A Rambling Return

I wanted to keep the shows light this month because it is the time of year when we should be in high spirits. This is my favorite time of year. We have the holidays and the year is winding down. We have the start of a new year to look forward to and the culmination of another year. It is a good time to take stock of things, count your blessings and gear up for what comes next. Plus, it gets dark early and the weather is turning to winter. This is the best time of year.

With that in mind I scanned the news sites looking for material and I was struck by a couple of things. First off, the people in charge are miserable. Everything is going sideways for them and they have no idea why. Reading the news items about the economy makes clear that they are in deep denial. We have inflation, shortages and a totally screwed up labor market. This is making their Build Back Better scheme look dangerously ridiculous to the public.

It is not just the economy. These idiots not only created a new cold war with the Russians but may be on the brink of a hot war. This Ukraine fiasco is entirely the fault of official Washington. They got in bed with the Ukrainian crooks because they liked the bribes and they picked a fight with Putin because of Trump. Now the Russian army is on the doorstep of Europe. The Ukrainian people deserve better, of course, but the blame largely lies with the incompetent idiots in Washington.

Everywhere you look, things are crumbling for the regime. The best and most amusing part of it all is that Team Biden is telling the party that they plan to run his corpse again for president in 2024. Of course, the party cannot push him aside because next in line is Kamala Harris, a woman less popular than rectal cancer. The whole thing is a disaster for the inner party and they seem to know it. Given the troubles on the horizon, 2022 promise to be nothing but misery for them.

As I said in the show, the GOP will probably benefit, but people are starting to smarten up a bit regarding their act. Read the comments of their party organs and you see lots of bitterness toward the party. You see this in daily life as well. The old red team/blue team stuff is falling apart quickly. I have heard more than a few civic nationalist types lament the fact that they no longer have a party. I suspect GOP voters are going to be looking at primary challengers in many races.

It is not all puppies and kittens. When the rulers screw up the people suffer and there is going to be plenty of suffering in 2022. Inflation means higher interest rates and that means big trouble for the economy and the stock market. It has been forty years since that has been necessary. Millions of retirees are not going to be happy with how the rulers fix the economy over the next 18 months. The short term is going to be a difficult time for normal people.

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213 thoughts on “A Rambling Return

  1. Related to my comment on lots of companies becoming essentially non profit State Owned Enterprises run by managers for various political allies, as in China, well …

    That’s going to be in direct conflict with corporations that NEED to make money in order to survive. Of which there still quite a lot. Companies do have power, political representation which we as ordinary people do not, and a “Clash of the Titans” between them will certainly at least prove entertaining. Soros is now getting heat from serious people, as defunding the police has meant Mexico style home invasions and robberies and killings in rich enclaves not just among the Dirt People.

    • I hope that “Soros is now getting heat from serious people.” I’m afraid that he is beyond all such pressures.

      Soros appears to be an ideological fanatic. I wish our side had more of those.

        • I think my first “red pill” on millionaires (billionaires now with inflation) was hearing David Lynch complain that he couldn’t get anyone to fund his films anymore after Wild At Heart and Fire Walk With Me annoyed the critics. They were hugely profitable movies. Was there ONE GUY out there ready to put up a few million on the safest bet (by percentage) in Hollywood, American cinema’s last great auteur, etc.? Nope. Not even in France.

          Anything any sane or decent man has ever said after “If I had a billion dollars…” is anathema to anyone who has a billion dollars, and to anyone who truly profits from the system that allows billionaires to exist.

          Musk is as ostracized as an oligarch can be, hated by the whole billionaire-support class. For what? Being a *slightly* normal guy.

          They’re not us, and the border between us is strongly enforced.

  2. Related to my comment about Twitter, it looks like great swaths of our major corporations are becoming non-Profit employment centers. Like China’s State Owned Enterprises, they exist to employ people and do things but not make money, getting propped up by the State indirectly mostly through ultra low interest rates that have yield desperate investors searching for any return no matter how pie in the sky.
    So the Government CANNOT raise rates — Disney, Amazon, Google/Alphabet, Facebook/Meta, Apple, would all crash in a much higher interest rate yield when people can get a decent return on Treasuries instead of corporate debt or stocks. Look at Disney — do they have ANYTHING you would pay to see, or anything ANY White man would pay to see? That company does not exist to make a profit but to produce Woke stuff for the Woke elite and that requires state support. Twitter is the same way, and so are most of big American companies. Meaning inflation is going to eat away radically, and rapidly, at middle, and upper middle class incomes, far more dangerous than just working people.
    Add to that decisive and humiliating defeats by Russia in Europe and China in the Pacific, as our woke military is ultra woke and thus totally useless, and President Harris or Buttplug (the latter trying to remove the former in a race before Biden dies of Covid or something, Biden looks worse and more sick/frail every week) will face open revolt by large elements of society and critically, some power centers. Airlines will simply fail in a high energy cost, high inflation, and endless Covid Lockdown environment. So will Las Vegas, theme parks (Disney does not care but others do), the oil/gas business, mining, construction, office real estate, and a host of other interests that have interests directly opposite the Soros/Bezos oligarchic alliance that seems to be breaking down. Rich people are getting killed in home invasions, kidnapping is next and that will go down all the way to the working class as it has in Mexico where people are kidnapped for a few hundred dollars in ransom, or as forced (and disposable, they are later killed) narco-labor digging tunnels, processing drugs, etc.

  3. The government cannot raise interest rates. We have 30 trillion in outstanding debt and have promised the boomers Another 90 trillion in outstanding liabilities through Social Security and Medicare etc. Not to mention, if interest rates went to 5% the entire federal budget would be eaten up the servicing the debt… When you’re this far in the hole, printing money is the only viable option. Inflation is here to stay just like Venezuela. Good thing we imported lots more people from the 3rd world to help suck up extra welfare payments…

    • This will also give pols incentive to raise the min wage to $15 or so

      Yep, high prices here to stay

    • Absolutely. Artificially low interest rates in times of high inflation also are a tremendous transfer of wealth from the middle and working class to the richest among us (sound familiar) because the latter’s assets inflate upwards and keeps apace of inflation. Many of us have anticipated the United States would collapse within the next two decades, but this wrinkle pushes that event horizon considerably closer. It will be quite ugly.

  4. Somewhat related, the FT had an article on Twitter. The new head is some Muslim dude from India, came here only in 2005 and has a long record of anti-White tweets. The desperate hope of investors is that somehow he can grow revenue and increase valuation by magic — that somehow some new technical feature (the dude has an “engineering” background) will create more users and more revenue per user.

    How this is supposed to happen when they can’t operate in either India or China and those consumers have little money to spend and jealous governments that don’t want data leaving their control, while in the West Twitter is nothing but a female, gay/trannie/black/muslim playground explicitly hostile to White men is never explained. Its just magic. As the EU banning investment in defense companies while wanting Putin to stop at Ukraine. It must be awfully tempting — all those skilled White people who could be put to work making money for Putin and his patronage network, and nothing but mincing trannies and female defense ministers most of them pregnant to stop him.

    The most valuable resource is skilled people. Without them land and seas are just there — it takes manpower and skilled manpower to extract them, otherwise Bangladesh would be a world power not the US.

    • The new world order, the great reset is required to build back better. It will have several new and wonderful features.

      Global digital currency.

      Guaranteed minimum income, adjustable with how well you behave and cooperate with the authorities.

      No need to leave your home as machines with AI will do most of the work.

      Digital passports that will allow/disallow you to participate in society.

      The state will have total control of where you can go, what you can say, what you can read, what you can eat.

      The end of that existentialist angst. Every decision will be made for you.

      • None of that works with a power grid that is unstable, massive criminal rule in most of the urban areas, and constant food and other shortages. Venezuela basically has ceased to function. The Party there controls urban centers, various guerrilla groups control rural areas, narcos other areas. Its feudal rule with 20th Century Tech, and functions so poorly that even Columbia and other nations are overwhelmed with Venezuelan refugees.
        A digital currency requires always on power. Otherwise people quickly go to cash of one form or another. Passports to be effective require non-bribeable police. Most of the honest cops have quit and the ones that remain are in it for the corruption. Guaranteed min income is meaningless when it cannot buy anything. All of that is a pipe dream.
        The fundamental idiocy of our rulers is that they want things that require the old system while getting rid of that old system. They just assume people will salute the hat. When that has never really been the case for very long. As one famous guy said, people prefer the strong horse to the weak one.

