The Clash Of Ideas

The most difficult thing for most people to grasp is that the first mover of history is not people or events but ideas. The thing that sets it all in motion is a mental construct or a set of constructs that form the concept of a potential future. It is this mental image, not always well defined, out on the horizon that motivates men. Often the popular players in the drama are not fully aware of the ideas behind their actions. They are men of action, not thinkers, so they act on what they believe they know.

The simmering conflict in Ukraine between Russia and the American empire is a good example of how ideas drive events. On the surface it looks like a petty and pointless conflict between two old rivals. As Pat Buchanan notes in his recent column, Ukraine is meaningless, in terms of national interest, to the United States. Buchanan is speaking in practical terms here. Ukraine has nothing but corrupt politicians and poor people who deserve better than their current rulers.

This lack of practical interest does not prevent the usual suspects in the American foreign policy establishment from claiming otherwise. They see Ukraine as another block in the containment wall they are hoping to build around Russia. For them, the Cold War never ended, because their hatred of Russia goes back to much older ideas about Russia and Eastern Europe. For them, Ukraine is important because it is important to the Russian sense of itself.

For Russia, Ukraine is the line in the sand. Their role in the region goes back to the very dawn of the Russian people. Not only does this region have practical interests for the Russians in terms of doing business with the West, but it is the Russian frontier with the West, the place where the West ends and Eurasia begins. The American empire annexing Ukraine into the West is an act of war because it is the next logical step in the West invading Russia proper, a habit going back to Napoleon.

There you see another one of those ideas that is driving the scheming sessions in the West over Ukraine. The American empire is animated by a set of ideas we now call liberal democracy. One of the ideas within that basket of concepts is the belief that there is only one moral way to organize a society. That one way, conveniently enough, is liberal democracy. Anything and anyone opposed to it is outside the family of man and standing athwart the flow of history.

The alternative to that universalist belief in liberal democracy, the thing that stands in the way of history, is not an alternative universal belief, but rather the rejection of the claim to a universal order. The opposite of the unipolar, global order organized around a secular religion is a multipolar world that reflects the different histories and traditions of the human family. In other words, what opposes liberal democracy is the rejection of it being the one true god of man.

This is what lies at the heart of the Russian interest in Ukraine. Few in the West bother reading Dugin, but he is rejected as a neo-fascist ideologue because that is how the hive mind of liberal democracy works. In reality, Dugin is not much of an ideologue but more of the rejection of ideology. Universalism is the traveling partner of ideology just as it is with religion. The ideologue starts from the assumption that his beliefs are correct, which by defining means the alternatives are wrong.

Duginism accepts that there are many ways for a people to organize themselves and these ways are tied to their history as a people. What works in the West is not going to work in Africa or Eurasia, because the history and traditions of the West that created liberal democracy do not exist in other places. To impose liberal democracy on a people without the necessary ingredients for it is no different than forcibly converting a people to a new religion, which is the liberal project at heart.

As this applies to Russia, it means the interests of the Russian people are only tied to the global order in so far as the global order tries to impose on them. History says Russia needs to maintain a buffer zone between itself and the West in order to guard against whatever the global order is calling itself at the moment. The long open country was what defeated Napoleon and Hitler. It is what is required to defend against the American empire and its cultural forces.

This is why war between the West and Russia may be inevitable. Universalist creeds like liberal democracy cannot abide by dissent. That is why the West in general and America in particular operate like theocracies now. Dissent, even in the mildest form, suggests the one true faith is flawed. Worse yet, it suggests it is proper to question the tenets of the faith. This suggests the wheel of history does not move as the faith requires, which calls the whole project into question.

This is why the American empire must bring Russia to heel. Washington views Russia as it does heretics at home. The annexation of Ukraine is not about mundane things like money and power. For sure, powerful people are benefitting from this by cutting deals with the crooks running Ukraine. Opportunists exist in every stage of history. What is animating foreign policy, however, is a millenarian zeal to finish the liberal project and bring about the final chapter of humanity.

On the other side, it is why Russia must resist this encroachment. In order for there to be a Russia it must exist outside of this ideological space called the West. Russia is defined by being both in Europe and outside of Europe. The Russian people have always been at the top of this alternative order populated by the people of Eurasia, so they exist to maintain it. To succumb to the West, to be incorporated in the liberal order, is to cease to exist as a unique people.

At a practical level, the war over Ukraine is a pointless fight over trivial stuff, but it is the ideas behind it that make it world changing. From the perspective of the mullahs in Washington, the survival of the West is at stake. From the perspective of Russia, the survival of the Russian people is what is being challenged in Ukraine. Even though the Finlandization of Ukraine looks like a practical solution, in reality there is no compromise between these two conflicting ideas.

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242 thoughts on “The Clash Of Ideas

  1. After getting reamed by the Viet Cong and the Taliban, does anyone seriously believe the US will fight another war on the ground anywhere unless they know 110% that this time they can win, and ideally without casualties or hurting anyone’s feelings?

    Of course ‘lefty-liberal democracy’ has a quasi-religious element – it’s Marxism without the economics.

    Btw, Ukraine is a nation with arbitrary borders that some people for some reason take as definitive, presumably because they’ve seen some maps printed in recent years. Russia only wants to take back those territories with predominantly Russian population. Let them.

  2. is the fact that ukraine is the ancestral home for a lot of american tribesmen one of the reasons its an obsession of our foreign policy community?

    • “For them, the Cold War never ended, because their hatred of Russia goes back to much older ideas about Russia and Eastern Europe. For them, Ukraine is important because it is important to the Russian sense of itself”

      Now whom might that be? The same gang that has hated Rome and the Catholic Church since its inception; the same group that despises the Orthodox Church; the same gang that not only longs for Crimea, Odessa, and all of the Ukraine but also all of the former pale of settlement.

      Why is it these multi-generational lunatics are allowed to create war after war after war. Until only they are left standing

  3. Adjacent to today’s topic- the MSM are meeting with the regime in the White House to, “reshape the narrative,” around the regime.

    I take this as a small positive because it is an indicator that reality is beginning to impose itself on the ludicrous narrative that has been constructed by the delusional Cloud People.

    Unfortunately, the Cloud People are not likely to take that imposition well and enter, “Eff ’em if they can’t take a joke!” mode.

    • As Z has commented before, the Left has a troubling habit of signalling what they are going to do next by claiming they fear it from the other side.

      They said they feared Donald Trump’s threat to democracy; then they led a baseless conspiracy in an attempt to overthrow the government. Then they said they feared violence from the Right; directly after we got the 2020 BLM riots (and before that we got physical assaults on Sen. Rand Paul and Rep. Steve Scalise and attacks on president Trump’s inauguration). They next claimed they feared Trump’s authoritarianism; then they tried overthrowing the constitution by packing the Supreme Court with their apparatchiks. Now they are falsely claiming the media is being unfair to Joe Biden* so they can legitimize being unfair themselves — by establishing a literal state propaganda organ in favor of the Regime.

      The Left operates by rationalizing their crimes by pretending they are merely responding to the provocations of others. That’s why the democrats are focused on “our democracy” all the time. Saying that is a deflection from their true aims — a rationalization for their undemocratic hypocrisy. It allows them to act undemocratically in response to (fictitious) threats to democracy.

      It’s like a serial killer who rationalizes his crimes through claiming his victims are bad people and had it coming. What you’re hearing with this “our democracy” talk are authoritarians trying to rationalize how they can act in a manner contravening the constitution, human rights, and respect for elections and laws they disagree with so they can disregard the possibility of bad results from the coming 2022 and 2024 elections. They are literal domestic enemies.

      *Of course, that’s complete nonsense. The media have treated this guy with kids gloves compared to Donald Trump. They didn’t keep a running tally of his “lies” the way the Washington Post did with Trump or spend thousands of hours falsely asserting the Russians rigged the 2020 election the way they did with the last guy. X countless other examples.

      Biden is unpopular not because he’s been treated unfairly, he’s unpopular because 1) he’s delivered nothing his supporters wanted 2) divided the country when the clear message of the 2020 election was that people were through with such divisiveness 3) destroyed the economy, the border, and nearly precipitated a war with Russia; Donald Trump didn’t do any of that.

  4. I think one of the main purposes behind war in Ukraine is to make Biden look good. He’s crumbling on the domestic stage, so they want to make him look like a hero on the international stage, a second Bush essentially. Especially since he’s the one who lost in Afghanistan, so they want to balance that out with a victory.

    As a member of the military myself, I can tell you that this plan will fail miserably. The Army is more concerned with sexual harassment and equality than they are with combat readiness. They made Tranny Judge Doom a four-star equivalent for “her” service in public health, so your prediction that we’d first see trannies in the officer class was entirely correct. Add onto that the vaccine purges that are throwing soldiers of actual quality out left and right, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

    • “As a member of the military myself”

      Be well and stay safe! You’re likely in quite a bind.

    • I think that’s certainly possible, but don’t count out stupidity with a strong side order of ethnic hatred. Biden’s regime is notoriously incompetent. The people running this regime additionally have no connections to the majority population; they have no skin in the game (not their kids doing the dying), so why shouldn’t they support a conflict? They also hate the Russians because they’re White and Christian, at least culturally. That’s why black racists like MSNBC’s Joy Reid have inserted themselves into a conflict between two Caucasian peoples (not her people doing the dying). That’s also why the usual neocon suspects are so gun-ho about attacking the Russians (not their people doing the dying). America’s taboo against calling these people out along explicit lines may prove our undoing. They are creating a disastrous conflict because they are racist and stupid.

      • A phrase that cannot be used enough: it is time for the Jews to fight their own wars. Period.

      • The people running this regime are all jews. They want Whitey dead. Russian rifle or clot shot, it doesn’t matter. Kill the competition. bring in the jew world order, where we are all cattle. tracked and traced from tel aviv. Look at Australia, thats the future. Wake up Whitey, this is the end game.

