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I did not start out this week with a theme for the show, but one sort of developed as I set about putting it together. My habit is to mail it in the first week after a break from recording, so I can ease back into the routine. A one hour show is two hours of recording and two hours of editing. Research adds to the time. A show based on news items requires less research, so it is an easier show to put together.

The news of late has been dominated by a few big items, all of which are driven by the ruling class commitment to their narratives. As a result, the show this week is about how the Cloud People are living in a simulation. Their reality is not only not our reality, but rather an approximation of it. If you imagine the Cloud People playing a live action role plating game of real life, their rantings make more sense.

They just had Mumbly Joe slur through a speech on Covid that sounded like it was given by an alien in another universe. This great emergency he thinks is happening outside the bubble is not happening at all. For most of the country, life is back to normal, except for the annoying interference of these idiots. Team Dementia, however, is sure the peasants are living through a version of the Black Death.

The thing is, they probably sense that it does not exist, but they need it to be real so they pretend it is real. It feels better to imagine themselves defending their democracy from Covid that to see themselves as wreckers cause the food prices to shoot through the roof due to their meddling. Reality avoidance is a major concern for the Cloud people, so they are fully committed to their own narratives.

For the intensely on-line, this simulated reality crowds out their daily reality. In the case of Covid, the Covidian believe all of the Covid porn that the system beams at him on-line and through the mass media. The reality he sees is not the normal activity around him, but the imaginary hospitals overrun with sick people. He is like someone addicted to video games, struggling to discern fantasy from reality.

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  • 2:00 The Game of LARP
  • 27:00 Afghan Narrative
  • 42:00 Imagination Land

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240 thoughts on “Narrative Musings

  1. More 9/11 news — the Biden Regency declassified a lot of 9/11 material. Among the more interesting bits is the FBI’s conclusion that the 9/11 hijackers received substantial support (money, hotel/motel reservations, pilot training) from a very high ranking intelligence officer in the Saudi San Diego Consulate, and this intelligence officer was in DAILY contact with Atta. Daily.
    Everyone suspected Saudi involvement but this is the smoking gun. But why release it? I think the Biden Regency is once again stupid and not thinking beyond a simple step. This makes both Bush and Obama look bad, and Biden’s Regency figures his main challenge will be from the Bush Wing of Republicans and the Obama Wing of the Crazy Left. OK. But like the desire for a speech on 9/11 celebrating the pull out of Afghanistan “Mission Accomplished” they never thought through the consequences.
    Trump can and will claim he never knew this, and pressure publicly for the extradition of pretty much everyone involved including Saudi Royals and the current King; demand payment by the Saudis of trillions. And now Biden’s stuck defending the Saudis. The Regency killed fracking to placate the Crazy Left and it will never come back — who would risk their investment if Bernie and Lizzie Warren can kill it on a whim? So Biden MUST defend the Saudis for oil not to hit $15 a gallon. There will be protests and demonstrations outside that Saudi consulate, Biden is now taking the “popular” move of protecting the masterminds behind 9/11 while punishing the un-vaxxed. “Stray Voltage” or the “Dense Pack” theory of poop-stirring to distract from the failure at hand ala Obama’s methods only work during calm times. The 20th Anniversary, coupled with a humiliating defeat and retreat, and now the masterminds behind it unpunished … during roaring stagflation? Its an idiot move by idiots. [If the Regency wanted to use the release as justification for invading Saudi, killing most of the people behind 9/11, pumping the place dry and having $1.50 gas, then it would be a master stroke but the Crazy Left would never allow this for religious reasons. Most of the Weekend FT coverage has been: White America deserved 9/11 because its White. By White writers. The self-loathing is strong in them.]
    *Sidenote nearly every football game yesterday had tens of thousands of fans chanting “F– Joe Biden.” And Biden was booed at Ground Zero.

    • It’s nothing short of amazing when a woman shows signs of independent thought. I’ve got to wonder what is wrong with her.

      Nonetheless, I emailed her my marriage proposal. Of course, even though she is an ethics professor, my deeper insights into philosophy will dominate hers quickly.

  2. FWIW here is your 9/11 roundup. Biden did not address the nation, but released on Friday a video clip where he said the worst thing on 9/11 was White people being mean to Muslims and that Islam is a religion of peace.

    GWB made a 9/11 speech where he said the worst threat to America was “domestic extremists” aka Trump voters.

    Chris Christie said on 9/11 at the Reagan Library that Biden won fair and square, and that Trump voters and Trump had to be “purged” and the way forward was tax breaks for corporations and open borders. And also that White people were the major threat to America.

    Trump made a surprise number of visits to New York firefighters, and cops, and posed among huge crowds shaking hands with cops and firefighters glad to see him.

    I think the Regency will arrest and imprison Trump very soon. They must — he is an existential threat to their rule. They will also plan to imprison most/all Trump voters in camps. All 70 million plus of us. Its coming. Plan accordingly. They have the taste of blood in their mouths. They hunger for it. They feel invincible and immortal.

    I think the words of a holocaust survivor is most relevant: “When people talk about killing you, believe them.”

      • WhisKeY: I think the words of a holocaust survivor is most relevant: “When people talk about killing you, believe them.”

        The following is a serious question for all y’all hebes & hebe-o-philes here chez Z.

        WTF is going on with first Benjamin Netanyahu and now Naftali Bennett and the V@xxines of Death?

        Bennett just got quoted today as saying, “Our tolerance for the unvaccinated has run out.”

        I see only two possibilities:

        1) Netanyahu & Bennett want the sephardim & the mizrahim & the ethiopians & the aramaeans completely exterminated, so as to make way for a racially pure Neo-Khazaria, or else

        2) Netanyahu & Bennett have been informed of an upcoming release of Wuhan version 2.0 which is gonna cleanse the entire planet of any humans which hasn’t yet been v@xxinated.

        None of this makes any sense.

        Even the hebes at Free Republic are asking, “WTF is going on here?!?!?”

        • Israel is Jewish Kentucky. They named a city after Trump.

          What do the rootless cosmopolitans want to do to Kentucky? To Trump voters?


          • What do the rootless cosmopolitans want to do to Kentucky?

            Well that’s one of the possibilities I’m throwing out here – that the Cloud People [khazarian] want to exterminate the Dirt People [sephardic, mizrahic, ethiopian, aramaean].

            It’s a possibility which makes sense, but it would mean that the khazarians [ashkenazim] are either receiving harmless saline injections, or else they’re faking the paperwork from scratch, to make it appear as though they were v@xxinated, when in fact they were not.

            It seems to me that it would be a pretty dadgum massive hoax to pull off in a country as tiny as Israel, for the khazarians to have created an entirely fake & fictitious secondary v@xxination industrial complex whose sole purpose was to make certain that the khazarians didn’t actually receive any of the poison themselves.

            How could the khazarians pull off a con job like that without anyone noticing?

            Technically speaking, it could be done, but my God, think of the Chutzpah [not to mention the shekels and the cooperation of the intelligence agencies] which would be needed to pull it off successfully.

    • There’s something almost picture perfect about W on the 20th anniversary of 9/11 taking a piss all over the people who elected him twice.

    • TPTB would like to get rid of Trump, but simply arresting him is counter productive. They must peel his followers away from him first, or he will remain a rallying point. Making him a dead or living martyr is suboptimal. Best way to do this is through the tax courts. Make him be seen as just another billionaire elitist gaming the system and preying on the people.

      As to imprisoning 70M adult Trump supporters—get real. That percentage of the working, productive population removed would bankrupt the country.

      • That percentage of the working, productive population removed would bankrupt the country.

        In San Diego, 90% of the police officers oppose the v@xxine mandates, 65% would consider resigning, and 45% say they’d rather be fired [source: San Diego Union-Tribune; see also Breitbart].

        The mexican cartels would love to see a San Diego PD which just lost half its LEOs.

  3. Listening to the podcast yesterday got me wondering if my extreme suspicion of the wonder shot isn’t some kind of revenge fantasy.

    Tbh, I don’t know the vaxx status of most of the people around me. Not being open about medical issues is part of the culture around here. Of those I know who got it, I’d say half haven’t shown negative side effects, the other half had effects ranging from being sick for a couple of days, to a couple of hospital visits, to looking unhealthy or aging suddenly since. One guy died of a heart attack, but I can’t say the vaxx caused it. Can’t say for sure about any of it, because I’m not their doctor/coroner, but neither am I blind. So Cull the Herd hasn’t surfaced as yet in my day-to-day life.

    Yet, the VAERS numbers paint an ugly picture. Again not megadeath, but the sort that would have had any other drug immediately pulled and the company responsible for it sued into oblivion.

    At the least this is the War on Health I imagined since the beginning of Covid. We were told the vaccine would provide immunity, then that it doesn’t actually provide immunity but lessens symptoms, then that it lessens symptoms but the devil Covid mutates so quickly we’ll just have to get shot up every few months. Now Biden is mandating the vaxx. I think Obamacare was the first attempt at a power grab by the health industry, and it didn’t work out, so Covid is the second shot at it. We will be forced to purchase their products and services.

    This is pure evil to force people to put foreign substances with novel technologies into their bodies, and that’s why I suspect Cull the Herd, because if you’re evil enough to do that, it’s not a big leap to use people up and kill them off when you’re done farming them out. It doesn’t help that noted birth rate reducer Gates was out there championing the wonder shot.

    And maybe the reason my mind goes to dark possibilities is because this is all so outside of my moral universe. Or maybe it’s just a combination of stupidity and insanity I’m witnessing that I’m struggling to reason through— or being insanity it’s impossible to reason through. Regardless, the depth of this madness is such that the line between it and evil becomes blurry, or at least that’s how I see it.

    As someone who lived through and spoke out against the rush to war after 9/11, I’m confident it won’t be long before the tide of public opinion turns decisively against the Covidians. It took, what, a few years then, but this time we have the advantage of Trump having played coronavirus truther-in-chief initially, so the resistance was publicly represented from the start. I doubt this will be a 20 year slog— especially if great numbers of people have their health ruined, fertility destroyed, lives cut short.

    The evidence that that’s happening is mounting, yet in this environment of fake news, I can’t trust it. So I have to trust my gut, and my gut says this is one of the great crimes against humanity unfolding, even if I’m not seeing overflowing morgues and bodies in the street. Or I’m pissed at the Covidians and want to see them destroyed by their madness (evil?) and arrogance, idk. Time will tell.

    Anyway, apologies for the essay. Tl;dr and all of that. Had to get it off my chest.

    • History has changed recently, but old guys remember a ’70s flu vaccine that had something like a thousandth as many adverse reactions as this year’s batch. That was almost fifty years (and maybe that many average IQ points) ago, so it was such a world-historical botch that it birthed a decades-long educated-class hippie/yuppie anti-vaccination tradition—the one that suddenly mysteriously vanished last inauguration day. All that remains of it is that little shadow of “hesitancy” among poll respondents with PhDs.

      Except for those people, and people who hang up on pollsters, we’re morons. But morons like Gates and Fauci and Garland and Zuckerberg and Schwab and [you know the list] are *psychotically evil* morons who mean it when they say they want us destroyed. And they can buy that service. They can’t get a clean, ninja-style assassination; that possibility died with Oppenheimer and Von Braun’s generation. But overconfident doctors and sadistic nurses have always been the best killers, and we have so many of them now.

    • The “COVAIDS” is just a new attack upon this reality we call “humanity”, “new world order”, “life”, “personal liberty’, HIPPA…

      “COVAIDS” is a manipulated health scare designed by globohomo to habituate humanity to draconian measures in the validity of “public health” , more or less, “to keep you safe”

      Resistance is futile….

