The Shadow State

Imagine if at your place of work, you began to suspect that many of your coworkers were members of a secret organization. At first you notice that when one has an idea, all of them suddenly adopt it. One day one will use a turn of phrase and then all of them are using it, as if on command. They display no outward expression of membership in a secret group, but their behavior suggests they are controlled by the same source, or they are coordinated by some unknown actor.

This would have been the experience of Donald Trump when he took office. He knew, of course, that many of the people he inherited were loyalists to the Bush crime family or the Clinton crime family. That was part of his campaign, rooting out these people as bad for the American people. What he did not understand is that even the people who appeared to support him in Washington were part of an informal club. The Bush and Clinton clans were just manifestations of this secret club.

That seems farfetched, but take a look at this post in Politico about what they call “the secretive consulting firm that’s become Biden’s Cabinet in waiting”. The short version of it is that a “consulting firm” operated as a shadow administration while the Democrats were out of power. When Biden was installed, in was from this shadow government that he picked key appointees. The source of funding for what amounts to a secret society is not mentioned, but it is not hard to guess.

In many respects, Biden represents a return to a trend that began under the first George Bush and has become more obvious over time. That is, the president is a figure head representing a faction within Washington. Up to Ronald Reagan, new presidents tended to bring key people from their home state, who took up key positions and helped vet new hires in the administration. Over time they were assimilated into the Borg, but initially they offered a fresh perspective and a change in direction.

With Bush I, that started to change. His administration was from the Borg as Bush no longer had ties to normal America. The Bush family’s closest relationships were not to local elites in America, but to the Saudi royal family, Mexican drug cartels and the American intelligence agencies. Bush was the first post-American president. He was followed by Clinton, whose administration was filled with members of the semi-permanent ruling elite based in Washington.

Bush II and Obama were basically spokesmen for organization that existed in the shadows, like the one stocking the Biden administration. They were also the most shallow and unaccomplished men to reach office. Neither had done anything to that point that would warrant local attention, much less national attention. They could have been hired from a talent agency and trained to play the role. Obama famously used a teleprompter for all public utterances.

One reason the imperial capital revolted when Trump was elected is he was a break in the long evolutionary chain. By 2016, the people who actually run the government had come to see the president as window dressing to appease the masses. The real work of governance was done by the thousands of people who live, work and socialize in the world’s largest small town. From their perspective, he was a threat to their democracy, because their democracy had become one party rule.

A good current example of how things really work in American democracy is the case against former Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann. The judge in the case is Christopher Cooper, who is married to attorney Amy Jefress. She represents key players in the FBI Russia hoax like Lisa Page. Sussman’s lawyers are long time legal insiders serving the Democratic Party. The Lawfare Group, which was deeply involved in the Russia hoax, is helpfully providing commentary to the media.

The reason that there could never be a legitimate investigation of the FBI plot to overturn the 2016 election was everyone involved is connected to everyone who would investigate or prosecute the case. Washington is a separate society that is independent of the country over whom it rules. Again, if you imagine it as a secret club, politics makes a lot of sense. The part we see, campaigns, politicians, elections, is controlled by the part we never see, the semi-permanent ruling class.

There is also reason to suspect that many of the people working in politics are just as gullible as the people voting Republican. The FBI-organized protest last weekend looks like it was more for the people inside the wire than outside the wire. They wanted the rank and file in Congress to see the storm troopers cracking skulls and flag waving barbarians screaming for the cameras. The whole thing was an amusing flop, but it kept Ocasio-Cortez up at night, which was the purpose.

Long ago, Pat Buchanan observed that local politicians are often quite sensible, which is how they get bumped up to the House of Senate. The people supporting them hope they will be a sane voice for their interests. When they get to Washington, they quickly go native and become just another voice of the ruling class. Buchanan wrote it off to social influence, which is certainly true. The newly minted Congressman is quickly socialized into the culture and is then assimilated into the Borg.

Another reason though is the shadow government. These vast global consulting firms that operate in every western capital but are based in Washington operate like a secret society. They produce the people who get appointments in every administration, and they produce the candidates for spots on the bench. They don’t write regulations and legislation, but they develop and curate the people who do. They have evolved a system that is immune to the virus of elections.

What this means is that voting has become pointless. A system that is immune to voting is not going to be fixed by more voting. In fact, voting provides a false sense of legitimacy to the system. The dynamic of liberal democracy is that voting not only strengthens the system, making it even more resistant to elections, but it also encourages more voting. The more that people participate, the less their voice matters and the more shadowy the true ruling elite pulling the strings.

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214 thoughts on “The Shadow State

  1. does the gloom and doom of the news ever create a weird type of addiction in you? If something bad is happening – you always want to look for good news. Likewise if good news finally seems to be happening – you want to keep looking for good news to make sure it’s for real.

    I’m not sure you would call this doomscrolling – but it’s sort of like you want there to be good news and you need a bigger dose of it. Have any of you guys ever experienced this feeling before. Also, how do you guys stop yourself from having the “devil vs angel” conversations in your mind. I’m kind of the obsessive/anxious type and whenever there’s something I’m unsure of – I have a conversation in my mind between the optimistic vs the pessimistic.

    This isn’t a perfect example because masks obviously exist and really piss me off – but maybe I should view COVID/policestate the same way I view alzheimers, parkinsons and certain type of cancers (prostate, pancreatic). If I get it in 40 years (I’m 30 right now) I’ll think about it then. Until then – life is for living.

    • I believe that if I lived in a village 500 years ago, I would walk the perimeter of the village, or at least my property, every night before sleeping, looking for threats.

      (Am I the only one who’s surprised krustykurmudgeon is only 30?)

    • “Does the gloom and doom of the news ever create a weird type of addiction in you?”

      Nope. I am 68 and have taught History in three countries for 27 years. I have also lived, as in: been kidnapped, attacked by wild animals, chased by armies and Indians in the jungles south of the border, shipwrecked, shot at, opened Mayan tombs, looked for ‘lost cities’ and gold mines…and on and on.

      Nothing in the news distresses me at all. I have seen it all before, as in “there is nothing new under the sun.” It makes me laugh, however.

      If ancient Sumer had had newspapers, they would read as if written yesterday.

  2. Zman say 1 election was a calamity for turnout. Hollywood celebs already bemoan USA has the lowest turnout in the industrialized world, or among it. What if say 2024 even in a presidential election 20 percent of the voting age population voted and no more? What does that cause them to do? I know 2014 as a midterm had numbers like this. The wiki here on the 2014 midterms.

    “The 2014 United States elections were held on Tuesday, November 4, 2014, in the middle of Democratic President Barack Obama’s second term. Republicans retained control of the House of Representatives and won control of the Senate.

    Republicans won a net gain of nine Senate seats, the largest Senate gain for either party since the 1980 United States elections. In the House, Republicans won a net gain of thirteen seats, giving them their largest majority since the onset of the Great Depression. In state elections, Republicans won a net gain of two seats and flipped control of ten legislative chambers. Various other state, territorial, and local elections and referenda were held throughout the year.

    With total spending reaching $3.7 billion, the midterm election, at the time, was the most expensive in history, being surpassed by the 2018 midterm election four years later. The 2014 election also saw the lowest turnout since 1942, with just 36.4% of eligible voters voting.”

      • Google. With a couple of hours on the computer and some photoshop skills and some card stock, I produced a vac card. Most exhilarating. Not a soul I’ve shown to can tell the difference. However, I do not intent to use such. To do so is in essence to support TPTB. To admit they have the power over me to demand I obtain and carry such. It was simply an intellectual exercise.

    • Because she’s going to stand up for what she believes in and not hide it.

      It hass caused a lot of good conversations around the hospital, opened some eyes.

      If nobody’s willing to stand up and say “I’m Spartacus” nothing ever happens.

  3. as someone who has generalized anxiety disorder – what i’m worried about is that they are eventually going to give up on COVID but try to segue into “climate lockdowns”.

    The problem is that they burned through the publics trust. But my view is that even if only five states in the u.s. try this idea – it could still be a fiasco because it could have bad effects on other states.

    • At that point the best thing would be for red states to go their own way and dare others to stop them from using their fossil fuel resources.

  4. So, my daughter’s religious exemption at her hospital has been given it’s final denial and she’s on her way out. However, she also related to me very shocking story.

    A fellow tech has a variety of medical issues that make her ineligible for the vaccine, yet she was denied a medical exemption. Wait, it gets worse. The girl felt trapped. She couldn’t afford to give up her job, so she went to get the vaccine there at the hospital. When they pulled up her medical records, they refused to give her the vax — she was clearly prohibited from it by clear language in the vaccine risks and restrictions.

    But they still wouldn’t grant her exemption. They told her she just had to go get the vaccine elsewhere. So she went and got it at Walgreens, where they don’t give a damn about your actual medical risks.

    Let me reemphasize that — the hospital insisted that if she wanted to keep her job she had to get a vaccine that the hospital itself thought was too risky to give her.

    My daughter says the tech isn’t particularly bright or forceful or brave and let herself be browbeat into it.

