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One of the things about liberal democracy that is hard to see from the inside is how the system must be all consuming. The people trapped in such a system are forced to engage with it constantly. You are not allowed to live outside of politics. Everywhere you go there are people preaching the latest gospel, demanding you engage with it, usually demanding you not only have an opinion, but you have the right opinion. There is no escape from politics, because politics is everywhere.

The reason for this is democracy can only derive its authority from the general will, which must be expressed through public opinion. That is the basis of all democratic systems of government. Truth itself is fifty percent plus one. If people refuse to participate by not voting or not having an opinion, they must be assumed to be in the opposition to whatever is being proposed. Democracy off all kinds is a binary system where you can only be for or against the current issue.

You may not want to engage in the current issues because you simply don’t care, but your lack of caring can only be read as opposition. After all, if you supported the latest fad, you would make that clear. Your indifference gives support to those who oppose it, so your reasons are unimportant. What matters is your indifference is standing in the way of the cause. Both sides, therefore, feel it is their duty to force you to pick a side, as otherwise you are on the other side.

This binary view of the world that is forced on everyone inside a liberal democracy is a form of totalitarianism. The conventional definition of a totalitarian system is one that exercises an extremely high degree of control over public and private life. The merely authoritarian system seeks only to control the state. Totalitarian systems seek to change the world and human nature with total control of public and private life. Man in a totalitarian system is a prisoner of enforced consent.

In contrast to the masculine nature of communist systems, liberal democracy is a softer and more subtle expression of control. The old communists would send men around to beat nonconformists. Millions were sent off to die in camps because they needed to be examples to the others. In liberal democracy, there is the same need for examples, but instead of torture and murder, the system uses psychological weapons against the intended victims. They get nagged into submission.

We see this with the Covid cult. In the Soviet Union, citizens would have been dragged off to get their shots and that would have been the end of it. There would be no need for vaccine passports, as internal passports were compulsory. In liberal democracy, the system seeks to nag and torment people into compliance. It is a passive-aggressive assault on the mind of the citizen. You are told you have choices, but if you choose incorrectly you are tormented by the system.

Note also that the point of compliance in liberal democracy is the same as in the communists forms of totalitarianism. Compliance is a moral issue. No one in charge cares about the health of the people. In fact, they secretly hope the white population dies from Covid. What matters to them is that you agree. They need your affirmation because they get their sense of authority from the general will. No matter your reasons, you not getting the vaccine is viewed as rejection of their morality.

This fear of and intolerance for opposition is the hallmark of totalitarian regimes and it is the operating ethos of modern liberal democracy. It is why the system has become entangled with digital life. It allows them to search for what the Soviets called refuseniks, people who refused to agree with the system. In liberal democracy, the refusenik is a “denier” of some sort or possibly a conspiracy theorist. The search for such people using digital tools is the highest priority.

The term “conspiracy theorist” is instructive. History is full of conspiracies, and these are taught in the schools. One of the most famous is the conspiracy to assassinate Julius Caesar by Roman senators. It is used as the archetypal example of the political conspiracy. Despite the fact that conspiracies are the norm in human history, a person who traffics in them is anathematized as a dangerous weirdo. More important, anyone questioning official dogma is called a conspiracy theorist.

This is all part of the central demand of liberal democracy. Like all totalitarian systems, it cannot tolerate deviation or doubt. The authority of the people in charge is dependent on the general will. That is not only what puts them in charge, but it provides the systems of power they control. The indifferent in some small way question this moral authority by withholding their consent. This is why in a liberal democracy; you can never escape politics. You are only permitted to agree.

It is also why the liberal democrat has a special loathing of those who are indifferent to their moral claims. The person who mocks or dismisses their morality is assumed to worship different gods and have a different moral code. His source of strength is outside the liberal democratic order. That person is the true danger because he carries with him an alternative truth. That alternative truth is a direct threat to the system and the people who control it, so it must be destroyed.

This is why Christianity collapsed in the West as liberal democracy was imposed on it by the America empire. Christianity places the ultimate authority, the basis of right and wrong, outside of politics. To allow such an alternative source of morality is impossible in the liberal democratic order. As a result, all forms of Christianity have been swept from the public square. This is why Muslims reject liberal democracy. They know it is a direct threat to their faith.

Perhaps the most important innovation in the realm of totalitarianism is the lure of popular participation. In the communist systems, the party was supreme. In the liberal democratic order, the system attempts to draw everyone in with the promise that they can change things by participating. This flushes the opponents out into the open, who foolishly take the bait. This is the main role of mass media. They promise to amplify your opposition, but only serve to identify you as a heretic.

The Soviet Union made the great turn into decline when it began to run out of enemies it could use to focus party efforts. Once the people figured out that they could only live in the shadows and must always avoid engaging in politics publicly, the system was starved for energy. It settled into a long period of decline and eventually collapsed when faced with the crisis of the 1980’s. Convenient opposition, the handy heretic, is the fuel that powers the totalitarian system.

In a liberal democracy, a genuine opposition will refuse to engage the system and seek to live in the shadows. It will stay off the official social media platforms and avoid all contact with regime media. It will evolve its own language and its own moral structures outside of and independent from the system. The modern dissident will not stand athwart history yelling “stop”. He will stand outside of it, going about his business, building an alternative that is free from the bloody grasp of liberal democracy.

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194 thoughts on “The Escapists

  1. A most excellent analysis.
    One gripe though. The MSM/MASS media has always been anti-populist as long as I have been alive. They also have been most assuredly anti-social conservative and very liberal. They always went out of their way to marginalize conservative pols and movements. In general they never liked the ordinary white person. Look what happened to Richard Jewel, the McMartin Preschool teachers, the Branch Davidians, etc. Any white person killed by a black or illegal was guaranteed not to make the news.

    You are quite right about modern liberal democracy being anti-religious. Oddly enough one could still read the Bible in public school up until 1963. Public displays of Christianity especially at Christmas time were still common until the early 70′.s As usual the attacks against Christianity came from the Tiny Hat group that had the $$$ to wage lawfare across the country(via ADL and ACLU) and eradicate Christianity from the public square. And at the same time higher ed was pushing PoMo and the notion of the secular state is the superior state. So we ended up as one pundit put it. A nation of Hindus(religious) ruled by (secular) Swedes.

  2. There is no stepping outside of this, layin low. The jew world order is being shoved up your ass, right now, as we speak. Compliance=Death. The blood of your ancestors flows through your veins, stand the fuck up, like men.

    • In a sense you are correct. We cannot ride this one out from the comfort of our Lay–boy recliners while watching Netflix.See unlike the USSR our elites hate us and want us dead. Hence the race replacement. We are not just the heretic, we are the sub humans who must disposed of.

      Nor can we run and hide.

    • Remember that you are in a drama of such sort that as the author so chooses-if short, then in a short one; if long then in a long one.
      If it should be in his pleasure that you should enact a poor man, or a cripple, or a ruler, or a private citizen see that you act it well.
      For this is your business-to act well the given part, but to choose it belongs to another.

      Snoop Dog
      April 1992

  3. “Enforced consent” is the phrase for the age.

    We’re going to get you fired from your job for not consenting, but we’re not going to *force* you.

    We won’t let you go to school to learn a new trade after we got you fired from your job, but we’re not going to *force* you.

    Maybe soon we won’t let you into the stores to buy basic staples of life, but we’re not going to *force* you.

    When you finally beg to consent, it will be willingly.

  4. “The only antidote to the egalitarian madness of liberal radicalism is an equally fanatical illiberal radicalism.”

    And an organization that can accomplish something. Anything.

  5. Definitely one of your best essays Zman. Succinct and well presented. Enjoy your cup of coffee. You earned it.

  6. Its not nagging any more. Its jail time for people who criticize school boards. Or firings. A single mother got fired from her job after complaining to the school board about her special needs (retarded) daughter. In Tennessee. So now it will be jail time for the Upper Middle Class people whose single kid is in public school (or even private schools) and complain about CRT. Which is basically, punish White kids and deny them education to enable non White kids to take their place.

    This was inevitable within the system. There is no limit to the Pramilla Jayapals (the ugly hindu woman and she is remarkably ugly running the Democratic Party) wanting to come in and take the spots of the existing Upper Middle Class Whites. Taking their kids educations is the first thing. The Elites will not get racist, as Derbyshire predicted. But their managers will. NOTHING is as strong as dynastic impulse, with apologies to the Hulk, dynastic interests are the strongest one there is. So, jail time or forceful intimidation of the Upper Middle Class whose sons in particular end up at an Amazon Fulfillment Center. Quite literally there is a Sex Pistols No Future for all Whites in this nation. ALL save the very top. That’s a revolutionary condition.

    We will have plenty of that type on our side. Including majors and captains whose promotions are balked in favor of black dudes, or lesbians, or black lesbians. And the ordinary White dudes “Lets Go Brandon” at Jets games. The FT is spooked, they figure Trump will come back no one let them into the clue-club that elections are now fixed. But that just pushes the danger out to bigger margins. People can and will endure hardship as long as: their leadership seems aligned with the nation, the nation is mostly one race/ethnicity/religion, there is an obvious crisis, there seems a way out. With defeat catastrophically looming: Taiwan invaded and our Pacific Fleet sunk in days if not hours, and spiraling energy, food, and everything else costs with massive tax increases, special gibs for non Whites, and various White punishments, “Lets Go Brandon.”
    Even in Australia people had enough and are starting to fight back against the cops and view cops as nothing but political goons. The cops can force compliance when they are in sufficient numbers and force but not respect — that’s lost there, likely forever.

    • The video that has leaked out of Australia shows large crowds bum rushing the police, who act like Kevin Bacon shouting “all is well”.

      The PTB have overplayed, and will continue to overplay their hand.

      They don’t have the numbers to maintain control.

      • Police officers have a home, and usually a family too…

        So do government officials and politicians, come to think of it.

        • “You probe with bayonets: if you find mush, you push. If you find steel, you withdraw”

          ― Vladimir Ilich Lenin

          • Look at how *fast* this is happening. Even four years ago – probably as few as two years ago – even most of us here would have read the above comments and thought “whoa, buddy, tone it down a bit.” Now? Shrug. You’re right, we all know you’re right, what’s left to say?

