The New Bogeyman

Last week, the media was buzzing with claims that the Chinese have mastered hypersonic technology. They had flown a hypersonic glider around the globe and then delivered it to a target. Supposedly the glider was capable of carrying and therefore delivering a nuclear weapon. Additionally, the US military claimed to not know how they managed to pull it off. The implication being that the Chinese have now surpassed the American empire in military technology.

The official outlet for the Washington regime promptly put out an essay warning about the threat China now poses. Th point of the essay is to frame the debate over how best to wage the new cold war. One side will be dovish and seek to negotiate, while the other side will be hawkish and want to keep pace with the Chinese. The compromise will be both sides get what they want. This means jobs and cash for the army of managerial class flunkies and military contractors.

The one thing the ruling elite agrees upon is that they need a new enemy and the best one available is the Sino-Russian alliance. On the one hand, the Russians reportedly have magical powers that allow them to muck around in the domestic affairs of the United States and its allies. The Russians are well known meddlers. They are also known for their hacking. The proof of that is Washington has been complaining about Russian meddling and hacking for years.

While the Russians are the brains of the operation, China is being cast as the muscle, supplying the men and arms to threaten the world. Until now everyone understood that Chinese military technology was not cutting edge. China has always been a land-based civilization, so that means no blue water navy and no ability to project power too far beyond her borders. That is why these Chinese hypersonic stories are being planted in regime friendly media outlets.

Even in a cynical age, the power of the mass media is real. The steady beating of the drums about China even has the antiwar people alarmed. The American Conservative opposed all of the wars against the Muslims, but it is now hawkish on China. They are even going in for the “we must defend an abstract concept” ploy that has always been popular with the regime. In this case, China threatens the “alliance system” which is suddenly the most important thing ever.

Interestingly, none of the newly minted China hawks have shown any interest in alternatives to another pointless cold war. America could use economic tools to put pressure on the Chinese. There is no way the Chinese can continue to operate without trade with the US. It is a two-way street, of course, but America outsourced its manufacturing base to China so a handful of men could get richer, not because we lacked domestic resources to make our own stuff.

More important, the American empire controls the very basis of the global economy, which is the money supply. China and Russia can make a show out of trading with one another in their own currencies, but the rest of the world is never abandoning the dollar as the reserve currency. Every wealthy Chinaman has reserves of dollars stashed away in Western banks. As a result, America can put an enormous amount of pressure on the ChiComs without a single carrier leaving port.

Of course, no one seems to be interested in the absurdity of having a tense military stand-off with China yet simultaneously conducting massive amounts of business with her at the same time. Imagine if in the Cold War American business was outsourcing critical supply chains to Russia. How about in the last great war, key industries were sold off to the Germans? That is what is being proposed, in effect, with this stand-off with the Chinese over Taiwan.

Then you have the fact that the people rolling out this new campaign to create an enemy for the regime are the same people who told us that Saddam was the new Hitler and a threat to the world. They told us they were bringing democracy to Afghanistan, and they have been telling us Syria uses chemical weapons on its people. They are the same people who said Islam was a threat to the West then massively increased the number of Muslims settling in the West.

It should not take too much cynicism to think that maybe the people who have lied before are possibly lying now. After all, they lied about the nuclear program in Iraq in the face of technological reality. Building a bomb is very hard, requires massive resources and lots of smart people. Iraq had none of those things. Similarly, the West has been working with hypersonic gliders for generations. So far, they have proven to be expensive toys without much military use.

The fact is the threat from China is not really from China but from the pirates that run the economy who like doing business with China. The threat is the Western scientist who are willing to take Chinese money to perform forbidden research. It is the American tech companies willing to sellout the country for the opportunity to make money helping the Chinese communists. China is a symptom of a much graver problem, one that exists in the ruling class of the American empire.

There is money to be made in the next hoax, so everyone with the dream of living in the clouds will be happy to jump on it. Conservatives will be allowed to pretend they matter again, so they love this idea. The military industrial project will get new batches of cash to buy new toys. The think tanks around DC will get cash to write papers that no one will ever read. Meanwhile the middle-class will continue to shrink, and millions of barbarians will keep pouring over the border.

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264 thoughts on “The New Bogeyman

  1. “The threat is the Western scientist who are willing to take Chinese money to perform forbidden research.”

    For approximately the past two years, millions of people around the world have died, trillions of dollars of economic damage, global disaster on par with World War I or II, due to Eastern scientists who were willing to take American money to perform forbidden research.

  2. Off topic: Good Lord, I think that my 10,000+ employee company in a red state now employs a tranny. It is leading a zoom session right now.

    This is collective insanity. It’s out of the 1984 movie where O’Brien forces Smith to deny obvious mathematical truths to avoid punishment.

    We’ve forced to pretend that this is normal.

    I live in one of the reddest states and is considered one of the most redneck and irredeemable. I sumultaneously sigh and scream.

    • “In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, not to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is in some small way to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to.”
      …Theodore Dalrymple

    • O was in Tennessee for some hand gun training. The ex special force guys told a story about a tranny coming to training. That story and everything about sodomites was prefaced by: ” Now I don’t care what you do in your bedroom….”

      I wanted to shout, “you should!”
      Because that how that tranny is now running a zoom session

      • That and “I don’t care if you’re black, white, red, yellow, or purple” are the normie-con classics.

        Purple guy is seconds from dying of a horrible disease. Purple means “Flee this deadly monster.” Why is purple guy in your list? What are you pretending you don’t know?

      • He’ll be buying styrofoam and bamboo reinforced concrete structures. There’s a couple of guys who drive around on motorcycles and critique the ghost cities that have been built.

        Larry can have them.

  3. I don’t get the love or hate for China. Wouldn’t call them a paper tiger, but they aren’t ready to the global hegemon. A multipolar world is the historical norm and nothing to be afraid of.

    It’s not this virtuous place we should all look up to, either. I was working on high end bathroom fixtures from a European brand a number of years ago. Long story short, there was a decent amount of lead in the brass, when there shouldn’t have been any. Obviously not up to spec for potable water. Lesson learned.

  4. How much blame goes on Idahoans themselves?

    They just sit there and let invaders change things. Won’t say what needs to be done but frankly there should be a zero tolerance policy, for leftism, anywhere.

    • Concur. The traditional people in Idaho are Reagan conservatives. If a politician says, “Freedom! Guns! Low taxes!” they will accept unlimited immigration and everything else.

      They are my people but I have to try not to hate them.

    • “How much blame goes on Idahoans themselves?”

      This is one of the key questions that is too seldom addressed by the dissident right other than to hate on boomers.

      From my vantage point, when the gun cult started in the 70s Whites quit fighting back at the local level and just started shopping for guns. Buying guns was the solution to all problems. Having guns meant you were a free man. Before the 70s, guns were just a tool.

      To make matters worse there has always been a tendency in American culture to just want to be left alone and to not pay attention. That made the American people sitting ducks for their real pointy hat enemies.

      The only time most whites learn their lesson is when it is too late. Consequently predominantly White areas often vote for the biggest cucks.

      • Only shitheads run for government office, so who the fuck am I supposed to vote for.. Guns got bought because people know, deep down, we’re on our own. If Pedojoe decides to bring it, he’s got a war on his hands. He’ll be strung up. as he should, a traitor to his own country.

  5. “China has space nukes”
    “4-star Admiral Rachel Levine”
    “State Dept. International Pronoun Day”

    • One of these requires your unquestioning submission, or you will be utterly destroyed.

      The others just a fancy bomb delivery system.

  6. I disagree completely, and no offense I would argue that you are making fundamental errors of assumption:

    1. That the US has a military advantage when it does not — its weapons systems are outdated, its nukes likely no longer work, its aircraft carriers sitting ducks, its people weirdos and trannies and Chinese paid morons like the Chair of the JCS.
    2. That China is stable and not looking to expand into an Empire when everything from the Belt and Road to its atoll building to overseas bases to tech we don’t have (hypersonic missiles that can manuever) says otherwise.
    3. That China cannot even if it wants to expand as a naval power because historically it has been a land power. The Romans beat Hannibal by building a Navy, and other land powers have done this. The past does not guarantee the future.
    4. The nature of the Regime in China itself, which is basically one man, Xi, reviving an aggressive combination of Maoism with Nationalism and eliminating group collective rule for a return to Emperorship. He and he only decides, and commercial ties, other things are totally irrelevant to himself. Only his continued rule matters and he will do whatever it takes to continue that, including war if it is required.
    5. The nature of the Biden Regency: it is divided, with the commercial class wanting more and more China, the political class totally purchased by it including Biden and all of the Democrats, and most of the Republicans, and the military class afraid that as a Chinese colony they will be eliminated. Do not necessarily bet against those with the guns.
    6. The nature of any conflict. It could be non-declared War, somehow just to make a point all our carriers are sunk globally, with China saying it was not them, or perhaps the Regency just commands them all back to port as China invades and conquers Taiwan, and maybe parts of Japan, the Philippines, Austraila and New Zealand. Would the Regency do that for a pay-off? Quite probably. Any coup attempt at home would be met with immediate Chinese nuclear attack (our nukes again don’t work most likely) so there is that.
    My argument is that China has already won. They are a nation, we are ruled by degenerate trannies who hate us and want us dead, with various other tribes here all feeling the same thing. There could very well be no fight, no armed conflict, just “America” being a thing of the past and China ruling the globe without a fight. Consider this: a bunch of illiterate goat herders on motorbikes beat the US and made us run in panic out of Afghanistan. How can we even hope to resist the Chinese? Particularly since they make everything now and we could not even build a pencil factory. Much less supply our own auto industry.

