The Arc Of Trust

In 1980, when Ronald Reagan was running for president, the people planning to vote for him were sure the media was biased against him. They focused only on the bad stuff and ignored the good stuff. The people voting for Jimmy Carter, on the other hand, thought the bias claim was absurd. They thought the media played it as fair as was possible in a matter of opinion. The big media players went out of their way to prove that they were just neutral observers reporting the facts.

It seems quaint today, but if you wrote your local newspaper complaining about unequal treatment, you could expect a reply pointing out the examples in the newspaper of both sides of the debate. If not a direct reply, there would be a length reply in the letters column addressing the issue. Newspaper columnists would often take the time to address the “alleged bias in the media”. Back then, it was important to the media that people thought they were neutral observers.

Fast forward twenty years and the people planning to vote for Bush still thought the media was biased, but by that point, conservatives were so sure of the bias they no longer felt a need to prove it. The center of gravity with regards to the media had shifted after the Clinton years. Even the people who were voting for Gore conceded that many parts of the media were biased, but their new line was that “right-wing” media, like Fox News and Drudge, was just as biased.

In twenty years, we moved from a world in which the consensus was that the media was mostly honest but a little biased to a world in which the consensus was the media was biased in favor of one side. Put another way, a tin foil hat crazy in 1980 thought the New York Times was out to get their guy, while in 2000 a tin foil hat crazy thought Fox News controlled public opinion. By this point, the mass media was no longer trying to prove they were neutral observers.

Twenty years on from the Bush election, everyone to the right of Hillary Clinton looks at the media as the marketing department for the DNC. Further, the only people who think the media is not deliberately lying about everything are the nutters who watch conspiracy outlets like MSNBC or CNN. The most popular “conservative” TV media performer is Tucker Carlson who dedicates a fair chunk of his airtime to pointing out the litany of lies that come from the mass media.

In isolation it is not a very interesting thing, but the media is a canary in the coal mine for the state of the culture. Forty years ago, most people thought they could trust the important institutions of society. Wackos were the ones claiming the government was covering up conspiracies and doing nefarious things in the shadows. The bulk of the population trusted the system, even while acknowledging the flaws. After all, humans are not perfect, so no system is perfect.

Today, the center point on the trust scale is over toward the lack of trust end but it depends upon the institution in question. Few people trust the media, so the center is way over on the skeptical end. Most people think the government is a blend of incompetence and dishonesty, but many still think the system can work with the right people in charge of it. Big business is another institution whose trust has collapsed, especially among right-wing people.

At this point on the timeline, the military, the economy, and technology are the only three institutions that people generally trust. Despite twenty years of failure, people still think the military can defeat any enemy if allowed to do their best. White people still proudly send their sons to fight. That is changing as it becomes clear that the people in charge are rabidly antiwhite and jarringly incompetent. We may be in the midst of a great sea change in white attitudes about the military.

That leaves the economy and technology as the things most people think they can trust to be what they claim. The bad news gets all of the attention, but most people still live pretty well in this country. Inflation and shortages are concerning, but most people accept that it is just temporary and will work itself out in time. Similarly, despite the damage done by the Covidians, people still trust technology to come up with reliable solutions to problems. The vaccination rate is proof of that.

The fact is people can remain content as long as their bellies are full, and they feel secure in their person. The lunacy of the Covid response was annoying, but few people felt it threatened their way of life. People were not being evicted from their homes or going without food. The entertainments were maintained, so they had things to keep them occupied while stuck at home. The Juvenal quote gets overused but that is because it is true. The last two years have proved it.

The question, however, is can a society keep the bread and circuses going when trust in the main institutions is collapsing? Trust in the economic system is a function of its relative performance. If no one trusts the political system or the mass media that promotes it, can we survive a serious economic downturn? Can we survive learning that much of what we were told about Covid was a lie? Can we still trust the economic system when we are ruled by corporate oligarchs?

The point of this is that when you take a long view, relative to a human lifespan, it is hard to see a bright future for the American empire. The arc of trust now bends inexorably toward a world where only fools trust their institutions. The future is a world where no one can trust anything or anyone and the only way to maintain order is through force. If the people at the top of the institutions see it this way, it would explain why they are so enthusiastic for authoritarianism.

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215 thoughts on “The Arc Of Trust

  1. The US becoming a corrupt low trust society would be a major improvement for Whites. Now the country is a tribal society with every tribe but whites playing the in group preference game. To make matters far worse there is actual open discrimination against Whites.

    If the USA becomes more third world, whites can work around many of these obstacles through bribery. An admissions officer may hate you but will love your money. Those wealthy White and Jewish women who were busted for bribing admissions officers would have not been arrested in a more debased society like Mexico unless they reneged on a payoff.

  2. “The arc of trust now bends inexorably toward a world where only fools trust their institutions.”

    This system selects for and breeds fools. It might last forever.

  3. Trust and respect are earned. In a world of Whites, this was a given. The workingmen settled it on the streets, the rich fucks settled it on the country club, 18 holes to the bar. Now the jews own and control the former USA. Degradation and despair is their gig. Bring it all down. It’s a 100 year plan. Tickum olum, the great cleansing, ridding the earth of the golem.. People need to turn off the tv and wake up quick if they want to survive this. The Satanists threw all their cards on the table, this is it.

  4. I’m wondering if anyone here has heard of Marty Armstrong? I have a client who knows him, and he turned me on to his blog. I’m bringing it up because he has been blogging lately on the notion that getting the populace to turn on the cops is how this ends, which I saw Zman Gabbing (?) about.

    It’s an interesting point, I just don’t have as much faith that the populace will turn on the cops as Armstrong does, although I do agree with the point.

    • The impression I got from his Australia coverage is that he thinks that when it Really Comes Down To It, police are people too and won’t, e.g., slaughter our children in their beds.

      That’s a child’s thought.

      And we won’t resist them. The minuscule fraction of us who’ve vowed to ourselves to take out the first one who comes to our door made that vow years ago. Nobody “turns.”

  5. Trust in our current “elite” is literally suicidal. The latest thing they’ve cooked up is some serious “Children of Men” stuff.

    “GM corn set to stop man spreading his seed”

    GMO corn is notorious for cross-pollinating and spreading to neighboring fields and seed crops. Monsanto has sued farmers for inadvertently “stealing” their patented gene lines through natural cross-pollination.

    • Vizzini: As usual, they’re advertising their intentions and purposes quite clearly, for all to see – and then be mocked as conspiracy theorists. Any off-the-wall story or far-out-there theory is likely to be correct, because the cloud people are both evil and crazy.

  6. I have a number of loved ones who still believe the media and these people are not stupid. They believe what is reported about the Covid science, that trannies are legitimate, and that whites are not being intentionally dispossessed.

    What are the psychological factors that cause a person to have a paradigm shift towards distrust? For me, it was seeing hispanics take over CA and be immune from most laws.

    Maybe you have to feel personally threatened by what the media is pushing.

    • I remember my boomer parents told me to shut up and quit whining about the new vibrant and diverse work environments that swept through Canada in the late 90s. Mom was the worst.

      I can’t wait until that old shitlib bitch goes into a home staffed by vibrants. What goes around comes around.

      I don’t see the institutions or oligarchs lasting much longer myself. They are cutting their own throats now and too dumb to see it.

      • Oprah, Hollywood’s procurer (pimp), said we have to kill off the older generations to end the problem of racism.

    • “What are the psychological factors that cause a person to have a paradigm shift towards distrust? For me, it was seeing hispanics take over CA and be immune from most laws.”

      In the suburb of a major metro clue city – this is what I see. My kids have been ticketed twice for window tints. They were already on the cars, not mfg, and were duly removed. I cannot count how many of the more fortunate among us cruise by with super dark tints, never pulled over.

      Same lucky tint-users also register their cars out of state, as in dozens in the town and blatant. Never a worry, The Man does not bother to enforce the 30 day limit before you have to register in state, which also means insure the cars.

      So we have this over class that moves among us in tinted cars, out of state plates, potentially uninsured. How fortunate they are.

      It is depressing to see an entire industry of ‘law enforcement’ that runs speed traps that seem to snare one segment of the population only — the non over class. Day after day, and I bet they give the soccer moms nice lectures at the roadside, “do you know why I pulled you over” yuk-yuk-yuk.

      • Had same experience. CCW permit holder…cops knew it and just pulled me over for an easy $$$.

        NOT a bribe, you understand!! A tint violation fine action. Unquestionably and unimpeachably legal fine.

        I’d rather just hand out a $20 with my drivers license.

        More honest that way.

    • For me especially it was the non-stop hysterical lying and bitching about Trump literally 24/7/365. From at least the time he was elected to his “defeat” it never ended. How anyone who paid even a little attention to the propaganda machine, couldn’t sit back and wonder, “is he really the evil incarnate he’s made out to be?” and not realize at some level how over the top bulls*** it was, I don’t know what to say – it’s arguably worse with the covidian crap. The cluelessness and acceptance is astonishing.

    • Fear. These people want to believe because accepting the truth is simply too frightening for them (they want the Vax to work/be safe, the election was legit, diversity is our strength, etc. ).

    • Wild Geese: But this assumes poll numbers are legit and voting matters. In all sincerity, do you think they’d let her lose? If so, why? Has she outlived her usefulness, or is she too pale, or some other reason?

      • The problem with the “they stole the election!” hypothesis (I know, I know, but let’s stipulate) is that unless it really WAS coordinated at the highest level — for which we don’t have any hard evidence — it must’ve been “emergent behavior” on the part of poll workers in places like Detroit. Which is all it needed to be, because with the electoral college and all, all you really need to do is “fortify” the results in a few key cities in a handful of states to “win.”

        One of those cities is of course Detroit. Which means that with a Democrat governor running for reelection, you very quickly get down to zero marginal return… and then they go negative. It doesn’t matter if Whitmer “wins” Detroit by a hundred million zillion votes. She still has to win in other places, and every time those results get “fortified,” there’s another chance of it blowing up in their faces… as, indeed, the fact that she “won” Detroit by getting a zillion gorillion more votes than there are voters does.

        Or, if you prefer: I’m sure she’s counting on The Party to attempt some very large “fortification” of her vote totals… but that also means she’s counting on The Party not to cock it up, and would you take that bet?