  4. It always comes down to this no matter what “narrative”… “When people who are honestly mistaken learn the truth, they will either cease being mistaken, or cease being honest!” (Anonymous)

    Throughout your entire life you continually DECIDE to either stop being mistaken –or stop being honest– when learning the truth. Which one of the two true answers applies to YOU in terms of the Covid-19 truth? Find out in “The 2 Married Pink Elephants In The Historical Room –The Holocaustal Covid-19 Coronavirus Madness: A Sociological Perspective & Historical Assessment Of The Covid “Phenomenon”” at

  5. Tater Joe’s handlers will keep twisting the knife until they get the reaction they’re striving for; which is, Civil War 2.0. And a lot of people are starting to get really anxious about the possibility of a near-term collapse, so real talk of insurrection is starting to be whispered behind closed doors. All the ranting taking place on boards like this is lagging indicator of same.

    But the downside of venting is that it diffuses anger, which is a necessary stimulant for getting the fat ass off the couch. Rather than simply rant, now would be a good time to begin thinking outside the box. The incipient tyrants in the clouds are people too. They drive autos, fly in private aircraft, eat in restaurants, have someone clean their pools, etc. And dirt people service those autos, planes, pools, and both cook & serve their food. Your evolutionary heritage is intelligence & innovation, and you’re only helpless if you remain on the couch.

    • But the downside of venting is that it diffuses anger, which is a necessary stimulant for getting the fat ass off the couch.

      Forced vaxxinations are the Left’s Rubicon, especially regarding children.

      They’re already dipping their toe in the water – just a couple of days ago, the LAUSD voted to require vaxxinations of children 12 & older.

      Now that doesn’t necessarily mean the LAUSD will be going house to house with armed men handcuffing the parents whilst Karens jab the little tykes, but it does mean that tens of thousands of children will likely be sterilized, and hundreds of them will die of heart attacks [because the parents lacked the wherewithal to homeschool the poor kids and keep them the hell away from the LAUSD].

      But when the Left does summon the gonads for forced vaxxinations [with armed men handcuffing the parents whilst Karens jab the little tykes], then the Left is gonna suddenly realize why Heritage Amerikkka had been stockpiling trillions upon trillions of rounds of @mmunition all these years.

      And I gotta tell ya, the long range optics that Heritage Amerikkka plays with on the weekends are some seriously scary technologies.

      There are on the order of hundreds of thousands [and possibly a million or more] Heritage Amerikkkanz with optics which allow them to end another human being’s life from upwards of a mile away.

      • Here is some further information concerning the dramatic negative effects of the mRNA “vaccines” on particularly young men, effects on cardiac health. At this link, you can find a further link to an article at The Daily Telegraph. LAUSD is nehaving with entire disregard for the lives of these young people.

        Filter will not permit me to supply the address, so search summit/dot/news for this story:

        Teenage Boys Six Times More Likely to Suffer Heart Problems From Vaccine Than be Hospitalized by COVID

        And even if they don’t die, the affected individuals may be permanently disabled.

  6. are lefties really opposed to the death penalty? I feel like it’s largely circumstantial. I feel the opposition was mostly because the DP is used in red states and a lot of the people executed are POCs. I think the left opposes the death penalty in the sense of an orderly trial with plenty of appeal opportunities and then executing them. But I think they support the death penalty in a kind of “instant” way (see Aaron Danielson).


    if Anglin is right then this means we are in for a bigger fight than normal:

    “If I hear another boomer say “oh well, they just got themselves in a pickle, now they don’t know how to end the pandemic scare and go back to normal,” I will literally snap.

    I hear these boomers saying that really, the Jews just want us to keep working, because they get their power from people working and consuming. It just makes me sick how dumb people are – because I am sitting here and explaining it, and predicting everything that happens, step by step.

    How am I doing that if I don’t have insight into it?

    Am I just very lucky?

    Does that make sense, that I’m so lucky, I just am able to guess?

    This thing of “they want you to produce and consume” is so dumb.

    There is no inherent value in someone working at a job that serves no purpose for the ruling elite. They don’t need tax money. The entire economy is a sham, set up to mask the fact that we are ruled by an entrenched elite class.

    They don’t care if you’re “working and consuming.”

    At this point, they want you living in tiny apartments, not working, not consuming, using a UBI credit system to pay for basic needs, getting many, many vaccines, and then dying.”

    • “At this point, they want you living in tiny apartments, not working, not consuming, using a UBI credit system to pay for basic needs, getting many, many vaccines, and then dying.”

      That makes no sense either, at least in the long run. Who needs useless “eaters” around? Short term for a voting block of ignorant lackies , sure. But no society can have the majority of its citizens living upon the efforts of a productive minority.

  8. I work in media. I have to deal with COVID fanatics on a daily basis. It really is remarkable how much it has morphed into a religious movement, way over and above the various quasi-religious enthusiasms that motivate many lefties.

    When you interact with these people constantly day in, day out, the religious dimension is really inescapable. Z Man has joked about COVID evangelists going about preaching to the masses to “accept COVID into your life,” like Jesus, but that’s not far off the mark. Again, I deal with these people constantly. It really does fill some hole in their lives unlike anything I’ve ever witnessed, aside from a religious conversion. Climate change, anti-racism, feminism — all these gods have captivated lefties, and many still make offerings to them, but I’ve never seen anything take over people’s minds like COVID hysteria. COVID panic seems to seize them in a way that nothing else does, I guess because of the relative immediacy of it. Even if you believe in them, things like racism and climate change are fairly abstract, but a virus is something real to focus the mind.

    Part of it, I think, is because we have become so accustomed to safety that many people’s risk-avoidance mechanisms have atrophied to the point where they’re just on/off switches. Threats must either be existential or beneath notice — people can’t process the idea of something in between. “Take sensible precautions but remain calm and don’t get too worked up about it” is no longer a functioning setting on a lot of people’s mental machinery. It has to be set to 11 or zero. You see this in the way COVID cultists will twist even good news about the virus into something dark and apocalyptic. It’s like they can’t fit something like that into their mental model, so they have to twist everything to fit the COVIDgeddon template.

    But it’s not just that. Again, I can’t get over the religious revival aspect you see with these people. It’s like they’ve been waiting their entire lives for an I-FUCKING-LOVE-SCIENCE!1!11!!!-based religion to appear, and now, along comes COVID, complete with priests, divine laws, doctrines, miracles, sacraments, and even special clothing to set the elect apart from the heathens. Now they feel this enormous compulsion to constantly proselytize about their new faith.

    And I wonder if it will stop there. Being in the media, we get a lot of calls and letters from various crazy people, but today we got a new one: Some guy called saying he had gotten the vaccine and it had given him magical powers. He wanted to know if we’d like to do a story on him as a public service, because it would help encourage more people to get the vaccine.

    I mean, yeah, obviously he’s a crazy person off his meds, but remember, that’s something that religion does — it provides a socially-sanctioned way for crazy people to organize their delusions. I dread the possibility that this guy might not be the last one to go down that path.

    • I hope that you comment here more. Many of us observe the overwhelming power that the media has and would appreciate some behind-enemy-lines reporting.

      • What he ought to do is go home after work every day and write in a journal for about four hours, until bedtime, meticulously recording every single inanity he had witnessed.

        After a couple of years, he’d have thousands of pages of notes & observations & memories & vignettes; and if, at that point, he could summon up every last ounce of Introspection & Extrospection which he could squeeze from his Amygdala, then he could write an epic study of the nature of the True-Believing White sh!tlib.

        The book which I’m envisioning is just sitting there waiting for some-damned-body to write it.

        And I wouldn’t necessarily write it in a mean nasty hateful scornful tone of voice – I’d try to get to the bottom of WTF is animating these lunatics – if only you could somehow get in their heads and reverse engineer the insanity.

        Meaning I’d approach the thing from the point of view of a Father who was trying to protect his children from the Monster which lives under their beds.

        • Rich ppl can afford to be stupid.
          Rich countries can afford to be stupid.

          Our rulers are stupid rich ppl.

        • I get your sense of frustration at the bewildering words and deeds of the Cloud People and their bugmen drones; but we don’t need a meticulously crafted book analyzing this phenomenon. History has already provided the “solution,” as evidenced in Carthage, Weimar, Cambodia or Rawanda (to name just a few instances).
          The warden is a religious sadist and a thief. It is time to get busy “solving” or get busy dying. The river of blood followed by a pile of skulls is unavoidable. “Who? Whom?”

          • the Cloud People and their bugmen drones

            But we have to understand how the Cloud People were able to convince the bugmen drones not just to commit suicide, but to do so gleefully & ecstatically.

            Deep Inner Hajnalian Insula-driven neuropsychiatric structures are the achilles heel of Our Race, and we have got to make certain that that achilles heel doesn’t drive us into extinction.

            All of us Amygdala-driven folks could very well be carrying recessive genes for Insula-driven personalities, and it’s possible that those recessive genes could pair up and re-express themselves in our children or our grandchildren.

            And even if we had dispatched the original Frankfurt School in the meantime, there is guaranteed to be some new Frankfurt School Junior which would step to the front of the line and start the satanic mesmerization process all over again.

            tl;dr == We have got to figure out WTF is wrong with Our Race.

    • I mean to cast no shade on those describing the Branch Covidians and the God-shaped hole in said cultist’s hearts which causes them to latch onto any quick fix, any opiate. Perfectly plausible idea.

      This is an “and” moment.

      I am best friends with two of the Covid-19 patient zeroes in my state. They (and their cohort) have been written up in the scientific journals – including misrepresenting the infection mode to justify unhelpful public health mandates. Unless I am equally besties with you, why would any sane person share their names? They get harassment from all sides.

      Both experienced terrible illness, but neither went to hospital – and survived. Both are religious (but not Christian). Two of their more elderly patient zero cohort died.

      They’re full blown Covidiots. I could not convince either of them not to get the clotshot (!), and they’re still huddled in their homes. They worship Sancta Racisma and the Cult of SJW.

      Worship fake and ghey gods, get fake and ghey results

      • History will show that Covid is like Santa Claus. People believe it until they don’t. Unlike children who grow up and realize Santa was an affectation to explain the presents, the Covidians may always quake in their fear that the Coof is something that it isn’t.

        • History will show that Covid is like Santa Claus.

          If you look at the 20th Century history of the Frankfurt School’s de-sanctification of Christmas and Easter – Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas, Peter Cottontail, In Your Easter Bonnet – I’d be shocked if there weren’t early Frankfurt School elements involved in creating the “Santa Claus” myth.

          And I’d be looking hard at the House of Rothschild, circa Christmas of 1815, when they were flush with cash from The Great Waterloo Swindle.

          In the United States, Clement Clarke Moore’s “Twas the Night Before Christmas” dates to 1823, and the NY Sun’s “Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus” dates to 1897.

  9. I’m an enormous Z man fan. Terrific writing, great speaker, insightful and always intelligent.

    But to hear him state that he believes the 9/11 narrative, complete with Saudi nationals, that kind of made me a little nauseous. Oh well.

    • And his snide remark of the “911 truthers”. WTF is that supposed to mean?

      Reminds me of his rambling on a few months back about the vaxx. If I remember correctly he has no problems taking it if mandated to travel. Silly constitutional things like the 5th amendment you know. That paper is dead now, so may as well comply?

      In his mind being opposed to restrictions on travel due to medical discrimination makes you libertarian. What’s dissident in that?

      I saw this analogy on the Hedge, and decided to post it here as it makes perfect sense, but Z-man is probably too deep into the “official narrative” koolaid to process it:

      “Math: 100t airplane turns tower of 700,000t into dust … that’s like saying I destroyed a lamppost with an empty coke can.”

      I really enjoy his podcast and blogs, but lately there seems some things in his beliefs that I don’t get, things that make you think…about buying him that beer.

      • False, and may I add moronic, analogy. A 12 oz hacksaw could bring down a 500 lb lamp post. Concerning the vaccine, I have some expertise in the area and agree with Z. I’m young enough that neither COVID or the vax particularly worries me. If I was old or my job was on the line I would go ahead and take the jab. Also if the mortality rate of COVID was >20% across all age ranges. I would support draconian martial measures. Sure the stupid and bullying way they have handled this rankles. Nonetheless one must keep things in a reasonable perspective.

