The Virginia Election

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Off-year elections are often cast as bellwethers by the media as a pretext to turn them into national events. They will claim that the results are a test run for the next national election or maybe the test for some new idea. Back in the 1980’s, Bob Casey ran for governor of Pennsylvania promising to expand health care services for women, which was trumpeted by the media as his ticket to victory. This idea was the start of the Democratic push for communized medicine in the 1990’s.

We are seeing a similar energy around the governor race in Virginia. This time the reason to cover the race as a national event is Donald Trump. This is allegedly the first big election after the fascism was purged from Athens on the Potomac, so the results will tell the ruling class if the medicine is working. Added to the story is the antiwhite school curriculum in the state. Opposing hatred of white children is now a sign of white supremacy, so the election is a referendum on that.

As with all elections, the result is set in advance. In this case, a win by the Democrat will be sold as a triumph over Trumpism. It will also be a warning to the GOP that they better cuck harder if they ever hope to win another election. On the other hand, if the Republican wins, then it is proof that eschewing Trumpism is the ticket to success for the Republican Party. In other words, no matter the result, it is proof that your superiors are right, and you should shut up and obey.

The wildcard is the imaginary vote. It used to be that the silent majority was the mystery factor in elections. That is still true, but after the 2020 election, that silent majority is silent because they only exist in the garages of election officials and the warehouses of inner party officials. This is where they now keep the majority of the votes. That is a bit of an exaggeration, but in the age of rigged elections, the subplot to every election now is how the inner party will manipulate the results.

This subplot has some stock elements now. Here we have the story of the crowd gap, which was hilariously on display in 2020. The Republican gets big crowds while the Democrat speaks to empty parking lots. Then there is the early voting stories to prepare the ground for why those crowds did not matter at the ballot box. The term “early voting” now means something very different. Of course, we have the crazies accusing normal people of bad faith for questioning these results.

The point of this drama is mostly entertainment. Politics in America is pure theater where few issues of import ever get discussed. The real human beings who voted for Biden in 2020 did so for one reason. They hated Trump, even though Trump was pretty much a Queens version of Bill Clinton, a guy they worship. Most people voted for Trump in 2016 out of spite. They hated the Republican Party for its treachery, and they really hated Hillary Clinton for being herself.

In the Virginia race there is a real issue on the table, but it has very little to do with the two candidates. It started as a local revolt against the antiwhite school curriculum now known as CRT. Parents found out about it by accident, a byproduct of the Covid panic and their kids doing on-line classes. The parents flipped out at the vulgarity of it and before long there was a populist revolt in suburban Virginia. The Republican picked up on it and it has now become a key issue in the race.

Another subplot to this race is the fact that the inner party seems to be trying to purge the old Clinton machine. This is why the “good voting machines” will not be used in Virginia in support of longtime Clinton crony Terry McAuliffe. Youngkin is a harmless wimp right out of GOP headquarters, so letting the outer party have a win serves the interests of the inner party. They knock off a Clintonite and they reinforce the argument that Trump is bad for the Republican Party.

One interesting note on the race is that McAuliffe has not talked about any of the signature issues of his party. Covid has been ignored. The Build Back Better stuff has not been raised at all. They had Biden stagger around at a school in Northern Virginia but that was so embarrassing they put an end to it. The Virginia race underscores the fact that the inner party is headless right now. By extension it means the government is headless, operated behind the scenes by others.

What this race is mostly about is the geezers at the top of the political establishment trying to restore the system to what it was before Trump smashed up the elite consensus. Youngkin is a washed out Bush Republican who promises to be quiet and never rock the boat. McAuliffe is Bill Clinton, the affable crook who will look the other way as long as he gets his beak wet. Those were good times for Washington, and they desperately want to go back to that time.

The thing to care about is the vote totals. In 2016, a record turnout in Virginia, there were 3,750,916 votes counted. In 2020, with the most popular man since Jesus on the ballot, they counted 4,375,998 votes. That was a whopping 16.6% increase. Joe Biden was that popular in Virginia. In 2017, they counted 2,584,906 in the governor’s race, which is a good benchmark for this one. If the 2020 vote count was legit, then we should expect close to three million votes this time.

In the end it is nothing but sound and fury signifying nothing. If he wins, Youngkin will get on TV a lot but do none of the things he promised. The schools will keep teaching antiwhite bigotry and the state will continue its slide into becoming nothing more than a bed and breakfast for government workers. Spend a day in Northern Virginia and you will see that it is nothing like America. It is Casablanca on the Potomac, a place where shady characters from around the globe do deals.

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163 thoughts on “The Virginia Election

  1. As of right now, the total vote for governor in Virginia in 2021 is up 26.8% over the vote in 2017. Wow.

  2. Well, as of 7 AM on November 3rd, it appears that The Powers That Be decided to turn down the heat a little bit and let Youngkin win this one. Smart move on their part, really. I’ve long been in favor of and pushing for The National Divorce and the talk about it almost being time to start the Boogaloo among my normie friends was getting a little too real, even for me.

    They’ll use this as an excuse to kill the Build Back Better bill now, which will turn the heat down a little more. Covid will fade some more into the background. Together those things will keep Normie from grabbing the torches and pitchforks through the rest of the year. They’ll go back to sleep and TPTB will resume cranking the ratchet again, although much slower and more quietly than they have been the last several months. They came very close to having the frogs jumping out of the boiling water.

    I agree that this result is mostly “fake and gay,” but the tears that the “normie” liberals in your life who still believe in the charade the way CivNat conservatives do will be shedding today will be real. I propose that, if you have a box wine auntie in your life, that you still take today to enjoy the “win” and enjoy their misery. After all, as our host often says, life is for living and their pain is real today even if the cause of it is fake. So go ahead and kick a liberal in your life while they’re down and tomorrow we can get back to the long dissident struggle.

    • there is way too many Magnum episodes to watch, to even fart in the direction of this (or any other) election. are some people crying, and some happy, about the results? those are not my people, and never will be. yawn.

  3. Good Lord.
    Just had a look at some of the conservative sites and the orgasmic gushing over the black woman Lt Governor is wall to wall. You would think Jesus had returned, the Dems are the real racists is everywhere and this is what the founding fathers fought for.

    It is truly disturbing how people cannot see their own authority figures are being replaced with women and POX and they are celebrating becoming second class citizens in their own country.

    Its the same process as was done for sports and music and third time around its still invisible.

    They are truly lost.

    • No self respecting man can vote. Even if a wimmin is not on the ballot. The idea of supporting a system in which women not only have the same exact franchise as men, but could rule over us, is absurd and horrible.

      Then we have the newly arrived paper americans, who are given their franchise right away too. My family pioneered this country 400 years ago, and I’m no different than a paper american? Thats wrong. Thats a broken system

    • Seems Colin Powell was a Republican and the child of Jamaican immigrants. Now there was a strong White advocate if one ever lived.

      The only thing that matters is underway at the Mexico border and those Republicans who won last night will not do anything about it and might encourage more.

      NormieCons are fucking idiots.

  4. Youngkin is nothing more than the Virginian Mitt Romney. Pro-big business, pro-immigration, pro-diversity, pro-deep state, pro-military industrial complex, pro-corrupt media. Poor normies think that something was accomplished with this limp wristed elitist winning lol. If he’s promised to accomplish some based things, he’ll forget about it now that he’s won.

