Cloud People Loathing

Note: The weekly Taki column is up. This one did not come out very well, but even the best have their off-days. I could not quite figure out where I wanted to go with the analogy, so it went nowhere. Maybe I’ll revisit it here this week. The Sunday show is up behind the green door for those with a soul.

A feature of the ongoing crisis in America is people realizing that things they assumed to be true are not what they had always assumed. The so-called red-pilling or awakening is usually related to the egalitarian issues, but it can also be about general politics, as we saw in 2016. Many rank-and-file conservatives discovered that professional conservatives were not what they claimed. Their attacks on Trump and populism were an awakening for many normal people.

Another part of the great awakening is the realization that things make much more sense if you start from the assumption that the people in charge are motivated by a hatred for normal people. The pointless and punitive measures with regards to Covid has opened a lot of eyes. The people in charge seem to be sitting around dreaming up ways to hassle people, using Covid as an excuse. The pandemic has been a two year party for the sadists among the ruling class.

You really see this with the so-called conservatives, who have evolved into nothing but a cult of loathing. That loathing is directed at the sorts of people they used to trick into supporting them. This is most likely connected, in part, to the fact that so many of the former suckers have wised up over the last five years. The Trump phenomenon broke the spell and there is no way the former suckers are going to go back to being conned by the grifters of Conservative Inc.

The glaring example here is the revolt of the neocons, who broke with Conservative Inc, and have now migrated back to their old home on the Left. Jonah Goldberg, who started out in life fetching coffee for the far-left crank Ben Wattenberg, is pretty much a middle of the road lefty now. Bill Kristol is openly supporting far-left candidates like Terry McAuliffe in Virginia. When you see Bush flunkies in bed with Clinton flunkies, it is not hard to see that conservatism was always a grift.

That is the thing about a grifter. They despise the person they are trying to scam, which is why they can be so ruthless. The grifter does not rip-off everyone. They target a mark and then use all of their powers to harm him, often just for the fun of it. People who have studied the confidence man have noted that the conman always feels like he is in the right and the mark somehow deserves it. You see that with the neocons, who cry out as they strike at the people they conned for so long.

Another example of this conservative loathing for normal people is this post from the corpulent Kevin Williamson. For a long time, his grift was to be the common man at National Review, where he wrote about the little people. Unlike the rest of that crowd, he was not the product of elite universities and connected families. He was from West Texas and flunked out of a state college. His job in Conservative Inc. was to be the populist affirmation of the latest conservative fads.

Conservatives are supposed to “stand athwart” this sort of corruption of the law by the Left, but here you have Williamson celebrating it. The reason is Alex Jones is associated with Donald Trump and populism. In other words, his hatred for the people who used to read him counts for everything. If it means goofball judges promoting nonsense lawsuits that undermine public order, Williamson is for it as long as it harms the people he loves to hate.

Kevin Williamson is a good example of how the loathing of normal people is linked to a deep self-loathing. He is famously obese. He often looks like one of those people who paramedics have to use a flatbed truck to transport to the hospital. The morbidly obese are driven by self-loathing. They eat to get the momentary hit that comes from high calorie foods, but this also fuels the self-loathing. The more they eat the more they hate themselves for it. The morbidly obese have a death wish.

Another reason that guys like Williamsons and David French, another good example, are so blatant in their hatred for normal people is they have always had to play the role of the Dirt Person for their masters in the rackets. They used to make Williamson, for example, dress like a rag-picker when he went on television. You see, he was playing the lucky dirtball, allowed to live in the master’s house, as long as he was a good boy and did what he was told. It is a degrading existence.

This is why he is obsessed with hating Trump and those associated with him. The 2016 election put the lie to his existence. He was just a houseboy for mediocrities like Rich Lowry and Ramesh Ponnuru. Imagine having to call them sir when out in public and you can see why Williamson is filled with rage. You also see why he drowns it in processed foods and invective aimed at normal people. He hates you because you remind him of why he hates himself and why he should hate himself.

No life is without some purpose and the purpose of these people has been to open the eyes of normal people about the reality of conservatism. Millions of people have realized over the last five years that these people are liars and crooks. Conservatism was always just a con. Like all conmen, the various characters of Conservative Inc. were motivated by a deep hatred for their marks. Like the rest of the Cloud People, they are defined by their loathing for the Dirt People.

It is this awakening that has put those rackets into crisis. Rich Lowry was finally demoted from his position. Daily management of National Review has now been outsourced to Bangalore. Massive pay cuts and layoffs hang over the entire enterprise now that the suckers have smartened up. A big part of this great awakening is that people are figuring out that it all makes sense when you realize that the people in charge hate you. Your only choice is to hate them back.

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207 thoughts on “Cloud People Loathing

  1. “They agree in principle with the goals and philosophy of the radicals . . . When your only complaint about the plan to murder society is the price tag, you are not in opposition. You are in the way.”

    Sums up conservatism pretty well. White conservatives agree that white people suck and at least deserve to be dispossessed, they just disagree with the unpleasantness of the left’s overt anti-white actions. Good God, how many “conservative” articles have you read that make the point that the REAL problem with identity politics (i.e., the genocidal, anti-white hate-spew and violent actions coming out of the leftist/non-white coalition 24/7) is that it might produce white identity politics as a backlash. When as a white you accept the whites gotta go narrative it’s hard to condemn those who are simply more enthusiastic about the program than you are. They’re just in the way, and that’s why they have been easily brushed aside time and time again.

    By way of illustrative comic relief here is David French (a creature once highly respected by the conservative polloi) on criminal justice:

  2. Superb post Z. I am curious as to the geographic dispersion of the millions of Whites who are getting a clearer picture on the scam of conservative Inc.

    Before Sailer became a full Covidian, he was good at analyzing data. He found in the 2016 election that the closer Whites were to blacks or White disfunction (e.g., opioids), the more likely they were to vote for Trump. I also read back in those olden days that the California primary had one of the highest percentage of Trump voters.

    Conversely, Republicans in lily White states seem to specialize in voting traitors like Sasse and Ryan into office.

    My hypothesis is that until Whites can’t avoid the reality of how the Republican traitors (to the normal White voter) support the destruction of their communities, they live in a fantasy world. If true, it suggests that victory is impossible at least in the near term. The battle needs to be lost or nearly lost before Whites truly want to win.

    • “until Whites can’t avoid the reality of how the Republican traitors support the destruction of their communities, they live in a fantasy world. ”

      You are correct. Whites who have sequestered themselves in safe, homogeneous neighborhoods will remain clueless. That ‘sprinkling’ of high-functioning diversity whom they happen to know just adds to their cluelessness, and can be easily summoned as an anecdote about how “they are JUST like us!” I’ve experienced this many times in conversations and there is no getting through. The conditioning of ‘racism’ being the gravest sin is ubiquitous.

      It will take their local public school being overrun with third worlders, and even then, many will bury their heads in the sand and seek out a private school. Such is their conditioning. The Frankfurt School has really done a number on White Normie America.

  3. My First Self-Deportation from Mask Land

    Here in FL there are currently no mask mandates. The few stores that request or “require” one, I (and most folks) ignore. I have yet to be confronted and I’m not sure how I’d react. I will mask in some cases, like in a medical office. I want to share one difficult choice I made today.

    I’ve been a member of a community organization for nearly 20 years that meets periodically. As of this month, they moved to a new location. The landlord requires masks at all times. I highly value this organization and have many friends there. This put me in an awkward position. They know that I’m unwilling to mask. But neither do I want to cause the group problems with their lease. So tonight I told them I would not be participating until further notice, but to please notify me if the mask mandate is rescinded.

    If we anti-mask and anti-vaxx people are to become pariahs and all signs point that way, I might as well get used to it and find a new social circle. 🙁

    • Ben,

      I find myself in a somewhat similar position. I have for about 50 years been a quite competent oboist/English hornist in a number of community musical groups, playing classical repertoire in orchestras, wind ensembles, chamber music ensembles, and in churches. For the last few years I have been limited in this due to several abdominal operations/recuperations. A good friend put out some feelers with local groups to sound out interest in having me join them, only to be told that unless I were to be “fully vaccinated” (whatever that might mean), that I would not be considered. I sent her a thanks for her efforts on my behalf, and included this summation of my thoughts about this:

      “Ja, in other times, not these wherein glaze-eyed fanaticism has the upper hand, having someone in a community musical organization who has demonstrated over a substantial period of time that they are responsible, and who understands the value of such organizations to the community, would be paramount. 

      because I resist being injected with something that is not a vaccine, that is not a sterilizing mechanism designed and formulated to prevent infection, formerly the very definition of a vaccine, but which at best might lessen the severity of an infection, all the while tampering with my body on the molecular level, and that tampering having uncertain short and long term consequences, and which injection may actually result in me being a potent transmitter of infection, this makes me a pariah. Astonishing. I will not bend the knee before such lunacy. My body, my choice? I guess not.”

      So I get how this works on you, Ben. Thanks for sharing this.

  4. Zman,

    Don’t be so down on yourself. Your Taki article was very well said.


    Trump is a puppy dog for what comes next. Reactionary is the word to watch for. More like Franco I would guess, if I’m spit balling. Gonna be a lot of pain and perhaps a decade of insanity.

    We’ll see.

    • I’d take a Franco or a Sulla or a Caesar at this point. Even a Genghis would be an improvement.

  5. As some sage observer said over at Kunstlers

    “I saw two things this weekend that made me think the end may be nigher than they think.

