Boycott The Vote

Note: The Taki post is here and the topic is related to this post. In fact, this post builds on the ideas in the Taki post. For those in search of audio stimulation, the Sunday podcast is up behind the green door.

Donald Trump finally got the attention of Republican leaders the other day when he said that unless they addressed the 2020 election shenanigans, his supporters will not bother to vote in upcoming elections. This got the usual suspects out to denounce him as a Hitler plotting to do Hitler things. Regime media was flooded with boilerplate articles about how there was no evidence to support his claims. Some Republicans were sent out to denounce him for his dangerous rhetoric.

This little bit of drama is interesting in that it suggests that some portion of the electorate is making the next logical step. If you cannot get what you want at the ballot box, either because the vote is rigged or the choices are false, then why vote? If those conditions are true, then voting becomes self-sabotage. When you vote, you are endorsing the process and its results. Voting in a rigged election is, in effect, validating the rigged process and the people rigging it.

The fact that it has taken close to a year for anyone to reach this next logical step in evaluating the last election shows the power of conditioning. Everyone has been conditioned since childhood to believe that voting is a requirement of citizenship and not voting is therefore an abdication of duty. You cannot complain about the system if you do not participate in the system is the logic of democracy. The only acceptable participation is voting for one of the two parties.

It is a bizarre logic when you consider it. Popular entertainment is full of plots where the star is faced with two bad choices and refuses to accept them. Instead, he creates a third choice to save the day. Every business school trains students on how to think beyond the choices on offer. “Thinking outside the box” is considered to be the hallmark of the modern entrepreneur. People like Elon Musk are celebrated because they allegedly refuse to accept the conventional answer.

Only in politics is it that no one is ever allowed to question the options put forward by the two political parties each election. This exception to the rule of thinking outside the box is necessary because the system requires it. For example, if “none of the above” was an option in most elections, that would often be the winner. This is why it is never an option on the ballot. Otherwise, even the dullest Republican voter would begin to think that maybe he should have another option.

Of course, one of the weapons that the system has always used to prevent people from thinking outside the box regarding politics is hyper-partisanship. “If you don’t vote for more of the same, the other side will win.” This was the standard line from people like Jonah Goldberg in the Bush years. Staying home was a vote for the other side, so you had to hold your nose and vote for the Republicans. It was effective until 2006 when the odor was so bad that no amount of nose holding was possible.

The neocons conveniently forgot about that in 2016, but they went to great effort to avoid saying they would boycott the election. Even they saw the danger of unleashing that option on the system. Conservative Inc. was mortally wounded when they could not explain how their boycott of Trump was not an endorsement of Clinton. They were either voting for what they said was evil or they were boycotting the election, something they said was morally unacceptable.

That last bit has always been a lie. Boycotting elections has been a part of democratic systems since forever. During the Cold War, the United States government would encourage boycotts in places being subverted by communists. Alternatively, the protest vote has always been a part of the American system. Organizing people to throw their vote away on a ridiculous option is just another form of boycott. You are forcing onto the ballot the words “none of the above”.

Getting back to Trump and his boycott claim, he was never more than a wrecker, which is what the times require. He will never organize a boycott or even completely endorse such a campaign. He will talk about it. For good or ill, if he talks about something it becomes news. Just mentioning the idea of boycotting the midterm is more than enough to normalize the idea for unhappy voters. Sitting out, perhaps loudly sitting out the election, becomes the best way to participate.

If you look at the upcoming midterm, there are maybe 25 seats that are genuinely up for grabs with another 25 that might tip that way. The Democrats currently hold 220 seats and the Republicans 212 seats. The seats that will decide the House will be won with just over 50% of the vote in those districts. In other words, even a poorly organized boycott could prevent the Republicans from getting the House. It is a low cost, high reward strategy to send a message.

Now, even a highly organized national boycott of the midterms, where Democrat voters join in will change little in terms of policy. The people who control the two parties will remain in control. What changes is public perception of politics. This system requires the broad public to think voting matters. If they come to see that voting is just ceremonial, a play put on to keep them pacified, then the system cracks. At the minimum, it brings the system to crisis.

There are no easy answers to generational problems, but normalizing the idea of a boycott helps create a morality outside the prevailing orthodoxy. If 20% of people think that boycotting the system is the moral choice, they are in effect rejecting the morality of the established order. It is a peaceful revolt. Once people get used to revolting in their minds, they can revolt against the system. Normalizing the revolt of the mind is a prerequisite for any challenge to the prevailing order.

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278 thoughts on “Boycott The Vote

  1. Infiltrate and destroy. IMO guerrilla tactics are needed, groups need to quietly get together on local basis and try to find ways to bring it down from within the other side. Lots of ways of doing this. Project Veritas is doing a good job of showing their weakness, opening their big mouths to anyone and everyone as they are bleeding hearts, find ways of using it against them. Maybe some can get in deep enough and they expose election scandals, or sabotage it, burn them with it. It may be hard to get in if your past voting shows R next to it for the past 3 elections. Find others that can do it. Teamwork. I dread the thought of becoming what I despise but unfortunately they have thrown out the rules and basically declared war and winning at all costs. I think some on the other side that voted for your not black Joe see what they have enabled but those at the top will cheat that much more next time as I think some will think twice about whom they vote for.

  2. Voting is the act of inflicting the violence of the state upon your neighbor. It is the immoral low road. The day that war is viewed as murder and taxation is viewed as theft is the day that America has seen a sea change in its thinking.

  3. TPTB know full well that once the populace sees voting as futile what replaces the ballot box will be the cartridge box. This is where it leads. This is why they are freaking out.

    It was this lie – that voting works for the people. That kept the ruling elite in power and population passive while they were being gutted like a trout. Once folks see that voting for some interchangeable scumbag in DC doesn’t help them at all but in fact harms them. They will turn on the elites and political class in a very ugly manner.

    Even Tucker sees this,that the cartridge box comes after the ballot box.

    • Anarcho tyranny is the end game.

      Anarchy paves the way for tyranny. The Chicago mayor firing cops over masking mandates means fewer cops which means more crime which means more tyranny. Federal law enforcement, federal tyranny. The lawlessness will reach a point where Chicagoans will demand that the government do something to make it stop, then they will have full on tyranny curfews and Marshall law.

      • “Anarchy paves the way for tyranny.”

        No it doesn’t. Anarchy leads to the removal of politics from the public sphere. In removing said politics, you remove the parasites that infest the social fabric and you remove the violence of government.

        Only one thing leads to tyranny and that is more and more government: the polar opposite of anarchy. At this point, anarchy would be a massive improvement.

        • you clearly don’t live in chicago.
          Chicago is already in a state of anarchy;
          And with the dwindling presence of any law and order,
          everyone’s safely is impacted.
          Anarchy is not an improvement.

          • Anarchy is not chaos. The terms have been indistinctly mingled for decades in pop culture but anarchy is nothing more than the removal of government from your life.

            What occurs in its absence could be chaos or could be order. That depends on the society and people. Chicago may in fact end up being chaotic with a tyrannical government, the polar opposite of anarchy.

            On the other hand remove government from some places with a population of civil and self sufficient people basically nothing will really change on daily basis.

          • Joan has it spot on, Anna. In fact, the anarchocapitalists believe in an anarchic private law-based social order that puts public governance models to shame.

          • Additionally, Chicago is nothing more than failed public government. Government leads to chaos. There is no other end point for it.

  4. For those who are following the Chicago fiasco, 39 officers were ordered to submit their Vac status at HQ today.

    18 said no to the order and were stripped.

    • they can look forward to a better life in another state – a red state- that will welcome them with open arms.
      Chicago’s anarchy continues to grow; this is what the citizenry voted for and they are getting it good and hard.

      • and to those above who distinguished between anarchy and chaos, thanks- I’ll remember that the next time we have an assault on lay street- very helpful.

  5. This is great timing. We received three mail in ballots last week. I threw mine in the trash. My wife asked if I had already voted, and I said “No, I threw it in the trash. Elections are fraudulent.”

    She threw hers away. My son looked at me, said, “Well, technically I live out of state (college) anyway,” and discarded his.

    I’ve said for going on 10 years that the GOP must be destroyed. The best way to accomplish this is for 80,000,000 Republicans to sit out an election or two.

    If Trump gets traction on an election boycott, he could very easily “suggest” a nationwide month long general strike. It would destroy the economy and probably collapse the government, both of which are desperately needed.

  6. When a single party becomes hard-wired into a particular position, like the Democrats when they supported slavery, the other party in a 2 party system (the Whigs) rapidly figure out that all they have to do is make vague references to God and liberty and they would gleefully take the entire abolitionist Christian vote without having to make any serious promises of reform. They could get straight back to grifting after that. The 2 party system gets salami sliced into a single party system when one of the parties becomes absolutely captured.

    Dutiful, honorable, honest conservative Christians of course had no choice but to vote Whig even if they were the worthless neocons of their day only interested in grifting. What forced change is when Whig leaning conservatives stopped simply voting harder and started using the party as a source of social capital for anti-slavery violence, a way of forcing the issue when it was obvious that kicking back and voting wasn’t going to do anything. This was more than just fighting against slavery, but it was fighting for truth too, against the lie that voting in this context could accomplish anything.

    And it’s a delusion anyway to think that anyone who enslaves another person or kills her own child in the womb is going to participate in fair play honest elections with conservative Christians. It’s impossible to vote fairly against atrocities and the cheaters and psychopaths who perform them. And if were actually possible, it wouldn’t be just, because these villains deserve worse fates than losing elections and having to settle for mere upper middle class lobbying careers afterwards.

    We can only pray that people someday realize that it’s better to be ruled by those born into power, rather than those hungry for it. We want a king.

  7. Voting is like praying. We are all Palestinians now., in a jew run dystopia. When you let them get away with 911, 20 years later, you get the plague. They’re trying to kill you. kill your kids. Violence, we’re not getting out of this without a fight. Honor is all that’s left when everything else has been stolen from you.

    • unless the jew is outed and disposed off there will be hell on earth cause hell is where they come from

    • Its an attempt to pretend that there is no censorship of these things in the news. Look we allow them to be said.

      You must be cray to think you can’t say them. (He even says it in the segment) Are you going to believe the news or your lying eyes as the HR dept terminates you for saying men and women are different.

      Given that they had accompanying graphics inserted in the segment, they either prepped the script beforehand or inserted after it was recorded in review. Its hardly accidental.

  8. Collapse is already happening in Chicago. Even if a bunch of cops do “comply” with mandates to check in with their vaccination status, there is nothing to prevent them from being “sick” or just standing around eating donuts. With Halloween coming up there is a very big possibility of gangs and unaffiliated criminals just taking over most of Chicago and even doing house-to-house looting of the suburbs. Why not?
    The Mayor wanted de-policing and now has it, good and hard. Which is likely the end-game. Most mayors want to purge all the normal people and have a city like Detroit or Baltimore. That is preferable: black gangs, homeless, and nothing else. No one to interfere with “total graft” of the block grants and other Fed transfers in exchange for fraudulent ballots at election time.

