The Nature of Tyrants

In the West, the morality of the state has been determined by how much or how little it respects the basic rights of its citizens. During the Cold War this was a critical measure used to justify foreign policy. The American government claimed it was within its rights to overthrow South American governments that got too chummy with the Soviets because they would endanger the rights of their people. On the other hand, they would back anti-communist dictators because they were better than communists.

There was a lot of lying and dissembling on this issue, but the principle was important to Western governments, so they made a big show of it. In America, for example, this meant protecting property rights from the excesses of the state. As a practical matter, it meant the state had to prove they had good reason for violating your rights before the court would permit them from doing it. They had to get a warrant, for example, before tapping your phone or riffling through your papers.

Government is always a blunt instrument and men are not angels so to avoid office holders and bureaucrats from abusing the rights of the people they first had to demonstrate there was a compelling government interest in declaring your backyard a wetland or banning a certain activity. Put another away, it was the duty of the government to make the affirmative argument. Citizens did not have to justify their rights to exercise them. They were assumed.

Property is a useful metric in this regard because it is simple and the economic basis of Western society. Even in feudalism property rights were respected, because ownership was what made the system possible. The right to speak out or organize are up for debate to some degree, but the right to own the fruits of your labor is the starting point for social organization in the West. It is what makes communism alien and why it has always been the domain of outsiders and subversives.

In the United States, property rights barely exist now. This story about the Feds smashing into a private business and taking their stuff sounds like something from North Korea or maybe Australia. For reasons they feel no need to explain, they broke into a private bank vault and stole the property of the customers using the service and refuse to return the property. By any reasonable moral standard, this is theft and worse, it is legal plunder. The state is plundering the citizens.

Like all criminals, conmen and sociopaths, the state is throwing up a dust storm of legal points to distract from the moral point at the center. In a just society, is it appropriate to take the goods of the people without first demonstrating that the state has a reason for seizing that property? The answer is obvious. By Western standards, this is immoral and the sort of thing that justifies revolution. In fact, it is this sort of behavior that justifies the very existence of the United States.

This is not an atypical story. The Federal government now routinely seizes the property of citizens without justification. Nick Fuentes, the young firebrand nationalist, had his bank accounts seized by the government. They have not explained why they took his money, and they refuse to even acknowledge it. One day he had money in his account and the next day it was cleaned out. The bank finally told him it was the government, but it took them weeks to get around to telling him.

The general violation of property rights is now the norm. The tech oligarchs, for example, strongly oppose private property. If they don’t like what you are saying on your website, they will steal your domain name. They will collude to limit your ability to hold a job or have a bank account. What used to be a sacred right of all people is now up for debate with an unelected oligarchical class as the judge and jury. What is yours is theirs and what is theirs is theirs and they own everything.

It is tempting to call this feudalism as people have a cartoonish understanding of the term and the times from which we get the term. The fact is the typical feudal lord had a greater respect for property rights than anyone in authority today. The authority of the lord was rooted in property rights. He respected the rights of small landowners, because he expected his lord to respect his rights the same way. The upper cast of modern society has no respect for the people in the least.

This is the critical thing to understand about the modern authoritarian. They no longer respect what used to be the common morality of the West. The ultimate constraint on feudal excess was that universally accepted morality with regards to property, the law and governance. Most people were illiterate, even the rulers, so the letter of the law was not paramount. It was the spirit of the law that mattered. In fact, it was this respect for the spirit of the law on which authority rested.

Today, the people in charge have no respect for the law or the concept of law, so their agents just do as they please. In fact, they take pride in trampling the rights of the people, because it pleases their masters. The goons prosecuting the January 6th protestors, for example, take a sadistic pleasure in the torment they are inflicting on the people caught in their trap. Their intentional cruelty has become a positional good, something that elevates them in the eyes of the oligarchs.

The Declaration of Independence is a remarkable document that is mostly remembered for the opening lines. Even though those lines have been abused by the very tyrants that now rule over us, the document is a remarkable expression of Western thought and Anglo-Saxon morality. After the long bill of indictment against the king, a list familiar today, there is this line. “A Prince whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people.”

The beauty of that line is that it qualifies the moral depravity of the tyrant by juxtaposing it against the nature of a free people. A people who sit idly by as their rulers trample their ancient rights are getting the government they deserve. A free people, in contrast,  must hold their prince to the highest moral standard. It is immoral for them to do otherwise, as it violates that which defines them as free people. Every tyrant issues his own death warrant to the free people he seeks to oppress.

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191 thoughts on “The Nature of Tyrants

  1. I’m curious if anyone knows how the proposed vaccine mandate extends to Native Americans?

    Would a business, casino, hospital, or medical center which is located on tribal land be compelled to vaccinate their Native American staff?

    • The various tribal lands are quasi-sovereign entities and have their own police forces and health services. Although word is the Indian Health Service is on par w/ the VA. Even if a governor issued a mandate, I doubt the Tribal Authority would enforce it.

    • The rez (Indian reservation) is still full-on hardcore masking, temperature checks, distancing, non-smoking, limited crowd size, closed to outsiders, everything.
      They have a little history with paleface diseases.

      But then, there’s Lithuania.

      The link is life under the “Opportunity Pass”. Holy schmidt.
      Holy effing eff.

      • Further down the article on Lithuania, the vaxxed case rate is rising. Government schnooks pronouncing “the virus that is the unvaccinated”.
        Look at the happy faces of those smug…females.
        Let us not forget our crowd psychology:

        This winter, or the next, we heretics will be hanging from trees.

          • I wonder how long it’ll take governments to understand that boosters every six months for a virus that mutates every three or one is a losing proposition. Not to mention all the other collateral damage from idiotic, dictatorial policies.

            As stated in some other message, or maybe the “Spartacus” document, about the last thing a government will ever do is admit it was wrong! We are in for a long slog.

          • The problem is not “boosters” per se, but the suspicion—or caution, that each booster enhances an autoimmune reaction of the subject. I tend to believe this. It is built into the technology of the mRNA technology.

        • 14 countries. They are pulling this kind of crap in 14 European countries. God save our friend Karl Horst.

          I’d agree with the Davos sentiment, but we weren’t the problem. India had 300 million in 1960. Egypt had what, 10? Nigeria, about 5? WE weren’t the goddam problem!

        • Answering RoBG, the Navajo/Hopi tourist towns on I-40 thru Arizona-New Mexico.

          Probably due to the heavy volume of outsider traffic, per what KGB says. I don’t know about the really big rez going up towards the Utah corner, but I’ll start eyeballing the other casino lands.

      • The only thing I know wrt the Indian reservations is that they run ridiculous ad’s wrt to their casino Covid precautions concerning masking and distancing and such—waaay worse than restaurant mandates here in the county. So bad that I looked at wife and said, “Is it me, or does watching this ad make you never want to visit their casino?”

        Of course, the scary part is wife (wisely) responded that most old folk would be attracted to such inane “precautions”. We are doomed.

  2. There’s a huge private property grab underway, intended to gouge the middle class in California. SB9 is designed to “destroy the suburbs” and separate the middle class from their life savings, by removing zoning from towns and municipalities and putting it in state hands. “Affordable housing” is the slogan.

    This is being done in conjunction with building entire blocks of mass housing for peasant workers. Block-long buildings several stories have been going up for years in Los Angeles and parts of the Bay Area for unskilled workers.

    In our area, new mass transit for the unskilled workers has been put in place thanks to endless federal dollars. (Curiously, it’s rarely used except by idealist hipsters who bring their bikes aboard.) Thank goodness the much-touted wet dreamliner high speed rail project hasn’t been able to get off the ground yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this ridiculous thing isn’t revisited while the Progressives are on their upswing.

    Neighborhoods within a certain distance of these new transportation lines are to be affected first, by allowing 4 low-cost units to be built for every single family dwelling. So the first one of these to go up in any neighborhood will destroy property values within blocks. “There goes the neighborhood” for real, fueled by federal dollars and big developers colluding with the state legislature. No way Newsom was going to be recalled. More billionaires are waiting to be minted as a result of this legislation.