    The first was the claim (undocumented but lunatic enough to be correct) that the bill that the Democrats are having their spat about contains funding in the low billions for illegal immigrants to attend 2 years of Community College.
    The second was concerning the degree that Congress has sealed itself off from constituents.
    No letter mail is accepted (Iraq Anthrax hoax don’t you know.) Emails are all responded to with automated “Thank you for” spam return note.
    Telephone calls all go to voice mail. Return call extremely unlikely unless you are enquiring about where to send money.

    I don’t think even Americans are stupid enough to accept this.”

  6. There are important members on the left side of the ruling class that believe that the Republican party plays and essential role for the regime, namely, to ensure that no nationalist/populist movement can gain power. Here are some examples from Messieurs Friedman, Gidron, and Ziblatt:
    …and here is a link to President Biden-Puppet parroting his handlers’ message:
    The tl-dr/tl-dl is that center-right parties ensure the desires of the “dangerous” masses are never addressed, and without a strong center-right the masses will take the brown shirts and jackboots out of their closet and grow curious facial hair under their noses.
    In other words, the Republican’s are not just running a grift for prestige and money, they are playing a critical role for their paymasters. They need to win some elections to remain relevant, but they need not do anything, and are not expected to do anything, when they are elected.
    The only question is this: How long will the charade go unnoticed by the “dangerous” masses?

    • It cannot go unnoticed for much longer. For the past few generations, conservatives have acquiesced to the far-left and their social movements in order to help republicans obtain the widest possible governing coalition, but demographics now threaten that model.

      You cannot tell Caucasians to be “small government” and race-neutral when an entitled oligarchy of corporatist elites rule the country by pitting racial minorities against them in contests they can no longer win. Demographically, the republican party is doomed, and conservative moderation will disappear along with it.

      Whites now (rightfully) feel powerless and under siege, so they will naturally being to form an identity for protection. You’re seeing this in the polls now. White identity is on the rise, and that trend will only accelerate with time no matter what the gatekeepers wish because they cannot alter reality; they cannot (realistically) change election results in a majority minority country to let the other (White) side win, and they cannot prevent the average normie from noticing his neighborhood now resembles a foreign country.

      With each election loss — Romney, Trump, Elder — more and more conservative Whites have awakened to this fact. Already formerly red California is permanently lost along with formerly red Virginia. Soon Texas, North Carolina, & Florida will be blue, and the republican party will no longer be a viable national party as a result. Conservatives cannot be prevented from noticing this and asking what the point of abandoning identity is when it no longer matters.

      As I’ve stated before, Trump was made possible by Mitt Romney’s loss. He was the good boy conservative who checked all the approved boxes, and yet he lost in a landslide anyway. “But how?” older voters thought. “He did everything Reagan did, so he was supposed to win.” But he didn’t because the demographics had changed. I remember the confusion on older voters’ faces after the 2012 election. They were dumbfounded.

      Romney’s loss awakened a fair number of White Americans to the fact of demographic change. It didn’t go unnoticed by our ruling class, either. On election night 2016, CBS, ABC & NBC “News” anchors were astonished at the possibility that Donald Trump could win because the demographics had changed. “But how?” they thought. Katy Couric even suggested the possibility of a coup when speaking to a black man on the subject. So, don’t let them ever tell you that deliberate demographic change for the benefit of the democratic party is just a conspiracy theory. I watched them on election night wondering how more minorities didn’t automatically equate with a democratic party victory. They know. It’s deliberate.

      After Mitt Romney’s loss, conservative voters then figured “what the hell?” in the next election and went with Donald Trump because they didn’t think there was any longer a reason to hold back; they played the game last time and lost anyway, so why not be more forthright, why hold back? Every time Faux News promotes a based black man like Larry Elder, only for him to lose, it will further drive home the point that being race-neutral confers no benefits. You can have a million Herschel Walkers on Faux News to decry democrat identity politics, but blacks will never vote republican due to their primary racial loyalties subsuming all other considerations — including foreign policy and even the economy; Hispanics will follow suit, albeit to a lesser extent and enhanced by outdated GOP economic dogma and its black fetish, which repulses that demographic (Hispanics aren’t voting for the party of corporate tax cuts and Juneteenth).

      When it becomes clear the GOP is no longer a national party, I expect it to splinter into regional parties as conservatives radicalize around Caucasian, various ethnic, and quasi-Christian identity. There will no longer be a reason to eschew these identities for the benefit of the greater coalition because no governing coalition will be possible.

      This will happen as soon as 2024. I expect the GOP to take back the House in 2022 for perhaps the last time. Then Biden, a man with low approval ratings, will go against an approved GOP candidate like Nikki Haley after Trump is bribed to stay on the sidelines. Biden, despite his disastrous record, will be reelected by a large margin in the popular vote solely due to the presidential election being a racial headcount. “Biden may be a SOB, but he’s our SOB,” the POC will think*. The fallout from that realization, that policies no longer matter, will send the GOP into an irrecoverable nosedive.

      It’s notable that something similar happened in 2010. The Tea Party movement recaptured the House only for the approved GOP candidate to lose in a landslide in 2012. Then we got Trump. I expect this cycle to repeat once more in 2022 and 2024.

      *Note: Something similar happened in the African country of Zimbabwe. Western observers had deluded themselves into thinking Mugabe had simply ruined the place against the will of the black masses. In reality, he did it with their full approval. When given the chance, black Zimbabweans voted him back into power — that after hyperinflation, massive increases in crime and poverty. Western observers had their “but how?” moment and stopped caring. That’s why you rarely hear anything about that country anymore. Such a moment is just ahead for the United States.

        • Trump spent the entirety of his administration getting rolled. Flattery goes a long way with this guy. All it took was a little attention from Mark Zuckerberg and suddenly instead of stopping social media censorship, he told his side to just “be good.” Then they banned him. Lol. Trump is corrupt and stupid. He won’t run because he’s an idiot who’ll be offered something dumb not to, and being an idiot he’ll accept.

  7. Somewhat off topic, but I’m reacting to Z’s gab feed:

    Conservatives like to say that if a corporation embraces woke policies against their consumer base then that corporation goes broke. Almost always untrue!

    Latest example: a tranny on the cover of Playboy. No one asked for this. No one in their audience wants this.

    Why do they do it? The answer is hidden, but I believe that the elites have embraced an anti-white male belief system that supersedes profit. They literally want to snuff us out.

    My belief is that the chosen people are the controllers and they incentivize goyim who are driven by status and money, but I am open to other explanations.

    • “Why do they do it? The answer is hidden”

      The answer couldn’t be any less hidden. “Because we can. Because f-ck you, that’s why.”

      You will take it on your knees and ask for more. All the guardrails are off now and it’s full court globohomo press because they perceive they’ve won. And given the absolute sheep like Covid response they are not wrong.

      We’ve moved into a different phase now. This,.why? Hand wringing must cease. It’s a waste of time & energy. We’ve moved into the how phase. How do you pull the pins and bearings out of this entire apparatus as quietly as possible so you can watch the surprised look on smug faces when it all comes crashing down. The retribution in this particular historical cycle is going to be Biblical in nature, that is all I can say with any certainty.

      • You don’t have to pull the pins: the wheels and axles don’t have holes drilled to hold the pins (that was supposed to be done by the Atlanta office).

        Right now, instead of closing an international, multi-jurisdictional, debt financing deal that has to close “NOWWWWW!!!!”, my counterparts at GloboBank and outsourced helots at GloboHedgefund are looking around going, “Why come deal not close? Why money not coming in?”

        If you live near a nuclear reactor, downstream from a tailing pond/ hydroelectric dam or in a building with more than two floors, MOVE.

      • Exactly. It’s the same reason AOC wore her very expensive “Tax the Rich” dress to the very expensive and exclusive gala. You think for a second she didn’t get the irony in that move? Only a civnat would think, “She’s too stupid to understand.”

        It’s the same with the elite not wearing masks at functions where the help are required to. They have entered the phase where they are rubbing our faces in it. They fully intend for us to clearly see that there are two separate sets of rules. “Fuck you, that’s why” indeed.

    • There’s a thousand lifetimes of porn available free on the internet. Why pay for a magazine of it?

      Framed this way, the answer becomes fairly obvious: the only way for dead media to move copy is with shock value. When shock becomes du juor, it simply gets dismissed. This is playboy’s last attempt to pivot into a paying market, and the gambit will fail because the market is so saturated that paying for any porn, regardless of how niche, is simply ignorant.

      It’s like black gay Batman. That’s literally the only thing that can be done with him in print media. Every interesting story that can be told has been told, so all that’s left in the market are switching up the skins on the character and selling it as a limited edition to suckers.

      • Yeah, free porn has got to be one of the biggest signs that profit is not the top priority of our rulers.

        Those poor men who get addicted to porn… Like the Chinese addicted to opium in the Opium wars.

    • When all corporations are anti-white–which they are–none will be penalized financially for their AW.

    • Your observations are spot-on. I’m reading an Unz article from two or three years back, where he recounts the censorship clamp-down on social media of 2017 onward or so. At length, he recounts how thousands of titles gradually vanished from Amazon, with the ADL as a prime suspect. I have seen this first-hand with one book I bought there. This is, of course, far from a new problem. In fact, they are within the law, being a private entity, even if they now hold a near-monopoly position. But still, doesn’t it seem a little chilling that a corporation is in effect, reducing its chances to make a sale, simply to appease shadowy and usually unidentified censors?

