American Alawites

Minority rule is one of those things that on the surface should be rare but is actually quite common in human history. The most common form of minority rule is when one people conquer another and then install their people as rulers. This small ruling class is backed by the conquering power. In the Bronze Age it was not unusual for one city-state to rule over the surrounding city-states. The great leader would rule not only his own people but the people he subjugated.

In medieval times, the family trees of ruling elites were often quite complicated so the duke of some territory might not speak the language of the people over whom he was the ruler. Conquest also played a role. The Normans who were “invited” to conquer Britain did not speak the local language. People were tied to the land, so when a successful ruler conquered new lands, he inherited the people. His descendants would then inherit a kingdom of strangers.

Ruling classes, in general, are a form of minority rule. In South America, most of the countries are controlled by a relatively small number of families that make up the ruling elite of the country. These families trace their origins to Europe, marry amongst each other and keep a tight grip on power. It is why the complexion of the political elite rarely has the same hue as the general public. This demographic realty of ruling elites is true to some degree everywhere in the world.

The thing about rule by minority is it works if that minority has connections to the people over whom they rule. Those kings and queens in medieval Europe may not have had much in common with the people, but they shared a position within in a system that everyone accepted. Richard the Lionheart did not speak English, but his position made sense within the logic of society. Of course, empires tend to have ruling classes that are alien to the people but make sense within the context of empire.

This is what makes empires inherently unstable. Since an empire is an amalgamation of people that don’t have much in common, the one thing they have in common is they are ruled by strangers. The Habsburg Empire made sense to the people running it but to everyone else it was an unnatural combination. The Soviet Union struggled with the same problem at the end. Empires tend to become minority run enterprises that only serve the interests of the minority at the top of the system.

The American empire seems to be entering that minority rule phase where it becomes clear to everyone that the people in charge are aliens. From Gettysburg into the 20th century, America was a proto-empire. The Yankee ruling elite had conquered the rest of the country. Then the push west made Yankeedom into a continental empire and then a regional empire entering the 20th century. The two great industrial wars established Yankeedom as the American empire.

The Yankee ruling elite was joined in the 20th century by a Jewish elite that arrived just as the American empire was forming up. The subsequent Judeo-Puritan ruling class ruled the empire into the current day. While the Jewish side did not have roots in the origins of the empire, the Puritan side more than made up for it. The story of America started at Plymouth Rock with the Puritans. At least that is how every schoolboy learned it through the 20th century.

With the Cold War over and the borders wide open, the great flood of people into the empire proper is about to change the complexion of the ruling class. You see this with the South Asian takeover of Silicon Valley. The latest example is Twitter, the social media publisher, getting a new boss. Parag Agarwal will succeed Jack Dorsey as the CEO of the company. Vijaya Gadde is the policy, safety lead director and a chief legal officer and general counsel of Twitter.

If we take a quick inventory of the big tech firms, we see that Google is now ruled by Sundar Pichai.  Microsoft is now ruled by a person named Satya Nadella. IBM, once synonymous with American technological innovation, is now ruled by a person called Arvind Krishna. Adobe Systems is ruled by Shantanu Narayen. VMWare, the biggest virtualization firm is ruled by Raghu Raghuram. Silicon Valley is looking like the chamber of commerce of Bangalore.

This may seem like a coincidence, but Kamala Harris is the Vice president because Indian money bought her the spot on the ticket. All of her campaign money came from this cabal of South Asians in California. She remains in her post, even though the Biden people want her out, because the party is afraid of alienating the Brahmans. They know the GOP is on its knees outside those offices begging for cash. They are planning to run Nimrata Nikki Randhawa in the 2024 primary.

What is happening, of course, is the old Judeo-Puritan ruling elite is getting pushed aside by the highly clannish and ambitious Brahman ruling elite. Those high caste Indian migrants come from a long tradition of looking out for their own, but also working the imperial system. The British Raj selected for the sort of high cast local who knew how to ingratiate himself with English speakers. Those skills are now proving to be handy in the American empire.

This is why South Asians are fantastically antiwhite. They have picked up on what is going on with the dying Judeo-Puritan ruling class. Critical theory makes no sense to the new arrivals from the subcontinent, but the slogans are easy to memorize and the targets are familiar. The new ruler of Twitter is not only antiwhite, but he is also openly hostile to the basics of Western society. He thinks the first amendment is a pointless suggestion and he has no intention of respecting its spirit.

From a certain distance, one has to admire the irony of it. India exists because of British colonialism and it is now conquering the inheritor of the British Empire. Perhaps the new Indian ruling class will start wearing khaki shorts and pith helmets. The old quip from Pat Buchanan about immigration comes to mind. He famously said, “American Indians had open borders. Look what happened to them.” One group of Indians getting revenge on behalf of another group of Indians.

Putting that aside, this is another sign that the American empire is far closer to collapse than is evident from the numbers. Actual Americans will notice that they cannot pronounce the names of their new rulers. The alien nature of the ruling class is now being pushed into the face of everyone. It is hard to imagine someone named Satya or Parag commanding much loyalty from people named Bill or even Jonquarius. Rule by alien invader will become evident to everyone.

That does not mean this new ruling class forming up is doomed. Syria has been ruled by an Alawite minority for a long time now. They control all of the institutions of power and that has allowed them to weather the attacks from America and Israel. An alien ruling class can manage to defy the math for a long time, if they are clever enough and ruthless enough. The American Alawites will have to be as ruthless but highly clannish people are never short of ruthlessness.

If one wants to be optimistic, the Illyrian emperors were Roman emperors who rose up from what is now the Balkans during the Crisis of the Third Century. This group of alien emperors culminated with Diocletian and the stabilization of the empire. Maybe one of these new Brahman rulers will go on to stabilize the American empire. After all, this class took over India after the collapse of British rule. Look at the amazing job they have done with the Indian subcontinent.

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196 thoughts on “American Alawites

  1. “now it is not good for the christian man to hustle the eastern brown
    For the eastern smiles with his eastern wiles
    and he weareth the christian down
    At the end of the fight, there’s a tombstone white
    with the name of the dear deceased
    and the epitaph drear, a fool lies here
    who tried to hustle the east

    hat tip to R Kipling

  2. This has been a serious concern of mine for quite awhile.

    I think it really crystallized for me due to my wife — she has numerous medical issues, and through the constant grind of going to one specialist after another, it gradually dawned on me that a huge portion of the American medical system is dominated and directed by people from the Indian subcontinent whose names I cannot pronounce. I became so irritated by this that when I had to switch primary care doctors a few years back (insurance, natch), I went out of my way to find a doctor with a normal American name, even though it took a bit of work.

    Through all of this, it has not escaped my notice that Indian subcontinent names are vastly overrepresented among the authors of the various hate-whitey articles online. I know it’s not fair to paint with too broad a brush here, because there are plenty of subcontinentals who don’t share this hostility to American whites. But it’s also glaringly obvious that our rulers view them as a Janissary class tasked with crushing and demoralizing the native white proles. My direct ancestors fought the British in the American Revolution, so I grit my teeth every time somebody whose parents arrived from India the day before yesterday lectures me on the sins of my American forefathers.

    Again, I don’t have anything against people from the Indian subcontinent. The ones I’ve personally interacted with are generally pleasant and courteous. They adapt well to American customs and traditions, and unlike some other potential immigrants, I wouldn’t flatly reject them out of hand.

    But I also deeply dislike the way our rulers are seemingly grooming South Asians to be a new, alien class of American jail wardens, ruling over both native whites and blacks. This just seems like a recipe for eventual bloodshed and disaster. Though maybe that’s the point— maybe the idea is to provoke an outrage to justify cracking down on us white proles for good.

    Yeesh, I sound like a Q-tard now. Hell, I don’t know. I just know the current arrangement is an awful one that cannot last. Whether the end is peaceful or bloody or something in between, I don’t know…

    • Mr Blank

      First, stop apologizing for stating your opinion.

      And the next time a Dot Head starts to lecture you regarding your forefathers, ask them why the fuck did they came here, and to get the fuck out.

    • I would reject them. They are not us and they can never be us. Plus most of these people explicitly worship the devil

    • >They adapt well to American customs and traditions, and unlike some other potential immigrants, I wouldn’t flatly reject them out of hand.

      You should reject them out of hand. Of course they will pretend to fit in when they’re a small percentage of the population. It’s all fake. Go to Edison New Jersey and tell me how well they’re assimilating. Better yet, take a look at how many whites they’re hiring. They might smile at you, ok, but will they hire you? Not a chance.

      Assimilation is not desirable anyways, fact is even if they did perfectly assimilate into white america, that means race mixing which means alien and brown skin genes being mixed into the population.

      How about they stay in india and all those doctors can use their big brains to treat the 1.5 billion indians.

  3. Speaking of Alawites, everyone is reporting the Regency is taking action.

    First, Amazon, Wal-Mart, and a host of other retailers and wholesalers including Target, Kroger etc. have been subpoenaed by the FTC to turn over internal pricing documents, including proprietary information, in a price fixing investigation. They have 45 days to respond.

    Second, all the Oil majors and minors have received FTC demands also that THEY turn over pricing documents and “excess profits” information in a separate investigation. It seems the Biden Regency thinks it can just order lower prices by a shakedown. Not realizing that these are very big, powerful companies with Senators of their own. As well as likely Generals and Admirals. Biden is a senile old man pooping his pants, and Kamala is a cackling ho with no respect. The unseat Trump at any cost plan was super-genius, until it wasn’t. The companies can just wait out Poopin Joe until he topples over, to be replaced by Kamala the Ho. Or if you believe the rumors, Hillary! Now there is a person they’d fear. Hillary generates the sort of skin-crawling fear that a cobra or venomous insect does. Biden will just shout until he poops his pants again.

  4. The problem with Alawite rule is that it relies upon either total ruthlessness by a leader of ability, or outside military force.

    Recall the trajectory of Syria. Under Hafez Assad it was quite stable, from the outside, though there was the fiasco of the United Arab Republic and “union” with Egypt under Nasser. It did not last long. The heir apparent (not Bashir) died in some mysterious accident / assasination and Bashir who is viewed as weak took over. Under Hafez the city of Hama rebelled and was leveled. Under Bashir he lost after the Arab Spring 2011 uprising most of the country, and it took: the Russians, the Iranians, and cooperation of the Turks to win most of it back. Without Iran, Russia, and Hezbollah plus Turkish forebearance, Assad would not last a week.