    • Virginia grillers are firing up their meat temples in preparation for a celebration feast. Joy is filling their hearts to the bursting point. Now where did i put those beer brats…

  5. Listening to the radio on a long ride home, and it appears Fairfax County,Va will not finish reporting their returns until they know what McCauliffe needs.

    It’s called fortifying and it will be a feature in all future elections.

    • I think this whole Virginia show is set up for future elections. Make everyone use to those delays, but don’t carry through with the steal THIS time. But it can always be waiting there to use like 2020.

      What does Youngkins win REALY portend, in terms of the lives of “Virginians”? I bet not much.

      We still have legalized sodomy and aborttion.

  6. Democrats are losing their minds over Terry McAuliffe going down in flames. These people are dangerously deluded. From Townhall:

    This is INSANE.

    MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace: “Critical Race Theory, which isn’t real, turned the suburbs 15 points to the Trump insurrection endorsed Republican.”

    — (@townhallcom) November 3, 2021

    Steven Miller has a good take:

    Everything The Lincoln Project Touches Dies or is Under 18.

    — Stephen L. Miller (@redsteeze) November 3, 2021

      • Sodomy is now a sacrament, abortion is a sacrament, we have no control how many foriegners come into our state (NOVA is a little el Salvadore) and we are celebrating this win?

        The good question is (as I am reading the Republic for the first time) what kind of political system elects obama, then trump, then biden, then youngkin, if they are as differnet as we are told they are? It means that the mob is unstable , and has no business making any determinations about how society is organized!

        Either way, we need a new system, or a return to. very limited franchise

    • you know, the BSA was filled with kiddie diddlers from day#1. shame, but there you have it.

  7. I still vote local. I doubt the democrat crazies in the hive really focus all that much on rigging city counselor positions for example. My city is hugely liberal, but I read between the lines on one candidate who is a 65 year old white male, former marine with 10 kids with a strong history in the dreaded private sector. My wife was like, who else should we vote for? I said, doesn’t matter, they’re all lunatics. I wrote you in for the rest.

  8. Has it always been like this? Maybe it’s just my imagination, but I remember better times, when we were better people…

    • IIRC, the United States was approximately 83% White Caucasian in 1980. When Ronald Reagan left office as California governor, LA County was majority White. Currently, Caucasians nationally under 18 are a minority. California is only about 1/3 White.

      Americans were a better people back then because there was a huge (White) middle-class voting bloc capable of putting the far left crazies down at the ballot box. But that’s not true anymore. Demographic change has resulted in the democrats becoming nearly unbeatable on the back of minority bloc voting, meaning the far-left’s boat has risen with the tide. There’s increasingly little check on them. Drunk power, they run wild and show their true selves.

  9. The problem with democracy is two fold: A. as Lee Kwan Yew noted, it does not work in a multi-racial, multi-cultural society; and B. It does not work when voter fraud is tolerated.
    In theory, Democracy prevents revolutions by allowing incremental reforms and change instead of revolutionary upheaval. In the end, it only guarantees the latter by either massive demographic change imported by elites (“ringers” on the local softball team — “employees” who don’t work and were AA washouts); and/or massive vote fraud. McAuliffe should lose, even in VA. However he will “win” on Friday/Saturday as enough fraudulent mail in ballots are counted. There is no point in voting as the winner is as scripted as the WWE Wrestling championships.
    The ruling, now mostly non-White elites have no plan or idea on how to create acceptance and buy-in from those locked out of elections by fraud and demographics, other than the Eric Cartman “respect mah authoritah!” from the media shouting, or the gulag. Nor even the knowledge that modern society is not like 1930’s Russia, and to even keep the lights on requires White men and lots of them.
    The have indeed, pooped their pants. Biden’s poopy pants are a metaphor for the elites, not the least of which everyone believes it.

    • Good comment. “The problem with democracy is two fold…”

      There is a third problem, pointed out by Z Man and others: the constant temptation to expand the franchise to recruit new voters against the majority.

      Voting rights for women? Illegals? 16 year olds? Cats?

      Oh sweet fascism, wash all of this away…

      • Fascism as Paul Gottfried noted in his book, failed completely after the war. For one, at the time liberal democracy took many of the issues, and a sort of market capitalism corporatism sprang forth. For another, there just is not the force and support from the military and scared capitalists to make that happen.
        I do think that the leverage skilled White workers have will not go away as the systems we build become more and more complex. You can’t have monkeys running complex systems — they always crash.

        • Name a better system to protect traditional white Americans. No one can unless they just call it by a different name.

          “Fascism failed after the war…” It failed after most of the world destroyed it?

      • We have fascism now, corporate rule masquerading as the best Congress their money can buy.

        What you want is Right Wing Authoritarianism (RWA) , which is focused around national ideals, a moral system and family formation.

        It is by necessity a limited franchise system and patriarchal and economically nationalist not globalist or laissez faire.

        Its easy enough to envision and to explain how it works but it may not be implementable do to the nations moral character and a dearth of people who wish to lead . If this is so, than the best alternative is the formation of new states , culturally and if lucky ethnically homogeneous. If you get very lucky, you get to make your RWA too.

  10. The Virginia “election”, hehe. Like that has anything to do with reality. “Winner” already picked, to forward the agenda set by the Uniparty.

    Yeah, I will just be parked in front of my tee vee for hours following the “election”. I would just as soon piss into the back of it and watch it blow up.

  11. ACE is having his usual vapors about the vaginia election being stolen. how that fat hypochondriac doesn’t stroke out every other day is a real mystery.

    • It’s frustrating. He wanders near the truth from time to time only to get distracted by the red/blue crap. Of course, given the (((demographics))) of his co-bloggers, it’s not surprising. When I saw his post about today’s election being “stolen”, I actually groaned.

      • I’ve been banned from Ace’s for years even though he likes me, for once telling what the parentheses half of my family thinks of the Scandi half, and saying it’s typical, because it is. I stopped by a few weeks ago and there was a “Will you help Jews hide from the next Nazis?” thread that became a bloodbath of “Would they hide me?” and “I’ve noticed who on Twitter is calling for mass death and not being banned for it, so I reject your premise.” I’m there in spirit.

    • I know the feeling with Ace. You can’t help but wonder, “What will it take to wake him up?” The mind founders.

      There’s a certain popular conservative blogger who allows me to harass him. Recently, he was celebrating some 90 IQ rapper who opposed the jab.

      I’ve berated him for his adoration of rappers before. These 40 year old guys who bound their masculinity to rappers may not be salvageable.

    • There are so many Americans just like that. They just cannot see the truth, even when it’s blindingly obvious. I came across one the other day who told me creeping secularism was the real problem with the United States. I asked him if things would get any better if we tripled the numbers of every non-Christian religion. “What if we made Muslims 50% of the country? It’d be more religious then. Would the country be less divided?” He looked like he didn’t think so. I then pointed out that maybe “religion” (in the general sense) isn’t so much the issue as the lack of common identity. He didn’t get it.

      These people just cannot see the truth. Their Jesus is MLK jr. and their liturgy is whatever Fox New tells them. I have no doubt they’ll take our people from one disaster to the next, never rethinking but always redoubling their efforts. They’ll call you a “blackpiller” and a “c*ck” for your heresies against their suggestions.

      • I can’t entirely blame them . Guys on our side frequently go all Wake Up Sheeple but seldom offer a positive alternative to the current system.

