Political Cosplay

Politics in a liberal democracy is first and foremost performative. Getting attention is the first goal for political types and they do that by comporting to familiar roles. How well they play those roles, as in any type of theater, establishes their status in the hierarchy of the political theater. Some actors, of course, take a short cut and play one of the various fools or jesters in the political drama. If done well this is a fast-track to attention, but the role itself is always on the periphery of the main show.

If most people were operating from self-interest and had a reasonable sense of their self-interest, political theater would not exit. For example, why would people line up to vote when they know their votes will be ignored? Most people know this to some degree and the science bears it out, but people still vote. In fact, voter participation has gone up as the effectiveness of voting has declined. The theater of democratic politics blinds people to the futility of it for some reason.

This is most obvious in the cosplay brand of politics. This is where people dress up in strange outfits and play make-believe on the streets. Antifa is just cosplay for people with a taste for violence. Instead of playing characters from their favorite TV shows, they play characters from their misreading of history. The black outfits make them the heirs of the Schwarze Scharen or maybe the red makes them the modern day Rotfrontkämpferbund or the post-modern Khmer Rouge.

Their view of themselves and their role in the political drama is as imaginary as the characters they are playing. No one bothers to ask any of them why they go around smashing windows and harassing people. Why do they show up at some right-wing political event? What is the point? There is no practical point. They do it because politics for them is a real life fantasy game. They have to show up at these things to keep the game going. That is the whole point of it.

Of course, their analogs are the flag and costume characters who are eager to play their part in the drama. Since the 1960’s anti-Semites have been staging flag and costume shows. They play the part of the Freikorps in this endless replay of the interwar years in Germany. The credit for this belongs to George Lincoln Rockwell who landed on the idea of playing dress-up to get attention. He dressed up as a cartoon Nazi and marched around with his followers.

For fifty years now anti-Semites and make-believe Nazis have been doing flag and costume parties in the public square. They say they are trying to draw attention to their issues, but that is part of the fantasy. After more than fifty years, everyone is well aware of the issues they support. In reality, it is just political cosplay. Like the Antifa people, it is all about maintaining a fantasy version of politics and history. Instead of the hammer and sickle eventually winning the game, it is the swastika.

What lies beneath cosplay politics is escapism. Like libertarianism, this type of political theater is a way to avoid reality. There is the personal reality of the players themselves, who are low-status people with no role in society. They will never be the important people they dream of being, so they play one in minor politics. At a higher level there is the grim reality of liberal democratic politics. No one wants to face the fact that the will of the people plays almost no role in the affairs of men.

The absurdity of political cosplay plays another role. It allows people who turn away from these ridiculous performances to believe their brand of performative politics really do matter. Serious Progressives, for example, condemn street violence as it distracts from their important issues. Conservatives condemn the “Nazis” because they make them look bad in front of their liberal friends. Cosplay politics gives them an excuse for why their performative politics is equally ineffective.

This addiction to performative politics is the primary manifestation of the narcotic of liberal democracy. Once a people accept the “general will” as their god, they have an unshakeable believe in the power of persuasion. They are forever convinced that if they can just win the next election, have the right performance, they can gain the backing of the general will and the wheel of history will turn their way. Heroin addicts have a better grasp of their circumstances than people in a democracy.

The Roman poet Juvenal is credited with coining the term “bread and circuses” to explain how rulers gain public approval. To generate public approval, they use public spectacle and satisfy the base requirements of the people. As long as people are fed and entertained, they are compliant. Juvenal’s actual point here was to condemn the people for selfishly going along with it, but over the centuries the expression has come to mean a ruling ethos, especially in democracies.

The magic of liberal democracy, at least in the short run, is it becomes something of a self-licking ice cream cone. The people, in search of bread and circuses, create their own circuses in the form of political theater. To underwrite the drama they endlessly seek to improve their conditions in order to have more time and money for the political circuses they are creating. The people in charge just put their thumb on the scale in order to direct the activity to their benefit.

Therein lies the real alternative to modern politics. Since there is no voting your way out of democracy, the only solution is to boycott it. If the audience fails to show up for the great political drama, the players have no purpose. Performative politics requires an audience as that is its point. Boycotts are not as fun as playing dress-up or voting harder, so it is at a disadvantage. It may be that the only solution to the narcotic of democracy is for the people to vote themselves to death.

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212 thoughts on “Political Cosplay

      • A lot of militia and patriot groups have non White members, usually former military types.

        I think most of those people would like the old Conservative 80/20 or 85/15 USA to come back with a touch of extra tolerance and that especially includes non Whites in those groups.

  1. A couple of random, but interconnected thoughts and observations. First, performative politics seems to have had its origins in this country in the so-called “Civil Rights Movement,” whereby people decided to change society, not by voting or legislating changes as the Founders intended, but by putting on a public show and threatening to disobey/disobeying the prevailing legal and social strictures. They, of course, took their inspiration from Gandhi, the hypocritical Indian fakir whose public and private thoughts bore no relationship to one another. He wanted to throw out the British, but had no time for blacks or Jews, either. Anyway, the entire kabuki theater of “demonstrations” has now reached its ultimate stage in our society, whereby everything is done simply for the goal of having it show up on TV “news,” or “go viral.” I realized this some years ago, when my wife and I were spending a weekend in NYC (back in the olden days when this was a thing) and we observed a “demonstration” outside St. Pat’s Cathedral by a group of NYC “gay activists.” They congregated quietly until someone gave the signal, at which point they agitated in front of the TV crews that videoed them for two minutes. As soon as they got enough for the usual two minute “story” on the evening news, the demonstration ceased and they dispersed. And regarding the Jews, all I can say is I agree with W.N. Ewer’s observation, “How odd of God to choose the Jews” and leave it at that.

    • I have seen the same thing you have Steve. animal rights “protesters” , who are actually the paid staffers for local politicians , performing for the cameras. They used to show up at the Detroit international auto show because it was a big event. They would show up in groups, someone would bring the signs and hand them out. Reporters showed up , and a couple of the organizers would be “interviewed”. The ” demonstrators” took the prop sign and banners and marched in a circle past the camera , with the circle set up where people were coming out of the building so it made it look like the people leaving were with the protesters. then the reporters left . the demonstrators left , and it was all over the local news. the whole thing took about an hour.

  2. Short version of my comment in mod hell — we can put on a much better show of ordinary Americans as the real heroes, deserving of a heroes country, as they starve, freeze, or swelter in the summer. Mass inflation plus entertainment focused on 13% of the nation = great opportunities. Not marches or play acting but strike organizing for more pay, cheaper food/energy, no lockdowns/vax, and no crime.

    Tell Joe Normie he’s a hero. Descended from heroes. Heroes among his ancestors who were att Shiloh, or Valley Forge, or St Lo, or Omaha Beach, or Chosin Reservoir. And that he deserves better than this. And ask him to help by organizing a strike. That’s it.

    • Wow. That is a plan.
      The Founders did something brand new in the world- a nation without kings.

      Let us turn democracy on its perpetrators, and do another new thing- a successful peasant revolt.

      The Eastern Europeans already did this, and were repaid with the Balkan Spring. But, it didn’t work this time, and still the Visegrad remains.

    • There is a fortune to be made in good politically incorrect humor

      Something like gab may be the place to start doing it, a dedicated comedy channel. Could be animated skits, or whatever.

      Can’t be on YouTube. Nothing they allow will ever be the brutally honest humor that people are craving

      If I wasn’t doing my own new venture I’d give it a whirl but I’m presently tied up and will be for some time. But the time to get started is yesterday. One thing about living here in Los Angeles is we get a sense of where trends are heading and I can assure everyone that the demand for this type of stuff is through the roof. But no one is doing it. Or doing it well enough to create serious buzz.

  3. Boycotting the vote is both stupid and dangerous. Stupid because it just manufactures the consent, dangerous because other power centers will take it as affirmation to go completely “cut down the White trees.”

    So too are street demonstrations. Anyone with a clue can know where that will head: decades in jail while anti-Fa child molesters are “heroes.”

    But here is the thing. Anton is correct. This is unprecedented. Inflation is real, for the first time in 40 years. It will last decades. Not just in energy, but everything made from oil/natural gas including but not limited to: fertilizer, paint, makeup, plastics, clothing, furniture, practically everything in a home or office has oil somehow in its makeup. Amin Nasser, no fool, head of Aramco, warned of widespread global social revolt if oil and natural gas don’t get investment. Meanwhile the circus is a zillion streaming shows all featuring blacks, blacks, blacks, blacks, and more blacks. Longtime heroes like Captain Picard, Luke Skywalker and Han Solo were made into punk losers who “never really were” heroes so you can “love” the new diverse and empowered female space jesus or something. But love can never be forced or created. It is or it is not. So the vast majority of Whites will be freezing, boiling, and starving. With no heroes, distractions, or convincing emotions in sight. Biden is typecast as the senile corrupt time server, Harris the conniving ho, and Buttgig the sneaky duplicitous homosexual. The democracy show is over. The circus has become boring and predictable and entertainment is a 1000% all black zone all the time. Which ticks off even normie YT.

    So what is the answer? Organizing strikes. A series of rolling strikes over: A. Covid Jabs when the vaccines don’t work and have real risks, B. Lockdowns that don’t work while the border is open, C. Rampant inflation (demand inflation adjusted constant pay raises AND lots more coal/oil/gas production), D. Crime reduction as rich people don’t care but we do. Those are four simple demands the ruling coalition cannot and will not meet but ordinary people demand. And ordinary people if coordinated like Solidarity can shut things down. Imagine a nationwide truckers strike for a week. Even if only 40% strike there will be massive shortages. Followed by an airline strike. And then healthcare workers over the jab. Then a police and fire strike.

    We need a lot of Lech Walesas. This is not even the Soviet Union. The system is so complex and optimized for low cost that anything disruptive becomes an emergency. If nothing else WE can offer a compelling alternative. That ordinary White people (once again as always like their ancestors) are the real heroes, and as heroes they deserve a heroes country not starving while freezing. That’s an emotion and a show that beats senile Biden bleating out (he really said this) “I got my butt wiped” randomly and all-black all the time.

    • It’s not just about whether not voting is effective or not in affecting the system but it’s also about a person’s sense of morality and self worth.

      I liken it to staying with a girl who lies and cheats on you. How are the politicians always lying and pissing on you and you keep coming back for more really any different? That’s why they hate us. They hold us in contempt because we’re such saps. No one respects a doormat. But that’s beside the point.

      Taking the analogy further, the girl lying and cheating on you will come begging once you tell her No More and find someone else The same psychology is in play. Playing hard to get works. Plus you get your pride and self worth and confidence back.

    • Inflation does not have to last for decades–Reagan showed us that in the early 80’s, but the fiscal”cure” is painful.

    • “So too are street demonstrations. Anyone with a clue can know where that will head”

      The genius over at Occidental Dissent, Brad Griffin, is losing his sh*t over criticism of the Patriot Front. He’s the guy who stupidly encouraged his followers to show up at Charlottesville (and got sued in the aftermath) when the commenters on his own website told him what would happen, so of course he’s running interference for these counterproductive street theatrics. Rinse, wash, repeat. Dumba** wig-nats will never learn. Only the “alt-lite” have a problem with it according to Griffin, but of course the alt-lite weren’t dumb enough to show up at Charlottesville either so why shouldn’t I take their word over some guy who did?

