against the regime, any regime that controls state powers, ie police and military, than to keep low and gripe a little in private.

    But these seem better suited to explain revolutions from below, i.e ‘uprisings’ by a rival ‘elite’, not revolutions from above, BY the elite in the saddle. TBH I’m not sure how to explain revolutions from above. For example, it is strange to me that the leaders of the EU, who want to build the continental empire state that eluded Napoleon, Hitler and a bunch of other guys. And they MUST know that, in the absence of demographic transformation, ordinary Europeans would probably gripe about rules about things like the curvature on bananas or cucumbers but not otherwise get all excited. But demographic transformation, like famine, is something that goes to the bone of ppl’s deepest fears. And yet the EU bunglers INSIST on importing the ME into Europe, and thereby jeopardize their plan to succeed where the French Emperor and German Fuehrer failed. WHY do they keep pushing the single most aggravating thing about their project?? Same goes for America; why the F cant they just start by controlling the border. How hard can that be?? But they won’t. This is a mystery to me and hence you look to explanations like emerging behavior among the ruling class for this and other, really bizarre stuff like the whole trans circus.

    • “And yet the EU bunglers INSIST on importing the ME into Europe, and thereby jeopardize their plan to succeed where the French Emperor and German Fuehrer failed. WHY do they keep pushing the single most aggravating thing about their project??”

      When you read up on the sorts involved in the EU, you see that they do in fact hate their roots. They hate the ‘bigoted’ traditional elements of their countries. They hate, thus they do.

      Plus, when you’re at the top, hob-nobbing with other elites, you can keep the illusion of a nice white society. After all, you can afford it and everyone you know is white and nice, so where’s the issue? It is the ultimate virtue signal: “Look how much of a non-racist I am!”, whilst still living in Whitesville.

      But even if they realize their folly, how the devil can they stop it? Can’t. That’s a hard job. A very hard job. If you did it, you’d be hated by all those lovely elite friends you made. You’d never be considered ‘telligent again. Of course, huge masses of down-trodden whites would love it.

      • Think you’re right, on both sides of the Atlantic there is an element of deep contempt from the elites for the heritage stock. Contempt cannot be changed into affection. But it can be changed into fear. And maybe that is necessary??

    • Well if you look at this as a certain group of people using systems to their advantage for the last, say two thousand years, it kind of makes sense. The acceleration of the last two hundred years can probably be explained through technological advances, easier to communicate. I don’t see this particular group ultimately succeeding, but I see this group taking it all down with them.

      • Just finished a book about Bernie Madoff. The last chapter was the most instructive. He’s pled guilty and had to face the millionaires whose fortune he absconded with (after they lived higher on the hog than they already would have for 20 years) in court while they had their chance to cry (literally) and attempt to shame the unshameable for losing their fortune. The fact that except for some European aristocrats and royalty the pilfered billions came almost entirely from his own tribe who then failed to see their own greed playing any part in the fiasco is the canvas of AINO. Who owns it, who it exists for, who will ultimately reduce it to nothing but tears and recrimination. AINO is the Madoff runaway train Ponzi scheme writ large.

  28. I’ve noticed something in the air lately. Out here in the sticks, the Dirt People have put away their Trump/MAGA yard flags. What they replaced them with are bold flags saying “FUCK BIDEN”. When the Great Mulatto was elected, I didn’t see similar sentiments displayed so openly.

    There is a movement waiting for a leader, which they thought was Trump, at heart a CivNat Democrat. I don’t think they’ll fall for the ConInc “vote harder” trick this time.

    • When I go out to my dad’s farm in Western Illinois you see very few Trump signs. They used to be all over the place. But you do see the fuck Biden signs, and many of them are very large. I’m not sure what that means going forward? It does give me joy to see them, though. But the faster dissident people move on from Trump the better off we will be. He’s a major roadblock to our program at this point. Good riddance.

    • I’m still seeing a lot of Trump signs in yards and on vehicles. But I think it is a signal of defiance. These are the people who know the election was fraudulent and they just want to stay in leftie’s face. Though I have to admit to seeing a few Hillary bumper stickers every now and then. God knows what that might mean.

  29. Partly hijacking the topic here, but relevant to today’s essay…

    I have lived in Chicagoland since 2005, for the first several years in the city, and then as kids came along in the west suburbs.

    In many ways, this area is ground zero for the revolution from above. Given JB’s latest edict, and our local Catholic private school’s cucking to this edict (mask the kids) even after they had previously announced mask optional, not being willing to fight or stand up to this crap. And further they are sneaking in some CRT into the curriculum under the guise of “emotional education”. So, we are ready to get out and find a “safer” place for our family to survive this revolution.

