The Radical Middle

Note: For those who Allah has blessed with a soul, there is a review of the near classic Western, Dance with Wolves up behind the green door. Those without a sub, condemned to a life of darkness, may Allah have pity on you.

For generations, one of the ironies of American politics is that the rank and file of the two main factions never get what they want but they stick with their side. The recent election is a good example of this as the “winning team” was immediately finked on by their party. They thought the message they sent to their leaders and the rulers is they are done with the craziness. The Republican leaders promptly supported the Democrats in generating more crazy.

It has been noted before that for the people who call themselves conservative and support the Republican Party, their best president was Bill Clinton. His was the most conservative administration since Eisenhower, according to the modern definition of conservative. The worst president was George W. Bush, the guy the Republican Party claimed was the epitome of conservatism. Conservative voters still hate Bill Clinton and mostly ignore Bush.

The Democrat side is not much better. The typical Democrat thought was Bush was Hitler reimagined, but he gave them almost everything they wanted. They opposed his crusades against Islam, but only because he was leading it. They forgot all about their antiwar rhetoric when their guy was installed to lead the crusade. Their most recent hero, Barak Obama, delivered on none of his promises to them. Instead, he catered to the party’s ideological and financial interests

There have been many attempts to explain this. The ideological march to the Left has been described as the ratchet effect. The political dynamic is the Left proposes, the Right opposes, and the synthesis is 80% of what the Left demanded. The cycle repeats with each election to one degree or another. The result is that America has become increasingly ideological in its politics and increasingly left-wing. The subsequent policy changes reflect the ideological march to the Left.

This may have been true in the Cold War with regards to domestic policy and perhaps the muscle memory remains but there is something else. Since the end of the Cold War, the American Left embraces cultural Marxism. The old liberalism, which was very lightly decorated with Marxist rhetoric, has given way to a politics of critical theory and Gramscian cultural politics. The Left is now purely about agitation and menticide in order to undermine and collapse the dominant culture.

This has led to a change in what conservatism sells to its side of the fight. The subplot of Republican politics is now stability, safety, and normalcy. The constant crisis of corruption that marked the Clinton years was replaced by the patriotic normalcy of the Bush years. The Republicans are now selling this as an antidote to the uncertainty and instability of the Trump – Biden years. The Virginia election was all about a return to normalcy so conservative voters could go back to grilling.

The new dynamic, new as in the last thirty years, is a clash of visions divorced from actual policy disputes. The one side promises to subvert, disrupt, and confront the prevailing order. The other side promises to supply stability, safety, and a sense of normalcy to society. One side wants to shake the snow globe until is it destroyed and the other side wants to place it back on the shelf so it can settle. Both sides agree on the shared premise of their position.

That shared premise is supplied by the Left. The core assumption of the modern Left is the Marxist assumption. Man is naturally communistic. The old Marxists thought it was the economic arrangements of capitalism that locked man into a competitive struggle with himself, rather than settling into his natural communism. The new Marxists think the villain is culture. They have seized control of the means of cultural production so they can liberate man from bourgeois society.

The so-called conservatives, perhaps unwittingly, accept this premise. They seek to prevent the Left from shaking society apart with their endless disruptions. Their defense of the status quo is not so much a defense of the natural order, something they now fear uttering even in private. Instead, their defense of the present order is simply to provide them with a role in the process. The Left proposes and the Right opposes is now the Left disrupts and the Right cleans up the mess.

This was why both sides feared and hated Trump and his supporters. It is not a policy issue or even a presentation issue. It is the clash of visions. The people most enthusiastically on the side of Trump think that man’s natural state is not communistic but orderly and hierarchical. They think if the prevailing orthodoxy collapses, what rises from the ashes is not communism but a new traditionalism. More important, the Left will no longer have barricades behind which they can hide.

This is why the critiques of Trump by people claiming to be outside the political dynamic are narrow and childish. He was not the Pinochet they imagined, so they slammed their rattle on the highchair and threw a tantrum. Just as the Trump phenomena exposed the hollowness of conservatism, it revealed the shallowness of what is often fobbed off as a dissident critique of it.  They failed to understand that Trump was just a wrecker who wanted to tear it down and let nature take its course.

In fairness, Trump may not even get this deeper meaning of his politics, as he is not inclined to intellectual introspection. Most of his red-cap wearing loyalists are blissfully unaware of this sort of analysis. That is not the point. The point is they start from the assumption that if they could burn it all down, what would naturally rise up in its place is the sort of orderly hierarchy the genuine Right thinks is man’s nature. It is a rejection of the core belief of the ruling orthodoxy.

The lesson here is that a genuine opposition should look at the calls for stability and normalcy the same way they view the calls for subversion and disruption. They are two sides of the same coin, two dancing partners heading to the same end. The antidote to left-wing disruption is not stability, but right-wing disruption that helps break the white middle-class of its addiction to stability and compromise. A genuine alternative seeks to radicalize rather than anesthetize the middle-class.

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155 thoughts on “The Radical Middle

  1. It’s really a shame that this essay is riddled with more spelling and grammar mistakes than usual, as it is one of your more solid pieces lately. Any chance you can clean this up a bit so I can share with friends? Some of the errors potentially take away credibility for someone who’s never read your work. Thanks

  2. “Radicalize the middle class to…” what?

    A middle class seeks the stability and normalcy you describe. When decimated, they turn to some version of national socialism and end up getting wiped out.

    Everyone hated Pinochet but he was the glue that kept the hatreds from having at each other so they let him administer his half-baked fascism for longer than anhyone, even Pinochet, expected.

    Perhaps you grant too much credit to the Left who’ve become power’s retainers, not its molders and shapers.

  3. In a great irony of intellectual and social history, in the now former ‘Republic,’ the weak-sauce Gramscian Marxists and their lumbering culture-hike actually function in a more Althusserian structural-Marxist manner, leaving them trapped inside the pretzel-logic of their own system of false consciousness. The irony drips like honey. They have conjured out of thin air a series of densely repressive Ideological State Apparatuses so obnoxious that even the Loudon County wine-lib ladies are turned off now. Boutique Marxism is incapable of developing deep roots in its victims; it is more of an aesthetic than a worldview. It is the Leftist analogue to conservative grilling, but without the meat. This is what is providing the entertaining current situation of canceldoom where the cultural leftists keep turning on each other in a Mexican standoff resembling the climactic scene in most Tarantino movies. Since they know wokeness is parameter-less, borderless, and unmooored from any absolute reality, they also know they can never be woke enough; now they are trapped in a continual reverse-Hobbesian struggle to claw their way to the bottom of an unattainable level of uberwokeness. By necessity it has to end in violence—and their violence is NOT words, to flip one of their favorite phrases around.

    • When the Left’s best achievements consist of such triumphs as:

      Causing a rock that was called a racist term a century ago, be removed from a college campus;

      A bird be renamed because the old name was a Confederate General’s;

      Get someone fired or “cancelled” because he told a racist joke a decade or three ago;

      They have been scraping the bottom of the barrel of rationality for quite some time. We can laugh at their absurdities, but the continuing danger is that many such people are in real positions of power, where they have the potential to perpetrate incalculable damage.

      • Ben: Steve Sailer has made a career out of laughing at their absurdities while cautioning them that they know not what they do. Don’t be that guy.

  4. Governor Patrick Bateman is MIA what, now 12 days? Hannity should do a count every night, instead of the silly # of days Americans abandoned in Goatfuckistan.

    Anyway, no Newsom is good Newsom.

    • There are signs Newsom may be fine or have recovered enough to reappear in public.

      Intentional or not, the Bolsheviks are going to use this as an op to gather mean tweets they can include in their moralizing op-eds intended for their fellow cult members with the purpose of further dehumanizing deplorables and building momentum for their eventual mass liquidation.

