Left-Wing Grifters

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A popular topic on this side of the great divide is who is and who is not a grifter, a shill or controlled opposition. The general assumption is that the people with perches in Conservative Inc. are working some sort of con. Maybe their racket is to keep people from looking over the great divide. These are the gatekeepers. Others may co-opt a dissident idea and then neuter it. They say things like Critical Race Theory is actually an attack on nonwhites so white people can oppose it.

Often forgotten is that the other side has their fair share of grifters who make a comfortable living working the true believers. Here is an example from the Daily Beast of what can be called woo-woo for the wokies. The writer is telling them that their newly minted hero, Liz Cheney, and an old has-been named Chris Christie, will give Trump a run for his money in the 2024 Republican primary. The Twitter thread on this topic is an amusing window into political mental illness.

The writer is someone calling himself Matt Lewis. He used to play the role of snarky conservative, but that was just an act. At a young age he was harvested and cultivated by the neoconservatives. When the fortunes of the neocons faded, he did what all rats do on a sinking ship. He now peddles his wares as a reformed conservative to a gullible audience at the Daily Beast. It is a trip that so many have made that it has become a stock figure in the American political drama.

As you see with the grifters of Conservative Inc., the left-wing variety sells the true believers the latest items from the one true faith. In this case the item for sale is that Liz Cheney is a folk hero for finking on her party and her voters. She has signed onto the Stalin-esque show trial called the January 6 Commission. This is where the Left gets to claim that normal white people exercising their ancient rights are white supremacist insurrectionists and a threat to “our democracy”.

The main difference between the woke grifters and the conservative grifters is the former works in a world of pure imagination. Say what you want about Ben Shapiro, but he is not wrong about the “constitutional principle” business. If we had a ruling class that enforced the old rules, things would be better for everyone. His grift lies in convincing people that it is still possible with this ruling class. He turns a virtue into the vice of defending the enemies of the people.

Because the left-wing grifter operates in the world of fantasy, he has an easier time of it, but is barred from factual reality. At some level, they must believe the same nonsense as their intended suckers. In the case of neocons like Matt Lewis, he harbors the same hatred for the white people as the true believers. The neocons may be driven by hyperviolent fantasies about world conquest, but they also detest the heritage population every bit as much as the wokest wokie.

It is that blind hatred that allows the crazies to now embrace Liz Cheney. You have to admire the skill with which the neocons have ingratiated themselves with their old friends on the Left. Not long ago the name “Cheney” was spelled H-i-t-l-e-r by the readers of the Daily Beast. He was the master of the Haliburton Hurricane Machine that devastated New Orleans and unleashed hell on the Arabs. It requires a special brand of crazy to do a heel turn like that in such a short time.

Of course, what wads a lot of this together into a slimy ball of hatred for the average American is a sense of class consciousness. The new religion is the religion of the new class, the managerial class that now commands the high ground. The middling celebrities of the commentariat are driven as much by their duty to their own class as they are by genuine belief. To people like Matt Lewis, those Trump voters outside the hive walls are a threat to his people.

It is completely bonkers that anyone would think that Liz Cheney has a future in Republican politics. That is one of those bits of good news, a little green shoot, that should give the good guys a little hope. The people on the other side are increasingly driven mad by the contradictions of their new religion. If the good guys could create and insert chaos agents into the system, Liz Cheney would be a good example. Every time she speaks in public, another dissident is born.

Another bit of good news in stories like this is that the neoconservatives have really fallen on hard times. That cabal now exists on an island off the coasty of crazy-ville, supported by a billionaire Persian who thinks he may be Cyrus the Great. The second generation of neocons squandered the tribal fortune and the third generation makes the Kennedy gene pool like deep. Like so much of the managerial class, neoconservatism now reeks of its own decay.

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168 thoughts on “Left-Wing Grifters

  1. In my lived experience (aka MyTruth) these execrable grifters of both species are wispy dimorphs driven largely by a single engine, the ancient desire for the one thing more tasty than money—and that is, fame. People love to be known even more than they love to be admired, or to be wealthy. This is why the ubiquity of Social Media (especially after the ‘LIKE ME PLEASE!’ features were activated) became so venomous for psychological health. Recognition over Cash.

    The latter often accompanies the former, and is a fine recompense, but it is the public recognition of one’s power and glory that these miserable witch-toads really grasp after. We all suffer from this temptation; they just have a much higher viral load. Thus the willingness to shift their entire published/public worldview from the nonfiction to the fiction section, from Right to Left. Anyone even remotely conservative knows the primary characteristic of a Leftist is disinterest in truth, a willingness to lie and lie, and believe the lies, even lies told by oneself to oneself. Think MSNBC, Daily Kos, Marx. When you know this, the temptation to move Left becomes an appalling thing; to chase it is to voluntarily chose to believe what you know ain’t so. It is always an affective moment of crippling emotional horror (OMG we don’t all have the same income and piles of crap from Walmart! CHANGE!!!) and is usually driven by some weird form of guilt (which is why the Left uses guilt as its weapon of choice). It is an astonishing bit of experiential sleight of hand to move well Left of a position you’ve held for any length of time, and thought through at any substantial level.

    Notice the public adulation when a ‘Rightie’ moves to the Left; the invitations flow in like the tide at the Bay of Fundy during the full moon. It is not nearly so widely and deeply celebrated when a Leftist moves Right (think Horowitz, Breitbart, Mamet). When someone moves Left they are treated by TPTB as if Born Again unto Righteousness; when a Mamet says ‘wait, this shit is stupid!’ those of us already over here say, yup, welcome to reality, enjoy your stay, may it be long and prosperous. We buy some of their books but they don’t necessarily become conversion-celebrities beyond reasonable measure. The Original Sin of being a Rightist in the past will never be erased in the eyes of the True Believing Leftist. You will always be suspect. Your etiology is tainted at the atomic level. They guess, probably rightly, that you just desperately wanted to be one of The Cool Kids, just like them. Yet you will be ‘accepted’ because the Left, while it does not believe in an actual essentialist conversion (they prefer Revolution and Execution—in the end, Totalitarians always liquidate the ghetto) they do believe reality is malleable. Conservatism in a Burkean sense is always grounded in certain unchanging base of reality and welcomes those who are eventually awakened to it. Thus the slightly goofy old saw about ‘If you’re not a liberal when you’re young etc. etc.’

    Notice…not so many cases of someone going from Far Left to Well Right…then back Left. Reality being that thing that, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away.

  2. Re the Soviet Union, the rot was apparent by 1981 and the Pushkin Airfield disaster, where almost all of the Soviet Pacific Fleet Admirals and their staff were killed in the crash. Cause? The plane was overloaded with consumer goods including washing machines and a giant roll of newsprint. Which caused it to pitch upwards, stall, and crash. Gorbachev tried to reform the system hit by an inability to pay people but failed. By the time of the 1991 Coup, the military had not been paid for three years and the security services for one. The geriatric leadership could not keep the system going.
    Biden is an obvious disaster, senile and his staff incompetent and weasels. Harris is if anything worse. At least Obama and Clinton and Bush had some people with minimal competence. Biden’s people don’t even have that. At this point, will the UniParty just accept a Republican Wave, have the House and Senate impeach and convict both Biden and Harris and have say a placeholder like Kevin McCarthy be the Uniparty President to ward off Trump 2.0 in whatever form? Or will they YOLO and just go for it — kick off what they’ve been dreaming of since Pol Pot? Or will events out-run them?
    One thing is for sure, cheap energy is a thing of the past, we are likely looking at $300 barrel oil and $20-$40 a gallon gas, which will cause economic activity to just collapse to the lowest level possible. The US does not face the hard currency crisis of the Soviet Union in 1991, but it does face an energy crisis as does most of the West due to Green mandated disinvestment in energy. You can’t feed a continental nation of 350 million plus (About 400 million including illegal aliens) off windmills and solar panels. You just can’t.

