Burying The Truth

Note: The weekly post is up at Taki. This week is a cranky rant about wanting to be left alone in a world full of busybodies. Sunday Thoughts is up behind the green door, along with some other things.

Inside the microwave oven there is a microwave generator, which takes electricity and converts it into high-powered radio waves. The magnetron blasts these waves into the food compartment. The microwaves bounce back and forth off the reflective metal walls of the box, just like light bounces off a mirror. As these waves travel through the food item, they make the molecules inside it vibrate more quickly, which generates heat and that is what causes the food to get hot.

It is not only a brilliant way to quickly heat food in the home, but it is also a good way to think about what is happening inside modern America. Instead of a magnetron generating microwaves, we have the mass media which generates lies, fabrications, and propaganda. These waves of false information bounce around within society causing people to act. Since these waves of data are at odds with reality, this causes friction within society and the people inside get increasingly agitated.

As an example, consider this story in the sporting press about mascots. The claim is that a survey was conducted and the Notre Dame mascot, an exaggerated leprechaun, is the fourth most offensive mascot in college sports. The top three most offensive mascots were from Florida State, San Diego State and Hawaii. According to the story, these mascots are offensive to Native Americans. The survey was conducted by a company calling itself Quality Logo Products.

For starters, the whole thing is based on the lie that it is possible to be offended by a team mascot. This is a lie created in the last half century. For ten thousand years of human history, no one thought to be offended by such things. In fact, no one looked for a reason to be offended. Personal offense required intent. The person causing the offense was either trying to insult someone or was reckless in their opinions so as to cause an offense to social norms.

Putting that aside, what are the odds that this company, which sells marketing materials, actually conducted such a survey? What are the odds that anyone knows the name of the San Diego State mascot? Most American sports fans would know the Notre Dame mascot, as their football team is nationally famous. Few people probably know there is a college called San Diego State. The same can be said of Hawaii. In other words, the survey is completely fake.

The way these things work is the company probably thought this was a good way to get attention for their services. If you beam some lies into the college sports oven, you will get some of the fans agitated. In this case, the mass media is the mirror reflecting this stream of nonsense back to the intended target. Other media picked up the original “story” and beamed that back onto the target. In this way, a deliberate lie is turned into another social irritant, agitating the public.

Joseph de Maistre said, “False opinions are like false money, struck first of all by guilty men and thereafter circulated by honest people who perpetuate the crime without knowing what they are doing.” This is the modern age, accept that most opinion is false, and it is produced on an industrial scale. The people are assaulted by a constant stream of lies and falsehoods that comes from all directions. Even the escapism of sports entertainment is weaponized against them.

Some people sense that they are in a sea of contemptuous disregard for truth and unplug as best they can from the system. They don’t consume television and avoid what passes for mass culture. The person who does this chooses to live outside of society, however, so it brings its own challenges. Still, everyone has experienced the peace of going on holiday and unplugging from the system. It is like being unchained from a lunatic for a few days.

Another aspect of this is that the modern age selects for the sort of person who enjoys trafficking in lies and the madness it creates. This is a feature of political systems that claim to express the general will of the people. Communist societies bombard the people with propaganda to break their spirit. By forcing the people to nod along with the lies, they force the people to be party to the lie. As Theodore Dalrymple once said, “A society of emasculated liars is easy to control.”

In liberal democratic societies, this is not a part of the design, but a byproduct of the conflict central to democracy. That conflict is the assertion that all opinion is equal and must have equal weight. Equality is itself a nonsensical term as no two things on this plane of existence are truly equal. When it comes to humans, it is like comparing snowflakes, as everyone is slightly different. In order to maintain the fiction of equality, liberal democracy must paper over reality with lies.

What starts as a polite fiction soon becomes an obsession for the true believer, who becomes obsessed with covering the truth of nature. This creates the demand for people who enjoy lying. At first, the best liars rise in status, as they serve the interests of the system and the people atop it. This inverts the natural moral code of the people, rewarding the falsehood at the expense of daily reality. Quickly, democracy turns into a madhouse of lies and heated reaction to those lies.

Equality is the great crime against civilization. The evidence of this crime is reality, which like the corpse from a homicide, is impossible to hide forever. No matter how hard the perpetrators try to weigh it down with lies, it keeps turning up. This fact drives the egalitarian mad as he becomes obsessed with hiding this truth. His madness becomes the madness of the people over whom he rules, but the reality of the human condition will not stay hidden. It is an immutable truth of life.

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227 thoughts on “Burying The Truth

  1. Libertarianism is just a way to derail and subvert any credible opposition to the Left. We have a well organized, powerful leftwing, making over western society and then we have a lot of spergy libertarians who have done nothing, and will do nothing, to stop them.

    Imagine you were in 1917 Russia or 1936 Spain, and you had some spergy Libertarian telling you to not vote against the popular front, or support Franco, or fight Lenin, because “The free market rules, man”. What a joke!

  2. The problem Z is running into in analyzing our culture built on lies is that he, like seemingly the rest of us who comment here, believes the truth is important. Most people simply want a nice life and want the easiest way to achieve and maintain it. If that means living with lies (Good idea boss! Men in dresses are women!) so be it. As the culture gets more feminized the truth becomes evil if it makes “good” people feel sad or conflicts with what people need to believe to have status.

    People don’t want to feel that they have to spout stupid stuff so as much as possible they convince themselves that the lies are truth

    • Exhibit 947: The love of money is the root of all evil.

      How do these people sleep at night? “Daddy, what do you do at work? I’m a lying, dishonest quisling, sweetie.”

      • They don’t see conservatism as a policy but as an attitude or way of life. If they live a certain way, act a certain way but society dies so what? They are “conservative” and that is all that counts.

        These NR weasels are essentially just a cleaner nicer Leftist . Hell the whole movement over there whose movement started as Trotskyites anyway.

        Real Conservatism is about culture, ethnicity, and a long term future.

  3. “For the time will come when men will not tolerate sound doctrine, but with itching ears they will gather around themselves teachers to suit their own desires. So they will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths.” 2 Timothy 4:3-4

    One could argue this prediction is more true today than in any time in the past 2,000 years.

  4. Well, we are all out now. And State Dept is saying “only” 400 Americans “stranded” but its really thousands likely. And the Taliban is using BlackHawk helicopters to hang people according to various reports.
    The Taliban have likely billions in money, and equipment, and Biden’s Regency has nothing to counter it when not if they become Terrorist Central. Just like bin Laden predicted, they beat the Great Satan. Decisively and without any doubt. Overflight of drones to Afghanistan will be through hostile nations easily able to shoot down the Reaper MQ and other drones. We currently don’t have anything that can evade their air defenses. Meanwhile the Iranians have drones that have already evaded Saudi / US air defenses and taken out 50% of Saudi Oil production. Well good thing Joe banned fracking! Which means they can hit the Saudis while we can do nothing back. Genius move Joe! I can only think that in some way Dr. Jill or Ron Klain wanted this — lots of hostages, defeat, etc. so they could accelerate things by going all in against YT. And I don’t mean YouTube. The people around the Biden Regency are not just stupid, they are monumentally stupid.

    • Stupid? Stupid of part of a plan?

      Stupidity has a floor. A mistake here a mistake there? OK, stupidity. But here a mistake, there a mistake, everywhere mistake, mistake? I think not. This is planned.

      There is intentionality. There are traitors and saboteurs in power who want to bring America low. Wild spending, get whitey, arm the terrorist, disgrace and deface America at every turn, Covid paranoia, lose energy independence, replace our population with third worlders, defund the police…all well below stupidities floor.

      • These ppl really do believe that America is a evil, racist, deplorable place. I forget, which pol said it, that America never was all that great.

        Remember, for the Left, equality is the greatest virtue. DIE. Diversity, Inclusion, Equality. Garrison’s Lake Wobegon, where everyone is above average, cannot be tolerated, as long as Lake Wobehere exists.

        Stupidity? I don’t buy it. Lake Wobegone, where everyone is above average, cannot be tolerated as long as Lake Wobehere exists.

  5. I will tell you why and how it works with my family. Their minds cannot bear the notion that it’s all lies they are told by the information media, for the very reason that, as you wrote, it is streamed from all directions.

    Some, many even, news programs and channels and talking heads and “experts” could lie about this or that. But all of them, on everything of any import to rulers? No way!

    They have no idea, and cannot bear having any idea, how things work with power and directions from above reaching people on the level below (such as the talking heads, “experts”, and so on).

    The fact that on crucial issues the consensus is absolute on the media makes them even more prone to trust them, instead of realizing it’s proof things are neither right nor fair.

    • The very unanimity of the “expert class” should be a huge red flag for any thinking person, just as should have the Soviet premiere receiving 99.9% of the vote being touted as democracy. AINO resembles the USSR more and more every day.

      • I died for beauty, but was scarce
        Adjusted in the tomb,
        When one who died for truth was lain
        In an adjoining room.

        He questioned softly why I failed?
        “For beauty,” I replied.
        “And I for truth – the two are one;
        We brethren are,” he said.

        And so, as kinsmen met a-night,
        We talked between the rooms,
        Until the moss had reached our lips,
        And covered up our names.


    • There’s also a huge pride issue. People don’t want to believe that they’ve bought into an increasingly implausible sequence of lies without speaking up. In the case of Covid, many people are now on their second loop around the Panicsville amusement park monorail enjoying all the new “delta” exhibits which look suspiciously like the first ones. It’s shameful enough to be fooled by cheap hucksters like Fauci once, nevermind multiple times.

      The vaccines are another disaster where the media can’t even get their story straight from one day to the next. Lies are supposed to be a soporific, a comforting conceit for the smug believer. The vaccine story though keeps changing and seems like more of an agitant that requires the listener to think. The last thing a propagandist wants his victims to do is think.

  6. Hitler advocated the bigger the lie, the better, because no one will believe you just had the balls to say it.

    I would add that it helps to believe SOME of your lie, at the least. Hitler surely did believe the Slavs were inferior (Czechs possibly exempted) and definitely had a hard-on for the Jews. He also really wanted living space and thought it should be east, though why he neglected nearby nice-weather France I don’t know.

    When you believe in your lie, it flashes conviction in your eyes. You could argue the left-liberal really does believe that everything starts out tabula rasa and the government can straighten out anything crooked. After all, their fundamental doctrine is the perfectability of man.

  7. I think the guise of incompetence is purposeful, because they want to inspire a legitimate angry reaction from the Americans they want to imprison and kill.

    They could have been more subtle about coordinating the shutdown of ballot counting in 4 key states early in the morning at the same time and flipping the vote totals immediately after counting resumed an hour or two later, but they wanted what they did to be obvious. They then came out and said if you think there was anything the least bit sketchy about this election you are a traitor and deserve to be killed or imprisoned.

    Now with Afghanistan, they didn’t have to leave 85 million in equipment to the Taliban, desert their air force base in the middle of the night, and leave thousands to be enslaved or killed. They are now starting to come out en masse and proclaim that Biden’s Afghanistan exit strategy was fantastic and full of “high integrity” (as one MA congressman said), and now if anyone here thinks that it was handled the least bit wrong, again like with the election, you will be labeled a traitor and your life will be forfeit in their eyes.