      They’ll do the same thing with Psaki when she comes back.

      Just watch.

  5. Why Z man where can we find such a program?


    “Since the only available collateral for his money is the technical aptitude and great industriousness of the MAGA people, technology and labor became his ‘gold’…. As you know, like magic it’s eliminated all unemployment for more than six million skilled employees and laborers.”
    MAGA withdrawal from the gold-based, internationally linked monetary system in favor of a medium of exchange founded on domestic productivity corresponded to MAGA belief in maintaining the sovereignty of nations. This was an unwelcome development in London, Paris and New York, where cosmopolitan investment and banking institutions profited from loaning money to foreign countries. MAGA no longer had to borrow in order to trade on the world market. Foreign demand for MAGA goods correspondingly created more jobs within the (MAGA). “

    • Hint; MAGA was cut and paste of The Most Important Man In History.

      And the World Wars were to eliminate a commercial rival, who unlike the Bolsheviks who could be bought then and now didn’t want above all to be in debt. The word in MAGAN for debt is same as guilt – “Schuld”.

      • You touch upon one early 20th century “conspiracy theory” that curiously, even unabashed writers like Unz scarcely mention. [Disclaimer: my “knowledge” of these claims is summary at best, informed by such articles as you’ll find at Unz.] The Bolsheviks were financed by Western Jewish interests. The revolutionaries were primarily ethnic Jews. These facts, books, and authors had been whitewashed from Western history by the mid-20th century, yet can still be found in older texts. Now what’s curious to me is that such anti-Semitic articles rarely go the full distance: If these historical facts are true, WHY was such assistance provided? “To support the worldwide Communist revolution.” might be a claim, but I think that reeks of naivete of the stereotypical airhead idealist revolutionary. How about a more practical motive, as FeinGul notes above? Czarist Russia was, perhaps, on track to become a major Capitalist power. If that had happened, it would of course have been a formidable competitor to Europe and America. What better way to undermine such a potential than by giving aid to those who would install a government that was the antithesis of capitalism?

    • Bad Mustache Guy looks down from Valhalla. “You should have listened.”

      I wish that he could have spoken to the men about to die at Normandy.

  6. Awesome to see you back, Falcone. You are easily one of my favorite commenters here.

    I disagree with you and Z to a bit here. The White middle class is being radicalized without any push one way or the other. The political approach should be to address the reason for their loss of normality, and to show why there is no return to the status quo ante and who and what are behind the decline and the bleak future intended. Normality and complacency are a cope that is fast eroding. There may be things to lose but they grow fewer each day.

    • The Middle Class are selfish and useless, and their vote is gone, so their utility.

      Virginia was just the AWFLS getting the rug rats out of the house. School is Day Care.
      Virginia is government, they always live well , they certainly aren’t going to live like peasants.

      Why the next thing you know there’d be nogger kids in school, AWFLS will get behind Hitler before that happens.

      • Virginia was Karen and Chad having to face the consequences of their choices. If rural White working class kids in the mountains were being told to hate themselves and, especially, their parents, Karen and Chad would have been at the forefront of promoting it.

        Karen and Chad have a shitload more coming their way.

    • The only radicalization that I really see is that the masses nominal beliefs are conforming more and more to the elitist woke faculty lounge. Not that I think this is super notable, normies/herd animals are followers. Its a good survival mechanism. It could be flipped back very quickly under different rulers, not that anyone wants too though. The right is swimming in bags of cash under the system they publicly claim to oppose, thats how much they care lol.

      People are fine with this. And more importantly the elite factions are unusually unified (as they have been for the past 60 years, incredible lock step among them). The people will vote for a Nixon, Gingrich, or Youngkin “backlash” that locks in all the radical changes and go back to grilling and sportsball.

      • The more I think about the Youngkin win, the more I think that his victory was a gift to the RINOs in exchange for 13 of them rolling over to vote YES for the infrastructure bill late last Friday.

  7. You are right that the corporate product of the GOP is nostalgia for grilling, but one can look anywhere to see the nostalgia brand peddled by the libertarian-tankie-Citibank leftist coalition: for the epic of “The Sixties,” their history-centered religion that triumphed so completely there is now a second generation of progressive activists coming up without any living memory of society pre-Sex Rev/birth control pills. It is like with the corporation acknowledging their headquarters on stolen tribal lands— the pinko and the red both are nostalgic for one specific certified historical incident, not the tribe that the succeeding tribe stole the land from, or the tribe who had it before the two preceding before Microsoy and Instaharlot rented the office park.

    Trump was a sci-if nostalgist who leaned on the yearning for some kind of 1970s immaculate Kulturkampf that didn’t really happen but which the artists/intellectuals are convinced rose from the dead after three days. It’s a time when the government didn’t hate middle-class schlemiels and try to ruin their lives. You see this today in example on the front page of the (apparently irony-proof) WSJ: “Open Arms for Vaccinated Travelers” although we had been fairly open-armed to the unvaccinated Rio Grande bushwhackers if anyone’s keeping track. The story in pictures is because of the holy establishment’s wise stewardship of jabbings these foreigners at JFK, Dulles, and Logan are emotionally overcome by their return to The Propositional Nation. It’s beautiful to see such displays of globo-grace when your economy is being shrunk, fentanyl fiends have moved under the freeway overpass near your house, and your kids wear obedience masks to school every day to learn about they done the Tulsa Massacree — which of course are the manners and shibboleths you want them to learn in class, so they can have a shot to fit into the trans-freak capitalist jet set

    • This might not seem like a reply, but I swear it is:

      Out of kindness I sometimes willfully forget what idiot monsters conservatives are, but I got brutally boomer-slapped by VDH today.

      Did you know that the reason Youngkin won VA was because Trump couldn’t tweet his support for him, and that the only way post-2020 Republicans can ever win any election anywhere ever again is if Trump(ism) remains banned from all media forever?

      Turns out, the conspiracy of our whole ruling class against all non-Democratic American voters accidentally created the conditions for Republican victory! How ironic.

      (If any artists out there feel like making an NFT.gif of somebody punching VDH in the throat until he looks probably dead, I’ll place a losing bid in the auction for it.)

      • VDH

        How could someone so smart, be so dumb?

        A titanic disappointment of an intellect.

  8. i guess i see things different than most, but the imminent demise of the normie-grillers is going to set the core whites free. who is putting them down now? prog-whites in charge of the decomposing system we live in. who is going to die first, when the shtf? prog-whites and their normie helots. after that, it’s a no limit fun shoot for the survivors.

    there are not enough whites to occupy and hold the entire old 50, and they should not try. take the best and important parts, and block off the rest. breed out and take back the continent over time. and do not forgive the normie-grillers their tresspasses!

    • I was thinking about this hypothetical scenario in Minecraft.

      I’d say focus on fresh water, food, energy resources, and port facilities.

      Fresh water means control over the Great Lakes, which also provide some interior, three season port facilities.

      Food obviously means the Great Plains and adjacent territories, which are some of the most productive farmland on Earth.

      Energy resources means states like Texas, Wyoming, West Virginia, North Dakota, Louisiana, Oklahoma, etc.

      Saltwater, year round port facilities would come from Florida, Texas, Louisiana, and the other Gulf Coast states.

      The main problem in this split is the West Coast. It’s hard to see how a new republic would secure any Pacific port unless Greater Idaho and the state of Jefferson (northern California) were both realized.

      However, if the new republic were able to gain control over the Colorado River and use it, that would provide serious leverage over the SW states and SoCal.

      The upside is that the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern states could easily be economically isolated in terms of energy resources since there is very little coal or petroleum in those regions.

      I guess that’s enough Minecraft for now…

    • Hold who down?

      I am in the midst of and raised the whatever rednexx army you think could even exist, well it doesn’t. They’re beat and leaderless. Abandoned.

