The Death Of Fringe

While putting the show together, something that came to mind is how people on our side seem to be getting wise to certain things. The old gags are not working, at least not as well as they did in the past. Those coming over the great divide have learned some hard lessons about politics in the process. This is why Conservative Inc. has not been able to spin the events of the last five years into new fundraising. Many people really have caught onto their tricks.

Part of it is a greater awareness of the political grifter. Way back in the Obama years, I would drop the word “grifter” into the comment section of a conservative site and most of the responses were asking me what the term meant. Ten years ago, no one used the term and very few people talked about politics as a confidence game. Today the word grifter is used all the time. There is a much greater awareness of the political conmen and the tricks they play on the unsuspecting.

One result of this is people are less willing to get behind someone who steps forward to present themselves as the next face of the cause. The stories about groups like Proud Boys and Oaf Keepers being run by the FBI has opened a lot of eyes. Increasingly, the default assumption is that whoever the media is trying to elevate is not on the level or is just an agent of the state. The FBI shenanigans over the last five years has made many people into cynics when it comes to activism.

This is an example of unintended consequences. The best tool the system had was to herd normal people into these false alternatives. For generations conservatism was the place where normal people rallied to defend themselves. It never worked, of course, but that was the point. Without the Potemkin movements, it is going to be much more difficult for the system to organize the resistance into dead end causes or have them rally around fraudulent leaders.

It will make genuine organizing more difficult, but that is probably a good thing as it will require better people. If you can easily get a mob together online, and no one cares to check out the people in the mob, it is easy pickings for the bad guys. When an organizer has to work hard to gain trust and build his organization, you get a better class of organizer. He is going to be much more circumspect about the sorts of people he lets into his thing he worked so hard to build.

This is something that happened in Tsarist Russia. There was widespread unhappiness with the system in the middle of the 19th century, but the people organizing against the Tsar were low quality people. It took time to move past that phase and to a place where you had serious men building serious organizations of other serious men. The last decade of the Soviet empire had a similar transition. Perhaps resistance must be born of cynicism for it to be genuine resistance.

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  • 02:00: Why Outsiders Fail
  • 22:00: Examples
  • 42:00: Failure Avoidance

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242 thoughts on “The Death Of Fringe

  1. I have come to the conclusion that organizing, even trying to argue a point, is worthless.

    Until white people are a true minority in this nation will the bulk of the race wake up and look then be willing to fight for a change.

    And, perhaps that would be a good thing. Many current protections and laws may then extend to us.

    40 acres and a mule for honkies? Might be the only turning point for us.

  2. The issue with organizing is that it is hard. Only a few talented people have the ability to organize, and they are in demand by either entrepreneurship or commercial organizations. Our side does not attract talented organizers as we are simply outbid: for money, power, prestige. This may change in the future as anti-White policies and particularly anti-White male policies make their way into society further: already Democratic Politics are a no-go zone for White male organizers and most non-wealthy candidates. That might happen rapidly in the corporate world. It seems happening in the military. So we should be open to this change. But for now, we have little organizational manpower.
    We do have a lot of crazies, and we should use them — to sow division and strife among our cultural and social and political enemies. Netflix is just on the cusp of canceling Chappelle and this should be encouraged as well as an all out Tranny vs. Rapper “war” of cancellation. We don’t need to organize and build things now, we need to destroy institutions, companies, organizations, and the like by having them engage in factional infighting with our encouragement. It should not take much to whip up the Tranny faction in Netflix and other streamers to go against the Rappers for anti-Tranny. It should not take much to whip up the rappers to go anti-Tranny either. Both factions feed on attention and outrage and being offensive so that should be dialed up to 11 and directed at each other.

    • Replying to myself, I finally like a dummy figured out how Netflix and Disney+ and the rest of the streamers make money: A. Investment from idiot hedge funds, B. Selling data on users.

      This last is why they don’t want/need widespread audiences or widely appealing entertainment. Few marketers care about straight White men and their preferences. What they do care about is White women 18-34 (ultra left, objectively anti-White, filled with hatred for 99% of White men) and blacks and their preferences and data. Thus all the stuff that streamers do is repellent to White men and a wide audience and directed hard left to blacks and youngish White women.
      We will never be able to direct their content to be more appealing and broad based, however we can by encouragement make it ever more narrow and ultra-trans. Streamers go black in part to appeal to young White women who cannot get enough of them; as well as blacks, but Black Vs. Trans is a fight where both can lose, as White women will virtue signal over trans (and the disgust trans generates in their mortal enemies: non Alpha White males or 99% of straight White men) when forced to chose between trans and black. We should do our part to make that choice necessary.

      • Trenchant observations from Whiskey.

        I enjoy watching the subgroups of our enemies clash so that I may determine the current victim heirarchy. For example, misogynistic rappers are clearly higher on the totempole than feminists.

        From this Chapelle-tranny clash, it looks like trannies are valued more highly than blacks. Most interesting.

  3. from now on i would like to be referred to as Karl “Pureblood” von Hungus. just read about a new meme; guess what it is…

    • That’s Vincent James, right?

      Oh, the endless stream of euphemisms that our people employ to avoid saying “White Nationalist.”

      • no, it’s something millenials are calling themselves if they aren’t jabbed. it’s from harry potter…

  4. You seem to be saying do nothing, trust nothing and just sit back and watch the show while making wry comments online.

    • That’s the difficulty with guys like Z who are clearly revolutionaries but who reject at all existing revolutionaries.

      Maybe Z is correct that our current crop of revolutionaries is bad, but it can lead to quiescence.

      Our current time is one of waiting for opportunities. I liken it to needing to solve a difficult math problem after you’ve failed with all the obvious solutions. You must wait for deeper insight or opportunity.

      We must wait and watch and this is frustrating and potentially demoralizing.

    • You can buy him a beer!

      There is never going to be a time when everything is perfect for revolution.

    • I don’t think I have ever heard the name Nicholas Stix until now. I just searched the archive thinking maybe he had come up here and I was just not remembering him, but nothing comes up. Perhaps it is a pseudonym and he used to be popular under another name? If he thinks he is the guy who coined the term, I have no complaint. Best of luck to him with it.

        • I’d assume someone in the 1960’s said it first. It is such an obvious take on Jim Crow that I can’t believe it took long for a wag to use the term when black advocacy began in the 60’s. I got banned from NR comments once for using it and that was more than a dozen years ago.

          • It’s also a variation on the John Snow character from the Game of Thrones series (The Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin). He was the ultimate dissident and prevails at the end, which I suppose is an optimistic white pill of sorts.

          • Good point. There are just some turns of phrase that are so obvious that many can take credit. It is like the Bertrand Russel quote, “The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt.” There are a hundred variations on it from a hundred different people. He’s probably the first to say it but I would not doubt that some ancient Egyptian said it too.

            Regardless, I’ve used it often and I have a large audience, so I will take some credit for popularizing it.

  5. The Z man asks how these alt-right characters, once de-platformed, pay their bills. I’ll offer a theory using the TRS crew. In that case, they are paid by some organization aligned with the ADL or a similar group.

    Crazy, you say? I mean, they are Holocaust deniers and all. Look, there’s absolutely no chance those idiots will pull down the Holocaust story. So they are allowed to fill their hours with second, third rate Holocaust criticism, while spending most of their time indoctrinating their audience with white inter-generational bitterness. Plus they get to hammer the populist sentiments among their audience, that was so unfortunately recently represented by Trump.

    They are paid by their stated enemies to be a dead end. As you might imagine, those characters can be bought cheaply. Some rent for their sloppy hovels, a used car, those chicken fingers they exist on, maybe ear gauges, tats and beer. Hardly a real expense for their benefactors.

    • They pulled down the Holocaust story for one guy at least, me. Atrocity propaganda. Remember the babies being thrown out of incubators in Kuwait? The Jews were able to conjure their own nation by dint of sheer will and atrocity propaganda. Lolz, it’s quite impressive really. Might as well add that Unz has about convinced me that mossad was behind 9-11. We are dealing with some ballsey psychopaths.

    • I’d be very surprised if TRS are paid by an outside source. I’ve interacted in person with the top guy a number of times. He seems deadly serious sincere. Of course, he could be fooling me.

      Many people on our side have a bad reaction to TRS because they are so focus directly on our enemies, often in a crass manner. These people have a feeling that TRS is sabotaging the movement by rejecting respectability.

      Consider how far seeking respectability has gotten us.

      I’m not saying that being respectable is nothing but it is obviously not sufficient. We’re not going to win by signaling our respect for the rules established by our enemies.

      • Frankly, that scene has been making this claim since I have been alive. It never goes anywhere, because it is just a ghetto for low-status people looking for easy excuses. Three generations of failure has proven that scene to be a dead end.

  6. I kind of want to drop a general feeler out here. How much do you all talk about dissident politics/race realism with your spouses?

    I know my wife is a normie con in general from conversations, but she’s more apolitical than anything. She doesn’t keep up with current politics whatsoever. As an example, she’d never even heard of the word “woke” and I just explained it to her tonight. She’d never heard of the CRT or trans stuff in schools, so I just gave her a 101 course without going full dissident. Her parents are total race realist conservatives. The first time they came to visit their grandaughter, after a walk around the block and a visit to the park, they said, “We know you moved to a good neighborhood because we didn’t see any blacks.”

    • Women enjoy becoming fanatics, so I never lay any real horrors on my wife. She’s as racist/”racist” and disgusted with the world as anyone who’s not oblivious, but she resists it Americanly, with civnat normie optimist charity-busywork voter-con stuff that I lightly disdain without ever being mean about it.

      She knows my “politics” is some kind of unacceptable antipolitical cynicism that’s more correct than anything else she hears, because sometimes I predict things that end up happening and conservatives never do. Every time the world gets a little worse she wants to catch up, study, know why, trace the history, figure out how much to *really* fear the Jewish pedo French philosopher, etc., but she sees no path from Fox/Rogan world to mine. The mythical algorithmic right-wing “rabbit hole” goes straight from Jordan Peterson to retarded nazis, crypto ripoffs, and flag-draped freeze dried corn syrup.