    This is way beyond simply stupid. This sort of coercion of the weak is straight-up evil. Like, actually demonic, Satanic evil.

    • People have to force the issue by refusing and dare tptb to fire them. If they do, file a blizzard of lawsuits for wrongful termination on all grounds.

      The very last thing anyone should do is let them bully you into quitting.

      Don’t quit make them pull the trigger.

    • Just found out that every religious exemption at her hospital was denied … except the Muslim guy’s.

      • I saw that coming. The Leftists who run our country and culture will give a free pass to the Religion of Pieces every time.

  5. “The American system of representative government was overthrown by the Deep State—a.k.a. the police state a.k.a. the military/corporate industrial complex—a profit-driven, militaristic corporate state bent on total control and global domination through the imposition of martial law here at home and by fomenting wars abroad. The “government of the people, by the people, for the people” has perished. In its place is a shadow government, a corporatized, militarized, entrenched bureaucracy that is fully operational and staffed by unelected officials who are, in essence, running the country and calling the shots in Washington DC, no matter who sits in the White House. Mind you, by “government,” I’m not referring to the highly partisan, two-party bureaucracy of the Republicans and Democrats. Rather, I’m referring to “government” with a capital “G,” the entrenched Deep State that is unaffected by elections, unaltered by populist movements, and has set itself beyond the reach of the law. This is the hidden face of a government that has no respect for the freedom of its citizenry. This shadow government, which “operates according to its own compass heading regardless of who is formally in power,” makes a mockery of elections and the entire concept of a representative government.

    The takeaway: Everything the founders of this country feared has come to dominate in modern America. “We the people” have been saddled with a government that is no longer friendly to freedom and is working overtime to trample the Constitution underfoot and render the citizenry powerless in the face of the government’s power grabs, corruption and abusive tactics.

    So how do you balance the scales of justice at a time when Americans are being tasered, tear-gassed, pepper-sprayed, hit with batons, shot with rubber bullets and real bullets, blasted with sound cannons, detained in cages and kennels, sicced by police dogs, arrested and jailed for challenging the government’s excesses, abuses and power-grabs?

    No matter who sits in the White House, politics won’t fix a system that is broken beyond repair.“

    ”We the Aristocratic party of the United States, lamenting the many inconveniences to which the late confederation subjected the well-born, the better kind of people, bringing them down to the level of the rabble — and holding in utter detestation that frontispiece to every bill of rights, “that all men are born equal” — beg leave (for the purpose of drawing a line between such as we think were ordained to govern, and such as were made to bear the weight of government without having any share in its administration) to submit to our Friends in the first class for their inspection, the following defense of our monarchical, aristocratical democracy.

    1st. As a majority of all societies consist of men who (though totally incapable of thinking or acting in governmental matters) are more readily led than driven, we have thought meet to indulge them in something like a democracy in the new constitution, which part we have designated by the popular name of the House of Representatives. But to guard against every possible danger from this lower house, we have subjected every bill they bring forward, to the double negative of our upper house and president. Nor have we allowed the populace the right to elect their representatives annually . . . lest this body should be too much under the influence and control of their constituents, and thereby prove the “weatherboard of our grand edifice, to show the shiftings of every fashionable gale,” — for we have not yet to learn that little else is wanting to aristocratize the most democratical representative than to make him somewhat independent of his political creators.

    We have frequently endeavored to effect in our respective states, the happy discrimination which pervades this system; but finding we could not bring the states into it individually, we have determined … and have taken pains to leave the legislature of each free and independent state, as they now call themselves, in such a situation that they will eventually be absorbed by our grand continental vortex, or dwindle into petty corporations, and have power over little else than yoking hogs or determining the width of cart wheels. But (aware that an intention to annihilate state legislatures, would be objected to our favorite scheme) we have made their existence (as a board of electors) necessary to ours. This furnishes us and our advocates with a fine answer to any clamors that may be raised on this subject. We have so interwoven continental and state legislatures that they cannot exist separately; whereas we in truth only leave them the power of electing us, for what can a provincial legislature do when we possess the exclusive regulation of external and internal commerce, excise, duties, imposts, post-offices and roads; when we and we alone, have the power to wage war, make peace, coin money (if we can get bullion) if not, borrow money, organize the militia and call them forth to execute our decrees, and crush insurrections assisted by a noble body of veterans subject to our nod, which we have the power of raising and keeping even in the time of peace. What have we to fear from state legislatures or even from states, when we are armed with such powers, with a president at our head? (A name we thought proper to adopt in conformity to the prejudices of a silly people who are so foolishly fond of a Republican government, that we were obliged to accommodate in names and forms to them, in order more effectually to secure the substance of our proposed plan; but we all know that Cromwell was a King, with the title of Protector). I repeat it, what have we to fear armed with such powers, with a president at our head who is captain — general of the army, navy and militia of the United States, who can make and unmake treaties, appoint and commission ambassadors and other ministers, who can grant or refuse reprieves or pardons, who can make judges of the supreme and other continental courts — in short, who will be the source, the fountain of honor, profit and power, whose influence like the rays of the sun, will diffuse itself far and wide, will exhale all democratical vapors and break the clouds of popular insurrection? …”

  6. I honestly cringe whenever I see commentators on conservative websites throw out that “this [antifa group] needs to be locked up”, or “this [prominent liberal] needs to be investigated by the FBI”, or whatever. They don’t get it, even after the events of the past 5 years. The FBI is not a battle hardened national law enforcement organization filled with the best and brightest, taking on the toughest and the biggest cases, which is how it was portrayed for decades. It is the security arm for the ruling class, and just like the ruling class, it hates you. Likewise, prosecutors are not in the business of taking down even Outer Party members or their shock troops. They are looking to jumpstart their career by painting white normies as domestic terrorists.

    We are on our own and need to act like it. We cannot rely on organs of the system to help us anymore.

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  8. That’s useful about the Bush family. I tended to think of them as benevolent, gullible, dunderhead WASPs. No, they’re actually evil too.

    “Washington is a separate society that is independent of the country over whom it rules.”

    If Russian nuked it the country would greatly improve.

    • “Any letting the Saudis off the hook came from the White House,” former Agent Mark Rossini said. “I can still see that photo of Bandar and Bush enjoying cigars on the balcony of the White House two days after 9/11.”
      That photo still angers me. I was in a conference room that had a view of Logan and watched as the Saudis were flown off.

    • The second Bush was a POS but I think the first one at least pushed back against an occupation of Iraq . You can be sure he was under tremendous pressure to make the war go on longer.

  9. am i the only one to notice the symmetry between getting the jab, and people who think they are voting their way out of this?

    • Consider it a test. If you are a sheep you get the jab. If you are not then you don’t get the jab. This is why the Left is freaking out over those who resist.

    • Saw those via our former active commenter Lineman on Gab.

      The key moment will be the regime issuing orders to its enforcers to use live rounds and how the enforcers respond to that order.

    • You will never seen Americans resisting like that.
      We either run and hide or just roll over. And of course the DR thought masters would immediately condemn any conservatives who do resist but resisting is bad according to them.

      Sadly the Aussies are in tough spot. If the police resort to using live ammo there is nothing the ordinary Aussies can do since they gave up their guns.

      Still I respect their bravery. That is something you will never see from white Americans.

  10. “When they first get to Washington, freshmen don’t even know where the bathrooms are in the Senate. We show them.” -a Senate staffer

  11. “What this means is that voting has become pointless. A system that is immune to voting is not going to be fixed by more voting. In fact, voting provides a false sense of legitimacy to the system. ”

    This is Power Elite Studies 1010 harking back to C. Wright Mills. A lot of people who vote do so because it satisfies a need and “It’s something we should do because we’re supposed to…” the way a lot of people go to church because that’s what their family, friends and folks in their neighborhood go.

    Your Taki post mentioned that the Left prevails because they’re animated by a moral crusade. To some extent. It’s also because they’re like many non-Leftists who seek benefits for themselves at others’ expense. They’re just more effective in the way they go about it and, in addition, more obnoxious because they pretend otherwise. The many new arrivals may turn out to be their nemesis. Think Ihlan Omar as the patron saint of those who bite the hand that feeds them.

  12. Related, Angelo Codevilla has died. Killed by a drunk driver. Likely an illegal. He thought that America was already in a Civil War, and it would turn hot sooner or later.

    Perhaps not voting, a waste I agree, but things like a national trucker’s strike can put the squeeze on the Ruling Class to avert that Hot War, I certainly hope so. Nancy Pelosi’s 15K each twin Subzero fridges are useless without power. Big Shots like say, Tim Cook are useless if a commuter’s strike blocks all roads to/from the Apple Campus at the end of the day.

    • How about a trucker’s strike that involves refusing to carry supplies to any point within 100 miles of LA, SF, NY, DC, and any other shitlib hellhole?

    • It either goes hot or we get genocided. Forget about the truckers, ever since NAFTA they let Mexican truckers drive all over the U.S. and if all white truckers stayed home, the beaners would just take their place.

      A commuters strike would be devastating especially if they can clog the main trucking arteries for at least 5 days straight. That means no fuel or food deliveries, etc. You want to see panic, watch what happens when the grocery store shelves go empty and gas is $10 a gallon.

