Reforming Normie

The days are getting short, and the year is getting short, so it is a good time to clear out the backlog of ideas on the idea list. I keep a running list of possible show topics that tends to get out of hand over time. This time of the year is when I try to impose some order on things and get ready for the next year. This week is actually a few show ideas combined into one two-hour show.

Another motivation was to address the whole “what do we do about normie” topic from a couple of different angles. This is a popular topic on this side of the great divide, especially around an election. It seems that some people cannot accept the reality of their condition, no matter how many times they get bonked on the head. How can you reach someone who seems to be immune from observable reality?

The problem with the “what do we do about normie” problem is people start with democratic assumptions. That is, the point of politics is to get fifty percent plus one of the people to agree. That does not make a lot of sense for a political movement that rejects the claims of democracy. Dissident politics is never going to be about winning over the majority of the public. It is about ending that nightmare.

Of course, dealing with the sorts of people who still read National Review or listen to Ben Shapiro is frustrating. Every normal man is tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin strangling civic nationalists. One reason for addressing these people is to learn how to do it without becoming homicidal. A good salesman knows the difference between a prospect and a contact.

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This Week’s Show


  • 00:00: Opening
  • 05:00: Introducing Normie
  • 25:00: Reform & Normie
  • 65:00: Positive Agenda
  • 105:00: Set A Good Example

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189 thoughts on “Reforming Normie

  1. The comment threads for all except the most recent 5 podcasts (at least as far as through p.2) seem to have disappeared.

  2. I disagree about the inheritance tax. If the beneficiary can produce a plan that benefits his family, let him receive that money. Better yet, let his dad determine how the money will be used. Maybe it’s medical treatment for an ailing family member. Maybe permit withdrawal of certain monies solely for the purpose of practical enterprise. You were probably joking and I’m just retarded, but I actually think the libertarians found their proverbial nut.

    • The inheritance tax is the state’s way of saying the state is more important in life than the family unit.

      But for 99% of parents, leaving their kids something is the only thing on their minds 24 hours a day. Even poor people, indigent people. I’ve met an old homeless black man whose proudest thing in his life was leaving his daughter a silver dollar.

      Seems pointless to fight these emotions or to attack them through confiscatory taxation. Might as well rip a parents heart out and throw it on the street

      But the anti human bean counters love the idea.

      We should revise the sentiment to kill not only all the lawyers but all the accountants too, or at least the ones who look like Paul Ryan.

      Big day for Kyle. I’m nervous.

    • I made a comment similarly below, but inheritance taxes are intriguing for our side. We need to acknowledge that the western concept of strict adherence to property ownership (especially inter generationally) has an inherent bug. That bug is that it kills fertility rates. People (especially high IQ people) are incentivized to have fewer children in order to leave heirs more well off. See Sparta and Heritage America’s downfall.

      An alternative I’ve seen that’s interesting would be to lower income tax to essentially zero, while raising inheritance tax to nearly 100%. Thus, it would incentivize hard work and ingenuity, and wouldn’t penalize high IQ people for having more children.

  3. My axioms for the normie is they go for the path of least resistance and they kowtow to strong horses.

    I wouldn’t spend time fretting over how this issue polled with them, how they voted this way and not that way, and what they are parroting in public at a given moment.

    Normies are malleable (as 20th century certainly proved), they are not really the ones standing in our way .

    • Z man wants us hitting the mall looking for recruits instead of the skate park.

      I say a woman is involved.

      What head is our leader thinking with? We deserve to know.

  4. Normie?

    I mean, seriously. Normie is ok with his children going into a lifetime of debt so he can stick a “Duke” bumper sticker on his Subaru. After all, all the other Normie parents have debtor children, amiright?

    Normie is ok with raising his mulatto children while their father, well he’s just gone. See all those TV commercials, and the neighbor’s daugther?

    Normie will get the jab, the other jab, the other jab, the “booster”, the other booster, the next booster because otherwise they might drive him from his two hour commute and his comfy cubicle.

    Normie doesn’t know how to check the oil on his car.

    Normie’s wife and him put their 2 week old child in “day care” because they “both have to work” to afford their mortgage and taxes.

    Normie’s kids wear masks to school because they have to. Home schooling is out since they “both have to work” to afford their mortgage and taxes.

    Normie wears three different pieces of the same professional team gear at the same time while his idols hate his guts and want him dead.

    Normie is a Beta Male who chirps, “happy wife, happy life” before he reminds you that sex once per quarter is better than none at all.

    TPTB hold a gun to your head – “do as we say or you can’t be Normie!”

      • Oh no, either one of the items on the list is all about you or you just failed at making it through no fapnovember.

        You know it “sex” doesn’t count when you are alone, right?

  5. is anyone here somewhat surprised at how the biden administration has been? I know I’ll get downvoted but I thought he would be the democratic party’s answer to Gerald Ford. When Ford was president the country had been through a lot and while he was president the whole thing was to pick up the pieces and move on. I also felt that without Trump in office, the media would calm the f down because they didn’t have him to kick around anymore. They haven’t been as obsessed with trump as they once were but the media has still been manic.

    • Sure, the “media” has not been “obsessed” with “Trump” for a simple reason. They have pivoted to being obsessed with YOU. The parents that are not “terrorists”. Those not eager to get the government juice in their bodies, aka the domestic enemies.

      You, sir. And whatever you think of Mr. Trump, he warned you that they would be after you when they were done with him.

    • It’s like no one is there.

      Can’t say I’m surprised by that. Our American life is like driving by a house in the neighborhood where we knew a boy who’s father died early while ours were robust, alive and kicking. A shadow and sadness hang over the house like a shameful family secret. The poor kid probably every moment of his youth he’s locked himself inside thinking will he die early too.

      Just keep driving.

  6. Zman you have to do something about the moderation on the comment boards. It’s almost as bad as Mormon revival group in terms of the moderation. It sucks, and the total comments reflect it by showing a weak comment response to your podcast. I can’t be the only one anticipating moderation hell when I comment…

    • I think he has profanity flags enabled. If you’re prone to the use profanity as I occasionally am, I think it holds the comment. Or maybe it’s because our comments are so dumb they shouldn’t be posted.

      In my case it sucks to be an old yesterday man sometimes, but it is what it is.

  7. One more point which should be emphasized: The dividing line between between normies and dissidents isn’t how “far right” they are. It is to some degree, but this isn’t dispositive. The dividing line is the faith one has in the current system.

    I always think back to my dad as an example. He was to the right of me on nearly every specific issue — sometimes well to the right of me. But he was also a Boomer, and found it impossible to wrap his head around dissident politics. He went to his grave believing that the necessary reform and renewal was possible within the system, and that radical change was neither necessary or desirable.

    It’s quite possible, in other words, for someone to be extremely “based” and yet still be a normie.

    • I might offer an alternative hypothesis, Mr. B. I don’t know your Pop and cant’s speak for him, but for many of our older guys – we were alive still when the system still marginally functioned. When I was a kid, the shitlibs on 60 Minutes still at least TRIED for some objectivity. They even did good work on occasion. You worked hard, did well in school, and went into your chosen field of study at a decent wage. Employers saw value in their employees and retained them. It wasn’t uncommon for men to work for the same company all their lives. Mundane jobs were learning experiences for young people. If we loaded you into a time machine and shot you back into yesteryear to live and work, you would seriously wonder what planet you are on. In his day, the institutions were run by the Greatest Generation

      I know when I talk about current events and issues with my elderly parents – they think I am lying half the time. They never had to work for some smelly pajeet that doesn’t know how to use soap, or take orders from a menopausal cat lady, or listen to corporate chit hawks explain why diversity is more important than productivity at work.

      The generation gap is a huge barrier between the older normies and the modern dissident.

      • “I know when I talk about current events and issues with my elderly parents – they think I am lying half the time. They never had to work for some smelly pajeet that doesn’t know how to use soap, or take orders from a menopausal cat lady, or listen to corporate chit hawks explain why diversity is more important than productivity at work.

        The generation gap is a huge barrier between the older normies and the modern dissident.”

        Same boat here, for the most part. I am not surprised though, that mine cannot just admit that half the shibboleths they embraced are and were always lies. It’s more comforting for them to ‘not know that’ when uncomfortable truths are mentioned. They’re more comfortable repeating their ‘wisdom’ to me, while stating they are out of the fight and living out the rest of their days in comfort and cooking shows.

  8. Bravo. I think this episode was one of Z’s best podcasts to date.

    A few comments: First, I’ve never quite understood why Z likes to throw shade at Steve Sailer. It’s not like Sailer is an establishment-friendly “dissident” like Ben Shapiro. Then again, maybe I’m just biased — reading Sailer was what brought me over to this of “The Great Divide,” and I still have a lot of affection for him because of that. I suspect he’s still a major gateway for a lot of people into this kind of stuff. He’s extremely polite, and the way he calmly lays things out makes some of the harder stuff much easier for newcomers to digest.

