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Item #1 The Ungrateful
  • The Undefeated: Jaylen Brown on why it’s important for the Celtics and NBA to hire African American head coaches – Link
Item #2 Indians
  • WSJ: Ancient Footprints Yield Surprising New Clues about the First Americans – Link
Item #3 The New Religion
  • Reuters: Washington cathedral to install stained glass with racial justice theme – Link
Item #4 Mushrooms
  • Reason: Oregon Legalizes a Breakthrough Treatment: Magic Mushrooms – Link

91 thoughts on “Reruns

  1. Drove by the local hospital today.

    The ER parking lot was half full at best.

    And yet the hoax continues….

    • Every few weeks I stop by the highest prestige local hospital to pick up some equipment my doctor’s not allowed to have delivered to me. For more than a year and a half now, the place has been post-apocalyptically empty. I have to walk past the emergency entrance to get to the employee door they have me use now, and there are no ambulances outside and nobody waiting inside, ever. Between that door and the room where I make the pick-up, there are two security desks and probably fifty miscellaneous non-patient rooms for testing etc. I always see exactly three people, two guards and the woman who hands me my stuff. I’ve never passed anyone in a hall.

      The other medical offices I’ve visited during the plague seem only half empty, as you’d expect when they’re doing so many phone appointments and “distancing” everybody else’s. From what I’ve seen, and from other people’s pics and film, hospitals are acting very weird/ominous.

  2. How do you write a Postal money order to Z man without knowing his secret identity?

    Me, I’ve always sent him cash, which is obviously risky but less so than other means.

  3. Somewhat OT, it is interesting how the Regency is just drifting into “vaccines forever and ever” and lockdowns when politically it would have been so easy to let the good times roll, with lots and lots of hand-outs: “free” electric cars, solar roofs, etc. With no lockdowns and a national party “presided over” by the Regency. It really is Karens all the way down.

    Look at NY’s Kathy Hochul. Cuomo was so loathed and despised all she had to do was just show up and hand out goodies. Instead she’s choosing a fight with the nurses union there, and other reliable allies … for no reason at all. The National Guard as nurses? Yeah right. People who can’t get access to hospitals for all sorts of things are going to blame her, and its a self inflicted wound.

    More proof if any needed that Karen Covid Mania is just an unstoppable emotional need. Professional politicians who should know better fall prey to it. Either that or they’ve perfected fraud so highly they don’t even give a fig leaf of making people not all the time miserable.

    • That’s what is perplexing during this time. Instead of scoring easy points this Biden Administration bumbles from one avoidable disaster to the next one.

      Afghanistan withdrawal, Haitians, border patrol shaming, France submarine dismissal, calling Putin a killer in interviews, atrocious handling of China-USA summit in Alaska, VP Harris doing…what, exactly?

      This continues but the point remains that Covid is just a bullet point in the list of things great and small that they are screwing up.

      More ominous is of this is all part of the plan.

      • Assuming the plan is to harm the US as much as possible my thought is that the Afghanistan botch job was a smokescreen to cover the real goal of delivering all kinds of state-of-the-art US military gear to China so they could performance test and reverse engineer all of it, thus giving them an enormous advantage in any conflict with the US.

        Degrading US capability prior to a spring campaign against Taiwan would also explain the hysterical desperation to get the US military jabbed before winter.

      • Ordo ab chao. Woah sh*t.
        They’re getting ready to tear our temples down.

        What if the Third Temple isn’t a physical space, but a cultural one?

      • Can anyone remember waking up one morning and hearing some good news concerning our current state of affairs? How is it possible? Even something positive by mistake? Good thing the fall to doom is a long way. Newton was wrong. 32 feet per second per second is not the limit. Will we hit terminal velocity before impact?

    • Slightly disagree on Hochul.

      The WEF bagmen realized she was an even bigger flunatic than Cuomo.

      Thus, ol’ Andy was, “cleaned up, ” as they say.

      Went by the major local ER today.

      There was nothing doing on a lovely autumn afternoon.

      • Rethinking it, it probably is the WEF and the Generals about to go to war for dominance, pushing the Bankers and Chinese into making their moves too. Cloud War.

        • I think you’re pretty spot on.

