Fear And Loathing

Note: The regular Monday post is up at Taki. This week I take a deep dive into the legal theory underlying the recent political trials. Behind the green door I have several new items since last week.

Since the Great Panic began almost two years ago, the question on the minds of the curious has been how long will it last? Panics are not new in human society and they are not new to recent times either. The satanic panic that started in the 1980’s never really ended completely. The “face on a milk carton” meme is still with us, despite the fact few people remember is started in a panic. That was close to half a century ago, suggesting panics never really end.

The missing kid panic changed American society. Prior to that time, it was not unusual for children to walk to school with just the older kids supervising. Kids spent their after-school time playing outside, usually unsupervised. In big cities, kids would ride public transit to school. No one thought it was strange. After the panic, supervised activities became the norm. Video games found a target-rich environment of kids stuck inside by themselves or within earshot of their parents.

That suggests the Covid panic has a long way to go and may never end. That should be obvious at this point. First it was two weeks to bend the curve so hospitals could avoid being overrun by flu patients. That gave way to a regime of total fright with people required to wear amulets reminding everyone of the great fear. The vaccine should have broken the fear, but here we are facing new lockdowns due to the omicron strain, which reportedly attacks the vaccinated for some reason.

The omicron variant is probably the most amusing twist in the great Covid panic so far, because it suggests someone in the system has a sense of humor. As many have pointed out, the word “omicron” is an anagram for “moronic”. There is also the reference to a classic Star Trek episode. The spores on Omicron ceti iii made people euphoric and gave them everlasting health in exchange for a desire to never leave. The plants and the humans became two sides of a blissful relationship.

Part of what is driving this is belief. Humans are believing machines and with the collapse of traditional religion, people are falling into cultural and political cults that scratch the same itch as the old gods. Nature cults have been a staple of human existence since the beginning. At a certain level, the people swept up in the cult of Covid feel they are being punished for a sin against nature. Covid is nature’s vengeance against mankind.

That is why good news is always bad news with Covid. The new mysterious variant that does not make people sick is “symptomless Covid” rather than the natural weakening the virus with each new mutation. The omicron variant is similarly a weaker mutation, but it is setting off panic around the world. Covid is a proxy for a new mystery god, one that reveals itself only through it actions. Like all gods, it is eternal, so its manifestations will be eternal as well. Covid is here forever.

The main driver of the panic from the beginning has been the ruling class, which is looking like Howard Hughes at the end. Instead of shutting themselves up in their mansions and wearing tissue boxes on their feet, they are obsessed with conquering death itself. The actors they hire to perform the rituals off democracy are not quite as bad, but they are a gerontocracy now. As such, they startle at the slightest touch, assuming it must be the Grim Reaper.

There is also the weird isolation of the managerial class. It is not a physical isolation as they do leave their compounds to explore the land of the Dirt People. It is a psychological and cultural isolation. They can imagine hospitals overflowing and people dying in the streets, even though they see no evidence of these things, because they are conditioned by their existence to trust their coevals over their own eyes. If they see it in their media, it is true, no matter what reality has to say.

This combination of old and isolated has created a ruling class that is deeply paranoid about what happens outside the safety of their safe zones. Note how often the word “safe” comes up in their rhetoric. They see themselves as the protectors of society, so they are constantly going on about safety. The reason for that is they assume everyone shares their fear and paranoia about the world. Covid is powerful juju for a ruling class hiding from nature, reality and their own mortality.

Of course, a big part of the panic is the opportunity for the deranged to inflict themselves on the rest of us. Covid has been manna from heaven for the sort of person who sees herself as everyone’s den mother. These people will never get enough of the state of emergency, which provides the panic stricken elite with an amen chorus giving them the allusion of consent. One side pleads to be made safe while the other side pleads to be the savior of mankind.

This brings us back to the original question. When does this panic end? Most likely, it will require a generational turnover. The gerontocracy will die off and be replaced by something worse, but something younger. That means these health panics are probably a feature of the empire now. Like superhero movies, Covid will be rebooted and reimagined every few years. If you want a picture of the future, imagine an ornamental mask on a human face— forever.

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252 thoughts on “Fear And Loathing

  1. “The actors they hire to perform the rituals off democracy are not quite as bad, but they are a gerontocracy now. As such, they startle at the slightest touch, assuming it must be the Grim Reaper.”

    And maybe they’re not wrong. Heads on spikes …

  2. In mathematics (I am told) , omicron (or Big O) describes functions where the output is limited, even when the input is infinite.

    • “Input is infinite and output selected”…ummm

      The plague ensures continued mail in voting. Two for me, one for you…opps…three for me, one for you…whoopsie…four for me, one for you.

  3. “They can imagine hospitals overflowing and people dying in the streets, even though they see no evidence of these things…”

    During the early stages of the panic, people were posting videos of empty hospitals that had special Covid entrances and empty parking lots and entrance areas. Those were immediately censored of course.

    I sent some of those videos to people who prided themselves as being middle of the road types and not fanatics. None could acknowledge that the empty parking lots and idle ambulances signified that there simply was no hospital overload from Covid. I was told they had posted the videos on groups and “everyone” agreed the videos didn’t mean the hospitals weren’t overwhelmed. Some replied that these just weren’t Covid hospitals in spite of signs that said they were in fact set up to treat Covid.

    At that point I realized logic could not play a role and it was a sign of something I have always noted: middle of the road people will always side with the corporate media on major controversies because they want to status of being deep thinkers that only the media can bestow and they don’t want the left to dismiss them as low information right wingers.

    I had people who were starting to doubt the official narrative break off relations with me when I showed them studies reporting far more skepticism on the right. They could not tolerate the idea that they may be siding with the right. Good, smart people might accuse them of watching Fox News

  4. That is so true on so many levels!
    And a big help to me, thanks.

    The ‘supernatural’ or ‘spiritual’ immaterial half of our dual material/immaterial ecology- gods, spirits, Heaven, hells- is but inscribed eddies in the local magnetic field.

    The hells are above us; a substrate, the muck where souls are broken down into their constituent parts, becoming a viral rain, the continuous viral rain of information bits in this boiling stew we see as a calm, windy day.

    There’s even a lake of fire at the edge of the atmosphere, the ‘plasma effect’, the ionosphere Barrier. The walls of our greenhouse.

    This stew is the purgatorio. The endliess recycling within the greenhouse. Whites are the combination that has the key to the gates of the Heaven, the chrysalis, the tertiary Seeding layer. We alone imagined a Heaven, because for the others, they have only ‘eternal life’ as a flavor in the stew, as a part of their tribe.

    These crabs, as crabs do, are not trying to pull us back into their muck bucket.
    No, what crabs are doing, is trying to climb up the back of the guy about to reach the rim of the bucket.

    An eternal rain of evil spirits!
    How the Zman must laugh at such juju.

    • Ah, shoot. This was meant as a reply to Whitney’s immortal truth stated at the bottom:
      “They’re terrified to die and they should be. They want eternal life, well they’re going to get it. Good and hard”

      They’re trapped, like the dumb, suffering, vicious animals they are.

  5. These corrupt old fools, instead of mentoring a next generation, has sponsored tools and dogs only smart enough to attack whatever they’re pointed at.

    Only now do the corrupt old fools realize what they’re leaving as their legacy, and they’re terrified of what they created.

  6. On a hopeful note, the WuFlu Panic differs from the Satanic Panic in that the latter only directly affected a tiny fraction on the population and fell very hard on those few, such as the McMartins. The curious thing about the McMartin preschool case is that no one was really talking about it, meaning that it was not the subject of casual conversation around the water cooler at work or in other social settings. Sure, it was breathlessly reported in the local paper but only a small number of people seemed to care. I had moved to the next town over from Manhattan Beach (center of the school) the year the story broke and worked with people from the community.

    The WuFlu Panic affects everyone, and not in a minor way. I’m already sensing WuFlu fatigue. Besides, the regime has a lot less credibility than it did in the 1980s. All it takes is a substantial minority of people to start defying the rules for there to be a tipping point. It’s far from guaranteed but there’s a chance anyhow.

  7. Two things: Biden’s Admin caved on Federal Vaccine mandates for FEDERAL WORKERS. He is still trying to mandate this for private employers but he rescinded the requirement until “after the holidays.” Its estimated that 40% or more are not fully vaccinated. [According to PJ Media so take it for what its worth]. There are widespread riots and protests in Europe over further lockdowns. And as a practical matter the shortage of critical workers in the Western World as Boomers retire means that imposing mandates is no longer easy as most see the mandates as truthful and honest as TV advertising. Which is to say innately distrusted.

    The second is that the legal system is not Mentecide but rather reverse Apartheid. Inevitably the Rising Mulatto Ascendancy is not going to tolerate Whitey having any rights. Officially we are now entering John Snow territory, where Y-T must keep everything running while bowing, scraping, and being a White Stepin Fetchit. As with the Vaccine Mandates this is going to be impossible to pull off in a society that depends on critical skilled White labor.

    Yes Biden will institute a nationwide lockdown (they are denying this so its planned) and have mail in ballots with massive and Jeffrey Epstein level fraud everywhere, but that will just generate revolutionary fervor. People will tolerate fraud with full bellies and warm houses. Not when freezing and starving. At the failed 1991 Coup Attempt that ended the Soviet Union, the regular Army had not been paid for three years and the security services for one.

    • “Its estimated that 40% or more are not fully vaccinated. [According to PJ Media so take it for what its worth].”

      I’ve seen official estimates of 90% vaxxed while thinking to myself that that’s a lot of ‘ten percent’ marching in the street.

      Ultimately, I don’t think it makes a difference. The agenda will be enacted so long as politicians think the Regime will protect them from the people. I used to think that they wanted to reach a certain threshold before risking the jackboot treatment for dissidents but events in Australia and Austria put paid to that theory.

      One major government collapsing as a direct result of its leaders’ repeated doubling down on vaxx mandates will be fatal to the Narrative. The modern politician isn’t known for the strength of his convictions.

      • I think Afghanistan really matters in the US vs. Australia. There, politicians are not examined and found wanting by not just people but power centers. And here in the US the military contractors are seeing extinction as their spending will be cut for goodies for blacks with no Afghanistan. Biden has the confidence of Gen. Milley but not Lockheed-Martin.

        If 40% of the Government is fired, all sorts of things fail: welfare transfers to states, Social Security payments, air traffic controllers, and likely many things I can’t think of: safety inspections and customs clearing and whatnot. Already Biden’s senile dementia incompetence makes him Brezhnev Plus among world leaders. Add in skyrocketing food and fuel prices and nothing on store shelves and a Christmas Lockdown would very likely be ignored. Already Federal Judges are giving Biden the Trump Treatment (which was entirely predictable).

  8. It is important to note that this behavior is all according to plan. Independent journalists (because regime media certainly isn’t going to do it) are using FOIA requests and other methods to gain insights into the early days of the pandemic, and it is clear now that the government saw its first priority was not to contain the virus (which was not containable, and they didn’t even try anyway), but to figure out how to scare the living hell out of everyone to get them on board with whatever they say. All these “pandemic response” agencies are stuffed with psychologists and they worked with the media to tell the narrative. The media trumpeted Neil Ferguson’s crappy models on death and ventilator usage and ignored the fact that those models were proven hilariously false (by a factor of 10) within two weeks. They all ignored the information that came out of Diamond Princess in January 2020 that said this thing spread of its own volition and killed almost all old, frail people. They continuously aired footage of a busy hospital in Italy alongside articles about New York, even after they got called out on it. They ignored the fact that hospitals getting strained during flu season is common and happens every few years. The media has been working from the same script since. You can go on CNN’s page, replace “Omicron” with “Delta”, and it’s the same junk they wrote six months ago.

    If you told me in 2018 there would be a virus that was mostly harmful to old people, and the people in charge of responding to it were insane, incompetent, and evil old women (and their eunuchs), I could have predicted how the past two years would have gone down. It is telling that even two years later, they’re still rolling out the hospital capacity thing, with nobody asking why hospitals weren’t beefed up in the past two years, even though they said there would be more waves. Instead, they are actively destroying hospital capacity. If we had solid and hardy men in charge, then none of this would have happened.