      BTW we are not being told the truth about the massive backlog of containers outside the port of Long Beach. This should not be happening. what I do know is that the number of intermodal freight trains from Long Beach has dropped by at least 50% or more. See I live about 200 yds from the main track that carries that rail traffic into the rest of the country and for decades there was a train every hour, after the lockdown I was lucky to see/hear one every 4-5 hours. And it’s still like that.

  13. “That was part of his campaign, rooting out these people as bad for the American people.”

    Trump did a good job selling that was his intention, but there is very little evidence that was his desire. More likely he just wanted to be allowed in the club.

      • For some strange reason I can’t get the phrase “lock her up” out of my mind and I don’t know why?

    • Trump was “in the club” until he ran against Hillary. In his younger days he partied at Studio 54 (with their private rooms that were no doubt as wired for sound and video as Epstein’s or Spence’s homes.) He had no foundation other than appeals to his vanity.

    • Tom K: Already reviewed at Counter Currents. Yarvin considers himself a clever boy and he’s not a White nationalist.

      • Yes, that must be where I found it. I’m watching it now. Some of it is very interesting. He speaks as an insider to the people in power.

      • Friends, don’t silo yourselves. Learn from those who are not just like us. Yarvin sounds more like a gateway than a gatekeeper.

        • I think inevitably some who start to question the status quo because of Yarvin will find that he offers no solutions and will end up at the DR.

    • Its excellent. Of course , nothing on race, but I have listened to it twice. Tucker says like 30 words in 1:15 mintues.

      Guy basically says we are living. lie

    • Yarvin blogged for years as “Mencius Moldbug,” writing lengthy pieces that explicated much of what was later called Neo-Reaction.

      He’s a tribesman but I suspect his parents may be atypical, for it is very unusual for a tribesman to have “Curtis” as a first name.

  14. “In many respects, Biden represents a return to a trend that began under the first George Bush and has become more obvious over time. That is, the president is a figure head representing a faction within Washington. Up to Ronald Reagan, new presidents tended to bring key people from their home state, who took up key positions and helped vet new hires in the administration.”

    It used to be prior to Cleveland’s reform of the civil service, that a new president would bring in hundreds, even thousands of new hires as part of a spoils system, and those guys would bring in many more of their local supporters. One common gift was to put a local booster in charge of the post office, them he would hire a bunch of his friends for no show jobs, then they would hire people to actually do the work. The civil service reform changed this by requiring federal employees to take a competency test, and preventing the executive office from firing peons willy-nilly.

    The problem intrinsic to democracy (or at least with a democracy where the head of state has a short term of office) is that you either have a replaceable incompetent bureaucracy or an independent competent bureaucracy, but you will rarely, or perhaps never, have a replaceable but competent bureaucracy. Short terms of office make for either instability or a bureaucracy that doesn’t feel beholden to the president.

    • You have a replaceable competent bureaucracy where there is a genetically sufficient talent pool and a sufficiently narrow scope of responsibility for the bureaucracy. Getting the mail delivered, issuing visas, and collecting customs excises is something a person with iq over room temperature can learn in a few days. Controlling the levers of international finance, not so much.
      Also, this assumes you dont have a working federalist system, where your team has a bench of state level bureaucrats who have been doing the minor league version and have the KSE from that to do the federal work. Civil service reform is a great example of unintended consequences where the cure is worse than the ailment.

    • I think I saw something a while ago to the effect that about 3,000 positions are held at the will of the President. Only insiders could fill that field from scratch (And the important ones require Senate Confirmation) .

      If I were less lazy I’d look up to see if Congress is in session on Inauguration day. If not, you could end run the bastards by making recess appointments to all posts requiring confirmation in the afternoon of day 1.

      Might be worth it just for fun.

      • The positions (relatively few) to be filled by the President are not all appointments that must be confirmed by the Congress. Those are usually cabinet and director type stuff. There are thousands that are appointed at will. But really not enough to make significant change as we’ve discussed.

        With Trump, the day after election there was a call for key individuals in his election effort, e.g., state Trump election officials, to send in their resumes for positions to be filled—if interested. I know this because I was friends with one of Trumps State organizers and followed their appointment and move to DC. Even after Trump was defeated in that last election, they were informed to continue on the job until the inauguration—officially timed at 12 noon—when they were officially out of a job. Yep, they simply got up and left at noon.

    • The president is a jew puppet, they have been since the termites shot Kennedy in the head. Nothing changes, nothing gets better. The whores dance for the sheckles, we pay the tab. Now they’re killing you with vaccines…when will people wake the fuck up? It’s all at stake, right here , right now.

  15. I find all of this to be true. Voting does keep the optical illusion going. But I find liberal democracy to not work even at a cognitive level. Plato nailed it in 400BC with his cave allegory, or why democracy doesn’t work. It was the most elegant way of saying that 1). The average person with the average intellect is a sheep, wholly incapable of basic abilities to conceptualize how he is being manipulated. and 2) The wealthy mercantile class has no loyalties except to their own bank accounts. They’re a bottomless pit of avarice who would strip mine all state assets for themselves and eat the country alive like a cancer. The modern era is all of this on steroids. The act of women’s suffrage alone was insane. So we’ve had over a hundred years of craziness. History will reflect just how much social capital we started out with as it took a whole hundred years to wear it all down to nothing while the place was being strip mined under their noses.

  16. If I were writing a history of The Decline and Fall of the American Empire, I’d start with the Pendleton Act (1883). Prior to the Pendleton Act, all politics in America was essentially machine politics — when the other party takes over, they immediately turf out ALL the old party’s loyalists, everywhere, from the highest to the lowest. Since these jobs were the only real sinecures available in Gilded Age America — which had basically been in one long depression since 1873 — the competition was fierce. Being postmaster of your little town out in the boonies didn’t have much power, but it came with a guaranteed regular paycheck — no small thing in the Long Depression.

    The Pendleton Act ended all that. Before, everyone knew you got your job because you were a party loyalist… but they also knew that you’d be out with the next regime change, so since you still had to live there, you actually did your job and kept your high-handed impulses in check. Tl;dr, the Pendleton Act essentially gave tenure to the civil service bureaucracy, with exactly the same effect tenure had on the ivory tower — with no reason to keep their lunatic partisan impulses in check, they didn’t.

    Repealing the Pendleton Act is about #5 on my list of things to do when I’m dictator. #6 is “taking the various departments of the Federal apparat and distributing them all over the country, as befits a federal republic.” Much harder for the Department of Justice goons to collude with the Department of the Interior goons when Justice is in Toad Suck, Arkansas and Interior is in Nowhere, Alaska…. Then for good measure I’d rotate them every few years, like the Super Bowl, so that every midsize city gets a chance to “host” a bloated government bureaucracy every few years.

    • 100%.

      The experiment of replacing the “spoils system” with a set of insulated, over educated elite Mandarins has been run to it’s conclusion, and the results are less than idea.

    • “Repealing the Pendleton Act is about #5 on my list of things to do when I’m dictator.”

      Severian, what are 1 through 4 on the list?

          • Government must not handle the money. No school vouchers. No taxpayer money or public infrastructure anywhere. Nothing less will make a drop of difference.

          • “Government must not handle the money. No school vouchers. No taxpayer money or public infrastructure anywhere.”

            And that’s exactly why conservatives are born losers. They cede the battlefield to the enemy based on their antiquated dogmas of “no gubmint.” Well, there is going to be a government, despite whatever you what, so it would seem to me that the best option would be to take it over and use it to our benefit.

            The left is simply better at organizing. Any free market will eventually be dominated by progressives unless we use the power of the state to prevent them from doing so. That means there should be public education, and we should control it. We should write the textbooks, and we should design the courses. We either do this or someone else will. We know this because that’s exactly what happened. And there are people here who want to repeat that mistake. SMH.

        • Red Bull is right.

          You can’t just throw away the State, otherwise Leftist “private” concerns will just take over.

          If you doubt that, the government isn’t censoring you. Private companies are . Most are on the same side.

          Same with illegal aliens . Most of them work for private concerns.

          What has to happen is your guys become the New State, you set the rules and you enforce them.

          Family degradation? Caused by removal of boots from necks in case of divorce.

          Impoverishment of American workers? Private concerns outsourcing and removal of trade regulation.

          Education? Yes this is government but unless you want it just to be private schools doing the same thing you need laws snoops and enforcers. Teach Unamerican values to an under 21 who isn’t you kid? Enjoy the next ten years in prison.

          That is how you stop them.

          Be an Authoritarian Right (think US 1950 and more) or be punked by the Left.

        • That’s fine and good. Its the after that matters. You cannot allow a power vacuum or you’ll have a counter revolution.

          Be worthy of power, take power, and use it or else.

          • Quite true. We knew the Left was nuts even in the 70’s. I saw it with their soft on criminal sentencing and gun confiscation laws imposed on law abiding whites. It was clear back they hated normie whites with a red hot passion.