      Now, I’m not expecting to find The Turner Diaries on the ADL’s web site 😀 But when a large, impersonal book seller disappears “controversial” titles, well, it shows there are motives beyond traditional capitalist greed pulling the levers i the background…

  8. I feel like today’s post and Taki gives our burgeoning faction a possible direction.

    When you have one bullet and two opponents, shoot the traitor first. Metaphorically, of course. *Ahem*
    Flatten their tires, shall we say. Raise the cost of their collabaration.

    I had wondered why Nick Fuentes attacked a nobody like Gorka. Or a Kevin Williamson, or a George Will. They don’t make policy.

    Because, we can’t reach those on the throne, or so we think. But, we can get to their jesters. In fact, with a bit of flocking behavior, we could work pretty darn high up the ladder. It works for the Mafia.

    This means a Cartel future. They’ve already taken over South America’s governments with precisely this ladder of “take silver, or lead.”
    Not for nothing did Pappy Bush create drug war funding for Latin paramilitaries and American banks.

    It would be a strategy of taking out our Lenins and Stalins before they become Lenin and Stalin. Lenin and Trotsky, sent by Weimar-style regimes, or or Papa Stalin and Pappy Bush, working an alien framework not built by us.

    Tikkun Olam! I’m not seeing this as a better System, at all. Perhaps Normie and the Mean Grrls are right to keep it to a flame war on paper, a mock war on screens. At least the lights stay on.

    • Goshdam, between a rock and a hard place.

      It didn’t have to be this way. All we had to do was keep the border closed and our army and factories at home. White Civilization was lifting up all the world just fine, both before and after the World Wars.

      • Because our elites hate us and the country., Remember Papa Bush came up with NAFTA and the NWO. Clinton just enacted them with GOP help.

        Bush and the GOP hated Reagan and worked hard to undo everything he did once he left office.

        Abbott could still close the border with Mexico but refuses to. Trump is totally silent on the invasion and won’t say anything about Abbott cowardice either

        The fact is Trump sold out or was never on our side.

    • “Jaime Rolando Rosenthal Oliva (May 5, 1936 – January 12, 2019) was a Honduran politician, and leader of one of Liberal Party of Honduras’s (PLH) wings, and was a perennial candidate for President.On March 20, 1974 he founded the Banco Continental. On October 7, 2015, Rosenthal was labeled a “specially designated narcotics trafficker” under the Foreign Narcotics Kingpin Designation Act.”

      Jaime ( pronounced “Hymie” ) was one of several of his ilk who control Honduras. Mercenaries from the leviticus home base scrap Hondurans off their land and send them this way.

      One bullet and faced with a enemy and traitor: Shoot the Libertarian.

    • Roosevelt was our Lenin, Johnson and Nixon were our Stalin. Biden is our Gorbachev. Abortion was our genocide. The Russians were ruled by Bolsheviks, we’re ruled by Mensheviks. The main difference between the Russian revolution and ours is that Russian culture is martial and therefore it’s revolution had to be fought with guns. American culture is legalistic and therefore our revolution was fought in the courts. The Bolsheviks were toast once the Russian army became sclerotic. The Mensheviks will be toast once the federal courts are ignored.

      • There are obvious moral issues around abortion but it’s more genocidal for blacks and that’s a good thing. If all those aborted black babies were allowed to live the vast majority would have become Democrat voters and states like PA and MI would never have been competitive. Not to mention the crime and the other burdens an increased black population would have imposed.

  9. No problem here with hating them back!
    Hate hate hate, double hate, loath entirely! Lol.
    Anyway.. so where to go from here?
    Elections are now blatant fraud, there will be no voting a way out of the insanity.
    Where is the red line?
    What is the trigger?

    • No trigger because Whites are so fractured and gaslit they don’t know up from down. Right now the MAGA peeps are in a bloodrage over Lt. Col Scheller’s critique of Trump and they want the man either dead or serving life in prison.

      Now that sort of response was generally only seen with hard core Nazis and Communists when thy found someone criticizing dear leader.

      Larger picture Trump took these people off the game board. They are no threat to the system or elites now. They worship Trump and that all that matters to them.

  10. Those “in charge” enjoying making normal people miserable for the power they feel. No matter how fleeting, it’s what motivates them. The grifters as you so nicely stated, simply hate us.

    • As somebody here noted so wisely, a long time ago, despising us is the only accomplishment they have to differentiate the Goodwhites from the Badwhites.

  11. However much money Taki’s made from crashing my computer, it’s the LAST nickel they will ever make from me.

    • Oh no, malware? Back when their site was being wrecked before Taki and his girl got it back under control and pared down?

      Taki also started up the American Greatness site, I think in part because of the trojan horse attacks.

      I read Taki’s for Taki, the Zman, and Ann Coulter.

      • Coulter’s not bad and her books are generally much better researched and cited than the typical Con. Inc. tome, but last week’s column contained an awful lot of verbiage along the lines of “we know the vaccines are safe and effective.”. That’s an increasingly difficult case to make.

        • To be fair, one could easily read that as a rhetorical device more than an honest opinion. Her point, that there’s no reason to continue the shutdowns and makings now that we have a “safe” vaccine that most people have received, is quite valid.

          • Since we are being somewhat jocular now, it’s worth adding that even if we somehow got a 100% vaxxed population, even CDC Director Walensky has said publicly (August) that it won’t stop new infections and transmission of the virus.

            Even us vaxx-skeptics concede that the vaxxed gain protection from severe illness and death.

            For about six months.

            Rarely mentioned are the short-term side effects (the serious ones that lead to hospitalization, possible permanent injury or death). I’ve seen estimated fatality rates as high as 1/25,000; compare that with traditional vaccines, which is perhaps one or two per million, and you can see they have a serious problem. Equally bad are reports of heart inflammation even in youth, autoimmune issues, and who knows what else.

            And they don’t (and can’t possibly) know what long-term morbidity will be.

            Medically, regulatory, government-wise, we are in unprecedented times.

            For sure you are not going to get the unvarnished truth from the mainstream media.

            Avoid the jab, if at all possible.

  12. A great movie about con artistry is David Mamet’s “House of Games.”

    “You’re a bad pony, I’m not gonna bet on you”

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  14. “Conservatism” is a trademark/brand name now – it’s a business school marketing case study. Think of all the late-night infomercials for some sunglasses using the Bell & Howell brand, or some other useless product using a “brand name” of yore. They sell.

    Today’s Grillers just cannot quit “Conservatism”. Branding is a powerful and flexible force. Even “Four Roses”, the rotgut whiskey from our misspent youth, has been revived and repositioned as a premium brand!

    Just watch – they will give the “Bush” brand the same treatment. We will get a “Conservative” president again if this sh*tshow gets out of hand because the Elite would need the Grillers on board to mitigate the runaway crime and inflation they’re causing. Remember the “New Nixon”? It’s been done before.

    • Wait. What? I have been searching high and low four a bottle for my collection. It’s lighter fluid?

      It’s so damned infuriating. I spent years trying to find a bottle of Edradour; when I finally found one it was the most mediocre scotch you could ask for. I don’t fall for it anymore. Even my beloved distillers at Highland Park are playing the faggot’s game of “special bottlings”. They’re naming their last special runs after Norse gods now. I wonder if you get a free comic book with your purchase?


      • Capitalism, perforce, caters to the masses, and the vast majority of that group are idiots. Democracy does the same thing in the political sector. Liberal democracy combines the two.

      • Now hold on. I can verify that 3 bottles of Everclear in the gas tank will get you back to town. Handy in a pinch.

        • Sure, but in you, they will allow you to not give a righteous damn where, when, who or even WHAT you are, for at least many hours, perhaps a few days, depending upon bottle size and personal tolerance 😀

    • Everything you said is true. I am particularly pissed at Four Roses for screwing with my beloved Bourbon. Four Roses is rotgut whiskey, which since it’s not real Bourbon should be spelled “whisky”.

      I suspect some Jew distiller at Seagram’s realized how much Real American Bourbon was getting so they lobbied to change the rules. Hell, Bourbon doesn’t even have to come from Kentucky any more. When the rules or the nomenclature start changing you know we got radical leftists in the wood pile.

      Long Live Knob Creek!

    • The ONLY way a Bush-type Con, Inc., president ever gets elected again is if the Ruling Class thinks it will keep the grillin’ and chillin’ crowd pacified a bit longer before the showers open.

    • They have Trump to calm them down now. Notice how Trump has basically vanished from sight? He’s totally silent on the invasion on our Southen Border and says nothing about Abbott’s refusal to close the border.

      Here’s the thing Trump controls the largest segment of Whites in the country. And what does he do with that clout? Nothing. Unlike the Trump of 2015-16. This one is a cypher a bottle of pablum for the masses.

      Coulter was right on abandoning that fat egotistical clown.

  15. Zman, you might not have been satisfied with your Taki’s column, but I sure liked the extra history and the direction it was going.

  16. Two points:

    1) I have almost always been under the impression that a majority of the readers and commentators here enjoyed the comments section of online mediums until they either realized the A) Futility in their efforts and B) Were censored personally or were a driving force behind the the removal of said comments section.

    2) I don’t put much stock anymore in individual anecdotes and or happenstance serving my own ends; but…… How many of you have taken the time to READ Williamson’s article AND read the comments??