        • Would that 12 ounce hacksaw knock that post down flying at it at 500 mph?

          Your analogy is worthless.

          “Also if the mortality rate of COVID was >20% across all age ranges. I would support draconian martial measures.”

          That means you support totalitarianism. I bet you’re one of those double maskers too.

          ” If I was old or my job was on the line I would go ahead and take the jab.”

          You don’t sound like any sort of dissident. May your chains rest lightly upon you and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.

          • One small quibble though I agree overall – if the hacksaw were going 500 mph it might well take the lampost out. Kinetic energy is an awesome thing to behold. Think of what a rifle bullet weighing a few grams does to a chunk of ballistics gel (or a person).

            As for the 20% mortality thing, several things:

            1. Our government is far too corrupt to trust anything coming out of it including the numbers, though even the official numbers, correctly understood, do not warrant a response beyond a typical bad flu year.

            2. I think a *legitimate* government could legitimately take measures to quarantine a locality with a death rate that high but its policies would need to be based on actual science, not ¡Science! as the US is doing. Such a government would need to be extremely transparent in its operations as well.

            3. Even if it could be established (by some magical oracle) that the death rate was really 20%, I would be willing to take the chance because totalitarian regimes have a pretty high kill count as well.

      • I’ve noticed that crazy people tend to suffer from logorrhea. Thank you for further confirming this observation.

    • 9/11 is one of those events where we will probably never know the truth. I don’t pretend to know. However, to those who believe the official story, would you put it past our elites to either orchestrate such an event or to know about it and let it happen?

      The causes of my doubt:

      Why did Tower 7 collapse into its own footprint without being hit?

      Why was there no plane debris at the Pentagon?

      Ted Olson’s reported conversation with his wife, Barbara Olsen, was shown in court not to happen.

      • Why did the Surfside Condo in Miami collapse into its own footprint? WTC 7 sustained massive damage from the collapse of the twin towers and the resulting fires.

        As for no plane parts being found at the Pentagon, that’s demonstrably false. The below link includes many photos of American Airlines debris and parts outside and inside the Pentagon.

        • “WTC 7 sustained massive damage from the collapse of the twin towers and the resulting fires.”
          Nah, it didn’t.
          The willingness to admit that Building 7 was wired for demolition, and then actively pulled down, is the number one indicator (for me) of the good will of a human being.
          If you cannot admit that Building 7 was purposely demolished, you literally live in a different world than the one I inhabit.
          And fyi, the Surfside Condo did not “collapse into its own footprint.” Part of it collapsed, and much of it remained intact. And did you ever consider the fact that the Surfside Condo was built on a SANDBAR, and had been literally rotting for years?

  10. Over at today’s Market Ticker post there are anecdotes that ranchers in red states are beginning to cancel contracts with pinko states like California and woke corporations like Costco and finding plenty of demand from red states like Texas and Florida to backfill the demand.

    You just love to see it.

    • To sell to Cali, you have to put yourself under their regulative control –I keep wondering when the math stops working for their regulation apparatus, maybe we’ll live to see

      • To sell to Cali, you have to put yourself under their regulative control

        It’s driven the automotive & trucking industries absolutely nuts.

        Even Peak GoodWhite Elon Musk couldn’t take it anymoar, and left for Texas.

  11. Another thought we can use with CivNat normies on this current COVID situation, especially as it relates to the Biden “vaccine” mandate…

    Recall whenever Trump would issue an executive order or mandate, within a day or so some federal judge somewhere would throw up some injunction or stay or something to prevent it from taking effect.

    Well, what about all the great judges Trump appointed and McConnell got confirmed? Where are they today? Why aren’t they throwing up some injunctions or stays or whatever?

    See, they all play for the same team.

  12. Sanctions are siege warfare: surround to starve out. The USG regularly starves out its enemies.

    Winter 1932/33, Genrikh Yagoda confiscated food from Ukrainians. 10 million died in the Holodomor, the hunger death.

    The response to the virus is a means of sanctions. In California, can’t buy food without a mask. Soon can’t have food without an injection-sacrament ID. A ID controlled by international kabal of neurotic bankers, newsmen and smut purveyors. An ID that goes far beyond the mere excuse of virus.

    Once their door clangs shut, maneuvering will be difficult.

    • Bingo. Once the precedent is set for a “show me your ID” society, the require reasons will expand inevitably. First expect that once implemented, the inoculation requirements will be extended.

      Common flu shots will be made mandatory and then expand to any and all “communicable” diseases—regardless of how rare or how contracted. It may not be too long thereafter that one may not use air travel if one is a suspected White supremest. Or restrictions placed on the ID due to unpaid taxes or child support.

      The possibilities for human “improvement” are limitless. Just ask the Chinese.

      • Icky neurotics who hate us demand complete control over us and the world. Joyfully they lie cheat steal mass-murder to fulfill their self-assigned destiny to be world ruler.

      • Learn to ride a rifle or learn to ride in a boxcar.

        That said large parts of California are heavily armed and not going to comply with utter nonsense. Other parts are near lawless.

        At least one mayor down in So Cal said “Cartels are so powerful here I expect to see bodies hanging from bridges very soon” and that is with legal drugs.

        The COVID fanatics can certainly ruin the lives of their own people for a while and will try but all the infrastructure is crumbling, electricity failing and the people that fix stuff are noping out.

        Awful hard to run a technological dystopia with an aging population (Cali is approaching a retirement state) no skilled people and rapidly crumbling infrastructure.

        Large parts of even Blue states are going to nope as are minimum of 21 other States who told the President “nuh uh”

        Rumors has it that half the military is already ignoring orders too.

        There will certainly be an attempt to make things worse, some false flags here and there but thus far no one is taking the bait and are thus far refusing to interrupt the enemy as they are making mistakes,

        My advice is no matter where you are stock up on foods and meds and a bit of extra ammo. Things are getting nuts depression is certain and collapse and boog are on the table.

        The better prepared you are, the better organized, the more friends and friends with supplies you have the better you will fare.

        I myself am think of going back the farm. I do not enjoy the work , I’m fundamentally lazy but better than not eating in a few years.

    • That’s the goal. However the implementation is impossible. First, there are likely 50 million at least illegals of all stripes who do not have to show documentation and are exempt from all requirements. Second, there are many many Mexican and other supermarkets with cash only payments, and those cannot be closed down to the power of illegals. Third we have a defacto open border which swings both ways. Fourth we have ambitious governors and other people just itching for a conflict in the hope of out-Trumping Trump. There is literally no future for young Republicans of any sex or color as the party faces wipeout from Dems wanting total control and unwilling to let them be the Washington Generals to the Democratic Harlem Globetrotters.

      • Those illegals are why Winston Smith felt if there were any hope, it lay with the proles.

        The terror superstructure of 1984 was reserved for members in the Outer Party.
        Proles didn’t face Room 101 or the Thought Police.

        The Outer Party was necessary to run the superstructure, much like our college/corporate requirements today.

        The proles just kept laying bricks, or the neighbor’s laundry, or running a bar, doing whatever non-telescreen things proles do.

      • That’s the paradox of the woke. They need the 3rd world aliens in the USA to destroy it weaken and repress the Heritage American population.

        However, as the population becomes more and more 3rd worldized, the elites lack the ability to impose serious tyranny on Heritage Americans. Are liberals going to impose vax tyranny on every little “Bodega” that they love so much? Not possible. Karen gonna go into Detroit at night to make sure that the liquor store is following strict mask protocols? Not a chance, lol.

        It’s also clear that rural Americans are increasingly ignoring the rules too. We can learn from third world people on how to avoid tyranny and do everything under the table.

        The laws are in practice being enforced on an ever-narrowing suburban white middle and upper middle class, as well as white washed non-white urban strivers who want to join the cloud people.

  13. I am Dirt all the way down; but I want my fantasy land, too. Bring back the gals singin’ with German accents about a golden whitetopia where tomorrow belongs to me and I walk the strange path under a white silver moon. Folk metal for the win!

    • Folk metal for the win!

      You get outta the big city, and you’d be surprised what there is out in the boon docks.

      We’ve got a rural RV park, nestled in a strongly GOP county nearby, which has a bluegrass hoe-down on the first Saturday of each month – and yet none of the Cloud People in the nearby ultrashitlibopolis are aware that such a thing could possibly exist in these here parts.

      Can you play a musical instrument?

      Can you recruit a handful of broz to play along with you?

      With just a smidgen of talent, and a dab of audacity, and an ounce of stick-to-it-ive-ness, all of a sudden you’ll be drowning in gorgeous girls wanting to come take folk dancing lessons at your Party Palace.

  14. While the covidians bravely fight the coof, an estimated 11 million American are opiate addicts with 90k OD and dead in 2020.

    Some youtube video just shot today of the streets of Lagos on the Delaware, Philly.

    While the managerial class make believe they are fighting a dangerous epidemic, they absolutely ignore a very real epidemic that is largely a problem of white people and their white privilege. The neighborhood the above video is shot in is mostly Puerto Rican and black. Almost all the zombies are white and are from somewhere else.

    • an estimated 11 million Americans are opiate addicts with 90k OD and dead in 2020

      Pray for our brother, Saint Gunslingergregi.

  15. Things are getting darker in Ontario. Starting September 22, I will no longer be allowed to access “non-essential” things like bars, nightclubs, movie theaters, gyms, and restaurants, without showing a QR code proof of vaccination on my phone. I can certainly live without any of this – I know people who will let me in the backdoor just about everywhere. But how long until it’s needed to by groceries? Or have a job? Very dangerous precedent. And it is stirring dangerous things inside certain people who are now more or less caged animals with nothing to lose.

    Angry mobs of white people have been following Justin Trudeau around on the campaign trail. He got hit with stones a few days ago. His response is unbalanced feminine anger, sounding like a shrill schoolmarm – exactly the same way Joe Biden sounds when he’s “demanding” that everybody get vaxxed “or else”. Also whipping up hatred against the unvaxxed. Great to see though – I have never ever seen anything close to this in my life – mobs of furious white people pouring rage and screaming like animals at an anti-white politician.

    All 5 parties have the same platform. There is a populist right party that has been exploding in the polls, promising a 66% reduction in immigration, no vaccine passports, and loosening gun control. Pretty good, but they won’t win as too many Boomers are stuck voting Cuckservative. Also democracy is a joke so they will never get in, no matter what.

    Anyways not sure how this related to Z’s show except general COVID stuff. Things are heating up in Canada too. COVID seems like a black swan event, who would have thought that a flu and its vaccine would tear the west apart. For once we aren’t the only country getting cucked, seems like the whole Anglosphere is undergoing the same pressure right now lol. Ofc most of the population agrees with this because unvaxxed are mean people who want to kill people. The sheep continue to march closer to the concentration camps.

    • Also democracy is a joke so they will never get in, no matter what.

      Oh, they’ll get in. But the globalists will buy them up long before they reach a size where they can deliver on their promises. So when the day comes, twenty years from now, when your nationalist party finally make it to the big table, they’ll cuck spectacularly. Then a new party will be formed, and you can spend another twenty years voting those guys up in the polls – rinse & repeat.

      It doesn’t matter how many parties you have, the globalists care little whether they have to buy two parties or eight: at the end of the day, the number of parliamentarians they have to pay remains the same.

      • Boo, hiss to the accurate blackpill.

        I want to star in an action fantasy of my own, off screen. If my Commonwealth brothers make the call- well, I can’t make it across the Atlantic, but I damn sure can make it across the Canadian border.

        Watertown, Windsor Bridge, Mackinac, Vancouver, here I come, lads! Save some for me!

        • This is also something the Globetards don’t seem to be factoring in. The same English language and Commonwealth heritage of the US, UK, AU, NZ that they’ve corrupted with nonsense pronouns and poz gibberish and used to spread Covid propaganda will also spread the fire once it starts ANYWHERE in the Anglosphere. Indeed the “21 state rebellion” might be the match head already blazing.