          The various Cloud tribes formed a united front to get Trump out of the WH.

          Now that Trump is out of the WH, the various Cloud tribes are squabbling about who’s in charge, kind of like Al Haig.

      • One would assume that of the National Guardsmen who are qualified to work in medical care, it’s already their day job. Of those she’s pressing into duty, what skills can they bring to the table besides rudimentary first aid or triage?

    • I read — and admit to not fully grokking — the theory that firing the recalcitrants is to prepare the path for rationing services down the road from the present cycle.

      • OK, but how is rationing services a win for any politician with ambition? Hochul would like to be something more. She’d like to be re-elected. At this point, AOC could likely beat her as a Governor candidate. Or Hilaria Baldwin. [Who is Hispanic you know!]

        “Vote for me, I prevented your husband from getting admitted to the ER so he died of a heart attack” is not exactly a winner. Nor is rationing them based on race, or other things. Among other things it creates “conspiracies of one” that being only one, are impossible to detect by surveillance, agents provocateurs, etc. But hey, the emotional high of being the vaccine moralist is just too heavy a drug for her to resist.

    • Scratch a Dem pol and you will find a tyrant. Look the Covid scare has given the Dem mayors, governors absolute power over their domain that rivals that found in Communist China. That sir is pure nectar for the low IQ grasping sociopaths that constitute the bulk of the Democratic political ranks.

      Besides they absolutely HATE the average citizen including their minorities. I saw that in the anti-gun debates that raged here in CA during the 80’s. And again when they let their own cities burn during the BLM riots.

  4. I notice you renamed segment #3. It’s probably a better descriptor that the original but it’s way less fun.

  5. Taking psychedelics, or more specifically, hallucinogens is the equivalent of throwing a monkey wrench into the most sophisticated piece of machinery in the known universe. It is no surprise Reason is an advocate of them. I went to a high school were acid was a big drug of abuse, which was a strange thing in the latter 80s, and had it offered to me many times. Even as a dumb teenager who was no stranger to trying drugs of abuse, even I understood it wasn’t a great idea to deliberately just “break” the mind, just to see what would happen. I’ve run into some of those kids as adults and in some cases, it ain’t pretty.

    • You’re mostly correct about psychedelics. There are some guys who have pseudo-mystical experiences on them without downsides, but I suspect these guys are spiritually shallow.

      I know two guys whose latent schizophrenia was almost certainly triggered by too much consumption of psychedelics. They never came back.

      I enjoyed them as a young guy but my problem was that 1 in 3 trips descended into harrowing existential horror. It’s just not worth it.

      • I just recently came across (youtube pushed on me) a YT video pushing LSD and that’s what got me thinking about it again (LSD was very commonly taken in the high school I went to). The problem is nobody really understands what’s going on. LSD and shrooms are not well understood or studied. They screw with the psyche, the mind, your inner voice. They don’t merely screw with brain chemistry and affect mood, they literally affect your mind to the point that you can be entirely disconnected from yourself and the world. We know that they can produce effects long after the drug has worn off. How prevalent that may be, I don’t know, but it can’t be good. We also know of people who have taken the drug either only once or a very times and never came back from the trip.
        It just seems to me that the mind/mood distinction is too profound. Taking a drug that enhances your mood in some way just seems to me to be in a whole different category than something that causes you to re-frame a lot of stuff and to hear and see things that are not there. As you say, no doubt people who were already prone to something like schizophrenia could cause the onset or cause to come earlier than it would have. Bottom line, I’m glad I passed and would definitely pass today.

    • Tars – you’re on to something: John Lennon get heavily into acid in ‘66 after The Beatles stopped touring. In her last book his then-wife Cynthia said he took so much of it he was incommunicado for extended periods. If you look up how he acted in interviews ‘63-‘65, he sharp, acerbic, & witty. By the late ‘60’s he seemed withdrawn, somewhat surly, & kinda spaced out. His personality completely changed or so it appears.

      Can’t imagine taking that much of a hallucinogenic & not having it affect some sort of lasting effect.

    • They do unlock the mind, you just need a mind that can handle being unlocked. If you’re a gaslit, jewtube aficionado you won’t be able to handle it. When you ain’t you anymore, don’t look in a mirror on acid.