    How many of you have migrated over there and actually done a bit of commenting? Folks, the level of pushback and debate rivals any Fred Reed “derrr” shitpost over at UNZ and looks more like a Mr. Metokur vs. Destiny Livestream. Please sound off it you were an eager participant. And if you haven’t I suggest you do.

    • The only thing that hurts my brain more than ConInc content is a lot of the “cope” comment-replies to it.

    • Stephen Flemmi: Commenting and/or debating with Conservative Inc. and its toadies has the same utility as voting harder. Or calling your congressman.

    • National Review now limits comments to subscribers. You have to be paying them something in order to have the privilege of leaving a comment there. I don’t look at them very often, but when I do, even their paying customers aren’t typically buying whatever garbage they have served up for them.

      • I have a “free” limited sub to (a/k/a People Magazine for the Davos Crowd) where I shitpost a few articles a month.. Amazingly, I haven’t been banned yet. 😀

    • All true gents and or ladies.

      But it’s also a clarifying and or reinforcing moment of delight. I gave up on NR post 2016. So I don’t get to put myself through this or endure it (however you see fit to describe it) all that often. If it’s new to me (which it is) and serves to justify my reasonable change in outlook, I am happy. And it’s great seeing other so called “subscribers” going throught the same metamorphosis. Enjoy.

  17. Just read the Kevin Williamson piece. Don’t know anything about his corpulence but I can see what you mean about him being the water boy for the power elite. I think he’s dishonest as he knows full well who can libel and slander whom without consequence.

  18. A fine piece of thinking and writing, sir. All too sadly and painfully –and engagingly– on target.

  19. When it comes to radicals who ‘win’ power because they hate us and themselves for this wicked world’s imperfections, well, the rat-bastards are going to get away with it.

    Merck is rolling out Ivermectin, again, as a new miracle pill. Our munificent rulers will seem to throttle back a bit, while keeping their expanded powers…and “just one more”.

    Just one more vaccination shot added to the 54 first world kids already get. It’s just a one more! In ten years or so, we’ll discover that white girls are sterile and their kids are defective.

    Us pigs will need the lenient munificence of our disgusted betters more than ever.
    The GDP will be a medical economy of sick Dirts at home provided “medicines”, pods, and a dole by a socialized Cloud system where the “money” is counted.

    White people, as they have always done, will cultivate the rural outlands, breaking the ground to provide rich pockets of plunder for the City Hive to harvest.

    Birth lotteries, black market rationing, and crematoria will become the accepted values necessary for the Dirts.
    Coloureds will be the managerial services class, a la east/south Africa.

    For our rulers, telemerase life-extension therapy, clean organ harvesting, and virtual travel with its gorgeous online scenery will be the reward to aspire to, so you better get onboard with the program, or you’ll end up down there in some dangerous hi-rise Model Cities Project slum.

    • And that, ladies and gentlemen, was your black pill for the day.

      Magic 8 ball says it’s not gonna be that easy.

      Interesting times indeed.

      • Sorry. The frustration of recent setbacks left me in no mood for them to “save” us from a crisis they created.
        While continuing to kill us slowly, at that.

        The rubes will gratefully forget all that these murderous c*cksuckers put us through. Each step will be accepted until the new values completely replace what we remember.

        Goddam I’m ready to cultivate violence. I’m ready to start renewing old acquaintances with some very shady sorts.

        To be forced to put our trust in people who are bad, mad, and fuktup, because that’s what it will take. To be reduced to this.

          • Amen to that. If we can’t take back our currency, at least we might could take back our gangs.

            Heil Hooligans!

            We forget the knights were the skinheads of their time. A little Saxon Resurgent is all it takes.

    • Pfizer also have Pfizermectin on the way.

      I can’t decide if Iver-merck-tin or Merck-mectin is catchier.

      • Thank you, I was just going to post the same link. As pointed out in the article, this is Merck and others trying to appeal to those not on the Kovid Krazy Train by saying, “Ok, you nuts wanted Ivermectin, well we’re sorta making that happen,” while slipping us a genetic mickey.

        • Aww S#$%!!! They still hate us and want us dead.

          Big Pharma is the number 1 advertiser on TV. Pretty soon lobbyists will be starring on Oprah and the View.

          Big Pharma might replace Big Defense in terms of spending. The guns are turning inward.

        • Just buy the animal variety. They have to keep that one “clean” because it could end up on their own dinner plate.

      • but it is still important as it gives them a way out of the vaxx dead-end. now you can “take the pill, if you get ill” so a vaccine isn’t critical. i wouldn’t touch it, but am still glad for it being available.

    • Discussion of “digital currency” by both our FED and also in The Economist. I think it’s called “central bank digital currency. Economist headline implied a cashless future. For you Christians, they often fear this as the “mark of the beast.” While these themes aren’t new, they have been part of the “paranoid’s” world takeover ravings for years. Curious, how these proposals now are appearing in the press. Hmmm….it’s almost as if there really is a push for a one-world government or something… 🙁

  20. I have a question about Z’s Taki article. In it, he refers to the Lenin period as “moderate.”

    When I think of the Bolshevik period, I think of extreme social policies: the replacement of the family with free love, feminism, homosexuality, and harsh penalties for antisemitism.

    Why did Z call the Bolshevik period “moderate?” Perhaps he is only characterizing the Bolshevik economic program, “a free market and capitalism, but it would be regulated by the state,” as moderate.

    • The Bolsheviks killed innocents by the thousands. Stalin killed by the tens of millions. Yes, it’s a difference in degree, but that difference is four orders of magnitude.

      • The only meaningful differences between Lenin and Stalin were the means at their disposal and the length of their rule. Had Lenin ruled another 20 years the carnage would have been identical to what it was under Stalin.

  21. The neocons going home is by far the most positive development. Hopefully they take the Christian Zionists with them.

    Things have looked increasingly dire for the last 4 years, but it’s never fun or easy at first when you give up bad habits and hit the gym. The new right is shaping up!

    • I just happened to be reading your comment when the conservative station here in Philly gave us this:

      All it took was a conservative Pennsylania mom to push for, and win!, teaching real conservative history. The governor signed the measure mandating lessons about the Holocaust in 2014.
      See, we *can* take back our schools!

  22. From Taki;
    >Only then can we Build Back Better.
    I’ve been coping this way for a while now. Every time another 10,000 Haitians enter the interior, every time they make a new policy that will lower my quality of life I reassure myself this is all necessary to wake the beast that I believe lies dormant in the soul of whitey. The kids have a name for it…

    • I agree. All the negative stuff needs to happen before we are able to throw off our shackles.

  23. A question to Z, and commenters in general, if you will indulge me. Do you think a Bush-type Republican ever will be elected again? I kind of don’t but also could see the Ruling Class installing one if the public anger at the Democrats became problematic. The unlikelihood of Con, Inc., ever having another figurehead in elected office drives some of their bitterness along with losing their rice bowl. Anyhow, your thoughts would be appreciated. .

    • They are like a drug resistant virus. Reagan supposedly killed the Rockefeller Republicans, but they respawned as the Bushies. The GOP is still infested with this plague, along with the Conservatives Industrial Complex. That said, demographics says the GOP is headed for permanent minority status, unless it gives itself over to a coalition of browns.

      • There is a cockroach syndrome at play, true.

        Thanks, and thanks to the comments that followed.

    • I think you’re right, Jack. It’s a ploy with limited shelf life though… everyone is being forced to confront the reality of the Uniparty. The cuck/grifter types on Blab are getting thoroughly wrecked every day. People are wise to them.

      It’s interesting because it looks like it is actually dawning on a lot of them that their former power base is not happy with them anymore. A few are actually changing course and sounding more like dissidents than old style cucks. Making the right noises though – and doing the right thing… are two different things.

      • IF elections are not stolen again and the Ruling Class is unable to decide Republican primaries, big “ifs,” I agree with you. Z is right about their staying power, but there doesn’t seem to be an appetite for them any longer.

    • I sometimes go to 2A events. I volunteer at gun shows, and I’ve been shocked at how clueless these guys are. They say stuff like, “sometimes you have to make a choice between the worse of two evils…” when I bring up that conservatives regularly side with gun grabbing wacko’s.

      I think it’s going to take a lot more grueling tyranny.

      • Honestly those types are primarily boomers and/or morons. They won’t be around much longer. The smart ones are moving dramatically to the right.

        • Morons? If men are morons, then I am their King.

          What they are, is busy. And not interested or aware of other peoples’ personal crises.

          Not morons, by any measure. Only human.

        • UFO cultists, cloud or saucer. Good one. I tire of people blabbing about how “Somebody will save us”, though I cannot blame them, not in the slightest.

    • I’d speculate that a “Republican in name only” will be elected again. Why would it be otherwise? A common theme here is that, by and large, the Republicans and the Democrats are basically the Uniparty, that they are bought and paid for by essentially the same big donors. They represent powerful interests that aren’t too hard to identify, yet whose names rarely appear in the press. Except in the most incidental matters, they do not represent the interests of you, me, or anyone that could be remotely described as the average American citizen.

      The Trump Moment was nice, but wasn’t it mostly wishful thinking? A billionaire turned TV star seized upon by conservatives looking for a change? He did serve a purpose, a “none of the above” vote, a temporary thumb of the nose at the Establishment. But he was easily co-opted by the Swamp.

      I only wish it were true that conservatives have had their eyes opened or that they’ve been “red pilled” by each successive outrage by the Left, but it just ain’t so. I think Mark Twain had a key insight into human nature when he famously said that it is easier to fool the people, than to convince them that they’ve been fooled.