    • That’s ok.

      We can always go back lol.

      “ During a press conference on Tuesday, Waltz said: “When future American soldiers have to go back in to deal with the incompetence of this Administration, they are going to have to fight through OUR OWN EQUIPMENT & more lives will be lost.”

      I think its like Iraq, we leave, disaster happens, we go back.

      The Spice (contacting money) must flow.

    • leave 85 million in equipment to the Taliban

      I think that might be a typo – I thought I saw the figure 850 million.

      • If it’s any consolation, the goatherds won’t be able to do a whole hell of a lot with the higher tech, more expensive toys. Using a helicopter to hang people, really? Got a video? Even finding a native who could fly one would be a tall order. Even if this particular incident were real, it shows a profound lack of wisdom in the use of very precious resources. There are much more practical uses for a helicopter.

        What about maintenance? You don’t exactly fix these and similar gear with a bicycle shop’s equipment.

        In the “old days” it was more traditional to destroy or incapacitate equipment that must be left behind. That’s what thermite grenades were for. Perhaps they’ve fallen out of fashion.

        But yeah, small arms and munitions will be very useful even for goatherds. 🙁

        • The Taliban was joyriding in a Blackhawk so they’ll get some use of them.

          That said, why should we really care about the Taliban?

          Leave them alone to form the society they want, as harsh as it seems to us, it works for them and “conserves” the culture that enables them to thrive.

          They are not nice people, don’t belong here but the villain isn’t them, its us. The fault is simply we won’t stop “helping” and exporting our stupid poisonous materialistic trash culture.

          Worse too many “Conservatives ” who should know better think its White Man’s Burden.

          Until we make our leaders concentrate on family formation, we’ll have chaos.

  8. Actually the powers that be are trying to start a Civil War ala Syria, Iraq, Ukraine. This is what they do and they’re very good at it, and profiting from the conflict. We of course have no Taliban or Assad to put against them due to cowardice.

    Meanwhile the opposition is still dicking around with ideas, mostly refuting the nonsense the elites pay others to spout.

    The real truth is this is our own history repeating itself with whites as the new Cherokee et al, but without the Braves. Ends same way is the smart bet.

    • I think it’s Devon Stack who said that if we were offered the indians’ deal, confinement to desert racial reservations etc., we’d jump on that immediately. In a couple decades we’d do a post-war Japan and embarrass all our neighbors/enemies by out-civilizing them. And that’s why no deal will be offered. They know.

    • A very interesting article. While the FSB is said to be searching for the man behind the threats to the companies and models promoting black dudes and White women, it does not appear they are looking very hard. Nor arresting the followers. By contrast they certainly do arrest Navalny followers.
      To this add the crackdown on video games by Xi in China. Kids (under 18) are limited to 3 hours a WEEK playing games, with curfews and facial recognition and other means to verify this. It is VERY popular among Chinese parents.
      Conclusion: both China and Russia are in various ways, officially (China) and unofficially via state-tolerated threats (Russia) hitting back at private businesses that threaten social stability. Perhaps because the single rulers there fear real consequences to social upheaval there being not much social stability in either place. Whereas here our oligarchs encourage tearing down social stability. They don’t fear real consequences and figure more social stability than likely exists.

      • China is also trying to prevent a counter movement, not Western called tangping, lying flat which came about do to China’s work people to death 9-9-6 system (9-9, 6 days a week)

        Many Chinese people know they have no future prospects do to lack of women and real estate manipulation and as such do not wish to work nearly hard. No point in it since you can’t ever marry or afford a child.

        Chinese parents are all in on forcing the kids to work harder to support them in their old age but it has no chance of going anywhere. It will just result in angry resentful kids who are not going to support the system harder.

        Unless they miscegnate, there physically aren’t enough women do to genocidal mandatory abortion in the 90’s

        China is a deep trouble, within 50 years, the long end of some of our lifetimes its population will halve and there is no suggestion of a recovery.

        Its very possible the next century, we’ll call it the 1 and 20 or a bit later China will have a population of 300 million , that of 1790.

        They can pass all the 3 child policies or crack down on gaming all they like but nothing can fix this except population decline which will gut the Chinese economy.

        And all that BTW ignores the collapse of the West and a broadly growing distaste for Chinese policy among many nations

        • “Its very possible the next century, we’ll call it the 1 and 20 or a bit later China will have a population of 300 million , that of 1790.

          They can pass all the 3 child policies or crack down on gaming all they like but nothing can fix this except population decline which will gut the Chinese economy.”

          So progress = an ever-growing population? Population decline to a level commensurate with resources and quality of life is a disaster?

          A.B., there’s a place for you (just barely) in India. I think you’d like it there.

          • You gotta love the Internet and its limitless ability to garble communication faster.

            I’m not a progress is growth guy which if you’d notice if you were familiar with my other posts

            In this case I was only speaking for China which is a society that wants growth at all costs at the current time.,

            Also India is reaching demographic stability along with nearly every nation on Earth even Africa and the Middle East are getting there.

            Long term this is an unmitigated blessing for humanity but there will be much pain in the short to medium terms.

            There is a single exception. I’m not a space guy I think its never gonna happen and is a bad idea. However some folks are and if that is a future you want , it will require a very rich , smart , young population with high fertility to make happen. Those are mostly contradictory conditions , caveat the baby boom though.

  9. Funny about Chief Osceola. Seminole tribe designed the costume to ensure authenticity. Knew a few Seminole and Miccosukee growing up down there. They were always proud their tribe was never defeated by the US Army.

    • Amazingly, the Seminoles were also black slaveholders and some later sided with the Confederates. We can only hope this becomes more widely known so that these knucklehead Mascot people can disappear up their own butt-holes arguing about why to cancel Chief Osceola at the football games……..

      A low point in ACC history was FSU’s joining, but the ACC is plumbing new depth every year now.

  10. You know the poll is a joke when the Long Beach State “Dirtbags” (yes, the Dirtbags is their mascot) does not make the offensive list.

    • The real name is the 49ers. Apparently, the 49ers were environment-raping, native-American oppressing white supremacists, i.e. they were “dirtbags,” which has become that school’s unofficial mascot.

      • Hey, we’re all Dirt People – that’s a badge of honor in these here parts.

        [Agree & Amplify, muh bruthaz, Agree & Amplify.]

  11. Regarding lies with the military, it seems like cracks are showing. On the one hand, we have Woke Gen Milley eager and willing to go after White dudes grilling, and the Woke Sergeant of the Motor Pool in the Marines bragging on Twitter about how she looks forward to shooting ordinary people. And on the other hand Lt Colonel Scheller being relieved of command and fired from the Marine Corps for demanding accountability for the failures of the evac in Afghanistan.
    The thing that galls serving front line troops is that not only were they exposed to constant danger but every little thing they do wrong gets punished. Not so for those with lesbian, black, gay, or woke command protection. How long we have an effective military is an open question and given this fiasco, I expect more cracks. Particularly if not when the Regency turns it on ordinary Americans.
    Under stress, from hurricanes or the invasion of Taiwan or what have you, lies create intra-group conflict as those who add nothing but identity rise and those with competence sink. Not particularly good for unit cohesion under stress.

    • Whiskey: I’ve seen numerous mentions of this apparently lesbian woman thrilled with the idea of shooting White Americans. I can’t seem to find the initial interview/comment, though – can anyone provide a link please?

      • Links are content moderation hell, but you can find her on Ace of Spades site I think its the top item now.

        For what its worth, both Lara Logan and Dan Crenshaw are reporting that busloads of female American citizens have been turned away from the Kabul Airport Gate and refused entry while the Commander of the 82nd Airborne celebrated his birthday. The Taliban reportedly carried the women off. Both are reporting (see American Greatness website for details) that the policy of excluding Americans is deliberate, comes from the Biden Admin, and is meant to make getting out by Aug 31 the goal, not evacuating every American. Others have speculated that the Biden Regime for whatever reason wants hostages. I simply don’t know anymore. I guess this is what happens when Dr. Jill runs the show.

    • The way you just laid it out, it sounds almost as if someone were deliberately trying to sow massive discord in the military ranks. An upcoming and (if the civilian world is a guide) very unpopular with about 40% of the servicemembers will be the mandatory jab beginning in less than a month. It’ll be interesting to see how that one plays out. A service member is supposed to obey orders etc. but never in living memory has there been such a blatantly corrupt hierarchy; this probably is even worse than the nadirs of the Vietnam era.

  12. Zman, while I agree the media certainly creates and amplifies a great deal of the madness, I wonder how you’d differentiate your views from Sailer in this regard – he’s always claiming this or that journalist is guilty of hype and if they only realized the harm they were doing or the influence they had, then they’d stop. It’s nonsense, of course, but I wonder where the media’s responsibility stops and the average person’s responsibility starts. We are all familiar with the trope about distrusting the media in the areas we know about, but then believing their lies in other spheres. I’m noticing this of late in my daughter-in-law, who will distrust the usual reports about most things, but seems to revert to trust the authorities when reading up about childcare (she’s expecting her first very shortly). When the APA has removed information about the importance of ‘face time’ from its website in favor of articles extolling the virtue of masks in healthy social development of children, one wonders how anyone justifies believing anything. And my daughter-in-law is quite bright, yet it’s a constant battle between what believe what “they say” and trust your own common sense.

    • I am amazed at how much I can admire Steve Sailer and be aggravated by him simultaneously.

      Steve posts great observations but he thinks that this war against us is all about a mercanary elite consolidating its profits. Life would be a lot easier if he was correct, but he is not. Money is not the main motivator in this war.

      • Steve Sailer was picked for his role precisely because his personality type could be trusted not to cross the line into The Forbidden Zone.

        Everything you are allowed to read was written by authors who were very carefully selected for their personality types.

        • “Everything you are allowed to read was written by authors who were very carefully selected for their personality types.”

          On a mainstream level, yes. But obviously not true across the board. Which makes you a convincing sounding paranoid.

          • convincing sounding paranoid

            Take that JIDF crap back to 1955 in Brooklyn where it belongs.


    • …my daughter-in-law… seems to revert to trust[ing] the authorities when reading up about childcare…

      You’ve got to be very careful here, because you don’t want to initiate any sort of severe emotional turmoil in her which might induce a miscarriage.

      And the truth of the matter is that, as a woman, none of this is your business in the first place – your job is to keep your d@mned mouth shut and allow the men to run the family.

      But if your husband won’t step up to the plate and smack his son upside the head, and if the boy won’t step up to the plate and lay down the law to his pregnant baby momma, then you’ve got an existential crisis in your family.

      In particular, if that crazy daughter-in-law is even pondering the possibility of v@xxing herself [while pregnant or nursing] and/or v@xxing the baby after it’s born, then you need to start thinking in terms of how you’re gonna go all “Annie Wilkes”* on the girl, so as to make absolutely certain that you get the baby out of her, alive & healthy & un-v@xxed.