    Moreoever as the FT made clear a number of years ago (2016/17) his regime plays musical chairs with various oligarchs, who are all related, but cause bad feelings and family feuds when various oligarchs are purged for being too powerful, since they are generally married into the Assad family.

    Structurally an Alawite system requires a very fractured opposition, outside help, and luck in the form of an able leader who can dampen if not eliminate inter-family feuds always looking for outside help. If the Assads under a capable but not ruthless and feared leader can’t keep Syria together, what hope does the rising Indian Ascendancy? Who will help them? India? They will be opposed at every turn by China and the Chinese Expatriate network. Ordinary White people generally loathe them. They can inspire no loyalty. And feud among themselves.

  5. Pakies can be a great source of fun and amusement the same as blacks… provided you mind your distance and don’t get to close. When I was a kid in the 80s having my first experience with the vibrant and diverse workplace… a position opened up in the part of the plant run by the mudflaps, as we called them.

    The idiot manager hired the first brown skinned pin head that came along… and nearly started WW3! Apparently our pajeets were all hindoos or shieks or whatever they are… and the new guy was a sunny moslem…. And the fight was on! One day they all started gabbling and screaming and it turned into a full blown brawl. There were wogs getting punched full in the face, throwing tools and hammers at each other…and it made my day. The idiot we had for a manager never got to the bottom of it because nobody could speak their language and they refused to talk about it. When he pressed the issue they threatened to sic the human rights tribunal on him. The brawls continued until one mudflap went after another with a power drill and stabbed his adversary with it multiple times. The perp was having a high time of it until he got gooned with a ball peen hammer. We were all trying to hide the smirks and grins when the cops and ambulances showed up.

    When they asked us questions trying to figure out what happened and who started it, we all just shrugged and dismissed it as a minor industrial accident. There was nothing we could tell them. I got a written reprimand for enjoying the whole thing to much and was warned that if my attitude didn’t improve I could be terminated.

    • It’s a matter of exposure, most of the time

      For example, I have spent my life around Jewish people both personally and professionally and know them well. My only experience with Indians was in college, and I honestly found them quite honorable, especially the more religious Punjabs who never cut their hair — but I admit it’s limited exposure. Not including my brushes with them occasionally in getting a motel, but I was very pleasantly surprised by the, I think, the Vagabond Inn in San Luis Obispo that was extremely clean and well kept. The guys at 7-11 are decent enough, and the guy down the street at the liquor mart.

      But I never had to work for one and/or deal with any in a work environment. It’s there I gather that they can be royal pains.

    • “I don’t get the J** thing.”

      You didn’t ask for any assistance, but for me, the quickest way to get the J3VV thing is to investigate who are the biggest donors to both parties, which explains why the GOP betrays its constituency.

      Sheldon Adelson, recently deceased, was the single biggest donor to the GOP, said that his single biggest issue was protecting Israel.

      Paul Singer, another major donor to the GOP with a homo son, said that his goal was make the GOP “gay”-friendly.

      The Sierra Club used to oppose massive immigration until one of their biggest donors, chosen, said he would not donate again unless they ended their opposition to massive immigration.

      There are many records of the chos3n who say that they feel most protected in a multi-racial society. This explains a major reason why the GOP won’t enforce borders (in addition to cheap labor).

      I hope that helps. I know that you didn’t ask for this.

      They are a nation within a nation whose interests are usually at odds with what traditional whites want. And they win.

      • What Sandy said. Furthermore, their refusal to assimilate, their insularity, their professed superiority. The affinity evangelicals have for them is lopsided – the feeling is not mutual. .

    • The smartest Indian and the dumbest Jew are the same guy. He hates you, he outranks you because one of his ancestors was useful to a Renaissance-era king, he smells like already-eaten carrion, and his hand is deep in your very young daughter’s pants.

      Hating (((us))) because we’re a rival power makes sense, and so does hating Indians because they’re not even minimally human.

    • Go to the if you want to get more on the jew thing than you ever thought possible.

  6. Superb. I mean just look at these comments. A joint this classy makes me wonder when the police will arrive and start asking me what am I doing here.


    A commenter pointed out that China, too, has Empire Fever. They have every incentive to do so, especially since the practice of predatory capitalism has poisoned the poor soils, meager water, and air of their homeland.

    (I disagreed, wrongly, because I want to blame everything on J**s. But he was right, China is a power, and got there using J**ish-style business intelligence and greed while based in Arkansas under the Clintons.)

    Why mention China in a Brahmin thread?
    Because we really are in the unprecedented situation of a mixed-population, multipolar world. North America as heterogenous nation-states is gone.

    The Z’s looking far ahead of everyone else, here. Maybe we’ll begin to make sense of the new chessboard after all. This article gives me quite a bit of hope of that.
    Lead on, Zman!

  7. Interesting timing, Zman. My husband, myself, and my best friend were just discussing various things last night, among them dealing with pajeets (whether socially or as a client/customer). Consensus is that they are generally unpleasant, grasping, argumentative, and intrinsically alien people. For a long time there was only one pajeet working for my husband’s employers – a nice enough guy. I recall asking him years ago why he left New Jersey (I think that’s where he initially settled) for Texas. He said “Too many Indians in New Jersey.” Of course, so far as I can tell, he and his wife socialize mostly with other Indians here in Texas.

    I’ve been noticing a lot more non-hispanic brown guys at the gym – some look more Indian and others more Arab. What’s up with that? Do they all fancy themselves bodybuilders now that that ugly guy was featured artificially bulked up in a superhero movie? Ugh x 10000000.

    • I asked that, in very broken Spanglish, of a factory worker in Maryland. She said there were too many Mexicans in California!

      • 3g4me; Speaking of dealing with Dots regarding business, when I did construction years ago, I had to start WAY high with my price. The reason? They had to feel like they were beating you out of something.

        The result was they always paid top dollar.

  8. Aren’t all of these firms publicly traded corporations? So while Hindus are in management positions, what about the demographics of the actual stockholders?
    Kinda reminds me of how the main European families used Jews as tax collectors and finance people. Or, maybe true or not, how in India the various Patel’s were a sub-caste serving in the same capacity to the Brahmin elite.
    Also, it would be informative to find out what percentage of investors on Wall St. are large firms representing pension funds. Note the increase in perceived value of the main players in the new vax industry. I’ll bet that the major share holders are firms representing various public and private pension funds.

    • Good point. Using China, again, as a recent historical model- we need new models- they began their rise when CALPERS led the other states’ public employee pension pools to invest in Chinese “Red Chips”, state-owned enterprises, and the offshoring began.

      This brings up another aspect of the chessboard. The largest economic players are not corporations, but government sovereigns.

      Palo Alto, Westchester, heck even Haiti probably have larger budgets than the richest man on the planet.

      Yet, none of our economic models account for this. The governments don’t use general accounting, since they have no inventory to measure- yet they spend more, and have more de facto control and impact, than anyone else.

      Just one more factor to clarify in these muddy waters. Mud World certainly beckons- but I imagine high flyers like AOC will sort it all out, you betcha.

    • Worked for the Jews using America to destroy Israel’s Middle East enemies. If I were loyal to my homeland (India), I’d want to get the big kid on the block to go against India’s greatest adversary–China!

      • My thoughts: As far as I can tell, Z Man’s argument is to ask, “How do these guys pay their bills?” If you can’t answer this question, you are probably dealing with a fed.

        The tee are ess guys have a popular podcast behind a paywall, charging each listener $10/month. I imagine that this pays the salaries of the hosts. However, there are a half a dozen second tier hosts who seem to exist without employment. Perhaps this is the evidence. Not sure.

        In my judgment, this is the best evidence of federal involvement. Am I overlooking anything?

        • 10 bucks a month paid in money orders or crypto. Lots of moving parts involved here. Then you have to wait for them to sort it out and activate your account. Lots of moving parts. Now if their audience are people that swipe for guidance every time they get hungry or want to know which island we dropped the bomb on in 45. You have to wonder. I’m no expert on the volks in old Prussia . That said some of the claims they make, and I’m not talking about pizza ovens sound ridiculously uninformed. M.eggnog ( not voice activated mistake) stated a few weeks ago that people that collect ( invest) in Militaria from that Government, buy it so they can just throw it in the garbage because it’s bad. I would like to know where these garbage cans full of Rohm daggers are. When I was a kid there was a cartoon on tv called The Wacky Racers. I knew when I was watching it it was making me dumber. So I didn’t watch it much. It was mindlessly fun in short spurts. No harm. I get the same feeling when I find myself over at tee-dee-us for free content.when I hear the old ladies car pull up,off it goes. Especially if I’m looking for a little action. Feds have a very nice compensation program going as per the zero hedge piece.

    • The remarkable thing is the reaction. Desantis has come out and labeled it anti-white hate. Even the worthless cuck senator from Wisconsin is back-tracking. The cops were thoroughly shamed (kneelers). I think even the NJP guys have been taken aback by the impact. If they paid by the deep-state. Then bravo fbi, good work!

    • Nice! Antiwhtie must be on the tip of everyones tongue!

      Not blm terrorism, but antiwhite.It msut be antiwhte all day long

  9. It won’t stick. Back when the PUA stuff was going strong, one notable thing was the sheer volume of short Indian guys begging for the secret to seducing white women. Indian men who get into the elite will rapidly blend themselves into the white population. At the same time Indian women are extremely unlikeable, so it makes sense that they’d latch on to the woke stuff but that just means they’ll die as childless cat ladies.

    • There’s 1.5 billion + indians. Even if just the top 10% indian males married white women there would be no more white children in America. That’s not even counting the white men who marry indian or chinese women.

      They are by far the biggest problem to the white race. The smart solution would be to pull a Uganda. Since that will never happen, we better hope that the fertility rate of indians continues its severe nosedive, both here and in india.

      The promising news is that “Asian”-“American” Total Fertility Rate is 1.35, in India the TFR is now at 2 (but replacement level there is 2.2) and dropping fast. Indian TFR in Canada is around 1.3, in Singapore/Malaysia it’s 1.1. China is 1.3 and lower in other countries.