            If long study of history has taught me anything, it’s that events have a momentum of their own. There are no mysterious “forces of history,” but societies do move like tectonic plates – they meet, they mesh… and then one subsumes the other, with earthquakes and tsunamis and volcanic eruptions as the byproduct.

            It’s not going to end well, and if history is any guide, the flash point will come far sooner than even the most cynical suspects, and from an unforseen direction. Did the shot heard round the world just happen in Melbourne?

    • I can’t believe how willingly tptb frittered away relations between police and community. Police relations with rural, Christian Ontario, and farmers, has been great for centuries – since the 1700s.

      They’ve burned through all that in a year – and cops are now out harrassing random Mennonites for not wearing a mask at church service. It would take decades to rebuild, even if they were trying to (which they aren’t).

      They are either really stupid, or have no respect for us. Or both. They seem to think they will have tyrannical technocrat liberal rule forever due to changing demographics.

    • Well, well, well… surprise surprise. Not!
      From TheConservativeTreeHouse

      U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland recently instructed the FBI to begin investigating parents who confront school board administrators over Critical Race Theory indoctrination material. The U.S. Department of Justice issued a memorandum to the FBI instructing them to initiate investigations of any parent attending a local school board meeting who might be viewed as confrontational, intimidating or harassing.

      Garland’s daughter is Rebecca Garland. In 2018 Rebecca Garland married Xan Tanner [LINK]. Mr. Xan Tanner is the current co-founder of a controversial education service company called Panorama Education. Panorama Education is the “social learning” resource material provider to school districts and teachers that teach Critical Race Theory.

  7. Just finished The Demon in Democracy where Polish professor of philosophy Ryszard Legutko makes the case that communism and liberal democracy are both totalitarian systems requiring complete buy-in. Highly recommend for a comprehensive and thoughtful investigation into this theme.

    • I think it helpful to stop thinking of this problem in terms of political systems, but rather a society may be compared to a living organism that becomes ill and must either fight off the illness or die. The USA is over 200 years old now, and has weathered several episodes of severe “illness”, but now faces the equivalent of a cancer within its political and managerial class. And virtually every remedy for cancer involves eliminating the cancer cells. Recent events clearly demonstrate that we are at least at Stage 3 or possibly early Stage 4. The longer it takes to begin chemotherapy, the lower are the odds of survival.

    • Ever read Inverted Totalitarianism by Wollin?

      He needs an editor, but he does make many great points.

  8. The nagging into submission isn’t even the worst part of the current psyop being waged against us – it’s the constant gaslighting combined with the overwhelming abundance of conflicting theories. Is the jab to protect the compliant from the actual bioweapon coming down the pike to take out the recalcitrant, is it the actual bioweapon, or is it nothing at all? Just a way for the cloud people to gauge where the majority fits on the complacency and obedience scale. Being lined up and shot for disobedience seems less evil. At least it’s over quicker.

    • The hour is late enough that we don’t really need to know what’s true, just who’s who. Their great advantage is that They™ realized/decided this so long before we did. Their Hitler-Mao-[etc.] is Attorney General while ours probably isn’t even born yet.

  9. It was nice to hear that facebook was inaccessible for a bit yesterday. Those of us who remain disconnected were happily unaffected. Living detached from it all is the only was forward.

    A bit of topic:
    Last week, counter currents posted an article regarding how to respond to the charge of racism. I couldn’t help but think of Hannah Graham. She was the 19 year old UVA student who was brutally murdered in 2014 by a monster with a violent criminal history. Forensic evidence at her crime scene connected him to the 2009 murder of Morgan Harrington.
    Several eye witnesses reported having seen him walking near Hannah on the night she was murdered. The eye witnesses were uneasy and suspicious but did nothing to intervene. Anything they could have said or done would have been ray cyst.
    It’s tragic to think of all we have lost: our borders, our (Southern) heritage, our standards, even our people.

  10. “Democracy off all kinds is a binary system where you can only be for or against the current issue…”
    Hmpfffff. I find myself more against the people involved in the issue…

  11. Great essay.
    I think of my fellow Christians chasing around the abortion issue like a cat chasing a LED pointer.
    They are participating in the system because they were promised that they can change the system.
    That is not going to be allowed to happen even if the liberal democracy has to pack the courts.
    In the meantime the Christians whom care about abortion will be replaced with a population that doesn’t.
    Christians should learn from Muslims operating within democracies.

    • We will see shortly when the supreme court rules on the abortion cases before it. If they overturn the state restrictions, then you are 100% correct. If they uphold, it will be a race to see which red state can put the most restrictions on.

      • If I was going to bet, I’d bet that the “conservative” Supreme Court places Roe on even more impregnable (ha ha) legal footing.

      • And then after that it will be a race to see which state hits 60% black births first. My money is on Mississippi.

        But at least there will be alot more of those family values blacks, lively clapping in church services, and more spicy food 🙂

    • I was in the pro life movement for a long time and then concluded that even if we made gains, it could be reversed just as easily.

      So I gave up

  12. Great post, Z.

    When I read the Orwell media novel as a teen in the 1990s I was struck by, among other things, WS’s doubt at one point that Emmanuelle Goldstein even existed and uncertainty as to which continent he was on, despite working in the Minitrue n’ all (btw this metaphor of the foreign mirage seems like a particularly Brit theme, it’s how I interpreted the lyrics from the Wire song “Reuters” anyway).

    The weird thing to me is the pop belief with or without citing that example that an iconoclast-dissident is something to strive to become, rather than another product of the king that can be tailor-made for the circumstances (a particularly Russian theme IMO). “The tallest blade of grass is the first to be cut” -Bob Marley

  13. I run into this one with climate change. You can tell people “I don’t know the first thing about climate science and more importantly, neither do you” and it won’t even slow them down. Very few activists will just accept my regular answer to asking me about climate change which is “I don’t know. The only people talking about it are lunatics who use it as an excuse to do stuff they already wanted to do before they ever heard of climate change” Of course, this is viewed as an invitation to start quizzing me about climate change. Your lack of an opinion just isn’t an option.

    Plus, we don’t really have any neutral teller of facts on really any political subject. Everyone is an activist and views their job as convincing people that their side is the correct one. That is why everything is propaganda.

    • My response to the Chicken Littles is that “climate change” is exponentially worse than they think it is in their studied ignorance as this unprecedented state of ice-age affairs suddenly became the norm two million years ago. Chicken Little is facing in the wrong direction.

      The irony is that having the fanatics on the right side of this would likely make things worse. Fanatics fanaticize.

  14. The term “conspiracy” carries no valuative freight. It’s an ordinary noun just like “rock” or “dog.” It is only charged with valuative implication by its context. In other words, asserting the existence of a conspiracy is not inherently ridiculous unless the very nature of the posited conspiracy is absurd. Each conspiracy theory, therefore, must be judged on its own merits. Some are utter nonsense, but others are immanently valid.

    PS–This was Z’s best article in quite some time.

        • Concur. The enemy of the enemy can very well be our enemy too. Too much knee-jerk contrarianism/revisionism going aroung wrt to 911.

        • I reading Ron Unz’s e-books and articles. He makes a good case that, well, let’s be honest, damned near everything is a Mossad/ Israeli or (pre-1948) Zionist conspiracy in history 😀

          I’m just reading what is effectively a summary of many of history’s well-known, and not so well-known, incidents. For example, JFK had many enemies who’d wish him dead, not only the Jews.

          But I digress. Reduced to a few sentences, Unz asks the probing classic question: “Who benefits?” Re 9-11, in retrospect it sure does look like Israel would benefit greatly if the US were tricked into attacking one or more Mideast nations, at least one of which (Iraq) turned out to have absolutely nothing to do with 9-11, nor any of those “weapons of mass destruction,” remember those? Israel’s enemies were destabilized, and US defense and political interests rolled in the trillions of cash. National laws were passed. The State’s grip tightened (and, presumably, the influence of the puppeteers).

          I’ll leave open the question of whether a handful of Muslims with box-cutters could commandeer four aircraft and successfully fly two (the Pentagon is still iffy) into a target. Whether or not they did, it provides an excellent cover story to those who MIGHT have been the real conspirators.

    • The funniest thing was watching progressives argue with 911 truthers. One day they’re calling Bush ‘literally Hitler’ and the next day they act utterly shocked that anyone would accuse Bush of being involved in the 911 attacks. They don’t even believe their own bullshit.

      I love to point out that conspiracy is one of the most commonly charged criminal charges in America. Then they always say the only way to keep something secret is to never tell another person and that conspiracies are by definition impossible because people cannot keep secrets.

    • Definitely one of your best essays Zman. Succinct and well presented. Enjoy your cup of coffee. You earned it.

  15. To clarify, Trump might have saved “Heritage America”. By waking them up to certain “badthink” and calling out exactly what was happening.

    I think the country is gone. At least the country we knew. We shall see.

    • It may be an improvement to believe the county is gone. That leaves the mind free to explore utterly different but ultimately benevolent shapes in the fruture. Otherwise we are trying to reclaim something that has already demontrated itself to not be sustainable.

    • In the long view, it’s not necessarily a big deal. The republic died, the continental empire died, now the global empire is dying.

      Unless a galactic empire is being born, this represents the first contraction in US history, so that’s painful. But the survival of the American nation is what matters in the end, and we’ll see what happens. Like you say, Trump did good work on that front.

  16. One comment here in defense of Trump.

    This entire charade of Con., Inc. from Zman’s last post would have continued for quite a while.

    Trump not only ripped the masks completely off of traitorous “allies” like NRO, etc., but he ripped the mask off of this entire rotten system. They had to cheat him to win.

    He could never be our Caesar. He was just a civ nat guy who truly loves the people and the country. But that filthy scumbag Mitch always had the real power over him. If Trump stepped too far out of line, the turtle literally had 20 Senators in his back pocket to convict him. People on “our” side of things MUST understand that reality. That was always a big Damocles sword. Oh, go break up big tech you say?? Hey, that Ukranian call was quite troubling Mr. President…

    So for all his faults, for all his failures to get certain things done, he changed the game. Forever. He was truly an accelerationist. Just watching what happened to the guy woke millions up. I will always be thankful to him for that. In his own way, he might have really saved the country.

