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One of the questions I did not get to in the show was one about why Afghanistan is so attractive to empires. The British, Soviets and now the Americans have come to a bad end trying to tame the Afghans. Ho back further and you have the Persians, the Greeks, the Arabs, the Mongols and so on. The story of Afghanistan is the story of conquest and the survival of that conquest. Each conqueror leaving something behind, but never really changing the area all that much.

In the before times, the main reason to conquer the area was its location between Central and South Asia. The Silk Road that connected Asia with the Middle east and Europe runs through Afghanistan. It is a strategic bottleneck that made Afghanistan so important to the pre-modern world. It also is rich in things that people have tended to desire like lapis lazuli in the olden times. Today it has valuable deposits of rare earth metals and things like lithium, used in modern production.

Of course, for the British, Soviets and American, it is the location near the Middle East that is the attraction. For over a century know, controlling the Arabian Sea has been critical to controlling the flow of oil. Afghanistan offers a nice launching pad to exert influence on the region. The Americans imagined it becoming a modern outpost of the empire to counter the ambitions of Iran. Instead, it was just another example of how empires inevitable overextend and bankrupt themselves.

I suspect another reason the place appeals to Westerners so much is that it operates outside of civilization. The Afghans are not Asian, and they are not European, even despite the history of invasion. The genes of the conquerors have been absorbed in varying degrees, but the population remains unique. The core of Afghan DNA dates to the founding population somewhere in the Neolithic. In other words, the Afghans stubbornly remain unconquered, despite it all.

For people who root their theology in the belief that man in the state of nature is naturally cooperative, the uncivilized world of Central Asia is like catnip. if you think you can remake the world in your image, what better place to start than a place that remains outside the grip of modernity? While many supported the Afghan adventure for mundane reasons like greed and influence, many supported the project because they thought they could prove the key points of their faith.

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213 thoughts on “The Mailbag

  1. A little late to reply here.
    Zman, I think a lot of buyers remorse in the early 90’s was with Perot. I know a lot of people who realized they got Clinton elected by voting for Perot. Perot never attacked Clinton in the election and seemed to be focused on destroying Bush.
    We really don’t know what a second Bush term would have been. He probably wouldn’t get involved in Iraq because he was criticized for withdrawing troops and not invading Bagdad. The neocons were livid with him.

    • The above has among other gems revelations that the Taliban fire people for corruption or abuse, had for ten years top level commissions come to the local level to hear complaints that were actually acted on, also hotlines for tips if that failed.
      They lived off donations.
      No donation could be coerced.

      Imagine an American government that operated so.

    • Taliban… They govern better than us.

      “It’s horrifying how some young Western men are so alienated by woke culture that they even admire the Taliban’s twisted mindset…”
      By Mary Harrington For The Mail On Sunday
      Published: 20:10 EDT, 28 August 2021

      Amid the blood-spattered horrors of Kabul, perhaps the most startling response has been an outpouring of warlike passion from disaffected young Western men. But they’re not backing Western soldiers. They’re cheering on the Taliban.

      Far-Right groups are gloating. One user on an online message board called the toppled Western-backed Afghan government ‘globohomo-clownworld’. He characterised this as powered by ‘liberalism, consumerism, secularism, usury, democracy, global capitalism… and most of all, feminism/women’s rights/women’s liberation’…

    • They have a moral and religious population which ironically makes them more suited to our Constitution than we are.

    • Karen, regarding your referenced article, it would be far more cost effective not to allow Muslims to enter our country than to try to drone them into agreement with us all over the globe.

      More broadly, I’m sure that you will agree: Multiculturalism for Israel now!

      It’s terribly sad that the wonderful benefits of diversity have not been shared with Israel. Infinity Mexicans and Africans to Israel now!

      • it would be far more cost effective not to allow __________ to enter our country

        Mildly off-topic, but apparently Choc-o-lat-opia just got taken out [yet again] by an Hurricane, this one being named “Ida”.

        The last time that happened [courtesy of an hurricane named “Katrina”, in 2005], the Bush-43 administration shipped hundreds of thousands of Chocolates over to Texas, and if the Tater Joe administration pulls the same stunt, then Texas might very well turn Blue in 2022.

        “Never Let A Good Crisis Go To Waste”
        – Rahm Emanuel

        PS: With all the media attention on Afghanistan, the movement of the Chocolate refugees to Texas could be performed completely under the radar, and no one but the Texas scr0tial workers [inundated with hundreds of thousands of very angry, very violent, very riddle-with-venereal-disease new clients] would even realize what had happened.

        PPS: Look for the CRT/BLM types to start demanding racially appropriate names fo dey hurricanes.

        E.g. Hurricane Laqueesha, Hurricane Quintessa, Hurricane Bootreesha, etc etc etc.

        PPPS: Between New Orleans Chocolates & Afghani Goat-Phuckers & MS-13 Santa Muertes, the state of Texas could become a serious war zone in the next several months.

        So purchase even moar @mmun!tion, muh Texas bruthaz.

        Purchase even moar @mmun!tion.

  2. The U.S. was not much interested in Afghanistan until the Taliban permitted terrorists shelter there. And of course Islamic terrorists are driven by the wars for Israel. Once there though it became an obsession of the system to show that even stone-age Muslims could be tamed because, once again Israel, but also to bolster diversity and open borders back home. Well, guess what, it turns out that racial and cultural equality is a myth. They’re ignorant, inbred, stone-age savages and the images out of Kabul viciously rip the mask of the whole buy-the-world-a-coke bullshit this country has been running on for the last fifty years. People aren’t the same, and some peoples make shitty neighbors.

  3. I’m personally greatly enjoying the disaster unfolding in Afghanistan. The gay and black and female commanders couldn’t get the job done against the goat herders. The USA’s international prestige as a military leader has been severely damaged. And to top it off, the rubes are cheering it on, and throwing eggs at the ruling class (rather than feigning being horrified).

    I was laughing while Biden was talking yesterday. He quoted the book of Isaiah and talked tough to some terrorists. Extremely hollow display.

    • Ang1in just poasted an hilarious takedown of the Deep State concerning USMC Lt Col Stuart Scheller.

      “Soldier Fired for Questioning the Sacrifices of Antony Blinken”
      August 28, 2021

      I haven’t laughed that hard in a while.

  4. Another thing to do while looking to get out of the city, is to look at the town/county’s future growth plans. There have been many towns outside Toronto that simply started building hectares of new subdivisions adjacent to the white town, packed to the brim with indians and other third world aliens.

    Find a place that is anti-growth, or at least has no plans for growth. Being anywhere within 100 miles of a larger city is probably putting the town at risk for future “growth”. Chicken plants and other labour intensive operations will flood the town with aliens.

    Just moving to an exurb of Washington (or any city in general) is not enough, for it will be consumed by subdivision growth. The new subdivisions are not whites but foreign aliens.

    • Ironic that all these years later, it’s the whites of both North and South that are looking to get 40 acres and a mule.

      The only question is where.

      Zman touched on the “WWYD with a million?”. Am I the only one who thinks that a million today ain’t all that much, isn’t going to last that long, and isn’t going to buy you arable land in any significant amount in a place you’d trust your neighbors?

      • Am I the only one who thinks that a million today ain’t all that much, isn’t going to last that long, and isn’t going to buy you arable land in any significant amount in a place you’d trust your neighbors?

        It would last forever if it weren’t for property taxes [i.e. the fact that you have to rent the use of “your own” property from the county in which said property resides, together with the fact that missing a rental payment or two means the sheriff comes out to “your place” to auction it off to the next serf (with the winning bid for his own serfdom)].

        Property taxes are simply an abomination.

        If a society has to be built upon a foundation of taxation [rather than tything], then only those transactions involving government-issued currency should be taxed.

        [In particular, the trading of items, which trades do not involve government-issued currency, ought not be taxed, although alternate currencies like Bitcoin might have the final say in that case. Which, in retrospect, must have been why the FDR administration banned the possession of gold – to keep the citizenry from creating an alternate currency in competition with the government-issued currency].

      • ProzNoV: Oh, I don’t know – depends on whether you’re talking a million before or after taxes. One million free and clear could buy you a nice piece of land and build a solid, well-built off grid house and shop. If you earn a decent salary and are careful with your spending, you could accrue the necessary beans, bullets, and bandaids to go along with the property and be pretty comfortable living a simple and low-profile life. It’s the initial capital accrual that’s so difficult for so many – trying to live a decent White life is expensive enough as it is. And inflation (present and future) makes it that much more difficult.

      • A million is a ton of money if you aren’t stupid with it. You could easily buy, in the right area, a big chunk of land, build a reasonable home and get it set up with all you need to ride things out. Then find a small business you can make some spending cash and you are set for life.

    • I am moving away, for just the reasons that you mentioned, from the mid-sized city in a red state that I moved to 5 years ago. There are 2,000 homes being built within a 2 mile radius of my current home.