    Why is this happening? It started with a bad decision upholding the abuse of eminent domain, in the Supreme Court case Kelso vs Newport, Right afterward, numerous states immediately passed their own legislation, but a similar effort in California failed by just a slim margin, after a long drawn-out public relations and propaganda battle. Here is a case where importing millions of unskilled workers paid off handsomely for the Dems and their donors, as none of the “immigrants” have any interest in property rights. They correctly sense that they benefit by voting for whatever the Dems will do “for them”, their union and their whatever identity group is.

    Meanwhile the Dems scream about “the housing crisis” which is, in reality, there is only an immigration crisis. Robbing the middle class of their savings is the Dem answer to the “housing crisis” they created. Not to mention equity or reparations. At last, the “housing crisis”, the “climate crisis”, the war on oil, natural gas, and individual transportation are starting to come together for the left and their utopian urges.

    This is the point where the wealthy leftist suburbs with cheap slogans on their lawn signs start realizing they too are going into the steamroller. Cheap sentiments aren’t going to cut it any longer. Going to get interesting, and soon.

    • I spent many years trying to wake up and persuade people in San Fran about massive immigration and housing density issues. They thought I was crazy or evil.

      FVck ’em. They deserve it.

      • In the book “Charity’s Blade,” the USA has a break away white republic. The USA hits the whites with biological and neutron bombs but they survive.

        Eventually, the whites from the USA start fleeing to the white republic and have to deal with the anger that they encounter for waking up so slowly and being so stupid.

    • AnotherAnon: As Line said, f&ck them – they deserve it. And all those Calis will pack up and head for Texas and Colorado and Idaho, and immediately begin recreating their leftist homeland. Even the ones who call themselves conservatives – all they mean is they’re repukes; almost none of them are actually nationalist and heaven forfend they subscribe to White identity. I’d like to blockade them and force them to live with their affordable housing neighbors.

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  4. In the card game “Hearts”, there is a gambit known as “shooting the moon”, which essentially means betting the ranch on a risky course of action and knowing that it is all or nothing for you at the end of the play. That is what the Prog Elites are doing with all the crazy and lawlessness they are perpetrating with ever increasing intensity. They’ve pushed all the chips into the pot and are going for broke, no matter the consequences.

    They desperately want to foment Civil War 2.0 because that justifies going full-tilt authoritarian tyranny and then using their Jackboots as hammers & enforcers. They are well prepared for militia-based insurrection, which they view as the most probable response to their power grab. And militia action (whether real or Stasi fabricated) will be met with escalating repression and lethal force. Their ideal scenario pits Patriots against LEOs/NG in a death match intended to kill off as many alphas as possible on both sides.

    What they fear most (and still have no real defense against) is the bolt from the blue, ad infinitum if necessary. Joe Noboby goes to work one day and a few weeks later . . . surprise! No bang or bullet, just something kind of important stops working and the remedy may take months or years to implement. Now multiple by a thousand or a hundred thousand, and coming at you from every direction imaginable. The hive is betting that they can keep this country running without Caucasian males. It’s time to put that delusion to the test.

    • Some discussion of this reminds of the end of the book Diamond Age where (spoilers) after the global elites, who were paranoid about a tech insurgency, were done in by a barbarian mob pouring over their border. Much the same if nothing else: while they’re laser-like focused on a white person using the ‘n’ word a bunch of Haitians will kick down their door and put a flaming tire around their neck so that they can consume their liver.

      • They will die happy knowing that they prevented a nasty deplorable from uttering the “n” . If they have enough time before they are necklaced they will probably sign over the deed to their house to the Haitians and introduce his wife and kids to their new ” family”.

    • I have heard your argument many times over the past 2 years

      The thing is, if they try to instigate a civil war and nobody shows up, they win by default.

      If you fight you might lose and get crushed. If you don’t fight, you better get comfortable with your chains.

      • Many, if not most, of the combatants on both sides of WWI & WWII were alphas that fought valiantly in near equivalent measure and then died in huge numbers thereby forever altering the gene pool of their nations. You don’t beat a modern tyranny by dying valiantly, you beat it by winning.

        During Civil War 1.0, good men died by the tens of thousands in numerous major battles that were ultimately near stalemates. Rather than lose thousands on the firing line in Civil War 2.0, I’m suggesting that a much small number of unknowns thinking outside the box can be more impactful. As an example, should the internet become unreliable (like the power grid in Venezuela), that would really hurt the Cloud People more than the dirt people. They would lose their indoctrination & brainwashing advantage.

    • Agree and amplify. Now I’m not saying that one will never die a blaze of glory, but resistance takes many many forms. Anything involving firearms is probably going to get you killed quickly. But there are man avenues to explore.

      Now might be a good time to read up on Solzhenitsyn and other history of Soviet Russia or similar repressive regimes. What resistance, or just plain inefficiencies, were there? You don’t even need to break anything. Be a cog in the machine. But be a not very effective cog. Yes, perhaps sometimes you want to completely disable a machine. But first, consider a lesson from the Vietnam War (and no doubt, long before).

      In a guerilla war such as was Vietnam, the enemy could kill an American soldier. That is one death. But consider the apparently lesser option. How about if you could just seriously wound that soldier? Punjee pits, booby traps, non-fatal injuries. Now what do you have? You have a seriously wounded grunt, probably unfit to fight for months, perhaps forever. In addition, you have multiplied the damage to the enemy. That wounded solider requires evacuation, transportation, medical treatment, etc. You have — temporarily at least — multiplied the casualties to the enemy, and very likely, by taking a lesser risk than if you had killed him outright.

      Be a caregiver to Big Brother, but perhaps indulge in a little “Munchausen syndrome by proxy.” (Look it up.)

    • “The hive is betting that they can keep this country running without Caucasian males. It’s time to put that delusion to the test.“

      Bingo. Nothing more to be said. But hell, I’ll say it anyway. We are in the same boat—sort of. We have a belief in HBD science. Whether expressed or not, we believe in the “critical fraction”—that proportion of the above average population needed to maintain and expand the technology of a first world country, like the USA.

      Immigrants as we now “accept” a not up to such a task. Every day we have more and more of them, while those who can expand and maintain (basically Whites) diminish. Soon the tipping point is reached and the nation declines into third world status.

  5. Meanwhile, in New York State, approximately 20% of public health workers are terminated as of midnight Monday, for refusing to take an experimental medication that is of unknown safety and demonstrably limited value. Oh, did I mention that (so far as I know) this is illegal on the part of the government — to force an unapproved (an “emergency use” is not truly approved) procedure upon unwilling people?

    This hasn’t ended, and it’s going to end very badly 🙁

  6. Our current system is far worse than feudalism. Serfs were generally taxed about 25% of their harvest. With federal, state, and property taxes, I think everyone on here is probably close to double that. Modern America makes productive people something in between serfs and slaves.

  7. Oh for gosh sakes, people. Your booster subscription comes out of your paycheck with automatic withholding. Your Q-code is generated right away almost all of the time. What are you complaining about? This way everybody is covered. That’s what we all want, share and share alike. No man is an island!

    • Correct. Capitalism at least allowed folks to keep the major part of their earnings. Once than tips to less than half, the productive restrain from earning/exceeding and become less productive—everyone else for that matter—and the system sinks into mediocrity. Which is ok if you are a progressive, because then you’ve reached nirvana—everyone is equally mediocre and all suffering is equal.

  8. Outstanding post, thank you. This post and the atrocities committed by the scumbag agents of the broken, tyrannical state in Australia remind me of an Orwell quote I read the other day.

    “There will be no curiosity, no enjoyment of the process of life. All competing pleasures will be destroyed. But always – do not forget this, Winston – always there will be the intoxication of power, constantly increasing and constantly growing subtler. Always, at every moment, there will be the thrill of victory, the sensation of trampling on an enemy who is helpless.
    If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face- forever.”

    Just remember, it’s for your HEALTH!