        It sales 101, you can’t sell with a negative image of your product or too much truth

        Think drug companies here, They Its all upbeat happy people doing life affirming things not the reality of high prices unpleasant side effects and few gains.

        The alternatives to civic nationalism are too terrifying for comfortable people to even think about especially with a negative.

        To make it work, they must know how and why they’ll be better off under such a system. Don’t lie to them, no need the truth is powerful but don’t tell your grillers, Civ nats and normie cons the bleak truth.

        They don’t need it, can handle it and reject it.

        Sell it like a drug.

  12. Lagos on the Delaware has a ballot initiative for recreational weed. But not to legalize it, but to change the stance toward the state. Total waste of time. Larry Krasner is apparently up for re-election. If I feel like it, I may go vote to vote against him, but it’s not the primary, so there is near certainty he will win. He is probably the single worst prosecutor in the nation. He has ripped the prosecutor’s office apart. We’ve had murders with people double out on no bail (arrested for crime 1, got no money bail (ROR) and then arrested for crime 2 and got no money bail again).
    Not only do we have Lagos like demographics, we have Lagos like government.

    • “Lagos on the Delaware…”

      We have a longstanding rule, never, ever stop at a rest stop in that state. The grossest of any we have ever passed through, worse on a hot summer day.

      • Man, I’m old enough to remember when the PA Tpk rest stops were practically tourist attractions. At least to a 7 year old.

      • Jeezzz, Josephine, I don’t understand why. Pa has the highest tollway fees in the WORLD ($112.90 to cross the state) AND 58.7 cent per gallon gasoline tax. Oh, that’s right, some of that money goes to fund Lagos on the Delaware’s public transportation system, SEPTA, so that riders don’t get raped.

        • When I lived in DC and drove back to Western New York, I always took I-68 and US-40 to Pittsburgh. It may have added a half hour to the trip, but I avoided the PA Turnpike and its ransom.

  13. I have no expectations for this election – everything is so GD jaded. Either a squish republican or dirtbag demoncrap. I mean I hate the idea of buzzy McAuliffe winning as I loathe all demoncrap politicians, but in the end it really doesn’t matter. This (former) country is circling the bowl and it’s just a matter of when the final flush comes.

  14. … it will end up being so much faker and gayer than we could ever imagine

    I must confess that even on a 100×100 square bingo card for 2021 I wouldn’t have put down “black guy sincerely LARPing as white supremacist”.

    • my theory is they said to themselves, we need to make this op “look like America” so they larded in the fat lesbo and the nig.

    • It’s such old news that nobody even mentions it anymore, especially our guys who don’t want to be mistaken for pulling a “Dems are the real racists,” but /pol/ gatherings and “Nazi” rallies are famously more non-white than the DNC/ADL/antifa/etc. complex. That black guy was the only flicker of verisimilitude in the op.

      I doubt the op-makers know that, though, and even if they do, their self-regard almost never allows them to get that detail correct—except, notably, when choosing the leader of the Proud Boys, which is why that op worked and goes on working even after he’s been outed. The implausible “Goyim Defense League” is how the Blob, undisciplined by reality and given time to build a golem, typically imagines us: vulgar rural police-academy washouts. The VA torchbearers were just the first five prole Democrats who took the call.

      • Did the Tiki torches have any liquid in them? Am I to assume there were no mosquitos around, since they were not lit? Are knotzis pro or anti-mosquito?

  15. people vote, like monkeys in a cage hit the red button (hoping for a food pellet). nothing will change because people don’t change. the election in vaginia is of less interest (or import) than a rerun of Magnum. kind of a wasted post, that way.

  16. The Right Wing cynically using CRT as a new shiny political football is great news for both Conservative politicians and CRT advocates. Both will have tremendous amounts of success off this in the short term.

    The biggest losers from this will be the children and parents. They will bare the brunt of the damage and get none benefits.

  17. I agree that the smart thing would be to put away the fake mail in ballots for now and let Glenn Youngcuck win, the current ruling class is not smart. The truth is that they would have been better off had OMB won last year, after all he did very little to harm them and lots to help them in his first term. It would have also meant that the entire mess of 2021 would be on him. Yea they wouldn’t have been able to completely reshape the government into an anti-white socialist utopia on his watch, but they’re not exactly doing a good job of it with him gone.

    Still, it’s not just being dumb, but being full of hatred. Also remember, the hate they have for white proles is all-consuming, I think that handing them a victory, even one of that is tiny, irrelevant, and totally symbolic, is beyond the pale for them at this point. They get far more from totally humiliating the grillers once more. I think McAuliffe will win this one and MSNBC/CNN/antifa be doing celebrating online and on TV on Friday when “all the votes are counted.”

    • Part of the sociopathology is making it obvious there was widespread fraud and there is nothing that can be done about it.

      • Well that is what we saw last year, right? On Election Day I was reading 4chan and someone laid out basically exactly what did happen, and it would be followed by “the biggest gaslight/propaganda operation from the press to shut down all discussion.” The guy was probably a LARPer, but it wasn’t exactly hard to predict and it was exactly what we saw – “most secure election ever” etc.

        Of course a few months later, TIME magazine printed a long article that fessed up to every single thing. Not just what happened on Election Day but the entire fix all last year. That article was totally unnecessary but they just had to rub our face in it. They couldn’t help themselves. It’s not time for game theory and strategy, they hate us and want us dead, the sooner the better.

  18. Youngkin is Larry Hogan. He might push through some shifting of tax code commas, but he doesn’t have the stomach for a real fight. But “Change Maryland” (his campaign slogan) ? Ludicrous.
    Youngkin is Mitt Romney. He was CEO of Carlyle Group. He has the same financialization mindset.
    Youngkin in John Roberts. Roberts lives in Chevy Chase; Youngkin lives in Great Falls, which is a *very* nice neighborhood. He (and certainly his wife) cares more about being popular in their social circle than winning.

    The best case scenario is for Youngkin to have a clear lead around 10pm then suddenly Fairfax county elections office has one of those plumbing accidents that seem to plague election offices recently. I agree that the smart play for the regime would be to let Youngkin win so normie’s keep thinking that voting works, but as Z pointed out, this is not a centrally-planned exercise. No one told democrats to commit election fraud in 2020, they just understood that getting rid of Orange Man Bad justified any behavior. But now that they’ve got a taste for rigging elections, I’m not sure Lefty is willing to step away from the buffet, so to speak. So I expect that we’ll see UHaul’s outside Fairfax County election offices tonight, and I’m not sure it will even be hidden. And since conceding that there was voter fraud in 2021 opens up the question of voter fraud in 2020 … expect the regime to do nothing about it. All of which serves our interests since Normie’s continued faith in Vote Harder! needs to be firmly broken.

  19. Of every part of the country, I find people from Northern Virginia to be the last people I would ever have a drink with. Somehow devoid of all warmth and personality. Even New Yorkers, with their obnoxiousness and NY centered attitude are better to have a drink with, and that’s saying something. Northern Virginia people are like the Ash character in the movie Alien. The secret android tasked with getting the Alien to where it’s supposed to go at all costs. If you stab a person from Fairfax County, he’ll likely bleed a milk white substance.

    • Bug people.

      NoVa is populated by bug people.

      I used to see them roll around in their Suburbans in the Third World.

      All of the women could have been Killary’s sisters and cousins.

    • Very provincial, weirdly similar people. A lot of nodding heads and opinions that run the gamut from A to Aa.

      • Virginians del Norte are the most conformist alleged Americans I have ever encountered.

