Organizational Man

Note: The audio quality is a little wonky this week. The opening is a click faster than normal and some bits in the middle are a bit slower than normal. I record these in pieces and when they were spliced together something went wrong. I did not have time to di into it and it is not that big of a deal, but it has been noted.

The response to the show last week was not what I expected, as I did not think the content of the show was all that good. I got a lot of feedback from people who had been involved in organizing and activism. It looks like this is a topic on the minds of people who have experience with trying to organize at the grassroots level. A few people suggested writing about the basics of organizing, which is a good idea. Our side has nothing in that regard. The Left has tons of material.

The closest our side has to handbooks on organizing is stuff people ripped off from the far-left that has been repackaged with a new title. The Alinsky tract Rules for Radicals becomes Rules for Conservative Radicals. Imitating winners is never a terrible idea, but the people in charge organize under different rules than those seeking to oppose or subvert those in charge. The goals are obviously different, but the range of motion is different due to the imbalance of power and resources.

That is why there is a limit as to how much can be borrowed from the Left when it comes to organizing and activism. This starts with the right-wing radical breaking free of the belief that he speaks for a majority. There is no doubt that the majority would nod along to what he says but they will not lift a finger until they get permission from the people in charge, who are the Left. Throwing energy at trying to mobilize those who quietly agree takes away from effective organizing.

This is something I did not include in the show, but it has been a bane of right-wing causes since forever. The Left is always looking to convert people to their cause, while the Right always seeks to mobilize the converted to the moment. This is why the Left is implacable, never taking no for an answer. It is also why the Right so readily accepts defeat and then internalizes it. Left-wing politics is about overcoming popular objections while right-wing politics is about counting noses.

It is a big subject and deserves a much longer treatment. The show this week is mostly thinking out loud about some aspects of organizing. It really would make for a good book, but I need to finish the book I have three quarters finished. Maybe if I ever get that done, I will take a stab at this topic in more detail. It would also make for a good video series, since young people prefer pictures to words. Young people do most of the activism, so they are the proper audience.

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  • 03:00: The Basics
  • 23:00: Membership
  • 43:00: Activism

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160 thoughts on “Organizational Man

  1. This discussion about whether to organize and have firm leaders lends me to think of the largest mutual-aid society the world has ever known, Alcoholics Anonymous. Its famous 12 Traditions include “AA, as such, ought never be organized” (Tradition 9) and “our leaders are but trusted servants; they do not govern” (Tradition 2). For reasons that are not entirely clear to me even after many decades, the distributed responsibility and decentralized authority of Alcoholics Anonymous has been the key to its success. Of course we get bad apples–all the time!–but the movement prospers despite (or perhaps even because of–“there but for the grace of God go I”) it.

  2. ‘You cannot defeat calculated strategy with personal pugnacity.’ – David Hines, How The Right Can Organize Like The Left

  3. I mentioned a couple of days ago that a woman is running a write-in campaign for school board. My local Republican contacts tell me she was asked if she was interested in running by the Republicans at the nomination meeting but said she was just interested in seeing how the process works. She subsequently started her campaign, as a Republican, it should be noted. The Republicans are very unhappy about this because they think she’ll split the vote and a Democrat will get in. I’m also told she’s backed by a local construction interest, which is intriguing.

    To be clear, this is hearsay, and I haven’t bothered to verify any of it, because I trust the source.

    It reminds me of the situation with Trump back in ‘15, although she’s being taken seriously from the jump. You once again have an ‘establishment’ fearing the loss of power at the hands of an insurgent campaign— a campaign with serious backers.

    We see what happened with Trump. A lot of good in terms of introducing issues and changing the dynamic of the party, at the cost of mobilizing Democrats and making the situation dire in the short run. Long run to be determined, but I’m actually feeling pretty good about it. Normie is being shaken awake, the battle is joined. The status quo of slow death is over, we have a chance at life or death.

    Otoh, Trump fell to the money men and is little more than another grifter at this point imo.

    How it plays out locally is a different question. Plenty to chew on as election day approaches.

    • “I’m also told she’s backed by a local construction interest…”

      Developers always win. This makes me furious but from my experience, few people care.

      When your nice smallish town becomes unrecognizable and unlivable, recall my words.

      Shakespeare said something like when the revolution comes we’re going to kill all the lawyers. I say dispatch the developers first.

      • I agree. Not a fan of the whole real estate game.

        I’d add, though, developers only win because they want the land more.

        • Goes to white flight. It’s been less costly for most people to run than stand and fight. Obama put an end to that with universal section 8. The work from home crowd won’t be willing to operate from their cabin in the middle of nowhere. A guy needs his craft beer, good schools, and farm-to-table restaurants, after all.

          Or humanity is as malleable as the social engineers think, in which case they’ll progress to oblivion and celebrate it.

          It only looks like they’re on the march. In the end they’ve planted the seeds of their destruction.

    • That’s happening more than anyone knows. I’m selling meat raised by a nice lady who I started buying meat from. Over time, we developed a relationship (business), and I realized the area my farm is in really doesn’t have a source for high quality beef and pork, at reasonable prices.
      I simply bought a few freezers, and filled them up. I’m only open a few days a week, but my customers are loyal and local. It’s butchered professionally and inspected.

      I’ll do it till it doesn’t pay, but right now, everyone wins.

      We don’t, however, deal in high volume.
      No big processing plant.

    • Clown Shoes. The matching golf shirt / khakis really got us far in C-Ville, innit?

      You may as well throw roman salutes while you are at it. Those little ‘tells’ are a glown-gger magnet and you will have probably 1/3rd of the room full of FIBs. These people never learn and never will. This hardcore style repels as much as it attracts.

      You want to start a little ‘club’? Some helpful pointers for alt-right tards that still haven’t gotten the memo. Start a club around: attending school board meetings, getting a local official elected to office, having a friendly social gathering & cookout, pooling resources to invest in some community improvement of some sort, etc, etc.

      “Normie sh-t” basically which is how you start mass movements particularly when you are under 24×7 surveillance for even the -slightest- hint of wrongthink.

      How do you think these people got to where they are? It took 50 to 100 years depending on which yardstick you wish to measure by. (60s radicals stick or bolshevik stick). I’m mystified why so many people insist on smashing their head against the wall doing the same thing over & over again expecting a different result. (definition of insanity)

      It is also why I will either having to end up starting my own ‘thing’ or really shopping around. The vast majority of people who attempt these things simply can’t connect the dots it would seem.

    • C’mon my commenter brothers, unleash you vitriol.

      Tell me why I’m an idiot for supporting these guys. I can take it.

      I can tell you that the vetting is pretty restrictive. I wasn’t allowed to attend these events because I didn’t know enough of the East Coast guys in person.

      • Z, are you going to be let me be such a fool? Tell me about all the mistakes that I’m making.

        • I can’t think of anything new to say about that scene. Given the track record of the people involved, the safe bet is that it ends poorly.

  4. Not for nothing, but one organization that really seems to be coming together is, which I think was founded by the SouthWest Airline pilots who opposed the mandatory jab.