        Best to play it as straight as possible.

        • Doesn’t really matter if the party cocks it up if nobody of consequence is willing to report it.

        • Emergent behavior is very hard to demonstrate or to fight. It’s one more of our burdens.

          If most poll watcher supervisors believed that Trump was bad moustache man then of course they will all act in concert even if no one can find the conductor.

          Me, I believe that we’ve already been defeated demographically, so I doubt the “Stop the Steal” conjecture. Sure, they cheated but it probably wasn’t decisive.

          The old joke is that democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what’s for dinner. What should the sheep do at that point?

          • PA is a clear undeniable example of open fraud.
            The Constitution clearly allocates responsibility for election procedures to the Legislature. Both the Executive and Judicial branches fraudulently asserted powers they do not have to alter the will of the Legislatures,

            Doesn’t get simpler than that.

        • Let’s just say, for the sake of argument that the Democrats are great at vote harvesting. You know, LBJ tactics, Joe Kennedy and Cook County. Our current day.

          And sakes alive, the “Republicans” are just not as good at it. Or it is beneath their ‘values’. Same end result, whether the harvest is in piles of ‘mail in’ ballots, or batches via a ward boss.

          I have been denied cold medicine across state lines because I ‘already bought my quota’ yet the same technology is not allowed to interfere with the vote harvesting that takes place.

          In other words, I care not what exact methods are used… the fix is in. It is not new. They are just better at it. And as we now know full well that the, er, other side (Consertives, Repubes) roll over as part of their job description … what matters “voting”, all the Kabuki Theater that goes with it, precedes it. Oooh … polls!

          The Kabuki Theater is just content for the parasites in the media, happily lapped up between giant corporation ads for products made in the 3rd World and sold by the people that hate your children’s guts.

        • Well if by “the Highest Level” you mean mumbly Joe, he literally did say that there was biggest election fraud operation ever,

          People who deny this are cognitively deficient beyond hope of redemption.

          It is well past time denying it.

      • 3g4me-

        The best working theory I’ve heard is that she’s finally managed to lose significant support from minorities in the blue hives. That means no more vibrant poll workers running boxes of ballots for her 1000 times.

        Her opponent is the former Detroit police chief who is a law and order type who didn’t allow much BLM nonsense last year.

        That said, he is also a minority. For a lot of those in the blue hives and many goodwhites that trumps Whitmer’s womanhood.

        This is also a potential tell that she didn’t have strong support from Dominion, or is on the outs with them as well.

        OTOH, her coven with the MI AG and Secretary of State is super tight. Both of those offices with pull all kinds of election shenanigans.

        • Wild Geese: Lots of interesting conjecture. In the end, what will help you/us the most? Letting the repubes and Joe Normal think they’ve won one, or keeping Whitmer and the pressure on? I don’t live there, but if I did, and if I voted, that is how I would decide.

    • voting does not matter. the machines will give them what they want no matter the input . time to give up on that comforting fable. michigan’s economy is near collapse. most of the large business would not be able to function if they were to lose the number of people who would not vaccinate. spent a couple of weeks there, lots and lots of empty shelves in the stores .

  7. When members of the institutions themselves started believing their own press releases you could determine that the institution was doomed, just the timeline was open to speculation.

    The first time I can remember it happening was when someone claimed “Affirmative Action does not mean quotas.” Of course it does, you can’t undo the past. Similarly, the media, “we are not biased.” Oh bullshit, everyone has biases and they come through.

    The trick is not pretending these things don’t happen but rather you recognize them and come up with some sort of scheme to mitigate their effect. Our ruling class however is well past this point. They’ve believed their own bullshit for so long their identities are wrapped up in it. To admit otherwise would be mentally devastating, so watch for the craziness to ramp up. It’s the only thing they have left. Turn it up to 11? Pshaw, I’ll bet this sucker has a logarithmic scale.

  8. I am barely old enough to remember Walter Cronkite reading the news. I can still remember him saying “It’s twenty minutes before the hour.” From what I remember, when he retired he admitted his left-bias but spun it as now being free from having to pretend he was right wing or something.

    • He was typical of the Media Class of his time. These people were so arrogant in their blissful ignorance and contempt of the common people, they had no qualms whatsoever about deceiving their viewers. May Cronkite spend an inordinate amount of time in purgatory for what he did to our nation.

      • Maybe if you were to spell his name like this, Krankheit, i.e., Illness, the point would be made very clear.

  9. Being political dissidents, we tend to focus on the politics. But any trust in the press on any subject is totally misplaced. The Gell-Mann Amnesia effect applies to every single word. When not just outright lying, they are re-printing corporate press releases and advertisements disguised as news. Only now it’s not even just the press. The entire written word industry is converging around SJW/Woke purity tests. It does not matter to them that nobody is buying the stuff. They absolutely destroyed the whole science fiction genre. They don’t care. Now it’s in all the mainstream book publishers.

  10. lets take bets on whether Gabby Petito will have been shown to have died with Covid…anyone…anyone?

    • What’s her deal? Is she CIA? ((Chosen People))? It’s a relatively ordinary crime that the media is losing its mind over in a way that reminds me of OJ Simpson. That’s a very bad thing.

      The untrustworthiness of media can be a feature if you’re clued in. It helps you know where to look.

      • Gunner Q: She was a woke female on prescription drugs for OCD and various other mental disorders. She was a ‘free spirit’ and ‘living her dreams’ by driving across the country and blogging to pay her way – i.e. standard attention whore. Her boyfriend was also apparently mentally unstable, although this is being spun as “violent white male.” Neither is worth anyone’s time. And the whole thing serves to take people’s attention from everything of substance that’s really happening.

          • I just did a quick image search for her. She’s blonde, and cute enough. As much as I hate to give every lame negro “comedian” in AINO the props, they be right about this kind of thing: Every time something’s going bad in Washington, some little blonde White girl goes missing and it’s off to the races on the evening news. Same as it ever was. The supermarket tabloids are still printing JonBenet Ramsey stories on slow fake news days….

          • Chandra Levy was the big distraction from the Clinton crimes. Goyim are so easily distracted.

            They said this j3wish girl was murdered by a white Congressman. When it was revealed that her murderer was an illegal alien, we never heard about the story again.

        • Wrap her in a flag and giver her and AR and the republicans will vote her into congress.

          This whole thirsty beta male epidemic of putting thots on a pedestal while they literally whore themselves to strangers (and in all probability was shit-testing and torturing her noodle-armed boyfriend for a thousand miles) on the socials is a big part of why I was fully on board with the long-game version of collapse then restoration well before the election theft and Trumpian WWE reign.

          If white males were violent they wouldn’t let their women go feral and then publicly geld them in one humiliating ritual after the other. Instead we get perpetual failed shit tests, the grand inversion, and a female james bond who does MMA on the weekends.

          One of the few silver linings of our globohomo export industry is our adversaries are soaking up this toxin. So perhaps the winners will be the ones to let it cull the herd hardest and fastest. I say lets get it on.

        • 3g,the boyfriend’s parents live a few miles up the road from me, and the local news has been non stop 24/7 about this story. With all of western civilization crashing down around our ears, it’s amazing to to listen to the fiddle play while all of Rome is ablaze.

          • Mark Auld: It’s also interesting to take note of all those who’ve come forward with ‘information.’ Not just those women who claim to have witnessed the couple in an altercation (he hit her) versus the cops’ video record (she hit him) but the boyfriend’s parents’ next door neighbor. They eagerly got their 15 minutes, speculating about the parents and a travel trailer, etc. I bet they hardly exchanged two words with these people for years, just a wave when getting into or out of their car. But they sure were quick to gush to the press.

            Why we need our own communities and why men need to instruct their wives and children to shun anyone in the neighborhood who’s woke.

        • The “van lifestyle” is a joke; promoting it was her thing. I’d shed a tear for her youthful foolishness, but it was all a lie; something an honest broker would work to dispel, not romanticize.

          Go look at the banks of the Columbia river between Portland OR and Vancouver WA. Dozens of vans. Hundreds of tents.

          All of them crapping in the river.

    • I like to think I am reasonably well informed but have never heard of this person.

      Who is telling her story and why?

  11. “The arc of trust now bends inexorably toward a world where only fools trust their institutions.”

    Clever! I suppose this is what happens when we endeavor to get the “arch of justice” bending toward equality…

    “The future is a world where no one can trust anything or anyone and the only way to maintain order is through force.”

    And hasn’t this really been the way America was after 1861? Wasn’t this threat always there? And since justice and equality took were discovered as societal imperatives, we were naturally going to get to the naked authoritarianism we get now.

    GK Chesterton was really into I guess what could be called principles, or natures. A dog will do what is in its nature. After civil rights and feminism, isn’t the “nature” of America one in which all inequalities must be hammered out flat?

    And why not, then, the world!

  12. “The future is a world where no one can trust anything or anyone and the only way to maintain order is through force.”

    Isn’t the threat of force always the case? The use of force occurs, on occasion, to quell a rebellious populace or to overthrow a ruling regime.

    The alternative to overt force is exhaustion. We may be getting close to that point; economic breakdown and the inability of force to keep order for want of the resources force needs to do so. Babylon is falling but Mesopotamia survives in a different form: poverty, decentralization, small peasant communities on abandoned or expropriated land after the rulers have fled to greener pastures or, if there are none, have joined the peasanty, those that have escaped retribution.

    • There is/was always the “threat” of force. That’s not the issue. The issue is when and how much such force comes to play when “push comes to shove”. Push coming to shove is increasing to the breaking point.

      Take the Black population. They are more inclined than ever to resist most societal rules, and when called on their behavior, to put up a violent resistance. They are winning with this approach. Pol’s side with them, public sympathizes, police are demoralized and ignore their misbehavior. Crime surges in their “home” areas.

      Eventually, the people will gladly accept a totalitarian strongman. This strategy has been shown effective in any number of countries. What else does one think got Trump elected? He was only half, a strongman (albeit perceived as such due to his lack of civility and crudeness). The next one will not be so ready to play within the “system” once in office.