      If any progress has been made over the last few years, 100% of it has been without these groups, some of whom absolutely are feds or infiltrated, and only a fool would think otherwise in this environment. So — of course — these larpers want to screw that up and swoop in and try co-opting something organic, just as they tried doing with disastrous results in 2017. Their idiocy at Charlottesville forced Trump to denounce them and shun White identity politics for the remainder of his presidency. That’s the reason for Diamond and Silk, that’s the reason he never mentioned his White supporters; he rightly didn’t want to be associated with those kooks. Looks like that’s about to happen again. Total morons.

    • I had been very active in politics in supporting the Right for 40 years. I gave money, worked campaigns, put ups signs, circulated nominating petitions for outsider candidates, stuffed envelopes, made get out the vote calls , handed out campaign lit at the precincts on election day, and worked as a poll watcher.
      all this only to watch the “Right ” sell me out at every turn every time . see the party ostracize and drive out any outsider we managed to get elected . Watch mitch McConnell, carl rove, Rick Lewis an the whole rotten band of “GOP powerbrokers” fund and work for Doug jones the democrat for Alabama senate.

      Voting for LOCAL and state candidates are very important . I still do that . school board, sheriff , city council and county commissioners, state legislature. That is very important. but you can keep the rest . I leave those spots on my ballot blank. It makes no difference at all which side of the uniparty is in what seat in der capital .

      They are all owned by the WEF and their videos from the Epstein collection make sure they tow the line no matter what.

  4. Democracy, said Winston Churchill, was the worst political system — except for all the rest.

    In it, we see a counterbalancing of forces — the money of the big donors, the tidal wave of mass voters coming in to be counted, the effects of Television and Poll Taking on the eventual decision. It’s actually not a bad system.

    America of course does it best. The other countries are just imitators. America has the longest modern tradition of democracy, and the deepest roots of the practice. “Don’t tread on me” was the motto of one state flag. That’s the ultimate message of American democracy. Leave me be. Don’t touch my guns. Don’t touch my family. And make sure that society runs smoothly.

    For all the mayors promising to de-fund their policy and urban race riots in the country, people are still moving to America. Rich people especially seem to love Florida. America is far from being a third-world country. Democracy, in a nutshell, has been good for the U.S. I mean this comment to be a positive one. It’s easy to pooh-pooh the system, but it has kept the nation aloft for generations upon generations now. There is an inherent system of balance to it, and that balance will continue.

    • It’s like a visitor from the dimly remembered past. A wave of nostalgia passed over me. Greetings 20th century man, welcome to the 21st century! I’m sorry for what you are about learn about the state of things today.

    • LA is undergoing a rapidly expanding series of crimes targeting for now, rich people. Very upscale hotels have take-over robberies, as well as parties, and auto theft is rampant. Even very rich people in gated Beverly Hills estates have been shot and killed.

      • One thing that people not from LA don’t seem to know is that no one, no matter how rich, is removed from the mess. And there really aren’t any gated places in Beverly Hills. I don’t know any. There’s private streets but no significant gated communities. You find those in the burbs. Even Malibu is crawling with homeless. Yeah, you can get a mile or two away from it, but you can’t not get away from it completely. You have to drive into the city for work or whatever. That’s the reality of living in a big city. You can’t avoid the problems and hope the amenities and things to do outweigh the bad.

        Point being, everyone here is vulnerable to these types of attacks. Rich or poor or in the middle. In fact I’m seeing that the richer neighborhoods are worse because they’re usually older empty nesters, the only ones who can afford it, and single professional men and women in apartments who are all pozzed and won’t say boo. Easy targets. Middle class neighborhood have enough of an inner or nearby rough element to keep these criminals at bay. Plus all the single professional women, just sitting ducks. You barely even see them around anymore. They’re all scared sitting in home from covid. And during covid the homeless took over the streets, and young women are scared of them now. Studio city for example is a wealthy area but Ventura boulevard, its high end commercial strip, is a shit hole now. It’s okay near laurel canyon but if you go toward universal city it gets bad and fast. There is a park and ride lot that is filled with homeless and RVs and drug addicts. It was cleaned up a few months ago, but they’re back.

        It’s getting to the point where the good things about life here no longer outweigh the bad. No hot women walking around anymore. Half the places closed. Shitty food all tastes the same. Everyone in these stupid masks. So it’s all about house parties now and hanging out in small groups, but you can do that anywhere. I have to think it’s only a matter of time where these tech and media companies can’t get people to want to move here. I know I wouldn’t if I was young and starting out. And I know bars and restaurants can’t find decent workers. So you should see the dregs they’re having to hire.

        LA went through a renaissance like 10 to 15 years ago, incidentally coinciding with Kobe and the Lakers being great. But I was talking to a friend and he was like, you’re right, things have sucked since Kobe retired. Not saying cause and effect, but is what it is. And the Lakers united the city. Across the races and classes. It was a great time. And tickets were affordable. A lot of the massive new development at the time was financed by Chinese money, so there’s that too. But the money drying up is ilike the water receded revealing an ocean floor full of trash. A feeling of blah hangs over the place if you ask me. The place will come back, the city is too important not to, but it’s going to stink for at least a few more years. I guess this is like how NYC was in the 1970s.

        At least today I figured out some problems with my fledgling orange tree. I had too many plants around it stealing its water and nutrients. Stupid me. So I yanked them out and now it sits happily by itself. Yes, I do believe that plants communicate, and he seems to radiate a newfound happiness. But there is probably a useful metaphor in there.

        Done bloviating

        • I appreciate your honest and insightful reviews of Los Angeles. I’m always curious about life in other places and it’s nice to hear some real world perspectives, not false tales from the media class.

    • catxman, the 80’s called and they want you back . Let me guess, you love to grill and watch fox news. never tucker or Laura Ingram , but Hannity. the last tiny check on the “system ” was Rush , because his audience was enormous, and even he lambasted the GOP constantly . they had to throw him a bone occasionally to keep his audience engaged in the system.

  5. Z, of course, you know that the theatrics are the spectacle manufactured to distract us from a series of looming crises. If you and I were charged to preempt and spin imminent disasters, we’d likely be stirring the waters, too.

    One of the BIG dumpster fires I think they’re planning for, is the collapse of the US stock market. It’s not the collapse itself they fear. It’s the international uproar when the new speculating middle classes of Bangalore, Kuala Lumpor, Manilla and Shanghai get burned BAD, and clamor for redress to their national governments for the trillions they will surely lose, that is sure to bite us.

    The Global Anti-Capitalist, Hate-America movement will gain a billion members overnight! Not a few will be US-educated, and expect to receive our level of “justice.”

    Meanwhile, and in direct competition, the Anglosphere’s interest lies in making sure that the capital in the markets stays in the Anglosphere during the sell-off, specifically, in America and the UK, Singapore, Aus/NZ and Canada. The trick is, to time news of the sell-off carefully so as to tip-off Americans and allied governments’ citizens and sovereign funds about the sell-off first!

    And let those not allied intimately with Albion take the shave.

    So, if you were a spin doctor tasked with covering for this looming slight-of-hand, how would you proceed? Would you announce our government’s DOW policy on the world stage, or would you cloak it? If you’d choose to obfuscate it, would you fabricate counter-crises? If so, how many? Would you advertise that we are bankrupt on the international stage? Pull our troops suddenly out of Afghanistan? Start a ‘soft’ war with Russia? Paint America as besieged and a frail victim of White Supremacy/COVID/what’ev? Or all of the above?

    I’d vote for ‘All of the Above.’ It throws buckets of dust in their eyes while we make away with the loot!

    Other looming flash-points are:
    1. The abolition of Affirmative Action and its proxy quota systems based on race.
    Much of “black” grievance theater is designed to preempt AA’s abolition. Even the activists know it’s coming soon. So…smokescreen
    2. The renewal of State’s Rights Doctrine, through the upholding of Texas’ new restrictive Abortion Law. The loons have blown air into their national “war on women” campaign for thirty years or more. If they lose at the Supreme Court, what was the gain? So…smokescreen.
    3. Immigration, or more accurately, simple migration, is threatening to swamp our nations for good. When we clamp down, the Lib’s will need a face-saving excuse like “the COVID’s,” or a Daddy figure to hide behind, like a “Trump.” Well, our political theater is helpfully proliferating these excuses while I write.

    There are many more imminent implosions to come. I expect the melodramatics to reach a fever pitch in the next 18 months.

    • I am very interested how they will spin the CoViD/pub health excuse for mass amnesty. It’s counterintuitive, but I think it can be done. They will say that all the third-worlders will die of coofing in another country unless they are moved here. Even though The Coof has proved a very lithesome all-purpose justification for just about anything the rulers want, it is hard to sell impoverished homebrew peasants on the logic of bringing in sick foreigners to help out the latter. So they will start new Invade-The-World-Incite-The-World ethnic wars too, no doubt about that. And then they will say viruses are the real terrorist. It depends on how gullible and impotent the citizenry is, to undertake this foreign policy & health policy of looting the world. So far our citizenry doesn’t seem smart. I think a lot of bedwetting liberals voted for Glenn Youngkin because they’re fatigued of all the five-finger discounts at the malls lately, but they ultimately remain clueless libs with touching faith in gender fluids. That’s why voting doesn’t change anything unless it’s like “Survivor” and you kick people out. Civil war is voting by other means.

      • Covid refugees! To replace the ‘economic’, ‘war’ and ‘climate’ asylum seekers- because we caused all those problems too, according to our internal ‘racism’ and ‘hetero-patriarchy’ refugees seeking safe spaces.

      • “…voting doesn’t change anything unless it’s like “Survivor” and you kick people out.”

        One nation tried that- at first they paid ’em to leave, then they tried the most humane transfer program in history.

        Maternity wards, hospitals (Anne Frank was sent to 5 different hospitals before she died of typhus), jobs, orchestras, swimming pools.

        Look how that got spun.

        Why was Lincoln told by the bankers behind him to preserve the Union at all costs? Why did the City of London stop buying Confederate cotton?

        Because of the owners of the plantations and the slaves. They would’ve been kicked out, when they were intent on expanding south into the old Spanish Catholic empire and re-taking the Carribean. They did that 35 years later, after securing the Comstock silver mines.

    • Lol I wish they would just shut off immigration.

      The opposite seems to be occuring here, now our “worker shortage” is extra bad, and we need even more immigrants from India, China, and Africa to fill the gap. (Why is 400,000 enough but not 350,000?)

      Seems to me like you’re coping. I don’t believe there will be a 6D chess play where the elites suddenly align with social conservatives, immigration restrictionists, and ban affirmative action.

      P.S. banning affirmation action just means you will be flooded with various east and south Asians even worse. Be thankful they’re promoting blacks and Hispanics and not people who have more brainpower.

    • They have no interest in preserving the fund of citizens in the Anglosphere, or even just those of Americans.

      Their goal is to keep printing up money for themselves and keep inflation high so the currency becomes worth less and less.

      With the free money they can buy up assets and sock some of the free cash away at no penalty.

      The little people will be forced to sell assets for quick cash and move their remaining savings out of stable vehicles with real negative rates like savings accounts and money market funds into the equity and derivatives markets in the hopes of generating decent returns to keep up with or slightly outpace inflation.

      Once the controllers feel that 95-99% of the little people money is in equities and their derivatives they will move swiftly to establish massive short positions and dump all their longs simultaneously, crashing the markets to impoverish the little people while they clean up on their shorts.

      After that happens, the controllers will then use their massive cash holdings to buy up all remaining assets for pennies on the dollar.