    • As I posted in a previous comment, 39 ordered, 18 said no thank you.

      They were stripped and sent home.

    • Every day I hope for more chaos. I’ve been wanting all of the police to be abolished in those left wing hellholes for a while now. Nothing better than to see all of the leftists having their homes burned by the black orks. It will take a full on collapse and destruction to even begin to have hope for a newly rebuilt nation, or should I say nation(s).

    • if it were not for the fact that you can only carry a gun WHERE THERE IS NO CRIME and not in the crime infested cities there would be no need for armies of useless tax parasite cops

      • Perhaps the logic is backward. The places where you can carry a gun aren’t attractive to crime. Everyone (well mostly) has a survival instinct, even leftists. The cognitive dissonance here is the state worshippers with power know this and surround themselves with protection. The blind followers believe the rainbows and unicorn lies spoon fed to them but deep down know they are vulnerable. They are most hopelessly invested in the system. Spewing the nonsense of defunding the police while simultaneously complaining when there’s no one to answer 9-1-1 calls. At some point their lizard brain kicks in and even they have to know now is the time to have a way to protect yourself.

  9. Back Jan 2020, Whitney Webb wrote about the predictions that the 2020 elections would be so fouled up, that Americans would loose faith in elections and democracy. Predictions that came from Israeli consulting firm Cybereason back at least to mid 2019.. Cybereason partners with Lockheed, DHS, FBI to probe weaknesses in election infrastructure.

    How Government and Media Are Prepping America for a Failed 2020 Election

    Russia, China and Iran are already being blamed for using tech to undermine the 2020 election. Yet, the very technologies they are allegedly using were created by a web of companies with deep ties to Israeli intelligence.

    • Whitney Webb is a real treasure, came out of nowhere and produces great stuff, Might be the only blogger who challenges James Corbet in the degree to which they anally cite their sources.

  10. There’s a woman running a write-in campaign for the local school board. Lots of yard signs in the district saying Our kids, Our choice, and a good many signs for her campaign, too. I’d say she has a shot at it.

    Not just school board meetings, but all the local meetings are becoming active. People are engaging where they have the power to make a difference. You get a sense of desperation from it. It’s not the usual cranks and whiners.

    Last night I watched Infowars, and it too had a different feel. Even back in the Obama days, the calls had an ironic, almost resigned distance to them. “I know what’s going on but everybody thinks I’m crazy and I don’t know what to do.” Along those lines. Now it’s more like “We can’t go on like this, something will be done, what’s it going to be?” Again, engaged and desperate.

    I’d been pretty disengaged myself, only to check in and see this ray of light. It’s almost breaking through my cynicism, at least today. The spirit of it is different from, say, the Tea Party, which was genuinely angry, but within limits. This has a hint of all-bets-are-off.

    And frankly, that may be what Americans have been missing for longer than I’ve been alive. People might be ready to put down their amusements and investments and start assuming the responsibilities of a free people. Might. Almost as if they’re beginning to understand voting harder is a dead end.

    The pain is moving up the socio-economic ladder. It’s not just weirdos like me feeling disenfranchised anymore. Even ‘respectable’ people who wouldn’t normally make waves are getting their priorities straight, and that’s a huge positive.

    • “start assuming the responsibilities of a free people.”

      We are suppose to make a living, and run our own country. I think thats part of the scam.

      • I’d argue the scam is that minding your business and voting in secret is good enough, especially in America. Seems to me voting decides nothing but formalizes arrangements arrived at by other means.

        Our political culture developed under frontier conditions with a national government across an ocean. People had to figure out how to build and govern society on their own.

        (An interesting feature is that, despite Enlightenment rhetoric about governments being established to protect the people’s rights, the government isn’t expected to. The Constitution assumes government will act against the people’s interests if not constrained. Why that assumption I’m not sure.)

        How we got from having ownership in our society to being livestock on a glorified farm in such a short time is a question I can guess at but not answer. At any rate we weren’t always dispossessed.

    • no matter who gets in they get bought off or threatened by the jewish bolsheviks to implement their plan

    • Voting is NOT the solution. If this charlatan seeking write ins really believed in free choice, she would immediately disband the local school board and demand immediate privatization of all school resources.

  11. I’ve just been reading Ron Unz’s fresh look at the U.S.S. Liberty incident. If that piece doesn’t dispel any doubt about the nature of popular democracy, nothing will. We elect sociopaths to the highest office. Virtually everyone reading this accepts that Lyndon Johnson would be tried as a war criminal in a just world. Unz’s essay only reinforces that conclusion.

    • It is the best account I’ve read of the Liberty attack, and that includes the sources Unz cites.

  12. It is said one should not say bad things about someone when he dies. Only good. OK, here goes: Colin Powell is dead. Good.

    Props to Bette Davis for that joke.

    • Uhg, I wonder if Fox is going to roll out the week long praise for the magical “conservative”?

      • anybody that fights wars for israel is a hero at Fux News. the suicidal fake right has wargasms over fake black conservative/ colin bowell congosleeza “wold brown” rice BOTH voted for the purple lipped obama twice. candace owens another hero of the right ran 2 websites that hunted whites to ruin their lives for racial comments against blacks. it is in wikipedia. michael steele head of the RNC hated trump and I say voted for hillary and the purple lipped obama

    • When he testified in Congress with his cartoons of the “High Tech Caves of Tora Bora” that never existed did it for me. The surveillance tech available to the DoD a decade before that would have proved the fraud. He acted as a mouthpiece for the regime. Why he did it we’ll never know. But the decision to go to war against countries which never attacked the USA, and ignore the ones which did, has been disastrous for the country.

      • but the coward right cheered the wars on for israel. they got wargasms seeing little girls bombed into protoplasm. got off on wedding parties bombed in afghan but were repulsed when biden killed 5 kids and their family??. massacres like that happened for 20 years in afghan

  13. Back in college, in one of the rec rooms of the student union Building, the DJs organized a vote for top 100 rock songs of all time, the results of which they would play in a countdown over the week. Each voter had to list his 10 best songs, and the results were compiled to see where songs ranked.

    One of the smarter DJs remarked to me that if everybody had the same #11 song, that song would not even figure in the top 100 even though it is technically the #11 song of all time according to the voters’ tastes.

    As far as election boycotts, a better thing to do than staying home, is going to the polls, and writing ‘stupid party’ next to one, ‘evil party’ next to rhe other, and ‘fuck em both’ on the bottom.

  14. Does COVID have an address where I can send fan mail for getting rid of War Monger Colin Powell?

  15. Z-Man, my criticism would be related to your failure to extrapolate. The situation is not stable. First, the widespread fraud has the crazy left excited. Nancy, Chuck, Joe are all 80 or pushing it. The Squad is young, has unlimited money from Iran and Soros and now Bill Gates Daughter, who married a Muslim.
    There is no reason at all they can’t manufacture unlimited votes in the primary for the craziest, leftist, most anti-White candidate in any district where they have favorable conditions: DAs unwilling to prosecute vote fraud and sympathetic poll workers. That’s it. Expect a hard left Congress composed mostly of Ilhan Omar and Ayanna Pressly (likely the next Speaker btw).
    Secondly, this is OUR opportunity. Remember how I said we should “fully utilize” our situation — we have lots of crazies, few organizers? The crazies should be pointed full tilt. If that’s the game, then anyone can play it. Bernie was only interested in buying a new house (which he did) and not out-phony balloting either Hillary! or mumbly Joe. Others want to be elected as they are much younger and in better health. Indeed imagine every Democrat being a crazy non-White like Ilhan Omar? That’s revolution by the leadership: corporate, military, etc. for self preservation. Our crazies can play a role there by helping to push on the open door.
    Look at Hollywood — White males even those with a certain background are out, its now all gays and blacks and trannies. At Netflix, Chappelle is getting cancelled as “engineer” (aka diversity hire tranny “Terra Fied”) has more power than Reed Hastings in that regard. That happened in just four years really as White women united with non-Whites and trannies to force out the big shots. As a result the all black, all gay, all tranny, all female Hollywood is a joke to all normal people — no is inspired or even likes the woke Star Wars, Star Trek, replacement female Indiana Jones. Hollywood now has zero emotional pull as a result. They make stuff, that appeals only to the woke on streaming platforms and sell that data to marketers. That’s the entire business model.
    People fundamentally are more risk averse (protecting against losses) than risk friendly (gambling for a gain). There is a reason gambling is regarded as a vice. Our job is to force the current leadership in the corporate, military, and other sectors into full on risk-aversion through naked self-interest out of fear. Even the wokest of woke leaders prefer being leaders than replaced by Terra Fied. As, if they are not leaders then they are literally nothing.
    Mail in ballots are a gift for us.

    • Its not a bad point. Why is it the Left gets to have crazies and we dont’? Isn’t that playing their game?

      • Exactly. And the larger point is that once something is counterfeited, it will be done so over and over again until the object in question has no value. Currency, votes, works of art, etc. All once something has been counterfeited will be done so again. The crazy left is just aching to get into power, and get their dream utopia (by killing millions). You might even argue that the killing rather than the utopia is the point.
        Our crazies are not really doing much for us, why not make them useful? There is no probability that they could fake enough ballots to put say Richard Spenser in Congress, but they certainly could push on the open door to replace say Nancy Pelosi with oh, some lunatic SF street left crazy. THAT would kill the chicken to scare the monkey.
        Bill Gates and George Soros are fine with an eat-the-rich anti White movement, their money insulates them. But their managers, bought politicians, etc? Not so much. We need the Pelosis and Schumers and so on afraid not of us but their crazies so that they go back to at least the idea of Trump the Reformer better than winding up (if they are lucky) shoveling pig manure in their declining years like Xi’s father did.

  16. I’m not sure how long ago it was that I first started asking this question, but it was at LEAST 20 years ago:
    During the Cold War the Americans would make fun of communist elections with just one candidate, but here’s the thing: Is two candidates infinitely better than one candidate, or just one better?
    By now I think the answer is clear, and that is why I petitioned to be struck off the voting roll in my state. I would de-registering is an even more powerful statement than just not voting.

    • If they won’t take someone off the voter roll if they die, what makes you think they would take someone off who asks to (because they don’t want to vote anymore)?

      By admitting to them you want out, all it means is that some college kid will now be assigned to vote D in your name as if you were dead.

      • I’m going to go to my polling place next month and try to vote. If they let me, I will spoil my ballot, and then I will go to the registrar in person and demand they strike my name. Lather, rinse repeat.

    • NoOneImportant: A kindred spirit! I did that about 2 years ago. I still get endless gimme appeals from various candidates, to the point I called the state voting registry the past year to ensure my name had been removed. I was assured that it had been done per my written request. There doesn’t seem to be anything more I can do to get my name removed from various political organizations and conservative grifters – sending back their postage-paid gimme letters with pennies taped inside and variations on FOAD written on them hasn’t slowed them down.