        • Whiskey:

          You say the new BBB plan won’t work? Of course it won’t, for the reasons you listed and more. So what? You seem to think that this will stop them? Crime, fear, unease, these are all part of the plan.

          So what if a few million are “inconvenienced”, suffer, go hungry? Did Stalin care? The goal is not perfection, but rather control, subjugation, and the acquisition of wealth, security and power for themselves.

          The goal of these tyrants is not to make ppl better off, but to rule over them. One world government, one global economy, global tyranny. That is the end game. This grand vision is the glue that unites this villainous cadre of plutocrats such as Soros, Obama, Bezos, and Zuck.

  5. Z – you mentioned that the US did the lockdowns as a way of getting rid of Trump. That was my initial impression too. The question then is – why did the other countries do the lockdowns too? Was it to act as an alibi for the US?

    • Hello there, Mr. Krusty. I’m not sure if Z will respond to your question, but I submit the following for your perusal.
      (I guarantee this video will not be a waste of your time. It literally provides a direct answer to your question, and I have found it extremely helpful.)
      (Sorry; I wasn’t able to give you a hyper-link) The Pandemic Will End When the Digital Monetary System is in Place

      • Digital-turnstiles controlled by the cloud computer and your ID . Where you can go, what you can buy, based upon the criteria of the cloud people.

    • Trump is the great symbolic enemy—representing normal people’s amerikanische grotesqueries: free speech, owning things, indifference to “meritocratic” status, etc.—of every first world country’s ruling and managerial classes (except maybe Japan’s).

      They did it to us all, starting with him.

      • when the toll from the vaxx is finally totaled, Trump’s name will be at the top of the list of those responsible.

  6. I believe that David French is profoundly mistaken about how the world works. I also believe that physiognomy is usually revealing, although it makes me feel bad for ugly people.

    Nonetheless, life is always messy. Uber-cuck French forbid his wife from dealing with men when he was deployed. Alpha move. Not defending French. Just making conversation.

    “Before David left for Iraq, he and Nancy put together rules, in a painfully honest conversation about human frailty. There would be no drinking during the year of separation. Nancy would not “have phone conversations with men, or meaningful e-mail exchanges about politics or any other subject.” Nor would she be on Facebook, where “the ghosts of boyfriends past” could contact her. When Nancy innocently started e-mailing about faith with a man associated with a radio show she was on, she told David about it, and he asked her to end the relationship.”


    • that is the exact opposite of an alpha move. i could explain why, but you would remain just as confused as you are now, so what’s the point.

  7. It’s annoying to me how quick everyone is to proclaim the Evil Empire as on it’s last legs. This is nothing but a cope, right up there with thinking coloreds are about to start voting Republican, Republicans are about to start voting conservative, and Q will ride in on a white horse to save us all.

    Everything is the way it is because that is how the elites wanted it. They’ve talked for decades about how they plan to crash the economy so that people will be begging for them to increase their levels of control. It worked in the 1st Great Depression, it will likely work in the 2nd. Remember that people literally starved to death in GD1, with long term malnutrition effects on many children, yet there was no uprising.

    Nothing is going to happen on its own. There is no voting, auditing, or protesting our way out of this. A Mad Max collapse is highly unlikely. No one is coming to save us.

    • I agree with you, but there is one major difference today: competence. Or the lack thereof. GD1 was oversaw by competent white men with a coherent vision. GD2 is being run by a rag tag assortment of hyper woke Jews, dull and self-interested Brahmins, low IQ diversity hires, and of course egotistic women and deranged trannies. There’s no way these losers can’t eff if up and unless there’s a hidden A-team of competent Jewish and white men ready emerge from the dark shadows and implement BBB once the losers have wrecked everything, I don’t see any grand plan really coming to fruition.

      Many believe such a scenario is indeed in store. There’s the theory that people are being made to lose trust in their national governments so that they’ll accept the NWO or whatever. I haven’t seen any indication of this. Something will inevitably establish order from the chaos but there’s no guarantee it’ll be the Learned Elders.

      • Agreed. To put it another way, these things also run on social capital, and the woke empire depends on exhausting it. The old marxists miscalculated and failed, so will the cultural marxists.

        Lefty seems to believe revolution is man’s natural state, and nature will keep proving him wrong, but not before he’s made a huge mess.

        The economic looting of Russia went on for a while before Putin. Indications are that the Empire is a spent force. Sometimes I wonder if we’re not already in the cultural looting phase of America. Maybe Trump was our Yeltsin.

        • there’s a lot of good comparisons to Russia. You could make a few comparisons:

          1) this is Zelensky era Russia – the relative calm before the storm. The flaw in this is Biden is 79 while Zelensky was under 40.

          2) later years of the Brezhnev era. Loyal party leader who is asleep at the switch.

          3) Yeltsin era. Incompetent leader with the country being looted by tribesman oligarchs.

          I’d say a combination of two and three. I have trouble seeing a romanov massacre type thing happening and even if they did – who would they do it to?

      • The weirdos acting the fool on TV are not in charge.

        Also, part of their plan if you believe Yuri Bezmenov is that they’ll control both sides. So if there is a Rightist uprising promising Order at Any Cost, it likely is as controlled as the Republican party. Whoever wins, the end result will be the same.

    • I think the best thing is just ignore it

      One has to keep in mind that a lot of the stuff the liberal politicians and media allies say is has a twin purpose of both pumping up their base while antagonizing and getting the other side all worked into a lather

      There was that movie maybe a year or two ago about the Roger Ailes affair at FNC. I never saw the movie but I loved the trailer. I must have watched it 20 times. The background music and sound effects are like a woman’s period. This downward gulping noise on the elevator for example. It’s over the top ludicrous but unintentionally and trying to be serious. But there is a line in there, with that bisexual druid chick from SNL who now does car commercials in a red pantsuit. I don’t know her name off the top, but she’s educating a new hire on what Fox News is all about and says something to the effect that imagine what will piss off your grandparents and that there is a Fox News story. It was meant to be comic relief and has a lot of truth to it.

      The two sides play hand in glove. The “left” does and says things to piss off your grandparents and the Right leaning news takes it and sensationalizes it to hook their viewers in and get them all pissed off. Meanwhile the left is also making impossible promises to their base, such as water conservation (rationing) and going all EV by 2030, but no way it’s going to happen. Example is we were supposed to be in the first phase of a massive governmental regulation of water usage in California. But nothing has been implemented. It’s going to come and go. Or if they do try to do it it will be totally half ass like the vaccine mandate in Los Angeles. You can get around the vaxx mandate if you make a verbal “attestation” that the vaccine goes against your religious beliefs. Meaning if you tell the person at the restaurant door asking for your vaxx card you can merely state aloud or attest that it goes against your religious beliefs and they have to find a way to accommodate you, by directing you to an outdoor dining area. Or if there isn’t one then you can eat inside but you have to wear a mask.

      What a total s–t show.

      Moral of the story is that the entire government is always full of s–t and lies to both sides and is mainly in the business of making promises to their own liberal coastal base they never plan on keeping while at the same time pissing off grandmas in flyover country. It’s like juggling oranges and chainsaws, with every orange they are momentarily safe (word music for their base) but with every chainsaw comes danger (antagonizing grandma).

    • I think a Mad Max collapse is highly likely. True, we are not voting or protesting our way out of this — voting is meaningless as all true power is held in the bureaucracy. But that sort of system collapses completely and swiftly once the bureaucrats are unable to marshal and deploy resources: the Late Bronze Age Collapse, Western Rome, Ceaucescu, the Soviet Union, Saddam, Pol Pot.

      Things to remember, the US is the center of the world now, providing the security such as it is for much of the globe, the world’s biggest consumer product market, and the leading food exporter. When things fall apart here as they must do the high degree of complexity that only White men can manage, and the guaranteed purge of White men, they will fall apart everywhere and amplify back the collapse here.

      • you do know that Mad Max is pure fantasy, yes? far more likely that North America regresses to the late 1800’s at worst. the 3rd worlders will leave or die once the gibs stop, population drops (one way or the other), and a new equilibrium point is reached. and hopefully the surviving whites will have learned a lesson…

    • Ahreed, but you assume they care much about you. The Elites™ don’t seem to have thought much about suxh codified plans for you so much as they legit think their intentions are pure. Same difference in the end, but it’s important to understand how they arrive there.