    • And your last paragraph is entirely the point of their activities.

      It is their goal to reduce unto ruin the western nations simply because their very existence lays out the paucity of the other cultures.

    • “Or will they YOLO and just go for it — kick off what they’ve been dreaming of since Pol Pot? Or will events out-run them?”

      Part of me hopes they do. After this fool Biden and his party have exposed themselves as dangerous authoritarian racists who threaten the stability of the country with their rhetoric and actions (some of which are blatantly despotic), a coup attempt by the democrats following an election loss would put them at an extreme disadvantage relative to any other point in recent history and might just kick off our own Thermidorian Reaction.

      Are the democrats ready to cross that last line? They’ve already committed treason with Russiagate, so maybe they are. Maybe this hysteria from the far-Left comes from a sinking feeling that they are being cornered with no other options but a desperate gamble for survival? I mean, there is a reason why the opposition has to be put down in any coup: if you don’t get them first, they’ll get you. Maybe the dems suspect they’ve crossed the Rubicon here and the axe is about to come down on them unless they strike first?

      In any case, could we honestly say that the military outlawing the democrats and purging their associates from the government, media, and finance — and their NGOs — would make the situation any worse? It’d clearly bring some stability to the situation, so it would present a tempting option should the TSHTF, especially given the excuse of a large mandate through the Red Wave coming in 2022 and maybe Trump’s restoration in 2024.

  3. Highly recommend listening to the recent AR speech by Ruuben Kaalep regarding the monumental progress in Estonia. The video he shared of the crowds of Estonians who are fighting back is remarkable and compelling. They march annually on the night before Estonia’s independence day and each year the numbers are growing tremendously. The Blue Awakening is awe-inspiring.
    As disheartening as it is to see so many in the U.S who are obviously unaware, it brings solace to know that there are many in other countries who are resisting with a clear and pure vision.

      • It was my first time. The best speaker was the first guy who discussed envy. I think this is a nuclear weapon of a topic that can crack normie.

        Everyone experiences envy, and I think it can really be exploited to show, naturally, and with no leaps of logic, that groups experience it too.

        This is a fascinating topic

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  5. Totally off topic: Just got results of my blood test from doctor’s office. While having not had the vax or even the sniffles in 2 years, I have covid antibodies of over 1000. Nurse said that no standard range has been established, but highest she’s seen is 2500 (no clue if that was someone who had it and got well or had vax or whatever). So either I’m physically superior (at almost 63 and overweight) or it’s all a hoax. But don’t tell the morons.

    • If we only knew how much disease and bacteria and traces of former flus and colds are in our body we’d probably puke at the sight of it if it could be put into pictures

      That’s why the cycles on these covid tests are so important for the regime, because each time they run a cycle it’s like sending in one more kid to look for the hidden Easter egg in the house, and eventually they’re going to find it after 50 of them have each had a chance to look under and behind everything and hit every closet. Eventually they’re going to find a covid.

      How many antibodies you have is going to be a factor of how hard and extensively they decide to look. Until that is formalized into a set number of cycles for everyone so it’s apples to apples comparisons, I wouldn’t give it a seconds thought what the nurse said. And half the nurses out there don’t know but what they’ve been hearing on the grapevine or what the tending physician told them as he was coming back from playing squash and sniffing his socks. Not like they’re doing research papers

      • One clear sign of the duplicity involved has been the failure to conduct widespread antibodies tests. The physicians with whom I have mentioned this offer what are at best speculation.

        If someone has had Covid, and then vaccines and boosters, this would seem to heighten the clot risk and other problems. Yet we do no not antibodies test as readily available as the vaccines.

      • Falcone: Just to clarify, this was a general blood test checking for other things, and then they checked for covid antibodies. When you’re referring to cycles you’re referring to their nasal swab test, which I have not had and will not have.

        • What I find telling is that no one in authority is being transparent of what the covid test entails, getting a swab jammed up your nostril

          They made it sound like getting a test was just as simple as spitting in a cup at Walgreens

    • The coof just went through my house. It was introduced by my 78 year old, fully vexxed mom (who lives with us). She had a miserable few days, but wasn’t bed ridden or anything. Next my wife got it, she spent her week off work sleeping quite a bit. She had some cough and some brain fog but recovered very quickly. She’s 46 and unjabbed. Then our 7 year old daughter spent several days exhibiting signs of a respiratory illness. Nothing serious, but it lasted a couple days longer than a typical childhood cold. I didn’t have her tested but I assume she was infected by my wife.

      So that leaves me, 50 and unvexxed. I had no symptoms at all, despite three straight weeks of living cheek by jowel with symptomatic patients. I will probably go get an antibody test in a few weeks but I also wonder if I don’t have measure of cross-immunity from spending 5 years in the Far East.

      • KGB: Not to minimize anyone’s illness, but somehow I’ve yet to find anyone I know who’s both had covid and the flu and can offer me a comparison. I had a bad case of the flu in college in 1978 or 1979 and then again in Texas in 1996 or 1997. When I hear complaints about a high fever or body aches or respiratory problems or digestive upsets, I just think “Yeah. Sounds familiar.”

        Difference is I didn’t then get bacterial pneumonia, but that’s not caused by a virus but by the body’s weakened immune system succumbing to a bacterium following the virus. Perhaps some people need to get out in the fresh air without masks more, or take more walks or eat something other than hamburger helper.

        Point being there is a legitimate virus, some do get ill, but for most it’s no better or worse than the seasonal flu. And for those who do get seriously ill, take precautions against secondary infections by staying upright and being proactive and leading a healthy lifestyle. And don’t ever trust a ‘medical professional.’ Overall uncommon sense.

        • I know one person who died of Covid, strangely he caught it from his mother who is in her 70s, she was fine but he died at 46, to balance things out I work with someone who died from the vaccine, just dropped dead at age 32, crazy, some are saying heart attack, possible of course. but some of the pro vaxxers at work are now worried, many don’t want the booster shot

          If the covid was as dangerous as they claim then by now I would have expected some of my older relatives to have died from it by now, so far all are fine

          I was on the fence with the vax, I might have took it next year because I want to visit Germany and maybe France next summer, but since the 32 year old just dropped dead, no vaccine for me

          People in poor health should worry about Covid, healthy people should be worried about the vaccine and the lunatics running the world

        • Regarding pneumonia, what you described is exactly what happened to me while living in a ratty Seoul yogwan in 1996. I came down with something quite nasty that resulted in a high fever and all the flu symptoms. Fortunately, I was 25 years old and in good health and I knocked it back reasonably quickly. But a few days later, I started having stabbing pains in my lung while lying down. Turned out to be bacterial pneumonia. I sometimes wonder, though, if that episode didn’t give my immune system the tools to fight off the Holocough.