  9. I think one lesson we’ve learned is that there’s no such thing as “God given rights”. A people get the rights that they fight for, and wrestle from other men. The United States wasn’t granted independence from England by God, but by the rebellion of the founding fathers and the bravery of the militias and soldiers. Today, with nobody defending those rights, the constitution is just a piece of toilet paper that elites and hostile minority groups wipe their ass with. You can bleat all day long about how the 2nd amendment gives you the right the bear arms; the FBI will take your guns anyways.

    Today late term abortions, homosexual marriage, and masking 2 year olds are also God given rights.

    It can be hard let go of past ideas. I’m sure most here were raised with patriotic ideals and really felt a connection to the old nation and its people. Unfortunately that is dead and it’s time to move forward and stop repeating meaningless mantras while taking no action.

    The system is very easy to scam. Alot of white people get trapped up just because they’re good, rule following Anglo Saxons and follow the right process. We need a total mindset change – breaking the rules *is* the right thing in an anti white system. They aren’t thinking like criminals, they’re thinking like honest people, and trust the process to be fair if they get caught. The real rule #1 is not “don’t do it”, it’s DON’T GET CAUGHT, by any means necessary.

    I’m currently skirting the system rules on vaccination. I have a network of guys and know tons of bars/restaurants that will serve unvaxxed people. If I do get fired, I have a network and I will be earning some kind income within a week – even if it’s not an ideal job (or maybe in cash). Worst case I have good family ties and if I really need a place to stay I’ll have no issue finding a place. It’s quite easy to live normally, you just need to cut all the old mindset out.

    • To clarify: Ontario has a vaccine passport system in place now, where you need to scan a QR code to enter into “non essential” venues. Clubs, bars, restaurants, sports games, etc.

      Making my sportsball boycott easier, and we were basically done with bars anyways as we can’t afford 10$+ per beer. Clubs are filled with 90% Muslim / other dark skinned rapist males.

      I know this is all cope though – I’m now a second class citizen in my own country and restrictions will get worse. but the point is that it’s much easier to mitigate this with the right mindset and connections with like minded people.

      • In exactly a century we’ve gone from (in America) prohibition, where people drank illegal alcohol, to (I presume) speakeasies in Canada selling legal alcohol to illegal patrons 😀

      • For people who already wish to disengage from the malefic societies in which we now dwell, being unpersoned because we’re white and because we refuse to swallow the Kovid bullshit, just makes it easier. The Power Structure may well be creating an implacably hostile ghetto that has the potential to destroy it.

    • B125, I get what you are saying, but the “rights” you speak of *are* “God given”. There can be no qualifying such. Using your logic, there are no “rights” only power to exercise “liberties” defined by men (with such power). And of course, that which is defined by one set of men, can be in turn redefined by another. In short, rule by the most powerful of the times.

      My rights, or rather “liberties” are defined/given by God—or Nature if you are of an atheistic sort. In that, they are not subject to the whim of the more powerful men. That the “freedom” to exercise such liberties may from time to time be suppressed by men, is what you rail against. Nonetheless, my liberties are beyond their power to redefine and I possess them in whole and that is unchangeable—except by a power higher than man.

      This is *not* a distinction without a difference. It is the recognition of the essential quality of liberty and what made the Declaration of Independence the greatest document written by man to date. This is why we honor/respect the Founders—even while we recognize our failure to keep what they gave us.

      • We’re given free will to keep or yield those rights, but they can’t be forfeited, as nature always proves in the end.

        But yes, in the meantime it’s up to men to be jealous of them.

      • Compsci: “God given rights” is a judeochristian lie intended to keep you grillin’ and on the couch watching sportsball. Show me in scripture where there is a right to free speech (there isn’t, in fact, it is the opposite, 1 Timothy 6). I have heard all my life that my “rights” are God-given, but I have never heard any basis in Christian theology for that. That isnt to say there might be an argument, just that the commonly given argument does not conform to actual scripture. Do you have any counter, something to show your position?

        • Not really an argument. You assume a reference o Christian scripture as you know it. There is no word “Christian” in my post. In addition, I maintain that my argument stands *without reference to any Devine being*, hence the word Nature.

          I’ll be happy to describe the liberties and freedoms and responsibilities in general of creatures in Nature. That however is a lengthy posting not needed here for refutation.

      • God given Rights are a postulate. It is a definition we had made as a founding assumption for our society.

        • In general, you have to suppose what rights you would have in the absence of other humans. The right to murder? To steal or destroy another’s property? To impinge on the movement of another? Impossible without a human counterpart . It takes the presence of at least one other person to attach a situational morality, a “right” to those acts.

          On the other hand, the right to freely speak, act, and think? To keep the fruits of your labors? To defend yourself against the caprices of nature? These are all possible, even without the sanction or even existence of other humans, thus they are God-given.

          • I’ve reasoned down the same path, of a man in the woods, and agree with that thinking. It’s man vs the world, no holds bared. One has the right to do whatever. As out in 1700s America woods. This is still true today if one regards humans as just a part of nature, a cattle to be done unto. A feral denizen of Lagos has such god given rights

            The nice rights we enjoy[ed] amongst ourselves are derived by agreement with our fellow humans. A weighted average of power times numbers holding a viewpoint.

          • Disrupter, then you buy into “no rights”. Two wolves and a sheep deciding on dinner. In which case you must bow to the will of the majority as you have no alternative to insisting upon your rights/liberties in Natural or Divine law. In such a case, you are an outlaw when you defy the will of the majority.

            “Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery?”

        • Philosophers and natural scientists have been studying the laws of nature for millennia. God created nature (and destroyed cities fwiw). It follows that natural law would be God-given, the assumption being that there is an almighty Creator, I suppose.

  10. The Declaration was written by and for Anglos. America is majority non-Anglo. You change the people, you change the character of a nation. That is why all of the various ethnic groups who were not Anglos set up their own little fiefdoms in the US and their own little rackets long before various vibrants started showing up.

    • The Declaration is for all. However, not all races are able to appreciate the concept of God given Liberty. They may sometime in their evolutionary growth, but that is not today.

    • “The Declaration was written by and for Anglos.”
      So was the Constitution which is why there in no longer law or justice.

    • In 1790 the settler pop. of the US was 80% British (the rest mostly Dutch and German) and highly literate. The subsequent 19thC immigrant flood was not: through no fault of their own. So how did assimilation play into the puzzle? Obviously not ancestry/religion/customs/language as John Jay asserted in Federalist #2. All that’s left is Principles of Government and Rule of Law.

    • However, other whites–Italians, for instance–also made it a point to assimilate into that Anglo world. And they could do so because they’re white. They shared a great deal of genetic material, as well as culture and history with Anglos, so there was an innate attraction. This is hardly the case with PoC, and especially negroes, for whom there is intrinsic repulsion to white norms. An all-white nation comprised of various ethnicities who have chosen to live together under the same political umbrella can succeed. But once too many PoC are added to the mix, collapse is inevitable. Needless to say, AINO has far too many PoC and will not survive much longer.

  11. On the related note of tyranny. I received a panicky note from a buddy in South Africa. They are passing a new hate speech law. It is atrocious. Watch SA closely. That is our future. The white in SA are truly the tip of the spear. PS i’m going to amren this year if possible. Hoping to see some of to guys there.

