Tribes Of The Right

Note: The Monday Taki post is posted. It is a theme I have explored many times, but that audience seems be a different audience from those here. The Sunday Thoughts podcast is up behind the green door. Lots of conspiracy talk and mild rant about the show trial taking place in Charlottesville.

If it was possible to hold a convention of people who makes some claim to being right-wing, it would be a quite a crowd. Polling consistently shows that about 40% of white Americans identify as conservative. About 20% identify as liberal. The remaining 40% probably lean proportionally. People who claim to be “moderate” are always left-wing, often far-left. On the other hand, people with no interest tend to live right-wing, so it is hard to know for sure how the undocumented fall.

Regardless, the right side of the scale is a crowded place, but there is not much agreement on what it means to be right-wing in America. For example, many of the gentry conservatives would not be caught dead at the same convention as many of the tribes on the Right. These are the people who listen to Ben Shapiro and think the worst people are those hated most by the Left. These are the people who voted against Trump because, well, that is what they were told.

Another group that would hesitate to attend a convention of the Right are the people generally referred to as normies. These are people who think the Democrats are the real racists and Israel is our greatest ally. They get mad over CRT because it is bad for black people and immigrants. They voted for Trump, even though he was accused of being Hitler, because they are sure that he does not see race. These are the civic nationalists who are the majority of the Right.

Just down the road from them is another large group that could be described as the Disgruntled Right. Most used to be in the civic nationalist camp, and most will vote for Trump in 2024, even though they have lost faith in the system. They acknowledge that America has a demographic problem and they oppose immigration, but they still hold out hope that reform is possible. Like the old paleocons, this camp tends to think the nation is headed for a disaster and possibly collapse.

Another large group that is getting larger, mostly drawing from the prior two camps, are the Religious/Traditionalists. These are people who were active in the social conservative scene, but now that it has been overrun with grifters from Conservative Inc., they are going to ground. These could also be called the Rod Dreher conservatives, although most would reject his goofy outlook. This group is looking to recapture an older sense of religious and traditional community.

Those three groups probably comprise 80% of the people who would call themselves right-wing or conservative. Polling does not help, as the polling outfits subscribe to the left-wing view of politics. That is, there are good people chosen by history and then there are evil people who hate history. Even so, the popularity of various figures gives an indication of the crowd sizes. A Christian/Traditionalist guy like Nick Fuentes will draw a big crowd, but not as big as Ben Shapiro.

The remaining 20% has used various labels, none of which have performed all that well over the years. White Nationalism is considered an epithet, mostly because ridiculous people claiming to be white nationalists played the role written for them by the Left over the last half century. Similarly, the term alt-right fell out of favor a few years ago when it became associated with ridiculous people. Both terms also suffered from a lack of definition that opened the door to shenanigans.

Even so, this tribe has persisted over the last 70 years. These people are what should be called the Revanchist Right. They persist throughout the West, so it is a phenomenon that transcends America. These are people who seek to return to some earlier period and have a do-over. They are not romantics, looking to return to a better time, even though they are inspired by the past. Instead, they seek to return to some prior starting point and replay history.

For example, there are revanchists in America who would like to return to the 1950’s and replay the civil rights battles. They don’t want to restore legal segregation, they want to relitigate how it was disassembled. Similarly, there are people who wish to start over from the beginning of the 20th century. They look at American participation in the two great industrial wars as a tragic error. Of course, there are some who would like to start over in the 1930’s and reargue the case for fascism.

From the perspective of political philosophy, the revanchists are the most authentically right-wing because they reject the product of left-wing progress. The conventional right-wing tribes always find some way to accommodate the latest innovations. They also embrace liberal democracy, which the revanchists reject. The revanchists of all types assume a hierarchical society, so they reject the egalitarianism of the modernity, which means they reject the foundations of liberal democracy.

The final tribe of the Right is the Dissident Right. They share many of the aims of the other groups, but they arrive at their conclusions for unique reasons. To be a genuine dissident is to reject the moral philosophy of this age, but also replace it with a moral philosophy rooted in the material reality of nature. For the Dissident, the mysticism of Julius Evola is just as ridiculous as the utopianism of Karl Marx. Philosophy is, for the most part, a form of escapism.

Biologism is not new, and it has been denounced by philosophy for its reliance on accuracy over aspiration but advances in the human science continue to boost the argument for a moral philosophy rooted in biological realty. Psychology, for example, has given way to chemistry in the treatment of mental illness. Evolutionary reality could one day be the antidote to the psychosis of the modern West. While by far the smallest tribe on the Right, the Dissident Right has a future.

The interesting question that perhaps underlies the panic of the Western establishment is where will those large tribes of people migrate to when they become disillusioned with the prevailing orthodoxy. Since the establishment only sees good guys and bad guys and the revanchists are all too happy to don the black hat, it makes sense why they fear the various bogeymen of the revanchist camp. Defenders of liberal democracy frame everything as democracy versus Hitler for this reason.

The bet by Dissidents is that realty still has some role to play in the life of the West and those disgruntled and disillusioned will at least entertain an alternative rooted in the natural reality of mankind. Alternatively, the various tribes of the Right will see that going backwards is not an option, so moving forward into a moral philosophy rooted in natural realty, however imperfect and incomplete, is the only option. In this regard, the Dissident Right is the optimism tribe on the Right.

The important takeaway from this survey of the Right is that the overwhelming majority of the people under a banner on the Right are still attached to the liberal order. They still believe they can vote their way out of the defects of democracy. There is a reason this point of view remains the most compelling. It offers hope. Reality and alternative fantasy have never held up well to the subtle utopianism of liberal democracy. That is a realty of the Right that Dissidents would be wise to explore.

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170 thoughts on “Tribes Of The Right

  1. What label to you apply to someone who believes that segregation is the only moral solution to racial issues in the West, and who has a Christian-based moral philosophy to back it up?

  2. there is clearly a purge in the inner party going on. Look at what happened t the golden covid boy Cuomo . driven from office and now facing a humiliating trial, perp walk and possibly a little jail time . lo the mighty have fallen.
    These things don’t happen in a vacuum. someone above him wants his spot for THEIR minion .

  3. Better get back to the grand ballroom at the Assisted Living Joyously Center. They’re serving free ice cream for the John Wayne movie.

  4. Good article by Pedro Gonzales on the Chronicles Magazine website that exposes Cato as paid shills for the open borders lobby. Named Cato shills include David Bier, Ilya Shapiro. No surprises, maybe nothing new, but I thought you’d be interested. Hope Pedro investigates Goth Fonzi next.

    • I read Karl everyday. That was an…interesting read. I wish I could agree with him that the fictional Jerex19 would take up arms in that way, but I think we’d need to see a lot more people dying from the clot shot for that to happen. Many of the posters at his blog seem convinced this winter will witness a large culling of the vexxed but I’m still skeptical that it will be that overwhelming. There’s the whiff of a doomsday cult surrounding such predictions.

      • KGB: Agree. I don’t read Market Ticker unless someone provides links to a particular post. This was interesting but rather fanciful. Particularly re food shortages and death rate. Shortages seem to be happening primarily on the coasts (only a few things sometimes in short supply here in Texas) and the vax death rate, while significant and ridiculously high for a purportedly ‘safe’ vaccine, is not high enough for most to notice. Over a period of 5-10 years it probably will be, but the statistics will be utterly unavailable and Joe Normal won’t miss what he doesn’t know.

      • Well, their mankind-ending killer virus was a dud, so it stands to reason the jabs probably won’t cause mass death either. I also tend to agree with the idea there is an 85/15 or 80/20 distribution of saline placebos and mystery shots.

        I don’t really think they have anything else in the biowarfare pipeline…if they did they’d have released it so their hysterical narrative antics weren’t so far removed from reality.