    If you follow their account on Gab, it’s pretty clear that they’ve managed to organize quite a few rallies in many locations in short order. That’s pretty impressive.

  5. If a White boy walks into a prison, the first thing he does is look into the eyes of Whites, because witjhout them, he knows he’s dead. Now we’re on prison planet. Tribal, 24-7. You won’t have to try to connect, it’ll come naturally. Shlomo wants a genocide, his 100 year plan coming to fruition…what he’s gonna get is a fucking revolution.

  6. Good episode.

    There is an unspoken barrier to effective organizing on the Right in that it takes strength and maturity. People cling to their 69 point thesis on the perfect country or some utopian vision detailing how they would set things straight if they had a ten million man army and the most lethal secret police in human history because such grandiose visions are ill-defined and therefore easy for a weak and immature person to spend their time on. It is underpants gnome thinking, where step 2 is left undefined because all the things in step 2 require strength and maturity that the people in question do not have.

    This is why creating a very small, very local and entirely non-digital organization as ZMan describes is what needs to be focused on as the only goal that currently matters. Forming a fellowship of friends who know who they are and what they are about is the first subpart in step 2, and success will mean acquiring a certain level of strength, maturity and critical experience. This first step of success can then be built on, and two particular ways come to mind.

    A second, oft spoken but rarely internalized barrier to organizing on the Right is that normie is stuck in the lefty mold of yesterday and requires a fair bit of trauma to break free. It is easy to forget that everyone here is living on the edge of a paradigm shift which tends to disqualify older generations from joining your thing for all the usual reasons. If and when things fall apart for normie – whether that is in a small way for a single life or the great cascade event we are all waiting for – their instinct will be to search for the people who appear to understand what is going on and have some level of stability. Your fellowship of friends can vet and absorb these people as they come, but only if you actually have a fellowship of friends in place beforehand that your average person could see themselves as part of. Even without the traumatic paradigm shift, having a group in the community that lives outside the lefty mold can exert its own gravity in subtle and quiet ways. Calmly breaking the sense of a uniform consensus with your mere presence is a victory too, but only if you can avoid the polarization of direct conflict. That is the underlying strategy and success of the sticker campaign: if you are not the strong horse, do not create a field of battle where normie is left to the victor.

    A more practical and immediate goal for your fellowship of friends is to provide a club where those in the younger generations can acquire or refine masculine disciplines and cultivate the appropriate dissident attitude to the powers that be inside and outside government proper. That dissident attitude and connection of mutual respect to the young are key. It is not about giving them the acid pill for How Things Truly Are(tm); it is about creating a new mold so that the emerging paradigm is the natural fit for them, whatever that emerging paradigm solidifies into as it materializes in reality.

    • “People cling to their 69 point thesis on the perfect country or some utopian vision…”

      I don’t see dissidents dividing over minutiae. I see three different organizing principles that dissidents divide over.

      White ethnostate
      Christian state

      It’s likely that these approaches are incompatible, although I’d like to be surprised.

      My view:

      A Christian state will fail because most white Christians believe that Christ can make blacks less tribal, criminal, and stupid. Further, most non-whites interpret Christianity as supporting their tribalism, so they’re really tribalists.

      Libertarianism fails because organized groups defeat rugged individuals almost every time. Further, for non-whites, tribalism commands much stronger loyalty than the NAP.

      To be fair, a white ethnostate may fail because the unique empathy of whites makes them feel bad for judging a person by their race. Which they must to to survive.

      • A de facto White ethnostate is a long way off. However, that does not in any way undermine the clarity of purpose or analysis that comes from embracing White Identity Nationalism.

        Whites have been taught to hate Whites. Part of what needs to be done is to wedge a little sympathy for White people into all that ’empathy’ for non-Whites.

        My view is that ‘Christians’ will never have their ‘Christian state’ unless it addresses racial issues in a way that satisfies White Identity Nationalists because they are significant part of any Christian contingency that is thinking in terms of ‘ethnostate’.

    • I increasingly am of the opinion that the best metaphor for growing an organization is a gardening one; finding a healthy ( merely innocuous will do) root stock and grafting a shoot onto it to produce the fruit of choice. Eaton Rapids Joe does a bunch of it..

      Any start up will inevitably attract the malign attention afforded to Proud Boys and Oath Keepers.

      • ‘Any start up will inevitably attract the malign attention afforded to Proud Boys and Oath Keepers.’

        It has become clear that both these organizations were honeypots. Possibly from their inception.

        The key to avoiding ‘malign attention’ is to blend in and that means engaging in ‘community organizing’ as a member of your community for issues that are supported by your community but making sure that White interests are protected instead of undermined.

        I think that the movement for White self-respect and the pursuit of White interests can be successfully pursued using the same model as that of the gay liberation movement.

        At the beginning, their best argument that gays made for their right-to-be was ‘fairness’.

        It does not matter if our enemies don’t believe in ‘fairness’. Our people do.

        Start with ‘fairness’ and work your way toward growing opposition to anti-White attitudes and policies.

        But first, White people need to learn how to acquire and deploy power by leveraging resources from outside the established political system.

        Whites can use the Left’s community organizing manuals to extract value from the Left to pursue our own ends.

  7. Great show Z-man! Last week’s show was also great. Lots of good points. The Vietnam reference reminded me of the best Vietnam book I’ve read, The Elephant and the Tiger.

  8. I’ve kind of stopped reading and listening to Z. His “Five Olds” video was revelatory to me, but since then everything has changed.

    This morning, in the span of 30 minutes, I sat mere feet away and watched as four people resigned from a large defense contractor over the vaccine mandate. People are quitting their jobs and completely altering the employment landscape. Millions of others face the prospect of losing their livelihoods over a very questionable medical procedure. This is absolutely unprecedented.

    In their own way, these people are dissidents. Z is talking about organizing, but people ARE organizing. They’re organizing against the mandate and against federal tyranny. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I’ve read/watched nothing about this from Z since Cornpop gave his speech.

    • I’ve kind of stopped reading and listening to Z.

      Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I’ve read/watched nothing about this from Z since Cornpop gave his speech.

    • “The premise that one must be “organized” to resist is false and is promoted by those who want you to get into the boxcar. Indeed organization is where tyranny flows from, whether corporately or from government. It is the tool of the tyrant who can infiltrate or misdirect organization and is thwarted by unorganized individuals of like mind as there is no way to know in advance of their action who said persons are.”

    • I think the guy gifted me Disco Elysium on Steam went by something similar. Great game, BTW, as long as you don’t take its ideological themes too seriously; even then it’s a pretty well written RPG.

    • Falling on your sword (or pension) is not ‘organizing’ in the sense that ‘community organizing’ uses the term.

  9. The left can organize better because it controls the cities, the deep blue islands in a light pink ocean. It controls the cities because the cost of living is inflated by the bankers, and only childless nihilists and sociopaths can afford to live there. Conservatives live in subdivisions where you have to drive 15 minutes at minimum just to get somewhere, which makes organization difficult and public protests simply impossible. Conservatives won’t build new cities because the financing is too difficult, because bankers are childless nihilists (think Scrooge) who invest based on ideology, not money, because they’re already rich duh.

