The Eloi State

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A truth learned from the study of economics is that competition between suppliers tends to create better products and services. Better in the economic context does not always mean more innovative or better quality. Sometimes the better product is simply more cost effective than the alternatives. The Wintel computer was never the technologically superior option, but it was the most cost effective. Competition often arrives at the solution that is merely good enough.

On the other hand, when companies or industries are able to shield themselves from competition they tend to decline in quality. The prices creep up as the quality and selection declines. The domestic car makers in America experienced this in the middle of the last century. By the 1970’s, their cars were silly and unreliable. Competition from overseas forced them to compete and that made for better cars. Competition is the economic equivalent of accountability.

The time traveler in the H. G. Wells novel The Time Machine observed that “It is a law of nature we overlook, that intellectual versatility is the compensation for change, danger, and trouble.” A corollary is that responsibility and a sense of duty is the compensation for accountability. A natural consequence of accountability is a duty and obligation to the rules under which you operate. When you are held accountable for your actions, you act in private as if the world is watching.

We see this in the whole “go woke, go broke” meme. The fact that none of these woke firms go broke is the important piece. That is the reason corporate America is rushing to embrace the most absurd things. They know they will never be held accountable for their actions, so they have no duty to the rest of us. The people who made the perverted Twix commercial did it because it costs them nothing. Mars is a massive global enterprise immune from the marketplace.

The tech sector is the most obvious example. They have spent decades colluding with one another to suppress wages and deny people their civil rights because they never have to worry about consequences. They may compete with one another at the fringes, but in essence they are a cartel with monopoly power. It is not as if you are going to build your own internet. The market forces we think should exits to hold these firms accountable no longer exists, so they do as they please.

This has been true of politics for a long time. The CIA put out a report in the late 1980’s claiming that the Soviet Union is getting stronger due to the massive success of the Gorbachev reforms. A few months later the Soviet empire collapsed. No one was ever held accountable. In fact, it is fair to say that the power of the Soviets had been overstated for generations. No one was ever held to account, so this was pushed aside with the other lies and blunders.

More recently, many of the same characters were involved in selling the world on the great Muslim threat. The West was turned into a police state because the Muslims wanted to impose Islam-o-fascisms on us. Trillions of dollars and tens of thousands of lives were spent on a problem that never existed. Since no one would ever be held accountable for the result, not one felt a duty to be right. They just made up whatever would benefit them at the moment.

Even closer to home, there was a local election last week that got national attention as a referendum on the parties. The Virginia governor race was a big success for the Republicans, who immediately used their new political capital to fink on their voters and support the other side. They did it because they know they will never be held accountable for it. Politics is now entirely immune from the marketplace of ideas, so there is no accountability and therefore no responsibility.

We see the same thing in the media. For half a decade they sold the Russian conspiracy hoax to the public. The recent indictments shows that they knew it was a lie when they were selling it. Everyone involved knew it was fake. No one will resign in disgrace or offer a tearful apology. They simply laugh and move onto the next hoax they are told to peddle. There is no shame because there is no accountability. What are you going to do, build your own mass media?

The lack of shame is perhaps the final stage. A reckless disregard for duty can still elicit shame, even if the person knows they will never be held accountable. Once this lack of accountability is normalized, morality collapses. Without morality, there can be no shame, which is what we see with the media. They are shameless because the people in the media no longer possess the normal moral coding. If they have a moral code at all, it is based in a disdain for the rest of us.

The central question posed by The Time Machine is whether life can go on without struggle and if so, should it? The two halves of future humanity, the Elois and Morlocks were scarcely human. They had reached a point where they had conquered the necessary conditions of human civilization. Once struggle had been eliminated, the skills to win the struggle atrophied. What the time traveler observed was not the apex of humanity, but the end of it.

A similar question can be asked about the collapse of accountability. Can a society survive when the people in charge of it are no longer responsible for it? The climax of the Enlightenment project appears to be a world in which the people at the top have finally been insulated from all accountabilities. Oddly, they are the Eloi ruling over the Morlocks, feckless children oppressing what they view as the lesser beasts. Is this the apex of Western civilization or the end of it?

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155 thoughts on “The Eloi State

  1. I have been reading Z rather obsessively for several years.
    Nothing like it on the webs. Anywhere. This one was, again, outstanding.
    I have been through fully leftist secular college, an MA, *two* high-level PhDs (in the humanities, believe it or not) and am a professional academic, pretty well known in my field and well-published. I am 27 years into my teaching career. I run a study abroad program and live in Europe for a large part of the year. I have done very advanced work in Critical Theory and was taught and mentored by very famous scholars in that field. I know my stuff in the egghead world.
    I am absolutely classically conservative in the Burkean sense, very DR, quite ‘based’…. And love Z’s brilliant analyses. He/she/they/them/WTF-ever, just gets better and better. This one, and the last few weeks—man, this stuff is good. Damn good. Revelatory. Encouraging. Emboldening.
    You can’t post them fast enough, Z.
    And…before grad school, I lived in Lagos as a young man—the first house my wife (daughter of a Sparrows Point machinist) and I bought in 1984 right after getting married was on Parkside Drive across from the Park. Was just back East last for a speaking gig and visited the city for the first time in years. Man, what a mess…
    And this essay delineates why, with painfully exquisite perception…

  2. Please do a rant about covid restrictions, vax passports, mask mandates, Australian tyranny unhinged

    Basically how this is a completely insane way to live

    In short, the insanity of techno fascism

  3. OT: governor haircut (cali) is down with side effects from the jab. not seen for 11 days since taking it. here’s hoping he gets his ticket punched.

  4. To use a British-ism, it truely is the end of Responsible Government. Now, if anything goes bad, our leaders in politics or business can just word an empty apology and go right on doing what they were doing. Sure, maybe you need to swap around a few low-ranking staff and redefine a bit of terminology to cover your ass, but that’s all too easy these days.

    • Sometimes, the good guys are blessed by getting very stupid enemies. I’m struck by the terribleness of the state’s presentation. It is shocking.

      • Rittenhouse is doomed. George Floyd cousin is threatening to fix jurors if no conviction.

        Rittenhouse likely convicted all counts less than an hour.

      • The terribleness of the states presentation isn’t shocking at all, in the sense in a sane world the case would not be being brought. They’re playing the hand they were dealt – its a terrible hand that should have folded early.

        • Having a good friend who is an attorney, I have listened to a number of her rants about this subject over the years. One of the things she mentioned to me a while ago is the fact that those who go to work for the DA’s office fall into one of two categories:
          1) They graduated from a law school that is not well known – e.g. The Brooklyn Academy of Law, as opposed to Harvard, or Fordham and didn’t do that well there to boot.
          2) They have designs on going into politics and this is the best way to get in on the game.
          Either way, she told me that the graduates with the best grasp of the law/smartest end up in private practice. So no surprise there.
          Although I have to say that even by those standards , these people seem to be going out of their way to botch this case.

          • There is some truth in those statements but I think its reductive. Most ADA’s want the benefits or have a righteousness that drove them to law school. They tend to adopt the states morality as their own, even when they have misgivings, which is the scary part. Movies about high profile prosecutions while dramatized do tend to get this often correct. It can be the same in private practice, its the nature of the beast, but it seems less pronounced.

      • Doesn’t matter.

        I think I’ve mentioned before that I used to have a job that involved reading a lot of criminal court transcripts. No American prosecution is even remotely competent. I’ve never seen a case proven—not even close. Often I couldn’t even deduce from the testimony what the criminal act was supposed to be. All guilty. 100%.

        Not-guilty verdicts are very, very rare. The truly guilty plead out, and the rest get railroaded. Every jury wants to convict, and if the defense’s “narrative of the case” doesn’t *force* them not to do it, they do it. If Kyle’s judge doesn’t halt and dismiss the case or direct the verdict (whatever the Wisconsin procedure is), our boy’s gettin’ life.