      I am trying to disengage from the political and social and economic systems of clownworld as much as is reasonably possible for myself and my family. This naturally entails various compromises and everyone must choose his own, but choosing not to endorse ‘the democratic process’ by active decision rather than presumed apathy was important to me.

  17. I have to say, it’s taken me a while to come around to this line of thinking. But the way Z frames it – legitimizing the illegitimate – along with the ludicrousness of the recent presidential selection makes boycotting all future “elections” the only way to go – for starters. Then the whole system needs to be brought down.

    • To me it’s like this. The look of oldsters, with their shining eyes, all proud of wearing their “I Voted” stickers during the last national election … is as stupid as the idea of spending untold hours in front of a TV yelling about sportsball.

      Once you break from the spell, there is no going back. At least for me. I have boomer friends that made a lot of noise after the ’94 baseball strike, only to return one year later. Now, they “can’t live without muh baseball (name team)…”

      Reading about sportsball, $pending on childish gear, consuming it at all, a farce. Same with the former “silly season”, now I could care less. Any interest in sportsball ended prior to them embracing BLM, that was just the confirmation of a good decision.

      And look, voting has not changed a thing locally, let alone nationally. Why bother?

    • You can’t vote yourself out of a mess you didn’t vote yourself into.

      We are losing the war of attrition, due to immigration and media / educational propaganda. Voting is counter productive. We must find another way.

  18. What’s the best evidence for our elections being fraudulent?

    Of course, the biggest issues are the resistance to making voters show ID at all and resistance to clearing the voter rolls of ineligible voters.

    In 2020, the best intuitive evidence was that everyone went to bed on election night thinking that Trump was going to win and then we woke up and found that just enough votes showed up in just the right places for Biden.

    For me, two other videos: The vote counters locked the witnesses out of the building and taped pizza boxes to the windows to conceal what they were doing and the water pipe break that caused the witnesses to be evacuated.

    Am I missing anything?

    Unfortunately, none these are a smoking gun…

    • What’s the best evidence for our elections being fraudulent?

      No president saw his vote go up by double digits and lose reelection. In fact, there are no cases where an incumbent in any office won in a two man race, saw a double digit increase in his vote the next election, but lost. I’ve looked long and hard for an example and cannot find anything like this in any election. Whenever an incumbent loses, their vote total goes down, not up.

      • More theoretical than factual, but the Power Structure attempted to overthrow Trump by every waking moment directly he was elected. Anybody really think they didn’t see the 2020 election as the final opportunity to accomplish what they sought all along but had failed to do? They saw the opportunity, and they took it.

      • I was unsure about the 2020 election until I saw the shennanigans in the Californian election. That made me realise that the process is hopelessly flawed at every level, with like-minded individuals and agencies working independently and without central coordination towards the same goal.
        The people who design the ballots and envelopes, mail workers, officials, counting machine companies and judges do not have to conspire. They can all figure out what needs to be done to crush the kulaks.

        • Somewhere else on this thread, I think someone compared the 2020 election to a Walgreens in San Francisco. There is no syndicate of shoplifters conspiring to rob them out of business. Those people just instinctively recognize the new rules and act accordingly. That lends credence to Z-Man’s theory that the fraud last year was the result of many, many politically motivated election administrators to each do their small part, independent of an overarching plan.

      • I mainly wanted a Trump win because I knew the chimps would burn their own cities. We needed that to happen, unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your perspective).

      • Washington state all mail in ten years ago. leftist democrats have had a lock ever since. Legislative staffers openly wear antifa buttons.
        National mail in did and will have the same result. Stalin was correct it’s who counts the votes.
        Mao was right, political power comes from the barrels of guns.
        Obama purged the officer corps.
        Biden minions will purge the NCOs
        Cops will follow orders enforceing laws made by the squad. & heels up Harris. Maybe Solzhenitsyn will be proved right I doubt it.


    • I admit I got carried away on election night. Trump was clearly going to win Florida and way ahead in Michigan, Wisconsin, and PA. I knew they were going to steal it but I let myself forget about it at that moment.

      I went out to get a bag of chips to celebrate. When I got back, Arizona had just been called for team blue and the Jew on Fox news was gloating about it.

      WI, MI, and PA were not moving at all. When I woke up the next morning, WI was blue. MI kept getting closer that day until it flipped. PA was still red and I watched the 7 day process where more Dem votes just kept being added until they won. There was no mystery about the final outcome by then.

      PA was probably the most blatant steal. I believe Trump won PA by 8% or more. Anyways, the plan for whites is now extermination. This is what a Jew run society looks like aided by their moronic goodwhite lackeys

      • Oh yeah. I was tooling around and about NYC all night, listening to the radio.

        I heard the Shutdown live, and then the newspeople scramble to explain it through the morning.

        Good gods Geraldo (WABC) is such a smoking faggot.
        A toff, a tosser, a paid lady.

      • When that pipe burst forcing the Fulton County, GA polling station to shut down for the night, I knew the fix was in.

    • Smoking gun. Yeah.

      You have a friend whose girl goes for a nigh out with the gals – wine bar or some such. He says her location on her phone goes dark between 9 and 1. Weird. Happens twice, and he says he has suspicions but no smoking gun.

      What do you tell him?

    • “Am I missing anything?”

      Yes, the history of your own country (assuming you are American). Too much to list for an internet post — you can delve into the 1960 race, Joseph Kennedy machinations in Illinois. Or without investing the time to read any of the Caro LBJ bios, look into mass vote harvesting by the people backing a former school teacher named Lyndon. Or more recently, the Clinton woman and her visit to the rebbe during her years as a Senator.

      Buying votes, fixers and ward leaders gathering boxes of votes, all long before 2020. The most recent election theft, IMO, is just perfecting the game. The left is either better at cheating than the “right” or they are in cahoots. Pick your poison.

  19. The main point of an election boycott movement is to make Facebook and Twitter ban an election boycott movement.

    A hallmark of third-world government is mandatory voting – see Brazil. Turkey, Ecuador, Peru’ etc. We will live to see mandatory voting here in the US, especially if there’s a boycott. This is why a boycott won’t work in the long run. But it’s exactly why we need to have a boycott in the short run – to make these jokers beclown themselves.

    • Australia, which always has been a soft police state, mandates voting and aggressively fines those who do not participate. Given what has happened there during Covid, jail sentences may follow.

      I generally support what Z has suggested here and his analysis is correct. The exception would be where a particular candidate would force the system to again delegitimize itself as happened in ’20. Outside of Trump, I don’ think there is anyone viable to make them do this. And for the record, I will not be voting for Trump if he runs again unless I become convinced it would prompt an outright coup or something similarly overt would be done to invalidate the election. My guess is the cheating will continue under the table and take care of things in a more subtle manner.

      • In Australia, we have to turn up at the polling station and get our names marked off but the ballot is secret.
        In case mandatory voting is introduced there, the traditional way of protesting is to vote informal: do not properly mark the ballot.
        Instead, cover it with rude pictures and words. Very few actually do this though, because most people who don’t want to vote are indifferent, not based. They just donkey vote (mark the boxes 1-4 from top to bottom). Candidates used to be listed in alphabetical order but they had to change that rule to a random draw because people were changing their name to Aaron Aardvark to get on top.
        For the record, the fine for not voting is about US$15 and you’ll can go to jail if you don’t pay it. Years ago, a newspaper investigated whether anyone had actually gone to jail for this and found a handful, but they were all people with chaotic lives who also had many other unpaid fines, not conscientious objectors.
        Compulsory voting has the main effect of hiding public apathy to the democratic process.
        If many people refused to vote or pay the fine, they’d probably just seize it from bank accounts. We need to think a few steps ahead here.

        • I did not realize anyone had already been jailed. It’s not shocking, though, likely because where I have spent the most time there is Victoria.

    • “A hallmark of third-world government is mandatory voting – see Brazil. Turkey, Ecuador, Peru’ etc.”

      And Australia, whose slide into totalitarianism was a surprise but not a shock.
      What was a bit of a shock was the degree to which it was accepted., any resistance seems to be too little too late,

  20. If voting was truly meaningful it wouldn’t be allowed. Notice that no vote was ever taken to legitimize the American revolution. Ballots weren’t cast to enable the Louisiana Purchase or the acquisition of Alaska and Hawaii. Wars are never declared by the casting of votes. Picking the optimum septuagenarian to lead what was once the most powerful country on earth by counting the ballots of those who’ve never met the guy is sensible procedure, however.

    • Best statement of 2021 so far: “If voting was truly meaningful it wouldn’t be allowed.”

      thank you.

      • When I was a kid in San Francisco, hippie-remnant meth bums on my street corner sold pins that said IF VOTING CHANGED ANYTHING THEY’D MAKE IT ILLEGAL. Jello Biafra wore one when he ran for mayor. I don’t know if we were neighbors.

        I’ve seen approximately that quote attributed to Mark Twain, but all Mark Twain quotes are fake (said Mark Twain), except the ones credited to Frank Zappa, Andy Warhol, George Carlin, and Jello Biafra.

    • No, you did not. In fact, you missed the point so badly you should think about seeing your doctor. You may have a tumor.

      • So you delegiitimize voting.

        And then what?

        I am curious as the suggestion of legitimizing revolt as a behavior once people accept voting is voided in a system that demands obedience to every utterance at the muzzle of a police gun.

        This seems to me to be only 1 option.

      • I was thinking the same thing as JEB but,
        Step 1: the vote is rigged so I’m not voting
        Step 2: ???
        Step 3: We’ve learned them DemoCommies!!
        I just don’t get how us conservatives not voting is going to fix the system [if it could be fixed].
        I’m re-reading Shibumi by Trevanian, there is a part where the American Military diplomat falsely concocts evidence that the Russians assassinated the captured Japanese general that the Russians wanted for a show-trial. When presented with the evidence the Russian lowered his glassed on his nose and said “So?”

        I imagine the Democraps would respond similarly, “so, you didn’t vote, so what?”

    • 1) Vote in an election in which you lose in a massive landslide.
      2) Have Joe Biden brag he got the most votes in history, so you don’t have any constitutional rights anymore.
      3) FBI knocks on your door for opposing CRT.
      4) You: voter harder next time (after you post bail), but you agree with the jailing because muh democracy and all.
      4) Profit (but not after they use the unrealized capital gains tax to take your farm or home).

  21. The problem as I see it is not voting per se, but rather the dearth of our guys to vote for. I will never vote for a conventional republican again to be sure. On the other hand, here in Appalachia I could see one of our guys (a Jared Taylor type) winning a congressional seat. If clever and persuasive he could shift opinion more in our direction and maybe help his constituency. Certainly, an appalachain pol could effectively counter the white privilege canard. We are in a full spectrum battle, and I favor the approach of fighting on all fronts, all the time. We have the potential numbers to pull this off. So by all means get our guys in office. Also become regionally ungovernable. Disseminate propaganda. Create parallel institutions. For instance, a new version of the boy scouts that emphasizes martial and masculine virtues could be a big win. Z councils withdrawing from the political sphere, but to do what? I favor pushing on every front, hard and ruthlessly.