      • Gulf war plotted by witch thatcher, first Iraq war by criminal tony blair- this Syrian war  again by english rats which borne their ugly child ISIS.
        Tony Blair, who, when occupied Iraq, claimed that “we will become the British Empire again,” meaning that he will occupy the rest of the world too!
        Only when wars become unpopular the english  stop taking credit for that and let blame be placed on Jews.
        and stupid people including hitler blamed jews while it was all along the english parasites who loot.
        Cold war against Russia was started for the same reason as cold war against Germany has started. TO keep britain in picture as it gives them a sense of false position, to harass other country and wreck others economy. IN august 1990, the soviets had captured some persons with british passports who were pumping up False notes of Roubles in Russia. IN other words they were british agents who ,by putting illegal tenders were making rouble go down in value and ultimately wrecking Russian economy

        england lives off protection money from the international criminals who get asylum in england 4 money. It is a mafia living off protection racket on  a global scale.
        biggest money laundering is done by the english race in london calling it service industry.
        The English and anglo  americans have become a biblical plague of cockroaches upon the earth consuming and destroying everything in their path for the purpose of self enrichment, their endless thirst for the blood of their competetors (who they consider enemis) has destroyed their Souls and reduced them to animals.
        Truly they are the filth of humanity.
        There is nothing these anglosaxon creatures enjoy more than hating or being jealous of others, either  the poor and downtrodden, those of other races or religions.
        anglophile Kissinger promised british controlled gulf monarchies protection racket run by the british -usa.

        World war one and two plotted and started by england.
                      Docherty, Gerry; MacGregor, James (2013-07-04). Hidden History: The Secret Origins of the First World War (Kindle Locations 753-755). Mainstream Publishing. Kindle Edition.l

        if anglo controleld west want war with russia-and its head of anglo evil empire england is always planning something against one country or another then it is time for russia to wake up and hit one country with maximum leverage in the  war -hit england with massive armaments and nukes so that with destruction of england the war plotted by the english will stop in its track
        There is no other way around
        forget about targeting latvia or poland -that is what vile  english nation wants russia to do so that her power is friterred away in fighting inconsequential nations while anglos prepare to sweep in after weakened russia.

        • Not sure if you’re an idiot who believes Tony Blair was a British nationalist or just trolling. Blair imported people into the UK to make the English a minority. Read about Labourite Andrew Neather and what he said about rubbing the Right’s nose in it.Blair also considered himself Scottish, not English.

          You seem to be very insecure and largely accuse the English or Americans of crimes without any material evidence. Thatcher made Saddam invade Kuwait!

          On the one hand the English are weak and pathetic on the other they control the minds of Germans,Russians and Americans.

          Britain has nukes too.

    • At the height of the Cold War, the Soviets famously had one “political officer” to keep on eye on units that were otherwise expected to devote their time and training to be combat effective and deadly.

      Now, all US officers (and non coms) are first and foremost political officers. Combat is a distant second for almost all units in the US military.

      It’s obvious to us civilians; you can be sure world actors know it as well.

  5. If Russia and China were smart, Russia would invade Ukraine and China would invade Taiwan simultaneously. They’d then tell the US to shit in a hat and dare them to respond.

    • If China has any brain then China should immediately give 500 billion dollars to Russians to make in number all those new weapons immidiately and buy it or give free to Russia so that both China and russia can confront and kill angloamerican bullying.

      If Russia had brain then she would order her economy as war economy and stop treating anglos anything but a pest to be eliminated. (and give s400 like things to Syria, Iran, Iraq to harass anglos, rather than placating turks who are as evil as anglos).
      But will Russia do that? Its history of betraying allies like Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Belaruss, Syria (by not supplying s400) in last 8 years make it very doubtful.

  6. When the GOP tries to rally the troops, the slogan is likely to be, “We must stand up for Freedom over there so that we don’t have to fight them here!”

    Just like H1tl3r wanted to conquer the world, so does Putin. (I wish 🙂

    Is there any reasoning with the stupidity of the Hannity watchers who say things like this?

    “Let’s see you enlist for that campaign first!”
    “Ukraine is not worth the blood of a single US soldier!”
    “Our soldiers need to be at home manning our own borders!”
    Any better suggestions?

    • Pure gut, but it is hard to imagine these types have not shed a tremendous amount of audience and ratings. I listen to them from time to time and they are largely incoherent and lost. Anyone still taking them seriously probably is a lost cause.

      • Now the Republicans aren’t ruling out a first-strike nuclear attack on Russia. Guess they’re scared they’ve lost the “war party” crown to the Democrats.

        If this piece of s**t is your senator, write him and tell him you will never vote for him again. Tell your friends and family in the military that you do not support the government’s war with Russia, and that you don’t want them in the military anymore.

        Force Diaper-Boy Biden to try and stare down the world with a military in open revolt.

    • After 9/11, when they wanted to carry out the Project for a New American Century (and what kind of mind coughed THAT up?), they said, “We hafta fight ’em over there so we don’t hafta fight ’em over here. And promptly admitted zillions of them and continually told us “They’re not all the same” and blah blah blah.

      Then, the “’em” that we were not supposed to have to fight over here shot up Fort Bliss in an act of “woke-lace violence” no less. And then one the ‘”em” that we don’t have to fight over here blew up a gay night spot in Florida and so on and so on.

      NOW, of course, The talking point is how those wicked Chinese Commies are “genociding” those poor, dear Weegurs or Huighurs or however the freak you spell it. Point is that anybody over 20-something should remember (yeah) that we had to fight ’em over there so we don’t hafta fight ’em over here. And, indeed, we DIDN’T fight ’em over here. We (“we”) just kept paying “them” to “migrate” here and you know the rest.

      Anybody over 20-something should respond to this line of talk. They will at LEAST know that TPTB lied about all of that. And that we don’t even have a border.

    • “We must stand up for Freedom over there so that we don’t have to fight them here!”

      OMG- I heard that verbatim on MSNBC last night!

  7. Another brother war, and (per Z-gab) we’re officially refuseniks now. All to the sound of Cossack hoofbeats.

    The Zman: “…no different than forcibly converting a people to a new religion.”

    MSNBC: “The only way to win this is to crush the virus.”

    What I picture is the old Ukrainian in Rochester. He told me how his mother and the other women would gather rainwater in buckets to wash their hair.

    While he was speaking, he had closed his eyes and his hands were gently stroking the air. He whispered, “we would touch her hair, and her hair was soft, so, so soft…”

    • If I had to give odds as to a hot war with Russia, it would be 90-10, and ten percent only because there are enough psychotics and idiots who might theoretically seize the means.

  8. Actually, the history of the West invading Russia goes back much further than Napoleon. The Teutonic Knights invaded during the high middle ages, and so did the Polish-Lithuanian state in the later middle ages. And as for America specifically, let’s not forget the fact that US troops were inserted into Russia during the Russian Civil War to fight on behalf on the Whites. Russian mistrust of the West is historically grounded and very well founded.

    • The American troops inserted into Russia supporting the “Whites” was the US Army 27th Infantry Regiment of which I was a grunt in Vietnam in 66′-67′. They were “inserted” at Vladivostok and travelled inland for not a great distance. They did travel fast under the conditions and the locals said they moved like “Wolfhounds”. The name stuck and to this day our Crest has the profile and name, “Wolfhounds”.
      Russia has always been the “Prize” in “The Great Game”. Former US Secretary of State, the hideous Madelyn Albright lamented, “So few people, so many resources”. It reminded me of a saying from my childhood in Indiana. The “Coon Hunter’s Creed”. “Them’s my coon in your woods”. THAT is the foreign policy of “The West”.

    • you left out the biggest invasion of all (for Russia). here’s a hint: this one was a success.

  9. The likelihood of US intervention in Ukraine is about a likely as an intervention in Taiwan – very, very unlikely. As FJB recently stated, the US has no treaty with Ukraine as it does with NATO. And since no one in the EU is going to stand up for Ukraine, the US has no reason to act against Russia other than with more sanctions. Which is fine with Russia because they’ll shut off oil/gas to Europe and sell it to China. For Russia, it’s a win-win.

    If and when Russia does make their move, the EU and FJB will offer nothing more than their “thoughts and prayers” for the Ukrainian people. Just like they always do when a conflict arises where they have no intention of doing anything.

    • Exactly. Ask the Poles, the Hungarians, the Czechs, the Vietnamese, fill in the blank, how reliable the Anglos are as allies. If Putin moves, he will give Zelensky a choice as to whether to abandon the Donbas or go to war. It is a good guess Zelensky will cut its losses and the US/EU will use that as an excuse not to impose anything other than minor sanctions.

      • The Anglos are no more unreliable than the Poles or Hungarians. Vietnamese-I don’t know.

        There’s nothing better for a European to backstab another Euro country. Look at the EU which has no Anglo representation and how they constantly screw each other over.

        Look at how Germany constantly undercuts Poland and the Baltic states in terms of energy policy with Russia.

  10. This will probably be pointless and barely anyone will read it but I´ll give a try anyway.

    I live in Russia, though I´m not Russian. I am a Westerner, and I´ve been all over the West (The US, France, Italy, Germany, the UK, etc…).

    And my opinion is this:

    Let´s hope for all of our sakes that the West doesn´t get this mess started. They have no idea what they´re getting into.

    Russians aren´t Westerners, they´re similar to us, very much in fact, much more than what would think, but with one big difference:

    Here Globohomo/Clown world didn´t manage to lower the average testosterone level or to pussify or to “deconstruct” anything . Men here are tough, merciless and determined. Very old school. They have a very low tolerance for bullshit. Believe me, they don´t give a fuck. They still believe in God and an afterlife, they´re ready to die. And their version of Cristianity has no Kumbaya in it. They see dying for Mother Russia as their solemn duty. And they´re pissed off.

    1 in 20 Russian males is serving in the armed forces right now, the culture is highly militarized, you see soldiers everywhere. Conscription is the norm, most boys are called to serve for a while when they reach 18.

    Here, and I assure you this is true, they don´t teach CRT in schools, no, in many schools, what they teach, amongst other more plain things, is how to mount and dismount an AK47. Google it if you don´t believe me. They have national competitions over it.

    They´ll be like brothers, warm, generous, loyal, if they like you and respect you, but they´ll be cold, merciless and very… efficient if the need arises.

    They´re smart, street smart.