    • Good points, whether he meant to be the accelerationist or not, he was the right guy for the moment. Thats past, but he did bring all this up. There would be no covid if hillary was prez

      • I think Covid had to happen to cover up what they did. Only something on the order of The Plague could distract from the Great Reset. Impoverishment and population reduction is heads-on-pikes worthy.

    • All true, but I’ll never get over how he let his supporters twist in the wind, or threw them under the bus. Granted, after getting talked to, but people gave a lot more to the cause than they got back.

      Trump won because he said what couldn’t be said, and his initial takes on events were often on the money (especially Jan 6). But then for ‘unity’s’ sake he’d equivocate or cave. Screw that.

      Also, the fundraising blitz is really getting on my nerves. “Trust me— I will save America.” Sure thing, Don.

      Oh well, we’ll always have ‘16. Never forget we can beat the odds.

    • Trump truly had a gift for getting the other side to run out on stage and rip their masks off and expose everyone to fact that they are demons. They just could not help themselves. Trump could tell them exactly what he was doing, and they would do it anyway. It was like he had some kind of hypnotic spell over them. Even totally non-political people were doing it. I remember all those non-political youtubers and other “influencers” coming out and exposing themselves.

    • As long as Trump the president went along with the ‘constitutional order’ as it has evolved, he could be held hostage by McConnell and the other scum. We needed a Napoleon to toss out the old order, turn the chess board over and bring in a new one: boldness in the face of likely impeachment. He ought to have laughed in their face and asked the impeachers how many divisions they were bringing to the fight.

  17. In line with Z’s piece, I’ve always assumed that celebrities who do not publicly state their political views are on the right. If they’re AW, they have every incentive to public declare their hatred of whitey. It wins you thunderous applause from all the Kool Kidz and the Power Structure, and certifies you as a member of the team. So, why not do so? If you don’t, you are de facto on the right, even if you don’t make it explicit.

    • Back around the turn of the century, a kid made a documentary called Indoctrinate U, in which he wandered around college campuses and filmed all the insanity. He talked to a psych professor who was outed as a conservative. How did they find out?, he asked. “Oh, it was easy,” she replied. “They just checked my student evaluations. I’m the only one whose evals didn’t have a whole bunch of students complaining that she doesn’t actually teach her subject and just rants about politics all day.”

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  19. “Like all totalitarian systems, it cannot tolerate deviation or doubt.” – The key word is doubt, and before you can genuinely conceptualize an alternative to what someone is telling you, you must have a lack of conviction in what they’re saying. This is why they’re mandating the vaccines. It has nothing to do with the virus. It’s a perfect trap to weed out those within the system, right down to flight attendants, who have have no conviction in something they believe to be important (not because it’s true but because they’re saying it). In this type of environment, it’s always good to lie to them as best you can, while plotting your escape to a better life. In other times it would have been an escape to a better country. In today’s world it would be an escape to find, in our highly atomized society, others like you. As liberal democracy eats what’s left of the seed corn, the conviction traps will get more dangerous and higher stakes. One day soon, anyone left within the system will be left signing paperwork that their pension/401k etc. can be confiscated should they be found as non-believers.

    • The town I live in has a huge contingent of Army Corps of Engineers employees. Many, but not all, are armed services veterans. ALL of them receive the swaggiest 401k/pension/health insurance remuneration package on earth.
      For years I sat in Sunday school classes with these people, and though they are nice evangelical Christians there appears to be no shibboleth so vile that they will not say it–provided they still get that government cheese.
      Of course they were all Boomers (I am an Xer), and it’s one of the reasons I couldn’t deal with them anymore. I find this endless ability to “adapt” to the zeitgeist absolutely unforgivable. It sounds like you do too.

      • Absolutely! Every age group has its quirks and blind spots. And Gen X is full of them, right down to the fading barbed wire tats. But I simply can’t stomach a group of old farts who’ve been the frogs boiling in the pot their entire lives and still think its a fu cking jacuzzi.

  20. ** “…As a result, all forms of Christianity have been swept from the public square.” **

    – Christianity was ‘swept aside from the public square’ because it was always ontologically weak.

    ** “This is why Muslims reject liberal democracy. They know it is a direct threat to their faith.” **

    – Liberal Democracy is a threat to Human Nature. It is Satanic.

    • All I know is that many Western Christian groups have violence done to them, and then hold candle-lit vigils.

      Musselmen hear something they don’t like and then dusky gunmen or unqualified lorry/truck drivers turn up at your door/Christmas market.

      Guess which is more effective at scaring your enemies?

      • Don’t forget to mention how the threat of violence has led Muslim countries to the greatest material abundance, highest culture and most beautiful women.

      • Government in 1920’s – Hey Christianity, let’s take this whole “charity” thing off your hands, no more building hospitals and things like that, and you can be free to focus on the word and be better Christians.

        Christianity in 1920’s – Really? Wow! Where do we sign?

        Government in 1940’s – Hey Christians, how about we deal you in on the pot of money we have. We call them “grants.” That way you’ll have the resources to “spread the word.”

        Christianity in 1940’s – OMG We love you so much.

        Government in the 1960’s – Hey Christianity, we’ve given you so much, why don’t you stay within your lane.

        Christianity in the 1960’s – No problem, we just bought a box of tambourins and acoustic guitars. We’re even questioning the whole God thing. He seems oppressive. What if there is no he anyway? He could be a woman after all….

    • Even Nietzsche would endorse that! Mr. “Antichrist” himself, would have called himself an atheist. Whether or not he was Satanic, I’ll let you decide. First, he would have argued that human nature is not too different from animal nature. That doesn’t mean that civilization can’t exist, nor that we can’t have values, but that ultimately the battle is the strong vs. the weak. His ideal political system would be, perhaps, the feudal system, or at least a monarchy. The important feature is that there is an aristocracy, by merit, not necessarily by inheritance, of the superior men who lived by their own morality (the “Master.”) The vast populace were the “slaves,” who in self-defense concocted a “slave morality” that was largely an inversion of the Master’s. Out of this grew many religions, to include Christianity and its bastard child, modern democracy. Relevant to your statement, the obvious inversion of values is strong-weak changed to everybody-equal.

      In a few words: Democracy, indeed any social-political-morality or legal system that holds that all humans are equal does indeed fly in the face of what is true in Nature: people (or any other living thing) vary widely in individual traits, abilities and (sadly) ultimately value. Claimed or attempts to impose “equity” or “equality” may not be Satanic, but they do fly in the face of Reality, and thus should be expected to produce disappointing results.

  21. So, start with victory gardens and heritage seeds? Defending it with your farm tools like an Okinawan, to keep the orcs away.

    O/T, a heads up: Pandemic ll, the escalation of the dark winter, may be a very lethal Marburg outbreak, with a ricin vaccine.

    Let us include medicinal herbs in our victory gardens, then, and stock supplements. Time to bone up on countering the next attack.

    • Based on everything I’ve seen and read to this point I think that Covid 2: Electric Boogalooo is simply going to be a 150% ramp in media gaslighting as the jabbed drop like flies when this year’s flu ravages their degraded immune systems.

  22. “In a liberal democracy, a genuine opposition will refuse to engage the system and seek to live in the shadows. It will stay off the official social media platforms and avoid all contact with regime media. It will evolve its own language and its own moral structures outside of and independent from the system. The modern dissident will not stand athwart history yelling “stop”. He will stand outside of it, going about his business, building an alternative that is free from the bloody grasp of liberal democracy.”

    This is exactly the approach to take. The question is whether we will be allowed to live in the shadows. If we aren’t, then what? I have no ready answer outside of moving to an area with others who think the same as you. The totalitarian regime is controlled by impulsive, oft-irrational people who cannot restrain themselves. Their best strategy would be to encourage dissidents to live in the shadows, but their fanaticism and eternal restlessness may not allow it.

    What is happening in Loudon County, Virginia, and elsewhere over CRT is instructive. This is an excellent example of the totalitarian regime eating its own and being unable to restrain itself. Northern Virginia is highly supportive of the Thing in D.C. yet its opposition to poisonous propaganda in its public school system has caused the Regime to unleash its secret police on otherwise faithful party members. It is the worst possible thing the Regime could have done but, again, this illustrates a psychotic impulsiveness. I have no doubt the feckless Whites being targeted will fold and cower, but they will have a bitter taste in their mouths and no longer will look at the Regime through rose-colored glasses. A few, probably not many, will turn against the Regime.

    There is going to be nullification in states and localities in the near future (there is some here and there even now). Will the Regime be any less monstrous toward its avowed enemies? Withdrawal means not participating even in nullification, but, again, will a Regime that attacks its own in such a stupid, reckless manner allow life in the shadows?

    The first step is to do as you suggest. The next is to think of how to respond if it doesn’t work. That’s the tough one.

      • In a recent Linh Dinh article (at Unz) he said something like this: “No real change will take place in the West until the first meaningful assassinations are carried out.”

        Yikes! That sounds neither “liberal” nor “conservative”, does it?

    • There’s a small white pill in your report. The hint is in the radicals “eating their own.” The more idiotic interventions get dispensed, as (I assume?) the DoJ intervening in school board disputes, the more eyes are opened. And in the close-in suburbs of the Imperial City, a sizeable number of the victims are Federal employees and contractors. Stories will be told in the break room. “Did you hear that Sam was fired because he spoke out against that CRT thing at a school board meeting? We could be next.” This will have a de-stabilizing effect upon the ruling class, rightfully calling into question its legitimacy.

      Even a lifetime Liberal lap-dog, content at the Federal teat, will take notice if the hand that had stroked and fed for so long starts to smack and shout for no apparent reason. When the punishment continues, the dog will start to growl. Perhaps he’ll nip. But perhaps he’ll remain silent and do some sort of unseen damage in the workplace.

