Three Crises

The day job has me so busy I have no time to do much of anything, so my news consumption has been cursory for the last few months. What I notice is that all of the stuff the mainstream press is howling about falls into three main buckets, the three crises of this week’s show. There is other stuff like the handwringing about the little blonde girl murdered by her boyfriend or some new Covid scam, but the main pages tend to be filled with the three main buckets.

There is a fourth bucket that is starting to turn up and that is the condition of the financial system, but that is still in the background. It is hard to know what is happening in the economy, since we can no longer trust the data. The only thing we can trust is the stock market and that is being levitated by central banks. It used to tell us about the state of the economy, but now it tells us only the state of money pumping and the spigots are never going to be turned off.

It looks like the news next week will be about the legitimacy question as someone leaked a draft copy of the Arizona audit report this morning. This was done so the media could promote the regime lines about the election. When the real report is released, it will not support the coordinated headlines this morning, but by the time the real report is out it will be “old news” and ignored. People will be left with the official narrative and never learn the truth. This is a standard ploy.

What these people do not realize is that this undermines the credibility of the system rather than knocking the critics for a loop. After all, it should be the job of the media to ask who leaked the draft and what was her motives. Someone in the media should ask why the exact same story is in dozens of news sites at the same time. Of course, no one will ask, and the critics will take the silence and the obvious coordination as proof that their claims are correct. The coordinated lies just make things worse.

There is also the knock-on effect of tuning out. I’ve noticed in my daily life that more and more people are just tuning out the news. If it is all predictable storytelling, then what is the point of tuning in for any of it? I know when I look at the main sites it feels like they did not change since the last time I looked at them. “Turn off, tune out, drop out” would not be a bad slogan for dissidents. It would also be a nice bit of irony if the end of the revolution begins with a slogan from the start of it.

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  • 00:00: Opening
  • 02:00: China
  • 22:00: Immigration
  • 42:00: Legitimacy

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188 thoughts on “Three Crises

  1. as someone who had I semi-panic attack over nonstop COVID on Monday – here’s something that makes me feel better somewhat. Sweden Denmark and Norway I think lifted all restrictions and are 100% back to normal. No outbreaks either and COVID has been reclassified as the flu in Sweden. So how on earth can the media keep this up when there’s so much evidence to the contrary?

    Is it possible that it remains as a finklethink type of issue where all the people opposed to the measures are already republican and because being anti-mask is seen as a republican things – lefties become COVIDians out of spite.

    Also, how on earth can Australia keep its fertility rate with everyone under house arrest. Unless crashing the fertility rate is the point.

  2. so what happens when there is a second pandemic – different disease altogether, not just covid ‘x’ variant. than a third. etc etc. do all the vaxxed start getting shots for all of them? and update jabs for all of them?

  3. The white French are total dicks who hate everyone. Neurotic smart. Cruel. Hate power. Have a history against it. Are they going to save the world? Real question. Please answer.

  4. Some other plagues from China, off the top of my head: stink bugs, lantern flies, emerald ash borer, Dutch elm disease, and chestnut blight.

    The chestnut blight was particularly devastating, wiping out 3-4 BILLION trees that formed the economic backbone of Appalachia in the first half of the 20th century. Considered one of the greatest ecological disasters ever, it was introduced on smaller asian trees that produced larger nuts, which were more efficient for commercial growers. Sound familiar? Anyway, here’s an extremely well-written article on the topic:

    Dutch elm disease has also been devastating to urban landscapes, the emerald ash borer threatens to wipe out ash trees, and lantern flies are causing considerable troubles for vineyards around my way.

    Let’s have no more to do with China, can we?

    • China also provided the Citrus Greening Disease that nearly whipped out all Florida citrus and still hasn’t recovered. This years crop is the smallest in the last 20 years. Compliments of China.

    • I believe, not certain however, that a species of termite also hitched a ride and wound up in New Orleans area and is spreading, the species might be from South East Indochina however.

  5. Congressional genius has your bases covered, Zman!

    Bloomberg TV: “Democrats debate carbon tax to pay for spending bill”

  6. I know you are busy Z but Unz has completely convinced me the Virus was a bio-weapon created by the US or Israel (same thing these days). Strongly doubt it was made in China (heck, look at where it hit next, Iran). Anyway, Unz goes over the evidence with fine-tooth comb, give him a listen/read, we knew and warned our people about the hit before it even happened.

    • this is the silver lining to elections now being pointless; allowing a mind like this to vote is harmless.

    • The Jews have the “righteous gentile” award. I’m wondering what award we should bestow to Jews like Unz that hew rigorously to the truth? Logos Judeo? Race traitor (meant in the finest possible sense)? Help me out here guys.

  7. The 4th bucket Finance is the one they want to hide.

    The dollar 💵 is a hostage based currency- your 401Ks, etc.

    Eventually the hostages can be killed, because they are hated and in the way.

    Don’t worry the Elites will be fine, as long as they can pay gunmen to be loyal….should that change…

      • On the 💵 $ is a hostage based currency I elaborate that all that backs $ is fear of collapse.

        On collapse working for elites and against us ~ there’s no us , there’s nothing to fear from the rest of us, sheep 🐑.

        On the gunmen it remains to be seen, but they have nothing to defect to as we see, as the Australian Covid protesters just discovered sympathy is not enough. The gunmen have no group to defect to, because everyone is ready to talk but none ready to risk organizing something to defect to ~ same in America and everywhere else. Shitposters FB pages don’t keep you alive, fed, sheltered or out of jail. So go pray or shitpost = same effect.
        Practical men won’t commit suicide for shit talkers.

        No one can save you, and you wouldn’t save them either.


  8. Was working in a old folks home in Chinatown a few weeks ago. I bring my lunch with me daily, and found the common room to eat in while my apprentice went somewhere to get a sandwich. There were bookshelves and paintings decorating the joint. Everything on the shelves ( nick- nacks) vases and books were epoxied to the surface they were sitting on , so no one could steal them. The paintings were screwed to the wall at 4 points ! You wouldn’t see that in my lily white moms retirement home.

  9. I’m glad that no one here is wasting time discussing Arizona, because we all realized it was just another chew toy that the controlled media tossed in front of the normies.

    In other sad news, the Uniparty just passed federal red flag laws in the House.

    • I love the “chew toy” reference. That’s gotta be one of the most accurate descriptors of how Normie’s consume faux news that I’ve ever heard. It’s takes “look squirrel” to a whole new level.

      • TomA-

        I came up with, “chew toy,” because those are nutrition-free distractions like faux news.

        Or, maybe faux news is like a lap dance. A stimulating, frustrating tease with no real payoff.

  10. The overall picture is why I was asking Montfrio about Argentina.
    They’ve already collapsed, and in more ways than one- yet Montefrio holds out the hope that there will still be places for us and ours.

    • I lived and worked in Argentina for ten years. Don’t even think about it. Women are gorgeous, though high maintenance.

    • The fundamental problem with running away is that it doesn’t do anything to stop your enemies; at best it delays them. Retreating to a more favorable battle position isnt a bad idea, but if you think you can win without fighting, you’re going to be in for a ride awakening.

  11. A crisis of legitimacy for the government is a crisis of legitimacy for the middle class. 1900-1960 “The Middle Class Fascists/Communists”, 1960-2020 “The Managerial/Technocratic Elites”. The problems and solutions of America are primarily middle class in nature. Moralistic, agreeable, repressed; that’s 90% of America’s conformist mechanisms right there.

    Saying “the middle class” will realize “they” are out to get them completely misses that the middle class IS the “They”.

    Who is doing this to America? THEY are. Who wants more brown people? THEY do? Who wanted to offshore jobs? THEY did. Who is secretly backing CRT? THEY are.

    WHO is the media? THEY are.

  12. Related, Joe Biden is going after the Border Patrol and threatening jail time for Border Patrol Officers. So there is that. There will not even be a facade of enforcement and we will have half of Haiti here by Christmas. That’s an instant new 15 million Africans voting Democrat.

    It would not shock me to see the Regency seize deplorable’s homes, cars, and bank accounts to give to Haitians.

    • Newsome has banned single homes, only 4-quad units are to be built in the same sized lots. The Haitians won’t mind a little crowding, heck, they won’t even see it as crowding.

      • Newsom forgets the Mexicans despise blacks and run them out of their neighborhoods or simply kill them on the spot to send a message to the other orcs.

        My town which is just East of Los Angeles, used to have a large black population but it’s being replaced by Mexicans. And it’s for the better. I remember when I’d hear a dozen or more shots every night from the welfare apartments down the street when blacks populated it. Now with Mexicans populating it. its silent.

        • Yup.

          BLM tried rolling up in Latin hoods last summer and the local cholos were having none of it.

          Plenty of vids out there, I can remember a couple where the Latins made decent use of cover, covering fire, and coordinated movement.

    • We have guns a galore and soldiers galore, if we steadfastly refuse to learn to organize , decide on a common purpose and use them for that purpose if needed than we deserve what we get.

      As R,A,H, said Violence, naked force, has settled more issues in history than has any other factor, and the contrary opinion is wishful thinking at its worst. Breeds that forget this basic truth have always paid for it with their lives and their freedoms.

      • Your comment was posted on the 24th.
        I’m posting on the 25th and it seems congress has snuck in a red flag provision in the Defense Appropriations bill. The way I’m reading it, soldiers and retirees of the military are subject to confiscation if PTSD. I’m guessing it’s a work around to chip away at gun ownership. Fact check me on my interpretation.
        I’m thinking that won’t end well. Maybe it’s wishful thinking on my part.