      *Search on “Annie Wilkes”.

  13. On the topic of busybodies from your talk post:

    Your post was absolutely spot on. This week I had my own run in with a local busybody Karen. While feeding my daughter breakfast, I noticed on my front camera that a Karen had come up onto my front porch in order to take pictures of my building permits (I’m renovating my front porch, siding, and walkway). Local Karen needed to make sure I had all the proper permitting (I do). By the time I saw and went outside to confront her, she was gone unfortunately. This really is the new normal. Everyone being in your business, and also demanding to teach you own children certain values.

    As a side note, I read a commenter on here last week upset about using the term Karen. His assertion was that it’s anti-white at its core, and that we shouldn’t partake in it. My response is: if the shoe fits…The reality of the matter is that a lot of this is being driven by white women. That’s reality. The sitcom trope of the suburban white woman that nosed into other people’s business has spread into a societal reality. We’ve failed in keeping our women measured and grounded and let them exercise their worst characteristics.

    • The discussion of what language we use can be contentious. Our host generally keeps above the fray and I fully understand that gentlemanly behavior is a virtue and a selling point, but people also need to feel connected to others through shared language. Internet memes wouldn’t exist without a glossary of commonly understood words and phrases. Epithets are, for better or worse, a quick and easy way to delineate friend from foe. And in these days of well-policed speech, using “forbidden” terms in the right place, with the right people, shouldn’t be frowned upon.

      We rightfully decry conservatives for preferring to lose with dignity than win. People want to play for a winner. The two most galvanizing leaders the right has had in my lifetime can probably chalk up their popularity to the fact that they told their supporters it’s OK to prioritize victory. Reagan’s famous quip about the Russians was, “Here’s my strategy on the Cold War: We win, they lose.” And Trump promised his people that they’d win so much they’d get tired of winning. Even if the promised victories were not quite what we’d hoped, the message is spot on. Do you think the left cares when they occasionally get slapped down by a court or lose an election? Nope. Because they’re continually told that winning is an imperative and their birth right, ergo they never stop fighting.

      Gentlemanly behavior has its time and place, but so does the time-honored masculinity of coarse, offensive language. Just between the guys. Maybe calling the feminine martinets of our world “Karen” can be construed as an attack on white people. If so, I have no problem limiting its use. But other words connote membership in our tribe and should be used from time to time as an assertion of power.

    • I noticed on my front camera that a Karen had come up onto my front porch in order to take pictures of my building permits (I’m renovating my front porch, siding, and walkway). Local Karen needed to make sure I had all the proper permitting (I do).


      Get that house on the market as soon as possible [peak online house-hunting season is the week between Christmas and New Year’s], sell the house this spring, get the he11 outta Levittown, and never look back.

      Find yourself a homestead somewhere deep in G0d’s country, and swear to yourself that you will never again step foot in Levittown.

      Every single doorbell in Levittown has an Amazon doorbell camera on it, uploading photos of you and your automobiles & their license plates straight to the M0ss@d, and if you start talking too loud within your own house [or, G0d forbid, in your own backyard], then the neighbor’s Amazon Alexa/Echo will also be uploading samples of your vocal qualities straight to the M0ss@d.

      And with those two biometrics on file – your facial features & your vocal qualities – the M0ss@d [and its subsidiaries, like MI6 & the CIA] can track you pretty much anywhere in the civilized world [and license plate tracking cameras are popping up everywhere now, especially on the automated toll roads].


    • we’ve failed to keep our women in line. Thats on us. Letting them work, divorce us, and vote is the main problem

  14. Lies and distortion are the bread and butter for our ruling class and sycophants in the media.

    Like this article:

    Hate crimes rise to highest level in 12 years amid increasing attacks on Blacks, Asians, FBI says


    What is left out of the article, is that the metrics and classification requirements has changed almost entirely from only a few years ago.

    Micro aggressions real and imagined, such as a cross look or rude encounter now stand equally on the stage as 90 year old Asians getting killed by a member of the urban ghetto. With more actions now considered a hate crime the media can report almost with glee the uptick.

    • Without reading the article, I’m guessing there’s no mention that those most responsible for attacks on Orientals are Hutus.

    • Somewhat similar to the hysteria about campus “date rape” my university went through a couple of decades ago. The definition changed from rape as we see reported on the local police blotter to as little as an unwanted/attempted kiss on a date.

      The stat’s of course then began to show that one in four coed’s would be raped before graduation. At that point, even the campus virtue signalers and the administration had to back down—especially when the Fed’s required yearly publication of campus crime stat’s. What parent would send their little *princess* off to be raped?

      • Oh, the “1 in 4 are raped” stat will be back. It’s like those damn cicadas — they never go away; they just go dormant for a few months or years.

        It is, however, great fun when the “1 in 4 coeds is raped!” hysteria enters its manic phase in an election year, when that other hardy Prog perennial, “free college is a human right!” also enters its manic phase. I always used to ask why we bother — let’s just send the tuition money straight to the administration, while sending the girls straight to the frat house in halter tops and carrying a keg of Natty Light. Cut out the middle man!

        (yeah, I too sometimes wonder why I never got tenure… but not often).

  15. Pingback: DYSPEPSIA GENERATION » Blog Archive » Burying the Truth

  16. The truth was murdered long before we were born. We’re just finding out over the last 20 years because we have the internet. We’re not in Biden’s first term. We’re in FDR’s 22nd Term. All subsequent leaders have worked within the terms and conditions of that Presidency. While eras have come and gone, we’re in the twilight of the FDR Epoch, which peaked in 1945. Eras or ages generally change without bloodshed, and even smoothly, like from the late 70’s to the early 80’s, but Epochs are a whole different matter. In 10 years, whether we’re better off or worse, this period of time will look far away, like a different world that passed.

    • “The truth was murdered long before we were born.”

      Even before FDR … the country was stampeded into war following the explosion on the battleship Maine. With the media of the day in cahoots.

      Are we to really believe ‘the carriers’ just happened to be outside of Pearl Harbor, one happy accident? That one is on FDR.

      You surmise correctly, of course. It’s just been going on much longer.

      • I don’t disagree that 1865 was a “re-founding” (in a sad way, not a good way). But the nuts and bolts of the modern state in which we live were created in the 1930’s, built on the foundation pf progressive era institutions, The Fed and the IRS, from 1913. The final arguments of the previous Epoch were during the 1920s. The conclusively lost. Even Herbert Hoover saw the writing on the wall of where everything was going. All these cogs are still in place, right down to Fannie, Freddie, heck even the Rural Electrification Act is still being administered.

        • The political evolution of this country has gone something like this:

          1782 – constitution – limits what central government an do

          1865 – civil war – limits what state state governments can do

          1930s – new deal -wwII – what the central government can do

          1970s – civil right era – what the central government can force states to do

          2020s – Covidian era – what the central government can force individuals to do.

  17. Regarding Taki post:

    The masks have been sporadically, gradually returning but most establishments don’t seem to be pushing it as many people where I live are not wearing them.
    The experience of being hassled by a morbidly obese masked busybody at the grocery store is uniquely hilarious. We ignored her but she made it very difficult. She certainly removes that mask to constantly shove food down her throat. She also needs to devote more time to making her body more physically busy by going for a jog every now and then.
    There have always been lunatics but now the lunatics are in charge.

    • This tracks with what I’ve witnessed locally during the Delta rise. You’re seeing more masks but nowhere near what we witnessed over the winter. The maskless are still a clear majority, whereas 8 months ago well over 90% of the people you saw were masked.

      • I work on a large college campus. I’m guessing no more than 20% of students are wearing the Moron Mask. The faculty, of course, are apoplectic. Puts a song in my heart.

        • If a person is sick wearing a mask may reduce transmission if it’s a properly fitted N95. Those cloth masks are about as useful as putting up a chainlink fence to keep out the mosquitos.

      • KGB: Here in DFW burbs I’m definitely a minority remaining barefaced. Most people in the grocery store and far more people in the gym are wearing masks again. They’ve removed the worst of the hanging plastic screens between cashiers but left up the fixed plexiglass barriers. And I actually contemplated going into one store today but turned around and got back in my car when I saw the “Please Wear a Mask” sign on the door.

        • 3g4me: It’s crazy to think of all the time, money, effort put into the signs, stickers, shields, barriers.

      • The new paper Americans LOVE the submission sack.

        Be it walking around in the 90+ degree heat and humidity, driving masked in their old beater cars with the windows open or standing on the corner waiting for the school bus.

        My illiterate Italian great grandfather was clearly not a direct descendant of Galileo or Michaelangelo, but these people are DUMB.

    • Here in central FL I still see perhaps 10% of the public masking. While there are no local mandates, some stores are timidly posting signs requesting customers to mask. I (and nearly everyone else) ignores them. The only places I willingly wear a mask is in a medical office.

      • how will the medical profession ever recover from the loss of credibility they caused for themselves due to helping politicize the coof. i have less respect for a doctor than i do a plumber, now.

  18. One item that has been overlooked in the fall of Afghanistan is all the mint-condition, latest generation military comms gear that has been abandoned.

    You can bet that the PLA already have dozens of pristine copies of our latest and greatest comms gear on the way to Beijing for complete analysis, performance testing, and reverse-engineering.

    The first two steps will be cake because I’m sure the PLA has also secured dozens of untouched manuals in print and on DVD.

    This would be the comms gear that includes the NSA-certified, (formerly) DoD-only encryption tech.

    So much for that network-centric model of warfare, eh, General Milley?

    Wait, I doubt he even knows what that is because he’s too busy fantasizing about, “white rage.”

    If you or I let the smallest detail out about this stuff we would be disappeared.

    • “You can bet that the PLA already have dozens of pristine copies of our latest and greatest comms gear on the way to Beijing for complete analysis, performance testing, and reverse-engineering.”

      They already had this handed over to them by traitors in the USA.

      • Yes, some of the prior generations certainly were.

        To be more specific, the stuff that was released in the last year or two of Trump’s term is the key loss for the US and huge windfall for the Chicoms.

        They now own our formerly secure tactical comms.

        Best case scenario to develop, test, and completely the next gen on the US side?

        Probably 5 years in a crash program.

        Not sure the dollar has that long.

        Not sure the supply chains can even support initiating that effort.

        • Even capturing the hardware, while a major coup, doesn’t grant the enemy the power to eavesdrop on comms. That would require knowledge of the codes which would be changed immediately if compromise was detected. So our comms are probably not at risk. A bigger risk is they can use the found stuff for their own secure comms, as well as build copies of them.

      • Most Americans who still live in American-majority communities would be shocked at just how many foreigners with papers work in defense. I take it as a given that if there is anything our competitors or enemies want, they already have it. When they can’t directly hire foreign nationals, corporate Merka hires whoever is in the Merkan STEM pipeline, and increasingly that is fwips because of systemic anti-white-male institutional discrimination.