    • Lament is not a solution to anything, and when someone is pointing a gun at your head with intent to shoot you, whining will not stop the bullet from piercing your forehead. You do, however, control yourself and your personal actions. You can seek safe haven and work on getting fit (convert the energy you expend on whining into muscle mass and quickness). You can learn to shoot safely and accurately by serious commitment and practice (it feels good too and boosts confidence). You can practice being an invisible man and learn to move about largely unnoticed. In short, you can become part of the solution. Ignore the Big Picture, conquer your personal fears first.

    • I agree with the conclusions in your last paragraph but somewhat disagree with your overall premise. The only way the Evil Empire II is not on its last legs is if TPTB are competent enough to maintain the dollar as the reserve currency, which requires maintaining the United States as the world’s most powerful military. The latter prong relies as much on perception as fact. Based on Covid alone, the mere threat of a nuclear, biological or chemical attack would reveal the Empire as a paper tiger immediately, and the dollar would collapse in short order.

      Now, this very well may lead to a Reign in Hell type situation, but the Ruling Class also will be in proportionally miserable situation. That’s not a cope but a fair read of how things are shaking out. During the GD1, the Ruling Class did benefit from mass poverty but was under constant siege, too, and found entry into the second world war as the way to consolidate and maintain their power. That could not repeat this time so it would require a never-ending GD2 with the constant threat of overthrow. Our Ruling Class today is both intellectually and, more importantly, emotionally too weak to sustain under those circumstances.

      Latin America is our future with constant shifts in loyalties and power centers. In short, be careful about what you wish for and, yes, they got it.

  8. Zman when you attack David French it is an early Christmas present for me. No bigger jerk than French and I just love when he is cut down to size.

  9. They start making stuff up in news media from the very beginning. When I was in university there was a minor scandal when a student was fired for fabricating stories for the paper. He would write articles covering the football team without ever attending them.

    Makes you wonder just how much of anything you hear these days is legit.

  10. I wouldn’t excuse what the Fuentes crowd did on Gab so lightly. I believe a sum of money changed hands for him to be yet another gate keeper. Especially given his change in rhetoric lately. I never really did trust him all that much.

    • Remember that the FBI actually stole his money without cause from one of his accounts. I think it was in the hundreds of thousands. I wouldn’t be surprised if they made getting that money back conditional on him playing ball.

    • Has his rhetoric changed? He is always toned down when he makes appearances on bigger shows. I listen to AF occasionally and it seems his only change is he’s lower energy, as if he’s lost inspiration.

      I do think Nick needs to reinvent himself somewhat. He’s noticeably older and can’t really rely on the same precocious persona. He should grow up a bit and be more wisened.

      • You have to go to cozy tv and see his Canadian counterpart. It is truly — is the word bizarre? May not be great description but you will have to see for yourself.

        I first wondered whether it was meant to be a joke or tongue in cheek, but I’m starting to think they’re trying to be serious. And that’s what makes it so strange.

        The guy does a Canada first podcast which is just the AF podcast but with a Canadian host who mimics the Fwenteys mannerisms and style down to a t. He looks off to the side the same way, lowers his head in apparent disbelief over the craziness of life in the same way. His hands and fingers are used the same way.

        You got to check it out. It’s just weird.

  11. Listening to the increasingly genocidal CNN and MSNBC last night, I was reminded that it is Hannukka, the season of joy and giving, and of that other weird little pagan something or other, and… of Voodoo!

    Holy loa, hear me!
    Ogun, lord of Voudoun, I implore thee!

    To you, Erzouli, I shall give this large, lusty cock! See his proud red comb, stiff with pride!

    Only give us… Stacy Abrams, in her rightful place as governor of Georgia!

    To you, Legba, I shall give not one, but two, two most very fine goats, of highest quality! A billie and a doe, for Legba!

    If you but give us…President Kamala and the white woman, Liz Cheney, beneath her as President of Vice!

    Let this humble houngan offer to you the riches of his humfho! Chicken bones! Glass bottles! A jenny’s dung! And beeswax!

    These treasures are yours!
    Give to us our heart’s wish!
    Kamala, Stacy, and their servant Liz!

  12. I’ll bet you some Havamal soap that the fed isn’t substantially raising the interest rate. I’ll set the over under at 2%. First of all, the fed isn’t independent from the government, despite its claims. If it raised rates to 8%, let’s say, that’s how much money the government would have to pay on its debts. So they’d either have to balance the budget or pay way more. They’re not going to do either of those things. Secondarily, a substantial raise would plummet the stock market and really hit the pocketbooks of the oligarchs that actually matter. Thus, they’ll keep interest rates low and let the working man (white people) pay through the nose in inflation, while they flap their gums about how they’re doing everything in their powers.

    • That’s exactly right. Even if they increased them they never could effectively chase the inflation. So let’s say they increase by .25 by the end of 2022. It’ll only be after months of jaw boning about how they will do something. They’re frozen in place at this point given government, corporate and personal debt overhangs. The only thing that can tamp down inflation would be a severe, 2008 style market correction, and even then it would only be for a year or so.

    • Well the banks are getting killed by lending out at 3% when inflation is 6% so something will have to give.

      • The act of lending is what creates money. So they are getting 3 percent on something they didn’t have in the first place. And they can loan to their relatives at 3 percent to buy 6 percent-inflating assets.

    • Let us hope those threats are real and not Smollett-esque. These bastards deserve to live in terror the remainder of their days.

    • the cloud people are being hunted down and butchered in their homes, in socal, now. MIL of Netflix’s CEO was murdered in her home/mansion in Beverly Hills. The ebons have escalated their predations, as you would expect. panic is setting in amongst the eloi.

  13. That astonished feeling…
    I remember. This, I got to see.

    I’m pulling out of LA late Saturday at 2 a.m. during the peak of the lockdown. The only other person I’ve seen was the lone security girl at the guardshack, pretty Chelli, who handed me my paperwork.

    From the railyard in old downtown to the foothills in the east, I drove for an hour across the metroplex. One of the world’s great cities.

    All the lights are on.
    The signs are lit.
    Everything looks normal. Except…

    The roads are empty.
    The major freeways, 10 lanes across.
    The side roads. The suburbs.
    The office parks. The store lots.

    The lights are on, but I am the only thing moving. Not another soul in sight, all the way across mighty Los Angeles.

    I began to wonder…
    Am I the last one left?

    • Plenty of science-fiction films start out with the premise of the last man standing. The trick is to explain how he got there. Maybe in your case it was a comet that flew across the sky, littering the landscape with cometary fragments that magically “changed” things. Yes, it had to be that. It couldn’t be something as stupid as a total lockdown among the strong over a disease that affects the old and the weak in twin disharmony, now could it, hm?

    • Yeah I saw that. It was wild.

      You’re wrong about Los Angeles being one of the worlds great cities though. It’s an overcrowded, overpopulated, overpriced dump.

      Europe has great cities. The US, not so much.

      (Not to worry, Europe aspires to become like America in the city dump department and is brining in the masses, the high density housing, and the gridlocked traffic where they can)

      • San Francisco *was* the only American city i would call beautiful, and it is only about 500k population (and shit encrusted currently). NYC is dirty dingy and a dogs breakfast of architectural styles.

    • Covid was great at the start

      I could get to Santa Barbara in 60 minutes (it’s 80 miles away)

      Pre Covid it usually took like 100 minutes

      What’s also funny is when pre Covid or nothing to do with Covid, I would get out onto the freeways and wonder where is all the traffic and later find out it was a Jewish holiday.

  14. If I may, in regards to the cosmopolitan LA journalist who wrote about the dog groomer…

    It is absolutely critical that we understand that these types, the people who become journalists, have have viewed actual work, I mean the kind of work that requires “labor”, as an anathema their entire lives. Their entire conceptualization of the worker-employer relationship is wholly shaped by reading Dickens in their 8th grade language arts class and learning about Bob Cratchit’s plight. This is why they became journalists. To do menial labor is beneath them.

    So no matter how fulfilling and accommodating the modern workplace might have become, it is never going to be seen as anything but exploitive and mundane to these people. These are the same kinds of psychos who believe work animals like horses and sled dogs should be outlawed. I’m not sure how they imagine anything in the world actually getting done without some kind of real, sometimes drudging labor. They can afford it o fantasize about utopias where automation does it all for us, because their fingers never get dirty. They don’t even have to deal with real ink anymore.