  23. I think we, as dissidents, must be a “fleet in being.” Existing and living well make us thorns in the sides of those in charge, without resorting to stupid “direct action” like fighting in the streets with Antifa and BLM or the January 6 “insurrection”.

    The term “fleet in being” comes from WWI and WWII, both times by the Germans. I also think you could use the term in the War for Southern Independence.
    The Confederates built a massive ironclad gunboat, the Albemarle, in coastal North Carolina. Its very presence made it a danger to the Northern fleet of wooden ships, but it had an advantage since Federal ironclads had too heavy a draft to bring it to battle in the shallow rivers, bays and sounds in coastal NC. This lasted until the federals blew it up with a spar torpedo on a little motorboat, but until that time, it tied down federal resources to keep an eye on it.
    Same with the German Grand Fleet during WWI. Since the Brits had to worry about their entire empire, they had to build a gigantic fleet. Most of this fleet was tied up watching the German battlefleet in the Baltic. The Germans were unable, however, to wage a campaign of whittling down the Royal Navy’s Home Fleet because the Brits had broken their naval codes and could intercept their coastal raiding ships (like at Dogger Bank) with little trouble.
    Also in WWII, the Germans learned from the mistake of sending the Bismarck out on a pointless cruise that ended in its sinking. Instead, they kept her sister Tirpitz in the Norwegian fjords, well guarded. The Brits spend millions of pounds with air raids, midget submarines and other means to try to sink her. The Tirpitz’s existence kept the Royal Navy’s battleships occupied when they could’ve been more useful in the Mediterranean against the Italians.
    That’s what we have to be for our rulers. We have to be something that they have to devote lots of resources to counter. Being a “fleet in being” means you go on with your life. Work well. Live well. Raise your families.
    Existence is victory in this instance. You can’t do any of those things in prison for fomenting a meaningless gesture of rebellion.

    • I don’t live in the USA, haven’t for more than two decades, so I can’t judge for myself the mood on the ground, so to speak. From what I read, it appears to me that the USA is in pre-Spanish Civil War territory, a subject I’ve carefully studied. Lived in Spain for many years, married a Spaniard (2nd marriage) whose uncle was a Franco general. My wish would be that a general strike, a serious one, would obviate the need for an open rebellion.

      • It’s a good point. The power to withdraw our labour is one that has brought huge foes to their knees. Never thought I’d say that as a recovering ‘conservative’.

        However, to echo Apex Predator below (or above, depending on where the comment plugin puts this) it does seems unlikely. We’re at the moment simply too comfortable.

      • The US is already having labor shortages but beyond cultural issues we have two things that make general strikes less effective.

        1st We are a reserve currency and so can play currency “chicken” daring other nations to not take the USD for a very long time . There isn’t anything they want better, they need the exports and we still look strong enough to curb stomp the non compliant . This means we can get away with money printing probably till China takes Taiwan or the system dies of internal contradictions

        2nd The USG can and will bring in as many illegals as it takes to break moral. This won’t work, they can’t do the work but the USG is unhinged to say the least .

        The OrangeFrog’s point about comfort, I agree but there is logic there too . Unlike the Left the Right is poorly organized and aware of the costs of mass violence and can’t bring itself to hit the boog switch.

        They don’t have a win condition and Conservative Gen X and Gen Y males hate the idea of taking and using power. Gen Z is a little different but they are still kids mostly, 18 or so at the oldest.

        This is understandable, such a fight would resemble the 30 years war with more ethnic cleansing, famine and death. It will probably make make the Spanish Civil war look like a county fair.

        After that a 40 year interregnum and that doesn’t sit well with the freedom minded, They know leave me alone won’t work but they can’t swallow do as I say and the idea of Right Wing commissars to prevent Leftist subversion something you’ll need badly creates far too much cognitive dissonance

        Civil War is still probably (80%) gonna happen mine you put people will put up with a lot more before it blows.

        • “The Battle For Spain, The Spanish Civil War 1936 – 1939” by Antony Beevor. I have it on my shelf and read it cover to cover.

        • “Mine Were of Trouble”, by Peter Kemp. He was a young and wonderfully reactionary Englishman who went to Spain and fought on the Nationalist side. He even joined the Spanish Foreign Legion, learning Spanish on the fly, so to speak.

    • Ah yes, a man from my hometown, William Cushing, sunk the Albermarle in a very Navy Seal-esque operation.


  24. “It will stay off the official social media platforms and avoid all contact with regime media.”

    As The Smartest Man on Earth once observed: “never talk to the media.” For once, he’s right.

  25. We can do what we can to live outside the corrupt regime, but when it comes to the experimental “vaxx”, it’s obvious to me that they’re not going to stop until they get everyone, including kids to take the shot.

    So far my family has escaped and are vaxx-free, but now my wife is required to get it if she wants to keep her job. Weekly testing is not even an option. Quitting or getting fired is an option, but they’re closing in and eventually coming for all of us. We don’t know what to do.

    Obviously this isn’t about health, since the shots don’t work and ivermectin does, and they’re letting in illegals untested and unjabbed, and there are several other examples…

    Even the in-bed-with-big-pharma-FDA voted 16-2 against booster shots, after listening to 8 hours of health professionals talk about the dangers of the shots, yet the White House dismissed it all and are proceeding with the program.

    I keep waiting for the large numbers of deaths and adverse reactions that are piling up to have an impact and put an end to this, but it doesn’t seem to matter. They want a needle in every arm.

      • Thanks Howard. We’re currently taking Dr. Zelenko’s prophylactic program, but the detox is new to me. I appreciate the info!

      • I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts about income streams. I’ve been thinking about this too. Perhaps a way for dissidents to make a living outside the machine is to become a kind of clean-up crew, offering to fix the damages the system causes. It may sound cynical to profit from this but it diverts physical and financial resources away from the system and solves a real problem for many who refuse to accept what the system offers.

        • Gab offers a hiring site with employers who won’t do the jab.
          That means major upset, though. So does a local job search.

          • Oh I’m already on that. It’s not really a job board with a search engine and the other tools you usually find for that. It’s more a place to post resources and ask if anyone has work in this place or that. I’ve found a few good resources there though and even sent out a few applications using them. One good one is and another is

        • There are lots of uses for cleaners.

          There are plenty of goodwhites with money that abhor any physical labor. Why not start a cleaning business catering to that set and lighten their wallets along the way?

          Cleaning businesses can be a great cover for gaining access and gathering information. Think Charlie Sheen in Wall Street or all the tossed out intact investment banking docs mentioned in Poorly Made in China

          Pulp Fiction would be the extreme example of cleaning.

          I have one fairly insulated income stream up and running, and I’ve taken baby steps researching a second one. I’m nearing the point where I need to sit down and write a credible business plan, even though I am convinced I can self-fund, or worst case get a preapproved loan/line of credit from the honeydews.

      • Over at Denninger’s someone also recommended taking aspirin (blood thinner) daily for a month after the shot which makes enough sense on it’s face that I’m surprised BigMed doesn’t recommend it (well, really, not surprised at all).

    • May the God and the gods bless you and keep you, Wolf. I don’t know what to do either. My defenses are are so meager, my alternatives mean loss.

      Kunstler commenters offer many tips and links on remediating the first shot, but if they get her for the first one, they’ll keep forcing the rest.

      I’m torn. Near everybody else in the fam is shot up, but aren’t seeming to suffer except several with wheezing from the ‘outbreak’ that made them all panic in the first place. They did tell me of temporary mildish symptoms- taste/smell, cold feet/hands, from the shot- but no big adverse events yet. I may be the only one that survives til spring, and hope that I’m utterly wrong.

      If they mandate it for me, well, I’ve lost most everything more than once, but I’m a solo man with some fallback options.

      Make a list of what you can lose if a judge ordered it. Dammit I’m sorry they brought you to this point.

    • Wolf: My sympathy to you and your wife. You’re between a rock and a hard place. Older son’s employer has advised that they will charge any unvaxxed employee $100 a month beginning in December – even though he has already had Covid. We are fortunate to be able to make up that sum for him at present, but the ratchet keeps tightening.

      • The exchange rate on $100/month is an awful lot of office supplies and other useful things not nailed down.

        I remember one bonus cycle at a firm that had an off year. We got the equivalent of the jelly of the month club; the gift that keeps on giving all year round.

        Going way back here, but the bosses soon started seeing things like massive long distance phone charges from conference rooms and office supply orders thru the roof.

        To the point one boss stayed late and counted up the pens in everyone’s desks one night. Reclaiming all but two per person. The lecture at the staff meeting the next morning about the appropriate number of pens per person was memorable for the extreme strain to keep a straight face. (See my comment about chosenite bosses).

        Anyhow, the morality of an entirely transactional world is rather double-edged I reckon. The decline will see much jelly turned to other ‘expenses’ as they force these reckonings.

        That particular company went BK shortly after when Russia defaulted but my jelly kept coming. I hope your son keeps his head high and finds his way to better times.

        • If we still lived in a high trust, moral, Christian, Anglo Saxon nation then I would disagree.

          But we don’t – we live in a third world shit hole.

          Steal everything you can anytime you can. If you don’t, it’s going straight to a non white scammer who is far more proficient at it than you. The anti white system only runs off the backs of honest white people who pay full taxes and work hard at work.

          P.S. funny story, had a good laugh. Thanks.

  26. Great article. Couldn’t agree more, As Zman said a while ago, lurking in the shadows is our version of “Tune in, drop out.” And throw sand in the gears at every opportunity.,

  27. Federalism was supposed to prevent this, by delegating power to the lowest possible level. Civic engagement inside a given locale would by necessity be very high, but engagement with issues outside it would be almost nil. Alas, federalism only works with 18th century technology and information velocity (if even then).

    It’s fun to think about what would be appropriate for a world of instant communications. Why not truly direct democracy — an up/down vote on all questions? The technology is there [just roll with me for a second, please]. Put that question to your friends, especially your Lefty friends, and watch the fun. Everyone senses this is a terrible idea — even though we’re stipulating that the technology itself is foolproof –but WHY? Press them on it, and their responses will be quite instructive. Cloud people (and aspiring cloud people) will have very different answers, depending on their circumstances. That might be a good way to get them thinking about their unquestioned assumptions….