      Remember, you’ll own nothing, have no privacy, and be happy!

      Brought to you by Pfizer!

      • I’m taking a “follow the money” approach. It’s usually a safe starting point in geopolitical discussions, what with Occam’s Razor and all.

        Today’s stock market reminds me of an overloaded train car, with people riding on the roof and hanging from the windows, and more piling on with every mile. Like you’d have seen in India in the late 1800’s. The Saudi Airlines tarmac cabin-fire also comes to mind.

        Capital flows have always driven foreign policy. Tax policy, Federal monetary policy, diplomacy and even War* are our main tools for influencing them. Usually, we seek to direct these flows to our own citizens and commonweal. It’s called “repatriation.”

        And, unless our system is irrevocably broken, I expect that reflexive self-interest to still hold sway over the British/American thinking.

        * Some think that our European military campaigns during WWII were a form of ‘repatriation of assets.’ FDR came from NY banking which was heavily invested in the ‘New Weimar’s’ rebuild after WWI, we took everything and -one that wasn’t nailed down, and the propaganda to promote our casus belli in the European theater is mothy and thread-bare after 75 years. Another crisis to distract from, eh?

  6. “It may be that the only solution to the narcotic of democracy is for the people to vote themselves to death.”

    Okay. And then what?

  7. here is my suggestion, forget the cosplay and give them the real thing. buy an old stadium, remodel it to look romanesque, and hold a patriot jamboree. try for 250k people showing up, armed. let people cosplay inside if they want, but also schedule some really exciting speakers, not the usual numbnutz. then do a million man march on DC (3 months later). and if antifa shows up, kill every single one of them without hesitation. start going to prison and proselytizing. keep escalating every 3 months.

    • Good luck with that shit. These bastards won’t even cancel their Netflix subscriptions or quit buying NFL merch.

    • I was hoping you’d buy a stadium and invite Antifa/BLM to the live action cosplay.

      Let the Games begin!
      We’d have our culture back by the end of the first season.

      We’d have our country back by the end of the second season, after our match with the Government teams and the ensuing Victory March on DC.

  8. Interesting history fact for Dec 7th – America is as far from Pearl Harbor today, as Pearl Harbor was from the beginning of the American Civil War.

  9. You’re starting to see republican politicians cosplay as cold warriors again. A few days ago they started harping about the threat of “communism” in the context of China; I’ve seen lots of preening republican photo-ops in my YouTube recommendations list. Sadly, I have a feeling that it’s just a way for them to look tough as they sell out their voters on issues like CRT, censorship, crime, and AWRism.

    No one will deny them a corporate job post congressional career for supporting the policies of the Military Industrial Complex. But question the 2020 election results and Simon & Schuster will cancel your book (Josh Hawley). Attend the wrong – legal — public protest and you’re thrown in a gulag (Jan 6th). Have the wrong opinion or platform the wrong people and Amazon will yank your servers with no recourse (Parler).

    My prediction: republican politicians will do nothing on subjects that matter to their constituents while they flex on safe issues like China. Tom Cotton and Lindsey Graham, for example, are already demanding full boycotts of the Beijing Winter Olympics because “human rights” or something. How is that more important than confronting the issues I listed above? Have either of those guys ever made a meaningful effort to reign in Amazon, Google, or Twitter? Dismantle BLM? Jail George Soros? Have either ever uttered the phrase “anti-White” in any context? Consider that both of those senators voted to make Juneteenth a federal holiday. A few years from now and they’ll have moved on from CRT as it’s taught in our schools (reformed to make it palatable), having used China as a means to divert their voters attention away from their inaction.

    • I think a big part of the cold warrior LARP is a lame attempt to gin up war hysteria with Russia over Ukraine.

      This tells me how dumb and out of touch these people are because there is no real support for going to war over Ukraine, even in the most highly oversampled polls.

      • Much of what you see in American politics is the Baby Boom generation relieving their childhoods as they approach the end of their lives. BLM was a nostalgic callback to their formative years when people were fighting “racial oppression”; thus, their obsession with blacks even though they are no longer the nation’s largest minority. Their obsession with the Russians is a replay of their Cold War youth. Their obsession with fossil fuels is a nod to the 70s gas shortages. Their reaction to Covid is due to it reminding them — the eternally young generation — of their impending mortality. Who knows if any of that is true, but we did see something like this in the United States before the turn of the 20th century with different factions replaying the issues of the Civil War generation.

      • They have an inkling no one gives a good damn about Ukraine, which is why they are careful to limit their threats to “devastating economic sanctions” rather than military action. Putin, Xi, the president of the Bahamas post-Covid realize all they have to do is threaten the Acela Corridor with a biological weapon and the denizens will offer up their wives and daughters as sex slaves.

      • Hannity did have a good one- we should liberate the Americans still trapped in Afghanistan before we liberate Ukraine.

        PS- Crimea voted to stay with Russia; perhaps we’re going to liberate them from democracy.

        • Forget about the “Americans” in Afghanistan. Who do you think they are–your grandma, the girl next door? They are mostly foreigners, non-white, not of your blood and this soil–and they were there of their own doing because they wanted to visit among their own kind. The rest were liberal “do gooders” from aid organizations and such. You know, the type that put up the George Floyd memorial in Kandahar.

    • Yep. Everything you’ve said is true, but the phenomenon known as Lisa Graham and whoever else you were talking about is that they have machines in their home states, so they can ignore the mass of those populations–and they do. People often ask in hand-wringing tones–who South Carolinians continue to vote in Lisa Graham, and the answer is that he has a machine. The peach-growers mainly, but others who have to have certain conditions to make money off the land, which is, after all the most honest and honorable activity that any man can undertake. But the landowners have been forced into playing their revolting game by the miracle of universal suffrage. They don’t like it any more than you do, but there it is. The substrate of the South Carolina population were given the right to vote by the conquerors of South Carolina (and of the whole South), and here we are. There was no other possibility once the self-righteous Yankee repeated the deeds of his ugsome ancestors in 17th-century England. Z Man wrote about that very thing yesterday.

      Anyway, understanding the phenom of Lisa Graham and his twins from every state requires background knowledge that very few people possess–or even know they OUGHT to possess.

      Democracy itself IS the problem, and universal suffrage is the terminal stage of that cancer.

  10. Candlelight marches were counterproductive for us. When SHTF we’re going to be actually blowing bridges and police stations and not engaging LARP dramatics, you’ll understand your first viewing of a shattered corpse.

    Use this time to recruit from and coalesce normies around resistance to the overplayed disease policies. These are facts we can work with to peel each normie one at a time from the matrix.

    Think, and then act.

  11. It’s looking increasingly certain that TDS (specifically Mike Enoch) is now a fed op… when he got mysteriously dismissed from the CVille case that should have been a clue. “I’m just too smart for the all powerful Jewish legal establishment with bottomless pockets to take on…” except for some reason the same arguments didn’t work for anyone else at Cville or they just opted not to file the same magical exonerating motions.

    RamZPaul recently alluded to this but it seems like most have failed to notice.
    Don’t even think everyone else over at TRS is in on it. The whole NJP thing seems like an opportunity to sign up online to be on a fed watch list.

      • I’d say most of them are young, don’t like what’s happening and the direction things are going. Nick Fuentes is one prominent example there are millions more
        Charlottesville was a Buffalo jump as was Jan 6 only because the embedded government degenerates and their useful media tools tells you it was . They were defeats for sure, lessons will and are being learned. Itis going to be a long war, old bastards such as myself won’t see the end if there ever is an end.
        However the young misguided boys that were in cville & J6 will be the men that might. They get my support & respect. God bless and guide them.

  12. Speaking of cosplay, they are really ramping things up this year depicting Santa Claus as a black man in commercials this year (and not in an ironic way, in a matter-of-fact way).

    The only commercial they really drop the ball on is a car commercial in which a Santa (this one actually portrayed by a white guy) forgets a young black girl’s present and Mrs. Claus has to drive out to her house to get it to him. The shocking thing was that Mrs. Claus was also white.

    • The bumbling white head of household, corrected by wise wife meme. It doesn’t work with blacks as the protagonists. So very, very, tiresome.

  13. Ah. We’re displaying our aboriginal traditions for the newcomers and tourists.

    Like hula in Hawaii; hula dancing is the Pacific version of history lessons and morality tales. It’s the Polynesian library.

  14. As if dressing up in Union blue and Rebel grey and firing cannons would influence outcome of the 1864 election, eh?

  15. isn’t the recent march a fed op? it very much looks that way to me. and no antifa types showing up to interfere? am i wrong on this?

      • it wasn’t a comment, it was the particulars of the march. not being harassed by antifa or the police (but i repeat myself), the uniformity of dress, the little shields. but most of all, who would even consider such a thing, after Jan 6? I mean, that wasn’t immune to the consequences.

        • Karl – Patriot Front has been doing this for year, since about 2016. The annual march on DC hasn’t been as big, but it’s been done. And their whole modus operandi is to show up unannounced without applying for any permit, march uniformly and usually chanting a single slogan, and then disperse. They’ve done this in a number of states and locales.

          I’m no expert, but I believe they organize in small cells and recruit carefully and vet each potential member fairly thoroughly. No guarantee they don’t have informants among them, but if they did I think someone would have notified antifa/the feds.

    • PF is a tight disciplined group. That’s sorta the point. The do unannounced flash demonstrations. Heavy vetting, no fatties. They’ve learned to control their own optics after Charlottesville fiasco. Check out the videos of them being savagely spontaneously attacked, while holding the shield wall and refusing to counter- attack (ie go to jail). Gab was lite up with Antifa trying to get their ppl out there on short notice, lolz.

    • No. Anyone who doesn’t know who Patriot Front by now has probably been spending too much time in cosplay themselves. I find this entire narrative concerning this rare PF public to be laughable and kinda scary. Because they wear masks they are feds? Because they are disciplined and not fat, they are feds? Nigger, please.

  16. So let me help out the “at least they are doing something crowd” a bit. And I’m not taking the piss out of them because many who posted in support of PF are people I genuinely respect. This is another reason why we are a ‘cut above’ because we can agree to disagree and still realize we are working towards the same goal.

    With that little disclaimer out of the way, here is my rebuttal to the “At least they are doing something.” Stomping around with flags or marching has somewhere between minimal and negative impact with most people. Yes, you’ll get the ‘nothing to lose’ crowd forming around you and those types are needed. Movements, however, cannot be just hooligans, roughnecks, and risk-takers. They must be part of a greater whole.

    So here is my advice were I starting a mass movement (which I most definitely am not all you Quantico glowies assigned to this board)–

    Copy your enemy. Antifa have an outsized impact because they have the implicit support of every organ of media and government if not the overt support. We don’t have that so attempting to mimic that tactic will not work. Likewise, Antifa and similar groups actually make very small moves when you step back and view the strategic timeline.

    The large civilization altering changes come in the way they always do during ‘peace time’ which is playing the long game. Expend the energy you used crafting your shield and flag parade getting every single local election locked up for your candidate. Start making concerted efforts to turn an entire county red and keep it that way. Attend local government meetings regularly. Get your people on school boards and into educational roles.

    Move to a place with neighbors you trust. Socialize with them regularly. Do some -grilling- (we know normie will flock to this!), and hang out. Help out any cause that is even marginally ‘Heritage’ in nature either with time or money.

