State Of Fear

There are many theories as to why the managerial class of America enthusiastically embraces the nutty social fads. California now has a law requiring “gender neutral” toy aisles in stores, for example. One crazy putting this into a bill is understandable, but why did everyone else go along with it? Why does anyone go along with the loopy idea of gender at all? It is not a real thing. Humans are male and female. Everyone has known this for thousands of years.

This is just one example, but the pattern is always the same. Certainly, some do it out of fear of losing face. The oriental nature of the managerial class is easily missed, but the whole face saving thing is where you see it. That is not a normal quality of Northern European people. It is what you see in a small, tightly knit people, but it is a real thing in our managerial class. They fear being seen as outside the current cultural norms of their class, so everyone plays along.

You can really tell this when you run into someone who is in the habit of announcing her pronouns in her workplace. The low level people are most prone to peer pressure, so they jump on these fads with as much enthusiasm as they can muster. The trouble is she still interacts with normal people. When she breaks out the pronouns around a normal, she has the look you see with people struggling with mental illness. She is not sure if what she is saying is what she is thinking.

This is how a minority within the managerial class is able to exert so much power over the rest of the class. That California requirement on toy aisles is no doubt the product of a lone crazy, but fear of exclusion prevented everyone else from speaking out against an obviously insane idea. No one wants to be the one who is seen rejecting the morality of the whole. In a world where the most insane ideas get embraced, who wants to risk opposing this nutty idea?

Even so, the managerial system selects for conformity, but it also allows for the crazies who cook up these ideas. In other words, it selects for a conformity that makes exception for anti-social behavior and it selects for people who are always looking to undermine the dominant culture. Put another way, the personality type most prized is the sadistic subversive with a passion for enforcement. The most perverted people are the most highly regarded in our ruling class.

Another angle to this, perhaps, is that the general belief system of the managerial class is highly conformist. The reason is the people at the top have no natural authority to legitimize their positions. The result is a rigid culture that allows for very little creativity and originality. The exception is when it comes to offending the normal people of society, which is what separates the managerial class from everyone else. You can be weird as long as it offends the normals.

The resulting culture is one that is extremely intolerant of deviation, yet desperate for innovated ways to undermine tradition. The reason these cultural fads are increasingly ridiculous is they are running out of things to smash. When you have already put gay men in jock straps on parade floats and made everyone remain silent about it, finding something more offensively ridiculous is not easy. They jumped on drag queen story hour out of desperation for something new.

The austere conformity is not seen by those who operate outside the domains of the Cloud People, so the quiet desperation is not obvious. Venture inside and what will be most striking is the humorlessness. People smile and laugh a little, but there is an uncanny valley quality to it. They laugh like people who read about how humans laugh from time to time. Say something intended as a joke and they will look at one another for permission to laugh at what the alien said.

The state of fear within the managerial class cannot be underestimated. The ritualized sacrifice of that football coach over his heresy is not intended for the Dirt People the NFL preys upon. That was for the Cloud People. In a world where ritualized human sacrifice is accepted as normal, fear of violating the rules, even by accident, is a very real concern for these people. The threat of exile works the same as Stalin’s gulag worked in the Soviet Union.

This is why no one in the media ever asks the obvious questions when the various talking robots are put out for question and answer periods. A group of normal people in the White House press room would cause the face plate of Jen Psaki to fall off by coordinating their questions and tangling her up in her lies. This never happens because normals are never allowed inside. The people allowed inside know they can easily be replaced by actors if they get out of line.

That was the point of the Kamala Harris video. Not only did they use child actors, but Harris also clearly performed like a well-trained actress. To normal people it is just more evidence that these people are sociopaths and liars. Inside the world of politics, it is a message. There are plenty of unemployed actors willing to play politician, reporter and so on, so make sure you know your lines before filming. Democracy is just the theater portion of the managerial system that rules America.

A ruling class rooted in fear of deviation but permitted to undermine that which makes their existence possible is not one that can last. We are seeing this with the growing economic crises. No one dares suggest anything other than what is being done, so they are frozen in place, hoping for a miracle. The Afghanistan debacle is another example of how extreme conformity results in disaster. No one dared question the plan or adjust it on the fly, so the plan just slammed into the rocks of reality.

The is the crisis of today. The ossified geezer class at the top of the system have insulated themselves against all possible reform. They rule their system through fear and manufactured consent. The only relief for the people in it is the orchestrated subversions like gender neutral toy aisles. Like starving men fighting for crumbs, they jump at these opportunities at something resembling life. Subversion is the bit of sunlight that comes through their prison windows.

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206 thoughts on “State Of Fear

  1. When the rulers have nothing to fear from the people, why would the rulers live in fear? Isn’t the trendiness due to vanity rather than fear?

    Unless you mean an inchoate fear of new arrivals whom the rulers may subconsciously realize are their actual threat. Little Pablo wading across the Rio Grande holding his mama’s hand will grow up to be an actual threat to the system, not the AOC’s who’ll perpetuate it.

    I have friends who, for fifty years and more, never gave a thought to their “gender identity.” Now they’re all signing their names with their pronouns. It’s like the Sinatra generation trying to remain relevant by hyping the Beatles.

  2. The ruling class embraces these cultural fads because they are afraid of being overthrown as America diversifies and grows poorer. White liberal power is perceptibly waning as their share of the population declines (along with the White middle class) while those who threaten their creature comforts and bank accounts – the Cori Bushes & AOCs of the world – grow in number and power, steadily but assuredly.

    Consider what has happened since 2016. Numerous White democrats have been defeated in primary elections by minority challengers. Several White liberals like Andrew Sullivan have been purged from the media by younger POC. Numerous older college professors have been fired for wrongthink. In a racist fit, hundreds of Caucasian statues were destroyed by minorities, and the younger White leftists who wish to control them, while the public was powerless to stop it.

    They can feel power slipping away from them, thus the ruling class needs ever more wedge issues to pit their fractious minority coalition against, justifying White liberal leadership over minorities in the process. They need a constant stream of new enemies (or variations on the same enemy: you).

    That’s why they attack the family (because Leftists have fewer of those). That’s why they attack tradition (because it’s your traditions they attack). That’s why they attack immigration laws (because those laws benefit you). That’s why they want to abolish gender (because it’s important to you). That’s why they want to save Mother Earth (because you’re the ones employed in the fossil fuel industries).

    It’s all a dog whistle against normal White Caucasians. These issues serve to unify their POC coalition against a common enemy: you.

    Everything else is mere process. There may have been a democrat in the California legislature opposed to these gender neutral toy aisles and too afraid to voice that opinion, but the motivation to have the gender policy in the first place lies outside of that. The White Leftists need someone bad, someone immoral, to oppose and they need to demonstrate constantly that you are that bad person lest minorities of all sort (racial, sexual) start working against them.

    But like a drug high after a tolerance has been built, it wears off quickly and even more extreme doses are required to get the same effect the next time. That’s how we went from gay marriage in 2015 to abolishing gender less than a decade later.

    This is going to continue progressing until it’s stopped by force, the way all such things are stopped (Salem, The Popular Front). Next, I expect race-based asset & land seizures, then perhaps segregated non-Caucasian communities & institutions by law. The institution of marriage itself may also be abolished one day (because patriarchy). This won’t end until either the White Left is overthrown in a military coup, the POC take over the ruling class completely*, or Red States break away.

    You’re not voting your way out of this; offering a “positive” vision of the future netted Ronald Reagan a cool 14% of the black vote in 1980 and the demographics are much worse now (Reagan won about the same percentage of Hispanics as Trump did in 2020 and fewer White votes than Mitt Romney did in his 2012 landslide loss but won the popular vote, beating Jimmy Carter by almost 9% — that’s crazy).

    And no leader is coming out of the blue to save you, either. Hoping others come and do your work for you is why the Right was defeated so easily. The Left organizes while the Right merely responds, usually when it’s too late.

    *Something vaguely similar to the current age happened in the 1950s. As the ruling WASPs started losing power completely (the trend really started in the 1920s) they panicked and doubled down on social wedge issues. In the 1940s, for instance, homosexuality was largely ignored. But in the 1950s they started running PSAs against it and other … issues. That stopped when the Jews purged the WASPs from their perches and an island of stability was reached for a couple of decades in the aftermath of the new consensus.

  3. I don’t know if anyone else had pointed this out about Gruden yet.

    The owner of the Raiders got out of paying him many tens of millions of dollars over the next half decade because of his heresy. No way the could have gotten out that cleanly any other way.

    So as always, Cui Bono?

  4. We need to quit whinning about them. Our rulers are implementing a proven formula that worked beautifully in Russia for a long time and was working splendidly in Germany until that guy with the funny mustache ruined the party temporarily.

    Solzhenitsyn wrote that in the Gulag they wondered why they never fought back. Well nothing has changed. By the time people are ready to fight back it is too late unless they get a wild card leader who gives them direction and organization.

    Our rulers learned from their mistakes during Weimar and this time waited until they had decades of control over immigration, the educational system, media and entertainment before gong full Weimar.

    Unless we luck into it like Russia did with Putin, we will not get that leader. The whole system works to prevent it.

    We can dream (the Right loves wishful thinking). but at this point the craziness must run its course. It is what single women, managerial class, our replacements and the rulers want.

    Stay safe out there. It will be a bumpy ride.

  5. I watched FOX News last night for a few hours.

    It started off by Tucker yelling about the hypocrisy of the DemonRats. There was of course some derisive laughter at whatever crazy thing a woke person in power was doing. Those people are crazy and definitely not to be taken seriously!

    Then on Ingraham the guy who’s daughter was raped by a (Muslim? Mexican?) tranny was looking pathetic and like he was about to cry. Like a pleading dog he declared that he didn’t hate gays or trannies! And later he said that he’s not a racist. More talk of how the left are hypocrites.

    Then Gutfield came on, and the segment was more mocking and dismissive laughter at wokeness. Gay Superman is wrong, because Gutfield is a cool Libertarian guy and doesn’t care who Superman sleeps with! After all, only bigots care about which gender you sleep with.

    Finally Brett Bayer was on peddling his new book about Ulysses Grant. It’s probably a ghost written piece of garbage anyways. He presented Ulysses S Grant as the man who did a lot for black people. He was even fighting for blacks’ equality! Dems are the real racists!

    The controlled opposition FOX is teaching its white viewers learned helplessness. Basically 1. Whine about hypocrisy. 2. Laugh at the woke left as they destroy you and your family 3. Insist that you’re not a bigot/transphobe/racist and 4. Declare that democrats are the real racists.

    • MSM is just a nutrition-free chew toy to keep the normie mutts distracted, tuckered out, and at home.

    • Pretty much. People are peeling off but not at a fast enough rate. In many ways, CivNats (or at least their propaganda organs) are far more insidious and dangerous than the Left. On the other hand, this is where the tide will turn, if it does, and actual change will be effected.