    • It’s fun to think about what would be appropriate for a world of instant communications. Why not truly direct democracy — an up/down vote on all questions?

      This could happen within the rules of the Constitution, but I think I can do you one better: Krullocracy!

      1) You establish a political party, get elected to the relevant legislature.

      2) You establish a website where every item on the legislative agenda is put to an online vote among the party members. The result of this vote will be transferred proportionally to your members of the legislative: if a vote returns a 70/30% yea-nay on your website, that is replicated by your seats in the legislature.

      So far, so good. Now you have direct democracy, but nobody can be bothered to read everything that goes to the floor. So therefore:

      3) On your website, you allow the party members to transfer their voting franchise to a candidate of their own choice: he votes for you on the party website.

      That brought us full circle back to the old, representative democracy, but here’s the kicker:

      4) At any time can you rescind your permission to let your representative vote for you on the party website: so when your candidate decides to vote for more immigration, you click the “vote manually” button, and vote yourself on that particular issue. Or you click the “appoint new representative” button, taking effect immediately.

      Now you have traditional, representative democracy with a veto option on individual bills, it didn’t require a constitutional amendment, and there’s nothing within the current legislation that could stop you.

      And you could subscribe to watchdogs, getting a notification from them when your representative strayed from his mission. This would bring the social media effect into politics, do what the internet did to legacy media; you’d have tens of thousands of basement studio politicians, all offering you to let them handle the tedious business of day-to-day parliamentary business and do your voting for you, either in toto or – most likely – in detail.

  28. Great post. All true. I would add that they do what they do because they understand that the stakes are existential, whereas normal folk think that it’s just politics as usual and therefore no big deal. As long as Normie gets his Starbucks latte every morning, he’s good.

    And yes, kill your TV is a modern day survival necessity, as is avoiding FB & Twitter like it was an STD. Going into the shadows is primarily about not being first in line for the detention camps, but it can also be a form of withdrawing consent. But the slow motion cure is going to leave a lot of dead bodies in it’s wake. There is a better way.

    The core disease cells are relatively few and the antibodies number in the hundreds of thousands at minimum, and perhaps into the low millions when the motivation ramps up. The Jackboots would love it if the antibodies lumped together for easy elimination, but now imagine that instead they remain highly dispersed and pop up out of nowhere spontaneously and unpredictably. Smarter, not harder.

  29. Great column!

    And since I’m not allowed to post such a short comment, let me suggest that we make “voter” a term of derision on par with “TV-viewer”.

    • “Voter” can be a term of derision in these friendly halls, but keep in mind normal people will go along with whoever “wins” an election.

      Jo and the Ho are in the Whitehouse, Trump is not and the Epiphany Protestors are in jail.

  30. It’s like there’s a giant blob blocking the path that sucks everybody in – and in the blob there’s the left side and right side of the uniparty, the media, race mixing propaganda, atheism etc. The blob of liberal democracy.

    But if people take a minute to look around, they can actually just walk around the blob. I’ve taken a distant (far right) path and am watching the disaster unfold in the blob unscathed. The blob is always trying to suck me in, though.

    I feel like I’m from Mars. I don’t watch tv, I don’t kiss my dog, I don’t have pronouns in my email. I don’t cheer on my family while race mixing. I don’t watch NegroBall and worship muscular black men in tight pants. I still have self respect. I read the Bible, even if some of my solutions to the current problems might be “unbiblical”.

    Hard to know what’s going through the heads of normal people, particularly white men who continue to lap up humiliating crap. Racial aliens just think “ayo whiteys stuff and white wimminz” but it’s hard to imagine a white man being so demoralized that he keeps watching football.

    Yes, that makes me a danger to the system. Just for mentally seceding. People notice especially now. And they think, hey, this guy seems kind of normal. I’m not joking when I say white guys look up to me. For once, the blob is now pushing me away to the fringes with the vaccine passport crap. Which is an interesting development.

    • That’s the thing, isn’t it? You can avoid this stuff. Really. Just turn off the tv. If you have to have a smartphone (because you travel for work or have small kids or whatever), put it in a drawer; only touch it when it rings, or when it’s time to head home (at which point you put it in the glove box, and then at home shove it in a drawer). If I were creating some kind of refusenik fashion statement, it would be a length of coax cable, sliced at both ends, worn as a necklace.

      • I suppose I’m slightly ahead of the curve. Back in 1992 the pop culture had become so repellent to me that I ducked out entirely. No more rock n’ roll–except for the older stuff–just classical and jazz. No more TV, only books. I even resisted sail foams until approximately five years ago when one of my employers required I get one. Still, I use it only for conversing, never for entertainment.

        I suppose the lone chink in my armor is the Internet. But even there, I have nothing to do with Effbook, and little to do with Jootoob. I also don’t Tweet, Tik Tok or Snap Chat, and I don’t play video games.

        But you can’t avoid the bilge and propaganda entirely. They get you at the gas pumps, with signage, billboards, displays, mass eMessages, etc., not to mention the imagery on corporate websites. Even still, the Poz lands only glancing blows on me, and I’ve retained my sanity and a firm grasp on reality as a result.

    • I’ve often told others that the first step is to kill your TV and then take a really long hot shower in order to clean off the stench & clear your head. But it’s not enough to just walk away; we were built by evolution to do much more than just stand on the sidelines. After you get your head straight, it’s time to engage the cerebral cortex in some serious planning and preparation. Get fit, become nobody, do all your thinking solely within the confines of your cranium, leave no trace. When the time comes, use the fog and focus your efforts where it counts.

      • “You may not want to engage in the current issues because you simply don’t care, but your lack of caring can only be read as opposition.”

        Simply not buying into the system makes you stand out. A man with self respect, skepticism, and a clear mind is obvious.

        Definitely don’t do anything stupid, but blending in is hard. Sunglasses helps cover the eyes and don’t bring your phone anywhere you don’t have to. You definitely want to be fit to reduce potential contact with the healthcare system. Soon white men or unvaccinated people will just be refused by the Brahmin doctor.

  31. Too late to fight liberal democracy. In this country, it’s being quickly replaced with dictatorship in the late Soviet Bloc Eastern European style.

    Anyone who hasn’t read Vaclav Havel’s “The Power of the Powerless” ought to do so. It describes where we’re headed.

  32. In truth it boils down to us being in a matriarchy that reeks of estrogen. (((They))) conquered the West a long time ago using women – and vibrants – as their agents of chaos.

    Everything that is happening now follows from that. A passive aggressive democracy, rabid Feminism with its divorce rape cancer, out of control egalitarianism, and freakish hysteria on every level.

    We as men have been removed from the discourse, castrated and marginalized. So the question is: can we regain our balls? Can we fix this? And if so how?

    • If we do not return to Christ, we will never overcome even these temporal matters, to say nothing of eternal things.

    • Years ago I read an interview Jim Goad did in his little ‘zine (I think it was called “Talk to Me” or something like that) with the pornographer Al Goldstein, of “Screw” fame. Goldstein basically said that Jewish men went for schicksas because Jewish women terrorized and henpecked their husbands. Perhaps Jews are a matriarchal society, like blacks. I believe to be considered Jewish, the mother must be Jewish, which is strange and inverted from a Western perspective. But if you look at someone like Hannah Rosin and her little gelded manlet of a husband (David Plotz, over at The Atlantic) it seems pretty apparent that Goldstein was telling the truth.

      • Working in finance, law, entertainment, sports, etc. and you will see the feminized, hen-pecked males owned by their culture outside the office. Which is why inside the office they are quick to become cruel, petty, duplicitous, and passive-aggressive.

        More than one of my big bosses in the globo finance world was for all intents a baller, raking in 7 figures, “closing deals” like a good businessman is supposed to, but would shrink and cower when the old lady called – or when bigger tribal ballers would enter their little domain they grovel and supplicate, then become envious and petty as soon as the door closes.

        Many a goyim are caught off-guard I think and end up learning a lot of hard lessons in these chosen-dominated fields because they are so counter-intuitive in the power dynamics.

        Guys come up thinking its gonna be like being on the college hockey team but its more like being a junior high girl vying for a spot on the mean-girl pom-pom squad whose daddy has his name on his shirt instead of a glass door.

      • It is a strategy of refreshing the gene pool.

        And acquiring power and resources.
        Trump’s daughter married one. Al Gore’s daughter married one. Hillary’s daughter married one. Biden’s children did too. Kamala married one, adopted some..

        One can read about the British takeover of a century ago by utilizing the following search terms: andrew joyce cousinhood. In general, landed and aristocratic are cash poor, and our friends own the cash machine, and … generation by generation, our best allies have the land and control our governments. And still own the cash machine.

    • “…mass higher education for women may be the most societally destructive policy besides open immigration. I suspect it is even worse than female suffrage.”

      Full quote:
      “While a man who is a wealthy CEO with a PhD from an elite university won’t hesitate to marry an uneducated yoga teacher or aerobics instructor if she is pretty enough, even a jobless woman from an inferior public university will tend to turn up her nose at dating a man who dropped out of high school, even if he owns his own software company or chain of repair shops.

      That’s one of the reasons why female education is relentlessly pushed by the media and the Hellmouth, as it is a population control measure. It’s also incredibly dysgenic, as it assures that as many as half the population’s most intelligent women never have children.

      In fact, mass higher education for women may be the most societally destructive policy besides open immigration. I suspect it is even worse than female suffrage.”

      The 19th wasn’t the worst part, those women wanted ob/gyn clinics.

      It was the expansion of GI Bill higher education in the ’50s that the radical feminists (yenta lesbians) latched on to. That’s where the glass ceiling was broken, the damage done.

      • I think I recently read somewhere that 60-70% of the current college/university population is female. What an unmitigated disaster. After the great reset, that won’t be happening again.

        • Last weekend I had to drive through one of those semi-isolated Midwest college towns, and while observing all the rainbow flags and BLM memorabilia I had the thought that it wouldn’t take much effort for a dozen or so determined men to sack the place and make off with all the aggressively undefended harpies.