        We are being Morgenthau’ed. A people who cannot make the tools of civilizational is a people dependent for their very existence on the goodwill of foreigners who can. I’m not seeing any goodwill for Merkans. We are all blamed for the mess our globalist elites have made of the world.

        • South Asians do much government IT work. They have a carve out, so they get the contracts almost by default now.

        • In my MIC plant, there are days where I hear far more Turkish, Thai, and Spanish spoken than English.

      • I was working my last full year of enlistment in 1985 when the Whitworth-Walker spy scandal broke. TL;DR: two or more Americans selling classified encryption tech to the Russians for twenty or more years. Without getting too specific, let us say that the government was quite upset and things were in a tizzy for quite a while 🙁

        Losing sensitive gear is nothing new. In the present mess they really had no excuse, because it was (more or less) a planned withdrawal. Usually the worst losses are when an enemy overruns an HQ, etc.

  19. Starting the article with microwaves made me think of this. It is joyful. I encourage everyone to watch. It’s about the invention of microwaves to revive dead hamsters and features an interview with Lovelock still spry at a 101 that is fantastic. Love your people


    • The first microwave “oven of the future” I remember was the Amana Radarange.

      I was at the Amana Colonies, Iowa factory. More than half the parking lot was horses and carriages. The oven of the future is made by the Amish!

      Most of the county is traditional, but there’s a thoroughly modern end of town. The elders tell the young adults to try the modern life if they’re feeling restless, the Amish version of “sowing their wild oats”.

      About 90% of the young give that up and come back to the old way of life after a year or two. They don’t much care for ‘modern’. Something of a lesson for our side, perhaps, a vision for the future?

      • Okay, maybe like this:
        So I’m parked at a tiny mini mart, room for maybe six trucks, in farm country in southern Delaware.

        Now, what makes the sound of *boom-chk-boom boom* *clip-clop-clip-clop* *boom-chk-boom boom* *clip-clop-clip-clop*?

        Midnight, two Amish hookers, laughing, loud, these slatterns had bonnets but no stockings (!)- drunk as a skunk with a boom box clipped to a car battery in the back of the buggy.

      • Fertility rates will tell this story. The Amish have high fertility and high retention , Secular society has very low fertility.

        This includes every race and every group BTW. Get clowned numbers down.

        Unless clown world genocides the Amish , the future belongs to them.

        As for why the high retention. No one is sure , its probably a combination of boiling off (that as anyone prone to leave already has) and the radical difference in life ways.

        Leaving in 1911 made sense, you’d barely notice the change, 1921 change might be slight, 2021 might as well be a different planet.

        • Well, if the Amish that live across the street from me are indicative of the whole, I’d imagine that retention is a function of being so divergent in culture that you assimilation to a different culture would lead to a decrease in one’s standard of living. Also, they’re now inbred to the point of genetic defects, so they probably aren’t going to be the first choice of people choosing from a larger pool of candidates. FYI, for those who think being Amish means being better able to deal with a collapse, they aren’t. They are just as reliant on the global supply chain and industrial manufacturing as everyone else. Honestly, they’re probably more susceptible to failure because they have vastly more niche needs.

          • Fair point. They at least have babies and can figure out how to make food and live with less supplies.

            Assuming they survive the collapse, they’ll do better than secular society for the simple reason if you have 5 children and half on average die your people go on.

            People with 1.6 TFR who lose half won’t.

            That said no one is well situated to survive a serious collapse other than some ultra hostile super isolated tribe somewhere who won’t even notice.

  20. Best. Post. Ever!

    The radical left and the snowflake right have both succeeded in murdering Truth.

  21. I confess that four years ago I wrote a letter to Dan Snyder, the owner of what was then the Washington Redskins (a letter than some office person no doubt glanced at and dumped in the basket) saying that “Redskins,” being a slur, is different than teams named the Indians, Braves, Chiefs etc and that if enough Amerindians found the name offensive (leaving “enough” unspecified,) he should do “the right thing” and change it. No compulsion involved.

    Due to compulsion, “Redskin Nation” hit on what I think is a brilliant solution. “The Washington Football Team,” i.e. f— all you weenies out there (like myself.) I hope they never change it. On the other hand, foo on the Cleveland whatever they’re now called. And what about the Browns? And the Reds and the Blues. Have you noticed there are no pro teams called the Greens? Wait.

    • Our local high school was ordered to change its mascot from the Raiders to, i dunno, the R@dnor Snowflakes maybe? The cost, logos, stationary, sports equipment, etc estimated to be $160,000. No matter, they’ll just raise the school taxes just like they do in most years. The adjacent school district, although plagued with scandal, bribery and corruption, has raised school taxes 17 make that seventeen years in a row! Nobody even questions the money spent on that or the CRT training.

  22. Lies are expensive, and the more lies a society attempts to juggle (in America in 2021 that would be the entire fabric of society) the more our future depends on them. Tesla is perfect example. There’s always another scam with Tesla, last week it was a humanoid robot (that will never be built). You may say “fine, you don’t believe in Tesla, just don’t invest in it.” Well, now that they’re on the S&P 500 they’ve automatically been indexed to grandma’s pension. A lie can start out as a fantasy, or a craven person for gain, and end up being something that nearly all of society embraces and eventually has skin in the lie’s game. Social Security is another one. A nice little inexpensive lie from the 1930’s, over time, has become a very expensive program that nearly every American believes in more than God. So what do we have now? A society too expensive for itself. A society too expensive to live. A society that forced businesses to buy thousands in plexiglass and people to mask up just to buy Cheerios. It’s not a society long for this world. It’s the vestibule of hell in Dante’s Inferno where everyone is chasing the flags while stripped of individual identity.

    • Remember the Cybertruck scam?

      I recently spoke with a contractor in the high-end homebuilding business.

      His boss is planning to start buying Cybertrucks as a virtue signal to their clientele.

  23. Matt Taibbi has written a lot about this recently, about how the media makes its money by getting people angry and hateful. His focus is on the news, but this thinking has really permeated everything. It used to be possible, even 5-10 years ago, to “unplug” by turning on sportsball or a sitcom, but even those things are infused with the culture war these days. It’s just impossible, there is no escape.

    We recently saw this with Jeopardy!’s search for a new host. After Alex Trebek died, they cycled through many different guest hosts. One is a current sportsball player who threatened to retire if he got offered the permanent job. Eventually an executive producer of the show awarded himself the job, which is weird and unprofessional to be sure, but… it’s a game show. However, as soon as it happened, the fangs were out, in large part because he is a white guy while many of the guest hosts were women and minorities. Of course social media demanded the black guy become host, even though he did a bad job and the ratings were unusually poor (implying the people pushing for him didn’t actually watch or care about the show).

    What happened next is so predictable – multiple websites started combing through the executive producer’s past and some dug up some things he said on a podcast years ago. The online outrage forced him to apologize but of course that was just the nail in the coffin, so now he is gone. The people who put out the hit piece have been patting themselves on the back, claiming that taking out a Jeopardy host was some peak journalism. This isn’t even unique, we saw this with another game show last year, The Bachelor, about a bunch of chads and staceys hooking up with each other.

    At no point did anyone stop and say, look are we really getting this worked up over a game show we don’t watch? Of course not, because the current culture demands that all these things be taken equally seriously.

    • I honestly wonder if the outrage narratives are frequently manufactured entirely from whole cloth. Maybe this kind of thing is often done internally for ulterior motives. For instance, a company feels like they made a mistake on a hire/promotion and need to cut ties, but don’t want to take on liability suits or some such. Maybe the guy is a prick and they need a reason to get rid of him. So they get a team of interns to dig up some dirt, leak the story to some low rent blogger or “journalist” in the field and wallah! a resignation soon follows. Its not hard to get reaction on Twitter and the internet. Just one big head line from a big enough site, and suddenly everybody worth a shit is copy-pasting the story.

      I have no proof of this, it is entirely conjecture. But damn,part of me thinks its too absurd, and too common to be real.

  24. “Equality is the great crime against civilization.”

    What a terrific statement.

    All great achievements, which are the very springboards of civilization, are based upon inequality. Not just anybody can write the 5th symphony. Not just any people can build Chartres cathedral. Not just any dunderhead can write Hamlet or Crime and Punishment. And no fool can depose geocentrism and replace it with heliocentrism. These monuments were authored by genius, by innate superiority.

    Originally, Leftism was the ideology of equality. It sought to eradicate social hierarchies and create juridical parity. Since the mid-60s, however, Leftism has transmuted into the ideology of inferiority, i.e. the motive force behind elevating inferior peoples–blacks, perverts, the insane and the criminal–to positions of superiority. In consequence, the war against civilization has gone into hyperdrive. Merit and genius are targets for destruction.

    • Well, you could say that geocentrism is leftist, as is Newtonian physics. All balls are equal as they tumble through emptiness….

    • Milton Friedman had a good line, paraphrasing here, that if you prioritize equality over freedom you get neither, but if you prioritize freedom over equality, you get a good amount of both.

    • Look no further for the epicenter and epitome of that truth than to 1600 PA Avenue.

  25. Zman, “the freedom to be left alone” sounds a lot like a common man’s understanding of libertarianism. How do you differentiate what you talk about in your column with “official” libertarianism?

    • Obviously I’m not the person you asked, but let me volunteer an answer. Libertarians have absolutely no problem with you not being left alone as long as the person bothering you is a corporate or private entity. Most of the oppression we now face is farmed out to the business sector.

    • Great question for the Z Man, Vizzini. In lieu of his answer, I will provide my own.

      “Leave me alone” libertarianism can only exist in a sparsely populated country with a certain strain of independent Anglo, like we had in the Wild West. The Wild West was the only time that any approximation of libertarianism ever existed, leaving aside pathological cases like Somalia. Without these necessarily ingredients then libertarianism is impossible.

      If we don’t have a Wild West situation, then we must accept that shaping the opinions of the masses is necessary. There will be a sovereign and the only question is who it will be. As Reynard commented earlier, “We’ll be facing an uphill battle till we can wrest control of the megaphone.”

      • You and Jack are touching different parts of the elephant, I think. You’re both right, because human societies are complicated things and not amenable to simple, inflexible ideologies.

        Societies start with the people. I’d prefer to separate and live in a country with the sort of people who can be mostly left alone, but I’ve said before that in the US as currently constituted — full of PoC, gays and crazy cat ladies — there are only two choices: live in an authoritarian society in which someone else’s values are imposed on you, or live in an authoritarian society in which you impose your values on others. Put that way, it’s an easy choice.

        • What you described is really what we have now and we are on the receiving end.

          I differ a small bit with Line’s take, although it is a very good one and mostly right. Living in the Wild West probably entailed even more co-dependence. The difference was you could rely on Johnny Ray to deliver the horse’s oats, wherein you cannot today count on Shaneequa, Bruce, or Juan to do anything but possibly steal them. When you are among your own it allows you to have faith and trust.

          In many ways, we should be able to live far more independently in the modern era due to digital information, easy transportation, and access to more goods and services. The reality is there are tremendous efforts to make those as difficult as possible, and the interactions with the diverse almost guarantee that what should be reliable is anything but.