      Whites are maintaining between 1.5-1.6 just about everywhere across the globe. We had a big head start for low fertility rates but other countries are now dropping quickly.

    • Culture derives from genetics, not skin color. Materialism is false in all its forms: one group of humans cannot be transformed into another kind of group without fundamnetally destroying the nature of that group. Pajeets and Euros are not interchangeable.

      Breeding together does not result in your anticipated melding for the same reason that tossing lead into a gold smelter doesn’t get you more gold.
      You also have the timing off. By the 3rd generation of “melting potting,” the original un-melted will have done irreparable damage to our civilization. This is not a solution to the posed problem.

    • Many of us are disappointed by white women, yet even the wokest of them seem to be disgusted by most indian men.

      An interesting question: Can the indian men amass enough money and status such that woke white women will fVck them?

      We may be approaching a disgust barrier in woke white women that even wealth cannot overcome. On the other hand, woke white women do fVck blacks…

      • Woke white women, or woke anyone for that matter are unredeamable.
        Personally I have and will cut them out of my life completely.
        Don’t need or want their drama,
        Every one of them I’ve known are chaotic in their lives.
        None of them have ever gone hungry or had a callus from physical work. The devil makes work for idle hands. In that regard never known a third world person be afflicted by delusional wokeism, until they have been here for a while.

  10. This must be that biting rapier Gen-Z wit I hear so much about. Since most of you are on the left half of the bell curve due to crippling dysgenic cross-breeding for that past few decades I suppose this is probably near peak of cleverness.

    Rope yourself while there is still time, you have a life of misery awaiting you kid. (Not to mention you are very likely a mystery meat genetic soup nightmare like most of Gen Z)

  11. The cream of Indians make a decent managerial class. Will they assume control of the cultural heights? Inject moral degeneracy, and subversive ideologies into the culture. Maintain a strong tribal identity here in the new world for over a millennia. No, no and no. Z already taking flack for this from his right.
    “Race Borz, [11/30/2021 11:28 AM]
    [Forwarded from Marcel V. Reagan]
    But… but the Z-Man says our “Judeo-Puritan” ruling class is being pushed out of power by “Brahmans” from India… 🤔”

    • In my experience the best leaders are/have been:

      1. Old money WASPs. Clearly the best. Too many ways to list.

      2. Wealthy Cuban families (i.e. Spaniards in Americas). They were gracious and decent and quite elegant. Food was top notch. Women gorgeous.

      3a. Regular old white Americans, the types who run middle America towns and small cities.

      3b. Blue collar type Italians and Irish. Not going to win any MENSA awards, but solid if but culturally a bit limited. But neighborhoods were safe, and the people got jobs. Add in the Portuguese as well.

      4. Juice. They pretty much run my town, and I have to always make nice with them, and despite my ragging on them a lot in these pages I don’t mind them IRL as much as I despise them theoretically. I have to think about why I hate them IOW. I have to stew. But when out and about those feelings more or less dissipate.

      5. Mexicans, upper class. They’re all right. But nothing to write home about.

      6. Armenians. Not very bright and prone to criminality.

      7. Blacks. Corrupt as hell, can’t fix a water pipe. Egad.

      I have yet to see what Indian dot head leadership is like. Maybe I should be thankful for that, because going by our Canadian friends it sounds beyond awful.

    • Excellent points. The Indians aren’t us, and I don’t want them ruling us or even constituting a large minority of the population. That said, they are nowhere near as pernicious as the Hutus, Finkels and white AWs. Unlike those groups, subversion, perversion and transgression are not their game.

      • Are you an indian? Every comment you’ve made in thread is talking about how indians are ok (hey look a blaq). I guess we should just let the entire country in then.

  12. A post like this makes me want to stop being an outsider and try to wade back into the mess, see if I can do anything about it. Is it really that bad, or is morale that low?

  13. I know these people quite well, and let me tell you, they utterly lack vision. You can’t be a ruling class and have no vision. We already have that. These people only begin to dominate organizations in the cash-cow (no pun intended) to decline life cycle. When they ascend to these high positions it usually means you should dump your stock in the company. What these people really want, to survive on our side of the ocean, is a reconstructed “permit raj” that locks them into place. This is their mission, “Oh sorry Andrew Torba, you have a great business there but you didn’t get the now required FCC Social Media permit. You just don’t have those “hate speech” filters in place.” Indians, mark my words, lose money wherever they go. They have a broken, arrogant, insular and pantheistic culture that just doesn’t hack it in the modern world, which is why we should open a bottle of Champagne when India and Pakistan eventually nuke each other, despite the fallout. It will mean less raw sewage running through the streets. Satya Nadella can raid Steve Job’s wardrobe after he’s dead,,but he’s no Steve Jobs and never will be…who happened to be the son of an educated, connected Syrian.

    • Speaking of Gab, wow, that Nick Fuentes turned out to be a little bastard didn’t he. Clearly not all of his bank accounts are frozen, as the check from some Peter Thiel super-pac or similar org. appears to have cleared.

      • He’s having an existential crisis it seems because he no longer has the ability to reach out to lots of people without Twitter at his disposal, so he’s whining about how Gab sucks and the people on it are low IQ dolts and old foagies.

        But it brings up an interesting thing. These millennials I’ve noticed are obsessed with age. Namely, how they’re so young and everyone else is so old; ie. they’re the bee knees and everyone else is a frigging joke. And they get nasty about it. You see it with the boomer hatred.

        These millennials have some problems. I mean I get it on one hand, but they go way overboard. It’s very unbecoming. Not to mention they aren’t all that young anyway. They’re grown men — many upwards of 40 years old. I wish them the best, but their attitude has to change or else it’s nowhere but downhill.

        • The internet, for all its glories, has been a disaster for masculinity. Add to it ubiquitous porn and FPS gaming, it’s no surprise whatever latent piss-and-vinegar is dissipated.

          Millennials (and Z from my limited experience) talk so much they have the game figured out. All they need to do is cut the digital umbilical cord and work their other muscles— easier said than done, of course. They could be a formidable cohort with some work.

    • Don’t worry. I’m sure the “heal the world” people will jump ship soon and will give them vision.

      Gone soon will be the Jared Kushners marrying into East Coast Anglo elites. They will figure out the new game.

      I expect the future Administrator of my American Military Control District to be named something akin to Schlomo Horowitz-Serengapatam.

      • If only our blessed diversity, which is indubitably our strongest strength, could go strengthen India. India’s time has come, let us WTs give up the privilege of our diversity (Both dark and fellow-WT kinds) to the rising star of the subcontinent (either subcontinent, tbh)

  14. One thing not mentioned was that these pajeets did not achieve anything here on thier own. they were given tax breaks to acquire businesses, and the positions they possess now in major compnies they were given by jews. As much as i am an anti-semite, I realize jews made great contributions through intelligence and hard work, as well as being criminally inclined. The Indian so-called ruling class here did very little to create anything they have here, and seem fairly ham-fisted in ther approach to things. If the Jewish elite is truly being pushed to the side, then that is very good news for White people.

  15. Trump had a huge rally in the Astrodome a few years back with the pajeet Prime minister on an official visit. Enough ‘model immigrant’ signalling in that room to light up the whole lone star state. Reminded me of Bush playing up the evils of Arab profiling in the 2000 debates, knowing he would not hear a peep of disapproval from Gore.

    Last night, Tucker gushed over the newest proud citizen, a Turkish basketball player who sports anti-China messages on his shoes. At one point he even asked the guy if he has siblings, and if so ‘please tell them to come to the USA, we need more of you’.

    The civnat solution to blacks and browns hating on whites is to bring non-haters from non-white countries.

  16. Pingback: DYSPEPSIA GENERATION » Blog Archive » American Alawites

  17. “Look at the amazing job they have done with the Indian subcontinent”

    I hold my head in despair and laugh ruefully.

  18. I find the sudden vapors about the new nominal boss of twitter not respecting the spirit of the 1st amendment hard to take seriously since the old boss didn’t either. The new guy just articulated what has become official policy on the subject. I assume none of these tech oligarchs operate with independence, Dorsey looked like a captured pilot put in front of a camera to recite confessions by a ruthless enemy. I’m surprised he didn’t blink “kill me now” in morse code or something during his public appearances.

  19. One problem that the Brahmin elite is going to have is that they hate and deeply fear blacks. I had an Indian girlfriend who was conventionally liberal, but who actually trembled when she saw black people in an “uncontrolled” setting, or when a black guy talked to her. The current Judeo-Puritan elite sees blacks as mascots and pets, albeit somewhat dangerous. Will the new Pajeet elite be able to pull this off, or will their fear and loathing get the better of them? We’ll see..

    • Blacks are very docile when confronted with authority. Like children, they act out when there are no consequences for their actions. Right now they know that the more they whine and burn and loot, the more whitey will give them.

      A few chopped off hands from Indians would restore order quickly. Alot of Indians live around blacks in some areas of Toronto and they keep them mostly in line. Lots of black complaints of racism and discrimination from Indians in housing and employment there.

        • Just because they don’t like black people doesn’t mean they like white people either.

          Neither group is our people. Stop looking for allies from outside, start looking from within.

          • B125 I understand what you are saying but it is far more difficult for Whites to find in-group allies than any other race. No racial group on the planet has 50% of their members actively trying to exterminate the whole population like White people do. Also, White male law enforcement officers love,love,love interfering with White people trying to create organizations to protect their interests.

          • Look, Mac, I’ve been around Indians in significant numbers for the last 15 years or so, and they don’t hate whitey, certainly nowhere to the extent the Finkels and Hutus do. So, if it’s a matter of picking the flavor of our strychnine, it’s really no choice.

          • >they don’t hate whitey,

            yes they do

            >certainly nowhere to the extent the Finkels and Hutus do

            yes they do

    • Blacks are only about 13% of the US population; they have below replacement birthrates. I don’t see a reason why the new ruling class can’t hide away from them in Martha’s Vineyard just the same as the current ruling class does.

      • Blacks are basically irrelevant and they are part of Heritage America. They only use they currently have is as an object of worship for white liberals and an object of shame & white guilt for normal whites.

        They’ll keep voting Democrat because “Republicans is rayciss slave owners n sheet” while millions of Hispanics and Asians are imported. Kind of like how whites keep voting Republican to own the libturds.