        Anecdotal but illustrative: yesterday in Trader Joe’s where the elite buy their free trade quinoa bagels a large majority of customers, and all employees, were again wearing their designer masks. After a few months of relaxed standards and face time, the shift seemed to have happened almost overnight.

        Presumably the state/corporate overlords’ new push to terrorize people with the Covid Monster again panicked the obedient herd.

        I asked the gender fluid youngster operating the checkout counter whether Trader Central had ordered its employees to mask up after a summer of relenting. He said no, the worker bees just decided to individually because of the “new variant.”

        • I find the local Trader Ho’s amusing. It seems to attract all the weird lesbian cat ladies from this end of the county. Feel like Ron Swanson at the organic supermarket. Even more fun without a mask.

    • Virginia Is for Vaginas.

      Absolutely disgusting people. I went to university with people from NoVa. The women specialized in soulless sex, the men in emoting. Truly vile, dulle, and disgusting people, and, yes, even worse than New Yorkers.

    • I’ll add to the pile and mention that Dulles Airport is a national embarrassment, much like JFK and LAX.

      However, it is embarrassing in a slightly different way than JFK and LAX.

      JFK and LAX are both nightmarish assemblages of structures that look like identical parking decks with extremely poor signage for navigation.

      In contrast, Dulles is a two-bit facility that is barely better appointed than the portable trailers where I spent a couple years in small-town grade school.

      • That’s always something I get hung up on: other wealthy empires turn the home base of their rulers into a glorious vision of what their power can achieve, in some potemkin way if nothing else. In D.C. though it’s not much better than what’s portrayed in Idiocracy. At least they did refurb Dulles a few years ago so that it’s not completely gross, but the whole area seems to pride itself on being unpleasant (“thank you for visiting, now go away”).

        • Ever visit Hamad International Airport in Doha, Qatar that opened in 2015?

          That is a far better facility than JFK, LAX, and Dulles.

          I’ve never seen an ATM spot out crisper, newer $100 bills, anywhere.

      • Dulles is gross and awful. I also love the narrow, LAX like concourses where newly arrived immigrant families stroll leisurely, shoulder to shoulder, as they give me dirty looks for shoulder checking one of them, usually the grandma in the burka, to get around so I can catch my flight. Compare to Charlotte which has an awfulness all its own. Watching fat f uks waddle to the Bojangles to stuff themselves. This country is a sewer now.

    • Well, I live in NoVa. Well, I kind of live in NoVa. I live in the very outskirts of NoVa. But I used to live in the inner suburbs.

      It’s hard to describe the people. Yes, you could say that they are “soulless” and you’d be right, but you’d also be superficial. They are a breed apart. However, do not underestimate them.

      Northern Virginians were the smartest kid in class, but the kid who couldn’t clean a carburetor nor wanted to.

      They do notice that some swarthy Central American is mowing their yard but don’t feel bad about it because they’re saving the world and don’t have time for such mundane things.

      They like money but aren’t consumed by it. They want influence. They want to “make a difference.”

      They hate, hate, hate Southern whites, even if they are a white from the South. (Even though they live in Virginia, they hate the rest of Virginia.) Yet, they love to go to cute towns in the country – as long as those rednecks keep quiet.

      The few “conservatives” in NoVa are worse than the liberals. Yes. They are cucks through and through. They are the Bush family. Occasionally, they are the “We’re all God’s children” Christians.

      But here’s the thing. They all live very, very well. The slow decline of the rest of the country never shows up here. There was no housing bubble pop in NoVa in 2007. There was no recession in 2008-2009 in NoVa. The money never stops flowing.

      You people think that you hate these people. You’re fucking pikers. I’ve lived with them for decades. I have the kind of hatred that can only come from up close and personal contact. Live next door to these people, and you’ll know hatred.

  20. I would argue that the real significance of the two governor elections today is that they will both be used by the media and political parties to keep the plebs dancing and distracted despite the wall of storm clouds arriving over the outskirts of the city. My guest is that Youngkin will be portrayed as winning in order for Con Inc. to rally the Normies and reinforce the Vote Harder addiction. It’s imperative for DC to maintain the illusion that voting matters so as to minimize the incentive for a grassroots rebellion. And it will work. Normie will be appeased and reward himself with a double latte later today. So what is the correct response to this charade? Disappear into banality. Start your reconnaissance and collect mental notes. Think outside the box. Replace stupidity with cunning.

  21. “As with all elections, the result is set in advance…In other words, no matter the result, it is proof that your superiors are right, and you should shut up and obey.”

    This paragraph was a perfect description of modern “two-party politics.” It really is just the ole “Heads I win, tails you lose” shtick.

  22. I’m looking forward to seeing the results from the VA election. In a, what ham fisted bit of theater will they produce this time, sort of way. I don’t think they are capable of letting anything go. There will be some sort of “anomaly” followed up with a completely implausible explanation and it’s, McAuliffe for the Win!

    Of course the GOP will grumble and say “curses, so close” followed up with a grift request so the party can win it next time. Just a few more dollars and we’ll be sure to win it.

    Finally, the voters will wonder yet again why they’re having pain trying to sit down, and think that with just a little more effort they’ll be running the show. Good times, good times.

  23. I think that, as always in AINO, the real wildcard is stupidity. I agree with you that the smartest move for the Inner Party is to let the Republicucks have this one, while purging the Clintonistas from their ranks. I will even stipulate for the sake of argument that they are smart enough to see this, and have the discipline to put it into motion…

    …but that’s where the stupidity kicks in. Let’s say you own someone like AOC lock stock and barrel. Can you really trust her to execute your nefarious scheme? I don’t mean “trust her” in the sense of “not trying to double cross you;” I mean in the sense of, even as she’s doing her best, she’s just so amazingly stupid – can you trust her not to screw it up in some hilariously retarded way?

    That’s how I’d interpret the doughy lesbian and the black guy cosplaying as tiki torch carrying Not-Sees. That was so boneheaded, it had to be authentic — someone somewhere really thought that was a good way to “help” McAuliffe, because they’re just that dumb. Even the best-laid evil scheme must run aground on the rocks of that level of stupidity, and I think that’s the situation facing the Inner Party in VA.

    However it goes, though, one thing is certain — this being Clown World, no matter how fake and gay we expect it to be, it will end up being so much faker and gayer than we could ever imagine.

    • That’s why she has “consultants”. There is no doubt that AOC is as dumb as a sack of hammers… but she is far from the only one. And if she effs up? BFD, there are any of republicans that can do anything she does.

    • But does it make any difference that it is so mind numbingly retarded in execution?

      Did it make into the MSM that the democrats as a matter of course stage false events using their own staffers?

      And so what if they get outed people just shrug and carry on like its nothing.

      I am surprised HRC was not in the torch line up, because at this point what difference does it make?

      Reality is receding in the rear view mirror to a distant point.

    • “…one thing is certain — this being Clown World, no matter how fake and gay we expect it to be, it will end up being so much faker and gayer than we could ever imagine.”

      Recently I thought about T.S. Eliot’s famous quote:
      “This is the way the world ends, Not with a bang but a whimper.”
      I think clownworld has amended the line:
      “This is the way the world ends, Not with a whimper but a whisper ‘sooo fake’n gayyy'”

          • He could turn a phrase, old T.S. Unfortunately all I can think of to keep it going is “crept up on little cat feet… to sniff a kid’s hair.”