          • “What you described is really what we have now and we are on the receiving end.”


            “Living in the Wild West probably entailed even more co-dependence.”

            Exactly. Because a certain type of people can be trusted to work out their co-dependence on their own, as you describe with the difference between Johnny Rae and Shaneequa.

            They could also work out their justice at the local level. I think the feds didn’t clamp down on lynching because most of the lynchees didn’t deserve lynching, but because they were busybodies — they couldn’t abide that local communities were dealing out life & death justice without their say-so.

        • The third option common throughout history is to find a way to expel or eliminate people not like you.

          Problem for the leave me be types is this takes high levels of cooperation which means authoritarians always win

      • Libertarianism may become possible if space travel is ever cheap and available to the average guy. I’m told that space is quite vast.

        The sci-fi series Firefly, despite its many aesthetic problems, suggests such a libertarian future.

        • It suggests a libertarian society under heavy assault from globohomo (or would he be solarhomo?) that just can’t bear to let them be “wrong” by themselves.

          Of course, being a Hollywood production it has to glorify the whores and demonize all but the approved religious types.

        • The Space Future is never going to happen. There are far too many technological and more important social issues involved.

          If somehow you did have a space colony.on say Mars it would have all the freedom and amenities of Supermax ADX Florence as one mistake can kill everyone and cost billions of dollars.

          Its not worth it. If you want Liberty Land you have to fight for it, water that tree of liberty. No running away to Mars or anywhere else. Never going to happen otherwise.

    • Libertarians are only concerned with the government leaving you alone. This might be fine, but the “freedom” they advocate applies mostly to the rest of the world being free to beat a path to your door and take a dump on your doorstep. What you are free to do about that is, well, nothing much….

      The upshot is, if you actually want to be left alone, libertarians are the last thing you want in power.

      • It is convoluted, but this is how anarchists became fellow travelers with Marxists, and why libertarians today work hand and glove with the totalitarian left. They really don’t mind oppression at all, and think riding the coattails of the most oppressive ideologies imaginable is perfectly fine as long as the pain is inflicted on a private and individual basis by private individuals. Of course, this doesn’t work out although like the communists the libertarians/anarchists will try you it has never been done properly.

        (I know this makes little to no sense, but it is what they think).

    • The qualifier is “basic duties incumbent upon all citizens” which is right there in the first paragraph. Those duties are the responsibilities to your community. Libertarians would argue that you can opt out entirely, which is irrational as you cannot exist outside of the polis. The balance is in the overlap between the public domain and private domain. The free society has a public domain that includes the things held in common. The concept of negative liberty enshrined in the Constitution, but now ignored, is the manifestation of this old Northern Euro concept.

      • Excellent explanation.

        Libertarians are absolutely delusional so they are totally convinced of the justness of their cause.

        “Do your own kidney transplant if the PRIVATE hospital refuses to do so without proof of vaccination.” They actually make this sort of argument as if it has any basis in reality.

        You recently asked for column ideas. I would like to see an examination of how the Buckleyites grafted libertarianism onto their version of conservatism. I’ve never quite understood how that happened unless they had a complete misunderstanding of negative liberty.

      • I think what you’re getting at covers the idea that respecting negative liberty is important not just for government, but for all institutions in society.

        It wasn’t intended as a two-tiered thing where it’s mandatory for government to respect negative liberty but unnecessary for private institutions to do so, instead it was widely understood at the time, that respect for negative liberties was a widespread societal good, but that actually mandating it for private institutions was self-contradictory.

        As John Adams said, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious People. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

        Well, we no longer are a moral or religious people, so that kind of commonly understood self-enforced respect for negative liberties can’t be expected of people anymore.

        And on the other hand, along with the liberties are the responsibilities and the public good.

        Even in a good society, there are people who are weak-minded, weak-willed or otherwise vulnerable to exploitation. A decent society tries to protect those people. A family I’m very close to here are nice people, but they’ve suffered terribly from opioid and meth addiction, and they’re just one case out of thousands in my county. Sure, they “made their own choices,” but how awful would it have been if the vile bastards that had spread it to this community had been strung up in public at the first sign of it?

        I’ve gone back and forth over the “War on Drugs” more times in my life than almost any other political opinion, but the kind of people who bring something like that into a community should die. And don’t get me started with comparisons to alcohol. Millions of people drink responsibly. I’ve seen a lot of overlap between alcoholics and abusers of other drugs, but I’ve never known a responsible user of meth, heroin or fentanyl. Same with people who use opioids when not under a doctor’s care. All I’ve ever seen connected to those drugs are destroyed lives.

        Weed’s not as bad, but every heavy weed user I’ve ever known has been a sloppy loser, and often mentally compromised in one way or another. Can’t opine with regards to cause and effect.

        Also, once upon a time, I would have been one of those “I don’t care what gays do in the privacy of their bedrooms,” but now I’ve had several decades of experience learning that they never intended to leave it in their bedrooms. I won’t get fooled again. They’re busily recruiting our kids and demanding we bow to their beliefs — not merely tolerate but celebrate — and I truly do want them repressed.

        • Your post mirrors my struggles with the War on Drugs issue.

          One of my best friends is a daily weed user and he is an energetic and successful entrepreneur. Yet weed legalization is his big issue.

          I try to make him see that he is the atypical weed user and that weed turns normal men into zombies. His weed legalization campaigns destroy the community in which he lives, yet he is unable to see this. (He lives in Portland, Oregon.)

          • Line. Libertarianism can not exit in a welfare State. There are more exceptions, but this is the big one (IMO).

            Your friend wants to smoke weed, therefore everyone should be able to smoke weed. I’m with him so far. Where he—and other Lib’s—go off the deep end is what happens to the majority of the weed smokers who fail to live up to their potential, or become wards of the State.

            When your friend is willing to walk over those homeless, failed weed smokers starving bodies, then we can talk about legalized drugs and other Libertarian ideas for a truly “free” society.

          • Oregon has gone with complete decriminalization of even hard drugs.
            I hate those responsible for this with the fire of a million sun’s.
            This weekend; I and a relative will be canvassing & passing out fliers in every homeless camp we know around Portland. looking for his sister. No one has heard from her since June. My gut tells me she is dead. If the shit ever hits the fan.
            I swear on my mother’s grave I will hunt down them and their pushers without mercy.

          • Libertarianism fails human nature with automation and trade and a hundred other ways .

            Simply if the majority of people don’t have steady well remunerated work in a stable tradition driven pro natal framework they won’t have babies.

            Libertarians magically assume that everything will just happen and that lower prices will allow family formation or smart storks will deliver babies or something

            This will work fine till someone cheats which should take 5 to 10 milliseconds, give or take.

            L.Neil Smith ‘s pulpy and fun Probability Broach posits such a society but its at least heavily implied that certain people have a Libertarian nature, genetic I would assume and that the .alt history of the other world has a predominance of that.

            Since such genes if they exist aren’t common enough to populate Rhode Island much less several nations, in order to have a future, you need authority,

            By all means give certain groups certain rights , this is historically the norm but assuming 2021 can exists in the low regulation framework of 1776 is charitably nuts.

            This means boots on necks and anything that makes it harder to do the family thing gets stomped.

      • All political denominations have gone, and will eventually go, off the rails. Both Progressive & Fascist authoritarians slaughtered hundreds of millions during the 20th Century, and both Ds & Rs have destroyed any greatness this country may have had in the beginning, so expecting better of the “Libertarian” brand is just plain stupid. At the root, small “l” libertarianism is about the dictum that “the government that governs least is best” and “stay off my lawn.” If you think you will be a better dictator when you get your turn at the helm, then you are delusional beyond measure. Please allow me to make this visceral. When you show up at my door with your set of demands on my person, no matter how righteous you may think you are, it’s now survival-of-the-fittest mode and you best bring a lot of company with you.

        • Tom seems to believe that our country and our world are populated by freedom loving Anglos. It is not. I am not delusional, you are. Your collectivist enemies will snuff you and laugh at you afterwards.

          Therefore, impose your will or be imposed upon.

          • No, you are praying that someone puts you in charge of the Jackboots so that you can implement the genocide of your choosing. The only people I want dead are the ones that are trying to enslave me, and I don’t care what their race, religion, ethnicity, or any other criteria applies. In mortal combat, political debates are the last of your worries, and your personal political beliefs die with you. And all of this is as nature intended.

          • “so that you can implement the genocide of your choosing”

            Well, that escalated quickly. I missed the part where Line mentioned genocide.

          • Then you’re talking about mutual agreement rather than demands imposed by force. For example, if the government respects my right to make a person medical decision about the Covid vaccine, then we are in agreement and there will be no conflict over the matter. Conversely, if a tyrannical government demands that i get the jab or be incarcerated or killed, we have a problem that cannot be resolved with words alone.

          • “Then you’re talking about mutual agreement rather than demands imposed by force. ”

            Well, no, not exactly. We’re talking about a fortuitous alignment of goals. Meanwhile, what do you do about your next door neighbor who objects to the conditions? They’re going to make him comply, anyway (kind of like what happens to your neighbor *today* if he decides not to pay his taxes or sets off high explosives for fun in his suburban neighborhood). Do you take his side on the grounds of libertarianism, or do you take the side of the government that comports with your values?

      • Zman: Perfectly stated. That balance between public and private is where too many lose their way. And there does seem to be some legitimate disagreement, even here, on what the private responsibilities of a citizen (in a theoretical White nation of whatever sort of government) might be.

        These used to be based on centuries of social tradition plus centuries of Christian tradition, as it evolved according to local genetics and culture. I was wandering around some prepper websites yesterday, and came across an older debate about who (and how) one would assist in the event of a societal breakdown. Everyone has his own preferences, of course, but there seems to be a definite fault line between those who believe in self reliance and those who believe in the primacy of charity and general social responsibility above care for self and family first.

        While most here are familiar with the idea that a man will work harder for himself than in the ‘community’s fields,’ there still seems to be little discussion anywhere of when and how self reliance and individual responsibility breaks down into the war of all against all. Yes, social cooperation and trust are what led to the White West, but those have also become almost buzzwords. Where does one best draw the line? I’d be interested in your further thoughts, and everyone else’s.

        • Where to draw the line always is the issue. In a theoretical ethnostate, though, there would be enough trust to make that line less important because neither the public nor private sectors would operate to oppress the whole, or at least would be unable to do so without repercussions, and those helped would be people you wanted to help.

          As a simple illustration, it would be less galling to pay taxes to advance those who are from the same in-group even if they are outside hearth and home. Charity begins at home but is more acceptable when extended to those we would welcome into our home since they are from our tribe. Self-reliance always is to be encouraged but lack of it becomes less unforgivable when it is your own. Yes, slackers and traitors always will be with us but for the most part group cohesion would permit those to be found out more quickly.