    • Most systems rely on voluntary compliance with the rules and norms. If a store cannot trust that its employees will not lie, cheat, and steal at a every opportunity, it cannot function. The criminology says if voluntary compliance gets below 98%, you get problems, under 95% gets you Detroit, under 90% gets you third-world collapse. No broad societal system can afford a trusted overseer to peon ratio of 1:20, never mind 1:1.

  13. This is why Marksmanship is so important. As an American I’m embarrassed by Chicongo.
    The wounded should never exceed the dead by more than 3:1.

    We need the NRA back in our school system to train young people, aka “youths” in basic marksmanship.

      • I get your snark, but really there is no such thing as “markmenship” when dealing with drive bys. That, coupled with pistol calibers and fast medical response can easily explain your stat’s.

        If there is a general uprising, and civilian resistance, scoped hunting rifles will easily reverse your ratio.

      • What doesn’t seem to be mentioned much or really ever, is the medical advancements in trauma medicine over the last 40+ years.

        That helps to explain (Not fully, but definitely a factor) why murder rates began to drop from the 1970s and 80s high water marks in the cities.

        Currently it is not uncommon to read about a gunshot victim surviving 4-10 bullet wounds if medical attention is received within the magical one hour mark.

        If interested, look up the equipment and training a paramedic had in 1980 verses today.

        How much this costs us as a society is a different topic entirely.

  14. “The arc of trust now bends inexorably toward a world where only fools trust their institutions. The future is a world where no one can trust anything or anyone and the only way to maintain order is through force. If the people at the top of the institutions see it this way, it would explain why they are so enthusiastic for authoritarianism”

    Welcome to Latin America!

    Greetings from El Salvador,

  15. I live within the Shitty of Chicago, which is now a relatively dead and more violent place to reside. The preparation and prosecution of patents and trademarks business is at full throttle however. Majority of my office used to be occupied with deals and disputes, now it’s applications.

    There appears to be massive self-administered doses of Hopium instead of proper strategic planning. The R&D data to support IP applications are frequently of crappy quality, and I believe based upon my conversations that the uncertainty created by the riots and disease events have small to mid- business leadership unglued – they don’t know how to move next.

    I’d tell you that I am delighted to be generating increased revenue but then I look at the house across the street where a nineteen-year-old male college lacrosse stud is working out in the open with an effing face diaper strapped to his face. His mother thinks that going back to his elite college is too dangerous right now – everybody must be vaxxed and then we’ll see. We think the dad is queer as a three dollar bill, and he never weighs in on family matters apparently.

    I know how terrible revolutions can be for somebody in my position, but I cannot help but pray that one ignites soon. We are too far over the edge to ever “go back.” My other immediate neighbors, who are wealthy immigrants, have zero problem with the current status quo, this New Normal. They are making money hand over fist, which is all that matters to them.

      • I will just say that I learn from you and a few other commentators here almost as much as I do from our gracious host himself.

        Someday I pray we meet up under good circumstances. That is all.

    • Chicago, and Illinois in general, is in an unsolvable debt spiral. Government pensions are out of control, and the only “solution “ is to raise property taxes.

      Killing the real estate market. Even if you pay 100% cash for a property, you could wind up having to spend $10k-$20k/yr, FOREVER.

      What a mess.

      • The Boomers and older cohort of Gen-X are about to learn that raising property taxes is NOT the only solution. In fact, it’s not even a likely solution. A much more likely solution is default. Having some piece of paper saying some government agency is going to give you your salary for life is not the same thing as money in the bank.

        I have little sympathy for them. They’ve known about this for a long time.

        • I think the Fed and other central banks can keep kicking the can a lot longer than we think they can.

          The equities market and their derivatives ARE the money printer, and that is the true source of their evil power.

      • ProZNoV: My husband said yesterday, when we were discussing how real estate prices alone made modern family formation nigh impossible, that property taxes and homeowner’s insurance alone make it impossible. Even if you have the wherewithal to buy or retire, you’ll owe thousands a year for life – so it’s never really yours at all.

        • How true. The taxes I pay per month to live in my fully paid off house, are more than my rent for an apartment when in college. (Yeah, I know prices change) If one considers other forced expenses, like the *requirement* for utilities—yep, you must be connected to the grid here—you can’t help but feel you have target on your back.

          And yes, I can afford it. This is not a complaint, but a realization that the majority of fellow citizens are not as fortunate. Their conditions will inevitable spill over to affect mine.

          • And then there’s maintenance costs.

            At some point, you will need a new roof or your basement will spring a leak that needs to be mitigated.

            In cold climes, snow has to be managed every year. In most other climes, the lawn has to be trimmed to prevent the yard from becoming a bug-infested mess.

            All the tools and services required for home maintenance cost tons of money.

          • Some of my neighbors continue to vote for pols who raise our county taxes and our school taxes so that although they are mostly woke, it discretely keeps POC out. They don’t realize that Section 8 housing, food stamps, and other handouts makes our neighborhood affordable anyway. Besides, the cities are coming our way. Housing density and crime -hey, who stole my car’s catalytic converter?! – are quickly shooting, pun intended, up.

          • Compsci, you arent far off. My current property tax is higher than what I paid for my share of an apartment in school, much more recently than your experience. And property insurance is only necessary if you have a mortgage…

        • Spot on. If there is a new Republic at some point, property tax among other things will be made illegal as it is in many parts of Europe.

          Getting past the reflexive refusal on the Right to regulate or the assumption that even a government they form for their purposes is always evil , IE. removing the Libertarian mind poison will take time but without authority in your hands nothing will happen.

        • Well, there is the “reverse mortgage” to take the equity out of a house when older. Planning to live/retire in a low property tax state is another option.

          (DYODD. There are numerous caveats and pitfalls to a rev mortgage).

          Criminal how you never really own it though. Would be a grand thing to leave a paid for house to the next generation.

      • Agree 100%. As a born and bred resident of Chicagoland (Outside Da Great Citya Chicagah over by dere) the state is circling the tubes. We left Silly-nois over four years ago. Our property taxes on what would be considered a typical “McMansion” in Will County were $12K/Year by the time we pulled up stakes and left. The monthly tax bill exceeded our mortgage payment. And we got a nasty financial haircut to boot: The additional cost of our taxes meant few people could afford our home so we had to sell it at a loss to make it affordable. We sold our home for less than we bought it for thirteen years prior to the sale. We weren’t underwater but the money we lost would’ve made a bigger down payment on our new home. The taxes on our new home, with more square footage and a larger lot, are a quarter of the amount of our old home.

        I used to work in the Loop (literally in the Loop, not just “In Chicago”) and it was dicey with the homeless on nearly every corner (and sleeping in or wandering around the Metra stations), but the Loop was essentially safe. Now? You couldn’t pay me enough to move back and ride the train back and forth to the city and walk to and from the station to work. Plenty of car jackings, shootings, and stabbings keep things “spicy”.

        So now surburbanites don’t go into the city because between the violence and having to mask up, why bother? But the city begs for people to come back out of one side of their mouths, and tells people it’s cruel to punish law breakers from the other.

        To the original poster in Chicago: Get out while you can.

  16. “The future is a world where no one can trust anything or anyone and the only way to maintain order is through force.” – In a way, this is a more truthful way of living, as once the expensive optics are gone, all of us live at the end of a gun barrel (see Australia today). If you stop paying your taxes, you get a letter, then another letter, then a threat, then your bank account is emptied. Or, if you owe big taxes unarmed men show up at your door, then if it becomes a criminal case, armed men. Government is force with window dressing. I’ve posted this quote on here before but it’s such a good quote I’ll do it again:

    “The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it’s profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater.”- Frank Zappa

    • JR Wirth: Excellent comment and solid quote, even if I have read it before. While we pay what taxes we must, we also keep as little in the bank as we must to meet our bills. Anything over that ought to be invested in real goods or removed to a safe location.

      If you had told me and my husband we’d be doing this – even just 10 years ago – we’d have thought you were nuts.

    • I have my issues with Frank but here he is as his Central Scrutinizer character:

      This is the Central Scrutinizer…
      It is my responsibility to enforce all the laws
      That haven’t been passed yet

      It is also my responsibility to alert each and every one of you
      To the potential consequences
      Of various ordinary everyday activities
      You might be performing which could eventually lead to
      The death penalty – or affect your parents’ credit rating…

  17. Failure to single out some truly bad ass, heroic sons of bitches for twenty years of war and instead pretending every soldier is equally heroic has debased the “hero” currency and made the military nothing more than another branch of federal government employment.

    If getting hair-on-fire, want to fight young men to join up us your goal, there’s something seriously amiss when no one can name any hero’s post-WWII.

    (We can name victims, however. J. Lynch comes to mind).

  18. It’s not a question of the “right” people being in charge that destroys civilizations, including our own. The right people will never be in charge because being in charge attracts the “wrong” people. This is true across all cultures, all political systems, and through the eons of human history.

    Any political system would work if everybody played by the rules of the system, including the people who end up running things. There is however a segment of humanity that wants to dominate all. Always has been, probably always will be. They will be the ones who want to take charge in any system, and in many respects are needed to keep the trains running. They eventually and inevitably will run the system to their benefit, until the dirt people cant take it anymore, then it collapses. This is a story that’s been written many times.

    The Founding Fathers recognized this immutable law of humanity and tried to craft a political system that reins in the natural impulses of those who take charge. It was pretty good, but was almost immediately and continually since picked at and deconstructed until its sorry remains only exist now at the behest of our betters. Its obvious the most basic tenants of the original set of rules (inalienable rights) are now contingent on the will of those in charge.

    The end of this and the beginning of the next chapter is probably getting close. As long as most folks live relatively comfortable it’ll last. Bare grocery store shelves will be the harbinger, so keep watch.

    • Exactly. The founders, being mostly on the reformed end of Christianity, knew that everyone that would go into that line of work would be a ghoul. Too bad the security systems they put in place were totally inadequate. Even light centralization started the ball rolling on total centralization. That’s the key. All these people centralize power over time, almost universally. Instead of making “good government” we need a broken up and decentralized government, as well as broken up decentralized big business and especially banks.

      • Excellent point. I defy you to name one, just one duty or power that was Federal and devolved to the individual States in the past hundred years. Hell, since the Founding. On very rare occasions (Prohibition), Uncle Sam arrogated a right (to regulate alcohol) and upon repeal, he gave back powers to each State. The entire history of this nation has been centralization of power.

