Aborted Future

Conservative Inc. has been abuzz with excitement over the abortion case recently argued before the Supreme Court. They think this is the big win they have been promising for more than half a century. The five “conservative” justices appear ready to overturn Roe and even Roberts seems to be leaning that way. Oral arguments seemed to center on whether they should reverse Roe entirely or try to find a piecemeal approach to begin the process of reversing it.

One of the ironies of this is that this was made possible by the man Conservative Inc. declared an enemy of their cult back in 2015. If the court does overturn Roe, you can be sure no one in the dying cult of conservatism will have the principles to both admit they were wrong and give Trump credit for the result. They will just pretend none of that happened and use the event to scam their donors one more time. Conservatives never give a sucker an even break or smarten up a chump.

Putting that aside, some may be tempted to think this is a sign of some pushback against the forces of darkness. Roe was always bad law as it involved the court in an area of politics for which it is poorly equipped. Courts are crude instruments best suited for broad issues. Abortion is a purely moral issue. In a big multicultural society like America, there is never going to be agreement on such an issue. It is best left to local communities and the states to work out a compromise.

What Roe was all along was a symbol. The Yankee ruling elite could impose their values on the rest of the people. Roe and other rulings from the court were about maintaining that political arrangement dating to Gettysburg. If the court does reverse Roe, it should be read as the first sign of the Yankee retreat. In the fullness of time, the homosexual marriage ruling in the Obama years ruling will be viewed as the last great legal victory of the Yankee imperium.

Of course, the decline of the old Yankee ruling elite coincides with the demographic decline of heritage America. Abortion was always an issue for middle and upper- middle-class white women. The first generation of white women to enjoy abortion was the Baby Boomers. They wanted it so they could be “free” of the patriarchy. Then they wanted it for their daughters. Today, both cohorts are past childbearing years and the young generation is mostly nonwhite.

We saw something similar with family issues. When the Boomers were having kids, we were inundated with movies about having babies. Education was the top concern among middle-class voters. Then it was college tuition. Notice that politicians now only talk about education with regards to the whiteness of it. Good schools and cheap college are no longer a top priority because those are white people issues and white people with kids are a dwindling minority.

If the court does overturn Roe this summer, you will see some grannies and Nth-wave feminist lesbians out making noise. The Left will do a nostalgia tour, pretending it is 1970 all over again. They will pull the old signs out of storage and reminisce about the old days when they were hip and cool. Like so much of our politics, the response to overturning Roe will be another magical mystery tour of the past. Then it will be forgotten along with the events around it.

One contrary take on Roe that deserves consideration is that abortion was originally about personal privacy. The court was agnostic on the morality of abortion, but it was sure the state had no role in a private medical decision. There was a zone of privacy guaranteed by the Constitution. Even though privacy is never mentioned in the document, most agree the idea is important. There is a line between the public and private and there should be prohibitions against violating it.

In oral arguments, the court did not seem interested in that angle and the pro-abortion arguments did not emphasize it. This is a sign that the notion of the private space, the zone off-limits to prying eyes, is no longer important. This could be a read as an acknowledgment by the court that the concept of privacy is now dead. All of us should expect to live naked in full view of everyone. The public, and by extension the state, have a role in your private life and decisions.

The cycles of history are both large and small. The period following the Second World War kicked of a demographic and cultural cycle in America. That cycle existed within a larger cycle kicked off by the Civil War. You can say that America itself is a cycle within the larger cycle of English speaking people. Often when one cycle ends it creates the necessary elements to begin a new historical pattern. Sometimes the end is not the beginning of anything. It is just the end.

The abortion issue probably signals the end of the post-war cultural and demographic cycle that has been driven by the Baby Boomer generation. Ironically, it is things like abortion that will have killed this cultural period. A politics and culture dependent on middle-class white people is not long for the world if middle-class white people are throwing their babies in the dumpster of abortion mills. Abortion was a self-inflicted gunshot to the womb of heritage America.

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208 thoughts on “Aborted Future

  1. Abortion is an ugly horrible thing. Living in such an ugly and horrible time with so many horrendous people who are destroying everything, it’s hard to know what is right/wrong and what should be legal.

    But I can’t imagine making any woman give birth when tests show that the baby will be handicapped/retarded/sick. I get the religious argument for it and it is compelling, but in reality I just can’t get behind it.

    • >But I can’t imagine making any woman give birth when tests show that the baby will be handicapped/retarded/sick.

      That’s why it probably won’t happen. Most people are closer to the “middle” of the abortion issue and I suspect extreme positions are supported mostly as a signal for socio-political partisanship. A red-state evangelical will probably be less keen on fighting for the life of a Down’s baby if he doesn’t feel his action gives an inch to the progressives advocating for unlimited abortion.

      Just my 2 cents

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  3. The thing that I find interesting on the “Conservative” side is the demographics of the folks aborting their kids. In NYC blacks its 50%. Those that can do math realize that its not a bad thing that these people want to destroy themselves.

  4. The clot shot is gonna make abortion seem like a small blip in the depopulation agenda. They don’t give a fuck about embyroes, not anymore, full grown useless eaters are on rapid transit to heaven or hell. The embryoes are just for parts, cells, like a used car lot/

    • I think you’re correct. I’ll go further. The mRNA Stab, a bioweapon, WILL transfer characteristics to DNA, this will ensure a Fertility Slump (tip:IVF Stocks). Early pathology suggests the Spike Protein rushes to occupy testes and womb. Couple this with the precipitous plunge in Human Male Sperm motility since 1970, a fall of FIFTY PERCENT and the Plutocrats will be PRAYING 🙏 their women aren’t as effected like 99% of World Population. Daeger Report anyone?

    • In 2004, Pär Anders Nuder, a Swedish politician, referred to the Baby Boomer generation as a “mountain of meat.”

  5. I’m guessing that the strident-shading-into-hysterical opposition of middle-aged liberal White women to any diminution of “abortion rights” may have little to do with their own personal need for access to abortion.

    Rather, “abortion rights” has become a symbol, of the struggle against patriarchal Whitey in all its aspects, and all the evils he supposedly represents— “racism”, “sexism”, “xenophobia”, “homophobia”, etc.— in the eyes of crazy female Progs.

    When the shrieking post-menopausal Harpy rails on and on about abortion, what she’s really expressing is her hatred of White men and the traditional America they founded.

    • Not only do the abortion advocates want abortion to be legal, they demand that abortions be performed. If abortions were “legal but rare” as cuckservatives used to say regarding their support for legal abortions, the same harpies who pushed for it would be demanding that abortions be mandatory.

  6. Contrary to the shrieking of the Harpies, overturning Roe v. Wade— which claimed to find in the “penumbra” of the Constitution a right to abortion— would not make abortion illegal.

    Rather, it would allow each State to pass its own laws regarding abortion.

    It would give those States that wanted to make abortion illegal, the ability to do so; while freeing other States to make it even more readily available.

    It would increase the “diversity” of abortion options!

    I’m entirely in favor of anything that hastens/spotlights the geographic separation of GoodWhites from BadWhites.

    • You are right about it being kicked back to the states. I have a couple decades as a prolife leader, and I can say that not long ago many prolifers opposed this pushing it to the states, as that would be a tacit acceptance of abortion somewhere in the USA. But now we see that the federal government, no matter which department, opposes our freedoms. Our only hope at this time is protection within a state with majority Red people. Let other states do what they wish. Let people choose where they wish to live. Abortion included.

  7. Well, I don’t know if all that’s true. In fact, the most strident advocates of abortion are typically the least likely to have one. Either they are well-married with kids, or they’re bitter aging spinsters.

    And of course, the dirty little secret of the abortionists is that such procedures are way disproportionately performed among young non-white girls, and have been since 1973. In some respects, we should be grateful to them that we don’t have an even larger truculent and violent ghetto population than we already do.

  8. Roe vs. Wade is enshrined in society by now. There’s no overturning it. I can just imagine the shrieks from young women upon hearing that there precious kill-a-baby right has been yanked out from under them. Chicks would definitely unite to get that right back, post-haste. And in the meantime, they’d find ways to get the abortion while going around the Supreme Court’s nuisance judgment.

    No, there’s no getting rid of Roe vs. Wade.