    The Federal Reserve delenda est. This is what the real right has been saying for over a century, but it is only in the last couple generations that the effects of banking in housing and society have created a demographic collapse and immigration wave, and it is now undeniable that our capitalist elites are not the autistic railroad tycoons of the 19th century. They are vampires that need a cross where their heart should be.

    Fewer than 1% of the work force actually builds houses for a living. Modern segregation and population control is a consequence of finance, not manpower. This can be changed overnight, like any other financial crash.

  10. Too many “business” metaphors in today’s ramble, Z. While we are organizing and screening and holding meetings and drawing up mission statements and conducting ourselves “like a business” – a metaphor you used constantly today, our masters and their minions are conducting themselves like a religion, a religion in the midst of a Holy Crusade.

    Business is not inspiring; business is boring, no one (except a mercantile drone) dedicates their blood, muscle and spirit to business. Most people work because it’s required for survival, not because it is spiritually fulfilling.

    More Carlyle, de Maistre, and Evola, less Zig Ziglar (I did appreciate the Pol Pot reference, though…)

    • Too strong but true. There’s no enemy of freedom/”whiteness”/etc. worse than Business Guy, and telling us to be more like him is an error.

      It’s not an ill-intentioned or *total* error, though. You have to be persuasive, locally, and in Z’s locality that means being business-guy persuasive. In mine there’s nothing more repulsive.

      We can tell by Z’s voice what kind of dude he is, right? And for that kind of dude to say what he says is honest and right. But when, e.g., Millennial Woes says the same kind of thing, we should be like “WTF? Don’t you know yourself at all?” Because he can’t live in the world he wants.

      • You’d need an economic shakeup for a new Hitler to arise. Hitler also had the benefit of a weak young democracy to berate and attack verbally into giving him all the power. America is a mature and established one. Your Hitler would have to be a Super-Hitler with cape included.

  11. Zman – Just yesterday read an excellent history of leftist organizing during the Spanish Civil War proposed as a good roadmap for the nascent DR to follow. It’s by Karl Dahl (author of terrific novel “Faction” which you recommended here long ago) and he said he looked into this as part of his research for a sequel to the novel (cannot wait to read). Anyhow, quite a detailed model on how to organize cadres and operational security:

    • I thought of that right away as well. My first thought was “boy that seems like a lot of work”, which actually gives it some credence. If it was in any way easy we’d already have this in the bag.

    • Another good breakdown of how the leftists organize can be found in the novel The Ugly American, which was set in a fictional Southeast Asian nation during the “domino theory” era and documents the tug-of-war between the communists and the nascent American intelligence agencies.

      Last week, the Z-man mentioned on his podcast that he’d recommended to a group of younger dissidents that they organize socially first, leave the overtly political for later. There’s a lot of wisdom in that. What can the DR offer young recruits that will ultimately make them receptive to our wisdom?

      • Can there be organization in the social domain without religion?

        Rituals, festivities, commemorations, etc. play a significant role in generating infra-political mobilizations.

  12. I think we should not organize at all. Organization has been tried, over and over again, and has failed. Orban is about to ousted in another Color Revolution, the same with Law and Justice in Poland. The FT already has the gay Mayor of Budapest penciled in as the new leader of the all Gay Hungary. Organization failed in the UK, Ireland, France, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and is about to fail in Poland and Hungary. Smart, dedicated, non weirdo men and women dedicated their lives to organizing on the right, and they all failed. Miserably. And about all that was done successfully in the US was Howard Jarvis’s tax revolt and Proposition 13 which is now on the cusp of being overturned here in California.
    Reality check: Whites are a functional minority in the US (majority under 18 are non-White) and unlimited open borders will only make Whites a defacto minority in a few years. Europe is not much better and they will be importing half of Africa and Afghanistan in a few months. The various surveillance tools are efficient and automated, so they scale against us easily. Any significant cultural or social threat to GloboHomo will be easily crushed.
    So be like Water. And Erode. Constantly. That means no organizing, no center to defend, no leaders, just constantly push to destroy institutions and infrastructure. Go Green! Push along with the left for abolishing carbon and power. All those cameras are useless during the daily rolling blackouts. Go Woke! Push for the FBI, CIA, Military, and IRS to all be 100% black. Demand racial justice: Wall Street must be 100% black.
    The Salem Witch Trials ended abruptly and were never mentioned again when the Wife of the Governor was accused. Some elites are profoundly threatened by Woke and Green, and we should do all in our power to make that a reality. As Hillary! once said, “you don’t have to fall in love, just fall in line!”

    • Whiskey: No public organizing or attempts to work within the current political structure – I agree wholeheartedly. But limited and careful organizing on a revolutionary model, with each individual accruing specific knowledge and expertise, would be highly useful once the federal behemoth starts to break down. Highly speculative, of course, because until the security organs and their electronic surveillance network can equally be degraded, not much can be done but wait.

    • “I think we should not organize at all. Organization has been tried, over and over again, and has failed”. Demonstrably untrue as evidenced by our enemies. If nothing else organize to emerge from the collapse in a position to thrive and conquer. I sorta get where you are coming from, but you tread close to nihilistic defeatism. Maybe the grip of the elites is perilously weak. They certainly seem panicky.

      • ” If nothing else organize to emerge from the collapse in a position to thrive and conquer.”

        That’s the secondary reason to organize and a great one. The first reason is survival.

    • I would argue that the alternative to “organizing” is education and training. Rather than trying (and often failing) to persuade others to adopt new or different ideas, a better use of effort is to show them how to get fit, become productive, protect themselves, and use their brains to accomplish important goals. A cornered rat will fight to the death if it’s the only option available. And a robust and intelligent rat can be a formidable opponent when the Jackboots come a calling at 3:00am.

    • At this point all we can do against the Globohomo octopus is scrawl “It’s Okay To Be White” wherever we can – and wait.

      Just watched the classic film “Falling Down” (1993) again. Aerospace Engineer Michael Douglas’ speech “I am obsolete, I am not economically viable – I should have studied to be a Plastic Surgeon” perfectly describes the fate of straight White men 28 years ago.

      All we can do is go underground. And wait.

    • Well said whiskey, how much longer are they going to stand for people getting shot on cannon dr or rodeo dr while eating some lunch.

      • Much of our ruling elite is a death cult and will tolerate nay encourage levels of violence and depravity that would shock you. I mean 60+ million abortions most for convenience were considered as a public good to the point of a sacrament when threatened with regulation.

        I could see eugenic abortion, its maybe justifiable as the greatest good but mass murder of children so that women could feel good about themselves or enter the work force for cheap labor is satanic depravity.

        There are saner members of the elite and if a way can be found to move a few of them in our direction you can have a fairly conventional revolution, the rotation of the elite.

        The other option is to form our own elite, a sort of counter culture. Its basically rule by a triumvirate of Chick Fil A , Duck Dynasty and Hobby Lobby types. I’m not sure its a workable but is a counter culture of sorts.