      I say don’t waste your time, listen to music and read about plants, the internet is for autistics and fat chicks, I’ll tell you if anything good happens—which it won’t, but don’t worry about it. If you really want to know about the Jewish pedo French philosopher, all his books are right over there. You’ll fall asleep before the first comma.

      Repeat occasionally.

    • @The Greek

      All the time. Being a mother and understanding her husband she has learned the difference between treating people as individuals but NOT ignoring statistics regarding behavior.

  7. F-ck yeah! Tucker Carlson just dropped the “A” Bomb on Normie TV.

    “Anarcho-Tyranny” which –is– our current system of Gov’t. I hope normies read up on their new regime’s ideology because it is coming for everyone. He did an amazing segment on the 2 standard justice system and it is getting more & more extreme every year.

    • Interesting. Has that quite accurate term ever been used on a national broadcast? Serious question.

    • J, good to hear from you again, muh brutha.

      BTW, has anyone heard from Falcone?

      Or did Falcone’s Vision Quest in rural Appalachia produce too many White Bunz in gorgeous White Redneck Ovenz for him to be able to poast here anymoar?

  8. Potentially dumb Friday evening post-workout shower thought:

    Aren’t business leaders trying to force jabs practicing medicine without a license, which is illegal everywhere?

    I know, so thin it’s anorexic.

    It’s raining here so I’m passing on trolling the bars for the 304s.

    I should get back to working on spec’ing out my Linux-based shitcoin mining box.

    • No, it’s no different than requiring an employee to take, say, anti-malarial pills I’m order to travel to India for business, or requiring an employee to stay home if sick. They’d only catch flak if someone in the business administered a vax without being properly credentialed.

    • Just take one Oh, Mickey You’re So Fine and one Anyway You Want It, and see me in the morning.

  9. Whiskey can be over the top at times but often he nails something. He did so, in part, when he asked “why organize?” That is, in part, true and gets at some of the issues the podcast raises.

    Dissidents by their very nature hold outcast opinions. Usually otherwise normal people hold those beliefs close to the vest. Those who immediately are willing to be open about their opinions and beliefs consequently tend to be weirdos. Look at pictures of the typical early Bolsheviks. It is a freakshow gallery, and not solely because of poor healthcare and dentistry. These are not the people you would want to front, and they did not front even though they represented the backbone of early Marxist-Leninism. The front men, Lenin and Trotsky in particular, were attractive and articulate individuals.

    So onto Whiskey’s question. Any dissident group will attract freaks, so if you organize you begin with those people closest and most loyal to you–friends, family and neighbors, who most likely are not freaks. You start at the granular level. You do not run off freaks, necessarily, but you keep them at the fringes (heh). Over time, when a dissident movement has its Lenin, has its Trotsky, it doesn’t matter as much that the one-eyed lunatic is in the peanut gallery. Antifa is Exhibit A. That didn’t happen overnight but over years, and is filled with freakazoids that even the media filter cannot hide completely. Religious sects such as the Jehovah’s Witnesses followed a similar model.

    So it boils down to community. You hunker there, organize there, and when the opportunity presents, network with a similar community. Over time a movement forms.

    A dissident movement will be filled with freaks. The trick is to minimize their presence and role. Propaganda organs would manufacture them if they did not exist, so you start with the reality of their presence real or imagined and keep them at the…fringes.

    • The only real way to deal with the freaks and losers is to issue cards. But that, unfortunately, opens us up to serious liability both criminal and civil. If ONE card carrying member does something wrong, it’s RICO time.

      We advocate for a national change. It is, by definition, a very large group. We’re not trying to take over a school district. We are nationalists. We come from all over the nation, the world even.

      That brings us to our enemies in the press. They get to dictate who are leaders are, at least in a sense. Anyone with sense is going to tell reporters to screw off. But that nut, that guy who is always talking about killing people and dropping n-bombs, guess what? He’s now our spokesperson. Him and all his tattoos and his crazy haircut and odd style of dress, his hyperbole and gratuitous racism is going to be on every TV channel just smearing mud all over us. He’s going to play the role of a movie villain.

      I personally cannot understand a way around this problem. That’s why I’m not in charge, I guess….

      • National change starts with reaching the people who vote in school board elections, not getting someone onto the board (although, if that works, it should be on the table). It will be a long slog unless something galvanizing enough happens, which is certainly quite possible but not a given.

        You operate with the assumption the propaganda organs are gonna propaganda. Trump showed the way here, believe it or not: ridicule them, go around them. You could have an organization composed of a hundred Christs and it will be presented as a Satanic cult. The trick is to go over their heads and marginalize the media and push back on everything, including punctuation.

        • Honestly, though, who really cares about national change? As long as my neck of the woods is free of crime, POCs and the schools are free of CRT, why should I care how San Franciscans or Houstonians live?

      • A Machiavellian strategy would be to “sacrifice” such marginal “followers” for the “good of the cause.” This is a time-honored, albeit not for the morally squeamish, way to get rid of the rejects. In chess, this would be the equivalent of sacrificing some pawns, or even a bishop or a knight, for a major strategic advantage.

      • Grass is always greener on the other side.

        Look at the Danish Peoples Party. They are everything this podcast advocated for to a T. Professional, not personality driven, super disciplined , no tolerance for “freaks” or radical, very politically correct in public.

        What have they achieved? Status and personal enrichment aside? Poorly thought out legislation that only made the fundamental problems that their theoretical supporters care about even worse? They are floundering now, biding time for the next backlash to vulture from.

        Is that what people want? Le Pen has spent the past cycle purging people for slightest transgressions and abandoning ideology. She will still lose. Why is this good?

        Truth is no one has been able to make dent in the post war consensus. The most competent suit wearing gentleman has had as much success challenging the consensus as the weirdest 400 pound sperg, 0.

        • You’ll also note that I have said thousands of times that the you cannot vote your way out of the problems of democracy. That’s like thinking a good case of bone cancer will solve your liver cancer.

      • Won’t work. Even if you are squeaky clean the MSM can and will demonize you. Case in point: Richard Jewel, Steven Hatfill, and the McMartin Pre-school staff. All of them were destroyed by the MSM for no other reason that they assumed they were guilty as f**k.

        Z doesn’t get this. You have to get the MSM to back off and make them understand there is a price for being water carriers for the ruling class. IOW consequences of the bad kind.

        The fact is the MSM is the chief weapon of the state and ruling class. Without it they cannot maintain their control as they do not have the numbers of goons to do so.,

        • The paradox is that the ‘front’ people, the ones being attacked by the regime press, can’t do direct action themselves.

          But there’s nothing stopping the rest of us from identifying nearby offenders and taking direct action.

          • Your comment made me think of Matt Brackens “What I Saw at the Coup”. How individuals handled the press was, to say the least, interesting and in the end, effective.

  10. I am not even sure if we should be organized. There could be a lot more opportunity setting the various Brandon factions against each other. There are the Liz Warren types, at war with Wall Street because they were not invited. That could be fun to push. There are the Bernie Bros angry at being pushed out of the politics and eager to lash out at the power puff girls, they need more encouragement in this. There are the crazy weirdos in dresses after Chappelle, it would be fun to see that escalate.
    The point being that only mutual hatred of us is what keeps them together, they hate each other as much if not more than us, and it should be fun and profitable to push them to fight each other.

    • You nailed it, in part. The key is to organize at a granular level, among family, friends and family first, then locally.

      • I am thinking more on strength weakness level. We don’t attract organizers and any org will attract feds. But they have institutions and companies and such to defend.

        Freaks are good at destroying. Take Netflix. Great opportunity there with black vs tranny. And employee vs boss. Let Iago be our guide.

  11. Another problem is that right wingers are fighting a force of nature. Leftism is like rust. Rust never sleeps and it doesn’t need anyone to do anything to just get worse and worse and worse. Rust is what naturally happens when you fail to clean the equipment and keep it painted and polished.

    The Right is like maintenance. It’s a lot of work for no visible effect. If you clean your equipment and keep it well painted and well maintained, it just keeps working the way it’s supposed to. It doesn’t get better or more efficient, it just stays the same. Rust prevention takes a conscious effort while rust formation takes no conscious effort.

    • I woke up in the night with this topic on my mind. Specifically, the dynamics of Thatcher’s ratchet effect and the inherent weakness of playing defense. The conservative mission was no match vs the strength of the communist utopian vision. A movement such as the one we are trying to form should consider the proven power of promising a glorious utopian future. The theoretical universalism of western communism is fundamental to its resilience and power to instill the adherents with an unshakable self-righteousness that overrides all problems of logic and reason, all scruples about justice or morality. A moral mission that promised utopia for all (at some point the future) if only we can achieve our shorter term goals (white separation into some kind of physically defensible independent republic?) might be a useful strategy to explore.

    • Life is the ordering principle that opposes the disordering principle, death. (For lack of precise scientific terms.) Things not taught in college.

      Let’s take the orthodox view. We’re here on a rock, in the middle of a vast frozen void. Couldn’t imagine a more hopeless situation, yet we persist.

      We’re a force of nature, too, and we’re up to the task!

      • The word you may be looking for is entropy.

        And kudos to Tars for the example of rust vs maintenance. Explained very well!

        • Correct, and I almost used it, but I understand it in the strictest definition to be a measure of disorder, not the principle that causes disorder. Figured one of the scientists on here would catch that 🙂

          Always thought it odd that physics recognizes a natural tendency towards disorder, but not one towards order. As if it happens magically, or, you know, there’s lots of energy and stuff just kinda happens! That’s materialism for you, I guess.

          • There is no natural tendency towards a closed system becoming more orderly, but life is a localized increase of order at the expense of an overall increase in disorder.

          • Indeed that’s what the theory says, but it’s also why we have theoretical stand-ins like dark matter and energy, and I’d guess those problems would remain insoluble without adopting a more metaphysical perspective.

            Not to say I’m against science. Spent the first half of my life studying it. It’s a valid and powerful tool, but being materialistic, that’s all it can or ought to be imo.

            Fwiw I think the problem is with Science! Because of Science! we’ve lost metaphysics, religion has in part been dealt a mortal blow, and humanity has benefited in some ways but also suffered greatly in others by the narrowing of our perspective to the measurable.

