The Need To Believe

Eric Hoffer noted that people who are prone to join mass movements tend to join many of them, often going from one to another. It is not unusual for someone to go from one cause then to another that contradicts the prior cause in some way. The old stereotype of the middle-aged woman driving a Volvo festooned with bumper stickers from various causes does not spring from nothing. The vegan activist will be into saving animals, sustainable farming and oppose nuclear energy.

A good recent example of this is the amazing overlap in people who worship Gaia and those who are now Covidians. The people who carry grimy canvas sacks to the market as a sign of their piety are now wearing three masks in the car as they driver alone to the Whole Foods Market. That does not mean all Covidians were Gaia worshippers, but almost all Gaia worshippers embraced Covid. HBD people embracing Covid suggests their interest in biology is something other than empirical.

What is going on here is that humans are hardwired to believe. Like almost all human traits, the need to believe (NTB) trait operates on a spectrum. At one end is the zealot who is consumed and defined by her belief. At the other end is the skeptic who tends not to accept anything at face value. The reason you don’t see skeptics protesting the latest fads is they tend to think protesting is a waste of time. On the other hand, the zealot is ready to act on the slightest provocation.

For most of human history, the NTB was kept under control by settled society through various means. Religion was the main control. The zealots were funneled into the the shared beliefs of the group. The structure of the belief system kept these otherwise unorganized minds from exploring new ways to express their NTB. When that did not work, the belief system had ways to handle the crazies. Maybe they were declared witches or expelled from the community.

The collapse of Christianity as the unifying belief system opened the door for every sort of alternative belief system. Those with a strong NTB were attracted to these new belief systems like communism. The more utopian the ideology, the more attractive it is to those with a strong NTB. It is not an accident that Marxism, for example, has had a profound influence, despite the fact it has never had a broad appeal. A relatively small number of fanatics can accomplish a lot when unified.

The great geneticist J. B. S. Haldane claimed that fanaticism is one of man’s greatest inventions, even though it was not an invention. In reality, fanaticism is just a cognitive trait like any other. The ancients noted that some men would fight like lions while others were more cautious. It was not a big leap from that observation to cultivating this quality to create elite units of warriors. The berserkers in Norse mythology were not insane, but rather the most enthusiastic of their fighters.

Today, the berserkers are those ready to lecture the rest of us about the latest edicts from the high priests of Covid. These people are irrational or insane. They are the simply most enthusiastic of believers. Their NTB goes to eleven, while everyone else stops at ten. It is why they never notice the contradictions. If you point out that Fauci can never keep his story straight, it bounces right off of them. It is not that they do not understand, it is that their NTB overrides reason.

Even the most fanatical believer, however, is prone to doubt. Since the bulk of believers are not berserkers, this means the bulk of any mass movement is made up of people in need of regular affirmation. Here is an example in the ironically named Popular Science instructing the faithful on how to tease affirmation out of their loved ones. Note that the first item on the list is the justification for trying to convert those who have yet to accept Covid in their life. The religious overtones are not hard to miss.

Note the term “vaccine hesitancy”. They cannot allow for disconfirmation, so the assumed model is one camp are those who have accepted Covid and those who have yet to accept Covid. The latter group is just scared and uninformed, so it is incumbent upon the former group to guide them to the light. All of sudden. being an annoying pest about Covid is transformed into a righteous cause that proves to the believer that she is on the side of angels, saving mankind from evil.

Also note the communitarian aspect of modern mass movements. We have to sit in the dark and walk to work because we all share the same earth. If one person refuses to use those grimy canvas sacks, then we all suffer! Similarly, the vaccine is a community good that only works when everyone is vaccinated. As long as there is one disbeliever in our midst, we will continue to be punished. The only thing missing from the Covidian toolkit is the flagellants whipping themselves in public.

What Covid has revealed is that the only path out of the madness that is infecting the West is to sort out how to manage the fanatics. That is easier said than done, as it means creating a new religion and prying these people out of power. It also means that political power alone is not enough. As long as the fanatic population is left to operate like a hive without a queen, they will keep finding new queens. Usually, those queens will be seeking dominion of the rest of society.

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273 thoughts on “The Need To Believe

  1. I spend a lot of time reading and debating all things COVID. The pro-vaccinate bias in the media is blatant, especially the US media. Virtually all the cases i the hospital are the unvaccinated, they’d have us believe. So run on down and get your jab like a good little sheep, won’t you please? As soon as everyone is innoculated, the pandemic is finished, we promise! Yet reports from among the most-vaxxed nations, Israel and the UK, would suggest a different story.

    Aside: in fairness to the vaxxes, from all I gather, they really Do provide reasonably good protection against serious illness and death, an improvement of 50% by one amateur’s analysis. But they do so at perhaps a high cost: there is the risk of serious adverse effects from the jab; the efficacy wears off in just a few months; long-term health risks unknowable; perhaps worst of all, the vaxxed appear to be no less susceptible to infection and passing on the virus. Finally, the bonus is they will tend to pass on a virus that is increasingly resistant to the sole immunity the jab gives: the S-Spike antibody. You never will hear the MSM mention this, but it’s elementary biology (evolution, natural selection.) It is the VAXXED that are increasing the danger of vaxx-resistant mutants, NOT the unvaxxed (who will only tend to pass on random mutations.) Even if you had a 100% vaxxed population, it would not stop the infections nor the proliferation of new variants, which might eventually overpower any protective effect of the vaxxes. They have really dug themselves into a hole with the vaxx programs.

    Finding accurate statistics seems almost impossible. One would think that an advanced nation in the midst of a pandemic claiming thousands of lives, deploying what should be properly termed experimental remedies to hundreds of millions, would make efforts to collect reliable statistics on cases, illnesses, deaths, adverse reactions and so forth. But it’s almost as if they are not making the effort. A paranoid might even think stakeholders work to obfuscate matters.

    Be that as it may, may I offer you the Whopper of the Month, for COVID bias. Consider the following gem:

    Now, I’ll admit finding out the glaring flaw in this short propaganda piece requires a little background knowledge. Consider paragraph #3. The vaxxes were not even available before December 2020. Vaccination had hardly begun in January and even now is 50-70% of population, depending upon whom you cite. In short, this article is counting people back to when the percentage of the population vaxxed was 0%! Another factor that insured big numbers in that early data was it was the middle of the winter respiratory disease season. If you look at case numbers for 2021, you will see the drop off just as the vax was getting underway. Could anyone have cherry-picked the numbers any better?

    This is a perfect example of stating a truth, a very tortured one, that is a lie, by any standards of fair play. They could have used Jan. 2020 – Nov. 2020 and claimed 100% unvaxxed!

    The “two weeks” interval, while not relevant to case counts, is relevant for another reason: How is a person who was sickened or killed by the jab counted? Day 0-13 is he “unvaxxed”? How about Day 14+? Might the system have incentives to hide such adverse events? Do you honestly believe they are being accurately tallied?

    Moral: the lies are thick. Caveat lector.

  2. So Fox News is saying Biden is doing this to save face for Afghanistan. If that’s true, it may be the worst political blunder I’ve lived to see. I really didn’t think tptb would be stupid enough to turn their ire on the people they claim to represent. Truly retarded stuff.

    At this point it might be wise to assume worse-than-worst case. Hell, at this rate the US might collapse in months instead of years.

  3. Ridicule is the way to break them out of the cult.

    At least the ones that are salvageable – which is probably most of them.

  4. The problem with creating a new religion is that the current one (Wokism) works quite well. I will offend everyone by offering an observation: the religion deifying black people in particular black thugs like George Floyd fills a real need and works structurally for real, physical reasons. Christianity spread in the West after the Fall of the Roman Empire, slowly, as it was a poor place and always less Christian than the East. But the ability of literate monks to act as clerks for the King while being unable to be rivals for the Throne was the secret sauce for Christianity’s triumph. The Vikings were everywhere, but even they thin in numbers could not stand up to the Holy Roman Empire when it mustered (astonishingly in those days) 35,000 men and supplied them and headed like a glacier for Denmark. Slow but unstoppable for the mere 1,500 vikings that could be assembled at any one time.
    The worship of blacks is because (certain) Whites WANT to worship: the impulsive low IQ uber-violent. No woman pines for intellect and mastery and achievement — rather social domination and swagger and “other attributes.” It is no accident as the Marxists say that White women are the most fanatical adherents of this religion and White men the heretics and unbelievers. George Floyd’s thuggery is WHY he was sainted, not despite it. And other cultures recognized the danger: the Taliban painted over the Floyd Mural and China has banned “effiminate men” in entertainment and pretty much 100% of Hollywood.
    As Joel Kotkin noted, now 24% of births to College Educated women are illegitimate, and increasingly a family is a single mother with one or more kids by (possibly) multiple baby daddies, EVEN among educated White women. I honestly don’t see how that gets beat by anything under any current conditions.

  5. Oh, I believe.
    I believe we’re being boxed with a flurry of left-right, left-right blows into a corner.

    As Wild Geese said, the current upset will seem to be a nothingburger. There will be damage- a lot of damage- but it will be managed to impress upon the chickens the “seriousness of the threat.”

    After fake squawking by the teachers’ unions, the stupid-as-a-f*cking-stump conservatives will fall for it, and cheer the “win” of getting all our childruns back into school.

    There, they’ll get good ol’ 1965-style mass vaccination. It’s the same as muh polio, muh measles-mumps-rubella, right?

    And in 15 years, we’ll discover…

    Our children are sterile.
    No next generation.

    The nonwhites will have large home populations to draw from.
    But the EU, the Anglosphere, the Americas?

    What then will you do, white man?
    What then?

    • Stargate SG-1 predicted mass sterilization via jab back in 2001:

      I’m a little blackpilled by today’s events.

      Thinking about trying to start a 3-D printing biz, maybe learn small engines.

      My age-appropriate date had a big heart heart and more red flags than the PLA.

      Off to the Gab no jab job board!

    • Start killin motherfuckers. We’re good at it, have been for thousands of years. Why do you think we’re the main target, the bullseye, you think the Termites are not aware who their only capable adversary is?

  6. I have an infant son and I’m on the verge of losing my career due to mandates. Tell me again how these people aren’t insane? This is how I hear the shit they’re saying: “Oh, well. You’ll just have to lose your job if you don’t let us fuse your DNA with testicular stem cells from Kool Aid Guy. Too bad you don’t just agree with us like you should.”
    That *is* insanity. It is a contrived insanity, for sure, but one with profound resistance to popular inertia.
    And because it is an actual insanity,, It will continue to worsen

    And that’s just what they want — dirt people estranged from their families and jobs. Yup, those who have the NTB were targeted by this mind virus. Their benighted zeal was commoditized and exploited, which led to the creation of this Manchurian Legion of weird pansexuals.. Yeah, these people are still stable enough to work and live (however uneasily) among us…but for how much longer?

    • My sympathy goes out to people like you. I happen to be in a weird stage, graduated college, but no family yet, but enough money saved up (and parents willing to take me back in) that even if I were to lose my job, it wouldn’t have too bad an impact. I can pick up this career where I left off whenever I want. So I will never be taking it, no matter what.

      But they are evil. Yes, evil. Trying to prevent decent White people from earning a living. Anybody pushing or promoting this needs to be — at any level.

      This also underscores the important of community. Helps to know other business owners, or even sympathetic rich people who can lend a hand.

        • I don’t know. I feel a sense of unreality these days, and it almost comforts me to know I’m headed into dark country. These years will be wild and uncertain, but I know that I am called upon to survive.

          I think that as they tighten their grip, we should extend our hands. Build brotherhoods and all that corny shit. Becauae when our people are reduced to poverty, and our children are displaced, having a network of guys (and gals too, though you’re in the parentheses) is crucial. I’m fine for now, but we’ll see.

        • My wife and I are dodging it too—and I’m a Jew (almost) and she’s a fed (approximately).

          The propaganda has only gone in about 50%, even in my world, where almost everyone is a PMC NPC. Maybe it’s still too much for us to really resist, but the resistance is big, too. It doesn’t feel quite hopeless.

          Luck to all our friends. Stay yourselves.

      • I too offer support. The position you are in is terrible. I hope this can work out for you without having to take what appears to be a very dangerous experimental concoction. I think back to when I was raising kids and had a mortgage and slavery-like financial responsibilities and how hard such a decision would be. I’m old enough and have enough put away to walk from my job (actually I’ll go through the game religious exemption attempt etc) and then let them terminate me.

    • Prayers to you, Lanky – and I know prayers don’t pay rent or buy food. Wish we could set up a financial support system for dissident right types facing unemployment. We couldn’t give a bunch, but we could give some. Thank God my husband works for a private company that could technically be considered separate companies and stay under 100 employees, although in a very broad interpretation they could be considered federal contractors, so who knows how many of us this may affect.

