The Microcosm Of Sport

Like most things in the current age, professional sport has become a degenerate mockery of itself. The presentation is a high-tech vaudeville act that is now mostly advertisements and propaganda. The people in charge of the various sports are the worst this age can muster. The participants are vulgar carnies. Despite the best efforts of this age, however, sport continues to provide an insight into our times. It is a microcosm of the larger society in which it operates.

For example, football was always the second sport in America, up until the explosion of mass media in the 1980’s. In fact, football was probably behind sports like boxing and horse racing, not just baseball. The explosion of television rocketed football to the top of sport entertainment because it was a natural for the medium. It provides a stage that fits the screen, has breaks for ad space and is a weekly happening. The NFL quickly became a lightly scripted television sports drama.

The mass media culture made the NFL in particular, and football in general, the king of the sports entertainment industry. Like the culture as a whole, the apparent success of the league masks the problems. Ownership has given way to a class of mercurial operators with no loyalty to the local communities. Their greed has resulted in a steady decline in the product. While ratings have seen a boost so far this year, general interest has been in decline for the last decade.

A big reason for that is the product. Kids are not playing football at the youth level, like they used to, so the number of young males moving through the system is in decline, meaning that the quality of player has declined. You see that with the quarterback position, which is the most challenging. The sudden decline in the number of white kids playing youth ball means a decline in the positions requiring smarts. One result is the position has become more “athletic”.

Of course, modernity destroys social capital, and youth sports are the canary in the coal mine when it comes to social cohesion. When America was based on strong white communities, it had lots of white fathers volunteering to coach sports, run youth leagues and so on. As the white population declines, white volunteers decline. As society becomes more diverse, which brings deracination and alienation, the organic structures that make youth sports possible decline.

The men running the sport are not concerned about that as they are not the sort to invest in society. They just assume they can pack up their stuff and move onto the next society once all the life from this one has been drained. These are post-Americans who operate as pirates. Like the global economy that spawned them, they ride the waves of globalism. America is just the place where they can operate at the moment, a pirate’s cove that means nothing to them.

The NFL is also riddled with scandal. Its team in Washington is owned by a degenerate who is one scandal after another. To distract from the latest scandal, DEA agents raiding their facilities, the league instructed their media to focus on manufactured crises involving coaches. For a while, the media was obsessing over the coach of the Jacksonville franchise. They keep making up stories about him, relying on imaginary sources and manufactured internet chatter.

The coach of the league’s Las Vegas franchise was just forced to resign when it was learned he held normal opinions about gays and blacks. His e-mails magically appeared in the media just when the DEA came calling. It was an orchestrated hit, probably with the help of that team’s owner, in order to get out of paying the contract. It could also be part of the effort to distract from the looming narcotics scandal. The DEA does not raid famous people because of a paperwork discrepancy.

This stuff is a microcosm of the ruling class. They got these e-mails from a previous investigation of their Washington team. Then they used those e-mails from that prior scandal to distract attention from the current scandal. Those e-mails were handed to a reporter, who did not bother to mention the source of them. Once the coach addressed the issue another batch of e-mails was delivered to the New York Times. They did not mention their source either. Imagine that.

Like the political media, the sports media is owned by the system. They are the ministry of truth blasting out what the league tells them to say. If one of them gets froggy and does genuine reporting, he is dismissed from his post. YouTube and Twitter are full of people who would be happy to play the role of jock sniffer. Everyone in the ministry of truth knows this, so they play along. To borrow a phrase from Theodore Dalrymple, the media is a collection of emasculated liars.

Right there is the last five years of Washington politics. The system manufacturing fake scandals in order to hide real scandals. The media, which still claims to be impartial observers, plays along because they have not choice. They are servants. The result is the real crimes get pushed to the shadows, while nonsense stories fill the air, often used to discredit people asking too many questions. This is rule by sociopath. It is a reflection of the ruling class as a whole.

The Gruden affair is a perfect moment to see the reality of this age. He is a person who holds normal opinions about things like race and gays. In private he talks like what normal people would expect from a sports coach. He is being hurled into the void on a morality charge by people who lie on spec. The relatively normal guy is condemned by the carny trash as morally unfit. That’s America in a nutshell. Our moral arbiters are vulgar degenerates and sociopaths.

The problems we see with professional sports in America reflect the problems of the West in general. Sport is a Western thing. Other people compete in small ways, but organized sporting activity is part of European man. There is a reason there is no equivalent of the NFL in Africa. Big time sports need big time societies and those societies will always be European societies. The other people of the world simply lack the capacity to produce these cultural artifacts.

As the West declines, sport has now declined with it. The people running pro sports, active in the destruction of the West, are operating under the delusion that they can survive the decline of Western people. In fact, many are driven by a desire to create a post-European world. This is what you see everywhere in the ruling class. You also see that it is unsustainable. Without the necessary human capital, these manifestations of Western culture cannot last and they will not last.

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239 thoughts on “The Microcosm Of Sport

  1. True as the gist of your remarks may be, you’re overlooking three points:

    Gruden is stupid if he thought he could “talk normal” in emails he should have known would be intercepted and potentially used against him.

    Semi-black QB’s like Mahomes and all-black QB’s like Dak Prescott will prove to be as adept as Brady and Brees at reading and exploiting defenses. Plus they can run.

    Football is giving way to soccer in tune with the feminization of America. That said, suburban black dads and soccer moms could as successfully organize youth leagues as can suburban white dads and soccer moms.

    Strangely, you don’t mention that the Colin K. stunts and the weaponizing of football is an example of black overreach that will shoot itself in the foot as the NFL owners have, as you say, no loyalty to their society and culture.

    And ESPN will happily bite the dust, leaving the field to Jason Whitlock, the one bright spot in the phootball phiasco.

    • Semi-black QB’s like Mahomes and all-black QB’s like Dak Prescott will prove to be as adept as Brady and Brees at reading and exploiting defenses. Plus they can run.

      No, they will not. We have generations of data on this. Let that dream die. It is never happening.

      Football is giving way to soccer in tune with the feminization of America. That said, suburban black dads and soccer moms could as successfully organize youth leagues as can suburban white dads and soccer moms.

      No, it is not. Youth participation in soccer peaked about 15 years ago. It has been in decline led by whites.

  2. How many negroes do you suppose Jon Gruden has coached, coached with, or hired? How many negroes do you suppose Jon Gruden mentored and helped make better football players and coaches? People he probably thought were his friends and respected him.

    How many of those negroes are standing up for him now? How many have his back? How many are calling BS on this media hit? Of course, none.

    Always remember when you think of that nice negro at work, maybe a neighbor, you think he’s a friend and not like those thugs, remember that they will sell you down the river for their race if they get the chance.

  3. Commenter: “Notice how we aren’t allowed to see the entire emails that are referenced? It is highly unlikely that they were composed of simple one liners that the media have showcased.”

    Yes. Yesterday I watched a few ESPN shows talking about it. They would barely quote a sentence from the emails, much less a paragraph. They know that Gruden writes in reasonable everyman language. So viewers would immediately nod their heads in agreement with what he wrote. So they just metaphorically signalled his crimethink with the magic words, “homophobic” “slurs” “racist tropes”. They know that by hiding the context…keeping the mystery, it makes the offender and offending remarks seem all the more dark and monstrous.

    • do you think normie believes any of this? Is there anyone , right of center who says, ” well, those are racist, and racism is bad. So he is getting what he deserves..”?

      Hard to believe, but I bet its so

    • It’s probably worth pointing out that the Raiders signed him to a 10-year, $100mm contract. He’s a mediocre coach, by NFL standards, so this controversy may be manufactured, in part, to escape that contract.

  4. It turns out the baseball game this summer at “Field of Dreams” was the most watched baseball game in 20 years. You’d think the commissioners office would get that nostalgia and traditional America is what the people want to see, but they don’t. James Earl Jones famous “baseball” speech in the movie “..America has rolled by like an army of steamrollers. It’s been erased like a blackboard, rebuilt, and erased again. But baseball has marked the time…” no longer rings true. Surely America has changed and is no longer recognizable, and so has baseball, and all pro sports. I’ve played and coached this game for most of my life, as did my father and my fathers father and now my son. I’ll never watch an inning again. I hate these people.

  5. Watching tv sports is for the emasculated, that was the whole point of it, let the de-balled root for their “team”, acting manly. The chosen ones don’t dominate psychology for no reason. Destroying Whitey was a 100 year plan, now at its apex.. Celtic, Nordic, Germanic, go back in time to find your way out of this satanic dystopia. Go back to your ancestors, there’s no answers here, only lies and deception.

  6. Somewhat related to this post, Revolver dot news has a link to an article about Wang Hunin, the chief political theorist for the Chinese Communist Party. A former admirer of America, that changed when he visited in 1988 and made the following observations in his book “America Against America”:

    Wang recorded his observations in a memoir that would become his most famous work: the 1991 book America Against America. In it, he marvels at homeless encampments in the streets of Washington DC, out-of-control drug crime in poor black neighborhoods in New York and San Francisco, and corporations that seemed to have fused themselves to and taken over responsibilities of government. Eventually, he concludes that America faces an “unstoppable undercurrent of crisis” produced by its societal contradictions, including between rich and poor, white and black, democratic and oligarchic power, egalitarianism and class privilege, individual rights and collective responsibilities, cultural traditions and the solvent of liquid modernity.

    But while Americans can, he says, perceive that they are faced with “intricate social and cultural problems,” they “tend to think of them as scientific and technological problems” to be solved separately. This gets them nowhere, he argues, because their problems are in fact all inextricably interlinked and have the same root cause: a radical, nihilistic individualism at the heart of modern American liberalism.

    “The real cell of society in the United States is the individual,” he finds. This is so because the cell most foundational (per Aristotle) to society, “the family, has disintegrated.” Meanwhile, in the American system, “everything has a dual nature, and the glamour of high commodification abounds. Human flesh, sex, knowledge, politics, power, and law can all become the target of commodification.” This “commodification, in many ways, corrupts society and leads to a number of serious social problems.” In the end, “the American economic system has created human loneliness” as its foremost product, along with spectacular inequality. As a result, “nihilism has become the American way, which is a fatal shock to cultural development and the American spirit.”

    Moreover, he says that the “American spirit is facing serious challenges” from new ideational competitors. Reflecting on the universities he visited and quoting approvingly from Allan Bloom’s The Closing of the American Mind, he notes a growing tension between Enlightenment liberal rationalism and a “younger generation [that] is ignorant of traditional Western values” and actively rejects its cultural inheritance. “If the value system collapses,” he wonders, “how can the social system be sustained?”

    Ultimately, he argues, when faced with critical social issues like drug addiction, America’s atomized, deracinated, and dispirited society has found itself with “an insurmountable problem” because it no longer has any coherent conceptual grounds from which to mount any resistance.