    • Solid point.

      Also important is the fact the the Right has been hijacked by people whose obsession with money makes Gordon Gecko like a monk.

      That has to stop.

      Also the Right seems to be utterly uninterested in any of the things that actually make a society work. Issues like marriage , stable employment, immigration, children and religion may not be polite but they are the entire basis of society. And yes they cost money.

      Pay of have no society

      Any movement has to go head on into those topics.

      Vox Day if you can deal.

      But while Americans can, he says, perceive that they are faced with “intricate social and cultural problems,” they “tend to think of them as scientific and technological problems” to be solved separately. This gets them nowhere, he argues, because their problems are in fact all inextricably interlinked and have the same root cause: a radical, nihilistic individualism at the heart of modern American liberalism.


      Ultimately, he argues, when faced with critical social issues like drug addiction, America’s atomized, deracinated, and dispirited society has found itself with “an insurmountable problem” because it no longer has any coherent conceptual grounds from which to mount any resistance.

      There is a lot more there but the gist is, we need leaders willing to exercise serious authority in a Western fashion . They may not be possible though, Greed, Classic Liberalism and worse Libertarianism poison huge elements of our social foundation. Normally we used Christianity to make up for it but modern Christianity is part of the system. Its both in the world and of it and won’t help. Its also fading which is another issues entirely.

      The other option is to just let everything fall apart and the smaller nations do whatever . Either option is certainly better than clown world

      • well, i agree with *some* of the chin’s analysis, regarding visible manifestations of societal decay. his thesis that it is excess individualism that is the root cause, is wrong, IMO. if there is excess individualism in our society, it’s been there since the beginning. also, china and other nations suffer these same ills.

        i would say the root cause of our societal paralysis is the muli-ethnic populace. it is impossible to have a coherent society when there are multiple competing definitions.

        • The nuclear family is a trap. It makes for a stronger state whether that be government or church.

          Elites of whatever era want this since extended families much less tribes an clans are a threat to their power base.

          The atomized individual first society is great for consumption in the short as well as control but it ends up in people not reproducing.

          China is wise to crack down on this.

          Our crackdown would never be State forward or Corporation forward though but family and extended family forward. This is the only way to a functional stable society and a smaller state.

      • The inherent flaw in that anysis is the idea that individualism precludes a sense of community and nationalism. It makes it somewhat more difficult, but that is a minimal problem at best.

        The United States until the last 60 years or so had marked individualism, almost radically so, but state -policy promoted multiculturalism through its propaganda organs and by direct coercion. The end goal and end result, paradoxically, is uniformity. Anyone who looks at the condition of today’s West and thinks there needs to be more state-imposed “community” is deluded or a Chinese totalitarian or like that blogger longing for a theocracy, which itself is totalitarian.

        While Western individualism made it less resistant to the disease that poisons it, that is a relatively small factor compared to the outright war against its values accompanied with coercion and often violence.

    • The Left/Ruling class has the MSM and all associated news organs under their control. It is their chief means of controlling the population. It has been this way ever since the 70’s.

      The Right’s mistake is not seeing them as enemy combatants. Hence you get Trump talking to Woodward or people DIamond yammering with some presstitude for the WaPo.

      You see this with Alt Right blogs as well who think if they act nice that the MSM won’t come after them(think beaten wife syndrome). They will in time. Torba at Gab understands this that the moment you have a alt right site there is a big bullseye painted on your back.

      Consider this: FB is already labeling people who can goods as “white extremists”.

  12. OT, but having listened to your podcast for a while now, Z Man, have you ever thought of being the interviewer, not the interviewee? I know you’ve gone on a lot of shows, but would you ever consider having guests of your own? Bringing a Libertarian on your show, for instance, would be the greatest thing ever. Maybe link it to a fundraising drive or something.

    • I’m not sure I would be a good interviewer. You have to have a feel for setting up the guest and getting them to talk, but at the same time keeping the interview from being a boring monologue. There is also the issue of logistics and booking people. That is a lot of work.

      • I am in sports media, and produce quite a few videos with another media schlub. His role is the interviewer/host and I’m the interviewee. He is excellent as an interviewer, and I would be a disaster in that role. Interviewing is a skill you have or you don’t. And if you don’t, best just leave it lie.

      • Ramzpaul has often told me he would love to do your show. Joseph Cotto too, as he has his new book to promote. Both can talk a good game if you just give them a topic. Luke Ford is pretty good as well.

    • forget interviewing, Zman should get an agent and go for voice over work. big money and almost as many chicks, plus you don’t age out like someone in front of the cameras.

  13. One of the turning points leading up to the USSR’s collapse was an incident (often repeated) that occurred in Moscow during the late 80s. A minor Communist Party functionary was driving a gov’t vehicle and he was rear-ended by a regular Josef driving his old (but clean of course!) clunker Lada. (The functionary was probably a factory/coop inspector, or other petty bureaucrat, but the point is he reaped the many perks that only Party lackeys scored,) Anyway, the collision caused the trunk to pop open and out spilled a trunkful of sausages. The witnesses went wild with anger.

    We’re getting there, day by day. Biden’s inability to repair the supply chain dysfunction will surely hurry the process along, as regular Joes are affected who would otherwise be able to avoid much of the social unpleasantness playing out in urban areas.

    • Look for harsh reactions, particularly from Karen-types who cannot get their transitioning baby Chads the latest dresses, as video of state functionaries with the same trendy garments emerge.

    • Ironically, a similar situation relating to sausages could happen to normal joes here. When this escalates to the point that there are no sausages available for them to grill in their backyards, their ire will get directed at the elites BBQing it up in the Hamptons or on Martha’s Vineyard.

    • So in the USSR it was a trunk of sausages.

      In the west 10 million 3rd world foreigners in your capital city is not even noticeable?

      Given people are walking around denying their own biology and convinced wearing a piece of paper on their face will stop the worlds worst plague that somehow leaves no bodies anywhere, you really think a real world incident would cause the automata to take notice?

  14. Just listened to the podcast, and the end comments about sales training is very salient.

    A couple things that come to mind;

    Read “How to Win Friends and Influence People”.
    To the best of my recollection, there isn’t a chapter on being a jerk or weirdo.

    And one of the things that stuck with me after all the books, seminars and training;

    People will not buy from someone they do not like.

    Be likable.

  15. Maybe OT (haven’t listened to the podcast yet), but recent posts and comments have me thinking. Also, putting aside indifference for a moment, and advanced apologies for rambling in generalities.

    Hard to not see the cold war as intra-tribal conflict, fascism having been the last truly Western ideology to come to power. Fascism stamped out, it was a battle between communism and liberal democracy.

    Hence my coming to indifference. Few whites alive have lived under a politics or culture that might be called ours. Why should we care about it? And caring about it, participating in it— even railing against it—how can we know ourselves? How can we do anything that’s good for us? It goes to Z’s point about negative identity. We will never find ourselves, much less act in our interests, until we utterly withdraw from this crap, even to the point of not fighting it. You’re never going to win playing on the other guy’s court by his rules. Don’t do his thing, do your own.

    The good news is, the cold war ended 30 years ago. There’s no more reason for liberal democracy and the woke garbage to exist, so it’ll burn itself out.

    Something has to come next, however, and unless we western whites remember who we are, it won’t be our thing, and we’ll continue to be disenfranchised.

    • Getting at false identity… Sounds a little like Marx. But no revolution, just withdrawal.

      Like breaking up with a psycho. Ignore her, let her have it all, make a clean break, un(clutter) your head. Friday thoughts.

    • The winners in this race are the people who have the most kids they can feed.

      This suggests the big three Ashkenazim (well Jewish ultra orthodox actually, I’m going for alliteration) Amish and Afghans will inherit the future

      Not Africans though, they can’t feed themselves.

      • I have a friend with a long-standing theory that in the future everybody will be Amish or Hasidic Jews. Rooting for the Amish myself in that case.

        What they both have in common, beyond having tons of kids, is doing their thing without regard to the rest of us. So maybe that’s the winning strategy: do your thing and make babies. Just be careful of too much inbreeding 🙂

  16. Can we really say Buckleyism has failed? To me, it seems it was wildly successful beyond their wildest dreams. They had a good 30 years of easy fundraising, getting into office and of course, they all made bank.
    Really, it was only a failure if it is framed as having had political goals besides more of the same, making money for Cuckservative, Inc and a leftwards cultural and poltiical drift. They never had any intention of standing athwart history and saying “STOP,” let alone reversing the worst of the left wing drift of the post war era generally.

    Buckley Cuckservatism didn’t fail, our fathers failed.

    • I think both things can be true. It failed in that it never lived up to the promise. Maybe that is our fault for being naive and foolish. On the other hand, it did work to their favor. Rich Lowry lives like a minor prince, despite being a talentless hack.

      • I agree. I think it has to be looked at through the lens of the times. They were doing their grift in a time where social capital was being burned away, but there was still social capital in the tank. In 2021, social capital is virtually eviscerated, lives lived are mostly precarious and paycheck to paycheck. It won’t play well going forward by the simple reason.

      • Related (?) Ron Unz in one of his articles recounts how various conservative magazines or websites were captured by the usual suspects. Distinctive independent articles (and their authors) were eased out and banal articles, more “acceptable” to the Establishment took their place, until the medium was just another echo chamber for approved messaging. Parallel with the decline in quality was the increase in well-paid staff with few to no responsibilities. Unz was even providing major support to one such outfit before he discovered what was going on and pulled the plug.

    • There were three sides to the fusionist conversative troika. (1) Anti-communist foreign policy hawks, (2) economic libertarians, and (3) social conservatives. (1) and (2) achieved most of their goals, (3) got screwed over.

  17. I’ve seen the weirdo problem in the “anti vaccine” movement. Some of the people who show up are just weird.

    The old guy handing out Protocols of Zion pamphlets. People screaming at bystanders how they’re evil for wearing a mask. People who are generally unkempt and dirty looking.

    It’s not everybody of course. But a significant portion of people who demonstrate against mandatory vaccines do appear to be weirdos. They’re doing the work that nobody else has the balls to do, but they’re not great at growing the public movement beyond the small fringe. Lots of normal people are against compulsory vaccination but don’t go out and protest.