        The 3rd option is the hold the line, let society dies and to fill the vacuum locally. There might be a bit of burn this beotch down as well The later is hard to swallow, the new nations will be nothing like recent America but they are functional and to a point would allow a mixture of Christian States, Classic Liberal States and White Ethnostates. Maybe.

        Any of these requires cultivating a desire for power, a willingness to fill spaces we normally eschew getting mentally tough and more.

        To paraphrase the only wise part of the Last Jedi

        “The empire, The republic, the bad boomers all that let the past die. Kill it, if you have to. That’s the only way to become what you are meant to be.

    • Excellent analysis, Whiskey.

      To illustrate your point, I just read a regime media piece about the Democrats moving to tax billionaires to pay for Shanika’s bastards and hair extensions. The tone was mildly critical because of supposed deficiencies with the plan but, of course, the regime media wants to protect billionaires. They found a “center-right” Republican (of course) group and quoted its leader urging a more broad-based plan to extract wealth from the middle class.

      We should get thoroughly behind the Left’s plan to take billionaires’ money. Urge it on.

      As for organization, I fall between you and Z. It should be local and underground but the sole goals should be day-to-day survival and planning for what comes next. The billionaires will not pay for Shanika’s bastards and hair extensions but she will demand it. Society is so volatile now it will be such absurdities among these grotesque elements that lead to its unraveling. Encourage this and organize locally and quietly to become the post-collapse alternative.

  13. The Broderbund was the secret society that installed apartheid in South africa. Probably worth looking at as a model. Z touched upon the substrate that one wishes to organize with the rift about ginger koreans. It seems to me to deserve serious consideration. Who are the groups that might be amendable organizing into cohesive blocks? Western-ranching Mormon families, trad caths, Blue collar whites in the extractive or transport industries, Appalachian whites seem like prospects off the top of my head. Also the social media platforms seem too powerful a tool to simply write off. Bifurcated organizations with a public normie friendly public face and and a more hard-nosed activist component seems like the way to proceed.
    Finally, 300K unique views? Damn that is impressive.

    • Another South African model worth looking at and learning from is the independent white community of Orania.

      • Orania exists due to a loophole in the SA constitution. It is technically a corporation. I’m afraid the civil rights act limits our ability to replicate here. Loss of freedom of association. Access to whites is a legal right.

        • There is a good mini doc on Orania here:

          One of the important points the VP of Orania makes (at about 10 min) is that in his view Afrikaans lost their self determination due to their dependence on other people they used to do their labor, which then took over the country.

          Sound familiar?

          This idea of self determination by one’s own labor in a homogeneous community is exactly what is being discussed here, but they are actually doing it.

    • “the rift about ginger koreans”

      WHats that?

      THis is an interesting take. Normie may not be reachable. Having a gun club or a trivia night with normie may not do it. When the chips are down, where will normie be?

      But identifying differnt groups like the ones you mentioned sounds interesting….

  14. Wokeness is ascendant so it’s a tautology that every individual, organization, or ideology that has opposed it has failed. That doesn’t mean that they were inherently flawed, disorganized or acting in bad faith. Unless you yourself organize and succeed where they have failed I’m not sure why anyone should listen to your takes.

    • Wokeness was ascendant when cops were throwing Wobblies in jail. Now the cops protect them and jail their opponents. They look the part of a vulnerable establishment imo.

  15. Doxing seems to work well for the left, publishing the address of “enemies” like Tucker Carlson. Spending a few evenings following liberal judges, DA’s, CEO’s, even school board members home from their work place and publishing their address might make them think.

    • Our side refuses to do that since we see ourselves as superior. So forget about it ever happening. Too many conservatives are f**king twats and still think it’s 1985 and the old rules still apply.

      How many attempts do you see of our side putting out flyers mocking the Woke and Left? Zero. And this is the most simple and easiest thing to do.

      Moldbug nailed when he labeled the Right as “water buffalo s” who do nothing as the Left(Apex predators) simply kill one water buffalo after another.

      Our side lacks the innate aggressiveness to do squat except to run and hide.

      • To add to RWC1963’s comment, it’s like conservatives believe that being mugged by reality was one-and-done and can’t comprehend that they may be due for a brutal raping by reality in the years to come

      • Reminds me of a description of how they slaughtered thousands of Bison at a time.

        The Bison on the edges of the vast herds were always looking for predators, so if you use rifles and shoot the ones in the middle moving outwards, the herd never reacts to the animals dropping dead in their midst. They have the wrong predator radar.

        This sees to be similar here. The right is always looking for external enemies that come marching over the hill, yet inside their institutions are being blown to bits and like Bison they stand looking at this, chewing the grass and seeing, but not comprehending what is happening.

      • sucks, but you are right. Maybe thats why we are told not to “do” anything….

        Can you imagine, in the 60s, the Weathermen saying, “now hold on, boys, we don’t have to do anything!”

      • Our side refuses to do that because we would get punished. An antifa following Tucker home gets praised and tenure, a DR following Rachel Maddow home (besides the nausea) gets prosecuted. This is another classic example of Z’s point regarding the UtR rally.

    • Din C. Nuttin: Publishing anything today would also likely get you jailed for vague ‘threats.’ That said, I think every member of the DR ought to pick one or two judges, lawyers, federal officials, etc. and learn their addresses, family members’ names and addresses, work and leisure patterns, home layout, approaches, and so forth. Purely for academic purposes, of course, and with some considerations towards the future. Just consider the utility of such a database on potentially thousands of functionaries.

      • And this is one thing that is always the barrier.

        Even the active part of the right is generally not a welfare bum, living at home with mom, drifting between college and low paid jobs with a nihilist outlook for themselves and everyone else.

        So for those working with a chance of success or trying to do the family, jail is a major issue, for the fodder the left churn out, not so much.

        As pickle rick pointed out the financial donor support for these pressure groups also means jail time is not a hindrance as the backers pay the bail, and will funnel money to these people after the fact (hmm.. sounds like the mob).

        So in short you are either going to need a lot of people to accept the destruction of their own life and future, or recruit a large section of the dispossessed who currently get most of their welfare and UBI stuff from the very people you want them to work against.

        Seems a tough dilemma?

        • If pre-2020 immunology was a true science and current_year therapies are going to obey it, we’re somewhere between a few weeks and a few years from the emergence of a massive army of the young terminally ill and, with some encouragement, righteously vengeful.

          But a lot of people say they’d do wild things if necessity put its hand on their shoulder, and nobody ever does the things.

          How many of the tens of thousands of American prosecutors who’ve railroaded innocents have been set right? How many C-suiters who’ve poisoned babies for a fleeting two-cent stock bump have been put down? None, except by old age.

          Only the guiltless pay.

          • This is a really good take that gets at a couple things I’ve been thinking about lately.

            First, how much of the Covid hysteria is the product of souless, godless, msterialist old fogies who can’t accept their mortality, like the bunch running the US government?