    Where might you go? We are strongly considering the northern suburbs of Dallas, given discussions we have had with friends down there. From what they tell us, CRT is nonexistent in their public schools, and everything is basically normal re: COVID crap. Same for the Catholic schools.

    So, please tell me why I should not move there. Of course, I am sure the Feds will keep trying to drop illegals in there to shift the place. And in the long run the whole country is probably fucked, but just trying to get the best chance to survive and get my kids through school as normally as possible over the next 10 years.

    And I know many will say get away from cities, get in rural areas, be self-sufficient. But the reality with my job is that I need to be near a major city with a major airport.

    Thanks for humoring me!

    • Texas is far more cucked than its reputation would indicate. My guess is someone moving from a Blue area would find it refreshing, but someone from another Red area would find it leftist in many ways. Texas could wield a huge amount of power against D.C. and simply will not do it.

    • Elizabethtown, KY. The 65 corridor of KY is pretty conservative (and white), except Louisville, of course. Cost of living is low, acreage is generally available and cheap. It’s also fairly Catholic, especially in the bourbon belt. Versailles and Bardstown are also nice places to live (more expensive, relatively speaking, but much prettier). Glendale and Howardstown are really nice but property doesn’t come up frequently.

    • Lucius: As Jack Dobson already noted, Texas is far more cucked than most realize. And demographic transformation is very well underway, and we have the usual share of race-blind Whites who think everything is fine and normal. CRT and blatant anti-Whiteness is not as overt here, but you will be a very definite minority wherever you go out in public (bank, grocery store, library, theatre, waterpark). And this is pretty much all of the northern DFW suburbs. Even Prosper, which was the back of beyond 10-15 years ago, is now booming and has its share of black sportsball payers whose sons or friends of sons have already wreaked havoc with White high school girls. It will probably seem Whiter to you than Chicago, but it’s all relative and YMMV.

      It’s highly ironic to me that me and my husband, and numerous other Texas residents, are planning to hightail it out of here to more rural locales, while New Yorkers and Chicagoans and Californians are flooding in thinking it’s so safe in comparison to their woke shitholes. Housing prices here are VASTLY inflated, and all the aforementioned wokesters are bidding prices ever higher – we went through hell trying to find a house for my son and daughter-in-law to rent because Californians were offering $300-$500 a month over the listed price. We could easily sell our house now for half a million, which is insane.

      tldr; Moving here might buy you 10 years and sufficient time to get your kids through school, but I wouldn’t bank on it. And if you do come, move a lot further north than you initially plan to. The DFW suburbs will extend all the way to the Oklahoma border before long, so get ahead of the curve. Your commute will suck, but they are extending the Dallas North Tollway up past Prosper right now, so it won’t be impossible.

    • Just a fair warning, I went to Catholic schools through the 80s and 90s and white guilt/critical race crap was well baked into their universalist religious curriculum. Public schools were actually better since their content hadn’t been put through the hot mess of Jesuit communism. The only thing I see within CRT is that now public school education in regards to civics will now be as bad as what I was taught thirty some-odd years ago.

      • c matt: There are still a ton of Mestizos and other aliens in Fort Worth. We used to take our son to the museums there rather than Dallas – and the last time (15 years ago perhaps) the families and kids were majority non-White and we stopped going altogether. Politics in FW may be more White dominated, but demographically life there is just as bad as any other Texas city.

  30. I wistfully imagine blm / antifa riots without police protection all the time. I also imagine that this torrent of cult-marx crazy will inevitably lead to inhuman cruelties and mass murder. There has been one successful antidote that I know of to stave off this otherwise inevitable result. I don’t see any sign of that antidote’s existence so far.

    • The signs are everywhere. You look at one in the mirror every morning. Good grief man – when the lights start going out? And food gets scarce? When things are easy, the freaks, degenerates, and lunatics driving this stuff are kind of entertaining. When your kids start to starve, though? There will be no mercy for that blue haired she-twink. When you are having your wages confiscated to support health care you have no access to, that Jew in the sun dress isn’t going to be funny anymore. You’re giving up before you’ve even fired a shot! That is where we are going, and you probably WILL have to shoot if the only other option is starvation or serfdom.

      • Good little rallying cry there, Glen.

        You’re absolutely correct that it starts with the person looking back at you in the mirror. We must not get demoralized. Not at all. Even in the face of their crazy propaganda.

        The signs of normalcy are everywhere, particularly in private. Don’t let us worry about that. The question has always been around effective organizing.

      • I would hope so. One has to think there is a snapping point with whites and maybe a empty stomach will do that. After all it does induce a clarity as to what is really important.

      • The way i look at it, our enemies are imposing their will for the shape of the society we will live in. They give the orders and back it up with force. That I recognize these orders are to my detriment and that of my family is of limited value in reversing the hierarchy of power. Our enemies, who clearly hate us and openly call for our genocide in party organs, have dispensed with the illusion of representative government. There is only one method of forestalling the declared ends of the cult-marx enemies of humanity and though it may begin with it intellectual recognition of self interest, that is not even a necessary prerequisite .