        With their astounding abortion rate (over 50% in NYC) and changing demographics African Americans are doomed in the long term. Their fate is hitched alongside WASPs, J’s, and Native Americans and will go down with the Heritage American ship.

        • Numbers hardly tell the whole story. The “cultural” and aesthetic influence the Hutus exert is incalculable, and the entire country has essentially destroyed itself in an effort to civilize them. This has proved impossible, so the second phase, which is now coming to an end, is ruining white civilization. The only way negroes can be remotely equal to whites is in a Hobbesian state of nature. The mere presence of Hutus in the US proved to be sufficient to ruin it. Their stupidity, incompetence and criminality have actually been weapons against white civilization in the US.

      • It’s clear we need to construct more affordable housing on Martha’s Vineyard. Maybe build two or three high-rise Section 8 apartment dwellings with an ocean view of the wind farms. Secondly, we could ‘store’ some of the illegal immigrants there. An administrative judge could hold hearings on all of their asylum claims and process a couple of thousand a day. Plus, you know they would show up for their hearing unless they could swim real good.

    • The indians in south africa recently massacred blacks. Fear and violence are inextricably linked. One of the reason whites are in the shape we are in is because we had no real fear, or near competitors for a couple of generations. I’m of the opinion that the whites of south africa will prevail and that the blood will tell. Our elites are playing a very dangerous game. I’m out here with the bad whites and i can tell you they are getting angry/scared.

    • Probably it will be brown with brown and white with white

      Whites will be ruled by the current people, the Puritan Judeo alliance. And they can shift over the pahjeets as the most competent of the darkies to rule over the Mexicans, muzzles and blacks

      Maybe putting them in positions of power now is to get them the experience to run things so they can be moved over to a larger social role. That might be the plan. But we will see how it work or if infighting and backstabbing and incompetence destroys these wonderful plans.

      • I think you’re overdoing it on the 4D chess theory.

        They’re a group who easily outplayed the open minded and liberal whites in positions of power, and easily took advantage of the anti-white affirmative action policies designed to benefit Africans. Is it really that hard to do? Probably not.

        There’s also billions of them and they would work for free if it meant a chance to leave India.

        With the end of the Boomers comes the end of the West, at least as we know it. It’s basically that simple.

        • Maybe that’s what you see in the great white north with a relative imbalance of tribes, but down here in the desert climes of Tel Aviv West where many a juice and dot head live, you see a totally different dynamic.

          I’ll just cut to the chase. If you (rhetorically speaking) think the juice are scared or concerned or whatever with the Indians taking things over and closing them out, you are fooling yourself. And if you can’t see that Kamala was set up from the get go, then you aren’t experienced enough in this game of life and should sit back and learn.

          Yeah yeah you can say it’s 4d chess, but there ARE strategies being crafted and set into action. So what are they? Or do you have the opinion that there is no game plan other than get everyone into a free for all and just see what happens,and who’s left standing?

          Maybe you’re right. Maybe the Indians just say let her rip and let’s see what happens.

          • Falcone: I’m not certain I agree with you. The Subcons already chased a lot of the Juice out of the diamond business, here and particularly in Europe. Those Juice were/are Hasids, even more inbred and clannish than the secular Juice, but they really didn’t see the threat coming.

            The Juice in California may not be worried, particularly as they still rule all the media and not a lot of them were replaced when the Subcons took over the tech industry, but Subcons are only just starting to flex their political muscles. And in addition to constantly increasing numbers here, more become magic paper citizens every election cycle.

            The Juice have bet on a domestic alliance with the Han, via business deals and intermarriage – initially they had bet on China as welcoming them the way the US did more than a century ago. The Chinese made it clear they want no foreign masters so relations have cooled internationally, but in the US there is a definite if uneasy sharing of power.

            The Subcons seem to have the numbers and internal cohesion to mount a challenge rather than arrange an alliance. They may begin from a tech power center, but they match Juice for verbal facility utterly unhindered by Christian morality. And whereas the Han generally prefer to operate in the background in the US, the Subcons openly seek all sorts of political offices and media dominance. I think your confident Juice may be overconfident.

            How the GoodWhites will react I find more difficult to predict. As Citizen notes, the Subcons cannot pass as White and their anti-British colonial grievance game doesn’t carry a lot of weight here, even among lefties. Interesting times coming.

    • The same as it meant for American blacks: the new overlords will make an uneasy alliance with them, pitting them against an approved “other” (us) through a combination racial dog whistling and shame propaganda from the media. The end result will be that the ruling class gets the power while their allies get some relatively minor government handouts and you end up a hated, oppressed class beneath contempt.

      >Hollywood will recast the events after 9/11 as a racial pogrom against Muslims by evil White Caucasians through countless movies while the government hypocritically wages war against Muslim countries — new boss, old hat — while maybe also picking a fight with the Chinese in order to “make the world safe for Ind — er, democracy.”

      Example: I can already see the beginning of this process with the ascendancy of Indian writers. The newest Dr. Who iteration, for example, had an episode where the multicultural gang from Indio-Britain travel to racist Alabama and witness the heroic struggle of Rosa Parks against evil Whitey racist. The subtext of the episode: Indians, liberal Whites, and blacks should form an alliance against us — racist prole Whites.

      Maybe we’ll one day get an Indian version of Mississippi Burning where a brave first generation Indian man — his parents shamelessly immigrated against their will into this country by White supremacists — fights for oppressed Muslims against a crowd of racist Christians? We’ll then go on to invade Pakistan after its release in order to fight racism, LOL. Expect far more of that in the future as America is taken over by people who share nothing in common with us.

      >Muslims will get more token cultural recognition through holidays and history months while our history and holidays are sidelined or recast as “racist” (check out the new Seth Rogan Christmas movie as an example).

      >Muslims will still live in ghettos while the new overlords live in exclusive resort villas … and we’ll get the blame for this disparity — probably the result of “Christian Supremacy” or “White Privilege” or something else hateful and wrong. ETC.

      Worst case scenario: the whole time we’ll fail to fight back effectively due to poison pills sabotaging the effort through fantasies of “taking back America” or “making America great again.” We can’t, of course. That America is long gone and isn’t coming back; it’s the people who make the country and now America is a totally different country. We’d be better off getting a National Divorce from these people before they can do any more damage. Personally, I’d rather live in my own nation as a celebrated majority than merely exist in a country where I’m a hated minority, oppressed and relentlessly exploited. We all know where that eventually ends.

      • First, bravo.


        “The newest Dr. Who iteration, for example, had an episode where the multicultural gang from Indio-Britain travel to racist Alabama and witness the heroic struggle of Rosa Parks against evil Whitey racist. The subtext of the episode: Indians, liberal Whites, and blacks should form an alliance against us — racist prole Whites.”

        That’s so hilarious it could happen. If you think about it, the Chosen did this quite a bit and had a good run with it. Now, of course, the low IQ Black weaponry really doesn’t/can’t make the distinctions between Schlomo and Bob. For a particularly side-splitting example of the good ol’ days of pop culture with the Chosen as heroes, watch THE FRISCO KID.

        It’s probably too late now, but destroying the poisoned pop culture should have been done by at least ’70.

  20. Why on earth would any sane and sensible dissident want the American empire to stabilize? The sooner and more thoroughly it implodes, the better for all of us. We will use the subsequent anarchy to form our own state largely free of all non-white and anti-white groups.

    • Could be that a rising tide of pahjeets is exactly that, a means to destroy this shithole system from within.

      These Juice and dot heads are going to be clawing each other’s eyes out by next week

      The old puritan class definitely stands to benefit and could be rid of the juice once and for all, which I know they want. This is a very uneasy alliance, and yes you might get white trash like Hillary’s daughter to marry a juice, or the man with the double-wide ass known as Trump, but good and rich and decent old money families aren’t going to exactly want that. They have a sense of the future. They want their lineage being pure in blood. I.e. white.

      Hey, if all of this means we get back to something of a ruling WASP scenario, I’ll take it. But maybe this all too fanciful to be true, but maybe not. God Save the Queen. I’d rather be saying that as long as she’s a white woman. Now we just have to get rid of Meghan.

  21. Anyone been to a truck stop in the flyover states lately? The corn dogs, sloppy joe’s, and biscuits and gravy have given way to atta, pigeon peas, mung beans, and dal. I could see this coming from a mile away years ago. You couldn’t drag me into a seven eleven or a double tree. The nice thing about the rona is I’ve had time to think about dining as a concept. Not only do I not want to tip some looser who brings me cold food, and can’t keep the coffee coming, I’m not a big fan of the little brown men in the back cooking the food and washing the dishes under the table, no pun intended, while I pay for their medical bills and substandard education their rotten kids are getting while eating 3 meals a day at the school. HEY YOU KIDS, GET OFF MY LAWN….I know…

  22. I’d love to know Zman’s opinion of the question of America’s nukes when everything goes belly up. The collapse of empires is almost always accompanied by warfare.

    We’ve already recently witnessed the collision of two US naval ships due to the decline, a sub hitting an underground ‘mountain’ and a recent bridge collapse.

    I’m genuinely concerned that we could be in danger of a Dr. Strangelove scenario playing out. That would even doom us on the other side of the Atlantic.

    • There are a lot of questions surrounding the viability of the tritium triggers in US nukes and the US’ ongoing ability to produce new tritium to refresh those triggers.

    • we will never nuke anybody. gen milley and others like him would never allow that order to be followed. the elites throughout th world have their security to think of . nuke are the only thing that could really get then, and they will never let that get started . Who know if they really exist any more? probably not. remember the military is a Bureaucracy, and as they age , any action becomes harder and harder to take. my guess , the red tape and procedural issues with any launch make it impossible .

  23. I used to think that cities like the bay area or seattle were the future of this country as opposed to somewhere like Las Vegas or Houston (whose economy is more based on hospitality/construction jobs that employ NAMs). I’m not a fan of the latter either but the events of the past few years have convinced me that the former is in bigger trouble. The only indian I’ll make an exception for is Jay Bhattacharya.

  24. The Indians are going to have a far harder time ruling both the Whites and the coalition of the fringes.

    Chinese in China and Eastern Asia hate Indians when they have had to deal with them. Thais have a saying that if you have a stick and come across an Indian and a snake first hit the Indian.