      No actual Revolution ever got started except by upper or middle classes, never mind succeeded. That’s a myth.

      Peasant revolts always fail and rarely start. The American Revolution were merchants being cheated and ruined by the Crown for the French/Indian war.
      They were middle class.
      The Founders joined after it got legs with Hancock and Sam Adams. Washington and Franklin joined after Concord battle.

      But the most important Founder was Pitt the Elder 20 years before. He offered an Empire of Liberty that is full citizenship to the colonies, and got the war effort going with 39 millions pounds of hard money. The combination of being offered full citizenship and equal rights combined with subsidies instead of requisitions energized the Colonies. They then went past simply asking for volunteer militia- they raised, trained and above all supported armies (by Colony). The tax, administrative and logistical base was built by Colonial governments~ this is the most critical part. The rest is romantic shite.

      It must be noted that the British subsidy came to only 40% of the costs, the rest and it was mostly printed or borrowed was on the colonies.

      After the victory Pitt was out and a Whitehall accountant in~ and he developed a plan to tax money every time it moved, every transaction.
      The Stamp Act.
      This was to pay for the war.
      And no you don’t get seats in Parliament. Pitt’s out, take it up with him.

      Now, this of course is a plan for ruining the prosperity of the Colonies and keeping them in perpetual debt slavery, so we know what happened.

      The conditions above do not exist at present.
      Hope and pray the freaks who rule us fuck with the wrong group and they prevail.

      Stop however calling AWFLS and their bitch slave house drones the middle class. You must be kidding. As for the AWFLS and their spawn I had to learn to fight including niggers (eek he said it!😱) so by God so can the rest of you.

      Have a nice Thanksgiving.

      • Jack Dobson: Oh, I like that! Fitting follow-on to my oft-muttered “Die and improve the genetic pool.”

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  10. First, awesome to see you have returned.

    I kind of disagree with both you and Z on this one. Events are radicalizing the White middle class, which is in sharp decline. The politics should be to reinforce what is happening and why the White middle class is under assault, and what to do about it. The comfort and complacency is more a cope than a reality now, and politics should be geared to addressing that and not allowing a retreat to a fantasy and a world than no longer exists.

    • My take goes like this.

      All those middle class people used to be from early settlers or immigrants who were quite fearless. Some picked up and went from the dust bowl to the west, or from Europe to here.

      But they had nothing and/or had lost it all so we’re willing to take great risks.

      I think to get them into that survival mode again means they have to lose everything, as TomA would probably say. The collapse is the cure. I agree, fwiw, the collapse is the cure in fact.

      But more along the lines of current day reality, I just can’t see a way forward with bringing normie middle class people to our side when their default m.o. is to chill and grill, their default m.o. is to be comfortable, and as long as that’s the case we are sorta our own little clique But of course it could change, but that means great social upheaval. So is it worth it? We burn the place down or let it burn just so we can finally get normie to our way of thinking? Are they even worth it?

      But whatever happens happens. I’m just hoping Kyle Rittenhouse gets off or I’m probably going to be radicalized myself, not going to take much to push many of us over the edge

      • I duplicated my previous response in part and fleshed it out above. The bottom line is circumstances will force them to radicalize and that has started. The complacency is close to impossible now.

      • “just so we can finally get normie to our way of thinking? Are they even worth it?”

        Political aikido.
        Use their own weight and momentum against them.

        How? Encourage every fringe of the coalition to get the Jab.

        Estimated 60% dead or seriously disabled within 3 to 5 years.

        Think whites are going to out-fuck an African or Bangladeshi? Really?

        If I’m wrong, no change, but no wasted effort.
        If I’m right, the world is ours for the taking. By survivors hardened at the witnessing.

        It has to happen. Let it, they have no gratitude anyways. Save them to what? Take our birthright?

        • The fertility rate in Bangladesh is below replacement as of 2019

          Its about 5 in Nigeria which is stupid high but the Amish have a fertility rate that high too.

          So yes we can in fact out breed the other groups.

          Problem is one of culture and motivation, why do we want to do this? The answer is we don’t. Its not just “our women folk” is all of us.

          Smart people in developed societies don’t want huge families and White people need space to live in.

          It costs money to live in cities and people aren’t going to live like a sh*t pig just to pop out another kid for the good of the state or the race .

          It can’t be fixed in a short time frame , basically until biology shifts the culture to high fertility but we can make a space for ourselves . Well if an only if we embrace authority for righteous purposes .

          Don’t give freedom to be decadent or stoned OTOH don’t allow exploitation either and if we can’t manage the later, we won’t manage the first.

      • Falcone: Welcome back! Hope you had a productive trip and found the right place for your family’s future.

        • Thank you. Yes been having some “me time”. Thinking what I want to do next with my life.

          And is it just me or is anyone else finding these people, witnesses and even the cops, in the Rittenhouse trial to be extremely well spoken and intelligent? The trial almost acts as a Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce promotional advertisement. Makes me want to move there.

          And just think of all the businesses that gave up on these small town whites so they could save a few pennies with Mexican labor…..

          Go Kyle !

  11. Sportsballers pushing back against mandared booster jabs:

    I’d like to think this is something that will penetrate some griller skulls, but I doubt it because so many are under control of their Karen spouses.

    Psaki going down from the jab might wake a few Karens since she has been positioned as the uber-Karen by the media.

    • Speaking of Sporstball and jabs, yesterday I was invited to play golf with a friend at his course. When I arrived, everyone was all worked up about Aaron Rodgers and the Jab issue. When I was asked about my thoughts on the issue, I sad “wow, the politicians just looted the Treasury for 1.3 trillion and your worried about Aaron Rodgers.” I got blank stares. At lunch I was asked how serious the Aaron Rodgers issue might be. I answered “you’ll know if it serious if State Farm replaces Aaron Rodgers with a black Aaron, just like they did with black Jake.”

      Don’t think I’ll be invited back.

      • Sounds like the kind of CNN-watching, Vinyard Vines-wearing UMC dudes that wifed up Karens that have kept hubby’s nuts in their purses for the past 15 or 20 years.

    • hen the system starts breaking down so will the control of the Karens over their hubbies. Without the courts rigged in their favor the Karens will revert to just the shrewish and irrelevant hausfrau.

      In fact a collapse will be the only thing that saves the nuclear family given how the Left and Feminists control the divorce courts and use them to rape men.

    • One’s tryin’ ta git away!
      Call out the hounds!

      Gotta bring that nigga back or the rest might git idears

    • The generalized disobedience of black dudes (American subspecies) often accidentally aligns them with us. Conservative DR3s greatly misunderstand this phenomenon. Black men aren’t “moving away from the Democratic party.” They’ll always support the “alpha” party against the “beta” party, for the same reasons women do. Black dudes are high-E. But unlike women, on matters of specific positions/policy/etc., they’ll typically side with the losers, and that’s us.

  12. The future belongs to those determined to survive, not to any particular class or racial group. The dividing line between those whites in the middle class who may fight meaningfully against the left and the broader globalist empire and those who won’t is whether or not they feel they have a future in this society as it currently exists and its natural trajectory. Those whites who are already well established, have some kind of net worth, live in white areas, and are either retired or not far from it probably don’t have have that “survival mode” mechanism that will be necessary for radicalization. We have to accept that our people will find any excuse they can to not fight. At least that has been the pattern for a long time. Those who don’t have good reason to avoid the fight are the ones we should be focusing on.

    • After things break, good luck forming a society with the multi-racial survivors. I believe that you will find that these people will have racial loyalties to which they are more deeply committed than robustness and IQ.