    • Getting rid of Roe doesn’t equate to outlawing abortion. The decision on abortion would transfer to the States. Some would make abortion illegal, others would make it more available.

      Anything that encourages the two sides of the Great Divide to separate geographically, strikes me as a good thing.

      • I think this is whats happening. Society, like Z said, is shifting towards a brownish/ vs white population, and sending this back to the states is an semi official recognition of the future as several smaller countries

  9. If Constitutional privacy protection is on the wane, the federal and state courts, going forward, may be sympathetic to vax mandates and other executive and legislative regulation of personal health decisions. “We own your body.” Not inconceivable.

  10. I’ll be amazed if it’s actually overturned, but as mentioned in the post, it was mostly a White middle class issue back in the day. That said, it was one of the several things that happened in the, say ’65 to ’85 period that pretty much doomed our culture. Civil rights, the pill, abortion on demand and the mass influx of women into the workforce etc. Granted it was fun to be a guy in college in those days, but the long term negative effects ultimately weren’t worth it. However, with all the POCs, muds and joggers ascending, SCOTUS better keep it in place just to keep their numbers somewhat in check.

    • Caveat maybe Texas to a degree areas with high non White population run Leftist and will probably retain legal abortion.

      Also this ruling doesn’t effect birth control and obviously can’t celibacy. According to some surveys nearly one in three people between eighteen and thirty got no sex within a given year.

      This was well before Covid 19 and the disruptive effects probably made it worse.

      Its plausible that upwards of half the population will be celibate during peak reproductive years in a short period of time.

      Also I suspect the most hypergamous carousel rider gals live in Blue states and won’t even notice, The Midwest and parts of the South is where this will be most impactful,. if that is Rose is eliminated.

  11. Hopefully Abortion will become a state issue, but if it is outlawed across the board then what do Conservatives intend to do with all these little brown babies? Or are we so far gone for that to really matter now?

    • We’re all God’s children, brown and black people are natural Republicans, more bums in church pews, and you’re a racist for noticing race anyways!

      Basically they’re clowns and the whole political system is a joke. If normal whites (including those conservatives) see any benefit in the fallout from these political battles it’s definitely accidental.

      • You’ll have to rephrase that, since I’m having trouble understanding your point. I think you called me a racist, but it might have been sarcasm. I’m not sure. However, I’ve been called a racist so much that I don’t care either way.

        The only reason the black population hasn’t grown is because they’re dying, quickly. Make Whites, and asians affluent and they quit having kids. Make blacks affluent, relatively, and they have a lot of kids out of wedlock, but they kill each other often so it balances out.

      • Your comment about how you’re racist if you mention race reminds me of a funny episode from back when I was working with a bunch of liberals:

        We were going to be visited by someone from another agency, and the question arose of how will we recognize her? What does she look like?

        Various descriptions were offered, of how tall she was, how she wore her hair…. but nobody dared mention her race. I finally asked what color she was….

        “Oh, she’s African-American…”
        as if they hadn’t noticed prior to my asking.

        But of course, race is generally the first thing we notice on meeting a stranger….

        • “But of course, race is generally the first thing we notice on meeting a stranger….”

          Or when calling customer service.

    • Abortion isn’t a reason based issue and the typical Conservative can’t even think in those terms. Its a thought crime.

      As such poverty, Downs’ Syndrome all that dysgenic stuff won’t even show up on the radar.

      One possible side effect of this is that politics may radically shift Left. states that ban abortion may find a well organized well funded “restore Roe” get out the vote campaign for women that puts many more Democrats in office.

  12. Reversal of abortion rights seems to be more evidence pointing to the end of the United States as a White, first world country. Say what you will, but whites across the world overwhelmingly prefer to have access to abortion. In non white countries the law says anything but the people still do what they want.

    The USA is now a brown country that might or might not have legal abortion, depending on which faction is currently in control. Regardless of the de jure status on abortion, it’s readily available and people just pay a doctor a few bucks under the table for the procedure.

    In terms of where I stand on its legality, I ask myself as usual, is it good for our people? It seems hard to tell, but I suspect it might be beneficial to ban it.

    Not that whites have a high abortion rate – but it’s about removing white women’s reproductive choices. They can sleep around right now, and focus on their career, because they know *in case* of an accident, they will get an abortion. I suspect the whole sexual liberation mindset would go away without legal abortion. Tell a woman yeah, your birth control pill is 99% effective, BUT … If it fails you’re on the hook for a baby – and she will see sex in a totally different way. They will be pushed into childbirth and family formation.

    I know blacks have a high abortion rate, but even in red states with 1 abortion clinic the black birth rate is below replacement. They’re badly falling for cultural leftism and that brings with it low fertility rates. In places like NYC and Chicago abortion mills would stay open as the states would keep it legal.

    So yes, overall i do think abortion should be banned to reduce white women’s reproductive choices. and I don’t see it affecting black birth rates much as abortion is already mostly banned in red states and they still have low birth rates.

    • White women have always been able to get abortions. Even in the 1950’s they would have one on the kitchen table, wipe it off, and the whole family would be eating meatloaf on it that evening. The business card of the doctor who could “take care of it” being given to the neighbor at the Tupperware party. The late 50’s had the highest abortion rate in history. All of society was changing rapidly even before the first hippie. How did women get down to two or three kids when the pill wasn’t even out until the early 60’s? There were a lot of scrape-outs in the living room and in nondescript medical building across town. And mostly done by doctors with names ending in man…stein…berg and witz…

  13. This may be obvious, but there are different sorts of abortions, in terms of what would be the result if that abortion were prevented:

    On the one hand, we have the well-to-do White college girl, or the married White career woman, who gets an abortion because her birth control failed, and bearing a child is not what she prefers at the moment;

    On the other hand, we have the Black ghetto-dwelling “single mother”, living on welfare just as her mother and grandmother are, who already has 4 kids by 4 different Black lowlifes, none of whom are around, none of whom are employed, and 2 of whom are in prison;

    These are very different scenarios, in terms of the probable circumstances of the life that’s being aborted:

    In the first case, were those White women to change their minds and go ahead and have their babies, the chances are good that that child will have a good life, and grow up to be a productive member of society.

    While in the case of the ghetto baby-momma, the chances are good that the child she had would turn out to be just like the lowlifes that conceived them: on welfare, in and out if jail, a net drag on society.

    I’m certainly glad that the Black population of America isn’t 40 million people larger than it is!

    • I doubt mass black abortion finds us missing out on a single violent idiot. The currently absent black Americans would have been the smarter two thirds of them. Three times as many is less than three times as bad, maybe a lot less—maybe *enough* less to change everything. We don’t know.

      “We,” for all values of “we,” are not smart enough to be good at eugenics. In the 1700s we probably were, but…

    • I get where the “thank goodness for black abortion” argument is coming from, but still it’s borderline murder-suicide at best.

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  15. Yet another fascinating post, thank you.
    Ocasio Ortiz is now referring to abortion as “forced birth”. When will they stop inventing new terms to describe a human life?
    As a teenager, I spoke with my dad about the barbarity of abortion and he responded with “it depends on the race.”

  16. On one hand, I support giving Christians a win on this, it shows they’re getting fed up and are resurgent as a moral force.

    On the other hand, Scofield evangelicals took 50 years, also, to overturn another SCOTUS ruling: Plessy v Ferguson, aka Jim Crow segregation. They gave us Brown v Topeka, forced desegregation of the schools and White kids marched at bayonet point, as the “win”.

    • I like to ask, “what did white people get out of all the civil rights legislation?”

      Civil rights is basically blacks demanding access to the better stuff whites made.

      • What did White people get out of the civil rights legislation?

        In a nutshell: we got screwed!

        We got our freedom of association severely truncated: we lost our ability to hire who we want, to live among those we want, to rent to those we want.

        Fast-forwarding to the present: we lost our right to say what we want.

        We got caught in a never-ending cascade of ever-escalating demands, such that no matter how much we give up, how much we grovel and pander, it’s never going to be enough: Blacks keep getting angrier and angrier, demanding more and more, while we’re still condemned as “racist White supremacists”.

        We got the worst deal in human history: after heaping-up an unparalleled record of achievements, we got demonized and arbitrarily canceled for the crime of being White.