    I think the booster shot thing is quite telling. The rollout has been anemic by any standard. It seems even people who dutifully double-vaxed don’t want any more of this junk in their system. Unlike before, the media isn’t even promising booster shots as a path to normalcy anymore. Now they’re just promising more of the same, whether or not you get the clot shot. Seems most people are choosing not.

    • The hospital capacity is telling. We’re in the worst pandemic-holocaust of all time and they haven’t beefed up hospital capacity? The hospitals are getting “overwhelmed” *again*? They’re actively firing unvaccinated nurses?

      Not that facts and logic matters, it’s an emotionally and spiritually driven insanity as Z points out.

      I disagree that people won’t get a 3rd dose. I know plenty who have lined up enthusiastically. The people who got 2 doses will grumble a little bit and get their 3rd jab so they can continue as wage slaves and good consumers. “But definitely no 4th jab”, they’ll reassure themselves…

      • Well, at my hospital, the Army came in and added a bunch of partitions and extra beds in an (for now) unused new floor. I think they added at least 30-40 beds in an emergency expansion wing for “non-covid cases”. It has sat completely unused for the last two years.

        • To reinforce Outdoorspro;

          In Chicago, at the beginning of the hoax, Northwestern hospital took over a 176 room hotel across from them, and McCormack Place saw another 3,000 bed field hospital set up in its convention area.

          The hotel used a total of 4 rooms before it was returned, and not one bed was occupied at McCormack Place.

          It’s a mighty big grift.

          The nurses I spoke to made bank at double and triple time. To sit around and do nothing.

          The insistence to get the jab adds to the money grab. A review of politicians “blind trusts” I’m sure would be revealing.

    • The illogical absurdity is palatable. Today the news and the “gurus” are all touting–get the jab and/or the booster as the way to prevent this new disease variant, yet they ignore the fact that this variant has developed and taken hold in spite of previous inoculations. As Dunning-Kruger would predict, they speak with great authority of things they know little about.

      After listening to them, the “news” comes on and the president of Pfizer states not to worry, their scientists are “on it” and they expect to have a jab *for this variety* come February. So the President & Fauci say to take the old, ineffective inoculations while the president of Pfizer basically confirms they are ineffective.

      But it seems even more ominous than simply ignoramuses spouting off. Fauci is now discussing “defense in depth” and hinting that the same old disproved methods to prevent/slow the disease are on the table as the spread continues. Sigh…

    • Imagine a vision of the future as a deranged, hysterical Karen spitting on a human face forever.

  9. People need to remember one simple fact. Half the people out there are on the left side of the distribution of intelligence. Covid is bringing this out front and center. Sure it’s a real virus with real, sometimes deadly, effects but humans have been dealing with that forever and it just doesn’t kill a lot of people who get it. But, to the slower set of people they just don’t understand it or can’t really comprehend it. Thus, the earthshaking fear. So the next time one of the Karenstaffel gets in your face just take some comfort from the fact that she’s probably dumber than a box of rocks.

    • Sure, intelligence is a factor, and an important one. Yet there are also many people — especially wymyns — who are at least moderately on the right side of the intelligence Bell curve, but who nonetheless fully buy into the official Covid narrative.

      So, character (or whatever you want to call it) definitely is a factor too, and perhaps the more important one. Lefty’s brain seems wired in a particular, and rather womanish, way.

      • Slavishly adhering to whatever idiotic new Kovid diktat the Power Structure puts on offer is a way to demonstrate one’s fealty to that Power Structure. The AWs understand, intuitively if not always consciously, that their confreres control the Power Structure, and they want to do all they can to strengthen it. The jabs, boosters, moron masks, social distancing, sanitizers, etc. are emblems of support for the Power Structure and opposition to so-called “white supremacy.” This is about ideology as much as anything else.

        • That may be true but there are a whole lot of brothas and sistahs out there who are not down with the program.

    • it really seems like a lot of people who are at least marginally to the right of average IQ, or even well over to the right side, are genuinely buying into the coof narrative.

      • Correct. High IQ is not necessarily negatively correlated with emotional (irrational) response. If this were so, we’d have a lot less folk (with high IQ) running interference for the Left. Hell, we have Nobel prize winners spouting all sorts of nonsense to the public wrt Covid and race and so forth.

    • While technically true, the reality is that the majority cluster around the mean. There’s not even a standard deviation between the “95s” and “105s” and there are way more of them than there are on either tail on the continuum. What we’ve seen during the “Plandemic” is the coordination between all of the organs of the oligarchy (government, corporate media, Big Pharma, etc.) behind a message that just doesn’t pass scientific scrutiny and the silencing of dissenting voices. I’d blame ignorance (and even malice) more than stupidity.

      • Correct, but…IQ is a rank order metric. In short, we don’t know whether the difference between an IQ of 95 and 100, is the same (equivalent in effect) as the difference between 100 and 105–or for that matter 115 and 120.

    • To the contrary, the low-IQ types are proving to be as distrusting as the max-IQ types. BLM tried to hold an anti-vaxx mandate protest in NYC before its State handlers yanked on its chain.

      The vaxx is much more of a loyalty test than an intelligence test. Which makes it useful to both sides. I could appreciate my enemies death-jabbing themselves if only they wouldn’t try to destroy me afterwards for being healthy.

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  11. COVID has exposed just about everything rotten in our society.

    – most jobs are make work jobs, managers are mostly useless paper pushers, offices are useless in many cases
    – many churches are weak and corrupt. here in canada most churches are now enforcing proof of vax and booting you if you don’t have it
    – urban degenerate lifestyles seem to be out of vogue now, mass white flight out of urban centers into suburban and even remote areas
    – higher education is a scam. people are paying thousands per semester to watch some recorded zoom lectures. without the “party experience” there’s literally no reason to go for most degrees.
    – many people are terrified of death and are very immature about it
    – many people are willing to sacrifice their kids’ mental health and future in order to “feel good” about themselves. most of them have no purpose and love feeling like part of a movement.
    – there is a large subset of (mainly white & especially J) women who love being tyrants. They WILL NOT leave you the fuck alone if you are unvaccinated, unless you make them.
    – society is extremely anti-white, anti white racism, brainwashing, violence and propaganda has been ramped up far beyond what it was even in 2018. 250,000 illegal aliens entering from Guatemala and Haiti per month, but unvaccinated white people can’t fly on a plane. White women are now the bad guys too.
    – the president’s office is a scam and so is all of politics – blatant vote fraud
    – many white people in precarious mental health positions, as soon as lockdowns hit drug overdoses skyrocketed even higher. Severe drug crisis among white, native american, and black males. probably pushed by the CCP or (((elites))).

    Feel free to add anything I missed. It seems like we’re on a rolling snowball that can’t, or won’t, stop, until we crash. Diversity is now affecting the upper white middle class and they aren’t stopping it. Don’t know who is in charge or what the end goal is. Very interesting times.

    • “many churches are weak and corrupt. here in canada most churches are now enforcing proof of vax and booting you if you don’t have it”

      My God. Even 10 years ago Christians would do missionary work in the most filthy, disease infested shitholes in the world just to convert a handful of brown people to their religion. They’d send busses into the inner city just to hopefully stumble across the occasional crack head who was willing to come to their sermon for a free hot meal in hopes of “saving” them.

      Now they’ve got a vaccination litmus test? I thought churches were in the business of saving the souls of “sinners”? Aren’t the souls of pure bloods just as redeemable as the souls of pedophiles?

    • I’m going to add something that sorta pertains but also dovetails with other discussions below, dealing more with the breakdown of societal trust.

      One thing that often jumps out at me is pasteurization. I know in Italy, as an example, that a lot of creams and fruit juices are not always pasteurized. And the meats and so forth don’t have to meet some government guidelines on quality and sanitation simply because no one in Italy would ever dare sell food that would make others sick. It would be unheard of. There is trust there.

      Now I do understand that pasteurization is important for America because you often have to ship milks and juices some distance to get to the grocer. So you want a longer shelf life. But… Americans in Italy get freaked out when they see milk or cream isn’t pasteurized. There is this idea that these things would otherwise be akin to a poison if not for the miracle of pasteurization. But pasteurization does in fact reduce the quality of how the stuff tastes. Why Italian ice cream is so delicious is precisely because they don’t pasteurize the cream, so the flavor is maybe 2 to 3 times richer.

      I guess my larger point here is that Americans have been conditioned to think: a) that someone is always out to get them or poison them, so government protects them from these evil people; b) the medicalization of life that in turn creates a people who are easily led by the medical profession, be it in terms of dietary guidelines to the idea that every problem has a medical or pharmaceutical solution or that any form of mental anguish or what have you can only be fixed by a trained psychiatrist. Just more ways that our elites have taken something really as innocuous as pasteurization and have used it to create a fearful public. On top of the fact that you have to pay out the nose for ways to solve physical or mental problems. I remember a friend in France telling me that it was a matter of French pride to solve any mental issues by yourself or through normal means, be it talking to your elders for advice, to friends, to taking a walk to clear your head; our pharmaceutical culture both appalled and frustrated her.

      A bit longwinded, but I hope not too much so.

      • Falcone: Interesting and important point. I can’t speak to whether or not anyone in Italy (or anywhere else in Europe) would attempt to sell rotten food to others because of national trust, but America certainly has a history of adulterated milk, bread, etc. Not what the farmers and settlers produced, but what the people in the cities bought – so adulterated via the middle man and/or factory. And as you note, there are numbers of people and sheer distance involved to consider.

        I’m the last to defend big Ag, but I have also been under the impression that the EU has its own millions of ridiculous regs, including those regarding food. They’re certainly correct in resisting the incursion of all of America’s massively genetically modified crops, and no question their dairy products are superior – and their baby formula not adulterated with high fructose corn syrup and soy the way ours are.

        I can’t say I really considered food safety as an area which accustomed Americans to considering the government their guarantor and protector. Would be interested in others’ opinions.

        • I think these points should be further expanded. The over pasteurization of foods (sterile) results in food that is ‘dead.’ We, as humans, are used to eating food that features live cultures and microscopic life. One of the reasons for the emasculation and hysteria in the West is poor diet, not simply in terms of vitamin content, but, further, in terms of the immeasurable microscopic biome. A good portion of the high anxiety nerves in our society is our dead diet. And there is no money in fixing it. A study years back (20 years ago or so) studied putting schizophrenic people on a hypoallergenic diet. Small test pool, only 20 or 30 people. 85 percent had a marked recovery in a couple weeks. You think there was ever a followup? Ha! No money there.
          The larger point is that people trust sterile, impersonal actors over reasoning and tradition. Food has to be dead, in a plastic bag, to be ‘safe.’ That’s why schools ban homemade food as ‘unsafe.’ Of course, I never heard of Aunt Buttercup’s pie making 10000 sick with salmonella, but what do I know? The covid jab is the ultimate distillation of this alchemical sterilization – a lesser gunk transmuted through faith to salvation. I always get a kick when people ask about my kids and something about a doctor. I say my youngest (six) has only been once. They say: “don’t you want to check if she is okay?!” I retort: ‘who knows more about my child. Some stranger who waltzes in a room for 5 minutes with needles, or a father who sits and watches their child grow every single day? She is wonderfully robust and healthy.”
          The look of cognitive dissonance in their eyes is comic, yet disconcerting, because you know that potential for insight will quickly be shot down the memory hole.

  12. i think mothers going into the work force, en masse, in the 1960’s and 1970’s, was what ended free play for kids.

    the thing about covid, is the superbrains screwed the pooch with the vaxx. it is clearly killing and maiming hundreds of thousands of people (if not millions) world wide. this isn’t QAnon bs either; real people are dropping dead in statistically significant numbers, again, world wide. top athletes are dying and being crippled, who knows how many in the entertainment community are hiding their vaxx problems? this is what is going to get normies away from their grills ; piles of dead bodies in their neighborhoods. and of course, the elite are going to be getting hit hard too, as will their children and grand kids. this really is biblical level shit going on right now.