    • Agreed with the post but not:
      “Certainly, an appalachain pol could effectively counter the white privilege canard.”

      This is playing on the enemy’s terms. “Proving” that you don’t have “white privilege” is like trying to prove you’re not a racist. it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t exist, and it’s not about whatever “white privilege” or “racism” is anyways, it’s about pushing an anti-white narrative.

      • I disagree. Crawling thru your own ass to disprove that one is racist feeds into the narrative that racism (race realism, reality) is bad, the worst thing you can be. White privilege doesn’t have the same connotations. Z cautions against negative identity. Fine. But we are in a dog fight here. I say, stoke white racial resentment. Certainly, build upon, and trumpet, the vast achievements of our ancestors. Do both. The globalists/élites have purposely and systematically targeted my people for addiction, hopelessness, and death. I find myself angry with them.

        • I choose to benefit people like me, they are more likely to benefit back. Their children and my children are more likely to mutually benefit.

          Kith and Kin

    • If a vote can be used as a tool in certain circumstances, that makes sense. It will be very rare, though.

    • “Create parallel institutions. For instance, a new version of the boy scouts that emphasizes martial and masculine virtues could be a big win.”

      But, but, that’s like Hitler plotting to do Hitler things! (Thanks for the laugh Z.)

      Back in the day I was an envirotard (believed in AGW, etc.) and after the hanging chad fiasco which kept our Gorey savior out of the big house I vowed never to vote in another presidential election. And didn’t until Trump came along. 2020 was an even bigger sh*tshow so I have no problem boycotting the next election or writing in Krusty the Clown on the ballot (or Let’s Go Brandon! if there’s enough room). The modern day Bolshies will be at each others throats soon enough.

      • “After the Revolution is over, the Grim and Determined get around to the truly important work of denouncing each other.”
        Wretchard, Belmont Club

    • So cede from the country in small areas?

      I wonder if the first couple will be larger waco type scenarios?

  22. The Taki article and today’s post are perhaps the two most important commentaries on current political affairs that has been written in the past century. Con Inc. is foaming at the mouth in their zeal to persuade Normie to vote R at all costs in 2022. Dan Bongino will even come to your house and personally beat you if you try to stay home, and every other DC grifter is on the floor jerking spastically in their purple-faced rage at the thought that voters may wise-up and shun the next election. And yet, boycott is likely to be the only hope for a peaceful change in our political life.

    That said, the modeling suggests that it will fail because Normie is too comfortable in his latte daze to make such a leap of faith. As long as the printing presses roll and his paycheck cashes, he will toe the line and pull the lever. And the seminal lesson of 2020 is that the managerial class owns the vote-counting system and will manufacture any outcome needed to maintain the status quo. People will not (read cannot) accept the truth that the system is fatally broken until real hardship returns and they have no other choice but to face reality as it is.

    The next hard truth is that the collapse is the cure. We must hit bottom before Normie can wake from his slumber. And then things will get interesting. When the time comes, wear the fog and act with focus and precision. It’s the only way to be sure, and frankly, the only way to actually earn a better tomorrow.

      • Humor is healthy, so fine with that. But if there is another messenger on the internet preaching this gospel this well, please point me to it. IMHO, this is Pulitzer Prize winning heresy and nary another soul is speaking with this level of clarity.

      • A prophet is not without honour, but in his own country, and among his own kin, and in his own house.

    • The last time we “hit bottom” and the “collapse was the cure” we ended up with four terms of a commie FDR. With the current crop of fascist/communist pigs grifting around the current demofascist party and the swampy autocrats in Repub. Inc. what chance do we have now?

      • 1929-1932 was not a collapse; it was an economic depression.
        1988-1991 in the former Soviet Union was a collapse, and a mild one at that.

        The USA is now approaching 50% obesity levels, and the models predict that that is a gamer changer for the next real collapse event. Hogs and cattle are typically fatted right before they go to slaughter.

  23. The current narrative from the GOP is that Trump cost them Georgia, which cost them the Senate, which handed total control of the government to Democrats. The GOP viewed that as an unforgivable sin. However, look at what is out there. The Dems can’t get their key legislation passed, the legislation they said was inevitable after they won Georgia. Inflation is out of control. The supply chain is still completely broken. People are dropping out of the labor market in droves. The COVID mess of 2021 is completely on the Dems, despite all media resources being corralled to blame unvaccinated yokels in red states. What would have happened if the GOP won? i suspect we would have seen a lot of “deals” of the sort Mitch put together to help the Dems recently, while the GOP went full-National Review and put their efforts into explaining to their base that we need to accept the full Dem program for the good of America.

    I don’t know, if your goal in not voting is to withdraw your consent from this system and let the chips fall where they may, the Georgia special election seems to be a total, unqualified, runaway success and a blueprint for going forward. The current crop of Dems are neither smart nor competent, and the future ones, even less so.

    • It’s almost like a dysfunctional and corrupt third world country. Kind of like any country with a large black and mestizo population.

      I wonder what’s causing this…

    • The GOP cost themselves the senate with their deficit hawk theatrics. They turned down that check only to lose the senate and get it anyway when the democrats took over. Then republicans went on to vote for a record defense department budget and more money for Israel.

      • They cost themselves the Senate by not deporting every non white from Georgia (and every other state).

        I doesn’t matter what position they take, non whites vote for open borders, welfare, and CRT. And nobody does that better than the Dems.

        Seriously, if the GOP kept Georgia 70 or 80% white they would win comfortably with 60%+ of the vote.

        Ultimately they don’t want to win and their goal isn’t looking out for the white middle class interests anyways. But the specific reason they lost is basically racial and demographic and nothing else. (And voter fraud, enabled by the above)

    • Good point. To add, there is almost no doubt (although it never gets discussed any more for obvious reasons) that McConnell himself sabotaged the Georgia races when he called Covid stimulus checks days before the run-off vote. That was particularly sweet.

  24. I recently spent a couple of days deep in the state of WV in a small town. Most families have resided there for generations. It was sad and surprising to see the Trump signs which still remain. His message resonated with so many White Americans. He had so many of us at beephole countries, build the wall and drain the swamp. We were all swept up in the glorious Trump wave. Then we were carried out into the middle of the ocean. Now many are floundering without a life raft. Those poor people struggling with skyrocketing inflation and family members dealing with opioid addiction understand that the election was stolen from them in the country they’ve been taught to cherish. It’s hard not to imagine that they don’t somehow understand that the entire system is rigged against them.
    It was also depressing to spot the Amazon service center off the highway just a few miles from the town. The tentacles of destruction are far reaching.

    • And those people still can’t see Trump shafted them every chance he got, was instrumental in setting up the new phoney China cold war and organized the rally for the express purpose of selling his supporters to the pharisees to set the stage for the domestic terror narrative.

  25. The early management theorist Mary Parker Follett advised organizational leaders to follow the Law of the Situation. A robust effort aimed at understanding one’s situation does not automatically suggest the right path but it is a constant risk for heuristics-prone humans to let principles and axioms get in the way of a simple understanding of the situation.

    So what’s the situation, Kenneth?

    You often speak in a pragmatic way about sound organizing. But I am not persuaded that your boycott notion is of much value given conditions at hand.

    I am not saying that a boycott cannot be effective. But you need to say more about how and why a boycott moves the ball forward.

    You are the first to acknowledge that your side is at present far from a majority in electoral terms or that it is close to comprising “the people” in a raw political sense. So how would your call for a boycott, sent out to a relative few, connect up with others? Would it be meaningful in terms of amplifying a message or would it be more like a tree falling in the forest? There is I think a very large risk of the latter.

    It is tempting to be cynical but there are things now going on that suggest a vast middle is losing faith in the mainstream–Hispanic voters against a policy of no borders, mothers at school board meetings being called domestic terrorists, Southwest pilots stepping gingerly around what they are up to, with a whiff of general strike in the air. Additionally, there is a serious effort among MAGA types to gain control of the party from the ground up, and it is causing real concerns.

    So the question is this: would a boycott amplify this or undercut it? I think it would probably undercut it. You may be jaded but most Americans have some expectations still for the system. Perhaps the events above will be enough to move a lot of Americans to a new place. Probably not. I think for them to get angry enough to go where you want them to go they will need to keep trying harder, forcing the Regime to be bolder and bolder about pulling the rug out over and over again.

    There is not a zero chance of progress via the electoral system. I say we stick with it for several reasons. First, I don’t like the idea of conceding that the republican form should be put out of its misery. History suggests it is hard to like what may come next. Plus if the Regime overplays its hand there is some chance of electoral success. Finally, even if the Regime is forced to resort to open tyranny its opponents will only benefit if its operations are forced out in the open.

    • Are you aware of any democracy which has ever voted its way out of such institutional and cultural rot as we are having?

      I get the conditioning of not wanting to give up and vote harder for some new person or party (which doesn’t exist), but all efforts of reform have failed.

    • “I am not saying that a boycott cannot be effective. But you need to say more about how and why a boycott moves the ball forward.”

      An organized national election boycott may delegitimize the result — certainly a democrat victory in all presidential elections after 2024 — in enough minds to make it difficult for the regime to impose its will on the population. It makes more people open to resisting because they no longer put any faith in the system. They have no skin in the game.

      Also, it makes the public more willing to consider alternatives like a national divorce. It may also force the regime to compromise once states begin reasserting state power because conservatives are then focusing on the local and community level.

      Legitimizing sham national elections only ensures they continue with the same null results each time. Obviously, “voting harder” isn’t working, so what exactly is the harm in going another way? The worst that could happen is that you get the same results as voting (and losing).

      • An organized national election boycott may delegitimize the result — certainly a democrat victory in all presidential elections after 2024 — in enough minds to make it difficult for the regime to impose its will on the population.

        What makes you think the dems or progs or whatever give a shit about the opinion of their victims?

        The last two years should be all the evidence you need that they don’t.

        • What makes you think “voting harder” will make a difference? Why would the dems or progs respect your vote? Did they last time? But next time will be different, right?

        • It’s not about convincing the Dems. It’s about shaking Joe Normie free of his delusions, and making our “allies” scurry for another ship while this one sinks. The latter being a pressure point the Dems would have to respond to.

          • If 2 years of forcing people to wear a muzzle in a western society when they are outside their house, imprison them in their house for weeks on end, restrict their ability to work and travel internally without getting an experimental injection does not wake people up, I am wondering what you think will?

            This should demonstrate that 90% of people will internalize any injustice if it is pushed in the right way.

            Let me spell it out: They are never going to wake up as they are not asleep.

            They are NPCs running preprogrammed media scripts and can no more wake up than you dog can suddenly realize he can drive himself about.

    • Thank you for this post. You are the “classic” latte-drinking Normie that I often refer to in my comments. Your addiction to the Comfort First Imperative is so powerful that you will bend over backwards to rationalize suicide as the optimum solution. It is this mindset that becomes a precursor to official genocide and resulted in the deaths of over a 100 million innocents during the 20th Century. That is your superpower, the ability to persuade others that the Jim Jones’ koolaid tastes good.