            Also that scene in Catch 22 where the generals pause the war because they’re too busy calling each other’s HQ and yelling “TS Eliot!” before hanging up. Something tells me Gen. Milley is the current champ at the Pentagon.

  24. “Youngkin is a harmless wimp right out of GOP headquarters, so letting the outer party have a win serves the interests of the inner party. They knock off a Clintonite and they reinforce the argument that Trump is bad for the Republican Party.”

    That’s the bottom line. Remember, Youngkin had to be dragged kicking and screaming even to mention CRT. Radio cucks like Sean Hannity still fear to mention the term. A possible Youngkin win will be deemed a call for further tax cuts.

    You are further correct that Youngkin, if he is allowed to win, will do nothing to stop the anti-White public school indoctrination. CRT, like mass migration, is wildly unpopular and a winning issue* for the Republicans yet they will not do anything constructive to stop it. Even Trump waited until the bitter end of his term to stop CRT in the military and FedGov and it was promptly restored after the stolen election.

    The only reason to vote in limited circumstances is to cause chaos and turmoil and to force the State to cheat in ways that discredit it further. Look at it as a weapon rather than a way to effect policy, because the latter never will happen. Eventually, the nation will be so flooded with aliens that even chaos will not be possible.

    What happens in Virginia today does not matter one damned bit, and if I lived in Virginia it would be the type of election where I would know chaos would not happen because the Uniparty might actually prefer the “opposition.” In sum, I would not vote there.

    The purging of the Clinton faction is indeed underway. It is the elimination of the final vestiges of White Democrats, so that is a historical fact of some interest.

    *that assumes a free and fair election is possible in the United States; it is not.

    • It’s very odd. His website mentions CRT a couple times in passing, along with, you know, securing funding for our teachers. But CRT could be the real issue in the state – it’s part of the war on your family, along with all the other issues, see? and off you go making the election about something important.

      But that’s not what’s happening. The monuments are not on his web site. The massive immigration is not on his web site. The war on Whites has no dog whistle on his web site. He’s nobody.

      • It is not solely due to cowardice and fear of being called “racist” or whatever although that plays a role. At some point, Republicans are perfectly fine with CRT, just as they are with mass migration. The only issue where they remain firm is tax cuts, and that is because the Inner Party wants them as well but has to fake opposition to placate the faux socialists and their moronic supporters.

      • Just another cuckservative. He radiates wimpiness like many of the Repukes planning on running in 2022. Many eveb sound weak.

        Same with Trump. You’d think he’d be using his bully pulpit to attack CRT on a daily basis but he doesn’t. Ditto for the invasion on our Southern border. And dead silence on the mandatory Jabs that are just crippling the country. Oh wait he doesn’t want to own that f**king disaster that he created. The damn germaphobe.

    • “Eventually, the nation will be so flooded with aliens that even chaos will not be possible.”

      Welcome to sunny California!

      • Politics is insanely weird here. Many Hispanics in the hinterlands are hard core Republicans and many statewide are social conservatives though fiscal liberals

        There were/are enough minus Leftist court interference to ban gay marriage.

        But Hispanics aren’t that politically active so the Biazuo Clowns still run the show such as it is.

        Hispanics that aren’t So Cons are near as pozzed as the Whites though in different ways and end up not having kids.

        I rarely see kids anymore but the ones that I do are mostly White which is at least something.

        That said chaos is looming everywhere, I’ve lived in more than a few shabby places but I’ve never seen anything like L.A.. It went in a few years from an impressive if blue hive to a city sized skid row.

        There is a sense of impending doom everywhere though how long it will impend is above my pay grade. Probably above anyone’s

        • I would agree with this other than, I’m seeing plenty of Hispanics with large families in my neck of the woods.

  25. As someone who lives NoVa, I’ve been inundated with political ads for the past month – from both parties.

    Youngkin ads are generally classic Conservative Inc. – cuts taxes, spur small business via less regulation, etc. But he was smart enough to latch onto the CRT stuff and then McAuliffe decided to shoot himself in the foot by saying parents shouldn’t tell the schools what to teach.

    McAuliffe ads are hilarious in that they generally don’t include McAuliffe. He’s such an odious person – with an amazingly grating voice and accent – that he and his handlers simply keep him under wraps and just let some cop or various black people sing his praises. He’s similar to Hillary Clinton in that people instinctually dislike him when they see him.

    Regardless, it doesn’t matter who wins. Virginia’s kids are now 50% non-white. All this talk about ballot stuffing won’t matter in a few years. Our rulers are stuffing the ballots legally with mass immigration.

    Even if Youngkin was some fire-breathing populist, which he’s not, it’d be a rear-guard action at best. The Dems will control Virginia – and the country – completely in a few years. The question is who will control the Dems. That’s the real fight going on.

    • The elimination of the Clinton faction will be the elimination of the last bastion of White Democrats and, therefore, power. The competition will be among the fringes.

      • The Clinton faction is getting old, so it would be on its way out no matter what. Obama was a puppet so he never created his own faction. Same with Biden.

        It’s hard to say who are the different factions in the inner Dem circle these days. Before, the factions were attached to various powerful politicians, but now, the politicians are just the hired help.

        There were always behind-the-scenes power brokers, but these days, it’s all behind the scenes. Deep State really does run the show. Who are the factions within Deep State?

        Obviously, there’s always the usual suspects. But who are the other factions, if any?

        • From out here it looks generational—or post-revolutionary. The Obama faction (not really his) is the entire younger-than-Boomer ruling class + lackeys + the elderly rump state that knows what’s up (Pelosi, Schumer). Lieberman’s purge was the final warning, I think. There’s nothing and almost no one left that they don’t control. “That wacky socialist AOC is a real thorn in the old liberals’ side!” Sure.

          Ideas about “State vs. Pentagon” and “crooks vs. ideologues” and [etc.] illuminate nothing anymore. The blob really is a blob, and everything is just It vs. Us—with Trump(ism) as metonymic Us, until they get the camps piped.

          • Or we start shooting. War to knife, knife to the hilt. Give them nothing, take from them everything.

            That’s a few years off if it happens though.

        • Good points. There is a divide between pro-China and anti-China factions. The usual suspects moved from the former to the latter when it became crystal clear the PRC would not be economically colonized.

          This ties into another factional divide, which seems to be between the MIC and private corporate interests, the former anti-China, the latter pro-China.

          Additionally, much of this is spiraling out of control so it is difficult to attribute “X” to Faction A at times. There may have been some method to the Afghanistan madness, but most was just incompetence and chaos.

          It is inscrutable as the old Soviet Union and even there you got some clues as to Kremlin watching.

        • I would disagree with your stipulation that Obama created no faction.
          It seems clear that Obama (or his minions) went through the mid and senior officer corps of our military with a wrecking ball. Many early retirments & purges for non-woke and/or non-teachable personnel.
          Example: the ridiculous, pompous, fully-woke General Milley. More particiption nic-nacs on his tunic than most third world dictators.
          He should be breaking rocks at Leavenworth, not polishing participation awards.

          That sort of damage has to count as a faction of sorts.

          • I agree that Team Obama is a faction. The fact that most of Biden’s Cabinet is Obama leftovers is sufficient evidence that they have the cohesion to be considered a faction, and maintaining cohesion at a very high level of government.

            They’re affiliated with the Ukraine and probably pro-China but beyond that, not sure who they are.