    The left does a good job at dealing with the nutters. They send them out as antifas. They are the expendable foot soldiers. The nasty face of the professionals higher up in the ranks. The top people know this and are not afraid to manipulate them.

    Maybe the right needs more sadism and needs to stop worrying about morals. If it was some lunatic in Kenosha instead of a young white kid with a bright future, it would be much better.

    Of course the “left” (Bolshevik communists) have media, academia, tech, finance, military, and government behind them so it’s easier said than done…

      • I went to one organized protest and was struck by that too: normal people do not go to street protests (which is why the left is always able to mobilize such large street protests). I would suppose some “march/parade” events are probably little bit more level-headed.

      • The Tea Party protests and the anti-illegal immigrant protests that I organized in the San Fran Bay area were almost all normal people.

        Your point stands, nonetheless.

        Fat, dumb, and happy. Conservatives almost all think that some Savior is going to do all the heavy lifting for them. Trump, Tucker, or Jesus. Life doesn’t work like that.

    • B125: Way back when the Tea Party first started, we went to a protest. Our first . . . and last. It was a mix of weirdos and normal people, but they were ultimately clueless, and the keynote speaker was a black woman. I don’t believe any sort of public demonstration will make any difference or effect any meaningful change. A strike by essential White workers – yes. Electricians and plumbers telling liberal clients they’re just too booked – yes. But any sort of street protest is nothing more than theater and fodder for the media.

      • Sounds counter-productive in today’s “louder is better” world, but there’s more power in capable whites staying at home than taking to the streets. They need us far more than we need them.

  18. I cannot recall the author, but these were his points: In the early decades of international Communism in Western nations, maybe the 1930s-40s, the local party organizers went out of their way to find “high quality” people, such as students. This would have been true especially for their public face, such as a student organization, for example. This makes sense. The stereotypical hairy, unkempt Molotov cocktail throwing radical was bad public relations, even in the interwar years. Such hooligans (“useful idiots”) always had a place in radical movements, but the point was they wanted only the best people available for leadership positions. Not to mention, by successfully recruiting the intellectually gifted, they increased future influence when those people eventually assumed various positions of power. This was surely part of the “march through the institutions.”

    If anything will likely aid our eventual triumph, or failing that, a simple erosion and collapse of institutions, it is this simple truth: what the western Marxists have degenerated into might be called Wokeism. The Wokeists, eager to invert all traditional values, did precisely that with the “high quality” criteria of their spiritual ancestors of nearly a century ago. Nowadays, they eschew ability; instead they select for incompetence with bonus points if the candidate is not a while male.

    Now, our side can take a leaf from the enemy. Recruit high quality. That may not mean academia. In fact, quite the opposite in many cases. Long-term contacts, friends and family, people vetted by being known for years in the community, are likely the acid test for our thing. The point is to filter out the glowies and almost as crucial, the well-meaning but worthless, that show up at the membership meetings.

    • True, and it is the small things that really mount up. For example, Derbyshire requires a coat and tie at AmRen conferences. This sends a powerful counter-signal to Normie.

    • recruit them for what? i.e. what does your tinker toy movement have to offer anyone? not even free cookies and milk…

      • Bingo!!

        So far the DR can’t even be bothered to come up with a flyer or booklet explaining themselves. The fact is the DR is so small as to be irrelevant to the PTB.

        And since they despise grilling, you can forget about doing a potluck or eat and greet type of meet up.

        If it were me I’d set up a wargame/culture club focused on Late to Medieval to WWII time frame. This reeks of geekdom and will be ignored by the crazies and layabouts. But it is a excellent cover for DR meet ups. Initial meeting will be free but there will be a monthly fee. And the chapter president will be responsible for doing background checks on new applicants.

        The Mob used a similar method, where they would have a legit business in the front and the crooked stuff in the back.

    • Dont forget the erosion of people being able to think clearly, thanks to protestantism and the enlightenment!

  19. Putting my aluminum foil hat for a second. Is this what is behind the new IRS access to every transaction above $600? Any smart org worth its salt can get around it creating noise to mask them, but this is a new way to do mass surveillance of any attempt to start organizations of mutual support. As free assembly the totalitarian state does not want anything to thrive outside their scope.

    • Good points. The eventual goal, of course, would be to be privy to all transactions of any amount. For decades it’s been $10,000. So lower it to $600. The government will get more data, but that is also a curse: it will get more data. That, in itself, is more noise. As failing to report is already a crime, “money laundering” or whatever, they will just strive to criminalize ever-lower value transactions. At some point they will just cause the underground economy (or “black market” if you like) to expand all the more. If you risk huge fines, confiscation of property or prison for failing to report a large transaction, and now a small one, at some point the average businessman or even average citizen will say “screw it” and go full outlaw. We aren’t yet in a time where paying in cash is a serious crime, but we grow one step closer to it.

      One likely side effect of the surveillance state is the economy will split in two: the watched economy, where every penny is carefully traced and accounted for. Fine, we’ll use that for day-to-day regular expenses. Our salaries, groceries, rent, car and cable payment, etc. But there will increasingly be an alternative economy that leaves no records, at least that the government can access, and will be the true economy.

      • Ben: Good comment. The ultimate point, of course, is to both criminalize the average White’s normal and legitimate behavior, and to make transactions so much of a paperwork and reporting hassle that people eagerly accept an all digital currency. Most of those under 30 are already willing to be chipped and scanned for purchases because it will make their lives ‘simpler.’ Already happening in Scandinavia.

        We’ve taken to withdrawing significant sums of cash from the bank whenever possible. Always under $10,000, and if spent in less than $10,000 increments, none of the authorities’ business. Make it $600 and we’re instantly criminals. Of course, any firearms or metals purchase from a legitimate dealer is already reported to the feds, and I have no doubt they do keep track of those who purchase certain quantities of supplies that could be termed ‘preppers.’

        In a society that celebrates the individual to the level of freak, there’s simultaneously a ‘communal’ thread that we’re all responsible to and for each other. Not in the way of a homogeneous real-life organic community, but to gin up the genetic misfits’ sense of purpose and belonging.

    • I think the primary goal is getting tax revenue out of the gig economy people and small businesses. Your concern is valid and most likely a secondary goal.

      • Yes, this. The idea is to strip mine Whites to the fullest extent possible. Oddly, this will undermine the State as parallel systems arise, to reiterate Ben’s point.

    • The $600 targets small businesses, cash-heavy businesses, cash workers, people selling on eBay, people selling for cash then depositing it in the bank, etc.

      • an experienced cash handling business isn’t going anywhere near a bank, and never has.

        • Very true.

          The people most likely to get clipped are those being squeezed out of corporate direct deposit land who are attempting to sell off valuables or setting up a consignment biz on eBay.

    • It’s an attempt at an end-run around the 4th Amendment. Without direct access to your bank account, the gov’t is forced to seek a warrant.

      Remember when Clapper “testified” before Congress that he didn’t routinely surveille American citizens?

      More overreach, on a megalomaniac-deaf scale.

      Even today’s Supreme Court will rule against it, and I’m including Sotomayor, who is (if nothing else) pretty consistent on privacy issues. (real privacy, not just the fake privacy construct of the Warren Court’s Roe v Wade). Let’s say, for the sake of argument, the SCOTUS flakes out. What then? Individual states could refuse to comply, and that puts us in “nullification” territory, where we are inching toward anyway, with the recent “controversial” TX and MO law proposals. Will Biden’s Admin be willing to ante-up to such a gloves-off challenge of its authority? Besides, Kamala/Joe will have their hands full with some other massive problems by then.

      • State governments aren’t going to be part of the process. You are going to have to find a state chartered bank who won’t comply and is resistant to pressure to comply. I don’t even know if that is possible. Chase, Citi, Wells Fargo, etc., will all gladly sign up to report you to the IRS. It is just an extra layer of people and costs they can pass onto their customers.

        • Indeed. Banks cave easily. There are now so many regs that you can bring a halt to almost any financial business whenever you feel like it.

          Look how easily the US overturned the centuries old Swiss bank secrecy laws by simply threatening to expel UBS and Credit Suisse from the US markets.

    • Then copy the Muslims with their underground money transfer system.
      And think local, keep any organization local. Forget about national or state wide orgs. And keep it out of the public eye. No FB pages,, no blog, etc. Maybe a dead tree newsletter to paying members of the group. And make it a rule not discuss “church issues” on the phone or over the computer. Always in meat space in a room swept for bugs.

      Almost forgot, you leave all electronic gadgets in the car and you park a couple blocks away.

  20. Cynicism is the most underrated quality on earth. The white population of this country, and all formerly Christian countries, for the past 70 years, have been Pollyannas riding on the small world ride at Disneyland. Many of these Pollyannas are now being gang raped by brown people at the end of the ride, and, using the Martha Stewart tag line…that’s a good thing…

    • they earned their ass reaming, but unfortunately will not learn from it. god made them sheep, and sheep they will remain…

  21. This is something that happened in Tsarist Russia. There was widespread unhappiness with the system in the middle of the 19th century,

    There was typical widespread unhappiness all over the place then. The problem the Russians had was an aristocracy that spent most of its time in other parts of Europe, mostly France, and spoke better French than Russian. They regarded their general population as moronic scum, rather as the current elite in the US consider their own underlings.

    The Yankee grifters are happy to see various segments of the population at each others throats because that means for now they’re ignoring the real problem, the US government and its auxiliary hyper-capitalist thieves. There’s no hereditary monarchy on the fruited plain, even if the Kennedys had one, and Hunter Biden’s image is slated to appear on the $100 bill.

    • Hoffa was right about that POS family. I had lunch with a longtime mentor last week who is now retired. He said as much as he loathes Ed Markey, (I believe the “dumb as a goldfish” label has been used to describe him) it was great seeing another Kennedy legacy go down in flames. I love the phony romanticism around these parts for those wannabe WASPS. At least the actual WASPS and SOME of their kin left a positive legacy and built institutions that were greater then anything the Kennedy Crime Family contributed to society. A library and a corresponding 501(3c) that acts as a shell company and a mouth piece for blowhards and do gooders sitting on prime ocean front real estate. Fuck that.