    Second: When dealing with “normie,” be aware of subtleties, and don’t necessarily judge a book by its cover.

    In most of my public interactions, I deliberately cultivate the image of an aloof “griller-con” who just wants to be left alone to barbecue and watch sportsball. I’ve found this is the best way to avoid attention and harassment by the various lefty fanatics I have to deal with. They just write me off as a hopeless case and don’t even bother trying to preach to me. The people close to me, though, are well aware there’s a lot more to it than that. The point, I guess, is that there are a lot of “our guys” out there who are hiding in plain sight as normies, so be careful about dismissing a guy just because he gives off normie vibes at first.

    • Mr. Blank: Your second point (assuming the griller-con mien as protective coloration) is valid. Your first (defending Sailer) is not. Sailer places IQ over common heritage. He thinks gently mocking one’s enemies is a successful strategy. And he thinks the DR take on the Rittenhouse case is an overly-simplistic ‘black versus white’ view. Sailer conflates being a psuedo-objective moderate with being intellectually and morally superior, and refuses to side with his genetic race rather than his paper citizenship.

      Welcome, but (much like most Californians or New Yorkers who leave their own fouled nests) please don’t bring your preconditioned beliefs with you. We don’t play by those rules here.

  9. do any of you guys ever lurk on twitter to see what the lefty mob is saying? It’s interesting how if he said “liberals” instead of “nazis” – he’d be fedposting. In another time – he would probably be one of the triggermen in the ipatiev house.

    From what I know, he’s lived in nashville his entire life. Nashville itself isn’t conservative but drive out 20 minutes in any direction and you’re in some blood-red territory. So he has to know what conservative americans are like and you’d think that being around them – he wouldn’t be as nasty as a SF or NY lefty.

    • Genetic Defect (((Timothy Jacob Wise)))

      They know no other way. He could live -among- conservatives who treat him like a prince his entire life and he would still label them Nazi and want to round them up for ‘re-education’. Ipatiev House indeed, do you even know who this guy is? You seem confused…

      Scorpion and the Frog writ across the DNA of genetic aliens who only know how to meddle and destroy. Simple as.

      • I read somewhere that he said his dad is half jewish while his mother is an old stock american who took the “Great wagon road” in the 18th century.

  10. For your edification.

    The Fifth Circuit has reaffirmed a stay of the Biden administration Vaccine Mandate.

    This ruling is 22 pages of amazingness 😂😂😂 and if appealed again heads to the Supreme Court
    “The mandate imposes a financial burden upon (private employers) by deputizing their participation in OSHA’s regulatory scheme, exposes them to severe financial risk if they refuse or fail to comply, and threatens to decimate their workforces (and business prospects) by forcing unwilling employees to take their shots, take their tests, or hit the road,” Judge Kurt Engelhardt wrote in a unanimous opinion.

    “Rather than a delicately handled scalpel, the mandate is a one-size-fits-all sledgehammer that makes hardly any attempt to account for differences in workplaces (and workers) that have more than a little bearing on workers’ varying degrees of susceptibility to the supposedly ‘grave danger’ the mandate purports to address,” the court wrote.

    Two of the judges who heard the case were nominated by President Donald Trump. A third was nominated by President Ronald Reagan.

    • Any politician forcing people to get the Jab should be considered the equivalent of “Practicing Medicine Without a License” and should face criminal charges. Surprised no one has fought back from this angle.

      “The practice of medicine is a tightly regulated profession because it involves such a high risk of potential harm to the public. All states require that anyone wishing to practice medicine as a physician must first obtain a state license to do so. Without such a license, anyone practicing medicine in the state commits a crime.”

      • SwissGuard: Both lawfare and belief in rule of law are social constructs. Your argument carries as much weight as those who use their magic constitution to defend their refusal to pay taxes. Their refusal may be legitimate, but no magic paper or law (and certainly almost no modern lawyer) will ever legitimize their intrinsic right.

        Lawfare and the government wield power by virtue of the barrels of large guns, not the moral high ground. Don’t confuse the two.

  11. Greetings from AmRen. It’s great to see old friends. It feels like a gathering of an extended family. It’s psychologically nourishing. Sorry that Z won’t be attending.

    One topic of conversation has been the amount of risk that one assumes by attending an event like this. Many on this site have made compelling arguments that any group or event that has your real name (for purposes of payment, for example) should be avoided during these times. (My name tag has a pseudonym on it.)

    One bad scenario is that somehow the payment information gets stolen from the hotel and released.

    For me, I feel compelled to meet in person but I try to take calculated risks. My days of attending public demonstrations are over for the foreseeable future, for example.

    You guys would love it here. I just wanted to share the good feelings and invite your thoughts. Does the risk outweigh the reward for you?

    • In this country, a cop and a paramedic have been fired simply for daring to contribute to the defense fund of Rittenhouse. As someone in a similar line of work, yeah it’s way too much of a risk until I’m retired.

    • The protesters just arrived. So far, there are 10. They have a bullhorn that they are testing out. This year, they are contained on the other side of a small pond. They just started blasting “La Bamba.”

      Michelle Malkin speaks soon. The talk itself will of course be interesting but the audience response will be even more so.

      For my part, Malkin is wonderful. However, I don’t trust her descendants to be so endearing. Reversion to the anti-white mean is my expectation.

      • Line: Her children are half Filipino half Juice. Regardless of their mother’s political views, they are not allies.

        Two or three years ago I seriously considered attending Amren. Today, not only would I be unwilling, but I would be unwelcome. My occasional comments there are routinely banned.

        Enjoy yourself, but don’t be overly trusting.

      • Malkin’s speech was personal and moving. She choked up when talking about her debt to Sam Francis and Larry Auster. She got multiple standing ovations.

        One of her themes is relevant to Z’s topic, which was, “Don’t Give Up on Normies,” in which she used her own development as an example.

        Antifa has cameras with telephoto lenses so you take a risk if you go outside.

      • And like a bad case of flatulence, antifa is now gone, unless they are just taking a lunch break.

    • It’s been a great conference thus far. I’ve met quite a few others who are here for the first time.

      Dr. Weber is here, as well. His discussions on GTK are always fascinating. It was such a pleasure to meet him. I was hoping he’d take the place of one of the speakers who was unable to attend due to illness.

      Antifa successfully tarnished the beautiful view of the water and autumn splendor, unfortunately.
      I hope that’s all they’ve accomplished.

  12. Up front: tl;dr, my two cents, etc.

    Re: normie, the covid saga has broken my heart, which is to say, shriveled and hardened it. I’ve had to intermittently fight for my job for the last 20 months. I’ve lost friends, gotten into arguments, dealt with bullies, been on guard against family trying to convince elders to take the vaxx, etc.

    I’m not sure why. Something to do with freedom; dignity; concern for friends, family, my fellow man; and the sting of coming up short, probably. What I can now say with confidence is normie doesn’t really care about any of that. He only wants peace and stability at any cost.

    That wasn’t my opinion too long ago. I used to think normie was ignorant but well-meaning, just like I once thought that lefty was misguided but well-meaning, or that blacks are the way they are because they didn’t have the opportunities I had. This apocalypse— this revealing— we seem to be living through has had that effect on me.

    Normie is the herd. The system captured him, domesticated him, bred him, put him to the yoke, and the system is now going to cull him because he’s no longer needed to work and consume. Normie knows what his teachers taught him, what the screen tells him, what his profession and the mundanities of day-to-day life require of him, and not much more. Certainly some would survive ‘in the wild’, but at this point I’m convinced instinct has been bred out of most.

    To get to the point, Karl has said, and I agree and have thought along the same lines, that the vaxx is going to change the whole dynamic by killing lots of weak and weak-minded people.

    Apologies for beating a dead horse, I guess maybe The Culling is still crazy talk, but consider: the vaxx has OFFICIALLY killed tens of thousands and injured tens of thousands more, in less than a year. It’s not like shooting fentanyl, where you either die right away or survive. This thing reprograms your cells to produce a protein that gums up the works— maybe a body is strong enough to overcome it, maybe he dies, maybe he lingers for a while. ‘Fully vaccinated’ is being redefined to include multiple boosters, as it’s being made requisite for life to ‘return to normal’. We’ll be living with the consequences for years.

    And that’s thanks to normie and his impulse to trust and go along, imo.

    Not to advocate against normie outreach. I could be wrong about all of this, or hopelessly cynical at this point. Certainly, if things get back to normal in the future, it’s the right move. But for me it’s pissing in the wind, because to me it looks like normal is gone, and with it, normie.

    • A very thoughtful and proper response to the podcast. I am with you on neatly every observation and prediction you wrote. I take no great pleasure in that.

      If it comes to educating and bringing Joe Blow to our side or way of thinking, we are in for a big disappointment. I know blackpilling is not constructive and I still will do my best ,but there it is.

      Pessimism of the intellect , optimism of the will.