        • This is a crucial yet undiscussed point. I expect that juries are crucially different in this new age of social media, not because they have been made stupider, which they have, but because those who have not been made stupid can be easily identified on the cheap without an extensive investigation. Even a poor prosecutor in a show trial is never going to let me or anyone like me on a jury. You only need one and it is clear we are getting none.

        • I’ve tried six criminal cases to a jury and won on three, the first case, fresh out of law school and the bar exam, and somehow never having been in a courtroom where a criminal case was being tried during all of that. it turns out that to be convicted of drunk driving in the state of Kansas, you have to be on the roads of the State of Kansas. Being parked on a sandbar in the Kansas River with the engine running, firing a .30-’06 at the evening’s whiskey bottles does not count… The second trial ended up with the DA losing on a unanimous verdict, and getting tossed out of office a month and a half later. I forget the third win, but it was pretty good. After that, the DA was pretty interested in dropping or severely reducing charges on cases I got appointed to… Justice *is* possible in the courtroom.

    • I’m not following the trial, but by inference I’m guessing the witness admitted pointing (and firing?) at defendant. Apparently this individual did not receive very good counsel about the consequences of admitting to committing serious crimes while under oath. May it work to his detriment. 🙂

  5. The relationship of the Eloi with the Morlocks is similar to the relationship of a mouse with a mouse-trap. Both are too stupid to understand why the food is free.

  6. Don’t forget domestic auto Mfg’ers. had a lot of government & union meddling; did that improve their vehicles or make them safer?

    • The US Auto Industry got hit by a perfect storm of:

      – Governmental regulation
      – Oil shocks
      – Foreign competition

      In a short period of time in the 1970s, and it really hasn’t recovered from it.

      Per your Q on Governmental regulation, actually yes, EPA regulations helped make cars cleaner and more fuel efficient. People forget that prior to the 1970s cars just dumped their exhausts straight out the tailpipe or a crankcase blow-by vent. Newer cars smell like rainbows and flowers compared to some classic cars I’ve been around where you can smell gasoline fumes from the tailpipe. Cleaning up emissions cut down on smog and haze, things people don’t even remember or know about these days. And I owned a mid-1970s land yacht that struggled to get 10 MPG around town. My current 2019 family sedan easily gets in the 30 MPG range in stop and go traffic. Heck, my midsize sedan gets better fuel economy than the mid-1990s Neon I owned, and the Neon was an economy car.

      Safety was another area the auto industry had to be dragged into kicking and screaming. Seatbelts, bumpers that could actually take a bump, crumple zones that absorbed the shock of a crash, all came out of NHTSA rulings.

      The problem was the domestic auto industry spent the decade of the 1970s and a goodly part of the 1980s wandering around in the wilderness trying to figure out what constituted good product and met government regulations. Chrysler as it always has went from strength (K Car) to strength (LH and “Cloud” Cars), Ford hit on the “aero look” and built the Taurus and Sable, and GM, well GM is the perfect example of the ossified leadership Z speaks of. It’s hard to believe GM used to be 50% of the US market. In the meantime American consumers discovered products from Toyota, Honda, and Nissan (before Nissan became Japan’s version of Chrysler) and never looked back.

      The problem EVERY automaker (foreign and domestic) has is Government Regulations NEVER END. There is NEVER a “Good Enough”. So cars and trucks and vans and CUVs\SUVs have to get ever better fuel economy and pollute less and never injure their passengers. Which is why we are being pushed and shoved into electric cars since well, there’s no emission from the tailpipe, right? Doesn’t matter if a miniscule amount of people really want them. We’ll have them. Even if we have no electric infrastructure to charge them either.

      To your point, I look at the US auto industry’s institutional and labor troubles taking root in the 1970s by citing an interview in Studs Terkel’s book “Working.” Studs interviews Gary Bryner, a UAW Local President at the Lordstown, OH plant. At the time of the book (early 1970s) Lordstown was building the Chevrolet Vega. The Vega was a disaster for GM, an even bigger disaster than the Chevrolet Corvair or Ford’s Pinto. It may even be the point where GM started down the road to disaster. GM cut corners on the car (Example: to save $8/car, GM left out steel cylinder liners for the Vega’s all aluminum engine block, gambling that the additives to the aluminum would harden the cylinder walls. Pro tip, it didn’t and Vega engines burned oil like crazy). To make volume GM ramped up production to 100 units an hour at Lordstown. This article:
      gives a good insight (albeit very leftist) into the turmoil at Lordstown. And yes, GM brought in technology (robots for assembly work, computer monitoring of assembly steps and work) to try to control the output. But you had a perfect storm of:

      – Clueless Board Level management that really didn’t want to build small cars (“Small cars mean small profits”, a Detroit mantra) but were forced into it.
      – Middle management and Engineering that were focused on numbers (cost per unit and units built/sold) and not on the quality of the product
      – And left ignored / unsaid in the linked article but noted in “Working”, a militant and resentful workforce of hippies, vets, and “Diversity is Beautiful, Baby!” line workers. While they had legitimate grievances on the rate of cars being demanded, left unsaid was their attitude after the 1972 strike at Lordstown was settled and the rate of cars per hour was reduced. And the Japanese ate GM’s lunch. I’ll bet you every Boomer and Silent that bought a Chevrolet Vega from 1971 – 77 was in a Honda Accord or Toyota Corolla by 1980. And a damned sight happier.

      • Bob Lutz’ book Car Guys vs. Bean Counters has some good, if highly biased insight about what went wrong with the executives and middle management at GM during the era under discussion.

        • If I listed out every crappy car platform and make and model GM built from 1970 on I’d crash Z’s site. 🤦‍♂️

          I figure in my lifetime GM will be bought by the Indians, Chinese, or end up in that weird-ass Stellantis conglomeration.

      • OMG! You are exactly right. I went from a Vega station wagon to a Honda Accord sedan.

        Amazing difference. The Vega”s hatchback weld actually broke leaving me to jury rig it with vise grips to get home.

        Now you couldn’t GIVE me a GM product for free. Long term cost to them measured in 100s of thousands of dollars as the Japanese have furnished my family with our rides for decades.

      • Can ignore #4: poorly engineered cars made poorly.
        Management would (successfully) blame the unions, but for some of those vehicles (as you note) they weren’t going to be good even if the plants hit it out of the park on quality (in fact, if management is phoning it in, why would the plants bother?).

        • True. The Chevrolet Vega and the Ford Pinto were “built to a price point” and they showed. The story goes that a simple tank shield, longer fuel filler neck, and better sealing gas cap added to the Pinto would’ve solved the fire issue that plagued the car but Lee Iacocca was adamant the car rollout the door at $1,995. So in the calculus of manufacturing they were left off.

          The Vega was even worse since between the horrible aluminum engine that burned oil and shook so badly that bolts holding the carb to the intake would shake loose, the too small capacity cooling system, and the incomplete rustproofing due to air pockets forming in the unibody when the car was dipped in primer, a surly UAW working in Lordstown couldn’t keep up with the rate of 100 cars an hour (to be fair the line was usually 50 – 60 cars an hour, and larger cars with more space to work in). So cars went past work stations with missed parts or assemblies. Again, the Vega was built cheap, and built poorly.

          Chrysler tried fobbing off the Aspen and Volare on buyers. Half-assed into production to replace the old, but good Dart and Valiant, Mopar went GM and Ford one better (worse?) and completely missed rustproofing the front fenders until well into the 1977 model year. The cars debuted as 1976 models. 🤦‍♂️

          T’was not a good time to buy an American car.