  6. When I was a young guy I would run into older guys, particularly on the job, where I would say they were stuck in Vietnam. Then later in life, I started running into guys who never left Iraq. In both cases, men went off to war, but only shells came home. It was rare that I could really put my finger on exactly what made me think that, or at least any one thing, but it was obvious they weren’t left with a full deck. Of course, I didn’t know them before they were shipped off.

  7. One or two of /ourguys/ in the few comments on that WSJ Ice Age Americas article. Plus a couple of the usual shallow dipsh*ts, but whatevah.

    Before History Channel lost its friggin’ mind, I saw a documentary about the white seal hunters who followed the edge of the ice sheet to our east coast some 4000 years before the Siberian waves arrived across the land bridge. I was sitting next to a full-on wagon burner Indian, big fella, long braids, turquoise & silver, black ten gallon hat. Probably Paiute. Poor lad almost lost his stack.

    The article mentions a possible 30,000 year old human presence in the New World. I believe we have an older history than we realize, and that our development is molded by evolutionary response to repeated catastrophe.

    An ignored facet of “forbidden” history are some 3000 pyramids, labyrinths, henges, and dolmens of the megalithic age. Those were built by /our/ people.
    What is truly strange is that some of those pyramids still emit focused radiation. The claim is that they moderate weather or earthquakes. How in hades would that be possible for people who still tied on their moccasin boots with leather strings? How could they remain active after up to 20,000 years?

    They’d do so with no moving parts, as static transformers. With quartz crystal filled columns in their labyrinthine undertunnels and shaped stone chambers above as channels, they bled off the static electricity building up in the cumulus layer of clouds or in the fissures underground.

    Their technology was strange to us, but I say they knew something about the electromagnetic layer, the immaterial layer of our dual ecology that we call the “spiritual”. Much was lost when asteroids struck the ice sheet of North America, ending the Ice Age in the oft-remembered Flood of rapidly rising sea level. One fragmentary clue is the marvelous acoustics of medieval stone cathedrals. More clues are the large scale maserotic masonry- inert, degraded in some ways, but still grand- built in the following ages.

    We were, and are, the builder people. This is what the barbaric Habiru (Hebrew) refugees, aboriginal Dravidians, (and savage Amerindians, earlier), faced when another recurring period of asteroid strikes hit the Fertile Crescent and Caucasus/Pontic, driving us from our homelands into theirs as told in Genesis.

    Function determines direction. The thin shell of the biosphere is trying to achieve another step in its function, and we’re the step to break through the chrysalis. We can’t take the blame or credit for being the Elves, but Elves we are, and must not let ourselves be overwhelmed by…haha, such projection!…”the banality of evil”. The banality, really, of the brute, unthinking nature of Nature. Of the combinations that didn’t quite make the grade.

  8. Today’s topic seems to be a potpourri of esoterica, so please allow me to offer up an obtuse insight. The internet blog sport of Normie bashing is strong on this site (and deservedly so); but in my experience, normies really don’t think of themselves as Normies. Rather, they always seems to think that “the other guy” is the normie despite holding tight to his/her commitment to voting harder. And they don’t get the joke when they are the butt of it because they are oblivious to their own mindset. In a form of peak irony, they see themselves as normal and therefore not a Normie.

    Alright, so where am I going with this. The future freedom fighter will be a highly innovative and effective infiltrator that can get inside, get close, get low, act, and then get the Hell out without drawing attention to themselves. And to do that successfully, you will need a form of social camouflage that allows you to disappear within the herd. And that is no easy task given that mimicking a Normie is repulsive to most DR. In all likelihood, you may need a mental gimmick that enables you to wear the robe of Normie without going nuts in the process. Think of it as getting to play a cameo role on the sitcom The Office for a day. Join the fun, play the role, get in, get out, and leave your mark on history behind; even if no one else knows what just happened.

      • Bullseye


        Winner winner
        Chicken dinner

        (I had to post more than “bullseye” to get past the limit filter)

      • It’s true that Jews mostly game the system solely for their personal or tribal benefit, but that’s not what I’m suggesting. At the root, I’m saying that most DR types are inclined to stand in a firing line and take back this country the old fashioned way, which is noble and manly, but expensive in lives lost. Modeling indicates that the road to success in the modern technological era, and facing a new kind of enemy, is via the backdoor and hitting where in really hurts, and that takes a different mindset and skill set.