      • We also need broken up nations. The smaller they are, the better. In fact, city-states may be the ideal polities. But only after they have been de-diversified.

    • Leonard E Herr: Well said. And please excuse my inner grammar/diction/syntax notsee, but I think the word you wanted was “tenets of the original set of rules.”

    • Agreed, but I think our obligation is to use this knowledge and go forward with a remedy rather than just float along in the currents of history.

      There is an analogy in the field of biology that may be potentially useful. All living things, and in particular complex living things like mammals, typically consist of a body that functions reasonably well most of the time, but occasionally experiences illness (usually because of a pathogen). The body responds by marshaling defensive agents such as T-cells and antibodies to attack & destroy the pathogens, and then dispose of their remnants. Upon doing so, the body returns to health. Just sayin’.

    • Your post is just another variation on the “Beautiful loser” argument conservatives always make.

      “Oh noes we can’t win because only the wrong people seek out power, we are too good for that”

      This is a world of struggle and competition. I am fed up with people on the right passing off their weakness, stupidity, and lack of survival fitness as some sort of moral virtue.

      • Everyone knows that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely; but no one ever mentions the rate of corruption. How did good (or at least better than average) absolute rulers exist in the past? Some men are just better at wielding power than others.

        • It seems like modern conservatives have decided that even attempting to rule is an act of evil itself.

          Gone is the concept of the “Just King”.

          • This is the legacy of Libertarians infecting the Right . While I share her hatred of Communism Ayn Rand was essentially a Satanist , so much so ‘ol Anton cribbed her work for the Satanic Bible.

            Authority using Power for Rightful Purposes is the only thing that keeps civilization alive.

            This lack is why things suck so much . All that matters now is money and Conservatives who in the past would have respected rightful authority now hate all authority except maybe whatever corporation is abusing them like they were hippies ranting against the Man.

            That mind poison needs to go along with the disgusting proposition of the Bow Tie crowd that Conservatism is an attitude . That is grade a bullcrap , Conservatism is a pro civic pro family pro historical continuity nationalist policy.

            Its like this. If you don’t want drugs sold, hang drug sellers in the public square after conviction until enough are dead that the supply dries up . Its not complicated .

    • Our system requires a Cincinnatus, but all we had was a Marion Barry.

      As for grocery stores, its getting awkward again. Many shortages again, and prices continue to climb. Local grocery just remodelled to have fewer shelves on fewer aisles.

    • Well, the shelves are far from bare, but certain commonplace items are often now hard to get. Shallots, loose mushrooms, Italian parsley, chicken breasts on the bone, walnuts, etc. have gone missing as of late. A couple of weeks ago I went to the grocery store in search of 10 items. I could not get five of those items. Two years ago this was unheard of. Cracks are forming deep beneath the crust, and they’re working their way to the surface…

      • Ostei: Interesting. Haven’t noticed anything missing or unavailable of late here in DFW, but the prices are skyrocketing. I am dropping a lot more $ for a lot fewer groceries, and since I’m trying to maintain a couple of extra boxes or bags or cans of whatever, plus lots of paper and cleaning goods, the grocery bills are substantial.

        • Perhaps my grocer is simply incompetent. Alas, incompetence doesn’t seem in short supply these days.

    • It is the delusion the rule of law exists. There is no such thing because laws are not self-executing. They have to be carried out by men. There is only and will always only be rule by men.

  19. I would argue that the primary motivation for implementing an authoritarian soft-tyranny is self preservation by the corruptocrats that are responsible for getting us into the mess we’re in. They know that a day will come when the plates stop spinning and the house of cards comes crashing down. And as with the French Revolution, when the rubberband snaps, there will be hell to pay by those in the cross-hairs.

    But you cannot enforce a tyranny without the aid of a Jackboot Corp, and even Jackboots are getting pretty fat these days. My guess is that the Stasi will choose to manufacture scapegoats and hang them in the public square as the primary means of keeping the dissidents in check.

    As yet, they still have no answer for the antibody problem. And both the technology sector and the remaining US-based productivity are reliant on Caucasian males to keep the national economic engine running. When this cohort stops working and starts fighting back instead, it will be a whole new ballgame. And if we do it right, it will be with focus on the cancer cells only.

    • TomA : Watch the latest footage from Oz. Cop claiming he’s as tired of the mask mandate as anyone, but it’s his job and all he’s trained for. So give him a break as he follows orders and smashes your head and locks you up in quarantine camp.

      • He is a “weak” man—so am I, I have no illusions. However, the argument posed is, “I am just following orders”. A once sane world rejected that argument and hanged the bastards. And so it will be again when things come to a head.

        • An world driven insane hung the wrong bastards, and here we are. The false peace softened, sickened, and fattened us up like cattle.

          Yet, I am so very, very glad I (quite selfishly) I got to live in the nice part of that peace. I’m am also so sorry, young ones, but we honestly didn’t realize.
          It was the lull of the hudna.

        • Compsci: I realize you’re motivated by the right reasons, but I would differ re the example you chose. That world was not sane, the forum used was a perversion, and I question if the right people were hanged.

          • That the right people or not were hanged, is not the argument that I make, nor a refutation to my posting.

            It’s the defense that was made by those people–who could have said, “Hey, what I did was right, and I’d do it again!”–but no, they took no personal responsibility for their actions and instead attempted to mitigate their responsibility (blame others) to avoid penalty.

            Your example of a “friendly” (to the cause) LEO who says “I’m with you” and then attempts to enforce said laws because “orders” is no friend to the cause, but a weak person evading responsibility for his actions and his role in such evil.

            Walking down the middle of the road gets you run over, and rightfully so.

    • I’m continually amazed by the double, triple-chins, and beer bellies on the officers and enlisted that show up in our plant lobby.

      Clearly, the physical standards are getting real low out there.

      • I was at the outdoor range a few weeks ago, two mid twenties hardbodies with all the right curves showed up. Low cut shirts, tight ass jeans and all carrying a small tactical gym bag with lots of bullets and a few 9mm and 45’s. Good shots, they were cops.I turned around to sneak a peek at them and they were making out. Jesus Christ! Can’t escape the crap. Even at the range.

  20. Whether the society can do well in a low trust culture will depend largely on the capabilities of our Chinese and Indian replacements in the elite and managerial classes. We already know Jews function well in a low trust society.

    If the new rulers and their managers do a good job the society will continue to function well at least for the top two classes. Whether it functions for the lower classes isn’t important; they can be replaced.

    Keep in mind that only white Americans are used to high trust society. Everyone else comes from low trust societies so it is business a usual for them. The wealthy and upper middle class can benefit greatly from a low trust society as anyone who has lived in a country like Mexico can tell you. Nepotism, bribery and rule of man instead of law can make things a lot easier for the right people.

      • Montefrio, I’m in the middle of an article about Menem’s privatization push- selling the country’s assets out to World Bank loan sharks. Would you say that the 2001 collapse of the currency, the current raids by bond vultures, etc., is ultimately a “good” thing for white Argentines?

        That is, are they drawing closer together, are they rising as a class, solidifying defenses, finding indio allies, or suchlike? Adjusted to the new order, in other words.

        It’s easy to say Nuevo Brasil. But, Argentina was richer and more European, so perhaps that may be a better guide to the Anglosphere’s immediate future.

        • Argentina and the USA were roughly comparable at start of 20th century. Virtually all of the former’s tumult/failures and the accomplishments of the latter can be explained by political structures, different forms of government, and so forth. NB: just because you were or are a nation of European ancestry doesn’t make you immune to graft, corruption, and all the other ills that plague the third world.

      • People who have only lived in high trust societies don’t have an idea of how easy life is for affluent people in developing countries. I know middle class people who moved to the US and had a hard time adjusting to not having full time servants.

        Most of the headaches white middle class people face go away in a corrupt society. Get stopped for speeding? All you have to do is slide a few bills to the cop and no fine, point on your license or driving school. Want to remodel your home? Slip some money to the building inspector

    • The company from which my husband just retired after almost 30 years went from one where the Christmas party was held at a partner’s home to where the Hilton’s largest ballroom could barely accommodate the number of attendees. He was chatting with in house counsel (which, naturally, comes with the growth territory along with a dreaded HR department) before he left and she told him the company could no longer operate as the high trust entity it had been for so many years. Amazing thing to admit. There is obviously some tipping point in the size of any human organization that fundamentally changes it and not in a good way. The US passed that point decades ago.

      • Peabody: Excellent parallel. Yes, my husband marvels if we attend his employer’s Christmas party (perhaps once every 3-4 years) that he hardly knows anyone there and he used to be on a first-name basis with everyone in the company. And exact same thing – the first party I remember was in one of the founder’s homes; now they’re massive and expensive affairs.

        Because he’s still a big earner and on excellent terms with his boss, we have had no problems (they know he is not and never will be vaxxed). But he’s now careful of what he says and to whom and has lost a great deal of respect for those he does still interact with. And because it’s still a privately held company, no one knows what will happen when the sole owner dies. So we try to make hay while the sun shines.

  21. I’d put the Media’s inflection point a bit later, in 1999, with the Elian Gonzalez thing. Maybe it was a function of youth, but when Bill Clinton first came on the scene, I found the Media’s slobbering infatuation with him unseemly (a word that has all but disappeared) — aren’t you people supposed to be grownups? — but since I was just starting out it didn’t make that big of an impression.

    By 1999, though, I had a few years in the real world under my belt, and the Gonzalez thing just floored me. At the time, all I could manage was a few jokes about “how many commandos does it take to get a kid back to 100% literacy and free health care?”, but the thing I couldn’t quite put my finger on was the massive disconnect inside The Media. Half of them were trying to give Bill Clinton (and, by extension, candidate Gore) every possible benefit of every possible doubt… but they still put that picture of that fat cop in SWAT gear sticking a machine gun in a screaming kid’s face on the front page. They still felt some residual compunction to report on an event that did, in fact, happen, as damaging as it was to Clinton (and, by extension, Gore).