          • no, they found communications at ford, saying it was cheaper to pay off the lawsuits from fires, than recall and fix all the existing pintos. so that is what they did.

      • People bitch about fooreign autos, but it’s hard to overemphasize how shitty almost anything coming out of Detroit was at the time.

        • Agreed. I slag on the Pinto and Vega since they were Ford and GM’s attempt to “Push ’em back into the ocean!” with foreign car makers. So the cars were going to go toe-to-toe with the VW Beetle and the first generation Hondas, Toyotas, and Datsuns. And they failed miserably. But lots of the “Bread and Butter” cars The Big Three made (Midsize, Fullsize, Sporty cars, etc.) were wretchedly built. My uncle’s Ford Granada that slowly fell apart after he bought it new would be one example. And new cars showing visible rust in the fenders, doors, and hoods/trunklids after two, three, or four years of ownership. Bondo made cash hand over fist in those days.

          Those old cars may have had style, but man they had problems.

          I begrudgingly admit the Japanese had it all over the domestics, and now so too the South Koreans. Our last two sedans have been Japanese and South Korean after a horrible experience with a Chevrolet Impala. Had to dump it less than four years after we bought it. 😣

  7. (This is a comment on the Taki post). Lin-Manuel Miranda’s musical “Hamilton” will make sure everyone remembers the Maria Reynolds affair for years to come. Will anyone actually glean the significance of a politician confessing to a sex scandal because of his morals? Probably not. The show has some spectacular music in it, but it’s absolute propaganda trying to justify immigration, just like Miranda’s previous musical “In the Heights.”

    • He has a cameo in The Sopranos final season as a bell hop. Its where he should have peaked if not for his talent for propaganda that makes white liberals feel good smelling their own farts.

    • The music is well produced, but that’s not saying much. The modern musical is so formulaic as to be predictable to the modern leftist moron with money to burn. Hamilton is no different.

  8. A prime example of the (literally) ill effects of stifled competion by government monopoly is are most, if not all, of the current medical products authorized against COVID-19. To obtain approval for an emergency use authorization (EUA), there must be no other approved treatment available. For the manufacturer, getting the EUA has two benefits: in the first place, is that once approved, it is a de-facto monopoly market as long as the EUA holds; second is the extra, near total indemnity against any legal liability whatsoever for its product.

    Perhaps the regulations as originally written were done with high purpose in mind. But it’s my opinion that the system has been “captured” and is harnessed for profit and perhaps political power. I need not point out the danger of putting capitalism ahead of medical safety. The “emergency” approval discards the old standards of proof of efficacy and safety. With the mRNA “jabs” in particular, it’s hard to find any step of the entire process where corners were NOT cut. Already there is evidence that the “vaccines,” at least, fall far short on both counts, and indeed have already racked up deaths and injuries in the hundreds of thousands. The medical establishment seems to be ignoring many of the warning signs, and indeed, they and governments in general are forging ahead with mandating the shots for as many people as possible. Never in US history has a medical treatment of dubious value been urged, increasingly coerced, upon such large populations.

    • Ben: I don’t believe the issue re Covid treatment lack of accountability is competition, but rather profit. The ‘vaccine’ manufacturers are raking in billions (not to mention all the Chinese paper mask makers).

      There is nothing intrinsically moral or good about competition. As Zman notes, these multinational companies are theoretically competing with one another, but how does Coke or Pepsi’s marketing or target market differ from one another? They both aim at the younger cohort which is over 50% non-White. Many of people’s taste preferences are set early (Mexicans put soda in baby bottles) so for whom are they ‘competing’?

      It goes back to a sense of accountability. If the head of company ‘x’ knew his cleaning lady or the mother of his daughter’s school friend would suffer because of his product, and if he felt some sort of ethnic or historic bond of citizenship with that person, that might help him impose some self-constraint on his rapacity. Now, these super capitalists believe they are literally untouchable (who’s going to take them down? Not the government. Where are the famed disgruntled snipers?).

      The officially approved ‘covid’ treatments are useless because no one involved (government or corporate) really believes there is a pandemic and they don’t fear getting ill or dying from this themselves. If working class Whites die, that just further serves their purpose. If the occasional black or mestizo croaks, well, there’s millions more where that one came from.

      • Coke and Pepsi are owned by the same crooks, blackrock and vanguard. It’s a duopoly like lowes and home depot or republicans and democrats… it’s all the same shit, run by the same assholes.

    • Updated R&D cycle for l’âge de coof

      1. Invent a product that, while currently useless, could be useful in some kind of crisis or emergency.

      2. Use government, corporate, and media cronies to create exactly that crisis.

      3. Profit!

      If you use this strategy think of me and toss me a few billion or 1/100 of a Bitcoin, whichever is worth less.

    • The rollout of the CoVid vaccines reminds me a lot of the ramp up of the mortgage crisis that blew up in 09.

      In both cases a dependable system had been built up over decades that had many fail safe points with a bias to stopping the process. Both were relatively safe and ponderous, inhibiting innovation and moving slowly.

      In both cases reforms weakened key fail safe points in the name of speed and innovation and created a culture of risk taking. Which quickly led to people taking further short cuts and even open fraud, with little concern because the system in whole had always (from their POV) been safe and robust.

  9. I believe this to be true based on personal experience . No civilization could possibly survive this level of basic dis-functional madness.
    ” 29% of younger Millennials (ages 18-25) are counted as having some type of mental disorder. Overall, 54% of those surveyed acknowledged some degree of emotional fragility or even mental illness.
    24 out of every 25 Millennials (96%) lack a biblical worldview.
    75% say they lack meaning and purpose in life.
    Only one-third claimed to believe in God.
    39% of younger Millennials ages 18-24 year olds identify as LGBTQ. ”

    • “39% of younger Millennials ages 18-24 year olds identify as LGBTQ.”

      That number, UNDOUBTEDLY, is skewed by the “bisexual” category, where young women, especially attractive ones, are increasingly bombarded with social cues that positively reinforce behaviors that get them attention. 20 years ago, it was the drunk girls at the bar who theatrically made out with another chick just to turn on all their guy friends. Now with this generation it’s the girl and her 3 or 4 “bisexual” friends who all want to have a shot at the same guy. They effectively and willingly become a harem through which indulging in group sex offers them an opportunity they might otherwise not have to mate with the alpha male.

      If monogamous bond pairing were still the social expectation, you would not be seeing such a ridiculously high and unnatural number.

      • This is absolutely true in my experience, I don’t think enough people are aware of the forces from above and within the peer group for all these younger women to be bi. And few guys at that age will turn down that sort of arrangement for obvious reasons. And all the women, they’re all advertising their mental disorders when you speak with them, and its not hard to guess at a connection between the two.

  10. In all this, I keep thinking that what we are seeing is a move at the societal level toward a secular God. This would mean the need for a universal devil. The last way for humanity to evolve out from its undesirable traits by forced refinement as all other attempts having failed.

  11. The (white) middle class will be crushed. The elites are telling you that meat isn’t healthy, is bad for the environment, and that you shouldn’t be eating it. Milk is racist of course so check your white privilege before you complain of price increases.

    House prices are skyrocketing and it’s illegal to build single family homes in many places. Suburbs in places like Texas where they do build, are all full of third world aliens (usually Indians) who fraud their income and live 20 to a house – not a great place for a white person either. And of course high density rentals & Section 8 will be built everywhere else to make sure that your suburb isn’t safe.

    The white middle class is an anomaly and will be crushed. Most middle class whites lack the mental tools and skillsets to fight back. Most of the white middle class today is simply in this position because they were in the right place at the right time, not because they’re special.