        • Wild Geese: Agree. I don’t believe they’re giving the same ‘vax’ to every person or group. They’re not trying to kill off the immigrants/blacks (who, of course, ironically, are the most vax ‘hesitant’ group). It’s all the young White guys who are getting heart disease and White girls whose fertility they want damaged. Not all, of course, but a significant proportion. Add in low birth rates and miscegenation and we’re toast.

    • it was not actually Karl writing . karl has been very good. but he is naïve , he thinks facts matter to covidians

  5. A somewhat surreal and depressing post. As usual, never boring or incoherent.

    I did find Z Man’s YouTube Doppelganger though. It’s Stardusk -Thinking Ape. They’re both not self described biological determinists but nearly everything else regarding their worldview is the same; save the individual and collective presuppositions.

    Every key word I can think of from- self awareness, biological nature, blackpilled, false premise, reality, etc. was touched upon.
    Perhaps I need to read more of the older archives. I still am not comfortable abdoning God and the need for his institutions (perhaps I am misreading this claim from the article?) for a number of reasons. As much as I believe there is room for the Dissident tribe, the traditionalists and reoreactiomaries will remain as well.
    There always seems to be cause for contemplation; either in the posts or the comments..

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  7. That psychology has given way to chemistry in the treatment of mental illness does not mean that it has produced better results. Teenagers did not commonly massacre their classmates with assault rifles back before chemistry took over the field, and the number of obviously mentally unstable people (especially women) out there who gobble antidepressants like a kid pounding down M&Ms this day after Halloween has increased exponentially. Do you feel as though you are surrounded by fewer visibly crazy people now than you were in, say, 1989? Because I sure as hell don’t.

    • That was never implied. What is clear is we no longer think you can talk someone out of being crazy or analyze their dreams for hidden meanings. We now understand that genetics and chemistry are what drives mental illness.

  8. “…Advances in the human science continue to boost the argument for a moral philosophy rooted in biological realty. Psychology, for example, has given way to chemistry in the treatment of mental illness. Evolutionary reality could one day be the antidote to the psychosis of the modern West.”

    This has already been done for millennia. People didn’t have antidepressants and mood stabilizers. They managed their emotional states the old-fashioned way, with family, friends and active lifestyles.

    All the drugs being used today from Ritalin to box wine, are because our technocratic Elites are feverishly engineering a world in which all humanity is miserable from birth to an early death. Here’s a pill for loneliness… and a pill to manage constant distraction… and some weed for being stuck in a dead-end job unable to pay or discharge your debts… now here’s the bill, and it’s a crime to be happy the old-fashioned way of playing with friends.

    We don’t need anything new. We already know what works and it’s all banned.

  9. Looking at the news of the past week I’m just so appalled and sickened at the state of the world right now. Not just the U.S. but the world. The world won’t snap back to reality from an era like this without a foot of blood in the room, that’s for sure. In a way, the chaos they will eventually unleash will be a psychological relief despite the hardships of the coming years.

  10. You forgot the “Men Among The Ruins” . We know this system has ALREADY crashed and there will be no going back. We look to build something new away from the obscene mess that the FUSA has become.
    Not sure what it will look like – but can’t be any worse.
    I long ago withdrew my consent to be governed by fools and liars (and pedophiles)

    • Then just when you think we’re done subdividing—too late! I just founded the post-Ruins right.

      We believe that everyone now living has always inhabited an abandoned world that’s incomprehensible to us, like a hermit crab in a faded Pepsi can. Our spiritual duty is to an ancestral mind we lack the biological capacity to imagine. Our earthly duty is to drive up the price of vintage logo Pepsi baseball caps.

      Links to my SubscribeStar and Substack are at the end of the manifesto.

  11. From Taki: “The first virtual campaign has led to the first virtual presidency.”

    That seems like a pithy way to define it. It’s like Max Headroom w/o the smart programming.

    • That old 80’s gag often comes to mind. Obama was two-dimensional. He was an actor groomed for the role. Biden is an empty husk animated by others. Logically, the next version is a hologram.

      • I can remember a few wags in 2007 stating Obama was merely a racial product aimed at civnat guilt over slavery.

        They nailed it.

        • When Reagan was president, we knew every aspect of his life. People who knew him at each stage of his life were put on TV for both positive and negative views on Reagan. With Obama, it was as if he was dropped in from another planet. His backstory was his autobiography that he admitted was a fictionalized version of events. It was probably written by Bill Ayers.

          • It was necessary for them to do as he sucking d ick at Occidental College in the early 80’s and then dealing coke on the campus of Columbia a few years later. And then likely being accepted at Harvard as an African student.

    • No true scotsman fallacy?

      The majority of people on the right are not racialist today (or in the past). They are perhaps the most hostile group towards these ideas in 2021. The framework of the genesis of the Right in America from Northern industrialist capitalists to Coolidge -Nixon- Reagan- to modern Republicans never had racialism as a guiding principal. Instead the right often viewed itself as a champion and later bulwark against those forces.

      The last major strain of racialism in American politics was the Southern Dixie Democrats which died out in the 70s. Its an extinct ideology with no modern descendants. They were not a right wing movement. It was heavily influenced by Agrarianism. Regionalism as well (the Right strongly rejects this precept, conservatism is a universalist ideology as in all men are blank slates, nation of ideas etc….)

      • Conditions have changed. If you wish to conserve Western civilization, which, to a significant degree has always been the right’s raison d’etre, you have to prevent it from demographic swamping. And to do that, you first have to face racial reality, which means acknowledging that race is a biological reality, and that this biological reality has produced profoundly different groups of people with radically divergent ideas of what the good life is and how to live it. Ignore race, pretend we’re just all the same, and we have no defense against white people being divested of our land and all we have built over the last three millennia.

  12. On Friday I opined on why it was very important to embrace ‘soft memes’. Because by doing so you bring front & center the monomaniacal lunacy of the modern leftist. When innocuous phrases can trigger ‘investigations’ it becomes clear to even the dimmest bulb you are dealing with a dangerous and unhinged cult.

    And like a train that is -never- late, hot on the heels of that proclamation- The NY Times which at one time was an esteemed publication but is now completely off the rail puts out an entire piece about it. Keep this hits coming boyos! More soft memes, more garage pull nooses, more ‘ok’ signs, more milk drinking. Get these people so twisted in neurotic and paranoid knots that hopefully they commit seppuku rather than go on in such a dangerous world…

    • The Regime is going crazy over this “Let’s Go Brandon” meme. First they tried co-opting it with help from corporate America, now they’re trying to stigmatize it. State media (CNN) was claiming earlier that embracing it was like embracing ISIS.

  13. Wow, in almost a year of reading this blog this is the first bad post I’ve seen. Many problems!

    Nick Fuentes types and white nationalists aren’t in the DR? Those groups don’t believe in biological reality and do believe in voting? You’re lumping Fuentes in with Dreher? I could go on but there are so many problems and I’m typing with my thumbs. Z seems to want to believe he’s in an incredibly small minority with a very narrow range of beliefs but many he’s excluded rightly call themselves DR.

    I’ve also been a little bemused with Z’s general materialism and specifically his obsession with “evolution”, whatever he means by that. I assume he means the rather crude and debunked theory set forth by Darwin two centuries ago. My understanding is that among the scientists in the fields where proofs of Darwinian evolution would be found there is little to no belief in the theory, you just don’t hear about it because everyone else assumes or pretends it’s real. Much like equality, evolution is a tenet of liberal democracy that has no empirical reality. If hope Z will one day will challenge his own liberal assumptions on this matter and maybe read something by, say, the molecular biologist Michael J. Behe.

    Great Power Hour from Friday. I really appreciate all the content that offers us positive ideas about what we can DO!