    I could go on, but you get the point I think. For some reason this “one simple trick” requires an exceptional leap of logic that many on the right cannot make for whatever reason. Perhaps it is simply human nature that you want immediate results. Those other guys spent literally a century slowly dripping their poison all around capturing every major institution, very quietly in many cases, while our older generations were asleep at the wheel.

    You can run this same play and though demographics will insure you never capture the entire nation even a single -state- that was overwhelming /ourguys/ would have an extraordinarily outsized impact because why? Like I said yesterday- Race and IQ are real. Simple as…

    • e have to play to our audience and know our audience, and since we ourselves are pretty much the same as our audience, we can ask ourselves “What would I like to see? What do I think would be effective?”

      For one, walking around like PF does nothing for me at least. I find it stupid and that it stinks like a set up. I would never do what they did. The risk/reward makes absolutely zero sense.

      But what would I like? What do I think would be effective? I think a national tax walkout would be awesome. People just stop working for a week to bring the place to its knees. Or trucker strikes, things like this. Also boycott the voting process, make these scum try to sell it to the world they have legitimacy and still mean something when no one showed up to vote for them; that alone could crush the regime.

      I can easily get behind and cheer on and in fact join in things like this.

      And if I am thinking this I know a lot of people are and would be very receptive to it.

      • Falcone, I appreciate your response because your tax walkout suggestion sets you apart from the commenters who will criticize any attempt to take action.

        We can’t naysay our way to victory. You proposed something and I thank you.

      • The US is a reserve currency and is willing to mint 1/3 of the money it had in history in a single year.

        It mostly got away with it it too.

        They don’t care about your tax revenue or at least won’t until they no longer are the reserve currency.

        This may be why the rum-ra over the Ukraine. I hear Russia and India have been doing trade deals that threaten dollar hegemony.

    • That long game is precisely what all the New Mericans do.

      The Sikh and Indians. Mexicans. Hmong. They supported the majority culture and copied its norms.

      They run for office, attend school boards, get on the police force, open businesses, go to college. Socialize with and move next to their own.

      The only street theater they engage in is a food fair with costume dances.

      We whites used to do all that, and have parades. We used to have all those civic fraternal benefit societies- Elks, Moose, Jaycees, Shriners, the Royal Order of the Water Buffalo.

      Now we can’t have have a men’s club without women wanting to turn it into a fern bar, a school board meeting without a yenta board member arresting parents, a company without trannies suing it for dress codes, or a Christmas parade without some FBI-fed blacktivist plowing his car into it.

      They used our weapons- the freedom of civic order- against us, and have seized the heights.

      That means our weapons work, deucedly well. If we could take them back, then heck yeah.

      We need more parades than they have blacktivists. Waukesha was to send a message- the same message of (prison) lockdowns, you can’t go to church anymore. Every time we knuckle under, they win.

      Gods help me, we still believe in democracy. The whole world does. Democracy was the real 20th Century revolution, and its perpetrators finally got it ‘right’.

      Democracy, that is, until they no longer need it. Like as in now.

      Internal segregation, using democracy against democracy, or warlords.
      When do the hangings begin?

    • A very fine post except for this:

      “Get your people on school boards and into educational roles.”

      which is shockingly bad advice. The only thing our people should do about school boards is ignore them. The only thing our people should do about public schools is to ignore them. Home schooling is the future–because it was also the past. The successful past.
      Education is not the same thing AT ALL as schooling. And the public schools do not “do” education.

      Parents will actually have to *think* about their children and will have to *do* something for their children. Parents who know what education is and who want it or their children will have to do what is necessary to get it for them. Everybody else should be allowed to find their own level. That’s how it was before public schools were forced upon an unwilling population. That’s how it was when our society was a successful and sane and productive one. It can be again, but people MUST understand that education is NOT what most people think it is and that the vast majority of the population should not be schooled beyond the very most basic stuff. “Higher learning” is suitable ONLY for those with a certain kind of temperament and cast of mind.

        • State schools aren’t the solution it seems.

          Besides I heard that 44% of people surveyed don’t even want kids ever and with rampant celibacy , as many as 1 in 3 18-30 year olds got no sex within a year , its probably self correcting.

          People will make arrangements maybe with other families they know and trust or before they have kids.

          Small super local schools might work as well but putting a small town’s worth of kids under one roof has to go.

  17. Zman, excellent post and this is a really interesting discussion. After reading all the comments, I tend to disagree with the idea of boycotting national elections, pointless as it may seem. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to vote, if that’s the extent of your involvement in partisan politics. I find myself agreeing more with AntiDem in the previous comments. If one takes the long view, this is a part of a ratcheting process of left/right conflict that will play itself out in unknown ways. I might even change my mind about boycotting at some point. Just not at this point.

      • I’d vote for you or Z if you ran for my senate seat. A couple of cranky dissident senators would be awesome. Incidentally, don’t be quite sooo cranky. Direct it outward. I don’t find the argument that voting lends legitimacy to the system particularly compelling either. Uncle H’s party won the most votes and he was installed constitutionally. Even Trump could have made hay had he the stuff of a great man. Sad. That would make a great essay come to think of it. What could have been if trump were a crypto authoritarian along the lines of Caesar.

    • “pointless as it may seem. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to vote”

      So you recommend doing “pointless” things if they don’t take too much of your time? Sounds like a new variation on the definition of insanity.

  18. “ Serious Progressives, for example, condemn street violence as it distracts from their important issues.”

    Do they? I do not remember any Serious Progressives condemning the violence and chaos of the 2020 riots. Serious progressives mostly lied about how they the riots were akshully peaceful, even as in some instances fires blazed literally right behind them. The few that did acknowledge the violence mostly said they were A Good Thing and the Voice of the Unheard or whatever.

    Far from just being a sideshow, the riots helped amplify the most important issue for Serious Progressives these days, which is hating White people. They can deploy these thugs to cause chaos whenever they want, and they surely will do so more. They don’t need to condemn or deny anything when they have the media to run interference for them 24/7 (see: Waukesha).

  19. I read Z Man’s arguments against public displays of fascism and I see his points. Ramzpaul makes similar worthy points. Yet in spite of his wise counsel, I still respond favorably to NJP and Patriot Front.

    I’m not going to argue that Z Man is mistaken. I’m just going to comment on why his arguments don’t change my outlook.

    It seems to me that the alternative is to assemble a coalition of traditional whites and like-minded non-whites and chosen who advocate for the recognition of black crime and IQ, enforcement of immigration law, and ignoring the left.

    On a gut level, I feel that the tribalism of non-whites and chosen will make this approach impossible and that building such a coalition will of necessary require the surrender of the white interests and sovereignty. For example, even the most conservative non-white or chosen will never agree to returning to the freedom of association that existed before the 1964 civil rights act.

    Z and Ramzpaul’s plan can possibly make some progress in the short term but I don’t see it reaching its goals. I guess that’s why I still respond to the NJP and Patriot Front. I could be wrong.

    • Mike Enoch is a fed. If you doubt this please email how exactly he was dismissed from Cville case allegedly using arguments that would have applied to basically all the other “conspirators” but which were successful for no one else.

      Explain his continued refusal to even take the jab mandate issue seriously when it is used to purge right leaning white Christians from police, military, government, corporations, Healthcare, etc. Even Sven and Alex are constantly confused by this.

      Sorry for repeating this but it needs to be widely noticed by our side. Eventually this became common knowledge about Weevs rent boy Anglin and it limited the damage they could cause, same needs to happen here.

      Along with forming the NJP and turning over membership lists you can bet this is an order from his handlers.

  20. Every successful movement has a “thug wing”. The United States Military is the thug wing of the American empire. While the paper pushers are at the top, the military is out cracking skulls and creating the space the brains need (at least they used to do this).

    Antifa is highly successful. In early 2017, there were pro-Trump protests by MAGAs. Antifa started showing up and beating people up – those went away. They caused millions of damage during the George Floyd riots. Their tactics of making life miserable and demoralized for normal white people has been achieved.

    The way to stand up to thugs is not to write more words or hold more meetings. You need your own thugs who are bigger and badder than their thugs to come bust them up.

    Everybody has their place. The thing I like about Christian communities is their emphasis that everybody has something valuable to contribute. For rich people, it’s money. For poor people, it’s time. For musical people, it’s music.

    White people should be the same way. I believe in hierarchy. I don’t see anything wrong if a lower class white guy with no hopes for the future joins a
    pro white street gang. In fact we need that. Christian white people need to breed. Entrepreneurial white people need to run their business, hire other whites, and guard from foreign competition. Theoretically inclined white people need to write papers.

    There are millions of lower IQ, demoralized, young white men with few skills and no hope for the future. Them getting in shape and joining thug groups is the best possibility for them. Let them stir up crap while we keep doing our own thing. Those of us with more education, income, and prospects best stay away from direct action. Nothing wrong with either path, we’re doing what we have to do.

    • Britain used to have skinheads and soccer hooligans. The gov mounted a media war against ’em.

      Skinheads *were* the English knights, fer cripes sake.

      (Side note: I hosted little skinhead tribe during the AIDS era. Scavengers, not thieves, they were rigidly moral in White ways.)

  21. I’m not one to slap on a swazi arm band and take to the streets, which PF don’t do. BUT, i like flooding the zone. WLM group popping up in every state. NJP successfully moving the needle on discourse thru activism. Sedentary propagandist like Z and Greg Johnson good too. Of course pays to be careful and cagey. However, they only have so many case officers. Make them overstep like they did with Kyle. Support, or not, the vanguard that provoke and prod. Why throw shade? They are running over little white girls and grandmas in Christmas parades. Sits very uneasy with most men, I suspect. When do we get to throw the tea overboard exactly.

    • Notice how our schoolbooks were all about White revolution, a la the Tea Party? Now, somebody else owns the publishers (and the profits).

  22. Let’s follow France,
    Get a based or semi based Sephardic Jew as our public facing leader.
    A Eric Zemmour type.
    No costume shows
    It actually has a chance of working in France.

    • At this point, I’d accept anyone who can rally the masses and drive the progressives into the sea.

      I know it’s a shame that a cis white male can’t or won’t do it, but so be it.

      • It’s not a shame, it’s how the hierachy works. We are not allowed freedoms allocated to others because of our skin colour. France is no different hence Zemmour. To some extent he is reinforcing the rules of the system because according to the hierachy he is allowed to speak this way. He’s still playing by the rules of a game he pretends to detest. His theatrics disguise how careful he is with his language,there’s an angry opaqueness about his message.

    • You’d have to adjust it to the country. There can’t be an American Zemmour in 2020s America.

      Zemmour falls outside of acceptable bounds in American politics. An American Zemmour would be banned from all mass media and hounded by the FBI.

      There hasn’t been an American politician who used rhetoric as strong as Zemmour since 1970* (Any history buff have a later date)? 51 years now. Over half a century.

      Duke or Buchanon were far more moderate than Zemmour in their races. They didn’t use open identitarian appeals in their campaigns. Still attracted debilitating amounts of controversy even though both ran on conservative platforms and used conservative rhetoric.

      • Ciotti belongs to the Center Right. Center right people are an army of careerists. Regardless of what they privately think, everyone in inner circle would be from that cloth.

        Besides he lost to a quite horrible woman in a run off already.

  23. As a Yesterday Man, this has been the most difficult and bitter red pill yet. It’s right up there with the sportzball addict cutting the cord rather than being lectured on morality and politics by illiterate negroes and their Jewish owners. Once the matrix falls away there is no going back, and you can’t unsee or ignore what remains.