          As for societal breakdown it would be a greater issue as to who to abandon due to lack of trustworthiness rather than lack of self-reliance although those overlap. Obviously mudsharks and racial egalitarians would be abandoned. The difficult issues would be disability and lack of intelligence, and when you think about it, that comes down to evolutionary biology and whether their presence would hinder the propagation and the health of our people. That’s grim business and individual opinions obviously would vary as they apparently did on the site you mentioned.

    • Libertarians are cowards who want to be liked by both sides. So they agree with the left on social issues and the right on fiscal issues. But since almost no one in federal office is fiscally conservative, libertarians are effectively liberals.

      • I will never understand the fervor for bashing Libertarians. There has never been a Libertarian government that has committed genocide against its people and killed tens of millions of innocent citizens. There are no Libertarian politicians in charge in DC spending trillions of dollars that we don’t have and can’t afford. There is no Libertarian Antifa burning down buildings and commandeering parts of cities as sovereign domains. Libertarians have no power and vanishingly trivial influence. Why pitch a fit over a group that is utterly inconsequential when the Federal Government of the United States is getting ready to abandon US citizens in Afghanistan because they don’t want to offend the Taliban? There are real monsters wreaking havoc & destruction in the present tense and you have a serious bone to pick with a mythical Libertarian. Where are your priorities?

        • “There has never been a Libertarian government”

          You could have ended the sentence right there.

          • Why don’t you offer an intelligent and serious critique of my salient point in that comment? Why are Libertarians so high on your list of Bad Guys when the real power players are actually getting people killed, commit national economic suicide, and make civil liberties extinct?

          • My post *was* an intelligent and serious critique of your comment. Just mercifully brief.

            Here’s the long-winded version.

            There has never been a libertarian government because libertarianism is not a functional governmental system in the real world of real human nature. In every place and every time it has failed to emerge as a governing strategy because its principles are counter to the laws of human nature.

            The reason libertarians “have no power and vanishingly trivial influence” and are “utterly inconsequential” is that it’s a completely unworkable losing ideology and worthy of scorn.

            Libertarians aren’t “high on [my] list of Bad Guys” because they are “utterly inconsequential.” They’re high on my list of “Guys to be Pitied and Ignored.”

            Like all utopian ideologies, they start with “First, imagine a type of person that doesn’t naturally exist in sufficient quantities to live according to these principles.”

            You can get societies that respect the “freedom to be left alone” only in homogenous societies with shared moral values. But those moral values, everywhere and always go beyond the woefully limited constraints of libertarian thought.

            Libertarianism has values so reductionist that they don’t appeal to anyone as a moral system. You can’t build a moral system out of the Non-Aggression Principal and “Do whatever you want as long as it doesn’t pick my pocket or break my leg” because not enough of the population believes those things.

            When the whole town “knows” what kind of behavior deserves to get you strung up, people know the boundaries within which they can expect to have the freedom to be left alone.

            When 1/3 the town is Christians, 1/6 is Muslims, 1/6 is black, 1/3 is gay and trans, and a handful are Jews, there’s not enough common ground left to have a functional society. The Christians and Muslims see no reason they should have to allow gay people to parade through their streets, the Muslims see no reason the infidels should be allowed to live as equals without paying them Jizya, the gays and trans are outraged that people don’t let them marry or call them by their correct pronouns and let them host drag queen story hours, the blacks are angry because they don’t qualify for the good jobs and half of them are in prison (just as they were turning their lives around!) and everyone hates the Jews because they’re holding all the loans and gaming the financial and governmental systems. Add in some Indians (both types), Orientals and Hispanics and it just gets worse.

            Libertarianism can’t solve those problems. Hell, it’s never emerged in even societies with one-tenth the social and cultural conflicts we have now. Even the mythical “Wild West” wasn’t libertarian. Different competing groups were stabbing each other in the back and competing for group interests all the time. Only the very slightest study of 19th century day-to-day local and regional history gives the lie to that naive myth.

          • Reply to Vizzini. We agree on most of what you wrote in your long response, but you still have not addressed the seminal point in my comment. So let me try a different tactic.

            A Libertarian, a tyrant, and Vizzini walk into a bar. The Libertarian is minding his own business, the tyrant is raping & murdering Vizzini’s wife & daughters, and Vizzini is screaming bloody murder at the Libertarian for being a jerk with a failed understanding of human nature. Who is the real idiot & failure in this trio?

        • Libertarians pushing drug legalization, open borders, low wages , free trade, sexual license, and corporate rule do far more damage than anything else in our society,

          Riots can be dealt with. Rot is much harder.

    • It’s pretty telling when one of the founders admits in his corporate bio that he got his start in business as a petty thief and fraud:

      “At the age of 7, Mike found a genius way to turn a profit selling fresh produce to the people in his neighborhood. Things were good until one day his grandma found out from the farmer next door that there were “some” vegetables missing.”

      • And the writer cannot even use the word genius correctly. Hint–it’s a noun, not an adjective. The word this bozo is looking for is ingenious. My guess is he doesn’t understand the proper usage of the word woke, either.

    • Took the bait, even clicked on the “rest of our team” link. Looks like a casting call for liberal, recent college grads, fat women, and soy males.

      Let me surmise some stats on this crew:

      Change own oil: 0%
      Live with mothers: 92%
      Take anti-anxiety meds: 74%
      Smoke weed: 89%
      Drive Prius/Subaru: 93%
      Own 1-4 cats: 76%

        • “Taken the vaxx: 100%”

          Yes, a lapse on my part forgetting that. Perhaps we can add an asterisk, though, as in: “*: Part of a program of total conformity and obedience.”

  26. As I have commented previously, exposing yourself to TV, and mass media in general, is the metaphorical equivalent of rubbing feces into your eyes & ears. It is unpleasant, debilitating, and ultimately disease inducing. I once recommended to a “friend” who liked to watch CNN that she should just shit in her hand, smear it onto her face and be done with it because then she might actually see & feel it for what it was. And it’s only going to get worse. The mainstream news couldn’t tell the truth by accident and we now live in a world in which it’s raining shit everyday. But what to do?

    Some will fight back by tuning out, which at least gets the stink out of your daily life and helps you avoid the stupid disease. But others will go dark and finds ways to fight back from the shadows. If some stranger accosted you on the street and flung their feces in your face, would you just walk away or punch their lights out as a lesson they wouldn’t soon forget?

    • Don’t forget the digital sewage known as, “social media.”

      Zuck and Jack want you at home in front of a screen 24/7/365 for reasons.

      Reasons that have nothing to do with your health and well-being.

  27. When was the magnetron invented? I’m surprised those intrepid Germans didn’t install a giant one in one of their shower rooms.

  28. re: this post & post to Taki’s today— There was something Jonah Goldberg (yes) brought up on his obscure magazine’s primordial blog 20 years ago, and even though I know what I read it seems my powers of clerical index consulting, i.e. Googling, have failed me today: It was referred to as the “Secret Sin” Theory of Political Alignment and credited to another conservative think-taker.

    The premise isn’t elaborate, just that whatever particulars of a platform an ideologue would advocate most strenuously represent his own private weak spot. For example, if you emblazoned “Democracy Dies in Darkness” on your web site, maybe you aren’t that sure of your own competence/foresight to prevent the junta from taking over.

    As always the most illuminating application of this psychoanalysis is for the libertarians (closeted control freaks so frightened of exercising their own judgment in earthly affairs, they need to bar everyone else from doing so).

  29. I think Notre Dame should change the mascot from the belligerent leprechaun to a giant headed Ted Kennedy, with a potato in one hand and a whiskey bottle in the other. He could chase cheerleaders around the sidelines, and the halftime show could be Drunken Teddy reenacting Chappaquiddick in one of those little Shriner cars.

    • What’s wrong with the pedophile priest mascot? At half-time the loyal could send their kids down to the field for a feelsky…

          • Yes, there is infiltration, but most of the abuse allegations are lies and the ones that turn out to be true are blown up way out of proportion to make it look like a pervasive problem.
            This is just one of many fronts where the enemy is attacking and where we simply accept their narratives at face value and fold. It’s time to stop.

          • All I have to do to see how infiltrated the Catholic Church is is to watch the official actions of the current Pope and to notice things like the fact that Catholic Charities USA is one of the biggest importers and settlers of immigrants in the USA, active in the slow replacement of my people.

            Catholic Charities is not directly a branch of the Catholic Church, but operates with its explicit aid and approval.

            The people assisting the invaders are my enemies. If the Catholic Church wants to show me it’s not my enemy it can stop transporting invaders onto my nation’s soil.

            Meanwhile your fake Pope bows to Muslims and communists. He has denied that Jews need to convert to Christianity. He’s a disgrace. If God still specifically supports the Roman Catholic Church, as its doctrine says, why does He allow a Pope like that? It seems just as evil to me as any number of Protestant denominations who don’t have a leader that claims to speak directly for God, ex cathedra.

          • My read is both Hun and Vizzini are correct.

            Bergoglio (Pope Francis) is a really bad human being. Any gay priest who commits sodomy is a big deal.

            The Catholic church has had really bad popes over the past two millennia. We have one now.

            But, we don’t need to burn down the United States or start a new Reformation.

            Evil may be riding high in the saddle right now, but the evil is visible. That is a very good thing.

  30. Things are definitely heating up out there.

    I work for a certain consumer good manufacturer with over 3,000 employees. Since re-instituting the mask requirement a few weeks ago they have had to beef up security.

    The number of unhinged workers has gone up dramatically. Many more fights between workers than usual. Other have started lashing out at the company. Equipment has been sabotaged, and the property vandalized. Big increase in problems since the first round of mask mandates last year and earlier this year.

    • The only surprising part about this is it didn’t happen sooner. Can’t think of anything a company does that says “I hate you” as much as mandating face diapers and a jab of toxins.

      Might as well show the love back.

      • I work in a relatively technical field doing service and installation. Most or our field technicians are under 50 years old. Routinely, every year, we are mandated by the company to do ethics training. This year, ironically enough, that requirement falls in the same week that the company is starting to push MANDATORY vaccinations.

        You can probably imagine how receptive employees are to ethics training by a company whose management thinks requiring a mandatory experimental vaccine for a younger workforce not at risk is ethical behavior.

      • Indeed. Reminds me of Delta and their $200 a month fine on un-vaxxed employees. It wouldn’t surprise me if the employees were like “Fine, but I’m walking out of here with $500 worth of stuff every month”. It’s kind of amusing that airlines, companies which rely on a high degree of motivational trust, are the ones pushing to promote a subclass of saboteurs in their ranks. Seems…inadvisable.

        • Amazing how companies go nuts over this. At a previous job employees were notorious for raiding the supply cabinets for back to school supplied. These are engineers being paid 100k, and the management was having a hissy fit over employees snagging 50$, at most, of office supplies for personal use.

          Let’s forget too, how the management meetings to combat this probably caused an order of magnitude more money than just letting them be.

          • Where I work there is a large supply room I could easily raid for my own personal use. I’ve never done so because I’m an honest man. However, if it gets to the point where we’re required to wear the Moron Mask and get the Frankenvax, all bets are off. Their ledger just might start turning up a monthly deficit…

        • For Delta, it’s being done under the rubric of “you’re costing the health care money.”