    Portion of email:
    JUST MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD. YOU HAVE A VOICE TOO! USE IT! Submissions to the South African Parliament can be sent to: Anyone can send them an email. For those who can, I suggest you even print a copy of your writings and post it to the South African Embassy in the USA, or one closest to you: South African Embassy, 3051 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20008 HATE SPEECH BILL: SUMMARY OF THE MOST CRITICAL POINTS:-
    1. The Bill violates the South African constitution – Many Attorneys and even Legal Professors have made this point clear.
    2. The Freedom of Religion Foundation, the Institute for Race Relations, Afriforum and even the Helen Suzman Foundation are all against this Bill. In addition many more civil rights organisations are also against this bill
    3. Many journalists and attorneys have pointed out that this Bill will take petty insults and turn them into jailable crimes, where a first time offender could do 3 years jail time.
    4. The Bill will impact the Freedom of Religion, including Christianity. Certain things in the Bible, if promoted, will be regarded as Hate Speech. There are MANY possible examples, but one will suffice. Suppose you say that Gays will fail to make it into Heaven. That could be hate speech.
    5. It DISCRIMINATES BY RACE AGAINST WHITES! The Hate Speech Bill is RIGGED to punish a person by RACE, or to let a person off the hook BY RACE. e.g. As written into the proposed law the Court is instructed to take into account the RACIAL STATUS of the charged person by looking at the RACIAL HISTORY OF SUPERIORITY OR INFERIORITY OF THE PERSON. In other words, the Law will come down like a sledgehammer on WHITES while letting Blacks off the hook.
    6. THEREFORE a White can be charged with a crime (e.g. Racial Insult: K-Word) and a Black man can be charged with a crime (e.g. Racial Insult: Dirty Boer, etc), yet only the White man will be JAILED and the Black man will be left unpunished. Thus, different outcomes for the same “crime” based on RACE.
    7. At the very least, in a sane world, the Racial/Cultural background aspect of this Bill should be totally removed.
    8. The Bill FAVOURS sexual deviants and lays the ground for sexual deviancy to be the norm, or even to have a protected status compared to normal heterosexuals. >
    9. There is a serious problem between what is written on paper in the law versus the actual execution of it by the courts where “discretion” is determined by the court staff. Currently Whites only represent ~6% of the South African population. The Clerks of the Court are almost exclusively Black communists. The court processes themselves will work against Whites. So a Black person wanting to charge a White with Hate Speech will find the Clerks of the Court keen to assist. But if a White person wants to charge a Black person, you may find the court blocking your attempts.
    10. The Victim Impact Statement is a bizarre aspect of this Bill which is based on subjective claims that are unprovable, yet these will have a MASSIVE IMPACT on the actual punishment that is given out. So if the victim claims to have been massively harmed, mentally, then your jail time will be increased accordingly.
    11. Like the Equality Act which already exists and has been abused, Whites will be the overwhelming majority of people charged with Hate Crimes.
    12. While the Equality Act has already been abused, this Bill is open to much wider and much more far ranging abuse. It will open the floodgates and will fill the courts which are already overloaded.
    13. Like all Laws forbidding things, once it exists, the Government can, > > and will expand on it any time in the future.
    14. Certainly, this will be the end of what little is left of Free and Truthful Speech > > in South Africa.
    15. This Bill is nothing more than CENSORSHIP BY TERROR or CENSORSHIP By INTIMIDATION. Source: Video: > >

    Hang Loose

    • My sympathy for White SA’s, but we have our own problems here, don’t we? Besides, does anyone think the SA government gives a hoot what anyone thinks about their unconstitutional repression and abuse of Whites in their country?

      They are a nation that has allowed a majority of 70 IQ Blacks power. The (non-White) geniuses in their country are those who might have 100 IQ’s. Their Black universities are a joke.

      They can not maintain the White infrastructure they were bequeath. Responsibility for decay and corruption are deflected by their “leadership” upon Whites. Their President daily speaks to the world of the crime of slavery and the effect it had on SA and demands reparations from the world—while looting every aspect of wealth left in a country that once touted the highest per capita income, performed the first heart transplant, and manufactured their own atomic weapon!

      They serve as a good example of a bad example. What they need to do is storm the border of the US as do the Haitians. Hell, they might even get away with it.

      • Well, we will see what the SA whites do. The whites of the west need to support each other. If the SA whites go to war, total balls-to-wall war, will the USA lend support to the ANC? I think that war will very likely come to SA. It could be a pivot point in history. Don’t count the SA whites out. Finally, and this is not necessarily directed to you Comp, but I have grown sick of those that council keeping ones head down. If ever there was a time to stand and be counted it is now. Of course one must be judicious, but cowering in a defensive crouch will not win the day.

        • I don’t count the SA’s out. If they reach the US, I have a bedroom and bath available to house a family. God bless them in their endeavors. But they rail against the odds. Given our (Whites) current numbers, I welcome a consolidation—which is exactly why TPTB will go to extremes to prevent such.

      • Well, in the US House I’ve seen mention of a bill, HR666 (nice number), that is hugely anti-white.

        Haven’t had a chance to dig into it yet.

    • I wish South Africa well. Similar abridgement of freedoms (e.g. of speech) has already occurred in many countries we normally think of as “free” (e.g. Europe, etc.). New proposals are always being made, that often skirt even de-jure freedoms, such as campus “hate speech” rules. I’m reading Ron Unz’s articles, and regarding revisionism/holocaust denial, to do is a crime punishable by years in prison in many nations, certainly Germany and (news to me) even Canada. It’s happened to (usually) authors who dared to question established “history” (dogma would be a better term.) These laws go back years — decades. In the USA there is the Bill of Rights, but it won’t protect you from having losing your career, any chance of having anything ever published in the major media again, etc. for failing to support the home team.

      No, I wasn’t talking about Nazi Germany, China, or the Soviet Union. Those laws are on the books in many “free” (?) countries, and they’re enforced.

      Point I’m making is the Thought Police are real and they’ve been lurking in the background for a very long time.

      It seems to be getting worse.

      There was an old joke during Red China’s (Mao’s) “Cultural Revolution”: “Let a thousand flowers bloom…and take their names!” 🙂

  12. Nothing to add. Great post. A free people are an independent people. People with healthy small businesses or have 10 jobs lined up if they get fired or quit. People who stay out of debt. People who don’t need government. Right now that would be 20%? maybe less? 10%?

  13. Read this and ‘demographics is destiny’ came immediately to mind.

    As for the silicon valley nerds, not only do they oppose private property, they’re stalkers, prying into your thoughts and behavior, turning you into a commodity.

    It probably doesn’t need to be pointed out that perverts are in control and they think the public is their gimp. So far, they aren’t wrong.

  14. “A free people, in contrast, must hold their prince to the highest moral standard. It is immoral for them to do otherwise, as it violates that which defines them as free people.” Lost that fight when Bill Clinton beat the rap. You boomers bought into “If it feels good, do it” You bought it, you own it.

    • One thing that always puzzled me about that was why The System was so married to Clinton. Even at the time I thought the right play would have been to force Clinton to resign and then Al Gore could slide in for the easy presidential win. Instead they forced Al Gore to run as the third term of President Perv Leftism. It was like a miniature version the scheme they pulled with Trumpism where they traded very short term gains for long term failure. I guess they win no matter what so I suppose it doesn’t matter (until it does).

  15. If y’all can find it, I suggest checking out a summary of JGA Pocock’s The Machiavellian Moment. The wiki article is tendentious trash (Pocock having become something of a badthinker later in life) but the Princeton U Press reissue summary says this:

    Pocock shows that Machiavelli’s prime emphasis was on the moment in which the republic confronts the problem of its own instability in time, which Pocock calls the “Machiavellian moment.”

    He’s not an easy read (I myself have never plowed all the way through TMM), but one of the reasons eggheads used to argue that The Prince was a satire is that the titular Prince is entirely external to his state — there’s nothing in there at all about how a prince should rule justly, or what the state might be for — it’s all about raw power. But whether or not Machiavelli was joking (he wasn’t), it’s obvious that we’re at a different kind of “Machiavellian moment” right now, since our overlords are behaving exactly as “the Prince” behaved — it’s a fake and gay version of The Prince, as befits Clown World, but it’s the same kind of thing, power for power’s sake.

    In fact, it’s fun to read The Prince and study just how many ways our overlords are screwing up Machiavelli’s sage advice, and what Ol’ Nick says about people who do that…

        • No, it’s a WordPress thing. RC is a subsidiary blog of a much bigger and better blog, Somehow the whatszit got crossed with the gizmo and RC isn’t working anymore, because WordPress sucks. There’s an emergency backup blog ( until the Blogfather gets it restored, but as he has better things to do than un-fuck my hobby, it might be a while.

          [Z Man, I’m not trying to self-promote; I apologize for putting this in your comments, but I can’t reply to a direct question any other way].