            Second, and more disturbingly, look at how much of the Covid garbage is essentially the old waging war on the youth in every possible facet of life.

          • I agree.

            The right movements only seem to come through established institutions in society, mainly military. Look at Chile, Spain and the obvious in recent history.

            As these institutions are all now fucked, there is little avenue open for this retributional function.

            On the Coof, I honestly do not think people will be able to internalize that tens of millions of people have been injected knowingly with an untested technology which is looking likely to be the largest intentional death programme ever perpetrated on mankind.

            The psychic problems in this for a society are just too extreme for this to be accepted, even when tens of thousands start dying and having illnesses normally found in old age.

            A fitting justice in my mind for the globalist currently running all the west would be as Crassus did and crucify every last one of them along the Apian way.

      • The militia right calls this an accountability list.

        Also learn some trade craft. This is an open forum so we we don’t need much but if you are doing covert but of course legal things you can learn to do them undetected. Do that.

        And for Pete’s sake, get cracking on an ideology and some goals. The ideological vacuum on the right and the steadfast refusal to consider it cripples them. Not so much in Europe, any functional ideology there will be far to the Left of ours but here in the US where we have a huge White Right no one wants to step up. Lead Follow or Get Out of the Way doesn’t mean everyone Get Out of the Way.

        A last point, demography is not destiny. There are large parts of L.A. that used to Black and are now Latino. Willpower applied wins.

    • Yes indeed, think outside the box. As a side note, many hunters spend their weekends prior to the official start of hunting season by canvassing an area and observing patterns of behavior in the local deer, elk, or other game that is of interest. All living things are creatures of habit, and those habits can oft times be discerned by careful observation and research. This is a useful skill to acquire, especially if the food supply chain breaks down in the future.

    • It may make them think, but the only question that matters is: will they change how they act? Tucker didn’t, and many who have been doxxed haven’t altered their beliefs. Is there something about leftists that makes you think they are more susceptible to oppositional pressure? If not, then you are simply proposing a self-righteous morality play.

  16. OT: anybody notice that the NFL commercials have significantly toned down the race mixing and wokeness since last year? Or is it just the regional stream that I happened to be watching?

    Was watching an American stream last night, and the ads were full of Africans and Asians, but I did see some white couples. And notably absent were race mixing couples. Even the ads with non whites seemed to be more focused on the product than rubbing their non-whiteness in your face.

    Too bad, maybe they figured out that the ads were actually redpilling normal white people. Anyways, it’s still horrifically boring, Africans with funny first names and English last names running a ball around the field. I was just watching because I got an invite to a buddys house and I have nothing going on during a Thursday night. And the stream was illegal so it didn’t count for ratings.

    • I don’t watch sportsball, or TV for that matter, but I happen to see commercials passing through the break room at work or online and I have seen no signs that the negrophilia and race mixing is being toned down.

    • I saw a commercial on youtube last night with a white mother and her white, ginger daughter. Crackers, or something like that. It was startling and made me wonder the same.

      • The Citicard landing page actually shows a couple of normal, smiling white kids in a swimming pool. How that slipped through the dragnet, I do not know.

    • They overstep, and then tone it down, making corrections on the fly. It’s funny, my kids give me sidelong glances when any egregious piece of globohomo propaganda comes on to see if i will get angry. But i’m happy that they recognize it for what it is. Half the battle is won when the develop the radar.

      • Once you’re looking for it, it jumps out at you. Once you notice, you can’t un-notice. Though I haven’t regularly watched TV in two decades for other reasons, I can’t watch even when I want to. Even the non-woke stuff is ridiculous in the commercials. All the lawyer commercials and drug commercials… There are two show I like on TV and I have to record them so I can bypass the godawful commercials.

  17. Organizing is a priority if you believe that politics will eventually save the day and you need to get to 50+1% in order to win elections and seize control of DC. Alternately, organizing matters if you’re trying to initiate a rebellion by raising a million man civil army. The former is a pipe dream due to demographics and a managerial class that is immune to politics. The latter is an invitation to be entrapped by the Stasi and herded off to an interment camp before the first shot is fired. The best hope for organizing is via secession in a state with some clout (Texas comes to mind). But for that to get serious traction, you will first need a collapse in order to get Normie off the couch.

    But here is the essential question. Do you spend your time & energy trying to become an effective “community organizer” like Barry did, or would you better off using those resources to improve your robustness, survivability, and aptitude for tangible action when the time is right? The former is mostly a yakking skill set, whereas the latter requires you to roll up your sleeves. As for me, I do wish to use Barry as a roll model. If fact, I shudder at the thought of walking down that path.

    • Last sentence should read “As for me, I do NOT wish to use Barry as a roll model.” Sorry for the typo.

      • Last sentence should read “As for me, I do not wish to use Barry as a role model.”

    • The question that dissidents need to answer for themselves is: what do they want the government (polity) to do? Any dissident site will come up with thousands, maybe millions of complaints, but not a single notion of what their ideal government looks like. They just negotiate with the current power structure.

      My answer is that I government I’m willing to defend and finance is one that supports and celebrates traditional morals and families, and excludes atheists and Muslims, one that commissions beautiful public art and architecture, one that secures the borders and is extremely selective about immigration, that enforces contracts and punishes violent crimes and property crimes, that prepares a robust military defense to ward off invasion, that builds and maintains a robust common-use infrastructure, and has an efficient, minimally-invasive tax code. And does nothing else. I’d fight for that and cheerfully pay taxes.

      • Drew: Why exclude atheists and Muslims yet not Hindoos and Juice? Beautiful public art and architecture is in the eye of the beholder, and plenty of the POX in charge today consider the statues of St. George Floyd and dem slabes that they’ve erected in the place of dead White men to be lovely and honorable.

        You make no mention whatsoever about race or White racial consciousness, nor about the legitimacy or structure of any government. Stop thinking within the current structure and beliefs and start from genetics. A lot (not everything, but a great deal) automatically follows from there.

        • Genetics is certainly at the root. The predictive skill at the civilizational level is astounding. Predictive utility lowers when considering individuals because there is always variation about a mean, but it is the median individual, not the extreme outlier, who determines how well or badly a civilization functions.

          biology -> culture (systematized behavior) -> politics

          healthy families -> healthy communities -> healthy countries

          The internationalists, both marxist and globalist, attack the roots of what they see as obstacles to their new world order: whites/Europeans (biology) and healthy (traditional) families.

        • Cause I was on lunch break and didn’t have time to write a full treatise. More seriously, excluding atheists will exclude a large number of the small hat brigade.

          Regarding race, my personal life experience has been that the people I’ve personally known to advocate for white racial solidarity are @$$holes that I would be glad to see the backs of. Their schtick is basically that I should put up with their asinine, self-serving behavior because their skin tone is closer to mine than that of the descendants of slaves. I disagree, obviously, and generally that if the only point of similarity between them and me is melanin level, then they must be pretty incompetent since I am not. More broadly, my experience with whites is that those who have their chit together talk about that and those who don’t, talk about their skin. Your life experience may be different, of course, but that’s been mine.