    • They sneer at filthy manual laborers as being beneath them, even as those cretins make far more money than the journalists. Many of these “elitists” live in cramped urban boxes and eat prole chow.

      • Reminds me of a few years ago on normiecon websites you’d always have the typical snarky leftist from a coastal city calling people who disagree with them jethros or inbreds and asking how life was in their trailer park. The typical stereotypes.

        And I would just roll my eyes at the stupidity of a guy paying astronomical rent to live in a coastal city thinking he’s the cat’s meow while those so called stupid hicks in middle America might not be making as much in income but in fact owned land and property to live on. I think Alabama for example has the highest rate of home ownership (like 72% or something) while CA has the lowest (50% tops).

        And as I’ve said before and will say again, there is a strong correlation between Walkscore and Covidiocy. The more “walkable” the neighborhood the stronger the mask fanaticism.

        • hehe alabama, yeah, that’s the ticket. coastal cali is as good as gets, in the entire world. but it’s a hard hang right now, even if you have money.

  15. I looked up the American Prospect and the top story when I searched was “Built to Lie”.

    Sounds about right.

    • Claas Relotius of Der Speigel in Germany is a classic recent example. He spent a significant amount of time in Fergus Falls, Minnesota in order to write a hit piece on rural Trump voters. When the people were friendly and didn’t fit the caricature he wanted, he simply made up his own story. Der Speigel ignored complaints from the people he talked to in Fergus Falls for a year and only pursued action against him after one of their own reporters proved he had fabricated details in another story. The guy won numerous awards and most of what he wrote was fabricated. This is the norm for journalism and has been for decades.


        • From the write up a couple of locals did about the story, some of them didn’t even talk to him. They did pose for pictures which was naive, but not that surprising being rural Midwesterns. This woman is a liberal who all ready to gush over having a European reporter in small town Minnesota and he didn’t even want to talk to her. The most bizarre part of the story to me is that he really spent three weeks in Fergus Falls in the middle of winter. If you are going to make up the story anyway, why not head to someplace like Miami Beach after the first few days?


        • As Vox Day (not the most popular guy around here but still) often notes you don’t talk to the press, even the friendly press for any reason.

          This includes Tim Pool. Tucker Carlson and everyone.

          No exceptions.

          • except he does talk to the press. and then makes up ludicrous excuses as to how he isn’t actually violating his own “rule”. of course it’s funnier that way, so i upvote him keeping the klown nose on 🙂

  16. That poor South African doctor!
    She thought she was heralding the good news.

    It’s been in the Netherlands for several weeks and no one even noticed.
    The Delta bump was a molehill compared to the Covid-19 mountain.
    The Omicron is but a freckle, so weak now we can declare…

    The Pandemic is over! Huzzah!
    We can return to normal!

    How the good are betrayed by these sadistic monsters. These spoiled, stupid little egotists.

    The only thing they can deliver is a b*tchfight between Kamala and BootyJudge!

  17. “Speaking your mind isn’t inherently virtuous.” This is a key pillar in the anti-free speech attack. Once you decide some speech is hateful, violent, or harmful, speech must be regulated and bad-think punished. We’ve moved beyond weasel words to weasel concepts, all directed to undermining freedom, integrity, and personal responsibility.

  18. Obsequious rumpswab.

    I almost drove off the road while listening to the show.

    You will not find this phrase used properly on the internet. Anywhere.

    Z does it again.

  19. I don’t know if he is the dumbest, after all, he’s up against some serious competition, but David French is the most vile and loathsome of swamp creature even compared to the rest of the swamp. He is truly a disgusting and despicable person;.

    • Regarding David French I would say gulf between how he perceives his intelligence and abilities on what they actually are is the widest among anyone in Conservative, Inc. Which is a big part of what Zman is getting at in this podcast. The posts at National Review during the week or so he was thinking about running for President were epic stuff. The best satirists in history could not have topped stuff he was writing sincerely. I checked their website and it looks like they have purged his archive now that he isn’t there anymore. That’s too bad it was hilarious stuff.

    • What struck me about French is his voice and his blatant stolen valor. I knew about the man and some of his drama far before I ever heard him speak.

      The bald head, beard, and christian demeanor auto entered a quiet Jeb Bush/Romney tenor for him when I spotted an article of his at NR. It could make sense for the never Trump politics that he presented, an ideal of the timid christian man who wants a respectful handshake and a polite good morning good day at the country club.

      Then I watched a debate French took part in. The lispy and flamboyant voice was an eye opener. Then I learned in the debate that he was a desk job weasel running around like he was Auddie Murphy. A humble braggart that specializes in inverting his cowardice to delusions of martial deeds.

      • Physiognomy is real.

        One of my favorites was him posting pictures of himself in full combat gear in Iraq… but apparently he wasn’t issued any magazines, or perhaps no one trusted him with a magazine even for a photo op.

      • The guy I hate the most, I mean I’d really like to take swings at his face until I’m out of breath, is Stephen Hayes.

        I could easily strangle him too

  20. Pingback: DYSPEPSIA GENERATION » Blog Archive » A Rambling Return

  21. Thanks for the reminder and discount codes—just grabbed 2 bags of Alaska Chaga for Christmas gifts. Cheers!

      • We’re all Palestinians now

        And to think all the Christian Zionists never thought their heroes would ever treat them like the Palestinians

        Oh no. They were their friends and biggest advocates, they would never ever do that….

        ha ha ha

  22. Great show, Z. Well done.

    I am a Yesterday Man in a period of flux and uncertainty in my life. I don’t know if I am unemployed or retired. Right now in Alberta we are in deep recession and it is a triple whammy: depressed oil prices, Covid – and of course, that fwench maggot we have for a Prime Minister. In Canada we are a couple swirls further down the socialist commode than you Yanks… and we have the economy and politics to show for it.

    I scan the job ads and I just get turned right off. ‘Fast paced work environment’ is code for ‘you will be over worked and underpaid’. An ‘equal opportunity employer’ means you will be working for unqualified minorities and doing their jobs too. Employers seriously ask for applicants to have years of education and experience, and then want to pay them entry level salaries. They fully expect you to work 70 hours a week and pay you for 40. Don’t even THINK of starting a small business – unless you can afford the gov’t as a silent partner that tells you who to hire, charges you top dollar for red tape, and hates you if you’re white.

    For me, for now… Freedom 55 is possible, but it will be an austere freedom. There will be no sailing off into the sunset on my own yacht, but what of it? It is better to live simply and free than to be propping up the shitlib utopia in exchange for peanuts. I would love to work…but as things stand now? Not a chance. The chitlibs are right about ‘the dignity of the worker’. I want what my parents had: good wages, and good working conditions.

    When Turdo La Doo ‘joked’ that he fully intended to replace white people in society… my response is ‘Go for it’. The sooner the lights go out, the sooner I can start slitting throats under the cover of darkness, HAR HAR HAR!

    Have a great weekend folks. Live simple and live free.

    • Enjoy retirement, fellow Albertan (I’m an Albertan – NOT a Canadian – Canada can go to hell).

      I’m hoping to do Freedom 52. Like you, it will be an austere freedom, but to hell with it. I’m not carrying the load anymore. Let the woke snowflakes deal with reality for a change. I’m outta here. Maybe Panama, maybe El Salvador, maybe Ecuador… anywhere but here.

      • I am wondering about that one too, TB. The second world countries as a retirement haven? Fred Reed did it – if I understand him correctly, he married a beaner and lives well south of the border and he loves it….

        And I agree about Canada. I have more in common with the Yanks and evil dissidents here than I do with the liberal howler monkeys out east. Even with Biden, the Yanks are better led than we are with Turdo.

      • keep in mind that every single one of the videos you see on YT, about 3rd world retirement, is built on real estate promotion. the women you think are so alluring all have 85 IQs and will bleed you dry of money for their real family…just ask whiskey :P. the videos where some old white guy cries about how his thai “wife” got him to pay for a house – in her name – and then dumped him, are hilarious. before covid, spain and portugal would allow you to live there as cheaply as panama (for example) but at a much higher quality of life. now, i don’t know how expats handle being locked into a foreign country.