      • You are overlooking a likely feature of a major breakdown: there will natural motivation to reduce the multiplicity of races, both in relative and absolute terms 😈

    • I think of my aunt, who married very late and squeezed out one son, her precious, precious lad. She lives up in the white liberal hills of Oakland, CA. He just just finished college and entered medical school. He’s smart but he’s white and still has a penis and isn’t even gay. Will he get a residency? There are no doctors in the family, just lawyers. If not will this shake up her worldview, especially since my uncle’s mystery meat literal mouth breather step daughter became a doctor? We shall see. It seems to me only the very tippy top of the professional class are safe from affirmative action and most of those whites are actually of the fellow variety. It won’t be long until all whites are dispossessed.

  13. Yeah, “cultural Marxism” but isn’t it really bio-Marxism? Do they really care about anything that isn’t biology? The two main sources of human inequality/differences/distinctions: race/ethnicity and sex (LGBTQ+ is just sex really) seems to be all they care about.

    • They care about wedges, anything they can insert to prevent a White majority coalition.

      They care about eliminating Whites as a majority in each and every jurisdiction. Homos tyrannies abortion drugs, all depress birth rates; open boarders does the rest.

      They want us vilified, dead, gone, erased. Historically, they like to starve and torture.

  14. Demographics, demographics, demographics.

    It’s basically beating a dead horse on Z man, but without a white majority, colorblind party politics are meaningless. In all third world countries, the corrupt big man takes over, and steals most of the wealth for himself and his cronies. The “government” issues meaningless edicts that nobody listens to or cares about and the government can’t enforce.

    Not only is the usa importing millions of non whites (third worlders), but through the education system it’s weaponizing these aliens into hating the white man. “POC” terminology is no accident – by the second generation they lose their heritage and are simply “not white”. I watched a fight at AstroWorld where a bunch of wigged out Latinos and roided up Asians were calling each other “nigga”. That’s assimilation for you. They all act like they’re black, talk like they’re black, and yes – hate white people like they’re black.

    What does this mean? Z states it perfectly. We don’t need stability, we need right wing disruption. We need unapologetically pro white stances. We need to become the biggest and most corrupt big man party and steal all the money for ourselves. Tribalism is the most important thing for us now. Republicans will win here and there until 2050 at which point it won’t matter even if 100% of whites vote R.

    “When in the third world, act as the third worlders do…”

    • Hart-Celler (aka the Immigration Nationality Act of 1965) was passed with a white majority. Both Hart and Celler were children of immigrants and promoted mass immigration as long as their particular demographic got a boost.

      • The white majority back then could not conceive of the world we live in now. If they had, I expect they would have done things differently. So would the men who stormed Omaha Beach, if they could have peered ahead and seen the future their sacrifice enabled. We got frog boiled.

      • I doubt the majority of whites in 1965 wanted to be inundated with PoC. Liberal democracy, anon, is a sham.

        • There were surveys and polls prior to the Hart-Cellar Treason Act: the American people said no, no, hell no. It happened anyway. It has been a fake democracy for a very long time. The gradualist accretion of power to the EU was the same way. Merchants, especially financialists, cannot be allowed to participate in governance.

      • “…was passed with a white majority…”

        Since WW2, whites have been a combination of gullible and negatively incentivized.

        Derb used to say something like, “If 2% of the population can subdue the majority, then the majority is contemptible.”

        I disagree and say to you and Derb, “I don’t give up on my people so easily. There is no victory without our people.”

        • Line: Derb “gave up” on his people when he married a Han. I don’t doubt he loves his wife, as he ought to, but to try to then deny that he has conflicting loyalties and future hopes based on his family’s genetic mixture is laughable.

          • I know we preach racial purity here but there are esthetic considerations as well. Here’s a thought experiment. Look at the average 50-year-old English female, and compare with the equivalent Chinese specimen. 😑

      • It is a matter of record that Southern members of Congress voted NO on Hart-Celler. That is to say that those from a culture very much accustomed to non-whites KNEW what Hart-Celler would mean and said, “NO!” It had nothing–less than nothing–to do with “boomers” or any of that nonsense.

        It is also a matter of public record that organized support for Hart-Celler come exclusively from Juice. Exclusively.

    • We are beyond political solutions at this point. What comes next is not going to be pretty. To be blunt when Perot tried to create a viable 3rd party and was sabotaged by the GOP and CofC back iin the early 90’s was a signal that no reform was possible. We have been running on lies since then.

      Hope you like spicy times.

      • The last (presidential) election that the white majority might have used to save itself was 1936. It’s even later than you think.

  15. Z writes, “Since the end of the Cold War, the American Left embraces cultural Marxism. The old liberalism, which was very lightly decorated with Marxist rhetoric, has given way to a politics of critical theory and Gramscian cultural politics.”

    To explain our predicament, Z must employ terms like “cultural Marxism,” “critical theory,” and “Gramscian cultural politics.”

    I counter that one can explain our current problems more succinctly by just saying that our enemies want to dispossess traditional whites.

    Further, the reason that conservatives and “Let’s Go Brandon” grillers will fail is because they refuse to recognize race and tribalism. Distracting these well-meaning people with terms like “cultural Marxism” just enables their blindness.

    • Half agree. The contemporary Marxists also care about sex not just race. Agree that culture is just a weapon they wield. A means. Biology seems to be what they care about. Race and sex.

    • maybe the grillers and normies deserve to die because they are so unfit to compete in the real world. when they go, the muds will leave because there is no longer a reason to stay (or enough food produced to support them).

      • Turn off the free apartments, end the heat subsidies, end hiring quotas at MSP, stop donating down jackets, and I bet Little Mogadishu would vanish before the end of winter.

        • The number returning to Somalia could be counted on the fingers of one foot. They would merely redistribute within the States. The Lutheran charities have been immigration grifters for decades. Let them bear the results of their actions.
          Anybody who has sponsored an immigrant should be responsible for their financial dependency. Their criminal behavior also requires some consequences.

        • Wild Geese: Did you notice all those photos of the rapefugees trying to overrun the Polish border? Every last one of them in what look to be new, well-kept warm jackets and boots. Almost all of them young men, with a few old ladies and children to elicit the usual unthinking sentimentality of idiot White womyn. And one of their mouthpieces insisted they were all ‘starving’ to the eagerly waiting western press.

          The entire third world exists on White charity. Yet to tell a White woman she is ensuring the dispossession and eventual death of her precious child is considered ‘harsh’ and ‘bad optics’ by our side. I want White children to know their own mothers put the survival and well-being of the children of strangers first. I want them to know, when their siblings are raped or murdered, who enthusiastically backed those who ultimately caused their downfall.

          Persuade anyone? Why? J’Accuse!!!!

          • “The entire third world exists on White charity.” Succinct and to the point. It occurs to me that the logical end of that would be to actually import them to our countries where most of them become pets, for lack of a better word. In a century (more or less) the European race has gone from colonialism (us “there”) to renouncing that, and indeed, bringing them “here.” Perhaps yet another example of Nietzsche’s concept of decadence.

    • Indeed.

      Confusing the current message with the underlying intent that is long term always leads you to look a the the wrong problem. The underlying needs to be attacked not the current mechanism.

      Why was bio-marxism not used in the early 1900s?

      Its obviously because there were no multiracial societies of any note (even the US was de facto segregated) and such a thing did not exist in Europe.
      Similarly, women had no power status in these societies.

      Therefore such a route was not viable.

      So the mechanism was class used as the attempted tear down route.

      Unfortunately, technological change strangled the class differentials, mobility between classes prevented its universal application and National identity inhibited the international workers idea.

      It basically fizzled out by the 1950s/60s.

      So what you needed was a series of compartmentalization that cannot be changed in order to provide a permanent source of agitation.

      They certainly learnt that lesson.

      Hence a concerted push in all of the west for female workforce and mass immigration to every white country all at the same time (just a coincidence this happened in every country within a small time frame eh?).

      This is now the grindstones between which the west is being destroyed and it is and always was the real motivation for these things.

      Pretending its situational haapenstance and focusing on the message is another echo of the conservative role as the Washington Generals.