          • That’s been my experience as well. The autistic retards who zero in on skin color, race, and genetics to the exclusion of all else also tend to be irredeemable @$$holes who’d shove their mothers in front of a bus if it profited them. As a Greek, I’d be more comfortable with an Abyssinian as a neighbor than these caustic retards who feel that their skin color gives them license to be trolls to their fellows. I hold the vibrants in contempt for doing this, and I hold Whites who do this equally in contempt.

          • @Drew and Stephanos

            Good tag-team effort there, fellas.

            Those who have neither tribe nor nation are prey animals in a herd of one, easy meat for the cooperating foreign predators.

          • I want a culture as only found in pre-invasion white Europe and America in history, but I do not see that whites are required to make this happen. Doh.

            What a truly wishful thinking stupidity.

            This is no different than the civnats, which all evidence from the last 50 years has shown their outlook to be about as realistic as flat earthers, and the current POZ who think they are going to live in a western utopia Star trek, when all evidence is pointing to Haiti.

            Magic dirt for the win.

          • @Horace

            If your own tribe is preying on you, then what does it matter what foreigners will do? If white nationalists would buy suits instead of Nazi tats and confederate flags, I’d be way more interested. Many of them, though, insist on beclowning themselves while living in trailers and buying groceries with food stamps, and that’s just not the foundation of stable productive society.

    • Robustness for the win.
      Missions and vetting members is like herding cats. It takes time and resources far out of proportion to the likely results. And it frequently attracts the psychopathic grifters. Take the Knights of Columbus as an example. It started as a mutual benefit society organized to counteract Catholic workers becoming Masons. Now it’s a corporate life insurance shell that grifts the rank and file to package funding for globalist bishops who’ve drunk the BBB koolaid of the Great Reset.
      Better to form ad hoc cells of team members with proven strengths and known proclivities for impromptu actions that cannot be thwarted, only investigated after the fact. Resistance is the antidote to Reset. Be the guy who others want on their team: competent, discreet and prepared. Opportunities will present themselves; focus on the aftermath.

      • Agreed. The goal is to win, not become the most popular face-man in your high school clique. What they fear most is the bolt from the blue, and that is the antidote that must be nurtured and developed. There are millions of skilled and experienced hunters in the US; that is your resource block. Start with this mindset and then educate “thinking outside the box.” And being spontaneous, while appearing innocuous, is force multiplier. A hundred maintenance/repair men can accomplish far more than ten divisions or a phalanx of Stasi in a nextgen scenario.

      • As a Knight, can confirm. The most hilarious part of their sales spiel is how they only invest in federal bonds. For their unbreakable credit-worthiness. I kid you not.

    • You got to be joking. For succession to be workable you need a populace behind it and organized. And willing to fight to the death. Too many DR types suffer from magical thinking assuming it will happen all by itself.

      And do you really think DC would tolerate it? Hell No!! They would rain down hell on any state or region that tried it.

      Preppers will play no role in what is to come since they are hyper individualists and thus worthless in resistance. Prepping only works in a community setting where you are part of a like minded group like the Amish or Mormon’s. Typical White bread Americans don’t do community organizing let alone working together,

  18. “It would also make for a good video series, since young people prefer pictures to words.”

    I find that very few normie men of any age read. This is the age of video. Men will watch a 2 hour video on YouTube but won’t read more than about 200 words. I don’t care how intelligent, most men now have a very short attention span with reading.

    The few men I know who read longer pieces or books usually want some type of How To out of it that they can readily implement such as how to make more money investing

    • This site gets about 300,000 unique visitors. No one in this space gets that audience for video or audio. Younger people prefer video, but older people read much more than they listen or watch.

      • I prefer reading but know few men who do. These are all uni educated, accomplished men and they just aren’t readers. Yeah there are some readers but my guess is that we represent a small percentage of overall men on our side of the divide

        • Just said
          Few men do
          I dont know how you overcome that this day and age
          A little Marcus Aurelius would go a long way..

      • The men who read your site are likely already converts to our side of the divide and at least amenable to the Dr. To get to our viewpoint it has helped to read very non mainstream material.

        From what I can see in normy land it is a different story when it comes to politics and culture in general. An example of what normy men will read are books on self improvement and how to deal with women like Rich Cooper’s Unplugged alpha. They can immediately apply it to their life for self improvement and reduced risk.

    • I have almost finished my second reading of War and Peace just this year (started the first reading in January) I read Odyssey 3 times this year!, I read 3 Euripides plays, 3 Aristophanes plays, and three Aeschyluss plays all this year. I’m on book 6 of the Republic (skipped book 5). I’ve read Meno, Phaedo, Euthrapo, Crito, and the Apology, all at least twice. And this is just this year! But I’m a bachelor and have no life. Im also studying Greek and Latin.

      I have always wanted to do a survey of the Western books, so I’m a little gungho! And I read zman!

      • I started War and Peace several times before I stopped referring to the family trees that were at the start of the book. I thought I had to keep everyone straight as I went along.
        When I finally just read it without stopping every five minutes, it turned into a page turner for me. It’s one of my favorite books. People who I tell that to wrinkle their nose until they dive in themselves. It’s interesting to see the transformation.

        I have taken to making a copy of the first page of chapter 16 in the edition I read. In it, Sonya and Pierre are in the kitchen and their relationship is described in the most beautiful way. I think it’s a way marriage is supposed to be.

        I frame it and give it to newlyweds.

  19. We need small achievable goals. Nationalist movements want to do nationalism things and that is just impossible at this point, at least in the political sense.

    As Z is always pointing out, the left has lots of on-ramps. Whether it’s saving the whales or the rain forest or climate change or tranny so-called rights, there are a million left wing causes that aren’t even inherently left wing, like the whales bit.

    There are just way too many people who love nothing more than putting on their horns and pitchforked tails to strut around for lefty. Gab…..

    • The Left knows how to leverage these other causes. The average righty can only mutter “abortion bad”, “muh guns”, “muh Constitution” which they wave around like a totem. One note clowns.

      These stupid f**ks rolled over when Clinton signed NAFTA and even cheered saying the working class deserved to be destroyed because they wanted a decent wage. When the globos came for high tech jobs again the Right rolled over or supported it

      When the Left poisoned middle America with Oxycontin the Right did nothing, Almost 1 100,000 year die and nothing but silence.,

      This is why the Left won. Because our side never resists in the slightest. Sure they can run to some red state to hide and play farmer but that’s doesn’t stop the Left from destroying the West,

      • Nafta was a Republican Bill. Bush the wrinkled would certainly have signed it, he’d pushed it through congress (not that it needed much pushing).

  20. Z, you’re just making me want to start tithing a hip new secret society here. I can only get so excited here.

  21. When I try to login to post comments I get “Disqus
    Invalid Request: Invalid parameter: redirect_uri (should match predefined callback URI)”

    Is this just me or does this feature not work?