    Zman, surprised you didn’t mention the oldde timey “patent medicines”, if only for the pun potential re: patenting medicines.

    • I think another important thing is that society was run by men, many of whom had been to war and saw the horror and what real problems were. I remember the common expression was “don’t sweat the small stuff.” But whether they had been to war or not, the zeitgeist as it were was that there were some things that truly mattered but millions of little things not worth sweating over. Everything was so much more relaxed. You felt you were always in good hands and that there were men out there keeping trouble at bay. Man, I could drive my car around literally the entire southeast of the country and never once fear for my safety. You could go into a backwoods diner or gas station in middle of nowhere, people you’d never seen before, and they would treat you like family if not a son.

      What a difference a generation makes. Just wow.

      • well i think it really comes down to there were not nearly so many perverts and freaks back then, as there are now. just like in ratopia, i think huge numbers of the population (now) have malfunctioning sex drives.

        • That Ratopia experiment was really something

          My layman’s guess is that there are simply too many people and then what happens is the quality goes down on average. I also have to wonder if waiting to have kids at older ages means you get the lower quality sperm and eggs, the good stuff being depleted in their younger years.

          This could also suggest that genius is in finite supply, and that lesser forms of genius, namely high intelligence, do not replicate through a population in linear fashion. In other words, the stuff of genius could run out over time and may require a few generations to build back up. So if you were lucky enough to be born when it was in larger supply and could get a piece of it then you could have a larger proportion of gifted and people with high intelligence in a society, tricking down into others in decreasing amounts but still, overall, in greater proportion to they who come well after when the supply is running low and only a relative handful can get themselves a piece.

    • There aren’t going to be stacks of vaxx-dead in the neighborhoods. The harm the so-called “vaxx” does is very real, but it’s no more a cataclysm than the Holocaugh. Let us not mimic the preposterous exaggerations of the Covidiots.

      • yet.

        and hopefully never. sincerely. but the trendline is already rising steeply, and there are strong signs that the vaxx damages the immune system in general, making people hyper vulnerable to cancers, and other pathogens. and along comes winter…

        • I am sure Pfizer knows the impact with reasonable certainty. Probably in range of worse than coof itself, but not bad enough that it will cause widespread anger over their actions. Hence the sealing of test results until 2075. A certain level damage that is acceptable like the Ford Pinto.

          • I suspect the actual numbers are and will be totally unacceptable, but they’ll be drawn out over a long period of time and TPTB will have enough plausible deniability to gaslight the Covidians for a long, long time. For example, in the 5-11 year old range, how many years will need to go by before we witness the fact that the girls had their fertility damaged? By the time it becomes obvious, it will be blamed on something more religiously acceptable, like glutenous snacks or contaminated tattoos.

    • The mom’s going to work meant the children had no supervision at all. There was a couple decade lag time before they figured out they needed to fill the children’s time up. That is why we Gen Xers ended up raising ourselves. When I was in the third grade I quit going to school. They called everyday I answered the phone and said I was sick this went on for 2 weeks before they finally called my mother at work to find out if we had moved or not. I just quit going there was no one to tell me different. That is essentially my entire childhood. And many other of my cohorts

    • My problem with an ‘awakening’ is, for most, what is on the TV and internet is more real than what’s around them. As long as the ‘pandemic’ is on TV, and the fault is not enough vaccines, the will just vaxx harder. Again, just thinking about my personal experience, if no one ever told America a pandemic ‘existed’ and manufactured its reality, would anyone have thought it? Of course not. In the same way, do not believe that Joey down the street dying or brother Kyle dropping dead a month after dose 5 will lead to an awakening. Rather, it will be more proof that we need to vaxx harder.
      If you want proof of this behavior, just look at the poor rubes getting micturated on (good word to avoid the censor!) by Youngkin in Virginia. You think they still won’t vote next session?

      • That’s sort of the crux of the matter

        Most people are gullible and rather easy to fool

        I may be wrong but I doubt it, but the ruling class used to understand this and because they cared about the regular folk and had some respect for them they didn’t exploit their inherent weaknesses. I would go so far to stay that this may have been because we were more or less the same general racial stock, with ethnic variations of course, but they wouldn’t take advantage of a slow person for the same reason they wouldn’t take advantage of their own kid who also might be a bit slow. They saw their own faces in ours. Thus if you aimed to lead people you had to respect them as a parent would a child, a coach would a player, a teacher would a student. I remember the expression “character matters” and that was the gist of it. Those were those bonds of social trust we often talk about.

        Is it too far a stretch to think that today it’s different cause the ruling class is made up of people who aren’t family to us and have zero qualms about exploiting us for financial and political gain? And they hire what are essentially mercenaries and people of low character, say hillary or pelosi, to do much of their dirty work.

        When character no longer matters, we get what we have here. And now it’s clear to me why so many older people despised bill Clinton because they knew if a man lies, he’s no good in all the other ways that were important for good leadership.

        All makes sense now. And why those New Yorkers were so in love with bill clinton and his wife and protected them and nurtured their careers.

        • It’s even worse than that. It’s not just that the people in charge have no issue exploiting us, it is that they hate us and want us dead. They take joy in our suffering, and seek out people who feel the same way. Challenge them on this and the full unvarnished truth comes out. Their hatred for heritage Americans has been on full display since 2016 but goes back over a hundred years.

    • Anecdotal, but

      I still don´t know of anyone in my extended circle who has died of Covid.

      I already know of 2 people for whom getting vaccinated was a disaster:

      One, male, in his forties, healthy until then, got the vaccine and died of a heart attack a few days later (already mentioned him around here).

      The other, female, in her fifties, got the vaccine and got a thrombosis (blood cloth) in her leg, will be on blood thinners the rest of her days.

  13. The aging elites (and Boomers in general) are terrified of death. I know many of them are now in poor health, clinging on for dear life, miserable, and scared. At best they have no spiritual guidance.

    The elites are truly evil people, especially those who have become rich at the expense of their own nation & condemned their people’s future generations to existence as a hated minority. When they die they will be heading straight for hell and they can feel it.

    Not just elites/Boomers, but any atheist/materialist movement. There is a reason they freaked out about Rittenhouse so much… he showed them that they are mortal and they’re terrified of that. Fear of death is their weakness.

  14. Mother Nature, while being a kind and loving mother is still a mother at heart and she punishes her disobedient children, often in mysterious ways.

  15. Anyone heard the song “grand illusion” by Styx? I feel the lyrics to the song are prescient to the issues of today

    • Krusty, while I think “Grand Illusion” is a great song, it contains one of the most untrue song lyrics that I ever took to heart: “Deep inside we’re all the same.”

      One of the foundational observations of my current life is that most blacks or j3ws, for example, have inner lives that are entirely unlike my own.

    • your mom, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, et als included? notice i didn’t mention ‘wife’ cause we all know that ain’t happenin. let me introduce you to Whiskey, the patron saint of incels everywhere.

  16. I see this era as a series of crises with Covid just being one. I don’t think we’ll have to wait for a generational turnover for it to go away, but for another crisis to emerge, one that has real sting. In my opinion it’ll be either the next financial crisis (brought in large part by the reaction to this crisis) or, God forbid, we stupidly go to war with a country that can hit us back. If neither of these pan out, and we have another 10 years of economic zombieland, but one without a major war, then yes, I think we have to sit here for quite some time waiting for these old coots to die.

    • JR Wirth: This. Not necessarily expecting an overall societal collapse, but more a gradual and increasing regional breakdown hopefully leading to a more permanent fracturing of the American Empire and ruling elite. We’re already seeing this with the diverse rioting not merely in their usual haunts but along Chicago’s former Miracle Mile and upscale San Francisco and upscale areas of Minneapolis. Expect this to spread to areas thus far utterly unaffected. A fair amount depends on local politicians, of course, but at heart they’re all cowards and utterly worthless. I guarantee almost every school board or county police has a vibrant high up in the hierarchy, and the Whites will all defer to him/her. Those who think their money or zipcode will protect them will discover their error in time – within the next five to ten years for certain, if the recent pace of change is at all predictive.

      My sober-minded husband repeatedly notes that ‘this (financial bubble and ever increasing volume of money) cannot continue indefinitely’ and has become fully on-board with a moderate amount of preparation for unrest and towards greater self reliance. Our personal economic prosperity is due to that financial bubble (and his employer’s generosity in sharing the wealth), so we’re trying to make hay while the sun shines. Inflation and normal people’s increasing unease is not so easily assuaged by releasing a few gallons from the strategic oil reserve. And both inflation and unease are taking large bites out of people’s budgets – not for shiny new tvs and other measures used by the Consumer Price Index, but for real things they don’t count like food and HVAC costs and driving their 1.2 children school.

      Interesting times, as they say. What little one can do one should do – try to minimize one’s participation in the economy, particularly via corporations who openly hate you more than others, and try to secure one’s family and future with thoughtful purchases and relocations whenever possible. And support those with more courage or recklessness (your personal preference) in whatever way you can to help White people wherever they are.

      • “We’re already seeing this with the diverse rioting not merely in their usual haunts but along Chicago’s former Miracle Mile”

        Not to be the pedant, but Chicago has the Magnificent Mile. LA has the Miracle Mile. 😉 Easy mix up.

        That said, it’s gotten worse as the Diverse have begun stealing cars and heading out to the Chicagoland suburbs like Oak Brook and Northbrook and started pulling their Five Fingered Discount crap at malls located there. Northbrook and Oak Brook are a good twenty plus miles from Da Loop and out where wealthy folks live and shop. So the “That only happens in the city” attitude is effectively obsolete.

        • I read yesterday that follow home robberies are becoming a major problem in California ( and apparently in the Houston,TX area according to a commenter on the story). The beautiful people in their luxury automobiles are being tracked after leaving fancy shops and restaurants by carloads of thieves and mugged as they pull into their driveways.

          • This is good news. Things only will change, and even then it is iffy, it the Ruling Class or Ruling Class-adjacent starts to suffer. I want more of this.

          • artist formerly known etc.: There was a rash of driveway robberies and murders here in the DFW ‘burbs about 20 years ago – inner-city thugs following wealthy shoppers or luxury vehicles to their homes and attacking them. These were stopped because the Whites they were preying on weren’t yet as self abased as now. Funnily enough, husband just opined the other day that he thought those crimes would resume shortly.

            I’m no longer particularly diligent or as capable as I used to be re monitoring whether I’m being followed, particularly given the horrific DFW traffic, but I am always more alert once I am closer to home and certainly aware of anyone behind me when I turn into my neighborhood. I think most readers here would be well advised to have a little chat with their wives and driving-age children about this.

          • Normally a little schadenfreude would be in order but this is becoming common even in working to middle class areas as well.

        • mmack: Thanks for the correction! I visited Chicago once many years ago and have never been to LA so had no idea they, too, had a ‘famous’ mile. Personally, I prefer Edinburgh’s Royal Mile!

      • “Those who think their money or zipcode will protect them will discover their error in time”

        Exactly. Those somewhat well off white people who fled Toronto for a big country house ~30 minutes from the city in 1990 are now finding that the suburb construction has engulfed their enclaves. The dam has burst in rich white suburban areas that used to limit new construction – hectares of new homes are being built, with 90% non white foreigners moving.

        People who moved a couple hours away are finding that their towns are full of aliens too. There’s nowhere to run. The only political solution would be to really limit immigration, but that doesn’t seem to be happening. Time to admit that white flight doesn’t work (unless you have a very strategic plan like buying up a town or getting on zoning boards, etc.) Those suburban refugee camps started in the 60s are just people running away from the issues.

    • This reminds me of something I’ve been thinking about. If the panic porn continues as long as Z predicts, this whole thing may become self-sorting. We have long dreamed of separation from the lunatics and mutants.

      What better way to do that then to have all the vaxtards go one way, and the purebloods go the other. It isn’t quite an ‘ethno-state’ as many dream of but it is certainly a step in the right direction.

      They will be too terrified to set foot into places like FL/TX because of the Death Coof and we can keep them herded into NY, NJ, MD, CA, etc.