          But they can’t (yet) force employee’s defendants to get jabbed. Hugely doubt resentful employees will volunteer their spouses, kids, and even grandkids to the jab after this.

          Point being: cost savings will be marginal. Compliance is the purpose.

          • (I hate auto correct and small screens! : “costing the health care PLAN money”
            “dependents, not defendants”

    • Communication is much more than verbal. This is where texts, emails, even phone calls fail on so many levels.

      Wonder how much of the stress is being driven by being unable to read social ques from faces?

      Thinking about a generation now growing up not seeing faces for a couple of years…my god.

      • Back when I was a child I had ear infections that made me practically deaf for two years of my childhood. Have trouble with verbal cues to this day.

        That’s nothing compared to what developing toddlers will have to deal with.

        It’s hard to raise a child, but easy to break one.

        • “Back when I was a child I had ear infections that made me practically deaf for two years of my childhood.”

          I did too! I thought it hadn’t done any permanent harm. Today, however, the mask-wearing is driving me nuts. Maybe I depend more on visual cues than I’d realized.

          Forget politics. Forget religion. If I can’t see your face then I CANNOT relate to you emotionally. This never came up before 24/7 masking. I feel like I’m talking on the phone to the person, except he’s standing in front of me, and it’s an uncanny valley that I can’t quite describe because the English language never before needed a word for “feels like a literally faceless society”.

          My friends wonder why I don’t just wear the mask so I can play with them. I can’t convince them how alien and disconnected that feels, and it only gets worse when I ask them to disobey the State so I can have an emotionally healthy afternoon. “Well, are you vaccinated yet? You can play without a mask if you get vaxxed, because otherwise you’ll make us sick.” They’re not my friends anymore because that’s not what friends do.

          How have people so completely forgotten how to be human? Are they so afraid of dying that they’ll gladly refuse to live?

          • Gunnar Q: “How have people so completely forgotten how to be human? Are they so afraid of dying that they’ll gladly refuse to live?”

            You nailed it.

          • I have read — and I believe — a theory that attributes most autism to day care. Kids start going to day care at something like six weeks old sometimes. They have no idea what faces they’ll be seeing day to day. “Mom” is consistent — wanna guess where “Dad” is? — but at the end of the day she’s zonked out and hitting the box wine. So the poor little one just checks out.

            Masks are going to be 10x worse. The entire generation born during this will be autistic, sociopathic monsters. In any sane society, mask mandates would be child abuse, and those proposing them would be swinging from lampposts.

          • The need for being able to “read” a face is not trivial. Humans are the only (?) primate who has white eyes (allows others to see direction of gaze). Further, it’s conjectured that a large fraction of the human brain’s processing power (and therefore, driven by evolutionary needs) was to maximize one’s ability to read the emotions of others in his group. Non-verbal communication is very important, and obviously people vary enormously in their abilities, probably due to some combination of innate ability and training.

            [The above is based on my scattered readings; clearly I’m no expert…]

    • “Equipment has been sabotaged, and the property vandalized.”

      It begins. Rise of the Antibodies.

    • No fights at my plant, but tons of grumbling when face panties were reintroduced for everyone regardless of jab status.

      The other day, the local paper published a list of jabbed-only businesses as a public service on its Faceberg page.

      To my pleasant surprise, the top of the 1.4k comments seemed to run 70-80% along the lines of, “Boycott these effing Nazis into bankruptcy,” with some of most liked comments receiving 500 or so likes.

    • Those are heartening developments. The next step is incognito workers taking out the top execs.

  31. > Other media picked up the original “story” and beamed that back onto the target. In this way, a deliberate lie is turned into another social irritant, agitating the public.

    The only solution is balkanization with people are starting to flee to their own subcultures while treating institutional media the same as one would treat Chinese State Media. A watcher will be amused and completely disconnected.

    As creating a film, publishing a book, and writing art becoming less and less prohibitive, it’s going to get harder to create a general consensus mechanism. Blockchains with NFTs and other technologies create this potential in a way that is very hard to censor, as there’s no one owner. We already see federated social media and blockchain streaming will soon be a tangible reality.

    The State relies on monolithic applications like TikTok, Facebook, and Twitter on social media to drive consensus in popular media. Add Netflix, Hulu, etc. for standard entertainment and it’s not hard to monopolize cultural output. Break those, and people will revert to pre-poz quickly as the social capital of those views become only powerful to a small clique.

    It’s similar to the sensation of the Queue Haircut in China: https://www.thoughtco.com/what-is-a-queue-195402

    Here’s hoping this is peak cultural consolidation and soon the only mass media we’ll be forced to endure is those infernal TV screens while filling up gas.

    • You can’t–or perhaps you can–imagine how much I’d love to punch out Gas Station TV with a pair of brass knucks. Were it not for the ubiquity of cameras, I just might.

  32. These waves of false information bounce around within society causing people to act. Since these waves of data are at odds with reality, this causes friction within society and the people inside get increasingly agitated.…

    “False opinions are like false money, struck first of all by guilty men and thereafter circulated by honest people who perpetuate the crime without knowing what they are doing.” This is the modern age, accept that most opinion is false, and it is produced on an industrial scale

    This is absolutely the case. Causing most of the societal chaos we are experiencing. And there does not appear to be any diminishing utility to the propaganda. I previously would have thought that people would realize at some point that they had been bamboozled. The hysteria was fake, the end of the world never came and discount the bombardment accordingly.

    But that does not seam to be the case. People move from one panic to the next with no memory of the falsity of the last. To a large degree they act as people with no memory and no future. Everything is an eternal present dominated by overwhelming fear, driven by a firehouse of information constantly blasting them.

    I really don’t see house this ends other than some extensive restrictions on the 1st amendment freedom of speech and “press”. Which, when it finally comes will be supported by an overwhelming majority of people. I’d say we’re about 70% of the way there at this point.

    • Contemporary Westerners like being instructed as to how to act, in total contravention of their tradition. They don’t care that the propaganda is lies. That is irrelevant. They believe the propaganda because they have been told to believe it and woe be unto anyone who informs them it is a lie.

      • The revelation of corporate power is terrifying to behold.

        Your social media posts can get you fired. Your medical decisions can get you fired. Your lack of melatonin/estrogen can stall your career (yet the white guys stay in the top spots…hmmmm).

        All of this has been happening for years. Covid just kicked it up a notch.

        • It is an interesting thing. Everywhere you look, there is a shortage of qualified labor. Labor costs are increasing significantly.

          Yet companies are purposefully running off employees for not being “vaccinated” or other crap.

          These corporations will hopefully fall apart due to the dearth of talent they are creating for themselves.

          Workers need to realize the bargaining power they have right now. If globohomo corp fires you, there are many, many employers starving for talent and not requiring jabs and other bullshit.

      • I don’t think it’s a western thing.

        If anything, the last couple centuries of centuries of northwestern Europe and America are significant aberrations from the long term norms of home sapien behavior,

        Maybe, people in general don’t have the level of agency that we’ve assumed, can’t think for themselves and some ideas really are too dangerous. Or perhaps, the concepts of individualism and freedom only work within a narrow cultural framework.

        I don’t like those ideas at all. It runs counter to my own inclination and preferences. But those were formed in part by the Anglo-American culture of a particular point in time. And observing reality today leads to the aforementioned ideas.

      • I’ve found that questioning anything about the Covid narrative (origins, lethality, numbers, the vaccines) not only makes some people angry but frightened. The thought of questioning official sources is literally terrifying.

        • People want to have “reality” narrated for them. The mere thought of intellectually navigating the world under their own horsepower is more than they can handle.

    • “I previously would have thought that people would realize at some point that they had been bamboozled.”

      As the tried and true Twain quote says “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled”

      Propaganda is horrifyingly easy. What matters most is the position of authority, being the one with the megaphone, so to speak. Once propaganda is unleashed, the cat’s out of the bag, its hard to reverse. We’ll be facing an uphill battle til we can wrest control of the megaphone.

      • Wresting control of the megaphone will be worthless if we are unable to utterly destroy those who currently hold it. These zealots will never stop.

      • In the excellent documentary “Century of the Self” Lehmann Bros. bankster Paul Mazur: “We must shift America from a needs to a desires culture. People must be trained to desire, to want new things, even before the old have been entirely consumed.” That was in 1927. It all started with Edward Bernays’ “Crystallizing Public Opinion,” and later “Propaganda.” That was a long time ago.

    • As our information and entertainment sources Balkanize, as somebody just said, I similarly expect more corporate tyranny, which as usual, lets the government wash its hands and claim that it’s violating no one’s rights. These already have happened in prototype form, if you like: suppression of competing services (e.g. Parler) by banning or other exclusion; cancel or deny financial services (so far as I know, you don’t have a “right” to a checking account, a credit card, etc.) for ideological crimes, and so on. Just these two will go far to suppress unapproved thought. As is often said (by Z and others, I guess) is that we already have gone pretty far, and can go much further, towards a 1984-type regime with corporate power alone, no government required.

      To cite an extreme case: Zman and his ilk may be reduced to publishing on an ancient Mimeograph machine and taking payments in cash or U.S. Postal Money Orders, but the government can rightly say that they aren’t violating his rights. If things get to the point where you can’t use the mail, then yes, we are very close to end game.

      Your observation of “eternal present,” having little or no awareness of the past or future, jibes with what I’ve read of the most primitive races (Negroid, Aboriginal). Being primitive, of course, is closer to the state of the animal, who takes no thought at all for the future save purely innate, instinct driven behavior: collecting enough acorns to get through winter, etc.

  33. The funniest thing is, the papering-over-with-lies process really got started as an ostentatious quest for “the truth.” For instance, I’m told there’s an old Russian proverb that goes “better a false ‘good morning!’ than a sincere ‘go to hell!'” For a certain kind of person, though, that false “good morning” isn’t just a social convention, it’s a social construction — that is to say, a lie. They’re not really wishing you a good morning, any more than the guy who asks “how’s it going?” actually cares how it’s going. Lies, lies, it’s all lies!!!

    Guys like Lenny Bruce and George Carlin got famous doing “comedy” bits about this. Pretty much Bruce’s whole shtick, I’m told, was saying bad words, so that those bad words would lose their power — after all, there’s nothing truly wrong with the word that starts with F and rhymes with “duck” — it’s just a social convention, that is to say a social construction, i.e. a lie. And since nobody lies without some expectation of benefit from the lie, if we all just go around yelling “rhymes-with-duck!” all the time, it will lose its value, and then we shall have utopia.

    It’s stupid and literally sophomoric — if not held in check by his betters, every clever 15 year old arrives at this thought on his own — but there it is. Finally, we all shall be perfectly sincere, and we shall have the truth!! Except… they’re not really lies. Nor are they social constructions. They’re conventions, which make social intercourse — the non rhymes-with-duck kind — possible. And now that the old ones have been destroyed, we have to invent new ones. And since the new ones aren’t hallowed by centuries of use, we have to enforce them by trebuchet….