    • The article goes on to state that both Wang and Xi believe the same issues face China. That without a unified, nationalist culture and crushing of the commercial individualism China would fall like America. That China is as unequal as the US, more polluted, and more prone to young Chinese dropping out. [There is less racial strife of course]
      This fits in with the attempted purging of Dave Chapelle. The Netflix employee base and prominent trannies are trying to get him canceled. The Netflix boss said he’s too popular to cancel. Chapelle is of course black, which Gruden is not, and canceling black people is very difficult. Gays got Eddie Murphy canceled for his “Raw” concert but that was in the late 1980s. Different now. And White people know it. Related, it appears Kathleen Kennedy is now going to “erase” all the prior Indiana Jones movies and have them replaced with noted ugly British lesbian Phoebe Waller Bridge, who will literally replace Harrison Ford as the character in various streaming only remakes of the movies, as Disney is rumored to be pulling all the existing movies from DVD/Blu Ray etc.
      Wang Hunin’s criticisms seem quite valid to me.

      • 适度繁荣 or Moderate Prosperity is the recent Xi pronouncement after lecturing some Chinese billionaires and crushing crypto. CCP seems to understand the negatives of the huge wealth gaps, seemingly seeing the lack of cohesion in USA and trying to head it off there.

      • Wang Hunin analysis of America is eerily reminiscent of Carroll’ Quigley’s report “on “the state if individual” he wrote in in 1976. Even back then the rot was very apparent in our society but many refused to see it back then. I’m old enough to remember that time and I could see the changes in our society brought on by liberalism.

        Yep even back then the MSM was woke and anti-conservative as can be. The Dems were still busy ramming blacks down our throats via forced busing and AA. In movies the “magic blackman” started to appear.

        I remember my high school’ teachers telling to protest against Prop 13. Even back then the teachers were leftist pukes.

    • Meaning and purpose, meaning and purpose, meaning…

      Jesus, Buddha, Zeus, something numinous, anything other than nothing may pull you through. If you have a will you can find a way. Nihilism is killing Western Civilization.

  7. “Ownership has given way to a class of mercurial operators with no loyalty to the local communities.”

    “The coach of the league’s Las Vegas franchise…”

    Yeah, speaking of no loyalty, I didn’t even realize until this news story that this was no longer “the league’s Oakland franchise.”

  8. What still amazes me, even after all this time, is that public figured learned nothing from the Trump Phenomenon ™. Gruden should’ve stood there and said “Yep, I meant every word. That guy IS a dumbass with lips like tires, Goodell IS a p*ssy, and you know what? Pretty much every guy in the League agrees with me; they’re just too scared to say so.” Had he done that, the Las Vegas Raiders would instantly have become the most popular team in the League. Gruden could’ve had huge rallies in his defense…

    …but no, he apologizes, then gets #canceled. Have fun as the assistant strength coach at Chumbawumba Junior College, Chucky… you gutless moron.

    • Yep. You ritually humiliate yourself and they destroy you anyway. It’s happened to guys like him dozens of times over the last 15 years or so. But they never learn.

      • Confessing at your show trial gives Stalin the excuse to shoot you. In fairness to the Old Bolsheviks, they were tortured into confessing. Grunden wasn’t tortured.

        • Bukharin strayed from the script at the conclusion of his show trial, insisting on his innocence in spite of all the ‘special methods’ used to induce the correct attitude. He was still shot – that was a foregone conclusion – but it led to his eventual rehabilitation, while his wife lived in relative peace to an old age. It also meant the end of the Yezhovchina and of the odious Yezhov himself.

      • These guys were never fighters to begin with. Most men aren’t, it’s a rare trait at best that one only tends to see among blue collars who work in dangerous professions. Not college grads who sit in a office all day.

        I remember my father telling me a story about a dozen or so American POW’s who had been released from a German POW camp. Well after leaving the port of Odessa and thir ship making a port of call at Alexandria Egypt. These men along with my father decided to have a look see at the forbidden quarter of Alexandria.. The first thing they did was visit a stall of a merchant who was selling blackjacks, whips, brass nuckles, kosh’s, etc.To prepare themselves to properly deal with the irate natives who were following them. This gang of Americans then proceeded whip, beat, any Muzzie who got in their way or who tried to get violent with them. This is how American POW’s relaxed after spending almost two years in a Nazi POW camp. BTW dad was part of that group.

        We don’t produce men with clanking cajones like that anymore. They were a product of a era that produced hard men. Not Nihilistic pieces of crap of with BA degrees.

    • I don’t do memes very well, but Chinese owner Joe Tsai* telling African-American Kyrie Irving that it’s the vaccine or the po’ house presents us with precisely the sort of ethnic wedge which we can use to break the psychological backbone of the Frankfurt School’s swarthy army coalition [which quite frankly is being held together with nothing more than psychological paperclips & duct tape].

      It’s also the kind of grotesque ethnic disparity which ought to appeal to the sentiments of the typical BoomerCon Normie.

      If we can bust both working** class blacks & BoomerCon Normies free from their current imprisonment in the Psychological Borg, then that gives us an yuge leg up in our struggle with the Frankfurt School.

      *Until just recently it would have been Israeli owner Bruce Ratner [which would have worked equally well].

      **Not to be confused with dole-class blacks. I don’t know that there is [nor ever will be] any hope whatsoever for dole-class blacks. But I think there’s now more than just a sliver of hope for working class blacks. At least the ones I talk to – they don’t want anything to do with the V@xxines of Death.

      • I agree.
        In a multicultural society, all politics is ethnic politics and those best at forming alliances and wedging rival groups, win.
        This is what the other side does to great effect, i.e. dismissing Asians as ‘white adjacent’ when convenient and roping them back under the POC umbrella when they’re needed.

    • For a guy who’s always been rich, Trump is uniquely blind to real class signals. It’s why he was rappers’ favorite white man and why the establishment’s reaction to his political career has been such a deep psychotic break that they’re planning to murder the hundred million Americans who persist in not *getting* it.

      Gruden blasts a lot of real-man noise, but he knows who he is and where he lives. There are no economic motivations there, and no popularity. No one up there has anything to learn from a dirt-toucher like Trump.

      • I think Trump’s blindness to social cues is due to his narcissism. Narcissists can be a bit like Autistics in that they don’t develop instinctive subconscious sensing of ‘the right thing to do/be/say’. A smart autist can develop an algorithmic theory of mind and thrive at the cost of extra conscious processor cycles. A narcissist rarely does; they’re blissful in their ignorance of and contempt for the quotidian.

        I don’t mind Trump for his bull in the china shop aspect. But obviously don’t expect anything more from him.

    • Or you shouldn’t be looking through my private emails. Does everybody want to give us access to theirs?

      If something is said publicly you can challenge them but no one ever needs to see this. His employer does and I wonder why. Basically thought crimes at this stage.

      • That was the other option. I was being hyperbolic, although in Clown World one almost has to… A perfectly reasonable response for Gruden to make was “I can separate my personal feelings from my job performance, because I am a grown up. And now I will be looking to sue the NYT and ESPN and whoever else it was that violated my privacy by ” leaking” confidential communications.’

        • If you are the Severian of Rotten Chestnuts, can you please tell me where to find you. I thought that I had the address of your other site, but I find that I don’t. You can email it to mblanc46ATlaposteDOTnet. Thanks, Mblanc46

    • It is a bit of a catch-22. Grovel, and you will be canceled anyway, but now also humiliated. Double-down and you will be paraded as proving their point.. But at least you will be admired by the remnants.

      • “Live free or die. Death is not the worst of evils.” — Gen. John Stark

        It’s not a Catch-22 at all. It’s a courage check. Heck, he wasn’t even facing death.

        • That’s just it. You know you’re done for anyway, so the only question is, how do you want to go out? On your feet, or on your knees?

          In Gruden’s case it’s especially galling, because I’m confident 75-95% of the league really *does* agree with him… and that goes double for the fans. If he’d just owned it, stood firm, and made them fire him, things would’ve gotten very hot, very fast for the Raiders and the NFL. They (probably) still would’ve done it, but it would’ve been in the teeth of massive fan support.

          (Of course, this is Clown World, so they probably bribed him. He probably got some huge amount of cash under the table, plus a promise of rehabilitation in a few years, if he publicly fell on his sword).

          • Sadly, we have the very worst people in charge. I and my family already have “F U money” — we can afford to walk away from this kind of thing. It allowed my daughter to stand her ground in the face of a vax mandate.

            But our “F U money” isn’t a rounding error on the kind of money Gruden has. Nothing is ever enough for these people.

    • Yeah, I would like to see the reaction if someone like that (who had had private emails or old social media posts “leaked”) didn’t apologize and simply responded by saying, “The fact remains that the guy has big lips. Prove me wrong.”

      It’s not like he made the comments about a black guy with normal sized lips or about a black guy he didn’t know.

  9. OT: was watching ramzpaul’s latest video — where he called out zman in the audience — and right at the part where he mentioned 50% of biden’s cabinet are hebes, the video became unavailable. very weird feeling.

  10. Another issue with youth sports in America is it has become something of a racket with “pay to play”, attracting legions of parasites who promise parents that their mediocre kids are going to get college sports scholarships or become millionaire professionals. The parents lap it up because televised sport is such a false godhead, and the one thing this country needs is more professional TV athletes, right?

    • Tempazpan: College and organized sports plus corporatism is a poisonous combination. When college used to be for well-bred and solidly-brained men, the students would naturally get together for informal sports competition. That was light years away from ‘college’ sports today, with ‘scholarships’ for illiterate ghetto blacks and purple-haired mutant womyn. And behind it all we find, as with everything, equality (college is for everyone!) and money (it is unnatural to be motivated by anything else).

    • The fees for travel sports teams are insane.

      A few years ago some one was telling me they were paying $4k in fees so their teenage son could play travel lacrosse.

      • The lengths to which Normies/NPCs will go in order to be seen as part of the In-Crowd is both cringe- & SMDH-worthy.

        And it’s such a profound meta-darwinian weakness in Our Race.

        All the Frankfurt School has to do is seed the culture with ambient social signals indicating that suicide is cool, and yuge portions of Our Race will be fighting hand & fist with one another to be the first to commit suicide.

    • There is another side of this coin, and yet another way academia exploits children and families.

      The AAU coach charges upwards of $3 grand to play a season of, say, AAU basketball. Tells parents what they want to hear, their kid will “play college ball…” While taking said fee, adds “scholarship” athletes that pay nothing. Plays them more.

      Down the road, Division 3 coaches induce kids to “play” at their school. Full or partial scholarship? No. Maybe some “academic money” is promised. Often times kid, trying to live out their parents’ ‘dream’, attends crappy school (e.g., Western New England College), stays one year. Hates it. Waste of time and money.

      The coaches at these non scholarship schools use sports as a way to induce kids to attend and pay the freight. That yummy academia lard that greases the skids of any easy life for administration types and their pet coaches.