  26. I had put 2 comments on, against propaganda for a war for Taïwan.

    Those comments have beeen cancelled by the site.

    Conservatives are a POS.

    • Go back and post you’ve changed your mind and think there should be an all-out nuclear war. That will be pulled down, too.

  27. OT: colin powell dead from the coof. fully vaxxed, too. bet it was the jab that killed hime.

    • I’m so happy X2

      1-because he was vaxxed

      2-because every men and women involved IN FAVOR of the wars against Saddam’s Irak should die slowly and painfuly.

      • Are we chalking up Powell as a pro-war malefactor now? I’d argue he was worse than the openly neocon frat brothers, because he only signed off on it, seemingly out of pique, after his peers at Turtle Bay “dissed” him. Powell should’ve resigned as soon as it was apparent that Cheney would get his way.

        C. Rice was of course, did much worse than Powell as the follow-up act. Meanwhile everybody says Gates was obviously more competent than Rumsfeld but isn’t this due for revision? The best thing you can say about him is the Chinese fire drill in Afghanistan was pushed off not just to the next President but the next one after the next one.

        • At the time I thought Powell may have been too stupid to realize that he was being played. That’s not to forgive anything, or say that he was a great guy otherwise (he wasn’t) but I seriously doubt that he, say, wrote any part of that spiel that he pitched at the U.N.

      • He’s on the grand tour of hell right this minute and about to be pushed, by Satan himself, into the lake of fire.

        I fell in to a burning lake of fire
        I went down down down…..

      • Fox news said he was known for his integrity. Then they said that while he was skeptical about the iraq war, he sold it anyway and later regretted it! They showed him selling it with some little vial of chemicals, saying Saddam can’t even account for a teaspoon full.

        Visual aids are so helpful!

    • It will be interesting to see what the regime comes up with for the narrative on this one. If he had the booster, they will have some real problems coming up with spin even their faithful followers find credible. If he had not taken the booster, that will most likely be their go to line. I would like to hear what the doctors gave him. Although as an 84 year old cancer survivor, he may not have been helped by anything.

      • But don’t forget to sign up for the new Patriot phone because we believe in the constitution and the right to life and the 2nd amendment and America the beautiful! Sign up now, send your money our way.
        And remember to tell them Dam Bonjino sent you!.

    • Hank Aaron died 17 days after the stab. Not a vaccine death according to our betters. Ditto Marvelous Marvin Hagler and myriad other athletes.

  28. They struck gold with the ballot stuffing and they know it. It will continue and nothing will change unless that is addressed and fixed any way possible.

    • It can’t be fixed. They control it. They have no motive to “fix” it. As far as they are concerned it’s working fine.

      • I’d disagree that they control it. As z has pointed out here, it seems unlikely there’s some grand conspiracy that the party is involved in for ballot stuffing. Instead, they take away all safeguards and say to their fanatics, “Now don’t do anything” [wink]. It’s like the shoplifting in San Francisco. They took away consequences and said, “now promise not to steal things.” Then the people take care of the rest and act as expected.

        • “it seems unlikely there’s some grand conspiracy that the party is involved in for ballot stuffing.”

          What? “Dominion” Voting Systems wasn’t obvious enough for you?

          They aren’t even trying to hide their evil anymore. They just mock us now. “You will own nothing and be happy.”

        • Z is always pointing to every obvious conspiracy, writing whole articles describing just a thing and then denying there is any conspiracy.

    • Exactly right.

      And even if nobody shows up to vote, reports in the regime media will be record turnouts and mandate for the victors. 80,000,000 votes! Complete with county by county breakdown and fancy colorful maps.

      They already work around the clock to manufacture legitimacy for the stolen 2020 elections. They will continue to do that in the midterms and beyond.

      • People will film empty polling stations, those videos will be pulled from the main platforms as Russian misinformation, the fact checkers will declare it a conspiracy theory and half the country will gleefully believe it, again.
        Still, a boycott would make elites nervous. ‘If they’re not voting, what ARE they doing?’

  29. That’s Trump at his best. Actually running things, maybe not so much.

    Have to say, I’m still voting locally, where the cost of shenanigans is perhaps too high for the reward. Still believe in town hall democracy.

    Nationally I couldn’t care less at this point. Washington is making itself irrelevant anyway.

  30. Careful what you wish for. The Republicans are the Stupid Party, but compare the US Republicans with the Canadian, Australian, and NZ politicians. Most of you can still do things like own guns legally, go to restaurants / theaters without proof of vax, go to church, and cross state lines (can’t do that in Australia, the most locked down country in the world). In the rest of the Anglosphere, the “right wing” parties have identical platforms to the leftist parties. Imagine Bernie Sanders vs. Pete Buttigieg (right wing) vs. Ilhan Omar.

    There is not even a debate about mass immigration, CRT, or endless lockdowns here. It’s just accepted as a fact.

    In other words, Republicans still have limited utility. I’m not under the delusion that we can vote our way out of this, that Republicans are on our side, or that they can ever be reformed. But you will pay a steep price for abandoning the side that promotes your interests *some* of the time.

    A two-pronged approach is necessary. First of all, keep bullying CivNat cucks, and Republicans mercilessly. Do not give them an inch of space, and if they promote your interests reward them with a vote. For instance, DeSantis and Abbot banning vaccine passports. Don’t worry about Red/Blue stuff, just vote for the Republicans who do semi-useful things.

    The second prong is accepting that in the long term this isn’t enough. Demographics alone prove it. That’s why IRL organizing (even with just a few friends or family), sabotage of the system (sand in the gears), and the creation of parallel societies is so important. Vote Republican for breathing room, but the real work is done at the community level. So when the one party state eventually happens, you’re better prepared.

    Rage quitting and accelerationism is a nice fantasy, but that just leads right to a gulag. We have to be realistic and work with what we have. Republicans are not the worst thing ever – but you can’t expect them to solve your problems.

    • I totally agree. GOP is our last hope for western world. Trump is not very clever on this matter. Just considering how the GOP have evolved from a neocon bunch of retards Bushists to a clearly trumpian movement.

      Not voting and let the dems vote for a federal control of elections ? Crazy.

      • Way to completely miss my point. Are you trolling?

        The GOP *is not* the last hope, only hope, or any hope at all.

        But they can be used as useful idiots while Dissidents do the real work behind the scenes.

        • there is no big right-wing party as equal considering lockdown and pass.

          More and more Trumpians wins GOP primaries.

          More and more civcucks left the party (Rodriguez, Ohio)

          So, no, I’m not trolling. I think not voting is the express way to suicide.

          I would have not say that if the GOP was still Romney-Bush-McCain.

    • (But I disagree on your “Demographics alone prove it” pessimistic theory. I think a lot of latinos and a significant minority of black workers will vote more and more GOP. Even Rudy Teixeira admit it. The democratic coalition can’t survive with a so big rule of crazyleft “educated” white people)

      • The critical mass of crazy upscale whitefolk does make the Democratic Party unstable, but it doesn’t threaten them if these crazies have nowhere else to go.

        Nobody has proposed a serious alternative that would siphon off these college-loving boogie Democrats (clearly now including ex-Republicans in the millions). The Green Party is clearly too down-market and stinking of patchouli oil, but in other Western countries they make a real problem for whoever is the center-left major party.

        • Maybe it’s because I came from the left. I have still some leftists tropes. Not voting is insane for me, as it is insane for every leftist.
          At the opposite, I have very often see right-wingers having the incounscious desire for “glorious defeat”. I’m not at all like that.


          Not voting for it NOW is insane.

          • Pasaran: Well golly gee. Latinx are ‘natural conservatives,’ who knew? George Dubya and JEB were just before their time. And all those hardworking blacks, and church-going black women. Natural based allies, according to Pasaran. Forward together, amirite?

        • *bougie

          Incidentally “Boogie Man” is a fun documentary about Lee Atwater.

          Since the end of the Clinton impeachment Southern GOP office-holders have become more fashionable and sensitive to the manners of enlightened rich wokeocrats, something I was assured (by Northerners) was impossible at the time. Nancy Mace or Madison Cawthorn is a prototypical social-climber GOP box-ticking hire in the New South now. They have mostly shaken off the anti-telegenic (teledysgenic?) DGAF ambience of the Jesse Helms days. Also I realize it is unfair to accuse Cawthorn of social climbing but my newspeak capabilities failed me at the moment

      • There’s no reason to believe that when we have decades of elections that prove otherwise.

        “The democratic coalition can’t survive with a so big rule of crazyleft “educated” white people.”

        I think it can. We’ve seen time and again how easy it is to whip up racial hatred and get people to vote on the basis of “our side vs. theirs.” Emotion is often enough to overrule logic in democratic systems. Thus, Larry Elder was painted as an Uncle Tom “black face of white supremacy” and the democrat was returned to power.

        That’s how the people of Venezuela returned a disastrous Hugo Chavez back to power after he wrecked the country (“our social class/ethnic proxy vs. theirs”). That’s how the people of Zimbabwe returned Robert Mugabe to power in a democratic election after he destroyed the place with his land seizures and resultant hyperinflation (“our race vs. Whitey”). This is how Gavin Newsome just won his recall election in a landslide (“this is our territory” — Kamala Harris).

        Will racial minorities really ever vote for the White party? I doubt it. For example, both C. Rice and C. Powell voted for Barack Obama, twice, over the White republican candidate when both were former republicans. Those supposedly race-blind republican blacks chose to vote for their racial representative over principle. Millions more will make the same choice in the future.

        One day an unpopular democrat who should lose will win a presidential election on the back of racial block voting because those groups would rather have their guy in charge than vote for the hated White other. This will come as a huge shock to the few remaining civnats.

    • There is something to what you say. And multiple approaches are certainly possible, short term. But in the bigger picture, delegitimizing the system is the best means of bringing it down.

      • I don’t think so.

        Here in France, on our last municipal elections (very popular, some decades ago), near 70% of people didn”‘t vote.

        Result : nothing new happened, and crazy green leftists had take control of big cities, avoiding quasi-litteraly cars from the cities.

        • Most French voters are still French. And, perhaps ironically, the non-Caucasian vote was one of the key differences in the current French president being elected (nearly all Muslims — a growing demographic — voted for him).

          Normal White Americans simply don’t have enough people to win presidential elections anymore. It’s getting to the point where this will become true in some European countries soon. The right will be permanently locked out of power due to racially motivated, anti-Caucasian voting. Who wants to legitimize that?

          • This just happened in Canada too. There’s been 2 elections in a row where the “Conservative” party won the popular vote and vast majority of land mass, but the Liberal party won more seats.

            The non-white voters, particularly black, Sikh and Muslims are now so numerous in Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal that there are enough seats there to carry the Liberals to victory. Hindus and Chinese might vote Conservative a little more but still break Liberal overall.