    But I am not entirely on board either. How I envied you Yanks, when, during a public recorded phone call with the president Florida’s De Santis told Biden to go f*** himself and hung up on him. As a Canadian, I’d crawl 5 miles on broken glass to vote for someone like that. And if some noggered idiot like Tyrone or Sasquietchia tried to flip my vote, I’d make them regret it. There are some people still worth supporting.

    But for the cucks and libs… yup. I have come to see the vote as a waste of time. The ballot box and soap box are no longer viable, and I will get involved when it’s time to open the next box.

    • You also must learn what the word “Yank” means and what it doesn’t mean; to whom you may apply it without serious injury, and to whom you must *never* apply it. If crawling on broken glass is your think then go for it. But watch your language. You are skating on thin ice.

  24. It would have been hard for George Lincoln Rockwell to do a better job of discrediting his cause if that is what he had been trying to do. Which leads me to wonder if that’s what he was actually trying to do.

    • Rockwell with a suit and more moderate was tried. His name was George Wallace. The system dealt with him fairly easily.

      Still want more moderate than Wallace? Enter the New Right. Who were the New Right? Exactly the point. No one remembers them.

      More moderate than that? Well then you had right wingers/conservatives like Nixon or Reagan. They are very good at winning elections and making money. Its very comfortable and safe to support them. But they are the ones responsible for the evils of modern America.

      But we can influence or infiltrate the right/conservatives and make them better!!! No one has ever…….. see the CoCC and SoCV for how that strategy ends.

      Doing real politics in the TV era proved impossible. No one came even close to challenging Conservative-Liberal hegemony.

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  26. This whole post is just an excuse to bash Patriot Front. Which I don’t agree with.

    These kind of marches serve 2 purposes.

    1, it lets normal white people know that there are actual people who share more “radical” views out there. For a normal white person, not plugged in like we are, they might have glimmers of bad thoughts but quickly put them away. The isolation is a very real thing.

    2, it demoralizes the other side. White liberals are scared and demoralized at the thought of white men marching down the street (nazees)! So are POC. It freaks out the grifter right and exposed them yet again. It contributes to general polarizing of debate which is good for our side. Personally I don’t even think CVille was a failure. The more white men are marginalized and treated like mean white supremacists, the more come to our side. The powers that be are also legitimately scared of angry white men.

    Is Patriot Front or NJP going to win the presidency in 2024? Probably not. Are there some feds in it? Probably. Does it mean it’s a bad thing for white men to meet up IRL, workout, and connect? Definitely not. But they’re out there working for our side. What else have we done? Better a white guy with no future take a risk in PF than slowly die on hamburgers and opioids like many others are doing.

    I support all movements that move the Overton window right. I saw a bunch of fit white men with a pro white message demonstrate cleanly and peacefully. That’s great.

    Would be great if we could all be Jared Taylor and bleat about how we need freedom of association over and over, but that time has passed. Jared and his ideas have their place, and so does more direct action. Everybody has their own little role and I’m not about to put down some people who are working adjacent to our side.

    • As far as I know, NJP was/is a scheme for the TRS guys to get guaranteed credit card access. Supposedly there is a law forbidding credit card companies from banning registered political parties from credit cards. Anyway, this is what I heard.

      I honestly think these “protests” do more harm than good. If anything, I think it makes normal race-conscious white people feel even more isolated. It doesn’t do anything to demoralize the other side. Charlottesville was, by far, the biggest demonstration of this sort in many decades by number of guys on the right showing up. Is there anyone who thinks Charlottesville demoralized the anti-Whites? It was a godsend for them and they got their bloody shirt to wave around and now a new precedent for bankrupting anyone trying to do it.

      Street theater does not work for our side and never has. Street theater is for the left who use it as an excuse to do what they wanted to do anyway and rarely works for them either. If street theater was going to work, it would have worked in the 60s when our ideas were far more mainstream and where the streets could be filled with 10s or 100s of thousands of people. Today our ideas are absolute taboos on par with being a pedophile. In fact, the mainstream is WAY more tolerant of pedophiles than they are of us. You will never read a story about “virtuous racists” (not that I embrace “racist” or think of myself as such) or even “virtuous pro-Whites.

      If street theater is ever going to work, it will be because something major has changed.

    • B125: Well said. I may not think street action is effective in the long term, but all your points are very valid – and I think these guys showing up unannounced, making their point, and then leaving does unsettle the feds. So far as I know, Patriot Front always organized on the basis of individual cells to minimize fed infiltration. Not saying none of them are glowies, but if so they didn’t know about the demonstration in time to notify Antifa or the badge gang.

      We can all debate who is more effective – a group of young White men devoting their time and risking arrest, or a financially comfortable man like Jared Taylor holding a conference for the like-minded. What we don’t need is people constantly pissing on anyone who does anything publicly that someone or other thinks is ‘bad optics.’ I’m so done with that endless argument. White people are not monolithic, and you can’t stamp out all of our individuality and mandate a mass movement. And what is a mass movement anyhow but Zman’s 50+1? Every social movement needs a vanguard and its street actors, and there’s no need to constantly berate those who disagree.

      • I’m not one to slap on a swazi arm band and take to the streets, which PF don’t do. BUT, i like flooding the zone. WLM group popping up in every state. NJP successfully moving the needle on discourse thru activism. Sedentary propagandist like Z and Greg Johnson good too. Of course pays to be careful and cagey. However, they only have so many case officers. Make them overstep like they did with Kyle. Support, or not, the vanguard that provoke and prod. Why throw shade? They are running over little white girls and grandmas in Christmas parades. Sits very uneasy with most men, I suspect. When do we get to throw the tea overboard exactly.

    • Yeah, especially point 2. When Proud Boys get beat up and put in jail, the other side is happy. The question is whether the other side is happy or sad. I *think* they are sad; if so, then that’s good?

      Like that scene in “Ford vs. Ferrari,” where Matt Damon explains to a very unhappy Mr. Ford how their initial loss at Le Mans was a big step in the right direction: We can’t corner or brake and out cars all broke and etc. & etc. But Ferrari knows that we hit 217 mph on the back stretch and, by God, he’s worried about that.


      So, yeah, a bunch of guys marched around and didn’t do much. But they managed to get a company sized bunch of guys with masks into DC without alerting the regime’s paramilitaries, while alerting the media at the last minute, and then getting out without getting doxxed. The regime knows that they might have chosen to do something more theatrical, and they should be worried about it.

      Where am I mistaken?

      • We’ve seen this before. Some random chad prints out a “It’s OK To Be White” on a piece of paper and staples it to the telephone pole in the dead of night next to a college campus. The next day it is in the newspaper, the college has shut down and offered counseling to traumatized students, and the police are deployed.

        It’s pretty hilarious. I guess the regime decides that going all-out against these flyers is worth a few grillers noting the absurdity of it and asking the obvious question of “well, is it ok to be white?” (The answer is obviously no). The fact is, though, that if 10,000 of these flyers were going up a month instead of one or two, then the regime could do nothing about it, and that has to be what they are scared of.

    • Sorry but PF is another Fed action. Watch the videos and look at their gear and LE interactions. Garland is looking for more suckers to fill DC’s jail.

      • I know that my comment won’t change your mind, but I have met many Patriot Front guys and their leader. They are sincere.

        I’m not saying that there aren’t infiltrators. But this is not a fed-run operation.

        • Only a Fed would definitively know if it’s a Fed operation, ergo you are a Fed.

          You have unmasked yourself, Mr Hoover!

          • If only we could go back to the days when a Water Buffalo only need suspect that the new guy might really be a Moose.

          • Hoover was based, flawed, but still. Evidenced by his poor press. Z should be proud. He has finally attracted the A-team of subversive actors. Bravo.

        • You have no idea how much I wish these groups were legit. Perhaps the Feds have been doing their best to discredit groups like PF by infiltration. Maybe even PF is legit but I urge you to look at the vids of the Waukesha NJP protest and then contrast that with the PF March. I dont like the TRS guys because they do too much of the edgy shock shit but NJP looks much more like my people than a bunch of masked tools with LEO level gear. Look up how much a round riot shield costs.

  27. “What lies beneath cosplay politics is escapism.”
    I don’t dispute there is some of this going on, but it’s not just this. After all, you can effectively escape in centrist cuckservative theater as well. You can even put on your Tricorne hat and reenact some of yesterday’s battles.

    But it takes a certain type of person to don the hitler costume and do gay-marches in Democrat strongholds. Young, little to lose, not afraid of getting your jaw broken (like Hitler himself) or being arrested and spending some time in the county jail. Normal, well adjusted men understand this comes with serious risks and avoid it.

    But in addition to being this kind of person, you also have to have zero faith in the system. These men know that mainstream politics will not ever address their concerns. Frankly, they really aren’t that different from the Antifa and if their history was slightly altered, they could just as well be on Antifa’s side. Chris Cantwell is a perfect example of this. One day he was an ancap filming (“auditing”) the cops and harassing meter maids and the next day he’s a nazi.

  28. You seem to miss the fact that many of the cosplayers, especially the ones in leadership positions, are paid to do this. Not all, of course, but enough to provide a nucleus for the cosplayers to coalesce around.

    Plus, you say that voting is meaningless, but then you make a comment that seems to agree with the concept of local, local, local. It would appear that what you mean is federal, and to a lesser extent state, voting is meaningless, but local voting is not.

    • The Elites don’t always bother with local elections because of their mania for centralizing power. If the deplorables do a thing then they just find a tame judge to overrule the results. It’s what they did in Commiefornia.

      • This is exactly right. It’s true that the hive doesn’t pay as much attention to local elections. However, any substantive decisions that go against leftist dogma will be overruled by their centralized power/activist judges. This is becoming clear with CRT and tranny ideology being taught in schools. Localities trying to secure their own elections are being drawn into legal battles that they’ll surely lose eventually, or congress will pass that nonsense “voting rights” bill.

    • The last election where voting made difference was when Clint Eastwood ran for, and won, the mayorship of Carmel in 1986.

      He ran mainly because the city had some zoning laws that wouldn’t allow him to develop his own property. So he ran, won, changed the zoning regulations, and left.

      I’ll vote in any local election if the candidate who’s this honest and clear in his platform. Including “the rent is too damn high” guy.

      Otherwise, total waste of time.

  29. There’s a problem with the idea of boycotting the political system, which is that the other side will not do so. Alright, so we boycott the next election. Then our enemies end up with the presidency and veto-proof majorities in both houses. Then they enact their plans, and send the national security apparatus to enforce them. Scofflaws get solitary and beatings, just like the J6 prisoners do.

    Just because you boycott the system doesn’t mean that the system will boycott you. The idea that if we leave the government alone, the government will reciprocate by leaving us alone is a dangerous fantasy. In the end, boycotts are shaming tactics, and shaming tactics don’t work on people who can’t be shamed. Our enemies won’t feel bad or change their ways because we boycotted their system – all the more political power for them. They’ll show up at your door and impose their will on you in a way that you won’t be able to boycott, and – what then?

    So what’s Plan B? Drop out of the system at the federal level, but intensify at the state level, hoping to encourage states’ rights-centered candidates who will resist DC’s mandates? That could work, but if that’s the plan, then let’s be clear about it now. Because if the plan is just to “shame” our enemies by handing them power and trusting that will somehow work out in our favor in the long run, I’m not ready to sign on to that.