      The AAU grift gets naive people coming and going, plays on their stupidity and false pride. Hey those parents, junior sucks at sports. Deal with it.

      • Lacrosse exists at a lot of D III schools to attract more boys, the result being many high level D III schools have huge rosters- most of the kids on those teams won’t see the field.

        I’m less hostile to sportsball than most of you on this forum, while not blind to the poz contained therin- I enjoy watching high level athletes do things I could never do- of course the sports I follow, hockey, lacrosse, baseball, golf, all have something in common…

        Possibly a topic for another day:
        One thing I really dislike is the management of the modern sporting event; the ear splitting music, the screaming PA announcers- it’s as if the event is secondary to all the crap going on around it.

    • Surprisingly, a black writer for an ESPN site wrote a serious critique of AAU basketball in 2018. It got almost no publicity, I found it by accident once. The whole thing is a scam to the point the organizers should be charged with RICO violations. The majority of players and their parents are constantly lied to about their chances of getting college scholarships. Travel soccer and baseball/softball leagues are the same way. It completely dominates the family’s life, costs a tremendous amount of money and at the end, if your kid is elite, you may have a limited pool of colleges to choose from.

      • It never ceases to amaze me how easy it is to scam Normie. Most of these AAU parents fit that description. The coaches, indeed the entire NCAA is in on the scam.

        Another part of it is the “letters of interest” coaches have their assistants send out by the ton weight. On impressive college stationary, “oooh look hon, the Salisbury Seagulls want our Tess!”

        Yet not realizing that these letters are fakes, mass-produced and sent, often to entire lists of kids registered at AAU tournaments. Minus DIRECT and PERSONAL contact from a scholarship granting decision maker, their is NO CONTACT.

        I once sat with a prominent former high school coach that showed me, literally, a valise filled with ‘college letters’ sent to his players. “See these, they mean nothing.”

        Yet Mr. and Mrs. Normie’s eyes will shine with pride as they wave the equivalent of ‘peace in our time’…

        Another part of the grift is the AAU coach sucking up to wealthy parents of said little talent kid. You don’t need me to tell you how that goes. Or ‘street agents’ looking for a piece of the action. Or AAU coaches and street agents bringing in kids, minus parents, from places like Nigeria, with hopes of an NBA payday they can share in.

        It goes on, and the NCAA is as corrupt as the rest of Academia.

        • Yet not realizing that these letters are fakes, mass-produced and sent, often to entire lists of kids registered at AAU tournaments. Minus DIRECT and PERSONAL contact from a scholarship granting decision maker, their is NO CONTACT.

          They’re trying to lure the parents [psychologically] into a frame of mind where the parents agree to send the kid to the coach’s $2500 one week summer camp.

          All it takes is 100 clueless parents, and the coach grosses a cool quarter of a million dollars [of which maybe $25,000 is overhead for the room & board in an otherwise empty dormitory].

          • tl;dr == The average NCAA sports coach is an outright poisonous snake in the grass.

            A righteous f@ther would only approach them with a loaded M0ssb3rg Twelve-G@uge.

          • It’s the “Vanity Publishing” racket for stupid white parents.

  11. So, what exactly did Gruden say? All I’ve heard is that he called Totally Legit Joe a “clueless pussy,” which he undeniably is.

  12. I’m absolutely convinced that the reason for the proliferation of negro quarterbacks is that the head coaches and offensive coordinators decided that they would be well advised to take advantage of negro running ability at the position, and the only way to be able to do that was to dumb down the offense. My guess is that offensive schemes are far simpler now than they were in 2001.

    • During training camp, it has been reported that rookie Patriots quarterback Mac Jones was teaching the playbook to 11 year vet Cameron Newton.

      Jones is whiter than Opie Taylor. Newton is the apotheosis of the “athletic” quarterback.

      Just for emphasis: Newton was the Patriots’ starting QB last year. Apparently, he was bamboozled by the playbook.

    • The problem with, “athletic,” QBs in the NFL is that everyone in the NFL is large, fast, and well-conditioned.

      All those hits from dozens of defenders add up on the athletic QB.

      Once they lose that first step, it’s over.

      In contrast, Brady has been able to hang around forever because of his uncanny sidestep and generally favorable treatment from the refs.

      • Yep. If you want to win the Super Bowl, a smart, white QB is still the way to go. But such QBs are becoming extinct. High school coaches in lily white schools find the most athletic negro and stick him at QB, which means that college coaches have increasingly slim pickins if they want a traditional quarterback. And if there are none of those at the collegiate level, there won’t be any in the NFL either.

        • Being fair to the coaches for a second, coaching a “pro style” offense is orders of magnitude harder than coaching an “option” system. Even if your “athletic” quarterback is taught to pass first, run second (a rarity), all you really have to coach the offensive line to do is “hit that guy.” The receivers are told to run to a spot and turn around, and so on.

          An actual pro-style offense means that everyone needs quite a bit of coaching. All the O-line guys need to understand their assignments (not just “go hit that guy”). Receivers have to actually be able to run routes. The coach has to know how to do all that, plus script plays — it’s tough. When you’ve only got two hours a week to practice, far easier to just hand the ball to Cthulhuvious and tell him to go nuts.

          • “…got two hours a week to practice…”

            Heck, even my daughter’s middle school volleyball team practiced at least two hours a day three days a week. Same for me when I wrestled (except it was five days a week for wrestling) and played soccer. The football team practiced at least as much at the wrestling team.

    • You’re totally correct, but the running QBs take a beating. The fact is, most black QBs can’t read defenses quick enough or well enough. As a consequence, their go to play is the jungle bunny jaunt – Vick was a prime example. There have a few decent black pocket passers, but they’re rare. The White guys dominate that aspect.

  13. Notice how we aren’t allowed to see the entire emails that are referenced? It is highly unlikely that they were composed of simple one liners that the media have showcased.

    But no, we cannot allow the lowly dirt people to read, analyze, and decide on the full context contained within the content of the emails.

    As Zman states, this points to a distraction attempt away from the WFT issues currently going on.

  14. You can trace the decline of the San Francisco 49ers to the very day that Eddie DeBartolo stopped being the hands-on owner and ceded control to his sister.

    And as size began to matter more than smarts, it stopped being a sport and became more and more a giant shoving match, to where now it’s…. boring.

    Baseball has been slower to follow the other team sports into the dumpster, because the very nature of the game strongly selects for high IQ. But upper management is sure making the effort.

  15. It’s difficult to imagine that the pervasive religion of anti-whiteness may continue to go unnoticed by average White people who simply want to work hard, raise children, live their lives, maybe even occasionally enjoy a sportsball game.

    The de facto anti-whiteness will control not only on an exterior level (the way whites are treated by the systems which manage our lives; education, business, judicial, etc.) but maybe even more disastrously on an interior level. It will determine how we self censor even before interfacing with those systems.
    That the backbone of society has become diseased in that way is catastrophic on so many levels.

  16. Vulgar is the perfect word to describe them.

    Can you do a column on how we’re going to paint what we want as being the higher moral claim with maybe some examples?

  17. Pingback: DYSPEPSIA GENERATION » Blog Archive » The Microcosm of Sport

  18. The sad thing is that done right, sportsball is a powerful vehicle for nationalism. But because America’s three largest sports are uniquely American, Americans rarely get to experience the euphoria of pitting their best against the world. There’s the Olympics of course, but they don’t feature American sports.

    But those old enough to remember when the US beat the Soviet Union on the ice rink, might have an inkling of the sensation; Zman wrote a column on it a couple of years back.

    I’m not really a sportsball fan, I think watching sports is supremely boring. Except when the Danish national team takes the pitch; that’s the only sport I watch and even then, I don’t look at the screen for more than 25% of the time, much less if we’re behind. Because it’s not about the game for me, it’s about my country. I share this attitude with 60-80% of the native Danish population.

    So when our team played in the last world cup, I had absolutely no idea who those dudes in the red were or if they were any good, but there was only one-and-a-half poc on the team, so I was optimistic. They turned out to be fairly decent, they had great teamwork and an entertaining playing style and they reached the semi-finals where we met England.

    The point of my post: An hour before kickoff, I took a stroll through Copenhagen to meet with some friends: the streets were teeming, all the squares were jam-packed, almost everybody had a red shirt of some kind, half of those red facepaint and they all had plastic cups full of beer. (This season, the fad was to throw your beer into the air when Denmark scored).

    Danes are not embarrassed by their flag but that day it was everywhere, thousands and thousand. The enrichers had disappeared into their sewers, football songs were blaring from the windows and the pubs, girls flashed their red-and-white-painted tits and everybody was jaywalking, the gangsters! White boy summer to the max.

    Never forget what they took from us.

    • I’m not trying to be disrespectful in this comment.
      I think the constant concentration on “the world” is a major part of the problem, especially when you consider how many sportsball teams are made up of non-nationals. Like the English cheering on Africans playing sportsball wearing English jerseys.

      Everyone wants to change “the world” or save “humanity” or feed the starving children somewhere else or send doctors to 3rd world countries or save some rain forest somewhere.. Meanwhile, they ignore everything in their own backyard. People will literally step over the homeless in their own city walking to their job where they are part of feeding Africa or some such nonsense. It moves resources from our nations to the third world, where much of it is stolen anyway. People love the abstraction and hate the real. They will step over an African American to help a starving African in Africa. It’s disgusting.

      It is embedded in everything. Far too many people think of themselves as a human or as a global citizen. Who really cares if our sportsball team filled with foreigners can beat their sportsball team also filled with foreigners. What? The Africans living in England beat the Africans and Turks living in Germany? Who cares.

      • I don’t detect any disrespect in your post.

        And yes, sportsball nationalism only works if those on the field are your own people.

        The Italians, who won the world championship, was 100% Italians, much to globohomo’s chagrin. I don’t know how much you heard of this in the US, but the finals against Italy ended in a draw, which meant it was decided by penalty kicks – the nightmare of fans and players alike.

        The woke British coach decided (entirely on his own volition, I’m sure) that the winning goal should be scored by a jogger, a guy who never kicked a penalty outside training, and sidelining one of the British team’s most experienced (white) players. I fact, the last three to kick for England were poc and the British press had already dubbed them The Three Kings, lining them up to be the Black Saviors.

        Two of them missed their kick. The reaction, from all corners of the internet, was exactly as you’d expect: ten seconds after the (oh so embarrassingly white) Italian captain kissed the trophy, the British MSM was overflowing with alarums about muh racist backlash.

        It was so fun I almost didn’t mind we were kicked out in the semis.

        • Italy does have its token mulatto from Brazil, but even he was a replacement for a much better native Roman who got injured

        • Ha. I didn’t follow the Cup this time ’round. That’s brilliant stuff. Andiamo azzurri. And andiamo bianco. And a pox on the Afro-Brits.