      During the last election for mayor of my town, I wrote on the NextDoor neighborhood website that I wanted to vote for the No Growth candidate. Not the Smart Growth candidate or the Planned Growth candidate, but the No Growth candidate.

      The Reagan Republicans angrily lectured me about their private property rights. I bet that most of them will move away to a less dense area after they sell their properties.

      • Edward Abbey summed it up perfectly. Continuous growth is the creed of the cancer cell.

        This makes capitalism, not markets, markets are good , cancer and until we can find some alternate solution we’ll keep ruining our society and culture.

        • Life can be so strange. I distrusted the “Moneky Wrench” guys that I knew in college. Now, I see their point, although I won’t support killing innocent mill workers with spiked trees.

      • Line: With such unrestrained growth in your area, hopefully you’ll be able to sell (if not renting) your existing abode for a reasonable profit and move somewhere more rural and isolated. It’s all a gamble, trying to predict where best to live and how best to avoid the worst of the collapse we all expect in our lifetimes. Although it’s quite true that there’s a lot of ruin in a nation, I’d argue we’ve lived through 70 years of it already, and it’s only going to get worse. Best of luck to you in land/house hunting.

        • My house has more than doubled in value since I bought it. Sadly, I would forego all the equity not to have the flood of people arriving.

          This is how I felt when I left California 5 years ago.

  5. It’s hard for me to imagine how they can keep the covid hysteria up over long periods of time. It’s hard to imagine how people will continue to go along with things like vaccine passports to see a concert or go out to eat over the long term.

    The AIDS hysteria was another covid. Despite the fact that AIDS was largely a gay man’s disease (along with junkies and prostitutes), I spent my entire teen years being warned of AIDS every single day of my life in school. I literally had shop teachers preaching to wear a rubber to a class full of 13 year old kids. There were endless film-strips (16mm sound movies) and pamphlets and advertisements for planned parenthood in the schools. But by the mid 90s, probably most kids were not subjected to this anymore. AIDS is a distant memory for most people my age.

    • If we’re lucky, the Covid hysteria will go the way of the alternate religion it was designed to replace, Gaia worship. They got people to ditch paper bags and carry grimy sacks to the grocery store and to put bottles in the recycling things (that all end up in landfills in China anyway, but whatevs), and… that’s about it. It’s no accident that your worst Kovid Karen was, pre-virus, a Gaia worshiper always hectoring people to recycle and eat bugs and grass and whatnot…

      …all while driving her late-model SUV three blocks down to the Whole Foods, and leaving it running while she “just ran in to grab a few things,” because Karen’s gotta Karen.

      • Funny thing, I was just in the supermarket the other day when this announcement came over the radio that plastic bags are being eliminated by law Oct 31 and that reusable grimy sacks are what we will need to bring with us to the damn supermarket. Nevermind that the vast majority of the plastic in the ocean is coming from Africa and Asia and not America or Europe.

        Yeah, pointing out their hypocrisy never grows old. Also, just a reminder, “Karen” is an anti-white slur. Karen is OUR woman. Don’t ever forget that.

      • I must confess to not having an issue with the sacks, though probably part that has to do with the increasingly thin and cheap nature of the plastic bags (especially at one particular local chain). I could fit the cloth bags I needed in my pockets and would generally self-scan (I wouldn’t hand them off to some poor grocery store worker to wrestle with). Never put raw meat in them though, unless you planned on throwing it away.

        (Right before, I mean right before, the WuFlu madness broke out a different local chain was forcing all their customers to switch to cloth sacks. Talk about a cluster-f. It’s one thing to be like me and throw some assorted junk food into one or two bags, but people going through the lines with two carts full of assorted goods would be subjected to a trial worthy of a tortuous, humiliating game show.)

      • Z’s probably onto something on the appeal of Afghanistan to foreigners. The bug bit the Soviets HARD when they were trying to keep the Afghans secular and atheistic. The Americans at the time of course knew that which is why they gave anti-aircraft Stinger missiles to the Afghan rebels. They wanted to make their own little Vietnam for the Russians to fend with.

        And it worked.

    • The AIDS hysteria was very small beer compared to the Kovid Kaptivity. It was to the Covid panic what a bell pepper is to a Trinidad Scorpion.

      • I agree, but it is the same concept. Aids was not going to kill very many people. It was never a big risk to straight people. It is the exaggeration of the risks that i think makes it a decent comparison. In my 14, 15 and 16 year old mind, aids was practically going through the air. ANYONE could get it and would get it and the only thing you could do to minimize the risk is always use a condom.

        Covid is extremely risky for elderly people the same way AIDS was extremely risky for homosexual men. Like with covid, they superimposed the risks of the riskiest group onto everyone. I saw a headline on Drudge this morning that a large majority of the US population already had Covid by Dec of 2020. Most probably do not even know it.

        • It was never a big risk to straight people. It is the exaggeration of the risks that i think makes it a decent comparison. In my 14, 15 and 16 year old mind, aids was practically going through the air.


          The Gipper was Prez, and we still had a strong living memory of Norman Rockwell’s America [Rockwell had only just died in 1978], and no one could have imagined that our medical corps would lie to us on such a massive scale.

          The only person who fought back against the lies was a fellow named Michael Fumento, who used to write for Bob Tyrell, at the old American Spectator.

          The other thing we [Norman-Rockwell-ish Amerikkkanz] didn’t realize was the overwhelming presence of the s0d0mites in the Halls of Power.

          These days, much of muh thinking about the recent history of geopolitics [going back several centuries now] imagines a titanic struggle between the j00z and a [more or less ultra secret] White s0d0mite power base, with normie White males [ostensibly the ones who wielded all the power in the world] largely utterly oblivious to what was ackshually transpiring behind the scenes.

          I wonder what the 21st Century White s0d0mite power brokers, like Peter Thiel, think of the j00z?

          Many of the White s0d0mites, like Elton John & Kevin Spacey, are forced to work with the j00z on a daily basis, but when they’re alone, and amongst themselves, I wonder what the White s0d0dmite conversations sound like, when the JQ is broached…

        • I have to hand it to the Covid propaganda people. They’ve managed to take even facts that *should* deflate their narrative and used them to pump even more hot air into it. Take the fact that Covid is, like common cold viruses, so insubstantial that most people can have it with out even knowing. This was turned into those scary PSA messages with ominous music about how “you can transmit Covid without even knowing you have it.” and the horrifying dangers of “asymptomatic Covid”. The idea was to get people to the point where they were practically hallucinating those little spiky nanoballs coming out of everyone no matter how healthy they looked.

          I sometimes wonder if the last 20 years, starting all the way back at the War on Terror is just an attempt to overload everyone’s amygdalan fear centers over vague threats that can be everywhere and nowhere at once to the point where no one will notice when there really is a huge and very real threat. Then again, Our Masters seem so short term in their thinking most of the time that if they do indeed take advantage of this “fear fatigue” it will by dumb luck.

          • It’s not about covid, never was, it’s about getting that jewjuice into your arm. They want alot of people dead. Talked about for years, planned it, now they’re doing it. It’s in their books and writings, you have to warn the goyim, then it’s legal in the eyes of their god. Their god is Satan. Get ready to say goodbye to the gullible who put that poison into their blood.

        • Because Beer Flu is basically a mish mash of respiratory viruses with better marketing and a scary new name.

          In the sane times, we used to call these viruses the, “old man’s friend.”

    • They can keep it up forever. Karens are miserable people who have no purpose in life.

      COVID hysteria gives them something to live for, and makes them feel like part of a team. They belong, they’re useful, and they’re fighting the bad guys.

      Not to mention the fear of death is never going away.

      • Illnesses are going to go the way of weather. When most of us were kids, the weather was the weather. It was always the last segment on the local news, right before some light-hearted story to wrap up the show. If you were lucky, they’d get the forecast correct more than 3 days out.

        Now, every storm gets named and is worse than all others that came before. If you happened to catch a few minutes of the hurricane coverage last week, you’d have seen them breathlessly obsessing over locales that had received a half inch of rain and wind gusts approaching 30 mph, or seaside towns being “battered” by 4 foot waves. Come again? But they never dial it back. Each year, the coverage becomes more and more histrionic.

        That is, I’m afraid, what they’ve teed up with the Covid fable. They’ll all be on the lookout for any, and I mean any, illness that can be exploited for panic porn. This has been the greatest thing to ever happen to the talking heads. They get to be scolds and heroes at the same time, without exerting themselves in the least.

      • There’s also the fact that Coofism has given many of these useless little whores a taste of something they want even more than “purpose” – power. Through my job I have some knowledge of how the Coof snitches operate here and even exactly *who* they are, at least in the demographic sense. After encountering perhaps 40 of them (that’s actually not a bad sample size) I can say that exactly 0 of them were non-whites and only 2 were men (well “men”). So that’s the profile of a Coof-rat, a white woman, generally with some sort of college education in something totally useless, who feels a need to wreck someone’s business because she saw an unmasked face there.