    • One can only imagine the tut-tutting Baier engages in when he covers Grant’s Order #11, if he even touches that third rail.

    • I recall not that long ago somebody making a similar criticism of Tucker and you jumped all over him.

      • It seems to me that Tucker has backed off from where he was a few months ago.

        He always had this cuck element but he’s moved further away from the line.

        The entire show is now hypocrisy, DR3, and laughing dismissively. He used to be more based.

        • Funny you mention that, I am seeing the opposite. He is going after the Fed, Roger Goodell, especially Soros is mentioned at least several times per show. He was after the Sacklers recently. He even went toe to toe with ADL once a few months back. I’d like him to discuss the recent Scott Horton Bill Kristol debate, so-called. Maybe even excerpt the Holocaust tiff where Horton nails it.

    • To call Fox opposition of any sort gives that organization too much credit. As Z said in another context, Fox scoops up the stuff CNN/ABC/CBS/NBC/NPR plop onto the back lot of the circus. Their role in the Power Structure is to deceive the gullible Grillers into thinking that there really is some media opposition to AW media. But it’s nothing more than a Kabuki show. With the possible exception of Carlson, all of those empty suits at Fox are yukking it up with their opposites at CNN et al at DC dinner parties, mocking the yokels they fool so easily.

      • “To call Fox opposition of any sort gives that organization too much credit.”

        Mostly true OK, but a little overstated.

        There is a obvious difference between what you hear on a typical PBS, the people’s broadcasting network conglomerates and Fox News. Fox New is all we got. Take what you can. Tucker goes about as far as he can go w/o getting fired. Sometimes he does go over the line but you have to read between his lines.

  6. Spandrell’s concepts of status-seeking, status wars, and “holiness” spirals, remain nonpareil when it comes to this blog post’s subject.

    • An NHL player (forget who, no longer follow sports ball) also is out indefinitely with myocarditis.

      The media never mentioned anything relating this to the vaccine, instead saying that he “contracted COViD in the summer”.

      Another healthy young man out due to the vax, though… Anecdotally I know a frightening number of young people who had bad side effects. They are happily passing it off as “normal” side effects but it’s really not…

      • The MSM will never, ever admit that the jabs are (likely) causing side effects, possibly chronic or fatal. There is simply too much money and power behind the vaxx push. No matter. Already about 60% of the entire population has been “fully vaccinated.” (Until they institute the requirement for 6-month boosters…) As instances of symptoms like myocarditis become increasingly common, it will become harder and harder to hide them. As you’ve already illustrated, even famous people are getting odd symptoms. One illness here or there would be blamed to happenstance, but when larger numbers fall ill or die, they will not be able to put the genie back in the bottle.

        Recurrent public-service message: If you haven’t taken a jab, or are considering a booster, be very cautious. mRNA is still a new technology, with no long term (or even intermediate-term) proof of safety. Already, 11 months into availability, it’s clear the vaxxes delivered much less than hoped for. They don’t even protect against infection and passing the virus. Is six months of protection against a virus unlikely to do you serious harm (unless you’re “high risk”) really worth the known and unknown risks of an experimental product?

        In the “old days” there were reasons that products were tested for 5, 10 years before widespread use. Even with safeguards, bad mistakes happen. Vioxx, Opiods, DES, many more.

        • Putting aside the possibility of injury or death, what is the reason for getting the jab?
          All kidding aside, if there is no apparent benefit,(prevention of infection or spreading it), how do people talk themselves into compliance?
          It’s mind boggling.

          • Bartleby-

            The current claim hill that MSM/Big Pharma/Govt are dying on is that the jabs may prevent severe symptoms leading to hospitalization and death.

            Because the blood clots and myocarditis are no big deal.


        • Wait till ADE kicks in this winter. There won’t be enough backhoes to bury these shitheads. This is a fuckin genocide Why the fuck can’t people see it?

          • it’s too diffuse right now. i personally don’t know anyone who has had a bad result from being jabbed. i myself am not jabbed, as the vaxx is pure risk and no reward.

      • It should be fairly easy to do a statistical study of pro sports players bad reactions to the vax, taking into account their ages to demonstrate that the rate of these reactions is higher. perhaps many times higher, than what the government and the pharma companies claim. You could also make the point that, in the case of these fit young men, the vax clearly *was* a greater risk than Covid. This might at least get more people, particularly the young, to question the value of the vax.

  7. … call things by their true names?
    If I think about it, it seems the “morality” you write & talk about should actually be called “anti-morality”.

    • Thanks for the
      Tyranny of the minority
      mention. I’d never heard that someone else had identified it as something we need to be aware of.

  8. From my notes:
    “Progressive culture is utterly horrified by authority so all institutions have distributed decision making.
    We have put so many women in decision making roles that institutions are now acting like wives of a husband who failed too many shit tests
    Collapse for no rational reason”

    “For first time in their lives, many of these people felt important, felt part of bigger cause. Many of them will fight tooth and nail to keep that.”

    “There’s no point where things get “so bad” that the people learn whatever lesson you want them to learn and suddenly support different policies. Change doesn’t happen unless politically organized people make it happen.”

    “the Left has a patronage army of 4-6 million full time government workers paid by the taxpayers to advance it’s ideology at every level of society. Until the Right changes this, it will always lose.”

    Medical armoured vehicles arriving in NSW today

    At least he didn’t protest at a school board meeting

    bluchecks are flipping out and demanding the FBI arrest parents for participating in local elections

    AWFLs would never dare making the lives of pedophiles very difficult indefinitely.

    there are two kinds of people…Italians and those that would like to live like them.

    The Woke unleashed biowar on us to steal an election and seize power.
    Their demands are illegal and increasing.

    They aren’t afraid of invasion, perhaps the controllers should prepare for a different external force event.

    If the gods don’t save us with the solar flare, China might do so by taking Taiwan’s chips away. That would be like FDR cutting off Japan’s fuel depot in the Phillipines.

    If they do, no QR codes, Self Sovereign Digital Identity (OpportunityPass, FreedomPass, GreenPass, WellCamps),
    spy tracker streetlamps pinging your locator graphene, smart coffeemakers, dishwashers, or snitch frigs, drones, or this:

    “Sharks with frickin’ lasers on their heads.” – Dr. Evil

    • Rats. In moderation., I forgot to cut off the link. Sorry, repeat posting.

      From my notes:
      “Progressive culture is utterly horrified by authority so all institutions have distributed decision making.
      We have put so many women in decision making roles that institutions are now acting like wives of a husband who failed too many shit tests
      Collapse for no rational reason”

      “For first time in their lives, many of these people felt important, felt part of bigger cause. Many of them will fight tooth and nail to keep that.”

      “There’s no point where things get “so bad” that the people learn whatever lesson you want them to learn and suddenly support different policies. Change doesn’t happen unless politically organized people make it happen.”

      “the Left has a patronage army of 4-6 million full time government workers paid by the taxpayers to advance it’s ideology at every level of society. Until the Right changes this, it will always lose.”

      Medical armoured vehicles arriving in NSW today

      At least he didn’t protest at a school board meeting

      bluchecks are flipping out and demanding the FBI arrest parents for participating in local elections

      AWFLs would never dare making the lives of pedophiles very difficult indefinitely.

      there are two kinds of people…Italians and those that would like to live like them.

      The Woke unleashed biowar on us to steal an election and seize power.
      Their demands are illegal and increasing.

      They aren’t afraid of invasion, perhaps the controllers should prepare for a different external force event.

      If the gods don’t save us with the solar flare, China might do so by taking Taiwan’s chips away. That would be like FDR cutting off Japan’s fuel depot in the Phillipines.

      If they do, no QR codes, Self Sovereign Digital Identity (OpportunityPass, FreedomPass, GreenPass, WellCamps),
      spy tracker streetlamps pinging your locator graphene, smart coffeemakers, dishwashers, or snitch frigs, drones, or this:

      “Sharks with frickin’ lasers on their heads.” – Dr. Evil
      Header: robot-dogs-can-now-have-6-5mm-assault-rifles-mounted-on-their-backs

  9. Something that’s been nagging me: if the elites are incompetent groupthinking zealots, how is it that they always get what they want? If their policies are obviously insane and destructive, why are they enthusiastically supported by a sizeable minority of the population?

    I’m beginning to think I’ve had too high an opinion of the ability and fortitude of most people.

    • Right, that’s why I don’t subscribe to the incompetence theory. If they were making mistakes, they would occasionally make a mistake that benefited us.

      But they never do. Every time they “screw up,” it always results in them gaining more money and power.

    • I should clarify with an example. Consider the supply chain disruptions. Shutting down the world economy created massive problems: shortages, delays, increased prices, etc. An incompetent ruling class decided to halt everything because their hubris and ignorance blinded them to the consequences.

      But the very fact that the system is broken gives the elites an excuse to further centralized and control the economy and surveil citizens…which they want. So if they’re coming out of the crisis better off than they went in (from their perspective), this makes me think it hubris and incompetence aren’t the full story.

      • Why I lead to the incompetence side of things is that for one thing, we are talking about a aculture that ultimately comes from 1000 years of Christianity in Europe. Following the sad fall of that starting in 1517, we are still only 500 years out. The momentum of a rightly ordered society for that long, 1000 years, that is, rightly ordered toward the only proper orienting power, God, is going to last even after it begins to collapse.

        SO these people are just surfing on the middle ages.

        ALso, I don’t beleive that there is some secret group pulling levers. It puts a god-like power into mere humans.

        SO I think they are riding the waves of a culture that is slowly dying , and I don’t think they are that organized to be controlling all this chaos… Destruction is not a successful plan, and thats all they are good at

    • The US is supposed to have a socially conservative sane party representing the working and middle classes. It was originally Democrats (for all his flaws FDR did help regular people) but by the 80’s that party had started to become too urban /inner city focused.

      The Republicans kind of ended up with this role by default and their party leadership resents this.

      Originally this was because they were Country Club/Cheap labor types who mainly wanted to line their pockets at the expense of everyone else. The barely reformed communist Neo Conservatives wanted the same thing but with more overseas intervention.

      The two sides teamed up, kicked out the Social Conservatives and the Populist/Paleo Conservatives out of leadership in the early 90’s and thereafter decided concentrate on looting and warmongering only leaving the nations future in the hands of the Left .

      The Left of course has a wing that is always progressing to utopia and so rather than say maintaining a Great Society (for good or ill, not the discussion here) the Blue Dogs/Joe Manchin wing got kicked out in exchange for the Cultural Marxist/Woke faction

      So we have what we have.

      There are plenty of actual Conservatives there ,it is a large chunk of the entire Republican party but few of them have the interest in leading and apparently none in national leadership .Caveat Trump maybe and he is time limited.