    If they have to, they´ll go on enduring the worst struggles you can imagine, and to them, it will just be another day in the bloody, messy and dark history of Russia. They dont expect much from life, they have no illusions.

    Most people here never got to experience the warm fussy comfort of the 70 or so last years like the West did.

    Here, only 20 of the last 100 years were what we in the West would call “prosperous”. The other 80 where, at best. tough, austere days, and at worst utter violent chaos.

    The thing these people like to do the most in their spare time, rich and poor alike, is to go into the forest on weekends and rough it up, hunt, fish, get drunk, shit in a bucket, it´s the national past time.

    Any Russian above 25 was alive when the whole “collapse” and the 10 following years of utter madness happened. They remember it, they were there when people were starving and freezing to death. They´re are what those of us that will survive the coming unpleasantness in the West might become, if we win.

    70-80% of the people support Putin and are ready to go to war if he deems it necessary. They´re getting tired of our bullshit. They see the sanctions and the expansion of NATO as a direct attack and a betrayal. They truly believed for a while that after the fall of the Soviet Union all was forgiven. That bygones where bygones. They don´t believe that anymore.

    And Putin here is just one of the guys, he is not that special, most Russian men are similar in their demeanor and in the way they see the world. And here men are in charge, completely.

    That´s what people like about Putin (saving the nation aside), in most working class and middle class family, there is at least one guy that sounds and acts like Vladimir Putin.

    They respect us, or more precisely, they respect what we once were. And just can´t believe it when I try to explain to them that we have changed so much. But that doesn´t change anything, respect or not, they´ll assault the gates of Hell if Hell fucks around.

    Ask the Chechens.

    Here, if you wan´t to get the same type of vibes you get off from Gab (JQ aside, that´s true), you just have to turn on the TV and watch Russia One, the state owned channel and you´ll get your fill of anti-globohomo discourse. If only you knew, the shit they say on Russian TV. And everybody watches it.

    Most of them are JQ pilled, Women pilled, Monkey pilled, etc… Grandmas sound like K.itler here.

    Btw: 65%-70% of them are not vaccinated, and Georges Soros is officially persona non-grata.

    Last thing: If you ever want to know what a Whiteopia feels and looks like, the closest thing on earth right now is Russia. Hands down, and I´ve been almost everywhere. A country where strong, no-nonsense white men are fully in charge, completely aware that they have to stand guard at all times, least the forces of Evil plunge Russia into darkness again.

    A country where “diversity” simply doesn´t exist, aside from a small minority of fully assimilated Asians in the east and the fully dominated (trough very tough love) small muslim nations of the Caucasus, of which most are whites anyway.

    Don´t believe me? Look up a guy called Ramzan Kadyrov, leader of the Chechens. He looks like just another dude from a small amish town. He used to wage war against Russia. Now, after being utterly defeated, having being reminded to respect the Eternal Slav, he has a picture of Putin in his office.

    TLDR: A Westerner living in Russia tells you, in a very partial way, how things are here.

    Sorry for the spelling, I´m a in a hurry, not time to spell check.

    From Russia with love,

    Das Vidanya

    • Thanks, good to hear from someone ‘on the ground’. Great observations. Sounds like the Russians retain many of the virtues which *used* to characterize Americans.

      As I understand it, China too is encouraging traditional masculinity and femininity.

      They must be laughing their asses off, watching US military “leaders” celebrating our first “transgender” Admiral, and dutifully repeating the woke mantra that “Diversity is our strength”.

      To quote the Derb, all indications seem to be that we are doomed….

    • Regarding the Russian society-wide suspicion of globo-homo I have been trying to square that state of things with the apparent acceptance of the coof as a plague that requires extraordinary measures to be imposed. Do you have an opinion on that subject? You touched on vax estimates , are they low because of stubborn resistance to official policies or because official policies have little commitment behind them ? Perhaps my information about official policies are complete lies, that is possible here too.

    • The only part I disagree with you is that Putin is just another guy. Watching his interviews with western media is an art. He is educated and very quick in his verbal sparring. He holds the views of the average guy, but he expresses those views masterfully.

      • If your vision of (let’s call it) “whiteness” isn’t much like that famous nostalgia-inducing YouTube video of a bunch of ’80s Floridians casually hanging out at a 7-11 at 2 in the morning, Russia is a wonderful place. It’s its own thing, not like our fun-fun-fun past, and not like what we’ll grow up to be (if permitted).

        When I used to visit there with normal people, they found it too austere, the locals too weird in a scary Asian way. Autistics and drunks love it. I’m all three of those things, so I always had a pretty good time.

        They’ll surely outlive us.

    • Orpheus 13: “They´re are what those of us that will survive the coming unpleasantness in the West might become, if we win.”

      Crucial point. I was reading this aloud to my husband and he noted ‘They (the Russians) have already lived through what’s coming for us – terrorism in schools, bombings, domestic crises.’ They’ve come through the fire and been hardened by it. We are still filled with dross.

    • Why is Russia such a dump?
      Why do they have such a problem with alcoholism and drug addiction?
      It’s a poorly run country with a depressed population.

      The war against the Chechens,a tiny population, was not impressive and does not indicate that the average Russian is willing to put his life on the line for Putin.Kadyrov is a puppet who was installed to allow the Russians to claim they won and that the Chechens were pacified.

  11. But that’s sometime in the future.

    At present, it’s hard to imagine either Russia or China wanting a war with the US. Just like it’s hard to imagine the US going to war with Russia in defense of the Ukraine, or with China in defense of Taiwan.

  12. An interesting take on the question of war with Russia is that advanced by LDS conspiracy-theorist and former Marine fighter pilot Joel Skousen.

    (Disclaimer: I’m not a Mormon, don’t agree with everything Skousen believes, and have no way of confirming much of what he suggests. OTOH, a lot of his ‘informed speculations’ strike me as, at the very least, plausible.)

    He begins by pointing out that a little-known Presidential Directive by then-President Bill Clinton forbids our military from launching on warning in response to a nuclear attack aimed at us:

    Skousen’s theory is that the Deep State Globalists intend to force America into a One World Gov’t in the following manner:

    Sparked by some pretext— possibly involving North Korea— Russia and/or China launch a nuclear attack on the US: starting with EMPs that take out our electrical grid, followed by nuclear attacks on our missile silos and key military bases and command structures.

    Since America no longer intends to launch on warning, we’ll have no choice but to take that first hit; at which point our ability to retaliate will have been effectively destroyed.

    And at that point, America will have no choice but to appeal to, and submit to, the World Government which alone will have the ability to save us and restore order.

    Again: I’m not an expert in these matters, and have no idea how likely this is, or even if it’s possible.
    But I have no doubt there are wealthy oligarchs who would be willing to do anything imaginable to consolitate and expand their global power.

      • I had that same thought about the subs.

        What percentage of our missiles are on subs? What percentage of our subs are deployed (oceangoing, as opposed to being based in a harbor where they could be targeted) at any one time?

        Assuming that all our land-based missiles and command facilities were destroyed in an initial attack, would our sub-based missiles be able to inflict enough damage to make a difference?

        Skousen is no dummy, he’s well-versed regarding our military capabilities. It’s inconceivable that he forgot about our sub-based missiles.

    • The USSR had nuclear missile submarines, armed and ready to launch, in the waters during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

      China has trojan horse container ships carrying either missiles or a “suitcase”.

      North Korea already spoofed our Alaska radar warning system for a possible EMP scenario, and we don’t make transformers anymore for our shaky, unshielded grid.

      But, Brandon has a plan!

      Babylon Bee:
      Biden Warns Russia That If They Invade Ukraine, America Will Evacuate Haphazardly And Leave $86 Billion In Weapons Behind

      • Yeah, the EMP threat is very real.

        As I understand it, it would take 6 or 8 nukes, strategically distributed above the ionisphere, to completely destroy our electrical grid, one or two wouldn’t do it. So at this point probably only Russia and China possess that capability.

        But there’s no doubt they do, and they wouldn’t have to be all that precise. Missiles lofting from shipping containers on both coasts, exploding a couple miles above various spots across the US; how would we even know who did it?

        And it wouldn’t be just a short outage: a well-placed array of EMPs would destroy every transformer in America, along with every electronic device plugged in to the grid.

        And there’s no doubt that America without electricity would soon devolve into utter chaos.

        No internet, no cell service, no ATMs. Water stops running, toilets stop flushing, grocery stores empty. Anyone needing medicine would be out of luck.

        Police radios not functioning, cops staying home to protect their own; it would be totally crazy, like the LA riots, only happening simultaneously in every city across the US.

        Hordes of hungry joggers would pour out into the suburbs, looking for loot, booze, and food. It wouldn’t be long before they were eating each other. People would die by the millions. Only those in rural areas far from civilization would be safe.

        A great way to destroy us, without invading or bombing.

        And as Alzaebo alludes to, the only places making transformers are in China, and they’re only geared up to make replacements, a small number per year. Even if they were willing to sell their entire production to us, the logistics of replacing every transformer in America while the electricity is out, and social chaos abounding, is unimaginable.

        Whether Russia or China would see it in their best interest to do that to us, I have no idea. But the day may come when they do…. and if so, it would not be all that hard to pull off.

        • Yeah i wonder is a strategic stockpile of transformers exist somewhere? The guy holding them would be in the catbird seat if a couple of emps hit.

  13. It’s all very well saying that Washington MUST bring Russia to heel. but, the idea alone isn’t enough, you must have the means to do it. Do you think Washington/NATO can “annex” Ukraine in the face of Russian opposition? The US has something like three divisions stationed in Europe, the British poodle could maybe add another at a pinch, the rest of Europe probably could not even manage that, the French excepted, who would never agree anyway. More sanctions are unlikely to deter the Russians, they’ve been coping with them for the last seven years without apparent harm. I suspect that people in Washington are even now trying to work out a way of making the “Finlandization” of Ukraine look like their idea.

    • I don’t see anyone in the Biden admin and haven’t seen anyone from the bureaucracy who I think can organize a successful war against Russia. I remember that dork Vindman was supposedly their best and brightest Ukraine expert. Then we have blinken, austin, nukeland (pun intended) and the big guy himself. Maybe Hillary advising from the wings along with obozo and jarret. Sullivan throwing his cents in I’m sure. Then we have milley and Kirby. And yellin devising sanctions.