    • Hint that’s been mentioned before. The law will require you have proof of vaccination. The law explicitly says you must have the proof, but perhaps not of the vaccination. How to obtain this service or product I leave for you to decipher.

  16. I posted this on Sailer’s blog, but felt it was appropriate to the topics Zman discussed today regarding 9/11:

    Luckily the pundit superhero Paul Krugman comes in to let all of us plebs know that the real threat to us all has been homegrown all along…

    ‘Foreign Terrorists Have Never Been Our Biggest Threat”

    Forget all of the Americans from the lowly Southern and Midwest regions who volunteered for the nation’s defense, or the grossly overrepresented numbers of those they like to call deplorables in the actual combat positions. None of that matters. Not that it never really did to the gilded class of journalists gracing us with their presence after 9/11. Supporting the troops was always a flag pin on a suit, or maybe a quick afterthought, a word at the end of a newscast.

    But now it is time for a new threat, a new enemy to focus on. With all of the cheering and champagne bottles opened after the last census results, the opportunity is too good to pass up. They Hate us. The virulent attacks are merely out in the open now.

    • This is what Jewish run American looks like.

      Jew Mayorkas allowing wide open borders from the third world. Jew Garland demanding infanticide be legalized. Jew Krugman labelling all normal white people as “terrorists”. Jew Walensky demanding that your children wear 3 masks and cower in the basement.

      It’s not a conspiracy, it’s just real life. Now that they failed to control Afghanistan, they’re focusing on white people. We’re basically useless to them now since they tired of needing us to bomb and shoot cave dwelling 4th century Muslims.

      • How to counter all those domestic…err, small arms owners?

        Why, bring in 100,000 of some of the fiercest small arms fighters, and let chain migration do the rest.

        Maybe they can assist the Army units who are helping with the overload of horse dewormer victims clogging those rural hospitals in Trump districts. Its not like they’re getting their people into place, oh no.

        • Yes, non whites are biological weapons. To be used against us.

          At least the USA is armed and cold in some areas. Places like England are absolutely fucked.

      • Exactly. Read the Protocols, because they’re coming to fruition, right now. They own the media, the Mindfuck, that’s why your neighbors and family are lining up to get the jim jones shot. They own the politicians, kid fuckers gamblers and degenerates that they are. They run the schools who teach your kids. They own the nursing homes who kill your parents. They print the money, which controls everyfuckinthing. What happens when their jewmoney ain’t worth shit? We’re about to find out, Yes?

        • When the money ain’t worth shit, the (underground) economy with use alternatives, barter and precious metal. That’s what kept Zimbabwe running and still does. It will not be a painless process, but it will be a purifying one.

    • Krugman is right, though. If we bracket The Big One, terrorism has killed an infinitesimally small number of people in the West compared to, say, being hit by a falling coconut.

      The problem with Moslem immigration is not terrorism, it’s the common Moslems, the diaspora itself.

  17. For any with interest in the idea presented around 25 mins regarding people casting themselves at the center of a fantasy world to escape the doldrums of their own unsatisfying lives, there is a great novel by Walker Percy called “The Moviegoer” that hints at this issue for the post WW2 generation. Many of its salient points are applicable today, only moreso.

    • Thanatos Syndrome was his final novel, also prophetic. Percy was a med student who got TB, went to Saranac Lake for recovery (fresh air and sunshine, basically), and then became a lawyer and novelist. Love in the Ruins another great novel. Underappreciated because truth teller.

  18. Its all been second hand tales “so and so died” but I’ve heard of just as many dying from blood clots after the shot.

    • The Zman is so spot on today re the Electronic Revolution. We’re living by screen because it IS far easier and more exciting than hoeing the turnips.

      Even me, here, as I type this- and I love it. So excited by pictures of people I’ll never meet, about things I wasn’t at- this screen reality might even make me fight with my mum over things she can’t do anything about.

      The masks, in particular. We all had to play along, or the other kids got mad! Wearing masks because there’s a pandemic, we all know there’s a pandemic because we’re all wearing masks!

      Or the 911 rah-rah. I fell hard for that one. So stirring! The Clash of Civilizations! We were so mad when they wouldn’t play along, either.

      The hornet’s nest was asleep. No, actually, it was near dead. The Aryan influence of Persia and Greece was reasserting its historic pull. Women wore Western skirts and people went to college.

      Can’t have that. Hagar is no longer getting attention! So the war loan tribe pulled out their bag of tricks, paid off their shabbos with rich promises, and created another self licking ice cream cone.

      Chaos is not a White economy. Once again, another set of self licking ice creams built on another created catastrophe- this is why you don’t let Semites run your economy, or country, or world. They were born in catastrophe, and will keep re-creating the environment that formed them.

  19. re 9/11: What Z said, plus:

    Media is associating 9/11 and Jan 6 Capitol thing.
    Media is associating Taliban and white folks.

      • Yeah, I’m not seeing the downside there. If I weren’t a believing Christian, I’d “convert” to Islam in a heartbeat, and urge all young men to do the same. Karen comes Karen-ing around, demanding to see your papers? Tell her to fuck off, how dare you speak to me without your burqa. Drag queen story hour coming to a school near you? Yell “aloha snack bar” and offer them a free flying lesson. Isn’t that worth banging your head on the floor a few times a day?

        • The only problem with running Spartans, the heirs of Greek Bactria, on a Semitic software platform: you’ll end up with a bigger boy harem than a Brooklyn rabbi.

          • No you wouldn’t. Ever been on an airplane the minute it clears the airspace of an Islamic country? Off come the head scarves, out comes the booze.

  20. The Progressive religion says that human nature can be changed. OR ELSE.

    Not just individual people, you see. Actual human nature – meaning mother nature can be overridden. That is “progress” in their book. Which is why they are dead set on transing children, marrying off gays, anything that upsets the natural order and destroys “the patriarchy”. Which is also why it will all end in spectacular and catastrophic failure.

  21. Let me preface this with a simple statement: I believe that everything you said about your experience with covid is true.

    I also think the vaccine is either ineffective or making the situation worse.

    However, I live in a different region than you, and my first-hand experience with the pandemic is very different than yours. I know a community leader who has had to help people through covid losses, and he is to be trusted on that even though I personally do not know anyone who died from the virus. My extended family in the area has had covid. I have had covid three times; twice bad enough to lay me out for over a week. I should not have had it more than once, but should often means little in life.

    Without serious research, it is just about impossible to figure out why my covid reality is entirely different than your covid reality while still not rising to the digital delusions of a covid end of days, but my instincts say the most likely scenario has the CIA or similar running bioweapons against certain regions of the US. It would not be the first time the US government has done something like that, and it would help explain the media and government insistence on a perpetual pandemic. Reporting on the actions of the black hats as if it were a genuine phenomenon is standard practice, after all. That might even explain some of the blatantly false reports about reds states being far worse than they actually are. Their chimera did not perform as expected.

    Again, this is just my preferred explanation that could potentially account for all the inconsistencies we have been getting with this pandemic. You are free to come up with your own.

      • The virus itself is either not that infectious or it burns itself out very quickly. “Masks work!” Or the virus is very short lived and we are on our third variant.

      • Dirt people don’t fly all over the place like the Cloud wannabes do. We actually do things like stay home and fix the steering pump, stuff like that, for the most part.

        In my girls’ little part of all-whyte hillbilly Missouri, they had a outbreak. For no reason, people started getting the coof, bad.

        Did they airdrop illegals?
        Did they ship in some rest home grannies?

        I don’t know. But the US Army sprayed contagions in over 300 cities over a multiyear period to “test-track patterns of the spread of infection.” They were actually putting boxes atop school entrances to spray contagion on school kids.

        (I remember the Newsweek article because it highlighted 3 sons, one who became so brain-damaged his family called him “the Roarer”.)

        So as to dropping the complicated scheming and just spraying direct the places they need to spray, well, would you put it past them?

        I mean, this is the perfect picture they want to paint.
        A backwater filled with infected rednecks who refused to mask. Yet, total silence. You’d think they’d be shipping in camera crews like it was Karzai International Airport, but not a word.

        Why not? How many of these little nooks and crannies are there? And where are they shipping those illegals, anyways?

        • I suspect illegal alien migrant farm (and other) labor has been a major source of spreading. Many regularly go back and forth to Mexico, too, ensuring that we share rather than compartmentalize each others variants. Who is tracking them? No one. Who is testing them? No one. Everyone who could and should is focused on our compliance.

          • Remember that “derecho” that hit Iowa last year? I have a friend of a friend who was in the thick of it. He says that there were crews of Guatemalan, Mexican, etc roofers and tree cutters cruising around, doing cash and carry business, within a day. They’d come up from California, Arizona, Texas…

            Think about that. They must’ve gotten the phone call from their relatives in the ag business almost as it was happening, and taken off immediately. The guy says they did pretty good work, too, at least when it comes to cutting and hauling damaged trees, but… any Covid testing in that group, do you think? About as many as there were green cards would be my guess, and after a week or two in Iowa, they were down in Alabama harvesting…

          • Last year, there was a bit on the radio about what hospitals had Covid cases as the scamdemic was trending down. Turns out they were cases in the Hispanic, poorer, sections of town. In the better sections, there were basically few to no new cases. Of course, the lockdowns remained in effect for all, rather than focus effort at greatest threat, and the knowledge of racial connection was not widely disseminated in MSM.

    • Absolute knowing is near impossible, but it is quite likely that sars cov 2 was whipped up, and US Gov paid for it. Probably it leaked. Or maybe Wuhan I of V was paid to make it as a patsy, and then some other was let go by USG actors.

      We are sitting ducks. Any manner of virus and variant can be made and let go anytime. They have killed millions. At best, They don’t care. More likely, They relish it.

      Non-lineary warfare is about flooding the battle field with all manner of stories, so that people give up upon trying to understand.
      Any and many stories can be told, a story for every one.

    • terranigma: You may well not have had ‘covid’ even once. The damned test is, itself, a lie – its creator said so himself. They have never isolated the covid virus that they are claiming has killed so many. Depending on how many test cycles run, you could easily get a positive or negative response one day or the next. You may have had a cold or the flu or this new covid – but there is literally no way to know. Personally, I highly doubt you had the precise same virus twice – that’s not how viruses work. So while I am sorry you were ill, please don’t repeat the falsehood that covid (alone of all viruses in history) does not cause the human system to produce antibodies.

      • The Great Forgetting seems to be well underway as we plunge further into our new Dark Age.

        The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) has an extremely deceitful FAQ on Covid. One of the questions is “I had Covid, why do I need the vaccine?”. The “answer” is something like “We don’t yet know if being infected with Covid produces as good an immune response as the vaccines.” Actually this is what they had there in about April of this year. It may have changed now that it’s become obvious that the vaccines don’t give you much immunity for very long.

        This is pretty much overt “denialism”. It’s like saying that we don’t yet know if a rock we just found will fall if we throw it off a cliff because we haven’t yet tested that particular rock to see if gravity applies to it. Natural immunity acquired through infection with the disease IS the standard vaccines are measured with, not the other way around. The only exception I know of is HIV since it attacks immune cells themselves. Everyone knew at the start that Corona viruses don’t work that way.

      • Most of what you say is, I think, correct. However, you repeat one of the more pathetic myths that circulates in the anti-vaxx community. They don’t need to “isolate” the virus. These viruses have been very well studied. For decades. So well, in fact that the most likely origin of this pandemic is a release, presumably accidental, from the Wuhan Institute of Virology in late November 2019. With modern technology, viruses can be sliced, diced, combined in many different ways. Their DNA sequences are routinely uploaded to publicly accessible databases. It’s even possible to synthesize part of or an entire virus from scratch. The mRNA jabs you probably should refuse are (probably) literally designed on a computer and through a sequence of steps, can be ready to inject in a matter of a few days.

        It’s possible, but probably very unlikely that anyone catches COVID more than once unless he has a weak immune system. But recent reports, natural immunity is at least ten times better than what the shot gives.