      I think on a subconscious level many of them just want to end this experimental nation and form some new ones which would give them much more power, big fish small pond and frankly be much less trouble.

      The USA is only a nation by fear and inertia and the natural outcome baring civil war is a USSR style collapse

    • “Why do they always get what they want?”

      Easy. Propaganda works. Who controls the media? Music, movies, TV news, sports, newspaper news?

      Who controls our schools, the teacher’s unions, school boards, US Department of Education?

      Control the shepards, control the sheep.

      • Just saw a clip of the father whose underage daughter was raped by a transsexual freak in the bathroom of a Loudon County school. The first words out of his mouth were, “I’m good with gay people, transgender people…”

        I knew the propaganda was good, but sometimes I’m still surprised at just how good it is. Your daughter’s raped and your first instinct is to praise the people who raped her? Good god, man, you’re beyond help.

        • Jon Gruden should have done something similar but along the lines of ‘I’m good with Michelin tire-lipped people in general. I just happen to think this particular radial-mouthed individual. I should never make fun of people whose lips resemble vulcanized rubber products of any kind for their physical appearance, but rather for how some of these ‘tire-faces’ behave. I’ll take questions now. Oh, by the way, I will be suing the people who revealed my private emails.’

        • Saw him on ingraham last night

          “I’m good with gays and transgenders”… “I’m not a racist”…. Bla bla bla

          Just more grovelling. Fox news is controlled opposition instilling learned helplessness in its viewers.

        • “I’m good with rapists but now and then one goes too far. This fellow should have chosen someone other than my daughter.”

    • One problem that plagues a lot of people is a lack of precision in terminology, which makes analysis difficult, if not impossible. To that end, I would say that there is a difference between incompetence, stupidity and foolishness. Incompetence is simply an inability to perform a task, for any reason. Stupidity is the inability to mentally understand something. Foolishness is a belief that you can cheat nature.

      Smart people can be fools if they use their cunning to, say, collect blackmail. It takes a certain intelligence to create that sort of scheme, but a willful ignorance of it’s obvious end to try to carry it out (e.g. you have to think that no victim will ever try to kill you). In the same vein, our leaders are fools because they think they can compensate for the negative effects of a shutdown. They can’t, so this is wishful thinking, but they also can’t be dissuaded from their wish, which makes them fools. Foolishness now reigns in American society because history has ceased to be taught as lessons in moral failure, but rather as dry facts. Those who do not learn from the past are not merely doomed to repeat it, but to be made fools as well.

    • They are incompetent, and evil to boot. But the average person doesn’t warrant moral standing, and the above average is generally a coward.

      The culling, if it happens (starting to look like it), is a mercy. I really get where these evil fuckers are coming from, even if I hate them for it.

      20 years trying to make a difference. Whatever, it was never in my hands. I’ll make it, my family will make it, the handful I’ve gotten through to will make it, the like-minded will make it. Mission accomplished.

      Just forget about it and focus on what you can do, what’s yours and not theirs, and let the dead bury the dead.

  10. Another reason why Trump had to go: there can be ho heretics because otherwise the truth will pour forth through them like a leak in a dike and soil the whole party.

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  12. “In other words, it selects for a conformity that makes exception for anti-social behavior and it selects for people who are always looking to undermine the dominant culture. Put another way, the personality type most prized is the sadistic subversive with a passion for enforcement. The most perverted people are the most highly regarded in our ruling class.”

    This is the engine of the West’s demise. The entire postmodern attack on the West–and it’s the only attack game in town–is predicated upon the subversion of Western norms, and it is motivated by a hatred of the white race, which, in turn, is fired by the glaring obviousness of white superiority. That superiority is a standing reproach to Leftist egalitarian fantasies, and therefore must be eliminated by bringing whitey low.

    The postmodern intellectuals and their epigoni in business, government, media and entertainment are, however, physical cowards, which means they are loath to use mass violence to destroy the West. Far safer, and more sure of success, to simply annihilate the cultural underpinnings of Western civilization. Subversion through perversion–transformation through transgression.

  13. Forced conversion, from the Bible to Rome to militant Islam to the 30 Years’ War (Zman has already talked about this), has been a feature of human civilization for a long time. It’s hard to see how the current trends are any more ridiculous or severe than prior episodes. What makes them stand out is that they’re happening to us!

    I’m reminded of a particularly opportunistic Hungarian Duke in the 30 Years’ War who went from Catholic to Protestant back to Catholic within a 3-year period. One Hungarian Duke even went Muslim for a short period!! The Elite have always shown tremendous doctrinal flexibility depending upon the prevailing political winds. Of course, all the vassals, fools, servants, peasants and minstrels followed the lead of their liege lord, back and forth. So I ask, what has changed?

    In the old days, they put you to the sword or threw you out of a window (see Defenestration of Prague haha)! Now I guess it’s virtual Gulag. So we’re making relative progress, sarc/. That said, the 30 Years’ War killed millions and set Europe back perhaps one full century of development. This current episode is likely to be less horrible. Free, autonomous city-states were the big winners of the 30 Years’ War – maybe that’s a lesson for us: hunker down with the like-minded and wait for the storm to pass, while storing food and ammo.

    • Well, one of those religions is true, or non of them are. THen what do we have? Is anti-Whitism or wokism true?

      Many on this site will say blood and soil are the only truths. There is some truth to it, but not enough for stability, obviously, looking at all theexamples you list

  14. “The Afghanistan debacle is another example of how extreme conformity results in disaster.”

    Maybe it’s just my Bourgeoisie Objectivism, but I don’t think conformity was the problem here. I think it was that the Pentagon had no intention whatsoever of leaving. After all, Trump ordered them out years ago. They were able to conjure up fake attacks and other things that delay, delay, delay till you get a “better” leadership who will make it official policy to stay. They were probably hoping Biden was just as wishy-washy as Trump & the gay old party and that there was no plan to leave because they just never thought it was going to happen. They thought they could keep their cushy well paying jobs displaying rainbow dildos in Afghanistan.

    Again, it could be my Bourgeoisie Objectivism looking for a rational answer to an irrational problem. But this is how it appears to me. It looks like a last minute scramble nobody was prepared for, like there was never a plan to leave in the first place.

    • Yeah, this “debacle” made hundreds of millionaires amongst the “General” and Beltway bandit classes. Finally, they torched it like the “Tiki Lounge” in “Goodfellas”. The country had nothing more to give to the grifters.

    • I have heard that officers with combat experience get promoted to general officer rank before those without it quite regularly. I have no idea if this is true or not but if it IS true then that would be a motive for the Westpoint Pentagon types to pine for “foreverwar”.

      • I’m not sure about now – as I’ve been out of the army for quite some time – however up until the Clinton’s took over, the ratio was this; 80% of the officer corps that was promoted to flag rank came from combat units and the remaining 20% came from staff jobs (attache’s, congressional staff, the Pentagon, etc.) .
        Bill Clinton then flipped that and made sure that 90% of those promoted to flag rank were the corporate types we see today; staff pukes and the like. The remaining 10% were the true soldier types like Schwarzkopf. Those remaining 10% were also “encouraged” to leave as soon as possible; “Sorry, we’re downsizing and as such, we’re eliminating your division and we’re not sure where you’re going to be placed.” that kind of thing.
        It’s only gotten worse from there.

    • Definitely plausible, TT.

      But as our esteemed blog host says, the ruling class is quite specific as to what is allowed to be seen and believed. I haven’t fully hashed this one out, but… I wonder if the establishment wasn’t getting high of it’s own product with regard to Afghanistan? An alternative theory might be that pulling America out of a fruitless war would be a huge political victory that could not be allowed to fall into the hands of Donald Trump. So instead, they installed the proper leader and had him do it, fully expecting him to do a good job of it. Unfortunately for everyone, they had previously boiled off all the talent in the military hierarchy and replaced them with vibrant and diverse flunkies and fart catchers… and the pullout turned into the inevitable farce…?

      Nothing will improve until the swamp is burned out. America needs a Soviet style purging of its ruling class, and no bones about it.

    • Bingo. Women are by nature herd animals, and have a natural predisposition toward fascism and socialism. The founding fathers understood this and wisely forbade them the vote.

      It is my conviction that 90% of the political f***ery we see in politics today – is driven largely by women. It will bring the nation down as a result.

  15. When I first started grad school, back in the Jurassic, I couldn’t help feeling weird, but I couldn’t figure out why. Then, one day, out on a stroll in the sunshine, it hit me: Here I am, out for a stroll in the sunshine. It’s 10am, and last year at this time, I’d be grinding through another pointless meeting about some stupid paper-shuffling crap that nobody even bothered pretending was anything but make-work. Now here I am in nerd heaven — all the books in the world, and all the free time I could ever need to read them. And everyone in town is a nerd like me!….

    ….except, they’re all miserable. If you saw a kid laughing and acting happy — and please recall this was at the turn of the century — you’d know it was a freshman. They’d soon have it beaten out of them, and as for the faculty, they all walked around looking like they’d just gotten a Sriracha enema. This, from people who made $100 large for working 24/7 (that’s “24 hours a week, 7 months a year”).

    It was as you describe. It’s such a tiny little world that all they can think to do for recreation is one-up each other, which they do by playing more-radical-than-thou, with a viciousness and total dedication the football coach could only dream of his guys bringing to the gridiron. A more dysfunctional set of people you’ve never seen, and yet, this is the life they chose. They spent their best years getting there, years they’ll never get back — especially the women, who sacrificed any hope of having children for it.

    That’s what’s so terrifying about our current overlords — for them, this is heaven. And it’s empty. Pointless. Meaningless. Devoid of even the possibility of meaning, because they closed off all possible avenues to meaning when they chose to enter what is, in effect, the cloister. It only ends one way for them… and when it does, they’ll sigh with sweet relief. Too bad they’ll try to take as many of us with them as they can.

    • Severian,

      I can’t comment on your new blog, but one Q:

      Regarding your LARPing post, and on this comment, when were you denounced as a hoarder, wrecker, or kulak Comrade? Was it when you “Failed to show Sufficient Revolutionary Zeal”?

      • Never. I was very good at ketman, kayfabe, call it what you will (if you haven’t read up on ketman, I can’t recommend Milosz’s The Captive Mind enough).

        That, and I never had tenure. Academia’s dirtiest, most open secret is that the faculty — those Champions of Labor, those Heroes of the Working Class, who never met a peasant they didn’t want to exalt — can live the lives they do only by mercilessly exploiting a huge pool of scab labor. Something like half of all college classes, nationwide, are taught by grad students; another 25% or so are taught by adjuncts, “visitors,” “lecturers,” and what have you, all of which means “scab labor hired on a per-class basis.”