      Who on that team strikes anyone as capable at organizing a serious war effort against a pretty formidable foe fighting on his own ground and soldiers willing to die and do what it takes to preserve their mother Russia?

      All I can do is watch and hope it doesn’t spiral out of control and get my kids dragged into it and they have to reinstitute the draft.

      Which may be what this is partly about. Force all young people to enlist so they can Vaxx everyone of them.

      • It could get much worse than just a war with Russia, as crazy as that seems. Lots of countries have scores waiting to be settled with this regime, and they might just take the opportunity to collect. The PLA, for instance, is already running practice drills on invading Taiwan. If I were the Chinese, I’d take any conflict in Ukraine involving the United States as an opportunity to settle the ROC question once and for all. Lots of conflicts in history have involved actors taking advantage of the big power being distracted elsewhere

        • The once-mighty Ottoman Empire got nicely carved up, didn’t it?

          Especially with the Donmeh assembling ethnic coalitions and leading the Young Turks on assorted genocides.

          Americastan! Or, the multiple small nations in what used to be called North America.

          A few coastal states are ruled under Woke Juche, stay away from those.

  14. On the topic of “liberal”.

    Its been noticed that the biggest superstar celebs of Conservatism today are former liberals. Joe Rogan, Tim Pool….. Pro SSM people, with casually liberal opinions, voted democrat, and were moderate on the Gun debate.

    Now as the most popular Right wing media personalities, they haven’t renounced their views from before, though they have become partisans.

    I wonder how they will shape the war footing response of the masses. Will they be dove or hawk?

    • There are also parallels that you can see from the old guard to new guard in conservative media stars.

      Going from an old gen of Rush, O Reilly, Beck, and Hannity to their modern iterations of Rogan, Shapiro, Pool, and Crowder.

      Beck-> Crowder Use comedy, humor. The most ideological of the bunch.

      Hannity-> Pool Dumb and Partisan. GOP cheerleaders, jump into fads.

      O Reilly-> Rogan Tough guy Irish cop/MMA guy. More cultural commentators than nuts and bolts of politics.

      Rush -> Shapiro The thinking man’s conservatives. Looking out for the normal people. Keeping the GOP honest and an eye out for RINO/Nazi no gooders sneaking around.

      The not so vaunted Liberal to Conservative pipeline made quite a bit of these new guys.

      • “Beck-> Crowder Use comedy, humor.”

        “Hannity-> Pool Dumb and Partisan. ”

        “O Reilly-> Rogan Tough guy Irish cop/MMA guy. ”

        “Rush -> Shapiro The thinking man’s conservatives. ”


      • Recently Bill Maher has u-turned his schtick and is mouthing anti-lib politics. Oh, and John Libowitz (Stewart). I’ll give that type a hard pass, forever.

  15. In purely tactical terms look for NATO to stage a false flag using several MiG-29s they inherited from former WarPac nations.

    They’ll paint ’em up in Russian livery and go bomb a packed children’s jab center. Conveniently they’ll have dozens of camera angles on the site and so much 4K footage (unlike UFOs and the Pentagon in 2001) you can taste the spike proteins through your TV.

    Western media will go simultaneously go into, “Two soyjaks pointing (at Russia) mode,” so quickly the rotational velocity of Bernays’ body will approach the speed of light.

    Then, things will get really interesting…

    Two soyjaks meme for those unfamiliar:

  16. “The annexation of Ukraine is not about mundane things like money and power.”

    Or, Russian Squirrel! Chinese Squirrel! Chink Flu Squirrel! Pedophile Squirrel!

    It is about power and money, just not in Russia. The bankers (yes, yes, the pesky little hats) must distract the masses with something, while energy production and the economy falls off a cliff. Or perhaps distract us in current freefall. Nothing like getting paid to depopulate the useless eaters while hording food!

  17. Great essay!

    Would it be accurate to suggest that in America,
    the replacement of a “multipolar world that reflects the different histories and traditions of the human family” with the religion of Universalist Egalitarianism, began with the War of Northern Aggression, and the disastrous Reconstruction that followed?
    When Southern Culture was anathematized, and forcibly replaced by the original “anti-racism” of the Northern ideological crusaders, politicians, and carpetbaggers who mandated and enforced it?

    I recall reading a George Will column decades ago, which described how, following victory in war, Iraqui women took to the streets, and bit off the heads of live chickens in celebration. The column was entitled ‘They’re Not Like Us’. And indeed, it was hard to imagine my mother and grandmother howling in the streets with chicken feathers sticking to the blood running down their chins.

    Clearly, homomogenization and standardization of ideas is one of the goals of the Deep State, as well as one of the ways they separate the compliers from the resisters.

    • My theory of history is the American empire was born at Gettysburg. One Yankeedom conquered the rest of the former colonies, it moved west to conqueror the continent then the Western hemisphere. The American empire is the Yankee imperium. The Ashkenazi elite function as the Hoffaktor for the Yankee elite, at least until recently. That old arrangement is breaking apart.

      • My sense of things is that the ashkenazi were also hired guns in a large way. The Yankees needed people to do their dirty work of beating down dissidents, southerners, etc and just problem people for them and the Askenazi were happy to oblige, in exchange for a seat at the table. Thence opened the doors to the corridors of power and to the Ivy League. There was quite some resistance to letting them in the club, but obviously the yankee resisters were over powered.

        I may be wrong here, but what I saw in the Harvey Weinstein takedown was the old yankee wasps reasserting their authority and letting the askneazi know who is still in charge. There is something that always stuck with me, Dick Morris was always saying that at one time Hillary referred to him as “you people” are always doing this or that, and he took it to heart and never forgot. Now I know hillary isn’t a yankee wasp, but she seems to be their enforcer to some extent. And I think she was involved in the Weinstein takedown. Notice how the askenazi are very quiet about all of this. It leaves the impression that the anglos needed a scalp or retribution for something and Harvey was the one the parties agreed to.

        Pure speculation on my part. But I think I may be onto something.

        I also have always maintained, while I’m at it, that the russia collusion hoax started with something like a focus group where Hillary’s team found that suburban women resented trump for picking “Russian” wives, not that Melania was Russian but her name sounded Russian and foreign and got the womyns mad. So they wove a plot of a Trump having divided loyalties. Time will tell.

        Great essay btw.

        • I always suspected that the “Russian collusion” hoax was concocted in an effort to distract the American public from Hillary’s secret server crimes.

        • Friendly reminder:

          All the justices on the US Supreme Court are either Catholic (6) or Jewish (3)

          The founding fathers would never have believed it possible.

          SCOTUS is the least “WASP”-y part of the entire US government.

          • Yep. Interesting how that’s happened. A lot of the change started during FDR’s reign. He was the one who wanted to “pack” the SCOTUS. Remember, he was not really of Anglo-Saxon/English heritage. He was old NY Dutch and his mother, Sarah Delano, was of French Huguenot heritage. Even though FDR attended snooty Groton School in Massachusetts and then Harvard, he was not chosen by the most socially-select undergrad Porcellian Club, with lots of Republican members. This ticked him off greatly and he never forgot the snub. As his career bloomed he surrounded himself with “ethnic” advisors — and women — which caused lots of other problems, especially with his wife, although they had a sort of “gentleman’s agreement” leaving each free to pursue their “passions.”

        • There was quite some resistance to letting them in the club, but obviously the yankee resisters were over powered. Or got lazy. I’m walking around all day with a voltmeter and tools in a sea of little brown men. I’m the tallest lightest skin person I see most of the the day, and I’m half Dago. The other half English, thank god.. most of the people hiring them are Lazy, cheep ,phone swiping morons. Who have absolutely no self awareness. We could have done something about it .unfortunately we didn’t . Nice essay Z. Sure are glad your not wasting your time on costume and flag sewing for the big March next weekend.

          • Just do your own thing, whatever it is, not the failed small moustache thing that empowers the small hat thing. Those are lame costumes 🙂

      • Just write off the debt, already! It’s going to happen, the sooner the better.

        All of these soft, ego-tripping SOBs who’d rather enslave more generations than give up their (at this point, fake) comfort and prestige make me want to throw up.

      • I had to look up ‘hoffaktor’

        How do you see this breaking apart? Because Blacks are unable to pretend to get along with Jews?

        It seems that “anti-Semitism” is now being lumped-in with “xenophobia” and good old-fashioned “racism”,
        in the all-inclusive hate-crime of refusing to celebrate the “fact” of Universal Human Equity: the insistence that nobody is any better than anyone, in any way, ever.
        Haitians and Somalis are just as desirable as Swedes and Norwegians, when it comes to deciding who we want to let in.
        And to suggest otherwise is “racist”.

        What’s going to be interesting is seeing how the Egalitarians deal with the ever-mounting body of evidence from the field of genetics, showing that— just as evolutionary theory predicts— biodiversity is THE fundamental fact characterizing human groups.

        Ashkenazi Jews having the highest average IQ of any human group would seem to provide a reasonable explanation of their predominance in a variety of fields, both good (Nobel prizes in the STEM sciences) and bad (over-representation in the Russian revolution, the porn industry, Hollywood, and leftist academia).

        • The Ashkenazim IQ study wasn’t done properly. They only sampled from a pack of Jewlings at a fancy private school in order to get an exaggerated average 115 IQ score. The claims of high IQ are just used to justify their over-representation so no one looks for the actual causal factor of clannishness.

          • Women with a time machine:

            “I’m your grandmother”

            Men with a time machine:

            “Cyrus, don’t teach them chess”

          • And yet the national average IQ of Israel is around 95-97. Chess as a representative sample is like using “circumscised bankers who produce pornos and won’t eat bacon” as your subject group. The bias is patent.
            Population-level metrics put the little hats at about the same as Han and Nordics.

          • The article’s reasoning was that living standards were so much better in Russia for chess players that no high-IQ person in their right mind would do anything other than play chess. It’s still a hobby that you would only get into coming from a family background where sedentary intellectual pursuits were promoted so that produces a bias that you wouldn’t see with a regular IQ test applied to representative population samples.