        • pp

          That’s the link to the genome of the Dread Coof. It’s exactly 29,903 base pairs of Coofy delight. I’m not really sure where the idea that they hadn’t “isolated” the virus comes from. Maybe it’s a misunderstanding about the admittedly complicated and jargon-rich process for producing genomes. This applies to everything, not just viruses. Basically, what will happen is that a bunch of different people will produce partial sequences of the organism’s genome. Using computer programs, you can tell from the overlaps of the sequences how they all relate to one another and eventually arrive at what will be called the consensus sequence. This is basically what the famous Human Genome Project did too.

          It may be that someone thought there was some special magic in having the whole genome all together as one long chunk and this is where the “never isolated” idea came from. Covid is a single stranded RNA virus though and RNA is notoriously fragile and prone to breakage so I doubt you’ll find that.

          When Pfizer cooks up a batch of Vaccine Christ to induct/inject you into the Covidian religion and make you one of the elect (the Blessed Vaxxed) they are taking the spike protein, gene “S”*, from that and adding some additional sequences to the head and tail of it to make it look like an mRNA from your own body. Basically, the vaccine fools your ribosomes into making the virus proteins as though they were your own.

          * I’m not sure that’s the only part of it they use actually. There’s a long polyprotein that makes up most of the genome and gets chopped up into several other proteins and they might be taking pieces of that too.

    • While active release of a bio-weapon is possible, is it PROBABLE? I find that doubtful. That pathogens like what causes COVID exist, and far worse, is no secret. It’s likely our current pandemic came from a research lab. Accidental or deliberate? You call, but I say accidental. In my opinion, the continuing draconian rules and push to jab all are adequately explained by standard human greed and power-lust. That does not preclude a dark, sinister conspiracy, of course; I just think that is much less probable. One of the best arguments against deep cabals is simply: How could they keep it absolutely secret? Possible, but hard. Much harder than a single actor accidentally (?) infecting herself by a virus now called SARS-CoV-2. Or a scientist deliberately mailing anthrax spores to random targets in the USA in fall of 2001.

  22. Interesting that most of America is back to normal,while vaccine passports are being rolled out in Britain next month and Australia is going down the Pol Pot ‘year zero’ path.
    I have an online friend in New Zealand who believes the covid narrative,fully welcomes more lockdowns and wants as many vaccinations as possible. She is 100% convinced that all the above are absolutely necessary to prevent a Biblical plague. I posted links to videos showing huge crowds in America attending sports events hoping to get her to see sense,but she just completely ignored them.
    I think our friendship is over as this is the second time we’ve had a serious falling out.

    • They see what they want to see. I have lots of acquaintances still in academia. I have pointed out ad nauseam how they never got covid, never had massive covid outbreaks on campus, have never even seen someone with covid, despite living and working in all but lab-perfect conditions for such an infection to spread.

      Seriously, with two decades in academia, and with many people very close to me in patient care, I had the Terminator’s immune system… and I still got sick at the start of every new semester, because college kids are packed into dorms and frat houseslike sardines and their personal hygiene is at best disgusting, at worst unspeakable. As I said, if covid were even 1% as bad as the Karens make it out to be, there wouldn’t be an undergrad alive between Boston College and Berkeley, and they — my acquaintances still in the ivory tower — should realize that.

      But they don’t, because they’re Cloud People through and through. They’re the community-based reality, and mere facts and the evidence of their own lying eyes mean nothing to them. They have PhDs, and that armor is too strong for blasters.

      • I work on a large university campus. I estimate that no more than 15% of students are wearing the Moron Mask, both indoors and outdoors. As you note, logically, the campus should look like something out of the Andromeda Strain, but contrariwise, there has been no dread contagion. The evidence is overwhelming and it is obvious–the masks are utterly pointless, and the Covid threat is largely a farce. And yet, the faculty cower in their Zoom classrooms and wax apoplectic that the students haven’t bought into the scare propaganda. I’m not ordinarily a fan of today’s youth, but their refusal kowtow before the Covid Moloch and its hierophants is a source of cheer in these miserable times.

        • One of my favorite tropes for making fun of the Karen Kloth actually came from a college kid. He reminded us that all smell is particulate, then said that if the masks are at all effective, we ought to start wearing them on our ass cracks, because that way you could fart in class all you want and no one would ever know.

          (Same deal with multiple masks: If the smell of a fart gets through two layers — underwear and jeans — then the Dread Coof is getting through your goofy facemask. Want to test your mask’s effectiveness? Strap it on, and let someone rip one right in your face. If the masks really work, you’ve got nothing to worry about, right?)

          • When I have been in a cab/Uber/Lyft in recent months, and the driver insists I wear a face diaper, I respond by letting farts rip so we can see how well his face diaper works.

            One time, this Eastern European Lyft driver picking me up at the airport commanded me “mask!” once I got in. Well I had just eaten some boneless wings from the airport Chili’s, and was ready to let them rip. And they were rank. My God the interior of the vehicle smelled horrible.

            After he dropped me off, I watched him drive a few houses away, get out of his car, leave the door open, get some fresh air and I guess air his car out. Guess his face diaper didn’t “protect” him from my flatulence. Fuck him.

      • Severian: I have been in an out of dozens of grocery stores or Walmarts for the past couple of years. Never once wore a mask as required (put it on to get past the greeters, then it was always below my nose and most often below my mouth as well). Never wore gloves. Never sanitized a cart. Didn’t wipe my car down between trips. I washed my hands when I got home – that was it. And as soon as they stopped requiring masks at the gym I was back working out, again no mask.

        I’ve touched countless door handles and light switches. I brought medicine and OJ to my son and daughter-in-law (ill with something which officials claimed was covid) and took zero precautions. Yet I have not even had the sniffles in 2 years – and I’m over 60 and overweight.

        If this dreaded virus was even half as contagious and dangerous as they are claiming, I ought to be dead. Or at least have been terribly sick and weakened. But nothing, nada. Sure, God could smite me down tomorrow, and it could even be with covid, but I just cannot make myself fear this ginned up pandemic. And if there truly were piles of non-white bodies in the street, I wouldn’t bat an eye.

        • Here’s the thing about supermarkets. The girl behind the cash register touches every single item that’s sold, so when she handles your milk and cereals, she’ll already have touched the wares of 500 people that day, depositing a sample of their microflora on your cereal box.

          But for some reason, they’re not required to don a new pair of plastic glove for each customer.

          • That’s what I keep telling people. It it makes you feel better, I say, I will stipulate for the sake of argument that a properly fitted N95 mask, worn 100% correctly at all times, would probably help a little…

            But please, go out to your local supermarket and watch the checkout lines. Just five minutes, and you’ll realize that masks as worn are considerably worse than useless. I flat refuse to wear one, always have, and the worst I have felt since this whole thing began was “a little punky.” Meanwhile everyone i know who wears them religiously has been constantly sick with all kinds of stuff that isn’t covid, I’ll grant you, but IS exactly the kind of thing you’d get from touching 100 other people’s snot rags every time you go to the store.

            Add to this the fact that stress really screws up your immune system, and I’d wager long money that the #1 predictor of whether or not you catch covid is: how much you care whether or not you catch covid. I bet it’s a near perfect inverse correlation.

        • I almost got kicked out of a hospital’s outpatient area today for repeated mask violations. I had three different Covi-Karens enraged.

          I barked at one to calm down and the other one said she was going to get her supervisor. I told her she was simply trying to make an issue out of nothing and waved her away.

          While I was waiting (just a blood draw) I saw this Guatemalan woman walk out with her mask down. So when I was leaving I stopped and asked one of the Karens why that was allowed. Why do they discriminate against whites? She didn’t know whether to shit or go blind, but she did apologize and say that if she’d witnessed it she would have stopped the woman.

          You have to have your fun where you can.

          • Yes, absolutely, make them SQUIRM. “Why are you prejudiced against Whites?” is brilliant. The only reason they keep doing this stuff is because they’re allowed to get away with it.

            I’d ask y’all to join me in the Pimp’s Prayer: Lawd, guide my pimp hand and make it strong, so that this ho will learn her place!

        • Taking up Severian’s point as well about the N95s – a point of pride for me is that since this whole stupid thing started back in the before time I haven’t spent a penny on masks or other Coof paraphernalia. When forced to wear a mask I wear a bandana tied loosely around my head and completely open at the bottom. In addition to making me look like a gang member, it completely flaunts the spirit of the mask rules by passing unfiltered air both ways while adhering to the letter of them. It also helps keep my immune system strong by giving it exposure to whatever the scared little mask monkeys in the stores are breathing out. I’ve always had an amazingly strong immune system (no flu for 25+ years) so I don’t want it getting lazy and flabby.

        • “Yet I have not even had the sniffles in 2 years – and I’m over 60 and overweight.”

          At my age, that’s not what I’m in the market for. You have a free thinking mind. That’s a rare thing.

  23. Great, great segment on Covid that really captures the current zeitgeist.

    I say this because it expands upon the most memorable comment I read on ZeroHedge yesterday.

    The commenter had gone to the countryside and had realized, or run into a fellow who verbalized the sentiment that, “There’s still an entire REAL world out there that is totally separate from the digital illusion. It is still more than possible to live and succeed entirely in that real world.”

    • I still treasure the memory of my trip to rural Southern Oregon back in July. Even though we were in the middle of what would turn out to be a brief hiatus in the mask mandates they had ended only recently (only to start all over again in August). Here in the Portland metro area though people were still masked and scared. Down there though, I only saw two masks and they were clearly tourists. People also still shook hands and did other normal things. I realized that few people there had ever even started to act weird the way they did here. They had never stopped doing those things so when the mandate ended they didn’t need to resume them.

  24. Covidian insanity is just one side of the coin. The other is the persistent sleepwalking-past-the-graveyard reality avoidance of everyone else. The president of the United States (the corpse nominally in charge of the world’s most powerful nuclear weapons arsenal) is in actual fact, a mental vegetable. That is no trivial thing, and it’s going to get a lot of people dead if this charade persists much longer.

    As such, things are now much worse than in the 1770s, when serious men rose up and took a stand against King Charles’ dominion over their lives & livelihoods. Charles was just skimming the profits, but Tater Joe is so weak that even North Korea probably now thinks it can best the US in a fight. And you have to think that there is not a single swinging pair to be found anywhere in the Pentagon either (unless it’s a trans “woman” in command of the cross-dresser faggot brigades).

    Everyone is playing the waiting game while sharpening their sword behind closed doors. My guess is that when the spark ignites the inferno, we’re gong from 0 to 60 in about a nanosecond.

    • The U.S. is sabre-rattling with China. While China is not going to go in direct confrontation, the amount of sabotage they could do to our infrastructure would cripple us within days. It’s likely they are going to fire some warning shots on our electrical grids, testing facilities, and computer networks if the U.S. tries to puff up its chest more.

      Expect strange hacks, outages, and subterfuge thatwill be swept under the rug if they keep this going.

      • When they invade Taiwan, that will exasperate the already serious computer chip shortage.

        China has played the long game brilliantly, and it’s going to cost us.

    • Biden is a great talking point for convincing “Normie” of the Deep State. One simply needs to point out that, somehow, somewhere, someone is pulling his strings and telling him what to say and do. It is unimaginable for even Joe Normie to believe Biden is in control and understanding wrt governing in his position.

      My only question is whether there is a single figure or a group behind the proverbial “curtain”.

    • Agreed. I can’t say exactly why, but I’ve got a feeling there is going to be a massive convulsion in AINO before the year is out. Will it precipitate the country’s final collapse? Probably not. But I believe it will inflict serious and permanent damage.

    • It’s Dr. Jill Biden. DOCTOR, to you peasants.

      The penultimate Karen, and doing her PhD best to turn the US into a North Korean/Australian police state.

      For your own good, don’t you understand.

      • Nothing exemplifies Academia’s decline more than Jill Biden’s Phd thesis and Michelle Obama’s Undergrad essay.