    • We all do it. We’re not all as red-pilled as some other fella. There are conspiratards who think we’re all sheep falling for the media’s attempt “divided we fall” gig and stuck in “identity politics” whereas they, the smart ones, understand there is a secret cabal of people who orchestrate EVERYTHING behind the scenes. Yet they are dumb enough to leave just enough evidence out there in the open so our super-smart/clever conspiratard can piece it all together into a coherent narrative.

      The lack of self-awareness is not confined to the “normie” and conspiratard, it infects us too. We all have our blind spots. We all don’t have access to accurate information. We are completely in the dark in many respects.

      Our enemy’s single biggest weapon is disinformation and propaganda. They are VERY good at it. This means we are all forced, even those of us who are aware of it, to try and figure out who is doing what and for what reason. Our knowledge, even if correct, is incomplete and we have no real way of knowing what is correct or wrong or what is only complete and what is just outright fabrication.

      When I read the news, the only thing I can truly be sure of is that the news piece is designed to mislead me in some way. That is a total mind-f***.
      It’s not just politics. Millions of people believe we are about to have a hyper-loop spiriting us across the lands at 700mph in a vacuum tube. That is entirely because of media propaganda. Or they believe ICE cars are going to be outlawed in 10 years or less. Or that we are on the cusp of building a city on Mars. Just look at that crazy Elizabeth Holmes. Her entire scam could not have happened without the Lügenpresse’s propaganda machine. A lot of these major new websites have “articles” that are nothing more than a paid advertisement designed to fool readers into believing they are reading a piece of journalism.

      Journalism is WAY too large. There are WAY too many people trying to make a living writing articles on the internet. Not only are they ideological leftists pushing propaganda, but because the industry is so over bloated, none of them are making money. This essentially turned them into mouthpieces of corporations and NGOs and the state.

      • I have a friend that thinks that Ashil Babbet and George Floyd are living on some island with millions of dollars given to them by the government for the acting jhob they did!

    • Thanks, that helps. A lot. I’m having a hard time keeping my yap shut, being Cassandra and all.

      I can’t possibly scorn Normie. That’s cheap points, and why would he care about whatever bug is up my ***, anyways?

      Reading Selco on how people change into something truly evil even for the most mundane transactions gives me great pause. Fantasies of blowing it all up and then grabbing the bugout bag for escape and evasion in the woods is no guarantee of ruling the ruins.

      So true that enjoying today in this miraculous age is a fine waste of time because the alternative is terrifying. Gods help us if we get what we think we want. 4S and planting trees worked for them, I’d do what I can to switch that around. Playing catch-up is so frustrating.

    • “The future freedom fighter will be a highly innovative and effective infiltrator…”

      The free man might be a starving, nameless inmate… but he sees four lights.

      The slave might be wealthy, well-fed and well-clothed, but he sees five lights. Or six. Whatever you want to hear.

    • Sort of. The thing what looks like the iron fist of the Imperial Capitol is highly dependent on a super inflated stock market, and steady supply of cheap food and utilities. IOW a relatively passive and lethargic population. Really that its the only way you can maintain control of a population when you are outnumbered 10,000 to 1..

      Bread and circus.

      That said what you are proposing is what Chairmen Mao wrote in one of his tracts about the saboteur hiding among the population. The same with those who resisted the Nazis in Europe during WWII. It works and is too costly for the other side to deal with. And mind you the Nazis had the sort of manpower and competency our woke masters can only dream of.

    • I think you can use a gift card. Frankly, I would not worry about it. I cannot see the payment information and the site owners cannot see it either. That data passes to the payment processor who returns a code to the site to indicate success or failure. The only thing anyone sees is the e-mail you used.

      • Good technical comment, I am always worried about my payment history being used in the future to put me in a black-list.