        If you’re one of those, the tenured faculty don’t give a crap what you do. They’ll give you one pro forma invite to their one pro forma “back to school” party each semester (the grad students get the same), and then they’ll never speak to you again, because a serf with a PhD is still a serf. The hypocrisy is breathtaking, but as we all know, without breathtaking hypocrisy, there would be no Left.

        So long as you don’t wear a MAGA hat to class (and even if you do, so long as none of your students rats you off to the Thought Police), you can do whatever you want. You can do a lot of good from the shadows…

        …for a time, but then ketman gets you. Either that, or you simply tire of playing King Canute, ordering back the tides, and you hang up your jock and hit the showers. I’ve been retired for a while now, and my blood pressure has never been better.

    • They will take quite a few of us down with them–all for the very best of reasons in their eyes. Like every other utopian insanity attempted the outcome will be exactly the same. It would be far better if greed were a larger motive than insanity, but it is not. Oh, for the days when the company store was seen as a profit-making grift rather than as a realization of a dream!

      This time, the potential is for billions rather than millions of deaths, and even factoring in inflation, that truly is a great leap forward.

      • “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants”

        Note that this famous line by Jefferson (referred to previously by our esteemed host in another post) lists the blood of the patriots first. It also does not tell us the ratio between the two. It may well cost 10 patriots to 1 tyrant to secure freedom.

    • Well, the University is the “universal city” on the hill, straight from Catholic doctrine. The Wokesters just got rid of Jesus, Jesuits and God in general and replaced it with their doctrine. So it’s just a new religious order replacing the old one. The infrastructure stays in place, including penalties for Heretics of course.

    • This is why their art makes you want to kill yourself and causes depression. Everything they do invokes not hope, but fear and loathing. They want you to be as self-loathing as they are. That’s why they concentrate on ugliness. It’s how they see themselves. They put on a front, but it’s all an act. At the root is self loathing and hate and a desire for revenge.

        • Ad agencies of late are really pushing that character, “overweight black woman”. You even saw that they cast her in as “ordinary kid number 5” in Harris’ NASA production alongside “serious east asian guy”, “articulate light skinned black guy”, “peppy blonde girl”, and “southeast asian woman”.

          • I love your names you give them. “Ordinary kid number 5” Classic. Funny and sad at the same time.

          • @Ben

            I do exactly the same, and every envelope with their logo, all of which are pleas for money to subsidize the abomination of their existence.

        • That fat sheboon on the cover is one for the ages. If I got that in the mail, I’d chuck it immediately and cancel my subscription.

      • The vast majority of postmodern art is mental illness transposed to the canvas. The visual image of mental illness, in other words, is a melange of dead birds, vomit and feces.

    • I guess it’s white pill time, so here is my slice of current events.

      I live in on the fringe of a retro America small town a 150 miles from the nearest Big City, and it’s a world apart. Took my grandson to kid’s storytime session at the local library. Lots of young mothers (almost all Caucasian, but that’s not the key point), nearly 20 kiddos 3 and under, and most of the women presented as stay at home moms who preferred taking care of their offspring to running in the rat race. And they love to chat up Granddad because I’m the oddball in the group and are clearly starved for some fatherly advice, and more importantly seem to welcome it. Yes, this really happened today.

      All is not lost. There is still much that is worth fighting for.

  16. The bastards will take it all to keep you in line. Let them have it— it was theirs to begin with. Render unto Caesar, etc.

    Your fear of losing everything is their fear. They’re losers. Who wants to be with losers?

    Give them their fear back, too. Let them hoard all the fear. You be free.

  17. When you board an aircraft for a trip across country, you must assume that the pilot & copilot are competent & sane because, if they’re not, the probability of crashing is unacceptably high and the outcome is very likely to be fatal. On a larger scale, DC is the cockpit, the country is the aircraft, and the pilot is a suicidal dementia patient.

    Most of the passengers are content to bury their heads between their knees and brace for impact because the stewardesses have passed out free booze. A few sane males are preparing the storm the flight deck but are opposed by a phalanx of jackbooted Air Marshals. The stalemate will persist until the aircraft goes into an inverted dive and the oxygen masks pop out.

    As the drama builds, a wag from Conservative Inc. jumps up and tries to rally everyone to vote on something or another (probably a tax cut). Then a national media reporter on the flight announces that Xe is a mixed race transsexual that has to go pee but cannot because all the lavatories are unisex, and that is the major crisis of the flight. Just when you think things cannot get anymore nuts, the pilot announces that lawnmower engines are now banned at the destination point, but fear not, everyone will be given government subsidized scissors with which to cut their grass.

    • “a wag from Conservative Inc. jumps up and tries to rally everyone to vote on something or another (probably a tax cut)…”

      In our local newspaper, headline is that our “Conservative” politician is suggesting a “reduced tax increase…”

    • Great comment— an amusing sequel/remix to the rhetorical Flight-93-of-Fancy concept that quite captivated some boomers I knew at the time. Now in that spirit I think we should christen every new November “the Flug 9525 Election”

    • Idea for a cartoon (and close to Halloween):

      Scene: the Grim Reaper is scything knee-high grass in a front yard.

      Passerby: “Um, I thought that you came for people?”

      Reaper: “Since Gov. Newsome passed that law, there’s no other way to mow the lawn!”

  18. Again, I guess one $64,000 question is if and/or when are the masses who are having these subversions forced on them actually going to do something about it? How low is society going to go before enough is enough and the black flag is raised?
    One would think the story about some school aged “tranny” raping a couple of girls in the girls bathroom, then covered up by the school district and cops might elicit some pitchfork type rage, but it seems not.

    • > One would think the story about some school aged “tranny” raping a couple of girls in the girls bathroom, then covered up by the school district and cops might elicit some pitchfork type rage, but it seems not.

      It did. The angry parent was arrested and almost steamrolled by our courts.

      Normal people are still in the shock and bewilderment phase. It’s going to be a generation before there is sufficient organization to really do some damage.

      • One part of the problem is the populace is divided amongst themselves and the ruling class have made it clear they intend to play each group against the other. Couple that with a massive surveillance state, corporate complicity, and an underclass with long-standing grudges, and we have a populace waiting for ‘someone’ to do ‘something’. Furthermore, it is clear the managerial class can’t or won’t contain the monster they have created. Zman’s observation “the personality type most prized is the sadistic subversive with a passion for enforcement. The most perverted people are the most highly regarded in our ruling class” is spot on, and even the motivated find it difficult to know what to do under such circumstances. It is impossible not to be reminded of John Hurt’s Caligula in I Claudius – those around him played along.

      • The most overlooked part of the story is that local policemen—normal people by normal people’s standards—on orders not from their hierarchical superiors but on a wink from a female school board member, beat the hell out of that non-criminal Normal Rockwell citizen, at a public meeting, in front of everyone, on camera, with relish.

        The police aren’t our enemies because they’ll do what the law or the chief or dispatch says. That’s what normal people would do. Police, being *highly* abnormal, will kill you at the whim of any professional-class person who wants it and is confident enough to make it known. Normal people can’t even imagine being so subhumanly weak, and that failure of imagination is getting them hurt more and more often.

        • Yes. State-sanctioned violence is bad enough, but violence conducted to virtue signal is something truly monstrous. We are in that world now.

          • If you want to know where it ends, look up Sir Ian Kershaw’s famous “working towards the Fuhrer” thesis. But since this is Clown World, our version must be both fake and gay, so our cops etc. are trying to “work towards the Fuhrer” without a Fuhrer to work towards.

            What a fascinatingly stupid time to be alive.

        • I saw two cops. The whole auditorium of angry parents should have defended the man, and beat the bacon out of the cops.

      • Chet: This. You see it in online comments everywhere from Joe and Jane Normal. “That’s unconstitutional!” “Isn’t that illegal?” “They will be sued!” “Take them to court!” “Vote them out!” etc. ad nauseam. Even those who are beginning to take notice of the hatred for their children still think they have redress within the system. The very thought of going outside that system, or that the system as designed is utterly inadequate for today’s reality, or believing said system has been deliberately subverted, is beyond their conception.

        And it’s such a habit of thought even many on the DR fall back into it at times. My cynicism is so great that I don’t generally fall prey to that particular weakness, but even my husband will claim “They can’t do that.” But they not only can, they do. Again and again, with little or no pushback. Those that are just starting to take notice are being stomped on to remind others to stay in line. It’s going to be far longer than most assume before a sufficient number gird their loins to actually defy in concert.

        • It is exactly why we must establish alternate systems. It is why we must cultivate local relationships with other like-minded whites. It is why we must shun our enemies; and know them as such. It is why each man employed by a GloboCorp must be looking at alternate income streams: self-employment or perhaps a compleat change of work. It is why we must practice going without our luxuries (they are already being stripped from us). It is why the answer, for the discerning traditional Christian man is his own power over his own mind & family. The System will not help us. We must help ourselves and a mental secession is the first step.

          As a few commenters have mentioned: make your list. That’ll come in handy one day.

          • There won’t be a mental secession, without a physical secession.You ain’t gettin out of this without a fight, brother.

        • My favorite is the delusion voiced as “wait until the tables get turned!” It is physically painful to hear or read.

          • I left the following reply to a comment on a normie-con site, in which the commenter eagerly drooled over the midterms and the table-turning that would surely ensue:

            “Every vote you cast is nothing more than your surrender to the notion that we live under a legitimate regime. Withdraw your consent and stop voting.”

            To which he replied, “That’s the stupidest thing I’ve heard in a long, long time.”

        • The Southwest strike is loin girding par excellence.

          This and the gross overreaction to school board protests show the weakness of the system more than its strengths.

          This is why there is so much censorship of riots, protests here and an abroad. The deathly fear of contagion and mass movements.

          The Right real weakness though is an inability to have good leadership. Its less an infiltrator or stomped by the State issue though this is a problem but of one of no one of sound mind and integrity with enough of a power base wanting the job. And few people trusting leaders enough to follow them

          It fails cost benefit analysis in nearly every way and so no one steps up.

          Kicking off trouble in numbers enough to matter can be done by Ten K Dorners but no one wants to be first especially if they can see any hope.

          Truth is Woke USA has no business being in a polity where an eleven year old shoots a burglar and is lauded for it

          Do to propaganda and outright gaslighting and yes our anti social/anti group culture we don’t know who or how many are on either side or where they live.

          The closest proxy was Trump Voters but a lot of Rightist people don’t vote and Trump is a classic Liberal with populist leanings.

          So we can’t separate since we can’t divide up the land and the Left would not survive on its own so they’ll use the institutions including law Enforcement who wouldn’t survive either to squelch it till they can’t

          Baring systemic collapse which we may get that leaves us the alternative , war which is is deaths in the many millions from violence , plague and starvation along with utter collapse

          No one wants to be “that guy” who started that so we slow roll the whole thing hoping when the 4th Turning is over we dodge the Glubb limit and survive somehow .