        That said, Z’s comments on Psaki had me rolling on the floor.

        She does have shark eyes. I didn’t realize it till he mentioned it. And her face coming off revealing an android substructure was spot on. It wouldn’t surprise me, especially after the reveal that she was an Israeli Spy company employee.

        You can’t make this shit up.

        • Of course it is. The USG think if it can just disarm the “right ” people it can be safe.

          Its nonsense. You’ll get one or two but every hour the US becomes more awash in weapons.

          What scares them is so many people are beginning to understand that elections are probably useless . That is the first step to power and to “those guys have to go.”

          Goal setting beyond defense though is hard for the Right and they’ve been cuckolded by Libertarian /Classic Liberal thinking and lack of religion for along time. Learning that taking authority is good and right an can be done without becoming team evil will take time.

          We should have enough but if it goes hot, it will be learned in battle.

  13. On the financial data all being phony, the Boskin Commission is a good reading topic. It serves not only as evidence of phony data, but also the absurdity of “our democracy,” and democracies in general. Cliff notes version is this: A lot of things are tied to the consumer price index (CPI), which measures inflation. This includes yearly social security benefits. Politicians knew that cutting SSI would be suicide, even though it needed to be done. Their solution in 1995 was to instead change the calculation of the CPI to massively underestimate inflation. Thus, they were able to cut SSI through unelected bureaucrats without saying they cut SSI. And that’s our system in a nutshell.

    • Stuff like this happens all the time because the average citizen is unaware, and often unable to comprehend, the magnitude of the double-dealing. At some point in the distant past, it might have been possible to have enough clever, aware individuals who could have stopped this nonsense in its tracks via the system’s own mechanisms. But there is no societal bandwidth or aptitude apparently to fix such a robustly corrupt system.

    • John Williams gets to the truth (ish) by stripping out all the changes made since the Carter regime @ Shadowstats.

      It’s paywalled but there’re some good freebies.

    • The problem isn’t SSI or SS But insisting that a national pensions scheme continue to be funded by a pay-go method adopted only as a compromise nearly a hundred years ago.

      Figure out how much it will cost, tax that much, spend that much.

      Now sure the political capital is lacking and the damage done to our incomes via trade matters but our issues aren’t money but culture, immigration and economically the refusal of anyone to pay the actual and proper cost to sustain a civilization.

      if you want clean air, clean land, clean water and a decent standard of living for workers or hell children at all this comes at a cost that everyone needs to pay. Right now the working classes can’t because they can’t even make ends meet , fix that and everyone chips in.

      Honestly this economic cuckoldry displayed by so many on the Right is frustrating ,money isn’t even if the prime problem. Its an bottom tier one. People who insist on derailing cultural conversation because its hard (and I am not talking about you The Greek) with jibber jabber and economic minutia ought to be treated as if they are in the other side because functionally they are.

      We have many ways to make ourselves materially comfortable but only a narrow path to a good society.

      • Totally agree that economics should be the right’s lower tier problems. My point bringing it up was that the CPI is a totally cooked number. The crookedness of the system that used unelected bureaucrats to solve a problem that they don’t have the guts or honesty to fix themselves.

        I do think dissidents should care more for economics for this reason though: the left is accelerating the economy off the cliff. When this economy goes tits up, that’s going to offer dissidents a real opportunity.

        • I agree with you on the crooked numbers,

          I once did a back of the envelope guess- estimate based on GDP , wealth distribution and the like and we came out roughly as well off as like Spain. Lower taxes but poor services and ruined infrastructure.

        • Agreed. I’ve been a skeptic all my life. I know we’re discussing economic data here, but the problem of “cooking the books” extends far beyond. I’ve become an armchair expert on the fanciful numbers re the COVID-19 pandemic. This is all subsumed under the subject heading “propaganda” or “fake news.” As others here have already noted, you can often get a reasonable approximation of the truth on a matter, but you damned sure won’t have it presented to you on a silver platter by the mainstream media, unless of course it’s a cherry-picked datum to support the current narrative.

          As the old joke dating back to (at least) WW II: “Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see.”

      • Part of the problem with Social Security is so much has been siphoned off into a different bucket and that bucket is Supplemental Security Income (SSI) which is a federal welfare program. This is for people who do not have 10 years of earned income that is required for SSA. The federal government opened SSI to legal immigrants about 20 years ago.

        I see many couples immigrate from China at the age of 64 and 7 months. You must be aged, blind or disabled to get SSI. As soon as they land, they race to their local welfare office with an interpreter and sign up for state funder cash, food and medical. Then they go to their local SSA office and sign up for SSI and Medicare. They are approved as soon as they turn 65. Meanwhile, they also came into the country with $9999 in cash. They don’t report this to any of these agencies and they are not required to prove they have no access and the Chinese government would never cooperate if it was required. Then they apply for low income housing assistance.

        They travel back to China yearly, stay a few months and head back to the United States with another $9999. Our SSI program has become a retirement plan for wealthy foreigners. They live better here than in their own Country.

  14. Z man, you are overlooking resentment that the ruling class has for us dirt people. Sure, they have no idea what to do with Haitians, and yeah those poses problems for local governments, but they only care about our destruction.

    As well, comparing what we are going through to the final days of the Rome–I understand the analogy but it doesn’t fill me with much comfort. I’m an American, I have American children. Some Jewish broad asked me why I had a problem with people like Ben Shapiro influencing our politics while having a bolt hole. My problem is that he has a bolt hole. I don’t. There is no white dude homeland anymore.

    • The desire to humiliate the target audience explains both Trump and Biden to some degree. Psychological warfare and a delight in its desserts.

  15. Seemingly OT, but related: Apparently two of the **fully vaccinated** ladies on “The View” suddenly discovered they had Covid, right as Veep Throat was supposed to be on the show. There’s just no way to portray that as anything less than mind-boggling incompetence.

    Assuming it was real — that is, that the ladies in question really *did* test positive — how the hell does that happen right before you’re set to go on? How do you not have your tests back first thing in the morning, or the night before, or what have you? Moreover, I have never watched “The View” (for which my testicles thank me), but I know what it is, so I guarantee nobody was pushing the “totally safe, 100% effective” vax harder than they were. How do you admit, live on national tv, that your totally vaccinated hosts somehow still caught Der Coof?

    And if it’s not true — if they decided that they just couldn’t have Veep Throat on national tv for whatever reason — that’s the best excuse they could come up with? I’d bet long money that all the production staff have extremely impressive CVs from elite colleges, and that’s the very best they can do.

    Incredible. Incredible. They literally scampered off the set in the middle of the show. Yeah, I’m sure we’re going to do great when the Chinese real estate market collapses.

    • So far, Western exposure to Evergrande seems limited.

      Credit Suisse is openly crowing their risk procedures worked and they got out months ago.

      So, enjoy this tiny bit of good news on this crisp autumn afternoon.

        • The key is how Xi manages the angry populace.

          If he can’t and they turn on him, his reign could implode.

          If he can convince them it’s all the US’ and Taiwan’s faul, it could be WW3 and adios muchachos.

          • Ancient Chinese proverb:

            No matter what happens remember that,

            We have the Maxim gun,

            And he has not.

            (Xi has the power of the gun, and ain’t afraid to use it)

  16. One wonders how much total debt is floating around in China. I mean, really. If I were to pick a country which starts the global debt dominoes falling, it wouldn’t be America, it would be the People’s Republic. As that first domino collapses, the other state enterprises are following suit, heading for a face-first finish.

  17. Totally OT, but, after reading a paper on Salon (yes, reading leftists sites is a good white pill, reading them make me feel the nationalist right is hyperpowerful and can”t stop winning).

    So,this article was about death rate COVID in Alabama (67K vs 54k, we are doomed!).

    So, I start reading official statistics about death rate in Alabama, then Mississippi then Lousiana.

    The result is astonishing, unbeliveable, but true : WHITE DEATH RATE overpass black death rate since DECADES.
    And it grow.

    The lowest death rate for white in Alabama was 1979

    Louisiana had a better white death rate in…1913

    I beg Zman to write a paper about those horribles white death rate. White southern USA become slowly full third-world. And nobody speak about that !!!

    • Most of the junkies on the street near me are white people. And there’s alot of them. Don’t really know what is going on to our people, especially since in my own circles nobody goes much beyond an occasional joint or glass of wine.

      I find it doubly surprising since the demand for unskilled labour is quite high. I saw a posting in a rural area for a flatbed semi truck driver, starting at 80,000 + benefits, no experience necessary. Yeah I know it’s not the most exciting job but there’s really no reason for a white person to be living on the streets when there is still money to be made.

      I don’t get the allure of drugs, and I don’t get why people would rather be hobos than work. Work is a struggle sometimes, but so is life. Life is a struggle and the Bible teaches us to be prepared to struggle every day.

      • Anecdotally…

        …When I worked in downtown Chicago from 2005-2014, I almost never saw a homeless bum who was white. Almost all the beggars were black.

        I worked another stint down there starting in 2018, and the majority of the homeless bums were white. Quite the change.

        • Stop being such a Gloomy Gus. Put your experiences in a positive light. Hmmm, now let me think 🤔 … How about: “After being driven out decades ago by ethnic changes, Whites are once again reclaiming the streets of America’s great cities.” 😶

          On a slightly more serious note: obviously drug addicts, the homeless etc. are social problems. But all else equal, at least with Whites, you probably have proportionally less violent crime as you would with some of the other color choices you mentioned.