      • This is something I actually put to some French people around 2018, are you really actually proud of this team of Africans wearing your flag? The answer was no, not really, especially compared to the earlier team (1998?) that won it all, but at that point it was all they had.

        I read a lot of “if it wasn’t for immigration, England wouldn’t have a national team” during the Euros this summer. That propaganda really ramped up after those blacks choked in the final match. Of course this is ludicrous. Were it not for immigration, England would field a team of, well, English people. Of course, it could be argued that actual English people are not the ones saying this, but just other immigrants and fellow English. Actual English people aren’t allowed to speak about the future of their nation anymore.

        • MSM: “Of course they’re French, bigot! All naggers are French and besides, there’s no such thing as French.

          Also MSM: “Hahaha! Africa won the world cup! Take that, Frog bigots!

          The difference between countries like England and France is that they get a lot of their diversity from their former African colonies. In Scandinavia and Germany, most of the diversity is Arab or Turkish and they suck at playing ball, so there’s simply too few footballnaggers to make an impact.

          As I said above, I only watch the games were the Danish team plays, so I have no idea if the English team was any good but you’re crazy if you think they don’t practice affirmative action when they pick the national teams. FC Barcelona has shareholders, so their team is only moderately pocced and they’re allowed to import players.

  19. Well Z, I was reading Blab the other day and one of the guys said, whites have no place in pro football anymore. It should be handed over to the chimps en masse, and Whitey should cut his losses and walk.

    We need our own spaces and we need to police them. I see Bill Mitchell got run off Blab, and stuff like that is a step in the right direction. Bill means well, but he’s old and stupid and needs to go out to pasture. Most of our worst SJWs and cucks are old geezers. They aren’t relevant anymore and will cause all kinds of trouble if they aren’t dealt with.

    • yup, the problem is civ nats. I hear it in the 2A community all the time, “No matter your race, color creed or sexual orientation, we all came together at the capitol… blah blah”

      Or: “Democrats instituted gun control to keep blacks down! “

      • When “we all came together at the Capitol” … one thing I noticed is that vibrancy was almost entirely absent (probably less than 1% of the crowd). Hmm….

    • Hey, instead of the old segregated negro leagues, we can have the new Whitegro leagues. Sans the joggers and other various shades of mud, I’d watch again.

  20. Our present isn’t far off from the James Caan movie Rollerball (remade at one point with LL Cool J). A classic movie that never seemed to be replayed that much. Far lesser movies were always being replayed. I think there was a brief window in the 1970’s where something like this could be made. People weren’t that down yet with the corporate oligarchy scene.

    • Rollerball was on TCM a couple of weeks ago. They aired it right before Kansas City Bomber (Raquel Welch), for a roller-skating theme. The guy introducing the movie briefly explained the plot, and when he came to the corporate oligarchy part, said something like, “sound familiar?”

  21. “When America was based on strong white communities, it had lots of white fathers volunteering to coach sports, run youth leagues and so on. As the white population declines, white volunteers decline. As society becomes more diverse, which brings deracination and alienation, the organic structures that make youth sports possible decline.”

    I think one word here is key: fathers

    Who introduces you to sports (usually)? Your father.
    What image is almost guaranteed to get a male misty eyed? The idea of “Playing catch with dad.” (For white fellows, this is usually dad playing catch with a baseball and a mitt)
    Who takes you to your first “professional” game? Dad

    What happens when Dear Old Dad is less and less in the picture?

    • This doesn’t really explain the rise of the black athlete though. Because their “fatherlessness” problem has been more pronounced than that for white kids.

      I’ll take a shot at that. Activists in the media (ahem, we know who they are) saw football and basketball as two avenues through which to promote blacks. This is one key. Even without steady parenting from a present father, black kids see sports as their ticket (similar to how some see “aspiring rapper” as their ticket). Because of this media driven, activist notion that sports are a ticket to black success, black mothers have better community networks to get their boys into contact sports, and they are also less likely to “helicopter” their kids, allowing them to move freely and unsupervised in their neighborhoods with other boys, at parks, basketball courts, etc

      Black mothers seek out stable men (both black and white), in the form of coaches, to be surrogate fathers for their boys. Whites women are less likely to think their boys need a surrogate father, being that they’re constantly being bombarded with girlpower propoganda that tells them they’re just as capable as men at anything they do. In other words, I think black women without a father around more instinctively know that a surrogate coach is good for their boys, where white women get snookered by their own shitlib bullshit ideas.

      There are a lot of converging things here, but I think those themes explain a lot.

      • I remember reading or hearing something about blacks in general physically maturing earlier than Whites. If a White kid has a lot of black teammates in middle school and high school it will be hard to get playing time. By the time he reaches his early 20’s and starts to catch up to blacks it usually to late for most to get into college or pro football.

      • Perhaps I should say, “Who introduces you to your lifelong interest / love of sports?”

        I love my late mother dearly. I also note that between the time my late father died and I was earning my own money and was well off enough to buy tickets for sporting events (ball and stick and auto racing), mom wasn’t just out of the blue offering to take me to a baseball or football game.

        Who took me to my first MLB game? Dad
        Who took me to my first auto racing event and made me a lifelong racing fan? Dad
        Who watched and yelled at Da Bears when they screwed up playing on Sunday afternoon? Dad

        You get the picture.

        As I pointed out below in another comment, if you live in an area with a larger pool of Diversity, your child isn’t going to play basketball or football in school organized sports much past Junior High. In that case Diversity is playing for a future job. Hence also the rise in soccer/lacrosse/ice hockey/gymnastics/swimming/etc. in the middle/upper middle/upper classes. At least your Aiden or Jayden will get a chance to play organized sports and brush up the old extracurriculars for Ivy League / Big State U’s entrance criteria.

        Remember, future coaches come from former players. Start losing more former players and?

        • Ref – da Bears:
          I’ve been yelling at them for +/- 50 years and could fill in for your dad – although my interest and emotion has waned significantly in that area – and I don’t expect it to return to the heights of days of yore.

        • On target.There is no place in Football, BB or even baseball for white boys. Let the Joggers have them.
          Let the whites play Soccer/Rugby/Lacrosse, etc.

          Even more important get them to learn useful skills like basic auto repair, working with wood, metal, basic electronics, home ec etc.

          A lot of them aren’t hard to learn. Sadly most modern dads are a rather helpless lot and shop classes have all but been eradicated from school

          These skills are always useful as opposed to being a good swimmer in a pool or kicking a ball.

  22. What made the NFL was instant replay — a tech development. Watching the game in person or on TV is incoherent because it’s a blur. The instant replay slows down the action and lets the commentators tell you what happened, then throw in a little story from their playing or coaching days. The atmosphere was guys sitting around, drinking, b.s.’ing about sports. That’s long gone.

    • I agree with the 2nd part (blur) but still enjoy hockey in-person and find it slightly disorienting to watch televisually (which might be from glare off the rink but basketball overcomes a bad, low-contrast arena with reflecting surface).

      The prime factor in suiting football for TV is the stop/start nature and the emotionalism/soap-opera that the medium imbues. Instant reply only reinforces this aspect already native to gridiron culture, so called. Baseball and soccer are really slow with ample room for commentary too but only infrequently as “dramatic.”

      • The big risk for football v basketball/soccer/baseball is participation. You can do pickup games at least for basketball and soccer with as little as six, and you can play relatively injury free well into middle age. So the interest can be cultivated well past high school when most stop playing football at any competitive-ish level.

        As for blurs, slow mo has also helped soccer and basketball since most intricate moves go by so quickly you can’t see them. Of course going to a game is more about the experience than actually watching what’s happening on the field.

        • I used to play pickup two-hand touch football Saturday mornings into my mid-30s.

          You need at least a dozen guys to make it work.

          We always had mostly decent people who accepted being touched down.

          Sometimes people brought flags. Those things are fiddly and don’t always rip away when they should.

          Occasionally we’d have a tough guy or two show up and insist we play tackle.

          Yeah, no….our health plans are not that great.

          • Tackle football or kill-the-guy in someone’s backyard was always an exhilerating afternoon when growing up. Today, I never, ever see the neighborhood sweethearts getting dirty and bruised.

    • Jack Boniface: Not to knock anyone’s genuine interest in what used to be genuinely White sports, but I think a huge part of the draw was that it used to be primarily a male space. Women could/would watch, but it was ‘the guys’ who got together for sports games and shooting the sh&t. Now women have not only become sports reporters but also referees for male sports, and ‘tailgating’ has become a female hospitality contest.

      All the more reason for White men to let go of the sentimental historical attachment to sportsball. Boycott this degenerate inversion and let it die. When we have a country of our own, we can again have White sports teams and fans. Until then, please stop giving your time, attention, and money to people that hate you and want your children dead.

      • Seeing couples out on a beautiful fall Sunday with both man and woman wearing matching sportsball shirts is a sign of a fallen society. That’s the commonality that ties your relationship together? How is that any different from wearing matching aprons? The sexes need their own spaces, free from the leveling effects of the (((popular culture))).

    • I’ve never considered live-action football a blur. In fact, it’s far easier to process real time than basketball, which really can be a bit blurry.

  23. Forgive me for the autism post:

    I’d have to disagree that the 1980s were the period that football leapfrogged baseball as America’s #1 sport.

    My hometown *college* football stadium was already packing just slightly south of 95k on Saturdays by the 1970s. Even most professional baseball stadiums don’t accommodate that kind of crowd. The NFL Super Bowl was pulling 50+ million viewers by the early 70s, (for comparison, I think last year’s game was less than 100k and it peaked in the 110k range in the 2000teens. Meaning, in a span of nearly 50 years, with widespread proliferation of TV ownership, cable/satellite, HD signals, and mobile smart devices, and a National population increase of at least 25-30%, the event only just doubled in viewership.

    I’m nitpicking, I know. There most certainly WAS a time when baseball was vastly more popular than football, and even today, you’re going to find a whole lot more white boys and girls playing league baseball or softball than football. I’d even argue that baseball/softball is still the most popular participation sport among white people.

    But I think football (including both college and NFL) had overtaken baseball as the most popular fan oriented sport by the 60s. Many families, mine included, have always been primarily college sports oriented, with football being king. College baseball has just generally not been able to compete with football for generating revenue and large fan bases.

    There are a variety of reasons for this…But being that football is a sport that is more easily tailored for black athleticism, I think it was a win-win for the activists who wanted to use sports as a platform for Civil Rights and egalitarianism. They tried with baseball, with athletes like Hank Aaron etc, but they just couldn’t find enough blacks who could dominate the sport, and the sport wasn’t as easily modified to accommodate the characteristics of black athletes. Baseball is a low-contact sport, requiring little aggressiveness. It is a game that requires patience and a considerable amount of teamwork, as well as the ability to master both offensive and defensive strategies. (I realize that once upon a time, football required players to flip as well, but could you imagine a baseball team divided up by defense/fielders and offense/batters? It would be kind of silly to have an entire lineup of people whose only job was the swat a bat.)