        You see this in every totalitarian system too. There are never enough actual police (secret or otherwise) to keep everyone living in fear. Many of the ones who do exist can be bought off too and thus neutralized. The snitch though, she can be anywhere and the payment she receives (power to destroy others) cannot be counterfeited or bribed away. Solzhenitsyn commented on this too – “it was always the young women who were the most fanatical supporters of the Party”. Power for the powerless indeed. This is the real “empowerment” those fat purple haired feminists crave.

      • Spot on, 100 percent. We need to encourage the Karens to commit suicide to save the planet or whatever. Turn them against the Satanic Tribe in the interim.

    • they cannot let covid go, because it justifies the horrific abuses of power that the state at all levels are exercising . In my area the normie is completely down with it .

  6. Setting the record straight on boomers and millennials as only a Gen Xer can: The boomers are just as entitled as the millennials, only one generation is about Medicare not paying for their support stockings and the other wanting free college. In the same shoes as millennials boomers would be even more socialized medicine than them, but because boomers had a good Blue Cross plan in 1987 they were more satiated. the bottom line is EVERYONE IS A WH ORE for government money, or stimmy, or whatever you call it. America has become one big game of Hungry Hippo for government largesse while the system itself tips into insolvency. Everyone will end up screwed in the end as this insolvency one day comes to light.

    • For as much as the boomers are characterized with their attachment to government goodies their parents were in many ways worse. Part of the propaganda for the illegal immigrant amnesty in the early 80s was selling the “greatest generation evah” on the idea that it would keep their government gravy afloat until they passed on.

      • I don’t remember my grandparents being too pro let-in-the slums. I do know that a lot of small business owners at that time got addicted to the Manuel-labor just as the big companies. I supposed (((Neil Diamond))) brainwashed a lot of people in that era with the song Coming to America.

        But let’s not kid ourselves, the greatest evahhhh generation came back from the war to truffle hound the bennies like everyone else.

        • Not to get all NatSoc at the Z-board, but in defense of bidness owners, in a raw nekkid darwinian free market, if just ONE SINGLE SOLITARY bidnessman cheats, and breaks the rules, then every other bidnessman has to cheat & break the rules, else all the others will quickly go out of bidness, and only the one cheater will be left with a profitable enterprise [and, at that point, an unassailable monopoly position in the marketplace].

          So if it’s, say, 1619, in Virginia, and one White plantation owner purchases a group of chattel slaves from the dutch-j00ish [seph@rdic] chattel slave traders, and if

          A) Those chattel slaves work more or less for “free”, and if

          B) Those chattel slaves are working in the coastal plains, surrounded by marshes breeding mosquitoes, and if those chattel slaves have “Sickle Cells” which help to protect them from malaria, then

          C) Any other White bidnessman, who attempted to compete against such a plantation, himself deploying paid White labor, which had no genetic resistance to malaria, would be a White bidnessman who wouldn’t last two or three seasons in the plantation bidness before going broke.

          Similarly, in circa 2000 USA, any White bidnessman who paid his White workers $20/hr with full bennies [making their total compensation package more like $30/hr] wouldn’t last a year or two in competition with another bidnessman who used illegal alien Mexican labor, at $12/hr, with no bennies, even if that Mexican labor could only perform at, say, 80% of the competence of the White labor. [Yeah, the quality of the product would decline, but pushing lower & lower quality at cheaper & cheaper price points is just another tool in the warchest of the psychopathic bidnessman trying to drive all of his competition out of bidness].

          In 21st century housing construction, just as in 17th Century coastal agriculture, all it takes is ONE SINGLE SOLITARY bidnessman to cheat, and that one act of cheating immediately forces EVERYONE ELSE to cheat.

          So a nation, built upon an economic foundation of a “free” market, cannot survive unless there is a blanket solemn sacred devotion, on the part of the entire citizenry, to NO CHEATING.

          In particular, the Constitution of such a nation would have to explicitly prescribe the Death Penalty for any bidnessman who cheated and brought in foreign scab labor.

          • Cheap labor is simply treason and for Christians a sing

            For the scripture saith, Thou shalt not muzzle the ox that treadeth out the corn. And, The labourer is worthy of his reward.”

            And not this doesn’t count for “the family business.” its fine to use your kids and cheap labor or to work cheap for yourself.

    • Maybe speak in your own personal voice and not as a representative of a certain group or generation. Works better.

  7. Setting the record straight on generational politics, the reason white people engage in them is because we have different political camps and outlooks based on generational experiences. Some 90 year old negress has the same politics as a 14 year old negress, because they have the same universal political strategy, which is take as much as you can get from whitey. The same goes for the other races. The productive in society are the ones that have divergent viewpoints. Let’s not compare ourselves to yard-apes with no critical thinking skills.

    • “Generational politics” results, in part at least, from there being more philosophical diversity among White Americans than among other demographics in this country. We’re simply not as monolithic as those other groups (not in the USA anyway). E. Michael Jones infamously classified Whiteness a “category of the mind” — which is somewhat true, yet ludicrous on the whole. Whiteness does, however, represent a rather lengthy spectrum in terms of intellect, tastes, and general culture. Whether White Americans can ever comprise a cohesive identity group remains to be seen. If they can’t, their long-term survival will likely be in jeopardy.

      • my favorite is “porch monkey”

        another term i miss, is “nigger rigged”

        PONTIAC = poor old nigger thinks its a cadilac

  8. There’s a class of cursed people who flee diversity only to have it follow them. I see this where I live, and I suspect it’s by design. After all, there’s a lot of money in real estate development, and if people were to settle down and build their own communities, a lot of that money would disappear. I used to hear real estate was some outsized portion of the economy— maybe the whole thing would collapse.

    The law is on the side of all of it. Immigration law, state-imposed zoning, taxes, the abolition of freedom of association, etc. All of these things keep whites on the run, literally buying peace like a commodity. They keep positive white identity and white solidarity from developing. If whites were to listen to the race hustlers and believe what they say, i.e., that whites are superior to everyone else, whites might take a stand and put an end to the madness. But they don’t, and that’s the strangest part of it.

    I’m not not saying it’s consciously planned out, although who knows anymore, but it certainly looks to me like there’s at least an animating spirit to it.

    OT: the idea that politics and economics are downstream from culture. I have childhood friends whose politics and culture changed when they started their careers. I was on the same track but decided I valued my culture more than any potential allowance of blood money (as I saw it). I used to think that was proof of the Marxist position, but it could be that economics and culture, or even politics, are equal aspects of the same phenomenon. Maybe the cause is elsewhere. Evidence of that might be that America only seems to permanently change as the demographics change.

    • One thing that’s true is that Europeans who fled the continent were not nearly as rooted to their ancestral homelands as those who stayed. Thus, there is a sense in which white Americans self-select for a general unrootedness. NAXALT, of course, but nonetheless it’d be strange if Americanns were well-rooted.

      • I’m inclined to agree. Quick back of envelope yields 16 cities, some with multiple addresses, in a sixty year life as a typical UMC American. A few in childhood and adolescence have to be attributed to parental decisions. The bulk, up to age forty, were driven by education and career choices. Since then it’s stabilized to two cities with two addresses in each. Perhaps Americans don’t put down roots because being uprooted is a painful, sometimes hazardous, experience. YMMV.

        • I got so much “unrootedness” I rebelled against it. Seven different schools by seventh grade. As many different homes. Four different states.

          So, I settled in the city I went to college in. Married, had first two kids there (in the same home), then when I was 30, bought my farm, moved there, had the rest of the kids and been there ever since. I didn’t want to put my kids through what I went through.

      • Excellent point. Otoh Europe had its share of barbarian migration in the past. Many future Americans were fleeing persecution or coming to get rich quick, rather than going a-conquering. That could be a difference, but again, some of those European barbarians were on the move for the same reasons. I don’t have a good answer other than the Enlightenment ideals of commerce and rule of law.

      • You have a point there. However, before the 60s most Americans of all types felt more grounded than they do now, and most were willing to abide by or at least go along with the ‘grand American narrative’ that saw its origins in colonial America. A number of additional factors have contributed to our rootlessness, including the wave of immigration in the late 1800s – early 1900s (which changed the definition of what it meant to be American significantly), the removal of females from both the home and community with the advent of feminism, and the shift in culture occasioned by the decline of the church and a more general rejection of existing traditions in the post World Wars era. Consider too that we have moved from a predominantly rural to predominantly urban/suburban populace where one’s work is at a distance from one’s home, and experienced even more disruption of our lives via the industrial, scientific, and technological revolutions. Throw in alienation via capitalism plus the purposive undermining of both our traditions and sense of self as a people, and we are left without a clear sense of continuity with our own ancestors. We have become refugees within our own country. As traces of our history and culture are purged, will we regroup, be absorbed, be annihilated? Or will we flee like Aeneas from the ruins of Troy to new shores?