        • Can verify. All over the country, bums were black, and charmingly obvious. Now, its the semi-pro whites, and they sure do put on an act. Our people are growing feral.

          • Growing feral isn’t a bad thing in itself…

            The problem is that they are all slaves to drug addictions and are thus useless to our side.

            Imagine what it would look like if those thousands of white hobos sobered up and took a good look at who’s responsible for this…

          • They wouldn’t do much nor be able to do much. Drink, drugs, and street living do one hell of a perminent number on the psyche. After the revolution they’ll have to be tended to in some fashion (no, I’m not implying extermination, sicko). They’re simply not a factor.

      • Well, they did go out of their way to divide the White population from their Bible. It didn’t help.

        The COVID policy-induced shortages in employees willing to fill service positions could be a goldmine for anyone willing to get back on their feet. The jobs are hardly glamorous as you point out, but employers need labor so badly they seem to be paying top dollar. But addiction is notoriously difficult to conquer. The more that can be done to prevent people from going down this road, the better.

      • Modern secular life is purposeless and miserable. Most people can’t cope and the high of weed or heroin is superior to the emptiness

        Now people were religious like you are we could get them high on Jesus or even The Lord and the Lady , Odin, Zeus , Allah or whoever but they aren’t and so they cope . Since the media is poison and video games aren’t for everyone its ends up drugs

      • The horrors of the soul can overwhelm you. Alot of people have been abused, especially as children, beyond your imagination. Many vets saw things they should’nt have seen, fighting wars for the jews. Sometimes it makes sense to erase it. The unbearableness of being can be overwhelming. Until you walk in their shoes, don’t judge them.

        • Everyone I love and respect has seen some shite either in war or in life.

          Few of them turned to drugs and of the ones that did, they got ruined.

          A little booze a little ditch weed , a little x is one thing.

          Start riding the White horse, taking meth , crack or using GMO weed and you are a slave.

          • Fair enough, I understand, but everyone might not have your will to carry through the carnage. Not everyone had a mom and dad to show them the way. I’m not condoning their behavior, I just see a broken country, run by criminals and traitors, full of broken people, lost and forgotten. The land of lost souls..

  18. Z, from reliable sources, Codevilla died of natural causes. He had been ill for several years and had undergone two heart by-pass operations.

  19. Can China be fitted to take the fall for the poison jabs? Not just the coof, but the follow up kill shots and all the other counter-effective policies. A kind of supreme judo, where the hysteria caused by the original PRC perfidy is used to whip up a punitive strike on an economic and political rival. Wherein we all find out who is Rome, and who is Carthage.

    • That reminds me of VD’s post from a few days ago about Carthage and the NWO, which reminded me of how the Nazis couched the Reich in Roman imagery, which provoked a lot of confused feelings, which might or might not have been the point. Idk.

  20. The media started pushing this missing and (unfortunately) dead blonde girl story a couple weeks ago, when “President Biden” began stepping on rakes Sideshow Bob-style. They have pushed it endlessly, nonstop 24/7 coverage, going to peoples’ houses, scouring the earth for anyone who had content with the girl and her boyfriend, etc. The boyfriend is now missing so they’re painting him as the new villain of the century of course. They have really overdone it, even the “conservative” NY Post has had this as their main story for weeks now. Of course it worked, though, as people are not reading and thinking about Afghanistan, the open border crisis, runaway inflation, empty shelves in the store, the difficulty of buying a car, “President Biden’s” now-inability to pass his stupid bills, etc.

    That said, the media is now turning it into something different. The media is now saying that this story shows how racist we are. They’re saying this because they are not running stories about missing black girls in the same way. The fact that they choose what stories to run seemingly has escaped their attention. So now, on top of everything else that white people are to be ashamed of, we now need to feel bad and atone for reading the stories they choose to print. It’s as shameless and brazen as anything they’ve done the past 2 years, and they’ve done a lot. I really wonder if any normies are picking up on this.

    • It’s the same playbook they run everywhere else they’re in complete control, and yet the promised socialist utopia fails to materialize. Every college in the land paints the college town surrounding it as a hotbed of racism, ignoring that they have controlled everything there since the late 1960s — meaning, they’re either full of crap in re: the effectiveness of their “anti-racism education,” or they themselves are flaming racists. Places like Detroit blame Republicans and Whitey, which in their minds are of course the same thing, despite the fact that there ARE no White people in Detroit, and a Republican hasn’t been elected so much as dog catcher there in more than half a century.

      So, yeah, “you people are racists for reading, or not reading, the stories we choose to publish” makes perfect sense.

    • Your point is very valid. And it’s not a new phenomenon. I’ve seen, years ago the same comment: that it’s the little blonde (White) girl taht gets the major media attention. But your comment today, that now they are blaming the readership for being racists, is “new to me!” You’re totally right, of course. Talk about hubris: the MSM control the narrative, at least, decide what stories to publish. And in stereotypical Liberal fashion, they are now the helpless victims, forced to kowtow to the needs of the market (e.g. their “racist” customers). Jeez. 😒

      Longer-term, your observation that human interest stories almost always swamp the more important political, economic, military, etc. events is spot-on. “Keep your eye on the shiny object!”

    • Women-folk eat that junk up. Especially your standard issue Karen from the Suburbs. Because they are probably the only people still watching television. I love her dearly, but My Lovely Mrs. cannot escape the feminine imperative (An Attack On One Woman Is An Attack On Us All) and will comment on this story.

      Me? Typical male response: “Gee, sounds bad, guy looks guilty, why is this national news?”

      Meanwhile the diversity in the big city in my new home state are emulating Chicago and shooting each other in increasing rates. THAT’S more important news to me.

      However it is fun to hear Karens get shamed for caring about other white women from diverse women. Who let their men go feral and shoot up everybody, including their women.

    • They are just repeating exactly same thing they did in England over a middle class woman called Sarah Everard, not long ago. Total psy-op.
      An MP suggested a curfew for men and it was agreed that we were all very, very racist.

      • Oh and they are continuing their war on men by making a fuss about the murder of a Moslem/Indian woman. My guess is they know the killer is an Englishman. Sadiq Khan has said that misogyny should be a ‘hate crime’ and violence against women taken as seriously as terrorism.

        So that’s what you should be expecting!

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  22. The Hatians in Mexico are coming up from Chile . They have been there for years hence the nice clothing . they have been working there or drawing some kind of benefits there . They got to chile via the soros express free one way airline. One of my sons friends was down there just before the Coof and remarked that there were a fair number .

  23. If, instead of Haitians, there were bunch of White South Africans at the Southern border, the managerial “elite” would know exactly how to stop it. They would simply start shooting at them. They know exactly what needs to be done. Those not shot would be arrested and put in outdoor prison camps in the desert and subject to the harshest conditions and then eventually released on the other side of the border.

    People respond to incentives. You only need to shoot (or imprison in very harsh conditions) a few. Bad news spreads even faster than good news. Whatever the Spanish words are for “they ain’t playing anymore” would reach Chile before DC. This is why people voluntarily pay their taxes. Everyone knows the IRS does not screw around. They want their money and they will spend 20 times what you owe them to collect it. Because it’s not your chump change they want. They want every American thinking “The IRS doesn’t play. They want their money!” No matter how shitty squatamala is, they don’t have to run through the military to live their lives there. Without the threat of being shot or imprisoned, robbing banks is pretty good money. Yet, most people, even really desperate people just don’t do it.

    Bottom line is they could stop if they wanted to stop it.

    • The ageing White liberal ruling class is pretty much powerless to stop mass immigration at this point even if they wanted to. I think it’s more accurate to say they could have stopped it back when it mattered, and before the demographics changed.

      Schumer and Pelosi, both representative examples of that demographic, are older than 70 while the much younger, and more racially aware, “Squad” members are clearly the future of the democratic party at this point. The current ruling class knows that, which is why both of those politicians have repeatedly backed down in conflicts with Squad members.

      Nancy Pelosi had to struggle to win one more speakership from her party, which I believe was based on the promise that she wouldn’t be around much longer. If she pushes the issue, she might be replaced with a POC, just as several prominent White democrats have been (that’s how AOC got her seat). Same with Schumer and all the rest. They can’t stop immigration because that would be construed as “racist” and they’d be removed from their positions in response. The ruling class is in full “keep your head down and go along to get along” mode. The next step is fleeing the country.

      • The squad are idiots. They don’t mean anything. They don’t run anything other than scams back in their districts. Take the towel headed girl who married her brother. Nobody gives a shit about her and she is expendable and easy to get rid of by simply concentrating on her marriage scam. I’m sure her constituency (Somali Muslims) don’t like being represented by a woman anyway and would prefer to put a brother in her place. That is probably what makes her so dangerous. She will do what she is told because she knows she’s just a cardboard cutout and she could be back to living in poverty at a whim.
        This is probably why the biggest troublemakers aren’t even vibrant. The Congressional Black Caucus has existed all of my life and they never do anything. There was an “uppity black woman” who went against the grain and they got rid of her in one primary. She wouldn’t play ball with Israel and so they got rid of her. She was in an all black district running as the Democrat. A no-lose situation., So they just primaried her with a black more willing to play ball. She had little money 20 bucks at a time from her constituents, her opponent had millions backed by various lobbies including the Israeli lobby.