  22. One of the most clear-cut examples of not vetting someone properly was Paul Nehlen. Not sure if he was an asset or just a kook, but he not only completely delegitimized a lot of the right, but doxxed Ricky Vaughn, a solid guy, and drove him from the scene. Saying based stuff to funny online, but if that’s all you and can’t rope in your rhetoric you might as well put on some clown makeup for your act.

  23. Organizations require patrons. Every successful group has to have at least a few, to make it socially acceptable, to fund it, to attract the right kind of people. Patrons control the patronage, which is the second ingredient necessary to making a movement or an organization something more than a peasant revolt.

    The Sons of Liberty had John Hancock, one of the wealthiest men in Massachusetts.
    The Bolsheviks (and later Communists) had many patrons in elite positions in the West.
    Mustache Guy received crucial support from patrons within the German economy, military, and bureaucracy from the inception.

    Until the DR can attract, recruit, retain, and reward patrons, it will remain powerless. Yes, I realize that sound like a Catch-22, as how does a powerless movement attract powerful patrons, but that problem is not insurmountable when the ruling caste or class make themselves and their policies hated, which Totally Legitimate Joe and the Uniparty in the Imperial Capitol are doing quite well.

      • A friend just sent me some substack “the thielist dispatch” that is a kind of moldbug for faggy technocrat civnattery. “Rise above the culture war”, “build space colonies”, and “rethink transportation”.

        his is the kind of onramp that gets guys tilting toward our side of the great divide heading back toward the plantation for a cool sounding take the high-road fight to build that better version of the same system with more better republicans this time. A tea party for crypto queers and tesla drivers who don’t want to step over piles of human shit to charge their macntoshhondas.

        Or am I missing something? What can we do to keep our guys off those onramps? A lack of coherent alternatives is a problem. But then a dissident majority is some kind of oxymoron. I don’t know. I’m still trying to just buy a bit of land in an upside down world and my rich friends who could buy ten farms today are debating the proper design of rightwing rocketships to the clouds. Common ground is in short supply all around.

    • You start small at the local level. That’s how we begin.Screw the rich patrons because they are like the great pumpkin – they will never appear for our side. Local matters a lot and can accomplish a lot as well.

      That means we need people persons who can leverage existing economic and social problems as a means of recruiting pissed off whites to our side. That’s how the Left co-opted everything from environmentalism, labor, you name it.

      All the stupid whites on the right cared about was God, Guns and Abortion. And it cost them their country

      • “All the stupid whites on the right cared about was God, Guns and Abortion. And it cost them their country.”

        The first thing that tapped me on the shoulder to whisper something was deeply wrong in “official” conservatism was the movement’s limited interests. Besides the usual braying about taxes, free enterprise, and bombing other countries into democracy there were but a handful of others.

        Caring about God is not stupid, quite the reverse, but using one’s idea of God as a political tool is oppressive and counterproductive.

        Guns, yes, Second Amendment rights are vital. But for many they are a cop-out, a way of avoiding the real problems the guns are supposed to protect against: increasingly totalitarian governments at every level, plus a criminal class whose most prominent ethnicity must never be mentioned.

        And abortion! Abortion! Abortion! I think I understand and respect the feelings of anti-abortionists, but so many are exclusively focused on the issue. If abortion were outlawed they’d be cud-chewing liberals again. Unless they next turned their ire against birth control, guaranteeing an expansion of the low-IQ, dependent classes.

        • I want an abortion clinic right between the Popeye’s Chicken and the liquor store on every Martin Luther King Boulevard in AINO.

  24. A good organizing manual is “Listen to Your Mother: Stand Up Straight: How Progressives Can Win” from 2007. It’s by Robert Creamer, longtime Democratic Party organizer and husband of leftist Rep. Jan Schakowsky. You can get it for a couple of bucks on Amazon. He’s a leftist, but describes the nuts and bolts of activism and organizing.

  25. Well Z, I agree. That last show wasn’t nearly as good as this one. And this is a key element of attraction to the dissidents – at least for me. Everything here is fun – but it’s sensible and businesslike. The Friday podcast is a prepared presentation, and not some goofs popping off at random. I have reason for being here, there is always a message, and if I disagree with anything I can pop off in the comments without being censored or ask questions… and the guys will help out. I have actually changed my mind and opinions from stuff I pick up here. I’d never do that in any of the leftist controlled spaces, or in those controlled by cucks or the clowns of the former Alt Right.

    The friendly professionalism here is balm for the soul in these dark times. I personally think you won’t be in the shadows much longer. The American people will insist on it.

    Have a great weekend you guys.

  26. You talked about secrecy and discretion.

    It reminds me of the mystic and spiritual orders that have been so crucial in our part of the world in resisting the tide of satanic modernity, and keeping the faith alive with all its majesty and protocols, and under whose protection various ethnicities have kept their separate ethno-cultural identities alive to this day.

    Now, since, in the Occident, religion (Christianity) is more or less extinguished from the social space and what remains is a twisted caricature of its former self, from where will spiritual aid arrive?

    • There’s going to be a pagan revival of sorts as mainstream Christian institutions become more and more synonymous with the woke regime. People aren’t going to go around worshipping Odin or Zeus, or doing a Wiccan larp though.

      It will be at first a strange esoteric movement that will be too strange to scare the powers that be at first, that will eventually take an elitist form emphasizing strength and classical masculinity.

      Eventually there will be the woke anti-spiritual hegemon, an elitist trad Christianity, and an elite new pagansim. At that point we’re going to see some truly odd alliances.

      • Christianity flourished by courting pagans and has withered by reintroducing the judeo- part.

        Makes you wonder about the Reformation and the connotative meaning of ‘corruption’.

      • For the last hundred years, the biggest pagan ritual in European White lands has been the weekly soccer pilgrimage that the ‘ultras’ make towards football stadia because apparently they love (whatever that means) ‘their’ Saudi/Emirati/Chinese/(((Russian))) owned club.

        • The Cleveland Browns’ 100% white audience was howling like savages last night, worshipping their African idols.

      • Latin “Paganus” – “rural,” “rustic,” “civilian.” From the root word “pehg” meaning “fixed in place,” boundary markers that were fixed in place. Those outside the markers were rural, rustic. Civilian in contrast to Roman soldiers. Christians were city dwellers. Particularly woman and children. Progressives. As the centuries rolled on, Christian soldiers at war with the rural civilians: pagans.

        Pope Obama describing pagans: “And it’s not surprising then that they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.”

        Who’s the paganist of pagans? Whitey. The unJabbed… Those not onboard of trannyism… Old school Christians…

    • The feeling of disenfranchisement and dispossession will teach people the meaning of being in the world but not of it.

      In other words, they’ll rediscover faith when it’s all they have left.

    • Something your comment and Z’s talk reminded me of was one of the early actions by the Falun Gong in China where one day, completely unannounced, a bunch of people suddenly showed up in the town square and did nothing more than sit down; and the regime *freaked*.

  27. Great follow up, I was wondering how anyone could go through the vetting process hope’n to get a ticket to the pool party without really knowing how the people doing the vetting make money. I’m not sure denying things or discussing Play station pays very much. Follow the money sound like good advice to me.