    Anyway, I believe the flip occurred in the 60s when the NFL started changing the demographic character of teams and colleges started allowing black players on their football teams. It instantly became an ”arms race” of programs escalating their use of black athletes to garner more attention and changing the nature of the game to make it more thrilling to watch with black speed.

    • I was thinking the 1970s as well.

      Monday Night Football with “HOW-ard CO-sell”, Dandy Don Meredith, Keith Jackson, Frank Gifford, et al. Even as a kid I knew that was what the other kids at school would talk about.

      • Monday Night Football had a lot to do with elevating the popularity of football. I had the same experience as a kid talking about the game on Tuesday morning. It was an event on primetime.

    • Z is probably remembering the same “Wide World of Sports” that I do as a kid where a lot of sports ranked pretty equally in the media. Now, at least in the states, it’s football and, if there’s time, everything else. (My impression is that Europe is much the same with their football).

      • The Pro Bowlers’ Tour was on ABC every Saturday afternoon during wintertime in the 70s and early 80s and was treated seriously. But by the mid 80s it didn’t have enough bombast to warrant promotion on network television.

        And by bombast I mean “joggers”.

    • Professional Baseball requires, first and foremost, very high IQ and all that goes with it (extreme decision-reaction time both physical and mental, which map right with raw IQ). Even the vibrants in MLB are from the extreme end of the IQ curve. This alone serves to deflect joggers, tho the league’s new initiative to “encourage more minorities into the sport” is trying its damnedest to change that…. despite that unlike all other professional sports, MLB most accurately reflects America’s demographics.

    • Can’t really go by stadium crowd size as an indicator. Football only allows for one game a week, whereas baseball can have 3 games in a week, if not more. So for an equivalent 90k stadium, you’d only need a 30k one.

  24. It’s a convolution of the law of cause and effect, or post hoc ergo propter hoc. First you pick the victim, then you discover the crime, which is easy enough if the perp is white, a necessary and sometimes sufficient condition.

  25. Every piece of Grudenhass I’ve glanced past has had the same current_year allegation in it: he “used a racist trope.” That’s a weird phrase if you know what words mean, as journalists don’t. They’re saying he referenced a racial stereotype—and by that they don’t mean that he referenced a racial stereotype, but that he described a man with tire-like lips as having tire-like lips, because he has them. They don’t say that that man’s black, but he must be, since for those of us who don’t know who the man is, they allow the “racist trope” of tire-like lips to work as a full description of him.

    It’s not ironic. The present is too stupid to generate irony, even by accident. It’s just annoying.

    (This comment uses the antisemitic tropes of the illiterate journalist and the degenerate present.)

    • Never overlook that media employees are tilted, as a practical matter, toward non-heterosexual men who enjoy dishing above all else. “Offended by” = “OMG check out this scandalous tidbit, hurry, hurry”

      Of course, classic pre-electronic trope of such behavior was not that type but instead the gossipy village matron taking glee in younger villagers’ misbehavior under cover of umbrage. Such woman usually didn’t have free time to blog for ESPN on the side

    • Once, many, many years ago, a girlfriend who professed to be liberal came with me to London Zoo. Upon seeing the gorilla behind his glass, she leaned across and whispered “They look like black people.”.

      They all know. Features is features.

      • Back in the early 80s, American sportsball announcer Howard Cosell got in hot water for referring to black Washington Redskins receiver Gary Clark as a “tough little monkey.” Cosell meant nothing by that other than that Clark was tough. However, the media exploded in indignation because they innately knew of the resemblance between blacks and non-human primates. Thus, in attempting to anathematize noticing this resemblance, the media unwittingly validated the resemblance.

          • He actually survived for some time afterward and was able to retire at his leisure. However, his career was certainly in jeopardy for a while. If Troy Aikman used the term “tough little monkey” today, however, he’d be given the Gruden treatment immediately.

  26. It is interesting how short-sighted are the people who run professional sports. I am not sure if they are just greedy for immediate profits, incompetent, or purposely strip-mining the institutions to run off with the proceeds. I’ll use MLB as an example.

    My father-in-law reminisces of being a kid growing up in West Philly in the 1950s (yeah, that neighborhood has changed quite a bit since then), and he and his friends would cobble together a few dollars, take public transportation, and get to Connie Mack Stadium many times over their summer to see the Phillies. Those experiences make young boys fans for life. In his 70s now, he still watches the Phillies games almost every day and follows them closely.

    Nowadays (and for the past few decades), MLB ensures its games start too late for young boys and end way to late for them to watch. Ticket prices are way too high for a group of young boys to just pop into the stadium on a summer day.
    Further, just like all major American corporations, they value the short-term hit of cheap labor from the global south over developing American citizens which young American boys can relate to. The result is and will be that they develop far fewer lifetime fans. Even if looking at it only in business terms, they are not considering the lifetime value of a customer.

    And on the cheap labor point – this post illuminates the purposeful replacement of Americans which MLB executives perpetuate for cheap labor reasons:

    Note this quote: “Fans wonder how, over a half century, foreign nationals displaced about 30 percent of American-born players. They question why such prestigious, generously paid jobs go, virtually by default, to international players. Therein hangs a tale. The short answer is the State Department’s willingness to issue a variety of nonimmigrant visas that enable international players to freely enter the U.S. The most commonly used is the P-1 which remains valid for the duration of players’ contracts, often for multiple years. Since 2006, even minor league players are P-1 qualified; before 2006, players received an H-2B visa which meant they had to return home when the season ended. Unlike the H-2B, the P-1 has no numerical cap, so owners can no longer grouse about visa snafus that strand their international players.

    The backstory is that MLB franchise owners, who preside over a $10.7 billion industry, have business models identical to Microsoft, Apple and AT&T: hire cheap labor, and maximize profits. Caribbean players are cheaper to sign – period! Dick Balderson, former Seattle Mariners general manager, once said that in the impoverished Dominican Republic, even a modest signing bonus represents a small fortune. Team owners can sign 20 penurious Dominicans, also incentivized by the prospect of coming to the U.S. legally, for the same cost as four Americans.

    To hone Dominicans’ skills, all 30 MLB franchises have development camps run by professional coaches and trainers. Owners scuttled plans to start similar camps in Venezuela when the political climate became too unstable. Not a single similar MLB-maintained academy exists in the U.S.”

    Note that the Dominican Republic has a population of about 10MM. Where I live, I like to put forth this thought experiment – what if each MLB franchise had a development camp in Chicagoland (population ~10MM)? How many MLB players would come from there? Further, again relevant where I live, I like to point out that Tim Anderson of the White Sox (from Alabama), one of the best shortstops in the game, was overlooked and played baseball in community college, and was a late bloomer. If he was from the Dominican Republic, he would have been identified early and developed. How many other Tim Andersons are out there that never get a look or get developed in the US? (And yes I realize Tim Anderson is black, but it is useful to make this point to CivNat types how the cheap labor play harms American citizens).

    Ultimately, developing and importing a bunch of foreigners limits the fan base’s ability to relate to the players and become true fans. A young baseball fan is much more likely to relate to Corey Seager or Freddie Freeman or even mulatto Aaron Judge than some Dominican or Venezuelan. As a native Detroiter and Tigers fan, I can confidently say that Miguel Cabrera will never be as beloved as Justin Verlander or Alan Trammell or Kirk Gibson, or maybe even Cecil Fielder.

    In summary, MLB makes it harder for young American boys to become fans given ticket prices and game times, limits the opportunity for American boys to become major leaguers in favor of cheaper Central Americans, and limits the ability for American fans to relate to the players given the number of foreigners. Maybe this maximizes short term profit, but it is ruining the foundation of the game.

    • “In summary, MLB makes it harder for young American boys to become fans given ticket prices and game times, limits the opportunity for American boys to become major leaguers in favor of cheaper Central Americans, and limits the ability for American fans to relate to the players given the number of foreigners. Maybe this maximizes short term profit, but it is ruining the foundation of the game.”

      It’s truly pathetic seeing 30,000 30 plus year olds watching a Red Sox game at Fenway Park. Absolute loser poseurs trying to prolong developmental adolescence pretend they will never die. There are hardly any families let alone boys at the games.

      • When ticket prices are a couple hundred bucks, naturally it’s all adults. No one pays that to bring their sleepy gradeschooler to a game.

        At the end of the season, after the Angels were eliminated, they ran a $3 per seat ticket special. Funny thing, suddenly there were a lot of kids in the stands.

    • ” all 30 MLB franchises have development camps …”

      This is sickening. WHen its just about the economy, stupid! ANd they rub our noses in it, about the great immigrants and the lazy, fat americans. Great post

    • Steinbrenner used to forbid mustaches and long hair. In the La-Z-man league, no tats or dreads or any clown hairdo.

      When I see Yadier Molina, I see an Ese gangsta who might have tried to pop off Hoyt in the bathtub in Training Day. Every announcer feels the need to crawl up this jerk’s backside every chance they get ‘legend this’ and ‘beloved champion that’. If any wholesome American kid worships that creature, it is one too many kids.

      The Hispanic players nowadays like to sport the Amish beard. One of them on the Boston club, has shin guards and some arm guard with the Mexican flag on it. Shows where his loyalty lies.

      Kike and JD Martinez on the other hand strike me as true gentleman, and respectful sportsmen, with nary an accent. Thoroughly All-American.

      I’m going for the Dodgers in demographic grounds. Hard to believe for a team based in LA that it is the most American.

    • The US obsession with cheap labor started before the country was founded and with a very few exceptions like Henry Ford is so entrenched in the culture that we will near suicide ourselves before we allow wages to rise a penny.

      Our current 40 hour work week and its wage laws are the product of decades of riots culminating in the Roosevelt soft dictatorship and subsequent legislative cram downs

      They have been fought tooth and nail every moment of every day by the Country Club Chamber of Commerce sorts with the results of about 5 decades low fertility, urban collapse and demographic replacement.

      I’d argue the 2020 mass civic destruction was tolerated to keep peoples mind off income inequality and to get rid of President Trump. Heck TPTB figured after COVID they’d have another round of wage arbitrage as people would be desperate to work but between the stimulus (the other factions fears a collapse) fear of the virus and vaccines as well as people living on less they got out maneuvered.

      Now Trump isn’t a goods wages guy, he is just aware enough to know his family enterprises requires a middle class and a prosperous working class. He unlike most of them can see past next quarter and while he shares the obsession with money, doesn’t mind if other folks get ahead as he is smart enough to get some of it.

      The rest, we are run by people who make Gordon Gecko seem like a moral actor and who are uniformly player haters and zero sum types.

      Dissidents though may not be able to change that by fiat if they get power Other than mass deportation and import controls they will have to let the collapse happen , the population thin out and the markets force an increase .