    • Just look at 2020. Tens of millions applied your logic and look what happened. Our enemies installed a president and took both the house and senate anyway. Had those tens of millions NOT participated – guess what? Same exact result. Now let’s take the mid terms where so many are believing that the republicans will take over and render the left “powerless”. So far the groveling GOP has created a pride coalition, supported meaningless gun confiscation laws and bailed out the dems on a leftist, anti-white infrastructure bill.

      All of this while the left blatantly committed the largest election fraud in the history of the country in 2020.

      Now you tell me, what was the point of your votes?

      • No, not the exact same result. There’s a HUGE difference between what our enemies can accomplish with the presidency + a bare majority in both houses that hinges on a couple of recalcitrant moderates, and what they can accomplish with a veto-proof, filibuster-proof majority. Thinking otherwise is just foolishness.

        Just one example would be the vax mandate. The courts went against it because they rightfully said that the President can’t just do that by bureaucratic fiat – it would take an act of Congress. Well, with a filibuster-proof majority, he’d have one and your choices would be: vax or starve. Then after that comes national gun laws that mirror New York City’s, national hate crimes and hate speech laws, a cryptocurrency ban (bye bye Bitcoin millionaires), and a packed Supreme Court that will rubber stamp it all.

        Hyperbole and blackpilling are dangerous because they interfere with rational threat assessment. Yes, things could be worse – a LOT worse – and preventing them from being so is a real priority.

        • Why do you think Vax or starve still won’t happen if the Republi-cons get control? The Biden press secretary literally said on national TV that companies should ignore the court ruling stating that the mandate was against the law. It is this delusion that your votes will do something to change the outcome that keeps the cycle going over and over again. You are not stopping anything simply by creating theater that puts a speed bump in front of a tank.

          Also, it’s not “black-pilling” – it’s reality-pilling. The country has collapsed. You need to face that fact and stop participating in the system that perpetuates the current situation. Once the system is abandoned, that is the only way power can shift.

          • I guess that’s the issue – how does power shift by boycotting fraudulent elections? It seems power shifts only upon collapse. Voting or not won’t seem to impact it (at least not at the federal level).

        • “Well, with a filibuster-proof majority, he’d have one and your choices would be: vax or starve.”

          Get a grip! Calm yourself! Even if Congress did take such a vote, wo what? How would such an ultimatum be enforced? By whom? The High Sheriff of the county would have to (try to) make war–literally–against the people of his own county and then ask his victims for their vote in November. It’s non-starter. There’s nobody to enforce these willy “vaccine” mandates. Nobody. Not, at least, in any place that matters. I live in a comparatively free state and city. We have not participated in thhe Chinkypox hysteria. Our governor did the two-weeks-to-flatten-the-curve thing and that was it. He hasn’t mentioned it since. And we haven’t got an insane population. Colored folks are very much attached to their masks, but nobody else is. Things here have not really changed at all. Same in Florida and South Carolina and probably other states, too. As for those who live in states ruled by lunatics, well, GET OUT while the gittin’ is good. There ARE sane and free places in America. PLENTY of room for us.

      • I don’t have any answers but I can tell you this, Kim Wyman, the former “republican” secretary of state.
        Of Washington state. Has joined the biden administration.
        She oversaw the implementation of mail in only balloting, this was sold as a cost saving and convenience plan. Was put in place in 2011.
        We were the second state after Oregon to do it, several other states did long before the plandemic was used as an excuse to successfully steal the election from Trump.
        In my opinion Wyman is now in DC to cement mail in Nation wide. Ever since this was accomplished only fully controlled opposition have been appointed to traditional “republican” districts in this state as window dressing. .Being a backwater, ideas are tested and perfected in states like this one as they do not draw national attention.
        When, not if this is accomplished there really will be no voting a way out. ” legacy americans” will be pigeon holed & when the utopian ideas aren’t working the killing will start. The puppeteers know what’s best, will not be questioned & there will be no compromise. As for me I will continue to vote knowing damn well it won’t matter yet still hopeing against all odds. At the end of the day as I try to sleep I know, we all know, where this thing is headed.
        God help us.

        • “At the end of the day as I try to sleep I know, we all know, where this thing is headed.
          God help us.”

          Unfortunately, that’s the only way.

          “The only remedy for pure evil is death.”

          I read that somewhere recently and it really rings true. Very sad times indeed.

    • “The idea that if we leave the government alone, the government will reciprocate by leaving us alone is a dangerous fantasy.”

      Nice straw man. No one said this, and I would doubt anyone here believes this. When the choices are aggressive leftist or stealth leftist, the only reason to vote is to signal your support of leftist politics. If you don’t support leftist policy, there’s no sense in voting, regardless of whether the government will leave you alone.

      • Spot on. If TPTB want us to vote, they need to convince us that the vote process is fair. Here in my State, there has been a pretty good audit of the process (after being fought tooth and nail)–and the process is found very wanting.
        Invalid votes found that would/could easily turn the election results if they were tossed out, however no legislation yet proposed to fix the process. Pol’s are still asking that we vote them in so they can “fix” the election process.
        Quite a conundrum. I’m sure it will sound attractive to the younger set. It that’s a while to catch wise.

    • You don’t get it. Our enemies already control the presidency and both houses of Congress. They are already enacting their plans, and the national security apparatus is enforcing them. The Republicans are the enemies of white people too.

      Remember Congress is irrelevant. Most of the hurtful stuff is done through executive orders, or via the Deep State, or it’s done by just NOT enforcing the laws (i.e. allowing endless illegal immigrants to come in, or allowing negroes to riot at will).

      And this is where voting got us.

    • Boycotting the system is just another act of political theater. It will be ineffective at best and counterproductive at worst because shaming tactics don’t work against an unshameable enemy, but it makes you feel like you’re sticking it to the man.

      But the man couldn’t care less, because he doesn’t want your approval – he just wants power.

      • The other day some one mentioned Michelle Obama calling the Chicago prosecutor to drop the Smollett charges and let the FBI handle it. What does that tell us about that apparatus of the government and who controls it, as if we needed more convincing.

        If you remember the prosecutor did drop it only to resurrected by other political forces. Still we really do have our own Stasi here.

    • I really don’t understand the boycott strategy. I get that voting is a pointless exercise, but what I don’t get is how boycotting the vote helps us in any real way. The only explanation I’ve heard is that if we sit out a few elections, the GOP will have to change to lure us back. All I think that would really do is get the GOP to tell us different lies they don’t plan on actually doing upon their being elected.

      From a point of view of voting, the system is fundamentally broken. Voting does not lead to anything you want, but not voting gets us more of what we hate. As Z said a couple weeks ago, the system always wants to give you more of what you don’t want or less of what you need.

      • Continuing to participate in a broken system allows that system to continue. You have to drop out and wait for a full collapse. I think people are still delusional in their thinking that there is a peaceful, pain-free way to get out of this.

        Couple of reality checks:
        1. None of us will live long enough to see the republic restored (if it ever is).
        2. There will be great struggle and dark times ahead.
        3. If you think it’s bad now, just wait another 10 years after the hoards of vibrants have taken over the majority.

        There is no good news on this front, unfortunately. We drew the short straw to live during the period that America collapsed.

        • In the end it’s going to come down to who is the meanest, most vicious motherfucker. Just like the old days before schlomo got hold of the money machine. Whitey used to bring the pain, can he do it again? We’ll see, won’t we.

      • My understanding is that it is not a matter of “getting” something or not getting something but simply a matter of personal integrity and personal honor. Of withdrawing one’s own consent, not in an attempt to “get” this or that or to avoid this or that, or to make this point or that to this person or that one, but simply as an act of INDIVIDUAL integrity and conscience. Nobody need know–except oneself. “To thine own self be true … .”

        I don’t require anybody’s “approval” or “support,” and I don’t give a rat’s a** for the opinions of fools and wh*res. If I am true to my own conscience, then that is the end of the matter.

        That’s how I understand it, anyway.

    • AntiDem: The last thing in my mind is trying to ‘shame’ people who have no morality, and none of us are foolish enough to believe the government will leave us alone. You are setting up strawmen and then preaching the same old, same old – work through the system! Judges will save us! Show up and be counted!

      People have been doing that for decades and nothing ever changes to reflect the voting. The left doesn’t ‘win’ by votes, it wins by media control and violent public action and by ignoring the rules of ‘the system.’ But you think that decent and naive people following those rules will somehow change things? Have at it, but stop trying to tell me it’s cold here in Hell.

      If you truly believe the globalists will back off on their vax program because a judge or two says to you are the one who believes in a ‘dangerous fantasy.’ Besides, most of the work has already been done. Most women are on board and enthusiastically volunteer their children for medical experimentation in lieu of what is effectively the common cold for young people.

      They are coming for you regardless of what a judge says or who is in Congress. I did not remove my name from the voting lists to ‘send a message’ to anyone, but to withdraw my consent from a shameless grift. Boycotts are no more effective than voting or street theatre – if one is on the right. The only boycott that would truly work would be White men going galt. To do that they first have to identify as White, rather than merely human, and accept that they are a part of a group with legitimate interests in opposition to other groups with competing interests.

      A political party in a 50+1 system is not a legitimate group – it is far more an example of isolated individuals cosplaying than Zman’s unnecessarily mean spirited characterization of far right street demonstrators.

  30. I think we need to ponder all this some more. I get it: marching about with swastika flags is a sad little LARP. But the movements that got results in the 19th and 20th century did organize and groups like the Irish Volunteers did things like march around. All the current color revolution movements wind up sending people into the streets to demonstrate.

    On the other hand, the Proud Boys spent all their time losing because they were set up by the feds. Are we to view the Patriot Front guys differently because nobody showed up to beat on them, suggesting they aren’t filled with informants?

    Dunno. I’m just so new to the whole clandestine, secret-squirrel, Bullwinkle thing.

  31. Ah, 50 years of Shlomoworld, the general will emanating from your screen. 50 years! Power is getting people to notice you and care. Magic spells, fake and gay.

    Absolutely right, Z, best to be done with it.

  32. I wonder if this whole Cosplay phenomena is a result of the infantilization of America. Generations up to and including Boomers played make-believe, but the play was confined to children and conformed to established modes of normality: i.e, boys played Cowboys and Indians, or other action-oriented roles; girls inclined towards domestic roles. Play was a puerile rehearsal of roles the actors would assume in adult life. With the advent of digital technology, virility was vitiated in favor of intellectual expertise and jobs for able-bodied males diminished in number while at the same time experiencing a diminution of perceived worth. Similarly, girls ostensibly could now more readily compete with boys on the new ‘leveled’ playing field where smarts and communication skills trumped manual dexterity and hard work.

    In any case, the increase in free time concurrent with the dissatisfaction modern work affords the typical drone leaves a huge void that is being filled by a return to an adulthood of play, enabled and encouraged by a technology that allows creation of costumes accurate in every detail. When make-believe is provides more satisfaction than reality, reality needs to be examined and indeed re-imagined and re-configured. We are a nation of children.

  33. I’m convinced there is an organized shilling effort underway by NJP and their fellow travelers. Over the weekend 4chan had a plurality of threads about that lame Patriot Front display in DC and every single NJP and NJP adjacent account on Telegram would not shut up about it; posting screenshots of conservatives I’ve never heard of accusing PF of being feds. Now I don’t have a position on PF but this whole thing was an “in before” on a scale I’ve never seen.

    I’m getting real tired of these characters. NJP has a tight hold on a great many right wing NPC minds.