        • At least the Trojans put up a fight just sayin’. We’ve been dominated by merchants, lawyers, and women— a disgraceful display of weakness that I don’t think I’ll ever be able to wrap my head around, a fall so swift and dramatic one can only wonder if it’s God’s judgement.

          If this is truly who Americans are, no nation ever so deserved to be scattered and erased from the book of life, if anyone cares to know what I really think 🙂

      • I agree though it depends on where you are. Parts of the South , New England and Upstate New York are very rooted. So oddly are ghettos people though its highly dysfunctional.

        The West is completely rootless and finding someone like say Victor Davis Hanson who is a multi-generational Californian of any ethnic group is rare.

        I will say this is changing slowly. . The moribund and corrupted US economy is gradually pushing families back together if yonly for support

        I suspect at times the COVID response was meant to dull this, to atomize and separate so people could be exploited but its not working. People just mask together, Bad but tey are together.

  9. www. jefferspet. com/ products/ bimectin-ivermectin-injection

    just take out the extra space for a well formed URL

  10. “For people who root their theology in the belief that man in the state of nature is naturally cooperative, the uncivilized world of Central Asia is like catnip. if you think you can remake the world in your image, what better place to start than a place that remains outside the grip of modernity? While many supported the Afghan adventure for mundane reasons like greed and influence, many supported the project because they thought they could prove the key points of their faith.”

    And this is precisely why I celebrate what has happened in Afghanistan, although I regret the death of AINO’s soldiers. What has happened in Afghanistan is a thumb in the eye to all hyper-egalitarian universalists. We are not the same. Inside every Afghan (or Hmong or Matabele or Yanomamo) is not a mincing, prissy white liberal struggling to break out of his retrograde carapace. The Afghans are not secular, multiculti, feminist democrats. They are hidebound Moslems who prefer the Taliban to Barack Obama.

    This, ladies and gentlemen, is diversity. Real, refractory, adamantine and disconcerting diversity. The very diversity with which the postmodern Left is killing the white West. It’s not a case of looking different but thinking alike. Looks, which are an expression of genes, connote massive differences in beliefs, behaviors, sympathies, antipathies and abilities. This was bloody obvious 50 years ago. Now it’s an unspeakable taboo. The Taliban, from their mountain fastnesses, has spoken it for us.

    • Ostei: Well said. And AINO’s military is still operating on the principles of “Hearts and Minds,” assuming being nice and offering a chocolate bar (or viagra) will win them friends and influence people. Culture is ingrained because culture is a product of genetics. But AINO’s military is composed of people who vehemently deny racial reality (‘we all bleed green’) and led by people who hate Whites.

      • The New York Times reports from Najaf:

        In the giddy spirit of the day, nothing could quite top the wish list bellowed out by one man in the throng of people greeting American troops ….

        What, the man was asked, did he hope to see now that the Baath Party had been driven from power in his town? What would the Americans bring?

        “Democracy,” the man said, his voice rising to lift each word to greater prominence. “Whiskey. And sexy!”

        Around him, the crowd roared its approval….

        These Najafis are on to something.

        Source? Reason Magazine, April, 2003. I know, right? Knock me down with a spliff.

    • This comment is not only accurate but well written. Sometimes word precision is a magnifying glass that can drive home an important point like a 20 pound sledgehammer on a 16 penny nail head.

    • It’s funny to see all the soy journalists there asking dumb questions like “don’t you think this punishment is too harsh?” and “wow, you’re literally forcing women to quit their job?”

      Like in the meme, the answer is always some form of the Chad “yes”.

      Liberals are so clueless about how the world works and what motivates people. I understand the Taliban guys, not that I support them, but I know where they’re coming from. As a military commander I would probably be more effective than the screeching harpies running the US right now. Embarrassing that we white men are under the thumb of tyrannical females. But they show us what to do – just tell them to fuck right off, and there’s nothing they can do about it.

    • Nothing silences people on both the left and right raving about the vicious Taliban when I point out to them that the Afghani army gave up the fight despite superior numbers and equipment because they don’t want to fight the Taliban — 99% of Afghanis want to live under Sharia according to one survey. “Don’t the people of Afghanistan have a right to choose their own form of government?” That shuts up the diversicrats.

    • Wow. Brilliant comment.

      Let me take one point a bit further. The typical Afghani likely has issues with the Taliban, but forced to choose between them and the Empire’s sick culture, it wasn’t even close. It’s a safe assumption that the “Afghan Army” collapsed immediately, at least in part, because those in the Empire’s pay had no desire to continue the decadence and perversion once the gibs faucet was shut off or about to be.

      There is no stronger indictment of Woke insanity imaginable. And as a point of comparison, when the Soviets rolled out of the Hindu Kush in a far more honorable fashion, neither the Red Army’s military and civilian leadership operated under the delusion communism was popular with any sizeable part of the Afghan population.

      AINO thinks, or at least a significant portion of it thinks, that Afghans wanted and have been cheated out of feminism and transgenderism. So AINO is far more delusional than the Soviets before it. God help us.

  11. So all this talk about why go to Afghanistan and nobody’s going to mention the CIA’s poppy fields?

      • None. Except possibly to tone own (cut) the fentanyl. 🙁
        Blending opioids is probably the big thing. Like a master chef mixing spices in his kitchen.

        • artisinal morphine is just around the corner “grown in the pure air and clean water of the hindu kush, using centuries old methods…”

  12. A good general rule for intergenerational politics is the immigration issue. If boomer holds court on the virtue of invasion, well you can tell him where to shove that bootstrap. If zoomer just loves fish tacos, well she can apply that sucking to something else.

  13. Afghanistan has rugged terrain so it isn’t easy to conquer. It has been done several times but the conquerors never stay, and the Afghans come out of their caves and reclaim their land. The Mongols and Turks devastated the country. I believe that either Herat or Kabul was besieged by the Mongols. They killed every living thing after entering the city. A year later a traveler only found a few cats in the city. Timur left mounds of heads after each battle and conquered the area. Afghans aren’t military supermen, just very resilient and will wait out their opponents.

    • Poland, geographically the opposite of Afghanistan, has also been invaded and conquered many times, yet has somehow managed to survive with its culture largely intact. The Poles are a doughty people with a very strong cultural identity.

    • The Afgans only real advantage is that they hold ground that isn’t worth very much economically, so the conqueror eventually leaves after he has exhausted his resources.

      If it had a rich river valley with a seaport at the end, the afgans would have been demographically replaced by the conquerors who would have made it their home.

  14. The only silver lining to the Afghanistan debacle is that Bush-the-minor will go down in history as the stupidest man ever to occupy the White House. And his stupidity was so monumental that it became a cancer that has persisted for nearly two decades and has finally erupted in a volcano of angst and recrimination it the final death throes of its demise. There is no Earthy punishment that can equal the harm that that man has caused in service to his stupidity. Let us hope that God will make amends and provide the justice we are due.

    Always remember . . . the asshole that stabs you in the back is a thousand times worse than the asshole that punches you in the face.

    • That Neocon nimrod is the reason I went third-party. (Constitution.) The harm me caused is irreparable.

    • Well said.

      I got banned from Freerepublic years ago for criticizing Bush’s war policies.

      Now those gang of morons want to blame Biden, when they were so obnoxiously pro-Bush and supported him every step of the way into that disaster.

      I hope the posters on Freerepublic get their divine retribution too.

      • white plebes are still plebes. or as Gertrude Stein might have put it “a plebe is a plebe is a plebe”.

    • At least his stupidity tanked “Jeb!” as a viable candidate.

      Jeb! really was the (R) answer to the (D) Biden. At least team (R) front liners said “pass”.

      Fool me once…

  15. Fuentes having half a million in checking is suspicious or at least curious. I’m sure nothing nefarious but I do hear often that a French benefactor left him some serious bitcoin. Is it possible to convert that to dollars and fund a checking account no less?

    Making that kind of dough from superchats and patreon seems unlikely but what do I know. There are youtubers who make millions doing bugman nonsense.

    Finally, yes if they can do this to him we are next. Just seen a video clip of a lesbian marine warning us when martial law comes her gun goes to us if we don’t comply quickly. Remember that when you rail against the total lack of support for our military.

    • He gets 50K viewers a night on his show. He’s probably getting a few grand a night in donations. He also got a big donation from the bitcoin guy. That was $250k at the time, which was not at the peak. That was right before the runup. That said, I would not be surprised if a rich guys or two is quietly boosting him. They do exist.

    • Re the Lesbian Marine and also Lt. Byrd of the Capitol Police doing the happy dance over Ashli Babbitt’s corpse on NBC News. These people are not in control of their emotions and actions. They want conflict and war because they believe they can win, easily. Perhaps they can. Or perhaps they can’t. It is at any root proof that lesbians, and blacks, are the innate and eternal enemies of the White man (and woman). But certainly they will start something as they have a taste for blood and think it will be easy.
      Our ancestors were not stupid. There was a reason for “social arrangements” and it kept our enemies in check.