          • Hey Sev,
            A couple of weeks ago I was in the Lake District with friends. I checked my work emails where we were staying, and after doing so I tried to look at RC. The internet portal (sky in this instance) blocked the site, and after a bit of persistence from me (had to go through a couple of screens) – it gave me a total block for RC stating it was: ‘Category 1 hate/violence/racism’. So RCs certainly been pinged in the system somewhere.

          • Heh. What isn’t these days? I imagine this site has the same problems. They’ll come for everything to the right of Mother Jones before too long… and then for Mother Jones too, of course.

            (I wonder what exactly got pinged. I’ve noticed a vast uptick in censorship lately, but only among places e.g. Vox Day where they are openly skeptical of the injection that dare not speak its name).

    • Re Damian’s comment about being blocked. I’m assuming he’s in the UK. Still, it’s scary that internet content is being blocked. By whom? In the USA, I’ve never heard of this censorship except by a “private” entity, such as a commercial wi-fi network, or a school’s on-campus network. I would even allow that content moderation is fair on a privately owned platform, such as social media. To me, it becomes iffy on independent content platforms like Patreon or Medium or, perhaps, Reddit.

      Is Sky your ISP? If so, to me that is a very bad sign, little different from officially sanctioned censorship. In the USA that would likely be illegal.

  16. I really think the moralizing of the media distracts from what feudalism was. Certainly, we as the peasants have way more as a result of the industrial revolution’s excesses (no denying the quality of life), but think of how much less a peasant worked; all those religious holidays. And think of how they owned your labor, but your soul was free (and, realistically, upward mobility in many places was quite viable at times). Our overlords already own our labor, and now they want our souls.
    To illustrate the comical farce that is the inversion of feudalism we now experience, the oft revered Henry II clarified and enforced a series of land reforms that allowed landholders (sub-tenants) to protest abuses by their landlords. In the interest of preserving judicial rights, he instituted what we would think of as a grand jury. My how times have changed.

    • So then, we’re coming to the period *before* Henry ll.
      As a followup, what led good King Henry to these reforms?

  17. I’m no expert on the Founding Fathers, but it does seem like they were often mentioning that it was up to the people to maintain the limited government that they had created.

    In essence, they would have no patience for CivNats who seem to believe that the Constitution – words on a piece of paper – will save them, that because Americans have the unalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, those rights will magically be protected against those who would like to enslave us.

    As always, Franklin said it best: “A Republic, if you can keep it.”

    Of course, there’s also Jefferson’s belief that the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time by the blood of patriots and tyrants. You’ll notice that Jefferson didn’t just say the blood of “tyrants” but “patriots and tyrants.”

    Basically, if you’re not willing to fight back and possibly lose everything, including your life, the tyrants will take over. Jefferson may not have fought in the Revolutionary War, but he was most definitely putting his lands and probably his life on the line if they lost.

    Granted, that was a different time. We’re in a different situation. Openly fighting back now is like running straight into a machine gun nest by yourself. It’s suicide. But we can push back in other ways and slowly build.

      • Start to (quietly) build separate communities. That’s the best plan now. As the system starts to show more and more cracks, expand into those cracks.

        • I find it hard to meet people with similar views on race. There’s lots of white people at church with otherwise solid worldviews. But inevitably they ruin it by saying “boy, great to see this new Haitian family at our church! They’re bible believing christian just like us bla bla bla”.

          Or antivax people who talk about “freedom” and then boast how minorities have the lowest vaccination rates so we should protect their rights.

          Of course I gently try and redpill them but it’s unfortunately a losing battle. Our conflict is not only ideological or religious in nature, but also racial. And most white people seem incapable of understanding this.

          • B125: You’re right; it’s ubiquitous. Even at purportedly dissident right sites, I always see comments lamenting the condition of the black family, or the incarceration rate for black men, or fatherlessness of black children. And everyone goes bonkers about Mohammedan FGM.

            I push back by saying blacks aren’t my people and their children aren’t my concern. I don’t care what economic factors they’re facing; I’m concerned about White families. And I’ve been commenting for YEARS now that FGM is a Mohammedan custom, and if they do it to their own women in their own lands, it’s absolutely none of my concern. I ask why they’re worried about Mohammedan women having orgasms, particularly when those same women ensure the procedure is done to their own daughters.

            It is possible to pushback, albeit gently and carefully, with genuine Christians. There are plenty of Bible verses talking about not mixing with alien people and customs. Same with anti-vaxxers or anyone who hasn’t swallowed the narrative whole. Particularly if you can say it without hostility (more difficult for me) – simply assert that every race has its problems, and you are primarily concerned with your own people, just as everyone should care for his own house first, before looking to police everyone else. That’s the legitimate dissident – and Christian – imperative.

          • 3g4me and b125: 1 Timothy 5:8 “But if anyone does not provide for his own, and especially for those of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.”

          • Similar views…It is inconceivable to me that one is friendly to the establishment of 70 IQ people in a 100 IQ 1st world country.

            Tell me again, what are their “similar” views? Obviously, there are no “similar” views wrt HBD science and the abilities/contributions of a low IQ people within a 1st world technological society.

            Yep, I know this is a broken record, but I consider it a first principle—an anchor to science and therefore a motivation to action outside of simple prejudice. It is a moral imperative.

    • identify those responsible, media, bureaucrats, enforcers, enablers such as Banking personnel aiding theft, educators indoctrinating childern legal system hacks, degenerates, medical personnel involved in mutilation religious hacks pandering to sodomites, Their families friends loved ones this is fair because they will and are working like verminous termites undermining western civilization you and yours must be eliminated Keep it local local local.

    • “In essence, they would have no patience for CivNats who seem to believe that the Constitution – words on a piece of paper – will save them . . .”

      Exactly. The Founders didn’t have this weird Constitution fetish that the NormieCons promote now. Obviously, the Constitution didn’t even exist until several years after the war had ended. So, it’s not like they pledged “Our Lives, Our Fortunes, And Our Sacred Honor” for muh Constitutional principles. And the Constitution was by no means universally popular among those who had fought for independence.

      The Constitution was supposed to set up the ground rules for organizing a federal government. That certainly important, but it’s not like the Constitution was the Word of God.

      The Constitution was a means to an ends that has been taken to be something revered as some sort of icon.

    • Tyranny wouldn’t that bad if the right people were in charge. Imagine if we had the same leadership but who did not openly despise us. I’ll take King George over globohomo, even with “freedom” any day of the week.

      The assault on property has been going on for a LONG time. When FDR banned gold, the state mandated buy price was $20, then it was raised to $35 after it became illegal to hold. That was a large confiscation. Then there was the 90% top income tax rate (though, to be fair, I support that) and real-estate tax. Then there’s all the inflation which goes all the way back to the revolutionary war.

      • Tars: Rather than tyranny, call it authoritarianism. I absolutely favor an authoritarian right government, which will forcibly wean people off of pozz and social media as deleterious to their health and the common good.

        You are correct re the assault on private property – that goes way back, and FDR was the most blatant abuser. I hate how he’s lionized along with Lincoln. I was discussing gold with my husband the other night and asked about what happened to all the gold coins FDR confiscated. They were essentially melted down. Even though so very many American gold coins were minted earlier, they are at a premium because so few are left – periodically some show up from European holders. Price is not about the melt value but the rarity of the coin – either a sign we’re still far from collapse or (more likely) a sign of the general economic blinders of coin dealers.

        • It is not at all a surprise that the left lionizes FDR and the “right,” Lincoln. They are two worst presidents and by a very large margin. Maybe Wilson is up there with them.

          I suppose you are probably right about the difference between authoritarian and tyrannical.

        • Speaking as a sometime coin collector: I’m not sure if anyone knows how much American gold was “turned in.” In one sense, however, the question is irrelevant. A more valid question, in keeping with the supply and demand argument: How great a premium (over gold value) will people pay for older U.S. Gold? Except for the truly rare coins and/or ones in very best condition, the answer is “not very much.” Yes, they sell for more than “bullion” (modern investment coins, like current U.S. mint issue, Canada Maple Leaf, etc.) but not a huge amount.