  31. Our European derived civilization provides security, clean water, electricity, roads, food, entertainment and religion.

    Our current regime is actively undermining (intentionally or not) all of the above.

    You can not buy an incandescent lightbulb or a toilet that flushes human waste. You can’t build a new road, tunnel or bridge or a power plant that generates reliable power. You can’t teach your children to love God or your country.

    Planning for the future is impossible when you have controlling elements in your society that hate what has been done in the past.

    • Intentional or not they seem to be removing any escapes for white men. The bread and circuses.

      Sportsball is now AfricanBall. No serious white guy is watching anymore. Bars are closed because of the China flu. This week alone, in Canada I’ve seen articles demonizing pickup trucks, boats, and cowboys, for really no reason except that it’s mostly white guys who partake. We aren’t even allowed to grill anymore as meat is evil.

      Red/Blue politics has been exposed as a joke.

      There’s only 3 options for white guys.

      -Stay a blue pilled retard, fat, unattractive, and too nice; increasingly irrelevant and useless in the new vibrant world.
      -Get hooked on drugs and slowly die off quietly
      -Notice, get angry, get prepared.

      Guys are taking all three routes but I sense that there just might be more white guys on path #3 than our rulers want to admit. I see it in some guys now. Our main problem is atomization, and alot of guys don’t really know what to do once they’re aware (I feel this way myself sometimes).

    • Last time I was in Germany , a couple years ago now, they still had a functioning infrastructure, clean, well ordered, what you’d expect from Germans i suppose. It’s much worse here , I attribute it to what Z has characterized as the ‘bust-out’ mentality of the managerial class in the US. Those were the good old days when they just wanted to rob us.

      • Not sure if he comments here but the now German-based Question Diversity had a Gab post in regards to the flooding where he noted that:
        1) The government had days worth of warnings, but failed to pass it along
        2) Provided no official emergency support
        3) Made it their business to harass people providing unofficial support (i.e. making the government look bad).

        It was pretty much a microcosm of what we see everywhere, all the time: brutal incompetence.

        • yes, I think I saw that too. It surprised me. When writing the above I was just thinking about the general state of the roads, buildings, bridges etc. Everything seemed to be tidy and well kept to my tourist eye.

  32. A mass psychosis Jonestown Kool-Aid cult from peace and safety voodoo totem worshipers who seem to think that humans were immortal before March 2020.
    Goethe was right about earth being the mental institution of the universe.
    Never let a good planned crisis go to waste in the Long March Great Reset Leap Forward.
    Get ready for the SPARS 2025-2028 plandemic as Johns Hopkins already has the manual printed up.

  33. “In the lab, this stuff sounds appealing, but when you go around smashing the culture, there is no guarantee what will happen next.”

    “It was fun watching the applecart being upset, but now where do we go for apples?” – Paul Schrader

  34. “The city is passing a nondiscrimination ordinance that will protect “gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation and natural hairstyles.””

    Regular blackouts – Check.
    Food staples missing from the shelves – Check.
    Big sinkhole swallowing up the main street – Check.
    Water shortage and local drought – Check.
    Violent crime rampant and laxly punished – Check.

    But thank The Lord that John Smith is looking at a five year stretch for calling a tranny a ‘nasty name’.

    Clown World.

    • Speaking of clowns, happen to see the latest White House vax propaganda video with this thing called “Benny Drama”?

      It’s cringe-inducing.

      • I don’t think I could. I’ve been doing very well keeping my temper at work, so need to see things that are positive. Like drawing up a curriculum for home-schooling.

        Also at work, a pretty based colleague is now leaving, which means we’re a man down on the common sense front. One less person to blow off steam with, one less person to use the hilarious term ‘shamdemic’ in front of.

        In other shamdemic news, a mysterious (presumably male) artist has reappeared on a major road near me, and has been spraying ‘Covid Scam’ across lanes. That’s a nice piece of action right there.

  35. Hypothesis:

    Over the top hysteria over Jan 6 is really just cover to nationalize and expand the Capitol Police force into a powerful national entity….controlled by Congress.

    All the 3-letter agencies are controlled (in theory) by the executive: Schumer said as much “they can get back at you six ways from Sunday”.

    In a weird way, this is semi rational pushback; Congress may be tired of being bullied by 3LTRs and the President’s hacks who control them. They want their own agency, controlled exclusively by them, which is immune to FOIA requests, that can act as a counterweight to the executive.

    (Of course, it’s the little people who’ll get crushed.)

    • I think it goes much deeper than this. I will be covering this on the podcast this week, which is a dive into the revolution.