    The other half of the Media, though, were the young guns, people about my age, who saw the whole thing as an audition. This was their first and greatest opportunity to suck up to The Government, and suck they did, hard enough to pull a golf ball from one end of the Grand Canyon to another. They didn’t deny that it actually happened — we weren’t quite there yet — but the “newsitorials” soon became just straight opinion columns, instructing us to focus on these facts, ignore those, and take note of these others that we just plain made up on the fly.

    It was quite a display… and the young guns of 1999 are now the bureau chiefs and station managers and personnel directors and “senior research fellows” and whatnot of 2021.

    • With Clinton the contrast was even more sharp with NPR which went from predictably statist to be raving lunatics for Clinton with the “statist” part not mattering quite so much anymore. It was like the whole media complex cashed in (almost) all of their legitimacy to pull “their guy” across the finish line.

      Still, as you note, there were some old guard left who, while being leftists, still liked the respect commanded from belonging to a trusted institution. I’m not sure if it would have ended differently without the Internet, but it certainly hastened their demise as being a trusted “anything”.

      • I used to actually “enjoy” — for certain masochistic values of that word — reading Old Left rags like Mother Jones and The Nation. It was like reading transcripts from CPUSA cell meetings circa 1911, a real blast from the past. I guess I’ve always been a historian at heart; I’d read David Corn’s latest editorial about how the CIA is sapping our precious bodily fluids, then flip over to the sports page, to see how Honus Wagner did in yesterday afternoon’s base-ball game…

        …but I digress. The important thing is, even as wet behind the ears as I was back then — and I was not at all interested in the nuts and bolts of politics — even I could see that Bill Clinton was just a Rockefeller Republican with an uncontrollable hardon. And yet, the same Old Left rags that kept endorsing Eugene V. Debs for president went weak kneed for Charming Billy. It was weird. A sad harbinger of things to come….

    • Chicago, and Illinois in general, is in an unsolvable debt spiral. Government pensions are out of control, and the only “solution “ is to raise property taxes.

      Killing the real estate market. Even if you pay 100% cash for a property, you could wind up having to spend $10k-$20k/yr, FOREVER.

      What a mess.

    • It was hard not to feel sympathy for the boy. To survive what he did (see below) only to become an international political pawn of Bill and Hillary Clinton.

      On November 21, 1999, González, his mother Elizabeth Brotons Rodríguez, and twelve others left Cuba on a small aluminum boat with a faulty engine; González’s mother and ten others died in the crossing. González and the other two survivors floated at sea until they were rescued by two fishermen, who handed them over to the U.S. Coast Guard.

      González’s cousin Marisleysis said that the boat’s motor broke down and they tried in vain to bail out the water with nylon bags, but a storm doomed their efforts. He told her he tried to help get the water out and his mother’s boyfriend placed him in an inner tube for safety. “He said afterwards that he fell asleep and that when he woke up he never saw his mother again”. He said, “I think she drowned too because she didn’t know how to swim”.

      Nivaldo Fernández Ferran, one of the three survivors on the boat, said “Elizabeth protected her son to the end”. According to Ferran, they set out on their trip at 4 am, dragging inflated rubber floats, or inner tubes, in case they needed them. As they encountered bad weather, the boat’s engine failed and the craft began to fill with water. After it went under, the passengers clung to the inner tubes in cold water, with waves reaching heights of three to four meters (10 to 13 feet).

  22. Awhile back you talked about how the people running the revolution wanted to destroy trust in existing institutions to discredit those institutions, which would make it that much easier to trust the alternatives the rulers offered, no matter how unpalatable. I’m currently reading a book about the Great Depression that does a good job of showing how people went from faith in the system and fear of fascism and communism, to getting hungry and getting tired of having their skulls racked by cops, soldiers, and labor goons and deciding that anything, even those extreme philosophies, might be worth a try.

    That’s what’s currently so puzzling about our current radical rulers and this “revolt against the masses” or revolution from above. They’re wrecking things and they’ve got a lot of circuses (CRT, Cancel Culture, Feminism, BLM, sexual degeneracy) but they’re barely bothering to b.s. people at this point that something better will replace what they’re trying to destroy. It makes me believe the people who think the pandemic really is just a way to get rid of us might not be paranoid. I think the plan really is to start over with a much smaller group of people, consisting mostly of the elites and their servants. Commies wanted workers, fascists wanted soldiers. I think our revolutionaries just want us all to die.

    • The theory of cultural Marxism is that once the culture is destroyed, communism will naturally rise from the ashes. This the Marcusean theory of revolution. It is a get of jail free card in that they don’t have to think of a rational alternative. They can just focus on the pulling the roof down and nature will provide the alternative.

      • Very strange how social engineers end up putting their faith in nature. It’s one of those facts-of-life paradoxes. Kind of like how so many right wingers have faith in the rational actor.

        • This is straight out of Bakunin, too, who famously said “the urge to destroy is also a creative urge.” He also coined the phrase “the worse, the better,” before Lenin. This was a guy who advocated knocking off the one incorruptible judge in the whole Tsarist system, on the theory that if you knock off a corrupt judge, your message might be interpreted as “judges shouldn’t be corrupt.” By knocking off the only good one, you send the message that the entire concept of “judges” is bad…

          …and from this, somehow, socialism, because Bakunin didn’t just look like an Underpants Gnome, he thought like one, too.

      • I believe the CultMarxists make this assumption for three simple reasons.

        Destruction requires little effort.

        Construction requires immense effort.

        The CultMarx bunch don’t do effort.

    • Joey: Spot on. Too many of us here too often overthink things. It really all does boil down to “They hate us and they want us dead.” Discerning the reason(s) doesn’t matter, because there’s nothing we can change about either our nature or theirs to alter the equation.

  23. ” The lunacy of the Covid response was annoying, but few people felt it threatened their way of life.”

    Hmmm. Well, you mention that nobody went without food – that could be true. But almost everyone I know did feel threatened. Particularly small businesses; although the trades remained strong in areas.

    I didn’t do to badly during the shamdemic, took a pay cut, but I didn’t lose my job; but I did feel threatened. I mean, look what the government created with just hysteria aided by the MSM. Massive worldwide disruption.

    I don’t go out to places now. I save even more. I am considering going self-employed. I will not take an overseas holiday (already a luxury) – most likely – for the foreseeable future. I am aware of the lying narrative all around but can hardly challenge it. All because shamdemic. Threat? What do you call a threat that’s been seen through and done?

    • Seems to me that trust, like politik, is personal. In a transactional culture not much matters until you are counterparty to the scam “aaaand it’s gone!”.

      People felt the threatpoint, hence toilet paper, but the actual ire is atomized like our people.

      Disparity went hockey-stick sure enough. Most of my friends got richer but I lost a years work and a good chunk of my life savings. Yet oddly we are “equal” in our distrust and pissed-off-ness. Its just that I no longer want to be part of this whole thing and they are largely animated by their kids private school tuition going to waste and the local restaurants hassling them over masks and come on patriots lets go back to the before times because God knows that was fine.

      People will mutter their discontent toward the rotting institutions in public because that is en vogue now, but as long as the cheques clear they won’t file the mental divorce; distrust reflected in their actions and choices vis a vis the behemoth is still a way off.

      Part of that is the fact the the alternatives are uncomfortable and require abandoning the aspirational status of the cloud, and part is that the cynical distrust is baked into everything at this point.

      Even most of the retarded dems know elections are fake and gay but wait till 2022 and everyone will be talking about “votes”.

      I know guys who think the markets are total BS but still make great money making “trades”.

      Trust like the social contract itself lacks relevance when every proposition is already some zero-sum defect-defect game to extract what you can while you can.

      As for the rest, they are along for the ride and will fill 100,000 seat stadiums for their entertainments just the same.

      • Screwtape: Yes to all of this. We have done well during the ‘pandemic’ but if anything, it all worked to move my husband further along the path I was nudging him on. He marvels at his friends who still focus on their 401ks and are aware of some of today’s shiteshow but tune it out in favor of their certainty that they and their privileged offspring will do just fine, just because.

        Again, normalcy bias, reversion to the mean – call it what you will – but human nature just doesn’t change. They’ve accepted the total inversion of their culture and public life because it’s happened gradually, over the course of the past 100 years. Even today’s boiling doesn’t really faze them. They now have their TP stash and can again go out to be entertained, with just ‘minor inconveniences.’

        Those of us who’ve chosen our hill(s) to die on regard those inconveniences as the harbingers that they really are. We’ve taken the shandemic’s largesse and are investing it in family and future. I mourned, last night, that I wish we had really started our concrete measures years ago, but we had neither the funds nor the true mindset. But where the accelerating crisis has caused most to crave a return to ease and the carefree existence, it has spurred us to plan and save.

        I am truly sorry to hear of your economic troubles. I wish you better fortune ahead and genuinely hope that all of us, who “no longer want to be part of this whole thing,” come through this whole and united.

        • Thanks 3g. my regrets come easy and often as well. I try to morph them into motivation. Which in this is not so much about fighting but rather finding grace in the crude indignities of what daily life has become.

          The sticky nectar of my own half-measures over the past decade of rejecting cloud while having to periodically kiss the ring and drink from the serpents chalice has still failed to convince me that where I need to go offers no monkey branches. Just me at the edge of the pit full of crocks. So while I indict my friends for their blind spots and delusions, its all relative; the afflictions of modernity scale to infinity. Untill suddenly the dont. Nature is patient, then brutal. Its all in the book I reckon.

          We will get there, wherever that may be. And be better off for every little prep, relationship with our own, and seed of faith we planted along the way. Even though, with coffee in my veins and sunlit leaves in turn out my window it seems impossible to see that spring meadow on the other side of clown.

          Glad you and yours are on your way!

    • If a calamity befell society and you were without any means of support, but your life’s savings. And you used those savings to get through the rough times until your job opened back up and you are now roughly breaking even—but broke. Would you say you were in some way not harmed?

      This is what has in reality happened to everyone in this country, we just don’t realize it—yet.

    • New York’s New Gov Threatens To Replace Unvaccinated Hospital Workers With ‘Foreigners’

      I don’t recall a bigtime official connecting the two sides of the equation this blatantly.

      • The medical brother, who trains nurses, has been complaining about $6-an-hour Filipinas for years.

        Send our well-paid industries out, bring the low-cost labor in. No wonder these backstabbers preach diversity and “capitalism”.