          Cowardly? Weak? Ugly? Yes but understandable.

      • Wishful thinking. If they were going to act, they would have done it long ago. There were way more people on our side and they would have had an easier time organizing, even with lesser technology.

        Soviet dissidents probably thought a general backlash was coming for 70 years. It never came. The system crashed on its own. Look at the 2nd amendment movement. The 2nd amendment no longer exists and hasn’t for decades. It’s null and void. What are they doing about it? NOTHING. They cannot even understand who the enemy is, let alone what to do about it.

      • an angry parent complaining to the school board?

        Think about that.

        Your daughter was raped and you turn up, wait to speak for your 5 minutes to the gulag committee.

        The age of just retribution has passed

      • You’d expect the old man to stand up for his defiled daughter, however, a better message would have been him and a dozen or two armed buddies storming the meeting. Granted, it’s a highly unlikely occurrence in our current castratie society, but the day may not be too far away, maybe…

      • And by that time there will be so many darks in the country that we’ll basically be South Africa and it’s too late.

    • The Godfather tells the story of the Corleone Family, in which the primary protagonists are the leaders of a New York-based Mafia organization—first Don Vito Corleone and then his son, Michael Corleone. Perhaps it should be no surprise that in a novel in which the “bad guys” are the focus of the story that the concepts of crime and justice are, at their core, complicated.

      The primary source of the complicated nature of crime and justice in the novel is the fact that, as the novel portrays it, there is no pure, simple justice available anywhere. The novel makes this point in its opening scene, when Amerigo Bonasera sits in court and is forced to watch as the two well-off boys who brutally beat his daughter are given only suspended sentences because of their father’s political connections. In fact, in every instance in which the novel portrays what are supposed to be sources of societal justice or even just esteemed industries, they are marked by a distinct lack of justice, merit, or anything redeeming. Lawyers and government officials are corrupt, either in the pocket of crime bosses or seeking to curry favor with even more powerful “legitimate” politicians. The police, underpaid and resentful of that fact, systematically overlook all instances of what they call “clean graft,” in which officers take bribes to look the other way regarding crimes such as gambling and prostitution. Powerful labor leaders take bribes to start strikes, while powerful media titans like Jack Woltz use their positions to follow through on petty grudges or to prey on the less powerful (which in Jack Woltz’s case, means young girls seeking film careers). The novel portrays a world in which there isn’t any justice anywhere, and there is corruption everywhere, just visible behind the veneer of legitimate society. It is in this environment—an environment that causes people like Amerigo Bonasero who “once trusted law and order” to justifiably lose their faith in society—in which crime Families such as the Corleone’s rise and thrive. As Bonasero himself says after the trial lets off the two boys who beat his daughter: “for justice we must go on our knees to Don Corleone.”

      The critical point here is that the Corleone Family does dispense a sort of justice. Don Corleone responds to Bonasero’s crisis by sending out two soldiers to beat the boys who attacked Bonasero’s daughter. At another time, Don Corleone frees Johnny Fontane from a legitimately predatory contract by threatening to kill the man who tricked Johnny into signing it. And just when Don Corleone was beginning to form his crime Family, he helped the widow Signora Colombo who had been unfairly (though not illegally) evicted from her apartment by talking to her landlord—a talk that, despite being pleasant, scared the landlord into changing his decision. Put simply: the Don Corleone and the Corleone Family offer help and justice to those who can’t get either from mainstream society.

      However, the justice that Corleone offers is not the same as the ideals of the justice available under the law. Where law-based justice is meant to be impartial and universal, applying to everyone, the justice Corleone dispenses is personal and contingent: it is offered only to those who pledge loyalty. When Bonasera does come to Don Corleone to get justice for his daughter, Corleone says about Bonasera’s original choice to seek justice through the courts: “You spurned my friendship. You feared to be in my debt.” Once Bonasera swears loyalty, though, Corleone assures him that “you shall have your justice.” Whereas justice under the law is meant for the betterment of society and as end unto itself, Corleone’s justice is always an exchange, always offered as a favor with an understanding that the favor will be repaid. And, in addition, because the Mafia metes out justice by committing crimes, those who seek out Mafia justice by extension become participants in crime. Those who benefit from Don Corleone’s justice therefore become enmeshed in the Corleone family in two ways: first, because they personally owe Don Corleone for his help; second, because in getting Don Corleone’s help they have become connected to illegal activities that could get them into trouble with the law, and so they are reliant on Don Corleone’s protection from those potential consequences. The Godfather ultimately suggests that although the Corleone Family commits crimes in the service of “justice,” this justice is a tool rather than an end: it is meant to bind people to the Family so that the Family can more easily engage in criminal profit-making, which is the true goal of the Mafia.

      And yet there is an additional tension that the novel explores but doesn’t ever entirely resolve. At one point in the novel, Don Corleone says to his fellow mob bosses about the powerbrokers of “legitimate” society: “Who is to say we should obey the laws they make for their own interest and to our hurt?” Corleone and the other mob bosses seem to legitimately believe that all of society is a kind of Mafia, that society is a rigged system set up only to protect and enrich those who are powerful, and that the laws and legitimacy of that society are just fronts designed to make the rigged game less visible and harder to upset. What’s a bit less clear is whether the novel agrees with the crime bosses. The fact that there are essentially no examples of pure or selfless justice occurring in the book, and that every character, ranging from judges to Hollywood moguls, seem to be corrupt and interested only in their own wealth and luxury, does seem to support the crime bosses’ point of view. At the same time, it’s possible to argue that the book shows how the Mafia works to corrupt public institutions—it bribes judges, the police, forces media moguls to pay “protection” against trumped-up labor strikes—such that more idealistic versions of justice become increasingly scarce, which in turn only strengthens the Mafia as their own brand of transactional justice becomes the only readily available justice around.

      • mr mittens: Very thoughtful (and thought-provoking) comment. Like the Mafia, the narco gangs in Latin America are known for providing forms of favors and ‘justice.’ And, like with the Mafia, said ‘justice’ comes with both the owing of favors and the connection to illegality. It’s a form of taking sides, an ‘exchange’ as you correctly note.

        However, you also assert that western justice under the law is meant to be impartial and universal. Has such justice ever existed? I would assert there have always been differing penalties and favors for different strata of society, even any western society. And your further assertion that “. . . justice under the law is meant for the betterment of society and as end unto itself,” that speaks to western man’s innate concept of ‘fairness.’

        But being fair is not a synonym for ‘equality,’ and in many cases has been better demonstrated by what is termed ‘vigilante’ justice. Under whose authority do today’s judges and lawyers operate? There used to be a common history and morality; now the 10 commandments are banished and pilpul fills our courts of law.

        I think it could be argued that ‘justice’ has always been an exchange, between groups and more recently individuals. Today it is codified and clothed in marble buildings and black robes, but it is still always a question of who/whom. Now the weregild for a White man or woman or child is termed the ‘cost’ of ‘white privilege’ at the hands of the anointed aliens. When it’s your daughter who’s raped or murdered, then discuss whether justice is or ought to be ‘impartial.’ There’s always a human element – it’s all a question of who wields the whip hand and today, it’s not the White man.

        • You get the justice you can afford to buy-the poor man gets evidence manufactured against him, he gets a public defender and goes to jail for 10 years, the rich man gets a team of white shoe attorneys, and he makes a sizeable donation to “whomever” and suddenly the evidence is polluted and the case is dropped, or the witnesses change their tune. I’m all for justice versus law, and that justice “has to be seen to be done”. Bankers and Politicians perpwalked into actual genpop. Rapists put in a locked room with the victims male relatives and baseball bats.

        • Justice is an interesting concept. In the modern understanding it does simply mean fairness, equality (or the new buzzword equity). In the platonic tradition, however, justice spoke more towards a harmony of the parts coming into the whole.
          Aquinas mentions that he who has justice must necessarily also have temperance, prudence, and fortitude.

          My grandpa taught me that proper dispensation of civil justice must be in line with four principles. I forget one of them, but the other three were:
          –A sense of proportion – the punishment must fit the crime
          –Right reasoning (Grows out of prudence, as described by Aquinas — Recta Ratio Agibilium). As I understand it, right reasoning analyzes motive and judgement.
          –Recognizing the nature of things – a man is a man, a woman is a woman. A child is a child. Property is usually replaceable, life is not. Etc.

    • They are never going to do anything.

      All revolutions were led by the same related groups that run things.

      Most people are automata, similar to lobotomized patients. They can perform tasks assigned, but have no biological ability to create their on volition.

  19. As is typical of an organization where the Peter Principle has run amok you’re left with many people at the top who just don’t know how to do anything. You can clearly see this in Congress. When was the last time they passed a budget, 15-20 years ago? I don’t think any of them are even capable of it anymore.

    What you are left with is a whole set of dullards whose only ability is to jump on the bandwagon of the trivial. Pass a budget, too hard. Give a resounding speech raising awareness about something no one cares about, they’re on it.

    • I would tend to agree with you about the Peter Principle, especially as it relates to mega-corporations and the larger bureaucracy, but I think congress is a bad example.

      What we’ve seen the past 20-30 years with elected officials is not that they are politicians who have gradually become more incompetent, but rather that our most visible and powerful politicians have gradually been replaced by hired actors — who all have quite the ability to do as they’re told.

      • In some cases, actors literally became politicians: Sonny Bono, Ronald Reagan, Arnold Schwartzenegger, maybe Clint Eastwood (but he was just a town mayor 😀 ). Perhaps more?

        But definitely, politics appears to be style over substance. Perhaps it’s always been so?

  20. “Why does anyone go along with the loopy idea of gender at all?”

    My daughter was visiting a few weeks ago and wanted to watch the first episode of the new SURVIVOR TV series after long pause from covid. Should now be called “Woke-iver”.

    Many alphabet soup contestants but the one gay contestant – Richard – Flight Attendant, offered up a brief synopsis of his life (verbatim):
    “Being on survivor, it’s complicated because I’m leaving behind a 22-month-old daughter. She doesn’t understand why I’m gone, or that I’m coming back. And my husband, who’s working a full-time job while taking care of our baby while also being a transgender pregnant man … I’m leaving behind a lot.”
    Our heads almost exploded.

    Remember, this micro population is a very high percentage in MSM, Advertising, politics, TV and Hollywood – hence the force feeding.

    • With this poz, the only sexual taboo left is boy-love.

      Going to be hard to get blackmail material in the future. Mossad will have to find some way for their targets to say the N-word.

    • Ricard, the gay flight attendant you’re speaking of, also objected to Jeff Probst’s (the longtime host) iconic phrase, “Come on in guys!” He wanted the word “guys” eliminated, so it’s now “Come on in!” Of course woke Probst asked if anyone was offended by “guys,” which started the insanity in the first place.