  27. Baseball keeps celebrating the amazing success of Jackie Robinson’s breaking of the color line and becoming the first black superstar in the game. Never mentioned is the fact that no player of any ability can walk into the clubhouse and make himself a part of the team, he must be signed to a contract by the general manager. In the case of Robinson it was white guy Branch Rickey that was willing to take a chance and make him a Brooklyn Dodger. Rickey’s name doesn’t come up in the celebration of the integration of major league baseball.

    • RIght. The whole story of doing it on their own. Women too.

      If we were an honest people we would recognize: white men have given the world everything.

    • Branch Rickey’s name USED to come up in tandem with Jackie Robinson. But as of about 20 years ago, when the last people who remembered Rickey aged out, that went away and now it’s all about how Robinson magically jumped over the barriers laid down by evil white men and thereby uplifted the sport.

  28. Of course, you could go the Rooney path, which is to shovel money into Democratic pockets for 88 years, and make sure the Feds will stay off your back.

    It’s kind of interesting that professional feetsball also took off in popularity not only with the rise of television, but also with the beginnings of the destruction of postwar industrial America. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the Steelers became magically popular just at the time that the steel industry in Pittsburgh collapsed. The Rooneys filled the hole left in once functional, orderly blue collar mill towns that had pride in themselves with sportsball. And filled their pockets in the bargain.

    The mill closed and went to Japan? Your kids are unemployed and the old hunky neighborhood is now full of feral negroes? Don’t worry, watch the Steelers and grill! And vote Democrat!

    • Being a sports fan is the one place white people are allowed to come together and root for what they perceived to be their own side. No where else can white people be exclusive like this, so all of that energy gets funneled into it.

      • I’d argue that the military was also like that once. It historically was white men who won the victories, up to the ultimate victory of 1945. Even into the imperial wars, one could argue that the backbone of the service was white men, and the defeats were attributable to the politicians, not the troops. Since 1992, that has also been slowly, then rapidly, taken away.
        It’s also not a coincidence that the NFL went all in on pimping the armed forces, and waving the flag, even before 2001.

    • I recall the movie Relentless with Aidan Quinn and Daryl Hannah. It portrays life in a PA steel town as being so miserable that the Aidan Quinn character Johnny’s dad pretty much drinks himself to death, while Johnny plays football to try to get out of that life.

      I wanna say the dad was played by the late great Charles Durning but I think it was another guy I confuse with Durning. Can’t be bothered to look it up, but the movie is a good watch, and a good listen due to the soundtrack.

      • All those movies about dying rust belt towns from that era always neglected to point the finger at the real culprits, those that in a single generation destroyed a prosperous way of life for tens of millions of Americans.

        “Well we’re living here in Allentown.
        And they’re closing all the factories down”.

        “They”? It sounds so sterile and inevitable. It was actual humans that pulled the rug out from under countless communities.

  29. I never engaged in any sport as a kid, except boxing, but there I was an outlier as a middle-class white kid. It’s a truism among the Turks in Germany in the grade schools that the Germans (what they call native-born whites) don’t fight back. You can see tons of videos online of Turks just wailing on white children at parks and schools who curl up into balls while the Gastarbeiternachwuchs (descendants of the guest workers) beat the crap out of them. Black kids in America have always been taught white kids are easy marks, and now that resistance is literally illegal, it’s going to get even worse. I feel bad for any white kid trapped in a lower middle-class neighborhood who has the heart to defend himself but has a literal entire country against him.

    I’m curious to see how the media entertainment complex is going to deal with the heavyweight championship being divided between two white men right now. Last weekend Tyson Fury demolished Deontay Wilder, and now the champ is a white man who says he loves Jesus and says people need to eschew pornography and have large families. He’s even talked about Jews, traditional roles for women, and the evils of homosexuality. He’s a nightmare scenario for the elites, like Tebow, only unlike Tim he really is the best in his field. The other champ, Oleksandr Usyk, is not just a beast from the East, but a literal Cossack, and we know how *they* feel about the Czar’s horse-mounted raiders. I’d like to believe sports don’t matter, but going all the way back to Greek antiquity we know that’s just not the case.

      • This is beautiful and should be required viewing for everybody. Who is the mensch in this exchange: Ali or the effete host mouthing platitudes while squirming in his chair? This was an oratorical KO.

        Ali is cut off at the end, but you can hear him say ‘I hate nobody’ right after he says ‘I love my own people’. And that is the essence of it. There is no hate in what he says. His interlocutors can’t grasp that and I bet he would never say ‘I love my own people too’ even if he qualified it with a ‘but’.

    • Fury beat Wilder? How come I didn’t hear anything? For some reason, this highly anticipated fight wasn’t in the news.

    • It’s funny, but once whitey started dominating heavyweight boxing–beginning with the Klitchko brothers–the media stopped covering it. Purely coincidental, I’m sure…

  30. Gambling: it’s a big factor in the resurgence of football this year and probably explains why NFL football hasn’t (yet) followed the TV ratings fate of NBA basketball. The “fantasy league” phenomenon and the legalized sports betting in many states have saved the NFL and the league has basically aligned itself with the gambling companies.

    Meanwhile, the NFL has a 100% injury rate and no team could field a full team on Sunday without the aid of a vast array of strong painkillers for the combatants. The DEA raid is the classic “speeding ticket at the Indy 500” situation. This is a league built on drug abuse, medical malpractice, gambling and traumatic brain injury.

    If we’re scouring e-mails, why not scour the prescriptions and medical records? The NFL vaccine mandate juxtaposed against industrial-scale malpractice and drug abuse tells you exactly where we are these days. If nothing else, we are testing the very outer limits of our capacity for cognitive dissonance.

    • Legalized gambling and fantasy sports are brilliant in their way — whoever designed them figured out a way to monetize the fact that every guy in the viewing audience knows exactly what the coach should’ve done on 4th and 2 from his own 41 yard line.

      Our Thing ought to learn from that. The trick is to have a formidable-enough arcana that you have to spend some time learning it and thinking it through — e.g. game odds, betting the over, three-team parlays and whatnot — but simple enough that the average guy can get it with a little effort. Then make competition head-to-head, yet anonymous (it’s you vs. all the other gamblers that you know are out there; do you know more than they do?).

      For instance, I bet Z Man would see his donations triple if he instituted some kind of badge system for the comments. The upvote/downvote thing kinda does that, but not really. Make it obvious who’s a platinum-tier commenter (or whatever) by linking it to donations — yeah, So-and-So comments a lot around here, but he’s not a real Z fan, because he’s not kicking in behind the green door…

  31. The root of cancel culture is intimidation. Just like public square stocks & hangings of the bygone past, the idea is to make a few very public persecutions of scapegoats and thereby send a message to the masses that they had better “play ball” or they will be next in line. And they do this because it works.

    The flip side also works quite well. The masses pretend to play along and then operate from the shadows when its payback time. What goes around comes around, with the main difference being it is the very opposite of public. Do that enough and the scumbag that stabbed you in the back will have to pay someone to start his car every morning. Just sayin’.

  32. You know what is disgusting? Absolutely nauseating?

    “That’s not who I am.”

    Peak vomitaciousness.

  33. In the never ending quest for more dollars the owners and the leagues have managed to suck all the other values out of the relationship between the fans and the teams. They’re not just pirates they’re parasites as well. Our political masters have managed the same trick. I remember when politics required serious people, now, it’s all rejects from the travelling freak show.

    The fans are just the rubes who show up at the carnival to be fleeced for their money. No one even pretends anymore. At least some people have finally figured out the scam where the owner says “build me a new stadium and you will benefit economically,” is just a tired bit of bullshit.

    • Grillers think nothing of driving over broken roads, leaking tunnels and dangling bridges to arrive at a gleaming new $3B stadium financed by municipal bonds! Even the goddam parking garage at Yankee Stadium is financed by muni bonds and it costs $40 to park, FFS!

      But there’s absolutely no frickin way we can build a new $5B tunnel to New Jersey because there’s no money. A busload of Democrat Yankee fans will drown in the inevitable tunnel collapse on their way to the game and it will be blamed on Trump.

  34. After stepping away from sportsball for a while, coming back is like stepping into another world.

    Announcers are fake. Fake personalities, voices, fake gravitas and authority, and fake excitement. They’re phonies, imposters who are impersonating what they think a “manly” football fan is like.

    The fans are apparently grown adults who are reduced to screaming like children over a ball being thrown around. The athletes have no connection with them, and most of the black ones hate them. The ads are aggressively promoting race mixing. It’s not just a mixed couple here and there, it’s like they’re reaching out of the tv and into your mind, trying to plant race mixing seeds.

    It’s a very unpleasant experience coming back into sportsball after going away. It’s like a simulation, and if Joe Buck turned out to be a monster disguised as a human it wouldn’t surprise me. The ads are the worst, I am still confused at why any white man would watch this stuff.

    • As Rupert Murdoch said, “sports are tribal”. Herein lies the meaning in it for the average Joe. He is alienated, his wife hates him (if she hasn’t left him already), he hates his job and his kids don’t respect him. But he turns on the tube and his “tribe”, colors flying, is marching to the end zone….suddenly he forgets for a while.

    • Identical experience. Once you turn off, being reintroduced to the world of sportsball is an alien experience. I find myself staring with disbelief at friends and coworkers who still stare gaping at the modern minstrel show.

      Strangely, though, it doesn’t necessarily apply to watching old clips from the times when you used to be a fan. The presentation wasn’t nearly as obnoxious or cloying and the lack of jogger worshiping ads improves the experience.

    • Joe buck – the absolute king of obscure baseball stats the no one could possibly give a crap about. “Believe it or not, John Doe is the first pitcher in the conference since covid, to not only get covid, be hospitalized, on a ventilator, then get his two jabs plus booster and come back to strike out the side. Wow, just wow.”

    • Identical experience as well. I have found personally, if I get the urge (which I have much less than before) I simply have it on in the background with the sound off. I occasionally look up and watch something that catches my eye or during what appears to be an exciting moment, while otherwise going about my day.

      If someone is like me, still enjoys the particular sport but is tired of the BS, I have found that simply having no audio, no fan noises, provides a more sterile experience where I can enjoy a certain element of it if I am inclined, while easily maintaining detached remoteness. But the experience still remains degraded knowing how much of what provided the enjoyment has already been stripped away at the league, team, and broadcast level.

  35. The degenerate parasites who run this country have long believed that they can simply start feeding on China once the United States has been sucked dry, but the CCP, while evil and blood-drenched, is not stupid. They can see what has happened to the United States over the last fifty years, and they are having none of it. This is why the US “elites” are so schizo about China right now. They know that jumping over to a new host is not going to work now, hence the new-found hostility to China in some “elite” circles; but they still want to keep that sweet, sweet CCP money flowing, so they still attempt to censor such matters as the true origin of Covid, etc. What they actually want is for China to let them start leeching – but China has its own leeches, and they are farther-sighted than ours, and have no intention of killing their host, for which they retain a certain affection. China’s elites may havea certain amused contempt for their own people, but they don’t hate them, unlike ours.

