Irrational Losers

Note: The weekly Taki post is up. The topic this week is something I hope to dive into on the podcast this week. The revolution from above will be a new favorite phrase. There is also the Sunday podcast up behind the green door.

One of the distinguishing features of conservatism is the habit of attacking its own side during conflicts with the Left. In fact, these self-criticism sessions are usually triggered by left-wing criticism of the Right or in anticipation of such criticism. Somewhere in the middle of the fight, usually when things are looking up for the good guys, conservatives will attack their own team over some small issue. The claim is that the people in error are undermining the fight against the left with their bad ideas.

A recent example is Heather MacDonald taking to the pages of a center-left platform to criticize vaccine skeptics as knuckle-dragging primitives. You see, there are people opposed to the Left who do not hold the same opinions as Heather MacDonald with regards to the vaccines, so those people must be corrected. Sure, things are going badly for the Left on the Covid issue but removing that fly from a friend’s face with a hatchet is too important to wait until after the fight.

There is no question that many people opposed to the strip-mining of what is left of our liberties over the Covid issue are wrong about a lot of things. Some think the vaccine changes your DNA. Some think the vaccines are entirely fake, part of some plot to control society. If you look hard enough, you can probably find people who think the vaccines are an alien technology developed at Area 51. Covid is a ruse to experiment on the public with this new extraterrestrial technology.

America is a big country, so you can find just about every crazy idea imaginable if you look long enough. Why does Mx. MacDonald think these people are worthy of a public tongue lashing? The stated reason is those vaccine skeptics are acting as irrationally as the people they oppose. Some of them think vaccines in general may not be all that safe and are refusing this vaccine. Imagine that? People in the middle of a heated partisan fight putting aside reason to score points against the enemy?

Presumably, Mx. MacDonald thinks these people are harming the cause in some way, so they must be silenced. The claim appears to be reason. You see, by tolerating the unreasonable on her side, it would harm her claims to being the most reasonable person in the room. Therefore, reason compels her to root around the ranks of the people opposed to the Covid madness, looking for the unreasonable. Tone police the unreasonable and then reason will triumph!

Of course, the question is, unreasonable to whom? Politics is always a partisan business, so the central questions are who? and whom? Only unreasonable people think politics can be a right answer business. In most cases, there are many possible right answers, as right is determined by preference. In a democracy, right is determined by convincing the people wielding power behind the scenes that the mobs will be sated with one approach or another. All politics is partisan.

Mx. MacDonald thinks these knuckle-dragging anti-vaxxers are making her look bad to someone, so who is it? That is the key to understanding conservative perfidy and failure over the last half century. What matters most to them is the people in the managerial class and their place in it. It is very important to someone like Mx. MacDonald to never be associated with someone like Alex Jones, who thinks vaccines are making frogs gay and lowering the sperm count of American males.

What reason tells us is that defeating the forces of darkness that have launched the revolution from above is the only concern. If that means siding with people who line their clothes with aluminum foil, so be it. Nothing can come before the destruction of radicalisms in all its forms. This is what reason demands. Otherwise, if the radicals get their way, these people fetishizing their rationality will be keeping the rest of us company in the reeducation camps.

Politics is an ugly business under ideal conditions, because people inevitably assume that the other side of the fight is filled with bad people. After all, they have the wrong opinions and refuse to change them. That means things are said that are not true and not very nice about the other side, but that’s just the nature of it. This is something the people who never stop talking about their rationality should know by now. Reasonable people understand the reality of the human condition.

In the case of the Covid war, there are people making wild claims about the vaccine, mostly to get attention for themselves. That is an argument against social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. These platforms made it easy for stupid people to get on-line and have an opinion. This drew in the sorts of people who look to exploit the mob for their own benefit. This is also the argument against democracy, as laid out in Federalist Papers 10, but here we are anyway.

The thing is, Alex Jones claiming the vaccine will alter your DNA is no nuttier than much of what is in the mass media. In fact, a ridiculous claim is far less harmful than the plausible, but inaccurate claim. Few people will think the vaccine will turn you into Big Foot, but most people will believe we need to make kids wear masks. Far more people have been harmed by official lies than by goofballs on the internet. Again, this is something the “rational conservatives” should understand.

None of this is to say that there can never be criticism of allies or even a break with people who harm the cause. This has always been the problem with outsider politics, which tends to get overrun with weirdos. The issue is timing and intent. Privately chastising an ally for screwing up is reasonable. Dismissing wackos who are harming the cause is prudent. These are exceptions to partisanship that are required in politics, but conservative have made them their purpose.

This is why conservatives always lose. The main principle of the conservative is to conserve their reputation at all costs. No cause is ever so dear as to lead them to spend a penny of their reputation on it. Put another way, for the conservative, there is never anything worth fighting for, so they are always willing to cede the battle to the other side, no matter the cost. The Left sends thugs carrying bats and knives, while the Right sends out dandies dressed like interior decorators.

The test in these matters is this. Is the world better or worse with a small group of people who think vaccines alter your DNA? The obvious answer is the world is not affected in the least by people with crackpot ideas. Is the word made better or worse by allowing the evil of progressivism triumph? The answer is obvious. People fetishizing their rationality should be able to grasp this. Instead, for generations they have come to the opposite conclusion and lost every fight.

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249 thoughts on “Irrational Losers

  1. ” People fetishizing their rationality should be able to grasp this.”

    In defense of Mx. MacDonald, politics is also the art of persuasion. You want to persuade your unpersuaded dinner guest to adopt your point of view. You sound rational and relatable. Then your crazy friends in the living room start freaking out to the sounds of Heavy Metal as your whacko brother, who thinks he’s Teddy Roosevelt, comes bursting through the door from down the basement, hollering something about charging up San Juan Hill. You gaze at your dinner guest with a sheepish grin. “Heh, heh, just ignore them…”

    • Too late for persuasion. These people can not be persuaded. Your voice as against the mega propaganda voices of the media, the academy, the corporations, the censorship?

      Get real. These people cannot be persuaded. They must be defeated. Otherwise our future is civil war, tyranny, or secession.

  2. Since the Grand Old Politburo are the jobber designated losers of the WCW/WWF clown show could we at least have some lovable losers instead of carpetbagger Mittens and other squishy bureauweenie nomenklatura apparatchik sellouts.
    What’s a Heather MacDonald?
    Is she one of the evolved enlightened “sophisticated vaccinated” (h/t-NY Times) people?

  3. While cooking tonight I watched Tucker’s speech from Hungary

    If anyone thinks he doesn’t read this blog, he’s crazy

    The themes and many of the phrases were straight out of the comments section

    • It would be nice to think so Falcone. Maybe he comments here too. Maybe he uses the Falcone alias? 😬 or Zman or Whiskey or JohnWayne!

      Welcome Tucker! You do come back now, ya hear! We’ll leave the light on for ya.

  4. I received a link a couple months ago to some video claimed to be of a 1918 cartoon about the Spanish Flu called “Early Warning.” This cartoon was laughably fake, nobody was talking about vaxxing the masses during the Spanish Flu, as medical tech was so primitive at the time that the idea they could have made a vax for this flu in time is laughable. I also pointed out that in 1918 radios such as were depicted in the cartoon were not readily available yet and that the term “weaponize” was not attested anywhere until 1957. Of course I never heard back from that woman. The problem with hoaxes is even if you privately point it out the the person who got hoaxed, they always take it personally and resent you for it.

    • On average, the spam filter blocks ~3000 bogus messages per day. The alternative to sensitive would be a disaster.

      • Z’s badthinkers appreciate his lenience in letting our comments through.

        His life would be easier if he just blocked us all.

        • At this point, I hope he’s got three or four full-time m0ds on staff, to help with the m0deration.

          I just copy-pasted the current contents of this thread into an el-cheapo free word processor, and got the following results:

          125250 characters (with spaces) minus 94831 characters (no spaces) means

          125250 – 94831 = 30419 spaces

          In turn, that means there are roughly 15,000 words already posted on this thread.

          That’s an helluva lotta reading for any one person to do every day – in addition to the workload of writing a new essay at least five times a week, not to mention recording podcasts – I hope the dude is getting plenty of help from somewhere.

  5. As a casual listener to AJ
    a couple things jump out to me.

    First, a lot of the outrageous things he says are tongue in cheek – to make a point humorously. Like the frogs thing. Amphibians have been experiencing sixual transition in adulthood, which is a new phenomenon and the cause isn’t adequately understood by biologist who study such things. Which the assumption that some level of environmental pollution is causing it.

    Secondly, he has been more accurate in his observationations over the last twenty years than serious normiecon pundits such as Goldberg or Kristol or any of the other usual suspects. So whose nuttier, AJ for hypothesizing that the documented drop in testosterone levels is driven by the same factor affecting amphibians, or the normiecons that guaranteed that Iraq was a democracy waiting to be liberated and once it was freedom and peace would spread throughout the Mid East.

  6. As a casual listener to Alex Jones, a couple things jump out to me.

    First, a lot of the outrageous things he says are tongue in cheek – to make a point humorously. Like the gay frogs thing. Amphibians have been experiencing sexual transition in adulthood, which is a new phenomenon and the cause isn’t adequately understood by biologist who study such things. Which the assumption that some level of environmental pollution is causing it.

    Secondly, he has been more accurate in his observationations over the last twenty years than serious normiecon pundits such as Goldberg or Kristol or any of the other usual suspects. So whose nuttier, AJ for hypothesizing that the documented drop in testosterone levels is driven by the same factor affecting amphibians, or the normiecons that guarandamnteed that Iraq was a democracy waiting to be liberated and once it was freedom and peace would spread throughout the Mid East.

  7. Conservativeinc does not always lose. In fact they’ve won the long war on the issue that they really care about. Which protecting their wealth and privilege.

    All the social issues and the like that they leave lost on mover the years were only so much marketing bullshit to get the rubes on their side.

    It’s past time to admit that the left was largely correct about them and that we were played.

    • Nicely said. The anti abortion people did pretty well I’d say.

      Abortion is at an all time low in absolute and adjusted numbers and abortion clinics much less common.

      Its a push but its something.

      If the Right were not just another brand of individualism and materialism or if such grifters were quickly banished we’d have a shot .

      I think if this were the case though it would probably end up “Leftists actually shot” the Left is incremental and fairly relentless, almost an admirable trait which suggests like the Borg in Star Trek you destroy the whole cube or they’ll just regenerate.

      Honestly I’m about ready for an authoritarian Right Wing society, enforced social conservatism and economic nationalism along with a lot of repartitions make for a much more pleasant place than the madhouse we have now.

      • It was difficult for me to scan “repartitions” and for my brain not to process it as “reparations”.

        The poz is in everything now, even our gray matter.

      • The abortion issue is a prime example of coninc not doing anything. They can’t even get something symbolic done like cutting off federal funding for planned parenthood.

        A sane, rational republic or democracy would pretty quickly reach a compromise similar to what most of Europe has, with abortion legal up to a hard cut off – 5 or 6 months – and then completely illegal after that.

        Instead, here, both parties benefit by keeping the issue at a low boil.

        • Someone once said of cancer, “There is more money to be made looking for a cure, than finding a cure.” The rice bowl, or follow the money, argument, or whatever you’d like to call it, is a prime suspect in that and many spheres. Especially with any moral or political issue, they tend to be durable and popular. As such, there is ample money to be made in fund raising, speaking engagements, selling books and various other income-generating activity. Set up your non-profit corporation or other entity if you actively lobby poltically, probably in DC, and staff it to taste. These positions have the wonderful effect of being a way to “bribe” selected people completely legally. You’re just giving someone a job, even if it’s clear she doesn’t do anything useful for the salary. With the funds, you can pass out grants to favored groups. The overhead (primarily salaries) is a large fraction of most enterprises’ costs. Solving,or even addressing, the problem(s) your firm was set up to combat are strictly incidental.

    • Give physiognomy a good amount of trust, and you will come out more times ahead — especially when evaluating people you haven’t met.

      My stock picking strategy was always to look up the CEO and the board to see what they look like. These are people who are strangers to me, and if I am going to trust them with my money I will do a basic physiognomy character read.