        • I think the initial thing we got, and continue to get, is good feelies. But its a misplaced good feeling.

          Blacks are a natural underclass. And they are happier when they are in that role

  17. without getting into a detailed technical argument , abortion is a grave sin that has enable the complete dysfunction of the society. what is the number ? 60 million ? a lot of cat ladies would be playing with their grandchildren instead of going to pussy hat protests if it weren’t for abortion. Sin brings its own earthly punishment too. both to the individual and to society

    • While true that abortion is pure evil, this isn’t a Christian forum so those detailed technical arguments are needed in order to convince people.

      For example, ending abortion forces women to endure the consequences of whoring around. That’s a critical step in bringing back the civilization-stabilizer of marriage. Women who face their lives being destroyed for an oopsie pregnancy with Chad are much better behaved.

      No abortion + no child support = women preferring Steady Eddie. End easy divorce for the trifecta!

      Abortion is about sexual liberation, not race headcount, and the proof of it is all the feminists shrieking about being ‘punished with a baby’.

      • I agree with you.
        among other things abortion incentivises promiscuiety and dysfunction. I was not saying the technicalities were unimportant, Just stating the overarching truth of the matter.

  18. I was born in 1950, spent my teen years enjoying the “free love” era of the 60’s and 70’s. I eventually realized that making sex into something casual was a loss, not a gain.

    Between my high school years and when I went to college, the ready availability of birth control pills ushered in a huge change: suddenly there was no price for having sex (or so we imagined).

    Prior to birth control pills, having intercourse carried with it the risk of becoming pregnant. This biological reality served as a natural brake on young peoples’ impulses. When birth control pills came along, this restraint was removed: having sex no longer entailed permanent consequences.

    For the first time in human history, sex had been divorced from reproduction.

    When I was in college, I never had to worry about condoms, every girl I knew was “on the pill”, it was something I just took for granted.

    Readily available abortion provided yet another disconnect from what had been— for hundreds of thousands of years— the biological reality: in which sex sooner or later resulted in children.
    But now, if your birth control failed, no big deal: just get an abortion. I met a woman who used abortion as a means of birth control: she’d had 7 or 8, and appeared to have no qualms about it.

    In the old days, marriage was viewed as a more-or-less permanent institution, centered around the children: ending your marriage was difficult, and was viewed by many as a significant personal failure: divorcees were viewed skeptically.

    With the advent of no-fault divorce, marriage became a temporary alliance, easy enough to bail from if one partner decided they were “no longer in love”. Children were the victims, but no one wanted to admit that. TV shows extolled the glories of “single-parent families”. Being a divorcee no longer carried a stigma.

    Nowadays, “families” more often than not consist of a mother and her kids, and no one even thinks to wonder where the father is. An observer from Mars would get the impression that males were not needed in the making of children.

    Overall, Whites do seem to be under-represented in abortion— comprising ~ 66% of the population, while accounting for 33% of abortions— and Blacks are over-represented: 13% of the population, 38% of abortions.

    My impression is that more of the White women getting abortions are older, with a greater percentage coming from the middle- and upper-classes, while more of the Black women getting abortions are younger, with a greater percentage coming from the ghetto class; but I can’t point to stats to back it up, so I could be mistaken.

    What would America be like today, if those 63 million kids aborted since 1973 had all been born?

    It’s not hard to make the case that on some levels, things would be worse; with all those unwanted kids cluttering up an already-overburdened foster system, welfare, and criminal justice systems. How many would be in jail?

    I knew a Black crack whore who’d had 13 kids, all of whom had been taken away by the State and placed in foster care.

    If each of them go on to have 13 kids of their own, our crack whore will have generated 169 grandkids. And if each of THEM go on to have 13 kids, she’d have produced 2,197 great-grandkids.

    Thirteen abortions would have prevented those 2,197 births.

    In terms of the overall effect on America: would we be better off, or worse off, with those 2,197 among us?

    How many of them would end up contributing, making our world better; and how many would end up on the welfare rolls, in prison, or most likely, both?

    And we see the same thing worldwide: the highest birthrates are found in the poorest countries, those least able to support all those kids: of the 28 countries with Total Fertility Rate greater than four, all but one of them is in sub-Saharan Africa, the poorest place in the world.

    And like in America, NGO’s have made free birth control available to every poor woman in those countries. For whatever reason, they just don’t choose to take advantage of it.

    I hope the Supreme Court rules to send abortion back to the States. Let the people in the affected localities decide.

    • The arrival of antibiotic resistant VDs and the ability to later revoke consent due to regret has driven the price of intimacy back up to a degree.

      • Yeah, things have changed!

        As a young man, I was extremely promiscuous for quite a while— at a time and place where if you met someone and liked them, you’d hop into bed with them. Everybody did it. Consent was assumed, and rightly so. I slept with dozens and dozens of women. Not a single one revoked consent. And I never caught a venereal disease.

        I expect that’s a reflection both of the times, and of the sorts of women I was sleeping with: they were mostly (but not all) college girls, promiscuous, but at the same time, choosy. And the other guys they were screwing were likewise promiscuous, but not lowlifes. Back then, if you were sleeping with “nice girls”, VD just wasn’t an issue.

        I don’t know if that’s still true or not.

        And, I was only sleeping with White women:


      • Yup.

        I can remember being beaten over the head with the Ryan White story and GRIDs on toilet seats when I was in grade school.

          • I had a friend who was always in rut. He’d get tested twice a year, pretty gross. The doctor told him the mechanics of transmission favored a heterosexual man not doing kinky stuff. Risky business for women regardless. He added that he wasn’t supposed to say that lol.

    • You can thank protestant contraception liberty for the 60 million. Birth prevention is birth prevention.

      • It was Irish Catholic Margaret Sanger (née Higgins) who was the driving force behind birth control in the US. Her parents were Irish Hunger refugees that landed in Canada and moved south. He was a 1st generation Jewish immigrant from Germany.

    • All that prime white p*ssy. Imagine if instead of using and abusing it, the white men of the time collectively thot patrolled, took their one woman, and f*cked the hell out of her every night continuing the Boomer demographic momentum.

      Not blaming you personally btw, we’re all products of our time and hindsight is 2020. And I can definitely see the appeal. Maybe if the white men had seen the future back then things may have been different. We took our prosperity for granted and our whiteness for granted.

      • There’s still the matter of feminism. Hard to stay with a woman who sees you as an adversary. It makes them crazy, and crazy is only good for so much.

        All the same, casual was never my thing. C’est la vie!

    • The Black fertility rate is not above replacement. No idea what parts of this are abortion, early death mass incarceration or enough Black folks being careful.

    • Case in point: a black man told me he had 45 aunts and uncles.

      Grandpa’s first wife gave him 20 children. Wore out, she died, and Grandpa’s second wife gave him 25 children.

      This guy said he’d lost count of how any cousins, their kids, and the great-great grandkids.

      Margaret Sanger, who was actually against abortion but advocated family planning, was right.

  19. I love the recent drum beat from conservatives on “black babies being targeted by abortion.” They don’t usually use the word holocaust because it would upset the J people, but euphemisms for the word. If only those white babies had a voice like that. How many future Trayvons have been taken out? Skittle production is flat. White babies never had this luxury of a defense. From the beginning the entire media culture was stacked against them. If you see an old movie like Fast Times at Ridgemont High with the abortion scene, you can say, “yep, and that’s why the valley is no longer white.” Today’s valley girl is a Mexican or some random Armo-gypsy trash.

  20. Rose vs Wade is inconvenient for pending and future decisions, like the vax mandate that they will rubber stamp. Because they know what’s good for us. They know how we should live, and they will tell us how to live every day if we let them, which we do, and a lot of people love it. They feel warm inside as they pull up their vax QR codes on their phones.

    • This is why I question the timing of this case. It’s been close to 50 years since Roe, so why now? Is it because the question of bodily autonomy and privacy have been so much in the news lately w/ the question of vax mandates and the issue of “transitioning” little kids? These are the things that make me go hmmm. . . .

      • Roe is on the block because the only Conservative group who plays the long game like the Left are the anti abortion types .

        They use similar strategies and tactics though tempered by morality and like them are outcome based.