            So despite having a far left platform identical to the Liberals, the “conservatives” still lost because of demographics. If you are white or rural, you have no voice. Sadly most boomers and rural people don’t understand this and they were mindlessly clamouring to “vote out Trudope”.

            This is a good example of when one shouldn’t vote.

        • And if more people voted how would it have been different? Perhaps France is different, but I don’t know, for example, why anyone in New York City would bother voting ever.

    • It’s a tough needle to thread, for sure.

      Local is the key word. For all our faults, there are still enough Americans working locally to bring pressure on a governor like Abbot. Every now and then you get a DeSantis. Or you castrate a wannabe dictator like we did in PA, or you simply defy orders so they aren’t enforced.

      Politics is always about power. Local is how you build a leviathan to take on the big boys. They’re already incorporated, we need to incorporate our thing. It might paradoxically bring on their collapse. MAGA almost got the job done, but the grassroots weren’t strong enough to sustain it. Top-down plan trusting can only get you so far.

      National GOP needs to go. Locally, it can be taken. Then maybe state, maybe federal. You’re right in the long run, imo let them twist in the meantime.

      Big IF there’s still life in this thing.

    • Voting can be another kind of sand in the gears. Anything to buy us time.

      The intelligence agencies are the secret masters. Remember, those agencies formed to hunt down dissident Russian and German patriots throwing sand in the gears.

      Now they rule us and the world.
      We Must. Buy. Time.

      • There is only really 1 agency spread around the west.

        The local branches have just enacted a reverse takeover of their areas’ ruling bodies since the war.

  31. They have people casting ballots for the infirm or dead, they skim off third party votes into their tally via computerized voting machine algorithms, and they are importing millions of illegals to vote or at least use they names under which to vote. They only thing that your casting a vote against them does is it that it may force them to pull up a truckload or two of nameless filled-out identical ballots in the middle of the night to make up any unforeseen deficit they face in an election they want to win. Without your voting, they can just declare they won in a more timely fashion. Whether you vote or not all depends on if you want to see them exert a little more effort to be declared the winner.

    • This is my approach as well. Like putting the ball in play in baseball or taking a shot on goal in soccer/hockey, voting will test the abilities of our adversaries and the more pressure the more likely they make a mistake.

      Let’s not kid ourselves and assume that the Uniparty is omnipotent like the frickin Matrix. What we are up against are a bunch of midwits who have to oversee the operations of a lot of vibrant riggers. There will be cracks eventually.

      • That’s why I’ll vote for Trump again, not because I think he can save our already murdered country. Our evil ruling class HATES him SO FREAKING MUCH they will desperation cheat and it will be even more obvious this time, with many more normies receptive to the possibility and watching than last time.

        Even if they were cognizant enough to understand the ensuing cascade of delegitimization and destabilization, they won’t be able to control themselves. It’s pathetic, but their time preference marks them for what the vast majority really are: overpromoted dreg proles whose genetic lines were never part of (for good reason) our natural aristocracy. mercantile duh-mocracy for the win!

        • I assume you think WWE is real?

          They just hate the masked avenger so much….. I will totally support him in the next bout.

  32. While none of them want to lose their place at the trough, I don’t think they give a damn about winning the house or being in the majority. In fact their job as designated losers is easier when not in power.

    • Remember when they voted to repeal Obamacare 80 some times and the couldn’t repeal it when they had power?

      Dumb move. Gave away the game.

      • Wasn’t John McCain’s last official act the deciding vote to save Obamacare? I remember they were so sloppy his website still had links to old press releases about the need to “fight Obamacare”.

  33. Another approach that would be delicious is blatant ballot stuffing. It doesn’t even need to be illegal, but just a lot of people running around who are a *tad* pushy about who you should vote for. With mail in ballots, if you can get the poor schmuck to sit with you and the ballot, most will go-along to get along with whoever you *persuade* them to vote for.

    Make it an emotionally painful experience.

  34. Mmmm. Others have said it more eloquently than I but this is my take. I won’t vote anymore because my vote will be negated by some vibrant person in Wayne county. Simple as that. Couple that sentiment with the whole “… if we get the house back we can do X!” Along with “… if we get the Senate back we can do this!”. Lastly “… Trump will be able to appoint supreme court judges!” Here we are, Obamacare remains, and the supremes were not even going to hear any a case about voting irregularities. I/we have given the Republicans plenty of opportunities and they have not reined in spending, repealed Obamacare, or have done anything that merits a vote for them.

    • There’s also the constant drum beat of “if we win, we can get back to doing X, Y, and Z!”. Come again? I don’t want to go back to anything. I’ve got great memories of the 80’s, but that’s not going to do much good for my progeny.

    • From a conservative perspective it’s a “Democrats in they win, Republicans in we lose” coin flip. Why bother flipping the coin?

  35. I will vote in local elections if I have a decent choice for mayor, city council…..I might also vote in state elections if I think it could keep my state somewhat sane.
    As for Federal elections?
    They can go pound sand.
    The Federal system is too far gone and neither national party has my interests in mind.
    Not voting is a legitimate way to protest a system that does not represent us.

  36. You cannot complain about the system if you do not participate in the system is the logic of democracy. It is a bizarre logic when you consider it.

    Yes, mindboggling: you knew the rules going in, you signed on the dotted line, you promised to obey whomever the electoral process put in charge and now you’re out in the streets with your placards and your bullhorns, demanding special, extra-democratical consideration?

    No, you only have a right to complain if you don’t vote.

    • Exactly. If you vote for a candidate from a party that literally never does anything about the issues that you can about – immigration, the Dems bashing whites, etc. – even when they control the House, the Senate and the presidency, then you have no right to complain.

      The GOP did everything in its power to thwart Trump. If you vote for any Republican who isn’t openly against the GOP leadership (which is none), than you have no right to complain.

  37. “. If they come to see that voting is just ceremonial, a play put on to keep them pacified, then the system cracks….”

    Does it, now.

    Perhaps you weren’t paying attention in the last election? If you don’t vote, some low IQ black baboon will do it for you. DEAD people voted.

    From where I sit, this is just polishing a turd called apathy.

    • If G.W. Bush has taught us anything, it’s that Con Inc. presidents are even worse than Democrats. At least Obama never pretended to be our friend.

      Like has been said several times, The federal government will become just like California, and it’s just a matter of whether it will take ten years or thirty years. Democracy has never been a winning system for the traditional right, and it’s time our side primed themselves for something new.

      Yes, it will mean 20 years of pain, but it’s better than 50 years of slow boil where your male children will end up getting mandated estrogen shots, for the science.

      • I’d rather see us spit on our hands, hoist the black flag and start slitting throats, Chet.

        You cannot run away from what’s coming. They are going to come after you. And your kids.

        • I know. I also know voting is a massive time sink that will not save is from what is coming this way. Only an explicitly illiberal institution will.

    • That low IQ baboon is going to vote in any case. Several of them. They wait to see how many votes the opposition (such as it is) gets, then manufacture enough ballots to “win”. Your vote is going to be cancelled, one way or another.

      • Right.

        So we walk away and let them do it? And then we do…. what? Set up a parallel system of some sort? What happens when the noggers and jews and commies decide to subvert it too?

        • I agree

          And then what?
          The strategy is

          1. don’t vote
          2. ????
          3. profit

          There is an obvious missing step that needs to be realistically addressed in an organized manner.

  38. I’ve mentioned to few people that I will choose to not vote. It definitely has an effect. Beyond the usual “if you don’t vote, you can’t complain,” you can see that the concept of purposely not voting has simply never crossed their mind.

    Sure, some people don’t vote out of laziness or indifference, but to thoughtfully and willfully chose to not vote something that they’ve neither seen nor heard about. It makes people think. Now, whether they think it’s crazy, I can’t say, but it does make them think.

    • I would encourage people to be situational about it. Go vote for men like Mo Brooks or Paul Gosar if you have those options and leave the rest of the ballot blank. There are maybe 10 or so Republicans in Congress worth voting for. If you have decent local and state candidates vote for them too.

      • If a specific candidate is openly critical of the GOP or openly opposes immigration, I could see voting for him. However, this only proves my point.

        You have to first stop voting for traditional GOP candidates for the GOP establishment to notice when you do come out for candidates that appeal to whites.

        Force the GOP to choose between dying as a party or changing. I seriously doubt that they will change since their donors don’t want it, but if that’s the case, we need the GOP to die anyway.

      • By law, you can’t leave any one blank. If you do, the ballot is declared incomplete and thrown out.

        You have to pick someone or a yes/no for each and every position or measure.

        They don’t count partials. Yes, the system’s been tossing ballots for decades.

    • The more rational is “if you vote, you can’t complain.” You had your say, right? So what are you complaining about? That you played in a rig system? Your fault for playing.

      • Yeah, I made that same point up above with Felix Krull. If you support a regime that hates you, you can’t complain about living in a regime that hates you.

  39. In other words, even a poorly organized boycott could prevent the Republicans from getting the House. It is a low cost, high reward strategy to send a message.

    The message that the establishment would receive from such an outcome is that the alt right is irrelevant and that the Biden Reich is on the right track.

    • Election boycotts are a tried and true method of delegitimizing the ruling regimes of many despotic countries. Once people vocally check out of the system, more extreme measures like civil wars, independence movements, and coups become possible. Voting in elections you can’t win only serves to legitimize them while quelling the opposition.

      “One of the reasons that CA has turned into a third world shithole is that conservative people checked out of the electoral system in the early 90s. Leaving the field to dems.”

      That isn’t really true. Republicans can’t win in California due to demographic change. “Voting harder” won’t make a difference when the state has actually seen a total decline of White Caucasians by approximately one million since 1980 while the state has massively increased the number of non-Caucasians.

      Donald Trump won almost exactly the same number of White votes in California as Ronald Reagan did when the latter won the state; Donald Trump lost California to both democrats in landslides. Almost the entirety of the difference was due to demographics. The same fate awaits every current Red State in the near future. Georgia, a Deep Southern state, is already now a blue state. So is formerly red Virginia. Florida and Texas are up next, and the reason is almost entirely demographic.

      “The second even larger problem is that the right – the white Anglo American culture – is too individualistic, which makes collective action all but impossible. The metaphor of herding cats is appropriate. The left wins because the stick together and keep pushing, forever.”

      I agree with that statement. It’s possible conservatives simply lack the cognitive tools to deal with this new multicultural world and are doom because of it.

      For example: I was watching Razorfist last weekend. He’s a YouTuber Millennial (maybe gen x) and fan of Donald Trump. He perfectly encapsulates the cognitive deficiency of so many conservative types. I believe he and the chat discussed the SouthWest Airlines situation — pilots not showing up for work to protest the regime’s vaccine mandate. But then, of course, they eventually started ranting about unions and collectivization. It never seems to dawn on many older conservatives that there is power in group action, which is why the SouthWest Airlines pilots were successful.

      SouthWest Airlines pilots coordinating their actions en masse is why they were successful. That’s a lesson Leftists don’t have to be taught. They know it instinctively, which is why they are so successful. They work in groups and coordinate boycotts, protests, strikes, and walkouts all the time. They also work with each other to blacklist conservatives from many industries, which is why the entertainment and news media industries are so far left.