            Then there was their was against the family and traditional culture the Left began to push hard during that time as well. Along with forced busings to break the back of whites in the cities.

            We can never ever allow these evil SOB”s to hold power of any kind. A lot of them need to go to a place that is very hot.

    • Before, everyone knew you got your job because you were a party loyalist… but they also knew that you’d be out with the next regime change, so since you still had to live there, you actually did your job and kept your high-handed impulses in check.

      That’s not true at all, which is why the Pendleton Act was passed. First, not every appointee stayed in the community where they held their appointment. Second, most of the problems were related to no-shows, not abuse. You, like many other armchair politicos, think that corruption is systemic instead of personal. It’s like a farmer trying to figure out how to design a weed-proof farm. The solution is to go to the fields every day and pull weeds. The solution to the problem of political corruption is to identify corrupt politicians and bureaucrats and remove them permanently from office. There’s no corruption-proof political system. All you can do is engage in the eternal battle between good and evil, each and every day.

        • Typically, rooting out corruption has been the provence of dictators, kings, tyrants and popes,and happens at their personal prerogative. Elected officials are generally less effective at it, particularly under spoils systems, since it’s the corruption that gets you elected. That said, Grover Cleveland did a credible job at reforming the bureaucracy, thanks in large part to the Pendleton act, and also to vetoing a lot of civil war veteran pork bills, which were used to expand the spoils system. It’s true, though, that bureaucrats don’t reform themselves. A motivated leader reforms them.

      • I’ve heard that hundreds of judges and bureaucrats were jailed for for abuse of office in the 19th century.

        • The spoils system was pretty strictly policed. The no shows etc. he’s referring to are to be found in other places, of course, but largely in the Tammany Machine in NYC. I may be an “armchair politico,” but I’m not an armchair historian, making the typical armchair historian’s mistake of “happened in NYC” for “the rule in the rest of the USA.”

          • But you are making the armchair historian’s mistake of not grasping the differences between that time and now. The Tammany machine was extensively corrupt and had a ton of clout because it was fairly large. It wasn’t a PTA in small-town Indiana

            Indeed, the reason why Grover Cleveland was the only president to serve two non-consecutive terms was because the Tammany machine undermined his first reelection bid because they hated him for trying to end the spoils system. Why would these innocent, industrious, hard-working servants of the people be opposed to earning their jobs by their own merit instead of being appointed by the party bosses? If they were so reliable and competent, wouldn’t they be a shoo-in for merit-based appointments?

        • That tends to happen when you appoint corrupt people to positions for which they aren’t qualified. In general, it’s a really good idea to appoint competent people to positions for which they are qualified, and the Pendleton Act was pretty much a reflection of that.

      • Given that it is next to impossible to fire either a state or CC employee short of them of committing murder or cannibalism. Your approach would not work. Besides they are protected by unions that everyone is afraid of.

        Also the county, state and federal employment have had for decades served as a jobs program for hundreds of thousands if not millions of unqualified blacks, Mexicans, Asians and other minorities. Heck even community colleges cannot hire qualified whites over a incompetent black instructor today.

        Say you do devise a series of tests to weed out the corrupt and incompetent. Most of them will minorities which is politically untenable. At that point you can try to cut funding and hence downsize the workforce but that never happens even in a recession.

    • I don’t agree. My view is that the Leviathan should be situated in one region, much as a dangerous cancer, the more easily to be treated or excised by radiation or surgery. I am not against a 5-megaton airburst over Tubman DF, as it would provide a more or less ‘complete solution’ to that particular problem, but what you suggest is metastatic; further cleansing actions would be necessary against the good people of Toad Suck, Nowhere, Pumpkin Center, East Dogtown, etc. It’s like the university branch campuses and community colleges. They are not decentralizers but new lesions that have broken containment.

  17. The members of the collective are unaware of how divergent they are from the people they are supposedly meant to serve. I would bet that almost no government employee behind the wire has even had a conversation with a single non-government person in quite some time.

    Remember the government shutdown? Almost no one outside DC gave a fig about it. Inside the wire? Calamity. All of those people thought the end was near, including their spouses, their friends and their neighbors. Because they are all a separate culture, and it’s government. There is nothing on earth that can bridge that gap now, it’s been there for too long.

    • Allen: Pauline Kael syndrome writ large. It’s not merely the government. Whatever you read, in whatever format or genre, the writer depends on his social cohort. Womyn’s issues writersalways quote womyn from NY and Cali, usually of the same race and religion as the writer. Journalists, reporters, politicians, civil servants – they are all part of the ruling class and everyone they know is as well. As for the ordinary ‘murrican? Learn to code, move, compete harder at school and then grovel more at work.

      Whites have been deemed expendable. Secede from the system and deny them your mind and your skills.

      • AINO is a vast latifundia of helots controlled by a Power Structure. The Power Structure is a unitary congeries of Silicon Valley, Wall Street and Washington, with a substructure composed of Harvard, Hollywood and the NY Times. Naturally, the Power Structure embraces one ideology (poststructural subversion) and advances a single agenda–the destruction of white civilization. Something very similar to this has developed in most other white nations, and all of them together compose a globalist empire, led, of course, by AINO.

    • Somehow, driving through my old haunts in Virginia and Maryland decades after living there, terrify me more than the old and understood marble halls of power in the District itself. Legends are told, by people still alive (and I have seen photos confirming this) that cows grazed in Arlington, that Tyson’s Corners was a four-way stop with a produce stand, that Loudoun County was a rural idyll; heck, I was there in the 1970s when there was an amateur baseball league: Lovettsville, Purcellville, Round Hill, and so on. It’s all very sad to me. Like a blast-wave, all the surrounding counties have become ‘Steptford Wives’ white enclaves over here, Korean churches and grocery stores there, and hispanic worker colonies in the aging townhouse developments.

  18. The good news is the increasing use of force is a sign of the End Times for this system and these people. We see protesters starting to overwhelm impotent authorities overseas. Intimidation is no longer working. That’s coming here.

    The bad news is, in their desperation, they’re hoovering up resources and terraforming the rest of the country like never before. The money machine seems to be running away like a diesel engine instead of grinding to a halt.

    The game now is to outlast, because it won’t be long before we’re onto the next thing.

    • I’ve been surprised at the level of thuggery and tyranny that the system has been using.

      To me it seems like a typical woman’s response. No understanding of negotiation or compromise, no nuance. Just demanding that you do something over and over until you either do it, or tell her to f off.

      It does not seem like the kind of thing a strong system would resort to. Especially not when they’ve been doing it for almost 2 years and people still aren’t following the rules. China had a crackdown and actually welded doors shut to keep people inside. We just have a joke.

      • The welding was crazy. Then again, China is demolishing entire blocks of vacant high rises. They have their own real estate bubble and potential financial crisis.

        Maybe they’re in worse shape yet.

          • Right. Others have said, and I agree, that the Chinese Century was propaganda to mask the plan to sell out America and move to China.

            Not that the Chinese aren’t talented enough to do well, but minus American investment and criminal trade deals by tptb, they’d still be a second rate power at this point. And, frankly, built on a better foundation.

  19. Zman hits it out of the park again. This post reminds me of the movie “They Live”. Roddie puts on the glasses and sees the world as it really is. The readers of this blog have metaphorically put on the glasses. What is the next step after putting on the glasses?

    • What is the next step after putting on the glasses?

      Research, research, research, and moar research.

      Instead of memorizing the career statistics of Ty Cobb & Babe Ruth & Lou Gehrig & Ted Williams & the gang, start memorizing the names of the attendees at Brookings Institute retreats, CFR conferences, Bohemian Grove encampments, and of course ADL & SPLC & AIPAC fundraisers.

      Learn a neural networks software package, and start making your own diagrams of the most powerful nodes in the DC/NYC-Fed/Silicon-Valley anti-civilizational gliomae.

  20. Zman, I feel I need to share a link to a video with you. It’s of Matthias Desmet, clinical psychologist at the University of Ghent who talks about crowd psychosis. He has a very interesting perspective on the current wave of madness ruling over all of us. It’s almost an hour but well worth the time.

  21. If we can’t vote the scoundrels out, we can’t send responsible people to Washington. If we can’t send responsible people to Washington, we’re stuck with a permanent bureaucracy that is hostile to the people over whom they rule. And in turn, we are also stuck with an oligarchy that greases the wheels for incoming apparatchiks. It would seem to thinking people that there are few ways to rectify the situation. One involves economic collapse. The other involves grim men with guns. Neither of these is appealing.

    • Gotterdamn-it-all: While you may have used the term ‘scoundrels’ tongue-in-cheek, it is inaccurate and far too kind These are evil, psychopathic anti-White grifters who all need to be hanged from lamp posts. Economic collapse is beyond your control; what matters is how you prepare your family to face it. If you’re not prepared to be a grim man with a gun, then be prepared to either actively or passively assist them, or be counted as a supporter of the status quo with all attendant consequences.

      • These are evil, psychopathic anti-White grifters who all need to be hanged from lamp posts.

        Careful there, honey, it didn’t end well for Joan of Arc, and it was half a millennium before she got her canonization.