      • Col. Lang at his blog recently pointedly mentioned the motto on the coat of arms of an old German family, namely “No hope, no fear”.

        It was timely, or so it seemed to me.

    • The essential characteristic of a normal adult is that he (or she) has children. A normal parent will want to raise his children to do well in life, and that’s most easily accomplished in a stable, peaceful environment, which is why normies love peace and stability. Raising children is time-consuming and exhausting, which also contributes to normies’ unwillingness to leave their abode and mete out violence. For them, it makes perfect sense to leave violent revolution as the absolutely desperate tool of last resort.

      To be very blunt about our current state of affairs, the reason revolution is in the air and normie is hunkering down is because the people in charge are mostly barren, and the shock troops (antifa) are childless (and worse, can’t really afford to have children). Being a good parent to even one child generally doesn’t leave much time or energy for political activism, hence the current dynamic. On the upside, permanent revolution is a long-term impossibility since it’s hard to keep revolting unless you eventually procreate.

      • Very true, and I have to admit I’m not normal in that I’m childless. I’ve also been told I’m crazy, but that craziness in no small part comes from the desire to have children and not bring them into a burning, insane society.

        I want peace and stability too, but I’m not willing compromise and concede as much as most people are apparently willing to.

        To look at society today, and to imagine what kids, especially white kids, must have to live with and be subjected to— I can’t, for the life of me, understand how anyone would think that’s a fair price for peace, or a fair deal for their children. Or how anyone couldn’t, even feeling impotent or overburdened, stop putting up with it for dignity’s sake.

        Honestly, after a lifetime of believing that I really am crazy, I’m starting to think it was always the other way around.

        • I knew right from my miserable adolescence that I never wanted to put a kid of mine through the same. I feel more vindicated as time goes by.

          A Facebook friend of mine who’s also the daughter of a local pastor gave birth to twins a few days ago. I shudder to think what parents will do when the sh*t really hits the fan over the next few years.

          • Shudder away. For me and mine, we are preparing to fight.
            And while you huddle with your feelings, get out of the way.

            Or better, contribute.

    • That is why I use the sobriquet “Eloi.” I read the book many years ago, and it left an impression on me. I never have read a single interpetation on the book – I came to my own conclusion that the time traveler comes to a situation he tries to read over the courae of the text with gradual revelation. The final reading, in my mind, is that the populace was mutated and made helpless by the Morlocks for their own (that being the Morlocks) devices. I look at the average American and cam see nothing but the vapid gaze of the fattened eloi on their eyes, and I recognize that they have allowed themselves to be turned into the herd. The american now grazes on empty entertainment that can corral then into any direction the morlocks desire. They choose the life of dopamine addiction; they are the reason things will be terrifying for my kids. All I can try to do is protect them as much as possible for as long as I can.

    • Covid has changed my opinion of Normie, too, and that opinion has plummeted. The biggest surprises have come from those I totally misjudged as solid.

      It is not even a matter of the efficacy and/or dangers of the vaccine, masks, lockdowns, “social” distancing, the works. The darkest, most excruciating part has been the cowardice and blind fealty to TPTB. I was cynical as it was and even then Normie’s blind obedience has put me on my heels. These types are beyond redemption and never can be trusted.

      Eventually something so horrible yet transparently aimed at him will awaken Normie. Z offered some good suggestions as to how to reform Normie but one thing that overrides all else is never to trust Normie once he arrives precisely because he cannot be reformed. The overwhelming feminine fear and hysteria is his most permanent feature. Use Normie but never trust Normie.

  13. It’s interesting hearing you say you regret not having an answer for the question of what to do once you identified the problems we faced. I recall butting heads with you over the, “first we win, then we figure out our principles” line you used to use. What I couldn’t put words to then, but can now, is that this is akin to saying that, “well the house is rotting and about to collapse so we’ll just go ahead and pull it down not, then figure out how we’ll live and what we’ll build in it’s place after it’s torn down.” Now, it’s true that you have to have flexibility when carrying out any given plan, but it is truly madness to destroy without a single thought for what comes next, or rather what should come next.

    • “it is truly madness to destroy without a single thought for what comes next, or rather what should come next.”

      And that is precisely what the Left is doing to the West.

      • The minions out in the street may not know or maybe have fuzzy fantasy visions.

        The those at the top know what they want: to be in control, and to have a technocratic control grid to prevent anyone from ever being able to dethrone them.

        • That’s what they dream about.

          The reality is that California and Europe can’t even keep the lights on with solar fryers and bird cuisinarts.

          You just love to see it.

      • Marx wrote a whole political philosophy without ever defining what the outcome would actually be.

        He even spent considerable time attacking people who did as he well understood they would just start picking holes in any concrete outline.

        seemed to work out fine for that approach.

        • If by that you mean that occasionally some Marxists successfully grabbed the levers of power and held on to them for a non-negligible length of time, then sure, it was successful. However, lots of Marxist revolutions failed (Spain and Finland being the big ones), and no Marxist regime has ever been permanent. Lots of Marxist leaders died violently, as have loads of Marxist agitators. Most people who have lived under their regimes hated it and passively or aggressively undermined them. I don’t call that success, but feel free to be so gripped by despair that you disagree.

          • You missed my point entirely.

            I was merely stating that perhaps one of the largest impact political ideologies in the last 100 years had no plan or even idea of what to do after.

            As I said it is easy to sell ideas with no goal in mind. It seems a lesson the right could well learn

      • It is and it isn’t. They pull down and rebuild at the same time, which allows incremental, inexorable change with more stability (in terms of control) than one would think given the clownish facade. There is method in the madness. Consider what had to happen to create school boards filled with anti-parental board members. That didn’t happen overnight. The full consequences of yielding this institution (which used to be parent-based) to individuals who in some cases don’t even have children themselves are now being felt. Consider each incremental step that had to be taken to ‘suddenly’ have every school in the nation filled with CRT curricula and elementary school libraries stocking sexually explicit material. What is more to the point is they want to build a society that we find intolerable. We think they are insane for wanting what they want and behaving as they behave. We are arguably insane for putting up with it.

    • For me, the line “first we win, then we figure out our principles” means two things.

      First, we aren’t going to demand that every step of our struggle be mapped out before we fight back. I want a white ethnostate, for example, but I don’t know all of the steps to get there. My lack of a detailed plan is not going to prevent my effort.

      Second, we aren’t go to let our principles force us to lose to our enemies, who don’t reciprocate. For example, even though I want to live in a society where honesty is expected, I am willing to be dishonest to hurt my enemy, because the enemy doesn’t reciprocate my values.

      • You can let your values/virtues be used against yourself by the enemy–and lose. Or you can discard them–hopefully only temporarily, and win.

        In the second world war, our Marines began their island hopping campaign. At first, they did the honorable thing and accepted Japanese soldiers surrender in the field–that is until some Marines got blow away by Jap’s hiding grenades and other weapons and then attacking when they were close enough to take a Marine with them. After word got out, few prisoners were taken.

        The Marines also developed a habit of shooting any dead Jap’s in the face or head to make sure they were really dead. This disfigurement was helpful to the Marines coming onto the front lines from the rear as they need not worry about being shot in the back by headless corpses.

        I am not aware of our soldiers returning from the war and using such tactics/violence on fellow citizens, although I’m sure there was an occasional exception.

  14. About halfway in and I like the observation that Normie likes to think that problems have solutions and that those solutions are readily implementable. It’s a big and erroneous assumption, one characteristic of a person who is constitutionally an employee and hasn’t made decisions or peeked under the hood of the decision-making process. I’ve talked about this in multiple articles (and is one of the reasons I believe Normie cannot be won over until such a time we hold power – he simply hasn’t got the patience of perspective to participate in a movement without an easily implementable solution.

    • I think there are also the issues of changing times.

      By the time we get normie even entertaining notions of seeing things our way, the field of battle as it were might be totally changed — obviously requiring a new set of ideas and approaches. Moral of story, normie is ALWAYS going to a day late, a dollar short. That is just who they are. Even their own politicians gave up on them long ago, realizing they weren’t worth the effort.

      The dissident right going after them has some of the same hallmarks as republicans chasing the black vote.

      So I admit to rolling my eyes over “management’s” new normie outreach program. I get it on one hand and for the reasons Z lays out. But I think we are here falling into the same trap as liberals for whom they love humanity but hate people. Rather with us, we all know normie, we have been dealing with them our whole lives and many of us never liked them and tried to avoid them. But now that we need them supposedly? We say oopsie, I need to revisit all that and want to now tell you I loved you all along and I was so wrong. Please come with me. Why? Because I’m trying to save you! Lol you always were a weirdo

      And strikes me as a misreading of human nature to think that someone who is average to the core could somehow be transformed into a risk taker living on the edge and holding unique opinions. Ideas like this is where people start to believe or imagine communism can work.