      This gets around all that pesky ‘Civil Rights’ based drama that would arise if you started separating on more classic criteria. Just use the coof as a smokescreen (much as they’ve done for the past few decades) to cover your true agenda.

      Imagine a country where the based and red-pilled all lived w/o fake & gay mask / jab restrictions and the Karens, lefties, and assorted mutants all stayed in their lane and herded together.

      One can dream…

      • Apex: A nice dream, but thus far fear of the unmasked hasn’t stopped the flood of Californians into Texas. And, for utterly different reasons than Whites, a large subset of blacks are also refusing the vax.

        We went out to brunch in Dallas yesterday and, although the door sign ‘recommended’ masks and all the staff and half the guests wore them, no one said a word about our bare faces. Same at the few stores we stopped at afterwards. Still, being unmasked and White among a mass of mixed-masked vibrants was not a bonding experience. I somehow didn’t expect they’d all be there at brunch, but should have known because it was in a high-end mall – husband’s customer sent us a giftcard. Food was fine but ambiance left much to be desired. Blecks and Mohammedans and handful of Whites – par for the course now in public, and why we usually just stay home.

        • I’m not sure we have any data on Cali invasion numbers post-Coof. Perhaps they are invading in much smaller numbers? I just don’t think we can say for sure.

          • Ostei: Check housing sale and rental prices, and speak with few real estate agents (if you know of any honest ones). They can/will tell you just what % of renters/buyers are from out of state and where, and how much above asking price they are offering. Destroying other states’ real estate markets just as they destroyed their own . . .

          • i don’t think there are a lot of murders during these attacks, maybe some. right now it’s mainly smash and grab type group attacks. it’s so refreshing that the “good whites” are getting preyed upon by their pet ebons. it’s my fondest dream, and i know it is but a modest dream, is that rob reiner is gang cornholed by a home invasion gang. i am giving rob the benefit of the doubt that this is not something he already enjoys, and pays for…

  17. “ After the panic, supervised activities became the norm. Video games found a target-rich environment of kids stuck inside by themselves or within earshot of their parents.”

    I remember this. The parents kept yelling at us kids to go outside, but being outside was boring because we weren’t really allowed to do anything. No exploring anything beyond the bounds of the front yard of my own house and a few neighbors yards.

    I didn’t really enjoy going outside until I became an adult and could go where I wanted.

    • What a difference. When I was 13 in 1980 I was driving my grandfather’s truck to pick up chicks 30 miles away. And I had a go cart I drove to the mall like it was a car, over busy streets, to play video games in the arcade. But as cause and effect would have it I became a dad at 19. now I am a mere 53 years old and have done my duty and raised my kids and can now live life for me. Gonna be fun. I hope.

    • oh man, that is a pale shadow of how it was 🙂 [staying in the yard]. in Summertime I hit the street right after breakfast, and just wandered all around town until lunch time.

      what i remember about being a kid was getting dropped off at the local theater on saturday morning, and watching kid oriented stuff for hours, with no adults around. absolute bedlam 🙂

      • time for a poll: how many guys here had a paper route? might have to explain what that was to the padawankers. please up vote for ‘yes’, and downvote for ‘no’.

        Zman, did *you* ever have a paper route?

  18. Final paragraph of Zman’s piece in Takimag today: “The West largely resisted the economic Marxists because even the most ridiculous bourgeois intellectual prefers abundance to poverty. The question at the heart of the current crisis is: Will the desire for stability and normalcy be enough to overcome the madness being inflicted by the cultural Marxists? These court cases suggest the jury is still out on whether this generation can resist this Marxist assault on the West.”

    Normies have to be directly harmed by something before they seek to change it. The “madness being inflicted by the cultural Marxists” is still too remote for the overwhelming majority of them. Many of them may recognize and complain about how insane the situation has become, but until it damages them personally, they will tolerate it. A defining attribute of normies is their tendency to respond to grave social problems too late.

    • It’s kinda reversed in today’s markism: To continue to eat at the abundance buffet requires kowtowing to the marxians.

      To hold the marxians at bay would take enough people willing to risk their buffet pass.

      Corporations are Marxist enforcers. Corporation are owned by banks and private wealth funds, Banks are owned by private wealth funds. Black Rock, Vanguard, State Street, Capital World…

      To stop the marxists, we need to liberate the wealth funds; go marxist on the marxists.

      • You’re right that a lot of folks put up with all the cultural sewage simply to preserve their individual standards of living. Normies innately avoid avoid rocking the boat, especially when their own jobs/promotions/salaries may be on the line. As to BlackRock, Vanguard, etc.: Are the elites who run such organizations true believers with regard to wokeness/cultural marxism — or do they simply use that toxic ideology to pacify those who would be most likely to oppose or protest the banks and private wealth funds? I suspect it’s a mix of both. Sometimes I wonder if Occupy Wall Street scared the high financiers into falsely embracing the cultural values of leftism in an attempt to overwhelm and deflate the more traditional economic values of leftism. A class war might be waged most effectively in the guise of a race & sexual identity war. Whatever the case, I think that your suggestion to “go marxist on the marxists” is worth considering, though it likely won’t catch on until things become considerably worse.

        • Those who own the wealth aren’t going to turn it over to the state or us proles. They are going to further concentrate wealth into their hands, and erect a technocratic control grid to protect them. They hide behind the minorities like negros and trannies which provides the justification for censorship.

          Beyond that, there is an ancient ethnic struggle between the bankers and the non-bankers. A cage match we don’t want, and one they won’t let us out of.

  19. Whom the gods would destroy they first make mad, so there’s a little white pill.

    As for the younger crowd, I’m very uncertain what they’ll be like set loose, and I doubt they know, either. Responsibility changes a person. How many millennials or even young Xers have truly been on their own, in control of their own lives?

    Credit the gerontocracy to snowflakes or boomers who won’t let go. Certainly it’s a bit of both. When the scale finally tips, I’d guess the craziness will briefly hit an intolerable pitch but will very quickly (and possibly after some heretofore inconceivable, reactionary brutality) settle down.

    The future still looks bright to me, but we haven’t yet turned the corner. Further, where the corner is remains unseen, but I guess that’s how it is to live through history.

    • Gen X was the last generation in history to know what freedom is. We took it for granted and put up no fight (I and a few others notwithstanding) when it was incrementally taken away.

      The ultimate generation of over-entertained douchebags, Gen X tried frantically to get acceptance from the Baby Boomers by play-acting hippy and being as left-wing as possible, but they never got that acceptance because Baby Boomers never stopped admiring themselves – flower in hair – in the mirror.

      Now both the Boomers and Xers complain that the Millennials and Gen Z are snowflakes, apparently never asking themselves who exactly it was who made the Millennials and Gen Z into snowflakes. I guess they were too busy admiring themselves in the mirror to notice that it was they.

      Yes, there were Boomers and Xers who went against the tide of their zeitgeist, but they were too few and too late.

      • From where I sit, on the border between X and millennial, there was nothing but the boomer thing (which ultimately wasn’t their thing) before the internet came along, which, practically, was by the mid 90s.

        When boomers and older Xers say they didn’t know better, I get it, because the 80s were the peak of this mass clown world culture. There was nothing else out there inside of the fringes. At the same time, they knew it was all wrong, as evidenced by hippies, bikers, goths, metal heads, slackers, and the like.

        At the risk of talking about myself, my life has ridden this wave that seems to be the boundary between the old and new realities, which I think gives me a clear perspective. Things have gotten worse in the ways that were good, better in those that were bad.

        We’re in a situation where young people have the knowledge and the means to affect the culture that their parents didn’t have, and yet they seem to lack the will— the fighting spirit— their parents did have and was shunted into frivolous or destructive ends. I think that’ll be resolved by events, probably painfully.

        So imo it’s about finding the will. Will + knowledge + means = victory.

        • I hope some future up-and-coming generation can find that perfect combination you mentioned for victory.
          In the meantime, if we need someone to kick ass at Dungeons and Dragons or Star Wars Trivia, Gen X will be there in all its glory!!!

          • Yeah it’s frustrating. If the Groypers could flip the switch, or if the people who burned down Woodstock ‘99 weren’t incoherent… but I’m sure there will be a moment that hits the sweet spot.

        • Purpose builds Will.

          Gen X and the sane Millennials and Gen Z lack any kind of alternate ideology that seems worth the effort.

          The future is stupid, patriarchy is nothing but work and most of us have more than enough stuff .

          Put something on the table and people will fight for it.

  20. The big question is what’s the Covid Panic all about? It’s been nothing but lies, censorship, and smearing of opposing voices, including some of the most accomplished and respected doctors in the world from the start. The numerous adverse events, including deaths are ignored. Now it’s forced injections or loss of jobs for many, and I assume for all of us eventually.

    It’s obviously not about health since the previously infected and now immune still have to take the shot. And now they’re working on getting children jabbed, who are barely affected by covid. Why are illegal aliens encouraged to enter the country, but not required to take the shot? I could go on and on with numerous examples proving that this isn’t about health…..

    So what’s it about? Why are they obsessed with getting needles in every arm? Is it just follow the money, or more?

    I’ve heard the talk about depopulation and perhaps that’s true, but who knows? At the very least I believe it’s about fear, demoralization and compliance to get everyone on board with electronic vaccine passports with electronic currency and social credit scores, and probably more. That seems the most likely.

    • “You there, World Citizen!” “You WILL comply – or else.”

      It’s no more complicated than that.

      • Agreed. Combining the threads of COVID-19 allowing folks to lace up the jackboots and throw on the long leather trench coat to release their inner Dictator, with the conversion into a cult of True Believers it now allows folks to unleash their Inner Torquemada and start their Own Personal Inquisition (I’ll refrain from the Monty Python and Mel Brooks references).

        For those folks it is now “Convert by Taking the Jab, OR DIE!”

        Control. Who – Whom Comrade?

  21. And so, lament is not enough. Get out of the city and away from the crazy. Kill your TV. Unplug all social media (break that addiction at all costs). If, perchance, you encounter one of the walking dead in your rural community; avoid them like the plague (they are thankfully very rare in the hinterlands). The Crazy will eventually force the collapse, and that will be your cue to act. Have a plan, be fit & ready. When the time comes, wear the fog and focus. Simple, secret, solo, and spontaneous. It’s the only way to be sure.

  22. Opening price action in US equities markets are giving a giant middle finger to the Moronic variant.

    Hope people managed to BTFD!

  23. The good news is, there’s reams of data coming in that suggest kids born during the “pandemic” are actually no-shit retarded — much lower measured IQs, verbal communication skills, and especially nonverbal communication skills. Turns out that never seeing a human face is NOT optimal for human social development in the formative years; whoda thunk it? Anyone who remembers those awful “still face” experiments from the 50s (or whenever it was) knows what comes next….

    (For those who haven’t seen those, they tried being completely nonexpressive around infants. The kids would be bewildered at first, then start screaming, and eventually just melt down and go catatonic. Children need the adults in their world to be at least reactive. Masks prevent that, so you’re going to have the weird phenomenon of Karen being ultra-caring, ultra-responsive, ultra-safe around her baby… but the baby will never know, because it can never see her stupid f*cking face. Completely dissociated, probably borderline psychopathic retards… that’s the next generation, right out of the cradle, then plugged into antisocial media all their lives. Oh, it’ll be different all right….)

    • Some linguist talked about a study in which English babies and Polish babies were played sentences in English and Polish, the first set being grammatically correct and the second set filled with errors. When the English babies heard correct English sentences, they got happy and cooed, but the Polish babies didn’t react. But when they played grammatically and syntactically wrong sentences in English, the English babies cried and became upset (while of course the Polish babies just ignored it, just like the first sample).

      They performed the same experiment in reverse, playing grammatically correct Polish sentences and then mangled sentences, and got the opposite results.