    • Glenfilthie, I don’t know if this makes you feel any better, but no matter how bad thing get in Canada they will always be worse over here in the old country. Our elites still feel that they must lead by example and if you’re going to hell, we’ll be there to greet you on arrival, you can be sure of that. While we haven’t yet stooped to electing a Froggy to rule over us it’s worth pointing out that at least half the current “British” cabinet are Pakkis.

      • The cabinet is a small precentage of the population.It is being used to increase ,in the minds of the public, the diversity of Britain. US and Canada are more diverse than the UK on the whole and they are constantly lectured about how they are yesterday’s people-we are not there ,yet. Also might want to check the demography of Biden’s staff.CRT and the pedo worship also seems more in evidence in the general culture in the US than in the UK.

        But ultimately you are grading on a curve. In comparison to Poland or Hungary we are all doomed!

    • Your factory story, the War of the Pajeets, was right up there with the best of Rudyard Kipling.

    • Higher interest rates will do the middle class well

      It might sound counter intuitive

      But it will mean lower or more affordable house prices. Now I know there’s the counter argument: but you pay less interest with lower rates. Yeah but would you rather be paying $2000 a month with a huge mountain of $500,000 to pay off or be paying $2000 a month with only $300,000 staring at you.

      I’ve been in this world long enough to tell anyone that the latter is indeed far more preferable. Especially if you are young and starting out.

      • when mortgage rate were what, 18%, under Carter, housing prices got pounded into the ground. it was fukking brutal. if you had cash you made out like a bandit.

    • well if the vaxx takes millions out of the workforce, you will be able to name your price.

      given you have unlimited time, just walk around different places looking for companies or businesses that look decent – and go in every week (as sober as possible) and ask if there is any work going. make a list of the companies/businesses on your “route”. tell them you will work on short notice, for cash in hand, etc. it’s a numbers game, one “yes” erases a million “no’s”. and every damn day you get down on your knees glenf, and you thank the lord you are not whiskey.

    • Has anyone else notice that she looks, in the those court appearance with her mask on, exactly like Zuckerberg? Not kidding – first time I saw her ‘new’ look after years of Steve Jobs style turtlenecks, I was struck by the similarity.

    • I live by the saying “Never attribute to stupidity that which is adequately explained my malice!” ALWAYS assume they are malicious. If we ever win, they will certainly be judged as malicious.

    • Look at her handwriting too, not just at the contents. At a minimum, it is that of an immature teenage girl, all that left-leaning weakness and narcissism. There might be more to it though. I wonder what a trained graphologist would make of it.

  23. “First off, the people in charge are miserable. Everything is going sideways for them and they have no idea why”

    Bluntly: They went home from the bar at closing time with a 10 after getting massively drunk hating their Orange Haired Ex, woke up, rolled over, and found out (s)he was a 2.

    And the alternative is to date the wing (wo)man, a 1.

    • And a good chunk of the useful idiot cloud people now have AIDS from all those vexxy penetrations.

      Luckily the overlords have a few cocktails already in the fridge that they can take for the rest of their miserable lives to keep them out of the grave but entirely dependent.

      I guess those pozz demons back in the early 90’s were right. We will all get AIDS, so best let the fags take those boy scouts camping you bigot.

      The problem with the cloud people burning in on re-entry from their cloud cities is that it is always painful on us proles.

      When reality has had enough anti-reality and brings Gaia’s hammer down, she is not as discerning as we would hope. That said, bring it baby. I can already hear the bagpipes in the distance.

  24. Regarding interest rates, the fed is, obviously, in a bind. It’s finally acknowledging that inflation is not as transitory as they thought. However, private sector debt levels make raising rates a dicey proposition. (Private debt is the area to watch.)

    Households aren’t too bad with debt-to-GDP at ~75%, about where it was in the early 2000s when interest rates were much higher. So, households probably could handle higher rates.

    But corporations are absolutely loaded with debt. Corporate debt-to-GDP is ~80%, which is down from 2020 and early 2021 but that was caused by GDP falling. This 80% is with GDP fully recovered. In the 1990s that figure was in 50s and in the 2000s and 2010s, it was in the 60s.

    Corporations have a lot of debt. Granted, their profits are through the roof, but still, raising their financing rates is a serious problem.

    The fed is probably pretty damn pissed at Biden and Congress. Their never-ending stimulus packages are fueling the on-the-ground inflation, forcing the fed’s hand. Raise rates to keep inflation under control and you risk tanking the economy. Let inflation run wild and you risk tanking the economy. The fed is trying to find a middle ground, but what if a middle ground doesn’t exist.

    • Always have imagined the Federal Reserve people out in the wilderness in red robes, throwing chicken bones on the ground and deciphering the message on whether to increase or decrease rates.

      The reality is, though, that they pretend to consider complicated papers and forecasts and then basically go by their gut feeling.

      • True.

        Part of the problem is that they serve too many masters. If they have one job, say keep inflation at 2%, they could focus on certain data and make at least somewhat reasonable decisions.

        But they now have responsibility over inflation, employment, the stock market, etc. The government and the fed have involved themselves in some many aspects of the economy that their decisions have to take all of them into account and it’s simply impossible.

        The fed can’t run the economy – and the fed knows it. So, yeah, they’re left going with their gut because they’re having to anticipate how everyone will react, i.e. they have to try and predict human emotions and there’s no chart for that.

        Btw, an interesting fellow to read/follow is Joseph Wang aka the Fed Guy. Used to be the senior trader for the fed’s open market desk. He knows the plumbing of the system.

        • The Fed’s original goal, as I understand it, was to be the lender of last resort to stop bank panics. But the role of the fed has steadily expanded to where now every sentence put out by the fed is analyzed by “media” and finance people like it’s holy writ. One wrong word can cause a market sell off.

          They cannot really raise interest rates. It would collapse housing and cars and probably the banks too. The banks assets, which consists in large part of real-estate would collapse. If they had to sell their real-estate holdings, it would no longer be enough money, both with higher interest rates and the drop in RE prices high interest rates would cause. On paper, they would be “under water” Even if by some miracle none of this happened, it would certainly cause a recession.

          When I was a kid, cars were still usually bought with 2 year loans and a good size down payment. During my teens it slowly went to 4 and now were up at 6 and even 7. Yes, cars today do last longer than they did in the 70s, but 70s cars lasted longer than 50s cars and 50s cars were also financed at 2 years. Auto financing is so long now because cars are so expensive and rates are low enough that the longer terms doesn’t make it that much more money.

          The worldwide economy is a house of cards, more so than at any earlier point in my lifetime. At the center of it is the loose money policy of the fed and most other central banks.

          The people blaming Biden for inflation are the same idiots who blamed him for Afghanistan. Not that I like Biden or defend him. It’s just that the inflation and the warfare state have been bi-partisan efforts. Trump ran unprecedented deficits and was constantly demanding Congress do more while also cutting taxes on the wealthy, guaranteeing the explosion of new debt. Bush and Obama also did the same shit. All the inflation of the last 20 years is finally coming home to roost.

          • “Auto financing is so long now because cars are so expensive and rates are low enough that the longer terms doesn’t make it that much more money.”

            When we bought our most recent new car (2019), a simple, sober Hyundai sedan, the dealer wasn’t offering loans for a term less than 5 years. We are in a good enough position that I paid off the car this year (1/2 down at signing, the rest in payments) and saved three extra years of payments, but my mind boggles when I see 72 or 84 month payment plans. The lure of new sheetmetal fades when adding up the numbers.

            You’d have to go to a bank, and have good credit with them, to get 36 months for an auto loan these days.

  25. “These idiots not only created a new cold war with the Russians but may be on the brink of a hot war. This Ukraine fiasco is entirely the fault of official Washington.”

    If anyone has loved ones in the military, beg them to get the hell out now!!!

    Desert, if necessary, but get OUT. The notion that your sons, brothers, and friends should die in a foreign shithole for the benefit of an empire that serves everyone except its own citizens is outrageous!

    The empire hates – DETESTS – the very people it’s sending to war, under the idiotic pretense that your granny and granddad can’t sleep safe in their beds at night unless Ukraine is in NATO.

    Glad to see so-called conservatives finally waking up to the fact that the lies and garbage they’ve been fed from the MIC for decades was a joke, and the joke’s on the conservatives. They fought a bogus cold war, spent trillions, and sacrificed their children in places like Korea and Vietnam to fight the Communists, and meanwhile the empire did nothing while Marxists took over the universities in its own country, and by extension, took over the whole bloody country.