        • It’s clearly the tech overlords. They control the media through which all but old farts get their infotmation and showed their strength by shoehorning the Harris Ho into the VP slot.

    • We’re living in a strange time where white people, blacks, and Jews fight it out on stage as if it’s 1980.

      None of this stuff really matters long term, even if “Youngkin” of Team Red cancels CRT (which he won’t), your kids will get a good dose of real world CRT when their school is 80% non white. Ideological debates = whitey thing. For the current system to even continue (for both left and right), a white majority is required. Two old fools arguing while real life passes them by, and one day we’ll wake up with a Brahmin in office who hates whites and blacks equally.

      The mob tactics at the local level are far more effective now than pointless arguing over stuff. Especially because it’s irrelevant given the actual demographic situation of the country, which was lost decades ago in the womb and at the border.

      • B125: Drove by a local high school yesterday afternoon as the students were getting out. I saw only a few lone White kids (masks on, heads down) among all the diversity and my heart broke for them. To be immured in that environment every day is insanity and massively destructive – despite people calling for more compassion for Joe and Jane Normal, I have none because of what they’re doing to their few children.

        • Yeah it’s child abuse. I’ve been there, in university – but that was as a (mostly) adult after I had developed. It is what made me into a full blown racist.

          I know the “looking down” you’re referring to – sheepishly looking down, almost saying “please, don’t call me racist!”. “If I can just get through today without saying or doing anything so I don’t get called a racist or evil!”.

          The only way to overcome it is to actually be a racist. If you play the game by leftist rules, you lose. There’s no middle ground for white people. Either become racist and lose your qualms about it, or die.

          • Thats it. Anti-CRT is a long way from positive white identity. Just another hill behind enemy lines.

            When parents stand up and say “its okay to be white” and FU if you think otherwise then we will have something.

            Like “illegal” immigration makes normir upset but a “path to citizenship” and unlimited immigration because they just want a better life, why thats pozzitively American.

            The debate over “Who we are” was surrendered. To re-engagebthat requires full unapologetic positive white identity aka racisms!

    • Citizen: Perceptive comment. My impression is that natural aging and demographic change will overwhelm the Clinton/Old White Democrat machine. As you note, more than half of Virginia’s children are non-White. Elected pajeet officials in VA have forcefully indicated they’re determined to take what they consider their rightful place in power, dominating Whitey. Juice money still thinks these people can be bought outright; they just haven’t yet fully accepted that the game has changed and the Indian/Han are not going to submit quietly the way Whites did. Oh, they’ll take Juice money and mouth the right phrases, but they all put their people and culture first instinctively – even those who truly think they’re ‘murricans.

      tldr; as Zman concluded, this election doesn’t matter and will not help White people regardless of who wins. A Youngkin victory, however, will bolster the ‘vote harder’ crowd who are desperate for a victory to prove ‘the system’ can be altered by ‘the power of the ballot box.’ For which reason, if I lived in VA (heaven forfend) I’d vote McAuliffe.

      • NoVa has a lot of Indians and a decent amount of NE Asians. Jews and Whites (and, I suppose blacks as well) still act like it’s 1985. They don’t seem to understand that the players are changing.

        Jews were stupid to allow in Indians. Hispanics are easily controlled by Jewish money. Indians play the game. You’re right that Indians will take Jewish money and mouth what they’re told – for now. But, also as you say, they’ll install their people in key spots. They also start setting up their own political and community groups so they someday they won’t need their current masters.

        Another interesting aspect to all of this is that whites don’t like getting lectured to by Indians and Asians. Getting lectured to by blacks is a form of guilt alleviation. Jews play the “fellow white people” card so whites don’t know that they’re getting lectured to by another group. But Indians and Asians are another matter. Even liberal whites get pissed when Indians and Asians started playing the race card on them.

        The game is is changing.

        • The Pajeets and Chens had better worry if the police state ever collapses or even recedes. These people are just nasty parasitical scam artists. And they will end up being hunted down. The blacks hate Asians with a passion, the Mexicans have no use for them because they can the pajeets and Chens are predators and despise them.

          Whites don’t like them either, but they are for the most part are born sheep and will do nothing. There maybe hope for the younger ones who have grown up in the cesspool and have no skin in the game. But the DR – alt-right types are a bunch of old fogies that are busy trying to fine some bolt hole to die in of old age.

      • The best outcome for this election is a blatant steal by McAuliffe. Leave no doubt the system is broken beyond repair

        • This is absolutely correct but also may be why Youngkin is allowed to win. Still, the impulsiveness and recklessness of the Left is so pronounced it may be impossible for them not to sink Youngkin despite all advantages his win would represent. That character defect is one of the few White pills we have.

  26. In a democracy a wildly enthusiastic 30% and lukewarm 15% supporting one candidate candidate will still lose to a candidate with a lukewarm 55%. The only way for the former to win is to use the enthusiasm to pull shenanigans, nudging the election in their direction. At it’s core though, populism is a losing game in Democracy for this reason.

    The enthusiastic Trumpians weren’t ready to use the strongest strategies of a fired-up crown, fear and intimidation, in an intelligent way. And no, Jan. 6 was not done in a smart way. When you can get enough people together in a legal way at tactical locations such as school board meetings or people’s houses, you don’t actually have to commit violence and usually don’t even have to do anything illegal. You just have to have to prove that the mob could destroy your entire life and they are helpless against it.

    The parents opposing CRT are starting to understand these strategies with mobbing School Board Meeting, going to board member houses, and initiating walkouts, which is why the powers in D.C. are freaking out and they are starting heavy-handed intimidation tactics of their own.

    • Good point. The parent uprising has prompted the police state to crack down, and that in turn further discredits the system and is a positive development.

      • They could so easily pretend to listen to the parents, back off CRT, rename it something else with more subtle anti white content, and sweep this whole thing under the rug.

        Just like they could have so easily let Trump build a few miles of fence while jacking up legal immigration, end result is no different.

        They are either really stupid, female controlled, or they hate us so much they don’t even want to pretend to listen to us. Seriously, I would be much better and more practical as an evil leftist ruler than these people.

        Let’s hope they stay stupid lol.

        • Why would they do that?

          Half of the pleasure is on pushing the boot ever harder on the face and watching your target squirm until they give in.

          Do people not understand the motivations here?

        • Honestly, the education I got in the 1990’s in a rural town was already CRT-lite. The way they glorified Blacks and Native Americans was practically worship while the Whites were universally given mildly negative treatment.

          The teachers are too dumb to be subtle now, and the Universities training them are too corrupt to even give a proper indoctrination campaign outside of brute force.

          I remember one college colleague in Education who read a book by an Hispanic, more or less an autoethnography, who explicitly stated the goal of education wasn’t knowledge, but making minorities feel good.

          • I attended grade-school in the mid-late 90s and as I recall the Native-American education/shilling was very strong. It seems that topic has gone the way of the buffalo (pun intended). Its only gotten worse.

            I’ve asked the Zoomers what they are reading for class. Holocaust material is mandatory, as it was for me (Anne Frank, Wiesel etc.). They also read books about the apartheid in South Africa now. One girl claimed to be reading something about a girl getting raped by her father…This was a freshman English class.

            This culture has been utterly destroyed from the inside out. The youth are indoctrinated from the beginning.

        • They’re going for all the marbles, and they think they will get them so they don’t care.

          • Wild Geese: Are they wrong? Almost no White parents will stand up for their children. Note I said FOR their children, rather than AGAINST CRT. Not to push color-blind civic nationalism, but to demonstrate pride in their White children and White culture and history.