      It seems to be something that Chomsky got right about the innate Language Acquisition Device. External and interactive stimuli of all kinds are necessary to keep people from being psychologically and spiritually crippled, and there is something innate in the brain that needs to consume material almost as literally as the stomach needs calories. Something tells me whatever kids get born during this Covid scare are going to be so screwed up as make the Millenials look like the Greatest Generation. This is a massive Munchhausen by Proxy mindf*** the Faucis of the world are subjecting the children to.

    • Who would constantly wear a mask around their own baby? I think you might have some selection bias going on there 😉

    • I actually read an article the other day about a study that said universal mask usage has NO effect on a kid’s social development. This is despite the fact that more than a hundreds years of research across all fields came to a few simple conclusions: we are a social species, our faces have tons of little muscles and bones that can portray an astonishing array of emotions, and our social development is built around recognizing those facial expressions. But no, one study comes out that says, cover half your face with a mask at all times, and kids are none the wiser.

      There is a massive industry now, billions of dollars I am sure, that is currently funding gaslighting studies like this. They got rolling last year to convince us that wearing masks actually helps despite all prior studies and just observable reality, and now they’re going to do it with everything else.

    • Holy shit. Around 2035 to 2040, those of us still alive can expect an epidemic of sociopathy in late teens. This will play out as they grow up and replace pre-hysteria populations. Let’s call it the “Morlock-Eloi Bifurcation.”

      • It’s just like social distancing man. In March of 2020, every media outlet presented this term as an established medical practice. Of course, it was not – and finding any reference to this pre-covid is an exercise in a few random article throughout a century.
        I always like to rephrase the “please maintain social distancing” as “please invent social distancing.” These poor kids are going to be so F&#^$@ up.

    • Then more good news is likely. These literally retarded psychopaths may harvest their Karen mothers and remove them from civil society.

  24. Yep, it’s cultural insanity.

    Had to go to a kid birthday party this weekend. Dad comes to pick up kid. Arrives at the house sporting a full-on M95 respirator, like it was the Passchendale, 1917.

    Even funnier that he was an Aussie, who, for whatever reason, used to have a reputation of being the plucky underdog tough guys of the Anglosphere. Turns out not so much.

    What concerns me is that there are so many of them.

    The road ahead is long and arduous…but then again it always is.

        • Horace: I’m constantly reminding those I speak with of the Gell-Mann Amnesia – everything one reads or hears is a lie. No study can be replicated. The research was specious, the conclusions preordained. The numbers are all false. I don’t care if it’s official truth on politics, wealth, race, diet – I don’t believe any of it. And if it’s spouted by some uber-credentialed ‘expert’ I believe it even less.

      • Australia is, I think, among the most urbanized nations on Earth. Everyone is crowded into cities along the green ribbons several miles wide that line the coasts. The bogans and assorted other rednecks are outliers, always have been. Even when Paul Hogan was getting his reptile freak on and pimping the worst beer ever produced, the average 13-year-old American girl could kick the most muscled up Bondi Beach surfer boy’s ass up between his ears.

        I think of Australia in the same light as Texas: all reputation, no guts.

    • A few weeks back I was looking for a baby/toddler car seat for my new grandson visiting for the holidays. Found a new one on Craigslist for half the price (lots of baby stuff here in Florida only used for kid visits). When I rang the doorbell (the sellers house) the door opened about a half inch followed by the seller squeezing a paper mask through the opening. He said “you need to put this mask on” to which I answered “that will never happen”. I said “all you need to do is put the item outside, I’ll stand way back, and if all is well, I’ll leave the money and take the car seat”. He started lecturing me – I turned and said “See Ya”. His wife then came out with the seat – no mask – and we completed the transaction.
      With this new Omicron “Scarient” this guy is probably in a containment bunker.

      I also saw a lot of masks when driving by one of the golf courses today, which wasn’t the case last week. Proportional to the snow-birds returning.

      • The spinelessness and nutless nature of your average man has truly been brought front & center in this time in history. I simply had no idea how feminine men in general have become but I suppose the political landscape should have been an indicator prior to the coof too.

        The j00 poison is working so well it is almost scary. Sackless bugmen afraid of their own shadow and strong empowered hyper aggressive wahmen. Who are the ‘light beer’ version of men emulating all the worst traits of men but w/o the tackle between their legs to back it up. Seeing a people so degraded is depressing.

        Hopefully there is still some karma somewhere out there if/when retribution for this soul sickness finally arrives because it is desperately needed.

    • No wonder the UK sent the servile ANZACS into Gallipoli and New Guinea. For King and country yadda, yadda….

      • More British troops served in Gallipoli than ANZAC ,they just didn’t whine about it. The troops that subsequently served on the Western front said it was worse than facing the Turks.
        It was you Americans who wanted the Aussies to fight in New Guinea. MacArthur did not have a high regard for the Australians and sent them to do the really miserable work.

    • I had kind of an interesting opposite experience yesterday. We met up with a bunch of family members at a restaurant for a post T-giving get together. There were about 30 of us in a smallish room ranging in ages from mid 20’s to late 80’s. There were undoubtedly some covidians in the group, but no one wore a mask the entire time and no one was wearing one when they arrived, that I saw. None of my many conversations had anything to do with the virus or vax. I imagine most were vaxxed so maybe they figured there wasn’t much to worry about. I don’t know, seems kind of positive, but it’s hard to tell. Even the servers were maskless and no one pitched a fit.

  25. Over Thanksgiving I was in a city that was almost fully masked up. I remarked about it to a Covidian in my life, and I wondered why, with everyone here masked up, surely they must have been vaccinated a while ago, most likely with a booster or two, so why the masks? What’s the endgame here?

    Answer: we need to mask up until everyone is vaccinated. Until then the vaccine doesn’t work the way it should.


    • Yep. Just been to the supermarket.

      One day’s headlines and TV news about moronia variant and 90%+ are masked already like an automatic reaction.

      The automata appear to have no memory of the last 2 years and react like its Sonny and Cher on the Radio when they wake up.

      This is never, ever ever going away.

  26. Interesting.

    I’ve seen some incongruous stuff up here in Canada. One of my only two shitlib friends has been a devout Covidian since this started. She never fails to wear her mask and lecture me on how brave and concerned we need to be about the Covid monster… but the last time we met she didn’t mask up at all or give me the spiel about how I’m going to kill gramma.

    At the hobby shop all us old stubfarts were lined up outside because only a few are allowed in at a time. I won’t wear my mask if I don’t have to, and hen I struck up a conversation with the fellas, they all took theirs off to talk. We put them back on to go inside, and between me and a half dozen others… we drove the faggot clerk nuts by “half-assing” our masks by leaving our noses hanging out. We didn’t agree to do it beforehand… but it seems that a rebellion of sorts may be starting.

    But that was before Lord Omicron made His appearance… so who knows.

    • Does anyone wear a bandana instead of a mask?

      If I have to wear a face covering I put on a bandana. Then I also use it as something like a scarf to keep my neck warm, or like an ascot as a decoration, but I also live in the desert more or less so it does actually have practical benefits for keeping dust out of your mouth on windy days. I can see why the old Mexicans use to always have one around.

      • I wore one around my neck at work as a compromise. Haven’t needed it in months. Next month the mask comes back in preparation for the vaxx mandate.

        Not sure how that’s all going to play out, if I get to wear the bandana again while looking for a new job, or if the whole thing gets scrapped. All I know is I’m not sticking a q-tip up my nose at my expense to have a job.

      • Literally the only time I’ve worn a mask since the madness started is when I am on a flight. I bought one made from cheesecloth…hehehe.

  27. There is a high school not far from my home here in So Cal. Sometimes when I take the bike out I see the kids leaving campus to cross the boulevard for lunch at the local shopping center. The kids are masked on the street. Every pussy assed compliant one of them.This ought to be the most rebellious, “I’m gonna’ live forever. Don’t tell me what to do”, segment of the population. Yet they comply. They comply without being forced. I see pre-teens on the beach wearing the mask of submission. They comply. The Asians are all mask all time. So are the many of the Mexicans. I cannot stand the sight of it. It’s like living in some shitty science fiction movie where the bad guys won, and there’s no hero.


    • Wow. That is completely opposite to what I am seeing up here. Tormenting the adults with non-compliance is a major sport for our kids up here.

      I wonder what it’s like in other regions like, sa, Florida?

      • My high school age daughter completely ignores all the masking and social distancing crap when out of school, but of course is forced to toe the line during the school day. She’s the most leftist of my kids, but I’ve at least imparted that much sense to her.

        The problem is that their so malleable at that age that after two years, masks aren’t weird and abnormal anymore.

        Youth were never big nonconformists. That was always a lie. Starting in the ’50s they were shamelessly indoctrinated and used by the Marxist education establishment. They were just conforming to what they were taught. Their rebellion against their parents was conformity with the leftist message with which they were being indoctrinated.

        None of my homeschooled kids ever had the “teenage rebellion” stage, because they were never taught that was what they were supposed to do.

        Now the the left controls the culture, they’re no longer taught to rebel, they’re taught to obey.

        • Historically, youth only were nonconformist to authority when it came to trying to get laid, as biology trumped social conditioning. Not, as sex and porn is seen as acceptable for teenagers on up, even that has been removed.

          The nonconformist youth mantra was always a conservative cope for losing our educational institutions. It’s almost as lame as college Republican groups saying they’re the real rebels.

          • As a neat side effect of all the porn, teen sex and happily pregnancy is much much lower than it was in the 70’s .

            Also modern teens don’t live in a “go to the mall.” world. They live in an online world .

            A sixteen year old kid today has never lived in a world without Facebook. YouTube and other social media.

            They aren’t encouraged to work or to go to the mall and hang out, Back when I worked at the mall , there was one grandfathered in minor in the entire mall and she was a few month as from 18.

            They also really were allowed in the mall on school days, school hours sure I get that but you want them in after school. They weren’t there.

            If tech continues, most teens and there will be fewer born each year won’t live a recognizable life to us. My guess is social skills will rapidly decline and with it fertility and IQ.

            This will end the whole mess.,

            Now foe a bit of hope, more than a fewer younger Gen Z kids are trying to break the mold.These are the under 21 crowd and while not overtly rebels as they live in a soft police state, they are making efforts to be like normal humans.

      • Out and about in Idaho over the Thanksgiving holiday my observation was about 90% of the people were unmasked.

      • Small observation from Pensacola, FL from two weeks ago. I was on both the Navy bases, where masking is federally mandated. In the hospital/clinic masks were worn, but pretty half-assed by a significant percentage. Around the rest of the base areas, they weren’t very common.

    • The kids are huge conformists. If a rebellious group did decide to stop wearing masks, the rest would follow once it hit a critical mass. In South Dakota I see a small number of kids wearing masks with their parents, who I assume are the true believers. Almost no one is wearing masks here outside of clinic and hospital settings. Even there, people will push it if they can. Group non compliance will work to stop this.

    • Yep, I live in So Cal and have seen similar patterns. I remember at the start it was me and black people (I.e. americans) least likely to wear masks. But the asians and Mexicans ate this shit up. And within maybe 6 to 9 months following the start of it that it was becoming clear it was a status thing where masks were for the workers. For Well to do people it was optional.

      I think the reason men wear ties is to say they aren’t on the floor working because the tie becomes dangerous (could get caught in the machinery). A mask will be part of working class attire as much as work boots. But the mask also does keep out lots of debris and dirt and dust, so it has practical benefits, or at least the workers can tell themselves that.

    • I recently saw a video clip of a high school basketball game where the players are required to wear masks. Every kid was wearing one, but they all had them on under their chins, with nose and mouth out in the open breathing clean air!

  28. Disease panics and masks have been in place for decades in East Asia. It doesn’t look promising here.

  29. “There is also the reference to a classic Star Trek episode. The spores on Omicron ceti iii made people euphoric and gave them everlasting health in exchange for a desire to never leave. The plants and the humans became two sides of a blissful relationship.”

    Wow, I hadn’t seen this episode since I was a kid. Now, looking at the plot summary, I have to ask myself, what, exactly, was wrong with what was happening on Omicron Ceti III? It’s a harder question than it seems. The obvious moral from the episode is that harsh free will is better than euphoric control, even if the euphoric control is benign, but … is it? The people there still had their intellect, and they had perfect health and happiness, too.