  24. Could it be possible that the tin foil hat crazies were more sane than the covid lunatics?
    Fascinating post regarding the catastrophic collapse.
    We’ve gone from “just a White boy looking for a place to do my thing” to
    “rolling downhill like a snowball headed for hell”.

  25. ” Can we survive learning that much of what we were told about Covid was a lie?”

    We already do/have. It has become very clear, at least for a year now, that a curious individual could read up on Covid and see through the hype. But we’re dealing with evil, vacuous true believers here. The only way the vast number of normal people and Covidians could accept such statements, would be for all the institutions – not just one paper or some such – doing a ‘reverse Covid’ propaganda campaign. It all comes back to trust in the institutions, and if my experience is anything to go by, people talk a good game about ‘lying media’, but they’re right back getting their fix the next day.

    • The thing Our Overlords have figured out is that “the institutions” don’t need to be particularly big or powerful to get the job done. Bored, vapid, hysterical people searching for some kind of drama to fill their pointless days will take care of the rest. You can trace the evolution: Goebbels and the gang of course immediately created a Reich Culture Chamber to coordinate propaganda nationwide, because a) they’re Germans, and that’s the kind of thing Germans do, but more importantly b) they thought they really needed a heavy hand at the tiller. It was the first time creating a full-on Propaganda State had ever been tried, after all.

      The KGB learned the lesson. Look at the tremendous damage they did picking off and turning a few key people. They didn’t hardly have to bribe, subvert, blackmail, or honey pot anyone; most of them did it of their own free will. The Commies were just aces at convincing people that “Socialism = Smart,” and so talentless mediocrities who knew themselves to be such could give themselves a promotion by spouting the Party line — which is why every no-talent actress, hack scriptwriter, and ivory tower egghead in the country suddenly lurched Left.

      Fast forward to The Current Year, and all you need is one or two “influencers” to inject your propaganda into the Social Media stream; the hivemind on Twatter and Faceborg will take care of the rest. Instead of bored, vapid, talentless actors and eggheads spreading your propaganda for you — i.e. maybe 1% of the total population — you’ve got every menopausal cat lady and limp-wristed soiboi in America doing it, which — god help us — might actually be a majority of the population, or close to it.

      Despite commenting here I’m not online very much at all — I try to keep it to a half hour a day, for my sanity’s sake — but I know lots of people who are Very Online, and they can’t, absolutely can NOT, acknowledge that Twitter isn’t real. That armor’s too strong for blasters. Only a total system shutdown and reboot can do it.

      • Re: Twitter, I’m reminded of something The Last Psychiatrist would always write in his blood posts: ” if you’re reading/watching it, it’s for you.” The most insidious aspect of modern media is that it enables and encourages people to live in a narrative of their own making instead of reality. Now, humans from time immemorial have always loved narratives in order to take a break from the grind of everyday life, but the intensely online crowd appear to be replacing reality with a narrative, not merely taking a break from it.

        • There it is. All people, not just Leftists, long for a world that’s legible. Not “a world that makes sense” or even “a world that’s internally coherent” (although those are nice); just one that’s legible. The Left is worse about it, of course — that’s why they want everyone to be one and only one thing, forever (e.g. “black,” “gay,” “a woman”) — but we all do it.

          Social media is great for that. It lets even the most apolitical people tell themselves stories. I remember being on Facebook back in its very earliest days, and a guy I knew in high school looked me up and said hey, I’m passing through town next week, want to grab a beer? It baffled me, because I wasn’t fully immersed in the social media world. No, buddy, I don’t want to get a drink, because high school was 20 years ago. I’m a completely different person now, and I sincerely hope you are, too. Never mind that I hated every second of high school and have zero desire to dredge it up; it’s just that I’ve moved on — I neither know nor care what So-and-So is up to two decades later, and it’s kinda weird that you do…

          I get it now, though (or at least I think I do) — it’s like flipping to the last chapter of a mystery book before you read it, to find out whodunit. Did Sally, that bitch, finally receive her comeuppance? She did! She’s fat and twice divorced and has three shitty kids, juvenile delinquents all. Did Chad Studley the quarterback, the biggest bully in school, finally get what’s coming to him? Ah yes, he surely did, and that explains it — he’s now the owner of a bed and breakfast in Napa Valley with his “husband,” Tim.

          And so on. These people have been telling themselves these stories for twenty years, and now they get to learn that yep, it’s all true. That this is profoundly dysfunctional (as well as the cattiest, most bitchy Mean Girl thing I’ve ever heard of) never occurs to them, because it doesn’t matter — all that matters is that their world makes sense now, because the stories they told themselves came true.

          • Severian-

            Curiously, I just had the opposite experience with someone I was acquainted with in high school.

            We hadn’t seen each other in about 25 years and we got to talking like it was just yesterday.

            I’m ambivalent about my HS experience, didn’t hate it, didn’t love it, just wish I’d done a few things differently, but I think that’s pretty normal.

            The whole episode has me wondering if that’s my best shot at moving back to some kind of community at this point, even though it’s another red area in a blue state.

      • Are you sure about the GRU/KGB, their most successful spies in the US were AFAIK selling information for money, nothing but pure greed. on the other side the CIA/MI6 had top level Soviets passing information for free because they grew to hate the system they were living under, big difference

        I would bet that we may already have reached the point were the Russians are now getting information for free from Americans who hate the system, for example if you were a serious committed Christian working for the CIA and you knew all the ins and outs of the mess in Syria, at this point who are you , (((Globohomo))) or Russia. the Russians are building new churches and trying to defend Christians in the Middle East, while the regime in DC want you to lick the boots of fags and other degenerates

        • Yeah, there were people passing info for cash, but those people didn’t do the real long-term damage. The ones who did were cultural fellow travelers — screenwriters, actors, academics. There’s a reason the word “counterculture” is synonymous with “Left wing,” even now, after the Left has been in complete control of the culture (and everything else) for half a century.

          Stalin and the boys got the Bomb sooner because of the Rosenbergs, no question, but they would’ve gotten it eventually. But look around: Thanks to the Junior Volunteer KGB, Overseas Branch, it’s pretty clear that the Commies won the Cold War. Putin is an ex-KGB guy, but I’m willing to bet that on any metric that matters to us few remaining freedom-lovin’ ‘Murricans, Moscow is freer by far than anyplace in AINO.

        • (((They))) Live: There are quite a number of Mormons and some official Christians in various organs of the US government; they’ve been there for decades and, to the best of my knowledge, not a one ever uttered a word of dissent. They’re part of the ruling elite, and still think they’re just like ordinary, everyday people.

          Since they have it good, so must everyone else. Why rock the boat? Besides, that’s not nice, and Jesus was nice and kind above all things. Standard churchian doctrine.

        • I’m working my way through Unz’s “American Pravda” series, which is sort of a “Cliff Notes” various and sundry conspiracy theories going back a century or more. It’s mostly brief book reviews, many of the books are available on his site. Specific to the topic of Communist spies in the USG, if Unz’s sources are correct, then I’d say more driven by ideology. He makes a case that FDR’s administration was rotten with them, up to Cabinet members. The Jews get a lot of the blame of course, but not just Soviet communism: a claim is made that they sandbagged the 1940 Presidential race even, putting up a hand-picked RINO candidate that was pro-war, just in case Roosevelt lost that election.

          Reading them is fascinating, whether or not they’re even true, and he offers the materials for anyone wishing to investigate further. Our world was (and still is) a hive of Byzantine conspiracies, deals, deaths, wars and lesser struggles, often papered over with happy-face news, magazine or history stories to placate the Lumpenproletariat. 🙂

          Having said all that, sure it’s likely that many spies past and present are more motivated by money than beliefs. Sadly our system has decayed to the point where it appears that many in power are happy to play the role, openly, merely to spite the old guard.

          • Ben –

            I read unz too; a bit mystified about all the articles pointing the finger @ “the Jooz” but they do provide some interesting perspectives, right or wrong. Never had a problem with “the Jooz” specifically although never been enthusiastic about their voting trend. Never understood while – being such terrific capitalists – they vote for communists. Full disclosure: I was actually engaged to a J (Reform) girl @ one point. She was the daughter of a MD Superior Court Judge. Always found it interesting that her parents had reservations while mine did not. Double standards much?

            It’s okay really. Truth be told I’m actually a Landser @ heart (& kudos for anyone who knows what that is ;<) so it all worked out in the end.

          • And no – I don’t mean the rock band! There’s nothing I hate more than leftists but heavy metal is the runner up! ;<)

      • Severian: I seem to have used this same response to others, but your comment is an excellent exposition on bioleninism.

        And that’s the same reason why I really question if/when anything will change. If all it takes is subverting or removing a few key people, and we’ve seen that this is true, then why isn’t anyone on our side doing the same? No, I’m not fedposting and I’m an old lady, hardly in shape or position to do anything substantive myself.

        But those who are, are they all so comfortable, so supine? I read of the riots in France, or Oz, and all the Whites and purported traditionalists in ‘murrica are right back to discussing sportsball and voting harder.

        • 3g4me-

          I’ve lurked a sportsball board focused on my alma mater.

          You are correct the alums and their kids are all jabbed up and back to campus.

          Discussion is mostly about last/this week’s game, disturbing focus on new handegg recruits, and what to BBQ next weekend.

          The civnat cons at work won’t stop going on about how cons will, “…totally own the libs at the voting booth in the ’22 midterms!”

          All I hear is:



        • My black pill answer is: Because they’re really just sheep, much the way 99.9% of people are sheep. Everyone over here throws around that Solzhenitsyn quote way too much, but it’s true: All it would’ve taken was maybe 5% to resist, to make the boys in the black vans wonder if they were going to come home that night, and just like that, there’d be no more boys in black vans.

          The “white” pill answer — which is more of a very dark gray, but anyway — is that most people are decent, and recoil at the necessity of being an evil, conniving, backstabbing scumbag 24/7, which is what it takes. I lived and worked with the #wokest of the #woke for a long time, and in my not inconsiderable experience, 99.9% of even them were just go-along-to-get-along types. It’s no great mystery why the German university system went so hard for Hitler back in the 1930s — that’s who they are, weaklings and parasites, and they know it. Come the Reckoning, our Pinochet (may he come soon!!) will have no more fervent supporters than the same ivory tower eggheads who are ruining people’s lives right now for not making up some bullshit pronouns. They are what they are.