      Until you accept the reality you will always be on the losing side titling at scarecrows set up to distract you.

    • Sort of agree. As a Californian the only whites not seeing that their state and the region is no longer part of America are the gated community types and those in their last years. The others are well aware of it but keep their mouths shut unless they know you.

      Any profession that serves the public in the SW USA sees it and those whites are sick of it. The same applies to the East coast. and large parts of the South.

      The problem is that too many whites still buy into the lie that voting harder is a solution. Partially I suspect out of fear what the alternative is and partially out of inertia. But I think Biden and Obama will force their hand in the coming years.

    • Sandy:

      “our enemies want to dispossess traditional whites.”

      Yes, but this observation is incomplete. The dispossession of traditional whites is stage one – Bio Marxism. Tyrannical techno Marxism is stage two. Once traditional whites are replaced, the Techno Marxists won’t stop there, as bio Marxism was just a strategy to mobilize the other against whites. What will follow is the reign of the techno Marxists. Blacks lack an awareness that they are being duped. The middle class will disappear, leaving a minority of rich Techno Marxists ruling over a majority of poor peasants. Eventually the peasants too will be replaced by machines and robots.

      • That depends ENTIRELY upon an unfailing source of electricity. But these same people have decommissioned all nuclear power plants in German, for example. Shut down the Keystone Pipeline. Wrecked the supply chain. Stopped drilling in the States. And so on. I quit often wonder whether they really expect to run a total-surveillance state with no electricity–we already have brownouts and rolling blackouts on both coasts (and in Texas, if the weather is bad)–or whether the trillions that they have stolen over the years from the public treasury has been used to produce an unfailing supply of electricity for THEM but not for us. Or are they just too stupid to make the connection between an unfailing supply of electricity and their total-surveillance state–complete, by the way–with an electronic “currency.”

        My GUESS is–and it IS only a guess–is that they are just too stupid to realize that no electricity means no total-surveillance state. No digital “currency.” No nothing, really. No Dominion voting machines. No noise broadcasts for their constant gaslighting of a largely stupid population.

        Anyway, yeah, electricity is a thing.

        • Two things Phenom.

          One, consistent with your theory of stupidity, is their total faith in green energy.

          Two, diminished demand. Poor folk don’t use much electricity. They can grill on charcoal, set their thermostats to 49, and eat cold porridge.

  16. “The Left proposes and the Right opposes is now the Left disrupts and the Right cleans up the mess.”

    It’s more like the Left disrupts and the Right makes The Conservative Case for Disruption.

  17. We are still talking about educating, radicalizing or changing the minds of voters.
    That’s our country’s problem, the democratic system in it’s present form (different from the founding republic).

    Our founders knew this would eventually end the way it is going now so there is no fixing this. You say right wing disruption is needed. I say go farther than that, how I don’t know. If we implanted a hypnotic suggestion in the populace to change for our side, the nefarious cretins that run things would make sure the corrections are made at the ballot box.

    Yeah, we could use a Pinochet but who knows how that even turns out. Funny thing about George W Bush, when he was inaugurated Limbaugh said majesty returned to the white house. Yes, so beaten down by hatred of the opposition, he really thought that.

    • We could use a Pinochet (if we were lucky), but we may have to settle for a Francisco Franco (won) or a Pyotr Wrangel (lost, but fought the good fight).

    • Dubya was a Left-of-center globalist who successfully duped the evangelical demographic and was controlled via blackmail (remember the Gannon incident) with Cheney as his on-site controller/minder.

    • majesty returned to the white house
      We had just lived through eight years of the Clinton’s treating the White House like a giant casino/brothel, even a team of complete lizards like Team W could clear that hurdle.

  18. The difference between a retreat and a rout is a rear guard action. We cannot simply abandon politics becuase that is power we cannot simply give up. But at the same time we must emphasize that it is not our main focus.

    Its a hard distinction teach the uninitiated.

    • Politics is one “method” to gain, retain, and exercise power. There are other ways to power. Indeed, through most of history these have been the case in great shifts between factions. There is a difference. And as the current political avenue we have access to is denied through decent and fraud, we will seen these alternative avenues to power return.

    • uh, analogies only go so far. and just what control of the political process do we presently possess, to rear guard with?

  19. An excellent article, but I disagree somewhat with one of its premises. Leftists are not subverting and perverting culture to liberate people from bourgeoise society–I doubt most of them have used that adjective in the last 10 years–rather, they seek to liberate PoC, and primarily negroes, from white civilization. The issue is not economic “justice,” but rather racial “justice” rooted in hatred for the white race.

    • I believe you are half correct. Brown liberals are all-in on white hatred, but white liberals don’t like negroes. They only play the game because blacks vote 90% Democrat. Look at how white libs live, more segregated than the small handful of actual white supremacists that exist in this country. If blacks voted 51% Republican, white libs would be race realists pining for a return to Jim Crow.

      • > They only play the game because blacks vote 90% Democrat.

        White libs literally believe blacks to be saints, to the extent they will instinctually defend blacks regardless of how much they terrorize their fellow whites.

        It’s a primal religion that worships their instinct and impulsiveness they will never have in their empty domestic lives, probably due to the lack of strong white men who have the best of both primal and refined traits as the situation demands.

        • If white libs truly thought blacks were saints, they would live near them and work with them. Just look at how black pseudo-conservatives are more despised than Klan members. While Joe Biden can no longer think, his former sentient self was the epitome. Racist in his beliefs and personal life, but handing out freebies and stirring up division for political gain. If 1980s Joe Biden actually governed according to his personal beliefs and behaviors, I might have voted for him.

          • I think it is accurate to say that white Leftists love blacks in the abstract and feel discomfited by them in the concrete. This position allows them to support policies meant to help blacks while simultaneously studiously avoiding them. Yes, it’s hypocrisy, but that hardly matters to people who have no principles.

        • White libs don’t believe blacks are saints, they believe they are martyrs, unjustly treated by evil men. All martyrs, save one, are flawed people that are often difficult for most to live with. However, that doesn’t negate the injustice that the martyr suffered. Thus, a martyr provides moral justification for resisting the powers that be. A martyr is always venerate but rarely likes, and generally useful for stirring up resentment of the oppressive. That’s why libs are obsessed with blacks, and always accuse their opponents of racism..

      • White Leftists’ attitudes toward nuggras may indeed be at issue, but their hatred for their own people is not. And they are the people who have established the West’s master narrative and who are taking concrete action against whitey.

        • Wimmin’s lib became generalized to the matrix of the marginalized.

          White, men, native, Christian, normal sexual, competent: are centralizers: thus male.

          Melanin, woman, Not-Christians, abnormal, foreign, goofy: are marginal: thus feminine .

          Central = axle of a wheel, margin means outside. Society revolves around the center.

          A negro man is defined to be more marginalized than a white female, so the negro man is feminine in comparison to said woman.

          To an AWFL, an immigrant Muslim man is her ally to help tear down white patriarchal hegemony.

  20. In paragraph 2, are you sure you mean “George H.W. Bush,” the first one? I remember conservatives despising him as early as 1980, when he called Reagan’s proposed tax cuts “voodoo economics.” Then his henchman Jim Baker took over much of the Reagan administration. In the Oval Office, Bush I purged the Reagan conservatives and raised taxes. Bush II paid lip service to conservatives but, as one commentator pointed out above, was even worse. What a hideous family. Now they’re buddy-buddy with the Clintons.

    • Bush 2.0 would have been even more despised but for his evangelical head-fake that sounded conservative, but didn’t actually produce a drop of conservative policy.

    • They’ve been “buddy-buddy” w/ the Clintons at least since Clinton was Gov. of Arkansas during Iran-Contra when former CIA director and then VP was running running drugs and arms through Mena.