  7. I still think that separation/secession— however improbable or hard to pull off it might be— is the only viable solution. The two sides are never going to agree, and any compromise would be unsatisfactory to both. This holds true for Covid, as well as the other issues which divide us: race, immigration, gun control.

    • How can a solution be both “improbable or impossible to pull off” and viable?

      Balkanization may actually be where we are headed.

      • Balkanize me baby. I got no problem with that. Give like-minded whites Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Ohio. We’ll take if from there. And stay the f**k out.

    • It will be soft balkanization, at first.

      Already seeing it in areas that follow COVID rules vs those that don’t. Muslim no go zones. Etc. The government can squeal all they want but suddenly nobody is listening, and the laws are not being enforced.

      As things heat up, you will see non whites used as the biological weapons they are – open borders and immediate citizenship for non whites who sign up to go kill some mean racists.

    • I’ll offer a paraphrase of Sherlock Holmes – when you’ve ruled out the impossible the only thing left, no matter how difficult or improbable, is the answer. It’s become obvious to me that keeping the USA intact is simply impossible. I also think that even the most insane Leftists are going to realize that they can’t win the all-out tribal bloodbath that civil war would be. They might think that they’ll retain control of the military but eventually they’ll come to realize that civil war here would not be a big Hollywood war movie with lots of CGI explosions and symphonic music. It would be personal, a million private or small group acts of sabotage, murder, and arson. It would be the guy in the cubicle next to yours walking up to you in the parking lot and shooting you in the back of the head while you fumble for your keys. The Air Force and its F-15s aren’t going to save you from that. That said, I think it may take the beginning of hot civil war to convince people on both sides to abandon their delusions and work out a separation.

  8. Just to note that as I scan through the comments I keep reading “NTB” as “TNB”. I guess though that “NTB” is “TNB” but for white people.

  9. Zman: “If one person refuses to use those grimy canvas sacks, then we all suffer! Similarly, the vaccine is a community good that only works when everyone is vaccinated.”

    On certain issues the DRight has its own true believers / fanatics / paranoids. Many here can’t see the forest from the trees. As can be seen by faulty comparisons to the vaccine and my-body my-choice, or canvas sacks. Look folks. Clear your minds….The virus IS spreadable. It affects pretty much “everyone”. There’s a vaccine that can help. End of story. Yes, Lefty lies for a living. But Lefty doesn’t lie all the time. We ARE all in this together. It’s not remotely comparable to shopping bags. Now quit being a bunch of Ted Kaczynskis and take the freaking jab.

      • “Mind your own damn business, Karen.” That’s precisely it though. Covid19 is contagious. So your business is my business. It’s a jointly owned business. So the Karen thing is meaningless.

        Anyway I’m not exactly strident about it. It’s only once every few months that I tell you guys to get the shot. Mainly because I know you’re an older group, hence vulnerable. If you were all 17 I wouldn’t even bring it up.

        • Except there’s no evidence anywhere that getting vaxxed hinders the spread. At that point your justification for demanding the jab evaporates.

          • Even worse: it wears off in just a few months (hence the “need” for boosters, barely even proposed, much less started…) ; pretend immunity created by the jab actually encourages mutations that make the virus further resistant to the pretend immunity.

    • Why are the grimy canvas bag people getting so triggered today?

      Nobody cares what container type you carry your groceries home in. The stupid part is the sudden anti plastic bag push (and ban) and dumb people acting like the grimy canvas bags are going to save planet earth.

    • Wrong Frip. For the record in case there are others in this group so ignorant as you: The jab does not prevent infection, it—at best—prevents/reduces morbidity. This is admitted by the manufacturers and the CDC. This is not opinion.

      There is evidence, now widely repressed, that infected folk (vex’d or unvex’d) can spread this disease—hence the CDC’s continuation of masking and social distancing regardless of status. (They know what’s up, but fear to plainly state this for political reasons.)

      Israel has the highest percentage of vex’d population, for the longest time. They now report the majority of new Covid hospitalizations are fully vex’d. They have now told the population to line up for their “booster” shot. And I assume, every few months thereafter until the rubes over there crack wise.

      There is also evidence, and now Court rulings, that those who have had Covid are as immune/resistant as those who have been vex’d. And there is mounting evidence that these folk may have better immunity against the new emerging variants, e.g., Delta, than those previously vex’d for the Alpha variant—and more—that the current mRNA vexxines may damage/impair the natural immunity system and even help mutations of the virus spread (Google ADE). Unless the “booster” shots under development are using the new Delta strain, they will do little to prevent reinfection.

      The morbidity figures vary widely across different subgroups. The big/common risk factors are age, obesity, diabetes—which pretty much describes the typical American these days. In the lower age groups, few to no children die of this disease (see the recent NHS summary of child deaths in the population). That younger folk now contract the new Delta strain was predicted, but thankfully few have died. Their case numbers (few) are used to scare the masses.

      No hospitals have had to turn away Covid patients due to wards filling up. Critical care wards always run 90+%, that’s how they make money. Hospitals during normal flu season here have rerouted patients to other, less used, emergency wards. It’s SOP. If ICU wards fill with Covid patients, then elective surgeries can be postponed to relieve the pressure—as was done in 2020. Big problem for hospitals is *not* Covid, it’s short staffing in these wards.

      Since there are few to no deaths in the lower age groups, say under 40-50yo. The risk of adverse reactions to the vexxine must be considered in order to compute the risk/benefit ratio. New side effects to the vexxine have been discovered, others still being investigated. Just recently, the CDC admitted to over 100 cases of GBS. In the 1970’s just two dozen or so cases were enough for the Swine flu vaccine program to be shut down. I remember that fiasco well.

      What happened then that is not happening now? As Felix has noted, many Scandinavian countries have done none of this silliness and seem to be doing just fine. In general all of the EU leaves their children alone. We consider them disease vectors. 🙁

      But yet, you claim “we are all in this together” so take he jab. Let’s analyze what you are asking me to do. I’ve had Covid. It was experienced as the mildest of colds, two days, then nothing. By the time my Covid test came back, I was completely recovered. So why should I take the jab? For your sake, or for mine? Have you the right to demand I risk adverse reactions for no (apparent) benefit to me, but rather for your (supposed) benefit? I think not.

      Rather than berate the “selfishness” of DR’s in this group, perhaps you should take a long look in the mirror to see who’s being selfish.

      • Regarding “ICU capacity”

        You mentioned it, and our fat ass (((governor))) in Illinois uses ICU capacity as a reason to begin reinstating restrictions, masks, etc.

        My question would be, if supposedly the main issue is having enough ICU beds for sick people, and it has supposedly been an issue since March of 2020, why have there been no investments in expanding ICUs? Couldn’t some of the trillions being printed go towards that, if in fact the “pandemic” revealed lacking ICU capacity in our society.

        The obvious answer is of course that our rulers are stupid liars.

        • Actually, we have the excess capacity. It’s called the US Military. Trump sent hospital ships to the heavy infected areas. Sent the hospital corp to convert the Jacobs Javits center in NYC into a 1000 bed hospital complete with medical staff (military). You know what? It wasn’t needed!

          • Similar in the UK. So-called Nightingale Hospitals were set up in places like huge conference centres at the cost of millions. At most, one or two unnecessarily handled enough patients to provide a photo opportunity before being quietly dismantled.
            In reality the NHS virtually stopped treating anything other than the Magic Flu despite the fact that the vast majority of medical staff did not work in areas having anything to do with Covid.
            Hospital wards were empty and staff were so bored that they produced elaborately choreographed TikTok dance videos.
            Meanwhile anyone with anything like cancer was left to fend for themselves. There ill be a backlog of treatment for the late-diagnosed and untreated for years – although of course many of those people will do the decent thing to save “Our” NHS and die early.
            There need to be Nuremberg trials – with the same penalties as the first time.

      • “Wrong Frip. For the record in case there are others in this group so ignorant as you: The jab does not prevent infection.” I didn’t say it did. I simply said the vaccine “helps”. I’m careful not to exaggerate, or be too decisive on such a nebulous issue. I lack both the IQ and arrogance to think I’ve got it all figured out.

        • No, you didn’t say that. What you said was “get the jab” because “we are all in this together”. Seems you had enough “figured out” to give advice to us poor benighted souls commenting here whom you deemed worthy of your enlighten advice. And now, when called on your ignorance—or more charitably, your poor reasoning—you wuss out by saying “I don’t have it all figured out”.

          Well, then shut the fuck up if you don’t have it figured out and don’t cajole others to do what you “haven’t figured out”. Nor imply they are stubborn, selfish individualists.

          I have yet to put down, or advise against the vexxine for any person I know who decides that the jab is appropriate for them in their personal situation. I only judge them and their decision based on whether it is emotional, or well reasoned.

          They can be wrong, as I can be wrong. I wish everyone good luck and good health in their choice, but I won’t be bullied or put down by anyone in my choice. Not by you, or the 24×7 propaganda spewed by the MSM, or the Fed’s coercive and immoral restrictions placed on the very livelihood of persons who will not submit to their tyranny.

      • Excellent albeit prolix post 🙂 I didn’t see a thing in error; it matches mostly what I read elsewhere.

        I’m not sure if your “vex” was deliberate or not, but a good pun on the more common “vax” or “vaxx” which is of course short for “vaccine” or “vaccinate.”

        Beyond doubt we are vexed in the original sense of that verb, as well as the entire situation being a vexxation! 😀

    • “We ARE all in this together.”

      One too many sips at happy hour, Frip? Noooo, we ARE not all in this together. It is us versus them. Wise up.

      • I never drink before sundown.

        Secondly, I get the politics and the PTB will take advantage any chance they get. That’s why all I’m saying is something very narrow. Get a stinking shot. They’re not demanding that we kill our first born. They’re asking us to get a vaccine. Don’t loose sight of that. There’s a contagious virus running around. And you’re probably 78. So I suggest you do the right thing for you and everyone else. The risk vs. benefit thing is on the side of getting the vax. Ok, I’m done. I’ll talk no more about it till December.

    • You’re right. Not just every movement, but every person has an area of “enthusiasm” if not expertise. Every virus *is* contagious or you’d never hear of it. The problem with these vaccines is that they’re not sterilizing (preventing infection) and they *may* be driving the variants. Right now I haven’t seen enough data/studies either way. The one thing that keeps creeping up is vitamin D levels. The majority of hospitalizations. Get your levels checked.

      • CDC redefinitions. How stupid do they think the dirt people are

        THEN: “Vaccine: A product that stimulates a person’s immune system to produce immunity to a specific disease, protecting the person from that disease. Vaccines are usually administered through needle injections, but can also be administered by mouth or sprayed into the nose.Vaccine: A product that stimulates a person’s immune system to produce immunity to a specific disease, protecting the person from that disease. Vaccines are usually administered through needle injections, but can also be administered by mouth or sprayed into the nose.

        NOW: “Vaccine: A preparation that is used to stimulate the body’s immune response against diseases. Vaccines are usually administered through needle injections, but some can be administered by mouth or sprayed into the nose.”

    • Get fucked Frip. Fuck off back to the Guardian. What the fuck are you even doing here. Oh, there will be a Ted Kaczyinski of the unvaxed. It is inevitable. Someone who has watched multiple family members killed will flip out and lay waste.

    • It’s hard to tell what’s true anymore because there been so many lies that they’re all layered and chaotic but I know a lot of people have had the vaccine and they’re all fine and I know a lot of people that have had covid and they’re all fine but what is abundantly clear is the people pushing these mandates are evil and you should not do what evil people tell you to do

      • Exactly so Whitney.

        It’s a confusing situation to be in, when you can’t trust your government or the media. They have a monopoly on information and weaponize fear.

        One gets the feeling that their lies are not so much to persuade as it is to disorient, divide, demoralize all in order to gain control. Less freedom, more tyranny is our future.

    • For an absolutely nightmare scenario, consider the following:
      (to save time, read the section “Prevention”, 3rd paragraph)'s_disease

      All the vaccines against COVID-19 are “leaky” so far as I know. Substantial fraction of the total population is already vaxxed, topping 80-90% in some nations (Israel, UK, Iceland). To the best of my knowledge, the human race has never had a “leaky” vaccine used, at least widely. According to some pundits, such a future might REQUIRE endless booster or new jabs to keep the population resistant to the ever-mutating virus.

      Humans aren’t poultry. The type(s) of virus are very different. But — I think — the underlying principles are the same.

      I have seen NOTHING about this in MSM for obvious reasons. Even in the fringe COVID media, it only pops up occasionally. This is the worst end-game I know of, short of mass deaths. Even government over-reach pales, but makes a perfect co-conspirator at this point.