    • Interesting take. The one thing I’ll take issue with is the “non-working nukes”; that may or may not be true* but I doubt that you’d be able to find a group of people who would want to take an active bet on that.

      *(Too lazy to find the article, but I’d heard that submarine based nukes, the ones that would primarily concern an adversary, in all likelihood work fine since they have to use materials with much longer half-lives in the warhead so as to not “bake” the crew. It makes sense to me as someone who doesn’t have a whole lot of knowledge in that regard).

  7. it’s interesting, because if the junta is going to engage in a cold war with china, they will then have two such conflicts at the same time. the other one being with the bulk of American society.

    • The China-hostile and the China-owned factions of our government seem balanced or at a stalemate. They can’t accomplish anything China-wise besides taking turns selling us out in different minor embarrassing ways.

      They agree, though, on impoverishing 98% and slaughtering a hundred million or so Americans as a necessary corporate team-building exercise.

    • It’s possible the conflict with China is just kayfabe and the real war will be against the historic American people.

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  9. Whether or not the hypersonic missiles work, the next war will be lost using very conventional, and proven weapons (Wiki Starfish Prime). Keep in mind what can happen to our electronics. Keep in mind where those electronics are made. Keep in mind that we can’t put a faraday cage over the entire country, and not over our carrier groups either. If people are waiting three months today for some Chevy part over too much printed money last year, just imagine if something like that happened.

    Our only way out of this is a combination of tariffs and aggressive on-shoring tax incentives. I’m sure the politicians will chose the other weapons and destroy us. And, yes, we’re keeping the reserve currency for a lot longer than anyone expects. This doesn’t mean that domestic inflation won’t run wild over the coming years.

    • I’m eager to hear the counter arguments against Mr. Wirth’s comments.

      Educate me on why American self-suffiency and letting China rule the East are bad ideas! I concede that these changes will be painful in the short term.

      If you say that we can’t be largely self-sufficient then I reply that this is our real problem.

      Finally, I don’t care if Asians live under authoritarian rule. Their long history clearly shows that they are adapted to this and I guess that it makes most of them happy. They are not Western White men with a tradition of liberty. Don’t project your inner world onto them. They are not us.

      • Most human societies are collectivist to a high degree and that includes Western societies before Christianity or more accurately the Church forbidding consanguineous marriage to destroy clan structures

        • I grant your point about all pre-modern societies being collectivist, but don’t you see a difference between white men and everyone else over the last 500 years?

          I submit that most non-whites do not yearn to be free in the way that traditional whites do and we should stop risking blood and treasure to convince them to be like us. Like the Afghans and the Iraqis, they don’t see much value in what we’re trying to force on them. Take them at their word.

          • I agree with you here. I just think “collectivism” is the norm historically and the Chinese understand this

            Yes we can keep more people alive a few years longer, more people get 3 score and ten which is not a bad thing but the rest is just dust in the wind

            Materiel abundance or not the rise of the West is tiny and honestly irrelevant in the long term of things.

            The Chinese understand this as well.

            Note this doesn’t mean I wouldn’t fight for a revival of the West , not because its worthy. Its not. Its facing its doom.

            But because its mine.

      • American self-sufficiency is great.

        China has a strong interest in our farmland and agricultural industries, the Smithfield farms sale to China being the most notable example.

        China is not blessed with nearly as much quality farmland as North America, and they were dumb enough plow a significant percentage of their quality land under to build ghost cities to prop up their real estate craze.

        We may not be interested in China. Unfortunately, they are very interested in the land we live on.

      • I can’t see the usual suspects making much headway if they try the “Fellow Yellow People” spiel.

  10. If foreign policy was conducted in the interest of this country, our State Department would be looking to drive a wedge between the Russians and Chinese. They would be trying to pull Russia into all kinds of economic and maybe even defense agreements with the U.S. and Europe.

    I firmly believe all the “Russian Collusion” screaming during Trump’s Administration was orchestrate to prevent Trump from doing exactly that.

    • Your point holds, but much of the Russia hoax was conducted by people pissed that their great-grandmothers were raped by Cossacks.

    • The elite in the US don’t seem to be running any long term strategy, in any area, at best its all set up to win the election, what will the US look like in 10 years, in 20 ? they don’t seem to care, dementia Joe doesn’t care of course, he can’t remember 10 years ago, so he’s not planning for any kind of future. I think the dissident right are different, we more or less know what we want, how we get there is open to debate, but we have clear goals, success is possible, even if it looks a long way off for now

      China and Russia have clear long term goals, and the majority in both countries support these goals, so I would expect success for them long term

      10 years from now Belarus will be part of Russia, and maybe a large % of Ukraine, that would make Russia the largest white nation in the world, people in Europe and maybe whites in the US will look to Russia for leadership, on is present path no sane person will look to the US for anything

    • “our State Department would be looking to drive a wedge between the Russians and Chinese.” in what way is that in my interests?

      Neither Russia or China is a threat, the West has been destroyed, Halford Mackinder’s World Island is where the geo-political future lies and the best Interests of Americans lies in trying to rebuild this country rather than the global meddling that has cost untold trillions of dollars and destroyed millions of lives.

      An American scale model of Switzerland , coupled with the raw resources could be an astonishingly place to live in 50 years.

  11. no one has mentioned the massive power outages going on in china, so i will. this is greatly interfering with their economy, and the society at large. some people speculate they are using the power somewhere else for a secret project. that is nonsense. but i wonder if some external player is behind all the power problems.

      • Supposedly the outages are so bad they quietly caved on their sanctions against Australian coal.

        China isn’t nearly the unstoppable force their propaganda projects.

        If the West had real media we’d have a better grasp of that fact.

        I find the silence of the Western media re: China pretty telling.

        • I know a guy who has always worked at power plants. He once told me that the formerly coal-powered plant he worked at wasn’t allowed to burn “local” coal. That coal was shipped to China.

  12. “The official outlet for the Washington regime promptly put out an essay warning about the threat China now poses. Th point of the essay is to frame the debate over how best to wage the new cold war. ”
    Nonsense – but it’s forgivable. It’s the classic case of the boy that cried, “WOLF!!!” The Dissidents have heard it for decades now, and everything is just peachy, it’s only the Jews and Neocons looking for a new grift.

    The old nickel goes that the best trick the devil ever pulled was convincing you that he doesn’t exist. China is doing that right now. Sure the faggots and rapists and degenerate rulers in the Holy City are chitting bricks, and yes, they mean to turn a handsome buck profiteering off the hysteria. I agree with the Dissidents – f**k them.


    There are honest, reliable patriots in the military, and those guys are chitting bricks too. These are not men given to panic and hysteria. They have been screaming bloody murder for a couple years now. Consider the field of artificial intelligence: the chinks are moving to weaponize it at top speed. They are running national competitions for their best and brightest young minds to recruit them into the effort. Competition is fierce, and the rewards are serious.
    The faggots and pacifists here in the tech industries at home flat out refuse to cooperate with the military at all in weaponizing AI and have walked out in protest of the very notion of it.

    The military is in huge trouble. They can’t recruit. They need bright kids that don’t do drugs, that are physically fit, and motivated. Given that the latest admiral in the US Navy is a creepy Jewish man in a dress – those kids are avoiding the military like the plague.

    Finally – China is buying our leaders. Both Justin Trudeau and Joe Biden dance to chinkish tunes, and no bones about it.

    The Dissident that chooses to snooze through the current crisis is looking for a seriously rude awakening…

  13. I got in a bit of trouble a few years ago when I quipped just a bit too loud in a Pentagon meeting that GPC (Great Power Competition, ie buying a lot of expensive weapons to fight China) seems a bit of a silly exercise when the majority of our antibiotics are made there. When pressed, I pointed out that it seems a bit convenient that GPC exactly lines up with all the expensive military kit the services (especially Navy and AF) have always wanted to buy. I wasn’t so bold as to point out that most senior admirals find themselves on the boards of major Defense contractors within 6 months (to the day) after their retirement (for example, VADM T. Moore, former NAVSEA cdr which buys ships, now works as a VP at HII shipyard).

    War College taught that military effort are just one instrument of national power; national power is welded through a number of means, represented by the acronym DIME (diplomatic, information, military, economic). GPC rationales are largely responsible for exploding DoD budgets, but the other areas (D,I,E) don’t appear at all aligned with a China OMG! strategy. So my cynical take (and it’s quite easy to become cynical after multiple Pentagon tours) is that GPC is largely an attempt to justify buying expensive military kit.

    The Marine Corps tends to venerate their past leaders in a way the other services do not, Lejeune, Chesty Puller are venerated. But the one obvious biography missing from the USMC Pantheon is Maj Gen Smedley Butler, twice (!) awarded the Medal of Honor, as part of a storied 30+ year career. And the average marine has no idea who he is, and my guess is the reason he was memory-holed was his post-military career primarily involved writing and promoting a pamphlet entitled War Is A Racket, critical of what today we’d call the military-industrial complex.