      • they’ll get theirs, just wait and see. byrd is a dead man walking, and doesn’t even see it. the lesbian marine is already being punished by god, so her evilness is just sour grapes. send her a dick pic and see what happens; tell her she reminds you of the butch latina marine in Aliens II, and that you don’t spank on the first date.

  16. Regarding new show ideas, you have mentioned Spengler a few times. A big brain episode on him would be interesting.

    • i will save you the trouble. just find the nearest chinese person, wait for them to do a #2, then insert your tongue as far up their anus as you can. now wiggle it around, and slowly SLOWLY remove it from the now clean sphincter. congratulations, you now know what every fukkin’ Spengler article is like.

  17. It isn’t that they just failed to encourage the successful treatments for covid – those treatments were purposely banned. Treatment of covid with chloroquine is still banned in many places and discouraged by NIH despite it’s clear effectiveness.

  18. out:
    On fixer uppers: If you won’t or can’t do you own work, getting someone to darken your door costs a grand to start. They are busy and know it.
    On PA: Demographics. Philly, Pitt, the steal, the previous health secretary in a dress. enuf said
    On WV: Justice is a bit of a squish. Lots of Covidians. Best race demographic mix in the Union. Strong 2nd A.
    TN/KY: the western urban regions were stops along the Great Migration. Both are attracting Yankee retirees since NC and FL are played out.

    I’ve got a soft spot for Hoth, but it wont’ take many fleeing Californians (or Californians via Colorado or Idaho) to flip it. But it’s Hoth, so they won’t stay, at least not year round.

    • Pennsylvania would be perfect if Philadelphia, Harrisburg, and Pittsburgh would catch fire and slide to the bottom of their respective rivers. The rest of the state is sometimes affectionately nicknamed “Pennsyltucky” for a reason.

      • Every state can say that. Montana has Billings. Califrutopia has a lot of red outside of the major metros. NY downstate and upstate would love to divorce. WV has an increasingly blue eastern panhandle, commute (or escape) distance to the Imperial Capitol environs becomng tolerable to some.

        • This is why it will be very difficult to separate peacefully. Every “Red” State contains these large pockets of Blue. And these pockets control a lot of important economic activity as well as populous. When/If we go at it, it will be over the cities first. The rest will follow the results.

          • We’re not going to separate, peacefully or otherwise. It will be as that Black Republican said in 1861, we will become all one, or all the other.
            Because our enemies will never let us leave. When people wrap their mind around that, we might be getting somewhere.

          • Supposing that this time, instead of becoming all of the one, we become all of the other. What do we do with the “ones” who are still living in the “other’s” territory? I’d like to settle the question once and for all, but I’m not willing to engage in nation-building or Reconstruction with the battered remains of the various tribes that hate me. I’d prefer they all get shoved onto their own piece of land, generously ceded to them by the “others”, and draw the bridge.

            In the words of Don Vito Corleone, “Good luck to you, as best as your interests don’t conflict with mine.”

          • KGB, separation doesn’t work with Damn Yankees and the other self righteous sorts.

            They cannot coexist with freedom minded people and unless you polity is extremely tough and closed off they’ll either invade your or subvert you and themselves righteous in so doing.

            They will either have to be subjugated or driven into the proverbial sea . The only way this shouldn’t happen is if you can’t.

        • Montana also has Bozeman, Butte (libtard mining unions are somehow clinging on, didn’t want to believe it myself), Helena, and Missoula.

  19. Bingo. Trump was ultimately all mouth but pretty much a cuck when people whose approval he secretly craved pushed back.

  20. Mark Steyn casually mentioned that Af’stan has the second largest copper mine in the world. Who knew?

    • All the speculation and well-I-nevers need to end, pronto, so thinking people can get on with it. Afghanistan is neither a blunder, nor an old man’s tomfoolery. It is a deliberate part of a plan to kill off the dollar. The accelerated border invasion? A deliberate part of a plan to kill off the dollar. What’s worse, Joe or Kamala? A deliberate part of a plan to kill off the dollar, which has been doomed since 1913. Watch as it finally disappears into the abyss.

      Always good to see you, Alzaebo. I remember you and some others here from Taki days.

  21. Fellow wrong ear person here.

    I’ve tried dozens of earbuds, and none of them fit quite right.

    The high-end Sonys have the best sound and their tips are very comfortable, but they are not quite tacky enough. The high-end Technics also sound good, but are very fiddly.

    In the mid-range, I’ve found the JLabs products to strike the best balance of sound, comfort, and features. They are less fiddly than other brands, and they also have a few models with clips that attach to your ears.

    For over-the-ear headphones, I really like the Technics EAH-F70Ns, especially if you can find an open box/used deal on them. 75-90% of the top end Sony and Bose units for much less money.

    The only issue with the over-the-ear units is that they will muss your hair. This could be a problem if you’re trying to daygame the ladies.

    • Forgot – in the low-end/cheap and cheerful price range I like the Taotronics products quite a bit.

      Their earbuds aren’t too fiddly, and their over-the-ear units are really, really good for what you pay versus actual sound quality.

      In this space, I don’t really like the Anker/Soundcore stuff that much. All of their products tend to be a bit bass shy, even with the bass boost turned on.

    • I’ve never found ear buds that stay in my ears. I have a box full of them. I keep than as the absolute emergency option. The Aftershokz are great for my purposes. I’m not an audiophile, so I don’t worry about the sound quality as much as the comfort.

      • Zman: Hate earbuds. As you note, they don’t stay in my ears and are uncomfortable. I use really cheap over the head ones for use at the gym. Thanks for the mention of Aftershokz – will get a pair when the current ones inevitably stop working (wire gets caught somewhere, etc. – my mp3 is a real oldie and I’m in no rush to replace so no bluetooth). I’m not an audiophile either, but prize good high volume for motivation/projection when I’m pissed off and lifting.

        • Oops, wrote too soon. I see the aftershokz are all bluetooth. Well, mp3 is starting to fail; I just don’t know where I’m going to find a suitable replacement. I don’t want a phone or brick on my arm, just a small but simple to use music player that’s not apple (mine’s an old Sansa).

      • I have ISOtunes. They’re earplugs with speakers in them, so the fit is tight. They don’t get super loud, but that might have something to do OSHA compliance idk. Best part is the battery life. They claim 16 hours I think, and it seems legit.

      • Those are not bad phones for the price. They sound good and even work well for asymmetrically deafened people like me (my right ear is 60% gone whereas my left is still above 80%, military career and old age in general there). The dirty little secret with so-called audiophile crap is optional amplifiers. A $20 pre-amp will give any sound driver an instant upgrade. No, true audiophile stuff is expensive and a decent preamp isn’t even optional, they’re always open-backed and do little to conceal sound.

    • Aftershokz excellent all around, especially for situational awareness because you can hear both the sound and what’s going on around you. They’re also reasonably water resistant. They won’t fall off, and you won’t look like an idiot.

      They don’t work great in high ambient noise areas like busy streets or sitting in the back of an airliner with all the engine droning noise.

      Otherwise, fantastic.

      • On the higher-end earbuds and headphones many of them have a passthrough/awareness/”Be Aware” mode that pass through, or even amplify sounds from the exterior world.

        The nice thing about the JLabs products is that most of them don’t require an app that runs on a smartphone to access those modes. Just master the right combination of finger taps on the housing and follow the voice prompts to them.

      • On planes, I use soft ear plugs like you would use at the range. It keeps my ears from popping and blocks out the engine noise.

        • This has me thinking about what is the best hearing protection if you get into a gunfight on an airplane. Actually, I’m sure the air marshals have looked into this.

    • Go to the /g/ board on 4chan and find the /ieg/ thread. You can always get plenty of good ideas there.

  22. Nobody has ever said that the vaxx is making frogs gay. Not even Alex Jones is saying that. Why are you contributing to the anti-skeptics bullshit? All those who talk about 5G, magnetic vaxxes or aliens are beyond fringe and often just subversives trying to discredit any dissent.
    Check out r/NoNewNormal to see what the skeptics are really about.

    • sarcasm noun
      sar·​casm | \ ˈsär-ˌka-zəm \
      Definition of sarcasm
      1: a sharp and often satirical or ironic utterance designed to cut or give pain
      2a: a mode of satirical wit depending for its effect on bitter, caustic, and often ironic language that is usually directed against an individual
      b: the use or language of sarcasm

      • This wasn’t the first time you were being “sarcastic” this way. No wonder people think you are making fun of vaxx skeptics while the world is being turned into a dystopia with the help of vaxx passports.
        Perhaps the sarcasm is a little misplaced in this case.

        • Perhaps the fault lies with you? I have explained my position in detail, so if you are not catching the obvious sarcasm, perhaps you are the one at fault.

    • It’s nearly September and I haven’t seen one frog this summer.