    Watch though, as the bulk of the white middle class regresses to the mean (of poverty), you will see other white people return to their traditional place in society. My family tree, for instance, has always been small farmers, landowners, small businessmen and tradespeople. Not wealthy but certainly better off than the average man. And our family is making money hand over fist and continues to excel in the crazy environment. I’ve seen this pattern with many whites – they’re just returning to the social status of their ancestors. And the true white upper middle class will remain, and most are more resistant to poz.

    I’m not saying this to be arrogant, but some white people are doing better than ever and if you look at their family trees they have always been that way. The servants, white trash and other lower status Europeans are moving down. I think most of the DR is probably on the more intelligent side – because the average white middle class person has no clue how to fight these forces that they don’t understand.

    And for those of us who are of a traditionally higher social status and financial status – it’s up to us to provide for, guide, and help out our struggling brothers.

  12. Fascinating posts today, thank you.
    Regarding Taki: It’s encouraging to realize that the truth will become more exposed and will ultimately prevail with the collapse of society.

    I have no idea what the context is from those hilarious clips of mouth breathers in the media introducing themselves with : “I am an Asian woman. I’m wearing a red shirt and my pronouns are…”
    At some point on of these lunatics is going to have a meltdown confession:
    “I am a white man with a beard. I read at a first grade reading level. I eat my own mucous while binge watching The Golden Girls. I cry myself to sleep each night surrounded by my Ken doll collection and my pronouns are…”

    As Zman has noted, carny trash is the only appropriate term to describe the bald dog moms, the obese purple haired cat ladies and the beta pajama boys.
    It’s almost as though they are trying to make us laugh at this point and it’s quite enjoyable. They make it all too easy to mock and ridicule. We do need to take the time to “look on the bright side’.

  13. The pandemic had me glued to the tv daily because I wanted to get news and keep up with information on the rapidly changing situation. I now realize that the media is actually the problem. They don’t really share “information” in the olden days way of trying to inform you about something relevant. It’s all designed to manipulate people.

    In short, the accountability and shame you mention aren’t going to be something they show on tv at all. Especially now that women and minorities are mainly lording it over everyone that they are on tv. In other words, the whole point is the lording it over everyone. I think they really do see the olden days as white guys lording it over everyone on tv too, so it’s a kind of payback.

    Which is why I quit watching tv entirely. I don’t even have cable anymore. Not watching the news at all has made my life vastly better.

  14. I know I sound like a broken record, but the reality is that we have been too affluent for too long, and that addiction has atrophied our robustness to the point where we are now a majority parasite population. Most Americans wouldn’t last a week if tossed naked into a wilderness and forced to survive on their wits & muscle. The puss-filled chancre that is DC is largely a reflection of the manufactured dependency of a parasitic electorate; who now must sell its vote for another dollop of government gravy in order to survive.

    And this descent into decrepitude will continue until a new environment arises to force us back into survival-of-the-fittest mode and a restart of the selection process that advances (rather than retards) our intelligence and robustness traits. This is why the collapse is the cure.

    The slow path through the collapse leads to enormous loss of life and prolonged misery. The fast path is still painful, but results in far, far less death and destruction. The latter is enabled by 4S & focus. That is our moral obligation.

    • No democratic government does what its people want. Even Science™ has figured that out. In a society as state-dominated as ours, the people’s collective flaws are almost entirely a “reflection” of the state’s crimes against them.

      Always remember Franklin’s (and Nietzsche’s, and Twain’s, and…) insights: charity buys resentment, and weakness draws hatred. The blacks and immigrants who make up the majority of welfare cases don’t think that their money comes from the government. They know it’s stolen from regular white people who have no say in what the government does. That’s why they hate—and rob and rape and kill—”white trash” and worship white oligarchs.

      The professionals whose livelihoods are creations of law, regulation, licensure, etc., are of the same mind. They know—seldom consciously, because they’re more thoroughly (and easily) propagandized than blacks are—whose blood really greases the wheels, and they hate them for it.

      The normal American isn’t weak, affluent, or a parasite. He’s defeated. That’s not virtuous, but it’s not his fault. Criminals do crimes.

      • I think you’re making a “chicken and the egg” argument, but I would suggest that it doesn’t really make any difference. We are where we are and we have to confront the problem nonetheless or die off. And as for being “defeated”, I beg to differ. When average folk get genuinely hungry & cold (and Normie can no longer buy his latte at Starbucks), things will get real in a hurry. Most will take to the streets in protest or rioting (herd species tend to stampede when threatened), but some will “work the problem.” And the problem is both knowable and obvious, as is the natural and everlasting solution. The only real question is . . . do you want to be part of the problem or the solution? There are no bystanders in a forest fire.

        • Case in point might be an independent action by the governor of Florida. He knows the shipping of the illegals is wrong. He bellows about it in the media. No state in the union is better positioned to find the illegals, shove ’em on a ship leaving Jacksonville or Miami and send the islanders to a Caribbean hub like Haiti and the others to a central American hub…pick the country. Get on, enjoy the buffet, get off.

      • All power comes from the barrel of a gun or a howitzer, drone, robot dog, whatever.

        Only power gives real accountability.

        If you had power and you were willing to use it, globo-homo would vanish like the fetid mist they are. Still out there trying to stink up the place but a trivial problem.

        Start teaching CRT to minors or using in advertising ? Enjoy a decade of forced labor. Problem solved.

        Corporation to big to fail or getting too much power ? It gets AT&T’d out of existence.

        Be like Xi.

        Problem is Gen X especially (the last fairly sane generation) along with older Gen Y (who are alright) won’t seek power.

        You gave them a wishing ring or a an Infinity Gauntlet for movie geeks, almost all of them would throw it down the well rather than use it.

        But I might do something bad! is the plaintive cry. Well of course you will . Make sure the good vastly outweighs the bad and you’ll sleep well enough.

  15. “We see the same thing in the media. For half a decade they sold the Russian conspiracy hoax to the public. The recent indictments shows that they knew it was a lie when they were selling it. Everyone involved knew it was fake. No one will resign in disgrace or offer a tearful apology. They simply laugh and move onto the next hoax they are told to peddle.”

    I’ve been seeing more of your comments indicating that you do believe there is a conspiracy operating that rules the world. Then I see a comment like this:

    “It is the genius of evolution. No one imagined this outcome, much less planned it.”

    Are you from an academic background, Z? Because the people in academia that believe in conspiracies are on the fringe and usually keep their opinions to themselves. A “normal” academician will never allow themselves to consider that there is good and evil, because that is a belief for lesser minds. You seem to be gradually gravitating toward good vs. evil in more of your blog entries for the last year or so. Personally, I view the formation of political parties as obviously imposed for the purpose of grifting and controlling the peasantry. They already knew the MO from the British and saw how successful it was in accumulating more wealth for the people that already had too much.

  16. The West really has created the Muslim problem for itself via bombing them, then importing them, then giving them infinite free stuff. We have also bought far too much of their oil when we should have taken it outright.

    In a way, the West’s behavior with regard to Islam is similar to and as dumb as the behavior toward China in that nothing backwaters were built into credible threats via the short-sighted stupidity and largesse of the West.

    That said, it does remain that Islam is a supremacist ideology who’s followers would be happy to eliminate Western cultures given the chance.

  17. “A similar question can be asked about the collapse of accountability. Can a society survive when the people in charge of it are no longer responsible for it?”

    Of course it can, slave societies can be quite enduring and democracy is a slave society.
    “A citizen has a right to be free & happy, he must have five slaves.” Solon about democracy

    but when it comes to migrant invasions though, haven’t heard of africa & south asia pouring into ancient athens, women weren’t liberated & permited to act like crazy witches & kids weren’t crippled by strange medicines & anti-european propaganda.

    The plan of the elites will go to shit, but they’ll escape unscathed. When Rome collapsed elite fucktards moved to constantinopole, when byzantium collapsed elite fucktards moved to venice. The elites were always globalists, this is not a modern archetype, they have no loyalty for any kingdom, country or empire, they’ll leave once shit gets out of hand & go someplace nice or build a bunker in a remote area from Oceania.