    • One Russian military analyst, whose be I’ve forgotten, once said that, “America makes weapons because it can’t make warriors.” As I’ve gotten older and observed more, I’m inclined to agree.

      • I certainly agree with that nowadays, but before 20 years ago and before the rainbowing of the military?

        • The Russians got a yuge shock back in 91 when Saddam’s army got destroyed far faster than they assumed, now of course there are all kinds for reasons for this, but Iraq was using mainly Soviet tech

          A war with Russia would be very different, its not 1991 any more

      • Only shitheads run for government office, so who the fuck am I supposed to vote for.. Guns got bought because people know, deep down, we’re on our own. If Pedojoe decides to bring it, he’s got a war on his hands. He’ll be strung up. as he should, a traitor to his own country.

    • The DoD really should be renamed to the DoO, where O is offense. Or perhaps, DoE where E is empire.

  14. Every time I hear one of my (otherwise) reasonable, right-leaning friends or family members talking about how evil China is, I get thoroughly angry. I do my best to contain that anger, and challenge them on their ideas without sounding philosinotic (is that a proper word?) or unpatriotic, but most people are just too plugged-in to the mainstream, and even if they limit their political views to those espoused by Fox News, they manage to maintain their position on the Republican plantation without ever questioning anything they are told.

    I think it is almost instinctual that people need a bogeyman to fear, that’s why we tell our children simplistic stories when they are young to keep them out it trouble. It’s a shame that 90%+ of the American population is in a state of perpetual childhood.

    • Judging from the latest headlines about China’s current energy crisis, I’m wondering if Xi is shortsighted and we’re overestimating him. I certainly hope that’s the case.

      • He’s only smart comparatively, which isn’t saying much, “world’s tallest midget” and all that.

        • “He’s only smart comparatively, which isn’t saying much”
          You are displaying your ignorance.

          China has a political system that selects on smarts at every level from the village on up.

    • People have to excise that patriotism. They are patriotic for a nation that no longer exists and to the extend it does, is run by people who hate them. Their complaints about China are usually retarded anyway, whining about concentration camps and muh freedoms. “They throw their Muslims in concentration camps” and I’m like, and…? We could use a few of these ourselves. Just imagine if our cops could just shoot antifa on sight? Granted, given the state of our countries, they’d probably use that ability to shoot us, but the principle, if not the target, is right.

    • I have to say, I welcome our new insect overlords. The Chinese are the most racist people on earth, and they have no problem expressing it — they routinely say stuff about basketball-Americans, for instance, that would cause David Duke to run away screaming. The average Han’s book report on King Leopold’s Ghost would read: “C-. A decent start; needs improvement.” Admittedly it’ll be cold comfort in the labor camps, but I for one am looking forward to asking “How ya like that ‘White supremacy’ now, beeyatch?” to any of them who survive the inevitable shutoff of the gibs pipeline.

      It’ll be horrible beyond imagining, for everyone, but… there it is. This is Clown World; take your chuckles where you find them.

      • Wait, what? Surely Shanika will get some of the PRC’s stash.*

        *2008, tube top over rolls of fat complete with a lady’s grill

    • I just say these things when people bring up China or Russia or whoever:

      Is China flooding my country with illegal immigrants (I use the word “illegal” so Joe Normie can handle it)?

      Is China teaching my kids that their ancestors are terrible?

      Is China telling me and my family that we have “white priviledge”?

      Is China taxing me so it can give my money to welfare moms?

      Is China letting my roads fall apart?

      Those questions shut people up pretty quickly.

    • well, organ harvesting is pretty evil. forcibly aborting babies is pretty evil. i can go on if you want. how in the world can you manage to read (giving you huge benefit of the doubt here) and not see that the ccp are thoroughly evil; evil incarnate in fact.

      • Are they giving prepubescent children hormone blockers?

        America is Evil. The expectation here is that I’m supposed to ignore all the evil shit that happens here to root rah rah rah for the evil home time while they fight the other “evil” that they have declared their enemy.

        This is the same principle as refusing to vote and participate in faux democracy (therefore legitimizing it). I’m not going to legitimize their warmongering by ignoring their brand of evil and giving them moral authority to fight a different brand of evil.

        PS: legal abortion here in the US in the service of redefining gender and putting more women in the workforce, thereby destroying family formation and male/female relations, is just as evil as “forced abortions”, perhaps more evil, when you consider that there might at least be a population control aspect to Chinese forced abortions, whereas the American equivalent is blatantly a psyop that has left millions of women dependent on antidepressants.

        Not only can I read, I can also think for myself. Thank you.

      • karl: To the best of my knowledge, Our Greatest Ally is the most well known nation for organ harvesting and profiting. Their ‘scientific and medical researchers’ can easily match and beat the Chinese regarding animal experiments and anything else to make humanity post human.

        Yes, that is evil incarnate. And they do it to make money, and because they believe they are like unto gods.

    • The US myth requires us to be the “good guys” fighting tyranny in all forms.

      Its utterly false but than so is all the social capital that has been used to hold the empire together probably since Lincoln or Wilson, certainly F.D.R.

      We basically need it otherwise the nation will wake up and stop existing

    • How about a smidgen of evidence that all the reporting and testimony about the treatment of the Uyghurs is false? What about China’s unrelenting and ubiquitous censorship? Also a fiction?

      You are insane.

      • Who is insane?

        Me? I never mentioned any of those things. Nor do I care. It isn’t me who is being censored, nor am I a Uyghur.

        My point is that China hasn’t declared me a domestic terrorist because I oppose homosexual pedophilic reading material in my kid’s school library, or because I oppose white guilt indoctrination in public schools. I don’t have to worry about my daughter or girlfriend going to China and being raped by a Congolese man who is there illegally with an expired student visa. China’s problems are not America’s problems…. And if they really were, we’d be imposing trade sanctions on them and crippling their economy, (which is something we’ll never ever ever do as long as the bulk of our commercial goods are coming from there.)

        I’m tired of these distractions from the real issues that concern me and cause my own quality of life to be dimensished.

  15. The tip off for me that its all lies is the lack of muslim threats today. Why would muslims suddenly stop attacking us? Great essay!

  16. The crisis du jour is indeed just another “look squirrel” distraction to cover for double digit inflation, $5/gal gasoline, and the impending massive expansion of the surveillance state. And, at the root, the only real crisis facing the USA is the cancer residing in DC and various corporate boardrooms & financial institutions. The fish rots from the head.

    But the good news is that the cancer cells are still relatively few in numbers, especially as compared to the volume of antibodies that will come into play after the collapse. Ignore the noise, get fit, survive, and train. When the fog rolls in, and the jackboot are fully occupied with riot control, the day of remedy will be upon us.

    It’s the only way to be sure.

  17. One trick ponies, and the trick doesn’t work as well as it used to. People will see through it soon enough, before long cynicism will be the default. The world changed, the cause that brought them to power is long gone. They’re finished.

    Just a matter of when the inflection point comes. Last one was 30 years or so ago. We’re due for some turnover, maybe overdue. The Trump election and the issues that propelled it say so.

    Perhaps then we can start to deal with the end of empire and the demographic disaster.

  18. here’s the existential problem for the current ruling group: as far as I am concerned, America is dead. So I do not care about China, Russia, the ME, etc etc. My preference is for all major US cities to be nuked. I am just “lying flat” waiting for the rubble to stop bouncing. How many are like me, totally indifferent to the fate of this government, or anyone here (outside of close family, and very close friends)? Now that I know how thoroughly pozzed all of the population is here, I can ignore their plight serenely. Hard to rebuild the world when no one will stir themselves no matter how hard you plead, or how many gibmes you spread around.

    • I would prefer that they be nuked with neutron bombs…kill the poz without the collateral fallout and environmental damage.

      • In the words of the late, great Frank Zappa, “…to poof them out of existence, while leaving their real estate right where we need it”.

  19. The push to create a new Cold War with China, Russia or both just shows how our rulers never throught through their plan to bring whites to their knees. They’re like the South Park gnomes.

    Phase One: Destroy whites by demoralizing them and flooding the US with hostile non-whites

    Phase Two: ?????

    Phase Three: Wonderful first world country

    We’re like the late Roman Empire. The invading hordes can’t think of a better system so they’re just hanging on to the institutions and policies of the ever-dwindling Romans. But without the qualified personnel to man those institutions and the culture/morality of the previous people that gave the institutions and rules authority, the system slowly breaks down.

    A new Cold War definitely is a huge profit center for many Washington interests, but it’s also a sign that they don’t know how to move forward. Or, more accurately, they fear what a society that moves beyond its Christian white past will look like, so they stick with trying to prop up that past with whites falling in population and power.

    • I started to post something similar earlier. TPTB are getting a preview of what post-White America will be and it doesn’t align much with their vision. It’s too late for them to turn back the clock, and soon someone’s private jet will fall from the sky after having a difficult time getting off the ground. There’s much more to come.

      • Our rulers wanted to destroy white America but rule over the United States of the 1980s.

        To destroy white American, our rulers had to flood it with non-whites and to destroy white American culture. They succeeded. But, obviously, they destroyed 1980s America as well.

        Neither our rulers nor their mercenaries know what to do now. That’s why they keep pretending that white nationalists are everywhere. It’s why they keep pretending that China or Russia is a threat.

        It’s not just to keep them in power. It’s because they don’t know what comes next. They’re creating Brazil, but they don’t want to rule Brazil. They’re terrified to give up the past because the future is ugly and messy.