          It’s like a microcosm of AINO in general: the kooks are completely dependent on a shrinking number of “countrymen” who feel their shared defense is a worthwhile endeavor.

      • Alzaebo: Was just discussing this with my husband the other night. While I still think there’s nothing inherently dangerous about properly educating one’s daughters (indeed putting something solid inside their empty heads can only be an improvement), said education should be at home, and said daughters need to know their ultimate purpose and goal should be to become a wife and mother. Not as some loser booby prize, but because the propagation of future generations and the bedrock of society – the nuclear family – depends on them.

        The traditionalists arguing against the establishment of women-only colleges in the 19th century were concerned not merely with the pollution of young women’s minds, but also the fostering of a sense of independence of societal norms and controls. So they instituted very strict protocols at said schools that lasted until the 1960s. Only the palest shadows of those protocols remained by the time I went to college in the 1970s.

        I now find myself truly understanding those 19th century fears for the first time. Sending an 18 year old girl (and that’s all she really is) off on her own for four years – utterly apart from parental social or fiscal control, with no limits on what she learns or who she becomes intimate with – it’s utter madness. And so many in the DR still speak proudly of their princesses at various colleges. Marrying off girls in their late teens, or having them live at home until marriage, was a necessary control due to their inherent lack of natural limits.

        Every time I read of someone like Gabby Petito, or the Swedish women beheaded in Morocco, or the Italian girl who traveled around in various wedding dresses murdered in Turkey, I can’t decide who I despise more – those foolish young girls or their contemptuous, weak fathers. A girl can and should be taught that there are limits to her independence that a boy just won’t have – limits to her physical strength and mental acuity too. And she needs to learn what a reputation is, and how easily a good one is lost.

        Feminism is responsible for so many destroyed lives and threatens the very fabric of society. And the vast majority of women – not just idiot teenage girls, but most wives as well – think it’s their due. I’m more and more amazed by what most men are willing to tolerate in a marriage – and how blithely they entrust the raising of their children to these creatures.

    • Liberal democracy divorced from God has unleashed the unconstrained female id while constraining all that was left of masculinity and its natural governors against chaos.

      Its not just the feminization, but its the feminization devoid of that universal order outside of the State. Nihilism has filled the vacuum.

      Its no longer the shrieking of women full of discontent and envy over their roles as wives and mothers like the good old days of Progress. Its childless, rootless women without history, a people, or purpose beyond their own navels and ‘giners begging for that order and safety provided by strong men immune to their own whims. And who answers those calls but thirsty, supplicating males using their vestigial masculinity to compete for the fleeting prize of getting their 15 minutes on her lap while the globocorp and technocrat pimps swell the ranks of their whores.

      Men without chests and so on. As wise men here and elsewhere recommend, the solution is well outside the destructive gravity of this system.

      It will require individual men to reject the conditioned appeal to the feminine, including that of the women close to them; to reject the materialism of the economic trap, including the social status that atop the fiat toward which they have strived; to embrace their thirst and starve the harpies of their life force, including the multitude of “harmless” feathering of the various avatars; to band with men of similar mettle and live according to the power above, including the acceptance that their place among these men may not occupy such heights as they are accustomed; to build up their own hierarchy and social systems that serve that greater power and purpose; and to forge incentives and punish defectors within that system such that it clearly instructs their sons and daughters toward a future restored under that natural order.

      Men will need to strive not to be liked by women and bugmales, but to be respected by men of their ilk.

    • This is what a society controlled by women looks like: hysterical, unhinged, cowardly, fearful, violent, and authoritarian–all at once.

  33. Marx said that banks were the “commanding heights” of Capitalism. I think if he were around today, he’d say that Technology is the commanding height of Capitalism.

    The problem for Dissidents is evading the long reach of Technology, which of course is merging with banking. Today’s totalitarians understand this. They could easily block Dissidents from banking, the internet and any sort of “standard” employment. (Zman has already discussed the Fuentes situation.) All they have to do to maintain near-total control is sustain a baseline level of economic prosperity. The Soviets failed because they couldn’t.

    It’s going to take massive, physical protest and “non-compliance” by the “dirt” workers (truckers, farmers, logistics workers et al) to re-establish some balance of power. The “technology”, non-physical realm has already been lost.

    • “It’s going to take massive, physical protest and “non-compliance” by the “dirt” workers (truckers, farmers, logistics workers et al) to re-establish some balance of power. The “technology”, non-physical realm has already been lost.”

      This is true in that it will be the ultimate nuclear option. What isn’t true is that it will ever be exercised. I feel like a broken record saying that if 25% of blue collar Whiteys decided to walk off the job tomorrow for a month this entire gay machine would grind to a halt tout de suite. But we haven’t cultivated enough suffering for that yet apparently. And I don’t know that we ever will because the people at the very top are not stupid. Keep them just happy enough to prevent the true revolt.

      We are all well aware that the ‘Tech’ layer is an elaborate illusion. Tyrone, Shaneequa, Pedro, Juanita, Becky, Karen, and Xir/Xer are not laying fiber optic cable, running hydro-electric plants, installing network equipment, monitoring the power grid, etc etc. Bad ol’ Whitey is doing all that and he hasn’t collectively found his sack yet. Hopefully they push his back all the way up against the wall -hard- so this little charade will end.

      • Every giant corporation has at its core some small, highly productive and profitable business, generally staffed almost entirely by White men and a few Asians. Then they also have 20,000 people they hired to push pixels around on a screen so as to comply with useless government regulations and to make sure that the products made by the core division don’t make inferior people feel bad about themselves. The vast majority of those 20,000 people are going to be White wammen with degrees in Jungian Astro-Feminism and PoC with degrees in H8Whitey Studies.

        I would combine the general strike by the blue collar White guys with a demand for drastic staffing cuts in the company’s useless faction and dramatic pay increases for the productive core. Electrician making $45,000/yr? Now you get $200,000 and they fire 3 wammen.

      • Well, a lot of those blue collar guys are doing pretty great right now.

        There’s tons of work for linemen and high-end home builders.

        Make hay while the sun shines, I guess.

    • “All they have to do to maintain near-total control is sustain a baseline level of economic prosperity.”

      The point of tradition and traditional morals is that they provide the social foundation for prosperity. Men who can’t find a faithful woman to be a wife are not going to be very gung-ho about maintaining the current order. Mothers who constantly fear for their children being molested or taught to resent them are going to do what they can to withdraw. Thus, the problem with upending the traditional moral order is that it ultimately destroys the economic fruits of it’s labor. Once you invert the moral order, you ensure a revolt because you ensure your inability to provide economy security. Excess wealth only happens when strangers trust each other, and strangers only trust each other when there’s a common moral order. You can’t have wealth without moral order.

    • The existing digital banking system was built by competent white men under regulators who were weren’t playing around. When is the last time there was a “hack” or disruption of the Swift system, for example. Maybe never? The only big screwup I can think of in the legacy banking system was when those programmers took advantage of an underlying vulnerability in decimal calculations to shave off a fraction of a penny from every transaction, back in the 80s I believe.

      Now look at Facecrook yesterday and these constant hacks and planes going down because Pajeet coders. I see no reason to expect the new central bank digital currencies won’t be just as bad. Everything they’re building now will crash and burn upon its poor construction.

      • It is almost as if the people running the Coudenhove-Kalergi playbook are unable to understand their ideal future people will be completely unable to fly their private jets and crew their megayachts.

        • Wild Geese – Never fear, they’ll retain just enough White traitors to take care of them. I often wonder about those White men who pilot private planes for the likes of black rappers, or who provide security for various thots as they traipse through Venice and Milan. Same as I think back to those National Guard troops forcing White southerners to send their children to schools with blacks. Do any of them truly have troubled consciences? I don’t think so any more. It’s all about the paycheck. More lampposts needed.

      • Good points. Of course the digital systems were/are/will be vulnerable to criminal activity. Going forward however, I see the more dangerous problem the increasing control by Government over the financial system. Of course, again nothing new, been going on for decades, but with time the reporting requirements increase and the noose tightens. Requests for authority that once were asked in the name to fight “terorism” and “drug money laundering” have morphed into reporting all $600 transactions (or pending in a bill)? Nick Fuentes is the poster child of being hamstrung by his assets siezed and/or service denied and unless I’m wrong, withouth having even been charged with a crime. We now have entered the arena where people are fired from career for refusing an experimental, hazardous injection or branded a “domestic terrorist” for daring to question the CRT agenda at a school board meeting.

        Practical (?) suggestion: maybe the preppers (called “survivalists” back then) were right: lay up supply of gold and silver coins for the alternative economy. Of course, those too will be illegal. But if Sauron is watching every electronic dollar you spend*, no doubt a parallel economy will arise where transactions are denominated in silver dimes and quarters, or perhaps an hour of Johnny’s labor weeding the neighbor’s garden patch, and so on.

        *This recalls an article read long ago about a socialized nation, perhaps Denmark. The article’s topic was that people who lived in the black market (say, hookers or drug dealers), spent their “official” money (e.g. from normal job or government gibs) via the banking and credit systems, while their illegal activity was all in cash and was spent as cash, on black market. Two different economies, two different levels of visibility.

        More and more activity is being criminalized, so you might as well get used to being a criminal, I suppose. This is not an endorsement for so becoming, just an observation that if you aren’t yet one, you’ll probably soon be labelled as one, even though you haven’t changed what you were previously doing.

  34. The metaphor I use is that moment in the tug-of-war game where instead of straining against your opponent, you let go of the hemp and watch them go splattering into the mud. All of these histrionics about white supremacists and insurrections is basically the people in charge screaming, “Please, somebody openly oppose us so we have a scapegoat. Give us something to distract from our screwups with everything from covid to Afghanistan to the border. Someone (in Z-Man’s formulation) put on this National Socialist costume! It’s starting to collect mothballs!”

    It looks like, from the latest D.C. rally, that even the dumbest normies have gotten wise to the game. We won’t really know until the midterms, though.

    • Joey – what could we possibly learn from the Midterms? I ask in all seriousness because you’re obviously very smart. The only thing “new” we could see is perhaps the extent to which – fraud and rhetorical gymnastics – the Elites have to reach to maintain control.