      • No, not hung from lampposts, arrested, tried and sent to a hard labor concentration camp for life by the state.

        • Tars: You want to try them in a court? Made up of whom? Who will be their guards? Who will feed them? They’d be of more utility as pig feed.

          • The revolutionary tribubals of Republican Spain are a great example. You do need a wheat from chaff process, there are literally too many to do as 3g4m3 says. Pour encourge les autres is a good idea for rank and file. But I agree w 3g4me, the sentence is carried out behind the justice court once judgement is pronounced.

      • Oh, I’m prepared. I just don’t find it appealing. I’ve had to put animals down, and it isn’t pleasant. Once the dogs of war are unleashed, they’re hard to control.

        • “Once the dogs of war are unleashed, they’re hard to control.”

          The historical evidence supporting your assertion is overwhelming. The greatest sin of our ruling class is that they are so ignorant about the art of ruling. Enoch Powell said “The supreme function of statesmanship is to provide against preventable evils.” The dyscivilizational ruling elites of the Globalist American Empire seem hellbent on embracing every preventable evil they can. They could have profitably sheared the white sheep for millennia, but instead they chose to slaughter them for meat and replace them with goats, hyenas, and jackals. They deserve everything they have coming.

        • War is a messy business. Time and resources are of the essence. Both sides will/can not afford the nicety of taking prisoners. One thinks of our forces in WWII as being different, not even close. We shot surrendering prisoners without second thought during assaults, least the effort slow and fail.

          • “We shot surrendering prisoners without second thought during assaults”

            I know this to be true from first-hand account of someone who did the shooting.

    • We may get both. Not necessarily at the same time, but not within months, perhaps a few years, of each other. History provides numerous examples. Including a few from right here in North America.

    • Economic collapse will probably not be so bad, at least for working people. Most of the economy, as currently understood, is simply fiction (i.e. stocks, bonds, derivatives, most forms of debt). If everything were liquidated and all debts settled, the net effect would be a streamlining of market choices (eg. a lot of zombie brands, and niche/luxury products would be scuttled, like we’ve already seen so far) and a dramatic drop in prices. Stockbrokers, bankers and corporate financiers would take in the rear but to be honest I view that as a feature, not a bug.

      • Interesting take, Drew. I have spoken to the following trades people during the shamdemic: scaffolders, electricians, garage door fitters, handymen, glaziers and the like. All do actual work required by actual people they see who pay them to do a job. All have said business has boomed for them.

        Seems like a large brunt of the economic concerns come from the make-work office jobs… Like mine!

        • I’m a contractor, and I own a farm. The last 18 months have been the busiest and most lucrative of my life. My general belief has always been that there is always job security in food, housing and clothes, so if you’re willing to get your hands cut or dirty in the production or maintenance of those things, you’ll always have a job. Especially when people cut back on luxuries.

  22. It is interesting to see people’s reaction when you say that you’re not voting out of choice and as a protest. For some reason, this is an election year for governor in Virginia so the ads and street signs are never-ending. The topic has popped up a couple of times with friends and family.

    Anyway, I generally answer saying that 1) the election is pointless because the GOP can’t win in Virginia due to demographics and 2) that I wouldn’t vote anyway because voting doesn’t matter.

    The demographics answer truly seems to baffle both liberal and conservative whites who believe that ideas matter, not a person’s skin. (It’s interesting that even liberal whites don’t understand demographics, showing that they’re more naive than I thought.)

    The idea that I’m not going to vote, however, definitely causes some emotion from both sides. People are used to some people not voting out of laziness, but to purposely not vote is utterly inconceivable. The “if you don’t vote, you can’t complain” line has popped up a couple of times. Luckily, I have Z Man to steal from, so I simply replied that voting legitimizes a system that seems to hate me. Basically, I reject the whole system so I sure as hell can complain.

    Both times, I’ve followed that line with something along the lines of “Look, the Dems hates me, and the GOP doesn’t care that the Dems hate me. Neither side will represent me, so why should I vote and give them my stamp of approval.”

    The couple of times that I’ve said this, the people that I’m talking to are just stunned. They don’t really know what to say to my responses, but they do look flustered. For normal white Americans, not voting isn’t even in their realm of reality. I think that Z is right. Not voting as a protest – and letting people know what you’re doing – is powerful.

    • I once had a conversation with my limousine liberal aunt about voting. It wasn’t even about demographics or fraud, it was purely philosophical. Why should I vote when there is pretty much zero chance my vote will influence the outcome? When was there an election that was decided by one vote? Probably never. As far as voting serving as a public opinion poll does one vote have any impact? Not at all. Why should I take the time to do something that has zero impact on the world?

      My liberal aunt was aghast at this attitude and even though she knew I was a right winger she insisted I must vote, that it was my duty. If everyone had my attitude no one would vote and the system wouldn’t work. Okay, but I’m just one man, I’m not everybody, and my vote will have zero impact on the world but the process of me voting takes a toll on me. Why should I go through all that for something that’s materially meaningless?

      Her answer came down to duty. What’s weird is that she seemed more offended that I would forgot voting than that I would vote for Trump. It would seem that Voting is a Sacred Rite in Our Democracy and it’s better to Vote for Satan than not Vote at all.

      Now that I’m guaranteed my vote will be uncounted or ignored there’s even a less of a point. I think my aunt is right, voting is a key factor in maintaining our liberal democracy. If people stop voting it’s like people stop attending church and the church ends up losing relevancy and ultimately dies. So that’s why I won’t do it.

      I still haven’t found an answer to my philosophical question about voting. Why engage in something that has zero external effect. When I go to Liturgy and take Communion I at least partially believe there is a real, physical effect in my person and the world outside of me. Even in the best circumstances my vote doesn’t affect any outcome and just gives me a sense of fulfilling my social duty. On a micro scale it’s purely psychological. Methinks democracy is indeed a false god and so my philosophical question can’t be answered.

      • It’s a good question, and I have had this attitude thrown at me before. You know, “It’s a duty”, “People fought and died for your right to vote” &c. In a healthy system, perhaps they’d have a point. But I must echo another commenter’s sentiment from above who simply reasons that not only is there nothing in it for him, the two ‘sides’ pretty much hate/don’t care about him.

        You know, both Smith and Jones have a policy on the length of bicycle tire inner tubes. But you’ve no bicycle, so you don’t care. There’s nothing in it for you. But if either Smith or Jones (or both) hate your white ass, there’s a whole new incentive not to care.

        One reason these types get so offended when you don’t partake – could be voting, mask wearing, virtue-signalling about a new black friend – is that by not partaking you’re not reaffirming the importance of the subject. People – particularly the ever cretinous GoodWhites – seem to need this. You reject the cult, you reject it’s importance, you make them feel stooopid… who knows the sykolojee behind it, but it’s a thing.

        This problem chimes with all that Z has written about Hoffer’s The True Believer.

      • Astralturf: If voting is “a key factor in maintaining our liberal democracy,” all the more reason not to participate. I would hope, by now, that everyone reading here understands how dysfunctional and unworkable ‘liberal democracy’ is and how it is not the system of government we desire. If you still talk with your liberal aunt (why bother?) tell her it may be a ‘duty’ for a citizen, but you have been declared inherently unequal to citizenship by virtue of your skin tone. Or that citizenship is meaningless when anyone wading across the Rio Grande can and does vote. Or that you have psychologically seceded from a system that hates you and wants you dead.

        Pick your option; any will work and all are true. You are not inherently obligated to support a system that despises you and does not work for your interests. Philosophically, you ought to easily come to the conclusion that you should instead work to destabilize and destroy said system in any means possible. And stop talking with your aunt. Surround yourself with positive people with a dissident perspective, so you don’t feel so isolated and can perhaps have some impact in meatspace.

        • I volunteer at a local charity that has had four, count ’em four, employees test positive for COVID-19 (about half total staff). The facility is closed for about two weeks. I am on speaking terms, at least for time being, with all of them. As they’re all 20-30s age range, I’m going to ask after their health. Did they recover OK? Great. By the way, had you had the shot? Depending upon their answer, I will say, as appropriate:

          If you had it, why didn’t it prevent your recent illness? I hope you are cautious about getting a booster, because you now know first-hand the jab won’t protect against illness. By they way, did you know you can still spread the virus, and that the jab has serious side effects?

          If you haven’t had it, I hope you will be cautious about getting one, because you now have natural immunity far better than what the jab will give you, and the jab has serious side effects and gives you immunity for only a few months.

      • What matters is being behind the scenes. To get representation, we need lobbies and to be part of the club.

        Whatever flunky holds the office this week is irrelevant, it’s the machinery behind them. There is a senile man in the WH, yet, somehow the system is not just moving on its own momentum.

        The problem for us is we really seem to not believe our own rhetoric. We act SHOCKED when they do the exact things you would think they would do if what we said about them was actually true.

    • “The demographics answer truly seems to baffle both liberal and conservative whites who believe that ideas matter, not a person’s skin.”