  9. As a Subscribestar paying member, I don’t know how I missed this one. Yes, maybe I do know how I missed this one. I like to listen to this when I’m doing projects, so I try and listen on my Android phone. To do this I let my Lastpass log me in and autofill in the credentials and then I have to further put in a 4 digit code that is emailed to my Proton account. When I go to my email to get the code Subscriber star disappears. I am in an endless loop. Largely I listen from my PC until I can figure how to have both windows open at the same time. I’m sure it is possible, I’m just getting more and more lazy when it comes to doing technical configurations.

    If you have read all that crap, and as an aside, I’ve done well per a Bonner recommendation on buying in the energy sector. I saw this on CNBC this am and I’m figuring they are seconding Bonners recommendation and I will buy more. ““Oil prices have disconnected from the marginal cost of supply. Instead, they are travelling to the level where demand destruction kicks in, which we estimate at ~$80/bbl.” That’s what Morgan Stanley wrote in June, and in a note Tuesday, the bank wrote: “This remains our thesis.” “

    • Oh, it’s getting weirder in the markets.

      After Tuesday’s bond rate tantrum the Dollar Index (DXY) now stands at 94.32.

      The market price of silver is down to 21.58 and gold is down to 1729.

      Nasdaq futures are up 64 points and Dow futures are up 95 points as I write this.

      I’m starting to wonder if the guy who came up with the, “dollar milkshake, ” theory was correct all along.

    • So true. They are like that. Heck, I’m like that. Dreadful, really.

      But teeth? Biting teeth? Don’t tell the girls, but you are talking every man’s secret nightmare.

  10. I’ll add my voice to those saying that the paid content is well worth the price of admission. The Sunday podcast is generally hilarious, even when Z-Man is on a rant, and the Top 100 Movies reviews are spot on.

  11. Well, you’re off to either earn some money or to overthrow the regime, and I’m good with both.

    • “Well, you’re off to either earn some money or to overthrow the
      regime, and I’m good with both.”

      Sure. But preferably the latter.

  12. “Nevadans can be proud to welcome Afghan evacuees as our neighbors”

    Off topic yet important to spotlight how the media has eagerly stepped up to push and promote the decline of civilization.

    While plenty of opinion pieces have cheered on the replacement of heritage Americans, it is striking to count the number of faceless editorial boards who have lined up to support this process.

    How, exactly, will 100K+ people from a 6th century culture help my country? With reports of child rape in one refugee camp in Wisconsin and a possible gang rape of a female soldier at another, this displays how inherently evil our current ruling class truly is.

  13. “Long before the cock crows I am out and on the road to a secret meeting”

    If you tell us about it, it’s not secret. 😏

    • Best way to keep a secret. Keep it to yourself. Second best, tell one other person—if you must. There is no third best.

      “…long before the cock crows” Z is waxing biblical.

      • Reminds me of a conversation I had with a coworker/friend recently. Conversation topic was cheating and infidelity, he said something along the lines of, “I know quite a few guys that cheat on their spouses. I don’t know how they do it. I’d be paranoid up at night worried about getting caught.” I said, “The fact that you know of guys that are doing it means too many people know.”

        • Along those lines, I was out shooting the breeze at a bar a few weeks ago, and wound up in a conversation with a fellow in his late 30s/early 40s.

          He was trying to catch up with a woman via text, so the conversation turned towards that topic.

          Eventually, he revealed that among his circle of friends it was essentially a given that the ladies had or were making the rounds among the guys.

          Not sure how common this is today. The guy seemed fairly normal for the most part.

          • Right about the brief Myspace era, a friend showed me hookup culture. He’d get four or five messages a night by chicks who wanted him to come over, scratch their itch, and leave. The young live in an entirely different world than we do.

        • Why the fuck would anyone complicate their life with more than one women? Even for chach.

          But yes, it is not unommon anymore for girls to go through a group of friends. Very odd, gross and uncomfortable for normal people.

          • In that scenario, my nausea level about being eskimo brothers with my close male friends would exceed my interest level in multiple female partners.

  14. All us cool kids have bought passes for going behind the famous Green Door. Those of you who haven’t: what’cha waitin’ for? The Sunday podcast alone is more than worth the cost. Add some bonus blogging, and you’ve got a real bargain!

    • Postal money orders and a PO box is the only way to go. Nobody can keep anything secure. Funding wrong-thinkers with a credit card is a good way to get doxxed. The nice thing about postal money orders is you can cash them at the post office.