      You know the ongoing global rush to jab everyone as quickly as possible? Well, we know know that whatever immunity they got lasts maybe six months. Unless boosters are started immediately, the vast majority of those injected this year will be effectively unprotected come winter.

      This winter (peak flu season) in the Northern Hemisphere, will bear watching closely.

  10. Bronze pointed projectiles were a thing before polymer.
    Still have a few.
    A few tungsten core as well.

  11. From the PopSci article:

    “We all need to recognize that people who are vaccine hesitant are not dumb. They’re not stupid or naïve,” says Piltch-Loeb

    Setting aside that these words of wisdom are flowing from the mouth of an hyphenated little hat wearer, it’s amazing how condescending people can sound, even when they are saying something perfectly true and reasonable. The premise that she starts off with is that her position is unquestionably the only true, just, and right position, the only position that can be reasonably be defended, and that her “well informed” audience need not doubt the justification for their piety. In due time we will all be Covidians! Go out disciples and spread the good news!

  12. “ HBD people embracing Covid suggests their interest in biology is something other than empirical.”

    This remains a mystery. Why did these folks become confirmed Covidians and what is there interest in biology if not reality? I can understand it when females like hbdchick jump on the bandwagon but Cochran? He entirely lost his stuff in the early days of the panic and got strangely silent in mid-2020. He couldn’t keep the faith.

    • For the first time in our lives, the ruling class were wielding at-first-glance-plausible SCIENCE! and math against the irredeemables.

      “The main chance,” our British almost-ancestors call it.


    • Cochran lost it to be sure. And in losing it, lost my readership, but that’s OK because by reading Cochran I found Z-man!

      If one looks at his (Cochran’s) postings, he was very, very, wrong in his predictions. Of course, he’ll attribute that to the “mitigation” efforts of the Fed’s and the States, but that’s BS. In his panic he called it wrong, bought off on the predictive models of frauds like UK’s Ferguson—who has been repeatedly discredited, and went from curmudgeon intellectual to scared old man.

      • I’m not familiar with him, but assume he, like me, was a Cassandra early in the pandemic. In defense of our thankfully wrong estimates of huge casualties, may I offer a quick defense?

        Early in 2020 we knew very little. We knew that a virus called SARS-CoV-2 had started a pandemic in Wuhan, China. Even early on, there was good reason to suspect an engineered virus. The first SARS virus had a fatality rate north of 10% (look it up).* Now imagine a lab-modified virus, to better infect humans and with other unknown tricks.

        Can you see why there may have been good reasons to have been alarmed? Early on, nobody knew the extent of the threat.

        *Although, I suspect if asymptomatic or mild cases could have been counted, it’d be far lower, as is the case with COVID.

    • Som people in my family have become CoVidians.

      The allure is the same as it is for any cult.

      Hidden knowledge that makes the believer better than the doubters, plus community and feeling virtuous.

      One other thing, is cults almost always believe in some coming apocalypse. American culture has become an apocalypse mongering one over the last generation or so. Nuclear apocalypse, “another Vietnam”, The Y2 K delusions, the GWOT, BusHitler, the Great Depression and TEOTWAWKI, Obamacare, Bad Orange Man …

      Each in turn, and others was heralded as the beginning of the end – not just a problem or crisis, but Apocalypse Tomorrow, but one segment of the population after another. Our mass entertainment has become an endless stream of end of the world horrors or comic books where such is fended off at the last moment by a magic man.

      CoVid is just the latest iteration. Relieving bored people of the unbearable lightness of their dreary existence. A way of proving that they matter, because they are living through the tempest.

  13. The equipment left in Afghanistan was gear given to the ANA, including the aircraft, coms gear and nvgs. It was theirs to keep.. Brass likely knew the ANA was going to fold. Just thought it would take a bit longer than it did. Or maybe they didn’t after all the upper echelon are all from Obama appointments. Woke .
    New female four star appointed to ” combatant command” southern command a couple days ago.
    You ain’t seen nothing yet.

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  15. What is it with ZMan and “grimy canvas bags”? It’s a real tell for his writing. You know, you can wash the bags. Did someone threaten you with a canvas bag when you were a little ZMan?

    It’s like the conservative writers who signal their worldview by sneering at “men wearing sandals” while idolizing Caesar and Jesus. One of these guys wrote a whole column, I think in NR or Am Conserv, spewing vitriol at some guy he saw wearing sandals at some event. “People like him” were nothing but “foot fetishists.” I pointed out to him that it’s the guy fixated on the other guy’s foot that’s the foot fetishist.

    • I agree with James. If I can prevent plastic bags in landfills or oceans, I will.

      I guess that Z is reacting to the fact that before the busybodies had Covid to fixate on, they fixated on reusable grocery bags and recycling.

      While I’m a global warming skeptic, I can live with the busybodies focusing their neuroses on pragmatic environmentalism.

      • Global warming is bullshit. One can only be skeptical of a thing that owns some level of respectability. To be a skeptic gives them respect.

      • “I agree with James. If I can prevent plastic bags in landfills or oceans, I will.”

        But what you won’t prevent is the massive carbon emissions generated by the trucks that haul all your recycled shit to the processing plant and the plant itself spewing even more massive amounts of carbon into the atmosphere to ‘recycle’ thereby creating an equal, but different, ecological impact.

        Not to pick on you but this is why liberals are sort of stupid. They know -just enough- about science to be dangerous and ignorant of actual science yet follow it like a religion. Don’t be that guy…

        • Good response. Implicit in your response is that we should avoid “massive carbon emissions.” Does that mean that you believe in climate change?

          It’s not a gotcha question. I just want to be a pragmatic environmentalist, which entails a rational weighing of tradeoffs.

        • Well said. Sometimes if recycling comes up as a topic, I say something like “I support it in principle. The problem is that it usually makes no sense economically. If it did, it would be more widely implemented.” To this date, the only product I recycle is aluminum. It’s one of the very few consumer goods that are viable to do so.

          As you’ve done in your example, you can even state the costs in energy inputs or pollution outputs.

          I first learned the above wisdom in a book written in 1973 🙂

      • “Your Cotton Tote is Pretty Much the Worst Replacement for a Plastic Bag” The issue w/ plastic bags, as you mentioned, is that they end up killing wildlife and polluting the oceans. They shouldn’t be recycled (w/ is almost impossible) but incinerated.

        • Helpful link. If I read the article correctly then what it says it that if I am more concerned about pollution than climate change then I should use reusable grocery bags. Agree?

          • It’s not my area of expertise. My takeaway was when it comes to the cotton bags you have to factor in land usage (cotton v. other crops or trees, water, pesticides, etc.) as opposed to the various plastic industries, as well as the recyclers. All factions have powerful lobbies, but only one has social approval. A pox on all their houses!

      • Line – consider the difference between being a Gaia disciple or earth firster, and a ‘good steward.’ The first involves worshipping the creation; the second involves acknowledging one’s right (one might say God-given right) to utilize the world’s goods, but not to waste or wantonly destroy them. Plastic bags are not the hill to die on. I reuse mine as bathroom garbage bags, or stuff I don’t want in my disposal garbage bags.

      • Pragmatic?

        Please, our local “recycling” goes to landfills. Yet, my elderly grandfather was ticketed, $150.00, because he put an empty soup can in the blue bin.

        ” I can live with the busybodies…”

        Go ahead, you live with them. Among them.

        • If, in fact, recycling goes to landfills then my opinion changes. However, if we could have real recycling would you object to it?

          I am not a fan of busybodies but there is no easy way to be free of them. If they are obsessing over preventing pollution then I just can’t get too worked up over it.

          • Real recycling is too labor intensive.

            It is mostly done where it is economical.
            In third world countries where poor peopl can spend all day combing through garbage piles. And in industrial settings where the waste is uniform enough to require little post discard sorting.

            The one are that could see expanded recycling is of yard waste – again because it can be dumped together into a compost heap with minimal manual sorting.

            The consumer waste recycling though is complete bs kabuki.

      • Prohibiting plastic bags is anything *but* “pragmatic environmentalism”. It is virtue signaling, pure and simple.

    • “It’s like the conservative writers who signal their worldview by sneering at “men wearing sandals” while idolizing Caesar and Jesus.” Lamest take I’ve heard in a long time. So lame it’s funny ridiculous. You’re really proud of yourself for spotting this hidden “hypocrisy” huh. LOL. I bet you’ve been repeating it for a couple of decades now.

  16. Back in the day when Popular Science was actually about real science, was there ever an article penned by a wammen? What a bunch of feel good crap in that one. Yeah, they’ll be all warm and fuzzy explaining why you and your kids need to get the vax – for now. Give it time – pretty soon it’ll be get it or else.

    • As I’ve already splashed about this thread, a lot may happen in the next 7 months. Already a sizeable majority of the population in advanced nations is jabbed with the experimental product (mRNA, other), using a type of vaccine never used in humans, against a (probably) genetically engineered virus. The virus is mutating. The vax does NOT stop it from spreading. It also wears off in a few months, unfortunately just in time for peak “flu” season for hundreds of millions in the Northern Hemisphere.

      As they said in “Game of Thrones”: Winter is coming.
      Let’s hope I’m still doing the alarmist Casandra (but be wrong).

  17. Good post from yesterday. Z is right about Liz Holmes. No stable-minded man would look twice at her. Her face isn’t ugly. But her face is so weird it may as well be ugly. Like if you put a cat’s head on a human, the cat head isn’t ugly but it’s so weird it doesn’t matter. It’s too bad most men don’t have top-notch creep-radar like women do. Because there are creepy women out there. Well, I guess we just call them crazy. Still, Holmes reaches creep levels. That’s saying a lot for a woman.

    The passage below from Z was great. I’ve always been fascinated by why we believe what from whom. So, glad to see “storyteller” was mentioned. Along with “magic”.

    The more convincing a person or thing appears, the less convinced I am. It can get paranoic if I allow it. And I don’t necessarily mean “convincing” as in passionately convincing. But a more recent variant of convincing, or storytelling, is the deadpan delivery (with subliminal passion hints that let you damn well know which side you’d better be on). An updated soft-sell as it were. Which, whether in print, image, or spoken, conveys, “You can take it or leave it. Doesn’t matter to me. But this is what you need to know.” Watch any BBC/PBS documentary of the last 30 years and you’ll hear it.

    I was with a group once. A few whites and Chinese. 2 or 3 negros. Mostly Hispanics. When one negro was asked what he was arrested for, he said matter-of-factly, “driving while black”. Having been briefed on the plot for the last 30+ years, everyone nodded in understanding and sympathy. He didn’t have to plead his case to us, (the hard sell). Which would have worked against him. Just 3 words in his story. In those 3 words we magically understood the whole book. That’s good storytelling.

    If someone (say, me for instance) had dared to mention a few contrarian statistics, i.e. facts…i.e. REAL TALK vs the negro’s street-romantic JUST KEEPIN’ IT REAL HOMIES, I’d have been laughed out of the room. Or more likely taken a good beat down.

    Zman: “The important thing about abductive reasoning is that the explanation for the given facts does not have to be right to be accepted. After all, the explanation is simply the most probable, based on the data set. This is why in the hands of a good storyteller, abductive reasoning is very powerful magic. Humans are hard-wired to accept stories, so a good story that explains what is going on can quickly become gospel. A good story that confirms the gospel is never questioned…People are believing machines. Even the most cynical hard cases among the Cloud People believe they are on the side of angels.”

    • Outside of mathematics and the hard sciences, abductive reason is often our only tool.

      For example, all of history is abductive reasoning, of necessity. You don’t have a control group. You can’t do multiple, identical trials. You have no self-evident axioms from which to draw deductions.

      (More importantly, Frip, if you meet Holmes in a bar, would you hit on her?)

      • No. I’d sooner hit on Larry Holmes than Liz Holmes. Maybe when I was a naive teenager I would have (assuming she didn’t do the scary deep voice). But even as early as college I wised up to the danger of disturbed women. And just as importantly knew how to spot them. Tried to warn a few friends. But guys in the 90’s and before were pretty blind. These days people are more aware of the signs. I do think YouTube makes people smarter. Even young teens are hip to the knowledge of all the personality disorders. Borderlines, Histrionics, Narcissists, and their manipulative ways.

    • It’s not her look. That voice. Wow. It was like I was watching a high school play with a girl that got cast as a cowboy, and now she’s trying to talk with a deep voice. Truly bizzaro.

  18. A perfect example of this is the removal of the General Lee statue in Richmond. It wasn’t just removed. It was cut into pieces…and right away. I had to pull up more articles to to make sure I was reading that correctly. The vicious nature of the unrestrained feminine mind can be encapsulated in that one event. The same mind of the feminist who gets an abortion and enjoys watching her baby ripped apart (they exist). Events like this lay the foundation for counter revolution. May it come soon.