      And the strangest thing was how much derision this would get me from normies. They went about using all their financial models and so forth. And maybe that is a good play if all you want to do is make money. But I also don’t want to be associated with someone like Zuckerberg and would never invest in FB, for example. One look at that guy and you expect me to trust him? Ok, yeah, he may have made you more but he ruined your country, which is to be expected just by looking at him. Was it worth it, normie investor?

  8. Maybe the reason conservatives always lose is because their bad leaders choose the wrong hills to fight and die on for short term reasons.

    People can choose to get vaxxed or not, but why all of talk radio, Fox, Newsmax and other conservative media has to go full Braveheart over that issue is odd to say the least and counter-productive to say the worst. And that’s with whom my complaint is.

    With all the 60- and 70%-plus majority issues out there, why must conservative media focus on an issue that is championed by a distinct minority? Especially a position that the media talking heads themselves really don’t share — Hannity, Levin, Ingraham, Gorka, Hanson are all vaxxed. None of them believe the vaccinations are either ineffective or unsafe — And especially a position that makes its proponents sound crazy to the vast majority of normal people.

    Maybe they haven’t put on the Hitler costume, but the clown outfit is bad enough.

    There’s a well-known maxim in talk radio: if you want the phones to light up, start talking about abortion.

    But there’s a followup to that maxim, which is that it will be the same 20 fanatics who call again and again. Your audience, however, will find the discussion boring and tune out.

    Just as with abortion, shouting about vaccines and freedom is good in the moment, but you lose your audience. Our media should switch focus to more popular causes if they want to attract supporters.

    • Ever heard of vaccine passports? This is the road to tyranny, pal. Vaccines most certainly are a hill worth dying on.

      • Vaccines most certainly are a hill worth dying on.


        We’ve been prepping since forever, but even we are in the process of vastly upgrading our 2nd @mend3nt resources in anticipation of forced vaxxines.

        If gl0b0h0m0 crosses that line here in the USA, then Heritage Amerikkka will ditch the Marquess of Queensberry Rules and take off the gloves.

        PRO-TIP FOR GL0B0H0M0: Y’all don’t wanna be around when Heritage Amerikkka takes off the gloves.

        That story don’t have a happy ending for y’all.

    • You’re a dead man walking, dealing with an evil you cannot comprehend. Most people, deep down , understand they’re dealing with satan now, head on. They won’t admit it, but they sense it. Guts churning in a world going mad.

    • Re celebrities getting the jabs: In the first place, the vaccinations likely ARE in fact ineffective (in the sense that they can’t provide immunity for more than several months; why already the calls for boosters, if that’s not true?) and they ARE unsafe, not just for current side effects, but most important (to me) is the complete abandonment of traditional time consuming safety studies.

      Plain skepticism would say that a lot of these people are lying about taking the jab. The “party line” of course is that Jab Good. Can you imagine a major media personality going on record and saying “No, I think they’re unproven, and I refuse to take it”? He’d be fired the next day. They can claim to have taken the shot, and few people will question or be able to verify private health information. Even if some take the jab on-camera, there exists the possibility of fakery. What would have been more impressive, but perhaps too late now, would be for major celebrities to have taken the shot(s) on the record, with witnesses, at locations and with medications chosen at random by the “jury”, to eliminate any chance she gets saline instead of the real product.

  9. Thank you again for allowing me to think out loud on these pages, Zman.

    I realized that ID2020 may be one thing… but, that a breeding license would be the ultimate means of control.

    • that’s what the vaccine passport is . once you are required to take a shot every time they say you need a booster , it is really simple to put some sterilizing agent into the shot. and just like that! overpopulation solved . If they are real cleaver, they can design it to only affect pale people. once they have the “passport” set up , the plebs will have no control over what criterial they use to say who is approved and who is not. and for whatever reason .

  10. The Zman seems to have a perpetual blind spot when it comes to anything regarding genetics and evolution, which he always seems to get wrong. Now he’s bashing a “small group of people who think vaccines alter your DNA.”

    Here is the reality. SARS-CoV-2 sequences have been found in human genomic DNA. This was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in April:

    Quoting from the Introduction:

    “In this study, we show that SARS-CoV-2 sequences can integrate into the host cell genome by a LINE1-mediated retroposition mechanism. We provide evidence that the integrated viral sequences can be transcribed and that, in some patient samples, the majority of viral transcripts appear to be derived
    from integrated viral sequences.”

    From the Results section:

    “In contrast to the results obtained with acutely infected Calu3
    cells or lung organoids, up to 51% of all viral reads, and up to 42.5% of human–viral chimeric reads, were derived from the negative-strand SARS-CoV-2 RNA in some patient-derived tissues [published data (60, 61), patient clinical background available in the original publications] (Fig. 3 E–G and SI Appendix,Tables S2 and S3). Single-cell analysis of patient lung bronchoalveolar lavage fluid (BALF) cells from patients with severe COVID [published data (61)] showed that up to 40% of
    all viral reads were derived from the negative-strand SARS-CoV-2 RNA (SI Appendix, Fig. S7). Fractions of negative-strand RNA in tissues from some patients were orders of magnitude higher than those in acutely infected cells or organoids (Fig. 3 C–G).”

    Quoting from the Discussion section:

    “We present here evidence that SARS-CoV-2 sequences can be reverse-transcribed and integrated into the DNA of infected human cells in culture. For two of the integrants, we recovered “human–viral–human” chimeric reads encompassing a direct target site repeat (20 or 13 bp), and a consensus recognition site of the LINE1 endonuclease was present on both ends of the host
    DNA that flanked the viral sequences. These and other data are
    consistent with a target primed reverse transcription and retroposition integration mechanism (41, 42) and suggest that endogenous LINE1 RT can be involved in the reverse transcription and integration of SARS-CoV-2 sequences in the genomes of infected cells. ”

    In layman’s terms, they infected cultured human cells with SARS-CoV-2 and then found viral sequences in the genomic DNA from the cultured cells. They established that endogenous human LINE1 reverse transcriptase activity can account for transcription from viral RNA to DNA, and that the resulting DNA can be integrated into genomic DNA by endogenous host mechanisms.

    Most importantly, they also found SARS-CoV-2 sequences in human DNA from patients with severe covid. This is the key result that establishes the principle that SARS-CoV-2 sequences can jump from virus to human DNA despite the fact that SARS-CoV-2 does not contain a viral reverse transcriptase.

    Now that we know that SARS-CoV-2 RNA can be reverse transcribed and integrated into human DNA, what are we doing? We are vaccinating hundreds of millions of people with SARS-CoV-2 RNA.

    Recent data has shown that vaccinated patients are still expressing spike protein up to 6 months after vaccination. Hmmmm…..I wonder how that is happening.

      • It was copied and pasted for people like you who will probably never read an original scientific publication.

        But as long as you want to have a pissing contest over who knows what about reverse transcriptase and retrotransposons, why don’t you do a blog post and explain to your readers why the PNAS publication didn’t actually find SARS-CoV-2 sequences in human genomic DNA, and then explain why it’s scientifically impossible for vaccine RNA to be incorporated into human DNA. Are you up for that?

        We’d all love to hear your version of why it just can’t happen. Maybe you can quote somebody who says it’s unlikely. Maybe you can get it published in PNAS. Then we will all feel safer because the Zman says nothing to worry about, nothing to see, ignore the cranks who think that viral RNA encoded sequences can be reverse incorporated in DNA.

        Send me your private email. I’ll sent you my CV. I guarantee I know as much or more about this than you’ll probably ever know.

        • Post another Diamond & Silk video and I will send people to your house to disconnect your internet.

          • Those two came on the radio today ( KABC) I was hoping they were going to open the phones for questions. Bob from Anaheim wants to know what’s your favorite Nashville hot chicken joint is. No such luck. I lasted 3 minutes, parked under a big shade tree, and continued reading the William L shirer book I took out of the library.

          • Funny. However, Malone is a well-known virologist and has published a lot of work on covid. So, I guess you can follow your experts and I will follow mine.

          • I think you nailed it. You see what you want to believe, which is why you and others have contorted my position into something it is not, so that you can oppose it and repeat your favorite talking points. Again, my position is that these vaccines do not change your DNA. The people who make this claim are crazy people.

      • I’m a Z Man fan, but it’s great when he gets ratioed.

        We’re an ornery and independent bunch of fellows.

        I’m raising my glass to my fellow commenters whether I agree with you or not.

        • Noooo, Sandy. I like comity. You can disagree w/o rancor. We are family here. Someone can be wrong AND not be a SOB. Didn’t fearless leader just write about Ms. McDonald being in violation comity house rule? Save the vitriol for our enemies.

    • This is interesting. A few months ago I posted here that I didn’t really buy the “vaccines change your DNA” concept because, among other things, Covid isn’t known to carry a retrotranscriptase. I suggested that the only way to save the DNA modding notion would be if Covid RNA had a recognition sequence similar to that of another virus that did have such a retrotranscriptase and that got in at the same time. Viral co-infection can have interesting effects. It didn’t occur to me that it might use something the host itself made. So maybe the tinfoilers were onto something after all.

    • Hi Homer,

      I posted a link to a letter written in response to your PNAS article in a comment down thread. Key statement from this letter (which is critical of the paper you cite):

      “It remains unlikely that retrotranscription and integration of the SARS-CoV-2 genome in patients happens at any notable frequency, or even at all.” –

      So what is happening? While PNAS is prestigious journal, its review process is a little different than most journals. Articles can be submitted for publication by academy members following review by reviewers nominated by the academy member. This means that the submitting authors can pick their reviewers and, potentially, avoid criticism from hostile reviewers to get the paper published. In this case the Jaenisch paper appears to be published fast (only 2 reviewers, both selected by Jaenisch, 3 weeks from submittal to publication) and is now under fire from other scientists. It will take more time for this to get resolved. Given the circumstances of publication, odds are good that the findings from the paper you cite won’t be repeatable.

    • I think the bone of contention here is whether the virus (SARS-CoV2) or the mRNA vaccines enter the DNA. That’s a pretty significant difference. It is no surprise that the virus enters DNA b/c that’s what vira (‘viruses’) do. They can’t replicate on their own. That does not meant hat the vaccine does the same.

      The idea behind mRNA vaccines is pretty good. It is to inject mRNA, the form of RNA that then ‘translated’ (i.e. converted) into a protein in the body. By using mRNA instead of the proteins, you don’t need to be working with actual vira in the lab and hence they are safer to mass produce and should, theoretically, provide less risk of an adverse reaction in the recipient (b/c the immune system is far better at responding to proteins than to RNA (or DNA for that matter)).

      BUT, what they often don’t say in MSM is that this is the FIRST mRNA vaxx ever released for use in humans. Not the first made or the first used on animals but the first used on humans on a grand scale. And, biology being biology, we don’t know what the effects of this is. So personally I’m taking a rain check on the vaxx for the moment. But you documented that the VIRUS enters DNA. And we knew that. That does not mean the mRNA vaccines do.

      • The mistake these people are making is this. A pathogen can alter the DNA of a cell. That is not the same as altering your genome. If your DNA gets changed, you die instantly. The cell, on the other hand, can be re-engineered by a pathogen like a virus to do something else. This does not mean your genome is now changed.

        • What you’re saying is not entirely true but the point still stands that there is no reason to think the vaccine enters DNA and no rational reason, not counting ‘genocide conspiracies’, why ppl would want it to.

          • No, it is entirely true. People are confusing gene therapy with germline editing. Gene therapy alter the DNA of specific cells and these changes cannot be passed onto future generations. Germline editing is where the genome is edited in an embryo.

        • You’re confusing a few things it’s also a matter of semantics. You are right that by altering the DNA of a few somatic (ie. none germ cells) you affect no heritability. And this is basically the idea behind gene therapy. It sounds like you’re addressing the fear that ppl will then pass ‘vaccine genes’ onto their offspring and you’re absolutely right that there is no reason to think this would happen. Or that the vaccine would alter the DNA in ALL cells. Except for the changes that may be part of why the immune system memory cells recall old antigens encountered, I don’t think the vaccine changes ANY DNA.