  18. According to Ed Dutton, intelligence has declined about 15 points since 1870. The Industrial Revolution starting c. 1800 made life much easier. Infant mortality dropped from 40-50% to 1%. Smart people were more likely to use contraception. Religion, which gives people hope for the future of their children and themselves, declined. Around 2200 average IQ in the West will be about 85. Society will collapse into smaller, more religious, warring units. The robots and AI won’t save us because there won’t be enough smart people to tend to them. See his “At Wits’ End.”

    • AI has been vastly overestimated.

      Just look at the AI-driven house flipping that Zillow shut down after it lost them $400 million over 94% of the contracts it touched.

      You just love to see it.

      • i wonder if the other big companies buying houses indiscriminately are in a similar situation as Willow; i.e. under water on a big chunk of their portfolio. seems like all these companies were kind of circle jerking each other into buying properties at higher and higher “valuations”. Willow has like 7000 properties in the Phoenix area alone. what if they all gak up their portfolios at the same time?!

    • We are being replaced – and not just by non-white immigrants.

      Amish and other sects are growing very rapidly. Evangelicals and conservative Catholics have quite a few kids too. It’s hard to extrapolate into the future because we don’t know what retention rates will look like, etc.

      Amish and others are small but when the general population has a low fertility rate and they have a high one, the difference can appear pretty fast, ie. a century. I suspect Evangelical communities that keep out the poz might have increasing influence on large portions of whites. As the secular world becomes anti white and insane, having the Bible and a nicer environment is pretty attractive. The Church isn’t pro-white but it’s not anti-white either.

      Basically the bulk of white people to exist in the future will be religious nutters (and I don’t necessarily mean this in a bad way). They are looking good, much more content and sane than normal secular whites. As much as I respect them and wish them well, I will never be one of them.

      • The stat is a bit spurious as the fertility rate will decline but the fertility rates being what they are in two centuries most of the US population will be Amish .

        In theory the future belong to the super devout and a few super natal types.

        I’m OK with that , breed or be eliminated. Says the guy with no kids.

        • The thing about Amish is that the 350,000 today almost all descent from an initial group of 200. Which means they are much more inbred than the average white.

          I’m not sure if it’s possible for them to not be tribal. That amount of cousin marriage usually leads to more clannishness, and they’re pretty much bred that way.

          100 years is a long time. At some point they might just genocide them because they’re white.

          • Other groups have White level fertility.

            American Hispanics aren’t interested in the genocide of Whites . They want to be them and are doing a decent job of it.

            I live in Cali and while trust can be an issue, race relations aren’t even chilly. Just tepid to warm. Its probably the most common mixed race and frankly no one cares.

            Black fertility is well below replacement

            Asian fertility is lower than White

            Some Amerinds wouldn’t mind payback but they have even lower fertility and poor health

            The Pacific Islanders are at replacement though. Maybe they will retake Hawaii from the mostly Japanese descended population.

      • B125: The issue with such smaller, concentrated groups (whether based on religion or whatever) is inbreeding. I know the Amish move people around when certain genetic diseases start cropping up, but when you’re starting with a limited number of people and a certain % is constantly boiling off, it’s a constant problem. The hasidic Juice are heavily inbred – just because they test for genetic diseases and prevent marriages that would result in afflicted children doesn’t change the overall inbreeding (there are more individual carriers of these diseases with one gene, not two, and they’re still horse faced).

        I don’t know what the minimum # is to prevent a heavily inbred population. I think Sailer and others have claimed people of similar genetic relatedness to 3rd cousins or more are supposedly the ideal sort of match for health and heartiness. My late mother-in-law’s father was the child of immigrants from a small Italian hill village, and while they didn’t marry first cousins, eventually they all ended up related to one degree or another. To this day I have far-flung descendants of immigrants from that village message me on Ancestry, and almost every last one is my husband’s 4-8th cousin 1-5 x removed.

    • Curious. Nietzsche said a lot, but (indirectly) might confirm Dutton. He was down on European (German) culture and liberal democracy. He thought it bred a tame, domesticated man. His famous dictum “God is dead” was not so much to spread atheism, although he was one and detested Christianity. Rather, he meant it in the sense that by the late 19th century, Europe was modern and religion’s role had waned, largely supplanted by democracy. The West’s high valuation of honesty, reflected in rigorous science and philosophical inquiry would, he thought, finally lead to the dissolution even of institutions — decadence and nihilism.

      Perhaps these are just great cycles of civilization, measured in centuries? I personally am a fan of democracy, relative peace and civilization. Perhaps the aristocracy and a feudal like society had their benefits…Fritz has been dead 121 years, and we’re still waiting for the new, Super-Human.

  19. The 60s was supposedly a similar time to today. You could find many headlines in the 60s indistinguishable from headlines of today. But despite all the appearances of society coming unglued, she held together and gave us the 80s and the 90s which was something akin to political stability. The question is, can society pull a rabbit out of its hat once again? The late 70s to the 2000s was the elite effectively consolidating the “gains” of the 60s and early to mid 70s. I’m sure the adults of the 60s and 70s thought the elite had gone nuts and had driven an unfixable wedge into society. The inflation of the 70s no doubt gave them enormous fear of the future and America’s ability to recover. But it did.

    • The country was 85-90% white in the 1960s and 1970s. Today, whites are down to ~70% with white kids a slight minority. Every year millions of non-whites enter the country.

      There’s no silent majority left to right the ship, so, no, society won’t pull a rabbit out of the hat once again. Different population, different outcome.

      • Astute observation. When America was White it acted like it was White. Now it’s acting like some crazed group of unaffiliated multicolored retards. As the mix darkens so do the prospects of a recovery or better yet a New Dawn for America.

      • Citizen: Sorry to nitpick, but the % of Whites in America is a personal hobby horse. If one is referring to non-hispanic (i.e. European) Whites AND excluding Juice and Iranians etc., Whites are down to perhaps 55% (it was officially 59% per the 2010 census). Seventy percent White would be an amazing improvement.

        • I also don’t think purity matters as much as you think. a bit of this this or that, other than African is of little consequence . Many Latinos are very socially conservative Trump types in my neck of the woods at least

          I’m not advocating for it mind you but its manageable.

          Its also reversible though if and only if society can be fixed.

          if you want a different demography, you have to work for it. Everyone knows what is required “White Sharia” or something akin to that enforced at gunpoint

          Problem is no one wants to take charge of anything much less that who is worthwhile, hell at times I think clown world is only going through to the rote motions of rule.

        • Yes, I agree with that too. A lot of mestizos get counted as white. Though, to be fair, surely at least some of them (Mexicans/Cubans etc) are not mestizos and are truly white Europeans or if not pure European, have extremely high European admixture and only a small portion of Amerindian.

      • Your point is well taken and not wrong. But these percentages are not even. The percentage of non-Whites is heavily skewed young, while the leadership class, largely older is mostly still either White of Juice. Whatever you think of our small hatted friends, incompetence is not one of their flaws.

        I hold out hope things can be resolved peacefully and without major disruption. There is really no way to prepare for what some people think is coming.

    • Personally, I feel like the ’80s and ’90s were ersatz echoes of the ’50s and ’60s in many ways.

    • The lunacy in the US ca. 1966-76 was the staging ground for today’s madness. CRT, for instance, is simply an acute form of the anti-western views–heavily informed by postmodernism–from that earlier period.

      And it didn’t disappear in the 80s and 90s only to suddenly recrudesce a few years ago. The poison was surging through the arterial system the whole time, toxifying every cultural/educational institution in the country. The economic prosperity of the 80s and 90s simply papered over the the irreversible internal damage that was occurring.