      Clearly there’s something up with the frog population.

      • Yes, they were all lining up to get vaxxed, back in May and now they are hiding out in gay dungeons.

      • I haven’t seen many, but been definitely hearing them at night. All night. The little bastards have been going apeshit with the recent weather, too.

      • There’s lots. I just put a little rainbow flag out by the edge of the pond and they flock to it.

    • Can’t help but think that a year of very public fat shaming by media and ruling elites would’ve done more to stop Covid (and many other) deaths than anything else.

      But shame is an outdated concept. Not to mention the fact that blacks and Hispanics are obese at higher rates than whites (though white numbers are nothing to brag about).

      • FatPeopleHate has been banned years ago. HAES is still a thing and fatties are being slapped on front pages of “sports” magazines. Fat shaming is now almost as bad as racism.

          • Had to google up Ashley Graham. If someone pushed a picture of her over the table at me I would have guessed that she was a middle school English teacher that was prettying herself up for a last ditch date to try and score a man before her uterus dried up. Such is the state of the “American Model”.

          • If that chick is a mudshark, then it’s an existential crime against our Creator’s creation.

            Big chicks like that are the ones who birth the NCAA Div 1 scholarship athletes.

            You dudes dipping it in the 5’2″ chicks won’t even get Pop-Warner-league sons out of ’em.


            I would absolutely bury muh seed deep in the womb of a big chick like that.

  23. The trope of boomers always admonishing young people to lift themselves by the bootstraps may have been somewhat relevant years ago. Most I know are quite angry at what is happening to their progeny especially grandchildren. Also, I agree with stopping this generational infighting among whites. We are being manipulated by this especially by the media and entertainment venues. Theirs is an orchestrated war of menticide on us.

    • I’m a tail end boomer. My Mom is a leading edge boomer. For all intents and purposes I got the same ride Gen X did. While my parents worked hard… they fell upward all their lives. As a kid and later as an adult mom would tell everyone that they got where they did through hard work and deserved it all… and that us kids were stupid and lazy and we were getting what we deserved too.

      If some angry zoomer wants to suffocate that old b*tch with her pillow I won’t try and stop them. She will have earned and deserved that too….

      • I’ll admit hearing you talk about your family background in past comments that you really got the worst of it. Although just because your parents are boomers doesn’t mean all those negative qualities are due to their age demographic. People are what they are due to their own intrinsic shit nature also.

        • On FB:

          This brings up a question I’ve had since this mass insanity started last Spring – Where are all the lawyers?? We hear all the time about how “America is a litigious country” and how you can sue over anything no matter how frivolous. I can’t think of anything LESS frivolous than having your business ruined by executive “mandates”. It seems to me that if you would have a good reason to sue it would be that. Yet I hear nothing of any lawsuits being filed over this or over the trampling of our rights by things like mask mandates and social distancing.

          Now, after 18 months of madness, we finally hear some news of a *few* legal actions like this union lawsuit. What has taken so long? Did that many people really think these things were done in good faith? Did anyone actually think it would be “two weeks to flatten the curve”? I’m not a lawyer but I know enough of history that I was able to see, in April of last year, that this would drag on for months or years, establish numerous dangerous precedents, and lead to a vast power grab on the part of the state and corporations. It cannot have been *that* hard to see where this was going.

          I’m asking this mainly of the lawyers here or people familiar with the legal system.


          On Zman:
          There do tend to be things that make boomers especially noticeable and usually in an obnoxious way. They did indeed have an ability to “fall up” as someone in this thread put it. They blundered into a unique economic and technological landscape that allowed many of them to avoid growing up at all. Everyone has the shit nature but their world encouraged it.

          Case in point. Just today we had a Close Encounter of the Boomer Kind. We were at the dog park and this boomer couple drove up in what seemed to be an authentic late 1960s VW van. It was a total piece of shit held together by rust. Before I could even get a look at their dogs I predicted that they would have not one but several ill behaved and aggressive dogs and would be totally oblivious to the torment they were inflicting on other people and dogs. Of course I was spot on.

          This isn’t a testament to my psychic powers but simply to the fact that I know that people tend to go bad according to certain patterns. Boomers driving their rusty VW van to the dog park aren’t doing that because they’re poor. In fact, that piece of shit is probably “worth” $20,000 just because lots of other shitheads want to restore it and pretend they’re back doing whatever stupid self indulgent shit they were doing back then.

          These two wanted people to see them driving such a “cool” vehicle and come up to them and lube up their narcissistic egos. Of course they were going to turn out to be “too busy” to bother training their dogs.

          So the tells of the shit nature for each generation are going to be different. The same type of person today would be a social media addict who had spent all his, or more likely her, money to buy a Tesla. Xe would describe xirself as an “influencer” and would tend to spend most of xer money earned from being an internet whore getting more tats and piercings.

          Thankfully in the unlikely case that these people live to boomer age, they won’t have accumulated vast wealth just from having a routine job and buying a boring house and then sitting on it for 50 years. They won’t be able to inflict the stupid fads of their youth on 3 more generations like boomers can.

        • Shit, accidentally posted my FB post on a local topic along with what I intended for this forum. I would edit it out but it looks like I can’t. If Z is reading, feel free to delete the FB stuff.

      • Glen: I like that, “fell upwards.” I’m a later boomer myself and my mother’s an early Silent, but she is much like your mother sounds. I try not to wish pillowing on her, but I won’t mourn when she’s gone. She was never really ‘there’ as a mother, in the traditional sense, anyhow.

        • you and glenf could help each other out. i believe there are several movie proven scenarios to choose from. try and look sad when you receive the bad news…”i knew her coal burning ways would come to a bad end, one day”

        • Of course, you all are right, as is our esteemed blog host, I suppose. I was a latchkey kid, like many others. We were all supposed to find our own way and my parents were horrified when I stumbled or got lost along the way growing up.

          I do think Z really is not really being fair with the younger ones though. Maybe in times past, you could just suck it up and stop complaining and just put your nose to the grindstone. But nowaday? Our kids can’t start families because they can’t afford them. The workforce doubled when motherhood became a symbol of female oppression. It tripled when we invited in every random pakie, chink or nogger to come in and settle. We are not supposed to notice when all our vibrant cultural enrichers go on welfare and live off petty crime. Our host doesn’t get how hard this has hit young legacy Americans. It was bad back in the 80’s when I was a kid, and it’s 10 times worse now. Add into all this that the culture war has infantilized our young men, and turned our young women into aggressive and obnoxious shrews…and it’s no wonder our sons turn into basement dwelling incels playing video games. If they venture up to the surface, the place is crawling with gays that want to sodomize them and crazy women that want to castrate them and turn them into a parody of a girl. When you point this crap out to the older boomers, they get mad at you for forcing them to see reality. As 3g4me says – the older Boomers had us kids, but they also had other priorities too. I don’t have much sympathy for them.

          • Yes but reality isn’t going away just because you have shelter in the basement. It’s rotten and disgusting what is happening but first you get my sympathy next you get my advice. As with my own we do it together.

          • I’m a millennial, and I run a business and a farm. Sometimes I need to hire part-time or contract labor. My rule is to never hire anyone under 40 because they are frankly rather lazy, and seem incapable of figuring things out on their own initiative. Needless to say, I don’t generally hang out with people my age.

            Now, it’s true that millennials have gotten a bad deal, and it’s true they’ve generally been coddled. However, anyone whose been coddled and given a bad deal simply cannot afford to be anything other than a tough-minded go-getter, because anything less than that is going to lead to a pretty miserable time.

          • Well that’s just the thing isn’t it, Drew? Nobody trains them or takes the time with them. Not pointing any fingers, but companies with high turn over rates usually have problems retaining employees because they pay the like shite and treat them like dirt. It’s strange, really – I’ve interviewed with employers that will actually brag about how hard they work their people and how badly they treat them…

            Not to point any fingers at you or your company – I am just throwing that out there as a general statement. It was another thing that drove me nuts about my mom – she was entitled to her soft cushy gubbimint job with Golden Fridays, flex days, 37.5 hour work week and 6 weeks vacation a year. If I complained about my 80 hour work weeks, she called me a whiner.

            I guess we all have our crosses to bear, but from my vantage point, the people shirking the weight of theirs are largely boomers.

          • the conditions of life are the conditions of life. young whites today definitely have far more competition for everything, than their counterparts did in before years.

            so they form multi generational families; see The Waltons. move in with the parents, and pop out a kid. get er done, son.

            stop waiting for perfect, don’t be like Trevor (Idiocracy reference).

          • Glen, the real-world problem with employers training new hires (at least for the basics of the job, instead of, say, using proprietary systems) is that they have to pay someone who can’t yet profitably contribute, but can leave before training costs are recouped. If employees could work for free during the training period, it would make sense. Alternatively, if employees could be held to an employment contract guaranteeing that they would work for the company until training costs are recouped, that would make sense. What absolutely does not make sense is expecting that someone gets paid for work they can’t do but can walk away from anytime. It’s just not a balanced relationship.