          You do not necessarily die if you’re DNA is changed, it absolutely depends on the changes made, like a computer code. Random changes, yes you probably destroy it. But minor changes, well, that’s mutations and they can be good or, more commonly, bad.

    • I haven’t really kept up with Jones in about thirty years, but based on the few vids I’ve seen since the covid shots became the big subject, he’s the least irrational popular commentator on them. He *sounds* nuts, but that’s his thing. The logic under the rhetoric is sound.

      If we weren’t so likely to die from it, how much better a scientist Jones is than Fauci is would be funny.

      • He got rid of the alien Israeli mind rays absurdity when he dumped his two previous Jewish wives for a redneck Baptist girl. Now he’s pandering to the Jeebus luvs black peepl civnats, but that’s ok by me.

        • Peeps gonna peep.

          Me, I have a very big soft spot for Freedom of Speech.

          I read all the kkk0mments – even the kkkraziest of them [Z, VD, Gamer Uprising, /pol/, FR, etc etc etc] – because there ain’t no genius quite like kkkrazy genius.

          Heck, just a couple days ago, here chez Z, I learned the [very dark ugly] truth about every Southroner’s boyhood hero, Roger Staubach.

          Never woulda learned that watching Wokecasts of the WokeFL [which of course we haven’t watched in years].

          And as a Southron Boy, it does make me wanna reconsider my opinion of Terry Bradshaw & his posse.

          You know, down in Arlen, Texas, then even have a Tom Landry Junior High School.

          Is there such a thing as a Chuck Noll Junior High?

        • Go back to this weekend’s essay [poasted on Friday], and do a “Control-F” to find the keyword “Staubach”.

          Very, very illuminating.

          In an Illuminati sort of a way.

  11. “What reason tells us is that defeating the forces of darkness that have launched the revolution from above is the only concern.”

    Exactly. The regular commentators and the host here, we don’t agree about everything. Defeat the cultural-demographic destruction of the West. We can figure out the details and small print later.

    Good blog post btw. And unless you have the enzyme reverse transcriptase (found in retro viruses like HIV but not otherwise known), RNA is not copied into mammalian DNA so, by current knowledge, no, mRNA vaccines do not ‘enter’ your DNA. It would be gene therapy if they did.

      • To turn mRNA into DNA that’s inserted into the cell’s chromosomes, the vaccine, not the virus, would need to have the reverse transcriptase enzyme. Going out on a limb by assuming less than total insanity, they presumably did not include that enzyme in the vaxx. Of course, assuming sanity on the part of the ppl who think these are the best of times is always a roll of the dice 🙂

      • Alzaebo: Thank goodness no HIV researchers were involved at the Wuhan shenanigans, amirite?

        For those who aren’t aware, Alzaebo is referring to some very early work by the street-sh!tters showing the presence of HIV strands which had been artificially inserted into the SARS-COVID bioweapon.

        Gl0b0h0m0 yanked the street-sh!tters’ work almost immediately*, but fortunately Nobel Prize winner Luc Montagnier learned of it, and helped publicize the findings.

        *Just like Gl0b0h0m0 yanked the Johns Hopkins g00kette’s epidemiological research indicating that, when corrected for age** of the population, there was NO increase in deaths in the USA in 2020 [vis-a-vis previous years, again, corrected for age of the population].

        **You have to correct for age of the population, because the massive leading edge of the demographic wave which is the Baby Boomers, born beginning in 1946, is now crossing its 75th anniversary threshold, and death statistics will necessarily increase by gargantuan leaps & bounds over the next decade or two.

        • Whenever I get the chance I tell people who seem like they might actually care about “the troof about the coof” to look at aggregate death statistics. They can screw around with causes of death on death certificates so as to disguise deaths from other things as Covid deaths but the presence (or absence) of a pile of corpses is hard to fake. At this point you’ve also got the confounding fact that the lockdowns themselves and misdirection of the focus of virtually all medicine towards Covid undoubtedly killed people too.

          • the lockdowns themselves and misdirection of the focus of virtually all medicine towards Covid undoubtedly killed people too

            Even more horrifying is that the lockdowns are “killing” [i.e. breaking] people psychologically.

            All by design.

            Gl0b0h0m0 wants to rule over a vast seething mud-colored peasantry of psychologically-broken and medically-sterilized darwinian dead ends.

            But we mustn’t kid ourselves; in their arrogance, gl0b0h0m0 was abundantly clear about their intentions all along:


            We fools just didn’t take them seriously.

          • Can you imagine being a school-aged child for the last two years?

            Band & orchestra programs cancelled.

            Sports teams & cheerleading squads cancelled.

            Proms cancelled.

            Graduation ceremonies cancelled.

            And you’re supposed to walk around with a sanitary napkin permanently glued to your face?

            GL0B0H0M0 HATES CHILDREN!!!!!

        • Why thanks, Not My Usual, looking up the CDC directors, it seems near all the luminaries involved with the scam made their bones in “HIV research.”

  12. As I await moderation, I will say that Disney and Apple are both vulnerable. They are doing things that seem a desperation to create profits. Both Emma Stone and Scarlett Johanssen are suing Disney over being cheated out of Box Office revenue sharing (so execs can make quarterly profit numbers likely) and Apple months after touting privacy is spying on everyone’s Iphone (to sell the data likely for cash).

    The FT noted that the studios basically theme parks with movies and TV as ancillary money makers. We should push the Justice Democrats, the Squad, and others to raise the Theme Park wages to $30 an hour. We should also demand for reparations that all blacks receive free admission to theme parks. This would destroy Disney as the profit center would be turned into a loss center (think of the vibrant cultural enrichment like Freaknik in Atlanta). Streaming is a dead loss, requiring Wall Street to shovel endless amounts of money. It requires acquiring subscribers cheaply, keeping them, and minimizing churn. The ideal streaming business would have everyone signed up but no one watching (hence no costs for peak viewing); inflation alone will have consumers dumping even streaming which is currently priced too cheap to make money.

    Apple — well we can push the idea that Apple is selling all your data by spying on you, and will use it as well to cancel: Christians, Jews Republicans, etc. People can switch to Android easily enough and that alone would likely kill Apple as they are no longer growing and can’t support the Android margins.

    • Whiskey, I’m sorry to kick the hornets’ nest, but do you think “J3w$ Republicans” would ever accept a strict immigration policy?

      Strict immigration is where I see almost all “based j3w$” abandoning our cause. I grant that many conservative j3w$, a very small number, want to suppress black crime but I foresee almost all of them screaming “H1tl3r!” if we tried to impose a rational immigration policy. Certainly, almost all j3w$ in the world are radical left wing, so if we had some sort of values based (civnat) immigration policy then almost all j3w$ would be prohibited from immigrating here and this would be unacceptable.

      Am I wrong?

      • As someone who softpedals the JQ, immigration is an excellent litmus test for whether anyone ‘dissident, Jewish or not, is serious or just civnat. Stopping the demographic transformation is THE central issue.

        • The JQ isn’t quite the Q, but it’s probably the second best proxy (after profession).

          Something like half of Jews are “based”/etc., but those aren’t the ones you’re going to meet or hear from, and they’re not the ones who decide anything. The blue-checks who are proceeding through the genocide checklist against (other) white people, and the Israeli ruling class who use Americans as livestock, are probably the worst people in the world. The rest of Jews are just regular dudes or Amish-style isolated weirdos like we aspire to be.

          In comparison, what percentage of, e.g., CFOs, human resource directors, or professors of physics, if given the choice, would let you live? Zero.

          • Delusional. This is what happens when people listen to too much talk radio (Savage, Levin, Prager, Medved…)


            My goodness, I feel like I’m staring at a pattern there, if only I could put my finger on it.


    • Great idea re: Disney, but round wages up to $50/hr., hiring quota at least 2/3 minority, free admission as reparations to blacks, and $250 day pass admission fee for whites.
      Haven’t been there since 1978 with no intention to go again. Plus, it would keep my kids and grandkids out of Wokeyland.

      • I haven’t been to Disney world since 1983, when my parents paid about $20 for me (12 years old), two days admission. A 12 year old today, going during Easter week, would be on the hook for nearly $300.

        Worse than that is that the company is so pozzed they’re probably only a year or two away from giving minorities, homes, and illegals priority over whites. Their commercials feature little else but blacks and coal burners.

  13. Great post at Takis. I would add that Derb linked to both Dreher (who ran away screaming) and another guy who had the “Salazar Option.” I agree with the analysis of the latter that the Benedict Option is doomed to failure. The Woke will not rest until all non-Woke are dead and White kids are either trannies or playthings of the big shots. However the Salazar Option is also doomed to failure: ALL of the Military, Federal, State, and Local government, bureaucrats, ngos, Media, Law, and BigCorps are against us and any slow down of the Genocide Express.

    That does not mean we cannot do anything. While Glenn Reynolds has many flaws, his key insight was that ordinary people attacking in a swarm like a cloud of mosquitoes can bring down powerful institutions and players: the “Army of Davids.” Conceptually that is quite powerful.

    I think it is possible for an Army of Davids through collective action to at least destroy two of the major BigCorps who collectively are the schwerpunkt or hinge of battle for GloboHomo: Disney and Apple. I will put that separately.

    • Your arch-nemesis, Andr3w Ang1in, has been re-poasting RT photographs of the anti-vaxx crowds in Europe, and if those poor peeps’ ancestors had endowed them with a particular Am3ndment to have been situated directly between the 1st & the 3rd am3ndments, then it would long since have been over for gl0b0h0m0.

      Back before COVID, when Les Gilets Jaunes were in their hey-day, I was getting on bulletin boards and advocating for the CIA/DOD to covertly smuggle arms to LGJ, and everyone was telling me that I was insane – that OMFG that would be an ACT OF WAR!!!!!

      But look now at the RT pictures, and imagine 500,000 angry peeps armed with FN Sc@rs & millions of rounds of 7-dot-62.

      Talk about your nightmare scenario: Revenge of the Kulaks…

      “Well there is no famine.”
      – Meir Henoch Wallach-Finkelstein
      Gareth Jones’s Diary, March 1933

    • Dirty secret of “Green” energy lobbyists:

      Lots of gas fired and coal fired plants are 100% on board with “green” – solar, wind, etc.

      Because when the sun don’t shine, and the wind don’t blow, guess who gets to charge premium prices for the lightning brought to your outlet?

      • Green tech manufactured in China depends on coal powered electricity and toxic pollution.

        • California has long offshored it’s pollution to call itself “green”.

          Electricity- Coal/nukes from surrounding states.

          Iphones – Metals from 3rd world countries, assembly in very, VERY dirty China

          Living in Utah I have to deal with terrible air quality 3 years running because they won’t manage their damn forests..which burn up and send smoke and smog our way because they won’t manage them like Europe does (pruning and forestry).


          South Park nailed California with the “Smug- Smelling our own farts” episode.

  14. Anybody who thinks these vaxxines are safe is either insane or blind. On top of that, the vaccines are a tool of control and a means to establish the end – an electronic “passport” and total surveillance. That alone should be reason enough to oppose them.

    • It’s darkly hilarious that a year ago people who were concerned about vaccine passports were dismissed as conspiracy theorists. Now they’re dismissed for being non compliant.

    • The people have forgotten that there are occasions when your duty is to make the government’s job difficult

      Now is such a time

      I don’t get the widespread acquiesence.


    • Hun: On top of that, the vaccines are a tool of control and a means to establish the end – an electronic “passport” and total surveillance.

      To their credit, even the sh!tlibs are getting furious about Apple’s proposal to scan everyone’s iCloud data, ostensibly in search of ch!ld pr0n and/or evidence of ch!ld trafficking.

      Of course, part of that is due to the fact that so many sh!tlibs ackshually are ch!ld-mo1esters.

      But I suspect moast of it is due to the fact that even the sh!tlibs [God bless their crazy little sh!tlib hearts] realize that once an automated iCloud scanning technology is implemented, it’s Game Over in terms of any possible resistance to the totalitarian agenda.

    • Patrick King in Alberta managed to get his case in front of one of the few remaining sane judges.