          My office-mate’s wife had Covid about a year ago and once she’d recovered she told him that in the end it was really no different than other flus she’d had. But I think it’s difficult to make a broad comparison because everyone’s experience with both the seasonal and Wuhan flus vary so widely.

      • I’m convinced a major factor for virus resistance is attitude/mindset. I used to take vitamin c powder, then echinacea, then grapefruit seed extract. Almost always stopped a cold in its tracks. Of course I noticed these remedies all provided an intense shocking taste which probably helped provide an enhanced placebo effect. One night I went into a CVS and asked a worker for something to give me that effect. He knew what I was saying and told me that he himself had stopped taking placebos and just willed his body into action.

        Ever since I’ve done it this way and rarely have gotten sick. Although since Covid I have decided to keep certain powders and pills around.

        • This. 1000x this. The only people I know who have gotten Covid are the people who are deathly afraid of getting Covid. I’m sure lots of people I know had it, including lots who had that mysterious nasty cough around November of 2019 that the ever-reliable Chinese government categorically asserts, and “our” even more honest and upright government confirms, was NOT covid, no siree bob, no way no how.

          Since I was around those people all the time, I assume I’ve either had it and didn’t know it, or had enough natural immunity to fight it off, and either way I’m fine. But even if I haven’t, and even if I catch it… well, them’s the breaks. And at this point Karen starts shrieking OMG what if you’re hospitalized? What if you DIEEEEEE?!?

          Well… and then what? Seriously. I’m not trying to be a tough guy here. Like Yossarian, I’m determined to live forever or die in the attempt, but… there it is. We’ve all gotta go sometime. I will take the same reasonable precautions I take for every flu, every fall, and that’s it. It’s like cancer — I’m not going to start rubbing plutonium on my balls just to prove I’m a tough guy, but the statistics are what they are. Take reasonable precautions, and.. there it is. Life’s for living. I’m not going to “live” like a cockroach over this.

          • Severian: Well said. I was discussing various covid and health issues with my son and daughter-in-law (she’s being red-pilled by him but still naturally reverts to trust documented authority and her own nutritional education). And when I said I didn’t trust the official numbers re SIDS or various infant recommendations, or doctors in general, she asked what I would do if I got cancer.

            I responded “I suppose I’ll die. I’m not going to subject myself to poison (chemo) in a desperate attempt to survive a few more years.” She was literally shocked speechless. Again, I harbor no death wish, but death itself (as opposed to the means or suffering prior to) is not what I fear.

      • My wife and I are vehement anti-vaxxers and resolute rejecters of the Karen Kloth. My BIL, SIL and niece are vaxxed and jabbed to the hilt and scrupulous followers of every insipid Kovid diktat the Power Structure issues. We haven’t gotten a touch of the Kovid, while the above-mentioned relatives all came down with it a few weeks ago. There is this thing known as schadenfreude…

        • It would be logical to assume that there is a reverse placebo effect in operation.

          If your belief in an intervention can improve your disease outcome, why would a belief that getting a cold or flu with non specific symptoms is really a death sentence not work that way round?

          Its an interesting experiment in can you persuade the most stupid to will themselves to death.

          • There is the placebo effect and also the nocebo effect. The little engine that think he can and the one one who thinks he can’t are both right.

        • A rapidly emerging ‘tell’ as to the origins and nature of this plandemic is just that Ostei; the pureblood control group is vexxing to the cultists.

          Not only is this not about Public Health, but actual public health is the greatest threat to Public Health. Our very existence has gone from annoying to dangerous. To the point that in their hivemind: we are now the disease that must be eradicated.

          At first it was our immunity to the righteous fear. Why were we not properly afraid?

          Then it was our immunity to righteous submission. Why were we not properly obeying the public health edicts?

          Then it was our immunity to the righteous “Science!”, our “vaccine hesitancy”. Why were we not accepting the vaccine into our hearts?

          Then it was our actual immunity to the righteous “disease” itself. Why weren’t we getting sick like they were. Why weren’t we dropping dead like NPR told them.

          Now our very presence is haunting. They don’t want to be around us because we remind them of the truth they left behind for the comforting lies.

          The twisted logic of their cult can exist in the Narrative, in the echo chambers of the megaphones. But it cannot stand for living evidence of their errors.

          Real cults separate their converts from their families and friends first. This one struggles with immovable purebloods.

          Just like the leftist worldview in general. They don’t hate us simply for rejecting their inverted world of anti-reality, the suffering and infighting of their death cult of cannibalism; they hate us because we embody the truth, the beauty, and the grace of real life.

          We remind them that life is to be lived. Which is more terrifying than the current year threat. And this is why they are dangerous. The “cure” to quiet that dissonance, the final solution to the vexing nature of our mere existence is to end us.

          • I love the “pureblood” thing; I think it has the potential to be a rhetorical killshot. Right now I’m only using it as a joke among based friends — “that’s right, man, I’m just like my hotep brothers down in the ‘hood, trying to keep my blood pure of the White man’s poison.” Should be a hoot.

          • Screwtape: Truth. They hate us because our very existence denies everything they claim to believe And, just as charity gets you not thanks but angry resentment, in this case remaining healthy gets you labeled a public danger. They project, as the left always does, and their fear of the disease and the haunting truth of the poison vax and public opprobrium is all spewed out as anger at the unclean unvaxxed. That is why they are locking them (us) away in Australia or Austria.

            And for those who think it won’t happen here, I disagree. Right now they’re a bit distracted with their spending spree and the Rittenhouse trial, but I still see Covid articles enough that I know they will not let go of this – it’s worked so well up to now for public control and compliance.

      • That’s what ticks me off is I had Covid and my orange juice tasted like limes for a few days and I had zero energy but recovered in 3 or 4 days fully.

        And for this they turned the world upside down. It’s infuriating. I still get mad if I’m around friends and someone brings up Covid and I have to bite my tongue hard and stew in silence.

        I have to wonder when the tempers really start to flare out there. If they haven’t already and isn’t making the news

        • My wife has yet to tell her family overseas that she recently had it. I suspect because they’d flip out, despite the fact that it really didn’t amount to much and that she’s fully recovered. Earlier this summer when we shared photos of our daughter going fossil hunting outdoors with two school friends, my wife’s oldest sister shrieked over the fact that none of us were wearing a fag rag. She called it “super frightening”. You can’t have a rational conversation with those people.

          Interestingly, her husband recently had something very strange develop with his left arm. It deeply discolored and the doctors said it was degenerating rapidly. In the course of getting tested for that, they discovered his ticker is operating at about 50% capacity. I haven’t got an answer yet as to whether he’d taken the clot shot, but given his wife’s rather public freak outs I have to assume he got it at some point in the last couple months.

      • Well if the 5 years included the Fart East of North Carolina in 2015 you might have walked past the Lab that developed the coof.
        That’s the latest theory.