        Rest assured, if one dug into the rest of the ascending ruling class of the last 20 years, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

        • I read a segment of Chewbama’s Princeton thesis, and all I can say is that I was writing better than that at the age of 14, and I’m nobody’s Poe.

          • I read Michell’s thesis when it was still online from Princeton. What struck me was that there was a faculty thesis “advisor”. That is to say, someone of experience and status who approved the proposed subject matter, read and corrected it, and then vouched for its content!

            The work is weak, and in parts logically and grammatically incorrect. A true example of AA racism. Michell had no reason to be in Princeton—except the check boxes in the affirmative action office.

          • This is a reply to Compsci’s comment below, I dunno why there is no reply button for it. I don’t blame Michelle for being resentful of Princeton and her experience there, although it’s certainly not senior thesis material. She knew she wasn’t academically qualified and that she was just a token for TPTB to parade around to show how inclusive they were.

          • There is no reply button I believe because the software only allows threats to drill so deep, then cuts them off.

            But your point is well taken “not a Karen”, our efforts at promoting minorities above their level of competence produces only resentment.

            This has been repeatedly recognized and discussed in Sowell’s writings. Indeed, Sowell in his memoirs writes a touching note—that his greatest gift was coming of age and “making his bones” before the advent of AA.

    • Agree. Joe’s actually not getting so much help from his peanut gallery as one might expect. The statue snatchers don’t even have sufficient impulse control to wait until the 11th, for maximum symbolic impact and demoralization of their enemy.

  25. Always think of online personas as being the person they wish they were. This is especially true for leftists who know the platforms have their back and relish the power they have over people with unapproved opinions on the platform. It’s gazing into their inner soul. Now, some people turn back to decent human beings inside and out when they put away their social media narcotic for the same reason people turn normal again when they leave a kooky cult.

    If they are horrible psychopaths online but nice to you in the real world, it’s because they have less power and a real threat of repercussions. Assume their online persona is really who they are until they delete their account.

    • Too bad the online personas for dissident right spergs is posting you-know-who memes and you-know-what debunking. As the pink-haired scold is powerful on the left, the wignat is powerful on the right.

      • The thing is, the biggest red pill (and hardest to swallow) is the realization that your nation needs to be destroyed because nationalism is seen as the seed of fascism, and certain factions of differing ideologies and race/ethnicity want to be free to do their thing without fear of, you know, bad things repeating.

        The JQ is just one facet of it, but of course it’s been weaponized to discredit valid concerns, just as race, sex, etc. have. It’s hard to deal with the truth without the brainwashing driving you nuts.

  26. It would add to the bizarre nature of current reality if the empire was brought down by the flu. Not a Spanish Flu level event but what is for most people a relatively minor ailment.

    I understand why the cloud people are waging this fight. It is a great way to make heretics submit and let them know who is boss. It is a great start to the Great reset.

    However unlike so many of their insane narratives the zero tolerance policy regarding the flu and the worship of the savior vax directly impact people’s daily lives. People can’t find Afghanistan on a map. It was silly to think the final debacle was going to hurt the empire. CRT is maddening but people will put up with anything to keep their jobs.

    The battle over the flu and vax is not in the least philosophic or abstract. One side (theirs) believes that we will all die from the flu if we don’t please Gaia, offer our children as sacrifice to Gaia and punish heretics. The other side (most of the bad Whites it seems along with many negros and Hispanics) don’t trust the government and think they are being pressured into taking a vax that might be deadly.

    Many bad Whites will finally go along with the Vax because it will make their lives easier. But many won’t.

    Should be interesting

    • As many others have pointed out, at least among whites, it’s mostly sheeple and idiots who are going along with the Covidian narrative.

      Suppose the worst fears of the vaxx turn out to be real, and people start dying by the millions. It’ll mostly be those sheeple and idiots leaving this mortal coil.

      At that point you’d have to ask yourself if Covid and the Great Reset were a Machiavellian scheme to clear the decks and usher in a new and vital era. That would be a quintessentially western trope.

      On the other hand, given the recent actions of tptb, it could be just as possible that evil is destroying itself and taking as many as possible with it.

      • While I certainly hope that the vaccines are not the source of massive illness or deaths, whether accidental or that was their intended purpose, we must consider where the demographics of the casualties would be. Of course, they’d be heaviest in those nations and sub-populations who’d had the highest percentage of uptake.

        Advantage: from our point of view: disproportionately the leftists, those who had greatest trust in governments. Distrust is highest among the “dirt people.”

        Disadvantage from our point of view: uptake is lowest among the poor (both individuals and nations).

        In other words, our numbers, already set to decline worldwide, would take a major dive. 🙁

        • They would, but they did during the black death, and that turned out well. Then again Europeans weren’t inviting Asians and Africans to their continent in the midst of it.

          It’s one of those things that would either spell The End, or something miraculous would happen. Problem is we won’t know which unless it comes to that.

  27. Ahhhhh.

    Good work, Z – another fine presentation.

    My anecdotal experience with Covidians is that the vast majority of them are lefties and shitlibs. I dunno if that’s a function of being on line or that most of them are still old dinosaurs that still believe the mass media.

  28. Via CBS News:

    “The Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration is developing a rule requiring all employers with at least 100 employees to make sure their workforce is fully vaccinated or require unvaccinated workers to get a negative test at least once a week. OSHA will issue an Emergency Temporary Standard to introduce the vaccine requirement. Companies that fail to comply could face fines of $14,000 per violation, Mr. Biden said.”

    The dude’s practically begging for Civil War II at this point.

    • In fairness to Tater Joe, he has no idea what he’s doing.

      I mean, for Goodness’s sake, the poor guy was a Tater to begin with [which put an hard upper bound on his IQ at conception], and then he had Cerebrovascular Events [CVEs] as a young man, and now he has Alzheimer’s as an old man.

      He doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing.

      OTOH, @JackPosobiec twatted a twat yesterday afternoon, wherein he claimed that he has a Whitehouse source who told him that “Jill wanted to go full Australia” on the COVID lockdown.

      Which is precisely what we had all predicted – that Jill would become Edith Wilson to her Woodrow.

    • The option to get tested instead of stabbed is the popoff valve. Without it, yeah, it would get very nasty indeed.

    • I have some insider knowledge of the Covid testing “system” here in Oregon from my work. Can’t say more than that but I can tell you that even now, without Potato Joe’s mandate, the system is overwhelmed. The wait for appointments is lengthening. I can’t wait for 100,000,000 people to be forced to vax or get a weekly test. Even assuming only 20% “hard-core” vax resisters, that’s 20,000,000 across the nation needing tests EVERY WEEK. Also the tests are not exactly free.

      The testing regime itself will be a new crisis that will cascade through the economy like a neutron cascade in an atom bomb. Example: Jim works in a big bakery. Jim is a BAD MAN. Jim will not accept Vaccine Christ into his arm and soul that he might have everlasting antibodies that will protect him for – well for like a month or two. Jim needs to get a Coof test every week. Jim can’t find a Coof test. Jim’s employer doesn’t want to be fined and puts him on unpaid leave. Now the loaves he was going to bake don’t get baked. There are now also fewer shipments and fewer trucks needed so Bob, a truck driver is laid off, etc… ad nauseum.

      It’s almost as if someone was thinking “the lockdowns and mandates didn’t kill enough jobs and businesses, let’s start a new crisis.”

  29. From a no-Whipipo-to-be-seen-anywhere TV commercial during last night’s Nogger Football League Circus:

    “Reality and Time are constructs.”

    There ain’t gonna be any rebellion coming from the masses. Get Vaxxed, prole. Schnell!

  30. 20 odd miles north of the Z-man’s hellhole Baltimore is Carroll County MD. Population 180,000. Total Covid deaths, according to the CDC over the past 18 months is 257 or one in seven hundred.

    For this, they destroyed the economy.

      • At least none of them had gunshot wounds.

        They might’ve had to clear the pile bodies from horse dewormer overdose blocking the hospital doors to get all those covid patients through.

        • Horse dewormer. I love it. Should I ever unquestionably come down with the Dread Coof, I will try to get an appointment with my MD. Once there, I will demand ivermectin and or HCQ. Should those not be available for some mysterious reason, well, I’m not going to take the horse dewormer I have stockpiled; that would be dumb, it says not for humans right on the box. I will, however, give it prophylactically to my 225 lb, two legged horse, “Master Gurloes.” He’s not much good as a horse, and well past his prime, but I’m fond of the old boy, and don’t want to see him suffer unnecessarily because the AMA has gone full Jonestown.

    • Remember Dick Cheney and Condoleeezzza Rice doing the “we don’t strike first, mushroom cloud in NYC” bit? And sensible people rolled their eyes (at least after 2002)?

      Now we have the lefty version, which is “if locking down saves one life…” bit. I know a lot of lefties, and they do think this is an unprecedented event and lives are at stake. And remember that old political spectrum which had safety at one end and liberty at the other, and we were told that lefties tended toward safety and righties toward liberty?

      • Zman speaks today of living in a virtual world, so I agree with Orlov’s latest that this is the latest layer of lies piled on top of the big lie of Nineleven.

        That inside job was itself piled on:
        OKC: (milk jugs of manure in a rental truck)
        Rockaway: (wings fell off because the pilot pressed the rudder pedal too hard)
        TWA 800: (wires crossed in a gravity feed fuel tank with no wires)

        Per yesterday, even conservatives need to believe.

        I see the NTB as nature’s efficient means to self-organize the flock.

        Regardless of one’s IQ, skill level, or personal tendencies, the instinct of attachment- from strong to weak- allows anyone to find an anchor point.

        No one can digest, master, or even examine more than a tiny niche of the vast body of lore that is any culture.

        That instinct of attachment- the need to believe- allows each a means to attach themselves to a larger body and find their place within it.

    • The Covid Panic of 2020-20?? will be seen as the largest, most expensive, most disruptive, most widespread, and most deadly outbreak of mass insanity in human history.

  31. The first thing I noticed among my medical center colleagues was how excited they were by the pandemic. The chance to play hero and scold was like manna from heaven. It was as if every student council president got a chance to brush off their trapper keepers and go for gold. CS Lewis was prescient when he remarked that “those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.”

    • those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience

      They torment us for the dopamine-driven masturbatory self-titillation of their own virtue snivelling.

    • The tut-tutting I heard from medical friends was nauseating. One nurse I knew was full on-board, but changed her tune when she was fired because of lack of elective surgeries to prepare for the influx of Corona patients that never happened. Most were backtracking by fall, but once the vax came out they came back in full force with the haranguing.

      The most annoying part is my wife has a lot of students whose parents are Doctors, and most didn’t care one whit about Covid after a couple of months, but professionally in their Doctor’s bubble and online they are playacting their medical professional parts. It’s like once they put on their scrubs they are actors in a movie.

      • Actors is exactly right. There’s another kind of socially necessary acting that we seem to have forgotten, though: acting like an adult. I remember talking to a relative, a teenager, back when this all started. “Aren’t you scared?” she asked. I replied “honestly, no… But even if I was terrified, I wouldn’t tell *you,* because I’m the grownup and that is my social responsibility.”

        Of all the insanity unleashed by the Dread Coof, the worst is the concurrent plague of chronological adults carrying on like the most hormonal preteen girls. Where’s the Godfather, to slap Johnny Fontaine around? Oh Godfather, what can I do? SLAP! You can act like a man!!!

    • Truth.

      Anyone else sick to death about how these nurse wanna-be “heroes” are now “burnt out” from all the Covid cases?

      Which is it? Hero or zero, ladies?

      • Don’t you see how exhausting it is, making all those TikTok videos of them dancing in empty hospital halls? That’s so exhausting, it’s heroic. What kind of awful monster are you?

        • Oh yes. Possibly the worst offenders in this regard are the “Purge” movies.

          The white supremacist villains are hyped up as a huge threat, coming to colored neighborhoods to round everyone up to the death camps. But as soon as they run into a strong woman of color, they start tripping over their own shoelaces and get slaughtered easily.