          The 0.01%, though, are rotten to the core. I’ve said many times that you can’t beat Trigglypuff, if only because you — a normal person — have to sleep sometime, and she doesn’t, because the world’s Trigglypuffs by definition have access to powerful prescription psychotropics (Student Health hands ’em out like candy). But mostly it’s because they’re Terminators — they can’t be bargained with, they can’t be reasoned with, and they absolutely will not stop until you’re dead, because that’s all they are…

          …It takes immense, mind-boggling effort to be a scheming sumbitch every minute of every day, and very few of us are up to the challenge. But that’s what it takes, and that’s why they win.

    • OrangeFrog: So true. Witness my rather snide comments about the latest tragic heroine Gabby Petito. I got downvoted for initially questioning who murdered her, but my husband and I agreed yesterday that we don’t particularly care. She and her family and her boyfriend and his family seem equally worthless by our values. Totally in tune with the zeitgeist and proud of it. And everyone’s focal point, just as intended, regardless of the establishment of Port au Prince at the border or the murder and mayhem throughout the country and broader western world.

      People prefer their bread and circuses, and they will not agitate for genuine change until they’re clearly and irrevocably gone.

  26. I trust no institution at this point in time – government, corporate, education, media, healthcare – nothing. They’re all on the same page with the most insane lies, opinions, diktats. Any counter to the narrative is swept aside or ignored and no one seriously challenges it with any conviction. Our brave politicians demand accountability or demand an investigation for this or that and nothing ever comes of it – all it is, is gnawing around the edges. The entire system and those running it is/are rotten to the core. The twilight zone has nothing compared to our current reality.

    • Color me as jaded as the next guy, but I trust the writing and opinions of Mr. Z Man.

      I’m happy to buy him a coffee now and again.

      Would probably buy some soap from him as well, but I only use pure distilled rainwater and don’t want to mess with my precious bodily fluids…

      • I trust Zman because you can see the truth of his content. The nagging question is how one man can produce such a huge volume of great commentary. Great columnists of the past only had to produce one or two articles a week. Zman does it every day of the week and twice on Monday. While also having a real job. A government psyop doesn’t add up because no one in the matrix can think like him. Maybe he is simply a genius in poor man’s clothes.

        • Sexual frustration. I kid, I kid…. but look at the Victorians. The Z Man’s output is indeed prodigious by modern standards, but he’s lazy compared to your average Victorian. I’m recalling this from memory, but my memory’s pretty good, because I actually sat down and did the math — Henry Stanley, the explorer, sat down and wrote one of his books in just under a month. It was over 1000 pages long, which works out to something like 45 pages a day. Longhand. And it wasn’t a team effort, because he actually wrote it while he was still in the bush, and mailed it in to his publisher once he got back to civilization.

          Some people just have fecund brains and seemingly inexhaustible energy.

          • Severian –

            Or driven. I wrote a book (available on et al) & it took me about 3yrs & innumerable girlfriends complaining “You never spend time with me.” But it’s something I had in me & had to get out, so maybe file under “Compulsion, Human”. ;<)

        • White people are remarkable when they are working towards a larger goal… Than what is currently expected. And when they aren’t ashamed to be white. Right now most white people are simply reduced to chasing sex, drugs and rock and roll.

          Was always impressed at church how all the white people, normal average people all played an instrument or had an interesting hobby or were learned in some topic.

          Zman is the same way, he is naturally talented at writing so he writes. He’s just a white person who hasn’t been trapped into the modern white mentality of destruction.

    • “Twilight Zone” about sums it up! The power structure, from top to bottom, told those of us who tried to point out numerous glaring irregularities in the 2020 vote count, “There, there now, the election was clean, you just had a bad dream. Now go back to sleep, dear!”

      • And even worse, or perhaps most comedic, is the war of alternative facts or alternative universes. This is commonly seen in online forums. Left vs. right accuse each other of lying, gaslighting, getting all their facts from Fox or CNN (as appropriate). and so forth. It’s difficult to have anything resembling reasoned argument or debate when both sides are simultaneously right, wrong, sane and completely insane 😀

    • What I don’t understand is that there are plenty of people in those institutions who aren’t on board, whose stories are coming out in the media and congressional testimony for goodness’ sake, and STILL people go along.

      The ‘dominant’ narrative is shot full of holes and yet it’s still dominant. I’m reminded of the Clay Travis tweet from the weekend showing a packed Beaver Stadium and pointing out that 4 hours east in NYC you basically need a vaxx passport to live. It’s truly become 2 different and increasingly separate Americas.

      As someone who stands to make more difficult choices about my job on the first thanks to Biden’s mandate, I wish the separation would hurry up and complete itself.

      • Alas, true change may not occur until something beyond a narrative is shot full of holes 😈

        Agree with your other observations. We are increasingly polarizing into two irreconcilable groups. While secession, peaceful or not, is still a pipe dream, we can take the often suggested step of avoiding the bad fish and trying to cultivate our own. We have nothing to offer each other, so why would you want to be around them, if you can avoid it?

    • Agree. The thing is these institutions have faces. They operate because people do their bidding. So that distrust goes all the way down to you and that guy on the other side of the plexiglass.

      Perhaps thats the point. Or a side-effect. Matters not. I trust people to do what is best for themselves. Which in twilight means they will push that paperwork across their desk to end your job because thats “policy”.

      Its cliche to flog the logical conclusion but I will anyhow: they will turn you in for a loaf of bread and then its into the rail cars.

      This is the twighlight zone where the guy gets the briefcase of $1m but someone he doesnt know will die. Much angst but he takes it. Then the same offer is made to the next guy. Guess who that “stranger” is in the subsequent proposition?

      We’ve been on this slippery slope a long time. What vexes me is not the decay of evil and corrupt institutions but what that has done to us as a people groomed beneath the wheel of that evil.

      • “I trust people to do what is best for themselves. Which in twilight means they will push that paperwork across their desk to end your job because thats “policy”.”

        I learned this the hard way. I used to work at a large public company. I was good friends with our General Counsel, who was very liberal. We had traveled together, and even shared a team in a fantasy baseball league.

        The company at the time was trying to oust my boss, who was president of my division, so his emails were being monitored. I sent him an email that my “friend” construed as trying to help his situation, and so he went straight to the CFO of the company, where I was summoned to explain. It was a simple innocent explanation, and the CFO waived it off. But my “friend” could have simply asked me the meaning of the email. Instead, he had no trouble setting me up to get fired, and simply saw it as his duty.

  27. The handmaiden of Authoritarianism is propaganda.

    The “Elites” surely understand that a breakdown in trust has serious consequences for them. This is precisely why the propaganda machine is running at full speed. The objective is to manufacture consent among the masses. The Covid response and the Jan6 stuff are perfect examples.

    Clearly Zman is right and trust is breaking down. But the unknown issue is: What is the ratio of Compliers to Dissidents in a post-industrial society required for the Elites to maintain control? Unfortunately, I think it’s lower than we might hope, but I wonder what my fellow readers here think.

    • Dissenters are surely a minority, but a large one. Perhaps there’s more of us than true believers. Surely there’s enough of us to form the basis of a new elite or otherwise revolutionary force. The mass of people just going along with whatever would probably pick us over the idiocrats, given the right conditions.

      • There are enough dissenters, that I believe. The problem is what form does our dessert take? We are from a stock that basically holds virtues which diminish our dissent’s effectiveness. Other groups, have no such scruples/virtues and therefore their effectiveness in the arena of ideas/action are magnified, while ours languish.

        Leave your virtues at the door, pick them up when you leave.

        • Our total numbers are fine. But how many in those numbers are willing to risk everything? The Taliban showed how remarkably easy it is to defeat Leviathan, if you are committed to the cause. For our side, I fear that number of people is depressingly low.

        • Kurz und gut. If we want to survive it is time to get over the misapprehension that Christian virtues matter in a corrupt and immoral society
          that hates you and wants you dead.

    • I don’t think we will know until a real crisis hits that requires sacrifice on the part of a large portion of the subjects. Then we will see how many simply tell the rulers to F.O.

      So the task of the rulers is to never get us to that point. Problem is they don’t control events as much as they believe they do.

  28. heritage american culture is certainly not dominant, but it is still alive and viable. and it is an extension of our DNA, so the foundation for its revival are in place and waiting. just a little longer and the epic bungling of the current crop of geniuses will create optimal conditions for the masses to “come home to America”, even the brownies. and that i think is the “synthesis” phase; even the brownies will accept that living “white” is a worthwhile goal.

    • Ah, but can they? NAXALT! Seriously, it’s an encouraging possibility, but I think it’s just as likely droves move on in the absence of gibs.

  29. “The future is a world where no one can trust anything or anyone and the only way to maintain order is through force.”

    This has been true for some time now. Because the “world’s best people” despise those they rule over, how could it be otherwise? The elites used naked force to ram through civil rights and desegregation, and yet the sheep who applauded this are now puzzled as to what is currently going wrong. They honestly do not understand that handing over our rights of association was only the first step. Once a taste for power is acquired, it becomes addictive. There is no cure.

  30. I’m trying to think of examples in history when we had a “correction” that resulted in a positive out come in the past 200 years? Did the collapse of the CCP result in a better life for eastern Europe, I suppose so. But generally seems things just get worse.

      • No just feeling hopeless as of late. I was hoping someone could offer a historical example where a culture dug it self out of a hole as a pick me up.

  31. Mass culture is bland and stale, and more and more incapable of creating useful mythologies to maintain itself. No amount of 24/7 doom-saying will solve that. For example, several late-night comedians recently had a cringe-fest show dedicated to climate change. They aren’t even capable of doing comedy anymore. Heck, they can’t even do capesh*t well anymore.

    A white pill is, on the other side, dissident humor is essentially the only existent humor in the regime now. Like or hate some of the people in the intellectual sphere, dissident political philosophy is robust and thought provoking, and dissident fiction and other literature is rapidly increasing in quality. We’re also getting more effective at subtlety and read-between-the-lines writing, making them far less cancellable.