      And if that’s where this thing is heading, you are going to lose five guys for every normie you bring on board. It’s no longer “dissident” when it’s filled with normie, and it’s no longer being a normie when you associate with guys like us. Is this a conundrum that can be solved?

      That said, I have found that young leftist men are ripe for the picking. They’re not normal. They’re not grillers. But they have the personality traits — challenging authority, not scared to be in the forefront — that comport with the DR in general.

      Oh how we are faced with choice, then. It is much like choosing a spouse. Miss Average but boring or Miss Out There but interesting?

      Pardon me, but somehow I sense this interest in normie has some underlying romantic motivations behind it for Mr Z. So any pics?

  15. Another thing helping these folks to our side is the Brandon Vax Mandate.

    On a MS Teams call today with a large, global, public corp client, one of their VPs openly said “Let’s Go Brandon” in the context of complaining about how his corp was following through on the vax mandate, and he has to manage this across the 300+ people who report up through him. He said that 4 of his 13 direct reports told him they will quit. Now I have no idea if this gentleman is normie or dissident, but certainly on the right. Feeling comfortable enough to say that on a business meeting with semi-strangers suggests some openness to dissidents.

    When this issue has come up in the past with others, as I did today, I try to show empathy. I’ll say something like “in your career as a business executive, did you ever think you would have to involve yourself in decisions around who gets shots or who wears masks? I am sorry you have to deal with this.”

  16. One of the problems we run into is that we are constantly butting heads with the prevailing morality. We have ceded 100% of the grounds outside of immediate family where morality is formed. Even people on the DR are constantly having to fight the morality battle with out own children. Whatever morality we are instilling in them immediately hits a brick wall the moment they are out of our sight.

    So far I’m just past the first hour and everything seems to be how do we get around the morality limitations imposed on us. When we’re around Mr Normie, we have to make sure we don’t trigger his conditioning and be the bad guy. Because that is who we are in this morality play. This is so conditioned in people that being mean to a woman or minority in a TV show is a shortcut to establishing a character as one of the bad guys.

    Our opponents, the people who hate us get to define what is good, righteous and moral and more importantly, what is immoral, then we are supposed to have to find a way to get around this while implanting “immoral” thoughts into Normie’s brain surreptitiously.

    Our children are getting their sense of morality from school, from TV/movies, books and social media. As long as they control all of this stuff, we are isolated. This is why they so jealously guard the morality defining roles. This is why they get books cancelled. This is why the social media companies have all cracked down. It is why the woke mob cancels anyone even remotely close to the edge.

    Z-Man made fun a bit of Vox Day for publishing comics on the RamzPaul interview. But anyone who has kids or other people interested in this medium or, alternatively, in fine books should be either purchasing the comic books or sharing the Arkhaven webtoons comic site or recommending his various classics series or fine book collectors for the leather bound books. It’s just one thing, but this is the kind of stuff we desperately need. We cannot win so long as the enemy gets to point at us and say “that’s the devil” and have it stick.

    • Good gosh, comic books are why we can all read. “Give to the child what is meant for the child,”

      Vox would do good to bring back “Classic Comics”. All the classics, only they were kid-sized.

      • Vox does print classic books under the Castalia House publishing company, but I don’t think there are any comics out of copyright. Marvel and DC are never going to allow any of their classic comic books to be re-run and sold new on the market.

        Though I am not a comic book reader, I have perused the arkhaven website and the art looks really good. This is not a 3rd rate effort.

        The Castalia Libraria books are of the highest quality and have generally made a very good impression in the fine book collecting scene for those who have heard of it. I have read some reviews of them by fine book collectors and they say they are on par with Franklin.

        This is a welcome good spot. The whole comic book thing (comicsgate) is loaded with grifters like Ethan Van Sciver selling each new issue produced on indigogo at ridiculous prices.

    • Morality takes a back seat to an empty stomach which Normie is likely to get a good look at. Zerohedge is filled with stories of Poopy Pants people suddenly panicking as they realize Normie will have to choose between food and heat this Winter. And coming up against reality in that they can’t do anything to “fix” things except publicity stunts which will be publicized but do nothing.
      There are Zerohedge and FT articles basically admitting we could get $300 / $400 barrel oil soon. And prices could and would stay that way for decades. The Poopy Pants (and Euro allies) deciding to target energy financing and deny energy companies loans/financing for oil and gas pretty much guarantees sky high energy prices for decades with widespread hunger in First World Countries as there will be and can be no investment in energy. [Bright side enough hunger that limits turd world immigration. Like not too many turd world immigrants to Russia.] Sky high energy prices crashes pretty much everything. And that means no Twitter, Tik-Tok etc. due to constant power outages and people not being able to afford mobile phone bills as we crash to 1936 basically but with a “diverse” population that hate hate hates each other.
      Already Ace is wondering why he’s paying for groceries based on various videos of “vibrant” people in cars / vans nicer than mine driving off with shopping carts of stolen merch.
      Radicalization of Normie is built in and inevitable once the Progressive Dog catches the car and starts hunger. A lot easier to do that in Stalinist Russia or Pol Pots Cambodia than a until last year rich nation with astonishing complexity and fragility. Ace (Normie Central) is wondering how he’s going to stop looters from looting his home.

      • “There are Zerohedge and FT articles basically admitting we could get $300 / $400 barrel oil soon.”
        “Sky high energy prices crashes pretty much everything.”

        I really don’t see 300 dollars a barrel oil, at least not any time soon. The economy was less fake (though still fake to a decent degree) back in July of 08 when oil hit a $147 a barrel and it crashed the worldwide economy. It is really difficult to imagine that the market could sustain 150 plus dollars, let alone 3-$400.

        Oil is everything. There is practically nothing you can do or buy that does not have oil’s fingerprints all over it. Everything is transported, most things quite a long way and many, many things are made directly from oil before being shipped via oil. Oil is the master resource. Oil going up to double the all time high and maintaining that or shooting right through it on the way to 400 just seems highly unlikely.

        I could easily see big tech being badly hurt by this happening. Advertisers would likely scale back their spending. Presumably, this would also impact natural gas prices sending their costs soaring (assuming they are not on contract for power).

        If advertisers really start pulling back, hopefully that will bankrupt all the weak news media sites, which is most of them. The press is massively oversized and needs a huge shakeout. This is why they are all in such financial dire straits Even if I suffer greatly, I can at least take pleasure in making fun of all the unemployed people formerly working for the press.

        He had better hope those looters are not African American. Because if you shoot them, you be racist and get prosecuted.

        Frankly, you have more faith in the limits of Normie’s suffering than I.

      • I’d like for Appalachia the declare itself a independent energy republic. Limit export of hard coal, build power plants and sell electricity. That and subsidize energy to new manufacturing plants.

    • Vox is an eccentric guy, but I give him a lot of credit for creating his own platforms. His anti-SJW books are good, easy reads for people new to this side of the divide.

    • Our side has never wanted to take Breitbart’s rule seriously that politics is downstream from culture.

      Our side talks a lot about culture but there hasn’t been much until recently coverage of art/entertainment in any form. The left before it cemented power spent a lot of effort critiquing all forms of art/entertainment thus heavily influencing the ruling and managerial classes. That is why I think it is good that Z is now doing his own entertainment critiques. It is also why VD is right to publish comic books and classics.

      Reality is that our side likes to think positive thoughts and feel like they are winning. That is why they loved Trump and many still do. He was fun and was seen as a winner. Many of the more cluefull normies I know have tuned out politics because it is no longer fun. Culture in all its forms could be a way to reach them again.

  17. The right generally has an affinity for federalism as it was intended, meaning state power for most issues with a weak federal government.

    The dissolution of state rights has continued nonstop since Reconstruction, and then accelerated under FDR, with short corrections under GOP administrations (except Nixon and bush the lesser).

    Obama accelerated the trend and trained his coalition “minorities” to rely on (and demand) federal block action to solve their every problem, real and/or imagined. The left has been both radicalized and trained to agitate for the feds to deliver “relief”.

    Take the Build Back Better package – a laundry list (hundreds of pages long) of payback to their loyalist pencil-pushing class. Largely stuffed with research grants for every kind of study (which has largely already been done at universities), This whopper shopping spree offers up NOTHING the American heartland or infrastructure, for that matter. There is no help for manufacturing or inputs to result in domestic or export goods. (The only real infrastructure is light rail projects, for lefties love of filthy mass transportation to destinations not in demand, on fixed schedules – anything to nix independent auto transport.)

    Just as federalism is disappearing, federalism is also the obvious tool for legitimate pushback – state governors refusing to carry out federal laws and regs. This is already happening in CA where pot was legalized at state level. The feds look on unhappily, but are unwilling to push the matter to a full-blown showdown. We’ll probably see more of these kinds of standoffs, where states begin reclaiming power. Such manouevering in well within Normie’s wheelhouse since it’s part of the right’s default culture. It’s the appropriate and available map along which lines the cultural civil war can be waged.