  28. Our side has nothing about organizing because we are in the grips of Christian (or Catholic) evangelizing. In other words, people on the “Right” do not want to organize but rather they want you to go to Church. So, rather than create organizations that can meet people where they are (as the Leftists do with race, gender, homosexuality, pet rescue, etc) our Right Winger overlords have exactly one solution to every problem: go to Church.

    • Yes.

      I spent most of my life as a militant atheist. I grew up in The Hive. I heard all the lies the left tells about, God, Christianity and Christians and I believed them. One day my wife dragged me out to a tiny chapel out in the country, and I actually met real Christians. The folks that walk the walk. I learned why the Left fears and hates them. A short time later I was astonished to find God right under my nose. I grew up, trained by Lefties not to see him.

      Yes, I want you to go to church. Find a community, connect with it and share fellowship and be strengthened.

      But by the sounds of it, you will probably sit on the sidelines and snipe at people you know nothing about. It is the way for most atheists. I did it for years. I have yet to atone for it, but I will in time. May you do the same.

      • To add a little bit more – yes, even a conservative church probably won’t have racial preaching. That doesn’t mean you won’t find some other guys there who might have other views. It doesn’t mean you can’t meet up with those guys for coffee or hang out after church.

        Atomization is the worst thing that’s happened to white people and churches fight back against that. Strong church communities are already heavily mitigating the effect of punishments on its unvaxxed members.

        Then there’s the simple fact that no group of white people have above replacement fertility rates, except the religious.

        Even if you aren’t sure about the whole God thing, the practical benefits of churches for white communities are very real. Lots of bad & false churches out there though.

    • The big problem with “Go To Church” is that the available options aren’t too impressive:

      Catholics: Leadership is part of globohomo and they’d happily wipe out all the whites if it meant they could have twice as many Africans sign up. Plus diddlers.

      Orthodox: Culturally based in Eastern Europe, too alien to the West.

      Normal Protestant: Libtards.

      Evangelical Protestant: There’s probably a special level in Dante’s Inferno for preachers who take donations from impoverished little old ladies so they can buy themselves more male jewelry.

      Weird Protestant: Cults. Also you eliminate all chances of recruiting rational people once you start talking about Speaking in Tongues, Body Thetans, or Magic Underpants.

  29. Haven’t listened yet, but I hope you have a segment on aesthetics. I’ve been beating this drum no doubt ad nauseam, but people buy people, not ideas. Look like a serious person who has his sh!t together and you’re halfway there. No need for armbands and torchlight parades; in Clown World, wearing anything more than sweat pants and a sportsball jersey is enough. Collared shirts and khakis would work just fine. (If we got a plausibly deniable recognition signal in there too – white wing tips or something – that would be aces).

    • I’ve often used the example of sales to explain this. The guy who shows up your office in a nice suit, well groomed and articulate is always going to get a better reception than the guy who is disheveled, smells of alcohol and uses profanity. Even if the latter’s product is superior, you will want to buy for the former.

      • As I said in a previous comment, people buy from others that they like.
        Put another way, who are likable.

        It may be helpful to some on this blog to pick up a sales training book. It may help with what is desired for the future.

        Improving interpersonal relationships is never a waste of time.

      • The psychology behind this is that first impressions really do matter. People form their basic opinion of you in less than 30, maybe even 10 seconds.

        Once that opinion is formed, it can take years of effort to alter or reverse it.

        And that’s just how humans are wired.

      • But we are not selling. No matter how good we dress, and how good the product, the customer (elite power structures) will never, EVER buy. So we should not sell.

        Rather, we should destroy. Take Netflix. We should encourage the trannies to go after not just Chappelle but his pals: Chris Rock, Eddie Murphy, that Madea guy, Arsenio Hall, and all the rapper buddies of Chappelle. We should encourage the trannies to demand ALL of Netflix content be tranny. Our destruction should not and must not be stupid stuff like Anti-Fa burning things down. Far more effective to leverage the HATE HATE HATE the people inside institutions have for each other, and encourage purges of their enemies NOW.

    • Awww man! And I just had my cape freshly dry cleaned and my leathers all oiled up.
      I still, have snippets, however vestigial, from the old primer, Dress for Success running around in my brain.

      • Dressing for Success is a mind f**k. I wore a tie every day for the last twenty years of my working life. Even as “business casual” swept the corporate world, my profession demanded the obligatory suit and tie. In the five years since I’ve retired (early), I’ve worn a suit exactly once, to my mom’s funeral, and a tie perhaps six or seven times. Khakis and a polo may be the “uniform” of the Boomer; but they project enough respectability to have freed me from the despised fashion noose that is the necktie. Ninety percent of dressing for success is a clean body in clean clothes, smelling good and looking put together. If someone expects more, then I don’t care to meet their expectations; so having FU money (not 1%er level, but FIRE level) helps.
        So, I encourage everyone to throw out Dress for Success and replace it with the Preppy Handbook.

  30. “The Left is always looking to convert people to their cause, while the Right always seeks to mobilize the converted to the moment. This is why the Left is implacable, never taking no for an answer. It is also why the Right so readily accepts defeat and then internalizes it. Left-wing politics is about overcoming popular objections while right-wing politics is about counting noses.”

    Yes to this, a thousand times. This is in part because the Right works from a consensus model, rather than a visionary one, which may change. The abuses by the current regime may see to that.

    • “The Left is always looking to convert people to their cause, while the Right always seeks to mobilize the converted to the moment.”

      Is because the Left plays offense while the Right plays defense. When the Left attacks it’s a full on left flank, right flank, center assault with their allies in the media, University, BLM, your woke preacher, sports, advertisers, your company – no where to hide. Any opposition is squashed by threats from the FB1, 1RS, C1A, tire slashers, egg throwers, and flaming cocktail throwers. Now David wants to take away our sling shots.

    • The right operates from the theory that everyone, deep down, has working elements of logic and commonsense, coupled with some level of compassion. These are major encumbrances to the left, who allow nothing to interfere with their pogroms, er, programs.

      • I always like the way the General put it in Full Metal Jacket: “Deep down inside every [Vietnamese] is an American trying to get out.”

        That conflict should’ve put the lie to that statement, but hey, whatever, Grillers are slow learners. No, buddy, Americans are indeed “a social construction,” just like they told you back in college (elementary school, these days). It takes a lot of work to make one… and you have to start with raw materials that can take the stresses of production, which are in short supply.

        • Apparently all it takes to make an American, or 2 or 3 or 6 million, is a bunch of Jews in government.

        • Or you could go with the very real, and very insane, words of Nebraska Senator Kenneth Wherry in 1940-
          “With God’s help, we will lift Shanghai up and up, ever up, until it is just like Kansas City.”

    • You can’t use the devil’s tactics of treachery and lies to defeat the devil. For one reason, you’ll end up a devil yourself; for another, the devil is much better at it than you; and most importantly, you ain’t never seen nobody as paranoid about loyalty and trust as the Deceiver.

      “We must have UNITY!”

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