    • Bruce was getting off pushing people to think the way he does. So in the name of liberation he was acting as a totalitarian, a common trait among leftists.

    • Exactly. The social contract was signed in blood. It’s being torn up as if there won’t be a need for another one and everything that entails. Folly and tragedy.

    • Not many modern comics respect Bruce much; they will ostentatiously gush about Pryor and sometimes Carlin, sure, even though both of those maestros dealt in material that was already stale within 5-10 years tops— (even Bob Newhart sounds more like a recognizable “comedy act” compared to Carlin’s ranting).

      I’m not complaining, as I actually enjoy Bruce’s motormouth retarded-Woody-Allen bit. But I’m middle aged. I can’t imagine a zoomer laughing at anything Bruce said ante mortem.

      Also, the combination of the trials and the heroin rendered him into a semi-vegetative Biden type by the time of his career when he’s be hitting his stride, knowing what works, refining his act, etc. That seems to be his phase most worshiped by humorless “counterculture” types, oddly enough, or perhaps not oddly at all

      • Lenny Bruce did absolutely nail one joke though.

        “On November 22, 1963, just hours after JFK’s assassination, comedian Lenny Bruce performed a scheduled nightclub gig. Bruce walked up on stage and stood in silence for a few moments. Then, referring to the famed JFK impersonator, he stated in a sad voice “Boy, is Vaughn Meader fucked.” ”

        Ok, now that’s funny.

    • Time for the inevitable Nietzsche comment. In one of his books, he makes the observation that it was the West’s (Christianity’s) placing a high value on truth, that perversely led to the downfall of organized religion. In his era (late 19th century), he already labeled things by his infamous “God is dead” pronouncement by which he apparently meant that, among the learned and elite, religion was passe, especially in the academy. A common misconception of Herr Fritz is that he wanted to abolish all religion. Not so. He was OK to allow it for 95% of the populace, the sheep. His vision was for a new aristocracy living by distinct values, largely incompatible with the “slave religion,” that would eventually birth the Ubermensch.

      But returning to his opinions: European democracy had devolved to being, in so many words, Christian morality stripped of its religious trappings. He speculated that the further decadence would lead to deterioration and “nihilism.” Certainly, the century and a half since his writing, seem to support such a thesis. 🙁

      The point of this long diatribe? Relentless search for truth, for rigorous honesty, may lead to the downfall of entire belief systems.

      • “Truth” as an idea, is only meaningful in as much there is respect for the process associated how it was arrived at. Without regard for the process, “truth” merely represents an empty category to be filled by the one who has the biggest stick (might = right etc.). The genius of making truth the highest value, lies in that it creates a perpetually updating of the knowledge of how to act in the moment.

        On the other side, I do grant you with properly integrating other values of the importance of family, friendship, community, ego etc. A pursuit of truth can and does become self-destructive, just asked the scientists willing to disregard ethics for the sake of the experiment (Dr. Mengele says hello).

        In my estimation, truth as a highest value does make sense. The interesting question, I think, once this baseline is established, what then? How to act? Here, the role model of Christ, as Freddie correctly points out, does cast oneself as a “slave”. Nevertheless, being a of utility to family of your choice, genuine friends and a real (local) community, is it really such a bad proposition? I suppose, the subsequent question become:

        # How can you trust your partner to create lasting family?
        # How do you know your friends have your back?
        # What makes a real community?

        I don’t think it is surprising, for all of Freddie’s insight, that a recluse who got constantly high in the swiss mountains would have much to offer on these questions.

  34. “Another aspect of this is that the modern age selects for the sort of person who enjoys trafficking in lies and the madness it creates.”

    “Natural selection” or “survival of the fittest” doesn’t mean that a group selects for the strongest traits or the most virtuous traits by any objective measure. It simply means the group selects for a trait which succeeds under current environmental pressures. If you take out a specimen from the group which has adapted to the current environment, and place it in another environment (place a penguin in the desert), often it will be completely unfit for the new circumstances– useless.

    Today, current globohomo culture is selecting nearly exclusively for horrible, indecent, weak traits. Everything seems subverted in this environment. In most any other environment these traits would be disastrous. You can see it in the average person today.

    • And nature often responds to this phenomenon with a colony collapse event that restarts the ancestral fitness selection process. DNA pollution within Homo sapiens will eventually induce such a collapse unless genetic engineering is used to make “certain” specimens among us infertile and begin culling the DNA pollution in that fashion. And a worldwide vaccine program could be an excellent (and covert) means of accomplishing same.

      • One of the scariest things about the gain of function research Fauci was funding in Wuhan, is the ability to spread vaccines (and whatever other pathogens they dream up), by splicing them with corona viruses, and forcing them through entire populations. In the future, we will no choice about taking them.

        • You nailed it. I’m not sure how reliable self-spreading vaccines will be, but the concept you outline is just a tiny subset of the promise, and unfortunately incredible dangers, that genetic engineering holds. Another author has called this, and by no means an understatement, an “existential threat.” This is not hyperbole. An evil bug could do more damage than even a large-scale nuclear war.

          Mankind is literally at, or very close to, a point where any number of scientists can design a new organism, even via computer, and if it got loose, could have disastrous effects. Up to and including a real-life Omega Man, Twelve Monkeys or The Stand outcome. [Insert your favorite apocalypse vision.]

          Nor is this some science fiction dystopia fantasy. What the world has experienced since (approx.) November 19, 2019 is in all likelihood the direct consequence of a lab-engineered virus that was released, by accident or on purpose, doesn’t matter. You might want to consider that as known pathogens go, SARS-CoV-2 is quite tame.

  35. An example of this is the bogus symbolism of the “hangman’s knot”, supposedly indicative of a threat to American blacks because thousands of them were hung from trees in the aftermath of the War Between the States. No one is hung today, even though it remains an option for capital punishment in both Delaware and Washington, except for an occasional suicide. Firearms are the method of choice for murder, especially within societal segments like competitive gangs. Hanging takes too long. But no one worries about graphic depictions of pistols.

    • Those noises tend to magically appear only around election times and then hide for a couple of years. Exceptions are made when third-rate Diversity stock car drivers and gay black actors need a little attention, of course.

    • I seriously doubt that thousands of blacks were hung from trees, sounds like left wing propaganda to me.

      • Yes and no. The lamp post was a popular alternative 😀

        But a bit more seriously..

        Over a period of more than a century, about 4500 people were lynched, and that figure comes from NAACP. That averages to < 45 people per year, which even in saner times, must have been a tiny fraction of all homicides. This is yet another example of lying with statistics, if you aren't brash enough to tell a bald-faced lie. This is no better than complaining that "police shoot 400 brothers a year!" Indeed they do (by government statistics.) Of course, they'll never allow that Blacks aren't even the majority of police shootings, although they die at three times their share of the population, nor will they concede that close to 100% of those shootings were perfectly justifiable, nor that it is black-on-black homicide that claims about twenty times as many victims, yearly. Furthermore, Negroes were not the sole victims. When the mob is dispensing justice, your skin color doesn't matter. But when you're agitating for your own in-group, citing facts objectively is rather rare. 🙁

  36. Regarding the Taki article.
    The rise of busybodies and collapse of respect for privacy are effects of our culture changing. The separation of public and private was a distinctly Anglo-American cultural phenomenon, one not shared by most cultures around the world. It’s fading away is a marker of cultural change a used by immigration and the lack of assimilation.

    • I cannot recall the source, but remember reading a commentary by a European visitor to the early American Republic [de Tocqueville? Trollope?] where one of the main complaints the observer noted was the American penchant for overbearing nosiness. Given such a predilection, no wonder we live in the surveillance state we do.

  37. In addition to lies used to propagandize, there is a considerable amount of unintentional misinformation due to the low IQ’s , ignorance and arrogance of today’s information dispensers.

    Take the example of Hawaii’s mascot in this story. While the character mentioned is a minor star, Hawaii’s actual mascot is a rainbow (this predates the faggot flag). Guys paint themselves as rainbows or awkwardly wear a piece of plastic or foam, poke theirs heads through it, and run up and down the field. Ask any Hawaiian who the state university mascot is and they will name the mascot. Most are unaware the warrior dude exists.

    On a personal note, I have been off the grid for months save this phone and over the air idiot box garbage, which is seldom watched. Disengaging from the propaganda cannot be recommended highly enough.

    • They have the sample size with demographics for those surveyed on their website. Hilariously, they also asked which mascots were considered the sexiest and unsexiest. If people truly did take time to respond to this survey, that might explain a few things about it. They added this to the demographic explanation:

      They ranged in age from 18 to 79, with a median age of 36. In terms of sexual orientation, 85.1% identified as heterosexual, 2.8% as gay or lesbian, 10.9% as bisexual, and the remaining 1.1% preferred not to say.

      The only reason anyone is reporting on this they are desperate for content

      • Pansexuals must be furious!

        Yeah, any respondent who took the time to bother with this inanity is not playing with a full deck.

    • My peace of mind has increased noticeably in the past few weeks. I did two things: cut back on the caffeine and stopped going to Yahoo.

    • I generally read only Zman daily; those blogs I peruse when in the mood have dwindled to perhaps another 5 (although I have started watching a number of homesteading videos). I quit tv years ago. I literally don’t remember the last time I went to a movie theater. My phone has no apps. We get no newspapers or magazines. Even my husband’s tv watching has dropped precipitously.

      My boys have admitted this untraditional behavior caused them some social difficulties (more for the younger than the older). They never knew what the latest movie or tv show was, or the latest fad (and I never bought them the latest manufactured toy craze). I got my car washed today and multiple employees suggested their monthly program. Each time I responded that I’m not a typical NiceWhiteLady and I have better things to do than get my car washed weekly.

      But I readily admit I am atypical, particularly for a woman. I’ve never gone along with the crowd or been part of the ‘in’ group. While I certainly don’t want to live like a hermit, I’d still rather be alone than participate in clownworld and most people’s usual stupidity. While I may not have any settlers or hillbillies in my genetic ancestry, I’m most at home with that go-it-alone sensibility and I’m chafing at the bit to get of of DFW and move to the mountains. We’re actively working on it, but meanwhile I live as though under foreign occupation.

      • You’re a good woman, 3g4me. This site can be a little hard on women, so please keep sharing your thoughts.

      • Too many people fear being alone with their own thoughts, without distraction, for any length of time. I learned this early on when the “I’m bored” complaint resulted in additional chores. 😉

  38. Yes, parading the corpse around with strings attached to his arm like a marionette. Thats civil rights and “we are all pink underneathe”

    I frequently want to call it a heresy. But I think “error” is better. We are meant for the truth, thats what our minds are for. To have lies shoveled at us year after year, when the truth is so plain, is tortuous.!

    How will people give up the lie that all peoples are “pink underneath” and thus equal? I don’t see it happening without a massive disruption in civilization!

    The microwave analogy is excellent to describe propaganda today.

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