        Also a lot of government are terrified of population decline. Our society is based in growth and interest. Neither is possible with low fertility.

        Neither is an economy based on productivity so something, anything to goose numbers up is desperately wanted.

        Its not going to help much though. Young women will either get an under the table abortion or travel to another state or just become more careful.

        Also with the dual trends of celibacy and minimalism creeping up on them along with the natural decline in available energy resources nothing can save consumerism or modernity.

        Its going to change , collapse to a degree and while the elite will do anything no matte how shabby to stay in place one more day, the doom is set.

  21. I acknowledge the eugenic utility of abortion in as far as it has been the primary reason the black percentage of the total population has remained stable. I assert however that it is morally disfiguring to a society, fatally so. Nor has it resulted in the white percentage of the population remaining stable since dysgenic immigration policy has been used to fill in for what baby killing has suppressed natively. As we have seen, the demands for what baby killing depravities society must tolerate and even subsidize only grows in outrageousness. Today we are passed any scruples about post-birth baby killing and created a market for dead baby parts. Who knows what tomorrow will bring? My cynical imagination never conceived we’d tolerate perverts dressed up as demon transvestites coming into the kindergartens to corrupt the most innocent. Or that the APS would officially countenance the monstrous physical and psychological abuses demanded by the criminally insane. The trial balloons of normalizing pedophilia are starting to be seen and given what has passed so far is anyone here confident that would be some kind of last straw? Today, it is easy for me to imagine a Judge Ginsberg type in the 2nd or 9th circuit finding a rationalization to make it the law and a Garland type sending henchmen out to physically force compliance.

    As for the demographic arguments I assert that if we are not sharing a society with blacks ( which I think is a fair rough statement of one of the goals of the DR ) their population control methods are not our responsibility. I know this leads to other problems that have to be addressed but what we are doing now a, is a major factor in the moral corruption of society and b, doesn’t achieve the ultimate practical goal.

  22. The whole thing has been pretty much a bait and switch operation for some time. What Roe vs. Wade did was prevent some states from making it illegal. In other words if they reverse the decision a state will then have to pass a law, or amend it’s Constitution, to make it an illegal act. In most places, zip, nada, zilch. It’s a cultural sacred cow from the past and would have died a natural death long ago without the grifters from both the left and the right keeping it on life support. Keep the people looking elsewhere while we ship their livliehoods overseas, import millions of new citizens to be, and spend all their social capital.

    • I suspect you’re right. Every time the corporate media gins up an issue it’s a “look squirrel!” event.

  23. I can’t see the GOP or Con Inc letting this issue go. The boob bait for bubba utility is too great to allow a reasonable limitation on abortion.

    • The people-of-uterus who can plan and carry out interstate abortion tourism are not the people whose family planning consists of “shheeeit, whutevah mufugga.” If this helps cull and expel the mentally ill AWFL egalitarians from hierarchy-and-order communities, I see no downside. Voluntary self-sorting leading to partition is better than the Other Way.

    • This is a good point and it might mean that secession is closer than we realize. Imagine if the conservative states ban abortion, then government housing, then immigration and affirmative action. It could be the first snowball in an avalanche that sends liberals and minorities to their own states. Maybe it starts with a moral issue like this, then states get more courageous and start banning proxies for other groups.

  24. Moral issues aside, should the Supremes overturn Roe v Wade – can / how would it be construed as racist, or anti-homosexual. If that’s possible – will there be riots, who participates, what gets burned down, torn down, doxxed, cancelled, or otherwise destroyed?

  25. The pro-abortion arguments couldn’t make use of the privacy arguments given present circumstances, could they?

  26. Abortion is one of those issues I think about when I feel the need for some insomnia. On the one hand, it’s clearly murder. The worst kind of murder, on someone who doesn’t even have the theoretical possibility of defending himself.

    On the other hand, consider Sasqueetchia, she of the six kids by eleven different fathers. If not for Roe…

    Sometimes I find myself a very difficult person to live with, there in the dark watches of the night.

    • It stinks to high heaven, S… and I dare say our Maker can smell it too, and will not be pleased when it comes time to square accounts.
      At least we have the intellect and wherewithal to see the quandary; when I look at the shrieking lunatics demanding abortion on demand, they have all the conviction and self righteousness of the tragically deluded. We cannot let people like that make the decisions like this.

    • As with nearly everything else in our time, this is part of the second-best solutions we have come up with after our rulers outlawed the more gentle ways of managing the problem of vibrancy. Freedom of association, even in its more unkind forms, never dismembered 40 million black babies. To accomplish that, you have to end the right to associate with whom you like.

    • I want an abortion clinic right between the liquor store and the Popeyes on every MLK Boulevard in AINO.

      If it helps, consider Shitavious and Sasqueetchia as a different species. Then losing sleep over infanticide isn’t a problem.

      Human rights are for humans. Darrell Brooks and his kind are not humans.

    • You want to really have trouble sleeping, look up “Superfecundation.” Shaneekwa having six kids by eleven fathers is actually pretty possible. Sometimes I think white America is basically just Acheron, the colony in “Aliens,” overwhelmed by xenomorphs ovipositing their evil offspring in our bellies, til we’re shouting in our cocoons, “Kill me now!”

      Occidental Dissent actually had a piece up about a white fundagelical couple who had an African baby in vitro fertilized in the wife’s womb. Cronenberg-worthy body horror.

      • Many years ago I knew of a couple of cohabiting lesbians, one of whom had herself artificially inseminated by a gay friend, so they could all have a child together.

        The society that allows that has lost its way.@

      • Joey Junger: There’s also been a story at the Daily Mail about a single Han woman in her 50s who proclaims that “race doesn’t matter” and deliberately paid for invitro fertilization with a fully White child. Blond hair/blue eyes. She just had his sibling. A single Han woman in menopause.

        All modern reproductive medicine is repulsive. I’m truly sorry for Whites who want to conceive who cannot, but I would ban everything our degenerate doctors have come up with if I could.

  27. Constitutional balance of power questions aside, where will Israel get their steady supply of freshly-manufactured body parts to buy off the gerontacracy?

    I expect them to defend this racket as vigorously as they defend the vaccine, oil, corruption, and immigration rackets.

    Therefore, I propose a solution!
    All anchor babies must be aborted as soon as Lucinta steps off the daily bus to El Paso hospitals.

    This wins 5 ways:
    A little piece of multiculturalism in everybody;
    Young women ready for the workforce;
    Steady, controlled immigration (Cons win!);
    Youthful Democrat voters;
    The Millenials don’t get Nancy and Chuck’s seats until after I’m dead.
    Winning x 5!

  28. Hmmmmmm…

    I am a christian conservative and I avoid the abortion issue like the plague. Part of me looks at the crazy eyed spinsters that want to castrate their sons and make them into daughters… and the legions of good for nothing blacks throwing their useless eaters in the dumpster… and it is hard to see a downside. Not sure if I trust the clergy and their heirarchs to think for me on that one either. The Darwinian argument is definitely in favour of abortion.

    Great essay, Z. Lots of thinking to be done on that one.

    • I was going to write a comment that basically said exactly this. Some mind reading going on here 😊.

      Very well out and my sentiments exactly.

      Also, who’s worse – white women soccer moms or the vibrants? Tough call.

  29. I’ll argue the timeline of things like abortion, feminism, gay marriage, Buckleyite conservatism, neoconservatism, etc., point to the cause being something other than pure Yankeedom, but I’ll grant that the Puritan ethic was the exploitable weak spot in the ruling class. I agree with Falcone that there’s a larger war on patriarchal, northern-European cultures, of which Yankeedom is an example. Perhaps WWII was a larger cataclysm than the history books say.

    I’ll also say if conservatives manage to overturn Roe, it would be like Darth Vader throwing Palpatine down the reactor shaft.

    • “I’ll argue the timeline of things like abortion, feminism, gay marriage, Buckleyite conservatism, neoconservatism, etc., point to the cause being something other than pure Yankeedom”

      Yes, absolutely.

  30. The abortion thing is just theater for the Progs. They are loving this whole episode. They need it to rally for the Midterms (to the extent that they cannot openly cheat in certain jurisdictions without big cities).