  15. I haven’t listened to the podcast yet, but as someone who grew up less than 4 miles from the national cathedral, I am not at all surprised to see that the religion of leftism has moved on to the stained glass phase. I was looking at the Rev. Randolph Marshall Hollerith, and of course he’s from yale and has like been awarded a chivalric title or some such in England, so naturally he’s gonna want to appease baal and what not. But this can get really awkward for the left, the more they pretend to be a form of Christianity, cause actual Christians still exist and the Bible is there to be read and compared with their bizarre doctrines.

    • It’s also not all that surprising that a “church” (more like a memorial) with no set dogmas of any sort could be coopted by zealots of a different sort. It’s like in China where it’s mandated that all churches are arms of The State, but like much else they do it here voluntarily.

      • I visited WNC back in 1984 and really enjoyed the experience. I took several photos of the structure and of several stained glass windows with my Nikon FG and tripod. I’m not emotionally involved with The Lost Cause, but the Generals of the Confederacy are part of American history, among other events depicted on those windows. I left there touched by the feeling that I had visited America’s Church, even if it was officially Episcopalian. Well, once again the Evil Twins of PC and AA have struck; I should have seen this coming. Yet I have an 8 x 10 blow-up of the “space window” that I had framed, as well as other interior and exterior shots. Oh, well: I still have happy if fading memories of National Cathedral–and of America.

    • Back in 2000 I went to a Sunday service on the Cornell campus, and that day the visiting minister was the dean of the Yale Divinity School. Everything you’ve ever suspected about the moral relativism of the elite left was on display in his sermon. Honestly, the worst stereotype of post-modern Protestantism wouldn’t do justice to the words coming out of his mouth. His message was, in sum, “in a changing world, what’s right and wrong is always open to interpretation, but you people can sleep at night because elites like myself stand sentry at the cultural doors and will each day reveal to you the new truth.”

      I was in the early days of getting red-pilled and still retained vestiges of atheism, so I should probably thank him. That hour in the chapel provided a very valuable lesson in how evil manifests itself in our world. Without evil, there can be no divinity. In a way, he provided proof of God’s existence.

      • Probably one of the best comments I have read on any of his threads. FYI: there was a Livestream involving Edward Dutton, Richard Spencer and Devon Tracey (of Atheism is Unstoppable fame), you can still find it on YOUTUBE I believe. The topic was religion as a social utility. Quite interesting but also disappointing at the same time.

    • I’m guessing most of us have seen NYS governor Kathy Hochul’s bizarre sermon from this past weekend, but if you haven’t here is yet another Cloudy taking a stab at the deep theological issues facing us in 2021:

      We are not through this pandemic. I wished we were but I prayed a lot to God during this time and you know what – God did answer our prayers. He made the smartest men and women, the scientists, the doctors, the researchers – he made them come up with a vaccine. That is from God to us and we must say, thank you, God. Thank you. And I wear my ‘vaccinated’ necklace all the time to say I’m vaccinated. All of you, yes, I know you’re vaccinated, you’re the smart ones, but you know there’s people out there who aren’t listening to God and what God wants. You know who they are.

      I need you to be my apostles. I need you to go out and talk about it and say, we owe this to each other. We love each other. Jesus taught us to love one another and how do you show that love but to care about each other enough to say, please get the vaccine because I love you and I want you to live.

      I didn’t see anything in her sermon where she explained the process by which “the smartest men and women, the scientists, the doctors, the researchers” created Covid in the first place! What, was her god just not paying attention at that moment?

      Jokes aside, this kind of religious justification for drawing a boundary between vaxxed and unvaxxed cannot end well. It’s essentially sanctioning violence against the hold outs. It’s what God wants, right?

      • The general rule in academia is: if you want to find out what a given egghead really, truly hates, all you have to do is look at xzheyr field of study. Academic historians loathe the past, which is why academic history is now nothing more than an endless quest to find everyone and everything from before The Current Year lacking by The Current Year’s standards. Professors of English Literature loathe the very idea of literature, which is why their writing is the ugliest, most obtuse, neologism-filled gobbledygook you’ll ever find. ___ Studies are just self-loathing dressed up as hatred of Normie, and so on. Thus, “divinity school” people are all Satanists, de facto if not de jure.