      He requested the prosecution provide evidence Beer Flu had been isolated.

      They couldn’t do it.

      Supposedly Alberta plans to treat Beer Flu as, “it’s just the flu bro,” and drop all restrictions next week.

      Fingers crossed over here.

      • Although even Alberta is nearly as insane as the rest of Canada, every new Florida or Sweden is welcomed.

        • every new Florida or Sweden is welcomed

          Verily, our Creator doth work in mysterious ways.

  15. A rational question is whether the vaccine does more harm than good. Given we now know the vaccine (a) doesn’t prevent transmission and (b) doesn’t prevent contraction of Covid, the answer is not at all clear. Does the vaccine mitigate the effects of Covid? Show us the proof rather than make naked assertions. I haven’t read the linked story yet, but it is intellectually dishonest to claim there is a clearcut case to be made to take the vaccine, more now than two weeks ago.

    • Seems to me to be an ineffective defense against a wildly overblown threat. The same, a fortiori, could be said of the Karen Kloth.

  16. ““Alex Jones claiming the vaccine will alter your DNA is no nuttier than much of what is in the mass media. In fact, a ridiculous claim is far less harmful than the plausible, but inaccurate claim.”

    Yeah, about this. While I don’t *believe* it can happen, based on the very little I know about microbiology, it’s far from the tinfoiliest thing out there.

    The usual way things go in human cells is that the DNA unzips, certain polymerases create RNA from the DNA (other polymerases create more DNA from the DNA). The RNA diffuses out of the nucleus to ribosomes, and proteins are formed.

    Certain RNA viruses called retroviruses (the retro here standing for going backwards from RNA to DNA) code for stuff called reverse transcriptase, which, once it’s made by the cell, turns the rest of the viruses RNA into DNA, some of which can end up in the nucleus. This is why something like HIV is nearly impossible to eradicate. Your cells can remember how to make the virus even if there are no actual virus bits left in the cell.

    COVID isn’t a retrovirus (probably? Though sometimes COVID RNA gets bodged into a DNA strand for some reason). The vaccines don’t contain reverse-transcriptase, just some RNA coding for a protein.

    But human cells are ludicrously complex and diverse, and contain all sorts of madness. Other more primitive non-animal cells mix and match RNA and DNA in both directions in a crazy molecular anarchy. It’s far from an *unreasonable* fear that somewhere there is some molecule that will do the RT-job and keep copies of the protein-coding instruction around. A biology establishment that hadn’t spent the past year setting it’s trust and credibility on fire could explain to the public about how this stuff works. (The level of detailed control over RNA is an achievement. I could understand why a biologist would be offended at the “rejection” of their accomplishment.)

    The current set of lizards? The same people who fantasize about cutting humanity down to size, and openly hate the people they want to “help”? Why trust that what’s in the syringe is even a vaccine?

    • COVID isn’t a retrovirus (probably?

      The CDC can’t tell you because they’ve never isolated it.

      Finally, new FOIA documents have surfaced, revealing the CDC has never isolated any covid-19 virus. A Canadian named Christine Massey has reportedly filed multiple FOIA requests with the CDC, requesting the following via the Freedom of Information Act:

      All studies and/or reports in the possession, custody or control of the CDC and/or the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) describing the purification of any “COVID-19″ virus (including B.1.1.7”, “B.1.351”, “P.1” and any other “variant”) (via maceration, filtration and use of an ultracentrifuge; also referred to at times by some people as “isolation”), directly from a sample taken from a diseased human, where the patient sample was not first combined with any other source of genetic material (i.e. monkey kidney cells aka Vero cells; fetal bovine serum).

      In a response letter dated June 7th, 2021, the CDC responded:

      A search of our records failed to reveal any documents pertaining to your request. Specifically, the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Disease apprises that CDC does not purify or isolate any COVID-19 virus in the manner the requestor describes

    • I didn’t know all domestic chickens- all, as in ALL- need a vaccine to counter the “leaky vaccine” experiment that was tried on Marek’s chickens, and superspread itself throughout our bird farm population.

      Huh. Almost like needing “boosters” by subscription to survive the latest strains incubating in asympiomatic vaccinated people.

      Better yet, since it is indeed affecting women’s reproductive organs, we’re looking at a full Children of Men for the white folk.

      As to the Zman’s point, how do we approach this”reasonably”?
      Heather got ‘the word’ by a rootless global mafia, it seems.

      • Oh wait- that means coding to produce said proteins is inheritable in the chickens, changed DNA, just like the CDC said (I think, some official organ). Inherited sterility unless we get the officially supplied antidote. If you want to breed, you’d best comply.

        Maybe Heather or Chelsea or Ivanka want grandkids?

  17. Having read agenda 21, and noting the urgency of the government to get everyone jabbed, I prefer erroring to the side of caution and paranoia. No jab for me.

  18. The militant vaxers are the same people who would have supported prohibition in 1920. This issue is flipped but these are the same people who would have taken away your bottle of whiskey because they know what’s good for you. And just like the prohibition era, there needs to be a strong cohort of people who say, who the hell are you anyway? GTFO of my life. Can there be any doubt that nut bag Carrie Nation would have been one of these crazed vaxer women in 2021?

  19. The circle of acceptable ideas is getting narrower and narrower.

    Although freedom of speech still technically exists, in polite company you can only go so far.

    There used to be room for eccentrics to spout their craziness; now the eccentrics are being shut down (viz. Alex Jones). Eccentrics perform a vital role in mass society. They define informal limits to conversation. When the perimeter of speech is pushed back toward the politically-middle center there is a corresponding drop in men willing to speak their minds freely. It’s just too risky.

    • Alas, the perimeter has been pushed back almost to the far Left. The expression of what were routine rightwing views 25 years ago can now get you destroyed.

  20. Heather MacDonald has done a lot of good work vis-a-vis black crime rates and such. She appears on Tucker and is quite strong in her views and doesn’t back down. I would guess she’s opened a lot of normie eyes in her writing and tv appearances. But, I did notice the change in hairdoo and the pink glasses and pink shaded lip gloss — which make her look rather clownish. Honestly, I was shocked by her take in that article that Z references.

    • Except for the pink glasses and lip gloss, she’s rather like Steve Sailer–good on the large majority of issues, but crashingly wrong on a few others.

      (I do hope we never see Sailer with pink glasses and lip gloss.)

      • Yep, MacDonald wouldn’t be the first otherwise sensible person to be driven over the edge by Covid. Guys like Nassim Taleb and Gregory Cochran, who are usually super-skeptical about the received wisdom, have not exactly covered themselves with glory on this issue, either.

        • It’s not hard to see how Taleb got it wrong because his focus had always been on risk analysis, not data validation. Sailer getting it wrong is mind-boggling because he’s the poster boy of parsing data.

    • What I don’t get is this: the media has always had a left wing bias, but during the Trump years, the hysteria and over-the-top lying was off the charts. As such, why anyone would believe anything spouted by leftards and the msm – especially about covtardedness, is beyond me. I mean you have to have a baseline that everything from the left/msm is a outright lie or highly exaggerated, period.

    • So she’s telling her neighbors in the gated enclave, “we don’t want those people jogging through, casing our nice houses.”

    • On November 23rd of this year, Heather MacDonald will turn 65.

      She is never married, with no known children, and is a self-proclaimed atheist.

      A cynic might hypothesize that she promotes the ideas & agendas which benefit her [such as government-supplied police forces to protect her from kneegr0w crime], and that she is, at best, completely oblivious to any ideas or agendas which don’t concern her [such as the propagation of the White race & its Christian religion via classical PIV* intercourse between a young fertile White male and a young fertile White female, neither of whom have been sterilized by gl0b0h0m0 forced vaxxinations].


  21. “Alex Jones claiming the vaccine will alter your DNA is no nuttier than much of what is in the mass media. In fact, a ridiculous claim is far less harmful than the plausible, but inaccurate claim.”

    True and important, though most people (seem like they) don’t get it. Buckley famously said he’d rather be ruled by the first 500 names in the Boston phone book (remember them?) than the faculty of Harvard. Point being that common sense was better than “smarts”. Sort of like owning the “stupid party” label.

    I recently thought of an updated version, after one of those stories about some 3rd world pilot deliberately crashing an airliner: who would you prefer as an airline pilot: a dumb guy, or a crazy guy? No matter how dumb the White nationalist is, he’s not TRYING to kill you, so you’d be better off taking your chances with him.

  22. “[W]e describe evidence that SARS-CoV-2 RNAs can be reverse transcribed in human cells by reverse transcriptase (RT) from LINE-1 elements or by HIV-1 RT, and that these DNA sequences can be integrated into the cell genome and subsequently be transcribed.” —

    Sometimes you just try too hard to be reasonable.

    • “It remains unlikely that retrotranscription and integration of the SARS-CoV-2 genome in patients happens at any notable frequency, or even at all.” –

      Credit to PNAS that they are letting the scientists duke it out in the comments (rather than having them reject each others papers, then fight it out on twitter).

  23. Z-man’s said this again and again in so many ways. Second verse, same as the first. Leave your virtues at the door, go inside, beat the shit out of your enemies. Win at all cost. When leaving, pick up your virtues at the door. Continue on with your life. Your virtues remain intact and will serve you and your people well in the future. As for anyone else, they were never meant for them anyway.

    • Great comment. Allow me to add some nuance.

      Virtue is important in the big picture sense of leading a life well lived, i.e. it’s comes into play most of the time and over the long haul. But if your hiking in the woods and a bear attacks you, virtue has no useful purpose in the instant. You are fighting for your life and you do what you must.

      A time will come when most people comprehend the existential nature of the societal cancer that is killing us in slow motion at present. When that happens, people WILL fight back tangibly (not just delude themselves about voting, messiahs, and the cavalry coming over the hill to save them).

      And I would argue that our obligation is to fight back smarter rather than harder. In simplest terms, this means focusing on the core of the problem, and then acting only on terms & timing that are favorable to your success. Intelligence, creativity, stealth, and spontaneity can be extremely useful in this endeavor. Opportunism is your friend. Ideally, leave them asking . . . what the fuck just happened?

      • I can only add “reciprocity.” Virtue is only virtuous when it is shared with those who reciprocate. Otherwise, gloves are off and we win at all costs. This is “who we are.”

        • Virtue is wasted on the savage. And increasingly, it is savages who control society.

    • You wanna be nice and lose and maybe dead or mean and win and alive?

      Don Quixote, “Love and war are all one . . . It is lawful to use sleights and stratagems to . . . attain the wished end.”

      • I said something similar in 2016 to an important older gentleman in our thing who recently died.

        He was irritated by how crass the Alt Right memes were. I told him that the memes were incredibly successful at winning young men to our side. “Do you want to be dignified or do you want to win?”

        (You don’t need to point out to me that the Alt Right didn’t win, but I trust my point stands.)

  24. Their bitching about this stuff is ironic. The “Establishment” were the first to politicize Covid and they did it right from the beginning, before the lock-downs even started. Nancy Pelosi said we be racist if we didn’t go shopping and out to eat in Chinatown. Hug an Asian. “Wuhan Flu” be racist. “Protests are killing grandma,” then the next day, widespread mass riots were “mostly peaceful” and “essential to health.” There have been many other examples. This is all their fault. Why would anyone believe a word they say?

    • It’s a clique to point this out, but the pictures from the Obama birthday bash shows that no one was wearing a mask.

      Just like with the BML riots, where few wore masks, the authorities say nothing and shut down those who notice.

      You’d think, if the authorities really believed what they say about Covid, then they would be hysterical over the risk to which their beloved Obama and BML rioters were exposed.

      • My current general impression is that authorities know they wear “no clothes”. Locally here, the fight seems to be visceral—they fight to enact/enforce rules to simply demonstrate and maintain their power. To cede control at this point is to be defeated, and admit to such.

      • If you really want to give yourself liver failure, you can play my favorite drinking game, called “If They Were Serious.” First you think of some big public issue. Then you make a list of what a real, serious government that took its mandate seriously would do. Then you make a list of all the things the “government” clowns of Clown World are doing. Then you compare the lists, drinking one beer for each item on the “currently doing” list that’s completely irrelevant to the issue, and one shot for every item that is completely opposite of what any sane, rational society would do.