      All of which is to say that the “silent majority” of the late 60s and early 70s was absolutely correct to rail against the horrifying alteration of mores that was occurring right before their eyes.

  20. “More recently, many of the same characters were involved in selling the world on the great Muslim threat. The West was turned into a police state because the Muslims wanted to impose Islam-o-fascisms on us. Trillions of dollars and tens of thousands of lives were spent on a problem that never existed. Since no one would ever be held accountable for the result, not one felt a duty to be right. They just made up whatever would benefit them at the moment.”

    And now, the Republicans are screaming that the Democrats take a harder line with Russia in Ukraine! Of course they are. The deep state will get its war, whether with Russia or China or Iran or all at the same time.

    There is no one – NO ONE – you can vote for who will stop this from happening. A lot of people voted Trump because they hoped he’d stop the forever wars, unlike Hillary (we need a war with Russia) Clinton. Trump tamped down the Russia war rhetoric, only to put the West on a war footing with China and Russia.

    Lots of deplorable young white males are going to be slaughtered before this decade is up. But, I suppose any white male stupid enough to serve in the military to benefit a political class that openly hates him gets what he deserves. Sad.

    • “…only to put the West on a war footing with China and Russia.”

      Damn, that was obviously supposed to read “China and Iran”.

    • The Booby: If they’re Whites like the ‘hero’ killed in the Afghanistan pullout who left a pregnant black wife, they’ll be no great loss.

  21. “On the other hand, when companies or industries are able to shield themselves from competition they tend to decline in quality. The prices creep up as the quality and selection declines. The domestic car makers in America experienced this in the middle of the last century. By the 1970’s, their cars were silly and unreliable. Competition from overseas forced them to compete and that made for better cars. Competition is the economic equivalent of accountability.”

    Silly and unreliable is being polite. That said GM and Ford have pretty much given up on building cars, and focus on trucks and SUVs/CUVs.

    • There’s practically zero benefit in selling cars now. The profits are razor thin and there’s a huge amount of risk. Trucks, on the other hand, make massive returns.

      The big auto manufacturers are working on autonomous vehicles with Uber-like services, as selling individual cars is pretty much untenable now.

      • I made a post on another site about the decline and fall of the Cadillac brand and I realized that with the Cadillac Cimarron, a pathetic attempt to turn a J Body Chevrolet Cavalier into a BMW fighter, GM was avant-garde on being “Fake ‘N Gay” as commenter and blogger Severian likes to say.

        Old School GM could hide the fact the original mid 1970s Seville was a stretched and pulled Nova (X Body). They just mailed it in on the Cimarron. 🙄

    • mmack: But now even those trucks and SUVs are increasingly hybrids, and there is a massive government and industry-wide push to phase out the internal combustion engine. Thus the crazy spike in used truck prices. We may just bite the bullet some time next year and buy anyhow because the supply is fairly fixed and they aren’t going to get any cheaper (unlike housing costs which bubble will burst at some point in the next 2-4 years).

  22. Z,

    I read your post at Taki’s and the mention of Alexander Hamilton reminded me of another sex scandal from 1960s Britain, the Profumo Affair.

    TL/DR: UK Secretary of State for War John Profumo has an affair with a “bit o’ crumpet” named Christine Keeler, who was also seeing a Soviet Naval Officer on the side. Word leaked out about it, Profumo declared his innocence in the House of Commons, then the police came along and “‘Ello, ‘ello, ‘ello, what’s all this then?” and found out yes, he was having an affair. Profumo confessed he’d lied, resigned, and PM Harold Macmillan got a drubbing in the October 1964 election. This is what John Profumo did after leaving government:

    “After expressing his “deep remorse” to the prime minister, to his constituents and to the Conservative Party, Profumo disappeared from public view. In April 1964 he began working as a volunteer at the Toynbee Hall settlement, a charitable organisation based in Spitalfields which supports the most deprived residents in the East End of London. Profumo continued his association with the settlement for the remainder of his life, at first in a menial capacity, then as administrator, fund-raiser, council member, chairman and finally president. Profumo’s charitable work was recognised when he was appointed a Companion of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) in 1975. He was later described by Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher as a national hero, and was a guest at her 80th birthday celebrations in 2005. His marriage to Valerie Hobson lasted until her death on 13 November 1998, aged 81; Profumo died, aged 91, on 9 March 2006.”

    A politician resigning and actually performing acts of contrition for the remainder of his career.

    • UK Secretary of State for War John Profumo has an affair with a “bit o’ crumpet”

      I fucking love English!

    • Contrition? For what? Government figures bathe in mendacity. The issue was really his patootie’s simultaneous relationship with a Soviet. As if, like the flap over dope Erlic Swalwell’s dalliance with Chinese super spyette Christine Fang. every male, upon ejaculation, lights up a cigarette and starts jabbering state secrets to his bed mate.

    • mmack: Not to take away from Profumo’s contrition, but in all honesty, how much did he earn as chairman and then president of the ‘charitable’ organization? I don’t know if it’s as bad in England as it is here, but that normally commands a very comfortable mid-six figure salary.

    • O/T slightly, regardless of scandal or the woman’s stupidity , dating a red equals no brains the famous 1963 of Christine Keeler backwards on the chair is one of the sexiest black and white photos ever taken.

  23. Accountability to the Truth before all. The rule of man is a conduit of a higher order, not a construct of his own making. That is the inversion at work.

    Time machine had the savages ruling the beautiful ones. But this was still according to the natural order. It was the Eloi, livestock oblivious to the reality of their own experience, who were largely disconnected from their natural world living in an artificial cloud. Molochs harvesting from them what was needed for their survival.

    Now our cloud Eloi do not rule us Molochs by reason, as an extension of what is natural and true. They are not accountable to us because they are not accountable to reason at all, but instead rationalism, an ever drifting perversion of reason’s true nature. Which is to serve something higher. This is a transitory condition that will not hold the weight of time.

    Our Eloi are just as detached from reality and the purpose of reason as that of Wells’. It is just that the Moloch of our timeline have yet to sound the horn. Maybe it won’t be “us”, as we are just dirt Eloi, but the natural world is quite good at producing savages keen on the natural order.

    A lot happened before The Traveller came upon the drowning girl in the river. If nations are full of ruin, the timeline of satanic inversion still has a lot of men with full bellies. Time has a way of fixing things.

  24. The price for lack of accountability is low trust and eventual collapse.

    To focus on several things you mentioned, the Russia collusion hoax has caused me and many others to believe the weapons of mass destruction debacle (this one is huge) just like the claim of Soviet economic supremacy before it were deliberate lies, not monumental intelligence community failures. Who ever again will trust the claims about the United States for the necessity for war?

    Long-term, of course, the Eloi cannot control the Morlock. More than a critique of capitalism, TIME TRAVELER is a meditation on hubris and destruction. This is the status of the West.

  25. The whole point of the Cloud People thing is to be utterly untethered from moral, biological or thermodynamic Truth. Karl Rove was oddly prescient when he said “we create our own reality”. This has become the guiding ethos of all Cloud types.

    The lying is a public profession of faith in the new “morality”. All that’s missing is the little red books.
    The Coof and Trans stuff are a rejection of biology.
    Conjuring paper money and credit out of thin air and pretending Unicorns and Fairies will deliver vital goods, BTUs and services is a rejection of thermodynamics.

    It only ends when the Barbarians are at the gates. Oh wait……

  26. Maybe there’s some accountability. The malevolent, attention whore governor of California has not been seen in public since his booster shot which, of course, he had the media record.

      • Is it cruel to wish harm and death upon your enemies, especially via the method they attempt to harm and kill you? If it is it’s perfectly natural, but I’m not sure even a saint would be troubled to see someone so vile and treacherous as Newsom get hurt by his own medicine.