        BLM was everywhere, until they weren’t. How does that work? We had two completely separate eras of BLM with deafening silence in between and since. There was a shooting I personally thought was really bad of an unarmed black man who actually dindu nuffin. The guy was sitting in his home minding his business when members of his family called for a welfare check. Completely unarmed, clearly mentally ill. Shot him in cold blood (IMHO). No BLM. No riots. They had no need for riots at that particular time and so the media paid no attention. I only saw it because I subscribe to Police Activity, a youtube channel of nothing but cop incidents.

  24. Definitely agree that the numbers of non-white aliens are far higher than officially reported. I lived in an area that was officially 29% white. Based on my own observations, it is closer to 5% white. Maybe white people don’t go out as much – but even in the mornings there were only a few whites walking around.

    As non-white communities grow, it becomes far easier to live here illegally. Let’s be honest, if you set foot in Canada, you will never have to leave unless you choose to, or get deported for doing something really stupid like killing somebody. The communities are just too big and they won’t kick out their own kind – they see more of their numbers here as them getting more power. There’s usually one legal family who owns the house, and they fill out the census. Then, any number of illegal families, “students”, grandparents are also cramming the house but don’t fill out the census.

    I do think people are starting to notice more, on a visceral level. Even 10 years ago, rich white people still lived in nice neighborhoods in the Toronto suburbs/exurbs. Today there is no escaping it as there seem to be hordes of Indian and Arab aliens *everywhere*. I’m seeing alot of angry looking white faces around, especially in the over 50 crowd. It was funny when it was just those racist white trash having their neighborhoods destroyed 30 years ago.

    Now a rich white person might be getting a Saudi money launderer moving in next door and blaring Arabic music all night (true story). Or a Chinese fentanyl gang running an illegal casino (also a true story). These people are savages and do not belong with us. The upper management at work “notices” too – even if they won’t say anything and pretend to be woke. The issues with non white invasion are creeping up the socio-economic ladder.

    I don’t see that elites are getting fed up with immigration though. Trudeau is announcing higher legal immigration targets every year. The USA would need to accept 4 million legal immigrants per year to match our rate. These are mostly Indians, Arabs, and Nigerians now – with a few Chinese coming in. There is just too much money to be made from this racket, and our economies are dying anyways. The US elites will probably pivot away from Mexican labour towards “legal” “skilled labour” from India and China.

    • The parallel societies being set up by illegals for illegals are exactly the type of model we should be studying and pulling ideas from to develop our own parallels.

      • More examples of parallel socities and orgs:

        Ethnic mafias
        Jalisco, Los Zetas cartels
        The Deep State

    • “The US elites will probably pivot away from Mexican labour towards “legal” “skilled labour” from India and China.”

      Skilled immigration from India may ultimately prove disastrous for the United States in particular. As the world’s policeman, the desires of its ethnic populations drive global policy. Cuba, for example, is heavily embargoed because republicans need Cuban votes to win Florida. Israel runs Washington because both parties need funding from Jewish ethnic interests. The Armenian and Iranian communities in the United States have likewise tried, and occasionally succeeded, in directing some elements of American foreign policy, albeit with less success than the mighty Israel lobby. Adding in a powerful, and wealthy, Indian demographic may very well lead to conflict with China down the road, and perhaps more Middle Eastern wars as well.

      You can see this bubbling up in the culture already if you care to look. Donald Trump’s rhetoric against Muslims, a minority demographic the Indian elite finds threatening in their home country, inspired powerful Indian interests in the United States to support him during the 2016 campaign. One Indian American later bragged afterwards that this was responsible for flipping Wisconsin and almost turning Minnesota red. It’s notable that India was the one large country that consistently maintained significant levels of support for Donald Trump. When he traveled there, the man was greeted as a rockstar.

      Search YouTube for English language Indian news services and you’ll find several that attacked Joe Biden for withdrawing from Afghanistan, a nation now allied with India’s Pakistani rival; they also solicited foreign support for ethnic groups opposing the Taliban. These outlets have also propagandized against various Muslim nations. One gets the feeling they are trying to get the US to attack them on India’s behalf. I expect changing American demographics to make the nation’s ruling class more belligerent towards India’s rivals over time – China, Muslims, various Asian countries – with potentially disastrous results.

      This phenomenon has been common throughout American history. Consider the World Wars. The demographic most supportive of both were White Southerners of British descent. Southern directors like DW Griffith made propaganda films imploring the public to support the British while Austrian director von Stroheim often had immigrant audiences cheer his suave depiction of Austrian military officials. President Woodrow Wilson, a Southerner of British extraction, likewise (tacitly at first) supported entry into the First World War on behalf of the UK and against the Germans just as his WASP coethic Franklin Roosevelt would a couple of decades later. Those least supportive of entry into both World Wars were Americans of German and Irish descent, the latter of which had a rocky relationship with the British for generations. The famed navigator Charles Lindbergh and the diplomat Joseph P. Kennedy are examples.

      Was American entry into those wars really about “making the world safe democracy” (the British still had an empire, Russia was an autocracy) or were they simply ethnic conflicts brought about by America’s demographic composition? It could be imagined they were motivated by more base desires: protecting their British coethics overseas, with whom most Americans at the time shared a common language and culture. During the Revolutionary War, the gentrified British South was also the least supportive of breaking with the king.

      It’s not inconceivable that had the US taken in triple the number of Irish and German immigrants, the country might not have sided with the British, or even allied against them, during the World Wars. What does that trend portend for a future United States inundated by immigrant groups with an axe to grind against their rivals overseas? Do we go to war with China on behalf of India once we have a powerful Indian lobby, media operation, and president? Do we invade Iran or Pakistan? … do we eventually turn against Europe once the demographics change? Hasn’t that already happened?

      Consider what recently occurred with hostility against Russia, which one might credibly argue was an ethnic conflict against Caucasians in general (the democrat POC’s rival race/ethnicity) and “Christians” in particular after they kicked out all of those “non-native” billionaires. The latter group funded American politicians to retaliate against their enemies overseas. Notably, George Soros – angry at losing money over China’s new social policies – is now advocating conflict with that country. That kind of thing is common, and I think it may grow worse as American policy is hijacked by a wealthy few attempting to manipulate it for their benefit personally and their tribe’s benefit overseas. Things are going to get much more belligerent as the Empire spirals down, I suspect.

      • I’ve always said that Indians are by far the biggest threat to our people. First of all there is the sheer number of them. Not only are they a huge population but they are still growing, unlike Chinese who will start to see a population decline in a decade. And the ALL want to leave India.

        Second of all, Hinduism is totally alien to Europeans, Christians, and even anything Abrahamic. I am afraid that modern, “anti racist” white people are very badly equipped to deal with the Indian invaders.

        They don’t think or act the same way we do. They don’t really have a fixed version of truth. They will tell a naive white person their “truth” at that point in time and tell the next one the opposite. For them it’s not even lying, it’s just how they are. Their caste, religious, and tribal networks are incomprehensible to most white people who have nothing equivalent. They can run businesses with no trace and crazy (to us) business models relying on extended family connections and word of mouth.

        Of course none of this scales up. All they can do is create shit holes because their schemes often fail. But they can do well undercutting the honest framework of a formerly Anglo society.

        Thirdly, they hate, hate, hate, white people. They hate that a working class white guy (low status) can still earn money and get nice things. They hate that white people are better looking than them. They hate that a small island called England colonized them. They are obsessed with white people. One would think that they will assimilate over time, but actually 2nd and 3rd generation Indians hate white people even more, after a solid dose of American education. On the female side, they hate that they always got pumped and dumped by Chad but couldn’t lock him down. Kind of like that Pakistani lady who wanted to kill white people. How many white dicks has she fellated? Regardless, she means it, 100%.

        I can deal with them – because I am a racist. I see brown skin, and know that’s a marker that God put on them to show that we are separate, and that they are not to be trusted. We can be cordial, polite, even friendly, but they are always aliens to me, regardless of whether they are “assimilated” or not. No matter what they say to me, I don’t trust it. Given that this mindset is about 2% of white people, this is why I say they’re going to be a problem.

        • B125: While the standard stereotype is that the Han are the Jews of Asia (due to them generally composing the resented dominant business class of various non-Han Asian countries), I view Indians as Juice with brown skin and even more hair. Their ethnic cohesiveness, utterly unscrupulous business practices, and alien religious beliefs are eerily parallel, particularly if one looks at the supposedly ‘conservative’ Chasids.

          It’s interesting to then speculate on why so many American juice intermarry Han, but not so much with Indians. Perhaps too many similarities, and like recognizes like and wants no part of it. Indian women in the West are extremely outspoken, and their degree of attractiveness (or lack thereof) depends on one’s perspective and tastes, I suppose.

      • You present a compelling, if rather dreary, future. For the benefit of the rest of the world, I would think the most humane thing that can happen is the Country Formerly Known as the United States collapse into a heap with as little collateral damage as practicable. That’s easy to say of course, as we still have lots of nuclear warheads and lesser armaments. The wild card is, as you allude, the ever-increasing factionalism that plagues our government.

  25. The immigration problem is a great example of anarcho-tyranny. While you, an American citizen have to show 3 forms of state ID from lists which exclude each other to get a job, big agro hires hundreds of illegals without anyone ever showing a piece of paper. While you are paying 1/2 of your paycheck to the government, they pay nothing. If you have to go to an emergency room for something, it’s gonna cost you big time, while illegals pay nothing.