      • This may be of some use to use to you. After 11/21, all foreigners entering the U.S. are required to be “fully vaxed”. As of 11/10/21 the FDA approved, in addition the experimental mRNA shots, 2 conventional whole virus vaccines from abroad. They are the Chinese Sinovac company called Coronavac and the Indian made Covaxin. The Coronavac is available in Mexico. The last time I checked websites in Mexico City (population 9 million) there were multiple pharmacies offering this. For a more extensive discussion, visit the blog wmbriggs.com 10/28/21. It seems to me that one could argue to one’s employer that one is fully vaxed and FDA approved if you got one of these. From my own personal perspective as a physician, the problem is the unproven mechanism of these mRNA jabs. The whole virus technology is >100 years old and, while some people are indeed going to have a negative parodoxical reaction, these vaccines are, for the vast majority of people, safe. Full disclaimer: I do recommend the COVID mRNA shots to my patients who are high risk. If any conventional vaccine technology COVID vaccines become available in the U.S. I will be recommending them over the mRNA shots.

        • I’m still waiting for the Novavax version. I’d be much more comfortable taking that one instead of the clot-shots that are in circulation right now.

          • Novavax works by embedding the spike protein in a lipophilic nanoparticle. The spike protein itself is the pathogen and causes vasculopathy when it binds to ACE2 receptors. By definition, lipophilic particles like tissues with lots of fat cells, such as the brain and spinal cord. I am planning on passing on this one. There is another killed virus vaccine that just finished Phase III trials and the release date is planned for 1/22. This is made by Valneva which is a French company manufacturing in Scotlant. This is the one I, personally, am waiting for. Vive la France!

    • First day back at the MIC after a week off.
      Got the expected Vax mandate information I’m going to apply for an exemption due to having had and recovered, & got a positive antibody test result. Not going to try claiming religious reason only the fact that as an essential worker I was required to be exposed before any vaccine was available and that was when I contracted it. 13 months ago now. My sense of smell & taste have never fully returned.
      I may become unemployed soon.
      I never have collected unenjoyment or had any L&I claim despite getting banged up plenty in forty years of Blue collar wage slaving. Looks like I never will .
      Being a white man I know I don’t deserve anything either.

      • well if you never collected unemployment you were never unemployed. and yet you still complain, try to make yourself a victim.

    • Your situation is not unusual. I am a physician at a regional medical center. COVID-19 is a real disease that kills and disables people who are either very old with comorbities or have probable unfortunate genetics that makes them susceptible. However, multiple of my fellow health-care providers have had their antibodies tested and come back positive when they never had any symptoms of illness. This is in the setting of having multiple daily exposures to patients with proven COVID illness over the course of the last nearly two years. But, congratulations! The medical literature indicates that you have long lasting and broad immunity to the current and likely future interations of COVID.

        • so, you won’t be going to see doctors any longer? where’s the profit in shitting — gratuitously — on someone that is on your side politically? what a jabroni.

  6. OT: Zman, do you think the rittenhouse trial could turn into the USA’s version of the Dreyfus Affair (with all that implies)?

    • I’m on pins and needles

      In fact my nervousness manifests itself in a flurry of commenting

      I usually comment when I’m trying to avoid work, which today in fact I am, or when half brain dead from a prior night of drinking, which today I’m not, but I’m also not feeling good about Kyle. Man I hope I’m wrong.

  7. Re Taki:

    It’s clear Americans will tolerate oppression as long as the food flows and the internet works and their homes stay HVACed. This may not be the case for long! But I don’t know how you could say this may be the end of Western civ. I consider the West to extend back into antiquity, starting in Rome and Greece and maybe even before then. Atlantis, anyone? Hyperborea? Do Nero play the soundtrack to the destruction of the West? No, we’re seeing a big shakeup and things may never be the same but the West doesn’t die until the last White family dies.

    • Part of the reason why it could be the end of Western Civilization is that the people who are waging war on the American populace (and Western Europe and Canada and Australia, etc.) want it to be the end of Western Civilization. Extinction of Whiteness is the rallying cry and the goal. Kendi says he is willing to settle for white bodies with any Whiteness in them. This is no different than any warring tribe seeking the eradication of a people and being willing to settle for slaves and war brides. When they say that Carthage (the West) must die, they mean it.

      • The meme about the demise of the Caucasian race is just defeatist porn and part of the ongoing campaign to sow despair within our ranks. The island that was Germany was grievously wounded at the end of WWI and then within two decades was reborn and conquered Europe in a few months. And it was largely accomplished by “thinking outside the box”, e.g. blitzkrieg warfare. That observation is not an endorsement of Nazism, but simply an historical fact. What tyrants fear most is the next blitzkrieg-type innovation (the proverbial bolt from the blue).

        • Yes this is my feeling. The White race is the best race ever to walk the earth, as the song says. We are in danger, sure, but we haven’t even started fighting back yet. As soon as the race as a whole kicks into survival mode we will sweep our lands. There are so many scenarios in which we win. At some point the population of productive whites would become so small that collapse is inevitable. The tropical peoples will be forced to flee homeward when white people stop providing them with food and heating. These are people who are biologically incapable of surviving winter.

          As a religious person, I believe God guides the human affairs and is personally invested in Europeans. We are the only ones capable of building churches and faith in the true God. We’re also the only ones interested in or capable of stewarding Earth and caring for the environment. I don’t think Heaven will allow a world without whites.

        • All this doomer porn is a psyop, as you pointed out, Tom. Remember team, all we need are a few Whites to catalyze mayhem and win the day. It’s what we do. Can’t stop our signal.

          • Love the Serenity reference. They killed Firefly precisely because it was working to revive the ancient spirit of mankind. The waiting is indeed hard to stomach, but when the clarion sounds, the pent up energy will be something to behold.

        • Agreed, total psyop. In 1970, America has a total fertility rate of 1.9. Bangladesh was 7, Mexico was 6, India was 6, China was 4.

          Today, European and European America fertility is 1.5. China is 1.3, S. Korea is 0.8, Bangladesh is 2, Mexico is 1.9. Iran is 1.5, India is 2.1. based on the current trends the “white people are being outbred” is a total lie, just a statistical falsehood in 2021. The problem is open borders, not birth rates.

          Another threat is race mixing which is why it’s important to have white children and stress to them the important of not mixing.

          I have faith in our people though and we possess knowledge and therefore it’s our duty to work for our cause and others will join.

      • Way back in the 80s Jesse Jackson led Stanford students in a chant of, “Hey, hey! Ho, ho! Western civ has got to go!” The drive to kill off white civilization actually dates back to the mid-60s. What we’re seeing is nothing new under the sun; it’s just a more widespread and slightly more brazen instantiation.

    • Here’s a fun question for people who make a point of denigrating normal people: if you’re being fed and entertained, are you actually being oppressed?

      • Drew: Depends on your view as to the purpose and meaning of human life. I don’t consider ‘having fun’ or being taken care by others’ time and money of to be of lasting worth. Struggle and labor leading to learning and success to build something lasting (learning a trade, creating a work of art, improving others’ lives, building a family) are what make life meaningful. The freedom to decide things for myself, even if I choose wrongly. The freedom to fail. People are not puppy dogs. But since too many normers replace children with dogs, they wouldn’t know.

  8. One minor quibble. From the perspective of The Daily Beast crowd, Liz Cheney executed a (baby)face turn, not a heel turn.

  9. For the same reason that there are 200 cable TV channels plus a bunch of Youtube channels, there has been a proliferation of Grifters of all political persuasions.

    As TomA says, the money is flowing, so these Grifters emerge to occupy “shelf space” in the media ecosystem. Most come right out of “central casting”. They are tailor-made to appeal to their micro-demographic. It’s no different than the bowhunter show on Outdoor channel or some eco-tourism travel TV show.