      On a positive note their is local high school football and it’s a good time to be positive and bring the kids out to be around other kids. Gotta start early and local if you want a good grassroots movement.

      • Markey versus Kennedy was like a retarded version of the Iran – Iraq war. My goodness. Mr. Frosty versus Mr. Drooly. That said, Markey is proof that most people in Mass should not be allowed to vote. My goodness. Lizzy warren is a kook, but at least she shows up for work and makes a show of it.

        • Mr. Ice Cream Man’s blatant idiocy made his rank humiliation of the Kennedys all the more sweeter. While not the sole reason, you seldom see the idiot grandchildren on network television since that disgraceful defeat.

  22. WRT Trump being unprepared.

    You’re right that he was a promoter that made the deal happen and then hired others to bring it to reality. Which is fine and not a bad strategy in politics at all. The problem is that he was from the private sector where people are mostly honorable and working towards the same goal. So he was totally unprepared for the level of dishonesty and duplicity of the federal government – at all levels.

    You really can’t blame him. Because very few people realized how utterly full of shit the national republicans were. I certainly did not. And I was the most skeptical person that I knew about the going into 2016. And even I thought that they would get on board with Trumps agenda to some degree when they realized that it was politically popular and would “work” for them i a self interested way.

    But even then, a lot or most preferred losing to winning “that way”.

    And I don’t think anyone realized how absolutely corrupt the federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies are. They’ve shown themselves to be worse than the craziest tin foil hat conspiracy theories postulated a generation ago.

    • Reactions such as yours are Trump’s greatest achievement, which was inadvertent yet remarkable. He forced many millions to realize the Ruling Class’ government is utterly corrupt and hostile. It is hard to quantify, but even if five percent of his voters have become dedicated to overturning the current system, and I think that is low, you have a larger core group than the Bolsheviks, for instance, ever had.

      Even those of us who realized what the United States is, and thought Trump would force it to pop its head up, were taken aback by the depth of the rot.

      I have no idea how this turns out, but the die was cast the moment a coup was attempted to topple Trump.

        • Not to go full Clinton, but that depends on how you define “success.” The State is far weaker in the wake of the electoral fraud, and the Russia hoax earlier had discredited it. Yes, Trump is out of office, but it came at an enormous cost.

          • A Phyrric victory, if we can take advantage of it.

            Considering how inept, ineffectual and incompetent the Bad Orange Man was in “power” his value truly lay in exposing the old rotten system rather than any hopes of wresting control of that system under the old rules.

        • Heroic G- man, Andrew McCabe had his pension fully restored including $200k in back payments and his attorney’s fees paid by you and I. I also read that the unpleasantness related to his firing by Trump will be expunged from his personnel. We really got’em on the run now boys.

      • Jack: Even granting your point, what to do with him now? He just won’t go away, and is pushing the vax. And I don’t know anyone who wants Javanka back. Not that there’s anyone else available and not that I’d ever consider voting, but Trump still seems to motivate a lot more Joe and Jane Normals, and I think he’s a highly negative influence (and an easy leftist target) in that he keeps people engaged with the system.

        • Ignore him, for our part. Yet, on the other hand, even the prospect of him running again will cause the State to pop up its grotesque head even more and repulse additional Normies. It’s win-win for us.

          All the State had to do was flatter his narcissistic ass and Trump would have played along. The State was so (needlessly, at least at first) terrified it acted against its own interest and dropped the slow boil strategy. It may assassinate Trump if he runs again and that would be the beginning of the end. Odds are it came close from 2015 until now several times.

          Again, win-win.

          If that happens, she’d rivers of crocodile tears.

    • you sure as shit can blame trump for not being prepared. if i know how shitty the gop is, he should have too.

      • karl – I’m with you, but we seem to be in a minority. I realize we’ve all come here via different paths and at different rates, but when I consider just how many years I’ve been cynical about the whole rotten system and others only just began questioning it with the 2020 election, I really do despair.

    • “Honorable” isn’t a word I’d consider when describing the NYC/NJ real estate construction business.

  23. As far as Chuck Schumer don’t attribute to intelligence with what can be explained by deviousness. The 1600 SAT score can probably be altered retroactively with his connections. Yeah, he’s smart but the really intelligent Schumer is his niece. 🙂

    • Schumer’s New York accent tends to make people think he is dumber than he is (the same happens with Southern accents), but, yeah, count me as skeptical about that score, too.

      • I’m an old 1600 and if you met me you’d doubt it. It’s a mental freak’s score, not a normal-but-smarter person’s.

        Schumer’s the type. He’s the only politician who viscerally strikes me as being smarter than I am. I thought so before I ever heard him speak. His facial expressions are pure evil genius. Check him out at the Waco hearings. He’s so overcome with macabre pleasure, he shows his true face. You’ve seen it on some German posters.

        Garland is the “midwit” variation of the same character. He compensates for his IQ shortage with villainy. I doubt a worse person has ever lived. Fortunately he’s powerless and the times aren’t interesting.

        • IQ results or their proxy fall apart at the extremes. The Langdon Adult Intelligence Test was a stab at measuring those in the one percent range, but not a lot of people accepted it. In the super-genius tier, you find a lot of other weirdness. If you are a one percenter, you rarely meet someone at your level and most people are just talking monkeys. That means you lack the social frameworks to shape your personality like most other people.

          • Like poor VoxDay, Super-Genius™. The mere midwits tremble in his wake and he has practically never met anyone that can even remotely communicate at his nearly alien level of superior intellect.

            A heavy burden such intellectual horsepower is…

          • Some folks wanted to know what the sweet spot for chess genius is so they surveyed grandmasters. 135, surprisingly. Intelligence is very necessary but so is nerve and fitness for combat. 160 may get you the odd Bobby Fischer (before the wheels come off) but it also brings on strange defects. The 160’s will build you the bomb but only if the right 135 carries the whip.

            Genuises collectively have by far the worst and most damaging social and political ideas of any group. The exceptions invariably are profoundly lacking in narcissism.

        • what did you accomplish with that 1600? not being snarky or anything, just curious. a kid at my HS got a perfect old 1600 too; both his parents were uni profs. don’t know what happened to him but he was a gawky kind of guy…

          • The pre-1994 SAT turned out to be the most reliable predictor of success at university. A 1600 on the PSAT puts you in running for a National Merit Scholarship.

          • They usually end up working for some college drop out like Zucky or Gates who though lacking the extreme smarts could actually do stuff.

            Guys like Nathan Myrhvold come to mind. Gates hired this high IQ super genius and he did squat, but he did get a lot of stock options and then started a business that bought up patents so he could later extort money out of other businesses who unknowingly did work that was similar to te patents he owned.

  24. The relentless negativity of the political sphere is exacerbated by the need of people to be extremely online all the time and wade through outrage after outrage at a dizzying speed. It’s a low grade version of sitting in a foxhole for years with bombs going off all around you without any hope of reprieve. The jubilation and subversive glee gets killed and gets replaced by cynicism, which seems to be why e-celebs go off their rockers after a couple of years of solid popularity.

    It’s probably why people like Spencer not only cave, but more or less join the enemy just to make the psychic war on their minds stop. We’ll see if figures in Gen 2.0, like Fuentes or Casey have the same fate. There’s a good case to be made that the movement will really get going once all the public e-celebs, at the surface, dry up because everyone is part of an underground organization with good op-sec.

    • It is best to take a wait and see approach with the Zoomers. Casey is a solid guy who is cautious in his approach. Fuentes is much more a risk taker, but he has yet to face much resistance. He handled the feds confiscating his money about as well as can be expected, so that is a good sign. Time will tell.

      • @Z

        Zman, in your estimation is it a mistake for Jared Taylor to give public interviews? I certainly do not include him in the same field as DD, however was it perhaps a mistake to be interviewed by Jorge Ros or Fareed Zakaria?

        • Back in the day C-Span ran live conferences of Amren. Also, Taylor actually was a guest on Phil Donahue believe it or not.

          • I remember. His Color of Crime presentation I’m 2000 is still on bitchute and possibly YT. To @Zman; it’s another thing that he and TB have in common, inspire of the mutual disdain. I count it as sound advice.

            John Derbyshire’s interview in 2012 with Gawker notwithstanding.

        • Anyone in our thing with a speaking role should refuse all contact with the press, other than our guys running livestreams or podcasts, that sort of thing. Otherwise, you are just volunteering to be a prop in the left-wing morality play. The old guys refuse to accept this reality and I understand why, but it does not change that reality.

        • IMO, Taylor does magnificent in interviews, I’ve never seen him walk away from one with an L. They can’t throw anything at him that he hasn’t heard a million times before so he’s got his shtick honed down razor keen.

          And then there’s the whole Southern gentleman-thing that makes anyone who raises his voice at him or uses crude or emotive language look like a jerk.

          • This is my take as well, and as you have noticed, Taylor seldom gets invited to appear on the tube these days for those very reasons.

          • Talking to the media is like talking to the police. It can’t help you, and it likely will hurt you.

            Even though it doesn’t hurt Taylor, the media will memory hole anything that makes them look like doofuses.

          • Even though it doesn’t hurt Taylor, the media will memory hole anything that makes them look like doofuses.

            Do like Taylor: record the interview on your own equipment.

            Mind you, I’m not advising anyone go on MSM, but Taylor handles them expertly.

    • It is a replay of the David Duke & Don Black stuff from the 1990’s, which was an updated version of the Rockwell/Pierce stuff from the 60’s and 70’s. There is an audience for that material, but it is a relative tiny subculture. They can make a nice living serving that audience with holocaust material, Nazi material and so on, but it has a very limited reach. Duke and Black have had nice middle-class lives serving that audience.

      • The guy named Ethnarch, who used to fill in on FTN occasionally, used to urge Jazzhands to clean up his language, because he wanted the podcast to be more appealing to more ears. Sidenote: What happened to Ethnarch? I don’t see him anywhere.

        • He disappeared right after Covid hit and his online presence went dark the same time. Supposedly he was a single guy living in East Asia; so expatriate who went Covidiot? He was with America First. A lot of those blokes were in the HBD sphere also went Covidiot and disappeared. Either way he was good. The current TRS lineup is just garbage.