        • “Our rulers wanted to destroy white America but rule over the United States of the 1980s.”

          Yes. And the only thing they hate more than white america is the nagging realization that without white america there is no america to rule. This makes them hate us even more. Like the cheating ex who fails to stick the landing then makes it her life’s work to destroy the better life we create in the ashes.

          Their anxiety fuels a scorched earth view of us; they can tolerate no survivors. Like the covid control group, evidence of what was and what can be possible.

          Perhaps why they insist on doubling-down and purging the last vestiges of white competency from every institution. “White rage” is pure projection. But it should instruct us as to what we will likely have to conjure to meet them in kind in the field.

          Even in the man-on-the-street level I see this breaking across the prog-leftist camp. The most rabid progressives I know reside on opposite sides of this precipice of epiphany. Two pincers of white hate only disagreeing on the frivolities of the crushing.

          The Portland-Seattle-Vermont delusional utopians who live in 85% white areas being totally dedicated to the cause of destroying white america as the ash of their beliefs in action blackens their own villages. They look around and see the forest, so much still to burn before Progress can be realized.

          Then there are the white progs already living in the various Brazils, surrounded by their betters, reveling in their prostration toward the progressive mecca of a diverse and most equal of equal multiculti civilizations. The wealthy ones enjoy the view from Elysium while the less fortunate enjoy the status of the right side of history. The air was already thick with ash and so of course they must destroy flyover because the progressive bounty is mandatory. The fake plastic trees are losing luster and so its Bozeman or bust!

          • I am witnessing the absolute destruction of Idaho firsthand by leftist Utopians running from the Frankenstein monsters they created in California and the east coast. They have zero self awareness.

          • How much blame goes on Idahoans themselves?

            They just sit there and let invaders change things. Won’t say what needs to be done but frankly there should be a zero tolerance policy, for leftism, anywhere.

          • It seems obvious that this is intended.

            Make the large cities unlivable solely to get them to spread like fungal spores, knowing they will do the same thing to the new areas.

            As the entities in charge are just a death cult it really does not matter to them the amount of destruction they engender.

        • I think you’re giving them too much credit.

          They’ve probably never considered it, and still don’t today. If they did they wouldn’t be increasing third world immigration, but rather reducing it.

          But yeah, it is what They want, but they don’t have the insight or critical thinking to realize it. No point having a Ferrari when there are no roads to drive on lol

          • Pretty sure Leftists think roads grow like grass or just magially appear as their vibrant pets trot over the magic dirt.

    • move forward?? they cannot even hold orbit :P.

      the thing is a cold war takes real skill to conduct without going hot accidentally. sound like something this crew can handle?

      • I’m banking on China understanding the situation and keeping things from going hot.

        China has lot of problems – like a lot – but they’re smart and they play the long game. They can see that the United States is turning into a Brazil. And they know that Brazil doesn’t pose a threat to what they want, which is regional hegemony.

        From their perspective, there’s nothing to gain from confronting the United States directly. Just wait us out.

        • You better hope they are in on the scam.

          Because running a brinkmanship cold war against a face saving culture could get real nasty.

        • Just watched YouTube channel Curious Droid, about the original Apollo plan. White men everywhere.
          To bad they wasted time, talent, and money on such an ephemeral program

          • Wasted it in comparison to what? What else would those men have done with their lives that would have altered where we are now? Were they going to stop the Civil Rights Act or Hart-Cellar in its tracks? Devise and build an effective border wall? Stem the tide of industrial outsourcing?

            Those white men accomplished something that still boggles the mind. No other demographic on earth is capable of doing what they did.

        • chinese are careless and reckless, so counting on them to keep a cold war cold, is naive. especially given how bellicose they are currently.

        • Here’s an important counter. Most of the current Chinese leadership lived through, mostly as children, the Cultural Revolution. They know batshit crazy when they see it, and the United States is batshit crazy obviously. They have every reason to be afraid and would act accordingly.

        • They also have no choice. In the short span of 50 years, the lifetime of some here , China’s population will decline by half.

          They really don’t have any way to get those numbers up either.

          The decline isn’t terribly bad for China but within less than a century its population may decline to 300 million . That’s the 18th century population and while it will probably stabilize its as serious in its own way a decline as we face.

          • A.B. Prosper: The Han in America, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand can take their multiple children and return to their homeland. Add in the thousands of Han in Italy.

            No White should shed tears for the predicted (and questionable) Han population decline.

          • I don’t care a lick but Han fertility isn’t high here or anywhere else either.

            Also unless they are expelled most of them aren’t going anywhere. They love the money and opportunity to grift too much.

            That said they may well feel the need to pack up. The rule of law degrades too much and ethnic cleansing is on against “Chinos” and probably low class Blacks.

            In California where I live the hatred and outright racism against Chinese by Latinos and everyone else including in government is palpable.

            This is not applied to Japanese oddly enough, just Chinese carpetbaggers and broadly though less severely against most other groups except Filipinos.

    • I think the funniest aspect of people who venerate the founding fathers is that they ignore how the founders used Roman government as a guide for creating the American government in spite of knowing exactly how Rome declined and fell. Somehow they thought they could do what had been done before, but get different results.

      • Interesting. And, many Trads think that America was a European “reboot” without Christianity but based on Freemasonic principles of Liberty Equality brotherhood.

        Others say that the republican like set up was thoroughly Thomistic. Who knows

    • I know several examples of whites who proudly have their kids in the military. Many still don’t get it.

  20. I’m struggling to find any meaningful, practical differences between the US and China oligarchs:

    US: kids go to Ivy League
    China: kids go to Ivy League

    US: COVID passes, mandatory jabs
    PRC: Internal passports, mandatory jabs

    US: Youtube and Twitter bans, Facebook/Google news manipulation; no rights to speech or assembly
    PRC: Great Firewall; no rights either

    US: 3000 oligarchs run the country
    PRC: 3000-member Central Committee + Xi run the country

    US: masses struggle to survive, have no voice in system, rent houses from Blackstone
    PRC: masses struggle to survive, have no voice in system, buy apartments from over-levered crooks

    US: military makes extravagant claims, turns everything it touches to crap
    China: military makes extravagant claims, but has the good sense to do nothing but engage in rock fights with neighboring Hindus

    This whole thing is a grift. China oligarchs need us as misdirection against their property company collapse. US oligarchs need China to justify the next Afghanistan-like looting operation for MIC. What a romance……..

    • PRC mandates a relatively harmless jab and AFAIK you can pretty much say whatever you want besides criticize the government. The population’s morals were utterly savaged by Mao and now the elite are using social credit and other measures to restore decency.

      Confucius say: to restore broken pot require great heat and pressure.

    • All very good points by Captain Willard.

      I would like to focus on one point he touched on: I will start to take the sabre-rattling seriously once the CCP elites stop sending their only children to study at U.S. universities, but not a moment sooner.

      • Perhaps, but universities in Northeast Asia and China in particular are basically finishing schools for the elite of the elite. The army of students you see over here are the also-rans.

        As well, some habits die hard. China hasn’t completely gotten away from it’s “meh, we’ll make more” policy in regards to the lives of it’s citizens.

        • Xi’s daughter attends Harvard, i believe. definitely a US uni. i think you are very wrong as to which unis are most prestigious, internationally. at least for now.

          • How do you know you’re talking to someone who went to Harvard, don’t worry. they’ll tell you

      • Don’t worry, because that in itself will be enough to bring AINO to its knees. The dirtiest, most open secret in the ivory tower is their utter dependence on foreign kids, mostly Chinese, paying full room and board. The school where I spent my career, “Flyover State,” is an amalgam of several schools, from big state universities to small private liberal arts colleges to jucos, but the one thing they all had in common was, English was never heard in the student union. Walk around the shopping area close to campus in the rain, and you’d swear you were in a low budget remake of Blade Runner. A 10% drop in the yuan, and “American” higher “education” collapses overnight. And since there’s more student loan debt outstanding than credit card debt, kiss what’s left of the economy goodby. No need to fire a shot.

        • Had some experience with that at a local flyover state, and while they had a large number of Chinese, they were dwarfed by the East Indians. Really, looking at the graduating classes I’ve no idea why white people support these schlockfests.

        • Several years ago I visited the campus at Harvard never having been before and found it, and Cambridge itself, pretty disappointing. Maybe it was seeing messy construction tape and piles of dirt that seemed to sprout from the ground everywhere instead of the stately Ivy covered buildings of every hollywood movie but more likely almost every face I saw walking around like urban sherpas with their ubiquitous backpacks was Asian. Kind of shocking to be honest.

      • Well, now that Chairman Xi has gotten the wake up call about the Wokies, the flood of Chinese coming here may slow down mostly to the PLA members tasked with scientific/industrial espionage. After all, does Xi want to run the risk of a form of Wokeism coming home via those students?

        But a delicious thought… the leftist universities are substantially propped up by the full tuition delivered by Chinese students. Oops.

  21. The US actually is far ahead of the PRC in the most critical military areas: CRT training and transgender operations for the troops.

      • According to an actual SF guy who commented at my place, Demi Moore claimed to have become a real SEAL on the set of “GI Jane,” because she whizzed in the ocean of going back to her trailer. Which means I’ve been a SEAL since about 1993, after sixteen beers on Spring Break at Daytona Beach. Later that night I sprained an ankle attempting an unconventional insertion on a coed; wonder if I can put myself in for a retroactive Purple Heart, John Kerry style?