      This is the single biggest blind spot plaguing the Aut-Right (autistic right). Take Carl Benjamin (aka Sargon) for example. In one of his recent videos, he complains about a foreigner with shaky loyalty to his country, “Schrodinger’s Brit” as he labeled the person IIRC. But this is also the same guy who “doesn’t see color. Only ideas matter.” He’s mystified at the concept that someone can literally be from another group, live in his country and not be loyal to it.

      He’s not the only one. I follow another Youtuber, a guy who comments on pop culture — movies, comic books, etc. The guy is at a complete loss to understand woke culture as it has systematically destroyed all the things he loves. He’s always bringing up esoteric philosophies to explain it all: Aristotle, Cultural Marxism, Freud, Socialism, pop psychology. But that never seems to satisfy him, like he knows something is wrong but won’t permit himself to see what it is.

      For example, the guy seemed mystified that a Chinese foreigner would flee China only to come to this country and complain about “White Supremacy” in the comic books he was so generously given to write.

      “Doesn’t he get that’s like Cultural Marxism and stuff, the same thing he fled China for? How could he be a Marxist who fled Marxism? How could he be a racist who hates Whites when China is racist against blacks? He fled racism. Doesn’t he see the contradiction in his philosophy? This makes no sense to me.”

      It never occurred to this guy that people, especially leftists, aren’t really motivated by hollow philosophies; it’s not like this Chinese man picked up a book on Communism and said “yeah let’s do that.” Rather, he’s just a racist who knows he can suck up to those in power by racially attacking Caucasians, an approved target for abuse.

      But this Youtuber’s philosophy won’t let him see color, so he’s at a loss to explain what’s going on in the culture, let alone stop it. He thinks people are motivated by ideas, and he just can’t understand how that always turns out not to be the case. So, he ends up inventing all kinds of convoluted explanations in a never ending cycle.

      Basically, the entire aut-right is like that. Thus, they always lose.

      • Indeed. This roundabout of philosophies and quoting of Greeks and Romans and the like can get tiresome.

        It is simply true that whether a man be a chink, gook, wog, spic or whatever; he can – and at some point will – be strongly incentivized to pummel whitey good and hard. Because race.

        And he will.

      • Banana Boat: Solid comment, and thus a serious question. Given those you mention refuse to recognize racial reality, why do you follow them? Give them clicks or money or what have you? How do they help White people or White civilization if they refuse to recognize White people as an irreplaceable source for the same?

        In a normal or sane world we could share interests and hobbies with people who don’t share our political views. But clownworld is not normal or sane, and demographic replacement is not merely a political question. This is a time when the future of the White race hangs in the balance. Those who recognize this need to support other Whites and shun those who remain stubbornly blind to our peril. You need to secede mentally and socially from anti-White society, in the real world as well as online.

      • Yeah, don’t overthink it.

        Guy looks different than you? Not part of your tribe. Keep him to the periphery and regard with extreme suspicious. Guy gives you a bad gut feeling? Treat with extreme suspicion. See a dangerous wolf? Stay away, or grab a tool to fight it off.

        The reason you’re alive today is because things like unconscious bias gave you the discriminatory tools to determine what hurts you and what helps you.

        A yellow face with slanty eyes will never be on your team.

      • Banana, you have shown a spotlight on the most fundamental question that divides r@cialists from civic nationalists: What bond is stronger, values or race?

        I think the answer is obvious.

      • Well, every person is motivated by ideas. A lot of people, for example, are motivated by the idea of running a grift that makes a lot of money. It’s a shallow, simplistic idea, to be sure, but it appeals to a lot of people.

        Now, as to why the autists haven’t figured out that some people’s ideas are really that simple, your guess is as good as mine…

    • If Trump runs again and loses to someone like Kamala, then the not voting because its pointless answer can not be refuted

      • I agree, but must add that whether my candidate wins or loses is not the essential aspect of why I vote or don’t vote. Even in a 100% fair election, the aspect of loss is real—otherwise the election would have little meaning.

        What is essential is that the process is seen to be fair and bullet proof wrt fraud. That of course currently is so far from reality that only the willfully blind fail to see it. I never fall into the Leftist and “good-White” trap of arguing/defending “…how many illegal votes were cast and by whom and whether this changed the results…”. Rather, I switch the argument to the obvious “potential” for fraud and why such potential has been allowed to propagate in its many forms over the years. This puts the other on the defensive, or simply ends the discussion. Either is fine with me.

    • “Voting” is the normie-civnat “vaccine” against the socialisms. Hey fellow Citizen, have you voted yet? Oh no? Well we are all in this together! Its your Civic duty! If you don’t vote, the socialists will win! I know our vote only works half the time and has to be re-voted every two years forever, but think of how terrible things would be if you didn’t get your vaccine. I mean vote. Think of the children! Also, go Broncos!

    • Interesting you mention that. In Canada we had an election last night. Basically the “Conservatives” won everywhere with Canadians – white people (except whites in a few urban areas). And they won the popular vote.

      Trudeau Liberals won strongly with the magic paper Canadians. Which means everything in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal. He won more seats so he won the election. The election was rigged against us before it started, simply by demographics and the importation of hostile non white aliens.

      The second point is that even if the Conservatives won, it wouldn’t change anything. More lockdowns, more immigration, more gun control. Most of their voters are rural people over 55 who haven’t actually read the Conservative platform in 25 years.

      The one party that is against mass immigration got 5.1% of the vote. Unfortunately based on voting patterns, it’s not clear that whites even deserve our own country. We don’t even know that we should be fighting for our own country. For white people it’s still 1980 – the REAL problem is those damn east coast parasites! No, it’s those Quebecois moochers! Eff Alberta and the dumb redneck oil people! Take that libtards. Still seeing tons of mindless, pointless division and red-blue crap from both sides. White libs are just as naive about demographics.

    • The neocons and their supporters understand demographics. People like Ben Shapiro and his ilk have been selling the magic dirt scenario to the rube Republican voters for quite sometime.

      They know exactly what they are doing. Completing the destruction of America.

    • Very good post, Citizen. However, I don’t thing the swamp cares if we abstain from voting. They are fine with low participation and a bigger electoral mandate.

      • DLS: I can’t speak for Citizen or anyone else, but I don’t think I’m sending the swamp a message by not voting; nor am I trying to. I am not voting because that’s best for me – I would feel like a whore or slave by participating in a fraudulent, debased, perverted system that wants me dead. I personally can’t change the swamp, and I certainly can’t destroy it, so I will do all I can to exist in a parallel society that does not even acknowledge the swamp’s existence, let alone its legitimacy.

    • Ahh, good ole Virginia. I’m a native and remember telling my dad around 2003 that Va would eventually be reliably blue because of the growth of Northern Virginia. He thought I was nuts.

      Va’s statewide election results are hilarious in “Lucy with the football” kind of way…”With 87% of precincts reporting, Republican Wyatt Q. Dingleberry leads with…” then the NOVA counties finish reporting, ie., complete their electoral alchemy.

  23. Z has been advocating the no vote strategy for a while now, but this missive really puts the DC/BIG government corruption into full perspective – what kind of sleaze does someone have to be to get a gig at westexec? It’s incredible how insular they’ve become and how much more obvious it is these days – and how they’re not even really trying to hide it anymore. One keeps waiting for some of these dirt bags (like fauci or clinton for example) to be cuffed and perp walked for their crimes, but nothing ever happens or will happen. It’ll likely take an act of God to cleanse these s*** packed Augean Stables.

    • Each year, the Borg gets fresh recruits, which are then groomed to become a part of the machine. So, yes, the Borg is insular, and it definitely has its fair share of legacy members, but it also gets new blood.

      When I used to live in the DC and interact with these people, I was always amazed as how these young people from around the country were so similar. Whether from Iowa or Oregon or New York, they were the same person. Raised in upper-middle class to wealthy neighborhoods, went to private high schools or very good public schools, debate team, top college, etc. They were eerily similar.

      The Borg attracts people who belong in the Borg.

      • The Borg also pay better than anyone outside of Wall Street, Hollywood, or pro sports.

        I bet empty suit, Circle Back Psaki is worth mid-7 figures all by her lonesome.

        • Yeah, the money is important, but the people that I knew had something else, a feeling that they should influence the country. Even though they had accomplished nothing in their lives outside of being good at non-STEM school, they truly felt that they should be a part of influencing the lives of millions.

          It was strange.

          To live normal lives, doing normal, helpful stuff, would literally be hell for these people.

          • Then we should send them to hell via tossing their asses in prison or better yet a good old fashion lynching.

          • This is an astute observation. I’ve know more than one youngster who—when asked what the want to be when they grow up—told me of their planned “path to public office”. In other words, politics was a career, not necessarily a duty or a reward for competence in the private sector. These people are dangerous.

        • Not yet. Her husband works, but soon. Her husband is named Gregory Mecher. He has been a staffer for a couple of Congressman and had a gig in the GAO. He has no official employment since January, but he will turn up at an connected investment house eventually. He may already be in such a role unofficially.

        • I guess I don’t grok “Circle Back” as a meme.

          I tried searching for it, hoping to see something along the lines of “Baby Got Back”, but, sadly, no such luck.