      • Say it wasn’t the TRS guys, would you support a party with the same platform?

        The United States of America will be declared an outpost of Western civilization and a state dedicated to its European-heritage population and their posterity. It will be the policy of the state to set immigration and natal policy that will ensure a permanent European majority. The rights of historic minority populations will be respected.

        We demand the extension of the 1964 Civil Rights act to provide equal protections and privileges to the White majority, or the act must be repealed.

        We support the nationalization and strategic break ups of banks, mass media, and monopolistic corporations in order to create public accountability and guarantee that they serve the nation first.

        We support a two percent ceiling on Jewish employment in vital institutions so that they better represent the ethnic and regional population balance of the country.

        We support the sacred rights of free speech, freedom of religion and freedom of association. Political views will not be censored by the state or any large private concerns. It will be illegal for any employer to retaliate against workers for political activism and expression outside the workplace.

        We support private property rights, including a program to make home ownership more accessible to stably employed family men. Small businesses and communities will be granted the right to refuse service or home ownership to anyone for any reason they see fit.
        We stand firm in defense of the right of law abiding citizens to own firearms.

        We demand the FBI, which acts as nothing more than a political secret police force for elite interests, be abolished and replaced with a legitimate federal law enforcement agency.

        We demand an end to political contributions and corporate lobbying. Elections must be publicly financed.
        The corrupt two party system must be abolished and replaced by a system that offers real representation to racial groups and economic classes.

        We oppose America’s ongoing military entanglements and demand the return of all troops to the homeland. We will engage in diplomacy under the doctrine of ”America First” and cease the internationalist project of exporting liberalism.

        We will nationalize the defense industry and make war profiteering a criminal act. All able bodied men will be conscripted into national service.

        Lobbying on behalf of foreign nations will be banned and classified as espionage. Foreign negotiations will be conducted through official diplomatic channels.
        We will declare Israel a rogue state and exporter of terrorism. The national rights of the Palestinian people must be respected.

        We will establish a new economic policy that stresses the family wage, full and stable employment, and a strong middle class. We will abolish the income tax on productive work and put this burden on capital and speculative income.

        We call for correcting the power imbalance between labor and management through a national labor organization that guarantees employee rights.

        We support an industrial plan that brings home capital and manufacturing and invests in our depressed and de-industrialized heartland. We will implement massive public works projects to modernize our crumbling infrastructure.

        Usurious and predatory lending practices will be outlawed. All credit will be issued by the state with no middle-man profiteers.

        Health care is a right. Health care must be removed from the control of for-profit hospitals and insurance companies and made a public service for all people. Preventative care will be emphasized and physical fitness will be promoted.

        We will restore reason, logic and tradition to the education system by implementing a comprehensive classical curriculum. Homosexual, neoliberal, and transgender propaganda will be explicitly banned from being taught to children.

        We will establish a Department of Culture that will oversee the creation of art and architecture to enlighten the public through beauty and transcendence. Suburbs and small towns will be revitalized with beautification projects to make them walkable and attractive and to encourage social life.

        The state must act as the steward of the environment. Industrial and economic needs will be balanced with quality of life and the preservation of natural beauty. Wildlife will be protected, and we will expand national parks and wilderness areas. Religious slaughter and other inhumane treatment of animals will be banned.
        We support strong families. Married women will be paid by the state to care for their children. No fault divorce will be repealed, and homosexual marriage will be banned.
        The benefits of automation will be shared among all citizens. Technological advancement will be used to reduce work hours, raise wages, lower the retirement age and increase pensions.

        In order to put an end to racial conflict and hate, all people will be entitled to be policed, educated, and judged by individuals of their own race. No longer will any race be exploited for the benefit of another in America.

        • No, because without knowing the clowns behind it, I can smell the grease paint of circus performers. The people who wrote that spend way too much time imagining themselves living in interwar Germany, but instead of being low-status losers, they get to wear snappy uniforms and have respect. It is childish larping.

          • Well, interwar Germany sets a historical precedent. I don’t know what’s coming but I do know there in 5 to 10 years we will have something different. The above sounds pretty good to me. Lol, you’ve become cynical. Got to start somewhere. Of course, when someone identifies a serious alternative to what we find ourselves with presently, clue me in.

          • Z can’t see the NJP or other such groups pulling it off. I take his point.

            But for my part, I can’t see his boys Fuentes and Casey pulling it off. *Really* can’t see it at all.

            That said, I’ll support which ever group gains ground without compromising much.

            Of course, we can’t speak of what we’re really talking about. And in that spirit, I offer this Irish song:

          • The thing is, the Fuentes crowd is half the age of the TRS bunch. You may be right that the Fuentes crowd will not amount much, but your opinion on that comes from those middle-aged losers who are green with envy at what Fuentes has done thus far. We know the middle-aged losers are going nowhere. Let’s see what happens to the young guys and maybe try to help them succeed.

        • The only problem I see in your post is the word “party”.

          Political parties are parasites on democracy – any party you form will be infiltrated long before it reaches critical mass. It happens in Europe all the time: a nationalist-populist party pop up, gullible vooters spend twenty years voting it up, the party cucks just as it’s within striking range of real power, vooters go: “bloody traitors, we must build a new party”, twenty years go by, and say hello to the new party, same as the old party.

        • All in all, I find myself agreeing with nearly all the broad-brush platform, would like to see the points expanded.

        • Very interesting, Vegetius. Thank you for this. An evolved form of National Socialism, clearly in defense of white Western Civilization, but with the full understanding that neoliberalism (and its little helpmate, minoritarianism) must be extirpated, because that doctrine and its attendant epiphenomena is diametrically opposed to that central goal.

          BTW, I believe it was several of your posts, with links to this site, over at Col. Lang’s blog, Sic Semper Tyrannis (now hosted in Iceland and re-named, that brought me here. You did me a solid.

          • Yeah that was me. Unfortunately the Colonel revoked my posting privileges but it was fun while it lasted. Good to hear it wasn’t a total waste of time.

        • “Rights” need to go. I think a new country ought to have “goods” or “that which serves the good of…”

      • Just an aside, some people on Gab were pumping Rockwell and I knew nothing of him, and when I looked him up I saw that he had a marketing background. How does someone with a marketing background determine that the best branding for his cause is to dress up in the same uniforms that people in his audiences saw blowing up their buddies a couple decades earlier? Something about the math with that dude doesn’t add up…

        • I have never understood why anyone went for a trench warfare cult. But I am not a post war era German who lost a major war. As to why non Germans went any of this is beyond me

        • The thing is, a bunch of approaches were tried in that era and all of them failed. We saw what happened to the non Rockwell attempts. No one has the magic formula, though admittedly the politer and more moderate ones tend to come out with better personal finances afterwards.

          Wallace ran on a more indigenously American platform and was far more moderate, while still trying to oppose the new radical consensus. The system snuffed out his campaigns. By the 80s he had to grovel and humiliate himself to be allowed a career in state politics.

          And then we saw the Conservative/Right wing approach. Conservatives are very good at electoral politics. They brilliantly rode the wave of discontent with LBJ with Nixon victories and a vague promise to bring back normalcy. Conservatives then doubled down on the 60s revolution and aggressively enforced the new regimes statutes (AA ….). Both making these changes permanent and vampiring energy from any opposition that could have formed.

        • Mr. Evil,

          Rockwell explained his strategy. Due to the homogenous media of the day, he couldn’t get coverage from the media if he wasn’t outrageous, and media attention was necessary to spread his message.

          He bet that once his message was heard, even through the distortion of the media, that many Americans would support him. Unfortunately, he bet wrong.

          To me, he was an amazing and inspiring man. Very smart and tough as nails.

          • The problems of our people will not be solved larping like a bunch of European maniacs. Rockwell was just stupid! Resurrecting an American civil order means decentralisation. NAZI were not that. TPTB are more like them, than us. Our people have not been vigilant, or objective., past and present. Like many I was taken in by the relativity of Con Inc. Fortunately the craziness of our gov. may soon be there undoing. Much damage has been done, more to follow til things get better.

  25. Good points about Trump and his lack of preparation. I have made the observation about him being the real estate guy who sells the deal and leaves the detail work to others before. The big difference between real estate and politics he did not seem to grasp was that in real estate everyone working for him has a clear and vested interest in getting the deal completed. Even if you hate the boss, it is going to help you in the long run to get his project completed. Politics doesn’t work like this, these people think about the next job before they even start working in the White House. Thwarting the goals of an outsider like Trump from within can be seen as a resume enhancer to many of the employers these people want to work for. This may not happen again, as there were reports in the closing months of his term that there was a movement within globohomo corporate to freeze out Trump staffers. Going into his term, that had to be what some of the career political leeches were thinking though.

    • These are good points.

      I don’t have much background or experience with negotiating. In the basic course I took they spent a lot of time talking about, “The Zone of Potential Agreement,” or ZOPA.

      Trump never seemed to realize that there was never going to be any ZOPA with the Swamp, which is especially galling because he is the one who called them out.

      Sportsball players are constantly talking about how they turn being called out and disrespected by opponents into motivational fuel for the upcoming game.

      The same principle applies to the political arena.

      • Like Zman, I was shocked Trump didn’t understand the difference. Roger Stone had to know the difference, and probably told him at some point. That he turned over significant control over personnel decisions to Kuschner was just stunning.

        • I have read his abrogation of control to Kushner as akin to Chamberlain’s decision to opt for “peace in our time”. He seems to have thought that a bit of “playing ball” would get him something, some space in which to manuever, but in the eyes of his playmates un the Swamp, it was seen as confirmation that he could easily be rolled. And Kushner was such an obvious bad actor that this capitulation took a lot of enthusiasm out of his supporters. Things just got so much worse from there. John Bolton, Pompeo? WTF, man.

          • If Trump was going to go the nepotism route he should have gone with Don Jr who would have at least had his back and seems more relatable to Trump’s base supporters.

        • Jared’s Father, Charlie Kushner, went to prison for illegal campaign contributions, tax evasion, and witness tampering. I recall he set up his brother-in-law with a hooker, filmed it, used it for blackmail.