    • The legalization of marijuana in CA was a Globohomo project. They want widespread drug addiction as an alternative coping mechanism to civil unrest.

      They’re already pushing hallucinogenics.

      h ttps://

      “If enacted into law, the bill would remove criminal penalties for possessing or sharing numerous psychedelics—including psilocybin mushrooms, DMT, ibogaine, LSD and MDMA” -June 2021

      • I’m noticing a lot of erratically weaving drivers with poor reaction times on a daily basis.

        It could be the dopers, or maybe people really are clotting out from the jab…

      • it’s fentanyl that’s doing so much damage, and it’s already illegal. ironically, people are starting to avoid street drugs because so many of them are now intentionally laced with fentanyl.

  18. The hardest part for stubborn d*ckheads like me to remember is this:

    People make noises with their face because they’re looking for agreement.

    For acknowledgement, too. The instinct is to count allies. Am I surrounded by friendly monkeys, or by those stinking, stupid, crazy, stranger monkeys? There’s something wrong with their Tree.

  19. Anyone holding onto the fantasy that mestizos are natural conservatives really needs to look at African Americans. If there is any group in the US that are “natural conservatives” on many issues, it’s African Americans. African Americans are “conservative” on many issues like feminism and the LGBTQP++ stuff. However, despite this natural conservatism of African Americans, there is absolutely no correlation between the number of issues an African American is “conservative” on and their voting patterns other than a contraindication. Even AAs who have “very conservative” views on major issues like religion or even tax rates, still vote Democrat 90% if the time. The Democrat party is the non-White party and the GOP will NEVER remain the same while gaining a majority of ANY non-White racial group.

  20. Four points I like to share with normies:

    1. They attack us on the basis of race, therefore it’s okay to respond by defending and advocating for ourselves under the same terms. (race)

    2. Why do we insist on color-blindness when they see everything through the lens of race?

    3. We’re not only on track to become a minority, but we will be a despised minority. (this is very effective with parents and grandparents)

    4. It’s okay to take your own side.

    • Point number 4: NOTHING, I mean NOTHING will be effective with parents and grandparents. Their grandchildren could be hands up against a wall blindfolded and they will still be apologizing.

      • The parents’ parents knew, though. Mum and her friends used to tell each other, “everywhere Martin Luther King went, riots followed.”

        • One of the downsides of the assassinations of MLK, Malcolm, and Lincoln is people don’t get to see what they would have become in the years/decades to come, whether King would have been content with the victories or whether he would have revealed a eccentric uppity-ness/corruption. We have only hints like his participation in a sanitation workers’ strike, and some self-awareness that a martyr’s death (as a Moses) would “sanctify” his reputation
          Now everyone from right to left to center can marionette King’s memory according to their preferred script

          • Martin Luther King on the last day of his life, according to best friend Ralph Abernathy who was an eyewitness, sent Abernathy out to get one of his mistresses, this one unusual. Not black, not married, the only female black Atlanta City Council Member at the time. She argued with King saying Abernathy was his pimp and King backhanded her sending her flying across the bed in his motel room, she came back at him and he backhanded her again, breaking her nose out of which blood was streaming. She went away sobbing and King called after her “baby I’m sorry.” This is around page 480 in Abernathy’s autobiography. King was also recorded on the FBI tapes transcripts which leaked in 2019 joking and offering advice to a pastor raping a woman, said woman begging King to stop it. King also liked to have sex with 13/14 year old girls. As well as married White women. This is a matter of record.

          • To play on a Yeats quote for Whiskey: “What rough beast was aborted at Memphis which would have slouched toward Bethlehem to be born?”

        • Remember how the murder rate was news a few weeks ago? Remember the graph?

          Notice how the murder rate started spiking during the civil rights era, plateaued in the Reagan years, spiked again after the LA riots, cratered after the crime bill, and started spiking again after Ferguson.

          It wouldn’t be reckless to look at that graph and conclude that political power really does grow out of the barrel of a gun.

  21. Mr. Z,

    Thanks for putting your galaxy brain toward coming up with positive things we can do. As consumers of DR content we are inundated with criticism and analysis but very little help with how we can live and behave in ways that are constructive to our cause. The most we get “groyping” Con Inc with Nick, Twitter raids with BAP, and goose stepping in Proud Boys outfits with TRS. Ramzpaul does offer some advice about building community and surviving the decline. But you’re really coming up with useful and positive stuff! So, thanks.

  22. There are really no normies in my family. Just a bunch of woke zombies and I was dreading Thanksgiving but then I got uninvited because I’m a pureblood. Always look for the silver lining 👍

    • They WHAT
      “Uninvited from Thanksgiving”?!

      Fudge me, these leaky nitwits are shedding AIDS.

      Aquired Immuno-Deficiency Syndrome. Not a disease, nobody dies from AIDS.

      They die from everything else that they have no defense against. Lab techs are reporting immunity collapse in blood chems. “We’ve never seen anything like it.”

      I was somewhat wrong thinking the bodies would be piling up from an ADE cascade. The jab doesn’t last long enough, it is excreted, and needs cumulative boosters. It doesn’t have an infectuous nucleus to hijack cells, only the spikes to tear them open.

      What we’ll see is a butt-ton of regular diseases – flus, pneumonias, colds, etc.- ascribed to Covid.

      Normie will think, “well, my reduced symptoms are keeping me from overwhelming the hospitals, so I’m a Good Person.”

      No, they have no defense against the regular. Purebloods, with their more robust immune systems, will be as fine as they normally would be- probably against the leakers as well, since the “Delta variant” that leakers are incubating in their own bodies, like any virus, gets weaker with each generation.

      The Defenseless will catch it, though, and blame the pandemic of Trump voters spreading Trumpisms.

      • Yep. What you will see is lots of diseases normally associated with old age becoming prevalent in 20 year olds upwards.

        Obviously you are going too get the whores in the media gaslighting this effect.

        Indeed I have already seen 2 articles pushing “Cannabis and heart attacks in young people” as an attempt to front run the number of heart attack deaths popping up.

        Expect to see
        “Why teens have always had a heart attack problem, but you never knew” type articles.

        • trumpton-

          I swear I’ve already seen at least headline that echoes your last paragraph.

      • I think one of my aunts has actually quit speaking to me. I’ve texted her a couple times and I’ve got no response. Tomorrow I’m going to call and if she doesn’t answer I’m going to text her telling her I’m getting worried about her and to please let me know she’s okay because this is not like her and if I don’t hear from her I’m going to call the police to have them do a wellness check. I’m not worried about her, I’m just pissed

        • Call the SWAT and tell them she has a confederate flag in her hallway and they can do a wellness check.

        • Seriously? If I have an aunt treat me that way, it’s bye. Goodbye. I am not chasing every aunt I have to be my bestie.

  23. It’s interesting that Z asserts that the DR rejects the claims of democracy. I imagine he is substantially right, but I also suspect there are many on our side who still cling to democracy in some form. But, for those of us who no longer truck with democracy, what form of government to we propose to replace it? Monarchy? Oligarchy? Some form of radically curtailed democracy? I’d be interested in hearing some suggestions.

    As for myself, I suppose I still favor democracy, but with a radically diminished franchise–compared to AINO’s–and a demographically defined populace that will be in accord with the very limited version of democracy I have in mind.

    • I would support a monarchy over what we have now. If we had to stick with the farce of democracy, I’d settle for not being allowed to vote unless you pass an IQ test, own a home and have assets and receive no government assistance.

      • There’s precedent for this. Under Britain’s Poor Law — at the time, the most generous “social welfare” law in the world — you lost your vote if you went on the dole.

        That was the 1830s, alas. We lost our chance here in America when we started giving disability pensions to Civil War veterans (1862, for the record). You’re not going to strip a veteran of his right to vote, are you? And so they got to vote themselves ever bigger largesse from the public treasury (cf. the Arrears of Pension Act, 1879), and… well, there it is. And yeah, that will be on the test: Since what year has America been comprehensively fucked beyond all hope of reform? Was it: a) 1619, b) 1814, c) 1879, or d) 1992?

      • Heinlein had it right. Citizenship should be earned, not a right of birth. Yeah, he was a bit crack pot on how it could be earned, but considering the time he grew up in–understandable.

    • Honestly, the Chinese have the bones of a decent system. It’s reminiscent of a corporation, one has to work one’s way up the hierarchy, which can leave itself open to the ass kissers and horse traders, but on the other hand it precludes neophytes like The Squad from quickly getting their hands on the levers of power. If we could graft some measure of republicanism onto it, it might be better than liberal democracy. They certainly haven’t had many imbeciles reach the highest level of the CCP in the post-Mao era.

      In the end, though, our race needs to have a culture that creates and promotes strong, moral men.