            I do agree that boomers didn’t do much to instill common work habits in their descendants. For as much as been spent on education at every level, you’d think we’d be at point where kids entering the workforce might have even a small concept of workplace norms and etiquette, and a basic notion of how to the main parts of their job.

    • I have mixed feelings about the bootstraps trope.

      Yes, it is true that the Boomers experienced the height of the post-WW2 boom, a trend unequaled by any except possibly the past few decades of the US and Europe handing their entire productive capacity to Red China for peanuts.

      That said, I, even as a very late (de)Gen Xer still had many, many economic opportunities that I haven’t taken the best advantage of.

      When I attended undergrad in-state at our flagship school in the late 90s, my parents and I, through my part-time job, were able to pay my expenses as I went because costs were still somewhat reasonable.

      I also failed to take advantage of the initial dotcom boom. I had some capital at that point, but for some reason I just tuned out of the finance world entirely. My money management and spending habits were really poor.

      A few other opportunities I missed out on were buying into Netflix in 2008, Tesla in 2012, and Bitcoin around 2010-2011.

      I look back at those kinds of opportunities and think that I could have easily been worth 7 figures, possibly 8 had I had any vision, an appetite for risk exceeding zero, and basic understanding of market/societal psychology in those days.

      That would be quite the rainy day fund to have in these troubled times.

      • Wild Geese: Don’t beat yourself up too much. My husband periodically mourns about when he tried to buy a particular auto stock at a historic low while we were overseas, but we had no existing brokerage accounts and it proved too cumbersome – i.e. all the potential lost profit.

        As you note, one needs quite the appetite for risk and the time/desire to follow the market and societal psychology. You could have been worth a bunch, or you could just as easily have lost it all. Even now, my husband doesn’t try to make any real predictions about the fluctuating price of what he sells, because it seems to have little to do with what we, personally, would consider relevant factors. Whether it’s the general public or a particular group of investors in a particular product, unless you think like the herd, you will find it hard to predict the behavior of the herd.

      • Boostraps is a legitimate exhortation when there is (1) no crony capitalism, (2) no Fed, (3) a viable social contract, and (4) not a lot of propaganda, like “toxic masculinity”, being disseminated night and day by Big Schoolmarm and Big Idiot Box. Solving the environmental estrogen problem probably wouldn’t be a bad thing, either.

        And speaking of estrogen, I think a female needs to own a gun to get to vote. Then again, you’ve got your Chamber of Commerce-owned Kristi Noems who reflet badly on the rest of us.

      • Don’t kick yourself too hard for not being able to pick the right numbrs for the last Powerball drawing. 🙂 Just being able to navigate one’s way through life with some common sense and decency probably puts you ahead of the majority of people.

  24. Congrats on ep 200! Setting aside the stuff behind the green door, I’ve enjoyed reading and listening to your work for over five years now.

  25. The Humiliation in the Hindu Kush is an excellent entry point for talking race realism to Normie. Afghans hit the sweet spot — they’re brown enough to be exotic, but not brown enough to trip the thoughtcrime alarm.

    They are proof that culture is downstream from biology. They have quickly and easily adapted all the Western culture they care to – the weapons, social media (they were arranging ANA surrenders on Facebook). They rejected the rest (we really truly had them install a Master’s Degree – not just a BA, a Master’s — in Gender Studies at their national university). If they were capable of being pozzed, in other words, they would have been.

    But they can’t. Literally can’t. They are immune to the poz, because they don’t have the inherited IQ (it is crucial to flatter Normie’s sense of intellectual superiority on this point, as it sets the table for working on the few reachable liberals). Their culture is what it is, and it *cannot* change despite twenty years (a generation!) and trillions of dollars, because *they* cannot change. Don’t have the DNA.

    • “The Humiliation in the Hindu Kush”
      How about the Kabul Bobble?
      The Poppy Apocalypse
      The Bactrian Boner
      The Mazar-i-Shambles
      The Afghan Gaffe

      • The Durka Durka Disaster.

        By the way, I wonder if Dementia Joe is gonna go the the funerals of the 13 MINOs (Marines in Name Only), or Kamala, or maybe General Milley, or the Commandant and the Chief of Naval Operations?

          • I really wish they would. It might get through flag waving, Lee Greenwood listening CivNat normie’s thick skull, finally. Because they surely didn’t get killed for “America”.

          • Both rainbow and blm. “Our diversity” is more important than ‘x’ number of dead White men.

          • I really wish they would. It might actually get through Normie’s thick skulls that “America” is as dead as the kids inside the boxes, and they got smoked for everything except their own people.
            Watching the NFL and singing Toby Keith songs ain’t bringing either back to life.

            Previous reply got eaten by mod for unknown reason, so pardon if it shows up from purgatory.

          • You are pleased to jest! But don’t be surprised if something like that happens. Maybe not a full-blown rainbow flag, but perhaps a decal with a rainbow triangle on it.

    • I see it as the opposite. Muslims are probably the best counter point to race realists. Us Greeks are more closely related to Arabs and Persians and other Mediterranean ethnicities than we are Swedes for example. We’ve been trading DNA since the beginning of antiquity. However, culturally speaking, there’s no question we’re closer to Europe than the Middle East. The Islamic ideology has had an immeasurable effect. The Arab/Greek comparison shows there is some serious wiggle room/margin of error in the statement that culture is downstream of biology. At the extremes it’s certainly true, Africans cannot create a first world functional nation for this reason. Outside that I’m not so sure it’s clear cut.

      • The Greek: I have noted before I’ve known native Greeks who are fair-haired and blue eyed, and many who are darker than Turks. Fwiw, behaviorally, I honestly didn’t find shopping or public behavior very different in Thessaloniki and Istanbul – the men sit around in public and drink coffee and the women do the housework. Those Greeks I’ve known in the US are ferociously partisan and heterogeneous, and in general the Turks I’ve known have been more publicly charming and hospitable. I never mistook any of them, Greek or Turk, for heritage Americans.

        • That’s fair, but I’d say that’s more of a surface level similarity in culture. I could say the same of the Frenchmen in Lyon sipping coffee and smoking. The major cultural difference is Greek acceptance of rationality and empiricism, which catapulted Europe to the top of the heap, while Turks and Arabs are handicapped by a religious ideology which makes those things taboo. That was led by Islamic scholar Hamid al-Ghazali, who basically said math and science was the product of the devil, and they haven’t really worked past that. Not to mention the propensity of violence against infidels in the name of jihad in that culture. I’ve half joked to friends that Islam is an offshoot of the old cult of Ares. My point is, these huge cultural divides exist despite negligible genetic difference, so we can’t simple scoff at the cultural explanations for differential behaviors either.

    • Severian: Important point that too many miss (and that I harp on every time I read the hated and misused term ‘assimilation’) – adoption of modern technology that suits one’s needs does NOT equate to adopting the current values of those who invented said technology. A Han may find White technological innovation useful, but that doesn’t change his historic culture and way of thinking about the world. A Bangladeshi may adopt blue jeans, but he hasn’t changed who he is under his skin (and what he does with it).

      It’s why so many decry crypsis. Most are too easily fooled by mere protective coloration or an adopted style of dress or behavioral larp. True cultural change requires constant societal pressure in addition to individual effort over many years.

      • We don’t disagree (nor do The Greek and I). I’m not trying to write some Apostolic Creed of the Race Realist in a blog comment. I’m suggesting one small, foot-in-the-door technique for starting a conversation, that’s all.

        You’ve all seen it happen with the Vibrancy. Normie can get literally mugged by a Vibrant shouting racial epithets and he, Normie, still won’t get it. He’s still too afraid of being called rayciss. He might or might not work it out for himself, given time, but if one of us jumps in his face with reams of crime statistics, educational data, and all that while he’s still bleeding in the gutter, all he’s going to hear is “you are stupid; you deserved this; I hope more of this happens to you!” You’ve made a cvck for life that way.

        See also: Karen’s behavior re: face masks and whatnot. Oh, you hope I die a slow, painful death, and that I’ll be refused medical treatment because of my personal beliefs? Gosh, you’ve sold me — I’ll sign up for the jab straight away!

    • You do realize that the concept of “IQ” is terribly flawed as a stat for measuring intelligence. It only measures computational intelligence. Furthermore, it seems you are a devotee of Lysenkoism, an ideology that was already proven false

      • For a further explanation, there is seven types of intelligence as defined by psychologist Howard Gardner: Linguistic Intelligence,
        Computational Intelligence, Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence, Spatial Intelligence, Musical Intelligence,Interpersonal Intelligence, and Intra-Personal Intelligence. The IQ is only a measure of Computational Intelligence, that is it measures how fast the brain can calculate. One thing I find it irritating among the race realists of the Dissident Right is that they take one facet of intelligence, the Computational intelligence, and then use it as the end-all explanation for why certain ethne act the way they do. It is a form of reductionism that is so prevalent among materialists.