          In 1989, there was a call boy ring operating in the Bush Sr Whitehouse. Roy Cohn was part of that. Roy is also credited as Trump’s mentor.

          Epstein wasn’t the first sexual blackmailer, for example, Lewis Rosenstiel.

          Roger Stone, more of the same.

          • Roy Cohn and Craig Spence ran that rent boy blackmail ring. Spence got suicided in the Boston Ritz Carlton. Cohn died of AIDS. Didn’t Trump pardon Kushner on his way out?
            IIRC Kusher, like Madoff, didn’t get to do his time at Green Haven Correctional because they targeted their own people.

          • WHat was the point? I have only just heard the word “grifter” in its context over the past 5 years. When the movie “The Grifters “came out, I had never heard the term before, and thought it was the name of the couple! What was your point about the sting, sorry I missed it!

  26. This idea that dissdents have of boycotting the vote has me on edge, Z. I can see that one blowing up in our faces easily. It would only make sense if there were some meaningful organization with an operation that bombarded the cucks 24/7/365 with the message. They need to not only hear about that stick, they have to see it and they have to fear it. I think of when young Master Fuentes and his associates were asking that cuck with the eye patch all kinds of pointed, wrongful questions – that is a firm step in the right direction. If the dissidents to were to organize, I would love to see them do it around that and focus the efforts on the cucks like Romney, Mitchell and the other fakes.

    • so what if it blows up? how would things be different in any materially way? i am not voting because i am hoping it makes a difference, i am not voting because i believe it *doesn’t* make any difference.

      • When countries fall, it’s similar to when ships capsize. They start slow. And things get very nasty, very fast at the end. The dissident right assumes that sanity will restore itself – all they have to do is wait for the left to destroy itself, and survive the aftermath.

        Things can get much, much worse. And stay that way if the right people do it. It may not feel like it but we are playing with fire. Politics is not a zero sum game. Sitting on your hands and doing nothing is very much a political policy that can have real world implications.

        • The thought process of not voting is to get the torture over with quickly. Get everything to collapse now, then start to pick up the pieces (assuming you survive). The above scenario would be preferable to the current “death by a thousand indignities” which may take an entire lifetime to run its course

    • Well, voting R, harder and harder in each the previous ten federal election cycles has blown up in our faces, so at least not voting gives us a chance at a different result. Plus, it’s best not to interrupt your enemy when he’s shooting himself in the foot.

    • I’ve always opposed voting because it’s a bad thing to do to other people.

      Turns out, surprise, as of 2020 I’m a registered Democrat who voted in a state that turned against Trump in a statistically very unlikely way, but we didn’t do it on TV on election night so nobody bothered to notice—they just took us off the “swing state” list…months before the election—and the Republican and Libertarian and Green parties don’t care at all that they got screwed.

      Like it’s fake and they know.

      I expect I’ll keep voting. Not *me* me, but…

    • How would voting help anyway though? Even if we handed control of the House and Senate back to the Repubs in 2022, what would they do to fix any of this?

      They would give Bezos a billion-dollar tax cut, send a bunch of our money to Israel, vote themselves a pay raise, then play golf for two years.

    • Z has pointed out that at the very least we should not feed the GOP any more support of any kind until they “right the ship”. If they keep suffering no punishment for their actions then they’ll never change.

      That being said, the Dems are making such a mess of it that the GOP may benefit no matter what. They’re already saying that they’ll probably retake the house, despite the fact that they have NO platform that they’re running on.

  27. Mark Collette’s organization in the UK has stagnated and completely failed to gain traction with the populist movement forming around the COVID situation.

    If you chat to these people on Telegram these is a demographic who are open to our ideas, but if you mention Mark or Patriotic Alternative they don’t want to here it, “they are the Nazis” or “Mark is this guy who said his favorite book in Mein Kampf”.

    A lesson to anybody starting an organization in the UK, a nation whose founding myth is the plucky little country that defeated the evil Nazis, don’t allow yourself or your members to be associated with the Nazis, something they were repeatedly warned about.

      • WWII supersedes that. It’s also more convenient for the diversity reasons as you can talk about about all the wonderful people who came over after the war to help us rebuild, which their descendants now interpret as “we built this country”.

    • I like a lot of what Mark is doing. He has spoken quite eloquently about the mistakes he made in his younger years. Then he invite guys like David Duke onto his show to spend two hours peddling his version of the JQ.

      • I hear what you are saying about him owning his mistakes, but the mistake with him saying on a livestream that his favorite book is MK was about a year ago and his supporters continue to swarm opposition media with 1488 stuff. It’s a shitshow.

        • It is a shame, because he is well-spoken and easy to like. He could use his “maturation” from fringe hooliganism to sober-minded politics to great advantage. David Duke had that chance back in the 1980’s, but he could never leave the ghetto. I mentioned this in the show. A lot of guys simply fear leaving the safety of the isolated subculture.

          • Interesting observation. It is easy to stay “based” and point to everyone else as cucks. I know a lot of people like that.They also want to be on the edge of the edge and beleive only they are being true to the cause….

          • To that point, despite (because of?) the over-the-top opposition of the state GOP, Duke was elected to the Louisiana House of Representatives. Despite his numerous and obvious flaws, that was remarkable.

          • The real history is this. He ran as a guy who had moved past the klan and Hitler stuff. That was his appeal. His redemption arc led to him being a hard working man of the people representing them in the state legislature. But he liked being on TV more, so he quit after one term and did what he could to get on TV. In the end, he preferred being the organ grinder’s monkey.

      • I don’t like Duke purely for optics reasons. He has those bright white teeth and his Twitter avatar clearly shows a bulging bicep. Definitely a vainglorious guy. If he had made slightly different choices in life, he’s have been the head of a television ministry.

        • I was a young guy when Duke turned up on our televisions. In the early 1980’s, youth culture had shifted considerably to the Right. Look at a high school year book from 1978 and you see garish clothes, poor hygiene and all the stuff associated with the 70’s. Look at a yearbook from five years later and it is a sea change. No more garish outfits and long hair. Khakis and blue blazers were the outfit of the young conservative and Reagan was riding high.

          At that time, the liberal media started claiming that those young guys in oxfords and Izods were the new Nazis. The blue blazer replaced the robes of the KKK. Not long after here comes David Duke in his blue blazer and penny loafers. It was right on cue and for years he was invited on national TV so the liberal host could put on his angry face and claim that conservatives were just the same old klansmen kitted out in Brooks Brothers instead of klan robes.

          • your description of Duke showing up conveniently to be a foil for the left sure sounds like he was a plant, or controled opposition of some kind. Wouldn’t surprise me one bit.

          • I doubt he was a Fed, but like Spencer, he just loved seeing his name in print. The narcotic of minor celebrity is powerful stuff. People in the media get this so they can exploit these guys.

          • To Bartleby, I don’t get how Duke is controlled oppostion. Are you saying he has been on the payroll of the government for decades, and living a complete lie?

            I know people who think Fuentes is controlled opposition., that St Floyd is on a beach somewhere clinking glasses of champagne with Ashley Babbit. I just don’t see how this is pulled off!

            Even if D D was paid, lets say a million dollars a year, don’t you think there would be people he would brag to?

            I think people like the grifters Z is talking about ARE the controlled opposition, but they ARE sincere. Sure they ignore a lot of facts and are hypocritical, and they are paid well, but they are not fully liars. Not many people can pull that off. Althought there might be a few psychopaths in the ranks, but I just don’t see Duke as one of them!

          • Bartleby: I’ve heard Duke a few times on Patriotic Weekly Review. The things he says about the group in power, I don’t think the establishment wants him saying those things. To me, controlled opposition looks more like Ben Shapiro, but maybe I’m wrong.

          • Yeah, the system uses guys like Duke to dirty up others by association. Guys like Shapiro, on the other hand, are there to keep people on the reservation.

          • has the media been far left as long as you can remember Zman? Ever since Post World War 2? The 1950’s media? Or more a Post 1960’s Media?

    • The Neo Nazi -WN-WS rule is simple.

      Don’t associate with them , have them on your show or the like. We are a few generations away from when it can be considered history and they are still quite radioactive.

      This is changing, many younger people are openly antisemitic now but there are enough oldsters left to make it a no go.

      You also don’t need to denounce them either, no doing the systems work for them just ignore them politely.

      Generally dissidents should never ever ever talk to the press either but that is another story.

  28. There are two recurring thoughts that come to me every time the topic of organized resistance comes up. The first is that wining over normie is generally a waste of time because normies don’t like conflict of any sort. They will always back the winning side, but only after the victory is clear. Lots of guys around here and other sites seem to put a lot of effort into trying to convince normies to back our thing, but it doesn’t work. Even when they agree in principle, they fundamentally don’t want conflict, so it’s best to leave then out of the equation altogether.

    The second thing is that organizing for peace is good practice for organizing for conflict. By this I mean that if our side can’t take care of its own now, it’s definitely not going to take of it’s own during conflict. If we can’t see to it that, say, people resisting vaccine mandates are financially taken care of, whether by new employment or a free facto unemployment stipend, then the left will win again because they reward those who agree with them.

    • This is precisely why the two opposing radical parties in Weimar — the commies and the guys in lederhosen — had such great success in the midst of runaway inflation and depression (so, you know, no obvious parallels to the Current Year). They actually DID stuff. You couldn’t do it now, of course (because you’d open yourself to a RICO suit) but one of their signature tactics was to put a down-on-his-luck comrade on the Party payroll for a time. Hiring a guy to tape posters to walls isn’t going to put that guy on easy street, but it keeps him off the dole, thus keeping his self respect. You’ve got a loyalist for life that way.

      Like I say, trying to do this with an organized political party, or even a nonprofit, is going to bring us in for a world of hurt from the IRS goons. But if any movement wanted to get serious, they’d form a for profit “mutual assistance corporation,” like many insurance companies used to be (and technically still are). Instead of ward heelers and whatnot like a political party, you’d have street agents, out there signing up “clients.”