    Because the Leftist movement is a secular religion, it’s going to operate in the real of “pure imagination” as Zman states. But I don’t know why this is surprising, because this is where the Cloud People live. Just as we saw an explosion of Protestant denominations and sects after the Reformation, we will see more and more sects of Grifters.

    • A sign of the grift is the types and number of ads on their websites

      Ironically enough, this website being donations accepted is more like PBS when it was good. We’ve come full circle.

      Or when churches went from being shy about asking for money when the churches were more down to earth to the big tv churches that operated like a for-profit.

      You touch on something important by sensing a kinship between the churches and the cottage industries that sprang from the reformation. Politics is supposed to have a religious seriousness about it, and even though that seriousness is not there the foolish lefties following the grift think it’s still that way and their church is doing them right spiritually and not just soaking them for donations

      Where there ever by that Tammy Faye Bakker moment with them? Who is their Tammy Faye? I think Gavin Newsom makes for a good version of Jim Baker is this sad sordid drama

  10. Of benefit to us is that the new religion is very unappealing in and of itself. It’s also probably painful for the people forced to adhere to it. Forcing one’s mind into all those contortions has to hurt. That all works to our benefit. It has an “eat your spinach” quality that will begin losing the more independent minded adherents in short time. Then the others will be wondering why they’re eating spinach when pelosi is eating ice cream. Or blacks will start having it dawn on them that while they’ve been stuffing their mouths full of this god awful spinach all the other people on the other side of the table stuffing their mouths are homely white women without men or children. How long can one not notice that Gavin Newsom’s face is frozen on one side from palsy.

    This has got to be the stupidest fad of my life thus far. At least no one took pet rocks all too seriously, and the Rubik’s cube was very neat, but yes, people would trample others to get to a cabbage patch doll. Now those people are at the store buying politics. How wonderful

    • One benefit of the Covid plan is that from the beginning nothing has made sense, from Fauci and the WHO initially saying masks don’t work, and politicians urging people to hug an Asian, all the way to lockdowns, masks and mandates for experimental vaccines. Only a moron at this point believes all of this is about health.

    • > That all works to our benefit. It has an “eat your spinach” quality that will begin losing the more independent minded adherents in short time.

      The mantra is actually “Eat the bugs for the environment”, and it will work for 30% of the population. Like you said, our focus needs to be cognitive elites who don’t want to spend their lives supporting an insane system, even if they would get financially awarded for doing so.

    • You’ve no doubt her one of the old variations on the Eastern European folk tale that illustrates how some of their people are perfectly fine with being miserable, so long as they can make other people *more* miserable. A typical one is a guy gets some wishes but his neighbor gets double whatever he wishes for and the punchline is typically something like “I wish you’d kill half of my cattle” or “I wish I’d lose one testicle.”

      The unpleasantness of the woke religion isn’t a deterrent at all to people like that. And there are a lot of them.

      • There have been sociology studies (take it with a grain of salt) that show people would prefer to be poor and more equal than richer and less equal.

        It’s plausible on a survival instinct level, as wealthy translates to power and if your neighbor is far more powerful than you, it puts you at more risk.

        • De Tocqueville said a long time ago that the day would come when Americans would choose equality over liberty.

  11. Zman: This subject is too depressing for me to want to comment on at the moment, so let me be diction notsee – it’s ‘reek’ (stinks) not ‘wreaks’ (to cause or bring about havoc)

    • Nothing wrong with pointing out mistakes

      Especially if you’re doing it as a friend and not a foe

      None of us are going to mistake you for a Karen he he

      In fact I was listening to Waylon over the weekend. On Tidal subscription service, so after my favorite album of his is done (This Time) it starts going off playing things at random. There was this one song she reminded me of you, or brought you to mind, something about leaving this dirty city and going to Montana, and you can keep your social security because I’m outta here. I’ll look for the name, but that was the gist. I know you’re in Texas, but if you ever sang us a tune I’d half expect it to sound like that 😉

      • Did more digging.

        A rendition of Merle Haggard’s song Big City but sung by a lady with more disdain

        I’ll keep looking

          • Falcone: Thank you for making me smile! I’m not the best singer (I don’t have the range, although I don’t screech like a cat and can keep the tune/key) but I certainly agree with the sentiments!

            We’re off to visit our land shortly, assuming we can get into it without 4 wheel drive (I swear my husband is going to get us stuck or break his ankle trying to hike the area) and imagine what we want to do and where we want to build when somehow the funds are available. It may not be Montana, but it’s high wooded ridges and very few people, and that’s enough for me.

            And a Happy Thanksgiving (almost) to you and yours as well!

        • Remember when Zappa was one of the driving forces against warning stickers on records and spoke up for free speech and free expression. That was another world. On second thought, perhaps Zappa and other leftists were only concerned with a certain type of free speech.

      • Z-Man turned me onto the Highwaymen. They are one of the few bands who sound great live. I just made a cassette tape of them. I bike and I can operate the walkman blind and I can’t do that with a phone or ipod.

  12. Grifters only grift as long as the paycheck cashes. Once the vig is removed, the jig is up. So the game will continue as long as the money flows. Most sane people stopped drinking the Koolaid long ago, and the remaining & dwindling audience is only partaking out of habit, not conviction. Will these vermin ever go away? When I was a youngster, I noticed that if you stomp on one cockroach, the rest will scurry away at warp speed.

    • “So the game will continue as long as the money flows.”

      Since money is power, there will always be something that everyone declares to be “money”. Whether it be 1’s and 0’s or something the masses can keep in their pocket, someone will control the issuance. So, in essence, the “money” will always flow and those on top will direct to whom it goes. There will always be the top tier of rulers, and the slaves that serve them will get the scraps from their table.

  13. Myers is one of those grifters who never has held a real job. He grew up in Frederick County, a commuter town linked by a train to DC. Then college. Then typing neocon frauds.

  14. Living in California long enough, I began seeing the grift from the left

    California has a lot of people fooled btw, fooled into thinking this is a leftist state. It is but superficially. What it really cares about are rich people and keeping them rich.

    But it throws bones out there to its lefty voters. Going all electric vehicle by 2030, for example. No way it’s going to happen. Same thing with the water rationing to save the planet They made a big deal about all of it, how we were going to be allotted 50 gallons per day per family member, the first stages were to take effect already, but nothing. Came and went. We are supposed to be having these Vaxx mandates to enter stores and clubs and so forth. No one is doing it.

    One thing I have come wise to. They package these environmental and other leftist causes in a language that appeals to the lefty voter but which ultimately and always only has the effect of increasing home prices. So the rich get richer.

    I have known not one lefty cause that when implemented into law didn’t cause home prices to jack up. It the lefty minions just keep voting harder and harder.


    • That is a good point, the lefty elites hate their voters just like the Republicans do. The difference is the left make more token measures and does do some tangible things their voters want them to do.

      • You mean like open our borders, destroy education, rape the military and elevate blacks and queers and commies to positions they neither earned nor qualify for then force us to take shots we don’t want?

        Are these the “token measures” and “tangible things” the left does for their voters? Then screw’em.