          • Just to add a persona anecdote about chess, I grew up with all the IQ and childhood exposure to chess required to play competitively. Except I hate chess, and the only pleasure I’ve ever gotten out of chess was writing a computer program in college to play it for me since 32 GB of RAM can store way more predetermined plays in a hash table than I ever could in my brain.

      • One might argue the Empire was born as far back as the Revolution itself. One of the prime motivators of the conflict was the king’s order preventing colonists from moving further west. Shortly after independence was achieved, Americans started moving beyond the Ohio River; New Englanders almost immediately invaded Canada with the intention of annexing it.

        You can see the spirit of conquest even at the beginning of the country, so it’s no surprise the two sides of the Civil War — one expansive industrialist and one regionalist agrarian — eventually came into conflict over their opposing ideas of what the United States should be. The side of expansionism couldn’t tolerate losing a huge portion of their conquest, so they ginned up a reason to invade and subdue the rebelling population. After that point, the mask was off; but one might argue that what was beneath the mask was always there.

      • Bloody excellent. Hoffaktor, yes. Since the beginning.

        One underlooked area, at least by us autistic antisemites, is that AngloSaxon / Norman Dane penchant for conquest.

        The naval Euros, especially the British, were as good at Empire as anyone has ever been. I’d say it reflects the Aryan empires of long ago, just as Chinese emperors-and-generals have remained unchanged for some 3,000 years.

        There must be some genes or a cluster for that. The Brits could be wicked hard in some of their stategeries, and yet their colonies bleedin’ *worked*.

  18. Seems the simple way to end this would be for D Trump to call for the CIC – J Biden to invade Ukraine and Russia post haste. Thus an immediate knee jerk reaction in the opposite direction by The Swamp.

    • Yeah, but that hasnt worked for the vaxxx. Drumpf is shilling the clotshot like his life depends on it.

  19. Sen. Wicker: “As a matter of fact, U.S. National Guard troops from California are present in Ukraine today. The California National Guard and the Ukrainian military have a partnership so there are uniformed American servicemen present there today just as there are Mississippi troops in some of our other allies in the former Soviet Union states.”

    As Buchanan said, these people care more about protecting Ukraine’s borders than America’s.

    • You’ll know war is imminent when the propaganda starts in earnest.

      Think : Oh no’s! The Chinese Uyghurs! (Moslem A-holes). Tennis player sexually assaulted by an ex boyfriend! We must go to war now with China, and the proxy state will be Taiwan!

      All of this was in the playbook for the GW I and GW II wars. Plus Afghanistan. It’s so predictable, so tiresome, I don’t know how the American public keeps falling for it over and over.

  20. us soldiers stationed an hour distance from where i live sold a million dollars worth of military equipment on the internet, that equipment is now in the hands of russians & chinese. Oh, and a couple of gypsies stole fuel from under us military nose, worth 2 millions, it took us army 4 years to realize this was happening.

    My point is that i have zero worries for russia.

    • Decades ago I learned about how much gear gets pilfered and stolen. I knew a guy in the guard and his job was to inventory fuel supplies. Since he literally only served one weekend a month and two weeks in the summer, his real job in the guard was to document the theft of the fuel supply. He was a generally honest guy, but not a zealot, so he just did what he was told and never asked questions. His guess as the diesel ended up in homes around the area. The gasoline was sold on the black market. I asked him about other stuff and he said the weapons were counted regularly, but ammo walked all the time.

      • When a little laser the size of a cell phone is worth $1000 on eBay, those fingers that get paid $28,000 a year get mighty sticky.

  21. Winter 1932/33, Genrik Yagoda and the Commissars confiscated food in Ukraine. Ten Million died in the Holodomor Hunger Death.

    Yagoda’s relatives came back in 2013/14 to retake the country. The Russian ethnics in east Ukraine have a memory of the horrors of the bolsheviks and thus wish to remain autonomous.

    Since the US is a golem of the bolshevik’s descendants, it is our job to pour blood on the altar and deliver the smoke of human sacrifice to their demon.


    • One of the great Wiki bios ever:

      “In March 1937, Yagoda was arrested on Stalin’s orders. Yezhov announced Yagoda’s arrest for diamond smuggling, corruption and working as a German agent since joining the party in 1917. Yezhov even blamed Yagoda for an attempt to assassinate him by sprinkling mercury around his office. He was accused of poisoning Maxim Gorky and his son. It was discovered that Yagoda’s two Moscow apartments and his dacha contained, besides a large collection of female clothing and apparel, 3,904 pornographic photos, 11 pornographic films, 165 pornographically carved pipes and cigarette holders, one rubber dildo, the two bullets that killed Zinoviev and Kamenev and 549 books – some of which were trotskyist works. Yezhov took over the apartments. He had spent four million rubles decorating his three homes, boasting that his garden had “2,000 orchids and roses.”

      Yagoda was found guilty of treason and conspiracy against the Soviet government at the Trial of the Twenty-One in March 1938. He denied he was a spy, but admitted most other charges. Solzhenitsyn describes Yagoda as expecting clemency from Stalin after the show trial: “Just as though Stalin had been sitting right there in the hall, Yagoda confidently and insistently begged him directly for mercy: ‘I appeal to you! For you I built two great canals!’ And a witness reports that at just that moment a match flared in the shadows behind a window on the second floor of the hall, apparently behind a muslin curtain, and, while it lasted, the outline of a pipe could be seen.”

      Yagoda was summarily shot after the trial.

      • It was then that Yagoda acknowledged he had violated God’s commandments thousands of times. But never once did he ignore Stalin’s orders; right before he was executed. Better late than never I suppose.

        • Yep. Not the like NKVD put hundreds of wrongthinking demographers to the sword in 1931-32, so that their successors could put the right numbers in.
          I’ll bet you think we have 2% inflation, 70% of people got Vaxxxmaxed, and whites commit most mass shootings.

  22. If the point of the West is to bring on the final chapter of humanity, and it sure looks like that’s what tptb intend, you have to wonder what’s so western about it, i.e., what it has to do with this particular blood and this particular soil.

    Further, if liberal democracy is the ideology of the west, and if it’s obviously unfit for our happiness, you have to wonder how western it is, too.

    Either the western character is suicidal, which seems ridiculous given our history and our persistence, or something else is at work.

    I’m reminded again of the cross, which is the way of the flesh, and I come back to the notion that people have gotten hung up on it for some reason. It’s very frustrating to be stuck here.

    • So the final chapter of humanity is the corpo-technofascist transhumanist biosecurity state?

      Go ahead and count me out.

  23. I’m not going to say “The Fightin’ Genderfluids of the 45th Mechanized Hairdresser Battalion getting their asses stomped by Ivan is just what the doctor ordered,” because that’s defeatism and soon enough Brandon et al will be hanging people for it, so let’s just say I’ve heard some awful, horrible, no good very bad deplorables saying that. Nothing like a righteous beatdown to really spark some serious national introspection; ask the French in 1871.

    • I’m liking it!

      The Fightin’ Genderfluids of the 45th Mechanized Hairdresser Battalion
      The Invisible-but-Everpresent AR-toting White-Supremacist Militias we’ve all been warned about.

      But yeah: BLM and Antifa get away with what they do, only because the State permits it.
      Were it ever to come to out-and-out conflict, we heavily-armed BadWhites are sure to prevail.

      Speaking of which: somebody with the requisite skills needs to hack in and disable the Gov’t welfare system: once EBT cards stop working and the “entitlement” checks stop arriving, nationwide race riots are a sure result.

    • Used to be a place in the not-too-distant past for young men seeking adventure to head to world hot spots and offer their services.

      White vs Red Army in Russia – – yup.
      Commie vs. Nationalism in Spain — yup.
      Early entrants into WWII – oh yeah, and how.

      Even T. Roosevelt rustled up his own fighting men to participate in the Spanish American war.

      President Poopy Pants should just make it known that anyone who wants fun and adventure can head on over and offer their services to Ukraine, and the US won’t hold it against them when the inevitable war crimes take place.

  24. Its funny….as a combat vet of the recent multiple unpleasantness’s, low level combat is a great way to keep fly over country occupied while these traitorous shitebags continue to destroy the country. During my retirement from active duty I was contacted by a large British PMC that needed Armor Officer’s, of which I’m one, and senior NCO’s to help train Ukrainian tankers and scouts. The money was good but it became obvious very quickly that what they wanted is ready made Western leadership to fill their armor formations out should things go south. I declined….I also looked into the Australian Military as they had a huge push for US Military folks willing to join their expanding forces provided you had Iraq or Afghan experience. They moved you, provided a house and the pay was pretty good….I dodged that bullet as well seeing as the entire country is a gulag currently.

    • Just received my discharge papers without having to tenure my resignation. So much for the IRR. There are more important things in life.

  25. I would argue that the root issue in the Ukraine conflict is the existential need within the DC kleptocracy to manufacture a war as a means of distraction. They are spending the US economy into imminent collapse and desperately need a boogieman upon which to deflect rising public anger, lest that wrath should be visited at their doorstep in the Imperial Capitol. The only “idea” driving their current insanity is self preservation. Send the plebs to die in the Caucasus (Vietnam redux) and presumably everyone then forgets that prices have doubled in a year.

    But by far, the greatest self-deception occurring within DC is obliviousness to how they are genuinely perceived by middle America. No one hates Putin, and many see him as a force for normalcy in an insane world. But the inhabitants of DC are now viscerally hated within the heartland; and the way things are headed, the French Revolution’s guillotine would be a mercy compared to what’s coming.

    • Putin may, in many respects, be a force for normalcy but I’d be even more inclined to believe in his instincts if he’d refused to play along with the Covid-related parlor tricks. Instead, Russia went Covidian as much as most other countries.

      • Did they, or were they throwing shade at EU dealmakers?

        We’d have to know if they’re locking 5 year olds out of McDonalds. Anyone?

  26. I know and love a lot of Afghanistan vets, so I never got to explain this. But a nice low level war is exactly what the animated corpse of America wants.

    A couple generations of white men died in two unwinnable police actions. They were sent into impossible situations with their hands tied. Going on pointless patrols to suck up IEDs was the primary objective. The only force they could apply was to defend opium fields. The very same opium used to create addictive pain killers they could then be addicted to when they came back home busted up. In short order that exact same opium was marketed to all their white neighbours. It was a nice little anti-life cycle.