        • The 2022 and 2024 elections will be interesting. The Republicans always have an edge in the midterms because their voters are reliable and the crazies don’t have a personality around which to rally. That said, the institutional ballot box stuffing that blossomed in 2020 could make the difference. The system really should let the Republicans win big in 2022 to keep them suckered, but they may have created a vote rigging dynamic that makes that impossible.

          The best thing that could happen in 2024 is that an incontinent and unconscious Joe Biden “wins” over Trump. Even the dullest civic nationalist would see that the system is too corrupt to fix.

        • The catch with turnout is whether it breaks out by race. May be some local things worth voting on, would that “count” for turnout on national races? Anyhoo, they fake votes, they can fake turnout

        • If our enemies were smart, they would rig the vote to make it appear that the rubes turned out in large numbers, and Dems still won.

        • Rather than a mob with torches and ptichforks, perhaps the next time will be conflagrations and impaling 😈

      • I’m eagerly awaiting the voter participation in 2022. Unfortunately the few people I’ve encouraged to not vote, gave me that twisty-head confused-dog look.

        I wouldn’t be surprised either if real voter turnout was low, but then “pallets of ballots” arrive to make the election seem like it generated great interest.

        • Exactly. The election totals will be worked by TPTB. The victories of the left will be made to look legitimate.

          • That’s where we disagree. They’re too stupid — and, more important, too zealous — to ship in truckloads of Republican ballots. Asking them to do something like that is like asking one of us to French kiss “Caitlyn” Jenner. Maybe it’s the right move in the long term (in some extremely hypothetical world), but… could you do it?

            If the Democrat ends up winning North Korea-style, with 110% of the vote, well, to them that just proves they’re on the right side of history. They don’t play the long game, because to them it’s not a game. They truly believe.

        • To the GOP cheerleaders I’ll ask what the GOP is doing for the hundreds of people locked away in the D.C. gulag and they’ll quickly drop the topic.

          • “To the GOP cheerleaders I’ll ask what the GOP is doing for the hundreds of people locked away in the D.C. gulag and they’ll quickly drop the topic.”

            The GOP is currently busy having a shit fit because Rand Paul is refusing to fast track $1 Billion to Israel to kill more Arabs.

    • Speaking of rallies, Gab has footage of NYC protests outside the Australian consulate and the disruption of a mobile Beer Flu test site.

  35. The ‘spirasee feary thing always made me chuckle. I recall a wonderful paper from the RAND Corporation, published by Terry Welch, which was about a faster method for data compression… back when RAND actually did some work. Who knows, maybe this is a different RAND? But now this?!

    Who in their right mind wouldn’t think that stuff that is told to us by large, widely read MSM organizations is most often a lie. Or an attempt to manipulate. Such people who are too trusting – white or not – will be of no use to us moving forward. That said, most blacks have a better bullshit detector than the average white, since they view anything from ‘whiteness’ distrustful. Just so.

    The RAND paper is funny, but terrifying also. Funny because the jobsworths who make-worked this piece of turd into existence think that it is “timely and urgent”. Terrifying because they are actually considering using ML for detecting naughty thoughts, although this has no doubt been their vector for quite some time. That said, natural language interpretation and ML are very ‘ard to get right.

    The good news is that they needed to scan their entire data set and look for dodgy phrases and such like. Thus, for the DR, constantly morphing language need be the order of the day. Think: jogger, Austrian Painter, AINO, Moustache Guy, mystery meat. Perhaps the constant barrage of new terms will hamper their efforts?

    That said, I doubt that they even care if the ML stuff is wrong, as long as it gives ‘results’. You know, like the shamdemic ‘mathematical models of virus spread’ did? Who gives two hoots if it’s a load of old cobblers? It gave a result! From da maff!

    Why can’t these dirty leftist cunts just get a decent day job, janitor, plumber or whatever, and shut the hell up? It’s all so tiresome that it has now come to this.

    • The silver lining is most bureaucrats don’t care about results, but justifying their phony-baloney jobs. As long as it looks like they’re accomplishing something on their spreadsheets, they don’t care if their work is useless.

      Not on Facebook, but even your average Joe is noticing the Government’s constant sabre rattling against Facebook is rapidly turning the site into an unusable mess. Eventually these megasites will balkanize into smaller sites with various moderations strategies, sort of like the Fediverse is today.

      • I’m surprised Facebook is still going. Does it have gubmint money rolling in somehow?

        On the subject of bureaucrats justifying themselves I agree that this is how it has been. And largely still is. But what about the effect of anti-white animus as well a potential influxes of hoards of mystery meat who need no training in how to take a big, sloppy dump all over why-tee?

        I don’t know.

        • Facebook’s big lock is their groups. The rest of that crap could be anywhere, but an Internet group platform will always exist as a de facto monopoly (which was formally held by Yahoo who proceeded to goof it up in a myriad of ways).

      • I’m spending my day attending a project management seminar that’s helping me better planning a dinner party rather than actually get my job done. Good times, and typical bureaucracy move.

        • This is why I love the Zoom meetings at work. I sit there working on some code for my website and glance up at the camera and nod every now and then. He’s so attentive! Even takes notes! Yeah, notes…

        • You’ve just identified a key reason I’m glad I was able to retire from the rat race in my 40s: In large organizations, the worker is roped into participating in some ridiculous, ultimately useless to the organization activity, likely one that makes the higher-ups look good (even if it’s just the HR harpy or the Diversity and Inclusion Commissar that is made to look good: Quarterly indoctrination class). The time spent in these trivial pursuits, of course, is not available for spending on your own individual tasks. Then you get yelled at or demerits because you aren’t meeting your own quotas.

      • What the world needs is a decentralized comms app that uses the internet or even the mobile phone network, that is totally outside the control of any central authority. I come from an old telecomms/IT background and can envision such a product. There is no reason the software (phone app) could be written but you’d not see it on Google Play or Apple Store. The primary technical flaws I see would be that the authorities can identify a particular phone number or IP address. Perhaps these could be “burners” or otherwise anonymous IDs. They could monitor traffic, but that is easily bypassed by strong encryption. Their ultimate power would be to deny access and in extremis, to outlaw the practice and arrest users. These last two would be interesting; that forces the hand of the totalitarians. That would put them in the position of claiming a crime without probable cause of such.

        It’s quite possible that such an app already exists. No, it’s not Gab or Telegram. Anything that uses software you, or a trusted party, did not write from start to finish, nor a protocol requiring central servers, is disqualified.

        But the point is, it easily could. A final headache, one not even requiring tyranny: how to manage, and by whom, the administration of the network? Actually, that might be an advantage: one or two people, admin (add or drop numbers) done offline by face-to-face meetings; this encourages a smaller network, which in many cases is precisely what you want.

  36. Living outside the cultural mainstream of liberal democracy is definitely the way to go. I figured out how to make it work for me 20 years ago. I don’t vote. I don’t play red team vs. blue team games. My income is not dependent on kissing progressive asses. And one thing I have learned along the way: NEVER trust bureaucrats, whether local, state, or federal. These people are dependent by nature. They are largely incompetent and hostile to those of us who are competitive and successful. Stay away from them.

    • Pretty funny to see people arguing about stupid crap. Like politics. In our recent election in Canada, the major parties, Liberal and Conservative parties, had identical positions on extreme open borders, endless lockdowns, gibs, abortion, and gun grabs.

      Yet Liberal supporters were sure that the Conservative leader was Hitler in disguise. And the older, rural conservatives were sure that they needed to vote out Liberal “libtard” “trudope” so that they could… Well… Not sure they really.knew what they wanted except that Libtard Trudope needed to be voted out.

      Demographics will put an end to this folly soon anyways.

  37. One part I can’t understand is the Soviets had an iron grip on education of children, and yet they were unable to create anything except a compliant, but incredibly cynical population. The United States educational system, on the other hand, have created fanatical conformists who have brushed aside their parent’s worldview and acquired the worldview of the regime with alarming speed. The extra 6 years of indoctrination in college helps.

    Garland with his recent actions is intending to keep our educational systems outside the influence of the parents whose children they instruct. If things keep at this pace, they just need to wait until the purveyors of the old morality to die away, and these shadow systems that are forming will die along with it.

    It’s a real possibility we are looking at the millennium of the bug-man, and selective evolutionary pressures may make it the new, permanent, humanity until a meteor hits and resets everything.

    • Yes, the current regime understands marketing in a way that the Soviets could only dream of. It doesn’t hurt that people voluntarily bring the propaganda into their homes rather than having it forced upon them.

      But, still, the belief of the young and many adults in the morality of the liberal democracy is stunning.

      This is explained in part by there being no alternative to undermine the narrative. Those under the rule of the Soviets could look at the West and say, “Wait a minute, that doesn’t look so bad.” This was hugely problematic for their rulers.

      From the late 1980s until today, our rulers haven’t had any real competition so their narrative was never undermined. It was just a glorious future awaiting everything if they just believed.

      That’s why our rulers have an almost uncontrollable hatred for China, Russia and, especially, Hungary/Poland. They offer alternatives. (Yes, Israel should have been that alternative, but as we know, it’s a special case.) They show that liberal democracy/globohomo isn’t the only system, and, what’s more, those other systems might work pretty well.

      It’s the same reason our rulers so desperately hate whites who want to start up their own communities. That would be the ultimate nightmare alternative for globohomo. Everyone knows that whites would create a community that would be dramatically better than what exists – at least for whites – so it can’t be allowed at all costs.

      • Great point about the comparisons, Citizen. If a budget scotch egg from the corner shop is all I’ve seen and eaten, I’ll continue to think life ain’t so bad.

        But just show me that Waitrose delicatessen scotch egg and it’s a whole new ball game.

    • Communists were teaching children in the 1950’s in the US. This has been generational build up, with most MAGA people thinking they had a Western education when they did not. Even most conservatives are marxists at heart without even realizing it. That includes many otherwise sincere Christians.

      It’s unclear how popular communism might have been when it all started. The Bolsheviks did have some popular support. It’s just they were so ham handed about it from the beginnings. And when utopia did not appear, even Stalin backed off the worst of the persecution. (WWII went a long way towards getting rid of the worst internal stuff.)