    • Query– If evolution has been completely debunked, what is your alternate theory on the divergence of species over time? I feel like there is a VoxDay angle here that is being unspoken so at risk of making yourself sound like a dirty plebian midwit, make your answer compelling… thanks.

    • Fuentes has said on many occasions that he thinks evolution is nonsense. He’s not shy about it. He has said often that he favors Intelligent Design. Having met him and talked with him a few times, I have no reason to think he is lying about it.

      • It’s always puzzled me how anyone could think Nick Fuentes is this great White hope of the right. He strikes me as uneducated, largely inarticulate, and foolish (he was involved in Jan 6th and bragged about it publicly). I think some on the right imagine Fuentes maturing into this great leader — maybe they think he represents the youth — but I personally suspect this is the best we’ll ever get from him.

        Does anyone know something about him that might change my mind? I’m not too impressed. Nick Fuentes pales in comparison to leftist radicals in intellect, in rhetoric, in organizational skills, and in political savvy. Basically every Leftist radical in history was more influential. If we can’t come up with our own Freud, our own Alinsky, or even our own Abraham Foxman, we’re doomed — at least in the current system.

        • I think “inarticulate” would be the last word that comes to mind with Fuentes. He is where he is because he is a gifted public speaker. As far as his future, I’m not a fortune teller. There is a lot of good signs from the young crowd, but they are young. I’ve said it many times, but you have to withhold judgement on the young guys until they get into their late 20’s.

        • You’ve got a problem with the so-called “insurrection” and those who participated in it?

    • Astralturf: Binary thinking. I don’t believe I’m the only Christian who believes, generally, in both Intelligent Design and micro-evolution (i.e. within rather than amongst species) and that whatever happened specifically, which may come to be satisfactorily explained by ‘science,’ happened in accord with God’s will.

  14. As a churchgoing person I can guarantee that the Christian Traditionalists will be the most disappointing of the groups, and the only ones to generally retreat towards this liberal fold rather than coming this way. The social gospel has become so engrained in even conservative denominations that Christianity will have to be taken down to the studs to get rid of it, much like a house that was occupied by a crazed cat lady for 70 years, the cat urine smell of the social gospel now penetrates into the subfloor and drywall, even in the rootless flash-in-the-pan megachurches. With all the complex theological machinations about their fair, colorblind and equitable society, they’ve forgotten the simple line “Thou shalt not steal.” Various lines from Paul will be hastily cobbled together that show our “respect for authority” as the left continues its vice grip on the culture, just as they did last year when they DENIED communion to their congregants and parishioners for a year due to the stubborn cold being used to reorder society. I’m still reeling and angry about that a year later. Any Christian of decades ago would have called that shameful and even Satanic. Today’s old boomers in the churches call it “a safe environment,” because this is their heaven, even among the professed Christians.

    • The traditional Christian churches can play a role in our future, the progressive ones and most of the mega churches you are correct, they must be taken down to the studs.
      Many of them have evolved into entertainment centers, all they need is the big screen from Jerry Jones’s Cowboy stadium and they would be complete.

      • sad, yet true
        The apostle Paul – work out your salvation has transmogrified to be entertained by your salvation

    • You really have NO idea what you are talking about. Just b/c you live in some nutty place where there are no functioning churches does not by any stretch of the imagination mean that there are in fact no functioning churches. Nor thqat those churches are full of nuts and freaks and devotes of the
      “social gospel.” In the city where I live, I know of four churches that ignored the ENTIRE hysteria and carried on as they had always done. ANd in a city of 600,000 and change, if I personally know of four churches that ignored the entire thing, then it can be quite safely assumed that there were dozens.
      You must live in a nutty place. LEAVE that place and resettle in a sane state or city. There are plenty. Twenty-one states have already outlawed “vaccine passports.” Open your eyes. And best of luck to you.

  15. “While by far the smallest tribe on the Right, the Dissident Right has a future.”

    Maybe. I mean it can gain converts but reproducing yourself matters too. If someone can tell me how I can find traditional, fertile wives for my sons without traditional religion, I’m all ears.

    • I’m not sure it possible. I think a key assumption of the Dissident Right that religion is an indispensable and irreplaceable part of the culture.

      • Agree – and I’m not religious.

        (Actually, that’s not really true. I’d argue that I have found my “God.” It’s my people. I am of them and they are of me. They were here long before me and, I hope, they will be here long after me. Etc.)

        For the DR to ever break out, we’ll need a religion, presumably Christianity. But, obviously, it can’t be a “We’re all God’s children” version of Christianity. We need Christian faith that intertwines God and our people.

        I wasn’t raised in the church so I don’t know whether that’s even possible, but looking in from the outside, it doesn’t seem like it should be that hard; indeed, it feels very natural to me, but, again, what do I know.

        The DR needs the CR, and they need us. Without us, they will always be fighting a losing battle, no matter how many kids they have because the Christian leaders have accepted the Left’s morality, at least when it comes to race and equality. Their churches and neighborhoods will fill with non-whites who will eventually transform their churches into what suits them.

        However, without the CR, the DR likely won’t muster the numbers nor willpower to fight back. Christians are the only group that are willing to protect their own and push back. It’s why the Left hates and fears them so much.

        Whites who followed a religion that incorporated love of their people with the love for God would be an unstoppable force, even in relatively small numbers. The Left knows that.

      • find a place near you that does the Latin mass. the women you meet there will be feminine in ways you haven’t seen in decades. It also really really make the current pope-NWO Chaplin very angry . he hates the Latin mass.

        • Yeah the only ones we have are a Sedevacantist parish about 30 miles away and an SSPX chapel about 50 miles away.

          You’re right, the women are feminine. The cover the heads during mass which used to be the practice of most all Christians protestant, Catholic and Orthodox.

  16. Some of these names are just particular people on the right. Alternative right is Richard Spencer and Paul Gottfried. Paul moved away from it pretty early when it became obvious Spencer was a nutjob. It was obvious that the “alternative” was as much against the “failed” paleocons as it was against the necons. Gottfried had issues with the palecons although he now heads Rockford. Anyway, a bunch of people started using it during late Obama and early Trump but Charlottesville killed that.

    Dissident right is John Derbyshire and the VDARE crowd. I guess you could call them the Bio-cons.

    • cameron: Disagree. Alternative right was widely used (coined by Gottfried but embraced by many he would consider anti-semitic) up until Charlottesville. Derbyshire coined dissident right, but again, term is used by a broad group of people with the necessary but not totally sufficient belief in biological realism. VDARE specifically objects to this label because it chooses to focus solely on immigration and has challenged being labeled a ‘hate site’ in court.

      • 3g4me: Fair enough, I’m sure you’re correct.

        It’s hard for me to disassociated these groups from the person who founded them or came up with the name.

        I think Derb’s HDB is correct but I think he neglects culture. He’s right that culture isn’t a magical thing that appears out of the ether or whatever, and that biology informs culture but culture isn’t JUST biology. We need realism about biology and the mainstream greatly underestimates it – I just don’t want to see us make the opposite error.

        • cameron: Agreed. And, while I enjoy Derb’s writing and hold no particular animus against him, neither do I venerate him the way some seem to. He is as human as the rest of us, and I think his beliefs are strongly influenced by his having a Han wife and Hapa children. He believes in HBD but only to a point, and is wont to liken ‘diversity’ to salt in soup. I think Whites have plenty ‘salt’ without any Han or anyone else.

  17. “To be a genuine dissident is to reject the moral philosophy of this age, but also replace it with a moral philosophy rooted in the material reality of nature.”

    Now that’s an interesting statement. I generally agree with the thrust of it, but I diverge with the thinking that material reality is sufficient.

    There’s a reason why rhetoric will trump logic, or why people will resort to religious thinking in extremis, and it isn’t mere ignorance imo.