    Male Whites and married White women (single women will do what they are told by the media) have an easy time accepting anti white hate from members of the tribe because the greatest taboo in America is anti Semitism and they can pretend that the tribe members who hate them are just fellow whites not aliens. The Indians have neither of those luxuries.

    I still think that much of the future of the US will depend on how the battle for control of the country goes between the tribe, Indians and Chinese. Only the tribe can count on unconditional support from nearly all Whites

  25. This is an incorrect analogy.

    Alawites are a religious group. Ethnic Turks and Kurds also adhere to this sect. It is NOT a racial group.

    Racially and ethnically, Alawites are as much Arab speaking Levantines as the majority Sunnis are.

    To draw an appropriate analogy with the anti-White situation in the USA, see the minority Chosenite brutalization of the Palestinian Arabs [both Muslims and Christians].

    • Do Alawites intermarry with Muslims? If not, it seems that they would become a de facto ethnic group over time.

      (I’m just asking. I don’t know anything about the Alawites.)

      • “Do Alawites intermarry with Muslims?”

        I assume you meant ‘Do Alawites intermarry with Sunnis?’

        I have not study this particular subject in depth. But I think even if there is a lack of intermarriage between Alawites and Sunnis, yet, it will not prove ethnic/racial separation between the two groups.

        Catholic Austrians and Lutherans of Northern Germany have sectarian/theological differences, however, still, they are both Germans.

        By the way, President Bashar Al Assad’s wife, Asma, is a Sunni Arab.

      • I know a lad who lived in the Lebanon for years, one time he got an invite to a wedding, it was a Muslim getting married to a Christian, at some point he said to someone beside him, “isn’t it nice to see Muslims and Christians getting along and even getting married, the guy beside him laughed and said, “both of them are Alawites”

  26. The problem with India is that they’ve had Aadhaar, a national biometric digital ID system for several years now.

    If your info isn’t up to date or there is an account error you can just starve to death:

    Think of it as the Indiabros’ version of the Chinabros’ social credit system.

    • Look at Canada, the Chinese buying up the west coast and the Pajeets making big inroads to power in Ottawa.
      Turban heads in a lot of official photos.

      • One of the major Canadian parties, the NDP, has been lead by Indians for several years now. Jagmeet Singh takes every opportunity to show everybody how much more progressive he is than Turdeau. And Canadian soys dig it.

      • There appears to be a complete moral collapse among white leaders. They just hand over everything to (mostly Asian) aliens who make them feel good. It’s like their gas tank ran out of gas and they just gave up. How or why this happened, not too sure – but a large number of white liberals actually believe what they’re saying. And it’s not just the J’s doing this either. Maybe over time the conservatives and sober minded thinkers were weeded out. I’ve seen white liberals in corporations just hand everything over to non whites, for no reason.

        I’ve seen it in churches too. Somehow the Anglo leaders get convinced to have a Spanish service and a Hispanic night. Suddenly the church is all Spanish people. Nobody with the balls or common sense to simply say “no, this is an English speaking church”.

        We’re on a crazy boat and just about every white person with any kind of influence has caught the crazy flu. It is quite unfortunate but there’s not much somebody like me can do, at least directly. Civilizational suicide. The question is, who are the survivors and what will we do moving forward?

        • B125 check out Raging Dissident. He does some livestream/podcast rage sessions that, while laced with profanities, maintain a positive and IRL action orientation – and pretty good bumper music to boot. Former military guy, funny and light-hearted but also dead-on with the task at hand. Could be a good group to tie into for some meatspace connections. Long live Diagolon!

    • Subcons to brits are like joggers to Americans. Brits inability to deal with the reality of subcons does not make the crossing to a comparison to the US dealing with subcons.

  27. It took them a long time to reach even the current level of culture, and GDP per capita remains at 3d world levels…So they remain parasites who promote their friends and family in the top two castes at the expense of everyone else…

    • I worked with a guy in upstate NY in the IT field who complained he couldn’t get hired in Philadelphia (where his family was) because all the Indians only hired each other. And, this guy was from Bangladesh. By the way, he knew very little about anything, his “degree” was highly suspect in my opinion

  28. I think from a perspective of actual political and social capital for Whites we are somewhere near the event horizon now. That whole “slowly then all at once” meme is a real thing and we are VERY near the latter.

    Citizen of a SC outlined the divide pretty well. The top brass sh!tlibs the Dorseys, Zucks, Gates, etc. are so removed from reality that they gladly replace themselves with sweet talking sub-continentals with honeyed lips. That hustle that Z described is pervasive in nearly all of tech now after decades of outsourcing and importing that sweet sweet H1B Slave labor. These people are nothing if not patient. They recognized that it may take decades but they’d all eventually grab the brass ring and that is happening very quickly now that the richest and most powerful whites have been totally brainwashed and/or beaten into total submission.

    I can name a dozen tech adjacent industries that as Z pointed out look like you just walked off a plane in Bangalore if you were to see their upper and middle management. The truly valuable whiteys are kept around and a few may even advance but anyone that can be replaced by a poo or pajeet will be replaced. None of this is new BTW. This rear guard action has been going on since at least the early 00s and so like all these other trends nobody saw because they were too busy grilling and chasing the American Dream they are all now waking up to see that the tech sector has been terraformed into Curry Land.

    Go to any DC government contract and you will see the same pattern too. Blacks who have no true skills in charge but keeping themselves afloat through the river of dirty money, cronyism, and corruption that runs through Sodom on Potomac. They are surrounded by an army of pajeets who do the actual work as the blacks are incapable by and large and are just sitting on the gibs pile while the curry coolies slave away at it. Simple as.

    So you have a couple different paradigms depending on the part of the country but one consistent theme no matter what: “No Country for White Men”.

    • I worked with a guy in upstate NY in the IT field who complained he couldn’t get hired in Philadelphia (where his family was) because all the Indians only hired each other. And, this guy was from Bangladesh. By the way, he knew very little about anything, his “degree” was highly suspect in my opinion

  29. Would be really interesting to know what’s going on behind the scenes. Obviously CEO selections of F500 companies are not circles that most of us are moving in. Is the board mostly Jewish, or mostly Indians? How did so many Indians get into Silicon Valley so fast, when even 10 years ago it seemed unheard of? Are the J’s being replaced, or are they replacing themselves on purpose? How much more influence do Indians have in politics in general that we do not see? That election steal for Biden was pretty 3rd world.

    There’s also the East Asian question. While I don’t feel any sympathy for them as they are not my people, it still raises many questions. Why are East Asians getting screwed over in promotions? Are the Indians so entrenched in Silicon Valley than Asians can no longer move up? How is this going to affect the millions of Asian kids who cram for STEM and get great grades and go to good schools? How is this going to affect East Asian immigration? Probably a good thing for China to not have its smart people moving to the US.

    As a Canadian I’m extremely weary of any kind of Indian, we have them in large numbers up here. They have a weird thing going on – high caste entitlement, yet darker skin relative to white people means they get bitter and confused. High salary, yet no dates makes them sexually frustrated. Big inferiority complex, and as their numbers grow the Canadian-born ones actually feel *more* isolated and insecure. They never feel Canadian but are also totally foreign in India.

    To quote Whiskey, they hate, hate, hate white people. They hate us for having fairer skin. They hate white women for not dating them. They hate us because deep down every Indian woman wants a white man and whore themselves out to us. They hate us because England colonized them (yes including you, they hate ALL white people for that). They hate working class white people for not being dirt poor and knowing their place.

    They’ll lie to your face to make you believe that they’re on your side, no matter what your side is. Great at fooling white people – and that’s why my policy is do not trust any person with brown skin regardless of what they say. Probe a little deeper and it’s always the same story. Resentful and bitter, no matter how rich or successful they are personally. I fear this is a bad sign for Americans.

    • “I fear this is a bad sign for Americans.”

      We are the stupidly nice white people who have never had to live in a civilization where people routinely wear different personality masks as a function of with whom they are interacting. (low trust) Until we can regain our homelands free of the diversity, we must become like them to some extent.

      • Horace, I was working for a living. I didn’t ask some smallhat to dump these shitheads on my front lawn. They just did it They own my politicians, fine, They control the money, or lack thereof, fine. They own the media, fine. My ancestors put heads on stakes, made necklaces of heads for their horses. This is just beginning….you try to pull off a genocide, all bets are off, we’re comming for you motherfuckers with a vengance.

    • To B125, I try for some answers based on my experience.

      1. “Is the board mostly Jewish, or mostly Indians?” Jews are over represented of course, but boards most strongly reflect the interests of the significant owners, which are very often founders. Founders often are also retiring out of the top corporate positions and know the company’s business best, so their voice is most influential in naming successor. Founders like Gates and Jack are likely key in appointing their Indian replacements.

      2. “How did so many Indians get into Silicon Valley so fast, when even 10 years ago it seemed unheard of?” Big increase in Indian tech presence coincided with advent of H1B visa via legislation in US in 1990. Very often the early H1B immigrants to US from India were graduates of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), which was an elite undergraduate university system in India. IIT grads would complete undergrad in India then come to US for graduate school (MS, PhD) and get tech jobs or management consulting jobs after. I’ve discussed this here before, but IIT exam was selective enough that it offered imprimatur of smartest guys in India for their given graduation year. Very, very helpful for grad school admission and subsequent corporate hiring. The IIT grads have an excellent skill mix for corporate positions: elite STEM background via IIT, fluency in english (E Asians don’t), often management consulting experience, typically less asperger-type behavior than the white and asian kids that go into US tech.

      3. “Are the J’s being replaced, or are they replacing themselves on purpose?” This might sound a little crazy, but I think the preponderance of Indians moving into CEO tech jobs are doing jobs that the J’s, whites, East Asians, aren’t as eager to do themselves. Talented natives basically leaning out of these legacy corporate positions.

      4. “How much more influence do Indians have in politics in general that we do not see?” Indian CEOs, not much IMO. Their kids, quite alot. Kids go to ivies and, if they don’t go into tech end up drifting into law and policy stuff, see for instance: Saikat Chakrabarti and Justice Democrats. Basically kids have freedom to make employment decisions for reasons other than money, which means some of them go into politics and cause trouble for us.