  22. This latest nonsense about super Chinese missiles is such an obvious lie that I almost laughed at loud when I read about it. Same thing one year ago about yet another Chinese super missile that could take out an American carrier. What ever happened to those? Easy answer: They never existed.

    I remember some years back when everything was about “Russia! Russia! Russia!” The Rooskies were supposed to have a super sub that was far advanced over American subs. What happened to it?

    Outside of a few showcase cities China is “an India with guns.” She cannot even find a way to get to Taiwan 90 miles away. Cubans have for decades managed to float across 90 miles of ocean on rafts made of used tires.

    China is a paper tiger. All information about her is a psyop to convince people that resisting China is impossible, that we should all just stop trying, ok?

    • The Russians do have decent Subs, the Kilo class is very hard to detect when its running on electric power

      As for missiles, yeah China and Russia can sink US carriers with their missiles, give it a few years and Iran will be able to do the same

      • They have pretty good fighters, SAMs, and networked radars as well.

        I like their bomb trajectory calculator in their strike aircraft that enables dumb bomb drops to approach the accuracy of laser/GPS guided bombs without the need to stick an expensive, one-use electronics package on the bomb itself.

  23. no matter how detestable the americans might find the chinese they should always consider the alternative, which is GLOBALIST DEMOCRACY. The 2 poles of globalist democracy are george floyd & homosexuality(which leads to pedo stuff) so…

    the way i see it the russians are correct to ally themselves with the asians against the americans(not that they have any other options). Nationalism is dead in the west, outside of some keyboard warriors, history will not remember the dissidents, we might as well not exist.

    The only reason the western elites are upset with the chinese is cause they reject the 2 poles of globalist democracy, their hatred is ideological in nature, it has nothing to do with china’s military prowess whatsoever.

    • Remember in the book “1984”, one “country” was always at war with an alliance of two other “countries”? Didn’t matter how and who were aligned, always at war with traitors/allies.

      • Orwell never told us what systems the people in other countries lived under, I always assumed in was the same as Airstrip One

        Same as today really

  24. “How about in the last great war, key industries were sold off to the Germans?”

    I see your point Z, and it’s not a direct analogy, but you DO know GM and Ford (Opel and Ford-Werke) built trucks for Mustache Man’s (tm Severian) armed forces, correct?

    And then there was IBM and Standard Oil.

    Hey, selling to both sides is The American Way ™!

    • And the British royal family owned shares in the German arms manufacturer Krupp several years into WWII. Finally sold when the news came out.

      So fake and gay is nothing new.

      • Krupp sold artillery ammunition to both sides during World War I.

        After the war, they came calling and got paid.

      • General Motors was responsible for one third of all repairs to German armored fighting vehicles in WW2.

  25. I suspect the war drums are being rolled out and beaten to distract the populous from the fact that our government is trying and failing to become more totalitarian and in the process looks pathetic and foolish:

    – Mandatory Vaccination and the “No Jab, No Job” approach, which is meeting steady pushback.

    – A combination of disrupted supply chains, shortages of workers, and money printers going brrrrrrrrrr leading to either empty store shelves or increasing costs for everyday staples (food, clothing, fuel, etc.).

    – A hands off approach to Diverse and Vibrant! individuals resulting in increasing levels of crime throughout the country.

    – Leadership with senility or gross incompetence.

    So by all means try the “Look over there! Look at that HUGE THREAT!!” approach.

    • The problem is that the people running the USGov op don’t realize their figureheads are charisma free.

      I mean, they’re not even close to Stalin, much less funny mustache guy.

      No one’s getting hyped up to go die in New Taipei or even plant a Victory Garden for Basement Joe and Cackles.

    • After being steadily promised for 40 years that making China rich would make China our friend by all the best of the bestest Cloud people, they’re going to have a difficult time drumming up interest in starting a war with them.

      “We must go to war with China, because their uber-smart and hard-working kids keep getting all the Ivy League admissions!!!!” isn’t going to go over very well with the dirt people who’ll be doing the dying.

      • TBF to the cloud people, it was an honest belief that the Chinese would embrace their values. I remember watching a Mark Steyn video on youtube years ago and he pointed out that the left just don’t know or understand the World outside their narrow frame, they just don’t get it. they never will. the facts don’t matter, just look and the Afghanistan collapse, it was no surprise to anyone reading this blog, but to the cloud people its WTF, why don’t they want to live like us

    • Our “leadership” is grossly incompetent only if you think that their goal is to defend our borders or protect our people or pursue policies that don’t wreck everything, but I don’t se any reason to think such a thing.

    • The empowered science(tm) woman!
      It’s still not clear to me what a hypersonic missile is and what differentiates it from a hypersonic ballistic missile (the Minuteman 3 missile, which has been around since 1970 hits almost 19k miles an hour which is about Mach 24). I think it might be that the hypersonic missile stays in the atmosphere, but then why do they call it a glider? If it spends part of its time gliding, how is that different from a ballistic missile?

      • I am guessing the difference between gliding and ballistic is trajectory. If the glider can perform with a flatter trajectory I assume it presents some sort of advantage?

      • Or perhaps its trajectory is not as fixed, therefore more difficult to intercept. Or maybe it’s all just hypersonic hype.

      • If it were possible to field a hypersonic cruise missile that would be a game changer to cut down defensive response times.

        I *think* Russia might have supersonic cruise missiles.

        I know all the main US cruise missiles are high subsonic speed, around Mach 0.8-0.9.

        • As it stands, no one has hypersonic missiles. The main reason is the engines. Conventional jet engines only work to a certain speed, which means ram jets, which only work over a certain speed. Then to get into the hypersonic range it means scramjets, which will not work below a certain speed. So far, reach hypersonic speed has meant using multiple propulsion systems. Then there is the fact that at those speed almost all known metals become unstable or melt.

          The bottom line is hypersonic weapons are right there with warp drives and antimatter weapons.

    • Practicality is a mere matter of funding. The man in the room who asks why we need a ladder to the moon is really just asking for a RFP.

  26. Fund any war with China with tariffs on Chinese exports. Yeah, ain’t gonna happen. Any nation that manufactures your antibiotics already has won.

    Turn off your television, tell your children not to debase themselves with military service, and if the Left starts massive anti-war riots support them and if inclined join them in the streets.

    It would be freaking hilarious if the PRC announced ahead of time which American cities it will be vaporizing if attacked. ‘Cause they have these terrible missiles and all, you see.

    • I dunno. If they choose wisely you could find the CCP has more political support than any of the internal US political parties.

      DC, San Fran, Portland, Chicago, ….

      maybe they could be the next write in candidate.

      • Don’t discount it. Another break on anything kinetic with China is the California might just sit it out, wisely so.

      • Xi Jinping Thought is a hell of a lot more on target than anything the establishment here is promulgating.

        Its highly China specific obviously and not for us but at least its an ideology and its nationalist, mostly in the Chinese sense of the word.

        I actually wish we had a similar coherent ideology here on the Dissident Right than isn’t recycled carp and is fit for purpose in the 21st century.

        • For that you need a coherent people in mind and identity.

          That ship sailed 40 years ago and the memory of it has passed into dreams.

    • Jack: My husband mused the other night that, in addition to all the Han spies we employ in every government and military agency, the Chinese could very simply send 100,000 militarily-trained young men across our southern border in dribs and drabs. They could already have done so. How would we notice?

      This is, of course, in addition to the hundreds of thousands of Han already resident here as ‘good Americans.’ Notify the sleeper 100k army to mobilize, get instant ‘domestic’ support that takes the entire left coast up into Canada out of play, and wait for DC’s response. Note that I’m not pushing any armed conflict – I don’t blame the Chinese for not wanting an island under imperial US sway right off their shores. I’d like to live in a White America, not a multikult global hegemon.

      We are not a serious people, and Citizen of a Silly Country is more than one man’s nom de guerre.

      • I will reiterate some things I wrote earlier. Yes, this is all a sham and just the mere threat of cessation of profits from China investments would end anything real. Threatening Karens with nuclear antihalation would lead to many nasty TikTok (a PRC company) videos. McConnell and Biden for all intents and purposes are Chinese lobbyists. The MIC knows full well what it can and cannot do and that’s why the Wars ‘o the Week tend to be against small and harmless Middle Eastern countries. Add to the mix everything your husband told you.

        Now here’s the rub. Xi himself suffered during the Cultural Revolution. The same is true with much of the PRC civilian and military leadership. They know batshit crazy when they see batshit crazy. The United States currently is batshit crazy.

        I and I suspect you realize the Karens and Clown World and all the rest of the circus are largely staged performances and the Ruling Class never intends/intended for that madness to have any other utility other than as a political tool. But even we see some of this starting to infest TPTB. China has solid reason to be concerned given the similar insanity it experienced, which also was a tool to consolidate power but got out of hand.

        The United States horribly miscalculated when it crossed the Yalu during the Korean War. China was a mere shell of itself then and the United States was near its Imperial height. We know what happened. I can see this repeated if enough of the crazies make some stupid blunder to promote gay marriage in Hunan or whatever. You can bet China sees that, and might choose to nip it in the bud to the best of its not-so-limited ability if it sees that as possible.