      • I’ve chatted with various people who live in Mena. They said that little airport was so busy, troops were forklifting pallets of cocaine off in broad daylight.

        So, the journos were ordered to tug Dubya’s leash. Those operations are on security camera, with pre-numbered tapes, to prevent employee “slippage” (sticky fingers).

        Dub and one of his brothers were there to pick up a kilo for a Dallas party. Common practice for the kids of the rulers. He was on film, so they sent him a message to behave with the cocaine question during the campaign.

    • They were buddy buddy with Clintons a long time ago. I recall all those douches from both team red and team blue yakking it up together on the planes to St. Nelson Mandela’s canonization-ahem funeral.

  21. Taking no time to outdo their own finking, the GOP, along with Trump, are now aligning with the sodomite Log Cabin Republicans to barricade the left’s victories from only ten years ago. You’ll notice the enthusiasm for the GOP victories is already dying after a short time, and it’s only going to get worse.

    A lot of right-wing dissidents attack the idea of peaceful succession, with a lot of good points. The issue with their critique, along with many of pro-succession pundits, is the idea that it has to be official in a piece of paper somewhere saying “we’re seceding from you”. If the last twenty years has taught us anything, it’s that legal documents are about as useful as toilet paper now, and what needs to happen is not an institutional succession, but a succession mindset.

    Once people start thinking away from “how can I reform X” into “how can I eradicate X from my life”, not even the military will be able to keep D.C. in charge. Our worst case scenario is that whites keep the Team Red mindset, and their views will morph along with their team, simply because they want to feel like they won.

    • Credit where credit is due – the Courts told Biden to halt the mandate, and he said F.U. If the right had half the balls we wouldn’t be in this predicament.

      Funny how people say the vax mandate is not the hill to die on. In some sense, they are right – we passed the hill to die on miles ago. But it is the current hill in front of us.

  22. I am at the point now where I just cringe at any normiecon who thinks these elections change anything. Even after the Trump experience, they were saying it last week! Does anyone really think the masses of rank-and-file SJWs will stop pushing anti-white propaganda on children, because a corpo-Dem lost in Virginia? Will they stop trying to implement mask/vax mandates because a Dem almost lost in New Jersey? will they stop trying to get your boy on HRT? Of course, when SJWs continue doing all this stuff, the normiecons will respond, well that bodes well for 2022…

    At some point this “if you don’t vote you can’t complain” and “go woke go broke” spell must be broken, how many more humiliations can they accept?

    • > At some point this “if you don’t vote you can’t complain” and “go woke go broke” spell must be broken, how many more humiliations can they accept?

      The South allowed the National Guard to force their children into integrated schools, and still were proud when their children entered the armed forces when in any sane society such a betrayal would result in the destruction of every courthouse in the state.

      The answer is more than you can ever imagine. If tough Southerners from several generations ago took it, imagine our current generations. Gen Z and Millennials are probably the most docile generation in human history.

      The System has suppressed a true right-wing strongman from rising for over 100 years. As long as they keep succeeding, parents better get used to giving their sons estrogen pills.

    • “the normiecons will respond, well that bodes well for 2022…”

      Yeah, and when they literally start passing children through the furnace, it’ll be ‘Americans are really pissed off now! It’s gonna be a red tsunami! We’re taking the country back!!!’

      Normicons are trash, and that isn’t just me shooting my mouth off. I really have no respect, patience, or regard left for them.

    • Mycale: “How many more humiliations can they accept?”

      Endless, unceasing humiliation. They are all herd animals. They don’t want to stick their necks out, they don’t want to make waves, they don’t want to lose social status, they don’t want to upset their wives, they don’t want their kids to stand out as ‘different,’ the list is endless. It would never occur to them to take collective action on their own behalf. All those White womyn complaining about CRT did so with brown and yellow women as their armor. And they will do nothing as nothing is changed, I’m truly supposed to believe that various mothers only ‘just’ learned about what their kids were being taught? When the anti-White hatred starts in preschool? And if true, and these people are that solipsistic and divorced from their kids’ lives, why in the hell should I care about them and their future?

      A pox on them all.

      • You picture them to the point. But the masses on the opposite side aren’t different. What makes the difference is the opposite side has elites (read, people with many many millions, and billionaires) herding them, this side hasn’t. Trump could be one and that’s why he alarmed the opposite side so acutely. But he was left alone by all other big Whites… who couldn’t care less for their country as well as race.

  23. The thing I can’t get past is looking at the characters on the other side and wondering why intrinsically weak people have so much power.

    The only answer I can come up with is cowardice by the right. We might be guileless on the whole, but we’re intrinsically strong, and there should be a hard limit to how much we get pushed around.

    Of course the left get their way when the right can’t and won’t use our natural gifts. And it needn’t take violence, or at least it didn’t, but we’re a laughingstock anymore. We deserve the disrespect, and all of the people still clinging to their stuff and their reputations and their ‘principles’ are delusional.

    Playing ideological games is playing on the other guy’s court.

    • The left are weak people, but they channel their religious zeal into politics. This makes them at once both weak and ruthless. The right channels their religion into religion, which has two political effects. First, it reduces their zeal for politics, and second, it trips them up with a turn-the-other-cheek mentality, which is fine for personal interactions but not for fighting within a political framework.

      • My great-grandfather was a serious Catholic and a serious brawler. My grandfather on the other side of the family was Mennonite, and he told me stories of how the young men of the community would throw a ‘sack party’ (bag over head + beating) for any man causing trouble in the neighborhood.

        People were somehow both more religious and less passive in the recent past. Didn’t live through it so I could only speculate what changed.

    • “The thing I can’t get past is looking at the characters on the other side and wondering why intrinsically weak people have so much power.”

      Because women in authority support them. It might just be that simple. They’re natural Socialists and the con-servatives just won’t, they WILL NOT EVER oppose female leadership.

      When the Left and Right turn out to be the same organization, look at their common beliefs to identify a weakness. Both of them will die before they restrain female behavior… and female emancipation just happened to be the start of this Cultural Revolution.

      • That’s probably it. But why? My rooster keeps the hens in line. He has bigger balls than the average man!

        And the stupidest part is that most women— even the crazies— want a strong male presence keeping order. I’d go so far as to guess the harpies harp out of resentment of male weakness.

        • Were your grands circumcised? The mark of Shechem works, it works through permanent brain damage.
          Men lose their balls.

          Drooling tools tell me some minor idiot ranting in 1880 about onanism is why post-WW2 hospitals began accepting routine insurance payment for 90% of American male babies.

          • Waitaminute.
            TV programming also gave us the doofus “TV preachers” that made Christians look like snake- handling charlatans, too, didn’t it?

            All the TV access they wanted for these opportunists and their spectacles. Not a lot of learned debate or community townhall there.

          • Questions I don’t know the answer to, but I’d guess not 🙂

            Circumcised is somewhere between unaltered and castrated. Sounds about right.

        • I came across a study a little while ago seeking to discover why men and women react differently under stress.
          Men perform better, women worse. The study analyzed bloodflows to regions of the brain as tasks were performed, first freely, then under stress conditions.
          In women, stress induced greater bloodflow to those areas concerned with recognizing and decoding facial signals in others, in men less.
          Women found it more important to know what others were thinking/feeling, men didn’t give a damn and focused more on the immediate problem.

          It struck me as being about right. Women really, really, want to belong.

    • The characters on the other side are fronts. It’s the power of the state behind them that gives them power. That is why Kyle is a defendant and Gaige is a witness.

  24. Very thoughtful Z. I’m sure you feel like you’ve said this 1,000 times before, but new language is helpful at seeing things in a new way.

    I think a bit more exposition on what it means to reject ‘both ways’ would be extremely helpful. Arm people with strong arguments and they’ll make the case.