    Without writing an essay, isn’t it obvious that people are both reasonable and emotional, male and female, and so on? Or possible that we’re both flesh and spirit, that the universe is both measurable and mysterious?

    This isn’t to argue mysticism over materialism, or vice versa, but to argue both and to argue that reality is the interplay between them. The flesh passes away, but the soul is immortal, yet the flesh also renews itself in procreation, while the soul can experience a spiritual death.

    Imo a strong understanding of both is essential. One tool sharpens the other, and the individual is hewn whole.

    • Belief, narrative and conscious structures are all rooted in reality. Prior materialist efforts denied the fundamental nature of man by railing against religion or “magical thinking” or even hope. That was always a blinkered view of biological reality.

    • In conjunction with the material and the metaphysical is the traditional, and I don’t mean exclusively Christianity. Western civilization is a cultural and historical concatenation of almost unfathomable depth and profundity. I speak here mainly of literature, poetry, music, art and architecture, but also science and philosophy. In addition to Christianity, these structures are our roots in planet earth. As the West is subverted and undermined by the postmodern Left, it is our job as dissidents to counteract this demarche and to put these cultural barbarians to flight if not to the sword. This is an act of preservation and of ideological/organizational coalescence.

      • Absolutely. Our tradition strikes a balance between the two that has worked incredibly well for us. It must be preserved.

  18. Most of us on the Dissident Right seem to have come here from the Conservative Plantation. It can seem blackpilling, but remember your own journey. The 2015 version of B125 would have slapped the 2021 version of B125 for voicing his beliefs.

    Most of us probably never thought we would be here, or even wanted to be here. I was fine with just grilling, surrounded in a country by “assimilated” immigrants who also “love Canada” and “share my values”. Diversity was inevitable; a natural process of life and immigrants are really hard workers 🙂

    Obviously that has changed, through personal experience. But it took years. So be patient with normies. Do what you can, and be the example of the future you want. Nobody will listen to a fat neckbeard or depressed slob. Even this breaks the cognitive dissonance. People have the image of a “racist” as some diseased hillbilly with nazi tattoos – so when it’s coming from an intelligent man, who is fit, calm, and has self respect, they are surprised but also listen.

    There is a place and use for everybody, even poor whites and Nazis, but Dissidents tend to be more professional and have more money than the revanchist people. Play to your strengths.

    I’m moving ahead with my plans of meeting like minded people, and the vaccine mandates are making that easier. I redpill people carefully depending on the time, place, and anonymity, but am never stupid. As we grow, uncertain people will warm up to us, after all people like a strong horse. Most of all, stay optimistic, I think we are the lucky ones who see what’s going on and are at least fighting for our future and our descendants. Even if we totally fail, at least when I die I can say “I tried”.

    • I wonder if there’s not a sweet spot with regards to age, where a race-realist can be most effective? The very young, Fuentes for example, can be easily dismissed as a radical with no life experience to back up his views. While the elderly are selfish bigots who have reached the stage of life where they have zero fucks left to give, hence they’re opinion can’t be trusted.

      It may be just the middle aged, the gainfully employed, who risk everything by “noticing” that are the most convincing — especially when they have the total package of being pleasant, fit, and well-maintained.

  19. The dissident right’s biggest problem is that having identified the problem, we still don’t have any solutions on offer.

    Assume Our Guys miraculously come into power tomorrow. What’s the first thing we do? I’ve listened to Mike Enoch rant about the Jews for hours, but I still have no idea what he wants to do about them, if given the opportunity.

    Critiques are a lot easier to nail than solutions. Ask Karl Marx.

    • Enoch is not a dissident. He is an anti-Semite, which can maybe be wedged into the Revanchist Right, but it is a stretch. He is basically a Marxist who hates Jews. Definitions are important. The reason the alt-right flopped is they never bothered to define themselves, so every lunatic looking for a home started flying heir flag. This is something to be avoided going forward.

      • Controversial statement from the Z! I vote smiley face. Enoch barely hides his Marxism and the best way he does it is ranting against Marxism, but he still thinks like one. He’s pure poison and ruins his own brand. There are many TRS guys who would be a lot better off without that poison.

        Just look at TJP. Give me a freaking break. They somehow manage to be a more cringe version of the Proud Boys. Golf shirts tucked into khakis and sweaty fat nerds trying to give Mussolini speeches!

        • Enoch has talked at length about belonging to a Trotsky cult. He’s never been shy about his anti-capitalist views. His little buddy Erik Striker is an explicit Marxist. He used to call himself a NazBol, which is in no way right-wing. They have regularly denounced the idea of the Dissident Right for not being into their favorite subject.

      • The Alt-Right was generally a response to the neo-con pro-war right, mass immigration and outsourcing of jobs, mixed in with the vast overrepresentation of J influence over the government, media and institutions. If Mike Enoch isn’t a dissident, then none of us are dissidents. I can’t think of anything about him that aligns with the current government regime. He can also be both a dissident and anti-semitic.

        • State prisons are full of people who do not “align with the current government regime.” Simply being opposed to something does not make you a dissident. Ditto mental hospitals. By your definition, Bernie Sanders is on the Dissident Right.

          Look, I get the desire to link these characters with what is a generally positive concept. That’s why it cannot happen. Either words have meaning or none of this matters.

        • Wolf: I know almost nothing about Enoch and the current iteration of the website that used to be known as TRS- I read that daily during the runup to the 2016 election, but stopped when it vanished behind an invitation and paywall. Still, from what I recall, their beliefs were very much congruent with what we today call the dissident right.

      • Yeah, z is too hard on Enoch. He is putting himself out there trying to form a party (NJP). It wouldn’t have to get very big to start swinging elections, to and from the GOP. This would give them leverage to move things our way. Only game in town as far as I can see. Not sure the alt-right has failed, morphed into the dissident label. We are still in the early days. Finally, conflating anti-semitism and racism with lunacy doesn’t seem warranted.

        • “Putting himself out there” is such a bullshit phrase. Mark Chapman “put himself out there” when he assassinated John Lennon. What in the hell does “putting himself out there” even mean.

          • It means that he is placing himself in legal and potentially physical danger. I’ve sorta noticed a spate of killings of late that appear suspiciously like political assassinations. He has been doxed, fired, had his family destroyed. He survived the great purge, lost weight, got in shape, and appears to be prospering. He has learned from his mistakes and advised that people skip Jan 6. He is organizing his people and having some success with that. Why so cranky?

    • The solution is the ethnostate. By hook or crook we create it and welcome those who will support it. We then live as a people according to our culture and customs, leaving everybody else the eff alone, and demanding that everybody else does the same to us. Hardly the US Constitution or the Communist Manifesto, but it is the crux of the solution.

  20. Biology doesn’t care what you think about it. It’s not a sentient being that can be persuaded to change, just because you want it to. Fighting it or ignoring it is the same as fighting or ignoring gravity, and just as useless. Life has been evolving on Earth for about a billion years, and Homo sapiens for a few hundred thousand years. And DNA is the root mechanism of all reproductive life forms. And the different tribes of mankind are what they are because each evolved via adaption in a different local environment, and the traits that “worked” locally are the ones that persisted. Each of us bears this ancestral DNA-based legacy, which none us got to choose.

    Where am I going with this diatribe? Before the modern era, almost everyone was born in the place of their ancestral heritage, and therefore well suited to survive & thrive in that place. But not today. Many of us are now living “in the wrong place” and maladapted to the local environment; hence dysfunction.

    Our new modern tyrannical masters want to solve this problem of dysfunction by turning all the plebs into homogenized hive-minded sheeple. And that is a conflict that cannot be resolved with words or votes.

    • Many of us are living in the wrong place, and also with the wrong people in that place. Scandinavians in Minnesota aren’t in the wrong place. Minnesota is similar to Sweden. Somalians in Minnesota (and Sweden) though, that’s a disastrous fit.