        For instance, the magic masks. We are informed that The Virus (move over, HIV, Corona gets the capital letters now) lingers on surfaces for… what are we up to now? Weeks? Months? Whatever, point is, if it survives at all outside the body, all masks should be disposable, and there should be dudes in Hazmat suits in front of every place people are still allowed to go, ready to incinerate those disposables with extreme prejudice the minute they’re off the face. Instead, you can’t walk down a city street without stepping on fifteen of them, and if you spend just five minutes watching the behavior of people wearing those “I obviously haven’t washed this in three weeks” cloth versions…

        Note: This was for rhetorical purposes only. You don’t want to actually try this, unless you’re determined to go out like Dylan Thomas.

        • I’ve been making the same comment for months.

          If face diapers worked and Beer Flu was super deadly there should be incineration points or vats of rubbing alcohol to drop masks in.

          There aren’t.

          If Beer Flu wete super persistent and deadly a single mask tossed on a trail in the woods would lead to a superspreader event.

          Lamest psyop ever.

        • If the Left is unwilling to force illegals allowed into the country to be vaccinated (word might get out and the invasion slowed), or to require proof of vaccination to vote (blacks), the answer is pretty clear they are not serious at all.

        • We had a dead seal on the beach earlier this summer. Looked like a great white got to it’s hindquarters. But had half a mind to stuff a few of the discarded masks on the roadsides down it’s gullet, take a snap of the “seal killed by masks” and flip it to social media. Just to give the self righteous out here a moral dilemma. I

        • Of all the un-serious things of the leadership class, I wish BLM were actually a serious organization. If they were in the least bit serious, it would make last summer seem like a picnic.
          The cops deserve all the hate they get and deserve zero support from the right. When they aren’t flipping SUVs driven by pregnant middle class women:

          they are refusing to defend the law abiding citizen from the underclass law breakers.

          Anarcho-tyranny at its finest.

          • The Arkansas story sounds like the necessary outcome of Jordan versus New London.


            Gl0b0h0m0 wants stoopid cops for two reasons:

            1) St00pid cops don’t ask questions, and always do as they’re told.

            2) St00pid cops aren’t smart enough to investigate Gl0b0h0m0 itself.

            BTW, this includes all levels of law enforcement.

            During the entire Mueller/Comey/Rosenstein/Strzok/Page/Weissman/McCabe fiasco, I didn’t see any evidence of anyone possessing an IQ higher than about 115-120.

            Whereas in a serious nation, you’d expect IQs more like 140 at that level of power & prestige & influence.

  25. We talk a lot about not accepting the left’s moral framework. For the mRNA shots, we should also not accept calling them “vaccines” or calling those opposed “anti-vaxxers.” Many who are opposed to these shots are not opposed to vaccines. This is something different. The “not-vaccine”, or the “clot shot” or “frankenshot” are better names for it.

    • “Frankinshot” makes me thing of some Pfizer exec in that Al Franken picture, groping the sleeping journalist.
      But yes, the partisan approach is to to attack their golden calf. The not-vaxx doesn’t alter the test subject’s dna? Ok, prove that assertion with long-term clinical trials. Oh, yeah, they dont exist.
      Gee, how did that multi-billion global corporation get us to pay for their first-round clinical trials? I thought drugs were supposed to be proven safe before being allowed to the public, guess those ppl pushing the Clot Shot want to repeal the new deal consumer protection laws.

  26. maybe alex jones is wrong, vaccines are safe, they don’t kill you over time & maybe they don’t inflict any physical harm, with a few exceptions here & there, it’s all fine & dandy, but that’s not the part that worries me.

    digital id & sterilization is what it’s all about, a world in which very few white kids exist, a world where they end up completely under the control of a zionist technocratic-globalist dictatorship sounds worse than what alex jones is preaching, to me at least.

    Anyhow, it’ll be interesting to see if huge import of migrants will make it easier for the globalists to control the population cause of their low iqs, or if it will backfire & the regime gets overwhelmed by the chaos.

    • It should be pretty clear that the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan is definitely in play with the ridiculous jab double-standards being applied to Heritage Americans that want to enter Canada or go on a cruise versus the illegal immivaders that are getting red carpet busing and flights all over the US thanks to the illegitimate DC regime.

  27. Regarding Z’s Taki column and whether the revolution will end in bloodshed, who knows, but it is a fact that the morality tale underpinning of this revolution have no brakes to stop that from happening.

    The revolution is based on the idea that all groups are equally capable and, therefore, all groups should achieve equally. Obviously, that slams into the reality of the human condition as Z put it.

    There’s nothing in the fundamental beliefs of this revolution to allow differences in outcomes to exist. It would mean admitting that the revolution is wrong. They have no wiggle room.

    Normally, this would almost guarantee bloodshed; however, there is a wild card in this case. The revolution is organized, promoted and paid for by a group that isn’t actually revolutionaries. They created the revolution to promote their interests and to settle an old grudge, but they have no great belief in the ideals of the revolution and likely have no great desire to see society completely overturns, if for no other reason than they more or less run the current society.

    The real question is whether this group can control the revolutionaries? Can they deftly change the ideals of the revolution enough to keep the revolutionaries under control?

    If they can, things will continue to get crappier for whites, but there likely won’t be any serious bloodshed. If they can’t, things could get ugly.

    • > The revolution is based on the idea that all groups are equally capable and, therefore, all groups should achieve equally.

      This is just a sales pitch used to recruit a segment of the population.

      You can be sure that the real revolutionaries do not believe in equality, nor equality of outcome. They consider themselves chosen. They are competing for total ownership and control.

      There are a range of sales pitches to cover most all demographic groups. You got your share and care, your 1776 libertarian let free enterprise ring. Etc. Coke and Pepsi and Dr Pepper; all ADM high fructose. .

    • > The real question is whether this group can control the revolutionaries? Can they deftly change the ideals of the revolution enough to keep the revolutionaries under control?

      I doubt the masterminds can retain full control of their pet revolutionaries because many of the latter are true believers and the ideals of the revolution are bound to come into conflict with the interests of the true elite. Additionally, the revolutionaries are generally low quality people. We’re already seeing examples of poor execution and the social capital is quickly being spent. It won’t be long until the masses have zero trust in the institutions and nothing but disdain for the owners and their retarded managers.

      I think there will be a ton of bloodshed however. At the core of all this is simple metaphysical evil. The point is to destroy civilization and make people suffer. The control grid will get off the ground and soon after sputter then crash and burn, and many of use will be caught in the wreck. But then the strong men phase begins so there’s that!

  28. Well Ms. MacDonald can have the not-vax herself. If fact she can take it and have 10 buster shots a month for all I care. The point is there is quite a bit of evidence that the not-vax is not good.

    I will take the word of Dr. Malone, who invented the mRNA brew. He says that mass vaxing people with a non-sterilizing vaccine while the infection is in the environment is very dangerous. We are seeing evidence of ADE already.

    So whether this not-vax alters your DNA or not is a side issue. Does it do what the pushers say it does? It looks like it does not. Does it cause harm? In many it already has. Is it safe in the long term? No one knows.

    • It’s a livestock shot, which is telling since that’s pretty much how we’re viewed. Z and others have brought this up before (including in today’s post) but the people pushing the vax hate you. Maybe the vax does nothing or maybe (doubtful) it’s a benefit, but it’s hard to not consider the source on this when so many unknowns are in play.

  29. I’m not familiar with Alex Jones. I read enough fringe opinion as it is (viz, the present forum 😀 ) But seriously, allow me to briefly address his claim that the jabs may alter DNA. I’m just a layman, but I believe that it is at least POSSIBLE that that could be true! Consider the following arguments: some viruses are known to be able to insert part of their data into human DNA. In fact, it’s estimated that a significant fraction of the human genome are fragments of ancient viruses. Since the mRNA jabs are, in simplest terms, a fragment of viral RNA/DNA, it therefore is at least conceivable that mRNA jabs could, in fact, modify a cell’s DNA.

    Since today’s essay deals at the least indirectly with the controversy over the safety of the jabs, here are some more facts (opinion) about it. Like many, I am deeply distrustful of government and the pandemic has not increased my confidence in the WHO, FDA, NIH; quite the opposite in fact. I’m not skeptical of the jabs because of a remote (in my estimation) chance of some evil re-writing of my DNA, but for more fundamental, broader reasons. These are primarily the urgency, the discarding of traditional protocols, the many inconsistencies in the official narrative. Rushing an experimental series of treatments, throwing away many standards of safety, against a virus, even if an escaped lab experiment, that really isn’t all that dangerous to most people, raises a lot of eyebrows. It should.

    • We’re in the middle of the largest clinical trial in history.

      I’ve read a decent amount on the vaccine. A lot of stuff out there is nonsense. But what’s not nonsense is that it simply hasn’t had enough time to confirm whether or not it has long-term side effects. There’s a reason you do usually wait awhile before offering a drug or vaccine to the general public.

      I understand why they made it available quickly to the elderly or for those with comorbidities, but for the general population, they should have waited to see what the clinical trials were showing.

      It’s all about risk. The risk to the elderly was high enough to take a vaccine with no long-term data. The risk to 20-year-old wasn’t and isn’t.

      • I believe I qualify as “elderly”: 75.

        My perception of the risk to me from this flu was that it was minimal, that wearing a mask could do more harm than good, that I’d be well-advised to avoid crowds (I always do anyway) and that under no circumstances would I permit myself to be injected with unproven substances that could likely prove more dangerous to me than a case of the flu. During the course of this year, I’ve doubled down on those beliefs and see nothing shaking my confidence in them.

      • One of the most remarkable things about the whole Covid business is the utter hysteria surrounding it. Take some of the statements about the vaccine and replace the words “un vaccinated” with “kulaks” or “wreckers” or “capitalist roaders” and you can easily see how stuff like the Holodomor or the Cultural Revolution happened. Some people` have worked themselves into a genuine hysteria over this. It’s crazier than anything Alex Jones ever came up with, by far…

        • Yes. And over what? By historical epidemiological standards, the Fauci Flu is really quite minor, and up until ca. 1990, society would have taken basic, common sense steps to address the situation rather than self-immolate. Only mass hysteria, doubtless abetted by the feminization of society, can account for what we’re seeing.

          • The origins of the great reset are well established by papers published over the past few decades. The scientific research into corona and other virus, mRNA gene therapy and the like are decades old. You can read their papers and patents. The whole line of research has been financed by Bill Gates, Karl Schwab, the WHO, etc. Tried and true responses to ‘pandemics’ from the past have been abandoned for jab the world/shut down the economy insanity. To what end we all wonder? Well Alex Jones and others have pieced the puzzle together and it looks like a concerted effort to genocide human beings to implement a radical restructuring on a global scale: neo feudalism is what I call it. The cause has been established by evidence and hysteria and feminization are abetting the propagation of evil.

    • There is much more against the “vexxine” than a remote possibility of DNA modification. I’ve never really considered that possibility given how I’m told the mRNA technology works and there seems little disagreement among even the scientific community detractors of that process. What we are seeing now wrt adverse effects seem to follow predictions about the vexxine’s production of spike proteins and the antibodies produced thereby.

      As stated, there seem to be benefit’s and costs. If the benefits outweigh the costs, one is foolish to not choose the jab. My concern has been for many years, who makes that determination—the government or me? The government does not necessarily have my best interest at heart, so I’d rather reserve such decisions for myself.

  30. Huh?

    ” “Some of them think vaccines in general may not be all that safe and are refusing this vaccine. Imagine that? People in the middle of a heated partisan fight putting aside reason to score points against the enemy?

    How is that ‘putting aside reason ‘? If the ‘reasonable- sounding’ stories about the problems with the vaccines are just that (reasonable sounding), then reason is not being put aside.
    McDonald has cucked.

    • If the Sputnik V was offered here I would probably take it. I would love to tell my MSNBC viewing neighbors and associates in my deep blue area that “I just think Putin does things right. I trust his competence allot more than what we’ve got going on.”