      Anyway, it’s one thing to volunteer the young ones for a school system that you were indoctrinated to support, thinking they will come out “normal”. That is, like you with your beliefs. People quite often want to believe Mom and Dad are perfect and if they agreed to this education well, the school must be okay. Not surprisingly we end up with communists.

      The moment school is forced, children or the family are in danger for going (upcoming vaccines), it’s completely unpleasant (masks all day, everyday), the nature of the situation changes. How you look at it changes, whether you like it or not, and regardless of what they tried to teach you was true or not.

      It’s hard to imagine that the forced Red Indian boarding schools did much of anything but make Red Indian children and parents alike hate Europeans.

      We now experiencing to ham handed liberal democracy/communism and it’s only getting worse. In that I do not expect the shadows to fade, but only increase in number.

      • Good comments. I’m not an expert on Soviet history. I don’t doubt major war (WW II in that case) did a lot to forcibly correct prior mistakes. But your analysis misses the enormous damage Stalin (primarily) did earlier. Sending millions of citizens to their deaths or suffering is great for the despot’s ego. However, when you send hundreds of thousands of former doctors, engineers, professors and other intellectuals to do base physical labor, simply because they were perceived as a threat to the political power, it does incredible damage.

        The West’s eperience has been, of course, quite different. We’ve been largely conquered by the century long “march through the institutions.” Now everyone is reaping the harvest, mostly weeds. Problem: no matter how successful the indoctrination program is, you wind up with a population of dullards and increasingly useless bodies. Meanwhile, reality is out there, stubbornly resistant to the best propaganda the ministry can throw at it.

    • The big difference between our situation and the Soviets is that our radicals took over a system that was not just working, but working extremely well. It had enormous untapped resources to boot. It is what slowed their progress taking over the institutions. The long march was not based on widespread dissatisfaction, but widespread disinterest. Cultural Marxism snuck up on the American middle-class like the fog, which is why they are so confused by it.

      • I will respectfully say that the term “Cultural Marxism” conceals more than it reveals.

        Don’t say “Cultural Marxism,” say “hatred of traditional white culture.”

        When you blame “Cultural Marxism” you encourage people to conceptualize our peril in a 20th century economic paradigm. You’re encouraging our people to see the world the way Rush Limbaugh did (with all due respect to Rush).

      • This is why I believe that our rulers are very close to, if not past, their peak power. Those nicely-run systems that they inherited are being destroyed.

        For every competent white that retires, an incompetent POC or woke white will replace him. That will degrade the system over time.

        Of course, I look at places like California, Texas and New Mexico, much less Brazil and South Africa, and think that we have a long, long way to fall before anything happens.

    • The United States Federal Government will now use the full weight of it’s infinite resources to prosecute parents who voice opposition to CRT in school board meetings.

      This is beyond communism. This is naked totalitarianism. I’m surprised even “moderate” Democrats aren’t putting up token resistance. (Team R, useless as always)

      Ultimately, though, one has to blame the wymenz who won’t see reality and educate their own children. It’s never been easier, there have never been more resources available to do it. But being a thoroughly replaceable cog in a corporate “career” job is more important, apparently.

      (Until home schooling becomes illegal. No doubt on the list)

      • When the kids get of age they can stay in the house by themselves, there’s no reason for a parent to even need to be home. Just spend 30 minutes checking their work at night and setup up some routines for the kids to play with others a few days a week and it’s all set.

        When one thinks of the driving, dragging them out of bed, etc. It’s arguably less work, but people are herd animals and will just do what other parents do until there’s a preference cascade.

    • No one at DOJ/FBI was interested in what were clearly nationally coordinated and financed “protests” by BLM and ANTIFA. The authorities weren’t the least bit interested in who hired the tour buses that transported the protesters to some cities. Or who paid for and delivered pallets of bricks that were strategically placed the day before protests. Or who rented the Uhaul trucks seen in videos distributing premade signs to protesters. Last years riots resulted in countless injuries and.many deaths. Property and other economic damage in the billions. Instead they intend to give the January 6th treatment to individual parents who have the temerity to oppose CRT being taught to their children.

    • The difference is that the Soviet citizen could see with their own eyes and empty bellies, every single day, the pretty lies taught in school were just that. The children went home from school to parents who grew up under the Czar that taught them to fear and distrust everyone outside of immediate family, because there never was a government in either system that didn’t abuse them, so the Russian character was formed by ingrained distrust of any authority.

      AINO’s children haven’t been exposed to hard reality, not since the 1930s. For 90 years, the lies haven’t caused war (at least a truly catastrophic one at home), famine or pestilence, so they believe them because believing the lies hasn’t been disproven the moment you step out of the classroom. It’s the ultimate safe space. If AINO devolves into either an autocratic empire run by the Party in the Capital City (formerly known as Washington) or a sclerotic patchwork of hostile ethnicities a la the Russian empire circa 1901 that’s incapable, incompetent and ridiculous, for about a century, then we’d see what happened in the Soviet education system. Dull, coerced, compliance and distrust of the government school.

    • The soviets did the violence first and the education second.

      the US is doing it the other way around.

    • Even lefties think Olbermann is a jackass. He’s just an extremely online liberal id. Now Steven Colbert’s recent dance bit about anti-vaxxers (the “vax-scene”)…that’s court jestering at its finest!

      • Comedians making fun of or taking jabs at the powers that be was often the bread and butter of their routines. Now they’re all just marionettes dancing to the chosen tune of the ptb. All pathetic little twerps these days.

        • You want pathetic?

          Rage Against the Machine is mandating clot shots for their concerts.

          • Wild Geese: Pathetic or insanely funny – Sarah Silverman condemning the casting of Christian women for Jewish characters in movies. And all the clueless Jane Normals at Daily Mail Online, who bravely protested the blackification of Ann Boleyn, rebutted Silverman by saying “It’s acting; anyone can pretend to be anyone else.” And don’t confuse race with ‘mere’ religion. And don’t you dare mention the contradiction in what passes for female ‘thinking,’ you misogynist.

            And I try to remind myself not to despair.

          • Foo Fighter (and former Nirvana grunger) Dave Grohl is also a clot shot proponent. The rock and roll rebel has apparently always been a fraudulent myth. Just like every where else in Western society, no one makes it the very top without being a member of the club. Just ask Sir Mick Jagger.

    • A nurse analyzed the jab.
      Shot 1 was 50% saline.
      Shot 2 was 25% saline.
      It’s a sneak attack, all right.

      • Correction: Nope, I’m spreading vaccine disinformation.

        From notes, here’s what the nurse actually said:

        “1st shot: Has a fair amount of saline. Reduces ability to produce white blood cells by 50 percent.

        2nd shot: Less saline. Removes addditional 25 percent white blood cell production capability. System is reduced to 25 percent.

        1st booster: No saline. Induces chronic inflammation, which targets existing areas of system vulnerability. This is why cancer survivors are dying of cancer and people with lung issues are dying of pneumonia.

        2nd booster: Shuts off the ability to make white blood cells. The system is entirely vulnerable and the individual becomes reliant upon additional boosters to provide a substitute immune system.

        The strokes and heart attacks appear to be a bonus, although they could be related to the early stages of the weakened immune system.”

        Still a sneak attack.
        Walking it in, normalizing collateral damage.

        Slow boil. Soon to get hot?

    • ps- is Olbie delivering his rant from his Upper East Side penthouse?
      I believe that’s a view of Central Park.

    • That guy is an A-one certified whack job. Here’s hoping his remaining time on this mortal coil is indeed very shot specific and short.

      • Oddly enough, I liked Olbmerman when he was skewering Bush back in the Iraq war days. I detested the neocon/Fox crowd and I watched MSNBC. Then Obama came along and my quaint notions that these people would be even handed were dispatched. The nightly blowing of Obama in early 2008 repulsed me enough to never look at that channel again.

    • Olberman should be a cautionary tale to all young white men that huffing blaq jocks for too long will turn you into a histrionic middle-aged lesbian hooked on foundation and eye liner. Just say no.

      • Isn’t it curious that Colbert, Conan O’Brien, and Andy Richter all look like women these days?

        • Colbert really gives a strong homo vibe now. The rest have really gone mad. Given their hatred for us and constant self loathing they bring on themselves, the way they are now should be no surprise.

          • I watched a few Carson reruns last night – when late night talk shows (at least his) were actually funny.

      • LazyMan: “Which face is more punch worthy?
        Upvote for Olbermann
        Downvote for Kimmel”

        The sad thing is, but for politics, both these guys would be a blast to hang out with. Olbermann has an encyclopedic knowledge of baseball history and true respect for the game. When off-script he’s simply an interesting and affable guy. He’s also a man’s man when it comes to being tough. Sorry but you gotta respect that in these soy boy times. Liberals like Alec Baldwin and Olberman would at least punch you back, rather than scamper away and Twitter about you.

        Kimmel is a quick-minded closeted frat-boy. I’d rather take a cross country trip with him than most of those annoying dicks on Fox.

        It just sucks what Prog has done to the once fertile landscape of American personalities. Our guys used to rock. The world loved us for it.

        Anyway, to answer your question, as things stand, I’d gladly punch both those guys. Though their faces aren’t really that punchable.

        For me, Chuck Schumer holds the title of The Most Punchable Face in the Universe. You wouldn’t just punch him to vent. But with extreme malice of forethought. The martial arts term Five Finger Death Punch comes to mind.

        FFDP: Known for being the most deadly blow in all of martial arts. The move consists of a combination of five strikes with one’s fingertips to five different pressure points on the target’s body. After the target walks away and has taken five steps, their heart explodes in their body and they fall to the floor.

        • The Germans have a word for it.


          “A face in search of a fist”

          I’ve long thought that Mitch McConnell was the worlds primary proponent.

      • As I said before, Kimmel bought an 8 million dollar property on Idaho last year. He spent years trashing what he considers red state rubes then he goes and consumes the social capital they created.

        • I hope the spoils of his treason is in Sun Valley. That’s where all the rich assholes go. At least they can somewhat contained there.

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