    • I disagree with you that convincing normies is a waste of time. The insane actions of the left are leaving a lot of normies in shock. The vaccination mandates alone are making people I talk to more receptive to dissident talk. They’re left bewildered how the left can do these things and not be unconstitutional. When I explain to them that the constitution is meaningless, and that the left will always find ways around it as long as they don’t agree with the underlying principles, they seem to agree and understand. Labeling parents against CRT antiwhite indoctrination of their children as terrorists is another eye opener that has mobilized a lot. Last but not least, if/when this money printing scam of the government crashes, normie will no longer be living in comfort and will be more open to people explaining why the collapse happened. Let the left keep pushing the cart off the cliff and it provides more and more opportunities.

      I can give an example of an opportunity that came up recently. A coworker was explaining that his child’s school sends out text notifications any time a kid goes home with the sniffles now because of possible coof exposures. Meanwhile, no text notification happened when a vibrant girl brought a knife to school and tried to stab someone. He was already half way there, but a dissident can push him further. Ask questions that lead them there. Why do you think that is? Do you think they would have notified parents if it was a white kid? The opportunities are there in every day conversations, and the left keeps providing them for us. We need to be smart enough and ready on how to push, cajole, question, and guide.

      • Excellent post, The Greek. A friend, two or three years ago, was having problems with his wife complaining about his podcast and reading habits of dissident material. She was a typical normie wife who doesn’t want to hear bad things about our society.

        Currently they have children in elementary school, who are now subject to masks, CRT, and sexual education and potentially experimental shots. Now, his wife is ready to go to war over this crap. Recently she listened to the entire 8 hour FDA hearing with health professionals, and all of this is all she can talk about now.

        Normies have had it. F Joe Biden chants are everywhere, even liberal a-holes like Bill Maher or Russell Brand or Jimmy Dore are saying things you’d never dream they’d say.

      • Great post!

        >Ask questions that lead them there.

        This is exactly what I do and recommend. Hide your power level but ask the questions that will lead to the right conclusions. Whenever I am with family and friends, my approach is basically, “hello, fellow normies…”

      • Hear, hear. Widespread change will come when Normie reaches a critical point. Criticizing and writing off Normie is as counterproductive as the stupid generational infighting.

        “Labeling parents against CRT antiwhite indoctrination of their children as terrorists is another eye opener that has mobilized a lot. Last but not least, if/when this money printing scam of the government crashes, normie will no longer be living in comfort and will be more open to people explaining why the collapse happened.”

        This is the singular most stupid optics thing the State has done in my lifetime although it seems relatively minor thing. I don’t care how the Virginia governor’s race turns out, this will have embittered even a number of quiche liberals. As I mentioned below, the retardation of the propaganda organs and the State’s secret police both qualify as green shoots.

      • “Let the left keep pushing the cart off the cliff and it provides more and more opportunities.”

        “The opportunities are there in every day conversations, and the left keeps providing them for us.”

        I realize I should have expounded on this a little more, but what you’ve said is what I was driving at. Leftist policy does vastly more to turn people dissident than dissident arguments do. That’s why convincing normie is a waste of time: the only thing that really convinces them is crazy leftist behavior. But, they won’t believe it until they see it because they prefer to live in denial until denial is no longer an option. What you say has no effect, because they always try to play devil’s advocate for leftist policy until it’s blindingly clear to them that their client is, in fact, the devil.

      • The reality is that our very complex society requires a high level of human capital, i.e. White people and mostly high skilled White men, to keep even the basics functioning. Chicago PD is going on sickout, not a strike, to get the city at less than 50% cops normal capacity and have publicized this greatly. So it will be a MASSIVE crime wave and drive-by-a-palooza. That’s power. The Southwest “declining overtime” which is required to run airlines has spread to Delta now. Its not like cities can just hire new cops off the street or airlines pilots from Vietnam. They hire vibrants to run the cockpit, and its crash city every week, and the airline industry dies. Their airline certainly will. The Brandons are now pushing for vaccine passports for flying, which will kill the airlines anyway so pilots have little at risk.
        What has come out of the Loudon County school board fiasco is that assaults on female students in public schools are routine, and covered up (most of the assailants are non-White or tranny or both) and not prosecuted. See Trayvon.
        So parents will not contest the school board, as the FBI arrests anyone who protests, as a terrorist, but they will homeschool them with resources available now that were unavailable even ten years ago. Schools will be just for black/brown kids — White kids will rapidly be taught at home as it used to be. That is a win.
        Most Whites see government as an oppressive enemy, race-based against them, that takes from them to give to other races and never does anything good for them. That is a win.

    • This is a very sharp take. Ultimately, organizing our people for the peace is the route to actual change. I and I’m sure many here already do this in small ways, supporting our neighborhood grocers and shopkeepers, hiring those who will work to do small jobs, and so forth.

      I recently read where some unhinged Tribalist tried to catfish a White dating site for blackmail purposes. She was correct to be fearful of what forming a community represents. As Severian pointed out below, doing this on a widespread scale will provoke the full oppression of the State, and precisely because this is what is feared because it is the route to success. The time to start to help our own in an organized fashion is now.

      Again, great comment.

  29. We’ll have to be wary of falling into the W. trap. The Media went so insane over Dubya that it was hard not to think he must be doing *something* right… but as it turned out, the Left was correct about W (though of course by accident, and for the wrong reasons).

    In the same way, I couldn’t help thinking there must’ve been *something* to the Proud Boys, Oaf Keepers, and so on. It was easier to tell with the latter, as they mysteriously didn’t give their leader the full Sarah Palin treatment, but they did sort of go after McInnis. It helps that the Media is exponentially dumber now than even 10 years ago – I don’t think they’d be capable of laying off a “controlled opposition” even if ordered to do so.

    • Way back in 2015 when the alt-right was starting to be a thing, they showed up in DC at some rally on the Mall. The Oaf Keepers were part of the organizing, but I no longer recall their roll. The alt-right guys were not throwing Roman salutes, but they were there with their fashy haircuts so they were easy to spot. The Oaf Keepers made a big deal out of denouncing them.

      Then a year later, the Oaf Keepers had spun around and was all in on Trump. They stopped hooting about racism and Israel. At the time, I just wrote it off as craven opportunism, but in retrospect they were told by the Feds to make the change. Again, if the people attracted to that thing had dug into how the leaders pay their bills, they would have found many red flags.

      • Agreed, but the downside to any “outsider” movement is that everyone is going to have some kind of dirt on them. The red flags for the Oaf Keepers should’ve been obvious, but who here among us couldn’t be painted as Uncle Adolf himself if the Media really chose to go after us? On the other hand, anyone who doesn’t have any dirt at all on him is obviously a Federal plant, so…

        It’s a tough needle to thread, I guess. It takes a real ability to read people, to keep the loonies out, and that’s what everyone here in the United States of Autism lacks most. The upside to that, I guess, is that all the guys on the other side are just as spergy, so they probably really will introduce themselves with some version of “Hello, fellow dissidents! Who’s up for some [obviously illegal action]?”

        • That is why I feel all organizing has to local. Any national organization will be either subverted or destroyed. Locally you know the people. If Joe mysteriously comes into some money you know to check him out

          • DOn’t you think Trumps rallies were sort of a national movment? I think somethng like that is possible, and after the last 6 years, especially the last year and a half, it could be closer to this side of the divide in content.

            I think its the right leader.

        • To echo what others say here – “Keep it local” This allows for better quality control. You can keep out the strangers who just magically show up from who knows where, the firebrands with their Adolf fetish, etc.

          The actual mechanics of recruiting for such a local group would not be hard. Just be a bit creative. Use the lodge/club method for example to find local prospects. IOW self selection and by invitation only and that is contingent on them being checked out before even asking them.

          And if every town had say a small but competent and loyal group of say 50-100 men. We’d have a movement in the hundreds of thousands or millions. And if they all moved at once to oppose….

    • I don’t think Gavin was involved with the FBI…he was just a kind of punk-rock conservative gadfly who stumbled into being the Leader of a Movement (trademark sign). The PBs under Gavin were beefy alcoholic Trump fanboys. But maybe the feds got to him after those two PBs got jailed. I don’t know. He did resign and the guy put in his place was a diversity hire, a racism repellent, so there was something fishy going on post-Gavin. But the rank-and-file PBs were always just party boys. The only thing they actually hated was Antifa and Communists in general.

      • The Proud Boys is a good example of the dangers of an open door policy. They never vetted anyone, so they ended up with a lot of shady characters who gave cover to the guys sent in by the Feds. A few years ago a young guy and his girlfriend were caught tagging dumpsters at a Jewish retirement home. The FBI had the guy apply for membership to AIM, the group run by Patrick Casey. He was rejected, but the FBI planted a story in the press claiming that he was a member.

        • The FBI’s ops these days are about as retarded as the propaganda organs’ feeble attempts to construct a controlled opposition. Again, green shoots.

      • McInnis, back in the day, frequently appeared on what passed for edgy shows on Fox. He pretty much was what you described.

      • Gavin’s an old friend I distantly kept up with, so I was watching the Boys’ evolution as it happened. His abdication/renunciation was weird, but not fed weird—not *exactly*. He’s not a cop but he loves them to the point of spiritual homosexuality, and a few years ago righty cop love was still occasionally reciprocated, so he was probably given some friendly advice that added up to “last chance to retreat.” That’s how he acted.

        He’s become Paywall Shapiro so it’s easy to forget his former uniqueness, the strong cultural rein he held. If he’d chosen his moment, he could have stood up and said “Do it” and seen it done. He was the real great right hope. They noticed. The end.

        Also, he couldn’t clearly see the moment pass, because he was drunk.

        • I recently saw his Censored.TV take of the new Sopranos rendition. It was disappointing and pathetic. Gregory Hood gave a better and more nuanced review in his synopsis of it. I like seeing him with Anthony Cumia, however Anthony is a useless middle of the road Libertarian atheist.

    • ” I don’t think they’d be capable of laying off a “controlled opposition” even if ordered to do so.”

      Z mentions green shoots from time to time, and the rapid retardation of the propagandists certainly qualifies. The presence of someone like Spencer on cable news, for example, illustrated how dumb these people are now. Few who saw Spencer on MSNBC missed what that meant.

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