    Our rulers desperately want a new endless police action. The only problem is that they are so weak now, they only have near peer competition.

    • The US has absolutely no chance against Russia with a ground war. It would not be a slog the way Vietnam or Afghanistan were and it has the possibility, no matter how supposedly remote of a nuclear weapon exchange. Russia has an enormous stockpile of nuclear weapons in a wide variety of yields.

      Frankly, I hate the people DC and Manhattan way more than I could ever care about Russian leaders or their alleged so-called crimes. The thing they accuse Putin of the most often is the jailing of journalists. We should be so lucky. 90% or more of our so-called journalists belong in concentration camps and I would certainly support any efforts to put them in camps.

    • And reliable rumor has it that the CIA and Air America has been engaged in the heroin trade since at least the Vietnam days.

  27. Underlying the Ukrainian conflict is a long standing anger of our true rulers towards Russia. They have never forgiven the Tsar and how Stalin turned against them after they led and financed the Bolzhevic revolution, set up the gulags, started the secret police and starved millions in Siberia and the Ukraine. Putin’s insistence on not taking a knee to them and Israel is rubbing salt into those wounds.

    • It is why Putin likely has informed Tel Aviv it is first if things go hot. While the Cloud People would enjoy nuclear warheads raining down on the Dakotas, they would back off in a nanosecond if informed Israel goes glass first.

  28. But, but, but…. if Ukraine falls to the Ruskies the next thing you know they’ll be in Kansas! Ma and pa will have their apple pie taken away and be forced to eat borscht!

    Next thing you know our universities will be crawling with Marxists, radicals will be tearing down statues of the founding fathers, saying “Merry Christmas” will become heresy, someone will open the borders to hordes of immigrants from left-leaning Latin American countries!

    It’ll be Bedlam, I tells ya! We need war with Russia now to save America!!!

    * This message brought to you by Raytheon, Northrup-Grumman, and Boeing.

          • The vid released yesterday by the Kremlin was hilarious. Our fine overlord looked exactly like he is: a mid stage dementia grandpa working with technology. Just like grandpa, even though the grandkids set up everything perfectly, he still had to hit a wrong button or two. That wave alone said it all.

    • Holy smokes! They might steal our elections!

      After nuking us with a bioweapon and setting 500 cities ablaze

  29. Pre-industrial China invaded and annexed Tibet and only the actor from “Pretty Woman” seemed to care.

    If the Russians roll into Kiev and remove / replace the current management, I fail to see the Ukranians caring one way or the other.

    Closer to home, the Democrats and the Chinese rolled into Washington, removed Trump, installed their people and we didn’t do anything.

    If the Russians make a move, Joe will pass gas, our rulers will issue new edicts and the grifters will try a “Reset” some time in the future.

  30. GD, I despise this (former) country – or more accurately the venal pieces of s*** that currently rule over it and their ilk who’ve been running it for decades. When looking at recent events as well as those from years ago, it’s unbelievable how we’ve been constantly butting into other country’s and people’s business seemingly forever. And for what? What have we accomplished aside from killings thousands, both others and our own? Making the world safe for muh democracy. Jesus, the hubris is out of this world. This dog dump of a land mass is already done, but an actually shooting war with Russia will be a nice cherry on top. Why not have a little nuke exchange and really F things up for good? Our rulers need to be put out of our misery – go team red!

    • We can also never forget that you can be a hero for this country and serve it greatly but in time your statues can be torn down and your name and honor defamed

      You have to wonder if people who might be inclined to do this country right won’t just say screw it, what’s the point. They will just turn around and say I’m the devil when it’s popular to do so to appease the mob.

      I wouldn’t discount the negative effects this is going to have on decent people moving forward. I don’t think it’s a small thing.

    • Are you kidding? They have been wildly successful at making the 0.01% Uber rich. That is the “for what”.

  31. This complete inability to tolerate dissent also suggests they will never let a state peaceably leave the union, same as last time.

    • The only time secession would be possible would be in the midst of something like a war with Russia, particularly if it went nuclear. It is among the reasons there never will be a war with Russia. Yes, sanctions and such, and even then it may split NATO.

    • Try moving to another country

      They sic the IRS on you and hound you like they own you — a tax slave IOW. Still a slave though

      It’s really crazy how on the one hand they hate us but if we ever try to leave they go berserk like a woman scorned. And they are destroying possible avenues of escape, mainly to Europe, by turning those countries into junior partner globohomo shitholes .

    • Withdrawal will have to be slow and local. Little by little, decline to recognize their authority.

    • Yep: plenty of obstacles in the way of secession/separation.

      OTOH, it does seem like the only feasible solution, in the sense that it’s the only one that would allow all parties to follow their visions for what America ought to be like.

  32. Despite Ukraine only being 17% Russian demographically, the country couldn’t function without Russians to keep it all going.

    Much like Switzerland, which is nearly 30% non-Swiss, Ukraine lacks the ability to support a functioning infrastructure without the brains or numbers of highly educated ex-pat doctors, engineers and technicians that it takes to keep the State running properly.

    Russia is only looking to regain their historical territories and has never had eyes on the West despite a US fantasy of Russian tanks pushing through the Fulda gap. Ukraine and Crimea are natural and historical Russian territories, while Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Romania are the perfect hard borders with the EU.

    Twenty years of US military failure in the middle east, along with historical military failures going back decades before, does not inspire much in the way of a viable threat by the West. NATO is a non-functioning entity and Putin is well aware Germany and France presents no real threat. Especially now that the US military is more concerned with trannies than training.

    No NATO service person is going to give up their life to ensure freedom and “democracy” of Ukraine any more than Americans would give up their lives to protect Mexico if an army moved north from South America. Europe has enjoyed over 80 years of peace and they’re not about to have that apple cart upturned.

    Consider that Russia provides up to 60% of the overall EU energy to Europe. Putin only needs make a move into Ukraine during the winter and threaten any retaliation by the west by simply shutting off the gas supply to Europe. All those peace loving “kumbaya” EU council members will sing a different tune when their villas start icing up.

    • > Consider that Russia provides up to 60% of the overall EU energy to Europe. Putin only needs make a move into Ukraine during the winter and threaten any retaliation by the west by simply shutting off the gas supply to Europe.

      This shows why the U.S. threats to cut Russia off from SWIFT is so suicidal. Once other powers realize the U.S. will use the finanacial apparatus as a cudgel at every opportunity, they’ll quickly think of alternative means of payment.

      • Like Iraqi or Libyan dinar?

        No, seriously, Russia / China already have an alternative to SWIFT*, and countries are accepting the petro-yuan.

        *(I think it’s called the ABS? Whiskey shames me, I used to be able to talk like an adult and had a keen interest in such things.)

    • ” All those peace loving “kumbaya” EU council members will sing a different tune when their villas start icing up.”

      Would it even get that far? A few cell and internet interruptions probably would do it. The Ruling Class in the United States would back off over far less loss of comfort.

    • But isn’t the area in question, or in dispute, the eastern portion whose people are mostly ethnically Russian?

      Is Ukraine Catholic or Orthodox? Speaking of the East vs west parts of the country.

      • The Russian people trace their lineage to the Ukraine. Stalin populated the eastern portions with more Russians after WWII because it was assumed the Ukranians were disloyal. The majority of Ukranians, Russian and otherwise, are Orthodox.

        • My maternal grandfather was Ukrainian, from Kharkov, his family included many doctors and others in medicine. He assumed, wrongly, as it turned out, that his moderate political views would win the day, but was eventually arrested by the Bolsheviks at his field station laboratory in Siberia, c. 1930. He was seeking a cure for anthrax/cattle plague and had been awarded a knighthood from Mongolia for his work helping the Buryat tribespeople with their cattle herds.
          His wife, my grandmother, was from a St. Petersburg military family, her father a colonel, minor nobility. She attended a girls school founded by Catherine the Great and then studied medicine before the Revolution. Her German grandmother was Lutheran, but she grew up Orthodox, I think. My Russian-born mother who came to US in 1922 from China to attend college in California, always referred to Ukraine as “Small Russia.” Crimea was the resort area, a getaway spot. Quite cosmopolitan in population, like Miami FL. What Mom didn’t know was that there was Jewish blood on her father’s side. Not sure how far back this infusion took place, but my DNA shows it to be about 10-15%. Also, my DNA has Swedish and Finnish — and of course the Swedes were the original “Rus” who went east and south, trading on the rivers of what’s now Russia and Ukraine. Jews were present in that area in the early times, too, but relations between Christian Ukrainians and Jews have always been troubled it seems. Pogroms were manifestations of this, and the current troubles with Russia vs. Ukraine are an outgrowth of ancient unresolved spites. The Finns are still something of a mystery linguistically and racially. Mother used to look down her nose at peasant women, or uneducated people who behaved boorishly, calling them “babas”! She became an American citizen but never became that enamored of our political system, not a flag-waver. She used to say that Russia was a mix of people, as was the USA, so she enjoyed the bright lights and big city life she found here. She was quite at home in the suburbs of NYC, and we had lots of Jewish neighbors. She appreciated their work ethic, academic achievements and strong inclination to participate in the highest forms of musical culture, the things we make fun of the Chinese doing today, i. e. child prodigy violinists/pianists — things that count against them getting into Harvard!
          My Dad was New England Yankee stock all the way back to 1630s. His family was among the early settlers in Northern CA. My parents sent me to church, but never stepped foot in one unless it was to attend some ceremony, like baptism, confirmation or marriage. Funerals of friends, too, obviously.

          • You wouldn’t be related to the founder of Chico, CA by any chance?

            BTW always thought Stalin’s relationship with Mannerheim was an odd outlier. Seemed to be one of the few Stalin both respected and feared (a little bit)

        • Kyiv was their original capitol before Muskovy, yes.

          The Rus are Swedish Vikings who came to the river Rus 1400 years ago, so the Ukrainian told me.

      • Ukraine is Orthodox and traditionally under the Russian Patriarchate. Bartholomew, the Globohomo Patriarch of Constantinople, has created a new branch of the Church just for Ukraine, according to NATO’s wishes. I understand there is a lot of tension between these two competing jurisdictions in Ukraine.