      Downside of unions = inefficiency < Power conferred to the masses by collective action.

      If the right controlled every union in this country, we could collectively walk out of the job and we'd get our way on basically every issue. But being right about some ridiculous economic dogma is so important for some that they can't see the potential benefit elsewhere.

      Here's an article that discusses why the Left so easily beats the Right:

      TL;DR: Leftists are more politically active, refuse to compromise with the other side, are willing to punish the other side, and work in groups while Rightists do none of those things, so they lose.

      Note: this is a huge blackpill for anyone who thinks democracy is the solution. Studies show conservatives will always lose in such systems.

      Cardinal Preferences Explain Why All Institutions are Woke.

      And, the difference between liberals and conservatives is likely biological (genetic):

      • That isn’t really true. Republicans can’t win in California due to demographic change. “Voting harder” won’t make a difference when the state has actually seen a total decline of White Caucasians…

        CA voted Republican through the mid 90s. in 94 it enacted a proposition by a wide majority that restricted illegal immigrants civic participation – that was struck down by the courts.

        Following that court intervention a lot of conservative people gave up on the voting as pointless – as is being advocated here. And things quickly got much worse. The one time they came together was 2003 to eject gray davis and elect the outsider Schwarzenegger – which obviously didn’t work out – largely because he was an outsider and didn’t understand the system or how to reform it. Sort of a proto Trump.

        Since then, there has been a downward spiral – no grand resolution as the boycotters hoped. Today, reform is even further outside the overton window than it was in 94 or 2003.

        Takeaway – boycotting the system does not work on a timescale of 25-30 years. Maybe it will work over a longer horizon, in which case your great great grandchildren can start rebuilding from the collapse. But it won’t happen in our or our children’s lifetime. No matter how much you wish otherwise.

        • “CA voted Republican through the mid 90s.”

          … then the changing demographics made it practically impossible for the GOP to win, outside of the one exception — Schwarzenegger (elected on the basis of his celebrity).

          California demographics. Spot the difference between when republicans could win that state when they suddenly stopped (1988 was the last GOP presidential victory).

          1970: 70%+ White
          1980: 66%
          1990: 57%
          2000: 47%
          2010: 40%
          2020: ~35%

          The rest of your post just amounts to “vote harder.” It won’t work. How many negative results does one need to demonstrate that point?

          “Yes clearly wishing harder and bitching online are the path to victory.”

          Let’s “vote harder.” I’m sure that will make a difference. All hail governor Elder.

      • “Voting harder” won’t make a difference…

        Yes clearly wishing harder and bitching online are the path to victory.

      • The other good thing about the Southwest pilots’ strike is that they found a choke/pressure point the Marxists would notice, which is something they have used to great effect over the years.

      • On events, he Right sleuths, “who benefits? We’ll get to the bottom of this.”

        The Left says, “How can I exploit it?”

        They are shallow, thus quick.

        Predators don’t waste a second pondering consequences, fairness, the big picture, or their right to take a bite out of my leg.

    • “The message that the establishment would receive from such an outcome is that the alt right is irrelevant and that the Biden Reich is on the right track.”

      One would think that conservatives voting in elections and losing in landslides would do the trick even better. You did everything you could and still lost, so they’ll figure the people have to be on their “right side of history”. You’re just an irrelevant minority unrepresentative of the majority public in such a system.

      • Election boycotts are a tried and true method of delegitimizing the ruling regimes of many despotic countries.

        Name one where that led to an outcome the boycotters wanted, that wan’t part of a larger scheme by a foreign intelligence service (read CIA or KGB).

        • Name one republican presidential candidate who has won California since 1988, then ask yourself if “voting harder” is really likely to make a difference the next time when it hasn’t in nearly a quarter of a century.

        • There’s a “meta” issue here though: most whites still feel that self-organizing is not only unnecessary, but wrong, because they think their concerns can be addressed within the system via the ballot box. Something that would go a long way towards improving our situation is the group realization that strategy is nothing but fantasy.

          Ironically then voting might matter as we could find the candidates who fear us more than our enemies.

        • A Aborigine who’s home was in Britain told me, “European truckers go on strike all the time, and boom! We get what we want.”

          On the other hand, they get small concessions, but are still losing their countries.

    • Well, let’s do a pascal’s wager on this:

      If you vote, nothing really changes anyway and all you’ve really accomplished is adding a little more legitimacy to the system

      If you don’t vote, doesn’t really matter but they will simply manufacture the “legitimacy” through the same fake votes used in 2020 or whatever else. So, same as above.

      If you don’t vote, you personally will not have added to the legitimacy, they will need to use shenanigans to create legitimacy, and the shenanigans have a decent shot (given the internet nowadays) of at least being raised if not found out.

      Only one of the above actions creates the possibility of delegitimizing the system – not voting. They will spin how they want to spin. Best we can do is force the spinning to show itself for the spinning it is (to our fellow countrymen, and perhaps more important to the rest of the world).

  40. I made a commitment to never voting republican again after senate republicans unanimously voted to make Juneteenth a holiday. I’ve seen nothing since that would convince me otherwise. It’s clear the republicans exist solely to gatekeep their own side on behalf of the left. There are countless other examples, like that moron senator from Indiana who embarrassed himself on Tucker Carlson embracing BLM because Chuckie Schumer might get mad at him otherwise. If republicans get power again, they’ll do nothing in our interests, just more tax cuts for Google and lobbying for Middle Eastern wars.

    If this is a choice between a slow and a hard boil, we might as well give in and get it over with. Enough voting to stave off the inevitable. Bring it on. No more of the lesser of two bad options.

    I think the next step is to have local and state republican parties disassociate from the national party, which is coming anyway as demographics will soon turn national politics into a retread of California’s one party politics. Why vote to legitimize that? That’s how we’ll get a real third party.

    • But this disassociation of the local Republican party from the clearly cucked, Uniparty national Republican party happens somehow by magic if you refuse to vote for local Republicans who have indicated that they are at least somewhat on your side merely because they are nominally Republican happens how again? Even if they are only running for state or local office?

      State political control is still possible in some places (sadly not here in NJ), so why toss away at least the agency available through state sovereignty by a blanket “take my ball and go away” non-voting strategy? Is there any clearer indication of lack of seriousness in local organization among soi dissant dissidents than this? Nullification of centralizing federal power is possible to some extent on a statewide basis, on a local basis not at all. So this sounds like Grand Strategery while disregarding the chance of local tactics of, at minimum, buying a little space and time for raising up locally or regionally potent parallel institutions to nullify or counter reliance on federal structures.

      • If I ran the book I’d set the over/under on “SEALs who under any circumstance are convertible from /theirguy/ to /ourguy/” at one guy, and I’d have a thousand shills bet the under.

        Uniform man turned terror-rightist by trauma of disillusionment is *their* fantasy character. Their fantasies are all stupid.

    • Still don’t get it. I made the point last week about how I don’t understand why they’re now pushing normal white people *off* the plantation.

      Seems much worse for the system to have a bunch of pissed off, unemployed white guy Navy Seals with nothing to lose, than to have them roped into servitude with promise of pension and promotions.

      That really goes for every white guy. I’m being pushed out as well. If I were President I would want people like myself working inside the system rather than hating it from outside.

      Maybe they really are planning on exterminating us and the death camps are coming sooner than later… that’s the only situation in which their behaviors make sense. Then again maybe they’re just crazy.

      • Perhaps they are looking for a repeat of the Vendee. They certainly seem well-prepared to manipulate any protest to conform to their narrative. Hence rape-victim fathers become domestic terrorists.

      • They believe whites have become so domesticated that whites will never hit back no matter how much they get abused.

  41. BTW. If voting didn’t matter at all. The establishment would not spend so much effort in demoralizing the right and energizing the left. They also wouldn’t continually drift left. They’d be interested in stability, even if only for their own sake.

    • At this point I’m convinced voting is just there to provide the thinnest smokescreen of legitimacy to the fraudulent American political selection process.

      • If elections didn’t matter at all there would not be any sturm and drang around them.

        Elections were held and didn’t matter at all in the Soviet Union – and there was no drama around them.

        That there is so much drama indicates that they do still matter here. That doesn’t mean that they are entirely free and fair or whatever. But there not completely pro forma either.

          • Exactly. It’s theater. I remember in ’08 the HRC people at the DNC were so angry that the party kept changing the rules on the fly to make BHO the candidate that they earned the sobriquet “PUMA” (Party Unity My Arse.) They did the same thing in the last election cycle to kill enthusiasm for Tulsi. The “R’s” pull the same stunts.

        • Elections are only important in that they draw all the political energies of the Right into a futile activity. Remove the attraction of inane electioneering and people might start to engage in genuinely political acts.

          The drama is part of the scam

        • Exactly the opposite. The drama is needed to get the average Joe to believe it does matter. If it really mattered, no drama necessary to gin up interest because, well, it would matter.

    • What’s that got to do with voting? They want to demoralize you because that’s what you do to an enemy, they want you defeatist and apathic.

      • “They’re are enemy”
        You can’t win if you don’t show up for the fight.

        The American right has adopted the ethos of Scott’s highlanders of running away from a battle. That might ensure survival, at least in the short term, but it’s no path to victory.

        • There’s no path to victory by “voting harder.” The last election should have proven that.

          “They want to demoralize you because that’s what you do to an enemy”

          Voting in elections you can’t win due to mass immigration and demographic change does that. Worse, you legitimize your loss and quell your own side by participating.

        • You should listen to Uncle Adolf instead of Mel Gibson: “As long as we’re gaining adherents, confrontation is not in our interest.”

  42. There some truth to what you’re saying, but it’s not 100% accurate.

    One of the reasons that CA has turned into a third world shithole is that conservative people checked out of the electoral system in the early 90s. Leaving the field to dems. Which in turn became increasingly deranged.

    I’d say the real problem for the right i this country is two fold.

    First it doesn’t have any affirmative agenda. It’s hard to get what you want for any paradigm when you don’t know what you want in the first place, and don’t try to get it in the second.

    The second even larger problem is that the right – the white Anglo American culture – is too individualistic, which makes collective action all but impossible. The metaphor of herding cats is appropriate.

    The left wins because the stick together and keep pushing, forever. They’ll take a little victory and immediately start pushing for the next, even if it takes a decade or more to advance the ball again. The right in contrast spends most of its time sniping at each other. Comes together infrequently, usually at a point of crisis, and acts like it’s all or nothing at that exact moment. Usually resulting in nothing.

    • I am starting to think the left wins because it’s the agent of an invading foreign force that uses democratic politics as its vehicle. The right doesn’t defend because it doesn’t see the invasion for what it is, instead they see it as the normal political process. And if it is an invasion what can be done about it? The democratic government has taken all police and military powers for itself and it itself is the invading entity; there’s nothing left to defend against it.