      5. Abbreviating your second paragraph to “what about E. Asian kids”? IMO, E. Asians – even one’s born in the US – don’t have the language skills and comfort with interpersonal communication to do well in US-style management positions. So they don’t end up as often in management positions, and similarly don’t get involved in politics as much. Its just less comfortable for them. I might be wrong about this, but I also feel that E Asians have less of total war mindset about politics. They vote their own interest of course, but aren’t necessarily nation wreckers in the same way that Indians can be. Indians in politics, like the Js, really see things with a who/whom mindset (maybe relating to caste somehow) which make them formidable enemies to foundational americans. For whatever reason, I see this less with E. Asians (excepting, perhaps, some Ivey-league Koreans). Idk, if these observations make much sense. I would note that when E Asians ascend to a leadership position at a tech company, they are much more likely to want to surround themselves with people like them (other E Asians) to buttress weaknesses in interpersonal skills and leadership. For similar reasons, they might be attracted to starting tech company in China rather than US.

  30. There’s a big difference. And I think it’s critical.

    the Juice, to a large extent, could “pass” as fellow whites, and that fact alone allowed them to sneak into the halls of power before Joe Six Pack could figure out what the hell had happened.

    They also owned Hollywood, many had a history of being patriotic Americans, they were quite creative despite the tendency toward schmalz, and to their credit may have been cheap bastids but they always paid you on time. And we can’t forget the Holocaust without which none of it would have been possible most likely.

    These Indians are being set up to crash and burn. They can’t hide. They are easy to spot. No one likes them or their stupid accents. They stink. They’re arrogant without having the slightest bit of grace or style. And they’re a good deal less intelligent and savvy as the juice. And I don’t think they’re exactly intimidating, they’re kind of comical and clumsy and dorkish.

    And they have no Holo——. They are the equivalent of the Japanese in the 1980s who we let in to buy up all of our trophy properties only to be outfoxed and having to sell them back to us at pennies on the dollar.

    I think we all have a very good chance at toppling these people despite their strengths and clannishness. Or more likely, they are being set up for failure, and then the Puritan and Juice can be done with them as permanently tainted product that no one is ever going to buy again. Just like Kamala. They didn’t see that coming did they? But I did, and probably every white sensed they were setting her up. It was schoolyard tactics I could see a mile away, but these brown dumbasses didn’t see it? Ha. Stupid people.

    Confucius was heard whispering one day, that God no make great people the color of dung.

  31. India is so amazing their most sacred river is filled with sewage and dead bodies.

    No thanks.

    • But the green curry is fabulous…
      Oh, wait, that’s Thai food. Nevermind. So you were saying that Kamala’s a whore and they worship an elephant god? Savages, positively savages.

  32. “If we take a quick inventory of the big tech firms, we see that Google is now ruled by Sundar Pichai. Microsoft is now ruled by a person named Satya Nadella.”

    Hardly “rule”. Manage would be more accurate. Who really rules anything? Those that own it. Who owns the majority of stock in almost everything? Investment companies, like Black Rock, Vanguard, and Safe Street. Now, when you look at who owns those companies, you see that the “Judeo-Puritan” elite still own everything. Why do they use dot heads? The same reason you see them using predominately black people in advertising, television, and movies. You need to get the White sheeple used to being on the low rung of the totem pole and accepting “diversity” as a natural way of life. Plus, Betty Jo will then accept Rajneesh’s sperm and crank out some mongrels.

    • I’ve been noticing couples like the one in your last sentence for the last several years.

      I think this is a product of the modern university system.

  33. This is the one of the most critical concepts for Whites to understand right now: we need to change how we view ourselves as a race in a nation where we are quickly approaching minority status and living as a one minority among a bunch of other minority groups that resent, envy and hate us.

    • Putting the Indians up there is going to make our whiteness into something it could never be among the juice.

      The Juice for all the negatives did in fact make sense in the context of our empire. Everything lined up in their favor, they could blend in, and they had the Holocaust, With the juice it was hard, apparently next to impossible given history, to gin up and rally around an Us vs Them.

      Indians can’t blend in. Ganging up on them is going to come very naturally.

      And the Juice have to know this. Again, why I say they are being set up. I mean look at Kamala. She is being slapped around and outfoxed by an old demented Irishman. If this were a boxing match it would have been called already. And no one in Silicon Valley saw it coming? Really? That’s pretty sad.

      • It is not going to be the pakis running the show, it never was, although they will have major influence. The ruling class of cosmopolitan White court mandarins, Jews and some South and East Asians will be in charge with a bunch of black and brown figureheads in positions of minor influence.

  34. The analogy is incorrect.

    Alawite is NOT a racial group. It is a religious category. There are ethnic Turks and Kurds who also adhere to this sect.

    On the racial and ethnic levels, the Syrian population is homogenous. It’s almost 90% Levantine. The fissures are sectarian and theological.

    Lastly, it has been a successful partnership under the banner of Arab Nationalism between Alawites and Sunnis who are both Arabic-speaking Levantines.

    To draw a more appropriate parallel with the current anti-White situation in America, see the Ashkenazi Jewish elite brutalizing the Palestinian Arabs [both Muslim and Christian].

  35. I once attended an event where there was a native Indian dance troupe all decked out in their feathered finery. As soon as they started their chanting and dancing, a Pajeet family on the bleachers two rows down from us started laughing. The whites around them were palpably uncomfortable (‘they are rude but maybe it’s racist if we admonish them?’). What to do, what to do?

    One of the more benign effects of the diversity cause. And amusing, to me and my kids at least.

    • Whites really are the only race on the planet that has made so much effort (well, any effort) to be accommodating to other races. No other race gives the slightest shit about anyone else.

      • And what did we learn from this?

        No offence, but there’s no point complaining that white people are nicer than all the other races. It’s true, but so what? They don’t care.

        Just like they will never be ‘grateful’ for being allowed to live with white people. The “hard working, grateful, and compliant” taxi driver or taco shop owner was something that never really existed except in the minds of white people who were certain that underneath every brown person was an Anglo Saxon waiting to jump out.

      • We would do well to unlearn that at a faster pace.

        I suspect as the empire implodes and the attempts at civic nationalism get subverted by CRT this will happen but it can’t happen fast enough.

  36. Would be really interesting to know what’s going on behind the scenes. Obviously CEO selections of F500 companies are not circles that most of us are moving in. Is the board mostly Jewish, or mostly Indians? How did so many Indians get into Silicon Valley so fast, when even 10 years ago it seemed unheard of? Are the Jews being replaced, or are they replacing themselves on purpose? How much more influence do Indians have in politics in general that we do not see? That election steal for Biden was pretty 3rd world.

    There’s also the East Asian question. While I don’t feel any sympathy for them as they are not my people, it still raises many questions. Why are East Asians getting screwed over in promotions? Are the Indians so entrenched in Silicon Valley than Asians can no longer move up? How is this going to affect the millions of Asian kids who cram for STEM and get great grades and go to good schools? How is this going to affect East Asian immigration? Probably a good thing for China to not have its smart people moving to the US.

    As a Canadian I’m extremely weary of any kind of Indian, we have them in large numbers up here. They have a weird thing going on – high caste entitlement, yet darker skin relative to white people means they get bitter and confused. High salary, yet no dates makes them sexually frustrated. Big inferiority complex, and as their numbers grow the Canadian-born ones actually feel *more* isolated and insecure. They never feel Canadian but are also totally foreign in India.

    To quote Whiskey, they hate, hate, hate white people. They hate us for having fairer skin. They hate white women for not dating them. They hate us because deep down every Indian woman wants a white man and whore themselves out to us. They hate us because England colonized them (yes including you, they hate ALL white people for that). They hate working class white people for not being dirt poor and knowing their place.

    They’ll lie to your face to make you believe that they’re on your side, no matter what your side is. Great at fooling white people – and that’s why my policy is do not trust any person with brown skin regardless of what they say. Probe a little deeper and it’s always the same story. Resentful and bitter, no matter how rich or successful they are personally.

  37. “Actual Americans will notice that they cannot pronounce the names of their new rulers.”

    It’s not just normal Americans, but liberal whites. I live in the belly of the beast – Northern Virginia. As Z likes to say, I’ve seen the Brahman future. Everything Z says about them is true, but they have an Achilles Heal.

    What I noticed early on was that liberal whites don’t like being lectured to by Indians and NE Asians about how terrible whites are. (Normal whites don’t like anyone lecturing to them.)

    It’s hard to explain, but when blacks and shape-shifters pretending to be white lecture liberal whites about the evils of white racism, libs embrace it, sometimes assuming that they’re not talking about them specifically while other times it’s a religious feeling of repentance.

    Liberal whites don’t seem to get the same vibe when an Indian or Asian starts bitching about white racism. You can literally see it in the faces of liberal whites. First, Indians and Asians aren’t very good at playing off Goodwhites and Badwhites. Indians and Asians just don’t get the history of the United States and the various regional divides . . . because they don’t fucking care. As a result, they don’t throw little bones to liberal whites, and those whites notice.

    Second, liberal whites notice that little Sanjay or Peggy Wang are crushing their kids at school. (The shape-shifters used to do that too, but they pretended to be whites so libs didn’t notice as much.) They’re also noticing that Sanjay and Peggy’s parents are moving up the corporate and political ladder. They’re an actual threat.

    Finally, liberal whites – if it they can’t admit even to themselves – are tribal. They notice that these person bitching at them about white racism is both non-white and taking over.

    Now, I’ll also admit that in NoVa, the very top whites are fine with all of this because they assume that they (and they’re kids) can compete against anyone in the world – and they’re probably right. But lower level managerial-class whites are not liking what they see with Indians and Asians.

    That’s a very different situation that what we’ve seen in the past.

    • I have worked with these Brahmans and even have them for neighbors…They are so nepotistic that they make Jews look like egalitarians…Microsoft let Indians take over HR, and it didn’t take long for them to control the whole company..But they don’t have a lot of interpersonal skills, because they don’t need them in India, which they have ruled for millennia…

      • Exactly. They’re just not a subtle people. They suck up to bosses without shame or nuance, but they also do opposite when they pull the white racism crap. That’s why liberal whites don’t like it.