    • All those witch stories from the past have a lot of based reality to them. Reminds me of a friend years ago who broke up with a woman , living together. Everything was not just thrown out the window, but shredded, torn, and busted up before it was tossed. And that was just the beginning.
      Forwarned is forearmed.

      • All those witch stories from the past have a lot of based reality to them.

        Yes. Apart from a few high-profile witch hunts in the Protestant world, witches were not burned for congregation with the devil (the idea that it was at all possible, was in itself heresy to the Catholics) but for “maleficium”, which is to say poison-related crimes.

        People at the time understood you could commit murder with certain herbs, and without proper forensic science (autopsies being forbidden) it could be extremely hard to prove, except circumstantially.

        The majority of the witches burned were probably guilty as hell.

    • I wonder if anyone saved the pieces? Nice little dissident art propaganda project. Maybe add stitches and crudely reattach parts. Like a zombie Lee. The south will rise again, one way or another, would be a good title. Man, I really have developed a deep and abiding hatred for these MFers.

    • We’re ruled by evil people who despise us.

      The person they really want to cut up is *you*.

      We are foreigners in our own lands.

    • Yeah and they’re apparently going to bury a time capsule in the space that includes an expired vial of Pfizer “vaccine”, blm sticker, lgbtq pin and a photo of a black ballerina with fist raised in front of or near the original statue, among others. That should really excite future historians… It’s getting harder these days to put into words how I feel about these f******.

  19. Leftists are the most fervent believers. However, they do not view themselves as believers. They view themselves as rational, science oriented, educated people. They do not think that their beliefs are just another manifestation of religion, even though they are. Its why the accusation of hypocrisy is wasted on the left. I admit there are exceptions, but these exceptions usually lead the believer from the left to the right as they age. The left’s hypocrisy is evident in their insistence on universal vaccination. Even the most “righteous” of believers notices that not that many people have died from Covid. And those numbers are artificially inflated and hundreds of thousands of “cases” of Covid have been discovered by the PCR test, a test that can’t differentiate Covid from a number of other viruses. But, you must be vaccinated if “it saves only one person”, or more ironically, “its for the children”. Remember, these are people that have acquiesced to the murder of millions of unborn children under the rubric of “choice”. And they rationalize it because of the lie that a fetus is not a living organism, just a bunch of cells. Their inability to connect the lie of “its for the children” with the reality of killing millions of children, or their full religious acceptance of a woman’s “Its my body, my choice” while rejecting the same option for people that refuse to get the vaccination, are perfect examples of their inability to reason. They need to believe. Whatever is the religion de jour and is promoted by the “experts”. Experts like the talking heads on CNN or the political hacks at the CDC, FBI, CIA, BBC, BB King, and Doris Day.

    • We need only remember one thing about these types: they are either agents of evil – dupes – or, they are actively evil doing it for some well-known reason.

      Let us get back onto our moral high ground where we belong. To hell with logic and reason.

      Want safe and affordable family formation for white families? Want a government that is firm but fair, and punishes actual crimes; you know, like thievery, rape, murder and vandalism? How about one that does not let unrestrained financiers and the like wreak havoc? Want the chance to be as self-sufficient as possible? Or a government that encourages a white Christian spiritual awakening? It’ll mean less material stuff, but it is good. It promotes the family first and clan second.

      So many people see the things that are happening and think “That ain’t right.”. But the organs have no National voice for them; and neither should they, seeing that they are the enemy. But the conduits that link the organs also link us. The digital tools of the Internet can do great harm but can be our allies also.

      At some point it’ll come into real life. To your door. Who knows when? So the spiritual toughness will be required. Local networking will be required. And our own propaganda will be required. As the left are so fond of saying, and I never thought I’d echo it, “Be the change you want to see in the world”.

      Find God. Find a woman. Have kids. Enjoy. Network. Become useful. Spread our propaganda. A key message to those who will listen is on the viability of family formation, no need to make it explicitly racial.

      • There is going to have to be a lot of Braveheart moments on our side to thwart all of this. Not going to be romantic and heroic looking but will have to happen often.

      • Orangefrog! youa re a man after my own heart! I am old, and have adult kids and young grandkids . the idea that we are going to fix the world is hubris. My kid and their friends see the disfunction and talk to me about it sometimes. I give them the same advice : faith , family , and friends . I am trad (latin mass) cath. Roosh seems to think the eastern ortho is good.
        I have been blessed.

    • No kidding. And just watching those two Australian politicians pontificating, unchallenged about how the unvaxxed will soon be completely cut out of society is fairly chilling. We will be the “virus” that needs to be eradicated if we can’t be re-educated.

      • Agreed, but there will have to be a lot of repression of current data developing wrt vexing and Corona. Little to do with the unvex’d, much to do with rejection of observable reality. As one of the unvex’d, I am in the crosshairs, albeit not economically as I am retired. All around me—family included—are vex’d, but they dare not say much to me.

        It’s somewhat enjoyable even to remind them that they now need their “booster” shots to remain in good standing or to show them my CDC vex card (made on my computer in a couple of hours) and identical to theirs!

        At my age one needs to enjoy the simple pleasures. 😉

        • Compsci,

          I, too, am retired, and so far not subject to The Politburo That Calls Itself “Biden” and their diktats. But only so far. If they can make these “vaccinations” inexcapable to all who take federal government money, even in the capacity of a contractor, why not anyone who receives Social Security or the like? “We’re all in this together”, right? Even if it were to be justified as “for your own good, as one of our valued seniors?

          This was a bad thought, but do you think that these mutants and sociopaths would hesitate to play that card?

          • I’ve heard that idea raised somewhere along with a bunch of other, shall we say, draconian leftard fantasies. Hopefully, stuff like that won’t come to fruition, but after bite-me’s little speech today and seeing what’s going on in the land of OZ, I wouldn’t rule out anything.

          • There is nothing they won’t do if they feel they can get away with it. But that’s always been the case, or the fear, in the back ground. Has it not?

            Someone has to stand up and say no. This line will not be crossed. Resistance (passive) entails receiving retribution from the authorities. As old as Thoreau and Gandhi. I’m not looking to be a martyr, but I can also think of no one better positioned.

    • The re-phrasing is getting interesting. Knowing that the vax doesn’t actually keep the vaxxed from making others sick they’ve resorted to some veiled community appeal along the lines of “the vax helps You, and just so you know, your family, your community, and all that other stuff that we’ve spent decades destroying, they
      need You! So please think of all the Guatemalans and Afghans we’re dumping into your community and get the jab,”

      It reminds me of something Severian said along the lines (though I didn’t quite believe) that the regime would at some point have to make an appeal to a community that no longer exists. Not sure if this is definitely that instance, but it’s at least worth a chuckle.

    • Hypocrisy does not matter to these people. An ex-friend-a mutual cancellation-reveled in removing of public displays that he thought had anything to do with white supremacy. Aside, and today, he has likely ejaculated hearing that the Lee statue has been scrapped. He, alumni of the graduate school represented by not only the inverted crotch, but by other noted fellow alumni: The Idiot, the Idiots Father, Bones of Skull and Bones, and our once rapist in chief, did explain to me that I don’t understand “nuance,” when I pointed out to him that his alma Matas namesake should be abolished as it founded by slave-trading magnate Elihu Yale. A dirt person like me once understood the book title “Liberalism is a mental disorder” as a hyperbolic title to sell books. I now understand the title to be accurate. Furthermore, I think my ex-friend understands the value of the Yale brand and couldn’t bear to lose that value if it affected him personally.

  20. If we want to win, we will have to get some of the fanatics onto *our* side.

    We will have to religionize our thing, just like they do.

    • I don’t want them on our side. Ever. Lines have been drawn, and they are on the wrong side. Even if we let them in, who is to say they won’t flip back again? They have already shown they are unstable if not insane.

      • This is merely the CivNat complaint: Golly, if we do identity politics, we’re just like them!

        Nonsense. Fanaticism for a just cause is just.

        • Don’t let your “virtues” be used against you. Leave them at the door, pick them up when you leave.

    • In case you missed it—

      A minor irrational temptation to let your believer flag fly escaped from the lab recently, and at least half of /ourguys/ leapt at the chance to become /theirfanatics/.

      Harshly selecting against that trait might be job #0.

  21. I don’t understand how this can be done in a liberal democratic framework. When John Adams coined the phrase about democracy “exhausting and murdering itself”…talk about being on point. I told a friend yesterday that I could handle a paternalistic dictatorship. Just keep your mouth shut about the power elite, and you’re free to go about your day. But what we have is a maternalistic dictatorship. “Mommy spank unless you take your vaccine and wear mask”….”Mommy spank with breathalyzer tests at the DUI checkpoint.”…. “mommy spank if you use plastic grocery bags.”…etc. etc…forever…. The hive mind is a feminine mind. It has no logic or critical thinking to it. Liberal democracy becomes a catheter to inject this hive directly into the core of the elite, which destroys it and the country around it. H.L. Mencken’s prediction of complete imbeciles running the show in the future becomes today’s reality.

        • But that’s the point: they’re not going to force you to jab, not even the Australians do that. They’re just going to shame you and make your life difficult.

          • The good libertarians would say “well, that’s the free market. Just get a new job!” or, “well, that’s the free market, just stop flying.” The same people who never seem to have real jobs. It’s all so laughable these days.

          • Making your life difficult (coercion) is just the first step. We saw this scenario play out in 1967 when the Surgeon General finally said that smoking was bad for you.

            Somewhere about 60-66% of US adults smoked at that time. Way too many citizens to crack the whip on, so they went with education campaigns—warnings on cigarettes, commercials against, commercials for banned, etc.

            Then the number of smokers began to drop, but the efforts ratcheted up, not down. The severity of anti-smoking methods increased—new age limits for sale, tighter enforcement, banning in public buildings, false arguments against “second-hand smoke” in restaurants.

            Finally, the number of smokers hit 25% (probably a *hard* bottom) and all the hesitancy was removed—total store/restaurant bans within city limits, raised insurance costs, and general ostracism of the individual from polite society.

            The only thing that save a general prohibition of tobacco products was the industry’s acceptance of astronomical taxation of the product. In other words, pol’s allowed the consumption of this “deadly” product for a cut of the swag. And at this time, the tobacco industry makes “less” on a pack of cigarettes sold than do the Fed’s, State and local governments!

            Don’t fool yourself, when the number of the unvex’d falls to 25% or so, the gloves will come off and I will not be surprised to read of “forced” vex’ing of individuals or physical isolation )ask all imprisonments) of the unvex’d.

          • @Compsci
            But they still don’t force you. That’s the beautiful part, they give Normie an ethical lifeline to cling to, they can tell themselves that nobody forced them to do anything.

            If you made it mandatory, half of the Covidians would abscond.

          • “ But they still don’t force you. That’s the beautiful part,…”

            Stop that Felix, you’re screwing with my head again… 😉

    • “”Men just aren’t the same today”
      I hear ev’ry mother say
      They just don’t appreciate that you get tired
      They’re so hard to satisfy
      You could tranquilize your mind
      So go running for the shelter of a mother’s little helper
      And four help you through the night
      Help to minimize your plight

      Doctor please, some more of these
      Outside the door, she took four more
      What a drag it is getting old” Rolling Stones

  22. Z’s premise is that the “need to believe” trait is inherent and distributed through people on a spectrum. I agree. Therefore, we either shape that need to believe in people or are the victims of it. There is no “live and let live” option (unless you can create a community that selects for that trait).

    Imagine the Covidians devoting all that energy to our causes. Control of the media is everything.

  23. I’m not entirely sure I buy the premise. If NTB was a constant, you’d expect more New Age bullshit in atheist Northern Europe than in Christian America. I have no idea whether that’s the case or not, but it’s not like America lacks New Age religions.

    Also, there’s an important difference between Christians and Covidians (and Climaticans etc.). Christians are specifically asked to take their improbable stories on blind faith, the Covidians believe there’s an observable, measurable scientific basis for their weird behavior. Faucism isn’t a religion, it’s an induced mass neurosis, a grotesque over-emphasis on a single, tiny problem.

    • You are presuming there is a great deal of daylight between mass delusion & religion and I’m here to tell you that there really is not. I think you are splitting hairs a bit here but the two resemble each other to such a degree that in many ways they are indistinguishable.
      I do agree with you that the Scientism is strong with these people because they fancy themselves ‘above’ the religious rubes but that is just faith of a different stripe. Particularly since they go right along with the cherry picking and careful curating of this ‘science’ to fit the narrative & outcome. If you took the science AS science and not scientism it would look very different.
      But at the end of the day, it is just a vehicle for faith and they are as certain about their beliefs as the strongest Christian Fundamentalist or Radical Islamicist. Zebras of varying stripes, nothing more.
      They check all the other boxes. Their is Canon, Dogma, the Faithful, the Heretics & Heresies, the Liturgies, the Rituals, the whole 9 yards.