      The show also re-cast the players this season, in line with CBS mandate that no more than 50 percent can be White. Out of 18 contestants, only 5 are White and 6 are black. It’s not quite in line with the US Census, but that doesn’t seem to matter.

      Survivor message boards are filled with complaints about this season. Longtime fans say they have trouble relating to the players, saying they have no one to root for. This is a much-loved show for 20 years. It’s not just the make-up of the cast, but the general way it’s played have now changed drastically.

      Auditions for the show have reportedly been over 90 percent White, which isn’t surprising, since blacks don’t seem to enjoy the outdoors. I would also guess that Whites make up the vast majority of Survivor’s audience, which means Survivor may not survive wokeness.

        • David Wright: Thank you! What is it about “Kill your tv” that so many just do not comprehend? And as for claiming it’s their wives or kids who are watching – why are they allowing this?

        • This is why the comment about this likely taking another generation is probably highly accurate. Even the most aware are blissful ‘consoomers’ and just can’t break away from their electric j00 shackles, social media collars, whatever. A lot of this also has to do with men, even ‘DR’ types having their balls kept in a glass jar by their women. ‘Hurr durr, muh wife & princess daughter told me to…’

          You also wonder whether a population that so enthusiastically embraces its own annihilation is actually worth saving?

          There is some historical data that all Europeans had a common ancestor 50,000 years ago or so. So maybe a small core of men & women carved from granite is a better play here. Repopulate the Earth with Alexanders, Caesars, Catherines, Joan of Arcs, etc.

    • So is a “transgendered pregnant man” a biological woman who’s actually pregnant? Or is this some kind Tsarina Alexandra hysterical pregnancy? Is the husband really a lady? I have trouble navigating the Great Crazy River.

      • manc: I could send you a picture, but I won’t. Why even try to navigate their insanity? And who is more satanic, these mentally ill freaks or the doctors and ‘scientists’ who enable them? They’re all the diseased children of Magnus Hirschfeld. And the notsees were condemned for burning the propaganda purveyed by this sort of filth.

        • The enabling aspect is what’s most troubling to me, and it’s probably going to be the thing that costs me my job. I teach at an all-girls school; I believe it’s almost inevitable that the administration/board will accept a biological male into the student body at some point in the near future. After all, they all have signs in their front yards pledging fealty to this lunacy.

          I’ve resolved that I have to resign at that point. I hope I have the guts to go through with it.

      • Off hand, at a small factory down the road, a he-she hanged itself a few weeks ago, right in the lab so that it was discovered by a co-worker. No, not a mental illness at all.

          • Keep in mind that for most of them, these creatures are not born but made. It is the destruction of the creators, not the creations, that will bring me joy.

        • In my world, he’d have been locked away in a very pleasant asylum (at best) where he could play with dolls and pretend he’s a she to his heart’s content – but only to his heart’s content.

      • It’s easy: “trans-” is a new prefix meaning “not”. (Why we need a new prefix for this is a question for another time.)

        Thus “trans man” refers to someone who, in reality, is Not A Man.

    • ” transgender pregnant man” the medieval term being “woman.” I’ll accept that it’s a longhand for “mentally ill woman.”

      My seething anger that we are expected to nod and smile along with this sort of insanity is hard to take.

      This sort of gaslighting is going on in every single aspect of our lives — why our children have to wear masks or get vexes for a disease that doesn’t threaten them, why it’s good to teach them that White people are evil and they can be whatever “gender” they want, why it’s good to deny transplants to people who refuse the vaccine, why it’s good to force people out of their jobs for refusing the vex, and so on….

      It becomes such a veritable rain of lies and deceptive rhetoric that it would be exhausting to try to respond rationally to all of it, and it wouldn’t even do any good.

      In previous centuries, it wouldn’t have gotten this far, because people were much more quick to recognize an intractable enemy and realize violence was the only solution.

    • In reality, this contestant sounds like a straight mentally ill man who desired to be part of a victim class, so he found himself a mentally ill woman who identifies as a man and declared himself gay….

  21. The only reason gender is even a discussion is because there is a massive online culture committed to encouraging confused and mentally disturbed people. Online, you can have any avatar you want, and you can spend hours finding a photo that makes you look least like a dude in a dress.

    This confirmation bias makes them capable of going out into the real world for a few hours a day without wanting to blow their brains out. This is why trans people hate video calls, as it forces them to look at their faces constantly and they can’t hide from the fact they made themselves freaks in an environment where they can usually pretend to be anything they want.

    Elites love this, as the sole virtue in the ruling class is sticking their finger in the eye of classic middle America and its values. That they destroy the lives of mentally unstable people who may have gotten better with better direction is a price they are willing to pay.

    • That they destroy the lives of mentally unstable people who may have gotten better with better direction is a price they are willing to pay.

      Look at it as eugenics.

    • Chet: Yesterday in the gym I was again favored with the sight of the resident Asian trannie, flinging around its long, bleached blond hair. Sexual and racial appropriation, beotch dude. But I was a good little consumer, and said nothing (don’t need to be kicked out of yet another gym for noticing).

      • Why not? You don’t need to be a member of a gym to be physically fit. You criticize people above for watching TV, yet you’re giving that gym your money for the privilege of having that degenerate shoved in your face while rendering you unable to speak your opinion about it?

        • Vizzini: You make a fair point. I do have some weights at home, but not really the variety and space I’d prefer. And, my weakness I admit, but I am miserable in the DFW heat which generally runs from May through October and I do not even walk outside if I can help it. When the mask mandates started in 2020, I sat at home. My fault alone that I ate too much.

          I suppose I could raise the issue of the degenerate with the black manager. I suppose I justify it to myself because I pay only $10 a month and I go early afternoon when it tends to be less crowded – and I only see said trannie every so often. I’m more offended, to be honest, by the mixed race couples or just the sheer number of non-White members. That is the case in every single gym, from the cheapest to the costliest, in DFW and environs.

          Chalk it up to personal weakness. I’ve chosen to make the trade off of tolerating that much of social degeneracy in order to try to regain some level of physical fitness for daily life and to deal with what’s coming. I suppose one could equally argue many men accept their wives’ tv habits for the same reason. I don’t really have any more defense than that.

          • Fair enough. We all make tradeoffs. Nothing is really going to make a difference until the day of the rope.

          • You’re strengthening your “ignore the bulls**t” muscle.

            No escaping it, for now, that’s what I tell the kids: “good try, but you’re not gonna pull my string.”

  22. “ They rule their system through fear and manufactured consent. The only relief for the people in it is the orchestrated subversions… Like starving men fighting for crumbs, they jump at these opportunities at something resembling life. Subversion is the bit of sunlight that comes through their prison windows.”

    I hope our future mustachioed great leader hires Z as a speech writer/propagandist.

  23. Z: the managerial system selects for conformity… it selects for a conformity that makes exception for anti-social behavior and it selects for people who are always looking to undermine the dominant culture… Put another way, the personality type most prized is the sadistic subversive with a passion for enforcement. The most perverted people are the most highly regarded in our ruling class…

    There are plenty of unemployed actors willing to play politician, reporter and so on, so make sure you know your lines before filming. Democracy is just the theater portion of the managerial system that rules America.

    As Saint Joseph Djugashvili once asked: “Who? Whom?”

    Who did the selecting, and for which precise qualities in their goysiche puppets did they select?

    In Hollyweird, the moast powerful union of all is Local 399 of the Teamsters, aka “The Casting Directors”.

    The Casting Directors always make d@mned certain that an adrenochrome-drinking s0d0mite paedophile like Kevin Spacey moves straight to the head of the pack, while a deeply religious Christian like Jim Caviezel can’t even get a gig on the local Public Access Channel after midnight.

    Who? Whom?

    Who does the selecting, leaving whom selected and whom filtered out?

    Who? Whom? is the only pertinent question in this dystopia.

    Who? Whom? – that is all
    Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.

  24. I’d agree with all of this, but I’d argue that something else changed over the past couple of years that is causing an acceleration. Normies were forced to publicly acknowledge their total agreement with morality of our rulers.

    For example, CivNats were no longer allowed to hide behind their “I don’t see color” mental defense. They were forced to say “black lives matter” and that there is white priviledge, etc. Mentally and morally, a barrier was destroyed. They no longer had a moral or logical defense against any wacky political policy or corporate initiative because their policies and initiative did, in fact, fit what Joe Normie said about systemic racism and white priviledge.

    The same goes for gender silliness and a myriad of other issues. Joe Normie fully – and publicly, which is very, very important – accepted the morality of the nuttiest of our ruling class, so he no longer has an ability to push back.

    There’s a reason that people write down goals and publicly proclaim those goals to people who matter to them. Because it creates a deep mental desire to live up to those goals. The same has happened here.

    Sure, you could say that Joe Normie publicly agreed to the ruler’s morality out of duress, so it shouldn’t matter. But, remember, Joe Normie is white guy, and white guys hold their “word” very dearly. They gave their word that white people suck and responsible for the world’s ills and that transgenders are great, so they’re going to keep that word by going along with all kinds of stupid ideas.

    • I don’t know. Maybe TV actors playing civic nationalists are doing the BLM kabuki, but here in the real world it is not something that happens. Sure, people playing the civic nationalist character on-line may do this stuff, not in real life. I interact with a lot of normies who love the NFL. They rolled their eyes and laughed at the idiocy of the Gruden story.

      Our side need to keep in mind that the internet and mass media is not real. Most of it is fake.

      • True, but I’ll stick to my guns that the breaking of the colorblind defense in 2020 was a bid deal. CivNats, at least at work, had to go from “color doesn’t matter” to “race is a big deal.”

        I actually think that this was a big help to our side. Forcing CivNats to acknowledge race only leaves them with one team.

        • “Colorblind”, “content-of-character,” used to be considered the highest ideal, among respectable normies, in line with the revered MLK. Everyone would nod solemnly in agreement at those beliefs.

          In Woke America, that doesn’t cut it. Everything now has to be seen through the lens of race, with blacks elevated to the highest, protected class. Whites to the bottom.

        • Really?

          The civnat normies around here seem to be doubling down on their chants of:

          “Ahm nodda rayciss!”

          “I don see culluh, bro!”

          • Wild Geese: Witness a comment further upthread that noted the powers that be want to pit “each group against the other.” I may be misinterpreting the writer’s intent (and if so I apologize in advance), but to me that’s another version of “They’re trying to divide us.” My super-Christian friend constantly repeats this, and I constantly retort that we’re already naturally divided, although certainly ‘they’ will happily use and exacerbate those divisions.

            And far too many on DR websites are just as excited by black anti-vaxxers as the boomers were with the myth of Michael King. They are so desperate to make common cause with the sainted dusky component that they see the slightest deviation from the herd as manna from heaven, and some secret form of brotherhood signaling. They yearn for some non-White to speak up on their behalf, to reaffirm they’re not raysiss, just independent-minded. And that there are ‘based’ blacks and Asians and Hindus just waiting to link arms with ‘decent’ Whites.