      • A while back I did a bit a reading about the men at the top of the Chinese communist party, most of them were engineers or STEM grads, maybe a bit on the nerd side, but I don’t think any of them were lawyers or legal type that run most western countries, someone like Joe Biden or Hillary would find it hard to get to the top of the CCP

        • Xi Jinping is a serious man. When I read his “early life” biography, it made me realize how weak and shallow are our politicians. Our democracy isn’t giving us the leaders we need, and has failed in this regard for very a long time. Haven’t had a serious person running the USA since maybe Nixon.

          • “Our democracy isn’t giving us the leaders we need…”

            Worse, it gives us the leaders we deserve.

      • Sounds like you’re describing Curtis Yarvin’s vision. Not that I’ve made it through many of his volumes.

    • It’s not the form of government that matters, it’s people being allowed to construct a political system that suits them, which means driving out those who aren’t part of that “people” and who may attempt to build something foreign and destructive. The debate about whether to have democracy, monarchy, etc. comes after we win.

      • And that’s why I included the phrase about a “demographically defined populace.” If the seed stock is full of weeds, the form of government is irrelevant.

    • I still like town hall democracy. It can work at that level, but scaling it up is a disaster.

      And maybe I’m a revanchist, but I still think federalism is a great idea. The question of how to keep government and corporate interests from arrogating power remains unsolved, however.

      The average person got his slice of the pie, got soft, came to feel he had too much to lose. Now it’s being taken away. I think that softness might’ve been the fundamental problem, rather than a problem of political philosophy.

      I also think events will bear that out as people have less to lose, but unfortunately we probably won’t be able to simply restore what we had.

    • When you ask what sort of polity Z-readers favor, it’s like asking us for our opinions about current events. It raises more questions than it answers.

      What size territory are you talking about? What size population? Rural? Urban? And I could probably assume an ethnic makeup, but I won’t, so what kind of people are you talking about?

      One of the main problems with republicanism is that it is founded upon the idea that the citizen can shirk his civic duty by voting for a “representative,” who is promptly (instantaneously) bribed. It also, for that and other reasons, simply does not “scale up” for the governance of a territory as vast as ours, not to mention a population as “diverse” as ours has ALWAYS been. Expecting Massachusetts and South Carolina to remain subject to the same government as a permanent arrangement was ALWAYS a non-starter. And yes, we have a “union,” but it’s an abusive relationship, given that it has been held together for 150+ years at the point of a bayonet. That is not a happy union. Such a union cannot last.

      And so on. Yours is an interesting question and one of overriding importance–and one that few people seem to take seriously enough to think about and talk about–but, at least for myself, I couldn’t give sensible answers to your question as asked. Only general observations.

      That said, I’ll plunk for some kind of feudalism. It has proven the most stable form of governance in history, and it jibes exactly with what he KNOW to be true about human nature and behavior. Nor is feudalism synonymous with serfdom, but you know that. Nor does feudalism imply 10th-century technology or living standards.

      Feudalism is necessarily (1) local and (2) personal and (3) reciprocal; or one might use the word “covenantal.” IT does not allow for anybody NOT to participate, since it is necessarily personal. So it can’t “Scale up” to govern a very large territory, but I regard that a a benefit, not a drawback.

      As I said, just general remarks is all I can make here. But the question is worth asking and answering seriously. Glad you brought it up.

      • The Infant Phenomenon: In many ways I agree with you, particularly regarding the reciprocal responsibilities inherent in feudalism. Too many here, though – despite your clearly worded caveats – will read ‘feudalism’ and think ‘medieval peasants.’

        Given that one assumes the average individual is not particularly bright, and that the natural order of human society is hierarchical, democracy is obviously a very poor choice. But too many, even here, will cling to it out of nostalgia and their public school education. I’d have to go back and re-read the Covington novels (always a pleasure) but what he describes makes good sense to me, although I don’t recall he gave the system he described a particular name.

      • If Z can cast aside democracy tout court, then he, or any other critic of democracy, can offer up a replacement tout court. In other words, if democracy is fatally flawed in all places and times, then it is possible that another form of government is correct in all times and places. Now, I don’t believe that, of course. My point being that is is probably incorrect to simply write off democracy entirely.

    • The planet has grown too small. Too many people populating too many competitive tribes with irreconcilable differences. We need a bigger planet which we will probably mess up also, unless we take along with us lessons learned on Earth. Beware the Goths, the Visigoths, the Haitian, the Somalian – the other.

    • A big surprise here, but I think the Spartan government was fundamentally strong. Plato and Socrates, who were very critical of democracy, admired Sparta. It was a mix of a diarchy (two kings), oligarchy (Gerousia), and democracy (ephors). On top of that the vote was highly restrictive, as it should be. There were your normal checks and balances with each branch having different powers.

      • Sparta’s downfall also had a very familiar backbone: a diminishing native population. Westerners need to start recognizing that a built in bug to the western concept of strict protection of personal property rights is diminished fertility. Here’s a simplified version. In Sparta, wealth was directly related to land ownership. At the beginnings of Sparta, Lycurgus distributed the land equally to all Spartan citizens. The land was then passed down to heirs. Having many children ensured that land would be split up much smaller and would leave heirs less well off. Thus, Spartans were incentivized to have fewer children. Sound familiar?

        There’s a few solutions to the bug, but here’s a few that stick out to me. Firstly, the government could redistribute land evenly once every generation, as Lycurgus first did. This would mean there would be no benefit to having few children. Secondly, I actually read an interesting article recently that posited this solution. What if we essentially eliminated income tax, but made estate tax 100%. It would encourage hard work and innovation, eliminate generational wealth, and lessen the incentives for having few children (while making them more affordable by not paying taxes). Of course, a key to proposition #1 would be strictly defining citizens, a point discussed by our host in this podcast. Anyway, food for thought.

        • “…if we essentially eliminated income tax, but made estate tax 100%…”

          Food for thought. However, why would I work past a certain point–knowing you’ll take it all? Two, my savings (wealth) funds much of the processes of capitalism. Third, industrious people (not robber barons like Zuckerberg) are those who are above average in IQ and other desirable personality/behavioral variables. I want them to succeed and motivated to pass down their wealth (and genes) to future generations.

          Not an entirely thought out rebuttal, but interesting topic of discussion.

  24. “Ya got city hands Mr. Hooper”

    “Lava” soap. Mainstay in my Grandad’s machine and welding shop.

    First several years of my early professional life was still rowing competitively. Shaking hands was alway amusing. Mine were what you’d expect from pulling an oar 2-3 hours a day. Like grabbing a wire brush.

    • I have an ancient bottle of Lava soap at the kitchen sink, easily 40-50 years old at least. I use it, but now I think it’ll stay there as a reminder.

      I also have a half-full can of Comet cleanser, so old it has the little triangles from when one opened cans with a bottle opener. I sent a picture of the top to the 8 year-olds, asking them “what is this?”

      They flat told me the flyer from Safeway with “rabbit, 15c. lb” was fake.

      • Alzaebo: My British flatmates laughed at me in 1980 because I didn’t know how to use a manual can opener (ignorance admitted and corrected). My friend now laughs at her niece because she doesn’t know how to open a can by any means, unless it’s a pop top.

        Of course, aluminum and magnesium shortages may result in only a certain segment of the population still having food in cans at all and needing openers.

        • Ha! I got a bottle/can opener in the bug out bag- one in the truck, too, since it’s a pocket sized self-defense weapon.

          I’ve also got a metal can with a hangar-wire handle for a fire oven. One guy still had such an ancient can he kept for the memories. An orphan during WWll, he made his way across Europe with that can. He kept smouldering coals covered with grass or leaves in the bottom; he could swing it around, and the sudden smoke kept away feral dogs.

          Try finding metal wire hangers or cans today, though!

      • The bar version was basically ground pumice with enough soap to hold it together. Used it a lo since my grandad thought a working machine shop-still with many machines run off central motors with clutched in leather transmission belts was a fine place for a 7 y/o to play.

        • My dad used to own an electric motor repair shop. What he and his men used to clean the grease off of their hands was naphtha. He had a “sink” of sorts, where the naphtha constantly circulated from drain through spigot. I loved the smell of that stuff, and it really got your hands clean. I imagine OSHA outlawed it years ago.

          • That’s funny. When my mother was young, probably 7 or 8 her first job in the “shop” was scrubbing reclaimed bolts and nuts by scrubbing in naphtha with a brass brush and sorting by grade. All the kids moved on learning to use a cutting torch, brazing and welding, basic machining. That would violate a dozen OSHA rules today, just like the “naphtha fountain”

  25. Spectacular, Z Man. And, speaking as a yesterday man, a griller con (you dissidents REALLY want to be careful about insults you sling around)… politics like yours is a sales process. May I make a few points?

    Good salesmen are not born. They’re made. Folks think we are like Don Draper and the Mad Men, born with speaking skills and magic smiles and handshakes that make problems magically disappear and money land in our laps on silver platters.. Guys make millions off fake charisma and sales courses on that pretext. Good sales guys are made. They are regular guys like you that are simply PREPARED. They rehearse their presentations, they anticipate objections, and they have the solutions to those problems. Convincing people to change is not easy and there is no magic bullet. If you are going to push dissident politics – practice it first. Rehearse it. Polish it. You will be respected for it. Best of all it will be a good experience and confidence builder too.