    • That is an interesting theory, I could see McConnell or Schumer coming up with something like that, but they are both near the end of their time in Congress. The younger members are borderline retarded. Do you think they could even come up with a scheme like that and execute it?

    • Close. The FBI, NSA and IC/MIC all are shaking their moneymakers to try to placate the revolution, but all will be destroyed and swallowed up to make room for what has been described as “social workers.” That simply is a euphemism for political officers with arrest powers. Congress certainly would love to be in control of such a national force, but that’s why just “close” instead of “correct.” Powers far greater than the dutiful whores in Congress or the White House will be directing the unarmed social workers backed up by what comes after the traditional military, which will be geared toward wars against civilians.

      The upcoming (and current low grade) clashes between states and localities against the central government will be where the real action is. It is just a matter of time now until federal law enforcement officers are arrested at the state level, and D.C. responds in kind. Also look for federal courts to become ignored more and more. It also is a safe bet that individual states will develop their own weapons of mass destruction.

      Z kind of is right that chaos is the purpose behind the revolution, but it also is the predictable consequence. If you look closely into the French and Russian revolutions, what strikes you is the voids that filled what once was order, and the amounts of time it took to respond. Dissidents need to be ready to move when this chaos offers the opportunity.

      As an aside, January 6 will prove to be one of the greatest self-owns in world history as those who orchestrated and exploited it are thrown into the same pit as the “insurrectionists.” Speaking of…

      Finally, from time to time we are catching glimpses of an internecine power struggle. Although nowhere as important as it seems on the surface, the targeted assaults on Kamala Harris and Bill Gates, for example, certainly were unexpected by me, at least. Power is still being consolidated.

      • I for one would love to see a return or strengthening of States Rights. If that requires an armed State Militia, answering to its State and not the presumed Central government, that is ok by me. What will be very hard to turn down, however, is all that Federal money, whether matching funds, grants, local employment, etc. from Washington.

        A powerful national government was a Good Thing while it lasted, but it seems to be ageing poorly. The cost-benefit calculus has shifted, for a lot of people. It may be time to become the Disunited States, or simply take steps to local control.

        • Not sure a “powerful national government” was ever a good thing. Switzerland has a notable “weak” national, or centralized government, but the Germans never screwed with them in WWII. If we could ever get out of the “empire” mindset, the Swiss model might be an option.

      • Forgot that Cuomo character. Z has had some good theories on that, but at the moment it seems like one clique of the inner party wants him gone, and yet he still has enough power to stay right where he’s at.

      • Kamala is the sacrificial lamb. Perfect for the Narrative.
        Her fate “at the hands of the white nazis” will light up the Purge.

    • “All the 3-letter agencies are controlled (in theory) by the executive”

      The 3-letter agencies (aka the Intelligence Branch) run themselves now. They are the ones who run the executive (i.e. POTUS) instead of the other way around. Biden’s way too far gone to be in charge of anything anyway, he’s just a figurehead. They also have enough compromising material on the other branches that they need not worry about interference. The Senate is deeply complicit in the operations of the Intelligence Branch to boot.

      Sundance recently concluded a series of posts outlining all this.

        • Unfortunately, like he often says, once you see the strings on the marionettes, you can never return to the time when you didn’t see them.

      • I saw a clip this morning from our Potato-In-Chief exhorting people to get the shot wherein he quoted the number of Americans who have already complied as 350 million.

        That was after he ‘consulted his notes’ because he self-admittedly couldn’t conjure the “correct” figure off the top of the spud that passes for his head. How is this even real?

  36. I have to admit. At this point, it’s hard to see what can stop the revolution. The entire establishment – government, corporations, the media, etc. – are now fully committed.

    The attack on and defeat of colorblind civic nationalism last year destroyed the last damn in the way of the river. Whites are no longer allowed to hide behind “treat everyone equally” or “we shouldn’t see color.” The same is true for businesses and any organization.

    Every person and entity now has to acknowledge that the system is racist, sexist, rigged in favor of whites, etc. Once that becomes the stated “truth,” there is no way to resist any of the revolutionary policies and law, allowing it to overtake everything.

    • This is my view. I’ve said for a long time now that the ultimate red pill is that there is no voting out way out of this. That means a mass awakening to the reality of liberal democracy is what must come next. It comes either by the overt seizure of power, like suspending elections, or the political class just ignoring the results of elections. It is why I say that an organized boycott of the next election would be a powerful bit of activism.

      • I truly believe that 2020 was a turning point. The GOP was fully unmasked as a fake. It’s hatred of Trump and the refusal to push back against BLM showed everyone that it’s utterly pointless.

        It made many realize that politics was never going to solve our problems. The changing demographics and the Dems lock on national power will make that even more clear.

        • The GOP was unmasked to those of us who see clearly, like the commenters here.