            This is the poisoned fruit of equality, and of a sort of twisted White pride that everyone else worldwide shares the same wants and needs and desires. They think they’ll march arm in arm to the camps and on to the resistance. They still don’t see the guards and informers as anything other than White liberals (who will, of course, be a significant cohort, but they will be the kapos for the POX).

            Yeah, my older son used to claim an alienated Hindu as a ‘friend’ when he was 16. He learned, and far more quickly than most adults. Likely with adolescence, but definitely by the time of marriage and parenthood, biology will out. I repeat – you can’t stop it or wish it away or educate to eradicate it – DNA always matters.

        • I’d agree with that at the higher levels of the culture. Once the so-called conservatives gave in race neutral as the standard, then the antiwhite floodgates opened.

        • I saw this. An acquaintance, a recent Ivy League grad school graduate-mid-thirties, gave me this blank, incredulous look when I responded to his BLM support with the “…content of his character,” narrative. Equal opportunity is alien to them (they must help…maybe they understand the content of their character better than it)

          I further explained about the sacrifices that his parents and grandparents generations made marching in civil rights protests, etc and supporting civil rights. Again, these ideas are alien to him.

          I’m left believing that his outlook is the result of him having to not sacrifice for any ego-lifting cause and to assuage his guilt of being born on third base and thinking he hit a triple. This man has very little critical thinking skills and as he spends a fair amount of time in NYC, it may catch up to him. Likely in the back of the head.

        • It is potentially a big help. Will Normie give up his delusions? I am not certain, but he certainly is being pushed to do so.

          While seemingly unrelated, the widening transportation strike has huge potential, too. The Cloud People, if they also give up their delusions, may see the dystopian future they crave does not work out so well for them, either. Again, no certainty to be had there, either.

      • Honest question: what is meant by “the idiocy of the Gruden story?” What does it matter if there is dissent between one’s ears, but lockstep conformity in reality?

        The NFL lovers keep their mouths shut at work, shut around their kids’ insane teachers, they’ve taken the vaccines…they conform in every way that matters. Nothing more is needed by Power, for now.

        It seems to me that they’re holding onto some kind of internal disagreement as a panacea (“heh, this is all a show, nobody really believes this stuff”) with the biannual voting ritual and an American flag on their F150 as their Last Stand.

        And further — demographically speaking — there is no longer a silent majority out there who agree with them, anyway. They’re living in 1991. Behold the righteous anger of the CivNat white NFL lover when this is pointed out to them, however.

        Finally, as an experiment, I urge everyone to watch a few innings of the baseball playoffs. Not for the games, but for the commercials on TBS or FS1. There is nary a white man to be found in any of them. It is astounding.

        • While watching a college football game earlier this season, one of the big banks had a commercial that featured what looked like a mixed raced lesbian couple on a date. They don’t even care if it appeals to who is watching the game, it is all about virtue signalling.

          • I’m not even sure it is virtue signaling. I think it is expectation subversion. This phrase gets thrown around a lot by the Cloud People to the point where it is something like a sacrament for them. “Let’s subvert expectations by having a black husband, white wife and Asian children on a camping trip!” The fact that at the other end of that ad no expectations are subverted. Instead, normals just roll their eyes or just ignore it as more of the same from the crazies does not matter. The people making the ad believe they are subverting expectations and countering the prevailing orthodoxy.

            A sizable chunk of our ruling class is divorced from daily reality.

          • Nissan had a whole series of ads they were running during football last season with a black wife always driving her white husband and mixed raced kids around. Of course, the dad was a total buffoon. The kids were bizarre looking, it had to take some work for the casting people to find them.

          • Perhaps with very rare exceptions, at least in my experience here in central FL, it’s a presumably low IQ white woman with a black male. Or more precisely, with the progeny of one or more black males. In my “job” I see all kinds. Even in this semi-rural area, there is the occasional dirtbag white male with a black female* who must have been good in the sack because she sure didn’t seem to have anything else going for her. I’m sure there’s an interesting story behind some of these pairings.

            *Unz explores the black “marriage gap” in one of his articles. Due to the exceptional homicide and imprisonment rates of black males, there is a deficit of about 1/3 of the black male population.

        • William Corliss: Well said. Spot on with “It seems to me that they’re holding onto some kind of internal disagreement as a panacea . . .

          So they think, in their own mind, that they’re still independent and free-thinking men. But in every way that matters, particularly to the elite, they’re acting like well behaved, subservient subjects. Thus far, outward conformity is all that matters. Most are too stupid to realize that inward conformity naturally follows, and that they’re naturally instilling and reinforcing this in their own White children. Goddamned fools.

        • Corliss,
          I think I wrote about this a while back, but if all products, Ritz crackers had a homosexual black male putting on lipstick in a mirror, and when the doorbell rang, he ran to it, opened the door, and kissed and hugged his white partner/friend, or whatever it was.

          It got me to thinking; I would love to have been in the pitch meeting when Ritz was sold on the idea that having an interracial homosexual embrace would help boost sales.

    • I think an even bigger development was a long time ago after the lolbertarians gained influence in conservatism, the idea that “what consenting adults do in the privacy of their bedroom” became none of our business. The slippery slope is not a fallacy.

      • That’s what I was thinking too. The “race is only skin deep” crowd is aggravating, but often fits the limited reality of those voicing it since they rarely leave their white-only enclaves. The “I’m not homophobic but…” crowd though is entirely poisonous. Forcing normie to accept unbridled debauchery kicked the floorboards our completely.

  25. IMO a lot of this has to do with the burgeoning phenomenon some refer to as the “gynocracy”, female-dominated business and government. It started with the concept of ‘zero tolerance’ in the schools. So if a bully sucker punched your kid, and the victim’s head glanced the kneecap of the assailant as said victim crumpled to the ground, they would both be punished “equally” with suspensions.

    Women are conformists by nature, and have, throughout history spread their legs for the invader. Put these two realities together, with women in charge (and their breastless sisters, feminized men) and no matter how crazy an idea sounds to someone with a working brain … they are not only all in, but they’ll burn you at the stake if you do not go along.

    • Who created the ambient & dominant sociopolitical milieu which would demand & require the choosing of women [and POCs], thereby necessarily resulting in the Whom’ing of White men?

      Who? Whom?

    • Concur. The elites are highly conformist as the social strata of the clouds is make believe. Top to bottom.

      Thats the root of fear and anxiety; they are literally in the clouds, a fiat kingdom of conforming beliefs.

      Chasing the dragon of conspicuous confirming materialism can’t assuage them.

      Even in the mountains on vacation their $120k sprinter vans and $500 ice chests and north face wilderness wear can’t keep them from becoming nervous and boorish while pinging hard for fellow hiveminds.

      The other aspect of gynocentric elite is that free-floating anxiety is like a mind virus constantly in search for a receptor. Enter Covid hysterics. Gender hysterics. Racisms and other ghosts.

      The tragedy is that women’s divine gift to create – life itself, is spoiled on the vine in a culture that does not reign that into reality by masculine order and protection. Good gone feral is destructive, dyscivic.

      Which is the other key. The cloud no longer creates. When you build something good, of value to others, it takes on a life of its own. When all you do is destroy you need to constantly feed the beast new things to break.

      Celebrated progress is about destruction. Even when they claim to create they call it “disruptive” or deconstructive.

      Time and again we see this in the death of truth and beauty; even the most simple lovely things must be broken and remade in the clouds.

      Interestingly. All the gender stuff does is affirm that there is in fact two sexes and the children of those distinct sexes prefer certain toys and images and things in general because they are in fact different from inception.

      So the whole thing is that destructive power flexing in the face of truth. 2+2=5. You can chase the truth out of view but it does not die. This will all fall.

      • “Even in the mountains on vacation their $120k sprinter vans and $500 ice chests and north face wilderness wear can’t keep them from becoming nervous and boorish while pinging hard for fellow hiveminds.”

        This made me laugh out loud. The idea of The Clouds pinging for other hive minded folk – as I am literally trying to ping an iffy server on our network – was just too much.

        Well played. I assume the IT reference was intentional and I’ve not misunderstood?!

        • Same here! “The idea of The Clouds pinging for other hive minded folk – as I am literally trying to ping an iffy server on our network – was just too much.” I loved it!

        • I’m no techie. My mouse still has a cord. But I reckon that reference works just fine too.

          I had in mind more of a kind of Prog sonar that those of us cursed with highly attuned arrays of “noticing” can see quite plainly at this point. It helps that their conformity produces easily recognizable patterns. You see they’ve all gone plaid!

          Given my tenure in blue hives I can often pick up on the passive sonar as well. The active is just low fruit at this point. Every encounter, every conversation is laced with prog SEO, call-and-repeat just like the dolts in black hoodies flinging their poo in the streets. Of course its way more “sophisticated”. Over here its NPR speak but your island has its own I’m sure.

          As for the passive. Well that’s more fun. The guy hosting the dinner party excuses himself to go change the record – err “vinyl” on the record player – err “turntable”. Any requests? Was that Charlie Parker? It was! Bird on 52nd street. His best live work in my opinion. Wait, is that a Marantz receiver? It is! Its the 2285B. The best for classic 70’s sound. I agree. I found it in a pawn shop in [hip and edgy neighborhood]. Oooo.

          Five minutes later its “please [prog diety] somebody ask me about this cocktail shaker.”

          One of the best parts of “American Psycho” was the use of the heavy-handed pinging by Patrick Batteman coupled with his disassociative anxiety.

          He was “not really there”, just playing the role; saying what that he thought the “real’ Patrick Bateman would say. That’s how I see these people.

          FTR, the guy with the turntable-tuner from above was also a psychopath. But that’s purely coincidental.

          • Progs are very much materialists.

            That’s why they have endless, inane quasi-religious arguments over Mac vs. PC rather than seeing them as mere tools.

      • “Interestingly. All the gender stuff does is affirm that there is in fact two sexes and the children of those distinct sexes prefer certain toys and images and things in general because they are in fact different from inception.”

        Screwtape; indeed. In fact all their intense propaganda ever does, to the astute mind, is confirm the very realities they are trying to deny.

      • Screwtape: ” When all you do is destroy you need to constantly feed the beast new things to break.”

        Ba’al’s fire must be constantly fed lest it burn out.

    • I was at a friend’s house for a barbecue pre-coof, maybe 2018, maybe 2019. Joey’s backyard neighbor’s boomer wife and 20-something college daughter visiting from out of town, were in tandem gardening on the opposite corner of their lot.