      • Putin, unlike the oligarchs and politicians running the West, doesn’t openly despise wide swaths of the population, therefore his concoction is more trustworthy.

      • Well, I’d probably trust Putin more than I would trust our PTB right now, plus Sputnik is an adenovirus vaccine, not mRNA, just like J&J, so there’s that. Whether or not it works or not I don’t know, but I am pretty sure that it was at least designed to work, as opposed to simply making ash*t-ton of money of Big Pharma. Putin is a former KGB thug, but at least he doesn’t seem to hate his own people, like some “leaders” one could name

        • This is exactly the kind of thing I’m talking about, and I agree with you. Isn’t Big Pharma eeeeevil? I could swear I heard that somewhere…. ah yes, it was from “every single fucking Liberal in America, for as long as I’ve been alive, right up until the morning of January 20, 2021.” And now, just like that, Big Pharma is great! Can’t wait to get those Big Pharma shots! Those have to be made mandatory asap!

          Or the other side: Isn’t “government health care” bad? I could swear I head that somewhere… ah yes, it was from “everyone on the Right, since at least the Hillarycare debacle, right up until the middle of March 2020.” I’m pretty sure I could search Steve Sailer’s archives and find plenty of skepticism, to put it no more strongly, about government meddling in the healthcare sector… and yet, here we are. Can’t wait to get those government goop shots! We love Big Brother.

          Those two facts alone, in my view, justify some very hefty skepticism about any so-called vaccine. If we were all back in high school together, talking about girls, we’d say that lots of folks are thinking with the wrong head. That never works out well.

          • TBH, I’m still pretty skeptical of government health care – that creepy “Protect the NHS” thing over in Britain is beyond belief.

            But yeah, even a stopped clock is right twice a day, and the Left was more right than wrong about Big Pharma, I’ll grit my teeth and admit it…

          • It really reminds me of the left’s reactions to molotov-ribbentropp. You can literally divide the vituperous “anti” opinion from the glowing friendship by a matter of hours. Nothing has truthvalue for these people, only the Party Line is or can be True.

          • The 180 on Big Pharma is utterly bizarre, especially when you hear it from the granola/natural remedy crowd.

  31. The elites:

    – lied from the beginning about the COVID situation, first it was racist to admit it exists, masks don’t work, virus isn’t made in a lab, etc…..
    – openly celebrate the destruction of white communities, our declining numbers, and our ultimate replacement and demise.
    – teach our children that they are genetically evil just because they look a certain way
    – promote open borders and crime. Legalize drugs and homelessness. Flood the poorest white communities with opiates.
    – send all jobs overseas; the ones that can’t be outsourced are filled with low wage scab labour, either H1B or illegal alien.

    You’ll have to pardon me for being a bit skeptical when they’re now saying “trust us. Take this jab”. Whether or not the tinfoil hat part is true, I don’t know. Certainly possible. Either way I don’t trust them one bit. That’s putting it very mildly

    Not to go all Boomercon here, but they can “jab” my dead body.

    • The plant for my MIC firm now has a ginormous, “NOW HIRING” banner on the top of the main entrance. This banner is easily visible from the four-lane thoroughfare that passes by the plant.

      It is almost as if the C-suite and HR morons can’t figure out that competent, hard-working people aren’t eager to wear face panties for 8+ hours a day and get pumped full of the gene juice.

      • Or listen to anti white sermons from arrogant and spiteful little coloured pricks all day. I’ll be well off for early retirement with that compounding interest but it’ll take a few more decades at least. Assuming the system doesn’t collapse lol.

        At my office though, the white people are quite eager to get vaccinated and make being vaxxed part of their personality. The non whites are quiet about it, either they’re quietly going unvaxxed or they don’t care either way.

        C suite are morons through and through.

        • historically – haven’t the c-suite been smarter than the average worker. That’s an interesting conundrum you mention in how they are morons

    • We don’t need to know the actual truth to know that every last word out of their mouths is a lie, including “the” and “and.”

  32. “The answer is obvious. People fetishizing their rationality should be able to grasp this. Instead, for generations they have come to the opposite conclusion and lost every fight.”

    No, they didn’t come to any conclusion and lost every fight. They are told what to say and paid to throw the fight. Heather MacDonald and others of her ilk make a very comfortable living doing that.

    • When she changed her hairdo and began getting professional make-up for her TV appearances, I knew something was up.

      • Yep, you can’t hold her unfashionable views AND be a star on the boob tube

        One or the other

        She made her choice.

        Needless to say I was never on her bandwagon, and among my earlier posts here was my take not to get too excited over; she was an also-ran with nothing highly original or thoughtful to offer. But she may have had her usefulness in getting normie to our side, but looks like that was wishful thinking.

        • “Boob tube” is UK for our “tube top.” I would much rather view that content than what’s on TV. 😎

  33. The Pro-vax aggression from on high was evident last December, when they started making claims that pregnant women should take it as it was being rolled out with zero long term studies. This is the height of irresponsibility. This quickly became a classist flashpoint. The coastal “elites” (who are far from elite) are always looking for an issue in which they can compare themselves to the inland “mouth breathers.” This was the perfect virtue signaling issue that goes far beyond the virus. This goes to the “We believe in The Science” part of their Nicene creed. To refuse the vaccine, you’re in reality a terrible selfish person. And now that we’re finding out that these vaccines are failing they quickly switched it up with “my vaccine won’t work unless you take your vaccine.” The mental gymnastics are amazing. The vaccine mandates aren’t about the virus, they’re about a segment of society that has such a visceral hatred for the inlanders in their jacked up trucks that they fantasize about holding them down and injecting them. Only they want it to be potassium chloride. They imagine each and every January 6th “terrorist” being anti-vax. They’re dirty people. Pay no attention to the dirty people running across the border, they have clean souls and intentions, so they’re fine. Of course the neo-cons have the most insulting, demeaning comments of all about anti-vaxers, because they see them as cannon fodder that got uppity.

    • “To refuse the vaccine, you’re in reality a terrible selfish person.”

      This stance, delivered by anyone other than those in my close circle, effectively has me thinking: “Why would I want to take some hastily prepped, mystery jab to keep this sissy safe”. Quite honestly, such people may as well be dead to me – I am sick of the guilt tripping and moralizing.

      The relentless pushing and propagandizing behind it has been phenomenal.

      • If the worst case scenarios for ADE materialize, I don’t think I’m going to miss the fearmongering flunatic fascists.

        On the upside, there are going to be tons of cool cars and houses around that one can just pick up for free.

        • There does only seem to be three possibilities (alas, they are not mutually exclusive):
          1) Vax does nothing (optimistic)
          2) Unvaxxed kill the vaxxed (ADE)
          3) Vaxxed kill the unvaxxed (Marek) with the added benefit of everyone needing the vax forever.

          • My money is on the not-vaxx doing nothing but line the pockets of some cloud people and kill a couple dozen thousand dirt people (which no one will hear about).

          • Beer Flu has proven to be such an utter dud I’m beginning to suspect the jabs will merely be a slightly lesser dud and we’ll limp along with the current level of adverse reactions for years.

      • That feeling when you realize our world would be significantly better off if a large chunk of the people you encounter daily would just drop dead…

  34. It is discomforting when some of the more wild claims of the mRNA vax side effects turn out to be plausible. There is indeed a danger that the vaccine can encode the spike protein into DNA, at least if this vaccine journal is to be believed.
    See page 62.

    “Permanent Incorporation of Spike Protein Gene into human DNA
    It has been claimed that mRNA-based vaccines are safer than DNA-vectored vaccines that work by incorporating the genetic code for the target antigenic protein into a DNA virus, because the RNA cannot become inadvertently incorporated into the human genome. However, it is not at all clear that this is true. The classic model of DNA → RNA → protein is now known to be false. It is now indisputable that there is a large class of viruses called retroviruses that carry genes that reverse transcribe RNA back into complementary DNA (cDNA). In 1975, Howard Temin, Renato Dulbecco, and David Baltimore shared the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1975 for their discovery of reverse transcriptase and its synthesis by retroviruses (such as human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)) toderive DNA from RNA (Temin and Mizutani, 1970, Baltimore, 1970)”

    This entire paper is well worth a read. It feature sober rational discussions of the vaccine risks, including ADE, clots and more.

    • This is why it’s perfectly rational to take a pass on the vaccine. First, it’s a cold that happens to take out the old and fat at a disproportionate level, but not much beyond the common flu (which disappeared from society for now). This isn’t smallpox. Second, if your government has proven its incompetence on issues A through X, why would we assume their competence on issues Y and Z? This is important because they gave the pharma companies immunity from their vaccine products. So we depend on government scientists, who probably now have to be 30% African bone-rollers, to call the shots on our health. I would much prefer taking a vaccine where if Moderna knows that if it messes up, they’ll get (((class actions))) that would make their heads spin. I don’t even like flying anymore because of government incompetence. But at least Boeing is still open to lawsuits, which means they can’t mess up too bad.

      • If you’re a reasonably healthy person in good physical condition, which includes almost all young people, you should have no fear of covid. Rely on your own immune system. If not, you should assess the risks of serious illness via the jab versus serious illness via the virus. Not an easy choice for many.

        • If you’re a reasonably healthy person in good physical condition, which includes almost all young people,

          This does not describe a good portion of the young people I see walking around.

      • It really is incredible how all these supposedly educated, intelligent, skeptical people that question the corporations and government in every other respect are falling all over themselves to line up for the jab and spread the jab gospel far and wide.

        Same energy as Jonestown.

      • The liability shield is not only Big Pharma. Vaccine makers are protected by a specific law. Under the PREP Act of 2005, as long as a product is Emergency Use Authorization AND/OR a declaration of emergency (e.g. pandemic) remains in effect, there is near-total immunity to liability for the entire spectrum of service providers, I’d guess that shield extends from the truck driver who hauls the vaccines from the manufacturer, to the scarcely-trained clerk at the drug store or the drive-through that administers the jabs.

  35. First, the article by Heather McDonald is probably just a simple case of opportunism greed. The editors at Science & Tech likely went looking for a shill at Conservative Inc. in order to craft a anti-vaxxer putdown piece that “appears” bipartisan. And my guess is that she whored herself out for a quick buck, and neither idealistic principle nor rationality had anything to do with it. I wonder what she charges for a BJ, or if you get a discount for taking the jab.

    But to the more important issue addressed in today’s post. Conservative Inc. is not going to save us, no matter how much yakking they do on the internet or whether that yakking is optimized in some form or fashion. We can only save ourselves, and in a real world, that requires tangible action. Words alone are insufficient.

  36. Where is Mac Donald’s inconsistency? She’s made a living, maybe, apologizing for the corrupt police state, the same guys that heroically defended the US Capitol and will soon be slapping cuffs on un-masked grocery shoppers while guys in hoodies and ski masks are running wild carjacking and stealing cell phones.

  37. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. I’ll ally with anybody (within reason) if they are promoting my agenda. When they are no longer aligned in my direction, I’ll cut them off and find a new ally.

    I was at some of the anti lockdown / anti vax protests. There really were a mix of people.

    – There were the tinfoil hatters handing out all kinds of pamphlets and buttons, ranging from information about how the vaccine turns you into Big Foot, to the dangers of international Zionism (Joos), to 5G nanoparticles.
    – There were the granola, hippy Boomers who don’t want to inject chemicals into their body.
    – There were the younger libertarian potheads, who had the annoying habit of smoking joints during the marches (but at least they’re on the right side here).
    – There were the pissed off small business owners, and eastern euro immigrants/descendants who don’t want a return to communism.
    – There were the normal people who just want a normal life. There were also random people who seem angry and like walking around yelling at things.

    Anyways, the organizers stuck to the core message of no forced vaccines, and no more lockdowns. Went great, a diverse group of people but the message was very clear. There are not our guys and probably cucked on race, but this particular movement is aligned with our interests at this time.

  38. From what I understand of it, the mRNA tech does reprogram cells— like a virus will. That doesn’t mean it alters every cell in your body. Some people will take a kernel of truth and run away with it, others will hear it and assume you’re making an unreasonable statement. C’est la vie.