    And a minor correction – yes, sales guys spend the bulk of their attention on the BIG customers and accounts. My approach to them was once they were on board – I’d turn them over to junior marketing guys. They had to learn key account management, I was always around to help – but my strength was hunting and scouting. Any business that relies solely on it’s big customers is nuts because if they lose them, and have no means of replacing them – they are in deep trouble. If you’re new, start small, on the easier targets. Don’t go roaring after the big one until you are ready to actually handle a big one. Target your customers and then target their influencers. The Left is excellent at this. They aren’t beating us because ‘they have the power’. They are beating us because they look better than us – that is how they got the power.

    Finally… let the dissident thought process sell itself. Don’t brow beat your customers. Tailor your presentation so that they lead themselves to the right conclusions. Be patient, develop a thick skin, and be persistent. There is no magic to any of this. Hard work, genuine interest and an aim at self improvement will do everything you need it to.

    Wonderful show, Z. You guys have a great weekend.

    Our blog host is so successful because he is upbeat and articulate. While some of that is natural,

      • I’ve met a lot of sales people who were just normal people working a sales job (the majority I’d say), but then I’ve met salesmen who were born to do it. This is something Sailer noted at one point: people smart enough to have quick conversational brilliance, but not so smart as to overthink stuff and put most of their thoughts in the “garage” for further study.

    • “They are beating us because they look better than us – that is how they got the power.”

      Really? Maybe they did at one time. Now they are just coasting on the fumes from that time. Its hard to say they “look better” when they have representatives like Biden and Harris, champion transgender unreality, are bankrupting the country (actually, it is already bankrupted), destroying the supply chain, losing face with the rest of the world, and promoting totalitarian programs.

      • I agree completely… but a lot of normies obviously don’t, which is why we are having this discussion. Normie is where he is because often he isn’t exposed to the issues – he’s tuned out, all he has is the talking heads on TV, and he’s insulated by money, by geography, by birth – from the stuff that is wreaking havoc on us. He’s all alone (or so he feels) and all he wants to do is keep his head down and hope it all blows up on somebody else’s doorstep.

        Even if all you do is show him that there are normal people out there that he can identify with and talk with – maybe have a beer or coffee with – that is good enough for the new dissident salesman. If you don’t want to be a sales guy – that’s okay! Steer the normies off to guys that are.

        Believe it or not, I want you guys to succeed. The fact is you are going to have to… or else. We will not be voting or debating our way out of what’s coming.

  26. Our job is to get our people to fight for their own survival, not to get them to believe the same things we do. The events of the last couple of years should have made every sane white person a “white nationalist,” but nothing close to that happened, which shows just how strong that psychological wall is that prevents whites from racial consciousness.

    We can get white, right-leaning normies to fight for things that are good for us, such as border control and tough-on-crime policies, i.e. implicitly pro-white policies, so long as they remain implicit. Most will agree with the statement, “We need to close the borders to secure the well-being of Americans.” But replace “Americans” with “white people,” and they’re just out. Since survival is our focus now, we need to be content with that.

  27. Just got up. Haven’t listened to the podcast yet, but love the topic. There is one line in today’s post that has now made my year, and this is why I love reading this website. Yes indeed, roll up your sleeves, spit on your hands, hoist the flag, and let’s get this show on the road. Practice on Normie if you must (military recruits actually train using dummies, so that kinda makes sense), but save the good stuff for those most deserving. We are way overdue for a good old fashion bar fight.

    • “We are way overdue for a good old fashion bar fight.”

      Why, that hardly sounds like you, Tom. What about thinking outside of the box, remaining in the shadows, going dark, building community and fighting smarter?

      • Nothing wrong with some real life recreation. And it sure beats the fake ass video-gaming variety that has become epidemic in our youth nowadays. You might want to try it before putting it down.

  28. Gojo or Lava, or anything with pumice. Don’t you do your own work on your bike? Personally, I like Lava after doing a complete breakdown of a bike, especially repacking wheel bearings or messing around with the center crank(s) (working on a recumbent now).

    • I’m a soft office type these days, so I rarely get my hands dirty like that. I forgot about those brands. I was thinking about the stuff that was a powder that had an abrasive in it. When I worked construction as a teenager it was common. Just a little water and you could degrease you hands and forearms.

      • Oh man, that brings back memories. I had a summer job working in a shop, and they had one of those old terrazzo gang sinks with the pedal you step on to work the water. It had a built-in powder dispenser. First time I used it, I wondered why the thing was full of laundry detergent lol.

      • Mione was a powdered hand cleaner made in Mickleton, NJ by a family company. We used it in the refinery where I worked.

    • I cannot recommend a powdered “green” soap called Worx any higher. I don’t care that they claim it’s eco-friendly, there’s something in there that just, well, works. Over the years, I’ve reglazed hundreds of old sash windows (uncle/cousin owned hardware store) and nothing gets rid of the glazing from the cracks and wrinkles of your palms and fingers like Worx. 100% gone and your hands feel brand new, not as if they’d had sandpaper rubbed on them. It’s effective on just about any soil.

      • My main mechanic swears by that stuff. Actually, thanks for bringing it up cuz now I know what to get him for Christmas.

  29. Is there even a concept of normal anymore?

    Normal is being redefined to be mentally subnormal, tattooed narcissists with an outgroup preference self-death wish who trust The Science (TM).

    We talk about redefining words, but in reality it is the media/online redefining people’s consciousness in real time. The words just stem from the new worldviews implanted via operant conditioning.

    The voting in a new population quote is being done not just in the mass importation.

    Without large scale media dissemination to dog train the main population it seems the normal pool is getting smaller and smaller.

    • Not your point, I realize, but I personally love the tattoo thing. There’s no better way to illustrate that you’re at least Dissident-adjacent by being the only person in the room that doesn’t have some gross, gaudy tattoo*. The other day, for instance, I was in the gym and I couldn’t shake this weird feeling, until it hit me: I’m one of only two men in here under age 60 that isn’t sporting ridiculous ink. I looked the other guy in the eye, and he looked back, and it was like a meet-cute from the movies. Aha! A kindred spirit! And now I not only have a lifting buddy, I’ve found someone I know is at least kinda based…

      *If you’ve spent significant time on a sailing vessel, or have done hard time, or have killed a man in close combat, ok. Otherwise….

      • I think the mass tattoo thing was an early experiment in inverting a social taboo for normals to get them to cover themselves like some Yakuza mobster.

        Its everywhere. The average guy at my local hardware store with both hands and his neck, the middle aged woman with in the supermarket with a whole arm and back.

        I agree its a signal that there is no mind left in the skull, just mind worms writhing around in the shell of an automaton.

        • And, of course, it’s not just tatts. Piercings, green hair and wearing pajama bottoms in public. It’s all part of the dismal tide.

        • KGB: Same with anything but modest ear piercings. Nose/lip/other piercings? A woman to avoid (it ought to go without saying that normal men don’t need pierced ears). Body scarification is not part of Western civilization. It’s all part of desecrating one’s White skin to deny one’s racial heritage.

          • Never thought of it that way, 3g4me, but it makes a lot of sense.

            Tattoos on young women are particularly odious because the state of a woman’s skin is a prime marker for her overall health and is used in mating selection. Tattoos obfuscate that facet of their desirability.

          • Funny seems like some retarded “I’m so individual” with my mass media conditioned defacing tattoo is down voting the criticisms.

            You know those embarrassing pictures of the dweebs from the 70s in afros, flares and tanktops that were so in style at the time?

            That is you for the rest of your life.

        • In my favorite sci-fi series, Kage Baker’s “the Company” stories, the Great Goat Cult held back civilization for 10,000 years. These savages killed any tribes who weren’t tatooed.

      • I dunno how they do it. I would go mad with ink like some of those clowns on my body… the women are the worst…

      • Tattoos: Women won’t commit to the same hairstyle, or hair color, for more than a few months.

        But they’ll commit to a tattoo for the rest of their life, where every single day it fades, stretches, and tells the world what an empty headed 20 year old thought was SO IMPORTANT!!!

        Love tattoos, because they tell you a great deal about high vs low time preferences at a glance.

      • I agree fully with the pureskin aesthetic but pragmatism forces me to avoid baby and bathwater snap-judgements.

        Being on the losing end of the culture war for so long means we have our work cut out for us in terms of sorting through the various effects of the pozz culture. A lot of noise in the signal.

        Heck even our side is full of messaging and imagery that would have potential based patriot dissident hardasses believing that one needs full sleeve tats and a Hoppe’s #9 lubed tactibeard in order to land that bikini gunslut for a turn on the coq carousel she spins via three different “dating” apps on her phone.