          Unfortunately, Civnat normies are still walking around going, “Oh man…just wait till 2022…just wait till the midterms…the pendulum is totally going to swing back man, like *totally*.”

          Yeah, guy, no.

      • The political class essentially did ignore the results of an election in 2020, although they tried to barely hide the fact.

        Heck, they have been doing it for decades, but this time it was just too obvious

    • Probably so. Therefore, be white! Agree and amplify. Act now to disentangle yourself sufficiently from the system in order to begin a campaign of de facto Jim Crow, one POC at a time. Forswear IKAGO and deny them your time and treasure. Harden your heart and let them whither and die. No one is coming to solve our problems. Whether it’s a hard genocide of bodily violence or a soft genocide of destroying everything you hold sacred and demanding that you assent to it, if you honestly believe that is your coming lot, then act accordingly.

    • What is likely to stop it is:

      A. Insider infighting.
      B. The sheer complexity of the modern society, and the ability of the deplorables to turn off the lights.
      C. Over estimation of the ability of remote drone technology to scale.
      D. Lack of enough peasants to throw in with the Revolution from Above as active participants. Stalin had lots of people following him who were able and willing. No will die for Biden’s adult diaper change.
      E. The big one — lack of legitimacy. As Critical Drinker noted on his youtube series, Hollywood takes beloved childhood memories from classic TV shows and movies and makes them woke and destroys the original characters and demands you adore their work. And calls fans toxic when they turn off and get angry at their childhood memories being tarnished.

      This is why Ahkenaten’s Revolution from above failed. The people and other elites preferred the old gods to the new one.

  37. I think all those great revolutions took time to build up, Z. Russia simmered and boiled for decades before Lenin pulled the trigger on the Royal Family. Our cultures have been at a rolling boil since the 60s.

    • i wouldn’t compare pre soviet tsarist russia to current western world.

      that society was a hundred times less corrupt, a thousand times more christian & way less violent. It had lots of j*uws lying in the press who stirred up the pot, so there were similarities, won’t deny that, but that society wasn’t putrid.

      I will say I believe regular folk were way more naive back then than they are today. Marxist-socialism didn’t have the reputation back then it has today.

      • pre-1917 russia was a very violent society. The czar was assassinated in 1881 and there were several other serious attempts. There was also a mini-civil war that occurred in 1905. Many other political leaders were also assassinated pre-1917.

        When was the last time any big name pol was assassinated here? RFK maybe?

        • i don’t think political assassinations when someone mentions violence

          no go zones, drug violence, rape gangs, that’s what comes to mind

  38. Are we in the revolution now? Is this comparable to the other revolutions Z mentioned? Or has the revolution not truly yet begun?

    I ask this because if I stop reading things on the internet the world is shockingly calm in my middle-sized mid-atlantic city. Sure I can look at a Portland or Chicago and see some flavor of street violence but I imagine to at least a plurality of the the residents in those cities not that much has changed. Surely all the ingredients are there. Maybe I’m naive and these things can only be seen in hindsight. I still think we have yet to witness our version of the Terror.

    • Before Stalin unleashed terror on the peasants, life was as peaceful and productive as it have ever been for the peasants.

    • True.

      And… is this really spreading? I ask, because most dissidents saw the Chinkypox for the scam it was almost since the day it came out. The idiocy required for scams like this are not contagious; the dissidents that saw the coronascam for what it was, will see the next one for what it is too.

      Sure, we masked up to soothe the Karens and avoid fights with stupid people… but we all knew full well what we were doing. Some will get the jab, just to shut the harpies in HR up. The risk is minimal and a man can still grit his teeth and go along to get along for now… but he knows what’s going on.

      OTOH Patriotism can spread like wildfire. I think we are simply in the era of the straw that breaks the camel’s back. We are being loaded up at the moment… and then will come that last little poke or prod that brings out the torches, pitchforks, scythes and axes. The lunacy of the current age will be swept away like the cancer it is. Noggers can’t govern themselves, much less a modern civilization. SJWs are crippling companies everywhere. Normie isn’t sleeping on the couch in front of the TV anymore.

      It won’t be long now.

      • On Aug. 6, the SEC approved a NASDAQ request that listed companies shall have a “diverse” board of directors or explain why not. At best, we might dismiss this as just another example of “window dressing,” the establishment paying lip service to the latest Progressive article of faith. To the extent they really try to implement it, of course, a womaner, browner, gayer, etc-er executive suite is just going to sabotage the enterprise all the sooner.

        It’s nice to fantasize that eventually someone somewhere will finally say “Hell no! I’m only going to hire (or live with) white Europeans. Go to tell with your diversity!” Right now the threat of legal enforcement is too high a price to pay. But as you might say, when the dam starts to crack… 😀

        • How about “despite our best efforts we have been unable to recruit a sufficient number of qualified diverse directors willing to serve on the board. However our efforts are continuing. ”

          Or, just have sufficient board members self identify as the diversity needed.