          Of course before they expire they have to proclaim some final “Trumpist” one-liner.

  32. Hell, I’m struggling to discern fantasy from reality. When I listen to some of these freaking politicians or read stuff from Sailer and some commenters on Unz (for example), I can’t believe what I’m hearing/reading. These people are so invested in this story, it is absolutely stunning. Christ, there are no bodies piling up in the streets or outside hospital ERs. I’m wondering more and more if I’m the one losing my marbles.

    • I’m wondering more and more if I’m the one losing my marbles.

      If you can keep your head when all about you
      Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
      If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you…

      …If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
      Or being lied about, don’t deal in lies,
      Or being hated, don’t give way to hating,
      And yet don’t look too good, nor talk too wise…

      … Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,
      And – which is more – you’ll be a Man, my son!

      PS: The above fragment was brought to you courtesy of the author of “The Wrath of the Awakened Saxon.”

      Strange coincidence, that.

    • This, if anyone doesn’t know, is a demonstration of the effects of gas-lighting; the real thing, not the synonym for lying that gets bandied about. Crazy person making another feel the latter is the crazy one, not the actual crazy person.

      It’s safe to assume that anyone making you feel crazy (assuming you’re not actually crazy) is themself crazy because they’re gaslighting you. Wisdom dictates you remove yourself far from such people, including people like Sailor. Crazy people make unreliable allies or friends.

    • The hysterical oldsters and jab shill accounts have gotten so bad at Unz I barely venture there anymore.

      Dollar Vigilante likes to make fun of one particular fake news segment where, “the crematoria…they never stop burning…,” turned out to be a tire fire or something. He went down to a local morgue and it was totally empty.

      • I’ve posted before how a local RN told me a local hospital had had to erect a waiting tent outside their ER. Now I’ll be honest, I don’t know which she worked at, but I drove around my local hospital and no tent, no line out the door, parking lot only perhaps half full. Nothing at all odd looking.

        I posted yesterday the Fox news piece with the whopper claim of “99% unvaccinated” in hospital. The article admits the data period was between Jan.-Aug. It didn’t mention that this was before the vaccinations had even begun, nor did they mention the large number of cases during the winter months, typical of a flu season.

        This was widely reported, as recently as a few days ago in the NY Post. This isn’t honest reporting, it’s pure government propaganda.

        The lies and distortions are almost beyond belief. Why does any sensible person believe a single thing they report any more?

    • UsNthem: Sailer really has lost his marbles. His big ‘gottcha’ this morning is a post claiming Thomas Babington Macauley advocated Sailer’s particular brand of ‘citizenism.’ No mention of what citizen meant to Macauley or the difference between the modern state and the historical ‘nation.’ Just “Look at me! Aren’t I the clever boy!”

      That’s really all I can discern in Sailer’s writing anymore. It’s a bid for attention and there’s a cohort of his commentariat that fellate him regardless of what he writes. I’m pretty much done even trolling there.

    • “and some commenters on Unz”. Brother, I read Unz every morning before work, and I often wonder whether there really are so many monomaniacal people in the Anglo-sphere. Many of the commenters are literal maniacs, and yet they still seem able to engage with reality; but they always see things weirdly, and always come to the wrong conclusions.
      And when Linh Dinh writes one of his excellent articles for Unz it seems to bring out vicious maniacs who want him to go back to whichever gook-hole he came from. Crazy to the nth degree. And yet the vast majority of these nuts really are on the “right” side of the political spectrum.
      So I get lumped in with them? My goodness, the world we live in.

    • Ive said this for a year and a half. I want my bodies…. If this is a pandemic, I want piles of bodies.

      • I’ve been like a lunatic Jerry Maguire for a year and a half now. Show… Me… The BODIES!!

        Never happens. You’d think that would cause some people to have another think, but Twitter says otherwise, and that armor is too strong for blasters.

  33. I know I bang this drum a lot, but the antics of the Cloud People in Tubman DF is exactly what life on a college campus is like. The same frantic reality avoidance, despite being pounded over the head, every minute of the day, with contrary evidence (trust me, college kids are NOT wearing their magic masks as they tailgate and get wasted and hook up; if Covid were even 1% as bad as the Cloudies insist, there wouldn’t be an undergraduate alive between Boston and Berkeley).

    If you were ever on the fence about sending your kids to college, just know that Jen Psaki would be a moderate, reasonable, emotionally continent centrist professor on most campuses… and the grad students who actually teach 90% of the classes are much worse.

    • At this point, its immoral to send you child to most schools. There may be a few, but CHrisendom College in Front Royal VA maybe

      • On has little alternative wrt attending college depending on career choice. On the upside, a decent, tough, curriculum choice tends to separate one from the screaming loonies.

        • Compsci: Once again, with all due respect, the old rules no longer apply. To prepare for a future in the same manner Americans did from say 1900-1980 is not merely quaint, it is foolish. No career field or certification will guarantee a White male a decent future. With the cost of housing and a vehicle climbing into the stratosphere (not to mention the cost of groceries) traditional family formation is becoming almost financially impossible.

          Those of us who refuse to live in this paradigm are not going to sacrifice and train our children to play their role in propping up this putrid carcass of a long-dead nation. Sending one’s children and one’s money to any ‘institution of higher learning’ is dancing to the enemy’s tune. Many of us refuse to to bow the knee.

          • You do not get an engineering job without a degree. Med school, law school, etc. Whether one has employment opportunities post graduation is secondary. Simple as that.

            Now, if you want to obtain a position that does not require a degree, or is feasible to work up through the ranks, or be internally trained by the corporation, more power to you. But your options are limited.

            When/if there is a separation of the races, every new nation will need its high level professionals. The trick is to train those people, while keeping them in the fold. Not sure how to do this, but obviously it can be done—or you’d have a lot fewer posters in this group.

          • The trades. You can make very good money in the trades if you’re willing to sweat and ache and build sterile buildings designed by people who don’t know the first thing about laying bricks or pulling feeder cables 🙂

          • Compsci: I’m a tradesman in a trade with no licensing requirements. I make more than most of my college-educated clients, including most of the medical professionals. Now, I’m fairness, I’m self-employed, so I keep all the money my clients are billed, and my work is physically demanding. However, if your career choice is such that you have to be propagandized for 4-6 years (and in debt to boot!) In order to earn less than a high school grad, you would do really well to rethink your career choice.

          • Drew, are you a doctor, engineer, plant biologist, etc? No, you are a tradesmen—which is a venerable and good thing to be. Hell, 4 out of 5 interactions I have daily are with such folk as you. Without you, I’m screwed.

            However, that’s not what I was talking about. What I was getting at is that a 1st world technological society requires all sorts of skill sets. When I’m sick, I need a doctor and the myriad of medical professionals who support him. We can not ignore white collar professions, nor (despicably) put down blue collar professions.

            My father was a skilled blue collar worker, and without getting into detail, I would challenge any person in this group to make a case that he was not the equal in his field to themselves wrt skill and hard work. Indeed, workers with his skill/ability/occupation were so hard to find, they had to be imported from European countries into the US—which is how he and I got here.

      • Hillsdale College in Michigan is one of the most based schools around, though they don’t have a strong technical side.

        Even five years ago it was still possible to hide out in a technical discipline at a mainline university and avoid most of the Woke crap by carefully choosing one’s electives.

        Based on the pseudo-science crap my engineering alma mater regularly sends me, I believe hiding out in such fashion is no longer possible.

        • You should see what my professional society is doing… fast-tracking illegal immigrants to licensure because the real “Justinian’s Plague” is too many white people.

          College will sabotage you on the way and your peers will sabotage you on arrival. The Dark Ages beckon.

          • If anyone here still somehow respects the medical profession after their disgraceful performance in the Coof just remember that the official position of the AMA is now to oppose putting biological sex on birth certificates.

        • Up the road from Hillsdale is Kettering University. They seem to be too busy in producing top quality engineers to become poz’d—but it’s been a decade or so since I’ve been there.

          I must note that they had any number of “refugee” faculty from the old USSR. Those folk were a hoot and brooked no “lazy” Americans. ;-). Nothing is “sexier” to an (American) academic than hearing a foreign faculty member berate the students and tell it “tell it is”! Any snowflakes in the classroom can take a hike.

          When there, they required an intro orientation session on “how to dress”. Parents and potential students must attend. Possessing a business suit is required of all entering students. (No, dress was casual—within limits—in the classroom and around campus.)

          Not only that, they worked co-opts with most of the major corporations in the US—not just GM or Ford. The President of the university addressed the students and parents and during the address, reminded parents that any student who was “fired” from a co-op position for cause was automatically *expelled* from Kettering.

          Not sure if it was the students’ upbringing at home, or the shock of the immediate no bullshit environment of Kettering, but everyone seemed attentive—if not stunned. 😉

        • Wild Geese – Hillsdale is not based, it is civnat to the core. Pushing the magic constitution and ‘based’ nonwhites. It has ties to the Jaffa’s Claremont Institute. It pushes Lincoln worship. It does not deserve it’s ‘rightist’ reputation.

          • I gather that Judeo-Christian is paired with Citizenism.
            It’s been a while since I’ve seen anything good out of the place,

    • Eh, the college kids, especially the young women, in this area are religiously face-pantied up in the grocery stores.

      • You have to recall that Karen-ism is extremely situational. It’s a positional good. Your Basic College Girl is going to be all about the masks while she’s on campus, or out in public near the campus, because that gives her the most public piety status points. It might cost her a few mating opportunities — but then again, it might not — but she’s willing to trade maybe meeting some dude for definitely being seen as the #wokest on the block.

        Friday night at the offf-campus bars, though, is an entirely different story. The status contest there isn’t “who’s the #wokest,” it’s “who’s the hottest,” so it’s adios face burqa. Let us not fool ourselves — in neither case is she doing it FOR the guys. It’s for the girls — women only engage in status competition with each other. But the guy is necessary validation in that status competition arena, so she’ll make sure all the guys can see her face.

          • Jeffrey Hart Brotman (September 27, 1942 – August 1, 2017) was an American attorney, entrepreneur, and executive. Brotman was the co-founder and chairman of Costco Wholesale Corporation…

            Early life and education

            Brotman was born to a Jewish family in Tacoma, Washington, the son of Pearl and Bernie Brotman. His grandparents were Jewish emigrants from Romania to Saskatchewan; his parents immigrated to the US and settled in Tacoma. His father was an owner of Seattle Knitting Mills. Along with his uncles, he owned a chain of 18 retail stores in Washington and Oregon named Bernie’s…

            To purchase anything from the likes of Costco or Home Depot is to offer up your money as a tithe to Massa Lucifer hisself.

  34. I know at least a dozen people who had covid including my son. The kids were sick for a day or two if at all. A couple of the adults had something like the flu for a week. I don’t know anyone who died from it.

    I do know people who have had complications from the vaccine including somebody who died two months later from a bizarre disease.

    • Similar experience here.

      One adult I know did just have a 4 day hospital stay. He had a near fatal case of pneumonia many years ago, so this was not a shock, and he is gradually recovering. A colleague did lose a sibling that also had risk factors.

      On the other hand, a good friend lost a bro in-law when he had a severe reaction to the jab.


    • Yeah, someone mentioned that the other day—that they don’t know anyone who have had a “bad” reaction from the jab. A good retort is to ask if they know anyone who has died from Covid, rather than recite a litany of possible adverse reactions.

      I have been blessed in that I’ve not known anyone who has had a bad experience with Covid. However, as is human nature, everyone I know can tell me of “a friend of a friend” who has died of Covid. 🙁

      • I don’t know anybody who had died of Covid or was in hospital with a bad case of it.
        But I do know of 2 people who died few weeks after the jab, one who ended up in ER 3 days after the jab and several who had were “sick” for 2 to 4 days right after they received the jab.
        Of course, I also know people who had no issues after the jab, but overall, the limited stats I was able to gather look very bad.