      • That did not occur in a vacuum. And in both instances -how- did Somalians land in such climates? Pathological Altruism. Which Scandis suffer from perhaps the worst of any European people. They seem quite intent on eradicating themselves and very pleased about it. I don’t think there is any historical precedent for a people doing that. Better address the root cause rather than the obvious symptom.

  21. “Psychology, for example, has given way to chemistry in the treatment of mental illness.” With some exceptions, the chemistry solution also has failed. I know too many people made worse by the psych meds. Getting the blahs is just part of life, and you get through it with the help of religion, stoicism or bourbon.

    • Peoples that evolved in the upper latitudes had to adapt to the deprivations of long cold winters where resources were scarce. As with bears who hibernate in winter, these peoples, of necessity, needed to significantly reduce calorie expenditure during winter and adapted via a “depressed” activity pattern in those months. The trigger for this “depressed activity” became low ambient light levels associated with the shortened daylight hours of winter. This proclivity is wired in DNA.

    • It’s an error almost all righties share with “New Atheists” and the liberals who still describe themselves as liberals (not “progressive,” etc.) and largely inherited from them.

      When it’s time to insult psychology our guys always reach back to Freud et al. because (to those who got here via paleo/alt stuff) they’re exemplary Jewish lefty pervs and (to normie-cons and graduates of internet “anti-SJW” school) they’re unscientific/obsolete. The former, even if they’re comfortable with outright Jew-blasting, *always* adopt the rhetoric of the latter. It makes as much sense as declaring that CERN has refuted Heraclitus. We know better than to talk like that. We’re *about* knowing better. Why do our guys always fail in this case? See Freud et al.

      If we need a psychiatric villain the guy we’re looking for—about whom you’ll find there’s very little public information, considering his field prominence—is David (“D.H.”) Wong, last seen @ NIH, credited “discoverer” of Prozac and Cymbalta. He more than any other single person moved psychology from the verbal/confessional/spiritual/philosophical to chemically crippling the people’s minds, mortifying their bodies, and thwarting their reproduction.

  22. A bit late, but I wanted to commend Z for his Witches podcast. It was a very worthy double album.

    Extremely useful lessons told with wry humor – a very tough combination to pull off.

  23. Did Zman invent the “Amazon won’t pay for your local baseball team” argument?

    I saw the exact phrasing on a local billboard this morning.

    • I think I may be, but like a lot of these things, it is more obvious than it first seems, so others could have said it without any knowledge of me.

  24. These chaotic times just might shake things up quite a bit. The experimental shot mandates, supply chain issues, inflation, workers walking off jobs, flight cancellations, ubiquitous F*** Joe Biden chants, $450,000 offered to illegals, FBI investigating normal parents, wealth transfer to the rich and powerful, electronic vaxx passports, rising crime, voter fraud and more are making it obvious to all but the most dense that something is very wrong in Western society.

    • and the same sort of chaos is going on in the prc, and in eu!? it really does look like world wide systemic failure; the world has gone blue screen.

      • The collapse is the cure, and the only thing that you really have any control over is your ability to survive the collapse and still be standing when the smoke clears. Everything else is just mental masturbation.

    • Wolf Barney:
      So very true. The CRT issue in the VA gubernatorial race has really blindsided many “normies”. This morning, the local conservative talk show host (Wmal out of DC) went on a 10 min. rant about “racism against Whites who created everything we enjoy in the West”. He went on to mention we have white men to thank for: modern medicine, space travel, the internet (Al Gore), etc. and that now our country actively discriminates against straight White men. He made no mention of a black friend following these remarks. I was waiting for him to say Jim Snow or anti-White rather than the r word. He was right on the edge and it was an unanticipated and astounding white pill.

      • Melissa, that’s very good news. You don’t hear that kind of talk on AM radio. We’ve always said here that we just need certain words and phrases to get out there in the mainstream to make a big difference, and the extreme antiwhite agenda of the left is making that happen.

        • This “good news ” line and “things are turning our way” have been said for the past 60 years. Not an ounce of progress has been made in that time.

          The Right winning off issues adjacent to dissident ideas is not new. It is a dirt old tactic of theirs and I have no doubt the if CEO wins the VA governorship he will turn a blind eye towards CRT and continue the globalization and erasure of old Virginia.

    • And don’t forget the granddaddy of them all–the overt hatred of whites by the Power Structure.

  25. I don’t know where I stand any longer. I spent too much time reading the Zman. He confuses me and when I read some of his brilliant yet terrifying commenters I get even farther into the fog. Don’t get me wrong, I find this entire blog interesting and insightful but as of yet it has only added to my political confusion not fixed it.

    Up until the introduction of the Red Chinese Wuhan Flu and the resulting BS scamdemic designed to help in the takedown of Trump I identified as just “conservative”. Yeah, I’m lily white, a Lutheran, and my family has been here since 1752 so we’ve invested 12 generations of blood, sweat and tears into this Republic (not democracy). So what?

    In today’s America I’m the enemy. Every male in my family fought in every war in North America since the French and Indian War and we are now domestic terrorists? We’ve killed more enemies of America than you can shake a stick at, participated in more college education, built more businesses, hired more employees and paid more f*****g taxes than 95% of the elitists of today and yet we are domestic terrorists.

    So those of us who are the real “indigenous” Americans, you know the ones who explored, settled, fought for, built, improved, developed and defended this country are unwanted and need extermination because we’re White and Christian. They forget it was White Christian men who built what they enjoy, exploit and simultaneously hate: America.

    I never bought the “democracy” program and never will. I do not believe in one man one vote and I surely don’t believe in women voting. They’ve screwed up everything they’ve touched so far starting with prohibition through education to modern American politics. They should never be allowed to vote or hold political office. Now I’ll get run out on a rail for saying that.

    I also don’t believe people who have no skin in the game should be able to participate in said game. Why should I after paying say $$$$ in taxes have my vote cancelled out by a black welfare queen in Harlem? That’s bull shit. I also think that getting to vote should be as secure as trying to enter Cheyenne Mountain. None of this absentee, mail in and pre and post election shit. Get up, go to the polls, show proper ID, vote, sign your name and go home. Mission accomplished.

    I voted for Trump twice because I believed he loved America more than himself. I still do and I will vote for him if he runs again. I’m not looking for perfection in a candidate I’m looking for nationalism. A man who puts his country first. I believe Trump did and does that.

    Well, I still don’t know where I stand on the “conservative” question but I do know were I stand on the democracy silliness.

    • Is Trump a SOB?

      Who cares – all that matters is we know he’s OUR SOB!!!!

      Enuff of this “nuanced” limp-wristed shit.

      • Which policy of Trump persuaded you he was on your side?

        The Platinum plan for Blacks?
        The DACA deal to legalize millions?
        The massive debt spending?
        The warp speed poison BS.
        The disbanding of the electoral fraud submission?
        The pardoning of the rappers and fraudsters?
        The complete failure to do anything about social media when he had any power?
        The set up of his own supporters to get them jailed on Jan 6th?
        The constant appointment of neocons and ex-Bush retards?
        The amping up of the fake China coldwar?

    • concern trolling as an excuse to gas on about your family. you aren’t confused, you just don’t see any easy outcomes for yourself.

      • “You just don’t see any easy outcomes for yourself”.

        What a keen grasp of the obvious. I’m pretty sure most, if not all who read this blog, and support it, don’t see an easy outcome for the coming sportiness. We bandy things back and forth, and hopefully, occasionally someone will find something useful in the banter.

        As for fading about his family, it’s called “venting”. It helps one to not go completely bonkers.

    • I find myself in a similar position. And am afraid, my friend, that we are now in the situation the Seneca found themselves in in the 18th century,

      New people are moving to our land, who reject our culture and seek to replace it and our people with their own.