      • Copied and pasted from Gab;



        LATEST IN THE RUMOR MILL … Breaking:

        Not sure if you have heard this yet, but Newsome has contracted Guillain-Barré syndrome from the booster apparently.

        This is why he was not at the climate summit. He is in hospital and has cancelled everything on his calendar for the month.
        Guillain Barre Syndrome is a rare autoimmune disorder that attacks the body’s nerves. Sometimes presents itself as Bells Palsy.

        Typically presents itself as a progressive heaviness and weakness in the arms and legs and later on difficulty with swallowing and breathing.

        • It is my most fervent prayer that this be so. Lord, please smite our enemies and drive them before us.

          “Yea, though the Hindus speak of karma…”

          Clark Griswold

      • No, he canceled his trip to Glasgow for the woke prom. And I hear he was in the running for prom queen

      • A twit like Newsome is most likely a true believer. He’s almost surely in the dark about the ever-growing body count from the clot shot. Dollars to donuts he got the real McCoy.

      • Unless, in their dark calculations, he (and she) were no longer useful.

        Who knows what backbiting and skulduggery is going on in Hell? Maybe his contract had run out, and the Devil came to collect.

  27. “If they have a moral code at all, it is based in a disdain for the rest of us.”

    Exactly. That is their morality – hatred of Bad Whites. Our current rulers show no remorse for lying about anything and everything because they look at those lies as part of a larger, almost holy cause. Lying to defeat an evil enemy requires no guilt.

    The question is whether a society can survive when the rulers hate the people upon whom the society needs to function. Feudal lords certainly disdained their own peasants with whom they often had no cultural or ethnic connection, kind of like a certain slice of our rulers.

    Our current rulers want a modern feudal state in which the peasants have no alternative and thus quietly toil hoping to avoid the eye and ire of their lord.

    • Feudal lords certainly disdained their own peasants

      And how, exactly, do you know this? In feudal times aristocracy was born to aristocracy and peasants were born to peasants. The feudal lords had serious responsibilities to their peasants. In exchange the peasants had their own duties. It was a simple fact of life. No one sat around wishing for a new capitalistic state to emerge and shatter the chains of feudalism. In fact, the aristocrats lived lives not that dissimilar from their charges. They ate basically the same food, lived in similar squalor and discomfort, and believed the same superstitions. Lords had a personal familiarity with the people who worked their land. In view of the prevailing conditions, feudalism was a legitimate and effective social response to the end of the Roman Empire.

      • Largely true. However, the nobility ate meat much more frequently than the peasantry, had far greater access to luxuries such as spices and wine, and being on average more intelligent, took sensible precautions during times of pestilence, which reduced their mortality rate compared to the peasants.

    • And because the rulers have no compunction about lying to us and harming us, I no longer feel honor-bound to obey the laws and rules they have set forth for society. Principle, for the first time in my life, no longer matters to me. This is the sort of liberation, I believe, Leftists have felt ever since the French Revolution.

  28. “More recently, many of the same characters were involved in selling the world on the great Muslim threat. The West was turned into a police state because the Muslims wanted to impose Islam-o-fascisms on us….”

    “What are you going to do, build your own mass media?”
    Blab is up and doing well – for now. The rude jokes alone are worth the trip. As for our own internet, we already have one. I am a regular customer of the Z Blog and other crime thinkers and nazis.

    I want my own community too. I hate blacks and want them driven out, possibly along with the jews… and that scares the hell out them – the ones that can’t hide behind their money or friends in high places, anyway… and even they are getting nervous – as they should.

    The Saxon is beginning to hate again.

  29. You are correct that people aren’t about to build their own internet, but a person or persons can think up something even better to replace it. In my youth street corner phone booths were thought of as being wonderfully convenient. Who knows that the next chapter will bring.

  30. It has to be close to the end, but what is out there that can truly finish this farce we find ourselves living in? There’s virtually no accountability for anything anymore if you’re one of the beautiful people – though if a dirt person, look out. We all keep wondering if reality is ever going to make itself known again – if so, I wish it’d hurry the hell up.
    On another note, wtf was that commercial all about? Holy s*** batman…

    • It will finish itself. It’s already starting. Gas is going through the roof, Covid is putting everyone out of work, and the shelves are emptying out, and inflation gave everyone a 5% pay cut. You can’t run a country like this.

      Everything is about transition. Trump is a step along, as were the actors in the Virginia election. None of this would have even been remotely possible during The Buckwheat Administration.

      Somebody is going to get shot soon, and they will deserve it. Z would be better off having said that ‘nobody is accountable… for now…”

      • In his letter to William Smith, Jefferson was a bit surprised that insurrection was not more common. It was vastly more common than today, even though our oppression is far worse. That really is the genius of democracy. It lets people “rebel” in a controlled way that never threatens the system. It is the genius of evolution. No one imagined this outcome, much less planned it.

        The whole thing rests on the white middle-class feeling secure. The question is, will the white middle-class rouse from their slumber or will they simply blink out of existence as the system collapses?

        • I have no faith in the white middle class. They will do whatever they think they are supposed to do.

        • Talked to an American (Republican) on Friday night who said the USA needs more immigrants, because most of them are Cuban and most vote Republican.

          If the white middle class does do something, I have a feeling it won’t be due to anybody currently involved in mainstream politics.

          • He was probably well heeled man with nice big house and nice German car back home and lives in a lily white zip code.

            I know guys like that, stupid fucks who don’t read, don’t think, got lucky on some investment or something and thinks they got it all figured out. They get all their news from Hannity and talk radio. They still think it’s 1985.

            Luckily they are in minority and are not representative of the white middle-class who is exposed to vibrancy on a daily basis.

        • Historically, how have middle class citizens responded to the scenario unfolding before us? Do we have any examples of a successful approach specific to this class of people?

          • I have never heard it described as such, because communism was purportedly classless, but the East Europeans toppling the Marxist governments largely would meet that description. People like Havel and Walesa would have to be viewed as middle class in this regard, but I would argue that’s what they were.

          • “Historically” the Middle Class is a flash in the pan and a quite recent phenomenon.

            Our Betters would like reversion to the mean of the ultra-rich and shockingly poor which is why they are have taken off the brakes on brown importation. They want Brazil Norte -badly-.

            The only equivalent of a middle class historically that I’m aware of were guildsmen, tradesmen, etc. but they were really more like the Upper Middle Class of today in that they had a direct link to nobility because of their high skilled labor. That true ‘American Dream’ style middle class is a wholly new thing to my knowledge which is probably why they are all standing around like deer in the headlights, they have no earthly idea what to do next other than as Tars said above, what they are told.

          • Jack Dobson, Havel wasn’t middle class. He was an alcoholic puppet of his western donors and had nothing to do with the overthrow of the regime. The commie regimes in Eastern-European countries were toppled by the kids of communist functionaries who studied in Moscow’s MGIMO. They realized that the existing regime wouldn’t allow them to become filthy rich, so they destroyed it. Many of them later became oligarchs.

        • While quite disdained, the White middle class served as an intermediary between the Eloi and Morlochs, an aspirational relief valve, if you will. Now we have Muslim submarine commanders crashing the Empire’s crown jewels into underwater mountains, illiterate university professors who teach African art studies, and hysterical women physicians bungling a relatively benign pandemic.

          As the White middle class erodes and disappears, the buffer between the Morlochs and Eloi disappears. The United States would be well-advised to invest in gulags since the D.C. jails are insufficient, but who will design and build them?

          The collapse only will accelerate because the White middle class simply will disappear. It is being blinked out of existence and not on its own volition, and the Morlochs see the only aspiration is to destroy the Eloi.