    • Yeah, I recently watched through TOS and I thought the same thing. Life on that planet was ideal. Even Spock had fallen in love and was invested in life and his friends, no longer cold and detached. The highlight of that episode is when Kirk has to piss off Spock in order to break the spell and calls him names like “half-breed abomination.”

      I suppose the moral is that humanity needs struggle to really be alive. According the the Christian view, that attitude is just a cope for living as fallen creatures in a fallen world destroyed by sin. We were created to enjoy a carefree existence but sin has introduced endemic suffering and struggle. Post-Christian liberalism teaches us this is how the world always was and of course many will come to believe a paradise can be created… it’s interesting the Star Trek is something of a Utopia but whenever the people in that world find an actual utopia they feel compelled to abandon or destroy it. This betrays a mindset that is attached to suffering and points to the idea of Samsara.

    • Really. Nothing.

      My theory is Federation values are designed around creating conditions that prevent a mouse utopia.

      TOS wasn’t post scarcity but it was a mature social democracy and wealthy and this lead to a passivated population.

      In TOS they still had jobs, colony worlds and money so that element was less obvious but by TNG , it was full on.

      The Federation basically overlooks risk taking even reckless ones and in fact as seen in the last episode of TNG “All Good Things” in order to get promoted you have to take risks.

      A careful by the book officer will not get past maybe O2 but some loon who nearly destroys a colony, starts a war, or does a number of other idiot things will be so long as he is lucky.

      Risk taking confers status.

      And no this wouldn’t work, Its as profoundly stupid too but hey Star Trek.

  30. When the Western Roman Empire was in decline, its intellectual elite busied itself with arcane theological disputes and its administrative class focused on internal power struggles.

    Meanwhile, the barbarians gathered at the borders.

    • With our legal system where it is going, in thirty years, Sharia Law might sound like an improvement. Heck, I’ll even pay the infidel tax if they stop pushing tranny stuff on my kids.

      There will come a time soon where whites who want to escape the system will look at Muslim outposts like Dearborn to escape the poz, as they will not be allowed to have communities of their own.

        • “Muslims” is not an ethnic/racial category.

          Whites can also be Muslims AND White Nationalists/Segregationists.

          Islam has nothing to do with ethnicity or race.

          The battle is between Whites and other hostile races, not between ‘Islam and the West’.

          • I beg to differ. Muslims are in a never ending battle with Western civilization, which pretty much means Whites. Yes, Whites can be Muslim, but they can also be leftist anti-White, so there you go.

        • Mooslems hate everybody. They even slaughter their fellow mooslems. Hell, they murder their own family members.

      • Chet: Sounds to me merely like changing one hostile and alien ruling class for another. And no, the Mohammedans weren’t the benevolent masters woke and Juice historians make them out to be. No, thank you.

        • Yes. Changing one hostile and alien regime to one that is still hostile but less so than our current one.

          > And no, the Mohammedans weren’t the benevolent masters woke and Juice historians make them out to be. No, thank you.

          Never said they were, just that they might become preferable to our future regime.

      • If Whites keep fleeing and refuse to work together an fight they’ll die.

        They’ll deserve it too.

        You want a land for your people? Tame your women, have many hard as nails children and take it .

    • I wonder if the people who have lied to you about everything were also lying about this. Like, I wonder if the fantastically over-simplified sketch of the decline and fall is fantastically over-simplified for any particular reason, you know?

    • That was my first thought too. We need to have mail in voting, everywhere! Hell, we need to make a phone app, VotR. Scan the QR code for the candidate of your choice, and if the Democrat just happens to win with 115% of the vote, well, the people have spoken. Can’t be too safe!

    • Though never an advocate of dual citizenship…it looks like my wife is eligible for Polish citizenship, which I believe makes my kids eligible once she has it. We’re going to pursue it.

      • I was thinking of moving to Montenegro. Just thinking about it, not actually going to do it. Just wondering what it would be like. I need to vacation there first to check it out, nope, not going to do that either. I guess I’m stuck here. Dang.

        • I’m considering spending a month or so at AirBnbs in various red parts of the US to see if I can find one that seems like a good fit for me.

          Not a great plan, but I figure it’s better than sitting in this blue zoo waiting for more lockdowns.

        • what is it about montenegro that interests you? it’s cheap but you would be living in the middle of a camp of gypsies. it’s maybe on a good day 2nd world level society, akin to living in Mississippi or Wisconsin.

          • Not sure. Something about it just appeals to me. I’ve seen it on tv. Got a positive vibe. It’s really that simple.

      • SamlAdams: My husband is eligible for both Italian and Irish citizenship. We thought about pursuing the Italian one, merely to have a means to get into the EU if in extremis (this was before Covid, of course). Now, since neither of us is vaccinated we figure we wouldn’t be permitted entry, even if we were allowed to fly (and that assumes we’d be willing sit masked amongst the diversity for all those hours). Since both our boys are over 21, they would have to apply separately afterwards, so we’ve decided to just forget the whole thing for now. Poland may be different (certainly fewer Africans than in Italy, but I’ve read they’re importing Filipinos).

        As bad as AINO is, there is more room and more less crowed corners (not saying one can run and hide, but one can certainly move further away from the city and enrichment) and there’s always Alaska (yeah, I know there are still some blacks up there for the state $ too, but they stand out and would be easier to avoid/eliminate).

        • I just emailed my attorney in Italy. I believe that if your husband gets Italian citizenship that it passes automatically to all your children regardless of age.

          But I will wait to hear back.

          • Falcone: I hadn’t heard that, but it might change our plans. I’d appreciate your letting me know what you discover. Of course, then there’s the gathering of all the requisite documents, and thus far no luck finding husband’s great-grandparents’ marriage record (know for certain it was in the US but the state bureaucrats can’t find the record).

          • @3g4me:

            You are correct. I was wrong. Here is from my attorney:

            Answering your question, no, they won’t get Italian citizenship automatically. As for the Italian law, once they reach 18 years old, they will have to apply separately. Only minor children can be included in the parents requests.

        • Poland has simply announced they not in the “refugee” business. I admire that. The astonishing this, as I come up on the 400th anniversary of my namesake landing in the New World, is that I even have to consider these options. More for my children’s protection (and one has to do travel in places where a non-US passport would be helpful)

          • My sense of things is that, in the west, is a shutting of doors to escape.

            America is very possessive over its people, despite treating them like garbage. But if you dare try to break free they will hound you like no tomorrow, via the IRS mainly. They don’t want their tax crop leaving. And they get nasty when you try. And I think America — or AINO really — has been doing all it can to make Europe as unappealing to Americans so they have nowhere else to go.

            They want to lock us in and torture us. Of that there can be little doubt.

        • The largest ethnic populations of every Northeast state are either Irish or Italian, if that’s what you’re looking for.

          • Yes and no

            They are more accurately described as the grandchildren and great grandchildren of people who were born in Ireland or Italy. Like “Italian” food in America is not really Italian food but food made by the grandchildren of people born in Italy. For anyone who has travelled, the distinction is quite apparent.

            And that in the Northeast the largest ethnic groups are quickly becoming Indians and Mexicans, etc. There are no real Italian communities left. I lived in Boston for two years and their supposed Italian district was more like Epcot. I was in NYC a few years ago and their Little Italy was also more like a small theme park of Italy than a living and breathing community of Italians. They’ve become more of an American interpretation of Italy, or Ireland, or Portugal, or whatever the case may be. Where I am from originally, Tampa, we had a Greek community nearby in Tarpon Springs which was still, in my youth, populated by people from Greece. But after a generation or two it takes on a touristy fakeness like Epcot.

            Moral of the story, if you want to get to know actual Italians or Irish or whatever, the only places left are the actual homelands. Until they aren’t.

  31. I honestly believe the Covidian movement will collapse and be ridiculed in relatively short order and in the near term. In a sense, the psychosis has been a good thing in that it has separated the wheat from the chaff, and even the people on our sight of history with this penchant for panic porn has been flushed out. The charlatans in public health and the sciences have been laid bare. There are many positive things that have happened.

    I don’t doubt there will be Covidians for eternity. But the same applies to Hare Krishnas and Flat Earthers. Like the poor, circus freaks always will be with us.

    What concerns me about long-term durability is the Cult of Anti-Racism. It is a state religion now, and particularly unhinged, and has the ability to go on for generations at the same intensity.

    • I don’t think it will, and if it does, all your leftist friends who were all on board through the entire hysteria will stare at you blankly when you mention how crazy they acted, as they will dispose the entire thing out of their consciousness for the next fad, and the same people will be in power programming the next emergency. In other words, we’ll still be left where we are right now.

      Once you think of 80% of the population, both left and right, as programmed automatons, the correct course of action becomes less ambiguous. You either avoid the automatons with the same vigor you would avoid a T-1000, or go after their programmers.

      • Try 95%. That’s my estimation of people who lack the inclination to think things through themselves. Of the 5% that are so inclined, even a smaller fraction have the ability to actually do so. Most will just jump from one readymade ideology to another. See TRS fans and Tradcaths.

      • I’m pretty certain we are near the end stage because things have become so ludicrous and contradictory they are to sustain. “Vax harder” as a slogan as vaccine-resistant strains are proclaimed even get the attention of stupid people.

        As for the rest of your comment…yes, 100 percent. Eventually they will deny the things they did, too, even when confronted with digital evidence to the contrary.

    • Our overlords will hopscotch between racisms and covid strains for the near future. When neither is popping, then a mass shooting will occur.

      As a smart guy said, we’re in a permanent revolution.

      • The permanent revolution will implode when it can no longer keep the lights on, water running, or food in the stores.

        • I’m not so certain. “Revolt harder” will become the new “vote harder.” People have a huge capacity for delusion.

          What might prove out your point, though, is if the Ruling Class starts to suffer relative deprivation. That’s not even a given if it takes too long to happen, but right now Jeff and Warren and Bill would back off if they could not get people to produce fuel for their private jets.

          • I’d need to do more research, but I don’t think even theoretical, optimal battery energy density vs. weight and volume comes anywhere close to jet fuel. Based on that, I don’t think electric private planes are not feasible.

            On the flipside, no one will run the entire petroleum supply chain just to produce miniscule amounts of jet fuel. The economics just don’t make sense.

    • I hope that you’re right, but…
      My wife was looking at a conversation thread between homeschoolers on FB about how happy they and their kids are that pre-teens can now get the vax. I never thought that narcissism would be so weaponized that vast tracts of mothers would see their own kids as props in the stage play that is their life, but…

      • That and they’re too dumb to realize that CRT and Beer Dlu are simply two different horns of the same evil deity.

      • These are the same women who castrate their sons for social approval, so it should come as no surprise they would give their children needless vaccines.

      • A book from the 1940’s (Generation of Vipers by Philip Wylie) labels this phenomenon “Momism”. He describes the petty dramas and competitions between Gold Star and Silver Star mothers of dead veterans from WW2 using their dead sons for status competition and accolades. He even describes the litany of depredations and harm that the medical industry inflicted on the people from so long ago. It was only antibiotics that did anything to salvage their reputation. This has been going on a long time folks.

    • Just the rhythm of life says you are right, that something will happen to shake the system and so real priorities are moved to the front and stupid fake things like Covidian masks fall by the wayside. And eventually are laughed at like bell bottom jeans

      I mean that’s the historical pattern and rhythm thus far at least in my life, and I have to think it still applies.

      But time is running out, Any fashion or fad that lasts more than two to three years becomes semi permanent and/or will stick around noticeably for maybe five to ten years. Like the open concept kitchen and living room or granite countertops. We’re getting close.

  32. One of the most shocking aspects of the decline of traditional religion is the rather apathetic reaction by leadership in most denominations. They are either completely transforming their old services to worship the new gods of the age, to empty pews, or trying to put a happy face on closing countless parishes to an increasingly skeptical laity.