        • They do that for themselves, not their voters who actually suffer but are too dumb to see it happening as their ability to afford a home declines, rents shoot up, everything becomes more expensive from the surges in demand with a million new mouths to feed and the big food companies pulling an OPEC to keep up prices

          Meanwhile the politicians profit immensely as do the rich

          Lefty voters are stupider than those on the right, on balance.

    • “But it throws bones out there to its lefty voters. Going all electric vehicle by 2030, for example. No way it’s going to happen. ”

      They only think that’s a bone because they’re so incredibly stupid. That’s really more like a boot to the head. The worst possible outcome for the average person would be if they somehow made it happen.

      • That’s the rub, isn’t it? I could accept living in the Third World (because I don’t have a choice), provided it was– like our most sacred natural resource — flamingly out of the closet about it. I’ve spent a fair bit of time in the Third World and while I find it exhausting (e.g. the necessity of haggling over anything and everything) it’s comprehensible. There are rules, and once you’ve got a bit of experience under your belt, you can tell when the guy is just haggling for haggling’s sake, or when he’s really looking for a payoff.

        Baksheesh makes the Third World go ’round, in other words, and I’m ok with that. The problem is, the Ruling Caste are True Believers. I got in hot water with my dissident-adjacent friends for saying I wouldn’t mind a Hillary Clinton presidency all that much… but it was true, because Hillary is Third World standard. You can do business with her. She’d mandate school prayer, gun ownership, and NASCAR attendance with a smile on her face if you paid her enough. Newsom et al, though, are a different breed of cat. I’m forced to conclude that they really believe this stuff, and can’t leave the rest of us well enough alone to grease palms the way we need to.

        • I’m the same way. If we’re going to be third world, let us be able to buy off the cops and local politicians. Even when I’m in Italy or France I slip people a few bucks to have them look the other way, say in a car accident. I even had a bottle of wine in my trunk and handed it to the local cop, saying looking through that bottle of wine he can’t see the dents I caused can he? Nope, and he was happy as a clam and popped open the bottle and unwrapped a sandwich and forgot all about it. It was a good bottle of wine btw. I think we were coming from Asti.

          It Noooooo. We have to have this weird Puritanical amalgamation of third world and the trappings of the guy on the box of Quaker Oats

        • “There are rules, and once you’ve got a bit of experience under your belt, you can tell when the guy is just haggling for haggling’s sake, or when he’s really looking for a payoff.”

          I cannot speak to other states, but this definitely is the state of practicing law in California

      • The drunk-driving lockouts for the 2026 auto model year mandated in one of the infrastructure bills will be interesting.

        Expect used car prices to skyrocket if they pull it off.

      • True. The virtue-signalers never think about the environmental consequences of strip mining the lithium, nickel, cobalt, etc. needed for the unrecyclable batteries that will power their electric cars. I wish I had bookmarked the link, but I remember reading that the global output for lithium in 2019 was ~7K tonnes. CA alone will require many times that just for car batteries. They know this, right? They trotted out “You’ll live in the Pod and eat bugs” too soon.

    • The Golden State is aptly named. The culture has long been one of the pursuit of riches while enjoying nice weather. Great money and mid-winter tans.

      The place is full of invaders and goodwhite grifters in perpetual polyamorous abusive relationships in order to exact their gibs and grifts.

      A shrinking minority of whites are golden handcuffed to the Dream while yesterday men working in the dust and heat keep the A/C cranking. Its a big place. Still enough space to lay back and think of Reagan.

      While they like to believe in reality and even work to maintain it, in spite of the crushing anti-reality that has converged every institution, normal-right Californians seem to enjoy even more the status of complaining about the diminishing returns of chasing their gold. But chase they will.

      Ignoring the raging lefties and their twisted labyrinth of regulatory absurdities and cultural suicide rituals in order to enjoy a day at the beach or some good tacos is part of being Californian. Like quoting commutes in minutes not miles.

      It has taken on a culture of its own where the goodwhites brag of electric cars and the badwhites brag of [avoiding diversity] and they all brag of avoiding taxation and bitcoins while the brown hordes are busy dropping crotch Citizens for free down in county ward. But who would pick our grapes?!

      Progress is losing its grip but the bluster of Santa Newsome rages on. Ha, we just ignore their rules! But what about what they ignore, like reality? What if the goal is not light-speed zero-energy rail and zero covid cases, but to harvest what’s left of that Dream and the people who made it?

      Believe me, I root for CA. I want the golden dreams of yesteryear to continue. Because I know plenty of “conservative” Californians and its best they stay out there with all their home equity and super hardcore rebel libertarian ideas. Besides, for the real hardcore there is always Boise or Denver.

    • I have lived in SoCal, Northern LA County, for 22 years. Cali is run by loons but is not actually fully controlled nor populated by leftists. As soon as you can’t smell the saltwater anymore while driving inland from the lovely beaches, people start normalizing in a steady gradient that is clearly visible.
      I have not worn a mask here in a year, except airports. No one has made a peep. Plenty of fools driving their Priuses, windows up, AC on, full face shield and two masks….alone. Of course.

      • trouble is, once you can’t smell the ocean, you are in a desert. 50 miles from the coast and you are in shittsville. at lest in the southern part of the state.

  15. Scott Greer mentioned Matt Lewis in one his podcasts a few months ago. He said Lewis went off on someone who made a positive mention of Trump in the Daily Caller newsroom early in the 2016 primary campaign. Lewis ranted how Trump was going to ban CNN from the airwaves and this would cost him his livelihood as a CNN contributor. It sounded hilarious, I don’t how the newsroom didn’t breakout in laughter.

    One thing about all these online news outfits that jumps out is the low standards they have for hiring talent. I guess it may be a reflection of what is happening across other industries, but most of these people are real dunces. They combine this with the belief they are some of the smartest people to ever live. How can adopting an insane belief that Trump is going to ban a major cable news organization not result in an immediate firing? Doesn’t anyone read this headline and say “uh by the way, Matt, Christie is one of the candidates Trump rolled over in 2016.”

    • The news people certainly aren’t impressive intellectually, but mostly they’re dishonest and deceptive. I probably wouldn’t call them dunces though, since they’re just smart enough to carry out their propaganda agenda and fool a lot of people.

    • The “talent” could easily be replaced by bots at this point if not for the fact that the skip-logic required is already pushing their quasi-AI into based magic mustache territory. Much of lefty institutions is about being a jobs program for the cloud spawn so probably a good thing they can’t so easily be replaced by bots.

      I was recently sent one of those “died suddenly of a pulmonary embolism” stories about some mid40’s purple-hair shrew at NPR who totally didn’t die of the vaxx. Her resume parallels the kind of planted propaganda pieces that the megaphone loves. They all have this Barry Soetoro quality where the person exists just enough to carry cloud credentials through to the next “job”.

      • The problem with bots is that programming languages are inherently logical. It’s a pretty big challenge to get a bot to behave in the convincingly cognitively dissonant way that comes naturally to many humans. In a bot it just comes across as random.

        • Yes the CogDis language is distinctly “human” in that regard I suppose but at the same time IRL I am having more of those uncanny valley moments when the humanoids repeating the /Covid programming to me it triggers some eerie visceral disgust that has me instinctively reaching for the nearest shovel. (I have yet to build my flammenwerfer)

  16. I remember a few years back when fat boy Christie came out of nowhere because he talked real tough to a few reporters. He was going to be the next big elephant – literally. He’s a poster soy boy for every GOP grifter out there. When it came to serious issues, he folded up like a jumbo sized wet paper bag. What a turd.