      • You are presuming there is a great deal of daylight between mass delusion & religion and I’m here to tell you that there really is not.

        Seen from the outside, perhaps. But if you ask a thoughtful, honest Christian why he believes in God, he’ll eventually acknowledge that it’s all about faith and evidence be damned.

        A Covidian would never confess to such a thing; blind faith is anathema to him, even if he engages in it.

        It’s an important spiritual difference even if the outcomes look the same: if the high priests of scientism came out tomorrow and declared victory over Corona, 90% of the Covidians would just go home. They might struggle with existential dread now that the devil was vanquished, but they’d stop their cultish behavior.

        • if the high priests of scientism came out tomorrow and declared victory over Corona, 90% of the Covidians would just go home.

          This happened in Denmark, Sweden and Finland.

          Here in Copenhagen, it happened virtually overnight. One day they gave you the evil eye for not wearing a face diaper in the supermarket, the next day nobody wore masks.

          • Felix, I thought that day would arrive here—particularly after the last election—but alas, I’m still waiting. Seems there is still use for Covid hysteria. Or perhaps they are riding the Tiger and now realize they have no safe way to get off.

          • To be honest, I might have overstated my case a bit: to be clear, the vaccine is still being pushed and my 13 and 14 yo. nephews ask their parents why they aren’t vaxxed like their friends. Also, they’ve started offering booster shots to geezers. I suspect the lockdowns will be back when the flu season kicks in.

            The most surprising to me was that they scrapped the vax pass – the whole point of this plandemic. Maybe they had problems with the software solution.

    • It amazes me how “facts” are interpreted these days. The moon is a white sphere in the sky. It must be a large wheel of cheese. A storm blew through town, the earth is warming.

    • Felix, what is the Swedish women’s government’s self-sacrifice on the alter of egalitarianism if not a religious rite? It is downright Abrahamic, giving not only their sons, but their entire civilization as a sacrifice to their deity. What was the Bader-Meinhoff RAF group, if not the progressive Knights Templar, waging holy war against the Great Satan of capitalism? Northern Europe is awash, in fact down right lousy with religious fervor. They just all worship the God of this world…
      Also, a number of the Branch Davidians were Europeans. And excepting France, NW europe managed to expel many of the strongest genetic expressions of religious fervor to the US. So if Z is right and this is a biological genetic drive, you will see the worst of it in North America. Exactly as you state.

      • And apologies for self reply, but it is on topic. Felix, yiu are somewhat correct: salvation is possible only by excepting the gift of Christ’s sacrifice. However, existence was created and shaped by God. As such, both reality and our nature conform to belief in Christ and the word of God in the bible. For example, the first act of man is to form a stable monogomous heterosexual union with woman – the proper basis for civilization and any stable society. The curse of Adam is to labor hard for his sustenance – acceptance of this nature of our men via the protestant work ethic is what built Western Civilzation. Refusal to bear Adam’s sentence to toil hard all of your days as a man results in subsaharan misery and immigration. Avoiding the curse of Eve is the root cause of all feminism – trying to avoid the reality that babies result from copulation and rebelling against and blaming daddy (God) when that reality cannot be evaded. The law of God fits us. Rejecting it destroys us.

      • Felix, what is the Swedish women’s government’s self-sacrifice on the alter of egalitarianism if not a religious rite?

        That’s how you and I may see it, but it’s not how they see it themselves, they see it as building a perfect society, based on entirely secular reasons.

        If you tell a Christian he’s engaging in religion, he’ll heartily agree. If you tell a Covidian the same, he’ll vehemently protest, that’s the nub of it.

        • Sure, but you are conflating something there: “religion” is a double plus ungood thing. They would have the same reaction to calling it “racist.” If you called covidianism an “ethics-founded system of beliefs,” they would nod along (unless they see the end point).

  24. One task for those who would rebuild society from its ruins is to address the destruction of Western Civilization’s literary, artistic, philosophical, theological, and architectural output. The ruling class cult seeks to destroy all such output, and uses ritualized behaviorism to do it. Consider the increasing attacks on library collections. An Ontario school board conducted a ‘flame purification’ ceremony that burned 30 books in a symbolic gesture and destroyed or ‘recycled’ (there’s a euphemism for you) 4,700 other books from library shelves:

    Libraries are currently being purged and museum collections are next. The greatest difficulty with this is that such decisions are made without public oversight. Note the focus on removal of anything that offends sensibilities or can be conceived of as ‘outdated’ (e.g., “biographies of Jacques Cartier, a French explorer who mapped the St. Lawrence, and another of explorer Étienne Brûlé”.) One can ‘outdate’ a thing with a wave of the hand, and the move from destruction of secondary sources to primary sources will be swift, and likewise obscured from public view until it is too late. By removing such materials, history and culture is rewritten. We, who are the last generation to experience with full inheritance of our civilization owe it to our ancestors and our descendants to successfully consolidate and protect this legacy.

    This is one area where women (who are the agents of such destruction now) could be helpful in its prevention and mitigation. Other cultures found ways to preserve themselves through times of chaos. Ours must find ways to preserve the most important elements of our culture.

    • I agree with this. Part of my “awakening” was in reading the classics and buying used several used books on a single topic and analyzing how the perspective changes through the generations (For instance the opening of a sociology book throughout time: “Man has always had the urge to explore” > “Man has always stared up at the sky in wonder” > “Human-beings are social animals” >”It takes a village…”) You can’t understand any topic properly without first placing it into context and understanding its origins and growth from all angles. All that is impossible when the old texts are censored, banned and finally burned.

      The desecration, graffiti and destruction of our history must stop and fast. At the gym this morning, CNN showed the removal of a Robert E. Lee statue. We can’t shrug our shoulders. We have to preserve our history or we don’t stand a chance.

    • amr: I rage at the cultural destruction, but fear you are wildly over-optimistic regarding who might save the remnants of Western Civilization. Women are in charge of most museums today and are directing the destruction in pursuit of cultural and racial piety. Women are the ones who burn or destroy their boyfriends’ or husbands’ old letters or photos from prior girlfriends or wives. It was not women who saved the works of the ancients that we have knowledge of today – rather, it was men – Christian men – who studied and copied ancient knowledge.

      And observe the celebrants of a new ‘time capsule’ to replace the rayciss one placed by dead White males:

      That’s the ‘heritage’ for future ‘murricans – BLM stickers and the clotshot. Buy all the pre-1965 books and maps you can find, and never entrust their care to women to ensure the survival of forbidden knowledge.

      • I see your point (and agree about the time capsule – horrifying). I think men will be at the forefront of any endeavor to save our civilization, and I suspect the formation of male-only groups will be a big part of this. Paul famously restricted the presence of women in leadership roles in the early church and for my part, having witnessed the degradation of female behavior and influence in society, I see his point. But there will always be a need for women of virtue. Their influence on the maturation of children cannot be avoided, and if women are not given alternatives to the poisoned apple held out to them by the modern world, their potential for negatively affecting society will only be amplified.

    • If viewing things through the lens of religion, then the public library system throughout the United States is an expression of an older better religion that was alive and active in this country (and most of the western world) in the 19th and 20th centuries.

      They are temples: expressions of the ideals of people who saw the world in a certain way. A way that I have a lot of resonance with myself. Who could look at the Klementinium Praha or Trinity College Library, or even the more modern examples and doubt that the societies involved tried to do honor to a concept by making them beautiful.

      Burning libraries is what happens in religious wars.

      Lunch break is over so I can’t really get entirely to the heart of the matter. I have a “quasi-religion” too: It isn’t too far wrong to say I have “religious attitudes” towards science and technology. Real science and real technology: That the world is comprehensible, that men are not helpless to understand it, that because we can understand it we can solve our problems. That knowledge is good, preserving it is good, sharing it is good. That censorship and silencing people are evil. And that all the long millenia of stupid monkey dominance games where one sect or another, one band of thugs or another, struggled to turn people into lobotomized meat robots for one pissy little cause or another were a tragic waste of time when we could have been planting our flag on the moon! In this, I am “liberal” – and these leftist savages are a “satanic inversion” of *my* religion.

  25. The covid hysteria truly manifests not only the madness of the true believers but the tremendous division which exists. It’s as though we live in a parallel universe. Masks are fairly scarce where I live and covid doesn’t seem to be on the minds of many people. For the believers, it is a way to radiate their deep and glowing virtue to the world.
    Many have dedicated much of their lives demanding for the right to murder their unborn babies. Now they simply wear a mask to save lives.
    I had to travel on a plane recently and the incessant nagging is so insane it’s almost laughable. “Pull the mask down quickly to take a sip but put it back up immediately”. The pantomime of fear is their genuflection.

    • Melissa: My son accompanied me on few errands yesterday and even he commented that we two were the only unmasked people in the store. DFW is a hotbed of wokism, filled with pious White women and various NY and Cali refugees.

      As for abortion, opinions vary widely, but how terribly . . . convenient . . . for ConservativeInc to resurrect that particular losing crusade at this time. One can just hear them rubbing their hands and sneering “That will get those rubes back into the voting booth.” And unfortunately, they’re largely correct. White children becoming a hated minority and despised serfs? The fantasy of fevered notsee minds. Non-White children being killed by their mothers? A national tragedy to be challenged by a White crusade.

      • Yeah that abortion ruling sure seemed staged. The regime gives up something very, almost microscopically, minor and in exchange it gets normie-cons to pump some faith back into the system (“just one more Supreme Court justice”) and enflames their leftwing base while redirecting them from having to run cover for an illegitimate government being run by an Alzheimer’s patient.

      • 3g4me:
        Spot on regarding conservative inc. There is a reason the Zman’s most pinned gab refers to the traitors at National Review. Forever conserving their egos and their reputations among those on the left.

    • I could say the same about the pagan religions, they never collapsed, they went dormant.

      I am of the opinion christianity will retract, but won’t go away entirely, kinda how the vikings were still able to exist a 1000 years in the christian era.

  26. I think the Left tends to have more true believers, berserkers. Perhaps calling them Hystericals or Histrionics (Hystrionic?) would be more appropriate. The Right meanwhile has its fair share of Gruggs. Hystericals and Gruggs will always exist, and they can become useful actors in society, but they should never be left to their own devices. The church and the military knew how to deal with these types and guide their energy towards mostly peaceful and utilitarian means.

    For a long time the modern Left was adept at manipulating that crazy, histrionic behavior to suit its needs. But lately they seem to have lost control of their feral herd. Similarly, Gruggs are very industrious and effective members of society. They make for great soldiers and lower level leaders but they should never be generals or supreme leaders. Today, the Right has not merely lost control of their Gruggs, they have betrayed them, demonized them and are actively hostile towards them. January 6th was the unleashing of untamed gruggery left to its own devices. It was a bumush with no plan. These are people who really really really want to be dedicated soldiers and warriors and for the longest time they put up with alot of shit so that they could cling to that role. But now the Grugg is untethered. The Hystericals are running wild. I think we need to find a better way to create a space and a role for the grugg energy.

    • ??? “Grugg is a level 50 NPC that can be found in Tiragarde Sound. This NPC can be found in Tiragarde Sound. In the NPCs category. Added in World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth.” ???

    • Thank you, Mr. Reynard.

      Word for the day is “grugg”. I’ve always wondered where I fit in this world of ours. Now I know that I am a high functioning grug: ambitious enough to read the Z Man blog, cautious enough not to join a Tea Party rally or US Capital protest.

      • I know I could benefit to unleash more of my inner-grugg. A peaceful, high-functioning society can exist without Hystericals. But greatness is not possible or sustainable without gruggery. We betray and reject gruggery at our own peril.

    • Who exactly is we? As a “grug” as some of you here put it, I’ve been around long enough to know a couple things.
      Those who claim to be intellectuals usually
      Are full of s**t . And those who crave leadership are always the last to follow.

      • “We” as in the DR, and whatever it is that unites us here on this comment section. I’m not an intellectual, nor do I think I’m fully grugg. I hit the gym, prep, and also enjoy intellectual pursuits. I was always an athlete and somewhat gruggish, but I’ve also gone through cringey unmerited pretentious phases.

        Overall I aspire to live by my values, and preserve and pass on a more traditional culture. I’m currently trying to create a community of like-minded people as my wife and I prepare for children. Maybe that’s the definition of most of us in the comment section, or the Dissident Right generally.