    • The Max Boots, the Dickie and Lynn Cheneys, the Jodi Ernsts, and all of the neo-Cohens think that Czar Alexander the First’s troops never left Paris.

    • I’m still trying to understand why it is that Putin’s alleged bitch, Trump, encouraged the American oil and gas producers to run wild, gain energy independence and make the US a major exporter of the stuff, murdering Vlad’s major source of income. Until recently.

  33. The demonization of Ukrainian nationalism should also be called out.

    That the venality and opportunism of the Ukrainian political elite know no bounds do not mean that the distinctiveness of the Ukrainian identity be slandered and dismissed as “Neo-Nazism” as some Russia enthusiasts do.

  34. It’s sad – it is always the average person just trying to live his/her life that has their life or loved ones destroyed. War is a game for our overlords; we are the disposable plastic soldiers. Those poor people in Ukraine have been suffering for nearly a decade, and it is probably about to get a lot worse. For us, too.

    • Eh, it’s hard to feel sad for the armed forces since they choose their profession and aren’t conscripted. Anyone reenlisting after, say, 2007 is either a low-key grifter or an idiot.

    • There was a great line in the movie The Spy Who Came in from the Cold. The Richard Burton character. I will have to find it, but to paraphrase something along the lines you said. That it’s always the average guy who gets crushed in these things. It was much more well put.

      Richard Burton btw. What an actor. Among the best ever in my book.

  35. The big question is, are there still enough people in our so-called “Elite” who understand that a nuclear war, probably even a non-nuclear war, would mean the end of their power, and their deaths on a massive scale. My guess is probably, but barely, and things are not headed in the direction of greater engagement with reality in DC. The arrogance of these people is staggering, and they seem to believe that they are bullet-proof, in both the literal and figurative sense. They will find out differently, if they provoke a war with Russia.

    • Altitude Zero: Wouldn’t it be lovely if, instead of a war in response to US aggression, Putin employed various means to take out US leaders and their families to neutralize the threat?

      • Well, it could certainly come to that. President Putin has rather pointedly suggested that the shit stirrers against Tussia would be in for a wakeup call.

        Their military doctrine clearly targets follow-on forces, and particularly logistics and command and control for a pasting in the event of a throwdown. Make those REMFs have a very bad day.

        Another recent event, not yet remarked upon in this thread (or at least the part that I have so far read), is their recent destruction, by ground or air launched means, of one of their old satellites as a means of both demonstrating capability, as well as their intention to make space-based assets of any serious adversary a target. This would disrupt intelligence gathering, communications, and targeting for the US’s heavily satellite-dependent military forces. This “test” let it be known that that disruptive capability is operational, and not merely aspirational.

      • Just in time for Christmas. The gift that would keep on giving for generations. A “decapitation strike” from the head of that venomous serpent now sitting with razor wire all around it. We should be so lucky…

      • The murmurings from Saker et al are that the russkies have developed long-range hypersonic weapons capable of delivering large non-nuke payloads to CONUS. The Blitz in the Swamp, as it were. Our host poh-pohs the reality of the situation, but I can’t say I would be sorry to see him proven wrong in his doubt.

    • They’re suicidal to begin with

      Too bad they’re going to take a lot of us down with them

      I liken the elites to a bunch of drunken people riding around the city streets in a party bus. Biden driving. Radio blaring, people dancing in the aisle, taking out dumpsters here and there. Some poor pedestrians get swiped and knocked over. Best to stay off the streets and avoid them at all costs.

  36. ” From the perspective of Russia, the survival of the Russian people is what is being challenged in Ukraine. Even though the Finlandization of Ukraine looks like a practical solution, in reality there is no compromise between these two conflicting ideas.”

    There is no compromise now. If a hot war gets started, and Putin then credibly threatens to vaporize the Acela Corridor, Finlandization will take place immediately. Russia is worried about its nation. The Cloud People are worried about cell service and diversity. My money is on Russia.

  37. Does DC want to get glassed?

    Because the arc they are on leads to DC being glassed.

    • In some forms of cancer treatment, the optimum remedy is to remove the source tumor and then clean the margins to ensure that the disease does not continue to spread. The surgeon performing this procedure must then make a tough call about how much healthy tissue at the margin must be removed in order to have high confidence in long term remission. What blast radius are you recommending?

      • I feel like Z would normally be a good person to figure this out, but he’d probably need to move from Baltimore first so that he can be unbiased.

        • I’m WAY closer than Z and in the ‘hot zone’ but you know what? Still fine with it. The chemo / radical surgery analogy is very apt. Sometimes you have to sacrifice good tissue to cut out the thing that will assuredly kill you. I’d be “taking one for the team” in the most literal sense, but none of us are going to live forever.

          Maybe I’ll be out before the hypersonics start to fly, one never knows.

      • It’s probably because of the left’s entire voting base being city-dwellers that they haven’t started a nuclear war. A full exchange would only really leave unscathed rural areas that aren’t near any military crap, so not only is that taking out the libtards but the neo-cohens as well.

  38. I suspect that this American view is very deeply held, even amongst those Americans who are targets of the regime. The American mind really does view liberal democracy as the only legitimate organizing principle of man, which is why they are convinced that every monarch in the past was really a tyrant. It’s also why you get the amusing claims that Antifa are Nazis or Fauchi is some sort of Himmler or whatever. In their minds there is only liberal democracy and all others, and all others are bad.

    Simple as

    • > The alternative to that universalist belief in liberal democracy, the thing that stands in the way of history, is not an alternative universal belief, but rather the rejection of the claim to a universal order.

      Remember in Iraq when everyone was breathlessly exclaiming victory when people came out of voting booths with those blue dyes on their fingers? The naivete is amusing in retrospect.

      I remember reading Dune when I was in middle school and I thought the most unbelievable thing about the books was that the social structure was an aristocracy as opposed to a democracy, which I just KNEW was the most evolved system of governance.

    • Very true: I was certainly raised with the assumption that liberal democracy was the greatest system ever, the only one that allowed/enabled the maximum possible degree of human freedom. One of those ‘givens’ which no one thought to question.

    • Have to admit Gibson”s line in The Patriot really hits – trading one tyrant thousands of miles away for a thousand tyrants one mile away.

    • The thing is the particularist vision of political organization still would hold that the Northern European cultures function best under some form of limited democracy. Scandinavians in particular have a deep-seated egalitarianism, but it works in a culture where flaunting wealth is in poor taste and there’s a strong sense of civic responsibility. That’s also why they’ve had such a problem with migrants, it’s easy to be a parasite there if you don’t feel any obligation to the community.

  39. Hey, those Lee Greenwood and Toby Keith albums, Support our Troops stickers, and pimping the flag to Normie at sportsball games ain’t gonna sell themselves, you know. General Milley needs more medals, none of which are for actually, you know, winning any wars…

    Us dissidents should encourage this. We should also demand that all heterosexual White men be discharged from the military so women, sexual deviants and minorities can be killed, exclusively, until their casualties match White men’s, for social justice and equity. That’s 1.3 million dead.

    • Anyone dumb enough to volunteer to fight for this criminal regime in Ukraine deserves to meet their end in the most horrible fashion, wailing for their non-binary intergendered birthing person as they drown in their own tears and ruptured viscera.

    • Pickle Rick: In terms of women, sexual deviants, and minorities killed, 1.3 million would represent merely a good start.

  40. Nice little boarder country to sell a lot of weapons to. A good way to keep the peace. But our betters, and theirs, appear to have a much bigger agenda. And the profits are not big enough for their thirst. Reminds me of a situation from before…….

    • Rookie mistake. They don’t want your money. They want us humiliated and dead, our women enslaved and our children raped. And they think it’s funny.

  41. Zealous proselytizers targeting a country armed with thousands of thermonuclear warheads, is really a very, very bad idea. Of course, the current elite of the West should not be anywhere near such things. Only adult men with brains should ever mess with guns of this size.

  42. I have a feeling that at a certain level in the MilPol leadership of this country (thinking Theater Command level) there are enough rational folks to warn off an actual shooting war. Only but the most Fake’nGay realize that a land war with the former Soviet Army is prob not the best solution.

    This will devolve into whomever has the Brandon muppet on their hand applying severe sanctions on the Russian leadership. Biden threatened removing Russian access to the SWIFT banking system, which would seriously mess up their ability to do business. The Euros also don’t want this, especially since Angela Merkel just retired yesterday.

    Strange doin’s…

  43. Good essay describing the big picture.
    Our “ mullahs” will fail to grasp it.
    The term mullahs for our current leaders is very appropriate.

  44. This one has a sense of inevitability with it. Our “leaders” seem to be foolishly overplaying their hand and launching us in an unwinnable or disastrous war.
    WW3, the globo-homo war.

    If war then it will play out in ways no one can anticipate with untold economic and human suffering. And as usual, us commoners have little we can do about it. Maybe a new meme will emerge where once again it’s the boomers.

    • I think the way to think about it is this. Will the Empire back off in Ukraine? There is no evidence of it. They overthrew the Ukrainian government in 2013. They triggered the Russo-Georgian War in 2008. The point being, this is a long term project. Like all fanatics, the empire is implacable.

      On the other side, the Russians have shown now sign of surrender. They skillfully engineered the takeover of Crimea and they are not backing off of Eastern Ukraine. They have no choice and they know it. Putin really does have a firm grasp on what is happening in the world.

      That leaves one side that will never relent and the other side that will never surrender. Here is a US Senator talking about nuclear strikes against Russia.:

      • “Here is a US Senator talking about nuclear strikes against Russia”

        That is easily the scariest sentence I’ve read all day, maybe all week. People have forgotten what nuclear weapons are.

        • Agreed.

          But here is why I don’t necessarily agree with Z war is inevitable. All Putin has to do is present a list of Acela Corridor cities that will be vaporized immediately if war starts. The Cloud People and their step-in-fetchits will offer up their wives and daughters for gang anal rape before they risk losing cell service.