    • From the git go there were all manner of Christianities. The torah based church in Jerusalem lead by brothers James and Jude. The most popular church and creators of the first new testament were the Marcionites who reject the evil yaw way. Gnostic. Pauline. Those that became Catholics. The Arians were popular.

      From Martin Luther through now, there’s been an explosion sects. Unitarians, Universalists, Zio rapturists, Christian Identity, Whatever-ists.

      Personally, I think the Marcionite approach would have been better utilize Paul’s Christology, lighten up on the old testament stuff.

      I’d go further, utilize Dyeus Ph’ter who is Our European Heavenly Father, and then add on a Jesus like dying and rising Son. And a daughter too.

      Julius Caesar was killed, and I’m sure he is coming back. Soon.

      • Cyrus, Redeemer, avatar of Mitra, came back as Jesus, so it was believed by many legionnaires in the Roman army.
        If Jesus’s earthly father, Tiberius, was a relative of Caesar…I think we could cook up an acceptable lineage to Jupiter Optimus here. Sol Invictus was an attempt.

        That’s what the Free Masons were trying to do, assemble an improved knowledge base from the old knowledge bases. We got modern science of the Enlightenment and Washington DC out of it. The Capitol of a new country and new system is designed with Freemasonic architecture and very little Christian motifs.

        We had to whisper “Deist, we think?” as kids so as not to piss off the biblicals. Prots and Caths have this little habit of continent-wide wars, ya know. The OT is a political war manual, after all.

        • Ah shucks. I’m not being facetious here, Christians, and no offense meant.

          This is how the New Testament and early Christianity was developed. I want a Christ Militant to the Judeo-Wokism that all the Third World is copying. We forget that China is copying and adapting what they learned from us and our small-hatted hangers-on.

          I ain’t fooled by the faux atheism of the Bolshevik Soviet or aggressively sneering Judeo-Atheist fronts like “American”, Skeptic Society, or that James Randi bozo.

          Status snobbery by these types is poor gruel as well as obnoxious. I want something meaty to satisfy the social-emotional goals of the traditional religious.

          Agnostic atheism doesn’t answer the questions *they* are asking in a way that works for them, and Judeo-atheism is actively hostile. Christianity has proven that it works quite well enough for people at that practical level.

          It’s strong enough to even uplift Africans! I would certainly like to bring it up to our century, just as the Niceans brought it up to theirs.

          • Wait, I just got it as I hit ‘post comment’.

            A revival of Gothic Arianism. That’ll get the old juices flowing. A rethink would make people sit up and pay attention. This limp-dick wankery we have now will last as long as a ladyboy’s youth.

          • I think we are on similar paths. There is a lot of good stuff in the Judastan testaments. And it also has ways it leads our people astray.

            Having our religion based upon a foreign people as heroes: Not Good, it leads to fetishing foreigners. Hurray for the mythical mad man Moses massacring Midianites. Yaw way akbar!

            I agree too that the snarky atheist are annoying, even icky.

            We want and need religion. A Christianity that keeps the good parts, and leaves out the judey parts, homes the Christ upon Europeans people.

          • We sent incredible millions of tons of material to Soviets. Rosie the Riveter.

            I’ll have to look up some things about what you wrote and think outwards.

            Jupiter, as I am sure you know, comes from Dyeus Ph’ter.

            As does, the Deus & Pater used by the Latin church.

            As does Zeus.

        • The Old Testament has a lot of value. At its core it is National Socialist. Solidarity around the tribe.

          OT warns clearly that chasing after the gods of other tribes results in destruction.

          And here we are on the eve of our destruction. The victors being the foreign tribe with the stories of their god delivering victory over the us.

          • Yup. We are of like mind.

            I found out that (((Harry Hopkins))) was in charge of the Lend-Lease to Stalin. Stalin and his Bolshie administrators paid nothing. Hitler would’ve won.

            Also, 50,000 of the first convicts sent to Australia were Irish rebels. Their uprising began as they saw a wounded Britain defeated in the American Revolution.

  16. Drive safely. You shouldn’t post and drive!

    Then again, publick transport may be your thing… so mask up and defer to the new overlords, heretic!

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