        So is the lost cause the kid who thinks her american flag themed bikini is hot, or the one who thinks her punisher-skull themed AR is tight, or the one who thinks he should finally get that rune braid on his swolle bicep because he has viking blood? I dunno.

        My globo gym is full of younger fit white men lifting hard to fill out their tatted up arms. Its disappointing to see all the ink and slouching toward ghetto kulture in general, but I am trying to hold onto the few wins we can spot in the pozz that soaks the public square.

        At least those tatted white guys have the strength to hold a properly battle loaded AR. Taking a hard lesson from my experience in trying to date only women who have not notched their bedposts into chopsticks, I only have so much time. But indeed the pureskin and purebloods alike are rapidly forging an unspoken bond so thats a silver lining to the dark clouds on the horizon.

        • Fascinating.

          There is the generational thing going on here too. I look at the gunsluts through the lens of a man in his late 50’s, and she looks very different to a younger man in his 20s and 30s.

          Assuming I am wrong about tats (which is entirely possible; I am obsolete) – how do you distinguish between a worthy woman with tats vs an unworthy one…?

          • Look at it like this: is it “tats” or a “tat”, and if only a “tat”, where is it placed?

            Discreet or is it meant to be flaunted?

            Anecdotally, I married a women with a “tat”, the tramp stamp on the lower back kind, and we have put 20 years and six kids together coming up this next year. So far so good, but I am no fool not to say some luck was definitely was involved.

            Multiple “tats” on woman scream’s desperate for attention, and that is always a major red flag. Too bad in today’s POZtopia it’s all the rage for women to “tatt” themselves up too look like an L.A. freeway overpass.

            For what it’s worth, The less “tat” the better.

          • Her personality, her sense of humor, how she carries herself, how she handles kids and animals Tats or not . You oughta know by now, geezer.

        • Within reason, I don’t think the tatted white guys are the problem. It’s the white girls with multitudinous tramp stamps that are to be lamented, and probably avoided.

        • speaking of “gunslut”, I feel there’s a difference between the garden variety gun people who seem to like there gun as a signaling device the same way a lefty likes there electric car (i.e. to “own” the other side) and the western rifle guys who I find to be more interesting. Like they’re not really a blog (more a news aggregator) but I feel they are more of a “gateway drug” rather than a gatekeeper. It’s what separates them from somewhere like breitbart or the federalist

          • I’m all for a gunslut pose, but the innuendo is to thick for me to take seriously.

            Being a GEN-Y (thanks severian for clarifying this) and having naked ladies, muff and genuine tomfoolery on a demand basis, I mean all you had to do was show up, the gunslut meme’s I see must be some sort of deliberate mockery and grift on normie.

            All gunslut is advertising is she’s handy with a gun…and that gun isn’t yours!

      • yeah it funny that we have reached the point that the guys without the tattoos are the nonconformists, pointed that out to some one at work a while back. based on his reaction I now know he has a tattoo

      • *If you’ve spent significant time on a sailing vessel, or have done hard time, or have killed a man in close combat, ok. Otherwise….

        What about Marines? They seem to be tattoo oriented. Not the ornate stuff, but at least a USMC. I know they are basically linked with the Navy, but most of them have never spent significant time on a sailing vessel.

        • Don’t put that evil on me, Ricky Bobby! I will say nothing, absolutely nothing, about the relationship between Marines and Navy. All I know is, it used to be a requirement for the Marines to spend significant time afloat — the old WESTPAC cruise, if nothing else. I have no idea if they still have time to do that, what with the mandatory diversity seminars and all, but…

          So yeah, let’s just say “If you were or are part of an organization that is, at least in theory, maritime-adjacent.” How about that?

          • Marine detachments used to provide security on US Navy vessels.

            Several years ago those were wound down and the Navy developed its own security force.

      • Had an uncle tell me when I was a kid that tattoos let the gubiment track you. Probably my proudest parental achievement, admittedly a low bar, is that none of my kids got inked.

  30. Try to think back 5 or 10 yrs. I find myself saying some very outrageous things … and getting nods. In the past I would have been reprimanded and met with horror. A few missed meals will get many heads right.

    • Related, people who come out of a winter where they were never able to be warm are forever going to be very different from the people who went into it. That’s why the regime is playing with fire on a variety of fronts though: once the mask drops it’s not going back up.

  31. i am thinking telling normies one simple reason not to vote gop, will be most effective. my choice would be “the gop never fights for anyone, never protects anyone from government mistreatment” or something to that effect.

    • I think asking “what has the establishment conservative party actually conserved?” works great. If they start singing to the tune of “well if the Democrats win…” then remind them of LGBT stuff (if they’re edgy) or federal budget stuff (if they’re CoC types).

      • The “What have they conserved?” line is incredibly powerful.
        It’s the way I have started to help my normie friends open their eyes.
        Generally, they cannot name one thing. I offer up homosexual marriage, tranny story hour at the library or 30 trillion in debt. Many, many other things, bit those are most “in your face”, nowadays.

        Silence. Or “Gee, I guess they really haven’t.”
        Then on to other subjects. I just let that tea start brewing.

  32. Our greatest ally in this is the Left. They could boil the frog basically forever if it only involved minor inconveniences like canvas sacks at the grocery. But so much of this stuff e.g. masks is designed to make you miserable. I can’t count the number of times I’ve told someone “you don’t need to bother with that around me” and they reply “oh thank God.” It takes very little to start a preference cascade under those conditions. They see you not complying. They see you getting the Karen stare of death. Then they see you going nonchalantly about your business while Karen fumes and froths, because what’s she *really* going to do?

    Every one of those is a victory. They all plant seeds. It only takes a few.

    • This. I know people on here like to get impatient with the normie wake up schedule, but growing awareness is happening all around us every day. The left really has gone to far: With tranny promotion, made up pronouns, “we have to force vaccinate the unvaccinated to protect the vaccinated”, Bidenflation, CRT in schools… There is more than enough in-your-face craziness out there that even the people who’s most precious wish is to be left alone and never forced to think about anything are starting to notice and ask questions.

      Z is right that we don’t “need” 50+1, but we might get there anyway.

      • Last weekend, I went to a mixer for my daughter’s Catholic primary school. Got talking to a couple moms and they were all amped up about the Virginia election. They both made the point that until the Covid psychosis, they hadn’t really thought about what kids were learning in school. Now, like the true females they are, they’re really invested in the matter and ready to throw their weight around. I did what I could to let them know there’s more to what’s going on; that Glenn Youngkin isn’t really going to be anything more than a speed bump; and that demographics are destiny. They’re not on our side of the divide yet, but they are, as the deviants might say, “di-curious”.

        • ” They both made the point that until the Covid psychosis, they hadn’t really thought about what kids were learning in school.”

          Reason #1,374 that the 19th Amendment was a -big- mistake. Of course they didn’t. Women are intellectually incurious emotional children by and large. (Except the ones that read here! 😉) Handing a creature like that voting rights when they are so blithe and myopic as well as easily emotionally swayed was always a recipe for disaster. (((They))) snuck in the back door that way and it worked brilliantly.

          • Apex: Agreed. And noting this publicly, among men, gets me lots of smiles and nods. If I weren’t an older and happily married woman, and knew way back then what I know now, I’d start off any social approach with a guy by rhetorically questioning why women are so incredibly stupid.

    • “But so much of this stuff e.g. masks is designed to make you miserable.”

      I can’t help thinking the left is feminine for that reason. It’s stuck with me and changed my thinking over the last year or two. Lefty is like a woman trying to motivate you to DO SOMETHING, but she can’t just ask because it’s some kind of shit test you have to pass.

      And that’s why I’ve become basically critical of the right, because we’re supposed to be the man in this metaphor and take care of business, and we aren’t.

      A man who thinks women are the enemy is afraid of women, so not much of a man. Sure, they can make you miserable, take stuff from you, ruin your kids, and hurt your feelings, but at the end of the day you can always do something about it.

      • I have two definitions of Leftism, which I think are mutually reinforcing (and neither original to me, of course). The first, whose author I can’t remember, is: Leftism is the lifelong quest to make high school turn out correctly. The second, via the late great Heartiste, is: “Leftism is nothing more than a society-wide shit test.”

    • This, Sev. “Worse is better,” etc.

      The Virginia CRT kerfuffle showed Karen and Chad have a limit, and given the narcissism and selfishness of those types, their bright line is them and theirs. This is just jumping off, and Karen and Chad are about to feel a lot of stuff they previously applauded when it only impacted the poor White folks on the other side of the tracks.

      For example, Karen and Chad are about to be unable to buy gadgets and status markers, not because they cannot afford them but because they are unavailable. That’s another shove this way.

      The only thing in our corner is the Left has poor impulse control and often is batshit crazy. And that only thing is a big thing.

  33. Another “double album!” Z man, you’re spoiling us. Keep on doing that. We like being spoiled.

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