        I want to live among my own, too, and do so as distantly as possible from where there could be riots, rapes and looting let alone nuclear strikes. There’s another reason to relocate.

        I still think China will threaten Taiwan but not invade, and the two will reunify over the United States’ objections. That is when things get interesting for us because it is lights out for “our” economy at that point.

        • China quelled its Red Guard mentalists by essentially getting the Chinese army to shoot a lot of them once they got to overthrowing local political institutions,, and even then it took a couple of years to stop it.

          I can’t see this happening in the US, as the army is quickly transforming into the crazy college girl with drones, tanks and advanced weapons, and as severian likes to say its all about crushing the h8ters.

          • in the end crazy college girls don’t run shit, the average white dude only listens to them for one reason

    • The very serious internal economic problems in China are important to follow. They are trying to shift from an export based economy rooted in cheap compliant labor to a balanced economy. That is not going to be easy. The Japanese struggled with it despite having lots of support from America. China will get little outside support, even if it allowed it. The scale of the challenge dwarfs what Japan faced. Then you have the severe demographic problems.

      • I do agree with you here. If China ever poses an actual threat, it will be to quell internal domestic discontent. In the past this was done domestically with the Great Leap Forward, for example, but they could if motivated cause an international shitstorm now.

      • looks like R/E development is fully 40% of their economy. thing is, these apartments are empty, and economically inert. also they are not built to last, and start decaying during the construction process. so all the money they have been earning, has been wasted on unusable apartments. it also means their actual economy is much smaller than reported.

  27. China and Russia can make a show out of trading with one another in their own currencies, but the rest of the world is never abandoning the dollar as the reserve currency.

    That’s because the dollar is the only legal tender for buying oil on the open market. The dollar is not a fiat currency, it’s anchored in hydrocarbons.

    In case anyone wondered why America cancelled its nuclear power program.

    • This is also why general price inflation to this point has not been an issue, despite the massive increase in the money supply. The world is a big place so there is always demand for dollars somewhere. The current inflation is mostly due to the supply issues caused by idiotic Covid policies.

      • The current inflation is mostly due to the supply issues caused by idiotic Covid policies.

        Or by very clever and deliberate Covid policies.

        there is always demand for dollars somewhere.

        As long as the US military can enforce the dollar monopoly, at any rate.

        With all the talk about accelerationism and inflection points and people jonesing for a civil war, it’s surprisingly rare to hear someone argue that patriots should work to destroy the dollar.

        • That’s actually the Empire’s biggest stick against its serf-drones. If the dollar tanks, the Empire implodes

          • I notice the Commies aren’t talking about sinking the dollar either. So much for crushing capitalism.

          • Felix, I would think the Dollar might go up if the empire tanks. It would probably become the defacto SDR or something. Yes, the force would go away, but also the need to force would go away.

  28. Agree with everything here but this bit is kind of weak:

    “Building a bomb is very hard, requires massive resources and lots of smart people. Iraq had none of those things.”

    I mean if Pakistan & North Korea can do it, … just sayin’

    • Not that I believe they were ever building a bomb. I remember thinking at the time that it was doubtful but a possibility. I thought a lot of things then that I don’t think now.

    • I just figure they bought their bombs. The Norks in particular, were probably nuke-armed by China to be used as a sacrificial cats-paw during the Cold War days.

    • Both Pakistan and North Korea have had top-class administrative infrastructure necessary to build and secure fissile material and delivery apparatus.

      Iraq, on the contrary, had none of that.

      Iraqi ‘State’ was a Sunni-supremacist mafia forever in conflict with internal and external adversaries.

    • Pakistan had a smart fraction that was educated in the West and able to pull it off. They also had a lot of Western help. Iraq never had anything close. North Korea is a great example of how hard it is to build and deploy nuclear weapons. The Koreans are smart and committed, but without access to Western technology, they have struggled to get their program off the ground.

      • Was there any serious evidence North Korea actually accomplished finishing a nuke? Given the time of the testings and being tacked onto the “axis of evil” schtick could’ve been one hell of a motovator to blow up a cave or three dor show.

        • It’s hard to fake: the shockwave from a nuke is much faster than from conventional explosives, someone would have noticed. All you’d have to do was to compare the time stamps on the seismic sensors that picked up the blast.

          • That makes sense. I imagine the explosive charistics would be very different, too. Yes, the nuke would expend its payload faster, but a cave full of plastique or whatever bulk explosive they used, would just look different.

        • There is independent corroboration that they detonated a nuke underground. It also appears that while it was a success, they destroyed much of their supporting infrastructure in the process. Even so, going from that to a deliverable weapon on a missile is a huge step.

          • It’d probably be simpler to put one in the hold of a ship and find a nearby enemy harbor to detonate it.

        • The best evidence that North Korea has a nuclear capability is the fact that the United States hasn’t invaded North Korea to deliver them “Freedom” with high explosive. Only nations without the biggest stick of all get invaded.

  29. Reading this while waiting to get into the secure building where I am a cog in the gigantic ancient wheel of the MIC, every word is fact. Also fact is since the first tribe of cavemen threw rocks & sticks at the other tribe there has been the MIC.
    Is it amoral? Yes very much so. It is also true that if any three people are stuck together on an island soon two of them will be trying to kill the other.
    When I am shaving I tell myself if it isn’t me it will be someone less competent. My personal stance during the last two hassles was that It didn’t matter if my young boys went on any mission it only mattered that they were able to get back.
    The only way the the system could change is if the current ruling batch are fed into chipper shredders.
    I am more than willing and pray for that every hour of every day.. But human beings being what they are within a few years a new batch of evil will take root. & it will be the duty of a future generation to do what it must. These thoughts are always in the back of my mind as I play with my grand children. Ignorance would be much better.

  30. So far, the opinion of the average Joes who were propagandized into supporting Middle East wars is they hate China, but dislike any thought of military conflict, supporting shutting down trade instead. It’s going to be a hard sell to middle America to wave Old Glory for a military more and more realize is a woke paper tiger that is more hostile to average Americans than foreign adversaries.

    That being said, support for military intervention to support Taiwan in case of an attack is sitting at 53%, though who knows with polls as they are now. A strong propaganda campaign will probably get support of military conflict up to 60%, but will be missing the fanatical supporters that can keep the enthusiasm going, especially if body bags start coming back. Also, the white southern boys that made Iraq and Afghanistan a success at first are going to be hamstrung to being helpless.

    • Manufacturing consent is something the regime does well. After all, they made a man with severe dementia into the most popular politician in American history. Support for the regime does not have to be real. They just have to pretend it is real and most people will quietly go along with it.

      • “…most people will quietly go along with it.”

        I have never been so surprised and amazed at anything in my life, as I have been about this. I am surrounded by very smart people who are quietly going along with all of it. It has been the most black-pilling thing I’ve encountered yet.

        • There is a lot more going on than we are allowed to see. The US media is as censored as Pravda under Stalin only less honest

          More importantly the Dissidents refuse steadfastly to offer an alternative ideology of any kind and every man Jack of them just wants to punch Leviathan in the nose and go home to his own little patch.

          Even if they could win a fight they will just leave a power vacuum . No one backs a weak horse . Its a complex world and you break it you own it, doubly so for Dissidents.

          The Libertarian instinct is crippling because if you become worth and take power you must use it .

          In a situation where the the fictitious Northwest Front or the Turner Diaries has an ideology and a “we are in charge” plan and you don’t is a guaranteed failure.

          And yes I’ve read most of Lind’s Victoria , its only slightly more realistic than Aragorn becomes King of the Americas.

          The day the Dissident Right has a common ideology and the Assibayah to fight for it is the day they can fight and win.

          Till than prepping, getting hard letting Clown World destroy itself (don’t interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake) and yes even voting to try and reform the Republicans in primaries is all you got

        • “I have never been so surprised and amazed at anything in my life, as I have been about this. I am surrounded by very smart people who are quietly going along with all of it. It has been the most black-pilling thing I’ve encountered yet.”

          I don’t know whether this was reference to the Not-So-Great-Plague, but if so, even my cynical ass has been taken aback by how the multitudes swallowed obvious lies about Covid hook, line and sinker. I’ve literally lost respect for several close people in my life over that, and it has been terrifying to watch. And as it unravels, they seem more than willing to go along with the excuses as to why things were gotten so horribly wrong.

          • Its a genetically engineered experimental gain of function virus.

            Anyone with brain one is a little leery of such things as Corona Chan could knock boots with Hanta Virus or its kissing cousin H1N1 and turn into a civilization killer or just mutate into something very nasty.

            Our reaction to our stroke of good fortune, it didn’t do that and doesn’t appear to be doing so is a product of a diseased civilization.

            A healthy one would be “Thank God, now let’s make the abastards pay for that.”

            Problem is too many normal people have fractured families if at all , unstable jobs, a brittle infrastructure and little hope for a better future .

            Yet at the same time have probably never never faced severe hardship or early death of people around them.

            That dissonance leads them to serious confusion.

            Material abundance + control of most sickness leads to a rat utopia but its unstable.

            I guess even last years riot boys came to understand “in spite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage.”

            People freak out.