        Or for those who can’t understand, you have reduced intelligence into one facet, and then use the measuring tests to determine power levels among groups, and then use that as the definitive measure of why the ethne is the way it is. Cultural norms and values? It is only because the ethne are either too stupid, too smart, or somewhere in the middle to comprehend certain cultural concepts. Just because an idea gets silenced by the Cathedral doesn’t mean therefore that the idea is proven right, only that it has proven inconvenient for the Cathedral to have disseminated in the social sphere.

  26. Its kind of serendipitous that the Dune movie is coming out in a couple months. Its been a while since I read the book, but I’m pretty sure it was to some degree an allegory of the West’s relationship with the middle east (the “flow” of spice being similar to the flow of oil). I think the movie spans the first half of the book, where the new empire comes to the desert-planet and gets sabotaged.

        • That did it. Not going to see it. Not going to see the new Bond, either, with the black female 007. Ostei, my favorite Bond aficionado, want to jump in here? SISL?

          • Boycotting might work in these cases. We will see. The remake of Ghostbusters o be all female was avoided and flopped. Perhaps they were too obvious.

          • I certainly have no interest in seeing Afro-Bond, SAGEB, because Afro-Bond is not Bond. James Bond is the ultimate white man. And that is why, just like statues of white people in parks, he must be toppled. It’s cultural imperialism that doubles as cultural destruction. And as much as I’ve patronized the Bond films in the past, I won’t be party to this obscenity.

        • Hopeful for Dune. (see The Critical Drinker)

          Issac Asimov’s Foundation is screwed. Wokemeter 11+

          • forget it (the new production). there are already a couple of non-pozzed versions out, and that is as good as it is going to get, for Dune on video. my recommendation is to read the book. lthough for these insane times anything by PKD is much more appropo.

    • Reynard: Don’t give Hollywood a penny. If you must see some of their crap, wait and stream it for free. Instead, go read the book again.

      • In the same way that no one “must” stick a red-hot poker in their eye, there’s no justifiable reason that one “must see” anything produced by the current cultural overlords.

        • This could also become a way for wrongthinkers to find each other. If someone hasn’t seen any of the latest Hip Hop Blackity Black remakes this might be a good sign that they are or could be part of /ourthing/

          • I’ve been an “I don’t have a TV [etc.]” guy for decades. Despite years of righty boycott rhetoric—and plummeting ratings suggesting a lot of follow-through—it hasn’t caught on as an ingroup signal, except on the “anon” internet.

            Contrary to stereotype, rejecting mass media has long been understood by leftists (except for the true anti-liberal fringe) to mean you’re some kind of hostile entity. Even in the current madness, American political identity is mostly about what kind of consumer you are. Obedient (target of advertising, “criticism,” etc.) = left; habitual = right.

          • Where I grew up “I don’t have a TV” was actually a Lefty tell. You would hear people say that so as to imply that they just read books and listened to NPR on the radio. It was often meant to suggest that they were better and smarter than you if you did. Of course that was when at least some TV broadcasting was aimed at normals. It just wasn’t concerned enough with butt-stuff and hating Whitey back then for those types.

    • Having seen the 80s movie version and read a few of the Dune series, I must offer some comment. Since Herbert’s first novel came out in1965, the oil hypothesis would seem rather tenuous, although it’d have been a good bet about 8 years later! The novel(s) do incorporate themes from diverse religions. Point to you for the “Mideast” link, in any case.

      One word of practical advice: This is one of those movies where it’s helpful to have read the novel(s) first.

      • I should revisit the book. I remember there was an interesting take on a religion, especially prophesies as a means of propaganda with the desert tribe though I can’t remember specific terms.
        I guess I didn’t realize Dune was written that early. “Spice” must just be a fictitious geopolitical resource with no specific reference “in the real world.”

        • Well, literally, the Spice trade (black pepper, cinnamon, etc) was the mover and shaker behind European colonialism and world hegemony beginning in the 16th century; kicked off with Magellan’s circumnavigation of the globe.

      • I would guess that’s true. The Sauds didn’t take over ARAMCO until the 70s. But a neat revisionist trick I like to indulge in is analogizing XOM (the NYSE ticker for Exxon Mobile — pronounce the “X” like “SH” as sometimes is done in Spanish) with CHOAM, the Combine Honnete Ober Advancer Mercantiles, which controls the spice trade in the Dune universe. Truly, the oil/spice must flow.

      • Herbert was not political. There are are clear influences from the Bedouin culture in Dune, but they are like Lucas taking influences from Japanese movies in Star Wars (e.g. Hidden Fortress). Lucas being the consumate whoore, made up some garbage about how the rebel alliance was like the viet cong, but that was pure bilge.

  27. trump is the political equivalent of the vaxx – he made things worse. would have been better if he were never elected.

    • Worse than what?
      I’ll admit that Trump was an overall disappointment, in that he followed the advice of the swamp with regards to staff.
      That aside, he was “The Mule”, the guy who stirred shit up and flipped tables.

      Could he have done more?

      I think ultimately he accelerated the collapse of the current order, and in the end, that’s a good thing.

      • He could’ve blanket pardoned EVERY Jan 6ther AND EVERY BLM/Antifa hooligan.

        That would’ve been disruptive and fun.

    • I don’t know about that. Trump may have done nothing for us, but, unlike Biden, he didn’t declare us Public Enemy #1, either.

      • Trump did something far worse than call us a public enemy.

        He threatened powerful evil people on our behalf, but was not serious about the follow through.

        Now those powerful evil people are back in charge and will eviscerate the people who voted for him.

        It’s like insulting Stalin, then Stalin turns around and murders your whole family.

        Perhaps Stalin deserved to be insulted, but you have done a grave disservice to your family.

        • He expected to be there longer or do you blame him for the commies steal and their coup too?

          We wouldn’t be having half of this shitfest if Trump was still president. Just look at the border.

          • Trump was a do nothing blowhard.

            Personally I’m fed up with conservatives whining about the border.

            2017 was the “now or never” moment for immigration reform.

            Yet there was no sense of urgency or gravity concerning this one last chance to fix immigration.

            Trump did nothing and his retarded supporters worshipped him anyway.

            The last chance to save the county slipped away while Red hat crowd was cheering it on.

            Yes your country is gone forever now

          • Wasp, you are wrong and right. Trump basically stopped the southern flow of IA’s. That is undeniable. It was Congress that needed to change law wrt immigration. Trump was not quite the deal maker he touted himself. And then again, Trump had to deal with both Dem’s and RINO’s.

            You direct your ire in the wrong direction and therefore miss your target. That’s the problem with venting rather than thinking.

          • I stand by my statement.

            Conservatives (base included) didn’t give a damn about immigration while Trump was president. Too caught up with tax cuts and the MAGA carney act.

            Conservatives are not serious people, and if Trump were still president, we would still have horrendous immigration problems, and the MAGA cult wouldn’t care

        • If go down we must, I’d much rather we go down swinging than be slowly suffocated in our sleep.

    • What happened to Trump woke up a shitload of Normies. That was sorely needed. The positive things he did were inadvert, like causing the Empire to bare its fangs, and that was important for us.

      • This x1000. It’s not about saving ‘our country’ which was raped and murdered in its sleep a long time ago. It’s about laying the groundwork for a multigenerational civilizational war to get a new country, avoiding the diversity mistakes of the first.

      • Trump’s attempt to seal the southern border was not “inadvertent”. His only mistake was assuming he was dealing with people who could be reasoned with, and that cost time. When he gave up on that, his declaring a national emergency and redirecting funds to wall building was the most masterful/daring act any Rep has done in decades. MX played a game for decades in which they allowed free passage of IA’s through their country and to our border. Trump had MX holding these people on their land. Didn’t take but a phone call (and I assume some threats). Had he been re-elected, the wall would be finished before his second term. As it fell out, the old wall was rebuilt and 450 miles of new wall added.

        Of course, the flow from South of the border is not the major problem. More immigrants come over via family reunification and other US entry points than from South. He never spoke of that to my knowledge. So it seems in that he lacked understanding.

        • Good point: I’ve only heard Derbyshire make it before. The real problem is LEGAL immigration, not illegal immigration.

        • His only mistake was assuming he was dealing with people who could be reasoned with, and that cost time.

          His biggest mistake was in not realizing Paul Ryan & B!tch McConnell to be the adrenochrome-drinking satanists that they are.

          [Similarly with the adrenochrome-drinking satanists like Fauci in the Medical Industrial Complex & Milley in the Military Industrial Complex, not to mention Phuckerberg & Brin & Page & Glass in the scr0tial media industrial complex.]

          But thanks to Trump’s mistakes, we all now know the Truth.

          Compare John 8:32 – the Truth has set us free.

          And you can’t ask anything moar from a man [such as Donald Trump] than his having demonstrated the Truth to you.

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