  26. Regarding the economy and markets, the Fed and Congress are backing themselves into a corner. They’re trapped. Inflation – caused somewhat by the fed but more by huge amounts of fiscal spending – isn’t going away.

    The CPI has been spiking, but what’s amazing is that rent, which is ~1/3 of CPI, hasn’t risen much in the data due to the moratorium. Basically, the big increase in inflation over the past six months hasn’t even included the big rise in real estate. When that hits – and it will – CPI will continue to rise quickly.

    The government and corporations are loaded with debt. (Households actually aren’t too bad.) That’s fine as long as interest rates remain low. But interest rates can’t stay low if inflation starts to rise. However, if you raise interest rates, you dramatically increase the debt burden on the government and corporations. For corporations, this could cause a pull back in investment and hiring, i.e. you cause a recession. For the government, this could cause an increase in borrowing, which exacerbates the debt/inflation problem.

    Again, the Fed is trapped.

    They’re only hope is to grow their way out of the problem while they keep interest rates low. Maybe they can do that, maybe they can’t. Congress and Mumbly Joe aren’t helping the situation by continuing to spend and borrowing like crazy.

    However, as long as the money continues to flow, the stock and real estate markets should do well. But the price for that is higher and higher valuations. The Shiller CAPE is ~38. REIT yields are low. Bond yields are historically low. All of this money is pushing up the price of assets, but it’s at the expense of future returns. Basically, you’re pulling forward future returns into the present.

    Regardless, the high debt – both in the United States and the rest of world – is a huge problem. Global debt to GDP is ~325% compared to ~125-150% generally in the past. That high level works fine as long as interest rates are low and asset prices are stable, but if interest rates rise, many corporations and governments can’t service their debt. Also, asset prices only need to fall by a third to bankrupt the global economy.

    High debt levels inherently make the system more fragile. Now, that doesn’t mean the system will break, just that the odds of something bad – possibly really bad – go up.

    • Btw, a great – but really long – paper on the phenomenon of how bad news can actually be good for the market because it causes government intervention is by a guy calling himself Jessie Livermore (a pseudonym using the name of the great investor from the early 20th century) called Upside-Down Markets: Profits, Inflation, and Equity Valuation in Fiscal Policy Regimes.

    • Citizen: I neither follow nor truly understand all the financial markets and details in any sense, but I trust you and believe you know what you’re talking about. All I can add is that what happens in the market appears to bear no relation to the price of tangible assets. We all know the cost of housing and land is through the roof, and food costs are rising rapidly. Used cars/trucks are either unavailable or cost as much as new. No need to comment re firearms and ammo. Generators are backordered by 6-12 months. SunDanzer fridges/freezers have been out of stock since I first started looking at them. I’m not a goldbug but it seems counterfactual to me for gold’s price to drop when there is so much economic uncertainty.

      And while I’ve noticed no shortages in the grocery store, there’s a prominent article at the Daily Mail today saying Costco is reinstating limits on toilet paper and cleaning products. I’ve never shopped at Costco, and haven’t yet noticed any hoarding. But if this report is true it may well also be predictive – all the local Han and pajeet will be out in force loading up their carts. Really tired of riding this roller coaster.

      • Citizen and 3g, this is all that should happen under normal economic conditions, but there is a new theory out there(and perhaps way out there) that this is preparatory ground work for the great reset. The theory that the globalists plan to crash the dollar and and institute a digital currency under their complete control. It seemed far out when I first encountered it, but things keep falling into place that make it seem plausible.

        • Perhaps, but I remember a time when, in the war on drugs, a Bill/proposal was going through Congress to “recall” all $100 bills in exchange for a new issue. This is like the script they used in the Korean War to counter the Black market—it was regularly exchanged and the illegally obtained prior script became worthless. IIRC, the script changed colors too.

          Guess what, the proposal died a spectacular death. No doubt the “drug lords” were not the only ones with shoeboxes of cash under their beds. 😉

          • One of my favorite (second hand!) stories from Vietnam was this: In many places as you note, military scrip was used to pay the GIs, primarily to discourage black marketing. Keep in mind that in those days an enlisted man might get $50-100/mo. Doesn’t sound like much, but a dollar went far, both in the PX and even farther on the black market. Being a restricted currency, the scrip was at a discount on the free market. Ah, but you could buy a money order at full value, send it home in a letter and…if you were lucky…ask somebody at home to mail you back U.S. currency. Then you buy up military scrip on the black market at a discount, buy more money orders… you get the picture 😀

            This “worldwide digital currency” is just the latest iteration of a decades-old conspiracy theory. As long as a government’s currency is accepted by its users (victims?), why would they replace it? Exactly. And even if they did, there is no guarantee the public would accept the new. There’s a reason that most third- world currencies aren’t worth much more than toilet paper, and that they are replaced every several years. As much as the government of a banana republic might wish it were true, the money doesn’t magically become gold-backed just because you renamed the “peso” to a “bolivar” or whatever 🙂

        • Central bank digital currency is being pushed by the head of the BIS, the Bank of International Settlements, the central bank of the central banks.
          Here it comes.

      • When I lived in SoCal my closest Costco was in an asian part of town. The parking lot alone was like a Saturday morning at the fall of Saigon.

        More than once I pulled the ripcord and just went home after circling the the lot full of visored-up women in mazda MPVs with the turn signal on, content to wait till the leaves turned before giving up on that coveted spot 50 feet closer to the doors.

        Inside was worse. UN refugee camps would be more orderly. If I could make it down an isle without getting a cart on my achilles, or have to ask multiple times to pass a roadblock guarded by a multi-generational squatters camp picking apart the shrink-wrap on some product, I still had to pass the samples stations at the end.

        Here scores of anxious eyes sized me up as if ready to put a ginsu set in my ribs should I make a move for that last hot-pocket.

        One of many lessons vis a vis “this is not my nation anymore”. As well as a hint at what the great basin of diversity would turn into should the lights go off.

        I eventually decided that 30 minutes more commute was worth it to hit the Costco in a more white zipcode. If nothing else, Costco is also reminder that the decadence is astounding, even with the creeping hiccups of entropy. A warehouse stacked 30′ high with food and goods from all over the world. Something for the campfire tales in the after-times.

        As for the “markets”, its like that Costco in asia-town. The only thing that makes sense is that being in it is uncomfortable and that sense that it “works” only to the extent that somewhere someone is making out big, but that someone is unlikely to ever be you. But once in a while you actually get to the taquito sample table and there is one left. So thats nice.

    • Years ago I wrote about the interest rate trap. These super-low interest rates are now considered the norm. They are baked into every transaction in the West. Allowing rates to return to historic norms is a revolutionary act, which means it can never be done on purpose.

      • What those low interest rates mean for actual businesses isn’t my area, but I can say that those low interest rates for pension funds, endowments and retail investors is an essential threat.

        Treasury yields are negative after inflation, i.e. real rates. Investment grade bonds are also a negative real yield. Hell, even junk bonds are only earning ~4%, which quite possibly could be negative after inflation, certainly ~0%.

        A world of negative real yields on literally every type of bond simply doesn’t work for investors. What’s more, those low yields have dragged down returns for every other asset class, at least in the states.

        A classic 60/40 portfolio is the past could expect to earn between 4% and 5% real. Today, that’s probably 1.5% to 2.0%. And that’s assuming no regression to the mean for bond yields and P/Es. If that happens, investors are truly screwed.

        Of course, the ride to get to this point has been great, but now that we’re here, the next five to ten years look rough indeed. The Fed is destroying future returns. That’s a fact.

        The Fed can’t magically increase real corporate earnings or real GDP growth. The only way these high asset prices don’t lead to low returns is massive growth in corporate earnings and real GDP. That seems pretty unlikely.

        Real economic growth in GDP is growth in workers plus growth in productivity. Growth in workers is expected to be low – and most of those workers will be very low skilled – so not sure how much that they’re adding. Productivity has been muted as we switched a service economy. At best, real GDP growth will be ~2%.

        The rest of the world doesn’t look much better. The Chinese expansion will slow as demographics hit and they reach the end of the follow-the-leader path in the same way that Japanese growth stalled. Europe isn’t going anywhere. India may have some expansion but nothing like China over the past 20 years.

        U.S. and global growth will be muted. Therefore, corporate profits likely will be muted, though they could pump that up a bit by increased efficiency but not enough to change the dynamic.

        Low expected investment real returns and low real GDP growth. That’s likely the future. (That said, value stocks, international stocks and emerging market stocks are reasonably valued, but don’t take my word on that.)

        The problem with that scenario is the massive debt burden. Super high debt combined with slow growth and low investment returns isn’t great.

        The debt will either need to be written off to some degree or inflated away. Historically, inflation is the preferred choice. But that creates its own issues.

        There’s no good way out of this. The best option would be low interest rates and high, but not crazy inflation for a time as corporations and governments grew there way of their debt burden by controlling spending. That’s what the U.S. government did after WWII.

        But that’s almost certainly not what’s going to happen, at least not with governments. We need sober leadership and we have Mumbly Joe, Pelosi and AOC. They’re not going to cut spending.

        They’ve backed themselves into a corner and see completely unconcerned.

        • In other words, ‘capitalism’ is a dead end. Hence the need for that autonomous tech Marx vaguely referenced. No need for workers when you can simply dial up productivity.

          No need for workers. Commies, in fits of ecstasy, rub their hands raw. “You mean we can democide AND have moar?”