  27. “… the amazing overlap in people who worship Gaia and those who are now Covidians…”

    As I’ve quipped before, the same people:

    “GMO foods? Heck no! That stuff will kill you!”
    “Inject a poorly-tested GMO substance into my body? Sounds great! Sign me up! Times 3! (and counting)”

    • “GMO foods? Heck no! That stuff will kill you!”

      “Inject a poorly-tested GMO substance into my body? Sounds great! Sign me up! Times 3! (and counting)”

      I hate to embrace muh inner Darwinian Nihilist, but eventually there comes a day of genetic reckoning for these existential flaws in Our Race.

    • Vizzini: I’ve been reading a great deal about off-grid living (although at the rate things are going we are likely to have to live on our raw land in a tent). I want redundant systems because I don’t have faith in the grid and don’t trust non-Whites and women to keep things running, not because I eschew electricity and modern plumbing. Instead I’m treated to an endless litany of composting toilets, living in a tiny house, and making similar offerings to Gaia.

      It’s an interesting paradox to consider – if we survive, will we have to face Gaia worshippers as neighbors? If so, I predict a future resurgence in clan feuds, and I’ll be an enthusiastic participant.

      • The Gaia worshippers tend to end up cold, sick, hungry and parasite-infested when they actually have to live in nature, so it should be an easy fight.

      • Also, if you buy the right property, you should just have to dig a well or develop a spring for your water and install a septic or aeration system for your waste. Composting toilets are, um, full of shit, and tiny houses suck — living off-the-grid means having to do a lot more stocking and storing. Hard to do that in a tiny house.

        • Vizzini: We believe we’ve bought the right property, and plan to have a well dug in the spring. I’m thinking long term – i.e. both solar and a whole-house generator for backup power, although both require an electrician and a substantial sum of money. And we don’t plan on either a tiny house or a mansion, just something comfortable. But I was initially operating on the assumption we had another 5-10 years to get things set up, and that’s looking increasingly unlikely.

          • 3g, some thoughts: Be more redundant in your appliances, too. Have a separate hot water system for 2 zones in the house. Ditto heating: belt and suspenders, esp if you are designing from the ground up. Have wood burning heat, and have a furnace intake duct that pulls from the wood burner. 2 furnaces is even better. Geothermal is great if starting from scratch. If I were in your shoes, I would get an Amish wood burning cooking stove, in addition to propane cooking. Have a seperate cellar/basement room for foodstuffs versus just storage.
            Figure out how to do the electrician stuff yourself as much as possible. Don’t try for whole house backup IMO, just the necessaries. And I’m sure you know, but concealment of any generator while running is a high priority.

          • Other thing, 3g4me, is that if you cant do the expense of something on the initial build, construct to allow it later. Dont want solar in quite yet? Make sure the conduit is run for the supply to your distribution boxes, and the house power cable is run so you can have a switchable supply later. I’d suggest having one main box and three sub boxes that run to the house supply: one for grid only frivolities (the hot tub, extra outlets, etc), one for generator alternates (well, heat/cooling, water heaters), and one for solar (lights, low loads, specific outlets). Ditto water: if you cant put in a cistern and treatment system now, the extra space and rough plumbing now is very cheap compared to a retrofit. I’m working on retrofitting much of this, and it is so much harder.

          • Replying to DLS: It is something picked up from that guy who lived through the Argentina collapse in 2001-2002 and wrote about it. Generators are usually loud, and clearly running on a fuel. When the power is out and cars are rarely about, a running engine is a “rob me” sign that is detectable for miles, which clearly shows you have fuel and something worth using it on such as food or water. Same thing with light and smoke discipline. If the grid is down, everyone for miles can see if you have electricity on at night – and therefore stuff worth stealing that might be necessary to their own survival. Or heck, you might be a target for non-emergency theft, house sized generators are thousands of dollars and in high demand.

          • Replying to myself because I can’t reply to Good ol’ Rebel below : Looking into all sorts of options. Initially liked the idea of a masonry heater, but that may be overkill for moderate winters where we will be building, and I’m more concerned about a/c in the humid summers. Like what I’ve read about geothermal (again, large initial cost). It can apparently be used for radiant (underfloor) heat, but then you can’t use it for the a/c. Wish I understood all this stuff better.

            Thank you for the idea of sub-boxes for generator or possible future solar system – initially, at least, I think we’ll be on grid. Definitely want a wood stove and a full-house propane generator. I understand generators can be noisy, and in many ways it’s optimal to use in conjunction with solar batteries (during winter or cloudy days). Just not certain we have the know-how (zero electrical experience or background) to handle the solar system, and the cost for a truly full-house one is $30-$50k if done by qualified electrician. More concerned with ensuring deep-well operation without electricity.

            Well, more reading and youtube watching. Don’t have the $ to do any of that stuff just yet, but trying to figure out what will work best and be within our budget.

      • Women in control of a whole world is a theme in one Outer Limits episode, 1998’s “Lithia.” It’s episode #78 on this list for a full description.

        TL;DR: Only women are actively alive; there are men but they are kept in suspended animation. Their culture is peaceful but primitive. For various reasons, a man is revived. Beyond the inevitable romantic interests, the man hooks up forgotten old tech (electricity) and leads to fighting and deaths with neighboring villages. The decision is made finally not to kill the man, but put him back in limbo.

        I’m partial to SF and thought the 1990s series was quite well done. As you’d expect, it deals with many liberal themes. But per your comments, I’d say they had a bit of insight writing the episode I cite, don’t you?

    • The reversal of the Left’s beliefs is indeed remarkable.

      “Get your laws off my body!” now “mandatory regular injections!”.

      “Don’t trust Big Pharma” now “Are you a Moderna or a Pfizer?”.

      “I can’t breathe!” now “Wear two masks even if vaxxed”. (This one is actually simultaneous.)

      “The secret Gitmo detention camps of torture!” now “permanent solitary confinement for the January 6 protesters! No need for a trial!”

      “I was born this way” now “I choose my gender day by day”

      Perhaps the problem here isn’t the degree of belief, it’s the length of time that people can maintain their beliefs. A zealot who accepts suffering as a result of his beliefs is respectable. A zealot who listens to CNN every day to find out what he believes, then lashes out at unbelievers with righteous hate, then cries when consequences happen and tries to walk it back, is both a repulsive waste of meat and the average member of the Social Justice movement.

  28. “What Covid has revealed is that the only path out of the madness that is infecting the West is to sort out how to manage the fanatics. That is easier said than done, as it means creating a new religion and prying these people out of power.”

    Bingo! I think that is a realistic handle on the problem at hand. It doesn’t suggest the practical how-to solution. But it states the task which is a good first step. And besides, what else are the comments for? So, how do we put lipstick on HBD, the need to preserve the core of our demographics and traditional gender roles. Make these status adhesive and we’re in business.

  29. I hate to think what could be worse than Covidianism. I just thank God Hillary didn’t win. Joe Biden is a gift when you think of it that way.

    • Joe Biden is a gift when you think of it that way.

      Verily our Creator doth work in mysterious ways.

  30. What throws me the most about the NTB is how often it manifests as compulsive mothering, most especially among actual mothers who heretofore regarded their children as almost unbearable burdens.

    This is why I was so flagrantly wrong about Covid back in the day. Give it a month, I said, and it’ll all blow over, because in a month Karen is going to realize that she’s stuck home with little Kayden, Jayden, Brayden, and/or Khaleesi. She can’t spend her entire day self-actualizing in the BBW section of Target or getting exalted at the nail salon. In short, Karen is (I said) the kind of woman who you can’t imagine why she ever bothered to have kids in the first place — she’s fanatically pro-abortion, for one thing, and for another, her favorite word is “tired.” You saw that everywhere back then; women couldn’t get enough of telling you how “tired” they were. They pretty much said, in those exact words, that their children were horrendous burdens; they needed the taxpayer funded day cares we call “school”…

    But give her the chance to be den mother to the entire world, and all of a sudden her tune changes dramatically. How dare we suggest that little Khaleesi should get back in the classroom? How can we be sure that all the other students, plus faculty, administration, and janitors, are wearing their three masks properly? Can you guarantee hand sanitizer baths every half hour on the half hour? Forget Target and the nail salon, she’s going to micromanage the entire world from her TikTok account…

    What this suggests, of course, is a deep biological need for a strong pimp hand. Make this the liturgy of the new religion: “oh lawd, guide my pimp hand and keep it strong!!!”

    • Excellent comment. What this shows is that not only do women need the “pimp hand” (for their own as well as all our benefit to save them from themselves), but also that the so-called “maternal instinct” long ascribed to women has no natural basis. For most women, their innate need for attention, approval, feeling of security, and control through social manipulation far outweigh any need to protect and provide for their offspring. Simply put: “maternal instinct” was really just an echo of patriarchy.

      • Mr Generic just hit on many of the points I was gonna make.

        Raising children is indeed the single moast utterly [physically, mentally, psychologically, spiritually] exhausting pasttime in all of Creation, but it’s also the single moast IMPORTANT of all possible pasttimes [with nothing else coming even remotely close to it].

        And yet these females with the monstrously large Insulae and the teeny tiny shrivelled up non-functioning Amygdalae are instantly rejuvenated with Valhallan levels of vigor & strength & stamina from the dopamine hits of Scrotial-Media-driven virtue snivelling.

        PRO-TIP for the younger chads here chez Z: These personality types are NOT “mother-of-your-children” material.

        And yes, despite what the cynics will tell you, some chicks really do have vastly better personalities than do other chicks, so get out there and grab one of the better ones for yourself.

        • PRO-TIP #2 for the younger chads here chez Z: A chick named “Allison Williams” just resigned from ESPN because of the jab mandate; she’s a wife & a mother & would like to have even more kids with her husband [and stated so in her resignation announcement].

          Go to any image search engine, such as “images DOT bing DOT com”, and search on a string like “Allison Williams ESPN”.

          I am loving that chick’s physiognomy – she looks like a total SWEETHEART.

          So if you’re a younger chad, then don’t let the cynics ruin your sense of optimism – there do indeed exist chicks out there who are substantially better than average, and they are definitely worth pursuing.

    • You and Zman always have a way of making me laugh and cry at the same time. Your description of Karen is hilarious and starkly real. The laughs are very much appreciated, its the sherbet that makes the pill more palatable.

    • Severian: I’ve repeatedly stated, here and elsewhere, that women need to be ‘bitch slapped’ – and hard. Perhaps that’s too crude, but ‘pimp hand’ sounds too black for my taste. Any other suggestions?

      • Zman often refers to bringing back the dunking pole or the brinks. In Anglo-Saxon society, a discordant household would be beset by a mob banging pots and pans and hooting and hollering. The man of the house would be given a cuckhold’s horned crown to remind him of his duty, and the harridan carried off and dunked publicly a few times to convey the community’s viewpoint. A scold or an irredeemable gossip might have the brinks applies to muzzle her for a while. (This is a timeless and repeating problem, you can tell).

  31. what’s going to be funny, is when they start this “passport” shit over HIV, diabetes, obesity, etc, etc, etc.

    • It will be absolutely hilarious when they start denying care to USonians because their BMI isn’t within a couple points of Fauci’s.

    • Won’t happen. You’re making one of the great conservative blunders: assuming consistency and rationality.

      • Vizzini: Yep. You beat me to it. Never will happen to the numinous non-Whites. They be running the show, yo.

  32. It goes both ways. I have a mother in law that’s very anti-vax, and is heavy into the Q thing and is sure Trump is coming back on a firey cloud pulled by 20 silver horses. She used to be churchy which was a healthier outlet.

    IMO, any discussion of vaccines that doesn’t include a mention of natural immunity is disingenuous to say the least.

    • > She used to be churchy which was a healthier outlet.

      There is a theory that Q was born because of the destruction of traditional religion, which fits the evidence very well.

      It’s doubtful a practicing Christian of any denomination would be able to recognize a modern Church service. From the hymns to the architecture to the solemnity, it’s all been destroyed. A bunch of uneducated farmers used to be able to create beautiful churches, and now modern architects can’t create anything but blocky eyesores.

      When Christians try to bring back the old sense of the sacred, our own leaders *cough* Pope Francis *cough* call us bad people.

      As Raspail mentioned in “Camp of the Saints” The spiritual malaise is what will destroy whites, and the demographic conquest of the west is simply of symptom of it.

      Z mentioned that even if he is not a practicing Catholic, he’d accept Catholic theocracy as better than what we have now. As a Catholic, I’d accept Odinism as the state religion over what we have now. Modern society is that poisonous to the soul

      • > As a Catholic, I’d accept Odinism as the state religion over what we have now. Modern society is that poisonous to the soul

        Or Talibanism for that matter. Materialism/nihilism is a spiritual starvation diet!