    The new mystery cults of Liberal Democracy and Science! are, to put it bluntly, boring. They can only be maintained by an apparatus that spends literally trillions propping it up. If one looks back at the older religions of the Egyptians, Germanic Tribes, and Romans, even a nonbeliever can’t help but be in awe of the fascinating aspects of those religions. With Covid, we just have capesh*t superheroes bowing to nurses, who in turn do clownish TikTok routines. It can’t last for the same reason the drab weariness of the U.S.S.R can’t last. A cynical and demoralized people with no spiritual ethos can not maintain a society, as they can’t even maintain their own bloodline.

    There is going to be a spiritual awakening of traditional religion that will either be their last gasp before being completely assimilated by the Borg, or a real battle that will pit them against the new, modern religions. The only reason it hasn’t happened yet is there are still nominally traditional people who think the current religion can be merged with their own with minimal losses.

    While we’ll lament the competency of the boomers in the workforce, the boomer religious leadership who can’t realize the 70’s kumbaya nonsense doesn’t exist anymore can’t die fast enough. We don’t have to worry about millennials being worse, as the worst ones don’t go to Church at all anymore and have no interest in it.

    • That was one of the hardest lessons I had to learn. I suspected my church, like pretty much all churches in AINO, was cucked beyond cucked… but now I know. I still get “pastoral letters” begging me to give time and money to “immigrants” — what can YOU do for all the 70-IQ illiterate Guatemalans who just showed up in your neighborhood, seething with Covid and a zillion other medieval diseases?

      But when it came to the actual Hamsterkauf, fuhgetabodit. Homeboy was nowhere to be found. If I do get Der Coof and my number comes up and I fall into that 0.2%, I sure hope one of the ICU nurses is Catholic — a real one, not one that belongs to Bergoglio’s coven — and can give me extreme unction; I know the local parish priest sure the f*ck isn’t going to be at my bedside; he’s too busy hiding under his desk at the rectory.

      • > I know the local parish priest sure the f*ck isn’t going to be at my bedside;

        Knew someone seriously ill at the hospital from Covid and his priest refused to give last rites.

        If Dante saw this cowardice, he’d make a new circle just for them, and it would make the others look like a vacation.

        • That’s just pathetic.

          The mission system days in the US Southwest and Latin America are long gone.

          • Robert Graves had a great story in Good-Bye to All That about how BEF units in the trenches could never get enough Catholic priests. Not because there were so many Catholics in the ranks, but because the Anglican padres would never get anywhere near the front line. The Catholics, by contrast, were always out there in the thick of things, leaping from shell hole to shell hole to give extreme unction to the dying. Graves said commanders were always attesting to “mass conversions” in their units to get an RC chaplain assigned to them…

            Those were real men. Priests (and medics) were always the bravest of the brave. Here’s hoping the medics, at least, still are.

          • Francis Parkman’s “France and England in North America” is substantially sourced from the annual records sent back to France by every Jesuit missionary to the Amerindians. Those guys were hard core true believers willing to martyr themselves to accomplish their mission. What they would make of the current pope is entertaining speculation.

        • Replying to Severian

          Robert Graves was an Irish catholic who had no love for English people so he is not a reliable guide for factual accounts of events.
          The British keep records of the casualties from WW1-why not avail yourself of the information rather than parrot the ill will of an Oirish poet?
          Anglican chaplains had a larger proportionate casualty rate than Catholic priests.

          • Why do Catholics always try to pretend that they are tougher than Protestants? With a much smaller population than you we have been wiping the floor with you for over half a millenium.
            Maybe that’s why:protesting too much.

          • Robert Graves was Anglo-Irish on his father’s side and German on his mother’s side. His paternal grandfather was the Anglican bishop of Limerick. IIRC he talks about losing his faith in GBTAT but I never heard the RC thing.

    • “It can’t last for the same reason the drab weariness of the U.S.S.R can’t last. A cynical and demoralized people with no spiritual ethos can not maintain a society, as they can’t even maintain their own bloodline.”

      Interesting point. During the dark days of The Great Patriotic War, even Stalin realized that extolling the virtues of The Great Soviet Socialism didn’t inspire soldiers and workers to rise up, take arms, or build arms to smash the Fascist Foe.

      (From a book on the Eastern Front, “Barbarossa” by Alan Clark, comes a story that during the encirclement and capture of Kiev by the German Army in 1941, huge loudspeakers were brought up to the Soviet front lines to broadcast recordings of Stalin’s speeches to rally the troops. The Soviet troops were encircled and surrendered. One wonders how many surrendered to make the damned speeches stop.)

      No, eventually Stalin realized there needed to be a connection to the land, and the people. Appeals to defend “Mother Russia” arose and the people’s ties to the land, and mention of the fighting bravery and prowess of Russian generals of the past pre-Revolution (especially Suvorov) began to appear. The Zampolits and Politruks were pulled out of front line units, and the Russian Orthodox Church made a guarded yet visible return. Tanks rolled into battle with slogans painted on their turrets not extolling socialism, but extolling generals or Mother Russia or smashing the Fascist beasts.

      Of course after the war ended . . . . . . .

      There may yet be another Great Awakening within America. The question is who shall lead it and will it be co-opted?

  33. If masks become permanent, the oral hygiene companies and breath mint companies, and maybe even lipstick makers, are going to be S.O.L.

  34. I’m in my hometown in a state with a deep blue metro area, and a more or less red outstate, for a wedding, and I’m shocked at the number of millennial Branch Covidians there are. Not just the youngsters, of course- my boomer sister in law refused to draft Adam Thielen for her fantasy team because he wasn’t vaccinated.This madness isn’t going away anytime soon.

    Also- I’m a boomer, born 1954, but I never put together the 80s daycare mania with the end of unsupervised childhood- it makes sense, though. I recall, and I don’t think this is just some old guy remembering stuff that never happened, taking the bus downtown by myself as early as fourth grade; not to mention riding our bikes all over the city. And, getting to baseball and hockey practice all by ourselves…

    • I also remember the one thing that really shook society to the core was the Tylenol poisoning. America was never the same and our way of life permanently altered. Pretty much every form of packaging and bottling after that had some kind of safety seal or squeeze and pinch and twist method to get the thing open. That all came about after Tylenol. Probably hard for young people to get their heads around, but there was a time when things even as simple as bottles of orange juice and milk had regular twist off caps with no plastic seals to break. Even that little air pop cap came about after.

      So there went the trust. One more thing to break down society. Probably all planned by crazies in the CIA.

      • Along those lines, it’s possible the 80s daycare mania was a cultural jiu-jitsu move by Leftist degenerates with the long-term goal of getting their hands on the kids.

      • Oh to hear The Lovely Mrs. complain when she has to open a bottle of aspirin these days.

        Both of us were in Chicagoland when those killings occurred.

  35. Compared to the 1918-19 flu pandemic which really did kill tens of millions worldwide, this covid show is a joke. But then again, countries were typically run by sober minded men and peopled by mostly serious and realistic men and women. Oh, and they didn’t deify the most worthless segments of society. Now things are run by both hysterical women and soy boys. Everything wrt to this covid farce is a freaking panic fest, yet there are still no bodies piling up in the streets. The earlier “panics” mentioned in this article were nothing compared to this one in that people could choose to buy in or not, rather than have it forced down your throat via all sorts of diktats, coercion and who knows what else coming down the road. Sure, we can choose not to buy in, but TPTB will do their best (or worst) to make certain that doesn’t happen.

    • You mention 1918. I’m going to say something very, very bad here.

      Sudden childhood paralysis was unknown until the 20th century.

      Poliomyelitis- polio- historically left a child with a withered limb.

      Wikipedia: “Major polio epidemics were unknown before the 20th century; localized paralytic polio epidemics began to appear in Europe and the United States around 1900.”

      A few cases in 1841 & 1843.
      26 more in 1893, a 50 year gap, then 132 in 1894.

      Epidemics of sudden paralysis began to appear.
      By 1907, 2500 cases in NYC.
      In 1916, 27,000 cases in Brooklyn.

      Now, there is a rumour- thoroughly debunked by our astute bluechecks, of course, who would never lie to us-

      A rumor that an experimental vaccine tried at an Army barracks in Kansas was taken to the trenches of WW1, where it mutated per ADE, and came back as the Spanish Flu.

      Is it plausible that somebody, with a history of medical study, born of an interest in poisons, and who tries to emulate White thinking but mostly seems to invert it, might possibly have been monkeying around, trying new variations on White sciences?

      Polio peaked during and just after WWll. The polio vaccine launched the immensely powerful embedded racket we see today.

      What if a part of the 40 years following 1918 included a coverup- covering up the cause of the death of a fifth of the world’s population?

      What then, if that same group monkeying around, a group notably lacking in remorse where profit is concerned (opium, booze, porn, human trafficking, weapons, diamonds, blackmail, spycraft, propaganda, banking and trade wars, radical political-religious movements) said “Aha! We have an atom bomb!”

      I hesitate to notice the distinct over-representation in the 500 new vaccine billionaires in 2020-21.

      • Edit: I didn’t say clearly that contagious, sudden paralytic polio, might- might- have been the result of an experimental ‘vaccine’ gone wrong. What if it were, and somebody exploited that?

        The same types who would introduce medically useless Thalidiomide as an “anti-anxiety drug for expectant mothers”, pushing it for 5 years in 90 countries though its adverse effects were known.

        The inversion of pathological altruism is a lack of remorse; aka ruthlessness, or “by any means necessary”.

        • p.s.s- a further social effect of Thalidiomide is United Way, March of Dimes, and 503c charities. Woke money laundering, a similar effect as kids on a milk carton.

      • I think it’s delusional to view it any other way. Does anyone actually believe the staggering level of evil and avarice we’re witnessing today is somehow new? Everyone knows the hundreds of millions murdered by their own governments and world wars in the 20th century. The truth is in fact much worse.

      • This whole thing is like in the movies where you have a guy who is a suspect in his wife’s death and you look at his history and find out his ex wife did mysteriously.

        Its like you say “why can’t this be like the polio vaccine” and as soon as you say it you think “holy shit were they lying about that too”. Let’s not forget Jonas Salk was a tribesman

      • The kosher killers were poisoning wells in the middle ages. Tikum olum, the great cleansing, in the year of shamita. None of this shit is new. It’s ancient, recycled mass death.

    • The reaction to the news of this dreaded variant is a perfect example. A masculine society would step back and say, “let’s examine the particulars, wait to see how it pans out, and react to events on the ground. It’s a problem that will be solved.” Instead, we saw the entirety of the cloud people leap up on a stool, like a house frau who’s spied a mouse, screaming and waving a broom around.

        • Covid is a test that lays bare which medical authority you accept. Since few of us have the time or expertise to evaluate the data, all we can do is try our best to choose the most trustworthy authority from which to receive our interpretations.

          My Mother, who is convinced that me or my brother, both of whom are unvaxxed, are going to die from Covid, exclaimed, “I believe Fauci!”

          Fauci became a media figure in the 1980s by convincing the public that heterosexuals were at equal risk to homosexuals for catching AIDS.

    • usNThem mentioned the Spanish Flu. Our current pandemic has caused me to look back at earlier pandemics for comparison.

      One of my criticisms of the current vaccines is that they were rushed and not properly tested for political reasons. Yet, wouldn’t the development of every vaccine be done under such conditions? I wonder if there were similar resistance movements in the past that we don’t read about.

      One of my criticisms of the current accounting of Covid deaths is that many deaths that weren’t caused by Covid are classified as Covid deaths. I wonder if we can trust any previous death counts, for example, the Spanish Flu. Were there similar pressures to inflate the death count?

      Any pandemic historians have thoughts?

    • Fauci is more like John the Baptist. He was sent to testify to the COVID. Rewriting John 1:6-8:

      A man came, sent by God. His name was Fauci.
      He came as a witness, to bear witness to the COVID, so that everyone might believe through it.
      He was not the COVID, he was to bear witness to the COVID.