    They could have easily passed a law on Roe/Wade during the Obama or Clinton Admins. Why didn’t they? So they could have an evergreen campaign issue. That’s what this whole thing is about.

    Abortion is to the Progs what gun rights are to the Right: Just a source of exploitable angst. Nothing is really going to change on either issue.

    • Oh God you’re right

      This will be their rallying point for the mid terms

      They will going off about it full crazy like they did with trying to get rid of orange man. Non stop wailing and screaming until next November.

      Or maybe not? Speaking of the normal women nit the ones in the media. Maybe their inner morality takes over and they come to realize abortion was wrong all along and they quietly accept the new restrictions put on it?

      We can’t forget women like to be told what to do. Just give them direction so they can put their energies into it and be happy. This may turn out good for our women. I’m an eternal optimist.

      • It’ll be good for Susan Sarandon and all the other old Hollywood harpies to keep outside again.

        • Stop your craven whining, you buggardly tosspots!

          We’ll take this one straight on! You know the drill: we go in low and fast, and come out the same way. I will go in first, with a large stack of bibles and shove them up AOC’s hooper. Right behind me will be Karl McHungus, who will sew her legs shut. When I slow down enough to turn around, I’ll fly back and slap a roll of duct tape across her mouth! The rest of you will take out the others the same way! After it’s done, we form up over Lagos and return to base at the extinct volcano island out in the Atlantic. Nobody panics, gentlemen! Do your job, and we’ll all live to see another day…😆👍

    • Captain, this, this, and this.
      Rachel Maddow was taking her own stroll down Nostalgia Lane last night. She and her sisters, Justices Ginsberg, Kaplan, and Sotomayor were born for this moment.

  31. If Roe dies, then Covid killed it. If you all haven’t been whipping out “My body, my choice!” on every single Karen in your life at every single opportunity in re: the vax, then I want you to imagine Great Thunberg scolding a human face, forever: “How dare you! How DARE you!!” You don’t have to go as far as I did, and turn one of those bloody coat hangers the pussyhatters wave around into a bloody syringe, but c’mon, man, the “my body my choice” thing is a slam dunk.

    Not even a Wise Latina can penumbra and emanation a federal vax mandate so as not to overturn Roe. It’s one or the other, and our black-robed overlords surely know it.

    • Oof. Keen insight, Severian!

      We can hope tptb make the connection and realize the impact on stability both had/would have. Maybe hope against hope, but all the same…

    • Another Pulitzer worthy comment. The best original writing on the internet is happening right here in River City.

    • Um, I agree BUT considering how the ‘liberal mind’ works it’s more likely along the lines of, ‘my body, my choice’ for me, and ‘your body, my choice’ for thee.

      Just look at all the Lib High Priests and Priestesses cavorting maskless mere moments after crushing your rights.

      • Which is absolutely the best possible outcome, long term. We want everyone to realize, in no uncertain terms, that America-in-name-only has the kind of caste system that would give the Pandavas themselves a stiffy.

        Imagine it: The Court overturns Roe, and all the Ace of Normies types who mocked those of lesser faith by yelling “But Gorsuch!” / “but muh judgez!” etc. are crowing… for five seconds, until the vax mandate comes down, because It’s a Tax, because of course it is.

        The hardcore Ace of Normies crowd will never, ever get it, they’re hopeless, but I can’t think of a much better way to bring a lot more folks to our side than that.

        • Agreed; if they stop violating us with one perversion (Roe), its only so they can get a bigger, more offensive method of violating us (mandatory vaxxx).

    • Already literally, not figuratively, used it on a vinegar faced scold of a Karen who had cornered my wife’s poor cousin at a party we were at. She was haranguing him on his vaccination status (he’s against and isn’t vaccinated) and when I walked past to get to the fridge to get a beer she demanded of me “How about YOU? Are you vaccinated?!?”

      Me: “No.”

      Her: “Why not?!?”

      Me: “Hey, My Body, My Choice.”

      And I walked right past her and got my beer. The look on her face was priceless.

    • Can’t ignore the power of the gynocracy. The black robes may squirm over the body sovereignty issue vis a vis covid, but there is plenty of precedent establishing that the individual female body is sacred while the individual male body is a mere part of the collective in which corollary rights are granted only as a function of utility, what is good for society.

      What flows from the singular sovereign female is not just her “right” to murder her unborn baby, but also includes things like male genital mutilation, fatherhood as a put option of financial support, and unilateral determinations of paternity. Not only are there no male corollaries to abortion but male productivity has long been a legal slave to female desire. And if all we own is our body and our labors, well the gynocracy has had a lien on that for a long time.

      Even so, I do use the “my body, my choice” because it still strikes at Karens dusty womb. Which seems to be what what drives most of her politics: her lady parts and open borders. Interesting.

      During these heated election seasons (which now seems to be perpetual) I have also been known to ask the more rabid of strong independent womyn: “what does it say about a culture in which the greatest political concerns of its women are consequence free sex and the unmitigated “right” to terminate pregnancies?” Well I’d say that’s not a culture long for this world. It’s a death cult, after all.

      • Exactly so. “My body, my choice” isn’t intended to convert a Covidiot. Those people are beyond help. It’s to slip one past everyone else’s defenses. Watching Karen fume and sputter in incoherent rage, trying to figure out a comeback* that doesn’t expose the deep, solipsistic hypocrisy of one or the other (or of course both), will open some eyes…

        …plus it’s schadenfreudely delicious, and as either Saul Alinsky or Tupac Shakur said, the best tactic is the one your people enjoy using.

        *the only one I can think of offhand is something about how you’re killing granny by not getting vaxxed; the proper response to this is “I’m giving granny exactly as much choice with the vaxx as you’re giving the father down at Planned Parenthood.”

    • One or the other? Surely you know by now that there is no end to the absurdity that a Federal Justice can perform mental gymnastics on. I think the only thing that can come from this in our favor is that it is passed back to the States, where it belonged in 1970, with no Federal involvement. This means that blue States will keep it. As long as there are blue States available that can provide abortion, Karen can get one. The drawback to that is that Shanequa will be discriminated against because she doesn’t have a car, a chauffeur, and a per diem while on the road obtaining her abortion. So, the federal gov will give her an Obamamobile. Whitey gets to pay for it because of racism. Or, Shanequa will be too lazy, just stay in her gated community, squeeze out another Astrophysicist, and keep the Obamamobile.

  32. American women will not accept any restrictions on their sexuality, including abortion. This is not the case with men.

    Example: Man lies about wearing “protection”, he’s paying for a conceived child and possibly going to prison.

    Woman lies about using birth control and conceives: the man is on the hook for 18 years of child care.

    Another example: Consensual whoopie takes place. 1-5-10-20 years later, regret takes place. Women “have a case” base on their word alone, and the bias is towards her being reasonable and the man being a pig (or worse).

    The Big Lie both sexes have embraced: Sex is no big deal and is 99% fun and games, instead of an activity that has huge emotional pull, long term consequences, and family formation is just an afterthought.

    • It has to be balanced out

      Men end up paying the price. Not right. So moving forward, if she gets pregnant tough do do. She’s becoming a mom. If she doesn’t like it, again tough do do, that’s life. Shut up and start getting the crib ready.

    • If the ladies want to have sex like men, then they should do like men.

      Go for years, sometimes, without any. Yeah? Like it now?

    • This is why one thing the Islamic ideology got right is the idea that the testimony of four women is equivalent to that of one man.

  33. For most of human history, infant mortality was very high and evolution reinforced traits that maximized fecundity in order to offset that deficit. Even within the era of civilization, a lot of man-made innovations were geared toward to improving birth survival and encouraging large families. Traditional marriage and patriarchy are examples.

    Over time, the unit of civilization jumped from village to town to city to state to nation (and now global), and the distance between rulers and the ruled increased exponentially. This increased distance is why the cloud people have no connection to the bottom of the social pyramid. George H. W. Bush famously did not know the price of a gallon of milk.

    This root problem is not going to be solved by anything involving the abortion debate or related public policy. We are not going to fuck our way out of the mess we’re in. The root problem is that we are being led by people who have no business leading anything; or more accurately, people exercising power as an imitation of leading. Aborting an innocent fetus is heinously immoral. Aborting a tyrant is the highest virtue.