      The Who, in their famous hit of 50 years ago, were entirely correct saying that the new boss is the same as the old boss, but I fear they were dead wrong about not getting fooled again.

      • ” but I fear they were dead wrong about not getting fooled again.”

        Good line.

        The reaction to Trump opened many eyes. Enough? No. But my gut is another Bush type could win a free and fair election.

        Again, thanks for the responses.

    • The window for a Republican president is either closed already or very nearly closed. The demographics guarantee that. Texas, Arizona, Florida, Georgia and North Carolina get less white by the year. They are already close states.

      Obviously, if Texas or Florida go blue, it’s pretty much game over, but even losing one or two of those other states makes the path nearly impossible. It’s only a matter of time before that happens.

      Couple the demographics with election fraud, and it’s hard to see how the GOP can win. Maybe they have an outside shot in 2024, but that’s about it.

      The country will soon be a one-party state like California or New York. The real question is whether the old-school, “moderate” Dems like Schumer will be able to control the radical wing of the party.

      • Florida also has a bulge of seniors and 50-70 year olds who are predominantly white, conservative, and vote often. It masks the demographic reality of the state.

        DeSantis cracking down on fraud got the GOP an extra two or three points in 2020, especially in Miami/Palm Beach – and every red state governor should do the same.

        Long term it doesn’t matter. The whole west is being flooded with dark skinned aliens and pretty soon “voter fraud” or “elections” will be the last thing on our minds.

        • The Deep State will rehabilitate that freak Gillum and fraud him into the FL governorship in the next gov race, just to rub the Dirt People’s nose in it for having the temerity to elect DeSantis.

      • It’s possible the GOP could win in 2024, just because the Biden hate is strong (“F#*@ Joe Biden!” chants….) The economy is falling apart, Covid tyranny, etc…

        Even a lot of Hispanics might vote GOP because of the Biden disgust. There were hints at that in 2020. (a couple of counties in Texas)

        But in the long term, GOP is doomed because minorities will settle into the party that offers the most gibs, which will always be the Dems.

      • Let’s see, those are all Southern states, and I guarantee if you drop enough diversity on New England, those crazy yankees will change their tune fast. Sounds like a recipe for secession to me, or is it the past echoing?

      • Yup, all it takes is one gubernatorial election and Florida or Texas are gone.

        “I’ve Georgia on my mind.”- Willie Nelson

      • Factor in those of us who will no longer vote, and who used to be reliable GOP voters, and the Recuck task becomes even more difficult. It’s hard to imagine them winning in ’24 or another other time. And I’ll be lustily cheering on the GOP’s formal demise.

    • The only hope for Con Inc is their belief that hispanics are natural conservatives. Certainly, some of the older hispanics have conservative social beliefs. But in my judgment, after living in California, most of them want their race to dominate more than anything else.

      Who knows, if the GOP can rebrand itself as the hispanic party then maybe they’ll survive. Hispanics surely resent that they are less important that blacks and sex perverts in the Democrat party.

      George P. Bush is the bellwether to watch.

      • White conservatives are always desperate for an ally. I hear things like “Hispanics hate BLM!” Yeah – and they hate Anglos too. Just because they don’t want blacks ruining their neighborhood doesn’t mean they don’t also dislike whites. Being anti black and anti white are not mutually exclusive.

        A Hispanic Republican party will be pro-Hispanic. Not good for white people.

        Asians also really hate white people, especially those raised in the West. We drive them nuts.

        There will be no non-white group that extends a helping hand towards our people. And we shouldn’t expect them to, it’s our job to do that.

        • The only minority groups who truly hate whites are negroes and possibly Mohammedans. Hispanics and Orientals are, at worst, ambivalent about us. And I can guarantee you that they hold blacks in far lower regard than they do whites.

          Having said that, they are not conservative enough to eschew the gibs, and probably never will be. And for that reason, the future ethnostate cannot be home to very many of them. Their ethos, and their abilities, clash with ours.

          • I notice that you didn’t mention one very significant group.

            Further, in my experience, hispanics hate whites when they achieve sufficient numbers.

      • Seeing the pipeline of “refugee”/immigrant racket up-close really stripped naked the facades of melting pot in favor of tribalism.

        The Real Americans, paperwork still wet, are “americanized” by learning who to hate (us), who to vote for to get more free stuff (democrats), why they deserve free stuff (legacy of racisms), and how to ascend their own people into the low clouds of the gibs (tribal activism aka democrat identity politik).

        The coninc are correct: hispanics are natural conservatives. Like most with coninc, the reality is just not how they envision it to be.

        Hispanics (and really all other poc invaders) will harvest all the low hanging fruit that serves the immediate interests of their own people – even if it means starving their neighbor. Because he is some other kind of brown or pajeet and deserves to suffer anyhow.

        They will then work tirelessly to conserve their own people and their own culture and way of life by assimilating into the institutions and systems of the great white mans gibs machines where they will then work to conserve and propagate their culture and values.

        Steve Sailer likes to think the browns still favor white-ish overlords. Probably true. But this shouldn’t be mistaken for affinity for our heritage or people, but instead for competency in maintaining a status-quo in the gibs machine. The hispanics are likely annoyed by all the blackitty black and tranny stuff but this is a function of their own success in taking up the baton of democrat grift.

        Kinda like how the repubs can take advantage of us dirt whites and court the women, fags, and pocs who can mutter some common sense on cue.

        They won’t go anywhere, however, as the fulcrum of their ascendance and eventual de facto Reconquista is White heritage America. To side with us in any way that doesn’t mean looting the treasury is a non-starter.

  24. I for one, do actively hate them back. It’s been building for a few years now and that genie is never going back in the bottle. The little turd sack prick fauci is my current target, although there are so many to choose from – it truly is a target rich environment. I really do hate that sanctimonious, lying f*****. He has absolutely done THE yeoman’s work in making sure trust in science and medicine (which were fading fast anyway) are beyond any hope of a cure for a vast array of people.

      • There’s a big dose of Lysenko in there too, along with a generic 19th century patent medicine quack. Just take 2, no 3! shots of Dr. Fauci’s Magical Coof Juice for what ails ye’!

    • You are on the road to recovery, men. Like beating alcoholism, there are the defined steps the human psyche must go through as the brain re-wires itself to the realities of its hatred. It’ll take awhile but the rage goes away – and is replaced with a kind of, ‘Don’t get mad – get even’.

      These a-holes are fortified and entrenched against direct attack – but are wide open for covert action.

      Become ungovernable – and if an opportunity presents itself or offers itself to shiv these guys and get away with it … take it and enjoy it. We no longer live in Clown World… it is now “C*nt World”.

    • Fauci is the obvious example, because everyone knows who he is. But take a look around you. Those little prick enforcers are everywhere, and not just in your company’s HR department.

      Evidence shows that near the end of East Germany’s life, approximately 1 in 100 citizens were informers for the Stasi. That number seemed incredible when I first heard it. No longer.

      It is very important to look around at your friends, family and coworkers. Figure out who the new informers are likely to be and act accordingly.

      • This is certainly how it works in Oregon. Kate Brown’s illegal mask mandates are actually enforced indirectly through OSHA. The police won’t touch this stuff, correctly seeing it as radioactive lawsuit material. How does OSHA know which businesses are not enforcing the masks? The Karens. They write or call OHA (Oregon Health Authority) and are referred to OSHA.

        Find out who your friendly local neighborhood snitches are, bait them, make fools of them. Rat them out, get them together where they have opportunities to rat each other out.

      • In keeping with Glenfilthie’s suggestion: if you’re going to work to being ungovernable, part of that means not being your own informant! That’s harder to do in today’s world, but one needs to reduce the electronic records and gadgetry. Every time you bank, buy (except cash), use your phone, or even have it turned on, do anything on the internet, that data is stored, at least temporarily. There are probably ways to cloud the trail, but I’ve no advice there. A famous saying, Bastiat maybe, said basically, the tyrant can’t rule over you except that you supply the eyes to spy on you, the lips to tattle, the arms to hold you, etc.

    • Indeed the hard part is we are spoiled for choice. I am taken back to when I first saw “Glengarry Glen Ross”.

      Pouring rain. Dark. Not one single likeable character. All jousting to grift an unsuspecting mark, who was of course already guilty of his own greed and thus deserving of being taken. Making sport of setting lose a cascade of ill-will into the night to avoid being the one fired for failing to produce his little station of commerce.

      A sick hive of cannibals competing to extract the most wealth from a system that is only fair in its equitable distribution of misery. What our people will do in this dark set of current year for a set of steak knives is saddening. But its fuel for that hatred that at least now have many more names and faces. When the camera of our minds is forced to pan out from that dark set we see that the whole thing is fake, but no less dangerous; and that it must burn. Spending precious energy trying to figure out why, why? is no longer relevant. If it ever was.

      Levene: “Why do you want to ruin me?”
      Williamson: “Because I don’t like you.”

  25. I think a big reason con men hate their marks is that they know they’re so much smarter than their marks… but yet, not smart enough to really succeed in this world, because in our world verbal dexterity only takes you so far. Kevin Williamson would’ve killed it back in the Middle Ages, arguing in Latin with his fellow Schoolmen about how many angels could dance on the head of a pin.