      Two difference are that we retain a technological superiority, unlike Indian peoples. But we also lack a collective will to self defense.

      • And it’s not just the newcomers who reject our culture, but also the black people who’ve been here for 400 years, and now the political, academic, and corporate institutions who are increasingly and rapidly rejecting our culture, and even demonizing it and our people.

      • The Handsome Lake solution, which is far better than Wovoka’s Ghost Dance, which is voting Republican.

      • I would prefer to have been invaded the old fashioned way, rather than our people losing their collective will to exist and allowing themselves to be overrun.

        The indians fought for a long time, and well. Ultimately their side was far inferior technologically, and they did not understand the new world coming at them or the scale of European migration. There’s no shame in that, and it’s why they were respected as warriors (hence the team logos).

        Ironically today we have information about other cultures, their populations, and the threat of mass immigration. We also have great technology. But over the years, our people have just given up.

    • Take heart, your vote is still one lousy stinking vote. Most people hold their one single vote as if they had a Wonka golden ticket.

    • A big part of the dilemma is coming to terms with the fact that you were played for a complete fool. This is extremely difficult for many people, including myself.
      Yeah, I personally like the starship troopers paradigm of a limited, but meritocratic, franchise. I would also like for a discussion of humane eugenics to be on the table.

    • Better get back to the grand ballroom at the Assisted Living Joyously Center. They’re serving free ice cream for the John Wayne movie.

  26. The normie right was best encapsulated in the “I just want to grill crowd.”. They wanted to get married, have a few kids, send them off to school, and enjoy an easy retirement when the kids moved out after high school or college. Now more and more of these guys realize the State is injecting poison into their children’s bodies, teaching hatred of the past, and is in the process of immiserating everyone and blaming it on their own race. The social network based on the myth of meritocracy has completely broken down.

    One of the most white-pilling developments is the widespread rejection of conservative takes that were accepted verbatim a generation ago.

    Notice all the conservatives dissenting and encouraging intergenerational wealth, close family cohesion, and, most importantly, building connections for political power. A generation ago this would be seen by your average conservative as nepotism, giving your kids an unfair advantage, and coddling them.

    Now, the data is in, and message is clear. Now they’re only willing to say it in an area where they can’t be accused of being racist, but that will evolve too. Absolute individualism is a farce, this is an existential battle, time to clan up and forget the leisurely grilling.

    • When meat gets outpriced, and joe normie can’t grill his burgers or his ribs, and the powers that be start raving about the wonders of eating bugs, will he get upset or will he happily go back to grilling insect patties?

      • Judging by the wholesale rejection of Impossible burgers during last year’s panic buying, I’d say grillers have no interest in not meat.

      • Actually, Normie will go postal when there is a latte shortage and you’ll know the collapse has started when they start burning down the Starbucks as a rage against this deprivation.

        • The Kirkland Signature Uprising of 2022 will be something indeed. When the gloat-cope of the suburban voter-grillers coasting on the momentum of their manicured paradise (relative to the terrible blue cities) finally collides with reality, the scrum for the last box of hot pockets will be something the historians will debate for time eternal.

          • I haven’t watched TV in decades now, but I might be enticed into watching a Netflix series that parodies a suburban Normie family. The plot lines are endless, and I love the motif of Harder-Voter-Griller-Wanker.

      • nerfball: I will literally starve before eating bugs, but yegods the price of ribeye steaks today! Absolutely astonishing. I’m actually contemplating ordering some of that Keystone canned beef chunks some people have raved about in online comments (out of stock at Walmart and being hawked at many multiples of the original price at Ebay, but cases are available elsewhere for a reasonable cost).

    • Darned Right right. That was a very White Pill doubly so as its Twitter where it seems like Mao is considered ultra right wing.

      Honestly what needed is a socially conservative, pro white (small letters here its not necessarily a purist racial movement) economical nationalist authoritarian movement.

  27. Revanchist, A revanchist person; occasionally, anyone seeking vengeance.

    First Known Use of revanchist
    1948, in the meaning defined above

    1926, in the meaning defined above

    I can definitely see why this word came into existence. It’s said that a 10% muslim population will totally transform a culture. Lesson being, we don’t need everyone

    • Muslims are able to effect change at the 10% level because they are willing to level the place or die trying if anyone so much looks at one of them cross ways and everyone knows it.

      • If our guys did that, in essence becoming what our foes calls us or perhaps think we are we’d win.

        Problem is it would destroy the material abundance that makes our culture pleasant to live in. That deters us considerably.

        More importantly, the Muslims have an ideology the see as worth fighting for. We do not.

        Our side seems to have the post WW2 neurosis about ideas beyond “muh vote” and a mortal terror that working to collective purpose will result in bad things being done.

        Its true enough but it cripples building a foundation for action.

  28. I belong to a “Relious/ Traditionalist” group in the heart of liberal midwest bluestate megalopolis and it is growing.

    The Amish have NOTHING on these people: 5 kids seems to be the minimum cost of entry. Everyone homeschooled or non-diocean private schools. 19th amendment and college education for women is discussed. Having rampant crime, a tyranical bishop & diverse mayor helps keep everyone focused.

    If the future belongs to those who show up (and educate their own children), then the traditionalist Christian will be at the table.

    I don’t want to live under a Christian theocracy, but I’m already living under the Covid Catechism. At least this Jesus fellow died for our sins.

    • Within the last 5 years almost my entire social network went from ‘live and let live’ to ‘can I trust this guy to keep his cool in the trenches with me’. The hierarchy has been openly hostile to trads since the 1960’s, so we have a little head start on dealing with corrupt hierarchy than more secular people who just woke up to the fact that every institution hates them and now they need to organize.

      One of the largest trad congregations go to a Church in the worst part of the city, which is a sort of rite of passage in itself, as only the very serious ones will even fathom driving there. While they come from all walks of life, a lot of them are very wealthy and powerful.

      • They also tend to be concealed carry and be very protective of their family and fellow parishioners.

    • And when Brazilian evangelicals move into the area, are they welcome? And when Biden drops off a bus of Congolese in your city, are they welcome too? We’re all God’s children after all.

      Conservative Christian churches are good for white people. They provide guidance, structure and, most importantly, a place for singles to meet and have children.

      The problem is that as local demographics change these kind of places always get overrun. Suddenly there’s an extra Spanish service on Thursday nights. Suddenly a Congolese male is trying to marry your daughter. But it’s just fine, because we’re all Good Bible Believing Christians.

      Your group sounds like a great start, but I fear that any group that is not explicitly racial will fail overtime. Especially a church group given the universalism of the Bible.

      • Amen, B-125. You left off the Catholic obsession
        with abortion.

        Be that as it may, my son’s understand that if they ever want to see their grandparent’s eyes in their children, they need to marry a blue eyed devil (sorry, woman).

      • Those of us on the traditional side are trying to push the churches in the right direction. Aquinas was against open borders. The NT endorses nations (not empires), at least implicitly. It’s best to have some of us in the churches fighting against the leftist interpretation of Christianity, no?

        8 children of mine who are 100% Anglo-German-Scandinavian. I just need good spouses for them.

  29. a fine post, as far as it goes, but i feel a companion post is necessary to fully discuss the topics at hand. that second article would of course contain the same analysis for the non-conservative part of the population. they will be evolving and wandering in their loyalties too.

    what i feel your essay does, accidentally, is highlight the inadequacies of the left vs right model of politics. all these sub-categories of the “right” are a strong sign your model is inappropriate to the problem it is being used to analyze; kind of like how climate change people explain the world.

    it is very clear that large nations are not appropriate in an age of tribalism, unless they can functionally protect every tribe from every other tribe. but that never seems to happen, so large nations are going to dis-associate out of physical necessity. so each major group from your catalog of the right, would have its own sphere of control, in a more decentralized post-USA north america. and its own set of alliances with other groups. this eliminates the need for a grand unifying strategy/philosophy to unify the disparate groups.

    unless you can repatriate all the brown asses — already here — back to their home countries, you are stuck with low trust society solutions. big countries are for high trust societies (“coffee is for closers!!”) only.