          • Matt, that’s exactly what Humphrey said over 50 years ago when defending the civil rights legislation being proposed by Congress at the time. That is to say, it would not force the hiring of unqualified minorities, nor quotas based upon race. But the Courts found differently and soon racial discrimination based upon disparate impact was law of the land—which of course logically implies quotas must be used in hiring. It will be no different wrt corporate boards.

          • It would be honestly hilarious if white guys on a board got their DNA tested by 23andme, then designated all board members who had any trace of African ancestry as token blacks. I’d love to see how progressives and blacks reconcile that to the one drop rule.

          • In reply to CompSci below and perhaps others. Broadly correct, but even our Kakistocracy sometimes must bow to real world needs. For example 1971’s Griggs decision which invented (so far as I know), the novel idea of “disparate impact” there is an allowance for testing or requirements actually relevant to the needs of the job.

            None of that is to say the government won’t find a way to impose quotas anyway — they probably already have. But if a corporation can make the case they really need a person with a PhD in Finance, they still have this to stand upon.

            The truly qualified minorities are in very hot demand, and often command salaries above their white bread colleagues, simply because they are very rare. The joke in HR goes something like “We’re looking for a female, Native American, transgender Civil Engineer.” The retort is “So is everybody else.” 🙂

        • Nonsense. Consider:

          Racial realities are what they are. We are seeing this in Africa where nigolatry has replaced prosperous white run countries with black shitholes and kleptocracies. In corporate America, those that get woke go broke. The blue cities are already starting to burn.

          This only ends one way, fellas. The future is white, for it can be nothing else. Before this is over, you will see blacks, directed by whites – to round up and subdue the more feral and uncontrollable blacks. 25% of our women are on psychotropic antidepressants. That number is going straight up, too. They are on their way back to their kitchens and the sammiches will be AWESOME. It will be good for them too; that is where they belong. Good times are at the end of this. We just have to kill a lot of bad people first.

    • sneakn: Normalcy bias. Just because the thunder and lightening and hail are not visible from your skies overhead does not mean they are not moving ever closer. My husband speaks with customers all over the country and a large number of them are buying land or looking to relocate out of major cities. This exodus has been going on with the top 5-10% for a while now, but is now trickling down to the rest of the top 25%. That’s not an insignificant number of people. Perhaps they’re not moving to your mid-atlantic city yet, but check out real estate elsewhere.

      • They are all moving to Idaho, once one of the least glamorous states. In fact, many of them are moving to Northern Idaho, which was the home of Ary@n Nations. The revealed preference of the wealthy is difficult to conceal.

        I guess I can feel smart for foreseeing this 10 years ago but now I have to move again.

        • Line: I’ve read about the real estate market in Idaho – and Montana and other states of the ‘western redoubt.’ Too many celebs had massive ranches and 10,000 square feet ‘log cabins’ there even a decade ago.

          Look for somewhere that does not have any famous or wealthy residents (or at least any that you have heard of) before moving. Even towns in West Virginia are falling to homosexuals en masse from DC building ‘summer homes’ or rapefugees being moved in. This doesn’t guarantee they’ll all stay there, but be warned. Find some place that is not yet on the list of ‘popular’ places and is at least 100 miles from any major city. Again, there is no guarantee anywhere anymore – there is a small town (approx 2000 full-time residents) less than 100 miles from where we’ve just bought land that has a significant homosexual contingent, but the overall town is small enough and the roads narrow enough that we feel we can safely ignore them for now and they will fall to whatever fate the future has in store far in advance of us, or by us.

      • Yep. Real Estate is hot in central PA and shows no sign of slowing. Praise the Market! say fewer and fewer.

        I can run out to Juniata County and still see NY plates like the first few locusts landing in the next green field.

        Lancaster would’ve had race riots last summer if not for frankly masterful police work. The locals, who are too polite to be hostile, are starting to give the cold shoulder. But Lancaster is lost for now, a prog forward base like a tumor ready to metastasize. I also hear Lebanon is getting shipments of illegals good and hard.

        Yet the refugees, foreign and domestic, keep coming because the money still has value. Probably won’t be too long before the locals start wising up to that, too.

        • Sorry to hear SE PA is going to shit too. While I never lived there (I’m a DC near-native), ca. 1980 I spent an academic year at a college in that area studying, ah, call it “Latin American Imports.” 🙂 I did enough sightseeing then and later to know it is (was) a fine area. Any locality that has both Blue Balls and the remedy, Intercourse, can’t be all that bad!