    In our world, though, the only truly remunerative intelligence — the kind that pays well, in both cash and in social position — is the STEM kind. This has been true since the Industrial Revolution, and look at how much damage has been done by what I call the “non-STEM smart guy.” Every Bolshie you’ve ever heard of was a middle-class dropout. Lenin’s father (a member of the minor nobility) was a school inspector; Lenin was supposed to have been a teacher. Marx himself of course would’ve been a rabbi had granddad not converted, Engels’s father actually owned a factory; Mao was a failed teacher; Stalin a failed seminarian, and so on. All talk-talk jobs — had Lenin been appointed to a chair in philosophy at some third-rate college in Kazakhstan, the October Revolution never would’ve happened. A very sharp guy, Lenin, but not in the way that counted, and so the whole world had to burn.

    • But, as many are noting, STEM is being grievously injured by grifters, cowards, and scum. Trust in the lab coat is fading fast.

      • I like the idea of “scientific consensus” the very opposite of real science.

        These things take time. The church was undermined and nearly destroyed several times by evangelical grifters and murderous power players. The same is happening to all of Lefty’s institutions as we speak. The schools are moron factories, the media are liars and fakes, the courts are a farce and the cops are thugs. This can only end one way.

        • That will always be the case with anything Leftie touches, because Leftism is acid; it corrodes everything, indiscriminately. Universal equality being the core premise of Leftism, it’s impossible for anything prestigious to exist, because the very fact of there being specialists of any kind in this world — doctors, engineers, what have you — proves egalitarianism false. You can either admit that you can’t pass calculus — you can’t, meaning that your entire substitute religion is false, and you’ve wasted your entire life worshipping a false idol — or you can declare that calculus be rayciss.

          I understand that “Iowahawk” guy is no mean cvck himself these days, but he still described the process perfectly: Find a respected institution; kill it; gut it; then dance around in its skin, demanding respect. It makes a mockery of the very concept of excellence, which is the sole point.

          • Severian, off-topic (and also sort hijacking Z man’s comment section) but have you read a book by George Stein called The Waffen SS: Hitler’s Elite Guard at War?

            I ask because I just found this book, which, when I acquired it about fifteen years ago I considered too dense to be worthwhile. Reading through it, it appears Stein had done significant delving into primary sources – in fact the whole book is effectively based off of confiscated SS records – which immediately impressed me, as I see so little of this now (I’m very disillusioned with most ‘academic’ output these days).

            For some reason I had a feeling that you knew a bit about Austrian Painter’s (commenter A.B Prosper’s highly amusing term, not mine) most cherished organization, so wondered if you had read it and what you thought of it?

          • Orange Frog,

            I haven’t. I am an amateur scholar of that group at best (if you want the real skinny, talk to Pickle Rick, who also comments here regularly). The problem is, most of what’s written about those guys falls into three camps: Sensationalist trash, battle narratives, and specialist literature.

            You can almost always spot the trash, and you can generally spot the specialist literature, but everything that isn’t those two looks like a straight battle narrative, which I find boring (“at dawn, the second platoon of the fourth regiment moved 2.6 meters up the line, to counter the movement of the 5th platoon of the 9th company of the 5th People’s Shock Infantry battalion…”). When I saw the book you’re referencing, I thought that’s what it was, so I gave it a pass. I might have to go back and check it out now — thanks!

        • The scientific method is pure materialist skepticism. Anybody who ‘trusts the science’ (puts faith in it), doesn’t know the first thing about it.

      • I’m constantly surprised at how the young guys in IT have turned into a bunch of soyboy communists since I was starting out in the 90s. And yes, it’s still a bunch of guys, mainly White, because chicks still can’t do math in spite of the throngs of horny beta males who wish their company would hire them a girlfriend.

    • I don’t agree. Lenin’s brother, Alexander Ulyanov, also was a terrorist and committed communist. There were a lot of relatively pampered Russians who became staunch Marxists. Daddy issues, maybe? Entitlement channeled into politics? Maybe. Lenin himself seems to have been radicalized at law school. It is analogous to the children of American billionaires who drift to Antifa although those are upper rather than middle class types.

      • Political ideologies are types of people. I know a bunch of communists because I know a bunch of people who come from massive multi-generational wealth. Communism *is* them. The rest is rationalization.

  26. Recently I saw Bill Kristol in a clip openly describing the need to demographically replace Americans with Mexicans because, paraphrasing him, “the abundance created by previous generations has created a decadent country” and Mexicans come here with a strong work ethic and desire to better themselves.

    The implication here is that we have too many uppity white people who are mad because they can’t afford the lifestyle that Bill Kristol enjoys. Let that sink in. This soft, weak, delicate handed Ashkenazi person who undoubtedly couldn’t discern a Crescent wrench from a pair of Channel Locks is openly complaining that there are too many blue collared white men who are unhappy with their 24% interests credit cards, broken marriages, and transgendered children and the solution is to bring in more Mexicans who won’t complain (for at least one generation anyway).

    While he isn’t wrong in a sense, i.e. I do think Americans of all stripes have lost some perspective where economics are concerned, he’s the LAST ‘an on Earth who needs to be pointing out decadence and he’s the first person, in my book, who I’d happily replace with a Mexican leaf blower.

    As a matter of fact, this is a trade I think we need to consider. David French in exchange for a sheet rocker. I could but into this.

    • You’re giving Kristol and the neocons too much credit. They couldn’t tell the difference between a screwdriver and a hammer. There’s an old story about fancy lad William Buckley. Someone convinced him to go outside on a hike. A cottontail rabbit ran across the road ahead of them and Buckley started screaming in terror, not knowing what it was. Don’t know if it’s true, but it sounds like neocon behavior.

  27. Hatred of how we got here is a normal human response that likely has some ill-defined benefit in an evolutionary sense. Maybe it’s just the amygdala kicking into action in order to quickly motivate a survival response when danger abounds.

    But in our current dilemma, the real danger lies in the gradual nature of the evolving threat. It is the proverbial case of the frog in the pot with temperature being increased slowly so as not to alarm him into jumping out. Such is the game being played in DC. The hive intends to pass the multi-trillion appropriations bill, but not until lots of stalling and antics have been employed to mask the ultimate result. This will guarantee an economic collapse and the assumption is that when everyone is on their knees in debt & distress, the paternalistic Federal Government can step in, print more fiat currency, and purchase the obedience of the masses via distribution of token alms. And it will work quite well for the parasitic half of the population.

  28. From your taki article, “The only antidote to the egalitarian madness of liberal radicalism is an equally fanatical illiberal radicalism.” I thought it should be here as well since it kind of applies to both articles, and struck me as being very true.

    • DavidTheGnome: Yes. Drop your principles and moral rectitude at the door to calamitous conflict, and don’t try to reclaim them until we’ve won. Moderation in destroying evil is no virtue, and leaving any detritus for your progeny to deal with is moral cowardice and laziness.

      • This was one of the topics in Z-man’s Sunday podcast. I don’t think I’m breaking any new ground by pointing out that most of us here are resigned to being extremely vicious to our persecutors in the near future.

        Normies will instinctively question the idea that the radical left actually intends to harm the people affected by their crackpot schemes. It’s too easy to ascribe a more benign rationale for their actions. But now I understand exactly what they’re feeling, easily summed up by “they hate us and they want us dead.”

        I now want them dead too. I’m comfortable with the notion and I relish the chance to witness the culling. My conscience is free of any second thoughts on the matter.

  29. I don’t think it’s hatred , I think it’s recognizing that two generations or so ago they were us and their so called success is based on what their ancestors built. Imagine being in your 60’s with a train wreck family, no real assets, a big mortgage, a BMW in the garage and no way to sustain all that. And You spent all Mom and Dad’s money Of course you would hate and dismiss the common folks like me who put a little by. And spend your days and nights figuring out how to steal it. Because doing otherwise isn’t fair.

    • Thud Muffle: A generation or three ago the neocons were not ‘us.’ Nor were they part of the common people whose ancestors built America. The neocons are the progeny of Juice Trotskyists who immigrated (or whose parents immigrated) to a primarily White, Christian country and then initiated a century-long effort to undermine and subvert it. They created and inserted themselves into a new and false history of America, claiming rights and title to things that were never theirs, and offered that same false ownership to the worst of human refuse.

    • I guess it’s somewhat tangentially relevant: One of the news sources I browse is the Daily Mail. It’s hard to avoid some of the celebrity photos. I’m sure many are happy that Britney Spears has regained control over her finances. At 39 she’s still pleasing to gaze upon, but anyone with even a passing knowledge of her history knows there must be reasons why her Dad had guardianship for a long time. I have no opinion on whether he committed any malfeasance. But I’d lay a good bet that Britney will b broke in a year or two. Memo to self: if you ever get filthy rich, put at least some into an irrevocable trust so that you will at least avoid becoming homeless. And yes, it has happened to a few rich and famous people who should have known better.

    • One difficulty is that no human being, reasonable or otherwise, wants to slide down the economic scale. Everyone tries to avoid it. However, one additional consequence of the subversion of American society is that there are fewer reasonable places to slide to. Poor neighborhoods are no picnic historically, but they are worsened by the decades-long devastation via drugs and other social ills. Working class neighborhoods that used to be modest economically but otherwise family-oriented and tight-knit, are few and far between. We’ve created a highly alienated society, which is less resilient when hard times fall.