      Call it colonialism by another name. The power behind the left has nothing to do with democracy, it just uses democracy as a vector of attack. The winning response that saves us and our lands will be undemocratic and unfortunately illiberal. Voting is a poison pill.

      • That paradigm is entirely consistent with my observations that the right doesn’t know what it wants and sucks at collective action to get it.

        Ultimately, the problem is with us, not them.

        • The right ultimately does know but cannot bring itself to think it. Their own private rule following prevents them from even considering the goal. Hence they are ever caught in refusing to look over the wall lest they think bad thoughts that contravene the public rules they have internalized.

          The left, on the other hand, lays claim to public rules but seem to have no internal rules, so have no hesitation in changing these 180 degrees at a whim in deciding to exterminate its opposition through direct action and force.

          Those who set the public rules will ultimately control both sides through these mechanisms.

    • The biggest difference I see (assuming it isn’t all just a show anyway) the Dems will use power, the GOP simply fears it. For mostly ill, the Dems do things when they get in power, the GOP does everything it can not to accomplish anything.

    • Most conservatives are “live and let live.” Libertarian. “You do you, I’ll do me.” Federalist. Let the local community decide most issues.

      The lesson since the 1960s is that most people are not like that. That libertarian trait probably has a genetic basis and it is not widely dispersed around the world.

      Ironically, any libertarian country would have to be very restrictive about who gets to enter and vote.

  43. Honest question…

    What is the best approach? Just not visiting the polls? Visiting the polls and turning in a blank ballot? Visiting the polls and voting for a ridiculous 3rd party or write in?

    I am leaning towards showing up and turning in a blank ballot, but not sure what might be the best way to demonstrate withdrawing consent.

    • I’d reason that not turning up would be the better option. Compleatly withdraw. That time you spend queuing up with paper Americans could be better spent tending to your cucumbers, acquiring a skill, or preparing for violence by state actors.

      Of course, getting a tasty sandwich would also be a better use of your time.

      That said, if the polls in your area are full of ‘our type’ of people, you could do a bit a probing whilst waiting. But definitely a ‘No’ to queuing with Chan, DeVonTray, Ranjeet, Okigbo, Afshar, Gomez and Lin Dinh Dong.

      • OrangeFrog: You just described what it was like when I suspended my ‘no voting’ vow and voted for Trump. And it reinforced how absolutely imbecilic it was for me to take the time and trouble when I knew – I absolutely f&&king knew – that my single vote would go into the pool of votes cast by Chan, DeVonTray, Ranjeet, Okigbo, Afshar, Gomez, and Lin Dinh Dong.

        Even those pushing ‘vote locally’ fail to accurately account for the personality type and work/financial background of anyone who succeeds in politics to the point of getting his name on the ballot as the representative of one of the two parties. It starts with money and backing from the establishment and never changes. It would bankrupt the average man to run a campaign in America, even for state rep, without massive backing from big money and big name and the organizational backing from the party apparatus.

        I used to vote for a guy who was our rep in the Texas legislature. He had money and I read he had greater ambitions, but when I grilled him personally (accidentally bumped into him when he was out campaigning and shaking hands) he sounded genuine, to the point he gave me his business card and welcomed any challenges or questions. And in the beginning, his votes were fairly consistent and he at least had my respect.

        This guy is now our Texas rep in DC and he voted, among other things, for ‘Juneteenth.’ If he ever had any integrity or if I was merely a fool for thinking so (probably the case), he has none any longer. He in no way represents me, my beliefs, or the interests of my family. Voting ‘locally’ gave him his foothold. The same pattern can be discerned anywhere one cares to look. Thinking one has someone ‘good’ or ‘our guy,’ whether on the school board or city council, is deluding oneself. They all start the same way and they all end up the same way – with wealth and power that they will do anything to retain.

        • 3g4me-

          All pols are like this.

          Once upon a time new NY gov Hochul was praised for her pro-2A stance.

          Now look at her.

      • I prefer showing up to write none of the above. Or write something like ‘repeal 19A’.

        Kinda like leaving a dime for a tip, rather than nothing at all, cause it snows you remembered but didn’t care for the service.

  44. A similar case happened with the original boycotts, back in Colonial Times. The original nonimportation etc. agreements weren’t very effective, economically. Setting aside for obvious reasons the more, ummm, vigorous responses to things like the Stamp Act, the various boycotts are worth looking at, for the reasons you describe. Economically they were a pinprick at best, but politically they showed that the whole mercantile system was bust, at least on the Colonial end — the Crown needed the Colonies far more than the Colonies needed the Crown.

    A voting boycott, even a small one, would work the same way. The political class needs votes, any votes, to validate their existence. Just as a king whose knights won’t ride out to battle on his behalf is just a weirdo in funny clothes, so a democratic politician who can’t get anyone to vote, for OR against, is just a bad community theater actor, declaiming xzheyr lines to an empty auditorium.

    • As stated we have manufactured consent but most know now that we have manufactured votes also. I wonder if not voting will produce vapor votes. Still, I’m done. I only restarted voting since 2016.

      • Obvious fraud would be even better, from our perspective. A Democrat winning with 100% of a tiny number of votes cast would be great… but a Dem winning with 95% of some huge number of votes cast would be even better. And yeah, I know, if they were smart they’d produce some remotely realistic pattern of “vapor votes”… but they’re not smart. Look at Brandon, the Most Popular President Ever, who won with the Most Votes Ever Cast. That’s the level of intelligence we’re dealing with here.

        • yet he is still president and the opposition is all but unemployable due to widespread non-mandates and rapidly becoming normalized as domestic terrorists?

          Seems like the not smart are pretty much over the line.

  45. “The 2020 election was rigged!”
    “We need to win back the house in 2022 or the Dems will have complete control!”
    Ordinary citizens need to see the conflict between these statements.
    One might also ask them what Rep control of the House has prevented the Dems from doing so far, or what all those Trump-appointed judges have achieved, or what their beloved party thinks of them, but those are additional layers of abstraction.

    • That’s the base of it, for anyone saying I should vote: what’s in it for me and my people? Is the GOP trying to right the wrong of the hundreds locked away in the DC gulag? Are they speaking of the evils of BigMed? (Or hell, BigAnyone?) Do they want to pass laws to protect their nominal supporters from persecution?, etc. Add in the fact that the GOP house members helped rubber stamp federal red flag laws I have to wonder why anyone would show up to vote for them, even if it mattered.

    • “Vote harder” is the Griller version of the Left’s mantra about Big Business. I’m sure you’ve all seen the meme: “The government is controlled by Giant Corporations. We need more government regulation, to protect us from these Giant Corporations.”

      This is why I call this pathetic excuse for a country the Autistic States of America. So many people seem unable to “think” in anything other than really simplistic binaries. “Electoral fraud” is Bad, but “voting” is Good, and therefore, by some principle of “logic” I’m not nearly spergy enough to understand, the one cancels out the other, and voting harder in a rigged system un-rigs the result.

      (and yeah, I know that’s unfair to people who actually are autistic, but it’s the closest I can get).

      • Severian: I still just mutely shake my head when people wax rhapsodic about voter ID. Sure, you show a driver’s license and it says you’re Fitton Ngoy from smalltown, USA. Your voter registration matches. Instant, honest election.

        Except NO proof of citizenship or anything else was required when said Ngoy registered to vote. Absolutely anyone can get a driver’s license anywhere in the US today, and that’s really all you need to register to vote. Even as meaningless as citizenship status is today, it has been utterly irrelevant at the voter registration level for many decades. And Jane Normal still thinks “voter ID laws” will save her.

        • I’m a big fan of voter ID laws, but only because they’re a useful tool with which to beat the Left — “yes, I totally agree, poor minorities are far too stupid and lazy to be expected to do the tiny bit of legwork necessary to get a government ID card… except for their vax card, of course.”

          Not that the Left is in any way impacted by this, of course — “cognitive dissonance” not being a thing in their world — but it does help to drive home to Normie the utter futility of engaging with these people. You can’t argue someone out of a position they were never argued into, and you can’t argue a toddler into (or out of) anything. The Left are just overgrown toddlers, and any tactic at all that helps Normie realize this is to be embraced… so I love me some voter ID.

  46. Sorry Z Man, I ought to say that further, I think the idea of a general boycott would be good for our souls, but infuriate wokeists of all stripes. “How dare you not vote!”, “People died for this right! Women died for this right!”; you know, in the same way maskholes get incredibly annoyed when you don’t play ball.

    Sorta like they need to see you visible affirm their choices, because they are the ‘correct’ ones. I see no reason to offer my vote to people who at best don’t ever deal with anything I care about, and at worst passively or even actively hate my white bottom.

  47. A good line to use on normies on this issue, “the people condemning you for being reluctant to vote for more of the same all voted for Evan McMullin in 2016.” They will never hold themselves to the standards they use for us. Although a few like Jonah Goldberg were so delusional they thought McMullin could win. I wonder if National Review still has his column posted on how if McMullin won Utah the House could be persuaded to elect him.

  48. Speaking of revolts, in Chicago, it is quite possible that Mayor Brillohead will start stripping officers for not logging into the city portal and giving their vaccine status. They have created a new category called “No pay, non disciplinary “, which is equivalent to saying, we’re not gonna fire you, were just not gonna pay you.
    Mind you, they’re not doing this for being Vaxed/unvaxed, they’re doing it because people aren’t letting the city know their vax status.

    It’s against the rules, as there is no language in the CBA, but no one ever said that the government has to, you know, play by the rules.

    CPD is the canary in the coal mine. Over 40% of the membership can walk with a pension today.
    It will be interesting to see what transpires.

    Also, the news is reporting the events as a labor strike. Disinformation in real time.

    • A Soviet-style judge has used her kangaroo court to place some kind of muzzle/gag order on the Chicago FOP leader that was making YouTube vids to advise his membership what to do.

      • You are correct.
        Motion to have Brilloheads’ former partner recuse herself is being heard as I type.
        Will be interesting to see how it shakes out.

        Wonder who will blink first.

  49. “If you don’t vote for more of the same, the other side will win.”

    Yeah, that old trope. I mentioned it here the other day, but this was one reason that normal conservative types at some point thought that not voting was an endorsement of Jeremy Corbyn and his ‘radical’ Labour supporters… yet the biggest piece of government overreach happened under a ‘Tory’ watch. So what if Jezza whacked up taxes for ‘the rich’ (whomever they are); maybe, just maybe, he wouldn’t go all sissy over a virus. Although he probably would’ve, still, it is (or should be) incredibly instructive to the eyes of the normal person.

    If you’ve got a politician problem, just import more Somalis. These boys go direct to action… just ask David Amess.

    • Indeed the UK has had one effective policy direction since the 50s, irrespective as to who got in. With a little bit of tinkering to suit the color of the apron in nominally in charge.

      Look at the state of the fucking place, all torn down piece by piece by every govt in the last 50 years.

      Most people can’t even bring themselves to accept the 2 largest cities in the country are now minority English.

      This has happened within my lifetime.

      How the fuck does that happen?

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