    • China bleeds its people, but not quite dry because they are its people. Not so here. Besides, China knows not to get in the way of its enemy’s self-destruction. It’s hilarious to read so.e Republicans / neocons decry China’s (and Russia’s) hypocrisy for promoting degeneracy here while crushing it home. That’s not hypocrisy dumb@ss, that’s strategy.

      • Yeah, those CivNats have real problems with alien races promoting degenerate here. Unless, of course…

  36. The drop in white kids playing youth football is understandable. Every parent now wants to ensure their kid keeps his brains and doesn’t get multiple concussions. The strength training and conditioning of the sport has evolved to where you have kids deadlifting 400+ in even the smaller schools. These guys can deal an incredible amount of punishment unseen a generation ago. If a parent wants his kid to play a sport, there are a wealth of other options available.

    One interesting aspect of youth sports today’s youth is it seems to veer towards kids trying for elite status, while more and more kids never touch a ball at all. There’s none of the young amateurs who knows his sports career is done after high school.

    • Why would anybody want their kids playing football today, given that African youths can viciously assault your child at any time?

      We also know more about concussions and their long term effects.

      • We are a hockey family. My son plays hockey and yes, concussions are a real problem in hockey, but far less than in football. While the rest of my Southern-based family has all their sons in football, it has been a strict NO in ours.

        It’s not just the concussions though. I despise football culture with a white hot passion, almost as much as basketball. In hockey, I get to hang out with other white families and be with MY people. I cheer for their kids, and they cheer for mine.

        • Here in Canada hockey has been pretty pozzed. All the minor league players are now required to be vaccinated to enter a hockey rink. Coaches are required to go through gender theory training. They’re pushing girls into boys hockey very hard.

          Basically, hockey “doesn’t look like the country” (aka it’s all white and Canada is now a brown country), so it must be destroyed.

          Still a great sport and I’m sure in the South it’s much better.

    • Chet,

      My thought is for ball and stick sports, you’re looking at three trends converging:

      1) If you live in a town with a substantial “Diverse” population and you’re a white parent, your son isn’t going to be playing football or basketball for his school team past grade school or Junior High. To your point, your coach isn’t going to put Aiden or Jayden on the field, and if he does, he’ll get steamrollered. Unless he’s a kicker.

      2) If you DO want your youngin’ to play organized sports, you’re in an arms race with other middle and upper middle to upper class parents. This is my experience watching my niece and nephew who played soccer from grade school through High School and each made their school teams. Unless your child is a PHENOMINAL natural talent, buy a comfortable SUV or minivan and be prepared to travel to and fro as his or her travelling soccer/lacrosse/gymnastics/swimming/ice hockey team has you going state to state for tournament after tournament. Because the Junior High and High School coaches are going to be watching and ranking your child. Oh, and you’ll probably be wanting to spend some cashola on “academies” or Sports Medicine evaluation for Jayden or Ashleigh since the other parents are doing that too. Can’t fall behind you know.

      3) “One interesting aspect of youth sports today’s youth is it seems to veer towards kids trying for elite status.”

      Two words: Girl’s Sports. There may very well be plenty of talented young ladies who do truly want to play sports. The others I suspect are brushing up the old CV for getting into college.

      Example: My niece and my nephew mentioned above. Both played soccer and were on travelling teams from grade school through High School. Both went off to college for STEM careers. The difference?

      My nephew didn’t try out for the college soccer team but would play intermural and “pick up” soccer games in college, and did the “weekend warrior” soccer leagues until he found out that you don’t heal quite as quickly in your 30s as you do as a teen.

      My niece? Soccer cleats went into the closet once High School graduation was done.

      Both my niece and nephew were competitive and I’m sure she wanted to do what her big brother did, but you can’t escape there’s a difference.

    • This is a good synopsis by George Will on how football has changed:

      Football is bigger than ever, in several senses. Bear Bryant’s 1966 undefeated Alabama team had only 19 players who weighed more than 200 pounds. The heaviest weighed 223. The linemen averaged 194. The quarterback weighed 177. Today, many high school teams are much bigger. In 1980, only three NFL players weighed 300 or more pounds. In 2011, according to, there were 352, including three 350-pounders. Thirty-one of the NFL’s 32 offensive lines averaged more than 300.

      Various unsurprising studies indicate high early mortality rates among linemen resulting from cardiovascular disease. For all players who play five or more years, life expectancy is less than 60; for linemen it is much less.

      • Football is also faster than ever.

        Many of those 350 pounders are running 0-40 times in the 4.7-4.9 second range, which is absolutely insane speed for people of that size.

        • Can you imagine the energy imparted if someone like that was to collide with you when they had a full head of steam?

          • I think some physics or mechanical engineering folks have actually wired modern football players up to find out the energy level in a modern football hit.

            I think they found many hits were like being in a car accident.

        • No kidding. Back in my college days, I was was playing handball with a buddy who was a defensive lineman on the university team. Probably weighed 225-250 and I couldn’t believe how quick he was and the court coverage. Pretty amazing.

  37. I was once involved, in a very tangential way, with a very very minor league sports franchise. There are a million little “developmental” leagues scattered around small-ish towns — this was all pre-Kung Flu, you understand — and all of them had the same problem: They just couldn’t build the customer base. Even minor league baseball had this problem: There was a built-in “floor” of fanatics who would come out to see the latest and greatest prospect from the Big Club (usually some high school pitcher who could throw 95 mph but couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn), but even that floor is pretty low.

    Except one team. The league as a whole was always on the verge of folding, but this one club kept packing the house. Now, the people involved with these leagues aren’t dumb (despite their actions); they’re just very, very blinkered. Which is why the reason for this team’s success was obvious to me, an outsider, but not to anyone in the league. Here’s a hint: It had to do with bringing in 6’9″ mutants with names like “Cthulhuvious,” with dreadlocks and gold teef and tattoos all over, from places like Jackson, MS, and expecting the 90% White inhabitants of a Rust Belt town to get behind them.

    The franchise that packed the house didn’t do that. They went out of their way to find players that reflected the local demographic. But since that franchise was also consistently good, the guys running the other teams assumed that the answer was to bring in bigger and better thugs, the better to win championships. Or, better yet, foreign players, who also had dreads and tats and gold teef, but who also practiced Santeria and spoke even less English than Cthulhuvious…

    It’s a mystery, I tells ya, a stone cold mystery.

    • Another lesson of modern sports is you can field a team of less than optimal athletes that can punch way above their weight class if you have the instinctual cohesiveness of a band of brothers.

      And fans, at a gut level, can read that in a team and make them a joy to watch.

      • The prime modern example of this were the, “Fab Five,” years of Michigan basketball.

        Each individual player on those teams was a top shelf athlete, yet they repeatedly came up short on the big stage when they ran into a somewhat less athletic opposing team that played as a cohesive unit.

        • I saw this myself in a very minor way back in college. I was the sixth man on a championship basketball team…

          …in a dorm league, but given that kids played sports back then, we all played hard. We made it to the championship, where we came up against a team full of ringers — quite Diverse, of course, and of the most Vibrant kind. Even our best player (who was actually pretty good, had been a starter on a big high school team, etc.) was outclassed by everyone on the Vibrant team.

          So we actually played it up — our strategy was to let the other guys score a few times right out of the gate. Sure, we started in a bit of a hole… but by doing that, we made sure that Cthuhuvious and he homeboys were more worried about one-upping each other with their five minute celebration dances than actually playing ball (not that they needed much encouragement). Even the best player is going to lose when he insists on going one-on-five…

          …but math be rayciss, of course, so they never caught on.

          • When my team would play a vibrant team, we would compensate with ball circulation, perimeter/3 point shots. Oh and the secret weapon: pump fakes. They would jump at every single pump fake–not hyperbole. And since they can jump pretty high, we could take time to shoot in proper form.

            Worked like a charm. Every. Single. Time.

          • I was one of the top receivers on my intramural flag football team in college in the mid 80s. 35 years later I haven’t lost a step. I can still run a 5.2 40.

          • The ringer team of vibrants in intramural leagues also will be incredibly confused if you run a basic zone. Its hilarious. I will never forget hearing them huddle up trying to figure out “why they playing fake man-on-man, what is it?!”

      • In truth, that’s a huge reason why pro football sucks. The incompetence displayed by most offenses stems from lack of cohesion on the o-line, so the only for an offense to function is to either buck the trend and develop an o-line (Browns, Bills) or have a freakishly good QB (Seahawks, Chiefs) to mask their deficiencies. But when the success of a team can be predicted by reading the roster at the beginning of the season, slogging through two hours of woke commercials for every game time slot, week after week, no longer has any appeal.

    • I know you weren’t talking about the cucked Toronto Maple Leafs. 😄

      Where we live in Massachusetts people still go to the high school football games in the hundreds and sometimes thousands. Even as enrollment drops slowly most of the teams here still have 50-80 kids on the rosters. It’s a weird thing South of Boston has the feel of a “normal” America but it’s trapped in Massachusetts (duh). None of the local teams put anything on their uniforms for last year’s “enrichmemt events” save one, and even that was the word “equality.” The “Save the BIPOC rallies” down here looked more like a Unitarian Church parking lot on actual holy days.

      To speak to your point regarding the ideal demographic: go onto Niche and type in any number of towns in Norfolk County and Northern Bristol County into the town profile aggregator. The busy bodies there who leave comments LOVE to clamour on about the usual suspects favorite phony altruism cause; but as Z Man has pointed out even with the dramatic change in the 2020 census, the reality of low crime, bedroom communities and good school systems paints another, more HONEST picture of who lives there and brings home the bacon.

      I’m still a sucker for amateur sports, gave up on everything NHL this year and won’t watch the NFL or another college game (once true passion) again unless my son comes of age and wants to go to one instead of a museum, orchestra or hot dog stand.

      • Are you old enough to remember the southie-eastie game that drew over 10,000 fans? Ruined by busing, of course.

        • No. But my father and uncles were. Quincy vs North consistently had 2-4,000 through the 90s. Often times more.

          My dad told me stories about the Tech Tourney, public and private in a round robin. Before they destroyed the MBTA stations. Always at the old Garden and that was with probably 10 additional public and private high schools.

          • Ah, the ol’ Gahden. The Bruins teams back in the 70s were something to behold. #4, Espo, Sanderson, Hodge, etc. And of course, the colorful dandy coach, Grapes who recently was unpersoned by his broadcaster for being unkind to the ‘new Canadians’.

  38. Stepped away from pro sports a couple of years ago. Now it is impossible to watch for long. Everything about it – the ads, the announcers, and the way they play the games now repels me.

    • One of the biggest things to cut down on my sports viewing has been the commercials. They are non stop degeneracy and regime propaganda. I don’t want them on with our young kids in the room. College football doesn’t seem quite as bad as the NFL, but not by much.