      Joey’s 70-something dad comes out and starts talking to his son in Italian while I break off to check the pool heater closer to their house. Father and son converse for a bit, fairly loudly in their native tongue, and after about only 2-3 minutes I was surprised to notice the two women on the other side of the fence had insinuated themselves to within maybe 6 yards of Joey and his old man, ostensibly doing some weeding and other odds and ends.

      The women were both bent over, their superb rumps (mom and daughter both) directed squarely to the Italian-conversing men on the other side of the fence, on occasion one of them even dropping to her knees for a particularly pesky dandelion root.

      This experience was worth a whole Anthropology 101 semester from my college days.

  26. We normals must wait for the leader whom gets these lunatics out of our world and puts them back where they belong, working at carnivals.

    • Most of these people are past the point they are capable of doing work that has any value. Some of them would snap back to reality if an authoritarian pushed them, but many are too far gone. It is a big problem, what do you do with a growing class of people who have no value at all to society?

      • Way back in my early corporate days, I noticed that after a layoff, the work still got done. Not all of it, just the important work. The rest that had been done by the recently departed went undone and no one cared. the bust cycle of the economy used to clear the dead wood from the economy. By eliminating the business cycle, we have become an old growth forest full of highly flammable underbrush.

      • I guess we do what the Demofascists did with blacks: Give them a brick of cheese, an EBT card, 20 ballots for the next fake election. IOW, urbanize them.

    • Did the Taliban have one special leader? No. What they had was passion and a willingness to give everything they had fighting for what they believed in.

      Nobody is coming to save you.

      • The Taliban was founded by Mullah Omar, who remains a revered figure, almost a decade after his death. He is their Lenin.

        • I’m talking actual boots on the ground leadership — it was dispersed and changing with conditions. There was no one or even five leaders that could get captured and cripple their movement. Note that the Taliban came back into power a decade after his death.

          If you want a distant aspirational leader who doesn’t even actually need to be alive, I could make several suggestions, but those don’t win the fight on the ground.

          • I’m not sure what the “wuh” is for. Omar wasn’t necessary for his people to keep fighting. His people were passionate, dedicated and willing to suffer and die. That was far more important than having a revered leader. They didn’t give up when Omar died. And, as the history, of Afghanistan shows, they would have fought even if he had never existed. Afghanis have been fighting foreign invaders with grit and tenacity since long before Omar was born.

    • Exactly the opposite of what normals need to do. No one is coming to save you. It is not possible for a single charismatic leader to come in and reform things. The system is fully fortified against it.

      What needs to happen is for normals to unite in non-compliance against the system. That is the only way change can happen.

      • Exactly.

        The Canadian anti-lockdown activist had a really good rant about how people need to stop complying, except you can’t send it around because he talks about the, “…dumb/stupid people who got the jab…”

        Those words will trigger peoples’ mental defense mechanisms and shut down any openness to non-compliance.

        I really wish he would have said something like people getting, “….tricked/gaslit by the govt/media into accepting the injection…”

        That phrasing would still make the point and be much less likely to trigger peoples’ mental defenses.

  27. The ossified geezer class at the top of the system

    This is something that is very visible from the outside and reminiscent of the last decades of the Soviet Union.

    Anyway, I thought we were in the middle of a deadly pandemic that targets old people. How did it skip the geezers at the top?

    • As is often the case, we did not get what we were promised. Trump was not Hitler and Covid was not the Black Death. It is a very disappointing age.

      • That may be the case Whitney, but I think the reality of the whole “pandemic” is, it just wasn’t that big a deal. I only know of two people who died, and that was friends of friends.(if they even died of it). Frankly, I believe absolutely nothing that comes out of the mouth of politicians or media to asking heads. It wouldn’t surprise me if an after action report detailed that all thus nonsense was a simple flu season.

        • Heck, I only have first-hand knowledge of *one* male in decent shape in his 30s who may have had Beer Flu, but his diagnosis was not certified by a physician.

          I have second/third-hand knowledge of two other people who may have had Beer Flu, both males in decent shape in their 30s who are fine now.

          I have Faceberg knowledge of one guy in his 50s that supposedly had a tough time with Beer Flu, but he has quite a beer belly and a family filled with hysterical women.

          I have direct knowledge of one fellow in his 60s in poor health that ran a 102/103F fever with aches and chills after receiving the Moderna shots. He is recovered now.

          All of my close relatives and their families are jabbed with no ill effects reported.

          So, on one side, Beer Flu is no Justinian Plague.

          Yet, on the other side, people aren’t dropping like flies from jab-related reactions.

          It’s hard to know what to believe anymore since all available data is hot garbage.

          There are some decent folks risking a lot in opposition to the jabs, yet I’m seeing plenty of grifters appear on that side of the fence as well.

          • It’s a funny thing, recently in the UK we had the panic buying of fuel. I passed a number of petrol stations, with their masking signs and traffic light systems for people; hardly anyone was wearing a mask. Usually it’s about 75%.

            Strange, it’s like when one ‘crisis’ comes, people forget about the old ‘crisis’. Sort of like they’re not actually crises at all… but that’s silly talk. I read da stisssstix and they tell me it’s The Plague: Mark II: Turbocharged.

          • Wild Geese: I know no one who died from Covid. Second and third-hand reports of a few (older and with comorbidities) who died but I cannot confirm (and I don’t confirm anything I don’t have first-hand knowledge of). Supposedly my son and daughter-in-law got (and easily recovered from) covid, yet somehow my husband and I (both older and heavier) haven’t had even the sniffles.

            I just read yesterday of a pair of White siblings whose stupid mother took them for a flu shot and they were given the adult Covid vaxx. And as far as longer-term vaxx reactions, no personal knowledge but just read this:

        • I know of no one that died from Covid. I actually know of someone who died from taking the vaccine.

          In his forties, completely healthy male, took the vaccine. 3 days later he was dead, heart attack.

      • I’ll add to this.

        1) Right now, my significant other (ipper middle age) will be 2 weeks with the COVID (she tested positive too and unvaxxed) on Thursday. She is out of work and lethargic. Her main symptoms seem to be a constant headache, dizziness, on and off high temperature.

        2) A friend, and alcoholic/pot transient type that bounces from the West Coast to East Coast with the weather and when he needs to re-up-in person-for the Calhealth (damn good health care…covers him in New England) and food stamps. He got it in LA in, spring of 2020. Out of service for less than 48 hours. A 24 hour stretch of dizziness. He slept the lethargy off and was back at his shenanigans in 48-hours.

        3) Finally, a neighbor I know well got the COVID in Rangely Maine in January of 2020 (might have been the flu as he didn’t test) at an annual ice fishing blowout. In general, he is a pretty healthy 48-year old that had not missed work due to sickness in 2 decades. He was out of work for a week and a half with intense lethargy and flu-like symptons-it took him a lot to miss work. I will point out that he is a daily, and I’d say heavy, pot user, otherwise he is very active and eats well.

        Me, I have to get tested weekly for the COVID and last week negative. As my SO is still down with it and we live together I wonder if I’ll get it. I’m a member of the dirty unvaxxed so I’m sure if I do get it I’ll deserve it. I test again today…wonder what turns up.

        • People get sick sometimes. A few years ago — a year before COVID — some bug or other knocked me and daughter #3 absolutely on our asses for more than a week. We had to call in adult daughter #2 to help take care of us and the farm — the wife was busy with rental maintenance projects and it’s lucky she didn’t get sick, too. Mysterious flu bugs happen. They’ve always happened. The propagandistic urge to turn this into a panic is reprehensible.

          • Anybody remember that “storage at minus 70 degrees”? You need a freezer the size of a tiny house for that, due to the simple physics of freon compression.

            To sow max confusion, I’d say the commoners are getting different doses of saline and poison. Profitable!

            Also, Whitney’s right, if they aren’t exempt, homeless, or illegal, they’re taking Ivy (as in “100 Congressmen”)

          • Side note: Joe’s theatre was totes fake, the nurse didn’t aspirate, he didn’t sit for 15 minutes after.

          • My office-mate’s wife had it this January. Fifty five years old, not particularly fit, and bitched about the two to three days it hit her hard. But a week after recovering she admitted to him that it really wasn’t any different than other colds she’d had over the years.

            The recency bias can be very strong. It’s also why people buy into global warming. If I had a nickel for every time someone around here said, “when I was a kid, the winters were so much colder!” It’s just not true, but you can’t disabuse them of that opinion. After all, every dusting of snow now has a name!

          • COVID = a common particle in the spectrum of microbes(which includes both viruses and bacteria) producing the seasonal ‘Annual Flu.’

            The VAX = the regular flu shot that MEDSOC has been trying (and failing) to get Americans to take habitually for years. Hence its warp-speed roll-out!

            The freak-out over this would be humorous if it wasn’t so damned horrifying! I’m with V. Heads need to roll for this.

            And it played on all of America’s ignorances. Ignorance about germs. Ignorance about cell biology. Ignorance about Science. Ignorance about History.

            And it exploited our weaknesses. A dumb tolerance that invites a pealing Red-Queen media apparat into our minds and homes. A lazy mind, easily distracted by nonsense. A sheep-like urge to huddle under any ‘shelter.’ Just to name a few.

            COVID shone a stark light on us. And I realize now as I write this, that I do not like what I see.

    • I happened to hear Nancy Pelosi on the radio the other day, and holy sh*t!…did she have a stroke? It’s one of those things people don’t notice when they watch the news every day. But like the sportsball commercials mentioned in Z’s article yesterday, when you’re away for a while and come back to it, the madness is very apparent. We have a dementia patient and a stroke victim in the inner politburo.

      • Nancy P usually sounds drunk to me. I’ve noticed that a lot of our betters frequently look and sound “off” in some way. Is he high today or just ghey? Stroked out or just strokin’ it under the table? On his meds? Off his (other) meds?

        Sometimes people ask “how did they send him/her/xer out there in that condition?” The answer is that it’s gotten to where Rock music was back in its prime. Some multi-platinum rocker would stroll out on stage at a concert whacked out on whiskey, heroin, and pills, mumble through their big hit song, whip out his dick and take a piss on the stage, cuss the fans out, and then stagger backstage to bang some groupies instead of finishing the concert. The fans’ reaction? My gawd, what a genius he is! I finally got to see him LIVE! There’s a certain type of suburban White lefty with as little self-respect as some of those early rock fans.

        In light of Z’s commentary today I’m sure some of the producers of these media appearances are that “sadistic subversive” type. They sit there in the editing room and actually *enjoy* seeing their boss slurring through a speech. They revel in humiliating the fanbase. They love it when they hear a chorus of “thank you sir, may I have another?!” from the populace.

        • I take offense to that. Jim Morrison may have had his problems onstage, but The Doors left several excellent studio albums 😀

    • Actually, it is not so much the geezer class running things as it is the Bolshevik wing of the Democrat party led by the likes of AOC, big tech and various other subversives. Brandon, the dementia patient, is just the stool pigeon.

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