        The Tribe was much smarter about the message. Brahmans are basically low-rent small hats. But they are hungrier than the Tribe, which has lost a lost of drive, at least among the younger generation.

        The Brahmans against the Tribe will be THE show of the next decade or two. The Tribe is smarter and more nuanced (yeah, hard to believe) but the Brahmans have numbers and drive.

    • > Now, I’ll also admit that in NoVa, the very top whites are fine with all of this because they assume that they (and they’re kids) can compete against anyone in the world – and they’re probably right.

      They’re very, very wrong. While I’m sure their base IQ is high, their entire education is based around anti-knowledge that will make them get rolled by people with maybe slightly less IQ but far higher practical grit.

      Doesn’t matter to me, as these No. Virginia elites, white or not, are not *my* people. At least now it will be visually obvious we are ruled by foreigners.

      • I’m talking more about the brainy, technical class – doctors, scientists, economists, IT guys, etc. They’re not running the show, just supporting it a very high level.

        Those types are always needed and, generally, well paid. They may have a new boss with a darker hue, but they’ll still get to live in their nice area and send their kids to safe schools.

  38. Man, I can be slow on the uptake. This explains several things:

    1. The sudden Uniparty hostility toward China.

    2. The sudden Uniparty tamping down the psychotic rage against Russia, a historic Indian ally.

    Hmm…what’s next? Dropping the “ally” Pakistan?

  39. The Indian computer culture is far different than white culture when in comes to tech. The renegade push-to-the-limit and beyond visions of the Stallmans, Carmacks, and Buterins simply does not exist. While competent, they’re far too clannish and conservative to really bring strong innovations to the field.

    Then again, we are entering the consolidation phase of tech, where the fun, free-wheeling adventure of worlds unexplored is now being consolidated in service of our oligarchs, who will ensure it becomes homogenized, sterile, and subservient to their needs. You’re seeing this now in using blockchain technologies, once thought the impetus to infinite freedom, now being used to implement social credit systems.

    We’re entering no country for white nerds.

    • My wife spent her last working years dealing with Indians in corporate America, as a consultant, up until a few months ago. My impression after listening to her complaints about Indians:
      1) Some small percentage of Indians were quite competent. These she had no trouble working with.
      2) The rest were worthless bums, little better than chair-warmers. They remained on the job because the corporate leaders (which were increasingly Indian) were probably taking bribes from the Indian head-hunter firms.
      3) The clannishness is out of this world. White managers were fired for no reason, other than to install an Indian in that position.The whites in the company were all leftists, originally, but they must by now have figured out they are being squeezed out by the Indians.

      I too worked in the computer industry, and have worked with Indians (long ago now). I thought they were competent and not hard to work with but at that time they were not climbing the corporate ladder. The software engineers were a mix that included women and Indians and even a few Muslims. The hardware engineers were all straight, mostly conservative white men.

  40. Ok, I’ll bite: The Brahmans really DID do an amazing job with the Subcontinent. Old India hands were sure there wouldn’t be a rupee or a virgin left between Peshawar and Goa five minutes after they left, and they were right…. for a time. But here are some stats for perspective: There are ten, count ’em, TEN, official languages in India, and dozens more unofficial ones that would be big enough to be official in any place with less than a billion people. Religiously, there are huge divisions within Hinduism, and they all hate each other. There are Muslim-majority states, and Muslims are a large minority in most of the others, and Muslims hate everybody. Christians are a minority by Indian standards, but there’s still nearly 30 million of them. Sikhs are just below that, and they have a warrior tradition second to none…

    There’s insane physical diversity, too. The area around Delhi looks like Georgia; the area around Bombay looks like Saigon, the area around Simla looks like the freakin’ Alps, complete with Swiss-style architecture, because that was the old Imperial summer capital and the British couldn’t figure out what to do with an area that looks like Bavaria, except trying to turn it into Bavaria. Goa is your standard south Pacific trash resort town; Jaipur is in a desert, straight out of the Arabian Nights.

    All this, on top of the “princely states” administrative structure the British never really tried all that hard to get rid of, and India should’ve collapsed into endless anarchy the minute the last Briton boarded the last plane. They try to knock off their prime ministers so often, it has its own wiki page.

    And yet, it’s a strong regional power and getting stronger (and yeah, I know all about jugaad, but I’d take the Indian Army over the Fightin’ Flamers of the “American” 45th Mechanized Hairdresser Battalion any day of the week).

    That’s a bang up job in my book. I don’t want to be ruled by them, either, but credit where it’s due.

    • During trip to Bangalore, couldn’t help but notice many of the people buying in the rich district were several tones lighter than the general population.

      • I saw that too in london.

        I think in America we must get the lowest or lower castes. We get the garbage to be crude about it.

        When I was in london with my bachelor friend we were just going around to singles scene places. There was this beautiful girl and I thought maybe she was Spanish or Portuguese or possibly Italian, Mediterranean looking. Fine features and creamy tan skin. Beautiful big but not gargantuan eyes. Yep, turns out she was from India. In my own way I told her I was surprised, because the Indians we see in America are quite ugly. And yeah, it was a caste thing. The upper castes have lot of very pretty women who don’t look like the women wearing sacks and running motels here. At all.

        • Go have a look at the most popular female Indian Bollywood stars, pop singers, and models.

          Should be pretty obvious.

    • They largely kept the British system.If you ever read Nehru he frequently refers to their “British” system. India is a common-law country.

      Are you an Indian?
      You seem to have a higher regard for Indians than Europeans.

      The architectural style in Simla is mostly British. Britain is in northern Europe so maybe the styles would appear similar to that of Switzerland or Bayern to someone who hails from the US.

      • Am I an Indian? Nah, brah, I’m one of (((them))). Isn’t everyone, who says true things you don’t want to hear?

        Or a Fed. Or a (((Fed))). Take your pick.

    • It took them a long time to reach even the current level of culture, and GDP per capita remains at 3d world levels…So they remain parasites who promote their friends and family in the top two castes at the expense of everyone else…

      • Pyrrhus: their GDP per capita would matter if GDP weren’t a joke with faker numbers than covid reports. Also, in-group preference is natural, sane, and moral. Of course they promote their own, they are not mentally deranged and suicidal.

      • Tribalism is always the right thing. Given outsiders any leeway is a great way to ends up in a bad way.

        Its how we got here after all.

        Clannishness , nepotism, ethnocentrism are good in a world with limits.

    • My thoughts, exactly.

      China and India have been around for thousands of years. Nepotism, a formalized caste system, an a nod towards meritocracy (within limits) are just pieces of the puzzle.

      They may not be Civilizations I want to be a part of, but they’ll be around long after the US and Western civ is just a footnote in the history books.

      • Unlike China, though, which has always been Chinese (even the Mongols were Chinese in a generation or two, the ostentatious “Manchu” stuff notwithstanding), “India” only became India in the later 19th century, after the Mutiny. Which is why it bears close study.

        Even if we stipulate that the system the British installed worked perfectly, was totally uniform, etc. — none of that is true, but let’s suppose — even then, you’ve got a totally alien system being operated by no more than 200,000 Whites at all levels. I don’t recall the exact number offhand, but the point is, it was a TINY number relative to population. Their support staff, too, was tiny — again I don’t recall the exact numbers, but even if we grant that the “Babu” caste outnumbered the Whites 10:1. we’re talking 2 million of them, tops. In a huge country that is massively diverse in every conceivable way — geographically, linguistically, religiously, culturally…

        Take away the Whites, and the natives still managed to make the system work, despite “Indianizing” it in all the obvious ways. That’s the baseline for prognosticating how it might go in AINO. Can the Brahmin “talented tenth” make it go? They seem to be able to pull it off back home, to the point where if I had to live in the Third World — and I think we all agree that AINO will be a Third World country here before too long — India would be near the top of my list.

        Compare and contrast an analogous country with a different gene pool. Nigeria comes to mind. They became independent in 1960 — meaning, the British had all the lessons from the dissolution of the Raj to apply, if they chose to. Nigeria is also a much smaller country, but much richer in natural resources (in oil, anyway, which is the one that counts). I’m much less familiar with late-colonial and post-colonial Nigeria than I am with India, but I do know that Nigeria is full of Nigerians, which is why it’s Nigeria. Africa wins again.

        The question then becomes, are the “American” babus the same ones from back home, or are they on the fatter part of the bell curve? Place your bets accordingly. For all the folks in Our Thing think AINO will end up being Brasil del Norte (lord knows I’ve made that joke enough myself), becoming India Jr. is the likelier bet. Which sucks, but… there it is.

    • Something to ponder though, and I think you may have even mentioned it yourself at some point, that the Brits did the Indians a favor by carving off Pakistan/Bangladesh as not doing that would have probably meant that the “border” for Afghanistan would have stretched to the Indian Ocean

      • Via the intermediate stage of “West Pakistan,” which is always a good thing to remember when our Anglophilia really gets raging.

        For those who haven’t, I’d suggest reading up on Partition. That’s pretty much your best “nonviolent” physical separation scenario, right there.

        • Do you know what the thesis of your comic book would be?

          Although no one asked, if I wrote a book then the thesois would be the primacy of tribalism in non-whites and why whites don’t see this.

          • No idea, but I guarantee you, all the female superheroes would be rocking the Princess Leia “chainmail bikini” look, because it’s my comic book, damn it. Their superpower is “looking hot as balls in a chainmail bikini,” which I think we can all agree is a super power.

          • Severian demonstrates his deep wisdom in his last comment!

            I bet that you saw the chain mail bikini in early puberty like I did. That make a strong impression on my development!

          • Yup. Between that and Phoebe Cates in Fast Times at Ridgemont High… I still have to fast forward past “Moving in Stereo” when I listen to the Cars’ greatest hits, especially in public.

  41. “He thinks the second amendment is a pointless suggestion and he has no intention of respecting its spirit.”

    I think you meant the First Amendment, based on his comments posted online yesterday, but I’m sure he would love to get rid of the Second Amendment also. These people would be fine passing a law requiring you to quarter their private security details in your home.