      • One often-overlooked unintended consequence of forced desegregation and other civil rights is that, far from bringing equality, it increases it. In the before times, neighborhoods and individual landlords were free to allow or forbid occupants as they saw fit, usually by race and/or religion. Today, of course, the class system still exists. But we sort our neighborhoods primarily by income and net worth. The pre-Civil-Rights system had the advantage of more local control. Many Whites (and other groups) were perfectly content to live in modest row houses, like those that run for miles in Baltimore, let their children attend the local schools, and the parents worked in factories. The rich have the right to live in nicer places, because it’s not racism, but high costs that keep the refuse out. That’s not illegal at present. It’s the lower and middle class Whites that got screwed.

  30. The sort of crisis we find ourselves in has a particular logic. It doesn’t have solutions, it only has bad and very, very bad outcomes. We have to choose the bad outcome.

    • It really shows the sociopathy. John Derbyshire’s stories about what would happen when he raised the issue in meetings are priceless. They would physically move away from him, like he had cooties.

      • Notice the past issues he highlights are all written by John O’Sullivan who they fired and Mark Krikorian. Williamson once criticized Krikorian by replying to one of his columns, “are you descended from the Mayflower Krikorians?” That is what passes for high wit on National Review Online.

    • Disgusting. I couldn’t despise the folks at national review more if I found out they were all pedophiles. AlthoughIt might explain French’s is adoption policies. When is the next NR cruise? That might a fun troll to send Zman. BTW I set up a telegram channel for my beloved hill tribes.

      For those of you with an interest in Appalachia join us. I’m talking to you vizzini.

      • I don’t have a Telegram account, but I’ll give it some thought. I avoid social media platforms for the most part.

        • It’s encrypted and very useful for the dissemination of information. Normies have flocked to it Because of the shenanigans at Facebook and Twitter. This is full spectrum warfare. In my opinion, we must utilize electronic communications. A defensive crouch will not win the day..

  31. What about George Will?

    Kevin Williamson, Rich Lowery, D’inesh, David French, Michael Medved, David Brooks (just wrote a book explaining why his last book was wrong, sheesh), Hugh Hewitt, Prager….all obvious grifters. Go wherever the winds blow them.

    George Will is in that weird holdover not-quite-paleocon, not quite grifter mold. He’s a true believer, but just can accept his whole outlook was never viable.

    • George Will was always a fraud. People forget that he opposed Reagan in 1976 and was no fan in 1980, although he saw which way the wind was blowing and smelled money. He hated the paleos, who mostly saw through his act. Will hated Buchanan. George Will is just a less homely version of Doris Kearns Goodwin.

      • It’s really incredible to think of all the columnists from twenty years ago on both sides of the political spectrum. Without fail on the right, the only interesting ones anyone cares about anymore were thrown into the abyss by the end of their careers. On the left, I can’t think of one person who is still remembered today.

        • Chet: Political columnists are like politicians – they never, ever go away. There are plenty on both sides I remember from my youth, and those who are not yet buried and gone are still opining and eternally searching for followers and fame. Their folly is that they helped create a non-literate generation that communicates via abbreviated, fractured English and emojis, like three year old girls – so their only audience is equally old late Silents/early Boomers for whom ‘murrica is a fantasy they cling to along with this earthly existence. I long to stomp on all those gnarled, liver-spotted fingers.

          • Ha. Boomers are rightfully despised and those of us at the end of that generation got a front row seat at the hell to come. The 68’ers’ narcissism and the late Silents’ Puritanical messianism paved the way for this catastrophe and it was obvious even to kids at the time. They seem very healthy despite the drugs and promiscuity and will be with us a while longer.

        • Thirty years ago I would read NR cover to cover. I’d get the daily paper and read various opinion writers every day. Back then it was clear even to a kid that the interesting people were “on the right” side of the spectrum. Today, the only interesting people are on this side of the great divide.

    • Will is strictly a gatekeeper. AmRen published a column within the last couple of years comparing him and other pundits to those from the past. One they mentioned was a hack Washington Post columnist from the first half of the 20th Century named Drew Pearson. He was once wrote the most widely published column in the country, but is completely forgotten today. Like Will he played his role, but wrote nothing of lasting value.

    • Will’s wife worked/works for ConAgra, which depends of cheap illegal alien labor. Hence, Will is an open borders/mass migration enthusiast. The only thing that drives D.C.-based Conservative, Inc., is their rice bowl. Nothing more needs to be understood about them.

      Will was the anti-Reagan before it became profitable to be a Reaganite. He easily would transition to Marxism if it enriched him. This tiny sliver (slither) of the GOP controls the entire Republican Party. It highlights the absurdity of voting and the political process.

  32. “So many of the former suckers have wised up over the last five years”.
    Begging the Colonels pardon, but “The Right” side of the aisle voters are all a quiver with “getting the house back”.
    Wanna send a message? Increase the whack jobs numbers in the house. It’s on fire as it is.
    It amazes me that people on our side of the divide think that if they vote just a little bit harder,(and get Congress back), things will start to right themselves.
    For the love of God, does anyone have any ideas on how to have our people stop adding legitimacy (by voting), to the Kabuki Theater that is politics?

    • Notice I did not say “all suckers have wised up”. Not everyone can be saved. Many of those who have abandoned Conservative Inc are getting conned by the ad hoc Populism Inc.

      • Rereading it, I see the distinction.

        The question still stands.

        How do the rank and file dirt folk organize to stop adding legitimacy to elections. It seems self evident that voting is deciding to get hit in the head with;
        A ball peen hammer
        A sledge hammer

        Neither act is beneficial.

      • Yeah, I’m beginning to role my eyes at Populism Inc. It’s just a rehash of the old alt-lite who are a bit more race-realist and thrive on anger posting. I don’t need Lauren Witzke and Pillow Guy telling me 10 times a day that they are all LYING. Just ignore the f**kers.

        • Part of the problem I see with my compatriots anywhere on the right is that the very same continuum of discomfort that shocks them out of their slumber is prone to turning them toward the closest pillow. Hopefully the iterative process inches in the right direction.

          In a text and email chain among my very few wrongthinking brothers that go way back, I get shitlord memes and solid links to good diagnostics and debates of the ills.

          But the begged question of “ok, so what do we do next?” gets smothered by that comfortable mypillow and I get a stream of Sowell quotes, gunslut tradthot instagram selfie vidyas of momma bears in workout gear taking tough, basketball americans dropping truth, and rappers making “music?” about tyranny.

          They are not “ready” to give up on their leveraged option on the american dream. It’s hard, but I have to let them find their own way.

          I am hopeful but cognizant of how sticky their situation is given the height from which their lifestyles must fall to even imagine that future that is maybe, probably, or definitely coming.

          And because I am likely a similar version to some of my other badthink friends who are ten years ahead of me, I try to retain my humility and stick to my own troubling tasks on the road ahead.

    • The talk of peaceful separation, while on its face ridiculous, is a good bit of framing. you start with the most radical preposition that benefits you, and when the left, of course, it gives rhetorical cover for states and local areas to start their own political agendas. The worst thing to happen to Washington isn’t these states fighting D.C. but outright ignoring them, like they’re a foreign country.

      The first governor that openly flaunts a federal court ruling is going to open floodgates that can’t be stopped.

      • “Flouts.” But I agree, that’d be great theater. We must be nearing the point where the Feds are going to have to send actual, armed troops to “enforce a decision” or a “regulation” at some point. I know that’s happened a few times in history: FDR protecting labor unions, or Eisenhower enforcing the end of segregated schools.

        Now, let’s play alternate history: what if, in Alabama in 1963, instead of a peaceful “surrender” to the show of Federal force, the National Guard had ignored orders from Washington? What if there had been two (or more) armed factions and shooting started?

        I think we will eventually see something like that in our future. And when there is a large pile of dead and wounded, I think that will be a wake-up call that the hot civil war has arrived at last. 🙁

        • Ben: Disagree. I don’t rely on the National Guard or any branch of the armed forces to do anything other than obey the orders and the people who pay their salary. I look back at those pictures from the 1950s and wonder at those supposedly upright, all-American soldiers using the threat of violence to force White southern children to school/socialize with blacks. Did any of them have any qualms? Did any of them later say “We were wrong”? If so, I’ve not heard of it.

          • Lt Col Scheller wouldn’t have an problem with using violence against fellow Americans either. Speaking of grift – he turned out to be a Trump hater and many normies are feeling betrayed. Personally , I thought the guy was full of it because he was compelled under the UCMJ to keep his yap shut.

          • Your point is well taken. Do bear in mind that back then, probably, soldiers were even more likely to be patriotic and obedient. To my knowledge, the military (and even civilian courts) were still executing and giving long terms to offenders. We’re long past that now.

            For my scenario, it doesn’t have to be just a Guard unit that might mutiny. Imagine a rebel Governor who tells his state guard to choose a side: the State or the Feds. If the latter, they’ve got 24 hours to get out of the State or else. That may be far-fetched. Much more likely: Consider a local militia, or even a crowd of rednecks who believe themselves the same thing.

    • “For the love of God, does anyone have any ideas on how to have our people stop adding legitimacy (by voting), to the Kabuki Theater that is politics?”

      It’s a good question. And an important one to answer. For me, it’s starts with looking for a disillusioned person, with ‘right-wing’ sympathies. I ask them what concerns them – forget the shamdemic, climate changes, fuel ‘shortage’, midwife ‘shortage – what directly affects them. Once they’ve opened up, usually with a refrain to the tune of “Things ain’t what they used to be…” then I go straight in with examples of how the government don’t care.