    Now the USSA wants to reign death on Russia, China, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Libya, Belarus…. (the list is too long to write) so its Marxist elites and oligarchs can enjoy the fruits of high living standards, and absolute power.

    Send the GOP a message: Stay home next November, and continue to do so until they become a party of the people again (if they ever were) and not the Pentagon Party.

    • If I were Putin, I would tell NATO that if it didn’t get out of all of Eastern Europe, as Bush41 promised, and stop pushing war in the Ukraine, Russia would triple the cost of oil and gas, beginning very soon…

  26. Most people will respect the Groypers for their ruthless bullying of the Con Inc. gatekeepers and basically destroying their tour for an entire semester. The problem with eceleb is you have very limited time once your reach your peak before you fade away. At that point you can either make a decent living catering to your smaller but loyal audience, or use your peak the create a larger organization. The latter takes a lot more foresight and keeping your ego in check than the former.

    Nick will make a decent living with his loyalists, but I doubt he’ll reach last year’s peak. The Gab incident and his pathetic comment about being off Twitter shows he doesn’t understand how things have changed.

    That being said, his cozy.tv is some of the alternative tech our side needs, though that was more through necessity than foresight..

    • Cozy tv smells like a dorm room

      You can smell the toe cheese and stinky laundry when you enter

      With nick, Milo, and many of those guys there was always a college-ey quality to their thing. Not quite professional grade but not totally amateurish either, somewhere in the middle giving it the good ole college try.

      The band REM, in my view, was long plagued by the same thing. They were a “college band”. They broke out of it finally with better music and songs. Dave Matthews may be another example.

  27. It’s always interesting how the US manages to get into a panic about Russia at every possible opportunity, and especially when they need a distraction to what’s really going on in American politics.

    No one here in Europe is the least concerned with Russia or Putin. In fact, unlike the roller-coaster ride of American politics, Putin’s consistency is one reason why we’re not worried.

    Poland, Czech and Hungary are more concerned about hordes of immigrants and the EU pushing their liberal agenda on them than they are about Russia. The US military wanting to place missiles into Poland is the real source drama and rightfully so. Now that the US military is out of Afghanistan, the political machine that promotes the industrial military complex is intentionally stirring up trouble anywhere and everywhere it can seeking a solution to it’s own made up problems.

    Everyone here knows Russia has no interest in rolling west. But the USA is always poking the Bear for no real reason and of course American news media jumps on that band wagon at every opportunity. FJB and his clown show should worry more about the real effect China has had on the American way of life. I challenge you to name one thing Russia has done in the last 20-years that’s caused any problems American families. China on the other hand – there’s your real international threat.

    I just got back from shopping with my wife at Aldi and Edeka (our most popular grocery stores) and all the shelves are full. I also tanked on the way home and fuel prices have actually dropped. Two or three weeks ago, diesel was up to 1,57/ltr. and it’s currently down to 1,43/ltr. So whatever supply issues and fuel crisis is going on in the US is not happening here in Germany.

    • It must German logistics keeping your stores stocked, because the Aldi in our neck of the woods is also fully stocked. My guess is that the “empty shelves” stories are either fiction or regional. Either way, it’s not a general problem.

      • Not the least bit fictional, but certainly regional and peculiar to certain chains. Here in Greater Lagos, one store will be out of mayonnaise for some reason while the other store has pallets of it, but is out of cat food. Next week the shelves will be full at every store.

        • It’s screwy. The small, regional grocery stores that we’ve been in have never been out of anything, but go to the local Walmart and there are huge bare spots. The local Dollar General has a seasonal section that has been mostly bare for nearly a year and their fridge/freezer section fades in and out (stuffed to the gills one week, half empty the next).

          It needs to be pointed out that from a revenue standpoint these stores are expecting product on those shelves. At a place like Dollar General that’s a 5%-10% hit to what would normally be sold, that’s a lot.

          • Concur. That’s exactly what the wife told me about small town Missouri- small country store down the road stocked, Walmart filling in the gaps.

        • One of the horrors I have had to endure is ripping into the multi-pack cases of cat food cans to pluck out the only two flavors my terrible cat will eat without the short-bus assistant to the regional manager spotting me.

          Somehow the cases are always available but the individual cans can go weeks between restocking. But I am no savage so I do fellow shoppers a favor by then restocking the various individual cans and discarding the torn box behind the litter stacks.

          But I do get the sense that the cat and I will soon square off as to who will eat better in the end times. She is a lot like my civnat friends in that way. Her two heated beds and salmon dinners have her on a cloud; her loud complaints of the indignities of chicken and gravy when the salmon is scarce are almost too much to bear.

          • My wife was feeding my cat and her two kittens tuna fish

            I always keep a huge stock of tuna fish in the pantry. But I guess cat food has run out. But then stupid Chewy started sending us a huge box of canned cat food every few days. Now we have too much of it.

            But yeah, I love my cat but feeding him my food was a bit too much. And he stares at me like I’m a bad person.

        • Now that I’ve seen a hundred of them I’m never surprised by an empty shelf, but the sudden overstocks are weird.

          For weeks my go-to store had something like a billion of the unpopular hot dogs I like and was selling them for a decent sale price. The moment they fell back to normal stock amounts, they rocketed to eleven dollars per small package, double the pre-glut price.

          It reminded me that they did the same with ham and ground beef, back in early corona days. Half price sale, double price new normal.

          This week they had limitless heaps of the bacon I like…

          “Due to low consumer demand driven by a public increasingly sensitive to environmental concerns, meat production is down sharply this year…”

        • Sounds like poor ordering practices by their poorly trained managerial staff rather than actual shortages of goods.

          I’m guessing the real shortage for these stores is in the brain department. 🙂

          • American supply chains are much more complex than what you guys have in the provinces. There is no guy in the back ordering stuff for the store. That went out of fashion in the middle of the last century here.

          • Can anecdotally confirm Z on this. Pre-COVID. A colleague needed a part from Home Depot. Being German, he checked their website and confirmed they had the part in stock. Drove over and no part. Asked to have one ordered and the store manager said sorry, no can do. Since the stocking computer showed they had a sufficient supply, they couldn’t order more. And the manager was not allowed to override the computer to reflect reality. I’m sure MBA’s got bonuses for setting that system up.

        • Italian parsley, of all things, is often hard to come by in my neck of the woods. The selection of mushrooms has also dwindled. My frittatas just haven’t been the same. Quelle horreur!

      • See the same here.

        Due to enormous increases in grocery costs, 90%+ of my families grocery shopping here in the Americas is Aldi now, and they have everything fully stocked, while the Kroger down the street from me has massive bare shelves.

    • Drew: Definitely regional. There are enough videos online panning bare store shelves. No one is going hungry, mind you – just not as much variety in brand/size. Here in the DFW area most stores are really well stocked. An occasional gap at one or a missing brand/item at another, but nothing serious. I think Texas ports are responsible for our not suffering any supply shortages.

      Prices are another matter. Beef prices are through the roof, canned olives have doubled. Fuel is up but not obscenely so. But there are parts of the country where food/fuel is taking a huge bite out of people’s paychecks – the White people who are still working. Expect things to worsen in 2022.

    • Karl Horst: Agree. Putin does not have territorial designs on Western Europe. He may want more foreign policy influence, but he doesn’t want to take on anyone else’s domestic problems (he’s not a stupid man). And you’re correct re China. But most Americans are not particularly intelligent nor wise, and the rulers/MIC are evil aliens and/or grifters looking out for themselves short term, so . . . .

      • My guess is every time Putin watches the EU in session or a US senate debate, he just rolls his eyes and thinks to himself…”As bad as things might be here in Russia, at least it’s not as bad as that!”

        • For political competency, that is true. But no one wants to live in any Russian city outside of Moscow or St. Pete. For example Wichita, KS is vastly superior to any other Russian city. Russia is a white s**thole in other words.

          • Marko: Not necessarily true. A lot of people in Siberia – even if their ancestors were not originally from there – like the freedom and distance from Moscow and urban power centers. Young women want urban life and attention, just as everywhere, but there is a distinct portion of Russian men who are independent-minded and want to carve out their own lives.