    • TomA said: “We are not going to fuck our way out of the mess we’re in.”
      Not so fast. Have we really tried that hard enough yet to give up on the idea? I say we keep plowing that field until we have more evidence.

      • You have my blessing to spread your seed far and wide. And if you then teach your spawn to shoot like a good ol country boy, we might can kill two birds with stone.

  34. I can’t speak for non whites, but I don’t see how a white girl can kill her baby. Outside of a few crazies, we are talking regular people. How can she be okay with having some instrument inserted up her canal to mangle the poor thing’s skull like cracking a crab. It’s just hideous and horrible.

    My stomach is turning just thinking about it. I suppose she is able to suppress her feelings and emotions, hiding them behind the fact that society says it’s great what she did and no worries, in fact you did great. Have a lollipop

    In the end I don’t see how this inner conflict hasn’t royally messed up every white woman who has ever had an abortion. If I’m a guy and it makes me sick, just imagine what they’re going through as what could have been moms. Loving and protecting moms. All those deep seated maternal feelings and instincts just taken and crushed.

    And since I am feeling this way I know other guys who were party to it are feeling sick about it deep down.

    This abortion thing has ruined our people. So much of the collapse of morality is tied to it.

    • There was a video posted yesterday of three women after some hysterical chanting taking what they claimed was the morning after pill outside the Supreme Court building. My wife had a miscarriage and I know how hard that was on her physically as well as emotionally. Why would any woman want to do that as a part of some bizarre performance art protest? In saner time I would assume they took a Tylenol or something else, but now, who knows?

      • I have my theories on this, and I’ve articulated them before

        But in summary, these women doing these abortion protests / performance art, they are insane undoubtedly because they have had abortions before and it has made them so — insofar as a child is an appendage to the mother, abortion is a form of suicide or self mutilation. It’s self perpetuating. Crazy means no guy will want them so they don’t pass on their suicidal and self-mutilating instincts to the next and crazy because deep down they know they have wronged and this is their way of masking it.

        • Falcone,

          I suspect you’re right: a good number of those ladies protesting in favor of abortion have themsrlves had one (or more), and are attempting to justify it, and assuage their guilt about it—- by the strength of their “protest”.

          I’ve known more than one woman who was assured that having an abortion was no big deal, and only in the aftermath— when their “abortion counselors” were long gone—- did the full truth of what they’d done sink in.

    • It’s the only medical procedure the doctor’s not allowed to explain. If you had tennis elbow, they’d tell you all about what’s to happen.
      Well, that and the vax, now.

      This is wrecking our ladies’ minds, as if the considerations for them haven’t always been truly serious enough. We each owe our first breath to a woman who wrestled with Death himself that we might take it. On the other hand, the sewers behind Roman whorehouses were filled with the infant bones of customers’ bastards.

      Norplant and RU-486 as a compromise. I’ll take a tradeoff.

      Overpopulation and resource limits, for one, since Nature’s correction of the stray cat problem is so dire.

      But on a purely religious note, I don’t go by faith. The evidence says we are feeding a Something.

      Animal and human sacrifice were not symbolic. The electrical surcharge of distressed nervous systems- fear, agony, death- are a gradient, a food source, for that Something.

      Thus those Infected are its promoters and practitioners. The agony of the innocents must end, yet we can’t have Erectus females popping out 20 aspiring carjackers either.

      That too will lead to the terrible Harvest of Souls in the inevitable conflagration. We must listen to the women, and give them a compromise.

      • Addendum: I say RU-486, but I mean abortifacients. Poison and simulated miscarriage are a gentler murder than the unbearable procedure. Unbearable.

      • Ever read the graphic novel The Life Eaters?

        The central concept in that book was that avatars of the pagan gods could be brought into the world via human sacrifice and climate engineering.

    • at the Midwestern state university i went to in the early 80’s I had a friend who was an RA in the gigantic dorm I lived in. His main job was telling people to turn the music off/down after 9:00pm and referring the girls on the floor the to “pregnancy counseling center”.
      one of the training documents he got when orienting for the job said that on average 25% of the coeds got pregnant in their freshman year at school. at that time the school was 90% white. clear we were a debauched people even then .

    • As Heartist preached (pbuh), the female Rationalization Hamster has more power than every nuclear reactor in the world. By the time Becky’s done, she killed that baby FOR ITS OWN GOOD. That baby WANTED to die!

  35. I know you’re not big on teleologies, but ain’t it a kick for already sore balls that just when America is going majority-minority, it looks like we’re going to get our first pro-natal policy in forever? Someone, I forget who, once said something like, “Nothing ever goes completely right without a plan, but nothing ever goes completely wrong without a plan, either.”

    If the law breaks state by state, then that means travel expenses will be as much a part of the cost of abortion as the actual process. And because whites still have higher mean wealth, that means white girls will still be getting abortions.

    If, as you’ve said, morals are something you invent after you win to lock in your gains, then there is something to be said for the Margaret Sanger school of eugenics. Of course, mainstream conservatives would never take that position, because only Nazis would be eugenicists.

  36. Abortion is murder, but this is war. If Roe is overturned, blue states will legalize infinity-month abortion and maintain status qou mort.

    Red states will overflow with black people. As usual, Republicans (and the bad whites) will subsidize their own destruction.

    Its far better for abortion to be available to all, but more importantly our enemies. But even more importantly it should be unthinkable to our people.

    • “Not only do I believe in abortion, sometimes I look around and see some missed opportunities.” -Ed Asner

    • If you think red states won’t immediately pass similar pro-abortion laws, you don’t understand the rot in the US.

      Ask any hard corps bible thumping woman if she thinks women should be jailed for a 3rd trimester abortion, and she’ll look at you like you’re a monster.

      It’s the same female mentality that leads juries to acquit women who’ve murdered their live children: “their suffering was enough of a punishment.”

      • > It’s the same female mentality that leads juries to acquit women who’ve murdered their live children: “their suffering was enough of a punishment.”

        I actually support women getting lighter sentences than men (though killing their children would still be execution). That being said, in return they should get fewer political rights. This used to be the general social contract that worked fine until ‘muh equality got in the way.

        • Decent nuance, and in that framework, I agree.

          Zman has a good idea about the franchise being limited to one-vote-per-household.

          It’s an excellent compromise, encourages forward thinking, excellent for the family, and of course, will never happen.

    • Overturning a decision that was based on the right to privacy might not have been bad in 1975 or 1980. But today, we have an entirely different country, and entirely different population, and an entirely different government. So I hope they don’t overturn it.

      ZMan has put his finger on the salient point. If they do overturn Roe, we shall ALL of us live naked in front of some pretty horrible creatures. It is no longer 1975.

      • My civnat friends used to crow “the Constitution doesn’t give you a right to privacy!”, proving, once again, they had no idea of what they were reading.

        • Ugh. That particular brand of illiterate Constitutional misinterpretation (The Ninth Amendment says what?) is a particular bugaboo of mine. I’ll spare the world the long-winded rant this time.

    • Tykebomb: Very well said. THIS IS WAR. Every war involves dehumanizing one’s enemies because otherwise killing mangles the soul of the White forced to kill. And in truth, I do not regard certain races as fully human, by any biological or cultural definition. Abortion is unquestionably slaughtering a tiny life. It’s something a civilized people ought to find abhorrent.

      But I don’t look at the latest black criminal du jour and think of a black baby – quite the opposite. I look at a black baby and see all the crime and pain and mayhem he’s going to cause as he grows up. He is destruction and White despair in microcosm, and I will not mourn his ending at any time.

      • It’s the dirty little secret

        When we see black or brown babies getting killed we aren’t moved. I may even chuckle.

        But we see a white baby and all sort of emotions start stirring

        That’s not morality. It’s just the way we are made. Nothing can change it.

        I can’t read Vdare anymore. I know they are trying to do good by always showing the white deaths at the hands of blacks, but I can’t deal with that everyday. When it comes time when I have to fight, I will use that pent up anger to some good, but until then I don’t need to clobbered over the head everyday.

        • MSNBC wants to avoid any future Kyle Rittenhouses from being born. Subtle how they slipped that little quip in, eh?