          And here we have the nerds (the kind who hate everybody because they got picked on) promising said tech and laughing at the blindly greedy capitalists who fund them and the greedier, gullible commies behind their backs, heads full of revenge fantasies.

          Meanwhile the scions of the old elite are smoking DMT at Burning Man, because what’s the meaning of life? Really, what’s it all for?

          The HR lady is full of Rachel Maddow’s indignation and disappointment as she goes around canvassing her flock to see who’s gotten saved from Covid. If only women ruled the world!

          Joe Lunchpail and his buddies fret over the communist revolution like it’s 1950 and wonder why nobody is DOING anything about it. They bitch about the kids, kid about the bitch at home.

          The salesman sits at his desk researching hair loss treatments, remembering with dulled longing his ambitions of being a rock star.

          Not sure where I was going with that 🙂

        • Good observations. We don’t often delve into complex economic issues here, but it’s good to do so once in a while, since they are such a major factor in life. And, especially upon factors like retirement.

          I had the good fortune to be able to effectively retire in my early 40s. I’d lost both my parents by age 38. They left me a nice legacy but locked up in a trust. It has been my de-facto retirement income for decades. That, combined with what I earned on my own in my working years, are enough for a comfortable, albeit not lavish, retirement. Now, I am fully aware that few people are able to kick back as young as I did. But now let’s look at some of the uncertainties.

          I have zero control over the trusts. None. Zilch. Nada. Gar nichts. Rien. When the money’s gone, it’s gone. What it gets invested in? Not mine to say. Lately, it’s been about 80/20 stocks/cash. As time passes, our economy becomes increasingly unstable. Will I continue to get a pay-out for the rest of my life? I hope so, but again, too many uncertainties. Statistically, I live for another 25 years or so. Many of my relatives have lived well into 90s. A few past 100.

          One can generalize the issue of long-term viability of a retirement portfolio. And, except in the case of those who get a “pure” Federal pension, even having a State or big corporate pension plan doesn’t insulate one from market upheavals. Yes, Uncle Sam can and does bail out funds sometimes. But the fundamentals are all bad, and the bias is towards collapse, whether inflation, deflation, or other, who knows?

          Bottom line: I had the opportunity to take my “retirement” when I could, because I knew that it would not be any better in twenty years. Some of my relatives enjoyed 40 or more years of retirement, but both my parents shuffled off this mortal coil after about 17 and 19 years, respectively.

          • I’m not saying that a crash is coming. In fact, I’d say that stocks as crazy as they are will likely be better than bonds.

            But I would be prepared for lower returns.

            Regardless, glad that you retired early. As a smart man once said, “I’d rather have $100 in my pocket at 25, than $1,000 at 60.”

            Enjoy life while you can.

          • I went to HR a few years ago and told them to reduce the amount of my paycheck that was going toward my 401K. CSC is right – time to sneak in those bucket list items while we still can.

        • The whole point of ZIRP was to drive savings into securities. That’s now effectively over as is the next leg: the drive into real assets, i,e. Housing.
          Newsom kicked off the final stage of that with the 4 houses on every lot bill he signed.
          As they’re going to be rentals we’ll be pretty much at the end goal of all this,
          Serfdom. You will own nothing and pretend to be happy.

          This WILL end in violence

          • ZIRP worked. It pushed non-Fed money into stocks and real estate. But there’s only so much in corporate profits and rents. The more you pay for those profits and rents, the less you’re return.

            It’s now time to find places where all of that Fed money didn’t flow. That’s why I like trend following for a good-sized chunk of my portfolio. It rides the waves but has a mechanism to move to other assets when the wave is dying out.

    • I think you are making the common mistake most people make and that is that the rules are fixed. While I admit they will defend that status quo for as long as humanly possible, when they decide to no longer defend the status quo, the rules will change.

      “That’s fine as long as interest rates remain low. But interest rates can’t stay low if inflation starts to rise”

      Why not? Rising interest rates are a policy decision. As long as the fed wants low interest rates, we’re gonna have low interest rates. The government lies about inflation anyway. Inflation could become so bad that lying about it becomes impossible, but inflation is another way of getting rid of debt. As you mention, the important people (corporations) are loaded up with debt. High inflation is good for them. They are just not going to jack interest rates and bankrupt everyone (as I understand it, this debt is not in 30 year bonds, that most of it is in short term paper) who matters to save us money on energy bills and food. You can starve and freeze as far as they are concerned. You don’t matter.

      The US is still in reasonably good condition. Because whatever problems we have in terms of the Dollar, pale in comparison to other currencies which could replace ours, even theoretically. Basically the Euro or the Renminbi. No other market is big enough. US accounting can be trusted and the EU is not a country. The EU could collapse in 5 years. Whatever happens in the US, the US will still exist in 5 years.

    • There is a solution to that which is ongoing:
      1) “Interest rates will rise since the Fed cannot buy all government debt”
      Solution: The Fed buys all government debt
      2) “But then the market rate between corporate and government debt will show the lie!”
      Solution: The Fed buys all corporate debt
      3) “But then the price between the asset will become disjointed, it’s not like the Fed can buy everything”
      Solution: The Fed has Blackrock buy everything
      And so on…

      It seems clever at the moment, but of course it does nothing in regards to inflation. They’ve merely collected a bunch of assets that would be destroyed in private hands and put them on the government’s ledger instead (Solution: force you to buy those assets).

    • Just addressing your comment on rent in the CPI. The biggest thing holding rent number down in the CPI is that the numbers are cooked. They don’t actually take rental averages from new leases or what’s actually paid. They use what they call “Owners Equivalent Rent” (OER). Essentially, they just survey condo/homeowners and ask them, “hey how much would you rent your place for if it were theoretically on the market?” Obviously, people that own property aren’t as up to date on current rental prices so they underestimate the number, which lowers the CPI.

  27. One of you most enjoyable Power Hours! Sometimes the ‘off-the-cuff’ remarks hit closest to home and are the most enjoyable. Have a weekend!

  28. A previous employer had a joint venture with China in the avionics industry. The paranoia about stealing technology without paying for it was palpable, but the more egregious part was the willingness of our executives to completely brownnose and suck up to the Chinese.

    When they announced the venture to employees, they decided it was a good idea to end the email with something like: As the great MaoZeDong said: .

    Outside of all the posturing from the elites about what good people they are for being against hate, fascism, human rights etc, they’ll throw it all under the bus it there’s money to be made or they come in contact with an actual real adversity.

    If the dissident right gains real power, a lot of these jokers in our media/elite class will go silent overnight.

    • The book Poorly Made in China is but one example of how much, “fun,” it was for Westerners to deal with Chinese manufacturers.

      If you’re pressed for time, you need only read the chapter titled, “Price Go Up!” to get a sense of the scene.

  29. No one at the individual level (or even small cohorts such as the DR) is going to change the course of current events. We are all ping pong balls bobbing down the Mississippi, so exposing yourself to “news” is just an exercise in anxiety addiction. But we can, and should, do something to reinforce our robustness in the face of the coming storm. Find a safe haven, stock it, get fit, prepare a defense, survive. Post collapse, you not lack for motivation; but at that time (more than ever), smarter beats harder. Train yourself to be an antibody. Become part of the solution. You won’t be alone. As our host has pointed out many times, emergent behavior will fill the ranks. It won’t be pretty. The cancer cells must go, or the body dies. It really is that simple.

  30. “I’ve noticed in my daily life that more and more people are just tuning out the news. If it is all predictable storytelling, then what is the point of tuning in for any of it?”

    Anecdotally, I’ve observed both this and people making -active- plans, not just talking shit, about fleeing this sinking ship. There are half a dozen people I know formulating legit exit plans and they are all –hardcore– normies in way or another.

    A patriotic Dad w/ 2 kids active in the Armed Forces. He is now encouraging his kids to drop out early because I guess he got the memo that they are rapidly becoming a hated minority in the war machine.

    A joe six-pack pseudo Boomer. (Right on the line between Boomer / Xer) and he was a very typical salt of the earth apolitical type. He is literally, right now, on an island scoping out land to build a retirement house and become an expat.

    A few others of the same stripe. They’ve consumed enough ‘product’ from the MSM to finally get the memo. Even normies eventually get it when shoveled 24×7 propaganda. If this small little cross-section that I’m seeing is a quiet gray man strategy by the actual people that keep the engines of commerce running these ruling class people are in deep shit and may not even know it. Imagine if all at once 25% of the sheep you shear every year for gibs just vanished?

    It goes back to what I’ve been saying for years. If every white male finally found their balls (never gonna happen) and collectively went ‘on strike’ everything you see around you this woke f-ckery would grind to a halt within weeks. No one has time to worry about their gender identity when the lights are off, they are cold, there is no food, and no commerce. It is unfortunate that people don’t have even an ounce of courage because it would be an amazing thing to turn on the news and see some salt of the earth blue collar guy from say PA or Ohio or Idaho reading our ‘List of Demands’ live on national TV. Preferably with a nice framing shot of an army of white men behind him.

    Four weeks of collective courage would change the course of history and yet between the general lack of it and the furious response you’d get if you even -tried- to organize such a ‘going Galt’ moment we likely will never see it. But if people are ‘opting out’ quietly, en masse, we met yet still see the same result on a slightly longer timeline.

    • I am seeing much of the same. There is a growing undercurrent of normies taking up positions along the continuum of dissident.