  30. Hope is the rocks on which all attempts to build a political philosophy rooted in biology. The fundamental contradiction is: If “biologism” (for lack of a better term) is true, then Social Darwinism (ditto) must be true; the former entails the latter. Which then forces the contradiction: If Social Darwinism is true, then Social Darwinism will, itself, produce all the problems of liberal democracy, but in a much more virulent form. Liberal Democracy gives Karen Twitter and TikTok; Social Darwinism gives her Aktion T4.

    The power to control reproduction will, itself, reproduce the kind of people who will abuse that power.

    The trick to restoring the natural social hierarchy isn’t to turn the clock back to a specific year; it’s to reduce the velocity of information. A Fifties culture is only possible with Fifties technology, just as the kind of Republic the Founders envisioned is only possible in a rough frontier society in the later 18th century. Forget controlling immigration; the real “solution” (where “solution” = “accepting something like 80% loss of life worldwide”) is spelled E.M.P.

    • That’s the semi-black pill I see from even the most radical solutions: for as much as they try to mitigate the poisons from modernity they’re only a generation away from reverting right back to “form”. Look at China where Xi is bringing the full power of the state down to try and crush the POZ, but who thinks he will succeed? And even then if Xi died tomorrow who thinks his successors will continue the fight with the same fervor?

      I say semi-black pill because maybe it just is what it is, until isn’t. Humans in the coming ages, and Whites and East Asians specifically, will have to find a way to put the current “future shock” pathologies on the book shelf permanently. E.M.P. indeed.

      • Black pill or not, semi- or not, it is what it is. There is a “prosperity inflection point,” for lack of a better term, and which all the evolutionary dilithium crystals reverse polarity. Consider the “Malthusian catastrophe” — one of the most important ideas in the history of biology, and it seems right, but it’s actually backward. It was backward in Mathus’s time, and he knew it — he was trying to help the poor not expand past the limit of their food supply, even as the rich, who had massive food surpluses, were breeding at below replacement… which not only shouldn’t, but can’t, happen if Malthus is correct.

        (It’s aces for explaining non-human behavior, let us note — it’s the fundamental idea behind Darwin’s “descent with modification” — but it’s wrong on its face for humans).

        The fact is, past a certain point prosperity is lethal to humans. We don’t reproduce past the limits of our food supply, because even though our food supply is now effectively limitless, once you cross the prosperity inflection point, the pathologies kick in. What you end up with is John B. Calhoun’s “rat utopia.” Read the description of the rats’ behavior: Homosexuality, cannibalism, zero parental investment, total lethargy, indeed almost zero reproduction (the female rats couldn’t even bring litters to term).

        Sound familiar?

        Tl; dr: Calhoun thought he was doing an experiment on overcrowding, but he was using the Malthusian hypothesis that the rats would breed past the limits of their food supply, and thus outgrow their habitats. It didn’t work out that way, because total caloric surplus shut down, changed, or even completely reversed normal rat behavior.

        Fortunately (I guess…on the extremely long view, the one that considers humans just animals like any other) that’s a problem that will take care of itself. Post collapse, we’ll be back to subsistence agriculture, and thus facing Malthusian problems again.

    • The irony of Social Darwinism is that once you employ eugenics it becomes artificial selection instead of natural selection. The end state of Social Darwinism as historically practiced is Hapsburg chins and severe mental retardation. The mid-century Germans would have similarly ended up with a blonde blue-eyed equivalent of a Chihuahua.

      That said, natural selection doesn’t promote the sort of human that we prefer. The evolved human in the current Western environment is a short brown parasitic organism that pretends to be helpless in order to receive free resources with which to feed their teeming offspring. Take away that environment and you go back to selecting for humans who can provide for themselves.

    • Severian, your fundamental condradiction assumes the that unit of social darwanism is the (sociopathic) individual. The contradiction resolves if the unit of social darwinism is the tribe, which it is, in fact.

    • Severian: If you haven’t already, read “Retrotopia” by John Michael Greer. A fractured future America, with various breakaway sections each choosing just what level of technology and taxation they’re willing to tolerate. Not race-based, but intriguing nonetheless.

  31. I think there is a large percentage of people in various right-tribes who listen to various grifters on AM radio could just as easily be listening to the Power Hour if they had permission to do so. They are normal people who don’t want to be dissidents. They don’t want to believe they are outside the mainstream. They don’t like what is going on, but don’t like the idea of being on the outside even more. This is why our rulers so jealously guard social media and sites like youtube. The large audiences are social proof they are not alone, not to mention are open to the “new idea” so long as that social proof/permission is there.

    • Yes Tars you are getting at the nature of “attached to the liberal order” of most on the right: social status.

      The liberal democracy carries with it a status hierarchy that is similarly detached from nature, which is to say reality.

      This social status hierarchy is for all intents progressivism. Men on the right are kept by their deference to it. And its feminized orientation elevates their wives/daughters/mothers feelings and status atop their own so they are always operating from a position of de facto low status unless they embrace the buglife.

      For all of the urban bugmen of leftist hives they are not alone in the hierarchy to which they strive.

      This pathology transcends modern left/right; the bugman affliction of spiritual vacancy, materialism, hyper-individualism, and manufactured “reality” is what most on the right are attached to as well. It is what drives social status and so all of their ideas and actions of “politics” are subject to it.

      While the man of the right may have private shitlord thoughts, he will be hobbled by the fact that he answers to that prog status above all else. To move against the hive is to risk, even destroy his social status.

      Whatever comes of dissident politics the reordering around biological reality must order mens social status according to that same reality. A bifurcated social-political orientation will go nowhere. Kind of like having only one God.

      • Screwtape: “To move against the hive is to risk, even destroy his social status.”

        I would argue that to move against the hive is risk his family. His wife and daughters jealously guard THEIR social status, which in many ways would be elevated by forcing the man from his home and family.

        I am continually amazed by what men will tolerate in exchange for sex. And who they’ll marry for the same reasons, utterly ignorant or unconcerned about what sort of women will be raising their children. Is it truly social and economic status that keeps Joe Normal in his appointed place, or his voluntary exchange of genuine authority for what today is termed a ‘relationship’ and the conditional existence of a family?

        • Yes its one in the same. Thats why I see male status as subordinate to maintaining hers. His social-econ status is according to the feminized social order. His personal status can exist independently but is always below that of wife and kids, and conditioned upon them as you say.

          Another aspect of inversion. Men have no authority under this modern order, only responsibility per the State. The natural order is broken.

          So yes many men will even admit as much. “I can’t do x (or have to do x) or I will lose my family.” And living this lie, this inverted order as a condition to have a family is a huge part of the bugman’s spiritual vacancy. So much so that many fail to even matriculate into men, i.e. they exist as bugs serving the queen. Not because they are lazy but because why bother working to become anything else?

          Which is why I see so many parallels between “lefty” bugmen and normie/right/conservative men.

          They are all trapped in the same inversion and status hierarchy that is divorced from nature and Godliness. They answer to the same false power.

          As long as men answer to that lie they are slaves at best and often agents of evil themselves because they are hostage, they have already given in to evil and will do whatever is required to serve that status.

          Its all rather snakes in the garden but I have seen it play out countless times in simple, grimy circumstances.

  32. This “biologism” with its nod to materialism and tribal preference as the sole measure of reality still sounds too philosophical.