    I’m interested to know about vaccine shedding. If the wonder shot only reprograms cells to produce part of the virus (the spike protein), I’d think it wouldn’t be an issue except, perhaps, for the vaxxed or unvaxxed massively exposed. If it reprograms cells to produce an entire virus, well, then the wonder shot is effectively a synthetic virus and therefore might as well be a bioweapon. If I understand the Science!

    Don’t hear too much about any of that. Eventually, maybe. In the meantime I’m staying the hell away from it.

    • The way to think of it is this way. The vaccine kills a group of your cells, but in the process of these cells dying, they trigger an immune response to a specific protein, one associated with this coronavirus. That’s not a precise explanation, but good enough for our purposes. As with everything you put in your body, there is some risk to these injections.

      • The vaxx was initially sold as staying very close to the injection site but now even The Experts(tm) have admitted it goes all over the body, including the brain and lungs. There are other little details like that which the officials will admit.

        I’d say you’re underselling the risk of these things. There are plenty of credible smart people ringing the alarm bells and one doesn’t need to be a microbiologist to understand the concepts. But forget all that, the most important thing is that this is a new technology that hasn’t been extensively tested on humans and the animal tests for this sort of thing didn’t go well; in fact they skipped animal testing for these covid shots. It should be the normal and reasonable position to say these shots are an extreme risk especially on such a scale.

      • Yes, and a traditional vaccine would introduce dead or attenuated virus that won’t in theory make you sick but still allow your immune system to develop antibodies.

        Why the mRNA tech, I wonder. What is it about a coronavirus that a traditional vaccine was never developed? Do they mutate too quickly, or are they so common your immune system would go nuclear? And how would this tech, which sounds to me to be mimicking a virus, be an improvement?

        Idk, rhetorical questions. Something about it all doesn’t sit right.

        • All the information has now been buried, but before this all started you could look up the history of developing a vaccine for coronaviruses like SARS. They spent a decade trying to develop vaccines for SARS and MERS with no luck. In agriculture they had more success, but the requirements and risk tolerance are different with livestock.

          Frankly, I think the drug companies just saw a chance to make billions fast tracking technology that they never could make work, but now they get paid billions to figure it out on the population. The pols like it because it advances their agenda to reengineer society, so everyone is happy.

          • Your salient last paragraph here is pretty much how I see it. Pols look compassionate (Look! We battled Covid and survived!), big business gets the dosh.

            John Smith’s freedoms get shat on. Oh well.

          • Pretty insane, but I agree that’s one of likeliest explanations.

            Science! for profit.

          • I think that the purpose of the vaccine was to get the populace back to work before the Country was bankrupted by the panic. The government and experts couldn’t simply tell everyone to stop worrying, that the actual risk was far lower than initally believed because that would suggest they were wrong, one thing weak leaders cannot possibly ever admit to. Their problem is that having whipped up mass hysteria they now find they have no way of calming things down. On the whole watching the great and good floundering, and clearly out of their depth is most gratifying, not unlike watching one of the better episodes of Faulty Towers except the main characters are less sympathetic.

          • Have to admit though, I lean towards Cull the Herd simply because reality has outdone my worst-case scenarios the last 18 months or so.

        • My understanding is there have never been corona virus vaccines because there are too many of them and they mutate too fast. These jabs aren’t traditional vaccines, it’d be much more honest to call them treatments. The jab pushers don’t even claim the shots prevent infection, they just lesson symptoms.

          Some of the shots are attenuated virus, such as Sinovac and Sputnik I believe, which for me really suggests there’s something to the claim that there is no virus. If coronavirus vaccines have never worked because they mutate so fast, what’s different about this one? And why are we in the west playing about with mRNA and micro-lipids are whatever when we just use the trusty attenuated virus? None of this makes sense and truly many of the more out there conspiracy theories make more sense than the scraps of official narrative we’re given.

          On one side you have known liars trying to “sell” a product and on the other many people who have nothing to gain or lose but their credibility. Faucci can’t lose credibility because his is made up by the media and he has contradicted himself plenty of times and has a long record of seriously botching things, therefor it makes no sense to trust anything he or his friends say.

    • I agree it’s possible that there is some harmful component of the vaccine. Either on purpose (conspiracy), or by accident (negligence).

      For normies though, I try and stay away from the conspiratorial aspects and focus on more concrete things. I might say something like “these companies told us that Oxy is ‘safe and not addictive’ back in the 90s. Why would I trust them now?” Or bring up thalidomide.

      I also talk about how I don’t trust a rushed vaccine, or mention that things were supposed to go back to normal after they got vaccinated – why are there new measures coming back?

      It’s easy to lose normies when you get into the tinfoil hat territory. And frankly those are much more solid arguments.

      • Approval for Drugs and vaccines take from five to ten years for long term trials. Many fail those long term trials after initially looking promising.

        So is all of the bul—it? Or is fast tracking this vaccine recklessly asking for problems?

        One or the other is true, so which is it,

    • “Some people will take a kernel of truth and run away with it, others will hear it and assume you’re making an unreasonable statement.”

      Such is the inevitable consequence when a person MUST have an opinion about such a specialized knowledge field as the intersection of experimental genetics with immunology.

      Fortunately, the question *in context* is simple. Does the government get to forcibly inject you with something you don’t understand? A government that believes there are too many humans alive on the planet and those who don’t trust it should be starved of food and human contact? To ask THAT question is to answer it.

      No medical degree needed.

      • “Fortunately, the question *in context* is simple. Does the government get to forcibly inject you with something you don’t understand?”

        That’s it in a nutshell. And a government that has proven incompetent for too long a time now, at that.

    • If you accept the lab release conjecture, the original virus is almost certainly a synthetic virus, a product of gain of function or other types of investigation. Prior (published) research included making the SARS (or related) virus more infectious to humans, and to resist certain types of treatment. The preceding is established fact, years of published academic research including at Wuhan (WIV). Beyond that, it of necessity rapidly descends into the murk of unknowns and we only have circumstantial evidence. At the very least, SARS-CoV-2 (if a lab product) is almost certainly a nasty engineered research project that slipped the lead. A (hopefully) more remote possibility is that China was working on illegal bio-weapons. Especially based upon their continuing stonewalling of any outside investigation, this latter case cannot be dismissed. 🙁

      • That reflects the lack of seriousness too. For “The Worst Virus Ever”, the nation responsible for propagating it has faced zero consequences.

      • Right. My dark side says Covid, which is uncontrollable, was the setup to get people to take the wonder shot, which is controllable, and would have the advantage of the vaxxed self-selecting.

        The villain in me talks. I listen but hope he’s wrong 🙂

        • Clear evidence (circumstantial but overwhelming) is that the Covid was the feint to administer the jab to the entire globe. Why should they want to do that?

  39. Heather MacDonald walks on water up here in Canada as far as the legacy media slobs are concerned. Most of your conservative journalists up here are rejects from the pro-team over at the NRO.

    They are similar to the Sirens encountered by Jason and the Argonauts. The best way to handle them is to stuff your ears with cotton, tie yourself to the mast, and try to shut them out. If you make the mistake and listen to them you will go mad, and try and hurl yourself into the sea to drown yourself and escape the shrieking lunacy… 🙂

  40. One thing is certain:

    If the vaccine is eventually proven to change DNA, the narrative will quickly switch to

    1. Well, yes, it changes DNA, but not in any meaningful amount

    2. Well, yes, it changes DNA a meaningful amount, but it’s actually BETTER DNA now

    3. Any further complaints about your changed DNA is racist.

  41. From the Taki column: “The dominant theory for why revolutions always end in a bloodbath…”

    This gets said a lot — a whole lot. But is it true? Sure, revolutions *sometimes* end in bloodbaths, but *always*? Really? There was a revolution in Portugal in the ’70s. It didn’t end in a bloodbath. There were a few revolutions in Brazil in the late 19th and
    early through mid 20th centuries and none of them were spectacularly bloody.

    I am by no means a student of the history of revolution, but I bet there are dozens of counter examples to the “always ends in a bloodbath” claim.

    But there frequently seems to be this urge to paint revolution in terms of worst-case scenarios.

    There have also been fairly peaceful secessions from and dissolutions of empires.

    • I think it is how we use the term revolution. When I use it, I mean a new ruling system in addition to a new ruling elite. Latic revolutions tend to just replace the old rulers with some new ones. The system itself remains unchanged.

      • True revolutions don’t always end in bloodbaths, but that is most certainly the way to bet, especially if the Left is involved.

      • Bloodbath revolutions require willing executioners, to use a phrase, in addition to the resentful intellectuals. Usually this requires a mass of peasantry who sees for the first time in generations the ability to move up in life by being the willing killers. Stalin and Lenin and the Committee did not get their hands dirty if I remember correctly. It is not enough for just resentful intellectuals like Bill Ayers and Patrice Cullors and Ibrahim X. Kendi to exist. There needs to be a critical mass of would be killers eager to enlist.
        So far the Regime has anti-Fa and BLM and the NFAC. That’s about it. Meanwhile White America has been arming itself since 1965 understanding in their bones what the elite have planned for them. The Holocaust cuts two ways — there is likely few White men alive who cannot picture LeBron or Kendi or anti-Fa herding them to a mass grave site. I would agree that this rickety Regency is likely to go full Pol Pot at some point, get a lot of innocent and ordinary people killed. But ultimately fail the way Mustache Man failed due to lack of resources.

        • Stalin was the equivalent of a mafia wise guy before the revolution. Bank robber, assassin, terrorist. He most certainly did get his hand dirty. And it should be instructive to the effete revolutionaries that he wound up on top – of a pile of bodies of the intelecstools

  42. “…there is never anything worth fighting for, so they are always willing to cede the battle to the other side, no matter the cost. The Left sends thugs carrying bats and knives, while the Right sends out dandies dressed like interior decorators…”.

    Insert photo of my very own US Senator Lindsay Graham here—–>

    • This is a classic, along the same lines of the article he wrote about when he talked to a reactionary who he admitted was probably right about everything, and quickly purged the conversation from his memory because, while the reactionary was probably correct, his thoughts were BAD.

    • Crikey. I’m pretty sure that Dreher’s backbone jumped out of my monitor a number of times, looking for a new home.

      Great example, indeed. If one must be such a coward, can one just not do it in private? Mind you, in this most inverted of times, cowardice is probably celebrated as a virtue.

    • The message must be bad, not because, well, because the message is bad, but because the messenger is bad.

      An evil clockmaker can’t even be correct once, twice a day.

    • Dreher has pulled this crap before. For him to act like he barely knows Derb’s writing and hasn’t read him at all since Dreher left National Review 20 years ago is ridiculous. I believe Dreher joined the pile on against Derb for “The Talk” also. There is no way he didn’t know about Unz Review. He has admitted to reading Steve Sailer’s stuff. I have made comments about VDare and Peter Brimelow in his comment section before, he knows what the site is about and that it isn’t “white nationalist.” The idea that this loser would be able to offer serious resistance to a totalitarian anti-Christian state is laughable. All they have to do his threaten to label him with the scarlet R and he will prostrate himself at their feet.

      • Well isn’t that his schtick? Offer no resistance to globohomo and try to have Christian communities? This is a subject I’m very interested in. I’m an Orthodox Christian (as is Dreher) and we have preserved monasticism and the life of the Faith since the beginning. But what’s missing is the martial aspect that conquered and maintained vast empires. What happened to all that? Did it ever exist or did Christendom conquer Europe despite the Church? Even the based clergy and laymen never talk about it; only monasticism.

        • Dreher had an insane, hysterical post about Covid in February at The American Conservative and from what I can tell hasn’t mentioned it on their website since. His comments section ripped into him for it. I wonder if they banned him from writing posts about it after that. I wonder if his readership was starting to decline and that is part of the reason for the Orban fangirl posting.

    • Every time I am tempted to agree with something he writes, Dreher is soon courteous enough to remind me what a piece of crap he is

    • I know our side uses the physiognomy line a lot but look at photos of Dreher, French and even Williamson and tell me you are surprised by anything from these limp noodles.