  24. The accompanying metaphor to this “Borg” class is the “street gang” metaphor: all these insider people are guilty of crimes – lobbying for foreign governments on the DL without registering as a lobbyist, graft, tax evasion, corruption, campaign finance violations etc. – because this is part of the “gang initiation”.

    So those who dare to get out of line get prosecuted – selectively of course, like Gen. Flynn or Giuliani and probably also this Sussmann guy – to enforce the group solidarity. This is doubly useful because the rubes and grillers watching from the flyover states think that there are still “rules” and “norms” being enforced.

    One of the hallmarks of Banana Republic politics – just look at Brazil or Peru, where fully 50% of sitting Congressman are under criminal investigation – is the settling of political disputes using the judiciary. We’re headed this way, just without the good food of Peru or the pretty girls of Brazil.

    • “[P]retty girls of Brazil?”

      If you like them brown with big buttocks and hips that can circumnavigate the equator.

      I’ll pass, thank you.

      • In the gated cummunititties [with 24×7 armed guards], there are said to be myriad beautiful blond-haired blue-eyed germanic & nordic chicks in Brazil.

        But in the favela slums & shanty towns, not so much.

        • The ones I met were stunning. White, statuesque, long blonde or auburn hair, blue and green eyes- but the best part was that they loved being women. Not afraid or angry of it, they reveled in their femininity.

      • Not my cup of tea either, but really big in the Hispanic community (and Black as well). Just today wife was commenting on the young women she saw in the gym. Those with tight abs and “big bootie”. She could not understand such (she’s very naive). I tried to discuss a bit of the Black heritage and how this has an origin in genetics and was quite an adaptive feature back in the dark continent. But then tailed off quickly. Too much lecture is (I am told) my major fault.

      • Maybe I’m a minority here, but I like some junk in the trunk. Bigger the cushion, the better the pushin’. Though the current abs fad going on with women gym rats is befuddling. That doesn’t look good to me at all.

        • I must agree, although I allow for “different strokes”. My feeling is that “junk in the trunk” becomes “lard ass” in old age. Again, it’s as much culture as anything—just not my culture.

      • One of the first signs of blacks taking over the popular culture is the promotion of fat asses as sexually exiciting. With all due respect to “Forever Templar,” this is not a typical white boy outlook.

        I was still asleep in the oughts when this cultural shift happened but I can remember thinking, “Are you kidding me? Those fat asses are gross.”

        (Of course, the blacks did not take over the popular culture by themselves.)

      • I lived in South America for twelve years. I traveled to every country save for Suriname and French Guiana. Brazil I have been to many times, traveling there from Paraguay, Venezuela and Argentina, and exploring the Amazon. I have had many Brazilian girlfriends. Not one had “big buttocks and hips that can circumnavigate the equator.” I would describe them in more detail but this is not a porn site.

        Perhaps you need to get out more.

    • Note that in the twilight of the Roman Republic, it was typical for political opponents to be brought on corruption charges or something as soon as they left office.

  25. In twenty years we will see the barricading of Washington D.C. as the best thing that has ever happened for us. When, within a year, jokes about glowies and FedFests go from talking points of hard-right dissident channels to common knowledge in the average Joe, we’re talking about complete collapse of faith in the System.

    D.C. may well turn into that Pink Floyd song “The Fletcher Memorial Home”

    Take all your overgrown infants away somewhere
    And build them a home, a little place of their own.
    The Fletcher Memorial
    Home for Incurable Tyrants and Kings.

    • This week’s FBI rally seems to have mainstreamed “glow.” (And the sight of so many fat, weak cops in dystopia-comedy riot gear has inspired a new disgust.) Only a schizophrenic could come up with something so weird yet memetically strong. Giving normies a lighthearted-seeming way to talk about spotting the fed was a great gift. If we make it, Terry will be a saint.

      Has the ADL pointed out where “glow” comes from yet? I assume a press release is going out soon. That’ll be an amusing day—and an important one. We know who’ll *say* to stop using the term, but who *stops*? Make a list.

    • “The Final Cut” was quite good, the last “real” Floyd album (with Waters), sort of a sequel to “The Wall.” Both these, obviously, have much WW II imagery taken (I assume) from Roger Waters’ childhood. (I’ve never read his biography, so guessing…)

      As pessimistic as “Final Cut” is, I do hope we can avoid “Two Suns in the Sunset.” 🙁

  26. Ironically, normie Whites voting in elections only to continually lose may end up delegitimizing the system in the end. For elections to have any meaning, there has to be a chance your guy can win. If he can’t, then you’re really nothing but a captive of a tyrannical system where you’re oppressed with no recourse.

    For generations normie conservatives have been quelled by occasional — ultimately hollow — election victories by mainstream republicans, expecting each time to get their way but always being denied. “Oh well, maybe next time.” That’s how the nation went woke. Republican normies, the Joe Six Pack Conservative, sacrificed his ideals to help deliver the widest possible base and the greatest potential election chance. That’s the reason the GOP embraced types like Lady MAGA. They sensed they needed more people due to demographic change, so the base obliged by throwing away their beliefs in the vain hope it’d help them win.

    But what happens when the republican base cannot win due to demographics? Witness California. Now Virginia and even states in the deep South like Georgia. Florida and Texas up next. The democrat political party (DPP) just tried passing a stealth amnesty that would have given all those states away to their side and leave us powerless and at the mercy of racists who hate us. They’ll get their way in the next few years as immigration gives them permanent control of the congress. Elections will shortly have no meaning for well over one-hundred million Caucasian Americans.

    At that point, why bother moderating your opinions, why let yourself be ruled by corrupt leaders and the degenerate ruling class when you can’t win? You might as well be honest about your true desires, which are to be represented by people who are like you, loyal to your people, and work in your best interests. Every election loss from here on out will only serve to weaken the system just as Mitt Romney’s loss in 2012 paved the way for a firebrand like Donald Trump. We got the Don because voters figured “what the hell?” after they were told Romney was going to win but lost in a huge landslide anyway. That guy checked every approved box and still lost, so why bother checking any more boxes?

    The interesting part is what comes next.

    • The fly in the ointment is voter integrity. Until we get that, half the people in the country are going to believe elections are rigged. And they will not vote in such a system. Count me among them.

      • Voter integrity? So if Ah-So and Julio and Vikander have fully documented proof that they have magic American papers and are ‘legally’ registered to vote, you have no problem with such a system? Ideas are not identity. The ‘system’ was made by and for a White, Christian people. Anyone who still values it in a multiracial empire is nothing more than civnat rube.

        • Exactly. In my State, voter “ID” must be shown at the polls. Great, we’re preventing fraud. Nonsense! Registration to vote requires only a “sworn” declaration of American citizenship. No checks beyond that. The whole system is absolute BS.

          Now is there fraud? Well, a small number of votes (about 10K, out of several million) gave Biden the win. So even if less than 5% of the votes came from illegals, it’s more than enough to swing the last election. And it doesn’t even have to be intentional as we have voter registration by drivers license application and the check box is quite confusing. Many IA’s don’t even know you must be a citizen to vote.

    • They are hoping the normie Republican voters drift leftward and end up adopting positions they opposed even 10 years earlier and making that the new standard. They have had some success doing this, but you can argue they are moving too fast right now and will wreck the system in the process. The election rigging for Biden being so brazen was a big hit.

    • Banana Boat: Immigration is a civnat’s folly. Stopping it 25 years ago might have made a slight difference, but now it’s utterly irrelevant. More than 50% of ‘American’ school children are non- White and different birth rates and average age means that Whites of European, Christian extraction are now perhaps 54% of the population. That will drop rapidly as the Boomers die off.

      You have more and more Han and Pajeet’s running for school boards and city councils – and they win – because all their co-ethnics and the GoodWhites vote for them. Barring massive deportation of millions of paper citizens, Whites have been effectively barred from education at institutions founded by and for their people, or participating in a system set up by and for their people, in a country conquered and settled and built by and for their people.

      Race is the only thing that matters in a multi-racial political entity. If you have children and care at all for their future, it is pure folly to waste your time on elections. Instead, work for your people’s future.

    • Unfortunately, what happens next when demographics shut out any hope of electoral wins, will be that Joe Normie will not change, nor take to the streets, nor understand that he will not be treated as he had treated others when in power. He’ll pray harder, and vote harder. Our hope lies with the new generations of Whites who have not grown up in times of majority and know no gains via the voting process.

      • Assuming there’s some discernible form of national cohesion. To be blunt, I don’t think the country will maintain it’s territorial integrity after the whites become a distinct minority. I’m also not seeing that as a bad thing in the long run.

    • Banana asks, “But what happens when the republican base cannot win due to demographics?”

      I watch my normie conservative brother struggle with this. Every time a black says something non-leftist he celebrates. Every time Ben Shapiro says that we’ve got to not see race he beams.

      He seems to believe that our salvation lies in the non-leftist blacks and hispanics saving us and he believes that this is more realistic bet than the bet that I have made.