    • That was disappointing to find out Christie was the same as the rest of them. For a brief moment he sounded like the tough guy we were waiting for. Nope.

      • When he allowed himself to be filmed prancing on the Jersey Shore, singing “Stronger Than The Storm”, it was lights out. It’s like when Carmine Lupertazzi told Tony Soprano “A Don doesn’t wear shorts”. Presentation matters a great deal.

      • Wolf Barney: I, too, remember the hype about Christie (hell, I remember reading hype about Biden in 1978). And that disappointment following the hype is the same way I feel about Trump. And that makes me angry at myself, for falling for the same hype. Anyone who seeks political office is out for himself, always and everywhere. They love the attention and the money. All hat and no cattle.

      • Your imagery is certainly colorful. Could you elaborate? I’ve always found Ms. Coulter to be fairly good. To her credit she did jump off the Trump train when it became obvious he was a fraud.

        • She always struck me as a shrill, sexually frustrated, self-serving bomb-thrower. I much prefer Pat Buchanan.

          • I saw her speak at a DC campus in 2005 and it was enjoyable to watch her disdainfully swat aside self-absorbed co-eds who thought they were going to be the one to make Ann squirm with a “gotcha” question.

            But there’s definitely something not quite right with her.

    • He didn’t “come out of nowhere” though. He came out of “Tri-State Area” politics. Use your fav search engine to look up “Bridgegate” and who was behind it.

  17. ‘Every time she speaks in public, another dissident is born’.
    Made me think of George Bailey’s daughters line at the end of “It’s a Wonderful Life”. The thought of Liz creating more dissidents when she opens her big yapper is even better when you think of it in the tone of voice delivered by the little girl in the movie.
    (for the uninitiated: ‘every time a bell rings an angel gets its wings’)

      • No Melville lately, however, this disposition expressed by Ahab towards the whale: “From hell’s heart I stab at thee; for hate’s sake I spit my last breath at thee” fairly well mirrors my disposition towards the swamp denizens.

        • the scene in the book where they skin the whale’s penis, and make a coat out of it was pretty funny. reminds me of hunter biden…

    • “Made me think of George Bailey’s daughters line at the end of ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’. ”

      That shows how far we have fallen.
      Liz Cheney is our Zuzu Bailey.

  18. If you want the one kernel of logic in the First Rule of Clown World (viz., that no matter how fake and gay you know it’s going to be, it’s always going to somehow be so much faker and gayer), there it is: The Left inhabits a fantasyland, completely detached from reality. No matter how goofy we try to be when imagining what they might do next, we’ll never get there, because we still have the Residue of Reality (there’s an alt-rock band name if I ever heard one) holding us back.

    It’s actually worse than that, because with actual crazy people — meaning, they have brain chemistry issues that show up in blood tests and on fMRIs* — you can kinda sorta predict their behavior. They have a recognizable “delusion architecture,” as I think the shrink term is, and while they’re crazy as bedbugs inside it, they won’t suddenly change on a dime — the guy who thinks he’s Napoleon won’t start suddenly thinking he’s Buddha. The Left has no problem with that kind of switcheroo, obviously.

    *I’m not a doctor and I don’t play one on tv, but it just seems obvious to me that not only are mental illness and Leftism strongly correlated, but the “spectrums” of Leftism and autism track almost perfectly. The more spergy, the worse at handling social cues, the more Leftist. Eventually it becomes a chicken and egg problem — are they spergs because they’re Leftards, or are they Leftards because they’re spergs? — but I’d bet long money you could find some serious, actual, no kidding medical evidence backing it up. The NIH should get on that, once they’re done torturing Snoopy.

    • While scrolling through the many generally intelligent comments here, I always make sure to stop to enjoy reading after I see the name Severian.

    • Democratic politics today is all costume. It’s for the women and I guess homosexuals. Glued on rhinestones and glued on beads, lots of glitter, makeup and bright stage lights. This is a product that will have the same popularity and fad arc as a drag show. Pretty soon the only ones there will be the performers and phag hags. And the only patrons the guys who own the liquor store and 24 hour diner across the street

      The tide is already turning. It’s all too fake and ghey for most.

    • Not just spergs, which would be more on the male side, but hysterics/histrionics on the female side.

    • no, spergs aren’t leftist. they are more likely to be incels. leftists are hyper social, which is 180 degrees out from spergs.

    • Actually, it’s the opposite. Autism has multiple spectra of brain function associated with it, one of which is the internalization of abstractions. Autists and right wingers tend to have a very low level of this, while lefties have a high level. This is why autists can draw a perfect picture of something they only saw once, and why leftists believe that symbols are reality.

  19. Matt Lewis went to Shepherd College, which is the equivalent of being in the witness protection program.

    How did some nowhere guy who went to a nowhere college burst onto the political pundit stage right out of school?

    How did the groomers even find this giy?

      • My gut tells me that this Lewis guy got to be a star for the same reasons many a Hollywood actor got to be a star. People always talk about the casting couch as though it’s only women who get degraded.

        My guess would be that Lewis was interning around DC during college, met the right guy (or guys), did what he felt he needed and they rewarded him.

        But, who knows, maybe he’s related to someone. For his sake, I hope that it’s the latter.

      • I looked him up. Looks like mixed reviews. The Zionist appear to hate him. He supports Glenn Greenwald who I have grudgingly come to respect.

        • Greenwald and Omidyar split up when Greenwald left The Intercept. Greenwald described the breakup in his substack:


          Greenwald is a classical liberal so he criticizes the left quite alot these days. Since 2015 Omidyar is a neo-Soros. Its worth considering what is motivating Omidyar’s nation wrecking campaign given that he does not have the typical lefty donor background (i.e., aggrieved Jew). Like Soros, Omidyar does not like Zionists. I don’t understand Omidyar’s animus towards core America.

          As far as I can tell, his parents were Muslims who immigrated from Iran to France for grad school, then to the US for work. I don’t think they were Persian Jews. I do think his parents would be considered elite immigrants to US (don’t know their immigration visa, but Pierre Omidyar’s dad was a doctor at John Hopkins — so possible O visa?). Pierre grew up in the US and claims to be a Buddhist. Wife seems to be American of European stock. His politics seem to have taken a sharp turn left with Trump’s election in 2016. Maybe this is case of the MSM radicalizing a former center left billionaire into a nation wrecking oligarch?

          His profile is black pilling:
          1. Grew up in the US, made all his money here, married an American of European heritage, but seemingly has no sympathy for core America. Why the animus?
          2. Child of an elite immigrant, wants to destroy America. We have imported an overclass that wants to kill us. Is this the case with all elite immigrants? Is this reversible?
          3. Like so many other oligarchs, no way to counter his donations. I see no easy way in the current political system to push back against big money donors. Zuckerberg, Soros, Omidyar, etc can do whatever they want. No recourse for normie.

      • I recall Omidyar being a funder, helper, of the smallhat overthrow of Ukraine in 2014. Since Cyrus is credited with helping them resettle an ancient territory, it is parallel that Omidyar facilitate them to resettle in Ukraine.

  20. “It is completely bonkers that anyone would think that Liz Cheney has a future in Republican politics.”