      • Bwahaha. You’re right. Just took a peek, and I’d rate these lads like the sort who would gladly watch their children beaten because rayccissssms.

        I don’t know if you read the linked article, but it was pretty funny when it detailed excerpts from Dreher’s account of how blacks threatened to kick his ‘jew ass’. Not even sure if he is one – but it’s comedy gold nonetheless.

      • The spaghetti armed man has his place*. I recently saw a picture of the Olympic track winner in some event. He was built like a human version of a greyhound.

        *Fortunately in Africa in this case 💩

  43. “The main principle of the conservative is to conserve their reputation at all costs.”

    Finally! We’ve found what it does conserve!

    On the subject of Alex Jones… how ought he to know? In the last year (and before, naturally) we’ve seen immense whoppers told to us by those in power. And by those in science. I suppose Mr Jones could avail himself of a book on the technology behind the vaccine; but what are the prerequisites for him to even understand this? In short, I find Jones highly amusing and am glad he makes such noises, because it is another person saying “Balls to the ‘science’, I don’t want your jab!”.

    For me, it is enough to just say I don’t want it and I don’t need it. But how could I ever know what’s in it? How much do I trust official documentation of such a vaccine? Best to focus my intellect elsewhere. It’s also worth repeating that, as you’ve mentioned with MacDonald, to them, we’re all Alex Jone’s. We may as well be, doesn’t matter if you give the most ‘reasonable’ answer on Planet Earth; they don’t want to know us.

    As for science? I recently began reading a textbook on Geology, which is a fascinating field. But, as one would expect, it is packed with terms like ‘probably’, ‘it is possible that’, ‘quite certain’, ‘it may have been the case that’, ‘the evidence suggests that’… and so on. When you add the need for certainty that the MSM craves, and how many talentless sell-outs there are in science; the ground starts looking pretty shaky.

    That was always the hallmark of a great scientist; a humble, curious man burning with creativity. Willing to go against convention. The mass professionalization of science has turned it into one big exercise in credential accrual. A bit like the record protecting of professional boxing: “Can’t face him, he may damage my neat little unbeaten run”.

    Anyway, to the point of the post, this snobbery between certain parts of what I guess we could call ‘The Right’ is very problematic. Ivory Tower Conservative Professor (ITCP) knows there is a problem. The problem can be remedied with fists. Bob talks highly of fists and organised action as a mechanism. Therefore, ITCP distances himself from Bob the bigot – and probably writes an Atlantic piece about his brush with extremism.

    • Perhaps the next great leftist Crusade? “Continent change.” Why did the African and American continents separate a hundred million years ago? Racism! We must reunite them! 😃

  44. The “libertarians” have just been appalling on the whole Covid issue. For a bunch of people who allegedly value freedom above everything else, they sure have been OK with supporting the most coercive government intrusions on personal freedom that we have seen in my lifetime. Not all libertarians have been like this but certainly most of the high-profile ones like Soave, MacDonald, and Balko (who, after a lifetime of ranting about abuse of police power, now wants them to be able to arrest you for not wearing a mask.). A lot of people have shown their true colors during this “crisis” and I for one will not forget.

    • Indeed. The Virus Tomfoolery has most certainly made me aware of who hates their own freedom. Escape from Freedom for all!

      I say ‘freedom’, but perhaps ‘freedoms’ is better.

    • Don’t like needing the vaccine passport to buy groceries?

      Just build your own Walmart, Walgreens, Amazon, Kroger, and Target, bro.

        • Do not lie unless you are forced to.
          The sooner you lie, the harder it will be for you to remember what you lied about.
          IE: the mandatory back to the office/ mandatory jab in order to work at Globocorp was just postponed, again. No need for a vax card, no need to lie, no need to quit or be fired.

    • McDonald showed her true colors years ago. She did an interview with Lana from Red Ice not realizing her and Henrick were “NotSees”. If memory serves she publicly disavowed them and tried to get them to take down the interview. She’s not an ally.

      Off topic, for anyone who’s interested there is a particularly fine comment on Friday’s post made by Not My Usual Pen Name about the Holy Spirit which will probably go unseen since it was posted late. Worth the effort to hunt it down for anyone interested in the topic. And not entirely off topic since it involves the consequences of dishonoring The Truth, which we have been bathing in for the last 80 years.

  45. I have what I still believe is an eminently rational case against the “vaccine.” It has nothing to do with “Teh Science ™,” because I didn’t get my Twitter MD last spring, and anyway “Teh Science” changes daily. Instead, I based it on two things that can be observed by anyone, and about which there can be no reasonable doubt, given that we all experience both multiple times a day: the behavior of the government, and the behavior of The Media.

    Fascinating, isn’t it, that the kind of people who derided Obamacare as “putting the DMV in charge of your health” are now the truest of true believers re: government health care. Also The Media. Remember when government health care’s newest BFFs were against it, so every day The Media ran stories about those eeeeeeeevil Big Pharma companies, and how they’d cackle with glee every time a child died because Single Mom didn’t get free antibiotics like they have in Canada?

    I swear, both of those things happened. Multiple times a day. For years. And yet, out of the blue, both sides do a complete 180, instantly, totally, like a school of bait fish. And they’re still doing it, every time The Narrative changes.

    Knowing all that – and again, everyone sees this, all the time, every day – why would I risk it? Seems to me there’s only one *reasonable* course of action.

    • The fact that the people urging us to get this are the same people who have been wrong about damned near everything for the last two decades would be enough to make me hesitant.

    • Yeah, there’s no getting around it. You simply look at the average twunt who wishes to become either a politician or a journalist, couple this with knowledge of all lies past, and you’re an instant skeptic.

      And that’s the thing; the more you look into it, the more you see they lie every single day. Every single hour.

      • As the kids these days say, everything is now fake and gay. The “vaccine,” and all discourse around the “vaccine,” are part of everything. Ergo, by modus ponens or something like that, the “vaccine” is both fake and gay.

        See, not just reasonable, ironclad logical.

    • We give vaccines to children based on known risks. We stopped giving the smallpox vaccine because there is zero risk of getting smallpox. I’ve never had a flu shot, because I have had the flu a few times in my life and it was a minor inconvenience. Since 95% of people have little to fear from Covid, mandatory vaccination is not warranted. Making it optional an encouraging people to consider it is reasonable.

      • That’s the issue: Risk.

        What are the risks of the vaccine versus the risks of getting Covid?

        Obviously, some of the potential risks – such as some long-term side effect that no one could have predicted – of the vaccine are unknown, but it’s been in the equivalent of a stage three trial, a massive stage three trial, for around eight months so we’re probably getting a decent idea of its pros and cons.

        For someone over 60 or 70, the risks of Covid seem to dramatically outweigh the risks of the vaccine. For a health person under 25, it’s likely the other way around. (The chance of heart issues, though extremely rare, seem to much higher than the chance of hospitalization from Covid, which is astonishingly rare for that age group.)

        If the medical establishment was honest about these facts, and a few are such as Marty Makary, people might trust them. The problem is that the media, the government and the medical establishment have exaggerated or flat out lied throughout this whole thing so no one believes them anymore.

        Regardless, the vaccine should be voluntary. If it has any efficacy at all, the vaccinated will be protected so they shouldn’t care if some people choose to not get it.

        • The other issue is we know something about the arc of coronaviruses. The Russian flu a century ago was a coronavirus. Nasty at first, then progressively les nasty. It is still with us today, as the common cold. We are seeing this now, so the need for the vaccine declines with each mutation.

          • When I was a kid the well-established futility of vaccinating against coronaviruses was the “hook” for our introductory lesson in viral evolution. Every child knew the cliché “no cure for the common cold,” and our eighth grade biology class explained why.

            Women, as the local volunteer force of globohomo, get extremely angry at you if you remember this, especially as it becomes clear that the “jab” can’t do much (good).

          • Exactly. The Delta variant is more contagious but less deadly, which is what you’d expect.

            Granted, the lower deaths are partially explained by the first wave taking out a lot of the vulnerable, the vaccines reducing the symptoms and doctors knowing how to treat the virus better. But still, the deaths relative to the case is dramatically lower.

      • Certainly “making it optional and encouraging people to consider it” is reasonable. But that’s not what they did. First it was “vaccines are totally unsafe because Drumpf and his Big Pharma buddies etc.” Then, once the election was successfully stol…err, I mean, normalized, Climate Science-style, it became “vaccines are great; they’re 100% safe and 100% effective.” And when that narrative was rendered inoperative, it became “the only reason vaccines aren’t 100% safe and effective is because of all the mouth-breathing conspiracy theorists who refuse to take them.” And now, soon enough, it will be mandatory.

        It has all been completely binary, right from the get go. Clown World is Borderline Nation. Given all that, it’s quite reasonable to doubt the truth of anything they say, about anything. Imagine if a consumer product, a new cell phone say, was marketed that way. Oh, the New and Improved Samsung Whatever is the best cell phone in the world! Why no, it doesn’t suddenly explode in your pocket, and all those cases of people coming into the ER with scorched crotches are just misinformation pushed by Alex Jones types. Meanwhile, for completely unrelated reasons that we’re not going to explain, many countries are issuing totally innocuous recalls of all of those phones. Meanwhile, be sure to get your new phone! It’s great!

        • Making it optional will not work because wherever the plebs perceive the risk to be low, take up of vaccine will be low and it can have no effect on infection rates, (it may have no effect whatever the vaccination rate.) . If they try to scare us into being vaccinated that just exacerbates the panic, which is the last thing the idiots want. On the other hand any attempt at coercion generates massive pushback. All in all I’m loving watching our halfwit PM Johnson, all the other political clowns, media numpties and assorted experts make complete arses of themselves.

      • In no way are these vaccines in any conventional sense. Therapeutics are a far more accurate description. And the side effect profile that we are seeing in Israel and Iceland demonstrates that these so-called vaccines need far more study before any mass application. I’m actually surprised you are buying into any of this pro vaccine nonsense at this point. You have a blindspot here. The critics of these vaccines occupy the intellectual high ground at this point. Very high ground

      • We do not give children, and especially infants, vaccines based on known risks. We give them shots based on a control pattern designed for the lowest common denominator. If your child will be a low-iq, impulsive, drug-using pervert degenerate, the recommended child vaccine schedule is for you!
        The cdc shot schedule begins at <1 week, most are done before 5 years. What do you think the incidence and severity of Hepatitis B is in 1 year olds? Exactly zero in the developed world. Yet it is the first shot given.

  46. > It is very important to someone like Mx. MacDonald to never be associated with someone like Alex Jones, who thinks vaccines are making frogs gay and lowering the sperm count of American males.

    Most people who pride themselves on being a purely reasonable commentator would rather be respected than be right. The “Conservative Pundit” account took this to hilarious extremes, then the parody became real so fast it became impossible to keep up.

    The problem is, these people have an effect on keeping midwits in the right on the plantation at a more personal level, and murders any solidarity that could develop. Everyone reading this forum has probably dealt with a harpy like Ms Macdonald in their day to day life who would gleefully stab you in the back while pontificating on being on your side. Demoralizing as hell.

      • It’s obvious that, politics aside, some of these people are just sh*t-terrified of Covid, to an unreasonable degree. You can give a pass to some of the older people with health problems (naming no names here, but we all know who we mean), and for younger guys like Yarvin who have or had family members who had serious health problems (I had no idea how sick his poor wife was until she passed recently*) but for young, healthy people like Soave, MacDonald, and Balko, it’s just absurd. If you want to get vaccinated, get vaccinated; but don’t suddenly go all communitarian on us after a lifetime of “Muh Freedomz” preaching just because the bad pictures on the TV scared you.

        *By the way, props to Yarvin/Moldbug for not even mentioning his wife’s illness until she passed. I disagree with CY about lots, but that was admirable and old school of him. You know that, if this happened to Dreher or George Will, you would be hearing “As I was saying to my brave, terminally ill wife last night” every damned column.

  47. I don’t know the backstory, but she does the Pretentious Scotswoman thing of putting a space in the punctuation of her surname, “Mac Donald.” Perhaps she is honoring her ancestors who were the producers of “Mac and Me”

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