  36. Finishing up a nine day stint on the “faraway isle”, which is about as distilled to 180 proof an example of the ruling class as you will find. On my trips to civilization noticed that the people who have ditched masks, even in the mandatory spaces are mostly old. The young woke plutocrats are masked to the nines, including little kids. Saw one guy driving his BMW convertible at 45mph down Milestone, mask firmly on. They still detour off the sidewalk when the unmasked approach. The locals are sick of it all. Even of Biden and his entourage that simply managed to f up traffic at every turn. But even here, could draw more than a few dozen people.

    • I’ve notice that too.

      But something else I’ve noticed is that the biggest CoVidians are baby boomers. Which fits with the stereotype of that generation as entirely self-centered / self involved. It also fits with them being old now. So they simultaneously fear the approaching end and anything that hastens it. And ar completely willing to make younger people suffer forever if it extends their own lives by one day. Besides which, a majority of them are at or past the point of retirement so all the lockdowns and restrictions really don’t affect them personally too much.

      Their parents – the silent gen are the ones who don’t buy into the bullshit as much – even though at greater risk – perhaps because they accept the ultimate end more than the boomers do.

      • I have no fond feelings toward Silent Gens. My Silent Gen mother and step dad were huge shitlibs. Meanwhile my greatest gen WW 2 vet dad was the one who taught me independence, toughness and self-reliance.

        Remember, most of the radical activists in the ’60s were silent gen.

        If my mom had had her way, I would have spent my whole life adhering to the gospel of Norman Lear (one of the most successful propagandists of his time). He himself was Greatest Gen, but young adult silent gens were the foot soldiers in the trenches during the ’60s and ’70s. My mom bought into every leftist piece of drivel on the boob tube.

        • One grandad was a WWI AEF vet the other was too old for the army in WW2 (he tried) so ended up in the merchant marine. But both were “hard” rural Midwesterners used to making their own way in the world. And spent a lot of time with both growing up—it sort of rubbed off on me as a late “boomer”—and even though I travel in East Coast shitlib society, have always done so as a bemused “stranger”.

        • Such a good point. We Boomers, as always, claim to be the first subjects of the Great Brainwashing, but oh no.

          The Silents were.
          Their brainwashing included cities in rubble, not a few blocks burned in Watts.

        • Vizzini, having read your comments for years, I feel somewhat acquainted with your difficult family. I’m glad to hear that you had a good Dad to help you.

          • Nah, my family was easymode compared to what a lot of people have to endure, but thanks. My dad was a great guy.

      • Dinothedoxie: I’m a unicorn and example of one, but I’m a boomer (just turned 63) and my silent mother is a shitlib and vaxxed. Can’t firmly state she’s always masked, since I haven’t seen her in years, but I’d be shocked if she’s not – as well as my just barely not a boomer shitlib sister with whom she lives. Absolutely assume boomer brother is always masked (haven’t seen him in years either) and if my silent father was still alive he’d be masked as well.

      • They accept it because most have already experienced it. I’m a late boomer and I know very few people who still have living parents. “Old and Wise” now means the Boomers! Sorry, Dino. Sad, but true. You are correct, though. Most of my friends were scared to death, went through hell and high water to get their vax asap, and now only shed the mask when they reach the table at the restaurant. Me and my siblings didn’t get the vax and didn’t wear the mask, but we were born and raised to be cantankerous contrarians. I guess that’s why I read this site and consider Z and the commenters as kindred spirits.

  37. ” our gerontocratic rulers think that anything that they need to worry about is the only thing to worry about. This explains treating covid like it’s the plague. If you’re old and weak it is a serious enough issue. And since our rulers are old, and they have to structure their lives around covid, the rest of us have to, too, even the children, which is the sickest part.”

    This, which is a very important point. Just as the Ruling Class believe their fashion tastes, no matter how gauche or repellent, are the ones that matter, their fears are the only ones that matter and you better be quite afraid, peasant.

  38. I don’t know how many here are familiar with the Warhammer fantasy universe. One of the gods in the chaos pantheon is Nurgle, the god of disease and decay. I never thought this made sense as something sentient beings would worship….until covid. Ironically, those doing the writing for this fantasy world are also covid respecters.

    • Speaking of cults in fantasy worlds, check out the Church of Unitology in the Dead Space game series and the Universal Brotherhood in the Shadowrun RPG setting.

      Predictive programming or just good research and creative writing?

  39. Your old theory of the left accusing the right of whatever they’re guilty of comes to mind here. Recall that early in Trump’s reign they liked calling him a “man baby,” before they discovered he was Hitler. Look at the types who get really made unhinged by Trump, like Alec “Shoot ‘Em Up” Baldwin or Bill “Putting Black Hookers through College,” Maher; these guys, like babies, are just the sum of their appetites.

    It’s more than that, though. Just as babies suffer from the ultimate form of solipsism, a lack of object permanence, our gerontocratic rulers think that anything that they need to worry about is the only thing to worry about. This explains treating covid like it’s the plague. If you’re old and weak it is a serious enough issue. And since our rulers are old, and they have to structure their lives around covid, the rest of us have to, too, even the children, which is the sickest part.

    Like Grandpa Simpson (“It’s every father’s dream to outlive his son”) they want to outlive their descendants, and when you consider that Chuck Schumer’s niece is Amy Schumer, maybe it’s a goal I can actually get behind. Ultimately their war on death is just like their war on racism. They can’t win and it can’t end, because it’s a war on nature.

    • ” our gerontocratic rulers think that anything that they need to worry about is the only thing to worry about. This explains treating covid like it’s the plague. If you’re old and weak it is a serious enough issue. And since our rulers are old, and they have to structure their lives around covid, the rest of us have to, too, even the children, which is the sickest part.”

      This, which is a very important point. Just as the Ruling Class believe their fashion tastes, no matter how gauche or repellent, are the ones that matter, their fears are the only ones that matter and you better be quite afraid, peasant.

    • Kate Upton’s uncle is a politician, I think a Congressman even.

      Chuckie Schumer, at night, lays awake resenting this deeply.

      • Her uncle, Fred Upton is one of the worst Republicans in the House. I think she has distances herself from him, simply because he is a Republican in order to stay in the good graces of the entertainment industry.

        • And then in the real world you realize its all a facade. there is one party and its all the entertainment industry.

          Not seen much wrestling?

  40. Seriously, when the Boomer Age officially ends? I think by 2030 most older boomers will be out of politics and economy, Gen X with some “younger” Boomers will takeover society and is anyone guess of what happens them.

    • The way I like to break it up is first wave boomers are now late 60’s and early 70’s, while the second wave is mostly in their 60’s. In the next decade that first wave ages off. The second wave will be with us to 2040 or thereabouts. Gen-X is too small of a cohort to matter, so the next ruing generation will be Millennials. The world will look back at the Boomerocracy as a golden age.

      • That’s about right. The first wave Boomers were the repellent, obnoxious ones, so they will be long-passed as the second wave versions start to die. People will incorrectly remember them as typical of that generation and hold them in esteem. That X-er’s have great potential but, as you point out, are too small in number to have a major impact. That cohort will be last with a work ethic and the good traits Boomers had and little of the self-indulgence and negativity of the Boomers.

        I feel for anyone, and this will be most of the younger X’ers, who have to live under the rule of Millennials. It will make the present age look utopian.

        • The Millennials will be the last generation anyone thinks about as they will drive society into the abyss.

          • Can confirm. I had a lot of them in college. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez thinks she’s brilliant, because in her context, she IS brilliant. She’s one of the high-performing ones.

            Contemplate that on the Tree of Woe. I like to joke that she’s going to be La Presidenta por Vida in ten years, but in truth, we can only hope to get so lucky.

          • Twenty years ago I started noticing that the Millennials were broken, but I figured life would bang out the deformities. Then I noticed employers subtly changing how they managed this cohort. For the most part the world has adjusted to this highly pampered and insulated generation.

        • Formed during the Iraq War era, weren’t they? While we late Boomers- the nice ones- skipped even Selective Service.

          Some Usual Suspect:
          “Hey! Grandpa was right! This war stuff breaks their minds!”
          Egads. Now we have a forever Forever War- the War on Covid.

    • Well, I’d say that the Boomers were generally born between 1946 and 1960, so if you still have politicians in their 70s – and we do – we’ll have Boomers mostly running the show into the 2030s, though they’ll be waning.

      Gen Xers will likely get leap-frogged by Millennials due to size differences. Of course, the Millennials make the Boomers look competent so things should start to slide pretty hard at that point.

      The things about the Millennials is that they actually believe all the propaganda that they’ve been fed. Even liberal Boomers, or, at least, most of them, don’t fully buy into the narrative because they’re ones who created it.

      It’s why the younger Left gets so mad at the establishment Left for not pushing harder. They can’t understand why the establishment Left isn’t doing more to push the country, i.e. whites, to be more “fair” and “equitable.”

      When these true believers finally take over, look out below.

      • It depends on who defines the terms. There is no official designation, but the one I have is that boomers are 1945 – 1965, Gen X is ‘65 to ‘85, and millennials are ‘85 to ‘05.

        I made the boomer demographic by a couple of months and did not get the free ride my elders did. My parents’ are first wave boomers and drive me bonkers with there BS. They have the opulent lifestyle because they worked hard for it and deserve it. The succeeding generation are just lazy whiners. Had to listen to that shite for years, and I won’t miss them when they’re gone. I don’t think any of their descendants alive today will either…

        • I know that officially – so to speak – Boomers are from 1945 to 1965, but I’ve always felt that there are transition years whose people don’t fit any generation.

          To me, those born from, say, 1962 or 1963 to maybe 1965 or 1966, fit that description. Someone born in 1965 was only 15 in 1980 by which time most boomers were already having kids and moving to the burbs. That 15-year-old wasn’t a Boomer, but he also wasn’t an Xer either.

          He was more the Dazed and Confused Generation, a transition period between the Boomers and the Xers. He also didn’t get the benefits of the Boomers.

          Boomers had grew up in safe neighborhoods with two parents at home and mom not working. They came of age with cheap housing, cheap college and a 85% white country that was the richest in the world. Everything was there for the taking.

          Instead of building on that and improving things for the next generation, they flushed it down the toilet.

          • I generally agree with this, especially for Gen-X. I was born in ’66 and the Gen-X stuff kicked in during my teen years, but I remember the “dazed and confused” years too. I was not old enough to participate, but I was old enough to no about it. Someone born in 1972, however, would not remember much from the 70’s, but would have known the 1980’s as well as me.

            This is why I get short with people on the generational stuff. It is just a sometimes useful rule of thumb in the broadest sense. People who came of age in the late 60’s and early 70’s are considered quintessential Boomers, but they are the minority of Boomers. Most Boomers fall on either side of that event and had a different experience growing up.

          • Yeah, the “Generation” stuff is useful short-hand, but you can’t put too much stock in it.

            A “Boomer” born in 1959 – a Boomer by any definition – was only ~15 when the “60s” – which was really from ~1966 to 1974 – ended. Hippies, war protests, etc., were never a real part of his world. It’d already be the 1980s when he was only getting out of college.

            There’s also geography and class. A working-class guy growing up in Oklahoma in 1960s is very different from the kid of a doctor growing up in the NYC or LA suburbs. Same for the Xers. I was a Midwest kid in the middle of nowhere. I’m not going to have the same experiences of a kid growing up in a suburb.

            Finally, there’s race. As you’ve mentioned, other races don’t get too worked up about generational divides. Neither I nor blacks really think about the differences between black Boomers and black Gen Xers because, frankly, they aren’t that different from each other.

            That’s not say that there aren’t generational traits that can broadly apply to whites, but it can definitely be taken too far. Also, as whites are more and more discriminated against, we don’t have the luxury of so much internal conflict.

          • Boomers didn’t pass the 1965 Immigration Reform Act or LBJ’s “Great Society” and Civil Rights giveaways.

          • There are definitely transitional groups, like the Xennials, who are commonly defined as being born from ’78 to ’82.

    • Boomers have been trying to pass over GenX for years and hand as much as possible to the Millennials because most of them are the children of Boomers.

      GenX are mostly children of the Silent Generation and WW2 babies.

  41. They’re terrified to die and they should be. They want eternal life, well they’re going to get it. Good and hard


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