      One thing the political correct leftiod conversion in every aspect of public life has done is to chase discontent and the social discourse around it underground. Covid has forced much of it to the surface, but there is a swelling underground river of anger that is plowing through the bedrock of convention looking for ways to spring up – and out.

      Many guys I know are toeing the lines, pulling the wagon at work by day and plotting their escape by night. They are careful (some might say cowardly) to not disrupt what they see as their rightful harvest of the debt-stacked economic ponzi by overtly disrupting their role in the status quo – or progressive manicured social strata.

      They were all long globohomo some months back but now are highly anxious in the timing of that final harvest. Whether or not they extract their handful of rice before they get the club is a question that goes to timeline.

      And that handful of rice, I reckon, is a big part of what differentiates the cunning merchant from the coward, unfortunately. Commerce over community is salted soil that will take some time and/or some extreme sorts of motivation to overcome. But these guys I know – entrepreneurs, financiers, traders, and dotgov/mil operators are mentally over the falls. The goliath will soon be without their labor and talents. Whether or not a community becomes the beneficiary is another matter.

    • Meh.

      Having a tantrum and “living on an island” doesn’t do much good for anybody. Alot of these guys are seeing this, feeling demoralized, and just quitting society. But they don’t have the corresponding mindset shift towards being redpilled, racist, or dissident. Moving back into the woods or a small town makes you a sitting duck until new subdivisions or section 8 are built.

      Moving away can be ok, if you are actually working to build up a dissident community. But I’ve seen alot of older white guys throwing their hands up and saying “well,that’s just life” and moving away to a town where they can ignore the demographical crisis until they die.

      There’s also the fact that the usa is by far the most dissident country. Where are you going to move to? The Philippines? The entire anglosphere is far more leftist and authoritarian. If you move to the third world, a) it’s the third world b) you’re contributing to help a foreign people and c) your grandkids will almost certainly be foreign (aka mixed).

      • If you are looking to leave the country, Eastern Europe is going to be the final redoubt. I purchased a place outside of Budapest just before COVID got going. I’m renting it out for now, but if things get really bad here in FUSA, I will plant my flag there. For now, my loyalty is to my state of Montana, not to this alien country to which I am forced to pay tribute. If the country fractures, the inland NW is probably the best bet; very white, agriculturally self sufficient, low population density, plenty of water and hydro energy, and sufficient production of fossil fuels along with refining capacity.

        OT: somehow I missed this absolute eye opener from Unz regarding the JQ.

        • Yes! I just finished that (working my way through the ebook version of “American Pravda.”) Unz is great for pitching these various bits of lore. I already gave him an endorsement yesterday; fascinating reading at his site, all the more interesting because he is a Jew, I think, and yet here is one of the internet’s best sites for the JQ and other black arts 😀

          Much of it no doubt true, but the blood libel, really? Now I freely admit I haven’t read any of the history (and it’s all suppressed by the Jews, anyway!) 😀 But re the claim that Jews used to kidnap and sacrifice Christian children, or at least use their blood for ritual purposes, doesn’t that one strain the limits of credibility? While Unz doesn’t delve into it, such a claim seems shaky on several grounds:
          1. It’s fundamentally no different than other claims of witchcraft back then; accusing your opponent of sacrifices, evil rites, pacts with the Devil, etc. are traditional.
          2. Of course a lot of the accused Jews “confessed.” When you torture someone, they will confess to anything.
          3. Finally, even if such a ritual (need for blood) existed, wouldn’t it be easier and safer, from a businessman’s point of view, to sell animal blood to credulous believers? Of course it would, and the Gentiles probably would not even mind. The Christian world had a long tradition of trade in relics. As one wise ass noted, if you amass all the Splinters of the True Cross, it probably would have required a lot of forests to supply them!

          Occam’s Razor works for historical claims too: while human sacrifice surely did happen at times, there are often more reasonable, if less sensational, explanations.

          But yeah, it is far easier to believe that the Jews heavily influence world events (wars, revolutions), control the media, banking, governments, and so forth.

          • “the claim that Jews used to kidnap and sacrifice Christian children, or at least use their blood for ritual purposes, doesn’t that one strain the limits of credibility?”

            I’ve never seen the claim made except by a Jew.

          • How else are you gonna get adrenachrome? They’re killing a shitload of people with the satan shot, but you think they would’nt kill a White kid?

      • In a perfect world, they would dig in their heels and sack up. This world isn’t that. So I’m ok with ‘good enough’.

        If it takes a trip to an island to get you off your ass and move your money AWAY from Leviathan, so be it. Again yes, in the DR fantasy land they’d be pooling resources and buying entire towns / tracts of highly defensible land. But I live in the grim gritty reality because it keeps me sharp and aware.

        In that world, at least they are not grilling & chilling blissfully while their gibs are hoovered up in greater and greater numbers. Related regarding your point B. Interestingly, on a fairly short timeline by staying in place you will also basically be contributing to help a foreign people as the genetic aliens subsume the native stock en masse.

        There are a lot of in-between places that aren’t 3rd world full of genetic aliens. I don’t see this as an ‘all or nothing’ zero-sum affair. BerndV gave an example. Ok, so you are not Magyar (Hungarian) but I’d much rather be funding based AF leader Viktor Orban even if indirectly then Mumbly Joe and the POC Legion which is -exactly- where my money is going today, right now.

      • Looks to me that the US is in many respects the most authoritarian and Neo-liberal of Western countries other than maybe Orstralia and New Zealand.

        I don’t know why Americans believe the US is more free than Europe unless you focus on 20th century history. If you ,as you should, judge countries by the last 20 years the US is much less free than much of Europe. Neo-Liberalism is the ideology of the US empire so again I don’t see this idea that the US is the last bastion of Conservatism.

    • Since prepping is near entirely a White thing, I say stock up and strike first. Better we shut it down for a time before the dips lose control and shut it down forever. White Strike!

    • Its kind of happening now. Do to a lack of well anyone who can do complex engineering tasks, here in So Cal large numbers of jobs simply aren’t able to be completed.

      I know a huge company (name redacted) that do to bad practices , under paying people and anti White bias ended up so short on workers that they are running 3 years or more behind on major projects. If the government and other agencies weren’t such clowns, this company would already be in lawsuit city but clown world devours its own.

      On that topic, it may be quite soon that nothing will be delivered without cash up front.

      A large invoice factoring company in Texas just went Chapter 11 and they had been taking invoices but not paying the person giving them said invoices

      “Trucking companies in danger, invoice factoring Co files bankruptcy stops paying freight brokers. Instapay flexible (A Invoice Factoring Company) has filed for bankruptcy and has stopped paying its customers and are not answering their phones. This can cause a huge supply chain disruption when shippers are not paid and suppliers are not payed either.”

      My words here

      How this works is, some company like Walmart doesn’t pay for 90 days or more instead investing the money for more profit. You need money now so you essentially sell you AR to a factoring company who takes 5-10% of the top and gives you the money now. Kind of like those J.G. Wentworth parasite commercials we all see.

      Problem is if they stop paying and Walmart doesn’t pay either producers demand cash up front or maybe a very short pay cycle or go out of business.

      This means nothing gets to the stores. The end result of that is well not good.

  31. Oh boy, here we go.

    Chinese weapons? A joke? Their military? A paper tiger?

    Whaddya think those guys are going to do when their economy fails, Z? They are going to go on the warpath and they are going to be a force to be reckoned with. The chinks give our strategists and military guys indigestion. They give the Japs the screaming meemies and keeps them up at night. The Aussies want upgraded navies because of China.

    And the dissidents blow them off like its all bullchit. Unfortunately this is what comes of an illegitimate gubbimint though – loss of trust. When the wolf really IS in town and eating people, the dissidents think it’s just another false alarm.

    China is no bad girlfriend – she is a lethal whore that will f*** your brains out, take her money, and then bury a knife in your chest and take your wallet. If I had to critique the dissidents, it would be to point out that they internalize far too much of this stuff. In geopolitics there ARE other players, and their morals and ethics make the sleeziest tech oligarchs look like saints. They may prove to be a boon to anti-semites though – if anyone can clean up the jewish scourge – these guys can… and will, eventually. It would be better for us all to clean that one up ourselves, rather than leaving it for the chinks, come to think of it.

    • I do love how they’re being as opaque as possible with this Evergrande thing, I man it really must be bad. Their issue is that they have no where to export their inflation to; the rest of the world was able to export their bail-out money printing to slave labor in China, but if China tries the same stunt (which they almost certainly will) they will inflate their currency into nothingness.

      So, would China start an imperial war out of the blue? No, ridiculous. However, would Xi start an imperial war to save his regime? Well I was going to put those odds at 50/50, but given the history of such actions it’s probably closer to 75/25 in favor.

      • All wars are about money and power and sometimes sex. Anyone that thinks China will go quietly into the night hasn’t been paying attention to the tectonic shifts that have occurred within Chinese culture and society. Today’s gook is not the same as the ones their ancestors were. They are just as feral but they are more sophisticated and intelligent now. They are hungry and motivated which is something we are not.

        I saw somewhere that China is running prestigious academic competitions for their youth for the honour of participating in the country’s most advanced efforts on weaponizing AI. The fags at Google and the other tech giants are focused on making Atlas dance and do parkour. Our society and culture are going head first into decline.

        The times, they are a-changin…

        • I think China will take Australia first.

          I’ve been ignoring China’s influence, but they’re a true golem, one that got out of they’re creator’s grip.

          In Oz, the state premiers have as much or more power than the federal government. That’s a fly in the ‘states rights’ ointment.