    • There was a coordinated effort to promote the PF thing on Gab. PF is tightly aligned with the NJP/TRS people. If you look at the pics of their events, you will see both groups have signage. People who follow this stuff more closely than I do say that one of the TRS people moved to Texas to be part of the PF thing.

      • Whoa, who? I know Alsup is leaving and Resident Chairwarmer, Borzoi, got shafted for a co-host seat. (really, the dude contains much bragadocio for filling in)

    • Is there a difference between this and honestly promoting your group because you believe that it is correct?

      Given that NJP and Patriot Front exist, how can they promote themselves that is acceptable to you?

      • I didn’t post my full text in my earlier comment. Trying again:

        Astal writes, “I’m convinced there is an organized shilling effort underway by NJP and their fellow travelers.”

        Is there a difference between this and honestly promoting your group because you believe that it is correct?

        Given that NJP and Patriot Front exist, how can they promote themselves that is acceptable to you?

        • Line: More importantly, why ought PF or anyone else consider what is acceptable to online commenters? Why is everyone suddenly concerned that a homosexual who bans anti-Juice commenters (Gateway Pundit) or a pajeet larping as a Great American Patriot (Dinesh D’Souza) claim to have not heard of PF so they are therefore feds?

          • I look at the gear and other things. Sorry PF looks like another Fed entrapment. I watched the video and made my own conclusion. d’Souza has always been a grifter.

  34. “If the audience fails to show up for the great political drama, the players have no purpose.”

    I do not disagree with your position.

    Yet, when “the ratings” are presented and Globocorp/ Government/ Joe Normie accept these imaginary numbers (sportsball viewing? Wuhan flu jabs? music/ video streaming services? Biden votes?), voting/ not voting is kind of beside the point.

    Dear Uncle Hussein (Saddam, not Barry) always got 101.35% of the vote in his elections.

  35. “What if they held a war and nobody came?”

    All kidding aside, Brandon et al are doing us an enormous favor when it comes to encouraging localism. The ‘burb where I keep my swingin’ bachelor pad is a lot closer to an actual community now, largely thanks to lockdowns. When everybody had to physically commute, I knew the people around me by sight at best — “the woman three doors down with the poodle;” “the guy across the street with the black Hyundai.” But now that we can all finish our fakey-fake “work” in a few minutes, people are actually out and about and physically interacting with each other. The playground equipment in the park down the street is actually being used for the first time in forever, since little Kayden and Jayden and Brayden and Khaleesi can’t be shuttled from soccer practice to piano recital to tutoring to daycare anymore.

    And that’s only going to increase as inflation starts giving Zimbabwe a run for the money. Even if all the Covid nonsense ended tomorrow, who could afford a night on the town these days? Pretty soon we’re going to end up singing songs around the campfire like some kind of postmodern cattle drive, because nobody can afford to do anything else. That’s a win, a big one.

    Let’s go Brandon!!

    • I remember when they shut down schools last year how nice it was to see the kids playing with their parents outside when taking walks.

      When Con Inc. starting crowing how important it was the kids go back to school, it was like they had an easy layup, but decided to throw the basketball into the stands instead.

      • The push to get kids back into school was the funniest collision between the lazy teacher unions and malevolent globalist indoctrinators ever.

        “We cannot vaxx and CRT the kids when their parents are around!”

        “But we could DIE if we reopen the schools!!! You said so yourself!” *administrator sips mai tai with a Caribbean resort in the background of the Zoom call*

        “We’ll cut off your funding!”

        “Like that’ll ever happen. I only became a teacher to get summers off, you know, and your lockdown is like the longest summer vacation ever.”

    • One of the most significant negative consequences of feminism was taking women out of the community and into the cubicle. Women were (are) the primary conduits of communal interaction. If you are in the office all day, you can’t meet your neighbors, care for the elderly and poor in your community, maintain local civic organizations, and generally foster a sense of being a true community rather than a set of strangers coexisting in close proximity. Breaking up men-only groups also contributed to alienation within communities. Couple that with treating citizenship as ideological rather than heritable, and you have a society of ‘no-ones’ being endlessly sold on whatever farce the ruling class seeks to distract them with. Local community building is the only way forward, but it must be borne in mind that it will be met with relentless interference. Which is not to say that such interference can’t be overcome, but it must be realistically assessed and countered.

      • No country: Women may be the primary conduits of communal interaction, but they still must be overseen by men. Women in general, and today’s women in particular, are obsessed with ‘being nice’ and not ‘excluding’ anyone. Building a community, for me at least, means a White community, and unofficially but consciously excluding little Khaleesi and Jamar. “Oh, so sorry, Johnny can’t play today; we have a family coming to visit.” “No Johnny, you cannot invite Jamar over to our house today (or ever). It’s not convenient.” No ‘welcoming’ Shaniqua or Mrs. Weintraub. Nothing official or in writing or even spoken aloud to anyone else – just individuals acting in concert to define who is part of their community and who is not. And since women cannot set limits even for themselves, men MUST take charge and ensure women know where those limits are.

        • This. I have brown people trying to chat me up all the time. I’m hearing that they get tired of only interacting with other browns who bring their own ways from the home country with them. The access to white people has dried up in Canada.

          Anyways, I don’t care. I don’t speak to them more than “oh”, “ok”, “please”, “thanks”, “bye”. Not my problem and I have no interest in knowing them, whether they are “good people” or not. I heard india could really use some of those “good people” to get it out of poverty.

          • B125: You and I apparently employ the same behavior. I will be coldly polite or coldly correct/courteous when necessary. I am not friendly or warm or welcoming to people upon whom I never should have set my eyes, because they ought to have remained in their own lands.

        • Women don’t care about what is right or wrong. They just want to know what the rules are so they can badger people about them. And if you let them set the rules, you will essentially have no rules. Just temporary dictates.

  36. “Believing your vote matters as an adult is like believing in Santa when you were a child”-the interwebs

  37. Underlying the pathology of self-deception is parasitism. If all you can do in our modern post-scarcity welfare world is eat at the public trough and experience reality vicariously through a smart phone, then boredom will eventually drive you into Live Action Role Playing (LARPing). In gamer culture, our young sit in a chair and imagine moving like a real person with real mojo. LARPing requires a measure of chaotic physical movement (short duration spurts) and is therefore a small step up from video gaming. Now imagine that real bullets starting flying (hello Kyle Rittenhouse) and the imaginary becomes reality in the most existential way. Now you are really running with a purpose.

    I don’t think the future is curative boycotts. Rather, methinks it is a mashup of Idiocracy and Escape from LA.

    • If the Palestinian stop voting, the Trotsky will leave? Nope.

      Realizing the futility of voting is a step towards recognizing whats_so.

  38. I agree voting has become a meaningless ritual. Where I disagree is that the Ruling Class cares one way or another whether the charade takes place. From their perspective, if consent is withdrawn and that is taken one step further, they simply will gun down the dissenters and most people will applaud. It is hard to disagree with their assessment.

    • I too agree voting is meaningless. But not only do the rulers not care, they can either add tens of millions of fake ballots (e.g. Biden’s 70 million voters), or simply explain that they are doing such a great job, people don’t even have to get involved in the process.

      • True, but that is not “sustainable.” It’s just not. Sooner or later, … What the hell am I sayihg? Forget the “sooner.” In the end, white men–even the least “connected” to public life–are going to realize that they will NEVER again have a voice in the government that rules over them–EVER.

        That WILL happen, and when it does … it’ll be, “Katy, bar the door.”

        So no, what you suggest is true enough, but it’s also not “sustainable.”

    • Boycotting the vote will just make the job for the elites that much easier. You’d really need something like >75% of all voters to refrain from voting to even be noticed. With mail-in voting, now they can just say voter turnout was whatever % they say it is and we’ll have no way of knowing otherwise.

        • Mail in is pretty much the norm here. I stopped being on the audit committee when I heard the County was now 80% mail in. No point auditing 20% of the poll ballots and pronouncing the election “clean”.

          Now I hear, this is not good enough for TPTB and there is a county in CA testing internet balloting with “block chain” technology. Sigh.

  39. The only thing the Patriot Front march benefitted was their recruitment. Rest assured, hundreds of right-wing people, from lowlifes to normal young guys who want adventure, salivated when watching it and now want in. If course, this was at the price of increased police scrutiny. Does it help the right achieve its goals, probably not, but other than your usual suspects most either assume they are feds or simply don’t care.

    I forget the source, but I remember reading in some European country how a hard right guy built his organization by getting his ideologically aligned guys in volunteer fire departments and taking them over. If one wants to be a dissident, you need to build your hard-right base in seemingly innocuous things like Elks Clubs, Soup Kitchens, and Range Shooting clubs, slowly taking them over as necessary. Having a name like Patriot Front is just begging to be subverted.

    • Yes, the Judeo-Commies won by infiltrating the institutions from below. They didn’t conquer America by march down the street, chanting “Kill All Goys!”

      Our guys have a predilection for going balls-to-the-wall every time, just to prove a point. That’s not how you win.

      • Well … it’s not how you win peacefully. But there are other means of fighting and winning, and we all know that it is coming to that.

        Doesn’t mean we like that fact or want it to be that way, but the handwriting on the wall is pretty legible.

    • This is my view. By design or by accident, I suspect these flag and costume things work to keep people from building local community. Their energy is directed into these sorts of things, which provide short-term gratification, but have no long term benefit. PF spent thousands, maybe tens of thousands of dollars for a one day event that will be forgotten by Friday. That time and money could have been used for building out their local chapters and establishing themselves as trusted community builders. These marches are singing to the choir.

      • It’s because Normie still believes in the larger system. Assuming PF is what it claims to be, their goal was to send a message to the system and to voters. Every march is a marketing tool directed at an audience that you think is important.

        Normie still believes in the parties and Congress and society in general. These marches and protests are part of that ecosystem.

        Working at the local level isn’t just more mundane and harder, which, naturally, keeps a lot of people out, it’s also a mental acceptance that the system that you grew up with, that you thought represented you, is no longer on your side. It’s acknowledging that your country is gone.

        That’s a tough pill for Normie. The Judeo-Commies started with that worldview from day one.

        • It is ironic that these street shows are staged by people who claim to oppose politics as currently organized. These street shows are really just the off-Broadway version of mainstream politics.

      • Yeah. All I see with groups like these is young people being roped into ruining their future prospects in life, and lowlifes sinking further into the hole they’ve been digging all their lives.

        I couldn’t care less how much the organizers of these groups claim to care about White people. All they end up doing is ruining the lives of Whites who get involved with them. For the anti-semites all I have to say is look at your idol Hitler. He said he was all about the wellbeing of Germans. In the end he allowed his country to be roped into a global war that killed millions of Germans and destroyed the country. If you really care about the fate of your people the only thing that matters is results. Intentions mean nothing and will not save you or your people.

        • Had He only focused on securing the essential Germanic territories- the Rhone iron mines by France, the Sudenten Czech breadbasket, Holland’s ports, and Austrian banks- perhaps, the white world would have Noticed who was attacking him, and even rallied to his cause.

          Spain and Italy would’ve provided further examples.
          Instead, the Axis, by bringing in Japan, sought to take Russia

          I say it was the high infiltrators feeding him bad information.
          His doctor overdosing him on drugs was one. The propagandists and camp organizers were too.
          Those same infiltrators had already turned the US to the Russian side.

          These guys are deadly good at what they do. Infiltration is their THING.

          They’ve been doing it since the Lucifer, Ab-ra-ham, staged his own subversion of his Lord, Ham (Hamm-ur-abi).