            And plenty of American cities are diverse urban sh&tholes. Don’t project.

      • I’d prefer putin running Europe rather than the EU technofaggots

        I was contemplating getting a finca in Spain but not sure of it now with all the vaccine nonsense. The EU is going to make europe into hell. But the tapas and the fish may lure me there anyway, no pun intended he he

    • Karl is absolutely correct here. In the past 2-3 decades Russia has not been the aggressor anywhere. The actual “bad actors” on the international stage have been China and the USA.

  28. Your last bit there about the misery of the Cloud People was a bright ending. The only way we Dirts can avoid massive violence and deprivation, if it is even possible, will be if the Clouds start to suffer as well. I would love to see China nationalize American assets in the PRC and our people just laugh about it. A lot.

  29. An interesting comment from a woman who knows David French, sharing her experience of the man in the YouTube comments section: “We live in the same area as David French and know his family socially. The first time that we met David and his wife, he spent twenty uninterrupted minutes telling us about his credentials, the important people he has met, his taste in music and commercial entertainments, how underpaid he is for a man of his educational achievements, and how persecuted he is. He routinely talked over his wife, a genuinely delightful person, and evinced no interest in anything anyone else had to say.
    If you enjoy being interrupted, David is your man.
    The only time his veneer of self assurance cracked was when he discovered my spouse’s profession and for whom he works. We’ve chatted several times since that initial meeting with similar behavior on David’s part.
    Certainly, David gives the impression that he loves God. On the whole, he seems to love himself, his own opinions, his own voice and words at least as much.
    No one loves David like David loves David.
    However, his wife is a thoroughly lovely person and a model of long-suffering patience.
    This is one individual’s personal experience. If it seems unprovoked, remember that David freely, publicly, and frequently pours out bile onto those with whom he disagrees.”

    • Wow. That certainly bolsters Z’s description of French as a narcissist. The comment strikes me as a real account, too. Of course he talks over his wife. I look forward to the messy divorce when he leaves her for another man after a highly publicized coming out, which, of course, is totally needless.

      • If there should be a divorce I pray she makes David take custody of the two adopted Somalians, the final cuck you.

  30. When you referred to that guy who drove around in his pickup, I thought of Steinbeck’s, Travels With Charley. He has a scene in that where he meets up with an itinerant thespian in the strawberry fields of northern Michigan. The guy puts on a one man show, doing Shakespeare for the mostly Canadian pickers. Then John breaks out a bottle of rare cognac he happens to be carting around with him, and everybody shares a cup of cheer. Totally charming, totally fabricated. Never let the truth get in the way of a good story.

  31. Yes, the Murfreesboro, Tenn., story is utter bullshit. The county where it is located has an unemployment rate of slightly less than three percent, and it is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. The alleged dog groomer likely is more financially comfortable than the alleged journalist. She could pull down six figures rather easily.

    The dog groomer is a composite, fictional figure without doubt. And you are right the readers of this work of fiction will believe it is true.

    • Because he has never been there, he just assumes it is some Appalachian outpost. He picked it for that reason. He knows his readers will have no idea about the place, so they will have no way to check him on it.

      • Yes, exactly. Also, the readers also are gullible and easily manipulated to fathom the character was manufactured.

        Addendum: you nailed French. Not only is he a pathetic coward, he is the worst type, one who touts his bravery due to his showy military tourism as a JAG in an area less dangerous than the average MLK Boulevard in an American city. From memory, another cowardly cuck, W, gave the Medal of Freedom to French for his kabuki service.

      • Let’s just say that I have inside knowledge (or, at least, did have) of reporters and “man on the street” interviews.

        It’s usually completely made up or completely set up. There are a couple of reasons for this. First, reporters are lazy. Second, their editors don’t care.

        Say a reporter is covering a protest. They used to be expected to get a quote or two from the protesters and maybe a quote from a counter-protester. Now, some reporters would do that, but most people aren’t particularly bright so their quotes are very interesting, so the reporter learns over time to just makes up some interesting quotes and sticks names to them. Everyone is happy.

        Then there are the pre-fab stories. An editor or reporter wants to push a certain agenda or someone that the editor or reporter knows contacts them about doing a story pushing a certain agenda. Everything gets lined up beforehand in terms of finding a “random” person to interview about some program or whatever.

        Seriously, readers of the MSM are truly idiots. They actually believe that the reporter just found some person who is perfect for the story and gives wonderful quotes.

        It’s crazy.

        • I’ll ruin my Internet Tough Guy credentials with this, no doubt, but the closest I’ve been to a fist fight as an adult was with a “reporter.” My college used to do intramural sports with the “rival” college across town — totally informal, but we took it seriously, enough to where a journalism major decided to write up the basketball “championship” for the school rag…

          The only way I learned about this was when a good friend of mine from the other school called me up, cussing a blue streak about my comments in the paper. I had no idea what he was talking about, I had no idea a “reporter” was even there, so I went down to the newsstand in my dorm and sure enough, there I was, talking all kinds of noise about the other school…

          After threatening the “reporter” with grievous bodily harm, he confessed: He made it all up. Then he called up one of his fellow journalism students at the other school and said “Look what these guys are saying about you!” Which was all the excuse that guy needed to write up a story in HIS paper….

          I was in college around the time Pappy Bush was president, in case you’re wondering how long this has been going on.

        • My favorite line is “according to sources” because it means “totally made up”. Jock sniffers do this all the time. They will “report” some rumor about something like a contract negotiation. Given that no one involved in the deal has any reason to call some rando on a website and give him the scoop, there is zero chance he has a genuine source. Of course, the other “reporters” pick it up and repeat it, also claiming they have a source.

          • I’ve always wondered why pro sports people tolerate that. It’s a teeny, tiny world. I knew a guy who was involved with “the program” at a mid-major school. You wouldn’t see him on the sidelines, but he was crucial to the biz, and even this guy — who came from one of those schools where you see them in some December bowl game and you go “Oh, I guess that state has another college in it” — knew pretty much everyone who mattered, college and pro, in the country. If he personally couldn’t call up Tom Brady or Bill Belichick on speed dial, he knew someone who could.

            Given that, why do they let the jock sniffers get away with it? If it’s a way to negotiate without negotiating, it seems like a stupid, counterproductive one…

          • “According to sources” is usually made up (or just some reporters talking to each other what they think is going on).

            However, if it’s not made up, you can be 99% sure that the “source” is the named official or whoever quoted elsewhere in the story. The guy tells the reporter, “Here’s what I can say on the record and here’s what I can say a “source.””

            People don’t understand how small Washington is and how lazy reporters are. A real Washington reporter would get to know low-level staffers on the Hill, agencies, military, etc., to get a feel for what’s really going on, but that’d take work.

            Instead, they usually just wait for the party insiders (and they’re only so many), Deep State representatives and a few think tank guys to give them a call about something. It’s easy. They keep everyone happy. They move up.

          • All of the “Russian collusion” stories were handed to Washington Post writers by members of the FBI. The “reporter” just copied the e-mail and pasted it in the story. When Trump called it fake news he was just scratching the surface. Most of it worse than fake.

          • Z,

            That’s nothing new. All kinds of PR firms, think tanks, party people, etc., send what amounts to pre-written stories to reporters.

            A long time ago, those folks would send prepared quotes from experts or politicians to reporters so the reporter didn’t have to, you know, actually call them.

            When they noticed how successful that was, they started writing the whole damn story with the quotes included and then sending it to the reporters, who changed a few things and sent it out.

            The Russian stuff was pure collusion between the FBI and WaPo, but usually, it’s just laziness of the reporter. Also, the reporter agrees with the pre-written story and it’s probably better written that what he could do anyway, so why not.

            Long-time reporters are scumbags. Any young reporter who is even mildly independent-thinking or not a fanatical leftist gets out of the business quickly. I saw it up close with a group that I used to hang out with. The normal ones saw the writing on the wall very quickly and moved on.

          • For a recent example from pro sports, Kliff Kingsbury, is the head coach of the Arizona Cardinals who currently are in first place in the NFC. He is a former college coach and towards the lower end of NFL coach salaries. It appears his agent approached NFL reporter Adam Schefter to write a short story claiming Kingsbury was considering taking the newly available Oklahoma head coaching job solely in an effort to get the Cardinals to give him big raise. It appears the Cardinals have seen through the scam and not responded, but this is the norm in sports “reporting” also.