  25. Knowing this reality doesn’t seem to be changing anything. To what end? To what purpose? Affecting change in the reality at present provides dissident realists with an Avenue of recourse. Best business practices say distance yourself from tyrannical government. Keep as much of your labor to yourself as possible. As long as we are forced to deal with egalitarian Marxist twits they will forever torments us. A pox on them. It will take something big to get us where we want and need to be. Whatever that is, let’s get the party started. Going Galt helps. But like knowing it is not enough.

    • “Whatever that is, let’s get the party started. Going Galt helps.”

      Would that we could. I think the most dangerous rebellion that has ever been, i.e., January 2006, is the lesson our masters want us learn. “You cross us and we’ll put you where the sun doesn’t shine, indefinitely!’ Over 9 months and those helpless, peaceful protestors are still locked away in appalling conditions. They have been turned into Fascist, White Supremacist that were trying to kill “our” Senators and Congressman and overthrow the government. Normies see this, and subconsciously, they submit. In the past, if situations were bad in your country and you were outgunned, you could always move to another country. Now, every country is pozed, and the ones that aren’t, no White person in his right mind would want to be there. The only way to go Galt today is to move to a rural area and try to survive. Remember, John Galt was a fictional character who was a genius and could create great things, as were the people he was able to make go with him. 99.9999999% of those that go the survival route are not, even though many of them think they are. The only thing they have going for them is their ammo.

      • A muslim mentality would be the only way to change things quickly. If the Merrick Garlands and Jim Comeys of the world had to worry about their personal safety, this would stop PDQ. It would judo-flip the same example-setting they are inflicting on us. But normies are not willing to kill or die for their cause.

        • Maybe it is too soon.

          Kyle did something. It was the wrong venue, but those were his people he was trying to help.

          I will not sacrifice my sons like his parents did. When either his trial or prison term is over, he will not be accepted to Harvard (like the Hogg kid from Sandy Hook) or get a cozy sinecure at a “not for profit”.

          TomA may sound like a broken record, but “from the shadows” seems like a much better place than the Lake County courthouse or Wisconsin state prison.

  26. Once again, all true and brilliantly stated, and something that no one else on the internet (let alone major media) would ever touch with a 10-foot pole. True Believer Leftists can never yield because they view politics as an existential imperative for the parasite that cannot feed himself otherwise. Conversely, Normiecon is addicted to affluence the same way a crack addict will kill to get his next fix. For him, voting harder is the same as burying his head in the sand and ignoring reality as if it was the Devil. And both of these camps share a beautiful-agony psychosis that belies their fitness to remain within the gene pool. As such, the essential task of the dissident is remediation rather than persuasion. The body must first be purged of disease if it is to return to health. And it doesn’t really matter what color the disease cells are. Each kills in its own way and is just as deadly; but one is fast and the other slow.

  27. I was an ardent Trump supporter. Voted for him twice and yes, I do believe the election was stolen. The mere fact they refused to investigate charges immediately convinced me of that. You can bet the house if the left had lost under those suspicious shenanigan’s there would have been all kinds of legal crap to stop certification until a proper audit could be performed.

    All that said the only way I’ll vote for Trump again is if he’s running against a New Communist Democrat like AOC, Swallowswell or Kameltoe or if he’s running against a outright gun grabber (nobody gets my guns).

    Trump was yesterday and we need to plan for tomorrow. We can’t not vote and beat the left. Even if they cheat at least we gotta make them do it! We can’t surrender at the voting booth any more than we would consider surrendering in the streetas if it becomes necessary. We must fight them on all fronts using every available means. Including votes.

      • I chose not to vote last week, but largely because there was nothing on offer. If something had been on offer, I would have voted.

        We have a better chance at least with local elections. The president is never gonna change anything, but state and local elections might, at least locally.

        • I agree with that sentiment. The only reason I voted last week was because of the local elections where I am:
          Town Supervisor: Between a local veteran whose lived his entire life here and one (((Michael Goldberg))) who moved into the area from Manhattan a little under a year ago and wants to see more development here.
          (((Goldberg))) lost, good guys won – for the moment.
          There were a few others, but that was the big one of note. We also had people running here who were listed on both the Working Families (Whatever the hell THAT means) Party, as well as The Conservative Party. You can’t make this shit up!
          I wrote in Alfred E. Newman as a candidate on every one of those lines.

          I think I can say at this moment that there will NOT be a huge red wave next year, but not for the reasons that most people would think. Z pointed out that the repubs “finked” on their voters after the election (I would say ass-raped them with a hot curling iron – but that’s just me.) and this has many people I know who are furious at the left saying out loud things like, “Why the hell should we vote for these a-holes, they can’t wait to screw us even more than the left!”, or “This is how they show us that they can be trusted again?”
          So I think the right will pick up a couple of seats next year and they will control the majority in both houses, but in that case I think gropey joe will get more of what he wants because you can bet that McCornhole will be out there at a press conference talking how he and his “good friend” gropey joe have just come to an agreement. In the end, we’re all screwed. Local, local, local!

      • to ask a griller not to grill is like asking a scorpion not to sting.

        the fact mcaulliffe lost is actually bad news (for me) because it means the grilling party is still viable. quel dommage.

        the middle class will be gone before they can be radicalized. and if all the covid farce didn’t do it, nothing will. so on we go, to full systemic collapse.

        maybe once their grills go silent, the remaining grillers can build giant stone grills, facing out to sea…

        • Perhaps we should start agitating about how much green house gasses are released grilling and that grills should be banned while also pushing battery operated grills that require 250 dollars in battery for 10 minutes of grill time (you know, like the battery operated string trimmers, mowers and snow blowers). If this doesn’t get their goat, nothing will.

          California, I think has either just outlawed gasoline lawn equipment or is about to do so.

      • Also with respect, I didn’t suggest we will. But voting is one arrow in our quiver. I don’t believe for a NY minute surrendering the vote and allowing the enemy to pack the legislatures, courts and agencies with their nazi goons will accomplish what we want.

        I believe we need to fight on all fronts including voting. Ya know why? Because we still can! There will come a time, perhaps soon, when they will first not allow the unvaxxed to vote, then the “trump supporters”, then the White supremacists then all of us. So while we can vote we should vote. If we keep just one normie dog catcher it will serve to bust their balls if noting else.

        Just my opinion.

        • All voting will do (voting wrt importance races especially) is reaffirm a broken process. Even those States that were swing States in 2020 and have been shown to have questionable voting procedures, have done nothing substantial to correct their systems.

          To make my case, simply take the current NJ Gov’s race. Same old shenanigans reported—incumbent behind a close of counting only to be ahead the following morning when “new ballots” discovered.

          • Florida used to be a swing state, but is now pretty solidly red. DeSantis is instituting an election police force that has no other purpose but to investigate election fraud. Whether this can be done in PA, OH, WI or MI is an open question.

        • As worthless a worm as he is in many respects, at least Abbott blocked vaccine mandates. This was only because he knows he must in order to have a snowball’s chance in South Texas to get re-elected.

          • c matt: I still loath Abbott and I still refuse to vote for a single Texas repuke. And locally? Don’t make me laugh. If I still lived in a functional White country with rule of law, I wouldn’t have Romanian gypsies begging on the street corners and a black police chief who would arrest me as a White supremacist if I bothered calling to complain about them.

            So why should I give a fart if Abbott gets re-elected? How does that improve or impact my life in any way? I don’t give a rat’s posterior about ‘the democratic process.’

    • Voting is like being addicted to fentanyl; it feels good in the moment but there will be Hell pay down the road. Remember, Rush Limbaugh was addicted to a similar opioid and lost his hearing (and nearly his career) over that addiction. Count me out. I don’t want to join the cool crowd down in the hood making a score.

      • “Voting is like being addicted to fentanyl; it feels good in the moment but there will be Hell pay down the road.”

        Agreed. This is the first election in decades in which I didn’t vote.