      • They remind me of the marching formations of volunteer martyrs we were occasionally presented with in the propaganda streams over the years.

    • I don’t think NJP or PF are feds. Feds in their ranks? Possibly. We all remember the halcyon days of 2015-2017 and it was wonderful getting to poke blue-pilled people in the eye with irreverent stuff, even if we didn’t really mean it. NJP and PF are trying to keep that “spirit” alive, if you want to call it spirit (menacing spirit maybe), even though it has degraded into cosplay. They are still riding the meme magic.

      What I don’t understand from is the flag waving and the bring-back America stuff. Both PF and the Groypers should know that “America” is not coming back. The stars and stripes is an anachronism, just barely living on in the aged mind of a retired Reagan voter. They should at least make up one of those pseudo-US flags like ‘back the blue’ people have.

  40. The patriot front guys (people I’ve never really heard of, and I think it’s safe to assume are right wing) doing their march the other day was probably one of the more hollow and pointless thing I’ve seen in a while. I don’t think it even succeeded in provoking any liberal hysterics. It provoked a lot of online arguments over how many feds were, or were not involved in creating a spectacle to rile up liberals, if that was the point. It seemed point-less. It felt pointless. I mean I don’t really even know who these people are, and I suspect I’m not alone on this one, but even if I did, so what? Well now I’m asking questions your article answered quite well. Ty Z man.

    • I was aquainted with a guy years ago who was in the process of joining PF. I lost contact with him since, but I hope he came to his senses and got out of that thing. He was a decent kid.

      • I don’t really know anything about them, and I’m not terribly concerned with how leftists react to things like marches and so on. At this point I think it’s clear the liberals, leftists, progressives or whatever you want to call the devils middlemen, are completely implacable nut cases. There can’t be any meeting of the minds with these people. But I wonder what is the return on doing a march in DC? It will be forgotten so fast.

  41. “As long as people are fed and entertained, they are compliant.” It would seem this isn’t working as well as it once did. Especially since global corporations, not Government, are responsible for feeding and entertaining the masses these days.

    Perhaps this should be rephrased to read; “As long as people are compliant through vaxation and taxation…” the government leaves the people alone – at least for now.

    • Everything is relative in this sense. Probably the better way to phrase it is “as long as the expectations of people are met, in terms of essentials and entertainment, they are compliant.” Expectations play an enormous role n public attitudes. Middle-class blacks in America have been revolting because they really thought they were get more from American by this point. Those black Ivy League students moaning about racism are responding to unmet expectations.

      • I’ll always remember something my history professor once said, “Revolutions usually don’t happen when things are at their worst. Revolutions happen when times have been tough, conditions improve for a while and then things start getting worse yet again.” He said revolutions most often result from from dashed hopes and unmet expectations..

    • ‘”As long as people are fed and entertained, they are compliant.” It would seem this isn’t working as well as it once did.’

      I went to the store over the weekend and the ham that I have regularly bought for a long time for $15-20 is now over $50. Hollywood’s latest circus is an (((elf))) challenging the patriarchy of the North Pole.

    • It’s hard to say, because the violent protests in the past couple years have really only occurred in handful of liberal big cities. If people wanted to destroy the system, they’d kill loan originators at the major banks, the families of law enforcement officers, and set to work tearing up random stretches of interstate. That some public performances (most notably in Minneapolis and Portland) have led to negative real-world consequences for the performers doesn’t exactly translate to the destruction of the system. Essentially, burning down a small business to get the government’s attention is performative, attacking cops’ families would be effective. Given that protestors are doing the former, not the latter, would support Z’s claim.

    • Honestly Z throws that term out a lot even on Gab. A proper definition may be in order. We know why our enemies use it .

      • I’ve talked about this a lot, but it has been a while, so here is the short version. I use the term anti-Semite for people who have organized their politics around the belief Jews are the prime mover in Western history. The point of their politics is to defeat the Jews. They divide politics into two buckets. Those things that are controlled by Jews and those things they ignore.

        That is a different thing than someone who thinks Jews have too much influence or that Jews stick together for their own benefit. Those are simply opinions, not the basis for a moral philosophy. You may think homosexuals are over-represented on television, but you do not think homosexuals are part of a centuries long intergenerational conspiracy against straight people.

        In short, for the anti-Semite, the answer to all political questions is the same, the Jews. For most other people, the Jewish question arises only as an incidental issue within their political philosophy. Where do Jews fit into a society organized around nationalism or how should a majority deal with minority populations. That sort of thing.

        • They’re the mirror image of the “systemic racism” crowd on the left, just replacing the White Devil with the Eternal Jew.

        • I use the term anti-Semite for people who have organized their politics around the belief Jews are the prime mover in Western history.

          That’s an awfully narrow definition. The term is widely used against anyone who criticizes Jewish power in America today.

          I know the kind of people you refer to and I understand why you find them annoying but as Dave says, the term itself is an enemy meme.

          • The starting point of my politics is not allowing my enemies to control my mind by controlling my language.

        • Then there is Joe Sobran’s definition:
          “An anti-Semite used to mean a man who hated Jews. Now it means a man who is hated by Jews.”

        • I am honestly torn on this. I totally sympathize with Zman’s detached stance on the antisemites, but on the other hand it seems like anything that is not explicitly antisemitic is eventually infiltrated and subverted to the service of international Jewry.

          • I disagree. From my perspective it’s the explicitly anti-semetic groups that seem to be most attractive to fed infiltrators, which in turn results in bad outcomes for any honest Whites involved. Which the anti-White semites just love to see. After all, their identity is completely negative, so any larping neon-nazi activity just reenforces their identity.

            I think what scares them the most is if people stop caring about the things they want us to care about. Hence the constant reminders of the Holocaust and such. The only power they have over us is the power we give them through unearned guilt and heresies such as Christian Zionism.

        • Excellent points. The fly in the ointment is how the anti-semite recruitment platform is so effectively run by semites. If Every Single Time doesn’t do it, then there’s the reliable piece from NYT, CNN, Twitter, Forward or Haaretz. Or Christmas hating elves. Similarly, World Star and its ilk do a great job recruiting ‘racists’ against ‘teens’.

          The Patriot Front bit could have gone worse. They were in and out fast to avoid scuffles, as opposed to the street fight seeking Proud Boy types. I didn’t see any naughty flags, creased or otherwise. The masks are understandable today, but they should have left the shields home. In contrast, Nick Fuentes’ protest in NYC did attract Antifa attention, and they were lucky that the NYPD actually stepped up to protect them. Nick would have done well to avoid the J word in the Big Bagel, though.

          A Conservative Bail Project would have gone a long way to real progress. A certain wealthy ex-real estate developer might have started one for the poor sods picked up in the party he started. One wag on Gab suggested he should have purchased the Lee statue from Richmond to plant at Mar-a-Lago. The silence from Con. Inc. before Rittenhouse was finally acquitted was deafening.

    • It’s always bad form to try and speak for another, but I’ll do my best to give my interpretation of what I’ve seen from Z. (Is that enough caveats.)

      To start, I’d say that Z is pretty careful with the whole JQ. He speaks of the usual suspect often enough but tends to keep the subject in the background as much as possible. From what I can tell, there are two reasons for this.

      First, any direct mention of the usual suspects seems to bring out a horde of people who are pretty obsessed by the tribe. These people generally are not the kind of people that you want a movement or group to be associated with, so Z is trying to steer clear of these folks.

      Second, Z, correctly, believes in having a positive identity rather than a negative identity. Focusing your energy on a single group is a sign that you have a negative identity.

      Both of these are reasonable concerns.

      Z also seems to distinguish between anti-Semite and counter-Semite. To be honest, that’s where things get a bit muddy for me. I suppose an anti-Semite is obsessed while a counter-Semite just views the tribe as one of many impediments rather than as some super-natural force that once toppled solves all of our problems.

      • Z also seems to distinguish between anti-Semite and counter-Semite. To be honest, that’s where things get a bit muddy for me.

        Yes. We don’t have such nuanced terms for islamophobes or just generic racists.

        I appreciate the need for some triangulation when navigating the real-world minefield, but the term just jarred me.

        • Felix: I routinely make comments, here and elsewhere, that could be construed as ‘antisemitic’ and while I appreciate Zman’s distinction, I disagree. It’s irrelevant here – his blog = his rules – but it is a term thrown around and used to harm our people by our enemies.

          While I may not consider Juice the prime movers in history, I certainly think it is worth noting their outsize and often hidden role in notable events. Where I part ways with many is in blaming only Juice as motivators or paymasters and absolving others as merely pawns. Blacks and pajeets may be encouraged by money or media to attack Whites and our civilization, but they are not merely pawns without agency. And while their hatred and resentment may be stoked by others, it was not implanted by them – it exists because our very existence exposes all their lies and self deception.

          Whatever. As I said, I’m not challenging Zman’s rules at his blog, and I’m not trying to change anyone’s mind, but I don’t agree with his characterization.

          • The Juice seemed to me not necessarily the prime mover of events, but the world’s best taker-advantage-ofers. Although the Pajeets are giving them a run for their.money.

    • I guess if you don’t have a firm grounding in Biblical truth, you wont have a clear understanding of how bad the jews really are. That doesn’t mean you have to center you mind around not liking them, or want to do violent things to them, but you understand. They aren’t just one of the more successful minority groups. It’s something different.

      • I don’t want to distract from Whiskey at the top, so I’ll put it here.

        First, a thanks to David Wright for kicking this subthread off, and to the Zman and commenters for their most excellent responses.

        I note the Zman, although well versed in it, avoids using their Book as his central reference. Instead he draws from the vast wealth of European political thought.

        That makes perfect sense, as he would let go of the old, and forge ahead with the new- something ours, not molded by another.

        I realized why I’m an anti-semite, to the point of being quite Zoroastrian about it. (Daniel learned from Zarathustra about the concept of a god of good and a god of evil, and took it back to his people. Satan went from an imp to a sub-deity.)

        This is a blood feud. My ancestors were German Jews, conversos who came to the Colonies in 1651 to escape the religious wars funded by their mad Talmudic brothers.

        Hello, Judea. You rat b*st*rds. Remember us?

        No, you don’t. You erase your crimes from memory, and thus forget them. Then you decry your innocence.

        My line, itself, is a descendent. A descendent of those you betrayed, just as you betray everyone who lets you in. As you betrayed your own.

        We were the majority. We, too wanted to be White, and gathered their daughters and sons to us, hoping for union.

        You made war on us. You rejected us, the majority. You persist in that your ways are better- and yet leave naught but ruin behind you.

        We’re the descendents of the Ten Tribes, the ones you falsely accused and sold into slavery that you might secure power.

        Remember us? You stole our nation just as you stole Jerusalem from its builders.
        Then you rewrote the history.

        Remember us? Those who would be white? Well, we are, now, just another branch of the White tree.

        We even worship their god.
        Not the false mask you declared all-powerful; you even tricked their philosophers into the ludicrous notion that the Universe was created to extol your god’s greatness, to kiss his (your) azz.

        Remember us?
        We are White now.
        We achieved what you cannot.

        We know why your rabbis moan into their beards about an unspecified guilt.

        Never forgive. Never forget.
        We do share that, indeed we do..

    • My definition of anti-Semite is somebody who hates Jews just for being Jews. I know no such people, so it’s as useful a term as unicorn. I like Sobran’s definition which in my opinion is very much the case in our day and age, in other words a cheap and easy way to try to discredit a political opponent.

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