          The premiums were actually higher when USA ownership of gold was “illegal” (excepting collectible coins, jewelry, etc.).

          One lesson of the 1934 (?) gold confiscation: If you are ever in such a position, comply but slowly. Anyone who did was able to sell their formerly $20 gold for about $35, a nice profit, especially in the bottom of the Depression.

          Another history lesson: back then people trusted the government a lot more. Today, well….

          • IIRC only like 10% of the know gold in circulation was ever turned in. Basically banks and a few other institutions did so but no individuals.

  18. Western governments coming up with shitty & ridiculous motives to infringe on its people’s rights is pretty much the norm right now. Their reasons are always related to safety, always, like the internet joke with the cop strangling some woman to protect her from covid.

    Their stupid plan is obvious, some rich oligarchs tied/related with the tribe are trying to reconfigure western world into a slave society that’s more technologically advanced than those of ancient times, it’s not as if they didn’t tell us that we won’t own anything.

    I give it 3-4 years before they start telling us to get chipped so that the authorities can properly identify us, just in case we lose our ids or our vaxx cards, wouldn’t that be easier for everyone involved cause God forbid imagine what would happen if western bureaucracy can’t determine if you’re obedient or not? They’re always looking out for us & our convenience.

  19. “Today, the people in charge have no respect for the law or the concept of law, so their agents just do as they please.”
    For now, maybe. The problem with that is that if you throw the law out… it is only a matter of time before I do too. The reality in North America is that everyone – from the dirt person right on up to Creepy Joe himself – is just one caress of the trigger away from his final reward. Those idiots don’t understand those laws are for their own protection as well.

    • You don’t have state-sanctioned armed thugs, though. The Ruling Class does and can impose a two tier system of rough justice as a result. Eventually they will be unable but until that day arrives everyone needs to be a realist.

      • The system is based on voluntary compliance. The armed thugs of the state are BADLY outgunned. Hell, BLM can shut down our major cities and force the cops to run away. What do you think a few thousand men with determination and firearms can do?
        Granted, this would take men with courage, determination and an understanding of who the enemy is and we are sorely lacking such men in numbers. If BLM were not a racket full of clowns, they would be extremely dangerous.

        • You’re comparing the government’s “response” to its own pet golem with the response they would have to their actual enemies. BLM might be met with wiffle bats and polite requests to stop looting, but WLM would be met with drone strikes at their kids’ birthday parties.

  20. One of the biggest red-pills of my life was seeing an fully armored police vehicle from a small suburban town with the inscription on it: “This vehicle paid for by civil asset forfeiture”.

    The plebs are supposed to assume this was drug money, but now it’s clear that the the local cops are shaking people down.

    • Wait wait wait! Are you trying to tell me that the SAME local governments that LIED about the elections, LIED about covid, LIED about “refugees”, are also not telling the truth about the origin of its funds?

    • The highway patrol started because bandits would waylay people on remote highways and empty their wallets. Now the highway paytroll waylays you on the highways and empties your wallet. But hey, they use procedural due process, so its totally different!

  21. This is, ultimately, the central issue. If you conclude that we live under a tyranny, then all manner of things follow. It is these things that rightly terrify everyone and, to my thinking, reveal the shallowness of critics who mock the 2A community for their inaction.

    It’s one reason I have sympathy for the poor souls who think we might vote our way out of all this. There will be an audit or a vote or a primary run that will put things to right, see? It’s a cope, of course, but in their defense, it is a cope against some very bad stuff.

    • Indeed. I’ve used the word ‘tyranny’ many a time for most western governments. After usage, I then think about what goes in such a world. What must go.

      The realization that we may lose sons and daughters, be beaten savagely by police (protect and serve, lads), have assets pinched for no good reason, and suffer torture are probably too much for most. But may as well face it now. It’s time to start ditching duff friendships, seeking like-minded, ostracizing evil (and calling it out, in certain contexts) and acting like a unit that wants to prosper in whatever thing comes next.

      Those are just the more tepid steps. We all know what happens when bullies get too much. It is natural. It is terrifying.

    • The second amendment is more or less an empty letter now. If the feds don’t like you and you own a weapon, they will find some byzantine gun law to bring you down with.

      And if you defend yourself against federal pets, expect the Rittenhouse treatment.

      • It’s an empty letter, yes, but Kyle Rittenhouse is still alive and two of his assailants are dead (with the 3rd hopefully crippled).

        • Mow Noname: They are still going ahead with legal maneuvering designed to ensure Kyle Rittenhouse spends the rest of his life in jail. Any White who uses deadly force to protect himself against any non-White or antifa has sentenced himself to decades of lawfare and tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees.

          • If you find yourself in a such a bad situation, then, make the best of it.

            There’s an old English proverb: “You may as well hang for a sheep as a lamb.”

      • We are literally at the point where it is impossible to avoid violating federal law. A groups of libertarian lawyers tried to quantify the federal criminal code with the goal of listing the things that are now prohibited. They quit on the project before they could finish as they were up to something like 4,000 things that are technically illegal. That is just the federal code. When you get into state laws pretty much everything is illegal.

        This is, in part, why the FBI and DOJ put all of their resources into framing people. Since everyone is guilty, the only remaining questions are a) which statute will be used to charge them, b) how hard will it be to create the evidence and c) how likely are they to confess? The goal of the Feds is to create a trap that is impossible for the victim to escape. That way, they take a deal.

        • It seems the only valid defenses once they have you in their sights are:

          1. Make it so time-consuming and cost prohibitive they give up.

          2. Turn it into a circus that threatens to embarrass them.

          3. If she says she’s 21, she’s actually 16. Don’t take the bait.

          Of course, the first line of defense is the cloud of war, so don’t be a moron and bring unnecessary attention to yourself.

        • That example is why our legal system has to go (along with most other BIG institutions) and rebuilt from common sense scratch. The technical minutiae is absurd and insane – just added incrementally to existing law over the decades until it’s become a tremendous blob that no normal person (and probably most legal beagles) could possibly understand or navigate.

      • Didn’t the House just pass a federal red flag law, with nearly all of the Uniparty voting in favor?

    • I don’t understand your 2A argument: you live under tyranny, so obviously the 2A didn’t work as advertised.

      My problem with 2A is not the guns as such: hunting, home defense etc., I’m entirely on board with that, and if I lived in America I probably wouldn’t go to the supermarket without a 40mm Bofors cannon hitched to my hummer.

      My problem is the guns in the heads of people, the notion of guns as a political solution. It displaces and dissipates political energy that could’ve been much better used elsewhere. Couping a school board, for instance, wouldn’t be all that hard: get together a handful of co-conspirators, spend a few hours a week campaigning, and within a year you’d be ready to fight the trannies, the commies and the pedos on their most important battleground: your children’s minds.

      • (smirk) One anti-personnel alternative to hitch to your vehicle would be a quad .50-calibre trailer. It would have a greater traverse than a topside-mounted M60 or MAG.

      • The 2nd amendment obviously did not prevent us from reaching this point.

        But it we’ll have prevented us from a worse point by now. Just look at the video out of Australia for how much worse it can get.

        • I doubt there’s any cause-and-effect involved. Many countries with much stricter gun laws have much less draconian Covid measures.

          If the last two years have taught our lords anything, it’s that those guns are going to stay holstered no matter what they do.

          • The cops here do fear for their lives. That’s not just hyper bull. That’s why they’ll send a heavily armed squad to execute a search warrant instead of a detective or two. And that level of investment is a limiting factor.

          • But cops don’t make the rules. People with armed bodyguards do.

            And if cops fear for their lives, there are plenty of Haitians ready to do their job for half the pay and a chance to carry the Haitian revolution to America.

          • The guns will stay holstered until they don’t. While it is true that there hasn’t been any violent response to the long list of oppressive acts that our rulers have perpetrated thus far, it does not necessarily follow that there never will be. All that can be extrapolated from that fact is that societal discontent hasn’t yet hit the critical mass necessary to explode into armed revolution. No state of affairs lasts forever, and such a thing most definitely is possible even here in the modern United States.