        My mind can explain why I didn’t vote but my heart still feels like I am a bad citizen.

    • You can bet the house if the left had lost under those suspicious shenanigan’s there would have been all kinds of legal crap to stop certification until a proper audit could be performed.

      This happened in Florida after Gore vs. Bush in 2000, where the neocons stole the election. Went all the way to the Supreme Court until Gore buckled like a GrillerCon to protect the public trust in the electoral processes.

      • And to give us electronic voting machines, the real long-term purpose of the Bush v. Gore circus.

    • “Even if they cheat at least we gotta make them do it!”

      Exactly why I would vote for Pres. Trump again. Yes, Captain Willard, we are not voting our way out of this. However, this stage of the war is about delegitimizing the institutions that rule over us so regular people won’t reflexively support the evil government out of justified fear of what will come after it. The ruling class HATES Trump and he drives them to mistakes.

      Forcing them to cheat doesn’t just further delegitimize them in our people’s eyes, but also in moderate and leftist eyes. I have normie relatives who laughed at the notion of vote fraud when I brought it up after the election. They aren’t laughing now.

      Leftists don’t look at the fake-democracy system the same way either. They aren’t going to protest b/c it isn’t them getting screwed (today), but for damn sure they know that the will being expressed at the ballot box is not of ‘the people’ (however you want to define it) but of whoever is paying them to stuff the ballot box. It will happen to them, because the two factions in the unholy alliance international marxism and globalism (international crony corporatism) have different endgames. They cannot both ‘win’.

      I’m not saying we should blindly vote for normiecons or establishment Republicans. I’m as likely now to vote hard communist as for Trump, in the spirit of acceleration: whatever hastens the collapse. It’s a case by case assessment. Voting is one weapon in the arsenal. It will never bring victory on its own, but it may help.

    • All that is cool if you believe there is a difference between team red and team blue. Voting at the state e.g. Florida and local levels, different ballgame.

  28. Whenever I hear “conservatives” talk about the need for “reforming” federal agencies, my eyes start rolling. These institutions are nests of statist intervention. They cannot be reformed. They must be destroyed.

    • “Conservative” GW Bush gave us the “Patriot Act” and a massive, uncontrollable surveillance state.

      “Conservatives”, when they talk about it all, just want “better controls” and oversight.”

      • They want to hold the whip for a while, it’s their turn.

        Oh no, not for Bs, Js, wimminses, or Nu-mericans, we worship these sacred objects.

      • The lesson of the Trump presidency was that oversight of federal agencies doesn’t matter if the other side controls the agencies. They’ll just ignore your oversight and undermine you. Probably a better course of action would be to institute affirmative action programs for our side based on political affiliation.

        Instituting a hiring freeze until 30% of every agency is a registered republican in good standing — votes in GOP primaries, donates republican — would be more effective because they’ll always be a large demographic within these agencies ready and willing to block democrat party abuse and carry out our executive’s orders.

    • At this point I would be happy to see our side just ignore federal agencies and administrative lackeys.

      Defiance is another left-wing tactic that the left uses whenever it suits them. From trumps EO’s to constitutional legal precedent, the left regularly defies the law, official policy, or even just administrative protocols to further their ends.

      Meanwhile conservatives lather up in the legal shower room and then take to fox news when the soap hits the ground from all their high-fiving and then the inevitable happens. Even in the rare case when the left “loses”, the contested issues is merely morphed into decentralized and procedural tyranny and these days often picked up by corporatist policies. Free market baby,

      All the systems and institutions that need to burn really only exist to leftists when they serve their interests anyhow. Decades of experience in receiving the leftist hammer seems incapable of moving conservatives off of their own anvil of ideological mythology that one of these days the rot will stop because reasons.

      The fake-n-gay federal vaxx “mandate” via an administrative federal agency is a perfect example. Already most jobs are under the thumb from dubious policy and corporate voluntary submission. The psy-hop did what it was designed to do; it doesn’t matter if conservatives “win” the court case.

      Every red state, county, or locality needs to just openly defy all of this and force the leftists to keep using the sacred institutions as hammers, increasing both the velocity of clown world and the absurd and obvious anti-reality.

      But we have to deny them the anvil. Like most of us proles the fedbucks talk. So therein resides that “addiction to stability and compromise”, both as individuals and the institutions that would claim to serve us.

      • Our side should remember a quote that Andrew Jackson was thought to have said about a Supreme Court decision, “John Marshall made his decision, now let him enforce it”. We should apply this in many areas. Our country runs on self compliance of the rules, our non compliance monkey wrenches many things.

  29. How do we radicalize a mass of sleeping morons all comfy in their ignorance of the American Change? All things move forward in time but that does not necessarily mean people are moving forward in a positive way. “Make America Great Again” was a great slogan. “Build Back Better” is also a great slogan. Trouble is neither has.

    The inability of our divided nation to form a cohesive goal for the future is what is killing us. The fact that the entire radical left has gone totally insane with their male admirals dressed like women and Twix commercials about homo kids and calling a riot an insurrection and forcing Free people to get a shot or loose their jobs, careers and healthcare. Somehow everything medical is now everyone’s business. And this crap is only the beginning. Once they can demand “papers” for your most private decisions and demand compliance or subject us to punishment they have created the Perfect Fascist State. And we’re getting real close to that goal.

    • Hoagie asks, “How do we radicalize a mass of sleeping morons all comfy in their ignorance of the American Change?”

      I see no solution other than taking over the mass media, which is very hard. But I see no other solution.

      Most people are bad at independent thinking and enjoy shouting slogans provided for them. (Our people have many admirable qualities but they are mostly conformist.)

  30. “The Radical Middle,” or as Sam Francis used to say “Middle American Radicals.” His view was that the MARs need to go on the offensive

    A quote from Francis: “Middle American Radicals are essentially middle-income, white, often ethnic voters who see themselves as an exploited and dispossessed group, excluded from meaningful political participation, threatened by the tax and trade policies of the government, victimized by its tolerance of crime, immigration and social deviance, and ignored or ridiculed by the major cultural institutions of the media and education.”

    More from Francis in 1998: “Today, the greatest immediate danger to Middle America and the European-American civilization to which it is heir lies in the importation of a new underclass from the Third World through mass immigration. The danger is in part economic, in part political, and in part cultural, but it is also in part racial, pure and simple. The leaders of the alien underclass, as well as those of the older black underclass, invoke race in explicit terms, and they leave no doubt that their main enemy is the white man and his institutions and patterns of belief.”

  31. “Trump mate…” I prefer Coffee-mate®.

    Just kidding, that shit will make a man grow breasts. But I do like Trump supporters (or FJB people), more than Trump these days. The latter are not trying to force-inoculate my children with untested substances nor leaving the 1/6 folks to rot in stir.

  32. A radical middle class strikes me as a contradiction in terms

    For someone in the middle class to become radical means he is no longer middle class and is instead probably on the brink of starvation and willing to throw caution to the wind because nothing left to lose at that point

    By its very nature, the middle class equates to comfort and stability, not radical upending politics which is the domain of the poor and the rich or someone like a Gaige Greuzkuntz who fancies himself a revolutionary. He is the walking talking epitome of the Frankenstein’s monster of when the middle class gets radicalized. He could probably be the face of a radicalized middle class. Is that what we want, millions of him? Egad

    A scenario where the middle class gets radicalized is a world where they no longer have anything left to lose, and at that point they cease to be middle class and all hell has broken loose, Careful what we wish for. Or is getting middle class normie to our side really worth destroying the country so they have nowhere else to go?

    • Not sure why that was down voted. Seems obvious anyway. And as the middle class has shrunk (it’s now below 50% for the first time in modern history) the remaining elements have grown more extreme. If middle class = comfort, then less middle class = less comfort. Isn’t that what we’re seeing?

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