            That’s why Whites in Virginia – all of America and the anglosphere – are losing. They’re not merely playing catchup; they think they’re waking up and taking action by playing defense. Far too little far too late.

          • They aren’t wrong. 3g4me points out White parents are not fighting for their kids. They are still letting the state brainwash their kids into hating their heritage or just plain not teaching them at all. Not to mention being bullied.

            Selectively fighting CRT does nothing. They should be taking their kids out that toxic environment asap. Sadly they think it’s still 1985 and that CRT is something new. It isn;t.

          • RWC1963:
            They don’t even take themselves out of it.

            The TV is wall to wall CRT, sports are CRT, every online site has non whites as the landing images, magazines and newspapers are the same, advertising in stores and on the street is anti-white, every community or health poster is anti-white, music on the radio and piped in stores is 95% black.

            Their own behavior is so far from western norms at the beginning of my life as to be unrecognizable.

            And yet they still don’t see it.

            I am surprised they even make waves over the school thing as they are drowning in a sea of vomit they can’t even smell.

        • They are intoxicated on power, B125, and why should they not be? Things will become sloppier and sloppier, and the few opportunities that arise will be a direct result of the idiotic overreaching.

          The Afghanistan example is instructive. The withdrawal debacle may have started as some devious plot, but that truly is Clown World’s A Game.

          As others have mentioned, sadism and sociopathology also play a role. Trump could easily have been flattered and coopted but what fun is that?

        • B125: The White parents protesting CRT in NoVa have ‘cover ‘ – just enough non-Whites have joined their ranks that they can justify their protests as being against the dreaded racism. What they’re pushing for is color-blindness – a return to civic-American norms and ‘can’t we all just get along’ bullshite.

          As you say, it would be such an easy win-win for the Dem machine to let the repukes have this one – Youngkin will never rock the boat and do anything substantive. Virginia is gone – demographically – already. The statues have been removed, the names of heritage Americans are being blotted out, the history books have already been rewritten. Are these ‘heroic’ White parents even looking at their kids’ history books and protesting the lies therein? Of course not – that would be White supremacy!

          I say the NoVa Whites deserve what they get, regardless of who wins. No, they’re not courageous and the moms speaking up ought to have been monitoring what their children were taught from day one. I was nowhere near a full-blown rayciss back when my older son started school, and the first thing I asked was to see the books used, so ZFG.

          • “I say the NoVa Whites deserve what they get, regardless of who wins. No, they’re not courageous and the moms speaking up ought to have been monitoring what their children were taught from day one.”

            I’m right there with you. My fiance has the “NextDoor app.” Recently she showed me a pleading, preachy post from a mom regarding CRT. I should be happy, I should have felt something like affinity for the woman. But honestly only bitterness and anger welled up inside me.

            5-10 years ago when people like us were sounding the alarms– peacefully, rationally–where was this woman? I almost guarantee she was the very same who threw us under the bus so as to virtue signal.

            When a prophesy comes true it rarely feels good: “By the time you guys wake up to this and start caring about it, it will be too late. We have to stem the tide now!”

        • It may not be stupidity; it could simply be flexing their power. They are not subtle or looking to release pressure because they don’t have to.

    • Caucasian group solidarity is what made these victories against CRT possible. For the first time in decades, our side got rowdy. We won because we fought together on the basis of our identity and group interests — not nebulous ideologies — and we weren’t so shy about it, even if some crafty types will dissemble about the true reasons.

      So, of course, we have Conservative Inc. (lead by an Israeli citizen) staging a convention (NatCon II) at this very moment whose expressed purpose seems to be redirecting our collective efforts into ultimately fruitless sideshows. NatCon II stands against “white supremacy” according to their Twitter. Implied in this line of logic is that those anti-CRT parents are “white supremacists” for cooperating as a group.

      Questions: Do the democrats ever slur their people by denouncing “black supremacy” or “feminist supremacy”? Will these National Conservatives be demanding the democrats denounce BLM or end the congressional black caucus? Will BET be shut down? Will Amazon stop promoting every non-Caucasian ethnic group? When do our people get a month?

      • Ran as a sort-of populist to get the nomination and then disavowed everything as soon he could.

        I understand the motivations for Dem politicians, but I don’t get Republicans. Is this guy really that excited about tax cuts and less regulation? Conservatives live in a some type of time machine bubble where it’s always 1985.

      • As with most conservative politicians It should read.

        “Youngkin personally opposes same sex marriage, but will gladly take it up the arse from the uniparty when he becomes the Governor”

      • Another rich kid who never set foot in a crappy public school, whose entire work life was spent in globalist vulture capital. So relatable!

    • If George W. Bush was running now, Youngkin is probably close to where he would be on the issues. He is incredibly chummy with the Clintons and Obamas. If the globalists support it, so does he.

    • Youngkin is a clone of the late, not missed Georgia senator Kelly Loeffler, albeit his vagina is more massive.

    • Mos Eisley is more apt. At least the Vichy French and their masters were humans. Our overlords in the Imperial Capital would be right at home in the cantina, because most of them are not even human.

  27. “Another subplot to this race is the fact that the inner party seems to be trying to purge the old Clinton machine. This is why the “good voting machines” will not be used in Virginia in support of longtime Clinton crony Terry McAuliffe. Youngkin is a harmless wimp right out of GOP headquarters, so letting the outer party have a win serves the interests of the inner party. They knock off a Clintonite and they reinforce the argument that Trump is bad for the Republican Party.”

    No man who climbs to the top of Carlyle is a harmless wimp. Youngkin is a very savvy guy. And he will accomplish as much as the last savvy private equity Republican governor – Bruce Rauner of Illinois – accomplished: Nothing. But the rest of this is absolute gold.

    • It is possible the Clinton machine learned from the errors in 2016 by thinking they had it in the bag and improved their cheating operation for this election. Prior to 2020, based on the way polling has trended late, there is no question Youngkin would win this race. Now it is an open question what will happen. It would be smart of the regime to let Youngkin have this one to release some pressure on the voter fraud issue. Like this column says, he is no threat to their agenda. The problem with that is they craven and addicted to power and not all that smart.

    • Wimp in the political context. It is interesting that the CEO of a firm that regularly has inconvenient people killed is considered a pussy in the political realm.

    • “And he will accomplish as much as the last savvy private equity Republican governor – Bruce Rauner of Illinois – accomplished: Nothing.”

      Does Virginia have the equivalent of Mike Madigan, the thieving little troll who ruined Silly-nois during his rein of terror? The same little bastard who blocked every chance for reform?

      As the cliche goes in Western movies “Hangin’s too good for him”. There isn’t a hole deep enough and dark enough to bury Madigan in.

  28. I’m going with McAuliffe wins because they can manufacture all the votes they need but the other guy will have a decent showing so that they can show the enemy is still a threat. Thanks for the vote totals that will be very handy after it’s over. But yeah it doesn’t matter they’re both part of the elite class and hate the people that they rule over

    • One of the problems with early voting is you have to start ballot stuffing early. They may have thought this one was a lock and not bothered to rev up the printing presses. In 2020, they had the ballots printed and ready to go in the summer.