            Make no mistake, it is a big problem for the tyrant class in America that there are millions of armed people out there with the potential to challenge and kill them. Most of the energy that the alphabet agencies expend is disrupting domestic organization that is opposed to their power. They take that potential very, very seriously. And they should.

          • societal discontent hasn’t yet hit the critical mass necessary to explode into armed revolution.

            If you reach that point where people are ready to kill congressmen and police officers in their homes, guns won’t matter all that much.

            And again: it’s not the guns as such, it’s all the energy (mis)spent on them.

          • It’s not so much that the guns will stay holstered no matter what, as much as it is that TPTB are fighting a cold cultural war instead of a hot civil war precisely because they know they would be easily out-gunned. That’s why the feds took Nick Fuente’s money instead of sending jackboots through his door at 2 AM on a random Thursday. They’ve hamstrung him but effectively prevented him from playing the martyr card since he’s alive, healthy and can talk to his followers. This is a pretty neat trick, if you think about it, because what can you do in retaliation? Killing an elected official won’t get his money returned, yelling at a bank teller will just lead to corporate stonewalling, and suing the FBI will simply lead to being bankruptcy. The 1st and 2nd amendments have effectively been neutered; it doesn’t matter what you say or how many guns you have, that money isn’t getting returned.

          • Predicting the future is hard. There are many first steps to violence. Really, we’ve not reached that yet. Indeed, that may never be reached *prior* to establishment of tyranny. The ethos of a people, the heritage American people, is political solution before violence. Hell, shooting was going on before the (official) Revolution and Congress was still sending petitions to the King.

            I consider firearms a worthwhile holdout. But if you don’t, then explain why there is such a push to control, outlaw, and confiscate such if TPTB “know” the populous with never use them? Perhaps they are not as confident as you in their uselessness.

      • That is exactly what happened in the county where I live, County government and a local school board are majority conservative after the 2020 election. The progressives are mad and fighting and I will be surprised if the conservatives are able to serve their full terms. Recall petition going for the county comissioner and the school is getting a lot of protests because the school board banned BLM and gay flags in classrooms.

          • Felix: Agree, but too little too late. And people who think they have any say in ‘their public schools’ are fools. Homeschool or die.

          • If you’re on the board, you decide how the school is run.

            I understand the temptation to home school, but it’s a very defensive strategy and it’s playing into the divide-and-rule gambit, same as homesteading.

            And apart from the personal considerations, the public school system is a strategic asset that has been in Commie hands for far too long.

        • And this is precisely why armed conflict is inevitable. Even when they left loses fair and square, they don’t lose. No, they will do everything in their power to stop you – both legally and illegally.
          If they succeed in getting these people recalled, it will show that no, you don’t get to change anything. You’ll do what you’re told and that’s it. One of the things Dr. Gorka stated that they wanted to do through the DOJ – but were blocked by everyone – was to go after the money on the left using RICO statues and completely defund them.
          Cut off their life line and most of this will stop.

      • “My problem is the guns in the heads of people, the notion of guns as a political solution. It displaces and dissipates political energy that could’ve been much better used elsewhere.”

        The 2A crowd keeps doubling down on the last war… waiting for death squads to knock on their door at 4am. They’ll bust some caps, grab a go-bag and be in the wilderness before the bad guy backup arrives, is the plan.

        They don’t realize, the Elites have spent decades building a system of tyranny that doesn’t need a goon squad specifically because knocking on the door is no longer an option for them.

        Now you need a passport to leave your home… but sure, you can stay home and be safe behind your guns. Until the property taxes come due or your wife gets unhaaapy or the neighborhood chimps start hooting. No Stasi agent in black leather required.

          • Heavily armed Yanks:
            “Australians gave up their guns”

            Also heavily armed Yanks:

            A profitable biowarfare attack
            A stolen election
            National house arrest
            Surrender to the Taliban

      • I was thinking of you when I wrote that. I would first point out that other countries in the Anglosphere that have significant firearms restrictions do not seem to have channeled that political energy in to better uses. England and Australia do not seem to have fought off globohomo, and they have certainly never been under the belief that they’d grab their AR and fight homegrown tyranny alongside all the other True Patriots.

        Second, I think the disease is not a lazy reliance on firearms as the solution. I think it’s a lazy reliance on the Constitution as a solution. There is nobody saying, “Let’s go shoot our way out of this.” There are very many saying, “Let’s go vote our way out of this.”

        Ultimately, firearms are merely necessary and not sufficient. But anyone thinking they are not necessary is simply wrong.

        • Right, and even aside from the idea that firearm ownership is a necessary component of resisting government tyranny (which I agree with), they’re also vital to have as personal protection from things other civilians might do to you. Violent crime is quite real and the ability to defend one’s self from it with lethal force if necessary is, in my view, a mandatory requirement for self determination.

          I can’t even imagine someone thinking that they have any real personal security whatsoever in America without owning weapons and being proficient in their use. Otherwise you’re simply relying on the goodwill and ability of others to provide security to you, and that’s very foolish indeed.

        • I would first point out that other countries in the Anglosphere that have significant firearms restrictions do not seem to have channeled that political energy in to better uses.


          And the Corona restrictions didn’t disappear in Scandinavia because people objected to them. The Nordics are virtually the only countries in Europe where you haven’t seen substantial lockdown protests; the few protests we’ve had in Copenhagen have been Antifa productions.

          There are very many saying, “Let’s go vote our way out of this.”

          You can’t vote yourself a quick and easy salvation by voting for a new Moustache Man, but you could start winning back lost territory by engaging politically on a local level.

          That doesn’t stop you from taking sensible precautions, but the energy is skewed: it’s 90% about the Zombie Apocalypse and 10% about how to get /ourguys/ into political office, so we can give jobs and monies to our friends.

          It should be the other way around.

          • The US is not Scandinavia and almost no one here, Right or Left believes that significant reform will come from any electoral efforts.

            That 10% our guys is being acted on though, just locally and at the State level .

            I’m considered an extreme optimist by thinking that a precinct strategy has a 20% of a fix if the GOP establishment can be changed.

            Also it might do well to understand that the US has zero homogeneity politically or ethnically and is in fact held together only by inertia.

            I’d argue a lot of people want a civil war as it would allow a resolution, them or us.

            There are just not enough people with ambition to rule or an alternate system of governing to make it happen. Yet

          • Yet.

            Even if America doesn’t have the ethnic homogeneity of European countries, white Americans will still be the largest ethnic group this century out.

            And European countries aren’t internally homogenous either. In many ways they’re more culturally fractured than the United States.

            2016 (and 2020) showed that the popular support and white tribal consciousness is there, it just need to be channeled more productively. The Commies won The Long March Through the Institutions because they were organized, diligent and disciplined, maybe we could try the same?

            Too many people are willing to fight a civil war for, ostensibly, their family – too few are willing to spend ten hours a week getting elected to the school board to avoid it.

          • Do you know what revolutionary symbol is sometimes bandied about by the Left and Right alike ?

            The wood chipper.

            That should tell you all you need to know.

            There isn’t some reason to save the school district or whatever so that we have either need commissars or must spend endless hours preventing subversion.

            It just won’t work for a generation or two or three that just wants to be left alone.

            As such a lot of people are like “We don’t need institutions, we can do this ourselves for less money and less work”

            Many people feel the US isn’t configured to operate at as a highly ordered system and if there is a war after the population crash and with the likely continuous population decline (fertility won’t be going up any time soon) no reason to try.

            Small state, highly local is the way to go. And note this includes the Hippie left and the Militia Right

  22. During the Cold War this was a critical measure used to justify foreign policy. The American government claimed it was within its rights to overthrow South American governments that got too chummy with the Soviets because they would endanger the rights of their people. On the other hand, they would back anti-communist dictators because they were better than communists.

    I well remember this factor. The rational counterpoint was that “x” may be a son of a bitch, but he’s our son of a bitch was very weakly embraced. A bit of an embarrassment actually. What you never heard anyone say was that we need to support this guy because it’s good for America and the American people.