          • Objectively it’s still nice, but my standards are high. I’d say a good 2/3 of LanCo is still rural (might’ve been 3/4 30 years ago), but Dems have a hard on for the place and Republicans seem content to get rich selling out bit by bit. Supposedly Harrisburg says so much area must be set aside for development, because, you know, that’s what’s important, and Republicans don’t have the spine to do anything about it. I have a feeling it’s a decent microcosm of the country in a lot of ways.

            Not just Lancaster, but Lebanon, Berks, Dauphin, York counties especially for whatever reason.

            Granted, it’s not on the scale of the Philly burbs or NJ, but it’s happening in the heart of PA agriculture. It’s like the Borg, or cancer, or something.

          • Continue on the 50 from Blue Balls through Intercourse, and you’ll reach Climax (Climax, WV).

  39. I’ve always identified with the left but I’m starting to think that COVIDianism,wokism
    and superfuous/surveillance technologyoare the biggest threats in this country.

    But I feel there’s a difference between wokeness 1.0 and wokeness 2.0. Like when I think of wokeness 1.0 I think of Jackson Browne, Stephen Stills, John Souther etc back in the day. They were liberal and socially conscious – but seemed like actually cool/creative people who were fun to be around. This current type of wokeness feels like it could bring about a new dark age.

    • The current wokeness was birthed by the original one. You know, the cool ones. Socially conscious my ass.
      Now let’s all sing Imagine.

    • “They were liberal and socially conscious – but seemed like actually cool/creative people who were fun to be around. ”

      Heh. They were socially conscious alright, just keep away from all the foreigners and lecture us about ‘harmony’, ‘equality’, ‘no possessions’, ‘peace’ &c. And for the record, I quite like Jackson Browne’s music, but immediately I would suspect him of being politically suspect. After all, can’t have bad thoughts and be a recording artist. No sir.

      But yet another problem here is that how many were influenced by these people? How many thought that all jobs must be cool and creative: jumper designer, motorbike designer, aircraft designer, rock star, rock star’s entourage person number 15, double-ended dildo designer! Cool. Creative, brother.

      This weird emphasis on a job being something that you love and can change the world is one of the most damaging things I’ve seen. And our schools promote it via ‘non-judgementalism’… if little Jimmy ain’t no good at the calculus, perhaps he can do something else. That’s OK to admit; maybe Jimmy has a knack for making stuff out of wood, or just likes to work with his hands. But our system cannot accept this, “more education!” they cry. “More graduates!”.

      Sorry for the rant, but we may have been able to put the brakes on this thing a bit if we gave simple like “Basically, you go to work to get paid. If you like your job, great. If not, well it’s work.”.

      • Great point about how, for the past 20 or 30 years, the narrative has relentlessly shilled the idea that everyone must love their job and be incredibly passionate about it.

        Most work is just a means to the end of making enough money to secure food, shelter, and clothing. No more no less.

        Sadly, the corporate world fails to recognize this, and actively strives to create an internal culture that resembles nothing more than an endless high school pep rally before the big football game. “GO TEAM! FIGHT! WIN!”

        The other related, equally hugely damaging idea pushed by the narrative for the past few decades is that every child is going to become an astronaut, rock star, or neurosurgeon.

        I think that idea is one of the most insidious CultMarx concepts, since it is a form of equalism disguised in the skinsuit of meritocracy.

        Functional adults should have seen that idea for the fantasy that it is, but the West has not been a society of functional adults for quite a few years now.

        • I’m surprised nobody brought up the erosion of academic, social, legal, civil, etc. standards over the same (actually, much longer) period? Since we’re discussing mostly jobs and education above, appropriate comments would be about grade inflation, watered down educational curriculum, grading and certification, proliferation of useless degrees and a thousand other things I don’t know about. When we were kids, the “problem” was high school graduates who can’t read , do simple math, or lacked rudimentary job skills. Today, the problem is ditto for many college grads.

          I’m sure my observation isn’t original, but I call this the magical thinking that giving a title that once had meaning (even “high school graduate” at one time, long ago!) to those who previously fell short of the standard, would somehow (magically of course, since exactly “how” is never credibly explained) give the newly credentialled dullard a respectable job and career he would — somehow — grow into and become a valued member of the team.

          • That seems to be the way of it, Ben. Here in the UK, a teacher friend of mine showed me the curriculum for 14-16 year olds, and I was surprised to see the calculus was there. I didn’t touch that until 16+, so sometimes it’s hard to square.

            My guess is that there is simply too much to cram in, classes too big, teachers don’t really care, and neither do the kids. Let’s face it, most of us probably found school lessons boring as hell. And they were. I only got into studying certain fields way after I left university, when I just ‘wanted to’. There was no pressure to cram, or pass exams. I just learnt because I was interested.