          Those premiers have sold out. Oz has coal and shipping lanes that China wants. The Queensland premier’s father owns gene sequencing and sample storage facilities in numerous countries.

          It’s entirely plausible to say that China wants foreign farmland and resources, and was willing to employ biowarfare instead of neutron bombs to get it.
          I’d say they saw the talmudic Project and said to themselves, “you know, that’s a marvelous idea!”.

          (On the spiritual side, it near froze my blood to realize that the Prince of Darkness, whose kingdom is this world, has found an upgrade. Better, stronger, smarter vessels without the leavening of White interbreeding to counter it. The small hats are inclined to depravity, the Hagarites to cruelty , the blacks to violence- but the Asians take common torture of animals and men to inhuman heights.
          The Darkness feeds on pain, his Feast is imminent.)

          I pray that the Zman is correct, that the Far Orient has its historic check valve.

          • I don’t know if he was Han, I think of the Mongols, especially Ghenghis Khan. Here was a man who was powerful enough that he sired enough children that even today, a sizeable fraction of men from that part of the world have his Y-chromosome.

            In that part of the world outside what was once called Christendom, the only insult worse than “Crusader” is to call someone a “Mongol.” This recalls their bloodthirsty history. And the Europeans thought they had it bad with the Danes 😀

      • The same used to hold for Imperial Japan. Until it didn’t and they set half the world on fire.

        And you touched on this in your fine lecture: the US has set its military and navy on fire long ago. It’s literally run by queers and perverts, white flunkies and affirmative action vibrants. That’s huge – and quite potentially lethal.

        A perfect neoliberal storm is brewing as we speak.

      • China is being held together by a trifecta of money, personal connections, and military/police threat. Face is the glue. Right now, all are happening in concert. Once people start losing face, things might get spicy. Then the personal connections deteriorate, and if the money inflates to Zimbabwe levels…you’ll see Warring States 2.0.

        • Marko: I have no particular interest in or insights into China or what may be its future. All I can see, if things financially deteriorate there, is all those who already have purchased property or stashed their cash and their spawn here in the US will come running for cover. More glorious brilliant chink immigration. ‘murrica f&jk yeah.

      • Not always. In fact, China was quite expansionist during the 700-1000 AD era, taking over much of Central Asia. And they are not the same nation they were in 1400. For one thing, the average Chinese person buys into the Chinese Dream. For another, they’ve had about 300 years of secret societies, and peasant revolts, intermingled. That scares the hell out Xi who was the victim of the last one.
        China is in the Industrial Trap. In order to have more satisfaction of their people, they need more: food, water, power/electricity, goods. In order to do that they need resources. This was the same logic that underlay Japan’s aggression in the 1930s, Germany’s, and Italy’s. Resources are constrained in their home nation. To get more they need to conquer/kill their neighbors and take their stuff. That’s human history 101. Sargon of Akkad knew it (the actual ruler not the blogger)

        • Lebensraum and supply explains, a bit, why the Bad Man was invading other countries. He and Mussolini had refused the loan offers of the international bankers to expand their economy.

          The Mongols were certainly expansionist. Genghis Khan was actually on a Holy Crusade against Islam to take back the lands China had been losing since their defeat by Persian Muslims at the Yalu River in 740 AD.

          While the One Road Belt is a long term buildup of their near abroad, I’d say the USA might be in for a slow sweep attack. It’s probable we’ve already seen the advance softening us up. One of these days, we could see Chinese Helmets in to restore order when Balkanized America erupts in tribal warfare.

        • China doesn’t have children. Within the lifetime of many on this blog its population is projected to decline by half going from a robust 1.2 billion to 600 million.

          Expanding into new lands or a have as many as you want policy isn’t going to create a birth boom because the Chinese aborted so many girl babies in the 1990’s that an entire generation is toast

          China is also overworked (72 hour work weeks) and in no shape to build real prosperity,. Its so bad the counter culture there tangping “lying flat” is about opting out and just living. Unlike Fao Lun Gong its leaderless and doesn’t oppose the party and so is hard to get rid of

          Odds are Xi or whoever follows him seeing instability will go back top Maoist ways.

    • While the Chinese military shouldn’t be overlooked, we need to be careful not to fall into the trap of looking for the next Cold War crusade to go on.

      China is terrible for all of the reason that Z Man discussed in the Power Hour. But what is China going to do militarily that makes a difference to any of us?

      It’s the old thing about how China (or Russia) isn’t dumping 3rd World foreigners into our neighborhoods or teaching our children to hate White people.

    • If the rumors are to be believed, China is way ahead of us on hypersonics, probably thanks to some help from Russia.

      The US can’t even successfully test fire a single hypersonic prototype and has canceled a couple other hypersonic programs, allegedly due to lack of funding.

      This is just one narrow area where the Chinese have pulled ahead of the US.

      This is also why the Deep State’s furious hysteria about Russia during Trump’s term that drove them towards China’s orbit was absolutely moronic, and it’s probably one of the most short-sighted geostrategic moves of all-time.

      • Hypersonics are mostly hype. The US spent decades on the technology only to learn that the cost of overcoming drag negated the theoretical benefits of the weapon. Instead we have invested in satellites that can track these missiles and allow our defense systems to knock them out. It turned out that an object operating at 2000 kelvins in the atmosphere is not hard to spot.

        • What I don’t get is that our ICBMs are already “hypersonic,” and can hit speeds of 15,000 MPH (4 miles a second). Even the “slow” ones can reach better than 6k MPH, at least when they are in space. Back in the 80s I used to hear that our missiles could reach anywhere on Earth inside of 20 minutes.

          But if we’re launching ICBMs, the end is near.

          • I would imagine you could easily overwhelm a missile defense system with cheap decoys and a few real nukes in the first wave, then follow up with massed nukes in the second wave.

            Alternately, you could just jam the defending force’s tracking systems so they are unable to track anything and rely on the inertial guidance of the nukes to wipe them out in the first wave.

        • NOT if you do the “rods from god” thing. Think Arizona’s meteor crater. Basically a bunch of cheap, tungsten giant lawn darts, in near earth orbit. Point them at the target you want destroyed in a cluster and its gone. The Chinese are leading in this.

        • Of course I don’t know any details (nor do I wish to!) but I suspect that come war, satellites will be about the first things to go * POOF *. I know there are counter-measures, but there are counter-counter-measures, ad infinitum. Having said all that, there is, I’m sure, a “gentlemen’s agreement” that if the satellites suddenly go offline, its a declaration of war no holds barred.

      • the chinese can’t manufacture jet engines, but they can design and manufacture hypersonic drives? because that’s what you are saying.

        • The Chinese buy jet engines from the Russians.

          IIRC, they fund Russian hypersonic research and/or do joint projects.

          They fund other fun Russian projects too, like anti-stealth radar.

  32. I’m told that around 1942, Japanese civilians started joking, in re: their “news,” something like “Have you noticed that our Empire’s big, glorious victories keep getting bigger and more glorious, the closer they get to home?” We’re in the same position. Like them, we have only one reason to occasionally check “the news:” to figure out as best we can when to duck and cover.

    (Or for a laugh. If you, like me, are amused by suicidal folly, this is a gloriously stupid time to be alive. Let me do future historians a solid: We knew what was coming. So did our “leaders.” Everyone knew. What looks like baffling, suicidal stupidity was, in fact, just suicidal stupidity. I know, I know, you’ll never make tenure from that, but it’s true).

      • Yeah, I appreciate you asking. It’s a WordPress thing. I have a temporary backup site: foundingquestions dot wordpress dot com. (“Rotten chestnuts” is actually a sub blog of a much bigger, much better blog called House of Eratosthenes ( and somehow the doodad got out of sync with the thigamabob. This is what happens when you let a Liberal Arts guy monkey around with the intertubes).

  33. The immigration question is becoming more stark over time in certain ways. It used to be presented as a kind of companion of American imperial ascent. The US was rising in power and wealth, and the ‘contributions of immigrants’ were given mythological status in this process. There was also more immigration from Europe and white Oceania until relatively recently.

    Now, Europeans no longer want to move to the US in appreciable numbers, and ‘immigration’ is a much starker social weapon against the country’s dwindling majority population. It either involves the importation of hostile/disdainful ‘skilled workers’ from South Asia (not even East Asia as much these days), impoverished Latin Americans (not even Mexican nationals anymore, but economic migrants from points further south), or outright Haitians and Africans. None of this is very appealing to anyone but libertarians or zealots with a specific hatred of ‘core’ America.

    The general gauzy good feelings toward ‘immigration’ as a driver of American progress have mostly vanished, along with phrases like “It’s a free country” or “greatest country in the world.” The emerging sensibilities are a lot more cynical and angry.

    • “It’s a free country”

      I can’t even remember the last time I heard that expression used. Like the images of Liberty Bells and Ben Franklin on July 4th, it’s shimmied up the curtain and joined the Choir Invisible.

    • Borrowing a sentiment from good old Enoch Powell, “…it is as if we are watching a nation busily heaping up its own funeral pyre…”

    • If it’s any consolation, a hundred, or even twenty years in to the future the newcomers are going to grasp the unpalatable truth that if the legacy white people can’t have the nation they built, that once existed hereabouts, then neither will anybody else.

      • Yep, that’s predictable via HBD science. Examples can be found throughout the former colonized sub-Saharan African countries. They never could maintain the civilization bequeath them by Whites when they left.

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