          • Medved, a former speechwriter, said it was part the PR biz.

            The political pays for X number of column inches, 5 mentions, 3 profile pictures, 4 requotes, etc., in a contract to get his name out there.

          • “Given that no one involved in the deal has any reason to call some rando on a website and give him the scoop, there is zero chance he has a genuine source.”

            So you’ve read the late Robin Miller then Z? 😏

            (obscure Indy Car reporting reference)

            P.S. Don’t forget “Experts say” or “A new survey has been released”.

        • Sorta in the same vein……just once I wish, when interviewing the neighbors of a particularly heinous killer, just one person would say, “yeah, he was a weirdo. I always knew they’d find bodies under his porch.”

          • 3 Pipe Problem: Neighbors? What are those? Seriously, like most neighborhoods here in DFW ours is built with garages in back opening out to an alley. You almost never see anyone on the neighborhood streets. Add in that at least 75% are foreign-born, and no one actually ‘knows’ anyone else.

            And, as Brian Landrie’s parents in Florida learned, your ‘neighbors’ will be the first to stab you in the back at the first sign of trouble. Regardless of what their son did or did not do, that couple were besieged in their home by reporters and routinely slandered by people who probably knew them only in passing, if that. And most of their ‘friends’ were nowhere to be found.

            People really need to learn that when trouble comes, no one is coming to help you – not your ‘friends,’ not your ‘neighbors,’ certainly not the military and government. Prepare accordingly.

          • When I bought my first house the neighbor living on one side of my house had all the makings of a shady character:

            – Mowed his lawn perhaps once, twice a year (The county did it for him one year. And billed him)
            – Literally let his house fall apart (After windstorms I picked up pieces of his house’s siding in my yard).
            – Let trees and vines overgrow the entrance to his house (I kid you not a Census taker once asked me if the house was abandoned)
            – In the seven plus years I lived next to him I saw him in the flesh perhaps four times. He spoke one sentence to me when I moved in: “Hi, my name is X. I’ll be selling soon and moving out”. When I sold he was still living there.

            I told my friends and gals I dated (including the lady who I married) “If the cops show up digging and searching for bodies and the TV news appears and they interview me and ask ‘Were you shocked that this happened?’ my response is going to be ‘HELL NO! What took you people so long to figure it out?!?!'”

          • 3g4me is right about neighbors. The US is very atomized by design,.

            Push to only people on your side are your tribe. The nuclear family is not enough since a lot of folks even those related to are treacherous, especially women.

            A tribe keeps them and the cowards in check.

            The faster you learn to tribe up, the better off you will be.

            And yes this will probably end society is it catches on. So what ?

            As Two Fisted Bob wrote

            “Barbarism is the natural state of mankind,” the borderer said, still staring somberly at the Cimmerian. “Civilization is unnatural. It is a whim of circumstance. And barbarism must always ultimately triumph.”

        • It’s sad. Ordinary people are easily led, in part because of laziness and gullibility, but also because no one has the time to puncture every falsity. It’s all too easy for motivated parties to take advantage of this situation; it will take motivated parties to extricate us from this untenable state of affairs.

  32. Are American soldiers, sailors, and marines willing to die for President Potato and the Ukraine? Really?

  33. We have the start of a new year to look forward to and the culmination of another year. It is a good time to take stock of things, count your blessings and gear up for what comes next. Plus, it gets dark early and the weather is turning to winter. This is the best time of year.
    OMG you have obviously never worked outside for a living. This is the time of year to wonder how to make it to March again

      • Obviously not one of the polio-stock stoics, lol. Winter is a fine time of year. Being outside beats the cube farm anytime!

        • Yeah. My heart sank when my on the job trainer took me on to the flat roof to show me the HVAC equipment and also where the snowshoes were kept.

      • I’m a fan of winter, although I do NOT miss the job I had as a young man, trying to figure out where the leaks were on flat factory roofs during a Minnesota winter.

        Slightly related to this Murfreesboro story, and certainly not my original observation, is the tone many “journalists” have in their reporting from, say Tennessee or Iowa- the stories are like the reportage from the Orinoco Basin, or darkest Africa in the old NatGeo. The average NYT reporter would shoot himself rather than relocate to (or even visit) Burlington, IA. Well, he would except he doesn’t believe anyone should have a gun.

        And… here in College Town, New England, you can say things about Southerners that you can’t say about any other group, except maybe Boers.

        • My favorite was “the small town of Ferguson, Missouri”, which anyone who has ever been there knows is ridiculous, as Ferguson is a close-in part of the St. Louis metro area that sits between downtown and the airport. But the coastal press wanted their “Mississippi Burning” narrative of racist small-town southern cops victimizing innocent blacks, so where reality didn’t fit the narrative, they made some adjustments to reality.

          It was not the first, the last, or the greatest example.

      • Yes but getting older makes it tougher.
        One of my family members works in a huge meat warehouse 12 hours a day, four days a week using a man lift in 25 degree environment. No thanks to that.

        • I worked in a egg-packing factory when I was a kid. The cold would chill you to the marrow. Of course eggs would break. One of my jobs was to clean the machinery and drains. In the cold the eggs would congeal into a white puss-like substance with a weird ketotic smell. Gasoline wouldn’t take the smell off, nothing would that i found. Good Times.

        • I’m actually, at age 67, starting to feel the cold more- not so much in the winter, but I get really cold at early season lacrosse practices in March and April. Brrrrr…….

      • It was fun in my 20s. Around mid 50s is when I started losing sleep over the weather report. And I discover every day that I know less than I think I know. I am honored by the response anyway

        • I certainly understand that. I hate working outside in the heat. You can put more clothes on but there is a limit to what you can take off. Working in boiler rooms as a young man (steam fitter) hammered home my love for winter.

    • Have you ever worked outside in the south or the southwest? The closest I have been to hell was at an East Texas construction site in July with zero wind. Winters there are fantastic though.

      • WJ0216: We don’t have winter here in Texas; we’re not that fortunate. We have endless sorta kinda fall weather. Perhaps one or two days of temps in their 40s, and then back to 65-75 degrees for a week. Then another cold day or two, and then back up again. I’m soooooo tired of the heat and sunshine, and it really puts a damper on my ‘Christmas spirit.’ Plus everyone else puts out Christmas decorations the day after Thanksgiving, and seeing lights and Santas in the 75 degree sunshine reminds me of my time in Jamaica, and I loathed Jamaica.

      • In the upper Midwest it can get very hot- not Texas hot, of course, but hot. When we did roofs in midsummer we’d start at sunup and work till about 1, before the surface of the roof got too hot.

        • Worse for me was working for a major oil company in Wyoming at 8000 feet in the winter. Wind chills of 50 below. Your spit would freeze before it hit the ground. I kept thinking of Dante’s inner circle of Hell.

  34. Perhaps it perverse, but part of me wishes I was 25 years younger and still a PMC. This Ukraine mess looks like it’d be fun time to get work.

    • So someone who knows more about this feel free to correct me, but this whole notion of Ukrainian “freedom” seems odd- Ukraine as an independent entity has only existed since, what, 1991 or so? For the the last thousand years it’s been part of Russia/Soviet Union. The fall of communisms just gave the old Ukrainian commie hacks an opportunity to carve out their own Ukrainian hackerama, no?
      Ukraine, to paraphrase Bismarck, is not worth the bones of one Ohio National Guardsman

      • Ukraine is Russia, well mostly, some western districts were part of the old Hapsburg Empire. Invading Russia doesn’t have a particularly good record of success. On the other hand neither does invading Afghanistan or declaring war on nasty strains of the cold virus, so who knows what may happen.

      • It’s a little weird.

        Ukraine isn’t or wasn’t part of old Russia.
        Most of it is mixed steppe – and was occupied by a needless string of Eurasian horse tribes up til the 15th century. Was then fought over by Poles, Turks and Russians – the latter won out over the rest in the 18th century – Crimea was conquered about the time of the American revolution. Lots of Russians moved in and colonized but there were also large groups of others including Jews. Ukranian is a kind of wired amalgamation of all the above. Mostly Slavic genetically with a mix of Turkic groups. Their language is closer to Polish than Russian. A lot of them are Catholic instead of Russian orthodox.

        To our eyes they’re all rooskies. To them though the differences are bigger than say those between NE Yankees and Southern rednecks.


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