        • 3G and Falcone have precisely stated my sentiment regarding abortion and negro lives. Every white abortion is a tragedy. Every negro abortion is one less future felon or parasite harming my people. The negro truly is the Untermensch. I am utterly unmoved when I read about the daily carnage within negro communities. All I ever think is that as long as the violence and dysfunction is confined to victimizing each other, have at it.

  37. Regardless of finitudes of the short term, I cannot imagine that the same chicanery that legalized gay marriage by invalidating Prop 8 will not work out in a similar fashion. I do not even believe the oft threatened court packing (in the true sense of that word) is necessary. I believe that, if they invalidate Roe, there will be a variety of laws that will be passed over the years that will eventually result in the complete legalization of abortion outside of anything vague like trimesters or heartbeats – it will get vaguer and more broadly able to be applied.
    To wit: the invalidation of Roe will not terminate abortions (har har), it will lead to a new metric for allowing it in the coming years. That legislation will categorize abortion as a health issue relegated to doctor’s judgment of health. Thus, if the ‘fetus’ (even after being born) is a threat to the mother’s health (e.g. mental – for that can contain anything), then you can terminate the (un)born child. And there are plenty of doctors slobbering at the mouth for this Angel of Death power.
    No proof of course (there never is when prognosticating), but my gut feeling is strong on this one, and I really think that a short term invalidation of Roe is quite possible, but that the long term effect will be complete carte blanche abortion ‘freedoms.’

    • You’re probably right

      There is no way the likes of robert’s and kav and probably gorsuch are going to take a huge moral stand. They will invalidate the law on some technicality while introducing other metrics that pretty much result in some half baked scheme with loopholes. So nothing really changes on the ground. But they stood up for states rights, it will be said by the talk show hosts and con inc. Trump will take a victory lap and fart out his mouth about how great he is, and they will act like this was some huge win, while the left will scream about it but soon realize the thing is a Swiss cheese decision with lots of holes and get busy finding workarounds with their army of attorneys.

  38. I dunno, I don’t see the correlation between Boomer and Gen-X women beyond childbearing years and the collapse of Roe. Unless the Supreme Court is full of wise abuelas latinas and old Black Baptists which it isn’t. Hispanics are still a minority, and progressive leftism is still in firm control of the institutions.

    I suppose there is still an element of anti-abortion Christianity among the ruling class, a holdover from the 1990s, from which my cucky state senator was crowing about on radio this morning. The only thing I see driving the abortion issue in Texas and in the Supreme Court is the decades-long struggle from a dedicated minority to overturn Roe is coming to fruition. This is similar to the relaxation of gun laws in some states which have been passed against powerful progressive lobbies. So, instead of broad demographic trends, I see rather the success of a bloody-minded interest group.

    • “Pro-life” in its original form was known as “boob bait for Bubba.” It was the classic Con, Inc., grift. The reality is abortion now will shift to the states and localities. This was always the case. Again, it would have been even more of a demographic catastrophe if abortion had not been widely available.

      Frankly, forcible abortion among certain populations would be a good thing although that is not happening, either.

      • Mandatory implantable birth control if On the dole. More humane. 10K cash payments for tubal ligations. No questions asked.

      • Sidvic and Marko are talking about ending the ‘Jewels in the Crown’ industry.

        A brother, serving as a public health officer in Dallas, said often a black “aunt” would bring in a 13 or 14 y.o. “niece” and declare, “the breeder says she ain’t takin’, and we wanta know why.”

        The breeder is the male. He doesn’t need a house, or a job, he lives with a batch of females until they get another income stream, then he is passed on to another house where they take care of him for his services.

        This is why the most prolific father in America is an unemployed black man with 43 children. Who says this race of lions ain’t smart?

  39. Maine Senator Susan Collins is going to help the Democrats pass a bill making Roe the law of the land. This bill would also clearly be unconstitutional, but the Court would most likely let it go. This article also states in her meeting with Kavanaugh before voting to confirm him, he agreed to fink on conservatives when this issue came before the court. It would be hilarious if he was lying to her.


    • Maybe he will “grow in office,” but I doubt it. I would suspect at least one of the Waffle House Three will go with the libs.

  40. When the Supreme Court likely boots the issue back to states, you’re going to see crazy states like New York double down on abortion services, and the red states will clamp down, but there will likely be some economic warfare among the woke corporation trying to bring them to heel. It will be a harder sell, though, for the NCAA to try and strong-arm Alabama into accepting abortion.

    The odd part of abortion is it’s a liberal white woman’s pet cause, but the people who use abortion like birth control is black women. Likely, even in red states, there are going to be sleazy districts where the law looks the other way. It’s still a win though, as it makes clear abortion compatible with civilized society.

  41. ” A politics and culture dependent on middle-class white people is not long for the work if middle-class white people are throwing their babies in the dumpster of abortion mills. Abortion was a self-inflicted gunshot to the womb of heritage America.”

    I could not disagree more.

    Abortion was a stay of execution to Heritage America. More than half of all black babies in NYC, for example, are aborted. Granted, this will continue there post-Roe as abortion clinics spring up all around the Big Apple, guarded by decrepit Tribal women and Antifa. Some demographers think blacks would compose more than one-fourth of the nation’s population if abortion had not been available to them.

    Increasingly, Hispanic women also abort their babies. Again, this is a good thing.

    One thing abortion is not is a White thing. The undulating harpies of White BLM do not have sex with White men, for the most part, and the lower class Whites do not have abortion due to religious and ethical principles.

    A nation that can force some fat Shanika to whelp out a future criminal can hold you down and inject vaccines in your arm. Maybe Con, Inc., can grift off that for a while.

    • With as many odd looks I get, this is why I believe to be truly pro-life, you need ruthless social controls to ensure people either genetically or culturally unfit for society get removed from the general population, and this includes rigorous use of the death penalty, not only for violence, but a wide swath of pathological and degenerate behavior.

      • That would be reasonable, but of course we know the reality of which groups would not be targeted and which one would be.

        Looking at recent charts, more than half of black pregnancies are terminated and roughly a fourth of Hispanic pregnancies. White abortion rates are roughly one-tenth and God only knows how many of those were due to mudsharking. “Other,” which mostly means Asians, abort at a rate of 20 percent.

    • This is libertarianism in a nutshell. “We will not take on the issue directly, so instead will craft some carefully schemed workaround that will ultimately fail.” There were better ways to tamp down black fertility that did not anathematize white family formation.

      • The statistics do not bear out abortion anathemized White family formation. Quite the opposite, really. Without abortion we would have been a minority almost a generation ago. Abortion did prevent non-White family formation to a great degree.

        What did anathemize White family formation was economics and women in the workplace.

        • It’s never talked about any more, but blacks self-culling their own offspring via abortion was hypothesized as a reason for a decades long decline in violent crime. That and locking up blacks. It’ll be neat to see how the Hispanic majority of the future will deal with the negro issue, cuz it’s only whites who give a shit about their welfare.

        • Joe G, you are not looking at the correct time. Boomer women (now 30+ years out from fertility) aborted tens of millions of white babies in the late 70s and 80s. Those tens of millions would be having scores of millions of white grandkids today. What the groups in AINO are doing in Current Year does not address THAT issue, which was finalized decades ago. Current year’s demographics, fertility, and abortion will not be felt for another 20 years… A lot can happen in the 30’s.

          • unless of course the white women get pregnant again, which almost all of them did. keep in mind a women is only going to raise a fixed number (in her mind, they all know how many they want, before they have any) of kids overall. so if she aborts one pregnancy, it doesn’t necessarily mean an overall loss of a white person.

      • This. The benefit to allowing black women be black women wasn’t worth the price of allowing white women to be black women.

    • Increasingly, Hispanic women also abort their babies.

      Got any real numbers on that?

      Hispanics, whoever that is, and other ethnicities world-wide, regard the US as the epicenter of evil simply because of its tacit acceptance of abortion as a form of birth control. All of the most obnoxious characteristics of the 50s and 60s Soviet Union are now a normal feature of life under the star-spangled banner, abortion, universal day-care, unlimited government propaganda, education as indoctrination, and so on. Tom Sunic describes it well in his “Homo Americanus: Child of the Post-modern Age”.