  42. Nuts & bolts. No ruling class can remain in power without the aid of a Jackboot Corp to protect their flanks. In the USA, this largely consists of the Stasi and other Federal alphabet agencies, augmented by local LEOs in large blue metro PDs. But even these numbers are small compared to the armed populace, so they must rely upon intimidation to keep the peace. And that means manufacturing scapegoats for public execution as a warning to others. And this reality cannot be ignored because their resources are enormous, and as was demonstrated in the Rittenhouse persecution and Jan 6th entrapment OP, they have no inhibitions about fighting dirty. And they must maintain an appearance of immutable strength at all costs or the house of cards collapses.

    You cannot beat this with a pitchfork mob or even ad hoc militias; they are well prepared for both contingencies. What they fear most is a trickle of bolts from the blue triggering an emergent behavior response that grows into a wave and then a tsunami. Imagine being caught on an exposed mountain ridge in dense fog and lightning starts striking all around you; sudden, unpredictable, and deadly. You cannot write a contingency plan for that.

      • I have no idea what you mean by that comment. Both the Vietnamese and Afghans prevailed in their conflicts against US government forces; who marshaled enormous resources, force of arms, and funding in losing efforts. In conventional battles, the US never lost, but nevertheless ultimately failed against unconventional tactics and perseverance. The latter is the very essence of what I have been proposing for quite some time now.

        • In Vietnam and Afghanistan, the US government wasn’t even trying to win. Those wars had only one purpose: To funnel endless money to weapons contractors.

          To the regime it was all just a game to please their donors. They saddled the US military with absurd rules of engagement for “optics” – and they didn’t want to go “all out” against dark-colored people anyhow.

          Civil War II will be quite a different story. This won’t be a donor funding exercise played out thousands of miles away. The regime will feel that their own lives are threatened. There won’t be any restrictions on the trigger-pullers, no consideration of optics. It will be no-hold-barred slaughter, fueled by a seething hatred of normal White people.

          • Agreed, but conventional tactics simply don’t work against the “bolt from the blue”, and not even the US military has the resources to guard every soft spot within the homeland (let alone in perpetuity). You need to remember that we’re all effectively located behind enemy lines and largely anonymous and indistinguishable. Joe Lunchbox, the everyday mechanic, machinist, or repairman, is not likely to be woke or on anyone’s radar. Now times a thousand of these occupations. That is no trivial thing.

  43. “What is happening, of course, is the old Judeo-Puritan ruling elite is getting pushed aside by the highly clannish and ambitious Brahman ruling elite.”

    The Hindoo has also taken over the Amsterdam diamond trade, which is pretty impressive.

    What will the anti-semites do now? The time is ripe to start a media network for anti-Hindites. Maybe TRS: The Raj Stuff.

    • The Tribe overplayed its hand. Stunning, I know. Let’s look at global trends and see if they are “Good for the small hats”:

      Europe will grow ever more Muslim. Not good.

      America’s ruling class will grow less white and “fellow white.” Not good.

      China will continue to grow as a power, though maybe not as much as people think. “My fellow Chinese” don’t work there. Not good.

      The USA will decline heading toward some Brazil-like country. Not good.

      I’m not saying that it’s all doom and gloom for the tribe. They’ll still be the big power in the Middle East and their diaspora will continue to do well. But we’ve reached and perhaps have past Peak Tribe.

      They’re not going away, but their power will wane.

      • It’s possible that Brazil won’t seem to bad in a few decades.

        Brazil is a nation. It’s a poor, diverse, and corrupt nation but a nation nonetheless. They have their crappy civic nationalism, and everyone from black to indian to white, from rich to poor, plays along.

        Brazil has a common language, Portugese. Brazil has a common religion, Christianity, with a supermajority of its population going to either Catholic or Evangelical churches. They have a common sport, soccer. They have a macho culture that allows men to bond properly, reducing racial tensions.

        Brazil has a white population that is not nearly as gay as American white liberals – and it’s unlikely to change anytime soon as it’s impossible to not be a race realist there.

        Basically they have all the stuff that America doesn’t have anymore. It’s probably the logical conclusion of Civnat ideology sans mass immigration. But it’s still alot better than the diverse hell scape that we North Americans seem to be heading into…

        • National IQ of Brazil is about 88. That’s a bit better than American Blacks, but lower than Hispanics.

          Given Brazil’s showing in the last Olympics, it would seem they can’t maintain a 1st world technological society–Critical Fraction-wise.

          They have nothing to be wished for.

        • Being passive seems to be the ideology of choice around here.

          It makes sense for a lot of talky middle aged conservative men but really its useless long run.

          If you don’t like the situation, do what you can now to start tame your women, make them be wives and mothers build an army and eventually eliminate unwanted others. Its what people always do.

          The right to live goes to the strongest and there is no reason Y/T can’t come back and be the dominant ape

      • There’s an unintended white pill for the Islamification of Europe: they will resist the hordes of Africans coming ashore during the future invasions. And Muslims, generally, would do a better job of protecting what’s left of European culture than Africans. Imagine every major city looking like Istanbul. Not great but not terrible.

        The US will more and more resemble Brazil. We’ll just be a hodgepodge of favelas, barrios, and some gated communities. With Taco Bell signs in the air.

        China will assume much of European culture’s trappings, especially the music, architecture, and religion. It will be tackier and chintzier, but will live on there.

        The Tribe will soon consider the century after WW2 as its golden age but as its power wanes, will just try and find ways to prosper in whichever society it makes a home in. Like it’s done for millennia.

        But everybody’s main task will be to keep the African at bay.

      • I don’t really see how Israel can last for long without support from the US, at best the US/Europe will back them for 10 more years, after that who knows

      • Now that is smart thinking.

        Diamonds are on the way out, I’ve seen very nice stones basically at 80’s prices .

        The commodity of the future is going to be water, food, meds and ammo. You may not be buying them from Auntie Entity but these are what will matter as crops fail, rivers dry up and industry collapses.

        And note this is already started to accelerate, Our grandchildren will live in that world , maybe our children too depending on age.

        if they tribe up, get hard now it will go a lot easier for them.

    • Hmmm…let’ see… What do the White House Chief of Staff, Secretary of State, Treasury Secretary, Attorney General, Director if National Intelligence, Homeland Security Secretary, SEC Chairman, and CDC Director, on and on and on, all have in common? Who were a super majority of the individual donors in the last 2 (and more) election cycles? Who is personally responsible for getting scores of anti-white DA’s elected throughout the country. Who runs a supermajority of the largest hedge funds? Who runs the largest asset manager (Blackrock) and is essentially funding (and running) the US Treasury? Who are a super majority of the presidents of Ivy League and other prestigious US universities? Who runs the vast majority of the news and entertainment media conglomerates? I’m not sure it’s quite time for “The Raj Stuff” just yet…but I am sure the actual “alien ruling class” is not much bother by a handful of street shitters taking the heat for the internet censorship of the legacy white masses.

  44. Man, I had no idea the odor of curry had become so pervasive in the tech area among others. I guess the writing was on the wall when one would call tech/customer support and get some flip or pajeet on the other end named “bob” or “amanda”…

    • Get ready for Pajeets on the interstates…I am seeing more and more of them driving semis. There is a dedicated Indian food truck stop on I-44. We also have a massive truck driver shortage so you can bet Werner, Prime, et al are recruiting in Hindustan. If you think day-old curry is offensive…imagine hordes Indian drivers.

  45. As to your last line: look at what an amazing job Raj Harris has done as Veep. This is what happens when Brahmins rule basically anything. By any measure, India should at least be the economic peer of China, and actually its superior, and while far better off than a few decades ago, the Subcontinent is the very definition of a shithole.

    My guess is the Brahmin overclass hunkers down in Silicon Valley, D.C., and to a major extent L.A. and NYC, in a Fort Apache the Bronx sort of a way. Those outside the perimeter can go about the business of establishing their own nations and enclaves as the misrule falls into decay.

    • Yep. The pakies have the same problem the Romanov’s did, only worse. They are all about caste… but at the end of the day their ruling leaders are just mutts.

      Up here in vibrant and diverse Canada, I have had extensive experience with them. Where they come from, a guy with a degree and making $30,000.00 a year is a member of the noble class. Here, they are just affirmative action flunkies who’d get fired in a heartbeat if they were white. Without the protection of affirmative action… they’d be mopping the floors at 7-11, cleaning the chitters at the airport or driving a smelly cab.

      One of the race realities lost on Americans (for now) is that the only difference between a pajeet and a nogger is that the nogger knows he is an idiot. The pajeet thinks he is made of better stuff and will say so as that chit skinned turd brained CEO of twitter just proved.

      Before anyone says it, yep, there are the exceptions to the rule, but they ARE the exceptions. If you have stock in Twitter… now would be a great time to sell.

        • I wonder about that too, Jack.

          Dorsey was a waste of skin… but he kept that crazy train on the rails and running. I cannot imagine how he did this. The chit skins alone are enough to sink the corporation… now add in the she-twinks, the soyboys, the commies, and the other assorted and miscellaneous lunatics…

          I am betting the mudflap sets the vibrant and diverse factions against each other sooner, rather than later. We shall see I suppose…

      • Haha thanks for your comment. Much agreed.

        Nobody is more racist towards indians than redpilled Canadians. I don’t even speak to somebody with brown skin any more.

        We are seeing the full range of indians – not just the top 0.00001% – who are already bad enough.

    • “By any measure, India should at least be the economic peer of China, and actually its superior,”

      No, it shouldn’t, you can’t compare the iq of chinese people with indian iqs, that’s ludicrous, India is filled with sub-specimens. White countries are rapidly growing into shitholes as well, ruling class iq don’t mean shit if hunter gatherer type people make up the majority of the population.

      • Phew! Although India is a rising superpower with nuclear weapons and a space program. They’ve managed to stay United despite all their diversity.

          • Been to a West coast US city recently?

            Massive inequalities in wealth lead to this sort of thing, no matter what the geographical location.

            The GINI index is a useful metric: For India it’s 35.7, for the US it’s 41.4.

            Haiti is at 41.1.

            This is the kind of wealth disparity the US accepts, and it’s getting worse.

        • Not so. Just as our catholics are taking a beating and their churches are emptying out. Hinduism is faltering because the low caste untouchables no longer buy into the faith and will not put up with the overclass crapping on them anymore.

          • Many low castes are converting to Islam or Christianity. Muslims are also outbreeding the Hindus there and India is slowly being transformed demographically.

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