    Consider the potential impoverishment of the great majority of Americans and others in the creation, going forward, of a pan-American peasantry: the breakdown of coercive government, including local government, with the mass of people, in a post-grid environment, being left to fend for ourselves in a myriad of ad hoc, possibly destructive ways.

    I have my issues with Rod Dreyer, principally that he seems to lack the will to draw the conclusions his Ben Op diagnosis, but consider that some post liberal/conservative version of St. Benedict’s rule, in neo-sixth century darkness, may be our collective future, impossible to foretell in detail.

    • Rod Dreher is awful. He wanted the January 6th protesters executed and even as late as February was hysterically criticizing parents who were allowing their kids to get back to normal from Covid lunacy, with a “this is why we can’t have nice things” comments. After that one though, I wondered if the The American Conservative slapped his hand. He has barely written about Covid on their site since, I spent a couple of months in Europe gushing over Orban. They took a hard turn against any Covid restrictions in the Spring. I support the idea of Christians building strong local communities to resist totalitarian pressure, but the idea of Dreher being part of the leadership of an effective one is laughable.

      • That whole “black root” or whatever thing should cement Dreher’s fate as an object of derision. No one that obsessed with black penis should be anywhere near us. What a weird creep.

    • @imbroglio

      I suspect this will the the topic of great emphasis in his book. Whenever it is fit to print. I also suspect the Zman has broached this topic of biologism with John Deebyshire. I would be very interested to hear Derbs take on the idea.

  33. The last two weekends were spent with two unvaxxed couples. While that aspect is absolutely encouraging, as there are very few that I know, they are discouragingly not racial realists and have no clue as to the reality around the country. Also totally on the sportsball/ vote harder wagon. I said, oh so your negros are better than theirs, right? They’d laugh it off and say something along the lines of, at least the kneeling is over, or there are plenty of Whites too, etc. I don’t know, both encouraging and discouraging.

    • It is human nature to want to conform to the prevailing norms. There is no fighting that in a direct way. On the sports front, I’ve decided to stop objecting to it. Instead I just say I don’t follow sports anymore. If someone asks, I say it due to the commercials and the endless preaching about politics. I’m not asking them to walk away or condemning them for staying with it. Maybe it puts the thought in their head so when they watch sports, they think about this stuff.

      • These days I tend to tell normies that I’m too busy to watch sports, but I do check scores and highlights.

        That has passed muster with all the normies I’ve dealt with so far.

        • Not wanting to have young kids seeing the poz in commercials has been a significant factor for me watching a lot less sports. It makes people think when you mention it to them.

      • It is human nature to want to conform to the prevailing norms.

        You’re absolutely correct, but I think even the most cynical among us has been disappointed that it’s held up even when part of the prevailing norm is having girls getting raped in bathrooms by deviant criminals (with a thorough persecution of anyone who objects).

      • You can say “I don’t X because of the anti white hatred” and every normie nods their head. I find it very effective

        • Whitney: I prefer your approach. It’s racially based, it’s true, and it’s phrased in a way that Joe Normal can currently comprehend and legitimately agree with without risking badthink/social ostracism.

  34. The Virginia election tomorrow will be interesting test for those who still believe it is possible to vote our way out of this. It is obvious Clinton crony Terry McAuliffe would lose without a significant level of voter fraud. Even the polling groups that typically tilt for the Dems by 3-5% are starting to show Youngkin in the lead. Youngkin of course, will do very little to reform the state of Virginia if he allowed to win, but he may hold some of the worst aspect of the left at bay for a few years. Maybe the establishment left has decided to sacrifice McAuliffe as a normie release valve. He is particularly odious creature even for politics. The number of people who have personal reason to hate him in the Democratic Party has to be well into the thousands.

    • On Sunday I speculated that we may be seeing the long overdue purge of the Clinton crowd. They have not fired Durham who is now digging into the Clinton operation. That makes no sense. That Lincoln Project stunt almost felt like it was designed to undermine McAuliffe it was so ham-fisted. Maybe what we are seeing is the far-left slowly taking control of the inner party.

      To your point, I think it will be interesting to see the turnout. If Youngkin wins but the turnout is way below 2020, then we can assume the manufacture vote stayed home.

      • did you mean Durham is “now” digging into the Clinto operation? [instead of “not”]

      • The Lincoln Project stunt was bizarre. Those people are so incompetent I could see them doing it thinking it would work. There was a left wing blackout of the story so those in the regime echo chamber only heard about on social media, where Democrat operatives were treating it as if it were real.

        If they run a fraud win the same way the ran it in 2020, showing up with a big batch of uncounted ballots in Fairfax county in the middle of the night, the GOP establishment is toast. The number of normies buying what they are selling when they let one of their one get an election stolen from him like that would plummet to almost nothing.

      • The Obama faction really seems to be in the driver’s seat at this point.

        Based on that I think they’ll let Durham harry the Clinton faction to a degree and indict some low and mid-level fish.

        Woe betide Durham if he even breathes in the direction of the Obama faction.

        • Yup.

          His victory speech will be something like,

          “We did it, now get busy Hispanics!

          YT, we are going to strap your kids down and turn them into pincushions for Big Pharma and there ain’t a damn thing you can do about it!”

      • which is worse – the clinton types or the obama types? I feel the clinton crowd was at least willing to throw conservative white people a bone while the obama crowd is much more ANC-ian.

    • I think there are three possibilities.

      My first impulse was that they might throw a bone to the right and not play to win this virginia election to placate those seeking election integrity in order to really pull out the stops in 2022 and 2024. Plus, they could also pull an Abrams and start whining about voter fraud (but phrased as “voter disenfranchisement”) after McAuliffe loses in order to have the “both sides do it” excuse and preemptively strike down any future voting safeguards.

      However, if McAuliffe wins, it will be important to note when the election is declared in his favor. If he wins at a normal hour (at or before midnight), then you can be sure enough “refugees” have been positioned in northern virginia to hand in/mail in ballots and that no further, more suspect, measures were needed to make up the deficit. If it takes until the early morning or a day or two to announce, then you know that McAuliffe was really far behind and that the proverbial “trucks of ballots pulling up at 4 AM” were needed and needed to be counted.

      • This is a really good observation.

        I wonder if they will make the 4 AM step function in the cumulative vote total as obvious this time or if they will manage to disguise it a bit.

    • The primary utility of a Youngkin victory will be to demonstrate the complete uselessness of moderate Republicans in the current political environment. If Youngkin takes the office not a single thing of substance will change in VA. Youngkin may promulgate some executive orders to address the issues on which he campaigned, but the orders be openly disregarded at the local level. Mask mandates will continue. Critical Race Theory will continue to be taught in schools, albeit under a different name. His term will be a humiliating failure and he will lose the next election by a wide margin.

      This is all good for us.

      • “Youngkin will lose the next election”

        Virginia is interesting in that they have a single consecutive term limit for governor.

        This makes them an instant lame duck on day 1 and removes most motivations for adhering to campaign promises.

  35. So Zman are you sayin that the DR should give lip service to voting our way out of this while courting normie? Only to black pill them with the truth of our situation?

    • I’m not sure worrying about normie is a good use of time. Build a better mousetrap and normie will beat a path to your door.

      • are normies even part of the equation? i say they are the Maguffin of politics. Plus, they are a pain in the ass to be around, and you absolutely cannot count on them in any way. Grillers gonna grill…and not much more.

        go after the 15 – 20 percent of the population that form the progressive cadres. they are quite gullible and hate being bored, so they are actually pretty volatile in their passions. i suspect the tom sawyer fence painting stratagem would yield good recruiting results 😛

        • The most dangerous place in the world is the space between a Griller and their Big Green Egg.

      • I was thinking of basic normie cons. The right leaners who genuinely them voting harder will help. If not them, what group is most open to crossing the great divide?

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