    • I have a mother in law that’s very anti-vax, and is heavy into the Q thing and is sure Trump is coming back on a firey cloud pulled by 20 silver horses.


      Your Mother-in-Law sounds like a frigging ANGEL!!!!!

      She has a functioning Amygdala, which means* your kids might just have a fighting chance at being born with souls.

      *Unless your wife inherited sh!t-for-genes from your Father-in-Law.

  33. I like your writing Z man, but I am always sort of straining at what I assume is your atheism. To a Christian such as myself, the need for a “new” religion is such a strange notion. The fact that the collapse of faith in Christian countries has unleashed all manner of false religions and wicked leaders is completely expected. The solution is also completely expected, but there is nothing new about it.

    You and I are still ultimately speaking different languages I think, while still agreeing in many ways. I should like to hear your views on the God of the Bible ( in whom I believe literally, and his son Jesus Christ) and your views on such things. Which I suspect are sort of through the lens of non believing, but practical appreciation in a philosophically materialist sense. If I’ve assumed too much I apologize, but I think the atheist question is an important one.

    • An interesting response, David. I too, wonder at the need for a new religion. For me personally, the shamdemic and the immensely overt nature of the evil on display pushed me hard back toward Christianity. It has the tools. It has the history. It had (and I hope will have) significant clout. I saw the evil. And I saw a new spiritual direction open up before me.

      Even a rejection of Christianity itself is still coupled with an appreciation that a lot of good stuff happened when it was at it’s height. Which I suppose is really what I get at when I refer to England as “A Christian country”, even though now that is not any longer true. The ascendancy of my country seems to chime nicely with the practice of Christianity.

      Even when the authors appeared only nominally Christian, I have lost count of the number of scientific treatises from 1700-1950 that have biblical references galore. One of my favourite books – on counting and chance – called Choice and Chance was by a gentleman who was also a vicar at a Hammersmith church.

    • As a Christian myself, I appreciate Zman’s no-nonsense approach to religion. I think Christianity has two paths open to it. Either successfully mount a counter-heretical movement to the twisted, politically saturated pseudo-Christianity propagated by our ruling powers, or serve as a guiding force to the emergence of a new articulation of the basic truths of human existence. The modern anti-human cult is destined to fall in my opinion, but it may take organized Christianity with it. It certainly seems to intend to wipe Christianity from the face of the earth. But if our adherents believe in one thing, it is in rebirth and renewal in the face of overwhelming odds. If the depravities of ancient Rome were overcome, so too can the insanities of this age.

      • This. The same mindset that thinks we’re one Pope away from righting the ship is also one that thinks we’re one election away from putting the country back together.

        • Yeah, but the reverse is not true. It only took one Pope to piss away everything of the prior Pope’s legacy. Truly amazing to me.

    • “the need for a ‘new’ religion is such a strange notion”

      Exactly! We have clear evidence of the horrific consequences over the recent few centuries of abandoning Christ, but now think the “solution” is to find a “new” New Religion.

      > abandon Christianity
      > suffer consequences
      > therefore we need to abandon Christianity harder!
      Queue the smoothbrain memes.

    • Zman a week or two ago entertained the need for a Christian theocracy.

      I believe we’re either gonna get an eventual resurgence of real Christianity or the apostasy is final and we’re at the end. If Christianity does make a comeback I expect it will be more like the legendary early Church where believers make converts on account of their own meekness and sufferings. Or perhaps Russia will sponsor a renaissance in the collapsed West.

      I agree, all talk of a “new” religion is absurd. A new religion comes about either because it’s true or because a budding cult has a savvy set of priests that can impress the gullible masses. We’re clearly seeing the latter happen. Cringelords like Mark Brahman can’t humble themselves to Christ and see themselves as prophets of a new age.

      My guess is that men such as Zman would traditionally have participated nominally in church even if they didn’t believe. However since I believe the Church is actually true I think even he would come to believe if he explored it. But maybe some men just don’t have that kind of nous, which is okay with me.

      • Astralturf: ” If Christianity does make a comeback I expect it will be more like the legendary early Church where believers make converts on account of their own meekness and sufferings.”

        Strongly disagree. If Christianity is to survive, it will be militant, muscular Christianity backed by unapologetic men confident in their people and culture.

        • I agree; deus vult, Charles Martel, El Cid, the Templars, Knights of St John, Hospitalers, etc. all stand as examples to us today. I think the AINO territories are in the beginnings of a second Awakening, and this one will be a lot more cleansing fires of the auto de fe and a lot less feet-washing.

        • 3g4me, you’ve got that right. Any lasting reawakening must come from those willing to die for their faith. That is why we lost it in the first place and why we run second fiddle to vile cults like Islam.

      • It may be worth mentioning a concept I’ve only seen in some of the books by Addison Wiggin and Bill Bonner (1980s-2000s): they stated the concept of a widely-held belief, not necessarily specific to a religion. I think they phrased it as “A man [nation, etc.] will come to believe in something, when he needs to believe in it.” I take this to mean that a belief system, no matter how logical or absurd, comes into popular use when it has real — or imagined — utility for those who profess the belief.

        Stripped of its supernatural trappings, a belief system is just a tool kit, wielded by one or a billion, with an end in mind, conscious or subconscious.

    • I never got the feeling that the Z Man was an atheist, but rather an agnostic. He certainly is no enemy to Christianity.

      As for your beliefs about Christ: Agree one hundred percent.

      • Zman has stated on several occasions that he’s a baptized Catholic, but in at least one of his podcasts he spoke of no longer fully practicing his faith, i.e. faithful adherence to the sacraments and weekly Mass. He is certainly not an atheist or even an agnostic, unless that term is understood broadly to mean uncertain about the need for orthopraxis or the consequences for lapsing.
        I take his primary argument to be that religious fervor is biologically determined but culturally expressed. It usefully explains the nonrational aspects of our current cultural crises. Perhaps he’s agnostic about the possibility of restoring the vigorous cultural expression of Christianity that drove Western Civilization for fifteen hundred years (i.e. Catholicism before the Reformation and the Enlightenment). Orthodox Catholics might disagree with this; but realists will acknowledge that putting the toxic genie of postmodernism back in the bottle is going to be so extraordinarily difficult as to be nigh impossible. But hope is a theological virtue which is the free gift of God. Some people have it abundantly; some meagerly; and some not at all.

    • I think the question of Christianity is probably being given not enough thought. There is a good question about why, having rejected the old religion, some think we can’t return to it.

      The history of the conversion of England to Christianity is filled with little kingdoms that convert, followed by a return to some level of pagan practice, followed by a final resurgence of Christian practice. Why? Well, presumably because the pagan world view had been exhausted, which is more or less the observation of one of Edwin’s thanes who made the famous observation about the sparrow who flies in to the hall during a storm: This life is but a short space, but of what came before or what is to come after, we are utterly ignorant.

      Is it really true that we have reached a stage in development where the spiritual interests and questions of a 5th century warlord are more refined than ours?

    • DavidTheGnome: the need for a “new” religion is such a strange notion

      OrangeFrog: I too, wonder at the need for a new religion.

      Mr. Generic: We have clear evidence of the horrific consequences over the recent few centuries of abandoning Christ, but now think the “solution” is to find a “new” New Religion.


      Z isn’t talking about classical “religion”; Z is talking about PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE CAMPAIGNS!!!!!

      The Frankfurt School has spent CENTURIES creating “religions” for the True Believers to worship.

      Anti-monarchisms, like “Jacobism” in late 18th Century France, and “Bolshevism” in early 20th Century Russia.

      Ricardo’s “Capitalism” and Marx’s “Communism” in England.

      Myriad new religions in the US: “Abolitionism”, “Suffragism”, “Socialism”, “Feminism”, “Sexual Revolutionism”, “Psychedelic Pharmaceuticalism”, “Kneegr0w-ism”, “Homosexualism”, “Trannyism”, “Molestationism”, etc etc etc.

      They’re all just Psychological Warfare Campaigns designed to enthrall, control and reprogram the True Believers to be the destroyers of their own societies.

      To the True Believers, these Psychological Warfare Campaigns are precisely their RELIGIONS.

      The True Believers can’t step out of themselves and see the world for what it is – the True Believers don’t engage in Introspection or Extrospection – their Amygdalae don’t kick in and warn them of the insanity the way our Amygdalae would.

      So in an essay like this, Z would be asking: How the hell do we turn a bunch of Norman Rockwell paintings & a folk song here or there & a lingering genetic memory of old folks at home, and turn that into an idea & some slogans & an ethos which the True Believers would fight and die for?!?!?

      Or are the True Believers simply unsalvageable?

      At some point you have to start asking yourself whether we ought to simply jettison the True Believers.

      Although there used to be a fellow at the old Chateau Heartiste [I can’t remember the guy’s handle] who was always warning that we couldn’t afford to jettison the entire Left half of Our Race – that we had to figure out a way to save a significant portion of them from the ubiquitous cultural poisoning.

      And that’s what Z would be proposing here – a new religion, i.e. a new PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE CAMPAIGN – which could pry the True Believers of Our Race from the grips of the Frankfurt School, and get those True Believers to start leading truly moral & productive & purposeful & meaningful lives again.

  34. Z hits on a key point about our new religions: You harm believers by not believing.

    Christianity was pretty insistent (to put it mildly) that non-Christians convert, but you chose to stay a pagan, it didn’t actually condemn Christians to going to hell, though God wouldn’t be happy with your failure to get the heathen to convert. But with the new religions, you’re unwillingness to convert actually harms the converted.

    This is a very big point. It means that they simply can’t leave you alone.

    Covid is one of the weirder cases of this. The unvaccinated cause no issue for the vaccinated. I suppose you could argue that the unvaccinated could fill up the hospitals, but that’s a weak response. But the vaccinated still somehow believe that the unvaccinated are endangering society. Why? Because in the NTB religions, non-believers harm believers.

    Climate change is more clear on this. If you drive a SUV, you’re killing Mother Earth and thus harming those who “do their part.”

    The NTB religions are extremely intolerant of non-believers. They won’t quit until you join or are destroyed.

    • “I suppose you could argue that the unvaccinated could fill up the hospitals, but that’s a weak response.”

      Yes, it’s week. I have heard all sorts of ‘scientific’ responses as to why the unvaccinated are horrific. The propaganda against them will of course ramp up.

      My simple response is “Why would you force me to do a shot of some stuff that I don’t need. For a flu that kills hardly anyone. Because you’re an agent of evil”.

      The conversion piece that Z linked to is right in a way, it shows what the left do so well. Always on the lookout to manipulate – doesn’t matter if the ‘honest discussion’ is false or true – they always seek the conversion.

      We need to become firebrands ourselves for those who’ll hear it.

      • OF-


        Choosing what enters one’s body is the most basic human right there is.

        Anyone seeking to deprive others of that right is evil by default.

        • People use the rationalization that vaccines are widely required for public school enrollment, for military service, etc., to which I respond “It was a mistake to allow those precedents.” Just because we’re reaching the logical end of where those bad precedents led us is no reason to keep walking off the cliff as if we’re powerless to change direction just because “the map led us here.”

          • Vizzini – Au contraire – ‘the arc of history,’ you know. We’re dealing with people who fully believe they’re following a path of light laid out for all to follow. Dissenters shall be sent to Goochland Women’s Correctional Center, along with Robert E Lee’s vanquished statue.

    • Islamic doctrine has some pretty interesting takes on the non-believers, or infidels, as they refer to them.

      • “Smite their necks”, if I recall.

        A radical Muslim will saw your head off. A moderate Muslim will hand him the knife.

      • Wild Geese – Hating today’s wokists and weak churchians does not lead me to pine for Islamic legalism (even if I cheer how the Taliban are dealing with western-inculcated women). It’s a false and utterly alien doctrine that has no place among Western Civilization.

        • 3g4me-

          I totally agree.

          Perhaps I was a bit too subtle in my attempt to point out this similarity in Islam and today’s Wokism.

    • Communal salvation was a Protestant novelty. It was strong within Puritanism. It is strong within American Progressivism. The idea that we all suffer from the sins of a few is probably a primeval impulse. Useful in maintaining solidarity, but lethal in a diverse society.

      • Yes! And the American roots of this concept are so strong, going all the way back to Pilgrim’s Progress and (later) Jonathan Edwards. You can draw a straight line from the Pilgrims through the Abolitionists to the Temperance movement to the Progs of today.

        The compulsion to control your neighbor for his own good is as American as apple pie. This is why the conservatives used to joke that under Progs, “that which isn’t forbidden will be mandatory”. There are dozens of Covidian John Browns out there waiting to punish deniers – just wait.

      • True. It always comes back to the Puritans, doesn’t it. Say what you will about them, they’ve made their mark on the world – and continue to do so.