          • I think that is probably the only reason we haven’t had a major war already at some point in the last 70 years. The historically novel situation where the leadership and their families are vulnerable to physical consequences. I have read here doubts about the true capabilities of the hypersonic missile tech being publicized lately and the threat it represents. I hope that’s incorrect or that at least the regime believes they worked as advertised as further deterrent against US aggression. Maybe the irrational obsession with subjugating Russia and very real consequences it threatens will be the straw that triggers a regime change by those with the power to do it.

        • They have forgotten. I remember the last Bush administration seriously considering development of nuclear-tipped bunker busting munitions. They went on about it like it was always considered the next rational step in practical warfighting.

        • Stop, Simba, stop.

          I saw a plot map of the huge cave complexes centered around Tennessee and up the mountain chain into upstate New York. The Costcos have bunker tunnels under them. Camp David has a enormous bunker city under it, with tunnels to the Capitol.

          The dreams began with a vision of the odd mores of tunnel life. Then for more than twenty years, I dreamed of the warrens- of life in the mouldering ruins that stretched on and on.

          • Those dreams began long before I knew about any of the above.

            The filthy, poisoned buildings. The dangerous trash, the toxic water.
            Stop, damn you, stop

      • The Ruling Class has not had skin in the game since 1945 and even then barely. Putin simply has to list nuclear targets long the Eastern Seaboard in a credible way and the Empire will fold like a cheap suit.

        • That assumes rationality on the part of tptb, Dobson. The empirial occupation forces are women or completely feminized nu-males. You think they have the ability to understand causality and consequences???

      • The Russo-Georgian conflict was interesting because the Georgian side was trained by US SpecOps and PMCs (mostly former SpecOps) and was equipped with state-of-the-art US gear via the FMS (Foreign Military Sales) grifting program.

        Ultimately none of that mattered as the Russians quickly worked the Georgians so the world could get back to chillin’, grillin’, and enjoying the Olympics back in the halcyon days of 2008.

      • Interesting that Putin called the neocons bluff in Georgia and Crimea, but in hindsight, were they actually bluffing or did their scheme just not work out? Rumor was that Wesley Clark almost started WW3 in the Balkans when the Russians occupied a key airport; are there any Wesley Clarks in Ukraine now? Probably, and probably an even faker and gayer Clarks at that.

        • It wasn’t a rumour; the British general refused to follow his orders to attack the Russian soldiers. British Paratroopers were at the contact point and disobeyed Clark’s orders to start WW3 over an airstrip that could not be resupplied by the Russians as it was in territory and airspace controlled by NATO. Ultinmately the airstrip meant nothing but it was almost a good trigger for war with dem Russkies.

          • (((Clark))) and the neocons were trying to secure a site to fuel Israeli fighter jets so they could reach Iran. It was too far for a round trip and the Saudis weren’t having those jets over their airspace.

  45. Had a similar conversation with an old colleague who is Russian, but long removed from his original home in St. Petersburg. His analogy is “what if Mexico joined the Warsaw Pact”. His point is that iRussia is Russia—no matter what particular “-ism” is ascendant at any given point in time. And our poorly educated ruling class, too busy jostling for short term personal gain, ignores that. Plus, it seems Ukraine was quite the cornucopia of grifts for them—Hunter Biden being just one. And if we know anything, the elites take those grifts seriously and several thousand dead US soldiers is a small price to pay to keep the money rolling in.

    • You really do have the feeling enfeebled geriatric child minds are toddling away at a poker table where the stakes are literally nuclear. We seem to be flying on dumb luck.

      • “We seem to be flying on dumb luck”. A common 19th century European theme misattributed to Bismark was “There is a providence that protects idiots, drunkards, children, and the United States of America.” Even Tocqueville was on it in 1831, in a more generous form. I’d guess that era has run its course, like a kid no longer being charged in juvenile court.

    • This doesn’t quite capture the reality of it. Moscow is the Rome to Kiev’s Troy. The arc of history goes Kieven Rus > Duchy of Moscow > Russian Empire.

      Imagine if Canada joined the Warsaw Pact and cut off access to Alaska. But even then it misses the cultural importance of what Kiev is.

      • Precisely my friend’s point. The historical undercurrents run far deeper and more turbulent than most can understand. Most don’t even understand in our own short history, elements of the AmRev were simply a “Continuation War” going back to the English Civil War.

        • That’s true. Among my more illustrious/infamous ancestors (depending on which side you’re on!) was one of the “judges” from Parliament who signed the death warrant of King Charles I. He and a couple of others escaped to New England and were hidden by the colonists there when the King’s agents came hunting for them after the Restoration of Charles II.

          • Likely my namesake might have been one of those hiding him. Class of 1630. An original proprietor of the Hartford Colony. Quite a few of the later refugees from the restored Crown hid out in CT, bit more remote than Boston.

      • Yep. Constantinople was the Second Rome and Kiev the Third. The Orthodox consider themselves the original keepers of Christendom.

  46. As pointed out in the essay, Russia’s survival is at stake. The notion of “The West” being in peril is the delusion of the ruling class. And that is why, if conflict is started, the Russians will win.

    • Russia won on the Ostfront, which made the Western front look like a walk in the park.

      Many historians consider the Ostfront as a separate war of extermination within the larger context of WW2.

      The regime has no idea who they are dealing with.

      • Which is why I thought it was clever of VD Hanson to frame his survey history of WWII as the “The Second World War(s)” . It was a merger of pre-existing conflicts.

        • Absolutely.

          Examining Western Europe I believe you could characterize the conflict as a European Civil War or The Thirty Years War II.

          Really stretching, the 1871 Franco-Prussian war can be seen as a faint foreshadowing of 1940-41. The flipside is that many argue revanchism over this conflict was not a significant factor leading into WWI.

  47. A nice little un-winnable war in far-away Ukraine, complete with tens of thousands of American casualties, is precisely the recipe for the collapse of our rotten Ruling Class. I shall eagerly watch with interest.

    • From elsewhere:

      “It will be worth it just for the footage of Russian tanks in the streets of Frankfurt.
      All a war with Russia will accomplish is to bring a violent end to globalist dominion in Europe.”

      “NATO now exists simply to maintain its’ own existence.”

  48. war with russia will almost certainly involve nuking all large cities (in both countries) so at least there is a silver lining. personally i think the regime is more likely to use the military for internal pacification, than for fighting russia.

    • With our large cities go not just the hapless people but priceless and irreplaceable cultural heritage. Our ruling class has to be the most maniacal and suicidal in history. The madness is mind-boggling.

      • Speechless: In all seriousness, what cultural heritage are you talking about? Art museums are already replacing White docents and works by White artists. Every history museum is filled with placards explaining how evil Whites ruined history. The statue of Robert E. Lee removed from Charlottesville was ‘gifted’ to a black pseudo-museum which plans to melt it down and recast it, possibly into another bust of St. Floyd.

        Do you truly believe European cultural heritage is safe with Juice and women at the helm? That’s who now heads the Smithsonian and the National Geographic. The Audubon society has apologized for raycissm. Are you confident any cultural artifact in our decaying, diversity-infested cities will survive the next decade?

        Europe’s cities were flattened in WWII. All those historical buildings and churches were rebuilt. I’m not particularly attached to the Capitol and the White House exteriors, at this point. Losing the denizens of the inner cities would be a blessing.

        • I do not for a second believe our heritage is safe under our current conditions or rulers. But that doesn’t mean I look forward to that heritage to be extinguished in one fell-swoop. I am not so worried about things like the Capitol. I worry about works of artistic and historical significance that can’t and won’t be readily replaced. We forget that we may be the last generation to have had so much of our own history and culture at our fingertips, lovingly preserved by our ancestors. Although such losses don’t compare to the loss of life, they nonetheless add an additional, bitter note to the madness of the age.

        • I don’t know, the Juice seem to know value when they see it. With their inside info, I could the the elite of their group squirreling away some artifacts. . . . for safekeeping of course.

    • This my take, too, karl. If the Ruling Class feels like it would suffer, as it most certainly would, then it will back off and go back to pursuing the kulaks at home.

      • Jack Dobson: Perhaps the Ruling Class, living in its bubble of unreality, thinks Putin is as fake and gay as they are? Perhaps they are projecting, as usual? I don’t really know. I don’t know that there are any brakes on people like Victoria Nuland and her sponsors. They remain supremely confident they are smarter than everyone else and would thus avoid the consequences of whatever actions they took.

        • I think the Ruling Class resents that Putin is not as fake and gay as they are. Granted, they do live in a bubble, but the first bits of discomfort such as loss of cell phone service, and they would be whining like little bitches and demand it all go back to like it was. When it becomes apparent it won’t just be farm boys in Nebraska who suffer, the equation will change.

          Nuland and psychopaths like her concern me, and it is why I suspect Putin has informed Tel Aviv it goes, too, if things get hot. Maybe first.

          It is far more dangerous now than the Cold War, I readily concede, because the crazies are in middle management of the Empire. The elites are far more stupid, too. But having actual skin in the game probably is the brake on them.

  49. As an American, if America went to war with Russia I would be rooting for Russia. I wonder how many Americans feel this way.

    • I’m not rooting as if is a sporting contest. I will pray for the utter humiliation of this administration and it’s totally corrupt and immoral military.

      • It’s not this administration, which only represents the permenent government openly. Too openly for their own good. That’s a win for us.

    • At least a third.

      Our rulers hate Russia the same delusional way they hate us, so they falsely link us to it, and we feel a false closeness to it. Not entirely false, though. Russia is less *unlike* us, and far less hostile to us, than Our Democracy is. Given a choice…

      Also, their girls are prettier than ours (it matters) and their men seem miserable in a way that’s becoming familiar. They’re our enhanced reflection, sort of.

      They’re not even imaginably our enemies.

    • Most Americans would have no dog in the fight and would view the war as they would a WWF match. A very few yahoos might get whipped up into a frenzy but only a few. American reverence for the military died on the killing fields of Afghanistan. Russians are, with great justification, far more loyal and patriotic to their nation precisely because it is their nation. Americans have no connection to the government that oppresses them.

    • This is where we get our own alt-Earth Man In The High Castle:
      Chinese Pacific
      Russian Atlantic
      Flyover America
      Voodoo Bayou

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