          • Sailer has a post up about a bike lane showdown between a minor Cloudling and a Morlock:


            The Clouding’s naivete is confirmed when he presses on whining as the Morlock appears to reach for a pistol.

            Also, the Cloudling hitting the car is not cool. That’s like touching a man’s horse, and only one step below touching his woman.

          • That’s the thing. It seems like the people who would have been physicians 30 or 40 years ago are now surgeons where it seems the demand for competency is the highest. That’s not to say though that all physicians are bad though. Iftpu have a white male one like me you’ll be alright

          • The Wild Geese Howard- I am -quite- familiar w/ that exact spot. It is a busy exit ramp off the I-395 expressway in DC.

            Now that DC has been invaded by shitlibs they think that their Karen haranguing can be done to anyone. That video is a perfect example of Eloi/Morlock interaction.

            I’ve seen similar vids in the past and it –clearly– demonstrates the alternate reality that lefties live in. It is all avocado toast, fair trade coffee, sustainability, and bike lane rights in their world.

            And when a straight hood n-gga shows up he provides the RealTalk™ they so desperately need. It is my sincere wish that there is an interaction like this every single day with a far more severe outcome. The shitlib learned nothing but if that n-gga had cleaned his clock at least he’d think twice before rolling up on a total stranger like that.

            This is the entire problem writ small here. The people pushing the hardest for societal transformation are completely insulated from the consequences of it. This is why fleeing to red areas and letting the soyboys and their pets cohabitate is the best play. Nothing educates to the true nature of reality faster than fear & pain. And n-ggas be ready to dish out both on the regular.

        • Yes, ironically, democracy might have been the best thing to ever happen to the ruling class.

          The greatest trick the ruling class ever pulled was to convince the world through democracy that they no longer ruled.

        • Do you feel Zman many might sense something is wrong, as shown by polls showing a great majority say the country has been heading in the wrong direction ever since Bush was president, however they don’t know what to do. I think this is why guys like you get asked so often what can we do? We see what street protests or demonstrations get. The elites just have way too much power than they deserve. Scott Greer also argues states rights work less because the federal government has made so many of them dependent on it

        • Wollin’s book, Inverted Totalitarianism makes a lot of good points about how Western societies have neutered their people.

        • There are several elements at play that keep whitey on the reservation. One, the lie that Democracy works, the other being the illusion of wealth via stock market and housing. the fear of the police and Woke mafia.

          There is also a lot of stupid ones who actually believe the GOP as well. They are beyond redemption. Thankfully most of them are old and dying off.

          Once people lose their fear of the police and city officials with their magic badges then it’s game over. It’s that fear that holds them in thrall.

          In the movie “V for Vendetta” there is a scene where a undercover cop shoots a girl who spray paint some anti government graffiti. Then someone kicks the gun out of his hand and the cop whips out his badge thinking it will scare the mob off. It doesn’t, the people realized the badge was just a piece of metal and it meant nothing.

          That is what it will take before whites stand up.

      • Yep the system will fall. Declaring war on whitey, creating a two tiered society based on the jab, runaway inflation, being invaded by millions of 3rd world savages, corporate America shitting on the people that actually hold it all together is suicidal. Because it’s nationwide.

        And yeah eventually we will see whites having a “Falling Down” (great movie please watch it) where they just say ‘fuck it’ and go hunting because there is nothing left to lose.

        And when that starts, it won’t stop. Because the system no longer offers whites anything but a kick in the teeth.

      • This is why I’ve become a vaccine evangelist.

        I want every Democrat, every cuck-Republican, every ball-less wonder gushing about MLK and screeching “but Mengele!!”, every prominent Chew, and as many dusky darkies as I can get to take the vaccines.

        For the women who abuse their own children in order to get one up on mine, I earnestly, soulfully look them in the eye and say, “My god. You are so right, and I was so wrong. Really, we should make sure and take every booster to keep people and our kids safe.”

        The apple don’t fall far from the tree. I want these leaky bioreactors shedding on everyone they associate with.

        Now, as to their reasoning:

        This is not the Killshot.
        They’re just killing a few chickens to scare the monkey.

        Jim Jones conducted Flavorade practice runs before the big one.

        Australia has pre-purchased 14 boosters, sight unseen; seven years worth.

        This gives them time to get their people in place, classic Cloward-Piven maneuvering.

        What the Jab does, it gives one AIDS.

        That’s right. AIDS is not a disease. It doesn’t kill anyone.

        Aquired Immuno-Deficiency Syndrome. Immunity collapse. They die of diseases against which they have no defense.

        This was blamed by Fauci on a vague, unspecified “Human Immunodeficiency Virus” that is as hidden as the samples of SARS-Cov-2. (They won’t reveal either for us to back-engineer, why should they?)

        All mutating RNA pandemic viruses become weaker over time, even ones with an artificially tweaked nucleocapsid like Covid.

        The Delta bump was a molehill compared to the Covid mountain in spring 2020.

        Karen told me she had caught covid 3 times. She was deathly ill the first time before the Wonder Shot, but her last two, after each jab, were like a troublesome cold. Much milder.

        So, in their minds, “reducing the symptoms” keeps them out of hospital, and keeps the hospitals from being overwhelmed.

        (Which they are, now, 25% over the Covid peak.)

        What these stupid c*nts can’t see is that the shot, erasing their broad-spectrum immunity, leaves them wide open to…

        Milder variants like Delta, as well as mislabeled common pneumonias and flus.

        Who gets blamed? We do.
        Self-reinforcing belief.

        Worry not! Big Pharma has plenty of remedies on hand for these traditional diseases, and damn the pandemic of those unvaccinated Trump supporters!

      • These are meaningless surveys conducted for a “news” blurb to fill empty print space or air time or perhaps simply to demoralize an intended audience. Not really science or nascent truth revealed.
        If one wants to separate trendy responses from how these millennials really are/behave, then one asks indirect questions such as, who ones friends are, who one dated last, one’s spouse, and so forth, then classify respondents accordingly. You won’t get the same numbers I’m sure.
        But that they responded so affirmatively does probably indicate an increasing acceptance of such deviancy, but not necessarily the practice of it..

        • If you are correct , I will be happy. but among friends of my 20-something kids, more of the females have married each other than have married men.

  31. > If they have a moral code at all, it is based in a disdain for the rest of us.

    We have a weird, inverse morality where old ladies with barely two pennies to their name are harassed by billion dollar media corporations for being terrible people for supporting Trump or not getting the vax. The online rage-heads, desperate for a taste of that power, then pile-on her. Then in the very next tweet they’ll tell everyone how much they care for the poor.

    People have an innate sense that any older appeal fair play is long gone, and going after powerful people in the uniparty, regardless of legality, is going to get you in deep trouble, as O’Keefe has learned for quite some time. Best to get your rush of power from helping destroy the life of a guy defending his daughter from a deranged black guy.

  32. several of H G Wells’ stories are apropos for today’s bizarre world: Time Machine, War of The Worlds (progs are the bacteria that brings down the Martians/Western civ), and of course, Island of Dr Moureau (coof, Fauci, etc).

    • Lovecraft’s, “Nyarlathotep,” and Chamber’s, “The Restorer of Reputations,” are two more pieces with some interesting forward-looking elements.

    • “Throughout his novels and social treatises since the beginning of the present century, H.G. Wells presents a fundamentally socialist doctrine of reform.”
      The Socialism of H. G. Wells in the Early Twentieth Century, William J. Hyde,
      Journal of the History of Ideas
      Vol. 17, No. 2 (Apr., 1956), pp. 217-234 (18 pages)
      Published By: University of Pennsylvania Press

    • I originally didn’t like “That Hideous Strength” because I thought it was too ham-fisted. Ends up being it was right on the nose with regards to our medical-tyranny.


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