    Arggh, you’re being a hobgoblin of my little mind. Why is it bonkers? Aren’t you contrtadindicating yourself? With a few exceptions, aren’t the Pubs Dems in Elephant’s clothings?

    Besides, grifters don’t hate. You’ve got to have passion and principle to hate.

    • Cheney is poison for the outer party. She says the quiet parts out loud, as the cool kids say. The game is to tell normie you are as angry as they are at the Left. Frankly, I will not be surprised if she runs as an independent to boost the chances of the Democrats in her reelection bid and in the 2024 presidential election.

      This is what is being set up. Unlike 2016, they are going to have a third party option ready and on the ballot in key states. That way, even if Trump is the nominee and the Democrat is unpopular, Trump can’t win.

      • So another Evan McMullin gambit, only with 10x the amount of money?

        Our side needs to play the same game and ensure the Green Party gets in every state. The Democrats did a good job of eliminating them last round.

      • President Trump will be defeated by electronic vote machine programmers, not by the female Egg Mcmuffin. That technique didn’t even work in 2016 when a lot of people were unsure about Trump. The normie conservative is stupid but not that stupid.

        • I suspect hordes of never Trumpers went into the voting booth and were going to vote Hillary but in the end as much as the hate Trump, the idea of the Hillary in power filled them with so much dread they said F it, Trump it is

          Trump V Harris might have the same effect

          From the dissident POV Trump getting screwed over would be the best outcome

          • “From the dissident POV Trump getting screwed over would be the best outcome”

            Exactly. I might even vote again–for Trump–because a more covert coup is likely this time if he wins. My guess is Trump either doesn’t run or the Deep State assassinates him or makes it legally impossible for him to run, the latter of which also is a win-win. Biden has turned the country into a tinderbox, and we are too Blackpilled for the most part to appreciate that and its positive implications.

        • Trump will never win again because people like me who make up probably 25% to 35% of the white male vote on this one topic will never forgive him for doing nothing regarding those Jan 6 guys who are suffering in prison


          I remember when I started to actually despise GW Bush, having previously had a warm fondness for him. It was saying we were at war with jihad but meanwhile but my state’s border with Mexico was wide open, so it was impossible that we could be at war under such circumstances. And his dishonest nature was revealed and I started to seethe. No need really to dwell on this, but I’m about at that same place with Trump, and once that worm turns and the hatred starts to build, and I believe it is, the question is whether he will be aware of it and whether he thinks he can still sing and dance around it by forgetting those old voters for new voters. We will see what he’s made of if he decides to dump honest, salt of the earth justice-minded white guys for something else.

          • so much grilling on this blog, i can hardly breathe for all the smoke.

            grilling and voting,
            voting and grilling,
            these are the things
            that I find thrilling.

            agree on trump, he had his chance and fukked up completely. don’t read about him, and don’t care if he runs, shits, or folds.

      • Does it matter at all if Trump wins, since he was so ineffective, toothless and hollow the first time around?
        Four more years of mean Tweets and no action isn’t something I’m looking forward to.
        The only positive to a Trump “victory” in 24 is the guarantee that it will drive the global left around the bend, thus killing, finally, the delusion for normie that we are voting our way out of this.

        • It depends upon how one defines the terms. Trump in 2016 was good for our side. He did nothing as president, but it is not as if anyone else would have done anything useful. I’m not sure if him running in 2024 holds much value for us, but that is a long time from now so I’ll jump off that bridge when we come to it.

      • Z –

        Here’s my question: how did she go so loony tunes? She would stand with Nazi Pelousy before she’d stand up for Trump. How does this happen – become such a turncoat? She didn’t learn anything from the constant 24/7 drumbeat of propaganda against her father & where’s he in all this? Doesn’t he have the sense to take her aside & say “Hey – get your head outta’ your a**’

        Or was he a phony too the entire time?

          • Don’t forget the lesbian angle. I know Liz isn’t (openly, admittedly) playing for the other team, but her sister is, and that really sends a certain type around the bend. I never really understood the hype around that Andrew Sullivan clown, but I remember Ace of Normies freaking out about him freaking out, and that was illustrative. One has to be college girl-level solipsistic to reorient one’s entire life around one’s sexual preference, but they’re always up for the challenge. Think about how exhausting that must be — “I really want a hamburger for lunch, but is that heterosexual enough? What would all my super-straight buddies think if they caught me eating a Big Mac? I can just hear the ‘special sauce’ jokes now. Better order a ribeye. Better yet, make it two!!” That would drive me bonkers in about two days; it’s no surprise, then, that they all go bonkers eventually.

          • I’ve long said that sexual confusion is just one item in the goodie bag of traits that seem to be associated with homosexuality.

          • The sexual confusion part is so real. I posted several days back here, talk to these “bi” girls in their later teens & 20s. After they discourse with you sufficiently on their preferences (complete with all their jargon), they launch into their mental maladies and anxiety disorders without every making a single connection between either.

      • With the boomers dying off I don’t see the Trump train stwaming up again. I can see the Trump clown car revving up again. Is it confirmed he’s running? I’m overseas and live a life, so I’m not bothered being ignorant of the scene.

        • I think the lack of concern for the Jan 6 guys is not going unnoticed by a lot of men

          I’m a little more vocal than most and tend to be ahead of the curve as far as trends and so forth, but there is no way in hell guys aren’t asking themselves, former voters and maybe staunch supporters, how could this guy not show any care for these people? Where’s the man’s heart and soul?

          Trump better be careful. He went around making nice with the biker gangs and so forth, and there’s still a few real deals in those clubs. His rally organizers are going to be at the forefront of keeping his fat ass safe from some old biker dude who brother died in a DC jail, or whatever the case may be,

      • The very name “Cheney” evokes images of a literal Rasputin who pulled the strings behind the puppet, endorsed torture, a mass surveillance state, a war that may have killed more than a million for no return, and all for personal private profits through his old business relationships.

        How this woman ever shed the stink of that name to become a US Senator is beyond me.

        • “How this woman ever shed the stink of that name to become a US Senator is beyond me.”

          What in the world makes you think that you can be a US Senator without wallowing in “stink?”

        • No, she’s a worthless mass immigration proponent. Being photogenic, personable and “not quite as crazy as those other weirdos” only seems like a recommendation because everyone else is even more terrible.

      • That is what many said the voting machine algorithm took advantage of–every vote for a 3rd party candidate was also recorded for the democrat. With a more “popular” 3rd party candidate, this would really insure the win.

  21. Bernie Sanders is one of the biggest left wing grifters of all.

    It’s actually kind of sad to see so many people fall for his bullshit after selling out twice.

    • What did he sell out?

      Bernie Sandwiches is doing what he always has. Setting up his ground position for the payoff. He does not even try to hide it very much, so I am unsure why people think he is a sell out. He has a well trodden path and sticks to his role pretty well.

      He is the Widow Twankey of the national left pantomime in the US.

    • When Bernie was mayor of Burlington he was such a skinflint that he got the Yankee vote. FFS he bought bus tickets to send the homeless miscreants south so they didn’t upset the tourists or the locals. Then he married.

    • Bernie is a good reminder of the old saw:

      “There is only one known cure for US Senators who have the “I want to be President” disease:

      Embalming Fluid. “

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