    Problem is, few people read anymore, so there needs to be a way to get these artifacts upstream to visual media such as movies, TV Shows, and Video games. This requires far more money, so there needs to be more Peter Thiels who are willing to try and become a counter-elite.

    • It’s impossible to be funny and sanctimonious at the same time, but the late night comedians try anyway. In the case of ridicule, only fellow travelers yuck it up as this “comedy” is too vicious for the mentally stable.

    • The X-Files had a big impact on my teenage mind. More conspiratorial than dissident, but it was good start.

      I think the system must be so fragile now that anything remotely right wing can’t be tolerated. One gets the impression tptb think any breakthrough would quickly turn into a flood.

    • I have a liberal friend who loaned me a copy of “The Aristocrats”, which is a film of famous comedians telling different versions of the same joke. The premise of the joke is that a guy is describing his act to a talent agent. The act involves incest, murder, pedophilia, etc. When asked the name of the act, the guy says “The Aristocrats”.

      I found it to be very boring after the first joke, except for a version late in the movie, where a comedian turned the joke on it’s head. He described an act with 3 beautiful black women doing various artistic things. When asked the name of the act, the guy says “The Nigger Cunts.”

      My friend was so proud of the film, because it supposedly broke all taboos in favor of free speech. When I pointed out the only version of the joke I found funny, he said it shouldn’t have been in the film because no one should say things like that.

      • DLS: Said liberal is not “your friend” and you should expect him to stab you in the back or rat on you to the authorities whenever it’s expedient.

        • 3g4me: I sadly concede your point. A better label would be “a co-worker I am friendly with but do not trust”. I should be more careful in joking with him, but I am close enough to retirement that I have an “FU, fire me” attitude. I am old enough to remember when normal liberals had senses of humor. That species is extinct. I feel sorry for the young.

  32. The last two years have also completely destroyed the credibility of the medical profession. Doctors trying to treat the early stages of covid were blocked and the treatments banned. Most of them meekly went along with the non-treatment of an easily treatable virus. And the Pharmacists happily became the enforcement arm of medical tyranny. That won’t be forgotten.

    • The medical profession has been so abysmal through this they have made chiropractors look like paragons of evidence-based medicine.

      • I would place more trust in a palm reader than my local hospital. They are literally killing covid patients with their ridiculous “protocol”.

        • I have lots of friends and family in the med biz. I am not myself a doctor, but I know lots of people that are. If I don’t exactly see the sausage being made, I guess I’m saying, I see the immediate aftermath, and….

          …yeah. Before I met anyone with an MD I was of the opinion that you shouldn’t go to the doctor unless you’re seriously flat-on-your-back sick. Now that I know lots, I have revised my opinion: Don’t go anywhere near a doctor’s office unless you just can’t stop the bleeding… and consider trying to suture it yourself first.

          Post-Covid, I’d probably go to a Santeria shaman before the local quack shack… not that there’s much difference anymore, H1B for the win.

        • How many people did they put on ventilators before they discovered it makes them worse? I know a man who is grossly overweight, along with several other underlying health issues, who almost died from Covid. His blood oxygen was 75 (95-100 is normal). He refused to go to the hospital because he knew they would intubate and kill him. He laid on his stomach for several days grasping for air, but survived. He was smart enough not to trust them.

      • Guessing this was downvoted by a chiropractor.

        Although it could have been a member of BigMed I suppose. All too many medical professionals put on their scrubs and feel that they are transformed into a holy saint that is above any criticism or concern mustered by the hoi polloi. They’re completely incapable of seeing that they’re just cog in a grifting machine of evil. (And no, this isn’t to say my field is better, au contraire as my own experience has let me “know it when I see it”).

        • That was me, Sandmich. It’s just a valve adjustment, along with bushings and wiring harness running thru it. I do equipment repairs / realignments whenever needed.

          Please don’t fall for the AMA/Phrma propaganda.
          ‘Twas a chiro who told me how Big Pharma created the licensing colleges in the Gilded Age so docs would sell “cut and dope” allopathic medicine (which is further exasperated by Big Insurance payments.)

          Once, I wrenched something so badly I couldn’t move my neck for a year. This chiro in Portland at Jubitz put his belly in it, I could hear it as my spine resettled into the pelvic saddle! $35 isn’t worth the pain to prove some talking point. I went back and tipped the guy $100 for saving my career.

    • The blocking of ivermectin as treatment in the US tells us a lot. It’s instructive to look at other countries, the ones who don’t hate their people. Japan is going all out with ivermectin as treatment, and having success. A state of India, Uttar Pradesh, (250 million people) has essentially wiped out covid using ivermectin.

      • Come on Wolf, all the smart people know Ivermectin is just horse medicine. That’s what all the experts in lab coats on T.V. told me.

      • I’ve been watching this develop too. It stands to reason (there’s that word again) that demonstrated efficacy on such a massive scale cannot be suppressed world-wide. Even if our current rulers would deny the population they control the best treatment available not all countries behave this way and the news gets out. Will the efforts at censorship and disinformation produced by our rulers here in the US succeed in preventing the application of what has been learned elsewhere? My guess is eventually they have to give in and the propaganda firehose will just become the opposite message: ‘ We recommend ivermectin protocol for covid treatment. We have always recommended ivermectin protocol.’ and they will work to scrub all contradictory references from easy retrieval via google , news archives etc.

    • Even worse was the nurses demanding people worship them for “risking their lives” while they stood in empty hospital wings making dance routine TikTok videos. There have also been doctors claiming they will refuse to treat the non vaccinated even for other conditions. This should result in automatic termination, yet these hospitals are firing the non vaccinated.

      One of the head honchos at a local hospital was interviewed to put out vaccine propaganda recently. They teed up a question for him about adverse reactions to the vaccine as a reason for reluctance. His response was that while the VAERS database has to record negative outcomes even if there is no evidence they are related to vaccination. His example was someone dying in a car accident two days after getting the vaccine. This kind of gaslighting should be punished severely. Instead he is the one in the power position.

      • HAHAHAHA!! Seriously?!? So he’s using the exact same line all of us over here used when the “daily covid death totals” started coming out? Here’s to you, Karl Marx, you murderous bastard, you were absolutely right — second time as farce.

        [Anyone else laugh themselves into a hernia back in the early days, looking at all the “covid” deaths? He got hit by a bus, but he somehow “had covid” — what, did they scrape his nose while they were scraping the rest of him up? — so he was a “covid death.” The New York Times published a big list of “Those We Have Lost” (because of course they did) and something like the fourth name down was a guy who died in a drug deal. Seriously, he was from someplace in Iowa, and the town’s chief of police wrote in to say no, that dude died in a drug deal gone wrong. But he must’ve had his covid test before all that — drug dealers being so notoriously scrupulous about their health — and so he was a “covid death”].

        • I was taken aback at how brazen he was, especially considering VAERS is public data and anyone can go look at it and see all the heart attacks and strokes listed on it. I don’t think there is a single example of someone dying in a car accident in the entire database nationwide.

    • Big Pharma has propagandized the vast majority of docs. How many GPs and internal med guys do you suppose do their own research on new treatment protocols vs. just nodding along and giving out samples of the latest wonder drugs? ‘taint many.

      • They may believe that the moment of their accreditation is the end of the road for intellectual exertions. That sheepskin is the reason they’re on the other end of the scalpel. What more do they need to know?

      • The ones it hasn’t propagandized, it has blackmailed. Doctors are only exempt from liability for their COVID treatment choices if they use *only* authorized treatments. Now, some doctors might buck this individually, but most doctors work for hospitals or large medical groups who are certainly *not* going to buck that.

      • Even if MDs had time to keep abreast of new treatments and other information in their specialty, they are largely prisoners of the system. Especially relevant to current COVID treatments, the EUA ones tend to be the high profit centers for Big Pharma. Hospital admins like them because there is a near-perfect shield from liability or malpractice claims. While an MD can in theory prescribe a non-approved regimen, he runs several risks if he does. At the very least, losing his job, or ability to practice at a hospital. He risks being censured or stripped of his license by the state medical board. He or his hospital face legal liabilities. The disincentives are multiplied for anyone in a research or career position: unconventional thought is usually penalized, not rewarded. It’s really hard to underestimate the extent to how captured by Big Pharma the medical field and even its regulation by government has become. 🙁

    • This. My hope is that credentialed status will nose-dive accordingly and common sense will gain some ground.

      I never had much faith in the med industry but what little I had evaporated when I got harassed by my “provider” to get my double-penetration even though my next appointment should be for my annual scan for a condition contra-indicated in the clot shot. My own provider was willing to kill me to get the jabstats up. “But its free!”

      The silver lining is many people will realize they should have been advocating for themselves and educating themselves vis a vis their health all along.

      And treating the white coats with the same circumspection and status as their service writers down at the chevy dealership.

    • Yep, the pharmacists. Personal experience here. They happily complied with the prohibition of the governor on therapeutic treatment of Covid with hydrocortisone. They’d question your *legal and authorized* prescription and if you said “Covid”, you were denied! However, if you said anything else (IIR it’s used for Lupus) you got it. Nothing would have been easier for a “dissident” than to ignore such an *order*—not a whit of risk to them—but they voluntarily complied.

  33. what are failing are large scale national, or even supra-national institutions. the current scale level is not sustainable and is contracting (not actually collapsing) to a scale commensurate with the new level of competence in society.

    the new tyranny is not possible on a national level, only at the city level. and even there it is going to be more like a 3rd world favela, than a real city. humanity as a fungus.

    seems to me white people are waking up, and when they do, the current crop of scoundrels is going to be dealt with severely. snap back is a bitch.

  34. “Most people think the government is a blend of incompetence and dishonesty, but many still think the system can work with the right people in charge of it.”

    This may be true. But, I assure you, the system is working exactly as planned, so why would the rulers voluntarily allow it to be changed?

    • is it working as planned? doesn’t look that way to me, just the opposite. and the pace is picking up. a large animal has to find lots of food, or they die, and the progs are busy burning the fields.

      • “is it working as planned?”

        Well, all the main bit players, like the Bidens and Clintons, are multi-millionaires with no consequences for their actions. So, yeah, its working great for them! They’re the only ones that matter anyway. You’re, well, just deplorable.


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