            We all know about the immense state brainwashing that school provides, so I’ll not cover it here. But one thing that is probably very difficult is how to handle kids of immensely varying ability. In one hour. Can’t be done. Not even John Taylor Gatto could do it.

            As an example, the National Curriculum here over in England mentions that teachers have an obligation to challenge the most ambitious and excellent pupils. It then says that even more effort should be spent with kids less able than the norm. Our class sizes here are about 30 kids, so there’s gonna be a fair few who just fall behind. Let’s say four kids. And one super smart one. Even with just five kids that need to be treated specially, who has the time? The teacher? In amongst everything else? Not on your nelly, lad.

            Naturally, I’d expect smaller class sizes to have a net positive effect on learning. I’d also say that having to spend your time helping kids for whom English is not their first language has a net negative effect.

            In short, mass public schooling never really made too much sense even before wokeness (it did have some good effects, which I won’t discount). It was never going to be effective at what it claimed. I could go on, but you get the point.

          • Ben – all the ills you mention (grade inflation, credentialism, etc.) are legitimate – but they are all the children of greater and earlier ills – race blind ‘equality’ and feminist political activism. Denying real and enduring human biological differences is what led to all those ills we suffer from, so addressing them is pointless unless the underlying causes are ruthlessly purged first.

            Until the word ‘nice’ becomes accepted as the contemptuous insult it actually is, nothing will fundamentally change. The whole concept of ‘the team’ has to change, as well as recognizing who is a member of one’s own team and that the other teams want to kill you and steal all your stuff.

            tldr; reductionism. Dig deeper and begin at the lowest level. All else follows from there naturally.

          • Ben, the decline in education is mostly explained by the decline in White enrollment as opposed to the increase in minority enrollment in the educational system. The erosions you cite are all related to this.

            Now I use the term White, but that’s simply a proxy for IQ, and White IQ is declining as well. But the falling IQ within the educational system has been most affected by the changing demographics of race in the USA—where today, the majority of those students 18 and under are minority.

            Education improvement is given lip service frequently, but since all efforts to “improve” such have failed, it is becoming an embarrassing tar baby in that, the more efforts fail, the more it becomes apparent that we have “bad students”, not bad schools or teachers—and of course, those “bad students” come increasingly from our minority demographics. Some things are better not to be investigated.

          • “Here in the UK, a teacher friend of mine showed me the curriculum for 14-16 year olds, and I was surprised to see the calculus was there. I didn’t touch that until 16+, so sometimes it’s hard to square.”

            Remember, everything the establishment tells you is fake and gay. I’ve seen the youth of today on TikTok. There’s no way you can convince me that any of them understand the slightest thing about derivatives, infinitesimals and differentials.

            Disclosure: I had three semesters of Calculus in college more than 30 years ago and have forgotten pretty much everything I knew about Calculus despite getting straight As. It went down the same memory hole as COBOL.

          • In short, they dumbed down the schools so dusky women could graduate as welfare case workers.

        • Shockingly, that Disney flick Ratatouille made a good point along the line that anyone can be a chef, but not anyone can become one. I took that to mean the ability to be X may arise in any number of particular people, but that doesn’t mean everyone is capable of being x.

          • I believe the line was something like “a great chef could come from anywhere, but not everyone can be a great chef”, and yes I was surprised by the line as well.

      • that’s the thing. You might see the building trades or truck driving as “icky” but if half the people in those trades randomly dropped dead – our society would be in deep shit.

        Likewise, if half the people in the creative class dropped dead – it would maybe be felt for a month but things would be back to normal pretty quickly.

        • Yup. It would be “I’m cold and hungry” vs. “Welp, there’s nothing on, I guess I’ll go work in the garden.”

    • “Jackson Browne, Stephen Stills, John Souther etc back in the day. They were liberal and socially conscious”


        • Boy howdy. “Intel”- the spy pirate Companies- rule the world from behind the curtains.

          Behind them, the Capstone; as Ron Paul said, ” no accident that the century of central banking was also the century of total war.”

    • I actually don’t think your named three — which I did not take for an exhaustive list though certainly connotative of an “era” — were even Woke 1.0. Certainly they were more Sexist than any earlier editions of the NPC firmware would permit, even in the 70s.

      Go read Robert Christgau’s (hilarious) anti-reviews of the Eagles’ early output for an echt taste of proto-woke venom. The corporate fable we’ve been passed down re: “The Sixties” was being called out by angry bitter/sexually-frustrated left-wingers at the time.

      • I feel like some of those names were involved in social activism back in the day. Like there was a big time anti-nuke concert in September 1979 in NY and there were a lot of big names there.

        But anyways, that type of wokery (woke 1.0 if you will) seemed mostly harmless. I mean nukes are bad.

      • Thx
        Dealt with an angry looking boss femme Asian girl at the post office so wasn’t sure if she threw it in the trash or not 😃

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