      So you think your kid is getting a bad deal at school? You just think? Let me tell you what is in our curriculum. Then maybe get you to think a bit harder about the sorts of things that go in a school with no ability to deal harshly with pupils. What about time wasted on bullshit studies? You know public schooling is pretty much one big make-work scheme, yes? How would you teach your kid? Come on, think man!

      And then I say: “Do you honestly think that voting will help? It won’t”.

      I don’t know if this tactic has succeeded with those I spoke to, but it is a start. But admittedly, it’s very hard to do. My race-realist father will probably still vote Tory because otherwise… Labour! Commies! But the most totalitarian scam (shamdemic) occurred under a Tory government; could it really be worse? Take the legitimacy from the system by taking your vote. At least set the example. Then think about what comes next – how do you protect yourself?

      Another good in is the Police – when was the last time you felt ‘protected’ by these people? It is a very sad fact that people think so little of themselves and the UK, that they believe we need a massive centralized police force. National policing is another matter, but at the local level, local people and the grapevine are man’s best friend.

      • I did not read your post before replying to Z.

        Thanks for the input.

        Being an example is always a good start.

      • Thank you, that is a good conversational process. I going to adopt that question.

        I’ve brought over a couple/few that I’ve had time to work on, but most seem to decay back to normal. The decay-back are the substantial conversion rate limiter.

        I have a theory that if I work on someone, and then latter they hear similar from someone else, that it might be more transformative, as in two points determine a line.

    • Bartleby: Spot on. Why I don’t associate or debate with either purple-haired trannies or Joe Normal. Just get on with your life and try to better position your loved ones to survive the coming chaos. The rest have chosen their fate and I will not waste a moment trying to dissuade them.

    • I think they can’t see beyond the immediate. We have to stop them NOW, to keep a little bit of what we have.

      Its an understandable sentiment. I’m in a state that has a Wallstreet republican running for govnr. He is soft on the black riots and anti-white stuff in schools, but he endorsed a questionaire from a pretty good 2A group. \

      My feeling is there is nothing we can do long term as far as voting is concerned. So whats the point.

      • There could be value in local elections in small jurisdictions. It might better to a normal person on the school board instead of a person deliberately causing troubles. Some jobs like water board pay well, so it’s better to have an ourguy get the money instead of ms Marxist. Sheriffs can and do push back on masks, et. al.

    • That’s the key. I have been trying to tell this to people I consider salvageable; it’s no good adopting the ‘good sportsmanship’ mode of thought: “Well, our guy lost this time, but next time he’ll get more votes”. These people hate us. We must hate back.

      • “You have loved righteousness and hated wickedness;
        therefore God, your God, has set you above your companions by anointing you with the oil of joy.”

        I’m no expert, but it just feels right to believe that we have a spiritual moral duty to hate evil, just as we have a civic moral duty to cast off the tyrants.

        The atrophy of men’s natural sense of duty to both his spiritual world and his earthly world was required in order to advance evil. It is something we must restore if we are to take up any fight that matters.

        First they took our right to be disgusted with the disgusting.
        Then they took our right to avoid that which we find to be disgusting.
        Then they took our right to express our discontent with having to live with the disgusting.
        Then they made the disgusting our betters and set them loose to teach our children to embrace their sickness.

        The subjugation by a thousand whips of humiliation. How does a man not come to hate them back?

        • Screwtape: Your usual, top-notch stuff. As an aside and an example of being forced to interact with the disgusting: Yesterday my husband and I stopped at a health-food store for some vitamins and digestive enzymes he wanted. When we couldn’t find what we were looking for, a staff member noticed and offered help.

          After a moment of stunned incredulity, we realized it was biologically male, with razor stubble, long unkempt hair, and hairy legs on prominent display beneath a short skirt. And it then told my husband “l love your shoes” (Keen sandals).

          • Z-man has implied he’ll do a “How to interact with your cultist relatives over the holidays” podcast. I’d also love to get some advice on how to handle that sort of situation. The freak with a dress; the tatted up, blue haired land whale; the sneering prick with a face full of fishing tackle — I want to get better at cutting them to the quick. Most scorn will just trigger rage in them, so I’m looking for ideas that might facilitate deep embarrassment.

    • Remember Red Dawn?
      The Colonel:
      All that hate’s gonna burn you up, kid.

      It keeps me warm.

  33. i think it is important to illustrate the toxicity of the cloud person existence. their decadence comes with a high price, especially among their children and grandchildren. remove all the glamour and reveal the painting in the attic. luckily there are plenty of pre-pozzed age movie (and TV) to show good examples of well lived lives.

  34. > They eat to get the momentary hit that comes from high calorie foods, but this also fuels the self-loathing. The more they eat the more they hate themselves for it. The morbidly obese have a death wish.

    Nothing political about this, just a harsh truth. One of the powerlifting gurus, the guy who wrote 5-3-1, poignantly stated when he was incredibly overweight that the two options in his mind were get in shape or put a bullet in his head. Unfortunately, there are many who do the death-by-installment plan of excessive drinking and eating. Body positivity is essentially a movement to feel at home with your self-loathing.

    • My brother-in-law had a landlady back in the day who was morbidly obese. He had all sorts of problems with her that were caused by her simply bloody-mindedness. He could never understand it. I told him that the morbidly obese have all sorts of problems, it’s not like they have their lives entirely together except for this one tiny thing where they eat so much that they weigh 400# and can’t climb stairs.

      Do they have a deaths wish? Yeah, the way opioid addicts and drunks have a death wish. They want to commit suicide, just not all at once.

      • The MDs in the readership will probably kill me for this, but I really do think food is an addiction… and like any addiction, only something like a 12 Step Program can cure it, because 11 of the 12 steps are about fixing all the other stuff that got you addicted in the first place. Your alcoholic that stops drinking, for instance, is screwed without a big support system, because he’s still a broke loser with no marketable skills and a 20-year gap in his resume that just says “in the gutter, 1994-present.”

        Fat guys are in a similar boat, socially. Having been “the fat guy” all their lives, they have no idea how not to be the fat guy. Back when they were fat, they had a built-in excuse for why they couldn’t get a date, weren’t invited to parties, and so on. But now they’re no longer fat, and they still can’t get a date and don’t get invited to parties. It’s like exerting tremendous effort to climb a mountain… only to find that in reality, you’ve just crested a small hill, and the real mountain is Mt. Everest, looming before you.

        So it’s either hitch up your now-much-smaller belt and get to climbing that huge f*cking mountain that is “all the other stuff,” or it’s go back to stuffing your face.

        • Yeah but, beer and pizza also taste really good though!

          A reformed fat friend told me that the issue with over-eating disorders/addictions (however you call it) is that those troubled by it cannot just “give up eating”, it’s a struggle in a way that other addictions are not.

          • The Last Psychiatrist, describing “sex addiction,” compared it to alcoholism. The sex addict says it’s the variety that gets him; he’s always on the lookout for new experiences, and somehow we buy this, but if the alcoholic said “you don’t understand, I’m always looking for new cocktails,” we’d rightly dismiss it.

            So with food. No one is saying “stop eating.” As TLP would also say, the trick is not “giving up X thing;” it’s becoming the kind of person who doesn’t eat X thing. For those of us over here, becoming that person has never been easier. Want to give up drinking sugary sodas? Simple: Be the kind of guy who doesn’t give money to companies that hate you. Coca Cola has openly declared that they hate you, and does anyone doubt that PepsiCo etc. are the same?

            Boom — you’ve just cut your carbs and sugar by some huge amount.

        • I don’t think you’re off base at all.

          I can remember reading some authors (I want to say Gary Taubes? or Luestig?) who presented convincing arguments supported by some data that demonstrated that the biochemistry/physiology of the obese created an internal stew inside them that amplified normal hunger signals and tended to suppress feelings of satiation among the obese.

        • Strong and interesting correlation between alcoholism and sugar. Try the keto diet and see how you crave warm bread rolls. Heroin cravings may be worst, but it arguably…

          • Indeed. Despite Native Americans’ well-known problems with alcohol, it’s really diabetes that is killing them out on the Rez… and those two are closely correlated.

            (Funny how the SJWs have never given a damn about the Red Man, except as a cudgel to get stupid sportsball teams to change their names. It’s absolutely criminal what has been done to the Indians, and while fully acknowledging them as the authors of a lot of their own problems, we Palefaces are more obviously responsible for much more of it, right down to the present hour — far more so than the problems of knee-grows, for instance. Talk about a target-rich environment for SJWs!! And yet… for some unfathomable reason, they never get around to it. There was that brief spasm in the early 70s, I guess –AIM — but other than that…)

      • In substance abuse recovery programs, they euphemistically call it “suicide on the installment plan.”

        A great many individual (and group, and national) maladaptive behaviors easily fit that definition.

        • @Vizzini,

          I know some folks in the therapy biz. They all love that clip, I suppose for the same reason real Mobsters supposedly love The Godfather.

    • Jim Wendler. Yeah he’s funny. I saw him reacting to the ultra-low carb keto craze where you can’t eat fruit ‘cause fructose is bad or something:

      “You think people are getting fat from eating f_cking apples!”

    • There’s a lot of biochemistry stacked against them, not least fueled by government nutrition standards, regulations and subsidies that push grains and carbs and lie about meat and fat being bad. If you trust authority you’re screwed. Sadly, that appears to be most people.

      “Dirty Genes” is a good book to read, if a bit too plant-friendly.

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