    Which is evidence that the American elites embraced the propositional nation nonsense a long time ago. Both sides saw the American government as some proselytizing force for global good, not as steward for the benefit of America and Americans.

    • ” What you never heard anyone say was that we need to support this guy because it’s good for America and the American people.”
      Actually, regardless of how it is sold to the rubes, policy is always based on what is good for big business and finance.

      • That’s the Marxist take – that big bidness dominates the capitalist entity.

        The reality is that since the civil war big business has been a feature of big government. The two go hand in hand. An ever closer symbiosis as demonstrated by huge tech today.

        • No it s not a “Marxist take”.
          Money has been a major influence on
          policy since ancient times and is getting worse all the time.
          Granted that big government and business are joined at the hip and enable each other.

  23. Scorecard on Bill of Rights:
    1. Freedom of speech and assembly etc – see Jan 6 and Youtube – hahahahaha
    2. Right to Bear Arms – most States have repealed it de facto if not de jure
    3. Quartering of troops in your house – they have Alexa in your house!!
    4. Don’t even ………..
    5. Takings clause – done! Double jeopardy for cops and Kyle Rittenhouse..
    6. Speedy trial – see Jan 6
    7. Trial by jury of 12 people who hate whites…
    8. Excessive bail or fines ……….see Tom Barack or Jan 6
    9. Enumerated rights……….lol..they do what they want
    10. Federal gov’t takes over everything including local elections….

    did I forget anything?

      • I used to laugh at the idea of repeal. Oh, the temerity! The effrontery! The ABSURDITY! I’m not laughing anymore…

    • “2. Right to Bear Arms – most States have repealed it de facto if not de jure”

      Not to nitpick, but blatantly untrue. You must live on the West coast or the Northeast.

        • Here in Lagos that happens too, except it is a local robbing you as you exist the Department of Motor Vehicles.

      • Yeah, I was trying to be brief. And yes I’m in the northeast. But I think it’s fair to say that 50pct (by population, not state-by-state) of Americans have had their 2A rights abridged by state and local laws.

    • Captain Willard: Slight emendation for #3 – The people have joyfully invited Alexa into their house because they’re so soft and lazy (just like all the c**ts who can’t be bothered to push a grocery cart back into an enclosure, and leave it blocking other vehicles). I’m more pissed about the irremovable ‘safety’ electronic surveillance measures in my car. And I’m still trying to figure out how to disable that godawful Amber Alert on my phone.

      • Irremovable? Its called linesman’s pliers. Snip snip.
        And dont disable the amber alert, it is how you’ll know the round-up raids have started.

        • Good ol’ Rebel: From what I’ve read, it’s impossible to disable much of an auto’s black box data without destroying the car. If I have been misinformed, I will be thrilled – and when/if I get the slightly older, rugged 4wd SUV I want in a year or so (with prices soaring and available 2014-2018 vehicle numbers shrinking, don’t know what’s going to happen), I will remind you to send me a capable mechanic’s name!!

  24. The citizen of the world idea of the elites completely severed any obligation they felt to the people of their own countries. My wife binged watched Downton Abbey a couple of years ago. Mostly I thought the episodes I saw were a ridiculous soap opera, but one aspect they did get correct was the sense of obligation elites felt to both the local community and their country. We have the complete inverse now, they care about improving conditions for people around the world while grinding down the middle class of their own countries. The world is certainly worse off for it.

      • There’s rarely a word that comes out of the Dowager Countess’s mouth that I don’t applaud. It doesn’t hurt that Maggie Smith’s delivery is a thing of joy to behold. I will admit to being in the middle of my 4th viewing of the series (at least the first 3 seasons) because it lifts my spirit that there was a time and not that long ago that our people had pride in their appearance, acted in a dignified manner, and respected their heritage. It seems like a dream. Plus the production value and writing are both outstanding.

        • I was laughing hysterically when the Dowager Countess mistook the Earl and one of the sons-in-law for the servant staff because they weren’t wearing their tails.

    • The elites in England during the Downtown Abbey period were all English. It’s not so much that the elites of the west have “severed” any obligation to the people of their host countries, but that they never had such obligations in the first place. This is the inevitable result of immigration: Our elite institutions and financial centers have all been captured by a hostile group of outsiders — who are a member of a nation, but their “nation” is a multi-national diaspora that has always been at war with the nations of their hosts.

    • Barnard: You shouldn’t let her watch that crap. Full-on replacement of Whites with blacks and browns, actively celebrating miscegenation, and an utter inversion of genuine White European history. Police your own home and family.

      • Barnard: My apologies. I confused Downton Abbey with the fictional/miscegenated series “Bridgerton.” Again, my error, for which I apologize.

  25. This may be the best article you have written. Many blather and go on about this technical point or that one, or are just trying to sell their own snake oil (Gold from my firm, escape to my recommended country, buy my preparedness program/supplies etc.).
    I have felt for decades that the declining morals, ethics and principles of western culture would eventually spell doom for the west. I think we are getting close to the end of this culture. It will be interesting to see what happens next.
    I am VERY grateful to have lived when I did and will not have to endure most of what is coming. Sad for the young people who support this madness as they know not what they sow or what they will reap.
    Thanks again for a thoughtful article.

    • I echo your sentiments, especially the fact that it does appear that the world we leave to our children and grandchildren is poorer that the one we inherited from our parents. Hope is a good thing, but it is hard to keep it alive in the face of the adversities now confronting us.

    • I think a comment I just saw at ZH nailed it:

      “It’s impossible to teach 10s of millions of people to stop being morons overnight.

      We are doomed.”

        • Yeah and an awaking may happen quicker than everyone thinks. People are very uneasy and trust in our institutions has collapsed even among normal people. The huge moment of people to my rural area has floored me. It shows something approaching panic, at the very least a lot of agency to pick up and move ones household. It has become frothy. I welcome the coming events. Take courage gentleman. History has restarted if I had to guess. F*ck Francis Fukuyama.

    • 1. Would the dispatch of B be a A.) good thing, B.) bad thing or C.) meaningless thing?

      C, since his replacement no different

      2. What is the most likely precipitating event?

      A. War
      B. Economy
      C. B replaced, Natural causes
      D. Military Coup, Gen. Milley has already shown that he has thought about it


      3. What comes next?

      A. Anarcho tyranny
      B. Civil war
      C. Chinese brokered “peace”
      D. Sucession


    • I’ve said it before and will say again that the 1960’s were when the moral decay really began to accelerate. Of course the (((termites))) had been gnawing away for some decades, but the changes were becoming more obvious in the movies and on tv. Civil rights, the pill, feminism, assassinations, welfare, affirmative action, vulgarity in multiple ways – everything on the downhill slide , and amazingly we apparently have yet to hit bottom. One would think (or hope) it can’t be too much further down.

    • What we are facing is Weimar Germany. We are reversing two of the main features, of course. We have long enjoyed the decadence and depravity of Late Weimar, while the hyperinflation of its early years is just now emerging. It is in expectation of this inflation that’s behind the smart money (BlackRock and other Hedges etc) buying residential real-estate- 15% of all sales in 1Q 2021 by one account. The dollars they are borrowing to buy it will be repaid in worthless scrip. Residential Real-Estate is always in demand.
      We all know how the political problems were resolved, from the Para-military FreiKorps hanging the communist Spartakusbund leaders, Rosa Luxemburg et al. to the Rise of Hitler. We certainly have the communists, seem to be light on FreiKorp.

      I had no idea I has setting my son up to live in such interesting times, I hope he appreciates it.

    • I’m happy I get to win using my wits and possibly my hands and not live a depraved existence feeding off the accomplishments of my ancestors. We are making a new tomorrow. That may involve piano wire and lamp posts.

      Whatever it involves, we will win because we have no choice.

    • Bill Johnson: Sadder still for the young people who do not support this madness, or those too young to even understand. I have a newborn grandson and I will not sit and lament the passing of the culture I was privileged to grow up in. As I’m an old lady, refusing to comply with the narrative most likely will mean my death, but I’ll be damned if I will quietly accede to his subjugation and slavery.


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