    • It is a fascinating thing. Once you break away from it, you cannot go back. Everything about it is horrible.

      • It’s not just football. TV in general I’ve stayed away from for years. I play old movies on my DVD player. That’s it. Going back to a standard channel is very weird. The degeneracy hits you like a confused USN sub in the South China Sea.

        It’s even weirder if you happen to have something saved that you recorded off the telly 5-6 years ago. Compare those adverts with the current ones shows how far we’ve come… in the wrong direction.

        Freaks abound in the devil’s box. As TomA repeats with his distinct zeal: “Kill your TV”.

        • Network TV shows now are just bizarre. Almost half of them are propaganda for some law enforcement agency. CBS has three different shows celebrating the FBI. One of their few comedies is about a fat white guy falling in love with a fat black woman who is a Nigerian immigrant. Ratings have declined even beyond what you would expect from cord cutting. When we were kids we would watch shows like The A-Team with our dad. They don’t even try to come up with stuff you would want to watch with your kids now.

          • There are just better things to do. Get out. See how white your country is. That’s one thing I’ve learnt from ‘cutting the cord’… England is full of whites.

            At the moment…

            Almost like we might do something. Like… organize.

        • There’s no going back once the spell is broken. Once the Regime has broken everyone it can on the Covid Wheel (mine, and I like it), something approximating mandatory viewing will be attempted.

      • For sure. I tuned into the AFC championship game last year because I like Sean McDermott and wanted to see Josh Allen’s progress but had to turn it off after 15 minutes because most of what crossed the screen was a parade of inanities. The commercials were bad, but honestly the worst part is the commentary. It’s irritatingly stupid.

    • Found a replay of the Fury-black guy fight and they had a woman doing commentary. Just had to mute it.

      • An Usyk victory in style and a measurable drubbing by Fury all in less than 14 days. Jim Goad and the boys at CC are going to be chomping at the bit to make light of this!

    • Lately I find myself interested in local high school football, which I’ve never been other than playing football when I was a student.

      Very odd. I must just like football. If that’s the case, small and local is much better. Plus, the players generally look like me and have familiar names.

    • Even in the before times the ritualized humiliation embedded in every PSA and advert was just too much for me. From tit cancer to ‘domestic violence’ to muh racisms.

      White fans will take a lot of insults for their entertainments. Even after the great kneeling kneegroes they seem to be quite forgiving. Especially if some of those same guys push back on the vaxx. Stunning and brave.

      All of the black disfunction gets transmuted into punish whitey.

      White fans get force-fed messages about how they should stop beating their wives, driving drunk, to show up and be a father for their kids, be less rapey, stop “hating”, and stop randomly beating up trannies and old Asian ladies. Etc.

      This all interspersed between headline after headline of some football american doing something horrible. Speeding, DUI, guns, fights at da club, skipping the part about consent, running scams, drugs, and dropping spawn in every city in their division.

      They could never take the ghetto out of them so they treat their paying audience like ghetto retards instead.

      Even way back in college the ‘think before you rape’ and ‘don’t do steroids’ was all about the inversion of reality.

      And now at my gym the basketball court is covered in signs with rules of conduct that go completely un-enforced by the pudgy white girls that run the place. The result is no white guys play basketball there anymore.

      Lotsa history lessons about using mercenaries in war. Perhaps our era will be known for losing the cultural war because of our fetish for mercenaries. Participate or spectate.

      • A big part of the problem is that white men refuse to be men, and stand up to white women.

        White women know that a ball tossing negro is just going to laugh at her if she tells him to put a mask on at the court.

        I’ve seen white guys cuck out so many times – when everybody knows the woman is nuts but they still reluctantly submit to her.

        I’m the opposite. White women (I specify white women because nobody else gives a crap about masks) quickly learn not to bother me. I either tell them some variation of “fuck off”, challenge them to do something about it or call the police, or simply laugh and walk away. It actually works and I don’t get bothered much by them.

        They know when a guy isn’t getting spun into their trap.

        • Indeed much can be distilled down to the sexual dystopia in the wake of feminism and its variants.

          The anarcho-tyranny vis a vis white mans civilization and blaq mans squatting included. Simply: rules are for white men.

          Every public sphere is the same. White guys standing in line and blaq guys going feral.

          When our culture ceded authority to women half of the cuck equation was set. Blaqs are more than happy to indulge the other half. Be it simply harvesting eloi directly or harvesting the fruit cultivated from our sense of order and goodwill shored up by conditioned deference to ‘others’ and submission to female managerial authority.

          Of course white women won’t enforce rules or punish blaqs but will go apeshit over a ZFG white man in a heartbeat. Which to yer point means you are over the right target.

          Yes nothing will change until white men grow spines and hoist the black flag, starting in their own kitchens.

          “The Blind Side”, which was an interesting book for its technical context of modern positional football was also illustrative of the moral superiority of this great widespread cuckening and all its mercenary roles.

  39. I guess my question, or perhaps THE question is what will it take to get rid of all these psychos once and for all? It’s just BS insanity everywhere you look. I see CSU is threatening to arrest any unvaxxed students who “trespass” on campus. I see a report that a (vaxxed?) Delta pilot croaked in mid-flight and both the airline and media cover it up. Criminal joggers abound in the negro felon league, but rarely is there any reporting on that. Something has got to give and here’s hoping it gives soon – there are many scores that need settling.

    • That’s what I was thinking, about democracy in yesterday’s post.

      Once the franchise has been expanded, how does one walk it back? There seems no way to reverse an experiment gone wrong.

      • Alzaebo asks, “THE question is what will it take to get rid of all these psychos once and for all?”

        Pay non-whites to leave our country. No price is too high.

        There will be whites who object to this plan. These people are our biggest enemy and my suggestion will force them to identify themselves.

  40. The same can be said for Science. It was a product Western male thought, and it is in decline with its diversification. What is left of Science will not survive. There may be hired tinkerers and engineers working for government and corporations in the future, but it won’t be Science.

    • Bill Bryson wrote a book called A Short History of Nearly Everything. I recommend it. It’s a good, breezy read that is basically White People are Awesome: The Book. Bryson himself is a boomer liberal, and he probably doesn’t realize that he wrote the most pro-white book since The Turner Diaries. Nearly every character he mentions is Western, and the vast majority of those are either German, French, or British.

      • Great book, very readable for laymen. The hardback has magnificent illustrations, well worth the extra dollars.

        And you could write similar books same about mathematics, art, music, literature, politics, engineering and warfare.

        Ironically, joggers are the only people who can claim to score real wins against whitey: they’re better athletes (in some areas) and then there’s the embarrassing BBC… Piddling stuff like inventing gunpowder or paper pales in comparison to the BBC.

      • You should read his book “The Thunderbolt Kid”; his autobiography of what it was like to grow up in dystopian America in the 1950s.

        Truly a hellscape of incredible proportion.

  41. I wouldn’t be surprised if these ‘leaked’ emails are to distract and deflect away from the WFT’s ownership. Feds found a gold mine and ran with it.

  42. Not sports but the arts, the recent dismissal of all those respectable white women docents at the Chicago Institute of Art. Probably leaning culturally left with upper middle class money they were all volunteers. Along with their obvious appreciation of art they required much training to be competent guides.

    Not any more, being replaced by “paid volunteers” and of course people of color. We are being spared nothing by our dark troglodyte overseers. No matter, they probably accept all of this as progress for greater equality.

  43. My first thought was, I wonder if Gruden has it in him to go scorched earth on these people and humiliate everyone he has dirt on who has denounced him on TV. He probably doesn’t want to further isolate himself, and his son is still a coach with the Raiders. Can you imagine what the last 20 years of Randy Moss’s text messages look like? Nothing will change, here is the NFL’s Super Bowl halftime show for this season, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar and Mary J. Blige. It would be nice to see them forced to defend the double standard. It would really rub normies faces in the fact they are supporting a league full of people who hate them.

    • Gruden is a good example of how the slave mentality works. Mentally, he is a slave to the system. Even as he is being systematically anathematized by the system, he is operating as if he has something to lose. He is thinking that if he is contrite and ticks the right boxes, he can come back into the fold. It is pathetic, but he is like most white men now.

      • This is an incredibly apt description of the people I am surrounded by at my firm.

      • I think being socially ostracized is the biggest factor in his reaction. Football has been his whole life his entire adult life, even when he wasn’t coaching, he was on ESPN and running camps for elite QB prospects. He still wants at least some of these people to accept him as a friend even if he knows he can never get back in all the way. His brother is a coach and his kid was an assistant for him. I doubt he has a single friend who is not connected to the business. He can’t walk away from it.

      • Gruden (aka chucky) always came across as a tough guy type coach, but he sure as hell folded up here like a wet paper bag. Real tough guy for sure.

    • Gruden’s axed over a colorful descriptor. Meanwhile the NFL will have men perform during the Superbowl who wrote lyrics like,

      Like my niggas from South Central, Los Angeles
      They found that they couldn’t handle us
      Bloods, Crips on the same squad
      With the Ese’s helpin’, nigga, it’s time to rob and mob
      And break the white man off something lovely, biddy-bye-bye
      I don’t love dem so dem can’t love me

      I marvel at how unobservant many whites remain.

    • It’s 2021. Everyone already knows what you mean when you say “globalist”, “pirate”, “transient”, “cosmopolitan”, or “post nationalist”.

    • Kind of sad we’re still only as far as naming.

      Thing is, everybody knows but fears offending the gods. At this point naming is a mantra, or a spell. There must be a better way. I suggest indifference. That’s what ultimately did the old gods in. “It’s all so tiresome” is a good start.

      And we’re getting there. Sportsball, Hollyweird, national politics. Even money, it’s starting to look like! Glorious.

      • No we’re not at naming and never will be. This is just how Z rolls. Indifference works when you live in a nice rural dig and have a fat wad in a safe. and can afford to spend decades waiting for the tyrants to die off.

        But in general it’s a shit strategy to effect change. Just laying back in your Lay-Z-Boy and drinking soy milk while decrying what is going on in the world.

        This is why I respect the Muzzies who despite their low IQ and degenerate behavior get shit done. Why can’t whites with IQ’s several SD to the right of these orcs do even half as much?

        • Indifference is doing your thing without regard to what the Jews in your Cheerios are doing.

          Putting a gun to your head or living in it are functionally identical. Think TDS. Those clowns have gotten themselves in a bad spot while simultaneously making everybody miserable. Not a way to be.

    • Because our esteemed host does not like us calling a spade a spade or even using bad words like “damn”, “sob”, etc, He has a very Steve Sailer type vibe. Which is cool if that is your kind of thing.

      That said if you like calling a spade a spade get over to Gab. It’s pretty freewheeling over there. Z caters to a very different crowd than posts at Torba’s site or watches Tucker.

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