        • I found another one by state, but almost half of them were not reporting data, so it didn’t seem that valuable. Interesting that the number of total abortions has been steadily going down since 1990 especially among white women. Could this possibly be a sign feminism is on the wane among women of child bearing age? Combined with the total fertility rate is it possibly a sign that hormonal birth control has worked a little too well? A lot of women can’t even get pregnant when they want to.

          • Hypothetical abortion always was a Huwhite women thing. Literal abortions always were a black thing. It is good to see the numbers of Hispanic abortions rising. I would encourage handing out maps at the southern border to abortion clinics throughout the United States.

          • I’d just rather them not even be let in to begin with. Let them murder their own children in their own pisshole countries.

          • I suspect the abortions are down because the contraception use is up. They have sex education in grade school now. Free clinics distribute all needed in most locals. Parental consent not required.

            If folks were deciding not to abort, but rather to have children, fertility and birth stat’s would be up. But for Whites, are we seeing this?

          • You also have a flood of polylactic options for middle-class white women. When I get my meds, there is a store length aisle of the stuff. That is why the TFR for whites is 1.6. Blacks are down to 1.8, but their poor impulse control leads to more abortions.

          • Maybe I’m not following you re “adjust for age” or maybe I’m not reading the stats correctly. The charts I am seeing break down into live births vs. abortions. Whites are the outlier in those by a ratio of slightly less than 10 to 1, having one abortion for roughly every ten births. Blacks have (as of 2018) one abortion to every two live births. Hispanics have one abortion for every five births.

          • I misunderstood your point. I’ll concede that you can make an argument that abortion is now more common with nonwhites, but age is one factor. I’d bet in the 70’s and 80’s white numbers were higher. Regardless, abortion politics has never been about blacks or Hispanics. It is about middle-class white women. That is the salient point. Now that we are running out of middle-class white women of child bearing years, the issue is waning.

          • Can you describe mathematically how you are adjusting for age? Do you mean integrating total abortions over the interval and dividing by total live births for each demographic ?

          • Let’s not miss the forest for the trees. The point I made in the post is that abortion was driven by middle-class white women of child bearing years. Now that we are running out of middle-class white women of child bearing years, the issue is waning.

            For the spergs, consider that the typical white woman in America is 57 and the typical black woman is 27. Clearly, abortion is a very different thing between the two groups and that will make comparing the numbers less useful. White women may be killing fewer of their babies now, but the horse left the barn a long time ago.

          • I wear my sperg badge with pride haha. Anyway , point taken but it suggests a chain of causality for social policy that includes public will influencing enacted law or edicts. i.e. boomer women of child bearing age made 50 + 1 in favor of baby killing but now they don’t make up 50 + 1 so the policy is vulnerable. I’m not as confident as I used to be that the chain runs that way anymore and if the Supreme Overlords of Law do indeed overturn Roe I will assume it is because whoever has the pictures of Roberts at Epstein’s Island wants it that way.

    • I think the pro-choice movement and its ancestor, the birth control pill, were definitely driven by huwhite feminists. But abortion itself is not a white thing. I think white girls take the Pill or at worst the Morning After Pill, and white men are probably the only people that buy condoms. But most non-white girls go straight for the clinic.

    • The most recent data I could find on abortions by race. There is a disparity, but it is not as great as criminal statistics.

      • You also have to adjust for age. The typical white woman in America is in her fifties. The typical black woman is in her 20’s. The typical Hispanic is eleven.

        • I agree to an extent, but white women of child bearing age are still outnumber blacks. They are most likely having less sex in general and are far more likely to be using birth control. I wonder if younger generations of white women are more likely to keep the baby when they do have unexpected pregnancies too. The drop off in number of abortions from 1990 to 2017 among white women is about more than the population decline among women of child bearing age.


        • Zman: Valid point. And those same White women who marched for abortion and ensured their daughters got the pill as soon as they reached puberty have simultaneously agitated for the ‘rights’ of non-White children. To wit, the right of non-White children to be fed and educated and provided for by White people’s labor and at the cost of White people’s own families.

          Older White women will bleat about Roe vs. Wade but cry crocodile tears over dead brown children on a beach. At least a lot of us here are honest that we ultimately don’t care about those brown children – White children are our sole priority. Morality is for one’s own people, not one’s enemies, who have no morality towards anyone and rejoice in our pain, degradation, and death.

          • “Older White women will bleat about Roe vs. Wade but cry crocodile tears over dead brown children on a beach.”

            This. I’m interested enough by this thread to go look and see if there are stats available that show abortions vs. live births by race for the Seventies/Eighties. I may be wrong, but my guess is abortion has been a black thing, thus a good thing, since Roe. It certainly is a black and increasingly Hispanic thing, thus a good thing, now.

            The suggestions that birth control may account for the low rate of White abortions very well may be true, as an aside, but that raises the question of how many mulattos were avoided given the proclivities of Upper Middle Class White women who force birth control on their daughters.

            Further, these same White women who bleat about (not enough) dead brown children on the beaches cheer the castrations of their people’s boys.

    • Yeah but they’d die anyway if not aborted. They’d just end up getting shot or thrown in jail etc

      Blacks have a self destruct button built in. Their mortality is just naturally always going to be way ahead of ours. That’s who they are. They just die a lot and die younger.

      Yes, it’s good that many are aborted because it limits the war zones in the cities, Imagine if there were millions more of them shooting each other and dying on the pavement.

      Yeah so you are probably right. It’s better for us.

      • Live fast, die young reproductive strategy (r). Ironically, whereas they once were either eaten by lions or feld by disease, they now bring the same strategy to address frequent death by violence and drugs in our inner cities.

    • Jack D: That’s not a reasonable take; you are using ceteris paribus pathologicly. Yes, society would be different if society’s makeup was fundamentally different. But the idea that there wouldnt have been a response to that drastic change is just nonsense. What would have happened if abortion and jailing males hadn’t stemmed the tide of the crack epidemic? Would we have gotten our own apartheid system instead, as the urban violence became too much? Who knows?

      It’s the problem with ahistorical whatiffery, “What if Caesar went to the bathroom instead of walking into the conspiracy’s ambush” thing. That is the realm of pure speculation, free of any ties to actual reality.

  42. “This could be a read as an acknowledgment by the court that the concept of privacy is now dead. All of us should expect to live naked in full view of everyone. The public, and by extension the state, have a role in your private life and decisions.”

    Well you’ll have to get rid of that messy idea of privacy if you’re going to force the entire country, and world, to get The Jab. If abortion “rights” go by the wayside, well omelettes need eggs broken to make them, right?

    “One world, it’s a battleground
    One world, and we will smash it down”

    • Stop aborting fetuses to mandate a jab created by aborting fetuses?
      Peak clown. Will allow.

      One of the our-guy takes on abortion is that it keeps a lid on the particularly otherwise fecund 13% of our population, relative to the Karen careergirls and their libertine daughters. It’s hard to argue, based on countries where they make 100% of the population.

      • That take’s not original to our side and in past times was rather openly cited as a reason violent crime was on a general downward trend. Sociologists used to tangle themselves into pretzels to make up for the fact black-on-black murder wasn’t keeping up with birthrates, yet the black population was numerically declining.

    • I see where 80 “fighting for our values” House Republicans voted for a $400 million bill to create a national vaccine data base so Slow Joe and Dr. Jill can send us reminders for our daily booster shots. Uncle. Sam is not going to be far behind Austria and Australia in dropping the hammer on health freedom advocates.

      • Here is what is not going to happen. The comments section here is not going to be a bulletin board for you to post about the vaccines under a variety of poorly conceived handles. I will start deleting them.

        • Temporary cessation of abortion to neutralize the arguments for medical privacy does clear the playing field for legalizing a whole host actions by our government in regards to what were formerly personal healthcare decisions.

      • artist formerly known: – Faucie and Biden’s latest – clot shots for every newborn: “Providing every resource to the FDA to support timely review of applications for vaccines for individuals under the age of 5: The President will announce that, as he did for a vaccine for kids ages 5-11, he supports the independent scientific review of a vaccine for those individuals under the age of 5 and will provide the FDA with any needed resources to do this safely and as quickly as possible once data is submitted to the agency.”

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