        But, yes, they’re coming up against a brick wall with diversity. Afghanistan shows what happens to American Progressivism when it meets non-whites. Same is true in the United States with non-whites.

        Puritanism is a white thing.

      • Well Pope Gregory The Great did the same in 590 plague, mind you they didn’t have microscopes.

        Meanwhile…new Quonverso Catholic Milo sees an opportunity to restore Theocracy if we just retask the Covidians and all these crazy women. Milo wants a Catholic Handmaids Tale, castrate and burn Pedo Priests, burn heretics, etc.
        It takes a fag to put the militant in Church Militant.

        In all fairness I’d go back to Church if this happened.

      • Yet encouraging group unity and punishing dissent has a place. I’m by nature a questioner, a skeptic. Probably most of us are or we wouldn’t be here. But anyone who’s ever been through military boot camp, or some equivalent training, has drilled into him the need to follow orders, to support the mission. In my case, screwups were punished with nothing worse than extra pushups or some other token punishment. But in the real world, in war time, one man’s failing can jeopardize the entire misison. “For want of a nail, …” etc.

    • This is the single most glaringly nonsensical notion in the sea of idiocy surrounding Covid dogma. If the “vax” works than there’s no danger to those who got it from those who haven’t. If it doesn’t provide protection what’s the effin point? If the “non-vaxed” subsequently die from their recalcitrance well c’est la vie. That was their choice. As a bonus the “vaxed” can feel smug in doing their duty. How the jab pushers can’t see the contradiction in all this let alone the developing tyranny surrounding it is a wonder to behold.
      But then as the saying goes, one can’t be reasoned out of something they weren’t reasoned into in the first place.

      • “If it doesn’t provide protection what’s the effin point?”

        One of us!
        One of us!

        (See also The Matrix’s Agent Smith cloning himself again and again)

    • The unvex’d are a convenient scapegoat for a failing Covid belief system—that is to say, the science and therefore the efforts to date in. fighting Covid has been shown to be faulty. TPTB are like children pointing the finger at other children to avoid punishment.

    • “The NTB religions are extremely intolerant of non-believers.” They are also unforgiving. Forgiveness is at the center of the Lord’s Prayer. But no matter how much some public figure grovels over a crude remark he made decades ago, the NTBers never forgive. He is banished forever.

    • Yeah, that article truly showed how feminine our world has become. Talk, talk, talk, talk. Respect feelings. Blah, blah, blah.

      • If you think Popular Science is bad, have a look at Consumer Reports these days.

        It’s less surprising when you realize their entire executive and editorial teams are all Karens of the worst kind.

        • Women are strong, powerful, independent and roar like lions when they want to, you bigot.

          Who do you think: Constructs and cleans our sewerage system, correctly cambers the road, chops down trees, keeps the power stations running, has intimate knowledge about the grid, founded all our great institutions of learning, pioneered engineering mathematics, beat down our enemies at home and way, drive trucks, flies cargo planes?

          Oh wait, it was teh blokes.

          • Reply to Mike Austin:

            There was a video that did the rounds many years back, quite famous if I recall, of a boxing match between an allegedly boisterous female and some bloke. Both in the armed forces. The video, I think, was taken in Iraq.

            It is a great demonstration of the natural physical advantage men have over women. This roaring lion was decked within the first exchange of punches. And was then whacked about many times more…

            A firm hand indeed.

            For a demonstration of the great mental advantages men have over women; see almost every explorer, inventor and scientist since forever.

            Yes, yes, I know… Marie Curie! Emmy Noether! Ada Lovelace! That’s three. Just three. Sorry girls, you have one job; and it is the most important one.

    • Heh. This morning’s company meeting over Teams – whilst a good chance for me to watch videos of Marvelous Marvin Hagler fights – was full of feminine garbage.

      After the usual Covid platitudes (“It’s been a tough year”, “What a year!”, “In these unprecedented times…”) and then the comical over prediction of future revenues, we were informed that a ‘Staff Health Survey’ had been undertaken.

      Now, I had seen the survey email, but chose not to do it because, well, actual work. But my goodness, what a silly thing! Mental health, stress at work, is work “fun”? and all the other tosh. A load of old cobblers. Forty-five minutes of my live wasted listening to this. Comically enough, it appears that five respondents out of the twenty-five who answered are being ‘bullied’ and/or ‘harassed’ at work. Who knew?!

      It’s all so tiresome. But it is a whole order of magnitude faker and gayer than that.

  35. Nice post Z! Makes me long for those good old days of religious intolerance. No matter what, the worst a dissenter could face in those halcyon days was Hell in the afterlife; now, we have it as a constant.

  36. What has been most amazing to me, are the people who really should know better, are usually the worst fanatics. I work in the medical laboratory field, where most people have more training and education, and practical experience in immunology and virology than your average MD. Yet, they are often the most hardcore enforcers of masking. One of them is a true Fauci fanatic.

    On industry online discussion boards it’s not uncommon to find experienced professionals saying that people who won’t get the jab shouldn’t be allowed to work in the profession. Years of education and experience go away when their side of the political spectrum tells them what to do.

    • One of he great crimes was in convincing people that intelligence and belief are on the same spectrum. You can be a brilliant educated person and believe completely insane things. A century ago, many of the smartest people assumed communism was the future.

      • “Ignorant men raise questions that wise men answered a thousand years ago.” — Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

        • So true. When I was a teacher I would listen to my colleagues berate and laugh at Christianity. They had no idea that their questions—if that’s what they were—were answered by the Church Fathers 1800 years before, or by the Greeks 500 years before the birth of Christ. Ignorant fools the lot of them.

    • > Yet, they are often the most hardcore enforcers of masking. One of them is a true Fauci fanatic

      These professionals may be true believers because of institutional arrogance or general midwittery. Another possibility is they cynically know that these policies give them more power and so support them. Either way, there is a vested interest in them believing and regurgitating lies.

      Talking to a nurse who is forced to get a vax to keep her job, it’s the MD’s that are the most fanatical. She has a history of life-threatening reactions to vax’s, but she still is having trouble finding a doctor to give a medical waiver. There’s a religious fanaticism involved along with a lot of fear that going outside the party line even with medical exemptions will risk their license.

      • One of these MD fanatics is my neighbor. How DARE I not come forward and rededicate my life to Branch Covidianism!!!

        • A lot of these guys jack themselves off on how much smarter they are than the plebs. Anything you say will just reinforce their viewpoints, regardless of how right you are because official sounding people and late night comedians say you’re wrong. The only effective strategy seems to be refusing to engage them and deny them the dopamine rush.

          • Like cops, they thrill in the face-to-face power they wield. Also, again like cops, they deal almost exclusively with credulous people who defer to their authority. It’s no wonder they’re astounded when their wisdom and directives are questioned, and that they demand punitive retribution against non-conformists.

      • Well, it’s a free country.

        You don’t have to take the jab.

        You are free not to ever go into a public library, government school, medical office or private business ever again. Oh, or go to work or hold down a job.

        Luckily, you ARE free to go into a hospital, be put into an isolation unit and die, but our betters are working on that…

    • Outdoorspro: This is incredibly depressing, although not surprising. Anyone who received a college degree in the last 20 years was specifically selected for conformity and adherence to the official narrative. It’s what has enabled them to succeed (of a sort) in clownworld. Why I don’t trust doctors or scientists or anyone who fancies herself a ‘professional.’ Why I buck all faux authority.

      • Right out of college I had a very high opinion of scientists… (doctors never so much) but working in a biological testing and research lab 1970 – 1982 cured me utterly and forever of that misapprehension.

  37. I like to read dear Abby type columns. They’re a bunch of them they’re just mindless entertainment for me but what is a unifying principle of all of them lately is that at least once a week there’s a letter from a covidian upset about her anti-vaccine, non-believer whomever and the advice columnist du jour always tells her that she is sane and they’re insane. The advice is always to cut them out of your life until they do ias they’re told. It’s really something. Such coordinated propaganda on all levels is really impressive

    • Whitney: It is impressive, and it’s lack of this coordination that makes our side so weak. It’s why I tell people to cut the covidians out of their lives, whether they be pseudo-friends or relatives. People have to accept that the old adage of ‘live and let live’ is utterly unworkable in today’s multikulti madness. There needs to be a clear and brutal divide amongst people. It will happen regardless, whether it’s racially or covidian-based, but I would prefer to see the reality-minded choosing to separate themselves before all the luke-warm ‘reasonable’ types are forced to pick a side (which they will stab in the back at the first opportunity).

    • Even the advice columns? Wow, that is scary. I scarcely interact with the MSM. Precisely because so much of it is, as you say, propaganda clearly advocating narrow aims, or better said, a narrative often shifting but clearly dishonest, usually provably false with some fact-checking, and to me at least, with evil intents.

  38. The thing that has long amused me in the campain against covid is the line that “as vaccination rates dropped, cases spiked.” This, of course, is insane. If the rates drop, the total number still increases. And, if the vaccines work, then the cases would still decline, albeit at a slow rate (if we completely ignore natural immunity). The shamanistic, ritualized adoption of the vaxx cycle is clearly a mass initiation for other rituals that our overlords have planned.

    Though I do agree with Z that most of our local leaders are morons, I have to disagree when I believe it gets to the true elites. Z references emergent behavior a la ants to describe the copacetic “response” to covid, which allows for little actual planning, I beg to differ. I feel it is more like an Amazon warehouse, where most of the workers are just cogs who are unable to process the whole system because of its complexity. However, from my vantage, both the warehouse and this “pandemic” bear the image of design. Just cuz you dont see the designer does not mean it was not designed and planned.

    • “The shamanistic, ritualized adoption of the vaxx cycle is clearly a mass initiation for other rituals that our overlords have planned.”

      it’s woke baptism, vaxx brings salvation for braindead citizens

      & just like christianity did not end it with baptism(you still had to eat holy bread, drink holy wine & holy water & confess your sins & attend all sorts of rituals) so will globalism require you to do other stuff like eat bugs, get chipped, receive boosters & admit being responsible for jerome being a fuckup good for nothing dindu & for glaciers melting.

    • Most people are completely ignorant of anything but the screeching media panic porn. A friend was worried about our unvaxxed daughter maybe dying of COVID. I showed her this graphic, telling her “You have a hard time even finding the age 30-39 mortality line on this graph, your daughter is going to be fine”:

      When she saw the current death rates, she said “Wait? If that’s all the current death rate is, why are people making such a big deal about it?”

      I’ve received the same response from random people online when I show them the actual data on the dreaded Delta surge in context with the pandemic overall.

      People just don’t know. They accept what they’re told.

      • BigMed being BigMed means that everyone knows at least one person in the “medical trenches” (I don’t know that many people and I know several) and they’re more than ready to feed horror stories to their acquaintances. As someone in this thread referenced they’re unable to overcome their career myopia: if all they ever see day in and day out are the worst of the worst WuFlu patients then that will consume their world view, even though that’s all they would see since that is their friggin’ job.

        Someone related, I have a med buddy who is absolutely paranoid about ever consuming saturated fats since all they see all day every day is overweight boomers with clogged arteries. A reasoned discussion with this person over the nature of clogged arteries is just completely impossible.

    • It’s human nature to think there is deliberate controlling evil behind the scenes. Of course this is possible, but it’s also possible, perhaps even probable, that what seems like a vast conspiracy is “emergent behavior.” This isn’t to say that cabals, conspiracies and evil plots never exist. Of course they do. That’s an aspect of being human. But to think there is always some central evil running everything, whether you call him Satan, or the Council on Foreign Relations, the Illuminati or the WEF, probably overestimates the skills and resources. An analogy from the animal kingdom: a flock of birds or a school of fish. Nobody is leading them. Yet they move as a group.

  39. I’m glad you hiton the religious fanaticism of CRT, Climate Change, Wokeism, whatever. There is no arguing with True Believers. The only effective response is to find a way to make thrives of their manipulators horrible.

    Biden will be declaring a de facto Covid martial law today
    The tome is now to find how to inflict the misery.

    • If they push the jab mandate out to Federal contractors, that ought to cripple the MIC’s ability to replace the gear lost in Afghanistan and their ability to develop new vehicles, aircraft, and comms gear.

      Almost as if someone was trying to cripple the US military establishment by design….

        • Definitely, since we’re going to be fighting it in a few years. I’ll be glad if the Prancing Pink Trans-Berets are low on tampons.

          • Well, thinking about it a bit more, it’s reasonable to assume the equipment lost in Afghanistan was frontline, state-of-the-art gear.

            The reserves, if any, held in warehouses are now the frontline gear.

            Based on all the supply chain and staffing problems, those reserves won’t be replenished any time soon.

            Cui bono?

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