      • That consent is falling apart rapidly. They can still fake elections, but there is a law of diminishing returns. Fraudulent elections but full shelves and rising incomes are certainly chill and grill. Freezing nearly to death makes people angry, particularly if just a few years ago they had good cheer, food, and warm homes. Its why Let’s Go Brandon is popping up everywhere. And for those shortages the regime has no answer, indeed they are deliberate to punish the people for being White.
        Being cold makes people very, very angry. Being cold and hungry makes them desperate.

    • Everyone who supports military intervention should have to at least be able to find the place on a map.

      For Taiwan should reduce the level down to 0.3% or so.

    • Hard to imagine the US actually intervening militarily in/around/against China. As the Zman wrote, there’s all kinds of other ways to apply pressure.

      Not mentioned: expelling 300,000+ Chinese students studying in US universities. They’re children of the Chinese elites, they’re coming over here for prestige reasons (and of course to SPY/STEAL intellectual property), and China is a face saving culture.

      OTOH, they pay full tuition; Harvard, with it’s 10 billion dollar endowment, would never survive the blow of losing the cash influx.

      • After reading your comment I realized that I, and others, had stolen your intellectual property. Please submit a comment that gives a name, address and amount needed to change this theft to a simple cash exchange.

        In the case of the Chinese students, perhaps some of the research they could undertake during their US education might be in the development of compounds or techniques that would be used to erase the contents of their memories shortly after their plane leaves for the Celestial Kingdom.

      • “Harvard, with it’s 10 billion dollar endowment, would never survive the blow of losing the cash influx.”

        Don’t know how accurate this is, but I heard not too long ago that, due to its huge endowments, Harvard could stop charging tuition entirely and it wouldn’t make a dent in it’s finances.

      • If the Dissident Right were real revolutionary types , outright taking that money when they won would be high on the agenda.

        Revenge is like Ice Cream, sweet and best served cold.

        If you win you’ve got a twenty year plus interregnum to do that sort of thing in , why waste it?

    • The only reason the regime would need real consent is if it contemplated a land war and needed bodies for it – a draft. If it just plans to wage a high tech war of drones, fewer bodies needed therefore no real consent required and it can parade around fake polls to its heart’s (metaphorically speaking as it does not have a real one) content.

  31. China this, China that. What is meant when the word “China” is used? Is it a billion plus souls going about their daily business? Or is it a government made up of American-educated apparatchiks that mean to take over the world?

    the rest of the world is never abandoning the dollar as the reserve currency.

    Really? If the treasury dept. insists on enpixelating trillions of dollars to pay off the vigorish on the T-bills it won’t take long for the US dollar to descend into an historical money trash can.

    The threat is the Western scientist who are willing to take Chinese money to perform forbidden research.

    The evil western scientists are probably getting US funds in exchange for their perfidy. It’s interesting that the US at least, considers everything, including science, knowledge and money, from a political perspective.

    • The Euro is a viable second option, and it won’t surprise me if countries like France and Germany try to break free of the American satellite and get cozy with China.

      • Biden didn’t have a problem with Northstream Ii. This 8s part of the reason.

        I actually have no idea how much longer the dollar will be the reserve currency but do look for Europe to further distance itself from the United States. Heck, the individual states are increasingly distancing themselves from D.C.

      • The French are really pissed of with the US and UK over the Australia Submarine deal, could see them and Germany more closer to Russia and maybe China, who knows

        • The Germans do not trust the French one bit; it’s not just a moral distrust but also the French are often pretty flakey in their politics and economics.

  32. Sure, let’s just keeping pissing off the chinks, as if there aren’t thousands of things that we need for modern life that are either manufactured there or the base materials originate from there. We’ve done such a great job of outsourcing, they could shut off (or turn on) a spigot here or there and create total chaos – you know, kinda like the covid. Sure we could cut off our markets from all the consumer garbage they send over here, but I’d say they’re in a better position to f us. Today I’m reading the auto industry may be doubly screwed as the bulk of the needed magnesium used in the manufacturing process comes from the inner kingdom. This land mass aka the (former) usa, run by idiots, is screwed. And by extension, so are we.

    • keep in mind that the US *has* plenty of almost all minerals – including rare earth. we just don’t let anyone mine and refine them. suicide is a choice.

  33. “There is money to be made in the next hoax, so everyone with the dream of living in the clouds will be happy to jump on it.”


    Gordon Guthrie Chang & other ‘China experts’ will now have bonanza of ‘public speaking engagements’.

    Recall how mass communications promoted characters like Robert Spencer, Ayan Hirsi Ali, Christopher Hitchens, Brigitte Gabriel, Pamela Geller, etc.

    David Goldman even wrote an utterly absurd book titled, ‘How Civilizations Die: And Why Islam is Dying Too’.

    Nonsense like that really had a market back then.

    By the way, Goldman’s latest publication goes by the name, “You Will Be Assimilated: China’s Plan to Sino-form the World”. $$$$

  34. They hate us for our wall to wall propaganda control system … err… I mean freedoms, blah blah, blah.

    Expect to see more China biological warfare threats along with space weapons. The best bit of this is that you don’t even have to spend 10% of the graft on dummy missiles and non working airplanes, you can just have sciency looking equipment in labs to prevent the new flumaggedon and pocket 99.5%.

    Its just shouting to try and get China to open up to the foreign venture firms. You can almost hear the scratching at the woodwork in frustration. In clown world there appears to be no dichotomy in having your mortal enemy be your main supplier. Who cares, its a detail.

    China however, being male oriented, does not give a shit about the media and seems to have learnt its lesson from the Opium wars and early domination by the mercantile vultures. Pity the west can’t learn the same.

    • Just to be clear I meant the threats will fake, entirely fictional boogeymen in the media only, not actual things, whose only purpose will be to generate graft.

      Much like the Russia fake BS.

  35. Actually defeating China would be simple.

    1) Immediate cessation of all food, coal, and oil exports to China.

    2) Immediate strikes on their major ports, rail hubs, power plants, and water distribution infrastructure.

    3) Immediate massed cruise missile strike on Three Gorges Dam.


    You could have them on their knees in a month or so without any need for a nuclear first strike on Beijing and Shanghai.

      • Think of it as a race, or perhaps a game of chicken.

        If the West had the will and the vision, we could starve them out while rehoming/relocating production.

        The problem is that the West has neither because its ruling class is compromised in so many ways.

        • Starve them out why?

          To what end is this new war to be fought?

          What real quantifiable threat to the integrity of the west is China?

          • trumpton expresses my thoughts: Why is China a threat?

            Let them have their sphere of interest in their part of the world.

            Bring our manufacturing back home and aspire towards self-sufficiency.

            I’m sure that more hawkish guys will point out my blind spots, but I don’t see the downside to letting them rule their area, if we disengage from them.

            If we can’t disengage, then that is our real problem.

            Finally, I don’t care if asian people live under authoritarian rule. It suits most of them just fine.

      • That’s what you get when you depend on other cultures/races for stuff that you don’t really need.

        Almost all my first born son’s toys were gifted to us by people and the hospital. Every time I read the label, guess what? Made in China. I’m thinking, great. Again.

        We’ve ourselves only to blame to our mass desire for cheaply produced goods. And I reckon that we’ve given a fair number of chinks plenty of our education. And they may well have stolen plenty more.

        I’m in no mood for war – whatever it may look like – with China; but if it wakes people up, they bin off the consumerism, find God and form a solid white identity to rally round and preserve and build on what our ancestors left, then I suppose it could be plus, in this Clownish World of ours.

        I can pass for the rest of my life on Chinese made crap and imported, distrustful and – in fact, rather disgusting (Chinese personal hygiene?) – peoples.

        We all know we’ve got to fall hard at some point. It’s going to suck either way.

        • Agreed only to the point of mindless consumerism. China produces our pharmaceuticals as well. Even after Covid this did not change. This perfectly illustrates what a grift the war with China nonsense is. Think there would be sanctions against American and European nations trading with China? Me neither.

          • You’re quite right, Jack. But I am scratching my head, wondering “why?”. Why is it the case that the chinks produce stuff for our nations of such import? Was it money all along? Guess I’m expecting too much of our pols, but if we are going to subsidize lazy wogs on welfare; why not at least subsidize production of vital goods instead?

            I presume that the Chinks have resources and minerals we don’t – so maybe it’s just not doable. But it’s a damn shame – one of the worst things about the globalized world: you have to really on people not your own for vital stuff.

            Anyway, my words don’t matter now, if they ever did. Gotta focus on the practical matters of survival.

        • Many years ago, I bought punches to make tube-socket holes. The accompanying paper slip for country origin had check boxes for china, mexico, etc.

          The other box was checked, and in the space next to it, USA was written in.

    • It would be easier (and more satisfying) to shove our rotten Ruling Class into cattle cars.

    • The military technology and infrastructure gap between China and the US is massive. This is why they are partnering with Russia. In addition to selling the Chinese hydrocarbons, they are selling them military technology that actually works. Even the Russians are far behind on the infrastructure side. In 1974 the US was able to secretly raise a Russian sub from the floor of the Pacific. No one can do this now, 75 years later. One reason is we have sensors all over the ocean floor that allow us to precisely locate just about any man made thing in the ocean.

      War with China would be a disaster for the Empire, but a survivable one. The CCP would not survive it.

      • “War with China would be a disaster for the Empire, but a survivable one. The CCP would not survive it.”