      • My response is always “What’s their name?”
        It is astonishing how many people in this age of total surveillance and zero privacy, manage to live and die (or at least die) with no official moniker other than “friend”.

    • Wife and I both got Covid at the end of January. We were both 55 at the time and in good health an fitness. It was no different than any other flu and/or respiratory infection. Fever and chills for about 36 hours, then some body aches for a few days. It did take a solid 4-6 weeks for me to feel like I was back to 100% at the gym. Our entire family of 6 has now had symptomatic Covid and we’re all fine.

      Having said that, my neigbor across the street, age 66, got Covid last fall, wound up on a ventilator in the ER for three weeks and had to be resuccitated several times.

      This is all about control, not saving lives.

      • I’m in that oldster category for co-morbidity and certainly don’t want to “go before my time”. But really, what is my time?

        I look around and see my age cohort moving around the stores and restaurants like a scene from The Walking Dead. It’s hard for me to imagine that before WWII these people would be alive without modern medicine. It’s not for nothing that 75+% of one’s lifetime medical costs come in the last 6 months of life.

        Waaay too much emphasis being given to the effect of Covid on this population cohort.

        • Compsci, my parents are both still living. Dad aged 84 and mom aged 80. Both in great health and great physical shape. They hike 5-10 miles in the mountains of Colorado 2-3 times per week.

          They both got the vax and I supported their decision. At their age they probably have a 10%-20% probability of death on a statistical basis from a Covid infection, although I suspect the probability is much lower given their good health. The most common side effect of the vax has been myocarditis, which although rare carries a 50% 5-year mortality rate. On balance, it was a rational decision to get the vax. By contrast, its’ wholly irrational for any healthy individual under 40 and for most healthy people under 60.

          This whole Covid mess has brought to mind a lot of the Zman’s writing about how the US is now destined to stumble from one crisis to the next, unable to address any of them effectively. Decline and fall is not fun to watch.

          • You have no argument from me. I’d advise oldsters to take the jab myself. I’d also promote the rapid development of any and all treatments for Covid—something not even done today given the incestuous relationship between big pharma and the medical establishment.

            Now that being said. Does the health of myself and other oldsters take precedent over the life and health of others not in my or your parents cohort?

            Should we close down the economic basis for this country to attempt to eradicate a disease that by all indications can not and will not be eradicated?

            Should my children and grandchildren be impoverished (through government debt) or forced to quarantine and lose important stages of education and developmental growth?

            I know you don’t think so. What I am saying is that for us oldsters—and there are indications in the “all deaths” stat’s currently being collected—that all these efforts *at best* have only extended our lives (on average) by a few months.

    • In the plant I go to with several hundred people in it, I have direct knowledge of ONE person that had Covid, and that’s not even certain because something went hinky with his test/paperwork so his medical providers wouldn’t officially certify it as Covid.

      He had typical flu symptoms for a couple days, then he was fine.

      Other than that I have second or third-hand knowledge of two other cases, both of whom were also fine after a couple days.

    • 75 million Americans ages 18 or younger.

      Less than 400 deaths from Covid in that demographic.

      Yet the drumbeat to get approval to vaccine even young children is deafening.

      • When we find out, 15 years from now, the mass school vaccination has left the children in all White countries sterile, it won’t matter how many guns whites have.

        The nonwhites will still have large home populations to draw from.

        This isn’t about us. We’re being boxed into a corner so they can get to the kids.

        • I voiced the paranoid suspicion first 🙂 I had not considered the sterility possibility, but the net result would be the same. The vaxxes (especially the mRNA ones) have heaviest uptake in the wealthy ( = White) nations. A big reduction in our populations, intentional or not, would hasten the West’s demographic doom.

      • These statistics make the ridiculous insistence on forcing schoolchildren to wear masks and the maudlin hand wringing media stories about “Are Our Children Safe in School?!?” even more infuriating. If justice is ever served everyone who took part in this hysteria will be changed with millions of counts of child abuse.

  35. here’s a thought – somewhere like Montgomery County, MD is in many ways a good place to live. Something like 2/3 of the population went to college and probably 40-45% have advanced degrees. Outside of a few areas (kensington/wheaton) there’s a low crime rate. I also assume the divorce and opioid rates are lower than the national average.

    Yet I feel like these types of places might not survive this current crisis. Like if I’m a parent with kids, I would never want to live there.

    • Well, since I live in exactly the place you describe (Bethesda, nearer to Kensington) and I have a young kid, I suppose I find that observation a bit … unnerving. But I can’t argue with it. My neighbors certainly think there’s some magic shield that will keep the Wheaton dysfunction out of our neighborhood. I moved here from the rural South and I’ll agree … the rich parts of MoCo are superficially idyllic, especially in comparison the land of the Dirt People. My house is well-built if old, my neighbors are social (as long as we talk about the weather), the area is entirely devoid of diversity. (Bethesda definitely qualifies for “we talk like MLK but live like KKK.” This place is monochromatic.) I’d guess the majority of adults on my street have grad ed, most are gov’t employees, and they think the fantasy they’ve created will be forever sustained by their signaled virtue. The only way to shake these people out of their Lefty Faith would be for them to *feel* the pain, but I don’t want my kid bussed to some Silver Spring elementary school than my neighbors do.

        • Heh. One time, while getting arrested in a small Tennessee town with a large black contingent, the cops asked where I was coming from.

          “Rockville,” I replied.
          The look on their faces…

      • I grew up just across the Potomac, but had family in that area until very recently. The area is just as you describe. My late aunt’s only grand-daughter graduated from Whitman High in mid-2000s. A speaker at her graduation ceremony was a then U.S. Senator from Arkansas that bragged he grew up in Bethesda, Maryland. This tells you a lot of what is wrong with our nation 🙂

    • krusty: I grew up in Montgomery County and I suppose, if you consider credentialism to equal intelligence and wisdom, and you buy into the narrative, it would be a reasonable place to grow up. A place where almost everyone works for the government or a contractor or an NGO. And everyone goes to college and all kids are above average. Just ignore all the black and mestizo crime in Silver Spring and Wheaton, which used to be entirely White (albeit heavily ‘fellow white’) and middle class. Just live in the bubble and pretend it’s reality and you’ll do fine.

      You couldn’t pay me to even visit the place ever again – not even for relative’s funeral. I’d like to see the place wiped off the map, along with NY and LA.

      • Looks like Montgomery County is over-represented among Z-readers. Grew up in Wheaton, which was mostly white, although we always did get the tribe’s holidays off school. Couple years back, MS-13 had chopped a guy to bits in Wheaton Regional Park, where I used to take riding lessons.

        But they’ve built a shiny condo building where that crappy Safeway used to be, so it’s all good now.

        • brp: I remember Wheaton Regional Park. Loved that place as a child (’60s and early ’70s). My first job was at a store in Wheaton Plaza. Haven’t been back there since then, but from what I’ve read, that whole area is majority mestizo now, and not safe for Whites at all.

          • I was at a factory in that area, a big place, all Mexican workers.

            In broken Spanish, I asked the girl on the dock assisting me where they’d all come from.

            “California,” she said. “I went first to see my cousin in California, but he said there was nothing left for us there. So we came here.”

            As Presidente Vincente Fox smirked at the time, “We created 15 million jobs…except, we created them in the United States.”

    • Those all-White, properly liberal UMC enclaves all are generally surrounded by diversity. They will prove easy pickings the day the EBT cards don’t max out.

  36. You mention the phrase ‘walking dead’ a couple of times. Wouldn’t surprise me if most of the people in HR, government back-offices really wanted The Walking Dead to be true. They thought it was some sort of accurate documentary about the future.

    That said, the most inaccurate thing about The Walking Dead wasn’t the zombies. It was the fact that after an apocalypse, the main survivors just happened to be a motley diverse crue consisting of: racist southern whites, battered housewife (later turns into roaring lioness), couple of wogs, a beaner, a homo, a couple of lezzas, a few kids of undetermined sex; oh, and a chink.

    It’s probably in it’s 15th season by now. They love to long it out…

    • For the sake of friendly debate, I’m going to disagree. Yes, the survivors are Diverse all right, but that’s just central casting doing its thing. The real appeal of TWD to the Cloudies is that it assumes a total Hobbesian war of all against all, immediately, once the leadership of the Cloud is taken away.

      In any real crisis, there are always freeloaders and pirates, but the natural instinct of most people is cooperation. In TWD, it’s just assumed that society will revert to brutal warlordism 5 minutes after the air conditioning goes out…

      …thus proving how vital and necessary the Cloud People are, to keep you awful “people” in line. (No accident that the leader in the first seasons is a uniformed agent of the state *who never changes his clothes*).

      • Bureaucrats and state functionaries in general live total fantasy lives, not unlike Walter Mitty, in which they are the saviors of and indispensable to the Dirt People. As you know, professors and teachers indulge this delusion just as much as analysts, state stormtroopers, and the rest of the cabal. If things do get sporty, and for the first time I seriously think that could be sooner than later, they will find immediately how irrelevant they are to the Cloud People.

        I mention this because the Cloud People really don’t care how they are perceived as long as they have plenty of sex, plenty of food and a warm place to go to the bathroom (all top grade). Their only concern is their whores and servants, the aforementioned functionaries, keep dancing as fast as they can until the day they are cut loose.

        I would say much more than TWD, George Romero’s last zombie epic, LAND OF THE DEAD, was far closer to what will happen in the near future. It reflects my main concern about the Cloud People, which is they also operate under the delusion they are invincible and can kick their janissaries to the curb without consequence. Their reality likely will be closer to the reality of the Dennis Hopper character.

        tl;dr: The state agents are not Cloud People, only dutiful whores who operate under the fantasy they are indispensable. The Cloud People operate under the fantasy they can live sumptuous lives in bolt holes.

  37. Bwahaha!

    Amid all the Covid propaganda, I had forgotten about the ‘front line workers’ or ‘key workers’ as we had here on The Isles. My, did they rinse that one dry. Regular Erwin Rommels and Guderians, the lot of ’em.

    Heroes work here.

    • We have low bar for “hero’s” these days—perhaps even lower than the bar for “victims”. Personally, my favorite local hero’s were the couple of Mexicans who kept their burrito place open for business and never blinked an eye when I went in there—maskless—for lunch. (I also tip well). 😉

  38. I’m reading comments on Youtube on videos related to the mandatory vaccination rollouts, and people are pointing out that the belts of razor wire they’re unspooling in D.C. might not be enough to keep the peasants from charging the palace. These comments aren’t coming from the dissident right, or even the normie right. These are coming from a usually totally apathetic, pop culture-addled center left that usually does whatever the celebrities tell them to do, and is usually easy to cow and cajole. I think the self-hatred, nihilism, and pointlessness of the lives of our rulers has finally caught up with them. I think (whether consciously or not) they want to be put out of their misery. Unfortunately, like a Pharaoh dragging his slave retinue to his tomb, they want us to die with them. I could actually envision brown-nosers like Stephen Colbert or Kevin Williamson begging to be buried in their pyramids with their masters, too.

    • In a related article this morning on the normie site American Greatness, the author included this passage:

      President Ronald Reagan once said, “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are, ‘I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.’” That was probably true when the Gipper said it, but times have changed. The new, 21st-century threat comes in the form of a sprawling, paninstitutional ruling class whose public and private sector branches alike worship at the secular altar of wokeism. That ruling class has no interest in abiding by any sort of neutral “live and let live” niceties; its interest is in banning conservative speech from social media, soft-banning conservative ideas from the academy by means of “microaggressions” and “safe spaces,” and so on. As I have argued, we should think of the new “most terrifying words” as, “I’m from the ruling class, and I’m here to subjugate you.”

      DR terminology is slowly seeping down to the masses. Take that as your white pill for the day.

      • That’s why I always change “class” to caste. I’m from the ruling caste, and I’m here to help. Because that’s what they really want, of course — hereditary privilege, because they’re just Better Than You.

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