  27. Once again, I’m shocked that you can get away with publishing this kind of bald-faced truth, even in a blog of limited reach. Yes, the problem really is that bad, and that should scare even the brain-dead Normies to death. But it doesn’t, and it won’t. Until the environment changes.

    As pointed out in the blog post, the vast majority of Americans are never going to divorce themselves from the voting harder canard as long as their high standard of living locks them into the Comfort First Imperative. In order for real change to occur, the faux affluence of money printing must collapse and bring back real hardship and existential threat. Then, and only then, will people “wake up” and get the fat ass off the couch.

    But then what? Most will reflexively do the mass whining thing in the streets. Many will flock to revolutionary movements and militias. A few poseurs will attempt to be the next presidential “messiah.” But none of that will beat the Borg. They are well prepared for those contingencies.

    So what will work? Antibodies from nowhere, 4S & focus, and the bolt for the blue ad infinitum if necessary.

    • TomA: Not merely the Comfort First Imperative, but also the Normalcy Bias. Every new batch of commenters seems to need to reinvent the wheel, and they bring the same, tired old arguments about ‘the system’ and voting and citizenship. When all those ships sailed long ago and the only thing that matters is racial demographics. I’d like to believe economic collapse might get them off the couch. The current status of their own White offspring as a despised minority has had no effect, but perhaps an impending shortage of their cheetos might wean them from sportsball and voting harder.

    • I would qualify Tom’s position with a bit of the generational dynamic. I do not perceive that us millenials are so much “glued to the couch by complacency” as “tied to the oar in the slave galley, hoping the ship doesnt sink.” No millenial white couple I know had under $100,000 in student debt. Most are twice that. Downpayments on a comfortable home not in the ghetto are another 100k cash in hand. What 20-year old can save up 1/4 million bucks? All the white collar starting jobs pay peanuts for years, and are viciously antiwhite in hiring. We live paycheck to paycheck for years, and only a tiny portion of us make it out of the debt and consumption hamster wheel… We are terrified of losing everything, and we are generally only a couple bumpy weeks from that cliff. An errant remark, a misunderstood joke, and many of my cohort could be impoverished for life (forget kids or a “retirement”), like bagging groceries and living in a shelter from time to time impoverished, not just “muh 401k did poorly.”

    • “Approaching the event horizon…”

      Not so sure. To vote or not to vote? Sure, heads you win, tails i lose, but what good would it do to dispel the illusion? What if too many ppl realize we don’t live in a democracy? Then what? Whataya gonna do about it? Then the tyrants can stop pretending and go full steam ahead – full totalitarian.

      You don’t tug on Superman’s cape, don’t spit into the wind, and you don’t pull the mask of the old lone ranger, and you don’t mess around with Jim or uncle Sam unless you have a Plan B.

      The air of legitimacy, the money. Billions of dollars spent on campaigns alone in order to sustain the illusion that elections matter. Let them continue to think that we think that we still live in a democracy? The whole shebang will fall apart soon anyway as this economy is a disaster waiting to happen.

      • I’m not sure about the rest of the country but the sports stadiums in Ohio are completely dependent on bonds that are paid back with local “sin” taxes. For example, if people in Hamilton county (Cincinnati) didn’t like something they could buy their liquor and smokes outside of the county and bring the government to heel. A big reason why they don’t is that they believe the government under which they live is operating under the consent of the governed, take that away, and, well like ‘Z’ says, all white people have to lose is their chains.

        (And yes, I’ll ignore for the moment that there are a lot of white people who really like those chains).

        • “A big reason why they don’t is that they believe the government under which they live is operating under the consent of the governed…”

          They don’t because leaving the county is too much trouble. Just go up the street and pay the tax, be back home in fifteen. Or get an Uber Eats monkey to get it for you. Take away the comfort, make the normy suffer and make them know they are suffering and only then will change occur.

          • That collapse idea is a really hard goal to achieve, the system is actually quite resilient to acute issues. Plus you dont want to be the cause. That kind of problem results in bodies in the streets, and whoever is blamed will likely join those bodies. The hope is TPTB own-goal on collapse as we wait and see, and do everything we collectively can to make sure TPTB are holding the bag when the music stops. If they can credibly blame WT for the deprivations of collapse, itll only get worse for our people, not better.

  28. “These vast global consulting firms that operate in every western capital but are based in Washington operate like a secret society. They produce the people who get appointments in every administration, and they produce the candidates for spots on the bench. They don’t write regulations and legislation, but they develop and curate the people who do. ”

    For a long time I had the impression that politicians in the Anglosphere all sounded the same and from almost nowhere start using the same new terms when a new “crisis” arrives, did anyone notice how “Indo-Pacific” become the new favorite term of the media and politicians? Is the new “Judeo-Christian”.

    • The pols just read what is on the paper. It is the writers and advisors who write the speeches. Those people are loyal to the Borg. Politicians come and go, but the Borg is eternal.

    • I reckon this observation is pretty much true in all sectors, really. The commonality is the existence of a managerial class that spends it’s time dick-measuring, shrewing, in meetings, and networking with others in the hive.

      IT is a classic example where new terms, fads, or whatever are thrown around and then adopted… because new fad. That’s literally all there seems to be to it: it has become fashionable to have/say ‘X’; thus, let us do ‘X’. I suspect it has got worse because many businesses – both private and public – have a management class bloat, although I could not tell you where it started to get bad.

      The language of the management class is in many cases over the top: ‘Revolutionize’, ‘Crisis’, ‘New era’, ‘Scale’, ‘Move forward together’. The management class do not care if these terms are used to describe a cup holder in your car, or a cutting edge piece of life changing technology (we don’t appear to have many of those now).

  29. Trying to reform it all is pointless.

    Creating parallel informal/semi-formal institutions are our only hope.

    The Church is pozzed, and private sector unions have been more demonized than pedophile rings.

    Not sure what that leaves.

    • This has to be the refrain. The counties that survived communism best were the ones that created and maintained a culture outside the system. It is not sexy, but it means waiting it out until change is possibe.

      • Like you, I live in Tubby Tyrants fiefdom. I keep silent for the most part because, as you know, most of the local serfs are brainwashed and compliant. If you have any suggestions for some network in which I can tap into to find the like-minded would be welcome. A beer tasting club, perhaps?

        • Yeah, that whole site is pretty smutty.

          Click if you want the 1 cartoon, do NOT continue if you don’t want to see a bunch of cartoon porn.

    • Powerful informal structures exist, even under supposedly heavily hierarchal Church structures. The key is to refrain from directly attacking the visible Church leadership unless it’s a complete slam-dunk, and instead create societies and networks that deem them irrelevant.

      It’s the same strategy that should be employed regarding government. Make the enemy realize he’s losing power and influence, but make it impossible to tell where the threat is coming from.

      It’s a lot less sexy than 1776 bravado, but it’s the new method of war.

  30. As members of the Borg would say, Amen and Awoman.

    I don’t know how long ago that Pat Buchanan made that observation about local politicians being sensible, but it is no longer true today. There are some, but many enter this level hoping to ascend into the Borg. Decent people looking out for the public interest are getting weeded out before they can do any damage.

    • It’s like the propagandists: even the guy who writes for the high school newspaper dreams of getting a pat on the head from the New York Times.

    • Back in the 90’s when Ross Perot ran for president, he used to say something similar to what Buchanan said. “It’s not the people, it’s the system.”

      Now we have the World Economic Forum grooming leaders like Merkel, Trudeau, Macron, and that weirdo leader of New Zealand, and others.

      • John Kerry threw a grenade in the water in Vietnam so he could get some superficial wounds and come back as a war hero who was wounded in action to help his political career. The craven power seekers of subsequent generations haven’t had to take risks like that as they are groomed for the role at even younger ages and never put in even slightly dangerous situations. As their lives get easier and easier they have become less capable of doing even the simplest work. I keep thinking this arrangement has to collapse, but I don’t know how long it will take.

        • My understanding is he wrote all the paper work for his own citations. Can only compare that to a great uncle who picked up a Bronze Star (V) in both WWII and Korea. Both were surprises.

    • Barnard: Good point. Voting ‘locally’ is an utter waste of time – most decent, legitimately pro-White people don’t have any interest in running, and the few decent but deluded rubes who do will never get the funding or party support to win. But normies persist in participating in a rigged game. Because ‘citizenship.’ Because ‘muh patriotism.’ Because it’s too scary to consider the fate to which they’ve consigned their grandchildren.

  31. Again, this was foreseen by those old white guys a couple of centuries ago. The idea was that the wealthy, having means of their own, would take up the onerous duty of publick service, call it noblesse oblige, whatever, and after a short period of time, return to the private life. As Strelnikov famously informed Zhivago, the private life is dead; the ‘publick’ life is the path to power. Apparatchiks R us.

  32. DC is more inbred than the most isolated WV “holler”. And now for generations. Number of years ago was doing regular runs to DC working on some industry regulatory issues. So had to meet with the normal coterie of lobbyists, lawyers and consulting firms. Always felt like that scene from “John Adams” when he makes his first venture into the Versailles court of Louis XVI wearing his plain New Englander clothes. And gazing in wonderment at the vacuity of the spectacle.


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