        I assume you refer to the “CCP” instead of “China” or “Chinese people.” Right now over there they are running a movie glorifying sending thousands of their men across the Yalu, with half of them lacking weapons beyond a single grenade. The idea was to pick up the personal weapon of your dead comrade and keep pushing forward. Listen to the bugle call.

        U.S. Marines, aerial artillery spotters, Pershing tanks, whatevs. The unlimited resource Mao’s generals asserted was relative manpower. So try this: the Chinese expend 10 million lives to our 1 million. Who cares how, sinking carriers, drawing us into ground warfare by crossing the 38th Parallel via their NorKo friends. Without getting at them cutting off all statins and blood pressure meds overnight. Or unleashing COVID 73.

        Just count the dead, how many need be invested in terms of your own, and see who cries “Uncle” first. By the numbers that might not be the “CCP.”

        • War isn’t merely about dead bodies, its about imposing a nation’s will on another nation. In a war with China, America can impose a greater drop in standard of living on the average Chinese than vice versa. They need food, we want consumer tech. Their pinch point is feeding their people. Our pinch point is entertaining the middle class and enervating the unhealthy and decrepit. That’s pretty unbalanced.

          • The North American landmass also has the advantage of being blessed with incredibly large swathes of enormously productive agricultural land.

            It’s hard to imagine any credible scenario where North America could be starved out by an external opponent.

          • “War isn’t merely about dead bodies, its about imposing a nation’s will on another nation.”

            “Merely” is not a term I would use in this case. One method is seeing how many dead bodies the other nation can stomach. Imagine a nuclear exchange, using the casualty statistics I mentioned. Or more close to home, if COVID is in fact biological warfare, how many Western dead did it take to get female and feminized leaders to wreck their societies, compared to Chinese dead? I think the number in New Zealand is about 28?

            “In a war with China, America can impose a greater drop in standard of living on the average Chinese than vice versa.”

            I suggest you refer back to the Japanese soldiers holed up on Iwo Jima, or Ho’s men, pulling cannons through the jungles on their way towards Dien Bien Phu. These rustic soldiers could survive on a handful of rice a day. Americans were provisioned more like kings then. And now?

        • what if we could kill 10 million of their men, and not lose any of our own? would a war with china *not* involve nukes? it’s not like wars are fought with swords and spears any longer.

          oh, and how do the chinese troops stay equipped, fueled, and fed, during an active war? how do the chinese cities stay fed and powered?

          how long before the chinese masses are starving?

          • I can see you have a glittering career in the Pentagon ahead of you.

            “Look I know my last plan to be in and out of Afghanistan in 2 weeks didn’t go so well…
            but here me out on this one.

            This time we can nuke 10 million before they even notice and land 1000 marines in Taiwan then home for breakfast. This time its going to be no risk, easy in easy out trust me.”

            “And what about the retaliation? ”

            “Retaliation what are you talking about?”

        • Stephen Kotkin asserts that is exactly how Stalin defeated Germany on the Eastern Front. Russian causalities were enormous and the Reich had superior armaments but eventually they took out enough German soldiers that they couldn’t hold their gains.

      • This assumes the Ruling Class would run the risk of their streaming services going down let alone being vaporized. The “war” never would start in the first place for that reason. But, yeah, the materials to conduct a hypothetical war will make for a nice grift.

        Tell the Covid Karens they will have to learn to live with the risk radiation exposure. Double dog dare ya.

        • If you just get Faucci to tell them wearing 2 masks and distancing by 10 feet will protect them from fallout, they will be all for it.

          Hey look its stopped the black death, so nuclear fallout should be a doddle. 2 weeks to flatten the rontgen count.

      • Modern spin on that.
        Refer trucks heading to the Nevada test site where long deep trenches await frozen bodies cut down from lamp posts from every corner of the north American continent.

      • That would have been true in 1992. Not now.

        First, our carriers would be sunk globally by the new hypersonic system that can glide in from anywhere, including the South Pole where we have little to no coverage. In hours not days. Secondly, the Chinese have lots and lots of underwater autonomous vehicles that form a deadly net around the Pacific, basically autonomous mines. Third they have unsinkable aircraft carriers — shoals built up into islands where missiles, UAVs etc. can be bunkerized. Fourth, they have their brightest minds into military research, ours are flyover Whites working at Starbucks while AA black and various weirdos take up their places in research institutes, the CIA, etc. Fifth, their military leadership is not trannies with medals. Sixth, they own all of DC, including the Regency, the Dem Party, the Republican Party, and much of the military including the Chair of the JCS. Seventh, their space program is more advanced and can blind our satellites easily while we cannot. Eighth, they have a nation. We have … a bunch of people who hate each other and want each other dead.
        The Chinese will likely sink most of our fleet just to make a point, the Regency will of course make sure nothing is done, and like that the American nation and its global security guarantee will be over. America has been a joke and not really a nation for years now, and its just a formality now to be exposed by the ruling power of the world: China.

        • Hypersonic weapons do not actually exist, so there is your first problem. This is a matter of well known physics. So no, the carriers will not be sunk by China. Second, China has no defense to our sub fleet. They have no way to track our subs and no way to counter them. In a shooting war, China would have the same problem Germany had in the Great War.

    • I have a better plan:

      1) Worldwide embargo of sandals
      2) Point out that black people also like fried chicken, basketball, and watermelons
      3) Air-drop in Steve Bannon
      4) ???
      5) Democracy

    • Maybe we can, you know, just not buy TVs from them?
      From every normie across the plains “Noooooooo! Nuclear war is preferable!”

      Reminds me of a make-believe exchange I had on Gab:’
      Normie: “We need to stock up on weapons and ammo for the inevitable civil war!”
      Me: “Well before it comes to that, maybe we could try some non-violent actions like maybe not going to football games or a voting boyc-”
      Normie: “No no no no, Civil War!!!”

  36. A new Cold War with China won’t be the worst thing if it stops the transfer of American capital to China.

    • It will shift to Vietnam, Mexico, India. This is already happening to some degree. China is no longer the cheap labor option, but American oligarchs have big investments in China, so most of it will remain in place.

      • Throw Indonesia and Malaysia in there as well.

        Though Malaysia has been problematic lately because their on/off lockdowns have disrupted production of commodity electronic components like surface-mount capacitors.

      • It’s the classic “middle income trap.”

        China is aware of it and striving mightily to avoid it, but it’s no easy task. It’s a trap for a reason.

      • Agreed, but those countries will never be able to re-create what the West had in China from ~1990 to 2020 in terms of numbers, quality and price of workers.

        The end of cheap Chinese labor will be a serious issue for the world economy over the next couple of decades.

      • My cheap crap needs might be abnormal, but I find no-name miscellaneous parts and semi-disposable things are almost never from China anymore, usually Indonesia. The shift happened suddenly “under Trump,” so I figure he sort of caused it. Minor improvement. The recycled newspaper package filler smells less dirty.

        For things I expect to last, the best guarantee of quality is the ol’ MADE IN JAPAN. Grandpa would be disgusted.

        America makes the best stuff but also the worst and there’s no telling which you’ll get, so the label just means it’s expensive. Our specialty, when not homo-ing the globo, is turning Asian commodity parts into half-assed “boutique” goods. We also do that to Asian immigrants.

        • Reminds me of a fan I bought. I was desperate for a box fan so I bought an overpriced to-do at the local Dollar General and it is one of the worst manufactured products of that sort that I’ve ever gotten. Only extensive modifications keeps the thing from banging itself apart against it’s warped housing (and yes, I own more than one, they’re all like that).

          Someone on a forum somewhere mentioned the overpriced poor-quality goods from China that Dollar General sells and I thought “you got that right!” and then glanced at the box: “Made in the USA”. (Here it is BTW: )

  37. i believe we were selling large quantities of wheat to the cccp, all throughout the cold war.

  38. Of the many problems of being ruled by stupid people, probably the worst is: stupid people believe their own BS. Obama was so dumb, he actually said that, out loud… and compared to Brandon et al, Obama was Stephen Hawking. That’s why theses like this – starting a new cold war for fun and profit – always rub me wrong. Norman Angell thought something similar, and he was right… about people smarter than Kaiser Willy and Nicky II. And if Obama was Stephen Hawking compared to Brandon, the brains gap between the Brandon regime and even Nicholas II must be visible from space.

    Eventually, in other words, someone is going to get carbon monoxide poisoning from sniffing his own farts for too long, pass out, and fall on the GO button.

    • Hopefully, the net tranche will be too stupid to work out how to undo the child safety catch over the big red button, saving us from self immolation.

    • Whole thing has a Pearl Harbor vibe: someone comes up with a crackpot plan (1)Brutally attack America 2)????? 3)We Win!) but there is no institutional mechanism to push back on it due to institutional group-think, lack of brain power, and cultural rot so the crackpot plan goes ahead. And that’s on all sides of this mess (with Winnie the Xi gulaging anyone he sees as even a mild threat I doubt a half-honest opinion exists in all of Peking).

      • Given the propensity to false flags so beloved of the clown agencies I half expect the US to stage an invasion of itself.

        I wonder how long they could run the 24 hour news cycle before people noticed?

        • Reminds me of the scene in “Catch 22” where the Luftwaffe hires Milo’s Syndicate to bomb its own airfield. Because it’s the Syndicate, and everyone has a share. This being Clown World, though, and therefore fake and gay, the Syndicate has to hold 10% for the Big Guy.

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