      • True. You know, I saw them in Atlanta. The Sunday before the election I drove up to the mountains and I drove past the Fulton county commissioner’s office and there was a U-Haul on the road in front and a bunch of big black guys wheeling in black suitcases. I knew there was something wrong with it when I saw it but of course it was post election till I knew exactly what

  29. My guess is Parasite Terry sank himself when he said that parents had no business telling the schools what to teach. That turned out to be too much even for the suburban soccer moms who would usually vote Democratic.

    In practical terms, the election won’t make much of a difference, but seeing McAuliffe go down in flames would still provide a moment of satisfaction.

    • Schadenfreude is underrated. If I lived in Virginia, I would not bother voting, but I would laugh at McAuliffe losing.

    • Agree and amplify. This exiled Virginian would very much like to see McAuliffe lose, just for the sheer joy of watching this shitbag realize his grift is over; he seems like the kind of guy who has a bunch of Cub Scouts buried in his basement.

      • manc: His grift isn’t over; they’ll find a slot for him where he still enjoys plenty of money, just not any overt influence. Being out of the ‘in crowd’ may bother McAuliffe, but it won’t in any way harm him or his children. They have had the skids greased and don’t expect to be bothered by the coming unpleasantness. That’s what most irritates me – I want these people’s children and grandchildren to feel the pain of ordinary, average White people immiserated amidst diversity. And I want the parents to see and know the consequences of their actions on the lives of their progeny – disaster and death. Vengeful- hell yeah. Anyone who isn’t will not survive what’s coming.

        • Yeah, I know…but still, I’d love to see McAuliffe break down on national tv.

          I can’t believe what Bush II and the NOVA filth have done to my state.

        • Even the cash will not prevent McAuliffe’s kids from getting it good and hard, too, even if it happens after we pass. Small White Pill but it is inevitable.

        • Tell me who will protect rich nasty whites like McAwful when the guards are all Hispanic or Black? What happens when that group figures out and they will that they have the guns and their white masters are just degenerate scum with lots of wealth that is theirs for the taking?

          Lets be clear. The current system works because of white docility and stupidity. We still have plenty of stupid white men who are happy to do the dirty work of the elites for a buck. When they are gone or so few in number the elites will become a footnote.

    • The Covid school shutdowns were an eye opener for a lot of parents who had viewed public education uncritically up until that point. They had no idea most of the school day was wasted and spent on nonsense. Plenty of these women are “Orange man bad” Biden voters. McAuliffe threw their votes away with those comments. The percentage he gets in Loudon county compared to Biden will be one to watch. If it doesn’t go down by at least 2-3% points this election is as fake as that one.

      • I believe still that McAuliffe will win. Why would anything change, we know the fix is in. At least when the fix is needed.
        Either way, I couldn’t care less.

      • Well, at least 50% of the VA electorate has no problem with CRT, because they’re all-in with T.M.

        If gay marriage and love-of-tranny has taught us anything, it’s that it is ALWAYS Team (R) that knuckles under and accepts the new zeitgeist when it’s 50% + 1.

        • Cowards always knuckle under and claim they are trying to keep the peace, when in reality they just will not surface the confrontation in any aspect of their life.

          • I agree.

            The borg never seek to keep the peace so that does not apply to them. Chaos is their reward.

            Even on here and similar sites, you get people making grand statements about push back, and then on some other post talk about how they have to to the line, or not want to cause waves at work or with family.

            How can you push back on the macro when people do not do it in their own environment?

      • The problem with peeling the curtain back on pubEd to reveal the widespread and codified anti-white curriculum isn’t that it is anti-white but that it is now explicit and even branded.

        “CRT” is a problem because once it is a conspicuous and branded element it becomes positional.

        Prior to that school was just providing a “contextual, holistic, and culturally sensitive perspective on America that reflects its diversity; the good and bad.” The kind of stuff that all the local school board candidates around here say in their official election materials.

        The soccer moms and OMB facebook queens were obviously fine with anti-white government, media, and cultural milieu. The same way they have been totally on board with the war on boys for decades.

        What they hate more than anything, however, is being compelled to take a position that forces them to enter into social status games in which the moral high ground is not defined

        To suddenly have to take responsibility for the indoctrination of their children is to be put upon in ways that indicts their own abdication and complacency. As well as placing them on the slippery slope of progressive ideas; pandoras box cracked open.

        The issue will be kicked back under the bed regardless. The CRY label peeled off and then back to worrying about the unvaxxed and racisms.

        • Screwtape: Spot-on, as usual. These protesting women are not pro-White; they’re not even pro their own children, or they would never have sent them to public schools. As you wisely note, they are being forced to take a stand and they’re unsure of just where the moral high ground is. They’re arm in arm with their various black, brown, and yellow proxies demanding a return to the somewhat softer, vaguer anti-White ‘murrica of ‘normality.’ A POX on them all.

          • The totem aspect is an important tell. What also lingers with me in my experience with these white patriot types is how they have been somewhere between totally silent and actively complicit in the war on boys, men, masculinity, marriage, etc.

            As you have pointed out elsewhere the inverted hierarchy of authority and subordination of male status to that of fem-centric social status gets zero attention. It is not just “normal” but now “good”. If the fear of being sexist by pointing out a boy has the right to become a masculine man as God intended gave them cover to hide behind, well racisms has a lot of legs left.

            These Whites seem forever content to stand behind their prog-lite civnat maginot line in the comforts of bunkered blank-slates and tolerance while the lessons of sun tzu are obscured by high-self-regard and BBQ smoke. The battle over CRT rages in a war already lost.

            They have already tossed three generations of their sons into the volcano of progress to avoid icky conflict over sex “equality” – and still have the audacity to lament that these boys won’t man-up and carry the torch of civilization, all from the comforts of a “man-cave”.

            We can give them benefit of the doubt for only so long. They quickly prove they are cowards, however, after repeatedly being shown that their own sons are not given torches but yoked and whipped by the very same progress they embrace as to not slip into badwhite. Just don’t make them watch it by gosh or they will really raise heck.

            If these people can look the other way while the future manhood of our people was ritually destroyed, watching the whole “white” thing come apart is easy peasy.

            And as you point out they are really only using their kids’ whiteness as a means to restore the blank-slate, diversity is our greatest strength cult of progress that has turned the girls into vapid whores and their sons into bugmen basement gamers. Zero grandkids didn’t wake these people up but CRT will? huh.

            Even my old ass was subjected to CRT and sexual positivity, feminism, equal rights, diversity, and all the rest before they had cool names and the protestations and suicidal submission in my cohort were met with blank stares and shrills from plenty of moms about how this “isn’t the ’50’s anymore” so…

            I am obviously reconsidering how not punching “right” has served us in this war.

          • The battle over CRT rages in a war already lost.

            Indeed, as to one of your other points we should pull a page out of the leftist cookbook and always push for further radicalization (“What do you mean you’re only against CRT? You should be pushing for pro-white education!” / “What do you mean you’re only pushing for pro-white education? You should be pushing for optional segregation!” / and so on).

          • Agreed. I remember a bullying case IMS in Ventura county, CA. About a decade or so ago. A young white boy – blond hair, blue eyes. Was bullied and attacked by a homosexual Samoan boy. The father repeatedly complained to the Jewish female principal who laughed in his face. She said it was good for his boy,. Instead of taking his son out of school, he did nothing(no filing of lawsuit, etc) So one day his son gets a pistol from his dad’s collection, goes to school and blows a hole in the head of the Samoan predator.

            The state threw the book at the boy for killing a a member of the protected class.

            This is what happens when fathers won’t fight for their kids.


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